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The Prospector Jul 22, 1899

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C_- "s...
* • '>:<'<■$:< <*;-•'-<->■-■? ■?«';:-«-;?-5iw
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V<J- -MM'OJN'TKll 'lilK   Ol'I'lCIAI.    %■
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I, & |.\n Smith K.isl Knoteii.t.v.         #•
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. •* *•
Vroi. 5.
FORT  ST&J1UJB,   B. C.  SATURDAY. JULY 93, 1899..
Na 29.
New Advertisements To-aay.
II. O. Assay .t C'liiiuilciil Supply C'r>
\\ -   ^=
PriKJ «
| Another Tunnel to  be   Run   on   the
It/is,  u  good   indication' when
[companies like the British America corporation   acquire  properties in ii district   Several months
I'.igo'lhwy secured a hond   on  the
'.Irirton, Wiustay and Mackintosh
daims in the   Mackintosh  camp
|m    Burton   creek,   about   four
UUes west of Elko.' The development of the property consists
l>£ one tunnel now in I ."in feet. A"
Lo^tract, will shortly "bo'lot to
.•'uu' another tunnel lo tap , the
Jge \20 i'eet below! The ore
|-i the tunnel is said to be copper
Virbouates, the lace of lhe tun-
|c?J being tilled with ore ol which
It>out two feet is solid.   '
For shipping facilities this
I roup of mines is particularly
livored" being about one mile
r-om the C.' P. IJ.. while, the
|>rt,b:yii<l south railway will run
i.tih'i-n one-half mile of the prop-
let v. A wagon road is now
Ij.dng built from Elko to the
pines. '        •   ■
certain  portion  of their  mines
will be  Honied,   but  it  has  not
been decided on  which  market,
nor will the mines be  iloated  in
block as stated.  The North Star
group  at   Fort   Steele   will   be
floated as a separate  group and
bonded at Si, ".00,000. The Boundary properties will form another
group,    bonded    at   *C>,000,000,
making a combined total capitalist ion of the different companies
of *<i..-i00,000 and not Si0,000,000
for one company, as stated in the
dispatch.    The decision to  float
the properties is of a recent date
and,  the  details  of the  scheme
have yet. to be worked out.    '
.'Mines on Wolf Creek.
[v'The   Planet   group   of   mines
{insisting*»if the  Venus,   Mars,
xe,i;eu ry ,a nd Jupiter, located on
frolf creek,'is owned by Adam's
[ro's. andiOlsen.    Theclahn'sVso
hr as prospected are giving sal-
Ifactory results. ,_»Thc work   so
\r accomplished'ecnisiste of snr-
•e   development   openings   at
I'jrTerem -,pbints. .'stripping   the
IxSsxvetc . or  about ,lo0 .feet, in
|H>     .Assays   have   been   made
riowing a >value  of S-l-4 , to .the
|>n in copper  silver  and "gold.
lhe  owners1 are   satisfied   that
,-th ahewor.k outlined they will
ablelo show   up  a   mine  be-
hre long.     Work Avill be contin-
I'd'all summer.
rThe    claims   are   about   lour
i ( '
iles from Tracy creek and three
ides from the Windermere stage
(<ad., from which point   there  is
[good wagon road.to the  mine.
'The   owners   of   the   Planet
roup are owners of the Star  of
k>. Rookies  and   Queen   of   the
loekife.s. -adjoining claims.
Minnie M. and Tiger.
The prospectus oi  the Lewis
Creek Mining Company has been
issued.      The   incorporation   is
based upon the ownership of two
claims    on     Lewis   creek,    the
Minnie M: and Tiger well known
properties.     According,  to   the
prospectus     the      development
work has thus far been  confined
to,'the .''Minnie   M."   near- the
'•Tiger"  line      This  work con-
sists'of a number of open cuts on
the'surface aud'two tunnels, one
of which is in forty feet   en   the
ledge, showing fine ore its entire
length.   'The second  tunnel   begins, lower .down   the mountain
and runs at a   right angle  with
the upper tunnel and i.s about 120
I'eet'in'length. . When the, ledge
is "reached at about 30 feet  fur
ther a depth of overlOO feet will
have been attained. 'This  ledge
is more than four feel  in 'width
at' present,   traversing'  a   .slate
formation:   and   the indications
are"that the' ledge  lies" between
slate l and'    quartzite.   '      The
character of the quartz mailer'is
such that leads to the belief that
a little furl her development will
disclose a contact  ledge.     This
ledge   matter   is   concentrating
and  also'   has    a   solid • galena
streak of six inches on   the  foot
wall.     The  course  ol' the ledge
is  nearly  east  nndc west with a
dip  of about  4.")   degrees to the
north.     This   property  can   be
easily and cheaply worked.
Ab    Viewed    By     a    Mining-    man.
George    A.     Kontiemann   the
well known mining engineer  rer
turned on Sunday last  from   the
Upper St. Mary's where, he   had
been to examine  the properties
of    the  Pyramid   Mother   Lode
Company.    Mr.  Sonnemann   declined to talk on   the subject of
his trip,   but  gave   in   brief  his
impressions    of    that   country.
He  says:    °*'There  are  a large
number of strong ledges traversing the country* many" of  which,
judging from  the  surface  indications,   will   prove  permanent.
So  far  work   has r-been „of  the
most   superficial   character  not-
enough   for   one   to  hazard   an
opinion as to the' outcome.      Although  ,with   development   the
district may assume' importance
and probably will.     It is certainly a district of  great  possibilities,' but dt   will   require  a   large
amount of development to determine the value of the ledges.     I
was much impressed   with   what
I seen and think highly of that
section, the geological conditions
being »>uch as to warrant the belief  that,, the  veins ,are  permanent.     It ' is an   ideal   country
for the prospector."
Mr.' Somiemann returned to
Spokane on Monday but will
come back to Fort Steele.within
a month. " "    _     ,
Another Property Sold.
' The Owen Sound Boy fraction
lying between the Nero •< and
Hamlet claim's on Sullivan Hill
was sold on Wednesday by W.
A. Ghisholm to Ghas. Estmere:
Consideration .understood . to be
about &?,000 'cash.
|>evelopmg- Claims On Wolf Creek.
ITljere    is   considerable   work
eing done on Wolf' creek.  Peter
•iison was in town on Thursday
Jom his claims.     He says   there
[•»•  splendid   showings   in   that
Jchiily aud much  development,
(lilt section is bound   to  a-sstime
Imsiderable   importance.'     The
kii..,"i-'Owned by Mr. Jensen and
associates  are   the   Fisher
Liver,   Jennings,    Cranby    aud
ast JCootenay.    They  were   lo
hied   in   JM1.">   and   during   that
'me-SI.1)00 worth   of   work   has
leen done cm the property.    The
1'dge "hs   from   20   to   l\"   feet in
idth and well mineralized.    On
[nc   claim   there   is   one   foot of
loan ii'alena about ten feet J'rom
,e foot wal I,
('The claims have been thor-
lighly prospected and lhe own-
Is wil'l now go ahead to doter-
iine further the value of the
liiims     The funnel   and   cut   i-s
">w in I- fo''t-
\ The  claims  are   not   far from
l.e   Wasa  group   owned   by   IS*.
Chickamun    Stone   Will   Be   a
John A Fink wo.Ut down lo the
Chiokaiiiuu   Stone   on    Monday
last.   He says that with the present force great progress is being
made.    The tunnel is now in 11)1
I'eet.     The   future   workings  ot
the mine will be conducted on an
extensire scale, and no ore aside
from thai removed in the course
of development will be taken out.
In a  short   time   another   tunnel
11)0 I'eet lower down the hill  will
be started, anil air shafts will be
sunlc    at    convenient    intervals.
There seems lo be  no doubts   in
lhe minds of the owners tlicit the
Chickamun Stone will he a  mine
of more than ordinary merit.   As
development iroes on larii'e areas
of stopiug ground   will be0 made
available when  it   is  decided   to
take out the ore: the   policy   being to keep development a   long
way ahead, in order   that   when
it is decided to take out ore ship-
Fine Ore on the Bill' Nye.
The Bill Nye   mineral- located
at the head of Trail creek a .tributary    of   Wild   Horse,    owned
by Charles Reynolds, A.   Green-
ley and W. M. Violet. isf'at pres
cut causing   considerable   comment from the  fact  that  recent,
work has'uncovered  a  valuable
lead.      The  ore   is   silver-lead.
The tunnel   has been, driven   in
Ty2 feet.    Ore is shot through the
quartz the full width of, the tunnel,   and   the  pay   chute   is   Hi
inches of solid galena.   The lead
has  been' uncovered   in    many
places, and from   this   it   is  evident that there are two or three
different   .leads   .traversing   the
claim. ' '
The Le Page and Sunny South
extensions of the Hill Nye are
owned by the same parties.
me'nt.s, will be continuous.
Mann & .Mackenzie; Mines.
J'Aii   Ottawa '.despatch   -say's—
[peak.ing-w.f itlie report .publish^
that. Mackenzie  it. Mann   are
repaying ;to iiua.ke a .flotation' of
III or a llarge part, of their  Brit-
?h.Columbia mines in one   coiri-
iuveither oil the   Montreal   or it:.as it.i.s prospectors and inihers
vigorous work now going on is a
certain indication that the property is a 11 rig lit.
There are now two cars of
sorted ore on the dump taken out
in the course' of development.
Bridg-e Needed.
The north fork of t,h(. St.
Mary's lias been impassable.'for
nearly two months on account of
high water. A 'bridge across
this stream is what is needed,
and the Government, should build
lie London markets, Mr. ;D. 'P.
L.HH says that this. vra,s not
Victly correct-     JJe said tfcat a
are compelled, to go to Pilot Bay
for supplies, when Fort Steele
is the mitural supply -point. .
Ores For Exhibition Purposes.
While our people are yetting
together an exhibit for the Paris
Exposition one should also be
secured for the Spokane Industrial Exposition. Fully as much
good will be accomplished by
sending the ore to Spokane as to
Paris, and will better attract the
attention, not of mine promoters
bul of practical mining men.
The exhibits heretofore sent
to Spokane from tlie Fort Steele
district, hare attracted lieneral
attention. The Spokane Exposition will draw mining men
from all over the country1 who
will, by the display made form
some idea as to the different districts, liy all means send an
exhibit to Spokane.
Mining Notes.
Iv. A. lviinpt.oii of Windermere
sent a. carload of ore from the
Delphine mine to'the'Trail smelter a few. weeks .ago. The returns recently received showed
that it netted .Mr. Kimpton over
XHII ii. tun.
J. W. Wheeler was in town
early in the week. He says th«
name of the group of fourteen
claims sold to P. C. Stoess, C F.
Lucas and others a few days ago
was the Star group and not the
Morniii"-. , The gentlemen who
are interested in the deal 'are
well known business and professional men of Spokane.
C. M. Keep has gone to the
Tontine group of mine's taking
several men with him to develop
that property. Mr. Keep believes he has a, world beater in
the Tontine. e
Gharles Thies of Spokane arrived in the city on Tuesday.
Mr. Tides will look over his mining interests"'while -ill' this section.
it is reported that a new strike
has .beeu made on the North
Star nt the i'UO-ibot level. An
ore body is said to have been uncovered on the ,'Kimberly Consolidated, the southern extension of the .North Star.
,f.'Goodrich of the firm of Mol-"'
sler <fc Goodrich. Spokane-arriv-,
ed'iu town on Saturday last, and
on Sunday; went  up  to  exauiine_
and reports upon , the   Kootenay
King claim, 'in .Victoria  Gulch,
in the interests ol the; uew  owners.     He  expressed   himself as
being- much  .pleased ,\with'..the
'property. ' He'furtber'said' that
the 'company  would   be  iloated
and work started on the properly
within   sixty  days. ,  Mr. Goodrich   returned, to   Spokane , on
Mr. Kellogg, .superintendent of
the North Star mine .went up to
the Dibble Group on, Tuesday
last, to logic over the,ground and
decide ti'pon^ some'-plan for the
further .development- of . the
property.        ,    \        , K   ,
Attention i.s called totheadver-
tisempnt of-the B C. Assay -and
Chemical Supply Company Lim-'
ifed of Vancouver . Thi.> company have taken over, the business formerly conducted by Ma.c-
Farlano & Co. The new com-
pany has much (enlarged the
busiaess and i.s prepared to compete in every way for the trade
in the'class of goods sold by the
company. Assayers will find it
to their advantage to correspond
with the company.
.There are several prospects on
Sheep mountain on Elk river,
which from surface indications
bid fair to be good properties*.
Little work has been done but
the surface showings are such
that owners will go  ahead  with
Shamrock Beats the Britannia Again.
Attempt to Biow up Elevated
Railway Structure in New Tork:
Secretary Alger Haa Resigned
the War Portfolio. Governor - Mc-
Innea Slakes a Statement Which
May Cause Premier Semlin to Resign. - Admiral Dewey at Trieste.
$300,000 Fire In Brooklyn.
(Sprcml KlTlIK I'HOSI'KCTOB.)     '"     '
Winnipeg. July 21.-Admiral
Dewey has arrived at Trieste,
Canadians won at cricket in
Chicago.  ^ H   ,
Yellow fever has been stamped out at Santiago.
A lumber combine has been
formed by British "Columbia
hi ills.       „' !
.The Toronto -Globe severely
'scored flu; Senate for its partisan
action.   '„ '   ' ',
u ' r i r
> Canadian* are well up in ■ the
shooting at Bisley for the Queen's
. At Brooklyn an elevator and
two store houses, were .biirned,
entailing a loss of ^SOff.Ofio.
Contradictory stories abound
as to the varjo'us phases of the
Dreyfus case.   /    -.   '
Cars wereriiiining in'Brooklyn
but were not carrying" many passengers.
S. E. Gerenrd of lhe Yukoi
c.iuncil places the season royal
ifies at*800.000. \     .
<i  in
the,portfolio of w«r i
ed States admhiistrM•■
By an explosion of    »■
a Saratogo bicycle  •' i'-
000 damage was done.
. A party of  ten   pe - >
drowned in a cloudbui st
western Iowa.
In the fourth cricket ui.iieli all
England vs. Australia, the result was a draw.
W. Graham, ex-secretary Chi-
Jago school board, i.s a self confessed defaulter for t.3l,'r>00.
The Duke of Westminster presented £l0,000,"the winning's of
Plying Fox, to the Royal Alexander hospital.
Governor Mclnnes has made a
statement iu Atlin which may
compel Premier Semlin to resign.
' Striking carmen showered
bricks on policemen and nou-
I union employees in certain dis-
i fricts of New York.
,t .Gilchrist,.;.;i-Canadian, carried
oJl',the premier''prize' at Bisley.
Fleming of Brandon, Man.,' won
.second place and JL'10.
BONDED-FOR $100,000,
General Horace Porter and
Gen. J/, S. Wilson are inenlion-
ed as Alger's successors.
Missionaries in  China  are   in
i        " i
danger from the' 1 hreatening . assaults of natives.
Emancipation-Day will be celebrated at Chatham .-.by.'.'Westej-ii'
Ontario colored people."       "
Abbie Phillips of Swampscolf,
Mass., who is worth- ft2;()fX),000,
married her  father's  coachman.
Chamberlain believes .that thej
franchise bill in the Transvaal
lia.s two many conditions attached.
An  explosion   on  the steamer.
The Red Line Group Near Wmdei- '.
mere Under Bond to 'lhe Britten '
America Corporation.
For  some   time ' past   rumor.-, -
have been afloat that a  deal   for
the sale of the Red   Line  group
of    mines,   in   the   Windermere
country, to .the British - America.
Corporation,   has been   poudinir.
The      presence     in    town',   of »
Messrs    Slarbi rd.    Collett.   and
Rdber'soh ' the    owners   of, the.
properjy     - have      "strengthen- '-
eel these rumors:    'Now it'is del'-',,'"
initely ascTerf tiined that" the-ecu-'
poration has take.n,a,boud"on the   <
property for -SIOO.OIK).   the   tirsT.
payment, a substantial   one," be-
ing made on Thursday. • ■        ,
The Red Line group of minis
is not unfamiliar- to tlm people
of'East Kootenay. It^is situated
on McDonald creek between ."!(>
and     10     miles    frdin    Winder-
\fhabasca. at  Owenj Sound' did j mere. There        has       been
;orious damage to freight. |considerable   development   done
development. The Happy Frank
is one of the claims which is
specially mentioned.
Superintendent Kellogg of the
North Star mine was in town on
Thursday, having returned from
a visit to the Dibble group of
mines. He declined to talk either of his visit or of ihe North
Star. His excuse for declining
to talk on the great silver lead
property being that he had not
been there for some time.
on this property, and of  such   a
character as to best show un the
The late Czar witch's  adjutant
being upraided by the  Czar- for '
neglect of his frail charge, com- i voil1*"    Th«' ,(iad   c'"m   b<1 'ti-aced
mils suicide. * ' l'"vul" l-hu lhnj,! HtM,ns ('"llll»,i',i»{f
the group.     So far in the workings it  is 20 feet   wide   and   thee-
St. Eugene Concentrator.
The framework for the first
story of the St. Eugene concentrator was raised this week, and
carpeiOers are now at work-
boarding it, in, say.s the Moyie
Leader. The building is now-
being pushed to completion with
all possible speed. The clearing
of the right of.way for the tram
has been finished, and the Hume
is well under way.
Canadian   Pacific    Official*    Booated.
/.Mr. Charles: Drink water, secretary of the '"Canadian Pacific
.railway company, litis been given
the second position of. assistant
\o \he president, 'and Mr.- A. R.
G. Henard, late of the president's
office, has been given a well merited promotion; as he will hereafter be assistant ■ secretary of
the Canadian Pacific Kaiiwav.
W. G. Whitney has left to meet j
Admiral Dewev to secure his,
name as democratic nominee for'|
British and American dole-
gates tit The Hague voted for expansive bullets and no restriction on war material.
There are thee   claims
Many Atlin   niiner.s   are   leav-' group the Red Line No I
ing for the Yukon.
Mis*   An.-sell    was
Salisbury. England.
Earlheiuakes have done
damage near Rome.
San Salvador is in   a
siege bv revolutionists.
Twelve persons died on a trail
;icross the Alaskan mountains.
hanging ' wall not yet reached
The'ore is copper ;ind iron sul"-
phides. Assays showing sl.OOO
in silver have"" been made although the average is from $(>(>
to ¥7o per ton.
in the
Line No 2 and Iron Cap. On the
Iron Cap 100 feet wot of thr
Red Line lead is, a large galena
lead. The formation is lime
.slate and ipiartzile.
• Messr.s. Collet. Starbird and
stiite of I Roberson tire lo be congratulated upon their success- in disposing o( the property at -uch an
advanlageoii.-s figure.
hanged   at-
Terrific rains have Hooded
Manila and the country adjoining.
The arbitration scheme at the
Hasjtie will be passed entirelv lo-
The Shaiuroe-k badly defeated
the l.ritanuia iu the second trial
A Canadia.n cricket, club ■ ha*
started a series of matches in
Chicago. '
Am attempt'was made to   blow
up aiievlevii.ted railway structure:
in New   York.      Polie-e   think   il'j
w.ts the strikers. .."■'"'
Badly Burned.
The little daughter  of   11.   W.
Baruo was seriously bui'Hed  on
Sunday.       The    chililreii    were
playing with matyhes   when   the
I it I lr. girls-tdolh ing became ignited, and before lhe   fire   could   be
extinguished     .-she     was.     badly
burned on one  side.      The   litt le
girl was brought to town Thursday and is being.atteuderd by Dr.
iCorsa'.i. and under his   care,   will
surely recover.
'Phi.     West itighouse   'company
has iicipiired   loo  acres  of   land
close   to • Manchester', .-'and    will
immediately erect  works   covering rlO, acres,   practicably .(lup'li-
Miss Sills, 'Belle-view, an<l  her ; eating its Pittsburg plain.    The
nurse'.were   drowned    in    M(«i'iil^,)l'1;'1' wil1 bo capable ofeinplov-
river. Mtiskoka. ; ing ^,00ol1;.nds.      Letrd   Kelvin
■     ;wi.ll be electrical adviser   of   the
Secretary Alger has' rwxigned icompttny. I""  iM.-tr-PTCCTOK, FORT STEELE, B  C, JULY 22, 18W1.  ^r^r-��- -��-$s?Ss:ssS<Ss:  z?i.i}i.   *&m  IT    PAYS    TO    TRADE    AT  ##  Mil  GILPIN'S  At   Fort  STORES  and   Cranbrook  (i  Prices the Same at  Either Place  MOST COMPLETE, STOCK IN EAST KOOTENflY.-EMBRACING FULL ��� LINES OF  Shelf aiid Heavy Hardware                ���     '  ��� Groceries, Clothing  1                                                                                          O           "                                        '                                                                                                                    , '                                                                                                                              ,,j                                                                                                                        "...  Machinery, Mill Supplies Dry ,Goods, Hats             ",''���"  Paints, Wallpaper, Glass Footwear, Ladies .aiu,  and Furniture Gents Furnishings  '   .'                                   '4                 .     T                 _                        <���                             - ��� p                         "                                                                  f  Prices all rierht.      No one  undersells  <i\  Estimates''made on laroe Quantities of.Mining Supplies  G.   H.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  ^NOTICE.  Tim f'lipiifi  l\lni.'Miii<:i'.il rl.ilm. sitimietl >�� j - 0  tin* Km I Stetilo' Minimi,!1! wsinn of JO.isi   Kuol- j  -��-ua.v District.    ��� ' r ���   " . |  Wlioru luciitril:   Oil Hull idvci. iilioul iiik;-j  ' i.v rni: cor.n'tv court of kooten'ay  ! .JIOI.IJKN AT l-'ORT bTKKT.K.  (N"o. US of ll-!*.'.),  In Un- UHilliM' (if .Tolm LuM-i.s. dd'fclistil siuel  Iwlf milt; above the 1'iicK- Hi-Mire  in Lhi; mutter i>f '"1*110 Official Administiutors  Tlie Copper Qw'i'ii' Miiiriiil   fli.ii.i. situate , A''L"'    "'"oil Silh day of June. A. U.. I WW. ���  In tin- "Foil   Hlwli'   Milling   Division  of   Ksist |        Ul><>�� X-'iullnp Hit- iiftlduvilV of  Nfmlele   b.  .K.tf.teii.ivDIsu-iei.       ' '       ,'   /jl-Veaseiii.d.li.mesF. Armsti-oriu it, is o.dered  Wliei'e lorntrd:   On Hull Klver.ulioill our-! ���-��'����.-'a'"'1-''��**-'">��" Armstioim.  Onlcial  Ad-  lisilf mile .Hiuto the JMrli Hridjre.. nnd ii.ljoininjr ��� miniMi'mor for the County of  Kootcimy.  .-hull  -��Ji<. I'oppei Kiiiu iniiieiiil vl.'iliii. ,,  , Tul.c iioLu-u Hun 1 .lacoli' I". FinU, Free  ���miner's Ceil illoiu'c No. "li !I7iki".' iiiienil MM.V  days fiiiin the diilc hereof, to apply t" ili�� Mi��-  Inj: ICi'i'oi'dei for u Cci-tilleittu or Improvements  for (lie purpose of olitniiiliiK .i Crown Ciriint of  thr iilioic rliiiius.   l ' *  Ami fiulliur tal;e not lee that" aelion   under  i>e Administrator,of all and singular the jroorts,  chattels and eredii.s of .lohn Lewis, deeensed  nnd thai this order be published in two consecutive weekly issues of the "Piospeetor" a  newspaper published at Fort .Steele in the  County nf Kootenay.  (Jajtil.) .1. A.V(.rin..r.  ' fie'ditors and other eliiimaiits should   tile  UNDERTAKERS  '-:, EMBALMERS  1 i *  Present nddres's MAOOS'f... Ht\i It MS  Opposite Usiuk of Conlml'ice:  CKAMIKOOK.  Teleirriijih orders piomptlvoattended to  Kaoflman House  MOYIE CITY, EAST KOOTENAY. B.C.  ���crlio.-i .17. unist, lie commenced Ix'loro the issu-   l1"'1" claims, with .1.   F.s Armstrong   Ollicial  anrcoi sueli C'eitillcateoC hnprovenienis.  .1ACOH.  I". FINlvi-  Dated llijs 7th dav of July. IW.f. ���.'7-:tr>  M1XKICAI."  ACT.  Aduiinisti'.itor. Foil .Steele, li C.  T. H. TAYLOR, C. E.  Kll I HICA'I'H.  (IK   IMI'lldVKMV.S'ls.  I       PROVINCIAL   LAND   SURVEYOR    I  NOTICE: ���      ' ,-    ,  U^.fhietM.iiei.ilf'iaimsiniatcin the Fort |      KurvcVx   ot   Mineral    claim*.   Iload*.  Steele Minim; IJMision of Kils't  ICootelniv   Dis- I Mine*, ulc.  II let. j  Where   located -On   the   noi th    side    off  IJoulder ereult. Kast K"ooien:i>   about two miles j   ' '     \\" I NIJK1IM I0K K    li.  t'.  from the mouth. t ' |  '_   CSolilen Coin Minciiil f lawn, sim.ne  in  the | ___   f  -KorL Steele Mininu'Division ol F.ast   Kooicn.iv | T  BNtri.-. . -' j. HOME   RESTAURAN T  Where Incited:    on   Moulder Cieek   llii-t j . .  KiHilriiav.  ailioin'nf.'  tne    Mi a   flnef   Minei.il  Claim. ' i  j'.mes  Miii.M-.il fl.iiui    siiti.itL   in  the  I'm-i    [\fl p <r      _M��ir  s'.,-ele Minim; Divi.sion of Fast  Knot ,m.i\ ' Dis- ; 1*1 ^J.   rtlV||V|C:,  n'.-i;  Where located-    On   Hmilder f n eh    C.isi  -KiMiieiiav.  adjDiiimi'   the   Hue  O'lm f   Mim-ial .    I'lalm. ' ,  Take nonce thaL t   Willi.nn H. Id."   I".  M  NOTICE.  1 heiebv (,'ive notice llinl thirty days aftei  date] intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works. Victoria'. H. C. for permission to purchase the following piece of unoccupied and unreserved Crown lands situated  on'Wild Horse creek adioiniiiK the Cummiiiirs'  block WK, Croup 1, about two miles from Foi I  Steele, lieinnnimr in tlie southwest corner,  llienee 81 chains east, thence HI chains north,  thence W) chains west, thence HI chains south,  thence follow-in;.' bank of Wild Horse creek for,  the west line to point ol" commencement. Con-  lainini: in all !&l aero* more or less.  II. L. AJIME.    .  JJated at Fort .Steele. H C. this urth day of  May. \('.i'X '        * ' -M--7  Prop.  M THE HH  Fokt Struck  EXCHAN&E m SAFE DEPOSIT CO. i   The abovw Hotel lias boon recently orectftd. ;nicl neatly "furnished throughout.  Cosy and Comfortable Rooms  Tlie   Bui-   supplied    with    tin:    1JKST  ��� brands <if Liquor* and Cijrars.  HEADQUARTERS   FOR   MINING   MEN.  D. L.  BETTCHEN  $f The  Jeweller -ijt  WATCIIBS KKl'AIUKI") and SATISFACTION  CIOARANTKKIJ.  GEORGE GEARY.  "        '  Liveru, Feed & Sale Stable..  Fort Steele B.C.!  SADD1JC &��� PACK HOPSICS. .  I KA.MING Ol-' ALL KINDS A s'l*K<:rAl.'n\  GRASSICK   ft   DEMPSEY.  o  CONTRACTORS;  ��� '     '  AND' "'   .  BUILlDiBRS:  Fort' Steele   li.C   "    "'.  L.COHN  TAILOR  AND IMPORTER OF  FINE WOOLLENS  Hooky Mountain Avenue  Fort Steele, B. G.  B. P. COOK.  ra. c.  Transiiets a general collectiiij^ and ex-  ��� change luisim-M..  v-N?,���7u'v,,!"'cv' f"vK'.;'i !''fbM '"c Mn-o ��� i?i*��i t &  Con fcctionev\  -TCe   ulM','^.   \\ .llt('r \ .illArsdalen. I      M.   I      No   * ^  ijf     Notions of all kinds.  li I*!) and II I. Vmiii. !���' M '' N'o .I'.'V.' x.  owners of the Lh'u c unn.T.i! < J.dm- (kr.owna^ '  rlie Hi_' ('ho f CVoup. ir.t.-nd mj.iv il.i\�� from j  the date lieieof id .ipplt t-i th'- Minine K. ( ord- j  �����! for (.'.���rtnic.it-s of lmpioU'iM-iit- foi tin i  liuriiose of obiaiiiiiii.' Flown (.rants c)i the,  ilIi.im. t l.iini^. j  And lurbi. r i..K> ii��u> >��� ili.il .a Mini >ind>-i  Setti.in 17 mvist h. euni'ii' need ln-for.- ihr i>.n  ��nor ol siien i -i titicdt.- "f Improv* ui.-nis  Pan d til's .-.'inI d.i\ ..f .I'llie   I-!"  i'i-r; \\"  ii  i.'Os.-  DRAFTS, CHECKS, TIME CHECKS AND  ACCOUNTS CASHED.  CIGARS and TOBACCO.  uu  ���*r'S  II"   VI ll"   WANT  A   (KIHD  M��:Al,  NOTICE.  i  son-.- is l..-l-(,lu Kivrl. tli.it .iI��|)l.(.itlon  has | ^0    I'O    tlie  been   made   I.)   the  ltniuu.iM.   ill.' Mlillsf l 'if ,  J'liblli   Works   �� nil ��n..rn plans Im-,'  ben de- . o.r>l��       nrox.nni.iT  posited, rorperm.ss.o., to, r, ca    eim.,     .ml, .MONTE      CARLO     RESTAURANT  a suitiible draw -.pan r.w l 'In I'lip. i l .iluiu- .'  bla linn at ( point ki.o��i' .i~ t'n-Salmon |  Hi'ds.  Drafts i.ssiiod jcivttlik' in Camilla  and  tin; rnitud Status.  F. ..C'AllTKK-CfiTTilN;  '  (..'liief Commissioner of Lands A: W.,.ri  Lands and Works n��i��irtii'icnl. ���  Victoria, li. ('.. Huh .Km.-. I?��i.      ::1--'  On Rive:r.s.ido .Avcjinic  William Robinson, Proprietor  -.'.IMAliS    AT    ALL    l|(ll.'l:S.  , -J.' J. ..Lamcintv  FOR SALE.  Ail Amalgamator fur woi-lcin^ fi'.:<.- i  milling i|iiarl./.. Saves over '.ill per c.-Mt ;  of e-old; Wei^'lil, wi't.li jKnyer 2.h.(i(.mi )h.s. j  inMnde. siict inn.s fi,ir I'acK-iii(..' to inoiin-j  tain ciliii'ms.    Can lie seen near  the   St   j Coil'tTUCt'or   aiid   Hlliklci'  Ruyi'iie Alissi'eiM.  For Part.!i;tilfii"s.a|ii>Iy lo.  .'I-,' A. l'IAI-;VKY.'Ki!!-t Steel....- |:.(  .Fori- tti.rli: IL-d.  T. C. ARMSTRONG  Fort S'i-kklk, I.i   (\  Manufacturer of  'I'inwiiro. (Julvirilized Iron, Sheet  Iron,   iSlovej  .Pi])C!.s. ;uicl  C,<)ji|)ei"Wiiro'- ��� ���  BUILDINGS HEATED and VENTILATED  Plumbing",  Pipe;   (itt.iii.i;"   iniel   all  .'.kinds-of sanitary work  flir Tigjit- Hot Blast Stoves  ITydrtuilit;  .aiid' Air"- Pipes   for  . Mines  SI ��� F.C I A 1 / A T'rK.VTJO.V   I' A. ID    TO  .1011   W'OKIC.  BARR <& COMBS  '   I'VjrL Steele.  B.C.  General Blacksmith,  HORSE SHOEING,  AND JOBBING.  Minino    Work' a    Specialty,  J. GRICJi, D. I). S.  (Irtieluato I'liiladuliihia Denttil Colle<,re  DENTIST  Uiversiile    Avenue,  Livery,  Peed   and   Sale  Stable.  h'oi-  Steele,. \i. C.  ���  TKA.Ml.N'l! Ol.  ALL KI.N'DS SOL  i   (  ITI'KI).  G.  ARNOLD  '  Makes regular trips from l^ort  Steele .Junction to Fort Steele.  FREIGHT OR EXPRESS  Delivered   on clay  of arrival.  Leave orders with  M. A. BEALE.  FOUT. STEELE, li: G.  NErDIG  BRO'S.  GONTRflGTORS  an.��> 'BUILDERS'  IIOCSK AN'll SKl.N'  I'AlNTlS'C  CALCLMINIXti niid'CAl'I'li;  IIA.ycLN'll  .'..K'OliT STEI5LI3.   \i.-.  (J.  J.^"   .All- -worlc  ])roiii]itly done.  HOTEL    WINDERMERE  WI.N'lllilLMKKK.  It. <".  J. A. STODDART,   PROP. ;   . ���'    '    ���  Tli.i.'. .I'Mnesl,    I'loUd, in   l-lasl.   K'oolenay  Everything New  Cuisine Unexcelled  OVKIi'LOOKINi!-     W,I.NIl|.:U.MKIv'|.:     ,LAK"K  '.'���.'..' ":'  i'  FINE ; S U M M E R ��� RE SO RT  (Jood     Uoatiiio-     iind     Fi.sliini,".  Shaving r^ Hair Dressing Parlor; ^j  Nr.vi lo Oriciitnl Uocvl  FORT   STEELE, B. Oi.  All kinds of hair work.  a specialty-  A. J. GREZ,. -   -  F?Voprietor  C'E. ADAMS"  PIONEER  BARBERSHOP  Everything Strictly First Class;.     ''J  A'r.rt door Jo Uu; PrnsjX'rlnr.  Why Not Invest In  KIMBERLp  The Leadville oJ East Kootenaii   m. m _ ^ /  1.1 miles from the famous  North St.\u mine. ' 1{ mile.��  from lhe SiM'.r.i v.\x mine.  Xoarly   lidll  niincral   claim!-,  sni-roiinc;  KI.MnKHIJOY and doiiond on   it  for supplies  The terminus of the North Star  Railway Branoh  KIMIJIiKLKV is not, a lionm town,  for surrounded by the LAKG ICS'J' SIL-  VRR-LEAD .\ITNKS IN rfl-J|.; WMU'.B*  it.  innsi,   nei.iessarily   lieconie   a.   lai-jre-  ei<y.    ": ':  -  ' ��  For a safe and profitable invest-.  meht buy lots in Kimberley  A  BOX' 835    '  FORT STEELE  CHAS. ESTIWERE  ,/;   ' Sole floento  .   FostOllieeAddix'Ss, Kimberhjy  via, CrnnlirooK-.. ]?,.��� Q: THE PKOSPECTOR. FORT STEELE, B, C. JULY 22.
HE%je ygvQgpQctov.
ifornia W'lere he died some years ; vein of !<>w-«rrade ore is helpless
];'."D. He was lhe most popular ' williout jiiiiincial aid. ami realiz-
i recorder we ever had in the dis- 'ing his helplessness, while lirni-
SATiJJ'DAY", ,1L"LV Ti, 18011.
A    REMINISCENCE    1865.
!lric:t  and   was
i zealous oilicer.
tin  et'licient   and
The Town of Fishervillo Totally Destroyed by Fire. -Graphic Account
Scenes and Incidents.
By request we reproduce an
accouut.of the great lire which
destroyed the town of Fishervillo on the Wild Horse. The
account was written by William
(1 Young, (he lirst recorder of the
/amp, . for the^ Walla Walla
^statesman; that paper being the
only one which circulated in- the
cdistrict at that time. Walla Walla
, was the point from which all
.supplies came into the country.
The news from Wild Horse was
.eagerly read: ■
•".Vilel .Hiii-sii   Creek    KaM    Kootenay,
and Leis.s of Life.
"•'One of  the   most  extensive,,
(destructive and deplorable  conflagrations which it has fallen1 to
iour lot to record for many years,
'.'cirolce out   about  H  o'clock  this
I1 morning in the "fine' saloon  for-
I'lHerly    occupied   by   Air.s\ John
ijliint and well" known to many of
tour readers as the ••Snug", _ and
I which was ;it the lime unoccupi-
j;od." Tlic=ll:imch rapidly  spread
rand ignited the  roof'and  south
('.wall of the ■•Jfiinpire.Ko.stauranl'*
[adjoining,  owned  and   occupied
V-iy    our    j-especfed     townsman
[LMios Leo, who was a wakened-by
phe Jlaines rushing into  his  becl-
I'-oom and who narrowly 'escaped
Iwith-his life in his shirt, leaving
Vll his property ii prey i.o'the dc-
.'miriiig^leiiient.     A very beau-
.iful young imported spaniel cof
.!,he King Charles breed, "who was
jied by the neck to the leg  oi" a
.able, was burned to  death  and
'lis piteous bowlings when envel-
>ped by .the merciless flames add-
d horrors to  the  scene., ,. The
fire soon spread"to the adjoining
buildings  and   in , a   few   short
(.-tours thill  liiagiiificient row' of
[buildings    iu   .the   .upper, town
•which nave long ,beeu the  pride
;md boast of our  citizens,   la.y. a
■heap of smouldering '''Mains,   noils the calamity yet ended, in spite
f f all endeavors the   tiro  i.s yet
|Lrpreacliiig and threatens  to cle-
Ltroy  that  noble  and  imposing
itructure known as Fort Sumter.
I,)ur noble firemen, as usual were
|iL their post,   but  owing to the
,ict of their having lately generously devoted their pipe and hose
|o mining purposes and the ditch
being1 dry owing  to  lhe   break
|ja.used by the  late  Hoods,   their
tt'orls were necessarily  limited.
Ijeremiah    Coughnine    however
Ligually    distinguished   Himself
Im the occasion  and   Robert  C.
lOore rushed  up   to   the  Inyicta
hitch and generously turned *yn
lit leiast ten inches of water, free
]>f expense, on the   ruins* which
|t.hough too liite to be  of service
showed a generous sympathy on
[his .part which will   be  long   roll iicmbcrccl.
•'The cause of the fire is a mys-
Itery and will probably ren'iain so.
IPiiblieopinion is mainly divided
[•between spontaneous combustion
luid   chain    light.nin»",    although
some stoutly maintain that it was
[the work of an incendiary.    The
[doss so far is  roughly  estimated
|-it *S!l7,»nt>.     The  following  are
Lhe principal sufferers:
Teos. Leo. .restaurant.. . .$ 7,:">(.)(>
Of Interest to Miners.
While casually walking along
a ground sluice of a mine in Sierra county,'Ciil., recently, a visitor picked up a nugge't of gold
weighing a pound.
All lengthy" tunnels should
have an air shaft connecting with
the surface, which will also afford
a means of escape for men in
case of accident. '     ■  •
The     first •   recorded      labor
"strike" was 2211 years ago—812
li. C.—when flute players under
Numa Pompiliusof Rome refused to play at? a  banquet   unless
paid   what  they   thought   their
services were worth.     Later on
Nero posed as a friend of labor
and stirred up considerable strife
Trajan. f>2  A    D.,   opposed ' the
labor unions and  had  a  stormy
'reign.   There is nothing modern
about    strikes   any   more   than
about trust.     Most  of what   is
said   regarding   both #was  said
2000 years ago.     In all ages has
existed a  natural desire  to  get
all    possible    for   any . -article,
whether, labor, skill or manufactured product.
It is understood that W. S.
Stratton was'the'original discoverer of the Independence, Colo.,
mine, though if was not the first
discovery in the Cripple creek
district. Prior to this Cripple
creek discovery, Mr. Stratton
was a carpenter, prospector and
miner. He was never a' doctor
so far as known. It is claimed
that the independence was sold
at ¥511,000,000; Mr. Stratton receiving part cash and the balance
iti stock in the corporal ion taking over the property. No positive statement can be hero made
as to the value or amount of ore
blocked out in reserve in the
mine. 'l • .
Although much falilt i.s found
with, those who work out the
richest portions of a mineral deposit, leaving the low grade material for those who come later,
there are few who would not do
likewise if placed in similar position.
ly believinir in the value  erf  his
property, he looks to those having capital to invest in his mine.
In consideration of  these  facts,
the ejuestion so often put lo  the
prospector, ''Why do you  wish
to sell your mine if it is so good
ii thing?" i.s as absurd as it would
be to ask the  owner  of  a  high'
grade property,   '"Why do you j
not sell your mine since -il  is  so '
good?". „ j
milvan. Diamond Drills
Most  accurate  and  most  economical   prospect-
ini*   drills made.
DrilU of ali capacities, operated by hand ,or horse power r steam,
compressed air or electricity.
305 and 306 Rookery, Spokane, Wash.       : " -      -       Chicago,. Ilk
KNIGHT & STONE; Agents.     '
States     Laws
IDr. Mitchell, drug store. .  14.000
(John .Hunt, saloon       J},000
IV. Chevrefils, grocery..      2,500
JncleB. Stevens restaurant4,250
lliutcher  25
iviartin   Saloon     2..H0Q
.Among those who have lost to
h more 'trifling amount to whom
Vieye'r'theless.the loss is .irrepar-
fibla and who haye enlisted our
rleepest sympathy, we may mention: .. .   '<
William Corbett 2 white* shirts
jiii'd collars, Robert C. Dore 1
j,hir.t at the wash. Dan Lyons
|1.+shirt*, 20 pair drawers. Frank
[A pair pants, 2pair socks. 10 a.m.
I'.he fire is stilt'extending" its rav-
l-Agres.""   , ,    "■■
The writer of the above after
:?f.;iving Koot«nay settled in Ca.l-
Why Prospectors Want to Sell.
The Mining & Scientific  press
says:    "Of the mines   that  pay
comparatively   few   \yould  ever
become valuable without the, aid
of capital, and this  primary  requisite the claim owner general-
I3' lacks..    He may   have  muscle
and grit and may   be  willing  to
work faithfully to  the  end,   but
at'best his  efforts  will   develop
the  mine superficially.     Those
who are fortunate enough to own
a claim so favorably located that
ithe development can be accomp
lished by means ot tunnels have
an'easier road  to   fortune   than
those, who must sink ii shaft   for
the same  purpose.      In   either
ciise cash  is  necessary   for   the
purchase of tools   and   supplies.
The facility with  which   a   mine
may be opened depends  wholly
upon its situation.     Those  ideal
locations, where the vein maybe
opened by adits with a thousand
I'eet of backs: where there i.s an
abundance of fine timber to be had
for   merely   cutting   it.    where
a splendid water power is situated atV the foot   of   the  hill,   and
where every ton of  ore  is  rich,
are not often found.    Good prospects, which have developed into great mines,   in   many   cases
have  been  situated   in   regions
difficult    of    access,   timberless
and devoid of water, at least for
power, and with every  conceivable disadvantage   surrounding
ithem.      These • mines ■ .required
'capital,   to   equip   and   develop
them, .and,'..the  result, has  been
satisfactory to the' investor.  The
prospector who fortunately finds
a vein of Ore from which he can
'ship with profit'at  once,   needs
no capital, indeed,capital.immediately'seeks him   and   endeavors
to purchase his claim,..usually.at
a price  considerably below"'what
the finder thinks it worth.    The?
other  prospector  who  found   a
'   Answering several queries on'
the subject e>f the right of aliens
to purchase and   locate   mineral '
lands of the United States:   The !
United   State.-,   statutes  plainly
state (2JJMJ):    "All valuable mineral deposits in lands belonging
to the United States,   both.surveyed and unsurveyc'd. are hereby declared to be free and   open
to exploration and purchase,"and
the lands in which they are found
to occupation and purchase,(from
the United States), bv citizens of
the United States andc.tJio.se who
have declared 1 heir intention   to
become,   under  the' regulations
prescribed by law,   and   according to the local customs undriiles
of miners in the  several  mining
districts, so long,as the same are
applicable and inconsistent with
the laws of the   United   States."
Any_stiite law giving' aliens the
right'to locate,1 lake or" hold or
purchase,from the United'States
the lands of the public domain is
in conflict with the United States
statutes.   A citizen cannot locate
land   for  an,, alien   corporation.
The Landowner says concerning'
this:   '"A mineral entry madeby
an alien'is  not   void,   but  voidable, and.  while  of  record,   the,
land covered  thereby  is  segregated  from   the public domain.
This simply means  that a   location made bv  an  alien may be
successfully contested by a citi-
zeu of the United 'States."—Miv-
iurfund ScieiUijic J'rt'.w. ■
Canada Life
imperial Eire
Sun Savings and Loan Co.
identification and Protective Co.
Ontario Accident and
Parsons Produce Co.. "    .
Mining Broker* Insurance
and Commission Agent
Books    Kept   and    Accounts    Promptly    Collected
Agent fttr Geo.  Geary's Koyal  Mail,   Passenger and  Express- Line1   ■
W'V, D.   Kcrfpot's  Royal  Mail.   Passenger and Express Line
-24 Pages  t  Weelily- :  Uiosfiated-
The Money Some Men Make.'
KlUST Max." "'JJcllo Bill, what 11 re
you driving nt tiio.se il;iy»i" you scum lo
lie on the jump all the rime unci walk
us; tlMiuyli you liad important bus.ine»*
on hand.*'
SKCONU Max: ■•Well.'the fact is.
Jaek. a little j)i'o^[ierity puts the drive
in a man. I have struck a position at
lasst. after a year ol hard luck.' which is
pannin^emtr first-rate."
Fikst. Man: "Well, that's your
luek. for I am doiiiK miffhty little these
da\"h.    But what have you struck*:*"
SkcOXD Max: "I have taken a hook
ajrcncy fi'oni The Bradlcy-Garretbon
(.'ompanyLimited < of Branllord. Out.
The.\v have been at me for month* to
canvas, hut 1 lau^lied lit the idea, and
at hist, they made me a yood offer, so I
thought I'd give it a trial. I liavcjbecii
at the work now two months, and 1 like
it (irst-rate. and am i;oin» to Mick to
Kiust Man: "Say Hill, do you think
I could do the work, lor I .saw the advertisement of this lirm vet.terdav. for
more men. ^
Skc'OXO Man: "I don't see why you
cemld not. hut writ.' and get themj to
make you an tiller."'
L''iiist Man: "'Thanks old man. I
will, and I'll let \ou know how it Miriin
Five young   men   to travel, who would
not object  spending   part   of their
time At canvassing.    Keferences.
Bradley Garretsoh Co., Ltd.
iMovic Citv, B. C.
Ts ii Jaiiro unci Atlrnciivc Holel ol ciuie^r oioffinife iii'iillils.
,    ;i"|)]iointuicnts. with u cuisine oi' superior excelhiiifct"
rr .' » Strictly   First-Class   in   al    its-  Appointments;   " 3
^   iVlciVlaHon, Bro's,  Proprietors.    =5-
HUGH   WATT,  M.   D., C M.,
Consultation U)i(l   liiieriitl   I'rufliri' Onlj/
OFFICE   HOURS-I    TO   3   P.M.
(ST Ni;
Broil ii:.
•-lit.', ealls  should   go    to   Dr.
li«.«i. S. 'McCarlcr: . ..I. A. llarvty
Hiirrhtniv,   Solicitoix,   jXotii'rieit  'I'nblic,
.[.■' I.'otiva/ancn-s rttii.
'■'... i        '     ' ' '......■..
Foic'r sTKKuo. 1.1. c;.
is \
*     * IS l'Ulll.lSllKU 11VI0KY SATUKUAV. AXI) HAS A
* **** ^sJfsJcsfr^i^^^H;*^^^-*-"^*^****^^-**;^.-"*^^. ***
'As   An    Ad\'ertisino^iMedxum
It    Ts
A "V     W
Jjj I.A1KJK  KOKKIOX C'l IIC'C I.ATJON.                               ^
lb t>
The Paystreak Of Ad's In This'Paper Pays From The Grass Roots,
And Never Pinches Out, Stake One!     The Result Will Be To
Your Interest.
EXECUTED.. '." ' 'fl  T1JE PROSPECTOP    FO ,r!   ^TEtfl.F.   P   <     .11 LY ���'. isjlfl.  THE   PROSPECTOR,  .'��    FUJ LitliEJ)    WEEKLY  JJ)  THE   PROSPECTOR   COM PA XV.  'A.   li.   GllAt'K.   FIJITOII   AM)  PUBLISHER.  VOVT  ^ti:i:i i-' r:i ru JR   a \in  THE" PROSPECTOR, is published  ��� very "siimrdaj, and lias a ^inirantccJ  eirciflutiun linger than mij ih'iim papiM  In IC.'lst Kootenay. Il is all home Printed  snd contains; donhle the M��> ol an>"  olhei   paj'<.*riii the district.  Wilfred Laurier states definitely  that the new redistribution lull  will not afford relief. Consequently, our triple constituency-  Yale - Cariboo - Kootenay-- must  be satisfied with one member lill  after the next census..  It was a Pa louse, poet who. i |ijj#  .sufierhi" from the heal and' ilsll<K  attendant   tortures.    ,,crpe, rated   jfo E.  _ -MILLERj   Pnoncior  the following: '|(k </ji<i:_  f this Wl-.itln-r lorn; i-oiiuniH-s. fifo   JUST RECEIVED    A car oi upland irriyafed hay jailer  tm - ��� -���*e��  S~ IIEADQUARTEPK for M1N1N(J and C0AIMFKC1AL MEN _��  f'1.  /<,!  ���M  !FEED   STORE 11  li | The  ST. MARVS INN BUILDING ft  I  .A Iniii'ivil ilii'ii.'ll li.-:  'riic Inii'ks will widi   inv   f'-icnti-   Vk1  pilled  Tin- coi'i'M' it u ill In   im'"'.  \s  an   .idvertisiti^  mcdii:��n  it   i-. un- !  *><-'c"od. |. [     The woi Icon   th'-   North   Star  branch was coiniiieticed on   Wed  no.sduv not far  from   uhcie   lhe  3L;ut. d U'llie upbuildiiiK of Foit 'stool. ilir  developiji.-m ��r llu> vr.st inlnriiil ri'simrvi's ������!  til* E:ist Ko'iK'niij qiimii^ cIijUi-t:  ;-���:'.�����   >iiiti"iis. .      , T .' l��> Jie1   iwr  Ad\n:lsinP' rni. s 'lil.i.fr Ui,..�� n on <i|.pii. ,ti. i  '<>   K. ('. ,.\IILLKK  also ha."-   made   arranyemeiils   lo   receive /i  \\eckl\     by   i>.\]i||.ss.    ;i consignment ol    Pl'OSll   Bllttoi' Yft  and  Eg'gS   from ihe prairie country   and   inviles   his *}  friends and patrons to lea\e (heir unlrrs for a week- .  Iv -"iippl.\   til his, nHice '  Fori.Steele .wagon road cnissi^l  the trae-lc, So all epiesiion us io|  its, being built mviii-. to be detin  tv>ninbuu.>iis.lr.-st-lu:��..-.i fr..m.il!]..ins./i in. ' ilely Si'lllc'll!       We reyrel excectl-  ai4irict."bui.iiiniaticri:i:��:iUdr(.ri)iii>uc.iiio)i Ijnglv liiai the  sui'Nev   from   the  sous*, hit j\- tin- 'i ri:i'f's.si:.imtuiv I .       .' . .     ., ,     ' '  �� _ 'junction via r oi'l .Steele u.is ne\   ��� ! ur completed.'   This was an o\ cr  THK PAPS-'R isi.. 1-t.ci. in., in n..'i.iiur- ,'��i{-ht on the part  of "our   people,"  a-.u.M.ii, ]���   J'usi ".'.'.;'.,7,'j iJ,,u liuVimAliuiiot   uUeiiding   to   the   mailer;  sp..-.:,,..   ,v.--.   >o,.r.,,���, '-;���������������������'������'' I&,OIU.r.      fiuwever   it   M'.'ins   loH   ' ' | make no difference,   Eon   ^lcedcj?l#  ���----���-"-"-��� ��� u,   fcM'giuy    right    uiiead.    new     "~"  1 Jroil >j)[     I)(.. '//very  Scut!   in   vom   outers  il   ton  c;miiot   cat  POST (>I''KICI<; 'l{()\  Sid  Freighting Cone at Reasonable Rates.  Ill Modern Conveniences   ?fr ;_��  g Fort Steele,   B.  C. 3  ^Lari^e iSainple Rooms for Commercial i\len -zz  Now Opein  &h$ jpr00^ccti?r  ; buidinus are being  erociecl.   one  'jOJ  tiJw   |;b,"^',.'->i   banking'  jnstitu-,  ,  _|tions in Clliutdu willshoi'|b'0j,0i\,'  ���    <i  h.YY\  IliJAV. -H  IA   ^.'. 1^'.'."  a   branch here,    the   inerciianl^ f, = --=���    =^^=-^_^  s_.ire})urt''iue;rea>ed   business,   and' ' ' ^ a. ��   : '  o    \vLL HAIL lo T/JE cuA.^'J.      ':tlu; feeling   i.->  general   that   we f --       ,  ,-. . .   ,',.,. ��,���   \'r���- ������ ��� will  evc-utnallv   sret  a   rail mad, i cmTmnnnnnTTmmrrmmnnmTmfmmnTmnnmTnmmnwnHnm^  li. 1.-, reported that Mr. \\ai.-on . l"u- *-\suiu.uii>   .^<    .1, ���: t^TmfTTf^nnnnmTnmmTmnTTmmTmTTTfTTnTmnnnnnnmTmTnnnnnnnfTTTtsw  vhief of the surveying  party  of; wuh a possibility c>: two. so thai |||  ' ^ _     ��.  '   ^   ' __       ||  r  -mm-  -I  33  ,.,;.,��,���....-) >.,,i. n.ii..,���,cu,��sjth^e^i^ ��^ �� tojrow g EAST KOOTENAY BOTTLING CO  gone to Victoria io see  the  pro- , trouble, t ort Steele i> all  nght.,;^  motel's cd' the scheme.  pro- , troubli1. Port Syteele is all  right.,;Ct  x ' tt  So HJiK'ii * ������    *      "! I tt  lias been .saic, and so   !iu>  doriu.     >Vw York i- iho   iriv��.tu>t   iuc tf  bv the company "thsil   the  belief! market ,oii earth.   'If all  the  ice t|  i.^pr(.\ale���i ilistt the fund:-to fro brought   to  and  made in   Sewjfcfc  # uheac'l=uith   the .work   are   not  York in one y^ar  it   would  trivejgg  CRANBROOK.  B. C.  ahead _\\ith   the .work   are   not  ���'orthcominir.     There  ha.-,  been  much   mysteiry  about the whole  business  and  the conclusion arrived   at   ih,   that   the Canadian  '   Piieific wiihe-ventiially build   the  road.    In fad, it is as.-sertod that  the C. P. R. through   its  imeni'.-s  In" Lcmilon,   are   liuiioliatings tt;  buy the charter ot the company.  This   secnis" to  be borne out by  the fact that I hey   arc   planning  ���.   to., survey    Ij'om    Argent a.   ou  'Keiotenay T/,i'ke into t.hti.Wihder-  jnere c-ouiitr.\'-'   If true, this line,  .when comple-tocf! -will nialce  con-  lU'clion.-s with ihe Duncan   Lardo  railway giving an all   rail   route  b> the main  line   at   Jfcvelstolce.  'The connecting   link   1 hend'ore.  will    he   ;i    line    from    101 Ico   to  Windermere through Eort'iSteele.'  A relerence to lhe map will show  <his   M'hoine   to   be    within' the  range of [irobabiliiy.    The com-  pjuiy now have a road to Arrowhead from Revolsmki! line]   have  ' a   line  under  construction from  ��vs��^\rrc.iwhead   to   Aryenta,.   a   line  from    Argenta   lo   the   Winder-  more'country lo connect   with   a  line' up the valley of the Kooten  Ale.     .Mineral  _        BOTTLERS    OF    Sarsaparilla.    Ginger  every man. woman and   child   iujtc   Waters etc  the city a   lump  weiarhiiiic  I'udO |tt .<-  ,  pounds. , " o |C�� 1 "''  ,,���      . .  " ,'   *  ' .    \^CI.ARR   A~  MIjRRHY, Rroprietor*  The advice ol a   \eteran   mm-!^F ��� ' '  ing man to a tyro in ininintr.was:  /'My boy, if you think you have  a mine yon want to inine. don't  stay iu town and tell people what  you think youhave. butgoahead  and demonstrate that you have  or have not a mine: ante mortem  examinations don't go with  niin-  i   i i  ing investors.    - ��� ~  ��� The new ai-my post at Spokane'  has beon named Foj-t Wright ���in  honor of Colonel George Wright  the celebrated Indian' fighter,  who defeated the allied bands of  Indians near Spokane in iHiiS.  W. A. Carlylo superintendent  of the B. A. C. properties will be  resident director of the company's properties in the place of  Hem. C. >T. Mackintosh.  -;������    ���.;-    ���:(���  One of the best posted  mining  men said a few days ago: ������ There j  is more development going on in  the Fort  Steele   district  at  the  33  33  33  33  33  33  North Star  Kimberley,  H.   W-.-DREW,    PROPRIETOR.  e  B. C  Mail or   1 cilephone Orders will-rorcivc        - ��� al  - ��� H  - , Prompt Attention..   , , 3^  McBride Biro's.  1 ' & -  sneiit Heavy Hardware  Powder. Gaps f fuse  MillltlUlluUllllllllUill  LkkkikiikUkkkkkl lilklikkllkkkkkkkkkklkkkkkkkkkkkkk  iMUulwSiikhMtflijZM  33  >03  Cumberland    Blacksmith . Coal..  Supplies,". Drill.   Steel,   Etc.: ,   ~,  Mininsfi   *1  PORT STEELE  Mercantile Go.  i  ;,y. M-etlfs to be the le-lt - j presenl lilnc than 0 ve,. befovo jn  imale outcome and under the>,., .^ h^u yy Tlie devolopmonl is  circumstances, the Uana.han f��-|of such a fharacter as will in a  cifie will bo llv principal  factor |s|ion   (jmcJ   show   (Q   |hu   W()r](1 ;  ci  in     buildin  -1\ootenay.  railroads   in   lOa.si  that there are imne.-s m theinonn-  , tains about here.  -  THE   LARGEST   STOCK   OF   1MRDWARK   IN . EAST  KOOTENAY.      /   ���  The   Confederation  Life    Association  OF    TORONTO,   ONT.  Issues an unconditional accumulative policy, which guar  A antees  extended   insurance  or a paid up policy ai'ter two (jj  \ years.'       It  is absolutely free from restrictions from date g  t)'k~  w  (j of issuance, and has but one condition, viz:  That the Premium Shall be Paid.  MoM|uitoe- have had their innings for the past few da.y.-  and  R-ilroad  lif'W>   U   >.-al'ce   thi.-s ;  week.     There   are   all   .-sort'-  of]  rumor.'- a Ho.it.    'It is -.--tid tha. E  \. . 1:  :have lieen ;i tejrnieul to man audi  i'.  lvinn liih a contract leu- seven ., ���  . i    beast,  miles  of   the  rsortli. Star   road, i *    *    -,  oilier.-^   <i{y   tnf'   '"omijany   will i     J0e Martin i-s in California and ,  build it. s.(j|l others., that  ii   \\ill ](h,. newspapers have' less to say '  be b nil I by days   labor       As   to | ab'iut that   irrascible jreiitleman. '  all ol this Mi".   Macleod   has   not,    c ^  ,.,     .^  Groceries, Dry Goods,  c-  Boots and Shoes,  Hardware, Crockery,  o  Giant Powder, Fuse, Caps,  //      "    For hirtlici'iiil'irinu'i'ien apply to ihe hcnil olticv. Toriniiii. ur tin;   ?);f';  i    le��':tl iiy..'iit.0 ' Kflj'.  A. L. McDcrmot,..  P. 0. Box 4. .       PORT STKKLK,  li. O.  informed ii-, perhajis for Un;  rea--oii that w�� iiave not asked  him. and he would no   doubt   re-  (Juaraiitees to strolling players  is not a good scheme*'as several  gentlemen   found   emt    recent ly  fuse the information even   if   he   when ihoy had to dig up enough"  TPCCfVO'C     O'TCLM     ^  p L1 T\f t1 "D A T     QTOPk'   HT7  were asked.      So   like    .-verve.in'   to make'   ;i   ten   dollar   bill   look   U JlOOUi   O     01 LLL  V   ULl\Li\iiLj  O 1 UU1\   Ul  ** Fori Steele  Meat Company  tdse  we   must   remain   in   iynor    side,  ance. nlthc?ngh  it.is   wiiijin   11 it- ���  nrovince oi a n��'w.s>pnp<-.r to   pre-.     Tlwouirh     the   efforts   e>f   the  suine lo know e\ i-vy thine". .board of trade- of Cranbrook thai ,  *    �� town is \o have- a daily  mail  scr- ,  P.y 'his tiiiie.UiK.-J-T Sain   niu.-st : vie';, the- nee-e.'.ssary ii.isf rued ions ,  have a. lively appreici'atioii of 'the '��� having Ijcen issued^ by   tlie   pos-  diflie-iilties Spain 'encouiitere^l  i.n.j-tal di;|.iart.meiiT,. .   It is now in or-"  defiling with-'the Unban and'-'Filb j <lar,.l<> u]iply, for a daily mail ser- :  .pin'ei insurrection.      '��� ':     j vice .for Fort. S'celc ..  *'" * .".* ���        ;.���'.'��� ' *'. *   '����� ' ���    ���     ,!  A glue trust \��/ith .a,-capital''o/";     I'nlcss ail signs fail tliere   will  *S^ri,(.)l)d,ouii  has' been' organized ; be a rush.to   lOa.sf   K'oolenay   lie-  in '"New York.    This 'is. the si ick- ; fore.snow flies.          '.  iest I rust [,Vel recorded. '"     ,   ���  MINERS'     SUPPLIES  .//  The ('ascadc\.Lu;ce>rd says: Al-  fhough the 'Kootenays have a  ���population   of  over   I'.'i.non.    Sir  READ.  THE PROSPECTOR.  Wholesale Dealers In  Wines,  Liquors arid Cigars  [ ft'-      '��� ������ '���. ��� '.  AGKN'PS    l-'<)|.:    S'(,'IHVIT//S ,'liKKK.  ' '"'                            ,  r  FKES1J   and   SALT   MRATS   ALWAYS  ON 11 AX U.  ROBSON & ROGERS, Prop's.  Fresh  Halibut.   Salmon,  Salmon Trout,   Bologna  Sausage-  Hut ler and Eggs.    Fish and Game in Season.  Riverside Avenue,  Fort Steele, B. C  SHEEP GRE.EK, B. C. K. J. HiGBYE. Proprietor  --'First-class Accommodation for Travellers.  I^verylhinii,  'New:      '.V;| '.'  The   'WiiHl(;rnmre' Stage   Stops   .Boilr Oq.i'ng  and   Coming. ������' THK PR0SPECTOJ7, FOPT STEELE.   U, C JULY 2'2,  1PM.
*~T ID M MmO"g*i¥<wi» 11-.^
C£to _Tt^0^i>jctor.
SATUJiOA V,  .) ULY _, Jhilll.
Kr.   Smiif,    of  Bobcaygeon,   Plus   a
Good Thing- Here.
Brother Smiff. of the   Jiohcsiy-
ge.on Independent,   has   the   fol-
li>wing merry lling  at  company
prbmoling in'Canada:
, Aug.  2\. IH'Jd.
.____ .-C1Q1.P-	
Head Ullices— Bobcaygeon.
Capital p10.0d(),(KI0. Divided into
Ten Million Shares ed'   l"i   Each.
Ailolphe Smiff. Esq., Pros.,
.Mr.    Smiff,    Vice-Pros.,
A. Smith. See;.-Tresis. "
The following gentlemen are   in
no way connected with this com
'^    , puny:
AlAUQl'IS   OF   HALJS1Ji;i(V.
in*, hon
4 >'A I.TON  MCCARTHY, Q.   C.     *
MIC. K.   K,  ft>HKIJlJAKD
Fort Steele at the Paris Exposition.
The specimens  for  the  Paris
Exposition must be in by August
J.r>.   So far not one specimen has
been received.  The time is short
and it is certainly desirable that
the Fort • Steele  district should
be well represented.  In no other
section of the Province  is  there
such apathy.    El sow lie re boards
of trade are taking an active   interest in securing specimens  of
what their districts can produce.
No  other, district in British Columbia can show,such' a  variety
of ore as East Kootenay and our
people should get down to  business and have no further delay.
Unless something is done at once
East Kootenay will not   be  rep-
epiesfing the government's inter-  routed/at ihe   Exposition,'   unless   it   be   that   pari    between
British Columbia, says the Toronto World. The head oflice of
the company is to be at Kaslo,
and the company office is to be
at 11 and ll'Clements-lane, London, England. The capital of
th(i company is L'f 100,000, divided
into OOd.OOO shares of £1 per
share. Arthur McCuager of
Kaslo i.s named as the attorney
for the company in British
Barbarian Brown Wants Judgment.
A Victoria dispatch says:—
United States Consul Smith is
said lo have forwarded lo the
American government a memorial from K. E. L. Brown, an
American  mining engineer,   in
vention tei secure Brown's claim
against   the  Transvaal   govern
Windermere and   Golden.     The
.(OS. I'HAMI'ftlll.AIX.
The Lyceum Theatrical  Ag-gregtion.
The   .Lyceum  company-;, gave
one  performance  at  the' Opera
House on Saturday evening last.
VThe general verdieM. was,   rank,
I the  worst' barn-storming'' .outfit
which   has   ever " visited    Fort
Steel*?,'    The principal sufferers
but their names give a tone and ,wore  tho  ;uidienco.     The  poor
•silk fringe effect fo the prosper;- .playing and heat were too much.'
There were other'sufferers, viz.,
the gentlemen who guaranteed
si."id when only 87n was taken in,
meiit for damages arising out of|pPOJjk, of th(s hlU(jr pllK.0 arc
the well known Wilfontein case, Jdoillf, 1ih(jIj. hyst) .„„, j,,,,.,,,,^, to
in which Proivn secured a judg-! m.,k(1 ., fino L>xh-ih]L Mino OWI1.
mem for JSl.M-.M'Ui'. ,.rs ,ind prospectors are;  ear.iesl-
ly requested to bring or send   in
1 ins highly desirable in the interests of the promoter!"
The Calway Cold C'ulch" mining company is the  only   purely
"untarian product in the market.
The   enormous   production   of
'gold in the last 1 wo'years in Af- jWas a distressing wait of  nearly j
rica and. the   IJiiitecl  States, has I half an hou.iv     During t'his time|
count noses as ,they would the
figures would not lie. Between
the lwo"acts of  the  play" there
aroused the. • sell greed of the
whole world, extending into the
remotest parts of this Vast Dominion. -  ,'
Gold is the most universally
diffused metal in existence. Indeed, scientists are agreed that
t;he'weight of the earth compar-
specimens at once.
TheCohimbia hotel atColumbia,
B. C. was totally destroyed by
fire on the morning of the 17l.h.
Loss $10,000.
The Supreme Court of .Colorado has declared the eight hour
law unconstitutional. ,      ,      '
' William Allison French' audi
H. C. Pigott have sold their in-1
forests in the Pi gott-French -1
Green berg company to George?!
H. Wright for $10,000.. The!
Pigott-French-.Greenberg Company was one of - lhe big job
priming concerns in Spokane.
The daily service,^
between    ^ , .»    #
by the
will be, inau^urulod on
18th   JUNE
The,Quickest time
between     .      .
Ocean 'j^S?   Ocean
across the
American   Continent
•      Express service via
Crow's Nest Route to
Fort Steele.
ote nternat
Fort Steele.
Jpnution lei Toronto in 7.1 hours
to Montreal in 70     '•
to New York in 01,- "
'•        io   Coast   in   4.'1   ."• i
.    : ."       t<j  Nelson   in   10    '•' ■
"        to Calgary  in  |."j    "
s a  Inr#o ;incl Attractive Hotel of Quiet Elegnnce
its Appointments, with a Cusinc of Superior
■> Oh
Everything, New, First Class and up to date '    >
In Every Particular.
Genferal Mining-Not.es,   ,'       , Winnipeg   tothfeEast   via
'Tiie Last Chance Initio em Toad  ' "Route in qq Hours
«?d'„1o its-=! size is a certain
lion that the whole center of the they will be told to go to
globe is,a mass of pure gold
"^'Consequently there-is'no ex-.
per'nnenting needed: no surface
•eroppings   necessary:    all    that
has to be, done, is  to  go  down
■deep'enough.   °' "    <>
The company presses to \go
down. "        (
Your subscription for shams
is invited, as development of a,
most spirited character is intended.    There should be no hesila-.
Mion,   no  questioning,* no   doubt
a.s.to when it will pay. In the
,hright lexicon, of Bobcaygeon
tl\ere is no such word an '"when".
It-is merely ;i matter of development—the sinking of1 a hole to
the fabulous' mass of gold beneath.
'..The'more, rapidly 1he shares
are subscribi'd the deeper the
ebini'any will be in the hole.
Five mill'ons of -stock have
bcien placed to the private' account of the officers of ihe, company.    This i.s merely as a gimr-
tliG Goiiiinittee and 'the   nianfuger ,
were chewing the rag. one  goi-i
tinman finally gave his ehequ-jj m0u.itaiu near N'elson will start
for ,the amount. On Monday '..lie j lip agni\\.. , ^'here is water in the
boys, were liquidating. eacit,foel-:sh.lft   Nvhidl   w}11   |,.lvo   to   be
ing-that he had bekm bund.edot,; ollmp(.(i put before mining can ',Excursion .Tickets to all points, j
to be  exact.. $8..r>24     The  nextj f,e ,.^u,ni,(|.    This will   be ""done!"   .\vv\y u,r piu-iictil.-u-s u, \\\ M. M«- j
11 once and then a force of  men ' U'«nl. ("jt.v l'^ssun^ci' AiiV-ut, -ir< .\hiiu i
iStroe-1.    io|i]jo»itc     I'lMonicjc.    .1. 'S. j
Improved   Service   on   all   local!HEADQUARTERS   For Travellers and Mining Men. '-
■ lines. ■ ' '
The  next
time any  alleged   theiitricHl  ;i_
grogation asks for  a  sruaraine;!:
a n tee
of good fa
e.million of >il   s
i now offered
at  lc
.   per
of ll()t
ires w*
11 bo
and   c
Kootenny River.
Acciirdiug to the report of the
Engineering and Mining .Journal
the lode mines ot British Columbia, have paid dividends to dale
to the extent of J&J, 1:2(5,-1(55. This
does not represent the actual
amount of dividends, but is all
lhe returns they have received.
Take: the Poorman mine for instance. For eight or ten years
the Owners got out "ore in, sum-
. infer, .and reduced it in 'winter.
Bach year they would anake a
profit of about ^0,000. The;
Poorman is hot on the Engineei'T
ing and Mining .To'iirnal's list.
Toronto AVorhl.
Smelter For Kaslo, B.  Q.. ..
V11 is quite posible that'vfvaslo
will have a smelter, in fllei near
future, as a company .known a.s
the Smelting Corporation, Limited, has been organized aiid in;
corporated- in" England, and is
autii'.irized : to   do    business    in
' Developing the Howe Group.
Da'iiiel Howe'came clown from
Si. Mary's lake, on Thursday^
where he has been developing
the Howe group of inines.'legated south,of the lake. ' Mr. Howe
says the company ,of which J. D.
Farrell is president. Thomas
O'Loughlin, vice-president,' and
J. J. Fitzgerald, secretary-tresis-''I
ui'er. jmrjiose to do extensive development. The lead-on the surface is about 10 feet. A tunnel
has been,driven on the vein for
o'."i ftiet, this will be continued 50
feet furf hen* and a cross-cut run
to determine the width of the
vein at that point having obtained a vertical depth of nearly' IOO
feet. .The ore is silver-lead and
carrier excellent values, one assay showing „"■!..")U in silver, and
$5(5 in lead, or total value of 880.
80 per ton. The pay chute
is about four feet wide. There}
arti several tons of shipping ore
give values of from K-5 to $V.)
per,ton iu gold and copper. Two
shifts have be.ken placed al .work.
The owners of the Lone Star
and Hluo Grouse properties
which are situated between Ihe
Ruth and Slocan Star mines,will
sliorl ly commence work on a
1000 fool tunnel lo.fap the lead
of the Slocan Star which runs
through these   properties.
There is persistent rumor current that tins Payne mine will
commence operation* again at
once with 150 men. The owners
expeel loget over theeight hour
difficulty by workinir under the
conti'acl system.
From 'The Kootenninn".
It. is understood that, a, strong
eastern syndicate is endeavoring
fo secure the /.Dolphine ■ mine oil
tlie north fork of Toby.croe.lt.
-,Ci P. ll. surveyors are expected here in the very near future
in "connection with lhe preliminary, sui'vc'y from''Crow's Nest to
connect ■ with, the Arrow lake
branch''v'i.a. Toby'creek.
If is''-understood'. that' -'Patsy
Clark, I'ejriiK'i-lyoue of the Owners of the Wiir Eagles mine, Ross-
land, expects 'to.-handle several
of the. Windermere '-propositions.
will be put to work. '
The Rambler & Cariboo Con-j
solidated Gold ■& Silver  Mining.!
Company will disincorporate'f he-
present    Washington    company
and organize under the   laws  of
British Columbia.
TJie ore shipments from lioss
land last week  were  1879 tons,"
and for the year up' to  July   15
70,170 tons.
The Canadian Mining institute
whose members will visit Kootenay in September, have, at ther
request of the Greenwood board
of trade, consented to make a
side trip to thatca.mp.
E. .1. Whatback while doing
assessment work last week on
his claim on John A. Manly"s
ranch half a mile from the limits
of the. town of Grand Forks,
struck a body of solid ore at a
depth of thirty feet. Assays
give values of Iron) *52ii to £43
per ton in gold and copper.
Mr. Howe regards the district
highly aud believes it will make
a good camp. At, present there
are but few locations in that vicinity but prospectors are clrift-
inir in from time totinie.
Cartur. J_>*-f*iit TU-kut A_eni. or to
;---^^BERT;KERK,-' - .j,
*  .  -    Traffic Manager,
| #•£## 4Jf ^^^^^*><^|^^^^^^^^f^r^f4jr*jr
E. J. WALSH, C. E.
\i   can"  --or. c. i;,
. Koi inoi ly on rii^in.ji'iui^: st'alTo! lJt-p.ul-
inunl llnilways :nifl Ciiii.tis, C:n);t<l:i. :nnl late
Director of tin I'ublk- Wnil;s I >'•)>:! ilincui of
l\m l.ftruiicl Islnnils.
SUKVnVS.   I'l.A.N'S.    I'lsl'I.MA'I'KS   AND
Hepokts lor StorajriJ  llu^ei'voir.*.  I-"*il-
ter Beds. Water Works, .Sanitution.
Sowoi'iigti and Land Drainajrc Irrigation. J'ublio Rondo ami rtri'lj-i's. liiiil-
way.s, Tramways &<:
Ottawa, Ontario and   '
Fort Steele, B. C.
Eishing Tackle
■$" Steel Rods  . Fish Baskets,
*^r   . Raniboo Kods Landing Net.-
(j'runhearf Hods
Fnglish Flies  - •
Casting" Line's
$r In fact a complete sportsmans paradise.
Reels *ijf
ALL    KliVDS    OF    LINRS
••     HOOKS
'•      '   , •• ••      AUTIFICIAL   I'AITS-^
Prej.-sjiectcjrs and Miners -should see ihe display of
Compasses,   Mineral   Glasses,   Spectacles,   Eye   Shades.
Shields'and Smoked Glasses.
Tulcj.T'aphic aildi'i
'   My stock of Toilet Soaps is complete
his line> i.s astonishing.
Pioneer Drug Hail
£ .
nid the varie'tv '!"
A. W. BLEASDELL, G«id..ate oot«i-i«.o,nl-1.o..r
»♦.> '♦• ■♦* »♦•  •%- 't* "•" »t" "t» 'V  '♦■ 'f* '♦* w *♦" *•• '»■ 'I" '♦■ ••■ '♦* •#-  ■♦■ •»• ■♦• "|"  y~
liai'inai'v -%¥
Xei'l'.MiV l'Clil.Ic.
The Eldredge
If.'ill INi.iti' lillil tTrln-i-.il A^-
'//•/1{./iOiiiIitn'P Stil'n-iliil.
Superior te> all otliers irrespective
of price.    Catalogue tells you f
why.    Write for one.
Factory,   ©
BELVlillJRIs. ILL.  ,
New York.
St. John's Church of ISnpplaucl.
I >i vi lie; sor.\"ice wi11 be 1 ield , in
St. .'John's chrirch .-..-.,a.t 7.o0.
StraMirers wclcoinc.
Sunday   sc.hocil   at   2:HO
All the children invited.
p.. in.
General Merchants
Mining supplies a Specialty
Miners «4oing northward via Canoe. Kiver Konle will line! ii a large-
"    saving and convenience to procure their supplies at   Donald.'
■   .   .'    ..'   !■■ ■ •"■'''
'Canton  Steel-Company
Windermere,'('olden and Donald.
.Milling Divisions,'
Agents  at   Windermere  for the California Giant Powder Co. THE PJiOSPECTOli   Eofn   STKEI.K   Ti. t.   JULY 2l\ 1809.  ��ltc _H'osiT-CJctor*  ATi;i;i).\V.  .MU..Y 22. IS'i'i.  Ottawa Letter,  rroni Onr  (nwi r\)rM'sp.iiiil.-u'  Ottawa.    July   IS. ���The   (!ov-  ernment has dccidedoupoii an im-  poi taut amendment to the Intercolonial��� Graii'l Trunk  Railway  agreement,   which  will   entirely  remejve whatever appearance   oi  justification there may have been  for the Opposition criticism that  '"the   proposed    99    years    lease  would give the Grand Trunk and  its American  connection*   practical eotiuol oi  the  business,  of  the Intercolonial for that period,  ,    to the detriment of all Canadian  routes, o As was pointed out last  week the real source from which  the  objection1; emanated  laid   il  open to considerable   -suspicion,  but even   that  apparent, ground  for   objection���more   imaginary  than real��� will m>n be removed.  The   proposed  amendment  will  empower thejGovernment to terminate the   freight" transfer'" arrangement-at any time  by   giving twelvemonths notice   to   the  company, though rt'do^s not give  the >ame power to  the  railway.  It may not  lie altogether  desirable to give a Government pow^r  to   terminate Can    arrangement  which has been so generally recognized     a.-     greatiy      to- Hhe  advantage        of1      bhe       country, inas,much as- ,it   will  always  leave a weak   irovyrnment   open  lo ihe influence  of  the   lobbyist  at any tim" compeiim*  intere-rs  may desire to upset the arrangements.    Unfortunately Canadian  i  Parliamentary' history, conta.ins  too in an j- instances of the pernicious influence of the lobby,  and the trend of legislation  .���should be to lessen" the -power  rather than the reverse. However there is no "immediate danger at least. (while the present  Government i.s in pow.or, and it  a   partial' con-  i  Co.  re win  FORT STEKLK,  B. C. #  and      HKEWUKS    OE    EXTRA     l-'JNE  A< ! s;iid hcfoiv, lhe oilie-ial.- are  striving lo do 1 heir duly honesl-  ly. The ln-ael ofticials are simp  ly slaves They have no official  hours, their days work is never  done until bedtime, and all this  is done to -erve the ])<iople. Yel  the Nuggel maligns them. Naturally they do not like this eternal suspicion. Their lot i-, not, , , ===  what it might be, but they prob- j  ably  would   not   complain,'   pro- j MAXl'KACTUItKRS  vided they knew that their efforts j --��� . ���  to serve the Government and the,  people were appreciated. j  KXCKKDING    EXPECTATIONS. .     J  Although   the   reduced   postal ���  rates ha\e only  been   in   operao  tion six   months,   there  arc;   al-;  ready indications not only of the ; '      i  benefits, acci-iiing to thecominnn-,'gQ[ p      gy      THF      BARR)  ity at large---which   were   never J  .-oriousIy questioned, but also of"  the accuracy of the   Postmaster-.. -  , <���,  General's   predictions   that   the  increase iu bus.ine.-s which would  follow, would very materially re-p . --   c. -  duce tlie threatened excess <jf ex-, .  o  pendiUire over receipt-, itiucieed' OUTSIDE G1MJERS (i l\l-:X STRU.'T.,, PROMPT ATTENTION  it did not wipe it out  altogether. :    ���     ,     ' ,  The Toronto World .a thick   and' ' ' ' . " --'/  .thin Conservative  journal,   thus j      , ,pT'cl7 , r��.-.[nM   p , r A D A MTPUn '>*��� o. box 8i2  refer.- to the working of ( he new J OA I LoI'AU i 1UJN   U U A KA IN 1 EjEjU telephone- no. i  rates under the  caption   "Two-1 ' , .  BEER  SI  PORTER  KEG    OR-   BOTTLED  Holtlctl bci:r for fuiili 1 \' use a, specialty  MACHINERY  COMPLETE    PLANTS  Ready for prompt Shipment IN OUR RoSSLAND WAREHOUSE  BOILERS  HOISTS  Rand  PUMPS  BUCKETS  CARS, WHEELS  ' and AXLES  Wire Rope and Supplies  compressors  is wiser to 1 unite  ' cession than run the risk of having the'entire agreement thrown  , out by ,l,hc action of the, too  sns-'  cepl'ibl* Senate.  .      .        ,<JAU.   OFF   Voi'K.IKKJS.  Tlie manner in which the civil  servants in the Vultonjiave been  relentlessly hounded for the-last  two years is probably unexampled in the history of this  or   .    any other civilized  community.       and    . the       comment of a correspondent  in   the  Toronto    Globe    writing     from  Dawson   May   21 .will - commend  itself to all lovers of  liritish fair  play.     The writer   i.ays:--''Tho  policy ol" the Nuguet paper seems  to be to  keep  up  the  agitation  against the   officials   as   long  a.s  possible.    To my mind the Government will make a   misjake  if  any  further   notice   is   taken   of  -   these   alien   maligner.s.        Ever  .-since Mr. Ogilvie came in,   agit  tutors of   this  chi>s   have   been  pandered   te>.   .so   much   se;   that  every official has been placed almost  at   the   mercy  of   a   most  damnable crowd of blackmailers.  Anyone having a grudge against  an official1 could always  get' tho  ear e>f the Commissioner, so zeaJ-  Pui.n ha.s been his efforts to carry  out ihe wishes   of   the   Minister  for clean and hoiieM gc-\ erninent.  No one i>  above  .suspicion,   and  this j?, .somewhai irnMinn to tlnj.se-  officials who have conscientiou.s-  l'v oerformed their  duty.      li   is. j  time for this to >toj).      The   offi-j  cials here now are doimr  every-{  thintr in their power to carry out j  the regulation^, and in  lhe daws j  that are   gone    the   very    worst I  feature was   not   the   corruption)  amongM th�� officials but the dis- j  honesty of the community,   with j  which they had to deal.     Those; j  Americans   are;   much    used-; to j  'sharp   practices'  at   home'v that  . Ui'e'y-������cannot- . understand   how   a  man can be, a Government ofheiaI  without   being   corrupt?   ��� They!  are always the worst toadiers- to  officialdom    I    have   ever   conic  ' across.    They are  always   looking for a 'graft' and   if.; they   do j  not. ��cel what they want they are i  sure   some   one else   must   have j  '"���rafted" belter .than themselves, j  cent   postage  a  success".      -'It'  will undoubtedly"be found   after I  a year or two's trial, that a two-  ceut rate tor lei'ters will produce '  as large a revenue a> the former '  three cent, rate.     The   receipts,  under the new tariff have already j  i exceeded    the   estimate   <>f   the  Postmaster-GrMi��ral.   -aud     the I  probabilities are that the  dericitj  caused by. the reduction  will, be-'  completely   wiped   out   iu    the.  course of a couple of vears. ;  1 i  OI.'K      nKKPKNKO      WATKKWA.YS. I  The opening of the Soulaugesi  canal next,mouth  will  complete I  the deep waterway down the St. |  Lawrence river, and reduce   the  cost of carrying wheat f'i;om the  western, fields   to  the   sea port  just about, one-half.     The', value  of this to Canadian shipping  interests caTmeit be over estimated,  for as one Chicago paper declares  '���'lhe cost  of transporting   lake  freight to tide wafer will  be  re-,  duced beyond   the possibilty  of  profitable    competition   by   any  other existing route".    It is generally recognized in tlie markets  cjf the world  that   the   price  of  wheat is fixed at Liverpool   and  consequently  all   that,  is   saved  on- the   cost    of   transportation  goes.into the producers 'pocket.  The statement is made   that  the  added returns to the farmers  of  Northwest for the single item of  wheat     alone    would ' annually  amount to" '*(i.000.00(i   of   which  our'own   farmers  would  secure  their share.    The wisdom of ,the  Government therefore, in hurrying" on the work which has.dra'ir-  c  ged along for so many years under their predecessors needs no  argument to establish.  AND   NOT   n-KAlj   VKT.  A Kansas paper tells of a Saute Fe section foreman   who  sent  in the following  report ,to   the  road    master:��� "MacWhort er's  bull struck  at  the  long   siding  and killed.  We found him alongside the track'   and   he   was   not  epiite   dead  then.   1   borrowed   a  gun and   shot  him   three   times,  killing him  again.     Dennis   Sul  livan  then   struck   him   another  blow on  the  head  and   finished  him.     The   bull   is   now   dead."  Commenting upon   this  exciting  anecdote the Toronto   Globe   remarks:��� '"This    resembles     the  lerrible carnage that has attended   the   attacks   e..n   Mr.    Sifton.  Sir Hibbert killed him   when   h<>  collided   with   him   in   his   first  speech.      Sir Charles killed him  again    al    Shcrbrookc,   and   Sir  Hibbe'rt. finished him on.Tuesday  night.     There is a/: slight  difference- iu the two cases however,1���  Mr. Siftejii'is sfillalive".  TJou.i2.lfis  Corsein  Drills  Write for Estimates and Catalogues  JENCKES MACHINE CO. CANADIAN RAND DRILL CO,  c t  ROSSLA1ND,    B.    C.  i  1\  R. MENDENIIALL, Mana��ci;,  1 N. HANSON. 1  General JVler-cHant  Licfwor- Dealer.  AND  Sick -& 'Williams, Prop's.  CAKLIN   & DTJRICK  GENERAL  Fort  Steele.  Sole Agents for the  MERCHANTS  " Eest  Kootenay.  ���p     Manufacturer of ail Kim Is of Lumber.   ' A large assort-     H2  |S men 1 of seasoned Lumber and Shingles always 3  ���~ on hand. 3  IB DIMENSION .   LUMBER     ,A      SPECTATyj'Y. 3  |      WflSfl, ���- :��� B.6.      1  Siuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiuiiiiiawiiiuiiiuiiiiiiiimijiiiiiiumii  Gantonsteei  COMPANY  This, Steki"1s guaranteed lo be equal lo Je'ssop's  or  Firths in all  Hard Rock- Wourc. ��� r' ' .   <   ..  DON'T    FORGET  The Steele House  Soli-: Acjknts  COMPANY  Soj.k   Agknth  Mining  Grows Nest. Goal  Giant'Powder company.  Supplies a  Specialty.  W  s  GREAT  Northern  Railway.  First   Class   Brands   of   Liquors   and   Cigars.       Headquarters      for    . Mining1      Men.        Commodious   -  Sample. Rooms.        Best   Cuisine   in   the  West.       Modern 0,Conveniences.  '"   Home    Comforts.  E  S  D. McNeish  Proprietor.  THK SUltVKYOIt'S  CHAIN   MA UK  IT  TIIK SIIOK'I'KST  TRANSCOXTINKNTAI.  ICOTT'l'K.  Ti  i< the most. niodci'iL in yeinipnient: it  i-= tlie lwavicst railed lino: (  it lias ;i rouk-biilluht i-oaelbt'il: it. ci'o>.scs no sand deports.: il' was   tmilt,  withcait ii land -rninj, or yovornnicnt. aid: it  i.s ne>tod  fe>r courtesy of it?  employes: it is the only line .si'i'viiiff meals on the a la carte plan.  TTn'OlICJI  THK flUAN'HKST SCKNMCKY  IX  AMKRICA  l!V   HAVLICJUT.  For l-'OKT S'l'KKLK and the HAS'J' KOOTKXAV -MINKS. Weekly  Staue   from  Ivali.spoll.    Uteamlioat ('oinmunl'.'ations from .lennin-r.s  during  StminH'i'.    C^nickest unel  Best, mute lo all  parts of t lio  L'nili-el  States,   Kasiern Canada and  Kurope.  For maps, ticket.1- and complete information eall or address  nearest a-rent or  Commercial Hotel, * *  Baker Street, Cranbrook. B. C.  s  Conducted   on   the   European   Plan  WELL    APPOINTED    CLUB    ROOMS  Best     Wines     and     Liquors     at      the     Har  ('.<.;. DI XOX.Ccnera! A^ent.  Kpeikane    Wash.  I'M.WIIITNKV. li. I', and   T.A  St. l'anl.  Minn.  "MUNSON NO. 2,  yy  * the m  * *  1 Queen's  Hotel.    |  &. - m  * m  W- Two Gommodious SainDlB Rooms for Gonimercial Men       m  (CM-MP.)  OFFICE    Ilivrrsld' Av'vni<  The Best   Writing -Machine  .   'I'll K OXI.V  INTERCHANGEABLE  STEEL TYPEWHEEL  Klej.--ant.ly   Illustrated   C'alaloyuo  l-'rec,    .  m  HAGC.ACF. '.I'KANSFKKIl'KI) FliFF.  W'  PA 'PES $% PEl! DAY.  ,-i. i)n,���in Wwxiici'r * i)ru(j sio-rr.  Address Edgar   A. Hill, Manufacturer, 94-96Wendell Street. Chicago  'f*?/     HOT <c- x:oiJ> ha tiis '''' .���  ft;:. (���. ' ''���'.;:;' .......  I  J 6 Greene, Proprietor- I  T> ��� . . ��� ���  y_ OOUZ)J3N,J3. c. I!  * ������-���-������-  - - ������..--..���..-     ���.!' ������������ m: TIJEFPltOSPEv'TOK. FORT STUELZ.   II. C, ,11'LV:':'. lf-.HU.  <& Jti i'i. i*i it it jfe. it. i*i it ife. jAs.  #f*pVWWWV*i*  4&��&    '  TaT **^ ^2*? ^Sf* *?a^ ���?�������� ���I*' ^�� ���"���a*- **v�� **����������� *�������� ^��* ^* ���!��� ���!������  -����� ���*�� ���!�� ��i�� �����!* ^i* ��.#�� .** i*^ >�����* -��** *i'  *f��    *f��    '|��    ��(��   *-f��   *|��    *fi    #f* >|��    ��f*    ��4��    *#��  H*  THE  TAL   OF   EAST  T  l\  V  FORT STEELE TOWNSITE  0 ���"       j ' ' ' I  0 t  .<-������ II I  , , - ,    . ., ,    -  The only Government town in the District  ' r ' '       ' ' ,       '. ' ' '  ' I '        , |  " r '    ' ' / - ��� . '  WATCH THE PROGRESS OF FORT STEELE  ���#�� �������  ������� �������  ���*< ���������  ������ 't��-  **  '    *��"  ��������  MERAL MA\P  The Hub, of the  ���i>  FORT STEELE  District  The Center ot  Population  Mining center of* -  CI '  i 0,1 ' l  the district  Rich Placers on Wild Horse, Brewery and Fisher creeks.     Since 1864 $25,000,000  in gold has been taken  out of Wild Horse.  Sole   headquarters   for   Tracy, Wasa, Lewis, Wolf, Wild Horse, Maus   and Lost  creeks.    The highest grade ore camp in B..C.  H6ad 01 NaVWOn On tlie Kootenay River ��  Daily Stage between Fort Steele and the Junction  The  Objective   Point  of  The KOOTENAY & NORTHWEST  ���-;���',,, ' .'<:'" '"    ''  ern  Choice resident and business lots 30x99 from $100 to $250  titles guaranteed-    For PaftieuJars Apply to  Easy terms  E. A.  JL>��      J&L. 9  U>  SOLE AG  9  RT   STEELE  9 fJJIO PKOSPECTOK, i-V/KT STEELE, B  C, JULY 22. JSOfJ.  mJ^L.t~ -~"VZ ~^LUJUmA2'Zr'J^B'X7ra&**Zl*XJBX*?  _i_it   unii i iiji .miii i i miii iwi�� ������am iiiii  itTTL/w-jfjay ui3a��-'3ewjafta  Tlie Canadian Rank oi commerce  (HEAD OFFICE TORONTO.)  Raid    wp    Capital    $6,000,000.  Hotel Arrivals.  Hon. (iKd. A. cox, rivsicii'ni.  Sterling Exchange Bought and Sold.  London Agents���The Bank of Scotland  (JRANBROOK BRANCH.  @Mj�� tyxozpsxtoi::  SATURDAY, JULY �����, 'lS<t!>.  LOCAL NEWS NOTES.  K. 0. Longley came clown from  Pyramid basin on Sunday, returning on Monday.  General Arthur cigars and  Will'5, navv cu1 at Ifri-n-i '"  Wr.N'DHoii:- Alex. Polsen, T:i-  coma: TJionias Long, P. YV. G.  Fitzgerald, P.. 13. Wallace. To  ������onto: F. E Hoi ling worth,  Butte; J. Houghton. Sullivan;  W. T. Keary, .1. G. Parker, C.  Mill's. M. E. Hughes. Cranbrook: Louis Christoph, Kini-  bei-ley: T. G. Proctor, NelKonT  is. k. Walkkk. O'-n. \l.ui. j George Hoggarth, Elko: A. Kol  [berg, li. K. Holbrook, Cranston;  J. S. Uessell. Union City, Pa ;  Robert Mulford. New York; li.  P. Collett. Wiudermcro: N.  Sutherland. Black Hills; J. ,1.  McKay, Vancouver: John Chapman. Spokane; Prof. M. Budyk,  Montreal: W 15. McLellun, Jaf-  fray: On.-.. Johnson. Sandon.  ���^=^-������==^~ ' '-- ���������j     ixTKUN.vnoNAi.:    .I.Goodrich  }Lf:..T.ut,P,"!^boe."apJ1<>iU-t!?t!!Spokane;  R. C. Longley. Russell!  J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager.  'Ifll    PfillFlfifiltf  WINDERMERE  Is now on the market and LOTS are  for Sale.  WINDERMERE i.s the MOST PICTURESQUELY situated town in the ENTIRE EAST KOOTENAY  DISTRICT.  official watch   inspector   for   the. ,,    .       -T    ,.   .,   r   . .,    ,      ,  Crow's Nest Pass branch  of   the i Basm;   N"   M" M^I"l.viv. liaslca:,  C. P. R, extending from Maeleocl0.E. ,01iyor,���Montrcal:   George A'.  to  Kootenay   Landing, says the: $ouii��miinu, Spokane;   J.  A.   S.  Cranbrook ��� Herald     -This   is   a ;'Law. R. La   Romle,   Cranbrook,  well deserved recognition on the Chas        fo,,;,,,,.        Kimberlev;  part   of   the  company,    as    Mr,   ,,       ,,,...       .       . .,    '  Tate is a capable man in evcrv Hi,n,ld >����'����.' ^xvdon, lung.;  way for the 'responsibilities <.!' A. C. Cannon, B. Lawrence, To-  the position, t ronlo; Samuel Loratt, Pilot Buy:  J. R. Martin of Nelson, timber |  inspector for the district was in'  the city on Thursday. ' , i  rl;l. L. Turner. Nolson.  Mining- Around Windermere.  Situated as it is in the CENTER of the HIGHEST GRADE MINERAL BELT of BRITISH  1 *  COLUMBIA.       It will be tin; PRINCIPAL COMMERCIAL, SOCIAL aud RAILROAD CENTER  . . . ,    "       .  of North Er.M'k'ooliMiaw '   ���> ���  �� ' '    '       '' '    c '  THE SUPPLY POINT for HORSE THIEF..TOBY,"DUTCH, LAW,  BOULDER and KUMHRR  TWO Creeks.  The no��s received from , Win-  Charles   jJioleiiberg   went    to j , ��� , dt,t.intlJV di.ri.i- the pa.st week 'is  Trncv creek' on   Wednesday   tol      ' n<-  1��-'�� ���> ignis n< a l->ai Koom i ��� ��� l  size up the  tnim'iiie   situation   iuj want to come back  and   play   in ' most  satislaeiory. .,   I here   is,_a-  ,   tJnit camp. .     I PorPSteele.    They   do   not   ask ' vast amount of work being- done,  ,''<-)r   a   guarantee, .only   reduced .aila of such a characters to give  _     - IT your watches or  clock "are i rsit.'-ou the Maui-line. ���     , ihe  greatest   encouragement   to'  afflicted with ariv chronic ailment' ��� '" '   i  ��� "' . \     i ,"   i      ,     4:  take them to the* Wawh Hospital j     A'subscription list   ��>   making-' ��--l��"�� owuhin.      As d,e\ elopment  opposite the Post Office.    A'cure! the rounds  to   raise   money   fori proceeds the greater values  are  is guaranteed in almost every in..' the Athletic Association.,,. , obtained and with depth the /.ire  , stance, and'during convalesencel   ' - - '��� bodies, in most of the,claims are  t   the W, of care will be given.    *i     Messrs.    Caldwell   and   Cum- i,videuin���. our.   All the conditions  nuns have opeued an ofhee in the, ���   " ,-  Ellis Haslam and C. E. Adams I Crassick buildinsr on   Riverside,are favorable lor  cheap   mining  who   have, been   in   the  barber\ avenue. _, soon as> transportation   facilities  business   for  the  pa>f   eighteen \ -'��� 'reduce  the  expense  of getting  mouths, left for Salem. Oregon. ;     J. W H- Smythe was iu  town , t|ie on, lo tjle sinoijei._r A'  onoWcftnesdav last ulnrhm lhe week. T,'.        ,       ..., .    .,'     -   �� ,    ,.  ��� , l-   '   ,' , , It is only within the  past   lew-  Kershaw's   new   combination, .'     Mrs. S. Coombs has been seri-' wooks'that work could "be profit-'  billiard and ]>ool lablo   hn.->   now i ously ill duriiiir the   pa.st   week. \ably undertaken as   it   has   been  arrived and gives gren 1 satisfac-1       '   ;next, to impossible lo gel into the'  lion. Call and test its rpiJiIitios. .*.     John    A.    Fink   and   Charles'mnuutain^ but now near^. aJ1 (',f-i.  ,7  -     lines went to-\\ ardner on  Ued-., ���   .        - >  '..  "R. 0 'Jeiiiiin.s and IVoies.or ^esday. returning yesterday, tak-.  he V''e11   kn"WI!   W^.H���  .Smith"   left' for'  Wiurlermere   on j ing in the Chickamun  Stone   on ; b��Jin? worked   and - put   in   such.  Tnosd.iv moruiii"    * the way. ishape that  development can" go ���}  on-all winter.v ' .. j  Lar^e  Lots  Wide Streets  PRICES RANGE FROM  $25.00 TO $200  IFOR-'FULL PARTfCWLARS._ADDR��SS  Repairing Chronograph , and  lve]jeatin^ Watches our s|jecial-  ly.    D. L. ISkt'I'sciikn. Jeweller.  l-l. Mulfoi'd niiniiii; eu^iiieerof  New York arrived from Windermere on Tiiesdiiv eveniiiiz.  Tin-: PitosiMicroii isthepion-j    The   rGtu).u.s- fl.0!n- Uie^shii  eer newspaper in East Kootenav .    ,. t. ';   , . ,  ' ,  its circuhdion is the  larsrest:   ft V"'"1 oi  Oel]ihine  ore  made ,by  contains more mining news than  the combined papers of the  clis  R. A.   Kimpton  have  been    received,  it netted   Mr.   Kimpton  'For a <iood Shave, llaijvul   or I     As'a mining  country,   rich   in  Math ��o lo"C.  F.   Adam's  Barber  minerals of .all   kinds.,   the   Fort  Shop and lialh h'nonis.    iSucces-  sor to Hi��hwarden >Vr Son.       '���"  "IL F. Col lei I and Thomas  Slarbird   arrived   Irom    Winder-  niere on Tuesday' eveniiii;.  ,��           New wall paper at-Oann',.-..  Sugar Dixon the well lenown  commercial traveller was in town  during the week, on one of his  periodical round-ups'.  Steele district is rapidly coming  lo the front.  , It is reported that a large mining deal i.s being consummated  for a group'of claims in the Windermere di.sti ict.  A I. Jones formerly of Fort  Steele was in town on Wednesday.  The License Commissioners  held a meeting on Wednesday  last, and granted a hotel license  to A. T. Chadwickof Marvsville  R.  E. Beat tie one of thc-lic-en.se  commissioners was   in   town   onjsjiys:  Wed rie.sda v.  tricl. for Ihese reasons it. is  the J over **���'! to,the ton.    It is len.ni-  besi advertising medium." >|,hat    the    smeller    gave-  a  freight and treatment rate of ��12  which gives ��'.)." as the', gross  value of the ore at the.steamboat,  landing: The ledge oh the Dal -  phiiio has been1 stripped for a  distance^of HOC feet, showing the  pay chute to be of varying width  and ore of the sjime character as  in the shaft.  Work has been'resumed on the  Swansea and in a number of  other claims on the easl side of  the.lake. The principal interest  however is centered in the 'mineral bell oi'i Toby. Horse Thief  and other creeks in the Selkirk's  northwest of Windermere.  H. F.COLLETT,  '    '��� ' ' r' ��� '   V ' �� V-    '  O "      '   -iff.- . > , - i c  ^   Windermere, B. C.  Keep your eyes, on the Fort  Steele district. Mining promoters will find it to their interest  not to overlook this section.  Coniniencing'Monday the 2-lth  iust. the mail for the wesl will  close at 2-A7) p. in., instead of .'"!  p. in. a^ heretofore.  _--=_=Big- Chief and Dupont.  E. J. Walsh returned from'the  Big Chief on Thursday evening  where he had been to supervise  the work now iroinii on. He  The lower tunnel is now'  in   11.")   feet,   IS   feet of which i>  It is rumored iha! the ('   P  K. ��� *��������������'��-'" ��'������ntr.y rock.      We   ex  (Jennie Hoiiirarth ol   Elko   ha-  i he hunher on iheurnund I'orhi-  bii!   lleW  llolel.  Disting-uished Visitors.  Win. Whyte, general   superintendent of  the Canadian Pacific:  Robert J affray, president'of the  Crow's Nest Coal Company: Hon.  Geo.  A.   Cox.   president   of  the  Canadian    Bank   of   Commerce:  Mr. Chipnian, chief factor of the  Hudson's Bay Company at   Winnipeg, and several   other  distinguished penllemen were in Cranbrook dnriiiii- the week.  ^E"B?CrA3SAY&15HEMTeAL~  ,      ���" g  " ���     #      *    SUPPLY CO., Ltd.-I  '     (LATE MacFARLANE * ,C0.)  o l '    i    ��{f      Vancouver,    B.    C      ���$���  We are Mamil'aclurers and direct. Importers, and curry ;f  ,e  ;' large stock of Balances. Furnaces, Fire Clay Goods, Scientific  3j ancl   Practical   Books. ..Cilassware.   Platinum   Goods..   Acids.  Ji Chemicals, and all other Assayers' and Miners' requirements,   'jj  j SOLE A&ENTS for Morgan Crucible Company, Battersea, Becker's Sons' Balances, Etc. . '   , ;  !    .          ' Catalogue iind full particular* on application.                 ,,?  Professional.  ^  NORTH   STAR   LODGE'  KORT STI-'.KLU. It. (3. ,  U. D.  ' A.  F. AND A. M.       G.  R.  B. C.  Kt^tiliii- inceiiii^< -Kt Tuesday in "ojcli  miiiitli at cijihL ti'rloi'lt. Visitinsr Ifi-ctlicni are  i.<n-ili:ill\ liivitt."<l  A.   W.  Ul.hAMIKM,   ��C'IMl'l.ll'.V.  1'HKI   SlhKl.h   1)1.\ I.MIPMKN'r SvMUC.CI I; LTD  l:��- l.i'.lili'lili:il| Sin i-l    l.oniliui. i:ii��l:iii(l.  N. A.  WALL.INGER, FORT STEELE.  I'OST li|.'|.'|CK  IIOX ;..'  mill near Elko, will   be   removed j I"'1'1 to n':,('h >"h(> Uh]-v within   a  to a point below Wardner. 'lew leet.  In lhe (piartz  tunnel   we   have  ' leommeiiced   cross-cutliiii;    at    a  point II- feet in. the cross-cut is. _   now in    l-Icci   from   the   hany-j    A glue trust has  been   formed  I'harlef, E.^iiiieie  the   hn-tJinir _ inir uall.     In nmniny  ihis   drift   i,,   Nmv   y()J.|Ci   which threatens  iigeni ot the l\imi;;'i-|e\-  town^ite .'one of t he rich   ]>ay   chules   was  company was in  town   mi   Tnes  ilav.     Mr. Esimere -,,tvs there  i  <-oiisider,ible aetivilv in   Kiml.ei-   "'"'""   '�����"��������    >'"   ����   '��������'     Thousands of tons ol   iron   on  l".v the.e da.N-. .tool wall .than   on   ,he   hanging , ,,.,���.   be|,���   pnl.cl].,si.d    j,,   Xov.  , \s a 11  E. H   Thruston was in iheeiu  ini Thursda v  la-i.  LAKE & CO  T1J0M AS    XlcV'lTTJJ-;  P.L..S.   St  C.E.  Fort  Steele  B.C.  to invade the  Canadian   market,  passed, and from all   indicai ions j jt has s^.tioo.iiOM capital,  we will jind   richer  ore   on   I In  "1 sent up a pack train load ol  provisions V'-slcrdiiv       The Du   ' , , ���   ,      j  1 ��� ��� inaniilactiired into si<^<  ��� Deal cis    In  ���  General Merchandise  ATHELMAR, t).' C,  Prospectors    Supplies    a    Specialty  foundland by local capitalists foi-j  shipment to  Philadelphia   to   be -GKOCERIES. HARDWARE. CLOTH fXG. BOOTS and SHOES.  II. L. C VMM I XS .  P. L . S.  it   C. /���;  Port'Steele  B.C.  W.  K    I'"ss. II.   W. Ill/lKIIUKK.  KOSS& HKKCIIMl'K.  barristers  Solicitors  NOTARIES PUBLIC  CONVEYANCERS. . .  Furl    S/rrlr.    II.     (,  T   <;    Proctor   nl   \,.u���n   WH. ��� I""'" -��''' -^''   Walsh.  ",s show-  in town on. Monday last. ' ������] mjMip- nicely.     Mr. HH.iinington.   ��� . j has twelve .men a I- work- opening  W.  R.  Ross went   to   Rosslum! j uj/iJie���|ii-operly in three  places.  >n Thursda v  On; Thursday    work   was   com-  The French warships continue  to pe'rsec;ufe the settlers along  the li-eaty coast of Newfoundland. 'Ten colonial vessels were  driven otil of .Port an    Post   liar-  .Thu forest tire in ' Hie   v.i��n,.i.y-j"U,P����''',��'..���� 1-l��* ^-uu ledge, an<. { ^ u^ ^ ;(  of.'Cherry creek is   st.ilI , raging j s" 1:u' ;,s r:i " l,(" s"��   thu   ju-obaM :;  and lias, during  tine.past    week. I bi.lities are thai'a Jarge   body   of  spread over a large trad   of  ler-{^;ile,na     will    be     <.Micountered.  r i lory.      '        .  ,   ft is learned that  K,  l>. T.Gal-  bra.lh..wiH'ere<'.f ah ollice building  ()ii  R.ivr.irside avenue,, in   a   short j  time'.    The lumber 'is now on ihei  ground.        Tenants-    are    ready j  to (alee possession.  ,������'-. j  Some excellent ore is being  en from the Ida."  READ.  THE PROSPECTOR.  Notice.  Notice is hereby given Ihul  al'tur .I line i' 1st the regular stage  to C'ranbrooK' willbe. discontinued, The regular stages to the  .lunction will meet all trains  daily.  M. A. Bka i ���.'���;. A gen l.  4^k^McMlLLAXFUR & WOOiCO.^  PROPRIETORS  Highest Prices Paid  No Commission Changed  Immediate  Roturns^  ^OO-ai^^FIRST^AVE. NORT  rMINNEAPOLIS, /A: MSNNESOTA.  Shipments' Solicited.  LANDS and  MINES  NOT A in'   PUBLIC  CONV'EVANCER  Fort Steele,      - B. C.  t fi*7^<s MlMNEAPOLISvSHEEPSKINiTANNERY  FliRS|  . Write"for'Ci  GHAS, ���ESTMERE"I"C."E."  Real Estate and Mining j-trokor  Ay-enr    for   Kfi'iiitalile    l.il..   Asrtiii'unce  ' "oiri|Piinv.  KIMBERLEY,;B. C.  Corrf.sjM.rHi^iirc S<tli(rlt*'(l  Kinihei'lcy  via ("fair-  J        I': O. Address,  J ' brook, li. (.;


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