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The Prospector Jun 3, 1905

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 *     ' I*
J     For iii'nl. iiutli/, up lo '.*•
4i date o'ooi/m ul reitsoiialilii "»•
l£* * **-•"■+•*•+ -J"*-*"* +"+"*••!'*«'» 4- i*
ljt,jr«,-.-y of I.«f An
Vo7.   2 7.
* If linn mfnityour Watch »
■* properly repaired *
I /"/ir it to    ' £
6, v -j. v * »■'«» » *■*■****'*'*■**■*
S, J905.
-1 lwf- ^*So,
- ' C I'O
.   t      ^*
The Marysville Smelto.r in  Operation. ,   -
No. I, or the lead stack* of the.
Marysville smeller was blown in
on Thursday morning, and silver
lead bullion is now being pro-
■ duced iu Southeast Kootenay.
Tins means a great deal to the
mining industry ol this disiricl.
and will by a nival benelil lo I In-
copper and lead producing mines
tributary lo ('raubrook.
No. I slack bus ;i capiicity of
aboul I ."i<i ions daily. Theroasi-
illg process iiiis'beell ill upel'alion
llll' Several-W ee|\"s illlll over D.MKl
tons   of   on.-   are   ready   lor   the
The Marysville smeller is considered by smeller experl.s  to be
'the most 'modern and b.-'sl
equipped Mueller on Ihe Ameri-
cin   conl ineiit,   aiRi   possibly   in
, the world. The Uo'uerlein
process i.s something new. and if
adopted, will 'revolutionize   lead
'smelting in Canada, as the cost
of smelling aro far below those
now prevailing.
Will Work Stemwindor.
Neil MoLedd Curran manager
of the Norlli Star mine returned
Monday from a business irip to
Montreal.      Mr. uCurrin'i reports
, ??hal, operations' will be commenced' upon    the   Stein winder.
,>On,tarib and Midnight claims
also that work will be resinned
on I he North Siar.
lo silence the croakers, but they
love, to give utterance to their
jeremiiides too well to be quiel
unless they are gagged.
The PuG-Ml'l'-jCn'OK asserts, and
without, fear of contradiction,
Ihiit there are scores of mining
properties tributary to ("ran-
brook which but await the in
veslmenl ol capital lo make
them dividend paying mines.
Mealo Al" I'll Well will soon
move iiiin the premises 'now occupied bv I he Imperial.
Tin-re are rumors of lhe form
ing of ;i baseball club in Cran
' Don'l miss hearing llio Campbell Com-'di.'iiis ii.l. the Wonl-
worlh Hall tonii'lii,,
Annual  Report of Minister of
Mines   Upon   Mining  Industry for 1904.
The long looked for blowing
in of the smeller,wa-, an accomplished  fact on TIiiii sd.iy.
Tom   Armstrong   run   up    a-
gainst a cuiioof gasoline.  Sat.nr
day, result a badly burned hand.
Mr. anil Mrs. A. Leiteh enter-
taiuedt-a iiuinber of friends on
Tuesday evening.
A f'irowoll dinnei" was given to
Dr. Croon at the residence ot iVl.
A'. Beale on Mondav night
Crahtjrouk Should Be First.
The development of a vasl   Inland Empire has been   entrusted
io  us,   and   we certainly should
not be true to our duty if we did
not  seek   io   develop' Southeast
Kootenay on lhe lines of mining
and manufacuiring industries, if
we  consider   that   the rosom;/-'*-.
of thi.s district justilied us in doing so.,    We know   that,   in' the
territory tributary  to   the   town
of  Cranbrook.   we   possess   the
material i'or carrying  on   manufacturing industries to an extent
possessed by lew other  districts
iu   British    Columbia,    and    we
would not be inic    to   ourselves,
if   we   do   not   seek" to avail ourselves ot lhe material   which are
close lo liaud, and seek'   to   build
up in ihis Wii-y noi only a mining
production,  mil a  inaiiul'acUiring
;is   well 'us   an  airriculf urnl pro
din-lion.     Our policy should   be.
in lhe. lirsl  place to conserve our
own iulere.st.s:  and.   in   the   nexl
place     <ii\e     preference    lo    all
branches uf mining, lhe develop
incut   of   lhe   numerous    valor
powers iu I his  \ ieinity,    lumber-
iiiii ami inaiiiilaci uring   interests
should   be   candidly   c uisideivd
and pushed lo llie i'lonl.
Then in I his ivspe--i. or in anv
olhor respect, we can in vile com
pirisiui between this diM rid and
oi her districts, wilh a con I id ei ice
lhat, no sensible man will say
that Cranbrook is not the most
p ogressivo mining- and commercial center in the most progressive'district in this province.
Dr. Croon IcD on Thursday
I'or Stillwater, Minn., where he
will be married on 'the the 8lh.,
to Miss Slaples of Staples 13. C.
Archie and Harry McViflie
returned .Wednesday from a surveying trip in 1 he Moyie dis-
ti id.
Bradley & , Co. have tlie'con-
li'iicl lor lln; inside finish of the
new Imperial Bank, and a very
tine job they are making of il.
Mighton and Kelsall will give
a free ride to Portland and re.
turn. Road'their -'ad" in this
issue of lhe Prospector.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hulchson
were, visitors at .Marysville
Thursday, and witnessed the
blowing in of the big smelter.
A guessing contest is now
going on at the' Co-operative
•=tore, a big, line trunk i.s the
X September 7lh the Provincial  Mineralogist,   left   Nelson   to
make a brief visit to the lead producing mnie-j  of Southeast
These properties, lhe St. lOugene, ai, Moyie, and ihe Norlli
Slur nnd Sullivan, at Kimberley, have been doing little, or no
work", for the pusl few years, as the market for lead ores has been
so very poor as to loavo„no margin of prolit for ores such as they
produce, running high in load and vorv low in silver; but, with
i,he aid and under lhe stimulus of the lua'd bor.uiy, active work' has
again begun.  '
To these,inines the lead bounty given' by" the Dominion Gov,;
eminent was of more benefit than to almost 'any other-, inlhe
Province, inasmuch as they were 'capable of producing a large
tonnage of ore in which the silver values were so low. as'com
pared with the lead, that the ore might properly bo called a "load-
silver" ore, in contradistinction to those of the Slocan, which are
."silver-lead" ores. To show what a material help this bounty has
been, it might, be well to make a roughly approximate calculation
by way of illustration. ' 0
Al, the St. Eugene mine it takes about five tons of ore to make
one ton of concentrates. A ton of concentrates contains about 33
buncos of silver and 1,30,0 pounds of lead: fhe gross value of this
(taking silver at, 50 cents per ounce and lead al H corns per,pound
as approximate'figures), would be, silver $10.',7i0' plus lead .slO.iJO;
total gross value,"SIX).00. Now, the bounty on a, ton of sueli .con
cent rates, if smelted in Canada, ■ would be S0.7j, or about $2 per
ton on the-ore as mined, the gross value of which, without the
bounty, wasabout'S7.20.  - ,
The same is nearly correct for the other properties The result has been that there has been mined in Southeast Kootenay in
1904 about 60.000 tons of ore, as compared with 900 tons in 1003,
while the present indications are that a further increase will bo
made in lOOii.
The St. Eugene mines, owned by the St. Eugene Consolidated
Mining Co., Ltd., James Cronin. manager. Moyie, B.C., is  a  con
solidation   of all   the 'claims  on   the   western  slope of the hill at
Moyie  ou   the   well   known   St.   Eugene  lead, which cuts (he hill
from    its    summit   to   the ^shores   of   Moyie    lake. ' and    which
i» hauled for about \ ol a mile on
;i surface tramway, a mule hauling all the ore produced on each
The ore is galena in a quariz
matrix, and as mined, cai rio.s
about li to -* n/, silver and III to
I 1 per cent lead, requiring to be
concern ruled, which is done in
tlie company's mill, ' where a
concentrate'is produced run:.in,:,
about I);, oz. silver ai.d til' pi i
cent [end. ,
The oulptil of the mines i-
I'roui ion to TiUH tons ol ore per
day. J ti September l.isi aboul
/."> men were employed at llie
upper wurkiiit's, a bom (jo at. ihe
lower workings, und-some -Ij a' j
llie concentrator. , '
The   concentrator   has     been
built, and brought up to il.-, p.es
ent condition by Mr. G. A. King
the mill superinlendeiii, and il is
not only about the   largo-*!   «'"u-
K.'.i'okt of ,1. F. Armstrong,
\ «oc *-- oouj-iiiiSaioner.
cenirator iu liriiish Columbia,
but is about- the best equipped
and probably , makes a closer
saving than iiny other in the
Province. In addition to the
usual ami I ho 'many unusual ap
plianoes for saving all values, a
complete and supplemental plant
has beeu—oreeled to save the
values carried,over in the slimes"
and to thi.s slime plant are .senl
the tailings from'every machine
treating ore of a mesh of 8 m.m.
and finer.
NORTH  STAR   Mix'l-..    	
"   It"has been an open  secret for
the last couple of years  lhatthe
known   ore   bodies   of this well-,
known mine have   been 'Hearing
exhaustion, and that  most 'persistent  and    extensive    explorations   have" failed   to  discover
any further bodies of ore.     Two
different managers! men of great
experience;;, and   repute,' successively-abandoned the task;   then
outside     mining    experts   were
called   in,   and   upon—their joint
reports   it   was  decided to close
up     operations     and     abandon
further      explorations.      Consequently, during Ihe early part ol
this    year,    the    property   was
handed over lo  the  accountant,
Mr.   Neil   Curran.    to   wind    up
matters and to lake out  the   few
ions ot ore then known to remain
The residence of John Leiisk,'
has been improved bv painting.
II.     M.    Short   &  Co.   did    ihe
work which is a sufficient guar-, ,    , ,.,,-,        •,-,.., .-,
an toe of its excellence.       ' " 'lias already boen hilly described in these Reports      rue woriciugs
  -! extend along the outcrop for about -l.oOO feet, the upper workings
John Sw inenoii has a, gang of I,    . ,      '    , \nr,   .. , .   , ,,        ,,     .   , ,m .    ,,".
men al   work  a!    Ilaniiilon.   the j *>"?*   i,,,oU'   -■t,n°   1<>tM   hl-lu'r   llKU1  {h° ,ala!'      Ilior.- arc- in Llns_
new lown at   llif*   boiimhiry   line lalistance three distinct "pay eludes,"'  which   have   been, exploded | fad   iIulI   during    iju;   vr.ir   the
""'i    >1'H■i'";ln.,'  , !''):i1''    •y't'1' 'by workiiiirs. and between these, while the vein is quite continuous J -""'ie   has   managed  to ship over
°'~S l'LJ.'S   '0l1, ' !im. biirren iilaces.    Until very recently, the system of   niining has  :,'",K1 ,l_u"s   °.r  ,Jlv ' l,'inil1^ _L_,_t,l,J
beeii eutirelv bv adit luunolson the vein,   with   slopes   therel rom.
iu the mine. That Mr. Curran
succeeded to an extent greaier
lliiin was ex[)ected bye\en the
mosi ^aiigiiine. is shown   by   the
Collin Cummins who has  been
einplo\ed  as   K-leel rician   at    llie
Marvsville.   has i;e-
On tin
lighest group of workings, lhe Si.  Kngene. there are   live
about    100   feet apart vertically, whicli'sl.irling from I he
Smelter   at
signed   to   lake   a   position   wi! h ' innnels.
lheciiy of Xel^iielec-lru-ai   de   I hs f,olivoK.   0f ..A." 300 reel:  No.  I. f.i..t reel
pill'llllelll i       ' '
  !Xo   •'   fit Hi feet: No. ;>, 900 feet: and No. -I. HOO fed.     Un tho inter
l-'inU P.ro>. always progressive.'in(iili.l|0   workings   there   are   four   lunnels, having the fdlowinu
have  put "Ji   new   trout   on   their i
store building on H.iker St. with |leng'ths:    No. 1,  l.TiOn feet: No. 2, 7,M I'eet;   No. II. !)<!": and   Xo    I
plate gla-s.      The stoie   is   now , --l(j ft.(q.
.)(' to*!."") ox-   silver and from Ii." to
ier cent lead.
('oiitijiiiL'il on !J,i^(! .'i
Road Improvements,
one of the  handsomest   in  Crau-
bnii-'-- '
I '
iiiiK"   Wil
A glance at. the mining condition's of Southeast Kootenay. as
they are is .sufficient to convince
any reasonable being that during
tlie present year the output of
ore "will be increased at least
fifty per cent over that of last
1 ycai\   7       '       .
The real test of a mineral'producing district i.s its output, of
ore and when in the history of
Southeast Kootenay was thej-
production anywhere nearly-'asi'
1,h :••!•" its it is af. presentV This
l'ai;i of itself should be 'sufficient
I lie i inpei'iii
today into iheir new quarters,
which have been suitably fitted
up for banking purposes at the
corner of Hakcr .street and Hanson Avenue.-        :
P». 11. 'Short and Co.. has just
finisliud decorating'and painting
the bar-room of the 'Imperial
Hotel The excellence of the
work' is a liiie festiiiiotiial .of the
skill of these iirtists.       ■■•"
Football—The town learn and
C; P. R,. team played,-a. match
game on Tuesday evening,
which' resulted in a. draw, tlie
sco re, be ing To w i i 1. C. P. R V1.
Iiiil ■& Coiii|iany must surely
lia.ve. been satisfied with the.
iiiiiouiil. of business which was'
done by them on Thursday.1 It
tnust, have been away above
liigh-water mark judging by llie
iininense crowd that filled their
spacious stores on that day.
The lower tunnel workings on Ihe Lake Shore ohi'in are about
lnO feel vertical above the lake, where the No I adit tunnel has
been driven in 1,700 feet, and above tins, at intervals of loil feet.
are levels Nos. 2, 3 and 4.
On these Lake Shore workings there is a second vein more or
less parallel with the main vein, and known as the Soulh vein, on
which the main tunnels have 'been duplicated, with numerous
cross-cuts joining the two.    ' "   . '.,'■.'" .^      '
Near the mouth of No. 1 tunnel Lake Shore, and at about, the
same level,-.a shaft has been sunk for 125 feet, 'that is, about
2a feet below the level of the lake. From the -bo'l. lorn of the - shaft,
a level has been run towards the lake,'westward.'for about I On
feet and to the'east for 720 feet, in which latter considerable
bodies of good ore were met, with. This .shaft is most obmple.ely
equipped, with a hoisting plant sufficient to serve for a consider-,
able further depth. The shaft contains ■two cages and a pump
compartment. The shaft-house is substantially buill of heavy
timber, and most conveniently arranged for economical handling
of the products of the mine. V
The ore from the upper workings is delivered to the mill by a
Riblot aerial tramway.    That from the lower workings  and   .shaft
A   large   amount   of   p.ad and
I rail work" will be done iu   ('ran
biook thi.s year.      The  mu-i uu
portailt  will   be llie   eM<-lis|otl    ol
the St. Mary's lake ro.id (Inv
eriimeii! Agent A i nisi i ..n^ arid
Road Superuileml.-iil .'.Iiie..ay
w-iv at the lake on T:ie-ila,\
looking over the si I nation Tin-
road will be extended wesl along
the river lo the loid, ihe in
tont'ion being to convert lhe
present trail to .a wagon1 road, to
enable mine owners lo gel their
ore tb tho smeller at Marysville.
Considerable iinprovemeii.tb
are"contemplated for the roads
in the vicinily of Cranbrook.
The roads in and around Movie
will also receive attention.
A.   considerable   sum   will also'
be expended in making new connections     on     the  Wild    Mors.-
creek   wagon   road,   also   in  im
proving"'the   roads   and   bridges
south of Fort Steele.-
There are now 107- mineral
claims held under Crown grants
oi* ceriilicates ot improvemenls,
and during the year 105 new loci; urns nnd '2 jo ceriilicates of
.vork li i\"i' been recorded.
Pi;K\n,   and Vicinity:
The Ib-mnljic Croup of iron
chum*-. 12 in number, is situated'
on ihe wesl slope Fonwick inoiiu-
tain on ihe0,N |\. of Hie Hull"river
.■I'oiip 'Vuc ore is reported
lo be a hard rati hematite, 'ft, is
-.ahi to be the uilention of' the
owueih I-i iipply the method of
el'-i-l rie sinelling in use in Ilel-
g'iiim lo lhe development of this r
prop, ii,1, when Hull River Falls
Power 'Company can supply the
eleci i icity, P>y       a      recent
analysis the ore r is said
to contain 01.3-1 metallic
.iron, i)ii2 or less of sulphur, with
.i u ace phosphorus aud no inter-
siibytaiice Limestone i.s plentiful in the vicinity.
Sixteen    locations   have   been
made on Sand   creek during  ihb ■
'year and   12   assessments'have
I ice 11 recorded.
F<>rt Steele and Vicinity.
The Estella is reported ui have
two distinct   fissure   veins—one
1 I   feet  and,, the  other 4 feet in1
width—the former medium grade
"SrK'-br-load ore, -the latter ore of
a   finer   quality   and containing '
some gray   copper.    This  properly is well equipedal'or thelwork
of  development,   and   has abundant wiiler for   power  and  con-
centaliom,    besides    being, .well
supplied wilh  limber for mining
Tin- Vricior Group, comprising
ihe Violor. Ulive Leaf and J. W.
Junior    is   said   lo show about Ii
Ieet  of  high grade galena and u    '
blende which carries (5c! % zinc.
'lhe   Grace   Dove, . Lone   Star
and    Shamrock   are   on a ledge,
assays   from- which  aro said to '.
show nickel. ' °
Tho Dougherty Croup on
I'rewery , creek, has 315 feet of
lunnels and some cross-cuts,
which the owner has made single-handed. He says ihe quariz
shows free gold and assays $lti
Lo the ton.
Tiie Tiger-Poorman Group has
tone tunnels ou it. some over 10U
1'i'et in length.
The Star Group has fdO feet
.of shaft,*, drifts and tunnels and
was sur\ eyed this summer for
lhe purpo-e uf Crowu-grantiug.
Work on an extensive scale is
proposed to,be done on the properly as soon as transportation is
a (forded
Si1 Malys ax:; Vicinity.
The I Iraceui'idge Group on the
'west iiiiK ul lhe St Marya comprises the Gr.icie, Denbigh,
lira'"in i,l:.>-e. Lracebridtie Frt.,
Re ..in . and Siiuwdon, all report-
eu a.- i..n\.iii.- copper. On the.
Hrru i-bi nlge lhe lead is exposed
bv erosion, and present!1 a re-
ui.ii 1.able show,ni.' oi copper oris.
II. is said'ihiit '.'.'A feet.of solid ore
has been encountered in the open
cnis:aud that masses- of copper
ore lie on the dump of the Regiua"
ll. i.s said'lhat the M^'stery, oil '
Aiki creek shows ii -1 foot, ledge
carrying bornitc,  and that speo'i-.
'Nl-AKK 'CuKliK..
■rhe Sullivan, has ii-bout 3,000"
Ions of ore in sight.     The smelt-'
■ e'r" has been,' re-constructed and'
is likely to procure ores for
treatment .from   properties   now
j under   development   in    the St.'-,
Marys valley,.   Perry   and   Wild'',
T. M. Roberts and R.S. Baron ! lloi>'''     "s "P'-'fatiou will great-
visited    the    placer    camps    at   ')' -Stimulate the entire district.
Cunii.ni!.'il nn l'nire 2.
Perry Creek on Tuesday. PROS1-KCTOK,  CliANBRObk,  B, C, JUNE 3,  100S  , ..,'!KST.\l(I.ISltKl.i'   'tkiAy.'i  '.:''..' o,^- '.B. ,.6rac6,';.'.:',  !-iiiUjisiiioi;7,iAXi>  jcDi-roi;;  '���aI a    It is-iinpQSslBlfe fe display: all!  7')|:our glassware V-wlrere ^^^j;ggg^^S^i?;^v^  ..vv;vvvf:seen;;-c^ ' '"  i'i-;i.iTi.>i.'o j'.i   Cranbrook-, -   .Whilf  not   being' ��� able'' lo   .accept,   this  1 favor from 1 troiher Simpson, we  7; accept-,     the ' good   , will, -'which  ������pron'ipied-'  the  a'cl. and louder to | jijK*  i'rt '.��� .- ,..���; v   ���������   ������������ .       . .....-, ,,    ��� ,     .-   a. Iv/f  , i ioni^aniiY.'; inosl   snici-re   tiianl"s~,yi \W  m  Wrmn  l..jAy^AA:,  Minos, and Mining.  i Kiii  "a  clieapeM  ���:.: ecLa:.::We:;; arfeSgqmg'U^&^^$^^&  ; soiiie af oiir ' ��toe&'; aMe SE^  ;lt^  7,;Siig:ar:3  ; -Butter Disli .and' Sp  "IT  TiJ:i:'i-��.'YV;.-;..>'i;-x,|'-.7;:; i-nav  ;npMi  l,1v',!S|.M*:<';rl;)|- iniikes;  its; ini! iafyappi'iirajiee/as a,  .(yraii.l'iri'iok',, iiiibliral inn Unlay and,,  I  7.     , .        t.-.i -ill iiun.-'il tiyuj  I ':(^.; A\.������ ������',        ,���7  ��� CkAiNiutpOK '' ;a\ />;'���' V'ic:i\i'ry;7,.'.-  y -Tweiit -y: nine- iiew' locations  IkiVe- bccil niiide? in this'secticiii  dui.'ing l he ye;ir; i.'hielly,ou*-I V-rry.  ..,,,,,       , ,.  .        ,-��� ...;.,--��� -'OK.   I.'aiuiei-.s liar creek aim in  res^.c,lul,.y7s.:li.-i^-yH,,'.|.airr��.r    |si(|'ore7VC.any.V,,,;  .Mpu.il. -linker  si ill at iV;ii7ls.somi.'.a I lenijon.. fron'i  If.   jron dejiosiis..' four new loca;-,  age,'., in I'd 'gajjjiily.'wilj nf 111,, pulilii  Tito* llia'ling'euj'el'l't ,i!oi*s lliil' <!'"'���  'liirvi-.'-i'u"' .iavislr '.'pr.o'ii.i.i^e.-v .. l.ui  l1'o'p-'.'..��v',ih.-'! iis .;i,clrii'ci,.e'ih'en\A u ill  be ' .g-i-e;i?e/',.'i l-hu'j.i y;t-.i'-h< p.n miises  its il-jnaV'tMitke.     'file : purpose  1)1    1 be   mil |i:ii!i'!1li'll!   is, I'l!  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HARVEY' &   McCARTBR  BAKKISTKKS AND SOLICITORS  I'ltAXIiKOOK, -AA-A  it.cV. 7Af:  ..**-������ o-'                          ' .,���..;- ���    ;.-.'-'.���:  -:'���..���-I--.-/..������ "       ,        ��� "..��� ���  ISTy ,-.-���..   --1'*-.,- -  ", A'-.-rA' :-�����  - .<:��� yy,. yyyy ..A,-,; ,       y  .  & a T /"YX T T\ T'    "T- T T'-'T r^-/r>('1T'--T <TrO  1 \->l:l7i..k:y  #  .0.. .JL. J. 7 (  ft  ft  ift  ^fti  .-(.  ft^  *���'-.���':-  f Greneral ��A.g*ent fbKif  ^Cranbrook, I>.C East Kootciiay^X  n:iy   /.iiic-ie;u.l- ores at some con,-  \-eiiieul  point in'ihis d.isl ri?'.'.  ! (5i'(inlji'ook  .British-' Columbia  .---y.fc^AA' ' ��� ���B**  C.  H. DUNBAR  i.iAiacisf'Ki.:. so!.K;i'j'()i:  .'iiid-XOTAKV   I'l'lil.M1.      ���  3. ply,     4 ply  . S ply  '-    J X-.'siH-'l-'IVKI.-. vJj" .(^V'A I.n'i ���   .. . ���  Sprinklers. -��, Couplings .��� and    Nozzles    ���  :itm6rc  ����:.'  ' ,'oa.r  ��*!  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E .  cii-inps ol Berry   and \V iId..Horse |7<      ,.        ���  ' ''..������.- '  Fort  Steele AAO.  I........   .  ?>.           Oi'.Mi.- (il.l MiuiH'iiljii IlliW.V-i-' Sh,i|i ,,        _,  j>-"",-;..'. m,w.h,io,u,.li���llK-    ���  ���:" A$\^A   your, niitr.mn-ii:    kill .'il' you hi1,  (5j r-.'                                                  -c A y ft] li.-ii-lii'iiliir'aiid'wjinl lln- Ik-.-I . n iu{ in.raif  fi  ���'..    ' , W.yri'S'  111 i I 1.1)1 Xl,;''   V '   ^M lo !i'-'i\''';il7:isl< 'lio lirlii.'lyiueiil Iii roiiti',  9 A Ay"    ���'"..,'            , #Ji.;ynit 'vi'.-i   i!ir'v-  1.1 jU.Nois   (':KN'I:K'AIj.-  !        -  c*      ;*  ������tf?iS����^��?'ii;s��?^?^��i��i-K��*ii-'?��;-��'.  ������ :      .-    . ���: ', ��� ���  . | soul in .mil*.i*.;idiiuiii> I'luiir   i*iii-s   winch  ',-u-f lil.ifd wi.i li 'liiv.-urii-it.'s ;uid   siiioliiiiw  i-ooiiis. mid lniv.-'.'i |)oric.i- in iui.eii<l:uiei.-.  . K'iitiis.via tlif ILlVl.XoliS CKN'TltAL  Jin- Ilu: low-nsl-uiiii -we "will .he ../hid lo  i|iiote lln-iii in eoniicctioii wi'ih' any  l.i'iin.seoiil'iiii-ul'il line.  I'.. II. 'l'Ki;.Miu;i,ij.Ooiiiiiifi'i'ia) Ajicm.  .!��������. 'riiini Si,..��� l-oft'Uiiiil,'ors<j-oii.  .1. A. I.ixi.isi-.v, T.l'\ \- I'.A.  ..'��� ll'-' 'riiird St., I'di-il.-iml, Oirog'on.'  I*. .,H. TlloMI'SON,   F.:& I'.A.,, Itooiu  I. (7olni:ui  Hid-.. So.'illli-. Wasli'V  R-'.'N  '������:.-��.     QUESTION      ;^,  To  'C'io .or Not  to (io?  ''; > "'':answer;**'. :-'.  To. Go at Once Vov  My  ���Summer  Picture to  Prest PiioiiO go.  . '-Studio.  ZZ2 Hund  Ot-H.-y  2^  Culiyii-y.    Ali),*rt:i.  Mniii  Ofii'-i:  f'n; Kii.'.-I.  Kooti-iiiiy-. A��  ��� i usual act ivil v    in   plaeer   in:nin���������*��� *������"'  ������ i ��� ��� '     ���    . .    . ���  ��������������-�������������������������  ........^........  Ci it ,j in oi A:.   1Y C  �����    '11   I liese  i "il til I IS.  I D.K. {������:. W. .CONNOLLY  !  ea  'holcs'fi lo  tiincS   l^ct.-iii  ^���8   '  AAZ :      'I'liiin  a nil'   I 'oiesl vensk \ kiivii  -~* ���       ���', - .      ��� ���   ���  ICSlgni     lugi-t h'e'r   ami     I ,'ojesl vell.sk' y  '^3 | ii;i>   I'.Mi nd '-diil71 hal  il   \v;i  ������-**    . A    '.  7^,11 ha!     iiiade     a     r'eporl  .of    \vhal;T  Hi I'-|'I"'I!">1- )A  .       '���-  \     Pliijsi.ciiin i|'|i,|;Siirufion  .? oi'i-'iei: AiiMS'l'ic'iN'O   AVI-:,  i l-U'ifiis':'    '.' in 11 a.in.   _ i  i ig-< i i  ' 7 in S ]>. in.  I'll.ni.- ( Uliff in.',      K.'sidfiiff ln'.i ..?  ,.... .��������..*..  tr I )i-alcis in  ^     Live Stock  ercneints-' 3;  1 H ;   ' 'l1'11' ' banks nf-1 In- management.]  :'~3 if)l''���'"���'���   I b.'i isi'i'ic'i'oi; ;ire lender'-!  "17   ���:!!']   '"���i,|   Mm^r.^f"11     "'     VAWor     Simpson of    lhe I      ; , ���,,-I(.,y HorKS:    ., lo ,L. .,.,���  P.   B.   KIINCJ  ^���':    DENTIST  ,\;  ���,  Calgaiy. Alberta.  lerald.   who geueroUslv    lelldi.'l"  1 ' 111 5 11 111.    .  ^UilUiiiiUilUiiliiUiiiUiiiUiUWiliiiiiiiUiiiiiiiilUliii^  -I-  I  ��� ;<  ,���0  1*  HE PHOSPECTOH.  l-!-H-!"H~H-H-H��I--H~I-I-H~l~F  /ILL S '���.,��  I lfiidi|iiiirlf rs I'm- ���     '   ���    ,        "  l;'i:i-:SII   FKflTS  ...'"  XI'T.S and <"l 1< 11< ��� i-;  '���''iM-'Kt.-l'IDNKH.y  ;:��� lec Gredin iind SoH'Drinks |  AImo'Tobacco, Pijies  nud Ci(*-iii*M  B.Lkcr St.     Cra.nbroolv  ���I"Ivl';I"I"I"I"I':I 1.1 I.I I I I.I.J.'1'.H-l.  \  ^���-  ���V.;-  ii'  J1  Hnn THE .'• PROSPECTOR, CRA tf13 R0<)K•,-: B. C.y -1U N E :-i. * 190s;,
E. H. SMALL, Manager
The best and safest, way
7to keep ""Baby's skin
; feealthy is to use oiiljr
Pure,   Dainty, -Delicate.
; Beware  of Imitations^ V
Van   always    on    hand
welcome gaiests.
It is the Jtenoe thin lias stood ili'e'teaf.'of Uine—stands theiwa.TJeat, strain—ueveiy-agiTrt-he standard, the world over.. In future y£st Feaci will
he painted WHITE, wIik-IHs an aiiaciljiroleci.iou auaiustru-t. iuadiiitiou lo tho pal vs.0W.iu4;.  Order through our local agent or direct fi-dia at. °
THE   PAGE   WIRE   FENCE CO. 'LJMJTED;"Walker-, ill*-.    Toronto.    Montreal.    St. .lohn.V WlnjUp.-p.      'w *
!©;ije ffi
SATUKllA Y.'r.'l-U'N K 37 1905
Southeast Kootenav District
L. B. VanDecar,  Prop.
"♦-' «'>♦-' <>';♦' <► •-♦- <>•-♦;<.•♦ o- ♦   i'-Vo- ♦ <*;♦" o- :>' o '♦;«■ "♦' o-'.-*-,
->■ ,
i0-< ,
«i> a
west, designs in
I*      V*
Over 400 Differcm Pni'terns to Seleci From-
Painting, Decorating
and Sign Work
i'UO.VK  111
:♦!■«■':♦:«■':♦?« v-f';'o-:>:.<►:;♦.<*..>:, ♦J:>3-*'::^:tL^:'-^;>>.j,^>..^c.<>-:,♦
((.'dlltilltHHl I'iioili-il'iiiiV ■!.      a ■■'      ■■''■-;■'■■.■
7 „'. ■nhis'.',.\y;i.sfiioj7:la koi'iy i'rpni .uny
new or*v body^'for 'none h;is(.been
f on nd; 71 j ii 1,7." h ii-sy boo 11 * obi il i he'd,
f roui -<;*xi:e:n*ionS;pJ'y! lie''- .■old'V'Vi'reV
body. 7\vhich77\y,iiRy7f/>uiid7iT);oon.-.
11 nin- I'm 11 hi.*r ll'iiin* had .been , ex-..
peeled.- : W liiVf wore, .is 1ipppsod, t o
beVosmall" ,ql'iirti,i,ii.ips'7.V»'f.:--.(VrQ-.li'a-d
rbol;i i-id'.' lugg-ii'lgS, "and"AxIlose .\l rl;
Cn rra'tiTsj :i r \:\ ligyj pl^ronio s:o; .-.found.
t;hc*..7ofe(7dxi.ondGd7 furlher?a li'ait
had, - boon■:. su *>jiosi-.d.   a nd;, ■;.«■'!]»..n.
Iho |5ro|Jorl,',-V,-Viis vifstiV>cj;in:Sep;.'■
tomboi'yyili.ero. Ava?:.,7ai,7-:lh-;is!;-dnp;
si.rf|)V:^li(.nvjiigV('7io',riJ'ooly-'i:if fan7
grade giilonaV-:.wl.'icli 'at,t:ho   11hio
sev-^mocCtX) l>(i*lio|rling-. Hs7 size' a a
\v'p'rlf7]-):rogr''sSed-zund; inlic-.h.;.. ore
i"feiTirtii'iod7"i.ii,oiilvn.r.f|."ih-r,i-s' lir-iVr-flie;
dn'tcfdpAA A'ArAiAAAAiArlA^ A- 'AA'iA
'•.'/A'V'li'ilo'-"; i,iv',";'(i;iiiiiirif'''''-lve'77S'rii'di;i:h:ii|^
iiho.sho\vj,ng hiid:ris7n"e.i;.shi'nvo(l
ii,ny. /giveti i), n n ipu i;i t^VV of y; Vo're ..7, i ri:
sigWi;. 7 7 ih<i77faciis;'^l'iivt7!i,l i.Gm|.its:
toVgfit■'.o.u'ii'.-'ilie. laslVpf ^/lip7oreVlifi;dj
fil\y iiys77rosu 11 ed A 7 Ti n7 7"i*eyeal i n'g-;
ondi ;AvViSyUply;T\*fvf77:7a'tnd,;Vy
following77iV;|)JsPf "fhe^'oi-o-'show^
ing*>7' uiighf yletul, 710 .- proybpilihs
allied) "hud :;-.«i'.s011.1 'yi-VV.I.V., 'evoh:,7,„Uie*
I,horough\ :• 1 i<J . syslieiiiii'lio/Vox-
l)loriilions whiolvhad boon-niad0.
LiifeiV;u'lyiof:s,7h6\v^voi'7 7froin
lin->tli(iii 1 .sou i'(u.*.s.7<lo iToi- i ndifa ):o
LliiitViiiiyVlui-uing supeess lui'slipf-n
obt:i,ined. . ■;',.••'     77"
" 0 ■.' ■■
)y,'-L'-li')'"foVil.vJ(ing.'-.' \vii,h...;l.Sd'oiJH::
posls,Ve6\'(*i-eil,''■'-. wil A,7,ei'*rrug:i l-Pd ,
irdll.      'I'lll* <;ille!IK'i:sV Ilii Vi''    ii'e'V-n;.
lo,iigi.iieiii'd 7I'rpni ,'y.r  \<i-iViPi,'"'i'i'/.'a;
li(i-foOl: boi.lVytuif.eonnei'ied.■>\vi't h■'
ii com 111007line...run 1,1 ,'ndAritrininil,
iind-   ('(iiiueeling   \vii \\ yii.n . iriui
staolcy.SdW'l-'in dial 11 f.'U'i;;iUidVf"'',',
fool  high.'sel'pii1 a epuereie  base
12 fV*oi. abovi- g'roi'i'iid. .with' which,.-   ,.
it-is iilsojcoiiiii^cipd:' by,an,.- open-1-, Aiyy^;0
ing   oir lhe , iipjiosii.e sidrV-nf lIn
fromV,llie   'bliisl-   fiVi-nace. ,';, V'l-hei . y.
.  ■   ,r,  . . -...   ;r A" ■ ' '■ ■■'■"*!        ■"''■'
former Idas"!-; fiiriuicos and  build-j 7V/,
ings .had-- beiyf 7<:omj)le.ii}ly Are- 7
moved, and wore being reifiaced !
by7 ji   inoKl '.shhsiainiiil ('hipdern.j
shodpf/.hea.vy 7fimboifs, .'ui.AvJuch |
duiyVpne of -ilii,1. oUfd'-iijaiisijes \y»s j'*:, A)
Illg   OU'    IH1 , (ip)iosl.le   side nl  llie   ,,- .fM,,   yyy       ;.        ■,,.'? .
-.., °     .   ■ .: ,i,., ' ' a  .  ,.. .  ,.Y.£/\£i{/;.;.    ■ |u-.i   aljoui ilu:jneancst
base,    iiny ' (hisi. ; cliii mi.er.y, 'Hues j ' .^A^yiAA oA,y A.fAniiicr ran,'Iku-c
1:0Vii'>e creeled, a I- lir'si.
..-. 7.!" 7 J...:... "7,- ._:.■. _;_- :—.-~..r.:.AiYl.:._AA~' I '■: A
^;4^^[4H-i4.K^!»!^^ }'lrt
,:'«.!.,   *■
,-* »...;   </:
......,.....,-,..,.., "$m
FRF.S11'' V KG-l-'/rA HIA<,£y£ L
"■'■-"'V  7.7-y'-7;7--   yr 7,-;'. .}.-!■ ■>,
.■"*'■■ ^3,-:*-:-v-;''-::-|' ■'■■>:
X*-Choice Confectionery; 7 Ci*; •;
; 111 i'iy.o l.wood Ice i C rea 1 n
;i7 -ilirtli yi .lil I li- , .door.."'
i>v.'i-   li;\Vi-    i»iu:.? ■;''H!.t':-lhfl.   edyie :.
'.v.  ■lf'i-.-ii :i-,  llu-; lu-iif. ?     One* liu.s
t,t  '•,•".•;;.   1 Niii-rtv »toIj'oi'-' Iu..sliove'l,
i:.l'.i, -.0 iin-7 i'i:ma ,'i-s .„ . Jly y;
■ !'!.v':-ili.i|. .111 rxp.-rt,'you'll ,i;t-t 7 r'
.i.s'-m-li'' I'll   ill.-   ilo«li- -us   in   lhe
,''■'.-,..-■■ ■■'..■-.     '',..'   a
Siiti .-.li i 11 f,;"0fii I'M hoc   i s'
.oyijiiii.-il w il\i  u-iri.ii.id,   hitr door.
■   ' ,,• - ' , '   •-'■■ ■ .    ,-
''-N',oi'r t-Mii   I'UI  .your .;Vlioyel   in   nnd7"tli-t>|>   tlit-7 'coal, just    whercy it ■ i>.
.-.vaiilt-ily.-no  iroill>le,7 no7i;ikiug7 iiini,;. no 7 iniisiiig-,   np'ydcsiUei-iiVg-j-.i'oi-.- Vf-?    7
,-i!i'no\';i'iH-(r. ... .   i^AA-      ■■■'.   ':l.. ■'..:: ..y ■:. y • ■'•'•':■ y-   : '■'-.. 7."'.'' ...'■'■■ A -a., y.    '-   ■'■
':'   f'lv'.r-i-j-.lliiiijf7;il>oiii  7tlie7Siinshini;' '■ IViriiace !,is.:;'6nj thei;»a.rae..»cile7
.•(* ihijiiyliiTuliirss.' ,.'•'■'.;,   * ■-.,.*■ -, -An,A'-, "■■ ■„-.,,,'•"■„'•■    'y'   7,77 -'"A -'•."': A ■'. ■■' ;,
y-.Solii-'.tjy   all   rnter|"rising-. ilcali-.rs.    AVi-ili-.,, for, .booklet.. '. ■!Y'yy-. :.„■
A. j. \"
W-ytiAy I..
" ''iJ^AAlAAAlA	
A-' Phone 75  vArmstronaiAve"-!-
•sr"- ■ .. '.--''. ■, •■■'"." ■.■   " '■■,-•.■•    •■'-■ •!"
i     .     i^i     *.,,**     .    i   ,i    •■.   ,i  ■■..-_ ...i.   .   ,t   ..     .
'&".A ,.;.7** '   ; ■ '  '" '■'•
If: ■"'■'•
■& -A
f aa)A'Fi!ieAWodl'ensY-yri
3; ;(li-iinbrook^l^G.y'Ariii^p'oiiy'yVvtyyj^
i*:.-    *"■---:-V :■■■".'■■'.■-■■■r'!\Urii;A- .■.[,.,-■...:■■'...- -~tli-.%.
«s;-"S*s««»s**«*-* **«***«§:••*":;*.***
Hot I led beer for family
use a specialty
Outsidr    Orders
s\' P. O. BOX 812       h.
?j 7   TELEPHONE   NO.  1       ,tS ,'        ,
:^: F^oi't   Steele   Brewing Co., Ltd,
)'   ■       "A ;.'•'■ .... ■' |     .. '■■'■'...'.,,.'■ ..-.',
60   YEARS*
.;.,.      7SUj7jLi;\*AjN oi;o,i;ij
■ T}m: Su 11 iVim ji'i'Ot'i'p of   clniins,
btdonging io iho Sulliy'a-ii Group
Mining Go...ol'Spo:lcaius. is  siiu-
atod   On: Sullivan'" hil lyon 'Mark,
crook, and has boen dosoiibed in
]iroviou.s Reports.     711,, ,is- "uudor-
slood ihiit/'ilm stock* of- the   itoni-
pa'ny hiisiiodii; acquired' -by- 'the.
Federal 7 Mining,  Company. * lot
SpqkiineJ and t,liat7 the   proporty
i.s- iir'iV uiidor tlio uiiMiageiiiftiij of
CI 011 ora 1 'Ma tiager.-,lvobort:s; 61 th0
latter conipaiiv.    ,'Vhe   mini*' is
siilliii cliargii, of ..jiinio.s'   Pinlay
as   suporiiUendent, Valid     when
visiio'd   in   Soptembor'1 it7   'w.as'
louiid • that'   very* lir;tlo   change
had'iii.kftn jdace since last: visiled
aboul.   a   yo;ir    pn--,vious7       No
i'urlhor imdorgrouiid   work'had
bepii (lout* ijxcopl. -fixing   up  t,}i(.'
station   ai. the  bottom   ot'No. .."i
.shaft,     which    .had    previously-
, A'railway haul,' of about live
miles, all ■''••down :hill,:'' didivers
the ore ai. the company's smeller
a l. Miirvsville.,    '•'.-'•
'.■iii AA:..
Purchase A, pricey $3.00, a.V Mouth
^.llo\^aiice1 MaueVPoryOjd: Machine
V'Vy7'7:iV;V'...77,77'S|,;,,; ^'Vyy-J- yV'' Ay yf
■MlNmi.Mj ACT',
' - -     ■-      - „      v' r
,    •   iransf.)'
y vVoui- utiiiii'tioii is .iMiUi.-ir t.o ... t.he
"Pioneer IVuuiloil" t.ruiii.s of the;*7Mil-
..waukeu & St Paul l.tailwiiy.-" 'I'J.'lii-' only
nci'lect ti-aiits in lhe wm-KlV    ■ i  '
1   ' . ,...".'-■- ... c.
A- ..Yoii' wilK'lind il, tlufiii-able to ride du
tlio^t; tt*iiins7\vl)0!i gcdiiy to uiiy,|iuiiit, in
tho.Kasteri!' Staler* oi- Ciiiiaila'.7..'L'hoy.
eoinieet; with all" 'l'l-iiiisi-oii 1 iisouial
■J.Yfiiiis.'- Iiiul 7idl Tiekiii.yAfleiii's 7 sell
i-iekeLrj,. "* y *■ 7 ■ ■ ,     ,.: ' ,,
7 |;'6i*."fu'i-tiiel- iiil'oriiiiit.iuii.-jntiiinhlelrf.r
eie,:aH,r any Tiekeiy AyenL or:    , . •'•"•■   "
r. L.'.iroKD.v' v.V'h: .a.'Vnp\\'i-:,.;i'.'.'".'';,
V V Pass. ..'Vffoiity   .  .-(iehei-a! Ag-cnt,7
(.'Kli-ril-'ifiA'rK OK imi-hiiVKHmin-i's.;'-*
"",*>   V-NOTICE. 'a y-'ll-^l _. -',..
'.■■'..Klyii'ig Oloiiil Mineral Olaim..    A:
.ySilunU: iii lli«   Kurt *'Si.i.-ole   Aliiiius;   Division
ol E-.isl kooioiiny l.iislrioiy.■'
.y-Wtiuro kioiiK-il:-On -Murk   Crei'l:  om-',iiiilc
I'l-oui ICiiiiliL-i-ll-.v. ■■'  .■..*.
'./l'like.liiiUi'i* Iiiul l.'l'lio^. 'r.MrV-uiii-. i''.M.C.
.Vo. .llT.-iTlp,-.'iiKft.ii!, l(>r .1. (.'. llr'nwi-y. l''.M.f:'.
So. US'.'. I OS, .lo's. 'I'l-it i it n «•)-.. 'l-'.M.l'. "Nui MSMii;
nmi .l-.l-'.-Arm-iti-oii^ oit'ujitiI .-uiiiiiiilrilri-.ior I'or
JCclIosl"* esi-.il..:. l-'i-oi.- Minor's - Ci-rtili■
i.-'nte. No. liii-'.IO-i, inu'iiil. sixty dnys fi-iuiilluv
'iliili: bc'i-eoi",' i'i> upiJljf* in, tlie .Miiiiiii;, lii't'orilcr
foi- nC.'ertitiutiKroi' liii|.nivi-.mfius,:l'oi- Ui.i |»u!--:
pcise of oliiiilhiiit; m.Ci-oivi. C'rimv of. du.- ivl.oye;
eliiiin.7 •,.-•..   •    '"'■,  ■'      , ... ■' ,   * ." • ''■■'.;
T „ A ml  lurtlii-r v.ikf iii>i,i«j\Mtsii  -.n-lion.  iiu.lt.-r
■siiCliou '.li. must 1>« ooniiutsiicoii' Ijui'ore the issu-
.iini.'..'. ofsucli Cort.(iii!iiu;,iof lminoyrinHriils.
L.-'Utito'l Uil-. i.-tli'cliiy ol.AiirilyA.n. IdCTi,
" H".    *'■'■,.'"'. TliOS.'l'...Mi.-VlTTil-: ': .
I;:srni.VL'i-:s,,;i-'t;KNi.siiKU,:p,.N'..Ai:.i., woriv;
; (A' joi'miNd'-V^U^ ':''..
AAyAAillA'A   yAA'AA'/yyAlY   'A "y'r.'",
|-i,Ci,uses a nd7CjOtt.'j.gt;s loryReiu:
' 'Qi^VS^tje^oji'VEas^'i'nerm
... i   . ". \'. e* '    ,     , '    '   * , ■   ,*,
:: ^v£:ii£:i-Wi^ v;
■ Carpeii i'er v^-Jiuilider
.A'A    ■-:."..■■■'■' ■'■".-; \yi -A...     Yryy'-IA-'' lirAry:i°A.
a, ■.'",  ' Cpod; Work at'.'■'-,-''<*■'"..."'",., ,.    V
V V -Ri^isohablo Price   V   ;,. ^-' ■'
d.ffice'-and Workshop   Lewis St
^/Jw^ tbiM & Four Year Courses '
\;Al\i\}i\tixi' lo
..'; Qiit-en's      ;
r.i Min:u}-(''Chcmiffll;: Civil.
-M.>-haitic:il liurt KJectric'al
■ .'■linjfineeritijf.'■■■'."
MiiintJiiO»y..r»ud '(".co'lu^y,'
Jiinltpj^y ami   l*ntilic HraHh.-;.
V   .\\"rti»; lor c:il\ rut'-ii; to
". The SfcrcUiry, .   .       "".
%  .'. .    ' .School  or; Mining',
;*,        Kin^-ilon. 6«t;;
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anj-onn -.timiliij; :i .-.I..!ii-h iinil ili'Mcrhuioii in:.--'
..inlclilv nsi-iiriiiiti our i.|iiiii.iii I'l-ei: wh.'t!.«•.• :...
.nvi-nt'lon Ih prnliiil.ly piiiiintiiblc. Ouiiitiiiiiii-.i.
iloiiHsitrloll.vc.iiilliliMitliil. HANDBOOK <>n I'iii.-ih'.
-t-nt free Ol.ltiHt tn,'i.'in:*.* Ior H«i:urirtfc: pulftii-..
l*iit«iiln lukun iliroiiirli Mumi & Co. iit.-Iv.,
tiKCtulJiiitlcr, n'illioul. <:lmvi[0. In the '
Scientific American.
. A taiuiilsoim-ly illnslr.itfcd wcftkly. I.iirKOSt -Ir-
culailon of any HCii.-iii.llIr. Jnuriuil. 'lurms, t,'. n
year; four uioiillis.H. Sold, liy all ncwsdeiilc-rs.
N & Co.36,Broato>' New York
ik Sfiaa. 62" h" SU Washington. U. «
,   MAIv'Y.SVlLbl'.:' HMI'Cl/L'Kll.
Thi'   smell.or.   as    ii    was described in la sl,year's Ueporl, no
longer exists! for il has ..bui.Mi   so!
compleielv reuiudeiled as .-really I l\ \ _2
t,o iiniounl   to   ;i  (.-.oin])leii-l,\- new .
eouslrtiotion.     .Tin', siii* remains :   ,
[•he   sauii*   :ind * :in ' :il,li*iii;>l    wus
nia,dtr b,\- lln* smeller .-suju.-iintt-n  ■,-.
dent., Mr. F.  \)., \V"e.«d<s. tn utilize •
as inuclr <d' tlie nld pluiii   ;ispf^s--
sibie. whii.-h. liOwe\-er..w:is  v<-rv
Pacific   Coast   Points
SjHBBSSf'l'. ,■*'■■'
c'i-:Ai.i*;i.i7'i,i-:.s"i:iKi:'.s'.iiiiiii-osit.'d -..'>ui.; uuiior-
Q   hitrmjil. iinil t-iii|oi-.«L-<i vTemloi-.s ipr l'osi'
Oillc'viuViiiioouOi.-i*. I'l.i;..".will lit-  received  al,
Uiis oillei'iiiilil Friiiny. June :.•;:. 'I'yo.".,*inclu'.?lvr-.
ly. for tho I'l'i'irlion oi il 1'osi Olllcc   Ijuililine at
Vmieouvoi*.'- li.C.   yV-t'onliny,   io    plnns • aud
,speciUi*iili'on« io liifsi-en' Hi". I lit-  Dc-iJiirtiuutil of
l'ublio A\*orks. ijtuiwii. Ont..'aijll" at  lln-  Viiii- •
rou't cr Ai;inoH)-y7. \"a iitouyer. 11.C.
'I'linili-i'S will lioii'lM-'ciinHMerL-il  unk'ss ninile.
nil tlie pi'im^it form Miyplii-tl, ir.i.i 'siynOti  Willi
.. •, -' • t  . i.ilu: nftjirtl Mf-n-jtnri-.^oi lwiilerors..
..... — .*_..._ ;.;_:.___i___..._.. ..■..:..,.,.._   .... I y Au  ;ii!i-u']iicil'.-.-liei'iut: on  ii  <'.hariur.£il.liunl:,
1       ..'. ..-'tipp  '"■'•' '       •        '■   ' •    I>nj:d>Kr -io. Ui..- m-Oer nf  tlir.  Honmisttblti-the
, ;  •...-.NUllOt. .,.       .Ministc-r of 1'nlilii-Works. i.'Qunl io tc-n iHTceul
N"OT:<i"'. is bi-reliy  givon   linn si.-a.v-'.liiv.s    <10 ' I>-f'-»   of'*Uu-.-auifniiH   of tlie lbt,iicr.'i'iHiHi
■■■■■" ■    ,   •       iic'-'onipiiny uai'li n-ailirr.   TUis uht-iju^. will be
foi-fuilc-il ifili'p |,nriy irinUi-iu^ .looliui.* thi* con-
li-ncv or iiiil to .'iiinpli-t.' ilit work coiiirautoi:
for, ninl'Hill br- i-i-inriicii in <*-iiso o: lion-aticcpt-
nncc of H'liOfiv- ■'   ""      '       '     .,'.'
'Tin:   Dfjiiirtnii'ia   .In.--, noi   liiml   iis'-ll 10 <n-  '
,-.'l'l tin;- lOM'osi oi- ii nv li-mli'r.   ,',        ,     ,    *   •
Uioni-o i-iisi i.fi i-linins;' llionoc iiorili ID rlniins. j ■'-,''•      '              '.' 'sVlniiiry.
ilnUK'O we<i i'.u r*li;iiiis.iln:ni'i' norlli   Hi ohiiiiis. i lic-pariiik-iiroi'.l'uhlii-Wiirks, '          '■
tiieiiL*-   wiisl Mlrlu.ins. tliono,, soiuli :Mi'iiiuns- ':'{               '<>.   °" »< t:mn. Miiy Hi, ll.'lo.:
Ili^ni'i- i;i.isi ill i.-li:iins. tlii'rni-0  .soiiili   10  i-hnins I  — : — '.	
lo ijliioi* of lii'^inniii^ ooniaininir >ii* arri--, lnort'
ufter <ln.ii'. l.inlo.-iii to apply lo liny y-lii'-l Va>ui\
ini.s>ioni-r of I'.iin.l.*; and Works lor poi-rni'-sion
lo pnri-lniM- tlir .. rullo.viint,'. ilosc.rilmi" liimls
.-iliial.- in SoiithC'a.-ii Kooinnay; coiiiineiicin^'al.
tilt"llOJ-lllM'i'St .i'orniM- of Lot N'o :."."'.'.'. i.ii-.oui>,.l.
Ilipni'.";  i.-ast   10  chains, tliom-..- smith inoliiiii'j». i
or le.". ...
liosa'.M. I.inilini-iiui. Locator
Daii-.l Ihi.- -ilii, ilii.v of May !!\i".. rJ-2
t*      I, •
■ i -^iV.
ijh h
Boot^noe MaKer
Palace and Tourist ,
.   Sleepers. Butteti
Library  Curs,  Motlnrii '
Bay CoMC-liuti:
Ui.n'inn' Cni-s.
NO-l'IOK is■■liin'-irliy jfiyi-ii that.' s.i.vly ilay.s I
iiftor ilftii: 1 inli-nil loajiply to, Hi., Ol.li-r Com- j
'iiil.-sioiioi- ol l.i.mis a:nl Works at Vi.-iof in tor
lirriiiir.-ioirjvv inii-i'liai-i' Ui.i lollo-.vinr ilr-s.-riln'il
lan.ls sitoal.:il in SouiIi.-hsi k'iioolrii'a'y ,ii.siri,-i.
I "riuiiitii'ii.-i ii;.- :i i t In.' M.,\uhriiM ...fn.'r of I.oi
'No: il-iu; i.i roup 1, koolrnay ilislri.-t: lli,l|,-.i, iv.-st
MO cliaii,-. I lii.-iii:,: soulh nuv ••liiiins'. 1 Vj.-ii.'i- .iim
:.*l'l r.haills.'llii'lii'i' s.'llMt *7i'   uhitlnV, 'llii-nr,:   .-itsf
| -.'ii rim ins! Ilii'h.'..' in >rl h '.'ii ijlinhis. llii'in asl HI
I .'hill lis. l.ln.lii'.' in.nil SII i-lniliin   lo ' plinv   of',ln:
I :.'iuiiiui- .•olilaiiuii^ i''--(l uir.s hum',, or i.'s.s
riuiih".   I-'..   I.iitl lia, iiiii.    .l.o.-nl.u'.
I      li,He,I Ihis-iilh day oi .May, K'l'.'v
'wo new sours l'roiu lhe
riiilw;iy7   i*lc\-;ili-d *   mi    trestles,,
have:   been   run   into  t Im 'works.-■'
VThe s;i ni id iiiii1 plant and building
j have been ooinpletcdy lcuiodelied
nn-'    ' •   c~      it» ia.s have also iim bins.      The lor■
Milling ^Scientific PreSS 'imer.  ■.•■■.«. ner   shed   h-Kshoen.ro.
.VIliAIjS    A    1,A yCA'KTE..
Best   Meals   on   Wheels
All ,\\'iii-|; * in iranli-i-il ■
Xi-U   \\Vn'-l<  .\lailr to ,\I.;;l.sil!-i.-
Armstrong Ave.
Inipir::.)   llol.-l
!   -
'! ■
*1'.\>'1'    'I'liAINS
I-;.vst   \-*.'i' )vi-::-t H.-M.I.V
Ki>i*. lull   j.iiHii.-ulaks.   nit
!■-., .-nil iiii in-, nililiv--.
S..C YKKKKS. "i.w.j-.A:.
S.-'Ml.tli-, Wash. '
placed by a building 72 I'eet wide     H. BRANDT, ci.r. ^ t.a., Spokiuio*.
!        I'liANiii.-uoK  t.n"i".n"<"p: iustkiot
j- Thi- hall yi-iifly ini'oiiii!.- "of lln- Hoard o!
) l.ii-.'lii'o i 'Vniinn.-sli.iH'i',.. < 'ritlihrool; kji'dli'i'
ll'islrirl', "ill or lii-lil in Uu Court IIoum-
. i.'ranhrooh. on Thuisihiv .liim- l.'.i.h, I'.v1,',, mi i,-n
I i.Vrloitk in iii-- lori'iKum'. ..wln-a -hy follinviii;^ J I
; applii-alioio will .'i.ni.' !..-f..ii' tlit" lioiiril- I  '«
j     II. S. Mmhi'is.Windsor lloi.-l.  l-.'ori St..,.|,.     j   J1"'
!     li. A. Prin-i.T,. Stratli'-on..    '
A. 1'. Ohi'iit-tti.', Koyitl Ilou-1, Fort Stia-lr .l.'.t
Xil.s lluii-^oii. Wasii lintel. Wasa ,
;        ' T. H. Mr.AiU I.I.I N. I   '
|    "yi Chiof Liivuci* Inspector.     ! .••••.^•••f»-»^»;.«.;«i.»~«.<
Tjeiiiiis ;iud drivers l'uriiish-J
for   any   point   in 1 he dis-'
A.  DOYLE.   MaungorJI
a THE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK, B. C, JUNE 3,  1905.  tr  ^lI^rl^ln^^���lr^nIy\nJVuy^lnJ2tt  Imperial Bank of Canada  CAPITAL AUTHORIZED $4,000,000  CAPITAL (paid up; - - $3,000,000  REST ACCOUNT      -    -   $3,000,000  Head    OFFiee���Toronto.  T. R. MEUU1TT. President   I"). It. Wild'IE, Vitv-l'iv-i. nnd Gen. Man.  AGENTS    IN    GREAT    15UITA LV   Lloyd-'   P-uuk    .2   Lombard   St.,  London.  A General Rankin-: Ilu.-ino-.- Ti-tuistieU'd.  Savings Bank Department.���Interest, allowed on deposits.  |   CranbroSl-' Branch.  J. F.' M. PINKHAM, Manager.  G--ui?UTKruufui?K uiri_nri--Cri>u-u1i>Lh>i>iyut^^  luUil Mlllll MuA  li you Are' noi satisfied  ��he tyto&PBdm.   WE  LEAD the  " REST   FOLLOW.  SATUKDAY, JUNE ,-i. 1905  1  LOCAL NEWS. 1  .MitmAiiiiiiinnii.uiiiuunioutitaiuui^  Cecil Prest  visited   Moyie   on  Thursday.  F.   li.   Morris   visited   Fernie  this'week. '  A. Lieitch returned  from   Nelson oil Tuesday.  Barrister \\. F. (lurd returned  from Nelson Tuesday.  Mr.   and Mrs. T.  T,   MeYiUio  drove over from Steele Tuesday  Send us your Mail  Orders and you will get  tile ( loods quick --- We  have   lhe   Goods.  Bea'itie & Atchison  Where It Pays to Deal.  7K  1 ins senlee.ee n ,"  ,ing when 1 .ark.'- '��� in  V i ,1 '( i   nl   ll le 111  ������ ii;i' di   !', ,us<  ���7R  Arthur 11. utid Thus. I'Yuiwick  were at Cranbrook Monday on  business.  t.', 11 1 'olien president of lhe j  Kooteiiiiy Central Kail way went '  lo i-'ort   Sleele Mond.i v  I ���- Canadian Bank ol commerce  �� , HEAD OFFICE���TORONTO.  *  1'iiiil up Capital S8,700.00p: Kcsei-ve l-'unil W.,300,000;  Total Resources $i��l,000,000 Nov. SOili, IliU-J.  , l.nniloii Office; 00 Liimlniiil Street, I.. C.  New  v.,rk Office; I U KacIiiiiikc 1'iiiec.  And 11.1 branches in Cunadu and the tJiiiloil St.-iii-.-..  *  %   Cranbrook Branch,  F. C NIALPAS, Manager.   *  ��*��y-*����#��f��*-��*������^��!*iti;����'K��s-s;��;��' ��;��������eKS:-j"1-!,';<;��-v;��vS':��i-"'>:r*����:��';��-**i*  M.   Melnnis   Calgary,   wa.s   iu  town 1 his week. '  -' ,  S'ew potatoes ut C, T. 1 Jokers.  Peter   Lund,   of   Ihe    tii-in    of  i Mreekeni'idj-e    and     laind,    rail-'  j Way   I'onlraeLors    was    in    lownj  W  \:>rM>        \   1  ,.| rl,l^.  lUM.l.i;, ui.it,   ll .MU-i'  ��-,.,���.. . ii . i >�� j      j- I ��:i^i- M*. I'Oi  -iu-siMi    11   W    Wi'ilcn,    lllipi-llnl I  "  IT  MhA.Nh   thai -wc handle tlie  Best Goods ���������.- 1V;, ���.,,,,. ��� ,. i  i several day*-, ihi-. w  eeic.  I  : and road superintendent Mackav  t'riiii!)i'ook*ii0|-, ,<���*.��� on 'pIK.S(|;iV j-,,,.  ,|1(.. St.  Cold Commissioner A nn si run  that money can b.uy. ���       , Advertise n7T\u  IT   31EANS   that   our  Mens" Wear   must be-J-veryhody'lvads'10   m���'   I'"'1 I M,l.ry*!s ^'/''"'i.   '       ' ['  .loliu .1. Young, M. L. A., editor  The Cranbrook Rod   mid   Cun;;uu|   proprietor   of   the   Oalgurv  iTiiriVwflvuil, .lv   i ���,!>-'�� t.M-i-il  -.iiH <L-;ili>d   tlub   wiU   hold    -iu'n'    iv.-uhll'i Herald was a Cranbrook   visitor  11 MLA^ that tlie bt\-l mat-, i iai .ma skincu, weol.lv >hoot lh1> llt-wn'UHm  ���TICK  TICK     TICK   -     |  For years and years  "^ JusL think of it  Huh, iiM-fnl ;t lliinii' ii \\'j'\T< 'II it". \Vi"<-ll them iiiul  w.irr.inl liii-ni. Wis i*i*p:iii* I hem mill ^uiu-itii!en mu- l-.urk.  Wln'ii iii-edini! -un ihiu-.:1 in mu'- Mm-  win. fAimk son  , '  "���        Jewelers And Opticsatis  perfect litter.- ami good wearers.  ffi^ ^Tfi^tt^^^&^^zfi^vF-ffTVf't* ���*���* ���<" -t* "*" '���" '*���* '������* '**  ft  ���������}���  workmen arc cmplovcil. . "',',,,      :.    ,   ,  ,1. 11.   ronton   visited   Jtiftrny.  It-Means LOW PRICKS because in handling,;^" ;^;;|j^ i����'herin�� <���'�������������  good   L4'ood>   we   do   not   lunc io charge extra to    make  UD I'Or  losses. , '    o For ' Sale ' One    of    the   he.st  I       *    ' 1 '  du Wednesday,  It Means that VOL" ARE L-ROTE'CTLU) IN  EVERY WAY because you,can get your money  back if vou are not -ati-tied. '���  ���h|}       IT  MKAXS titai   we   have  the confi-  \iiCi (ienrc <A'jA\ nf the working  men  of. this  district and we are atier the other 250'.'. , c  properties on linker Hill, eheap.  ^���e "lluteh."' ' ,    '  (Irani Downing- , and Mrs.  Downing- of Jaft'ray.were in Cranbrook on Tuesday.  Bradley & Co. have been painting and decorating the front of  Fink Bros, store this week.  Pat Burns the beef king visited the Cranbrook branch of P.  Burns A Co, this week.  , For Sale���?1G4 acres 1.1 miles  from Cranbrook, ��i! per acre, see  "Hutch." ' '  ,   '  !..;..;-;.~.'..'.~'-��,-~M-M-H-  1 (  Beale &. Elwell  s>^    Are-Offering   ft^  Some magnificent real es-  : tate investments. Now is  I the time to get in.  :F ALSO FOR SALE  ^viberc Banks returned from  the Perry' creek placer mines  Wednesday.  -  G. AV. Webster, manager of  the Calgary Cattle Co., was in  town Wednesday.  C. J. South, superinteiideritcof  the Children's Home at Vancouver, .was in town this week.  Subscribe for the Cranbrook  PitOSl-EiCTOR,' the paper that  everybody reads.  R.E.Beattie is'haying a veranda built at his residence on Baker Hill, which much improves  the  appearance of his property.  , Beale & Elwell sold 011 Monday the property on Armstrong  Avenue now occupied by the  Prospector to S. M.ighton.  Mr. and   Mrs.   Fred   Binniore  and Mrs. E.J.Cann of Forf Steele  were    visiting-  Monday.  ;i.t    Cranbrook  T  X  ��� I  T  T  I  T  & a  crip  Mr. ;md Mrs. Neil McLeod  Curran returned from, an extended visit to the easl on Monday, anil left for the North Star  mine Tuesday.  Patmore Bros "seni a large  consignment' of plumbing1 mater  ii.il to Wasa Monday, ll will be  used in. lilting up the water  supply in fhe new hotel which is  rapidly being completed.  Prest & Co. have just installed  a lour thousand candle power  arc light by means of which  pictures are taken at night thai  will equal those taken > by daylight.    ��  '���/.,  "S's  f  *$y-   ���  D. Cross, second viee-presi-  deut of the C.P.R. .J. (Sardell,  master mechanic, and (J" Hall,  superintendent of construction,  were registered at the Cranbrook  this week.     '��������� ���  *  ��� Ne,w potatoes at C.T.Rogers.  , .Mrs. Huberl Haines and her  little daughter are staying in  town ��� with Mrs. Nelson. Mr.  Haines, a, former manager of the  Bank of Commerce here will be  up this summer to spend his  holidays, his many friends in the  district will be glad to see him.  ���Ladies' and Men's  'Eurnisliers..;, ���������  HILL & CO. placed on Vthe market their  ENTIRE STOCK of $(10,000 worth of General;  Merchandise at 7Prices .'Never Before Thought  Of In This Country.  :   Men's Suits at A].-(..y     wortii' s i o.oo     .   .  IJnderwoar.y'it .*..-"(   *, '.'.''n'tii ',"7,(  1   \2 paitVof all wool *-ii>: foi" *:'. i zoo, ���*.    ���  o pair of imjiorl'o'J liho��� I*; i.asliii.ir-n- sox for fji.po  Silks in all sharlos ri!   i/k   jx-r'yaii'l     worth 25c ct 30c  Best  Knelisli *p.i'ir'it> at  A}y   w<n th .1 -,c aiid  1 8c.  " i '   * ���'  All other goods in the   same  proportion.  GrannrooK's Greatest store  P. Burns it Co.. have iiui'chas-,  ed the business  of   the   Calgary  Cattle   Co.    The  'transfer   took  [ilace on .June 1st.  CUKA.1'. l''or the next :i(i  days we will give biirirains in  WALL I'APICR musi make  room for now stoelc lionce our  reason for selling :.t. GltKA'fl.V  KkduijHI) Putcks. .If will pu.y  yon to ciill and make arrange-j  ments to. have your rooms  papered at once. FotJt: Kxiuoirr  Papiciuian'Oki-'S ready to rush  the work along  B. H. SHORT. A CO.   '  House Painte'rs and Decorators  - * y Armstrong Ave.  At Hill & Companys' store  was a scene of unusual activity  on Thursday the occasion being  a forced sale. It was evident,  from the crowd of customers  present, that everything was  being sold, at prices that were  satisfactory to purchasers  The Smoker given by the Football Association last Monday  night iit the.. Went worth Hall  was a great sucee.ss. u groat deal  of new talent,, both musical and  literary making its debut. The  a-ems of the evening being two  western recitalion.s given by  Mr. James Hates.  The make up of the prospector, this week, does not. meet  the expectation of the manage  men I. owing to limited lime  taken to set up tlie paper, we  shall do better next week". Tho  hustle, of removing and set liny  up of machinery' ha.-, retarded  the u-atlierinc- of news.  ft  �����-  -*���  >'������  V  ft  $ Shells   That'll  ft  i*i  ft  i*i  *  , .f.  "*  ft  ���!��  ����������  ft  ft  ft  ft  it    em-ft  ]. D, McBrid  ������"  ft  ft  ft  ft  *  ��������*-  Cranbrook, B.C. f  ft  Tt?^^??|T?Jrt^^Tjr'^p^8Pij?iriTi?jr sgr���%??��*?��? t��t?��- -��- n* ��������� �������� ��������� ������*  ������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������^���������������^  ���  ���  ���  The Ladies Aid Society of the  Methodist Church hiet on Wednesday evening ���and- decided to  hold nil��� .entertainment on . Monday evening in the church to bid  good bye to the Rev. S. .1. and  Mrs. Thompson. A reception  will be held on Friday evening  next to welcome the Rev.  Weston, the new pastor.  C'eorge Hoggarth with 1.1 is,  beaming counteuance visited  Tin-: PkoSI'KCTOK ojliiie on Wednesday. It does us good to see  Iiiul as he always seems sn glud  that he is alive.  Mccliuiilcs. I'urtiicis. Spurisiiicu .  To limtl nnd suflou tlie'akl" "nl1 remove  greusii, oil iinil rust stiilns, paint mid vitrili  etc., uneTlie "Master Mechttiiic'-i" Tur Soap  Alber  Toilet Soap Co., UJM.-  Don't fail to hear "liov. W. F.  Patterson in the Baptisl'Church  on Sunday.1.'. Morning services,  11 a in. afternoon -l-la p ui, evening 7-510.. M pi id ay evening  lecture-at 8-1 f. p. in.  At the Baptist Church.  Rev. W. F, Patterson. ]>astor  of .the first Baptist Church, C;il-  giiry ; and one of the Alberta  Baptist Ministers and .lecturers  of, the west will preach- at, the  Baptist Church, Cranbrook,  next Sunday June -ith. at, 11 a.in.  -1-15 p.m.; and 7-510 p.m.  . Mr. Patterson will also give  his renowned lecture,'-Self Made  Cripples" on/Monday evening" at,  r: O'idock. All services and lee  lure's (free, and the public, 'are  cordially invited to attend (lie  services and lectures. I'Yoe-will-  offerings taken at l>ofl'i the services and lecture.  The lectures has been praised  and'.pronounced .meritorious in  every respect by the press and  all who have heard it.  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���������  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  Free   Return   Ticket To  The Lewis &  Clarke  Exposition at Port-  liand, Oregon.  This   ticket  to  Portland Exposition and Ixcturn  is given absolutely free being one   of o.ur' ndvoflising  mediums.   Our stock is strictly first class, and up-to-  date,     comprising   Pipes,    Cigar:-,    Touaccos    and  Smokers' Sundries, prices to suit any kind of taste or  pocket book.   No complication in this   .-"ree    J fcket  Contest.   Every customer given flic same privileges,  with ever}" purchase of 25 cents   worth ol   goods   we,  <*ive   a coupon,    the duplicate of which is placed in a  sealed box.    On l'V;l>.   1st   the box is opened the coupons placcd'in a ' large   box   and   thoroughly   mixed,  then   draw   the   coupons,    llie    15th   being the lucky  number and winner of the ticket,  ijth is second.   13th  third and so on down.     The number 0:1   the   coupon  advertised and the ticket given   lo the  winner on    receipt ol the duplicate coupon.      Should lln- holder  ol  the   winning   number   fail , lo   notily  us on or belore  the    12th   of   September   then   uc   award   the" ticket  lo  the holder of the second coupon and   so   on   until  the: winner is decided.- -Keep your-coupon it '.may. be ���  the   winner.     Competition   under., the, supervision -.'of ���  re'presentiitive   business--men." the night of tlie drawing a committee to be chosen by the coupon, holders. '���  The'value of ticket will begiven in cash to the winner  if preferred. ���, V .  -    &  Tobaccoiiists.  Cranbrook, B. C.  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���*  ���.  ���  ���  ���  .������.  ���  ������������^������������^������������������������������������������������������������^^^^^^^������^���������c-*  t-  Subscribe for  The Prospector  01  < Ah


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