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The Prospector Jun 11, 1904

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 Idlnv.vy ol Legr A«i
V^oi. IO.
No '24.
e   »
1- n
MINING ITEMS OF INTEREST,    tion of Southeast Kootenay has
 :    J     . a, great future ahead'i   from   a
Picked  up. by Our  Perambulator mining standpoint.
-- - from -all Parts of ■Seuth-^-^L^Qji investors are.contiiiuing.to
,;•■,'. ••„'.'. east-Kootenay:,    "}-,■> ■ - ,,
Angus Macleod made a l'ich
strike-this |week on Ala us creek.
Jt is a'surf'ace showing currying
about ten inches of high-grade
gold quartz.
.' Jn connection with the development of power at Elk,River
falls, are tho>ru'uiors/>^proposed
smelting works to!be established
in the near future.
The sales of zinc ore' made by
the Payne Mining Company have
, demonstrated the importance of
the zinc ores of the Koolenays.
The experience of the St.
Eugene,, and other mineso in
shipments made 'to Antwerp,
form a solid basis for'a permanent industry which will aid in
solving economic problems for
the silver-lead companies.   '  '
Alex Chisho'lm has,, .completed
the annual assessment "work on"
the Carbonate mineral claim, a
promising lbcatiqn'o'ri'St. Mary's
prairie near- Luke creek. . - --, -
Prospecting' Cor coal 'in'the
Fording river district continues.
The development has progressed
so far as to,prove that there are
beds of good workable coal ex-
tending over an 'area oi some
thirty miles.
, Hydraulic ° operations by the
Perry Creek Hydraulic Co.
should begin ,this spring and
with judicious , ^handling 'the
property has a1 goodachance of
-becoming a producing mine? before the season is'closed'.* -iW-'-.s-
o In^ the Flathead valley,",697
notices of application for* coal
prospecting licenses 'have been
advertised in The Pkospectok
during the past year. ■• ,
During 1903, one hundred and
ninety-one coal/and \ oil j license's
have been in force in the Elk
and Fording river valleys. Development work has beon done
on most of them. (57 licenses having been renewed.   .
put jt.heir faith in the Flathead
oil fields,- evidenced <, by the
articles of incorporation filed by
a' Nelson company-during the
past month.
The commissioner of Crown
lands reports that the production
of nickel in Ontario last year exceeded that of any previous year
,T-he total was 6,998 tons, valued
atjJ>L'',499,698.'"o   '."''.
The revival of mining in
Southeast Kootenay, which began with active operations at the
St. Eugene mine, has reached1 a
stage which justifies the, statement that; this district, famous
in 1'900'for its" production' of
silver-lead oi-es. will soon rank
as one of„ the most important
silver lead districts of the province.
I i^dUStries^l^^^ctiye Operation
Will Materially Assist iq tfye
f)eVelopn}eqt of tlje District
J1  4
I   '  J
M.. Phillipps Declares .That There
is a Large Oil Seepage in
" ^      Flathead1 Valley.
■ Nelson and Victoria people
have organized the&> 'FJatheacl
Valley Oil Development Co.,
with a capital of] §250,000,:, They',
hold close to ten thousa nd acres
of oil-lands. ^ a j.^iv^'d ^ _",; r>-. .;,.
1 All who are interested in
placer mining .pi^^ild «Hoyse
creek will be glad toMearn"that
recent development work .on .the
Nip & Tuck 'p'roi1G1'i.'.y is most*
satisfactory. " .     .
Coke and coal conditions,in thx?
Crow's Nest Pass are decidedly
bright and there is every promise of an increased output.
The Paradise mine has shipped
1-,610 tons of oj-e having a gross
value of $7lV>lQ.
The^total output/of silver'for
1903 was 2,99(5.204 ounces, valued
In the Fort .Steele, mining
division less than 1,000 ton's of
lead ore was mined in 1903, as
compared 'with 87,000 tons in
Should the St. Eugene remain
in steady operation, it is reasonably certain that this year's
silver-lead production will at
least equal the record of 1.900.
It is estimated that;.i the production of 100,000,tons Jast year,
■will be at least doubled this year
in British" Columbia.      ,
An event in the mining history
of Southeast Kootenay will be
reached when the Elk river falls
are harnessed.
Fort Steele and surrounding
camps continue to be the objective points of leading mining
men from &11 parts, who ,ave ..be:
finningWrealr/e Uiat'this' sec-l
Tobacco Plains,,B.C.,
June 9th. 1904.
To   the   Editor   of   the  Fort
Steele Prospector.
Sir,. ■
The report of the Provincial
Mineralogist, on the oil fields of
the Flathead is , in many ways
misleading dland'-v because"\"vMr.
Robertson, a .stranger in a wild'
country^ailed'fq-find more than'
the-^oildseepages'-'on the much'
staked off "Kish-e-neh-na'' and
Sage creeks; he at once concludes that they ' are the-only
ones known. He reports too
that he failed to find oil in a spot
where  Professor Schwyn found
?;Had the0. Provincial Mineralogist expressed a wish, I would
have sent over one of my sons,
who would have taken him to
many, oil seepages, and have
shown him the spot Professor
S.el\vyn'mentions and which still
gives'1'out oil. ' There is one
place near this latter .".point
where by hollowing out theshale
a basin is formed that-at once
fills with a clear straw colored
crude oil. The boulders on
.many, of,the creeks are saturated
with oil, showing """Sow ' very
Targe, must be the entire seepage
of oil in the vicinity of these two,
creeks, and in some other adjacent "ridges in the section of
the Flathead valley north of the
Boundary. \ first visited the oil
seepage in 1872, it had been
known to the Indians for years
before that time.
The „mistakes Mr. Robertson
made in getting' into 'the Flathead valley show how necessary
a guide is. Mr. Robertson describes the route he, followed as
the blazes of Mr. Ritchie, who
knew less of the country than-
Mr. Robertson. Had Mr.
Robertson gone a little to the
south he would have reached
the Flathead valley without going over a mountain, in place of
the ,7000 ft ridge he went over.
ATIow pass is also.mentioned and
shown on the map where no pass
exists. Moose creek,; a large
tributary of Wigwam' -river;
about the spot shown heads in a
large basin with high precipi
tous and impassable mountains
to the exit.
I hope to refer at greater
length to these oil seepages in
another issue of your paper if
you can find space for a matter
that so much concerns Southeast
Koqteiiay. . ■ S   a ■ .'.'   ..- -^     ■_
d "• •* --"-■    MlCirAETiJPHHiilPTS.    A
THIS year will without doubt be the beginning of an era of
prosperity in mining'matters in Southeast .Kootenay.
Heretofore we have had but three "/producing mines in operation
and during the past three years these mines have been laboring
under a disadvantage occasioned by low prices in silver and lead.
' With such,mines as the St. Eugene. North Star and Sullivan
we have been able to show and prove to- the satisfaction of capital-
ists^that we possess valuable mineral'deposits, that the placer
mines of the district were productive, and that the coal areas were
unsurpassed by any coal deposits in the Province, we may say oil
the American continent.
- The mining season of 190-1 opens under favorable.circum-
stances. The St. Eugene has commenced active operations, a
new and important strike has been made at the North Star mine,
and ^inside? of (.^thirty 'days', operations will-* be Presumed at the
Sullivan mine.   , ', '   '
Two important industries ai*e now being developed.     The"immense waterpower of Elk and-Bull, river will soon^be: harnessed,
-    -.-'•■'■   ■•      -.--.■-,   r- -. ./■:•:'>'"... a  . ~> ■      - --',,a«''A''.'J', - i*
electric plants installed, and power and light furnished to  the 'industries of the Crow's Nest Pass and Kootenay valley.
r ' r '
Deep placer-mines on Wild Horse creek, Perry and Weaver
creeks, and Bull river will be operated on a large scale, and
several new companies will open ground*on Skookum Chuck and
Finley creek, arid this year we may,expect a large increase in the
production of placer gold. .        '   d'
The commencement of active operations by the Sullivan Mining Co., and the building ofjbhe smelter at Marysville will prove
strong factors "in thed'eveloprhent of-the mineral resources of  the
<X' .   4. ■' ?2 °   H-,,d'' -d      Ai'....'    '■-'       :Kr^,yA.
district. _.-- 4;„ __ \p<:~ yy -£._ < yj "'"^ ,
i-'i? TheI installation of power plants<'at-Eikp and Bull river, will
furnish -power and light to commercial industries all over the
district. The building of a smelter at Elk river fallsiwill give to
mine owners, ,who have but a limited amount of capital, a home
market for their ore. , _      .
The big hematite iron deposits situated on Bull river will re-]
ceive .considerable attention this summer . - A ..large mumber of
these .locations .have been Crown granted during "the.past year.
With the large amount6 of development work now planned,
new industries in active operation, the immediate construction of
the Kootenay Central railway, several new properties added to the
list of shipping mines, we may this year look forward  to a  large
Cranbrook,   have
Mrs. Hoggarth.
It is . generally expected that
i,his will be the- outfitting point
for the Flathead and Tommy
Youatt will have his pack outfit
in shape for the rush. He is
now busy arranging for the
opening of a good livery and will
be ' in a position to. serve the
public, who require good riding
. Times have been very good
lately and numbers of people are
travelling to the south via G.N.
R.R. • , ''   .
George Hoggarth is preparing
to leave for Cranbrook where he
succeeds James Ryan4 as proprietor of the Cranbrook Hotel,
he will be associated with Victor
Rollins who is well known there
as a popular hotel man. George
will be" missed here, as he has
be'en so long connected with the
place. He is succeeded by Dan
McNeish of Port Steele, well and
favorably known.;  ~
A Cave-iii at North Star Mine.—
i Work Commenced oh  Smelter
at Marysville.
increase in the mineral production of Southeast Kootenay.
Picked up by Our Perambulator.
■'From     -Windermere      comes
■.i'.v ",*i.-;-    A'.   ,        ,   ,.        . ,
favorable' - reports  ol    mineral
'deyelopinent'd d A, large  amount
pf^rich7<ipre;js-;"now being sent
dowti^the'riyer by steamboats .to
Golden.   v\iV'; v .^-,7^
Late reports are to the effect
that the Sullivan mine will be in
active operation during the p^es-^
ent month. *    !
A large'amount of assessment
work is being done on Tracy and
Wild Horse creek.
All roads lead to Fort Steele.
There are hundreds of prospects
within a radius of 20 miles which
will' attract attention1 when the
K.C.R. is under construction.
W. A. Chisholm returned from
Luke creek',Saturday.; He has
been doing assessment work on
the Carbonate group, one of the
big silver-lead properties in that
Senator Bostock.
The appointment of Hewitt
Bostock to the senate in succession to late senator Reki was
formally made, on.. Saturday, .and
confirmed by the governor general on'Monday." ;    ■
Will Survey Coal Areas.
A survey outfit left Steele
Monday for Fording river. J.
T. Laidlaw has charge of the expedition, which will survey the
property of the Imperial Coal &
Coke i^o., consisting of 94 coal
ciaimsisi'tviiatdd on'Fording>iver.
Carter'jCotton-fin Cabinet.'
-d - „,,.,. ?<:   \ o'.„-.-. A..v»
.'Carter-Cotton, *■ MrL.Ad,     was
sworn.- in I'-as-^president- of  the
council on Monday in succession
to F. J. -Fulton   iioVt provincial
secretary., i' ,, ,.-pr   '•.». ..-.
.d Elko. News Items.
.*•< v'    tM •■* *>- '<?? y i,   - .-.i—-'   ■■-''.'  <*   .-
From Oui' OvvircoVvc'spoiKli'iit.1" "
., JCJonstables'.-j'Dranter,' .and" Dow
are here on official business.
Miss   Richards,   thel popular
teacher, will take a course at the
Normal Training school  at Van
couver in October.
The Elk River Power ' and
Light Co.,'-have just-got through
with the survey of'the falls, and
will shortly be in a position to
call for tenders for the preliminary worlc of construction.
There is quite a talk about
railway construction and those
in a position to know say that
the Corbin Road 'will join the
Crow's Nest R.R. at this point.,
Tlie.successful. 'contractors.,: for
•the extension of the G.N.R.R.
will be aiinounced in a day or
The:future:,of Elko :is assured
aiid its prospects;are bright.
Mi-. Ti-etherway, M.E., is here
waiting for the opening of the
Flathead reserve.
Mrs. Vandecar ^f/; Cranbrook
is hero with several other ladies
on a visit, f .':..    '    ;
.David. Moran'formerly of Fort
Steele has been rusticating here
for,some weeks/
Mrs,     Small 1:  and    daughter,
Kimberley, June 10.—A cave-
in, occurred' at the North Star
mine Wednesday slightly injuring- a miner named J. McKim.
McKim was working in the ,face
of- the drift when • the timbers
gave way' and ' came together,"
forming, an '' arch, and letting
clowna considerable- amount- of-
ledge matter,, which , caught the
-.'•«•*     i-'.-'1-' ' "' J,"''-'
lower portion-of ••'•McKimJsA body.
andIleg's:V;"'.Jt tpok two hours^.to',
release *• hirii r- -his' i nj uri es -'■'•• were
"sliglit',^orily»>Hisvsi legsi.- and-5feert-
were-bruised-by-'the weight of
,th'e debris7which'fell-..     •
Some 20 men are now engaged
in] getting the Marysville smelter! in condition for active work,
as soon as this is accomplished a
larger force will be employed.
'It is   expected   that   a   small,
force  will be employed  at the
Sullivan mine .next week.   They
will  retiraber  certain drifts and
f    r
place the mine in condition for
active operation.
'The Cranbrook Sash & Door
Co., are now shipping logs from
Kimberley to Cranbrook by rail.
Jennings and Laurie, tie contractors, have some 20 men em-
played in getting out ties.
Will Install Sawmill. .
Japanese About to Attack Port
Arthur.—And Propose to 'Work
With Secrecy.
The Japanese, according to
Chinese reports, made several'
sustained and stubborn attacks
on Port Arthur simultaneously
by land and sea. " They were repulsed with severe loss. The
position of the Japanese in(Kwan
Tung is said to be precarious.
There are rumors that the Vladivostok squadron has effected a
junction with the Port Arthur
fleet; that a naval battle took
place, and the Japs lost four
large ships oft'Talienwaii.
The next big fight may be expected at Kin Chou where the
Japs are gathered in force.
Nothing- is-   known    at   St.
Petersburg ■'- of -   the''  various
rumors i to  the-effect-that Port
Arthur has fallen, but itris'not •
considered pbssible at this time. -'
The v.belief i, prevails   in   St.
Petersburg that the two; armies
wilLsoon-meet,1, and  that "a de-*,
cisive battle is impending which
may decide the fate of the. cam-.-,
paign. - .   >
Silver-lead' Quotations. '
New York, .Tune 10:
Bar Silver......._	
Load'.".' * '.....	
Copper.:  -..'	
Spelter-.'.: '.'	
London', June 10.—Silver,
' '4.35 *
copper £56, 7a - 6d; dead,'
spelteiv<£2l;l7s   d. • -.>   ._,,.
£11 15.-, d:
Market Conditions.
W. H. , Griffith, , Cranbrook,
will install a sawmill at Fort
Steele Junction. All the necessary machinery has arrived and
will be placed on Youngs timber
location south and east of the
Junction. A tie camp will also
be established,' and the C.P.R
will build a spur to the mill and
G.   F.   Pownall,   Fish Lakes,
was in town Friday.
Evidences of. improvement are '■:
.numerous all over, the district. ■
y Fair weather gives an'impetus 'r'
to;operations in placer mining. , "!
. Copper advanced 5s in London
, Lead was>quiet and unchanged
at New York, but declined Is 3d
in London^       '
Explosion, at Golden.
A special by stage from Golden says:   ■ '■
Early on Monday morninsr a
terrific explosion, wdiich shook
every building in Golden,
awakened the inhabitants with a
suddenness that brought to mind
the, Frank disaster of last year.
W. A. Alexander's jewelry store
had been'dynamited. The building is a total wreck. The stock
of jewelry and watches „ was
blown to atoms. There is no
clue yet to the ,perpetrators ,of
the outrage.  ,
Chief License Inspector Mc-
Mullen of Fernie was in town
Friday on official business.
Telegraphic Items.
New York, June 11.—President John Mitchel and William
Dood of the United Mine Workers of America sail today for
Toronto, June, 10. —Among
those to receive the honory degree of LL.D. at the convocation of the University of Toronto today was president Harper
of the University of Chicago,
Professor Mi not of Harvard University, and Provost Macklen of
Trinity College.
The timetable, of the Crow's
Nest branch will be changed
next week.
James Nelson has gone to
Marysville to work ' on the
A.B.Fenwick.- and
went to Kimberley
D. Newell
Friday on
F. Gogg. London, Eng., was
registered at the Imperial Friday.   "■'..,'' .''.■'.
Thei'e are certain indications
aud.' showi ngs at Fort1 Steele to
warrant--.,the.-".belief that bettor
days arcdahead. ,;';..
Licenses Next Week.
Victoria, June 10.— Announce--
ihent- has Jieen made' that coal,
licenses in the  Flathead reserve
areas  will  be issued during the
coming week.',,
Lumber Industry.
The lumber industry of South-
cast Kootenay should boom this
year. . In almost every town in
the district arc situated one or
two sawmills. We have every
confidence that the current year
will .largely excell in, lumber
production that of 1903! THE PROSPECTOR FORT STEELE, B. C, JUNE 11, 190-1.  V  ��he 3pra0pector.  KSTArjLisnr.n   iss*  7*.  B. Grace,  PUBLISHER    AND    EDITOR.  Devoted .o the upbuikliuK ot rori mceic the  development,of the \asi mineial comics of  tbe East Kootenay mlmna district.        ~  Subscnpuons ti W pei  year  AdvemsW iate-, made known on applieiiuoir  Contributions are solicited from all part'.of the  district, but all matter intended for puolK'.iuon  must have tbe writer's signature  THE PROSPECTOK, Is ptihli-hoJ  .very Saturday, and has a guaranteed  circulation larger than an> otltei paper  In East Kooienay. It is all tuirac Printed  and contains double the news of anj  ither paper in the Jistiici.  As  an   advertisinR   niodn:,ii   n   i? u,n  excelled.  ��lj�� $Jw0pectar.  SATURDAY. JlNI-dU. 1WI  Liberal - Conservative   Candidates  for Parliament.  FOR   KOOT.E.VA V 'DISTRICT,  .CHARLES' H. MACKINTOSH.  '     OF  ROSSLAND.  FOR  YALK-OARlIiOO   DISTRICT.'  .     MARTIN BURRILL.  OF' g'ka.VD FORKS. ,     -  NTKW   WESTMINSTKK   DISTRICT.  J. D. TAYLOR,     -  OF   NEW  WESTMINSTER.'  UNLESS all signs, fail Fort  Steele will be 'the  scene  of great' activity  this summer.  In the Kootenay valley there is a  '   vast country for exploration, immense   water    power   awaiting  development, large timber areas,  and'   other     natural    resources  awaitinc the construction of   the  Kootenav Central railway:  , '     * ,'"   ''  The home seeker should .bear  in mind that lauds in the Koote-  ���nay valley can he 'Obtained as  cheaply as land in any portion  of the Northwest. The best of  land with the tinest soil is on  tlie.market for five to ten dollars  , per acre.' There is no crop  failifiro in. the Kootenay, valley.  T:lie" climate is perfect'and one  of the principal advantages ��� of  the valley is fruit raising. The  prospective settlci-caii find   land  ' to suit most any kind ol" Farming  in the Kootenay valley.  y.      x      >    ,  The mining outlook for Southeast Kooienay this year is   most  Favorable   at  present, and   with  natui'iil impetus which it will re v.  coivc   from   the   working  of the  St. Eugene mine, and   from   the  resumption     of     work ��� at   the  Sullivan, the building of a smelter  at   Marysville, and increased  transportation     facilities,      the  'future surely looks rosy  For   the  district.  '/.-<' ���'  With the construction of the  Kootenay Central railway, the  rich mines of the Fort Steele and  Windermere districts, and the  immense iron deposits of Bull  river, will be developed to a producing stage.  Southeast Kootenay is acknowledged by all mining men  who are conversant with its  mining possibilities to be one of  the greatest, mineral areas in  British Columbia  %<- - <  , Water power developments  are now under way at Elk river  falls, and Bull river. It is estimated that ")').ii0o horse power  are now running to waste in  Southeast Kootenay.  .<    i    -  l<Yum a sccmic point of view  there in no inure attractive  country than the mountain  region in the vicinity of Fort  Steele. The lime K not far dis  tani, when it.will hecjome a great  pleasured resort 'which will  attract tourists, anV] ��� the. mountain climber ;ind traveller will be  WANTKO" SKVKIIA'I. fNllCSTIM-  iiiiH persons in isiiiih nUili- to tru.vi'.i for  lioust.'- i:sUil>li'.sln:<l'Hi/vi..-i) yt:itrM.ii'ml iv ith  n. laryr. rli.|iilul..l.i>.i-ii!! upon merchants  iiiiil iiii'i-nts' fur Miii?c.Ossf.iil mill pi'i.ilil,alilc  lini'. I '������ruiitniriilA'.iiH'iiy'omr.iil. YWnk-  l-y i-ii.sl) sulnry of *'JI anil . ill I triivoliiur  c'xpc.jisi.'s aud liotnl hills, advuneidl in  ,r-.iiri|i I'a.i.'h wri'k Ivxpc.rii'iii'o. not. (.issi'-ii-  l.iill. Mi'iilion ri.|'i.rcn(''-s and etu'losv  si:ll'-iulili'c.ssi.'(l cMviilopi'. Till!'. NATIONAL-, -t'l- Doai'liorii .St., Cliieuyo.  st ���orL'-iv in .-vidt'ivr' in 11m  nsar  f iriuru.  There are some people who  not only lose their own time  with their troubles, but take up  the time of others telling them.  Gold   is   the only deity before  which   universal   man   has   ever  bowed.  >.     *  The ' utUMiilon of the home  .seeker ha-, been attracted to the  Kootenay valley, and people are  beginning to appreciate the agricultural possibilities of South  east, Kootenay.  \    \     >,  Every new industry Formed is  good for ihi1 district and,, tends  to a'ttract others to consider and  secnre property 0  Prop'bMtions u> build an  electric line from Elko to Michel  are yood, there is a busi?ies.>  tone to the proposition, and the  time has coine when such a- line  will' be of immense benefit to  towns in the Crow's Nest Pass.  X i      *        * *'  There is not so much in what  a man believes as inert? is in  what he does, 0  .���  MIXKKU.    U"V  '     iFOKM   F I  ttBTl Til.-\ 1 ��   l.'t'   lMPH-JVKMtM'a.  NOTICE.  'Hijrhkuui Clutu". -Ci  ���SOVuI-jJlfflS  and "L'luii-ii fraftioutil" Minerui  ' Claim-.  Situate in tbt- Kort Sc*.'��le Miami; Division  oi fclasit Kootenai' Di-tut't  Wfic-iy kKjateii - Ou Perry Creek  Take uotit- that 1 Tho��. T. MoViuio 1-\M C.  Mo H7.IT10, Agent for -.lie Kopieuay iPerrv  Cri-ek) Gold Mine- Limueil. Free Mmer - Cer  titii'.iits'Ko. 1573717. intend, MXty <lu>-.frcmii the  dute liereo: l<> apply to the Mining Recorder  foi-aC-ei'titieate of Tmliro\ement*.. for the.pur-  po^e'uf obiauui.i; a Crown Oram of the above  el.iim-. , '  And turthei take notfee that lu-tiou. under  .-eciion J?, muhl lie commenced before the lSsu-  ance of such Cerlilicale oi Improvement-.  Utued this 9th d.il i>i June, IWI     ,  '  ���jl THOS T. McVITTIK.  It Will> be to Your Interest.  II' you coiilmnpliiie vihiiin�� the St.  Louis- K.xposition.,U' hUi:��'"C reliable in-  loL'iiKiiiion ;is- to i-iiili-ou'd stii-vicu. the  lowest rules iiiul the liest1 rouics. Al?o  :is )o local emulitions in Si. Louis:  lintels, utc. etc.  il von will write the iiiiclersiirned.  s.iiii,in<,r whui iiil'oriiiiLtion syou desire,  ihe siuiie will he promptly furnished.  If we do not have it on hand, will  secure' it fur you if possible, and without any uxpen-e to you. Address  U. Il.TKbdMUUr.L. Commercial A��ent  '     h-1 Third Street.   Ponland. Ore.  ,    NOTICE.  ThWty tlavs nftei date 1 the undei'iif.'iied in  1,'iid to .ipjjly lo the I'luef roinmii-Monei- of  r..iiuN and Woiks foi �� Siieeial License to i-ut  and t-ariv .l'.Miy tinilier fioin the follo��iiiE de-  si illicit l.nuK vi.'. CommciiL-inK lit a post  miirked O Lund s noi ihwe-l comer at ihe m-  ;.'r-,eenon oi Lot i">(i:�� and \V. Limners' South-  ciii Uouu.lan mi ��est side of Kootenay Hiver  in Southeast Kooienay mill iiiniilnc 10 chains  i asi mure <u Ies�� to west bank of Kootenay  l:i\er. thi'iu-e *oinn iilouc i*mi bunk M) chains  more or le--, to intersect 1-ot 33S. thence wesi  ,^i eliains nioif ur le,s- to intersect Lot (WW.  tV'iiec north so t-hain^ to point or liOKinn'inj,'.  LOntainiui.' |i��i .n ics n.oic ot less.  t">. Ll'XD  '  Apill .'Tlh   l'^l -��  NOTICE.  I'liiny d,n- aftei date I ihe undeisiuned m-  ,iii,1 in apply 1" th,' C;hlef Connnissionei of  Lands and Woi ks ioi a ^|ieeiiil License to cut  .i-id cirr} ,iw.i\ nnilji-r from tin- lollowins de-  si-nl��,i lauds iv -enmiiu-TifiiiK at a post  i.iaikcilC I' Lund ^ southmst corner ill the  .iiti.rs.'i tioc nf Loi MM I and about SO chains  lortn "f Lo' ""' o" cast side id Kooteniiy Hiver  .., siiiitlu asi Koiiti n,��j. And running loo chains  n ,rib ln-ni,- .-1 i Ii uii- west uioie oi less to  i-.H'l bank nf liDiiii u.ij Itr.ei tlicnce sou 111  :<illnui!.i.' said Imnk !'i ������ pulm ulipnsilc noint  ',' , omuii'iio'iin'M th,mic cast ltd chains moil-  ��� ii i-s^ to point hi   i on i.n-iKi'iilciil, coiitamiutf  . il a. lion  oi   I'-ss  <:   J'. MINI).  Api.I  .'7ll.   l"'il -"  HeadauartRrs   for   Mining   and   Commercial   IVIen  Th  ��j  v&  All    Modern     Conveniences  FORT    STEELE,   B.   C.  Large   Sample   Rooms   for.   Coihihercial   Men.  Tile Mining Center of South East Kooienay  The Largest  Mineral Areats^    ,  and the IVIost  Extensive    .  Coal Fields on the  American Continent  are Situated in  South East Kootenay  Agriculture  CS-razing and the  O i  Lumber Industry  are Prominent  Features off the  District.  The proposed Crow's Nest and Golden iSailwajrwiii pass  through Fort Steele and Tap the Greatest Mineral Belt of the  District.  50   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  Anynun ��mirlli)�� it pU<-lf;li nnct OfrtrrljiIUm tuny  qitlotcly fwrnrtJiln oiir opinion friMj wfiothor, nn  mvoriMnti 1�� prnhniily jm\i*tilnhU.. (Viirirrtuiiirn.  Mfin��HtYU!Myf'"H'lf)iiMnL I limrllinfik on t'nttmU  ���iciil. frot*. (H'l'-'t UL'<?tit:7 for !M*<-iiriiiK putt*tit.1.  I'ntt'iilH t.uk'Mi tlir<riik*li Miinn"A Co. n*rclvp  ijtfrtnl notirr, without vMnruii, In l.h<!  Scientific American.  A JinnrlflftTtiply lllufltrntcd wpnkl.v.    l,nr��cflt cir-  ciilnt.lon of any H-'ionMHn joiirmil.    'IVrum. %& n ���  j-nar; four rnotitha, IU   So It! by nil Ticwnil��alera/  MUNN & Co.36,Broadwa'f- New York  Choice Business aiid Residence lots for Sale V  THE PROSPECTOR, POUT STEELE,  B. C, JUNE 11. 1904.  !  ��j  ,. i&  X  Furna  DOUBLE  FEED-DOORS  Just about the meanest'  thing- a furnace can.have  is a dinky little door.  Ever have one? Hit the-edge  as often as the hole ? One has  to be an expert stoker to shovel ,  coal into some furnaces. If  you're not an expert you'll get  as much on the floor as in the  fu  equi  Yo  of  lace.  The   Sunshine   furnace  is  pped with a (food, big- door.  can  put  your  shovel   in  and    drop the   coal just   where    it it  inted���no trouble,   no  taking-  aim,   no   missing-,   no   scattering-, or  noyance. ,  {everything-  about    the  Sunshine    furnace    is  on  the   i  thoughlfulness. -       ,  Sold   by  all  enterprising  dealers.    Write   for  booklet.  WClafyl  L0HD0N. TORONTO, MONTREAL, WINNIPEG, VANCOUVER, ST. JOHN, N. B  .?7.i��..;. '.'.V.*.*.'.!.'?! J.*'.*.. rr.'?.-*-'"'^"-'.  �� ^.^r*;mr^  MINE. It A L ACT.  (KOK.M   F.)  OKKTIKlfJVI'E OF  IMl'HOVKMKNTS.  NOTICE. -' -,  ...     "'      >  "Dorsttliy" Mincriil (Jliiim.  Situate in tlie Fori Steele Milling Division of  ICnst Kootenay District.  Where located' ���On the west side nl l.nwei  Moyio Lake.  '  TAKE NOTICK Unit t. .Itnnes A.'Harvey. I''.  M.C. No. niiWiffil, uctlii!? foi myself iiiid ��s ukoiiI  ' for J. Z. Citrid, F.M C. No. ��73107. iiml Flunk  (.iuindon. Free Miner's Curtiliciite No. UGUSHT,  intend, sixty days fioin the date hcicof. to  apply lo the MImiiK Keeorder for .1 Cciuliralc  of improvements, for the puipo'-c of obtaining  a Ciown Grant of the above claim.     '  Aud further lake notice Unit action, under  Section H7. must be commenced hefoie the issuance of such Certilieateof Impioveuicnts  Dated this anil day of May. A.D., 1001.  ID '"   '      '        J. A. HAltVEV.      '  MINUKAL ACT  (FORM  r.)  CKKTIFICATll OK  IML'HOVKMKNTS  NOTICE.      ,  Giilore Mineral Claim.  Situate in the Fort Steele MimiiK Division of  Kast Kooteuay District. "  Where located:���On Sullivan Hill. , t  Take notice that I, James A. JIai vey. F.M.C .  No. ���'WMaV.uisent loi Charles C. Fiu-ioll. RM.  C No. "JlfiOrilW. Waltei C. Hurchett. F.M.C.  No. "UOOfina", liobert L. T. Galbrailh. F.M.C.  No. "1300698", Judion 13. bangley. F.M.C. No.  ''���BtjOCSH", William J. Liiingloy. F.M.C. No.  "BG0680'\ Edwin C. Smith, F.M.C. No.''H7l383"  and Aiidrew.1. Devlin. Free Mlnef'sCertillcuto  No. "BdOOTH,1" intend, sivty days from the date  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder lor a  Certilicate of Improvements, for the pin pose of  obtaining a Crown Giown of the above claim.  .  And fuithei take notice that action, under  section XT. must be commenced befoie the issuance of such C'eitificale of Improvements.  Dated this iSth day of December, A.D.. IflOJ.  1,-, .1. A. HARVEY.  MINERAL    ACT.  (I'OHM   F.;  OKKTIFKIA'I'K OF  IMr-UOVKMKNTS  NOTICE.  CANBY. JENNINGS AND FISHEK HIV EH  .    ,.      .Minora) Claims.  Situate in the Kurt, Steele M miim  Division of Kitst Kootenay District.  Where loeateel:--On Wolf < 'reek.  Take Notice that I. .lames A. Harvey  F.M.C. No. 13ti0(>2:i. agent lor .John 'Id  Humphreys,. K.M.C. No. H<i0<i2.->. I'eter  .leiihon, K.M.C. No. UHCWIK). -lolin Aid-  rich. F.M.C. No. IWOWMi. and Samuel  T-cwison. Free Minor's. < Vi-iilioalo No.  BfiOlillo. intend, sixty days from i.he  date hereof, to apply to the Mining Uo-  corder for a ('erlilicaU' or Improvements, for the purpose ol obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim*..  And further take notice thai, action,  under section 37. mu.st he commenced  before the isbiiaiice of Midi Certilicate  of Improvements.  Dated this I0t.li day'of May.'A.l"). 190-1  ?0      ' ���'. A.  HAIIVKY.  T can quickly hell lor ciihh, without  local -publicity.��� your Business. Real  Estate or Partnership, no matter where  located. A 'd-.'   '  Send me 'full"particulars, prices &c.,,  Address CI-IAS: Ii. POWlSTdL, 19 West  Mohawk, St.dBun'alo, N.Y.  ,, ' NOTICE.   .,.   A   .  Notice is hereby given that (i() days  from the date hereof T intend to apply  lo the Chief Commissioner of Lands  and Works at Victoria to purchase the  following described lands situate in  Southeast  Kootenay  and   described as  follows:��� ���...'-.���..    d    ������   ...'  Commencing at a postv planted olio  mile west of south west corner of block-  No. 342, tlicnce 80 chains sqiltli, tliemie  20 chains east, thence 80 chains north,  thence 20 chains west to place, of be-  ^innin"; containing 160 acres more or  less.  JOHN MEAN.  Dated Fort Steele May IstdlilOI.    .20  ODhe ijfrotfpector:  SATURDAY. J UN 13 11, 1904  .  ' Electricity in Mines.  ; Tho report of the British Committee appointed by the Home  Secretary to inquire into the use  oi' electricity in mines was issued  early in the year, and will be a  valuable document to colliery  owners and managers. ,y  Tho ,s Com mission has , found  that electric/.purrehts for use in  mines are broadly classified into  ''continuous" and "alternating,"'  and'observes" that the tendency'  in America is to use continuous  current especially, for haulage  by locomotives. For generation  aud transmission the alternating  current is more,, desirable, but  for motors which are frequently  started and slopped, it finds that  up to the present time a continuous current has been the most  satisfactory.  It'.'is the opinion of the com-  mission that electric apparatus  which is properly set up and  used presents.no such dangerous  features as would justify the  prohibition of its use; it fully  considers the points , of broken  electric lamps with resulting  danger of,.sparks, ,of winding  from shafts, of electric coal  cutters, etc., etc.. before forming  the conclusions which the report"  expresses.  ���-The question of what voltage  should be employed has becu  considered by the Commission  which deals with the evidence  submitted, and has also carefully  gone into the matter of what restrictions should be permitted as  to the voltage of the current at  the point where tho electricity  is to be applied. The report is  followed by ( a .lengthy set of  rules which are proposed by the  Commission for regulating the  use of electricity. These rules  are too long for reproduction,  but tnoir general effect is rather  that ol' instructing or informing  the workmen than of imposing  restrictions against the use .ol  the electric current. As a matter  of fact perusal of the report conveys the idea that the Commissioners are of the opinion that  future legislation . on the use of  electricity should be along the  lines of rendering such use safe*,  and not "with vadtendency to r<��-  strict the' application of the  electric fluid. '.,-������������       A  The general treatment of this  subject as made in the. report  suggests the general principles:  that the plant should be of good  quality and so placed as to insure.'its safety from lire or  sudden shocks; that the plant  should be under  the charge  of  '1'IIK MAST*:II MECHANICS 1'IJKK TAK  SOAP heals anil tioftcus the skin, wliilo  promptly cloatisiiiK it of grease, oil. rust. etc.  Invaluable ror mechanics, dinners, sportsmen.  Free sinnplo on reeei 1)1,01 lie. for postage.  Albert Toilet Soap Co., Mfrs Montreal.  cuiiipeK'iit persons whose work  should be periodically supervised: thai all Ihe apparatus  should be inspected at stated  times and tested as to its  efficiency and safety: that  wherever and whenever electrical machinery is used in gaseous  mines, all such machinery should  be so enclosed as to prevent any  gas being reached by a spark,  should a machine become dirty  or deteriorated so as to generate  sparks. ��  The Rules proposed by the  Commission are, as a whole,  elementary, and exceedingly  simple of observance to anyone  at all lamiliar with electricity.  Rule No. ii is somewhat exiended  and governs the conditions under  which' low. medium, or high,  pressure vol 1 age may be employed. The Commission has  taken low pressure voltage as  not in excess of !!")(> volts;  medium, permits of any voltage  between,f2ri0 and i),">0: high voltage means any current between  050 and 3000* volts. hi the  section dealing with switches,  fuses and cut-outs, all open type  switches, fuses aud cut-outs are  prohibited, and in the section  dealing with motors is the rule  that the motor must be stopped  if the presence of fire damp is  indicated^,   ', y r ^ I  It is rather amusing to mining  men hero, who have also operated iu B.C., to hear an occasional kicker from that province discourse on the bad B.C. mining  laws. If some of those kickers  wish to go up against the real  thing let.thein try our made-in-  Ottawa mining, rules such as we  have here.���Tjmes, -Blairmore.  Russian Empress' Birthday.  ��� St. Petersburg, 'June G.���The  Russian capital had a holiday today in honor of the birthday of  the Empress, who" was born  June" 6, 187^. 'The, city was  ablaze with decorations. The  churches were thronged with  persons offering' prayers for the  Emperor and impress,and the  success of the' -Russian arms in  the Far East.  i.jchnck autjioki^jnk; ax i;xtha-i'ho-  VIXCIAI, CO Ml'A XV TO CAItHY  OX Hl'SJXKSS.  foill" \MKS A( J.   IS'IT."  Honor Memory of Sir John.  Kingston, Ont., June 6.���  Memorial exercises were held  today at the grave of Sir John  Macdonald in Cataraqui cemetery, this being the thirteenth  anniversary, of .the death of the  great Canadian statesman. The  grave was decorated with .handsome wreaths sent by prominent  Conservatives and others.  Orange Meat  Save  Your   Coupons  It Will be to Your Interest.  If yoii coiiioinphilo, viaitln" the St.  I.ouih ld\])Ohition. to secure reliable in-  lorniiition as to railroad service, the  lowest, rates and the best routes. Also  a^, to local conditions ,in St. Louis:  hotels, etc.. etc.  If you will write the undersigned,  statin" what information you desire,  the same, will be promptly lurnished.  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JLiinited,' is  uuthoiit>?d iinclliceiis-ed to curry on business,  within the Piovince of UritlMi Columbia, and  to curry out or effect all or any of the objects of  the Comjiany to which the legislative authority  of the l-.t'tjislalurc of Untish Columbia extends  The head ollice of the Company is situate in  tlie City of Montreal, J'rovince of Quebec.  The amount of the capital ol the Company Is  foui million the hundred thousand dollars,  divided into forty-live thousand shares.of one  bundled dollais each.  Tliu head ollice of the Company in this Province "��� situate at Cranbrook, and James A.  Ilai vey. HanisUM, whose address is Cianbiooli  It C\, is the attorney lor the Coiiipuii>.  (J ivt'ii under my hand and seal of oillreat Vic-  luria. lJiovince ol   Hrilish  Columbia,  this ."ith  (lay of Api II. one thousand  nine  mindicd  aud  I,mi.  11. s'J S. Y. WOOTTOX,  Iti'ijiMrnr ol Joint Stock' Cnm}i(inifi<.  The obje-ts foi w Inch the Combaiiy ha-been  established aic;���  (a.; To carry on iu all It- branches the business of a Coal Alinliifi- ('onijmny, and for said  purpose-,.   . i  (b.) 'J'i> nc'iulre coal lands, mine-, claims,  mining right-, rights' ol wa\ and oilier rights  ��� and property, and to pay (or the .same cither In  money 01 iu fully paid-up shares or partl\ in  money or jmitly in such sliaiu-% oi the Company  and lo sell or lease or otherwise dispone of the  same, or any of them:  (e.) To woi't, explore, develop or maintain  the mines oi oilier minerals of the Company  and thetinibei on the Company's lands, and to  prepuie for market, sell, dispose of and deal in  coke. coal, petroleum, timber and mineral siib-  slani'es. either in a maiiufactuicd suite 01  otherwise.  (d.) To constiuct, impiove and ma in tain on  the propel ty of the Company roads, biidwes,  resenoirs. .water works. ' wutei courses,  wharves, warehouses., tuiniices, .sawmills, and  other works and conveniences, electrical or  otherwise:  (e ) To use steam, waier. eleclnciiy. air or  other power or substances as a motive power  for the purposes of cariyinj,' on the works and  underlalciiiKs of the C'oinpanj, and to sell, lease,  or otherwise dispose of any surplus thereof.  (f.) To supply tfooils, ^\arcs or merchandise  to the employees of the Company or to the occupiers of any of the lands of the Company  (K.) To ac<|uiie or carry on nil 01 any part ol  the business oi pioperty and to undeilakc the  the liabilities of any. person,, (i 1*111. association  or company possessed ol pioperty suitable foi  the pin poses of the Company, and as the consideration for the same to pay cash or to issue  shams, stock, or obligations of this Company:  , (Ii.) To make any airaufjenient by way of  amalgamation with any person. Iiitn, or eor-  poiation carrying on or engaged in any business or transaction w Inch the Company hereby  incorporated is authorised'lo cair> on or engage in. " " 17  Fort  Steele Cigar   Store  A Fine Line of  Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos  Billiard Room  "WATCHMAKER and   JEWELER  ENGRAVING and REPAIRING  PERIODICALS  NOTICE.      ..  .To OltAXCIK S. KHJ/ZKM., and,to any  other paity or parties, to whom he may have  transferred his'interest in the Shakespeare  Mineral Claim Situate on I'eiry Cieek, in the  Fort Steele Mining Division, Kast I\ooicnay.  Uritish Columbia.  TAKE NOTICK that you are hereby lectured  within ninety days lroni first publication of  this notice to pay to the undersigned tho sum  of tl.liMX) the amount expended by him on youi  interest in .snide claim for assessment work up  to the :19th day of October, 1003.   ,  AND FUHTHEU TAICE NOTICK. that unless said payment together with all costs ol  adveiUsing is paid within the time above  stated, \our inteiest in said claim shall lapse^  to the undeisigned on account of said expenditure.  ;  THIS NOTICE isgi\en   under Section   1 of  the "Mineral Act Amendment Act, l'JUO".  Dated this-Jnd day ot May. l'WI., . t  in GUST TIIE1S.  TICKETS  TO  ALT.,   I'OIXTS  East and  YIA-  Short   l-,itte  TO  St. Paul,  Duluth',  Minneapolis, Chicago  ASH A I.I.  POINTS  KAST  Seattle,   Taconia, Victoria,   Portland  ASI) AM. PAdKie COAST  l>l)ISTs  'Througli Piilucc and Tourist, Sleepers. Dining; unci Bullet Smoking Mb-  riiry t'ui-s.  2 FAST   TKA1XS O  OVHKLAND DAILY ��-  Por  rates,   roltlcra itiul  lull information regarding trips, call on 01^ address  S. (I. VKRKKS, ti.W'.l'.A..  .Seattle. Wa-.li.  :    FfA BRANDT; ;c.t'i.;&-Tkid;701   W.  Itiversitle Ave.. Spokane, .Wash..  .MINERAK.ACTA  FOKM  V.  OEIITIKICATE. OF' IMI'ROVRMRSTS.  NOTICE.  "lOnii'i-iild'-'    and    "Phoenix" ..Mineral  Claims.  SituiilC in the Fort Steele MIiiIiik Division or  East Kootenay District..  .iW'liei-e located:'-On the St. Mary's River.  TAKK NOTICE that I, A. It. Ileylaiid. I'..!.;  S . Kaslo, iiKeiii for.M. .T. Ilalpln, l.'ree Miner's  Cu'rtllleatcNo. l!.t"��'J5, intend, sixty days rnun  tbe date hereof, to apply to the .MIiiIiik Kec-ord-  ,:r rin' >' I'ei'lillcate of linprovements (or the  purpose of oblaininu 11 Crown ��� (iratil of the  above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  Kcctioii II''. must be i:oiiniieiieed.|jefore tbe Issu-  itnce oi such Certificate or J uiproveinents.  Dated this Ith day of May, A.D. 1!X)I.  .,��� A. It. UKYl-AND.  ( I        \ I * '  * ~     ~        *���*   '  Toys,   Books   and   Stationery  1 N. HANSON, 1  ^ General iVlercHarit AND    , 3  5=    '   .,., L^iqvtor Dealer, ^  wflSft : - -;bg.    =  ^  Port  Steele  Merit Market  t, ROBERTS. Proprietor.  Fresh and Salt Meats Always On Hand.  ' ��� ��� . ii  ., 'i*"gf��  Port    Steele  it  I.    ��� -Ail  ,  U  .','0   (��'-,!   t'. |  Ittg  , t   t FERNIE,' B. C.  MANUFACTURERS  and  BREWERS OF EXTRA PINE  BEER  PORtEB  SOLD,   BY   THE   BARREL,   KEG   OR    BOTTLED  '    . ^'  Bottled beer for family use a specialty  OUTSIDE ORDERS GIVEN STTJTCT �� PROMPT ATTEN'J'TON  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED *��&����&  (  V 1  Miitifc   & Sctottj Prop's.  REPEATING RIFLES  No matter what your ideas or preferences  are about a riile, some one of eight, different Winchester models will surely suit  you. Winchester Rifles are made in all  calibers, styles and weights ; and whichever model you select, you can count on  its being weil made and finished, reliable  in action .and a strong,, accurate shooter.  FREE   Send, ymir name and address on a postal  card   for   our.   IfiV pace   illustrated    catalog*!.    ���',  WINCHESTER   REPEATING  ARMS   CO.  NEW HAVEN. CONN. '^  NOTICE.  ��� it, liuriiliy Kivun itml thirty cluys iider  ''    ��� d notice. ���     .;,!,  N<illi.T.,i.s''lit!reli.v.i;lvi!ii tlml. tlilrly iliiys liflV I       .    ,.  ,Inns 1 iiutiiid l��. ii|>|ily l<> till' Chief Cnniiiilsslon'-!     N'i'Urf   . ,.,,,,. ,    ,,  cm- of l���t,���ls nml  WoVUs f���r a Sp-^lal l.lc-n.s.'- in ' .luui' I Inl.-n.l U, apply m��� tl.o U.lcf CominlXHlon-  out n...l .-a, ,v awav l.l.i.licr from   11.0  following |��.r <.f l-i..��l�� a��<l Work.  ".' a Spec al I Ac,,,. W  KodU'tiay .\)ii-    I'linmil oiirry away .timlmr fnim tli��  following  ���'��� ���' A' [ (IuhciIIiciI lands In SouUi   Knst  KooUiiiliy"-I>lx-  li-lct.ililUsli l.'iiluiiihiii:.���  1i.-kci'II)L'.'I liilids III Soul li J l''.asl  li-iut, llrii.i.��li.(,'()liiinl,la:.  L'oiiiniiiiiciiiK al a post plaiiU'tliil tin; i-outli ���  oasl i.'oi'iio'r of I'.ot I87:i liuiiiK tlio iioi-Hh:usI corner      of .    Kihvuri!      l.omP.'ii's    pre  CoiniiH'iiciiik'.iit  a  post plantial oil Sullivan  (.���niptiiwi    C'rci'k M mile N.li. of Kl'inlwrloy thence west 10  ..,.        f .    Kihvuri!      l-oiuli'ii'      . ,..    .     .  tliciiee smil.li>0 clmiiis, tlieiieeAvest ��) eliaiiis, i chains, tlioiicc nnrtli WJ i:halns, thence east SO  thence north Ml chains, thence east SO .chintz to | chains, thence sonlli so chain's, thoiicc west 10  plnceol huKin'tiin'K. ' ! clmiiis lo the'pluev-of heulnnliiK.  Dated thisl-'th dav'of April. IHOI.r ,     1'aled' .lliis i-Jlli day of April. ,1001.  K. M. Kcnwiek, l.oc.ilor T. 11. U Kenwick, Locator  ���;��� Arthur II .end   '     l�� Arthur H. Kcnwlck,'ARfint THE PROSPECTOR, FORT STEELE, B. C,  JUNE 11, 1904
®Jte ^w^zitiox.
SATURDAY, dUNK 11, 1904
CKAXHKOOK.      -     H.C
'   G.W. F. GARTE.R, B.G.L.
Notary Public-of British  Columbia
'' Collection  of  accounts  attended   to.
Auditing   and   keeping- of  books done
with dispatch.    Corivspondenci' elicited. •■
O. W. F. CARTER, Fort Steele. B.C.
For fresh fruit, go to Kershaw
W. A. Bleasdell, Fernie, was
at Steele on business Wednesday
.\i. Guinter, Bull river, was hi
town Monday.
A number of Steelites were at
St." fiugeiie MissibirSunday "utstf
J. T. Laidlaw was at Steele
Sunday last.    , >
.)•. W. Robinson, "Cranbrook,
was a Steele visitor Sunday last.
Robert Deuipsey. , Wardner,
was in town Monday. •
Alex Chislioliu returned from
Marysville Monday.   ■
A. Li. McDertnott, and an outing party from Cranbrook.a visit -
{><f Wild Horse creek Wednesday,
5 Andrew Xeidig came over from
Cranbrook ' and spent Sunday
and Monday with his family.
P.L..S.  &  CE,
Fort Steele B.C.
138 r.eadenhall Street. London. Knglaiiil.  •
Provincial : Land : Surveyor
Livery, Feed & Sale Stable.
Fort Steele B.C
Regular' Daily  Stage  meets  sill
trains at Fort, Steele Junction. .
John Wirth was, down from
the Moyie river placer uiiues
Monday.' t
T. T.''McVittie. P.L.S.. returned from Tracy creek Monday.
Imperial Bank of Canada I
CAPITAL (paid up) -    -   $2,98i»,896 o'|
REST ACCOUNT      -    -   $2,636,312 jjj
Head    OFFi<-«=—Toronto.,
%    T. R. MF.11R1TT. I'reMdent   1"). R. \V ILK 110. Vice-l'reV. unci Con. Man.   |c
AGENTS    lN.ORICAT'   I5RITAIX - Lloyd*    Hank     rJ.   Lombard   St..    |jj
A General IJanlciii" Miriness Transuded.
Savings Baiik Department.—Interest allowed on deposits.     'r
Cranbrook Branch. J. F. M: PINKHAM* Manager.
I   The
Canadian Bank oi commerce
Fiiid up Capital $8,700,000; Reserve Fund 3Ci.000.OO0:
A»"regale Resources Over *S:{,000,000 Nov. 30th, 1»03.
I.(indon Office; «0 Lombard Street, E. C.
New  Voik Office:  Ifl Kxchcingc Plucc.
Anil 110 brunches In Canada and the United Stat on.
>  *
%   Cranbrook Branch, F. C. MALPAS, Manager.. J
The1 Ririe Association 'will
start their season's drill, as soon
as the rifles arrive.
The show windows of the wise
merchant are found in the newspapers.    ' ' >    , ,
tter     what     kind  of
scenery - the  visitor may desire.
Southeast' Kootenay has it.
R. L. T. Galbraith was at Tobacco Plains this week on official
business. „ „ •>
mini.;kai> claims kok sa.uk.
Suulcil leinli'is will lie ru<:ol\r<l lij the uiuler-
sinni'd up Ui noon of Tiiusdiiy the "Will tiny ol
.1 line iiisliuit for tlie piircluii,!: of the inteiens
° of i lit- liilc Cliurles Will/. In the Cmlinot mid
Kouiii Mineral Cliiinis sitmile iii'.u l.ukeCreel;
in the Coil Slrele Alining Division and n'l-iiul-'
ed on the 7th day of June 18H7.
Tendoiurs ilmnld .sntlsfy lllomHel ves us to the
li I If.
The  highest or  any  londei   mil  necessarily
iiffdlitud. , '     ,
Uiiu-d Mill June, IHOI.
.1. !•'. iVUMSTKONO.
Ailmliilslrainr of the Ksihtu of Clmrlc- Will/
Thiity dajs.ifter date I the undersigned intend to npplv lo the Chief Commissioner oi
I.and.s and Works for a speeiiii license to out
and cany away timber from the following described lands in the Nelson division of West
Kootenay Distiift—Conimeneim; at a post
lniukcU "s. A. Speers' Northeast (Jorner at a
point on the south side of the H C Southern K
K iiKlii-of.\v:iy ,iibout 10 chains eaat of Me-
Nelllie siding and running IriO chains in n
westeilj ditection nlontt said riitht-of-way
thence south 10'cliHins, thence iwi chain.s in an
easterly dlrt-e'-ion to a point opposite to point
ol commencement: thence north W chains to
point 01 comment *-ment. containing mor*» oi
le^s >i40 acres.
Signed   s  a'Sr'KKKS. Locator
Dated May 2iith   l'MU -.'i
Thirty days after date I the   un,lersi!?nt-<l   In
trn.l   to apply  to  the C'hi.-t Commissioiii-r of
Lands and   Works  toi   a special license t« cut
and earrj away timber from the  fallowing  dc
«cTibe<l  Ian 1=  in  the  Nelson Dn ision of \Ve~t
A-Cooteniiy, District:— Commencing .at   a   po.si
ihaiked Irene Brei:kenriUge   Northeast  Corner
" ahout 25 chains west of John  Thomas'   northwest corner post on the,.south side of the 'B.C.
'Southern   R.K. .and   running   HW   chains   in a
.westerly   direction   along   SHid   Ii.  C.   .South-
■urn. . R.';   K.;    .  thence     41) .chains      south
ihence HMJ chains In an easn;rly  direction  ea^i
io a  point opposite  point  of comriienferr.enl:
thence lior'tli IU cIihIus to  polm-of com mene'e-
Anent, liontiiinlhif WO acres more'or less.
Dnteil May aiitb. l'.«M. • »t
Signed   IURNE ItRKt.'KKNKIDi !E. Locator
d   :TTMBRR'■''.NOTrCE.
Thirly days after date I the undersigned intend to iippiy t» the Chief Commissioner o'
Lands and VVorkH for a special license to cut
and 'curry away timber from the following <lc
scribed lands In the Nelson Division'of Wesl
l\'ciotcii».y lilHtrict.:--
(.loiiiinmifhiu        at        n post        inarkcd
John Thulium' ninth west corner n limit ono mile
west oflCltchiincr on the II.'!. .Southern U.K. on
the south »l.!c of track and riinniiii; in an easterly direction alonK said track no chains more
or less to Knssel Creek: thence south 8(1 chains
in.i. westerly direction west to a point opposite
point of commencement, thence north *n chains
u, point of coniineiiccinciit. conlninlni; i'.io acres
more or lc>s.
Hated May ■.iltli. I'-'OI.
.1 .III1IN T11I1MAS. Locator
A fine and much' needed1 rain
fell all'Over 'the Kootenay valley
Mrs. G. F. Powiialld Fish
Lakes, was. visiting friends at
Steele on Monday last.
"North .Star  Lodge A.F. & A
M.: held  their  regular  monthly
meeting  at'Masonic Hall Tuesday evening.
The regular monthly convocation of Rocky Mountain Chapter
R A.M., will be held at Masonic
Hall Tuesday evening next.
E.   McPhee.   F.   Parks, Alex
Grant' and   W.   A.   Small were
registered at the  Imperial Sunday last.                        ;
■  According  to   the  prophecies
of  the  Rev.   Lra   Hicks for the
-month of June, this   month  will
be a Ions succession of storms.
Mr. and Mrs. V. Hyde Baker,
Mr. aud Mrs. A. W. McVittie
and Mrs. C. M. Edwards, of
Cranbrook. were guests at the
residence of Mr. and Mrs, T. T.
McVittie on Monday.
E. C. Miller having been appointed agent for the McCormick
hayingand harvesting machinery" farmers and ranchers should
at once send in their orders, and
obtain repairs for that make
The McCormick mower and rake
are especially adapted for this
country being stronger and more
durable, than others on the
market—don't, put off till the last
minute•:'finding out what you
want,' as it takes time to obtain
goods—and'only a limited ''stock
of extras will be on hand.' .. d*
i     The building of the"  Kooteniiy
|'Central railway will   double   thr
' industrial.and prqductivii'area, of
Southeast K.oo.teriay.«      d
The C.P.R. net'profit for the
past ten 'months to the end of
April 510th was over, thirteen
million dollars.       :
Trwrit.veorl.by lady <n\ oi..nt,Ionian . U>
inntuii;»: Imsiri'-ss in this country .ink!
adjoining territory for well and favorably known' house of solid liiiahc.iiil
.standing. *'_'().t»l strsiiirlil.. cash salary
and expense* paid each. Monday by
cheek direct, from )iead(|ilarl.ers. Kx-
pense money advanced. 1'ositioti per-
nianont. Address .Miina<:f r.KIO Ciimo
Block, Chicago, Illinois.       '
A Large Assortment of Choice
During'-the past week new j
fruits and vegetables have been ;
coming to hand quite freely.' "      i
A. C. Nelson, district assessor,
was at Fernie Monday on official
i ' ■ ' •      '
Summer Shirts
Chas Powell was up from his'
Kootenay river ranch Monday.
Harry' Barr was down -from
Tracy creek Thursday .on business.
George Hoggarth, mayor of
Elko, is now engaged in business
at Cranbrook.
Mr., and Mrs. A. B. Feuwick
and children returned Thursday
from a visit to.Jaffray.
,U. H. Griffith, Calgary, was
registered at the Imperial Wednesday. '
  t   .■.
Mr. A. B. Fen wick was visiting Mr. and Mrs/F. Dekosier at
Ja'u'ray Wednesday.
A. B. Grace returned from a
business trip to Elko on Thursday. ~ . ,s-."-    '.   c-. :    -, ■:     s
J. A. McKaiighau, Nelsoh,r.was
a guest at the Imperial Wednesday. \    >d      ' \"   v
Carlin^& - Durick: received a
consignment of two carloads'; of
wagons from Ontario this week.
A  number  of workmen' were
engaged in   repairing  the Wild
Horse creek   wagon   rood   thisf
Orange Meat
Aih your Grocer to show you a sample of theae
Arthur E. Mallet, representing R 0. Dunn & Co., was in
town Thursday. Mr. Mallett,
said that Steele looks good to
him, and predicts a great future
for the town.
Provincial land taxes for the
current term are. being paid in
to the. local offices. Those who
wish to take, advantage of the
rebate must pay before .Tune :>0
.Orange. Meat
An Ideal  BreaKfast=-
Tliii-ty ilit.VK nfL<M- <liit.f. I Urn iiikIcisIkih-iI 111
le.iiil' U>. HIH'ly I" Hie Clili'f CoiiniiUMont'i (if
Liuids iiml Works fur ii K|ici:liil lliiuu.su In i:iit
unci curry iiwu.v l.inilii'i' froi'ii tin: fcillowlnt? ilu-
Miti'llic.il 'iuiiiln In tin;. N«ls(in Division (if Wiihi
KoiiU.nii.V ' l)lmrl«l:-■■■CiimiiiuiniliiK ll1- ,l 11(WI'
inarlioil 'i'liiiiims I tri't-K'dii riil«<r Northwest
Corni'.r mi llicsmuli slilit or t.li<: U.C. Soutliorn
U.K. rl|s'lit-nl-wiiy nliiiiil 1(1 islniiiiii oast, of 'Mc-
NoHIIc-SI'IIhk: Uiuiiim. niinilnj; Irtic.liains In lin
i!ii.su.rlv (llruntUin 'mIiiiik- siilil ilKlit-of-»'i».V.
l.liiiiiiii: soii'th Kldliiilns, thiMici! 1110 (jliiiiiis In »
wiistorly tliroutitiii.lo u iiohil opiwiHito point of
ooiiiiiiiJiio'iiii.nu. Iliriii'i'. iiorlli III Vilnius to point
of iioiuiiuMiTOiiifiii, •'(iiitnliii'iiK lill) sicros more
ur less. .A
Slpni-tl  THOMAS  ltmCCK KNICI DC. K. IVoOntor
Ilntcil Muy'JilVli'. l'.Ki-r
Sole Agents for the
canton steel
This S'I'KEIj is guaranteed to be equal lo .lessop's  or
1L\R1)  liOCK WOltK.
Wirtlis in all
Notice is hereby given that on the 2Bth d;iy oi
May. AJD.: 1W1. it whs ordered by J. A.' Foiin,
Esq.. I.oi'al .Inilge of the biiid Court, that Jniiu""
Fersjusoii Armstrong, Orticuil Administrator in '
and for that portion of the County of Kootenay
not included within the Electoral Districts of
Nelson, Ymir, Kevclstoke' and Columbia, be
nduiimstrntor of all and singular the estate of
HENRY JAMESiCWTGGINS. formerly of Fort
Steele, miner, deceased, intestate.
'  Every person indebted to the said deceased is
required to make payment forthwith to the nri-
■   Eveiy person having in possession effects he- '
lonfjint; to ilie deceased is required forthwith
to notify tho undersigned.- '
Every creditor or other'person having any
claim upon or interest in the distribution of
the estate of the said deceased is required before the nth day ot 'July ne::t to send by'
icgistered letter, addressed to tho undersigned,
his name and address and the full particulate
of his claim or interest, uiid;:i statement ot his
account and the nature of the security (if any)
held by him.      ,
After the said 5th day of July the Administrator will proceed with the disliibution of the
estate having legard to thoic claims only of
which he shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook, this Hist day of May, 1!HM
Oflicial Adminislratoi.
Cranbrook, It C.
Shaving W Hair Dressing Parlor
Next to Oriental Hotel
FORT    STEELE,   B.   C.
All   Kinds of Hair Work a  Specially
A. J. GRK5S,
Sou-:   Agents
GrOW'S N6SI) 6031 company
Giant Powder GomDanu.
Agents for
Mining  Supplies  a Specialty.
the   MASSEY    HARRIS    CO.,  Limited.
Farming   Implements.
Having sold my ranch, 1 would lik«
to dispone of tho following farm implo-
One Plow       One Cultivator
Set of Work Harness     ■
,   Logging-chains, etc., and a lot
of small  farm  articles.
Wrilo or apply to
Via Korl Sluclc. idiltlc Bull Hiver
B®*   All   work promptly done.


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