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The Prospector Jul 29, 1899

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-x ■■■':■< •''£■?-£ v ■"..-i-'-^v ■ •.* * ■:'^.-'C':"sf-;?
-**#■«« 5S3'es-*-*"#iS'»rjtj%iK*-:S3t!Ssfc*?"S
For South l'.ist Ivootenay. ;?-
•I**""'- >/"!".
Voi. 5.
New Advertisements To-aay.
St  A. Beale    " J'aj-e .1
ri. A  Kanouse. Ferule         "     tj
James IIikI)warden  ••     8
H. W. Haraeh. Chief License Inspector.     ■      H
Mrs. Uuderliill '     -     8
BONDED FOB $40,000.
* '
is being prosecuted with great
vigor, and is progressing rapidly. The air shaft connecting
with the main tunnel is now completed. Another shaft will be
started further up the hill; this
shaft will give a, depth of 105
feet.    A winze is being sunk 100
Go den Fleece  and  Stanley  Bonded   feet in the ,ower tuunel) anQther
tunnel is to be run  100  feet  be
low and an upraise to conned the \" A' l
■winze!     The  distance  now  run     .V?!1
ou the vein is 221 feet.
to  E.   C.   Egan. — The   Property
Will Be Thoroughly Developed.
The  bonding  of   the   Golden
Fleece, Stanley, Gold Dollar and
T-iittle Johnny to E. C. Egan   for
#40,000 shows the confidence that
gentleman has in East Kootenay
properties.    From what  can  be
Earned the  property  possesses L^1.'10 IO me- mino-     Hoon  as
more than ordinary merit..   The T        '  comVl(ited  ^-Pments  of
[claims show considerable  (level-1 orfewi1' commence.
■pment, oiie tunnel ou -the  lead L Chickamun   Stone i.s un-
s   now  in  71' feet  besides0 five ldoubtedI.v -- ™»hj if  all  reports
■l>en cuts varying .from fifteen froui there- Hre trbe-
lo 8f> feet. A contract' will -ini-
fnediately be let to run a 400
loot.tunnel, which it is thought
|vill pretty 'thoroughly develop
lhe mine. The average assays
[J2i.de from tlie ore are about i^HO,
|lthough ass<iys running as high
Is $1(59 liave been nuide."
These  properties  arc on  the
I vide between Louis and Tracy
reeks and adjoining tlie Minnie
I-'.' and Tiger. The character of
lie ore i.s similar to that' in the
Isfelly, and other claims in the
Pi.media.1e vicinity.
Great     Activity     in     This     Camp.
Many Mines Being; Developed.
, Tlie Tracy creek country is
fast coming to the front as a
mineral section of more than ordinary importance. 2ind the development which has been  done,,  -.   .,j   „.   ^.   ^„Je
during the summer  it, astonish-  who is  superintending  its  con
ing, and many of the   prospects struction.
Society Girl w:is *e-M to tlie Hall
Mines Smelter at Nelson last
' > i
Tlie St.   Eugene concentrator
building is fast approaching completion.    The following is a  de
scription of the new mill furnished The Leader  by J.   L.   Cole,
No tfO.
The Action of Semlin In Dismissing-
" Martin Endorsed.-Martin
("Special to The Pkusi-kcioh.)
Victoria, July 26.
The followers of the Semlin
Martin   government   are  out in
full   numbers   today,   -and it  is
said that  fighting Joe  has some
producing mines before anothei
The   Government   road- oan.o.|-Y.PHr-    T1,e °l,eni.n^  UP  ot'  this
went down on" Tuesday   to °co.i- |^St,;UJl   Tmt'ans   llluch   to   Fo^
struct a road from the main road ' SteGl<'-    h^lde' of  anothei" y0il1
to Elko to the mine.     Soon  as
ai* ago bid fair to become      "The building proper is -tr.x'IO high  cards'up his sleeve which
ill.fr inhii^   l-.j-.fj.>., ,il    u.wl   to  41,,   ,.. ■ ,  .    .   ...      . *iv*n
and is three stories high. The
vannerroom adjoining is SOxoO
There'is also a basement -l:i fenl
wide, „70 feet  long and   10, feet
'1 _____ *■
The Sum of $75,000 to be  Expended on i the   Further   Development
"of Their Property on Wild Horse
Creek. , "
Late advices from London are
to the effect that the sum of *"'),
there  will'be  several   districts I high, and a jig room 4:'x45. The
which will be classed as districts I mill will be tilted  with ' 12   jigSi
from which ore is being shipped,   three Wilfley, tables, .two Jx-'foot
ij'Tlie  Estella   shows   a    large Erne vjiniior.s, two sets of crush
amount of '       " '"      * "
now 'dow
t  -'j - o ....twvuifliiui    v> 1 LIJ
character of ore'is  encountered  a set  of  revolving screens   for
as in the earlier working of  the | sizing:    The;machinery "will <be
;ire likely to prove fat a J 'to, Cotton.
Wednesday (i p.m.
Caucus resulted iu Semlin's action iu dismissing Joe Martin being fully, endorsed.
Victoria July 27.
Joe   Martin   resigned    today
Captain  Dreyfus  is  seriously
ill with fever.    '
Military   law   has   been    proclaimed in Cleveland. Ohio!
Hayti is trying to compromise '
with her creditors. ■ '   ,
President   Henreaux   of
Domingo was-murdered.
A new ship  canal,  from   Lake,
Erie via  Lake  Ontario'   io   the
Hudsons Bay is proposed.
The Roman Catholic refonmir
toi-y ship Clarence was destroyed
by fire at Liverpool.
Honolulu ha.*, a flag-incident!
■a party- of Americans hauling
down the German   ensign.
The   British   Battleship  Veil-
rfwork. The shaft i„| ing rolls, one ' Huntington mill. Notingisyet E if^j Th? British ^tlesh!p Von-
n «:, feet and the .samel and one large Blake crusher with' possible suooS i< hl* *?ence, a,ld thu Fl^h battleship
r of ore-is  encountered  a -set  of  revolving screens   fm- W *r M..r~."  „ ... 7 ™„. « tlKn,~h Saflfroi* have been "launched.
shaft. This shaft will be sunk
seven feet f-irlhur' and then a
cross-cul run to del ermine the
width of the lead. When this is
ascertained ji tunnel on the lead
will be started and  driven   to  a
driven „by water powers of 420
foot head. There will also be
two ore''bins 'built,-; one 'Wx24
and Hi feet high, the other 10x24
and 14 feet high.
This mill when completed will
W.B.McInnes and E. P: Da vis are
both proposed.
Oh Alki Creek.' '-   ' •   ■
|lki creelc last Saturday, where
had been to survey- the Pol-
li ^"t'oup of claims.' At-Vpres-
V. there are from twelve to fif-
l"ii men employed working two
lifts each on ^he tunnel and
■■-.ft.* The face'of -the "tunnol,
rows ore of. excellent -quality,.
Id in the'shaft "good ore has
■en encountered.' ',' , , '
fejo far the work has been of a
^st satisfactory character, .and
owners express .themselves
Inmch pleased with the show-
[JI U|)C1   LJi^u    wu      »TIi*L-.     JLA.\JLXl\J. I   i.' ri     —•"     ■■-    -^^.^--j    wniVjiiOUU-JVUtV
The properties  controlled  by  duy* several huhdred tons of con-
is corporation (better known as  -©"trating.and shipping 'ore  be-
Tnvicta _■Mining   Company' inK   °"  the ,dump.     Alexander
Poison," one of'the  owners,   has"
been on'the ground   for "several
Limited)"- .consists of placei
ground about one aiid one quar-
tei*,viniles.on the, hillside oiv the
north west side of the creek, also
extensive holdings on the south
side. Tlie 'property has' an
abundance of water for ,their
work, supplied by three flitches
the 'principal oiie being live
miles long carrying liiOO inches.
At the'in'ttilce of this ditch there
is a dam,'sixty, feet high.    'fox.
days directing the work.;
' "-W. M. Sprague is--working 'a
number of claims in the district,
and expresses himself as much
pleased .with what development
is showing. The claims ar'eivthe'
Rain's   Horn,    Oregon.     Little
T|* 'I*-- -
Horn, Cleopatra and Crescent.
- , So frtr"'they"are'in tlieprospecl.
state.    On the Trim's Horn §r>00
1       *l t    i      	
Work Wilf Commence on Monday.- -
During-' the Week Dirt Will Fly
All Along1 the Line.
There were so many'dplays in
starting^ the Norlli Star branch
that, many people had'aimost arrived'at'the conclusion' that it
was„not'to-be b'tiilt. It is now dof-
jnilely announced that work wilL
commence-pnr Monday- and' ,be
l'ushed 'lo completion. Ground
will- be, broken "on Mondavi at'a
Joe Martin Has Resig-ned.-McKenzie
and Mann Will Build a New Railroad In, Chinas-Englishmen Believe   the   Shamrock   Will Defeat
" the Columbia. '
(Special to Thk l'liosi-Kr-ron.;
11 Winnipeg, Man., July 28.--
Grand Trunk Railway main line
.trackmen, will/receive an advance
in pay, branch line men will not
be benefitted. ' •   ' ' A
Telegraph messengers in Philadelphia have gone "on strike, so
have 2000 brickmakors „ of
Chicago.        i   " , "
The loss by the fire which destroyed many, historic' buildings
in Marienburg. Germany, is
seven million marks.      '   '" , ..
.American   representatives, at
tj}?-', Hague   believe  arbitration
. A Govern men ( caucus was
held 'in Victoria.- B. C. to' decide
on the Semlin-Miirtiii dispute.
, Geo. Kiddle. Manitobav, .bicycle-champion.'has entered for
the World's'meet in Montre;il.    '
General De Negrier'a member
of the supreme, council of war of
France has been di.sgraccd.
„ .Japjni desires a' measure of
financial control in China in exchange for reorganizing the,
army. ,'''.'
-Lemieux ihe ticcouutant of the
Villa   Maria     bunk,   Montreal,"
which .Mispe'ndcd  pay men't    has „
surrendered himself  and   promises revelations.
VV.  M.   Bethford  jnanag:or  of.
the Merchant's Bank of, H al if ax '
tate.-, the-Atlin gold output will
be $2,00(1.000.   0/a    |   .
,   'Atforney-Generar' Martin    of,
British  Columbia', has
■..-..    , ,   , -■ has-been accomplished." ".but -the  Iunusn ^'imb.a. has resigned
point about one half mile east of Monroe   doctrine     is     still   i„ fh,s  P0''^1^* -and, his "sCi,f in
 --!-"-'         ■         -     f(iim .,','*.'        'l | ^ncou vov."
Mines on Dutch Creek.,
fvbout thirty  miles  up  Dutch
_       —  „„„t.      . The Oregon,is only repros-
: iTJlS jg£ayel_f_consists . of sixty e"lO'l by assessment work. Five
feet of loose top graveC"thirty J 'Hindred dollars has been spent
feel oi red gravel and forty feet|on lllG Oregon, the ore is copper
of blue cement, all'of which con- liUUl 'ead running well in gold.
fek some discoveries have been {ant-
lie recently which are attract-
considerable attention.   Cop-
ore of high grade  has  been
flight out, and  as  ti  result a
iber of prospectors have gone
It is said the country is easy
Ijccess. and a good wagon road
'be built al a trifling expense.
Ich creek empties iulq the Co-
tains gold.  'The gold is  coarse
»    valued   at   from
eight 'to   nine  dollars gare com-
■'"-9n' 'Q^e'J'nugget*rtakenn out in
189.") was valued7it tRl.ia
The property is well equipped
with hydraulic machinery'.' electric lights, etc. It is understood
that the company will put in a
large hydraulic elevator to work
the deep channels to  the  depth
1    ■ . -.-v   ^-^^^r   VJIUUUCI-)     iu       till'      Ut!|)liJl      **-"*v-"    »*■      |/J '
b.a       opposite        Ka.rmonl  of 50 to (iO feet. Explorations made \^ P^sont
Three assessments have been
done on .the Clopatra.' not enough
work however to'determine the
chief values. " ■-
The Creseut shows tij) a seven
foot vein which will run Avell in
copper and galena.
Mr. Sprague is enthusiastic
over the camp and predict for it
a„groat future. It was never in
such a -prosperous condition   as
miles,    Grant  &  Sheedy   three
miles.   Lund   &/B reck in bridge
four mi.os.'M.ALMcCarthy three
and. a  Jutlf  miles,   making a to
tal of eighteen and a half miles.
lugersolls    bodv
-"""Col.   li.' G.
was cremated
The bricklayers of Vaucouvei
have gone out on strike.| )
Mackenzie and Mann will construct ,   a     new      railwav       in
A Telephone to Windermere.
The  time -has   arrived   when
Eort   Steele-should   have .tele-.
phone connect ions wit h   Winder-'
The building   of   the , branch I Chiiiu
will.be of immense advantage to      The   first.    Seawanhaka
the whole district, and stimulate
development on the'mines in the
vicinity    of    Kimberley.     Eort
Sleele will receive  its  share  of	
lhe prosperity which   the build |Vancouver,
ing of the road will bring
race 'was declared off owing to
Another  party   of Edmonton
trail    survivors   -have
Building- Boom at Kimberley
According to late reports there
is a building boom on at Ivimber
in   the deep  channol   l*,«i   ■���„.,,". I   j l°y> ^"-J there i.s a brisk demand
■  -      -*        - "      i     Ji,.   j.    vval.sli   returned   Iroi'n  il fesidence nearly completed.'' it
mere.    The necessity for a; telephone is obvious, a "real mineral
district is opening up and   manv
Eort  Sloe!..*   people  are  vitally-
interested in t|u.  ,lliHGS  of  thjU
section.        A   live   minute   ,;,lk
soine times would  save   the  e.v-
pense  of hiring teams,   beside.-
Kdctiedj 1:,K-ing one away f,*om their business  and  consuming  a weeiriu
Another y.ch sfriktf is  report-   making a trip which with a tele,-
Developing- the Tontine,
levelopinont workon the Ton-1 to contain about*? in gold to the  u
I iri./,.i..,..r   ,..;     s\  k: i ' liOUlae
group of mines on Quartz
(■7- is progressing rapidly,
ion men are at present ein-
fed working two^shifis run-
Ira tunnel which is now in
1'iity feet.. Tn speaking of the
loerly C. M. Keep, lhe princi-
tiwnoi*. said: "We an* sink-
([)n the lead a I aiifither poinl
,leet from lhe tunnel, the
It is now down ten feel. On
|-urface at this point, there
[out seven feet of ledge mat-
|n<l four feet of solid quartz
[a mixlure of coppercarbon-
fand tlie ore body is widening
|s we go down.     The entire
is well mineralized. There
fiv about 1000 tons of ore ex-
|i which will concentrate
In- five into one and these
filtrates will go :].") or -40 ]>er
|o|i])er or about 8100 in all
This has been ascer
^ from tests which we have
I have ureal faith in ihf
Tontine group is over the
■■..about .four miles from; the
fhief and is owned by C.-.'M
cubic yard.
•J- W. li. Young, resident
manager will continue in charge
of the work.
ed from Lake Manilou on the
Sawyer property.
Luetgcrl, the Chicago wife
murderer was found dead al
Joliel penitentiary.   .
Tlie United Slates college ath
on     Diursday I will be ready ior occupancy, in a Metes were   entertained   in   the
irn-lu     f.li.i*      i I-,,,    fow* rl!i.i.-K    -it-1-i.„,  1,,,   ...:ii      .__   •        XT„ „ i> ,-s _ _    •
Mining Notes
\ number of prosjiectors from
Monner's JA.'rry with  large   pack
oiitfits jKissed Ih rough   town   on
Sfunrday last   on   their   way   to   ,..»,!,.],   .,,       ,- ,,
ii, , iir-   i , * which snow Jree go d.
the Wiiidiu-inere coiiutrv i   ' ..->■«•
'work    nrogresses.    the
»" -  1 "J,*"    «'      '      -sjiv.       vjuimucimuu        IH
evening  and   reports   that   the  row days, when he will  move in  House of Commons London
cross cut on the   I Jig  Chief  has  with his familv*.     « EH    Howell   U      A
njached   the   foe,,- wall showing      Gregg and McMillan  are  put-  won the single  scul" chZ^on"
he vein to be 281 loot wide.   On  ling up a store " ■'• "    ~- w"*-i»l»on
the foot wall a  rich  pay  streak |    AYellman and Hurel have pur-
chased   two   lots   from   A.    W.
Bleasdell and will erect thereon
similar to the one  on-the  hang
ing'wall was found.    In running
the cross cut numerous stringers
were   found   in   the  vein  all  of
:Vs   the
progresses,    the   ground
Robert Mulford, niiniiig agent  became    softer   and
for Praser * Chalmers, who was  more easily worked
in town  last  week,   wa.s  acting      Mr. Walsh believes that furth
tor a \\a I street syndicate in the er  development   will   place  the
^Z]h::P-y^^^gronP\uig  Chief among  the dividend
payers    before    majiy   months.
The work will be continued   and
ne2ir Windermere.
The owners of the Coronado
will start workon that proper!y
sooi.1 us the Government decides
to put in a trail.
Tlie"manager of tho Wakefield
mine near Silverton is prepared
to take on 120 miners if they will
accept $.'J per day of eight,hours.
a fine hotel large  enough   to  rival the North Star hotel.
A. W. Bleasdell has secured
enough lumber and will commence a building to be used as a
drug sIf»re. soon as he can i^ei
the necessary carpenters.
Malcolm Mel lines has let a
contract for a butcher shop.
Aime Campbell has purchased
a corner opposite Arc runes'
Charles Eslniere is putting up
the force augmented from time
to time as may he found necessary.
Mining" Notsa.
I'Yoin  Oil* Aloyiu  I.,i';i<li-i-:
.J. C.   Drewery   let   a   contract12ii;cl upstairs offices
on Monday last  for the erection       There .-.re several other l.uilcl-
of a compressor building on   lhe. lings in contemplation
Lake Shore mine.    The building
ship on the Thames.
The yachting world of London
believe the .Shamrock will win
the America Cui).
Mr*. Perot was arrested in
Liverpool for the abduction of
her daughter from Baltimore.
hY'derution was carried by verv
large majorities in lhe colonies
of Victoria and Tasmania.
Manitoba defeated Oiualin in j
the criclcol tournament by M few |
nius. Chicago defeated Minne-1
sola by eight wicket?..
New    York    stale   legislative'
coiMiniltee examined witnesses to
find out   why   New   York  ciiv*s
phone could be avoided.   A long
distance metallic circuit is  what
is needed.
The marriage  of Aliss   Elizabeth Reid of Edinborongh, Scotland, and E.  Ashley  Elton,   son
of the late W. R.  Elton.   Bengal
L.   1..    of    Grassmere.     North
Fork of Pincher creek. Alberta
was solemnized at   the   English
church.   Pincher 'creek,   bv' the
Rev.   H.   Havelock   Smith. "«>„
Thursday last.
Thk Puosi-kctok joins with
ol her Fort Steele friends in extending coiigraf illations.
The happy couple will make
their home in Eort Steele.
A. Wallinger has taken th
•V ;dea,r involving  tlie  sale,of
the Galena Farm group of: mines Twill be 30x4<)'feel in  size.     'One K •■";■' ""■ "«"■"'««'- "-.is laiceii the
Mear Silvoifon has been conclude  car of machinery is now  on   the .i„ A^ a"]^% '!"   Riverside
rca-r will  be   used   as  an  assav
■A, -Jvee, and H. D.  Stew-  Cil^ ^ ^ u Hoge of Anacon-1 the 22nd.     It   is ,exr,ected   that
fttinsK-adyT^ShlpiOr,, Ua^^P^^    ^ C°n'   ^ ^^^' ^ ^ ^  OV0^
L-PhWiinn «/" -MdeiaAmn   7 was      not       made  tion by the fifth of August,
.he Clucliaiuun Stone work) known i'-,7 r'.   A,
the first carload of  ore from
a two story building ;'|XS(1.   The|fe'»i'» exjiort Irade was declining
'ower floor will be used for Mores   >n Monlreal's favor.
I Earthquakes and tidal waves
[have visited the Hawaiian is-
lands resulting in much damage.
The. United St ales troops have
captured the town of .Colombo
of the Philippine and rescued
Spanish, prisoners.
J. T. Wilkinson and O. R. c
Hoskiugs, Vancouver newspaper
men, had thrilling'escapes from
C. F. Hauiiington went   ui.
the Dupont on Tliur.sd.21y.
j . In the District.
I     "Hie   Ker.iie   l-Vee Press office-
will he lighled  will) electricity.
A new jail  to  cost   Amoo   will
I shortly   be   buih   ai   Cranbrook.
Tll<-   "'■''•''''I   <'.'lls   il   a   govern'
iiK'iil building.
The town of Cranbrook- will
consider incorponilion.
A surplus of about sir:, lefl
over from the Dominion da v celebration will probably l;)(. lurned
in'to llie Cranbrook (ire protection fluid.'   .'..''."
f.     St: John's Church of England.
Divine service will be   held   in f
St.    .John-s     church     at   ,7.']().
St rangers welcome.'
Sunday   school   at "2:>{(i
All the children invited.
&%*% ^^^^^^
W -
At   Fort
and   Cranbrook
Prices the Same at Either Place
Shelf and Heavy Hardware . . .   . Groceries, Clothing
3 ' ' t '
Machinery, Mill Supplies - Dry .Goods, Hats
faints, Wallpaper, Glass Footwear, Ladies^ ao(l
and Furniture Geiits Furnishings
i i "        ' *  ' ) *■ ■ *
Prices all right.      No  one  undersells  us
Estimates made ^ on larae quantities ot Mining Suddiibs
' ' i , " T- '      , ' ' ' ( '    *
G.   Hp
"Certificate of Improvements.
Tin; <Vjp,>i.'i' Kinc Mim-iiil i-limn, Mtunl««A in
ih** Fori Sttcli* Milium Division of Last Woolens.'',' UlMiirt.
IVlK-iulouiuuil: On Hull Hliri. about onc-
•fuir mile above* ilu* I'iii-U llridK''.
*l'li<: Cn]ipcr <0iie«ii .Mineinl CUim. sltuuto
'in Uit* Fori .Nicole Minim: Division of K:i-t
JCoo<<-ii:ij iDisii-icl. '
HOI,l)KN at fout st'kei.k.
' (So. Wof lW.i.)
Iii ilu' mat ior of John Lcwi.s. df-ueasrd nnd
in the matter of "Thi*. Ofltcial Atlininistrntors
Ai'l".   Dmed -JIili d/y of June. A. 13., IKW.
j        Upon  reiirtini: the affidavits of Maude  K.
I Creusi-.inri James F. AimhtronK it is ordered
civiici,- -.mated:   On Hull IUtoi. al.onl o.ii-- j "'"H •^'"<"* Fcrcuson Armstrong Ollk-ial Ad-
*alf mile rfl.ore tlie I'm-li llrl.lire. .mil ..rljoiiiin,- I miniilraior for the County of Kootenay. -hall
be Admiiiisirmor of all and singular the koo<1s,
-tlir.lVipper Kinc ininciiil I'lHiin. -
T.i"*< notice tlitit I, Jiicoli I". Fink, Free
*UneJ'"s Certlllcnle No. "71 U'liO '. inteml sixty
<tay.s rroiu,lliv dale lieveor. to apply to the Min-
1nr Kcciiider for a Oitlllciitc ol Improvements
Ior tin; purpose or oliiainini' a Clown C.iant of
' lhe ulioM-cliiinis.
XiiilTui'iliei'take nolire tluit aellon under
4i"i'iiim :I7 must lie eommeneeil Ijeforc llie issu-
*««■«• of such Certilleate of Improvements. '
.lACOli.  1'. FINK.
Uiileil this Tlh day or July. l*.!W>. •"i-SS
itKI'ltll'Alt  "K  IMJ'HOVEMI-M'
ehiittel.s'and eredits of Julm Lewis,' deceased
and thai this order be published iu twocon-sce-
uti-ie weekly issues of ihe. "Prospector" a
newspaper published at Fort Steele in the,
County of Ivooienuy.
(S»K<1.) J. A. Forin. J.
Ciediiois aud other claimants should Hit-
their claims -with .I.s F.   Armstrong.   Olncitil
Administrator. Foil.Steele, U. C. ~7
IlicCliicl Minetiil Claim situate in the r'oit
iileele Mininir DiMsinn of ICast Kooienny I3i--
When* located" -On the norlli Mde or
Uoukler creek. KuM Khou*ti.i> . about t\*.o miles
lroni ilu- mouth.
Coldon Coin Mineral Claim, situate in thi,
FortSti-i-le Minim: Division of Kast Kootenay
When: located: On Boulder Creek, Kast
liootenuv, adjoiniuj.- tl.p Hie Chief Mineral
Ames Mmei.ilCl.iim   situate m  the  I'oit
.Steele Minini.'Division of H.isi  Koot n.iv  District.
Whi-ie U.iated: On Houkk-i Creek Kast |
K<Miti-n.iy dcljiimiiKr tin- Hie Clii"f Minenil |
H.'laim !
'I'al.e noute th.it I   WillMinH.ltoss   F.  M. |
. Surveys  ol   Mineral   chtintb. Jtoitdt-,
Mines, etc.
wixdekmkkp: u. o.
MRS. AMME, Prop.
Present address MA^GS & MUOHEP
,i Opposite liiink of Commeiuc
Tektiiaph orders piotnptly attended to
Kauriman House
C. No  l'ih~ *   au-.-nt foi K. .1. Hiphby   1". M. C. , p.-iii f     Al>     ("* /->t-i f ».> fi nn op v
No  ..'..lis: Walter VmiArsdalen. F.  M. C, No j * I "II    &o     l^OniCCTlOUCI \
ijff-     Notions of all kinds.
,       ' ' ^ ' j
. I hei cby civo nonce that thirty days after
date 1 intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria. II. C. for permission to purchase the follow inn piece of unoccupied and unreserved Crown lands situated
on Wild Horse creek adjoining the Cummings"
block 807. Group 1, about two miles from Fort
Steele. HcirinninK at the southwest corner,
thence fed chains east, thence Ml chains north,
ihenee lill chains west, thenee CO chains south,
thenee followine/ bank of Wild Horse creek for
the wesl line to point of commencement. Con-
tuiuinf; in all :I20 aeres more or less. .
o H. L. AMMK.
> 13.ued at Fort Su-ele. IJ. C. this 27th day of
May. 18'.m. „ -X-17
The above Hotel lias been recently erected.' and neatly furnished throughout.
Cosy and Comfortable Rooms
The   Bar   supplied   with   lhe.   BEST
brands- of Liquors nnd Cigars.
c   .
TranstU'ls a "oncral collecting mid ux-
fhttnge husiuuM..
li <<h.U ami H L. Ammt.F M C.. N'o. WW A.
owneisof the .ibovi- miui-i.il claims (known hs
Ihe lilt' flnef Croup) intend sutv il.ii-. Iron-.
the date hen-ol in .ipplj to the Mminc Heei.nl-
er for ( i rtttieates of Itnpr'iv-ir.enis for the
purpose of oliLiininiz fio»n ilrants ol the
j*.ln.\i' 11."mis
And furlhei i.il;e noine  tln.t  .h lion  under
Seeiion .17 must li- (.oir.ineneed before the iss'.i
anre of such ('.'riitlcjt* of Irapnm ni'-nts
D.iu-il this •_>int! it.n of June. I1-!'.'.
•iV.M W   R   HO.s.s.
XiiiK.- is in-rtliv t'lM-n lli.it iippln.ilioii ha.s
been ni.Kle to she Honorable the Minister of
Public Woiks v.iin whom pi.ins h.i\'- tiei ii de-
posite.l foi permission l'» ern.1 :. bridge with
.» suitable "raw span oiei th'- l.'pper Columbia Hut i :il a poi:u k'.ow'i .is me Salmon I
Heds I
I" C \K'l'i:u-i iri'l'ON' i
fln< f ( ummissioner of Lands A, Win I.s   i
l..inds anil Woiks I)i p.miiii nl
Vii'loria. H. ('.. Hull .lurie, IVWi.  .  'il-UK    '1
Am   Ainiil'o-iiiiiuUir   for■ Wurkin:" Ari-.i- i
.n' i
. mill.iii<r (|uart,/.    Hiivi's/ivi-r '10 p':r '«m1 :
of frold..' Weii^'lit, ivil.li povvor 2K.<KI0 lbs. j
inMiiili: si-irliiiiis fi'n- I'iickiii^ lo tni.nn- '
lain. uliiiniH.  '•< .'an '»' ni-.i'iiiicnr ilu;  St.
Kiiyi'iic MisMion. •
Kin* I'tii'ticnlui's npply in
.1. A. H'AItVKY. Kiii-l. SH'c](.'.7i;.C.
Go to the
On K'ivorsido Aveiitie
William Robinson, Proprietor
MKAI.S   ,\*r' all'  nouns.
,  .l'.': .). 7Lamon'|"
Contractor and Bui I tier
';     Fori 'Steele,  H.KA  -        *   I
J$r The Jewellerr -#
' Live.ru, feed & Sale Stable.
-  -      '   Fort Steele B.C ,
' Rocky Mountain Avenue
Fort Steele, B. G.
AND      / '.•>•      l
' -       < > -
1  Fort -Steele   B.C   -
Fout Steklh.
B.   C.
Drnfts ibbticil pnyttblc in Canada   and
tlio Liniteil Stales.
Fonr Stkklk, B C.
Manufacturer of
Tiinvtirc, (Jnlvauized Iron, Slicut
Iron,   Stovii   Pipes  and
Plunibiii.ic,   Pipe ' liUin.o'  and   all.
. kinds.of sun ilii ry work
ftir Tifjlit' HOT, Blast, Stoves
llyd riui lie
Fort Steele. B.C.
General Blacksmith,
Mining    Work    ;i   Spi-cmlty.
J. GRICE, D. D. S.
Graduate Pliil;idolplii;i Dental IVilletiu
Riverside    Avenue,
Livery,   Peed   and   Sale  Stable.
.Fort. Steele, U. C.
Shaving $i Hair. Dressing Parl«r{
Sfxi toOrltntnl Hoi««l-     •-•
All* kinds of- hair work
u specialty.
c ' ,
A. J. GREZ,. -   -   Proprietor
Everything Strictly First Class*-
1 Next door to-the Prospector,1
Makes regular trips from I<'ort
Steele Junction to Fort Steele.
Delivered  on  day  of  arrival.
Leave orders with
and • Air
■ 'Alines
SI'KCIAL   ATTlONTlOiV   1'A 11")
.ion woitK.
, OAl.i'LMININli'aiKl I'Al'I'in l'lAMIINil
,Al[.  work* )iroinp'tly done.
\V1,\"D1"HMI.1'K.. li. C.
Tin:    l.<!iiii;M,. Hotel   in- IOhm, , K'(K.I..(iii.,y
Everything New
-       Cuisine Unexcelled
OVKRI.iKH'INO,     WINDI'imiKHK     LAl'vk'
^■''"'      '     '''■"'■'  |f ' •
'..,-'    FINE   SUMMER    RESORT
Goad      lioi.it i in
: im I
Why Not Invest In
The Leaciville of East Kootenaic
IJ    miles    from    the    famou-j
Noutii S'I'ah   mine.      1 }   mile'
from the'Ru'jrji van mine.
Nearly, 2(KI   mineral   chimin  .surrium.
KIM IJI"I"LjKY and (lu]iutnl on   it.
fur Mi])])lie»
The terminus of the North Sta!
Railway. Branch-
Kl.MBIOKl.LCV i^ not  a  boom   toiv
for siirrounilo-1 Hy t,h« I.AKCiHST SIT<j
| it   nni-.t,   necessarily   become   a   lac
'-■'.V .     ,       '
For a safe and profitable invet,
■...merit buy lots in'Eimberlev y{
fort steele   CHAS. ESTM.ER.'.
Sole ftfjenvj
, Post Ohieii'Address, Iviniberle^
via Cr.'inlirook.. ]?».''.G.. THK PROSPECTOR. EOKT STEELE,   B..C, J LILY i'i),  ISDU.  f&lxz i?ro0t��*jciot%  SATURDAY, JULY 2!i, 18!)!).  \\  Ottawa Letter.  From Our  Own CorrespomU-ni  Ottawa,   July  25.���The   Montreal Herald, a few days, ago published a remarkable letter  from  Mr. John Hague,  editor of the  Journal of Commerce,  purporting to give the inside history of  the preparation  of   the   gerrymander bill of 1882.    Mr. Hague  tells how, at the  request of  Sir  John Macdonald, iie prepared an  electoral     map     showing <��� "the  vote     in      the      various    constituencies at the two previous  elections:    "I'was informed" he  says,   "that  what   the   Govern-  , ment wished to effect was a- rearrangement of the electoral districts, so far as  possible  recog-  .nizing a common   unit,.of repre-  .sentation.'' This however was to  , lhe made sufficiently elastic to alio**  the   grouping  ,of   different  ���sections of the districts so as  to  ? detach Conservative voters from  places where they were in excess  of the needs for a majority,   and  ,lhe attachment of such voters to  districts where the new acces-  , siou"would turn the scale  at  an  election in favor of a Conservative candidate, .where"a Liberal  had     hitherto   been    returned.  ,'EleotoraJ   districts  which  were  hopelessly Liberal, were if possible, to be abolished, or the constituencies so arranged as to put  the Liberal votei'S'-altogetlier in  one . district,   especially   where  they could bo drawn away  from'  ,r�� district where they   menanced  tlie Conservative candidate.  ,1 >      ; i  tllVIXO  THK  GRITS. t  The  process  was!' afterwards  called 'hiving' which-is quite appropriate, though while the work  was being  done  for  the  act of  ' J 882' this word was never used.  After making a "colossal chart, I  took each "electoral' district  its  surroundings  in  liau'd,  j wrote   upon   each,   lhe  number  polled for each party at1 the two  'previous elections the total num-  of electors with the majorities in  each case.    I  colored  each' district so as to show at  a  glance  its political complexion.     I then  xnade a thorough- study of- the  official returns  of  the  two  last  elections and, took out hundreds  of statistics for comparison  and  -readjustment.    Some of the districts were most difficult to alter  .so,as to secure the results desired.    It was  said  the  configuration of these represented  nothing on earth, in the heavens,   or  iu the waters under the heavens.  Quite true;���they simply  represented an effort, to fix the boundaries of  electoral   districts   according to two rules: first on tlie  principal'of equal representation  to equal,numbers of voters: second on the  principal   that elec-  ['toral districts should be arrang-  I ed, to aerve lhe interests  of  the  t?-party in power when   they  are  rearranged: i  These rules do not  '-work, well   together,   hence  the  highly ocei'iitric shapes of some  of the districts  on   the  chart  1  .have constructed.      The  gerrymander act as it was called   was  simply  llio  chart  I   have   constructed expressed in legal language."*  There'ic nothing  particularly'  new  in   this, confession   of  Mr.  Hague's, for i,t has been   practi-)  cally   admitted  often times that  ' the principals actuating the  i'ra-  |' mer* of the last two  redistribution, bilJs   wore   exactly   those  and  and  Justice    charged    all    sorts    of  things   iu  connection   with   this  matter.    Cabinet,   ministers   had  paid their private  debls  out  of  the fund. Liberal candidates had  drawn  on   it for  their  election  expenses,    party    workers   had  made a good thing  for  themselves on the side and  in   fact the  public monies had been squand  ered right and left.    Every facility was given Sir  Hibbert Tup-  per to prove his charges and any  aud all witnesses  whom  he  desired   were   called   before   the  Committee.       The    result    was  complete   failure   to  prove  one  solitary    allegation,    but   nothing daunted Sir Hibbert  declared that if  the  matter  u*as  laid  over till   this  session  he  would  prove everything.'     The' matter  was laid over at his request.' All  manner of returns were ''prepared at considerable, cost, and now  after the  Government  had   put  every possible facility at his disposal, Sir Hibbert abandons his  investigation and practically admits that he had   no   evidence  whatever upon which to base his  reckless charges,    but   that   he  was only fishing,   in the  vague  hope  of discovering  something  to make a fuss about.  NOT  AFRAID   OP  THE   LIGHT.  The "alacrity with' which the  Government acceded to the Opposition request for an investigation by the Committee on privileges and elections into alleged  crookedness in the West Huron  and Brockville elections rather  astonished the gentlemen on Mr.  Speaker's left, though ��� by this  time they ought to know, that  the Government is prepared to  offer every facility for legitimate  investigation whenever even a  semblance of a cause for such an  investigation can be found. ��� The  to .-et forlh 1 lie ad vanta goons enjoyed by their countrymen already reaping the benefit.-, of the  change'. The crop outlook so  far as Mr. Devlin had 'been able  to ascertain was decidedly favorably. He will return to Ireland more than ever favorably  impressed with Manitoba and the  Northwest. Hi.s recent experience will further qualify him for  speaking from personal ( knowledge of the great advantages  Canada offers as a field for settlement".'  J-UOUOGATION   IN  SIGHT.  Business is rushing on Parliament Hill these days and eacli  twenty-four hours sees more  solid work accomplished than  wa.s recorded in a whole month  at the beginning Of the session.  The Redistribution Bill has passed through the House and is now  before the Senate. All other  important Government measures  are well advanced. Private business is being rapidly cleared' off.  the order paper.���and most- important of all perhaps,���members on both sides of the House  are getting sick and tired of the  session and will rejoice to hear  the guns of prorogation - booming. Another ten days should  suffice to wind up the business  and in fact the end of next week  will find very'few "legislators in  their seats.  Most accurate  Sullivan. Diamond Drills  prospect-  and   most  drills  ing  economical  made.  Drills of all capacities, operated by hand or horse power, steam,  compressed air or electricity.  SULLIVAN MACHINERY COMPANY.  305 and 306 Rookery, Spokane, Wash!      -      -      -       Chicago; IIL  KNIGHT & ST(ONE, Agents.'  CONTRACTORS FOR  PROSPECTING  MINERAL  LANDS.  M. A. BEALE  AGENT    FOR  Canada Life ^  IniperiaI Fire '  Sun Savings and Loan Co.  Ontario Accident.  Parkers Dye Work's and  Fort Steele Mail S,,tage Line.  Mining Broker, Insurance  and Commission AgenJ  ..suggested in   the   above   statements; i.t is however interesting  [to have confirmation  from  Mich  a well informed source.  AKOTHKLi  JifBIU.K   Hl'ltST.  lit will be within   the  memory  lof  many .of your  readers 'that.  (during the last,-session pi; Parlia-  !iiefit:/ionside.f.a!ble fusk was 'made  by Sir Hibbart Tapper i.i the  ..Public Accownts,Committee oyer  ('the. expenditure of certain 7'Fed-  <ira.l'.monies for  the .purpose, of  1/3nvestigating frauds in Maniloba,  in connection with the Federal  General Election.   The energetic  'itt-uO iuiagiuatire  ex-Minister of  Opposition has worked hard -at  investigations almost from the  moment they, retired from office,  but while their gropings after  something sensational have thus  far'produced absolutely nothing  they'have cost the country a  good many thousand dollars in  witness fees, travelling expenses  stenographic reports and other  court expenses. After all perhaps it is money well spent, for  it gives the/country absolutely  unimpeachable evidence that the  Administration is clean aud honest.  DEATH    OP    SENATOH    SAXPOKD  -The tragic  death   of  Senator  Sanford by drowning in Musko-  ka has called forth  wide-spread  expressions of,sympathy and regret.    The deceased gentleman  was ' particularly  well  liked  in  the halls of legislature, irrespective of politics,'" he was a. favorite  with all with whom she came  in  contact.    Appointed to the Senate    by    Sir   John    Macdonald  though he was  prepared   at all  times to give an intelligent  consideration to current  events  he  was   not   an   ardent   politician.  Blessed  with abundance of  this  world's goods amassed   through  his own   industry  and  integrity  he gave liberally to such religious  and   philantrophic   projects   as  commended   themselves   to   his  judgment.       Though an American by birth he was  thoroughly  British in all his sympathies and  within the  four  corners  of  lhe  Dominion   there   could  not    be  found a , more  loyal  and  whole  hearted Canadian   than  William,  Eli Sanford.  IUISII HKTTU'KK   ix   the   west.  The Globe's Ottawa correspondent status, "On  Saturday   next  Mr. Charles R. Devlin, the Government   immigration   agent   in  Ireland' will   sail    for    Londonderry.    Mr. Devlin has spent the  last two  months  in  the  Northwest..   Ih course of his  journey'������  iiigs Mr. "Devi in met a  number  of Irish   settleifs- whom   he   had  been instrumental in sending, to  Canada,.     They 'expressed themselves as satisfied and contented. I  and were enthusiastic over their  prospHcts.    'A feeling .prevails  among Irish-Canadian settlers in.  Manitoba   and  the    Northwest,'  adds Mr  Devlin   'that   a strong  .effort"shouM be made in Ireland  ��� Half the ships in the world are  British. The best of them can  be converted into ships of war  in H8 hours.  Books    Kept    and    Accounts    Promptly   Collected  AGENT   POR  Dominion Express Co.  Pour Room Cottage for Rent.  Suez  Profits of Suez Canal.  The net profits on the  canal last year were $^lo,(300,  lieing a net dividend of- more  than ;">0 per cent of the gross  earnings. The canal originally  cost $95.0U0,00U i.s 100 miles long  and was opened to all nations on  November, 17. 1800. 'The improvements " which have been  made.since the canal was opened have been very great. ,  Takings ofa-XiOndonOrg-an Grinder.  ' One pound a day is said to be  most"that air organ grinder ever  takes, while.' with some exceptions r>s is about the least, so  that a" Lotidon organ-grinder  may be regarded as a fairly prosperous man. An organ can be  hired from the  makers .from   Is  a f  (id a day while the price of a new  organ is i'^f* The cost of setting an organ to new tunes is  about ��4, and, since novelty is  essential, this i.s a frequent  source of expense.  An Immense Wine Tank.  At  Asti.   in   California, ' last  year, a cistern. 104 feet Jong  by  ?>4 feet wide and  24   feet  deep,  was formed  in   the  hillside  for  o  the storage of wine. The immense lank was lined with concrete two feet thick, and coated  inside with'a glaze as impermeable as glass. The capacity of  the tank is r>00,O(>U gallons.  SUBSCRIBE.  THE PROSPECTOR.  We Make  WHEELS,  MILLER R0DEONE2O93 MILES IN 132 HOURS  The Eldredge  $50.00  The Belvidere  i|40.00  Superior to all others irrespective  of price.    Catalogue tells you  why.    Write for one.  NATIONAL SEWING MACHINE C0.^  Factory, ,  BEI.VIDERR, ILL. |  Good Copper Property Wanted.  RIVERSIDE    AVENUE  FORT    STEELE.     B. CV  MININGp^TS  TMRTY-IfllfTH TEAR,    i' M\MJl ��k^  ,   24 Pages  :  Weekly  :  Illustrated, c  INDISPENSABLE  TO MINING MEN.  $3 PER YEAR, POSTPAID.  SBNU rOK SAMPLE COPY. <  MINING -sSitmc PRESS  330 MARKET ST., SAlf FRANCISCO, CAL.  SUBSCRIBE.  FOK  THE PROSPECTOR.  I EAST KOOTENfly HOTEL  ��  ��E Moyie City, B. C. |��  ��s  S~ ;ls a huge and Attractive Hotel of quiet elegance in-all'its   "3S  jr appointments, with a cusihe'of superior'excellence   '"  ^S*.  ��=������      Strictly   First-Class   in   a)    its   Appointments       ��g  ����   yVlcJVlaHon Bro's, Proprietors.   ��5  %aiiuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiuiiiiiiisiiaiiiaiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiUiii-#.'  J  -*-***���*���**���';���****-:��****���***���*���*%***���*****���:���-**���'**  3-  m  y.  *  *  '��������  *  IS I'UM.ISIIKD KVKIIY SATURDAY. AND HAS A  UU.VHANTEKO CIKCULATION 'I-AKGI0IJ |THAN  ANY OTHJ-'IC I'jU'KK IN* KAST KOOTKNAY. IT I.S  Al.l. HOMK'I'UIXTKII.AXII CONTAINS UOUHI.K  THK AMOUNT OK NUW'S OK ANY I'APK.lt IN TIIK  DISTKICT.  ,J'**-'��******��***��'***-K*��*****3;:fc�� ���*�����*-�� **:*  As   Ari   ^Ldvert/singnMec/juni  Unexcelled.  Mi m  Ml   TJU-. I'KOSl'KCTOH COVKUS A  DISTKICT J  a," /n  Mi    I.AHGKIt THAN SO.MK KMl'IUKS. AMI HA*" A T  Jjj    I.AK'CIO KOl'KICN (MKCUIjATION. ��  lb O' -��>  ���*-M-����*-����-��*���-'��*���*��-��-S-i-M-M*"8-����^  The Paystreak Of Ad's In This^Paper Pays From The Grass Roots,  And Never Pinches Out, Stake One !     The Result Will Be To  Your Interest. ..-���'  JOB PlilNTlNC; OF ALL'JIvlNDS NEATLY AND PROMPTLY  EXECUTED. .  .' '  .a '��� ! "��� .'".''  Ko- THE PROSPEUTOK    FOrTl   STEICLK.   Tl. ( .   ."JULY rJ'i, IS').).  ' ,-  -   ��  THE   PROSPECTOR.  J ii    j L I L1S11E1)     WEEKLY   JI)  J'JlE   Phi��PECT<jll   aiMPASY.  A.   Ji.    GRACE,  1>CULISUE1I.      ,  EDITOR  AM)  THE PROSPECTOK, 1- puhliflicu  t\ci\ .S;ii:iid;i\j iiiid Ii;)-- a ^iiui juicl-i:  -11 dilation lain*-' 'h.111 uu\ omci p.ipc-i  tn Enst Kooteiiiiv. Ii is all I101110 I'lintiU  mid contain- Jouhlc the ui.-u-,ol an\  otIic-1  papci in the ili.stuct.  A.- un  crAUClll'd.  atl\ ci tiding  iuoJii;.it  11   t-. un-  _>eiuieu :o Un uptiinldlil^ 1,1 Fori M<re!-*.   ilii  at-i clopmi 111 01 int.- vast 1u1111r.1l  i.-uma- m,  l!)u I-.a->l KouleiKi.i miiiiiiK ili-,tricl  =>ubM-ii]Ui<m->.  u "- W J>o:   jcal  /iiivuiU��iiij_' raio mack1 known on .ipplu.ition  Contributions ,��-.i. solicilt-ti riLia",.!! p.m-iul Un.  J'&triul. out all iuiiiu.riiji<*i.<lc.il for publk-aUun  ^ju^'. liA.t lhe \viut-i ^-.it.-n.Ut.:i  THIS PAPER !r.iir-is,?r.51.^  !nt..:iai'|.  .i^fiJO ��-i Alax.imit:.  Alo.. MillL' F". I lrsl .Vanon.tl UiinV, Hulliltn-:.  aijtikam- Wu-.li. w1k.ii iuiui .let-- v.iu In* iiittilt  for It.  be' .������esrretied that a liberal appropriation for t Ji i ���. purpose  could not have been made a>"t,lic  exhibit is to show up the mineral  resources as a province noi by  districts. There is :still lime, if  an effort be made al oii'-e, to  secure a creditable collection.  *    *    *  Col. Kobert (!. In<-ersoll ihe  famous agiioslic died a! his home  in Dobbs Ferry. Now York on  the 21st inst of apoplexy.  Seattle is to have a smelter  Mr. Selover of Portland is largely interested in the scheme.. \\  was Mr. Selover who tried to  get a bonus from the city ol Vancouver to build a' smelter al  that place.  ,The Hoard of Trade has sent  a telegram to,.Mr. Postock urging upon him the necessity of a  daily mail for Fort "Steele - .All  points on the railway have a  daily service and there  r  li  FORT  STEELE FLOUR AND  ss^j^mmmmmmmmmmmnismmmmmmminmmmm||  g}j|ElJBADQU-\OT'J5RSfo.-MINlN<; nnd COMMERCIAL A1KN :=��  iFEED  1  |Je. C. MILLER,  IV..nn,*iov  STORE  JUST REGEIVED    A car of upland irrigated hay  ST. MARY'S INOUILDING 8  ���     I  iThe  @>he ^toespsdetsv.  SATURDAY. JULY 29. 1M��.  .    *      (rRUbi MJSOltANi1!:.  F. C.'Potts of the Manitoba  Free Press who visited  Fort Steele recently. , Has, but  little to say in his paper regarding our town.      While  here  he  daily  service  and    there   i.s   no  uf)  reuson why tliis town should  ko.'��K��'  left out.   There was a time when ; Un ,  J there was great   rejoicing   whemivw"  | the service was made .weekly in-! [---  jstead   of   twice   a   month,   and j'  "* again when a service three.times (  :ja week,was granted.    But imderj  " existinir conditions a dailv   mail I  Fj. (\ MILLKU also has made aiTaugeiiicnK to receive  weekly by express, a consignment of Fresh Flitter  and Eggs from the prairie country and invites his  friends and patrons to leave their orders for a weekly supply at his oilice.  i  Prompt     Delivery  ^end  in your or-lor-, if, miii c'liinot  cull    ,  -.---   POST OFFICIO  POX H*Hi  ���*" " Freighting Done at Reasonable Rates.  HOTEL V  *  All Modern Conveniences  #  is no more than onivpeople have i'  | a rii-lit to expect. . i  The Editor of the Cranbrook  Herald assumes that Cranbrook  is the mining and commercial  center of South East   Kootenay.  eridbntly fai ed to make onquir- -��� Upon - what the assumption is  ies regarding the mineral resour- based is not made quite clear,  ces of the district, contenting .unless it be the building of the  himself with visiting  one  mine., North Star branch.  �� The  state  ggEEI!!T!mg^rcq!mnmmnnnTmr-nnffn,-m^  ee*nnmTYTTTnTmffmm"Tn,7mmnffnffn*'TTmw  II EAST KOOTENAY BOTTLING-CO.'-3  ���He says: ������Fort, Steele has been  before the public as a mining  center for a number of years,  and yet one can safely say that  the district surrounding ,Fort  Steele has never been thoroughly prospected.'* , A   visit  to   the  '(Government office would have  convinced him that the  prospec-  0 tors had pretty thoroughly explored the mountains,.as the rec-  , ord of  mineral  locations  would  Jshdvv. - He', savs ' furtheiv.'  *'Jt' is only within the  past two years that any attempt  has beeu   made   lo   develop   or  prove the quality or quantity  of  ' its  mineral   deposits."      Up   to  three years ago the. Fort  Steele  district was as remote as Alaska  r"0 fill* 'is transport at iou was wr.  corned.    There was no incentive  for  the  prospector   to   develop  his claims.     For nine months in  Ihe -oar it. took seven days to  gei 10 Foi'l. Steele from Spokane  had  the  liliiies been  developed  there was no way of getting  the  ore out.  but  the   country    wa.s  thoroughly prospected  and   immense ledges'of the valuable and  ���useful minerals were uncovered.  Mr. Potts neglects  on 1irely  the'  fact     that    there      are     mines  in the  district producing  large  quantities of  ore:     The   North  -Star.  St.   Eugene.   Lake  Shore  and a number of others.  In reading hi.s article one   would   think  that the Big Chief was the  only  mine being systematically developed.     Had he made inquiries he  would have ascertained that  the eight  miles  long   from  Trail lo  Chickamun Stone.   Estella,   Du j Say ward -on   the   S.   F.-andN.  pout and fifty others were being! railway.    This line   when  corn-  developed in a  systematic   man-I ploied   will   divert   much   traffic  uer. and  that  large  sums   were  ments    are    qualified   and   the  editor     concludes     his, article  r <*  '���Cranbrook we ins to be.all right  ,and very much in the swim."  We certainly have no objection  to our neighboring town growing in importance but while it is  yet in its swaddling clothes its  newspaper should ��� not imbibe  iconoclostic theories, and assume  for the town that which is not.  The same arguments ' were  made by the editor when ,the  paper twas, ^published in Ward-  ner. There -seemed to be no  other town in the '"'district  nor any likelihood of ever  being. Fort      Steele,      was  ignored and the prophetic words  of Jim Ward.ner and John- Todd  were sent broadcast over the  country. Fort Steele survived'  and will'continue to occupy a  place on the map:  i   *    *    *  An effort is being made in  Nelson to secure Dan Godfrey's  famous band for one ' concert.  Perhaps a guarantee sufficient  to induce the band to.come to  Fort Steele might be raised.  (    .<-        *        N-  After a brief period, during  which time he has.been making  it warm for the Boston & Montana and Butte and Boston companies at Butte, F. A. Heinzo  returns to British Columbia to  be a thorn, it is said, in the llesh  of the Canadian Pacific. Now  he pro]toses'to build  a, railroad  BOTTLERS  Waters etc.  CRANBROOK. B. C.  ,0F    Sarsaparilla,    Ginger   'Ale,     Mineral  E Fort Steele.  B.. C- 3  SSLarge Sample Rooms for Commercial Men H  Now Open  North Star Hote  ' r O ' ���*  0 - a-   ,        -     -  <  Kimberley,   JE5. Q,  ,H. W: Drew., proprietor.     - ' '  A1JF>   & MURI^HY, Proprietors-  ' *> .       ���      '     '       -a  Mai] or   1 elephone Orders.will, receive '      ||  Prompt Attention. 3^  IkkkkkkklkkkLkkkkLkkklkLLIkliUtiiUkLkAkkLkkkiTkk^HlklkkUkkkkkk'kkkkkkUUUUkkkkkkkkkkltt  uiiuuutiii^ukkuljinnLkkmuuiWu  McBride Bro's;  sneii  t  Heavu Hardware  Powder, Gaps  Cumberland   Blacksmith    Coal.  Supplies5,   Drill   Steel;   Etc.  Fuse  Mining,  THE   LARGEST  KOOTENAY. '       ''      ���'  STOCK   OF   HARDWARE   IX' EAST  PORT STEELE  beinir expended iu exploiting the  various properties and that a  number of them were in a position ro hhip ore.  Only .seventeen days more   before  the  South   Ea��i   Kootenay  mineral  exhibit    for   the    Pari-".  Exposition must   be  shipped   to |  Ottawa    for     transhipment    to:  Paris.      But   little   interest   h;iS'  been   manifested   so   Jar   in   the]  exhibit.    Mine ownei*. ,md pros  pectors   hn\e   no!     brouirln    in,  their    samples.       rnfortimately  lhe iuiids .it the di--]iosal   of   lhe ,  coiiiiuittee to make the- culh'ci ion  is limited      The Pro\ incial < -'o\ -  eriiineiit will   <-i\e   one   hundred  dollars,  but   this   auioiinl    is   in-  iid<'i|iiale to -ocurc a repi-f-M-nta-  1i\e collecl ion. and Irom prescni  indications this districi   will   not  make much of a show       ll    is   lo  from the C. P. R.. viz such as  might originate at Ymir and  other points on the S. F. and iS'.  railway as. il will give direct  communication wilb the Trail  Smelter. Mr. lleinx-e is a far  seeing and energetic young man  but when he comes to buck the  (J. P. R. he will have a lartre  contract on his hands.  ���h    *    <  There is more work being  done ou mining claims in this  district than e\er bel'oie in its  liislorv. and llie work" is of such  ;i character as lo hilly demon-  si rate their \ nine  -'    .     /  It is only a ipiesl ion ol lime  when the l''oi I Steele dislncl  will lake its place among the  other producing sections of the  Pro\ nice.  6 uO,, Lifl.  ��� o  Groceries, Dry Goods,  ^Bopts and Shoes,  Hardware, Crockery,  Giant Powder, Fuse, Caps,  JESSOP'S-STEEL W GENERAL STOCK OF  Life    Association  OF    TORONTO,   ONT.  Issues an unconditional accumulative policy, which guar- $|  .% antces  extended, iifsurance  or a paid up policy a.ftei*'t'wo uT\  years.        It is absolutely free from restrictions from date ��"  Yj of issuance, andjias but one condition, viz."  That the [Premium Shall be Paid.'  iiroiiio, or the  l-'or lui'tlioi' infoi'iiiiLlion upt'l.v lo t-lie liuad  <)Jli��r>. 1  local it,*40i)1, ,     ,  A. L. McDermot,  FORT STEELE,  li. C.  ?S32^C^-n*'  MINERS'    SUPPLIES  READ.  THE PROSPECTOR.  Wholesale Dealers In  Wines, I^ictu-iot'S at-icl Cigars  .\GKNTS    FOR    SCHLIT^S    :BEER.       . ''���   ". '  ���  Fort Steele r  Meat Company  PKESH   ami   SALT   MKATS   ALWAYS.-  ON 1-JAN1J.  ROBSON & RO&ERS, Prop's.  Fresh Halibut.   Salmon, Salmon Trout.  Butter and Eggs.    Fish and Game in Season.  Bologna  Sausage-  Rivcrs-idc Avenue,  Fort Steele, B. C.  SHEEP CREEK; B,C.  K. J. HIGBYE, Proprietor-  iie.  ���   First-class Accommodation for Travellers.   ���  E\erything   New  Windermere' Stage ��� Stojis  '.Both-.(.'��'oing- and   G'oinini THE PROSPJiX/rOP. FOKT STEELE.   IJ. C\, JULY i'��i,  1899.  -m-w r"-"���  C��te JTr^0^n>jctxJr,  SATUl.DAY. JULY ii), 18'KI.  About Windermere.  Mr. Wells, M. P. P., for North  East Kootenay i.s examining roads  'and arranging with   (Jold   Coiu-  niissioner    Griffith   to   build   a  wagon road 10 the inines on Toby  and Horse Thief creeks.  >>  It is said that the mining town  ' for the mines ou Toby, Horse  Thief and other creeks will be in  ihe McDonald basin.  ' The exact figures for which  the' Red Line group of mines  were sold was 'SlK'.Ui'O. Had  the deal with the Ii A' 0. failed"  10 go through 'parties stood  ready to pay $ir*0,UO() for the  property.  ��� Work,011 the now draw bridge  across-the Columbia at the Sai-  , mon Beds will shortly bo" commenced, and pushed to completion under,the direction of gold,  commissioner Griffiths. The  bridge with its approaches will  be about GOO feet long.   ,.  The gross returns from the  smelter of tlie ore fr/JuPtlie Del-'  phine mine, near Windermere'  was $105.03 per ton. .' - ., " ' r  0 The now hotel built by. .James'  Ai: Stoddart has beenicompleted  and'is the best'appointed house  in -East Kootenay. ,'  A representative of the Canadian Pacific _ railway will visit  Windermere in' [August for-the  purpose of sizing up the mining  situation'1 He will make1 full report to the directors of the com-  panyl who have in view the building of a railroad into that coun-  try at an" early date.  in mining in all part�� of the  world and for aJl the important  minerals. This activity is more  concentrated and intense in the  United Slates than elsewhere,  but it is spreading in every region. Australia, Africa, China,  the islands of the Pacific, Eur-  rope. South America. /British  Columbia. British North' America and Mexico are all in the  rush as ��� well" as are we of  the United States. It  of mining.  LAKE & CO.  floe  Dealers    In ���  H. W. DREW,  Proprietor.  Fort Steele.  ''Railroad Bumbles.  Believes in the "Windermere Country.  O. S. Frizzell "returned from  Windermere on Monday la.M. He  together with his partner William Thompson located a couple  of claims on the North Fork of  Toby creek over the divide from  Boulder creek. The did consid-  erable work* but were not through  the iron cap and therefore were  unable to determine the value of  ' r*  their local ions. : This iron cap  is similar to that which covered  the Red Line and Dividend  groups.  From careful examination  made by Mr. Frizzell he is of the  opinion that the rich mineral  belt is not an extensive one and  is,,confined to the North Fork of  Toby.' Law and McDonald  crooks. The mineral belt however is extensive, but the ores  appear to be of lower grade: the  .extent of the belt was not ascertained, however rich ores may  yet be found .in -the seemingly  low grade belt.  General Merchandise  ATHELMAR, B.. C.  Prospectors   Supplies   a   Specialty  GROCERIES. HARDWARE, CLOTHING. BOOTS and SHOES.  plenty of water the danger was  lessened. About 100 men were  in watch all of Wednesday, as it  was several cabins on lhe hillside were destroyed the occupants losing bedding etc.   ���'  Dewey Sues for Prize Money.  " A Washington despatch says  Admiral Dewey has begun suit  to recover the prize money due  hjm and the officers and, crew *��� of  his fleet for the vessels sunk in  the battle of Manila and the  property subsequently recovered  i by tn'e naval force     He asks for  j Chaag'es in   the   International   Dining- Boom.  Klingensmiith'who .for  the  T   regard    the    Windermere.; ��7sj0.fl00.  country  with-' great favor" said j  Mr. Frizzell, "Tt is a hard' coun-j  try to prospect in, the mountains   ,  (  are precipitous,   and' below   the      \    .  ,;' .������.,���   1,,���  \^..:u  .   A   ,.  ,    , . i past eighteen/.months  has  been  timber line the country is almost., .        ,    xsnin\   tv,*-^...,..*.�����o-  . ,     ,    , .   , ,     running: the Hotel   International  1 impassable thedown timber mak- ",.   . ,   ��� -. ,���, ���  \\t~j  ...,.���., ',      'dining room gaye it up on   Wecl-  H. M. Killally. C. R.. in charge') '"S "t difficult  to .prospect,, ,bu-  of construction on   the.'Bedlin  country will be'opened up, and a 1.        ., ,....     ,n ,-���_������  .,   ',. ,.    .   .' -  ,.     ..-,,,      iwg  interests.      Mrs.     Kliugen  wonderlul mining district will be       .<,     ... ,     ���   .     <., .,<fl_ ,,,. ���  ^ smith will leave lor Seattle on a  ���    ton & Nelson .railway this.side  '.of , the   international   boundary  was in town on Sunday last.  It is expected that theC. P. li.  will build from   Nelson   to .Balfour this^year and  to  Kootenay  Landing   or    Kuskanook    next  . year.; a *'^ A     ,   A   -'  '.- '  " The "average cost of  tlie  Robeson'& Pen ticton line is  said  lo  be #510,000 per mile, the most expensive work the C," P. R.' have  . undertaken;       '  The grading of the line from  0   Bonner's Ferry to Kusknook  is  0 now    practically   finished    and.  truck laying will commence in a  short  time.     The dispute  with  tlie Of P.   R.   has  been  settled,  the new line having secured running privileges for six miles~dif  the Crow's Nest Pass line.  /The C. PV R.   and Nelson  &  Fort   Sheppard   railways   have  eomo'to an agreenieiit.for an exchange of ..traffic at Nelson.   For  year!" the C.   P.  'li.  declined ,to  make such an arrangement.    At  present there i.s only about l'OOO  feet of trade necessary to  make  the  connection.      It   will   be  a.  great   convenience   lo shippers  and to the traveling public.  F.  Aug. lleinze, it is said, will  build a  railroad  from  Trail   lo  , Say ward, on the Nelson  &. Fori  Sheppard railway? The distance  i.s about eight miles.    The building of thi.s road will divert  considerable ore from Yniir, Galena  and Erie to  the  Trail  smelter,  which now goes lo the Northport  or other smelters across Lhe line.  ���  The    announcement    is  , now  made  authoritively  that .lames  J. Hill has purchased land in the  city of Spokane and   that work  upon his  depots,  freight  sheds  will commence at once, says  the  North West Trade.     The  total  improvements contemplated Avill  amount to over a million dollars,  and mean much lo the city as well  as the Great Northern.    The expenditure of such a inagnih'cienf  Mini is* proof that ^jL'- ^'" does  not cherish the animosity towards Spokane that certain individuals have charged hiin with.  n    ,     uesdav last.    He wilL for a.' )>er-  prospectors will getx 111  and  the .   '   ,      .    .-',-.���  +���   i,.-, .,.���:,.  11 �� -        -od devote his tune   to - nis imiii-  made known to the world.  Injured by Broken Glass.  ,    During tlie temporary absence  of Charles Armstrong,  the  pop  nlar dispenser, of liquid refreshments at'the Hotel International,  George Shier essayed  the-'difficult role,of mixologist.     While  getting a. temperance  drink , for  a,thirsty customer a soda water  bottle exploded with a  loud  report-and pieces  of glass   were  thrown all over the place.     Mr.  Shier was the only sufferer, one  piece striking him just over the  right   eye,   inflicting, a   painful  wound, another cutting his hand  badly. While no't severely injured,  he is illustrated with cuts.    The  only thing that  worries him  is  that while the right hand i.s  injured he is unable  to  sign  cheques.  In Getting a Crown Grant.-*  The British Columbia Gazette  has the following information-:  Notice is hereby given that when  the holder of a mineral claim is  prepared"lo make' the application for a Crown grant, he shall  send all the documents in support thereof, together with the  fee of ��10,. to the gold commissioner for the district, within  which the claim is situated, who  will examine and transmit, them,  when in order, to the head office at Victoria.  On  iKling-  vJsit of two or three months,  her return in the fall Mr  ensmjth,will again,engage in"  business at Foi;t Steele? George  Shier will run the dining room  until such times as0 a competent  chef can be secured.  ' A Record Breaker.  Since the inauguration of ' a  daily mail service on the Crow's  Nest, postal matters are ^improving. The Fort Steele Prospector of the .15th reached this office on the 20th.' Five days for  ���200 miles is not bad. It used to  bo six.���Nelson Miner  The Reason He Changed Situations  - "Did you hem* the reason why.; 1 left  my old employers,"-.aid-a drummer the  other day lo a few friends. To thi.s inquiry they'all jiathered iirouiiij. fully  exjjeetiii"- to hear a jjood r-tory u>  ,"Tom." (familiarly called by hi*,  friends), tilted back in his eliair.  "I answered an advertisement, about  a new hook "Light of Life.'' ,is the  title Mi-nek ine .very foreihly. and i  found it, eoutaiued the story of the''New  Testament, together with explanations  of all the more difficult portion:-, thus  being a ���omplete Commentary. Jt also  eontiiins the complete lives of the  Apostles: thai, tliis hook, was really  two voliuuiis in one, embellished with  some of the- best illustrations lever  'saw. The statues of the Apostles ivero  by the renowned sculptor. Tlioi.-vald.soii  th,ese having been reproduced and pub-  Jishod in connection with the Sixteen  Masterpieces of, the world famous  Blockhorst. Hofmann and "TJahn ��n-  gravin��s.  Knowing that not a family in a  thousand had the lives of tlie Apwstlea  or a Coinincntarv. and that this' hook  would have an enormous sale, and a*  my old einployersvcould not hold out  sufficient inducements to eijuu'l the  offer of the Bradley - ftarretson Co.  Limited. 1 concluded to give up ���drum-"  .tniiij^'-'iliid took hold of 'Liyht of Lile.''  I asuurc you friends this chanye' was  the wisest J ever,made, and. 1 shall  never regret it. ' If you want to' make  money'easy and fast,,write theirBrant-  ford House Ior a position like mine.  The  ote  R. a. SHIER,  PnOJ-'KllCTOK.  Fort Steele.  Ls a large and Attractive Hotel oH Quiet Elegance in all  its .Appointments, with a Cusine of'^superior   -���  Kxcellence.  LARGE   AND   COMMODIOUS  COMMERCIAL MEN.  SAMPLE   ROOMS  Everything New. First Class and up^ to date  In Every Particular.  HEADQUARTERS   For Travellers and Mining Men-  RESTAURANT-  OPEN ��� DAY   AND'  NIGHT.  WHKKh  ���smiATKll. llIHh.C'1-KIN  WiisiiCiec-k. ... norlli   ..  Levi*. Cieulc.   . norlli . .  Trai-.v C'l-L-L-k ... .norlli.    .  Six-Mile Creek   .north .  rour-MiluC'n-ek.iiortli  MuusCirek ...nouliwi--l .  IjOsiUrtuk    ������  IlofsusIiouC!inyon.c*:ist ���  Uull Unci-., .'.suuilivasi*..  Hull Hi.i'l.       iii.rthiM-i  Skr.okum Clim-k.norlli  *-"t. .MiiiyS l..iki-   ium .  Mo/it; Luke  S.S.W.  .  Mink Ci'f-ok.    ...N.X.W.  W1I1I Hoi-uCii'i'k..  . .  Mii.Ks  . ..M ...  .  .1**    ...  .   .  jl     . <i .   .  ..  A     .... :t . ..  . . s . . .  .   (J   VI   ..   Ill  ..  .  .2S.       .  :��). . .  'IS....  .    -2(1.- . .  I tu 10.   .  '.NO.  I.Ol'A'UONS  ..      .IL"   mi   .���).-    ui  ...18  . Id  .. li  ...1��  ...SO  ...:is  ..I4SI  ..HO.  '.  SU  . I*--")  Agents: -- If you want, to make *"...~*0  and expenses, daily, handle "The  Light of Life."  0      Bradley Garretson: Co., Ltd.  tiK-UVJ-I-'OHI'. (J.S'T  ^ Fishing Tackle  The-e distiiiii'i  fi 0111 l''ori Stce  ; arc in   a direct, line  Widespread   Activity.  The     New     York    f^innncial  News s;i.ys:     "Never  before  in  the world   has  there been such  Opening Up New Coal Veins.  The Cofil Coinpiuiy hiivo  coin-  meiicecl to ojien up 11  new   seam  at Mitchel creek, about two miles  west of their present workings,  and will at once build si  number  of miner's cottages at that point.  The  coal   cokes  well   and  is in  every respect equal to that being  worked at Pern ie say .s the   Free  Press.    Tlie Company may  possibly  build  coke ovens" at  thi.s  point,   but   in  any case  it  will  form   an   indepeiidonl   source ol  supply in the event of  any   mishaps occurring in Coal Creek.  A Warm Time In Fornie.  There was a hot Lime in Ihe  old lown ol' l<Vrnie last week.  I-Jiish (ires had been raging  along Crow's Nosf Pass Railway  these fires , crept perillou.sly  near  the  Old Town and several  HISTA.M'K.  .. .'lo niilt-s  1^  Id    ������  .  ..."ID     "  t_'.  .\A.\1H                                        III MKiri'll IJ-  SI. Kline-no S S W.  .  Xoi-th Sin rand Sulli vim..V.N. W  Hull Ifivcr Mine-.    ..    .      S.K  "Hull Ki\i'i Mine-.       .    .  N.K     .  I'.M.imiit ICixiLuiiiiy t!roup .VV'..  .  Dililili-jMlui*     K      ���"    "  K-.U-I1H .Mini'.      .. N.N.I".     .     . V    "  Coiiiniulo Mine.    . .  ...  N       ....('    "  IJiiiln (iriiup N       .       -.1'  ColOKsiil Uioup           N ���-     ���'  Mis Chief On.up                 N      h     "  lliipunt (iioup  -V           S  Willi Iloise Qn.ii-l/. .Miue-.       k     '  Wild Horse l'liicer Mine-. 4     "  -The mint", mi   Hull  Uhei-.-u ilii- puini :n<*  rciR-heil f Kim Wild Ilor-sc Cicek.  Dou&las Corsan  (CM-MIX.  OFFICE- I!Iver<.Kle.\\ omie-  Ne.rf. Door to JUrnmleU's Drmj Store.  ft  0  ft  ft  Steel Rods      ���  Fish Baskets  Bamboo Rods        ,   Landing Nels  Orunhearl  Rods, ' '   <-  -    l,r  ALL  ��� kTNDS ' OF  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft In fact a complete sportsmans paradise.  i       c  Prospectors and Miners should see the display of  English'Flies  Casting Lines  Reels ft  ft  ft  ft  \S*?jf  ft  ft  �������  it  '�����  i'i-  D1NES  HOOKS  ARTTFLC1A-L  BAT  ,   E. J. WALSH, C. E..  c '   JI. tUX   SCO. C. I'".  '-"oiniei'Iv on eiiKiuueiini; m:UI of Dep.iri-  iin'iit Hiiihvajs nnd Canals. Cunndii. mid lute  Diieetoi-of the 1'ulilk- Woiks Department of  tin- Ijijiiwaid r-l-mds.  SUKVKVS. I'LANS. KSTI.MA'l'KS .VXD  l-Jiii'OKI'S for Storage Iteservoii'S. filter J3eds. Water.'Works. Sanitation.  Scworiiffe and Land Drainage. Irrijja-  tion, I'ublic Hoads and I'ridjfe-. I tail-  ways, Trainways <ti-.  Ottawa, Ontario and  Fort Steele, B. C.  jj,; Compasses.  Mineral  Glasses,   Spectacles,  Eye  Shades.   Eye :J:  ite Shields and Smoked Glasses. ?��?  T' - '--���--. V  ft  ft  ft  ft  *?��*?  ft  '������  ft  ft  My-stock of Toilet Soaps is complete and the variety  in this line is astonishing.  ���Pioneer" Drug Han'  "ORT-  STEELE  ft  ���rt< '  �������  ft  �����'  '*���  ft  ft  ft  'W. BIJiASDJZLL, c;i'il<1"1,*(-' Ontawol olle-ieof l,harniacy*i'  ���*  ft  Tcli*i4i'apliic  addi-e.ss;-  \V.\ I  SU. OTTAWA.  ������enera! and ;wi.t'le-.sproad activity | .buildings  caught:  fire  but  with | ASesa!!n&��.dsJo"'iny :  .   "It is a startling fact that, alinost  without   exception,   the   adulterated  teas are dangerous to health.    Some  of them are actually poisonous."  ���Ar.   Y. If era hi.  -.Yes; some���not all. But  that isn't the point. You  drink tea because you like-  it��� not because, it is trood  for you.  The wholesome tea is  also tlie best-tasting: Schilling s Best���at grocers' in  packag'es.,  1*. J. SCOVIL  .MI.VINv'  UKOKI.K.  NOTAI.'V 1THI.H',  ���3.-  Hi-ill lOsinii- and t.rni Ml .\i_-.-ni  WINDERMERE,    B.    C.  ( 'ni 1'if.jiiliidi ni-ii Snlirilid.  Om  S. MtCailur. ,1   A   llaiu-y  HARVEY & McCARTER  Urn rii.li .�����..   Snliritinx,    Sntiiiiis   1'iihln.  ( 'nuri i/nnri j'.v i Ir.  FOKT   ST K10 J j I-;.  H.  ('.  HKVKIjSTOIvI-j S.'I'A'I'IO.VhIiVi i.'OIjUKN  KIMPTON   &  PITTS  WIXDEKMEKE�� DONALD  General iMercHai-its  Mioino soDDiies a SmMiu  JMiuers going northward via (.'anoe Kiver Route will lind it a la rue  saving and convenience lo procure their supplies nt   Donald.  SOT JO jU.'IONTS |oi-  Canton  Steel Company  Windermere, '.olden and Donald  31 ining Di\ isious.  <07  collections   promptly   made. I Agents at 7 Windermere f or the California Giant Powder Co. Q?  THE PROSPECTOR   Fuill   STKIOLF.   B. (.    JULY -'!>, lbilO.  ��^e 3Jro0^��JCti?r.  s.vrujii-AV, .il'JjY 2<��. lstm.  Of Interests to Miners.  Power has been transiiiitt<*d a  mile by steel rope for the purpose of pumping from a well  nearly 100U feet deep to supply  water to a mill"near Calico. Cal.  .There is a distinction between  forfeiture and abandonment of a  location. Abandonment is intentional, and operates immediately; forfeiture is unintentional  and results from non-compliance  with the ��� reqtiirein-'iits of the  law.  Within two years California  will have inines over 800U feet in  depth. There are several shafts  now down to the I'U'Kt-foot mark,  or near it. and some below it.  When the new' Kennedy shaft in  Amador county, Cal.. reaches  the proposed=depth of '37)00 feet,  it will be about 2000 feet below,,  the level of the ocean.  was noi always an easy man to  approach^ but jm_this case he  stopped and listened attentively  to what the man had to say. 115s  remarks were too low to be heard  from my standpoint, but it was  soon quite evident that ho was  talkiin- about a mine, for he produced froin his pocket a small  piece of ore and proceeded to describe the elaini. From his ges  tures I concluded he must have  a very large mine and the small  sample was evidently very rich  ore. As I have already said, I  could not hear what he said, but  the remark of Mr. M 1 heard  readily, lie suddenly interrupted the prospector with the remark: "Don't you know you are  lying'-1 If you had a mine like  that 1 would give you $:.',.>00,-  HVO." Having heard his reinark  and seen M -walk away, leaving  the prospector staring after him,  I could easily imagino what he  had been saying. 'That is the  trouble, with -most prospectors.  They tire expected to present   a  Port    Steele  Brewing    Co.  FORT STEELE,  B. C  MANUFACTURERS     and     BREWERS'  OF    EXTRA    FINE  MACHINERY  COM PL ETE    PLA NTS  Ready for prompt Shipment IN OUR ROSSLAND WAREHOUSE  BEER  %  PORTER  SOLD   ,BY -THE    BARREL/ 'KEG    OR    BOTTLED  Bottled beer for family use a specialty  OUTSIDE ORDERS GIVEN STRICT yS PROMPT ATTENTION  BOILERS  HOISTS  Rand  PUMPS  '   BUCKETS  CARS, WHEELS  and AXLES  Wire Rope and Supplies  compressors  Drills  Write for Estimates and Catalogues  JENCKES MACHINE CO.  CANADIAN RAND DRILL CO.  ROSSLAND,    B.-.C.  R. MEN DEN II ALL, Manager,  ,,,<    a n      i.      i ���      " ��   T      i! roseate description of their prop-  I he Selby  bineltinsr  &  Lead .      -..",.       ��� , ,  J ertv, but it is o ten so  coniplet-  Company'of San Francisco has  made a ..reduction iu. refining  . charges on gold bullion corresponding to the recent reduction  in mint charges ma  rates-the same as those  Government.    The main  ���king their  of the  red iu;-  ely overdone that the man whom  they propose to interest, in the,  proposition not only disbelieves  the story, but becomes angry (jto  think that aiiyoue should take,;  i him for such a fool as tcv believe j  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ���,  P. O. BOX 812  LEPHONE' NO. I  tion is from fj  coiita  to  4   cents j  per.ounce on bullion 700 tiue and j  'over. A , ���  , An alien cannut"locate a tnin-1  ing claim in the United States  unless he dec-lares, his intention  t,o become citizen- thereof, when  Tie has the same rights as a citizen.   ��� An  alien,   however,   inav  it.=��- Working Miner-ui Mining if-  Si'ic-iiatJc Press, o , ��  Sick & Williams, Prop's.  purchase a mining claim from a  ' citizen locator, and hold the same  until the fact of alienage ,is au-  ��� thoritively established by a public ofticer. upon an inquest held  at the instance of the Government.  Those who contemplate engag-j  ing in mining 'who have no prac  Xical ex peri nco would do well to  employ some competent 'and reputable mining* engineer to assist in the enterprise. Io outline  the development of lhe'mine and  determine the character of mach-  ,'inery and the profess to be employed at least. .Inexperience  and .self-reliance have proven  very expensive to some investors' in mine.*, in California aud  elsewhere.  The throw of faults is not always at right angles to their  strike. Very freipienlly there is  a lateral as well as a vertical dis-  ' placement, and this tact may result in deceiving the miner  searching for the con ti nun we of  a faulted vein, for where the  vein is found of the opposite hide  of the fracture it. may not have.  on. the same level. Lhe same  width and Other characteristics  in which case it might ��� be mis-  t, ikon for another vein.  The subject of county  mining  bureaus for the .various   mining  states 1ms been* referred to herein before.    Each  county   should  take steps to make a typical collection of its valuableort's. rocks  and minerals and place  them  on  exhibition in some suitable place  at the county   sent.      When   exposition are held such as that  to  ' be opened   at   Paris   next   veto,  the best of   the  collection   could  be boxed, -.hipped to ihe exposition   and    returned    when    ihey  were no longer required.      Once  established miners'and mine owners would soon take pride in it,  and the natural  result  would   bf  in lime that each   county   would  possess the best possible exhibit  of its mineral resources,  collected at the leas Impossible cost,   and  it  could   not   fail   to , become   a.  source of both pleasure a rid'profit.     V       '������' ���   :V  : The terms strike and dip, as  referred to veins', have been judical ly defined as follows by Judge'  W. H. Beatty. says the Mining  \fc Scientific Press. "The strike ;  or course of a vein is determined  by a 'horizontal line drawn between its extremities at' that  depth at which it attains its  greatest' longtitudinal extent."  The dip of a vein, .its course  downward, at right angles to its  strike;' or. in other words, if a  vein is cut by a vertical plane at  right"angles to it's course, the  line of-?section will be the lineof  dip. The strike or course of a vein  can'never be exactly 'determined  until it hasbeen explored -to its  greatest extent; but a compara-,  tively slight development near  the surface will generally show  its,course with 'sufficient accuracy for the purpose of a location.  The dip having an exact mathematical relation to the course of  vein, is. of course, undetermined;  but practically the line-of dip is  closely approximated by taking  the steepest (nearest the vertical) line by which the vein cau  be followed downward. ,  -*  CARLIN  <fc DURICK  gp     Manufacturer of all Kinds of dumber,      A large assort-  2~ ' ���        merit of seasoned Lumber aiid. Shingles always  �����-"   ' -       on hand.  S=" DIMENSION  <��� LUMBRli'  SPECIALTY. ^S  GENERAL  Fort  Steele,  Sole Agents for the  MERCHANTS  o  Eest  Kootenay.  GdlltOIl &66I  COMPANY  WflSfl,  B.G.  ^iiiiiuaiiiiiuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiusiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiaiiuaa^'  DON'T   FORGET  This Steei, i�� guaranteed to be equal, to0 Jessop's  or  Firths in ail  Ham* Rock Worn*. '     '   J" "' '"    "  A Village Poo Bah.  The Council of an Ontario village recently appointed a man  to serve as chief constable, truant officer, caretaker of cemetery, overseer of highways, jaui-  tor. sanitary inspector, tree inspector, cleaning streets and  crossings, cutting weeds, collector of poll tax and dog tax. ringing curfew bell, and "cleaning  snow opposite,tire hall, at a salary of $10 per week. Lt is not  stated in the resolution whether  or not he will be allowed to supplement his salary by engaging  in other occupations.  !; He Overdid It.  One; day while standing on , tho  street in D���- 1 noticed the general manager of a. wealthy miii-  ,ing corporation approaching. At  the same moment .!. observed a  ���inji.il whom IVknew to'be' a prospector   emerge   from., a   saloon.  and ii���moment later intercept  mining' man,   Mr.   M ��� ---.  the  He  A Wonderful Lake.  A singular lake on Kildin island, near the coast of Russian  Lapland, not far from Kola, i.s  composed of both fresh and sail  water. The island i�� a paleozoic  rock separated from the granite  continent by ;m arm of the sea,  and upon it is a hike which seems  to be entirely shut off from the  sea by a strip of land, but there  must be some siiblerraiiftan communication, for the tides of the  sea are nol.ic.d in the lake,  thdiigli in much diminished effect. The lake contains, three,  kinds of "water. V On the .surface  it; is fresh water, coming from a'  'few brooks and t.he rainfall; lower down it is salt water, and ...al.  the bottom sea water is mixed  ���.with sulphurous hydrogen gas.  .The lake harbors fresh water,  aiiiinalson and near the. surface  and salt water animals   beneath.  .,. ���READ.' j!  THE PROSPECTOR.  Sole Aghxts  Sole: Agents  Grows Nest Goal ���������'������"���  Giant Powder Gompaii.  Mining  Supplies a^ Specialty.  W  E  S  Till*  GREAT E  Norttiem  Railway.  SUItVUYOH'S CIIjMN*  MAI1K  IT THK SHOKTKST  THANSC'ONTIXKNTA I.   HOI*TK.  The Steele House  First   Class   Brands   of   Liquors   and   Cigars.   ,   Headquarters     .for     Mining     Men.    "  Commodious  Sample   Rooms.        Best   Cuisine   in   the  o  West.      Modern    Conveniences.  ..,,    Home   Comforts.  D. McNeish  Proprietor,  s  employe's  TriKOIiGII  U is the mo-it modern in equipment: it, is- the heavies.! railed line;  it, has. a rock-ballast, roadhed: it. c.ros.-es no mind doxorts; it, mis   built.,  without a land {jrant. or "orernment, aid: it, is. noted  for courtesy of its  it is the only line serving meals <m,the a la carte plan.  rirp. oka'-sTOKst s-.kni-jKV in a.miouica  HY   DAYLIGHT.  For FOUr STKI'.U*. and the KAST KOOTKNAY .MINKS. Weekly  Sta^e   from  Kali-poll.    Steamlioat eommu.i.cation- from Jennings  lurinu  Summer.    Ouickesl. and  He.st -route to all  part- of tin.  State-.  Ka-U-rii Canada and  Kurope.  or addre-  Commercial Hotel  ���X     ���>     ;Jr  Baker Street, Cranbrook. B. C.  Conducted   on   the   European   Plan  United  I'"ot map-, tie  rots and complete lnlormatum eal  iicare-l  silent or  C.G. DIXON.Genera!  At;.'ill.  Spokane    Wash.  -1AVHITNKY. Ci. I', and   T.A  St. Paul.  .Minn.  Best  WELL'  APPOINTED   CLUB    ROOMS  Wines     and     Liquors    at     the     liar.  "MUNSON NO. 2."  2T\, The Best   Writing "Machine  THK   ON1.V  INTERCHANGEABLE  STEEL TYPEWHEEL  I Kit  uiMv'"  Illustrated  Free.  ('.���'(italog'ue  Address Edgar  A. Hill, Manufacturer, 94-96Wendell Street. Chicago  <M 3fct  THE *  i  m  Queen's Hotel.  Two Commodious Sample Rooms ior Commercial Men  BACGAOK TUANSI'I'jRltK-D FUKl  3p  HOT it- .COLD h'ATJ/S  HATES Sii PER DAY.  J. 6. Greene. Proprietor.  QOLD13iN,I3aC.  m  m  m THE PROSPECTOR, FORT STEELE,  B. C, JULY 1251. IttW.  ftft  ftft  ftft  ftft  ft  ft  ft  ������* *** 'I* *f^ *���* ���#�� **�� *��.��� *$* *4* *#�� **��� -*��� -<*#* -#i >#���  >**   ��� **   ��|*   .����   .**   ��4-   ��$��   ki��   ��&<. *A*   .*�� ..4��  *���*  *** *#* -����� if* if* *f�� *����� �����#�� '*���!* *&����� -*f*  Tff?#T  ftft  ftft  ftft  ���t�� *t*  .4. ..��..  ��*��� '�����  ��t�� ����*  THE   CAPITAL   OF   EAST  KOOTENAY  t i t ���,  ~~ '    i ' t , t>  FORT STEELE TOWNS ITE  The only Goyernnient town in the District  I ( i'l  WATCH THE PROGRESS OF FORT STEELE  The Hub of the  FORT STEELE  '���.  District    ' r ���  The Center ot  population  Mining center of  :   " 7   ' >-  ��� ��� ,'  .    l  ' ' ' i        - i  the district  Rich Placers on Wild Horse, Brewery and Fisher creeks.     Since 1864 $25,000,000  in gold has been taken  out of Wild Horse.  Sole   headquarters   for   Tracy, Wasa, Lewis, Wolf, Wild Horse, Maus   and Lost  creeks:   The highest grade ore camp in B. C.  i i i ��� ���  i i \  Head 01 Navigation On 1.116 Kootenay River _  Daily: Stage, between Fort Steele and the Junction  ,    - ' , O s i  The  Objective   Point  of  The KOOTENAY A NORTHWEST Railway, also  The  G reat  Northern     Railway  v Choice resident and business lots 30x99 from $100 to $250.     Easy terms  titles guaranteed.    Por Particulars Apply to  ^���:;A*.;Bltoti  ���    JL/e      JL ���  '^  #n  9  PORT   STEELE, bB fUE PROSPECTOR, FORT STEELE, B  C, .JULY 20. lb.;0  sL ttsttca *!ioi!3o��M"-m)ci5*r)mf -u *- i_ijnf-*nc.  ran*1 jgu.mu-Mi > jn-ri ft ur tihit  Tiis Canadian Bank oi commerce  (HEAD OFFKJZ TORONTO.)  Paid     wp.   Capital     $6,000,000.  jCITV  !        BAIUiKY  MRS. UNDERBILL,  -7  Proprietor.  Hon. Geo. a. >"ox, IVcidnur.  1!. K. W'.MjKkk. (.Vn. Alan.  Sterling Exchange Bought and Sold.  London Agents���The Bank of Scotland.  KEEPS   CONSTANTLY   ON    HAND  Eresh Bread and Cakes  Eresh Fruits cvory day  Eresh Vegetables  Eresh Eggs  Fresh Milk,ami,Uuf.ter  and   WATERMELONS.  WINDERMERE  i i <���  Is now on the market and LOTS are  for Sale.  CRANBROOK BRANCH,  t��Jj�� $}VO$p2CiCV.  SATURDAY, .H-LV2I, Itjjlii.  LOCAL NEWS NOTES.  E. Mallandaine. .Ir.. townsite  agent of the C. P. K. atCreston.  was'in town pn S'iinday last.  ' New wall paper at Cu'un'.-��. ,,-    -, ,       , .,  ���     , L  ,_      , Word has-, been  received   thai  'George Hogarth has awarded   tbc' ,m,H ^m hoth th,J ^   "��<���  J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager.  Ti. L. T. Oalbrailh return.'d  i'rom Windermere early iu the  week.  M, M. McCarthy the well  known railway contractor was in  town yesterday.  i    ' '    .       .  Mrs. ��S. Coombs who has been  seriously ill for the past two  week*, is ��� convalescing- rapidly  and will be about iu a few da vs.  the contract for his new hotel at  ���Elko,to Cobb &���_ Sheriff of ^tliis  city. Work will be commenced  soon as possible.--  Re2>airmg   Chronograph    and  Repeating Watches uur special-   ������> ������  ���''     ,  ty.' D. L:~B'rrr.sc-n->-. Jeweller.   L err-v treek-  the we.-t will arrive1 here  daily  Postmaster Cann has received no  word of the change and the mail  will be'sent out as usual uutiPhe  is officially notified.     '  li.   O.   Jennings  ha> ��� <rone to  R. 0., Je'nning- and, Prof.  Smith returned from Windermere ou Tuesduv* last.  E.r, C. Egan wein to Cranbrook  yoterdav.  NOTICE.  An adjourned iuc*��;tiiivr <>/ ilu* Ij-u'ciihc  <'(iniini-hioiu*!-. of SdiuIi Kh^I lCootonu.y  will Im* lu*ld on Monday Au^iixt Tth ul  ll ii.in. to i*<)ii-.idiM' all luiriini'w whiHi  may ��*uiik�� lit'foro Lhom.  ti. \V. K.UJNKS.  < 'liii'f Li<viiM; tn-ptvioi*.  JAMES     H1GHWARDEN  PIONEER  BARBER SHOP  Everything Strictly Eir^t Class.  ��� Nert door hi the Prospector.   ,  Kershaw'^ new combination,  billiard'-{.nd pool table has now  arrived and gives great satisfaction.  Call and test its qualities. *  A'sang of men are,now working1 across tlie river putting in  the approaches to the new  bridges'..  AY.   R\   Kos.-V took   a    trip   to]  Tracy creek* on Moudav. . '  **- c  .1. W. Arthur ha.-" been spend,-  ing a few days in the mountains  in the vicinity of Wild'Horse-    '  ��� If your, watches or clock are  afflicted with anychronicailuient  tal<e I hem to the Watch Hospital  |, ' opposite.the Post Office. A cure  is guaranteed'in almost every instance/and .during convulescncc  "'lhe besl of care will be yiven.    '"  Charles Tines' and .1. A.�� P'ink  went down to (he Ch'icka 11111,11  S f 011 e 011, Wed 11 o>d a v.  Ceneral    Arlliui1   cigars,   and  Will's navy cut al Keeps.     , '"   ,  .A. L McDorinot ��� returned on  Tuesday I mm a two weeks visit  lo Winnipeg.0 Ho was accompanied on h^s return by his  voiuiger brother Leo. who will  Ispend his school vacation in the  vicinity -imbibing qo/.ono and  otherwise preparing himself For  tlie next school year.  Building- Improvements.  It may interest people wiio  havenhe welfare of Fort Steele  at heart to know that there is  considerable brtilding going on  in town* at present. Messrs  Galbraith and Elton arc erecting  a building yOx.'JO feet, two stories  high; cm Riverside Avenue. Tins-  lower part will be ari-ujirod for  '11 *��� t  1*-  oflices aud foi'   living"   rooms   oik  the second story.  Henry Kershaw will put up a.-  building the same-size-on the lot  adjoining. ��  Mr. .Jones has pnt a large addition to Axis house on R/ocky  Momitain Avenue.  CANADIAN PACIFIC  RAILWAY  The daily service  between'' ,.,    *    c  Atlantic  aofl Pacific  by the  t "  t  IMPERIAL   LIMITED  ���  will be inaugurated'on- '"  18th   JUNE  The Quickest time  between *   .,    .'    .       "' ,_  '      WINDERMERE is the MOST PICTURESQUELY situated town in the ENTIRE EAST KOOT-  KNVVY DISTRICT. ' .  "     Situated a.s il is in the CENTER of the HIGHEST GRADE MINERAL BELT of BRITISH  COfiUMIUA.       It will be the PRINCIPAL COMMERCIAL,. SOCIAL and RAILROAD CENTER  c ' '  of North Wast Kootenay.  THE SUPPLY POWT'for HORSE. THIEF. TOBY,"DUTCH.  LAW,  BOULDER and'NUMBER  /PWO Creekk ' '  Lar&e Lots  f     Wide Streets  TERMS  PRICES RAM FROM  $25.00 Ta $200  'FOR FULLPARTICtlLARS'ADDRESS"  HP. COLLETT,  Windermere, B- G.  Hotel Arrivals.  Hon. Ceo. A. I'Yistcr will visit  Fori Steele in a short time to  lool"'after Ids' mining interests in  this section.  TliOoGovernmenl started work-  on roads and trails this week.  The lirsl work to be done will  be lo construct a road up Bull  river to the Chickaimui Stone  and other mine.-- in that  vicinity.  It is reported that David Griffith of Wild Horse has purchased  the Kershaw residence on Kocky  Mountain Avenue. Whether or  not Mr. Griffith I, was comihir to  live in town wu,- riot learned  (J   1*\ A. McHiiirh the railway contractor returned to Fort Steele  on Tuesday nnd in company with  F,. C. Ei-'an went over to Cranbrook on Wednesday.  V. Hyde Baker w;i> m-cii n.  centlv in Loudon warinir a plug  hat, frock coat. etc. which leads,  some ill natured p.*ople to ask JI  he has forirotten ? 1 i-��� early training in Kootenay. . c  IxrKitXATio.VA i��� : ��� John. W..  Irwin. K. C- Egan and wife,  \Vinnt"K*g- F. C. Elliott. Roberb  Robertson, Nelson: J. Hailing  ton. Victoria: Charles Estmere-  Kimberley: 4. EL W. Smythe.  Mrs. Eriekson^ Mrs. Keay. Geo..  .Joyce. P. Poisy. Cranbrot)k:  Miss Keay. Vancouver: Frank  Sligev. Wallinger creek: V. A^  Mctlugh. Macletxl.  - WiNusou : ��� P. C. Bishop,  Wardner: S. D. Pompelly. Luke  creek; J. G. Patterson. W. C.  Keay. M. Durick. Cranbrook". J.  W. U. Young. Wild Horse: J. Ii.  Conklin afid wife. Tracv: 1?^. S.  Wilkinson. Galtsburg. Ills: John  Tyler. Geo. Lundberg. C. P.  Smith. 4. Nelson. Rossland; li.  I). Henderson, Moyie: F. Ma-  elood. li. L. Cochrane. Nelson:  CJeorge Hoirgarth. Klko: H. P.  U'Farrell. St. Mary'.-,: S. Hansen. Montana.  Round Trip For $10.  The Port Steele A: Windermere  Stage Company will make a $10  rale to Windermere   and   return  on the occasion ol the races and  Do   not   forget   the  sport*.at   SJ.or,h al 1}l!lt   ,aialc.���.   r,���   August  5th. Parties who. contemplate  going should lose no time in securing their ticket at the stage  office. M. A. Beale will furnish  ail of the pilTticu'lars.  Windermere next Saturdav. The  Staire Company will send out a  special excursion stage and will  irive the low rate of *lo, for the  round t rip.  Frank P. Hogan president of  the  Sullivan   Mining   Company  . aeeomi.an w-d''.by 4 anu-.n D. Swords  the Kootenay ;'re|iresentafive of  4'a.ines   ' Cooper    Mannfueturing  '('ompaiiy of M.on'l real. ; arrived  in fhe.c.i'fy on Thiirsd'ay and left  for the Sullivan Mines, on the  saine. day. ������  ��� .lack 1-la.iiniugtoii will return  |.o;his lH)ine in Victoria: in a  couple of week's..  ADVERTISE.  THE PROSPECTOR.  Ocean  4^  Ocean  a crass the* ���  c 1  American   Continent  Express soi-vico via  -c Crow's Nes-t Bwi-uite to  Kootenay  Country  Pout Sti-iiou*..  4CjVctio>" to. Toronto in 7."> hours  l-        to Montreal in 71)     "  toNowYorlvin'.H  to   Coast    in   -|:-{ ��� "  -'        to  Nelson   in   10    '*  L  L'        to Calgary  in  i:>  Winnipeg to the East via Lake  Route in 60 Hours.  Improved   Service  on   all   local  lines.  Excursion Tickets to all points.  Apply for |);irtii;iiliu> lo \V. M. ,Mc-  I.L-od. City l'iis>en��ur Ajiunt. MS Main  Street. (opjioMte I'o.sKiflircj. .1. S.  <'jiplei*. Ho|)Ot Tickcl A��enl. or to  -    ROBERT  KERR.  TraFfic Manager.  Winnipeg.  ---rLriivuvxjviniTnrLnjirtJiriruvirinj^  I'theB. C.'ASSAY:&-CH��MICA-Lr^ '  ��       '     ���*- ���    %    SUPPLY ,C0��� Ltd.  Professional.  ft  (LATE M.vcPAKLANE. * CO.)  Vancouver,    B*   C  ft  AVe are-Manufacturers aiitl direct Iuiiiortor;��. and carry a  large stoclc of Balances. Furnaces, Fire Clay Goods, Scientitic  andr Practical Books, Glassware.. Platinnih Goods. Acids.  Chemicals, and all other Assayers' and. Miners* requirements.  SOLE AGENTS for Morgan Crucible, Company/Battersea, Becker's Sons" Balances, Etc. -.  S     t Catalogue and foil ])articulaL's o>n iijiplication.  5-ijtriJXi <j*uiSiTurtnj��nji5uijr;Qu^^  #  NORTH  STAR  LODGE  .���'OUT STKl-'U". U. C.  U.  D.  A.F. AND A. M..  ,   G.  R.' B. C.     '  'ii-Biilar liiui'liiiys���1st Tiu'Mlay "in e.icli'  month at uifrlil n'c-locl<. Vwltinc llvcthurn .ire  coiiliiilly invituil  A. W. Ki.ka'.iii.i.i,. Sci'ictsirv.  K����KT S'IKKI.i: DlIVM.f.liMK^TSYXDIO'ATK LTD  V.�� Ije:i(leiiliiilliSuui.'l,. r,��mlon, KnyUtiul.   '  N. A. WALLINGER, FORT STEELE.'  1'OKa' OIl'Il'Iij'K BOX s.  ".   c  The  Waldorf  THOMAS    McVITTIE  F��.  lw.  S.   6c  c.  , Foi  ���t Steele ���  b.c:  11. L.  ('��  M M I N s  /'     /,     V  w. a  *'  FERHIE, B. C.     OLD T(J\VN.  SI'LENDl D .\CCOMMO|)Arr[ON'S  Sample Rooms for Commercial Men  No Traveller Should Pass the Door.  The trail runs within ten feel ol' the house." Good  lJarn and plenty of hay and .grain. If voir patronize the  Waldorf you will never regret, it.  II.    A.    KA NOUS IS,    -       -    Proprietor.  Fort Sleol*i U.O.  W. It. Huns. ^ II. W. Ili.itniiMUU.  ROSS& IlERCIIMHR.  Barristei's     -      -      Solicitors'  NOTARIES PUBLIC  CONVEYANCERS. . .  Fort   Steele,   /,'.    0  '^.By .'their, works ye shall  know tlicni" says lhe good hook,  and work pi.'such a character as  is now being done in this district  will, inside of 'two years, make  Kast K'oote'uav famous.   7,  ��^*f  ���^^oMcMillan For ftWoobCo^  ^.   ^T^       M��"uclon,,c"SHEEPSKINlTANNERVi  X.    EDE  LANDS and MINES  NOTARY  PUBLIC  CONVEYANCER  Fort Steele,      - B. C.  Highest Prices'Paid  No Commission Charged .���  lmmediat<TfR��turns,,'____  y  Fxporters  Northern  FURS]  j200-212jFIRSTiAVE. NORTHS  NNEAPOLIS,   -*-   MINNESOTA.  ���   ������, . y-���^ 1  jShipments'Solicited.^.^.VWrJteTforJdircular.  CHAS. ESTMERE, C, E.  Real Estate and Mining Broker  Aji'cnt.   for   Kritiiublu    Lif...  Assm-iinoe  ('oi'lipilll.V. '  KIMBERLEY,  B. C.  Coi'rrsiM.iKlomy Sol IH tcil  V. <>. Address,  lviniberl��*y via. Craii-  bro'ik, K. (' V  71


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