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The Prospector Jul 26, 1902

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 Riscu-iler'" Uifiutt
"' ''-0"JD ""^irui Tn '"'-C1 rLTtpj-inj-inj-inn -
£'     mjvi.kal okouuitiox ok     •? .^ts
5        KAST IsOOTKXAV   DIVISION'       '5 'i^i
C. IN'    I'"H       S2.850.289 £ ^M$g£~
• \TU\i\jirCr\su-urLiTjTj-LnjTlj\t\Xu-u\su^
r #■ !|/%-"
1  i?,*?*
Ni, ..i.^'
I ■","-•■ -
d IM'^i
A      1
S2O,7I3,50I _
V'o7. 8'.
RORT'STRlll.sR, .Jim  c„ S/ry^/j^r, JULY <2G, 190!3.
New Advertisements To-uay.
»'il.V Iluki'iy   I'iiku I
Development Work 'p Boiiif.,- Pushed
— Tlio Anuuiil Assessment      '
WorlcPeiTonm.'d. t
0 Pal Quirk* is doing tlu>   a^yos-
iiit.Mil   work   on   llie   Daisy eliiini
which i.s situated on Pishor ercelr
Til for Till:- -Is now being developed by a  small   force   under
_    the' intinageiiieiil of IJ. Newell.
D;irdaii(!lles:--Tlie  iiiiiiual   assessment work- bas been done for
Ibis   year:    application   will   be
made for a crown gr.'iiii.
Bald   'Moiiiiliiin:    Assessment
work lias been completed on Ibis
property,   and   (here   is   ;i.   lino
°   showing of gold quartz.
Wsit.son Group:—,-A small force
i.s now operating on the Koote-
nay King and Watson cbtims
wbicli are si muted 'on Victoria
Dougherty .—Goo. Dougherty
i.s now engaged in tlie developing of lhe above named claim
wbicli is located on (lie west
bank of Wild Morse.
Grace Don*:—-Hob Dore i.s still
ham uteri ng  away   on   llio I! nice
Dore'claitn, ihi.s is a   nickel pro-
'])ert.y of niucb merit.
Dupont Group:—A'".small force
is   now  engaged   in   developing
the Duponl group   which   i.s   located on Boulder creek-   a   (.fibula ry ofcWi'ld Horse.     -
'    Tigor-Poorman:—I. I*. "Larson
' has quite a lar£Jo force of men al,
"work   on     lhe     Tiger-Poorinan
group of,claims.
.. T. C. Ariiislrong has coniplcled (lie annual assessment work-
on his Brewery creek" property.
. Prank, Slager has completed
the assessment work on '-bis
Boulder crook property.
George Judd is now engaged
in doing the assessment work* on
a Boulder creek group of claims
certificates     of
were recorded iu
A Hiirtih Sente'iiei*.
The sentence pronounced upon
fidilor JVloAdams of ihe Sandon
Puystroak 'is regarded bv the
press of the Province, as unduly
severe ('bief .1 list ice Punier nhd
.Judges Walk-em and Drake heard
lhe case and .soulonced him In
nine mouths imprisonment and
10 furnish four ' securil ies ui
sioiio (inch for L'ood conduct
I*1;!iJing'o ibis he gets ti. year
tiddilional imprisonment.     s
rj -='5
£' LrJl'fj Te!p.[]ranliic News ,9
"i ■     a
r) uxjvruT.rirMJ-uruisuLnj\jyvnlnlnj-LTLn.nj-b
Fernk*   Miners Try  to Closa   Miche"
nnd Morrissey Creek Mines.
Matters tire . iipproiiching a
crisis in the strike of 'the Coal
Creek* miners, and the general
o]")inion i.s that, tho slriko will be
won or lost, with In a. lew days.
The chief hope ol Lhe sinkers
i.s in having lhe support, unci  cooperation     of   the   Michel    and
Morrissey creek- minor,-,; 'it'   they
succeed,   they   will    he   able  lo
force Lhe issue by .culling off the
supply   of   coal   and .coke lo (lie
smellers nl Nelsoii.'Trail. Grand'
Porks,  (.'reenwood   and   Boundary   Pulls,      WJlh   the" mines at
above    named    points    working,
the   company   will   soon   be iu a
condition to meet' 1 he  oiitire"de-
itiiind    of    (he   smellers'   in   (be
KooLonays. ' A
That the Union' will have
dillieully in securing anything
like general co-opcralioii on ' the
part ot the'Michel and Morrissey
men is conceded, and in llio
ovum, of their fail'tirelhe Pernio
.strike will noi la.-d much  lunger.
owned by A. Poison.
D. Lewis bas completed the
assessment work on a property
that adjoins the Dupont group.
The annual assessment work
ha.s been completed on (he Paragon group of mines, which ;i.re
situated near tho head of Wallin-
gav creek.
A sum 11 force tire a (   work   on
Llio Coroiuido group, which is lo
•   caled on lhe  easl    lork. of   Wild
lloi'.se creelc.
. witii) noi'si',' i'Ij.uM'jKs.
Messrs. Henry and (dhisholin
arc stiil engaged in tunneling
for tin ancient channel of Wild
Morse crook*. The, gravel taken
out pays about s;> in the man per
_Nip and Tuck*:—With a large
amount of water, and a bi<;- si.v
inch giti.nl, a large amount, of
gravel i.s being moved on Ihe
Nip and Tuck". Some Iwelve
(Jhinameu arc employed in development work.
The Cbee Choe Wo Company
are working some .!0 men. with
itn .'i-inple. supply ol: wtifer and
two live-inch giants in 'constant
operation '"large ipui-ntitios of
gravel'is being passed; through
tlie llunios.   •''.,.■■
The Ban Wan Company have
about :!")'inen employed, a.nd
have two live-inch giants.in operation. This company' tire
■ working leasc'd ground' owned
by the InvictaVMiiiiiig Coi
A. Chinese company employing
some. Iwelve or Iif teen men are
working near the mouth' of
Boulder creelc, 'ground sluicing
the gravel banks iirlhal vicinity
On Wild Horse creek" 'and   its
Kast  Kooteuny  Slock
v-lVe.l. liiti
Crowd \|.^i t ,i:t|              7 ^.|-,o on
Xni'i'li Stat                                l'o IT'
Snl li van . .i                                 7' oJ
•Sl. haiycni.'  ....         .            ,",(i |ii
Silver-load GiUotations
i     .Vevv York. .Jnl_v S>:
lliir Silver..   .. ,"i,'i
Mexican iloilars
lA'illl       . ...
' 'upper.   . . .
London.  .1 uly l'.'i.    Sih'er.   I'l'
cupper t.*.:! lT.slid: lead. I'll is (lil
sin Mil in 'I'm ,j'ii<v.i'i.i i uu
London, J uly-j\\'  - I'rince Chen
who   came    lo    LoimImii    ;is    lhe
special   represent iliv e   of   China
til the coronation, sailed for Now
York on' the steamship Philadelphia today       He is accompanied
b\   bis suite,  wbicli   includes   Sii
Liang ('liei|<_-. the'now   .'vlinisioi
of the Pniied Slates   who   prob
ably vyiil not return to Ciiiim bo„-
forc assuming his- ol'lieial   di?lios
tit  \\ a-hmuton.
OIjI)  KO.MK  \VK!*:iv* .')!■*   ll.iV   S'l-ATI''
Hosion.   Mass. '.) uly i'i,.— Old
home'   week" begins .to-uorrow,
aiid   lliousiiiids   of   the sons and
daughters of ihe old   Bay   Stale
are on the way to pay   iheir  tin-
nual, visit lo Iheir  native   heath.
Kvoi'.y, 'own   from   Cape Cod to
lhe   Berkshire    Hills   lias made
preparations lo welconu; and entertain them.'■    Tin-hided   among
the   visitors   will   be many from
Illinois,, Indiana,   Iowa,    Wisconsin. Colorado, Missouri and other
parts ol llie West c V,     ,
llOXOli   FOIi   LAi;j*IICIt  AND l!OM)
LOflinburgli. .Jnlyi'ti.— Pj*einio,r.s
Lnurior of Camidii and   Bond   of
NewJoimdluiid were doubly,honored    today, ° receivjng   degrees
from    the   University   of  Ed in •
burgh   and   also' Lhe freedom of
llio   city.,'      In   conferring" the
honor   Che  provesf  dwelt  upon.,
the' splendid  service*"   rendered
tho Dominion by the   two 'premiers and'llie beneticeni   nisult.  of
their labors to I mil ior slrcnglh.
jen the lies uniliim Canada   with
1 t he mother coiinlrv.
\vi.\\mpi:<: S OAKSMKN.
soPile hen'd'iiar.s nioiiarcby.' and
while the will of ihe I'rniperor is
law. vol be cannot transfer his
throne   io'   his     daughter.   '    ll
Nicholas 11   should die  be foi".
sdii   vva.s   born   lo   him.   his'suc-
cos.M.ir would bcdiis  bi'olher. the
Crand   Duke   Michael,   born    in
!s~s-       The   latter   is   entirely'
under11 he influence ofliis mot her
the     Unwuuor    Riuprcss   Ahtrie
O.igniiir.    widow    of    Emjierpr
Alexander M'l.. now in her fifty-
fil'ih year.     Those few lacks possess important   polilic-nl   significance,   which    may. change   lhe
fill lire.' hislory   of   Europe   lo   a
marked degree, and as tiny  radi
c.1.1 'chaiiye   in   Ixaissian   jiolicy
may   vitally   a I feel   o.vory   great
European power,  till   lli'e   world
is nuturally conceiaiod.
| In Tunnel and Stope %
siLvicr; <v)fKioN. '
'J'he Silver Queen, a well
known Lost creek* properly, will
be the scene of" much activity
during the coming month. Some
of the finest peacock* copper and
bornilo yet found in'lhe district
bus been taken from 'Ihi.s claim,
The ledge'is about four foot in
width and nearly perpendicnlar,
with a slight dip lo lhe wesl. It
is free on (he walls, Lhe gangue
consists of talc and iron. The
frond is north and south and.can
on the property will commence
us soon as the neoe.ssary preparations as to supplies etc. can be
made.   . ■  ■     r
The stock of the Sullivan
mine at proseni 'isolations seems
to bo a "'good inve.stmenl. Willi
development, a large amount of
ore can be extracted and sent to
the smelter. The mine i.s in
good condition and under ihe
present management is bound to
be onod.f iiie big ore producing
mines'of Southeast Kootenay. -
Several   well   known   mining^
King-   Edward to go   to   St.   Petersburg' in September.
i.—ill   is
be traced several   hundred   feet. I men will bQ in Port  Steele  in   a
The  ore  i.s   a   quart--  carrying | few    weeks.      Their    object    iii
\Tew York". July :
learned from a reliable source
that king Edward will visit the
c/jitr in tho Jailer part of September, cables the Copenhagen correspondent of Lhe New York
Adtnerican. Immediately after
Lhe coronation, fjueen Alexandra
comes lo Denmark' to join'her
sister lhe. do wage]1 czarina, the
king folio-wing about September
lOth." „ "        ,       ,    ,"
The king and cjuoen will go to
Sl. Pctersbui;g al'ter a two
week's stay in Denmark,' sailing
milder  escort  of, a   British,  and
Russian warship.
* i
Most likely, iiie dispatch adds,
king Edward will make uns long
oxpoolod visit to 'lhe kiiLs-or" oil
his retui'ii journev.
'Winnipeg. Man., July i?(i.   Tin
Mining- Notes.
Several   iiartios  are, going to
1 dim
Winnipeg Rowing   club's   representatives for ilic C. .\. A. (>. ro-
ijiillii leave today
the Sk-ookum Chuck* lo prospect..
The mines of Southeast K'oole-
nuy ■urej.a'lracliiig lhe  altenlion
tour-oiii ed   crew   is    represented by Riley (stoke). Johnson
for Brnokviilo.   of lhe invesiing public.
Market Conditions.
Lead production in the K'oote-
nays iu 1.101 shows a decrotise in
value of about IT) /,.
The copper production ol British .Columbia in Mini shows an
increase of 17."i per cent.
There were no new features in
the metal marjccl during the
past week".
Mining in Southeast K'ooionny
is being conducted in a most
satisfactory manner ami with
Bole and Richards (bow). Tlie
oarsmen are in »ood condition
nnd have high hopes of returning with honor.--.
UM.    PKJirriOl'S   AIKKT   TOXKiHT.
San Pranciseo. C;tl., July iM—
James  J.   Jeffries of California,
cham'pion heavy weight   pugilist
-of the  world,   and   Robert    Pil>.-
sinimons. who has hopes   of   re
gaining the championship honor.-,
he   lost    to   .leflries   at    Conley
Jsland three years ago,   meet  in
the arena o! the Xalioutil atblelic
club lonighl, lo contest tigaiu  for
lhe siipnunacy,      The   men   are
matched lo box ' twenty   rounds.
If   prosonl     arrangements     are
carried out 1 he boxers   will    face
one another   shortly   after   nine
o'clock.  ^ Aci'iirdinw-   m   reports
from   their    respective    trainiiii'
(piarters.    Jelfrie;-   and   Pilzsim
mons are both in In.si  class phy
sic;il condil ion
The norlh and south railway
litis become a nocessily and its
speedy construction may bo
looked for. ^
There will be a genuine boom
in Southeast Kootenay mines before the .season i.s over.
it is expected that operations
will be resumed at the Sullivan
mine at an early dale.
A.  Gross with a small   force   is
engaged in developing the Silvia
jgroup'of mines, which   arc  siiu-
bornite, peacock rcopper and
copper pyrite carrying high percentage in copper, with .values'
in silver and gold.- The country
rock* is a soft diorite of a' light
green color, with 1 iino schist on
rock adjoining. 7he locality i.s
highly mineralized.
Present • development work
consists' of an open cut and
'.tiuiiol some thirty feel,in length
This funnel passes through the
apex of an'ore chufe and i.s continuous into llie' ledge. A
parallel, ledge about two and a
half*feet in width runs about GQ
i'eet from the main lodge. Tho
open' cut shows up ,fairly well
with pyrites and copper carbonates.    .
■ Il< is a » property which
warrants development, and if tlio
development is confined to the
ore "chutes good ' rqsiilis will
probably be obtained. ' .   '
Mr. H. .W. Ross has'charge of
lhe worlV contemplated   for   the
season,   which   will    consist   of
100 feet of .funnel. 'The prop'crly
is crown granted and  owned  by
parties al Canby, Minnesota.
, P. Jcnson, "Wasa. has   secured
;i contract for 100 feet of funnel,
work* will commence July 27th.
nori.iiKKTV jMink.
The Dougherty   mine   i.s  situ-
visiting Lhe country, is to see
what it has lo oll'orin lhe way
of mineral' dtivplopincnt. Jf they
regard the conditions favorable
they will no doubt make investments.
(lOLDION   KIVK/iUOLTP. - ■    '
Tho Golden J^ive group will
commence operations in the near
future. The company operating
Ll'ie Golden Five group is a Spokane corporation, and il is their
intention 10 thoroughly develop-
the properly.
Iii   Lhe   vicinity  of   Bull river
there are many claims which bid',
fair with development to become,
producing mines.
One miner says there  will   be. ■'
more -active,, .development   work,
done   in. this'district' this,year,
than .over, before.- .inside  of a-
year there wilf.be moi;e mqn..en-'
gaged 'ill  mining,, in.  the    Port..
Steele district Hum at  any  time .,
'I'UACJV •■itni.-K".
But little   news   has   been   received from Tracy crook during'
the pas! week.    The work is go-    •
ing  steadily  on   in   the Esleila,
and other well known  claims   iu
thtiL  vicinitv.   ' Tracy  will bo a     '
ated on the west   bank   of   Wild   lively eainp'this fall.
Uoi'sc   creek*,   foul
ated on Wasa creek.
,  There   is  a   largo
Jfows Notes.
John W. Mac-kay is dead.
The coal miners of Groat
Britain and the. United Stales
are stilled to be about lo federate.
An important sliikf- of c-.irbo-
niles has been made in.t he North
Stai" mine on Lhe lii.i fool  level,   j
An organized gang of vv hiskoy !
smugglers hikV-0   bi.'o/u'onorai in*1" I ''ounl-ry puLiee, '.i'Sai-koe Selo, in
ai Can boo Crossing',
roopship WiniI'i eclian, with
Ciinaxiia.n contingent from—lorn h
.Africa on botird, arrived nl Halifax July 2o.       .' .     '..'.'.'d.'
.There i.s great 1 xciti'mcuit in
Ivi.'io Cliow, ihe new ' ( .'I'l-iiinn
colony in China, over the discovery of diamonds/';!!- adplaco
iibouL- Iif teen/miles, .from Icbo'iifee
Eni'pe'ror    William    lias   • been
St. Petersburg. July Jl'>.---The
1 zar ami 1 'z.irina -,re m prosenf
i. v 1 iiii  (| ,i.'l I \    ai    1 heir   l"a\ oi'ilo
Selo, in
i.'itici'p.-ilion   of a-  li;ip|iy   I'venl.
en 7,„1,:„     iu:..:i-    ..id... • , ,  Ti uilSSiil,  i.s ' i 11.    (Vi.gi'.,"    il ll I ici p;i.lic)ll
i-lso, 'loi-'the- expedt'd event    I
;t. deep ]ii'iiilie,
ca.nnot- fail to
ing   on      the
poi icy.     Should
.1 'sigiiihcanct.
uivc a direct
eiup.ire's"    f
! lie
heir bedi .-oil.   he    will,
live,  in hue   course   ol
llui 1
"s"    fiitiii-e
oolfed    foi'
should hi
time    bo
come -em peroral' Iv.ussia, iiiul
will lie reiii-ed iiiiiler.the poli Licai
nlliieiice . of   t he   present.  .( 'zar,
warned lo keep away I-Wm ciiir-.j, hus ,„,„.'. k„:lv i,,.^,,.',,,,, '-.,'   ...;,„
inglheariny   inainenvres   io   bo j., j,,,,.',,.^,, . or    ,'.,,.     ,.,, I ig |, leiled
;i mount of,
mining ae.iivily in. the" Wild
Llorso district. This-is Lhe oldest
mining camp in the Kootonays.
and there are ' a consiclorable
ninnber of promising mines situated on the creek* and its tributaries.
There are several claims on
I .milder crook which will receive
considerable development during
the prosenf summer.
Items of Interest.
The   per   capita    mineral   pro-
dill-lion of British   Coluin bin   for
Bl.'l  was si:il.
.   The filial :ire;i of coal   lands in
the. Crow's Nosf; Pass consists of
2'A'A s<| mi re mi los—1-17,1'Ofl.acros.
" .There,.*i,re.,.l.,i,''L' mineral eliiims
in   i.lie   h'oct   Sleeh-mining division,    I:-.t"i   of   which    are  crown
grained,   or   held   under   eerlili-
cates of improvements. i'i-I".' under
cerliliciiles of work, and  Ififi upon
which   work"   hiis.nol   'been   re-
- Ring  -George   of   Sii.xoiiy   is
sulfering from pneumonia..
' It   is   ipiite   probable    lluil-   if
creek*. Jour miles from
.Port Steele, and is owned .by
Col. George Dougherty, one of
the early pioneers of Ihe dtelricr
A large amount of work has
been done on the properly, there
are several hundred feel of
tunnels and drifts. The ore is a
free milling gold quartz.
While but little news has boon
received from Perry creek, it   is
known that considerable work is
going on which is of  a   satisfactory   character.      Several   men
tire employed by the  Thompson
placer   outfit.      The   Wisconsin
Syndicate have a small force   at
work" on placer ground near  the
falls.      John    Sherwood    has * a
force   al    work*   developing   the
Badger and Rod Aloiinfain elaim.s
and D. Munroe iiud   Hank*   filler
are   al   work   on   lhe Pollow .Me
group.     Quite a number of prospectors   are   doing    the   annual
assessment    on    eliiiins    in    ibis
SAM)   (JliLKIv*.
On Sand creek there are ii
number of excel lent properties
deserving of more than passing
mcmtioriT-v The Waterfall has
been developed to a considerable
extent, and work will bo resumed
later in the season. A large
amount of development work-
been done on the Empire. Burton
Wynsia.v- and Blue Grouse claims
There will -be considerable
vvork clone On Skookuin Chuck
during the present .summer. A.
W. Bleasdell will develop his
properties still further, and on a
number of other chi-ims. the. annual assessment work"'iis being
Moyie Mining News.,
.ST.   KUCi-.VE.
At the St. Eugene concentrator the installation of the new
boilers is about completed. The
force employed at lhe mine numbers about i'.'i men.
The Aurora mine on the west
shore of Moyie La Ice has of hi\Q
alt i-iicled considerable attention.
Por some time the work litis been
going on quietly with satisfactory results.
, ._,,.,. ,,  'klilor ' MoAclaiiis     lenders    tin
lield.iu September.   -.. d progressi ve'  policy   ol -Nicholas Iapology   Ind will   escape   wil.li a
Harry   Tracy   appeared    id.  -a!'.'II., ''     ' tine.        :
logging .camp   foi,,-   !,'i-.|,...s   from;     The Czar has !",im- children, all    ' Bon. W. {'. Wells.  Chief Corn-
tributaries,    00    certificates     of I Kansas on Tuesday, anil ordered ; of them  daughters.      While   Lhe  missioner of Bauds   and -Works
work, 20 new -locations and   lour | dinner.    Tracy i.s not wounded.   igoveriiiii.:mf of Russia is  an   ab-| was at Nelson on July 2-lth
nt'i'Oivr <:i'.ori\ .
A small force is,at'-present engaged in developing i bo Dupnnf
group While but, lit! le -can., be;
learned, it is statell that if, is
looking romarkablv well.
Fire at.No. 2 Mine Formes.
There was an-explosion in No.
i* mine at Pernio Tuesday, night.
No one was- in I he mine at the
time. 'The mine i.s said to be on
lire. V '
A l.-ilei- report is t(i the effect
lliiit N'o. 2 mine caught tin;-about.
Id' o'clock Tuesday night.. It is
thought thai the lire started by
tin exjilosion, caused hyr lightin-
ing. The lire v|as smothered,'
and the clamage to Ihe mine will
not amount to much.
KTAI" .("'Itm'l'.
J.   Y.   Kesler, .manager of the
Star grou]) of mines,   arrived' at
{Steele on Saturday last.'    Work
Mineral Production of tho Provinco.
The annual report of the Min-'
ister of-Mines has been issued,
and as usual is replete with inform afion in regard to British
Columbia's premier industry. THE PROSPECTOR FORT STEELE, B. C, JULY 20, 100-2.  '". kstabushkd   istf*-.  A. B. Grace,  PUBUSHER    AN"    KD1TOK.  THE PROSPECTOR, if publis'icd  #T��ry Suturdny, and Im*. u etiarnutecd  ���irciilution luificr tliini anj other pupcr  I. K��"l Kootenay. It i* all home Printed  ��� nd contains douhlc ihe new�� of any  uther paper in the district.  As.  an   advertlsinc   mcdii'.in   it   is un  iaEoelltd.  Devott-d to llie upbuildim: of i'orl S'.cele,   the  ' j��velopinem of lhe va-,1  mineral  resources  of  tt>�� Eb�� Kootenay mining disirlct.  9u"i!ioription��i.' 12.00 per year  4dT��rti.slng rat-es made kuown on application.  Contributions are solicited from all part* of tbe  ttatrict, "but all matter intended for publication  buii have the writer'* signature,           TUIC QiDCD Ii kept on Hie at theadver-  InlO rUrCn timncuBeucyof Alaxouder  JtCo Suite F. First National Hank UuiUlIiii;,  Spokane, Wa-h., ��'irr<' eonlr.ii'l*. call lie made  for it.     .  Tkie   Panar '���-   ^'l'1   ��"   tl]e  al   1"-"C  Inis raper u.���,ke��� s .'overtivmi*  A*ency, M and 65 Merchant!. hxeUanjre. San  rrancfbco. California, where contracts for ad-  lertlslnif can be made fur it.   kepi on tile at llie  TKie   Pan#r  Is uepl on nieai me -w/i  ims raper Kim j. co. suw^vwy/*  retislnjt 'Acency, .Momreiil,   ��?"'' <M7/iiy'  for advortisiiiK'ean lie uiad*: for it. (J  This Pa^cr  store,,Spokane, \Viis"i,  Is cm sale  .11    ,i.    *���*���".  Graham &    CoN   book  ��lj�� Ijjroepectw-  SATUKDAV. JU-LY 2H. 11W*..  THAT Southeast Kootenay  ��� is^ntering* upon an era  of great mineral activity no oue  seems to doubt, iii fact it can be  confidently assorted that when  ��� ��� shipments are once more commenced, the attention of mining  men from all.over the world will  be .directed to the most' promis-  , ing'mining   section   of    British  Columbia. v  * *"  * '  ��� No matter what the political  , complexion of .the next provincial legislature i.s. it is to be  hoped that they will give' n-ore  attention to the subject of roads,  . trails and bridges than has been  done" by previous legislatures.  This is a matter of great importance to the mining interests of  Southeast Kootenay.      ���    <  * *    *  Extensive mining, operations  and developments are now being  carried on all'over the district,  and preparations are being made  all a,--w (lie Kootenay valley  foi; the shipment of ore, as soon  as the necessary transportation  is afforded.  ���K X *  o . ,  The mines of Southeast  Kootenay which under favorable  conditions of transportation and  treatment, charges, that would  contribute to the world's .wealth  ��re numerous.  r.      *      *-  The political situation i.s not  much     talked     about    'a I    Port  Steele.  * *    *,  Many a candidate who wants  the earth becomes like the earth  after the election���flattened at  the poles.  *   *    / A  The prospect of placing a  number of big sawmills on the  Kootenay river is attracting  much attention, and many- inquiries have been ' made by  parties desiring to locate in the  lumber industry of the district.  The owners of mining properties located on Wild Horse crook-  in anticipation of the advent of  a north and south railway have  mapped out vigorous .develop-,  ment work for their respective  properties.  *      *     -*��� .  7   ' i 7   7  Most of the. kicking done in  this world is,done at the wrong  person. When a'man wants to  kick he usually talks to every  person he meets .but the right  one. If you must.kick why don't  you hunt up the right one. and  do your'talking to him.  Wild Horse creek has a large  and constant supply of water "for  placer and .quartz mining, and  the mountains are. covered with  mi .excellent growth of timber.  The facilities for cheap mining  ���".re excellent, and the .'construction, of the Kootenay. ...Central  railway will give-cheap transportation to ores mined in. this  cam)).  Mountains is -all right, and a  large' number ���df mines and. prospects are boiixg developed; The  t<5wn of Port. Steele is a mining  town, and there tire evidences of  prosperity that indicate /that  Steele will "be the mining center  and supply point of the district  for many years.  ���'Amber'* Plug Smoking Tobacco is winning' on its merits.  '���Have you tried it?"  '���Save the Tags_jhey are valuable." , o  NOTICE.  TAKK NOTll'IO tli.it MMv liii.v-, ain-r ilnli-   I  mu'iid  to apply  ti��,jln* Cliit'l CoiiiiiiissiomT .if  Lund* auU   Works   for ik'-ViiiissIihi to puii'lniM- ���  the followlue descrilM'd   laiul-  in   Kasi   KiHi'.r-  n.iy   Uistrict,   11., C.     I'liuiiiii.'iiciii^   nl   :i   pot  planted   al   tile   siiulli   wt'.si    cunii'i   nf    K.   ('  smith's  purchase  tinil   itt.u ki'il   T.   .1,   Atoll's !  norlli  west  conn'V:   thriici* Kast fiulv eli.uns   ,  thi'tice Sotitli eiKlity I'li.un- in St. M.u-v s Itivci (  tlienee  West  follow in,; tin'  'ivi-f .Uuiiu luir. ,  I'li.inis; ihfi.ee North e'lUilv I'li.ilns 10 the pliiee '  uf  tiiviniil'ii:   /I'diilalniim fe1 life's   niiii't'  ur  le-s. ' '     ,     ' ,  -1'-  D^ted July lltlt. lint;  TjT *?jT "J**!"?""*"!  *  The  **-~-7fT"  ������ -��- .  I��W.  �������� ������� '  Headauarters   for   Mining   and.   Commercial   lVIen  t .1. MDT'r.  0 fl  -  Teacher Wanted. i  W'ANTKU   -'A ifiii'lii-'r foi'.tlif Tnhiilvo  I'lain.s  jiiililic, sflKxtt:   diiiics   id  i-iini- 1  "moiii'oafter summer vueatiun, :ii>pl,\ lo ,  o,      M.   PHfl-Lll'l'-J,  Sei'i-ctiiry. i  l"hihii))��s l-'o.si dilico. 1!  ("'..   "       -      j  All    Modern     Conveniences  FORT    STEELE,   B.   G.  TLMBEK'XOTICK.        ,    j  TAKK    XOTlCKilhai shirt}1 days alter ii.ne.j  i intend 10 apply tm:he Chi.'-f Cniiiiiiis^ioiiei i~>( \  Lands i��nu \Vorl;s ft.i-;��� spt-oLii   heenee  m  >���.:'. t  and  earry uwa;.  timli'1.- fi-iini the fn'iliiw,iti|_' in1-  >cribeil laitd-.  '  (.���ou;meiteiun .it .1 post, iii.ii.ii-d almiil   I   eliiiin ,  easl of  :he oid  teleirrupli trail uiu. aliovit ivii'.  miles south nf   Klk   KSvci   m   Kast  ICiioienay  and marked "P. MeArthur s s  K. Corner ihisi" i  thence east si) t-naibs. thenee north Hi dianis   1  thenee  we.st iij chains, th.-nee m.huIi m' eh.ittis  to place iif beumnms'. ���.���(nitjiniii:.* ^nai us u.ori-  or less. ' '     , ,  I*.   Mt-ARTHCK.  Uuieil Uns -iith day m Ju��.*   tiiK'  Large  Sample   Rooms   for   Commercial   Men.  CANADIAN  A*iia  RAILWAY  World's Scenic Route  DIRECT LINE  I\Vitini[ii-i;  1 Toruiitii   ���  f);iavv-;i  ! Montiviit  . T.��KK Nu'ilff that t>-l dnjs after il.ue."   I   in- j St. .'lolill  tend   to   apply   id   the riii.-f Coiiiiiiissionei of | 1 'alihl.Y  NOTICE.  I,.inii> and Works for permissi'Mi 10 piiivlusP  llie follouini; lands uu Klk Hi\er in K.ast Kihik-  lia-v DLstrici. U. C1.. eonniirneinj.' at a pijst pl.in-  led on the west haul; of KUc Kiver aluiut, 1 'i  miles north of the inoiuii nf MorrNst-y ('it-(:U  marked ������ 11. f.. Amme s S. K. c.inier, " thenee  Northerly lollo'wiiij.' the liank of Elk Kivef to  .1. A. MeUonalds s. K. corner: ihenee West -Hi  I'liuiiii.-. thenee South 4U chains ihetici' Kasi to  the place of licj.'ltinhi'.'i'iiutainin,: Iftujyres more  or less.        (j!   ,fr ' ��    ,  H.  f..,iA.vi��>-  .    Uaied llii.s iUh il.i.v (if June. IS!*,!.   ',   <.  NOTICE.  T.vKt, Nu'iii'h lli.it tvti ila.vs .ifier dale. I in-  tettil to apply 10 the Chief Commissioner of  Lauds and Works for permission to purchase  llie following lands .situate on Klk Ri.'er in  Kasi U'ootenay. U.C. and ileserilied us follows.  Coiiiiiieiit'IiiK ui 11 post plained on the West  tiaiil; of Klk lliver iiml aliuiii iltiee-fonrilis  nf .1 mile Nortii of tlie nioutli 01  Moriissey Creek, marked." \V. I". Ijiildliivv's N.  '[���-.. corner. "' tlienee West III ehuins: tlienee  South stl thains; tlienee Kasi W eliains moie or  less 10 llie West bank of Klk River: llienee  Northerly followiiij,' the hank of Klk liner 10  lite plan; of liCKimiiiii;. eoiitaininir in all ir'n  .u'tcs inure or less.  W. C. rj.Miii.AW.  Ilaied this-.Mth day of .Mine. 11>W.  .NOTICE.  Takk Notick that i'.u dnvs after dale I intend 10 apply to llie Chief Commissioner of  Lands and Works for permission 10 purchase  the followini; lands tn Ktisi Kootenay District.  It. (J. Commenciii!,' at a post planted on the  West hank of Klk Kiver. and adjouniinj; .1. A.  McDonalds N. K. coiner marked -.1 T r.uid-  l.iw s s. K. coiner llienee West so (.hams  tlieiKe Nortii SU chains: ihenee K.isi to the  Wesl hank of Klk Kivei. thence Soullieily  follomnK lhe west hank of Klk Kivei to place  of hejfiiiiunu cuiiiaiiiiiii.'M'l aires moie or less  ,1 \s T [jAiiii.-vv\  Ilaied tins iMli dav of June  l'HU  I'(latOll  Now Yorl  i;rr  I leave;  ���Now W'o.slinitisti'f  V silicon VcM1  Victnrin       ��� '   ,  Slcairway  DiUVson  Scuttle  I'di-thinil   ���  ."^iiii KYatiiMscn  I.AKK S'PIOA.MKItS  1   Williiini   Sunday.' Tu'i"  d;iy iitid l'*i'i(l;iy'. ���  Via Soo Line  ���  'St. .Paul,   Dulutb.   Chicago  Tourist Sleeper Service  KAST'  "  Lttavo   Uiunuoi-e .luiictioii^daily   For  fit. I'aul. Isnoioiiuy Liindin^.    "J'uiisdiiy  and Satni'diiy For 'IVn'onto and all. hiiist.-  i'i-m I-'tiiiUs.-     1 '   -  W UST   ���    ,   ,   '  Leave Uevelstoke daily   fen-. Seattle,  Vaiicouver.anil iiohhI cities.  .'nti'tiuol'i   TicK-ois  to Kin'opo  vi:i ^all  Atlantic.lines.  ��      1'repaid   tickets   from    all  points al lowest rates.  Fur  aiienl'  Full   particulars  apply   to   local  J. S. CARTER,  Dis. Pass. Agt.  Nelson.  E. J  COYLE,  A. G. P. A.  Vancouver  KIMBERLEY.  The   Coming*   Town   of  East  ; Kootenay.     jjp* - >  Near tue famous Northstar, '/_  1 1 ���* *" 1 ' ��� 1 *- < ���* *  , and Sullivan Mines  A Limited Number of Lots for Sale  s ' ' ' G> * ' '".  * at Prices Ranging from  ;      $125    To   $400  NOW   IS   THE TIME TO, BUY; as* prices will be advanced the lir&t  of the year.   ,,.   ,   '     ^     ' ' o ' ' '������ ' ������     ., "   ".  i4Lpply to  Land Commissioner, C.'P/R.  Winnipeg, Man., or to  BEALE & ELWELL  c*  Fort Steele and Kimberley,  NOTICE.  N'oiii-e is herebv i;<\cn that 1 vtill not bo 10-  stxinsilile for .in.v debts I'onti.ii'ti'il liv Mis. IJ  I* Conl.e uflcr this ilali'.  13   l"  COOl'l'.  OaumI ji I'uri siruie ibis 1 til li d.i v of .Iiine  Iwi-J -'-  Activity in inininj,' is nicreu-s-  ing in the vicinity of Fori. Steele  The  main   range  of  the Rocky  NOTICE.  Tvh.>. Nmiil- 1I1.11 ilnrtv il.t\s lifter il.tti- I  intenil 10 , Apply', to tlic.t.'liiof .(.'oiniiiissioner of  Lanilx ami Works liir a- t wenty-o'ne year ���-iin-  ber lease of -the followini; lunils situate 011 llie  wesl side of Klk-River in Kasi'Kooiciiii.vA M.rit-  isli Columbia and ilcscribori us follows.,   -  .Co'minen.cini;' at a posl planiuil nl tln-'S. VV.  iiorner of K.A..Jackson's Tiinlier '.iuuiisu-iibdul  onc-haif mile wesl of llie wesl bank of Klk lliver.' ruiiniiiK-ihumie wesl I'ijrliiy (Si) elniins.  llil'iiec uortli ei(?biy (HO) eliains. Uience.ensi  forty (4H|.chains.'iheneenot-ill lliirly (HO) eliaiiis  -tlienee easl forly (4(1) eliains, llienee norlli one-  hundreii and ttu'riy (i:��i( eliains, llienee east  twenty'CIO) .eliains, .llienee norlli to a., poi n't  West'of lhe. .V. VV. eorner of lot .'Hi:!, llienee easl.  twenty CMi 'eliiiins.. lliiMiei* iinrlli e|k'bi.v (HO),  eliains. tlienee.easi-otn.-liiiniire.il antl eighty  (ISO) ehuiiis. tlienee norlli iwu-linnilreil anil  eilfliiy C^O; eliains. tlienee west, forty (HI)  chains, tlienee norlli oielit.v (W)) eliaiiis, thence,  east. niie-Iiiiiidred anii sixty 1IHU) eliains. tlienee  s'ililll elKlil.V (Wl eliiiins, llieiiee east. 1.0 west.  Iiaiik oT Klk itiver. . tin-in-.-ilnwn west luiiiliiif  Klk lliver in wliiM-.. liie'ensl line nf loi iiliit  strikes llie we.Ht bank nl Kilt IIIV'-i-. ' llienee  norlli to ill'- N". K enriiei' uf Int. :��l.'l. tlienee wesl  iilie-liiindred aiid. sixty (l��l) ehalns lo.N. VV.  enrner of lot if'-il, tlienee s.mtli niti.-liiiinlred anil  sixty lfl eliains In S. VV. eiiiner nf lot ililit.  Ihenee east to nest, hank of l-ilti rt.\er. ilieiiei'  down tlH-'weiit hank nf Kill river- 10 l.li'e N. K.  enrn'-l 1 of K. A. ..liirliMm's '1-liiilier l.iei'tise.  t.lletler-'west In N.VV. enrti.-r nl said I'".. .V. Jnrli-  von's Tiinlier l.ieniK... thenee smith fnrty I'l  eliains. t henee west twenty :in ehaitis. thenee  sou lb forty (�� eliains. iln-nee' wesl twenty-Jn  eliains. thenee smith dirty m eliains. ihenee  ivesl flirty to eliaiiis. tin-nee smith- lirt.v :.o  eliains to plaee of bek-innint'.  Said tract 10 eon la in nine t hnusaini iHNioneres  11101T. or less.  Dated ibis iTTtli day of .lime. A. I}.. MK.  27 II. .I. JOHNSON".  Don't Guess  At It  But if you arc going" east write us for our rates and let  us tell you about the, service and acc-ommodations offered  by tlie  ILLINOIS    CENTRAL  RAILROAD  tourist cars via the Illinois  Central from Pacific Coast to Chicago and  Cincinnati.  Through  Don't fail lo write us about   your  trip  as  are in a position'to. give'you some  valuable  we  information  and  Assistance.    5319 miles of traclv  ;bver which -is-operated some of the finest trains  in the world.  .   >  Por particulars regarding freight, or passenger  rates  call,  on or address:      , ���",.,'  J. C; LINDS'Ey"   :'��� .13. Fl. TRUMBULL  .'T, F. & P.; A. .'     - "''��� Uoiii71  Agt.  142-Third Street, Portland, Ore.     '���"    ''"  | N. HANSON, 1  General iVler-cHon't  a   Liquor Dealer*  AND  Sp Mtimifacttirer of all Kinds of Lumber,       A large assort- ^S  S-r men I. of seasoned Lumber and Shingles always ~g  .5^ on hand: ^S  ^ DIMENSION      LUMBRR      A      SPRCrALTY. ����  |       WflSfl."-    - B G. |  Kootenay  Hotel # #  Boundary Line  Tobacco  Plains,  B. C.  it  JULES HUREL. Proprietor.  (,;0(l|)     ACCOMMODATION'     KOK    TI-JA V KIjIjI NC!      M ION  A First Glass Home  i'i  ��� �����.������  i��t  �����.���,���".  �����f.��-  �������.�����  '*���  StJi-gi' line leaves Kootenay Motel  Friday tit S a m.     LVvives ftlk Motel  diiy itt S'a.m.,  KIK'O on Monday  Port    Ste  rewittg  - .^'FORT'STEELE,'^.- G.\ ; ������ .' ;,  MANUFAC5TUI.8RKS  - and     BREWERS'   OF    EXTRA    FINE  BEEB  m  *��*��-.���  PORTER  SOLD    BY    THE  Bottled beci  BARREL,    KEG    OR     BOTTLED  for family use a specialty".  OUTRIDE ORDIOItS C-iTVICN STRICT $ PROMPT ATTENTION  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  P. O. BuX 812  TELEPHONE   NO. 1  M'utz & Scott, Prop's, \  THE PROSPECTOR,  FORT STEELE, J3. C. JL'LY 20.  2 90:  r *. axz> - ���wta.-u-.fJS''  (fthi? pjc^^^ectar  SATUUDAY, .lUldY ".(i,   1!)02.  Gans and Tumor to Fight.  San Francisco, Cal., July '24 ���  Many  of  lhe sporting men \vh  tire   here   from   out. of  town   to  witness t.lie heavyweight  chain  pionsliij)   tight  tomorrow   nigh  will go to Oakland  this   evenin  to see the 2''-round   go   lietweei  'Joe 01111,1, tlie lighTweighl chain  pion, and Rule Turner. Thong  Gans is a, heavy favorite the ad  mirers of Turner, who has mad  a credilable fighting record diir  ing the last. year, express conli  dence in his ability   to  give  ih  ��� Haiti in ore colored   boy  a   hard  tussle for the decision.  "Amber"   Plug  Smoking  To  baeco is winning on its merils. '  "'Have yon Iried it':'"  ��� ''Save lhe Tags, they are valuable."  ^^^^^g^^^^^S^  *^��-  6-  s^7i--^j������ o^-^j���...'cr 't���  ->,'s^  ll\ I* '  m  -jij  Horse Show at Long Branch.  Long Branch, N. .1.. July 2-J���  Bright  weutlier   and   a brillian  gathering of  society   folic coin  ,bined today to make the opening  of the ninth animal exhibition o  'lhe    Monmouth   County   Horse  Show'association a decided   sue  "cjilff^Ti^-s'liouns held'as here'  lofore at ' Hollywood Park,  Tliorc arc forty-six classes and  all of'them well tilled. To the  winners will be, distributed  ��4,000 in prizes.  General Porter Returns to Paris  Now York, July 24.��� General  Horace Porter, who has been on  joying a two months' leave ,of  absence in this 'country, .sailed  today on La Savoie to resume  his duties as United "States Ambassador at Paris.  ' The Tourist Association of  Victoria litis issued a dainty little  booklet.'containing brief reference to the attractions which  Victoria, 'offers to' the, summer  holiday seeker. It will admirably,' answer , tlie purpose for  wItich it is intended.. �� -  FORT  ������"ik-.-:  _���  -*v��3  i  J5SHBB  The Mining Center of South. Eas  TP"  i,-> Oi rr  The Largest  Mineral Areas,  and the IYIost  Extensive  , CoalJ^elcls^onJtheJL  American Continent  are Situated in   ,    <  South Kast Kootenay  * "Isr- ifS   s��s, ��� .       ~>  iigS-i;  asr,In^ zxrid.  ���I      -l 'J \ -* v  jl sir's;  *  ���l.^j^-^^ wfe^a,���"6*3.  -JC- fJJ.&KA^ZTl. ��V77 J.  W.nAi  w  eJs-.-.t.sS.!-  ���ij*.  - ���> x ir":  'Z^$$i  Sft,��V-'"  Notice.  ' The Coast, an illustrated  monthly magazine -published at.  Sea tile and devoted to the interests of the West, will begin the  publication , of a serial ' story  written by its editor, embracing  scenes and life in the West, particularly Scuttle, covering the  period of the Klondyke excitement and immediately following,  entitled, '-The Triumph of  Michael Sears." ThoCoast will  be sent on -rial one year for one  dollar���six months for fifty  cents. Address Honor i-L. Wil-  helm, editor and manager  Box 2&2, Seattle, U.S.A.  NOTICE  Tiike notice that tliirly days utter iliuo. 1 intend lo apply in llio eiiii'f G'oiiimis~;ioiior oi  Ijiiiiilsuml Works for a t��vM,v-oiit!..vi*iii* Tim  lier Lipase of ihe followins; lands sinnite on llie  wesl .side of Kile river in Kiisl Is'ooienay Di.s-  trii'l." liriiish Ooluniliiii. anil nili'si'i-iljeii as  .follows:��� ...' , '  CoiniiH'tieiii!,' al n post, one limiilri'il ami sim.v  ItiO mils north ol the S. W., corner ol loi'livu  llioiisanit four hunilroil mill llfty-llvo ."ilSS.  ruiiiiiiii? thenee wesL i-ifthty 80 eliains, thoneo  north one hundred WO chains, tlienee west one  hundred anil sixty lfi<> eliains. tlienee norlli one  hundred ICX) chains, llienee east.eighty i>0 chinns  thence north eufhty 80 chains, llienee east one  hundred anil sixty H".0 chains, tlienee south to  pluce��of beglnnliiK  Said tract to contain four thoiisiiirl citfhl  inindred 4S00 acres, more or li's-s.  Duu'd this-.'."nil day ol June. A. I).. I'll)'  ���2T- AIM'llUli T. CIMXTO.W  The proposed Crow's Nest and Golden Railway  0 . I  ,.      - '    . ������   p -       , .  ' f t      ��3  through Fort Steele and Tap the Greatest'Mineral  District. /    ���  ���7  will pass,  of the  .  s, ���^ g   .  P.O.  In Kintla Lake Oil Fields.  Kalispoll. Mont.���Lee Kerr,  who has been in the Kintla Lake  oil fields several months, has returned-and reports work progressing at a rapid rate. One  well is now down 7()0 feet, making from HO to JO I'eet. por day,  while the other well is now down  over 1000 feet. The work on the  first well had to be stopped for  several weeks by the losing of  part of the drill when down  about 1000 feet. Special tools  had lo be procured from the cast  before the detached part' could  be gotten out.  NOTICE.  Notici: is lurehy itlvcn that 111) days after  date 1 intend to apply lotheChiel Commissioner of Lands and Wot-Us un- a special Tiiuher  License to, cut and carry away limber nil 010  acres of land on lhe wesl lunik of the ICooteiiny  lliver near lot :!2:l Croup onoeoniiiiuueini; atn  post planted on the bench westol the w est bank  of said Kootenay Kiver marked James Mann's  Southeast corner post: thence ruuniin; Norlli  a distance of ItiOeliaiiis-. tlienee riiiininj.' West  a distance ol 40 eliains: thence iuuuiuk South  a distance of ItiO chains: thence ruuniinr l.usiu  distance of 10 eliains to ihe place ol bu^inniui;.  eiiniainiui; ti 10 acres more, or less.  j.imbs Manx.'  Dated at Ferine 11. U. this l*'th (lay ol .lime I WW  Choice Business and Residence lot;  Of  for  Bale,  Apply to  NOTICE.  N'O'i'U'B is hereby jiiven lli.il :����� days utter  date I intend to apply m llie Chief (.'omniis-  sioner of Lands and Works for a special Tini-  ber Ijieen.se to cut and carry awav tiinlier on  t" 10 acres of land on the West side or. K'omeu.iy  lliver near loi :K:i:-eoninienrini.' ai a post planted tin a bench west ol the West bank of the said  Kootcna.v Kiver marked Daniel llajes N*. I",  cnrnei post :-thence runniiifi south a ilisiance  nl liiiichaius: llienee running Wesl .i distance  of III clia.ns: ihenee runniut; Norlli ,1 ilistanct'  of Hid chains- (hence riiiinini: Kast a distance  of HI chains to the plaee ot lieirinnitii;coulain-  in^ iiiil acies moie or less.  |i.\nii:ij ll.wils.  Dated al l-'ernie li.C. tliis P-'lli day ol June Iim:  1?^  T. Galbraith,  VV  k>-  "i.     yx ,r~>  Facts About Advertising-.  The vital advertising idea,  once abroad, works ceaselessly  day and night, and no man can  say where it will be up and a-  doing.  . A necessary' element of advertising successes  is   to  advertise  ������' none but the goods . that  people  'want. ���'. ���,-" 7  ,.   '.  The main ]turpose of your ad:  vertising should be'to make regular customers���not single sales.  Iii advertising it is- not a  question of selecting many  mediums that are good, but  rather the few that'are best.  The results that tire to be derived from constant advertising  cannot be over-estiiiiated.  Labor   troubles   at the Kernie;  coal mines ha.ve.'not. been adjust- I  ed.     Trouble   is expected if the  Coal   Company  succeed   iu   importing foreign labor to lake the  place of the strikers.  NOTICE.  Nutii i: Is heieby Klven thai :i(l days after  (lute I iiiteiid lo apply lo tlie l 'I'.n'l Commissioner of Lands and Woiks lor a special Tinili.'i  License io cut and earn away limber on mil  acres of land on the Wesl side of l\noteii,i\ l{i-  ver near lot :t:III < troiip ni.c - roiiiitieiicinf* al .1  posl planted on a bench westol the Wesl li.inl,  of said Kootenay Kiver. marked John Hell's  Southeast corner post llieiiee i unuiiii.'.North  a distance of till) eliains: Ihenee iiiimiiiK Wesl ,i  distance of lilcliains. thence I untiint.' South a  distance ol Hill eliains I In lire riiniiiim Kasi ,i  distance of-III chains lo 111" place of heuinnin<;.  eoniainin^ till! acres nioi f or  less.  ' .lull.N   111.1,1.  Dated at Ferule It. C this pith d.iv nl .lime lim-i  -'NOTICE. .  Notice i.s hereby (iive.ii i-liat ihirljjdJjiys al'lei-  date, I intend lo apply to the Chief Co.inmis-  slonfir of Lands and Works. Victoria. H". C. for  a Special License m cut ami carry a way limber  on. the following desi'.ribeiLvacant lands in the  Southern Division of- Kasi. Konleiiay Distrirt;  Coinmencinn at a post pln;iled nciii- Six'Mile  Creek ruiiiiini; elstliiy chains- south: thenee-  ei(,'lily chains west: t.liennd.ii,'lil.\i-liaiiis tioi-l.li:  Ihenee eiKhty chains east lo lhe place of enni-  inencemeiif.   Ooniaiiiinji ('.III acres  re or less.  Dated tilth July: !!��>:.'. '  ���ill- 'I'HOS.  KOIII.-.K'I'S.   ,  IVIai-ysville,  B. G  HALE & SMAI  The Pioneer Hotel. .   Comfortable Bedrooms.  First Class Dining Room.  Best Domestic and Imported Liquors and Cigars.  Proprietors %|i  The. Steely  Tort Steele? B  Centrally SiLu.itcd 01. K  Conducted on Up-'ji>--  The Best Bar In 'J\>\mi.  ii  trt"'B  ).M  ilUC,  ;ou  B;  *^/*- -**^. -��� ���  *���  4K'.Cti)     ,  I'UO/'niK'l-i)!.'  Wll'**)!'^^^^* #*���**.-V-Y?-S-*V:  "��� *'��� *;. < ^  ���������  .t. ��A.  .k*  *t.  **d<  ^'t'. *6*  ��0*   ��t*  *ft' .&.. WA.   .t.   .k.  .6.   *t*  ���:<�� <��.."�� ��>"��- ��*��- ��*�� ��*�� v%> ��>*o- ��s�� ��rw ��*o �����"�� ^tw *fa ���**��. -**��  .f. -;Q.   .f.s   *p��   ��|��   ��|��   ��f.   .f.   .Q.   *y��   ��^t   #f��   *f^   *f��   *p��   .f*  i'i. i*i i*i i'i i*i i'i i*i i*i i'i i'i i'i i'i  "#��   ���������    *�����   ��������   *�����   ��������   "���-   '���-    -#��   ���������.   -t��    *  t��ii��i  ���9�� -.��.  i>ii��i  ^ii'i  ���*..���.������".������.���. "���������"    V,7-'-..  ������.��*-  . ' "   ���    ���  *���:������  ���^  J     - -V +r  -fe  -*���  ���to  *  CK     'J**  *  ���#���  book's Cotton Boot Compound  . Is anccessfnlly uHcd monthly by over  ^VlO.OOOLadles. Safe, effectual. Ladles ask  ���v!_your druggist for Cook's Cotton Root Compound. Take no other, as all Mixtures, pills and  imitations are dangerous. Price, No. 1, finer  box:l*o. 8,10 degrees stronger, fS per box. No.  i or t, mailed on receipt of price and two 8-cen t  stamps. The Cook Company Windsor, Ont.  B^-Nos. l and 2 sold and recommended by all  responsible Druggists lu Canada.  ;   Nos. 1 aiid 2 sold   in   Fnvt  Stc'ilc  by  A. W. Ulis-isrtell, DiMijrui.s-t.  i-'ii  ���a  -fev  s&:  -        I  fe      '���  H. REIKEMAlNr, Proprietor.        Fort Steel a.  -���O  Largest.;: and Most ������������Up-to-date'���"���Hotel iii   East;"'-' .iiootpnay.. -'"' ���'���/  " .    V ���  THE'��� PROSPECTOR,'' FQfiT STEELE,  B. C., '.JULY ..2fij A002A,  North Star Lodge  NO. 30.  A.  F. AND A.  M.       G.   R.   G.  C.  TORT STJ"IjU.   II   C  Repul.ir mcotini's-Ki ' m sd.u in e.icl  inoutli u i i.'li; ii i-lo. I \ ��� ni.'Iii'-ilii'in iu  .���in '   i 'i ... I    i|  11 '      il *i   in. i mii.'--  'i.   (' li i.    \    t r  ^l�����U,^��� 1.^^^, c ���.,   ,���    n^ul.ii    imtt-  iDirs belli oil tht tl'iid Ti.uisi.n oi tutti mot.ih  s) II  1. Mu urn  ��.ei ii i m  Rocky  Mount,un  Chaptcri  xo  ir>  i: a. \!  rorrr ���srri:u.  u. ���.  ^zMx&xpzjctov.  -SATURDAY, "JULY 2<>,  l.,02.  Ri'iinlai' iiK'eiiiii.'  Jiid Till���il:H"  in I  vnT7TTTT?,mTTTTrTTTT7Tr-rTfyTTTfT"TYnTT?'*r-m-:*  I   LOCAL NEWS. 1  ^���UkkUUklUlLUkiUUiikkUUUkkUUUkiUkiuZ  King" Edward will be crow nod  on Aui.ruit 'Jth  0'et your ice civ.un Sunday  at  th" Cily Bakeiy.  J. Y.   Kr.ii'er. went io ihe Star  14roup o! luineTon .\loiida\.  Barrister W. K. Ross,   Feline,  . \va.�� m town   Monidi1, .  .;-.-      '"- .NOTICE."-. '  '''AKKAwriCK Unit sixt-y days after date I  intend to apply t.o the,Chief Ciiniihissioiiorfl'oi'  Ij-inds and Works, fiir pi i niis'sinii to puii ii.isi  tin fidlomn^ lands in 1 ,isl Itooicii.u llisinci  I! <' rmiiini'Tii.iiiu.it ,i po-t pl.mu-il mlilu.iv  on Uu- simili lmu nl lot j Id tin ii, ( -. ci(ilit\  cliuns, Un im w ulj-'liu i linns tl.nii'i* N  lU'liu i h .ins tin in i'11 i ikIiiv ill mis ni plan  ot liiMimli ������ roni 11 iimtr iiiil .11 n's ''  -"���'- !���: c smith  n.ui'ii ,iuh iiiii, inn.'  In the County Court of Kootonay  HolJen at Port Steele.  XOPK I. is.  Hi W!,|iY I.IVKN   ihu   ���i,   ,i���  l(iiliiii\ ni ,liil\   phi.'  it w,i, 111 di-iI'll  In   .1     \  I "I III       I   s,jl|||l        .III l^i       nl      11|,.    s ml   ( ,1111 1  ihu  l.iiin s l'< ii'iisini   \11nstnn11;   O1m.1l    \d  lllllllstl   lllll   Iif 111      1   iil|||l\     ,l|     Klllllt n 1/ In    All  ii.iiil-.li ui.i ul all .md siu.'iil.ii   tin.  1 ,1 iii s  (i|  Willi un     li.iilln     nf     |',,ii    s'mfi.    1 in,,,,  j 1I111' is, <|  11,u st.iu'Ci  Kii'ii   piis.in   iiuli'liii'il   lo tin-siifil di'i't'iisi'd  lsl|i|l i In lll.llvl   |l.lMHi.|ll   li.,lllW|ll,   id   tin  tnult-l s,,jiu>d 1 ,  K\.'i \ pci sun li.n In,; In pnssi-ssion 1 ni- -is, | > ��� -  ,     _ liHU'lii). in 1 hi' iii'it-,isi. I is ,, quiri 11 lo Inn Iim 11I1  P.. I.. T. ri.\i.i:i{\iTii s..,-ii���. k.       _\jOM(S   Uaii.->on,   M(,vi(..   w.,s a   �����"* '�� ��� "'���i. is,/.,,,.,!  ���>- ! visitor at Steele Tim.sihiv., ,';,'"; ''""" '",' "'"'I' '""* "��  r> ^ ��� �� ' '      ���   , ii'i.iiui 1 pun in  inti'if-,! in up- iiisdinuiii   1    roit-sbiotiai,       j       r   ; /in- ust.it,. ui ni,. sii.i iiviuasi-ii is ..-.piiii-d  , W. Myers came down t'roni tin*; ��uiiin iii.m .ui. ui.iius iiim- lusund \.\ i,-.:u-  ! ti I' il 1. Hi 1 iidiliussi'il id Un-  iiiidi-isi^md    Ins  j 11 mu .mil .i.ldi uss ami   tl,u  lull   p.u u, nl.ns  ul  I.i        |,,i,���     .���               1       i-   j       , liw ui,iiiii  ui   ini.-iisi.  ami a  st.u,.,,,, ,,[ ���l l,|s  h.     JohlliOll        IVUll'lU.il,      11 0111 I,,..,.,,,,,, uniltlu- 1, mdv.mils   si.i-���,nv(ll,iii'.  Perry crook ijn Sunday last', di.-ni in ii.m  0  ���1iS��*&Z"Wood's Thosifcocline,;  The Great English Remedy.  Sold nnd recommended by all  druKKilti in Canada. Only reliable medicine diFcovered. Siz  - -. - - -~- ���Txich.aijet guaranteed to cure all  forms of Se-cual Wral,iie,., all elTects of abuse  or excels Mental Worry. Excessive- useofTo-  Djcco, Opium or Stimulants, Mailed on receipt  of price, one package f\. biz, ��S. Ona.unllplease,  iU will cure Pamphlets free to any address.  llio Wood Compiiny, Windsor, Out.  Sold li.\ A   W. Mlciisilull, Diiiuuj^t.  ~sJ.:7 ���'������.���'������-".."'y-v-' d     ���;'���%.':   ....  .'   .'"���:'      "    '..''.       d    -���_'���        7.  "'.'.;��� -    ';'&���  ^"oanatiian-'ianK 0  v  HEAD" p:KFICE--TORONTO.  cfli-li Tildiilh :it i-iuli; ,1',.I,iu!,-. ��� '        ,    ,        ���  ,    ,  .        .     . ' 1     .t'liin   i .    LarM'ii   caiui'   down  .>on.nii'.i!i,u i-nmiiuiiiiins uiv.-.iiiliall.v .j,.,,,,, 1 h(-Ti-cr ininooii Tursdav  lUVllfil. '  0^1 s \aiMi-.,- .1. a iiiini-i i.Kootoiuiy K\n<x niiiU' Wednesday  IIAKVEY & McCARTEK'        '  llitrifti i>,   S'llii-i'nr^.  Aof'' 1 ti i   Fnln^ ,  ' 'mo; i/iinc, r* itr.  .    FORT  STIil-ILF,  15.  C.  1 U'm. Myors was ouyii-jcd in  ! pacliiiii," supplios to tho I\o(ito-  inay Kin�� Thursday.  "   " f"*"M. A. Boalo  roturnod   I'roin   a,  REVKLSTOKE STATION" ^ GOLDEN      j visit   tO   I-'ril'lllf.   Alboi'ta, Oil Tlll'S- |  COLLECTIONS   "PROMPTLY      MADE,    "''^    " ,  ' .,'  . . .���:���;'-Dj.     Hu���h      AV.;tl,     ;uu|      Uovj  1 iJeuumirs  rotuniod   to   ('at'mvay I  iTtiosdav.    "��� ' ;  A11 ei' Uu- iwpii.itniii ui 'ihe s.ii,| ilni 13 dins,  llie AilinliiiMKilii, 'mil pruiTi'iI with >lu, ills-  iribuiliiii uf Uu; ust.uu limiiii; 1-uvni-il in Uiusu  i-^iltns oii|\ uf u liK'ti liu slnil! hsivu hud ninii'i-  ll.iti. I ,11 l-'uri ���sii-i-le  this   irih   d,i\   ul  Jiili,  -LiliS: , ,. ,_^   kj:<;ular  VV66KIU stage  p.i:t\vpp.v  iWt Steele  '  C 1  Windermere ;u^'  Peterborough  TIMI-: 'f.MSI.K." --  M.\\" l>.;r,  \wz.  l.rnii-    l''ui-|    Sli'i-li-  (���'���(���i-i\    Siiliii-il.iy  ,i'iut''iiiiiu   ill !> .-i.iii. Ari-iM- ,:t  l',.|,.|.-  In>|-|illj,ll   Sllllll.-lj   I'Vl'liillu.  lil'UVi'  t'cli-l h(i|-()||u|, i;\|i|-y    Wi'diH'-.-  iln.v iiiui'iiiiiu ;l| i) it,in.     Arri'vi- :ti lAu-t  Sli'i-li.' Tliui'.silii.v u\ I'liinu. 1  I'm-    I';issimiu,.|    ;m(|  njijily in  '.xni'i'ss   i-n iff,  in -  .1 UIKS  KKIMl'SON  All.MSTKil.S'll  (lilU'l.il Atliiiinlsli-aiMi-,  Kurt Sti-i'le, II  O  W. R. ROSS  Barrister       -      -       Solicitor:  NOTARY   PUBLIC  CONVEYANCER,    .  T. O. Armstrcnig,' accompanied  j by his daughter Minnie, 'visited  .(Man-svillo Mondav.  Fort Steele, B. 0 , John Eeid aud R. Liit'le left  Steele Wednesday on a visit to  Fairmont springs.  Fort Steele DEVEi.opvKNTSY.>tMi-*.'i"K Ltd  ,13S Leadenhull Street. London. K.njjland  (     A. ��� Grez ,was takiiiir  supplies  N. A.  WALLINCER, *       FORT STEELE. - p .- \*^''^ ^rOUl, ��f" mi,10S    ��H  BRE/VD, CAKE  ,' ,     AND PASTRY  ,      A  -.[ii-ciuUy :it (Iu*    ;'  CITY    BAKERY  Ice Cream ��� Parlor  a       Now Open.  Iiv (Vi'iuii Si'ikl by tlio Pint or f'uiu-t  Mis. Ii. P. Cooke.  (ieary & Ooyle  Fort Steele and Peterborough.  ���    GEARY  &, DOYLE.  POST OF PICK IlOX S.  ��� THOMAS. Mc VI T TIE  F��.U.S.   c^�� C.'E.  ' r ForL Steele B.C.  GRASSICK   &   OEMPSEY.  d' "���  CONTRACTORS  V\*  __   ���    '     AND  J3Uri_^DJ3JtS.  Fori 'Steele    IJ.O  Shaving g? Hair Dressing Parloi  i*-o��'i\ Steele', h, c.  P. Jen-sen, Wasa. ' visited tho  Silver Queen mine on Sundav  last.  Rev. Houghton and wife. Forme V were .registered at ihe Iim  perial Monday.  "Amber" Plug- Smoking To  bacco is winning on its merits.  "Have you tried it.*"'  '���/Save' the Tags; they are valuable. "  Fishermen were out' in 'force  on Sunday last. .No remarkable,  catch of fish was reported.   1���    ,',  [-1. Hainc-s. manager of 'the  'fiank of Commerce. Cranbrook.  was visiting friends at Steele on  Sunday last. ��� ���   ,  li. P. Cooke with a pack train  of five animal-* w;i* engaged in  taking supplies hi (he Star  ���4roup of mines on Mon'day.  Al  A. J   GREZ,  I'iud.s of hair work  a, specialty  Proprietor  llayiii"- luis c-oiiiini'iiced iu the  Kootenay valley and it is reported that the crtip is unusually  large.     ' -  JAILOR  AND  IMPOKTICIi OF  FINE WOOLLENS  Rocky Mountain Aviuiue'  ��� ,       Fort Steele. B. G.  Fort Steele  Diamond Jubilee  miss roLsoN. Hospital  Matros.  Oiiiilual** of .St  Lulu-, IIospit.il  Vttiiroun-r   ii  L  Thio Iiisiiiution ha.- bfi*ii n-i-i-iiili  enlarged by n iiuiv ivinif v. tiii'.'i L- nun-  oji^ii fur roi-iipi ion of ]i,i;iunt-. For  tiTiii- apply iu  Ml.SS   FOLSOM.      01"     .J.  I-'. .SMITH. S.-i*.  Mut'roii. for! Sii-i-I-. I. ('.  A. (Jrez returned from the  Silvia group of mines Wednesday. A rich strike of galena  and coppi*!1 ore has hoen made.  The road gang who have been  working on the Bouldervcr'eek  trail returned to Steele Wednesday.  .An outiiiii" party consisting of  several ladies and gentlemen  visited Wild Horse creek Sundav.  St. John's Church of England.   '  Services-will be held in the  'Church of St. John the, Divine  every Sunday* evening at 7:30 except on the third Sunday- in each  month when the service will bo  held at ll o'clock a.m. by-the  vicar, llicRov.-H. Beec'ham.  Holy Communion will he administered at the close of the  service.  Strangers are welcome.  I'lilOSJiV'PlOK'IAN   OlIUKCn.     ,  Divine Worship will bo held  in the Presbyterian Church  every Sabbath evening at 7:30  o'clock; except t.llc fourth Sunday in each month when the service will be held at 11 o'clock  a.m.  'Sabbath School every Sundiiy  at half past two o'clock*.  Choir  practice  every   Thurs  day evening at 7:30 o'clock.  Pastor: - A. L. Macdouoali,  Liveru, Feed & Sale Stable.  l'Virl, Sloulo  l-i.C  ( *"  PiOKiiliir   Daily  Sla^p   meets  nlJ  l.i'iiiiis nl, I'oi-i, Sieolo .Iiinciioii.  ,      SAODLK ,t l'ACK 'it'OKS!':?  1 lv,l.MIN(l OI-" ALL lilMIS A SI>|;C1ALTV  luuiwHuummuiuHuuiuiii  J. TAENHAUSER  'wwrriiMAKi-n? nnd .ii-:\vi.:lki{  i  1 I-.HKI-iin ill);-  Rivoi'siilo jX^oihic.  Port Stoclo,   I'i: ('. o  SHORT LINE  BETWEEN  5T^AUf*-^H|CAaO  It ll'-w  mwK-  iiOO^i;t.S(.r\(; Fund $2,000,0(10:  O-'it Wi-T,000,00').  1-i.nd succt, i:, <:.  IXch.in^c IMiiec.  ft    -  5��t  il Stttifi mill Bi-iiM) Coliiinbiii.       *  UBERT HAINES, Manager.   *  ouery 60. Ltd.  CTORIA, B. C. |  I2RS   OF , "   |  IFIED   .Aj? -   |  cJEWER   PIPES,     [  IS" Ol1'  Drain   Tile,   Flower Pots, I  uo'Lininja:,   Chimney   Tolls, ',  \\<inds" of  FiT'e~"Clay   Goods,  'order. d  [lor Tiles, Vases, Etc.  I '*��� '  ��� >  and All Kinds of Ornamental  I'ork-  Ms  DURIGK  MERCII'ANTS ��  East  Kooteiia3'  so.; A8,���is loi-mo canton steel company  Tins Sti-.kl i.-, guaranteed to be equal to-Jessop's or  Firths in all  IJAlil)  LvOCK   WOKK. i  SOI.12 A C! I'NTS  .SO!.!-!   'AGRN  Get your ice cream Sunday  at  the City Bakery.  Chinamen for lhe week past  have been using a large amount  of giant powder in blasting.  Mrs. C. F. Liannington and  daughter, left on Monday for  Victoria where they will reside  in the future.  Government Agent Armstrong  visited Cranbrook Fridav.  T. 6.  ��Fort Stkelic, B. C. ., . '  ' MANUFACTURER   OF'  Tinware, Galvanized' Iron. Sheet  Iron,.  Stove   Pipes   a'nd  ' '    ,     Copper ware'  BUILDINGS HEATEd'iuhI VENTILATED  Plumbing,   Pipe   tilting   iim)   nil  kinds of sanitary work:  Air Tiflht���Hot Blast Stoves  Hydraulic    and   Air   Pjpes   for  Mines  SPECIAL  ATTENTION   PAID   TO  JOB  WORK.  l-j. G. Boynton of Merrillan,  Wi.s.. was al the Imperial on  I'Ykhiv.  Hotel   Arrivals.  TM PERIAL,:  J. YdKeslor, Spokane  Li. B. Osborne      "  Rev. Houghton & wifcFernie  J. A. Macdonald  H. l-Jaincs,   Cranbrook  A. F. Condi(V  P. Jensen, Wasa  Mon Hanson, Moyie.  J. M. Lund, Cranbrook.  J. Breckenbridge    ���'  F. G. Boynton, Mei-rillan, Wis  A. J. Donahue. Wardner  J. W. Donahue ���'  G'. Liobinson "  11. Fairchilds, Cranbrook  Yiiur   iiltenlion   is   called   lo    tin-  ���'Pioneer,Limited" t.ritins of llie   "Mil-"  wuul-eo & St, Paul Iaiilway. I'ho only  perfeul t.raiiiH in llio world."  Vou will iincl it desirable to rido on  those trains when youi^ to any point, in  the Eastern States or Canada. They  connect with all Transcontinental  'Trains and all Ticket. A��i;nts sell  tickets.  For further information, piiinplilet-v  etc. ask any Tieket'Atjoiit or  u. l. PORD,        o, .i. iconv  Pass. A<-ont,     .      Ceneral Ageni,  SPOKANE. POKTLAND.  ASSAYING  C. I'1. Nicholson-,  ���     '       ���  I'KTKI'llOllOUlill.  H. c.  O-li'dmcil Ijy l-*nn liiciiil (iiiwriitiiriit I  Cold and silver i2.W  Silver and lead   ^.(i()  Ciold, silver and I'opjier.   . .*   .    :i.()(l  (fold, silver, lead and i'uppt;r.    -1.0(1  Grows Nest Goal company  ,s Giant Powder Gompanu.  Mining  Supplies  a  Specialty."  Agents for the    MASSEV    HARRIS    CO.,  Limited;  Farming   Implements.  Monte-carlo Restaurant!  THE MOST  UP-TO-DATE  PLACE IN FORT STEELE.  WM. ROBINSON.   Proprietor  Everything Cooked  "AS' VOl'    1.1 KK   IT."  P. M. Lund ai id .17 Breeken-  i.ii'idj.'-e were rftristered Vit. the  Iii'iperiul Frid-iiy.  . VViii., I'djrsyt.li (���.���line down from  |{<)i'ild<'*r;'<:i-'ee.k 'I'liursdiiv.  -li. IV. T. (iiillii-.'iiili, Iniliiiu  n ���.'c.nl., '.returned- on ' Th iirsdny  from ;i.ii ol'lic.iiil visit lo the West  Kootciui y rr'^i'i-yo. ���  T'jlf.'^-inpliic Briuf'H.  ll    is   re|iorle(|    t luil   (lie l\ in<;  will     not    : ret urn     Ui     Idondou'  lie fo reA i j _if 11 s 1 "i ;i ml will   return  to   ('owes   tv>'u   ihiys ' al'lei'.coro-  natiou. ���   ,  The Royal (.'aleilouiau ("'urline-  Club has ���incepted an invitation  to visit, America.., I  Emperor "William to Visit King-.  Loudon,    .July   I'.'i���Kino-   F(].  ward    today    enjoyed     the   improved weather   of  Clowes,   Isle  of Wie-lit,      -      .'        '���'-.���������  The   Winper'or   William     will  visit   King"   fid ward.' d'rl'io .C'er'--  man li>mperoi,vsailiii.o-  froin   K\u],  on  'tlie   tin perm.I' ya.elii,   llohen  v-olleni;. .August 2, and reinainiiig  at' Cowos. iliii'iii.o-    i.Jm,    ri^uffa  week-,   when   his .new Auier'ic.'iii  .yacht   Meteor   1 11,   will  compote  for 1 he K iii<r*s en p.  I!. S. I'da'clcwell, 'Vancouver,  was in town I'Yida.y.  If niig-ht reasonably be a.sked  why the development of Soufh-  (���ast Kootenay has been so Ion*;-  delayed, but the answer does not-  reijuire much enquiry. Lack of  tiansportafion facilities.  Samples   lidt   willi   (,"arlin \-   Dnric  will rcivivi* prompt atli'iition.  JUST  Assorted C.'ir of Best Brands of Flour   and   Meals,   etc.  Flour. Patent. Hungarian and Sfi-ono- Baker.  Rolled Oats, ('racked Wheat, Whoaflctls,  Comment, Buckwheat filour, Split, Peas,  Navy   Beans,   Limn Beans, Pot, Barley,  ere  Bran     Chops     Shorts     Oats     Hay.  -Fleetwood Tea. a, pure article imported direct from Ceylon  try il once and you will use no other.  NOTICE.  Tai\'k NotiCM Unit. Liiiity ilnys iifli.T (Iiii.i',  ��'(!'i'litisiul to npply for'n liiiilior Ijl-uso uf'.ilu-  1'iillowiii}; lnnils siluiitc (in Ijiiinli Crm-k in  Soiilluiiisl, ' Ivoiii.i.iniy.. nioi-|. -piii'tii-iiliirl.v' ilo-  sc.i'ilii.'il us folkiw-s: l.'iiiiiini.'ii|.iii^ m,;, |,i,.si. ,.s.  Iiilillsliuil un tlio soni.li Imnl< ol' l.iiinh crnik. e,  miles 'siiiii.li -IK ilf-Kivi-s ivi'sL i'l-iini Uio'siiiiihcnsi.  I'onii'i' nl' Thiiliiii- l,(.|isi.i ii|i|iliiiil I'm. hy Siiiiiin-I  llninl., Mii-iiL-i.! nortii lOi'liiiins; Uioiici; wosl, cii  i-liiiiiis: il'miidi! smiMi mi i-lmins: t'luMic,. wusi, HO  I'lniins: '.lii'iiitc7sonl.li Wij-hiiliis: lln'iiro riisi. Mil  I'lnilns: ilii'iiin-norlli wii-liiiliis: iIumii'i. i-nsi. sn  i'lniins; l.lii.|i.-|. siniih Hu-luiiiis: TIii:iii-o i-nsi, sn  i'lnilns: ihi-ni'i. iiiii-lIi so i-liiiins: tliiiiii-i. ��osi mii  iMnilns- In llio jiliiri. nl''lioul mil in.,.  1'iiii.i-il Mils IM.li iiny ol .Inly. A.l)^. Iim:.'.  TIIK MOV IK  lj|'MH|.a,''l'(.li\||*ANV,  l.'l'll.  NOTICE., ' ' -,''  TA1CK NOTICK Hint. Ullilnys f,.,,,,, ,|���, ,|.,|(,  liui-iinr, ��� I iiil.i-inl .loi.iiinld. !i|i|ill|...ii,i,p|, |��� ,������..  I'lnisi.' the rfilluwiiii; lnnils slttnitc un l,nsi, Ci-i.(.|v-  lii'Soiii.licnsl. ICnoi.i-niiy. fl(.si-i-ihi;t| us fiilliiwH:-.  Ciiiiiiiii-ni-iiiir :it. I Ik*:simiMi o.-isi. nii|..li. ,,r |,,,|. .\',,.  Ull. (ll-f.U]. I.: K"iliit.|.|i:iy    Ilisl.ilcl.    |.!|,.���l;i,   ,���������.,'|,  iilmii! .Urn onstoni    liiiiil. nf sniil   |j,.i|,   :in.   so  i-liiiiiis.-  l,lii.|ii.o oust, in iiliinns:   ilmni-i! soulh SII  iiliniiis:  lliiiiu!).. wosl -llioliiiiiis   1.1.1   tli(.  piapo  <.r  lii'Kiiiiiini:, itoiiliilnini; in nil Kiiuc-res.  IJiitcil Jiily Sl.li, line.  aH- VV1I'j.LIAM MOORE.  Fresh   Breakfast   Bacon,   Ilains   and   Dry Salt Side Bacon.  -Buffer and E^s. ' :  POTATOES     >hI   CARROTS  THE   FORT   STEELE  FLOUR, and FEEJ)  STORE  E. C. MILLER, Piopiieioi POST OFFICE BOX 836.  !I^'L'   Air*4"(KHls..t"uaraiifi:.'(ldiii,l prices also as belli"- correct  Send in orders. . .  ANDREW   'NJilDK;  CONTRACTOR    .and    BUILDER  IIOUSI'I AND SKIN I'AINTINi!   ��� '    ,'.  Ca IjCI ,m I ni no iinii I 'A I ���i.:.i: 11A .Nfi: I NO  PORT STEEL fi,   B.  Cd  3^*��   AH   work promptly done.  T.   HIGH WARDEN.  c;  PIONEER   BARBER SHOP  I5veryl]iiii,<r Strictly First Class.  .-'������. | ��� '     '     '���  Next door to the Prospector.


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