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The Prospector Aug 25, 1900

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 Lihrr.ry ol* I^c£ Ae»
* r-
"* &
£ Devoted to the upbuilding 0
-•£ OF   FORT   STEELE.          %
\i -* '                                                             >>.
'* li",}'pendent   in   1'oUiic-j.    $
* St
^S1 .               *
Vol. 6.
* •
New Advertisements To-aay.
jETalcyon Hot Sprinss..
STotlce—Aler Cameron
jWotice—Ckus EsHJiere.
 I'.iko 8
Star Group.
J.  Y.  Kesler was  down   from
fjhe Star group 911 Monday.     He
■j-, Ss much pleased with  the  show-
■ iug which ithe  continued  developments the property is  mak-
,  Jng.    There is plenty of ore  in
<, the claims, and there  seems  to
, &e uo doubt but It will eventually prove to  be a   property  of
|T great value.     Mr. Kesler makes
'mo promises, and does  not even
ksuggest when the ground will be
l^iufliciently developed to warrant
^shipments, but is content to go
fjn with development.
which   is  five  per  cent  on   the
new capitalization.    •
Nickel is reported to have
been found in Isirge quantities at
the foot of Atliu lake. Up to
date 40 claims are known to have
been staked. All of the claims
carry gold but the
value lies in the nickel.
■From Lewis Creek.
The Minnie M. and Tiger appears well. -Considerable prospecting has'been done on them
ind the Concord, an adjoining
v-jlaim. , In doing the assessment
'.on the latter claim it, has been
proved conclusively that the
.Minnie M ledge runs through
fne, property. °     '  '  '
Peter Jensen is doing work on
the Little Johnny, which adjoins
the. Tiger and carries  the  same
;£edge, application will shortly be
na.de for, a,crown grant !
The owners of  the St.   Lawrence have their, tunnel- now ' in'
ljf30  feet it  will 'be extended 40
This tunnelis be-
a   ledge.     A number of new" locations have been
jfiiade in that vicinity. ~-    ,
3fining, men '   of    experience
hissert , that   the   mines   in   the
cinity   of   Tracy    and   Lewis
are bound  to attract at-
entiou.    The ledges are strong
,ii3 well defined and carry good
/alues. „
teal further.
*lng run. on the
Mining- Notes.
' Work still continues upon the
Wupont and-tho reports from the
Hiropei'ty are most encouragin
East Kootenay Minerals.   —
<. Among the minerals found   in
this vicinity is asbestos.    It has
not beeu. learned if  it  has  been
found in sufficient quantities  to
warrant mining nor is  it   stated
Unit the qualify  has  a commercial value.    It  is  safe  however
to assume that development will
show*   a    good
,      *        _ NICKEL
The nickel property on Wild
Horse is showing Up 'well and
Mr. Dore is satisfied he has a
good thing.. The lead is ten
feet;wide, but what percentage
of nickel is contained in the' ore.
is not known.
auca.     -     .
In the Windermere "country  it
lis  reported a good  quality   of
! mica has been .found, the exteut
of the find is" not stated.    The
value of mica is governed by the
size to,which it can be cut.. Late
quotations are .'3x3  inches  «0c
per pound, 3x4 £1:50 per pound,
4x4 82, 6x6 §3. •       '   "
Any of these minerals if found
in large enough quantities are'
sufficient to create new industries. The extent of 'the finds
should be demonstrated at once.
The'owners of such properties
have a fortune, within' their
grasp, should they be ""able to
show, the dealers in these minerals that they have what is
claimed. ,,  , ...      ' ' .   •
Pekin in Flames. —Russia Has Declared War on China.—Russians
Invade the Sacred City.
Special to Tub Pkospectok.
London, August IM.—The'latest advices indicate that Pekin
greatest *s bi flames, having been set on
fire by the Chinese. The Russian
general invaded the sacred city
violating the decision of the
allies not to damage that por
tion of the capital.      In  defense
dare to anyone who listens that
the question  is  settled.     Prom
al| points of view we do not hesi-
! tate to say that the day on which I
Laurier accepted the task of the
head of the Federal Government
has been a fatal one for - the
terest of our nationality.
Stirred Up the House on  Wednesday
Special to The Pkospeutok.
Victoria,   August   23. —Hon. ,         «VIii UC1U£
Joseph Martin managed to stir suffered no inconvenience, xui*
up a small rumpus in'the House is entirely against the teachings
yesterday  which,   for   a   while, fof Uie old Sunday school  books..
drowned or catch no fish, but
parties who went out last Sunday came back loaded down with
trout and aside from being tired
he stated that his government
had declared war 011 China. The
Americans retired after reaching
the gates. Foreign consuls at
Shanghai fear that theo Chinese
tire in the" rear of the allied
army, and have interrupted'
merchantable I communications. Sir .Claude
Macdonald is ill. The uprising
in,Corea is'confinned.
Telegraph Brevities.
Dispatches from Ostond assert
that there is no foundation for
the report published that a second attempt had been made on
the life of tho Shah bf Persia. .
Sir William Stokes, surgeon
in ordinary'to the queen in Ireland and consulting surgeon to
the British forces in South
Africa, died here today, aged 61
Lord Roberts has issued a
proclamation to the effect that
all burghers - who , break their
oath, will be punished with
death.' <> , ''  _,   . '
The allied forces are keeping
up the good work, by bombard-'
ing-the inner, or forbid dencity.
Dewet's Way Blocked.—Powell   Defeats Grobber.—Boers Blow Up
a Bridg-e.
Special toTHK Pru.hpkctoii.
London, Aug. 25.—General
Dewet has decided to return ■ to
the Orange River Colony finding
that his way eastward has been
1      c
General Baden-Powell has defeated Grobber. ,   '
General Buller has marched to i
Van Wycks Velt,   fifteen  miles
south'of Belfast.
The Boers have blown up, a
bridge five miles south of Newcastle. ,      '• j
Returning Home.
Special to The X'ko^photor.    •
' London, Aug. 24.—The returning invalided Canadian soldiers
who are crossing the ocean on
the '-Lake Ontario" will reach
Quebec this evening. A further
contingent has sailed on tlie Tunisian from Liverpool, in which
city they received.a great reception, the Lord Mayor leading in
the honors.
* A New Compressor.
,R.   0.   Jennings, came   down
from Kimberley on- Wednesday.
He says it is the intention of the
Work on the Black Bear will Mt., Sicker & B.C. Development
robably be resumed in  a  short
it c
y There is increased activity in
he vicinity of Tracy and Lewis
[reeks, and some of the show-
(tjgs are remarkable.
No reason has been
pr the discontinuing of work on
Hue ciaims,;iii Isadore canyon.
I The payment of unearned di\d-
' suds is an admission of "fak-
Iv^g" to procure funds the prop-
:ty will not furnish. It is a
E'lit for suckers.
kit is good advice an eastern
,-oker gives when he, ssiys:
Pon'fc buy the 'bear' or soil the
tr'i.n amendment to  the   license
ltv provides ono thing of  spec-
interests to   miners—tho ne-
fssity for pack outfits of six or
pro animals, to take out a  five
liar license every six mouths,
under six animals; $2.50.,,
I'The output of the North   Star
1 no still continues at 100  tons
ily, which could be largely in-
leased were if tho policy of the
mipany to do so.
kAt     the    Sullivan . the   daily
ipments   have    not   been   in-
j.eased but will be  soon as  the
■v-w compressor is installed.
'The people, of   the   Windermere   country    are   taking   an
live-y interest '...-in : : securing
faiples of ore for the Spokane
[The muckers at the War Eagle
il Center Star mines in Ross
Great Future for South East Kootenay.-      •     '
All indications are that inside
of another year there , will be
greater/activity in mining, than
ever'before. The attention of
mining meii is being attracted'
to East Kootenay-as a'possible
field for investment, the result
will be-that capitalists seeking
new fields will come here. The
steady   output   of the   St.  Eu-
Co., to install  a  compressor,, on  gene and North Star is  exciting
their property on North Stai
Hill. , The flume for the power
is nearly completed. The flume
will be nearly 500 feet long. The
water is takeu from the head of.
the canyon on ,Mark creek, on
the Midget fraction aud
comment all over the country
and cannot help but advertise
the entire district. People who
are familiar with this particular
section "do not-hesitate to say
that it has great' possibilities
and must come to the front
before long, as capital is seeking
 ^    .. .„  ^. new fields for investment.     The
built on  the lower  end   of  the conditions at present  prevailing
Midget. '. - ■    will be materially changed when
is  re
turned again to the Midget fraction.     The  compressor  will  be
Mr.     Jennings    returned   on
0       The St. Eugene.
People who have visited Moyie
recently express themselves sis
surprised at what was' shown
them.. One gentleman said the
reserves of ore in the*St. Eugene
f'd are demanding an increase
from  $2:50'. to-*3 per.
I wages
yhs\"Athabasca' mine near Nel-
\ according to the Tribune,
'j. declare a dividend of $25,000 (lace or Wardner, Idaho
bid fair to   make  that property
tho largest  silver-lead  mine on
the continent, and as it was  the
second largest producer of silver
lead last month,   with   tho   present development, it is  to  determine  .what    may    be   expected
when tho property is  thoroughly opened up.    He  further  said
that it would not bo long before
500   men   could   be   employed.
Others who  have  critically  examined, the property do not hesitate to say it is a wonderful mine.
Recent advices are to the effect
that a big strike  of
been made on the Aurora on the
other/side of, the lake. ■".-In''regard to. this property the theory
has been advanced that, the  St.
Eugene, lead' passes  under the
lake and that the Aurora is on
the same lead.
There are great possibilities
for |;he mines of Moyie, and The
Prospector would be pleased
to'see the town, the size of Wal-
the north and south railway is
finished, and there seems to. be
no doubt but that its construction will commence next year.
This road completed will make
the entire mining region east of
the Kootenay river easily acces-
sable. There is a great future
in store for East Kootemiy and
the" man who stays with the
country will reap the harvest.
Laurier Scored.
' Montreal.—Le Journal, a Conservative paper, says:    "Everything leads us to believe that in
the political  struggle  which  is
preparing, the Liberals will lay
aside    the   national   argument
which was such a  powerful  aid
before.      If they pretentt   that
Laurier must be elected becsiusc
he is a Catholic and a Frenchman,    thousands . of
About Windermere.
'■   F.   A." Mulholland   while   in
town on Thursday ,was seen0 by
a representative - of The Prospector.'    Mr. Mulholland is enthusiastic over the  Windermere
district an-J predicts a'.great .future'for it.  ' He  says: '"I  have
travelled    through' the 'miniug
sections' of the province and do
not hesitate to say that nowhere
are there such°mineral showings
as/are found in the   Windermere j Victoria;
district? -There are fully twenty jConklin,'
claims which have from  one  to
thirty tons  of shipping'ore  on
the dump, and a number of them
much more.  The principal drawback of course is lack  of  transportation facilities, although for
a few.months in the year steatn:
lers   operate ,on   the Columbia,
but these will be  inadequate  to
handle the ore-when  the  mines
are opened up.    Within the next
year there will be great changes
ih the country, and a number of
mines  will  be developed   to   a
point    where   continuous   ship-,
ments can be relied upon.
, Mr. Mulholland has large interests in that section.    Tie returned to Windermere yesterday.
Word has just  been  received
of the death a few  days ago of
the infant son of Mr.   and Mrs.
St. George B. Smythe of Wind-,
One thousand dollars has been
appropriated for a public school
building at Windermere. Tenders for construction will be asked aud the work commenCod at
an early a date as possible?
promised'to result iu„a fracas,
'eventually simmered down into
the regular routine.
The   Opposition   claimed,   on
the division on'a, bill,   that  the
names    had    been"  called    for
record.    The speaker said   that
he had not heard the call but the
three Opposition  members  necessary arose and said  that they
had requested the  names  to" be
called.     It  was  then  that Mr.
Martin took  occasion  to'attack
the Government and to accuse
the Speaker of showing  partiality.-   An  uproaru-at  once  arose
and during the row  Mr.   Martin
was heard to declare that if the
I Speaker did ,'not show  a  proper
impartiality  he,   Martin,' would
take stops to force him ,'to do so.
Provincial Secretary Prentice
remonstrated with   Mr.   Martin,
who  at once  attacked   him   in
turn.    He told Mr. Prentice not
to make acontinual nuisance of
himself by always  interfering.'
Sharp   words   followed   aud   a
lively scene ensued which finally
however, quieted down.
Later on Mr. Martin got into
a controversy with the Attorney
General over discrepancies in
some private bills that needed
Government sanction.
, Hotel Arrivals.
Imperial,:—C. M. Keep.'Peterborough; Franklin Duulop,
Wa'pelln, N.W.T.-; A. F. Goddes.'
voices will rise in  the  Province
galena, has of Quebec and cry that this '..man"
had   betrayed  his  religion  aiid
his nationality.. ' -,.,''
That    the,    unconstitutional
law which deprived them of the
right  to   teach   their   children,
their religion -and , the   French
language, is still as  much   alive
stnd  obligatory as before  1800,
and that Laurier will never take
another -step   to   vindicate  the
constitution and fulfil his promise
because he does not cease to, de-!
- The Board of Trade.
It is   time   the , Fort   Steele
Board   of   Trade    had    regular
meetings and was getting  down
to   business.      There   is   much
which needs attendi ng' to which
no individual can hope to do unassisted.    The Board of Trade can
and should, take cognizance of
all matters affecting; this section.
There are a number of subjects
which should be  taken hold  of
at once. ,, '.'"'■
The New Station at Kimberley. j
The new .railway., station at
Kimberley is fast nearing completion. It-will be a good one.
It is ssiid'it is the only station on
the Crow's Nest line with a stone
foundation, it is undoubtedly there to stay.
J. H. King, Mr. and Mrs. Leask
Mr. and Mrs. G.   R.   Leask,   D.
D. Holford, Robert Johnson, W.
S.  Currier,   J. - H.   Fink,   A. D.
Parker, Cranbrook;' R.   S.   Day,
Thos   Rh'oa,' J.    H.
Tracy;     "Gus   Thies,
Perry ■ Creek;     L.   Booker,   J.
Megerstholed, Thomas Christian
J.   F.   Smythe, - Moyie;    W.   E.
Short, Montreal; ; R.r McDonald,
Kamelchie, Wash.; Frank Sliger
K.   J.   Higbye, .Sheep creek; J.
W. Winter, San Francisco; Colin
C. Brown, D.   R.   Young,   Rossland; G. ,G. King and wife, Fred
C. King, Clapham,   N. B.;   Miss
D. Scott, Miss A. Scott; Miss M.
Scott, Miss L. Scott, - Spokane:
V. ' Liddecoutt, Moyie; F. C.
Colpman, C. G. Biggurd, Loth-
bridge; Miss Bushiield, Maclood;
P. H. McEwen, New Westminister; Charles Estmere, Kimberley.
Windsor:—R. B. Dixon. Cranbrook; J. A. Olsen, Dibble; J.
C. Nelson, Dupont; Dr. Corsan,
Tracy; Jay Usher, J. H. Todd,
town; Tom Smith, Skookum
Chuck; William, Johnson, Kimberley; J. Campbell, Rossland:
H. A. Small. Vancouver; E. C.
Binkley, Toronlo; W. A. Wil
mot. Fernie.
A Ni^ht of Terror.—Murder and Arson.—Police Fired Upon. •
Special to Tim I'iiospbui-ur.    '
Akron,. Aug.   ii.—Two    persons  are  known  to  have   been
killed, several others were maimed  and for   hours   tonight   the.
streets of Akron were tilled with ■
an   uncontrollable   mob.       The,
trouble wa.-, the  outcome, of  an
unsuccessful attempt to lynch   a
negro',   who  is. charged  with  a
brutal assault.   !'
The prison doors"were forced,
about S:3U p. mfi and the mob'
packed the prison.
At I0:'.i0 the mob again attacked the prison, some one in the
crowd began shooting the'build-'
J ing, the ofiicers in the building
shooting over tho heads'of the
mob, a man" with a shot gun then
fired at the officers. Several of '
tlie officers were wounded.
1:4n a.   m.—Dynamite   is   now
being used in front of the city   -
building.    The first charge tired
smashed all the windows "in the
city building.    All of the prisoners have been released from the- <
city prison.     The crowd threat- ,
'ens to destroy the city building.  "'
.Alonzo Manchester, fireman', ha*
been seriously shot in the  neck.  '».
John Horn has been shot in  the
arm.  - ' - ,,'■'■,.,
'Akron,    Aug.    23!—Tho    city
building is now in ruins and it is"   -
J eared the lire wil.'.^prend to ad-    '
joining buildings.1"
The tire department has-been
called out but is. unable' to do-
mucb work as > 0:1c  fireman  has
been' shot, and the mob' cut  tli*
hose at every opportunity.    '   A
The Fourth Ohio fufdYury left
Blendon this morning; tho  railroad company assured  the governor thsi.t the troops  Would  arrive at Akron'at 7 a. 'm.
The city records are  all  destroyed.    Tho Joss in the city en- '
gineer's office  in  over x*300.000
No militia has yet arrived.     It
is  feared   that more  trouble  is
yet to follow.
Railway Mileage.
There are '28 railway corpora- '    '
tions owning and control J ing over
2.000 or more" miles.     The  firtfc
is the  New  York  Central   with
10.-110 miles.   Pennsylvania   10 -
■VX2 miles, and the Can idian Pacific with 10,018 miles      Of   (be
117,000 miles represented bv the
2H railways. LI.OUU miles su-e  iu
Calgary- Exhibition.
A rate of §7.50 for the
trip from Fort Steele Junction
to Calgary on the occasion of
the exhibition at that place in
September. Tickets will be on
sale from September 10th to 18th
good for the return on. the' • 18th
The Yellow-Hordes Had  Again  At.
tacked the .Legation.
Pekin, Aug.   11.—The  American and Russian flags were planted on the east wall of Pekin this
morning.    The American troops
entered'the   British  legation'at
1 p.' m. today.    There was a joyful reception from the walls. The
emaciated    tenants   could   have
lasted but   little  longer.     They
round  nad on]y lhree days ^tions.  Ths
Chinese had been attacking furi
ously for two da vs.
Ihe   legation
I ■' , Left for England.
.Mrs. G.'H. Gilpin, accompanied by her children Joe and Essie, left Fort Steele on, Tuesday
last.for a trip to -England. -They
will sail in* the steamship Ma-
! jestic from 'New York next week.
They will probably spend a year
abroad, Visiting the parents of j
Mr. Gilpin at Leeds.
Loaded Down.
We have   always   understood
that the man who would go fishing on Sundsiy,' must  either get
and  shells  fell in
during the siege.
The British and Americans
met with but little resistance until they entered the city, where
there was street fighting, Reilly's'
battery jiUoinpting, to reach'-., tho
inner wall; The troops "finally
entered the foreign sottkment
througk the canal.
The plan \v;is to make a. gon -.
oral attack tomorrow.- The Gou-
lerals alarmed at.'-the sound, of a-
heavy attiick on the legations
pushed forward independently,
British, Americans and French
oh tho left of the river, and the
Russians sind Japanese on tlie
right. iBSis'i-,-,!***' tr'jt^,.:.ttJTjH-jt7i',^jj  THE PROSPECTOR, FORT STEELE, B.C., AUGUST 2Z,l$00fi  ���s^ii^B^tei^o^pisi;-^  ���<vr.  EciMme*^^  pej$^^  ;y .y  fiafW-.;  Ill  -8>y  MONTROSE BICYCLEiEHlFREE  ' on approval to your tiding WITHOUT A CENT IN  ADVANCE.  SEND " US TOUR ORDER, state, wiietker voa visfa lady's or man'*  wheel; pive color, height of. frame and (rear waited and WE WITX'SUH*'  TIIK .WHUKli C O. D. ou approval.-allowing you .to-ungrate and examine, ic fullv liefore you'swept.-it. It it, is>:not,all and more than we  claim, for 1t; and a hetter wheel than you can trr.c for Miy.where rear the,  .price froifi any one el.se. rti fuse it and'.we .will' payuUexpt-vi-i? cHnrees  mu*clvLS.fi:T/3G,;.fIXGNTnOSE'' "'----���--'  :ti. oiir Spociiil ; Atreafs   *um  pie price  or ,-,."���? j X^J  fiWi-^M^^fi-iAfi  fimmSmfi'  ��� ^kAAIMiAAzy.  ���:���>  ���������������-���  ..#\--#U't!&-^::  ^^V,Jji;viVT,ft'::tl|<'f  ��� rh,.':'rOnu,;.,c,liur��:ilr: iu .1. 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A\ (, ni-L-d one person  ���itrimeh town Cor this i/in-pcise. Wo Iiitve several hundred .SKC<>M> 1IA>*1> WHEELS taken In trade which we >���  Spill close outiit*.'! lo+iowich; iiIsosnme,sh,ip��nrn samples and "J'J models very cheap. Senator Binraln l.l��l.  .. fiflK Itl'I.l A IIII.IT V Is uii<iiientioiieil.' Wo refer to any bunk or business house in Chicago, or any_express or  Vnllrruid ciimpanv. We will simd'you letters of reference direct rrom the largest hanks in ChicaKO iryouwlsh it.  4ryn VAIl'D ADnCD tudny. This low price iind these i>peelul tcrmn of shipment without depoeitwiU ^  SEND    lUUIl   UnllCn ho withdrawn very soon..-taroive name ot this paper;. ' M ��� "  yyj. X- MEADl CYCLE QOM^NY, Chicago?Hi.  fififiAM&fifiAfifififififiAfifi  ���e- -....-..��������� 'i ..-.'-.'A.-', -fifi .,.n--'-;  The';; pi\i lyfi Sery ice f'Betweeii^'^  ^tl^iitie^atncl     Pacific  ,BV THI-  er  Limited  .Afififififi:'A   '"yOT1(yEAfififi'fi  ' 'Sixty iliiys from date I>iiiten'dfiiu apply.:to  ilic.Cliicf'.Comail'ssloncr of.- Lnlitis',and' Works:  for permission."to.ptirchasc'y.he,jolldwiii(; ilefi-  cribe'iVIauh infSovitli Kast,; Kootenay: ���; fiCom-  inencinK at the north west corner of,. Mcrhncs  purchase:/therie(;,norlh'8d chain's: tlieiiceyeast  40 chains:' Uie'riee soutli 1*0 chains:^ tlience west  ���40 chains toitiiejiliice or.hetjinriinrj.i Coutaiiiinp  three liuu'dred hiitl twenty acres more/drless!: .f  'fiAAfiyfiA.yfi:y.'fiy-"p-"i-AAs. A:fi\VfiAL,XASGisnfiAfifi.  ''.������'V Fort Steeled H^C^;^tinc2r.,l<i00.   'fv ��� :A  ���������'.!������  NOTICE.  'X  Ay: :��� 'A. fiyy-- W ate Ry n o t i c E .��� yAy'": A  j;>"Npticp.>yis':Jiereby jriven -tliii't-.sihfap-'  pliotttion willjjbe made lYndeiyPai-o II.  of:-'''^yiit��i'v'01aiisie's;':'.'ipo'i]so  l.SH7.<'vLd.'ret:oi-(lf tlie:t*ijrh1y tpi, takejf Vclir  vert,"'conveys arid.'vise���.wtkor\i.n.th'j.'"Eiisi���  ;Koptenay Disu-iot. for m-dinary. domes-  t,ie f an d^ a^ficu 1 tural; p iirposes::;;::' A fifi fifi-  lA;''--,-(��jt..Th^  .-Incliaii.ipejrai'tiiient'.peui R:-v.ij.'..-.T.^'Gal-;  rbniit]i':^-:V;y.y^.y^-^  :   (&)'y;Theiijiirie offUie lalce.:sti-e'aiit'vor  sotii-<it4f is;'('!/'.'"���'��' twined the:' description fi is)  PiuUipii Aret^Afifilfi'A-fi'fi fiy fififiAfifiA':AAfififiA!  Ayy..:.:fi':-y-yVAVER\NOTlCEi'fifi-.fi:A.AAAfifififi  ,-   .'i.NOTICK' Is hereby;yiven that an applica-- :>  .tlo'n '.will; bo made1tin'"ler'l.l;'a'i-tf ii.'bf .'-Waier ,':i  Cla.iise.s.Go'iVsojidated Act, iSlVt,'*. to record.,.tlu.',';.  riff lit. lo.talte.^liyert. corivey.lind tise watoi':ln-.i,v'>  gLheiKastlvooten:i'ytbistriQt.v for. ordinary;-.-fior-^'f:1  inestic. a^riculturariViirpqses:;1 A':.'.y. "' f   /5. iy!.-   -i  yf{��-)y The namo'of./rhe.-applicant ,is?f .;^  ���th'e;'Intiiani:vpej'��uit.ijieriijf''!ji6  lGalbi-a'thv;Agerityf Ayfiyyfi'yA 'y fiy. A^fi 'fi-fififififi,.fi  \- y'���$$[;.Tlie name!bf;-i.hv>;" lake;' ��� slu-eairtyf;������";  pi- soiirjebfisfi[if unnamed',.tluA:dcscrifrtioKyfifiA  w);-a small^streaiir ri-singofon; ^01:487^-^^1  Grpujv.ljvKa^t; Koo.tenayfp  '���;' ���: ������'{���*,' )fi ���'-. 'fipltej. PQiiit ��vi r <} i version.: biv. i iv-r fifiy  tended ^diteli; he;ul f is.;iie'ai-Stlie'SoutlV'yf  ' East. ;.'"y6rii ei- V o X- :XMhy-i W: (M'"i ���"^'h ii'li ]>ps^>  Land).?y;y;,;fyyyyf;y;^  V:t'(tJ.)^��Tlier irieansr by'*which'; ifeiS iii-i'"^?  .';--     .'���    '.'t:-: M. ��� ������  -....-   ��� -v  f ���������-:.��� .... -,-> ... ..,.'���.:��� f, ..... ,..���-     ^*.y  tended;to; ^ot-e;a,nd diyertotlie watei-:��iSy*o-|  by-;; aiii,6rdinary:;firrig;ition::;; ditch raiH^j^ij  ''thefv:pbint-ofydivei-sira  :;y:Sixty;diiysfrbni:diue;Ii.tend;.ftrif>TOl^  the Chief Commissioner of -'-Lands and'Works^^fed ditch head: is at'or. near ftlic  Bdund-  for;permission"to purcliase;the: tollowinK^ue'^ v";t 'fiy: P  mcncinK.at-the north, west-corner- of.VMcIniies.; .i-<" <]. y. -~ ������-:.'T ���"v-'    '' ..-:   ., U     - -vi ..<-;.. y.-..�� ..���.������..���  purchase:;thence;north 8behain'S:*ti.ence west-^^^H^  40; chains-ythencersputhy SO:;:, thence:1 east ^  chains to the placeor.hefe'i'nning.-'jfCoritai'nin";:  tlirceihuiirli-ed aiidiwent.y acrn&v."'*���'.:\yyyy $-:?'���'���.  :'!:fi'yfi'fi''A%fifi-fi'tfi:'''-?Aw  :fiA-- Kbrt^eele^Hra^uiie" .^fimoAA'fi^AA^AfiA]  'A #jMiW&fiKSi  ^yjfiWfitifimmA  "'fi'W "'liHl^  ��Mf$fifin  ^.*fi%Apw/mm ��"  HIETHIHG NEW!  .Ball Bearings in a Sewing Ma-   '  ...,   chine.'���.:'��� The weakest woman can    -'  ...run- the   ELDREDGE B. without  '���'. - harm to herself, or even getting     ''."  tired.    It's just fun  for a well.:".:..  ,; ..��� -..,'. womau to run it. ''Itis' iioiseless;: ;"'  f. 0 .-has self-threading shuttle ;. auto- .  ....-'��� in'atic.bobbin .winder; complete'.'    :���'  I'..���-..   set of attachments. '" A.perfect.:";  , . . machine at a, low. price.    War-.  ranteo'for five years. *  No other  as^ good  at anywhere near  the  ,; price. .Insiston having Kldredge.-   '���*  fi.B.    There is,an Agent for it iu      >;  your town. "���   ;  ' ���"   -       .-'��� '   "''.-.- -.   o".     ��������� .   "���  ���MiKCFACrintED BY THE     .. f'  National sewing Machine Co.,  NEW  YORK AND CHICAGO.  The second largest Sewing Machine Factory lu  CUT OF PART OF STAND OF THE lH w?r,d wit1^'.1 capacity of seven hundred and ���  ���      ELDREDGE B.        ��� gity-four maclunes per day; late Jildredge Mf& ���';  B.'A,' ^T-fmi/Aee-nt-'  ;'���'.-':''-',      ;" ' :Ihan<r ii rated   ���-, ".,   ;j .;;  ; June-'10th, from Vancouver  ^June llth. from Montreal  ;-. . ;���, '; '   .-.���... f. ���'-. ���_;. ��� -,-���-,." A . ������:"    A.''  ; Will"give -quickest time'.'-between'  OGE^N^^OeEAN  y; ;yy^-yAci-oss'the~: .~vvy: y'  y- AMERICAN   CONTINENT yA'fiA  Daily Express Service viaGrcnyys  - Nest-route to and from    ���',   .  "���y'yy ,.;������:���"''fy::NOTICE;y;y;:."..- .AyAyfiAy  -.; Sixty-days fi-oiirdate I intendtoapply'to the  Chief Coihitiissibhcr of Lands" and "AVorks' for  permission to lui'rcliasethe following described  land in South East ICootenay: Coinmencingat  the south west coVner where'1 have planted the  initial'post iO chains east from the north >vest  corner of Lot 780, Group I: ICootenay, District;,  thence east-80 eliiiiiis: thence: hdi-tli 20 elniiins  more or less to the south line ol ChnpinaiVs  pre-emptipn; tlience.wesl along said hiouth line  tp-Chapman's south .west corner: thence north  -JO chains, thence west JO, chains:; "thenee south  JO..'.'chains to pla'cti of..bcitihriiftf?... ContainiuK  2-ia acres more or less.    ;'!��� ;;:��� >:   .;'.;��� ..  fifififi..-.::���; "��� fifi fiyfi ': c. p. n'Assis&vos.fi,  ���'���.'  Fort Steele, li.���C.,'-Ju''iie:2f.i.li)0i).'       A. 'A'. ".''  fi.fi   ���;-;-..-;;:,NO'TICE.:.^:..:.    ,y;    fifi A  ,1 iiite.'nd' sixty days from, date to apply to  .the Chiel'.'Coininlssuiner of Lands and Works  I'or permission to purchase' the following ;des-  eribed land in South.lCii,strK.ootfenay:..Coni-  meneinn at thiMiorth east corner , ofnMelnues  ipui.-chase;" thence soiuh iiO'chitiiis to north liiiiv  of -Lot"W.'',fIi-biip'. 1;.: theiice;.east.S0..eh:iins to  cast line of Lot :!I0, t!rotip! 1:' ihence'. n'oi-ih ' -0  chains.to south line of Lot 780, Group i: tlioiu-e  west a lontr said "south line lO'south west coriier  of said I.ot 78(0: llience north'.ip'cchiiins:.! thence  west iti chains.more or less to place "of"bcnin -  riini;. C'oiit:iiniii!;,-j:in acres niore or less. ' .'  y .'*''.- v .�� .i: A. H'UIVKV;'' ;  .. ,;'j'"6rt Sti-ele. il. C. June 'Jr.'I!HM(.: .    "  \vher^.it'is-t"Dp^,re;tun  -footi;:;  :' ((Z):, The means by wliich'it is ..intended to store'and'divei-t3He water is by  ihi pi'dinary ii-rig-ationditcbiand''Jliinie  ;t6.be.constriietedlqver-])aut.' of. L'dt.;; 289  and the-lndian Reserve' . -; '-AaA: fi-fi'fi':  ,,(��);;' The^mnriber ; of;; iiiehcsf applied  for,is One.Hiiiidi>ed.^    "-:=-;'���''fi ./.v-.-f'-^y-  ;:(/).., The Water; is .;rec|iin-ed ffqr-ylti-  niestic and. irrifjiitioh.' purposes. ���''. 'fifi'-'-'. ;  "'''(</); Tlie land'or nii'ne on .whieli,' tlie  water. :,is to Ate used . is the"- f'.l'obacuo  I'lainsIiidiaiyReserve. ,   'AAA yAy ���"'..:���-.-'.  .: (li) '.This notice was published-on tlie  ,28th day of .I'liiie. 1000, aiid^application,  will be; hVa'de:to' the Comihissionei; on.  the^Oth day of.luly. 1^00.-'��� :' \ y,  (.SVj/)i��/-��-re);: rU-fiiA T.OALBRAITPI.; ,'.;  ':.. Indian Agent.  :P.fiO.:AtBreifixj   Vovx, SCeele,:B.'c.y 25  ;.Improved service oil all Kootenay .local Rail and Steamer  Lines. .   '"��� -V-   v.v ' , , y.   -.-.    "'_,  ; CLOSE CONNECTIONS  '-'/"���'"'.   ''./.' THROUGHOUT     ',  ���ie on lookout for  ot new  service- and  j particular-to.  full  details  apply   for  :' -. ,.:,   NOTICE.;-fi.-fi .-  ,������' Sixty days from date If intend: io apply", to  the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worlrs  for.-'��� permiss'i'on ��� to imrciiase tlie following  described -land in South Must ICootenay. Cora-  liieiicin),' at the north east corner-of r.ot S07,  Group 1, Ivooteiiiiy,' thence east ,��o chains:  thence norlh io eliains run to Wild iioi-.se creek  .thence wusiulonj!Wild Horse creek to place of  beK-inninf-'. . Cbiilnjnlii),',' three hiindred acres  more or less. '  . '' i ���    ������������'-.' :-\   '���;.;., ';;'vy..'K.;j?os's.!  ;  Dated at IVn-l Steele.' li. U...lune':i", Itti.Hi.,..  TO  &  EXPORTERS AMD IMPORTERS  200-212 First Ave. North, Minneapolis, ^inn.  I'grWs'Ito for Our Circular and See tho Prices We Pay.^Sj  '    24Pa(jes   :   Weekly   :   Illuslr.itccl.  INDISf ^NSABLE  , : TO MIMNG MEN.  $3 PER YEAR, POSTPAID. ���'. ���  HKN'M  KHIl SA-Ml'1,13 f'(U'\'.     ,  MINING ��fs5qitific PRESS  3.10 MARKET ST.,.SAW FRANCISCO, CAL.  ��� NOTICE. - . . .  Sixty days from date I -intend in apply io  liie Chief i.-rniiriiissioiie'r of Lands and Works.-  for peruiissii'in to purchase Ihe following, dos-  erihetl. liiij.l in-.South y'nst ICiioti.uay.- C.'oin-  ivn.'iiuinir nt''I he north cast corner ol' Alel'nnes  pin-chase, iln-iiei: iiprili So chains': thenee .'list  ���lOrhai.ns: thrnce sonlh '^0 chains more,or less  l,i the nnt-tli ]ini,';-of Dimovans ju'e-euipti'-.N.  th-iaice west al.oiiK, said north line :10 clniins  more or less lo inu-tli west corner of said lloii-  oyans pn'-iMiiptlmi, llience south -II)' chains  more n.r less: llience wesl.to place of lie,,'innin^  ���JOchiihis inoiv in: less, ("',-i.iitiiiniiit; ~li!> acres  iriore or less.'  ���'   . . .'��� ai. A. i!i-:lAi.i-:.  l-.'orl.'.Si,.,;!,.   II. c. ,lune:;r. l(i(m.  -Tlie;tMiIw:auLkee?  .' A- laHiilitii-';- iiame'' for the. Clnc-ao-cy  M ih\-iiukouVt-.St. I?;tul. l-iiii,] way,..known  all fbyt-'i- the"LJnibn .sis; tli.c.-. G't-eittr.Rstil-  way i-iiiinino- .t'lio ��� {.[.l.'wn&'r,- LhniUidA'  ti-iiijis cVei-y diiy u.it'l -.i)i.a'hl' hoUvptin St.  Psuil 'ami' Chii.-tin-i.ij anil" 'pinsilia 's'liul  Chii-iig-o,' -'--J.'ljc only : jiei-l'cct -trains in  llio.AVorld.'' Undui-staiKl: Connections  iii-e . inadt!  wilh   yl-ifi- Ti-sinseontiiieiitiil  "^���' ��� a,-. ,'---���  Lines, iiss'uuiiVii- to, [>;i.s.spng-.ei-tf tlie Ikjst  sei-vici; iciuiw-n. . CVixiii-io.ns (-osiches,  elij��'t,i''ii!;li��>-htsi,.ijt.piiin heal,, 01' a verity-,  etinaled. hy no o.tliei- liiie. '       - y  See tliiit. ybni- tiie.kel. i-esiyi.s.v-iit --'.I'Ik'.,  .M.ilwsuikee" .wheii'ybii'ig' lo .any 'j'ioinl,  in,t,lu.! Unitet'l,Stat.es oi- (".'aniiilii. ��� All  ticket ay-eiits-sell them. . . ''".  For rates. ].);uii|)hlets oi- other inl'oi--  nial.ion, address, ���    ��� -. ' " '    .-, ">  ���A \Y: Caskv, <:.;.!. ICddv,  .   Tniv. Puss." Asf!t.. Ceneral, Avretit.,., ���  '     ��� SKAT'TLB.'WASTL,  I'OKTI.AN'll, .Olt  trictf;Uie prbii^tj-;bff>r.^Philn  yy'(e.)'''The'nmri'ber '';ofv'.-ih.c1h'es>.-stp})lieS:v-':  'ioi". -is'; six' ((i)/f ''fi'fifiAAy-fifiAA^Afififiy'AfifiA.yfiAfi.A  ���'"���ffi.tfi'fi) '...'���'; The. Avater is"' reqiii reel'for1" do-\f  ;inestio;.aria-iri,igiiti.pn'liiurppsesS  yfiyifiilAfi. The hindbn.which'thp wstter'j^:;  to be used^is on'th'tf ]"nclia-n.-,i,Ro!5ei,v'el''i'il.'.!',i':  thp';Tobacco.Pl:.iihs.Baii^  (lifi.fi) '-vT-his notice \\-:is**fii-st. published*: f:.  bri the Tilth dsiy;of Jhrie.,JiX)0. .tind; sip^i;  plication \vil 1 -Vie' inadelto:,the\Commis--���'-'[  sioneroii tlie 2-1 th dsiy of -filly, 1000..;.;,  XSiijnatnrc).--. Rfi E!':,T: <3A'Li3RA.I'rH;' A��'fi  A-. '-,(".'��� .',/;';;,;"-v��� i :-��� y',-:,!'- ,;Indisin Agent..'1--  iP.fi O.AtddwA)"��� 'fiPm-i Steele. B."C. ���-.2%-'-  '31  \\  SO   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  ADVERTISE.  THE PROSPECTOR.  Trade Marks  Designs   ,  Copyrights &c.  . Anvnno Hemline a Rketeh and description amy  nulcklv nscnrlniu'our ophiinii free whether an  Invcnliori is pn.hiil.ly j.ntenlnlile. ritiiiiunnica.  lienr.iariclly coiilliloiillal. Ilnndhool: on I'nt.cntu  m'til riee. Ol.lesi ;ii;cik-v for secunntr palclrts.  , I-iUcnIM IliUcll thriiiiLili .Mlinn A Or. receive  ii])cc.i<it iitttirr, Avilh(illt..clniru-e. lutlie  " ctefiitifK-.'..Httierfcati��.:-  A hiinilsnnii.lv illiiHl.rnl.Kd'wnnlily. Lnrecst e!r-  eiilaliioi i.f jitiv Helifmltlc .l.iiii-niil. 'I'cnns. 5--:l u  yeiir: four iiioiillm. *l.  Soiii byall newsdeiilc���. .  WIUf^N S Co.3C,8roi",way- New Ynrk  llriiiinh (llllce. C,'.!.r, 1.- SI..,AViiHhliu;l(in, I). U:  Agents:���Cahadisins  Avon't   be'   hbod-  !  y'-'wiriked."'.';'��� Oppositibii^'books :'eoni--;'  '".'.;;' pletely sno\\''ed.-und,ei-;1 .'Oui- niaiii--  '-..��� moth Two-Voliinie \ybi-lc Aid ."Bbei--;,  ' ..   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"    , '���'.    fi  Bradley Garretson Co., LtdC-.J  ; liUAN'l-l-'OKI.), Ont.  Agents:���l'eople won't be ..iloc.oiyctf-  with Aiiierican llislbi-ies of the. irarv  publislied -now. as the, war is only,  commenced. I'.landle put- iwii-vti!-'  ume CanadiiiniiianuCactui-ed work- '.  First vdjium: ready soon, complete-,  to date, thus' you jjfei, coinmissibri.';.',.'  Second volume published when war".  '.Why wasle l,iine<,wiiii   ih-  ���:l'v  is over.  comiileie.boolvs'y -'i'l-o'sjieel.us free.:  TilK.LIXSC'OTT' PL'I I'I.I KM J NO i::O.Ml'AXY."  ,".'.-.....'i, .   -: Toi-oiik.i-  Agents:���Tin- ];tsl, ye.-ir-ol' iin.,  ecn'tui-y-. '-]  liiindle iiui- "Niiii.-leentli   (.'(���ntury''  -..   ��� liook.       Ilescrilii's    all. -the   <j-resii-  .   buttles, ��-'i-(.'jit inen',,iLJiViil. in vetilions:.  ; itiifl di.scovorit.-s.pro^i-css of nations.-  l-'ull account of  tlie   Dreyfus   t.i-istif.  history ol'.Soulli .Africa-to date, wai-  .with Spain, and every:l.r(',-i(,  event,  til'  the century.      I.i'i'..-   book,   u-cl'i'  illustrated.     Snap for hiisi ices.        7  . Hradloy 'Gramtson Co., tfiAti.A  -.  ������       ������' I!'-, .'    ' '"  if.raiitlord. THE PROSPECTOR, FORT STEELE, B. C, AUGUST 27,, lfion.  &p&��X0V<  iPro.-s'.icni   JJoi^h,  SATUJ MAY, 'AUi JU.ST  I'liHi.  Increased Gold Production,  /fti officii)! report i'roin the liu  -reau of  Statistics,   Washington,  D. C, showsJthat the iucrea&a of  gold production in  this  country  '���and elsewhere  during  the  past  -lew years makes the  total  #old  product of the half century now  ending- $0,r>6'i1G31,UOi''.  , This  is  ffloro than twice as much as during the entire :-'i50 years  preceding the half century now closing.  "The   gold'   production    of   the  world from IM)2 to lhoO amounted to $1,129,720,000, that of  the  period   1851 ���1K99   was  ��6,(505, ���  fiy 1,000.  The following' table compiled  from the estimates of Adolph  .Soetbeer and the director of the  U. S. Mint, shows tho gold production of the world by half century periods from the year 1500  flown to the present time:  Period. Amount produced.  i 501-1550 ��225,580,000  1551 -1600 *   245.580,000  of Unmnay,  shot -.Jc'obcr 2'). I'''1?: N'.isr-eii-  Din, Shah of Persia, lei Hod M"\y  1, 1806: President 1 Jan-ion. of  Gauleinala. assassinated February 8, 1MI.4; King Humbo.ii of  Italy, shot July 29. J900. Besides these recently a boy supposed to lx> a tool of anarchists,  fired a/shot at the Prince of  Wales. In danger is tho head  that wears the crown or  is  heir  to one.     .   .     WAR   IN    CHINA.  The Allies'Captured Pekin.  Shanghai, Aug. 20;���The allies arrived in Pekin early yesterday, opening with artillery  on the eastern- side of the wall  which was  obstinately  held  by  be I'oiii.ii an.yw-'i-i-o in 1h.> province, ami if wo i';ii] to lot l lie out  >'\de world know (tl ii. the los.s i.s  ours. Any single individual  should nol-=b��=-ii>i#Ki-^-Q���pyi up  llio funds noi-eni-ary to make this  exhibit-, it should be a mat tor in  which the entire .community  should assist. The expense heretofore of makingan exhibit has  been borne by three or four people, who had the welfare of the  district at heart and believed  that this was the best method of  adverlisPinent," bin it is not reasonable, to expect them to continue putting up.  ZbTZT-WZ  Does Wot Anticipate Election.  Montreal, Que.,   Aug.   19.���A  well informed Liberal discussing  Russians were on  Tung Chow canal.  2.81.840,000  32-1,440,000  587,580,000  677,240,000  "1601-1650   1051-1700 ."   ,1.701-1750   175J,;1800   -J 801-1850 ,. r. 787. -460,000  135M89ff '.'.. . .0,665,631,000  ' The additions to the 'world's  supply of gold during the past  four years have been as.follows:  Production in    Total production  the'U.'S. in the world.  389(5.. .-��i58,088,000     ?2U2.25J,000  J1897..'.  57,803,000  L898...  64,468,000  1899.'.':  72,500;000  r 238,612.000  "287,423,000  315,000,000  Total $247.41 1,000 $1,043,491,000  Tlie First Napoleon.  The first Napoleon was asked  ' foy^jome of'his  officers  to  con-  ���quer aud,hold certain provinces  .of China, as  Grea.t  Britain, has  - conquered aud held India.     His  answer was:^-~33etter let China  alone.    The Chinese  are  harm-  . less.    They trouble no other, nation. , but the5' area groat/people.  We might'conquer some of their  provinces, but we  should  toacli  ,  them the art  of  war. '' In, time  they might raise great armies���7  j. buy and build groat  navies  and  conquer France":  the enemy.    The  Japanese  and!general     election    possibilities,  takes  the   view   that   it  will be  practically   impossible   to   hold  the elections as early as October  and strongly inclines to the January idea.    He had a  talk  with  Laurier  before  he  left   on   his  trip to the  Maritime   provinces,  and from tho plan   of, campaign  the premier talked of  undertaking it would be out of  the  question for him to attempt,, to   hold  the elections as early as October.  He spoke of devoting  about  as  much'time to. Quebec as he spent  in Ontario last fall, which would  mean nearly two   months.     Besides "this  he hopes  to   put  in  some time iu the Maritime provinces which may or may__not be  taken to mean the present  trip.  Then again, he spoke of visiting  the closer constituencies  in' Ontario before.election day.    If the  premier undertakes  all  that  he  could   hardly "accomplish, it  in  time to get a verdict in October.  The premier does not propose to  go west of Lake  Superior,   giving Mr. Siftou full charge of the  campaign in the west. ,  Bluffed the' Russian.  San Francisco.���Mail advices  from Yokohama, Japan, contain  lhe following story in connection with the stranding of the  Oregon"on the Chinese coast recently:    ,  The   Chinese   cruiser Haichi  commanded by  Captain  Sah,   a  r thoroughly  westernized   officer,  on her way from Taku  to  Che-  foo, descried the Oregon in  her  perilous plight and offered valuable, assistance which  was  graciously    received     by   Captain  Wilde. '   The   Haichi   anchored  ���close by to be of further  use  if  needed.    The next  day  a  Rus  si an cruiser  came  along.     Her  .commander  coming  aboard  the  Oregon eyed the Chinese  vessel  -with suspicion and' asked   what  =>he was doing there.    On  being-  told he shook his head  and   said  it    would   nevertheless   be   his  .duty to take possession  of  her.  ���Captain Wilde nodded   and  answered: v  ''Well, I'm a bit,  embarrassed  now,   but   there   is   ammunition  aboard and my guns are  in   excellent condition."  The next day after the departure of the' Russian, Captain  Wilde visited the . Haichi.. and  suggested to C&ptaiuySah that  as he was protecting some  American refugees on board it  might be well for him to run up  the American .flag to the fore.  This was done and no questions  were asked by .passing' cruisers  afterwards. '.������'���'  the north of  The Americans and British were on the  south side. At nightfall the  Japanese blew up the two eastern gates of the Tartar city aud  entered. ' In the meantime the  Americans and the British had  entered the Chiuese city by tho  Pung Pien gate. Detachments  of each force were sent 'towards  the legations and opened communication.' AlP-the ministers  aud their staffs were found safe.  The losses of the allies has not  been ascertained. Four hundred  Chinese were killed."  New York, Aug. 20.���The allies reached 'Pekin on Tuesday  night and attacked the city Wednesday morning, the Chinese  having opposed their communicating with the,minsters, says a  Chei'oo cable tor the Herald.  Tung,Chow was captured by the  allies on Monday,,, and they advanced within'eight miles,of Pekin. The enemy fled the night  before. The Japanese seized  the arsenal and took fifty thousand roku of rice,   q  -Washington," Aug. 20.���Official  confirmation continue to pour in  today that the allied forces have  taken Pekin and, that the lega-  tioners were safe.  Couriers from the front report  that after the capture of Ho Hsi  Wu, the allied forces marched  on Matow, says a special,, cablegram to the'Journal and Adver  tiser from its correspondent at  Chefoo,'under date of August!7.  General Tung Fuh Stang with a  large army barred the way, but  they foughtTiim back nine miles,  completely' demoralizing -his  army, and taking Matow with  trifling loss.  Until Ho Hsi WuNwas reached  the march was terrible hot and  dusty, but after leaving, torrents  of rain had fallen and made the  marching heavy. The Chinese  wore preparing enormous trenches at Ho Hsi Wu with which'  to Hood the country, but the  rapid advance of the allies surprised them before they had the  water turned in and they dropped their spades and fled. Tlie  Chinese army split 111 three, one  retreating to Pekin, one remaining  to  resist  the  advance   and  The Biggest Silver-lead Camp  -In the World.  200,000 TONS OF ORE IN SIGHT  A Pay Roll  ,000 a Month  Kill Shah of Persia.  Paris, Aug. 20.���The Siecie  says aaprivate telegram from ,Os-  tend says that.au attack similar  in all points to that made by, the  anarchist Salson in Paris on  August 2, was made yesterday  on'.the shah of Persia. Details  of- the assault are lacking. '  ������ The Echo de Paris publishes  the statement from Ostend that  an attack had been jnade on the  life of the shah, adding,that owing to the lateness of the hour  it was impossible to obtain confirmation of the report.  the other moving south.  Surprised Tliera.  Rumored British Reverse.  . New'York,' Aug. 20.���A despatch printed here-thisnoon, under date of Delagoa Bay. Aug.  18, says'that General Dewet has  turned,on the-British. defeating  them and capturing 4.000 men.  No "details are given, and although the dispatch comes from  Boer sources it is,believed here.  Paris, Aug. 20.���The preliminary contests in the international exhibition of lire appartus  came off yesterday afternoon at  Viucennes, some,,5,000 firemen,  representing many nationalities,  participating. The American  representatives!, Chief Geo. C.  Hale of Kansas City fire brigade,  caused great wonderment by  their quick harnessing and running, together.with" their, methods of life saving. They received an ovation and -by common  consent, were assigned first  place. The contest will be continued today.  ' The term "iodc'" is more general and ��� all-embracing than  "vein'". There may be several  "veins" in a -Mode". The, latter  term includes everything between the hanging and the foot-  wall.- and if beyond those- there  be an impregnation of the country rock- of equal value to that  in the fissure, that, also, would  be considered as part of the  ''lode''.���Mining it Scientific  Press.  NOT CHEAPER  CALGARY FLQUR  BUT BETTER THAN ANY 2IHES  '  - The. work of anarchists during  . the past six years is as follows:  President Carnot of France, shot  June 24, 1894; Senor Canovas  >iiel'Castilio, , Premier of Spain,  *hot August 8, .1897; Empress of  Austria, stabbed in - the ��� back  with a'file  September  1.0,   1898;  Spokane Exposition. '  It is hoped that the ��� Board of  Trade will take the initiative in  securing a good exhibit of East  Kootenay ores for the Spokane  Industrial Exposition. East year  East Kootenay, was not represented, and it will be a shame  if this year nothing is done to  exploit the mineral resources ; of  this section. There is a greater  variety of mineral here than can  Glorious News  Come!. Ii-oni Dr. 1). R. Carj;i!c. of  Wash iin. I. 'J'. i To write.-,: --Konr  bottles of Kleelrie LiiUers has enred  Mi-b. Brewer of scrofula, which had  eauaed her great, MilTerin;;' forvearn.  Tei-Hlilo sorea would break oui, on her  head and lace, and Ihe best doctor*  could n'VL' no���help: but, her curt- is  complete and her health i.s excellent ."  Thi-, .show.-, ,vhat. thousand-, have pro\-  en,���thai, h'lectrie Bitters is the best,  blood puriliei- known. It's the'supreme  remedy I'or eczema, tetter, salt rheum,  ulcers, boils and running sores. It.  stimulates liver, kidneys and bowels,  expels poisons, helps digestion builds  up the .strength. Sold by A. W. Bloas-  del). Druggist,    (,'uaranteed.   "  Railway Terminus of the  North Star Branch.  1 ' t   ( Cl ,  ���-   ���  125 Tons of Ore Shipped Daily  ' '    ' o '  ��� 1 ( 1 1  ' l '     1 c r  Choice Lots $125 to $400  ��V ft Ci i  r I ' 1 �� (  b ' i  t 'if f,  Apply to *  BEALE-S ELWELL  1 - o < ,>  Fort Steele and Kimberley,  ���Sole Representatives.,  ��**������������"�������**����* .K:.S*-*-����*'*:S*i*��-*A**��*"**S-:i  IS I'Ulil.lSlllJIJ HVKUY SATURDAY, AND 1IA�� A  GUARANTEED CIRCULATION I.AUinCR THAN  ANT OTI1KK l'Al'J-lK IN* EAST KOOTKNAY, IT IS'  AM. HOME PIUN-TKIJ. AXU CONTAIN'-, DOUBLE  THE AMOUNT OF NHWS OK ANY I'Al'ER IN THE  DISTItrCT.  &*������� ^*����*��&��*S<S;S*S':'S*S"6i'��*S^:SrS;^��r;v'*:S��**lK  = o  As   An   Advertising  Unexcelled.  Medium   It   Is  * I1  * THE PROSPECTOR COVKKS A DISTRICT JJJ  U; I.AUUKIt THAN SOME EMP1 RES. AND HAS A* "P  7l t>  }JJ T.ARCi:  KORIirON CIRCL-r.ATION.                             r)\  it/ t>  The Paystreak Of Ad's In This Paper Pays From The Grass Roots,  And Never Pinches Out, Stake One ! The Result Will Be To =--  Your Interest.  JOB PRINTING  EXECUTED.  OF ALL KINDS NEATLY AND  PROMPTLY THE PROSPECTOR. FORT STEELE, B. C, AUGUST 25, 1900  wmrrriKgaiaas  (j��Ij# $$v0&pvx��0v.  ESTAULItellED     lMil.  7��. 13. 6race,  rrr..isiikk  asi)   koitou. '  I-rEADftUA-RTEKS     AT  DORP.  MACHE-  THE PROSPECTOR, is piibl"s|icti  ��vcr> Satin d:i> and has a gn.-ii.intcci!  circulation liiigei tiuin .my oilier papci  la Hast Kootenay. Il is :ill home I'rintcc:  and contains double the nuns of .iin  other paper in the district.  As an   ntUertising  mcdiir.n  it   is unexcelled.  Devoted to the upouildui;,' of Tort Steele, the  devclopmeni of the vast mineral icsources of  rte East Ivootenny milling district.  Subscriptions,  '.-  J 2.00 per year  Adrertlsinf: rates made known on application.  Contributions u re solicited fjom all parts of the  district, but all matter intended for publication  must have the wi iter's sifinature.  THI^   PZ'PFR l-.lteptuniile.it i.-'iimi.i-  iniO   r/--.rc.n tisinjr;ii_-,.-H(;vof  .it.iN.uuUi  ACo., Suite F.   first Nation .1 Han!;   liutlilins.'.  Spokane, v\ :isli.,-whero com.acts ca-   ie i.i.ut  for it.  Thic Pnnor1 ,s Iu'i'1 i>n "le at i:. ('  IHIS rayai DARK S A.Ivc-i imiis  Agcncv, (l-f .-it.il I'* .Meiclj.mts I".\i-Ii.i:vi <,!-:  Francisco. California, ulu-ii'voiiti.iits for advertising cm Le made for it.  Thic    Potior Is Ui-pt on ill.-at the A. Mc-  llllb    rajJKI   Kim .-; Co.   Xi-,vspjper   Ad-  TeiiMu;.'   Accncy    Momre.il,   wia-re cjim-.u-ts  -4or advertising can b��' jp.ide lor it.  Ill's    I  il   >CI     cr.iham .t   l...   l.o,,;,  a tore. .Spokane, U'.i-h.  ��he %fK0&p2Zt0t:.  SATURDAY. AL'GL'ST Si, 1'Xx'.  Grand Prize for B. C.'  Toronlo. Aug. 2'd. ��� An ��Even-  n    ,      .,-.,.,              .             ,   ing Telegram London cuule says  red the failmul   to-action,   and    .     n        .        .    j ai-          ,-i. '���    I  . .        .            I the Department ot Miues oi ljm-!  sow they are organizing ior ani...,, 0.., ,.;.. ,_ . , '  ,_.,  r^T*^HENpi-obabiliiy of a general  "       election this full has'stir-  Artillery and Troops Massed to Protect Kruger.  Twyfeller, Aug. 2'.).��� Through  secret intelligence agents, the  British authorities learn < thai  General Louis Botha, the commander-in-chief of the Boer  forces; General Lucas Meyers,  the commander of the Orange  Frpe State forces, and General  Schalkburger, vice-president of  the Transvaal .Republic, with  8,000 Boers, have assembled at  Machedorp, (generally understood to be the headquarters of  President Ki-nger, on the 'Pre-,  toria and Delagoa' Bay railroad)  "with the whole Boer artillery,  including the heavy pieces formerly at Pretoria.  Pretoria, Aug. 2:.'.-- The trial  of Lieutenant Oordua. formerly  of the Tran-svaal artillery, on  the charge of being concerned  in tho plot to kidnap Lord Roberts, was concluded today. Tho  prisoner was found guilty of all  the cpiiiit.-s in the mcliciinent  bui souioiKv wa.s deferred until  the ri:tdiiii> of the conn should,  be- I'ouririneJ  by   Lord   Roberts..  X&M&M^  Headauarters   for   Mining   and   Commercial  RTen  if  The  All    Modern     Conveniences  It is, the i  ish Columbia has ,boon   awaided  ti-'/irressive campaign.     a.. ,o i,^, ,      .     ,       ,      ,-.    .    ,,  -T. ,     ���-.-      .       , ....  Ia grand prize by  the   Paris  Ex-  opinion  of w-jse people,,, politi-1 position  cally. that the next election will j     ' ' 1_  be run on party lines. ' ' ! BOMBA"KDrN"G the inner city.  "Ft has   been   said   that   in   the j Empress   Dowager   Detained.���Good  past, when coalition has been  tr'ed. it"has re^ult^d, always to  'the advantage of the Liberals,  and the Conservatives were  grear'y iirnored, and were used  as the monkey in the fable, to  pull the Liberal, chestnuts from  ���   the h re.  * *    it-  Mr. Bostock has declared  his  intention of not contesting Yale-  ' Cariboo in the  coming  election.  It is probable he  will  withdraw  permanently from   active   politics.    '     - ,        '        '  ., /���       V       *  tt . .  Wisely the Provincial Government has  derided  to  leave  the  ' sight-hour'law to. its operation  for the present. The minister  of mines in referring to the law,  {jj��id:���"There was no intention  to ��� interfere with this law, in  spite of what some irritable and  excftable natures might, think  The question for the timo being  wa.s .settled, imkI no fioocl purpose could be served by bringing it up again."  * *    * o  Politically,    the   Spokesman-  JLvevicw i.s on the fence ��� with  .strong leanings towards Bryan.  .After all which has boon'said in  the Review about imperialism  it will bo a bitter pill to swallow  the main issue in Lhe democratic  platform.  Work by die Allies.  0  Advices received at ihe foreign office at Tokio, Japan, confirm the previous accounts of ihe  capture of Pekin.  ' ���'Chefoo. Bureau 'of Naviau-  tion,'Washington: Taku,. Aug.  Is'.���Telegraph line to Pekin interrupted. Information from  Japanese sources say the empress dowager is being detained  by Prince Yungedo in the inticr  city, which is being bombarded  by tho allies. Chaffee reports  that he entered the legatipn"  grotuids on the evening of the  14th. Eight were wounded dur-,  ing-the days fighting. 'Otherwise all well.  (Signed.)" '       EEMEY.    ,   ,  The startling feature  of  tlie  FORT    STEELE,   B.   C.  Large   Sample   Rooms   for   Commercial   Men.  The ?m. Hamilton  1 ' < i i  Manufacturing Co.  dispatch is that fighting within  the city of Pekin was continuing according to the advices of  Admiral Remey. The inner, or  as it is popularly known the  "forbidden city" had not been  taken. It i.s surrounded by a  massive wall of solid masonry  more than twenty feet high, and  it is not regarded as surprising  that the Chinese .should make  thoir final stand within its  shadows.  London, Aug. 22.���The following despatch has been received  from Rear-Admiral Bruce.  '���Taku. Sunday, Aug. 19.���  The allies are reported to -have  entered the sacred city of .Pekin  on August 17."  London. Aug. 20.���Rear-Admiral-Bruce cables to the admiralty from Chefoo.t? August 19,  as follows:  ���-Am informed on the authority of the Japanese that street  lighting still continues in Pekin,  Yn ng  h j Lu. it is said, prevented the em-  il j press   from   leaving  find  a   last  claiin��. | .-stand ih being made  in   the  in-  ��� orging ! ner city, which is surrounded by  c'liiiinir I ihe allies and beinc-bombarded."  (limited.),  I  fiinery  Now Open  i Star Hole  i  KiW-ifoerley,   B. C  H.  W.  DREWy   PROPRIETOR.  Peterborough,      Ontario,       Canada.  e  f SEASONABLE GOODS  ��� '  For House Cleaning Time.f  tiCU MLXJ'JIiAL  WEALTH.  M   i.s,  a,   pity   that   the   mauy  proinising claims in the  vicinity  of  Fort'Steele  do   not  show  a  greater anion nf of development.  There  are   but   few   properties  which are in a condition to show  investors.- Any prosperity which  may come to Fort  Steele,   must  come     from     our     mineral   resources.     Every  one   who ,ha�� i part of which ife on fire,  visited the country, are  loud  their   prai.->c.->   of     the    mine  showings on many >>f tin  South Kast Kootenay is  ahead, mining men   an-  into the country,   lu-oinrht   here  by the lame oi ih��   St    Ku^cti--.  North ^'i.ir and  Sullivan   un'ie-.  and {- thi> district do not   rfr-eivi-  attein on.    ihe     fault    m !~,t    he  with the pi-opie who ar-1 :. it   ad  verti-sing the country a-, it should  be done.  The mailer of advert isi ng thi-,,  district has been ire-pi'-nt iv al-^  hided   to   :n the ��� oLuiiiiis of Tin:  PR(J-SI'i:U'l < 'I.',   'Ol'1  the S'lonm- llie  matter '���' i.s    taken   hold  of   aud :  'pushed,    l.'ie-. 1'el.tnr'' .for     Forty  Steele:. v .:'���'���' ^ ���  Tliisis -'..great minci'-'ilrcoiiniry  and   it   is   iinl'oi-i.iiuate.   Ihat it is  so   little   known   lo   the  oitl.sid.y  ^vorld.   ��� ��� .'������������'  H. W.  ^^v^^^e^a^/t-sT. '*- i*s��/&&'%i?  "Z iizzp or: v.sutz        *  "C--^  ..- j        iff -    ^  (.     $      i.��      ' is      ���>:  3-        "iR  K'     -           ?"���.        -ft tJ  ^  ��     AL  , -       :teh. ' ' , *  s?     r.r p  .-,    -LE  .   .V        tt    .   . ..   tJ  .'f       ��VE.  r  t'  ^.  1     Z'i.  ,  MIT, ' IO' , \h&   ���   .- ��,  ���e  '.:.-.ir-'L  CITTLE '.  DREW,  " Proprietor  Fort Steele.  JSUT   RECEIVED  Assorted Car of Best Brands of Flour   and   Meals,  etc.  Flour, Patent Hungarian and Strong Baker.  Rolled Oats. Cracked Wheat, WbeaUotl.s,  Cornincal, llnckwhea,t Flour, Split Peas,  Navy   Uoans.   Lima L-icans, Pot Barley, etc.  Bran     Chops     Sfeorfss     Oats     Hay.  Fleetwood Tea. a pure article imported direct from Ceylon  trv it once and yon will use no other.  ���������-  i*i  ����r  i*i  �����T  ���tT  �����?  ���if  i*i  ������?  i*i  .��v  *  i'i  .��*  �������  i��i  ���*v  #  "I."  i��i  **���**  -���-      '  Chloride Lime  Carbolic Acid  Bed Buij" Poison  Boracic Acid  Carbolic Powder  Sul phur-Xorch.es  Borax'  Electro Silicon and  Silver Soap for Cleaning  Windows and Silverware.  FORT  STERLE  Copperas for Disinfecting, etc., etc.  Pioneer Drug Hall  A. W. BLEASDELL, ����iwi>mtooiiiiifiocoiu.}.oorjMiiu-iiiaiT-^'  i��i>  4&  Sponges and Chamois^  ��*��������  *'"  <*"����>  .'PERRY UAVUS <5i SiJK.. ,      ^  Fresh   Ureakfast  Butter and lOgys.  Hticon.   Hains and   Dry Salt Side Tlacon,  CARROTS  "^SM^S^S^^Mkfz^j^i^A^  Send 'in o  ~    POTATOES   a"d  IK'FWOOD all leiiizths to suit all stoves.  THE   FORT   STEELE  C. KILLER,  I.'i'oprielor  DIL.SE St CROFT  p  E.  All goods giiaraii  ii-dei.-.s. .,-'���.���  POST OFFICE BOX 836.  (,k.uI. and prices tilso as bolnir coitcc!:.  CONTRACTORS  All   Kinds of   Brick   and   Stone   Work  llliffiK and TA.MF, For Sale.        PLASTElilJSfG Proinptly   Done" 'k  V-  II   o  @TJte l^r^rSlTPrfrtl-      "1,*y f" his established  rep ma  t^::::l5T^-r0RT R���*���. * ^ august  !��, 1900.  SATURDAY, A UUUBT Si, J90O.  IN THE PROVINCIAL HOUSE.  Estimates    Passed���No    Objections  From the Opposition.���House  '   Will Prorogue Next  Week.  Special to Tjik Prospector.  Victoria, Aug. 21.���After four ;  hours debate on   Thursday last  the twelfth budget, presented,by  the Hon.   Mr.   Turner  who has  had a seat in  the House- since  lion, is proving a q  present race. During the' budget debate he wa.s absent from  the House, and the real work of  leadership appears to have fallen upon the shoulders of Mr  Curti  The Opposition having placed  itself on record by exceptionally  strong labor and anti-Chinese  and anti-charter promoting resolutions, are said to be about to  drop these questions for the  present session in spite of the  fact that, they still have numerous motions upon their  list yet  ir>nwu   rep in a-   ���  miter  in   l,'u / ?,^^^^*^**3j^fe^JJfe3RS^^^SlEL^3^ ^j^^^IU)$^  ^���wvk. Ms^-re-a  | Fort Steele  G. H. GILPI  18tv, was formerly passed. .-,  The  Opposition made  no  ob   -^ ������   lini .^^  jections to the vastly-increased, standing untouched, (during the  expenditure, in spite of tho fact passage of the estimates, which  that it exceeded tlie revenue  by i���' <>�� into a night session.   Oli  half a million  of dollars.     The ver of Delta, in spite of the Op-  total   expenditure   is  placed   at position stand for the fast dr'iv-  rai Co., ltd,  o?  eral     Merchant  Most Complete Stock In East Kootenay  $2,220,000, of which nearly one-  '    third wilf be devoted  to public  works.     Among those items the  "following    appropriations     nre  found:    West Lillooet,  ��15,000;  East   Lillooet,    $7,000;     North  '  Yale, 82fc-,2f.0; West Yale,  *H5,-  ���000:   East Yale,   $38,700;   Caribou,  819,700;   S.   E..   Kootenay,  SJ.ViOO; N.   E.   Kootenay,  822.-  .'250;   Nelson,   11,200;   Rossland  ing of business, protested  about j  being kept out of bed,  and  also  urged, by way  of a joke,   that  the, sessional  indemnity  to  the  members bo increased along with  the salaries of everybody  else.),  Iu   the lobbies  this  member is;  credited with a desire  of  forming a union among tho members  having   as   its   object "shorter  hours aud longer pay.     The re  ' $22,250; Slocan, 8*38,800; while, mark of Mr. McJnnes on budget  an appropriation of 830,000 has night,' that Provincial Secretary  been granted to the Caribou main was not responsible for what he  ' trunlc road, and onu of 82,000 to said, raised the ire of that gen-  the-Lillooet-Lytton trunk road. Pieman, who did not allow "the  The usual ferry subsidies have clignil.y of a portfolio to' prevent  also been made.' ' him promptly inviting the mem-  In the details under the head per from North Nanaimo to step  of education the salaries of outside. Being called to order  teachers are shown to have been he ended by saying- that he  restored, the monitors in par'fcic- would speak to him another  ular being raised from $30 to $40 time. /The next morning, how-  a month.     The same  principal ever, Mr. Mclnnes tendered  an  <�� Fort Steele  *fi Cranbrook  "if? i                                    '  | Wholesale and Retail  ^�� '    '                     DEALERS, IN  3?  ^ GROCERIES  U" CROCKERY  ^ MENS   FURNISHINGS  �� GLASSWARE  BOOTS   and   SHOES  Hardware  Machinery  Paints  md' Wail Paper  General Mining Supplies  Qry Goods  Clothing  Footwear  Groceries  is found to apply to the salaries  of civil servants, the reductions  of 1898 having been swept away.  A special grant - has  been .made  to supplement the income of the  -sheriffs, and the salaries of the  - c/mnty court judges,   sitting as  stipendaiy    magistrates,    have'  been revised at the old rate of  ���500 ^per annum  and provision  made for the payment of arrears  irom December 1st, 1898.   ���The  restoration of thejLondon agency  has been assured. by a grant of  apology, which, was accepted.  While the House as a rule is  as serious as a prayer  meeting,  amongst the new members there  is a tendency  to loosen things  up a bit, and so Mr.   Oliver' has  been poking fun at Mr.   McPhil-  lips for his perpetual malting of  speeches.    His latest  break occurred after midnight on Thursday,   when   noticing   the   press  gallery empty,   he'assured Mr.  McPhillips that his. speech,, had  driren  the reporters  to drown  Giant   Powders  Fuse   and   Caps  HAY    and    OATS  Fort   Steele  110,000. , Liberal grants in the"! their sorrows at the refreshment  .lumpsum of ��55,000  are to be room.   ���   ,  made' to* the   hospitals   of" the      Of sixty bills four so far have  province; those|g the city being been assented, to,  24*are ready  calculated on a per capita rate,  for the same assent,  while sev-  and the-others in  bulk:     The era! others have been withdrawn  grants to resident physicians in or defeated:       b  twelve districts have -also been      The supplementary  estimates  restored.     Amongst   these are will be brought down  on  Wed-  Clinton,"   Quesnelle, , Quesuelle I nesday the 22nd, "and  by next  ' Forks, Cadwallader Creek,  Ni-  week at the latest the House will  1 cola and Trout Lake. ,  prorogue  In view of-the high rates now  current in the money markets of  the world the deficit will not be  covered   by    a   loan    act,  HIGHWARDEN    &   SON  PIONEER ��� BARBER.:SHOP  through the  accommodation at  * ���   the bank in a current 'account.  It is expected that a substantial  grant, possibly ��50,000, will ap  pear in the" supplementary esti  -   mates for the cost of a now government  house, .which   will  be  erected on   the  site  of _ the old  ,,Carey Castle.  Under the head  of  legislation  it was noticed that the  expense  of the chamber alone,   including  the salaries of members   for  tho  present session will   bo  ��30,500,  to which of course must be added considerable sums  for  printing   and  other  sessional   work.  The fact that education at present requires 839(3,-170  from   the  provincial treasury has led   the  Government to announce that  it  is considering a policy ,wheroby  a larger share  of   this  expondi  tare will bo met by  tho  immici  palities themselves.  An important announcement  was made during the week that  the Government had adopted the  c policy now prevailing at Ottawa  of refusing charters to all roads  he  tho  in order to conserve Canadian  interests, and it is believed the  two Governments are taking  steps towards tho construction  of an all-On nudum route to th6  goldliolds of the north. In pursuance oT this policy tho Lake  Bonnet and Chiloaf pnsscharlers  have been .refused.'.' -   :  The Hon.'-Joseph Martin,  con  Asked British to Give Up.  Pretoria.���General'Dewet ap-  butIpeared yesterday at North Com  H.ALIE, Proprietor.  Riverside Avenue, Opposite Post Office.  Every thing Strictly' First Class.  Furniture, Carpets and General House Furnishings.  atteiiTkim Cl��J' ^ ^'^ ^ ��" ^'T' "��nC '1o�� fima�� ^ ���������  |McBride Bro's.  i, '   i  ' ri '  ,, , I        , "���  I C , '  a ' <  sneif f Heavy Hardware  i     ' *  Stoves, Granite ware,  Tinware *  . 'i  Powder, Fuse, Caps  l   r O  Paints aiid Oils.  Sheet metal work of all kinds  promptly executed.  Next door to the Prospector.  mando Nek, held by General  Baden-Powell, and sent in a flag  of truce, asking the surrender of  the ' British force. General  Baden-Powell replied asking  what terms Dewet was prepared  to offer. ' Dewet is evidently  moving eastward. '  .   NOTICE.  After the 10th day of August, the undersigned intends to do only a cash  business at reduced pi-ices.  H. BXim, Blacksmith,  Port, Steele. B. C.  IP YOU WANT A GOOD MJSAL  Go to the  MONTE  CARLO  RESTAURANT,  On Riverside Avenue  William Robinson, Proprietor  t  .MEALS   AT   ALL  'HOURS.  The  Waldorf  I SPLENDID ACCOMMO DATIONS  ���f ���  i  .FERHft, B. G.  OLD T.  IV N.  Associated Boards of Trade.  The second annual report of  the Associated Boards of Trade  has been received. Judging from  I its contents  a large amount of  business was transacted, most of  which if acted upon will have an  excellent'effect.      There  is no  limit to the good' which' can bo  accomplished if more  time  taken in the transaction of business.    It is certainly a   mistake  to rush business thro ugh" as most  of the dolcgates"couJd   probably  take the time, to make the work  of.   the   convention   of   groalei  weight.      However,   people  can  rest assured that the vital  inter  e.sts of the ICootenay will receive  attention.      It is sure, however,  that the convention can be made  a great power, and with such in  NOTICE.  Take notice ib.it I the undorsife'iiotl, Hereby  iipply to tlie Chief Commissioner of .Lands unci  Works lor permission to purchase the follow inj?  land: Commencing .it the south east corner of  Lot'in. Group 1, Kootenay:'"tlience east 21  chains along the shore of Premier Lake;  ���Thence 1(1 chains noi-ih: thence west to the  eastern Ixumdai-.v or I.oi 271: thence south Id  chains to the place ol commencement.  ,      ' AL. DOYLK.  Dated ltfili July, liHW. no_  Shaving �� Hair.Dressing Parlor!  M1XKUAL ACT, ISOti.  (KOJt.M  y.)  ci:h-j-iric-ATi: m- ).mi'H<jvi;.mi;n-is.  Next to Oriental Hotel  FORT' STEELE, B. C.   ,  All kinds of hair work  a specialty.  H.  A. J  GREZ,  Proprietor  ROWAN MINERAL CLAIM..  ,���., c ���'sitiiiileil in the Fort Steele Minin- Division  W tlS | of South Must ICootenay DIstilci.  Where located.   On IlucklUiei-rv JJilj, near  Mark- creek.  Take nonce that r, Still McLeoil Curian  (A-ent for JJ.U. Maun, Kroe .Miner's CVrtincate  Xo A Winlj, I.'rce Miner's Certillcaie Xo ii Ul .--,73  intend till days irom the date heicof to apply to  Hi.' MinniK Kcvorder for a Uertilicnto oi 'im- I Tfanoin  pi-ovemems ioi- ihe prrposo oi obtalnm* :i  Cumn (Jr.int of tin- alxne claim.  And liuihei-take notice  that actio,,  under  .ecu.in :!7. must be commenced Iieloie tho issu-  iiiit-c ol such Ceitllic.-uo of Improvem.-nt.  D.il.'d IhisOlili dayol July  mod.  N'i-UL McLKOI) CriUlA.V. Auvm.  Contractor   %   Builder  t -   ' Sample Rooms for Commercial Men - ���  ���        No Traveller Should Pass the Door.  The trail runs within ten feet of the house.     Good  Barn and plenty of hay and grain.    If you palronize.the .  Waldorf you will never regret it.  A.  'RANOUSE.    -  -    Proprietor.  KIMPTON   &   PITTS  WINDERMERE.^- DONALD  ij  All kinds, of Fancy Si-  unl'iitr.      Ciilcimi'ninii  it specialty.  n iind  ;tnd  J'illnjr  tn  NOTICE.  aiding from the upper Yukon to -%��*            uT "       SUCh iU"  o Lynn canal.    They  did  this ^"  7��  f   ^   ">    "e  i      .                       ,, lialls ot the legislaturo  ordoi-   lo   nniispi-wn   (V-vi-m/lioi-. ^-m'okhhijc.  The  best, friend  Your Best Friend.  ocal newsY)a]ier is the  vy ��� community can  have, and does more to advance  tho material interests of a town  than any other form of advertisement. ,��� .Support, your home  paper and y6u; ..will come out  winner. .'���'���'''���  DAFFODIL   MINERAL CLAIM.  <itii.no in lhe Fort Steele JUnlnsi Division  ol I-l.ist ICooteii.iy District  Wlu'ie located On Ihicklclic.iv Mill, near  .Mail. I'lccK  Take noiiie thai I. Nell M, L,.,���| (;u,.,,,,,  (Ak.-iu Ioi the Noith Sl:ir. Minint; CiHiip.mv.  I.iiniled   l''i't'i-.Miuci's r-i-i|iiii,ii>   Mi,   n :n,;,7in  ''"' .Miner's Ci'i'iihciiti'No ii :ti -)(-.i   micnd i;d  <l:i\s Hum tin- il.it,. lu-n-of. m ,i|,p|v [��� uH. AI111.  iiik Ki.tMiiIcr im ,i r, iilil.Mteiil liupim, i,���.,us  Im III.  I'liipi.-.'iif olil.iniiii^.i CiiHin  Hunt ���i  till- .ih'Hfi (.-I.l lilt.  AiKl'rui Ui.-r laki- noi ice tli:ii.-,u!t.oii. .n.,l,:,  'se'cLjoii .'IT. niiisl. lie c'l.iniiiiL-iicei'l.liefcii'C.' tin! issuance nl' such Curl.iliciu.e of fniproveim.nlK.  l.iau.dilio :.-ltli day or .luiv, Ifliw.  ���M- Nkll. WcLkolJCUItUAN. Akoiil  FURNITURE    REPAIRING  All Work Strictly First Class.  I'll  al Merchants  Mas.a Specialty  O.   F�����   COOK.'  Livery,  Feed   and   Sale 'stable.  J<'ori Steele, Ii. U.  'I'KAMJNO OI-' ALL ICINIis Sfir.lCI'l'KI  [-Miners going norlhward via Canoe River Rome will find i. a hr-o  wiving and convenience to procure their supplies at Donald. ~  SOLE AtiJONTS for  Canton  Steel Company  Windormrrc, Coldm and Donald  Mining Divisions.  Agents at Windermere for the California Giant Powder. Co, G  THE PliOM'I-;'. TOIi. FUli'T >Vl ICELK, li. (,'., AUGUST  l'.fli'  ."��  r iljctvx:> jcrTTjrxr^  SATURDAY,  A I '< ''' ->'i' ::-">. l'll'n.  The Cost of Testing- a MCiue.  .Several   inquiries   have   been  received   from  eastern   persons  regarding the   probable  cost  of  the examination of mining'properties, and  leading  brokers  report that they are constantly  in  receipt of letters, asking for information   on  this   matter.     In  many of these  case   the  writers  exhibit a  remarkable   ignorance  of what is required of  a   mining  engineer in the examination of a  mine.    One broker was asked to  employ a competent   man  at' an  expense not to exceed $.">t" io examine a placer mine in the western part of Routt county containing ne-irly 2.hod acres.    As travelling expenses would amount to  more  than   twice  that  Mini,   no  one has yet  been  found  willing  to go, and in aii examination of a  placer   property   recently   com  eluded,   an  expert   was  on   the  ground nearly six weeks   in  arriving at an,approximate conclusion   regarding   the   value   of  a  tract of I'.r.Oo acres.  The expense  of  examining  a  111(111 it if:"..".'I 1(1 *'! Ii i1 iV i'>>r si.N  >". (���������lfs T'he    engine.'!-    could  probably be secured for f-*J."i a  day. nnd by increasing the force  of labor.'is vso a-> to cover the  ground more rapidly, tho total  expense would be materially reduced, but in that case it might  be necessary to employ an assistant to the engineer to enable  him to keep his record of extraction up to the work of the. men  digging the pits.���Denver. Colo.,  Republican.  Holding a Mining- Claim.  ,  The locator of a mining  claim  who fails to do the required   annual   assessment,   but   who   resumes work upon the' claim  before any other party has made a  location   upon   the. same  claim,  has been given by   tho  courts  a  quasi title in cases where another party  had  located   upon   tho  claim subsequent) the resumption  of work by the original  locator.  The nio.st 'recent decision', upon  that question Ihut'we  recall   to  mind was  by  Judge ���.llallett  ofj'  Colorado.  ,    Ho  decided  a   easel  involving thai, principal-in favor  of the original locator.    He held  that the ,-ocnnd locator  acquired  no rights bv tiling on the   claim  mine or prospect varies greatly,i after the  first claimant   had   re-  important     factors   being    the,commeuced    work.     that     any  character of  the  property.   the;risrhts      H   '   -jumper"      might  , character and extent pf the  ore!ha"ve       would    .  bo&riii       only  body,   the  amount  of ��� develop-1 with   the   rirsl    ^n-oko   of     his  mont. the distance lo  be  travel-|picki   aud.   t.ould   n0l   be  basod  'led.   the   modes   of   conveyance  and the emineuce, of the  engineer; for prospects'  with   trilling- -���    -     "- '-       ������ .    ,i  development    the  comparatively    light,    but    for  mines which  have  large  bodies  of ore  exposed  an  examination  P  'A-  on  Steele  rewmg  FORT STEELE,  B. C  MANUFACTURERS     and ��� J5KEWEKS    OK    EXTRA    FINE  BEER    f|    PORTER  ^fnmmmmnHn!r,m��!?tm?^mmt��!f?immmmmmmt!ife2  ncral Merchant  L-Jctwor Deafer,  AND  SOLD   BY- THE    BARREL,  KEG  OR    BOTTLED  Hot tied beer for family use a specialty  OUTSIDE "ORDERS 01 VEX STRICT ����� 1'ROMPT ATTENTION  .^     Manufacturer of all Kinds of Lumber,       A large assort- 25  ICr ' ment of seasoned Lumber and Shingles always ~jg  ��~ on hand. -ZS  ��5 , DIMENSION      LUMBER      A      SPECIALTY. |f  I ,    WflSfl, -   - BG. I  DON'T    FORGET.  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  !\ O.  HOX 812  TELEPHONE  NO. I  Sick & Mtitz, Prop's.  frequently runs  up  into  thousands of dollars,   as  besides   the  fee of the engineer numerous assays'' must   be   made,   assistants  are required to aid the engineer  and frequently many .tons of ore  must be run' through   a- testing  plant to determine the best methods of troatmenl.    Less than two  years ago tlie examination   of  a  ..largo mine in this slate involved  the making of 1100 assays  at  ;i  cost of more lha'ii ll.'iOO, and the,  ' treatment of moru  than 500 ton's  Of ore.��     in addition to these ex-  'pensoa must  be  taken1 into account travelling expenses,  hotel  bills and incidentals, such as the  purchase ol necessary tools,  tlie  employment of extra labor,   etc.  Average engineers expect lo  receive as fees not lo.^s than Si!")  a day and expenses.    Tli i.s is not  extravagant, as few even at that  figure make more' than an   ordinary professional income during  the year, while many aro   fortunate   if  they-  not   the   average  wage of an'ordiiuiry bookkeeper.  Engineers of established reputu  tion make much higher charges.  There are  several   engineers  in  this state who will not look at a  mine for, loss  than  s?V,000,   and  many instances can  be cited  in  which the engineers  fee,   exclusive of expenses, wa.s a.s high a.s  $3000.    This class of'expert   engineer, as a rule, declines to  examine   anything  but  developed  mines,' or make  general  reports  covering large areas,of  mineral  territory, which include geological and   topographical' features,  water supply, engineering possibilities and matters of that kind,  which  require   exceptional   skill  and experience.     On   the  other  hand, there are in  tin--,  city   not  fewer than   im1  good   enuinoei^  who will   make   examination*  ol  small   mines   and   prospect*   for  sinO to ?C>i'''  and   expenses,   depending upon the distance   horn  Denver and  other   factor.*  mentioned.  Large mining .->yndicate��  usually employ   their  engineer*  by the year and pay large salaries.    Several Denver men receive  SlO.OUO a year with the privilege  of making outside examinations,.  and one Colorado man in the employ of a London   syndicate  receives an annual income of about  ���850,000   as  consu 1 ting.,'engineer  for several companies.    To make  tho trip 'to ...Routt; county,   mentioned above, would require $1,-'  OOO   for  a .competent'.engineer.  8200 fo.r���travelling-expenses, ��1.25  for hotel bills, and wages of two  upon any alleged neglect or lapse >  of the previous locator, provided '  wuli   trilling; t|iat gt-yh.  previous ' locator  had,  charges   are, resumed "work before the jumper'  i had made   his  location.     Judge!  Hallet's  decision   has  not   been!  reversed  by   any   higher .court, j  His decision in,effect is that   the  annual, assessment work  required by, law is not for the  purpose  of keeping"alive the title  to  the  claim, but to' preveut  that   title  from collapse:  that  it  made   no  difference  whether   the   annual  assessment work in question was  done or not. so long as  the  first  locator had  asserted' his  rights  in the following year before any  at tempi had been" made  to  relocate the claim., That is. if a man  did not do the   lqquired  amount  of work up to a certain time  his  claim   lapsed:   but  if. ��� ho\vever,  ho began work on the* claim dur-  in the following year, before another location intervened, he reestablished his rights, his-location , then   being  practically   an  original location,  and  no  other  locator could claim   title  by   relating   back  any  of  which   the  first locator  had  not  taken   advantage of in lime.     The action  of the  original   locator  in  such  cases is risky and he is liable   to,  have trouble.      if he fail to perforin the   necessary  assessment  work his claim is  jumpable   under the law. and it   is, better   to  take no chances as  those   taken  in the case in question. The matter is here referred to in answer  lo sundry inquiries  on   the  subject.���Mining & Scientific Press.  A  , r  The Steele House  CARLIN   <fe DURICK  GENERAL  Fort  . Steele,  Sole'Agents for the  MERCHANTS  Eest  i t  Kootenay.  P'irst  Class  Brands  of  Liquors  and  Cigars.-      Head-  quarters .   for  . Mining     Men.       Commodious   ���  Sample   Rooms.        Best  Cuisine  in  the  West.     , Modern,   Conveniences.  Home   Comforts. ��� \ ���   .  D. McNeish  Proprietor.  Canton Steel  COMPANY  This Steel, is guaranteed to be equal to Jessop's or' Firths in'all  Hard Rock Work.    , -..   .    '  . Canadians All Right.  A member of Lord Roberts'  staff, who is now with Sir P.  Carrington. in Rhodesia, says of  the colonial troops in a recent  letter: "-The .Australians are  very fine fellows indeed, but the  Canadians are the best lot  everv wav I have ever seen".  in  The Appetite of a Goat  l-.-inicd liV.ill piiin- <1\ *|H'|>iir-. w Iiom-  -it-lunch .inn l.ivi-i- an' (Hit of order.  All -ni'ii -liM.iW" know ili.il Dr. Kiny'.-.  N'.-v. Life I'ill-, lln- ttiniil.i'i'fiil Stomach  nnd l.iw-r Ki-ini'dv. jiiw-.i-pluiiclid :i|>-  [ii'liii'. -imnil di^-c-lion ;i:id ;i regular  Imilily huliil that in-iii'u.-. pcrli-ct hoallh  ,tii(i ���,'i-i'ul '-in 1'iry ">nld .d I In- I'ioin-i-r  Drn_' bidiv.  J CAVEATS, TRADE MARKS,  J       COPYRIGHTS AND DESIGNS.  f Scml'j-o'ur l>unin����il tilrvct to Wnnlijtictoli, ���  ' miv��:�� tim��, ��:<>nt�� ln��n, l)i:ll��r ��<:rvi<;i). J  f My offlcr clone to V. B. P&t��nt Office. FREE prellmln- /  t ary cz&nilnxllotu mtda. Atty'i fen not due until p&toot t  * l�� iecorwl PER80HA.I. ATTEKTIOH OXVEN-19 VEAKH 4  < A0TUA1. EXPERIENCE. Book "How to obutn PnUnti," J  5 ��tc, iftnt free, r&tcnt* procured tbroofth E. O. Slffgen J  ^receiveupecl&l   notice,  without cb&rfie.  In   the)  INVENTIVE   ACE:  tnmt.ri.U4 monthly���Eleventh yesir���t��rra��, $1. a yenr. ]  En   nnfftnrnn L.ite of C. A. Snow & Co.  U   SiQRFRK 918 FSt. N. W.  . U. UIQULIIU,WASHINGTON,   D. C]  Sole Agents  Sole 0Agents  Grows Nest Goal up��paNy  Giant Powder company.  ^/XirruqririAnoJViAru-UTJiruv^jvvvu-ij^^  the B. C, ASSAY & CHEMICAI  im PENDEJl STREET  VancoMver,  Mining Supplies a Specialt}'  Agents for the   MASSEY    HARRIS    CO., Limited.  Farming   Implements.  W  GREAT  NortHeri-i  Railway.  E  E  S  s  SUPPLY.CO./Ltd. I  ".. ���    I  We are Manufacturers and. direct Importers, and carry a  largo stock of Balances, 'Furnaces, Fire CJay"Goods, Scientific,}  and  Practical  Books.   Glassware,   Platinum  .Goodfe,  -Acids.'  Chemicals,,and all other Assayers' and Miners' requirements.  -,S0LE AGENTS for,Morgan Crucible Company, Battersea, Beck-  c    er's Sons" Balances -Braun's Gasoline Furnaces, Etc  "Catalogue and full particulars on application.       - '.'    *  fuuuu iJTJuuiJTJLnjuxriruurnjiruiJU  HS9SSS9S9S9S9S9SSSSSSS9S9S9S9 SAS��S9i*��S9e9'S9S9S9SSS��^  GOSMOPOLITRN HOTEL  CRANBROOK. B. C.  E,   SMALL,   -   Proprietor.  1 The only  modoi-n and  (ii-st clu&s hotel in South F.;\.sl Kootenay.  liciitcd tliL'ouuhonb with hot uir.  TIIK  SUKVIOYOR'S  C1TA1X  MADE IT TIIK SI1OUTJ0ST  TKANTSCONTIXKN'TAL  KOUT1C.  ft K the-most niodei-ii in equipment: it is the heaviest railed line:  it has a rock-ballast roadbed: it cro>ses no sand deserts: it was   built  without a land grant or "ovornmont aid: it is noted  for courtesy of itf  employes: it is the only line servinsr meals on the a la carte plan.  THROUGH TIIK GRANDEST SCIONIOKY IN A.MEUlGA  RV   DAYLIGHT. .  For KOUT STKK.LK and the H.VS'J' K'OOTKN'AY MINKS. Weekly  Stage   from  Kiili^poll. ' Steamboat communications from Jennings  duriii" Summer.    Quickest and l>er.t route to all parts of the United  Slates.  Kastcru Canada and  Kurope.  For map;-, ticket^ and complete information call or address  nearest ayent  or  and T.A  M inn.  C.G.DIXON.Genera1. Auc-nt.  Spokane   "Wash.  .[.WlllTNKV. (*. I'  St. Paul  ��MUNSON NO. 2.  ??  The Best  Writing  Machine  TIIK   ONLY  INTERCKANGEABLE  STEEL TYPEWHEEL  ilogantly   lllusti-ated   Catalogue  '"    '   Free. .   ' '  Address Edgar A   Hill, Manufacturer, 94-96 Wendell Street, Chicago  3       When you visit Cranbrook don't forget the Cosmopolitan.  \  PREMIER HOUSE  SHEEP CREEK, B. C. '      K. J. HIGBYL Proprietor.  ���   First-class Accommodation for Travellers.   ���  Everything    New  The   Windermere Stage  Stops   Bolli  Going  and  Coming.  ���Lfi:A^-Wh^iA-  Fort Steele  Meat Company  FRESH   and  SALT  MEATS  ON HAND:   .  ALWAYS  R. W. ROGERS, Proprietor.-  Fresh Halibut,   Salmon, Salmon Trout, Bologna Sausage,  Butter and Eggs.    Fish and Game in Season.  Fort Steele  and  Kimberley. FORT    STEELE  Poinrt <^  ���j*--��--  Ghoiqe Resid ent and  Titles Guaranteed.    For  Business lots from .$ 100 to $250  rs Amslv to  terms.  ��  9  U-J>  ffi&fi  81���A  *\w~^K  i~~^   "B -*<*���<  ��  HOB  Ml-BlllIIMIUIMIIiliM THE PROSPECTOR,  FORT'STEELE, B. 0.,  AUGUST !'.'��, l&OO.  NOTICE.  ,\ Dii-i-1 inji will Ik- held nt tho UaJ-  ^.irilno Ilolid nc.M Saliirdny evening,  Aiifjii-I Silh, at S j).in., foi- the purpose  nf-lormiii},' a ('on-i-i-v.uive .\��-ociatioii.  Edward McBride -of C;ilg;iry,  i�� visiting his brothers J. D. and  F. McBride.  CREAM  B8kliii��g  Powder  In Use the most Economical  Greater in leavening strength, a  spoonful raises more dough, or goes  further. \  ���  Working uniformly and perfectly,  it makes the bread and cake always  light and beautiful, and there is never  a waste of good flour, sugar, butter  and eggs. .  , '   With finer food and a saving of  money conies the saving of the health  ' of the family, and that is the greatest  economy of all.  It is learned that arrangements have been completed  whereby the steamer North Star  will be taken from Jennings,  Montana, during high water  next yeai, to the upper Columbia, and put in commission between Windermere and. Golden.  TH6 Canadian Bank of commerce  F����id  (HEAD OFFICE TORONTO,)  ��P    Capital!     $6,000,000.  Senator King of Clapham, N.  B. accompanied by his wife and  sons( were in town during tho  weelc. Senator King is ono of,  the best known liberals in Canada.  fJo.v. Ci;o. A. cox, I'l-i'sldoni.  GOLD DUST PURCHASED.  IJ. Ii.  Wai.kbh, Gen. Man.  1 The G. N. Ry has an order in  for 40 cars daily of Fernie, B. C.  coal, to come in over the- K. V.  The coal is to be used between  Havre raid the coast.���Bonners  Ferry .Herald. . .  Fastest Trains In tho World.  ���Commenting upon a coniribut-  led.article? on "the fastest   trains  I in the world;" The Times says:  "if there is one point more  than another in which tho English " mil ways have claimed  superiority, it is iu tho speed of  their fastest trains. ' Yet tho  United States and France aro  now running not one or two but  many faster  founci on 011  HONG KONG DRAFTS SOLD.  lUXCIIANG-E on all parts of the world bought.and sold.  London Agents���The Bank of Scotland.  Fort Steele @ Cranbrook Branches  J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager.  Professio?iaI,  North Star Lodge  1 oj.t sti'.i.u;. n. c.  NO. 30.  A.  F. AND A.  M.       G.  R. B. C.  - Iti'iiular mi-ctiiiKM���Isi Tuesday In ench  month it cmht o'clock. Visiting Hretuern are  cordially invited.      '  A. W. lli.KASDKi.r,, Secretary.  .   St. John's Church of Kuglnnd.  Service every Sunday evening  at 7:"!0 p, in.  On the first Sunday of each  month service and Holy Communion al 11 a, in.  Rev. 0. A. PnoiniNiNK.  ��� u'ar.  PKKS1JYTKKIAN   (JIIIMJCH.    ,.  Rev. D. MclC. Reid,'U. A. will  preach iu the Presbyterian  Church 'tomorrow at 7:30 p. ni.  Sunday school al, 2 p. 111.,  SuVc-iv-v for SL\t,v,ycui-s.--This Is ihe  foooi'il-of l'en-y D:u-isvl'ai'n-Killei'. A  sure euro for tliarrlnjeu. dysentery unci  y     .        ., ,    Ull bowul comjihiiiUH. Avoid substitute.-,  trams   than   can   beftlu-ro  U bin, one   Pain-Killer,   Perry  r railroads.'' Davis'. . 2r,c. imd'50,-.  Born.  On  Tuesday   the  daughter     to    Mr.  Thomas Robson.  .'1st inst.,' a  aad    Mrs.  WAS    IN    CHINA.  PRICE   BAKING   POWDER .CO,,,  CHICAGO.  "Note.���Many mixtures, made in imitation of bakina  powders, arc upon the market. Thev ara  to.-'l (.heap, but are dear at am- price because tiiey coauia a'UK, a s-oncxih-c poisoa  ��t)B $?V0&p2Ct0V;  ���SATUliDAV.,AL'yU.ST 2o, IU00.  j-Ocal News notes.  V. >J, Keep wa.s in Nelson on  .Yfonc'lav. '    L   ���    '  Mr. French, of "The Grange",  Wolf creek, who lett for Eng:  laud a short time ago, has cabi  ed his friend R. L. T. Galbraith  that he .will return in three'  weeks,   ��� ,.    '  -Rebels  C. F. flailing 1,011 and daughter  roiAirned from n trip to the coast  .nu Tuesday,, last',  t     ,r , "   -���__  The Port Steele Klour & Peed  Store proprietor i.s busy em ply -  ing a car jusl received at the  junction.. He bus now a full as-  - sort incut of all produce that he  deals in, Rye, Ruokwhea.1. and  every kind of Hour, meals and  breakfast goods. ,.        '       *  Reuben Rogers went to Cranbrook on Wednosdav.  Dr. J. J-J. King was in town on  Tuesday- last.        �� ���        ":     '' ' ' '  F. Li. LePah arrived safely at  Owen Sound where ho was met  by his father.  Lord Mm to  was  in   Rossland  'on Monday   last.     The  citizens  turned out and gavo him a .royal  reception.  C. T-I. Pollen went to  mere on Sunday last.  Winder-  We have on lilo for reference  by our readers the latest price  circular of the McMillan Fur &,  "Wool Co., Minneapolis, iVlinn.,  dated May I 1 tli". Their advertisement will be found in another column, and .-we take pleasure  in recommending any parties  who.have goods in their line to  ship to them. *  ]-]. II. Shuttleworth one of the  pioneers of Kootenay died recently at New Westminster.  Mr.' Shuttle worth at one' time  carried the mail from Fort Hope  to Port Steele. Ned Bray succeeded him as mail carrier.  F. J. Smyth editor of the  Moyie Leader paid Fort Steele  a visit on Wednesday,  D. R. Young of Rossland was  in town on Wednesday. Mr.  Young was here last year iu the  interests of the Kootenay Mining Standard.  Rev. W. G. Mahon, Methodist  minister of this place will preach  in the Presbyterian Church on  Sunday next at 11 a. m.o All are  most cordially invited to attend.  F. L. Le Pan 'left for his home  near Jarvis, Ontario, on Sunday  last.  inspector Autrobus of the  North West Mounted Police died  recently in Brooklyn, N. Y.  Major Autrobus joined the force  at the time of its organization  Harry Taylor, better known | ���d Allowed all the grades from  as "Old Kauiooso". ol   Maoleod  F. W. Godsell. who is largely  interested in the Empire mine, i.s  verv ill with rheumatic fever.  J. T. Laidlaw and Mr. Mc-  Keggie went to Windermere  early this week.  wa.s in town last   week,  is   <iu   old-timer    in   the  We.it, having lived iu the  ity of  Macleorl for  over  years.  Harry  North  vici 11-  th in v  corporal to inspector.     He  wa.s  stationed for a long time  at Cal  gary.        He    was    well   known  throughout the North West.  ;��� Ranchers.negding grass seeds  for fall plowing can get red top.  clover, timothy, and alfalfa at  the Fort  Steele   Flour ^fc  Feed  'Store.; ' fi    ' ���     '.'"; ii:' ~ ���'-���;-%���*  Rev. C. Ault Procunier and R.  L.; T. Galbraith'went'to Kimberley on Saturday last' and held  services in the new. 'Estmere  block on Sunday. There was an  excellent attendance. This was  the first.."Episcopal'services ever  held in the town.  School opened at Kimberley  on Monday .last. .-with'. Miss' Jock  of Vancouver as teacher. There  was a fair' attendance.  H. W. Barnes has been in  Windermere for the past week  on official business.  N.   Ai   Wallinger   sailed  Sunday from Montreal,.  ���last  ,J. H. Robinson "Monte Carlo"  returned from a trip' to the coast  'cities a few days ago: He says  Seattle, T acorn a- and Vancouver  are going ahead at a rapid rate.  The Imperial Hotel did a flourishing business during the past-  week.. Manager Reinernan i.s  making the- hotel, one of the  most popular in  East Kootenay.  .'. F. A..   Mulholland   of Canterbury was in town on Thursday.  Attacking   the' Inner   City-  Attack Song\Ching;.  Yokohama. Aug.   23.���An  official dispatch from   Corea "says  that a thousand rebels have attacked Song Ching and  burned  the government buildings located there. - '  '  . Berlin, Aug. 23.���The German  war office" has  received  a   dispatch from Taku, dated ."August  19,   saying  the advance of the  German   battalion  was delayed  I by heavy rains.     It reached Pe-,  kin Aug. 17.  -Yang Tsuu,   it  is  added-,  was  still  IhrealenecT-iby  the Chinese  troops  on ,thp -Imperial canal.   ,   .'  Washington.' D. C, Aug.. 25.���  The navy department has received the following cablegram from  Admiral Remoy: - "Chefoo, Aug.  21.���Taku Aug. 20.���Dicken's  command is landing, today. Pe-'  kin, Aug. 16.���All except Imperial city cleared of Chinese troops.  American troops were the first  to enter the Imperial city, and  have penetrated to the gates of  tho palace. Captain Reilly, 5th  Artillery, was killed on the loth.  On the morning of the 19th the  Sixth Cavalry and about four  hundred English and Japanese,  dispersed about 1000 Boxers  about eight miles outside of Tien  Tsin. About 100 Chinese were  killed, five* Americans wounded.  General Chaffee's losses are six  killed and thirty, wounded in  two days fighting. -  (Signed) REMEY".  The navy department understand the refereuce to the palace  to mean that the American  troops after penetrating the Imperial city wore, when the dispatch was sent, attacking the  Forbidden City. This is tlie inner inclosure of the Imperial  city.   "Nursing- the Sick."  We have just received from  the publishers, Messrs. Davis &  Lawrence Co., Ltd., of Montreal,  a few copies of the latest edition  (the sixth) of their publication  "Nursing the Sick". This book-  Jet being written by a professional nurse has not only the approval of the medical profession,  but is considered an invaluable  acquisition fo every, household,  being literally a first aid to the  wounded, or a simple medical  and surgical ���-handbook. It is  published in French and English, and may be obtained by enclosing a 2c. stamp to the above  mentioned firm.  Kead the Toronto World. '  The Toronto World .has increased its circulation by thousands during the past few years.;  One reason for this advance is  found in the fact that it, pub-,  lishes the, most accurate 'and  fullest mai ket reports of  Canadian paper.-  T. 6. flrnisGroiifl  FOHT ftTKKUq.o B. O:  r  ���MANUFACTURER   OF-  Tinware, Galvanized Iron, Sheet  Iron,   Slove Pipes a'nd  '   - Copporware  BUILDINGS HEATED and VENTILATED  Plumbing,  Pipe  fitting  and ,all  kinds of sanitary work    .'  "���' flir Tiaht���Hot Blast Stoves   ���  Hydraulic   and   Air   Pipes*   for  1,1      ,'      Mines r  Fuicr Stickle Okvkloi'mkni'Synuioatb Ltd  138 Lciulcnhall Street, London, England. '  N. A. WALLINGER,        FORT STEELE.  POST OKFICK IlOX 8.  THOMAS    McVITTIB.  Fort Steele B.C.  //. L. CUMMINS.  P���L. S.  <t G.E,  Fort Steele B.C.  W. K. KOSS. , II. W. IlKItCDMBB  ROSS & HERCIIMER.  Barristers ( '-     '-     Solicitors  '  NOTARIES PUBLIC  CONVEYANCERS. .'.  ��� ' Fori Steele, ��� B:   0  X.    EDE  LANDS and MINES  NOTARY  PUBLIC ,     ,  '   CONVEYANCER  Fort Steele,     <���        -,    B. C.  SPECIAL,  ATTENTION   PAID  .roii WOItK.  TO  ' any  Board of Trade Meeting.  There will be a meeting, of the  Board of Trade on Monday  evening next as business of importance1 affecting* our town is to  be discussed it is hoped fhere  will be a full attendance. These  meetings-might be productive, of  much good-if tlie residents of  the town-would take more interest. If is for the public good  that, "-these meetings are called  and it i.s the duty.of all citizens-  to attend.  L-'OK/DEV-JOLOPHD  MINING -PROPERTIES,,  EAST KOOTENAY, B." c".  TN  WRITE TO  , Back From "NTome.  Charles Farrell1 has returned  from a trip lo.Cape Nome. He  says Nome is not.as bad a place  as reported by people on the  outside, and believes the country has a bright future before it.  He will probably return there in  the spring.  Chas.  Estmere,  Mining and Stock Broker.  KimbjBrley, B.C.  Geo. S. MeCartcr. J. A. Harvey  HARVEY & McCARTER  Jiarrinters,  Solicitors;  Notaries Public,,  , Conveyancers etc.  PORT  STEELE: 13. C.    .'' .'  KK VK LSTOK-R STATION unrt OOI.DKX  .   i  COLLECTIONS      PROMPTLY   -MADE.  The Most Complete Health liesort on  the Continent of North America.  Situntcd mld.stPcem-ry unrivalled forGrunclour  Halcyon   Hot    Springs  ltoutiiiK fishin^Ca nita pinm Kesklunt Pliv-  & Kxcursions Ortllliai IU III siolnn & Nurse  Halcyon Spriniisi. Arrow Lake. R. C.  In tcleKiiiphic coiniiiiinluatlon  witk ;ill pints of Hie worlil.  Two lnuils nrrlvc nnd clopiu-t, every day.  Terms, SI S   to  SIS   per week, :\eeordiiiK  to residence in Hotel or Villas.  " Its Hatli*. Cure nil Nervous nnd Muscular  Discuses. Its Waters Ileal all Kidney. Liver  ami Stomach Ailments."  O  NOTICE.  Take not lee that one month after date I intend to apply lo tlie Chlet Commissioner of  Lands and Works fur permission to purchase  Ihe following described lands: Coinmoncint;  at n post planted 20 chains east of the south  east corner of A W. lilcasdc-ll's purchase, near  1'almer Har in South East Ivootcnay: llience  east 80 chains; thence south 80 chains: tlience  west 80 chains: Thence north St) chains topolnt  of commencement  -\LKX. OAMKIION*.   ���  Hated lliis !8th day or August, IMO at Fori,  Steele. m-  Ml.VI-lIJAL ACT.  .    ,  ���.'(roust p.)  OKKTIKICAt'iI  Of   IMPJtOVK.MKK'1'.S.  GRASS1CK   &   DEMPSEY.  , CONTRACTORS  AND ���    ��� '    -  BUI AIDERS:  Port, Steele   B.C '  HARRY   BARR  ForL Steele, B.C.'  General Blacksmith,  HORSE SHOEING,  AND JOBBING.  fiDougleis  Corsan  [CM-MD.)'  '   . . - <��  ..  '     OFFICE -Kivcrsidc Avenue.  . , i     '���    '      ��� ' ,   i  Next Door to Bleasdell's Drier/ 'Store.  2 .  ,.   Q-  ' :'E. J. SCOVIL  -��' 'NOTARY PUHLIC.   �� .  five. Life. Accident. Insurance.  Keal Kstate and MINING  UROKER.  ���     |S   '   WINDERMERE^    B.   C.       *  PETERBOROUGH.     ,  T. H. TAYLOR, C. E.  '.PROVINCIAL   LAND'SURVEYOR,  ' t  Surveys of Mineral   claims, Roads,  Mines, etc.  ' WINDERMERE   "B. C  Minine;  Work    a   Specialty,  ANDREW  CONTRACTOR    and  Nil I DIG  BUILDER  IIOUSI-: AN'IJ SIGN PAINTING  CAI.OIMINING and l'AI'KK HANGING  FORT STEELE. B. C.  2'^"   All   work promptly done.  NOTICE.  SELKIRK,   GEM   AND   GREAT   BEAR  MINERAL CLAIMS.  Situate in tho Foj-f Slc'cli: Mining Division  or South East Kootenay District.  Where located:���On Huckleberry Mountain  .south or and adjoining the North Star.croup of  mineral claims.  Take notice that I. (.'has. Ksiincre, [.'. M. c.  ti. (Wlla, MKont for A. S. Goodcvi: or Itjissland, I!.  C, l-'ree Miner's Certillcate No. few,. Intend;  sixty days from the date humor, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for u Certilleitto of Improvements, for the purpose of ol.Uilnini; a Crown  Grant of the above claims.  And further take notice that, action, under  section H"; must lie c.oni/Henced before tho 1s-  snr.ncc or .such Certlllcato of Improvements.  Dated this 22nd day of Aii(.'ii��l. A. I)., 10(10.  MILLINERY  Just Received ���A 1 arge con ,-  sigmneiit of Latest Styles.  MRS. DILSE, Proprietor.  ROYAL  HOTEL  KIMBERLEY,  B. C.  The finest Liquors iind  Cio-ars iincl Best Furnished  Koonus hi Town.  J.   I.   GATES,   Prop.  U.  COHN  TAILOR  AND IMPORTER OF  FINE WOOLLENS  Rocky Mountain Ayenue .  Fort Steele, B.G.  cii  :>t  -1  KEEPS   CONSTANTLY   ON    HAND  Presh Bread.and Cakes  Fresh Fruits every day  ,    Fresh Vegetables  Fresh Eggs    '  Fresh Milk and Butter  GEARY  & DOYLE.  Llveru, Feed & Sale Stable.  Port Steele B.C      ���'���''  ���yRogular "Puily  Stage meets all  trains ni Port. Steele Junction.  Saddle & pack .''house? '..,  lICAiMING OK ALL KINDS A SPECIALTY


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