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The Prospector Dec 24, 1904

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 ^y^��  As*  'A\A A ���'���'?��,  "%>  "1,0-   -������   :���-,,-   A    AA  -;~A^  :/':'iS?Q^XA'-��.&A0..A  ,.    ���'>.~    -     ��� ,-    " -   *-/*��� 3   ���     -        .-���������'py0y  AilOA'ti,  :/?q7��vP-^  ATo 52.  ''^AvAv.'-A  .,j..,::.   ���.���::V;.,y  %;$*;?;--  i^;^i*i  V  *  ., ' AA' Afhe Spirit of Christmas. A  ���"��� ;;    Cdiiti-ibiited,hyy];iov-.;(;.;H.. PindleyZ  Z---vV'(iM'irisliiias'f.Ais'AAuppn^:..-'3US.K.A'diVciV:  ���-tigain,Atti;ul those people areA rare  ';,.: whose livesAescape the  inlluence  A of tlie season.   ALifevis.so 'much  , v of,a treadmill .nature, and'*'drops  ���-..V into  rputine  soA.easily, tli.it  we.  could. ������'.���' illspare   those A times    of  ,   changeand festival which  carry  "A us bey oiid pur usual selveslii the  A, way of joy and goodwill.    A,.A..AA  ;,,ZBntjoy and change are always  deepest .when  they are mingled  , with ��� thoughlifulneSs;   and   it' is  ,. <igood   for. .us ������ sometimes'   before.  ���'    0y: ���/ ���      ���     ���-��� '������ ������ ���   ������ '': '������' .;..  ��� ^hatid; tpApa.usd, arid consider what  ',.; i s l(he true s pi ivi t plAth e Ch ris tmas  ,dayvwhich we observe. '   ��� , A  , A Zy'rii'evspi^i^oT Christmas is op-;  posed to the spirit of;,cl.icVue'  and,  ���-".���. J .���������-.���. !'..*:,,.���:������:: '���,���'��� -,-- :���- ������ ,...:���'������-���,�����    -..-���:'.*;, -"'  class.':/". It would not"beAamiss  to  -...������     '     ���..',     !-f> &     ,.'    - ������  '   ':���:    ���.������>:..���.���'���'   '���,���������".���������������������..-  vto say tfiat Ghristi.wasvtbe great-  v. est   a democrat,. .ZtheA.   greatest'  A v leveller,A:the;world has; eyeigseen  ���y Arhe Yrahks ;vand ;s.ti ties  a.ud,, dis:  A^vtihcti6nsA,that'otlier>men?thoug)it'  ���Y/spAmuch of^wereAasv uptbuigAln,  ���.'��� 'liis; eyes:'   V,-He,; judged.Yhuinan  ;;A; nature A:by; ;whatzit;Awa:SA:uoLby  ;A tjlie name'ft bore,Aor the place; it  ���;'A'sat;i'n.''iZ,v ,yY.; yy ,AA;';; A;;/���.'''.;;;   ��� ���"..*��� .A"'���  ;::'y;,'tTlie';saiiie   spirit will,govern:  A thosci whoykeep^Glii'isfinasydghtA  yy iyArAAArtiificialA^  A  be;11r6keh dow n ;and pveVl.poke,d:���  A 'None*will-be set uiioira, pedestal,  ��� V nifi:      . .,.. <"������: ���     ������..���'���������.'���     ���    ���/�� ;'���;  y    -     -��� ��..?������������  and;;'none.;;��� be cast y-underA foot.:;  A) There is one grievohsAAvrohg,y in  A this respecLthaLwe dfteir see in  tnc.A\Ves;tv AWhere.sq;Ainany-vdis-;  .���;'Atuictipris' - have; been , abolisliocl,  rAthtire AisA dtiG'Awhich'lias,v appaiA/  vAeritlyAvtiglitented its; .holdA'AAMeii'  A ywhd'haveAiost'AneaKy  AAenceVfoiVGyerythingelse, .hayefe^Y  ;Z'taiue&an"tih3to  ���AAf or, Athe|.d ollaS A A A^pAi-ptttter^by;,  A;Awhp;;''pbssessedA;A or Ahow A itiYyas*  A gained A the man A ,whd possesses  A it is.placed, in a class beyond the  A'restz:And;;of,all^sortS'6f,Ayprship;  ���that ever comes into, the   liear'ts,'  !pf men'this' i&Athe*y meanest 'and,  "-- the wPrstY; Z.   :   ' A;y '���;. ' A.��.)[.  A    Theuvthe spint *ofv Christmas,  A is opposed to the spirit-of narrow  denominal'iouaiism in religion. If  there is one thing more than   all  others,   for   which;.; the   current  fifty; years will, be   noted; in   the  . .future,: the twenty:live years past1  and-the twenty-five years j nst, to  ���'.come,'yitwill 'be 'this:  The break-  c"ihg down   of  denondnatipnalism.j  i ii   re 1 i g ion, - and   ex Ire me p arty,  spirit in politics.   ,y ; . ; ,A; ,;��� ,. A-  v    Sensible   men   have   found   in  "politics,   that   the ; pathway   of  progress  is   to   be   found;   in   a  balance       between"      opposing  theories;, that 410, theory has a  uionopoly. of   the "truthj and'A nd  .party a monopoly; of,the wisdom,  needed   for tfte.government of a;  country.    And in the same way,  the  best   men    in   all   churches  have clearly seen tliat no chtircli  has a monopoly   of  the   Gospel,  nor yet of the system   by   which  the Gospel is best  administered.  Hence  it   movement   for   unity,  .^unexampled   in   the   jiast.   '.'Not-  that   men .will   be  able to think  exactly  aiike   in the future, any  more than in the   past;   because  absolute uniformity would be ab-  sqlute   stagnation,   itncl   a death  ' blow to till progress.    --But, they  will learn' lo place the  emphasis  on   the  points   in'  which    they  agree,   not-  01V those   in   which  they dil'fei'.    -Thus .undue rivalry  and   personal    feeling     will   be  eliminated:     good-will   .will   increase with good' understanding,  and a   hearty  acknowledgement  of the best, .that is to lie found in  all systems.  And above all times  the  Christinas   time  is the time  to remember this.  Then the spirit  of  Christinas  is   opposed    to   the    spirit     of  pessimism.    We are all acquainted' with the men who  look   upon | at the truth.  .���-^{����yiy��v����w��iy��.y��^  pleA'dotitvwant, it Senator���It is  the,,people',''of.'British Columbia.  hii'tVneect a dutyApn lumber.'';. ���.,-,  "'"'' Z Wi!niTIigisZi w 'hat.ii^sAtheApeb-'  'plrrpf BritisiiAGpluiijijia' gPt'todd  withAty,'. Ain't vyetheA'BigSey-'  'ernv'A-Ai'nt-'Sift'dn the ' boss pf  flic ANorthwe��t^���and , ;ai,h'tA t he  election Pver, hey'r       ;���    ,   ���"  DISTRICT  MINING NEWS.  LOCAL, NEWS.  Frank Williainswas at Nelson,  Friday, ^A^; 0y:.Aiy-y'y-yy. 1.0';'  ���������;AIjAChpate,'" GranbrodkA; was  it  guest'at;tlie; W^iidsor'Fiaday.v ���"'���  A;A"]arije number of doggers are  iuAtowuyt,pdayi.Y'''A'AA;A"AV''vZ "!ily"   <  A;;NA'C...'McKinsti:yA,and^  Neily Cratibyook. wove registered  at the ^Mndsbr Tuesday.   -     r-  A oid"Santa;Ciaus visited Sieele  today; audcalled :at Taaiihauscr's  where he iil'led his sack.  Y. Hyde liaker and'.]. Laidlaw  drove over from Cranbrook  Thursday on business.  Car)in & Durick sent a lot ot  supplies to the logging camps at  Skookum Chuck"'Friday.  , '.J. Honney, Calgary, representing Massey, Harris & Co., was  in'towu Thursday.  Pete Woods came down from  Cherry creek Friday. He will  spend Christmas at Steele.  'li/ D.   Mather,   manager  of a  ogging  camp  at-  Cherry creek  was hi'town Friday.  ��� Rev. G. li. Pindley, held services at Wardner on .Sunday  evening last. '   .  Mr. and .Mrs. John Ohatliings  and L-l. M. Bul;row wore at Cranbrook on bnsine&s Wednesday.,  THE MOUNTAINS;  ���**!**���  TH0UGHT'Sz;PF,VH |;  *mi|iHiiimiii^^^^^^ .*".:. ���^,^^,*'^..'''","'"';-",",'"'.'.'":V-" ���"'"���.'   "'"  readers we-wish Aivmeri'y Christmas. There are many reasons, too, why w,e should  y... A The people, of Southeast'Kooteuay are a-prosperous people, andy.thehopebf'tin;  All   the' phages' of; C^hristmas 'festivityA.willA.be;' exemplified   in-,Fort  Steele  future, is limitless.  toniorrowv Ao'V .Z.Y.. - y,'    y .y.--yy .... ^   y-:   .      yy'..-;:. -   ...jy.,:       '���      " y.'A ', " Aa AA"A A.V   -vAA'A.AA  ��� ';''A'"A--Th|e  o ne-topic, - whichAisl.Pf .suflicietit.. interest, tp'crpp pu%in Sou theast^pptenay;, even at  Christmas timeAis'thecohstrtictipn'of the, Kootenay Central ARaii way ,   ���   ::������'������ ; ������ ���  ..'..' ' Wlie 11 the .lvOotehayGentt'itl'...railway is.constructed'thpre will be-aii awakening1 to -the v-unde-  niitble fact that. Southeast^ Kooteuay ohas, vast areas of the-most promising minera'l resources in  British Golumhia.' , '���   ���'��� ^ \.   .   .  -       ������;;;���. .    ,j   y      '  ,   ���'.';' ���    v;        ';,���'' ���,..  '.Ainerry Christmas lo the readers of vTiri'A PKO.SPtiiC'rQR,' ahdinayy youi; , subscriptions  never  expire for want of silverto pay up. ;; ;f ���  .   y '���...', ���'      ,���'" y.,- y[ ..A';-A.     l;"'-';yy^   ',.'���'������  A inerry Christmas to theAniners, of, the; Kootenays,- '.May silver go up to 70, cents':     '���'-.-  Mr. and Mrs. T. Fenwick, and  Mrs. A.'ii. Fenwick visijed ^the  Pownall ranch Monday.'  -Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Pownall,  Fish Lakes,''will spend Christmas week with friends at Gran  orook.  Gome and have your Christinas  dinner at.the 'Stral hcona liotelA  J.t will make you think of home  and mot her.  Don't overlook Tn 10 Pkospki;-  tok in choosing your Christmas  gifts. It is only two dollars per  year.  darlc'' side   :of '���. everything;,   'The    -man  w lib    w i s h es    1.o I c h a 11 add  <3    '  iiiy  London /and   New  the  The   Iviiockers ��� in    religion,     in  conquer Will   continue A to   hope,   York.  busihess,"an'd in private  affairs, '-"m. a.ll   things, -_an.fi   for all men:      Tliere was a sli'dil   deelim  men who, by .'their fears, help to  aiid he will, rejoice,in tlie Christ- ' ]eaf;i 'm thiZLondou market.  bring'about 1I16  very..coiiditio.il   mas season because il is the time A ::,_y...A' : A.:���'..'��� '���  they are afraid of. Such men nf hope aiid: goodwill. The  forgot that misfortune does . not .spirit of Christmas on this side  lie ���in'the tilings ..that happen, of it is very nearly tliat of. Wag-  but in the way lhat we moe,t'>aiul ney in -.'The "Si in pie Life" -where  sub rn if. to'the in. ... he declares:     .''lie is sure' to de-  One1 man  will fell .the.story of -tauve liiiuself the least,   who   has  Christmas,   and   make, even .the   1 he';u,i:idaeity. to; hope the niost. . *  in  ���_ Presbyterian Church.  Gosjicd'a tale of woo.; lie will  tell ns"fh'a.t the birth of Christ  Wits'' red, with the slaughter bl,'  the lunocoiils. and'His death red  witli the blood'of. the cross.. Another .will fell us that His hiri.h  was glorious with,.the .chorus of  the ���angels, and His'doa.th. bright  with the' revelation-*, of, lhe  ���heavenly places,' such ��� as tlii*.,  world had never' seen he fore.  We know which of 'lie 1 wo is tiie  deeper'and wider  way of looking  Glirisfmas service will be held  in   the  Presbyterian  Church by  A the   pastcir,  Hi;!', .G-.A 11.  h'iinlley,  i on '-Siinday .-till o'eloclc a.m. All  are wtilcortie.   ���       A  Silver-lead Citiotations  New York,  liar.Silver. .,. .  I'l.cai.l         (.Y,|i|mt   .'.    Y  Spelter   ,     ...  'i,o!i<,liiii:    !���'  i'.<>|i|ier   i:i'.i'.  spell  (illi  l.lill,  I-l.  .1: I.  '.!.'  Silver,  il.     rll'  L'S  I   f  , I -Sfl:  (iii:  r: !:::i   1^^  Market Conditions.  Independent Again.  The ','Hig Seven" "o,f liriiisli  Golnml'ia. ai'e 1 liui'ouglily . iiith'*.-  ���pendent, iigain. The following  conversation was,over heard in a.  I /ibe'ral bncK'ei shop.  Senator-- to "I !ig -Seu'en"  .Ave  T. S. Armstrong, chief  of the  Koolenay Central survey   party.  will npend Christmas  at   Winni-  iieii!  *-   ���- i  As an evidence of tlie hopeless  condition of the lumbering industry, scores of men are offering to work in, the woods for less,  ���thaiV'SyO."per.'..month:- ���"'*���'���'.-   ..*-  A ���   Av.;.- ': '   ���  ���-^���' ���.:���.  '*.'     \. y  "The lumber business   of   the  Kootenay   may  be , a little slow,  but, there  was  a   spurt in .��� the"  Christmas tree market in Steele  this'week..   ������.';.������ ���.-"-���;���  D.   Monroe,    who " has   been  trapping  on;.the��� headwaters of  lull river, returned, to Steele 01.  Saturday   last   with'  skins.  ;-J0   m'artin  Mrs.; Wm.- Robinson, .has had  the Monte "Carlo restaurant renovated 'throughout.-Yy' ft is o.\-  |.iecfed tlutf "Monte" Mr. Robinson will';return to Sieele early in  fhe com'iu'g spn'ng.'' .  An ' emergency A��� ineefing of  iNloi-th-,St;ii- Lodge,';A. P: <^A.M;;,  .will lie held ('.ni i lie evening of  .DetiCMiibei"' 1.7i1i. St,, .lohn's night;,  when officers , elect for 'lhe  ensiling.year will In'*, installed  ... A .convocation of hooky .Vloiin-  ialri Ghitpter. U.A.M,, was held  ,,n Decenii.ei' ISth. ' A ..large  number' of - viZniiig compauions  fi-oin Gi-a'i'ibrooU- was in. attendance.'  Of Interest to Those Engaged'in  v A A-fche,1 Development of the  .iipAAAAA'Mining Industry.  ; Within two years a large number'ofypower plants will be established in .Southeast Kootenay  The Bull river plant, .now under  construction preparatory to be-  'ing installed next spring will exceed f 0,000 horse power.  ,, ThpAsilyer-lead mines of British Columbia have paid dividends  to the amount of s;],fi00,000.  'Miningin the Fort Steele dis- ,  ���trict'has settled down to a good  substantial business basis*. The  price of lead, and the Dominion  bounty, lias put all, the Kootenay  lead mines in operation.  While itll the mines iu West  Kootenay report large outputs  in November, if is an' interesting ,  featuroAth'at the.bulk of the increased yield in lead came'from ���  the'St. Eugene, the big silver-  lead mine of Southeast Kootenay  Production by the North Star  .initio continues. The company  is greatly benefitted by. tho advance iu the metal market'. I.t  is confidently expected that' L905  will show excellent returns!1  ���'  Many improvements will be  made at lhe Bull river iron'inines  this winter. Development work  will commence about - the'second  week in January.* A  Among     the    great     natural  sources of" wealth   in. Southeast  Kootenay   and  ono  which   with  the   building   of   the*.'Kootenay  Central railway  will  yearly  be- *  come more valuab/J.'are the vast .  timber tracts foui'.d in the.Kopte1- '  nay   vr.lloy-  in -'',-.''    viv--iriV,v/j>;,- oi\  White river.       *','"' <   ,  Tho greatest gift .-bestowed by .  the bounteous hand of nature on  Southeast Koolenay arc her rich  mineral deposits. Time is only  required foi' their exploitation  and that - period-' is not far distant, and the power necessary  I'or the economical working of  the mines can- be cheaply and  easily, supplied by the electric  power ironerated in the neighboring rivers and streams.  The price of zinc has been advancing of late, hut high prices  don't seem to bother the miners  of the ICootenay.  The output of the St. Eugene  mine for'November was.21,000  tons, 15,000 tons of which were  concentrates.  Meeting of Legislature.    "  Word has been received that it  ���'"'.������'��� 1    l  is the iiitentionof Premier McBride to call the Legislature t together on February^. In making this A announcement, the  premier intimated that it was  just possible the legislature  would b.e convened at an earlier  date.       '.y'   : 'T.;; T. "McVittkT~l^L.S.. returned :-I'roni Moyie Thursday.  Mr. McVittie has been engaged  surveying sevcrai mineral claims  in thalvieiiiiiv.  'Toni and -Jerry, tlot Scotch  and .Cigars will be dispensed at  the Imperial-during the holidays  under the auspices of M. Durick.  , AI. A. Boalo. K Kiwoll, F.  Parks and A. Lrieksou of Cranbrook, .-ind J. WA Benton of Nelson, '.were registered at the Imperial Sunday.      "���,   Z  A'l wo'eeiii stamp will   carry .a  Copper    was    (piiol  and  nii-  , ���  ,',       ���'��� 1      '-ii.tier t'r. mi'\l liiock'* .Corners   lo  iiii.istn t present this   iiiiiix'i'sche-1 I'-ii' 1   noin .*���������       1*.  ,   ,    ,     . ,..-,,  -     ...     ,.-      , ,'. ,- ''.Mexico, a'*d ,'.,11 .sorl.h,^orU,\\ill  ouleto '-Willy..    Hi-,   li-icnd ^d-..ii()w ^  wl.i,;.,.-.^ ,.,.;,!���,,   inditing  .1,011 will'kick.    - iepistles    to   tin*    Laud   o  oil's |ieo- i .Mpntex.iiiiias.  lioss Bi'iice' No, .Sift  Development   of   fhe.  ���mineral'  resources   of   ibis   district   has.  been slow, being   delayed by the  lack" of transportation   facilities.  These, conditions will bo changed  by the construction of I he.Kootenay Central, rail way,  which   will  tap, the g-real   mineral   belt   east  of the K'ootenav i'i\ei-. as'well-as  furnish the necessary- franspor- ���  iho itatioii    for  ores   mined    in   tlie'  ,  j-Windermere dislrict.-.  '>,Y'Y  iA.'A  i&yy  ft' TDK PROSPECTOR FOKT STEELE, B C, UKCEMBLR 21,   l'.in]  K$H ougiit.  Repairs  Perhaps Ay pur watch  does   not   run, as",' it  ft  $2  For   about,1 halt"  a century ,  this establishment'hast mii'tie..  a specialty'-'of: skilled watch;  . repairing.,f AA  'wooden   box  wiH   be  sent on'requesc in  which ''you can forward your  time-piece to iii. ���;'���'_ "'  .We  RrePiiy.  all  i  ::���:���  tt.  ]y) charges in "returning-  jjv watches' and jewelry  repaired by us.;V      ,  K5YRIE BKOSA  ���'DIAMOND t'JAUU"    A  I  -, 1   \ HI.1--J   I .1'      l^'i  3. B.  Srcice,  vr-nusm.K   -\ "> i>   i.ditoi;  >oiii<i mined in enormous quanli  ti  i���-   nIi11  i  Plied   In   all }i(wnt> in ,  the  Koolen,ty-,.  ;ui(l  the   stale-, ol  Molilalia, \Va-.hiiii,'ton and Idaho1  In Soul hoa-d Kooioiiay is   lound A  1 he ilio-.! o\lensi\e   ualcr power I  iu Hriti-sh Cuiiunbi.i.  Trie: FHOSPECrOrf, i- piihli-li-i1  e\ci�� -.itiuJ.i}. ni J li.i- .i ^ii.��i .itu^t il  circulation hirsc-r' t'liaii :nty Oilier.paper  in Kast KiipicriaV. It is till home l'riiited  'find) couiniiis' double' th'tf.,iicw:s'.,of.'::iiiy'  '���->ther.paper iii the disirict; ,   A V  Thursday,."    Decern bej    .���_'2nd,  was the 'shortest -.day.in the year;.  . EroaiYiiow * on days will.begin  tO'leiiZflien.;    r|vhb sun will reach  the equator on its :j,ouruey .worth-  lov.pted'ootiitr,apbuiuunk-of-.Fori.Steele,- tiR-yffwaVi.'d   about .'March' ilst.      The  jAs   an-adverti-iiif;' iiicJiiiiii   it. if  ���TcelledJ"' , -    .',���'; ':���':'���'. ',:���; y  .;'"'.'." ���' ���'���.'���  ,'ovelopu'ie'iit of iIio,yi'isi milierul:re'say.iT.es. nf,  ':liu East KontenuyViiiiiiii/ii'.d'isU'Ha.'.���    V ,  n.ibsci'ipuoiis, '���  ..'iy ii.iio p't'-i' year  ,A.dyiiriJslji'y_.r:iies iiiu.de kiiounmi uppliciitiou  Contributions aro.splieiu'd from ull parts ol'.thc ���  llstrh't. but'i'vil Jiintter inie.iuleil 'for pilbliciiiioii  ���nusihii'Te'tlu'y'u-riiiir's siwiju'-iin^.1 -,.;.-'���        --    :'  M^-W^^^^-'  Wng'i's't day for the year; is  June  1 piid.���;.-;; ;*;���'������;.i, A"fPiy. [' -t zz v ';/:  -y y"y- ''i A:s ."���'* ': v *; -�����",; ).:��� ���������.;���;'���,,".���< ������  'AThe,word ��� 'perfect" i'si-hebnly.  weird:; iir the-AEnglish dictibuhi'y  that,so weil;describes 'the climate  ���j. sit 'liii'i'idu.y and homes;,!'!' Eorly  iSteel.y.Vi;':A;y';;;-;;AA;A.;   " -'A. yA 0.-A.  "^^'l-ZiXfl-VN-.^i'iKZA:;).' iViii-i'  v <.> o ,t ,e i l ay', A ('.) e u f' r a j.  .opiiipl.t*b.*d.:y ^yl'Virt  AvALA'-AVJuvi A the  AA.. ^railway; A,is  -  ">-W-*-tT l" V> t -" '������" A,--: ���-"������ .������', ���   Y y;,Y,,, I SUM:'k*   U'.iily liaVO  II Sail \V i,lul USll'ioS  TJ^HbHb ���������uev-er was,:, a season.,������..".. - ���-,..-,..    '.,;--,  "iZV'i A yy- ������.'���'   ..; '"'V  :',-'��� Z,'.;'���������������. ,J,|'.';.;  y Awln is*.* -,| iroiliicts   \v  i- - '�����   ,... ������.���the" E'01-iYZ-.teele,  Al ili-niu, :;���������;��� ',"���'���',��� ...  ,. .,  iVpaiZs oi the IvobtqnSLysAiiitr hflp  i-etiiriiini*: Ytith.  ,ali;A[)arisA:bfA  W  d A  j.'M    loA,aH Ay-fv  FORT STEELE  BREWING CO,, LTD,  'MAVNUFAGTm;;  Ad.  FERWIE; .B.GAA  iS and  1|K.EWER;s.o  ^.A'a1^,; "'" ;  ���EXTR^',.FJ.NB3;:  .'/!*.  '^Z^%t^Mr~B^RREIi;A.KEG ORA: BOTTLED:  '      ���    . .',;.   'u y      -.:;������'���,    o' i , '.'i:'       '' "-' ..    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B;.C.;;-y, y;. y ,; yyy tUe,-'slightest  uegi'ee yV ill  inake        ���^���Z;Regul;*Slbaii^  ���yAtt^ins-atiFdi;t;Sio'e:ii5'JiinoUoif,y,.YA; V'f.'|j'opti8,Tiay'iv,'.'.'tiV^  A ��� AAA s ADDll:'^'1: F^iK:l^  ^tEAMING;))i-y^lAlA.,KIN.n^AVVSPECrSt  ':��� '-"'";' ������'"'"';"'tt'A; 'AA'"'''"':v'A  '."."A."  "''''''ZAAAiZ'AA\hio'qg^  *A  0  yp  A:  ,..   "  P. O.HOX 812  TELEPHONE INO. 1  I-  MieAlforf Stc;elbvmiiiii,ig district  ;.'}������'they iarirest  eoal- fields A iii  'Port:,'S'teele "BiTewitig^tC-o^y'Litd.  BaokA'bf; the  w  ���'I' \:-.       ,  .  \<A '"a'-'A;. .;���,;..  arrest Asilver-lead'  mihe^'iit-GaiKKla.   ;;WilH liorse:  ;ci;eBlvA,,,;.Bully';;vriveiYWind;Y  'cVebk^cbnlaiii larger.aii'd^;iii'dii,i^l.e'-'  .pbsifs';df;pl:acerAgOld.;A;;zAv;y A,y ;Ay  MP  ;0PmV>KiEW:  *N El'DI GAViAAi'edAiibre;in,vpd;ir: t'Sreele-'i-here, isAaZ  A'A, "���- A.A''''A;;AA;;AAAAA. fhbpef uiA'^iKetiK^A'thaT.'A.'dlhioiAwiirAy  *:S'D^:-'V;g|Jl_[;'D'ER^;>yit  V NOTICE.  '���',HOUSte'^XD SIGN PAINTING������'-,'-.;.yy -,yyy:���-..-  ' p '��� 'Zc'A LCIMINING.'ii-nff:;t?.'AP fc: 1<,'HjAyO'l NU  'A,A'iAA;-iA''A^Ay A'-AAA-;a;A*AAA''''AA',;'-'':;v''Z;y  A0tlFO00^1EyB  ; J^F^AAAli,;'workv^prbo'iyitlz Vflbn'eA'  , Shaving/A^yHair!'; Dressing YEarldx  y,.'y,yy!yyf,'Z;Noxtt(j'Striii[ieniui ]lotel <A Yy ;UY'V  y:;iXy'i.FpRTf[s?EzL^  All i.K in els V)f ;H:iirAW()i'l^V aVyjieijuiity  a; A.;,.J.v;.CxIilCZAAzAA- AlAiibpiiiKr6.iiA;A:;-  :.A;;'A;A;v;Z.';'7A;Mi;Nii:RA;ij'ACnAVvr(,Z',,;.Y; /,ZZ.  "['P  (i--onSt.yr.yj:  Alow  j -;'���'���;���.;A;���yuKiiTn'-icA^icyyi'- ijiVubykSikn'i-s  AAAz|A;ZAAAv AA��N'pTici:A;A AAA AAA'  ' rri\-riti:_v, :z* yiii'i^iA ''''i^'ib titr-. Zui;i A'  -.*:' A; .������';;: Prfietjrtf ii AM i ii orft 1,01 si'h iisd0'';.,,.;  YV'sitiiiilo in lliiV  lOortySie^eANliiiiiiL;;, pivifclW  : or;:i*:n.wt Kp'otpi'iaivOi.si.i'itit;,.,'.',..-,..;.., 'AA1;.'  A.A.yvy  ,    VVIien; lot;iiliiil:-AOn'Sulli\'iuiiii|,l. 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T. isiev.lT'1'ii';'   '  ";AyApyt)N^ANTE^}:0:0  VVA LocalAsalesrhiui for'Fort Steele  and Surrounding Gotnitry   to Rejpre-  "'seht'-..'..'..-- A ..vv:-*....;���:y;v,.V.yy.... ���...,.;,. V: v.'......" :"Av'V.  'Canada's; Great est Nurse r i es;  ;������ ANeu'est \-'!U-ii.;l,ii:s, :-an'<:l 'spiic'iiiliius'iii'  j JTiir'tly "IJ'i'iii.t.s. Small '..Fi-iiiH.A.^Viriib^.,  Ornitnieiitills, tintl. Kosri-!^.- vl-t'i'K'.rniiirHJiii'.'  sit.i'iiitiori. -;tnd 'i',f.'ri-.i.ioi:,v'i-t'r-(:T,vetl i'iji- the  ���'risi.h.t,,,11111,11., ������'.' PiiyAWcckly. {lundsoinu  Outtit, free: XVi-ifi; for p;iia.ii;iil;ir.-.;.;'ti!il.  send 25 cents,- foi;. oiii'iiiii'.-kc*. inU;tV>.-rCOi��(-  'jiiB.t'''.tho ��� ��� .r.h'ifij^.-'-'to use iVi.--Zxanijimnii'  trees and plimt,.-roi;'insi.T;ts.     ' .'. ' y      I  ''    STOKE .\K- AVl'MALIXiZl'iAx    ,    A  ���      ..     APont.lii'1'1 ,.V,iirs(.Tir:,-i.        '.,.-���     i  -A       ' '.  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PAUL,  CHICAGO, NEW YORK,  ' '���'' -'',-.'"'���; "������'������     "AND   -'"?;���'��� ,���'''���.  AtLy'PQTNTg A EASS  Palace and Tourist' (  ' Sleeiiers, Butfett    A  ' Library Cars, Modern  -���A , ���"*."'' Day Coaches.''"'A-  .'.,; '.,   Dining1 Cars,   ,';'���"  MEALS , A" LA, CARTE.'���  ;.-"II  m  ���,".Best   Meals   on   Wheels  '.,.,,;. Y'-   ,.,-u y        -'������ ��� .,       , >, -y  2'--Vl>'AST'-.,TI!-AI'N'S-- A������'���,���      irj'  ,   KAST, AND WKS'1'VHAIIiY    ��. .  ^^^D  te "   A^AAA  #A,  ��Al  %A  -Ay   .;���,,y7.y"y-Y. ..;-..-���,,.",.':-.. ,:y:,,-;-,,Y Y: .,, ���.'-'.- .ya-yy .yyyyy  .yyyyy!:.  ^AVAgentsyforzy:AYV.:,������. Ay:,A.;y -;.v;vy^-'"yAy iyy,.-. ;....;-;).:yAy..z  ^A;?^Cxiailt:|AdP6^^  ^G:E:N.E.R:A;TAAA'Aa  MERCHANTS  Fo?t Ste^le^  ^A'':'AA:'AyA'B.C;:  ���ft  iiheA^animiiii;.; of ;;tli^di3^elb.pmenti  w or, k -; -'-Stir fiv iSecl A A;tlie"niZaiid.Av,tlfe  faointiiesSorAe^rt-y^  Operatitra-^tv'i-iAjCohSia^i-ed  ;; '.^.NOTICE::;;,;;;;;: -y>A.. Ay .���  . , ���        .      .  ,,,,-t      virr;,-;,,..'.-!.-    ,, = , .Xot'ieeisVhei'eln'A^'i veil ythiitiV; tli ii'ty,  seld(> ni-;.%i u al lfed.;'^1 th^he. eoir-^|^  l^:dot,Rhay; Gei'i- j-,;mtnin AtVo viliov Qhioi' ACoiiiiiiisdionbi-Zoi:  hiinilsyatitl '\\ym!,lc,s;ror'''.a;:,rjiociiso'''':t(),.;;i';iil.'  ;i in I. <*;t i: f.y. a \y ay tihil )e.i ��� fi-Q i ii the i'ol 1 ow-  h%'V!iTesonl>e<ld(.ind's'ii^  nay Disti-ictZ Z '.,'���"''���:���'��� y v.i'.'i. ' :Vv-.A. ':���:'", A  .;;-.1Cpii},nioi'i<'.,.i.iii*-:;iit it post jila'iitpd'.iiti tlie  nOi-Uieast'eo'i-ii'ei- oi'V S. Gadwix's pre-  einption,''thence. OitstA-lO eliiiins, tlieiice  siiiitli SOt*.li:tiii.s,,.tlieii(:e'wosty-lO (.���liitiiis,  ;l.Iieiic-e,iioi'.t.li,sp cliains lo place V ol''he-  o-iijnino-. . : .; '.'���,:,,!':    A  '    ',   .;- ;.  ���������������.  AaDated Oct.obei- 25th'i MK)i.'yA'yy.y   '���'.���'  ���'"',.'��� Wni. ,G;ii;lin,':Lociitor .  :,;  Y.'-l.|5.'.'.' A    G..c:pi*"'e: Geiti'v, A"'ent.',,  sl,rnctii;QhA0l:A^ht;  :trii;i'*:'in'aiiyAi'iiropei.;.t-j'e^A-u  aii' -; ad va; need A';s tag e v o f A d ey elbp;  urien IA*\v i'liAbe, Aidde'dAytoA-tlie v 0p-  duciiiij; ,lis(A.'aiidA(Ji:iei;atiohsVgen-:  eraiiyZyiII be carried on in anaiiy  pi'6]3erties.i'A' ;A-'.--:.': y'���'���'���')��� v''.; -'"���"*:'-,V*-  ,'A''Liick--otAra.ilway. trtinsportatioii  hasAbetin tlie; s^reat .drawbaclvV tb  ���i-. -,.-     ; -   '  '���'  ' ������.:���''-,' . <.--.-'  that; pC>>t;ioii;:t>f the., district eh st  of the -Kootenay, <by.i this will be*  remedied byvthe iminedia'tevpohA  struction dfAtheA 'KqotenayA:Gen-  ���tral, a:nd the district tributary ta  the, towtr of. AEtirtZSteele;gives'  promise Aof ��� -beebniihg"-'a,: lield of  ac tiy i ty "Ain, t -w H i c h" ,m i n ing -A men  v.:ith van 'abuhdaut "A capital A will'  carryvonAde^-elopinfeii'-f on an extensive' sc.ti'l0i,;'-'AA '''''AA-'-'.; [i':ZA-z'.';  ''AAll alphg^tiieKooteiiayAvalley  fro'tn-Biill ri'v'ei'.to Sheep' creek,:'  .'iiyA'th'e placers; as .,we!ll;.a;s; the  quartz mi lies.,,, pre pa rations' are'l ,..iTl.e(,  how beiiig macle fo r:a,iiA im mense  amount of'woi'k.'    -v. : A    ,  .'   There is'every   reason   to' aii  ticipate a season o'E.'itiereased'ii'c  tivity.  in in in  NOTICE.  ,i  arid   profit Aimik|ng,;in the j  r iii(lii'>t,i-.vi:n. H'Ofi.,.   v     i'.y  ���V AI'AK\'j ijXO'nC\-:   lhat'.; ly   iiiteiufV.to-  apply tt" ihe . Gliie.r,V Coiiiniis'sioiicr'A of-  Liinils aiid. Works i'or a't-wenty.-one year  lease., to  cnt'and-.eiiri'y  ;t\yay   tinibei'  'from V the'; f611ovrihy:A,deseril.ied  -landy  s',ii;.ua'te-.'-iii-'.S9,ut1ieVi.st'';.lvootoiitiy Disti-iet:  A.Goi n u ie) icing- :t ty a pus L ] i li ti i ted oii tli e,  west--hank ol' Sheep  creek. ��� just  below  the. nipntli oi Goiit ct-eek, cii*  otherwise'  kiiowii as the tirit lorks- ol' .Slieop ei-'ijek  thence north IVjrt,_y,,eJi;tiiis:' thenee, east  htuidi'ed:-iiiid   twenty   chains,  thence  sbiith Afodr .hiindred   chains, to  noi'tb.i'il'n'boiiiid.'iry of. Lot  -|.r>!)0. thence  \vest;-;ifont;-sit).d boiinc'lai-y three hundred  I ;tii.d't\voiity cliaiiis. .liience iioi-ih   three  ��� hnndt-ert' and .sixty  chains  toV point of  commencement., coi i lain in �� 1,2,800 acres  ,.��� 'Dated 'this  ill.li��� dttv of Noyt.'inliei'. A.  ^::pP0A:0p A 'Ayv ip P0)i: 0yy0PP:';  .*?'!  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'"   yy AA'A'-';  ;^;Dry; ;Crpoels  I'A'Av'v        Boots   and   Shoes  n-y   "   AAA A-A'A'' '���'���    '������> '.iZ-A'v;-''V ..���,;-',;���,  %{y  Geiieral; Me^eliaiiclisei  i,i,  A*  0  B  -i  <M0)   ARE NOW SELLING  E  H  AZDon.t'travei ovei';,tlibV.lilinpis C'entr;ti. ;A  .lis any old i-oad will.db.yoii^andyweVdont;*/  want  ybtii;yVpati-ona*j-e; ���; -bti.tYii'yyoii'at'e V  p;ti't,icnliii', and Want the hestytuidiiiiean ;.  to -have if;':i,sk t,he��ticket agentVto route A  :ybuAviaV;theATL,LtXOlVAGICNTRAL,;A  the i;qad. tliatyrith^ thi'biigh;spljd ,ycsti-;v;  iniio'.ti,aiiiS'::b'ut\\-ecii.''''.St....i',iiiily..'.'.Oihtdiiil,'-,';-i  (Ahiiiag-o.y.'ytV.JAiiiiis. Mei.ujihis  itnd;New'������".  prleiiiis.;:;;v,y-A;"';y ;AA,A''AAyA:.;���.';..;.;A.-.VVy-;.;:;;  ;-... No additioii'al':ch'iu-ye;,,is   iiiade,foi' a .',  se;iii,:iitVi)ii!.' reel iii iii ����� chair V,('iirsy; which";  iii-eyliiiied Whih layatoi-ies ttiutsiiiokiilg-:;  rooins. aiid' liave'a"���'po'r.tCP.iii'.iit'ioiidSiiice;' A,  A, iftij/oH via,[0 TL i:Aik;oi:s' eiWTRa l,z  ttre; tlie; lo wiAst Aiild v;e" y wi 11 y; in, ���',��� g-l^td '���- to Ay;  qtiote v.Uieiii'in- ��;coii.n6ction;;: -with'',- iuiy"A;:-  tratiscimt.inentatl'iiieV A '-< ;; " A'VVAvvv* AA  :YB,.':J-I:.;M.Miij.ii,i;iurjL;;G  ;A;^.vAJl42;Tlvi,ra'Su;, 'PortiaiidpQ::*goup'A.  )p,lA$ii\AxpsiAfp:0yfiAXAi.ylAy  yApy-::} ipy\:hiiAi:;sAZli��'A'!l:(K!A Ai-cgoiiAA  AAiy^;i^A;iAypAihsox^::"iZ;^vi;,^  l^GoliiiaiiABldy-.u:So*;tt,tl(^;Wasli.VAA!y��<.-,YA,;  '   .Tlii*   bi<rA.'niiiios   of  .Souiheiist  .'   "  '��� ,':. .        '       ''.'���' '. - -  kooteuay. i> strtfing ail example,  and makiiiir siich a.-- good- record;  ���f'lut'i.'jriv.e jjrbi'jiis.e b 1"this district  li'-'iiiir. 'li1*' ia'r.iresl silver-lead  producer in liritiZli' ��� C-olumbiii.  this veai'. ''-',    ;',.  n... liio-i,  A'-50 '' A  .l..fk'X"W1<:k..'  1,1-  ,..>,'*! t It*. II ll'-I'i  i  if. ini'   hu<v>,ti-iia.y   \'.'i  cve.lop  UiyAi:  ���essiuji rapid iy  i.i-j'-))il:-i i-y  '.t-u  'Phi' teri'i  JA(.rt   St.  iA  .eele  in iittriciiltnra.l.   nii'riera.  Sixty   ditys  apply   to   tile  NOTICE. "  after date ��� I intend to  Chief ������ Commissioner of  Lands ;ind'.Work's for'"permission to  'pnri-liitscthe.following described hind  iii Kasl Koolenay. fort'Steele District,  for. paslurn] purposes';' Bo^-inning at :t  posl 'phtlll.ed.:it;the southeast cornei' of  Liii Villi.'i.1 on Llie iiortliern   buu'itdarv   of  ,   .^roui'. attention ."is- called -to"','; the   v.  {.'.Pioneer Limited*' trtuns of the ��� "Milwaukee &'St l:>aul Railway."' '''The only'  perfect'trains in. the world.y:  .       ,., Ay A,.. ,  ;A Yoii will iind it desirithle to ride on ;  those trains- when' going:to.any point in  the Kiisfern. States  oi-. Canada.A ^Tltey" -,A  'connect'-   with  Trains   and. 'all  tickets.    '���������       ' Z , .;; -. ; y a ..._,  Fprl-fiirflier inlormtitioii, panipblets,  etc, itsk any Ticket' Agent or     Z. ��� �� ".','.  aA'fp. Foup,;.A ���������''' ti. sAkqwe,; ;. ;  Piiss.'Agent, General .A gentA  SPOKANK.  '"���'.���"    I'OIVPLAND  all     Trii.iiscontiiientiit  Ticket    Agents1   sell  WANTED IMMEDIATELY AGENTS.  ���i-A tvcall h.  Tl  ii;   h'ooti:-  *iit i-iil    i-jiilwa v.' will   open  ji<-    Kuol iti'Diy' iind < 'olumbia  ys   innl   s'-l I l��T.^ - v\-i.l I    '|i(.iur  torn,  ',','li iif the' | in id nets nf  i-"s" iind  f"; i fin.���-   will    Iind    a.  l.olM. llii'iiee n'orl,li 2(1 eliiiins lo the  UliiMli ��� i.-asi coi'iier of Lot 7(10;i; tlienci;  i:;isl lill.eliiiins. tln.'iiee sb'iitIt 10 ('���liains  nioi-r ur- iV's.s lo llie norlhi'i-ir boim.dii.i-y  iif l.ol. Iii. I liriicc west ailing llie north-,  .���rn'liiiiinilary nf I.iii.s Iii iind I-l lo place  id lie'viniiiiiL; coiilaining U'li ,'U'i'i'S inure  ll'aleil i.i   \\ ell < '  I Icci'inli.-r.. P.'illl.  ���I;  the  ili'd   dav   of  WA-   h  :Nt'l.l.  iiiiii'kot    iu    the  in i ii i ni:  tin  lh'.*.'i-u  rjisl rict.  J.   HlC N WARDEN.  h(if iti.'iia v  11.-is  /litiii-c of ch'i'ap fuel, the   in-  istibl'." d'e'*]ii!.->it.-  III      COilf'   in  piun;  lOvervtl  AA  ;hc  VI "J  -.' a ' '-'^^4 , SHARES "1^-   "���'  .   * '��� .,';"'       ."    ' >��:.-'- :.,,".,  JR385��*iSSf��:-��-4853fSt��f*3S**!��iR,;'.-.       '..���", ,   '  Capital   1,000,000  Shares  of   Par  Value  of  $100 Each. "���_. ��� ; ��� '"    ������'���'���>'  ''Coiistruiition   tvork   is   bein-r', riipi(|!y cari-ie'l   mi   in :i t li.bri'iiigli and sub:  sl,antial manner and wlien'coiiipiefed-.it'Vpromi.-i.'s' In   be   ihe   most  up   to  diit.  lower producer in (.'ariaila  lib'.s-of Lull I liver can bo'.drained   by   t.heii  Ibime .iind   a,- Subsidiary   Ciimp:i."iy   inis be.ini formeil lo o.peral'.o ibis part of: t.-be  Vvork iind if is esti ,tcd lhal; siiliieieii I, yellow niel.al will be proeui-eil    1'ror.T   the  dry'.biid   o'f   the   riv.jr   to more, l.liii.ti pay I'm- the cn.-l, nf i he'l.'owei' 1'liin!. 1 *,:   ���  over. ��� ' '        '"        ' ���     ,-     ,  Thei-e is niseiformed :i, .Subsidiary '.rownsil-e-i 'oinpatiy to Innl; itfler thei.  interests in this i.-ouneel ion and on aceoiiul of tlie niiniiig ii.nil otlier resources in  ils ilinnediate pi'i i.\ i illi I y considerable aclivily is iinticipali-il in this Popart men!  'I'o sell Fruit,". i.rees, Iiaspherry,.-  Gooseberi'y iind 'Currant Bushes, &c.  Good pay Weekly: Outlit'free. .Thor'ev  is big money in this ,work for trustworthy IllO-Il '    Y,  OVF.R, fiOoAvCRi'^.S.  We hiiye, under cultivation, oyer (100  acres,of i\'ui-sery. Sioclt:  including-  the,  choicest, aiid best variet ies roi- 'Orchard  and fbirden" phr'tiiii!'.     We will deliver  good.- In'enst   ::,(���;      iii   go'nd   coinl ilion,  I'l-eLIlt,  .1  ���'ui- .agent-  have every  mi Villi i age 'thai. I i lis Ii my of b iisi lies'-- can  oil'  or i 11e111.  :i..iia..\i..\i;  i'ppl��" now lor terms.  ��� -   .- ���    'O  ^���:i: v. i o'-.. I'anv  VV  Iti Vt.*r  bonus:  I I     I'jilCll  Sl.ia.ni  ;ilh  'owcr  and  Stock ���piii'(,'.h:is(!il''in. 1 lie  Light ('oiii|.i;iiiy is g,i vei  'l.'orinilo. Dntarit  N'. II. Will    make   arrangements  I'or  ical ageiicy or foi-. llie handling   of ex  clusive lerrii ol ii  avantk:'!-    si;vk  t'.N.f'  .'I.  IMii:sYI,i.  .ii,-. per. 'in  Hi .-iieli     i.il,  sliibbsl;  Crow s  .Vest    Pa.-  \vhic  "Ni'.rty.i.  Strictly h'irst, ('lass.  ,��� /o '.ti,   I'l'iispettor.  One share in the Mining Dept   and  One share in the Townsite Dept.  I >uy now as the jirici*  cons; ruction nears com jib  will  doubti'dlv adviince as tiie work of  a l.i r ;e e:i:  I I'i  "I.     II.el Cliiili!.-,  I mU'.-igenl:: for - iieci ���:,:-1 o I ,'nid prolllu.l' c  .':���  I  ��� I'liiiini'ii' *.'ii  ���li  ly e;i,-li .-.::  ���X pci-..ic.-.  ���iish each  :-l  un'  I I :.l \'(  III  lil  bill:  ���V    I-'..-, pei-ii.-n  I iil,l.      Metil inil  i-eli.'i'euc.  iildi'essed envelope.  ,-, :'n ed  bl  ce   llol   (.'i-M'll-  and   enclose  Tilt:    NAT  IONAL, 'A'A2 Ueiii-born -St., Ghieajjo. THE PROSPECTOR, FORT STEEL R, RA C.A pECRMBin'? Ai L  , Slt0 0ra0|xecfor,:  l ift��e*n-rtrfit;i^r=a<  vTGJiiJAVv bi-:(v  _4. l-i-o-l  'if.'V.the   |)Oi.-i'toe  crop  a  iainine in   parts of  Picked by., Ouf Perambulator., A  A . It   is   now 'SaitAAibaiVcRv.ss:\v:b  ,." begin    by     trying   a   iZwv  buy-  ,_ elections.   A,.  A -Failure  threaten^,  - li-eland: ���'���;;���" ; '       . ;_,.;     "/������ 1 ���; ;.,;  ZA 0The first Morman' temple ever  ... erected ,in Europe litis; j nst ,V been  ^veqrnpiGte.iQ^  A   That   BdlleVilleA bogus ballot  ' box  case  seems to PhiLA. Lott  ;bl. space  in. tlie eastern Canada  ��� papers.'-'. ." A ,A,       ' ���,������ ���'    ;.';'.;  A,;?  Canadians y earned Z oil'    Athe  prizes : in   nearly  every,' 6lass at  the  recentlive  stoclFshow   hi  Chicago. A; ;      'A;: A *;���;' ;���' a a  A A Industrial depression  iii.'Eng-  A'landA is   throwing  thousands bf  , men   out   of   employment Aand'  ihubh  sul'ferih'g. among the poor  is'anticipated this winter. ,'������;'  "    It-is repoi-t'ed that  the.Domhi-  iion-vv MilitiaA: 'DepattnientA  'will  - createAa ��� hewApositibn,A that of  'i���'dil���ector���gi3h,era!,'l���v'A,6^���'������'6'perS���tio,ri;s,  .aud' staf^Ad'uties.:;   An officer,to  A fill it .wil 1  be  chosen  from tfie  ;;imperial.: army.;.';;*-y-.v-A;'yt-y'��� .p-iyy-'-  a   ATJncle Sam's dub; -bankers are  not clever enough; to do business  y with ��� a A real; smart Caiiaclian wb;  ;��� man,'.--Mrs. Chadwiclr; to, wit.. A  AA AQanada'  will 'loadAEarl ;Grey  with'Aaddres^es; i until . ;.'the:- poor  ���mail'will hate evenythe sight of  hisown ppstpfficeadtlress.A';;   '   ,  Elenty   of menAh'ay'e"an aim in  lite,   but they   have '��� np ammuni-;  A' tionA At;';' vA' ��� A; a A A0A "t-Ay AX) i A y' [  A.A,vThe;v hqns;.;,-,iii_A;'Canada--[[''10  ;'eii'ough;egoS;in bneAmiinth t.o;pay  ;the in teres tvbiv ihe national debtf  AAn;di;thisybelngv.;;the case,;we;pehA  ; 'teroifj-hbAcpiisf ruction of ,:th e .&'."-;  A.T.R,.AwitlvpveryAcpnliden'ci*;;-;;;;'  ::-y,vWhat.iheAdevy:isAtP.the llowers  ^lciiidAwords are to the heartY;  Az^XJessAthaiiva vquarfewiii AsomeA  ;timesjinaire ai;pe^k^Pf:.,troilble. ;;;A-  ;; A v^HoiiZGz^A.Koss'hafeAexpress-,:  redyhis'detestatiohpf ;;'a; pusillaii;  ;; 1 moii sphssyAca t'l^beivahijajr ^za rr';  There/is nb^A'-muplvASoubt',' about  that:;;AHb;iikesAhiiiy:of. theZ'ma-  chiiie.^'-yarietiy, with no compunctions; pfv conscience' A and Z ever  , ready;  v A ���'-; ���';:;.;; .;.,..''   A;, '���     .;  i lllll^. c:)t;llllir, Mg I' II' 'l.'l'CS 1  ;! joi iiii,i,^ 'Mi'sVl'-i ni tin :*ii: v',  I        LOCil t Cti tliiS'iTlh  lli.V oi' .  i      , A ,���     G-O  I, '    .I    ;���     '  '���   ���      ���  OfOVfi  j     I.  .Situated   aliotit- 2'2 ' ii'illo  iii'lc'fiiiili'iniil Ui/i'iiiiliii-y.i.iii'-  'Vmili- iici-tli cf Oil in il Sii!/*' i'i'''  i'Kiii'i!i'ii..'y; li.'i'' .-'i'|ii��l  I iiiiii'kcil llii' sciiilii'HST >  [. I.. Sinilli'S eiiiiin. tlicii'  V ilicnco. w'fit ciglity.i-li.i:  in  'i.y..iijIiit. W.il.     .  Siniih. I.octuor .  r'^ij,.Mill'T. Aki-iii   ,  'uortli   (if    Um  iml ah,,in tiii-ci..  ���/o iTi'.'k, in  S.iiiilnijsl  . .imni'.'iici' '.'-; i'i a }>.">i.  rii<.-i' |j<isl if   i"l(,'r..'ii(T  ; .l'im'tli .'uii'ht'y Lihiiiii'..,.'  S'. ill     ll*.'"'   l-IHllii    I'iliiil.'y  cliaiiis .  .A i-iIiiViici-i'i  nl ui in   'cf ���  Oil'  .lA'w'.  AAA -;,,���;- y-VV-'NOTlCE.'-".;;,  V. Sixty ihtys after /late _'!'������ iii tend' to  itppl.y to the-Cliief. (.'oirimissiouer of  Lands;, and .Works foi- ijermissi'oi'i "to,,  pure'liiise tiie' following- described  laiid  ; foi*'piisturi'tl purposes. ��� Be*i'iiining' at it  st'iilveAplant.ed ���20,;chalns uortli of the  southeiistVcoi'iier ol'.Lot lfi.tlieni.'e east  SO. chains." thenee. north '20 ' .'chiiiiis;  thei]eet,\vest 80 ;ch:uns. thence soutli   20  'cliains con tain iii**' 100 acres. ��������� ;,    , - y'-  :Dated n't,'Wolf Cro'elr the 11th day  of  Noventbei'. ,1!)04... A .       ly:y. ������������'  ���AA.. 15: HUMPHKIiiyy,",���';  .;   47 : ������"���    '"' ;   : Aa-eiit W.FUfcNCH  ,;;      MANAGEK, AWANTBD "���   A  A Ti-ust,\vort,hy .lady or ��-eiitlem,an to  ':��� nniiiag-e business ' in   this "country  and  adjoining territory, foi' well iind... fa'vor-  y-iibly,. laiowu" house of solid, liiiitnc.iitl  'stiindiny. ; $20.00 sti-itig-lit .casli,;'..'salary  iind   expeiiscs ypaid, each'   Monday- .by  check direct from headquarters. ISx-  ���'pense liioiiey iLiiyiii'iced. ' -Position per-  niitnont., Addi'ess Manager, illOComo  ���'Block, Chicago, Illinois.' A  ;������; NOTICE.''-  NOTICK is lu'ruliy (,'ivcn Unit. :i0 days i'roni  tills iliile,.'. I .intend to apply to tlie ilononiblc  Chief Coininiss'.oiiei' Of .Liinils iind Woiks  nt Victoria,!!. Oi. i'or ii I.icoiice lo pro'sp.jet for  Coiil iiiml i'elroKnini on the; following described  ltuiils:---!  1. Situated alioiit, ���Ji iniles north of the  lntertiiitioniil lloniidiiry Un'e, and three miles  '-hdrt.il  of Oil and Siiye   Creek,   in'  Son'tlieasl  ICooteiiuy,   11:(:A and coinmenciiij,'   sit   a   pusi  inurkca   noi-theiist' corner   post   of  John   AV.  llaker'sl   claini,   llieiice   west    eighty   chnins,  thence south .eighty elmins, tlienee enst eighty  chiiiiis, thenee noi-tli eiglily chains lo,tlie place  of'begiiiniiig, coniaining Old acres tiioru or less,  and adjoining lleini A.��� Chick's claim.  Located liiislTtli day of .Vovonibei-, I'JU-I.  ,.lolin W. Unker. Locator,  Ccuige iililler. Akciu  2. Sit'uiiU'il   iiliont.   ~   iniles   north, of    the-  Inieniiiiioiiiil'll'iniidiii-y l.iiie.,!iiiil.:iliu,iii. thru,  miles nui tn ol .->iki: and iiil.ei-ei.-k-. in Soinlieiis  I eliiiins.   tlienee ,. east'y-'cighij  j piine of-beginning, eonliiiiiii)  j or less,   iiiid .iidjoiiiingo llie  j'Hiik'cr'. V   'A" "���'-,"���"' V. ���   '    '  ;'  ; "'���"*' "/. ���'���  '  l.oeated Uiis'^lTtiidny of .Novc'rnbijv.; WO-i: ',..,  '���..-.'','.-,'       ��� ;.   Floreiaie I...Smilli,'Lociilo|e  ;,;A,, V ,;���.>. -,.   'Ueorge Miller: Agent  r>.    Siiuuted    abou.t'..'2-i   mile-i   north ' ol'Vthe,,  InlerniitioiinJ UouniinVy   Line,   atnl  about "five  mile nortli'of Oil and.Sage creel;, in Soutlieusi  itoi:iten��yAn;e.. 'iind '(���uiiiiiieiu:iiigyuti;,ii' post:  'marked' the northwest, eoruer postof .fusy.A.  jMeLeiiii's 'claim, thenee ea^t,eighty 't-'huiiis,'  thence south eighty eliiiins, thenee west eighty,  cliains,tlienee north eightyyeliaiiisto the plaee  of beginiiing. eoiitnining lilliaere.s inore or less.  'Iind nd joining O. O. Siuitli's eiiiiin. : '     '.  '  Located tliis 17U.1 tiny of November, llfOI,"; '   '  :.!'.-Y,-. ��� .        ' , .ins. A/McLean. Locatoi'  -;,,,  "'���   ;���       ������-,.. <; George Miller.; Agent"  ii. Situiited about 21 'miles".nciuli of the  liitei-iiiitioinil" I'lbundiiry 'Line, and iibotit live,  tiiiies iiorlli of Oil aiidiSiigeei-ecl*. in Soutlieusi  Ivooteiiaj',, U. C. . aiiilVco;iiineiici'tig at a post  marked .northwest, corner post of,:.Mii'isim \V"  McLean's chiim, thence 'west oigliiy eliiiins.'  ,ilie-ii<!C south eighty chains, thence oust eiglily  elniitis. tlienee, north eighty cliiiiiislo the place  of beginning:'con I niiiiug^i'lO iici-es.iiiore or less,  and tidjiiining Florence L. .Smitli's claiiri.'"' . ���: ,,  ':��� Located tliis ITIh day of Noyeuiber.:l!'0lA  ;,..'���'.'.--,.;;,:.:.;; ai.ii-iiiiii.W.Mc'Lenti. Loei'tor .'  . ���/.-���','  )'���'���''���''���' .'George Milli/i', Agent'.'.'  7.   Situated   about ,,:il , miies   iKii'lh  iif���;.the  Inteniiitioiial: ISoundary Line. iiiHlii'bout; liyo  miles': noiyth';, of   Oil,    anil,," Sage;,  creek.  i'i/' South.: L'asf,'���;. l\ooteiiny,��� ll. C.���   a'iid eoiu-  irieneiiigat.a post marked thesoiitlieiist corner  po'st .df. Jennie Go vim's 'claim',-  tliiiiice. north  eighty  chnins,  theiice   .west' ;Veiglity V chains,  theiioe soutlreighty chains, th'enee east eighty;  chains lb Uie.placo of lieginniiig. cbiitniniiig (Hi),  neres. more or less, andriidjoiiling, tlie claim  of Miriam W. McLean: -yy :���;������ .'���)��� y'AAVAyy.A-y-.-'���  - ,.   ... -      "  ���     -:��� ���  Loented this 17th diiy.ol.Noveiiibei;.iyoi. ���  "Ai-l ;'.���"., V,.  iii .'.: .Tennie C.oyiui. Locator   ';.,-  .;.'. V: ; ;..,,,,;:: VV).;;:;' Gerirge Miiler, Agent ,  y.-o Situated'  iiboiit VSI':iniles;:,nbrlii ,bf y the'  IntQi'iiaiibniil Uoundary  Line, ti'riil iiliout live  iniles north iifOil iihd Sage creek, in Southeast  "lCbbtemiyl" B.C.;' and : commencing ViitV a,-.postmarked. tho'Asoutliwcst c'prher .post of Robert  'SliHW:'.s';,'el.aihi," :thenee''north..eighty 'chains,  thenee east eightyyehains;; tlienee south Veiglity  .cliains. tlienee westeigli ty, cliaiiis to lhe place  !6f, beginning, ebntaining.15-10 acres-more or less,  and adjoining the ,claiin''bf'.'la.s.. i\. McLeiin.: VV  -') Located tliis,17th'diiy,of.Nov'i!mbcr.��� l!H)4.'i��i:.V  ���   V,,V;   . '���.. ;,-, ''���'/��� :,i j".: ���'   : UobertShaw, Locator A  '; ii '���;'.;,::.;."-,, .';���- vA   George Miller. Agent A  ,, -���..'���-.. -,,.'...:i;v��� -'������-:���    ���-     ':������':��� '-������-.'���        ���  ��������������� .     - Y-   ���'���'  ..<*'. -  ll.'i .Situiited iil^outYJi iniles north ofi.tlie  intcrnatioiial lioiindary 'Lihe.iiiid iiliout, three'  mile's north of.Oil iind Sage ereek.Ai"' Soiltlieast  IvootenayVV li. O.. .eoiiiineiicing litVli;Vl'ost  mVirUeir tlie,ii'(irt!icii.st cfirncr. pbst of 'Alfred,  Given's c'laitn.;,,! Uein;e ivest {.eiglily, ,,c,tiiiins,'  thenceA'soii'tli eiglity chains, tlienee ens weighty  chains,, tli'ciic'enortli, eighty cliaiiis to tlie place  of be'giiiniti'g. con ta in Ing 010 iieiyes iiioreoi-less y  and adjoiningtlie elniih 'of- Mi's.liiiima, 'Biikelr .'���'.-;  A Lbpiiled'this ltthday of .November. llKU:;;;;::  ���-VA , )y. VAAlb'ed.GivenV.Lbcatbr,'':-:  A;;Aii::Z"-,'";. ,*;.jGeprgb,Mi|icri.A;geiiti:''';i'  'U0.   .Situiited -;;!il)but,V2ii: miles  north, of Vtlie  fiiteriiiitiiitial V/Hbtindiiry ,; r.i.liio.'Ay.!:.ii'ivlt. iilidiVtl  tliree7niiS'iiortirof(Oii ,iinilS:ige;(:rcelj.,Sovitli;:  eiist;I\obteiiiiy,cBl&.;'aiiil<edinmeiicinga^  markoii,.Vtlic.;soiitheast^   epi'nei'j._l?i?St;.o/;.J*.Ti'ciIc  .Hoem's, claim,   thenee';-'norlli   eighty;eliains.'  ..thence west eighty eliains. thenee south 'eighty  chains, tlienci! eiist,eighty ctniilis to the place  of beginning.contiiininglilO lit'.rtm more or less.  iiniVail joining ilie'eiai ni; of Alfred Cl iven.'y A y;  ;Localcd.thii5VI7tli day of November, 1001._.���     :  '���'*",;���-'��� .'   '���..   Nick Hoein. Locator,' '���;  .;.:���;.'���*''���"��� .���','.- George Miller^ Agent  11... Siuiatcd'aiiout "2'2 iniles north of tlie.'' Ih-  ternationai Boundary' .Line, ancl about three  iniles north of Oil.and Sage creek; in Southeast  Kootcniiy. B.C.. ''and, commencing lit. a post  marked the northwest corner post of Adaiii  l)iiniop's claini, thence east 80 eliiiins, tlienee  soutli SO chains, thence west 80 chains, tliencb  north SO chains to place of beginning, containing 610 acres more or less, and adjoining claim  of Alfred Given.  V.Z  ;.'''".;,.     .    .:'- "���',,$"  Locntedlliis 17th day of Noveinb'cr. lilOl.^  .'Adiiin, llunlop, Loeatpi-' ; a  , ''        ..:'.    Vu George Miller. Agent..  12. , Situated about 22 miles north of. tlio!l.n-  tei-national Ho.undnry Line, iind iiliout three  miles north of Oil aiid Sage creek, in Soutli east..  Ivoole,nay.: H.C; .and eouimencing.,, at ,a post  mill ked southwest corner post of Mrs.'.rolianna  t'roistead's claim, tlienee north SO cliains.  thenee enst.SO chnins. th.ence soutli SI) chains,  tlienee west 80 chains to place of Ijegiiiiiing.  contaiiiingiilO acres, more or less, and adjoining claim of Adam DunloiK  . V :    ,:���  Loented yiis 17th day of November, 1001  ���-- m>' -%% ^^^3k^^M.k^^MM m  -jk&mK  A.'A. IX- Al A,ii&-'!&''Ji,$��r i?ir'&r iAr iX~ yC '&*��� ^''i^ i��i-i,ii��ii,i  ;','v.*;i/i', y.i\y% . >i\,,?)Vy-A .frv >A:rr\,sf\ ^,^\^,,^\ ^r\,t��r-TjT7��?7ifT -  rrv  tri^  ;;v;;A:-;FORT;;v  Larg-ey Sample   ARo��i^  ���JiL��*i ^iiti  ���(��� .<*:.'.i*i.  y ���<���.��'w-  .   y;y>  : i'.  <���.:���.'.: ''���*': .**-..-  ��V.fcV'-y ,,y.  "J^p^Mm^  :'TheA-X��apge:sst;ZAz;;':A.;'A;:aAA�� :  fand;:,t]^A;liT  ;'E.xtensIv.e;AZ;tv;A^^  Ap oal^ !^ie iidsyAo^ny- tlie '"Pf  American Continent  ^ar1�� :^ itu a tedy';i^  South East Kootenay  ���"/  'y0 >y0A x  c':m:y  -->;,<'������ <*''  uririm*'*i(.p y-:- ::,:������  ���Z&:&AAX��'-  \��A?:ii��:y"y  lvonlelliiy  IS.!'..   Illl.  ���������.iiiiil   iicing   al.   a    pus  liiiiik,,,  it  ri :i ,v si   .  ..lui-1    |i.,M   Ol   Alls. Kllllll  li.ile r's  ai ,.      i.Ih  ,i,'t:   . :i,-,l   eighty    lilinin-.  Hi. n         ,u  .,    igiiiy  li uns. III. ili'r west elgin  eli.-lt.'i-    1   ,  ������''-,   nii  ,   in y i.|i;i. ii-, io i tie pn.e  ���III-       '  K      '  -  ,i     ' i      cr   . .innl i' in  les.s  I   un.  Mrs. .lohaniia Froistejid. Locator    .  -.��������� George iMillcr. Agent :  iii. Situated about 21 iniles north of the. International Houndary Line, and about live  miles north of Oil iind Sage creelc. in Southeast,  Kootenay. H:C. and commencing at a post  inn rkcil the northwest, corner post, of Km inn A  .lohuson's claim, thence east 80 eliains, thence  south SO chains, tlienee west SO chiiins. thenee  north 80 chains to1 place; of, beginning, .eon-.  taining (ill) acres more or less, niiil adjoining  tlie clidniof Mrs. Johanna Kroistond.'     -  Lociited this i.7tli day of November. 1��U.  Kiiiina A- .lohnsoii. Locator'  George'.Miller., Agent  ,  ���11. Situated about, 21 iniles north of the In-  lerimtioniil Hbuiuliiiy Line, and about, live  miles north of Oil iind. Sage creek, in Soutliens'  Kobteniiy. B.C.. nnd commencing at a posl  marked tlie no.rtlie is-, ebrner post, of 1011a M.  FisU-s claim, tlienee west, 8(1 eliains. llieuee  soutli Sli chains, tlienee east SO chain's, ilieni'i'  north SO clinins lo place.or lieginniiig. eontaiii-  ing ��IO: acres more Hi- less, nnd adjoining tlie  claim of Nick .Hoeiii. ,    ,  '���  Located this; 17,tb .'.iiy'br November. 1 Ot)t  ' ' ''-..   .        Kiln M. .Ki.sk. 'Locator  i.ieorge. Milic.r. Agent  ,lfl. Situa,l.cil :iboiit,2l miles inirfli of the international Boundary Line, and aboul. . live  miles noit.lrof Oil nnd S.'ige creek, iu Southeast  K.oiitciiiiy. H.C. uii'l 'eniiiiiieiieiiig lit, a [lost  iiuo-Heil tin: so'itiie.ast ciii'iiei- posi of l-ldith I.  Miller's ciaiiii. llieiice west HO i-haliix, liience  si, 80 chains, ilicuei  f le-giiiiiliig. eniiiniii-  .   nud 'nilj.lining   the  IcuItiiir^Ay':  GrEaxiiiik- :anid.ith;GA0  n '' v'. :-���,���.   ''-;,  'A 'A      'v ^*^i: ��� V' .������'-.'���      . : ii -     .....): a ... i;.  _,. ���..,..,...���        propose^��  :;������:;.': <Dlioiee;: EfixSixiess' and.j vJ^,esic  ~:J\'&p\yA^^  a:s?��A  ,_  K^atii'TOs-'-Vpf^  3B��sti?��"gtuApA 0.;;;;:;;;;A  M?  ���yy'PAlAPypApAA't  Ay0:i;A;A'$XA:0  ;P'agS;  .       aA. ;p. -\' is' '*���'��������������� A'  [inerai Belt df tile  lots foi* Sale  Towfitsite Office.  ing the claim of Emma A'Johnson. ,,, Y  ', Located this 17th day of November. 1.004. y .,  Charles W: (iu^i-ah, Locator '  ���;;���:  George Miller. Agent  ���lie-  ml'! ll 811 chillis. I IK  ,.,illll   SOcliains to I'I  ing liin acres inure or  il.iiin of Kiln M. Kisk        .  I.ocate.l i liis 17tli 'lay of November. I'.mi  17. Situated about IS miles north ot;'thp lu-  te.rnattoiiiil. Boundnry Line,',imd about, one  inile-norlli of'-the south fork, of Oil iind Sage  creek, in Soutlienst'Jvooieniiy, B.C.. and commencing at ti, post marked the southeast corner i  post of William Matliew's claim, tlienee '. north  SO eliiiins, tlienee. west 80 chains', thence south  SO chains, tlienee east ���. 80 (chains to. plncU of  beginiiing. containing IHO. acres more, or less.  and adjoining the claim of ,1. A. Shull. ��>  ' Lociitcil this 18th day of November. 1901,.  'William Matthews. .Locator    ,.  George Miller. Agent  21. Situated about 1(1 miles north of the,- .Interna tioniilBoundai-y Line, and on tlie south  fork;of: OH iind Sngo 'creek, in',!3oiitii Kast  ,Kpotena.y;n.C.. and commencing sit \i : post'  mrtrked the southeast corner post; of Mary D.  Pnyn's elaiin,' thence .west SO chains,; liience  north SO chains, thence east 80 chains, thsneo  iAsouth SO chains to place of begiuuing. contiii -"  j ing e-lli. acres more or less, and 'adjoining the  claim of Frank Link. '!'".���. ���' Ay. ��� ,,  Located this'lSth day of November, 1901.   -  .       Mary D. Pnyn,,,Locator      ���  '���,..'-     George Miller. Ageiit.  ���^mfHn}mmmf!.H.nfWUtt??!!'!!^  f':3-  General-, Mefchatit  AL-/icjwor* Oejaler'.  AND  22. Situated about 10 miles north' of. the International-Uoiindnry Line, and on. the south  fork of Oil and Sage creek, in,.Southn;ist R'oote-  nay, B.C., and commencing- at a post  marked  i;  Ihli  it  Mill. r. Lu  .|.g.-.A\lil|er  t- 11  ul  -11A  ���aid  Agi  Ihe  i.llt  111-  li ve  < ig..l.v   en.il..s    ,h   n  e- ������"���  ihence iveot eighty cnaint.  I.iim  llieace south   Sii   rlu  s     llie  i||>    l.ll  uglily    ���- Iisi  pUcu  oi   Im gin- i cuiiliiiiiing 0111 iierei mole  ii  p.iit  llill'les  ',,ill!l>.  .���hait.s.  ii.nillg.  ..iji-.in  .'18. Situated about 18 miles north of. the International Boundary Line iind,uboiil one mile  north of the soutli fork of Oil and Snge creek,  in Southeast Koolenay. B.C., iind .coniiiiencing  .at si post marked the southwest corner post of  Mare-i Hols', claim, thenee uortli 80 cliaiiis:  tlienee east SO chains, thence south SO.chiiiiis.  tlienee, w;e.st SO chains to place of beginning,  containing (ilO'iieres more or less, and adjoining llie.rliiiiri of William Matthew's.  ''���;' Located ihisisth day of November.1 null. ;  ���   .   -   ',   ' MarCa liols. Locator1,.  AA        "    . " George Miller. Ag- nf  lit., Situiiteil about IS iniles norlli of the, International Huundnry '.inc. nud aliniil one ii'i'O  north of the sou. li fork of nil and Snge creel;.  In southeast Kooti'iiay. H.''.. nnd .cDiiuni'iielng  at ii post marked UiTTiKii'Uii'nsi. '���iiriicr post of  Frank' Link's claim.. Ilieni'i'.1 wesl Sll clinins.  tlienci: south 80 chains, thence cast ,.Sll chains,  llii'iice north So chains, to place of beginning.'  coiiYailiing lilt'acres, niiiie or less, and adjoin^  ing llie claim ui.I. Aiiili'i'snii:  Located tliis'lKi.li diiy of November, I'.mi.  l'-|'a nii I ,iuk ,  Loi'iiiiir  '' I iciii'gi- Miller. Agent  i the "southwest corner post of Catherine T.  | Carey's claim, thence-north "8(i cliains, thenee  ! east SO chains^ihence scuth' SO chains, tlienee  ('west SO chains t,o place.of lieginniiig. eontainirg  i 010 acres more or less, and adjoining ibe chiim  I ot Mary Marks.  i     Located, tills lSlh day of November. l'.'O.I..'  I   ' - .   ,.   .. Caiheri.'ie'I*. c;nrey.   I.ucaior  j George Miller. Agent,,,"  IH.    Situate.i iiliout. Hi Iniies nortli'of .tin';   111  ��~ ,   Manufacturer of all Kinds of'Liimbev,,'     ,A large assort-     ^3'  0~���,' '--','.'���' :    Y'    ,';   '       ' '- ', m  S^;    ' mont of seasoned Lumber and Shingles always ���   '. ,- Ass  ��~      - ,-"-,'.;", '"    y on lian'd '        1 ''' p '���        ���',-* -���'-..'����� - ~3'  ��. " A A DIMENSION:, LUMBER      A,..    SPEQIALTY.       ..3'  WASA,  B G;  srtes^  till.     Situiited alioiit IS lliih  ��� eriinlioiiiil Hoiiiidiir.v Line, i  i  north of  iid.iihotit,,'  tiie   In,  lie mile  norlli of Up! sniilh loi  iu South l'-.ie>i Kon'.cl  al n post Inn rk" i, ilc  Mary Mnrli'.' i IijIi'ii.  I he life   Sou,', ll S I  dial  i.Ik.mic,. mul ii ";! cl i;i 111  coutiiiniiii.' '''l'1 ac:'"- i  1 ho claim of I'i anl; I,  L-i'-atod tiiis Isth d  .'.ri.il  ', II,i-.  'I i h IVI  ll. Iice  t'lii'iii:  ,, II:,'   I  ���;.l   Sage   creek.  Nil  Cl  llllliellC.illg  coin, r |,,M  ul  ���a-l. So i Indus  wi'.-.t su cliains.  |e|.,.ri,.   liliOl.llg  >. i'lal :o! i'lili'tii'  i nay, B.C.. and commencing  t'lte northeast corner post of  ; thence west 80 clinins. then  tlienee east SO cliaiiis,  : io place of beginning ;  ' or less, and adjoiiiiti  I I'ayn.       ' '     ,.   ,   .  Located this isili day or N'iivi'.inbor  .1. i '. i birriiii-.  I.,  A . George Mill.'.  , .Jl.    Situated .about. 10 miles 'oirl  j teriiiitioiiii I1 Houndary Line., a in I   on  ("fork of ' 'il mid Sage creek. In Soul In  ! nay. H.C.iinil cfitiimencing   nl   a   ;>o  ! iin-   iioi'liiwc-l   coriier   j  .claim,   llii'iice  enst, su  cliains.   ihe  cilillns. i iienci'AVeM. Sll cliii i us. I hcni  ; I'llilillS    lo    plin'e   o  ccfcs  lll'lie nl'  less,  uii'l  il'.iji.ill ill;'   I I  !.'.���<���  ( -atlicl II  l.oe.iicil llli  l.-lll-il  iy of   Novoiiilici,  Mary Miirks.  Lo  George Miller.  lli'U.  iiiior  Agon:  W-'IAJ.  THr.   PROSPE.CTQR. MIR  PltOSJ'KOTOR,  FOKT STEELE,  P.: C.,' DECEMBER 24.
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Imperial Bank of Canada  J The ^Qfiatliail BaOl Of GOIIIJTO I
o   2
% \I Sterling Silver
^M Novelties.
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II V'   A^/v   ^   tjrt'itl cartel'tj uf tht'cst'.at
prices that will pleaae you.
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receive OurAprompt;attention, ;;;A
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. 0 - ■ AA'.' A A, So u v e o i r   Spoon, Ao f A. A;;,/ ■■[. AA y
' ,,;.,A'A 'IaA^'v„,y'Qrif-Steele.';"'-A^zz; ■ y -,--v.;,;
CAPITAL (pn'uJ up", ' -'--'• $3,000,000
REST ACCOUNT    . -   ■-_   $3,000,000
Heaci    Office—Toronto. ;
..':.'" riEAD''b,FFICE--TO^RONTO.   '','.-..'/.■■-'      •'•■'"'
yPitid up Capital $K;.7o6,00<): Kesci'vo Fund .$:4.'.r>.00,0l)0:,,-''- J.
,Aff^i-oo-:il#.KoAoiii-(;esOy6r.$SH,000,OOOANp\A^Otl)Al!t03.  •
l.oiuiou Office; 0,0 l.oinriard Strcet,v,IC.-C.■'■■'■■'•■;':■■
i'A'    .; -'Vom' S'iVrk Office;   1 fi, i;xcliaii«<S;,l,!ii,ee.;Z       ■■:.
A iVtlAilO' iVrttuiriies in Ganadu itruVtlie' U tiited States.
''I'   it   MI'l'IHTT. I*n-iili'ii!    I), i:. WliAKIlA \'i«i*-Pi-Az. and (liiii. Mail.   Arf^-     -,.
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.\(.i-:nts   in   ni:fat  isi:it\in-'.-,-ij'kj.vtiM-;--H.juik'; ri Luiiiinirri Ht,.;v||i^ ;;;
Loudon. , '.".,'y'1 ;....■;''.: .'..-'■/''  ',"''". ,",".". V "'•: ,.-_,., jdlipl,.'..'... ■.:
A (u'lici ,t! I .,inking,Utt.-viiiC'.-s Truusiielod.'; "...   '  ■    pAvA ,
Savings Bank Department.-—InterestalkiwedAou deposits. ; A'tgittA A. ■•'■ .        .,<--.        .... „,,,   ,       . . . ,-,, .-„..,      ,
n        '    , -b       u ,     0 ,   y    A        ;, -■ ^"jg;!-"1-:vdraWbrbok■..Bra-nch..ft-'..V-;:aa :'a*.:^F: CzMALPAS, Manager.  |
7Cranb,rookYBranchr::-; ^?vA^R>N.W
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A','   - V"-"':': . ..•",.-• NOTICE.'A; A ... AAA)
"  Xotiry.  is';lis;rel>y; -Kl'vijti A tliat ,'..i,lic  KOoti'iniy
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•A,',;'; A';-'A -'•.-.''■/'NOTICE..." 'A'A..-',.- '-A ■■..'
.Viitiriy'is iii'i-i'.l.iy. sVivvin; tli'ifl   Ui*plfi;'ijjii)if"\yi).l
,.bc iiiii>i>:itti;i,)u!   I.;>;i;i'iit.iy«"'yA>si,ii:iiiyv;pE  t-ho
'Z't-i'iviii.'>')'.; ot:..'lVl-?'*'Sit'.A,*t"iilAiiii!>.ia' -i'il y .l.t* ''i.-ii.;iy't.
,- :'■' L M?7i->li.jJi t'Vit-.ivti y.\'i-i. tc.'i'i-Vji.v b.'t'iitiiyiuvii'rouiii'Ui
;<j>'.'f|'t.i'''.'tlir?; '(^iitM/'iiiiy';,v":it-iivyoV,A:   • "Hyi'K'.AVKii i 1 vv'yy.
Aik'.i;C'.iniiy.tii'y' i!ll,tlli.":i-ii'iiis. i>i)\v*t;r;-.' !.*rt\ iil-if>-Vs :iuii:
..":^! V..:..:.: i...:,.:. .:.;..,:...:: ,,:'.: ..,:     »'". .. :;,:..: ::..,:...ii:y.-;.
A- A:/A, I«,orAi.he lrplida^rAtratlpAt'ii^'y0111" wG have Toi* s'alo.■ , ,-;;. *.'
V; No other ;;Sonp y is'just': ,ns/' goo'il:':i,03i
AtHE^MASTER<MEC!iAr.";^':-.:..'! ,VZ-T.-Vlt so,u
lii-iila innl BOftens tins-nKin,..\l'liilu.|iiiiuij>tly vl.Niiisinir Itc
■of   pn:iai«, oil. nlHt. ol«".  ('lnvalnahtt, fiir ..iti.riilLair^
yfiii-nil-rs, spoilnmt-'ii.   PreeSa?ii|;I'." on n-,-eiiny.nl',2(1,1.*
poslai;o. .,Allit'rl Toiliit.KouiV Cii.iy,VIrs. .M«jiilr..-iil,;;-)
;SATIIKt>.'A\p::If)yc;Z4:., -.tliO-l-.
■■:■■)■ ii Ia.ivUvsia-:■..^otiiiitiii.vV'V'Vitii' tlit.V -iiiilits,, lioAvln's;
■ Vu'iv lie^tvs,!.!'Hirt.-'fnin(,'liiwsvt!ipreb,j'..:.l!(;p'ufei're
f;;;AA' ■■A1';'.'VA. yAy-   AA''".''' '"'p: li"'X..".  a .A'--'.a: w'(,. AA-A, .yA AA' ^3-j :■i^.o.LvruanctV;^vUb^,Sln.d.SotH■H>l^'.■'i!,. iilul'UV Vp;t^nti
^Uiiiiiiii iiiiil iuiiiiiuiiuiiiiLtitiiu^
 '-■ '..;   ..',i,''-i ■-■■'"   -0 '-■'.        -' '--' '-: Y:,  ...,,.AVlH^timbniAlWl,:■:,:" VyVyy ";,.,."■ .i-.y. .)'.,- ■-,:   ■,:.,':..;.,,
■yZToys, t,qviv:;-toys.:atlvet-shaw;s. !;;;,. ;        H^KVKY'^;rv!i:c;AKTioK..v;,,,>;.,;
,»-;;;;-:—--::y - Y;?:;SdUoitors:forA\;]iplii:iiitis;:";
AA;A?;L Aii^, otlier;'splehdi(^
'.vA;M!-, aii:d:-NIrsA/l^AAr/::^lcVh.ti^
\vere «i t (/ra irbroo k -Mouda v. ■'; A A y
 ,.., ,. ,   ,,,,..,, Ariisai)ayred isvAavyyear's.vsiibscrlp-
;;,,ANirs. E.,;Gv 'pilfer Vas-yiaiti;^
;■■■ AaA vA:y;AAA,A'".;—^AaA';A^A AAyAA'AA
'ZGiiristmas'csai-fe ...
-Ta;:iiihause.iS.;A!:,:'',-.AvAAA:AAA'A; A-',.. v.vyAl.A;; /'ZZ .A.fAX-'ftt'f--' '-'AA yiAypAAJylA';
"NortK Star Lodge.
.  ;.'A.'ACQhsi.tab'l.e;'',':';T6.^ , v^.^...^...., ......^wu,-.
AAbusiiiess'AAvAA-A"A-':;V'v-'"''A.; .A;V:yV;Y!Y;;-;y;5/Y.'.;ZAvAYAAvZ;:;2:;;Z;yA:
AVAI?lit)v-t\\':itis- -^Toni .iftV/Je'i-i-y;" will i '"A'''yA. ''0'
QyAy.yyyy. yyyy; -■■_....... Y'„..:::-':-i,-,c;Y.,:|.'ii»-y'"*:^:^*>
x'Ay •■A;i'?'F.5,;'AND'.;A,'f::MV''■'•''-'"-Gi'-R. ;B;v:C;"''"'''' '
VZ*-->s> y v FQin'/STl'l K l.ior, l^yCV'yZV'iV^yVVy;;;
:./' lief!'ill iu- iiiqotii.'ij.s—Ist- 'I'lii^iila.v in' oac'li^
y'lnontli iitciKlito'cloolc. A'i^itinf: lirctliorn.iiro
'uordiiilly Im'ltud.;. '"        ".     ":-.'" , 'i," .'  ■:   ,
-.,.' KillV.R.Ivor TjOiIkij,-- l''iii;iilo,: roK'iilai'  n.loytiiiK.s
.liljlil .lirst I''rliliiy iil'oiu'.li uioiitli. "      ;■,   :-.;
;ACi-uniirook Loilijc, Ci'iiiilirt'iblc," roi?tiliir''nibot-
y Inits lioiil oil tlio tliiril,'l'lni'r.^iliiy oi''iiai:li motitli,
u..,.:*':.- ,.../..I,, I! isi.oi*, Sfiorotiiry.
js Rocky''iyiountain/Ghajiter-Asf
' 5-...--:                            ,   A". ' A-:y . . ■'. ■■.;.■ ,s":
ig„;  ' . y/NO.   125.   \X. A..,Mi'   . "' V =:
•m>' ' i'                                         ■ a* 2'
:2   -.A, A     TORT  S'l'ISKLK. II. ('.,.-"- -'.
%    -aA"',a  ."  -.'.' -..-■   .'      A:.-,,:: '; S;
;S     ...Kiigiila.r iiiooiiti^-s:—2nd.'l.uo.s-.. S;
-rSV.day Ain''c.icl.i   month    at  oighu   3i
..^'..o'cioclc.  A,...A ,;A AA=:
j- yy   „  :■        ...    .-•■ ■       -    ~ y        . .     -,;-
■ ».. ■    Sojoiu-iinio-   Coinpiiti.Kins':.are   -:
-S'' cpi'tiialiy i'nvitiotl. ' A'"    3;
"5 •.■■'■ °-'- '•iAMKS',Hisi.bi:'s,,Sci'iltp:E.;   z\
A A Geo v j?e: ■ W a t s p iiAvclr oa; e ;tp JGni i'i.:
A ' GrahbeiTies--.a-t Kershaw/s. ." ;A A
shoi/tQftt.dti;ys, of the-ybaiZY    ;■■■.:.v
,,--. AT ii I'kby^-'-A'PQi'Aliye oi;, dressed-
tuflceysAohick'en aiul-gee^e go to
the Port Sieele Meat Market. „, y
Pfdfessiotia I.
.    CRANMIK^OK,    A- A.,,,B.(;:<,       .
,G.;W.F/Gfl'RTE,R, B.G.L.
■;. ■ i-ne*,t.w-iiis-'..'.v.L:.ODi.„co,;'.J.erTy-'" win j ■,- y,y .y .y;yy,..^v  :y>:^.y.yy^y-y.Ayy yyA-yy A->ay ■AA.y-yyyAA^.Ayy
ih'-AKnias-and'ANe^v;AtIe'aKsAdav; AAvr^^
;;;;; AA-A0PAAAA- yAp0y;0AAyA£^yyyypAyy7y:,M;ry0utMk7^XyApXyApJyp—0^A$
y:.-..- ' -,.-■"•-. ■ --,-,-- . .'-- ■■|-,.-.-.■■-.,•■ -■-:-:-.: :■. i-^,-.--'- .,-■_.-.-•   ;:- -r .■"■•■: ? :,.-.-■■: ■-,,-.. ,.'„•■■ - ; -:- ■■'•,-      ■    ■ -.:-.: ,. y-.--     ■ ■''yy.AA.y.y^A, y).:.yy;yy^:;..'y.yy:)i.A.y<.t))
i >
13..   AlAiundin,    of.  "Wasa. was;in
town Tuesday..   -:■';'-,„■'..A .,-
A Frank'"Williams'"' was at Moy ie
on busiiiess this week.y'A -  .   ,.,'.
' ZAAGhristmas dinner with mince
pie •.•LikeAwhat mother . used to
make';, \yiil Abe served , at the
Strathcoha Hotel. A        " A-.-■■'■•"•'.?.
A It.is,;a delight to iook upon the
'artistically .ad.o'rne.d show \viii-
dows in: town. v...»., 'VA   ,
AQhas. Estniere of Kiniberley
.was'ih town Tuesday., Mr. Est-
mere is an old timer"iii the clis:
tr:ct. ' and ' duiring- the past siim-:
mer w/as'prospecting in Alaska.
H.'e says there/is "'noyplace like
Sieele.     .,      '■'    ' Z   :..   ...*   ..
.   .„ .,     .Public   School' children, /were
Notary 'Pii'blir' of HriUsli. rfihnitbk'.i enjoying' their   Christmas   holi-
'■•''■■,;.',   ■:-•; , :  \"'" ;  .-■•.    j days'this week. '■■■.-'■.. , ■  '
(Jiilleiition   of -u.ci.'Otuits  aiu-iidi'ii   tn. y '■   y ;      ~   ,        .-.
Auditing-, and kut'pin-- of. ix.ok., vini;.: AThtTBest' Dollar Christmas (rift.
with'd.i.spiUi'li. ' (.'iiri-.'Siiiinii.-t)''.-.-niii'ii-V . ]_'
l-iL-      .;.;.' ' Z      .   '   ' "-"' - ' ■    ���
(,. ,\V. l-\ (AARTKIH. Fun ..StmAi..;. 1J.',.
'    a.ml XOTAUV- IMABi.K .
Cranbrook,  B.C.
Fort Sieele  B.C.    '
l.'ulfl'.S'l'KKI.K   Dl'lVKI.IH'.MKNT S YN IHICA I K  I. I
'     KIM   I.I'IKll'.llllilll   Street.,i.l.llllOl,,   Kll;
N. A.  WAL.LINGEU,    ,    FORT STKKI..1'
I'OS'i: OKl'-ie:!-: nn*t "l:
{   ''One'of'the very best Christinas
Lsrifts. and.one that, will be appro-
ii:iatod   liy   all   dt.irj.ng  iUOu1 is   ;t
I yi-ar's subscrijifion to the Family
! Herald an'd Weekly Star of Mon,,
|t,ro;tl.'.    It   costs   but   a   dollar a
I .year   .arid   ini-ducie^   flie , lovely
j premium  picture ' entitled   "The
!JA.rincess,;at.. AVork.A'     rrii<; pulj-
j Ushers Ao filial, -great Weekly   a,i;e.
j planning  lo    i/ive ;ils     i-eaders
I'hiirgor . value   l.h.'iu   ever  diii'iiig
'.iU'i.-      A .ilr.lhtr. ciiiiiiut he' lieilei'
spi-iiL.       It    is   s;i id    tin:   stuff   of
rleriis enip'lfiyed    iirlhi'    l*'aiu;ly
ll.enihi   i)l'lir,i- ''i.iii-riiig up-'iiiiiiH*.-.
nloiii!    ul . new      .-.ii'isi-ri lii'i's      is
yrciit'iu'    in    11 < i nili'.-r     i hau ■    t In'
wli<i|e si iifl' n!'...aii.y  live   papers in
Zuiiii'l   a ■       '
•'*' .'B..-.W':: WERDEN,'P.opA    , yi'.
<ji   ■-■:    .'   -■--.-. ■'...:,    ': :■ Y.'-■'*•*:        .':
W-"   "'   A.:'All
K'*'■''' 'y
A>A -* iii ...
0A.    yi
A;A,     SOU'l:
//Gfoiuii (if Oyster.
Consoiuiiie .l.toyal
FortSteele,'B.C.,yYZ j
■■'■  'CY.
'J/Jo i I'ocl/Ki 11 ni'Mi I laddie, Biit,ti*r,Sauce   , - .Ay,,.,
.,.„,    ..... .'''■ A'-    ■'-' -A'' BotcuD 'py -. ■;■.".■: :•. V"VA. -..„;
■^       A   'Ox Tongue.* tlorsci li'iitlisl'iA yShtmldo.i- 'Mliti.011.ACupbr Sauce 'yAA-pi
t#y«i:\A     ,,. ■■-     .   ..   .:.y .,,;■";.:. ■ Az-v-A-    ,y't'iv'n
'"    ' ' '■' t£?
■P\'.-i;A\"A.:  'Ai A   ' A •,,./,/ A'-r-l' li.OAs;i:„;--   , ....
'^ :■■■'!    { Tiii'koy'StiiiVed,/C'i'aiiiici'i',Y Sauce      A    S))riiig,Cliickijii and
^'   "!"'.'[■ bressiiiK"''"'" ■ IjCjl;- l'ot-k. KrtjwnAPotialoe.  .■■■ Lco-,y \ ;
AAA':  fvl'.-.     ,A)y   '..,,.<-     MtiUx)u.„Pi-cni;li Peas.A Z     .  /     -    A.':  ::
"K A !
P*i   t-y
& •;!■■■
'# l'!
'H 1'aI
';•♦•?     I-   -I
VZ   S;S:«
..A/ ...    '":', AV ;..,•-:,,, .,;.-, y,._ SAT; AD. Av--- AAAAA.A,:VvA- ..'.yA'-  -A1'.-,
i(::A,V.A A^ _ Lol.istoiASiilad...      .-■ 'C'lii«;lven:Sitlad.ZA. ';\'\t    ;.
A/V.-v y/AvA.. 'yy. .A-Z, ENTKEWSAA--   AA, AZ/Z :'aA-A-;V -'
■'".I^VsallopoiVC.ystiCrs   ...''■,.' l-'cachVOobljlci;.',:VtLii111:i Saiiciv .
;■»'■■;   ,vy      "'A,;.:_- - vwo;ktable,s',--Av-'       -p-t.l.P ■
Mawlipil Polittiios.; .'■■ *"/ Sweet Corn       ■ ■ i>oilod t'dtitiiies
v, / :A A    :      ', ','■"•."! ; ('reitiii ol'.Aspiti-iigils;    / "" .. v.        A A'-
A ".,.-,,       vA-A,"Ap,\sTi.;.yA;r-' A;      aA'A.-A
l-hio-liHh   Plum   t'lidduio-. Willi  Hard   inidA.Brandy S;i,n,re
„:."' Miyi.'cii'Aiiiilc. Hot, AM'nice,' Hhiibat-i.i./iiiid lAetnoii   .
-.. .' v .' '•   '     •'" '    , 'vHiuiii Ilio. .■''■'-. „ A;    ' ;,
\ --I- ^
■ ■»»:■•:$ Vvr-
" ■ . z>:
)M ■
■*  ■
Tea        CAoFfee
--u- ,-.•■---'.-X-y
Orang'es      ;   Nitts
Cake        Cheese A
:P^i^:t*0GtiAy>. a*xjx **; ^♦:^d^^^^p>^>^:'^;^-.'
Fort   Steele  Cigar   Store,
A   fine   llni. ol' °
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
Hi Ilia id  Room
WATCUl'.S     anil   JKWKI.HV
Importers of FOREIGN lioboRS/:/
CrahbrooU,    B. AC--/;AA;
your Wants
our  aim
W'l'l Jiiive; ju's.t,  i-ci-<M\-ci;Fi.lic   lai-iiost
tconsi^iiiiionl, of Cli'i-istiiiiis-, goods
.-ev.oriiroiiglil. iiit.o thi.S dist-i-icl', iind   we
can'suit tlie ii.io.st. I'iisl.id'ious.'   ()iir, linos'
;irn, coiiiplelc anil is wil hoot „.dou.l>t   tlii*'
' most- select in Southeast   Koolonay-      <■
We have -every thing: hi. tiie way of, •'■.■.       .
Dolls; Books, Toys;   Leather Goods,    ^
Dressing   Cases;   Pictures   and Toilet
Articles.. ..A •• . i
I5veryi:hing,tliat you1 ort he children may want......
When in Town Call in and See Us.      ,
G. E. REID & CO.,
The Druggists.
;:' \n
; AA/Z/':;A: A^:';l^^^^ .         vAv,
A:<A*,A>AA>v*A^A;&;:piicUici.Kiiiu ZZ: , ; y-y:yy"y-yy..",
'AyiAy; y,y\ .;.'..','•■ "A ,4'OIiti^^ :-.Av'Y"..-''-. '.-'yy'. A: y.   V        ./ A- 'V '■-';.■   ilyA'"'";-       A '■"'■■ Ay '■-■)- ■■■ "yl
, .        ...   „   ; .,           ■■''■■ ■,";''•'■''. -;./'j ):A" ;■! tlVi'i't,'Z«iryt!'y^ Si:iy;<.-'t*.ot HV-tiii, i'ii!icIe,»ii,iU'V'eril;tiice f    '„".' .'/ ':■;,■'.;■ '": ■'  '.:»"''y^y'Y ;."■;-''■ ,: , Y, .';:■'.'..".; -'VVY V V .'.„';.';■; .'•'  -.''■■'■ v°':'i-;.,:'"';        ':V:-        -v '   -'.-'■' ■''.■'"''   A ',':.::" "■-      •",.:■.-,'■".■     "'■''■,•■"'
*?f L«.V> Vlft-ti' Y AX.A):i AjL'"-': :/     ' -.:,' ::>vUti .^evftiiim !^i^ tir-llie'sinui-'^VctZttie sa iit'^Cniit-' iAy*. ;:y\'' y. V V Yy'1 Y,Y; ' :'V'A;   ^ •:.'. :y:-;y;:Ao-: ,:y ^:'Z VV'Y.   ..iY..^":;..-'-/'^:':-;:-
>jy3£;gliW0ift^:to:^  , „ ..    , ^, _.^-- -      „
]Mi$ensptei0A00'yyt-:'    ' -^-=•■"--■■*«•' .--«.-.-•• .*..^ -■ - y. .. .;:„-..■ -,<,,.,.-..,...«...,,,.-,.    :..,•.,,...■.,,,,,-
^^^^^^W'^'0t'^'0'0'^^^^^    A


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