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The Prospector Dec 22, 1900

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 Library of Leg Ae3
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* Devoted to the upbuilding *
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* f
£ .$
H/r    Tii(]i'|)fiiilcnl   in    I'olitii"..    V
IK ' #
**»■•*•?-"■ "JOfc-.X'fr*' t*>! '?••£ #•> r*5-)S*-*'iS **-
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Vol. G. '
No 51.
New Advertisements To-aay.
Mm lie
.1   A   H.ir\"\   Win   K   Ifoss.
.1. .\. Hunt",   Win   11. Itus*. .
(I. Al. Husuoilli
-I.  M   l'liu Liii
I'.lKI-  I
Kootenay Centrnl Railway Company
Our advertising columns today
contains notice ol an application
lo be'made lo Hie Provincial
Legislature* Jor a charier lo authorize llie incorporation of a
railway company under the
above title wilh power tof construct and operate a series ol'
railways radialhm from the lown
of Fori Sieele to llie, south,
1       north, oast, and west.
We   regard   this   as. llie   most
important 'sli*])    11 ml   lias   been
taken in Iho inlercsi of Ihe'lown,
the disirici east, ol Ihe Koolenay
river,   and   in ,1'acl   to  the west
also; and (hose ^gentlemen   who
have united the in solves together
as promoters ol  this  lar-search-
mn: and iiieriionoii.-  scheme  deserve Ihe  thanks and   gratitude
.   ol' tho public for their enterprise
lo say nothing'ol the  more  substantial reward thai wo have   nei
doubt will be theirs in Iho future
'growlli   and    development, and
prosperity of the dislrict.   "Z * u
' ■        The scheme as outlined in1 Ihe
notice of application is hardly as
definite as thai submitted to   the
promoters by ils  originator, Dr.
'J Wait, 'bul   (he  iiileiit.ion   is   To
accomplish lirsl of all this easiest
and   most   essential  parts ol Ihe
.  scheme, '' aiming   eventually    lo
hurry out the whole programme.
Dr.   Watt's  scheme embraces.
First:—A   connection    witlf the
„ CrowZ  Nest  Railway  at   some
11 joint he1 ween   Elko  and* Wardner,''llieuee continuing souih *lo
ihe International boundary line.
Second:-5— The    consiruglion   ' of
ibis line northward *io  Winder-
*", mere   and   Golden      Third:—A
. t    line following-up -the valley'of
•v       ' '   the St. Mary;s river to its  headwaters  and   thence   to   or   near
Pilot. [Jay.    Fourth-—A line  up
Wild Horse creek,   crossing  the
|i  " divide  to llie head of Bull river.
%'* and thence if practicable through
tho mountains to1 connect with
,, the Crow's Nest road on Elk
river. Fifth:—A short connecting road to the,nearest point on
the line 1o Qranbrook. Sixth:—
* A   more direcfc^conncclipn'with
Kimberley il desirable./Seventh':"
—The building, of- mineral or,
feeding branches of whatever
length might be necessary to developing br operating mines in
any- pari of the districl. naturally
tributary lo the main,-;, radical
lines, running north\and south,
east and wcsl/rom the starling
or central point, Fori Sieele.
This is a most comprehensive
scheme, bul no more comprehensive   than   the  proved and prospective  wealth   ol    the  district
will   warrant;    and    we   believe
and   hope  il   will   not  be many
years ere il i.s realized in its  entirely.     Think   lor   a   moment
what   the   realization   ol  such   a
scheme would'iue.in.lo 'this  dis-
■   trie I. the reaching hy steam  rail
or .electric   lint* ol every part of
it whore milling  operations   are
now or are likely  to  be carried
v on, anil tins bringing of the  ores
0       by a down grade haul from every
direction lo Ihe most convenient
point in the Kootenay valley for
the operation of a gioal smelting
iudustry.    This is working with
nature, with   the r topographical
conformation ofkthe district, and
not against it.     There is sense,
sound   reason   and   the  logic of
natural   convictions   in   such   a
scheme and it should.be a   most
attractive one lo capitalists
The company propose to ask
for power to creel -tamp mills,
concentrators, -inciters or relin-
orii's iu conned um with its railway   system,    lo    navigate   tho
river   to   the   north and souih ol
.*■ . i
ihe   lown.   If)   run   lelegiapli or
telephone lines, and to erect and
operate electric light and power
plants wherever in ils tributary
territory the public requirements or its own business may
demand these necessary adjunts
ol modern prosperity.
We don'i imagine that there
will be any opposition in the
legislature  to  the granting "of
the, powers asked for by tin*
company. There is nothing in
scheme .that  can operate to
Ihe disadvantage of any lown  in
Ihe  district, .that  will   build up
olio at the expense of or  by   the
doeadenco'of any other.   Tt.is in
tended   and' it   will  bring every
town  and  every  porliou  of the
district into close and convenient
connection     with     the   present
governmental capital,      ft, need
not and'will notebook the legitimate prosperity of any  existing
town, on the contrary wo believe
il \yill enhance the prosperity of
all, besides giving rise to  many
new   towns,   aud   it  will enable
tlie-eand all the older towns  to
advance-ion   llie   high   road  to
pros peri ty'on the merits of their
natural advantages-and business
connections,   its  the   only   iruo
foundation by the way for a continuous   and   permanent    prosperity..   , ■<•-,'
Mul the subject will1,bear aud
must from time to linn/ receive,
In rl her' discussion 'iu our
columns. Naturally (he first
connection sought, by the coin-
party will be' thai lo't he south,
nut1" the short'line, some five'
miles or so from • Brewery
In Isadore Canyon, giving us
connection., with" Cranbrook.
Moyie and Kimberley should be
pushed ahead simultaneously
and without delay. <   ..;       "   ■*
Will   Build   a   Yacht   Five   Minutcs
Fftstor Th!inrrtliG Columbia.
Boston. Doc. l~.—Jl is said
among yaohlmon, that Crownin-
shield will design a cup deJoiid-
er (hat will be live minutes  fust-
a boxing bout tonighl The city
is becdming very popular with
boxes. There are two well ap-'
pointed club houses in* ihe city
and gfiod crowds .iltend the
**''.y  QJty,   Mich.,   Dec.   2d.—
Lord   Roberts   Homeward   Bound.
Golden   Jubilee. -   Congress
Takes a Recess.
than   Ihe   Columbia.     It   is This city will have a listic carni
understood'thai the designer has
had a full sol uf the workinu
plan-ol the Columbia for a long
lime anil i.s therefore (pialitied lo
make a prediction. '•
Bristol, li. I.. Dec. K--TI10
keel of. the new deleiider was
moulded at Ihe I lorrosholl shop,
and has been 7 placed iu llie
cradle. Work* will now he pushed as fast,as possible.
Election Aftermath. f>
vote   cast   in   the   Yale
val tonight in the opera house,
The principal feature will be a
i'0-roiuid bout bo! ueon .lames
Waif of Louisville, and Ed. Snellen, of May City.
Trenl.m, N. .(., Dec. 22. — Hank
llazleton, al" Albany, and Andy
W.ilson, Ihe 10.1-pound champion
ol Xow Jersey, will have a 20
round bout before the Athletic.
Club to-nighl.
' News Notes.
The Dominion Government
Kootenay-Cariboo   coiisnluoncy asked to create a mining bureau,
East Kootenay Stock.
( 'lllU'"s Xc-t CJlKll
Norlli Shu- '.      ■> .
SlllllMlII • ... 	
,        o
Silver-lead Quotations
Biir.Sih'^'i'  1
.\lu\ii'iiu ■dollar^ . ' .
- ;. Fort Steele Placer Minos.
C61U mining in the vicinity of
Fort Steele is gaining ground
every year.    Now finds  are  be
ing made and-old*placer  proper-
lies are being aijain worked.
'WILD   KOliSR   CJltKI31\.
..Reports coming from   London
indicate 'that  'ihe1 Invicta' Corn-
was life second largest polled in
tl(ie Dominion of Canada, 'being
-ui passed only by the Nipissing
riding in Ouii'.rio., where tifiOO
votes were ca-l.
The Vale - K'ooleiiay - Cariboo
vole 1 numbered about 8,.")00.
(jiallihor has nearly ."300 \olcs
over*1' Foley, Foley having 00'
voles o\ er AlcKanu.
In l^'.lti, this constituency
]>ollod only ,'),:!(if I votes    .
Considering the largo number
of; voters, and'tlie imm/'iiso lerri-
loiy lo be cam a -.sih), a division
of the ridiu'ir on a more just and,
erpial representation, should, be
the duly of the incoming house
of commons.
pany intend to commence, as
soon as the season will permit,
making preparations lo do a
large amount ol work. !*C>0.000 is
the amount already subscribed
as a working capital. This new
hydraulic plant is in good condition. The dam, ditches, etc,
need.but little'repair, in fact it
might.' be "' said that operation
could commence at short notice.
It i.s also said that' the company
intend to put in new machinery
suitable'.-for deep miiTing. I'or
working J lie old channel,'as well
as the'snrface gravel.     '   *
NIP   & Tl'ClC.
Dave* Griffith having purchased the Nip & Tuck properly
has already leased the property
to parlies who will commence
operations early in the coming
spring. ,_ ,
Tlie two Chinese companies
will do a large amount of work
next season. 'While it i.s not
known how much gold'was liiken
out by them during the past
year, yet the company seem well
satisfied wilh the results. ,
The Pony Creek Placers will
receive considerable attention
next spring, and it is reported
that'One com] tuny intend to put
in modern machinery. Several
out (its are working fhe deep
'channels,' and active operations
are lo be commenced next season
m:i,i. liiVEH.
lint little attention was paid
to placer mining at this point,
only one outfit worked there iln'r-
ing the past year, and then only
during the low water iu I he
early spring. ,
On Findlay creek, operations
weie conducted on a small scale,
most of the work' being prcpar
atory. ditches constructed, etc.
A small amount ol gold taken
out, yet sulhcient lo encourage
more exteusive operations in the
near future.       j
On Skookum Chuck but little
gold was extracted. There i.s
no report as to what will be
done next season.
'■No reports'are obtained from
the Palmer's Bar district.
Holiday    Rates   by    tho, Canadian
1        Pacilic Railway.
Tn connection with Ihe Christmas and New Year's holidays
Ibe .Janadiaii' Pacific Railway
will put inlo ellocl %\te usual
local holiday*rales ol single Lire
for the round trip.« . Passencors
can purchase tickets on the lol-
lowmg dates:—December :22nd,
2'dvd, iMlhand i\"ith, good' to return January :ird, and on December ^Hh. JIOlli. :)lst, and January 1st. good lo return on January 3rd.     _.
Moyie City Mmos.      ,
. The pay roll at the St. Kugono
mine   for  the   month of November was ssi.OOO.
The ore shipments for the
same time was I'.tiOO.   °
Manager Cronin says that
tboie is no truth whatever iu the
repori now 111 circulation to the
effect that £1.OHO,00!I worth of
St. Fugene ore was sold in
Cliili.  / , *l    ;
It is tho American Smelting
and Tlclininu Co. lhat has
secured the purchasing contract
lor Si. Eugene ore. > 4
The Miner's Union Mall was a
complete success, and surpassed
all expectations.
The new addition to the Kootenay Hotel will cost,§7.000
Moyie wants a, hospital. Dr.
Uiggins will try and secure the
necessary grant, and assistance
from llie piovincial government.
and appoinl a minister of mines
Mr. Franlc Flelchor is a eandi
dale  Jor   mayor  ol   the  city  oJ
CI real   Mriiain   is  now urging
the Olt.iman government to   pay
claims  in   connection   wilh
Armenian troubles.
The ''America 11 Hoops in the
Philippines are kepi busy 'chasing tho insurgents. ,        ,p
Dewelt. Ihe Moor Ceneral, is
giving lots ol (rouble iu South
A wireless telephone has' been
worked successfully across the
Mississippi near Minnoaopolis.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier,* accompanied by Lady Laurier, will
spend the Christinas holidays at
New York.
The steamer  Cily  of- Topeka
is  a'shore  in'Lvnn   canal   with
*  '.   ', ' '    „  ,   *>*    .   '
strong:prospects ol 1, becoming a
total wj'pclr. * *
* v    I ,v
'Several hundred Boers have
crossed from Orange Kiver Colony into Cape Colony near
Aliwal'North. and have reached
.The- astounding .and utterly
unexpociod reverse ol the Hritish at Magaliesbcrg. elfectmrlly
disposes of any hopes that the
war in South Africa is nearly
The American itoam iu the -ix-
day international bicycle race
Avon byT a wheel's length. The
distance covered 'was i'jOSK miles
St. John's Church of England.
Services will be hold in the
Church of Si. John 1 ho Divine
every Sunday evening al 7:."fi. -
Si rangers are welcome '
Christian ser\ ice-will be 'conducted in Hie Presbylerian
Church by ihe Paslor l*iev. D.
McK. Ivoid, M A every Sabbath
evening al 7:'!0. There will also
be a sorvK 0 every other Sabb.ilh
niorning at 11 oV-locsk. Sunday
School al  li a.m.
All an*- welcome to onrsei vices
Paihanient Will Open Feb.  6th
The Dominion Parliament will
moot, on Fobruaiy Oth.     Usually
Pailiameiit mei.'i- on Phui.-day.
bul the first .sessmn is alv.ays
called lor Wodiie-u.i,*, , a d.i.\
earlier, lor the pm po-i* oi   elect
ing a speaki'i
Amoi.n  tliu Pays
Louisville,     K"y ,    U< c     :.'o
"Kid"-L.i\ nigs a'icl Ceorge   Ale
Fad den ha\ 1  .   _*i i nuiui
bout    hero   tonighl    uoi
No'upariol Club
" Omaha, Dec. 20.—-Tim Callahan aiid Oscar Gardner, will have
OO.M-.g , ulio],
ie    iho
V ' Had a Kick" Coming-.
Washington. D.C.. Dec. 1.">.—
The indomitable Mr. Sulzer of
Now York, the champion of the
Boers, has another grievance.
-When' he reached the Capitol he
found a nolo on his desk, signed
by fhe sailors who did the draping-, saying that they took pleasure in wrapping'1 the Boer Hag
around his desk.11 aud expressing
the hope that he would continue
to champion tlie cause ol liberty
and, freedom. Mr t Snlzer,
] ilea sod al this recognition of his
defense of Ihe ^Moers, looked
aboil' his desk for ihe Hag. bnt
in vain. It had vanished. Inquiry revealed that the House
officers o-pir*d it and ordered il,
removed.    Therefore Mr. Sulzer
is mad.    '	
Wild Horse Creek.
The  devi'lojnnenl   of  the  immense  gold-quartz,   copper and
silver-load proposition.- on Wild
Horse creek' and   its   tributaries
continue lo give ihe 1110s! encouraging     results,     and. a    large
amount   ol   actual    development
work- has been  done  during   the
past  year      Tho   work-   on. the
j Copper hell that lie-easl ol Fort,
(Sieele   and   north    ol    Ihe   gold
j ledges, is also showing up   well,
'and   lrom   the   reports   received
lrom     the     repicsonl.ilivos     of
1 many companies in ibis vicinity,
the   indications   aie   that    next
year,  1'Jnl, will seen larger  and
im.ii*    active    de\elopineiii      all
along the line easl ol   the K'ooli'*-
nay river
Figuring- on Tunnel
< 'onliaclois are figuiing on a
new tunnel, which will be one of
Ihe l.irgesl on llie line ol tho
vslom or the (' I', ii., it
will bo built on the hue of the
Crow's Nesi Railway near Fernie. The'tunnel will, bo over
1000 feet in length."' ■ [     Z
Lincoln, Neb.. Dec. 2\.-Standard Oil must show its books today in the Supreme Court for
the inspection ol theAitorney
Ceneral. The list ol stockholders must bt^ given, the, minute books of the Company and
other papers. The case excites
great interest.
Homeward Bound.
Q Capetown. Dec. IS.—Lord
Roberts is now on the''sea, homeward bound. After touching at
St. Helena-he will proceed lo
London, where, he' is 'due Jan.
2nd. Duringjiis temporary stay
here he was 'overwhelmed wilh
Stringing the Bridge Cable. '
■New York, Dec. ^1.—Tlie
progress ol Ihe work-men on 1 he-
new East River bridge is now
keenly watched. ■ The steel
towers are about complete. ,and
the first,strand of ihe cables that
is to support the roadway. The
public feels greatly interested in
this and watches to see the first
move made., The "temporary
footbridge which will be used in
winding the cables' together will
cost $100,000. ,,., ; 'A    "
'   The Macdonough Launched.
Weymouth, Mass., Dec. r22.—
The torpedo boat destroyer was
launched lodayat I he Fore Riyer
Rngine Company'.- plant. This
is the last boat that the company
will launch at the narrow reach
of tin! river/Ihe others to, take
the water., at the'new works at
the moutlvof the river at Quincy
Point'. 'Miss Lucy MacDonough
of     Philadelphia'.     now     Mrs.
. ■> - *.   e -   ^
Charles Uolconib Read, cbristen'-
ed the craft with her maiden
name, , after Commodore '"MacDonough. ' " Z
Steamers Sail. *'
New 'York-. Dec. ±2.—A Meet"
o'J 'passenger steamers steamed'
out* of Sandy Hook. There were
the Iberian. Stale of Nebraska,
Umbria. Minnehaha and Rotterdam.
Warships lo Manoeuvre.,
San Francisco, Cal., Dec. 2H—
The cruiser Philadelphia, battleship   Iowa and several torpedo
ships have proceeded to the fiulf-
of.Calilornia whore they will engage in fleet manoeuvres.
San Jose's Golden Jubilee.
San .lose. Cal.,' Dec. 20.— This
city   is   celebrating    today   the
semi-centennial of the establishment ol statehood.    The city  is
filled with   strangers,   and   brilliantly decorated
Alabama to Join Squadron.'
Philadelphia. Dec 20.— The
battleship Alabama has received
her stores, ammunition, etc., al
League Island, and is announced
lo .-ail today to join the North
Atlantic Squadron. She presented a magnificent appearance in
the bay
Ordination in Montreal.
Montreal, Dec. il.—The Episcopal Bishop ol Montreal to-day
ordained for prio.-1's orders Rev.
M.   Day   Maid win,   son   of   the
Bishop   of   Huron       The  ceremony   was   performed   in Christ
church cathedral.
Holiday  Recess of Congress.
Washington.     Dec.    2\.- -Congress lakes its usual holiday   recess.      When    both    houses   adjourned to day il was to   resume
business on Thnrsdav, January 2
H   S   Morocco Claim
not know exactly what is taking
place, and we earnestly hope ihe
issue will be better than the beginning but we have 10 push it
Forefathers' Day,
Boston.   Dec.'id—The  mem-,
hers of the Uniled Order  of Pilgrim Fathers will give   n   grand
celebration     of      "Forefathers
Day" al Mechanics   building   tonight.     The   principal   address
will   be   made  by   Hon. John L.
Bates,     lieutenant -governor    of
Massachusetts.    All   the  governors and other dignitaries o'f the
the New England 'lale- are   expected lo he present.
Five Thousand Ton* in Sight on the
Paradise -, Ore Shipments
' Windermere,' Dec. 2<i.— TI«i«
Paradise has over ."000 Ions of
good ore in sight. The incline
-haft is clown 7<i feet with 7 feet
of clean ore in the bottom, all
shipping ore. The vein is a contact,' lying, between/slate and
lime. Twenty men are working,
and development' *work will -be
pushed all winter.
Silver Belt:—Contracts have
been let lor a • considerable
amount of tunnel work. The
Silver Melt Company i.s incorporated. C. M. Keep i.s president of,the company. 'V. Star-
bird, .1. Lake. A. M. Symonds.
and Hugh McDonald are on the
directory board. A contract has
been lot 10 W. R. Washburn for
200 I eelfof tunnel  ■
Iron Cap:—The upper tunnel
is in ova. the'lower tunnel is now
in about i00 feet, indications are
'I , '      o
that the ledge will he encountered yery soon., .There are several
hundred tons of ore on'the dump
- Dick Gallup,-- representing a
strong Montreal j and"" Toronto
syndicate, is working a property
name unknown, the tunnel is   in
Washington, Dec. i" —A message from United Slates Con-ul
(iiimmery al ''''I'lgiers. i»!<»r!ns
lln* state department dial the
Moorish Government had settled
lln claim ot Ihe United Slates,
lor indemnity on account ol the
murder of Marcus Es/.agui. a
naturalized citizen in Morocco
last spring.
Salisbury is Anxious.
London. Dec Hi.—Lord Salisbury in bis speech yesterday
said:. "We are speaking now at
a time of some anxiety.    We do
200'feet. with a good showing of
Reports lrom Ihe Paradise
mine are to the ellect that fiOO
Ions of carbonate ore. is * now-
ready for shipment.
The first shipment, of ore from
the Paradise was delivered at
Peterborough last ' week, the
.shipments will now be pushed
on as rapidly as possible. ,
IO A. lraggen. M.-E./of Golden was visiting the mining towns
in this vicinitylast week. •
C. M. Keep leaves for Fort
Steele, and Spokane on the 1'ith
A cross cut will be run from
the bottom ol the shaft* ou the
Silver Bolt. ..The property is
improving as development proceeds. Arrangements for more
active development will soon be
A strike of six feet of solid
ore is reported on tbe Red Line
group. Tlie whole face of the
tunnel which has been driven on
the Iron Cap. one of the claims
comprising the group, is in ore.
Paradise ore is estimated at
*l."i per ton.
Tom Starbird and Frank
Collett have expended •ffJl.jiXl in
developing I heir properties in
this dislrict.
Incident    In    the   House
spi-tlnl 10 Thi- Ciiiispn'ieii
Washington. D. C. Dec,   1.1.—
The temper of the people of the
United    States    towards   Great
Britain wa.- seen in  an   incident
that   occurred   in  the  House of ,
Representatives  on   Wednesdays -
al ihe ceremonies in   celebration
of ibe Centennial of tlie founding,
of Washington.      United  States
sailors had been detailed   to doc-
orate  the  chamber   with , flags.'
Unfortunately     no    flags   were
available  except  some   weather
beaten old national emblems ami  -,
signal   flags   and   some   Hags   of
foreign nalions, and 1he.se-* constituted Ihe decorations. It so
happened tthat the ingenious
jackie in charge of the decorating hung a British Union Jack
in from of the diplomatic gallery with an edge extending
over the executive gallery.5
When ihe member.- of the House
began to arrive, it mattered not
that at the other end of the.
chamber hung Austrian. Russian
German, French, Italian. Swiss
and other flags. ft was .the
British flag that attracted ! tbe
eye and held it. In a very short
time a ,throng of excited members of Congress surrounded
Speaker Henderson' and demanded that'the Union Jack should,
be removed. , This, could nojl ,
then be clone, but anotlier flag -
was drapedr over it, concealing
it When Ambassador Paunce-
foie entered the chamber he
looked about, and although he^
saw iho royal emblem of Austria,
Russia/Germany, et al, he could
discover no traces of the British
1 ' *
Hag.    .Needless   to say, he  was
visibly  embarrassed., especially .
in view o'f the, fact that the IIay-~
Pauncefote Treaty was   still   be-
foie Ihe'Senato. °
' Kimberley  Notes.
K'imberley. Dec- HI.—It* is  repori ed here that tho North   Star-
Company declared a dividend   ol
:!% per share on December 1.1th.
The North Star .shipments0
amount lo L'.Oim tons per month.
About 80 men are employed at
the mine, all but seven are engaged in development work,
seven men, are working in the
drills taking out ore.
Tho Stillivun mine is producing about (in tons per day. there
is an enormous body of ore in
sight, and the soft roads make
it difficult- to get'the ore to the
railway. (
The Mount Sicker and B. C.
Development Co. are still engaged in running a tunnel on
the Midget Fraction. '
The three operating companies
are doing extensive work 10 obtain water power from Mark-
creek, ditches and Humes are being run on both sides of Mark-
creek from the falls which are
situated about a mile up the
creek fiom ihe point whore the
power will be used It is estimated lhat tbe North Star alone
will have over .'!(»(.' horse power.
Tracy Camp,
Grundy Aukhus is building a
cabin on the Viking claim, as
soon as it is completed work- will
be resumed on the claim. The
tunnel is in ion leel with "Jd
inches ol solid ore The ore is
a pyrrholito, carrying copper
pyrites and galena The ('resent
is .111 extension of Ihe Viking.
K-lella Group- -The Rover
tunnel i.s now in loo feet, there
is eight I oof of concentrating ore
with some clean shipping ore,
in Iho face. The bottom of tho
main -haft i- 111 ore, two shifts
aie working.
Stanley—Wm Forsyth i.s
pushing ilu* tunnel on the Stanley, reports indicate that the
property is looking good
Today is the shortest day  in
the year. ■■■.'
Gold and Silver Production
The report of thG director of
the United States mint on the
production of gold and silver
during the calendar year. Wiu.
.no as follows: Gold s?I.<)■">:(. 10(1
Silver &h\rt.1H.70<>. The Silver
production was slightly greater
than in |,s«),s being r, 1,70-1.000
ounces, against .1-1. I,:js,01 nj. The
average price of silver wa- 00
ceiils ;u compared wnh .IU cents
in IMis.
The worlds piodueiion of gold
in lHSi'.i was .S'!(i(>..lNl,.1oii, an increase of ."jtlii. I.Hi,.-[oii over ihe
yield of l.sil.s. The worlds production in silver was l(17.i'J4.iM:j
ounces, against Hi.'i.i'ii.l.rwL' in
1 sO'r
Four to be Hang-od.
Manila, Dec. 20 —The four
members of the "Giiardia De
Honor," a band of a-sassins who
kidnapped and hoboed their victims, will be hanged tomorrow.
They were convicted at Ling-
ayeu. THE PROSPECTOR,  FUliT .S'J'WF.le,  Jj. C., DECEMBER 22   I'.-OO.  |e $fx0&pzKt0x;.  ESTABLISH KL>    leltt  A.- B. Grace,  IBLISHEH    AND    KlJlTOH.  I: PROSPECTOR, i=. published  lati]rda>, and has a guaranteed  lion larger than any othei paper  ]Kootcna>. It is all home Printed  Jitains double the neu* of ait>  la per In the dUtiict.  I it  ad\ erli-ing   mcJii: .n  it   i�� 1111-  > the upbuilding uf Fort Miet'li- llii'  lent of ilae \ust mineral re-^ouu-e-s of  llCooienuy mining disirici  Itlons #200 |)u   \.ai  Ing raiea made lcnouu ou u))pl'c.itlon.  1 Ions are solicited from all pjrtsof llie  Jiutiill matter intended for publication  |e the writer's signature,  jcppp Isltcpton Ulcat iliuudvrr  Mltn Usliiff.icoiiry of   ,\l.i\.iinlur  R. I*'lrsi Nalioiiiil Uatik   Hiiilfliii^.-  I W'asli.. *\licre conti.u ti, i-.iu lie niailc  ^rftftftftftftftftftftftftftftft  ftftftftftftftftftftftft  ftft  ftft  ftft  ftft  ftft  ftft  ftft  ftft  ftft  ftft  ftft  ft  ftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftft  ft  ft  I'anar   I*-    kepi    <"'   "'<������  at   K.   C.  I *HCI lliKC's Adverti-Iiiir  and *) Merchuiils bxcliaiu-'t*. San  li California, where contracts foi ad-  Ican he made for it.  I'anon  Is k.-pl on Ule :it tin   A   Mc-  ��*CI    Klin A Co   .Vew��.p,ipi'r   Art-  J Agency.   .Mouiri-al.   ulieic icmtt-.ici*  lllfiiiK can he mini,- for it  Pa ">cr  lok.ine, Wa^h.  N  nu  sale  .J.     VV.  -   book  yjxo&pzctor  ID AY, I) KG KM C Eft  ���>'!. IW��0.  |URING the jki.si *>ix years  it has been the aim of  IProsi-'KCTok to show to  Itside world,the wonderful  U*ied' resources of the Fort  Mining Division of South  Cooteway. That.it* efforts  j>een appreciated is bourne  the faci that there has  nich inquiry'from the out-  rld 'for,- information ��� re-  \g the district.  ling this long period we  Ldvocated ihe necessity of  roads and trails throughout  l-j'trict. aiid   it  has   become  ipparent" day after day,  lifter, year, tiiat if the min-  jisources of this district are  tievoloped, and with rapidi-  'tre must be better facilities  Inching the mining sections,  '{ie,individual mines? It is  f that our demands will  k attention at the next sit-  the Provincial house,and  lie disbursements for pub-  Irks be more equally distri-  rthiui in the past.  f.      v      *-    '  I t  ' PitosPKUTOU realizes that  c     ��  Economic ���   maxim    which  1 -i . ,. *  res   the   prosperity   ol, a  iinity   by   tbe   environing  ces, and the'ability to use-  unjiloy them   has   received  ��jd exempleficalion in the  ui of  Fori.  Steele  unci   its  ;ed railway.    The  oonclii-  is   been   Torcod   upon   our  .s  that   we  .must    depend  mrselves and iho resources  > district  tribnlary lo the  These resources are   the  )rs   of   wealth   Iho   inain-  r of industrial development  ilso   ihe   reason -why the  h of. the   Kootenay  valley  i north and south  railway.  ave   measured   tiie result  itimated the benefits which  | ;crue from this greal factor  rapid development   of the  lential resources that have  placed, at   bur    disposal,  iey are tremendous  levers  commercial   upbuilding of  iuntry,   and  we    welcome  loneer effort on the part of  'sople of Fort Steele to help  .elves.  , *    *  ['not our effort.** relax  until  ,-reat   boon   of a railway is  i  ���+    *    *  ivery direction  from   Fort  ; are promising mines each  ipable of  supporting hmi-  of operatives.  patent   to   all   that   our  |'al    resource*    should    bo  ously advertised.  ftftftftftftftftftftftft  ftft  ftft  ftft  Sft  ft.  ��ft  ft  ft  ftft  tt  The Mining Center of the District of South East Kootenay $  FORT   STEELE  The proposed Crow's Nest and Golden Bailway, Recently Surveyed, will pass through  FORT  And    Tap    the   Greatest    Mineral   Belt   of   the   District  Choice Business and Residence lots for Sale  Apply to       R. L. T. Gaibraith,       Towiite Office.  | N.HANSON,f  s~ General JVlercJiant AND 5  s�� sLaquor Dealer. , ~  1ft  i\rr*\rr^ i*  Headauariers  foi*   Mining  and   Commercial  Men  The  |      NASA. -   - B G,     I  iruTrtrtfuwin  jl   rn  nnnnnmwnnrLp  he B, C. ASSAY & CHEMICAL |  *i      **.   SUPPLY CO, Ltd, !  733 PENDER STREET. . g  ���^      Vancouver;    B.    C      ft  We iiro MsmufaflUirors and direct Importers. ;md csirry a  large stock of Balances, Furnaces, Fire Clay Goods, Scientific  and"  Practical   Books.   Glassware.   Platinum   Goods.   Acids.   [  Chemical.-,, and all other Assayer.Z and Miners" requirements.  [?  SOLE AGENTS for Morgan Crucible Company, Battersea, Beck- |  er's Sons' Balances. Braun's Gasoline Furnaces, Etc  L       Catalogue and full particulars on application.  NOTICE.  e is hereby iovi-n Ui-'t H"r" lij^ !'r" '  ntfn<l  to applv  >���"   th�� f'ln> f Oniitiii ���  ���taniKanil Worlcs to, ,i >��<���. I.il lln-me  | .iinDer. upon  ihr   fnUo^ma   iliMriM-il  'indBt-CommencliiK in >' P<-lnl, oin:-lmlf  | 'th of tli��' north east ��:orii��i' uf ih��  IhihI  'der Mr.   F.''!'���   Ho��an;s "l��-clal tlnil.i'r  Vituatc m:sir Marysville. Kiwi ICootenay  onliWIohalnK: thence �������"' l:Ki c.haliiK.:  oulli*)ch��in��: thisnci; w.:m. Wi ...halim.  joint of  c.nmiriu/nv.nicnt wuinn-Miur In  t KKWacn-s of lli"'"'r llln(K'  IKA   A.  FINCH.,  d'tblKSBth 'lay "I .N'��veni����.''-r, A. li.. iwm.  Lentra Hole  All    Modern    Gbixveniences  FORT    STEELE,  AB.   C.  if r *" '  .  Large   Sample   Rooms   for   Commercial   Men.  \X^'��^A^V%^'%r%��������r%l%��rVfc<��r%��%%lV��^'%>*%��<%^  Port    Steele  Brewing   Co.  H. W. DREW,  Proprietor.  Had to Conquer or Die.  ,'w just, aliont, tf.onc,'".wriUiH   Mi>.  >J.'h'.t1'��jH<��ll.,0f.lrlO"'��'    '-*I"p;  '"1 hiul roiiHiirii]>t.i<>"��V.l'i"1   t,l'a  .1, ,IOCl,0.'S Hliill    I   .cd.d'J,   'Kit   hv,  ���m a month. 1ml, I V^��'��' "���*  ���'lilts'New l)is<:ovcry Hiul was  fcuiwi-��>V wv.ii! l.oUl<^ ami an,  Autand well." ",h un unrn-ttl.ttl  ���'or in  Cons'inil'tio'".' ''������"'".'.'.".'i1'  Iv, BLJEASDKLL'f Druy Store.  Fon Steele.  Fort Steele  Meat Market  ' ���' '       ' !,' . '''"'���.���'  FRESH   and   SALT   MEATS  AL\vAYS  A ON HAND.   Z  R. W.ROGERS, Proprietor,  Fresh' 11 ulilnit,   Salmon, Salmon Trout.  Kolomna Snub'age,  Hii Iter and "RfTffS-    Fish and Came in Season.  FORT STEELE,  13.  C.  MANUFACTUI'EKS    ,.u.d      I ill EWEh'S    OF    EXTKA  *F  BEER,   %    PORTER  SOLD    BY 'THE    BARREL    KEG z OR  A:B0TTI  Hottlctl beer for'family''use'a specialty  OUTSIDE ORDERS (11 VEN STRICT-rg PROMPT ATTENTI  CAVEATS, TRADE MARKS,  COPYRIGHTS AND DESIGNS  Send your business direct to Washington,  saves time, costs less, better service,  Hy office cloie to 17. 8. Fitont Offlce. FREE prclimia<  ax, ez&mlnatloni m&do, Attv'l fee not dao vatll p*t��at  ll iscnrad PERSONAL ATTENTION OIVEN-19 YEAKS  ACTUAL EZFEBIENCE. Book "How toobUln FittnU,"  ��t��., i��t free. Fateuti procored throagh E. O. Slf ten  receKe ipeclal   notice,   without charge,   in  the  INVENTIVE   ACE  llla*trat��<l monthly���Eleventh year���termi, $l.a jaar.  E.G.SIGGEIlS,SMrfH'  MINING"fSTSc  THIRTY-WIWTH TEAR.    I     l\ fja. Ik T  ;       '24Pa^cs  :  Wwfcly  :  Illustrated.  jINDISt^eNSABLE  TO MINING MEN.  ; $3 PER YEAR, POSTPAID.  | skni> roitfiAMPr.K roi-r.  I MINING ��<s^ntific PRESS  330 MARKET ST., SAIT FRARCISCO, CAL.  Fort Steele  and  Kimberley.  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  H. O. BOX  TELEPHONE  N  MONTROSE BICYCLEJOlFREE  ����D ��/�� rOOT* ORDER, utatowht-thcrjouTleh lady's or inau'��  w'"'Vii.K'.'.'iSP.'St J,,,|,rt,t ot trume *,ld Bc��'' ����iit��<f ami �� K WI1.I, Mill"  Illl. H1IEKL O. O. I), on approtal, ��l!ou In-j ou to uticiatc mu < -  amino It fully hcroro you accept ll. If It Ik not all ami moiotliuii ��u  Claim for it, and a bolter wheel than you can net for aiiv where llrar iliS'  lirlco from anj; ono'else. refuse It and we will |.ay .llennca chn,��"i  m.'i-'e lo ni-curo  mul take onlei-H.  812  O. I  tittiER AOEMTUiMi, town t.. rei>i-.-��.-nt,i,  f.hiriiKCHlH maid. tn..H. V la.l. .    ,   '      -'  SPEClFICflTiflfK    Yl'"A ���=���-',<"��� mincln ladli-MKlreli.'   l-.tt  vrtmVtt IUN I BUtQO* S l.-ltij-K-iiine. Kul.lnir Willi im-u.-it .��� ,��� ������  lion.    I'.ll.h lollll".  Ii.n.n.,.,.1   .,.,r,.,..l Ic.l"'\'?��l i1,,"; ,f d���    i"^  Ulliill.. ban 1l���.r,,t A,../, civ...., ll���, ���.|..-l >��l��<l .��,���.; I���,  ,'��",|    '���' ^'!  Ihe ei.Hl.-H ruiii.liii. kliowin  Ite.orJ "A" Ih,,,. , |,J /,  / ���, ,| ,,'" ,,,',.���,  V.;Ml"1L,'Vi.VL,'Sl"'\'''"tVB,,',,,'li,-I',','1,^BC'!lul,,��*'lS��,'>'��lf'>-"��i.-l��'��l,'  iil.ll.il   iw.IiiU^ l.,ol,.,,ml  ..i.w..r|..H tho l*,,t ol.laliniWe.   Hiiaintl"! )'.  * 'f- ": 01 ��^MI raith In fult'wItU urikT u��z,,in  . .  . Kcitylnu t*ur*Uvli ���111,000 mile Itunul itiitirrii rivl,,.  SlSS-Wttf' ���""'"' "��� Y'"- "-v "��� *" ���>""'"-'  flHFflP   WHPPI <;���  w�� ||�� ��"1 ni��nul��rlur�� llie .���lun|. ileparl,  .   ..    ...       .,  ,,      VIH1.MB     nnLLLOi ineiitKlor.) kinder .vlieolM. Mich iim iiihiiv n,-,^  l!Z.Z% fit ;.K,7",,",',y "������������" ��!.I.*ertl**o and kcII n�� liltcli irlaile. \v?,*,,Vi  ,,   ���", M,",,'   ���  ei III% n      ilVWl  |l'L��ti/n,',V;'x-:'.'l-.''1o0!,,|',,;t0'   We ",'"��� K>l����nlM nor r.0,,1  ,.ii.��.. ...ii!'.       .���.^l.".'1' "'{"fclSIMl �� lilcyelc if any one nlho.no inallar v ho .������ h..w  '���ft I  '}  riltk M-nii trvo i  v tlllU'll 1  "�� nti the  cnwip, urlto (iHitntUiCiinti-llyo     .��� ���  ,��� r���, ,��� ,������..���,, v  ��i"'" UNABLE to BUT ^m'-V1*'e-!'V,i,',.sIflt;vou*lu.KA't*s' ajhcvolk i��y��  trll��illii8;rHt��l<i(fiH^ fornu,, n-nOuyt*  Sick & Mutz, Prop's.  Rpcvlal i   tXTQlvm name of tbti ]  f Hhlpnj  t without deposit will  *"*L   "4V" iriitir5 ^^itiiOrm very aooti.   tWQiv. name ortblt paper. -���  ���#. L. MEAD GYGLE GGWSr**\��Yl, qm���&o* m. TUK PROSPECTOR, KORT STICKLE, li  C,  DECEMBER 22, I'M).  ��he ^ra0pector.  SATURDAY,  DK( 'KM I5KJ:  "i ".Kill.  fl Moyio City. ' _  Moyie i.s llie pearl cily of Easl  Koolenay.     Pielnrpsquely     sii -  , uled on one ol ilio   niosl   eliarin-  ing lakes  on tin* continent, il is  environed by every iavor   which  nature can   in its bounly bestow.  Ils l'nluro   i.s   pledged    by   such  crowning gems as Ihe SI. liugene  Lake  Shore,   .Moyie.   Queen   of  Ihe Hills and many oilier   repositories  of   wealth, which   fairly  '   exlend inlo  the streets   of   the  town. ' It'may irnly be said it, i.s  paved with preeiou.s metals.    So  said Tuk Puo.m'wrroitAin iftiftof  Iho "Pearl Cily "  What,  has- been   done   in lhal  town flaring the past t,wo years? I  The mosl  important/ event   was  construction of Ilio  Crow's..Nesl  Railway.    The mines wilh  their  wealth of niiner,il was there, but  no means of transportation.'upon  the advent of the. railway  great  changes took  place,   il, put life  and energy in   Ihe  development  of the   minus,    the   mineral  resources wore pushed 'forward lo  a producing slage,. and   the   result'   has   been. that,   the Moyie  mines are numbered  among  the  ' big producing mines, not only of  British ,Columbia,    but,'"of   Ihe  American continent.       ',  ' Tho output ol the'StA Eugene  Consolidated Mines, has a yearly  valuation   of   over    ��1,000,000.,  Tho Society Girl', has become  a  , producer and shipper.    The Aurora  has  ore  in suflicieul quantity to place iheinine among the  . producing ininos.    Other "mines  are rapidly becoming developed,  and, the  output   lor -1002,'   will  place -Moyie  Cily  in    the   first  rank among the mining cities of  the world. '      . ��\  %ft*>&  ftft  ft  ft  I  i       '  Ss^rc^Sc;:  THE  ftft  ft  ft  f'  w  HOTEL  H. REINEMAN,.-Proprietor.  Fort Steele, B. C.  Largest and Most Complete Hotel Iti South East Kootenay  '      '  '     ��� ' . -     '< " .   . ,   i ��� , ��� a A ( ,  ."  ��� "ALL -^MODERN '������COSTVENIENGES'-. '"  Sample Rooms for ComnierciaL Men.  Headquarters for Mining Men.  Capital at 1'ort Steele.  ' , Il' is with groat satisfaction  that we note the steady .investments],' iii A*aiming  propertied I'm  -the 'Fort1 Steele district. Ml is  'also satisfactory (o note lhat  these investments are directly  due to the persistant -'efforts of  promoters residing at Steele.  Within tho past iwo, years more  capital has been , invested  in the mines - in , the vicinity t of , Fort Steele than  in all the preceeding years. And  the   closing   year   will   see the  . consumation of one of the largest and most important mining  deals ever niadc"iu> the district/.  NOTICE.  * f  XoLhc is lieiebv gi\i'ii Lh.ll .to U.i\s .itLui  dale J, HelenfV. IXliiumo luiuuil to apply to tlio  <!hfcl CoininlsMonci of Lands .uul Worlc-Aii,  Vicloila. It C. lor pcimissioit io puu'h.isc ilit*  following-described lands: _ Comment'-hif* at u  posL planted near the old N'orlh Stai^ oic io.nl  about*:KX) fuetAoaslT of tlie 'four mile lio.iwl,  thence smith 40i*1mius, thenee west 10 ill.mis  thenee noith-10 chains: thenee ea^L lu chains 10  noimof bctfiniinitf. . Containing in all IfiO .icio  nioie or loss. ������'  Located (>Lt. I7th. I WOO'  A* IJKLJ'l.V V- KSTMKm:.  ..... t  ridet Bro's.  1161!  B  NOTICE.  ' >?otioc is hcu-by wi\en thai 30 days alter  date I intend'ro ,apnlv to tne Chief Commissioner of Lands, ,ind Woi Ks for a lueiise to  prospect foi coal on Llie St. M\u v's Kiwi 'about  n\*d iniles abo\e the Indian Ifcscrvuiiou. Cotn-  meiulnjxat tlie south east coiner post.^thence  SU chain^ noith: thenee M) Lh.ilns west, thenee  M)chains south' ilicnco ^O thains east to point  of commenc.'inent and containing Ml) acies  nunc oi less r, T  JAMKf^KOLIJY   c '  Dated at Foil Steele this nth da\ of Oclo*  l��*i   1SI00.' , j , CJ  w Heavy Hardware  Graniteware,  ,.*' ���  Sweetest Songs  But Tell   of Saddest  0 Thoughts.      , ��� __  Deur L.iflies:  What. lo> you'li.i- licun Tor -ovuimI  months. t.lic &uddc��t. ,\el -.ui'OicM, limn-  of the day? Surely tli.it w-lien iu Mlence  iilone, or in sweet communion with  relatives or friends, you luivcilet youi  thoui��nts dwell on the ileur'absent' ones  in Africa. You'r houes .uul feiii'r.. win]'  prayers and tosirs have, oone fortli to  them. And was not Unit, the hour of  afternoon tea?" h  Yoip- soldriers' comrade-!���the British  ' planter*���ln'u'ku tlie delicious - CJJ1EBN  teas of Ceylon and   India.     Thi.s  alone  -, should ���incline you to try. these teas.-.  Japan has no .such clajm o,n you, and  are. besides, of interior qualities.  Monsoon. Saluda and Mine, Itiblion  brands are ull.good.'-ColonixU   *  THE  GuampeptMilies  SOUTHERN BRITIST' COLUMBIA  (Kootenays and Vale) ..   ..  ''���';'rji<';'Gliainbei', of'Mines  wants  'ou'fih'ly "l'olialile (''oi'vespondent  1hor-  in every  Camp in tlie districts of K.ist and West  ICootenay and Yak* to whom reasonable  compensation will be paid lor their  ser*. ices.  Correspondents will be expected lo  furnish the Chamber of Mines wilh all  development ���ioinjr  on  at   Ihe   mines.  ibe  installation    of   machinerv.   sliip-  i  nionts of ore and value,   and  generally  such news as will attract, the  attention  of capitalists and caitso them .to  investigate and invest. ,  Applications to be addressed to the  CUAMBIOK OV MINKS.  Southern Hritish Columbia.  >ZA    ' -.'     '"   '(Kootenays and'Yale)  P.'O.ilki.v.-.rx'.    .'    KOSSUXND. B. 0.  ; Stoves  ���, * Tiii^vare  ��� ,    ���   (  ���. I     Powder, Fuse, Caps  Paints and Oils.  Sheet metal work of all kinds  promptly; executed.  KIMBERLEY  11, 1  n       ' ' *  The   Coming   Town   of  East  i 1 o  Kootenay.  Nearitne famous  North Star  ���> c A      A  *       " ���     '���   . <���" ' '  and Svillivatt iMines  FERNIE, B. C*    OLD TOWN  SPLENDTD 7\CCOMMODATTONS  Sample Rooms for Commercial Men  * ��� No Traveller Should Pass the Door.  ,The irnil runs within igu I'oel of tho house.     Good  Burn nnd plenty of hay and grain.     II you ]ia1ironizc tho  '   W'.Udoi'l' von willmovor regret it.  A Laimited Number of Lots for Sale  > *    .     w * " i - i    *"  at Prices R-anging from ^  ' . , <> r't   '  &125   To    $400  no\v is  of the year.  THE TIME TO BUY as prices will be advanced the lirst  Apply to  Land Commissioner, C. P. R.  *�� Winnipeg, Man., or to  'COMPANIKS  ACT. IV.ii/  ACTS  AN I) AMENDING  NOTJCK Is 1ilmc1i\ Wl\(��H tliul .Limes 'V.  Laldlau, Mining HmkmkiT. of KnuSU'ulu. iti ilish I'olunibia. li.is Ijroii .tiipoluii'd iho alLoincv  for ' The lCoouMiny |l��en \ CiwkJ CJohlJMint's  Ltiniioii," in pl.wv of.I.nuns W" l\* Voun^,  tU.itcd tin* 'JTth d.iv **r (VioiiLM*. i0i��)  S. Y   WOOTToif.  17-     Ittijibtrttr of Joint Sforl (ro)}i}ittnu^  Okalkd ti  O   iluisimit'il  .*KNDK1J^ ,nl(hoss��'il to Un1 uu-  ���tl ami rmliMsctl Tcndci foi I'osi  (Hth i' .Vr Nelson, li ('. wJI no iciyhi'd ��L  this oIIUm1 until \Vrtlii"sil iv.jlic'Jnd of .I:uitiuiv  1901 tiH'liisiwlv. f'n tin1 on client of :Lfi*osi  Offl< i\ a.o   :tl N'oKon   I! <' . uuoiMm;,' lu   ]il.*iis  .Lllll   SpC0||l(Mtl(iIl     LO    1)'     SOOtl   .11     ihl'OllllCsOl  Janios AIhlxi Miudon.ihl   Ksij,   'n^liitoct    Nelson   It   ('     Kl   A    Kei'l< l      IN^i    'oiiKUH ei      N'eU  Wcsiimiisi* i     u    t1      '\'m    Ur ndeisdii     {'.-.*].  CleikfH WicHv Vk'Uhh   it I1   ind at/LUO ' l��o ^  p.n Luk nl of J'uMu   VVmKs Onaw.i  Tend' I s will noi lie i niisiili'toil unless ni.itlr  ou the lot in siippjiotl. .ni.l sijfm d with the ,ic-  lu.Ll siHii.ituies'of tho*n nd( it'i'.  An .icu'plnl ehotjin nu a ih.uU'ird rbanK.  p.i>aul< Lo llie oulei or the' Ministei of IMthlie  Works, eiju.il Lo 11 ii pel teul (10 p o ) of the  amount ol the Lendei ' musL .it coinp.inv tatli  louder This theimo uill be loiiuited if the  pailvdechiK the uontr.u toi tail lo complete  Iho VttnU oontiarted lor, and will he lettn m d  in case of iion-aeiepiaiM e of tender.  The Oupui Ltnonl does not  bind   itsoll   io ae-  fopl Oit* lowest oi nnv lendei  H\ OiiIim.  ' '   ' JOS   K   IW)Y,  AetiiijjSceiei.u v  Ucpititineiilof 1'ublie WOiUs  Oliawa .tut Di ot inhei. l*i(H).  Nouspapors    nisei tinif    llie.   ad \ ei ti semen 1  without iiuthoii1\  fiom   Ihe  l)op.u linent  not be. pam for it.  will  ;��� ; ���- ;'0:'f-Ai   notice, a" :������ y~-  Tho liriiisli Coluii/bla.Snutlium Itailway  Company will apply to tho Parliiinicni of Canada iii. its nexl Sossion for an Aot oxtondintr  ilu.* time, within which it. miiy construct kucIi  Hriiiio'hos from any of its lines not uxcuotliiiK '��  any one case thirty miles in length as arc "from  time to time autliorlv-ed liy the Coveniorin  Council, and for other purposes/        ��� ; ,'  li. CAMIMIKLL OSWALD.  4^_ Scci'uiury.   ,  NOTICE. '  Not ice is heit*h\ irtven that applit.mon  will be made to the Purliauiont of CMnada  'ul Us nexl session for an aot to interpolate the 'Ivooteimy Contial Uai]\\a\  ('ompiiiiy.*'wlili power to consti not etiuip op-  eiate and maintain a line of KaUjj\a\*. of stand-  .tid or :inv "other KiIUku. lo'bo operated by  ^le.un. eh'otrieltj or an\ oihei powei foi tho  eaunitfor fiel^hiand jmssenyeis  PLKST ���Kioin KortSieelo to Tdko 01 some  oihei coiiveineni point on theOiou's Nosi ICail-  \\a\ between IlIUo .mil W.ndnei ihonoo mi  ( itherthe Kust oi West side of Wtjj\uim Jvei  oi b) tlie iiiosi oon\eniont louio io ihe iiuei-  uuiioual ^Itonndai v Line.  SUOONI) ��� Kioiii I'^oitSieolo to Wiudoimoio  b\ oiLhei tho llasi 01 West side of ihe Kooie-  n.ly n\t.i Un ik-o to Lhe town of (���olden mi iliu  main line of the Canadian i'aciIk* Railway, and  t4i liuild and upoi ite tiamwnvs in (onnettHi.i  Itnii'uiili. with power io consiiuet opemie  and maintain htatioh lines and all ue<.c-.sai.\  hi idf;os. mads \\.i\s fei i i< s iml othei wmks.  and to builtl u\mi and niaminin wh:u\i*> ,ind  docks in t oniioeilnii thoiowith anil Willi powei  .'> build. ac<tuiH and m.kini.ilii steam ami othei  \ essejs .uul boats anil lo tipet.ile ihe niiiiu on  l i.' Kootoiia\ Ki\et fiom tin inlei n.ilion.il  Koumhu v .is tai until *isthi s.iiiln\',,i ina\ Ih  oi >ua\ ho made irivn^abl'  �� No to authmi/e Ihu said Knoieii��> t < nliaJ  j ailu.n Compam to oinld. o<jufp op��i.'le ano  maintain toll /taph and telephone linos In toii-  i tijuuit with said i.uluav ui��l branches, and to  s-omM ilo oRcti ioit> foi lhe suppl\ oi heat  luht and powt r, and foi all andc\ci\ otlui  purpose memunied In Sections ^0 Sl.s'J and H{  of the 'Water Clauses Consolidation \oi id  lh07" hihI to do e\erv Ihm^ neoessai v and inoi-  dental to the catr.wnu out of all 01 am or Iho  objects lefoiiOLl to in said seciions  Also to m\ost said (\mipany with p*H\��;r to  exptopi late lands foi the pui poses of the Company, and to acfiun o lauds, bonuses, pi i\ ilexes  or othei aids fiom any CJovrt nmonl Municipal  Coi poialion. or other peisons oi bodies Also  to lo\ v and eollocl tolls fiom all paiih h. usinr.  and on all fioi^ht passing ovei anv of snub  loads iallua>s tniniwaxs fciilos whai\os  and \ossels owned oi opeiaied bv the ('ouipinv  ahd Willi power lo make lialllo oi oihoi nr-  raiiKemeuts with railway, steamboat or other  Companies, ;tml for all other iisiial .uocossary  rights, powers or privilOKOS In Lhu.l behnir. )."' .-  Further to empower tho said Company to acquire and operate mines, concentrators, smelt-  urs orrelineries in. the .neighborhood or or in  any part of the territory mi Ui rally iHliut'ary'io  its railwuy'j. A ',  Outed at Fort Steele. H. C, this Mth day of  Uecembur; A^ I),.WOO. ';.    ' '  ���J. A.'ll'AUVKY    J      ,  - .Solleltot'.s lor Applicants.  i WJJ.ilt hoss      i .,.  H.   A.  yKANOUSB  -    Broprielor.  KIMPTON   &   PITTS  WINDERMERE �� UONAL.l)  General Merchants  .Minino supplies a Soeciaitu  .Minors c'oinir norllnvard via Ciiiujo River Roulo will Iind il u hirire  s,'i\in'i!' and oonvciiionci' to prociuv their sii|>])lio.s at  Donald.  6t ELWELL  Fort Steele arid Kimberley;  KIMBERLEY  SOLR AfiRNTS for-  Canton   Steel Company'  Canadian Pacilic  hallwayAND  SOO    LINE  Si ill criiHimiL's Ui opoi'itti'  li'i-pei-- mi ill! li uii^ from  Kir-.l-cl.il  (Vindcriiii'rc, (inliliMi and  .Vlinini.' Divisions.  Doiiakl  California Giant Powder Co.  Revelstoke and Kootenay Landing  AKii TOUKIST CAlt.S |iiis-,iiiu Dun-  inure .liinctiiiii Diiil.\ lor Si. I'.iiil.  ^ulunl.'ty- Inr Mmilri-.il :iii(! I!<i-.t<iii  Miiinl.u-, .mil Tliui-.il.'i\* fur 'I'oconi��i  RECEIVED  ���    Assorted C;ir of Best ]-Jrands of Flour   and   Meals,  etc.  Flour. Patent. Hungarian and Strong Baker.   .  Rolled| Outs. CracK-ed Wheat? Wheat]ellb.  'Corninoi.il. Huck\ylieal Flour. Split Poas,  Xiu-y   Hoiins.   Liina l^oans, Pot Barley, elc.  Bran     Chops  Fleet wood  Shorts     Oats     Hay.  Tea. a pure article imported direct from CVvlon  try il oiieo and yon will n^o no other.  Macon.   Ham-,  and   Dry Salt Side H  aeon.  Same c.ii'h pass Revel  one. diiy earlier  >lolce  'i       0U:*-E li.lL Y-3'JIt PAIM& KITH       }n  '>! a  UPaln-Klller.!  r^j A l.ledlclno Chct in !t-olf.        ^  ../]    Slinplo, Sxfo and Quisle Cl'ro for    H  '5CRAMPS, DIARPMOEfl, COUGHS, |  COLDS, til-.,:   i.lATISN!, p  ^ HE'JSl/iLOfA. jj  M      25 find 50 ooni SottlcB.      %  id BCWARE Ol" IMITATIONS- i?  '&        ,-."'.'    DUY ONLY THE GENUINE. 5  �����-.       .A PERRY. DAVIS' I  %  Ml Vl.lfAI. ACT  O HUM   I   )  I KIM I.   All    I.I    IMI'HIIVI-MKS Is  NOTICE.  Pip?!; wmm^Smm  lMJ|M|ISfiIftl;;5  SILVUR   QUKKN   MINERAL   CLAIM,  Slum, in tin I'.ui *-ti'< lc Milling' Oliisloii  nl SimiiIi L.iki kiinii ii i\ liNtiii i  Wli.'ic Im ind On, mil., .mil ,i hnlf riom  lln iiuiutli nl l.,,slii,.l. .lii.I .ihriiil tin mill's  finni I 'ui l su i Ir In i .i.ulhi.isl iIii.tiIuii nnd  nil llli' ii.ii tli si'li  nf L'tsl (i.tl,  'rHl��...iiol.l<.(. Ili'iil, I. 'I'lififc 'I'.. Mi'.\'|i|,lii. }.'. M.  C. M<i. lll'JHi:.Hi:<.'iil fur ��.���!���- .1. .IiiIiiimmi. K. vi. (.'..  Nn. li:;i.">.Hll. Siiiiiui.l r.i'ViiMUi. K.M.LV.Vi). ttUi'M.  .1. I'". Aniisl i-i.iiw, ,'uliiiiiiiKtriiltir , fur \VI(ri;lns  vslui.v. int.uiil. Klxt.y'(lii.vs from i.lic miu... humor,  lonpply t,.. lln- Sllitliti.' I.'i-i'ordi.r for ii Curtlli-  cai.ii of liii|iri,vi'tin;iiis. Inr t.hi. |iur}iosf of oii-  1:1 in hi k a i ;ro\\;u (I ran I, of l.lio uliovt; c.liilm, ���;  '. AiKlTiiriliui' tali" notlci' lliitl aoilon;  liinlrr  scciioii :tr. iiiii.st. Ik.' i-oiiiait!iu'j;iI bcfori' tlm Ls-  suaiicii oi'Mii?M lyurtilicato or Iiiiprovcinuius,  ,    Diiti'il r..i-:'J��l!i ilay of (Irl.olior. A. I).. UHKI.  U- .������'..���     TIIOS T-'AlfVITTlK.  No  Trouble  To Quote Rates anil  give you a  Pointer  Regarding  the   Eastern  Trip  you Contemplate taking  Fresh   Breakfast  Bull fir and lOf^.s.  POTATOES   ���d   CARROTS  FIRKWOOU all lentil)*- to'-mi all stove>.  THE   FORT   STEELE  FLOUR and FEED STORE  E. C. MILLER, Proprietor post OFFICE BOX 836.  !-&'    All tfood.s ���riiiU'iint.'.'d iind priwj.s iilso as lieiiiir correoi.  Send in orders.  Fall and Winter  now Effective.  Schedule  l''oi' tiniiHulilos. rui,<.'* iiml full   infoi  mat km <'iill mi ur lidtlrt.'sif iR-tires!   loi;il,  uyont. or -..,     ..'��� ' '. :,���������   ���'���':.*.���'  A.iW: CRANK. A^Aiit, K<ii-t SteeliA.ict.  (..'. K. MANSI-'IELI). AjitAKort Steele,  W.'F. ANDKUSOX :     kAjAcOYI.K :���  T P.A.. Xelsou. A.U.P.A.. Vancouver.  H  Now Open  h Mar Ho  Kimlberley;  . w  PliOPKlETOIi. UA  m  fz.  '.TttK;MQSPEdTOJfo  FORT .STEELE, B. C.y DECEMBER?::^ 1900 :  Baking   Powder  is ^p^  0 no alum, tee orlammonia.  K-.ft,-;  l(AZ  fez-A  ^Zy  A No acid fcut that from grapes,  y;''A.^wttch;':^ is A'pufe^ pleasant*aiid a  ^Baking Powders a'A0A0.t0. ��� a J ^ ^:  |z:|;;M^Mi^  A a Hygienists; the'm^  zA^A:^^  ^A:A|arid i of $tHese ���< tHe] acid! of |^eYvgrape|-'v  :���: ?';is <.:mostIpr6rnment0   Z -AaA,v AftitAt .-a aa.A  ;:zAzAAaAzzA^-AAzAIAAA;W  S*��iep^ffi  IfA^&Sy^but^  A Ay ehts is likewise promotive^  ��� Governnient.Ageiit  and;'wife,-have' gone  to spend Christmas.  AnristrciUg  lo', .Gold fen  Business   and' advej'tisni^Zgo  lia'iid'^in,;han'd;v.iiiAVl>e''l>^W.*,sis  and development, ol'1 he district;  MIlK Ol GOIllliPGu  lie kind to your neighbor. Init  don't" lend .him Ayour. paper, lo;  read.   ���. A'y ,.'  AAAy - "A;:-   "'Ay.y  F*aicl  (HEAD OFFICE TORONTO.)  ��p   Go p i t a! 1    * 6, boo, GO O.  "AAA; Brown, MisS Henderson  ai'id/AA'.: Kenrofte, VVhulermere,  an- i;e^isteredAatithe;tnipei'ial, v  10. Cloture, WinderineieA is  ut  th.e.Windsor. -, v.yy.   y;.V-- 'A"-"'-y" -,ZZ  ���;A,C!j''iiiidy.A iViiklius'   was; ���'d<p\v,ri.  from .Tracy Creek On,  VVed'nes-  <iayZ    ��� A' ,A;"AyA ���'-:���-.;-.: yy:  YTliisis tho 22i\d y of: December,  w jill   no  snow, . :,<; viul" Ajpri 11 ��* Iike.  Avoathjer at Alport Steele, A A Z'ZyZ  A.''Tlie'. ���. aniuialA 'iiistallatioiiA of  oHirers'of North Star Dbil��ii' ,:,6.f  A. iy. uiidAA: ,M.;wilLvi.iiku' plai-e  oii A I)<ieeni'ber" -:- - "tVi,-.' -"Su v.lqhiis  ni.iiUt.v.AAAi" A'.'���'< ���������':���,' "A.y-AAA: A'Azz  :i:10NA,QKO.,,Y\.;l:t^x.Vi:'rt*soil<-iiiA:  'I'V:\Vai.kki{, <m.'ii. .)i.iiii.  HONG KONG DRAFTS SOLD.  SOLD DUSr PURCHASED^ A A; A  ^IJX.Cn'.vyNCSJS^ii;' al 1 .jwir-ls'^pj".; UVu? .world'|��piis:h'iV:.'siu'tl -'scj'id A ';'AV'- A" -y.- A...: -.;::  A A   I A Av      London Agents���The Bank of Scotland.  , Z-Y'y.ZY-'Y yV;/,V Jj.y   y.-yA',y:.';.-'['A -.Ay.'y yi.A;,...yy "-yy.. Ay .-������' y;A-,y .  ���       . ���    *      "      ' , ���" ,   V'   y     , ��� '   '���       Z" 'A     -   . . , ',,..,   ���"' '',''''���     ,     '.   A    '" '      .'fc   '������ .  "'  :jPt>rt; .:^eelie:;|;;*Cronbroplk^ Bratichess,  ''a000AaAa0- WJ H. ;SMYTHE, Manager. A : 0:t:yt0'-',  GRASSICK   ft   DEMPSEY.  CONTRACTORS  ['- y.yt'y:   .A-'AND;- Ay'A    -y0'y  ABUIBlJBRS^  *     - Fort .Steele   \i.C       '  Professiona I.  ATS l>Klv\V    NKIDIG  CONTRACTOR    a^iA ; BUILDER  llOllSK A'Nll -S'lClSJ l'AINU'lNU      V Ay 'At.'  ''-. ��� "���. 1i:(V.i.01MlN'lN<i iiid l'.U'KK ilANOINO  "A A EORT STEELE, tYiy G0Ay  US'y   AIJ A worky jiroinptly done-  ��i;0."Keep will loave'lrtr'Spb-  kaneJiiVa jcw'.-dii'ys..-. A    "''��� AAA A,'7'  y-:Most  'o"- theA'storesyy'iiiA'Rort:  [:'St^'l<Aai'iZniakii)ir;:a'line: dis)itla,y  ifAGlVrfstuia^v^oodsAY;,' AAzZAyZ  ���A [rAis repori:ed/^hfilAi;hiACA;PA;!KAj  wi!i .irian^u'rate^a daiil)leA].ias^eii-';!j  ^eZtraiti sei'V.ji-evffoin ^Moittrpnlj;  j-tiZi?ie'cA*a%noxr^^ ':  The yAlo^.(3oin))l,*ii>:,ileal ih Kor-ort oii  s tlii;.* f'oiHlneatiif North'Aiiierii*uv,;*y.V  SlUiaicU mii^ Srom>^  AM a 1 cv,ph    II(>t" Spi:i j 1 s^s  l-,l liiu'tliiK- llshliiKC a ii 1 ���o'n! m in ������ Kt-'i.iilftU I'liyi  ���) 'A KxemslDiifi y<*lll loll '.U������',*.;--li:Unt Jt MiM'M'.  |f;l,iaU\voiiySpt'uisii^v^'i;H>��'4,^     1!; (Av  j r'.'���':    Iiv-irlitKnipufot'oimniiiilcniiuii',���'���''���'','���'������  i,V '���",' ' /,��� y   '.   Willi ajl|��'i't** ot lliirwiiVlil.  '..:��� fy.'y;��� ;.y;-*v-,y ';.- '*:-.;���-.,:.y:- Ay-yyy,.y. -y y-y^���-.  [.--  y'l'wo.inuli^ liiTi've :jiKt tli'{iarl.i!ft*iyv ilii.v, V A'  f, Torin's, >.l SVt.l" :Sl��;"pcr ��vck.'i;iciii)i\liiiR'  |���;���;,;-;'...; li��'. residence. liV-fliitcl <>i-! >'illit^^ YYy  i -.; ��� Its HailiK XUtre .'iUlViX'.*TvouH :'uuii.,Miis.'iil:ir  ';��� lUscisivv-'tfl'to"; ".Vrti^rs.'*! I'oii I nil Iv IdiiVyi-. 1.1 vi-iS  'aii.l Sn4mui'h^\'ilui*.niis:.;:^.;- ^A^y-:: yA-yry   "  $*  �����si  0i.BEIN M ADtrHICK  ���y.' .VDav' oriDooiri.'  viy  JAASt. fEoiii^-pec^^O.^riie.^statel  ]'of; ^J;issouri y-'d];���]\i\ve,Atwo; linxigyj  !:vm^.|;t6dayr^^ni(jA;tli'e<rd^  j 2voahS;^^Ginuis,ybeiiig:  MADE   FROM  BLE^DEb^ARD WhEAT ���  CALGARY FLOUR  itS THE MOST WHOLESOME  m  piiig;A-th||^c^;|;:sliara  MIGC  BAKING   rOWDER  CO.;  A'v^z a -: r0 '?CH I CAGb-;vB;:'vvv;V';  Notk.���There.Aare': mari>;-(  .At.;' A.^0- niiulcf of���'.���'aliim.v l.i  ���:a.   7c(h��niist,, Ktys   tiiat 'altim A^iMifdcr^; tli  '  ' iS^>niucIiaiHlcaiir.c:i:icViliiy':iiiiliiys|)ci>riia. A  :he:tp ba^iripipowilerr.).'  .tcbijvL' TlieA'oelebratir(l-A  V#fe  l  ||^|^i^p|^r|  VSATURnAYiVDEGHAlBEi; 22.: 1!HM).V  ^LOCAlf'NEWS* NOTES^  II  my  MiiAtA-AfiAiAAilA-iiiiiiyirAit.yyy'AZAiyA.y;  ���||AvA*Ki'bra';ali;partSy:pfA.1;lie.;yK  ||Snay!yal,le^V:;coi'nesA;:tlieVA.ci^^  IfKrailiA'ayAf; aci 1 i ti es. Si-feAi ii sii Hi cy e i'i V  I i AAto''rnieetiAtI ieAde iiiandsApfi/'I^^^AvA^  lll^Y^^1^"^ 0$t fpi^GiTios^.bnsiiioss  Aaii d" in i ii i iig 'm eri AH i v y\ii ie'vvdistric;U  |Zcliainpiqh ;V^ie-prpprised|.;KoqteA  lAv4nay"Ceii.ti'aivii'silwayv;'AA:Av.'AAAA;'A'  $AZfti''cwsAirtAliblcliii^yvery. fir'ui in  &li6u!'Ainill.ingygoodS,\wifir^i'oi^  |]i|tendencyvto adyanee:vsoothe pro-1  jiZ^rietorof tlie'i^oiM.: SteeleA"1%'ed  iAl^tore' iid vises'us. A;,Tliis is,, there-.  rllfore, a V good A ti m e.;. l:o y j > ii i;c lVn.sc,  sAj'yoiiryM'inter; i^iipply: Ho lias ;jnst  ],|Acqinpleteil'a T u 1 r s foe lc Ao t! Hoi ii-,-  jAymeals aitdvln'ealrfast��ii>ods.A V Z?  '('iintioh.-~Beware yf���.rfitlistit.iiiesf.foi'  ;;rliiin-Kilier.y|Tlii;i.'e isnotliiiii^vjiist as  ���rood."���"'-���'-;'LTnciqiiii] 1 oirl A foiY i;iit^,Aiiprains  ^MilZ*i'iii��esAZnitei'ffiil l.V ' fqi-^TLlT. 1 to we 1  .(lisorrtei'.s.   .'AyoiiiVsiibsttuitOri. there . is  (lHit?iiiiiiil;'!ii;ii^Mil]ei^vl:'ei:i'j'Vpii\y^  aiidViiOc." yA AA'iAii ;'���: uv��ZAZvZZA'iAA  'A.ZyVA,AvA Ac'hristnias. Che&r.yAy A' yAy:  A yAMoAvte; Carl'pjA hf^  yivii'kp^vfpjA;i<he;:liviii^i:y;  AfFor|anA?afj;eiAji'a.im^  ;gii| A a| e i g'ar A ii tvAth e'.Ap6 r t, S teel ev"  ,Gi^ii;i''StoreZY--^;>-��yYi��p*:Yy^:-jyyt.,v  D. Balo einiie dosvn  'AAoii 'Mpiidjiy.yyZY 'A.y.'.:  from Wasa  AAWm.  i^yy;  t. m; Mills of Moyie was ,, visit  jAAinigvSteele on Tuesday;    A; ";vy..  i'i:  is  ,   . Thecpiestiori of lead d nties  H;of;more fthau average..inteWjs.t; to  J|Athepeople; of South;EaslYKo6te|  ;:,":iiay.y A A At' "A ������      .A'ZZ^'yVA;:;.*.'.-  .....vATlie Fort SteeleAFloiir &;:.J?e��d'  AAStorevprpprietor'isagentvfor the  ilAPleetwoocl. Ceyloii tea.A ���Try it  Sbricevand yo)i will,use nopl licvr.  *  Y'Eyerything' points to  a bnsy  season next, spring.     Residents  . of- Steele .'should prepare for, _ the   "'times coming. 'Z    "���'. "���.���*��� A  ;vTKe rapid 'Vgrowth of', the  Kooteuays^is well illustrated' by  its vote in 'the recent election.  Mbre.than half of the \;otes cast  were polled in West aiid East  Kootenay.  *   Nelson A will. have  post office building. ���'.  a   ->i.i.  I.KX'  ABome  industry  couraged.  should,be en.  ���ZAiVroBi'idp.'.Si/S.i..^  'Xiriiis^I'];iii'dspi.ric:.cai,'viiig.A;sei^  decorii^edVlwi^andvcolfee-potslA,. A  ii lOiiiin V&'Cp. -i.-h'avc'.a-litrj  ;iif'. Clirisfiiias AAgobds\A  childretfAA,: 'A,.'vv:AA AA ;AAAA'  ^e'stock,  for   tlie  A;Ca''liiii i&y; DiirickAhave Aa  display of holiday goods?7 A  iiiio  A:l:le ;whp vkiibws Ahis;   business  adx'ertisesvin'Tiiid PiiOfei'KCToii. .  '���yivershaw, has the finest display  of ciindifes and fruit in town.  A NoxtVy  ^'���y-' Ai:  1 .n esd ay ,W, i sl . ;Cliri s tniiis  vA.Wha,t."!al}out>Athat A Christmas'  'box,?f'.A;A"A:'.'AA;AA,A 'A"^v:"A'"';A"''..:  vTiiRyPitosPKCTOR carries; the  tiiieststpclc.of' Christinas icai'ds,  airid jobvstatip'nerpyiir SoiithAEast  'Kooteiniv.ZAAv.;A; .���;���..,'���,y-A:. yy-,  liy Ayy-.yy ;Tonun��,,!Grou^Z:;-AV1Z,ZZY  lAyThis-pippei'tyy:is;Ashiiati^  VtrilHitauJYof;ABuU,:riveiA'abbut:;,re  Vihiles fromAl?brt'SteeleA It isV: a  copper A propsition; A tilie*ledge-is  i>(>A: toA GO vvreet AhAwidthA' anjd vilip;  pi-eAcjliiite)vippiiV\yliich Awbrlv^; h:is,  he^n done is 0 feetAwide.iAT,lle,'pl���e,  ciirriesyya' vylarge.iA perceritageAppf.  .quartz;aiid^ itsAtireatmentpiustvbe1  ljy.:Cpn<^ntratibii.A^vjieriV:thisj;yis'  'tlSng^iije iBi;^Afep.^''.:?''ypA^Jvi\e^uriV  pfA flSAto }J (X^eiAceiitAcbpperAjvwith:  "bod -;val ues ��� iiiAgbidAahd:' sii ver.Z'  .:V:iZAAZ:AA^^^-VP..P!';<*M'-i'.l Kii^lAV-YvAAAy  AA;. AAA AVFORTA A ST^EE L.E ,>'"&.' 'iciA; '0A;  'All: Jki iidsvpf ;.;1 iaiiAwoi'k.: ii;0tAt0.  'it^i!^i^0iAi'0iA$^At^^tis^^^\^:.  : A tt J v(G R EZv A$A; -AAP ��) pi-i^tor;  ';.JrGl^NER-V'I.-^  A;zFoi-iAAA:z:'/ZA,AA'  "/ t'���'''?!    .%['-.���'���,:������' A~':.'\ liii y"    ''���',.'-['���  AA.^ AA'AA"S.riiele,''A.v  yyyyy.yy.t,y:Ayy;Ay;tAy  i.yiAy:iyy-.iiiAyyy.yy.;'yyyy.  S()lc;:^V;i'ehl;'sAfbr  m'ergiiA'Nts';  rAr]ie*0y000,  ���"':..yy.yjyy:.,:-:  '.".':���."��� A'A:A.  A:AzKo6te.nayAA  COMPANY  North Star Lodge  FO^'l'S'l'KKKKVK.C. A  ..  V': A    NO.;30. "  A. F. AND A.'M.       G., R. B. C.  Hrnulur' iiieeilii|��s���Isl   Tuesday '.'In  each  moiitti at efelii oVlock.     Vlslllint Ilrettieru upt  I'ordlally lnvllml.'   ,,        ' ��� -y-.y }-':'���;,,:,���:',���'-. ���:",������  ��� yy ';. '.:A-:-. A. W, m.K.iHUEi.i., SeciBtury.  y1:;I  KOKT. SrKKI.K DKVKI.OJ-MIM T STNI.iOA'I'E L'lli)  13d r.eailnuliall Slr��ai, I.ondoii.jKriKlaijd. '������.  N. A. WALLIHOER,���'[A .FoijT STEELE.  yAy post okktck iiox sy-y ~'yy .. A  a: am  T,HAO M A S AAMcAVAl T Tyl'TC  ;P^.Siy;t&':;,C.-K:  At- A'Poi-l,: Steeie BAG. A A A iit.  W.JJ.'KOHN,;^ ..yA'A A��� A .Aj<;.,W.,HKI(im����!��   ','.'  ;i;U^S^;:HEReHMEKzA;  BarristirsA Z. '.A-tZ:Splicitors  .NOTARIES PUBLIC V"iv;"��" '���  'Z'AZcONVEYANCERS.'ZAvA''ZyYYY;'  ' A' A?A A'zAcA' tttFoty0twle;y0tX) ���'<���:  I'iilS-yS'TEBfj-iS'guavani'dod'Vtb^biiA^  A:*;::O;A^Kp;ll0(;'icvAVo^  ;AAAA^r.;:A;,Ep;EA:'.vyA;:|AAA  ;BkN.l)S"yaiid"MINES"A;ZA': 0y  tti0t0^^^^A^&0t,t  C( >f.[.KC'i;ip.VS.((i.veii ���PUOM'iHv'i'TTENTrbN'.'i.  F()rtiSiie*\et00000BtAcA  O ed: tii ArcOai't er. fc.  .I.-AV Harvey  Solk-AaI'oknts  .SOlAKy  )  yi>- -:;yf y -. ���;  AOKN'l'S  I  COMPANY  0000a Mi iiihg:A:$ii"ppi ies a JaA-Speciiil ty^  A'gents.;foi'yili^^  The ,Im]5eriaf   will    serve  graiid.diijnei.'-p.n'ChristmafiZ',  vJoe. Taenh'ouser Ve]iorts that  "The Watch Hospital" is prepared to doctor alAsick,;weai'y  iui(\ ti.red/watchfes. '    : ',Z ; 'k   . '  T. G. Armstrong has . a large  stock of "Queen Heaters'" for  Xmas.  F'or your turkey:  go to the "Fort A  Market. ���'  i and chickens"  Steele V Meat  ���'Every Druggist i�� tlii*. .1 and sell^  Pain-Killer. .The, licrt ��� lihinienL for  iprainHand liruis��.-i. .'riic.he^t, remedy  for cramps arid colic. Avoid .sub:  there's but>: one r-':iin-KilU;r.  Davis'.    25c. and ."iOc.  tltllttW  :P��rrv  i Summer * weather  the Kootenay valley  }>r  i Avail  s   in  There will be great activity m  aiining circles in lhe Fori.Steele  District.A  o spfciid  .ICiigenu  V  Indians from tlie 'Windermere  resserve  are . cpming in  .Christmas.:atv" the ,St.  Miss ion'. ��� :     '���/. ���  There is,but tittle snow in  the  Koolenayvalley A  Constable;Barnes;went to Fernie on Tuesday.; y  The Windsor is. making preparations for a grand' dinner on  Christmas.  NOTICE.,..'  T:ike noiioe lhat thirty (Uys from the d;u*-  tier.'ot I intend to apply to the Honourable the  .Chief Commissioner of .Lands and Works, for a  speeial lieense to i'.ui iind earry. away timber  from lhe following ii(.>eril)erl lands: Commencing ut a point at lhe south west corner of l.oi  .WW. . Group One. Kast ' Kootenay ''Disirici.  nitiriiriir thi.-mN. west Hu1 rods: Ihence'norlli He  roils: thence west (540 rods: thence norlli :MO  roils: thence easi'T^H rods: iheni.'e south Jt'^n  rods toihe place of l.eurinuiiiK.  ' Hated aiVKernle. H, f'.llils allh iliiy  nt.  S'o-  vemlier. A. II.. IWKI.. ,   ,.  !il r..>i. I"l��)f:Tfil(.  ,.VY,y.yy;fc:->Y.;>(y,.NOTlCE:vZ:-'i'Z:;Av-:vZ;-  ;.;' ���yNEllce.is.iiu.reljy'k'ireii:'tliac;apjilfcaildh:tt:ill'  be'uiadeipllie rSi'.dsIaiiriVAsse'mlily of Uritish;  'Qoiumbia''it itsyiiert'; session' for an 'ict'to-in^  'cbnidiutqA^iifcyA'lvdotuniiyJttihtratlVltnilvvay,  CVini)arij-,-!;'.\fini^Sojve"(^o,''.constfu.^  e'riiiiiaridVmiiintaiira7lii;e of'Kaihttiy, ofVstaiiilr:  arif pi' Vjiiiy' oilier ijfii uce. .idybeybjjeriited . liy;  steiinV.idcctrii'it.v'oi' any;dtlier power Tbrytiie  jjaj'riii?;of;frei^it':ind;iifeseWerfe;':;V,":^  A l^iKS'l'iZFrbm Fort.Steele to.Ellt'o; or,sonic  other eouveiiioni;point on theCrow^s.NestJta.il-  ;wayyiiei;weeiiVEllco'..unil.'.���:��� Wardiicrylilitfrice.- on  ei tiler llie Kasl or, Westslde of WiKWiim river:  di: bj^tlie most convenient rduter ib' tlur Inter-  uatlonal Ubundary;i.ine.Y. :,":s. Y;.. .'iV . A ';V;';.  ��� V Sl'X'ONi3:i-i'"roih Fori Sleel'e.'td WiniTornicre  by eilher the Kast or Wjist ).ide,.,6t'. thelKbole-,  nay river: thenee io'Hie town'of CSoldenyon the  main 1 hie,of the Canadian Pacilic Kailway."'aud  to biilld'and operate trainway's in 1eoiiiiectio:i  tlierewiil*.." wiiii';pdw.er. ip.constriici. operate  "and ina in lain, branch lines aiid all necessary,  bridges', roads, ways'ferries and, other works,  audio build'.yowii and .'.'maintain.;-wharves .and  iloeii.s.'lH.cbiinectton'therewith, and with pb\ver  to build, acquire and mainla'.n sieain and oilier  .vessels and boats. andVto opeiaie tlie same on  the, ICootenay Itiye'r'^from';lli'e.' International  Houndary'as far norlli'as ilic.snid river inay be  or i'nay be made navijiable.    = .   ,  '; Also to auiiioi'i'zeytlie.said ...Kootenay Central  :i{ailway Coiripan.v.to build, ebuip. operiitefaud  maintain"teleKrapli.aiid telephone'lines in cdn-  lieclion'With said ramW.v^aiiu iiraiiclies, and tb  generate el.eetrieity ,fpr the supply .of'heat,  lisjlitii aiid.- power,, nnd for all and.every other  piirpose'inentloned in Sections SO. 81.,��Z and S3.  of llie "Waier Clauses;'Cbnsoildation. Act of  ���IS97" and,to do evcryihini: necessary and inci-  denuii' to "tiiei'carrying"'-'.bufpf all or any of tliii  rpljj.TOtis'r��ferrjfllto:iii-sald.scbtipiis:--.----v.-;-V:;^.:-'.-:  A .vj'sotb'invest said Company wilh power io  expropriate'lands for the purposes of ili'u'Coin-  pauy.'antl tb acquire laiids. bonuses, privileges  or other aids from any Government,. Municipal  Corporation. Or btlier persons or bodies.���Also  io levy and collect toils frbm'.al 1 parties ,usi'iif;.  and on'-all freii-'lil passinsr .oyer .any ib'f-such'  roads, railways., tramways, ferries. ,wharves  and vessels owned or operated by tlie.Cpmpiiny  and . with. powerAto/iiinke' tra'fiic: .or 'oilier ar-.  raniiements witli railway... steamboat';, or jollier  Companies, and for all'iiiiier .usual necessary  I'iKhts; powers or privileges in liial behalf.  Further to empower the said Company to ae-  iiuire arid operate mines.. coiieeiiiraioi'S. Kim-ll-  erso'rrelineries in the neighborhood bf or in  any part, of tlietcrritory naturally tributary to  its railways. ���' ''    '��� '   '      y ���. ','.  Uat.-il at Fort Steele. II..C. this :4th day'of  December. A. U. Il-im. ;  '.I. A. MAUVKV     I -A     . ' . .' A..   . .I  ,--���'������; YSoliclloi's for Applicants.'  ���W>i. It. 1S0SS        I ���    ���    ' .  AAlzY^OATHE^:.DBAFA|:ffi:;yZ|;  ttA'i v ich yietdy: Ac uredV ci J'Vh er AI)eaf-V  Aiess:and:^0;is;esAiii>tii6AH  lir. A (Nicliolspir s :i^i;^fi(iia]ii|^Ea;K  *Driiihs*!gay,e,;*i^'p  sti tii teAA:$Qt;th$:vde^  ahje;^y-proqureAtho^A&  ^y^iaA*e|tiiemA f reeA-AAvAdtli'^ss  ^p^|J 100 life: A^STicl iqI sovi'AIiiA  stitii teAAA'780,P'Eigh th vA^MiieA  -^00(MaMM^��^$i&A  A^Mansiiem.AtAeotteix.l|A  s&AFort^ .Steel e|Ci gar|Stpre'A;:;A  V'A .VV We carry a lirst-elass'line or "VVV-' Y'. y'  yyy - : ..Imported and Domestic y yyy-y ;'";;���;  Cigars,; Cigarettes;' and; A Tobacco  ���'..^Vd';ais4"6';l]av'c';a"filll'". 1 iiie of: j'iijifesi* tn-  liludino-i\fcoi'si;iiiiuiii and BUli'.'i-;,.AAi;'A  'Vr^itest'dail.v iiewspapers inour readini;' roo'iii  See-b\tr stock 'of 2�� ccnl, novels���;weyciclianue  oiie for aiiy iw.o you liavi i-eiul and 'return,'iii.  .Kood.brdpr.,-;. '*���;;' y'y-:,. ''.,;.-   VVA'A,'':''V;A;.v ������Ay:'  .''.A'.,'|l':'Oiir;;liii]iarclA?iiiKl'APop^  '������,���"'Ziiid G-arcl l'poni iirfe:first classZ V  . Aj.'eiits for .'Canadian Pacific TeleKraph Co.,  j-'ivitiK direct eomiminication io any part of the  world. ���>". ,'AKentS for Canadian .Western i'i'ele-  phnne Co.' Kivinfr :ilt'si class .service. to .Cranbrook and St." Kujjene..Vlissioii,/'.;,;,;,.-.:., .'��� ,y    :';  '������'������' Vlf yoii are travcljin!;: set our rates.'.jWo eiin  sell you a ticket, lb aiiy part of'tlie. world via.  tlieCaiiiidiairPaeilic Kailwiiyiand  its coniiec-;  .l.ious.-v-.-y.-y^--yV-;Yy...-,,'.j;,.':,.':,.. ,..-.Yy' -.;..YY, YY;  llastAKootenay  Hottlinii CoA ' A  ODCOC  A QUICK CURE A  FOR COUGHS  and COLDS  11 Let the citizens talk the  town  up���not down.  P     C    M.    Keep   refiirned    fn m  Winderniere on Thursday.  NOTICE.  Take nollce i.liat thirty dnyi from the date  hereof I Intend'lo apply to tlie Honourable th"  Chief ('ominissioiiei' of Lands aiid Work-r r..r a.  special license lo .cut and carry away tinili.'.r  from the followinif described lands: Coinmrnr-  Inc at ii post plnnleil'nii lhe west,bank ��f Klk  lUvV-.r aliout one mile north or the town of  Fernie, nniiiliuf liience In a uortherly direction  nlonc the wesl liank of the Klk Kiver for a distance of two miles: tlienee In a westerly diieclion Jill rods: Ihence in a southerly direction  two uilles: thence iu an easterly diteetion '-Nil  roils io place of licitlniiliit'.  IJal��il at Fernie.'llVC. this 2'itli day of November. A. ���]).. I I'M.  r.i- ��� u: M. uoswokt'h.  Tiie Canadian Remedy for all  rHROATAXC LUNC AFFECTIONS  Large Bottles, 25 cdtits. ,  ijavis'.t i..��.witkS'',K co.;'i.iiniied, ' c.  I'.roji'e. I'erty l>iii'ii.' 1'iiin Killer,        }A}  . .Mofilreal y.  ^vvwwvOOOOOC'  Z ';';A'Z ;   OJv all kinds,  -y A" A A  Sv'rups, Gliampagnes. Ciders,  "y..    Ginger Ales, Etc.  ���Soi'la' 'wuictr  ill  siphons.:   Tho inosl  eooiioi.iiii'iil wn'y 1.o lianillo it.  'AAA/HARyBY^^dCARTKRAA;|Y'  Biiri-isters^,AlSb/iaf'owAA^W��W��s t^iii;^-  ZZ 'yi?'>Zvfl*Ci]pi$yb  A^A.;AAA;-p9u^A^TKK^E;AHAQ;yVZ  :' 'RKyKL's;i*OKkv's'i'A'i*ibW ��iiida6r.i>ENA;A  COLLECTIONS V-PROMPTLY A MADbA  m  :(:  y-y'-:M  0aM  A'AfcAsij  A0000*lW 00000A:  :tVA'V;A,AOPFICE--lilversltle::A��uu^A"^  ���Next Dim���io;B(e^lei0n^:Siq0A,  'ZZA-is  iiiiiiiiiili  iitei^ufill  Hardware,  and Glassware.  i  tAA vlii AprdeiZ-to: raise 'Va., large  amount; of A cash; weAWilljofferpur.  ehtire..si0ckAPqrAtheA.n^^  'i00t^0A^0^  AA: This a is: ^ Agrand^^ vo  supplies?A:.��ur stock is; cot^  :-'A-;' zA:A:;v^>n'ty ^  .' A iy.Ay: :AA;'-G6'(Hisv:atv"yt)iir':;0 wriAprices:;AYrA'r-;-^*:;'AA"Z  ..;������- iy .y :..:.yy :.-::-.:��� ,y:.-.. .::���;���:���' ^;-..���,..'���:;���������: :���������; '.:.,���?':'.. .v.- <-,y .���''*:: :.'.-���.','':.'..        '-.;��� ���_'.���'������,���:":,.���. '���; :':''������."-'.":  A^:''ZA;YOur'AATerrnsAA.^re'':AAStric:.tly^  *  '..-.-  "%y  '.yyi/A  '���!-��� X'.; ,'  w  0i  ������''���y.'.'Vr^Y  y  iAyy  AAyv'fc  , .i. :A.i  -' AA\  ���; *AZ A^IM^KRIi EyAAB; 000AA  ..Yv-YVZAV,.:*'  ���}���;;  fM^^^^MM-M^S^Ws^  ;:AfA;|^A;A:AZ  Vy^VY^AA^^A^PiiiestALiqubraAan^AH^ZA^Z^Y,  AayIIa^II  fi^AYfClffai's and'Best'Piii'iiistiedY*viZ^-  'VY?rfiY..1.iYVfc:  ���';A'i.Ati<&ms.:iti}T.6Wh:i*v^  AyyiAiAiti  i  l^iHi^^E^j^jpi^  llT'l'IMAU 'OK i'KOv'INCJAI. information  Bucklen's Arnica Salve.  llns wor Id -iv idc. fitiitf.V foi' nuii'VHIi.ils  iMii-fs. It si,ii'|insi'>< iili'y id tier sillvi*. I('i-  Li.iin.' oiiitiiii'iil,'or iiiilin. for (.'tits, Cociis.'  Hunts. I'.oils. Sori'S Felons.jl.'li'crs. 'J'i-1-  l.cr. Salt Khi'iim. I'Vv'ei' Sor<M. ('li:t|i|n,'(l  Ihiuiis. Skin Kriiplioiis':. I nfiillililf, for  I'ih-. ('n:'c tiu.'irantrcii. .duly 2"ii':tt.  A. Vv. i:)i'iis<li:irs, (lniifhlorc  .      _��� , ,_... , _    I .;   ...  m ������:, ZNOT^ CHEAPEH AAyyAA  CALGARY FLDUR  BUT BETTER THAN ANY otho  TiVi'OllllKI! Unit the iluvi'i'liinenl ma.v lie in  i .possessloii of di.,llnll.e information .with  v.'lileli lo ?iuii|ily those.' seldom; inyesliueiiis iii  tills 1'i'ovinee; I am lustiu'eieil, toinvite li'ar-  tli'Ulars 'from ' thnsn' who have )irii)ii.*rliiis for  sale, anil who may feel disposed lo, forward,  sueli'iiai'tleulars to .this nltlce for lhe iiurpuse in  qlti'Stloil.      .    ,.    ': ', ,'      ' ,,  III view of the propiisedeai'ly i;e-ort;aiilzation  of the Ameiil denerarsOlIle.' In l.oudoii. lOnii-  liiud. the'desli'iihllli.yiif'havlii'K on' llie a list of  faiiusaiiil oilier pn,iperlles for *alc, with foil  and ae.eurale lieialls. Is obvious. I'l-operlles  siilniillteil may Ihelinlo fnrnis and farm hinds.  Industrial or I'liiiiineieial e.oneei'iis. limber  llmlls, wnler powers, or other enterprises  iilTor'HiiK oppiirliinli.ies for leklllmate Invest-:  inetil. .��� i   "  It Is not, liriiposed to reeoiiiuiend properlles  t.o Inlendlni: invi'suu"*. Inn, to nflord the fullesl  access lo the clnssilieil lists and all (available  liifoniliitioii I'Onueeled therewith, anil to place  f-uiitiirers lii'i'inntiiiiideiiiloii wilh tlie owners.  Tlie fullest particulars are desired not only  of llie properties Iheniselves. but or,tlm' localities In'which they aresliuated. and the coiiiii I Ions aiToetini; I hem. Kor tills purpose printed, schedules will, upon application;, be forwarded io tliii'ie desirous or iiiakiui; sale.  H. I;:, CIOSNKLL.   ,. '    ,  Srcrt'ltihi. .liiift'iitt of 1'i'oi'int'itil liil'ur-  riinlinii. ' , V   '  BA00i0^  A0A%liytKind0vty,ilv\:ck  BmgiCiand,lit\tME. For Saleiv ZPDASTERTNG Promptly Done  '      "AAZ,��y. NOTICE.     ' ' ���'.���,'  ���I. hereby, t;ive notice thai lliiriy day's tifier  dine. 1 Intend io apply io llie Chler Coinniis-  siouer of' Lauds and Works for permission to  pitrcliase tlie-foliowilie; described pi.ee of land  Sltuaie. iii lhe Southern Division or Kasl  ICootenay District. Province of liriiisli f!olum-  liia.UeKinnin^aia )Kistesiul>lislied on the uortli  bank of Klk Kiver at the mouth of Mack ereek  about'_'() cliaiiis up the siream froin where the  ll.C.Sdutlieru Hallway crosses Klk liiver near  l.'.lko, ihence north 4(1 chains, thence east NO  chains, thence souili W chains ' lo Klk kiver.  thence followint; bench of Klk Rivei' to place or  be^inninj;: containini; In all :t-0 acres moi'e'or  less. ... .      '     ������ ;���     Z'<\- A  MALCOLM    McCOItMACK'.  : ���"'   Daied this lilih day nfNir.ember. lili'KI.   '-in  'The   Brlilwauliee1'  A ftiiiiiliiir luiinc. for tin* <'liii-iin'o,  Mitwiiiikire A. Si,. I'liul. I tail way, knov/n  all nver the* Union as the firuiit. Itail-  way,.;ri(iiniiiff l.ho. "I'itniccr Lhiiilt'd,'-'  ti'iihis cviM-y day and nio'ht, iHd.wiioii St.  I':iuI and Chicao'd, and Omaha and  (Miicao'i), '"riii* only ]ii'.rfi'<'t. trains in  tin:' world." llniliti'sliind: (loiincctions  lire  ntailc  with   .1//  '.I'l'itnseontiiii'iiliil  l.illOH.'    ilSSIll'illo'   t<V IHlMSItll^OI'si'tlii; llCHl.  siM'vi<:(,' Uiiowii. ��� I.iixtii'iiins i'i inches.  electi'M* lights, stoain licnl. of a .verity  i,*('(ii;i.|<!(l h.y nu other line.  S��ie thill, your l.iolfet reads via ''The  .Milwaukee" when yoinj*' to any point  in the United Slates or < 'itnailii. All  ticket agents sell them.     '  For rates, i mm | ih lets or oilier informal ion, address,  For Sale In Kimberley.  TWO^'ROOMKD HOUSK Hix24A  Wood siiod'SxlO. Tten HouseV double  Iviai'ded and papered li'xJ-l.;,.- Kenire  posts tiround the lot, water laid on, ���fiiri  worth of cord wood on the ground, M  hens. 20 ehiekens and 2 roosters.  Terms very reasonable. Kasy iunlull-  inent'system.    Ap'ply to  ltKALKA, KCWICWA,  Fort Steele or ICimliei'ley  .1. \V. Cask  ..i.r  (..-. .1. Kiinv,  '1'iav. 1'ass. Am..  iiKATTLE. WASH.  lleiieral Anent.  l*01!TLA.\'D, oi:  For   Sale  Rii/iersicie    Ranch  ' Kast Koolenay, 11. 0.  320 acres, 00 acres under,'cul-'  tivatibn; !���<��� acres good bottom  land, balance bench land well  timbered. '.  STOCK.  17 liead of Cattle.  ���I Horses.  Farming Implements etc.  for tei'ins apply to S. McLean at the  ranch, orio.l. A. Harvey, I'Virt Steele.  ';''.AiAFqRT;STEEr.E,::'B;- CZa'AA'A^  T^inware, Glai vanizedAlroiiASheptA  Avy;V., JroniA;.StoYeV;:v'Pipes;A��adAA ..Ay"  ]A' ^:-y;-;-'AA;:'Copperwai'e::VAA'A'.VAY'AA;  BUILDINGS HEATED and VENTILATED  PlumbirigA Pipe,jflttingvaiid -all  Ay, A   kinds of sanitary vworkZvA  flir Tiflht-r-Hpt Blast Stove^A;  Hydraulic'A and : Aii'A Pipes   for  > . v .":���"���;;��� AZ;:,;;..Mi iles' ������'��� ��� '*"���"���"' ������;'��� Ay ���'���'���-';  ,..- :���;.:   -'',':.a.. - ,.;''������      , ���: ''.     ' y.y.' ,'��� y....-���   '..';  A���S.mi'Ci'.vi.  ATTRN^l'ION  PArb; TO  .IOB WOUIC.      A ���'A ;. A'}) A A:'"   -: Ay. Vy  Fpii:i)Kvi::Loi',i.:i).A; '0 J'yA't .'���  MININGaIpROPER^ES ,Ai;  'NEASTAKbbTENAYv;B.;C.  *;'?��� , -:..    l   ;: ' ;    '   v r' ,.       ,     .  WUITK TO   Y      .'.   ', ,���..''.'"',,!. ,  Ghas.  Estmere^  A   Mining and Stock Broker,  Kimberley, B. C.  ;aai:j  ���'< ;s yi  m  -m  iA'L,* COHN  'TA'IL0RZ;y      ;Aj;'z- \i i  A  AND IMPORTER OF    A  FINE WOOLLENS  Rocky Mountain Avenue  Fort Steele, B. G.  ,<,. 4f\'  HIGH WARDEN    it    SON.  PIONEER. BARBER SHOP  EverytliiiifrStrietlyi First Class.  A'at door to the PiuxpccUir:  GEARY  &.  DOYLE.  Liveru, feed & Sale Stable.  '. ".'    , Kot'lPSt.^le'H.C J  neg-nlar Dally  Stage 'lueets all  trains at, Fort Steele Jiiiiutlou. :  SADDLE .%  PAC^VjpRSRi?  I EJJI LNG .Oil ALL b.ISi>ii ^ S^tClA LIY


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