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The Prospector Jan 26, 1901

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 Library of t*r *��  t  Sr  * Devoted to lho upbuilding7  ���?  OT   FORT   STHULE. *  1  llKii'Jll'lldclil      111      1 *��� >) 11 !<���-..      i\  v.  ���i c'*a-s"?j! /��-\* v? >w&'tt  *  *  *  *  *  ft  THt   PKOSPECTOR   CON-  |   'i'AIKS ALL  PUBLIC NO-  i ��  *  *  m  * TICES AND CJVES THE *  J   LATK.ST TELEGRAPHIC          *  * AND LOCAL NEWS. ��  ���Minimum i mininn , iimni, ��� mi mir    iiZju  Vol.  7.  Now Advertisements To-day.    Sand over 1 Oft door killed.  c-'.*j.ir^i��c=��m.mmf.��J..��Mn^-n^.^.i.f nrfn-MrninMyiirOT iiiiiYiTni mri  *  ���n  RORT STBBUB, B. C, S^17^Z7i?I^lV, .7.-1 A^Uifr f?6', 2,907.  MiiliCi'   .1   II   I'lciiiHi'. Pi.h'Iiii l:il So  A   C   iVi Ndil    Nssi'-slil .1 < iilll-i leu  Nclhc    U'Iii.iIIci .V  M.iillic  Kuilwuy  TSTotes.  Messrs. Cox find Jalfray,  win:  on. and sliorlJy a flora heavy fallfj  o " Mioiv, another band on  Nho"pjj|  i'-rcek   wn*,   caught (in   llie   dee;"  Jsnow mid over J."id killed'.  Jf lho liunlors and prosper-lor-  lm the district, have a rare as   tojil  SF^��!SSItiSSmSSSSSEaBi  '��Sm$��  Ibecamo immediately popular,,]  land as years went on this popu-j  llai'ity ineroased noi only among|  |her.subjects but in foreign nation.-  I and her death iiii*. found her thol  Jmost popularperson in lhe world.I  No -4.  KING EDWARD VII.  [The    Title   Selected   By   His    Illus-  tnous Mother.  THK   Sl'i:i:<'i|   f)F   ACf'KSSIOX.  Edw'ird Yll   i*.   now  Kino- of  are all powerful at Ottawa, huvcjd,,.,   wholesale   slaughtering    ol%  guaranteed Ihal   .lini   Jlf 11   '..iaJl|,|���l.,.j    they   .should     place     Ili.-jB  have a charier foi a   line   lo   '  the coal Holds. ,  [The  loyalty of her .subjects willl^1'0111   -h'lliuii  and   Jrelund^ind  hipHmalier before ihe proper a nl hor-jg  litii-s for investignlion. and ar  Tbe minister of railways, Mr.ljrein.'dy applied for.. If thoyjj  Blah' ha.s declared in favor ofjjdon'l ihey should not complain!  competing railways in l.rilishHi1' lho deer follow Ihe liail of iho��]  Ooliunhia, and is backed up byHbuihilo to extinction,  the Toronto Globe. Ihe Grow  Nc*si Coal Gompnny, McKonziej  iv Mann, the Gooderhain-Hlack-!  slock syndicate, and by the niin  ing companies in gc-ncral.  The Canadian Pacific, mideri  the policy of "What we have  we'll hold", have already -filed!  with the government, ]>lans of "al  railway from Tobacco Plains Mop  J'jlk   J-iiver.       And   there   i.s  uol  VICTORIA  Ipass lo  her  son   and   .successor,!  Ibut   the   ainouni   of personal af-  A GOOD SHOWING.  [South   Enat    Kootonny   Hits   NenrlyM  42.000,000   Taxable   Propoity  Not Including Mines.  As the largest and one of  tliog  |mosl ^prosperous districts in   the!  roviiieo".of;.l>rilish   Cohmibia.  [South East Kootenay has  nothing to fear,in iho Jul ure  BORM  ut, 'Ken-Miiatoii paln.-c, iluiij 2111), ISp'.  DIED  at lOrhonie Zicjusc, January 22n6, \oo\.  \BasaeBBBSwsmimisssBaa  Emperor of India,    He was born  >n   the  !)ih   oi   November   1H1  ,    .-      ,        .,, . .,,    ,      and is Uierelore   m   his  sixtieth  foction he will receive will de-|year.. Should he have a lithe of  pend upon his success in iollow-Bl.be love and respect shown his  ing her example as a sovcreig]]l'am('l,,<'''' 'author, his reign will  and a chrislian. |be successful  .J. F. Ai-mstkoncI    ^l*'-'hr-t privy council   met at  The  Queen   is   dead.   Inn    herl^*-   ���'���'line*,   palace,   and   bv   the  memory   wih   live   with  ns   for-  o  ever, a guardian anjrel to every-!  thinp that i*- best in iho huinan|  leart.  noiii-sj  !3acl,|  ' doubt, L'iil tliat the road will be  completed thi.s summer,  i The .surveys ior lhe line to the  north, lakim*; in h'ort .yteole.  Wiiidennere, (.Joloen and the,  great, mineral and agricultural  ' areas of the K'oolenay valley  will bu uommenueil as soon as|  the snow has disappeared.  We   may   expect  that wilhin.a  shorl time, .siyiis ol.aclivily  wil  be .seen in Ihis   vicinity   in   i-ela  tion loiailway coicstruclion.  ll, i.s evideni now thai this yeai  , will see active rat I way'cons: rue  .tion in the iCooien;,y valley.  In connection wi7i lhe repoiM  that life (.real win build a line  to tho Crow's ' NTe-M' coal fields,  comes a report ' lli.it the H 0  Southern has already filed, then  plans   Jor  a road lioin   Tobaccol  Plains, north if) JO'ko.  ..   *.       .  ��� The Circa I  Northern   IJaiiway  Company   have  been   fully  'ac  quainted with the immense com  mcroial business that i.s  d<jue   in.  South l<3aM Kootenay. and ii   re  [ions    are    true;" are    already  getting ready lo make an  attack  on irallic in-lhis disfi-iCl.  ���'  Thu.sJ'arlhe C, P R. has had  the   business^ of ���. the district ex  clusivoly:   and* il, don't ,proposo|  to iiave a division of business, or  active \* competition    with     1ho|_  Great  Northern    or   any   othei  i *���'  road, hence they are already  in  the  field   with   plans  filed Cora  north   and   south   line   Crom To  bticeo Plains to (..olden.  Consfcqnonlly the chances urt  good that iyflIjvillTe7*'7ri^rway  consti'ucied ^n the Kootenay  valley.  The working properl ies ou tho  east,  side   ol   the Kootenav need  transportation laciiilies   lor   theg  marketing of ore.  Jed by its   natural  resources,   its  Ivast mineral iuduslrv. its woallhK     \xm\   ).oi..dalio.i,.also   its t.xU.nM&BEWaEtt^  sive   and   ra,;vdJy   growing com ���jf"?" HE!     QUlH^IM fcbenedicl ion     The queen 'passed!      ' Expressions of Sympathy,  nercial interests, it slands lodavl ��r.     n^Anl1"1'11"'''    ''"^   >10:u'(jJnllX   i,w^.y-|lQni'i'Oi*  Pitosi'iocroK.  ,ns   one  of   ih,*  Hchest ami n,o.sl| ' B��     ^^'^^fShe  sullonv,'   no   p;iin.      Those!    SJU:-Al    the    pro.se.nl     lime  prosperous     districts     in    'tlie|    l.ovooN,..January 22.--A tele BJwho  were- now   mourners went|u,hpn   lhu* British .ISinpire and  I'mviPco. ' |��rain from the prince  of   \Valos|from the rooms. Ilier Colonics have been united in  The assessed'value of Noulha*" *ho lord mayor is as lollows-M & -'tiih Qriir.x is imoad. " utheir efforts towards maintainin��  I'Ja,-i J*.*ootenav,. independent, ,,1'pO.sbonie, l',-l.', p.ni.--Mv belovedi jt i}l(i ]0(|^(, <,.ll(,s 1])0 wi'itch-Slthoii'.pre.stigo of the whole Env  the   mines ' and    immense   coal|m')lher   has   j.ist   passed   a,rt'i!,y,ffl,^f's wailed anxiously.    Suddonlyfipire in the   struggle 'now   going  ^j|snrr(.uiide<l by her childi'en   aii<l|Llionu'the drive from   the  honseBoir in   South   Airica, f feel sure  ;f<)()(i.T!s:jg2;'r..iKlchiidi'en.--(s!<:;'i(>d! ^came a horseman who cried '-Thc'Hth.ey, are  united    in   expressing  ireas, is as follows  lie ul 1 'i'Ojjert.\  Wild   Laiuis '  I'ei **onal I'lopci'iy  fillii'diiii1 Tu\  -tr,r,.y,:Ai  :!')/i.si:iB  ::iu-.sff  Tdlii'  Tulnl i,-i\ i-i ccb-fil  .   .. .1*21.1 IKS  r.i-i  S'  ��� Aliikrt Ei-WAiin  Tain'oox,   .January   iif;   riin.   -The lord   ihayor   replied   loj  ���M.TSIJ.^-I.'l^liie jn'iucc ol  \lralos as follow?  Your ,royal   hiirhncss"   telograiuj|  iiii'iouroiny    Hie   nation's  greai"  c^ss |   biive   recoivotl   with   pro-  ..U'iof,   and  vi:  Tout,! ui.*.<.'!���(itt ii (iiftms  The tonnage tax from ll  [iu:    ol  'the   mines     for  inoullis     eiidnig     .March  .'ci, s:- ."jdu.  Tonnage tax and royalty  the coal tields ^li.Ti'O.  The citizens  and   residouls olfitho hei-rl? of her people,    ^ni.v ismoiinrcli  |South TOast ICootenay  may   Avel]Pre;-.]inciiiilJy   'convey'  to    your|  be jiroud of the above recoid '   ��� groVal   highness -and   to   all    th  Qneoi'P in   Dead,"  as   he dashoclHthoir. sympathy  for  those   wh<  ���'������'^'P jjjlii/ough the crowd 'lliave   lost   a ' good   irne   woman  Then'down Hie hillside riishetllsiich as Tier late Majesty Queen  i myriad ol messengers passih^lVicturia. Her examjile could  the latel'ul bulletin I'rom one tol.xoH'be followed by tho.se" rulersi  ���inolher. .Soonjhe suTroundinglaiul" also by those who have  country knew that a King rulodlboinos. Such a Queen, mother  over Ureal   Britain.     The   localland wife is not   met  with   every  ���"'���������.���gh'.ve "eominiii.icated    Ihis   inost|mh.lbii;inls walked/as in a dream|day.   and" her  loss  , Ss,i i   information r fo   my   I'ellowiSiin-ou  i'Miii^i]; iKijii'..      Ifer. Majesty's   nainek?|  ui  time* the king arrived,   members  of the royal family, cabinet ministers, poors, coininonei'.s bishops  judges,    iho   loid    mayor, and a  K. ('. S.mitii. M.P. P.ihosl of lhe mrj.-i  important   por-  riie   death   of    our    belovedlsonages in the  land   were   there  [Queen     has    caused     imiversalllo   receive  the king'- oath hind-  sorrow all   over   the world, bntlmg him to iroveVn  Mie  kingdom  (especially   ,among.si     her    ownlaccording io its   laws   and   dispeople,  as  under  her   wise aiulltonis  and  for him to assume the  just   rule  the  naliou' llonrishedlfitle   of  King Edward   Vfl.. of  and expanded   to  a   remarkablelCreaf   Mrilam   and   freland and  legree.     The  name *"Victoria"lemperftr   of   India.      The   lord'  will be known in history as   thall-bancullor ( lord  Salisbury ) ad,  of   a   ruler   and "woman   ncveilministerod (he oath to tho   king,  iine((-,flua'-0<l   fo'"  "II   thai   is ' noblo.land   afterwards  to   the  various  pure and good���and we   carnest-lmmnbors of  (1K-  counceR   coin-  ly hope lhat her   illustrious   sonlmencing   with , lords   in council  will iollow the example she   haslthey took their respective  oaths,  left, so that his people can   singlof allegiance and passed in'turn  heartily and fervently,  Clod ���u\ e (ini' yiMcuiii*. ICiiij.     '  r.nii.. may he i-cijcji   ,     ' P  li.,fj. 1. G.M.HIiAlTII.I  Called away from duty at  venerable, old age.���so enshrined!  in the hearts of her ��� people, that!  hey had almost given up ibe|  thought of her possible death.  (She leaves behind her a memory!  saclriis^no  sovereign   has  eveiT  (evoked.    Not only i.s her loss   loiimijesly's accession speech-  the Empire irreparable.' but1,   to|    Vour royal highness, my lords  jbefore his ma|osty as at a levee,  lexce'pf 'that each passed and kis-  Ised his hands before passing out  jof the chambers. The'King was  ���loudly cheered, and the asseni-  Iblage shouted "Lfinsr 'Live the  (King" with vigor. '   ,  nn: si'i:i:cii of .vuuksskw.  '        t  Lonhon.   Jan.   i>:j���The, following   i-   the   full    text   of his  "''  ' "�� "'Oi'/ W|b lorovor  live "inland drink llie health of the   new   'I'i  May m,  i.s  one   that!  vi   * ���"b   !'T' b,?��{ ���   0l' CoW0S'|wil1 lb0. ,i?,;' in ,��y^y   E,"Ph,p|tiio whole world the Void crealed|'��fl ^htlonien- This is tlie most  ���abut 1noy did not.hesilalo lo stoiilslale and home ni the world  'Hi  0. M. Edwahds.  Sirths, Death*, and Mi nii a (?{*&.  ' The following list has but one|1('M,c(1  ()|*  ,  Phis  week   the  hearts  of  alll  Cowes,  .laiP. *2.'l���Queen ,yit'-i!l'llu'15l'i,-'('iii1.suI')ject.s worq stirredl  -f.                 ,                         v              r,3]loriifs body was embalmed   yoa-lto their very, depths by (he newsl  Mmemhcrs of the royahfaniily 1heg(lJ1.(lay   .l'1',0j.tlnO]1   ,n)d  Qcr,Upic.s|of the sudden'decease of our latef  ,|earnest    sympathy   and   condo-|(jhVj   ^nloy  ()J< ��� -  l>y her death would seem ' impos-li)il,n,r|li occasion on which 1 shall  !sible to fill. ller lirmness olIG,vo,;"1)(', <;(1'!ed upon to address  character, iier wondoriuI knoiv.-li'0"- -^'.V firsi melancholy d.ity  ledge of.jniblic alt'airs,   and   hoi'|i's>u'  :nmemice  lo you the death  significant fact 1o  call   at1ciition^vo,|r ���|.(l.lr1  to, and that tlie death rate oi thof  .listricl   is   very   small, showing!  gillie   center  ok the"dinin�� room.Buolile Lady and Queen. Victoria.|  iio   .,'ity   ol London Ji'|w|nc]l js !,,���,��� ^xh trappings of|   Such a S(n'c*i*.*i��ii. L.uly. Qiu'cn.  sot'-ow, ,'      ghiourning.*  Outside two  olticors     riucii a >>uiji1i*. pi'i*rle-��s.   Vi*i  C-sr.oiiNic  Tfousic.    Islk  Shiourning.*  Outside Iwo  olticors  aire   on    guard.        \\ithin,    two  only SO deaths lor the past year Br'i 1(in''���".��� :illl1^T-----"-(>''c'1 .P-T"--^|Jiidian aucnda'nts remain in coin  ,.    " .    . u I u   ' ���>1"'aflor majesly lhe rpieon   bieatheds  mm a iiopnhuion ol O/inO:  fiirths    -iy,   "deaths   .'!()  marriages 2o  Windormero  District.  Information wa.s received  and  lastE  Saturday lhat anolher strike   of|    K'-ow���-    'buiuary  ���.pany with lhe   ladies-in-waiting.  ��jhe,- last at ��.*:iii p.m.   surrounded^.,^ UVQ conMan���^ pr0.S0l;L Tllu  body   is  at 11rod   in   black     The  m ,,.       ,,  , ,. ���   ,-. .Jfacc. is  perfectly   peaceful   and  |(Signed) J iwks  llisi.,. K,Bo,ca-|j]lo   rom.ljns     j^.^   WJUi   a].m&  LAS   POWJM.I..   'PLfO.MAS HAKl.OwJL,,^ Qn    ^    ^^    y^ R  Q,10c"libeaiitiful   gold   cross.     The fea  jby ho^chiklrenand grand-child-|  ren.  M.iji'sln* nilui. never sat iipoii an  cai tlih ihi'finc.  I'Voin lime iiiiiiiL-iimi'ial. i  (unblemished life, 'all combined  o make her the idol of her subjects all over tho earth, and foi  [her, il, is safe to say. the adinir-  ���ition\ind respect oi the good oi  ill 'nations.  >   Hut   it   wa.s'as   a  of my beloved mother, the Queen,  md J know how deeply you and  and the whole nation, and f  think I ma vsay? tho whole world  s** m] lhat hizes will* me in "the ir-  rejiarabie loss we have sustained  I need hardly say that my constant endeavor will be always to  walk in her fooisleps    In under-  peaccinak'cr that,   ]iossihly,   Jioi  No  wonder   we  are   sad   andBnieinory will be iiionI revered, foi  sorrowful at such bereavement, ���assuredly.   0 "Mlossed    are   the  Wo sincerely sympathize   wilhBpeaceniakors."   will   in   herea.se  all her most intimate loved   onesBcl'aim tho attention oi lhe   beat'i-i(,ovoclv<'>s "l"1" me, ] am fully do  who,by her death ha\e   lost   tho(tudos.      Knll   ol   years,    full   0|��lermined to   he  a   c;onstitutiona  linking Ihe hea\y load which now  Po | 'eight tool, of carbonates has boenl  gVicloria is'de.id and Kd-ward VCI  a   generation, ihi  c  tures are very calm . The   head  Sjjjis inclined slightly to the  right  made on the Paradise mine. faroigns  -V number of four-horse loa,ms|UK' nl,ilLim'>: ��' ;'   "-���"erauou. iii��-jHAn abon1 lUe qaunlities of beau  are now hauling Paradise on*   .ol11.^.^"11'^!^1" X*1"?'   ���  0S^L^ ^'^  ShiiJiiinj;' Ore.  The Society (Jirl mine is again  shipping ore.^  Tbe  l."j(i   tons  oig  thereabouts    which    h;*h    been  laken   out at the   mine is beini  biought down and shipped to thej  lla.U ' Mines"'smelter  ;i< Nelson  .There   are   four   teams   hauling!*}  and    they   are     hi niging'   down  about 10 Ions" [tor day    ;  Chas. Pa.rrell, I he owner, sav.-.  that as soon as the woather will  permit he will start work- on thi  property and will driven funnel  lurther down the hill so as to  get a greater depth on Union  body.���Moyie Leader.  the Columbia river for transpor-  alion to Golden as soon as navigation opens iu lhe spring.  The contnict work- oilc thej  Silver Bolt group is progressing,1  The Paradise, Silver Pelt.]  Shamrock and .Silver Grown  groups aro all in the-same niin  oral y.one.  riisiing conditions thai coidd po.s-j  gsibly vbe imagined has' falcenK  fjplaco.    Quietly,   almost  Cowes. Jan. I'.'i.���Nothing  has  .,    Sboen decided at   Osborne Dou.se  'Olltiv  ffii  ., . 7     '   fflreg.iiding  ihe  funeral  lunon   lhe    anniversarv   oi    IheJS ,,  j,,    ...      '        ,,,.'.    ..- .       Hiucnls   or   the   removal   of^ the  jdeath oi queen  victorias lather,is,     , ,      ,, . .,,,���,"  J,.   '   1   ,        ,��� 1*-    i.i i    ,    Sbody. and nothing will  be  done  like   duke   ol   Kent,   lho one ol aSi .   :'      ��� , .     ,  i i   t   i ' fflc'-mfd   alter  the   arrival   oi    the  jcareer   nevei   equaled   bv   anv"  House Will Open Fubiuary 21st.  vomaii   mi  ra.niv   iu   .1,  norne  The    niosl  S@W(*inei. hvim  Iho   world's   history,  similar   room- in O.s-i  King.    Tho 2Jalace   is   painfully  Iquiot this afternoon.  It i.s reported that Emperor  William will remain on iho islo  oi Wight until the' removal oi  the body, even ii this should bo  postponed i'or a lonnight.  London, Jan. fM.���An extraoi  s:j7 ^f,^, 1u^dinary issue of the  Gazette  this  respected    of    all  or dead!   lav  in   a  Fojt Steele Group.  Th,    Port  Steele   group   con  sisis of two lull claims, lhe .p0rii"ll>!l1' io1"' l,(iSU>tl l,��cl- ll shrunk  Steele     and   Approach   cLaiins.|<;11 ill��"1-   wll(,S(v   "yd   ^-l'   illlt  nnd   ore   situalod   ai  th'e base nfl'1"1'1'1' v'(-1,1' ,l cru0' m^'kery o'  tlie liock-y mountains near AlausR^"  "iv]   w1l��  in ��� ���,     ,,    ,  i i    i ., 'd.,,,1,. .,,,,��� i?i,</i.i.���i      Ai-mimi hc.i.lamoriiing.   appears    with   black  yj'ok, and about two miles    roinSS'l,l<     u '   l!j".-*'-'llKl      Aiounaneig r  4 !,,,,,.,(  every   de-reoor"C1'-'   't announces the do.ith  "Well with S'��] Q��Gl'" Victoria. .'Hiding   "The  nn-,- ..ffleveiil   has   caused one aniversa!  11 M ^   C*JVS  .,..-.      i      i-i     ��� . 5i!,*..c.ii-.i.t   ,,i   ilu.   m-i-ifi. i-MiicMi-i S?leeliny ol j'ogiot and   sorrow   to  was iu twelve feet with   a.   verii-��|ln" "'"'   ol   "!     I" !,lf l   l,"-son-Ji,       , .'.,.,,  '      L3 Avlu.de   ��� -io ' iho l���oom(|h,-l' la1i; m^icsly s   iailhJiil  sub  ��� ol ,he c,i -He     ln��il'cl-s' L'' v''',��"1 s'le was endeared  jwere  .tiiorfM almost  he   town   ol__.r.\>rf   Steele.     Mr.  Angus Me.Cloud was in {own  oni^0'"'01'1'hl ]w' lllu  Monday, and said lhat tin* lunnelff1" vu'u' ()l lu''' "v"11-  l'*v  a.  |cal depth of 22 feel.    The ledge.,��1' V/!IS h(>  |jis a mineral zone (50 loetiu widlliffl"11"' ,,N01.''' I,i!l'  rjmiiieraliy.ed, ca frying galena and  iron.    Two small stringers  liuveS11,111'0'  Bscircolv audible von.s'the wln1cHb*V th<J doul) '"'^'St in their uei  d     hi .I'm  jiare which she* invariably" mani  ol^l"''^<'"  whole^��',,,n l'^'y'1 Wiih his,sovereign.���  fju  , ��� .      . s&i, ,. ii., ,-r... lioc- /-.li-, .il chc  ,1 vvm,-, gjnderncd her character  |?lh(* ore is a concentrating proiio-Sr'1  ��� '��� w" ��� n< ' ( '>��������� |��i.i.mi .il \i mil-^  One   ol   the   iirsi duliosof Iho^ition.    Mr. McCloud   says   .LiB-cr.    Wnh I...W..U heads, Ihe im-S     I lion hdlow.s lho proclamation  r  Jbeon cut, and a, small annum  The     Provincial    Logi.s]ature|cleaii galena found;   ,is  a  will meet on Pebruary i:i<  present house, should he, to jiro-Swoi k     will     )>c     continued    ,!ll!:2l)pn(>'1  vidi;   a,   liberal   appropriation   injjgwiiiter &!he   m  aid ol good roads and irails  iiiidjfm,������r,,,~T"~ " |;P,iigi:  ,T       ,. 4 ��rilS.EE MILLION UOicLAH BLA:',E5*  exlendinglhein 1o ino mines.  The govei nmeui Ins established at Nelson, ii disl I'ict olece loi  the recording oi insirumeuls iiiidBS  ije<ule  111'!'  Wniehosier.-s  as   lie hadBj^s,ca- t,h wol! ^   b.V7  jsignal viri ties which marked ;iik  OKI  i,i'.  Uei     Oi  ��', I 1 O      IN  s.ood.  e;irthly counsels and lo\c of hei  big womanly, motherlv heart.  For it was the tender regards  shown towards others' in hei  o\ ery day actions and daily  duties which have won for her  the lasting, esteem and love ot  all who knew her. ll may be  aid iind .said very truthfully  (\\ iiic-h fact alone makes the  statement ot value) that those  who know her most, loved hei  best.  The price'essiioss ot such a  Iiie <is Queen Victoria h.is just  completed, is 'inestimable, and  she now rests from her labors.  For mo to say more at present  would only seem as sounding  brass or tinkling symbol J re  main yours m sympathy,  Ugxhv Kkushaw  Tn tho death of  the Queen   we  feel lhat we have  sustained   not  only  a   national   but   a personal  loss.    What must be the loss   o  those near to km,   and   of   those  who won* associated wilh her in  jnvcrnmonl   and   in   the  home'  Our hearts go out in   the  warm  llie   m.myjesl, sympathy to those   bereaved  ones.    The   sorrow   is   noi   con  lined by any  national boundani"  but, will be Toll by   every   nation  Our     belO\e(  honours, the good   and   gracious|  Queen has gone from   us.     May  her memory be ever  kept   greon,  in Ihe hoiirls of iill her subjocls.  (I'lcoitcic Goi.niK  Washington, Jan. L'.'j. ��� Pom  days of anxiety had in a large  measure-prepared the officials at  Washington Jor the news which  was Hashed across tho cable 'to  day of the Queen oJ England.  The hill I masting of the national  ijnsign wiis an unusual tribute to  the,_ memory oi a deceased  sovereign. It is said that this  had been done raiely on occasions of the funeral of -some  great world ruler, but never be  fore in the case of the death oi u  monarch. Another unusual  mark of the high appreciation of  Lhe deceased Queen was tlie ac  Lion taken by the house of representatives in adjourning as a  mark of respect to her memory  President Ah Kinloy   ha.s   sent  the   following   message   of  eon  dole,ice   to   King   Rdward   VL1  1-1 is Alajosly   the King    Osborne  House. Islool Wight ���'! have re-ie0!1'',od -*'")'l����  ISuyereign in the *-l t icfe^-i sense  |o( the word and so long as there  is breath in my body to work for  lhe good iind amolioration'of my  leoplo. I have resolved to be  mown by the r.aine of Edward,  which has been borne by six oi  my ancestors In doing so I do  not under\alue the name of Albert which 1 inherit from my  ever to be lamented and wise  father, who bv universal consent  is, l think, deservedly, known  by tho,,name of Albert the Oood.  and f desire tluit h.is name should  stand .'done  n conclusion 1 trust to parliament-and the nation to support  me in the arduous duties which  now dovohe upon mo by jn-  horifance and to which I am do-  terminod fo devote my whole"  strength during the remainder  [of my life. "  Mining- Notes.  The   Norih   Star    mine    has  ore Ilending the  ccived with piofound .sorrow theBm'   ,'.1  annullable tidings oi   (he   death!  ol Ucr Majesty, the Quoe  , tri c  ind tl  sineltin:  lore.  ot   now    contracts   for  iis   ompiii   of   galena  n.    Al.��    '|i|1(, Sulli v. mis shipping aboul  ow me. su, In oiler   inv   .sinooreirx) tons oi clean ore daily.'  sympathy and that of the Amei-i    'Phi- cou.-eiin ated ore fiom Ihe  icdii   people    iu    your   per.sonalSSl.  Kugene is being  shipped   to  heieayenienl    and    in     the    lossl  Ceriuiinv    .indSl>J '^'w.ird VII. 1 he aeknowlodg Bunder   heaven.  ment ol allegiance by   Ihe   privylQuoen being dead, ycl spe.ikelh  Mug's speech atHLol    us   seek   to   be,  nuilaloi s o  now  illli  01  womani^01"11'11 i,ll(1 ������"  i!*ijhis accession.  Montreal Suffoi*. Fiom A  Disnstorous    iTjie.  (1 roiiI Mritiiin has sustained m|  the death nl lis venerable and  illus! nous sovereign. whoi,.  noble lile and beu<*fu*ioiil iu-j  Ihieiichs have piomoied (lie  pel\i-e nnd won the iitlecliono  tin  Wll.U.Wt   Ali'K'lM.KV  I  IGeriuaiiy  \Y.    A    ri.irk   has si-culed lhe  I ii'il.iuui i mine, on Howe Sound.  he 1'intt s Nesi   sliiiteholders  |will   iiiei 1   on  February 1th.   by  peci.il    < all     lo   authorize   (h,.  {issue   of   I.O.IHIII    shares     oi    sjr,  JslOC ''p$*&?h:  Till'. PROSPKCTOlX'VPOKT'STEELK,   B.C ,' -, J ANUAKY 2V>: UM.  ,    ;' '���   KSTAM'LJSilKIJ     ISC*. .       '-=.  A. B. Greice,  ��� .  L iniBi' shek   axo   kiutou.  7 '.THE PROSPECTOR, i< r:ih!islitvl  every Saturday, ;ind lias :i Kii..nii*wcd  circulation larger tiianiiiiy ot'lior.,��� r"P1-'.'  In Kast Kootenay. It is .all.]i(*inc I'niiU'd  and contains 'double ilie ntii'v "' ���"',>'  other paper iii .tlic.disti-ici.   . :,  As an  advertisinf;  inedii-.n   ii.���i.~ .'"���  excelled. *      ,   ;;' , A ���������'A 7 .-  Oevoied to the upbuilding.o.X iFori:.^!,'::!*'.  'J'1-:  'development of the vast' mliicrnl r.*s���.ir.-f-- .oi;  . tbe Eusulvooteriuy ininiiif.'tlistri.-iy  Si)biicriptions,.v.v..;7.'....;;:....t.'-'-i^ pyi' '*'.'';"  Advertising rates' mink' Uiiovni c-u :ii.!.>]i.-;i!!.',i-.  .Contributions are solicited from nil !���:>i-'is..ot ilie  district, but all msitiur.Iutendcd fr.i- [S.,t>iu.-:it'.f>n  ..must have the writer's siirnfi.iui-c*..    '-'���"... 'yly_  ��� i mo .r��rcn'-,ijii1,<f.ivi;i��-v.'ii .���.���muxmihIit.  : ACo.. SuiteVF;. 'Klca-V(ii'l,ui!il l!"��l*   I Suiiilii'-'.  . Spokane, Wash'.; Cvhc-iv eoiibnu-is I'itu I... mn>l��*  forit. ,��� .-���'������        ...' ������ ������.,-���  .*;./- ,-  Thic   Pa'npp 7s   Kept ..oii-itu.-AatAy-y.  1 nis ��� raper,u.>K J3��� *������ A��v,..r ii-*m-.-  ��� Ajteiicy. til and S.V Merc-hiims h.vcli:. :.;:<'���.'.-:>'i  ���: Fraiitieeo. California': where<:oic)ni...t> If" '���"-  v-ertlsiriir e;ih he inaclc. for il.  .... .t:. -6��..�����$��..*>'��'- *?.. *f..yt'.. :.'*:..'.'��*...'**.- �����-. .-9> >���- v*v. :.-,.: ���  *t? **Tf*��T"��T ~t�� *��* ?��T TtT ~#T %�����?��? **?.  <'*fJU$fc.7    ;,;.��� :.7y,,'. -.. ' ,.  .������������������ ��� .���"������:  "',.:  ji&ijfe- 7"'y.'  ijij{i    -7.7 7      7-y' y7y, ���   .77 -:yy  ��� i��ti*it '���. ' - .��������� 7.r- ;  ?��?~��7 , -.���   .      ' ��� ,.'��� ���������,���������������������  ?!Nfr   .������...      '��� 7'y-' . .        :,..yy  .a&sfcv, ���>���..*���>:,  7-.y ., ..Ay,.,.:, y,:,yy,yyyAyy  . VJV.V��i.. '...  . "     .,���'  ..' .",'. '   . ���������,-��� -   .'       ./'���  . 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Mi|7y|:rii|'iif*l : 1:11 tl'  7recpgn \yxi\l h e f 11 ci.' i.li id. 7 Ui halves t  'business'is::.yel,*t.o come. 11 piiy l.lio  . c6ni|>let;i6iiv7 of-i he ���" .-north ''-a nil  7:soiith'7railway i11 i Ji*v .1 yVt<j 1.iV 11:1^'  -. ���yalley:'7'i,!.777'77.^.'y.-'y.-' ,7-:;77 7 .:'.''  I;..;..:'. A-y- AAA ���',- *;t -* ���  * ' ,y- y' aa:  ��� -.: The objective .pointy from, the  .'north, as"well-as.'froiii lhe .soiith  ;is Fort Steele, tl.iei'eii.soii of this  : 'is the ��� predominatiiig' ailva 111ago,  ' of;location over si'-U:'other ]mii 11 i;sv;  '���'. and niining, and Caiimiercial coiV-  y.ditioiisyis.j,hey ���'hav'o' been ''(.level  y opihgyfroin; diiy , to day, 7J'oi��  '.yuiouths past ,,.show. thii.t. Ihesc  ..facts,are.to' be.i'ea;!i/.e.d, and that  * the'!prpgres.s.'.pf.'Ste'ele during the  coining year will begreiiler-'Uiitn.  A'QyQr.yAyAy: :.. iyl-'iA:"-'.'..: a,.,. '.AlAy  .������7:7. .���.'.'.��� ':.' "A *7 * * AA' Ay.:. A.  . 7 The most *=tartliiig news in' the  '���piist weekly budget of news ,re7  ceived,,Ava.s.. .tiie-'clgciaralioii ybf  waivdeclared upon the, C..- P.   li..  7by the,Crow's  Nest   Conl   C010  *���'������ pany,.; Mclien/.ie & Man 11, Toroi 1 -  to .capitalists,.y.J.hii   Hill and the  Great '..Northern'   Eaihviiy 7Jo.,  the. smelter "combine ami .ii few-  short line railway companies;'  7 7'    ,7*     *"'. *.:.���'.*" ���     j  -     It would seem thii.t. '.iie cum-j  bine have'adopted  ii   wnr-io-.thu- j ���  kiiife-policy aga hist t.'he.C.'atiiulian '  Pacific'.,   : .,' A  ��� .Jiin Hill has; bougiii a >���:,!, ;���  trolling block of ''shares; iivfhi.7  .Crow'sNestOoal .fields, iuul hasy  agreed, to ta.lce up ;ill \\[>w issues :  that is'to.be.made.        ' '���.���������'!  ><31i6i&^^  :���-,  hhhhm  y-y. 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Practical  Books.- Glassware,   Platinum, yGoo.1 w:   Acids,;  fl Chemicals, and all' otherJAJssayers' and Miners' reqairomcnls. :  I SOLE' AGENTS for Morgan:Crucible^Cpmpany,7^attersea.'Beck^  I      ���  er's.Sons''; Balances,: Braiin's-Gasoline'Eurnaces, Etc.;' ' ;-\  91     y'-'i.    Catalogue and full piirtlculai'son application, y       .        K  12eaid&uar.tf^  iiisi  lAXyAAyMhiM  ���1,'iS  �����  Al  ,'Vvs  '����������'  ..ir  Large    Sample    ^^  H. W. DREW,  V   '���;   Proprietor.  Fori Steele.  i^&4nvit<vw^w  MENTHOL  PIASTER  We jjuarantic, ;!-:;���.( tiie?^  Plasters will'relieve  pain quicker ihiii any  other. Put up only in  25c. tin boxer, nnd Si'.CO  yard rollt. The latter  allows you to cut (he  Platlcr any tiire.  Rvery family  should have or.o  ready for an emergency.  DAYIJ & IAWI1EHCE CO.,  ���' LIMITED, U0KT��E��L  Hrw^t* of Inillttlruin  mi Steele  jf? o r i ���yxSit e & 1 e; %  ���:;,''.:,V;;:;;Br,e'Wirfi:  :;: '.:'���'.:��� '.'V' FORT.!STEELE,   B.' C.:  ma:  .\Crri!i;RRS     nnd     BREWERS-    OF  J) ���Vi*%rtv*t/t^*v7y%'V^'%/%'*v*.<v*<*X'V*^  i CAVEATS, TRADE WJARKS,  COP.YRIGHTSAMD DESIGNS;  * Seiuiyour husin'osH ill rue t; to YVuslilnKton, J  anvoa time, enkts loss, lietlcr ��orvic��.  Mj* oHlce elniin to V. S, Patont Office.    FREE preUmla- }  * cry oiarainiUionu made. Atty'u tco not due until patent��  J la b "cured 1 PCIISONA.L ATTENTION G.TVEN-19 YEARS i  I ACTUAL EXFERIEHCE. Book "How to ohUttn PatontB," t  ~1 etc., oout froo.. Patents procured through E. Q. Siggera %  S receive up��clal   notice,  without charge,  In  the 5  IINVENTIVE'AG'E  J illtutrated monthly���Eleventh year��� terms, $1. a year, j  * scientific;  THIRT Y-1HHTH YE AR.  7; 24'Pa-fes  z' "Weekly  :  Illostraled.     .  INDISf ^NSABLE  TOMIMNGMEN.  $3 PER.YEAR, POSTPAID. 7   i :  .      SKNI) ��m 8A.MPI.R CDI'V. ,  MMNG^Sdentlfic PRESS  __ 310 MARKET ST., SAN FRAKCISCO, CAL.  MONTROSE BICYOLEWFReI  ii<ipr,i-ovnltoyourn,ldreas WITHOUT A DENTIN AOVAUfF  \  '   '       W\  -<���'  'P  ^^  ���M  arket  SOLD.  BY .THE'' BARREL,,' KEG .  OR 7..J3GT  Bottled beer for family use a specially  PMi'EKTI  SAJ/ly M Ii]AT8   ALWAYS  '   ON   HAND. . "   ���  Ji. ,W. ROGERS, Proprietor.  a  those vm&im  CALGARY FLQU  plJTSimo OK'DIOliS (MVI'IN cSTiaC'r  PliCrMl"!1 A'l,rPI0N'riON  SAT]SPACTtON-GUA:llANirEE];y,,EpS  4W/'��W:^A^'^A:AAAAAA' M":': "->-"^y^^  li 'B''* :   %lliW'XiiiKc '"'ii'.'"���"���-"���'���"���������!|m.;," ,:ii<;..-.o.-.c,.i, i*i r.ni win,������,.,:,,. ,���. v.,  tt     ���'  ,     ^W'   tltM. ,,.:���,�� IT,,,. .. !....,.i,.... l:.,,.,);,.,. ni,,,���,-���.i|��� l.���.',,.|. |,-,...,..,-,|., y,,|,  \wh'   '���'��� ��"��>'***:���:"''��� ���' "��� v,���,���.������.,.,.,,,,,,,,t,r,.,:,,,.,.���,  c-.'ic.u.-.cll.lvt c,ci| cily ,V,ii���,.M ,i,l,v.".,l'... r.n.l evil tn liluh itncc'J  ���.iii*o|i .i,ii...i,;y  .. ,.1 c.mlo c.ccj.  W'.l oicjc lcii-cil,ilc llic.li^  BOX 812  NO. I  lccc*i'c'.v..iv.cU.5 !..>;.i{.i:Iii'cci.|Is c.c-^ic.v, 6crisr!!.iii',.oiiiic'l|.u..'vw;. c!o , nt K.iccncict,'  ,n,*iccl lli'Aii-.     ):HI'<ri!|.;  (ll(IIH)iiMJ ,,  .vc.|p.iir.iill>-iili<!i��l!c. cic, ilicllci. ��!,,...,��� ||���Vv  P.i'(5sh Halibut.'��� fvivlinon,  Sii.lmon 'rrout.,  lUidler and iCirirs.'���.. Pisli unfl. 'fjiuiin .in Si'-ison.  (iirini ,.S!i,iisafj:e,  Fort Steele  ami  'K.iiiiherley.  Sick & Miitz; 1  licujt. nrlti* UHiirnI jiyl, um U>[\'v'imi h<  ''c^MSNflBLEJo'^Yi1,.;;!,',',.  flncnc.li tfiwn roc I.IcIh iii,r|n...n..   AVer Iclv.i  fvlllHiixinut'i ���   ���   n>-   ,r,ci  inwli 1  .-.ll'lll.'!  c 1 icvc>; i,ii���ii ilci h;>. cue. incCi-1,111...  1 i.v 111> j:aj.-.v a i>i��;v<:i.iM.y..|..  ������'��� -cr.c.l .-w,::..,*     ��.',iM,-.!cl��,!.,  ^rop^s.  SEND  ���/. ��.- MEAD GYCLE GOM&WY, oMoagofw.  'Ui.  ���vuii.  -.^���5  te  $0  m TiJE PKUoPEOTOK, FORI" .STEKJ,E. li. *.'.,  -JA XUAKY 20. 100  1  I  il"-  Tun f  ��te \J9C0gipZct0x:.  .sATUJiriAV,   l.TxU.U'V 2i.. I'hlJ.  i^-*i�� ���I**-*!**  SCIENTIFIC MISCELLANY.  Analysis    Ot   A   Smile,   -   Periume  Extraction,    - A Novel Experience  - Forestry In The Philippines.  KT|.:niO.S.'OPI.'   X   KAY   I MACKS.  Composite* photographs, combining ninny pictures so ns to  gel n ly]).' iaoo, were brought  out nearly nvonty yours ago by  brand's Cull on. F. li. S. lie  now adv;iiii'o.s tlio opposite idea  ol    aiinlytical   portraiture,    and  , aims lo record what i.s individual  in lho oxpicssion by combining  dilTeronl photographs ol the  sumo   iaee.      Two portraits, for  r example, show a man wilh normal ex pre.---ion anil when ho i.s  smiling. On placing a positive  transparency oi one picture on a  negative ol the oilier, details  common lo both arc obliterated,  and the result, is lhat. only the  smile is loll. The .smile proves  to be an ael .involving tho whole  I'ace.instead ol'a lew musolos���a  discovery that- will be .followed  by others as thi.sartoJ'analyzino'  ' expression develops.*    ' -1  I'KUFUMI.'   ISXTIiAlTJON.  The perfume of, flowers are  best, obtained by distillation, but,  where high temperature changes  tlicy.substance the usual process  , is enlleurage. or absorption by  "fats: separation by solvents has  required costly apparatus ,- But  a new factory altFro.jus. Fiance,  claims'io use carbon disulphide,  acotone'or .prctroloum ether in  very simple apparatus, 'consisting of n lanlc i'or the solvent, one  Jor the Mowers, and a third for  the solution, with .-.team worm,  condensing worm and pump.  The. steam heat, gently distills  oil' the. solvent, leaving an extract .100 times as strong a.s  on Hon rage pomade. :  H. REXXsFEMAN, Proprietor. Fort Steele, B. C.  ' ' r ' n  f ' * V  I  Largest and Most Complete Hotel In South East Kootenay  ,    '       . < * ��� ,     i * r  ALL   MODERN   CONVENIENCES  Sample Rooms foi* Commercial Men.  Headquarters for Mining Men.  ,   .'      A.XOVl-:i;   1EXPKK1JWCI-'.  *      1        .     ' r " I*  ���   The.   inunniir    ot    a   distant  watoriall,    the  putter   ol   rain-'  drops  on   lhe   roof,   and   other  rhythmic  vibrations,   produce a  sooth ini-' oil out upon tho nervous  centers thai may deepen into actual anaesthesia.'   Among *Slrik-  ing examples recorded by Dr. B.  F. \Vard is lhat of a.tired   workman. Avho,'sitting down lo rest a  moment  on   a .railway cross-tie,  , was lulled   into unconsciousness  by tho vibration's'of an approaching  train,   and   only   awakened  many hours afterwards, when he  found that his left arm had fallen  over tho rail and   been  crushed.  Tho'man-had not boon drinking.  It has  been concluded that the  vibrations must be uniform   and  steadily increasing,in force; and  that, a suitable metallic operating  table    with     vibrating    wheels  '"-*���.    -    i ���*" i  should'give harmless anae.sth.osia  asprotound as that from chloro-  . form.-  .,'  /n ' ,;  NOTICE.        . ' ;  >��oiite is licnclJV irivcn that application will i  liu iijadc* In tin* Li'irisliinirc ol llu; I'nmucc nl j  UiiiiUi Columbia al Its ncxi Session lcm ,m A< I  to iiuoipornti* an association to be Known as  ��� Till.' IIK'TIMI ("OI.UMI'IA M1NJ.W,  ASSOCIATION", llli" said association bcinii  founded loi tin; lollowin^ puipcises namely *  Fust, to pioniotc lho aits and sciences ton-  lieeied wilh the oconoinie.il piodnc lion oi valuable mlueials and metals by means ol meet mi's  lor the leading and discussion ol tecbmcal  papers and the subsequent distribution ot smli  inlo. illation us may be'gained iluotn.'li the  medium of publication. Second, the establishment of a i outi.il icfeioneu'llbiaiv awl .1 lu'.ul-  <j11.11 teis lot tlicjpuipose of this oic-an^/Mtum  Thiid 10 take ooiiceited action upon such  mattcisas ailed tlie imuiii^ and metal lui^tca  Industrie's of the Pi ounce or Hiilish Coluinliia  and to eiicouia^e and piomote thCso industiies  bv all hiwful and honouiable means.  Uiltid'at Uossland   11. C'Decembei   nth,  I'.llHl.  '      '" DALY .1 HAMILTON.,  ��  .cj, **olicitois foi applicants. %  NOTICE.  Take upilcc that thirty davs from uili< dine  hercol I intend to apply to the llonourabV the  Chief C'oniinissionei of Lands and Wnrl.s foi a  special license to cut aiid-cai-rv a\\n\ ^imbei  fiom tlie follow m^ydcscrilied lands, (.'oiiini'j'iic--  ln^ at a point at the south westcoinei ot tint  ,'0-18, u'toup One, Kast Kootenay .).strict,  Hiiiuinf.'Ihence west SO aids, thence noith Si)  tods: 'tnencc west mil rods, tlienci noith ^lu  lods. thence east 'Jil'rods. ilience soulli .Ull  1 oils to the place of bCKiiiulni.-.' ,'  Dated at Fernie. li. C. tins 211th day 01 *.\To  veinbor. A.'I)., isiiki.     , ��� ,   '  51- ' ' ., I. ,M 'j-KOCTOK  Bride Bro's.  SU6II. t Heavy Hardware  0 1?    ���  Stoyes, Graniteware,  Tinware.  Powder, Fuse, Caps  Paints and Oils.  KIMBERLEY  1 T ,--      i' i a '  1 < O - ���  f , ' f ' < n '  The   Coming   Town   of  East  Kootenay.   .  Near tin; famous  North Star  and Swllivati iMities  .Sheet metal work of all kinds  promptly executed.  '   FOU15RTUY   IX  THE   PlIIUl'VIN.ES.  The J'oro.-ls in the Philippines  aro thoughl io contain'about ."500  ' species.'intiro than !00bi*m�� now  'known. 'Tliero are h? species of  palms, ^l' ol t.he oak family, in-  eludingql'wo oaks, and ni.no coni-  ' lets, with only ono  true   pine.���  tho   |a.sl    nuuiod .growin��i in' :a  dense   forest above a height of  1,000 foot in the island of Luzon.  A|, IfMsl.TiO sporioiV aic'viiluable.  One of the mosl iinpoi'Uint is tho  . j. ' .       *  y.inn-ylnni. I roe. yi*jldiny a much  prized oil. Iml Ilio oilier**, furnish  cocoaniits,. , ynt.tiopoi'oha, varnish, many dye woods, and line  cabiuel woods. A system of  forestry lm.**, existed :ir> years:  belween I'O.i i()ii.(i(i(iaiul -10,000,000  acres ol yoN'oriimeiil hnicls have  beeiP carcfl Jor (i.'i foresters and  100 sithord'iialo;*.. and the regulations have In en on the most  scientific J'jiiropoan nrodel, with  the usual S]uinisli laxily in administration, l.o.vocor, chief attention has been i-ivon lo collect  inn, licenses iind oilier revenue s.  NOTICE.  * t T.il.e n'otiee that thn ly davs fiom the date  lu leof 1 Intend to apply to the Ilonouialtli* the  Chief OOiiiniissionei of Lands anil Woil.s loi a  special license to cut mid entry awa\ tnubei  from the following described lauds CoiinnenC;  inj; at a posl planted on the west banl; ol Mil;  Ki\er about ono milei north of tlie 'town of  Feinie. riiuinu^ Ilience in a noi lliet lv diieciion  .ilbiiK Llio west bank of the KM, lihei foi a distance of two miles: thenee win, westeily direction Jll) mils tlience tn a so\nlieil> diieclion  twomiles, tliencum an eastctlv direcL.on -lu  lods^o place of be(,'inliin^. .  Muted in Fernie   11. C. this ailili dav of ^November, A. D��� moo.  51- ' C  M. HOSWOKTI1  The  1 < t  Waldorf  SPLENDl L) ACGOMA'IODATIONS  FERNIE, B. C.     OLD TO\\rNg  A Liimited Number of Liots for Sale  at Prices Ranging from ,  ' l r * i ?  $isS   To    $400  NOW   IS  of lhe year.  THE TIME TO KUY as prices will be advanced the lirst  Working Overtime.  Hiojtl/ licini- laws .'U|^iuiitii'C(l liy tliiise  l*i'"l"*yii|tf<ii" wQjJ<ri'V-JJi' Kiiiti'-i Now  tJ^dhu.   vTiTliou** are always ill, work  Irf (,,','.1   duy.   <'��ri'"f4   IiKliuestioii,  Hi'luHWii-i-   1'oiwtipiit.ioii.   Si.'U llcad-  .w.l,0.iiiiliill.ii����'"��h. Live, iimllinuul  Uliu���l,.s.     K.isy.   |.l��*n-iml.   "���''-,  "'"���'������  A  \y   MUiAtiDi'AA/H Dvitf aiot-u.  NOTICE.  Notice is hetebv i^neti that application  will be made to the I'nrliiiinent of l anada  lit its ne\t session foi an act to 111-  corpoiate the "ICootcnay Central I,'.ulw.i.\  Conipimv." with power to eonstiuct. I'ljui]). op-  ei.ile and niainlaiii ,i linq of Hailwav. ot siaud-  aid oi an.\ other j-.iuf,re lo be opeiaicif b>  steam, olectnclty oi anv oiliei pow-or lm* the  e,ii rinj.' of tieiKlililnd passenucis.  I'lllS'l':���lrroni l.'ort Steele lo Iilko 01 some  other coincident point on theCiow s Nisi K'ail-  way between l'llko and \\raidiii'r thence on  cithei the Oast or West slil^e ot \\rij\rc\ain .l\i.t  ol l),\ lue inosiconvenieni tome io tiie Inter-  naiional lioundary Line.  SKCOND'���I'ioiii Fort Steele lo Windcii'ieie  bv oiilier llie'Hast oi West side-ol llie Koote-  nuyiixcr: thenee. to the town of tiolden cm the  main lineol the C.inadian Pacific R.iilui:\. and  lo build and openiu* tiain\ML.vs in ionuectio:i  therewith, with power to construct opec-ate  and maintain blanch 'lines "and all noiessaiy  biiilKi's. mads wavs lorries and othei woil.s.  and to build, own .mil nialuialii whaivcs anil  doclcs lu conuociloii thciewlih and with power  to l.uilcl ,ici|iilieaud iciaiiuain sk.uii and other  vessels and boats, anil lo opeiate the* same on  tho Koou'iiiU Ulvi'i fiom thy luteriiatioiial  lloiind.ii v as far-joilh as the sanl ii\ei ma\ In  oi ciiay lie iihulc ua\ n-able.  Also to aullicii l/e tin* said iCootenay Central  Hallu.iv Coin]).uiy to build, eciulp opci.tio :u.c;  lnalnlaiu lelc^iaph ami tclephonc'llnos ill iim-  neeiion with s.ilil i.ulwiiv and Innuches and to  ���'encia1c clceliicilj lor the snpph ol hi ai  llulii and powei. ami for alliinde\ei\ oth. i  pi,I'jiose mentioned lu sections ,si> *'l.to and s  of the - Wat,'i Clauses Consoled niou A. i ol,  It*!c7 anil to doevci \thlntt ne Less.ii*. and incidental to the en mil,' out ol all or.in\ oi ihe  obiecls lelericd to iu said sei'iions. I  Also to Invest said Cuinp.inv with pouui io |  oxpiopi I.liu hinds foi tliu purposes of ihe, c'ohi-  pany. and lo acc|ulie lands, bonuses, privilc-os  oi othei aids fidm anv Ooveiumeni .Municipal  (Jorporatlon, or other pi isons oi liodies.���Also  lo lew and <olhol tolls liom all p.u lies usin���',  and cin-iill IicIkIii jiasslui. o\ei ,cnv oi sueh  loads, i.ulwavs ti.uriw.ijs, fen les wlianos  and vessels owned Ol opcintccl bv the (.'oiup.iuvr  and with powei to malic tralllc 01 othei ar-  laiiitemenis ivith railwav. sleamlioai 01 ullici  Ooinlianlcs, and foi all otiloi usual nicissaiv  MKlils. powns oi piivllcwcs lu Hi.11 lieiinlt  KiiillH'i to einpow, r lhe said Com pan v loiic-  ciulie and opeiate mines, uoueeunatots, suieli-  ers or letlneries In the ueiKliboihood ol .11 in  liny pail of the teiiltoiv li.ttui.lllv tubulin,!.,  ils ruilwiivs  Uated al l.'ort Steele. II. (  Uccomliui. A.'f). IIHXI.  .1. A."lIAHVi;Y~f'  WM. H KO.^S  Sample Rooms for Commercial Men,  No Traveller Should Pass the Door.  Tho trail runs within ten feet of the house. Good  l'arn and plenty of hay and grain. If you patronize the  Waldorf vou will licvei't.i'egrot it.  Apply to  Land Commissioner, C. P. R.  Winnipeg", Man.,, or  to  M.    A.    KANOUSE  -   Bi-oprietor  KIMPTON   &   PITTS  WINDERMERE & DONALD  Merchants  ���    1 ��  Mining soppiies a Specially  Miners .^oin<" northward via Canoe River Route will Iind il a large  s.lvin.ir and convenience lo procure llieir supplies nl   Donald.  <& ELWELL  Fort Steele and Kimberley,  KIMBERLEY  .SOI  AGENTS lor  Ganadiaii Pacific  RailwayAND .  SOO    LINE  Siill i'1-im.iniiL's u> Oj.oi'ati'  ll*c'|)CTs (III nil U'.lTlls llllll!  I'"ii'si-cl,is  Revelstoke and Kootenay Landing  AKci Tol/mST <"AI!S |,a&sino Dun-  nidii* .iiuii'tion D.iilv loi- Si. I'.uil.  Smiii'd:i\i nn Mdiili'i'ii] iind lioilnn.  Mdiiduvs anil Tlinwlirv - lm 'I'di'iniUi  JUST    RECEIVED  Assorted C?ir of'Best Brands of Flour  and   Meals,  etc.  Flour, Patent Hungarian and Strontr Baker.  Rolled Oats. Cracked WheaC Whoatlotts.  Cornnioah Buckwheat Flour." Sjilit Peas.  .Navy  Beans.   Lima Beans. Poi Barlov. etc.  ^ . ���  Bran     Chops     Shorts     Oats     Hay.  Fleetwood Tea. a pure'article imported direct Irom Ceylon  try il once and you will u-o no other.  Bacon,   llanis  and   Prv Sail .Side Bacon.  Fresh   Breakfast  Bui lor and Eirgs.  (Canton  Steel (Company  Windcrinero, Oolilen and Donald  Mining Divisions.  California Giant Powder Co.  St CROFTS  Same cars pass  one dav <���  liovelslol;  iirlier.  CONTRACTORS  No  fro u hie  To Ouolc  Rates ami  H'xyc yon a  Roinlcr  Regardini>   the   Eastern  Trip  3*011 Contemplate takini*  POTATOES   and   CARROTS  FriiRWOOIJ all lengths to suit all .stoves.  THE   FORT   STEELE  FLOUR  and FEED STORE  E. C. MILLER, IVopnoior post OFFICE BOX 836.  iioods, guaranteed and pi n i*- .il-*.i a*- heing en rivet.  Seili  :^r   All  in orders.  I'all and Winter  now EH'oclive.  .Schedule  Fur Mine-i.'ilili.c.. f.-ilc* mui lull iiiIcii--  n in I Inn en II iiii nr ,'iclclrc-ss neni c si Iihm!  il^,'Ml. or ''  U*. ( IIAN'i:, Ay,.,,i   |.',M.|  s,|, , |,  ,|,,|  I',. .MANSI-'IKI.n. .\��\   I'.u'i sn c*],..  I'OVI.K,  Now Open  ole  H  Kimberley',  , W Drew,'  '���',. PROPlill-lTOK. ,v.r*.;^  SATURDAY. .(ANt AIIV 2<>. 1"IU  ���mTTTnnnTmfTnnTT!TTTTfnfTTTmTnnim->  |  LOCAL NEWS. ��  ���huiiiiiiuiiLiuaiiiiiiauMiikiaauiiiiuuZ  Charles "Estmere of K'nnberhn  was in town on Mondav.  Tflfl PKOfcPKCTOi:.  FOKT .STEELE, B. C, JANUARY iT,. 1901  LATEST  TELEGRAPHIC NEWS.  Wireless Telegraphy.    Extinction of  Seals.- Election Trials.    Royal  Wedding-.  M. A. Beale and C.  Moyie vKited Fori  Monday.    <>  ,[. Canu oi  Steele   on  Five hundred dollars will be  paid for a pair ol Mountain  Goat. Apply to Indian AyeTit  Galbraith.  Ben   Huckle  ou Monday.  letr-for Victoria  Angus McCloud came down  from the Fort .Steele mine on  Monday.  The Port Steele Flour & Food  Store proprietor is agent lor lhe  Fleetwood Ceylon   lea      Trv  once and vou will u-eno oilier.  11  I ���  Five hundred dollars, will ie  paid . lor a pair oi .Mountain  Sheep. Apply in Indian \yent  Galbraith.  Good  sleighim"*  al  district.  over . tlie  A. Downey returned   ou   Men  day from a visit to en-tern, cine-..  per-  froin  The new bridge at Wa-a i-  well under "way, and will be <ui:i-  pleted in two month.-  General Uebilit.\ .nut it ��� i-un elm*, ri'"  .state calls for a Von��-r.tl to-iiV in tin  system. .Such i-> llie I). A L. L-'mul-ion.  Build; yon up. increases .out \m mix.  ���fives health. .Made liy IJ.i\ i~ *V- 1..ih-  reuee Co.. Ltd.  Geo.   fi  "Monday.  ilpin   wa-   in   town on  N.   Hanson   was  Steele on Monday  a   visitor   al  N. A. Wallinger went to  berley on Monday.  Kiiu-  Prices are holding ver.i firm in  Hour, milling goods, wiili -trong  tendency lo advance., so the pio-  prietbr of the Fori Steele Feed  Store advises us,    Thisi-, tliere-  "   fore,   a good   tfuie.io  piycljn.^e  your winter supj)ly.   lie ha-' iu-t  ���*���' completed a full siocic ol  flour,  meals and brealrfa'si fond-.  T. T. McVittie and AI A.  Beale visited Kimberley on Wednesday.  It   i.s ,reporled   Ihal  othis vicinity are rlyin��  J: McBride is tnakini  visit at Cranbrook.  stOC'li  a   short  .1.   A.   Harvey   went  lo .Moyie  on legal business on Tuesday.  The House will  ruarv LMsl.  meet   on  Fe  Koberl Graham, Hlairuioreand  R. Tranb, McLeod ate rpgisler-  ed al the Imperial  KOUICltT   1'1'UX.S    lll.N'XI.II.  New York. Jan. ���_>.-���.--The l-J-.'d  anniversary of the birth oi  Robert Burns will be celebrated  tonight at lho Hotel Marlborough  liy the order of Scottish Clans  Rev. Dr. -Donald Sage Maekay  will speak on "The Genius of  Inirns the Poet of Humanity":  Comptroller Coler on "America  the Land We Live in": .lames  Kennedy, on "Scotland, ^ the  Land We Left." and Peter Kerr,  on "The Order of Scottish  Clans."  First Outa.no Election Trial.  Toronto. Can.. Jan. 2o.~The*  iir-t Ontario election trial for the  century is under way today. "It  i- the trial of Alexander McNeil,  M P., for North I>rueo, whom  the Liberals charge with obtain  iiiii his .-eat by corrupt practices  The irial ',- hold at Owen Sound  Mr. McNeil was elected by a majority of one. An attempt wa.s  made to show that the uiair who  t;'-t the vote wa.*, guilty of  -onation. but thi.- failed  lack of evidence.  Seais Are Threatened.  St. Petersburg, Jan. 27>.��� The  .-e.ils are threatened with extinction. Early next season tlife  Urmmg out df the seal hunting  on the Commander and   Walrus  Oi (  1-btuds in the Arctic Seas will  be' held at Khabarock, ih East  Siberia. But the seal.-are well  niyh extinct, and iho-next reason  v'.ill go far toward.- completing  the jot). ,  U'irek-.-s Telegraphy.  Sa^^ranciseo, Cal., Jan. 24.���  Advices from Honolulu have  bt en received of the p'utting in  practical- workiii" ..operation of  ilie* sy.-tem of wireless telegraphy between the city of  Honolulu and the various islands  of the Hawaii groups. Stations  have been established ou all'- of  lhe islands. The tests showed  good working. The .service includes all the islands except  Iviiuai. By means of a cable,  me-.-ages can be sent from La mii  io Ihe island of Maun By this,  means1 and by telephone all ''the  group is in close communication.  1 ,        < ,   o  Royal Wedding.  Madrid, Jan. 2:1��� The royal  marriage of' the Princess ol' .lhe  Asturias and Prince Charles do  I'.ourbon, second of the Court of  (Insert a, occurred today, the fete  (.lay of King Alphou-o.  Tin- .\Io-*t   ('oinjiktc   Health   Jtewil'l iiji  the Comment <>f .\'<mli Anierir.'i.  -itu itc<lmidst-cciic i \ uuin.illi-clKii i.t.iiuii-iii-  Halcyon    Hot    Springs  li-uum; "-���hiiit-'Qanitariimi IbidemPhy-  Halcyon Sprinir-.. Arrow Lakes H. ('.  In n lo^iaphk* comiminicMiIoii  with 'all pans or llu* ivoild  Two jnaiN nnuu ami d* pant \eiy dav.  Tonus, ^15   to   *sl8  per week, nct-oidm*'  io i evidence in Hotel oi  \ illus.  lis Halhs Cuic all Xeivous and Musdilai  Diseases Us Watois Ileal all Kidnt'\ I-ii\i-i  and ^-loiuacli Ailment-.  Tlie GanaiJian Bank of Gommerce  (HEAD OFFICE TORONTO.)  F��aid    wp    Capital    $6,000-000.  Ho.v.  Cil'.o. A. Cox,  President.  Attention Hunters  and Prospectors,  rndiaii Agent Galbraith is willing to  ]Kiy   tliu   Mini   of   +511(1.   pot   pail,    lor  .Mountain Sheep .md Goal, or eilhci.  NOTICE.  Xoikc Is lu-iel.y tihtn lti.iL.ipi>li<*.i.ii(iii will  leo in.uk' to t)u Livislutne -\--<'tnhl\ of ItilLish  Coliiiubi.t .u lis iicm sc ssle.u foi .it. \( I io Into poi.itc the [vootcii.i*. (.('Illl.ll li.ul i*. .i *.  CompLti\. wnh ponci to coiistiiui it,ut'i. op-  . inlo ant! m.t-i.ni.ilu,.! line of K.ii],*u*, of st.iml-  ,iul oi .uiyyntH-i- k.iukc to be upotjtcil lij  sujni i'U*ctiit-'lt\ or :in\ other pi.i\��H foi tht*  cirriii||of fit'l^'llt ami pussoiiHt'is  l-'IHS'l'   -I'loiu l-'ott, .SU'i-u- to I'.IKo oi  some  oihcji eoi.vonleiit point oiitnoOiou s >JesiK.i!l- j iy  u.iv" between   I'.lUo .mil   Wntilni'i   theiu'e   icu  I'1..  W,\r>K'i:i{, Gen. M;u>.  HONG KONG DRAFTS SOLD.  GOLD DUST PURCHASED.  KXCirANCR on all part-? of the world bough! nnd sold.  0 London Agents���The Bank of Scotland.  Port Steele �� Cranbrook Branches  GRASSICK   &   DEMPSEY.  CONTRACTOlfS  AND  BUIILDBRS.  Port   Steele   B.C  J. W. H..SMYTHE, Manager.  ANDREW  GONTRflGTOR     and  NEIDIG  BUILDER  nonsi: and sion I'ArNTiNfi  ,     OAI.OIMIN'IN'O unci I'Al'KK 11 WOl.N'Ci  ><>11T KTFSEL13, R. C.  |2Sr"   All   work- ])roni])tly clone.  A Fireman's Close Call.  "I siitck to m^ (.nyiitc. ,ilih<int>h  ���������en jtiitil .iclii'il .iiul i*n*i'\ nt'i'M' \\:is  t-iifkoil i\kli |niin,"' writes 0'. W. Hi*)l-  .imy, a lofinnntiVi* tii-fiiuin, nf Uiii-liim  ton. hunt., "I was \M*iik-unit |ial<>, ��ilh  ouliin.N .ippetiti* and .ill run clown. V  1 wti- about to ..ivo up. I oot n ImllU- of  Kli-utru' Iiii tors .mil. altt'i' tiikin�� it, I  foil j-woll a�� L i'M'i* tlui in my llli*."  ik. ^il'kly, run ilo\*u iii'oplo.dw.iys  �� Isfc. siivno-tli anil v lrft'i"   fi  CAPITAL WANTED.  Professional.  North Star Lodge  l''01'.T &TEi:r.K. H  (".  NO. 30.  A. F. AND A. M.       G. R. B. C.  Regular meetings���lsi Tuesday in eacti  month at elstlit o'clock. Visit Ing Ilretliei n are  cordially in\ltcd.  A. Vf. lli.KASDKi.r,, Secretary.  FOKT STRKI.K  nKVPMiPMFNT.STNIIII'A'lIC L'il>  13H Leadenliall Stiesl  Loudon^KiiKlaud  N. A. WALLINGER, FORT STEELE.  TOST OFPICB KOX 8.  I'm    lliom.      Satisfurlioii  fc"?  l*lfO\ 1X0I.M  -lU'KI'.TAUVS OFI'lOt:  ,       ,    .. ... ,     , .,,, ,n'.i"i now i;io. stiv>i}*tli anil v i^t>f   Ii'oin  . itltei the Kiist-oi-W'tst side* .if \\ li,'v\ nn .-ner     o,.,-...    n^.,  \n b> the most coiiM'tiuut lout,   to ilie  Inter- ',cc,,.... i|,i., ��,1 .��t  " ��l.*^1,-,ir,!;1.'"y '.'i"^    ,   , '&-    , " A '\V. nhKASDKI.I/S.   1��,'UU  Stot'e.  SECO.Sl, -Iioiq PurLSuele to U iiiileiinero  In eltlKi tin* ll ist or W'ti*,t side of llu'   Kcu.ti'-  it.i-vit\ei    tlieni..��� LO the town ol Luldou cm the  mail) line oi tlie C.ui.nli.in I'.u lllc K.ulw ij . .mil  to bulul .md Dpet.il,   ti.iiiiwa\s In coniiet Lion  tlu'iiiultli.   tt'tli  powei   io cOiiMiuu    ��iiiii.ii<*  .uid inaiiitiuii bi'iuiv'li  Illus anil .ill iii.iess.iiyv  bridges, toads. w.i.\s'fet lies .uui othei   woiksy  .md to build own  .(nd  in.tiitt.iin wli.n^es   nut  d Kks in coi'iieetlou tlieitwlth .uui Willi power  to build ileume and liiaintjlu ste.im .did othei*  visseis and boats. .wM to opeiate tlie same on  tlie Kooteu.ij   Kivoi   fu'in   the   Iiit^itmitonal  Bouadarj us tar ootUi is the said thoi may be  oi 'nay bcuiade n.iMKalile.  Also tu .iutLi.��ri.'e the s.iul Kuateni^ Oentral  !Iaii\\:i*.-Company to 1 mid ec'tilp opeiate aiul  inamiJiii i^iejir-atiii and leUpbom lines m eou-  seciioL with said i.iil\v.y\ ard branetios and to  -e^._r;.-.i. eleeti leu*. r*u ilie supplv of beat  lii-ht and p*,w��.��r. :iu,l tor aliande\eiy otl.ei*  liurjwvse mcaiioutSl lu -(Viiuns >0 >1.5*--' and *j  of the ' lTjt��  Clauses Oo.isolulation Act of  To Develop  The Rich Mineral  Resources'Of.  South East Kootenay.  THOMAS   McVIT'TIE  F*.L.S.  & CB.  , Port Steele B.C. '  W. K. ItOSS. ||    w    IlKKCHMKU  ROSS& IIERCHMEK.  Barristers     -      -     Solicitors  Ho? iio.vori. tii  Oouiull  lias I  lollowin}-  lie  l.leiiteiiaiil-tlinui'iioi   In  been pleased  to make tlie  ippoiiioiieni -  '     J lilt J ha lulu i, tviMJ.  lioiuii'i'   Ki.i.nii,  of ivieiboioui'ii   Hast  ICcoienaj. Osciulic.  M   L1-, to lie a 'Co|unei   tot  .Mid within the I'lounoe of Uiltisli Ooluinbm  Oi.>7 ' and v* do everything ueeess.ir\ ami iiiei-  d* ntal  to the carryir^i out of alio1 an*, or the  ob.i,*ci*. rtfi i itd to iti ^a:d sc-etioii*.  Also toi*i%csi Njid Coinpa:i\ with powei^to  ccpropriate laicis for the purposes uf the I'oin^  p..ny ami to a.ctuire laiuis bonuses, privileges  or other aids f ixmi u:iy cJo\erii:ueiiL. MtvtiH.Iptl  ('orporation or other jiersons ot bodies ���Also  to lev*- and eoil,*ct tolls Irom all parties usinj;,  ji'd ou all frtfight pas-m���- o-.er.anj of suchi.  roads, rallwujh. inimuitys'J ferric* thanes  and ���, essc'ls o�� nod or operated by tlilfoonipjny  and with pc'iwtr to mike ti-alflt oi oihci nr-  ranjrements ,*ith raihra>t steamboat or other  Companies, and for all Qtaei Usual neLessut \-  riifhii.. powti-s or pmilenes in thai behnlf. <  l'urther to ompowet the said Coinp iu> toae-  .|ii>ie.uidopeiate mine*., toiiceiiliaioi-s, sinefl-  eisoi iclineiics ,n the neighborhood of oi In  ani pan of the terutorv n.iturall\l tributarv to  Its iiillw-av s ' ^ '        '"  Oated��at Fou,'Su-o!f."'n C . Oils Hih dav of  llccemoer A. U  tiv c  NOTICE.  The liiitish Oohnubia Soiilheni Kallwae  Oompain will apph to the Pailiament of Canada at Hs noil Session foi an Act' euonitni!'  the time within which if mar eonstiuct such  Hianclies fiom .ui.v of Its lines not o\teedinfi in  anv one ease tlilttv miles in lon*-rtli as ate fioin  i time in time authoil/ed by the Ooveinoi in  Council  and foi othei putroses  ' ,11  I'A.MI'nilLI, O-W'ALI)  Ml- ,     Sei tetai \  l>artuilly Developed, n  And Undeveloped Copper  And Silver-Lead Properties  Are Offered For Sale On .  Liberal Working; Bonds. s  FOR   PJOPOliTS,   AND   INFORMATION; WRITE TO  '  CHARLES. ESTMERE.  Kimberley,   B C.  ^uiiuuimuuduuiiiiauuuuuaiiUiLiiuuuiiiikiiikikiiiuuiiuiAUAiuuii,iLiLiiHiit^  NOTARIES PUBLIC  CONVEYANCERS. . .  Fort  Steele,  li.   0  T.    EDE  ���.LANDS and MINES  NOTARY PUBLTC  OOI.I.KO'ITONS ��ivi*ii ]>KOMI~"r ATTllNTfON*  Fort Steele,     - B. C.  CARLIN   & DURICK  ^  Ceo S. MeCarter. ,,. A. Marvev  HARVEY & McCARTBR  i '  ttawistent,  Solicitors,   Notavfrs   Public,  Con retfmicem etc.   -      ,  '     FOR']1  ST1315Lhf. JJ. C. ' '  (  i  KI'lVKr.STOFvK STATION' and OOLDKN  COLLECTIONS      PROMPTLY  MADE.  Sain Cobl> und R. MoK'innon  returned from Wiiidoi-inoro on  Tliiirsdm.  Illllliuila'* llicroilsi' III lllc* sale of tin*  0. iV: I.. Mfiilliol I'lithli'i' oi iili'iioi-. Ilio  ftit'l tliat il is n.-ofttl foi all Hit'ltiiutti'  painx. himliajro ami laiiii'rlMti*k. pain in  the siduti, ult'. O.ivN \ l.awri.|ii.-c < \i..  Ltd.. iiiamifacl hints.  =^^S(!  ,1 .A.  W'M.  HAHVEV  K  HOSS  -"s.MnxT  i;kv  MI.N     DlVI  ��� Sol 1C1 tots fo  i Applic.im-  H  1  Assn  ACT    .WI)     I*  i.vai: tax ac  lOVIN'C'IAI,  ,-Cll 1 1  hiox    (>)������  l'A��.r  Di-iiiioi.  IClKll I.VAV  Home Work.  Wo iuhm. liiiit* .il once it iiiini-  l)L*f of fuluiliU* poi'son- anil  famillos in this loi.-alit,\ lowocl;  , for us u liolo oi* s]ui'0 iiino.  Hood wa��L's paid!1 \o canvass,  inji.    Write lor noiiiion toda\.  c , *  , ,    People's Syndicate Dept. A.  l'lli Young Struct,      TORONTO. 'Out.  GENERAL  Fort    ,  Steele,  In  N'  OTIOI. Is lierebVKivoii. ill itci'mliuici-ulth  llie Stauilts, tliat llie 1'iin'liKiiil licvciua  Tax .ind all la.ies lc\ ic*il umli'i the Assuss-  iiient Act .no now duo foi ilu.w'ui IHO J. Allot  tin above-named la\os colic cubic uiilnn  the  Soutliciii    Division   of   Oast   lCootc'iia)    Uls-i,.....,,.....   r ,.���.  (f,., . ,  .met  aie pa.able at  mv   oilier   at  llu   (.ollu ' lu isiin.ii istau oi tin said tieci asm is ilciuih.,1  House  I'oit .-steelr  the   County   Court   of Kootenay  Holden at Fort Steele, tB. C.  .Vol.co is hereby j'lvcu that on the Jdtli ila\  of Docembo!. HUH) it wasoideicd by .1. A. I.'onn  10si| . .IikIkc ol tlie said Court. Unit .lames roi-  nusoii AimstioiiK Ollli'ial Ailiulnisiiatm oftlio  Coiinly of ICootcnay lie admiiiiMicttoi ol all nnd  siiigulcii' the i,'oo(lh. Lliultols and ciedit of  J'lisiiuiilti l.'iiincpslilnl, alius, I'ianccscs, ttllas.  Slum) of Tlio Loop, Kulluay I.abomui dti-  cc.iscil, mipslate. (,  ll\eiv pi'isoii indelitoil to tlie said deceased  is lujiiiictl to inaKn paum-nt toitliwltli lo tin*  tiudcisli.-iiccl.  I'veiy^ieison linviiii; In possLssion effects bc-  lonifiiDr to tlie (lei'Pnscil Is iei|uliPd loitliuitli  to notify tlie uiKloiKic'iicd.  Mvei> Cicdtioi, oi othei poison. Ii.iviu^ nil\  claim upon oi liiieicstin the dlsti tbuiiouof tile  MERCHANTS  Eest  ^ t  Kootenay.  Douglas  Coraon  �����     i ; {(or-iun.) -  OFFICE -nivpisldp Avpiitie/  Next Door to HlfasiMl'it Drug Store.  COMPANY  i.  READ.  THE PROSPECTOR.  Homework- profltable-congonlal-  ���������?���on now Dlan. Bo your own  ^.Tr-T ,?,er ln your own home!  NOTICE.  .Voiiue li lioicWifi* uu Hint  ai. application  will be made to the I.t'Kislailve Asscmlilj of the  F'rmlnce of Hrilish Ooluinl.i-i   ai Ii-, next  .is.  xtou  foi an act to un.orpin it.   . . ..nip.im   with  power to c.oiistni,*i e.|inp   op.-utt  ami   m.iln-  caln i lint* of railu.u of stamlaicl ci   iu   .uliri  ���fuace to be operated b\ st cam   elutilnn    ui  uiiy other motive powei    ten   the   c.n oiint c.[  frftl����lit and pas.enters fiom i pnnir on oi   n^ii  Orjiwfoid Mii\   on !Cooteua\ f.aKc    im  tn.    t)|S. j  ti let of West Kooten.iv, b>   the incest cciiuen-'  em aud  feasible louie  thiouch tin \ dlev  ����� I  ("rii*Rfoiil   I'recli    mri   the  ��c". v   nf   tin    s,  Mary's lllvei   to i {mini li hi n.-n | ,n* s.,,.|,. '  in     tlie     Dlstlkl   of    K.lst    Kooi. rii,     ,.,   i|.  Province of Uiitish ( olumDI i   ai.c    i 'm.'ui .m,"  operate  !r.im��nu   in   . onm. lion   i<*c L. u,|    I  with power to (.instruct   nn.rii,   ci..'  icom i    !  brata h lines and all neiPss,u\   i.r.ei,;, s  i.n,i��  ways    furrli*s anei other  cccir..     uid   u ">c nut  own and maintain \i hnr\ es ti,d   iecKs   in  cm-}  nection  theiewlih     did  (villi  p. u-       n,    .,  acquUc   own   e.tuip and maii.t dn  st( lUi rt u  other vessi lv mii.I heeats md rep.ru'* tic., s n . I  on anv navU'ahle ((iiieis within   .h.   i'lcnin .   '  *nd  with  power tci  hniM   e.|uip   ..p. nn   n,   |  ���ualntaln teleui-atih uid   leleph... < hn. . ii ,.���   j  llectlou   i.ille   lhe -s i nl   r^ilwa\    end   l.i inches   ,  and to irenerai' etc c life tt\ foi siippu   of  m ,    j  !Ut*bt and iiejctcT .tied all indnm  e.ili.i   put;..!.  inentionul iu we tlons tin   ��i   ��c jiici **i ,ir n,e  ������Wale r f lalls.s ( Ollsollcl III..li Ac I  IWcr     ,en.I I  (lo (nervtlneii.' ni cess.ci \ and  lliel.l. nt.cl   t..   |.,  [  nirrvlnir (en!  of   ill  ot   au\   of  th. oiiieeisn    |  f/*rrPd   to   in   *nnd   see tie lis    arid i\ t h p.nvei le  I  expropriate binds for i lee- pin poses ..r ih.  ( f,tjl.  yxny    nnd to a(��.|iiire lands  honiise .  lu Svlh ire s I  Ol  Oilier al.ls flieut cellv   (ieive't eiinent   .,   iriiclp.il  COrpcltlll i.fll   eel   cflher p. I secies eel   Jleecllc end lee  Irvv  and (v.llrcl   leeIN   from   a\\  ..Ui. i  pcrlie.  iwinu    and  on   all freight   pissitn.'  eev r ceiv "I  KUcll      roncll       t-allRfi^s.      tllllee\(a\s      feiiee  wimrvesan.t  vessels o**lt( d ..I   ee[ie lilted le(    I le*.  Coinpany. nnd 4lth power 10 make tiiirrie ..e  other Krri(ue7'*iiieiils with iall.*i\ ste.iTlilece.el  IX (ethnl (..nip tnle-M and feel ellctthci usual  oncssHi v '11 ilic Idc nl-cl 11 I'll Is powem or pi tvi-  Ifgr* frc FhlLt ieehulr *1  lUtld at ICilMln   II  ('    llils H'lli   .1.1 \   c.r  Octcj-  hor, .'.. IL. I Will.  WIIKAI.I.K.K .(.   MAln'jN".  SolU'llorN for the,\|epllc!i��H.  MKNIll (.! JOLV III- l.OTHI.VM.Ki:  CANADA.  l'KO\ INCK OF UKl'l'lM! COLUMBIA, v  \ ll mill A, by thol.'riicoof Ood ol the United  l\luirdom of (Jicat i'/ii,iiu and Iiclatul  ijt'i-'hN , Defendprof the I'lillli. .te., ic .vc  'I M'ui fniilifiil the Membots elected to sene  In tlie l,('(,'fsl.uhe Assembli of Oui  I'lculncc of l]i'ltl*i)i Columbia at Oui Cil> of  \ letcii la -Okke'i im.  A PI'OU.AMATK'N  II. A. MAOl.t.A.N.     1   TTrllllKKAS  W'tMIC  I'..puii, Aicorney-      '    \oJ     .    , ��  Geiiernl. / * * deslious amrie  suited as soon us mat be. to meet Our People  ol (Jin l-*,io\nice of Miltlsh Columbia audio  h iv. their ad* Ice in Our Legislature:  NOW KN'OW Yi: that fordHeis causes and  1 oiisnU latloics, und taking into eotiskleiatiou  tin case and eonvpiiiencc of Oui loviuc sub-  jei is We luuc thought lit b> and with ��� liu uil-  \ i< e of Our Mxeeutne C'ouuliI do hi ^eb^ eo:i-  \o!*i and by ilicsi* piesents enjoin j ou audi  each of von. tliat oil 'I'hi'.rsd.n. ihe luuiitj-'list |  da\ of Felnuarj one thou-.uid nine bundled  and one. yiiu meet L"s in 1)111 snld f.ei/isl.niiic  01   I'liliumenl of Oui   said   I'je.viiicu, at Ou,  t .is uf victoiia. Foil  rru. ijisfatch or  Hi s,ijji;s,n to Hear do an and comlude  i.p.n liaise thin/s which in Our Lej.'i statu re ot  llu 1'iotlnce of lirltlsh < oniuilnu In lhe  Coiniiitni Ceunuil of (>ur said I'roviiece n*a\ b\  Mi.  l\ vor of Cod  be ordained  .*   L'hsllMOM    WllKHI ul-".   H'<    llai.-   (lOMcI  tc ese our I.etK rs<o he iiiactc l'.��:��*iu end  te.e f.lcal s, a; llt' e.i1( s..id I'll*; llli. to b*  lie reuntil atllXPd U'MNKss    lllc    ilo'ioui  I'll"   Sir    IIIMII   I.IMOI   .le.1,1    l)L    I.lll  el.MH*'. KtJIii l.li uli'liant-Oo.e rum  ..[ Our said i'io\,ni" of llritish 1 oluinl.l.i  i. Our C11.1 of \*le ton.1 to nui sued IJro-  lll.Lc    this sc veiiK elith daj   of  .lauu.irs     in  I it   veji   of Our   r.oicl  one thousand niin  II lndr. d  and oue   and  In lhe sj*n\ -fourih  ar o( l )ur H, |j/n  H\ c'oni'n ind  ,1   11   I'llKNTH'i:  I'rfn nirinl ."vrnlKij/  EMULSION  fllXHIlin !<>%   nm!  Mil   II \��.   I��l����.l-Fll,  KrlfT"."!' ��r isi��h��i>,  4 Ol ��.H, KIMK  Of AI'I'M 111',  OKICltlTl.llie l.fnrni* nflllUurtl.tr  kic ntuftt ui.inir<'*(.  il* thr aid of TV I) ft I. rri iklon I luve*  1 ^ic rlcl of a luc<a ,' cocerh which had tl oc.l.lt el  1 <��r ece r j ve^r, ^ud h^vo if^lncd con-id, i*  ���d 1 il. mi ij-lu.  T. 11. WINCIIAM, C H , Montreal.  SOe. anel H per Bottles  DAVIS tc LAWPKNCK CO., X-lnilted,  MoNTicr^t.  Assesst'd taxes aie collectible at the fotlow-  in*.r I.ltCs  vi/ ������  ll paid 011 01 befoie the .luth June ItKH ���       ,  'I'liioe-tlfllis of one pel cent, on leal piopci ty  I'lvce .11.d one-hair pel   (Pin    on  the tissossc 1  value or nilil )ajid  One-half of one jiei   (em   on  petsonal pio  uei ty  Upon such excess of income���  Ci.\ss A - On one thousand dollais, nnd  not  CM'CcdniK tun thousand   dollais   one   pel  ceid , up to live thousand dollai*   and  two  per tent on the reinaliulei.  Class II-On ten thousand dollais, and  not  L'M-etdm-.' tucntv thousand iloll.ns. one anil  one-half   pei    cent .   up   to   ten   tliniii.iiiiij  dollars, and two .unl one-half pei  tent, on  lhe lem.utiiler:  C'Lsss C���On  twenty thousand  dollais und  not <!xui*i'(liiiK l(e|L\   thousand  dollais,  luu  and one-hnlf pel cent    up 10 menu   thotih-  and dollais   and thrct percent 011 the  >e-|  maindei.  I'I.lis L) ���On ull otli--is In excess of Mi ti  thousand dollais   ill ice   pel   lent,   up to  foitj thousand dollais. and thiee and  ecu. -  half pei ci'iit. on the icin.ilndei.  If paid on 01 after 1st July  l'"UI   -  Foui-llfths of one pei cent on ic,il piopci i\  Tlnce pei  cent    on  the   .isspsstjd   value   01  wild laud  Tinee-eiuariPis 01 one pei cent   on  peisonal  piopim  On so much of the income of any peison  as  eie��ds one tliousanil dollais 111 .11 lindane.  Willi   Lhe   folliewiti!,'   cl.issilltations.    upon  such fit ess the i.itps slinll lie n.iiueh ���  Cuss A.   On one ihoiisaiul dolhns  and  1101  i*\i'ce.liiiif ten   tliotisaud dollais   one and  ore-li..lf   pei    tent,  up to   l|\c   ihousiind  dollars and two and one-liiilr pel  1011    011  lhe lelil.iiudei  Ci.tss II - Ou ten thousand dollais .iiul   not  e\ce(dlns.' tweiuv Hiousiind dollars, two pei  (. nt. up 10 leu thousand dollais and tluci  pel cent on the iimaiudii  Cl.\ss   c    (in  ta.nt\   iliiiiih.iiiil dolluts, and  uei exceciliut' fou\ tliotisaud dollais   three  ;ii 1   cent    up  to twenty thousand dollais  und iht'ee and ..iic-hiiir p.'i'ci 111 on the rc-  uialndu  ( 1 *.ss u.   (in all  other*. Ill  umi"-* of fnnj  Ul.ills..ml  dollais    tliite  unci   one-half   pet  cent    uptofoitv thousuiid dcilJ.us, and feiili  pertehi  on the ie maiiidoi  rroiliuf.il lie\e line T,i\ *.l pel (aplla  'Vv.ii pei icrit 011 the.iihsesse d value of ore 01  inineial hi .11 in;- subsl inei s  pavahl'   ipiai  i.'iii'y. na   the-  last dav   ol   the   uliililhsof  Maiili  ,luuc, Scpic ijiIm.i and   Decdubei   In  ellC'll VI 111  A   (     NTI.MiN,  /lswMA'it null Ciillirlnr  IVllt Ste ele, II  O . J.niiiuiv  hllli   I'mi  within tliu tv davs of tins dai(' to scud by leid**  tercdlctlei addressed to the tuideisigned Ins  name and addtess and tlie full pn I kill.us ot  Ins claim 01 iiiteiest and a siatcinent of his  .ucoiint, and the ualute of the sccui liv (it anv)  held bv htm.  After the expiiauoii ol the said ihniv dajs  the Ailmnnsii'.itoi will piciLCed with the distrl-  biilion 01 the cst'ite having ic^aid to thos'i  claims (inly ot which he shall have had notice  Uateil at Foi 1 Steele llils ITtli dav of .limuarv  I HO I  ,1AM1:>-, FKKOUSO.N-   vllMSTKONO  Ollkial Ai.iuiulsiiaioi',  l.'ott Steele, 11 C.  Sole Agents ro,,���u GdntOH St66l  THis-STicEiiis giianmteed 1o be equal lo .Tessop's  or  Firths in all  Hard Hock Work. . ��� 0  Grows Nest Goal company/  a   r  Giant Powder Gompanu.  Mining Supplies a Specialty.  1  Agents for U10   MASREY    11ARRTS    CO.,  Limited.  Farming   Implements,  Ror,rc Agents  ���S0M5   rAOENTS  ROYAL  HOTEL  KIMBERLEY, B. C.  ,Tlie Finest Liquors and  Cig-ai'8 and Best Pui'iiinhed  Rooms in Town.  J.   I.   GATES,   Prop.  jj  The PROSPECTORS3 EXCHANGE  1) NO.   4   K.-W..-C.   BLOCK,   NELSON,   B. C.  ���5 (Jolil.   Silver-Lo.ul  and Co-ipor Minos wanted at the   KXCHANOE.  l)i'()|ic>fties  wantod  nt1 once for E'uiterii  Shaving s��: Hair Dressing Parloi  e.  Neil to Oriental Hotel  FORT   STEELE, B. C.  i *  All kiiids of hair work -  a specialty. -  A.J GREZ.  Proprietor  mili.ini: oo\^^  In   the   County Court   ot   Kootenay  Holden at Fort Steele, B. C.  c '  Xotlee Is lieiehv KI*'U1 tli.lt on tlie llllll cluv  of Deeeniliei. 1'iiNI It was 01 dried bv ,1. A Foi In  i:sc| . .ludKe ol the s.inl Conn   111.11.1.lines |.\*i-  (,'IISOII Allllsllclll���'. Olllcl.tl .\lllllllllsll.llOI of the  Cnnnvol ICociteiniv lieiiiliiiniisti.itoi of.ill.mil  smt-uliii tlie i.'oods, L'liiitiels nnd eicdlt or  ('Ii.i 1 les Will/ot Foil Steele 11 ('., Minei dp-  c ensed Iniesi 11  Fun peison indebted to the said deco.ised  Is lecjiilied 10 m.ilie imviiii nt roitliulth 10 the  iiii'leislyiied.  I1\\'U peison litn 1111; iu possession eire( is   e-  loiij'ini; to the cleee.isLd Is  ie.|i|inil  roitlinuJi  I., iiotlts the iititletsiitUPd.  lively eieil|tci|, ui (illici |iei.son. Ii.iviiik ,iny  t'l.iini upon 01 111 ten st In the ilistnlintlonor the  peison.il ostiileof tlieseilil di'i ensed Is nqnlucl  is it Inn lllliivcl.iys of lliisdnte lo send lev icitls-  ti'i'Oil letter, iiildicshi'd lo the midi'isli-ncel, his  n.une .ind .nidi 1.-.s nnd lull pin tlcnl.iis or Ins  el.il'ii or I nt*-'! est .mil ii.sl.iieinent 01 his .te-  loinii, .mil the limine 01 ids sccmli- ilr inn)  held 1)\ linn.  Altei lhe e.\|ili,iilon or lhe sulci ihlm i|,iVs  lhe .\ilniliilsti,iim;nlll pioeeicl uiili the ellstil-  hiiiion of the est.de lualnj.' ki-.iicI to those  eljlnit. only of u)i|< I) l.e sli.cll li.i\e li.id 11,11 Ice.  D.lll'll 111   I HI t SI. e le   III s in'   d u 01.1 illll.ipy  l!��ll  .IA.MI1S l.'l-.IKM'SO.V AII.MS'l'KU.Vi;,  Oltlcl.il   \elliilnUll.Uni  Tent Sic e|e   I), (j.  mxv.vi  IlIVUSlOI'A.  Put-lies havini'   tninino   properly  for sale arc  requested   to nend  -*iiiii])U's ol llieir oro lo tho liX('HANOK for exhibition.  We desire lo hear Irom   piospecior*.  who  have  promisin"   mineral'  claims in llritish Colnmlii.i.  i'riispi'ctops    and   ininino   111011  tiro   requested   lo   malco   the   KX-  CirANd'l1' llieir lieiiilquarlei-s when in Nelson.  t   All sainjilt's should lm sent liy express. I'lJIOl'AIO.'  Corrcsptintletice solicited.    Address till cointiitiuiealloiis to  ANDREW F. ROSENBERGER.  I eiephone No.  Ml/|.     |>. c).  llo\  7(10. NKI.SON, 11. C.  l:ast Kootenay  Bottliim (]o.  !wMEk-i.^E^fe*5T^  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights Slc  Anyone xiMi-lIfin n nkntrh iir d dourrlndon i/m>  qulrkljr MtijtinUi run o|>lntoii fioi %vh(<lhor Jill I  lriv��iii|i��n  (��� prohnlflx tifiJ��tiiriil>ln     f ntiiiinnilr-rt. *  (f'ni��>trlct)yrfMif)rtoiitfft1. IIutitltxMik on f-'nU nla  3^n( fr*ns. <fti\v>n\ rttfctMiy for nn( uriiiK imttuitn.  \>*\*w\\* titkon  ttiroutrl)  Minni ft, (<��  rc(��lvc  ��fnrti/t iUiffcrt kIHiout. clmrgo, lu Din  Scientific 'mmm.  A lifinrl��oHirlf Uhtf-trntofl wrpklj-     J.-nrdrynt rfh.  ritlatlrui nf Hiir f-rlnntiric J��<iirfinl     fJ rrini fJfjL  . your,: U*\xr monthb, $L   Hold L/iill ncwpdcnloniT  MUNN&Co.36'8"-1^'New York  UtKiioh (im.'r. Oi K PI. W����l.li.Kl..n. 1). (.  Aerated waters  -Ol all kinds  'The   Milwaukee'  A raniiliar 11.11110 lor the Chicago,  Milwaukee A; St. I\iul liailwuy. Icnowii  nil over llie Union as llie Great liailwuy riinnino llie " I'litiurr I.imileil,"  ir.iiiis evert day and nielli lietwcen Sl.  i'anl and Chicityo, and Omaha and  Chicago. "Thi* only perlecl trains In  the world '" Ijiidersland: l>'onnoctions  are nuide with .1// Transcontinental  laities, iissiirino lo |iiissi:n<>i>is llie host  sen ice known. Luxurious, coaches,  electric lio|itn, hto.uu Meal, of a verilv  equaled liy no oUmr line.  Sue lli.il .Mine lli'lccl iiiiids vi:i.**Tiii.  Miluiiiilcco" when ooinje |,, .lMy |>����� 1��11.  in llie IJnili'd .Stales or ('.innil.i. All  liclcel ayenth sell tlieni.  Kor rales, painplilels or  oilier   iulor-  lualiou, aiiilrcss,  .1. W. (Jasiiv. ('. .1. Kdijy.  Tiiiv. Cuss. A|?l.. lieneiiil A^ent  KKVITI.i:, WASH.    COItTI.ANI). ni;  HIGHWARDEN ' &.    SON.  PIONEER  BARBER1  SHOP  Kvci-ylhiii" cSli-icily |<'ir.st Class.  1 * \'  r  /Vert door to the Pntsjitrttn;  T. 6. Armstrong  Pout Stkki.k, B. C.  MANUFACTURER  OF  Tinware, Galvanized Iron, Sheet  Iron,   Slove   Pipes  a>nd  Copperware  BUILDINGS HEATED and VENTILATED .  Plumbing,   Pipe  (itting  and   all-  kinds of sun ft a ry work  flir Tiolit  llydi'itulk:  Hot Blast Stoves  and   Air,  Minos  Pipes   for  Hs-tuiw,  1% qHnui'cis\w.Kv��.4,C  Pilfer Ales, \llc.  'slillll  ecoiK.inlc.'i  t  I  hI]iIioiis,     'l'llis  Ui<��  TO TUB DEAF.  A rich lady cured of lier  Deaf  ness and Noises in lhe   H<>a<  Dr.   Nicholson's   Avlilicial  Drums, gave ��10,Odd lo   |  s.tiUUo,   so  that,tfoal n<vJ  ,a&^To'pvocu>rnir<H(J'.ri  may hayo Hioin  frno",  No. Hr/18,     Tho  Nicjio  Blitiito,     780,     lOiglith   Avenue,  s- ti to htutdli  ;-|New York, U. S A  THE  Gl]amoer_of Mines  SOUTHERN BRITIST COLUMBIA  ^Kootenaus and Yale)  The Clunnlier of Mines wauls* thoroughly relinhle corretipondoiitH in every  Camp in the districlsof Kast and Wen  Koolenay ami S'alc to whom reii.tomililo  (���(iinpensalioii will Ik: paid lor their  serviced.  ," ('orreHpondents will he expected lo  furnish Un* Chiunlici'or Mines wilh all  ile\elopuieiil Hoi'ii*.' on ut tho niinoH,  llie iiislalliitiou of .muchiui'r.V, nhi[l-  enN of on* uiit| vulMi'i ����<! Honomlly  i ivh ,\n W||J |it(,tMtJl Ilio utlcutlou j  I'liUnti^titi-tiijTign-lhnjii ro-Mtivoi".'  kii.luni'i,      jf ���  i'WjIIoiih t.i I io ifdilivHH d to tho  s  I Wit!,?I MUI Oli- MINKS,  SMiOibrn Hrilish Cnlmnblii,  (ICootona.m au(( yMf)  Jlo\ ifo iSU.SSfJANI). U iii.  SPKOIAJ.  ATTKNTION  tOH   WOltlv.  I'.VID   TO  U. COH1N  TAILOR  AND IMPORTER OF  '  FINE WOOLLENS  Rocky Mountain Avonuo  Fort Steele, 8. G.  GEARY  & DOYLE.  Llveru, Feed & Sale Stable.  ,     ��� r.   ufeort fcltoolo B.C.-..,,  ������ '/;���* j'-; .j_J(i '.\f v'.,*'��� ' ���  ' Hernia,. Uali^st^!  SAIJDLK& PACK HonSKfl  IKfMIMOot ALL KINlis  ���l i>PECIJJ.TV  \


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