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The Prospector Jan 14, 1899

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Array ."*������-     *-���'   .'   '-   *    *���   ���*-  '.        ".��-*  "s.  .- -/���  <;--?���*���-�� ' -->'-; - '..-*���"*������' -3 ������*��� i-' j?*f-y.s-Vi-i.^Vi  *r  ���S7HE PROSPECTOR IIASUEBNJ  -S-   Al'I'OI'irr.I) Till!  OFFICIAL   -f  it. flOVEBHMEKT, GAZETTE     ���?'-  0-X- K-  ^CS- Fur South K.ist Kootraay.         3?  ^. -*>  /    , i     *  *-��"iS;--*-r>****��**-5-J-#*.*#*��j����H(t  *  s-  -r-  THE   PROSPECTOR  CONTAINS ALL   PL'BL: ~ HO-  TICES AND GIVES THE  LATEST TELEGRAPHIC  *  *   AND LOCAL NEWS.  0*  l/ol. 5.  BORT STBBBB,  13. C. SATURDAY, JANUARY 14, 7899.  No <2:  New Advertisements To-aay.  ���KAWii-o   0. K. I'"inch   Pvr\ Steele TownMW Co  ^T-'t-f Lino         ..l'ai;e ^  '���    h  A BOOMING MEMBER.  TJia Fine Italian Hand of Colonel  3aker is Again Visible as a  Tcwn��ito Boomer.  On-July 17th, 1897, the Pitos-  f��B<"ron called the attention of  tins residents of Port Steele to  nhri fact Unit' Col. Baker was  lining his position asf'u member  is j the 'government to , boom his  T.own of "P.eautiful' Cranbrook."  and t&Jj&t'ore to the detriment of  Fori. Sieele.  Wo learn today, from a source;  -^hicliAA'o doom perfectly-reliable  uhat once more Col. Baker is at  u}313 old game of townsifc boom-  'ing:. It is only two A\'t:'eks since  ghe Colonel returned from England, hastily he rushed to  o'-fjciautiful Cranluxiok", called  .together the'.select few, , intimat-  Kisgr that now w:as the: lime lo  down Port Steele.  Tho l?roviiioi-:l House meets  sin Jan. nth and T must be Llie re. jpcyiicy of the LIotl James Baker  and I have every reason to think that such a thing should con-  ihiil our scheme 'will ' win.   , Let j 1imnv\yhou there is a possibility  of corn coming   to   the   mill   by  given out on the authority of the  member that it shall be the Cov-  ernment headquarters for East  Kootenay.  Cranbrook' from a   mining  or  mineral standpoint has no standing.     We honestly make'the assertion that in our opinion there'  is not,twenty ineiividuals  in   the  town that owns or is personally  inlorosteel in  mining.      On   the  contrary fully 7f> per cent of. all  Ihe mining property in the  district i.s owned,   or controlled  by-  the people of Port Steele.     It is  a piecc"of unadulterated gaul on  the part of the   present  member  to   intimate   that   his   town   of j  "Beautiful Cranbrook" can ever J  be more than what it is< at  this  moment���a  .railway   town   with  an attachment called  ^divisional point.    ,  Port ' Steele? as _ a central'  point and as the largest and most  prosperous town in South East  Kootenay, has been for -Jf. years  the residence of whatever government officials there were in  I he district. But it seems thai  il    is   not   consistent    with   the  terest in the aforesaid smeller,  with the privilege to select a tie-  pass over the main line east or  west, for there'is no use of being  a divisional point and owning a  railway without proper passenger travel. The first sprouts of  these phantom industries may  not be apparent to the inquisitive, but they are all'there in  "Beautiful Cranbrook"' just the  same, for if you be in doubt  there is the assuaging voice of  tho townsifc agent to're-assure  you.   '  o ,  L. '  us get'up a pet il ion stating that  -'-Cranbrook llie: Beautiful"is the  ���only the town in the Port Steele  fji.slrict, it is'on the fine  of rail-  this petty booming the of town in  which he is interested.      if such  a change were in the interests of  way.  in f'aci   it   i.s  a   divisional j the district,  then  we   would  be  point, anckthe only town in Easi.pho lasl  to  complain,   or  if  we  Kootenay.    ���We will send one of I felt thal_ there were   the  remot-  tjiir   henchmen   to   Atoyie ��cily, jest chance that an injustice were  smother    to   my   coal   town   of j being done Colonel Baker in thus  Fernie. and ,aa'o will have il-sign- j charging hiui with .prostituting  < <fd i'iy the i,ui diiei ;.ouny,  by  the1 his position as 'our" ropresonta-  r..al,l and short.   Yes!   by   anyone \ five for selfish purposes and por-  who can hold a   pen  or   pencil. I oonul gain, then Tiifi J?itoSPi-;o  itc shall be in a position to pros- |tou would'bo silent.  13ut, on the  'Vail, our  memorial'  to   the   new | contrary,    avc .know,    notwith-  Sovermncnt. aud maybe I' shall i standing his many denials to this  have the portffJlio of Education: I constituency, ohat'stich wa-s'tiot"  ,rf so AA-hy "Beautiful Cranbrook" land never had  been   his  iiiten-  sfJ-1 surely get  the  Government jteYitions. that Ibis* is another  of  ���.-Erices.' 'the many' disgraceful   things  to  ' t a f  ���Tut;  Pkoki'HCTOK, cares noth- jbe chargc-d to him. -  ing /or -Cranbrook or Colonel j We have,claimed in this t'hat-  Ba.ker, but is always found onjter only fair justice to Port  tc-ke ' side of tne people and [Steele: the same sense of justice  , ,-L2;a,inst any such high hanrled j that we seek io >oe allotted to  proceedings ' !every" other  community   in-  Ihe  These are the true facts. ��� The J district. Col. Baker wa�� en-  member for East Koo.enay i.s the'trusted withthe duty of seeing  fortunate oAvner of seA-eral thous-I that, fair justice was done, but  /jneLs of acres  of good  fanning he has played the traitor and out-  ASSESSEO  VAIA'ATION OF   UK.AN-  iiucK.ii-;.  '���Beautiful Cranbrook" comprises0 an area o* l'.;7 acre>. which  is suh-elivieled into ljoss'' lots,  having an assessed .improAed  value of r<i~. 1 -SO. Of thes.* 1 .ns-.  lots, IfJOhave an improved value  of ���"���"..H].*). le:-,viii��r ;i balance of  Odf. lots av:' I; a.i .ift-*e.-,.-,ed yfdiu-  of ���"���>l(j,.;i.">. 'The amo.mt of per-  so!!aljbtxe.-,1are assessed .it s'.i1,-'  ntK> ^JJ^u^lliis mhould be.,iidelcd  the sum ot '^iL'.U.Hi which "is i\>-  se.i-.oeL to j'oi-l bteele mercnants,  Avhich at the time of assessment'! ihe-:   town-site' boomer   mav    be  made in the district shall, be   in  the interest of Cranbrook.  Political promises as a rule,  are made only to catch votes,  and seldom kept: yet when the  promises are made by an interested party, and for booming  purposes, and a possibilityaof retaining corn in "Beautiful Cranbrook" some attempt, as a ������side-  booming to the town,'' is to be expected. The petition ivhioh has-  been sc> industriously circulated  during the past week, proves  conclusively that what we assert  is correct.  _.\s a. town, the large,-,! and  tho*;) 'prosperou.i in tlie Port  Steele district, Pon Steele has'  iKithing to fear, bacjeed by its  natural n'se>im-os. i;.-, v.isl mining interests, its Avealth and  population, also ii.i ex'ten^ive  uoiiimerci.il inte're-st.-,, if stands  today Ihe Varuer tcjwu of Sou.]i.  iCast Kootenay. pl'he citizens o"  Port Steele in the future, will  depend upon the: natural channels' of bu.iine^s that c-e'ufers  abound   this   town. '    0  At   Cranbrooi*:.    the    c-.rv    of  TK2 HOUSE OPENED.  Steele.* di-trict' has  a   most   \}Vo-  mis'in;/ shov/inii' of  mineral,   and  that   vast stores of ore of  every  of;description are hid in the nioun-  ,   tains of East Kootenay.    ���        q'  Victoria. Jan. i5. --The Provin-'  _.__!_  Legislation- of a Most Impo  Character. The House "Will  cead to "Work-With no Lo.?  Time.  ant  'so-,  ciai  Lea'islalure ^vill   open   Ihi-v  Eiig'ena a Shipper. ��  a.iernoot'! in .1 o'clocd-r. The po-' ^'rom our Movie e:orrespoji-  litic.il an'i-!-i'tilI of exxjitement us'dT"1'V(i l>wn' that the St. En-  1o hoAV the Hoj.si" will be' '^L'hCi company will soon beecome  cliv'de.l on rojily lo the speech!'11 shipper; arrangements liave  from the throne. It i.s generally i h<,on 'math: to ,ihi]> as soon as Iho  ��� ���otict'det that the government j f,i,-l(,i' track is c-o'rnpleted. Tho-  will be able lo work- through.but j(,ra ])in ���������*��� -M''>yie is completed,  it will be a close shave. '      iand teatiiM will   commence 'haul-  T.hu JjouscwiU go to work   at [inir or<' fl''"��* Iho mine on Thurs-  ore   will, go  US'*' the  at   Denver,   Coi.:  io   Aurora.    Jll.  fl i.s .said Ihal   the   .itiielter  com-  onc" in .s|)r,e ul  o to wc.irK   ai  tholirecedeiil bv /hiy.  Th  which   an  tidjoiirmuenl   lu'is ' al  l(;rant  smeller  \\:'vs been ui,-i<U? until Monday.       po.-iibly   some  '-   Till: HOL'Sli  Oi'iO.NS.'  >r.  .     .      ,        _     ���,,     ,     .  ,      patiie.i'liave made a r;i'e  of _&iU.  Victoria, ��� .in. ij.---Tho.-le!ri.-,!a <    , . ,   .     ,   ,      ,.    .   , ,   ~���  , ",.���,'    ... i w��"'h ine.liides treiglu and treal-  tive asse*mLiA' openei today wit 11 , <-    ^  i     ' -   ��� ment.  'ray-eel the sacred   trust  reposed  .-*  in him. But the dav of retribution  ?s,ml, known as Cranbrook. situ-  ;%Uid some i-l miles wesL ol Port  Steele. The member for East j i.s at hand. We hope to hoe him  '.Kootenay, (now sitting on the i stripped of the iruils of that  ���Opposition bench) Avas iorinerly ispoilation of 'ho heritage, of the  ���.a member of the late Turner people which he has attempted;  ���goAfOnnnonl, when his company, julso all of the legislative honors  Hvi B- C. Southern Railway Co.. I which has been bestowed npoij  ;n^iuircd    its   charter   from   tlm j him.  Provincial Legislature. When  ih.-e J). C. .Southern charter pasti-  **d iu to the hands of the C. P. Ii.  .,v.m-pany it wa.s no secret that  v'-me-i ol the conditions wa.s, lhat  "AJ!ilaiiulifiil Cranbrook"should bo  MKiide a,'division;il point. We in  h~ort Steele did not deinur when  ��� *CViL Btikoj-. in what he says was  ::. business invesfiuenf, corralled  .���.���w himself and friends tho choicest c:oal lauds in Iho world, with  ,.��^. ery,right pertaining Ihereun-  t*x. The people did not voice  Iho question of the legality of  Hie acquisition of th;s immense  urea, noi- do we complain because  ti�� is, or .was, the owner of  -'-Beautiful Cranbrook"', and  inight, .because he Avas who he  was, be in a position to make a  jgood bargain for, the elected  .���representative of East Koote-  iiiiy.  Oranbrook at this moment has  uo .standing as a town, save in  r.feie Jact that it is a divisional  |xiinl on the C. N. Railway,made*.  -Mj- fey an ironclad agreement  between Col. Baker and the railway  company, j  The population  sit C'ranbrook does   not   exceoel  ^f"J(t.   aud  on   these  facts    if   i.s  ���'Beautiful   Cranbrook"   is   Lo  have: another boom: that is another at torn pi will be made to try and  force  the "Blooming  Beautiful"  upon   the   innoe.cnt   tenderfoot.  The    IH-btall   Sjiielfer   ecpiip[ied  with    Ihe    latest    style    jacket,  and built on a principal that may  be dropped   or  brought   to   the  notice of a eoniitli ng public,'is to  be  advertised.      lu    connectiem  wiLh the smelter there av'iII be new  and approved sampling   works,  where  you   can   have   any   and  every thing sampled, beef stakes,  ham and eggs, bald-hoadod butter, hot  Scotch. Scotch cold, --in  fact you can  sample  anel  refine  the regular bill  of  fare  at  two  bits  a  head.      The   smelter   i.s  bound to come, so is the  sampling works: we have competition  and  must   offer   bolter   induce  inents.     Anyone who can find a.  mineral claim���with raw ore  in  place���within   lo   miles   of   the  round  tower,   or   rather   within  the limits of the ranch,   will   be  entitled to one-half, and can have*  it cooked   at  the sampling and  refining  works.      And   the  discoverer of two  or  more  claims  will receive a title to a  half  in-  cotild not be tiivieleel but was a-s-  sossckl as jjei'honal property in  the district. Therefore the'total  valuation of Cranbrook is S'JU,���  fi.JO. TJbe electorial vole of Cranbrook during the last election  was ;31. The total acini al re&i-  eleutal population is somewhere  a,bout 200.       ���'    ,     '  AHSKSSlOD'VALUATION   OF    KOHT  ���*-        _        KTtiKbl'J.  Port Steele as the town was  originally platted comprised 27  iuyos, sub-elivided into 2-10 lots;  which has an assessed valuation  of S(i!i..lt30. Since the laying out  of the town:an area comprising  '50?J'lo���-!-.,has been plotted. The  peisonal tax of Port Steele is as- jnK1  sessed at -P82.I150. Prom this  should be deducted 812,000 that,  has been credited to 'merchants  of Port Steele doing .business in  Cranbrook. Leavinu" a balance of'  *70,;j:>0. The lolal valuation of  Port Steele is ifil'.i 1.310. This  dejes not include TiOit lot.s which  AA-a.s lately plot Led.. The electorial \-ote of Port Steele at the last  election was I7SI. The rbtal ac  tual residenlal population is  about s'00.  Kl'X'AI-'JTULATKJN.  Port Sieele: 300 lots valued at  *(>:}.000, 7.09 lots lately plotted,  esiimated value unknown.  ])ersonal property $70..'JO. Teital  i? 13-1.:-! 10.  Population about rtoO. Voting  strength 170.  Cranbrook: I08.S lots valued at  872,130. personal ])roperty 82-1.-  oOO.    Total  tlti.030.  Po])ulation about 200. Voting  strength 3L.  The above list proves conclusively what we have always  claimed for Port Steele. (1st.)  that Port Steele is the commercial center of the district. (2nd.)  That Port Steele i.s the center of  population. (3rd.) That from  actual surveys taken by the only  P. L. S. who has made a survey  of tho district, tliat Port Steele  i.s the geographical center of the  district.  heard, from the top of the round  house, the smelter or the refining works, the asinine boomer  has a vciice similar in feme lo  tuat .ol an li.ss. but then- the  boomer is paid for his braying,  and never stops longer than if is  possible to reach from one divisional point to the next.  iaiGHT INTO FORT STEELE.   ( ,*r  The C. P. B. Will Build tho Branch  ��� JCme at Once.  ���''' The Canadian Pacific Railway"  has at last'announced its intention regarding the railway connection to 'be givcyi to Ptjrf  Steele. -  ^ oration J.'no will 'oave >chr  main line-'at a point .near the  Port Steele June;lion, following  the meandering of the Kbofeiniy,  river to Port Steele. Thence by  the direct roule to Windermere,  making connections with the  propewd route from Arrcnv Lake,  to Windermere.  It is expeototl that the surveyors will connivence running preliminary lines from Port 'Steele  within the next tern day.--. Three  hundred men are expected- at  the Port Steele Junction where  a large camp is to be made, and  actual work on the line lo Port  Steele be commenced  It is the intention of the company to continue: this branch up  the A-alley. on the west bank of  the Kootenay. thence west to  North Star and Sullivan mines.  The above news avi'11 be very  satisfactory to tho people of Fort  Steele, who have had a natural  anxiety to learn just what the  intention of the railway company wa.s with respect to this  place. There wa.s never any  doubt felt here but that. Fort  Steele would have  railway   con-  llie u.-'.ual ������eremonial. A military  guard c/i' noiiur attended the lien-  tenant-governor, aa'Jio opeiH-cl.lhe  house, delivering the speech from  the Ihrone in person. ' There  were bid.' four absentees, the  principal among 1hem. being  ox-Premie "Turner, whods no\\  en route fur.n England.  "The first business was* the  election of a speaker, ��� Thomas  Forsior, member for the Delta of  New Westminster district, being  chosen tor the position, Mr.  Kollie movTiig and Colonel Baker  acting loader' of the opposition,  seconding. The performance  compared badly witli the ceremonial of 0Lormer years, although  tho croAvd I axed the accomodation of the house to the utmost.  The government iiaft gained  another supporter. Ah-.' Alox.  Henderson, oPNcw Westminster,  having signifieel his intention-of  joining hands with them. This  leaves the government, after the*  election of a speaker, with a ma-  jority oi tour. Old parliamentarians express the opinion that  this i.s sutlicient to carry on the  business of the country, although  enemies ' of tlie government  prophesy an early defeat.  Among the most important pronouncements of the government  policy, iudicateel by the speech  from the throne, is the abolition  of the employment of Japanese  in the coal mines, the reason  given being lhat the better protection ofjjho white laborers is  necessarv.  The. lead which th * ore  contains will pay,, for trealm'Tii.  freight and mining, leaving the  silver production as a net&prcilil.  as the ore conlain.s about ^0 oz>.-  in silver or a vahiniir;'.-! ol's'Jnu":,,  per ton.  ."Lake 'Shore. This company  Ay.il! in a__i probSiiiiiy ship 1othe  Trail smelter in W.-st Koo1en;*.y  as sodn as arrrangemenis are  completed.  Eslolla. '  Dev\dopment work stiTi continues. Tlie main tunuel is now  iu 702 feet. n During tlie past  week the water in the supply  pipe froze, slopping tho air  bloAver. Thi.s difficulty will be  overcome and iii'the future provided for. by a steam heating  apparatus. An up-raise will be  started very close* to,the f'.V) foot  station. Mr. Poison is expected  at Steele on or about the Lst. of  February.  ���        , ' Mabel,  -t       '  l"'Pi'(ilo'i.ii,"!ie, Vt'ork  being'  claim,'  rivor.  POLITICAL   PROMISES.      '  Which were given before the  election:  ������If elected, the government  will appropriate $3,500 for government buildings at Cranbrook,  and at an early date remove the  government ejfficials to that  town.  If elecfod, a brielga will bo constructed at or near Wa��a and a  road built to Cranbrook.  If elected, 1 shall reniemb��r  my friends. ���  If elected, every improvement  nections. The matter is now  settled, and the people of this  city, and the mining men of the  district surrounding can lay  their plans accordingly.   .  Napoleonic Revival.  Paris.���The Matin this morn  ing publishes an interview with  a prominent Bonapartisf purporting to give tho grist of  Prince Victor Napoleon's .statements lo his committee the other  day at Brussels. This represents him as preparing assiduously for a coup, which he is  fully resolved to execute. Prince:  Victor, turnover, is hostile lo  useless manifestations. His  brother Prince Louis Napoleon  will be found beside him "'on  the day of action." They are  "closely united in warm and sincere affection."  TALK   IX   VAXCOl'VKK.    \  Vancouver, Jan. "..--Alucdi  talk is, hoard in town over the  announcement in the speech from  the throne at the opening of the  legislature today that a bill will  be introduced to exclude aliens  from 1aking up or working placer mining claims within the  province. The importance of  this is iii no way to be gainsaid  as it will shut out United States  citizens from the Atlin country,  completely anel will preserve its  richness for British subjects  alone. At the present time Canadians are not alloAved lo take up  mining claims in the Unitcel  States.  ' Feel Safe.  Jt is not. at, all surprising lhat  the mining section of South East.  Kootenay are attracting the attention of c-on.servative Pngiish  capitalists, Tho field i.s a large  one anel English capitalists have  been looking to Canada as a  place to invest their money.  That this i.s true is evidenced by  the, number of exports who have  been sent' out to investigate.  English capita] i.s being withdrawn from South Africa and  Australia, and the investors will  now place their money wherei  th��y will be protected by British  hiAVS. The*y have reache:d the  conclusion that British Columbia is flu? place they have been  looking for, and   that   the 'Port  pushed on th*> Mabel  which Wsituaii'd on Bi"MJ  The tunnel i.s now in 20 feet. 1T>  feet of Avliich is' 'eiq-f" matter.  The ore is quartz carrying from  fl tor 2.'* vv \: n.\ copper., 30,  ounces in silver and 8s..Vi cents  in gold: total values Avill average  about 8-i.") to the ton.  SaUl IiEountjii. iJol^l.  Dave- Critfith has bought out'  Ceoruc Doherly's interest in the  Bald Mountain, which is situated on the Avest bank of Wild  1-J6r.se Creek about, three niiles  from Fori Steele.  Transportation.  Better transportation facilities  are all that is Avanted to uiake-  the -.mining camps' of the Port  Steele district the AA-cmeler Of the  AA-orld. 11 is only^a question of  a short time of actual development Avork to demonstrate fully  the great richness of our mines,  but until avc have sufficient railways, development work on ' the  mines is not ju'osecutod with the  vigor AA^hich otherwise it would  be.'  We trust then that the government of Canada anel our provincial authorities Avill encourages  railway building in this province  by (��very means in their power.  Build More Railroads.  The Chinese government has  practically decided to lake steps  al an early date to make considerable extension of railways in  the empire. We trust that the  Provincial Legislature Avill see  their way clear to assist, in building more railways in the Port  Sieele district.  Bequostod to Resign.  Mr. J. D. Sihbalcl, Cold Commissioner at Revelstoke has been  reepiested to resign. His resignation av'iII take place Jan. 1!>.  Mr. II. Tf. Cour.sier is spoken of  as his successor.  *  i ' O'
'•' *:'
•^'JWf.'V ■ VII •*• -vm  •*■*" I J-l. J!1
c^d ■       ;  ■ >\.'.
Certificate of Improvements.
•'-.■'. "■.'!    NOTICE." . . j IX TI1K: COUNTV« COuirr Ol? KOOTEXAA"
'.'fl Cariboo Mnrsh Mineral Claim sitt^t* ih;th«*    ••'' ■   '      H0^bEN AT 'rPKT STEEI.K.       .
PortStcc-le Mining Division,of East kobuinay  : "  'Notice.is hereby divert that. on. the 29th, day
''.! o{ Scpteinbor. ISPS, itwas ordered by Mr., 'Jus-
..'ff tic'e Porin. County. Court Judge, that..^Jaiiici-El
Armstronp.' , OfScitil     Administrator   of ' tK
- ( ..AVhere locntea: About one mile from Uifc
: careekfuhnin,*; iutq. Upper Moyie ^I.aUe nnd
■•bom four'triilps north west of said lake, ■.. / '■">•
■v. 'Take notice that I. .T. A. Harvey "sgeni for
thcAibertii and Kootenay Development;..Corn
...— .-..uu^..   ,-..,,...,....      AuunuiM.uiur    hi      ..nf'
County! of Kootenay. be^'Adaiin'istraior of all
and sini-'ular the trootls, chattels ancl./cirtjdit.of
John Bartlett of Spokane in the State of,Wash
iron, deceased, intestate.
.*•  ■-  -.* ... v»»  ... *J,i  .,.....> LA. Ml...      J-fl. * .. .u^/U.V.l .....V^V.A.— -■.. .        . —. .-.-*.-    .... v....   • -- ™ "*■ *" ,. . ,**.->..-
pa'ny Limited,Liability, Free Miner's C?ertiii- '•**«•*»• deceased, intestate.'■■'=i,''„>;-'.v.'.', .';■■ ,;',;',;
i«ate,;N'o. V70RI A'" and Frederick j: Hazen/Free. . ,'• E,T?rv person indebted'.to the shid:dcc.eased./
.''Miner's Certitli',»t.<?'Xo.!"1nS>i*3' /!"■'■ ifitcrid .sixty M rPQuired to make jiayineiit, forthwith .to 'the
tt5t^'i  frn.n  .Tin .i..,n.i.a-.r.f . r. -, .-.—I .-  in   .....    1,... UnderSii-Ueil.     , '  .
i; <iays froiri the dateiiereofw apply, to the Jliu-
', ing Kecordtjrifor a.,Certiiit;:ite of ImprovcmentM
-'.for the purpose ui pbtainini; aCroWfi** G rant of
:!',the above clsum.,: . :\; ■ ./'■«' .'■. "-'y ■'.*>''."
. '..•• " And further take, notice that' action  under
■■■-■'    , • ■■  i,       ... ;     ■(/•,.{, '•..,.
;,;■ flection 37. must be commenced before the issu-
■,.',• Mtceiof such Certificate of Improvements.   '/',../
\:/y A9-n- ' ■''■.■ :'\,v>.;  ■ ";'i;; J.;A.'.ltARVEYJ".; ':
.'•.'   Dated this 19th day of November, A.'E>.. isiW
■..; -■■-. ■  .'; .„;■;>-.':''     . :.        . '. .**. o,..-
;■ 'Every pe'rsion liavinf; ' iri possession eSt'Cts
belonsirifr tq, the deceased is retiulr. d forthwith
tonotify the unders'ftned. ;.'/■',,.'.'', ,; :";
1 "Every creditor.or other person haviujj' any
claim upon or interest in the (ii-Stributioapf the
personal estay of the said deceased'.'iV; required
MINERAL   ACT   1896.,
(roiiu r.)   ':       '. =>,'
o ' ,; '.""■ ■■'■.' ';  0-——- ':■,'■■..." " ...
-.:   ■ ;: NOTICE.''
JilrlJSKJJfJ^HKLCHE/t   and   OLD   BALDY'
■.■■;•'    ■■'      MIN'-EIIAL. CLAIMS.'
Situated in the Fort Steele Miniri-i, Division
,of the l-;ast. Kpotenny District..I>'.'v.....' •,     ...'.'■ •■ •/■
,.■'.-.    .AVhereiocated;—   ; ■'JJt, '.„":      : '  ■„.',',
., ..Iflueher:—Near, Mark • CrtS(,k and south .of
the Siti-lock and llaraU-trnirierul chiirns.
■•' '&:
Idvei-sidi-* Avenizo,  Fort Steele, B.'C".
/T7~^LjiKKT LHli, i'KOJ'UlETOiJ;     '■"
' Cigars and,Tobacco \.:J'<--£*
.    '; "•■; Edisons': Pbond^riph
BWiWlII J.1WI l«l
 •• —r- —■ •* v......,..*«. v..***".". , incut, the Phoiicigraph isjiisi/.the tliii'ifj-j-
Ilelehei^-Nea^lart eJreelt •anU'.'ndjoi;i'inV-;nV.h'i''il()l.' give* it a''tl-ii'd? fei'llift i'(j-i4i)i.-
Shylock mineral claim on Ihe ht.ithv.  '"       : h.li' ': 'i •' '"'    -    'f   : ji>v.: A-' ',. • ■    *    >-•'■-"",
,©W Haltly;- OnMarkCreefe l^^Jbpienay I »,,h?-.•«»'« P.relei^iit tliuiJJmWl'hjr-AHoy.
.r':'::.'"-::'";";r:;.,/.':':~-■' notice.
..^■i^Su'mUinder Mineral, Claiin situate iu. tli*
' FoVt Sttvele >Iinin^^ Division of E:ist- K.ptJtentiy
■.■iHtu'rict.''.'''' ■.*-'■'. '''■".'■•■':;■   '' /'.--'■■-■ '■'■"..'.'.,'
;,..:■ Where; located:—Situate',On ;nucklel>err.v
i,.,M(mntain"cin the south bank ot. .Mr.r:k (.'reek.
-'   ,. -'■ Take nptic-e .■•tii:it'■>!,' NeH- Mi'Lt'0.1  ("'tirran, ]
:.'eFreesMiner'sC^ertititVaK- S'o.'15.TP9 .a'. Aimrtiey
■fnc'AViliiiim MacKtirfzieJ .Kn'e ..Mi'.er'S'., Ce.Titt ,j
«-at<ci No. l.">.-'«! A, aijtl b. T>. "Manr:,'r"r,.-* :,iuH.'i:'-. j
'.'.Tertitieau- No.'i-.iif.) .*.V'lu"t'.-K*i',i:\ty',diU-*.. from.'
'■':*..   ,i...;.....'.:.:■   '<■:.'    ....,.'...■,....:.'. <1    C
.and lyin(--ibt;tK(.en the: niucher. ii'iid 'Stonewall
Jackson mineral claims..''.';:»■■..'''' ,'..,.' '■ ' ...
^'i'ake notice that. 1, whilam Koilerfak- i:oss,]
uctiiiK as agent for the.irasjlnKs'l.liMMishOol.iiin-'!
btli  Explorati'pui '-Syndicufn.'   Liinltfli;; Free
within thirty fciykfof.this date; to ssnd by re<--' b':* KjtP^.',r»lif?«i Syndicate. Limlttfrt.; Fret
istere'd'letter a'dtlresjsed'to the undersigned: his -)Iiucr'I< e?ertillcate No. ;K5!>7. a. intt^id.^sixt.v
name and address, and the, full' particulars of' .''ft>"s.'f•""*".'-he (late hereof,, to itppiy to, tlfe Min-
nameand address, and the,,full' particulars ol
his,1 claim or interest, aiitl ''a. statoment'6f.l:Is
account, and tho .nature of! the'security ; (if any
hold by him.) .After the expirivtitrn'of tht!' '■ saiil
thirty days, .the,:..<\duiitiisii'ator-.will pr'uccetl
■VJ'.Ul* thL'distrlliution o'f.thef.itate,, .having,, re
;ard, to ;tho'?;'e 'claims, only;: of 'whU-h .jjir shall,
lave hud noticed    ":.:   ■ i:    . •.'■■■.: i: :';^  ::y : '■'' '■
Why Not Invest In
Shaving.,®, Hair ■','Dressing Parlor
.''     Oppositethe Orieutal Hotel
;:'. '■    FORT   STEELE, B. C. ^ ■ '.
Ladies and Children haii- cuttin'u
<'■■• and champdoihg.;/All kinds
■..v.   oJ: hair we)rk;:ii! specialty
A. J. GREZ,   -   ^Proprietor.
l-'ji] ■■wiwrw
FcJny s','*"c'''? p-tvrijji'MBN'i'STNiHCA'rKXiairv
l"« Leadeiihall Stieet, London, Kutflan/J
■LivQry,';.:f6edf;.'':and.i:-!-Sale   Stable.
.'i .        ■■ '.   :. ,..,.. ■      •   :   • > ■ - <r  t*j ■ ■ ■
. the date hereof to aiiply.co the.Aliulih.-Kocon'.Cf,! "° :
. for,.r'e^o:Wi!icaie.'oM the,.: jiu'r- j, .: i\'.
' ' ' " ' i.vs?rHK eri.y.NTv (•oi.tkt.oJ
inK Kecortlor for n"Cc'niftcii'te of Jmiirovetneiits
for the parpost; tif obtainin',- ii C.'rowti Cltaitt for
each \)i,;,'ihe'.above «i)iilins: , ','•-•£!=• "'''■■■'• ••'';'!'■'■
And further take amice.',that action 'umler
•se(;t!oii :!T. nmsi ]>,; comuieiicoii before ilife issti-
anco'tif such C.:t''rt'!,llt':iti,!.i,r'f!]iprov.(;nii'iUs.:        '  'j-. ■ !   V     ;' '■ •■  y T '   '. ;, •!•'■', .:,'• '...: '■'''':';'..
."• ■" ''1'':V.S',1,,;,!*!,ftii"'if,'».T:nij<tfi day '>)t.;i?cc.'!nbi'iv (-•.."■ ', -'■■]'■ ■■.■•■•'■;■ ■■'4'-.: :'■'?'; ' ."■■■,.■,;.■-,
Patetl ut ■ l^-ort S'',,vele.thl* r'tl* tii.V' of IteoVrS.f '^/:■':''! .■.•■■ ■'' .■'■■.■'■ ■'■' v • "': ■ •■'■' -.: '' ���■: ■ ■-■ -'j .■ „'■ ■'■-'i " 'r" 3' ■ -i;-^-;'••■''■'.■••-"'.c.' ■'; ".„'.'.:■:.:,::.':,., ■';
lS'.is      :■■..;    6; ■■'.-■ - •;   .    ,..:.:■':  !   ;'-»'; .';AVM. K.. Ufiss: ,ta, m. C'.'..Vo...|.'ifiT3 m'1 •'■■, t..'■'■ "',!.    ',".,,''   :,   .-   ;'        ■     '•''"?':.
■i-»."   ^„.F. A^fSTKoxc;- •■!.—:-~r~-~-ir~7^-—^-—-~~l",;ll)o Lcfldvilkvol, b.cist;.KtK)l(;iicuin
'■ ■'■■■..''.... '/Onttjiul AduiitVlSirator, L!  ,,'. ':' •■"•'',.'°' ''.'' NOTICE,   ";:L .'■''::',:!.   '-4.'J.
A-i i-^.-^..,     ■■■N|i>i!ce is_.hiM-ci...VKivV.ii t|iaj an  appiication ■[".
rS*>'.. ...:'.i.. ■ '   :.   (■
,;:!;;;■■!. J^H't'St^ilcj, '13: C.
Fort Sle-ele B.C.
t-r. lf'.is.
■'•;;d;; £:°5e:ttqi-ien
!, pon'j of ("LvtMinini! n.tVowra Gran; of the
elatm,        ... ■,„:■ . .. .,, .....
• th'at' fii-tii,in...tindi;i-'l
v •;.".;'■.•■ ,,.ii,wlH I'e'.mad.Moiho l.'ii'fiiiiittftn'i ,ot't'ima.la,  at
;. :%"   ':!:', " j.l-lieiK'xi, *4e>'s|..iij thereof, -f^r^t:^tt<'r'lO iricor-'l
KOciTE.VAY.'i I"»i-:*le. it eoiiij.ait.v   to,.coiistniiiu' m.-ynliftVi! an.i !
HfttDKN AT FOBT STEEl.fc::       . '     IMH-ratc a limv oi'Mnes t.|,telt;t:rafh   ui  tlieUU-';
' '    ' "'''  ''   "'" ' " ' '"     ' "     '      ^(.iHcts of A'al.tuiiil Kn,st arid .AVfs't.'Ko.'tcaa.v. il.
i, AA.ATciini.s/idii.'AririsiMiiHi s'atisi'ai tk-n
'■'■•■ •.■!-'•:' ■>■':■' '.;,< 1OAHANTKKD.!'
'.'■•'■   ",'!:' '"   -■■:•  .■'■'''■■'.■'' 0"    •' ;,. ';;
iJCoiri'' 8ri:.'i<:ti|.;. .>:■■;■>:■■. .    h   q
Jf. L.  Ci: MM J uXS
Ij <
i. J', l . s.. d a a; „
Kort Steele 13.C.
l'nj5U»|iii  s.
'■'■fa'-;. ''
,' AndXurtlier;ta'Ke-.w:tlw-lHat'fiction,.tmderL; ■" ■^.ni',:;;;.:.,v;^;, ■■.,,-.■'; v'-',;,'' ?-   '■  ; >!.iHcts of Yal.-u:,,l East and   AVfA' Kootenay, il. I       ' i      HUlt'S   ■■ fll.ftyn,,. the ,: !
_       -".,,..    „ .. . ::.. ■ ■ '.- .   -,;'f;: .   •.    -  ,i C<tl]UlittlV Mr t..:. tttu 1 t».i,.i...r. . },.';..'.,,.........,!...-   ^. ■- '.. '  V ,':.". .    .. " ......    :■..*''."    .
Iiiquor '■;I^i'c'en.s•s,;'■'
'.{ urider.siptied.
;;; Every 'jjersen:,htivins
- -    •■.     .--.   ..j.eompatiyyr to."amal:i,-at>,iate the undertakUiK of
S■■I-shalt apply ,to:'tjhe Gold Commissioner ^ Xify the■'urdersiJnW ' )' ''."':! v'"'>- ,,l::?°'*.n>--»'ies.V.rtO'enter.i:1io an^and all
date I^Khall apply .to.'iijie Gold,Commissioner
fcr a transfer,of'litjiidr Kcense.Sfrorn  ther.Coal
'Oreek Hotel,.Ttjte Road..;I''ernie, . to, the!,:Koyi*i
"'/.Hotel'corner   of'.^VictoftiVj^Vvehue,'. and ,.Cox
Street,-. Fernib.'V;Ff6rn;./Alext.Ste^
-sinith. ''.,.'.' '■'.'*. >■''.;,!'!..'7i!';.v''^;!.''' ,!;!s!!"!.!'■ v!-.i,4
frankm.. smit n;.:: >■'■
■■Jf, WO the- underslifn«3.-;;, ^ -.,;/■   ■;,.,- ■ y ;.,| ,u<.h.contract.agreements or arrangements
,Every.eredHprorother>r>on' havji.,-:, rfny |:tor the transmission andUchani-^S
persona] estate of the said deceased is reouire.1 ;*.*,,-■       ,  "•' .■.;."•' .lr.'lrh> ,r'*ft,!1V'.>
Dtttt-d this Nov. <tn.
■■■*■ •"■•
.-£ tr
|l'"-   '
jp|.. i:'.'',■.
.'■■,":', '....,./•/,:..;':v-NcrricE/' ;■-■;■ y-vyj'^
'[i',       /.Th;'British   Columbia Southern Haiiw.fy
pompanytt/iil apply, to the parliament of,.Can-
,',   nda at its next Session for. an^iVct authorj^jn*-
! Mte Company to' proceed to qenstfuet its. easW;
■  orn section as described in the Act CO-iil, Ytif-
■■■uiriti. ■. Khupter   M.. until  the:,Hr.st   of' Jami-
ary.    IW-1:    and.   to   authorize,   the   Company
;   to  .const qict    or ,  acquire,.. and   .. to   ..oper /
:ate. a railway bpiween a potiit on  its'-tine of
<• rtiilt'-a'y.iu the neighborhood ol Fori Steele and
;a point at of'near Golden'oirtbe Canadian 1'a-
V-oi'lic. Railway",  by'■'»'„ route: ■hdylais  the  same
,    general direction as,the valleys of  the/ C'olum-
pia aud- Kooi.e'nay   Rivers,   and-, also, branchi
: /.iines therefrom notexceedin^in any one' cast-1,
■■.thirty miles in lent'lh. '     : , ', . .        "    ■.•■■■»..
.'',,''-'■   '..''■■    '   liy priler of t.h'e'Boaril. ,.-:,;■■.■■■    ,-',    '
!:%A!;Montreai.;rintlj November.''iftiB:'-",.'-:'^';',/^-~   ,
'within thirtv daysaof^iiis da^e-f* *.-enri bv  -ei--' r Qi. ...   a -  -.    ., -,---,- -■.  .-  *-
..;        ■,■,■■"   r    JJ'r.  "r"-'^-*J-*-. *r ..t-iuot   .e*.-.  .teemed necessarv or c-oediein Lfor the■ nn*.
, istered letter addressed io the undersicned liis   „«. . .„f ,-k v- "•A'"-au/1!,1,, '»i ..u"-,,Pur
■v. ■ ..-■■■-- ■■/.-. r-ru     '  ...  ..•-,.   ■'-",,1   , ""P'M^vUs   poses of the .Company so to be'inco-nt.rated -.«
uaI?^a^'1,:1%^!i.**-i*line/:'fu|I/p*irt!cu]ars'W ,:,"■■.■',. '4  ..   /1"co-'p'""ltta.''-S.
hfe'c.aimpr.i-itereSt unda.sta.ementof.his ac^j, ;, v'^d:l, Wtoria,,!." n. •■! lho ,-.'.„r Deceit
;:coifnt...-.aad-.-ttoB;/. nature: of.,;-he.security/ftf any   ber ..'jij,*' ■■'•','.,    -'   ':^':V . °".'-« ™.,it,i,eCL.If
'held by;,him.|   Atter/the"expirationi of the said ;,      '   '--:■'.,■ -'< . '/',,,,„.„„;-, ':.,".,;,.';..,"'■'"' ''
.•ttiirty-aays., xhe'Admiaistrator   win ""proceed ■      ' v, '/■ ■    c >-^    '",      v"-^' °^- * "'. ■■/ '
^ith.tb¥distrib;»tionW.the^esta'te;::to4^r^  '
giird''-to,.those'' claims ,onl.v .o' Which, he shall J t": .'„' '•■' ■ '■' :':- ,: /     ■ <.    .. -r—/■,!';   '-> .  ''■■ ..." '..-■
have had notice. :."- ::;V   ' ; '■',  ■■' ']    ■•■•''•.■'..''     " .-'■• NOTICE '        ''. '!--;-.••• -''   "■*
'£. "^ FO' ¥l^H *:h&« 'P«*>»J&; Notte Is^ hereby: tivenjihat thirty : day,
;•.■/' ;■-.- v. ■',/• ■•.:',,'..'■'„'/:':'ov,W£Avii':;    ■'•:.{»'ter:date,I.*bal] apply  to: the./.GOId e:ommis-
'•..i'V; '...'' ".,'  " !.'.   ' ^ ^f1^*^ ■•■,.. •   5loner'for "'a ■-iWcnse toje'wifeliquor   onthe
/'■' ' -   :    I"' '' ''! •■: J- - ■!: 'm5'?i Ad,"U',^^^ -J P^^ knoVn;as; tbe^Koyal /Hotel, /situated
:==--—=rj———-—-———■——■  .atKimberlev-. n. (:.... ./:/•'-•'>/..
' Th| terminus, of the North Star
Railway^Braneh X,.^,':.■:■■■':'"''.''''-
;■/,;^'"yX,;.!;!'.".:^.;;:..!N9TIP'E-'..\:;'^.!?v /"vr,
/Notice is-lienjliy i-'iven thntiippIiriU-i'tjirWil'l
y.;',. be/ma tie; to 'thd/',r.ci.'islati*,e'/A,ss1(,'.mbl'y''of'.:|iiu'
>: j'ro'yiiice ftf.lJi-ilishejolumbiii ill,; Its' hext Session 'ff>r ari^Act,' to'vurneittl. the' Kootenity and
;.: //Kortii'/West:li'ail,va.y Company's. Acl.UHd.s by
,  cohilrinintr and epnsoiitlatini: iri.tho  Ivoo'teniiy
, "arid North AVcst 'ItaiHvaV.Coihpaiiyi/tll the ri-ti 11-
:„ ohts.es.f.iKlits and. powers .Krarc'teiLljy../i.liiu.. Ipast
v':ICooi,eaay0 naihyay   Act..'.   iS!i-.v to   the.  Kast
;  Kootenay .Lfailw-ay'' C.'ompiiiV.v antl, ■-ranttid  by;
,l,h..'     Soiiil*.''   Kttst '   K'i.ot,ena,v ' .I.':iiI<Wiy ' Act.
' . i'«ia.|,o tlie. Sou tli East. IvW.teiuiy K'aihviiy tiviin'-'
pnny nnd'pii.rclia'sefl ()r..'ahe'i--.vist: at'iiiiirtnl by
..ixhe.salil  K'ooi.ona'.y iunl   North West Railtcuy
Company  ami   to   extetnl ,;t,lie"lini'e   or   i.i'ui(;s
liiniletl in Uitfsaltl Acts or anyof tliein for the
coivinient-tMiieiii. ami completion of tin.* works or!,
' .any ||:irl.,tlioreol' a.uUiorlze.l lirv Ihe said Acts or,
any of them and extiihtliii',? tin!; I.brie  tit': ��,'ivit'is
' utiy   s.'.curity. or  tliedoin,..' ol any acts  for a
period ol' throe yoar.sand for ext.-tiiletl 'powers
and .for all such older powers lis may Or. ne.re.s-
■;-'Miry to fully and ciMiipletely car^y on  iind  operate the works aforesaid or any of liiein)   ,,   i
'■ l.iait.-tl t.bjs !Jlliutiii.V't-.r beeeinber. I.SSis.
-° . .Aici.'i'iiLi,ri's„& \vji.i.,i.\ms...;
■'<-.;"        ...     ■     '     Solicitor?; for the'Applif.ant-f.
■;,,;*; ,!TEACHER;^WANTEi;^
■ ;.,'■■ AsKitftantf./l'etit'lH^...; wuiueil ..'.:|.'jr.-;!th'e:j
IrortSti/'cle Pi.ibl.ii;;; Strhooi -Kniifel^ liavfe
^!t*|:-rovifti;i;il jC'^'i'tiiieute.'■■■<: Amilvvta.; f/'rj
!'/.;.'>'.:.!j/:-'1 ":!:■;; .; !:!/*. 'L^r.'C^Vlbr'aith. '::■■- i
.../'.',„,■..:;.'^ ,.'£.'.., ■■:','.'■ ......v.SiscretarA'..:-''
v. at.Kimberley.. l.t.\C.
':!>"i h^.. '• ■■!'■■•'!;i:-::;;-',;':'.':■' .''^!.c.-k;:fi.nch!
Dated this "th'day of!-;iaiiuitry; 18!*,l.s- 2-
'.'■■!. ?f[.H!lK.KLKY--'is;;noV',^
for s'lu'i'oundo'd l,)y;the^ LARGEST S1L-
VUSi-fyl A»; MI^,ES;t!N ,TH ,KW()RLD
it-nui-it ;iieoo»s:i,i-ily,:!l)fet-pine : a! lai-o-e
;-y';y■■,,/■'■^:"^■V.:/'■.v,'' .!;./= ';■■": ~ ■ yy "■'■/::■'::,....*..::.
For a • safe;aiid profitable, invest-,
meritvbuy;;lots!in Kimberley-l
^neral. Blacksmith,
'';■/''.'?'.;■' ■■ 'f[ y"■:■•■:•:?], ;..-■... ; ;.".:," ! =
V.;;:'^;;J::;^ND.'^OBB{KG.';     ■    *
31 *}TlijS: '?■. Work! ga;'; ;$pcc ia 11)-.
JJarn.stcrs      -      -      Solicitors
<• Fort   Steele.   Jl.    ?,
T.    EDE     a
Fort Steele,     -     c      eg^ £___
!;;,'/:.'i!-;!' . :c'*//.',.r'!r!';.:;!..:;'"'/:V..'**/!;!.,■'.'■.■.,'./■:,;.'',■',
&$&. ManulaGturer ok ?. :i-«S
BOX 8i55'       '
:klii-±F[-.&- ■■"■'■'!'■/->::!"'!',
'■'  i. . '"" '    ' ' '      '" °
^''^'^Forl;,: Steele' E.G
Lleo. S. McCartor. ,,   <       j. A. Haj-.+js.
~-:-Si=fe_ */> „ c*.*
Ijiti-H.str-is.   Solicitors.'  A'olai-iv*   lWbTtr..
"■ Coil crnana r* etc.   ■
, „ . N'oyc-.e. is. hereby given .that the partiicijship
he'i-eiofore,snlisistin'*,' betjfe^i},'-tis/:the''.i.!i<i'ei--'
.siiined astniiil e(iiHriietprs;li.is'this■tlay-'beea
(^issiilvcd by ihonial consent-.'.-:i.;-./'-'^:'''■'-'■':''■'/.;:-..'-:;
■;' AJl-ilel)t!s/owih(j t,p.tiiiV!saiii pat^neTsnip!!;^^/
to'bo/paid to"\\r.--:»:.; ICei-foot -at, Ooldenf/iiiCtlie
.Proyipce .)f inritish^Colnmbia .andla 11 claims.
a.K!unsi the'.a hlptirtnt^stiip ar
will be settleil. ;,'",,;/:     -■'!. V   /   >'.,:■■■  ', ;: ;•! BHILDINGS HEATED MidVENTILATED
.' I'att'.ti itl Cal^arjy in the,liistrictof Alberta
this ".'fitIt day. of .Vovcml'or. A. D.; is*U,s:s:    . :/'."' ■
•\      '■' Sillied   AAr. D. KKRKOcj'r"!  :'■
;ai-r.:i:    : •",;,  ■;.•'   / ',;:   r,. c.sful.mkk! '':":'':
!!/!;■ ^•;;^ou:»';Stp|e:,;:/M
:"\ ':'£&:.;';,*l>,Goppei:Ava.re;;'"!* ■>■'m&v-;^
:...,,. ...,..;.. ?-..^,. .;-... »..."••■■  ■■;■;-'■.<, ;•   ■;/;'/;./;/''';'/.. '";."
/'■ !''-'" '.:\.. - notice.;, •, :''■,■
Js'o.liet'.''is hereby (tlven that appiication will
:   be  made.to  the   Lenislativtv A.ssenibly of Liy*
:   Proyirici.'./of    Uritish   C;olunibia,   at   l.ht;   next
Session thereof, by th<i..Norlli Stat" and'Arrow'
l.iiKt.' Ha 'ilwn'y'■ Gorppa'tiy' for 'ah Act.' ainentlin^
-Section..1() of tlie, ,'>fofth.Si.ar;aud Arrow  Lake
, Kail way. Act. IHB8"' by extend ih'if for one year
,.t.he.tmic wilhit), whic.h.the sum of,Ten thousand
dollars in the said Section mentioned, shall   be
..expended:! a nil  further to amend  the Act by
J.-idilint,' as a tliiri.l Section to the sciit|(UiIo,thl,*'i1l*-
;„ of. the wnirrts "a .ra.ilway frotn a, point ;i,t 6v ntiai
•!.Fot-P Steele on the iine.oF. rail way nientioheti in
the first section of thisS-che'dlile by' the., most
;-feasible t'.oute to a poinb'iit or iiimii- Ooltlen."' ..   .
,.'■'" Datetl  at , A'ictoria.   I!. C,-ihis isth day.of I
Xovei'iibei:. A. I)., I SSI?,       >\  .■''.. '    !       )
"'..", '/       ' ','kKLL .t C'tRKC'IOKV'.';:    ;
Solicitors   ror'the^Xoi'th.'.Star.'aiid Arrow i
■Ltike Kailway CJompany, tlit; Applicants. .r*0-:(    !
'■■';■ '':,.;"'.    I^OTIOE:'; '' ^fyy^y;
are iirupared  to Wiiitt-r  horses .three
miles below Klko. al,0Sheep .Mountain. . Ooqd
water ami p;i!sture. iiul] acres under fence:
'I't.'rnis reasona.ble. .'
. :  AVALL>0:'.fc IxeiriAM. *
'vvFOE'SALE.'-;; ■
An Atnal^iiitititoi' for woi-kiny free
milliii'.'- cjuiu-t/..'.-' Saves/over !)p fibv cent
of o-old,,';,Wpig-ht with power 2S.0U0 lbs.
iii Miido; .sections'Tor Packing to mountain ..'hums.' C-'an'be'jsccrrne'ii-''. the Str
Ki'ifrenj*'Mission. ..'■>"'     .      ..*.'■„ '...■'.■
Foi- Pai'ticulat-s jipplyto ...    '
; :1".,A. TfAK¥KV. Port'Stwle.BX;::
P1""i'>il^'>?i^e ^tiiig.;;'anei;;;tll
:;  ; ' ^indsof/Saiiito
!;;■; Mr Tiali^-Hot'Blast^toves:  ;:
'' ■  '  '< ''"•!   ''°   ^'..■  .'   '■     '.' :''    ' "     *...<:    .■■'      'V ' ''-'• "■ .
Hydraulic V^n^1! Air : .Pipes''for
••■"' .■'■■'■•'■'Mines L'-.':■■: :, '•'■'"'"' ■•
erery:;inb],"fiing':ai>.9^'clbck;:' ';; '•
' FA HE .AR<^ pND! Tm !>.';■ '0 \ $ j.; 50 - V
:0y A'rvD.'lMPCRTER';'oF
f;;;;^'^-; V^!;,;^ f}f"';;/ Fl N E:'- WQO L L E N S
■;■■',';/', Refcky Mountain Ayennp
GbhtraGtorsao i 1 dcr
E. J. WALSH, C. E.
(j '       M. CAN. S9C   0   K.
Koimeily on eiiKlneerinn Mart of Dec*.:-»--
ment I'.ailway.s and Canals Canada, and, &.-«„•
Unectorof the J>ublic Work*. Uepai tme-it .■■■;
the Leeward Inlands. .
Huka'kvs. Plans. Kstimatks a.s'h>
liEi'OKTS for Sioi'jioc Itts-sei-voii'h. t?*vl--
let- Bed-,. Water Works, Kaijit'iittvMr
Sew-urao-e and Land l")r.iinsi»o, li-j-i«-n-
tion. Piiblio Road-* and iifii|of>. (.-^q.
\\ayfc, Trtiinvays .vt;.
Ottawa, Ontario and
Port Steele, B. G,
Telooi'iipliic tuldi-e-s:- -
JOB. AA'OJiK. ",.•  \"''"'. .';'>'"'.,. : '•
' New-Ibrk and East Kootenay,
i'.      .'.'";.     7— Tiii-i��. .'.■' ..  '.;,     *-.
:;"t'' ;\:/Go to "the! "/,;,,; :; ■,.'■
,On.RiA*erside;Avenue '■"■•> '
' ..William Robinson, Proprietor
'   MEALS "AT   ALL   UOUh'S. ' :     '!
! / /Makes regular, trij^s ,:froin .Fpj''
St^elcf Jiuictibii." to -Pprt'Steele.'.,,
.   Delivered .on,;d;ty; of ■arrival.'
Leave orders with   "■' "■■:•
'.'J.-- ': ■;■    ;';;  ':M. .'A. BEALE;
Kaoifiiii Mm
'Assay'"     Office^
ClC-I.llilishctl IMJJ
MATORR..   ,
Sani])lo.** may be left al A.**-:iy ollitv- .t.r
with I-:. A. Klttm A- Co.
''thrjck-a-aa-'ekic kdittox
; '      ... .......
Ilcsl   .I'lincr   at    tlit?    Lowest
I'apei-' at   the
.  ,.l'ri»i.I':ip,.rs
■I'TIK   .   Tlt.AMU-.t V
," v,        .\i -i'. ISI^.x   ' ■ ■      '   . ■'
N'oti't*.- i> hcfuh.v i-'iv.-ts thin. iLpi.|it;:iti.>n «-.'!■;
. 1)i* iii.-idt! ill. til',' tii:xt s.'*.>kin"ol' ill'. l.';i'i>l!it'lvt.-
A-.M'!iil.'!.v.f»r tht* I'mviiit'ii of 1 S-.nti.-ii f'.•.llitiih;..
fur ail Ael'. atitlKiri/.ini.'tli" Itii;.si'i».i;i?.!,,'n <>f ;i
C.'.niiiKiMy to I'-onstrurr, nnd oi.>.-r:itt* a HrK- .>.:'
TJiiK'.'Ji.v. (•ottir!i..'i.t-in^ .;t-   -inif , 'jM'irj'.   ...ti   tii.-
. Ilriti.sh e'ol'.imiiia .Southern Ktiilw.i.v ,l;n.>tv;:
as,thO C.'l*o\v's ,N".'.-i. I*it*.s l''!iihf:ty   b.-f-w;:.-!:   i-;ii,-
■ ]{i>i;r iiiitTilu.- town of A\ritrilurr.i!i-',mr.-:ii..ri.h.-r-
]y. Ii..-l..-i'.-n tin; h:l^.- tit ;.hf' Rotrli.y" .MtMm!.:t':i...'
and tli'.' KriDtfiiny kiv.'i-. tui'itTiiil l-'hn, tli.-ni'i-
lilunj,' tlv «-i/-t'sidt'.'of thr i.'ol'iunl.iii I.alits t.i
"l.'oby  rri'id*.. l.hMir.t-
AS GOOD  AS  A   [)AI1,A-
A  '.'.-KKiCI.V.
!, Tiuriiitr tli.:- rij.tinisli-Atni.'i'itrtm waV
TlIK 'rillili'lC-A-yA-KKK-' Worij, |i,-0yu,i
'il.t '^frat,' .-- :< :'•!• • yy -.iif- ']iiTiiti';itnt.'.ss.
th.ir.'ii^-hi.-'.'.-s ;ii]<i ue..*tirary of. it*. i*(.-
)>oi-l.- fro.'ii ti.ij tii,- .-.-fii.-< of iiiij,tii'l,-inl
■t-tvtrin-,.- It n:i.*/ ,-i.r. tis'.'fnl a.-* a ' daily lo
lho i'i-iifi'M\' and i;. will I.... ,,f ..qVial y'alu.:'
it:, i-t-potnin-j- ihe .i:-iv;ii ami .•omjilicat.-.i
lio-.y    h.-foi-o    i||...
tjUf.-sl.idns . v.-hi.'h   :ir
Air,.i.'-iraii ji'-nfti..'.
■    l! i-riiiis tht; n.;.vr .,i"all   l.h.t   tvoi'ltl,
i.. ihavini.' .-;i'-(.-.iai i--o'i-Mrs|)(iiiil..rnw..'fr<in) itll
il.rrl.V .:ll«llt' ■T.lhy ;t]|,| i irjl |)Ort ;illf.   n<;WH JlOilltS Oil .lilt', '.'ll.ll).*.     It
'.t nf i.'iiiier Knt.t,..|i:iy ■, has   iji-il liani  .illusti-ation-...   .-.tonus 'liy
A- 'K.  FRANCIS,'     ,-;■ .,'.' '     ;'"
Photoyi-iipliic Artist.
'Siiidio, ejoy,.|'iiingiii   Avimiiu'.' noi-ili or
tin- ri'f!sl.tyU:riai!.C.:htii-fli.
Outside Views a 'Specialty,
0?7M the'^;...:;; -;;:
The above Hotel has been recently, erected,; -arid neatly I ur-
n.islieel throiighovi.t.   .":''..   '
*!::,.-. Cosy. and Comfortable Rooms
The   litii-  supplied;, with.'. the
,,...',:■■    brands of. r.icjtioi's and GMJ>-j|.i-'
J. GRICE, D. D. s.
(.i.-tdnate Philadelphia Dental ColU-«:g.
Riverside    Avenue;,   ■
Moijie mm
Moijie Gity, B. G.
I. l-itnsai;t,:
a yene.i'iil (.-<.<Ilei.-t.itiy and ex-
(.•han''-e business.
Livery, Feocl. & Sale Stable.
'"list  cluss aceoiiiniodalion   lot- trav^i-
liiia'   publii*.      A   well .-.toekccl bo.**
e.'ood slablin..,^
t.'rb.zl.v l.'rtM-'ks tn tli
'iV.ilcf!.'. tHKncc .'iiloni-' 'tii't! 'I.iu-tlf::iit . Uiv.-r ■sun] I irreat, atn liors. a cajiital liitniO)' pa"-.'
Trout r..,-il(f tt. tlw Cpjit'r'Arrow l.iilc*!.: i-.ii.. ! ..•.ufijiiirte liiai-k.i-t..v. i\<:\iurUtti':n\s U>r Hit
iif.otiiii-' :it. s..iu(t' liniiit lii'un'i'n KfVfNtt.ilti- an.! j'h'o'nsuliDld itnd'wojiien's work ami othc.i
Arrow- l.itl;.: with tin; ..Vvcl.stol:.' iunl Ait..w . spo.-iai liejiarl in.-tjts ol IIJinr-Ii.-i.l i'iif<.'i-t--il
I.al«; lir;.m,l. Ki.ilway. ami in a.lilit.i..,. tl,,.,-,-,., ; U"e ,>)!.;!• th'iV,',)n.-.riiai],,,'! newsiHt,,',.,'
to. conM.ri.ft. an.l  op.'rat,' a   Kraiu'li   Kailway. ; ;ul(|   -j',,,,.   J'(iOsi-Kt .Tr il: .Lou,.',!,,!,.    ,'„„
ruiliiili'-' fro in >../iit.' point, bcuvr .mi \\"ihl. ilors,-
. ..-.nil. I.<;wi.^ ('r<;.:k-.it) tin. Nnrt.li' Star Mini;, -,i ii.li
f.o'A't;i- tt* opt-ratt: tin; said l.aiiway*. oilher by
, liitians of Si earn or lOiVcIHrai p.nvt;r,aisti u'ith
pi.wi:r to cui]*..l rlifl a ml op.;ral.i; a. t.'l.arr.'i ph. or
t'./loplHiiii-.liin- iiiy/oniif./tlon with' hucIi K'allway
anit u'ii.h all oilii-r ti Kim i pou-.-rs. H,'.rliL*t anil'
Dl.l.'d al.t'orl, Slr.-I.'. Ahl'iisI  l.lll ■IH!iH.  .
, iiAi'tvi'-.v -^ McCAirrioK.,  ■'
, Solicitor*; for Ap|iliiMtil.s.
■ vi.-ar for ■;'.'!.00.
"'   . . ■       ■       ' </' ■   ■■-/--.
I h..- t-c.j.'iilai- Mibni-i-ioi inn j,,.],.,
two t..-.l"..-i> is Jl.oU.   '   '
Mr. Thomas   I'ali*   lias l.f.'ii   a pptiin tfal, t.Hr ] Divisini
: aircnl   to  cnllijci. Tin; 'rin.Hi'K'-roit's areoiuils'J liat.-tl this ".'71 ii li
anil his rocrlpt \till l-r a siilllcit'iil. tli**fhar;.-t'.       J     1-:.     i' ,
24 Pages   :  Weekly   :   Illuslralcd.
■  Notiri. is h'iri-li.v  L-i-.iai   thai   ;a. ,|:,V,  afl.-r!                      "B-vi. .roll s.imim.k rory. '
hit.' rilll.in.l l.o,itpi.I.y I... tin; (JoltI (.'.,,,„',.p'ts'lnn- i SIT TATIATr-         '
;   M-rfora Hems--... k..-, i,„o,ica,i„r ii,,,,,,,.- hy; irillNllNUa,id Scientific PRFSS
J . I rt:l.all al, thf; f.oop Hol.i'lshiialtii.l   WlKonvillr. I ' ' *  UL,k;--'
— " jon lho l,„..|,or th.M'rotr-K'-v,.*...   I'aKs   l.-aihrav   > MARKET ST.; SAW FRANCISCO. CAL.
ill   ll.t;   I/listrifl   or   Kast   Ko„.,.„aj,:   Sonlhoh. I' ' ■"■'',.      '
Drafts issued'-payable iii c 'anada  and
tlie United Slates. ■   ■ '   '
i-ai.mi-:i>'s hai','; n. o.
'•III Pit,   ISIIf!
J I'I IN  I Ml )(.;o'( 11).
ARCHIE Mi'LEOD,    -    -    PROPRlETOI?
TriiyelUirs will liiid ibis hotel the
most, conil'iirfabli' on. I hej'oule lo l.'Vi-ry
('rfi;k and Clroiist; Xbiimlain.
' KVl'JKV.TIIINC.l    FlUS'l'   CbAMS.     .'. j
Koi't yieeiei;!c::
tica.m.i.no oi-all kinds-a spiici.ii.n
And 'home.!, for i.he sie.-'k, Or J.'ov
iielics cluriii"' ejonlihtimont;.
Jlwjh   Wall. :.!/;  it., Mcdlral 'Atkndiiiil
Fen" liji'iris ac'lelt-oss
Teams leuvo l^oi-l Sleclt* Tiifisr
cl;iy^  i^riclays  anil X-il.unkiy.s   m? '
7 a. in. Joi- Rllioi.Cs LaiidFiiir', c-,:mj-
ncc-1 in.i*,-   wilh    hoats    for    Movi< •
P.o.i | scan be I,.*,! any day.af Kllmuv
'Ev.OTylJving'StrTctly. First" ''Glairs..
Next: door lo the: Proti/it'eltnz.
' , f ■     ' '      i'1'     -
Corner of t'.'albrai.tli  A yemietuKl,: *;A.!t>-
",lii* SM'ei.'.t..,    '
Leave   Onbn
.inith- llie..
Mrs. Dimmick, Fort Steele. | GRANT   BELANGER,; Proprietor... //  THE PROSPECTOR, FORI STEELE^. ( ., JANUARY ii,  18.i9.  AX  ��&  a  ST0RES  c - '  Steele   and   Cranbrook  Prices the Same at Either Place  o  Slielf  . MOST COMPLETE STOCK IN EAST KOOTMY EMBRACING FULL LINES OP  and Heavy Hardware Groceries, Clothing  Machinery, Mill Supplies Dry Goods, Hats  Paints, Wallpaper? Glass .      ;   > Footwear, Ladies and���  '"'"' , *  ''' ' ' ' ' ' n \      P  ? and Furniture   ��� >"''<"_' Gents Furnishings  't   j.  -s-' , ^ ��� '?'.���' , 0    ' ' "' &  all riffht.      No one  undersells us  Estimates made on large Quantities of Mininq Supplies  '    .1., ' , ' ',',,,   , a     ' ' ,      < ' '  G.   H.  7A"  -ft. /.  f!to tytp&pztlox  SATURDAY, .TANUAUY 14." 1899.  'lO-   S."^Syndicate   Cornering Copper.  The Boston dispatch says  the  &��m  in  copper' mining  stocks  which began a  month  ago has  irJuecomo a scramble for the abtive  ,.-stocks at .times of  late,   with  a  ft-savy   volume .of 'trading,   and  jtRffice^ up several  points.      The  leeasan for this is said  to  be   in  Ifcust'thata combination of  New  York capitalists aims to control  . f2s& copper output of the country  5ttud has started in to buy  up  all  Siva .available stock of the leading  ^companies, with the idea of pool-  wig it on some  basis  not  made  fiaj-own as yet, anel probably  not  fitiBy decided upon.     Already a  .majority of tho stock of some of  ftfoe largest companies  is  in  the  -sewitro] of the syndicate, and the  -whole deal is likely   to  be  com-  pfasted within the next 60  days.  There are varying ���stimates of  Rise capital of the proposed com-  jKurry, running all the way  from  ^���200,000.000 to *~>00,000,000.    As  s-u general rule,   trusts,   coinbina-  ifems or syndicates,  as  at  present formed and concluded in  the  fct,rge ctommorcial centers of this  <nr any other country, aro a 'detriment, unci an   injustice  to   the  tixeo^le; but this particular one is  .smi   exception   to  the rule,   and  would be tho means of giving the  twkiing interests of  British  Cc>-  lisrmbiaa   boom,   which   in  turn  wt^ldbefelt by  all  other  lines  ���rariE business throughout the  Pro-  -wioee.'.'' ���        .   '''���'���   '  ������'���.��� ,' Gold Production.'-  ETery banker:lias .his  eye  on  ���fibs enormous gold production of  ������'���d&i�� world.    From .figures at'hand  're appears that the world's gold  ' ���gnwdu'ctiion  for   1897  was $240,-  '.���.eS^OOd, coinage value,' and that  ra. Jess .than ten years'.the.annual  yield   has doubled and is now  greater than the  combined  pro-  ^mrkkm of both gold  and  silver  myears ago.     The estimate of  tifae   gold   production   for  1898,  foa^eeljon  the large  returns  al-  ireadyln, is $275,000,000.      The  ������/MiOiiey  stock  of  gold  Jan.   1st,  1894, in the whole world,, was  *8,9(35,900,000���the supply ac-  cumukited since gold began to be  used as money. ' The five years'  production,'since, including the  estimate for 1898 will, Jan. 1st,  1899, be $1,997,000,000 coinage  value, or 27 per cent, of the  world as it stood just five years  before. If the increase continues  we have a bigger question than  we,now appreciate..  Reciprocity in Coal.  The  belief  is general  in  the  Eastern States  that the   movement in behalf of lower duties on  coal between the  United   States  and Canada has taken on an entirely new phase and is no longer and effort on the part  of  the  manufacturers of the Northeast,  and on the Pacific coat  to  bring  in coal  from   the  British   Provinces   in   the   East,   and  from  British Columbia for use in their  furnaces:  but  it is primarily a  movement   on   the  part  of  the  great bituminous.coal producers  of the United  States  to  extenil  their trade with Canada.    Strenuous efforts are now, in progress  on this line.   The story runs that  the control of the situation  lies  in the hands of Stephen" B. ' El-  kins, who owns biturninuousconl  mines   in   Maryland  ,und   West  Virginia, too far from tho Canadian border for him  to compete  for the Lrade  in   that direction.  It i.s said that  he  is  exporting  coal to Africa and- other distant  ports, that, he sends some of his  product to the  Eastern   States,  and, 'therefore,  is well satisfied  with the tariff as it is.    He is reported to have used5his influence  to prevent a change in the rate,  saying that he would nc)t consent,  unless the producers in the Middle West wanted it.    That condition was fulfilled,   anel  then he  desired to wait until the  Pacific  coast had been heard   from.     A  petition is in circulation 'on the  coast for a induction of duty,and  it is generally supported by the  manufacturers, in this part of tho  country.     Hence,   the   pressure  on Elkins is being continued with  the hope that he  will  give  way  anel   lower   duties   bV  secured.  Canada is practically  the chief  market for the   bituminous  coal  of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and the  adjacent region. , Tho mine owners   there   sell to  Canada foui  tons' of coal for every' ton which  is sold by Canadian mine owners  to the United States.    If British  Columbia is excluded' the difference is 20 to 1.    If lower  duties  can be secured on this coal from  the Middle West; -it will be of  immense advantage to that  part  of the country, with no offsetting  disadvantages   of   consequence."  Hence there is a strong desire of  having reciprocity   in   coal ' between the two countries, and the  movement has  reached  such   a  stage that .its friends are hopeful.    The financial  interests  involved- aro    enormous,    and    a  great number of people are also  concerned.    These interests employ not less than 340,000 men representing Ij 700,000 people, not'  including many thousands more  included in the clerical forces.  Prospecting- for JCineral��.  Iu prospecting for minerals  the first thing to be ascertained  is, whether there are any minerals in that locality and of what  description. The next question  will be as to the precise spot in  which it will be most likely to be  found. Suppose we wish to find  galena, which is known to be in  the vicinity, we must, in order to  in.-a.re success, know the accompanying formation���that is. the  rock in which the galena is embedded. Knowledge of this  character multiplies the chance  of finding the mineral. In many  cases we select the rock ace-om-  pauying the mineral, or such a  vein of dead mineral as has an  extensive range, no matter how  far, or high, or low it may bei  from tne ' supposed vein, we  judge the. distance, and if the  rock wher��iir the mineral is bur-  Wher'o  the ", vein , runs   parallel  with tho formation, as is the case  in gold regions, there-is not much  difficulty in finding  a vein, but  where the mineral veins traverse  the strata at angles more or less  defined,, the object is not so readily obtained.     When nfragments  of ore or float are  found  on  a  hillside, it  is  evident  that   the  vein must have1"* higher location  for these  fragments  must  have  come down  the  hill.     If   fragments are found in" a stream   the  vein that supplied them must be  higher up the, stream;   and  the  farther up the lighter the material,   as   heavy  minerals  do not  drift  far  as on account of their  weight they are easily destroyed.  Galena    never   drifts  far   in   a  stream, it is always found  close  to its source.     If  the current is  strong enough to move the fragments of galena, it is soon ground  into such a line dust that it can  be carried off by the most gentle  current.    Therefore, native metals,   and   sulphurets   of   metals  are ' always   found   near    then-  source, becausejtuey cannot move ���  far without destruction.  =t-  CARLIN  & DTJRICK  GENERAL  ' K ' i'  Fort  ''"   Steele,  MERCHANTS  'Ees't  Kootenay.  Sole  Agents  for thei  Canton steen  COMPANY  This Steel, is guaranteed to be equal to Jessop's or  Hakd Rock Work.  Firths in aLJ  Soui Agents  Sous   Agents  GrOW'S N6St. Goal company  { t  Giant Powder Gompanu.  ^WHEELS,  Mining  Supplies  a  Specialty.  ] MILLER RODE ONE 2093 MILES IN 132 HOURS  iod belongs to the'stratified rocks  wo may expect to find the voin  at no great distance in any direction, and if we know, the yoin  stone or accompanying rock, we  may roly upon-:,linding the mineral, even though we do not find  it in''place where we open the  vein, or touch tlie'.vein' mineral.  $so.oo  Belvidere  UPPER COLUMBIA NAVIGATION and TRAM-  WAY COMPANY Limited.     ,  GOLDEN       AND      FORT      STEELE  TIMES TABLE   TO   TAKE   EFFECT   JUNE   1ST,   1898.  /���."i-.   ���;������.   ��:,'������'���''     v'':'"'���GOINO    SOUTH ���.'"'.  Tuesday   and  Friday  at  -1  Steamer, leaves Golden every  Steamer arrives.al;.Windermere!  Stage arrives  at  Port  Steele  a.  su.  "���   .    .��� "        " p. IU.  Thursday   and   Sunday   at 0 p. in.  $4G.OO  Superior to all others irrespective;  of price.   Catalogue tells you  why.   Write for one.  NATIONAL SEWING MACHINE CO..  ��� Factory,  VIDERE.  ���:���..'   '':*���''   .GOING    NORTH   '..'���  Stage leaves"''.Fort-. Steele Monday noon and Saturday at h a. in.  Boat leaves Windermere Wednesday at -1 a. in."'and Sunday noon  Steamer arrives al Golden, Wednesday p.   in.   and   Monday  noon.  Freight in Carload lots of "10,000 lbs" delivered al Fort Steele via  Golden at i!| cents per pound.  C.   P.' R.   aiid  boat charges .must' be paid to company's agent at  'Windermere lxjforedelivery.  Upper Columbia Navigation & Tramway Co.  j! \       C. H. PARSON, Secretary.- .���.���r, ':���,  "It  &/  THE PROSPECTOR, FORT STEELE, R C. JANUARY 14, 1899.  r*cj.--"mir  (.���I.MHW.'W-  ������ );U:.  =���'1:.  mm  mt  ;,":XH'E:''>;.PRO.SPECTpR"i'vi b^5^el  of\ .^ws   re-e-eived 'this  ���:���������'?���. ��� ','. ' ���' ;;    !'"'%,'7,' ':.'"'���"     "������:'.'.;"' .(week,   there   is   one   delightful  ^   PUJiiLlSllEl)    WEEKLY  JJ:Y\ feature thal-'scjeihs to bo animal ���  :;TB'E.; JlliOSIUifirOJi;rCOMPANY ing the   people   throughout   the  length and   breadth   of   Canada.  and that is a spirit, of   buoyancy  and hopefulness for ,the   future. '  It meaiis,that times are  good   in  Canada'::;''0 And there  is   Another,  .jMrcuiatiqh;iar��c'i- than any;other paper the* people' .of British   Columbia  in Kast Kootenay: U is .'all home I'ri.uecl I t0 Contemplate,  and that,   is    that j  .Ay li'GJiJf'E: 'MANAGER.  :  .and   contains  double  the news  of  any  pother paper iiithe cfis'trict. .;:'.'.' . ������..  ���;~:~.k:  i'.^s'-:.'.  ,<���..,'������   As,an, .'.advc'iTtishis  ���excelled.,.       -.v"-'.���'���'���'. .���''������;"���  incdii-.n  it   is tin-  . -Devoted to lho upbuilding, ot'Fori "Steel;*, tie  ���_���; -di-i-elbpment.'of the vast, mineral -'r.t*��i6urces of  :. toe East Kootenay,mining district.. .    '���,.  '���Subscriptions.::..,.'... .,..'.'���.'. .,.."...5 -Lou per yeiiii  Adyernisih*,' nites made,known:ou application.  T        I  t  the '-'eyes of the whole   Dominion'  seems:to be turned   towards   the   Manufacturers  Pacific. Provincci, and particular-,  ly .to' the' Fort Steele district  There, is h \manffest disposition  to 'attribute ;to British Col umbia  alarge, share.* of credit, for the  good^tiines-that: are imw being  enjoyed, or at least for lho spirit.  ill's  -Conlribatlons are solicited Iron, all parts of the  district.but all matter Intended for publication j of bupvahcy that : IlOW.  aillil  --mii.st'litivetlie'Vrii.er'is'iiignature..   . ^ '''',.',,   ,v   :   v-,'   ',' V   ./,''    ���  ...  :.'���;.,;��� ���*'.-':-,;, ,*;.-       ���   .,     ..:.'.,...,-. ������������.,��� - ','   tho    wnalc. ' Lanauian     po<,;.ie.  "':"���":''        '':;:;      ."���".,'������''    : ���..''.' ���   V.' ; ,'rThey s<><-ih this province a   new  TW^   PflPFR: Is kept ontilea't th,*-.utv,:<r-.   ,'|  ���   ,     ,,,   '>.������   ,.       ,',' i  ��� '.' n'>>.rttrun lininKSlfr,.n,.y C)f Aiaxantier j element., of national :��� exir-ianc..,     ,  *C'o.. Sijite F.. Fir.st .Va'.ional Hank,  Buildln��, i. ,.,.".";������  ���.���li ��� ' ,-'ji   '',  Spokane, Wa.*.fc..'��-h*jr<> contrd'et* -van be made I <\. �� Seijllftthing    hitherto    tUlKHOWM ,  for it- '','";'":?''    ''��� ��'':   ,:"     ,: ���   '' '       ',''J   ' i .;   '',..���'{,,     ������.'  ",       ',-,       .    . '  and  untelt ;ni,,the Dominion,  -ni  ^^f^i^^ectcrr  -oSATlIHDAY; .TANVAKt:::i-i,':;LSKi..  ���Mi  W.T;:,w'ill   be..vSatistaetoryjio o\m  ,;,...,;.. ,..*:'' trqaders";:"t0>i.";leartr'.y'vSith  ���0, 'ySefihitenc^^^  #���*.',; ':^-V��'���^ys'i, been ; believedv Wuld v::be  "-'"'.'.'���. ?..;-!"vr   '"-' " "   -'���������.���'-������'.'���.',';���-���,'**.* -..*>:.���'' ,,"*?.��� ������'��� . -,  iKfc,:readily,demonstrated   m   proper  i; ;";?>tirne. namely,;. v'fchat Port,,Steele  (vSKlTv'quld';have ,'a�� railway'���'r.igH't. 'into  i.!&��;,:t<-|wn. :/*':'TThe'r,e'i^was',:,during.^the:  ':��y\^v'^pas'fc.'summer and Iall a gbcxl deal,  SJ*^liC(inc^V1'*'ii^%:J^y::>j.^9^^:.oi/6\iv  ^l^itizeasirega^  ri r\-r   t-s  JBottlcd heer  c'euiSutlng.jntliifeU^eT;-soinelhinj.1 ,  that .lnakos0the.Ifeart throb  with J' ���' '  icbugei6u^ess|of.;'national imjior- .OUTSIDE ORDERS tilVEX-STRICT  tance.". ,,Tq the^Canadiai'! there \<\  a,rose-'ti'nteel future for liis native I  land.' .:,.-';:;..'":'��: '1'.������','.���;��� .-'fl '"  ������������.-;   WiU'Ruri. Ag-ajn'st HoustOH.      ��  ,:^Neli^phC''B^-;C.:;.Jani.- ;").��� At ihe  eleyent-li hour, Georgo Xeelands.  a local mere hail c;: a\\a s bee n i n -  duced:;to,;0allQ\vv: himself iu"~be  noininated^/ioiv 'the;'.,-position "of  hiay��ir for the'^ensuing " year, in  .opppsition.. ''-to'.;'"��� jotiii' Houston,  S'who how���.hoi.d's the office.   There  i.SAT  P. O. BOX 812  TF.LEPHONE, NO. 1  ISFACTION GUARANTEED  i ��   i ��� ' '  .<?.      .     y     ������ ���        ;  Kaiser & /Sick, Prop's.  rf��  tf  vv  jSI!!!!!!!!!^' ^fl^"'TnnnnnnTTnTTTTnTmTrrTTTnTffTrmnnnrntmnTiTmTrTTTTTTnnre?!'  i te'HmmmTm- ������^YmnTmnnnnTTTTTTTTnnTTnnmTYTnnnnTTrnmTTTTTyTTTTiTmTVTTrGjsi  who reflected a.little..'pit the "sub  S*'&.S:;;��;;:-"Ajec:t':tbaV.tHe  :;���.������:,:;';^',;���:;.���';-,:'.';^^'���''."  ,:        -' r .-,,'���' *':-.���;    : L   ..,.-���:','��� 1-.'- ���'',    :���-'*?  Sp#;/:;;*,'6sted;iri the;'business,v.opera'tipns  ,7i��g:::g/;.;;fi:pf\'Fort-,Steele:��:���'���;So'';���fai";in tho  i|||?Slp!:; ��� \ ���s to JT;':- ��� .������ o^^'^'-js.i^c^strict^Pprtv  i%����0;::*': .Ste��3l e -lias;. ;beeh:; the' ''.'attraction,  the;.^center;;" of -^pci'pulatipn, ^the  mining .:vcenter>:>:andw;;b:usii.ps.s  cehte]\.';6f.':;tiVe':'"ivliole.\;l'b  East K6ofeiia;yc.::".lJroiri ,a^.recent  dualEH-  o   J fee  little  .checks , drawn   with  regXilarity;:everyS|Bbnth. ��  'i.'.-Xiex'-Macdonald.^ar.d  Dr. Z. A.  B. iBall :%ill.:;:.S;C3ek';: election    as'  . ;i,lderm'.eh;,/ahtl; the., congest prom-, tt  ises to beuhot^oite.:^ .     ���        '     Jtc  its  43 FORT STREET.   VICTORIA.  B.C.  W. J. R. COWELL, B. A., F. 6. $., titm\M E^GIKEER.  SOLE PROPRIETOR ANE> MANAGER,  C-Ol  ;,.rf.:A;;,;;  ft'fffe  S?;;S'  |:':f|f, /I efter :;f rp rri:'. Nels'p n ;;.';��� receiy eel/by'  jfy|j^?:'a "prb'miiyent,  0HWr 'ii lSf eele^'i ii is; e vi el ejnt"' t feif a;.: f arge  ^-��i.jv2;||s|Janiouiit;p'f:;i.-ai 1 wayrbuijclirig" will  itt  ���'.bii: coin iii ejriced Ji n ''the',; Kootenay  ;;|" ��� valley';'a't- n,ii.;e;u"ly: day,'; ltrfis;:said  ;"| 'that, ,'-f'lie": Ari"o\v; , EiU-re,*" ahd  |- vV iudpio'iiere'irbael.'-\v-ll L- iMiviindoi"'  >;.'-e'onsl;nsci:io;i   shortly;   and    lliati  ���;.;.",'. tli is;".'.! i'liei' .will, :iV)l.l.cnVt:d.;ywii .flip  "; ya.l Icjy". to' Eor.^. Steele,, ���irialcing..', ,a  % 'iponn��CAl:ic:)ii;,wi.th the Crcny.'.s Nest^  ;��� railway withi'ii a,   sjit-i-'f ���. distance  ;yf Siieele".;,.'There.ar'e'.'S.eyora'l ap-;  '.���'', p Ii c-.a,ii o ns tc/: bg 11i'e.sen t:ec 1 .��<j'"tlie  . .,Pre;vinc.:iu\ ��� Legislatu.rc! tliis .s.es-  '������'.��� sion.; aslving.foi''cha'-'rlers' up and  -j dowii   tlie  valley,' and  there are  V-'sifc-'lt.asb two, charters; that .were1  ��� ���'gi'ai.i'tcd several, years'ago, it'may  : be licissible tliat .at. leasi  one .pf  ^these may turn up:arid,be' found'  .in'the ;front raiik of railway construction,:,by   the   time  l.haj, the  snow has elisappeared.;    As vthe'  . matternow .stands, the C.' P.; R.  .���'company are cletermi.ued to hold  the trade 6f  Soutli   East Koote,-  :he railway   and  .-' :. 'A;   British: Kights.  -'-Tjohclon^Tli^;:.Tinies.     com  niontiiig" editorUiliy this morning j \%B  upoi]-,Ij6i:d Grpmer'sjdecliii-atiQns j^  toithet^bildauese^shiekhs at Om  eluVma,n.Says::,;:S;:-;.-. :������>���=���;  ,U ASSAY. ���M.c.XJ.        CIOLD AXIJ S1LVISR. *1 oO.  31LYKK. .$].()(). SLLVLOP. AND- LI5AD. $1.00.  LEAD. 41.00.    '        GOLD. SILVKll AJS1]") COFJ'Kit.  OTHER Ml'lTAI-S ONT ^APPLICATION.     ��� .     '  MILL   TESTS:    t  i ~ '' i r  The Stamp Mill has a capacity of 20 Tons a day.  M.  The Chlorination Plant, 2 Tons a day  S. A. ROBERTS, P. L. �����.,���'    ,  Bu.sine&s A'/g1^-  " !''M**py:>cohsth'aite.,:th'e  plainest' &i2i&LLiiLJjMikuiLikUMiikU<UkLI^  asSertie,h;?of^"yBritish; sovereign '^"ii"iiauui��UUuiiU/i>iAi.uuuiii4iiauauiAiiuUiiiiuujiuuii4iimaMiiiiiAaiiiiiiiiC!  ,tB::  Itt  ict  33  i��  -S3  35  33  55  55  55  55  55  -����-���*���  55  55  55  -��t��� r  55  55  55  55  s  T  GREAT  Northern  Railway.  F  S'  T"  rights.iii tht* Scjiidan yci made.  .The ;I>aily ��� 'Chronicle  ,>says: i  ..''.T,lie',.si>eeclf\mpiinsJ:a^ ���  Lite tin'd^will be:so, interjDreted in  t;liii:e,ontineiit.T'.:'V'' - '"'  ,���";:'The Standard says: ' "Offence  ���'will perhaps be���'��� talre'n at Constantinople, at the consjiicuons  Oihi.i-js'ipu /of ,���the'- 'sultan's name,  but;>it-would'be sheer1 perversity  to'cjoinplicate matters by a i'or-  inal repogniticjii of ,au inlluence  ���which' has foreverceased to have  ahy'lvalielity .in;fact, of moral  right. -:'' .������'.'' ;'?'���*������ I  tiik sui:\-Evoi:'"s citaix made it the shortj-st-  TKAXSCONTINENTAL   ROUTE. ,   ,  It is the most modern in equipment; it is the heaviest railed line: "  it ]i;ibgii rock-ballast. roudbecl:,rit, erodes nci Mind deserts: it was   built  without a land grant or government aid: it is noted for courtesy of its-,  employes: it is the only lino sorvinc meals on ihe a la carte plan.      -  THROUGH Till-: (���."K AND EST SCENERY TN AM BRIO A-      '       '  f     i      ��� 1JV   DAYLIGHT. ��� ' ,    ." ,  For TOirr'STKliLE'imd the EAST KOOTENAY MINKS. Wcek'n ;  Stajre -from Kalisjiell.    Steamboat, communications from JcnniW.  (luringpummel-:    Quickest, and Best route to all parts of the UnitecJ  -->l"tes.  liastei-n Canada and Europe.  .For map*,, ticket*, and complete information call or address,  nearest ag-ent* or '  CO.DlXON.Ceuer^I Agent, '    IM.YYLnTNKY.  G.V. Mel T.A,.  I  ^  &J  *     ' THE ' -DALGARDNO     S  *  M  X  Fort Steele.  B.  C.  .    . : Victoria's Prayer.        l j ^  Paris.��� -Le Journal has from a  pei"sopage be 1 ong-ing to the'suite  of the ex,-Empress Eugenie the  statement that upon "the eve, of  her. elei^arture from'England in  the early /days .of tlie Fashodo  incident.\ the ex-empress took  leave' of .������������Her..'Majesty.   Queen  J�� A- MODERN  BUTLT,   WELL   EQUIPPED   HOSTELRY  S( WITH AL.L IMPROVEMENTS UP TO DATE  ^ 'AND WHOSE CHIEF  FEATURES ARE  X  DON'T    FORGET  ���^ Unexcelled Cuisine  ^ Quiet Home Comforts  Finely Furnished Bedrooms  ������A First Class Bar.  R.  D. MATHER,   Proprietor*.  teele House  ite  .'. nay if j)c,)ssib I e.-:. tlie  , express compaiiies art! uion.* than j Victoria,  '\vho\-\said:   '.; "If   -war'  pleased: with the pre-sent. amount j should br^ak out between France  of!tra,.ffic, and recognize.the .fac'tjahd- England,;' I would ask God  that the best business is yet :toj te) allow ihe'.tci.-clie.lmforc'. host.il-  ������--.<4p'me."'���'������,' 'We' may e.-v^iect,.. that.! ities, begin." Three days later.  \ within tvirc> weeks', 'signs of ar-tiv-1 it is added, the' secretary of   the j  ity will-be seen  in''this   vi'c.initrj ex-empress   coiiimuiiieated    the!  .   -    ��� ' ' ;   . ^ i *^*- i ��� ������*  . the north;'as  well  as  from' tlie:  ' ' ,  '~ ���.,,��� ,  ������'��� ,    .'   T:,   .,  c,v<-   .,    .    , '���'        .;.��������� Salisbury to the Czar.  ...south is Fort .Steele, .the   reason-'" <  '. of this is" the predorainavin-  ad- i     Thu ���V)y<-* Lord. Salisbury to  Vantage     of   location . oVor    all r,:he l'^l^H' of Empciror  Nicho-  ��� other points,' and the  conditions i hu: :for a disarmainent: conference  '��� as   thev   have   been   developing ' oi the posters, which, is jusfpub-  ; from duy-rb'dfiv for months .|)itSl! n.shc:d.,,_v,roini.ses the 'cordial   co-  ���'��� show that t.h��se facte are to be m, 'Operation ol the Bnt.sh govern  ', alized,''aud',that -the progress  of.  >!��� merit,'and ask  for   an   inclica,t,ion   _  Steele during the, comlua-'vcar ��� oi' t,U! hfeads of'th'; ^<^���� 'ifcj'g  will be greater ti.an ovc'r/' 'Fhus : l'1^^011^1'''^" '';, '     j ��  then,' thc'.p^opl.e   of l;,ori. Steele,  and ���others nil over 'llie   district., ���.   ' Mj-^clj-ifi  may'go.'   forward   into   the y^1-'";--  A New Cabinet For Spain. ��� \ S^  -   < .Cfiii.irul      I'eiiavieja, j ^  , .wi.......       ifovcri'ic'i-     ireiicrral     ol'*��~  1 ���,<)!! with full,<-onliclcnV-(;,. in   the, c���,;.li ,,|1(! yA ,.,*���.   rM,"i Vi | .pin.*  '\x-"\~  advancement ol   trade,   |ind.. ��-Iio = |:j.riri.^.   ami    Sc/ncr   Silv<:la,    llioi^  I'lillestclevclop.nenfof. Jlu.   inin- : (.0'IIS(;1.v.|t j Vll Um\oi; ha.vc.agre'cl i B '  oral rosoiirc-es,   whicli   hav-  be ! u|)un, ,.hr. ���,:orm.lM;,rt,of ahc^v cab-i^  come so well marked m the Fort; in(.., ,,,,,, h;uv b(;(.n Km,im,)1H;d bv |^ .  Steele district. / ������ j ,.,nyr|1I,,0M r(,���(.nh .'      'ig  ';'*���,.*'   * ...     The eai-ly advent of   the... con- j -^  Though    there   i.s   not.   mue-li'l scjrval ives to power, i.s  rcgai'deel! ��  startling   news   in    (he   weekly i'm-; certain.'  Mountain  Fort SteeleVB-C.  WILLIAM   FORSY'III,   PltOP'METOIi.^        "   ' ���' ^  This   is  one of   the  best   appointed   Botels  in the ^  Fort Steele District.       , '���'���     ^  l.Oyery    room    is .comfortably,    furnished. j^S  When yem   visit Fort,,, Slee.lo'you wii! miss if if you clout   ��� ^  : |;" ;    , ... stop 'at  the,   ��� ' ,,    :~t  ^     Miountain House.      |  :irsL   Class   I-Ji-finds   of   Liquors   and   Cigars. ,     Mead.  eiuartcrs      for      Mining      Men. Commodious-  .Sample*    Kooms. RCsl   Cuisine   in   the  o  West.        Modern    Conveniences.  lomc    Comforts.     "  Propriefe^ir  NO. 2.  >���%'  The Best' Writing Machiiis;  TIIK    C.IN'I.Y  INTERCHANGEABLE-  STEEL TYREWHEEt.  Klojfiiiil.ly..  I lli.iM,r;tl.(.'(l . (���'nt.-il(...'v.,-  ��� ,.   ��� ��� Ei.(-..-../:  '  i. -���'���������;  Address Edgar   A. Hill',. Manufacturer,,.94 96WendelLSti-e'et, Chicago /;>  ���.mm*  ���Mitt*  THE PROSPECTOR, FOtfl  STEELE, B. C, JANUARY 14, 1S99.  fl  HOTEL  o  <w-  H. RBINEIV1AN, Proprietor.  H  "���ti    -af��    fet*    ����������    "Uto-     ��fl*  ��ff��   *�����   *$��   -J*   *i/<*   ���**��  $  g  !  .1  1  ii  i  I  I  i  ' 15'  �����,  if/  '�����?  A*.  |  I ,  Everything first*class.  ^te  yBii-<*i      ~*��jr      ���*.��      -n      --�������  '*< ** ** ***< Wt^.ftf,***^^  .1. .*- .1. '  l^o  Special Agent for  KM  'mil  VM  im  Tr  i  Anhetiser-  ff.m  tm  *  *  "���4s.  ���  F^estaviratit open  ���;;    day and tiigHf  ,��������������������� ���, m #' ������������;  o       ��� ' / ��� H r  All the delieaoles  of the  ^���n*tM*MflM%��M��l��MM������%%'&��m��Wa*-t��%W-ll.MM  mis:...for" Trav  Wxz $Kv&perfr0v.  SATUKDAV. .IANUAKY J-t. ISilii.  Norway and Sweden.'  Christinia.���Norway and Swo-! Borneo,  den continue in a state cjf dissen-1 Spanish  "An ' official dispatch states  that Ihe natives of Bababoc. the  most south eastern island of the  Philippine group, which lies a  few miles north of British North  have overthrown the  administration     and  ��  MUCCeSUWK#TOTO. Srt,Y��sn*n7ns��ae��9B**U*7f?*U=t fS> .-Jg-T.������>��-.---.ft��� ~. ,. .' ���,--7-.  was dis]iersed with  the Maxim  giins.  On the British side Major Ferguson, six Egyptian officers and  18 men were wounded and 27  men were killed.  si on that makes a  war  between ! seized   the   island.    They   mas-  the two countries  not  unlikely.  The matter was  aggravated the  * first of the year when Norway,  Hew her Hag.minus the emblem  which signifies her union with  Sweden. ,Thc Norwegians thirst  for independence'and it is stated  that the Radicals have already  taken steps to secure this by(se-  �� crotly alienating the Norwegians  itv the joint army from .Sweden.  Both sides continue to strength-'  en their defences. Norway's  chief grievance is a, clause in the  constitution which makes a minister who is alone responsible to  the - Swedish rilcstag, the real  director of tin; foreign affairs of  sacred many Europeans, including the Spanish Governor, a  physician, and Lieutenant Bellamy. The latter is supposed lo  have been a British naval officer.  j A number of European women  are hokl as captives by the insurgents. A gunboat bombarded  the chief town of the island, but  failed to compel the natives to  surrender the women.  tary power of Europe. It also.-,  C]notes one'periodical as saying  that the waves of Eurcjpoan contempt for (Jreat , Britain have  been succeeded by respect com-  TolStoi May bellnTshed. [polled by  the sfiil'euin-   of   the  1 London.���The Berlin-corres-|^enfir'U J"''icy of the English  pondont of the Daily News men-j speaking races, which ������elisre-  tions a rumor from St.. Peters- Igardod in 1-07. are in !i-'!)K re-  burg that Count Loo Tolstoi will i .-arded .,s lhu J)0,JU ���������,;,] llf|linls of  be banished lor championing the i,. ���    , ,, .  cause of the dissenters,' who have  U*e remainder n, mo  -oriel.  both   countries.       1 he   Swedish  ,      . .     .       ,, t\, .,  grievance is that  Norway, while  talcing advantage ejf anli(|uateel  laws, contributes lew more men  to tho Scandinavian army than  she did in ltfl-1, -27),WK), while  Sweden gives 100,000. Moderators suggest as a compromise  ' that the Norwegian minister be  given equal voice in foreign  matters with'the Swedish minister, and that Norway increase  her quota to the army.  'TROUBLE    FAR ' PltOM     SETTLED.  New York.���August Reymert,  special agent'of the Krag-Jor-  gensen Arms .company, arrived  here today on the White Star  line steamer Majestic. . It is said  i that he had been to Norway and  that he had filed with the government of Norway bids for the  manufacture .of four '2i centimetre breech-loadingrilies. . Mr.'  Reymert said that the trouble  between. Norway and Sweden  was as far from being .settled as  .oyer. I  Clioate to Get It.  Washington ���The announce"-  ment wa.s .made today on the  highest, authority that Hon.  Joseph li. Choa,te, of Now York,  will be> named Ambassador to  Great Britain. The nomination  will not be; sent to the* Senate  for a few days, but those near  the President say thi.s delay  does not indicate any possibility  of a change iu his plans.  They Seized the Island.  '    New   York.���A cablegram  the Herald from Madrid says:  to  :    Dervish Force Cut Down.  London.���Particulars' regarding the recent battle; on the Blue  Nile have been received in a dis-.  patch from' Cairo to the Exchange Telt'graph Company.  Colonel Lewis, it appears, when  he routed Em.irV Fedil the last remaining dervish chief, killed iiOO  of his followers and took InOO  prisoners. The emir, however,  .succeeded; in escaping.  .An.official dispatch from Col.  Lewis says tliat with, a, Seiuditn-  ese regiment, and a detachment'  of'irregular troops he attacked'  Eedil while he was crossing the  -.Nile' at the cataract south of  Koseirox (Reseros).  The Colonel's force stormed the  island on which Fedil took up  his position, and soine severe  fighting followed, . eventually'  Fedil fled with.''..{00 followers  across the! river, where hisi'orcc;  been persecuted into wholesale  emigration from tho Caucasian  districts, mostly ��� tor Canada,  whither one of Tolstoi sons is  going to inspect land that has  been acquired for the emigrants.  Lord Curzon is Viceroy.  Calcutt a.���Lord Curzo rr=- of  Kedlcston has formally asstirnetl  the vice-royalty of India*. A  large gathering at the government house; witnessed the; ceremony.  Smelters Galore.  .'Tl is stated that the C. P. li.  will'build four large smelters in  British Columbia during 1 he  coming year, at a cost of -tU.OOO.-  000. Moyio will likely gel one of  them." ���tioijie Lender.     *-  Wo believe it: for the Leader,  is truthful." The other three  smelters will, iu all probability,  be localed at the divisional point  called "Cranbrook'"; Aiid as  Sir William ..'Van Home says:���  ���'You may be sure that the C. P.  R. 'company "will spare no efforts  to make Southern British Columbia what we all believe . nature  intended it to be, the'greatest  milling district in the world.  The World-Looks ��� TUp. '  , .London.-���The   Spectator  this  week epitomizes the  review's  of  the passing year,   'which   fill   all  today's-  newspapers,    declaring  fhi.it   tlie  dominant   fact of   1S!),S  'has been' the rise iu the   position  ,of 'English-speaking peoples. ''It,  described how Europe  lias 'been  amazed iind. irritated by.' the  expansion     of     America,    though  Europe has not; dared  to   interfere.    But,   the. Spectal.br  says,  the   powers    arc;    apprehensive  that the'change, may   compel a,  defensive.'coalition- of. the  mili-  Though usual iy pessimistic,  the Spectator co.K-luch'.-,, in the  spirit, of Kipiiii'-.'s Recessional  saying: ' 'The English speaking  people may govern half the I  world without graciousness or  system, but if they try to govern  it without justice or consideration for the rights'of o, hers their  Dominion will some terrible day  come crash's.iii' ilo.v.i."  A "Visions.-.},- Scheme.  o  There is no re.,-,.,!.   to  I N. HANSON. I  believe  lhat any change will be made in  regard to the .���rovei-umei-.t offices.  There is no possible f.icl Lhat can  justify such a ohm ge. The Gov-  vernment will w. it ��� ipil such  time as the merit's of the situta-  fion shows what town has the  necessary epialification as a central point, .iiul in which Ihe best  interests of the district at large  will be; served.  A    petition    eniihating    from  Cranbrook-,   circulated    by,  the  citizens of Cranbrook, surely indicates that it is Cranbrook and  no other town   that is  kicking.  There is no doubt, that   "Cranbrook the Beautiful"'must have  one more boom.    It is,, necessary  for its existence.  A.fto.'the.booiii  is  over it -will,   become   what  it  was destined to   be by   the   iron  clad agreement  of   Col.    Baker  and tlie C. P. li., ii railway town;  simply this  and   nothing  more.  Railways don't make towns   unless there'is something substantial,   to assist in. their   development.    ��� - '   '    .,  .Appointment.  A. W. Bleasdell hits received  his' com mission as coroner for  the province of British 'Columbia. '.'.{;  General Merchant  Liciwor Dealer.  AND  = Manufactiiicr of all Kinds of Lumber. ~i  = A large assortment of seasoned Hi  = Lumber and Shingles al- ~5  __= ways   on    hand. 3  ��= Dimension Lumber a Specialty. ^  Fort Steele Meat: Company;  Fresh and Salt Meats always  on hand.  Robsott & Rddgers, Prop's  Riverside Avenue,       -       -      Fort Steele, B. G.  {?. THE PROSPECTOR, FORT STEELE, B. C, JANUARY. M, lftflfl.  s.vrtTj :i)ayj a niTaiVv 7i~ is��i>.~  K    ���   '  fc"  :-;A-  Placer Gold -How  Made.  �� It is the general belief  among  prospectors    iind     others    that  where   rich   placer    ground    is  found, lhat above and iu the near  vicinity, there must be very rich  lodes.    This conclusion is erron-  ous, says B. F. Giltner, in Ores  and Metals, as we; shall see from  "observed,.fact.s.���   To r.say that no  placer of gold   is  derived  from  lodes carrying ge>ld would not be  the exact facls.0   From observation and experience  it has  bceii  demonstrated   that    where    the  richest     placers      exist,     "that  near    by     the     least     number  of     ge-ld     mines     have     been  found.    The reason for this condition is obvious,  because, first,  there must bea-prime condition  in   which,   and   on   account  of  which, gold occurs.  Now, the source and prime  condition oPthe gold must be the  first consideration, and we must  first dropping a cube  of   pyrilo  into the  solution iind   then   by  placing    souk-   chip*   of   wood,  dried   srra--:s or   loaves   into   ihis  solution, which causes  the  gold  to, percipitato   onto   tho    cube,  thereby creating a veritable nugget.    The black protoxide which  which encase?.-, the grains  which  aro frequently found in  the auriferous gravels and sands, is but  the excess of '.sulphur  resulting  from thia chemical change. . The  general   rule  to  be  followed is  this, that the  finding  of   great  placers   is  no evidence  of   rich  lodes, but where rich placer golcl  is founel it is evident  only   that  the country from which the gold  is derived is equally  impregnated throughout, exposing a large  surface  area   upon   which    the  water and air have  opportunity  to act.      Also,   where   this   last  condition   exists,    is   also  good"  ,!71  sub-  by nr.i-  spccial-  roadi'iys in each subicc  division being prcpareii  vcr.-.i1y   professors  and  ists', some of them   fire* ol   worldwide reputation.     These'studies  include   universal   history,   universal literature, political   economy, political science sociology,  religion and theology. ,and  several of the sciences.  The; list will  bo extended from time lo time to  include other   important   studio1-.  of .popular  interest.      The*, important feature of the system is  that it proceeds on tho principal  of doing one thing at a time.; and  doing  it   well.       A   reader   may  select any erne e>f the* subjects  in  which he is most, interest eel  and  theoourso is so arranged thai, his  readings will, if faithfully prosecuted, furnish him with a, fundamental   and   yet   comprehensive  knowledge of it.    If is not claimed tha^he will become an   authority On or uxhaust   the;  subject,  d�� III!  Go  < -i  RS AND STATIONERS  evidence   lhat   the  source*   from    ^  whiim tho gold is derived is^ the! but he will be placed in a .posi-  ceuteV^'of the greatest' distur-' tion of advantage iu respect to  biince. And while, this eternal J hi--, gone nil reading and. in, furth-  force has been exerted on the' er pursuing his .studies. llo  also be able to comprehend the! earth's crust it fractured the i will have laid a good found, u ion.  cause of the transformatioirfromi w<h.olo body of the mountain' in-! Heading centers will be estab-  the primary to' the secondary | to iufinitosmalnumber ofcrovicus j lished in each community where  gold,,in placers. The greater j into which tho gold was ejected: j practicable, resident, instructors  par,t ,of the ��auriferous , sands therefore the greater the expos- i appointed to assist, and exainin-  fountl throughout the world are ed surface area, the more rapid i utions held, as to the results of  black or red ferrugneous colors, the dissolving process. No gold which certilieates will bo grant-  thus shoeing that iron iu  some j nuggets are found in fissure veins,  ed.  form'must be active element in; Nuggets are formed by a contin- Apart from tho intrinsic, merits  the transformation. Now, let us j ual accretion to the nueelei and ,'of the system itself, what will  see in what form iron exhibit1-*> during the time required to form I recommend it to the public is  itself in the primary rock from j the nugget the sulphide nuecleus ; the fact that it has been design-  which tire gold is derived. Py- lis being dissolved by the oxygen 'ed so as to impart its benefits at  rites accompanies gold iu most carried in :he water, and even-j a minimum cost. It will be sural I of the original rock in which tually becomes entirely dissolv- j prising to know that the cost .of  golcl is found; those pyrites  are ed.    From the foregoing it must! s. course in  any  given  subject,  be understood that nuggets grow | including thenext books, instrtic-'  as long as the conditions are j tion, and all the rest, is only  right,for the accumulation, hence *-?3.75, with a further fee of  fifty  DEALERS    IN --  Pianos, organs, sewing Machines .  , and Gent's -Furnishings Etc.  Pocket    and  it is that placer diggings have  been worked over and over again  with varying results. Tha accumulations will go on as long  as conditions are right. ' In some  places where we uow have an  arid climate, placer goldiis found  now, but there is always sufficient evidence iii  water worn gravel  acted upon by the oxygen in the  water .and air. The water'.carries the gold down in  the  lower  level,until if comes in contact by  its flow   with   something which  must cause a redisposition of the  gold in the gulch or valley below.    The"1 "chemical' conditions  must be exactly  right   to cause  the gold solution, and again must  "be right for the;, see-ond deposition,'   which   makes   tlie  placer  gold. J Ticino river in Italy furnishes no placer  golcl   until   its  waters have swept through Lake  JMago'rie, the gold bearing rocks  b.'ing   entirely  above the  lake,  thus-showing that the conditions  necessary for   the 'redisposition  of the gold are   not   right   until  the solution has passed through  the lake.    The Rhine gives more  .placer gold near Strasburg than  it does near   Basle,   though   tho  o  latter place is nearer, the mountain than the former. The Danube river sand rcarry no geilel  from Passer to'Efl'ording, but iu  tlie plains below the latter place  large .quantities of placer gold  have boon taken out.  The same conditions exist in  the river Ems. Tlie sands of the  upper river, where it flows  through the mountains, contains  no golcl: but from the plains of  iStcyor to where' the river flows  into the Danube, gold has been  washed      from      the   ���auriferous.!      . University Extension.,,  sands for centuries. I     A popular and highly success-  In France where there are no ! ful form of what is known as unworkable lodes, placer gold is j iversity extension work is about  found in the Ceze^and (Jardonjto be undertaken in this pro-  rivers, [n this case the rivers'vince. This is carried on under  How through a basaltic rock from | the auspices of the University  which the gold is derived. Near i Association of Chicago and New  the village of Llors. S. A.. ,tH a ; York, and is . the outcome of  depth of 20 feet largo trunks of-S-the University Congress held  petrified trees have been found; during rhe World's Fair. It has  that are.bespaugled   with ; gold,   had   wonderful   success   in   the  the rounded  and sand <= to  show that those arid conditions  did nol always exist. The form  of the nugget is dependent upon  its matrix in which the nugget  was moulded during the time of  its accretion., Nor must it be  presumed that a nugget remain-  erf in its first bed until it was  discovered. The groat floods  now and then may have disturbed  if . from time to time, until it  would have assumed a globular  form or irregular shape. The  'placer gold found in the bogs of  Guiana. S. A., i.s in Hat plates,  lying inimodiatoly on the slate  bed which is the bedrock. These'  slates are highly impregnated  with pyrites, which is the ideal  condition for the deposition of  golel brought down from ��� the  mountains above. Thus it will be  seen that placer gold grows by  accumulation. ('  The. same .conditions exist in  Alabama and Georgia, where the  placer gold is'found in the flu rial  sand that �� I have mentioned  above; and I could mention-many  'others like the above������ in the  Rocky Mountain placer dig-  srinscs. It'is evident, that in Amer-  ica nearly all the, placer grounds  carry black protoxide of iron.  Now; where did this black protoxide come from, as the form of  iron is only sei-cemclary and tlie  sulphides of iron the secondary  condition'! Now, let us sec what,  causes this chemical change.  Dr.   Emmons  and   other  eminent chemists have, solved   thi.s  problem     by     experimentation.  They-, dissolve.,- the  gold   info a,  ' tcrchlorvde and 'this, solution   i.s  ��� converted   into   gold   again   bv  United Stages, where over 2,500  reading centers have been organized. . 'Tins services of a  gentleman well known in this  province. Mr. RE. Gosnell, late  provincial, librarian, have been  secured to organize the reading  centers' in British Columbia, and  under his direction there is.no  doubt that the movement will be  highly'successful. He will henceforth devote his time and' energies to the work. The; Times  will later on be able to publish  fuller particulars of what is contemplated and actually done, under this: system, but for the  present it will be sufficient, to  give a few outlines.  The*, association have published  a series of studies in-subjects of  wide   aiid   general.' interest,  the  cents for a certificate of examination. It is therefore within the  reach of all. rich or poor. Of  course, such low fees are only  possible on the basis of large  popular .classes, 'and 'owing to  the popularity of the system the  association has been able' to  carry, it out on a self supporting  basis.  'Mr. Gosnell expects that', the  system will meet with special  favor in British Columbia where  the opportunities for securing  higher education have been, so  far, fewer than' in the-eastern  provinces, and where access to  reference libraries is practically  out of the' question, no other  epjalification being necessary  than intelligence, ordinary educational acquirements and a desire to improve. He is particularly hopeful of the success of  the political course, as it involves  a course of reading of such universal interest'and importance.  In this, as in all other studies,  the aim is to present without  prejudice or bias an outline of  the original history, development and principal tenets of the  various schools of thought. Expensive or any other books of  reference are unnecessary, as  the text books provide, extracts"  from the various authorities fully  sufficient to supplement tho. text  of the lessons. To those, of  course, who can afford it aids in  the way of reading the works of  the best authors are highly advantageous, but the system affords a well selected digest, in  all the studies, of the statements  and opinions of standard authorities, a feature in itself of inestimable.-value.  It,is; the intention of Mr. Gosnell to prosecute the work vigorously, so as to take advantage of  the vnnter season, during which  if can be best carried on. He  states that all that will be enacted of ,. readers, to, complete ' a  course,'is. one half hour of solid  reading each day.  Now  . ��� ^  Office    Diaries    for    1899  Stock  in  i i ( ^ A ,  Post Office Store  <**.  PORT    STEELE,    B.   C  ���Sullivan Diamond Drills  ���4  Most accurate  and .most, economical  drills  made.  prospect  ing  Drills of all capacities, operated by hand or horse power, 'steam,  c' compressed air or electricity.  SULLIVAN MACHINERY COMPANY.  305 and 306 Rookery, Spokane, Wash.  KNIGHTn& STONE  Chicago, 111.  Agents.  CONTRACTORS FOR  PROSPECTING  MINERAL  LANDS.  o  M. A. BEALE  The Swiss Society Rambertia  has laid out an Alpine garden, at,  Montrcjux,, at an elevation of  (),000 fbet, where the characteristic trees, iind Mowers' of the  country 'are to be; etiltivatc'cl.  Mining   Broker    and   Commission    Agent  AGENT FOR   Imperial  Insurance Co.    Canada Life Assurance Co.  Sun Savings and Loan Co. and Parsons Produce Co: of Winnipeg  - ��� ��� ' ' '-.''��� ���'   '' .''���'     ' '���-       '''.''���     ' ';.'',  Corresponding,, Mining Agencies in  London, England,   New York, Montreal and Toronto.  Agent for FULMER & "KERF-DOT, ROYAL MAIL, Passenger and Express Line between  Golden and Fort Steele.     ^  SUBSCRIBE.  POlt  THE PROSPECTOR.  Fernie.  M. MCINNES & GO.  Wholesale   and   Retail   Meat   Merchants  A   FUI.I.  UWK  ALWAYS  ON   HAND.  ���Markets at Fort Steele, Cranbrook, Moyie, Wardner and  MRS.SPRAGUE  Fruit 0 Confectionery  0    Notions of all kinds, f  C86ARS and TOBACCO.      gg  Q THE PROSPECTOR. FOKT STEELE, J]. C, JANUARY 14, 1899.  b  _ife?#* ?4* *$* *$* ��t* ������"��� ���C'' *������* *tk ��f* *3* *������&�� *���**  *���* *���* 'I* '#* *f> *#�� -��5"  pt* *���>* *0'  '** **��*- 'C* ���'���**���'  ������:��� ���*���>%�� *���%. -��*-=��� *���>. -*���;�� </��. <.*ct *j>S> *>:��-  *����� *���* *���- *<- *|�� ***��� *5�� ���-��.=��� ^"t? *t��  u  Tllf  *  -v ���**'  . ����������*?���  * -��$��  ����.  *f.  -4'.  'i' *i>  *V-" ��i-  j^.  ��*�����   '  FORT  r%  EfiEgmaaj  *  The only "Government, town in the District  Wi  '&%  m w  FORT STEELE  The Hub of the  <&    a  FORT STEELE  District  The Center of  ?)  Population  Mining center of  the district  Rich Placers on Wild Horse, Brewery and Fisher -reeks.     Since 1864. $25,000,000  , , " ' ' ' , ^  in.-gold lias been taken , out of Wild; Horse.  > ���        , -5. <  Sole   headquarters   for   Tracy, Wasa, Lewis, Wolf, Wild Horse, Maus   and Lost  , '      * _ ^^ (.        *.  creeks.    The highest grade are camp in B. G.  '_,'-.-���       *> ��� ' . ���    - '��� .  Head 0! Navigation On tll6 Kootenay River  e  Daily Stage between. Fort Steele and the Junction  Th  11 way j also  ��  Choice resident and businessQlots 30x09 from $100 to $250;  titles guaranteed. .-..For; Partlct^lars Apply to  Easy terms  E. A. Elton  rw\  ��t.  Iii  KB  IZiCJrL^ti  ? T1JE PROSPECTOR, FORT STICKLE.  B. O , JANUARY U,  18.<0.
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O/lico     I),- fio-.     1 >r    ' ■- ' »    a>
'Cai'iii'-- l'e-i<lc.-.t<)i-o       ' v-Arc'ii.' )!r\' 1! > u>   w is r!r>'ii!,n
Complete    Ra:i'Jie    of    latent    Medicines  ^
Try a J;i." of Ontario llonoy ijt
tji" \ f  I !' ">     \VlUO\i:'|  ITI"ii;-,S  l'\ I..K Y WI! I.I-.K
Mi.   l'!'''rnp--,   S.   M .   w;i
iiiir    M"   *.'r M|br 10k   i.o",t'i"ti   at   v»-
Ml>\   o c\ *    ',,-t   '.M "L.
'^    \     \\"    )\\   )'   VS->i-'ii   J      <-'i ."d.iari  w-'iio'inl oil..;:.-..I ClMniific-, Tj?
"- ' ' i»i
1 ..lu l
oneer Druo He
Ticicets issued ihi'on^h ;md ba<j"gii<4"e checked lo destiniilioii.
Apply for rales, maps, lime cards, tickets aiid full information to
lion reel local iifreiit or a
T. I*. A., Xelson. I J. C> I). !». A. VaiK'Oiivor, II C.
I.OHKKT   K'Ku'K',  Traflic .Mjiuairm-,   Winnipe-:, Man.
visitor "is i-,u * •-,[*
j''()2- ti   '.1 in i Sli,-''
<" Hath'-rro 10 (..  k.   \ i;,.n     lj'hvl.i-r
Shop an*! Hath Ko<nn--. " S.^-ci**-
sor to Hiiiinvardon ■it So;:.
Tlie pilDilc >><-h';ol   co£>UI,''il' 1"!
its .villihi'ten,1 on Mwudii;,    ^
l),.\i   ('.-,;ii'!i-. .' 1'lie down , rom
W'M    iW'i'-e,   oioi'k   on    Thuis
H 'irc'n   oi'  i(-iv.„
1- -»■>
-»■> -H-  -«- »•)'  *t- *(.■
1-    i-  -•'  -4.   >*>.  .4.  ,*■   .1.  .«.  -C  **•   -9'  -I*-
•j* ■»• ^»- 'i' *»• -»> -(,* •»•■ •»• »#- ■{}• -A .|~
Tl>" Hac.helor- pi Kurt Steele
w'li iriv.' a dance on the evening
ul tlie lo;li oi  i-'ebriKirv.
wixi)hk>ii-:rI' :? doxald
I-   !„.   P- .-k.   ■) .  P.   L    S
_ ri'iri-ji. in! al il.i-"\"onost.i.
Skates:      Slrate.-:'      *"~-.-:"- .-:;'   o^
'f'■''.-'t'l'-  hiiiii" iinil!'iii'!i-..---!-|'i M.--;.  llr'iiilotto is visiting   hor
llii' nrnjpt  111 lb.; i'-orlel     ( ,nl am:   ^'a iioi*ry ii!o\ili'.:e ^
.see price list ;• id -■ ,'-i!nu ■■ -. '" d
order at o.ice .,. ,;.  V.„ .v' l',», I -,,      ' Ti**- J*al"-"*r Quii kst-.].'   :s
Viiroiit. ' ~   io tlu-" s r.-.e tni.-sic ;i--   the M.in/n
0     '  oa:illud >Jal!lio's  Re'fioiT.
,   Dan McXei&h  i.s "iiiia-^od  i-ut- ,
tiiiir ice on  the   Isootenav 'nvdr •>{J/'t1rt0V1,1UPWv. l,:*T''   '-''    u,,Vf,Sl'
He-.viU Larvo.st al;o.a   J 1.1.   Loiis.   .''.nl,lIllVl ".I,1"'' Nl?v K?:Kl U' b l.'rt
btoele    will br* p la veil   Irom   ti'O
T'diilinorviioodsa: cos-..     M"r.s.   Korl-   F>'**lv   .Junction ' to   Fort
('.rjodnonn-ii ' l       Steeie and  V.'iudi'nnero   hv   ilu.
,, .*_.__ t:   P.  E\.   band, ,        *.
Several now house's 'lire fxo'inir
irj) in J<\>rt S(e«,'le, anel^jiieiri- will       The   twu-ccm   po-.iiiL'o cliii\- i-  Minor- iioiii«r neirtliwarrl via Canoev River h'oute'vvill Iind it a larac
' fe.ilov.'.« T.Ii-'   :;.!(•   of  iuTprovo-' now in etTrct.
in on I is oh tlie increase. ,  '
  ^."Mr.     Griifen.    assistant    land
" -,,   . '   *   ..    . ".,,,. ■•omuns.siono'r lor the t\ P. K - i.s
Jt  is  ro]K,LU'd   ti.at   some   ..Ul»  ...  t.-i^,., t;.,.,.!,,
nulre-ad iiieii have  lott   Wnrduorj p 	
anel otlioi" place--, im   tho   line  to j
assist, iti,extric;i1m£" .(lu:  regular.
iioioo §ypDii8s°a Massy
*savin|; ;uid convonii'iice to ]>re)r:uro their supjiHo.s at  Donalel.
Agents   at  Windermere  for  the California' Giant Powder Go.
Ready for prompt Shipment IN OUR J10SSL.ANU WAKEUOUSE
Fort Steele Hospital.
. „      The Port Steele hospi1.il   pre-
passeiitfor tram Jrom a .series (,)!:, ' _,      ,.    i.„   __. ,   ^.   ,    ,.
i**, *„ ,i:.; 1-.     *„,.„. p;,,,.h.,,. ' ''senlsa llieisl com fori able appear- 'The    -identification     and ■ Protective
.'..-■ ' ; lance,   ;ill   necessary   equipiiionts!      ' Company or Canada.
Mr.  Jiiine'S  c.-yoor  of  (.lalf/ar.y'j having   boon   installed.      There      An   a<rene-y  of  this   company!
!s no,\,' entailed  in   rimniim   the lin-(. several patienl.s in the ho.spi-  has laielv-.heon   opened   in   Port
(\ P   K. lele-raiu. li ne inlo Port j L;d who arp   m.lkill!,.   V.(]M   pm. .Steele.    *,
tec   ' '     '' ''         ess towards recovery. '     Plan!.    Annual ice, * I, secures
  - 1 the     advantage    of    immediate
Round-Up. ^ ! medical aid. ]H-eitection, c;ire anel
Constable     Ha rue*     relumed j;lffend;m<;e -at    company \s    ex-
Wire "Rope and Supplies
Gompressors. "m
Write for Estimates and Catalogues
Two engines and a snow
plough 'are oil' the truck' 1 wo
uiil-'s e-.-isf e-f  I 'inclier.
Thor" Iri.s boon no 1 rains over
h'oxu ;i weele's visit alonii" the line
pen.si*   in   evom   ol   sencms acc.i-
Ihe main line ol iho<J. P.   It.  for  U|11. rtmI (;r[}nhl.uo],.     Al   \Vilrel
live days.
The Veiiosiii hoi el will be
lighted with iicetylene g;is.
Ciinii iv ('o liiivu the conlracl
lor pulling in Ihe^asappiiratiiK.
• When.you come lo town call al
Tun pK'Osi'Kr'i'oi; oliio.e juid tell
us; ti 11 about your iniiieraPohiiin.
(.:hocolii.'e;i! K"ei"sl 1:1 w'.s.i'.") cents
if Ihe U.   N.  R    beiwoon   Wiird-1dont.   suddejn   sickness,    nncon-
scie^usncss e>r death.
nor   then:  was  a  cutting  iiffair
and   one.   case;   of  stotiliiii*.
!     Jmnieeliate   identification   and 1
-'^'- notification   o\'   Irienels  and e-arc
Cranbrook- some fourteen or six-
jf ]iro])orly fejunel on   person, in
leeni   hobos   and   lin-horns  wore ,ljvt*m 0r iHno-s.   de;ith   or   false
Lrivon a ■■tie-])a.--->" lo more  con- |;i,rresi.
genial clime's. Constable Harnes
is duterminod tr) rid the district
of irresponsible; parties that have
an inclination no, to abiele by the
Fue at Cranbrook.
10. C. & mi 1h, niiuiager o! the; '"J!e,.,.:ifui C'raubrook." was
Sullivan mine, wa.s in town on.lhr scene of a "-larii'u conllti-
Tues.'lay. ^ratie/ii on Monday hist.    A rep-
re-on;atiso ciiix.en by   the   name
-  of Wiin Lunu. w:is the owner   oi
the   largesi   Laundry   in   Cran-
Inthe  tuture   all   South    l-];isi   brook. \;n;'orfun;i,le!y \\liiie uneler
Kootenay   in'isoners   when   con-, ,]u. Ulln,t.m.,lf, (); a ilu.n-(. do-,0   oi
"lioj)" Ir.s e-liibli-hmont   caughl
on    lire       Tlie   C'mnbrook    lire
O   .1.  Johnsrni   of   Movie   c:y   briirado. al once   responded, ow-
was in town on Tuesday ing to tli" iaet that   the   laundry
wa-     located    on     Van    Home
lr'Qie.st lemons in town at  k'er
1 ie-t'.jd wili serve   their   >cii,"ilrt'
.li   Nelson.
Plan III. Annual fee •?.!. Similar (o Plan I. including special
.ie-cielcnt and diseases peilie-.y in
Outariei Accielont Jmsiirance Co.
Lor .?l,.")ii() in evoui of death
through iiccident or isl.l.on a
week for 10 weeks for disability
Ihroiiirh accirlent, or n>siil1ing
from scarlet, lyphoid en- typhus
fever or small pox. Por fnrlh(»r
pnrticuliirs eu([iiire of
M. A. Hrc.».U'.. Sole Agent.
This company ' will be of immense bonelif 1e> (he district and
should be well supported.
Passenger and Express Line
.Stage    to    Cv.inbi o,)k.   leaves
T'ort Steele :.:.!■! j> rj. daily.
Stage meets aM tiains  at Porl
Steele dun. tion.
For    furtiii.i  ■ uii.'iiei lars   en-!
ep.iirei oi
. Al. A. JiRALK. A(;i*:x-t. j
• LAND,    B.    CT
V. R. MENDELHALL, Manager,'
Chits. Fiiri'"!!. uiaiKiMci- o\   iho
Litke Shore' miuo.   i*   regi-iercii
al the Ualiiurdno
siiee;,    four    miles
Irom     the
Miielti'i. rig.- of  ;ill   k'inds   were
  pro.—ijd into service lo ciirry the
The mails from  lho   Ka>*.t   are  bucket   brigade   to   tin* .scone of
elayed on the Crow'- XeJ-t rail_, coni!iigralion. Fire    Miirsha!
wav on accejiint of a heavy full of
Hutchinson seen reel a horse   and
.-now on the eastern side   ol   ihe,
Crow's Nest Pass. i ftui,ei' m ,lie ! V"'"' ('lu^ aud stl'n'
  1 ed for the. fire, the: speed   of  the
Harry Reineman hits commenc  1 hor.se not being us rapid   as   the
ed harvesting ie-e. he will put m1.^.;,,^ of ,jK, irjarshal to be  the
about r.0 tons. ^ , |JirM    ';j1    ]li(,   rij.(i    ]hlt(.]lhlson
There will be in the vicinity of ' t»-''--« ,,n '"s r'>:>(- .'n'in].ed out of
1,500   tons   of   ice  harvesteci   at, Iho   cutter,   and   <tt  a   2-1  pace,
Fort, Steele. i reae-lieel the building,   .sei/.itd   an
T ,„      .        I axe, threw if through ;i.   windejw
W. R. Ross left,  for   Winnipe"
■ on Wednesday on business.
Kershaw will sell apples e;heap
by the box.     Call and see: hi in *
D. L. 'Pock, ■!)., P. L: S., who
will have chiirgo of the Ivoofe)-
nay ' river improvenienl•■'enitfit.
ha's arrived. :i.f Fori Steele.
breaking the glass, then attacked a wood pile and saved, tlia.t.
By this time-, the 10x10-building
was burned to the grounel. The
lire Tn.kr.shal is to be e-.ongratli-
liited on hi*s heroic, exertions,
wliich were the means of completely saving the wood'.pile.
Fort Steele Browery.
Just iicross (he river from Fori
Sieele i.s siluale'd' 1 he Fort Steele
Brewery.     The' owners, Messrs.
Kaiser it Sk;k, having con fie I once
in the growth and prosperity of
Fort  Sieele,   have   erect ed   Ihe
largest brewing plant in   South
East Kootenay.     The   brewery
building is GOxCiO, two and a hall'
stories in height, there are also in
connection several store houses,
icehouses, bottling works,   and
dwelling houses.    At present the
capacity   of   Ihe  brewery   i.s   77)
barrels  daily;    Ihis   can   bo   in-
e.roased   lo    loo   barrels.       Mr.
Sick is an experiencexl brewer,
having held important   positions
in Milwaukee^"and Chie.ago brow-
«rios.    :
Sharkey Wins.
The light between MoCeiy and
Sharkey took place e>n the 1.0th
e>.f January. Sharkey won in
the 101.ii round.
Fort Steele 'Hospital.
Miss liearlo. Matron of tlie
Vidoria Diamond Jubilee Hospital wishes tf) thank 1h« following ladies for their kindness in
cemtributing 1o the welfare-of
the hospital and welfare of the
patients:- -AIr.s. Armslrong and |
Mrs. IJloasdell, sundry donations. Mrs. I?oss. (lowers iind
de-'licacie's I'or paUouts. Mr.-.
Calbraiih, Mrs Level! and Mr-.
Ale-lnnes i'or milk.
Monthly ticicets can* be pro-
cunMe-for adinittiinco lo Ihe Bos-
iplal, at the hospital iind iiny
niuues lefl on the list oiieneel al
the Pioneer Drug Store will ro
e'oive prom]>( iilientiem iind lick-
els forwardoel lo any address.
Tie-kels will be ft! ]ier month.
T'his entilles the patient to use
e)f hos])itiil. nursing and board
etc. Aledical attendance and
medicine extra. Donations of
any kind especially old linen
will be thankfully received.
C. AI. IIkakU'], Matron.
W.   li.   Ross.   Esq.   has   been
visiting director for Ihe past two
weeks  and    two   patients   have
been aelmifted since Jan.  I si.
R. Ci. SHIER,1
Eokt Steele.
For Travellers and Mining Men—
Kandsomeiy and Expensively Fnr
— nished.	
Evorything new,   First Class and
 Strictly Modern in every par-
 ticular.   —   _,—-   _.   	
Ilome Comforts.	
Queen's  Hotel.
Mr.  William Neilson, M. P. P. Dead.
A fele,gram on Jan. 7th, from
Almonte, Ontario, says that
William Neilson member . for
North . East Kootenay, had
drop]led dead there. Mr.; Neil-,
son wa.s a native of Ontario, but
for. n, number of years has been
in charge of McKenzie & Ross'
sawmill at Golelen and Beaver.
^ —   Two Gommodious Sample Rooms for Commercial Men
J. 6. Greene. Pnoorietor
. PR.'


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