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The Prospector Dec 23, 1905

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 ,' T.eJ Ai*
• Vol. 11.
Xo. OS.
Premier MeBride Addresses a Large
Audience at Cranbrook.
lion. Richard McBride. premier of this province, addressed
a large number of the citizens of
Cr.-inbroolc iu Wentworth hall on
Monday evening.
It wa.s a matter of great satisfaction to' the Cranbrook Conservative Association to bo able
to say that the largest political
affair ever hold in Southeast
Kootenay, was held 011 Monday
evening in Wentworth hall. A
largo number who attended tho
meeting wore compelled to stand,
,and e'vory available place i.i lhe
luill was tilled.
James D. McBride, president
of the Cranbrook Conservative
Association, occupied the chair,
and in short and pithy speeches',
introduced the speakers. >*'
His Worship Mayor Rogers
was tii-st. called, and in referring
to the visit of the premier to
Cranbrook, paid a praiseworthy
tribute to Mr. McBride and his
Thomas Gavin was then introduced and was received with enthusiasm He dealt briefly wilh
events which   have   happened in
parly   came   into    power,   :it    a
lime when a stale   of  groat   1111
rest characterized   tin:,  a Hairs of
this country,    which  jeopardised
the credit abroad, and  for a per
iod   of   time,   ou account  ol, iho
general   stagnation   in  business,
brought   the   country   almost  to
the  vevffc of, ruination     I ivn.s
charged with the   responsibility j
of  forming a government, and  I
formed   one  on   party  lines and
appealed   to   the   country,   and
while   I  got,  a   majority of  the
members elected to the house to
support  ihe' cause   for   which, I
stood, at the same   liino particu
larly among the liberal members
111   nni-   n.onlh    longer he woult
have   boon    annihilated.     Whai
bus happened  in   le.ss than Hires
yoirs   since   that    time'*'    I   sa,>
this to those of you who are Liberals aud  wish lo bo' fair-minded
and wish   1,0  judge   us   fairly, if
two mon 1 lis is  not  long enough
for a provincial   election to take-
place, in what, should   be tho period tor tho election'for the parliament   at    Ottawa,    the   poim
I'roni   where   the   nation is governed and   where   problems of a
in'oai    national    character    arc
threshed    out.    Tho    Dominion
election   only    took   six   weeks
from the lime  of  the lirst, iuser-
there   was   grave    fear   that   J   lion in the Canada Gazette.   You
would not be' able to eavvy on
the affairs of the province. I
have been able to carry them on
and so far have proved that the
government,, is in a most creditable posit ioii. I have one thing
to regret,.that is. that the electors of Cranbrook did not send
me a supporter. From' the intelligence that was to lie found
on all hands bore,' aud from the
tremendous interest taken by the
people of this riding in°public
affairs, I had every hope that
Mr. Caven would be elected, but,
I found .that my friend had been
beaten and that Dr. King was to
Southeast   Kootenay   since   the  bo your representative  for some
McBride government have been
in power, that the legislative,
acts of the present government,
have been fair, practical and
beneficial to the whole province.
The next speaker was the premier, the Hon. Richard McBride,
w her in part, said:
.What you have hoard from Mr.
Cavin, the mayor and   the chairman  would  lead you to expect
great things from mc tonight.   I
want at .once   to  warn   you of a
groat   disappointment.    The ocv
casion is not ono for the^ making
of any   great announcement.    I
may say that/ in passing through
Cranbrook,, I  thought it  might
servo mo a good  purpose   lo become intimate with the people of
this neighborhood.    I havo been
privileged with   the hospitality
of this town   in  days  gone by,
but  this   is   the  first occasion 1
have had of addressing a public
meeting  among you.    The first
items   to   deal   with   are   some
issues   that are  most important
at the  present  time.    We have
no   election   on  at   the   present
moment;   the  hustings from the
Rockies   to   the   Pacific do not
ring with the  voice of  the cam
paigner.    The present time is a'
period   of  rest,   whon    business
seems   to   bo   talcing   ou its old
wont and custom,  whon there is
a bettor feeling from ono end of
' the   country   to  the   other,  and
when the people instead of  giving up a groat part, of their time
to discussing   public:  issues are.
content   to  rest  tho  business of
the   country   with   the   government of   the  day.    It, is a great
.blessing, ladies  and   gentlemen,
at Christinas lime that I am able
to   come   here   to   this   city  of
Cranbrook'  and  make this statement wilh some  degree of certainty.    J   may    have,   perhaps,
been   responsible    in    part   for
times of unrest that  havo  characterized   the   public   affairs  of
this country,   but  events   have
proved it justification   for what I
then did.
Now I might take tho time
when McKonzie & Mann wished
to introduce a bill which would
give them a great section of land
and a great amount of, money.
It is understood what this would
amount to. Taking tlie statistics
generally we found it ran into a
great, many millions of money.
The bill occupied the session of
Athe local house, for a period of
nearly live and a half months,
when it was thrown out for the
good reason that it was the.duty
of the opposition to save a certain part of tho country for the
people of the country, and not-to
hand   it   over to   railway   land
. 1: .        -;
grabbers.' .There jwas then the
general election and a change of
govornmont.    Tho Conservative
time to come..Tho doctor is a personal friend of  mine and a very
charming  follow.     What his fitness  for  parliamentary life isl
cannot  say,   but  while 1 am lhe
lirst to pay a tribute to'his many
excellent qualities, T do feel that
had   Mr.   Cavcn   been   .returned
the member  for   thjs riding you
would   have been better served
This i.s said*in no spirit of malice
and   with   no  attempt to do Dr.
King  an   injury.    The doctor is
not hero tonight,     f dp not catch
h'is sparkling eye as f should had
he   been    here."   However,    Mr.
Cavcn has   not  been   made your
member     aud    consequently    I
think  you   have  been   denied  a
a thoroughly  sound "man,  and!
am very pleased, ladies and gentlemen, tonight to   be   sitting on
the same  platform with the man
who was  the  standard-bearer ol
our   party   two  nnd a half years
ago.    May   ho make a bolter job
of it, next time.    T lool quite satisfied that  had, fii,y friends'been
able to  come  here 10 assist him
Mr. Caven would have been elected.
One of the wort charges made
against us was  that the election
of lflOo was brought on at an inopportune time.    If  you look at
the records you will   see that we
gave something like two months
notice  before  tho  election took
place.    We   were   compelled  to
shorten tho period originally selected owing' lo   the pressure of
banking institutions.    That was
a matter  with   which  T' had   no
control.    When     1     was   called
upon to form   a government the
money standing to our credit was
practically nil.    You will remember of  the  balances we were* accustomed to hear of  standing to
the credit, of   the Jlunsinuir gov
eminent, and when 1   undertook
the responsibility   of   forming a
cabinet 1 thought we would meet
a groat   big  credit balance, and
one of  the   first  things T should
be     privileged     10     do   would
be     10    spend    some    of    tins
big balance  and  scatter   money
in    plenty     for     developments
throughout   the.   province,   for
bridges,-   -railroads,    etc.      But,
what did   we. find—rthe. treasury.
absolutely empty   and the bankers knockingat  the   door,   lhat
unless we took  drastic steps the
very   credit    of, the     province
vyould   be   refused   and   the. lair
name  of ■ British''Columbia dishonored in the eyes of the world.
To bring  off  the  elections   was
fhe  one  plan   to   follow,' and I
brought them.off asqniokiy as I
could.    I 'shortened' the   period
one month,   gave the people two
months, iii -which    to .make up
their minds.-    The'.Liberals have
.harped on that string ever since,
and'said that hud MoBrido given
did   not  hoar   the Conservative
parly squeal, but  did   their best
to meet, the .unfortunate state ot
affairs.    The  great   issue in the
western   section   was the Grand
Trunk Pacific.    In  the   Lillooer
section we are   told "that,  if you
would only volo for Laurier ^ ou
would hear the steam shovel inside  of   six' months.    Well, the
majority of  people  did vole'I'or
Laurier,  but' we   have   not   yet
heard the steam   shovel and not
a spade of earth has been turned
In this section  of  the country I
had the privilogo of  assisting in
the  campaign   with   Mr    Mackintosh, and also in some sections
where' Mr.    Oulliher   and   Mr.
Ross were speaking, and T found
that the great  issue in this part
was the lumber industry and the
protection we were going to gel
from   tho  Liberals,   and    I   was
told    most   distinctly   lhat   tho
Grand   Trunk   Pacific 'Railway
was really a-minor  matter,   that
if   yon   voted .for Gnlliher  aiid
Ross your saw   mills would   be
operating from  one end of  the
conn t ry to the otherl    They were
elected,   but   tor   protection   of
lumber you have to sit and wait.
VVoll, ladies and gentlemen, as
1 told you,* on,coming into office
1 had a very  desperate financial
problem to solve.    Tho credit of
tho country   was, terrible, aud  I
brought off the elections, and-on
being returned  was  obliged call
an early  session   of  tho legislature and we, found   that instead
of enjoying  something  like tho,
Diuismuir majorities,  ouis was
a.   vevy precarious" ono.   aud instead . of    being   privileged   to
m<ike appropriations like olir predecessors   for     public    works,
bridges,   frails,   ct2 ,   we had to
impose    fresh     taxes.    Well,   a
good deal of criticism was shown,
but there was   no   time to spare
and, as a  matter 'of   fact   bills
were passed  and   made   law be
fore the end of  the year.    Now,
in what direction did I  go to secure   this   additional   taxation?
Ladies and gentlemen, .some of
my Liberal critics have asserted
lhat I went in   the  wrong direction to   raise   this   money,   and
that i raised   it  from   those who
could ill-afford lo pay   it,,  but lot
tne  dispose of   this   from   your
minds at once.    The most prominent   provision    in   those  bills
dealt wilh   taxation   of  the railway companies and   the big corporations  ot   British   Columbia,
aud   resulted   in   increasing  Ihe
taxes   to   the  extent of  51)0 per
cent.    1 could point   to  one cor-
loratiou formerly   paying about
§liH.(XH) or  * 19,000   to   tho treasury,  who  is  now   paying aoout
$100.0110, and   is  doinsr   business
today.     I was content, that I had
taxed the field that was fruitful:
I  also ■;taxed   the   sawmills.   ■!
might,  have gone   in   the direction of the wholesale and-'.retail
merchants;   but   the  scheme lo
which   I   have   referred  to   for
raising the taxes of the country
was  directed   against   .these big
corporations 'which    up   lo   the
lime I took tho  responsibility of I
government   had     substantially
escaped- contribution.
A Ladies  and   gentlemen,  .1.   believe   that   in   what, we  did  wo
■were doing Our plain duty to the
lax-bearers.    Of  course the. opposition would havo done better.
Now, I say that-if you look careful I v   ov'ir   that   assessment act
and lhe amendments you tniiM
agree with me that the scheme
was, well founded and lhal. the
taxes which had 10 be imposed
and as a result of it.-, enactment
it did not fail heavily on the industrious section and did nut affect the business equilibrium of
the country. 1 say'also, ladies
and gentlemen, that consistently
with fhe increase in taxation it
was up to us to bring about some
reform   in   lhe  civil  services of
u f
the country, the department, of
public works, etc. In the department of public works 1 have
not been able to give this section
or anyjother the roads, bridges,
etc., lhat were yours as a matter
of right. It was not because!
did not want to'do it, but because
the money was not in the treasury. But while we are practicing, every economy consistent
with our scheme of taxation we
have licit boon able to have public worlcs constructed and to
give that attention to public affairs so far*as the works department, is concerned lhat was properly exjiecled from us.    ,
But. ladies and gentlemen, not,
only do I find that I must'in fairness tot the pt.-ople of British
Columbia cut down , civil" expenses iind scrutinize the public
works '"department to see, that,
not, a dollar is spent for which
good value is not received, but-
as well did T'find that, in the
school '.system certain economies
alsor had -to bo practiced .from
Cuiithiued on Piiye .'!.    u
Ed.   Sproule,   of   Marysville.
a as in the city, ThursJay."
Have   vou   .seen   oui
Win   P. Tare & .bon.
Harry Drew iind .lame-, Fiulay.
of Kimberley. were in Cranbrook, Pridav.
Frank MoMahon,   Moyie,  was
in the city, Wednesday.
  I    A   telegram    received    Friday
L. Monroe, of Victoria, was a I from   Dr. .1. H.   King c'savs   thai
Cranbrook visitor, Monday.
J. W.'Bennett, of  Nelson, was
in the'city, Monday.'1
R. J.    Cann   was   down   from-
Fernie, Monday, on business.
G. W. Gill, of   Piucher Creek,
was in the city, Monday.
The  Royal   hotel   is  crowded
with pationsall the time.
he will be at nome lodav.
Edward' and Prank-Shaw, of
Marysville, were registered ill
the Cosmopolitan, Thursday.
Have you seen tho dQ.>v on exhibition at Harris Bros.' meat
market, if not, why not. Better
call find see them.
Christmas presents, valued
from -?10 to Sf?0, fnr the two luck-
ies I guo.isers in Cranbrook. Win.
R Tdte.v Son.
The   East   Kootenay   Power"' ai.d
Light Company, Ltd., Will
Operate on Si. .Mary's    ,
J. L. McKay, Sinclair Springs,
was in the city, Friday, on business.
E. T. McGregor, of 'Moyie,
was a Cranbrook, visitor, Friday.
C.   Lyons,   Sheop creek,   was
registered at the   Cosmopolitan
Chas. Bremnaii, who has been
at school in Calgary, returned
shis week to spend- the holidays
in Cranbrook. (<
— - , y^
The   Misses   Lou    and     El/a
Leitch have returned from school
in "Calgary to spend  their  holi-|
days at home.
Two Pit Reform dress suits;
this fall's purchase, for §20 0,0;
regular,price $30.00/  Reid & Co.
The list for the registration1 of
electors of fhe city of Cranbrook
will be closed on December ;J0th.
'Conservative Central Association.
The executive committee of
the Conservative Central Association met-in Wentworth hall
on Monday evening and elected
the following officers:
Honorary President — Hon.
Richard McBride.
President'—James Greer.
■Secretary aiid Treasurer--fi.
H. Thompson.
Cranbrook—J. D. McBride.
Fort Steele—A. B. Pen wick/'
Kimberley— Harry Drew.
.   Marysville—E. Sproule.
Wasa—N.  Hanson. ,'.
Wardner—P.  Lund.
Bayard—.J. McDonald.
Port Steele Junction—A. J.
Spokane Junction—.John Prin-
gle. _
The Moyie Conservative Association will 'appoint a vice-president.   ,
A vote of thanks was tendered
to Premier McBride, also to J.
D. McBride, president, of the
Cranbrook Conservative Association.
The meeting was then adjourned, subject to the .call of
tho president.
Meeting of City Council. 0
Dv. Miles has gone easl to
spend three weeks with friends
in Ontario.
-13. A. Watt, of Wattsburg, was
n   the  city,   Wednesday,  doing
business at   the  government of-
lice. „
Wm. Hutchinson, of Elko, and
Geo.'Scott, of Gateway, were
doing business iu Cranbrook,
.Thursday. • '       '
Mr. McNeil, principal of tlie
public school, left this week to
.spend his Christmas holidays
with friends in Winnipeg.
Did you see that hog at Harris Bros.? What will it weigh?
Guess again!   ■   '
A choice selection of diamond
rings and watches, at Win! F.
Tale & Son's.    ,
Ross Tale went to Elko, Saturday, on business, returning on
W,. Chne has removed his head
quarters to his .old  -stand in, the
Manitoba hotel. w
Matters political in this riding have been showing.some in-
leresting developments within
the past week.
Dr. Bishop, of Marysville, was
in Cranbrook for several days
this week.
Two .Pit-Reform dress suits;
this fall's purchase, for $l!0.r)0;
regular $.'?(). 00.     Roid & Co.
J. Driscoll and J. Sullivan, of
Moyie, were registered at tho
Cosmopolitan, Monday
For a complete choice in .smokers' supplies, ash trays, lights,
tobacco jars, cigar and cigarette
cases, the newest designs, go to
S. ,1. Mighton, lhe tobacconist.
A. Pr.'iit, of Kosskind, was in
the city for several days 'this*
week. Mr. Pratt is largely interested in 00a! and oil locations
in'sfho Flathead vallev.
The object of the newly-incorporated company is to acquire,
divert and develop water power
from the St. Mary's river or any
of its tributaries.
The^ nominal eapi'al of the
company is l\"i0,uiio shares of
one dollar each. And the following names are listed as composing the company.
Charles A. Mackay, of Nelson;
.lames.A. McDonald, of. Nelson;
Rohl. Campbell, of Moyie: .John
D- Kay, of Moyie; Fiank C. Parker, of Nelson.    ,
ll is learned that  il   i.s the indention   of  the  company to dam
lhe  St. Mary's   rivet,   near .the
town of Marysville, and   to" render the water available by means
of a lar<re ditch or   Hume, to use
the   water  and   water-power for'
electric lighting, supplying electric power to mines,  for producing and compressing air. for hy-0
draulic tnim'nir,   irrigation,  milling, industrial   and  niannJaci'ur-
ing purposes.
The winter weather so far has
been all that could be desired.
Manager  James   Piniay Resigns.
Ho'Will Visit His Old Home at
Paisley. Scotland.
The Imperial Bank has issued
a calendar which is a thing of
beauty, nnd will boa joy in every
business house in Cranbrook
during I'.iriti. "    '
J. Pringle, Port Steele .function, was in the city, Monday,
on business.
The city council met ou Wednesday evening. There were
present, His Worship Mayor
Rogers, and Aldermen Greer,
Fink. Hickenbotham, Tisdale
and Jack-son.
ft was moved that minutes of
last meeting be read and adopted.    Carried.
Thocommittee on public works
reported progress.
Tht1 question 'wa-s asked why
the hotel bars were not closed
on Sunday.s. 'Alderman Greer,
a.s chairman of the police commission, explained that,'the chief
of polio
to close
but, was instructed   to  close   billiard rooms/and stop gambling.
City Clerk- Brest announced
thai. fh'e.assessment roll for the
city of Oraiibrook 1 would Vie, completed on December 30th.
Tlm council resolved in to. a
committee.' of. the whole-to consider the lire limiis and building'
The connei I  then adjourned.
E. A. Hill, C. Armstrong, 1).
J. Elmer, P. Monuhan, of Moyie,
wore Cranbrook visitors, Monday.
For prescriptions pul up as
the doctor orders, lake them to
Chas. E. Reid & Co., the 'druggists.
"Polo," the, Barber, will remove next Wednesday from lhe
Wentworth hotel to the store on
Cranbrook street, next to A. C.
"Chri.stuiiih" will be the special topic in the Baptist church
pulpit next Sunday evening.
Special music will be rendered
by the choir Strangers, visitors aud friends ho'artilv invited
Mrs. W. E. Phelps, of Denver.
Colo.; is visiting at the residence
of her daughter, Mrs. P. E.
Mr. and Mrs Fred Binmore,
of Port Steele, passed through
Cranbrook. Sunday, on an extended visit to the coast.
Now is the tune to buy a box
of good cigars, "the best in the
city," for a Christinas present
for your friends. S. J. Mighton,
We are now making a tine assortment of candies for Christmas. Come and see them at the
"Sugar Bowl." on Armstrong
had -MotAbaen. instriicted
o .
hotel   bars   on Sunday,.
W. A. Pratt,' P. J.
P.    llutchcroft,    .1.
and A. A. Ward,   of
Thayer. .1.
were  guests
at   the Cranbrook,
James Piniay, who has been
'resident manager of the Sullivan
group of mines, has resigned.
His place as manager, will bo
filled by R. II. Anderson. °
Il is Mr. Piulay's intention to
visit, his old home at Paisley,
Scotland. He will be' absent
about three months. .
We learn that at the Sullivan
group the output is about 000
tons per week, which i.s all that
the smelter at Marysville can
handle at pio.scnt.' .VI lhe :mine
7)d men are employed iu taking
out ore and developing the
properly, which is in fine condition and i.s as well timbered as '
any mine in British (.'olumbia.
A large amount of development is eaj-ricd on by moans of a
diamond drill. Three holes have
been drilled, southeast below
No. fi shaft, to a doptii of about
1.10 feel, and a fourth hole is being drilled.*-. Il is reported that'
the drill cores show ihe existence of a larire body uf silver-
lead ore.
Willi the smelter at Marysville
working to it.s utmost capacity,
about iTiO ton.-, daily, the output
of silver-lead ore .from lhe Sullivan group   of  miuo.s   will   be as
The half yearly public cxanii
nations in the school were held
yesterday forenoon. The pupils
we're tested in many line.-, and
all work proved to be very
satisfactory. The school is very
well equipped at the present
Tho Presbyterian  church will
be opened  on January 7th,   Rev.
Kalph Connor conducting services     An   entertainment  will be  Kootonavs will   be   doubled, aud
given  on   Mondav   evonitiir,    afi,,,„ ,T  ,    . .
, , ,    ,,      r.        ■        .,,     . |ine two lariiost prociucui" mines
which   Mr.   Connor  will   jrive al ' - ",""-1
series of readings from his own j w,li bo 'lie Si- E"wn« aiu} Sulli-
works. A treat is in store fori™" group ot mines, both located
those who are present. (in Southeast Kootenav.
largo,   if   not   larger   than
famous St. Eugene mines.
In lOuG the lead  output of the
At the closing exercises, in the
Public School on Fi iday morning a liirue number ol parents
were present thus signifying
their interest in 1 lit* work' of ed
neat ion. Prizes Inn) been offered
for writing by Mis I truck
which weri- c.i plured b\ M.vrtl"
McNeil :ind Albert (Ireincr. The
Handkerchief Shower.
A very plt.-as.int time uasspen;
on Wednesday afternoon at the
rosidencoo.' Mr> Gen. Hnirirarih.
the oec.i.siun being a ■■Handkerchief Shower.'  in honor 01   .Mi.->
N. .Hanson'-and John Ewin,
of Wasa, were in town Monday,
and incidentally -'.attended the
Conservative meeting during the
evening.     ■ ''
prize loraecui'nloiio.ssand rapid- O. f\ 'Williams, 'lonelier of the
ity'in arithmetic offered by Rev. j ■prjlliarv .department df ihenub-
J.    I.'.    Westman    was la ken. by1 " '
Isabella   Tavlor.
IS. C. Smith's Bull river ranch
of HGO acres was sold during the
week by Beak* & 151 well' for 11.
a large sum to parly in the
North West, ho intends to grow
fruifpn an extensive scale.
lie. school'.. Miss Williams is
were 'present at i.he..s<*s'Ki.,n, and -'bout to leave our cijy and enter
the -prizes were ;i 'warded to t Iiom*. upon'ofher duties in life, and
who were successful in obtaire Mrs. Iloggarili i.ook ihisoppor-
ingcthem.1   S.-hoolwill he cIomm! ,, „„■', y ,,,-,     -^ ui(, /:m,v.,.|K .   T|le
for the tio'xi two weeks and tin
teachers will enjoy a .much need
<>d   vacation.
The    London    prie.e    of   'Jead.j
•'dined    two   point;-   yesterday 1
iliou.se 'looked beautiful, and .a.
large -number nf invited gnosis
wore- present. Mivs'■ Williams
herself looked--'eharu.jiig, and. it
lis with g'Mie.ral regret lhat we
imust say   ''good bye". 10 her, but
Anything-   you     want    for   a
Christmas present,' you can find
iit Chas. E. Ivoid tt C.^.'s drug
j S. .1. Mighton, the lobacconisl.
announces that, the competition
I'or the J?7."i silver set. will close
on. Saturday. December Hoih.
All coupons must, be presented
ou January 1st, 1000.
and is now four .points below the
i recent   high    price.    It    is   stil.,, .
however.   II    points'   above    ibe !'";''' w,sl'   b.ir I he compliments of .
price    at,   wbioh   llie   bounty   is.j tin*   .season  and    in;iiiy   years of,
withdrawn.    Silver   gained   one j happy life-
point on   Ihe   New York-  market';'"""Mrs. Hoggarth proved herself
yesterday.-    Copper, is linn   and j an adopt in tho art.oT   eutert.iiju-
j strong ut its record quotation*.   .:injf. ' '     .
g THK PROSPECTOR. C'KAN I HJOCiK,   B   ( ..   DECE.MBEK  i:1..   100.'..  ~*���- nr" hmvwiti > mi niT'iiinr  U  CLAPP  W.  ROLLINS  111 note  KSTAHI.iSIUOD    liW  A. B. Grace,  PUBI.ISHEU    AN'O    KDITOlt  AGENCY  t   Baker Street,       ('ranbrook, B.C  CEJjs tyvo&pzctxiv.  iM  Lighted    By   Electricity  -    Heated By Hot Air   -  SATUKDAY, pkc   -r.i. I'M't.  I In-  t? I he   <*!.>' yjl.lin'J t)l v   .'it   il.  .     m     .  Ability is ihe father, and. op  , portunity the mother of n-ipon  i.-ibililv. j  *   *   ' ' It will pay those, who are  Men are crowding in   lrom alii     looking lor woi k-to call and  local poiihs to spend ihe holiday I     M''' ���  season   m   town.    'Wo   wish   loi,!  one and all   a   yood   l(*siive  sea  son.  W��V��lXUKWl.  L& *"     i~jt   E       f\\f   BJ    P    II    "-p  ' .��Vl����lWH��**M��'tAV\M.iW.iatlViM.^WlV��.'!.'i��M  J ?! i     L\J I  Iffi Lll   I "C1iT^TT1i\TT\     ON r.AKEU ST., okb ijook west of  Comfortable'Bedrooms  .   t First Class Dining Room  HEADQUARTERS    FOR TOURISTS AND OLD , TIMERS  S^Si^^^^rSs^S^&Ss^Ss^^  Central  " I  ill     HOlGl ROBERT JOHNSON  m   AAV^VWA                          proprietor \  sville. B.C.    '>: ft  ei of the  St.   Mary's   Valley fy  A     Nice airy rooms, newly furnished.    Table as noou ��  in'   as any in Kootenay                   , ��  To all our   readers   we wish a  mo try    Christmas/    There    are  many   reasons,     too,     why   we  should bo merry.    The people ot  Cranbrook area prosperous peo-  jple, and the   hope  of  the lulure  j if, limitless.     All   the   phases  01  iChri.smas festivity will  bo exemplified in the city of Cranhrook  ��I��xn   ItfScArtliur  m  rTniinn'Tr '     "'���'  ('i'"   secure   vou  a, job am  STEWflRlS      ���  *^j|iilso lil ynn tint in  Tho  LEADING STORK For      ',  Choice Confectionery ,   " \  Fresh Nuts    Fresh Fruits;!  .lap duiiiio        Choiei* Kau.inasi  Sm\ riiafFiii-> ,  Civlit. N:i\ el Oiiini'ts  P.mcy     Wllltel      I'e.ll-  Miil.'i.;,'!    <. ,1 ipes  %.  :���    .Marysville. B.C.  Tho leading Hotel  GOOD    SAMPLE    ROOMS  In all cvilized countries the  j annual recurrence oi, Christinas  I has  been colebrated wilh CoMivi  j  ! tic^ of  vaiiouti kilidn      In none, j ^ i,  I however,    i*   it   more     joyfulKj HlIGH    Sl'KWART ;i  ! welcomed than in Camula j   p|)0||C 75 rtnilMI'OHU, fU'C.  I J  j ' i.. i i. . .   i_-1   viitnui-n, .-inm*"i,  Iliile l-ic.  Jim MGflmiiu  OF  HID. & CO. The only plt.ee iu town  ih it .-.ill lmil.e life worth the living.  E. H. SMALL, Manager  -��'li'iai'i-V'ii'li^t'li^^T.^'l^^��'t^i%��'t������%����^%^*^^^^����*'������l,��,4��-.ti'lL4����t.T-%lUt^'  o  I '  I  'I  >������.'���-.����������*"���_,  Innsnii A\e    l'i;.\,\i!Hti()K,  |{.(*  ti   seems   ;'ull   ol    tht  v  ���f.<  It-  <t<  I'u il or "-a importer of I  ���.C0HN  fJEvtiryoii  Christmas  spirit   ihis   j t*ar  tit  |��pite the fact  that there ,ut> ivi   �������..,. , ' '5'  .    ��� I-.- ii "       ,        i        11 I* tlllVt!  Ili'im 111   ilu*    hlmiii-. (',   nliii.iil.-   l-c      t^i,, i,,���,i,.���   t  i lain conditions   w Inch maico ihi.--l . . ,    . *     ' 'n"1'"1'*' '���* ���   a.hi-idm^am*  ^  J K A 1   1 IN Ll        \        tluc Woolens  <ui'   m*v oral   \i'U'\   \\ t*   lui\ n ui    ���  fl Suooestion to. Husbands r'-TiAz-'���'ZY  j-^fas-oil js_ holioav. co_uU;isi_Wi.lb_        _  6       ' oi'M eiiui|.!i'eiu  ut    i>"v;  ai's, :  i vrunr.iutee s.i1 isiat't um  '-<* - *>^ "- i-0c^it '> i ��-"���*���.) :' \ '-*���*<' e,^-*>\i.  llltt       ,li    I  Suitable Present to give the Lady of the  hou-e than a Beautiful  It is -ratifying to note that .t*;��ihfl|lt     flr.lt    Pl^H^:  ,the midst  of  >o   ii.uoii \ulotide,|lUUUU     Ullub   I   \\\\\\) '    l^rs    Hj  PANDORA   OR ' KOOTENAY - RANGE |.K,-VOM^ lhe clul,il,-u U1 l'r,l"-i   Womv uh* autiio,i,o,( :,��,.,.!=���    :  \ MUSIC rf  Ainis    TEACHER OK THE  ^"H PIANOFORTE  'brook will not be foi'trotte  , Pianos. \*,e can do the utuU" wilh  Hoys  drinlv   themselves tight, j ,,m v-l)>u_      AN,.  Hoiwnold l-'m  , and tneir sisters lace themselvo.-| ,iutlllv        ? '  ��  or thi! rtuuov.ii ol U-.miii A Ui-^cb .       SpecinJ atleniion to ujiich,  't'chniijiie.   "ohrtising   and  \\ro have this week unloiidod a car of each kind  PRICES THE VERY LOWEST \  QUALITY THE VERY BEST  (5^1'KCi.\i.,Ijkk:io foil To.v' Lots, 'Call and see us before  j  buying olsowliorc.     We also carry a stock of I  *  ]     CARNEFASJSTOCK AND F0ULTRY"F00D  \  rns  ros.  l.|,,|,,|���l^,��,|.<.t^4.H^,  ^>.�����.��.��������� .�������������^^��^��������.��..>.^^>.^^��,.��^>W^��*.��M��.  There is positively nothing slu* would prize a* much  Come in and have a look around We are confident we ea  please you.                                         , .  m     ^ _ ^ 'tight and wear their >ho"> tii; Ml, ' . -    ,'���  I #C^tl-1-l/^f��^ I���^t^/^l-d     ':iuo it'is.n :-irht   suneeze   to  toil j PtRRY  &   FITZGHRALD  I" C4-L1    I'IV_/I      V^- I J 1      V^fk^.'wti-t-h hsoiti.sthesiV!U*?r,ml '   IVopnelo.-oflhe  , Cranbrook Cartage aud Transfer Co; ,.0R fl F|RST-GLASS TURNOUT  siradinu* of studies. '  ,; l'\n  |'.ii-i.'u!.u-.;i]i|>iy to O. V.   Iteiil.V  i 'o.   TKi' l")i-ii��s*i-.U--.  Plumbing. Roofing,1 Ileatiriy "and  Ventilating  Engineers.  Some   People   think   the*,  can i onwo onposiiu  .    .     ' ," ,   . ��� Ci Mi. oi'i'oi.  ^pfG^r:fyy^yA\-<^^A<Ajf. o ^ f:j>\+^+zl-*l~<>L% �����:  >io _���:�����":���.  I  Pi  f  *.SH  iit?ad   r'n^t  lives   and then got re  -eivod seals -.n heaven   bv   loa\  ! inir a few thousand dollars to the  }church, after   they   iwvo unfui-  * ther use lor it.'  I 'lion.* iV).  A  'J 1  * S. ,  f  0,  ARMSTRONO   AVRXUE  'Newest'.desions in  1 o  'b  D  *; *  aoeis  I:  1     ���  :���'  o  -&  'o  >���  I   I  rV'  ��    ��     ���  &  y AHAIXHA)! FYZ'  5. Rocky, Mountain Chapter 3:j        ' I TVFRV  TEAMS and DRIVERS  NO    125.   It. AM.  CK VNMJU0OlCvH. c. \  rti-!4ula,r moutui!*-,'���2ml 't'lit;-.-   s  S'l  ,    Our    delinquent    subscribers  may   have  good   intentions, bui ,a   dii>   in   t-:ifii   .iiomh   :u, .jimit  '.hey are  like   alarm clock.s that  don't yro oil  Over .(Cxi Oilloient l-^ttterns to Select From  Painting*, Decorating  and Sign Work    .^  P.O. MON :::>  ik  A monopoly is like a boy.  Every man opposes it on gen  oral  principles, until   he hiis'ono  of his own.  .   .   .  A man' who is too'stingyuto  lake his home paper would drink  sasafras tea uutil he became so  thin that he wouid'f' make ;t  shadow. He would rill himself  u]i on hot water and then try  and cheat himsell into the belief  that bo has eaten a square mpfil.  .     m     .  (  Do not for a moment loone  sight of the fact that Southeast  ICootenay, with its wonderful re-  i   o'cltn:k.  SO|Oui-mn^   OonipiLiiioii'-    ;iro    ��:  z    t'orJuiHy invited. i  :| il. M. Ri;iu:o*.v, Scnl.f K.    |  -^ 1.111II ill s J i a 2 i IX 9111111111 * 11 ill ���!��� 1 I.I 1111111 J^i'  Proiessional.          _ ���_ Q  .   HARVBY &Mc(JARTER  BARRISTERS AND SOLICITORS  CK VXIIFIOOI..      -     B.C.  W. P. GURD  ^Wholesale  PHONE' III  /.��� . -,r ,. ���-.���,- ���v,-v.-*''T'-i->,ou,r01'' must come to the front.  Barrister  Solicitor, Etc.  Cranbrook  British Columbia j  Furnished lor any point in the  district.  V M. DEER .  Boob-sno8 Maker  ���All Wiii^i: GuiirantfOd i  !Ci*w Work Miido to Measure  1 Armstrong Ave.   ?,�� ���otol  SAVE " TIME  ALL     THE     TIME  BY   USING  1 Roya.  1 A  i ���  IL  ote',  ������y/r  '  ���        FORT STEELE'J UNCTION  I'  Finest of Wines, Liquors, and Cigars  (i  Those   who  are  weary   and   thirsty,   drop in, and  Alox will do the rest.,  i '��� i  '"ALEX McCOOL      Prop.  *w* ���s*'*sft "S�� *�����* *2* ���I* *!������ *i* ���>*��� "v** ���"> *;��* i, *V <���>.<�� ���*!<�� ���;������ "C�� �����;������ ���!��� "���I** W ������>* ��T^ ���Io ����;*�����  I   When   You   Think   Of $  A. C. BOWNESS  AGENT   FOR  Oaliiarv IJccr, Ale A l*ortci*.  T. l.liHKL & CO.. Hay and Grain.  _   .1  Granbrook? B.C.  The reason some people-never  <;et, along- anj- better is because  they sit down and dream of automobiles wh~efi~rney ought to bo  pushing wheelbarrows.  ���   ���   ���  Any fool can   c;ive advice, and  I  Deafness Cannot Be Cured,  -�����-  Wt      ^o^e       Vto^��  ' j li\   local apiJiiciiiion.-.,  :w   limy unnnot  j iciiuh Ihu ihsua^cd jvirtinii oi   ihe our.  ��� There i.- only miu tvu.v io uuru dvafni"��s,  '       I anil lhal i-. by eoii^Uuttiomil  iat!iiifdiu->.  , Ut-afnc-r-i; i^ cuuii'd-jby an intl.imi.-d  con-  ���tlitioii   of   Ihu   muciiu-   liiTinti   of thu  ; Ku><i:ii:hiaii Tutw.    Whon llii-,  lube  is  I inllai!it,*d j on have :i rumbliiii!' .-.ounil oi  , ii^iH-rfet.t iiuariti!*. anil when  il  is cn-  tii'tily    oloscd, Dfiifin'BS  im  the  ro^nli,  ���=-lanil  tl;l^o^^  thv  iiulaumialion   vnn   !)������  *������  ! ���"���'K��J" u*!l al1'^ tlii- O.Ihj lVntorctl   lo it,-,  .   I normal condition, ln.-ii.riii>"-   �� ill   bo ilc-  I   Ztruyu'd lort'toi". nitif c:i-u^  tnu   of  li-n  t I .it-u tiiiiM'd i.y (.'iiuu-rii, which i-. nntli- i ���.-, ,_ ... ,-,,-..,. .��� , , ., j  4 nisi bul an niilam.'ii .���on.iiiion nl the ? UR. h.. W. CONNOLLY \  t   .11)110011-. eiirfiKvs. * * .   . ,1 " "        i -,  Pliusiciaii =>-"d Surgeon  C, H. DUNBAR  HARKISTKK, SOUCITOK  and NOTAKV   ITIULllvr  Oranbiook,   B 0.  G. H. Thompson  ISAKUISTICl' ,v SOl.K'lTOl: I  NOTAIiY I'Ulil.lC  OFFICE   L.EASK   BUILDING  f.'ruubrook,  ft.(J.  T li 0 \i A S    M c V ITT 1 10  F��. L. S.   c&   CO.  Kon  Steele B.C.  SEATTLE. oTAC0MA  AMD ALt,  Pacilic   Coast   Points  ST, PAUL,  CHICAGO. HEW YORK,  AMD  ALL POINTS  EAST  ft  ������>  ^*  ���!���  ���������'  ?;r  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft,  ft  ft  You Think Of  ii  29  IJOHN HUTCHISON  PHONE   119   ���  -�����  ��?��>  '��-  ft  ft  ft  ft  .�����  .J.  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  �������  ���*��  ft  ��t"  ft  ft  East Kootenav.  :?:  X Cranbrook, B.C.  V " - V��T  .2l��_&4*.   illL ��0-   iti. ^^L "11^. *9.   >('  J<f.   W|.   vA.   ��Q|,   .A.   fi %Ak   ^ff.    .ft*   ��H.  >9V   ��A.   .��.   .��.   >At    .��,   .VA.   .0.  '#��� ^t�� ������* ������* ^f" -9" ���.��* -���* ������������ �������� *t�� ������� i^�� -j- ;&7(1^ ��t- ��tf- *&* ^#�� *������ *!��� *������ "*��� ���#- ij* 'd��  V    I  Pnlai-p unrt Tourisi  Sl'iopors, Butl'ctt  Library Cars, Modern  Day Conches.  Dining Ours,  MFAS.S    A    LA   CARTE.1"  |   ��� PELTON WATER MOTOR  ;   (jroocl'  iniiigs   lo   ii<at, j !t..r a,,, ,;,* .,i ii,,u���,s. .,T,^, (,   nirin:Ai.Ms���..N.,.��!���     v  ^ *-     O ' 4   ! fiitari io Ui.it r.umot b" t-urt-'U hv Hull >-i i    HOri.'S:    '.) in 11 .t.in.   Linn |i.ni.    s  HARK!    THE   TURKEYS '  \ri   ('��� mi :nu i..   I ' '\> r  A   _'M\f   iii'in   of   'ii."ii   n.t>.   n.'.'i! ��� n_-,iLr.(i -nr  ���->���'..-   i.!--iii.  Rest   ftleais   on   Wheels  i  4  4  4  J A   _'ii-.f   linn   of   'ii."ii   n.i.<   n.'.-i! ��� n_-,iLr. (1 'in-  ���..���!.-   .i!-i)i..,' j   | -.tiii.tt ion  4 r-lioit'i' mil - -t.i!. <l:-i->r,u,i���r' i!     ' >ii" .n.in   * ��� ','��� -   .-  fio,r   mi.    i'o i���irj i��         J : ii,L*   ���.".('.,   'l.r.i' '.v.'.'ti *".rt.'ni"_r 'r _M''.it -n.Li.,   ir.t' ts   I i��- 'i..  :.in'-' ���       - - - - -  i n.' n:i-t*1.i r ".n���Ml      Th-.   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' '    'i\ikf 'll.tir-   Kaiiiih    I'll!-   Im   i-oii-  t .   to **  11.111.  f    I'bor.i'Oiliff 1(1",0   lv<'ni(!i->ii'i- Ki'l  7 I  : i  O l'\ST   Tl(.\|\> ,-��  ��..    liAST   ,\S1)  '.VI  VI   DAILY    ^f  *  Cninherries 20c. a }  ' CALGARY   CATTLE    CO,       '   \ !}-'."      ^   LIVBrU    '  joii'n'd '.    lM>-sii Clvsters 7w. .1 <|ii:ir��   j  J j 01 ullUI UUlV  =?Y   CATTLE   C( '  r'  ft     Order By Phone 4-ri     ^f  Centrally Located  1  i  4 l T  j, , ^,.  ._^.......   ,    ...... __, ,,  J.              ~��     orcier .bv rnone +.-i     %*                J if  0-^-^-^-��.'^'^-��'^^^>-��.-^'>-��.'��-'>k-x.-%.'<��04|-��.-��.-^.'��.'��'*.-��.^.^.-��.��->��.'��.'��.'��.'��.��.'X.'��.��^ J  CEAHY & DOYLE, PROP'S 4  Under   [New   Management  Electric Lights: j    ���,: , , ���   A   A    . ,  I  f    , I emus iind. drivers lurnish- j  '' |��;d' for .liny   point, in. tlie (lis-, i  T  l\(,'0r I  1 trio I,.  i  t  f     v  R.   E.   KING  i=y.    DENTIST  Oi-rioi'. llouits:   u it, li; .1.11.  '��� ' 1 to (1 yi ;ti.  7 lo ,S jiiin.  (.)|''I''K,K 1111(1 KKSIDK.VCK  'Armstrong Ave.   Cranbrook  !"*��� �����"  full   ii.irlit'ii'.n*-,   ral.-,    lolilfr.-  ��� li'.. fill I on -ii   ,iiMi f--  s ti. v Ki:i\ |.;s. (..w.i'.A..  SfiiUI,., Wa-li,  ,..   W.    Jl.illilNKV,  C.I*.' s.   T.A..  Si'Okiiin.-.   ���'  '.  The Illinois Centra!.  A.  DOYLE,   Manai.'ti  ���M.'iiimiiiw   imoxcclltiil   Hfi'fii'f   fi'inii  tho west, tn tin. ,.;.si mid KOiilh.   .VIal;in"  fins miiffl.ioii.-i    with    l.i'ain.i   of   nil  ���.PniiHfoi'il.iiif.iiliil linos,   pitHMinx'f.ri.  an-  fit-.tii i.hfii' chiiii f I'l.iitc-, in (.;liif.:o:o  (.diiinvillf ...Moinphi-i innl .Nf ����� Orlf.!ns.  ami i.hroii"h l.lifMf points lo i.hf I'm-cahl  I'l-ospffI.ivi: travflfi's ilcsii'iiiy   inlnr-  inal.ion as In tlm lou'f.,.1   i'ii.i.ok  mul   lif.sl  rmitiir.   iii-f   Invjlfil   in   fiii'r,,s|M)iii|.;ui'f |  with Ihf followiiif 1-,'pi'f.sf ntal ivi���.  It.  II. 'I'uomiioi.i., Coiiinifi'f.iiil A;.���'(���.it j  11'.' 'I'liiriJ. Si., I'oi'llmiil. (irffon. j  .I.e.  I.INHS|yvJ;'l'. K. A. I'.A. i  Hi! Third Si., I 'ot-ilanil, Oroyon i  . , I'. II. Thompson. F. a l*.,\.. iioom 1 i  We Gil/e You Your  Mcney's Worth!Office and Workshop   Lewis StK.-oiuiuiuuwa.: sUuiu��: \vutu.  ���'Hf.:;icU]u;ii't��.:rs  for  minin  rnen finfl "lfl tiin<trs. z\  :<(        AV'lit-.h you  want   n   good;  *���     |)l,'K:o   to. stojj ���r.i'iriK'- to tliej  D,'j; JOHNSON  ''''    A!anitol):i. ,P  Carpenter  *���& Huikler  ^00 p i  D, A.  HALL). MANAGER  (���nod  Work fit  Keiisonable I'l'k'.i  l��T    \   Q  0*  Sold  i on 3  Months'  Trial X  '/��  .Ynui'money rctitrnt'M  ; iiuriti,;,ii:iti:-;I in livri" ���.'.���,!>���. Vi:-''  ALWAYS READY    \-  FOR INSTANT USE^i  hiH'.im,i-.lli,-"C.irK,-M;iiti|..lic^ via?  IstlKlricall... ig,.^,,,./lu���\ /iJgSl  ll'i!lli;v|:r.��iinl Iti il,;���nn      VaiVJ^    I'lHOKH  ol'diiKtry f.-iri-liil s&QSSr ��*rlw.. l.>||(|  .mc. il will li,,.',i AJ&Sgr M��f.uoHo-..  ill.   c.li;<i   lui-     j.s��a*Vjfr I'nlrin   IJi^O  y ;: u r .. ^-<W^jm5^ iM-tliii- ouno ' .  will' ^S&A'Slir n*'��M'> ri,iH'^vi-S5i(|  t"MjBi^ '.'rl'fi'.vi lic/iMln *-..  "C.tl't)ii..M,1i,n0||c"   KI,,,.  IK. (.-||.,l,iiinSlif,|,-., J.1.00  trn. IvM'I'.k'.t "Iliiin. Ir. sluvi.-n;."  I'' ���       ���Al.f. ItV  i. \li"':,-|lil',      OUANIIHOOK-. II. C  ssaaaii��mw&Tm!ff.mi^wd8ij��  mmff'  W0*':  i  i  ��  t  ���  t  t'  *  f  t  i  t,  Ui  ...                    -T-^assg-v,** "���   .,            ,       ,   .          . ,  j.         6 INCH    PELTON   MOTOR I  T                 YOU HAVE A WATER PRESSURE OF 100   LBS.  IN"  TiTS f  j CITY MAINS       Thtv  G-intih    Motor Illustrated abovo will develop f  I 2 K.P.  and um'. bul, littlo -water.    Choapor than Gas or Electricity, f  | and   adaptiKl   for .running   Printing:   Prossos,   Dynamos,    Gonor'nl I  . Machinory, Etc.    Soothe Motor In Oporation  al, tho oilico ol' "The I  J I'rospoctor".       , . f  ���     i  '     i"  | THE. WATER SUPPLY CO.. LTD  T . ���;.   ,  -SELL THESE MOTORS        ' \  j '������'  Antl   will   iflvo   you full particulars and  pricosA  Or writn im    *  T direct,    Kivirf4-   ]iii.rticulurti   as    toV power    roquirod    nml    lLind    of,../*,  ^ ninc-hintiry you wish to run.                                                                            \A  \ THE PELTON WATER WHEEL CO.           |  t 100 Main St., San Francisco, CaL | THE FROSPEGTOB, CEANBROOK,  ���������.���������-������ '    " ���   ������ " ���       A?  DECEMBER 23,   1005  ^f!!!!i!H!!!m!M!^ni!m^ni!?HH!ns!^nitnnH^!mnn!mn^  Head Office,. '���.';'.'.,���  Calgary,, Alberta. '���  Main Office.for East'Kootenay,  "Z Cranbrook, B.C     . ������  }~'Ai"; iYHoIesale ottcl JRetai! ., ,,.3  1    M  C= Dealers in    ',  Br   Livestock  Abattoir��� and Gold Stonige;  at Calgary; Alberta.   A  TOe $XQ8p2KtOt.  SATURDAY. DI'X.' 2,'J. l��l&-  f"  1^^^:a::z  TEIj'm  $ Guests Comforta Specialty ?flGood,Stabling in Connection  ANoarest tb railTpWdepoiti A Ha^ccorniiip-'  dations V for . thie;   publicYunequalled'Un  r,:".,' "'''.I-   '.    A Cranbrook.  ' y Z-'-ZiZA'"  .$Ho'tand Gold,'Bathsy  t  HOGGARTH & ROLLINS , m  AtypAA, Ay: v : Proprietors J|  yy  (iyy ���"-  AA,      ,,.,NOTICE.  A Ay'l-y-y  ��� .Notice is hereby given that I Intend  "to apply to'tho'Chior .Commissioiioi*. of  ALiimls and Works ;for, licence A01 Al"OS^  ���poet for Coal  arid "Petroleum  on tlie'  foi lo wing;' lands:  "Bog,! h ti i n <r'- at a,; post  .planted at the    northeast' .corner, of  Morrissey''t6wrisit6j,.>h'cii6o,:'south' one'  iliile follou-iiig.ttjp. gonot'-al trend of the  Elk.   aiver,yytheiiCfZwest .one .mile,;  ;,thonce north' one'.mite,,thence eagt one  'iliile to the point'of commencement.,, - ������'.���  AVFernio, B.CZ,beceml>er:Otlv,; 1005.y"  iy,-:,-:-.. ly-yi'i-y'-y.       ..,��� J. J. Cowderay,  ...'51 A ��� .A i-yii''���!''���; Por J.Ai- Ferguson';  ;v<?"  /������A-  V'    Y  AAf'''..''A-yy.AAAA::ANdTicE.:v';V,V:,;/x;'''' '-yy:":  AZSot-ice' is liereby givon^hat 1  intend  A'toapplyto, the 'Chief CpmmissioueyAjf  . 'Lands'and' Work's for licence: yto'pro.-i-  ' met'.;rm%iCoHUiiihd .-Petroleiiiny on 'the  yfpllowiwg lands:;'��� Beginning at-'it ��� ptSst  ���p'huited AatA they northeast corner Vy of  A.Mowiss'ey,  townsite,' thence., west ,:one  niile, . thenceyriorth^ one AmiliyA thonui.y  east to Vthc  ElkyRiverA theucA.smitliy  following- the general trend.of tliti said;  ..riv'oivtotho point'.ofvjommoncement. : A  '    Fcrniei ^.CZ'D'ecember' 6th, 1905V'' -A'-  " A: IP 'Ayi':" AA'YyA'V^^jAHA'Soukler;*;"  '�� AoL    AA .A     'Y'JF;erJVB. Ferguson   .  ..���....'yA'"./';.        NOTICE.   ,. A"AAPi't'P- ':"-  ,',  Notice.is hereby-j^iyeii'that. I  it'eyiul  to 'apply'to the. Chief Commissioner, of  : 'Lands anil Works'"foV licence, to  pros-  ; poet.'tor Coal; and' Petroleum on  the  . following lands:.' Beginning at"'a  post  .planted Vat the 'southwest corner 'of J.  AH.'Seukler's claim, and 'marked W. A.  ������Ma'elenan's .northeast y corner,  theiice  "south one mile, thence west one mile,1  thence north one.imile, thence east one  ' milo to the point of commencement.  ' ��� Fernie, B.C., December 6th, 1905.. \.  ���y \V. A. Maclenan  51  -.. ��� ��� ���'   '"'      Per J. B. Ferguson   <  : ,Y     :A... .:. .,;;��� NOTICE.   ; ������-"  Notice is hereby given;that I intend  to apjiiyVto the'.Chiof .Coniim.-wionei-V of  Lands and Works,, for,;lieeneo'io'. pi'bs-  ]��ctVfqr"CcKil,;iiiiil:pKtroloum "on "���itlic  follo'wiiig lauds: Begiiiniiig at Vayp'ost  marked XI.- AV Welsh's ; northwest a;or-  ner {one mile west, of the Elk River),,  thonce south one niile', theiice eiist one  mile,,'.thenco north one mile,' thenee  w'est'/bno'iniilc'oto- t^ho pointy of .coniT  meneement.   ��� y V  .-.,; Fernie, B.cA DoecnibprVGUi. lilOo.AVy  ZZAZ'"'' ������ '���-���-. A yf kAa<' Welsh;,'. A  y'5l ,AVV   Ai:'- -A- r'or'J.'B. FerguA'oa';'���"���  . NOTICE.     . ���    ,  . .Notice is hereby given that I intend  to apply to the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and Works for licence to prospect for Coal "aridA*Petroleum", "oil' the  following lands:,   Beginning at a  post,  .marked "W., A.. Maelenan's iiorthcast  coirrierv thenco ..west one mile,.' thence  north one niile,, thence east one mile,  thenee south one milo to. the  point of  'commencement.   ,      '.,'...' . -    '  '    Fernie, B.C.,, December ()th,'Ul05.  ^Iclen Ferguson  y'r>l '������'    V'l'er.l.'B. Fergusoii  '-'������'��� ,     NOTICE.-'  Notice is , hereby given that. ��� 1 will  apply  to   tho- Chief Commissioner', of  ��� Lands unit'Works for licence to pn>sr  peel for Coiil,., arid Petroleum on the  following lands:    Beginiiing at  a. post  'marked J..B. Fergiison's northeast cpr-  ��� nor (planted on the' west shore of the  Elk River one'milo north of coal and  petroleum chiim No. 137-1) thence south  one mile, thence west one milo, thenco  uortli one mile, thonce east ono miloito  point of commencement. .. ...  Fernie, It.C, Decembor lith, 11)05.  51, .1. B. Ferguson  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby Riven Unit thirty dnys after  date 1 Imeiitl Ui n*pply. to the Chief Coiinnl.s-  sioner of I.aiids and Works, and io Lhe Asuist-  .��nt Commissioner oO.andit and Works ��� for tho  UNtrlct'of Hast Kootenay for a license to pros-  \kc.i for Coal and Petroleum over the following  clOKinilii'd lands situated on Akamlna Creel;,  Moo!* IfiOT. Southeast Koolenay District.  CninmciiciiiK at a post planti'd near Akaniina  Creek, aiiont one.lininlred yaniK north of the  South Kootenay I'ass Tra 1. holliK Sottthensl.of  .and adjoinii.K.Ioilu Cilnyu'R c��(il and petroletlin  (;l.iim, anil.iil.oiit one and one-half miles soutli-  easl from where Akainlun ereek joins Kisho-  neti-na ereek. lieiuir M. I). Sliea'n Norttnvesl  corner posl. thence south 80 eh ilnp. thenee east  WI chains, thence liorlh 80 chains, thenee went,  SO chains tn tin: pla-e of beginning.' eoniainliiK  f.li) ncres more or less.  Uic.'Uod N'ovember 22ud, 1905.  ,'M. I). SIIF.A. Locator     '  I!, JOHN OI.OYN. Attenl  ..���AA.'".'V'A';"y;;, .yA'NOTlCB:" V'Z"';: '. "Ay)  1 Notice is 'hereby' given that tintond  to applv to the ChiefnCommissibhor." of  Lands and Works- for,.' licence; to pros-  poet .for: 'CoalAand. Petroleum on:, the  following 'lands'' beginning- .at",, a- 'post  uiarked R.AV:W61sh;V northwest y cor-,  ner, t'tVence 'eastypneVmitoVt'otheElk  Rivei'i tlierico north one ini lo following,  the'ilxirikqf ilia Elk River, thonce -wcSt  one"mile,   thenee' South��� ���one' mile   to  ,1     a,. y- .,      . .; - , ii ���.-     ���,.,. ���'.':;..'���"��� :.',:.: n -:���������;  point of coramoncemenl,..,. ^y '���,,;.-A,y-..-, ������-..'���  ��� ''��� '"'Feru'ieV'iJi'C.v Deceniber Oth; W05.yA-  A:yA)<Ayyy-AAAyyyji^ym\)hvAA  '.''��������� oL".  ';     Z','��; vifer'jA'B. Ferguson .:  'A '.���;,,;,' .;vv.Av; NOTICE.y'c, .AVV".;,., v:v.���  y Notice is" liorpby given, that' I intend  to apply to the Chief Commissioner, of  Lan'ds.iind Works for licorice.'to prospect for Coal," and .'Petroleum oh 'the  following'lands: Beginning at a ;post  marked R. A. Welsii's northwest corner, thenee west one mile,'thonce north  one mile, thence east oho, iri'ile, "thonce  south one mile to the point 'of commencement. A: '���>������ .."''.'   '������..;���",'���.'������  ' Fernie,''B.C.,,December (5th. 1905.  , R.'IO. McKechnie.  '"'"'*  Y,5lA     ..A,.'.:       Per J. B. Ferguson; .  ,'���;   ������'; ,...,���     ' -.notice. ;,.,���'..,      ���-':  Notico is hei-eby given that T intend  ���to apply to the Chief Commissioner 'of  Lands and Works: foi- licence to prps7  ,peet' for Coal .'and1 Petroleum oii the  following lands: Beginning at a 'post'  marked'K. 15. McKc.chinb's -northeast,  corner,; thence east one milo to Elk  River, tlienee north one mile following  tiie bank.of the said river, thenee, west  one mile, thenee south bin; mile, to the  point of commeneeuieiit. ., A '  Fernie,,B.C., December Oth, 1!>05.  "'.'��� W.'l.lart Mclvui-g'., '  51 ,       ���".!., 1.5. Fergnsoii   '  READ.  THE PROSPECTOR.  NOTICE. ,  Notiee-cis hereby given that I   intend  ui apply to the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and   Worics  for'.'licence to pros-  poet   for  Coal  anil. Petroleum  on  the  fojlowing lands: . Beginning; at, a  post  marked 11.  K.  'Mclvtichnie's  nprtlieits.t.  corner, thence west,one mile',   thence  noi-th  one  mile,  ihence east out; mile,  thence 'south  one mile to point of commencement. , ,  Keriiie. B.C., .December m.h. l'!>0").  ���    Ceo. .Mai-donald  51                          Per.l. B. Ferguson  Conservative Rally.  -- ��� v    y,     "..'.':    r   ,      '-'���  Continued from Page 1.' '���".'������  , ...  ��� ' " ��� ���'() ,  one ,end of tlie country  to the  other.A And   our  school system  is yet due to be proud of,-A'-'"  Compared \Vith that of On-  tiirio.AQuebec and other eastern  provinces; ��the state of Massa-  ch'usetts, Zvhieli' educationists  place as th.e'biast. school system  inAexiIten^T"taWili^~'t11^:^n^  tions to which we are bound to  give consideration,-" we must be  driven the opinion of**'having the  best school system existing,    "p  Audthof, subject .1 Aw.ish to  speak to, you about is the financial problem Awe had'to face.  ^Ve ���'hiitdl' ,'lo'v'iborrow 81,000,000.  We had'to face a deficit, and we  had' large'obligations to meet iii  lhe direction of civil service and  public wfirks. ''.We.';. borrowed  '81,000,000'at 5 per cent., and .lot  me tell you We got evei-y copper  of thc���money.'>'' We p'aifl no cqm-  uiissions.v We^gotSUOOO.OOOfor  ftltOOOjbqOi-^v'Now;* vour Biberai  frieudsinAthe house y say tliat be-'  i'bre/going east Ave Ashduld have,  itskedA t|h'e,, people^ to Asubseribe  aiidyyou would have got itAV v  Tliat isywiiat. we Attid' when' we  came into office, and the result  ofythis work is ^thatAtocliiyABHt-'  ish;ColuiribiaAisYin:Aaii on viable  cdudi,tidnv-y. People" who ciwn real  estate^invthe'interior tellus tliat  values:;u-eAgoiug "up^Aprices^ris-.  ingA People Vwho,own sawmills'  are ope rati ng: 'th em con't m u ally  from'due end of A the proviii'ce to  thedther, and the miries.of the  country are Mil' ay Very splendid  shape. '���[Lthink, I, caii;sayA.fI'dm'  ihy knowledge df'.what1 is.gding  on in the country'... that the outlook'was never Aso,.bright ;as;���we'  findA ij,, for Atlie:yearVjl'JOfj.?^'To:'  dayA^e have,; good���A.'times.v far  better^tiiaih we liaye enjoyed A for  years' and' there A is .e.y.ery' v.p'ros-.  peefcat'the,, approaching;; season  of Abetter timewaheadAandAj'r.  beypiidvany tiling Awe;; have; Apii-'  joyed befdre-A Take trad(iApeople  ;geiidral|yA;"do A you AuoiZfmdA a;  better:Afee].i,ngJvabroaa.:',A;I;yhave  ^ayeiledAthroiig-hy the ;Bqundary  cpuutry and,Qv^'ry. mining 'man;  mindr,',. -inei:chanttA' yaiidAyMaririei::  tellsymeVtha;t business^is Abetter,  things look brighterpaud, inA'all���  fairness to; the: present gdyern-  ment ib'.,niust. ,in some measure  be iittributed tothe.'ybusinesslike  dealing with the, 'conditions as  they liad td; l^e A'met Aand the  courage with which itAgrappled1  with fiscal problems so A promin-  ehtAthree years ago have' played  some part in' thev' better times  now enjoyed.^ The general manager A;of A they Bank ' of; British  North America stated in an interview'tliat business wasnever  better.'.thaii ,it had been: '.in" .1.905  and .that it was in ,,a' great  measure attributable to : the, fact  tiiat/.the government endeavored  to carry on the' business of 'the  country in a sensible fashion.  A'We have paid intothe'tvoasury  at 'Ottawa $liS,d00,0Q0Aniore .than;  we,'have taken out. .the- other  provinces have as ?���.you know  taken out millions more than  they liave put iii. Laurier;said  that it was all right,Alook at the  i-ich province of British Coliun-  liia. and how well o IT every body  'IS. ���' ������    ,Z'" ��� .   ��� y      '���������   -  ' A  ,.I wantto see railroads built in  ���B: C.'-, bu t I. am .not goi tig to lend  'myself to a .policy that would  ��ivn us railroads to the ruination  ������   NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that. I will  apply to the, Chief Conimissionor of  Lands and Works for license to prospect''for Coal'and Petroleuni on the  following lands: ��� Beginning at, a post  marked J., B- Fergiison's northeast corner, thenco to the. west, one mile,'thence  north tine mile, thence to .the west,  shore of-Flk Kiver following, ilu: said  river south to tlie point of i-.uinmeiice-  ment.  Fernie, B.C., Peeeinber ��th, 1����'��-j:  .  II. ,1. Thorne' ,  51     . '     Per .1. 1.1. Ferguson  NOTICE.   ;���; : [j-��� ; ���  of the credit of ihe 'ctniiitry. I  would rather get down and out  ofoflice tomorrow if I felt thai  in" order to continue in ''.-office I  would have to lend myself to a  scheme that would mean "the  further prostitution of tlie assets  oi the country.'' ' ' A- A, ,'^Z ..,.- ������*  Now ladies and gentlemen, J,  am.tiring'you,' but'the chairman  and tlie other gen tleiiien, were' so  kihdahd'iiico when they introduced me tliat ,1 felt compelled,  to elaborate on the local situation. I want to tell you that I.  stand lonight in ,the position, I  Ittidd"'tlii'SoAy ear s" agoZf "T t-^t������;:  RAiLWAY  EAST  .^jA-'masgnrY;.:;-;^  Steam   Boilers  and Furnace Work a  Specialty..'. '������ ); .   ' .;>���   ,- -  ���"'���: y,  Cost and Stock- Estimates Y  Ay't- Purnished Upon Applica-A ;  1 '   ,.   tion.A'.'V "-.'   '.''��� 'A;"' ���..";'..'.,  P.O. Box 834. y, Granbrook, B.G.  $63.50  A AROUND TRIP  /m  THREE '���;MONTHSV''"'LirMITKD  Toronto, Montreal  ���'���' '    '   ','.'"',,,    y   ������ ���'/������";.,    ;   y'  ���'::.   And Principal Points in  Ontarid and Quebec. ,  . f,:.      "v.';;,.-',,   , NOTICE.   .;���.������,-���     '-;..y-yf .'  : Notice lii'liorcCj^Ivim tliat so'daya iirtei- iliitn.  wo'ilie'iiiitlursiifiiudAiiiUi.udVt'oTuiipij-Ato'-lhe  Hon. Ch'lof Coiiiinissloiier of .r.ritids'auii Works  for it Spiii-liilr;f.li-uiis(! to cut, niiil curry iiVny  Tiiribur from tlifs' (ollo'wliiff doscriliiiil .iHii'ls lu  Soui.bcn.iil Kootenay 'district.' lirlilsh' Coliiuiiiiii:  yy'CoinuiGucliiir ut it post pliiiitcil uu'o liiik luilo  west of tlio.Luntl.t IlrcckctiflttKt! tlin'b'tir lease,  between tbe Kouieiiay nnd Skookum Cliuck  rivers, or kbout fntir'iniles l'rom A.; J;, MlllcrH'  ranch lit ^lcookiiin 'Cliuck, tlion'co eiiiii Kicliaiu's  tlienee south liWiiliiili'is,'tiieii'eo west, 10 ehiiiu's,  tlienee north.,li->0elialiis to iiluce-of beifiniiltii,'.,  coiiuilninKfill) iicrcs iuuro.or less. ,,.  ;.,'-, ���'. V ,,r   -    V,T*V .lonson, r.oeiitoi.V;  Ontiiil Soy: iHrti.'IIWS, ; :r'-A,_-[ ���'������' .<-���*-���. y^yv  ycomriieneiu^ ut it post plumed nl. tho 'nortlt-  weiit coriier of P. .leiisoii.tuniier license, ihotico  east 10 chiiiiis; tliciiiiu north. HW chiiiiis, ihence  west-10chnins,'tl|i<ticQ sou ili'IGll cliuins to phice'  of beijiiiniii!.'. contaihitiu 610 acres more' or^^ leis;  '.,'-. :-���������:  .;"-';,''    y:W    P. I-'erson. Looatory  'Dated Nov.,23rd, 1905.   ,���<������ .   V, , A ���   ^!' '  "A-y Ayy]"^notice. a<���'.-";.'.   y.y  N'otioe is hereby'itiveu tliut,' milaysiifterdiitf)^  wo tlio,,uiulei'si|,Mied,. intenil to iipply: to the,  Cliief Coniiiiiissiiiiici'.oiir.ii nils anil Works lor, k  .special licenseVlo*cut:;iitid carry ntviiy timber  from thc'followliiij'tleserlbed la nils in- South-  "oust Kooturiiiy District, liriiisli Coin hi bin. '. ''  ���������'."���V.'Kwi'ii;.No. IV-VV'V '��� .. '���: ��� y'V.:,; ���'<'"������ 'Y:A "���.;'  Coraiiiencliiit'at u post piiittiod iu .tUo.-stiiitn-r  ea'st. corner of i'i Person's'Noi 1 timber license  on Cariboo crook'.ihpnccsoutiiKOcliiiliis, liience  west SO chains, thence noftli' 80.'chHins... theiice.  cast soyeiiain.s, to piucc' of 'boijiniiiiiu, contaiii-,  iii^r (iiO acres.more or less;;'-;;,/ !' ,;; . y ,V : V  yyv.vV' ,;--'A:'y'VyV A"'- j.^Kwin,'r.ocntofYy  ybnted Nov.i*ith, llilin.        ,,,fV ,AV; -Y ..'':���,',:':������������.,,-;  "'���.iV"iSw(n.NciZ.v,|A vAAyA'A AA"v": AyA'Ay Avv  ', CoiiiiiieiieiiiK iit a'p'bst planted', ai' the .-outh-  east corner, of .l.iiiwiu's "No.V1. Timber License!  thenco south' 80 chains, thence west'} SO oliuiiis,  thence noi'tli SO clinins; tboiui.e eas'trtOchiiins'ti:)  piaei-- of licglnhiiVK^.containlng.tilV iicrcsfiiiore  or loss./:; ���)'���>.Ac'V:'.'''yA-'y.;y.y;:'AyY;.yy "y- :,.y \l.  - :'/'.' ZA'-'VliV Y;v.y.:;.:;��'N;'.l6linsoii, location:;;  ';';bated-Nov.aiiii, liios.Z,v.,i,VY.;AiVV;,;,vv" ')fa))A  y-iyyyyy--yyNpTU3E.yAy-yy-A::-A  Notico is hereby uivcii that 30 diiys after date  we tlip undei'Hijpie'rt, intend to iipply, the Iloii.  Cliief Commissioner of Lnntis nnd. Works fqr'a  special license to cut ,nrid 'enrry'away.^timber  from "ilio.', following ileseribed laiidsV.sltuale' iti  Southeast'KoDtoiiiiyDistric.t.,ni'itisli Columbia  P. 'tjersori'No. I. . ;' ,;''AA *.'. '; ' '-'-A A-'''  , CommoiiciiiKUt.a post'plaiueii.close to.tl.o  bsinlc of,Skookum Chuck river; .about .wliere-  Cnriboo creek.runs iuio.Skodkiiui Chuck river,  thence soutli 40 chnins; Iheneii west SO chains,''  tlienee north SO chains; thenco eiisl,. SO eliains,  thonce.south -10 chains; lo; place ,bf begiimiiiir;'  contiiiuinK IU0 acres more or less.        .'.    '--  ���".'���'..',.   '.:���'.   V". Person. Loeutor  Dalod Nov. ililll, Il/0!��."        ;'  P. .Touseri No. 1. ,. "    .;':'���'"'..      .      .  Coininenclus at a post planted at the northwest corner of P. Person's No. 1 liinber'ileeriiie,'  theiice wesl SO chnins, thence, south SO, eliains,  thence east SO chains, thence' north SO chains lo  place of bCKiuiiinj..'coiitainini: 010 acres,more  or less. ; ���' ���'���'' ,''������"' i-.. y.'y   ,.,     ;  ,, -Y,' " ,. '  ' 1*. .leiiHcu. r.oeutor  pnt��IN6v.,2ltIi,,ioo.-..      '���" "  ������.. P.'Jonaou'No. 3.       -., , .-���    , .;��� ,,*���';    L1  . CoininoiieiiiKiitn post liliinioil ut the. northwest corner of 1*. Jensen's,No^ i timiier license,'  tlienee west SO cliains; thence south ^0 clinins,  thenee east,80 chiiiiis, thence north '3D cliuiiiH,  to pliice ol bc'ginni'iin;, ediit.^iniii��t. lilO'ncrw;  more or;less; , ������'.��� ���- .-..������ ,.'-,.; ,... -  ���   .i.,,'. ,- p. .fcnsen/'I.ocalor . ,  iiatcil Nov. stth. laos. ,.���",'.  :...:'.,,  1 1*. Person No. i!,  . ���'���'.������".  CouinteticliiK,��" post pliinted ut the north-;  west corner of. I*. Jensen's No. 2 timber llobnse,  thence w*esi SO chains, thonce south SO chains  thence, east 80 chains.-.thence north SO chain's to  place of beiiin'iiiiiK. coniain'Init 610 acres more  or less. ���   '*'  , ' .' ''   1*. Person. Locator  " Drtleil Nov. 'lllll. iS'il.i.  P. Jensen No-it,        ', ���'���"'' '���  Z  Coininecoin��at ii post planted nt tin" northwest corner'of P. Person's No. n.tlmher.license  theiic'n west Sti clinins. tlienee south SO clinins.  tlienee east SO chains tlienci. north BO chains to  place of beirlnliinK, uontninini; ,��M) acres more  or less, y  i*. .ionrfen, Locutcr,  Dntcil Nov. Slih, i'.ior.. ."'-  ' CORRESPONDINQ RATKS  AA TO ALL POINTS IN  Maritime iyy Pyy  )l^rc>\ripdGs,tt  ���av' y':2>Je\Vy Yorio,  -"A-I$g\v JBiiQlanfi  On-salo daily becenibfsr  'I'tAAltPl-.tO-SYA yiy.  .yf^or dfitaihidAi'nfprnlatifiii lirst  class or tou'ristdSldepdi' 'rosorvii-  Lioiis applyAtciA locatj^ngenfs  or  iy'rit'0.'������''.'���'���'A','A, iy;A"-y'p,"A.i   *    *  ���aZA'j^v caUTEIivADA;p. a.,  AZZY;Yy''AYZA'','^Nelsdn, H, C.  SHORT LINE  BETWEEN ���  STPAU L"��CHICAG0  QMAHA^CHICftGQ  t��5City*"ClllCAlJ0.  mm  iafg  1&   ,?���**��  :      '.',',;. .1..:..   .-.'���.:'��� ������.������..:"���..���.:*���.  Vour attention, is called U) tlie  Pioneer Limited",trains of the -'Mil-  ,;ivau,K-ee. & SVPitulUailway.'' ''Tho only  poi'fo'ct traitifl'j'in tlio, world.''���;  ."������"'���You wiil'lind'iiVdeSinibleao ride on  tl')6se;,trai.usywlieii'g'oiiie','to any point, in  tiie.KastferiiV''.S'l.ati08,",or.-.;Caniiida. ;Thoj'  eorinectj, \vitliA';atlYy,n>atiscpulinoiinil  Traiiis 'linflAall^'Ticlcct''''.'A'jronl*.    sell  tickets^"    .,VVV'A ',V';.'Ao!'V ;'"'��� '''������ '  ���.';���: 'For!furtlier/,information,-painplilot-b,  dt'c.Vask iiny-l-icketi-'Ageiit btv  ���R,jAAfordA0 An.AsA.^pu'io, ,*  ZV ,'PassA Asent,,;   ;'(;:VGenera! A iron t,  P AySpOKvan E.;:; A y;?A A;TOiiT LA N D  AAv^jtieAlUinpisAGentral  ���A 'Maintains'^^unexcelledV",service fi-orn  tUe'wostytt^tlieVeast and soutli. .Miikiii}.r  close corineetlous ,witli:^,trains of all  tran'scontinoiiial lilies, < pasHenyei-- aie  g-ivon their'choice of route* to Chica��o,  Lpuisi?illoi Mei'nphis'.and. New Orleans,  and.through these points to the far cast  Prospective travelersVde-siritiLr information "a.s to,the Iowc'kI' rates' and lici  routes-are V invited to Acorresjiondoncc  ivith .tlie fpllowinjr ropresentativc-..  'B..H. TruMHUIjI., Coramer'iiial Aifrut  . ..,,142 Third St., Portland, O'-sron.  A J.'C. 1.INUSKY, T.P. & P.A.  ���'',' ���-:.  142 Third SliA, Portland, Oregon.  ���-.1'.'. B. TuOMI'SOn;   h'. & P.A.,   Koom  l,cColman llldtf.,.Seattle, WiihIi.  ^,H-H^^rM-I"I-I"I->H~H~H-H-  Headquarters for ;  ''������'���,..  PKKSH, FRUITS  -Vy."y-A." NUTfi and CllOICK  ���"..A,'', v COXFliiCTIO  oicrc jl  XK.I IV -y  ,   :,-'���')' ���        -'','���'���.    '���'���'-��� A . T  lG6 Gream and Soft.Drinks n?  Also Tobacco, iPijjes  and Cigare  r.  Baker St..    Grai-il;ronk  ���H-H-P^-I-S-I-I-I-S-I-'-^i-H-r-S-f  ^/'^pfe.-,   Hiree ii, four Year Courses  $c&-^&^>   '"' ^'>"'"K. Clicnic.'il.'Civil.  Mfchntiicil niiil Klcclilcal  KnitlneerlUK.  Mlncrnlony .-"I  Ccolosy,  Ui'nlocy anil  I'lililic Iiculth.  Wiitc for calendar lo  The Secretary,  Evhoo! ot   Mining.  Kiutfcton, ciul  NOTIO.K Iri HKIti;ilY C.IVKM  that,an up-'  plication'  will , lio   maiie   to    ilio   Legislative  Assembly of ,liriiisli Columbia  ul   its   next,  Session   for   an Act to  Incorporate, iii��  St.  Mary's anil, Cherry Croclt  Itullwuy  Company  with iiowcr to biilld, construct,, maintain mul  opci'ate u railway of stuiulnril   k"��KO   to  lie  oimratixl by Htouin. electricity  or  any other  power for thu cnrryliiK o'f freight. liussuiiKers  ami express:   Commencing at a point on tlie  North  Star  Branch '.of tho llriti.-h Columbia  Southern  Hallway, about   ono  mile ���west of j  Bayard; ihence northerly aioin,- lli'j. oast side ���  Luke Crock to Lot SII, liion'cc north easterly lo j  a point on Cherry Creole near  l.ol 710;   with u ;  brunch line from it point on   Lot 'HI, northerly !  to a point on Cherry Creek west nl Lot.'OT, ami j  other brunch  lines not tixe��oillnn   i<:n   milcf |  eai'h In li.ns-lli.   To connect with and enter into  r.i.iulnu    arraiiKcmeuts    with   the   Ciinailiun !  IV.clllo Railway Company or any otlier railway j  situate near proposed   railway.oi    any'purl i  tliert'or-, aildto eonstruet siillni;s at any Mich ,  connectlonn; to receive lrom any.person, (.lev- i  crnmrnt or  lioily   corporate  grunts   of  liuid. '  money lir other asuels lu ulil  of iho conui rue-j  tlon of said .umlortnkliiK.' with po��i>r loeon- ;  struct and  nperate   tiilCKniph   imd   loleplion'i |  lines for the purpose of Its inn-Incus ami (mill  Dublin: wltli suoll oilier powers ami  prlvlli-  in. are UKiiully itiveu to riillwuy couipiinie��:  Duli'.il at Cranbrook, H.C...December "tli.  IX. !��:��� '  SIMPLE  STRONG  NOTICE.  , N'O'I'ICK'IS IIEItKHY OiVKNUiut a,; up-  plicatloiitt'ill Ixs made to tbe 'Legislative Assembly of Britisli Coluinliiii nt its !ic.\t Se^-ion  for an Act to Incorporate lhe Si, .M,u:> 's l*i.Uev  itullwuy Company, with, power to build ������nn-  struct. maintain'tint! operate il line of railway of stuiiiiiird kuukc ',t'* he op.'-  iite.l by steam, electricity, or any ot!v r pouer  for Ilic carryinji of freight, paf-'-en^ers .md ey-  pre-'-s; Coinnioneiin; at a irfilui on ihe X.titli  Star iirun^li of tlie Hriti.il. Cfiliniiliit. S.iu'.Ihti,  ltuitv.'uy. at or near the town of Mitryni ille,.  thence Westerly followiuj,' lhe S'oriiieriy side  of St. Mary's I'aver i>> St. Mary's Lake, ihence  skirlim.' tile Northeriy .sidu ol the .said lake to  its westerly end. tlienee 'proeeediim u'e-.tward  nlon^ cither tlie northerly or southctly .side ol  said 'St. Mary's iilvery to u point .'on  Koolenay Luke til or near, (..'niwford liay  witli iiiilbority lo construct' lirulieii lines up  .Mal.i.bew 'Greek. Hull's Koarini; Ch'wli, A IUI  Crerk, Whll.i l-'lsb Creek. I'.vni lulu Cieek;  l.'.ukei Creek,'mid otlier lintiieli 'lines iiol ex-  eei',<liiiK twenty miles eaeli In le'ilK'tii. ulso witli  power lo connect with and outer liHo rtiiiuiiiK  iirrunseinentr, with tlie t;.imidiau I'u'ellle liuii-  way or any oilier railway t-ituuUi ne.ir siiid pro.  poried rullwny or tiny part there/il, innl to eon.  s'truef terminal iildiliH.s. ut liny such eonni.n-  llons; to receive from any tioceiumeiit porson.  or b.Mly eiiriKiiate, Kraut.s oi land, money or  oilier unset iii uld of coiistriieiion oi sucli mi  dnileituklnu, wilh power to eonsliuet und  .ipi'l'Ul.i'telek'rupii'aiid lelepbone lines for the  ].urp"!'o nf Its business iiml for the pitblln:  with power toi,iwn. lent estate for rlKhl-oi-wny  nii.l otiiiir puriiohim and lo own. usc'iuiil operali.  water powers eon venleniii, i he road for i nil way  ii i Aiiowanco Made For ,oui Maohinu \ ;;;;;lA;;,';".;'1!;^.'.'','^ari.,'i���su!,''K,,,:""'"r''"*'v''r*!  ; ���      SrjK     ''   ' i C<��Ki]��JUiii��M.  <  WW*  SPEEDY  5! lEMT ()mri::i Ifanmvm:.  I'lirohase' Prioo   $8.00 ��� a   Month  Mr. and Mrs. Casual  GIFT    MAKER  Don't lr-t the thought of ivliat >ou .ir" to -.jnd cr..r, foi  ('lii'!��'mas bother vou ���put tli- detaiN and n.-pou-ihilit.*, i ,.'i;.  our -h'Hil'ii.-i-.  Our list n{ Christinas boxes, ol ^oud  things' are ready for you to look over.  They cost 50 cents, *? 1, =2. --3. S5 u\>  to <io. You can order to suit youf  pocket   book   and ha\-e the satisfaction  r �� 1       ��  01    knowing    tliat   your 'gilt   will    be  practical, substantial, sensible ant!   ac-  0      ceptable all in one.  Drop  u.->  u   post  card,   or  cull   and  .^c-c- our lint ol'  Christinas iroods    They am now ready i'or inspectiou  w  i  m  WW  we  \  C. E. REID & CO.  vw  i�� PhonG   74  My  The Druggists.*��  PUl'iK  DRUGS <. l',l.\'RZHTA'J,IOXKRV     \\f  "^    ������  ���      DISPICNSIXC;    OlM.'    Si'KCIALTY.  ���������������������������������������4 ������������������������ ���������*������������������������*���������������<������<.<���  ! FORT STEELE^ z        !  !���  , 'BREWING. COi, LTD, I,  i 0 FER1MIE, B.C. t  ���    MANUFACTURERS iind  BRE\VER�� ot EXTRA  FINE.    '���<>���  I       BEER  f   PORTER       |  t   SOLD BY THE BARREL, KEG OR   BOTTLED   |  ���  V  ���  <>  '���*  <r  ���  t  ���  ���  :  ���  ���  ���  :  ���    Fort   Steele   Brewinc; Co., L,td.  ���  ������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������^**���-��'^-��>  Bottled beer for family  use a specialty ,    ,*  Outside   Orders  GIVEN-STRICT ANT) PROMPT ATTENTION  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED-  A P. O. ROX 8!2      b.  >t      TELEPHOIIE  NO.  !      f  Cosy and  COmForrable Rooms  Headquarters i'or  ' ���Jslininii Men  Royal Hote  Marysville,  B.C.  FRANK ANGERE,, Manager  Tho above hotel has been rocontly m-ected, nnd noiiily funiisii  ocl Ihroiifchoui. Th'o liar is supplied with tho host brand.s ol  fjiquors iind Ctears.  e  Post Office  Store  Tin* Inr^esi (iencrjil Store 111 M.'iiysvilie, wlior*5 minors  c:\n~~ be supplied witli Jinytinii^ tlio> u.mt ;it ;iil limes li.i  Cr;i nbrook jinr-cs.  Groceries,   Hardware,  OIoth.in*g7    Stationery  ���    E. J. CLAYTON  ���4*  '<���   i#"  '���*  -���* ^*"  -<������ -���-  �����'���   *���"  *���*  ������-   't"  ���** -���- -������   ����-  -���������  *.����   ��������  NORTH    STAR  .(. .5.  ft  ft  ft  HOTEL I  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft T,T  if.  �����-  ft  ���#��� **��� *���=��� *��*  ���***- *���-  -���-   �����* *�����  *fr*   ���**  *9*  *������  *���* ^*'  *t* *���*  *������ ^t> "t*  *#* *���* -i'  >J  ���?��� AV *>>��� *!i *V *V *v�� *:��� ��:���* ��V ��V- *V ��V ��� V ��*V ���:�� *V *!��*��� ���*>��� ���*.��� ���?*��� p*V ���'���* ^  ��*��� ��������� ��������� Tv ��fi" ������������ *������ ��������� '����� ���** -���* -e- ��*- �������� -*�� *t- ���*�� ���*��� '*��� -������ 'V* T#* -t* 'i  KiSiberJey,   B, C.  H. W. DREW. Proprietor.  ft  1..��.  !   F^LLS VIEW HOTEL   |  ;i��  S'  unlly trlv1.11 1., iiiiliu-iiv  ;-::::::::;'ifirnoio & Kmm z ���aces::,  Suliclluiu lor Aiiyllculitt      , I  ti  CHENETTE & NEAL. Proprietors  i)  ���A      -���  I'z'-   :~*a lYIarysville,   BO.   ^  '��'.,...    '..������''   ' ' "     ���'������'���     , A    ,!       .' ��� '  fl  A'  The 'hiru'est' mid   best equipped hotel 111 the St. Marys' .. <?;  fi   valley. COMMODlOGS SAMPLE ROOMS. ,#,  S i*����fc��i^������*i'?Nt'S��?Si*��^'��'!^^'5��-SW?i'S��-S��^^ ��5<iS  IJJMi JIENDERSOK|  1 A ."'"FASHION ABLE; TAILORS "1  ��E ��� Always Up-to-Date ��� =��  ^ Cran"brooIi, -       - jB*C. ^  ^auiiuuiiiuiuiiuuiuiiiiiuiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'iuiiiii^ <?
fct-f.M"ffrm »■■"■■■»' nimnnininK wniininiiwT^iiiri
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!'■.:Spilttmff!:A AAGFACOJ^IMERGE^
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; ArevtisuallyVhard tp selectA but witlZa beautiful
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Sfe^^^^Zp-A-.  We have somfev^
MenAs  Ties, : Fancy. .Braces,   fn   individual ^;
box es:; G1 orbs, M i-i f flers,' Fa nc v. Vests; S hi ft s, %
I'll,'' of. A,t lialniai'Z Zyas ; iiZ<
l,i)<v(:il,y,' j'Yida.y.. . o-'-''     ,'",■'• A ''" •■ A
Toys for ('lJihlren',. at. (Alias. K:,
'■Rei.d .t.CZA, iii-ii^gists.- :     '■', ,; ■')■;
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vin;i".si.(iiil!n';!l''tnv-:' ■    '■''■"■ ■' •
Paid-up Capital. $8,700,000
Reserve Fund. $3,500,000
. B. E. WALKER, General Manage!    A   ALEX. LAIRD.Asst. Gent Manager
, Headache   PovvderS
A'.U,,; U-.. ""..IU;ill-i.lMVv^-!Al^otlibrliiiru.. ■„'''a'1'.'-'V^' ,<-';>'!'.'.t-lj-url:-.you-" n'lii'l"-: thoy "r
Was in town. Thursday.   ■ '■  ■'    - ■ Z's**>Mi>.Z •leiidaohi*. ' ■:''"■;■■)   -■ '"    ,.i'■
'Gilt;Do/ivn ln.;;i ,ijox.-25c."-
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,jPw:,:F6>ip of"K00, vwas'Aij ;'YWItcre it. Pays'to Dfial.   A
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m-r.   Collars;   II aiid kerchiefs,  etc.     Latiies   will ^ x0.
60^A'iA0^'-AAyAA~find, it a pleasure in selecting .their geirtle-i"*g
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Max MeSwevuand \V.  M'./Wa-I
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,(.iiL; t'lio Gr;iiibi'ouk^Tliiii>ila v. A .   A    ''ii.u.'i-iiiifii«iii'i i-i,mi \-'ei>!.i!'.".'.'■.■.'..     "as
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A iZ Do-all.ir^doZt-!(*i|..':io i-Av. p'A0tu00A/''yA'y"AyA[A^r
'^'| ii'ioAosiV' Satill-dav   a'i'idZri'iUrm'd jA ,.'i!»mi,i,-V i.'uiAAA" A"A 'AA''"A.AAA?■•■■  :i:,A.
"")tniA0Ay,'-;:::Pl'AA,  :''.tt'P'A.P.P: ■;■   ■ t';P00.'AP'it  '/■'.
'AS !■"■'■ u:A .. '■ '' r'f-v    i > ■')■"        ,-/"    .'."■.,.   -Ay   -.NVil'ii ,sinr/'.iJiKi..'5i."'i:iii:t>iii. ioju.'   ,     ' " '    °
Tvy ,.    lU'o.l'il    Kiyiiirii'.,, d'ri'ss suds;,   ,      _ ,-__."   yy__  "o,-';.'. ..      ■'•■..■
,'^.'1 iliis':"!'al!':s A|.iii,i'(:h:ist\"iVif's^).ui>l I ;A~' '"" ""^yVr^T""     T"
^  rc"i;!:a-.orii'tvs;;iuVH» ■ Kbid; \-(. 'o' A... ■.'■■', tihriRtmas' Holiday. 'Katos. , .."
•,'V.    '.   "'   '.■.','„■       -I-;., ' --.    ':i. .. '     •    ".'.',.    '    '■     .'■:, .'    '■
'.      ■•'. •   "      , -     <Y'    .    -'      -     ■ j       .   : "'     ;■ *.\      •■'".■,.. 	
' A  ,     ■ . $,S and under... .i..."..' ......■■;.'.. 3 cents.
•A ;Over, $5 and not exceeding $10......    6 cent*    o ' -  '
"'-'■'' ;■ "A$10 ;': A"    ;A'.,,"."y    $30;....AlO cent* .■..
s ,;" .$30. ,A'"A',       '".'       '.■$».'.'...'.' 15 cents; A.^.■'■■'.
These Orders are Payable nt I*nr at any ofjici in Oahad.'i of a"ClinrlcrcU
lilink, (Vukon excepted) and At the (irincipal banking points in llie United
^  , KMOTIAItLS  i,T,'A   riX'O   WJlTK  AT "     V. V '  V'      '   '    :',:'
They form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money
■'■'■   ; V , with *uifi*ty nnd ut uniall "ut. ".,,'.
^li-SlKj^^g^irKKT^ij^lir,^ *i«!^[5i-*i]^ia*{i*K-^*r?>®>{«]^[ai
!,idy: hAend.s-l'air!d--.v-.!ll  Had fit ais y;ii>vAi>l
-: A: '.■ .."    '..-;.". y ■.':■'." . ,;v .',...'.,'...■,.•..;'■"■ ';)'.,...; -.■';..■'."■■.. ','■■'.„:.
Vivating'-.tnen; 'sweernevrrr.s .jU.'hri^tui.as ei-tke
. in. :sei'tH:t!,nti ;it here,A A'A""'vA'vvv A .Av;'
A -•*
■• ■ASi.iv.in-a'l: "prisoiM^'Si', stMiUiiiced
io'hiiiVti'.'ht.biH'.':' \v()i;i' \v?)t'kiiv<*,-;,<:>ii'
l.|'ii'"Sir<*i>is 'Tliar^'daV/ ',, '•' ■':•'■■'   V
pharlcs I'iiweIlyof l*'prt".Skn,iIc\
A l*V.n-ilit'0l)rj^fiiiaKrioli('lavs'tlicy
i'fUiadiivii,,, I'ai'ilK' -''Kailway Vwill
'■is'siuK-'.' titrlvotS'Ziiiy anil;..from Aiill
, 0,.    ...       '.      ,.'     .Cl .' '      ' '    \     ■'   -'
sutiio.ii^ v I'ort.iArtInn-. to ,',Van
eoiivfi-    meliidiim-v .brfluclf linos.
Tl-ou  will find  Gitt
■■■■■'■■'■ Ay '"'.;..•■',' , -V ■. ■-..,• ..„ ..■...)     :'■..'.' -,'■ ,   ' '.''"■ ,- .ii . y-l '■'   ,; ,-, ;■■ -"' .,■.■.»'
was.'i'h ih'f*. eiiy Tlnirsd;iy oa hiisi-   (a,,a KooUniay steaiiibr,linos)Zat:
rate:faro VanuZoiie, tlijixl A-etAirb.
't1lieso..fi.\(:iu*siqi-V' tickets <;\yilMwbo>'
oii: sale"'ADocoiiibor' 22iid,' A 23rd,*
^•11:11; ,L,'"'>t|i'iitii(i. Deeembei-; iiiltlr,
v  \Yiii,  l*Ztfrate ,&;,:Sou, the-jo.\y-
elor.?,'^gaaratiteesAall   watch ;i-i'-
;--l,Kih:itj»*:'.''   yA pP'-'-'-'y-y ;;„;,..Z- ';y
.'■;'"Z''Az '    'A. vou;g;ready.AyV'AAA :y;°vy:y
'■:• AViiriind il-a gi;eat ;|)iJ,Q;v:^tii-e •iii''Ct)n\ingZt<\:
: :inav Zton-.' US'-'dieV'Auet wiiitedvon qtiicldv,'
'. ,- '.  :    .,C" :, ..,'.,... .    .,-,  ;J..     ~,        '', J       i        . -
Yind.; \ypX y just, vwliirt:   l:lieii:vjii;tiniii;i sy send y
.,■   tlieiri forv A' 1'-y   '■" Ay   '■ '       -   ...«=■'''.■
'•    ;M ■
A;tM-.   . 	
,^ (iive viis   VQtii^ orders A '<>'*  your   (>hristinas    J'"
' 'Z:4e!''''A'.' 1-' Al. FruitsA-'Ca-iidies;. Etc. ■;. (AAv.    -y
■!'"■**■     ii'   '  '•. -■■     ■ "  '..    Z. ■'-.    ,*■     '    ,      ' '    ,■'      '" .'.A-',.".,' .     A'-'    ' ■-:■:■■
y'AA '■■;■.'" AA , ..: A-r'V„r V'   . oiitli. Ill st,;4au.; lstAgood'.fbf-Aro-
.. l>oi'n:---;AtyyGi';iubrook,, '.'l.iii'S:; .,-■■, ■=,-,, T':-, ,-., ■•■•■ ■-.-. v An A' --A--
tlU'v, Dyeember T8'th:Yto^rA;iHdA,M|',^'lL^
■Mrs..'Jofihi'Breiiutiii,'-ii^4uyhie'i-.Y^at!rf ^^...apply to any CA-I5: ,,R.
Yy.y .,..,,,.:'..'_.: .:.:..,.:,._i—^-;.:..yyy,Y:Yi, -yyA:: Y.A.agian't orv-wrii<?vJ.;;:Sy7:-(Jartoi-A' D;,
, vBorti—rAt, ''Yt'i-aiibrookYvTues- !;,];>;■ A,;'v^elsc;A;BpQA'-'il'■"-■  ■: ■ '-'.A-i
tiitys l^yeitiUe.r l^tli. to:Ayiv.;.aiid
Mrsv^Fredybrew. a scii.  V. 'A   'AA;
Ever Made the PeppleA of Ai
■ b Soutli  East Kobte.hay'Z .z
} ■''   ■ ■ " '   ' 'A '■„„. '.':'   ' '''.■ ■!.';. i..AyA-. ■ '  ....,;ZA':A"A.^
a-   ■
?-A, ,',:.:. v A'A.,;-a;,, v' ;•.',.    :z;AA. ,■ , ■ '■:*
fv i ate & ^on
-•'* M
<* A
A' 'f !Af :;"''-''.'VA':!''A<J©'>v:'el!ers';r'':;a.pd gio ,
A     ^OIHciiil Wiitchrnsimotoi-riOiRR.. Crow's N'ost'Pass'Division ,YAAy.'tAy;.
T\vo, Fjt,,. Bofbrui 'dress>■ suits:
, t. . his, failsYViui-ehase, AloA-wiaOO;
.^'■'jieii-aiai'Apr.iee-$"0..i)0; ;Keitl AivCo.
,VCY     '■ ■.;■ ■-'.-' '■      ;' - '''''-'   ■'    ■       ':    ,'■   V-
'■^■i... . >VnL:;S(>:i.ier\'ille,y (if :yal<i;ary.
■v.-as a gaicist' ;i,t iheV Gran brook,
Su'n&iy*.   :.';' ,,; ■■'A'''' ,v 'A'-' -'"A'., ,'■• 'A'
i;.'--,:  *..:,-        '   -. ';.      -r-*  ■ ■ -- -   '-      •' ' "■ '
'■Gda'.stablt! Gorey Dow. ofAVai'd-
ioe'r,' wjisUhtheieityAMoiidayZon
official businoss:,;;;0A! A"„:Vy     A*-A
i'■ "R.'By Jiyn&and Cy-P.-Rolstou.of
Viri(;6uyer;,:\ve!reA regis tei-ydjAat,
tiT,e.'Granbi-ppk,,AMonday; ■'!"'■.". '■;■■■.'■ A-
'a;b. ;■ G. y K'tititonAA'Of: „P\ttsb'urgA
Pa.,Vwas inAthrv fiityZforAsevei-al>
yd;ayte;vt;his;!week!;AvA»;,; v,|i,.."VAAA'vaA.a;
Z".We iiiake .none' but 'pare ban-
dies.Y'' OuivChrisfmas candies are
fine; ■.try th cm, and ,you;,w 111 li a ve
no otlier. .'--.The Gaudy -'* makers.:
ArrastroiiA avenue. v.,,?
Y..S. J. 'Mig-htou   has:. on view ,in
lis window, one of the handsdm-
■esV.istqcks    in   town   in, pipes;
cigai-V and -".cigiirette.    holders.
Ghristinas.'    tobaccos," smokers'
supjiiies and novelties., y    "
;   The ■   high ';, ,school, ''oritrauce,..
exaiui'iiiitions dicl uot 'c6niinbnc;c
tin Li I Thui'sdaiy'df, 4;h'is ;:weekAin:
.filacoAot "Monday,yasV.auiiouneed
"iitetiwcek..,'. Eev.,,.lA.P.V'Westihan;'
presiding i,'QXiimiiiei.,,''''ree'eiyed,:''.a':
felegranr. from tiie. superintend-;
eiit of ediicitiyiou;,t,iiat'l,liey:paper.1)
have been mislaid,,and thusivould
nofc'avriye-b'e'forc.'Weiliie's'day.    :A;
, Speciii,].'Ghristihassei;yicesZvill
he hglclViti[.U13A.yMgt 1 iqdfs'tvcliui-ch;'
next, Sunday. 'The.y choir, has,
prepared' ;,au.'Aeiqe'Ueti'ly. anusical'
.tipeu with:VaAliJ:(,eeu-raiiiute song'
service c^gopd'bld;;soiigs,>;in:ik-'
i iVg; it 'a A "gr ah cl ;-;;?h'o ihe- 0 tier i ng1
jtime.'ATheypastor.;.:iX'iH: i-e'late'a,'
storydescribing vthe,- SGarch for
"TlW AOhristA^^ay.'■;..' 'AAlly ,afe:
iiivitecl^tcreome and Lai?e part.;, Vy*
The. members of-'-tlie Baptist
•Sunday scho.olheld their annual,
Ghristihas " eute'rtai.nineut last,
(Dveiiing. ;A good; crowd was in
attendance aiid au excellent pro-
gramiiie '"was rendered."; . The
children acted their, part well
a nd'showed credit to those .who
liad undertaken the traiinner..
'..A*A •'- ',.'•'-■', ' ,-.   ■   ■',''■:-.     !■'''.> ■.',''    ' A - .'".''   f-; A-"'   -»i'«
'ft-i- W/'l*^ +£=*■**    f:«i'••'•':vl^-:ki'^;'^ "'A'i'i.
■ ft
•••■ '■
■'WeMher' ■&trips;"'■ ■ a'::13D'oo±U
'■"-.; -a'-:'A '■-"■:- '.■'■'   -A-.." ■■'■ .'-.-,    -J-,,'■■■;■ ■■■■-,   ■;■■   ,,.■.■  . ■-.-*;»..■   ,
f;; Sticls.;"f A^iielfe^iA^
! 9'R^ M^RO'O K,AB -;c>-
i*i '*'
■':''*  *.'*, *.****■ V*^*'.f*T:''*t^y..'-9.*''*>.-^»y?l)y;^<~?t?:%
Before A Starting.
*,,_' '.In Vour .Inui-hcv'A;
Yf ,fe3 yGLIISTE   ;.A'v|!;CAyNl-RACTOR. AAA;    'v    Z|> Qi,   A   _f     :-rJnrhnr'
A:f^zAA'':.A.    -A'A   IF, VyVA'    .and   BUILDS
'») Ol'Un: "ill M"lliti)l.u |-..u'l..;rShn|i  .'(>;'  ' o     ..'. - , ..         ,   .
'■'   $ ,'    ,viu\ ,Ww bi-fi'».i»'l !" '-I"V  '"• V'AA     '   ^ j Ks-1'lJlA'l'kS I'TKNISHElf OX  ALL-WORK,
 t:        '      '        '	
iyim ntui' bi' fnii.tiil lit Hi'-.'
'    >w'attk" .Tvi'.uj.Dr.Ni;
, .lOIiniNIV i'KOMI-'TI.V  KXK.CUTK'n.,',
Antiyh'aw.'VOUli iiUNQIt put u|.
All    Home ,,Made    ;
Breacl. Buns. ' Cakes.  .Pies.
..»,..,   ;   „   ,."„,., .,■  ,, ,,     ,.     ^;I-Iofe;esand Ciittaqes.foirRent; ■    Brc
t)    l' list I   lliwi Work   111 'Illl, I'lil IHMil'f ' f\ .... , ^>u  " ..,        ,'Y„'..,I.
£       '.'■■''   '■ Z'ot'i.'i!,-  ,       ' V.        '£      or'Sal(f.'on Eusv . "rer-ms.'     '.'Etc.-
"'■'•,'"".       •    , "     *  A, A       COOKED MEATS Koadv for
(V • " *    ."■ v -a:
»*   ■ ''.■',. *-':■,,..
'&■ "       '   Tonsori'al Art / !jmk'axi>'shi'x(;;i.!^ forsa-lk •■■ si icing,-;.  '
!Js*««»^iS^?»S«?s»»^                 v   ■'•',,■    Telephone  Sii.-    "■»,■,,' AHtillSOIl,' ftV6;.
The teaohers aiid officers of
the,Methodist church have been
'busy:.lpr-some-weeks'in'preparation ■■■for their Christmas tree,';
which will be held next Wednesday ■evening;in the church. All
who. attend ure... ass.uredoa, gbc.d
iinie'.''        ' -A., ■    'A.- .■■'',■'■ "'        ''
... Mr. and Mrs. E.' H. Slater-left
on Tuesday's, train Vl'd.r the east,'
wii'ere they will, in the future,reside,, ha.'ying disposed, of his,in-'
terests here.■■..■' ,.   ■ '■'";■
, A conv'entidn of the Conserva,-
tive party ,01 Canada.will be held
iu, Winnipeg during.; the'coming
summer. > ,,.It will be the ■largest
gathering,of Conservatives ever
held in the Dominion.. '
.Dr. Harvey, ,pf_ Moyie. passed
through the  city'"-oil  his'way to
the' far east...... He1 will, beyaway.
for severalweeksA      " ■    ,•
J. NeU; XV. S. Jackson. . M.
.Jones, D. Antonio, :D. ilipoti; A.'
PAACheiiette. , M. 'A'Duriuk:, hA ,1.
Kitzgerald and A. Beite, a.ll of
Marysville, were regislered ■ 'atjoraiibmolc; u. O;
the Cosmopolitan.,, Wednesday.'    j... O. U. PUIOST.
.;   ,  -"    ' '.City'ciurlr.
Takii notice that all Trades Liijciisos
ihio to tho Coi'jioratiui] of-City of .Cranbrook si.ru payiiblcui, ihu Ollico of .the
t:ity Clerk, IVuaslc -■"Jt3ulltliii"y, Baker
Struo!,, on ot- before tho SOtli day of
December,' 190-5.   Z . .' . "       "
Piitqtl the  20tl'i  of  Docuinlioi-.   1000,
Zi   Merry;Christmas and .■
a happy and   prosperous year to every citi- A;
zeii  of Cranbrook,  is . the '
sincere,.wish oiA       A1'       '*.'
;: Yours truhr.   ',   .       A
G;T; Rogers;
T '
■ T j
f rooi % io S18 Per Month
B;al£C3?, St.
Cranbrook, B.C.
•j. >'
I   !■
T !
•}- :
T j
J. i
t   !
1 ■■
. 1
... ^^
i/lTlA wish inn- ni.-iny friends
and     patrons A ;i    very,
merry Christmas and a'happy,
New veai ■ ,
j    '■■, ,        . --THE--
t\ :   " .",. , FOR/"., ■ A-   A
!     XMAS   GIFTS
j Are'Portraits J11 Sep,i;i Plati-
j iiiiai, wilh a very artistic inotint-
i ing. which is 'entirely hew.
\. f rest PiiObOGo.
;. esttfidio.   A ' '  I1?1
"-'..-< k.«r Oraiinroolv, B.C.   f
\J, 'Edg°ar 'Davis
A,^    Bricklayer
"E send you our heartiest,
wish that every moment
may be golden with Christmas
cheer, and each remembrance bo
bright ivith pleasure today and
in years to come.
t5? ,
fllOXK ,1|-
j Fiii'iiiifi". Itoiji.r, Rii.ngi* and
J |i'ir.i.*pl:ic.r> Work a, Spocia.lty. All
.j(1i>si.'-ri|il um ol .-.tonc-worli nnder-
I fitkiiii.
!   Oi'finrs Inlt ni J. D. MgBRID&S
j Will' Rccvivc  Prompt AUoullou.
"May thiS'-bo tho best Christmas
you havo oyer had, and the worst
you over will havo."
A merry, merry Christmas', and
many of them  lo.you ami yours.
A yy
•* j^M'
it ■jg'^lKIB'^BKI&^^lgKlH^^B^lK ^B-SKaKE^^g^^Hw^^jg^^
i V,


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