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The Prospector Jun 20, 1903

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 Lloi-ry ol Leg- Aee
Vol. 9.
No 2.-5.
Large Monthly  Shipment,.-- 57,726
Tons in May.
' The ont.pul l»f coal by the Con 1
Company during the month of
May shows very satisfactory
progress, says Ihe I'Vrnie hYee
Press. Tlie tolal for the three
camps amounted to .">7.7:J(i Ions
oi' an increase of .'!, \2<\ Ions over
the previous record which was
made in January. I'.i".!.
The   figures   for   llie dil'ferenl
collieries are its lollows:
J 7.711(1
< 'o.u. < 'uioi'.k
.Mien hi.
MoinossKV .
June promises lo establish a
record thai will leave all other
records far in the rear. The
company expects, the ligufes to
leap up to 7.",000 dons for this
month should no i in foreseen de-
lay occur., 'The demands of (he
C'.l'. R.' are ■"'rowing' heavier.
This mont h if is estimated Ihal,
Ihe railway" company will ro-,
quire 17),000 tons of coal from
lheO. Iv P. Coal Company.
mill was steamed up Thursday,
ami sawing oi lumber lor ihe
lliinie will commence .Monday
The biy steam -shovel a'l I'erry
crook, is doing excellent work
iind a large amount of »ravel is
passine-'thi-oii^h the lliinie.
All mining is quiet in 13as'.
Kooienay e.vcepl placer ininiiiii
on Wild llor.se creek which is
yoiiiiCalieiid wil h vc1 ry snfi-d'ae-
toi'.v results
Hydraulic miiiiiin' on Kinley
creek is carried on with a canvas
hose and wooden no/./le. Willi
Ihis crude apparatus Mr. Chas.
Chapman' inakos possible I he,u.se
<)f' wiilei-din lai^e (|u;infifiesd d°; :■■
• ddddd tyuppi^^^
Conservative Platfonn
|All(i])le'l ill, l.'OW Islnki-     Sf-i.li-lnlii l   I Itll    I'lu.'J
I TlLlt       III!-,    1 C!l\ l"ll illi!      ll'.lllll-lll-
llii'poln-.\ nl the paiu in inaMi-r- ol
piovnicial i n,id- ninl I rail-.: tin-o.\ ner-
-lii|i .Hid 1'Oiiiinl nt i-.iilu a\ -s and tin-
ilcM-lopMii'iJl nl iln- .i^i-iciill nr.i I t u-
■.oiii i-i s ul llie pruunci a- laid dnuii in
Ihe pl.tl loi in .idopti-il in i >i-liilu'i . IS'.lil.
u 1 ■ it'll I- a- liillnv. i- '
••'l'o act i\i-l,\ aid in iln1 eonslriici ion
ol n-.iil- lliioiivlionl tin- iindi'M-lopi-d
purl ion- nf I In- pi ov ini-i' anil I lie Innlil-
ine ul provincial lriinl, nutii-iil public
ni'i'i-—II \.
"To rldopl llie principles ol jjovi-i n-
i in-nt 11 w in r-liip ol railway- in -o rar a-
l lie I'iri iHii-lauci-s ol l In- pi n\ ince vwll
.idiinl. and Iln- ailopliun ol llie pi incipli-
l li.u no lioiiii- -Iniiiiil lie i!i-.intc(l lo aii.\
t .n I way i oiii|iiin,\ vvliieli dm— nol yive
I In- yu\ i-i-iiim-iiL nl I lie pro\ im !• i-onli ul
nl rale- over line-liuiiiisoil, lojjoiln-i-
\yill|.>,llic .'option ol pui-eliase. •-.     ,
,;;To actively assist by sln.t.e'itiittii' ihe
'development of   llur ,ta.<ri-i'i-tillural'vre
sources of theprovince.■'..'.."■'■        '"    d".
d;,2v '"That ii) iliidiiieantiiiio .and dfnt.il'
dhjdriijj.Wj'fidPi)^^ sQt , forth': cati
>hall In- pi'i-part.-(l li\ iln- jiieinliei of
t ie • \i-i uin-i-'oi ihe iIhi-.khi iu ^liu h
'hi- . In total ili-iin-i- are -llnaled. anil
i--'h d n\i-i' il),. n,inn-- ol the pi-c-ideni
and -ii-i-i,i-iai'\ ol iln- I'i o\ nn-ial (don-
M'i-\aii\i-  Nisoi'iatiun
The* Great American Derby.
Chicago, III.. June lU—Tho
Washington Park, race track
nev'or looked belter ihan it''did
this morning on the opening of
i'he summer race nicotine.
10ver.ytliin.ii' pointed tea good
day foi- the premier event of the
Western race season, the' great
American Derby. All ihe' horses
engaged in the' race,- :md tliere
arednoi'o than a dozen of them,
and many score besides, were
out for .exorcise in,, the early'
morning hours and were watched
by a big throng trying lo get a
line on Ihe possible winner ot
the big race. I>y ten o'clock all
the 'candidates' had , had their
gallops and were in their com
forlable box stalls lo await the
event that should make their
owner many thousand . dollars
Among the belling'men it was
agreed thai the race lies between
the two millionaire racing (innsi
of John A. Drake of Chicago,
and Harry Payne 'Whitney" and
Herman Duryaea of New York.
Savablo is regarded'as therbosf
in the Drake collection, while
Irish Lad, winner of the Brooklyn Handicap, is the favorite of
the Eastern farm. There are
several other candidates, however, such as Hiu'li Chancellor
and WlocaiTuie, that are believed
lo have a good look in for lirst
money, and ,a dark horse, may
come under .the wire as has
happened inoro'thnii once before
in the famous race.
Mining Items of Interest.
A number of nun went to
svorlc on the DardaiHIes claim
Harry Ma I her relumed from
Fin ley crook Monday, where he
has been engaged in pn-forming
the annual assessment vork on a
•copper properly in thai vicinity.
W. Violet ret iirnod from Tracy
Monday where lie  has   >een   en-
f Ad"considerable'-"•'■'amount,; of
s 11 ppl i esd wer ed son ti'd tb yBq ii Id er
creelc-last■ weekddJ'ltifieS' .Nelson
has.;',sec'ureel• avootb<r net dtp -do ithe:
a n ifualdassessi'iieiit'dj;brk ■- pii..i the
DiipiMitdgi'dupfoldckLiiiiSvdC'Vvv '-' i
Several tlibiisaviid dpilarsdhave;
lieeii  expendeddiiv development
on ;these" : cliiiins,   Avhiehd Vare
ainbng" thevmostd;pix>hiisihg 'in'
A on ijt uii; ol t he pi-ovim ial exccii-
ii\'e » ill In- li.-ld at \'anc(iti\ i-r uitliin
a muni li. ami tii,'date loi lioldin^ di--
li-ii-l iii))iiin.it ms; eiinvent ion.- willllii-n
I"' liM'd ,l6l(N  llot'STO.V
I'ri'-idcnl ol iln- I 'ni\ nn-ial
('on-i-ri-.itivi' A--tMii-i:iiiiin
.Vi-1-nll. .llllii' sili,  I'M I"*
Did Not Show.
Will   Hit   the   Trail -Where the
"    Railway' Will Go
gaged in developing-, tie. Venus
claim. ; A tuiiiiel !i;is beiii run :•!;"
d'eolvwith :i good showiiij' of gold
quart/.. Work- will be -esunied
during'the'siitiifucr. iiion 1
A. liaiK.' is liow eiigagi;! .in-doing the. aui)iial.a,.ssessineit work
un the Mon1n.na."1propo't.y on
Tracy cretdf. :
1 l.eornicj prospector's h;vi;. located 10 coal cla.iins oh 101) river
3"i miles north of Micliei.
The Perry Creek Miniii.^Coni-
pany have a large; force afXyork
(riiiting a right of way or a
thiee mile Uuine.    Tlienewsa\V-
fti 'Is vi'epprted ;• thut>tlie: Great
i\! i c'i;io j -iYtii tV;ilialV'i>yp'r k;.';Ay.'i] l.%.«?om ?r;
ine11p(d\y\11ii11 fhir'ty':days.;ddv d'^
tlirtvcvtl_\di!theV ea.ijs
Wo f hiQ" Ji'rhty P i'0y'yyy'y-YYl- Y'y
1 f.r an k'^McOaibft Jid&dfiS'di^liM
a hii-ge^bodyvbf:coa,l'iii fhe'fi:icin-'
il \ d)ldWai'dneiv;/Aijpiic:i,fipn; hits
beeii nVad.Odfbr.av.]'ic^
pe(rldd;dv'".:- ' -yiy 'Y' '',--:;:■''■ d ddddd-:.
Ai'iieidJjil^^rsjii'fhe CdP
c 11; 1'i'ge, al I'■"■ -passenge rs,d'lietween,
Feriiie.antl'thb;GoaPCreelc mines
7i cents eachdwayd° yy'yyy ."'yi':'
The wafer;' of tlio Kootenay
(•(iiitiniiesliigli, 'and 7t;lie bi-i'dge
at CaiVarFla't,i's,;iii dangerdof.gbd
ilig:out. d' yy".iyy.y.; -; ■yy.y]yy,.,yy.
h'ernle wi 1,1 .cplobraie. July J th,
and an elaborate pi,6gi''a.m nie'"i of
sports is being pror'pared.
The Ganadian 'Pacific is buiId-'
ing da, wagon v roadd froindMicheh
to lhd coal claims-north of block
ir)S8,7\v,iiicldare.oO;iViiles fartlier
up Eikriverdd! ;,:,.'■■■,. i'... ^^dd    -,
inspeci.br. is now engaged in locating a. wagon road . from Alor-
rissey.Mirues to .-.Ferine.   ; .    y..'■-..
Very little fhat is .delinile cftaf
be said regarding politics Ju
lOast Kootenay.     ;.t y..-.'. •■',   . „
OwMng to the '.high water the
K"ooleii;iy Central .survey party
has been laid off. ,-r Operations
will be ■ res'ntiled in the near
Iul lire. ■..';','■ '' .
'l)T'rdiee7inTplisiri'r^7;l- 5'eneral ,i-;iiTwa>r7Ti7f
he passiMl. di'lying freedonito i.'iinstiriiirt.
rail ways itii'der eeriain ajiproved,; .yiigii*
lafions.'' aiiiilo^iiiis.dfivt.hevs.vstx-in.'t.hal,
has resulted in--siii-.il exiensive: 'i-ailu-ay
eonsfrnrMaiVirinvtho Uiiited States': wii,ii:
si'> niii('.h.,;idv:iiita.<J'e;td...t,i-a'de viiial   coin-,
nieire.^''"'";-."' 'yyyyyy dd':,,:.. "yy":'„.y:\''
di':!.:   Tliatdo eiH-oiiriiH-dMle ininiiig'in-.
dnstry.   tille,dlaxaliiiiii .'.of-, hiefalIiferotts
.lnin'irs/slioiilddie.oii i.lTidhasisdd' ;d,])ijr-:
i-eidayidoidt.he'iidt prolitsd : vV d  - ^.i""'i:.
i   ,'t.d That l.lii- JLTOveiriinientd pu-nersliip
iifVI.eleplion'e^ sySl'eniS'ishi1111(1,Tie-'hrou^'ht
aliont; as a lii'si- step invilie.' airipiisixioid
'of piil'iliir. ii1ilifi'esdvvdv:d -'■'<; d,dvdd-,v'v.:;
: .od-That ti portion of'every "eoal.area
ili'pi-ciiif toi-f-to.. hevd isp^sed ,of slioiilil   I ie-;
rese'i-ved : I'l-piii   saleV oi'dleased s6  tha.t-
si bid, i fdlieidope ration.. I leciinoes iieees^
sai'y'oriadyisaljle.i'' ... ... "y   °yy ;■'.:'.•..'"■'.: .»
■■" ,(d : N'l^tii- invtlie |iulijiijaiid leases pro-
v is'ion silou 1 it be,; lmill,p:d('l•;.- i'PIV.)resti11£•'
aiut thai,steps should"be taken fordtilio--.
geinirrrildjJreset-Viijioiid .of..: forests ,1 >y.
li'iiardiiiii- ii'iaii^si tlie-^VHstefiil ,(ie'si,i-iie-
■tioh' ofvtiiiili'er.■;;"'.-.d'V''d'vd d-vv'd-.vv.y'y '
-,- 7ii .That, the leji'islature aiid <i'dv(Jrn-:
iii'thdrri^p'irf.to'seirtii'e.t hirexirlusipii of
;Asial,uV.lal)(ir:'-*,ddid:vd-:d,d-d:; \'.iy ,d.dv„-.,d'"
: iS"d^l,hadthe'intilter of" better tei-iiis
,-|iiv the- ,\Wiy'.'.''hf.y§!il.isiiT\;.:-":"a.iiil-,'.':i|lip1:i)piri-;
iitipiiS fiu-il.iic'iJi.-ciyimre shonid beA;iu-oid
i)iislyjiresseif iijlpii'dhedld><>iiiinioiii,igoy---
■ineiitv;vd!:,ird.-^,-;ii:dddi-dd.o' i-;d:5;d^E"'ft--^^pl-*r-r^--;
!:i-!),dfTha,t l.lie^silviii.Weadiidiidustries'df
a^'ed -by"thdviiiiposititMi-df ineireaseid
eiistflihsidd titled'oii dleaddaii{i!leadv,pr();i
duets iin|i<)i'Led illiQinadii. and that the'
Hoiise he iti'^ed to sVi])j)Oi-t;uiy dnotioh
Liitrticlaeed for sueli a.purpose. «dd- -;- d.
'••" '\\y. "That as ii'iVliisfcr.iai.'; disputesdil-
iti,6st1iiv;u'ial.ily l-i.'rsiilt iii o-rduf loss aiid
ii ij ii ry,bo th, l o, i.h e. parties, direirl.ly, (roit-
ei.-'.rhcd iandi l;0:ctlie,.,.;jinlil.ie. leg-jsiatio'ii
should lie inisseil;lo,. jn-ovide .-, lnean's1. for.
fin', aniiirablc! ;ai.ljusl.n!ent of. sui.-li ,dis-
pu.i.es .bedveeit 'employers ,; and ein-
plpyeesi d .' \ ; ;' ■ ■;''_',,,      -..-'.dd' ,
1 I. ,'That il. is advisable to foster the'
niaiiiil'aettirebf.iho ra\v in-odiiots of the
])i;o\-inee, wjLhiir.tlu; ].u-b\riliee as far 'as
prairticable, liy means of taxatioit"oii tlie
saiddrad prodtielS; snb.jpet-to. rebate ■ of
I he same' i it \vb ol e or j)art.\v.li eii; iiiaim-'
IVn-tiii-t-Vl in. liritish, C.'oliunbia.   ■ ;
'Phe Citsino Gometly Co., an
:ii;yrelation of •■barn slonners"
were billed lor one niyht al'Kort
Steele, but failed to ]itit in an
ap])e;irance, for :which,' ])l,Qasure
seekers 'are verydhaiikftil as ilie
comjiany :is; nptva success.:,, ''.yi y ■
iydj^Kootiiii a jCOeJiti;a]-Surve v,;
l'l.HI)  tin- (lull i..p
rl'he jH'Osperior.s a,re now   ]ire
piiriny   lo   hit    the   ti.nl   fur the
hills       May   some   yood  strikes
be reported.
Tlie sleamer Ptaruiitran   made
t   trip   lo   llie   Upper   Columbia
hike,   and   brought   down ;i load
ol rails from the old tram.
Where will the railway go'/ is
a much asked (pieslion, iind
there are nearly a-, many
questioiisdr Thei-earevthose, who
sii'y; tifie'd, rai 1 way ;o will, .be built
along tlie east side1 of tlie   vailev
J'lie Jvoot'enay Gehtral "survey.
:part^ d-eturned dip dP01'1';:Ste'ele
■Mo'iiday. ' rPhq., s."u'rvey has Vieeii
comiilefed^'frbiiid- Ijelow '-'vRIko
i• i v'eid:;";■ to,;, 'At d vppiii t y ilo)• I.Ifstbf;
Skookiuii Chnclc. 'a, distance,dof
he.ca11siditdviTrbe easiei• -taWiTcr
Ihere.d.i Otliers-r tlititdit  Svil!   bS'
built oil- the, 'dvest side clos,e;lb
the vriver, becatisevd the .ore;Js'^on
the, wesfeside;aiid.;'itr\v6
an bpeniilg for a sebond'roadd tp
talc e the b re yf rpirnth c t\ i;s t *s li on 1 d
fhevroad be built biiUlie ea&t side
being ro liiid out ihe highest
speed at which all fhe .ships,
which are ol viirying speeds,
can be kepi io«ioiher. and the
colliers kept close enough at
band to provide iresh supplies
when needed. Tt is estimated
that enough coal will be carried
lo enable the ships to make the
Azores'] without" having to coal
onjlie way. They will reeoal
ihere and tbe taciical drill wili
be repealed on the way, back.
Then ilie ships "will get ready
lor the summer' maneuvres on
Hie Main coast The trip to the
Azores will be iiiadejunder the
Barker.,,comma'ndef\,in 'chiefvofd
I he North. At lantic Jlpet. ■     iyyY.
giiieeriniv dillicuities  havei-':b'iienf-P^1.^ #inlcAtbe';roivd; will ;:be
Records y. Made ',;/at,-•': &byernuieiit  ,
';il'"l"y Officevin^Moh'tr'bT-May.f d,d;'::-^.--
':■ J>tiriilg'tlie inpiitli;;o.f ''."May.;'■ 111e: ''=.
•■ fo 1,1 my i ngd r'ec'prd s'"'.. w ei ■■&)[ m a d'e; v;i t ;v d,;
the,,; Go^er!vuieiitdotlicqrdat: Kor'tdrd
than.'piie per centdhali dbeen 'esv:
t;rbli.shedidi.s; ditr, tis ; survey lia's'
oeeii coiii'plefed.'i'y:'yyyY::,y TY".
Senators Ready for Tripto'iAiaska:;
: <-,JndiV;n,si-pbli'si"'Ind..-,d.T'i'u
'The:sub-cphi'iiilitiee pf. .tlie. Unitexl
States.,vSenated ")0omniittrebd'vbb'
.Terril'orjesfwill ibeetdibrbjdearly;
in' the coming.weejc,. pirepa.ratory.
west; side; Vahdv^sodtlie opinions
di.lVer. -d;:•„. Jdtti't-;d mbst-'ideverypiiC
agi-eesd-fliatdtheydwduldi-fike to
1see^the'iroii)hbi;sp:cpming up'the
vail Icy no -matte r -j its tv wlierc; AAXg
line-Is-"located! y'y.'■,' ■■; ".dddd.'-'.vd;
■-dThe»' Ptai'juiga'n- m;ide;d,a-'fast'
east lipii iid. )l rai ii vdd-Stie ?l'ef 1'.-W-.'l.:
iner' aC'dayligbtdaiitl tied^tijrat
iGoldeiiia(;vi'pdrii vdv.dd:,■ '■"£'£ydi,.
point ol';d\vicw::dv\Mflip:iitdiaclviibw|
li^dgingdi,htd.| ildis.bbuiid'dipdiifiii
wbiide i',f u 1 ■ weal tli'Vpi'roli iice r pxQy
iii^db;:bii".Tibib 2S^d""
■d.:"; Ji 11 ed v Earl 'y] Wed Sd Am eric an .;
Siivor-load ftudtn'tioha;
:., Conservative,Conventions. ■ d
Many for Pilgrims' Dinner.
Loudon, June Md--Elaborate
arrangements have been- per-
lected for tiie lirst annual ■dinner
of t he 'I.'i Igrims'Clul). the Anglo
American social 'organization
forined a year ago, - whicli.is to
take • place, tonight -at Prince's'
restaurant,,- Lord lioberts ,will
])i-esitl(! aiid in .addition to the
American'- members of. the club
resident in '.Loudon .the' guests
-Will include iiiii'ny proniineiil
Mnglislinieif,'■ ii'mong the -number
being George Wyiidhnm. Secre
fiiiry-of Slate for Ire.hi.nd: llur
Speaker of fhe House of Commons: Sir George' White, do-
I'endei' of Ladysinifh: Lord
I trassoy,' Sir A. C-oiiiin l.ioyle.
Aiithoiiy II f >!'«>, Winston
Churcliill and Sir Alfred Austin.
"'Art ti meetin.n- of tlie executive of the
i'rbviifeiar t'onservativd Assoiriatioii,
held -nt' Vaneouver,. thed])rovim;e-,was
di vided.iuto live 'divisions for orgaiii-'
/ation purposes. The Ivopteiiay-IJounil-
ary division is nuule tip, of the: follow--
in^- proviiieial election districts': Revel-'
stoke. (.'olitiubia. td-rnie, ' (JranhrooU-.
A'litji'. Ivaslo,' .Sloiiiui. vdraiidi. l<'oi-U:s,
Greenwood, the City of 'vKoSsslaii'd.'.tind
tiie City of Nelson. At theisanie riieet.-'
i 1114' tlie follow,iii»- '■ resolutions were
.(uiopled: ■' .
.1. ,, That eiiiiventioris for tiomiiiatiliy
irtindidates ftii'-' ineiirbers of: the iegisla-
I'iveVassombly be made up of delegates
;i-hi,seii as follows:
im) 'In idly • .electoral districts, one
.delegate foi-'every lifty and fraction of
liiid. votes polled at.the provincial.elei-.-
lioii lielil, in l'-HKi.dami jf tho 'city is
.divided into wards, the .proportion :of
di'li-gitles. for each ward.shall lie based
en the vote polled in each ward at the
last municipal election.   ,    ,
i'.b; In other electoral districts, one
deieyaie ■ for ..every, lifty or tract ion of
lifty votes polled at the provincial eli-e-
.lioii held in UU'iO. Ihe dele.iial'i'S to In-
apportioned' 10- polling places, or as
near' iherelO as will, lie fair to thi-
voters of the dill'i-rent, neighborhood.
-' L'.. , Tiie election, of dolegal.es shall lie'
at public meetings, held at a designnl-.
ed i-i'iilriil. phn-e .in each polling division, or in each iv.-n'il in cily elci-fpral
(listricls,, if the city is diyiiied inlo
wards. - At' 'such .public moot ings unly,
those wlio pledge -tiieilisclves lo Vole
fiir I he I'limlidale (it- candidates scleclcil
■al the nomiiKiliug cmivi'iil ion shall be
('Milled to a Vole lorileiogat es.
ii. Two wet's tio't ice shall:'be gij'eii,
of the public llieelings al which delegates are io 'be. I'll'i-l ed. a ml" iiiimi mil-'
,itig conventions shall In- held' in cily
electoral, dislriols two days '.-iTl or llie'
day on wliich dcle^.-iles are (clecled,
anil .iii-other electoral districts'- seven
days tifler. All iiniiin.-i I ions llmiugh-
ou't the proviiici' I", b" 'n.iade.-al a ilesi'j;-
haleil cent i'lll place in each elccloriil
district, and on 1 he same day.
•I. All nnlices ol" the liale ul' public
uii'i'liligs I'm- the' ■■b.'clii.ill of ili'legiites
I,, iiiiui'ilialin^ ciinvciil iuiis. the ap-
poi-lioiiliieiil    of    delegates.      and      Iln-
.: dfdiTi
o  '/''Id"..
;p;i'i|.ieiv'"';:",i:r)S i'liis -"d;   lead, i;l lis ;id:;
.speiior. X2D  12s Oil .■•'.':,' d,:.V'    •'
Mexican dollairs'.v. ... . ..id .'.
(Jopperv. i:'dd,d.v.',.,'".' .,■.'. ;.■;-■.".'■'
,B|iidiei'.v.vid-. divv-v-'d-v .dd.'
V f.oiidoii,. .In ne. 19.---.Silver,
Elizitbetli-Ii>tird,';'.T1 law,d'litiigjlipr■ j v ■ d•■,;; d ;;  y.■■■ I; -d-___i
bf" iSTri?;' \Yilliaiii TliaWj^.Tv^, •; waS; | d'New ^•<;H•lc; J.nno tb:
l'ii'ai'.ricci ; ttbday-'"- t.b'd'Mr..'-;.-..Henry- DarSiiv'er,..
Lal'iiyettc Col)iiis':vx 'Miss "Thitwi
i 's the., you ng worn aii "w lib re;j ect-
edd'the  advltnces .of .the Eai;l of
Yarmouth,, who   itfter\vard    be-,
came ifhe;.;htisband 'of her a-iiiif,
Miss-'Alicedfliawd' d ; d'• yy;"d
0 .Today's wedding fpblv place at
Mrs., Thaw-'siiiew cptinl,ry homed
,:As',;'.Ybii - Bike  It,':   Se\vickl,'ey
Heights,-    ;fhe ,,. Rey. >d ;Ernest;
Paddock, - rector    of    Emaniiel
.Episcopal    cliurch, v/pfliciatiiig..
Prominent  'society     peopled of
Piftstiurg/New York,' Witsliijig-
lon .and   other .jilaces ; were  in
attendance.    r' ■:.'■•-' vd  • ;'
Sliurk   i|iiol;uii)iis'  by   Houli.-,1 Hiilcliiimini *
Klwirll.. I'Yii-ti -Sioirli-, ,11. (':. ,'■;,'      "v i
■ Local News.i
'Win.' Myers  .returned , fo'
Watson. in,ine today.." .r    d   .
Geo.'-..Geary' and , Wm. ..Walsh
were at Perry .creek Ej-iday:    - ',
V ' ..' .  .'.   '    -.'... ■   'd-,.  .-
N. Hanson, Wsisa, catiie 'in   on
the Winder mere stage .Thursday.'
N'urLli St!ii':.,,.i.....:..,: ......
Sullivrtii.'-......:.. i...... . ......
Si. Irliiyeiio.,.;,•' •.'.'':. ....■:'.:'.
•'C.'rows Nest..(.losiI.'.,,.-id......:'.
Goli-oiula .... ,.,..'....... dr....
■Will- Kasli;..,.:'.:.....,....;,,'.
l'ayiio.;...,,.. ....'. .:,,-:'. ■
!>iiy-K(:ill...d.:['...[..   ...........J...■
St. lOuKeiic Moiintaiii -Mintrs.
Q'liniKiian Oil. i: .Mines... .'■.'.'.'.
Alliei'la .CohI. jtVCoku. Ci'i......'..
'H:isL,Or(>\v''.s''X't;st. Koal. \ .......
- i'lt-r;
d ' *V.
,:*;   IDJi
•      .: -1.--
'...    4fi     ■—.—..
'.•-■'.'-I.IX.i i   ■; ;
. -nii -,,"d-
.vd.iiidd \t.
. ,;'di!.i' ri\
■A y'ui ■>[■:>.
y dud —•
. New ioeabtuidrecorded.,;l.:vdv '..d,-iid;.'■. «v
dyei^ififyjtcjsi'pr.work .i.^rf.tidli'....i.-.*.'V".'.j.'':i>b. ■.■/-;..'..:.-;.--
,;^(i'eitilicaters ')!': fm])i;oveirientS;,.-     A '..''■"
,-■; Ajiiiiiij'd l.iceiisii'S issiieilf,.■'. d-,,.y -^oi \'y.'.-■ ■
ddl'raiisTeid.of niinuigvpiVipertydd-ii3^d ,-.-;
• diAppiicai;^
iligilicens<i«;iri Ma.y'vliSS.Vaiidvvfoiidv^;,^,^
the^ tirsi.dfcw6rw.eeJv.in June-Srjdip-Vvi, ;•
plications1 were received., v   v^^i;Vv dd
'v -vlpri mrosc—'Luke,. d',ree1c,'v--lbcai,-,dd,;-;:
edi,bydW)-dT.;B\^fY;^Y'YYYy W: d
r.-d'-Geio-r^'Liulc'e'' creeic>ibcafed-;by;-d-ii
^i^Mp^^^f'-^yl'i '?ȣY: Y. "i
'd Jib;ib^liuk^.ji65i;ee
n..vMp'La:reh,vV'- 'Ay: y':'y:'yyyyyYy":''
";'; v'fcJe 11c i ii; i'^Vdl-^ rlic.l/ipiiri-^.'B liTlii."-- "rrSrb\r^-';:tvdi^
■ yRri by-^Wi 1 (FyY pfse yi i'cokd) b-■; :Y
catediby-JSdBaiiksdd' "YY"'-lYy:yy Y,
■„■;■''ii">i'lIs■' Vie'w—^N:br'.iiii side^!,pf St.v- Y.
Mil ry's; 'Lake.,v located, i, by :':--ii')i1ed yy
HttzQn.;,->;■■ -';.-'.";";---dv' -<;'.'yy'Y:"y''y:'''':'y'y:': ■■
'  ^"-b.'.usell'b—At^Wa-rdner.'ipcated
b,\dE. M.irogaux. id,- d d ■ . ...■'■'' ■!-
;d Giuiby^-Easi; d side • .Qf-;. ;\\r(ilf, ; 'A
creek|' located by t).. Thi ry'.   - ; -   -
Mornitig * SUti'd-'Wiiti' ■  Horse di, •
creek, v •": 1 be'al ud.'■'.".  by .v   George,..
'Dbugherfy'.'... y d'V. ..',..::■' -,-'.: ". .. ■•
- Rock   ' Ci'eek-d-Sputii west    of. ■■"'';
Elko, localedb^dDavid, Adams, d
','.' .La.st'i  ilrlope-— Meiulpw'd creelf, '.'•'"..
located'by .')'. Mo'crecly.'"". -'.        ,,', .V  •'■
Market Conditions.
"i .'Jd  A.   Irlarvby  was at Nelson
Thursday'on legal .business.
Gran brook was well   represented at Hteele Sunday last-
Gopper closed lfis li^gliei' -in
London:   , ,',-d y'!'-„.
Lead was quiet aiid unchanged
at NewvYorlc, advanced fs'ild in
iLiOiidoii.    -'        '' ' -
Spelter advanced 2s Od,in Lon-
doii, at Xe\y ■ York quiet and
nominal.' ■■'       . '."'■ d,  .      ;
Matters Political.
Wardner News.
: .Tlie shaft of the,small sawmill
broke,down Tiiesday nighti' and
the milbwill'be closed dowtufor;
some time.; ■ ,,;   v y ■[
,-,. Frank McCabe had his hand
oti a small fortune,,' when he located a-coal, claim last week.' but
if slipped:away-this week ,when
he discovered l.hatdcoal cannot
be located on G.p. railway lands
.Logs, from the"Sf. Mary's and
Kootenay river camps will' commence coniiiig'dpwu 'as soon, as
the boom ' is-in condition; for
liolding-them.   .. . d , .
The  Monte   Garlo   resfanraiif
was i-e-opeiied Monday.
'A.   J.    Mott,   Fernie.   Was' ii.l
file Trnperiiil Sunday last.'
'fhe Liberal : C'o.iiservative
party .goes into 1 he.coming light
with eyery jirospect .of success.
  'fhe miller's of   the   fyOotoiiay
Harrisler Tlionipsou andv .1. N'111 "of stand for ad further en-
.,! .'I. i itch in.son,. Gran brook, wore-'iif I dorsal ion of a party who will not
Steele Tuesday. .   ,; -protect, I he 'mining' -interests  of
'  n       i-i ' ••••' ~d ,: .   ,,    I'tbe k'nplenavs. • ■       .
Dr.    I'ligni,   Secrelary   ol   ,tlie| ' .     - .......
Provincial Hoard, of 'Health,'and j   ,,,.      , :'     .        ',      r n
Ih-.   ICing,   Grai.broPk,   we.-., at I  Warships to Tako Long Oniise.
Steele/hd-idity.   d   .    „   i . I ''.'''• —:—' '
' '____-. js----New \'ork. J une'l'.i.- -"To attain
idle curiosity   is   an    iinkiiown j |,,-(,|ic.iencv in ocean (-riiisimrihe
faciei'    to    the    uiosquilo. H''!,,.,(, h'ships    Kearsa i-v. " I llinois.
works overtime,- and    is   alwn-vsl        ■.    ■    ■'       ... ', -
pr«H..pl in set.diii- in bis bill. ;"   d A laba.iiiadamfdvii.ssachusel Is, iur-
  . ■ ■'! compiinied      by      Ihe       colliers
St.v-John's Cliurch oi England.
d ..Services will , be held' in', the
.Church of St. .lohn the Divine
every,Sunday, evening at, 7:30 ex- ,
cept on the I liird Sunday in eacii
nioiiih when i'lie'servic'e will be'
field   al    11   o'clock  'a.m.
, Holy Coiiiiiitiiiioii will be ad-'
ministered at' t he- close °f iln':,'
servi'c.e. !
- ,Sl ra.iigersvarf ,weleome.
I'iiK.sr.Y'i'Ki'iiAN (•iinK'cii.'.
|)i.viin< -Worsliip.   will   lie   held
in   ■ ,.the      l;'i'esbyteri;iii     (,'liureh
every   Sabbath    liiorning ■ at.    II,
. o Sabbiith School overy Sund,-i\-
L. W. Pafinoro has surround-j j^elianoii, Sterling and Caesar
•d- Itis half-acre lot wi.th a new|u-i|| le;,Ve t he Tonipkinsville an
''"''"'  ', . '    lehorage, within   a    few   daysfor \"\ ball' past two o'clock.    ,
A' streak    ol   -old   .|„art^ te,J 'l,r Az,,1VS"   'I-he islands an; not ,    Choir ■ p.ract ice   every    Thurs-
ncbes wid" lias 'been   struck   ilii'11 !i"y sense to Ih.- the   object,  .ol [day evening at  / :.'iu o'clock.
Pastor;    T. AloCoKD.
place   and   dnl"   "I' muiiiiiii.tm-- enliven- , . ...   ,,,..,        ,      .     ^      ,,      ,      ,,
r.ions in ilia =L'v«ral   r.-leetnral   .1 i r,t i-iot.-,   t he \ eniis luuie on  \\ < dl creek.      mimic attack, the main   pur post LIE PROSPECTOTi, FORT, STEELE,   P.  G., .TUNE -20.   lOW).
Ml]£ y$X0&p&£k'&£+
' -KSTAULlSJiLl'i    is'.i:-. -   ",,"      '-.-
A. B. Grace,   ,
.    ,'   PUBLI.S11LU    AX1)    K!">'l;TOi;. ■ d '
, '",,' THEd PROSPECTOR, i?(',piih'lis!ur.i)
every   Saturday; nnd T.i:is  :i,it;uar:i'ntl-VJ
d'clrciilniion/liiif'er tiui'n riiiyVetlici- paper
In -KuiSt Kootenay.. It is :iltiip':itc I'dnted
and,, contains double tlieiicis of ;iny
Mliei 'paper iii 'j-lie disnict.     '   -     '
'<■'■   • Asa'n   lidvoriisin-i; mi-diirin   it   is mi
. excelled.;..:   •• •'. V -V ,, .'.',..
Derioted .,ri: tlie upbu iHii ii/r otFort st'iV'le'. id la;
- deVeI6priient/'ot't'ne Aiis'i '■ miherii! • :-,i--=-o'v;.!-e,'M" ot
Ibe East Kciotemiy mining-iiisiric!.     d.
:i: \ i
• ■i-viri'i rirr-i'i'i'-. ok  iMi'Koi\'t:Mt;\'i'S;
'.vlanitnoi n
-.ll'si Id'
NOTICE.- -,-.
iit''  lib...      Tllf-re
,   'Clai,rie^ d„"   ■
i-'ini   fSt i-'"i.;' .Mill iii-:
I'li-, -i'-li
mm per. von
• • !WM,J
agon': tii'i: VV
id ti;gil>: to. i
i ni l i?tff. tai i.ii
!l,',l--i)!-lrn-,l. ,.   .. ,       ",. '-
V|. .1:- -'On iloi'M'sbn,' iii. ••'.;'., . '•- ;.
•i.-- ;'lii!.t;i.Vrii<>i.in<di'.,VM''''Viiii!V I'":
',..'■,': :V:d i iicT ind/Joi'.- ne, del i'; niid '.i,i;
d!;d-!Vri!iAi'diii]fiK id'Mid..yy it
yii\.yyy. a.a.i y.Nn.: \y.ys: mm
hnsr-mi ,l'dvf''Miii..''i''s rt-rliiii-:,Ii-'N.ii,.
u'didiN ry, d ;i > i-;,I'i'Oiri tUc 'lime rci i'>u-
, lir) flirt In'
'vd.SATDKbAV. Vll'^J-d^l, !:l!H<o.:  '; "i
V-    ' ■ —'■ ——--T-——d |
■    .'..'.' ".. ti     -, .- - i
MININlt .iiidt he" Eooteuityd; ;
according to, the'■ -report of |
■■'.tbe Minister:;ot Miiwi-s :for; ibo_:i> :
dfar,front'/ being '-at a..";>taLidsi.iiiv;
■ and that there <s si ill■.l.'ar'ge ai;da,s !
"qfdmineral. land.v/reiiiiiiuiug v*n i
prospected. - .-]::■'::■■. yy'.: dd.d ,|
'■■yy iTha: report "'dhow's, .thai; •vdl^'.'j
v new/, loqatipns.. 'were; ■ redoi'ijidid,
:/,and..6'|45iycertiticates of/win: I; is-.;
;; -SU'eddV.'d' ':>Y'j YY   ii"d      '   V,/'i-'"'.-;.1
'v ;dAccording to, itiQ. .report..Id'pi-id
-. ceiti ofdall, new; locatibnsd-ure ;
ning-/^■i.'-rn'.U."'!'.. f
rlil's.' !'•)!" >licn.'|i,ii
vraiit. oil ihi'.'irli"'.
•.; ' ted ie'e /tliiird'.-i-'.
(--'i'.'5il-i'lH'-lil!--.l 1';-
licriii.-'-iVr' Lritprnyi
i'i.'.-. ''.•»:'Siiid iniw.-
.   ,'')'I.!,!>S:- it'.' .Vd
ri-/'-" ;'
■i wm. : i
y.i"ii'p'i i
.i.i.i;:;;i-.'.nY- <
ii'ir'-i-nri'-v- -I'' V
-• i,-.v- •' '•>'
. »|i[i! v
; >Vi'.i-id
an. uii.s'iy
Ui.- riiii'i
i  Vi..-tiii'i i
pi'u .1.-«,s>.'!>-■
ildd (,-.ss'",
'I ' - /.'.,i       -   .      ■■....,
| ii..i-!li i.ii tin-iKirl.lii'iisl. riirjicr ill Ulcnk . I.ii-'K. In-
iii,-.: Iln' .'initiril .p'i'isl:.ot'Ni..\-Clinic's i'lnii/i.-uiiil
;i'ljniiiiiiy: iinr sijiitlicusl. i-oriicr oi dliiiucs
Siii-li(..rl;iiu|-s ,1-liiiiii, tlicii'.'i'-- ensl SU chiiiiis.
I.In'iicir'.i.iortli H(i I'liniiis.vtiii.'iii'i' ivi-si, Kn i'lniins'.
ilu'iii'i: 'Mi'iuili'VSti liliiiin.s t.'i tin' |.lii(.-f; nf t-.mti-
iiii'iii'i'irii'iil. i-jii'iniin'lii^' Iilii iur'rc.s.
Iinliril V'.'iiii.Api'il. I'.iOrt .N'i'.v (ilnitir, l.ui'iil.ii-
i: ■ I 'iHimii'iii'iiiK ; Hi ii Jinr-l piunt.c'ii V^nvcii
ii'iili-S ui'i'tilis iiihI niiiriulli' i-.ust-- iiidihir iiurllii'ieil
I'ein.Tci n'l.ii'k iri.SK. iri-in»',tiiiviiiiiiiil jiesi ni'i-'.
.Met ii In; is. I'l.iini ;'l lli'iice. ,i:;tsl--SH  .irliili lis.   I hi'l'ii.-c
uiii'ili  Sil nliuiiis.'; llur turn, ■ vvi.-sl.'sn i-Jul ii^s. L i 1 < • 11«.- «.-
.-,o\ii,!.i Sii .'litiiiis-iii iln'-. jilui'i' nl ('■oiiiiii('Uc,i'iiii'iit.
rniuajniii.tr ill" inirii.s       liiit'-ril April .-:-',.l!«.,:,l. d
V .:■' ';';., V ..    ., I-i; Mci'.'iiti'. I.oiiiuiii-'.'
, IS ■ L','l)lip!lvlll'illj;';ili II.JIOM phllliinl .-t'Vi'll lllik'S
iini'tti, iiml tWiiiuili.-S cn-t. of tliir..iiiirlln.'iis(-, ciir.
'i).':.i':Aiil.H-l; -iSsr-didius; ilii; initIiiI'dptijii'-'iif •..!..
i1 il u 1'/,-, <■■ ti I in "1111 ,.n ii jf >i ii i il;; i Lhl-r nlSi't I; Vit-stiror.-
.'l'.'rr.iif VV. Vniiii-vdirliiiiii, llidii'tr li-ast SO i-iiuins'.'
I'i'ioiii'-i'-.iiiii-l.hr.-^l i-liiiii)d'lliirii(;H- Wi-si- Sn, Hiiiiiis.
ilii'iitK sUi'iiii Sii, rliiiins, icvjilaird oi ciiiiiiiii'lii'c
iii'.'iit, ,'iii|..:iiiiiiii.'; lili' rii'-rtsi   '(>:iti-«l ,.\ pi-iI'-i.'.'.'Ilji'il
... .' .■.'/ . ■',.        ..I'  V. d -.'.'■'/. .'''.I. Ollltll,', ljlll'11'ii'll'..'r.
. Ill' ■ I'.iiinii.'ni-'iMt'. nt ti.' 'piisl ]iiunli-'l dsi'\r,yii
iiiilrs I'lnflli, iiiiii iavii inilcs casljiif tlu'r iiii|",li-
'.•'.'.•■.i.t'oiiH'i'.d'fUli.'i-k i.VSS,, Iii-Iiis; i.li(.-ii.iiiiiili.iosl
ii'fi?.'. 11. Duidiii'ds irliliiii.'r.pii-l iiiljul(iiiiv; A. limit's
ini'i-ift vvi-~li '.irnr'itord tlii.-lici' ; siMitli   SO    I'liuliisV
Itll'll.lr, jV'l'M  SI chiiiiis', itll'lU'oililMl'I'l    SU    I'llilllls,
ihtiiU c ,,n,^;Si c!',;iinscii;, iilncii ol i-iiiiiiiii*mrciiii.'ii,t.
.■..]ir.;i;;ii)ididi';ii'!-i's.;/,,Vbil,ii'il  .V.|.-,l-i! d". !"'«'    '
r" !''■'.' i •'■'■' '■',     idli/'i'iii'iilirii, idi.'iud''
'■ :/ '■'•:.'''•„'',','.'i.main'riji.'iii^'..',:!t   :i'.' lin'-.t.' iiliinii''.!'. -e.vi'iii
/ j 'iviv.'- iiii'rMi '•.-.idiV-i'tt'ii niidsicasV  ni''I'lie'/iiiirl ||J:
i.|,i.v-   -if |l!.H-l./l.->SS„l.cill,M|lc Hjilllll,' lllKl
" 'd": -1 ".''"■    ■'i:!-'l..-i!....|!i; tl.lic j ,;,,!, v.  I ;„!-,■;,'^j^j-,,,.',!,,, I' ;nlj, il'ii i'||.^ t|i(.   llilH llllM-l
-';!,"-'' yy1'. '■' -'yly' - ;'J-*"t "*""{"' A-'y i-imay iif e.'-:''tl.; t >ii n tut r "s y Inilvi. t li.-iii-i- muiiIiSi',
■"'".'   "'' '/■""''"■.•' ''d'i'd d';l/':ild- '.'iin'rrs ■ '''ii'iii-'''.'i>-l >" ciViiiiis. 'tlM'iii-i'.-,.-niiilil' Mi
, i in! ;>i 11-. i. 11 .--.
-,.i'-liiii.ns, ;.|«. U'-cdwoi su i-lv.iiiis.-tc |.!,.||H>  hi  I'mii-
' j in. 'iii.-..'\ii''iii'''i''i.1tinijiiiii'i.'y iii-i'i'.-. j V .'>'
'j , DmtdAiJrii'-i;. l«iii- ■•■■ -A" IViilcirlVi'i'iilei;.'.
Jid-.'*'1'    'Vetl-ill.^icdll'"'.'." ili'st- liUlllt.'ii   ;ii\   iililcs
; 'mill'-; ii'.'--'.'iid ■■,'-«'n' iriilc-. i'asv'uli tlu- 'iionlirfuA I'Or1
:   ):<..".  ,.,'i ' niiici;  'i;.ss.   Licitd,ll,i.,:i;Uiili;i', pilstnf ,(■;','
Mi.siHiin'.s.t'l.nt.i'ii. ■ivii.t'ii-lji'.iiiii^ij.' i.lii'.-ii.ii'tliwi'si
1 Ci'I'lll't; il.'f'.-.\.',  i-tiin.fril,'jt. i-lrlllili ,1 lu".H-l-;slUU'll St,l j,;
•'.' iinii'iis.   Ui':iii'id.v,"M ■ su,,t!i:iiiisV 1-liiiiuv lu'irtli SO'i'
S'liticids lif.i-i-by jrivc-n tlfiittliiuy 'lie's nfic'r
ilii'lu 1 inliiii.l Lo iijjply to ljicCliiirfroiiiiiiissi.iii-
iir'of I.mills anil-Works for a liciniM' Id prod
pirirl fur iVonl ami I'ihi'oIi.'iiiA  on   llie  fiiVluwitijr'
'lu'soriliiril-liiiicls: C<>iiimi'u<-iii£ al u. pusl p'liinl-
cii hi, iliiViioi-tlnvccsl Collier iif |..- Iioliliin'., i-oal
ninl ■|H'i|roli,r|iiii rlnim iiml iiKirkcil (!«■'».' "1.1.
Sci.il'.s, nol iln-iist i-oi'iior, ihi'nic ivcsij SU cliains
liKiiurt: Vsoiitli M cliains, lliciii'ir'i'asl Hn cliaiiiH.
iIiimicc  iioiili. ho chains  to villi-', place «f' n-
Viii'ciii':ciii'.r|it,  • ','   '",,    i...   ' ': '"•.-''■
.■• niiii'ii.iiuiir ith. trioa.    ' ,; „, .<:i-i,. ii. scViti.
■'.'<■' '. ',   i'■■��'','' -. Sloiin ninl ,i\| illc)'. Ai;i'iil
■ Xniii'cls iii'i'i'lij; i;i'vi,-ii Hint, iliir'ty 'liiys afii-'r
iln I'll I. iii lot Ml to iiyplv- tii lliir (,'liicf I'oininissioii-
i-r'.of' l.iiinls iiiiiiAVorlis Tor a license lo prosipirel
for ('yal inni T'eirolirum on tin.- ..lollowinij du-
sriibi'il iii'ii'itji:::- C.'i|iiirienr.'liii: ut a post eighty
i'lniins north.,i'i,llur norllitfii--i coi-ni.-r of Ceo., li,
SruU'ii ciial iiml piiiriilonin claim umi miii'UcI
iliii'iiirs >jilli-ii's nortlu'iisi .','i'<ii'iiirr,. thi.|icii vvesl
»6. chains./iilK-iici; soiit.li Sii irliiilns, tlitriii-iri-ast
nil chains, lliciicc. iini'lh Kn irlmiii.s Miipince ill
ciiiiSini'.iici.'.nicnt, ;. Iiau-il ,1 nne Itli. I'.lliil.V
..■:   '.i •■■■■' ' ..luiiiiia,Miller.
' 'NoiU-i- Ishcruliy nivuii tiiiil tliirly iliiys ii'fti-i-
iliiii'-'l inli'.iiil l.i iipply iii (helVliitrf(.'oiniiiis.sloii-
cvoi Liuiils ninl Worts of I In- iilsli^i'l 'of i'lnsl
"Kpi^cna;'? foi" 'a iliceiisi-"in piospixl foi'conl
iiml pirlroliaiui on, tlui .' fijllnwiiif; liincriljei!
Innils: V'niiini trnei iik iit ii. imsl'pliini.eil oii t lie
riisl ImiiU' iif lilt i-ivi-r in inilcs iiorlli of the
iiortlicrn liiniinliiiy of the (''row's Wsi. l'us.s
CVml iv,'. liinits ami iini'ir|ic.il Tumulus CorsiiTi's
s.iii.vlnv.;si . corner.: tluriiiriV. noriii 'MO , trliiiliis.
ih,j-iii-i-' 1'iisi Sn chiiln.s, tiieiii'i! sontli ,Mi iTiitiiis/
.'Uiciiiro:wem SU, iTnuiis lo point, of .ciiiii'iiiiriicY--'
ini-nl. Iinicil ilier.lliiliiy of .liine.,1.iilii.' d"
iiunxla's t'ormiii ' , . Sloiin ainPM'illiri;. Antral*
f '.N'iit',ii-t' U.ljtrrntj.yd'1 vim iliai thirty ihi.v.s after'
iliittr Ii i'nli-liil'U'lippi.v to Ih« IV-iiief'C'oinml.ssioii-
(uTif l.aii(ts iinil AV'iirkii foi'ilTiciMise tiii prospect
for ■(•(.iul iamt pctti.ileiinV. mi ilie folltivvlnd' -It-.-
scriTu'it limits: iroinnioiii'iiiK' ill a posl'pliinltxt
iii -ilie, .sOullit-H.si"' eiirner of.' lioiiKlasT'orsii'ii's
coiil linil'ij.i'iioleinii clniin an'iT linirktrit A. W.
Uhiasiloli'.s   im'r.tliwirst.'i comely tliunci.. nasi.,Sil
dcredited to tlia/iib>;t^te'ele.'':,;>I'iiv-;i.:
■ /ringipiyision,   also -15. pei' cent iif d
',"'.''an'di';:'thfa.t"', sis., 'amiriing vdi.vi>io:i.'/
•;.- Portd^teele.d-anlvS   5tj:i :„ out /of/ad
.total, of ladivisipiiSiin Kporeiiav,./,/:
d/and/dBbtindary districts.,    '-d d. :A
f d^ith:fhe;^
-'.'•'pf /the Crow'sdNest':Pas='; de'vel-!
■y- oped; aind"prodiiclngii dai fyy^uiAy
/vput of/bver.i^'OOp.,.tonsda/goverfT^
•"./ment :/reser,ve;  of.yp6,000'v;aci-e^v;
.,kiiown/tp../:be   the   richest.;, coal/
;■/ area oh the-; American con f hie aid !■
..tlie/Elathead,district richTTicoaii-j
pil,i/aiid; timber, dth'f'.I argesj,;fsibi[.
iiiilcsicasf of- iln. iiiii'llicasl I'oi'i-
S.'it'ir'iHK i.iie.- initiiif post :'of A.;
'dd'' '
r'»V i
-I ':!,',
d"M"-ydv:!:Vi?;:. liri.fiint
or:tin:,-   '.
-.'--.'. ,1
-.••cr-Fi-.'r..'''..-' ■■;■:■ it..- 'idlV::!-
dtViiSl,! ii
^'-r-rr i.-
- id>
Vv'sr-Sj '(•i-as'in'i;.,''tlii'i:ci.
- |T      'i.          ,.u    '■
i'---.:..i.M ...--iilii!;;.'.-ir-ccincri I.
Tld'Cddry. Tifdat.n: i
-•">>-. plkiiLL-a'J i',voi:iiiI',-s
d   ver-leadi propertiesyn  Ganada.- !: °'-1,1    -y!-y.ry:y-::;■' -w--;-'yyyy-y-
;-;     . ..-■;.■-.-.".;■ -x"-..:-1--.    .   :,■'-.   .'-...      ■■•■'   j nii.-  inc rniUivi   pi'St'-irir ;.;,(-..(iiaiini^eii-sviiiirn
-id .iWit'li'iimmen.se undeveloped ■•"cb]>.-.-..-i..-ui  inqidri-"'' idid yyi'y^'y y^m,- ,-,rrj-
■■.■per.:i'-,'resouir;es'd.l-',i,'feb ■'■■•'iii-'vv'ii'lace!
,-cv.1..-."■.:.'. i'...-..-,..:'■■ -. ,. ..i'ii-iV -..- -:.:■:...:...v.<,-.•:.. V-.V   V.   y....   .    Uii'TicevTy.;-!. yO .ct:i,;.ViiS. (iU-.r:ieir soutivSii chain?
idmines, there ...is/Tib getting away:
"'."' 1 rdmd'th'ev/f act",./ / -tliaf,v *llie J^bi't
vv,'Sieciev'!Mining:' Divisioidii.js■■:'.• t'lie-
d/ui6sfi'/\'tUnable niiiiiiigididlsioii in
■;'.-' Britlslv" Gb'liiiiibiad-„--v■■"'-A:yAy' '''..;.'_:-]
'..". iiSr-dvdd.'di/'/■' .v/..Kit*;. :>dv,d ". " -.. ■'A.a'i'iy.>'".'
/ y A.": Iii r'-i.'l te,: pro V i-i V c iaf: e! ecf ib n A'. h a.ti
'y..will.,- no dqnbt 'titR.o''plivce in.- G)eio'-'
i dber,'■ - there vwi I!. b^
d'l i t'ibal iipivT-t iesniir" the' -; / loi dV?w i'f.'l t
dpbssibly it few independent hiJiibr
■ Caiid i dales,;: ,, al I see king;., fo  - he
V p hfcetr j i dco 11 li-o 1/ 6'f") iu hi iid ,,ai,lta.i rs.
.yy-y'yy »'.,d-..■.■■■'.'*■ - *   ■*■ ]■    'yy-"
,     Tbd;ty,,0iii,lJi'&'.l\bpleu;i-yS: 'ani:!
/'.Botindai'y.districts   lib ere   is/no-
;. mistaliiiig the strength .of'"piibl'ic
■''■''.opinion indfavorv ofd,raising, the
■tarilf go as 'to a-IToi'c! effective and
adequate protection to' the id in -
=s=i.iig industry'. 'Rliose in fefvor pi"
"' protecfioii heed'' i'i'ot waste,d ime
-„.-' in biiploring the 'Liberal, party.
■   at; Ottawa  to   inf'rod„uce the ne-,
cessary" legislation, "d  -;v
'>  i.fn the next "'"'generaldetection,
,. ,what: will be 'demanded isia tar-i (f
'■■'■ that   will  /give   Ivo'otenay 'lead j
,. miners  the  business that right-"'1
"fully belongs. nto   the in .'■"'. If, the
' Liberal  party  has the nerve  to'
cast aside its free trade theories,
and, adopt1,,.' certain     protective'
principles, ..the -lead'-miner   may
■'.secure, protection.     If., .ho-wev-er,
~the=vLiberal,, pjirty cannot shrike
off' oid.-''ti'ni(-i==4*t^ud!''ce.. nnd   j-..d
'fuse;,the appeiil-'of tin.'   Kooiv.nia.y
.miners, .they   ennn'ot   "'.xpi.-c; , iiv
obtiiilS".the-sn'tfrages oi thu   miners   in    the, , ('dining   provinek-:.;
caiiipaign,   .,■'.'. ' > .
dlir'any'event tlie c.bunti:y v.-'o:;
have long-to, wait. . a.- tin,' i--i.ii
in the next gomeral e!.wi ion wii
be,"Pi'oleetio,n lo Canad/ia!i in
dustries. and (.'aiiafli-in leafi .niiii
ing, by a protective, tariff.'.'
Since Sir Thomas hmsrsp muc!
IO say about, "lining" ilie (:.ii|
Avh.v (.lon'l. In' en i I hi-i \';i(.rlil '. lii'i
Derric)<'.'       ■
r.s :..i:;.'i-,ie,- iii eiiuriuivriircincin
d   '''ii'atwl April 'rlid'-ii);? // .
'-.-.. ■':-,---''' iyi'-i'yy 'i"y:'iA<yy\!iyA'i.yA.y:y
i.y Ooifinidii;)di;,din po*l:: pliialvr'Jr/'t'.v.w'■■•liiiias
■tri-r tiii..Tiiii:i;iir];osi,.d' .J-.ljiiT.I.icoaiv'.siTaimaii.T
drlj'/'inirij; t.iiCosti-.-Jln.'i!S( .ci'c-ni-r ori- .I;;- <ii.;:i,.'ai'nj''-'
lioii'.* oliiifti/:j.!dni;.r/cieiid- duurvd tlioiiciV.iio'rtli'.
sn chains'. tlftiuiridivii.st^siieJiain'dT lii.'rn'l'SOiitVi'fu
chainiiVtciiiiaedof/i'.^riirivriodnliiHd, ',-oiililiniiiK
iii'0i'iHiri;'i'.-;:d/i6iitdi'::A'i)riVaiid^ ■'■ - ;-.-;'
■ ■■-.'•,-.•■•'-."';" .';:■', "diii-iri" lidJ-'T.ii'ii,|icoriitvn.ociilor,.i
,,~ (i!oimii(;iiiriiiu-''id.a pb.s i, pi; i r (di;d!.. t li re i.r, mili-.s,
nOi'lii ofliic.T'niriliu'iisl uoi-ncroi' liliock lags be.--
iiiLf'llvi),Tiiit-d'd'd■/'>,("!-• iioiidsiclniiii niiKl ai!;'
jo.iiiirr;'.,Un. S(iui.l',v,-.'s,-eC'.Mr!ioidii';A.' ii. Fen wicks.
(Tiilni., liii.-iice .iioi'ih. SO chairs.alienee .'.rest.-SU
ehaiiis. ;.lii.;mrid'.iitliiA>dhiii!d, itl'ifrht-e-.i-iist SiV
'iTniies to :pl:ii;:i-d.f '.yiiui'DuVTiei.'iiieiii'.''-'Vontiiiniiiji'
Iilii neri's, . 'Tliiteil AvriiMl.Tim:-!. .,-,'' ':
/ .■-  :■■,'"      ■ ''   ■■.-• "■  ■  -d  ['...(i.-ohn. I.oeiitor   ■ ...
,S i.'onniieiiciii-i: iit :i |il)sti pliintc-il ihree inilcs,
iiot-Lit n;' llur ;Ton,ln.r;iM. ('ornor-'ol' lilock.difiiss "he'-'
'iiiBiliir inii.ini poiti.,,1;A. li. !\:n»T'ck'.s(.'hi|ni :uui
ii.l.ii.iinin^'. the soiiliiV'tist. irDi-ner of I.. Culm's
clniiii, liience' ir:i'.-l !;i>.. irhii'iii.d' tliuiiirir norili Si)'
clmiiis. thence 'west Si) chains, liience somli SO
('iiniiis ui, plnce.■e-oiiii'rfeiii.'o'lin'ni-L' t-ohliiiniiiy: ti-in
itcrcsai     ■!>;iti-'il'i.\pi-,ji..-JI.Tiiii;j'.', ..   ::.''..,
,,'  " V' "A. lid i-'i'iiV.-iet:, I,orator
i/'J C(iiiiiiii;ni,-in>r.,iu ;i post pl.-uiic'l four rnilirs,
uortli ol the iionli'jiist i-u'rni.-.r of Illocki-lnSS. be-
iuir ihe initial po-i of K.'C. -Minor's claim., anil
ailji.iTiinjr tlio/isontli west rorairi1' ol A.' 'Doylds-
iTnim. tiic-iu.'.-.. n.inii .si>-i'iniinsdtlieiice wesr. sn
cliains. thence somli SO chains., thence." east, SU
I'haiiis'to piiieeTif eeminoiK-eniefit;. contnininj:
'li-ifi.iii.-iie's JVinteJ.Apri'l'iL", J«ii:i. .'i/    V-V-    i/ .,
;    d   d "'' '',     / ' i-'r Cd'Milier'.T.of.'iilor '
. 10 PotiimejiiTng ai.ii'lio.-t pliniii5.! foilf. inilcs;
iiori'li-i'if- tlie iiov'i.lii.'nst col-nei- of lilock l.iS8. lie-
'ii.i'g tiie'iiiiti.'il ;)Osi.of..\.VDoyie's elaini. nnd ml-'
j.ii.i'nii!-:.,;-!;..: seuilicas; coi'nei'/o;' !.•:.'' i.t Miller's
I'i-.iiir.. .diir!Krt-:.irii'-i so eiinins. tlieiice norrh Sn
chnins, then.',- we>i.' .M'c'hait.s. ihencesoiiLh. SO'
iOmins to pirnro of  ci.inn.icnf'oiiient.   cqiuiiiniiii;
:'',i.'.'lt':- ecu:. iiiini(,ti', I'lli.taert f, ,dd-
AViiii ':.': i(!«Kl'i,-,, -Ti ■■\liisiiiiiir,'.niitt|ij,or;..r-1'
.di'Viriiiiieiicin^. Wf ji 'posi,,planted,six niilcs
;..•' n',-   -"i'Iu'i in i:im!diil.joi!iin<,"   I lie  nbrtliiriisl
ipAyyi- K/iMf'sdrlli'/s-,ciiiiiiidilieiicedonlh S(i
i,-iT:i-,r': ii't-iuVt-''eiT.-V <ii cliiiind'1 iliciu'e'-'-iioi'tli'iso'
iai'i-,!i',ircnce- wesi si) chains to ijilni'idofi Ciun-
ieejieeineW-J. troiisiliiiiiii; ijli.'.'ii'cres... i-""   i i ■'.""
.,  /'iDaiird Ai.rildli li*i:i. .' '..Aidii^iiiis,. i-oealiir
'.'•' r>ri   epiiiuuyic-.iiiif:»ti.» post .nliinied .,live miles
IhT'rlijs'ii-ii'l ti-ii iniiiir.s i-usi of tlie noriliiirtsi' ciir-
.i'ier of,'■niiiirk'-iriSS.r'bi.-in'iit.tlie.i'iiitiii.t positVpf I''.'
liowani's elntin, :iii(|.'.indjoiniiiK  ilie iioi;Uiwest
'iiot-j'iu.r of B. I.iowiivil'.- claiiil,' tlieuiie  soiitii   SO.
'■cini!i!I.'.-.i!hemre :'.vi.'isti'SH,.,eliain.s..(lieiici-'. norili SO
eliniiis. ttifncc cast'su cliains to .jilaire of icoin-
meneeiiurnt. (S)n1tiiiinn>,',.ti,to lierirs. .y     .■••■■"-   ■'-d -,
Dji id!: April "■!::. I I'd'!/.     oilr-dllownrii.dxieatoi' ,••'.
'A' iCoiniiiencinii'a'li'a   postplu'li ted live iniles,
•■■iioril'n iin.l Two miles easiof tlur noiTlieasii- cor--
Tier ofrtlilcii'kiiriSS. lieiiif.' tlie ;lniti;il  post, of ■]■}.,
;i,6-..viii-ii'is eliiimi aiid/ ii'ijnining  llur "iiorili'eiisV
eVniieriii,.!•'. lipWiii'dVs clniin  TlieiU'e'.soiitliiSO
jTiaiusi. Tlienee eii^iSii eiinins, Theiice noiilr Sli'
ehaiiis. tliei.icfr west So.fliiiins to'iilnee of'/.i'iiiii-i
■.ii.i>.-ii(.;;ji.ii'WiT. eOJiininiiii; lilO/ii'irrcsi V'V di   '''' dV' '.
•'/Dateil/Ain-il ^li.ill'tir! '"d K-TTiiwariChncii'tiir
..!., iiir; eiiinnieiteiny',nt'n post pliinttnlfotiriiini.-
north, and two milc.-'enst. of tlni. iiorllieiist eoi
iner of li!lock::dSS/ lieiiig the liiiiiai  post- oIV F:-
tn.rw'S/ciiiJnTr/iinil iid join iiijf tlie liiiiThwosL cor./
iiei-'ofK; nrew' elaini: tlieiiee, si i'mii 8it i-liainsi
dieni^Avi'siSiO'irliifins,Tlieiiee; lior'tlt/Si! eliiiiiis.
itHeriee'c-jistSii eliains  to  pliiee Til' eioiii'ineiiire-
ineiil.eoni.iiiiiini; 010 acres:d Diiiuii/\pi-ilr!:l..:l'.ifi:i
A. id.imV'.,. .e'V.d.i. Vd/i.i- .i.i-.il'-./Ui'iriw-dliioealord'--::
:':.-.iii- .GiniiiiK'niiiiis'iitii./iiost'Tihiiiied/i'oiirmile'.s
J7'/lTirrfrsv:tlii;ii(reVsoiTtir'SiTcliiiliiS'. iT»«uio« 'ivesti StT
chaiiis;T!ienire jiqrtli So ehiiin.su) plinreof coin-
.iiiciu'onii'.iit.,    - lliitcddhtjatlt diiy :o.f:,liiiiu,T'.lO:l.:
A.iVV- HiensdollVy,dstoiiii mid ivfiller. Axe'nls.d
, N.otieo'ls liiirtrhy Klvtrli 1 hni'TiiiiTyVilu/vS after
vilaii! 1 tilium 1 tu iipply loi!iu (IhIef,(..'Diiiiinssion-
er of Lanils iiinlAVtirks forn . license'VTo pros-'
prciTor ciiiil iiniijieti'oleiiiii on Tlie- fii.lhi will j;
describuij, Iii lids d '-'Coinineiiiriiife -atu post phinT-,:
cdiattliovnorllieiist corner/of .las Mi iiei-'s eOlit,
iind petroleum claim and iiiHi-keit,.1. A..Sloan's
Tiortliwirst eiiiTiei', tiience eiisL-.SiiVeluiiii.sJiiheiieu
soiitii sn chains, tlienee.west SOi.iiains. tlienee
north SO chains to pliuru of eoiiiineiicenienT. ,i "V
d Dined .iiViic-itl'i^iWB.d.■:--"-. i d'd.l: ArSloun.:  '
■ I" :
It' tl"
!■>,-;;vii A;?nl
: l'-Hii.
il p.
I"i^; iilaminl live milos
corner of i.'.'iiickl.'.s,-., 1.,-
i,' Kcr-haw's c,'I,iiiii.' am!
-ii corner 'of !'.. iilrace's
1 '-liiiins. tlicin'e'w.^t so
' ciiain.-,. ihence -east sn
Irin'liei-lin'lii;   contn i riiii;;
l.i >-...-. I   !
."I'll lor
•■ui irlo.-ii'
■v's clnin
of II. K-i'i'-ha.i'-
! lience norili S'i
ri'icnce -inilli. S'n
iiM.-iil. contn iiiih::
l\   mil   -
lick     ir.Ss.   lie
rt'iii-' i-liiitil
rner ol K
:i ins, 'li.-lic.
IClTl-'. Itclice'
:: Aj.rii   i:.u;:
i'.OC.lll.l'    ■■
: ii-
Met.u (;en a d ninl ii
give us iieil lieiv
U",.\NTI':ii      'l-'Mi'll!
to   *n:.-\'\',i-'.ii.   hn-   ■
IIIIII '■-' •   ill  n   I'.-w 'einlll1 i''-
ini I iin-i '-'in m s nnd ii'.: ■■
lnrvi S;i Inry i I"'-' I i ,\ •
i>:i,va,iilc *n>!ro ;, ,-,,■,.;'.- .i
iii-riscs id vim I.      ! 'ur-
:-i i
l-'ll   "-
-.  ihillir.
nt'-      1 .
,.., I
■ni- a ml
ii e;i-li
11 inn, in
: !•' 1
• I
il'lli >
mil'li >■
li.I   i ..I
aril llntitio.
I.-'I ...\ en mil
l-.l.ict   I.'.-
..-nl.lici ill 11'
.' '-I      .■"! llcl-
Mil lll'Tl'-i'lllt. lit .
•I      I.I.
post, pin men -
.111 Illi les
Tinrth, aiid uvo Tni les 'eiist' of the :■ ifoiTlie'iisi crioi-—
.li-i-i-ipf' 151 fii-k is^iS/'beindpii': iniiiiil/piisii/ofiK.-
iPire'w's-d],i1Jin,rf.in'i a'i I joining, hie liiinlieasdirnr-
ii-ii-r iif i'V piihvv'K eliiimi i/lience south Si.l (riiiiiiis,
liience.ensl ,so cliains, tlieni'.ir. norili SO,,chains.
Ihence wesi'SO i-'liains , t(i.,,place ol'vcoiiiineiicc-
uieiii. eciiitniiiini; (iioi'iicres. d .,. r'VVi'". -...      -..;:   .
d/ilnii/ttApriiddlliti;!' ,',i-t/b'rB\v;,,,.l'0(-!il,biv'd.'.'
."."7 'Coiiimenciny at n posi three iiilles north,'
iinil two iniles: ensl of The nnrilieastT'Oi-iier of
nloek -i.'iSS. hoiiid llieinifial post of \V.'LloiniUls-
e-liiini. aiiil.iiiljoiniut; Tim liorUiwesl eiirner 'of
.1.. .Mnrtin's elaini. thence "'SouHi SO, cliiiins,
thence wirsl SO eiinins. tlienee. norl li SO, eliains.
thence eiist Sli chnins io place .of coiiiinenee-
incnt. eontniinii;; 010acres.    Ilated April rilll. I'.IO!!
V ... ',,'■■' d \\r;Tioiialil.'lioirator
■■' r.'S „ Coftimeuoiiij; at n post planteil three.miles
north, ami two inilcs ensl of llie iioi'tlien.stiror-
ner'of lilock -ir.SS. bein^ llie initial piist ,of .1'.
ilarfin's-claim, nnd adjoining. Uie northeast
corner of AV'. Uoiiiild'sclaim.'- theiice soiitii SO
.cliiiins. thence east SO 'clmiiis, tlienccjiortli SO
irhaiiis. theiice west SO chains to place of eoiii-
{lU'lieeiment. eqiiliiinini; ilio iie.i'es. ,'■' °-
Dated April nrivnmnd."...     .1. Aliirtin. nbirntor
rill C'oniuiencriiiy at ii post 'planted two miles
uortli..and two mile* east of Ihe noitlicasliror-
■'ner ,'o'f. Hloel; -lnSS:, beiiifc The initiul'post of C.
Lqwi.s-.ie.hiiiii'nnd ;id join ing tlie uortli west cornel' pl'VC'T... .Siiiitli's eilaiin. ihence somli SO'
cliiiins. thence west SO.elia ins. thence, north 80
cjiains. l.Jiciice eiist so chains .to place of ciini-
meuireinenl.. coiiliiinini; 010 iicres. , ■ ■ '.' -~-.i ,.
Dirteil April r::iird.:l'.Ki.').'d,t'. Lewis. I.ocator.,,.
• ■■''Mil. (.'ouiiiienciii>r ni a posCplanted iwp 'miles
noi'.tli a in 1 two iniles ensl of the nortliensi corner ofllloeU ifiSS. bciiiRlhe iiiitinlpost of'C'T...
Siiiitli's elaini nnd adjoin in;; ihe liorthoast. cor-
iier in' 0. Lewis' irlnim. tlieiice sun Hi Sn chains.i
tlienee east su cliains. tlienee iiorth SO, clni ins.
thence west Sn eiinins to pbici.' of coniineiii-e-
.meiit. contniniiii; i'.IO neres. , ' ,
'.linli-ii A'/pril :M. 100:1.       t;.' L:-,.Sniitli,,l.otrnlor '
ill CoininenciuK nl.'n post phinlod oiieiiii'le
north. niulT ivo'iii.ll.i-s castrof the uorihciisi corner.of,Clock ir.Ss,, liciiitf ihe iniiinl uost of .lolin
Kwin's clniin anil, niljoiniiit.' tlie .iKirtliwesl corner of A: A. Kwjn's ehiini. tlienee sontli SO
chains, ihi-iifi' west SO cliains'. tlii-nee uortli sn
chains, I hence.irasl S.I chains t.n place' iif 'coin-
ineni'eini.'Ul. contuiiiiiu,'. lilo iii'i'irs.   "
Tinted April -II. IIHW.      .UihiiTCwili..l.ni-litcir.
::•; i'iiiuini;ii-..in^ in, a post pliniti'd oinr mile
:iinilli, iiiijl iwo miles ensl nf Ihe luutlieast cor-
tiir.r of lilock l.iss, heiiu; the'iiiii.ial posi of A. A.
Kwin's cliiiiu iin.l udjoiilini,' the northensr, corner   of   John    I-: vviji"..-   claim,   thence soul h  SO
• Tinins, theiiec cast Sli chains, liience  niii'Lli  so
ciini ns. I lience  wesi Sti chains to. plnce of com-,
iii.'ii.'eiiieiit, conlaiiiim,'iilii acres.
I,inii'.f A|.i;il -.'II'.'nil. A. A   Kwin. Loeiilor. ,.
:i:t   ('oiiiiiieueiiiM it I n post.  [.Inn ted'one   mile
• ■ii si, ol the' uorihciisi eoriii-r ofltliiek I5SS, In--
Iln; I lie iniiiiil pu.-t. .of l leor^e (.'ear.v'.s iTin'ni.
tii.ua.-i- south sn chnins. I heiice wiv-i so chnins.
ihcnrc norlh S" chains.-thence i-ast   su chain-
I" I'hi if i'■■ m ■ i| •-I n.'e i ue i it.-1'i in til I n in j.; lite neres
I nit ci I April r.'l' I rn ill      Oi.|ir«e (lenry. Loenior
:il     I '.un llie Hi' i I ir. nt II  post   plnilli'il   two   mill's
• ■a; l/i.I Ilii- iiei-lhiiel corner of Ith.ck I.-.SS, It* -I > l ^r
ihe Iniiiiil |i."stn.i .1 .1. .ionid' claim, and iid-
joiiilii!.: I li.<- .in ni li He^i. cornel   ol   VV.   VVI Ilia ins'
ol'iiin.   Ihenc.r    -joiiili   .'i|.'ht..v    clniin-.   llu-l	
west eijjhl.v ■•llllin-. tlieiiee ii'Tlli civilly elm ill-,
iln-nie  i-ii.'-i ■ eiirhty  eliains   lo , plin-i-   of   coin
men'eiii'-nl, ennia i lii.nr li III ill- II -s.
,   liaie.l.Api il M, I'."::.       .1. .1. .loiies.   I.ocnti.r.
::.'. ro.-iiiiieiieiiie iii n po-t plained iivn mile.-,
ensl "l Hi.' in.rl lii'11-.l ci.ru.'i of Itioek ir.SS. lioii ur the iniiiiil piii I ..( VV. Williams' elaini I uiiil
nd i.'iuiiir. t h"  iheiei ci uer ul  ,1.   ,|.  j ones'
■ ■lit iiii   Hi. tic -..nilr eighty .Tumi-. t hence  i-asl
■ •ieliti    ■ Iniiii-.   tlieii.'c  Tiiuth   clylit'v chains.
Iheiicv'   Mi
M    i'i';lil.v   cliiiins   to   plai
uiencoiiieiit.  <-. ui t ii iii I in •_. 'iln neres.
limed April rll. I'.i"ii       VV. Wllllmns.
if cniii-
•  rJI
.Votice is/lierehy given tliiii tliirly. diiys after
clBio I 'intend to apply to tlie Chief Ciiiiimis-
si'o'litir of Tin'mlii iind Works for a license to
prospect i. for i-oal;iiiiil iietioleuin on ihufollow-
'inij described / laiulsd , : Coinuiiiiiciiig lit ii post
.piiiiited.eigli ly,, eliiiiiis. nortii ;oi' ,1.-A.-Sloiiii's
norllnvesi.i-oi'iiciaud isiiirkeii \V,.SIiaw''.S'iiortli
west corner, tlienee. east-SO eliains, tlieiiee
soutli/SO eliiiiiis-, tlieiice w.e.sT SO chains; thence-
north SO chnins to'pl«ce (if comiheneieiiuriiL.
V liaieil June lili.'.iaiwli;'■-.;•;„, .;  AV./Sliiiw/;..
V ,.i ,,V '.■..'>.ddSlbiiii.tunl MilleidAseiils:.'"'..
ii.N'oiiee.i.s liereby given lliat / thirty dtiysafu-i'
dniovIViiitcuii u> iipply t/o the Chief Coiiiiiiis-,
nioner- of Lanils 'and NVort-s; fiir a liceii^i-To
prospect for coal ailil pelri)iL-iini'on Llio'foilow-.
.liiSTlirsirribeil itinils. ',Co'iiimeiii-.iii|f-'at',i' po.sl
plant till ii a'l/ ,li"d iiorlli eaal. c.oriier of i. If- .l.i,
dliicbellds'/coiil ; liiidd .pel'roleuiii delniiu uiiii,
imarkird, Dora' .■H;,--\yailac-e'.s'-iioi,lhwirijf'cbi-iiei-;:;
tlieiice.cast St) cliiiins, tlioneei .soiitii so.'eiiuIns."
tlieiiee ,-vvest. 80;'eliiiiiis. tliiViice.iicirlli.SO eluiiiH1
,tii/place of eoinnTeneeiiitrn't.; i Oated.l iiiii! -IriPJllii
'.i)oi:ii'.li'.,;>Yaliaei>.'.id,/-  Sloiin aiid Aliller, XgeiiTs
•/Noiice'ts liereliy^Iven./l'iiiii UiiiTy dii.vs;iifter
dated 1 intenil to'apply lo/tlie Cliier'Cdiiiiiii^-'
slonei- of-Lriiidsi'-aiui/yVortsdfoiviii license tir
prospect for coataiul pelroleiiiiii bii.'lliei follow-'
iiiffiie-jcriheil Taiiilsd; Coimncuciiii,'. iitia post
pliinteil eishiy e.b»iii»' iiorlli of llie iiorlli wesi
corner of norair:. AViillaee's iioriliw.eMi' corner
and  marked- LV   Dobbin'sd northwest'•'-.irdiiicri
...... ■ '     -i -•   o
liience east 'SO ehaiiis.' tlieiice south SO c.limns,,
tlienee. west SO,;chains, theiice uortli Soeliuins
to place of ciiiiiuieiiireiuent. V Dated .lune.-l, P.lOri
■■-.-.'L. bobbin.    >•    Sloan and Miller, Airenls.
Noliee is liereby Kiven Unit thirty (lays.after
ilnte I intend lo iiiiply'-to llie -Chief Commissioner of Lands aiid Works foi- a license In
prospect for coal andpeti-oluiiin oii.Tlie.follow.-
ing described lamls. Comineneiiig'iiit n'post,
planted eighty chain's ,north of Uie northwest
corner of, W. K. Kosss, coal ,'ii'iiii pelroleiini
clniin and marked Titos Po^ue's north west eoi'iier, '..tlienee east SO cliains, tlieiice .sontli SU
chains, tlieiice west SO cliains, tlienee u6rtlio.su
eliains to plHco of commencement.' •' <   ■'
Dated .Imie ^tlis lyo.-i. '     ..Thos.' Cogue, i.
.,  ... Sloan and Miller. Attenls.
y Noticeiis  hereby  given .that thiiT,y,
(lays after date 1 intend do apply to the
Chief,   C'.oiniiiissioiiet- ...of.  Lands' aiiil-
AV'oi'ks fop a liuenso to prospect fm- coal
and   poti'olenin   on    l.lie.v fQllowiiie' ilc-
scribed lands.;   C'diniiieiiciny- at  ti  post'
planted at the noi-tli west corner nl' ,\V,
R. ttossv coiil and- petroleum claim   and
marked W. W..TtiHle's  northeast, corner,   th'eiic.e,.; west   SO 'chains-. Hiii-Tice
sontli SO chains.-tlieiice east SO chains,
thence north 80 cliains to place of e(ini-
nieiKreini.-iil./ ." Iliite'il .1 line 1st. I'.KI.'I.    ':
...        .    NV.dV.dl'uttiei   ir.    ,  V
".■.,■..'■'•     •,     Sloan and Miller, Aocnl.s
Notice' is   hereby   yivcti   tlui't t.hiiTy
ilays'after dale I inteiid to apply lolhe
Chief    ('oinuTi.ssioiicr   ,of    Lands   and
Wort's fdidi. license to prospect foi-i-oal
and    pet riilcniii   on    the following  ile-
si-rilied 'hinds.    • ('(imiiiencino- ;it a piist
planted-- al    flic,  northwest   cornet- (if
Thus I'(line's coal and petroleum claim
and marked -Iniiii I'odbielanirik's inirth
cast  corner,   tiience   west   .SII   cliains.
Ihence soiitii -SO cliains. thence ,oa.si, SII
chains, theiici- north SO ehaiiis lo place
nf coinineneeiiieiit.    Ilated .lune 4. Iilii:',
.lolui I'oilliit'ltiiicili.     '
Slniiii and Miller. Ao-enis.
Notice   is   liereby   jriveM- thai Ihirtv
days alier date I intend to apply to I In-
Chief   (Tiiimiissioncr   of,    l.aiids     nnd
Works   for  a   license   to   ptrnspeel,   I'm-
coal ami petrol i-ii in im the following'ile-
scrilied lands.     ('(iiiiniiriiciiio at  a' post
planted SO  ehaiiis   north   of I In: luirtli-
eilHt corner of Jul in I 'odliiol.Tiicik 's coiil
a!ul pel i-oletim cliiiiu nnd   niar.lccd I-'. .1.
Mi telle] I' northeast corner, tln-iiei; wesi
SO   ehaiiis.    l.heiii-e' south    HI lit   chains,
tlnriice easl'Sn eliains, Iheiiee Tin'rt.h  Ho
chains lo place, of ('oiniiieiKMrmeni.
I liiled .lune n.li. lilll.'-!.     K.'.L' Mitchell
.SloaiiaiKl Miller. Aoeiits
"tind | etrnhriun on the foi lowing- described lands, t'oniuii-'neinji' at a• jiost
plaiileilal the'siiiithcits'l corner (if \V,
!-.. fairlit'ld's i'onl ;nid ,pi-1i'iileiuii claim
:in,d' marked S. S. Muitahan's . southeast
(•(iruer, tli('iice.noi't h; Sil chains, l hence
east S(l chains..tlienee soiiih Si.l I'-liujiis,
Iheiiee v\-(isl SO chiiinsio, |,ilnee (if c.otn-
linnTiri-nndil. Ili'it.ird NJ.ay L'Stli, T!l(i:!. ...
S.'Sl. M-iiiniliiui. '■ Sloan.and Millei:'. Ays
, .'.Notice, is •■hereby yiven tlt.-it thirty
days after (la.ii- I, intend in iipjdy/Co the.
( iiicf '( 'o iniii.is*i oner V -of V,La in Is './and'
Works fuiva license, tp pi'osji'eci for 'coal
and peii'ql«uu.i .o/.i.i the .follov/inii de-
seribed lands, ('.'omiiieiieino'dl. a poii
phinied' SO.chai'us "noi-tli iif llie iiiii'lh-
vvest   ciii'-ner of ',-i, /S. .Maiiahan's,' i-(ial
'■' ■',;       '.   .■ ., .. fr
ain't iieti-olin'iiii 'claim and iiiiirk(.-('l'„\\'.
It. J toss's niirt.rivvest, eotMiei-'. thi-iu-i: crast
SO chains, dt heiice'. so'iitii' SO;' chai ns',
tiience vvcsl:iKO'cliaiiis.;'l.|ien(,'e,}'n(ii-l.li,-,S0
cliiiins, to plaei-'iif coininencciiiiriil..-.. d
i)afed -J liiii! IstdMIO:). ■.'■' / \V'.i li. itoss ,'
'"'' .';'■'.'•;'.,/'■'■'"' .•■".: Sloairlind Nliller. Ayents
Notice is hei'ebydi'i.yeii that fhifty
ilay'S.afrcr.dale I intend to.apply lo°t.he
Chief. (..'oiniuissioiier (if ■ V Lands .tiu'l.
Works for a lici-'tise io prospect, fin; eon)
aiid pel rolc'liiit; oh,.,I lie I'ollo'vviny, 'de-
scril.ieil.hiiiils.. .Ciliiiiiioiiciiio' at it post
planted at,The norlh west corner of l.tose
K'iinyeiisiiiilh's.,, clial ..' and .;'jietroleuin
claiiti and vuiarked' .Rd L: ,:.Mc!iityrc'i
northeiistdi-orhi-i-, .tlieiiee soiitii : SO
chai'tis/ tlienee, west. So chaiti'sd tiience
iiorth sfl (rliiihisdfiieiice east SI) I'-hai'us'
,tb place of coiiiineiicehieiil.. '•..,''■■.,;■ ".'., v/i,
iiatciidtay-^tli.'/ii.iQ.'l.  ''4YY}A\,ii£sA£.
,■■'•". NOTICE.'
,iV(iti<:ir i-i bcrchy uivdiUnit I llie uiiilci'sl|.:iici.l
intend in tliirly ilnys iitler tli'e lirsi prililicalii'ii
of 'Ihis ni.lice,or ri-:.;..iiVjii i.lic-i-e.-iftei- :i„ I he ilpl.Ii
ciuiiui can In.. In'-n r«l. To njiply id'the Assisiuiil
l.'i.uiiiiisisioiii'1'i of Luiids iind VV^nrks ill .l/oi'l
Steele'I'm- a Licciisi.. lii"|n-ospi..ct I'orO'oul ami
I'etriill'Uiii lipoiiTJii. fcliowiin' ilescrib, il   Inn,Is :
sitiiniied iii I'liisiiKootenny .in u a'SI-' side i'i'  '
th(r I'-liit.bead 1,'iVi'r oitdii. erei'l; bet ween Su^e' .
..n'liil. Aliiiiiiiiinis lireifits iiml n I mil to no inile friiin '
thi' liil.'iuiil ioynl liijui'iilury. i'-'Tie.ivii'niiiij.; iii .-i ,
ixisl inaiTcnil VV.■'('-., Ale( Viiin.iii s s.illllieiisl cor; ■
Tier |'list, ihence norili isil chnins.. I lience'iresi Sli ;
c'lini-iis.Tlienee soiiTli sli ehaiiis, theiice east Slid
Chains to llie 'place., of beirinniiij,' eoniiiiiiin.,' .illii
ucrcs.;,.,. ■        ...v.   .        ' -.•.   ,,.d.-, "-,',    :
-.' . .. li.v'.laiui.'s I'aiiieroii "'',,'■„„■'    .d    ,.
■'■■■■',;...• -Aircin foi' -W.C MeUOnncii
I-ociiled Aiiril iind. IJ)0y., „      ,
ri ('i..iiHn!in('itii;' in 'a i osi beinii: .ih..- siitiih-
wesi corner jiust. nf',\., i'leTower/S foal rihil
I'lTi'iileiiin icliiiiii. iidjacciil To mid -west of VV: .
(,'. :iMc(.'i in in in's, coiil :i nil pel rn leu in chi hilt heiice,
uortli HU^.Iniiiis ilM-iice east 1-11 chains, .flieucn ;
soul li so eliains. i liirn ci' wirsl su ('biiiiis io the
,pl:ii'e,i,i|' coiniiuriiceiheui. eiinniiu'iii.; iilii acres,.
-V ■ lly .liuues Oiinieron -,  ', -."; '.'
...''. .,.'.- 'Adrnt for A. !■'..'1'dviTrr
;Lonai ini .Aprilr.'riml.i inn::. .,.■■    ::,- yy      '■,',•'.'■■■
V :l' t'oiiiiiiirncini,' nl a post lieinjj the noitli u est
corner jiiisl .of .Volsiiu'('.'liisliiilin's coiil uii.f
pclroleuiii ehiini lyin/i"'siiiiili of 'iind adjoiiii ui,;-
A,"l'l. 'I'o.Wer'sieoal iind pclnllotiin clnini yicticl-■•"'■■
soil 111 en;liiy''cliiliiis,.i,h.-in'i.! eiist ci|;lu.v ehaiiis.
Iheiioi; norlh eighty eliniiis.t lichee: wesi, citflity
chniris  lo  plnce of ciiiiiinciKremeni. eontiiitliny .
CIO acres;-    , l.ocaied .\i>i-iI.rjriii.l. I'.to:!, ■•'•
■•   •■ .■ ■ m     ■     '.      . 'd ,. ■     ".. ■ - - ■ ....-        ■   '-
;;■;;...':- .V, V i'V Jiiuu's Cnuieroii AHcnt
:. ,...-.     .,...■. ■"■ . '.-'' -V .,,-      for Xeisoil Chislioliii'-,, ':
"■���I,  Ooinnii'ifeiiiu: iii :i posi' hiviuj,'t.iiciiorilid.i-t   .,,
corner posi,.of K: li. .Weliisle'r"?! i'oatiiiiil, pelri'l-1
I'tiiii' elaini   lylnj;  soiiih o'fiiiul ndjoiniiin: VV. id
iMcCounon's.   coil I  , nnd . epetrbieunj', - clniin.
Iheiiee siiui.li eisr'lity lilininditlreiico west ^ij,'hiy' ■
chtfins. I heiice iioiTli,irif;iity chiiiiis, UiciiceT-nkl '
eiglily chnins,. ui ji 1 ncirTTi'nTTjiniiiefice'iiic'nt,' '''■'i-i
iii ilii u^TilO ue ivSVd    liocii led .April '■•J-iiiil',',P,.i>,:i.;.. '
iv ' /        'i di.liy.liitiies't.'iiiueroii Ageiil (V
V'-il.:    /"'> ii/.-d'-'- V.d- -.■'"■'■ -"'V fni/.K: 11. -Wcbsli'd'//
• "';.'■ iSloun anil .Millei', Ayeiilii
Notice i.s hereby yivep that fhirty
days aft f?r dale VI intend io a'jijily tiii the
'Chief/d(''o!iiiiiissioiier/' (if/:/ Landsd iiiii!
Wiiirks for aiii-enscTii pri)S|ieel l'oi,;e('i:il
and /pctriiliniiii oiidtlildi followino'd.de-
scribetl laii(ls.-;,.(/:(.Mnnieiicino- a.ti.a pijsi
.planted a'i. I liei north east corner,of.,.].: ,L.
M'trliil-yrii'sviTial tiiid p(jt,roleuni?'ei:tiiii
and inarked \V..Sd Ptihrlield/s' southeust
coriier/theiiiio'vvest SO chainsv thence
iiorth S0/ehaiiisi,'dlieii(;e/eiislvS0i (rhains:
■thence south SO chains to 'place of cotii-
meticenient^ • Ilated; Miiy'^S'l.li.dOO'!.
\Vi.S. KairlnddidShian arid M iller. Ay"
/dNoticed is hereliy,/giviji'i /Thai dlurty
days after (late /l/ihiejidi/to/tip)ily,/to/the"
Chief i/'omihissionei'J'';iif Landsdr'ani'l
Woi'ks for.a'licensd,lo;]ir6S'peet foi- coal
aiuff tietroieiiinv on   then followiiio''- de-
-.. ■ . -'d - ■ -■-,,■ L. ■ a .,  ■■-.
scribed lands.   Coi nine nc.ino'.-n,.. -i -'post
jiluiittidiiitr'tlie iiprtliwcstebiTlor -vpf'a\.;
/W. Bleiiisdell's/i efiaidiiid'-. ,;petroleuni
claiinvvand ' inarked .!.< .A./ :,,V';iiiduse'tis
sbuth'vvest/: cei-ner, ''t.lHriiii'ld./iHiiiilt./iSO,
chaiitsi/Uieiicc-ieas! ..'SO drliains./iiiciii'ii!
sontli 80 clia'iits,' theiice: west.SO ie.h'ains
T(iT)l.aire.i(ifVirOllitiieiH:e/liltril!di '.. :di./.d/i"dv/i"/
d Diaedithe 5llt;day:ioLdiiiie.' /100:i//: d.v
j.d-t. A-iuidiiseiidv/Sloan aiid/'Milhii'i/Ay
1 /Noticed/is'dl(y:eliydoiven'/'iiui,i, tliii-f^
daysiifferZdai'e l'/iiit.i>nd/tiifappiy/to.t,hc.'
Chief V <'^iiniiiissifiiit':'i'V':'':'''rir;dJva'iid's^
\Vork^/fbrTtlicensed(i jn'ospei-'diorTjiiai'
anil petj'oleuiii oil I liei .'liillovviiio-' described glands. -,.. (.'biiihujiiciny-'arda post
planted SO clniiiis/d/dir iiorthVo't the lioiriIt
west 'corner"of .1. ,Ad-Aduidtis^irscoal
aiid petroleum elaini and marked 'Jtij.se.
Ivruiyensmitli's ' northvviirst ' coi-nei-.,
tlienee east 80 cliains, thence,'south :S(i
chains; tiience west 80 chains, tliencid
nor'tli SO chains to place' of ■ crfiiiineiiee-
liient.d. Dated the 28th day (if May. 190>!
:'.".''■■ 1.:"'..'    , -l.\Ose.ivliiiyeiiS!iiith.;
,/ i.Sloairani'l Miller.; Ayen'ts
Notice isi" liereby g-ivi-n ■vtliat.tin'rty
days after/dale-1 intend to apply.lo the"
Chief .Commissioner of.: Lands' and
-Works for a license to pi bspect foi-"eojil;
and .petroleum on the liillo.vvino-,; described lundsi (Joinineiiciiiy at, a post;
planted at the northwest' epi-iier. ofdiV.
Shavv's T.-oal uiuli petroleum 'elaini dind'
itiai-ked',..l'ohn/ I5arbar's /noiTlieastcbr-
tier.i theiice west , SO . eliniiis. .tlii.riurb
south.80 ehaiiis,.theiice east .SO./chdins,:
ihence north HO i-htiins to place, iif coin-
nieneotuent.    i/      /Jolin T.iarlier.
Sloan iuid.Mil.ler.'Ao-eiits1
. i:)ateit':ii!iR!'ifii';i'10(KI. ,:• '    d     ,'25 '
y^yy:y:;: yNOTICEy~y'--y^"~V"^"^'
- Take -Vol ice thai .lliirtv.d.'iys'iii'te^ diil.v;/i,.:ii(r:
Tiiidci:sit.'r|ii!il,rinii,u]il,liiTi|i|ily to lhi"riC,li,ie!','Oi/.in-
.liiissii'uii-i' of   Liiiuis; iiiiii;;W,v,'rk.s /for a spot-nil
licenci'.-to ('lit mil! carry away timber froni Tliir,/
/following iie,sci-iJie,itlijiuis'in Soulli TOaSt Koolisi
iiiiy/.'dCeiiliiieiVi-iiiK/iii ii posi marked /A./lircek-
en ridge's siniihcii si eiii-nijidisituiiU'd.'abiiui'-jflil,.
feel wesiof I.'i Liiiiii's liiiihi'i-lirii'se Iiiie on ,,Uic.,
westiside of/ilie Ivi.ioleiiii.v i ivei'iiind, i-uiiiihijj- -10
(•biiins., "'est,  tlienee- TOO cliains/more/ or /Jess
''iiorlli-.lo llie riOLh i'lirMl.h'l.'/limiiee easi-10 ciiiiiii^; ■
.tiience', southviiiu -cluiini-i iodlie point ;di in;-.i
'iii ii iii ii^,,eon i;ii iiiiii (i Iii aides •more orileSsi- -rd,/.
■ /llOlOii iiijsTiiVi ilny of JuncdA.D.i iotci.'d rlld
,"'....- :iy^".-.:;/.-.'/r-'NOTicE. y:yiy-.    ■'.:.-',.c
,T'iikecXoticeilialVsidy^liiys itftoidllaie.Tv.Uie
uiuier^iKiHril, intern 1'in, a ppiy li' the Chief Com-
inissibher iif Landsianii-Works .for permission :
li) purchase^ the t'eUouili<r.^'leserllied   laiidsi ii't'i-
■Souili , tliisi iK'ooteiia.v: : ('/(iniiueiieing at llie
jioini vvhi.rii.nie sojiili Iiiiii t"ui Kill. .ln'niii,..soii-s„
iiinber ai'plicalionJiiierseirddho^ist'Tiinit/iir^
'Lot- liorlij,  ii! i-Olip'.- L dlicili'o'i smith;/' lii/irliiiliis,
thence West iSO: cliiiins. t liiiiiin; nVii'T li,, TO chnins..
.theiieei.cnsi. Sli 'itlmiii's.'io I lie.pltiw'ftf/rbegrii'iijiig /■'
eoiit.i'dii'ii'i|?';'.:;iiiiiri-es iiiore/bi'Vless.   - v/-,.,:, «■   , d'V
■'■ Ay: i, '.i-v/ii V' 'if.: i.:' 'i>!J,',c'f'b"' -Meli3j=ni.:ilitd ,-v ',
■: liiileiiihis'iith day of-,iune,'doil. .lOttti'd' iii"'■/.'
Noliee   is   lici-ehv   yivim   l hat thirlv
r date I  iiiiend tii apply In 11
Chief'     I iimiiiiissiiiiii-r    of     I.
Notice is hereby (,'ivcn thnl I tilii'.iiiiil.erf.ifj-iieil
iOftend lu ihirty <l'iiys afiei' llie llrs't piihliciii.iriii
.Qtithis notice or iissooii fliereafter as applica-
tioii/.c'iin lie Tieanl" liiii|iply Id The Assislniil
Ciiuiiiiissioner of Liinds inn! Works uiT.'orl
Steele for a license in prospect, for l.'oiilnnd
I'lrlroleinii'iipou llie fnlloiyiiiir'.ili.'sci'iliod binds
in Knst Koiiieniiy: ■ '
Commencing al ii posi l.viusr wi'sf of nnd nit
'joining; .lolin Lalhaui K'ose's coal nnd pi.irol-
eiiiiiloeiilion iiiiirkcd ,1. M. VVil|iaiiis'„norllieasi:
eoriier post tlieiici: south eighty eliains. thirnci.'
wesi eighty chains, llu-nec noitli eighty eliniiis.
tlienee. east eighly i'lniins to plnce. nf eoiii-
uieiicciiienl,. eonlaiiiiug iilii ai'i'Cs. '■
l.ocaied .May iiOlh, I WW..
,1'. M., Williams, j'.iieator
. lleo. A. l.'aiiieron, Agent,
' Coiiiineiu'iiig :il a post, pluuled Iwo miles
souihenist of .bdiii' I,allium Hose's ciniland
pelroleiini Ineaiion niaikeil S. i\. William'^
soulluriisl corner posi. Ihence norlh sn clmiiis.
thi'iicc "est eighly chains. Ilienee sontli eighty
i'lniins. theiice east i'ighl.y cliainsi l.o place nf
eiiiuiiieiu'einenl. i'liiiliiiiiing din ne'res.
S. A. Williams,.i.oriiliir
.  (led. A.Camirron Agent,  '
l.ociiled May ilillli. I'.lOit. ■ ,
irouiuieiiciug al a posi, planlcit soin ii. i'sl of
and iiiljiiinini; S. A. William's eo.il and j..•: t-.'.l
imin lociilioii, itiarkeil Dnvlit'l'. Williams' i .,i I •
west, minor pusl, Ihence south eighly chains
Ihence eiistelghi.v eliniiis, Ihence tinrili eii'.l.iiy
(•liiiiiin. Ihi'iiee . wesi .eighly cliains to plnce of
eiillliiieiieeiUcnt... einilalllill|r lilll acres;
-liiivlil T. VVIIIianis.' Localnr
Ceo. A. Cauicroii,; Agent
i.ocati'ii Mny iinili. I'io:'.. ■
('oiiiiiicnclng al n post lying north of nnd nil-
jiiiuiug .lohn Lalliain Itose's eiuil and i.et.iol
film locuiioii, iiiailied Archie Wliller's siitnh
westciu'iii-r post, llu-nec mirth eighty eliniiis.
Ihence nasi eighty cliiiins. tlienci' soiiih eighly
eliains. tlienci: west eighty, cliiiins 'to plnce nf
eiiiiiineneciiieiil. einilainiib:»-M* acres.
';-di;/-d.Tdd;/-d-:;/;-i ■■NOTicEyfyyy, yyy:
■;'•..'vN'oile'e^Wi hereby 'y;i\;jei.i.;:;tbiil;ilii.'"liiy/i. Oft ei'liiliiiio:''.:
we.i.ii'iL-iii| tp/apply/toTlied',liiefIvi(jon.imiss/Hincr'iiP
of Lnnds ■<:' Works iuul the. r,\s;,isi.ain   (loinniis- ■
.'sii.-iiii.-i of Liinfls uiiit.W^rksdforTlie   nislriclidod-i--
TilastiCbotciiay.iforuV License tb,pidspect   for/V
coal/iinit'pcu-olcundJuiiur'fbliowind il.'sei'ibeitd/
l:>_iUls':'d5>irii;iLo-lAi-oiv'i^. iiVlif'«'iioi-iiy;";/pf';-''tbt:-'l'i'i.-i;:'i;-''
t'ei-ii:i liona! iiounilai-y unVliirusl/pl'llie Fiallu;nd d
KiyeiV iii; ■i.lii?.';0S()ii.tli'eii's|Hrii; pi.rlioii   ofdKiist/d
Koiilcnay|YDistri(yt.Vl.iri(isii Ciilniiilliii.■■••;-'v" ": .,''■'"','-:
Vii'1 CoiiinieiicbigVViit rVs'jiosid'piiniiid dit' ibid 'T
soiithwesti ei)riief,'.!!iaiT;cil,V.T;,i!iu  A. '''I\irii|>iit-'
I'icU's sbtitli ivesi eoriVer post 'being  llie: initiut
ppst niljaecnl To Clins. i:lVongbtir.rit-s'''siyuihi.'ast'
corner. I !ii}iiire,.|i.ordi',SO eliains.Theiiec' i-ii.sl. SO .'-■■
. (Tin ins. Ihen ce. sou Ui/SOciui ills, iheiiee wesi   Sli /
eliains toalie plaecoi' liegiiniing.iiud c-iiitniiiiiig■-,„'"■
iilti tu'i-es mi'ire or'Tess'.       - ■ i V ■
« Tliiieij. this roll day oldMiiyi I06:i.: c '■''.-.-'.;
,.."'     '■;- ■■;■■'  ; .lolin A. ICii-kpaiirick. Lociitor
'■2, rrommeiieingal u, post plniiied a'i. tlit.--.soli; iid
east cornerduuirkiid Cinis. Loiigluirst's 'south- .'
ciislcorncr piisivbeiug the initial post   adjacent.    ;
to, .lohn- A.'   ICirkp.-ii rick's" si.ulliwesl.'i'nirner.
tlienee 1101 tii SO cliainsi thence west SO chains, d
llieiure/sbulIi.SOcliuinsVflieni'ei'iist SO eliniiis to     '
the place of beginning iiiiii coutnini.ngTiio acres
Tutirc or less. - ;    <,■ V     v* - tv.
niited this rilh'dny.ofMn.vi !0u:i.'   ',     ', , i .
n      ■'■•    ' "   dchas Loiighiii-st. Loi'tiiiir    dd,
.'!.   Comineiieiiig'til ii, posi plaid oil nt, the norlh '
-west coi'iier/Tiiiirdcd.  (icoi   K.    .McLaiiglilin-.s
noi'lliwcst corner  posi'lieing  llie   iiiiliiil/iiosl
adjneeni   to  John   A.  Ivi rl;r-ii tiielc's soulliwcsi ■• -
corner, ilienee soil 111 Kii.irluiiiis O hence' TOnsi 'SO,
chains, thence nortli'Sti chiiins. liienee.'dvest Kn     ;
cluiinsTe' lllir plnce of bejfliiiiiiijj, ;i in!trdomain-   ■-.-
ing 0-10 aei'cs more or less/;  .-   " V' 'd        V'   '    i
Tinted Ihisdlii dae/of filay, llHllt   '"'."id'   :'.-:'.■'"■■
.:.. .. Ceo. I'i. McLiiughlin, IVocntor ".-!'■■ ' ■'
.'.';!, Oolli"l("u;il'.p'.';l.l' -i/liost j>!:i!iicil nt.ilii. norili d
Cast conicr. murk-mi .'i'ohn c,'.,. Iliiiiynn's' nni'i.h-/.,
east, corner posi, i.iciiig Ihc'iiiilii'tl lioseiidjaceni
lo' John   A.   K.irkp:il,i'ii'krs   sotiihwcsl  'eoriiei-■
thence sciulli sil ciiniiis. ilienc.iWwesi SO chnins.
Uieuce'iiorlh SO cliiiins. tliunce/casi, sp I'htiiusT.ii..
Uicplnce iif lieginn'ing nnd eon l.-i Ini ii^- nil) iicres
nioi-e or less.      ,. d, '■'.'.  ■        '    '
',, biiieiPi.liisd-itl.i dny iif May, mori.        .' '       ,
.•■-I ■■,:'..    ic.       '-'"Ini ii. uimyiin, l/oeiilor
■■■•'■■    ' /"Notice. V"/J ~"[y—y~- ....
Talie uiilici; tint I cliiiiu the sum of ifli/mi foi-,
keep, of ,nn.•   linv mare,   wlih   white stripe ou d
flic,.'branded ei-clc (i ninl Iii;   the  p'rop,.|-|V ,,,■
'ITionuis  licv;.'ii,-.  anil ■ if T lint sum is mil p:,h| '
within iliirty (hys iroiii/iliiic. I sliull   sollsnid  '.
marc at. piiblicniielion.'.
'        ;        ASHUFAV .ri'.\.\:i'|.:i;..|.'i.s|i Lake.  '
llnlcd June 'si. l!Hi;l.     , V' -,„,
.   'yy' .NOTICE;.
, Notice'is Iih-cIi.v.given ilim Ihiiiy ,|,,A..f ,,|-,,,,.
dale I Illicit! to iippl.vio'tlie c'liiel l''imi'n,is
Sienej- of IVmds unit Works Tor a License u,
prospect fo.,Co.'i!'>ui(U'eir,.leiu,i ,,ii nic following descibed lands in .Smiiheasi IC.iiicnnv
(.•oniinencin.ataposi situutcd on llie .Me'iinn'ili'l
lunge of. ni'imtninsiibo iie.mil,. ,',.,,.,,  wd,
wain h'icer in Oii-'ciisierlysid,. und al,,,,,', ,,,-,.,;,.".■
miles Iron,its in.itilli urn! n„, ,-l;,„i ,l,,hn Aliiit \"
-oiillicnsl eiruiir pus'./  l.ln-nc-V
Ihenec su i lulus wesi.  I he
S'tchaius unn.h
_        wesi,  Ihence such:, i„'s suuil,
tlietu'csu ciiims ensl  to the piaceoi be.-innl
(•biiliiiiiiiifliln acres.
..lnl.ni .Miilli.oentor.       vVilliam  II Smili,    Ve,
Oaicil A.fil '.'iilii'. I0t,i:i. ' .',',
Arcliie Will lei. I.
Works for a license to prospect'fur ciial       Located May 3iitli. I'.'03
A. I'lllilcl'iill.  Acenl
.'liereby given Mint,. Milrly ilii.Vs r
(Iiiie, I ineiiil to apply to il,.,   ,\
lilissioiieol'   Lnnds ,-1111.1  Worli>   i
of, Miisi .'iioieiiny lor a |,ici.,i,... i
:'":,l',""','';,r'/1''"" "'"dn'.uingimM'Hi;;.;;
 '    "lll""™^'i*""l,,|,|,IIJ„,;Hl
""•"'Tn.fiei.'k,,,,,,,,,,!^. lni|
 ''■''.""I »' lli'--.liil.cri..'Hi...„t|   I,,,,,,,,!,,,.,.,,,,,.
nnd iwimlles  iiort henM   ,,f   .i,,,,,,
lieliiiliun   eliiini.       ('(iiiiunneini'
"."I'1'""   -•!;•<■.    *■   '■ ■••»'*   M.llUlWes,,.„„„:,.
post, inning norlh e,'K|,ly chai,,.    ,„„. ,„,,
eigiltyehllins.   Tlieiiee   soulh
binds, s iialed i
K'lver o K'ish
i-liiii| Coin-
•b" district
pl'l'Specl   li
( ','lliletiin'
nt    a   iios
llu-iu:  west,   eighty  el,
ginnlu i
mis .|,
iniiig I'.IO a en
eighly eh
plil.'e     of
l>iiU April I'm th. inn.!
<-ieo. a. C'u
moron. Locntor H-IE-ErtOr-SPEntOR'.; PORT STEELE.   B.C..   JUNE da AAA)  OS*  i$Fh.& '''XiJapgs5g?t  "^^^������'.^^'^ii^iYyyYYYy:  ,;^^tbss^itre;:d/./ '-'if/'/;   'yyAyyy  Gbai'. 3B$i; e-I'dsfcBoiirtlxe;'' jd-;  -'^meriGasL ;''Ooptiiieiit:','d  ;-a-a��'e /pit ii:at-e.dvlii',;? /"���'./*- /^d';  ;'d- vd-v"iv- dd >>.��. i;-^dVrS^ftf rid' ,'."  $yi''k^kYy'Ay  J?y ���y'.ASZiry-' :���  ��� 'd--i^'SSf �����&#  -T^BT...:-       '-���.r-5.**e*K''J,4}S'.  y&*r ,      :   i'd^^d^' Vfp  '  ast'-'  .!' 'h  '������  ''d'l-'AjSfficultii'p  "' ���;��� pr-a'Emg'and'lli'e ..'  ���';':. ^TULiiibey,';Industry  ";/a3?e 'Pyoiixixient fd-d';  ;';/ --'-!P.e'a!tiiis?e'.'s",bf'"'t3i:��i'":  V:'''','i>.istipict'i:-'.'.;;  ^'liedlissnintion of tliq Tj^jrIii*  d-d - t!H'C:,\v i 11- )ii ti ii ir i;lie/dK,e.disti.'ibti-;  d/ dibfi/Acl^inluvJiirci;. '" 'New, \'oici'S;  y'y Iisls \v;illvbf? ]vO-e]utvcotl.and' dvor5:  ���i:' vol er- iii list ' ilovv^/dnakiy ;t;didesli,  v '���'������"��� .dtp pi i ca tioit/f ti liil'" "/sqiKld/ i tdf o~t.liq/  ,���;������'���.'���'��� vcollector of. vciiosiiTtcdt.ltp'i(aXf/C'i:;  vd/i./tis/appiiiiitecl'. d".:'"' 'd": ;��� v^'iv        '  ��� '���-"' -��� 'f'lie'Qtin 1 i licat'iiin iifdidv'otoi- n'ro,;  d��d'being it -miile;iidi'itisid/^sulijcct  y:;,.ov.OfiiM. years oi'iiii'td- it T/csiUiTtit  :,/. /!i ii" pro vi lice ' if'Or / six ''nib-nil h/s.pdin  ,'/'-/ thevdisti/icf./for-���otio.-i montlj.d itb-tl  ddlifiitig;;a,hlb.il uV-rcdidl fliid/axi-i /ii Id' so;  i-ddrotj iiiiretl 'i.);y tbidiyiillcctorlii,AA' :d-:  :r-   dd'An ii! iCiii i'di i, 1 i iii s tddijniaci cd u id.  ,: ,'.-,:    ..... ''...'    ,;. .. -.li--.,. ���--..;; - ;.y; .-���������:. .--.       .,,.������. ���-.=-...,...  ��� -".'. ii - cl 'o j ��� |:> </;�� i f; t.l i;,-''V:>'i''f'.i i-'ini V1' i i i i'i ;i :'i < > fi'r" :!���; n-d):.; i -i vt V'iv  iS'iismesslfa^  .Pdr,,':,Getting.', a,. BeautiMiiWatcii  "// dand ���Chain;/Free.���NovMoney;  d/-;, Reqiiiredd-E  Y-''���'' inaii'.d' Boy '"���:[ o r- '������ Girl;-; lias dtlje/j  /d vsiime' Opportunity'vunderWour  :'':d;ddSystein^ddid;,'-''v.i'd';',":- ddf:'  ;.f,;'  i -r-r-Pri-V  yy �� i  ������i" -.:;/-.'b.6!";.^\i?.i'i"t!��.'l v.'/' H_e I41 ).r'c,i-.-!Aif."'''-. P.'^'iv^aJi^11") 1 <?.v'  '���:y Pbii t in: 1 st e t (ii'. oil ni i'i p i-li c'i Af.y ...<,/ ., d..  vv '^ ddiM,iOidi.|ii;)!i<;atixi'.iidiihi^idgivtidriiji  d .'r;. "i'i: i-1 n' ig :'^.:i i;j i v; i nil "s" -: iVrW'')'? *? fc-;-"='; s'l'if 01-4 i ^", "ii'-if  Y".j ��� I'' c dbccii i iitti (ii i; ��� it nil v/i;cs(i c!c.i lide- :j"<y  = i=--'ti liiit.'" 11 i .s---Xv'l'-j'Osir'c>'a'.bi.ii i"l,'�� '".on 1 v-ii'6doci s";*.-  '���'���'.���d '��� -.r,i-.'i ----- ���:.'������'.'--v -.-iVrVVi d.Ai--'.'--.  '.'������ ,d-.,d: -.- <���.','..: '-.''���'.'��� ^.  -.jiVitl,v--.ascai'f;]iiicil,/;it..&H<^  id-tpAyiisdrhc'dia.ni'c' oT   (.hc,iSl:i:cdiv  d^iiiiiiii, the: diaiiiess;/ (>rii. tiKv': Tigdi'dsi  .���"/'crtifss'" stiiCi'ts.iisiiotiiil /bod'/ri'v-dii;;  :,:d(,.Troi-i-,vdDdj 'Y-':yYJYYY':yY  .' -������''' 'l.liivsc liiav   st'iiin'���'��� uiiimport:.inI  ���������.-'.'.'dentils b'nt/-.tlH;"- nniit   whti , binif's  thiriii   i'l'Ciuiifli.is iippl.icii'i.itvii'.'.njav  '   li,'i'v,o.���his. ;fpplica.iion.coiiteslorl.'/  AdVotcrs naine \vilL.app(-;.u-,diii.  1 itcv   vptbiis/'lisi    as.   ft'ilows:���-i  Smith,  Jotin.' 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(���Cun't'enay::  ii 'iViiiiiii;nci,ii^ii^.iiiposiditiiutcd oii;tl,i'Vidici'l'iSn-  iihiol(:iii^ei)f ildiniii,ibs,iii,bb>n- 'due iinilidTroiir  /tlieiAViddiiuf-TUdrr.'nil .vtlici.oiislirrly riididiiid  /aliiiiiliTliree niiles troiii, iidii-.oulh;;!i.iut /iiiitrli.tiu  V\VUiiiiii,l.l. .Siiiilir.s.niii-iii'Vvo^t.coi-iViVi-.inl'j.oliijne'  <:!oiiido 'T-:.i'iil i'i iii l-h's clai in iiiidtiic iKouiliiinil  .ioliiiy.iiiraliiic's,.claimdim vthdeii-st tbcjic'oiiXii  cliains diHiih'vniciiciii Sir clrniins ' cusf'.iliuiii-o Sii  (^litiiiisijitiiilii TlieiiSir Sii,(tiii:iiidvvycsf i/lii/j lire  -place iff'lipiniuii.i-iif.'ijijii'tiii 11 iiiKi'lriiViiciiiis.'���''���'''���,.'���'di't -i  yi-yAii--.���'.;'������ ���'.'' ViVViiiduviidSniitiidiiocatiiirivv d  .-.,'��� li��lcii;Apri.l'.-;a.l|.!i.v.l'!Oij.. 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Localoi-.  ���(.'hief Commissioner of' Lands Jv "\V"(,irks , -.'������/..- ,"i y. ;. ,e:,co. a. C'atiicroii. Aiicm  for a sjiecial lk-irii'i-e' t,o prospect, fin-i-oa! ���!,   Liiirnb'dMay Wil'i! ifo:!. .' :;i  and pe-troleiiiiiiijiiili Mier   foltovviuoi  de-.i .'-"���'/',; di i-y "d]"i djddir "di-'dT^d'':' ���'���"'"'���'   ���  serilied lanels:', (.'oininoni-inb tit.  a   |insl,. " ,   "   .','/���     '    '���-���'--'-     *���.��>.���,..  iniirked ��� iiortlidast.ctii'in.ri-   pbsld of   A.d       '���.,/   .  I'ooldClaini aiid sitiialed on .Sit-'T.'ci'iiek '        ���.-'���'  ���'���''  iitboiii fbr.'1-iliil.'s Ironi-ldiiiliiead liiviri-"    ���      ^�����ri?,e^K oi^cuovcM^^.  nnd .Ibreid/niiles    froin    Intiirnatiiiiiiil ;     ���        ���..'���'. ���    .,~1"        '"  l'.iiilfliliiry, ihi-iiinrvv-esl, Sil (-hiiiiis., si,eili d     ���'  ...      .���,   I^^TICE.  ':'(!   I'liniiis.    1'iist.   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IJiile'l Ibis'.'.'ith.ilayo.f Aprii, lrt).-!.   -  .y.y Aiebib.'ild H.itiuik-er, Locator      .  -'���";'' t. . ���'���' I'-rcd Hiieliiir. Accu't  y-.:' '  '," '      * ;NOT\CEY~~~~rYY Y~. ,'���  .Volice is hereby ..--; venTliu'i*i hiI'ty.diiy.s uft/.r  'Intel iii.ioml to iipj.-Iy to the Chief Coinmis-1  siontrrof Liinds nnd .-Works foraTiconsc.to iiro.s-  pii'ci' for Coa,l 'aiid t'eiroleuili on the I'ollpwiii.if ���:<���  .inscribed binds in .Sontli. ICi'tst Kootviiuij1': Cotn-  iiioncliiK-.'ai.; iivipo.-i. siiuatdlion tiicTMctioinild-  .J-Iaiisc of .Mouutai.-is/nboui one mile -from VWiir-...  dam Tlivcr on tin- ciis'icrij- siili'iinddbout tiirce \ ,  miles'.ri:i,,ni:its   Tnoiitli    and   luarlicd,  .j'olin  "'  :  Tiealiic/s lioillieiijt coruei:��post nUjomiiiB.j'ii'lV.i.i   ���;/  ili-itl's-chiiiniiiuho south tlienci; SO chains sou tii-  liience SO cliains  wc-si thence, SO Chains north  tlii.rr.ee SO chains east to the place of coiiiiiiciice-.'   ,:  mem coniitininir O-IO aeies.  . d     ������/,  ��� '/  .lohn Ueaiiic: Locaior!  ������-.,,.���     AVilliiun K. Sin'iili.dA^eu;.'  .p-.iie.'i'April-ir-iiii liioa: ���������'" oi  yyy  .    NOTICE. .'..;....  'Palie NTu icoT hiiti si.viy dnys VilTer dale"T. i.he  iiiiiii.-rsi'iiii'il. iiiieii.l in iipply I.. Ihe '��� 'nicf rem  niissioiicr of Lnn In il ml VVorlis tiii- p.'Viiiissi.iii  'to pnrcliiisc' the. I'ollmvint', ili-si-ribl'il Tiiiids in  VSoiil.h l-'.usl ICiiolcnny: ('iiniiiii'iiiini.'ul n'piiiiiit  un liie line of Loi nuilrt mid one-half mile north  ���of Lui I'.'iJI.ilnriicir iiorlli sn eiinins. ihi-nce iresi  ,1(1 eliiiiiis, tn file ni-, Ti-.ss. to ICooleiiny ru'er,  1 he nee iliiw'n si ri ii III tn t he poilllof |.|,tiiuj,;ii:.|-  i ne in. ni mill hi iii;: :'.:.'!' neres iinn i- ur less.  :��� llaiid  lli'eckenii'l;'!'  I in Inl.I he. i.l.h dny nfiliuic. A.H.V Irm:'..       r: I  NOTICE.  N'lii.ie,.. is her by [.'ii-en iiiiii, sixty days ii.ri'ei  iluli' i ivil I apply lo I by (Vi mi in is-.ii i in'r of Lands  all.I Wult-Ti' piiridiiiM'! Hn-fol'liiMiiiu ile.si'i'ilicd-  bind- Minnie in l-;:i.-,l iyi.oieii:,y,Ti, I'. , fi.in  iiienciiu: ;it a post piaiiled ..ne. mill', nun h oi  'the ('. I', i.'n ili\ iy al the ciki. linuudn i>- nt L.  ��� I.V.lll ii.iil,liu"-.l of tilt... tiience inn Iii '-'i ciliiTl-  illonu ea-l ii.illlidiuy ..f L. hV.iil. Ihi'iice 'i-llr-l I''  i'lniins.   ihence   -<mi.li   so chains I." .inlin ,M<.11'-.  apt  lii'al inn. liience ive-l I" chains I..   Itc  jil  if bej'iniiimi i  ulliiiliio;.' ,'','.'ll acre-.  '    Lioii- l.i  Uwte.l iit LIWo. li.e*.. Junii :inl. I'm  .' \\r,\ .\Tion , s!���: vi-:i!a id i ��� i-,i':s(">,\si  ill' ellili'iieliri' and eiiod I'trpulill ion in  I'ilell slal(''(nln.r ill i his eoniily i-eiptired)  io represent ami adveel isi' did eslnh-  li-lii'd vveullby luisiin'-ss lniiise <��� Id..si��� Ii��� I  linuiieial '��� sli'iiiilinj-'-.r ' Salai-.V ,-fcl.llll  wi'i.'Uly with e.Npeiises iiililitionn I, ,'all.  payrilile iii cash ilireel each Wednesday IT'iiin head nllieos. Ilorse ;uu\.  i-iil-l'-ilio'i.'. . fui'iiishi-d when ueeessui'y.  Ibrl'i-i'i'iii.-cs.' Idliiiise sell'-iiihb-esseil  eiivelnpe. Oohinial Co.. .'I'll I leiirlioi'ii  ���SI.. (ihie.Tij'o.  Shaving, ^ Hair Dressing  Parlor  N'e.vl Iii ( ll'iellln! Ilolel  i-'rjirr   stekle,  ij. \c.      '  ,, N'uliW- i.-in'i'ci'y I'iveu lh:iI oe .lav- :iTt>'i- ilriie I  'I'iiili'iul t" ripl'ly lo !ii"Ciii)iiii!>r.i'oii<n"(il'.L:iii(i'\.'r  Uitli Willi.-.,' in'jiiirrbasV llie lii'llii\vlli^-iles;-rilii.ii, j  1,'l.n.is   sililute   ilil'iil.sl    Kinilepay. |!,i '; ;     i'iell  IliclleitlK'iii,'. a"|ii.-i.- jdillilcd'.ii!.' ;tlie d.Oil l.cilsi ;       . ',.'..      -       ,y y ���'  ruf L.T'.'.'H iit-, tic' '('. I'..T.'.   iMi't'i'ii.Mi   liii", ! :     ' "rtWireli ,i.l tttte.   -)| k    and    illl'l Alieil-I  ��I.on I one iiiil.'d.'si .,'!' I'ilknaii.l :i l-i n,-'. '-, of i.ne j :..'i.'.th The  l.li'i iliiisC'iTll fill si ill -el I fun ml'...,.  iiiileivestiii iniliiiie ii'ii and on Tl,;': ,i'i'"Uli   sidi-i i ,-i p l/ielci'l s T'l'i mi'lireodii nti, I   \\';i sh'i n'l-    t  nf  llie -ri'-iit   ��� i   '.vi'\   i'!'.th:'  (V1'. Id   rii i Uvtiy.    .     '        ���    .     ,     , .,  - .   , ,   -���       '  ,��� ,     .'   ,  / .  1    "'   "-���'���'���   -        ���'      ���-,, ',,. ,    ;      tui. pultils.lii <  liiea.j:<i. ( mi-,,.  'Jcinpis'  Ihi'iic" tun Iii ci;'!.|..'.   cii'iii.-..-Ihe.'icc  .'ii-t.   I'.iT.v l     ,     '.    ���     ��� ,':,���'" ���     . .  ..|,ii';.ii,-,.'i.h..' -dip' u idrlliy ci,:,ii,s;i���i,e',vi-"!,.,i-diii(l   ^.'v^'   ( ii'letins 'ul < IJ I IvA'PI. V'-irK-   ;|  in  the  said   riiilH',..:' dvuy   i.Teuc m :/ ni-.icrly ; I) l'l'd I)   UATtlS/ d.  <lil'OiM.iiiii iiloll.'.'ii.aid rii'hl id   way   liu'l.y. cbain;';'!       Tiet'els pvjlill   loi til 1-i'n-Tillill! lis.        (I.e.  iii'ni-e ur le---I ii ll.-    ���!:"''.'   ci be'il u n i tnr cull:! in- ��� ��� ,-      -,   ',' ���,   , :" ,, ���'.'..      ,  . ��� ' 'in;-'     lllllll ��� tell ..lIllVs. I.el lll'lillll.'Vlllint  iii-i :oi neres ie or les-. . t    - .,.....-. .-...,  iliillN  .VKiTT.        | leu (l.'i-ys ii.!l..i.rr.s!:i:rl lii.e- ��,..sl,.   Si up ilv'er  '.n.ited n (. I--.IK...'li-< -..'���" Wji.v 1 l.t.h. kin:;.    '        ���':::    ! j,,.; \.) le-es   eit.hi'i'   dv;iv, ds.-sl    i,l'lli,d  _     .              - - -......._..._. , ^| j...MI|1,.j ,| ���] Vl.,,_  TJOTICt..., .'  ,V .. ' NOTICE. i  ���','. ������/���'. \ ,  . Xoiico i> hi'i-ob.y iriven tlie-l thirty days after  date ! intend lo apply to Tlie (.'hief Commissi,mer of Laud-aiid Works for a license to jtros-  pet-t I'uV ciii.il -V.mi pet'roliium on tin* jiolliiwintf  di-c,!-ibird' l:ii,,'i-- in' S..uih Ka-.t Kootenay:  i-'iinnni.ui;in.Lr ina r...-t silunied onthi- McUon-  iild l.'anv.e .if Moiiji,;i.':i.:s; ,'ibuiii iivn iiiile- i'l-out  We,fviii iu I'.'iver .-.ii.tlu.. eiisierly ^id,.- nnd nbeui.  live mil..-.-, iniiii its ii'.iii-.ii iind m;irk-cd I'.. Mc "  .Mili.-iiiV- uiiritiei!'.-. i n-'iiei' |.,-,.Nt, ni]ioiiiini�� juijii  il. .If'., i-iii i ill ini  !l|e  w'.'-t  tl/cili'i'r So Cliains SOU ill  ib..nee''s.i   iduiii...   iv.M tin' ' .^'i eliains north.'  i,,:!,-' ' theiice m' fluiiin- cii-i to,tin- place ot ..iimineiic.T.  '-    | :ii.-:i; ciiiia inl ti'.-': in atrics,      .- - 'V     .  I'. .'.!.'.Milhiu,- Located  '   ,    ,' Wllliii'u    11,. .-'lll'.tli,, .V;,--...il  ,   I I'licd Apiiid'.'i.rjii lr��.i.;.  iiie.-.i li.iiprnyeiiuviiis. |-n|. the   | .Tn jee f.  liniiiif a i.'rev, n i, rani ,,\ i|H. n|,,,\,. ilaiin.  L\ ml iu il Ler liil.V nut ice t hat a.iionV uii  '���ci i..ii ::,'. ii ne; he cmmi-nci;.! beii-i. 11;,. i^  'I' i -ni i' i.vit.ilii-aii' iiI lii,|i'i.!n mi-iii-;,  I lined i In,.-, m-siTiay ,,| .v'prii. I'.in:!.        .  k       :" ���   VV. li. IO iss  N.il ice i.-.  bei-eli.V  ini etiil in 1 bii li (I;  nf Ibis initio,, in in  ini n cnii l.e belli ij:  I"  - 'iiiiintissi..iici'  Snn-lc  liir. w. I.ii-.cii-i'  I" pi'  :;i.\|i,U   I OH I    I   Hie  ,;, :;tle|   Illl'Tir- I  .-nun, ih.-rerVrT.-r.  I' .'l'l'. I" il  1,','iul-  and   Works ��� at-  l-ioi  i't. li.r Coal nil  i(|-e   iifi'iiiio'eil    in   I,.  ���'-p.i,ed '      Sale'   linli-s - are   ui'i'iino'eil    l.n   In- eim ���'',|,...,.,.,i���.,|   i;,n,.|  i. .iiion   ���'. eilienl   fei' ili-li-o-'nles in I'liii'vetii inn...   ni' ' (.ion  pplii-'ii   ;'.\';il iniiiil     Idlileiltiiuiii r As.-i.'eiul i.nti     ,il     "'"-  ::,,;"1'   Jile-liiii:   I'WIis ul   Haitinnire:.   \\ ,><������ Im������ ii  :il  I ml ianapnld:   Ivaoles al,   New,. ��� Yuri;:  .iiii'lllef-.      it!.    .Slll'illojrii: ������  ��� ICliioill -     -.1'  ii.in.-n.-iii;'   a"   a p.ci un , |'v.-ih'i.t-'-iii   ! ,nu i.-vil.le.  iiml   < Tiuniiei eini  ��� in- mile . .-out n , oi  All   kinds   nf  llnii-  a; j. qxiviz,  Wiii-I  11    Sp,  ���inl l.i  L'ROT'UIVJT'i'R,  IVInileUlll' t ���]���<���:> I!"'- lieio'Vill:," lle-el ibell  ill   I'll'-t   l\o.lli.(lllli  ll<-"^'1' ���' il'   !l! < '"' ""'' ���"'"'.��� '" ,���'���''i'Ti-.ivelers .a!   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I  ���I' eli.ille   !������ ; b  NOTICE.   ,  I'e li.ai   .j. ry (I;, j,-. unci   .i:a.- i,    1 h^i  I-   iot.'l'.l   li.   i|i;ily, t.n v.lle I ,'b Ief i'Om ,.  " i.iiiutu   in.I VVV.il.--  for   peniii-sl.iii  ' !,h.- :..;i.,'-.! ;-:i.:   ,;A. ,i|���.,! ' i���|,,|,    .,,  iieji.il       I .'oilllle'licili"  at    a V-o-t'  |loIlii 'll   ������     Holt l|..M'!.l.   eii|-l|..|-     ���;,,  ol I' Lnnd'-. ''liil.er Icjim' ale'  ���i|.;;i i...iiu-l.'ii.',. ou t be ��e..:,., .,.  Ii-niii   ri.���..���!���.   Ih'i'iiei-   runni;,;'   -l/i  lie ���  .1- "noleliav     lil.-'        11, ,���,,,., ���  "i..;.- . ii.les . '" liie inter-.,.,., j,,,i,  ��������� -.���.,.������'  :���'��� clniin .��� to   in,-  hi;,.,.  ii"';''. iriui.c.  d.l ,,-. il,, ,,,.,. j,,,,,;,  ',: '  heiri.-uiiiii,-. <-..:! I :i i i, i,, c  ������      'IV .Mel >..:,ii Id.  'I'.'   "I .Inn-.  .V. li.. un.;: ._. j  i: h  'I     i.  J.   HiCHWARDEN.  PIONliHR   BARBER SHOP  Ihe |.  l.,  nun  ili;;i:l:m:.'  ���I. 'i-tii.n l:  I.  ���H !"ll Vie  i l.n'  nil.  ,V. (VilUlel oi  l|.   Ajienl  11.   I I! TKI;.MI!I!I.L. (  iiliillii'reial  .\i  pn-nl   of i   lore nr  Located Aluy 'f.'tli. IW  ���11' Thitil St., I'oi'thuiil, Oi-'e^'tiii.       p.'  iliiloiu:    ui't  i KO.  A.   LA I): IK.  .Yi-l'V. Il  inir iSti-ictlv F  il'St  ass.  A'exl dot li  the P,  -oxpaHor. ... J(7! Tr_,
■THE dPKOSPE'0TOR,; FORT STEELE,   B, G.; .TUNifi yd"- '..1008,;'
tfiT"--nVi-rtr-i rfWi 'iffMTrt fit I'wv-rri' h-i'ir-™*"**'-™'- J^
'■""—«■--*-—^—^~-'-*'^—>"^—r""—■"-•""■* -■■■■—» n
North Star Lodge
NO. -30.
V    A. F, AND "A...M.       G. ft.   B.C."'
'■'■„' '       ,';i.'OKT ST'KiVLiy. Ii. Id '   :    ',
nt'SUlar' iiic'ei,ine.s-Tsii T'li.-s.lny in oilc.i.'i
.moiuh al eii-'l,u.o'clocii. Visitihi:- l?..-'i,lie(rii un/
cordially invited, .-"■'■„    ,i , ^        .'■.,'.■        V
Elk .Kiv-erLodyd-'ldriiie, .ivs-dliii-'' im-ctiiiiis
Ticlil first I'T-idiiy of each month"./ ,,.       i ,    • ■■-
'.' Cranbrook Lpiiire. Orn lib rooU.i ri:'r.pui:ir, jnci.'j's,
. iiigK.bcldon tlie tiiiril 'I'liui-.-dny of iMcli mom!).
!■-..    .'. ■ i.'":'-    • ,i. Iltsl.C'i'. Seirrctiiry-i,-'
':-.  ," i'   dNO..125. ill./A..Aid "":.'■".:
;■■■■      /FOKT ^S'liKKi.K-: Iii/C- -;
. ,r;/Reg-dTaiv]Bedtine's--d'iHi'-Tuesil;J.v.'in
.eac'h month at jiriglit'tdi.'.lne.ki, d       , yy
, '. i?ojoni'-n.in,i;'.<'oni|i;fn'ii'm.s aT--crc'i>i'iI'i:il].Vi
■,i nvit'etl.   ' ■'■']  '.-•■■   :'■. -<y.■       '"■■■''■ .■
. '.A- '." (A L-i'tdviALinfAl'l'ltSi-riiiti' lv.
Geo. S. MeOimer.
.1. A.'TInrvii-y.
ft^v "        mix*.''                         '-'■                  i ■'nrumrijinj-ir'.j-u-m.nj-ir^ .';'.,,
QLrh&WXO&VCXt&'XAi.fi    v   'Y-Y'y'Y':':'"%^     ■J".;.-.:''V '^   ""^'i ' "'I $******.*^ ****»«,^*****«»-*'-"■,:-   -- .■•• m-****: -*j o-K-r>-M^
-d^i^ddddr/d-"ii i^ ol commerce ?
,.,.:V ,v  dd .- 7-y-\" '-■..d        :      CAPITAL AUTHORIZED   $4,000,000 d /.lid:"-.    VUI1UU1US1. - L'Uilil   Ul   WIlllllUIUU   *
.   nm»n>«m'n»|ini>nvmbV'>*V<1T*irkttii«T1Sgfi<'TV11."!    '   —t                                                                                                      lMni    »   T        d               /     i                                                                             rtH.1   Vi/i/i      ! : I"!       ''Vd'J.                                                                                        ''              '      i             ."/                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ■"*
-'''.■ Mr.'"'audi, iMirs.i L.'."W.iPal moil!
'CAPITAL' (pair! ,.,,)- -.. _12,9£3ri>6()
.have goueiiiTdMori-isist'V
;d ••:   ; '$2,-485,288. V-  ',;     i;
£;;'■.; He-eici'-'   OfHce- Torbnib. dv -/id" .';,"'- ' :.-y":. ■'/- ,'-.■'
r,, ■,/'. /'Id, Id '.Miftt! j/! ITT,  J ;rl'sii(k;lll ;  li). I d VV i I . IV I I'd   V icc-l dd*: lilli'l (ii-n'.   Mil II.   dc
  -,,-1 ■/.\(.;>I'.\'TiS,:'J'Nd'  (.,:|:KA,'J/i;;i-!lTy/-\|di. VlJeyid   .l'!iiiikd.,~2';.'.l,(iiiih.-ii-('dSl.,.,' , ij
/VlJcTni^yi ^i; .lv-CM-«l:!:iAv.i d'fririit'd"' tc) j/fi': ■/ ! -^'^"J:   !; d/ i|:'-' yyy'.'':y"   '''/     i Yy d-' -I id..'"'' "'id . ii-'  '   Y" Jl
Fpirn'iP Thiii'sdiiyd -d" •„'/', / v   ■! a;/'-;' '-■"■/, / ' d    •/''  i/; d\!/<"i/:i--tK-'(;iii; ltiiJikinei;tisini'sdTi-aiisii.i'iiiil.'''•,    -i. -: ,-,    '. vig
i ".('ia-iu'tl'- Trial bndVe'vis/in,' a ij inn-. 11£ ' iiiK-a vines;''Bank Doiia;rtin(/ltit.--:lint(iii'usliillo/wed ,'oh dnjiosns,     i;c]
safe d-ondilioii i'opdvi'iu el.'/:,,     d - ■'''' !-S, .vv,-, d   ,   ' ■ v ,. d-,   •':■<■   , '.'.''        ''• :'i,-; vd..'     ■■" ,        «-;-"---'- ■'. >, .:.-»-■ '-.'''   .,  „ ;s
..■',• ■ "-d di,;-:- -:^~ '••'■ -:-:;d.■.',■,-•„;',' I |d kranbrook .Branch,/ iv,. ,,::•,;d :ui=^,H,™|V|.A-R-SH^-Manqge'r'!.?';H|
..   .hi. .1... t. aim Ctlitn.H iiji i..roni,...L^it-tlt' i d'l^t-i'uhjijirLn.fiitiAnjtnihlm
Bull i'is'drdVc.unii.s(3a.vid;..   ,i -   ': .<>:. '■'-'- . ,'v. ■ '■     ■.' ' iJlA   ' '/-' .'■ ,■."  '.:':.'"... ' v, .'". :   '-''■    '    .■   •.' - '■ .'""'
■/'.'"'/ ■■'. HIJAD .OFFICE--TOnONTO.
,/. I'liiil !i|i.i.':i'|i'itiLl'.%S,T»'(l,()W):   llc-i-i-ve l-'iiml 1' :.OIl(i,(lllli:
' i Aoorco'.-ite ■I'ti.-.so.ii'n-cs Over •tS7'i,(lt)0.0ll'l.   ,  .
I.iiihIdii (II 'I'icc; (HI I (inihiii J  Slice!,  I . (' -
.: 'New Vurk 'li'l'icc:   Hi I \cli.innc I'l.-icc.
'   ,   ,     •-. ' V-    V      ,.:-"'.. i    , -    .-'.'•.- . , hi.
-   '■' ■'.   V ■''• '       '-   ,r   ■   '■■ .- '   '   : ■■" W
Anil .so bi-iineliei; in (/Stiti.-ukt, tlie. t'liileii Sntie- ninl Mi-iudh Cdlmnbia.      #
-    ■ . ■";, ' W
■':--"■■■-     V   ;' *
i|   Cranbrook; Branch.    ,    ,.'
F. C. MALPAS. Manager.  %
d Potty .Jt-'i'is-oii.-   \\r:isa..;.d\v-:ts   'in
j.o'wii Wfdlnesdavy .■,-■■ :- :/.;
■-/'■ y;/i /HARVEY & McCARTERd
;.■ ]Buri'ist.6rs,A8iilh'itoc', „■'..       ."'::'
;,-'•', ■-.'    .'id  ;      did/'ii'K^:   Vuhllf,        ''y   .'.'.  ■
"■    -i'dv   •;,    ,.:'.,';. ■■:.(A.i'i\veij'i-li''Xrs- i:''i.    •'
1. ■■"      -;      - .' "'       -    '.-'    -'!'-•'■
■d:':i,'.,:F,ouy. STEt:L,t:,iB„i'eii,,v ,: i.d-
Ji"i.-d/.WiIs(iii,   li)ia'i''U!{ii'i:',. ,was !';
i at .-rrloi'Ui' (tn
''i'i'       W iii 1. - i'd'li^sick -, ,!V<TH'ilt'tl'•■■■■/■■! i,'i d
j idiot, VHuAi.V \\:.'.i| ni'rsi lay,/.',-■/-;■   y'
,'j -. , C'ii't'i'ii. 'i'.,d ' >■'"■''..".'e.li'i' ddllli-iA'ttS'i?!-.,, ;'
,was ai tho: 1 :i:!its-uil A^'ii'iiiiv'sthn,'.":
^lie   ©011m is    Growing   Rapidly
■ THAT   THE   NE.W    TOWN   OF  C
d-""-"d-"e«. '!;:;:d;',^!id'':';:d; ■■,i'-'iii/'''0'ii .■'"•,''''
'/%■ 'w*
■St':; iEi'ld^iif.  Iiiiiuiiis ,tr1i.'li''bi-ad'(l;.,,
rho .Idas'" (ii'i'()!']>ns (-hrisi.ie S'nid-;
ila-V'/lasi-ii'    vv   ; \A"';.y; Ay ■ -yy  V "'v
il3airrister,i:dl-,id''i/-d,iydSd   i      .    _ r
Oifei'S Gne of tlie Safest^dl Canada
-~r,  : 'ij"',' '?—^-7~~T-ox.,TV-T'.-~~r^.r--Triii.-   pzrrs 1 'tir v\::': i'i>-i.i-.rs" "A i"^-"
         .. v,-;:.V :.;.,;-,-:''■■,,;■ .   ■; |ui-i)ed'' It'i iWiti'ti iiondi'l'iM 1'Siiav. i'd' ■'■
yi'y-''iy.:/-yyy.J^^:'iS}y;e^y"-Uy,A: ■: ~ '■ ■■"■-/.,■--■.>■■-'-ddd ■:■■'•■■.' -,.■ ddv'-,.:,dd:d"-!d:!
■"':-d'„'-   . °'-,- •   ■ ■■,'-'-..'' ' '.' ' '. - '- ■'--;"' d^Hd't-d'aiii.^ Etnil "-Baiiks -(.wme!
T H 6 MiiA'Sy :McY-IdTT FE ddiiowu,d.l:Mr.Perrv.;.CeiiieU.V!-i;Tur^ :
dd.,di.dddiiiidi".iii/-d id'/,d/'d.i.'d.-'vid'i:liaavd-d^v'-:dvr'!i''-Vi..''''i'i''id dd
■;'F>.i.vl^i.- Si;. dcfi;ii,C^i B'.,'dd.dv, i'ddv"' a- a Ay y y~Y"- -: yy:: YyYi
c- ■',-"-. dd-.,,-..c-ii-'- -... ,;t .;;•' ,:.'■.''',.'''. ■';'■ ; :"-. ■<■'"'<[" 'r-■■''.. '^drvd .■nustl.tltn.'' li'd ^it'OidC'Si
di::,d:''"dvirddid i.,d..,-di:drv:X-i '■ '-="■"'''"•" - - vvs,itediSidiiEdiu'e!ie''}il'tssh'nf Suinvii
-:diyy-dvi.iPqrti'-Steeie.i/S.Cdv ..'v■'"-';;'■;-■./'.[a.-.\v'-'-la'^'ri""''■'':■ vd i'i'     .iii' yd -■-,-,..:■ ■■■yy
J mtci Am ILl CmuJi! iid.
I iiiiilliit
'/ .Tlio alidvio.]ii'(iidi,ei,ioii is basctT:
diii_:id(-:tjl(il:n.L:i,n a.lAtsisjijdl J.i '(An i Laid
;-|i.-.-"     ,<i-
FCIRT. STERr.E/DKVKI^-PME'NT.SYNDICATE.LiTD j    ... : J     "dV."       Hil I'V^A'     V.'as'    -IX\   '-. C'i'il 11 - 4
jness. ■'■• -.-.'yy.-:y. l'A ,-'--, > -'" i';../ d v .. ■ yyA
138 L.eiide.nhiin.StrCir.,;Lo.iHloti,V:Kri;,-IHird:
;<>^sv-Hio w i;-<3'ti-
.ia.ti()idi!i-nc] u tnost- t-liprotig'Ti  a.nd
yo^lianstivd investi^'aidoit ol' ,c-bii;
ditioiisvin, iaiid iiii'biind /(.lib i ...d-:,'i.:i
dM.()Vi''i^'fi^>'i"^'<>«''[d;M i nesd'
. ,'-''   ■     ^cd ■'-■■;     di     '-.      '■   .- ; '"• :   ." '' ' ■    v. , ■    :- --,■ ■-.
J oil:'i. v.'':--v ;:ii#'"""i'i ■""' ''-vi-'i.'""i"''i,ii'i :':yAA-f
".d.T.he.  Paily Oni]mt- ol' Ooal   will
..tin list. I i knl v_ ri'iirh . _..	
5000 Tons 'Williin Two
■:ii,ii(T-'1 he cn.u'iiidlinytn-s ol' lols mi
Mayi lsl sli<i\\'(>il Ihal 11 icy wore
it 1 rvf' tu Iln* situation.
N.  A. :WALL.;NGERh;  VFORT, STEELE;' )ryyQ0^^lj^i^^M<£
■°" d:d ii>dPbST OFFIGldTJOx'-iSii ;i''ii
■"''■'■' ■':.-■■- -■-■ -■■ J -'■•!..- ■•■'. -.'-'■. -'.in .-'-',.-., ■■■■' .i'-'-v,,      | ^otesyifOi'v-tiud' C/ranbrooli B,iwsued']
':i'/:V^.,-i'GdiGU:MMIii,sG^i"..y',ii|.d| Eratilci-ttdiLiams/nHuiaied^Mo
:. d-vd'V'.,',- .-CI VILi'/ENGINEEf^., , ..
P rb'vi rie ia 1 i - La n d i'S u rve yor
- :'I?OET,' -'.Sa-EiETilE!
;©EftiRY/v&■' DOYLlE.i
-dayyfvom% yisid.•'■■t.o.v -Nielsotr /a'nd |;d-
ptitet'ipoiiitsd.n::.AiVes.t Koor^naiy.dj
S, i3. O.
;f3rairl")i-qo.k,/ycbi/eiSieclev visitors |;
yPkursda;y.y - -yy.'i ■,''./' -,.;."''' '■/'■ d" ///- ■'• -i/, ". h
! =-
Yyy -y^ 'dLiyerUryif eed//i&'i:Sale;dSt<il)lc^
id 5v"ifdd 'idd'''''' ? -?Port; Sl.eelc./B.C,: i; "d.,id.d
d -:- v-td :d,ii'/d/l;tejrt!liu'/:y'D:iil-j^'dStiiii-i1.! vntedisduVl
v.; -/ivdv :;;■ -ti-attiS'ittili'oi-t-Stcclo-il iinelTiiii.; -i-.' ---/.
-d-VKi-d dvSA|J-l-)1-'l'd*''i|iAGIC: Hpl/tS!^ , -,r-
d ,'.-.'TI-iA-iMlNO Ol'' ALL  K IN I>S A SI' I-VIIIA ITV'A
Oilicc ;iiid.,Sl;il>|c
('.'O'l-llOI-'o'T.' ,:; d   i '/"    ' '.■''■-.    '   "d      ''        '
•-, "', Cl al b riii tii • -a,n A' liliazo Ida 11 -co I s" -
"  d Fort Steele, BvG!   d /."
,■'■:'OKI'drpK./U.AYS:      Moiii'la'y.'.-/ Tlinr.s-'
' tlnv ninl SiitTii-ihiv nt Klivele.    .-■
Fort Steele  'Ya ■--..■ '■""'"yy'.-:
Diamond Jitbilee
MISS B.  MOSS,   y        It OSpilclI
''■''   . '. /:''.' .'MATRON.'- " iiy '.,'•'„,,
, pi'.'tiliiiitc of St. Liikcs Hosiiiinl.
Vnricouver. It. C.y  .   • ■• ■
Tii is' riisti tutioii   ltitr)   liei-rii   r'etreny y
.'piiiai-jf.iiil.jjy ii new'■■:w;iiijr vvhteh   i.-;   nou-
,'6'i>eii,'  for. i-cco"i)tion  of. piUieij-ts. '". For'
terms iipply..to...-- .. ....'-'-v..
Miss I'..dlossd  or.'.-'.ldF. 'Smith., See.
■'Matron;- Fort Sioei.c. B.C.
'd'AvdiB. 'i:,,.p^nw,iciCaufl;/v.(31'iarJf!fej;r^
iPowolliA^riird; ]> .f rain iiiii^idaiieli^^
'\\rbiliic3uttyddddi:d:/i dy aJ:.//" .y-i:yiy;iyg
'^G^rierar' ;iMer c'lia rtt-;A^Dy
ii/v" - ^%'i ■• 1-v.ici i« oi"*d/0.e£i 1 e> r•^d'.'.''
:gAig|,M;d^ BURICK
Y^Yy^njfitfEJi A-lYyM n\< C11 A NTS   '
-lo diToii?iiai/.iLrYtir: lli*=<jtd StLri'bdil^i:l>vi/?*1/\^:
^Q'vei-nmcntiTni Lliisdproviiictdd " /
ddrievd 'FaxheA'■-. (.IbccolavAvasdiit
td,\v. ii "\y e(l n e$d ay-: /' vR r i cl ay,.-', th o
l?a.Hitft-. ; v.-i11;^ 1 eadro'ifor 'an',-',ex-
t•piuiedvvi.sit.,|,o West Kootpnav.,.
iHJsdaybnibvisiuessf , Iniaboutda,
iitontlt/dip/vvill A'isit,-;' the .01 d
ConnLry;'.- dd ",..- yd-' -',.,';.■. ;/'.'•;: ;.
''': :■' i - y ,- 'd'/ ■—~V-' .■'•.'■ed,''dSS.ia.g}.
'//Dave Griffith, while- at: Cranbrook 'Wednesday, Feil j/roih a-
sici'owails",- anddiwas 'sei'kjusly iud
jurodd lie was .taken tii) iiiie , St.
15ng'g'ne'hospital.       d, '   ,''■•'.-.'■•■■'
Ty'Y Mc¥ittieand J, T.'iLaid-
1 a W' we re engaged in'. survey i ug
a tniniiiJi- c.ktiin iieair Luke, creek
Thursdav. ':   v,.i y     -',.   y   .A-   -
iiMa.nnraotiiror oi' afi'dvmils'-.'of Idnniber,-Ay:A large,a.ssortdd diS,.
'id:'.'-:: -r--.V/V'.--:d-" ":   •■"."••■■*■-' ■■"''•'! dd=:-'T- ■-.;ii.:-v.--'V-:- --'V.- :-;■-:■ ----- :i=;.' ■-- :'y<,--y-.y^'y.:'i:^.i\:y.y. "'ZZZ
-   7'dv viii,(nilvT)llisea.soii«tl" ^iiitibirradi^
i'. r-ivd-dd'-.."      ';..,.yv.yd. ■■"/,,, .on I iaiid.   .. ;.-'°i.',-d.-":'dd''-v-      iA 'AiA-y --iv ^
■A*:     '.]'•-.: . .:v '" '. .'lK:'  ■'.   d'i '•'
■#f/:rt&0\t   \*R
■£ .....  	
-W" i
li.'lSt        (i
.........  ^ ,,--..,
LliiNHiVltll^d- A'-iiyvSPRCdiiAE'r'V. ;//. -d=S
■ ' G...,"H. .U.nnbar,.has gotie to, Victoria. ..iH',e iwili' visit San/Pran-
ciscpyand .other 'points on, the
coast before' be returns.
The' Kootenay river; is steadily
■-—i—"j'bnt .slowly ,.falling.    dCotisider-
;ibie  damage   has  been donediii
.-e,\-era't radclies near Bull .river;
• .; d,id    NOT1CJ3.   .,■ '    .
Thi rty days  ,-ifu:!; ..iiiie,  I  iiiieiii;. to
'• apply T,ri...tllo  Chief,, (iniiinihsiiiiidr   of
liitriil.s arid.-Woi-kri..'for ;i.-.jn'-f'-iii! iieer.ee
tii (.-tii. iind citrry iiv-Tty u.t:'ii»'j- ire.iii   the
follovvin^'("leoi-rit.eil jiiinip  ,'ai  .S(i!i-dh..-;l^: ■...,-,.
°K.(ioten;ty:'d  Coiiiiiiei.irini;   ;;u     ii - id-i ! Monday.    . .',-'■'   ','    ' .'
ltiiit-ked li. ritri'dtd'.-, »ei:rj;':-.,--?    i'l.'i'iii.-id       -'. '■ ' '-~ ,i  "    .
j     .wi/d  tioo,   ScMtf.   r eriiie.. who
dias'iieen   visiiing;' at' Sleiile. lii'r
-":-e.\i..i'i(i . .-weeks..': returned   home'
F.'C. \laipas' and litiidly Who
were visit ing Steele during last
week    rei iiriii'd     to    (.•raiibrnok'
iiison & Eiweir
Real Estate i Agents
,v.       «*>
f^ Minin£ Brokers
\\'I0   CAIS"   SBf.ld   YOUlt.l"M,-;.01T|.:RT,Sr:;FQi;.dVOiiid;.d      d d :'■     .
wid 'r.nv*'. ok,'sKi'-.i'd MiNtNt;  stocks. .-■■■■'■":■ :yy  v, ,'iy i     '
•IF   VOtT  WdVX^t-Ai-FAKM 'OK'' A N-Y   K I Nl )'Oy   PKOt'FK.T'V
WFTTAX: S'Ft'i'ldY   YOld
' ■'-.;/"    ::■'     -. ;.©-  ■ .;..„•
/ Fori: Steele, !lB.G.
<    Cranbrook.c B.C.
1 irniK'llex it'll, civt.ri'I:he district .iiinI e(irri.-spint(1 CniIs/irvoi-yvvhere.,
Spi'iwi Agents
RotVii'd Agents
Tuts' Sticisl- is'gnarahleed to.be equal to,. Jessopls./ or. Pirtlisyiii all
' y 11akd Rook Work. ■:,.,■        yA'A■'"'..' i'::'' "'  '"',",'d    ''dd '    .;:   idd''-.
•■od -.       Mjningv Sujjpiies  a   Specialty.
Agents I'or tliod; MASSEY'i HiAliRIS  ,GO.,' E,imi.ted..■•■-' :yj i       :i
^,y  ''y.'..:'y''Y:       .v'r'.Taffmmg; -'Impleme-atsr'
.vi 0.'id ay.
poSl. [iliuileil lie-id,• I ii-- H..-;r i. \v,-V,  .-,
ner po.st, of 11. Ileiin-!-'-- j/i-i.-'i.-iii'i'tii'ii";
i.-iitf-il liiiiiin .fdil'r niiir.--. ii'irTd   ■ "'   t'r;
hriHilc,  Id (..'.., .tllciii-e ,. r.ni.-td    ii'  .•;';;;':
tlienee    cit.-it'o'Ilill eiiili'!-.   d:e!,ir.-.  -i •-!I I;   K> !'-       .... d ~^     '. d     • ,       :
, ...       ,, ,,.,   .  .--.   .      .       d    J lie t,oiis(T'\'a'ii vi- iiarl \: is   mi;
eliiiiiis.   tlieili-e H...?i. li.'.i .rlriiii- i.e j.,;u-..- !     .        .. ,.,,.,      -d
uCk-lnHliiJ. eieiMtirid,: .-,|„ .,.-;.- n,,,,.  | ~ '!!' 1'.-1'd ' *^   '"^d'-'f. [ l<J .l!li,iM'V OI
oruY:  Dined :.i,i,^.i. M,,',, :>>";.      . i';'"    '.^." ' il'"\<>"? Li'henxls, says,
"   ooi.  '■ -. ii   ivdi'ilf/i/T.    ! '''"' ^•llll1°1' OiiVyrop. y   :y;;
WliV Vdil -IIiill Id,   i.
FAIR   ■PLAY.I.y,:;.^!."
■Mrs.   N.   Ad U'aliinger, . I^isl.
.iii-;(is.    aiid.    r\] ivsi     lifMidersoii,
i   iT'.T'i'i ■ wei'c' in lowli
Because di- iin-.i.,-! .pnud.','.-
Because '' i^'ih" "■"*' !•''-';'!- ■<■-':;
Because '' '*A>'<- iyy-A>>-'; ■!<»<'
" lO.i.r un.-. pin';:.
Because Ul" ,:|-^d11'" dli;1;"
pi'i'iiiiiiin-   imt.il   Jiiniinrv
'     ' ' 1st.   1000.
Because vV«-'-^ii:ii-.-int--<- "••
: Tlie K'oiiliTiay   river   and . (lis
riiiiiiing si-ri-n i'h.s lin'v'c   1 •<,''• 11   up
lint (lo'.vii .T'lldng III'' jiasl Week'-.
ti:-, now liidii.'vcii lliilt nil ilangoi'
if i-:-:t .'-'iiiii • li ]'j I i viTiicr is over.
l-'l-'-d   Iv'in'i'',  ( '.   \V;i.ll<ins,    (,',/  .)',
I'cihic! 1, .1. .A.. .Miiiln'i'vvi'll, j:  A.
I l.nn.-ii, ,\   .W'iliin.it! and   II.    I Iray, |
1'ni-iall of ' i'.tnIjinnili.. vvi're a 1   Slcclid
^iillnlli i"  in ■>!   -        i
l'dii'd'      llorlii'rl      I'ari-dl.    ( Ya niirin >!;,
iiml j was a I' St.ei'li' (iii   Inisiiii'ss   .'vhni-
Because ymir deiiier  i-  nut iinri/.ril | day.     Mr.  I'aiToi i> an  old   time
ha\ ing      an.,
aci|iia inta nee   of   i'o yi-a rs siand-i
In i'i'IiiihI v inn- i.'iiiiiey if .vim j friend       of       our
,'tre mil  sal i.-l-ii-iI.
'I'iik l'',Mi'ii;|r-. 'l,(.>n.\i''C( i < 'i'.,   L'l'iJ
-.;> ■,",'■ .-.    . '■ -d . - ,      ' -■ -^
I    "■■■■''.' GROCER '•       . I
A .   ''.'■''..' ' '.'.', '; ' ' '       /     *,
lYy''\     -Fort :S'teeI©?dBB C. y :' ,; ■'■,'     .  I
i \ " " ' ''.      '.''"'.■',    , -Svf
Y      -     :■      ■      ,       , ,    , t       ■    y. '., -       - ■  '    ,    (1    r . ■   , ^
?'■.,"■'•" FRESH  FRUIT,   ■■;'. ■'   1
'■'■': :■ "' ■;.:,'' ■.'"'<• -   . ■    '»
■:■■ .■ ■ '   ■ '.','■' *
■'■■ '   '■' ■'"' '    ' ' "iA    '■•        ■'■■■'. ' .   «
I ..A" Full ..Iiine.'.r'o,f Patent Medicine -S
■;■•  ,''-' '       ■    '     '■ .  ■ . • ' *
^J. A-* •$•■ ;:■=; 'C:-<-'-';;-* V;«'-v <- -«- *r -"it- *: -jSi.-tS-:- *:- -«; * «:- -S: -*r * -Si «r --Jr -ri; -y> *- -iS- ^ Jfi -«S- :tjf -S*;- -SS -r^ * -Si- * * «--0:- ^J.t&r %V <Ji- ^-
Port   Steele
Meat Market
H: THIRY.  Proprietor.
i'Yesli and Salt1, Meals ■ Always On  Hand.
" .' .;..-„.-:.■. .-" .*-—•:? '■•■'/;'■■       "    ,-.-'■.-"■'.'■'    ■
;-' '■>: : 'FORT, dSTEELR'dB dfed ;    ■r^'\y:Y.^y^:
MA.NUI.«sAbTUI.{ERSi   and '   .|:ililOWI5K«..:. OF    EK'IAIA..   WiNK
"1 "»"l^ l"^"BT*
'Bottled beer for family", use a specialty
OUTSTDE OUDFiRS ("I1VEN" S'PUKiT & ViiONi FT A'l,,l,iRiN,l,rOiN:;
,• Prop's.
Charles P. Campi
'l'l I I'i   UNhlvlsTAKKK.
''''..        KI'I'll'IALTV
'akmj  NU;||'|,.;
'rKi.iol'HoNK   IJi.    .    . I'nsr 0|.'|.'ic|.;   |!ox   117.


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