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The Prospector Dec 9, 1905

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L.V*ri.ty >l Le<? A3I
l/oi. n.
CRANJ3ROOK, 13. C, SATU-2?DA7, 1DBCBM13BR 9, 1905.
No. vO.
Election of Officers—Meeting Called
for Centrai'Associatiorf. - -■"
Tlio meeting of the Cranbrook
■Liberal • Conservative Associa*
tion, held in Pafmore's hall last
Tuesday evening, was a large
and tilthusia.-tic gathering, and
.a largo aniount 'ol business was
transacted. * "^x
Tho president, GrNik Rogers,
occu])ied',the chair, aiicr^O; H.
Thompson filled his usual P9-si-
tion as secretary.
The president in opening the
, meeting, made a short and pithy
address, and was,followed by
other speakers,'' who gave out a
number of hints as to successful
organization. ' Other speakers
also made inspiring addresses,
and a large committee , was
formed to do necessary work for
the party.
A great deal of" important
business was discussed. , Then
the regular election of1 officers
look place, which resulted' as
follows: ' -,
President—J. D. McBride.
Vice Presidents—Thos. Cavin,
J. P'.  Pink,   James  Ryan,   Wait
Edwards, R. S. McNeil. '
Sec-Treas.—G. H: Thompson.
The election of members of the
executive council resulted as follows:
J. A.' Harvey,' Win, O'Hearne,
'A. J. Marti ii,' Vic Rollins, Fred.
■    „Upon motion,  a working committee of 2b members were appointed.
'A vote of thanks was given'to
retiring officers, who responded
in' brief. ' but appropriate
speeches. • '-   -
It was announced that a meeting of  tbe Central Conservative
Association  for  Cranbrook riding1 would  be called in*the near
-future for the purpose of electing officers. "      ' '-\"     " .
-    A motion to the effect "That a
, telegram'bo sent to the Premier,
Hon. Richard 'McBride, aiid the
Minister of  Lands a.jd Works,
Hon. R. E. Greeu,  asking them,
on their return  from Ottawa, to
"stop off at  Cranbrook and address a   mcctiug of   Conservatives,'" was unanimously carried.
A Young Men's Conservative
, Club was also  organized.    The
association,   hiring and paying
for a hall and generously giving
the use of the same to the young
The regular meeting of the
club will be held oil tho 2nd and
4th Mondays of each month.
The next regular raeetingof tho
association will be held on Mon
day, December 25th. All Conservatives are cordially invited
to attend and join 'the association.     " "       i
sport, if they wished the support of tlio city. A varied and
interesting programme followed,
consisting of-vocal- and-instrumental music. , A very noticeable feature was the playing of
the banjo and boiies. Wo wish
the boys success in " their games
this winter.
-The Coal Output.
The output of coal at the mines
for the week ending Friday, December Isl, was as follows:   (
Coal Creek....' lJ,l8y
Michel Z. ..'0,521
Carbonado:   .' 2,*lf>(i
A, C. Bowuess  was at Morrissey, Thursday, on business.
Dave Williams   has  gone, east
as far as Winnipeg on a visil.
C. WA Howker, Pincher Creek,
was in the city, Wednesday.
the music cliai min». and the
various games added much io
the pleasure of llie evening.
Mr.   and   Mr.--.   Sanders  were
registered at lhe Royal,   Friday.
Tola! 18,100
Address Winnipeg  Conservatives
Hon. Richard McBride, premier of British - Columbia and
Hon. R. G. Tat low. provincial
treasurer, who are now in eastern Canada, will slop -off in
Winnipeg on their way home,"
and „ arrangements have been
made for them i lo address an
open meeting in the rooms of
the'Conservative club.
Tho Presbyterian church will
bo dedicated .January 7th.
JE. J. Roberts, Spokane, was
in the ci ty", Wednesday.    ,
H. Pettet and D. McHurney
have gone east on u visit. . 'J'hey
left Cranbrook, Tuesday.
A. .1. Sutherland, nl Warduei
was iii' the city. Thur.-day.
If.   C.
Lindsey  was
up   from
J). J'roudfoot,   ol   Nelson. wa»
a Cranbrook visitor, Friday.
Powell has the sincere,-t sympathy of her many frienos iu tliis
sad bereavement.
W. f-Jauahan was in n -.vii,r
clay, on business.
F. O.  Hopper, of   Xe*.
is a g
wa.s a gueM a! the Cosmopolitan.
John Smith, clerk iu  t|*e gov
eminent office,   left on  Monday
ou a visit to the coast.
A. McMullen and II. Epstein,
of Winnipeg, were at the Cranbrook, Monday. *
Mike   Durick  wa,-, down from
Marysville, Tuesday.
At   Wentworth    hall    tonight
Tho Telephone Girl.
M.   Mclnnes   caino   up   from
Elkmouth, Friday,   on business.
I. W. Davis and   A. Naslund,
of Bayard, wore iii the city, Fri- ibrought
Gust Theis
wa«   down
Perry  Creek,
Friday, on
ness.   ,
The City Dads Working" Overtime
on City By-Laws.
A Building for Sports.
A meeting will be called Monday evening of next we£1t for the
purpose of considering-the erection of a suitable building for so
cial and athletic purposes iu the
city during Iho whiter months.
His Worship Mayor Rogers will
preside and call the meeting to
order promptly at 8:30. ' All interested are invited to attend.
Plans will be submitted aud reports presented
The First Smoker.
The first smoker of the season
-was held in Wentworlh hall on
Monday evening of this week,
it was given under Ihe auspices
of the Intermediate Hockey Club.
There was a"good attendance,
Aand all report having a. good
time, and the;.young men should
feet encouraged at;.the interest
shown them. R. S. Baron, chief
.of-poi ice; and president of the
club* acted, as/chairman in a very
efficient manner. He first called
upon Rev. J. P. Westman,' who
had dropped in- to show sympathy, to speak a few words, which
he did, urging upon the club the
necessity    of   unity   and   clean
A regular meeting of the city
council was held at the city hall
ou Wednesday evening, December' Otlf. There were present
His Worship Mayor Rogers, and
Aldermen Fink, Greer, Jackson
Tisdale and Hickonbotham.
On motion- the minutes .of the
last regular meeting and special
y •    . . 0(i' - r   L
meeting were read and approved.,
.It was moved- by Alderman
Tisdale, seconded by *Aldornian'
Jackson, that the17city^funds be
deposited with A the Imperial
Bank" of Canada at Oranbrook-
upoii the terms as,, specified in a
letter of the bank*, manager,
dated November 29th, 1905. Motion was carried.
By-law-No. 0, being the fire
limits and. building by-law, was
then read for the first time. The
pound .md dog tax by-law was
read a first time.
By-law No. 4, being a law to
regulate the procedure of the"
city council, was read a third
iThen By-law No. 5, being the
trades' license by-law. was read
the second lime. The council
then went' into a committee of
the whole with Alderman Jackson in the chair. ...The by-law
was then read. Clause'No.1'6 of
said by-law was ./amended to
read "a license fee of £250.""instead of §50. This clause referred to licensing peddlers.
Jt was then moved that' By law
No.'5 bo*read a third time.
Tho city clerk wa.s instructed
to procure all information possible as to the plans of buildings,
etc., used, in other cities for a
city hall building.
Messrs. Fink aud Greer wore
appointed a committee to confer,
with, Mr. -J. F. Armstrong regarding the reserve lot selected
for city hall building.
It was moved that By-law No.
5 be recorded and iiually passed
and adopted at the next meeting
of the city council.
Council then adjourned.
Mr.-and Mrs- C. S. Boyd. Winnipeg, were guests at the Cranbrook, Monday.  &
Dr. 'Harvey,   of   Moylo,   paid
our  city''a   Hying   visil on Mon
day. r    •
r K. Hirtz, , a prominent merchant of Elko, was in the city
for-scveral days this week.
J. Agnew, of Elko, • manager
of .the Elk River Lumber Co.,
was in the city, Wednesday.
R. M. Reid, ol Fort Steele,
was registered at tho Cranbrook
H. G. Gil more and"N.'Darling,
of, Vancouver, were registered
iit the Cranbrook,.Wednesday.
G. W. Stinson,- of Swift Cur*
nSnt, was at the Cosmopolitan,
A special, meeting of the city
council was held on December
1st. There were present His
Worship, tho Mayor, and Alder-
dormen Jackson, Fink and Greer.
Iti was moved by Alderman
Jackson, seconded by Alderman
Pink, that By-law No. I!, being
tlie.liquor license law, be reconsidered and ''finally passed and
adopted. Carried. The council
then adjourned.
City Clerk Prest has been engaged., this 'week in assessing
real property within the corporation Timites. The work will bo
completed next week'.    A
. E..Q.. .Smith. U<.. F. .Po.w;iiall
and G.- P. Richardson were at
Nelson 'this week attending
court. -
Somebody was afraid that we
would have no ••banana','weather
in December. VVell,°how do you
like what you havo got?'
Don't forget to call on Chas.
E. Keid & Co. during the holidays, and at all times oL, the
year. ,
The choicest line of wall'pictures ovov brought to Cranbrook
is being unpacked today. Prest
Studio.        '    -
Just started at the Wentworth
hotel the finest tonsorial room in
.Cranbrook • by Pete the Barber,
who solicits your patronage.
Road Superintendent Mackay
was at Marysville, Friday, on
government business.
The iii-w company has one Standard boring rig in ihe liekl.
j "liiiildiiif! for the accommodation ol men,and for hu.is'fii; machinery are completed. A sawmill will be in operation in a tew
days sawing lumber for the derricks, and for ihe building operation.-.' in the new town of Ak-
aiiiina. This new town' was
into   existance   by   the
Of Interest to Those Engaged in
the   Development" of the Mining   Industry, ,of    Southeast
' Kootenav- *
E. A. Baker, of Vancouver.
Wash.: J. Heath, Crest on; and
E. P. Wells, Nelson, were registered at the Cranbrook, Friday.
E. Elwell. of the firm of Bealc
& Elwell, was at Bull"river Monday with a prospective buyer of
ranch lands.
Albert Banks was down I'roni
Perry ' creek, » Tuesday. Mr.
Banks is engaged iu placer mining.       •<?
W. U. McFarlane, of the CC.
Stores, is on a business trip to
tho east. He will bo away for
several weeks.
li. L. Bow ness left on Monday
afternoon on an extended eastern
visit. ,Ile will visit til. Paul,
New York and Boston before he
returns to Cranbrook.
Are you looking for a Xmas
present for your wife"' Why
not got something useful as well
as beautiful ? We would suggest
an outfit of fine London enamel-
ware for the Kitchen. Useful
overy hour of the day and every
day in the year.    Patmore Bros.
Regular preaching services in
the Methodist church next Sunday as usual, the pastor having
charge on each session. Evening subject: "Something.. Absolute in Religion;" Tlio choir
and male quartette" will assist iu
service of song. Service at.7:30
p. in.    All are invited.
A. Sheriff, ol .la IT ray, was at
the Cosmopolitan, Friday.
Robert Little, of Fernie. was
in lhe city. Priday?
.   Barrister J. A. Harvey was at |
Moyie, Thursday, on legal business*;,
Otis'Staplcs. ol Jia'yard,, who
has been at Calgary for several
days, returned Thursday.
P. E. Cooke and.). P. Thompson, of'Viclorla, were in the city
Friday. f
John P. Larson, of Fort Steele,
was at the Cosmopolitan on Tuesday ol'clhis week.
Tate & Son havo just opened
up an artistic line of coin jew-
■Mr. and Mrs. C. W* Sheffield,
of Fernie, were guests at the
" Frank J. McMahoivof Moyie,
was registered at tho Crai'brook
Friday'?. "
ii ■
— 'J
.; El Cii pi tan   was  a!  the opera"'
house last evening. ,bnf look out
for the Telephone Girl tonighl.
Ross'Tate was .at Moyie and
Spokane Junctiou, Friday of
this week, on business.
J. Cooper, Spokane. Wash.,
and 10. II. RUor. of Endorby,
were registered a I ihe Cosmopolitan, Friday.   ,   *
- <i
Mr. and   Mrs.   F.   Jones came
up from   Elkmouth, Wedne.-duy.
They loft Friday for Marysville,
where they will reside. ,    "
Wm. V. Burns, better known
as "Scolty," was in the city this
week. He/^.i.cie a call at Thk
Prospkci'OU office.
, The Roscian'Opera Co., consisting of jS people, wore registered at lhe TJoyal, Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Rogers
gave a beautiful reception at
their residence on Monday, evening. The .entertainment was in
honor of   Mr. and, Mrs.   F.   C.
The new Electric Light & Power Co. molding is rapidly approaching completion.
On Wednesday ' next iho  first
provincial election in Saskatche
wan will take place.
° ' *'    c\
J. F. Thomas, of Vancouver,
was in Cranbrook, Fridays on
W. J. Nelson, of Nelson, was
a guest at the Cranbrook, Fri-
A small lire occurred in the
Cosmopolitan on Sunday evening, which was oxlinguishod
without, assistance. -
James Cronin, manager of the
St. Eugene mine, passed through
Cranbrook. Sunday, on his return from un eastern trip.
Dr. King, who has been visiting his old home in New Brunswick,,, is   expected   home    next
***" S   "*" -r, . "
week."""  .     ' ..
J. Bund, BenjZByc and P.
Peterson, all of Fargo, N. D,,
were "registered at tho Cosmopolitan. FVidayZ
. The many friends of W. A.
Rollins will,, be sorry to learn
that he wus'scriously .ill on Friday.       .      '    * ''''•■ A
inlln.v of people coiuiu^oinio the
field looking I'or bii-Jno-iS locations.
Practical oil men, chiefly from
Indiana and Kansas are acquiring holdings, with llie intention
of developin<; them.
The first' dijill io commence
operations in this Held, the
opening of which wa-i made n
political matter and was the
cause ol throwing out of power
the government of Hritish Columbia, will be thai.of the South-
easl British Columbia Land it
Oil Company, which will .com*
1'iciice dropping inside of two
weeks. Tt will require about
sixty' days to bore Iq the third
oil sand, which is from 900 to
1100 feet deep."—Spokesman*
A Preceptory of Knights Templar
Instituted in Granbrook.
* .Carpenters and -paperhangers
were,at work in the city jail, Friday, making much needed improvements.   , <
Mrs   Fred Wasson   and   child
ren, who have been  visiting at
the coast for several months, returned to Cranbrook-,  Thursday.
Pursuant to a dispensation
granted by tho Sovereign Grand
Priory of Canada, a number of
local Knights Templar,- assisted
by u number of Sir Knights I'roni'
Calvary, assembled';at the Masonic half, in this city, and'instituted'a 'preceptory and priory,
aud conferred the 'order riipoii a
Ji..;i!js of initiates oii Monday of
this. week. ' ■
The   following   officers   wore
elected and duly installed.*
Em. Sir   Knight   AAB. Grace.
P. P. " '
Sir Knight J. \V. Fcnlou.<-C.,.
Sir Knight D. T. Williams, M.
Sir KiughtD. McKay, C.     *
'   Sir Knight A. Mollat, R,
S r Knight, J. F. Armstrong,"'!1.1
Sir Knight, J. McBride. S. M.
Sir Kn'ight'F. li. Clapp. G.'   <
For Christmas gifts we have
Just opened a beautiful assortment of high-class goods. Chas."
E.i Reid & Co. ,
' Engine 404, the first to have
an electric light installed, made
itsJnitial appearance on Friday
The    Associated     Hoards   of
Trade iu   Southern British Columbia will   meet  in  Cranbrook j Co.. were registered at the Crau-
ahoutthe middle ol Januai v. '      I brook, Friday.
Wm. Cranston and W. Ilosmer.
of   the   Cranston   Comic   Opera
.1. McNab has been appointed
trainmaster of the Crow's,Nest
branch-   .He will have his head-
John Hutchison, "H^ilch'," is
beginning to "find0 customers for
land and ranches which he advertises, and will have plenty to J quarters at McLeod.
do when spring opens. j 	
1  ;     Did you get one'r    Geo. P. Tis-
Two new tables'were placed'dale was engaged Thursday in
in the billiard parlor of the giving out a very neat calendar.
Royal hotel on Tuesday, one of During the evening there was a
which was   a   full sized English ' large  and constant  demand for
The   trustees   have    received      J. Harris loft on Friday's train
word   from   the  Educational de-„ for   New   York,    where   he wi'
partmenl at Victoria that public
school entrance examinations
will be held in this city during
the latter part of lhis month
To tho lady who is looking for
a suitable present for her luis
band we would suggest a
beautiful snowy-white Standard
Enameled Bath Tub or Lavatory.
Patiiiore llros.
take passage on a steamship for
England. He will visil his old
home, and be away from business cares about six weeks.
'If you intend lo make a Christmas present ol a piece ol cut
gins-, sterling or plated .silverware, manicure or loilel scl.s, up-
to dale jewelry, clocks, eic.. call
in and loolc over nni', slock.
Tale (V; Son..
Mail a PiiO.si'EOTOii to your
friends, it is as good as a letter,
and will let your friends know
all about Southeast Kootenay.
11, is ."reported lhal. ('(instruction work will' commence, next
week on.tlie Falls View hotel at
Marysville, which wasidosl roved
by lir<* several weeks ago.    y
Started in Flathead Valley to Accommodate Influx of
Mrs. Geo.'
l,o Toronto1' vovy suddenly 'on.
Thursday of' last wi.*ek. having
received a, telegram that .her
Malpas, who left on Tuesday on I mother was very sick: Word
a-visit to the old country. The, has since beeii received-that her
entertainment   was superb  and: mother   died   on   Friday.    Mrs.
Cloy ii,   of   Spokane,   inaiia*
of   the   Southeast   British
Columbia Land &Oil Co.,A f The
Dalles,   Ore.,    operating   in  the
British Columbia oil. fields,-   is in
the city.    Ho said:
I    "The, dilYerenf  coumanios ori-
was  called I crating'in   this   now oil field are
doing   well.      Operations   com-
menced October I">.    Since.then
17 miles   of   wagon    roads have
been comploted,  over which the
boring machinery is beinglakeu.
AT   TOUT  S'l F.NI.K.
The regular   monthly nieeling
Work being done on the Mystery claim, which is situated ou
WhiU'lish creek, is showing it
up in tine .shape. Considerable
native copper is being found.
Work  on'" the  Tiger-Poonnan
properly  is   ifoin.tr ahead, and il
is ihe inleiiiiou of lhe owners to
crowd development as   much as *
possible, r ,
The irreat advance that has
taken place within recent woe,k,-
in lli<* price of practically nil
kinds of metal.**, ha- carried their
prices, fn some hi'-miices, lo ihu
highest level in ac long time.
Bar'silver was quoted this week
in London at '.id :")l(id an ounce, , *
the highest price in nine years,
and a corresponding advance
was made iu the commercial,
price of bar silver on the New
Yorlr market. Almost daily, ad-,
vances have • occurred in the
price of* copper, and ,lead is now
at the highest point in years.
Throughout Southeast,Koot- '
onay* the big silver-lead mines
havo had an active rfionth. The
coal mines in tlie Crow's Nest
Pass are working steadily, with
improved conditions.
Lead has advanced and reached
a price  that tlie  Dominion gov- <
eminent saves the bounty.
The St.'Eugene concentrator
started up the first of this week
with a full.forco of operators. A
full crew at the mine is being
put onas last as possible. , ,
- St. Esgone siOi.-k-.is  quoted at
50 centi iiiid Sullivauat 8 cents.'
Drift mining, which is now be-
bcing carried on at Perry Creek!1 *
in the vicinity of Old Town, was -
begun in the early sixties." ,
Recent reports from mine operators in lhis district" announce   ,
tliat   the   outlook     is    growing
o     *
better every day.
May Visit Cranbrook.
Ln reply to an invitation extended to lion. Kichard .McBride
by the Liberal Conservative As-
social ion of  Cranbrook",   the fol-
of North Star Lodge, ,\. F. & A.
M., was held in Masoinc   hall on j lowing reply has been received
Tuesday evening. The annual
election of officers look place,
and,, the following officers were
Arthur li. Fenwick. W   M.
G. F. Powual, S. W.
' Thomas Fori wick, J. W. '
li. L.'T. Gaibraith.'T
Dv. II. Waft, S.
Harry,Drew. T. .
A number of Cranbrook- brethren were present.
Activity 'in Lumber.
Indications iu all sections of
Southeast Kootenay are for an
active winter season in the logging camps Preparations are
being made for a large cut. A
number of sawmills have closed
down, aud others will continue
active operations this winler.
There is-a ceneral improvement
in tone, the foreign market having considerably increased in ac-
H. Thompson, Cranbrook:1'    ,
i     "I   will do   my  best lo stop at
Cranbrook. if  engagements permit. RiciiAiiO McBridi;."
At the Sullivan Mine.
St. Andrew's Dinner in Mexico.
li. II. Anderson has accepted
the position of mine manager at
the Sullivan mine. Mr. Anderson was at th,e Cranbrook, -Tuos- -
day. and drove to 'Marysville iu
the afternoon, accompanied by
W. G- Smith, where he spent
several day* Mr Anderson
went to the mine. Friday, accompanied by James Finlay.
James Finlay was down from
the Sullivan Thursday. He
reports a large amount of development work going on. and the
outpjt of the mine- is about lofl
tons daily. Mr. Piniay will leave
about January 1st on a visit to
his old home at l'aisley. Scotland. He will be absent about
throe month--.
Advance in   Lead.
Mexico City, Doc. '.I —Tho an- The London price, of iuad has
nual dinner of tho Si.'Andrew's advanced II points in iho last
Society of Mexico, will take throe days and i.s now at .Cl," a
place this evening and a large ton. Copper srevv lirnior ye.--
nuiiibor of the member-will take terday, the margin ol variation
pari in the event The l-anrpji-t { declining lrom I wo points lo ono
was to be held on Si. Andrew's Silver is very .id i \V, rising or
Du.y,A-Nov,eiiiber Ail),   but as that, falling several points  a (.lay.     '   .
day   had   been   selected   for thei       ')'       •———— -'•-
great  cbaril.y   ball.   I he ba,.<,uet\ I)ay ^ for Mrs^Rogor's Execution
of the St. Aiidrevv's Snciely was
-postponed- ,    ■
villlainl,   .Vt. -"December &.-■-■■
■■'..- j Unless '    the". . United.'      States
.situation i,n this j Supreme Court, grants a habeas
corpus nt flic last moment,■ Mrs'.
Mary ..■ liogors.. convicted of the
inurdoj' of her husband, will be
hanged today under' the direction of Sheriff II.. 11. Peck, of
White Kiver Junctiou.
A The  railway
district ' is   attracting considerable   a i ten tion     among   mining
men. ,A
Wei I-prin ted stationery advertises your} business. Gel it at
Tiiii. Puosi'iSCTOK office.    - THIS PROSPECTOR,  OEANBKOOK, B. C., DECEMBER 0. 1905.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Lighted   By   Electricity
-  Heated By Hot Air   —
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Dining Room
*    A. B. Grace,
®%e J?ro0:p£ctxrc,
SATUKDAV, Ol'X   <J, 11X15.
-    Proprietor
&   Marysville, B.C.   <$
Tho'leading Hotel'of the St. Mary's Valley.
Nice'airy rooms. newly_ furnished. Table as good
as any in Kootenay.
fl Suggestion to Husbands
\Vhfir could bi
a more
Suitable Present to give ihe Lady of the
house than a Beautiful
There is positivelyiioihine -.he would prize as much
Come in and have a look around. We are conrident we can j
please you.. ( .
AT the-uext Provincial election there will be a grand
opportunity for the Liberal-Conservative party, tt is sure of itself, of iu'principles, and ot the
ability o'f its leading men. But
it requires loyal service, hard
work, and the suppression of
personal ambition among its adherents to make sine ol victoi'y.
•  *   •
It is a matter of great satisfaction to see tlie Conservatives
of Cranbrook quietly and harmoniously gathering together
under one common banner.
There is no dis&eusion or discord,
and all are detenu'mod to work
together lor the success, of tbe
panv at the polls -     (
'   '   '     '
, Tho  Crits lire doing a' ureal
deai of talking "just now""and
proudly assert _ that they will
sweep the riding at the uext pro'-
vincial election, It's a wise ui;i,n.
who saves his ammunition till
|the fight is'on
ministration no .more Heinzesup-
•i * '   -
per? will go.    Thje element that
approaches with a view to parting the government from the
few assets left, will pretty nearly
have to show up something for
value received to get what they
want. It makes a. decent citizen's blood boil to think over
what suckers the former provincial legislators were, Magnificent assets wore thrown away
to satisfy the greed of certain
gratters. Now this is all changed.
With a business-like administration .,',ve hope to see ourselves
eventually out of tho,hole. All
honor to them, and here's*hoping thoy stick to oinco unt.,1 tho
province is ou its foet.—Sandon
Standard.        .    , ,
Deafness Cannot Be Cured.
Patmore Bros.
The political mix-up in Great
Britain appears to be the most
complete of which there is any
record of iu the history of the
Plumbing, Roofing; Heating and Ventilating|   There is reason to believe that
Engineers. ithe migration of Americans from
ijklatio,  Washington  and Oregon
I into   British  Columbia  will   be1
large next season.'
Newest designs in
i > '
•&■    '       Over joo Different Patterns,to Select From
•>' . . . °
*•    -   -   -   ; '     - ..
.$*.   Painting8, Decorating
H and Sign Work   $,
£>'     P.O. BOX :ii. l PHONE ill   ,    Q
A. C
Galgarv Beer
Cranbrook, B.C.
The local lumber .mills report
busy times. The manager of the*
East Kootenay mills- informs us
"that active operations will" con*'
tinue during the winter." They
have a constantly ■ increasing
trade with' the' Northwest, and
both mills'have a large local demand. > t ■ ,,• t
•  •   •
' All thingconsidered, therefore,
the Government has no reason to
fear'an appeal to the people. "Mr.
McBride was entrusted .with ' a
sacred duty, and that he and his
colleagues have performed that
duty in a worthy "manner is a
proposition that cannot be successfully contested.- That his
Government will be 'sustained
there can be lib reasonable doubt
Whether he resolves to go to the
country next year or one year
Inter the verdict musl be in favor
of good government and settled
political    conditions' — Nelson
•  *  •
Briti.-h Columbia has at last
tlie desideratum most desired—
a business government. Wo have
u few assets left,, a few public
kinds,«a tew timber limits, and a
few coal and oil lands. Prom
the present make up of  the ad-
b*. local applications, us thej cannot
i«'Ui.'h tlu; diftO.iM'il portion of the cii'e.
Tlmre- is onlj one ,Wii.\ 'lo cure iloiifnotw,
mid tli.it. it. by con-titutioiial remedies,
Deafness Is caused by an iiitliimoii condition oi tho inucims liuin** of Ilio
Kusliichiiiit Tube. When lhis tube is
iiilliimeil yon have ;i rumbling? -omul or
impei-focl liear.ltij;, ami when il 1*. 011-
liivly elo-ed. Deafness is lhe ivmi.1i,
.md unles.s 'the iulliimmtUion call bo
ttiken out and thib tube restored to its
iiorui.il conuiiion, hearinj* wiii be destroyed, forever; iiinc cities out of top
.ire e.iused by Citturrh, which is not liii]" bul au i'illumed eoiulition (ll lhe
-mucous surfaces. " *
• We will s;i\ei Ono Hundivd D.UIars
for anj ease iif Doafiii'.*.-. (c.uised by
Ciitarrh) th.it cannot b'oVuiod by Hull's
Catarrh t'ifro. ' Send tor eireului's. tree
P. J. tillKNKY .t CO., Toledo, (>,
Sold by Dru<fg ist« 7,jo. ,        ,
Take   llullS  family   fills   for  eoti-
styiatiou. , .
It will pay those who are
looking for work to call and
see - -- —    '
Jim   McAvtliuv
He can secure you a job and
also lit you out in
■>   t
Clothes, Shoes,
Hats, Etc.   ' <   . „
Jim McMiTur
Hanson Ave.  Ckanhkooi^. Ii.C.
* *
* Tailor <& Importer of I
Tine Woolens.
Cranbrook. 11.0.   ArniKtronij.Ave
^— -lS- -—ir- <-. ,——,  —■
5 Rocky Mountain Chapter S;
".NO.  125. .-It. A. M. ,.     'I
CKAN'IIKOOIC, b. c. .%■.
Regular meetings:—ind Tue»-' **£
day iu each month at'eight S
o'clock. , a:
Sojourning Companions are 'S
cordially invited, |j
'    tt. M. Bukkow, Scribe'IS.   j:
t p t ;—,	
Mrs. Hislop
HILL ' &   CO.     The only place in town
■   that can make life worth the living.
E. H. SMALL, Manager j
->•••>••»*••« •»
Special attention io touch,
technique,' phrasing and
grading of studies.   ,
*» - &? l
T * '
"'-v'-.-v : • ''    a
■   -CR'ANBROOL,"   -'   B.C.    '
o       ,'   ■  y-y.   •: y sA
Vov partieulat's apjily to C. K. Reid A
Co., The Drug-gNui. . .,
,   .     —GO TO—
A'y y". LIVERY
," TEAMS and DRIVERS    ' ■
Furnished for aiiy point in the
Wo havo this woek unloaded a car of each kind
■   '   Spkcial Puiuk foii Ton Lotsj Call and see us before
buying elsewhere.    We also carry a stock of--
carnefa's stock and poultry- food -
, '       - °   y , "      ■"
Harris Bros.
Boot^lioe Maker
'All Work Guaranteed,..
New Work Made lo Measure
*■■  -
? Solicitor, Etc-..'
"   i
~-> • British Colum
, ..    and NOTAKY  1--IIUUC.
Armstrong Ave.
Imperial Hotel
Ale & Porter.
& CO., Hay and Grain.
Gaioaru Game go.
Fresh and Salted Meats
Fish and Poultry in Season
PICJJ    'rusT RECEIVED    rirst of the season
riOM      Finland   Haddies
Orders by mail will receive prompt ;uid careful attention
•#     Order By Phone 45     ft
i     The  LEADING STORE For
j Choice Confectionery
I       Fresh Nuts   Fresh Fruits
.liip Oranges       Choice Banana?
Smyrna Pigs
Calif. Navel Oranges
Fancy   Winter   Pears
Malaya   Grape:*-
Hugh Stewart   *
Phone 75        Armstrong, Ave.
Cranbrook,  B.C.
G. Htt Thompson
.    €£&}■   XOTA11Y I*UUI.1C
C'raiilii-ook.  H.C.                                  *  *
P.L.S.  & CE.
Port, Steele B.C.
PliijsiGian and Siiroeon
|   IIouks:   !) to 11 ii.in.  -2 to (i p.m.
! 7 to S p.m.
]   Phone Ollice 10,j     Residence 10!)
»»..♦'>♦«*>..♦.*«..**■■■■■•.■'»'»���'.».>»»•.«•■,>.,» .m"9"ji.'».
Electric Lights!
Centrally Located
Manitoba Hotel
Utider   Wiew  Matiagemetit
Headquarters for mining
nien and old timer.*;.
When you want a good \
plaee to sto|i come to tlie j
■Manitoba.' ' i
P.  E.   KING
-=£* •:    DENTIST
Ol'l'iei: Houns: 0tol2ii.ni
1 lo v, p.m.
7 to 8 p.m.
OFFicr. and riKsiDu.vci:
Armstrong Ave.;  Cranbrook
Pacific   Coast   Points
Palace and Tourist
Sleepers, Buffett
Library Cars, Modern
Day Coaches.
Dining Cars,
Best   Meals  on   Wheels
For  full  particulars,   i*ate8,^ folder.s
i'U'., call on or address.
Seattle, Waah.
C.   W.    MAIIONRY,   O.P.   k T.A
Finest of Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Those  who are weary and' thirsty,* drop in, and
Alex will do the rest.       " '     • '
ALEX McCOOL     Prop.
j l '    i. ., *
v. , ir n   <
When   You   Think   Of t
Yoiu Think Of
—   PHONE. 119   -
C ran brook, B.C. East Kootenav
SILENT 0rim:.i3mimm'SPZEm
Purchase   Price   $3.00   a  Month
;D.A;McDONALD. Manager   .      ^»*™^
W© Give You Your Monuy'a Wovtia IflrilOlQ & K0D6ri)S
The Illinois Central
MuiiiUinti unexoclled sorvlcu lrom
tin: wesd.to the oiibb tiud south. Milking
i'Iohi* I'onin-ctions with truiiih of till
traiibcontlnuiital line'), piMSOii^ui'H arc
hIvi-ii then- choice of routes to Chicago
Louisville, Memphis and New Oi'lisuiiii,
and through theao'points to tho far east
I 'i'(is|)i'i;l,iv<; tnivelers (IcHirili^- i.ifoi'-
iiiation an to tlio lowest I'utos and best]
i'i'i'iiIuh lire Invited to .eorresponilcnco
witli the I'ollowluj;- roproflcntutiyos.
U. II. 'I'ltiiMiiUM,, Commercial Agent
ll'i Third St., Portland, Oregon.
.I.C. Undsi-:y,,T. 1*\ A.l'.A.
I'12 Third St., Portland, Oregon
1'. U. Thomi'SON, F. & P.A., Rooml
Coliuaa JBld^., Seattle, Wa«U.
sold \^v&^jii!reS^f^$i;i
on 3
Your money returned
Unotsadsfied lu every w.ty.
becnonelhe "Ciirho.Mn,.*netIc'
1 u flectricilly 'tet"frr*d:\n&
hollowuruund In ittiown >^K*1^ fSX0£B
.peculiar >vay.    Willi    Xi^VCdri,y.    •
ordinary cardul   y^JnaSr  S,"^":?!^
, use. It will linld   s&fSlr     M«««tlo**.
1 IS edfre for     Xif(\Wr       f»lr In  »i5e
y C It r S ^^^BHU^^        la&thar £a.«    - .
,    'Carbo-Mairnctic'' Elaa.
(ic Cushion .Strops, 91.00
Free booklet "IllulctoSiiKyerii."
CITY MAINS. The e-luch Motor Illuntrated ftbove will tluv. jri ,
2 H.P, and use but little water. Cheaper than Gas or Eip.(.tiu*ii\
and adapted for running Printing Presses, Dynamos, GcjicihI
Machinery, Etc. See the Motor In Operation at tho oflico of "Tho
A And will givo you full particulars and prlcos. Or write us
direct, giving- particulars as to power required and kind of
machinery you wish to run.
100 Main St., San, Francisco, Cai. THE PR0SP10T0R, CRANBROOK, B C, BECEMBKR ��. 1W��  - f  \��.  4  MP  r  lA-  1 r-  lz  J''   '  r  V  'A  u  B  ?  ;./.  nut  north  ot  Koc'iun.iy,  murlccd   i-o'utliwcst  Fiolstcad'b  claim,  S  oontaiulng 010 iicrcs  niiil  itdjoiuinic Altreil Olven's  xotick.  Notice Is hertbj fl������ ����������������*. ���"������" tk*�� "Potion of thirty [SO] d��yi. I ln����a�� �� ��PP*�� *�� *�����  Honourable the Chief Commtisioner of LsnOs  ���ind Work., at Vlclorla, B. C, for a ��pocial  licence to prospect for eoal and petroleum over  that piece or parcel of land, situated in Block  ir,'i3 .-Southeast portion of British Columbia.  l.' SltuHtcd about one mile north of Sage  .md OU cri-elc, and about �� miles north of the  j iiiernaitoiml Boundary line, commencing at a  pi, .1 mnrlieA southwest corner post of James B.  Cluiihtoirs claim thonce - east 80 chains,  llii'ii��� north 80 cliains. thence wettW chains,  H'ciicohouth 80 chains to the place of bejln-  alvis, containing 641* acres more or lois, and adjoining the northwest corner ot Maltle A.  ThoiunH' claim.  Located till*. ��th day of October, WOS.  James B. CrUhton, Locator,  Thomas Murphy, Agent.  -    . _ci.!....��rt ���--nuts' miles north of the In*  "tc'i'.miVcmar Boundary line, and "bout  three  ,nll,s north ol Sage and Oil creek, in South-  ,.,,at Kootenay. H.C. and commencing at a  post marked northeast corner post ol Alfred  .liven", claim, thence west SO chains, thence  south Wi'lmins. thenco ea��..80 chains, thence  noi Hi SO chains to the place of l-eglnnlnif, con-  'talnliiK 'MO acres more or lew, and adjoining  the claim of Mai bhall E. Doe.  r.ocjte:! thin 9lh day of October, I'M.  ,   Alfred Given Locatoi,  ,     Thomaii Murphy, Agent.  3 situated about 2S miles north ol the In-  leniatloual Houndary Hue and about three  1UI1.��, north of Sage and OU creek, Iu Seuth  ..ast Kootenay. U. C. and commencing at a post  marked the northwest corner posl of Adam  minion's claim, thonce east IW chains, Ihence  lontl.Ucta.lna. thenco west W chains, thence  noith 80 chains to plsoo of beginning.coutaln-  mgMOneres more or'le��. and adjoining tbe  claim of Alfred Olven.  '  Located this Oth day of October, IW >.  Adam Dunlop, Locator,  __��� Thomas Murphy, Agent.  * 1    Situated about M miles north of lhe Inter-  utlonal Houndary line, and about three miles  Sago and  OU orecVc, in  Southeast  B. C, and' commencing at a post  corner  post   of-Johanna  thence   north 80 chains,  thence cast 80 chains, thenco ��outh 80 chains,  thence west 80 chains to the placeof beginning,  containing W0 atrcs more or leas, and adiolu-  ins the claim of Adam Dunlop.  Located this 9th day of Ootober, 190u.  Johanna Froistead, Locator,  Thomas Murphy, Agent.  Situated about�� miles north of the International Houndary line, and abont three miles  north of Sago and OU creek, in Southeast  Kootenay. B. C, and commencing at a post  marked tho southeast corner post of McK  Uoein's claim, thence north 80 chains, thence  west 80 chains, thence south ��0 chains, thence  east 80 chains to place of beginning, containing  010 acres moro or less, and adjoining the claim  of Alfred Qlven. ��  Located this 8th day of Ootober, 190a.  Niok Hoem. Locator,  Thomas Murphy, Agent. (,  n Situated about 24 miles north of the International Boundary line, and about five miles  north of Sage and Oil creek, in Southeast Kootenay B'C and commencing at a post marked  tlio northwest corner post of Emma A. Johnson's claim, thenco east 80 chains, thence south  80 chains, thonce west 80 chains, thence north  so ennins to place of beginning, containing M0  ....rts more or Ices, and adjoining the claim of  Nick Ileum. ��� " ',  Located this 9th day of October, 1905.  Emma j\.. Johnson, Locator,  Thomas Murphy, Agent  7 Situated about 2�� miles north of the International Boundary line and about Ave miles  north of Sage and OU creek", in Southeast Root-  I'u.iy-Ii C . nni commencing ut a po��t marked  nouhcist co>uer post of Charles W; Dinahs  ,-l.iim, thence west 80 chains, thence south P0  eha-'iis. thenco east 80 chains   thenc* north fcO  " clniins to place of beginning, containing W0  fines more or les, and adjolningthe claim ot  (J  O Smith.1'-  Located this ��th day of October, 1905 *  * Charles W. Currah, Locatoi,  t      Thomas Murph>, Agent  8 Situated about S4 miles north of the Inter-  nailon.il Boundary line, and about five miles  uoitli of Sage and Oil creek, In Southeast Kootenav B C, ami commencing at a post marked  11,.. southeast coiner post of Edith I. Miller's  clmm. thence nest 80 chains, thence north B0  chains, thonce oast 80 chains, thence south SO  ,cN.un''to place  of beginning, containing MO  ,,1-ies moio or less, and,adjoining the claim of  Chuilrs W. Cuirah.  ���.    Located .this 9th day of October, 1��j.  Edith'I. Miller, Locator,   (  Thomas Murphy, Agent.  '. Situated about 21 miles north of the International Boundary line, and about thice miles  noi ih of S.ige and Oil creek, in Southeast Kool-  onnv. " C , and commenclug at a post maiked  the .southwest corner post of G.O. Smith's  chum thence north 80 chains, thenee cast 80  th.���ns, thence south SO chains, thenco west 80  chums to place of beginning, containing W0  roies moie or lc-s, and iidjoinlng Emma Baker's  chum  Loc.uort tlii^ IHli day of October.  G.O. Smith. Locator,  ' ' Thomas Murphy, Agent.  10 SuuatPdabout samllcsnoitliof thelntcr-  .i.itiniml Boundary line, and about three miles  noi Co of sane and Oil crock, In Southeast Kooi-  onin 1! U.and coinmenelng at a post marked  uoi t i'i ss est corner posl of Emma Baker's claim,  ilie'ii'oeasi, t>0 chains, thence south 80 chains,  \ liuti.v west 80 chnins, thence north 80chains io  the place of lieginniiig,  moie oi le  el.um  Located this aih day of Ootober. 1��0S.  Emma Baker. Locator,  Thomas Murphy, Agent-  11 'situated uboutiS! miles north of the International Boundary line, and three miles  noi Ih of Sage and Oil ereek, in Southeast Koot-  on.iv H. (-' . and commencing at a pom marked  noi I heist roi ner post of John W. Baker's claim,  Hioiicl west M) chains, thence .south 80 chains,  ��� honri* cast 80 chains, thence north 80 chains lo  tlio plm c of beginning, containing M0 acies  ,������*,. oi less, and adjoining.Kena A. Chick's  claim. .. V. '"- -. V  Locaied this Oth day of October, 1905.  John AV. Baker, Locator,  Thomas Murphy/Agent.  r  IS Min.ited about .28 miles north of the In-,  le.iiuiinn 1 Boundary line, and about three  miles nonli of Sage and OU creek, in Southeast  K on nay. H C, and commencing at a post,  ������mi I., d u-.e southeast corner'post of Wallace  l.i.w-s el.iun. thence north 80 chains, thenco  .i, -i 8 ��� i liuins thenco south 80 ohalns. thence  ( i-isoUiulns to the placeof beginning,con-  t uiiiig'nni anes more or less, and adjoining  tin* < ami of .1. W. Baker., ,-.  '���      ������'..������'  i.. i aud this utli day of Octobor, 1905.  Wallace Law, Locator.  Thomas Murphy, Agent.  II situated aliout. one mile north of Sago  mil (HI cieek and about 20 milos north of the  'l ,u.rii.itiou.il Uoiindiiry line: commencing at a  po-,i ni u Ited Mmlhwcst corner post of Will Mc-  Oonoiigli''. claim, Ihence north 8ft chains, thence  (. i-i SOt'hnlns, thence south 80 chains, thenco  ��i *-���, 0 eliiiins to tlio-pliice. ot beginning, ��on-  t.,.,,,1,��� i.ki acres more or luss, .and adjoining  tlie noitliuiist corner post of Joseph 18. Chick's  elilili) ... Y  Located Lhis Slh day of October, 1906. ,.,  Will McDonough,.Locator.  Thomas Murphy, .\gont.  All. Situated about one mile uorthof Sage  ,ui(l Oil creek, and about 20 miles north of the  international Houndary lino, commencing at a  posl marked northjvest corner post of- Francis  Baldwin'* claim, thenco south 80 chains, thence  enst S(i chains, thonce north to chains, thenoe  west 80 chains to.th��. vla9�� "��' b����lnnla��( <>��������-  talnlng W0 acres more cr less, and adjoining  Louise V. Ward's claim. t  . Located this 9th day ot October, 1$0S., f  Francis Baldwin, Loeitor.  ThomasMurphy^ Agent.  15. Situated about one mile north of Ssge  and OU creek, and about SO miles north of the  International Boundary line, commencing ��t a  post marked southeast corner post of Hens A.  Chick's claim, thence west. 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains, thcura cast 80 chains, thence  south 80 chains to place of beginning, containing G40 acres mora <>r less, aud adjoining the  northeast corner post of Joseph K. Chick's  claim. . j  Located this 6th -Jay of October, 19iB. ���  ltcna A. Chick, Locator.  Thomas Muiph}, AgeuL  10. ' Situated about 18 miles north of the International Boundary Hue, aud one mile south  of Saga and Oil creek, and commenoiug at a  post marked southeast corner post of A. IL  Stay's claim, thenoe wctt 80. chains,,.thence  north 80 chains, llieiice cast. BO.chalUfc, thence  south 80 chains (o place of beginning, couuin-  Ing (VtO acies more or less,and adjoining Louise  V. Ward'�� claim.  Located this 8th day of Oclober, 190.1.  -. ,       - _ A. 11. Stay, Locator,  ,     * Thomas Murphy, Agent.  17 Situated about Is miles north ot tlie International Boundary line, and one mile south  of Sage aud Oil creek, and commencing st a  post marked southwest corner post of K. It.  Skinner M'lHiin. thenee east SO chains, thence  north 80 chains, tlienee west KOckalns, tlienee  south 80 chains lo place of beginning, containing M0 acres mole ur less, and adjoining A. It.  Stay's claim.  Located (his Hth day of October, 1U0-;-.  10. li. Skinner, Localor.  Thomas Murphy, Ageui,  18. Situated about 18 miles north of the International Boundary Hue, and one mile ��outh  of Sage and Oil creek, and commencing al a  post maiked northwest corner poster Jonas  jUilberg's claim, thence cast 80 chains. Ihence  south 80 chains, thenee west 80 chains, thonce  'north bO chains In place nf heiriuuliig, containing W0 acres moro or lessi and adjoining the  claim of E. B. Skinner.  Located this 8th duj of October, 190.-,.  Joints .Uilberg, Locator,  Thomas Murphy. Agent.  19. Situated about 18 miles north or the International Boundary line, and about' one  mile south of Sage, and OU creek, and commencing at a posl markeil' the northeast comer  post of M. E. Bronson's claim, thence west 80  chains, thence south' 80 chains, thence east 80  ohalns, thence north 80 chains to place of beginning, containing (HO acres moro or less, and  adjoiuing'Geo. W. Ward's claim.  Loented this 8th any of October, 1*105.  i     % M. E. Bronsou, Locator,  r        Thomas Murphy. Agent.  a .'  20. Situiited on the South Fork or Sage and  Oil creek, and shout 18 miles north of tho International Boundary Hue.'and commencing  at a post marked northeast corner post of  Christian IIofmei��tcr's claim, thence south 80  chains, Uionce west 80 chains, thence north 80  chains, thence enst 80 chains"ro tho place of beginning, containing (HO ncrcs moro or less, and  adjoining Jonas Alhberg's claim.      ,  Located this 8th dajrof October, 190!..  '    ,   ��� Christian Hofiueister, Locator,'  ;' -Thomas Murphy, Agent.  SI. Situated on the South Fork of Sage-snd  Oil creek, and about 18. miles north of the In*  ternationnl Boundary lino,'aud commencing atv  a post marked southeast corner post'of L. A.  Dyer's claim, thence west 80 chains, theace  north 80 chains, tlienee east 80 chains, thence  south 80 chains to place of beginning;-contain-  ing WO acres more or less, and adjoining E. B.  Skinner's claim. : J.      ,  Located"this 8th day of October, 180S.  L. .\. Dyer, Locator/ ���  Thomas Murphy, Agent.  22. Situated on the South Forkf of Snge,and  Oil creek, and aboul 18 miles north of the In-  ternailonal Boundary line, and coinmenelng at  a post marked southwest corner post of J. A.  Shull's claim, thence cast 80 eliains, thence  north 80 chains, thence, west 80 chains, theuce  south 80 chains to'plnce of beginning, containing W0 acres more or less, nnd adjoining L. A,  Dyer's claim. ���r , ' ' ' ' '- ���*. '  . Located this 8th day of October, l'XK.    nI  J. A. Shull, Locator^  Thomas Murphy, Agent.  23. Situated^on the South Fork of Sage and  OU creek, and'iiboul 18 miles north of tha International Boundary line, and couiinenciiijfat a  post marked northwest corner post of Oscar  Johnson's claim, thence east 80 chains, ihence  soutli 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,  thenee noith 80 chains to placeof beginning,  containing (HO acres moie or less, and adjoining Christian Kofineistor's claim.  Located lhis 8th dav ol Ootober, 1105.  Oscar Johnson, Locator,  Thomas Murphy, Agent.  21. Situated about 18 miles north of the In  teruatlouul Boundary line, and about one milo  north of the South Fork of Sage ami Oil creek,  in Southenst Kootenay, 11. C, and commencing  at a post maiked the southeast corner post of  William Mathews' claini, theiice north 80  chains, thonce a est 80 chains, thenee south 60  chains, thence cast 80 chains to place or beginning, containing 010 acres more or less, nnd adjoining the claini of J  A. Shull. '    ' '  Located this 8th day of October, 190s.  ?    i William Mathews, Locator.  Thomas jMiitiiliy. Agent.  2."*. Situated about 18 miles north of the International Boundary line, and about one mile'  north ol.the Soutli Fork of Siikc and Oil creek,  in Southeast Kootenay. Ii. C, and coinineiieing  at a posl maiked southwest"comer Post of Ma-  rca Kols' claim, thence noith SO cliains, thence  oa.st 80 chains, thence south SO chains, thence  west 80 chains lo place or beginning, containing 0*) noies more or less, ami adjoining the  claini of William Mathews.  Located this 8th day of Oclober, 190:,.  Marca ltols, Locator.  Thomas Murphy, Agont.  20.   Situated about IS miles noi th ofthelu-  tcriialioniil Boundary line, and about one mile  noith of the South Fork of Sage and Oil cieek,  iu Southeast Kootenay, U. C, and commenting  at n post   marked   the' northeast   comer of  Frank   Link's  claim, tlienee west 80 chains,  thenoe south 80 chains, thence  east 80 cliains,  thence north 80 chainsto place of beginning,  containing 640 acr.is more or less, and adjoining  tho claim of Oscar Johnson.  Locaied this 8th day of October, 1905.-  '        - Frank Link, Locator.  ,  - Thomas Murphy, Agent.  ST. Situated aliout 1,0 miles north of the International Boundary-line, and ou the South  Fork of Sage and Oil creek, in Southeast ICootenay," B.AC aiid commencing ai. a post  marked southeast corner, post of Mary D.  Payn's claim, thence west 80 chains, thonce  north 80 chains, thenee east 80 chains, thence  south 80 chains to place of begiiiniiig, containing 010 acres moro or less, and adjoining the  claim of Frank Link.  Located this 8th day of October, 1905.     '  Z Mary D. Pnyu, Locator.  .'   ,'     ���    Thomas Murphy, Agent.  .28; Situated about 10 miles north of the International Boundary line, nnd on tlie South  Fork of Sage and Oil :eroek, jn Southeast Kootenay. B. (J., nnd coininenelng at a post marked  southwest corner post of Catherine T. Carey's  claim, thonce north 80 chains, tlienee east 80  chains, thenco south 80 chains, thence nest 80  chains, lo place of beginning, containing 010  acres 'more or lo<s. and adjoining tlio claim or  Mary O. I'nyn.   ,:-.'���       '    ��� .  .   .  Loeatod this Htli day df October. I'JOft.  CatherineT.Cniey. Locator,  Thomas Murphy, Agent.  29. Situated about io miles north of the international Houndary line,'and on the South  Fork of Sage and Oil creek, In Southeast Kootenay, B.C., and commencing at, a postmarked  northeast corner post of Thomas Craig's claim,  thenco west 80 clinins, thence souih 80 chains,  th��n��* e����t .80. ch*lnB,.llutii<><- north CO ��hslM,  to plaoe of beginning, containing 040 acres  more or leu, and adjoining thevlaimot Hary  D. Payn.  Lutwa tM�� 6th day of October, 1904.  . Joseph Craig, Locator,  * '     Themis Murphy,-Agent.  Situated about 10 miles north of the In-  90.  ternatlonal Boundary line, and on the South  Fork of Sage and Oil creek. In Southeast Kootenay, B. C, and commencing at a post marked  northwest corner poet of Mary O'Neal's claim,  thenco east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,  theuce west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,  to place of beginning, containing W0 acres more  or leas, aud adjoining the claim of Catherine T.  Carey. , ' '  Located this 8th day of October, ivuii.  Mary O'Neal, Locatoi,  Thomas Murphy, Agent.  31.   Situated about one mile south of Sage  and OU creek, iu Soutkuut Kooteuay, B. C,  and about 18 miles north of the International  Boundary line, commencing at �� post marked  hiias: corner cf Cordelia Llewellyn's claim,  thence west 80 chains,   theuce north 80 chains,  thence east 80 chains,  Ihence south 8(1 chains  to place of   beginning,   containing  640 acres  more or less,  adjoining   W.  H.   Llewellyn's  claim. '  Located this 10th day or October. 190S.  ' Cordelia Llewellyn, L csior,  Thomas Murphy, Agent.  as Situated about one mile south of Sage  HUd Oil Creek, ill Southeast Kooteuay, B.UC,  and about 18 miles north of the International  Boundary lino, commencing al a post marked  southwest corner posl of Louisa V. Ward's  claim, thence east 80 chains, thaute north 80  chains, theuce west HO chains, theuce south B0  chains to the place of beginning, containing  CM acres moie or less, and adjoining George  W. Ward's claim.  Locaied this lOtli day of, October, 1903.  Louise V. Ward, Locator.  Thomas Murphy, Agent, t  XI. Situated about *S miles north of the In*  ternatlonallioundary line, and about one mile  north of Soge^and Oil.cre'el^ commencing al a  post marked northwest corner poit. of "James  Cairn's claim, theaco east 80 chains, thence  souih 80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thenoe  north 80 chains to place of beginning, containing W0 acres more or less, .aud adjoining the  claim or Joseph K. Chick.     ,    '  Located this 10th day of October, IMS.  i ' James Cairns, Locator,  -' James Murphy, Agent.  ,-M.' Situated about JO miles uortb of the International Boundary line, and about oae mile  north of Sage and Oil creek,' commencing at a  post* marked northeast corner post of T. M.  Harrod's claim, thence south 80chains, theuce  west 80 chains, thsnes north 80 chains, thence  east 80 chains to place of beginning, containing  6*0 acres more or less, and adjoining the claim  of James Cairns. *  Located this 10th day of Oclober, 190i. -  T. M. Ilarrod, Locator,   ''"  '   . Thomas Muiphy, Agent.'  K,. Situated about 20 miles north or the International Boundary line, and about one mile  north of Sage and Oil creek, commencing at a  post marked southeast corner post of Mar-  garctte B. Piatt's claim, theuce west 80 chains,  thence north 80 chains, thenco east 80 chains,  thence south 80 chains to the place of begin-  ning, containing ��40 acres more or less, aud ad-^  joining th* claim oi T. U. Harrod.  Located this 10th day of October, 19oi>    ,  Margarette 11. Piatt, Locator,  Thomas Murphy, Agent.  30. Situated about 18 miles north, of the International Boundary line, and about one mile  south of Sago and Oil creek, commencing at a  post marked southwest corner post of George  W. Olney's claim, thenee east 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence  south 80, elmins to place of beginning, contain-  ing!C40 acres'more or less,, and adjoiulng the  claim of' James Calms.  ,   Located this 10th day of October,��905. ���  ' ' George W. Olney, Locator,.  Thomas Murphy, Agent.   c  37. Situated about 18 miles north' or lhe International Boundary Hue, and about cue mile  south or Sage and Oil creek, commencing at a  posl marked southwest corner posl of Alfred  G. Wooster's claim., thence west 80'chaius,  the'nce-uor(k~-80 chains, theuce east 80 chains,  thenca south 80 chains to place of beglnutug,  containing W0 acres more or less, and adjoining George W. Olney's claim.,  located this 10th day of Octaher, 190:,,  Alfred G. Wooner, Locator,  Thomas Murphy. Agent.'  ZtS. Situated about 18 miles north of the International Houndary line, and about one mile  south or Sage and Oil creek, commencciug at a  post marked northeast corner post ot Kittle  Wooster's claim, bbence south 8(1 ohains,  ihence west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,  theuce east 80 chains to place or bogiuuing,  contuiuiug (S40 acres more or loss, and adjoining Alfrtid Q. WoosterS claim.  Located tliis lOlh day of October, IMS.   *  Klttie Wooster, Locatoi,'  Thomas Murplo, Agent.  *.��. Miniated about 18 miles north of the International Boundary line, and about one mile  souih of Sage and Oil creek, commencing at a  postmarked northwest corner post of L.A.  Lohmau'.s claini, thence south 80chains, thence  east 80 chains, thenoe north 80 cliaius. thence  west 80 chains io place of beginning, coutain-  iiig(i40acres more or less, and adjoining the  claim of W. Jl. Llewellyn.  Lo< ated thi* 10th day or October, 1903.  L. A. Lehman, Locator.  Thomas Muiphy, Agent.  40. Situated about 18 miles north of the International Boundary Hue, and about one mile  south ot Sage and Oil creek, commencing at a  post marked northwest corner post or Frank  Buruott's claim, thence south 80 chains, Iheuse  east 80 chains, thenoe north 80 chains, thence  west 80 chains to place of beginning, containing W0 aores more or less, and adjoining Kittle Wooster's claim.  Located this nth day of October, IPOS.  Frank Burnett, Locator.  Thomas Murphy, Ageiit.  41. Situated about 18 miles north of the International Boundary line, and about one mile  south of Sage aud Oil creek, commencing at ��  post marked northeast corner post of Eflle D.  Turner's claim, thence west 80 chains, thonce  south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains to place of beginning, containing WO acres uiore or' less,, arid adjolniug the  claim of W. L. Turner.  - Loeated-this 11th day of October, 1K05.  Eflle D. Tunier, Locator,  Thomas Murphy, Agent.  42.: Situated about IS miles north of the .International Boundary line, iind about three  miles south of Sage and Oil ereek, commenceing  otapost marked southeast corner posl of Grace,  Green's-claim, thence'east 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thonce  south 80 chains to place of beginning, containing W0 acres more or less, and adjoiaing the  claim of Catherine B. Mitchell. ;       '  Located this 11th day of October, 190S.  . A Z>   ?i- Grace Greene, Locator,-^  A .Thomas Murphy. Agent:,'  '43: Situated about IH miles north'.' of the lu*  te'ruutloual Boundary, line,., and about three  miles south' of Sage and Oil creek, couinionclng  ata postmarked southeast corner post of John  Mliicar'schilin, thence west SO chains, thenoe  north 80 chains, thence east SO clwlas. thence  south 80* chains lo placeof bcKliinlng, containing W0 acres more or less, aiid adjoining  tlie claim of 0 race Oreone.    ,   ...  ) Loo��,��ed this I Uh day of October; 190r>.  j ��������� . '   John Mincur. Locator,  Thomas Murphy, Agenl.  44. Situated about IB miles north of the International Boundary lino, and about thrjs'e  miles south of Sage and Oil creek, coniiiiencing  at a post marked northwest corner poster Catherine B. Mitchell's claim, thence east 80chains,  thence south 80 chains, theuce west 80 chains,  tJh��BOT> Mna*>eiatiM ��|lwi ��<AWt��l��alsa,  containing 640 acres more or less, and adjoining Roger S. Greene's claim.  Located this lith day of October, 190t.  Catherine B. Mitchell, Locator,  Thomas Murphy, Agent.  46.   Situated aSout 10 miles north of the In*  nternatlonal Boundary line, and -about three  miles south of  Sage and Oil creek, commene*  log at a post marked northeast corner po3�� of  G. E. Mitchell's claim, theuce wesl 80 chains,  thence south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains;  thence north 80 chains to place of beginning,  containing W0 acres more or less, and adjoining the claim or Catherine B. Mitchell.  Locaied this 11th day of Oclober, 19OT.  G. E. Mitchell, Lotator,  ,   Thomas Murphy, Agent.  4(1.   Situated about Id miles north of tbe International  Boundary  line,  and  about threo  miles south of Sage and Oil ereek, commencing  at a post marked southeast corner post of C. A.  Holmes' claim, thence west 80 cbaias, thenee  north SO chains, thence east 80 chains,  theuce  south 80 chains to place of beginning, containing e4u"acro'ii more or ic&vand adj'oinlug Kittle  Wooster's claim.  Located this 11 lb day or Oclober, 1Mb.  C. A. Holmek, Locstor,  Thomas Murphy, Agent.  4T.'   Situated about H'> miles norih or the International Boundaiy-line,   and   about  threo  miles north ol Sage aud Oil creek, commencing  at a post marked southwest corner post ot Ada  Holmes'claim, theuce east 8" chnins, theuce  south 80 chains,   thenoe west W cb'sius, ihence  north 80 chains to place oi bcginuihg, contain,  lug 040 aires more or loss, and adjoining C. A.  Holmes' claim  Located this 11 tli day ol Octo'ber.'IKiA.  Ada Holmes Locstor,  '  ' Thomas Murphy, Ageui.  48. Situated about 10 miles north of the In-  teruatioual Bpuudkry* line, and aliout three  miles south ot Sage and Oil crsek, commencing  at a post maiked northeast corner post of  Koger S, Greene's claim, thence south 80  chains, ihence -r��st 80 eliains, theuce north 8(1  chains, thence cast BO.Chains to place of begin,  ning, containing 640 acres more or less, aud adjoining Julia l{aiaAey,se!.iiai.==-r ���-"-" ������*���.-  Located this 11th day ot Octobsr, 1909.  1 Uoger S. Greene, Lojator,  Thomas Murphy, Agent.  49,,  Situated about IS miles north or (he In-  teruational  Boundary  Hue," aud about three  miles south of. Sage and Oil creek, commencing at a post marked.northwest corner iwst of  Julia Kauisey't, claim,   thence taut 80 chain*,  theace south 60 chains^ theuce  west 80 chains,  thence north SO chains'to place of beginning,  containing W0 acres more  oi   leas, and adjoin-,  lug the claim of Ada Holmes.      "'        ''' '  . Looated this lith day or October, 1905.  Julia ltam��ey, Locator,  ,  Thomas Murphy, Agent.  50. Bltuatod about 90 miles norther the International Uouudaiy Hue, and about ou* mile  uorthof Sage and OU creek, commencing at a  post marked northwest corner post of W. O.  Thompson's claim, thence south K chains,  ihence east 80 chains, thence north 80 chain*,  theuce'west 80 chains to place of .beginning,  eontaiulng MO acres more or less, aud adjoining the claim of T. M. Harrod.        , ,  Located this lith day of October, 1905.  '   ' W. G. Thompson-, Locator  Thomas Murphy, Agent.  51. Situated about 80 miles north of the International Boundary line, aud about one mile  north of Sage and Oil creek, commencing "at a  post marked southwest corner post of I. V. Es-  terbrook's claim, theuce north 80 chains, thence  east 80 chains, theuce south SO chains, , thence  west 80 chains to place ot beginning, containing W0 acres more or 'less, and adjoining W. G.  Thompson's claim.      '        < A *"    '        "  Located this 11th day of October, 1906.  i: l'VEstcrbrook, Locator,  4T <        Thomas Murphy, Agent.  QDh* iprmpirtor.  SATURDAY. DEC. 9. 1903.  ! LOCAL NEWS.  C. K. Andrews was up  Bonners Ferry, Monday.  from  E. B. McBride, Spokane, was  in the city, Monday, on mining  business.  Useful Xmas presents are the  rage. We have thorn. Come in  and see PatmoreBros.  For a clean, easy and swift  shave, call- on Fete the" Barber,  at the-Wentworth hotel. ,  <��  Your attontion ia uniled to tlie,  "Pioneer Limited" trains of the "Milwaukee & St Paul Railway. "s'The only  perfect trains in the world."  You will find it desirable to ride on  those trains when jfoing- to any point in  the Kastern States -or Canada. They  connect with all Transcontinental  Trains and all Ticket AyrenH 'tell  ticketb.  For further information, pamphlets,  etc, ask any Ticket Agent or  B. L. FORD, H. S, BOWK,  Pas*. Agenu, General Ajjent,  SPOKANE. PORTLAND  The Illinois Central  yj.  Maintains unexcelled sei-rio* from  the west to the eait. and aouth. Making  close conuectioiie with, trains of all  transcontinental lines, passengers are  given their choice of routes to Chicago,  Louisville, Memphis and New Orleans,  and through these points to the far east  Prospective traveler* deaiviux information as to the lowest rates ��ud best  routes are invited to correspondence  with the following representatives.  . B. H. Trumuull, Commercial Agent  142 Third St., Portland, Orsgon.  ���T. C. Lisusey, T.F. & P.A.   , .    -';���  142 Third St., Portland, Oregon.  P.'B. THOMPSON,   F. & P. A.,  Room  1, Colman Bldff., Seattle, Wash.   '.  00 v��Anr  CXPERIKNCK  Trade Marks,  DcaioNO  CopvmaMTa Ac.  Anyone sending a eketch anil deacrlptlon may  auloKIr ������certain our opinion free whether an  mVantlon li probably patentable. Coninianlcii-  HmueuletlymSaileiitutl. HANDBOOK on -atente  wiit free. Oldert agency toriecariiiBii��tein��.  Fatenti taken through Munn * Co. recetr��  iptctal notice. wl( hout charge, lu the  Scientific mttlm.  . I.araeit jlr  . Ternii. t* i  t newadealen  NewYork  Kstoa.1). C  A baniltoiiielr illu��tr��ted weekly. Laraeit ;lr.  Slletlon of any mantilla Journal. Termi. t* a  ��ir: four mnnllii, 11. Hold by .11 newadealen.  *L^_*A��ae*      ea     d^ aA  J J8i ��������<�����*>,  1��, m V at. Wuluitftoa. I  BEAD.  THB PrtiMPSCTOA.  E. Small. A. C. Nelson and D.  McKay visited Fort Steele,  Tuesday evening, to attend a  meeting of North Star Lodpe,  A. F. & A. M.  Souvenir ^  China  See Our Window  We have a full assortment  very suitable to send to  friends for Christmas Gifts.  .m  A Disli of Happiness.  Take one large spoonful of  usefulness, one cup, of love for  mother, another cup of love for  your little brothers and sisters, a  pound of wishes to make others  happy, u saltspoonful of .wishing  to be happy yourself, mix well to  gether "and'see if "ii "doesn't make"  the nicest kind of un afternoon  for anybody.  Tw Business Men:  Mr. Editor:���I would like to  nay something of my wishea this  time. I wish to give a lecture  to the business men of Cranbrook. I wish to speak first of  hotel proprietors., In the country where 1 came from they have  often a bad name, aiid I don't  think they are to blame. I think  that the men who 'granted them  licenses are the men at fault, by  choosing ,men who are neither  bodily or meutally fit, as I am  sure that it takes the best stock  of the business family to be a fit  and projier ' hotel.- proprietor.  They should be strong * bodily  and mentally.  -1 would like to speak to the  businessmen in general. Those  who will and will not make good  business meu. The kind' of > a  man a school-master .should ,He,  then" lawyers and .-doctors,  preachers and printers, and who  should and should uot marry.  I am willing to decide for lov*,  ers, "whether^ they are adapted  for one another or not. I htive  been consulted on the subject av  great many times, and always  with the best of success.  " Next week I will speak of the  many evils that tempt arid ruin  our young people, and why there  are so many failures in marriages.  The above mentioned lecture  I will give as soon as I have recovered from my, recent illness.  Yours respectfully,    L      t  PROFESSOR HILL.  * TISDflLES |  HeitdquartetM for  *      FRESH FRUITS  NUTS and CHOICE  CONFECTIONERY  Ice Cream and Soft Drinks  Aleo Tobacco, Pip**  and Cigare  Baker St.    Cranbrook-  ��H��K^M*'t"K"f'l' M 4 I >H4 ! H *  HOT1CB.  NOTICE IS HEKEBY GIVEN thai ao ip-  plicutloii will be made to th* LeuialiiUve ah*  aembly of Hrltlah Columbia ut Ub ueit Seusloii  for ��u Act to Incorporate tbe St. Mtry'i Vallcj  Kbllwuy Company wilt- power to build, construct, mnintalu tud operate a line of rull-  waj- of standard juage to be operated by uteain, electricity, or any other power  for tbe carryluv of freight, paitsengcri, und ei-  pre-w: Commencing- at a point on the North  Star Uruncli of tlie llrltinh Columbln Southern  Railway, at or near the town of MKrytivilie,  theuce Westerly following the Northerly side  of St. Mary's Kiver to St. Mary'H Lake, thenco  .akirtlng the Northerly Hld�� of the wild lake to  Its wemerly end, thenco proceediiiK wentward  along either the northerly or southerly side of  said St. Mary's Hirer to k point on  Kootenay Lake at. or near Crawford liny  with authority .to construct branch Hiich up  Matthew Creek, Hull's Koarlui; Creek, AlUi  CreoU. Willie Kisli Creek, Pyramid Creek,  linker Creek,; and oilier' brauub lines not ex*  cecilln|;:t-��eiuy iuilea each in length, also with  power to connect with aud enter into' ruiuiiiii*  nrranKoiiieiitH with the Canadian 1-aclfli: Hallway or any oilier railway tltuate iK'ar.iaid pro.  poted railway or any port thereof, nil J to cfin-  Ktrtict termlual al.lliiK^ al any hiiuIi connections; to reeeiTC from ��ny (Joveruineui. perfon  or body corporate, urants of Jnui], money or  otlivr iihsut iii-ald of construction of sucb iui  uiuloi'tukliii*, with power lo couHlrnet. anil  operate telegiapli and telephone lino.-, for the  piirponu of'tta biiKine��i�� and lor the public:  witli power to own, leal estate for rixbt-of'-wny  ami other purposes uti<l to own, use and operato  water powers convenient lo the road for railway  and other purposes aud with such other powers  and privlleKea as arc usually iflTcn lo Kuilwsy  Conipaniee.      Y ,  j  Dated at Cranbrook, November Mth, l'*��.i.  IIAKVJKV &.MCCARTKH.  i�� Solicltorartr Applloant.  C. E. REID & CO.,  < f  The Druggists.  KINK STATIONERY  DISPENSING    OUR    SPKOIALTY.  FORT -STEELE    -     .  ; -BREWING CG��� LTD,.  FERNIE, B.C.  MANUFACTURERS and BRPJWERS of EXTRA FINE-  BEER  f  ����������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������  ���  -���  --���  ���  ,���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���,  ���  ��� -  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  * ���  o    Port   Steele   Brewing Co., Ltd.    ���  PORTER  BOTTLED,  SOLD BY THE BARREL, KEG OR  Bottled bee^- for family  ' <������' use a specialty'  Outside   Orders  GIVEN STRICT AND PROMPT ATTENTION  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  P. O. BOX 812  TELEPHONE  NO. 1  ������������������������������������������������������������������  Cosy and  Comfortable Rooms  Headquarters'for  'Mining Men-  Royal Hotel  ,        * ' A g'    ���  Marysville, B.C.  FRANK ANGERE, Manager;.  ! The above hotel has been recently erected, und neatly furiiiah-  ed ,thrpu��?houi. * Tlie Bar is supplied'witli the-best'brands oi"  Liquors and Cigars.        * ', - .   '  '  Post Office  Store  Th��  be  ;irg��st  can Ot: ( supplied  Cranbroolc prices  General  Store in  Marysville. where miners  wilh   anviliin"   Uu-v   want   at.all times at  Groceries,   Hardware,  Clothing,   Stationery  E. \J. CLAYTON  * NORTH   STAR        *  t  t  *  HOTEL  Kimberley,   B. C  H. W. OREW. Proprietor..  ��**M**^M**$M��***<iH$^*  s  r,  FALLS VIEW HOTEL  CHENETTE & NEAL, Proprietors  Marysville,   B-C.  ~E5^  ^~  i  <��  I  The  largest and  best eciuipped hotel in the St. Mary  valley. COMMODIOUS SAMPLE ROOMS. g  *''iimmminmmmt?!mm!nmmnmm!mmmmmmK  I LPK& HENDERSON |  1   ^'"'FASHIONABLE TAILORS-    ��::  s=E ���Always Up-to-Date���      l 3  |~ Cranbrook,  -    "-'-,.       B.C. =| PA
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satuuday, ni*:c '» 1'«»■■.
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Are"Portraits in   Sepia  Plali-(    J.   M.  John->on,   of   MeLeod,
nunij with a very artistic* mount-   wa*> in tho city on Wednesday.
inj? which is entirely new
6 Feed wheat,   hay >.u\d outs' hi
iiny quantity,  al A. C  Bowuess.
Prest* Photo go.
Baker St.
Cranbrook, B.C.
•J. L. Potts and J. E Stephens
ioi Vancoiuer, weiv loiusturod
! at the Cranbrook, Monday.
'    The  C. P.  R.   Quadrille  Club I
, will   nive  a   nia.Mjueriidc ball on
■January 54tli.
"W.C'havebeeu hi the   liu •sinus,-!
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Dr. Scott's
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for thoTfc-moval otMa-on iV-Iii.seh      Eiuru      _ __        .. , ,   . ...       ,.,..,-
Piano,, we can do the work with*   Dumber 5th    to   ^  and M,... . w,U   »•   on   g.bnjou al I .,M ■
out.iisic.      Also uoutuucjin i m - j , <^       ■" , picture-ever Si'e-i in l ranbrook
Mrs  U. Aiken, a son
Uurii—AlCraubrook, Tue-Lia.s
nature.   «
' -r^s.lJl'iJl)UUtor-. of tll>;
Cranbrook Cartage and Transfer Co
Ofllco oi>poSiite
< C.P.R. V>ci>ot.
Peter Wood-; was down Wednesday from h s> Cherry cro(;k
ranch ou business
I    Christmas hquois oi' all kind.-, ;
! including the finest of sherry and j
port wines, at, A   C. Mowm-*s^
On   Saturday    i-vei|iiifr   there
will 'he   on   exhibition at Pivst's
I1'   "  '
,     Judge P. K. Wil-on huld chain
J bors o'li Wed no.-day   al   11 a   in.,
at which   u' ini'iiber  of  mot ions
were heard and t'ecurdod.
i# ■   -   .
£ s-8   JUST    WHERE   8«,
Carss' Mackinaws, Mitts  and Socks
Kings Stub Proof Rubbers, Hudson
Bay   Knitting   Co.   Mitts   and  Caps
Ellis' Spring Needle-Underwear and ,
,  Stanliclds Elastic Underwear Show r
to 13est Advantage
Diessed in these goods you need have, no leai of
cold weather. »livery aftick* guaranteed to -^ivt*
•satinfliction, or voui' cash back.
Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500.«C0
B. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAl'im, As*.l ,fici 1 .Manii);ui
|M,CLmE   '*
Afl   »<°!yy
)f     ^Lilll  I/O W IK
V - ■
0    -
i) J&iv-L (;i.i*,- Win
SU   "   -
R. A JLiittle,   of   roronio, Wii-|(_.,,"t|(lll
D  ,1, Wliner   Wa-   in  the cily.
rue-Ala;,.   aud   utiendod a .meet I
inif ot   iin-   Con.-ervatu'o   A—o
ll '
Of the old .Mmii'i.i'i i fwi" -i'ioi,
fOUIHl 111 Tll^(
'W'A'I'TS"  l!UlLUI\<i
c, 'i
f> dav.
A. Carney, govoimif.'iit timlvr
.spector, v\a- u* the  city"',
-hiaies 'Ryan, w'no ha.- been >o
'joumiuii   al  t5iin   Kranciscu '■tor .
>evoiui wei*ks. *-*r,;rne(i to Cran-ifK'Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection ?)
xvVed-   bLOi.k.Tne-dav
Ci.   V
n .i'i hi .im H. - '*. '• Rruwn . Bro-
of  Toi-omo,
*f <•    Fin    a    urivale     -*.ii»[>er    vouij
epi-e-entniir sho..Ki   .,,/io  th.-  iiov.il ho'lel. j
-.       . ,, ,      ,%c   where   von   will   iind   a  .-'.rictlyl
Z|dotiigjbu-,iiio-=* in  i!i.M'it.v.Ut.'.t-   pnm(;-diumir   ,.uoli;   lllu,    Wlllj
, j*|nesday. - .     •centainly 1'ied-i* yon  , ;
Tonsoriai Arc /,
of me
Neare-t to railroad depot,    lias accomnin-
dcitions* o for    the   public    imequailed   in
_ Cranbrook. ,    <
(4)   ■-- '*
iiraiiDrooK .. I
\a n Liveru 1
.« *.    . *        *•?
A plain drunk   w;i-   up before       ,,  ., .   .*        4- i-    'Iw
the-beak-on  TuesUv'for di<-' 4 L^y a l"-^'«-„i»»;  ^'' ^,la    fe       - r        '     '
ttirbi.i-   the   peace   ol   the e-rv. , A, Pandora   or   ^o.'.e.iay   raniie   M ,.,,.„;,■
fe cot  »o (L-s.wk on thei"-,:1,Ah'lv^    ;Ul   ''A1   ^'"»s GgHot find Cold Baths
v   .GEARY & DOYLE,  PROP'S      '
Teams and drivers furnish-
)' ed Afoiv^any   point' in^nnrriTsj-i"
_ trict.   ' i
A. DOYLE, Manager?
>*»■»>«■# ■»n»tii«i;iw«»«">m»t«tm.
. '   ■ '■"' ' and   BU1LDI5K.
nsTiM.\Tns fuiiNiMinij o.nt a i.i, woimc
1   '.KTitijiNti i'iiorii"i'ij\" nxi'ifciiTiiii
Mouses {ind Cottages foi Rent
or Sale on liasy Tenns.
,      ' 'Teli-nhoncj   bl'."
Carpenter   "'^ Builder
streets ;
The man j- friends of Ih'. 13i.-b
op, who has been   ill  ul   St   En
yene hospital, will be pleased loj
learn that he  is   -ulficiently i-p- '
euvercd lo aileud lo bus'ine—.
tjouble- away.1 ipid   keep  her in
yiiod hiinio-'  ail   iho \i*.ir      Pat
f Proprietors ^
The lionie merchants have to
pay a trade license tax. 'Why
not the mail order houses of Tim
Eaton and Rob Simpson, who do
business, in the'cityJ
''Socili it to Iter" will .soon be
hoard around the skating rink,
Tho Intermediate [lucUoy Club
are Iryina 1o arrnniie ,n series
ot nuitche-. ,
T. C. SeheinerhatuTi. representing tho I'.m.-I Koolenay Lumber
Co., who has boon in llie lerri-
lorie.s lor some time, le'nrnod to
Cranhiook. U'cdncMlay He reports the lumber trade in the"
new p'rovinces at. lieing tcood
1,   •Miller, Rpok-iine.  •)   (Crawford, .Spokane; W..Bowen. Loth
hndiip,   and a.J.    McCiillum.   ol
Minnonpolis,   were registered at
tho Cosmopolitan, Wednc-day
Stovk Quotations.
.    run ■-'.''   *'*     ii-.'.;1 .v   hli.e'l
f   1   U.'JI'MJK,  u c
Ma" .>■» v.'-.ri-..^- icji.hIi.ii1*
t     i >")
'i6"k\' MOI'll'-l.'l ml
1 OT
^. , llu^.'U'^                ■-
1   i_ inn.) 1 in t;ol.l Tn uu
WfieihOil.iuil Co.kl
j*:    '
L'llil Jl'ltlOll.ll Co.l .* ( L>ki.
*-iuIln in                       .
Wiir I-.i-.-Ii-                     - ..        '"
Nouli si.ir
* '    -,
iltnmlil. i ("nnboc. , .            v
Sales. a— •
..          •
W'-'.-U'lll   Oil    lll'l   1 O.ll     "I'^l          -l
lln an SW>.
-i   I 1'ivrtf1 Tji"1
Home   Made   Bl
Beale & Elwell
, f
Cranbrook^ B-C
Good  Woi'U  nt
Noricr j-« 111.ui.i;\ i'.i\in tun   lp up   ,
)du .ufon   «ill   bi    in.ulf    lo    >1it    t t»„i-l nlvv
A^(.tnli]\   of   HhiImi  * o'tiiijbi.i   nt    it*.    ntM
T^isldti    toi    an   \< t   !"   Iih oi poi ...t*   Ui-'    ^>   '
I M .m ^   nni   ( 1». i i \   < ii'i \\   K nl«ii*    i''jiri|tL*J\  '
uiiti pDW' i to imild    i <tii-imii i    iiiuiiit rn  Ktm j
upoi.i'*/i Kiil^.n   tn  -vmid.inl   w n*f*    l"   'jo J
o]^i Lixl ii\   su* im   « 1* nin itv   oi    ni%   nth. r J
powoi ioi ill'    mrniiij,   ul   ritij,r]ii    p i-.»t p,*1 i-
i -nd  ii\n-t.*^-.    Comiu* iu lii-r   il   t pui'i'o» itiO '
j Norlli   Mir   l>iiiii« Ii    ui   tilt'  UrKiMi \ ulumt wi j
' ^uulIm i <i   U \ i r ti     i-)" ii    *•»*    mil*    ^'*l>'   i" '
I'.ai, »xi!   t ,e'i( i^    i;i' hi 11.   . >'ii    i i    • ivt   "iik j
J L'Ji-it fic.it io l,i i UI   t m i i •■   ui tli , i<-terl\ t-n
I   i fin*nt on C'nLiij i it^n utal    Lot   :i«      w ,tli   i
; bi   in.h iirif noi.i i  ito:iiir    L\   Hi   M^nho»l\ !
Woi K <i I t.i i pn'i'inn f V f , I    t* •»   '   M    • l.^'t  '-t'1   *ti».€l
, ot m. i   friia*1   i is's   'i ir  • •.  ■    us*..   *i':i   iim1*
'   *«   1   ULU-T^tJi        I      I'li'in       ^ulu' iltillei IhtO
OoSt  cind SlOCk   KstlMiUlf^ »M..itniU     (rr-tnL- um .L-     -.1.    Ml    LmiculMi.
l\ir^rt'  Kiu11   n » "Hit iti* <>i  in <i'ii. i » liiw.u *
llU AtL   M-f       ; |i»J,0.\H J.i I\*     \      ".     ,l'l\     P»l'
,.'    • /   r   a    i •*        i      > ^ t » i.iii„-»    '    i'iV   iii1 li
i * oir.M i tn ,»    "ii   «»   .    '-i^j   ,r.*. i   i-n'i,  ' rtis
P.O.-Box 834.    Granbrook. B.G. • •»■ ■■    ,,p"    > i-***• • -■ ••>   ' '»•■•
Cakes and Cooked Meats
l.i*.ivi* ^ om Oi (lor- I'or
Xmas Pudding
a x n
—   Cake   —
-jni'ilc- iii.l.v liu -('*.*ii on M.HHI ilfiy.mil
Mond.iv   Ot'i.-. (i nnd 11. '
One Door South oi City Bakery
Baker, St.
( i
*   WILL   BUY
Western Oil
and Goal
find Pay a Good Price For It
Office and Workshop .Lewis St
^W.'." CRAIG
Stl'Mll-l     Mr.ilin v.    ,|llfl   I' tll'M.l'
Purnii-hed Upon Applici
Toronto, Alontreal
$5 and under     3 cents'
'   'Over  $5 and not exceeding $10     6 cents
» •*    $10 " " '$30    i0 cents'
1  M    $30        "       ,      " ^50    15 cents
Theuw Ordeni are Payable at Par at aivy office in Camilla or a Chartered
Bank, (Yukon excepted) and^al tlie principal banking- points in the United
They form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money
with safety and at small cost.
?    A Silver Christmas    |
T ■        ■   ■   "        ■
ft    Select   Silver Goods this year tor your  fa
Ljfi   Xmas Gifts.
•? '.
i                    If   it is   RELIABLE   Silver   Plato   or 'f
2,                Sterling  Silver,   it   will'   make   a   worthy •?
Ijrcsoiit for any^meinber of the family, and •      i
'certainly  will be  treasured as'a lifelong , m
v possession. m
i fifi
We-Fully Guarantee the goods'we sell, and' ^
will be pleased to show you our large and well select- i
ed stock.
Win. F. Tak & Son -
S Cratibrook's   Leading Opticians £
[t Olliciui AViitoh Inspector- Crnw\ Nust. °i« Division C.P.R        (     I,
0*  "t* *9*   ***
Wit-iter Is Here
*  *f"
.(. -
Here flre Winter Gooflfe
°.      ' - Z ' '      '«* \    ° ' ■
Weather , Strips. Door ^
| Spring. Skates, . Hockey |
$ Sticks. "• Pucks, Etc.    ,    :\ |
I t. d-:Mg©rid©;|
X* -^ 1V *z .---,$
To come and have a lock around our store
to see the niiiu'y thiugs
That Are Suitable For Christmas GiFts
ir.ci .
J. .li
111- - i--'
-(.ii'      .il   -
.1' .   1'
J.- Ecl2*ar . Davis 0P0P0- 0P000:
° "       *)i.r.        *. ll   -     ..  .       -        <     •       i;>      'n--'-'
And I'rincii'iil   Poiiila in
Oiit.u-io .md (t)lichee.
Our $60,000 Slaughter
Sale will be continued next
week, and every following
week until everything is
Our China Display Is Worth Looking At Con-
jsisting as it does of
! '   *
I   .       Royal Worcester    Royal Crown Derby    Minton
Limoges       Wcdgcwqod        Coalport
Aller Vale Ware  , English Cut Glass    Canadian
Cut Glass
Cranbrook,  B. C.
PHOVK 11*"*
Furiiflce. LioilL-r. K.in^*-" ;nul
Fireplace Work ;i S|i'" i:ili\ AM
de&cripiion of sronc* wm-n' iindfr
Ordfirs left at J. D. Mr.BRID&S
Will  Iti^oivf   f»iomiii   MtniiioM.
t»-lt"-I At '
(.'OltK.-jKl'OXhT'NC KATRS
Tn A 1.1. mi NTS IN
V,r i.
Cianorook  Lic-n'f U;sfri'
"l h.   n , ' \...- i   ".!    *
F.u   ii.    i,-r *i.i*   *  . '
Divtr't *    « ''I   ' *   I < *'*
rvmnio '. »   I   11 iv.   it
tl.. ' .ii    .'  • i .
,t    ' ,-■
i      H.j
.Vew  ^"ork,
HHI   &   CO. !Millinery Sale
NVillct K in.n*li' „'i*.i n ihu! .I'll'* >i.ni ' '(■ '
.lijt,* ! iiit.-iid '<■ ..i-.pl. to il.' ' "" ' ' -I""'"*
.ioniM ol I mil- •''"' « 'i'-* "',1 '" "'" N "'
,ii.l t-fjininl*"!""! r I'lLaini- n"l U"i'i-> ."i l»
OlMlri.l 'il I i".' K(""I'*mii\ f'" ..I'-'i'- I" I " *
pff'l ff.l (n*i.l un I I'. I*oii HI i "M .  'I •  i>' I" H'lr'
||CM*TlljMll.lll(IS     llllllL',1    "II     J-'ClllllHI *    I   I    ' K
mod' "iv*i *-""iii' "*.' ivo'H'ii'*• u.*." i
CoimiJ. l<< irii* il u poll pl.nK"! »• " M .iiiiIiiii
f;rli,k uho'jioi.i I, null"! V*i"l il'"-"' '" "'
SollthC'i'H.i l I'i T'm'1 I" mi' *.oi,il,, i I -.1
anil ii<i;olnlii>' lolin '*I"M  *• i "il im"1 I" ni'","'"
Cl .Im 'nni 'i"'i'   ii    "»' •' '  '' '" mi'"• •"
CisHrnm i Inn   A' iliun,'   in'li   I'll"'   M_ih
nch-nn i n ' k   ii '  M    I'    iliun ' N'Ji'ln "i
lorn""!"*!*"*!   Ill'iii ' ".nili -*n< li iin'-   llir i i   I
wiciinni-     Ilu nu    l.mil.    " i I"'"**   '' "i  '   >*'   '
WKftalnstotl" I'I"  '  """" l"""'      "" "'" "
M0 iu*.!-'!*' i^i'oro-or less,'
r.oS'iVtb'J N(ivi'inli('.i-!"ni1, v.un,.
»;.'•;•'',     . ■'.      m. ri. sni'iA. r.ocinoi-
fyiAit     ,. • JOHN OLOVN. Ai'CHl    A
I,,    i.1," .
li.,.   I
Jim - 'li
U   11   in 'i
lri*.n ■<
■' (  ,
II. .      1
;i!i> din I y Dcccinhoi-
I !d .".I
I P. Burns & Co. I
[''ni del.i ii(*d  inliii iii.'iIkiii lii-.s(-1
-  J.I-.-. OI    tollHSl     ,-,|(i'|Jl'l    l-IN'Iffl-'
•ion- .i|:|)l\    1"   I'n-.iI3 .mciils   01
!   S   f'AUTKI.'.  I)   i'   A .       H
Nelson,  I'.   C. ;>£
S^ Hettd Ollice,
S^ CulR-iiry,  Alborta,
M.i 1 n Ollice  for Enst Kootemiy, Z3
Cuinbroolc,  B C —•
Wholesale twtcl  l^otail
Mil.    I
.'.■I   N-.i.
,        1*      C'.MIL,M
!   Mm -. -v 111--
.1    II   I r . 1    1
' oi.. -1   I, 11 I     ,    (
' ,     I'     V. 1 1 11
.1, 1   II..C I   \l 11      t
I I,     I      IN   '.      I     Ml
I   Nf il   I   u1*. , l'      II" • !
I'    '.*■     II'C Sni'ii  SI l-  I'O* lllllll.'ll' ,
U   *-   I 111.nii    I'", il I1 ••'     I, mil" rli>-
.1. M. Uiiri-ull. Iiiil-'ii-li' l.li'i"!. Y
Jullll.Mcun, Sl'.'rllljt Hotel. Skouklltii flllil'-k.
.   ,T   fl   .McML-I.I.IN.
II) Olilul l.lcc-ijco loipector.'
""'0?'%,  fi!rei! ^ !"our ^ear Courses >
"    -^1.^.   i"  'iii'i'   'It* miviil   (.ml.    j
-'•^•-l- \l       lllillll ll .MM1    11,1'Mt.jl
M in' mm   1 y   mm!   I  1 "li*   *.
Ul.,1 -L,    M"l   I'llVlll   IK.lllll.
U im   foi  t,.i!i,iiil.ii   lo
, The St-crclnry
'' School
I Meat Merchants |
~p Dc-ilcis m Ah.ilioir and ("old Stont^c^
.^    Livestock ai Calgary. Alberta..   5
■%W*®»ilKSi*ll*llWS*B*lHl*ll ^§-HS*lMl*lHWl*HHSWl*lll*tl**l!
To close out the balance of our
Trimmed and Ready to Wear Hats
we will offer them at 50% discount.
^ll.fiO Hals Tor     SO.75
10.00 Hats for     5.00
S. 50 Hals for  .     ..    -I f?.">
7.50 Hats for     .1 75
S3.2:"j Hats for,
80 ."jO Hats for...
13.00 Hals for...
Ti.50 Hals for  ..
4.50 Hals for      2.75
Twenty-five only last seasons shapes
and ready to wear Hats regular price
from $1.50 to $4.50 to clear at 50c.


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