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The Prospector Jul 25, 1903

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 .-Library of I-eg A"'
Siivor-Loai!   Mines   in   tlio    Kort
Stcelo District to Kesui.10
On Orations.
Reports I'i out l\ iinlicrli-y and
Moyie indiciil': tlial. tlie pa.-isaii-o
of t lie Dominion bounty „on load
is already having 'lie desired
el I'i-f: I ol' mI ittiulal nig ael: vily- in
silver-lead   mining   in. j,Jn*   Port
■ Steele disl ricl.
At 'Kimberley, iln' iSiillivau
Mining (,'oinpar.y 'i:i.\"• • coinplel-
i*d arrangements to resume ship-
- mi-ills. One I lio'.i-.and Ions will
lie. shipped a.-> soon a.-> snit'llei1
rales aie obtained.
=i===-i"iie-^ivOi-r,-"!""7 wfiVr—i'lTt •—mT£T-Sr
diviclend paying 'mine iu Lhe
Kootcnays, will increase its output sul'Maul iully.
At Moyie, James Cronin. manager ool' 'the St   Eugene mine is
daily   expected. ■ 'Upon   his "ar
rival the mine will resume oper-
a I ions.
At Port. Sleele. preptivatory
arrangements are being made by
tho owners, of the Tii;er-Poor-
man group ol mines lo make
shipments some time this fall.
1 it'
'■'i-l per cent copper, 81.40 in gold
and I wo ounces in silver. There
are several, openings on the
property showing l.he ledge to
no from six lo Iwelve I'eet in
widlli., Messrs. Kolle and Taen
liiitiM'i' tin, now engaged in developing t he,property.
The following gentlemen .have
been appoinled ;is Commissioners foi; taking al'lidavits for 1 he
purpose    of   tiding    under    lhe
in   the
Court SiltiiiffS.
il a   sitliiur
at   Pernio.
Judge Eonn he
the County Court
Wednesday,   and   ai  Eorl Sleek;
At Pernio ihere was .seventeen
civil   eases   and    three  criminal
provincial    El-'ctinn   At
Cr.'inhroolv' riding:
William Small, t 'i-iiiihrook
Tliom.'i-. ( 'iivin.
iHiiii'iiii W. r'arlniii'. .Marysvilli'
.    A. heitch. ','lr., I!yiin
.laincs II Mop.        •■        "■      ,   •
The above appointments "will
remain ■ iu force ltnlil the nisi
dav ol""December, i!iir,l.
The Badger and Red Mountain
Group Now Controlled by IA L,
Byron and J. E. Woods of
Prank, Alberta,
'""oil. Sjeelc. summons in
(ii! civil ease's'wore issued since
the, lasl sittino- of the County
Courl. A large number were
sell led out of courl.
(Jojsorvatiye  Nominating' Convention,
The following meetings of
Conservatives will be held at the
different places hereiua-L'tor mentioned, to eleel delegates to a
convention to bo hold at Cranbrook for the purpose of nominating 1 lie Conservative candidate
for the Cranbrook- Electoral Dis'-
1ricl at the coming Provincial
clod ion.
Fori Kierli
.Mai'V-v illo
UVntu-orlli I la 11
MaMjnie Unildiii'
North Star lloiM
Mining Notes.
Silver has been, rising again
I'oi'.the [>as1 lew days and closed
on Monday at ijiij- the highest
point reached .for some time.
The market conditions point to
a still further rise and generally
lo a permanent higher market.
IT is reported that parlies
boring for oil iii the vicinity of
Morrissey have struck coal.
There is no doubt but that the
'free-gold properties on LJoulder
creelc ' will pay if properly
handled, but if will require capital and machinery (I'o do so.
Development worlc is progressing on the .placer inines on Perry
creek*, which tire owned   by   the
Perry  Creek*   Mining Company.
'Ph's is said fo be a very promis-
|iiig prospect, and iu view of ihe
1 steady improvement, is now   ro-
I garded ;ts one ol'  I lie.   big   mines
ol'   the  disl ricl', something good
is   liable   to   be opened up there
any day.
' Matters Political.
The final pay mom ol' si 1.500
on the P.adgor and K'ed Mouulaiu
claims was made on Tuesday to
John Sherwood, The properly
is now under the absolulo control of Prank L. I tyron and'.').
10. Woods of Prank, Alberta.
Mr. John Sherwood, principal
owner or the group, on Juno 25th
upon the payment of 8500 signed
an option, giving fo Prank,L.
Byron    the   exclusive   right   to
Michel, sj^,S7J.2a; Morrissey.
evil,-"HUT'. The coal and coke
production of the Crow's Nes1
Pass Collieries is large in comparison with other coal producing districts in liriiish Columbia
and Canada. The general de-,
inand for coal of Ihe Crow's Ncsl
Pass has increased very rapidly,
not alone in ihis province but in
-Montana, Idaho and Washington
One of the most important
features of the opening of the
coal areas of Southeast Kootenay
has been Ihe rise of the smelling
indtislrv in Ihe k'ootenay.v
Big   Moyie Mine will be   Producing   Again   in   About
Two   Months.
the lake is practically bottomed
with a waterproof layer of, mud
and rock.'"
Will Put in Zinc Concentrator.
Silvor-lead Quotations.
iliti c*/-
PJjt . -
*1 <i I iii «_-—. i 11 ion-.-i li n
VI "IK OIO —*-i j-"-' ' » "' * *-
payment ol' si 1,5(10 on or   before
July. 25th, lOU.fJ.
At Port Steele Tuesday, a bill
of  sale   was   made   fransferring
I Vrr.y ("reek.   I'liir^i'-' 1 lulu)
Wasa.   I laiiMiiTs Hold
Jivaii. Ka-I Iviiotci'iiiy ! ,iiiiiiicr(.'o*.--Ollii'u
i-      '
All.inee.tings u.ro to be heldeon
Saturday   August   Sih.   lilo:;, at
H p.in.'
All Conservatives  tire   invited
lo   attend   meetings   held   al   or
near their places of residence.
Surveying Minora1 Claims.
T... T. ...McY'iflic, P. ,L S., , is
'now. engaged in' surveying a,
group-of mineral claiu".i.s..on Wolf
cr.-:ck,owned by ' J. Swenson. J.
■'Aidrich and 'Peter JJensoii; The
-group consists of tlie foi lowing:
East Kootenay, Jennings. and
C.inby,. and are considered ' a
very promising property.
St. Mary's'River Country.'.
-,"Piik J^iiOsi'Kcri.'OK ' lin.s frequently called aLli.int.ioii'.to the
St.. Ma.ry's country' as being ;t
most promising field for the
pros pec I or anil miner.
-' ..Chris: Kolle andT. P'. liakcr
of ICa.lispell are I he. locators ',,'"
three claims'. Lite Montana. Uncle
Sii.ni and Copper Union. These'
claims   are   siLualed    tiboul    one
Sl.    M;i-i-v:s
and solitli of I he copper   bell   of
The Koblin government has
been returned by an overwhelm-
iiiu- majority. The Liberal party
has unmistakably lost its hold
upon the Manitoba electorate.1
The Legislative bee is buzzing
in ■ tho bonnet of J, 0. Drewry.
('.ranbrook Liberals do not consider -VI r. Drewry as a man of
extraordinary ability, yet there
is no limit lo his ambition.
A meeting of the Port. Steele
Conservative^ Association was
held .on Eriday evening. A number of delegates were elected to
attend a niceling of the Central
Association to be held at Cranlirook tonight.
It is positively stilted that the
Dominion elections will be held
ihis fall, probably in October.
Al 12 a.m. Eriday there were
(i-40 names enrolled upon the vol-
inti li.sl, of the Cranbrook riding.
I am longing for a cast of the
(ly. It-makes my mouth water
to read about /that" five pound
trout, says J. C. Drewry, in an
i n't or view at Nelson. Tho political lly of Mr: Drewry is cast in
.Southeast' Kootenay, and il is
possible that he may1,land a three
pound nomination trout, but the
live pound legislative trout will
be lauded by ah .amateur.,
District News Notes.
Cdary   Al"    Doyle   are -.now   engaged i.i .1 rai'isportiug' 2d Ions'of
si eel ri'tils lo Ward tier.
' The I). V. Moff it Son. I^ernie
lii'iiib'or men, have sold their
business to.a large, eastern' syn-
■Log driving on the St. Mary's
river commenced Monday. The
iirsf   iiortioii   of   the   drive    will
the ' properly to -Messrs. iJyron
and AVoods.- and the liual payment made.
Tho pVopcrly is' well known
to mining men in the Port Steele
district, ami was the original
quartz locations made on Perry
.The development'at 'present
consists of several hundred I'eet
of tunnels and drifts-. A shaft,
i.s down some ,-ld feel showing a
largo   vein   of   free-gold  quart/
Tho mineral bearing quarts' is
soft, and seems to be ti-ranile
and augite, tho trend of the main
lead has a bearing of 20 degrees
east of norih. It is said that PL'
per'conl ol'tho gold contents of
the vein can bo saved by milling
The group consists of -the
Badger. Red Mountain. Perry
creek" and Custer ,claims and is
in a ii exceptionally good location
For Gronlon Bennett Trophy.
Now York. ,.lnlv -'l:
;"i. 87
Moxir.in dollar.-;	
Luutl ■	
Spt'ltor       .' ',.
London. .Inly "M.- -Silver, "i
topper £.Vi 17-- lid: li-iul. £1
".pelii'V. CL'O ,")- il.,'
Sii.cl; i|ii(ii:tiinim ni Min^n liciilo. Hutchison
& Khwll. ei'inilii-iKik. li. (!. -
„ Miii.    A".l:eil
N'nrtli Sun  i   IHK.      II".
•:11 will lakoabout two months
to get lhe St. Eugene running at
lis normal capacity, but I expert
that the properly will bo producing' again in that 1 imo," said
James Groniti. manager of the
St. Eugene Consolidated Mining
!,l shall probably lake personal charge of the Sl. rEugene
ugahi. Eirsl of all we. innsi_.pj.ii
S-, (id:
Sn Hi vnii          .    .    ."	
Sl. l.-.tifji'iic	
I'i "i
Win- KiiKli-	
Aiiii'i'lcnii llov ,
I'ny Hull	
SI.   Ktifi'iii' ATimiit:iIII Mine-. ..
i.i M1
-\ll>i'ri:i Ciml .v. Ciikr On
:i..".u '
I.'.IKI 1'rim's Nrsl CViitl	
Siilf-:    :r.illi N'di-lli   Still'- -Hhi.l  Siilliiiin
— l.-illtl
i-^l   I'ltiKi-iic -."iini 1'it.viii".
Market Conditions.
'i\Tewporf. R. I.. July 2-J.—Tho
race for the Cordon Bonnet I hT-
tornational ti-ophy lor steam
yachts, which takes place off
Newport this afternoon, is at-
ti-icting no end of attention
among the sporting enthusiasts.
This is due partly to the novelty
of the contest and also 'to the
large number and prominence of
the entries. While the entries
number several score the boats
that are supposed to stand the
best chance of carrying off the
honors are Ccorge J. Con Id's
new turbine yacht Emerald: J.
Piorponl Morgan's Corsair. H.
11 Rogers' Kanawha. W. K.
VanderbilTs Valiant, Clarence
U. Maclcay's Colonia and W. P>.
Leeds' Noma.
The trophy, which is valued
at$2,r.0d. is called the Lysistrata
Chip, and is named al'ter Mr.
Bennett's steam yacht, probably
the fastest ocean going pleasure
crafi in the world. The winner
of today's race , will receive
$L\f)00. iii   cash "in   addition  to
the cup. _____ :
Liberals Meet.
Copper was lower in London
dull and moi:o=or=!ess nominal al
a I New York. ' '
i o
Lead advanced Is :Jd in London.'-.and at New York prices
were raised tn £1.2.1
Local News.
was  at
\l.   D.   .Mather,
creek Wednesday.
V.   Hyde    Raker,   Cranbrook,
was tit Steele Tuesday.
J.    M.    I led ley   was    in   town
■ A. Clark, Moyie, wiis in   town
Tuesday on important business.
Rev.    Eat her  Coccola   was  in
town Monday.
Constable   Morris, Cranbrook.
was in town Monday.
G. Campbell, Moyie. was  registered at the imperial Thursday
Ct'i'tnt   Behingee.    Marysvillo,
was in town Thursday.
About 3.000 pounds of strawberries have been harvested at
Barristers Morley. Curd and
Thompson attended the sitting
ol' the County Court at Steele
he   present ! consist of   L'.dotl.ddli   feet.'
<|evelopiiie.nl consists of. ii.cn rly a
hundred feel, of Liiiiiiel in high
grade copper ore with-;value's   of
owned   by   the (h'ow's
I < igs
Nest    Lumber   C<1.,   and   wtl
caught in ;i boom at Wardner.
At the meeting. of tho ..Fort
Steele- Liberal Association on
Wednesday night. ,-Dr., Waft:
11. Kershaw, Sr., and J....T.
Laid law were ..reappointed dele-;
gates lo the nominating convention at Cranbrook on next Wednesday, 2111 li iusf., proxies lieitig
duly provided for. A mooting
of tlie Association to receive live
report of these, delegates will be
held at Level fs on the evening
(Thursday) al'lor lhe cbii'vcntioii.
A full attendance of Liberals is
earnestly 'desired.
Payday at Goal Mines.
Mrs. Cummings and A.
Cumraings, Peterboroug, Out.,
will reside in the future in Fort
Steele. Airs. Cummings is the
mother of J. G. Cummings one
our most representative citizens.
St. John's Church of England.
Saturday was payday' at' 1 he
Crow's Nest [.'ass, Collieries and
1.1,,-. i,,i,,.| • of SK.IO.PLI.jM.-, was
paid out itt   the   (hive   camps   as
Coal Creek, $-l'...«'3'.'.-l..-
Services will be held in the
Church of St., John tho ' Diviiie
ci very'Sunday evening at 7:.-10 except on the third Sunday in each
month when the service will he
held   at   11   o'clock*   a. in.
Holy Communion will'be tub
'ministered al the close of flic
Slra.tigers are welcome.
I'I'Kkiiyti.jI.'.ian (Uiuinui.
Divine Worship will be held
in the Presbyterian rChureh
every Sabbath morning at 11
Sabbath School every Sunday
at ha It .past two o'clock.
Choir practice .every Thursday evening at 7:'i(i o'clock".
I       Pastor:    T. MoCokh.
in more power and we shall add
an engine, to run the mills, for
water power is not sul'licienf all
the year round."
We "shall put in some /Ann concentrators. ' In the past our zinc
lias been going oyer with" the
tailings. I'do not know that, we
shall be able lo ship the zinc for
the present, but we shall certainly save it until such time a.s ,the
market for it opens. ' We formerly shipped 2,."00 1on.Sj.of concentrates a month, which means
the mining of about lO.OdO tons
of crude ore, and from t hat we
shall probably save '-'DO tons of
zinc concentrates.
The new bounty of :,! of a cent,
a pound which the Canadian government expects to pay on lead
is really not so big as ft'sounds.
Por instance, when the. price of
lead iirLundou rises above* -t'12
I Ok a ton, .the price of the bounty
will fall correspondingly. Lead
at i'l2 Ids is equal lo about 82.(37
a hundred pounds, which, plus
lhe bounty of 7;1 cents a hundred
makes a, quotation of i?o.-l2 a
"hundred." Therefore. ^''>.\2 a
hundred is the highest price,
which we could receive for lead
under the benelils of the bounty.
The only way that the price of
lead would be raised above. I hat
is for lead iu London to' take an
altogether unexpected spurt.
:'However, the British Columbia, smelters to which wo sell de-
dncl an arbitrary charge of 81 a
hundred from 1he London quotations, to make up for alleged expenses in exporting" lead.
Therefore the most wc shall be
able to expect is s2.-!2 a hundred
pounds,    while     the     American
mine-owners are yetting H1.- cents
from the smelters."
As a matter of fact, with London lead worth about I'll (is, as
it i.s now. we get only 82.20 for
om- lead, even with the bounty.
You see lhe bounty does not
equal the arbitrary deduction
which the smelters make for
marketing the lead. The next
thing wc must look forward to
i.s a reduction by the smellers in
this arbitrary rate."       ■
,':T look foiy no. difficulty in
gelling fair, treatment from W-,
A. Aldridge of the Trail' smelter
f have • always -.found him disposed to make good terms with
the inineowiH'rs. In fact, he
vohinlarily renounced 1 lie bounty
"of 8rTa ton .which he was getting
for .refining lead ores. He wanted, ti- 81."> a. ton bonus, for tlie
iniiieowners, and he.ligiired that
he could afford to cut Out his
bounty' for .'1 h.e-sake of the increased smelting business which
he would get from /'lie lead,
miners with the bounty payablt
dircel to the miners."
•'Since we stopped -shipping
al the. St. Eugene we have'spei.it
81."id, ( ii ii i in .development, and
have ore enough for two or threy
years al our normal rate of pro'-
duction. We are down in a winze
7d feet below the -level. of Moyie
lake; but we are not much
iron bled with seepage   water, as
To Launch Big Steamship.
Camden, N. J.. July 24.—Arrangements have been completed
ill lhe yards of lhe New York
Shipbuilding Company for the
launching early in the coming
week* of the niiimiiioth steamship
The vessel is one of iwo being
built for the Pacific. Mail Steamship Company.   ' She is 02.";  feel
long,   and   is   one of Ihe largest
craft, ever buili in this country..
Her sister" ship,   tho 'Mongolia,
being built   at   ihe  same   yards,
few months.
The   Prolonged   Struggle   is  "at
an End.
Rome. July 20.—Pope Leo
XITTisdead. T-Iis lire flickered
out. at -1-0-1 this aflcrnoon.
The period of two weeks that
Pope Leo passed Ihe shadowsor
his death was no less rwonderful
than his life. His splendid
balfle wit I'i disease was watched
the world over with sympathy,
and ended only al'ter a series of
tremendous efforts to° conquer',
with his marvelous will power,
the weakness of his aged  frame.
A City in Pawn.
Herlin.   July    2u.—Tomorrow
wj,ll occur tho strange ceremony
of taking out of pawn"-a  cily   of
importance." The city is Wismar
on   the   Cerman   coast   of   lhe
!->altic sea.     Being hard pressed
for   funds   in   180:5   Sweden   the
owner  of  the  city   of -Wismar,
pawned the city to Mecklenburg-,
Schwerin   for   1,2*5.^.0011   roichs-
lhalor.    With the city  went  the
districts of Pool and Xeuklostor,
both on Cei-man terrifbry.    The.
city was to be   redeemed   in   Idu
years  for  the   sum loaned, plus
'■> per cent, interest.      'Phis   now
amounts to a mat tor of *2:-),000.-
000.    As the sum is large and as
Cermany would look* with   much
disfavor on Sweden's possession
of a part of her territory the cily
will .be   formally  transferred to
the loaning duehv.
.Will Play in England.
New York. July 25.— Wylie C.
Cram and Robert Le Roy, holders of the indoor and Southern
lawn tennis championships in
doubles, sail for England today
for the purpose or competing in
some or the championship tournaments in the British Lslcs.
They will play lirsi in the
North Scotland championship
tournament, after .which Grant
will defend the challenge cup
which he' won last, year, and
which ni list he taken three tithes
before...if becomes the. -property
of a contestant. . ' ,-•'..-
'•■ Pollpwing. these matches'- they
expect' to go lo Scarborough,'
England, and then fo P.righlon,
bringing llfirir trip'to a close ,in
Kastboiir.ne, where eo'mpetition
for .The South of .England is held.
The King;s ''Command."    '
Dublin. July 2-1.--The fesl.ivi-,
ties iu couneciio'ti with the visit
of the King ami Queen iii -Dublin
culminate tonight wi'th.a' gala
perl'01 maiice at lhe Theatre
Royal. Por the, porToi'inaneo of
Ihe play Mr. Tree and his entire
company, together with seen
ery and all accessories,' have
been brought, from London bv
special train and steamer. THE PROSPECTOR . P( mr S'i'EELE,; !& G.r JULY 2AA00A
,     KSTAiSLISIIKIi     tSlTi.
A.. B. Grace,
,  PunijrsuicTr^vxb  '.cmToi*..  ,
THE PROSPECTOR, is piiblishod
every Sal i'i I'd ay. and, has a Kii a rain cod
circulation larger than any other paper
In Usisi kuoicii'iiy." It is all home'Printed
nnd,: contains c" liable the. news of any
Hirer paper in tlie district.' - ,. ".. ■ .'■
'-.'■''\s an  advertising, iiu'dpiirt  it   is mi
excelled';.,.    .'..-'.',[. ..!''!■.
.-Devoted vO ihe iipiiuikling.of Fori Steele,   .the.
'■development'of ihe vast mineral resources' of
tie East Kootenay, mitiiuetlisii-i'.-i..;, , ' ' .. 7
Subscriptions'.■■'■...7.,.-..-..,-.,.,.-.'..-I.-.UC' per, year
•...Advertising- rates, made Known oil applit.-ation
Contr'ihiitlOiis'ahf solicited tram all parts of„ttie
'district, bui all iiiiiuer iiueiidi'tf.fcii; publication
must hu.'fctbeiwriter's signature.
®Jje fflvogpzrttfx.
s ATUIv 1.)A V,,• J17bV'•.''>, 1Vti.•-;
HERE is a. rumor • float'uu
Oliirovcriiivp I'ln.tfonu.
f'Ailinm'il,-,ii i:i.-vt:l>I.ii.-i,.;;7Sr.|,|...,i|)('.)- |;'nh7'l(i!)'.'j
I, ."Thai-., this i-oin'ciil ion . i-i.'.i rfirni.-.
.1 lie policy (if the parly in' iiial le'd 7of
provincial roii.d.s and l.r'ailsr ,.t he o.'.'ite-i'-
ship -iiiil i-dnlrol o!" railwayd'and till;
lU-velopi'iiccJl . i'i' lhe a.-Tietili Ural 'resources of {'lie   |irpV,illl'.e JIM  illiti   lillV.'il   in
iiie ]ila: fin-in :iiti'ij).i-i..((. in <)eii,i,heib":iS',i!i. j
wlijcli'is :ir foi lews: '. ''V',"'i'
,"-'7t'n arr1ve!y, 'lid,,;ii'i .'iiie- oonsl/rfiol inn.!'.
nf l.raiis'1 !u-f >il>;il<iiH ; i he iiinieyeliipi:'!, j
porfioudbf tin.: |>i'(ii.-.i.iii.'(; i-Uit.l-.i.Jii,.. ' build- j
ill"- (if- p'l'hVilii'iill -il'liilK-"i'i.|;iiTs iif' | i'i ill! i.-'"i,
ncees~il,y:    "".,■   ' ■■;. 7 ..,. .,; ■;.;-.',.     .'.•..■ j ',
-'. -'Til I'ltloj'il.1- tlH' ■'IJi-il.)v'ij)l.:.F   ill,. ..iiy'.F'i/n-j.
iiii''.iit'(.i\viic'i;:di..)'p,.()f'-va'ihYiiy.-.'1ui'.:iii deiabj
•t-lte i.'ii-i'.-u.iii.viaiii.'i.r.-:--ui' llio province., v-ii'l '■■
admit. ,'i11.! the iVt'lopl.ieii oil hy prbuhp'lbd
ihiit  111) liii|,l'lis;sij'()l'llil,.lii,v era lit ell t;ii-:|.'l",V
railway 'i''(iin'piu)y,-.v.-|ii.(*li.7il('je.i!- hot   e'ive
I he y:i'iv.i.i nil in nit;-.' >f. 111 < t:; ;>i.-.;>;i.- i.i v t't i't-Vi 111; t;> >)
nf t'illys- ii-ii..i",.i!,niv,-,;'J.i'i!ii(iM.i.!;. bii.'-.b'i'RT
"-.v-iili the-op! iOii.of-piii'ci.eisi \ ''.. '.-..['■■ -: ■-|
■; -' "'I'd act i vV)y aifsis!- .by. sl a i.(" ai.,! : tr.'.f In.'".-!
licyi'liipiriciiti ,(ii'°. th..,.. :i:.v(;iiMii: ileal-.-;' ,i.e--I
si»iii-,'ci'-.'(il,' i li,t.,:,';ii-i..','ini'i-..-.-... , ';;.' ' ,:". '.■.;.'. I
■ -1\°'. Thai,-) it .lib. id i: ica ;,i i.i n heboid'' viht.ij- j
! ll('Vl'fiiivviiyij;l«iiieiV,',-i.i.vi,H-jl'..''s..';!, ..*<>,<.■;',:;'}■'.'-4-jlh.;
lie. aeeoinpiisbeib ;l.-.fi;e!-]'.'M,'ii 1 'l''i'i j'b.Yiiy' iii'.i' ■!■
' VK
.y. .3^ —•^ry
.. i
T'jfo'©V Xk a. tT^'c H,t.,'.::.
dud. ^the^.-liiosft'■•;■,.'
■ "around'to the effect^ ihat;i■!AV>}"M"'-Ay?:-!":i?! '!;"liA<t ■A',-iU'avA-
."-.,:'■-■,.   .     •. ..-  .      .,,'* ,  -. ,,.;.. 1 I/ct.!. i,vv LL.V.-. ■ 1' I (. i...*i--.T -i.'i-l;('!) i. 0 ;.i.; it -. ..\-, ■ i i, .^ ;-.il: U-. ;r,-'
lhe Libei-al party is;;7Slul.: uiuter j-JutlonA-.'''-      	
ihe lo'ad'e-r.shlli'or°.Joo''"Mii'rtin.-'■'■"."."■.';i..'i-i:i':"!
....- ■»..   ... • o . ..-., ,.■,..-.
.l:U/.iyi!n:- ;.io ''l.;,ii:   i;.;
         ,. (  ».l tMI i'rl. !...'■»!-.   ill. i hi''.'t'.ri if/ii"'' ,-->;;).! i-
At7:,Eburne,  .Mr, ' Martin, 7.,iuj'i:y;.j|lU!.'.r;iiU'-\e',.";li;:«7iii ""irii'iu: A->
speaking, aboul the leadership i.vt!!i!'-,l';o-        ■■..■■■■■.■■■-'■. > - ' '.
the Prpyhicial./Liberals.s;iki7—
ii .[.ii,-ii-
i;:;h',-i \"
.....         . ..  , nU>'n-\7. .:-.}'.' "'!■:''.
"That ;he  'had  resiii'tieil thei»iiiV-> siKiiiki (.
, '"'  i   '   A.-    '■■».-■■'■ ',"-■ ■'•''■ -'"■"        i.i-i'j'ifa7.|'.,,7[;'i!.,.
leadevshi.p.-'for-'-ihe!''.;-.p'iii:i)p.se,J'''       - -'
;,.,''."H.ti.7'i^-i'.-i'.-'ii'-../- Hi.
of 7!-ins!',ti.lif;.i.-i'!'i't--
>AnAy,.A; Ay^r-
;&xxsiiyrp'\yyAy.A,■■■■ v.-  A'.:r,.
»!Gbai.-';",!!F.-ib.l.d.^.,'ib '%;. ■
' Mm»Mcsi'»'/Continent■' ■:
'A.;iA■■"'>■■ ■■■■■'.■."■ ■'"i--A':'"A-\"'7-..".'..* ',',...■■   ',
;:a!.i*e .Sit it at c'tit'in ■.■■",' '.:;v v--; -7.;*V';i,
Grazing and the
Lumber Indus'tjp'j^,
Peatuires of th lis  '!
?-:f:!'VVV; .:]:VV^?.; IJi stri
.....       . ....    ....     .      ,   ,.,..,  ,-,...''.4.'■'.-•• T.'b;;u;U'-.v.^'^(,'.v^iii.'Uii..ta:t; ■ i\v";iv.'i,^ kin ;.■•.'7.;;..:'. ■''
ot pr.eyent)ng7;,iurtheiv!.,'dis-.^=t^^ j',,.,;^,^}",'!:'-;..^-;...-;^,;',!
.'    ■".-.'.  -■ ..-'   '     ,--:     "..-. ■'.;   -• ■■"■■'      '      . ;■      -.'    j.'.ll pVill1.li--'.I.M.l:.it-".(.'ri...  ■■'.-■•■     ■ •■, '■■. - ;■■',. -r - -.,!.. --'-    .,.:.    ''■.,:'■-■■..'-'
iil^iCl^ZMM'-tliiktJJia^ .... -. ■..    nn--'  - i -'^rS'L-^-^^-i:^--'-—-^^^  .''.-;;'.'.
 "  ^-'-^
"   th'eii':-'V'th;ri'7'-;i,etiinie'd5'L'ber'ai;f^^r^!7-^ ■■■
i^i-r Oik:;^iI'ji-i'ruli,.i-i..>:;i-;rf-ii...i•;,>,.
leader. 7   ;.,-W|ioixi8oe,yer, .";i
might be77}youlci^reeei,S;hiS^
jione'iits   ;7mustV  proctuee'     : '"' 	
,'".:„■-, ' y.-r'"'"'- ■■• ■■-' ■■■■     -,■ :.'--  siirv:..(il'il.|.vi^('li.:i'.;   ,:■-.'-;';;..-.;. >-. •■-.-'■•■. ■'•■■
leader.-    ■':...'■ .vv,hor-i.soe,vei',-.,;'--it- ■•,--,,-. y., ■■■■ ■■ ■'.   ,;.-:-'-';v-,-,.-;';.,,;:,..r;-   .n
•■■"■■ -     :,.,,''-,,., ij.-::; .:.n.7i?,i.:.';>i;,,i!,,vi-"^i,1;;i;,i?\'-- v-Jm;!,;-.
■'yiii'iiii :-<li.('i.i.i.i,i. \»-7i!!ai'-ic;:;.H!c.':'^':cjitii'i'sthii;vi
i.aui.:.'" ""'':'    '    '   '
competerlt;77.ai"i'd'. ^icjeepcabie/!,
1 eadter^'brVforeyer-holcl:their'I'trenr or t.:v
■   i>eacer'-.AAA':ArA:AA'A::
Upon reading theV.aboye lines.
no elector-Vih' 'this .prpA'ihcfe, be
he Liberal ;or-7C)6h3ervatiye.■'•iciuV
d isgu iSeVthe-jfacl, Vtliat,,-the V^ohiV
pet en t -Vand ; .aeceptabie .'•;■.■■.:leadler:
must  be  the-ILpri. Aoo,-.Martin.'
and alKpthers. mxiSt 'go:bacl* titid
sit do\yh-!t'nd fereyer , hph'lV'their
peace. 'A^'/A^yA'A''}'''1''^.     -;VV-7-:i7'' V
' A compr.ehensiye aiid 7\veil' deli 11 ed ' pi an, ,7 i s, i-ini 11 hied '■.< ;:i n A', the
words; ,oiV,;Mr;; 1V1 artin.: 77:'i\V plaiv"
Ay ell ca,lculate;d;;;arid7. ;inriturcct7 lb
decei VQj7tiiie   bpponentsV;pf7;Mr.
iVl iirtin.',-:■•;•; who ;;cannpi;; come-into'
lhe  ctinipaigit as'^Jericier; or"flip
party -itnd;■ Av'in[.-.Vthet'efpre;.".tliiy
lion. ■'Joe:';'wi 11: tjake'a,'b'acl-Vsfra-I/
itn'fil   afferVthe .election^then if
sitecess ;.iS:; perched ; , upon-;.;. t.he
Libera;,!"A banners.; .iVlarfin ', will,
foine 1'oi'ward as ;lead6r,7and. the
I nisi nesK of11 ie pro v-i nee ,\vi 11 be-
7,coine -,; con fused) and., iru i n'od ; ac-s"
- eqrding.-to tlie will and   mel-hods'
(if'-lihis-seil' apiibihted leader'. 7-
;A'-fi■■';;"' ^'■*A*'°!*\Ay:'AAA[
- The political situation in, the
Cran brool"7 rid big , is .' 'gradually
becbniing defined and the electors wil 1 sooii ;1\ nowyherc they
iiro-iit-. ". '■■':■ '.'. ;'-■.•'' '"'' ■•     7; e, '
■■•■■'.ft Tliere -are signs -and-7 tokens
1 hat tlie. preparation^ of the.lCbn-
sp'r'yatiye.s. pr the Coming election
are no/TIess thorough, .'because
f Ley are silently made.   ',
■, i^'i^.iilv'.ir'-^ii.vcvfi-ov.i.v.'ii-;
A^yA-y AAA '■';i'iei>-C'.vv..'.K';
iVsi;i:i(.i ;:(i->i^'. '. :...;,   ;;.    ■■y.y.yy ;:■:■.,      ■   .:.■;,..
■>'■;;>'.' AhAylAAiAA^A'' - t'V.'7:-:';5;.7teru;^
ny-xhyy^ny   ni.-'SKifenyWa'iiti. .,':-u',pi'b;jji-i-,j
iUioiw (oAiiA.i.H'MVi!>!-■.' ii'ib'iiid'.A yAor-i
uAly |)w:;i--n.i!i!iT)i!r;,',;ii7;' ■■Dhii-il'iif'si,:'' |i.iy-'7
I'lietit..?-.: 7-7       "
j-,'. 7i\0i-ix'(.''-ii?' fioroliy ■■''ih".o'iv«'.t.htit, '.W-.clav'S
,,"'"'7 •L,,a7 •.:v",~l7V''l'7^Ul?:-i:"f?^':ri,7^'^
'ViT'-j-i, i>y-^--im)M:;-:;5anK.....or^ i'-icreaiiAl ■(■J,or,h'if:siuii i'i) i!pt;;ind ciit-i^- :tw.;i,y. .'itLni-.
c-n>Lci,tiiji   li.thies  on .;.;;•(',,-aiu; i..-aci- ,pi-<i-..h;iel. Tcqui U!jc7folTovvin■j-dc^i-i'it.cM' -lands
dtii-in i.iiifi(-u't.-..yi 'Hi,i7tmtda.7a';Tu lluit ti.
" " v-i-s:af„iL
- i':in' SouUi Kast,;K(yitei)i'iv'7'• (.'oiiiiiiciKMiiy-
'Iii' ''    "   '"" '    '"' '""  '
Mm%A<y.n<0vy^^ -"f'ti?5?ir-'-oi-iio.^'ijo^V'ai; tTi.'o iH>i;.t.}i.e-ist.-.t''.c»i:ii;ei-.:ij<3sij
iiHiwutMd.fw;^;ii^.pu^ 7'iop:^or;.'',18-,-.iii.7^-i'diijV-'.lv-iii.^piUJi^
-r.H).:;.Tha"t7a^ ;!i!iiii^"i4;U- fi.i^iiuicjhi'-al-  Ko'i-uiiiav: -wosti S().ciifiins tilon'ir'*:!>ii<-i'i-t".li'-'
nipstLi-iiy;ii^;iI,i'v,.i-t::slili;.' ih;;^i:eat;;lcjfe ahcl.
iijiii'y'hcitit ui i;i;,v. ijii-i-i-lc-s -i'lii'vic'tl.V'-f'tbn.
i',0i-ii(i(l7 a'nd.,ip;■ ti:!.g;!"p'a;,ilii;7 ,1i>o\i|:iatirin
s'ho.t'i'iif'lKi p1i7^yii'-i'(iji!;(iyid'e;:i;i(;aii^-' 'for
a.n. !:inuCa^'i'u7:ad;iiii!mAiVi.";v;)f.7 jiqiyh'.7displays ■.'.|ier.vv''i=;i'.'7T'. i?jn])lii\-eis'' ,iy.i)i:i";7enr-'
|)l'p1yees'.7i-''-"''•'■'■':..'«..:■:-.'.' A';A.{:AAA-y.:A.''':.i
AAX'A Tfia'i; 'i.rvi? a(lTfeid>IeaD'h;is'tei'llii*
;i!iaiiiiI'acli'iire of"!iiu;:i';i.u- pi'ioUiiijtw.tii; the
pi-oyi'iute vviihin, Uiovproxuict: as.iai-7iis
siiiihi'av^ pi'p(hiefs;,-siihjo(ii7:fn.-'rehii-t'c-1 of
t.hi; saiiib.in vvlipld;!)!- part:-when niiimi-
I'ai'l'iii'bd.in 'fii'iti^!; d'oluiiiliia.' 7f 7   ■ ;
.-..; ,;!';:■ .:;'";;^NQTicE.'-; Aa\ -- 7-7;- ■•;";',-7'
',rColi<• e 7i,s; Jloitol).\";7g'iv<Jii77lbbt-;7«i7vtiy.
il:iys77al'i,er'i tlatdVf \\'\11 ""apply'iiiiVt.liij'
!C]»i o'f; C6i i i i i.i i ss io n b i *.'-"o l"c ;Li i ii tl s^t-v-i\\'vr ie k s
jdrpi'Hhissioii ui;jMii'(:li:iiS({..;lj!i(;i7lal,k'.\vr;
jii^'(los(yi'.i,lx'(l;" laii'(ls7;iiii'lu;U.e;.,:|i]7 SpiilliV
v-.cu'ht-!..Koptqiiily: ;-7(Annii'i'ci.ici.tiff';ill.-■ a;poSi
jilaiited;- ill7tlie7noi7.tlie;ist' (-oi'iioiv0^ 10.
,   ... .„   . ,.   . ,_     tAy'Siiiith"s;]ii'i,!-oih]jt;i())).,.t,hei)('e,!'iidrtl,''
iiilir I.:G«ii-kiv!A\'. Keh't jiili'tiil tu apply7t(i;t.liii
:Clii(.l'.(.'oiiniiftsiiiiHii'loT I'jii'iids. liiiil .AV'm-kw; ittiil
ilii'l'.''-;, Assjst a n't;; "'i'iiin in issioiicr, ;!of,' IJ:iiil1s. nnd
\\'iii'l>!:' for;Hid. '1 '1stVict of liliisl liooloiliiy.','fiii*' :t,
li(.('iisli l.ir|i|-<3s|iiAi.(.l'(.)r C'oiil mid.'. I'liti-olt'tiiii' on
tlit-'RUlovvjii^ cVi'scri 1 >dil :1:i.m<1j..siLnii'tiMi;I vvj>'inii<•«
wiSii- of A kii iiiui.i tis Ct-iie Ic ti' nil one. ni i lo ■ ii'ori li (if
lli.S.liitei'iliiliiiiiiil Iloiiiiiliir.v-.'tjiiio in,ill c Sou Ui'
Kilsifii-iriMii-lioirol'.IOitMt ICiiot-e;iiiiy-(iisti-i(tt,: liX'1
;7..: ''-'fKdKM.if;-. ,:■■;.;' '-.'■ "7"
SO cfiainSj -'t'l'viiiajc oast SO.-cliaiiis. --thdiic'c'l '" ".'.' 7'-n,v'iv""."' -7'v"77  "A" A'A. VV"'7"7V'S7 l^Goiiniioiiciiis; hi', avnosi .iiiiuuoii  (■lisi^of
'      ---•■.■-■'--    --•        ■-    .--.■...-:-■- ---:: '      ] | Q ] • { ]].-, ^Q.   (.ill ill 11S ^ 1 11 0 11 CU,   ,\VOS I,   III),   (' 11 il | 11 V*    ' "    "      ' ""     ' ? '       "    ' "    '       	
. Conservative '■ Cohyentioiis.
biiti.MSil chains i,o;pl;iyd of,euiiiineii(|e-
n ic:.'-it. .cdii t ai iii n if", ii-10 Min-os' 1 iici'ru' o !• 1 ess
\ .'Vt a'iiH'et.iiio-of r.Tio."e.\-cuutivcv;of"-.llio
l'rovincia.1,7 (7niisc::v;:live hw\ssociat;i(iiu
11eld at;Vanijniivdr.- t,hd!;pro.\-in,(;iii'.v:i;;V
tliv-iileil iiitn. [ivo iHyisiyiis for orii-ani-
■/.ation purposes.' The.ivtKiteiiay-iiiTiiiKl-
ai'.y- ilivisiiin is inue'le up",.of .1)16 I'oliovv-'
iiiy provim.-ial elertion (listi'i'ets: \Rbvi)]-
sltjive. (."ciliiuiljia. L-'i-rnie. '"I'li'i'tiibroolc'.'
V'inii'. ,4v;is,!ii7 Sloeaii. Gniiul■■'--Forks;"-
(Jreciivvciod. 'tile City , jjf, Itossfatid-aiHl
ilie.iiity-'of'Nelson. '.'At; lhe sairie ineet:-
Ang. U.i.e fcjllp'vvhiji-. rosolntioiis ' were,
adopted:     7.-7-.'■ , '- ■ ■'. ■ -
1'.'■".''■-I'liiii- I'onvetkions for ''tioiiiinnuiig-
i.-'iiiclictatos loi' niembei-s ef ,1-lic lej"isla?.'
tiv-e assembly be iiiad'eiijs:of di.'leiiiites'-
ehoseh'ils fiiljou-s:    ..,....." -.- .-,„..--',■:, "7.7,
:7'(a)    In;, city /eieeioi-al   (li'striets.-.'out!
7[;VV:-'"'7^'i7'";7NOTlCE.;7.;,-- ■■" ^/^'-d-^';
Ninjtio■ is'ii.orjiiijfKivon thai,sixty. ci:iys7iii'l.or
filtti;, I iiitcnii-Ci'i .HiViily-16 ilio'Cliief'Cdiiii'nis1.
sioiieii-of ;Likii1s niHlSVorlvs tii.tV-icuii-in,. B. 7o/i
I'hr.:por'lni.i!ii'i<iii to v>ui-cfIVitstj -'tlie .ftiTl'o.tviiifr.'.'Ac-,
sei-Ujri.l; ly nils iii .Sdiit h" ICViSI TCCioiehttyT- Coiid.
riiencHi-,' 'tit, m post,,'. ii'i'iii-lccil Tin riiitl pall ilia's
soil t. i i C-a k 1, ciVr.i i.t.- r post.plant nil 'III cliaiiis n-csi til
llio tiinllK'ast c'oi-iidi- (if(KI'-nnotli C:iii),.|ii.ioll.'s
fniiTlniMMit'Kocic.,,i'.rool> i-littiiito.-i'iorlh SQ,i-liiiins,
ihuiic'C' n bsl- pll''ijju'i i'ns. I li'diife soil Ui SO'.clni ink
liuiiKSu oast,-SD (rliains ib plae'C di" i'oiiiiiHuii.e-
iii(jiit.   C'onlaiiiiiii,'(Hil acres niiiro or less.    .
.,77'   .   . itA.K.oiJb nAiir.iS-a^
' ilatpil Jtiiiciiiil-li. I'.iiwl' ■■■'•"   ,"-'.  .     ''.'■' .'.- y.ir -
Uieii^\s(i.iii,]i7(ip c]iaii^Vtkciii'e^t!asi77SO"
.(.•liatii.stoplat'e'ol f>c\dihii'iiig
44(i:-adres7 ;V'--i^etl'VliilyJtliV-1OO"0.:^>
,28-; ,7-\A7fJiLI :kA\A\7'LX^G 17|.a:77l-cici.7
.. The register, of, votes^'will close
'Oil the I4t.ii of August and th'e
,'cburtof. 'revision, will sit oh -the
.ulst  of   August.  ,    \cwv   cannot
register after the 1.4th of August
.191)3,   .for  the   coininsrv election,
deleyaie'-foi- every Jifr.y and frayt-ion of
lift-v'- votes poileii at: T.he. prov'i.ueial elee-
tiofi held in li'Oii. iliid if- iiie cily is,
divided ini:q wards, the-'propoi'i-ioii pf
delegatus' fpr^earii vvard, shiill be 'liased
iii) Die vote j.'Olleu.in earl) 'ward ":i'i - -1-11 *_-
iast i)iuni(;i|jal vlcetion,'
fbi In. ot.hei' eii.'i'tt.irardist.i'icts'. one
dele.L'ate foi- "y-'^ry iifiydr frai'tiiinol'
fifty voles pidied at the |ii'OViiii.'ial-elee-
tioii held in l!K)0': the delegates to"be
! apportioned   to' polling- plaees. ,.oi
therefore,   be   sure and register j "ear . ibei*c-n;> -as win.be fair'-to iiie
,■■■■...-'■■'   1 ,     , ' i '- ■   ..      '" I'.''iters ol uie (uiii-ri-iu-ne;i.-]-,iji,|.no(i(l.
before, that date.   '- -   ,  :]   -^;, T)t, ,le,!ion ,)f deie-atesshall-he
.   '■■■■'.-        ■■i--'^-     *.*  .. '  ��� -j.a! piifiiie m...(.imps. h.i.Uil.  at. adesiL'nat-
There is''.''.'   ro'n^nAdtivo'  ihf,r1. !';d   ,;,'"'n' A1 '■ >'AA   h\ l':U'h J,oii "i-'dU i-'
isa  pr.ospefijlI've.
. .ii.'f.i-.ii)-r-;ii-ii ,ivai-u 111 ..city  elei-lnral
age of about IhO.Oihi tons of lead J i!i-;i-;i-i>.  if the vitv  is diVi,!,...! "into
this year, dub "to'the   siispensioii   ;V;"',i"-- 'M  ">"'" !^,,!i(' '!"^'!ii'^ »"l.v
''•of-lead mines in ihe-Broken'Hi
'District., Australia.    " '.'"■..,:.-
, The yearly output of th is district will ' be reduced :>> 7. -a
diminuation in the world's supply
of   between.- HO.dl'O   and ' I'j.'.Onbj'':
!i'>.;  >'.'.lifi   l-i'.-ii^i-  Tlli.'iu'si'lves.   in   villi*
li-'tiii- .■■:! iiiiiiia.il.. ur i.-aiiilidaiess'i..!in.lei|
7' 1.in• iiuiiiiiial iny .'iiii'.-eni iim ■ shall   he
iitill'ii i..:i ;i'villi- fur lieii-ti'iUes.   '
;i.    ,'I'-.'.(i,','.-' 1:1c- uu! ii.-i.: shall he   i/ivee
f  i.!|i'  jiillilrc.Illi.i'tii'ljjs.  ;n     which ' i.lcl'e-
.•ii.'.-' an-   in   he --icei-ed... and noniiiial-
i.'.'i.-h; inn.- f,|ia! I    he   iii'ld    in',  tdiv
■ai 11 i.-.l.rii-l.-   i ..vii "(lii.ys';' afiiir •' ihe
,   lay   "-'!    -.'-Iii.-I1. - i|e|.......aie.-,  '-afi-   eh!*l'l.eil,
tOllS./ ■■■■:.^ " ' ,.| :.,.(i ;„   ,,i,hei7 (:], rMii-al .ilisti-ii-U  7-even
'Tlie''. present  situati'bii   i.i;■ eer- diay.afi.-r.    ;\i;  n'..iiin;ui.iii-  ihi-dn-'h-
.     ,   ■  ,.        ' .     ,  ,   '■ ,, ■,-.■■■ Am in.- prnviiii'i. In in- iiiaih: ala i'l i'.si <.■■-
tainly favorable lor the..re-p]jeii-1 nai.-.i  c'-nb-i.!   ph,.-.- ii,",..;,ei,  eh-et.nnii
ing of tlie big   sil'ver-lead   niine> j ,i''"'i''!-7"i'1 "■' lh'  "-mi--ihiy.
oMlic Port  Steele   district,   and | „' ,!•;. j";''!,11 '"''''.'V" "!,''"' ,|:,";.'',':r  '."il;n"
I ii.."--il-;..-  .in- 1 In- ..|".-I iim. ui    ile|i.;..'i<l,e..,
Willi      1 1 IO      I.Jpminioil  ' .bonus      Ollj'-'>    ti'imiiial in:.'   -.cuii ■- ■ nl.idir-.     l.iie    ; i j. -
i.kui. this disii-ici. in 'p!ii-tif:ui;i,r,|Ii;':',.i',r.,';,:'-,':i|,:;f 'y1--^■■;..:""] iu-
.' Ipiiici-   .-iii.i   if.-ii.-   1,!  ii.iiin.ii:t! ni... i:iini'i.|i-
and   the   K'oojciiay.s." in    gcuuu-al ! - j *»* *-- -' »■« ih-"- ■■.,-.-1-:.:  • ■ i ■' .'■.. ,(-.i'J -disirict',-.
-hall    li-    p. -..-par. ii    i.;,     | i,,- ; me'in ln-i- o|
iiie .• - 1 -n:', i V.    . ,!   I j,e .i 1 .. ...im,     jn     v. ll iell
'; Xoii.oc- is lioroliy itiven lliat lliirly days after
date 1. Tlioinas it. Ai-iiisli-iiii!,' intinul   lo iipply
td, tln'Cliief eoiiiii'iiss'iotier of i.aiHlsaiiil Works
anil"tlii..,Assislaiit Coiniiiissioiior nl' '.I'jiiiiiis itiit^
,'U'oiks roi-it.he disti-.idt; ol' I'.iVsi Konteniiy .foien
fjieetifioto in-ospoiit for C'ntiI aiid I'eirbH'iinrdn
tlie/ folloiving ilescriliuil  land siiiiated 7-iijont
tiirce nSile.s'yvesi or Akainamis Creek nnd iiboni
'Uiroe miles norlli ol' ihe, Intei-niuiiinal. noninU.
'iry. Line iii tlie Son iii Ktisioni poi'linti  ol"I.',i.tst,
ICooiena.y .dislrict.'li.C. - y  -."      •        ,     '.7.,
A - Comineneing.ni, 11. posl'. planted iiortlidil'
boiiij,' tlie initial posl ailiiu-eni 1,0 lb A.-i-iriiiil's'-
-    .   ■ i    -,-7      -    -      —     -■     - ■ -■
eliiini  imd   lnarked 'I'liomiis   il. . Ar'i 11 s 1 roi.i.if"s.
nprihvvesi (•i-iriitji-''jip<i|'.--'ilio'iif(.'-.si.)ii.i!i. so .eliaiiis.
Oienee cast Sil.i-luiins. tlienee  tiortii  Sideliain's:
tlieiiee ivesl-Si.i elm ins to the pli'i ee p.f.lie'iii.niiiiijj'
i-oniaitiiiiKii-lii iiei-es.tnoi-e or less. -*.•';.'■.,i
Liiealed ,liine iSlli, i'.lllil.'.'
„ , ,. ,7       'I'hoiiias 11. Arinsi-ronir. i-oealor.
-  °   ,  ■ ,7     o- .lolin. 'iviiltii'!-. .-\deiii"
■ II Coiiiii.ienitiiij;' al," a 'post plaiileil .ivesl of
buiiin; tlie in'i'tiiil .posl ad.itn-enl to 'I'lionias 'II.
Arivisirotitt's'cliiiiii iiiul iniii-kc'd .-Vli..\-ii.niler iMe-
Xanub ion's nori liensi eorner post, 1 liencj.' .west
SII eliains. tlienee .south Ml elia-ins. Ihenee eitsl BU
elniins, tlienee mirll'i SO eliains lo tlie plaee \\(
'lieiriiii.iiii!-'.'coiiliiiiiinif tl.lli aeres niori. or less. .
',   Liiealed .IlineilSlli. IHIKI.    ''•'. '    7
.Al.eXiiii.ii.r-AleXaiiK-lilon. Ijo'ealor. '
■''■'■ '..•'■        .Iiillli;-!'. lihllT. Aftenl.
C I ioii'iiiienrini;- at' a |iidi liiirih or beinir..|he
iuitiai jiost ailj.-ic'eiu lo AlC'.viin<l-'i' iMcXniiidi-
ioii".- eliiini and marked Mailetinc l.ayloii'.s
sniitlii'asi oornei' posl, iliein-e, wesl. Sil'eliains,
thiiii'i- norlli so eliains. llienee ensi Sli eliaiiis.
1 lienre, sonili.su elm ins to I lie place ni lie..: inn inn
eoiilaiiiin.-.,,tVHI ai-res inore oi- less.
■' Lm-ai-.M] June -.'Stii; r.iii:i. ...     •   ■■ ■
Maiieline liayuiii. 1-in-iitor. .
.iolin 'I'. lihllT.. A.'eiil.
IJ I'iniiiiieiii-ini-' al a post planu;.! e;isl of
he'liiK Hie iniiinl | ii is I iidjaeeiil m ivritiielint,
I.ayioii's elaini anil innrl.-fil Simon.O.vr's sinilli
wi'.-l ein-tier |.nsi. Uieiiee en's! sii.ehniiis. tlienee
north so'elm ins. thence u.-sl so Hmins. Hmin-i
.milli sn I'liiiins lo Hie iiiaei- of lu-uiiiiiira,-, i-dn
'aiiiilir '".'0 ileitis inoi'i. in- loss.
L.iiiii.-.iI June-isili, l'.'n:i. Milium Cyr. IjOfiii.oi
:-'S .li.lin 'I'. Illtil'f,  Au'eitt.
he'   Koojciiay.s-' in    goiuu-al
,■liaye-good 'reasons   to   look"   forward lo prosperous tinii.> in   the
near f'titur.:.
' \v..\N'i"Ki.)  ■ i-".\ rriii-i'r.    i-kkkox i
*l''.>      TI: A VKIj      I.U-     Well     e.-l.'ili]]'.-hei|  j
liimse ih a  few eiiiinl i'es. ealline   nn    re- !
tail iiii'iehii nls and a^enl^.   I.neiil leiri- |
lory.   Sal.-try $IUL'I a yi-:.*ir and expense^
pay.-thh' -idU.711 it week in  cash   and   .■>:■
pen sesj ad vain'''il-    . ' 'osit it in permii iii»nl
I Insitii.'ss sm-i-essliil itnil   i-iinliini;.       l-in-
close self-itildresseil -envelope.   ., Slanil
ard I louse. :-iI.*i (.'a-xttiu Hide., (.'li ieayu.
' ' ir.'l j   ' I :    ' r.
-er ( ! !'■  :i.i i
re - i! iinti'il, ami
'.'   I in-   pl-e-iiilenl
I 'ri.i.viiii'ia I I "(iii-
•^     lie  -i I'!-.-     ..'     i ;,,    j i|-i iv i in- i.-l I   exeeil-
1 '"■ •' ■'■ :; -, o.- ir -..; ;i'    \7in \-i:r   wii hin
a in..ni :.'. .in.i • i;.. ii;i:,. ■..,.■ Imiii ine ,jjs-.
ii-icl tainiiiiai in- enn-. • niinns will llnm
!"•'ii.s.-n. ,it.ili.\"   I h )|."ST< i.\".
.  I 'iv-iiic'i! nf : i,i; I 'rir.-ini-ial
( . mserval i vi- ,\ -sueia I inn.
N'elsnn. .bin,. .>i h.  pjii;;.
<'. I'". Xiciioi.sn.v,
ri'i-i'i'.i.'iiiiiiiii'iiii, |;. c.
(IJei'llsi'il bv I'l-iivlneliil I invi-rliiiienl,.)
(lull and silver' $2.(10
Silver and lead      2.on
,(inld. silver and < 'tipper.     . :i.ll(l-
'   (.'iiiil. silver, lead and cupper..   -I.'KIQ
-   Samples   lefl    with   t.'artin  ,V   Uiiriel;
will reei.-ive pi-tmipi-atleiil.itin.
;7d. -;.>■ 7  ;;,-,1.:-;.f;-NOTICEdM;7777.;vv,;,:-;-!ll-;!,,
7;Noi-li'*'''jl.s.liurijIjjvift'iV(>iv7lluitdwqdtliu .iitiiloivl-
sigiyl'nytenil jin"i;tvjla>fs
i:|jl,'iiii'i;'of iii is nOrie'e or, iis'soiiti/;afier\viirds7as
t'iii),'-'ii-pplIi'iiiloii. earnvbeflieiu-dlo apply'to flu;:
jVssisiiiiit-Coiniiiissi'oiier of  Liu'ids and;" Wjiiks',
iil-l-'ort Steele lor lieeuses.td Jii-osjieet i'oi-Cptii
.iiiiibpet'roleumdipbn-'^tu, fpii6\viiiif ileseribeil
Iiii'ul sitiiat-e hi lOitst' kdoU/nib-.,, oasi;;of7.:l(ioek
•ISSil. ti nd- about n i in; liiilossontli of Crow's Xesi
Sialioii on lli(7grow's Xest Ifiiilroiiil^atul  oii„ a7
•ereel; llowlin; westerly'-Into the.Sdiiili   idirk  of
jMicliul".. Creek:; ami;'.iii1j(iiiiliiif  Jnuuis /Clark's
iioriliwo.st.eornei-.   ..'      ■;-,.'-   7v ' ', .'    ... "• 7: ,'
■ ;.l.   C'omnibiieiiig-at    a post    liliiiited   oil . it
ereok   llowing   vves'terly into the Soutfl  |."oi'-k
of  -'Michel,     ereel;    'nnd      beiiigd ' ljiiiien'ii;
Canierbn's   ndi-tlnvesi '-'corner, iinil 'tuljoiiiiii^
ilaiuesCilark's luifllivvost eonier,1 ihenee soiiili
SO ehains. ihenee eiisi 80 eliains. ' tlienee  itoi-.lIt
Sli eliains,, tlienee , wesl ,,S(). el'uiiiis.t.o .plaee of'
eoinitieneeineni. "Ilaied Jiily'llth.'lliOii.
-V''■:.-■■;".";• ,.•'-■'     ".," binieaii Cumeroii. I'joealor
:' -'.   Co.iiiiiioii.uiiijr.iit the northwest, eorner' post
bf.Diineaii Caineron's and.beiiifi joint  A.  Pitt--
son's soil Ih ivesl eoi-ner-t.ii eiiee'!hiirt,li SO eliains,
llienee east SO elniins.  thenee south SO ehiilns,,
lilienee. west Sli eliains 7'o point of i'oniinoiieo^
tiient.:  lJ:ited.,iho llih day of July. l.'.ii«.       7'7:
.•\.'-'i       -■■''   .■'.;'" J'ohti A.-1'arsons, Ijoeitloi'..'■''
-   if,.,: Comniencinj,'at   llio soutlol-esl. eorner of
.loll ti  A.  On tn (iron's ilnd  beiiifj-tliesoiiibeiist.
eorner of Aiif'i.isl.X'e.lspn Iheiie.e'norlli «>(thitiiis;'
llienee  west, SO.eliain.s; tlienee sdtiiii SO eliains.
llienee.east So eliains to pliiee,. iif eoniineiiee-.
nieiit.    '  Dated the l.llh day .ol','iitly, IJIOit,   7    ■
jVuj,'iisl Xelsoii;.|jOe,iiloi'.<
■I..   Coiniiieiieiiif,':   ai   the. soiillteiisl   eorner.
of Alij,'iisl   Xeisons  anil   beiii),'  the .norilieiisi.
eonier of Jean Ciret,'iiry, tlieneo'soiilh SO eliains
llie|i'eel'w.esi 80 eliains, Ihe'iiee noi-lli SO elniins;
llienee easf,so elniins  to .plnee of I'l-iiiiineiiee-
iiieiii.' ', Vliily lllh. llio:!,-      .'       :   ,, ■-.■'.
.'■■'. "'.-.' Jean-tircKary. l.,ii:.aior.
.-S.-. Cniiiiiiuii.cin^ ..one mile norlli of John A..
I'arson's nofiitwesl eorner.'anil iieini; Sariili
Ayetiy's iiofiliu-'est 'eorner, llienee soiiili, SO
eliains, tlieili.e east SO chains. Ihenee north- So
.chains, thenee west, SO elniins 10 plnee of .eoiii-
iiieiieenieni..      July llt.li. liill.'l.
■Sai-itli .Wi'iiy. IjOi'alor:
ii. Commencing mi. the northwest corner of
Sarah AVeny's aiid being llei'herl .Mann's
soul li wesl. eoiiii.r. tlienee norlli. SO. eliains,
ihenee easiSOflitiins. thenee soulh So elmiiis
Ihenee wesl .SO elm ills to place of eiiiimienee-
liien.l.    July llih.  r.lii.-i.
'Ilerberl ,Mann. r.iieator
":.   eoiiiiiiciiciiig ai "tlio  MUHIiwesl, eornor of
llei'lierl.'jMiiiiii's anil being  tlie   noi'llieiist -roi--
ni'i- 01' .111I111'i\|e( in sit in 11, thenee soulh Sli .chains.
i.lleni'e   wesl .Sll.i-liiiiiis. Iliel  lliil'lh SII t-'li-ii'iis
llienee  east   SO eliaiiis In  place 'of cut ■.urr.
undid   .liil.v llili. I'.ui:!.
' '•   ■ John iM'i.'Onsli Ian. I.oealoi-.
s. Ciimnieneing a 1, ihe iinriiiciisl -coi-iht ol
Joiin Met 'asliian's and . being tin: sintihciisi
eiii-nei; iii' llngh Marnlie. I hence 11.11 ih so chains
llienee wesl sn chains,. Iliei  smith so cltitin..,.
tlieni'i'   east,   SO   eliains 1.11 iilni'c.ol   i.iimnii.iii-,..
ii'ii'itt'.   July I li.li, iiiii:i,
il" ilngb  iMagulie. I.'iii...||,i,i'.
hefng aiiejititial ;ppst7;iitIjaeeiit7id,;iVlberl7,.l.i
C;dpdell-:s:elai,lii anil iiinflceil Cieorgiv- \y.;'K"ei-r's
.sputijlo:i!&.i--,iroi-iTpi*'i)ihst7i,t/li6hi;o' iiortji-,- sO ;|:<'0i!iiiifs^
7lhence.west^11 eliains, 1 lieiieo .Siiiilli/SO' cli:«i 11s;
tlienei; lid't.fiO dliain.s.id the]iliniei;pr;.begilining'
■"cs<iii'.t:i.i.l.iilii jtiriy-io^ sic- ros." * ■' ■ r^oeiit^V.l^i.Jijraejirt.li iE ^ 1 (Ki:*i|.i
7'-''.,r.1!■'-'■;' -'7. ';7-''V-?iy*eorge \y.;,l\er,r.7ljoealo;i'.;!7
AA'.' -d'-iW '- ..--'V. A}W. .dililiifffiAgenie.-y,
lfeliig llie.iiiitial 7i>ofed :dIj;ideni7"idVfteiirge'-vvt
■Kerr's claiiii.iiiiil niiirkeil",l'oiiii A. .Veliortfeiils
spiiiliwesi.V'p.riier ppsdiln nee iiorili So eliiiiiis,
1 hence east Sii'.cliiiiiis.j.ili.oiiee fsotitli - Sideinifiis,
lli'eiicjr. wesc.sOcJiaiiis lo l>bice of lifgiiinitig-
eon tn in ing li-ll) aeres nidre or-iess;.- > ;"/. 7 '•''[
■ 'i-I'jdedted .Iinil; 2Tih. liiilil.,;, 7-7 ;:.. ; ' -.-''••,
•';'..'■"-.■'..■' ,„'■-' j ■ -iJ'ojnrA; Xetierlielii.- fjdeatote.
,d----7-7: ,..; ■-,;■■■'-.7-77V;7.■'..'■ .\y.diinitiff.Ageni..7;;'7
>-;>:!, (.'otiimeiiei iig tu a, 'post phinieiV son lb- ol'
being tlie ' iuitiai, posl . iiiljaeoiil: lo jiiIiii'a..
Xetier|ield's   elaini';'iiiitl a markeil .Alberl   I-:.
Diinisqii's iii'ii'iliwesl eoi-ner i')osi,,.|lietiee eiisi
Sli eh a i lis. iiieiiee sou Iii.Sti ehiii ns.  tlienee , wesl
SO eh a ins. tlienee inirth.S0 eiiiiiiis.1 m  tin; place
of ljegiiiiiiiig,"eon'l!iiiiiiig,till) acres inore or less.
;.''■ Ijiciitoir.iiiiieii'ili.. I'.km.""  ■ d- -.--"> ;.;-   -.,.■■■
'-,•.';■■'       ■■'■,..   Albert K. Duiiisdn.;- Locntni'...
7   7    7   :   :    7;;''-..!-   7w.".idi!liiiT,.Ageiti.7;^
.-.-   I   Coniiiioneing iit it.- post pliiiited   vvesi ,of
Albert 10. liiinison's cliiiiu and trinrkeil 'riionms
^ii.; Nevviiiiih's  iiorllieiist eorner  post,   llienee
wosisO eliains. llienee south SOeiiitins, ilieiii'e.
eas-iSI) chains. Ihenee" norlli   HO ehiiilis   In,Iiie
plnee of liegiiuiing.conliiiiiihg li-io; acres'.more'
in-Iess7-l.ocaiejl'.l line v7t.li.l!lo:i;   "    V
■;' ;'  ,7 ■    Thomas ci. Nevviiuiu, l.oCator.
-HV-Tj-d-; , ;,v .-,,   ;.-' w.'.iy itiurfi'iAgciii-'.
i-:7 A;y A:.7;d'; ..NOTICE.A-7'7..-. A:''.:;7; ,;. 7-7,
;.;'^l(iriuiiir Krarlnni Aliiic-i-ui7Cvliiii>iVd,7 V" 7V
dSi.iuiup ii) llio;i.-iiri;,si;et;li..;Aliiiiiig:ni.vis.ldil.or'd;'.'-'
Kiisi I"dote|iti'y...111.siriei;H'.-;"-...7-.,..7yA>: 7 r -..-;■■ '.t:.y.
V./.\\ri«6'i-iv-lf.ii:si'ii-*l:y-'-Oii.--"!I.i'i(>;lc.l<..,lic*i:r.v'Il'lIl'!:-,V":---■'■.- :\'r'r*
7 Tiiki.  nblice.lhiil U Vlaiiiesdvydlarvey; i''rce   77'
jtyrinei's (.'erlilieajc. Xb: I'i.iiililiiljiiei.in);;. for 'yiA '-'
self fliiti;iis'agent roi'"i{diiei'i dViJiyniniiVsd ii*i-,;i; '. '..
Jrinoi^'dei-iinelite  Xb?;u.iW5:i^'iinil:;jolin7"il7;7V
7,1.''' •'l1' 7; '•'f;dd NI i 11 d r Ts^C.;,; Sfi id IJ ^ratlilU. "iii tdili (7 «i x 1 v, Trf   d
''..? v.y *^-f.'"*^'.• ■ V' •,-**'.'.'.} ■1'*'-k- -i ■ ** !"«'<» ;*.'-7t»>,-.M i'> i»i .>'a.i «'-», .t 11 mi m:i i» ,^'-"7'"" i -T'.i
,!,!'«-,jl^ddP!"'!"l";To i;: ;d t"d i:l " (i <di i i? (if, i iii i lii-oVei 11 fr i i'l.;^: 7^d'
:fertile piirposo.df piitiiliiing a^imwti.Cli'iiiid oi' 'd.;r
'Ilte:tilipv-eielii'iiii.-:rr777;.di?',-d7i7'77i77d'7 ■ x.d.;,; y"--
■ dV''t7furt.l'lr" iake;;ijoUi.e7thai7actipiK ini?ier7;7;i
BeCtidn itrviiiiisi, be <'Oliiiiio,iictdl. 1 idi'i>r<>?. 1 tie .77;
dliateil ihisVitli ihty i,jf;j'iiiie7lliti:i.7'd7 7   ■ d7-.■ :':p'7
.■7-,f;;'7- 77.,d.;,'- ...'7d ':i'7..';;'..i;;.A"iiA:R\;K;.^d-e'L-:';-;-y
'.;..v.-.b;, "y.Np'TlCE.0"'.;'■'"■
7 '-' :-".--' 'i'-"" Ao -. 7' . ,': ."'7 ,77"., ./.'■■'■„'■'.'
. Xoliee is hiu'eby given ihiit lliirly days al'tei'
iliile I inletiil,io.iip|ily in the Chief Couiinissiiiii-
er'oli .tin. Is and -Works and Assistanl'C'iiiiniiis-
.'sib.iierol' Ijanils and VV'o'rks for the, nisl.fiei of
Mast liooleiin-.v. I'm., idlieense to |irospeei for
Coal and 1'eii-olenni'oii ihe following ile-
sei'ibeil la mis silu'itie in .South Must Kooteiiny,
wesl of the Klnpieiid KivPr, eight hiilcs ndrlli
Ititeriiiitioiiul-iloiiiulary: Oomiiiciiclng at a
posl niiirked I). It. 'Wiilsoit's .southwesl eonier
posrlheiiecHll elniins north, ihenoe SO eliains
east, llienee Si) eliains south, thenee So ehiiilis
wi-st lo'post nf I'oiiiiinmee'iueiil,. containing''-Mil
acres lucre oi- less.
,1). K. WAI-SON.'Loeiitor. "-"
Haled this llith day of,lulv. liitiii. :«l
- '; Vdiii" iittunl-ioii   is   eal led'U,;   the
;: IM (moor; Lbiii ted ^^^
vvhiuicee &;St/-Paii] Ittiil vvay.""" '.'.'.l.'lio: oil ly; -,
lierfeet t.raitis in-l;lib vvorldi'd.''..,,. " 7 ',■
i■;. Vpiidyill lind'iddcisii^ihle borrididpii.;
l.hpsidtiruiiis^wliC!n:o"(iiii^.Ui;aiiy |»iiiii;iiii:
i.licl^itstori!';Slab's ,or; Caiiada. 'They"V
;epi!iiei*|. witlid;' ,iall7 TraiiHeoii't-iiieiiiial':
Triiiiisdiiiid,-:ill 7Tieket77Aii',.|||,s diell-7
l.ieldit.H. ,- , "■ -.,..-. ■--d'di- ;:.:'.7.;-' / V '7 : .',;■
"'..'-.l^oi* furt.lier'iiil'oriiiiifioii, pamphlet,*:,''■••'-
el-e, ask- any ''J'iok-el, Ao-(:nt,i(ir'.■;"' ■",
l.;:.|J.7l,OUlJ,d;..7:j'iy.S; i;p.\\"|.i," .' '
I'ass.: Ag-ent,, ..'■■ ..- Cei'ieral Ao-eiit.,-;..
„-'"SI'uivANI'..       '..'-■   I-OKTIjAND/
„       NOTICE.     .-.:.'
Xoliee is hei'.;by given iliat, sixiy days iil'lei'
lale I will apply lo tlie Commissioner of Lititils
ami Works lo piirelmsn th(.following described
lit nils siliiale l.ti Kits! ICoolenay. li. C. -..Colli-
iiii'iicing tit, a. posi plnnibil one tiiile norlli of
IbeCI. I'. Itiiilvviiy ;il llie  ensl  boitnilary  of   I..
lo'.lo noi'lbwest iil'|.:iko.Jli|.i no il li  SO  ehiiilis
along easl bniiiuliii-y .iif U.   Ifiiili.. t.heiu-e  east   In
eliains.   llienee siniLli  SO eliains in John Mplt's
ai'plieiiiiiiii, llieni.e wesl lil ciinitis In  Iiie" plai;
m'lieginn ing eonlaiuliig r.'jii acres,   i.
fjOtiis. Ijitcliaticc
liitlcil ni. |.',ii.-n. it.C. .1 itiie iiiil. inn:!. :.*r
.;..     NOTICE.       ■ -,- 7..- ;-
Tn kit Xoliee 'that sixty days ali'er linic |.  llie
undersigned, inieiid to ajiply loi, lie Uliior Com -.'
inissioneroi'.l-aiiils and .Works  for. peiiiiiss.lou
Iii piirelitisie I lit; lollowing- .described   hunts, iii
Soltih lOnsi Kooienay:, I'oniinonoing al  a |io'st .
iniifkeil  T.   McDonald's   niii'lhwesl .cnniei',' tit.
Iiie illlei'sc'eliiin of I'. Lund's liniliei' lease iimi
U'.l.au i-ie's'sou tliei'it boundary, on the wcslein
side of the K"ooleiniy river,  llienee  running  III.
chains     east,'  -more.    or   'less.      lo      llie
west    bank    of    tlie ICootenay   river,   llienee
south sn,chains morc'tir less l.o the inlei'seelii.n
of Ian ilitS. ihenee^west -10 eliains  lo. the  in lor •
scetioii of I', l.tiiiil's liniber lease, thenee 'north '•'
so chains in the plu'ec of li|.giniiing,-i.iinliiinii|.f
ii-il acres nuii'i'oi'l.-ss.
7'IViMclloimld.   ;
liaied ibis litiylay of June, .V.U.. bin:!.      :;i
NOTICE.     '
Take N'nl.ii'e thai sixty days at'lel-dull.   I,   tile
IIIHlerslg I, ililelld to apply lo llie t 'Inel f,„,i
iiiissioiii.|' ol l,n;i.ls and Wiu'lis I'm'   liei'inissinii
In pi.nvlisi.-io the  lollMtving  desi-iilieil  lands   in
Soulh I'liisl  K'(in|i.|niyi     lliiliitiiciicilignl n poiin.
en I In- line oi I,,,,, iiii.Tiiinii onelialf mile  imi-ili
el' I .ni. i'.ie I. ihoni'i. iiorili so elniins. ilii.iii'...,«,.S|
in I'haiiis.   in.ni-  or  |,.„s.   to   Kooiciniv   river
ilii'iiii.. ilnwn sireiini lo the point, el  i'iiiiiiii..|i..,.. i
in. I'oiilaiuitig .'I'.'ti iieres niiiii.'or less,'.
Mii v id i:i-ci'ki.|i|.|ii
l.>.-itk-il tliis iitii day of June. A.I.).. i:'n:l.
'I'n l.c Notice I hat. sixty days ni'tor ilale   I, llie,
liiiilt'1'.sigiieil, ill|.-ii.I in apply lo I ho Chief Coin-
inissiiiiicr of Lands, ami Works  for  perm ission
"' , lo pni'i'liase iiie, following ,ilesei'llii...l   lands  In
-N'oiic,. is liei'cby giveit I bin 00 .lays .titer .Int.- : s,,,,,.,,   |,;.iS,   K- ,.��., y.     ("i.itii'inciiclng' in   |.|„.
I inleiiil |,, apply in the Com inissinlief. if Lands : point wlier',. I he smith limit of U..i;. .I,u,ii,'son's
and Wnrk.s lo piuvhase the lollowliigilesi'iilicil    timli,.|. „pp|i(.:,ti0ii inleiseels I lie tvesi   liniii   of
lan.ls  sliiialo   in   Knsl,   IV nny.ll.C.:    t ;..in     |.„|   ,;,,;,;..   ,;,.,,„,,•   |.   thenee   sonili   in ,.|i„iiis
in.'itciiig at   a   post   pliinle.il   al   the sotiiheasl    ,,|,,;,„:,. ».,,,,, s„ ,.|,„i,is. llienee imi'ih   In  I'hiiins'
 ni-ioi'L. ir.'.in al   the C'.IMJ.   .Vleriiliaii   line    tl„„„.,. ,.:lsi so chains |,o 1 In- phiee ,,| l,,...ii,iiiii|"
ni.mil one niile wesl ol 111ko ai.nl alnuil •'„ ol one | eiiiniiliilng ii-jn ncres more or loss.
mile wcsior uiilage :;iv;niiil on   llie   norlli   side j Malcolm ,Me|)on'.|hl
"I   llie   right,   of   way   of  the  (MM;,   riiilvviiy. ;     Haled tliis Cifh day iii June. A. II. |'.in:i,
ihenee north eighty  chains,   llienee  oast   forty l ■
chains, thenee south eighty chains more or less ! ■~'.~
to   lhe  said   right   or  way  tlienee in a westerly ADVPRTIQir
| ilireetluii aliuig said right ol way   ini'ly  elniins j flUVtMllbt.
iiiin-e or less lo t-he place of beginning coiilain-'
in;.'ii'io acres mure or less. I
.It MIX jVO'l"!'. [
u'l     j     Hated at Klko,-1!.(J.. -May 1-ltl.i, IWa ■HE PROSPECTOR.' PORT STEELR',' B. C., ;TULY
. c i
lv in !(,-;<• is hoivli
(kii    V-UV^"*'"^   '     ' Read 1 r;;; domiort'a 1..ly. on the ground floor,
AViv: lli\7/iliM  " D;.,ui..; ,.7ZiV7.,..,-,7,   :: ,. - ■ ■    ...
on the second floor,
ie ilii'fd floor;     -' ,
-of every house heated
I b"
MHawrs?«<=a*;ni'ravsski C^i.-v?   "-,■-">•-?■   -vn
r W^> -        - A«5i se—..-«,(!;« I; ft     "fil f .     ". ,.-'"b-   .   i
-(il I ii.
\;.    .; The Regulatorsdhat- divide 'the. warm'.'alr t
-... are so ^oni.tructed, -anddthe, pipes whichcarryii
,'  it to tlie:.o"'ffferent.>i-egisters so arranged,iihat
yany quantity of 7neat desired can be forced -ud
lhc-differerit:;rooiTis.or flats of a-housed   .'
'-;, The," Sunshine" is the 'only.-furnace made
"in. which hot-air pipes'to first floor do'not rob,
second,andth'lrd,floor pipes?:-':.. ■'":;.
.,.'   Burns coal, coko and wood equally.Well,-
■--... Sold-by all enterp-'-sirig dealers,;;     '   ' • -   '■'•
„V/rUe for free illustrated'booklet. V:. 7 "A'V '
■':,:,'-; Makers of the'.'rainouri Actt'/d" Rinpo
.and;.:.-.C,or'nwali;-,.-St'iel Ranee,   '■
London, 7,'
' Toronto',..7 ...
- Vancouver,'
, f ^i^A^M^WW^ms.  A?\"/ '.'"'. 'vv.^-n|peg..', ■-■.;■ Vancouver,  , ;$t. jolm,1 N, B.
.dveii,- l.iiiil" we l-lio
ii!idei'...ie;i:v'ri-. iiifbiid ' l iiji'ly7 i'la\s ■■after
(lie liiv-'i pli!.;.ii:atiiiii (VI till-- JiobH'1' i.r as
i'\Vi'i.i'l.l7;i.s l','|i..";.ppiic;'.l.ioiiei,ail
id apply to', in- Assisda,l!l-',(;'o,'n-
:<i.iif- ...i'!iid.- .and Works ai7 - eOrf
in:- i i'.-'e*'se.s io'iiro'-jpeet :f...i'; l.'Oill
•l.'-i-'iilotii'l':' ii'/wii'V-hi"!.. Iplii'ivviii;!' do.-''
I l..ii.i'1'.-id.t-ia.i'e).■!ii,."!i,,:.:?.-l:.,..'l<iioli.'*'nfiiv
■;■%:■'■'■ sidi'ivldtlje. '-l*M;ini('..;i.(l ,.i liver'
7-oii'('il pi- Sae-eb'i'!-i:d7:'i!i'ri'i-oin 'uli'oiitVU
:,!.'io f 2 liti le-; iioi'ihd'id.iii l lit.' I iiieriihl'iohiil
i fJiiiiiii'iiii'v liinei iiiii.l one lijiio eiisi; (li'.yir
-.';i-';", IJ. 'J1!! j;>|jt'i'-7-; hor1,lib»:;|. -corno)'.'..'',   ;-',
■ ; fs'oiii-ini-'ii'ciii';.!' al. ii posi (in Lhii' hyi-th
;.\verh-7 hank" 6ld Sii^V ('reek'.. /ih'iirlcdd,
,Vv.,iiiliiv-w"'.l."' j')..., i.i 11 \4 /iioi'lliwi'sf corner.
:' i'.li'i•i'.ii'-i* .".innlido chain:-, thpiico wesl Sii
j'i'lialiis;;,i;lieni'd i.iorl-h MO e):iiii,iis. thence
deiisi Nireliaii|s7i(i poiiil 'nf eoin'iiience-
i.mt'i.ij.."' Aprilfitii, Ihti:!.;'..'..' ',7 ''V ; .'■ ■'''■'
i '':',.:■       ;,:7Andrew .1. I )<A\\[\j..,.\sirM.(i.vV.'
i y.il.>'OilJllii'ni;il|d„a,l: t'l'l'i.! llorl.llidtSI; odrne r
. posl.' iif,-". .\iiilro)V..;l. i-. liid'liii. aiiil(be,ine
■ i,ln...;..siii'ti.'!i.o!isl-.. cornerd.of- ■..I''!|x2'.liiitli'.'
j I lev M ll'.i'i.. .1.1 .nVil°liM|( it'll l.-SO eha-ipf:, ■ t.-lli'lili'.c'
! vvi'ei, sii eli,;iiiis.ji'heiiijji'.sfiiitbWh.ehiiilis,
j-1 hence i;:e.i;e<l (.iiiiins7lp- poiiil/ Of 'eoiii-
i'lll.iMloi.'.'iliilll.i :.\pril,oiil..'.I.li'-l.,7-    ■.'■'■
id;  ,i ;■■  dkiiMibiti.il iieviiii i.ociitoi'..;.
i 77('.'b!ii.iiiciie'iiiiv,al t-b'lsoinjiyn^bdoi'iii'!-'
i I'li'ist",''i'lfi Rlikeiiili.h 'Deviiid .dfiid.,liijiiiie;
1 !i!iiit.hsvbu7"coi'!!i7i!  jfosl-of- Al, Paire!i.;r
llhenciMicirlh: 8()d.\biuitiis. bh<^iio?o-ofish rifl
ehaiii.s. Iheniie son ill SO "eliaiiis.'. llienee
vvdsl. 80  eliiiins .liy'poinl of■'uoi11.irj.^n«b-.
.i ii,-:■ .ix£A\.,.,uM>>f.i'ijdi'iinfid-j—^-7_lgd7',,„ V.^d
11J i' I .'
I fell,.,'   itiven  liial 1. ,1. M-.-VleVa,
;'(iicliiiie prescribed   by   f.a''.*v._tie
I., .il- i'l'i;iii',c'iiiiiiiii.ssli-i?ici' nf-I'jiiinls.iiiiil
•\\'iii-ld ie i li, i' ri iv i ne. ..iif Uritish l ill i tin I ilit fur
■ i   Ik'i-iiiv   i...   pre.spect T-,ir (''..af'iiiii!   I'lili-iilcinii
iiii.lin.' iiilfuvlu'ii ||i'.f.,ei'llii,'il -Ian.is: •- llcciiitiini;
yt.il i'i.isi'iiniriii.il .1. .M. '.Me.\,a.y's,/iioi-| Iniilsl cor-,
iter .iii.i.sl, '.lli.,.ii('.'i7 Sii eliaiiis  siinth.-'ilieiiee   Sli
.;iniiiit wi.m , tii.'.iii'e sii'ciKiiijs iiiil'lh,' lhi.'r.ee .SO
chain:, i'letiii posl  .ui" eiiiaiiieiiceiiieiii.., .Sil.itr
iiie iii.S...ii Hi Kn -1- 's'.'-'iy '.''il ii y.'eii si-nf. I In?, l-'Ii.l'-.
lii.-iiii i(i\ ei',11 iiiiles I ruin liiiititli nf K:,if,'(.(,'fei.'k.
l.'il.i.i.i'l:.|)iw|- 'Man-Is   ■'.<)  eliaiiis .niii-i'-li   of. Sli(,"j
i-eolb,in-i feci ..vesi.iif  l.-.i -.'norlli  f.irll of- Har.e
-.i-ycl !iii.| ,',vi..i-.i .."' ri.f J'„ Kbine's cl'iiiin,     7-7' ,'
77 ■:,  ■      . -/■■   '? ,I.M.MeVAS'. Ijoealoi-.d'
lJai"ii:iiii ilaj ;fil'',nine. |i«):l. ..,-'.-       '■'■■.  a  "
'.' :„.„'..' .NOTICE.'' 7d.:"'''■■; - .'v-,d,
K'olice isli,:.|.|.|i;, gi,vcii llladfyij,,;,.l'.,.„,K.'inc. ill-
ii.'tKl, "M-i'l'Iifii llie', I line preseii lie. I ;l.y' Law. tfi
ii|i|ii,,v.li-i tin' (.'liicf ('.•liiiiriiissioiier of I.ai.tils iiui.1
\V'iii-!:'siil ihe I'l-iiviiiceiif lii'llisii C'liliiniliia for
a r-ieeiiseir. .pi'iispi-i;.| foi. Ooii'l ion I l'nii,(ih,.|iiii
i iii llic'l'iilh/wiii"' ilc'si-rilicil lainls:' licijlhiiinc
al i| pir-i, nnii ki-il I).',.!'. Iv'ia'iie's iioi'l lieiisl, cor-
■iei' 'r.i'^l. -llii'iiei' 7si) I'liiuiis son ill. .:llil'i|c<c,K(l
eli-ii'iiis'widi.' Uii'iii'e.sii-I'liiiitis inii'tli.;-1liciicc si)
eliiOjisen.-i ni jio.i nf eiiniiiiencliii,'. Siuiali; l".
inlics- fi'iiin .-tiiicniiij.l'iituil llii'iitnlai'y ,(in '.Sihre
Oteck iilii|'-;ilil I'eet;i.iiirlli nf s:iiii;eiee.k" iii Sn'ttth
'Kibil idiiilenay', '■■'.,       '■ n ■ '"■■•
V',»"  V    ■'-    i"■■>■-'    Idl.', |-AN*l'b,:|jOeiitoiY
Ijiicalril jiils nth iliiy of, liiiie. .lii'Oii'.' .''.. ;,v.-ir,
r'Gl-lDAY., .11
'.oy l!Ki:j7
. C ar diriaiii', Gib b p. ii s'S "Bif tir day (;%
,V;;;;V;Waslijngton7i;DV:-0.d Tp\y 28.—,
.VGtti;cliiial;t,r-eibboii.s.i;of', Balliinorii;
d\yii(j'.is,;,no\y in 'MnyoyiiiyXoy allond
f l]icbcoiiclayo:\\"hiohii;;isi:to■■■....ciipqsc!'-.
V-llVfj^ suc;dessO;r id 'Pdii'0;7;Eocl.-pi.!iI..
i 'is sixlyVnitib yoiyrs ;olcl locjay... dfl
is'-an70(ld.'>c'dincici(}nc'S; ancl 'cispi'C-
s ialfy ;inleireslin:i"7 in coriiiocilion,
; "ivilii"'lhe7g'bs?si}j- cdiK^erriingitJai^;
d d i iiiiil 7.G:ibbotis'.
Vlpdiioie:l,he filcl ItialllitbQari'l.ina)
'y has^. ii5;W?d'Qtieli.c;.cl. v;ib'id»>d;icl,7ag«^
-' il?&Gi ySvtfe--c; 1 ecteU?;'B.6po.'yA ■ -ii ':>d'
,'■■■'..'; (R'eq ™ffi^YMjA-$faT'$ti
:.;•'; V sartie  Opportunity, dimdei"7 bin:
■'■"-':'„'■ SystemiVV>:"A. •;,-- /A'A. '-7-.-'7».
; -■'"■'.i.,.'v.-,-:f"; 77- ■■;'-.-'    '.■-.'-<>■■'• .-..- ■■■■■,-■; -v■'•"'■.•..
7'dfi.i.:oi;(l'(ii.' t,bb?ive7fti.-. .'Aniolibs -'li't'ijj'lisii.-.
71?oxiu;iliit ls.pIiieC'di iii tbe, liaiids" 61:all
| pbrsp.us stilleriii<;;'!'i'Oiil7' hii;d7,;lieiill:lii7'vvq;
,,y.'   -j-,lv.. .-;>.-'.o    Xi-c >.;,,,      iivu.-iiiisniiiienii..   irii.iii    intii iioai i.ti:-. vv
"V -7   "Ay'-My.PUC<r. inai-elhe fidldudii^biiosl, liberiil;oil"er:
j 'di'i'Siviuiil ii.e-ree . led .sell; loidusdvvel v'-'c;
l7l)Ox('s iil'^Drii Ariitild^^iiblisliyToxiii
Pbllriill ■'2i)'t'*.n ]Ar box(;\vey vyilbdciyfi -you,
! y I wodx rv K ij.y.' 7 j'.iit Ki'li ii TA-Vii' iiKAiyrlpai,
|7,\y A.'ix'iidy'VNiJi-oi-i-A i'n.-.-. iii. ;■ cith^iv.'..-.'J'.acti.es
:oj';Ge'iitsdiixeV or; vour (dioii'd'oldlvWiiiilvr
."... ■ Vv'..;':: Ay"'A"-'Al-'AT.Idig'e;.. T-dciitiii'.v:
'■i'•'<'.'(nilliidiieiiie- iil,,Uie spnl.livycsl;eorner,
ipost of A l"l 'ae-piViiiiiVbeiiio-;- nbrt.hu'est.
epriier.p(iai7of:7llei'l.)ord,(';iiii'k, .Ihenee
:soiit;lb*iflehfu'iiSi.lhei!e(.! e:ist;!diO; pjuiiiis,.
llieiiiie nc.irtli'.SO ehaihs.dlionce. wesl;80
(di:iiiis,tb:poiiil7<il';(j(iiiUiit;iiedn"ieii1.  -i7;7
yVI ii■ i I 5iiili. J ilOi,!. 7 7 f fei.-7iei*t-iC*lai*k.,7Idot'.
77,(7(iDiiireiieiiieeiU;iilip i5or,llie:tst. ftdriiby
■7-»>:i t7'. "of "5;. .TT'oi-'oort-.'-" (. J'fin.rlc,. nil cU-'.Hci ii g;*..,;fclic-
ii(iii?|,liyviis1i7 edrtieiy pfisl; -pf JX'hoiiias-Jd
i\l.oi.t..'"--V;lieiii;"o7-"sout.li'7''80 7'tilui.ii'i.s-j'7.t,.i'i.ijtie'o
east, SO (•liiiiiis.'i.lieii'ce iidrllir'80 ohil'ins.-
llioiii;e.'\vesi'. 80 chaiiiis' to .point  of; bon.i-
iiieiicenieiil-i   Aprilfilh.-'l.ilO.'t.   <d  d-
;i7     ;.y >y:77:7ThpiiiaB ,1: i\l'ottii 'Ijmrfm- d
d'C'tiiiiiileneiije-.iii tlie7ndrUivviJst,eonier
l)i'i'st-.'"',(if "Tlio'iriiia VI. Molt, amid l.ioiiio-7,t.he'
south wpsb;7"(;(J)i'tier7 7pt^l^t)|'7: Antboiiy"
Gijnibi'iif'.tlib.iit^nni'i-h Sl^cjiiii'iVs.'.tlieri'cc:
liasfdjll cilaiiip.7liVcnc:e.^(iyiit1i7J30 ,c;li:iii)s;7
ihoncedyesi; spdhaiiis to point;;;-oi.'-"-"'(;oi-ti;'i---
■iifcn'ttoiiipnt-.v .'Ajii'il75lld. l.iKi;!7; *A._ yy
Ani;li6ny7:Gi Iliiorcd Ubpatm7
■i/; i'i ,■.,,,'"' .„ '.'. NOTIQE. ., -,y:d .'.7-d';7,
; .">diflce'is, Inn'chy ;,'fveti iliii'l'liiirty days al'lei'
ilale- I ..iiileliil.. in tipply..'i.0 lhe 1,'hlcl' ('oininls-
s'i'iiici' of Ijiiiiiis iiiih ,\Vorks"ii'nd Assistant Ciini'-.
,niiss,iiiiici--i,il' Ijini'i'ls jiii'i'i Works for the ilisli'-iel
jiiI. Kast-Ivi.(il.c iiny "fori1. License- to priispeetp'or
Coal aiid Peliiileiiia'.dh'ilie folfowiiii.' ilosbrltieil
iii iii |s: Sl inn le' ill Siii'/ili I'.iisl' ICooieiiay. easl
of li'liillieinl I liver..iiiljueeiit.i.o .1 l„ Porter's
southwest■•-, eorner. . eoinnieiieiui.'   in :a   post
s()cli\ii]i>i souliii-llieiice SO eliaiiis iwest, theiiee
sii. eliaiiis ntii'ili. i lii'iiee^Sd elm iusiiiist.io posl
of eoiiiiiieiieenieni eon lain hi;;il 10 acres more or
less ■aAA''l d 77.7K"i.b A. MiAaY., fjoetnorr '■
-•-■,1'iiitoil ihls'lllii ilayioldlinie, liKiii. 7:.. 7,;;7^7.
■:.i'-',V''^.VeriViVM''r''';-'Wl''iVv^ otlierr.-pi'dniiiimsi' riiielis;as7,fine::diets dif- -d.-7'd';d;"^":';7   d   --d''- -':.AA r : 'V-"V7   :,,--
i.dV''|:5lV^tl|7'7V';.odOu^.,,.\\,iS-|C -;-0"pmmeii^
.j';iiiyV'2:';jd/''l8>y7,7i'ix-- (blid;;;-isilat(i 7':p±di|-'i'tVtM^fei^i.-H^" Ss^-'^'"-"-''"''-"-'^^^--!"•'l'*J:'"'^"i")"0""ii^»-^«^'-ol^>"l:' f:^V^^'il^"'*]t1-''"-,'^r ^d;'1iln'c!'.b"toiii,t-,lroUcl"-.IrJ-jtiyeVi"*;.ti'ti.ir-!!-
/.;•■• dv; NOTICE..;; A'^A^A'l'
d-f"'oti(ic is li'()|.(.'ij;/i}fjveil thai thirty iltiys yttfler
(hil,o7af7ititeijil to apiay ,lo llio Chief, Coiiuriis-
sipiiei-/el' l-aiiilsi ainbA\rorl;s, iiii,i)7;As"!isijii.il
Com in issioneiv (if,, bands and VVoriis,', 'for, the
ilist'i-ietof liliisl tvoolciiayj'df irlieenseao pros-,
.jiccl for,Coal aial 1'eiioleijiii■"on-./Llie-v'folli.ivvlng.-
(ieHiTiijefl,iamis. Siliiaieiiii .S.oulli Kiisl. K'nole-;
n.i.vi 7lli;iiisli Cdluiiibjii;1 eiisi-7of7 I tic Klatheail
;i!ivei'?ailjiiec'ii( lo ,1. ,'l. Porter's sou ill west corner. Coiiiiiioiiuiiig itd'a 'liiist'iniii-Uod liii. K'irk-:
wood's soutliciisl eotiief. ihenee SOcliaiiisnofili
tlieiieePO chiliiia..w,(:st. IhOiice SU. eliaiiisdipiitli.
tlieiic'e .Sii'eli:i'iii,s eaSi l.fi pose of couimeiieenieiit
containing,'!"!'1,acres .more or less, - ! T '. ".';■;
vd.i; ,'   .;- ;i<ii;i.;ICi;RIC,\\'bOi>,;l7oeaoir.,      "
;; bated iiih liiiyof ;iiiiie.'7i!i(i:{;-;;;;7>;;;;y; or.;
.'isbin'e" ;'.;i'ii"inb.-.-
7 Ay it'll
.■-.'Y<i.;t" r-;t--:---;;--i--' - ,:-. :.- . y-'-.r-,.;,;.    . .„■:;■.. y. -.-.y u...... <y;b,.bj. lllij-lrj ll' UOJ'iii
j "biii.eTiJibeTbyd.e '. diliX'Td! VyANT    A.X'y,
j'i'0^'Kyi::,'.r.iiujjj'.j -'iifleri-rAyHii'dici! :;i;hcj-l"iI ls:
li'iih;:-1^7;bo>:esbto;;irti,t.; t,}ic;7preiniftlnd;
i,;iidiydlr(;!'b'i;()ir)7;i i'tilialilcit
-h'iis'dy'ivbii -tlioi
-,.:is --...;., ,>r*,,,.-,.,..,,.-,:. .y.-yy.yy:,-:: ■S-'.-f'.':'-..-.-.--.;-l*i;.;-r
t---., -.-.•■■.': ■■-.-■;■■;,■■   ■.'•,. ■ -„- -.        :■■<<.■.  ■■ i f-iiq    Kijliuiv     and   .bladcler.   'Uriirnt s
77,-• ■;. ;;9o:hi'li'MiyV:'■:■' So :;rapid!y; 7iy;i;s,; his;
■7 :<>vdid\"i!;nced,'ii.n' i,l;iyi 7pr!osLii.{.>p'l-b"Lndl
'o- - i.  .'-,'.'■■'   ''-   .'-'.'■ie;--.'-■'■'■•:.■"•:■ '- ■,-.-■:•■-j--.    i»;-,, --.   -.:>.-
"■;, .■':•;'..]ii>i.::grba1da;bililiv>s7;' ibilt.; ;iVngUSl
' 77": .Ibd'd8t,i.8, i/.hGV^'xy'a'&.iycony'icVivt.ic
'.';,..-' bishop7iaiid-7 vioaiyi a-p'&s.t.-pl'itf   oil
(iisoaso. diahciiesdrheiiiiiel-isiip, lierybns
Iriitiblest. aiuf :,fi;iiialo;. (ioiii|daiii(,s.: aud
iii'b for-sale- IVy:;iiI first ;elass. drifo-bists
'uhd'-de'alers ln,ineiliei tie's iii.al I parts of
;',be world.'Sfoti; ha.yiy.oiijy to; sliovV't'-lic'in,
tbrsbib. UidiiiV;; Vciii. itrci , mil. olloi'liie-i
s-oiiKitliyi.e-iUial- the peiyple. doirl;. kiiovv.
(iiii*watelfes iiri',,the.;,ref:;;iilai'7st!ii)d:ii'ii;.
.'•i.-/.o   for '■ bailies   aiid   ' Ge.i.it.leiiie'ii..  in
'Norlli     Carolina.   77 Pour.; year's] Niokeloryiiiii iM.c'lal<;'ases vvitli .liaiiid-
■■'.-'■,,■���-■-■    .:■ -",.;.7    ■..■:'; A- ''■'■•'■■'   '.-■■' , b i.iniorl-eej.iers. vvafclies (sii'f.1,1 as no  lady
'' inond,"■'Vai.'lV'''■(■'Il'I- ib)77! Uo Was 7■''aip-.'.'i.'ii'i*' o'eiflh-ihaii 'bee'ii bi.iiasliiifned lo earn-
i-   .,'.  7  y:■■ -. ■ .' .•'.,.'.-        < -:! ■t7,- :;  .' io . all. -vylio  si.di   only .twelve  boxes ol
Ob .VvSb,Ci«!Sfeioil     it(d,-,iy\rchbishop, | llidsdvvbmlerfabToxi.ii Bil.lsV   Writo at.
'M'iiidiV'■■''•i'.i,i'"'i'i:',V'-"OcMV)h''»r"'-V:Vjf^-'t}'iV-»-i'"9"c:C'u.iia:i..l.».-V'i-.'li(.V'lfrwi-.-in yoiiv loealityitp'
:'5-l!,lfcy.    d,i'b '.'I';   KAUm^l    .1),, - UK, .j.^-;,,,,,. ..rtliiise- beaiilifiibwatehes anil:
-sat iio. year ;lio :■ succeed (-xiybo; lhe j eluiin/,.: As soon as  \A.  I'deoiive yonii-
d   di7'i7'id;,'iV7,,v,-d,, r    rvv'i-dfii'y ibvi^i- i i'tiei" «r jiosi.. card ivve .vvill":seiid yliii
s.ic^.libiiU.iuioi.0,:-.,, Jvn;l,^u.,lii>
c,*-oi'yC'd;' tjie  ■ crowniuy'" .b<.)iio'i.;.',-!.bf pdir llbistrafed 7(''ataloh-iie anil   lieaiiti-
. fid ly colored .cavil \vit!i;.vorci- iin.nic:: and
' AV-ii'S ;'
;c t.txil i ivii-l i led ';
i^iiinKivislnecdtl-ibv;te i^^jYidb^^it.;.bs .,u,'" tcuivli(.rij-:,i;l1 -da^ciifd
in i I'.eii.r.ii.i niind fliabvoii will no'f.71.)e aslc
,to-•■' l-fic'; cbiu'Cli;:
. bis.ii1bydl..iori:'tp,lho;
A. Strange Gdiricidcnc'd. -
;.. ■MJii'b-lin.i'.J uly,-i!.i!.'--;,OI: t.lib'iiiany
dpiM'^ons'. wji'o ..a-lvliiiiiilor-i.'.-.'. the
brilliii.nleoiii'f-i boli l.bodby-. by
:7.l\ in*;"'.'- ii-lid   Q.uedii :''j.i.rbbii-biy'-.
one rciciillc'd llie iiiieroisli'iig' faei
d11i;,i.t it vvas'ex.'iei ly.oni; luindrod
'.yetirsi a.iyo.- <)ii   tliu  evdnitiii:   o
'duly eL'iJV yddldl, ylliiit "Koburl
Rinniel i isiilliiHl forl.1,1,' with lyis
iii-iued   liaiid    In,, alla'c'lv "■'Dublin
'■'Gasf-lo. i i iiAv'li ich ioday's 'J'u'u'clion
' was. held. .Tito'. i.ns!ii,«j."i*nt.|,s on
the. way, met 'in' Tliomas .stirecl'
|:h.o.c:ari"itii,:e' of Lord'- [vily/arden,
live; Lord fJliicf .1 ustieeVol'-Irn-
laud,   -who   was   dra">"£>'od   out of
. bis ciirrbiii'cdaiid i'beeived wdiutids
vvhif-b ])rov<:(l :f;i,lal.'   ...-    '      . '.
WAN'l'Kn.  si;'A"i';i;Ab ,i',|i;i;..s('.i\rt'
nf character and .-f.^ood ri'.piila.t-ioir in j
.each slat.e (niie in I ii is eoniiiy reipiired) !
"in repres.'ib. add ailverl iSeold eslali-'|
lislie.d wealthy business hinise ol' solid!
Ibianoinb ■sla.i.idiii1/. .Salai-y 'fcM'.tllli
vveeklv with ••xpeiises addiiidiial. all!
piiyali'le ill cadi direct, each Weillies-I
day from ■ head idliees. " Ibn-.-.i anil!
eai-i-ia.e'e Idrn isiii'd when, iii-ee.' siti-y. I
I Pd'ei'iMiee.:;. ■ Idi-.-h iSe- <el f- add '•• 'S: eil' j
clivelope. (lohinial < 'n.. -eil i leai-luirn)
.SI... (.'iiie.-iil-o.   . "   ■•  ■
-ed l-o .sell any li.iore l-lia-n -i.i2 boxes,-'-it-nil
we; pny'T-.'.wast vwy. monkv until
■af(.ei'\.y(,Mi hlive sold.tbieiii-, AVo betir all
t.iie I'.'xp-q'n.se and dire "only,,, makind this
l''il)i;ii;,iili.)libi' ils.a liie.uhod "of .-idverl.isitie-
bh'."' Arnold'.s -,lOti^ilisli' Toxin Pills.
I !i>l:i'ti iltday.' write at oiiecl. and ;earii a;
bean!Ifiil pre-ienl^ for: yonrsell' foi.;,
b'iirisfiiia.s. • ■ ,.' -.'■:■'. (.,7 - r;!' : '■■■'■- -.'
Address '.ARNOLD 'MEDICINE' CO.,  bepti
■     ■..-■ -        :-   „-"■    '   ,,, -■■''■   132
.■-.   olbAdelaide SI. Fmhu Toroiito. Out.
Wli.v' yon, .shoiild  buy
are valuable  for
best Cj il a lily-
iii ost, lasl-inu- ettOK."
Because.',' '•*rlM■'.isi.^ji;--^i>iy.b
. ■" ,'        10 or'iiOe. plus'.
Because the ta
-.    ' premiums  until 'January
- 1st,   1900.
we  e'liitfitnic,. every plliij.
yniir dealer   is   aiit.hori-/.e(f
to i'l'l'iiiid yinir iiiuney if yon
ai-e not sal islieil.
iii': IOMiMi>'i'','.ToiiACt.:o Co.,  Ij'I'.ii.
nii|e npi.tli.al7thi; ljiler|)iitiioiiabf;ipiiiiil-.
""si"i •".vt'^'TLii ii < fVdii ij <"1; ;"■ j »e i=n.'j£f!.-■; ^'-'V.1 J11 i-'ovd'7; .131." i"*i;g;rt' ■-
?i'i«S t-'ii.i'cy:i.sl^:7'".oo.i; iVrji'-ir,'.'-!? lil ibii'ri'p-d *■- >io i.i t Ii 7 -id SO
ehiii.ii«.7llieiicc^vvest780 'i^liaiiisi^tlioiiiie
Tipi-t.li;8.(>,oliains;,1;lic^n.i;/.},<:uirt(.- iSi;),'<3h':t.iii'ij
to point ()l':(;(.)ii!inenccii)eiii-.7;, ;7,7 7" 7-7
7 'C.'oiiiiiieiieiii<x7;it.Ille.!']i(irl:.lie:irtt.'.(;oi'iie.i'
post iifdVmiie PbHrie-d* aiid lieiiie', life
niirt'liwestiocti'itebpost of;'"l."*.lidiiuis'lir.xiiit-.-
ob.Jbohoe, sonttlSOdtliainsd tbeiide (jast7
8() chains. 7 I'leiiec iio'tI.ii., sf) .chiliiiid;
tlleneevvest, SO chains; to po tilt of, i-'oni-
iiioifei!iiieiil77dVp|"i! ySl.Ti. lilQ.l :7 7)^.7 .
,.-.,,'■'■-■. :••'.'".■ '.l-'li.oiiias.Trialiitcvi'. .ljO(;ator . ;
■"; Coiiiiiioiieiiid-atlhe novflivviist corner
post;'pil rrii(iiiias .A.dHiintoi' aodilieiiie-
tlie7'sont.hwest1 <.'.oi'iiei- ppstd oI" Lewis
l.liintei', tlienee. north SO eliains. Ilieneo
east SO olniiiisl tlieneiyisoiith "SO- (diiliiis
thence yvesbSO c-haiiis,.to 'poiiil: <)f eoiii-
iiieneeiiieiit..- A"i>i*.i] '.Sth.7]!K)H.'- ., " ■■• . ,;,
:7; 'Le'u-iS' 1 limter, :Lo<:iiitor'7.
"Coiiiiiidueiiio- tit'fclio,.s6ullhvest e.orner
pii.st..(ii'i I7ewis : 1 Iniiter. iu.id .beiiiy" tlie
i'mitilfoust'-- eonier of Aiijru'sl \Vendt.
'tlien(:e''',ve.st...S(behiii.tis. .tlienee north SO'
(iliitiiis. theiiee.dasd^O,; cliaiiii;.".thenee
south SO chaiiis fo.poiiit.yiof. eoiniiieiiee-'
ineiit. ..April St:h:,1'!0:!.d7 7 : 7 ib. V,'.'.
....21'A-   :'. b.dAnjfaistjv.W.ciklt. Locator
A'AAA 7 V-; NOTICE.7 ;7 :-':,i,: - ' . --id.
dNotiei:: -is herpby V^b'on- thiit'i tlurtyi.
days'li^ini diifi; liei'ebl'dlUnl.eifd to apply
to,, the?,■ (..'li'ief...'.Coiiiniissioi'ic'i*-- of'■-■ Lauds
ill id A\r()rk's;liiie;t,.li(-'ei].so to in'ospbot'l'di'
b^oillaiul ;Keti'i)'.i.;iirn7.(iii7:tli(i7.f()] liiwiiiev
d.e^ajibeddliindWdsithaidd ea^t ;pf the,
feliiiheaifl i drjiyoi'd $ Villi dl\ isli-o-iieb-iny
ieivo(;lcdaiio(it7;i'i iniled" northeast; til- ild
;erossiiiy>'o'S .l.lied.nleriialioiiabllpniiditi'y'
Llne. aiii.'lr.iieiii' its ..jiiiicficm- with : A ku-
ln i Hid --'.^o.j'eolir :'.'';■. *.*oi ii iii «i t i"ii"ii i.i'<£r.-iV- ii'td >/-vv._.-."|.)o"si.
.niiii-loid'dbidrtlieast '(:oi'lieid;\\*7..IV (Aiolc
petroleum 7 and : epal'plaiiiidd iheiiee
rfiiiibiiy'sViiillrSlI'dliiiiiisd Iheiii'e7;;wes>l7
Siba '('ij i ail l s-ddfhe i i ee7 d i (iT*tiJiv..;S(l:.ji<tii'iiiiisi.:
theiiceVbaslbSt). .eliii,iiis_t(ie7|l!>i.iit7.(.)d.c.oiii-,,
iiieiiec;iiieiifi iirict. epii.faiiiiiie-,: (till acres
liibribdr li:'ss,7 •!l)ati.iil7.liiiiiV'>0:: IIKKi.d 7
"A"]y ' -r'\:. V7-7:': 1\V'.-'.1.: ('-'ook.-,ljoil!aior.;,0
A2S>   ..'7-,. 'i''--..s.-.i'.5v',:(:lc(i.!'f>d:l'i cis'C':'- Aefe-ii U-b
... ■NOTICE. -;.'..
N'Cirifi.; -is UV.UF.UY (ilV'ION tlnir Uiiri'.v
ihi.ys a lief date we iniendio apply oi'tiiefchief
lidiiiiiiissiiiiieii.i' l-uii(isaii(l Wiii'ksiit Vieioriu
foi' a license (.n... pros|ieet for c'oai iijuiii hinds
'.iliiaieil east of lil'oc); l.'iSS. iiidiniillieii^l K'poiib'
nay District.■■'llr'ii.sij' (iilnniiiia. -nii'l ilescrilie.!
mis fnllows:—-- .■".-'', ;   -' . ,   -
1   Coiiniien,eiii(,' in  a  ]>o^t" plaiiied' oiie mile'.'
south of tlie..northeast, eorner postof Uloi;k 4:m
lieinc, llie ,iiiil ial post of A. 11, C'racc's ei.'iiin,
theiiee eSsi 80 eliaiiis. liienreTsoiiili- SO: 'chains.
tlienee5 west St) elitihis.itheiice"norlli ft) eliaiiis to1
l li(' liiiiei.. <if eoiii!ii(.iiei;iii.eiii,iliid efilltitiiiillii,'fl40
aides. ',.'•       iiiitisl '.Miiy .s'rt'.'iiXI:!'-    .■'■.'.. 7', "7
.-' , A." I). (Jfiice. f-iii'iitor
il, Cfiiniiie^eiiiif hi ii ppM plHiited' til"i.v'i f!.;|
Gi'H.ee's'.no'1'i.licasi- epi'iier heing tli'dinit'itil post
of 17; t>race's elairii. '.tli'eiice east SO eliaiiis,
tlieiiec-spnlh-sp eliains.. thence .west. SQ eliains.
ihenee.■ iiorili sli eliaiiis io ..ihe.place of eoiic
iiieii(.eiiieiii..e(iiiitiiiiitfr tl'ifi iier>;%,7 : Daieil'-ifitlii
AlnyViiiiW.       7 ...-■'   .|d'c'|.aee.:r.(iciii(ii-;
il- 'r.'oiiiiri'eiieing'; at .a posi.:plained '.ai'- f-i:
i irace's'iioi'ihcus! erfriidi' lieiiiglliejiiiiiiii .pom
of O eo. Watson-s Clitiiif. ihenceeiisl SO chrihis.
llienee: siiiiili;Sii'i:iiains ihci'ico wesl SO chain's,
i.lie.iie." north sii eliains 'io, tlie'. place' ofconir,
ihi'iieeiiieiii. iiiidiHititalnine two acrid., ' iiiitiKl
'■Aliiy-i'iltli/MHiw, .     c;eii.;Waisoii,'fjoeiitoi'
. I-.(.loiiiiiieiieiiie'iii „ |iiiHi plumed ill A. 1):
('. races s(itit-lieast'i...|.|n..f ljisinff the liiillitl posl
of,:K'.'ld(!liu-li's ehiltii. Ihetice'wesl.SO chains.'
ll'ieiieifbiiitii sii eliahifi,' lilietiee -easl -Sli eliains.
Iheiieelini'Lli SO: eliains, to I lie place (if'enhiV
ineiiceiiieiit. eoniiihiliij.' ii-lil acres. ' llaieil May
:i7'. 1 l»C>:t' '' ,-.-. ic'.'ji, Clark. I.oeator^
. "i .-(.'oiiiiiieiielne'iu ii 'post'iilniiteil at. IC. I!.-
d'liirk's ii(irtlieiisi.'i.(if'iier'lieliif; lhe liiilinl, posl
of. .'li.-Tlilry> elaitn. 'tl.eiiee. iaist Sii.eliiiins.
llieiiee soiilh.Sil cliiiiiis;-thyiiee'"'iy.e.st Sifeliahis.
llieiiei.'.liiit'Ui 80 ehaiii.s'til place of iKittiiiie|,ii.e-
liieiit eiililaiiiiiiK 'UU ae,res. ■■■";. I lliieii'Miiy '.'.'.' \WX
:--7-!'A'y7-77.7, .'.-';.-,■-''.•.■'■Il'.'Tlili'.vv l-ocali-if
V.jtl' C'oiiiiiieiieingal a pn'si/'iiliiiilud lit I'l, TlilryV
-noi'i-1 leiisteiifi i nrJii.iiiif-i.hu. in i.i.i a I. j i o s U^ObiiidG-^
iMilier'S elaini,'thenee e'aAi  Sii (.|iiiliis,.lh(.|ice
soiilli'Sil chains, tlienee vyes'l Wl el.niltts, ilietiee
rtoi'tli Sii eiiiiiiis to place of eHiiiiiieiii'i'ineiili i,*oii-
laiiiiiiefi'llliieres...     Ihited Mayiir.lflUib:': ;7
;'7i„7 •■ •;',,   .;...-, r lv7C:.Milier.:Ij(ieiilor
■ 7; Cotiiiiieiieliiijiii it post;; plan ted. al"lv. IJ.
Clark's southeast coi-iier hein'e  the iniiialpost
.v. bale's ehii ni dtiieiico; west SO: tihaiiisVliieiiec
soil tli.VSil (i.iniIits. I hence ('lisI  Sii' eiiaills;-- thence
north SOeliii i US to liiace of eoiniiicnc'e.iiieiil /eiiil
7|iiiiiini;,lil0 ticrest" . • i:>nt.eb ,Slti>-'^J v '■'>
■ ' -•:•';' ■■„.---.. . ,:■ 'b" ."-A.'ttale. IjOeiilor '■'-.'.
ySdCoiiinipiichieai a post ]ihtnteilji|;A. Utile's
lioitheasleoriier.lieliitr' the initial posl of..)'.
-Cliii'lt's". eliiiin,-.- tiienee .east 80 eliains, llienee
south SO eliaiiis. llieiiee ivestsp- ehalns. l-heiicc.
iiofi-h SO-(•liii.iiiH in place coininenceiiiont eon
lipiiiiiK (i-tiliteres. y liated May :!T;. IOIW.;i7 ' : ■'
•'.d; •■-.,     -.--■:..'-'-,;. -,l. C'liirldboeatdr,''  '"
if Coiiiniencingalt! post pliiii.te'il it.l .l.'C.JMi'k.'s
.northeast corner. IioIiib lhe iii'Uli'ii post of II..
,K'ei'Sliiiw,'s,eliiiiii,-llieiici;, eastSOeliainsillicneo
.siiitili .SOc-hahiSi'ihi'iice west Si) ehiiilis. lhi!in;e
npillf.SI): chains, to' place of ootiitiieifceiiiijiit.;
(•oiitainiiiy iiiil aeres.'.     'piiteil May'-ir. 11)0:1.    -
'-: :7: d ; ' ,-;-':'i,,:d    7 11.; lvershaw, Loeaior ;....
,"-,--."-.-,''"   ...--"'■-'■' " ',   "'•• '  -  -    '-1-' ,-"■.-: ■ - v ■'.
-, HI CoihiiieiieiiiBitt a pi'mt. pliiiiieiiiit .V. Hales
soiilheasl.'coriier lieiiig .llie . initial .post of -I'".-
.lolitisdii's eltiitid tlieiieo wosi SO eliaiiis,"!liencr*
soiith Sli eliains, iiieiiee. easl fso' elniins,: thenee
'lior'lh'sO elm ins to piace (il'eoiiini^iieeiiieiilieoii-'
lili\\\iifr!i-l(iaei-es.;dMdioiited May'i!8.''lfip.1, ,7.'",'.;,-
--.-;-, : 7-.-7y--...-' .-.-.'"|{..',.l'pli.il.s-oii:-JVoeiiloi'i. --
■v.l.f lloiiiiiieneiiie.iii.ii iiost.'plaiiieii at lil.-'jnliii-
soii''s"iiiii'liieiist coftiiifi lipiiieilie'hiitiabposi of
ii. db-y'I'ip id hriii til's, claim, .^ilieiKiitd'eiisl.'ISO.-'
ehiihis.. thenee south Kii ehaiiih.1 .thenee, ciii-t  so-
chain:-, tlienee norlh-S'lcliaiiis'ln place oi eiitii-,
[ tiipn'e'eiiieiit; coiiiii.itiiiij,'li-lii'aures.
I)ated -May :.V. i«iO:t-     . H. O. .Jenniiurs, fjociibir'.
:.'! '!doniiiieiielni< lit a "post lihinieii  ittli.  C'd'
.Teniiings'   iirii-1 Iic-ust' coniei- heiiiL' the  iiilliab
post of CyrusA\-\ ilai-veyiseliiliii. thence; enst «u
ehiihis.  llieiiee:,, south SO ehaiii.s, Uiiyice-we'stiiO -,
ehuins. lhoiice:iiorih 80, eliaiiis to pliiee ofeoiii--
'iiieiieeiiieni,'eoniainiiif;i!iO acred      7 i   ',,7
.Ualed .May in; ijio:^ 7 Cyrus Ay, "Iiiid*fty, r-ociitor
.■-'":"*'. 'fi'omihciioInjJr l.it n ^ost   planted a I .0.. \v. ;
Ilai-vey's   norllieasl  eoi-ner   heiiiif  the initial.'"'
po.^tjof Well.iiif'itou Uuniiar's elaini.iii.eiiro east .-
so chains; ilieiice,sou'tli W) i'liaiiis.-, tfieiic'i:  went".
SO ehiifiiK; theiiee "not-ill Sii elniins loiphiee of
eoniineiiceiiieiit. contaliiiiif;' ii-li.l' acres,     Da ted
,'Nlay ftblSOfi;--- i'/'Wellliiiiiou Diinbat, bocaiof" ','
2'b. Coinmeiic'Ing-ai a post'"planted   at li., 0. ,
Jennings' southeast- corner! heiii? the -Initial' ii
post  Of   Donald -.Ni.' r.Iliolmni'seluin;.. theiiei:-,
"west sOehiiiii.-Vit-heiice stiuili SO chains: ilietieii   '■>
east si) chains, thenee north So chains ip,' 'place
o'l (ioiiiiiieiicc'iiifirit. (i'piitiiliilnj.'1'.io.acres.        ..'...."
'Daleil.Miiyiio. 100:1 ;   '''.ijoiiiilvtM. Ijineliiinii.d-oc/■ -
27,   Couiliieiicihe at aposi   iHanled   ill   I).   .M, ; '
bliieliHin-s.iiorilietisi ein-iiei- hehii*   the iniiiali V
posl of Uosabel Chtueis i-lai:ti:  llieiiee "onsl   si) 7 ,
chains, tiienee sonlli.Si) I'liainsi ihenee7vvesi, .Hu' ,-1"
chains, llienee tioiili M chainsdii pUree nl eoiii-
iiieiieeiiubil, (.oiiliilnlii.; (ilOafjres.     lialdd ..Muy7   ,
iiO, liiOit,    77 :.-.     ,"■-.-.■ i'osiiheld'lIiiie.Vr.oi^iiiii' 7 y-
iS- 'C.'(iininenelii),'   at  a  post   plained  at    |!,   '
Chiile's'nortlieiiM eoi-ner lieiiii; ilindiill.liil'iiCi.si ,..
• if li. Fi Coifett's (.liiiiii.iilieijedeast.' Hi ehuiiid,,
tlienee south sii eliaiiis. ihenee wca s'ochahK,:' '
tlicticc niii-ili SO eliains in, place |W eoinitience-
iiieni. i-oiiiaiiilux iiln itci'ifs. ' Haled Mti.v;!!!.■)jic'i'j
]'"']■■ ■'.-  '.,'''•'■' "H.'.-l'', Colli'il.'I.ot'iiloi'-     '7
»•'   Coniihiineiuii; ip iipoSi, iihinted'al Ilos.iiliiel
Cliiito's'soiillieiist coinerijeiiiK [he. hiiiiiil-pibi '
of'.loliti lOwin's ehiiin, tlienee West-Sii eiiaiiisi"
llienee son th SO, chains,   Uieiic'e ea>l 80 ehalud '"'"■''-
iheneediorili Sii ehuins in ,place of eiiiinitei:eeV;;;7
iiienl, i'.iiniaiiiliii.'illOiii'1'es.    Paieif Miiy ib.'lOO:'.,'
. .."'','r'   :'.. ,.  .' ':. .-''     '    .l(ihiil-;wi'ii. I'.oeator
.:.^:.;    ■■.-■.-■■■■ .-. NOTICE.' . -  „-:
V.TNqtiee is lifcruby 'given that' thirty
days;.:ll'ter date LJohiidl.-'BliiH:,; iiitqncl
to apply LO' the. c;hi.cf.0oiiin)i.ssione.i'. of
Lands arid .Works aiid 'the "Assistant
i,'(iiimiissioi!erof LanJs aiid.Works for
tlie,,'dislri'et. of ICiist Kootenay for -it
Iieense Io prosjiec-t.I'ui' Coal iiiitl Pelrol-
.oiini on lib e : foi low in e- des'erilied lahd
situato-it on Akainaiiiis ("reek about
-eiu'hI: iiiilesViorl li.of the liiteriiat.ibiiiil
Bun Hilary .Line. In the South lOiistei-ii
portion of Kast -Ivontenay dtst ciet 11.(.'.
(..'oiniuoiieiiie' ni a post plahied -.south
ol'Vboint;- tlie initii'il post-  iidjaeeii.t to .17,
M. Sylnan's elaii.n aiid,iiiai'l-ed  Violin 'l.
I iliill-.d soulliwesf '.corner   post.,   tlienee
sonl.li SO eliains. thenee east  SO   chainsd
ihenee north'SO chains, l-honce   west SO'
eliains -to lhe phu'e. ol'  be.e'iiinb.iL;-,   eon-
fainiiie-'i'i-IO iieres ni(ii-'''or less.
M.ocaled .1 ime,i;ii.l.li.. lUO.'!. '■■   ,'
•_>S ' .lolin T. I'llnllV d-oeatoi-.
B ecause
app-ly in iiie I
Wurlis,   i..ir,
j-vi'ryilibi'j; Slriol-l.y First l.btss.
Next door to the Prospector.
Sixly ilnys al'ier dni.e. I iiilciil.li
illiief (iitiiiiiissivuii.f of I.and-, .'iiiil
|..'l.liils.-i..:i I., purchase I lie lellnwili," descfilii',1
land in Smith l-lnsi Kuntciiay:   (iuiiiiiieiiciii): :i.t.
;i t'ii-.i | .1.) ii 11 >i 1 ahum. i...v.'tii\ eliiiins cast of itii:
cnfliiwe.-t   curii!.'!-, of   iiiy"pr--ciii|i|.ioii.   i.lietiee.
li.iiliiiiiiiii;     I lie   'eastern     limiiiiliiry   nl"  Ml   S.
iiaf rli.."s   pi'..-.,.|ii iil.ioii . twelil.v, elniins    luirtlt..'
I in-lH',. fiiri.v el nil lis c.'l sl., tic'lice iwenly elinill^
;.'i,in.l)  in   ill.1   iii.i'ilieiii 'l.i.niidarv  iif   my   pre-
! einpiimi. llienee fiillovv'nij.; said hiiiinilnry  foity
; .'liaiiis wesl i.i idai'e of I'liniiiiein'.'iiieiil.     ('tui-
dai iiin- .'i.^lil.v aeie.--.
i     Ijuteil .Inly liitli. 1003. till
'. Nuliee   is'  hei-ehy jj-iven   that lliirly |
days l'rii.m-'ilate iiercol'. I intend to apply j
t(i   t hi'   l'hiel.,b'b.:i;rb:-ioiior  <if   bands j
and  Works' for a licence, t-o prospect furl
coal and iielrnleiiiii mi lhe follovvino- de- \
... - i
scribed laiids: siliialed easl of the I'lal-I
hi'iid ..River,  .mi   Kish-e-iieh-iia   (i-eek.:
ahonl   'twelve    iiiiles    llnrl heilsl     of   it:,,|
eriissiii.e- of t.he Inler.iiatiiiiial I '.oiindai-y [
bine  .-iiiil   near   iI-'.!' I'"11 v'"b.h ,\!<a   j
liiiiia   < 'i-eek:    eO!iiiiieiiciii*j-   oi-   a   'post. '
/marked.." ••nor! hwe...l     eoi-iiec     Stella, •
.""' ," .NOTICE.' '■'        ' Vbd::
7-Nii)tiei;i.;isy liereliy; .e-iven   tliat  tliirty
days I'roiii (1,'il.e li'ereiif. I" iiiloii'dlo apply,
to .the .C'liilf. (.'(inu.liissioiiei' 'of   Ijitiids
tuiil Wcirks for a lieiinse lo'|u'Ospect ftii*
Goal  ifipl   I'eli.'oli'iini,, on.'the follovvino'
(le.sci.'il.ied, lands:, situated   east, of the.
I'lailieiid 7: River.'   oil  ■ lyisli-n-iioh-iiii-
ei'oelc. about (ive iiiiles' iiortlio:ist7 of its
erosriiiio-o.i'.tlit; International 'Boibidar'y
irvihe.' .aiid ■; Vecyiiei'i.no- 7y>"ith ., (Tieo.   A
Caiiicron's and  II.   S. - Uqse's"  oltiinis.-
Goiiiiiieiie.iii<;-iit..a..pbst:iiiiirk":ed. vbioi'th-
wesf ('Oi'tiei' post.. -Cleor^-e 'cIlosiij   coal
and petroleum claim." thenee  riiiiiiino-
sou ill SO chains, l.-lieiiee easti' SO .eliiiiii.-
.t.henet: lioi'lliSO eliains.' llieiiee* .west  SO.
ehalns, to point of.iioiiliiioiieeineiitiaiid
donl.aiiiiiie-'ii-IO acres iiiore7oi'- .le.ssi.'      "
Lociired .tune :,0l-lbd90aV-; .--;  '     V
'.'■■■'.,      -        ,,' Georye RosedLocixtor.
2S;■''.'•.''" .di By Geo. G.'cRose: Ag-ent.'
,' '-NOTICE.      ".
' Notice" is'i hereliy o-.iveu thai- thirty
(lays I'rbni date .hereof, liniciul to apply'
to the (.'.iviof Commissioner of Lands and
-Works for a licence to pros])eef forcoal
itiid petroleum on,,the IVillowiiio- de-
scrilied lands, situated!east oi'iihe Plai--i
liead River, .on k'isli-e-iieh-na ■ lireek.
about five miles northeast of' its . eross-
•hiiEiOf the liitei'iiatioiiablloiindary Line
and corne'riiii.'- wiili ■ Geo'. A. Caiiioron's
claim. Commeiiciiio' al ii. post ni;trked.
■•norlheasf corner post..- Il'ito-h Siraih-
iiaii'irRose. coal urn] petroleum!-claim.'"'
thenee i'lltiuiifo- south SO chains, thenee
wesl SO chains, thenee nortii SO chains,
thenee east Sli eliaiiis to. the. point of
coiiiiiieiio.onioiil, ■ and 'conia.initio- 0-10
acres more or less. Located .1 ni'ie :,Q, l'.IO,"!.
11 tio'hiSt i-at hiiairn I iiise, Localor
- 2S I !y (ieo.- A. Caiueroii. Ai'itnl...
50   YEARS'
e.liiiins.hlience soulh SOeh'aius." llieiiee
eliiiiiisl llieiiee norlli HO'eliiiins to plarfiiif 'coiii-
hietieeineiil;:coil lit iiiin^'filli acres.; ■: .7 IlateiliMity;
7'iii Coiuiiietieiiiff i\y:lpost planted at li. I..
■'1'.,(lalliraiill's iiofpieast ;eiifnei'.,'lieiiie;, iiie
itiiliahpiislof Civ,b.7SiiiiIll's elaiiii llienee east;
SOichains, thenepsouih SO ehuins;- theiiiteH-esi
SO eliaiiis. fhetie'eiioi'lli Sli e li iii us/in.'place of
(•(iiiimeiiceiiieiil. eoiitaitiiuKil-IO n'e'res. i-    lialeil
-Mityiis. liiiiii: ,•■:■'.'-■.',ry',c.'r,.Sniitii/ijoeaipri
1:1.7C.'otniiieiieine at a posl planieii at I". Jolin-
son's siuilheast eonici. IxUtifr iiie initial posl of
.-V.-ljiliii^iiley, eliiini, -.thence (vest So cliahvs.
Oieneedoiiih So chiiiici.-ilieiiee east si) eliains.
llienee iioi-th Siicliains lo.llie. phu'o ol'-coiii-
liienceiiii'iit am I eon I iii nine (Mi) aeres. Diiied
iMay::s. I'iiW..'.. ...A. Ij. Clucnley, I.oc'ator.
II C-'oiiiiiieniiint,'ai a post planied ,at Vv.; f„
Cueiiley-.s northeast corner, liciiifr the iuitiai
posl dr Ijiliati lliirvcy's elaini. thenee east so
eliaiiis. llienee south SO eliai.iis.'tlience we.sl SO.
eliains.'ilieiiee norlli.SO eliains in llie place of
eiiiiiiiienceiiieiit, and eoiitaiiiine 040 acres. ' •
. Liule'l May 2S. lOOil. IjilJiin flaryey. Locilor
. Ih C'oiiiiiieiiei.ng at a post.-plained" al Lilian
Harvey's, inorilieast corner heine theh initial
post of "Jury I'ldl-hieliatn's; cliiim. thenee.ea.si
SO eliaiiis. ihenee soul li SO eliains, llienee west
SOelnihis, tlienee north SO chains lo.ilie.piaee'of
c.oiniiie.neeiiieiit. containing.r*iq acres. .' .Oaied
May iW. lOOil. ,,     ■- d-vtiu-y i-;. T-.ineliii.iri,-; Locator
' Hi -'Conimeiiciiig at: 11 post plan led one mile
easl of the lii'Sf'qITsc.l, or six miles south of tlie
dioi'tliensl corner post of UlocU L745S8. heiny,
the initial post, of lleriha Fislileiuh's claim,
llieiiee vvest'SO eliaiiis, thenee soiitii SO chains
tlienee east SO eliains. thence norths!) chains,
to the place of commencement, containing
i'.ili acres. ',.'•' ■'■'" i  ''"' .     V .-
llittedMay Hi), i.'.iOS ' lierthii Fishleigli.. Locator
. IT Ciomuieiieing-at u post planted ill Bertha
FisliieiglCnortheast corner heing Hie,initial
post of.Mahel K. Dnnhiii'-.sclaim thence easl SO
chains, llienee south SO elniins. ihenee wesi..S0
chain's.llienee north .sn eliains toihe place of
eoiuuience.iiieiit. con tain ing till! acres-, 7 lialeil
May :J'.i, 1011:1.'., M^ahel K. Dunbar. Locator \
IS 'Coiiiiiieiieine at a posl plained at lierilia
Ki.-lileigli's soutlieast corner,: . .heing the-
iiiiiitil post        ' of        Seafi.'       I'ad.loii's
claim, ihenee west sn elniins. thence soulh su
(•hiiin.-;. llienee easl su chains, ihenee norlli .10
ehiiilis to |ilaee of coiniiienceiiient. coiitaiiiiiig
l'.IO acres.       Haled May ai. 100:1
Scull I'addon. I.OCalor
i      '   . -        ' >'    ■ -,.,-'.
. .10 Ciiiiiiiieiieing-ii!.- a post planted al .Seal.
I'liililiin's northeast corner.. Iieiiig the initial
posl of Kilward )•',. Harvey's elaini, ihenee easl
su eliains. tlienee .south SO eliiiins. tlienee wesl
SU eliains. Il1e11een011.il so chains to place of
eoiiinieneciiiiuil. eonliiiiiiii),'lil'i aci'es. ' ■ . .
lialeil May-'O, HUM Kdwiiril K. Iltuvey. Localm1
, • :J0 ('oniiiieiicing al. a post planted 111 Sen li
I'addoii's siiiitlieiist ('iirtier "helnj; ihe iniu'iil
posi of Williiiiii II, llarvey-seialin. ilii-ii.-e wesl
si 1 el 111 ins llieiiee si 111 Hi SU ch.t it in I hence easl sii
eliiiins, i.lieni'c luirlh SO eliains iiiplnci' ill" ciuit-
iiH'iiceiiienl,. (...iitalnlnr liio acres, ...
1111 led'May -.'J. I'.'uii. U'illiiini II   lliiivey. I
:■ if 1 ; CViii 1111 C;ncliij.'  tit_c.it  posl   phijiieil ill'7l.oli.ii :
|.'.wlii-,s norfheast.eoi-nei'-iielng tlie inltfiil  posi
of ,1. Tiienliaii.seib'i cliiiiii llieiiee east SO chains,
tlienee sou ih ;,SO;eliaiij.s|.,tlienee  wesl  Socliniiis, -
tlienee nortii SO eliiiiiis',in''jjlrtri'(.'..6ir:-eoiiiiii't'ii'eer/;'
inent, coil.Iiiining lilO acres.. -DifteiTMHy.i'o. I'viia',
:   v      :' •   ;;,-:7    .hisepli 'i'iiorfliaiiser. Loeaior -
.. ..•■';  Co!iiinetiqhiic..iii7ii  post' l>lrtiili;d.7;it7.(.7C'.
Caiiiphell's.so.iithvvest.eofiier heliig iliu'7itiiiliVl"...;
!)0«t,of li. Ciriiliill's ela 1111, thciice vyest"sOeli'iiliu"-;
llieiiee.'iiorili'sii eliaiiis; thieiice;;c,asi Si) chiiih:;.
'llieiiCej.louihSO chains, to pliie.i; of- eoiniiieifeei
iiiiiut, couuiiiiiiigOlO iiei;iis<,7 lhiieil Miiy i'i,-l'yo2 7
~AyyyyyA --;::7d;:7 jVdiiiOt'iiili-liV Lotiatoi-;-;';
7:ti'1.Coiiiiiieiieiiig   iii   >c postjplaiiled,dd   li."
Gri!lilli".s:'rio.i-theiis!v>. corner oohig   the hiilial
posi o'T.' iloheris' c,lid|ii llieiiee west Sd.ctiains,"-.
tlteiteti north SO'eliiiiii-.s.ilience'fiii.s! '■ SO chains-,
thence s'pinli SO elniinS loiplaee of rbiiinieuee-.
iiienti eoii itii it ihe oio Hcres: ' Dated M«yi 1,7 iyu^,:
..-'■--■:L-'y; . ■."'■■;;; ■■' ' '■ T   A"  :': "17 KohertS,: LpCalor - ■:'•"■,
;' flit ComirieiieiiigVat: ii post pliinied iu 'l'.'•'..
ilohei-ts nprtlieiixi corner beiiig.llie'initiiii'po.ii'
of.it. Deiiipsey.ls ehiini,.,.llieiiee westSO'cliiilnv
tlienVie norlli SO ehtiiiis,: theiiee iais'l SO, chit ilia;
thenee -Souih'ftO eluiins to place; of; ediitnieiii.^- ;
inent, ediitaiiiingiVlo acres. Ontcd AIay^l~i^d
..':-'' . %     ".        .77 "-.  '•• Ueiniikey, l.ocat'or -7;.
AyAl 77:;:-::diIv-y'NOTlCEd''- v.- Al':--'-,:lAA.
■- ./rala; iioti'ee liiai'tliirty days after (tale we lib.
i.eiiil ;to:,!ipply;.io7ilie7Cliier:;C(yiiiniissi(iiierof
Lands aiid Works for a special-1 licence' t0 cut
aud eiirryVivvtiy,Iiml.iebfioiitdhe7followiiig 0e-
serihed.liiiKls in Soufh;Must KOotenay■ TConi-
ineiieing itiii poiiit;one tiiile'iiorili of the', south
eiisi bonier oi;dJpldii"i:dili'eiiee7easd.l(«i .(•iiliiiis.'.
iliencesOiilli -in eliains,'.tliinieeiwes lion. ciitiiu'S?
Uieuee iiorili 10 -elmIns- to;.ilie;ti6iitt7or eoiii-,.
ilieiieenieni; coil tain iiig lii'''ii'li.:iy'ii.«V;i'i!s'iii'orB.,iir
loss: 7 Oiiluii:tliti loildilay of^ iiiie,"jVd:i^:llfei ~
:'(}"     'Oriiw's N'est 1'ass Liiiulier Cii'hipaiiy-1 -
.    '■..'-.■     -     ....   ', .   -"V ,^:.t.-,,-:     .-.'.:■-.   .     e..-,-   ...   .     '-.'       -   "     : .:
■.if'V;";V;,,-,. i;ir, ' rycOTlctd'-'.;,7;.".:-.-.-' VV,;V
■''.': 'lake aotieij tiiti't thjrty iliiysiirier, date- I in-
leitd. to apply; io" llie Chief   (doiii tn i.skii itii-r.. .»
.T.iiilits.and.U'orks for it special 'license  Ui eiil
iiiul eiii-ry away liiiibefl'roiii life followiiii.' de-
seril.ied lands in >soiilll IOiisl   ICooteiuiy;. . Coin2
nie.iie.ing at  a" post .planted-dine nii.l one-lialr.
(Iii) miles east of the iiiii-tliensi,cortiei- of  Lot
,i:lS:   ihenee  wesi  SO eliniiis.   iliene... south   «;o  \
eliains'.ilieiiee east A) cintiiis,;- ilioiico norlli 'so
eliains io lhe point of.coinineiicemeni. eonbiii)- .
ing in all illo acres more or less.     :7
lialeil the It'.th.day ol" .liuie. A.i>.. lOOil.  '
-0   7.,        ..--. "     IliiriililnnrliiiK.    :
"""    7   'NOTICE.    .     ;'" "     '„;.";
'I'ake iiptlcc that tliirty days al'lei- date I in-
teud in apply to the 'Chief 'Commissioner of
.Latidsiind Works for a special Hcenee lo Vuj,
iitid ctiri-y awiiy timber 'from' the.following ((le-
scribed,hinds in South East., ICooteiiny: ,Com-
meneing n't the uoriliwcsi cdrnei' of. Lot l«H;'
thenee 'south SO ehtiiiis. tlieuoe west SO chains ■
tlienee iiprth 80 elniiiis..:iheiice ead'ffo ciiains'id
tlie pointof coinmciicoment. coniainiiig iii all
•MO acres more di'. loss, d-■ ,, ..     7
Dated lhe hith day of June. A'.D/;'isOft.1.'   '"''■'
2« '" ■■': '  , T. TJuCRS.
Th irtydays after ilaiel. the undersigneib intend to,apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special, licence to cut '
and curry.n way timber from the following'described lands in South.East ICooteiiny; Com--
meiiciiig.rtt u .stake planied :w eliains iiprtlf of.
the ..southeast corner of ' Loi i'A: tlienee so
eliains eHst, th'eiiee-.SO eliains s'onili. tlieiice sii
chains west, theiiee,SO,elniins north to.the place
of beginning. .:  -it;
Dated .Inne Ifiih. lidK.-   -. T: .Nfariin. .-
Tliirty days after dale I.ihe uiKteisigneil. in-
leiul to apply to the Chief Coiinnissiouer of
Lands and Works tor a'special .licence to cut
and carry away linil.er iroia tbe following -described hinds in South l-Iasl ICooictiay: Conj-
inencim' at a stake' planted 10 chaiifs south oi
the northeast curlier.,.of Loi :(:«; .tlienci: su'
ehuins east, tlienee SO chains south, thence sii
ehalns west, llienee SO eliains north to place  oi
beginning.    Dated .Intii: li'.ili. IW..
T. Martin.
ll     el
Lylloiii   I'eli-oleii.-u   and
I hciiee riiiiliiiie south SO chain.*
east SO chains.. Ihenee  nortl
l hi'iice wesl .SII eliains Ki piiiiiidol   eo:
iili'lieeiiieiil. ■ and   conta.iiiiii'j-   '"'Id licr
mure or loss.    Daieii .1 line '.".0. I'-'od.
Slella by I ion.   I.ooalur.
2S Lv Cue. C. Rose. Ayenl
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anymio Ki'iiillng n. Hltelcli and ilmnrliillnii iiuiV
iiiil.'lilyasi-iMliiin our opinion free whether nn
invention l« |H'"lilili]y imlenOil-le. • Coiiiiiiiiiiieil'.
lii.iisiiliietly-ciinlliliMitiiil. IIhh.IIm.mIi on I'liti.nt.-i
in.nl free, (ililesl iiL-eney for securing l.m.'i.li.
- I'liii-nis taken ilirinieli -jMiiiiu'.jt <"n. receive
ypirinl It'itir.r., -.villain!, ciuirue. In lite
.Scientific .Huaericati.
A limiilsoincly illuiif niiPii weeltlv. Lnrecit olr-
iMiliill.in of liny (.eieiillllc jiinrniil. 'rerins. fil n
year: four iiioiiI.Iih, *1.   Sold l.y nil nevvmlciili.rs.
fWUNN & Co.36*B-™w New York
lirancll Cirtico. C25 F St^ Waahliintotl, 1). C
-a Coiiiineiieing al a post, plunled at W-. II.
Harvey's noilheasl .cOiiier. lining the initial
post nl iMih'el, llaivei's cliillu, tlienee easl Ml
elniins. I-heiiec miiiI.Ii Su e.lfainu. llienee west su
eliiiins. thence norlli su chains to plnee of eoni-
ineiieeiiieiil. I'onlainiiu; iiiil aeris.
Haled Miiy:''.i. I'.iu:i Nobel llarvi'-v. Localor
;    "•'   ('.
j Harvey
I post
i ciini
iiiiencliir tit a.jn.ist
sinitlieiist   eot'tier
I  a I
Special Round Trip J?ates.
Itet-vvcen .I line. -Jt.h ' ttiitt and 7\iie'u,t,
2lith 'I'he Illinois Ceiilritl will sell riunid
trip tickets from <ireeoii anil Washington points to C-hieae-o. ("uiro, 'M<'itijihirt
and .New Orleans al CI IKA'I'I .Y l'r'-
Dl.'CI'Mi  RATKS.      .
-  Tiol'cls e-otitl for threi' iiionllis.      (."o1-'"
iiie   litnii   ten   days.      Rei nriiine, limit
ten days after,slarline wl-ni.   Stop over
privilee-es   either     way.    wesl    of   the
M issouri River. .. '    ■
Sale (Ini.'.T, are arriinoeil ,|o |)(. ,.,,„.
veiiieiil for deloe.|(es to coiiveiifiiins, of
Natioiial Kilin.-nl iomil .'-Asocial ion at
Kostoii: l-:iks ai Italtitnoi-e: \\'oodni,-t)
al Indianapolis: Kaelcsal New % *«. i - U":
Shriiiers    :it    Sai-atoirn:      Kniehis ' of
ni   I'iniuia   Harvey's  claim, tlienee cast so I I '.vthias al   Louisville and    < "(iininereiitl
Travelers at Indianapolis.
Von can take your ehoiee of Sixteen
Rillerent Routes. Write us. Wc will
cheerfully eive you iiny detailed information you want.       '
B. ii. Tkumucll. Cotniiiereial Atreut
1-1^' Third St., Portland. Oredou.
llienee -milli su elniins. llienee wesl  su
llli'liei. iiofih .^i elniins to place of coin
tiii'iii'i'iiienl.; ei.iitaiiiin.i i'-Iii iicres.
Iiiiii'd Mn.v-J'.i. Iim.! Eiiiiiiti llarvev. I.iii.atof
1       '.'ii     I 'olllllll'licilll:
! 1 Inrvey's   soul lieast
| post of II. O. Jeiiuiut
i   pnsl  planted at W. II.
oilier - belnif  iiie initial
cltiiiu.  thence  west So
trtmamittii, •]mmttv*vi^*m*x^^'*&^vizJz^ii/'*U-.^au^nji u't^^MV4;^^i^U7fi^-^|iMM<n^^^
■ri ■■•*—"■nmi.waM
VsATidiDAV.-,■!-(•:i,'v" -J.il, iiiii;':.'■'"''
. ■-■;-'• ..The be^tiaud-safest way7 |
-to i -keep 7 Bab}''s ■' skin- '§>.
■ healthy-is"to use only
BABY'S   0
.-■Pure,    Dainty, dDclfcate.--'
, Beware  of  Imitations.
"'■-■■ 7  ■......-".-,   ~ ; -•-."'■- ',     03fl'
;j.i;vLpCALv-jSIBWS. i
,;i.'   T;   Liudiii ,f,:;."Avns-Vil'V Cram
brook" \Vi•;.!:!!(.d(!;iydid liusi-lK'ss-.
.'■-id ran!;    • IjOC'I.c!re:; ■• cai.ni:"'" down
■I'Voi'i'!, v.M.cl'/Ppv^ri'^Vcdno^Uti-V-;■'.■',..-"
\ ^ruu-injrvij%ruvynip-u%^ tai>ixrmnJjn^jTj-u^
Imperial Hank of Ganada I
.'.CAPITAL (iKiid,i)|.) ,7-d . $3,983,89'f>'.'"
'.REST ACCOUNT -    -   -- $£,(,-30,31.2
■North''Star lodgeIB1;'^^^1
.....    ,:. . ...;■,..   .   .     ,,.  .a ■■ I ^i.udtdi'; Hi ..;ti' ■■•'
: .Kiivi'l 7 f.di u.l;.s:, .-was  down '■■ from
.   I.u.'gi*lo£.yo.i'r:.voin. ...;;..'.'',      ,•   ,1
■ '■ T.   ■ Hiinsojv.  "Alo.y ie,  .\vas '<."■ iii
Slfoh'-'fiii'schiv-'oridbi'isiiii'ssV "'■■■'■
■ y  ■"..-.,■ -...   ■'   .-..'■•' I... ;.;;;, 'to';. ";   ... ;  ;    ���■•■■■
■ ,::-l [i.i-wiiki.v'i did- is  io .'tbd good
cild; s-i..i.ii!t'iu'-.-|- liidd'wc. sriig'Hbuw'';■'•'
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-jjj ■■'.;.'.1:1 Gcici- Office.—Toronlo. '\ ■■'■■'.    ■.'.■',;"." i "'"■■''
'\"' '17 Id \l.Kl:!.:T'J'T.'|'i"e^ideiif Hi:')•.;., \\'ll.(r:ti;.,Vi-('i'-l'redV!iiidi:eu. Ala-ni
5] ' A.'ttl-.tfTs--- i i\7; ;i; lllO A;r„ llRI'I'.VIN-idoyds'i iiiiiik. i7^-ii,,i,il,arihdsi,i' >y
5''    . i .oiidoii.  ,: -     • .-1 ■ ■    . -,.1  ..-'.■. ■..-,.          -•..-.■■                 i
■v-1<  ,. - ■     ' ■ ■...:'-,■.■■.   .."-....    -,.-.•."■...    ,.   .......  '..,'...,..:-    ....    -..■■■■■•■                        '-■■■■;)•      5
i'i,           -■ -   ,, , - ,   -■           , .              .:    ■.,■. ■ ■■■  ■ o-'       ■   ■    i,                        ■.■■,■■
ifj" ,;   '",..■-;,   „ .    A; i;iei'H;'ral T'urikiiji,'- JdisiiieH" 'lYatiwieted;.. d':            [..'-a
d^l,,^aAlno"' Bi.i-i.ilc' Dppiw't uietii:r-di|iei.'i.^i'':i!lo\vc!('l Vin I'li'i'ibsits. 7 j
F. 1 I. I\TA R SI I; (Via nn|e id vj|j
Cranbrook Branch.
.*   7 v
'■*'■•■ 7;
*   ■' "
tf.!i   "."
'»■   . .
.{-.. :
,■'.;; HEAD OFFICE-i-TORONTO. ...'". ;yy    '
1 'niil vip (d'anilalVis'7.00,000: I'ewervo^diiiil $;.irti(i(i,(llli):
..ll     .   Ae'e'ree'nl(i-|'esotu'ia^ Over.l7fi,00()',(l(iih  '■'';„, ':'■.
l.oiiiloiiOl'li'cc; 11(1 i.iimhtii'il• Sirc'j*I, ICii.  7
■■-■';. c    ,Ncvv %'oi-k-ori'ioe;  Hi IvMclianr.e IMncc. 7
|, . And Tp'I-braiiijiies iii Oahuda, the IfiiitetJ'States nnd' Britisli dbliiiiiljia.77  «.
I   Cranbrook Branch. - a V.-V F ■:■ C. MALPAS, Manager.  |
a\'NOW    IS   THE   TIIV!E   TO   INVES% vIN
i-:''ijS|"- /V:i,7v- '"VV-7 di.—t";-7:7—-: ^l" _A;.::.
m ■" ' •■■■■■• ^■■■■■■^ •-,■'.,-. -tf
no; 30.
d   <!!   li i'ii'kii'..ii'iii'i.'. 11.-<,.(.'Vein   '.Vi's-rd
;' in   ' .ld-;,ii!di.7:(i;-;,>.■ ■:■ \Vi;*d'iii".'si'la.y-   t?i'i
.   , :! diVsiiieids
.■.A'.'(F,:AND'Ai"-.M. '7  G.':RdB.: C.„'' . A '     .:-■'.' " '."-
'- ■.■n;"v   FOKr STKErjK.di. V.""-        '■'■    -7{;.      -,     •':',•'-'.'.   ...    ...        .   s.  .,
■Kfcgu'ltir''--ni^tIiiV«-'l.sf Tt'i.^iiii'v   ;,d c-icir"., v  '' V!' ~t-1-i-'- 5'00!"I iiV  . . ..•,-(-.'I.So 11 WilS-.t
..   ,1
.-:     ,..'-fe "..*. .1,1.,,-J^lllj;-—^1.^.        L ll'.'-?.lliV ,       ,<Sj      '.'I! C |,"'i ..,  .   I1 .     -..,-.' ■- , ----       ,
f'.-.- y ,moiitk,tit «itfht;o'clOv:!;:7- 'Vjsiilnw H!'i:!li.-.':i::ii-'7   Peilt'Si drou-."''' .;'i'i":   'd 1 it ■"''■'-':',;|,tit liivT-'i!'-"!
. ■'•    v;c"nJi:iliyjnvU.;tl. ,-.,;- „-.:- ...,   -    iv„j--. ' '   ■'   :  ■    ■; :".'■'.,':[■_.     •    . V 'l    |
: "77 :■■':  Kll; Wvor'"-t6ilsfe',"vP(..riiie.'' i'ri/iilar 'ini>,-Hii'i''> 'l  > AAAAA-' ".'■ ■"■.. ' y '"'. "' '7;,"    •'■" "|
, ,- -..belli llr.scFi-itla'y, ol uuvli.moinh.  ..-..■'..■','.-' .,.-..."]'-...    ;■"  ■  '-- '.'.  '. .;"■ .--—--—., -d" ■,»--■'   r"  j
,7   7;.. C.ra'nb:■;'iol<;I.od!,'l^''brll!l^>t•ook■.■'"''^?^:uJi■t' iiVooi-',. ..',.i'-f *'.'.■   d) -d7 j',,,,',;d;fV...'. ,;.,,./,.;;'- 'T'-d..-,-. ^
.;,,  ,iiiKS heliion thiryii.'ilTliii^liix or oacii!/i...i)i:;r!-, , u7-"0^ :K Al^'pA  yA ••',>'', d'-n\-IJ.;
,L..ddL-^7d, „„'.7;-,:i; V:'-.;;-^.!^..,: ■lv7i,i.j^j.i_ui!J.A.u.f.^.^'/:    i ti'LLjU ■: j j^d.Adj.CJ^l'K.-dl'iliiradItidlyJ-
7 .'ifKqck)-  i\;Iouiimzxri-' Cliapter;
■ ":AA': V'7'NO.:,:l25i;rR;.,4;'A[d-'"V7 :-;..:
,':■:„.:,,,:,:    ..,: :j.'0R'['  STEBfjB,  !?. C. 'r'i :-
7777 7Re^laiV,ineeDiri«-s-7-iIid::Tud*dav:;!:i
.each month..itt.diijht.o'eloek.
d Sojo " '
7jd-<■■ i':''!-i;tidU'!';d-fe7;;i:7:j:.l:-. ■-Th.ii.uipxcni,Al -lyA
"\ AvA'AiXAA:. .7va?7.iu,,::;Sd^ol:u'.7*vVtU!-7! ."did- y.
7,,l;d>i.'tW7<,)u ; i'V-'.ii'ti!, ii'si'Si !'!(--■•>>£,■■'■-,•-,-  ;7 ■-.„ : |.■;:-," ■■-,,-..-
-.; .  vS|io;il<,iU!r'oK tlie-i^itscs ,uiit|i*.rl.viiV:.\yl.uil...i.n:i.y,'l'^> tt-lniosl. called a. i-ori.1 oslttlo vovolulinn in lliis softlioii   I "-.-
tejiii^'htsay; llia.l-tl,it> jM'iH'Orts 11:»^' IxdcV ird) i io.c > r,;ti n>* lh i ni^trV l^n'l^n rtii I uiiii,}: mi Ilii ticVii J      'J^rue," ilto i rovoliition   liais  c-oiiio
d^'t.1,-^ Puss'Coui Comi'linv-ii-) --"
-.-AVl'tii'lt it, ;i.s iuddhlc'd rui';-s'ilj.'li;di |io\voi'l'til i,ni j,ittlsi;..7-    d'7 ' ,' v:y    77 : :■>   '•;      .7 ..■7"' ;;,.:. 'V '/d'd'idV   :;-d7i -■■ 7 •■;. .'   ..'•,'■" '  ,;i°7 ... i
;.doltaiV >:■ I'-li-i-s;.^; nn.;i«'i-a or;*,'i*w|.t:dtn:oJ.'pi",.iiipiii.-^
'.■'.■■F^rdW-Bl'M i;.i st»; -i sv' s.ii lis (,ti. n.t-i': 1.1 :di'n. i"i"il "-"'M10 ro ,.i s^. t ic > {." ■ tli o'".l iiu.«'t - i'i iVo I i h bc-»tl.--- 0«"' "'ai V1 v'i. 11 i'« i"V>i-;i -v; ':*:
v;".iii.'.'Uio.'ii-u.lj.irc'-iij'di l'ld'ajiSu.;,;:':;;:.'.. i.•;,-; d';;:,:   ";; --;.; * : ; A,..■■■■ v A,AA:Ai:-   '7d.i_iLi:i'",7 '7"V'i'i'   .: id:."...iiv -"'di'77';- ,:7. 7„. ;'■•>ly]y , ■'. ^- ■: A ,-,'i'
,V i',i"i1uH'e,:;eau "be ;n6''1noi;(,V;s
V'-AV.lUoHdt-iie.^cj^a.l.-.-c^-1-ip^niy.: ivt-o.ivpA\-;^i7.iit;li-i.i-i;^;!.-i_iXto.ohVi<\i/:'f;oij-"^i*Qsi,'i'oii.c."loivolopnionl;.."o'fi- tlioi"i-7-pi-'bij£"»iaiosv'vVii.ntl.-..' iji«i>d--cM1o1.^^=^is;^-;-'s;.
ic;;>c|s ctei|ia.u<.l7 ipii- ll ie7iJroc1 net; OL7t(hoir:,iiiines tmd colco o\:<3iiK.
W&P.&fi^Wf&k   "■-■:V'7 7dVd..i;.7%' :-i'.d-- , id7^^^' "<- ^ ;--v ->V ^',':; '--,d^ 1-" " - -"/: 7 V: 7-::— :. '"iVV^^'OTOPM^
ii't-nihV'<":^>i;»pa«ii->ij's%i;d-'f-f»i-)l'iai'iV ' v':";"! 'V"-^,d:-^.^.r.:l,(-'^^r 15k-V---v- ..^.V.4^Mf«v.-^.--{-,^.:. 7;;:.77::7    will ;it 1 tic reuse-in the GrOw^Nesl Ptiss.-V-'V- ' ■■-■:■■ A-AA ,:y-l. -.7.7 7!d.;:77 :.;,.:,-;, y A'aA-* '^■'A^.i' ■:„ A'A~''AaAa A-A^'':
!.'■■'. .7, 77'" 7.7,    :'-.,,'... "■' ."-     ,;;'    "-:  i.iKiKiert  I iiC Sit I'Miii'. O .'.,..■* 1(0.1, OU'M t V ' -A y'.-h'-l ■ ■'"..'''   7 7' '-'.'7. ."'-'-..- --dd' -, -."-■-"'"":;'.     '.'■■ ■     ■,..77/",; "'■ ; 7...    ,,.7";.  --:': ■ 7; I ■■ 7 ,7 7-';,/.. ;,,• d ;'; ..,-.;   „;:  ■'. .d'dd.".7 l:".-.'A' ■ - d':t,.'-' 7-   '■•;..." 7-..-.   7 -,     .-.-'■: ,. ■)-■:; -..-. ■      :.-.:.::/7,--
'.,: ,.R7 ;Lfc. ,T,:' G jVLBKAn'H; Scribe "'K
,'7l Com--durBi'ddU;.THufckla'd:
Geo. S; A/cCurter.:
■ ii ■HARYET.V& McCAETUK i   V
'•..;,'.''.  Barristers,,:/Solicitors, "'," .' 771; ■■■ ;,: 7,,,,
,',,i;;,-:  y ':  'AotwrieslPublic, .:-      ■ •;.--':■■'-:-
ii'"":   :V!-77 ,v7"dV■■fQpnV.tyutivevH et'c.-A':'-' V -7-
r>7'-. ■ >v;.7;E"q.Ra?i-'STEE;LK,- b.;'c;'-V
■;::'i 'RKV'BtST'OKE STATiONiiniJ.aOLDRN ;,
.dA..diacviiyli;V;.^Vidiv:. lKQ^My:l:'iAyn\Alz.yiAs\.^iAyyyn
St;eel>:' -Thrtrddav ■ 'c'liviii-ririi} 7busi-'Ki-.- VV
"77-.dV"7'^V-7;pnly7'lchb;se;7,vvilK) diavcdAyai^ ]n olhoi-i'sociiicins' can' '
'id .;'.-V:„S'i'«:Sl\.t'.Ve'.certain.t.ids of a i'Litu i.*o: nptv Ta-jv/b'n',.- iiiivl!' m.i-o, -.t;;i lir i'ii'-^ ■ 'ai.l.vaii i-'ii"-(-! o'lilluvcondi lions horc by '■in'V^isl.ih^klii'lie'''''
:d d-,..-:77.i:i Kb 17.1™ ^
:^rite7 ]tiieV''ftjr' iparticM
.^i'--'. '■ '-.■■■-- tut'- mm    ■ . A ■'..       .",-' m' <-''■ ■- -'.:i ■,.■: A.. . ■'.-   —~. ' ^_ -. ■ ■      .^^^   : w ,1 ', ',.-'.	
* v 7;:i
,:-!:;:Barrister-,;V -;V AVJi;. -Si;7 VSttlicitdr
'K'>^iAyAAA':.A-.'A.[A[::::.:.AlA. did -."■:
ihbtiieriiMi'S."A. Cd iClAfk" ' yiisit'ed'
Perry crei:k7Tu(,:,sdav.: "'A^-'a-'II
■ 777 T7Bi';o i.M t a "S7vVivi itiyipr. t aim ■
.,;■;>";"lAyF'orlidSlodleVB.OV i:v: a
,FOll'l' S'rKKI,\i   I)liVlit,0I'M I'.NT ,S VNIiIC!ATK.LTD
liW litiitiloiiliall Sli'Ciii, Loiuloii, I'lititiiiiiil.   7
..   N. A.  WALLINCEU,     f FORT STEELE,,
; :;N.;:  -.Elaitisorv; ;d rcd"if nod ifr.bmV
;Moriiissdy, A;l\WA^AA&day;'ov6u-
]ing-^A y^\A'.''l.^A'A.yyAA: ':ly'l:ly"
■■:V-''i[)i'V-'-Tvi-iigv7aiul7 :A7VdiiV:';;Bo\\-ns
c! rbve V'i oycu'7...; ;"-fi-piVi"i ■ Gr'a.iVl&ooki
:Tuesda-3d(jyfip,i;1W;:...:7-,::,7:;   ^;.:;:■;.::'.;.,,:,.d:::
i-v,^?life.;:"li'.^VviiVl|^ts',.;7^v"^| iVi'^x-lCiftQ^V^^'.
Aitgukid' ...'■ J-l:tl v.,7VdVSeo!:id,h'att;youri
'-"V. i !'-'
,;.'A ■;!.'.:.' -*w
iv",E,;AVI, Iiofes:..rel-u'rtied .. Tucisda^
'I'i-oitiia "iuios]iectin^;ii.i'i]jVon;Hpl.l-
roartng" credlv,-, .■'..''    ':"■". -,;V -,"7d :7i
■i'OS'i' 0,ii''i.;'i-Ci':.iiox>s..
i';w 7V.'J.7G.vC'UMM;INGS'7.V
.     ,i"     CIVIL    ENGINEER   i'i '-..
•    i: '       '     " -I'' '... .    "
Provincial . Land • Surveyor
■. } ," FORT,'STEELE; BV Ci ! -
QQu*,l;abld''.FJp.sK-iiis'., Ivitnbdrley
and'■'■iVli'.s. Hpskinft \vei;o al Steele
I\Johday.-7 ' '■   ;■ ' '      ■ ' " '"d 7 '; /',..,
- .,T. :.G. .Ai.'iust.r'cu),iri\vas i'.down
fi;bm the 'Morrissey mines Mciii-
d;i\d   , „ ,■."'■'    . 777- ■
= "s ;rvfa;rii!racd.ui-eri bf-aU
.'£'',  -"■'■■■■",.'-iii6in1i of .s'on,soiibc1V'C-Liij"n.>ei*":i'.'i"Kl •.Sh"ii'i'o'if3s''aVwa\';f?,'-'-'''?:";'V "-W'.i^S'
:*>^> I ,: .-■■'-:>-"-     ---,;'■: '....\'''l '-.:■. ■■,M'7'■■■:■■:■,. '■■■:.-.-'■-■ -m
•—- ,.-■''■ V ■■; ;, 777.';:, i-Vd ■■'V.'7;,': ■"■'■■ o.itdiaiiddd ��;;77"V-"7d;-: :";'.;■ "7- c'-v7;d7;-'7-2S'
»•»*- ■■ ■ ■: ,.-. ,.'''' \ '.   " -'".V '. ,.-',>" -V ■■.■■--_.-.. >,-;. ..      i'd^.-y ■, ■., (■ ■ ;;■ ,■     ~^.
;H'V;y V   ^DlMn^NRTONV V^
'/:   '.'■''';.,'-' "''".'V '"'';7-.'".^ ;■
"    '}li\.. ''   :-;D"'       :'" '   d- "     "."_'.'
Trrrs; S'ricKT/is ^uaratiieedvto'be equal lo VTessop's or  Firlhs in all
.',■'".'•:.'J-iAitn 'RockVWoriv. .v id';   7     •.■;:..;, --■„, ■.•-', y, -yA.-. ^      ;:-;,■;
.-'.GEARX :':& ;D0YL7E.
i    Livery, feed & Sale Stable. .-
,."r""A       ".;;■■..Fori SteeleAAlC'l ''.'.■'  ." d"
Regular   Diiily   Stia.u-e  liieet-.  aii
'" . train* iit Fo'rt'Sieele Junction,     d i ,-
.-7    SADDLE, '& PACK I-LQRSI3S-,'•   'y
TijAAitNG pi-- all ki.nhs l\ si'i-:cr,virv
d      Office aiul Stable
-.Corner ol' '   "7,   ^ „■■''■
.  (ii'a'lbraitli, ahd Hazel blroc
-■■'•''    Fort Steele. B. G.
.    OFFTCR n.why; Mun.iay.    .'i'i,
day ami Satui'iiavai. Si.r-.'-id.--
-■ 'jSt.,- A... Me-Crimmon.. . Winder-
tiierev, \v;is' registered at .tlie 1'm-
l.ierialSuiHlay last.'% A   -    V/V  '
d, J. A.. Hal\;ey and • Fred Bin -
in'ore visited , the 7 Wild Horse,
ereek pldcer inines Sunday lasl.
The; ■■'.Goiiservative.;' meeting
held, on- Saiurdayi eveningdia.sli
waffyvei] attyndeci. /■'-"'■'    d  V" '  :':■
'■ Mrs. C.'M,,.Edwaii;ds. ' Cran
brook*; was, a Steele visitor Surd
dav.7,. ■ ■ A  .-"   . ',■/;;';.        ■,■_,.-„-;
port Sfeel0
Meat Market
:::aaaH.';.THIRY. Proprietor. ,
Fresh anil Salt Meats Always Oh Iliiiul
Sor-jli Ar.ioNa?s
' '   SOTjji]    AniCNTS
Grows Nest. Goal company
.-■■;.«:'' _:"'\,-' 'v.-Al-iiliiiiy;.^ SMppiies;'"'a .'-Specialty
AgenIs for llie" MASSEY d'HARRIS ' CO.,: Einiilied77 :   '   ' V:    y :>
IMeAl 1 idler '•'Robins.o.n . was, in
i'(j\vn .Sundayi -; shak ing baiicls
Avii.b inaitV friends. •''■'.'    ;
Tuesdiiy  vvaa  Ibe   botiesd'day
of UK* sumiiiij'r'sb fur'., tlie -nier-
I'tiry (.•.limbing, to ilii in ;l,be; sliade
| during Hie afternoon.
]',    Wiii.-    Langlt'y   lias    done, lo
| 'i'i!dud,•:■ fliill. ".[diulib.      He   will
:'i'.'']ii-(''S(.'.!.i'(    milling   jii'upcrly/ iii
|v H. KERSHA^ ■ "I
A ' '  '"'       ■■'■■■' '■;     ;■   :.- ■    7 .""■' •„,   .       ■   ■" '■   ■,.   ' •' ■'■ , 7"   ,«
I ■-';. GROiCEF={ ■:'■'''- :i'':|
|'„  ., ,- , ■:■    ■'         A,'- V-'- - '"■■% '•-.   '    V.';.-.-: '.---.           -^d- ■-,     . ; . ;,y ■'   ; ■:" ,.«
I  d," "',-■; FortvSteele,' B. C» ::
'.'.' i I I < • I i
-Mrs. A. ill A'elson accom-
i ni ii i'i.'i I bv ■ .Miss Wiilson Iit.fl on
--i;litirsday (in 'a \-isi.s .h>" friends al
'•A'-iiiiii'iieif-. •     .   ■     .   .
Fori Steele ,.
Diamond Jubilee
fiOSpitcll ,\, V'jiiid.', j-c|ii-osi'iitiiig th.e
7'i-(iv."'s .N'."-.Ll;.i'i'\', ing Company;
.Morri'-isir.wwas- in d.iu'.n   Sunday
A Piili Line of Patent Medicine
'?? ' ■ " .,'■■..' :  *       *     '.   ■ . , *:
(iriiiluiiiv ol St. Lukes I!o.i|ii'.:i.
V,:ir.."iinvi'r   II  ti'
, Tills Itlrttil lit/inn has In..:!.. r.'.:i.:n! i;.
•finlai'iJ-ial liv a.in-vv winn/ wliirii 7- ,i,|..,-
.o|ien for ri-ei-pt inn nf iial.dnt,-. Fur'
teriii.s a.|i]i|y I o -  , - ,
Miss  li.Moss,    in-    .1. d. Smith. S.'.:.
Matron. Fori S;.--|.-. i:.(',
ANi^Ri'W   nhidh;
GONTRflGTOhy    an',    .BUILDER
(,'A l.tilMINUNCi mill I'AI'KU 11 ,V S"i i l.N"(: !
'        i
FORT STKELR.   1!.  (I |
i'   ' i
KB^   All   work   promptly (bine. I
:\ -s!i.r\-i'vui^ jiiirty 'cbnsisling
'.; '!'- T- MeViii'i.'. .Mi Nat ion.'J.
\\'a!sb a <iA 11 I >, i,.(,iik(. arc now
\i!i".-"'yiii:.*- .-..•■-..■!.■;!i uiiiieral c.la-iins
in He- ■ irii.-iu  of vVnlf erc'i'kd
■ \ M ■ d'i!l!:.■:-.. l'7-rll ic. W'liS ill
-.-.ii-C|.--: ."iV-/,:-'. \tl'l ! !,.• ,.:i I'fy ■ p;| |'| ())'
Hi!-   V. cci-;. 7,1 1',   ( i ri IIH'K   isHonU-
]ii'.''    loi;  ■.'!    i-.:i;i(.'ii ' suilaiiie    for
-n;a i!  H-'-.i •' .a ii'i j'li.iili r\"..
.MIXIOIiA'.L ,A(;:i  IXtiii.
(;l-'oi;.V!   |.'. )
rKI.'TII''l(',VTI':   (il.'t-l.vil'KOVI.'.VII'iN'I'S.
\-ii■■•-. i'i-|ii-: ta i;
. ',- ^1: ill. Miiii."
i-:....    ...il     rir.-l.'clc.
;-,-,.■;- - |.- -l-l^llll'll.
.     li.,-  II..--.I  .:  I'.
.... .Mil'-, M.n.ti • i.i.
.MaiiiiiioUi and liir: Three Mineriil
■   .,   ■        •   .' '1,-iiin*.
Siluiili. in I in- l-'iii-l, ,Si..i:li- Mill Inv nivisliili nl
liai-l K'niilciiii.v UImHIi-I.
Wliri'i' liii'ilt.i'il:     On  lliii'M'slinc CrciVl;;       '
Tlil.i- niillii' Iiiul I. 'I'iitiiiiiis 'T. Mi'Villlc. |.'.
■M.l'. ,\li. I :.!•.::.:.'>. n.-llnj; |i,,- iiiysi.|f :mil MM
m;i.III. "nr U'ltliiT V:iiiAi'mIiiIcii.,|.'.,M.(', \o. |;.
.'...-■i.-.S. Ali'N.C. I.'iilii.lsi.n. I--.,M.(,-. \-,,. |t.i|i|j.|. :in,i
Willi-; I'i. .Ilillimnll. I.'i'fc Ml,,, Ts CiTlilii .j||(. Nil,
ll,i'.il:.'ll. inlcilil, sixty .|..-iys ir  lhe ,I.,i,. hcr.-iii
in ;i|]|ily In Ilii' .Mlllili.; Ui..|.|ii'1ti..i'. I,,i ii liTlill-
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liilli-il  lliis  llilll  i.lny ,,)   ,Vl;iy.  |i.||,;.,
'-" 'I'l I OS.   T.   ,\Il;V*i'l"I'lIC.
WA'reuMAKi.'.K 'iiiii'l  ,ii.:\v'i.:i.i.:i,--
,   l-MiKi-aviiifi'-
i.i Vi'i'siiln  A v''i'.iiiie. ,
I'lirt'/.SI.cele,   11. ( '   '
d:7 :|;7;;'di%T^
A'fANai^ACTlJURRS     :uid:     BREWERS    OF    |i:XrrRA    EfNR
SOLD   'BY 7THE iiBiRREL,:,'™^^
Bottled beer for tamily use a .specialty-"
■/■;v-':Miitz.;"& Scott, Prop's.
H. Od BwX 812
Sli living gflliiirDrcssiii/j: Parloi
N'.i'.vl In (itii'iiliil II.II....I
FOK'I'    STKKIjR,'   h.   <;.
Ail   Iv'iinls   ol'J.lair   Work   a ' .--; j u -<- i:i 1 (\-
A. ,1. ClAKZ,    -     -    I'HOi'i-iiKTc!)!-:.
Charles P. Campbell.
■ . ■   .     ■    ■ II'-;       i
Till';   UNDI'lKTAKitR.'    	
KMliA'ld-.VII'N(;  A
I'dsr Oi'Mi-M.,.,' |.{ox   117,
I Rcnai


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