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The Prospector Dec 2, 1899

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 J- ���  A-   ."I   - -t . - ->���*-  -5PTHE PROSPECTOR 'I.".  ���*R  ���X  #  appoin'J'kij 'nu; on ici.u  GOVERNMENT   GAZETTE  l'*oi SoulIi l".i-.t ICoiituniiy.  ^--��^��*;**K*rr*��;S"i-��-;6:S;S--;jr--g*A'r)SSr��r  at 4-  7�� *  W       ll  -'--.-;/>--<''-H->'>i-v'i*-,l^'.',  ���*   TAINS ALL   PUBLIC  V>-  Voi.  �����  "HE   PROSPECTOR   CON- ���#.  *-    TJCES AMD GIVES THE -I  **                               ��� -*  &   LATEST TELEGRAPHIC *  f   AND LOCAL NEWS. *  "*��� '<  ��>.  EORT  STEELE,  73. C. SATCTDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1899.  No AS.  .New Advertisements To-aay.  I  llt'niy l!ii'|-_s .t Sons  Hvrlu lliui-   Cilu.ir,v jrillini; ('uinp:niv   CIi.ls. IL Wolf��� (ii-ni nml Stony* Mnnri-il  t'liiiius ...    '���"lour mill I'Vetl SLOit'         O.iniiili'iii r'ncilic Kiillwiiy            .,-.  Johnston & Mt*l'.i]-]'iiit'/Ti>i'"iitu . .*.  II. Alie. Fori .S'.frli' ll'il-t-ry....     ,   J'rei.1 tliu I'lioto-n'.iphpr.. .'.   Oiim ��i Ct��   "_,S. MoUnuKiilL "       JVIi'-ctiii;: of Llcensf e.'oiiiiiii--.ioiiurs .  J'.-iKO  I  The Chickamon Stone.  The development work, on the  tOhickamon Stone i.s progressing  j:apidly and everything is going  iihead in 'a most satisfactory  Aanner.. A winze is now being  sunk at tho end oi' the"long tunnel which-is now in 2;39 feet.  good, ore is being taken out in  sinking. This winze will be extended 100 feet.  A new tunnel will be run L."*0  1'eet below tunnel number one to  il point directly under the winze,  which .AVill give a vertical depth  of o7o feet.  . Alarye amount   of  Baker City states that the Tread-  well group of four claims on Olive  creek-has been sold for '��00,000  to Tapping of Trail creek. B. C,  one of the original owners of the  famous Le Koi mine afc Rossland.'  The ore which is found in a 200  fool ledge, runs from $1 to *���>''  per ton on the average.  A'contract has been given  I'Vaser-A* Chalmers'. Chicago, by  S. S. Fowler of tho Ymir Gold  Mines. Ltd.. B- C. i'or machinery for a mill of forty' additional  stamps, making a total milling  capacity of eighty stamp--.  During the first ten months of  ���!K" the.Seattle. Wash.,  gold 'assay  office  bought  gold   to  amount of rA 12.014. 87"). .*i(i.  MACHINERY FOB THE  DUPONT.  THE ESTELLA BONDED.  I'I  ll\  \i money, has been expended in the  ���'- development of the property  >-< '-since being taken over by the  *" .company Jess than six months  .ago. and at 'last accounts there  Jias been .r>4U feet of work done  hi ".tunnel, shaft, cross cuts,  -winze and open cuts, 'and -the  work mapped out will determine,  ihe value of the property. The  be increased /rom  be'  A force  will  '^tinie     to  time     as     may  *,   necessary. ;  f|) East Kootenay.  A   vast amount  of  work  has  V -"ibeiiii mapped , out  by  the  mine  /   owners in this section   for  next  Iy   ���sca.so'n. and   there  is   no   doubt  1)  iinioiig    well-posted    men ' that  |l\v -work of considerable   magnitude  will     be'   inaugurated''.iii    the  Sirring.'   ��� As   has' been   before  instated.-there was  at  the   least  to ' calculation 200. men employed in  l\ the mines between Sand creek  -and   Tracy* creek _ this   winter.  vj-Kext season 1 he Big Chief,   Du*  W pom and .Little  Chief   will   be  (v thoroughly exploited, machinery  B'-A'Vi will be installed and probably*  a  ���'.-''N.force of not   less  than   100  men  \'H -will be' employed.  M,'")    East    Kootenav    is    entering  |vr       i " ^  l'l if -apon an era of prosperity such as  vivlias nofjx-eu eh-eanied of,1'and in-  M -side of two years machinery will  from  Tobacco  I-  l��v be   in  operation  ]'',' plains to Windermere.  It is no idle boast to  say  that  IV-the mineral is in the  mountains.  I^, ,only    waiting    for   capital   and  ���machinery to make it available.  '!       East   Kootenay  will   not  rest  [Is   long in the shade.    The mineral  Ijfj  i."?the mountain  fastnesses  will  ",V isooii see the-lighl of day.  H On Trauy Crock*.       -3  '    There   is   considerable   work  ������being elone on the claims  in   the  vicinity' ��� of   Tracy .and    Lewis  .creeks.     On the Montana .claim  the shaft is  now  down   OS  feet.  j<, At that depth cross cutting was  v  .commenced,    and   in  eight   feet  1" one of the walls was encountered  ,v .and some tine ore.   gray  copper  ��J' .nnd  pyrites   Avas   found.      The  O work*,   will     be    continued     all  ''',; wv inter.   Mining: Notes.  $      There are 1400 miners  in   the  Kjnines about Rossland.   and  the  Iy .monthly pay roll aggregates be-  ��� ^Lveen   ��13.i.0U0   and   .^142,000.  T/J'Thc  Le  Roi   leads  with  a  pay  '"^:\ J'ol I. of ^08,15."-.,   followed   by   the  y 'War Eagle, with ^29,909.97.- and  1? the Center Star $1(3, (iO?!50" '  '$���    The Windermere     correspon-  * tl.ent of ,,fche   Kootenaian   says:  f)- #JHarry Hughes an old timer  in  r the Kootenay country,   and  Ed.  Hung-erford   Pollen   Takes  Property on Behalf of an English Syndicate.  C. liungerford Pollen has taken  a bond on  the  Estella--.mine  on  Tracy creek on behalf of an English corporation.    The details of  the deal could .not  be  ascertained.    Mr. Pollen informed a representative of Thi* Pkospectou  that a siiall  force  will  be  employed upon the property in  its  development.    The work for the  present will be confined  to  continuing the tunnel,   upon  which  work*   has   been  recently  done,  and to sinking in   the'open  cut  near the creek, whore'good  ore  has been 'uncovered.'   While a  large amount of ,work , has  been,  done on the Estella. much  more  ���will be required lo be done to determine the- value  of  tho  property.    While the mine has  been  much talked of  it  must still  be  considered as a prospecl.    There  is a*fine showing of "ore*on  the  surface,   but  it  ,must   be   more  thoroughly developed to place it  on the  list of  shipping' mines.  Our work will be devoted   to   its  thorough exploitation."  The Estella is one of the best  known properties iu the vicinity  of Fort Steele. The group consists of the following claims.  The Estella. -Rover,  Skylark*,  Cashier.   ^Vlice.   Dog  Star,   and  Mountain Daisy.     Much   of  the  work has been done on the Skylark.     A  cross  cut  tunnel   has  been driven 70I-! feet to catch the  Estella load, and it is' estimated  that in 100 feet   more  Avork   tho  ledge Avill be tapped.     A   shaft  seventy feet -has  been   sunk  on  the Skylark*,  and   a   funnel   V.)"i  foot on the  Skylark  ledge.     In  this tunnel 'there is  six  feet  of  ore, four feet of which i.s  solid.  Another tunnel .has  been   run  100 feet on tho  Estella ledge.���  this is a continuous ore chute. 1^  inches of solid eire in a  four aud  hall' foot ledge.     Tho  property  is admirable  situated   for   shipping   facilities,   being  about  (U  miles Irom   the   Kootenay   river  and   only   10   miles   from    Port  Steele*.    There is an  abundance  of excellent timber on fhe  property, and plenty of water  available.    A concentrator  could  be  buill at Tracy,   and   a   tramway  two miles in length   would  convey the ore from lhe mine to lhe  mill.  Tire Pkospi.c'Tok extends  congratulations to Mr. Pollen  upon securing what is considered by mining men as a fine property.  Another    Boulder     Creek     Property  Upon Which Machinery  Will  Be'installed.  Last week it Avas a pleasure  to chronicle the fact that the J-Jig  Chiel was to be; equipped Avith  machinery. This week will say  that the owners of the Dupont  have in contemplation the installation of a-compressor plant,  stamp .ini 11, concentrator"' and  electric light plant. This machinery will probably be "ordered  this winter'and put up in the  spring.      , -     -  The  work  on  the-Dupont  i.s  being stei'idily pushed al the rate  the j of tAVo feet per day.    The funnel  is now in about thirty  feet,   aiid  the ledge  is  Avidening' out- and  the values are, increasing..   Two  assays were  ma.de'oT  ore  from  the face of the tunnel last A\*oek,  one  of Avhich   gaveCa, value  of  SMli.c-fo. the other Ai'7.00. average  of "?o-j.4j per ton'in gold.     Manager Hanington says he has more  faith in the property   than  ever  before.  ' '        ' - '      1  and the> third in the rear of General. AJethuen.*'  New York Nov. :jo.���A dispatch to the Herald from London says :������ '-The next battle is  to be expected at Tiiytfontein.  where there is a.---good  position  TRANSVAAL   NEWS.  SpeCilll IO THK   pKflspKC'ITIIt.  London. Dec. 1��� -The Avar office  received at Cape Town-from the  genera] commanding the felloAv-  ing:��� Received from Modder river November0"::ii':     Killed   Staff  This is the only point where the Colonel H. P. Northcoit, Lieut.-,  Boers will be able to'avail them-1 Colonel H. R. Stafford.   Caotaiu  .seh'os of cover, though it seems  doubtful whether the enemy will  make any stand soiilh of Lady-  smith.  ST. ANDREW'S CELEBRATION,  the  DOINGS AT MOYIE.  The Big-g-est Silver-Lead Property in  , British Columbia Getting- Down  !,  ���to Business.  E., A...Elton returned on Monday from a trip  to  Moyie. ,  He  reports that place as- being  the  most lively ' in  East   Kootenay.  The big  consolidation' has  had  much to do Avith   the' prosperity  of the camp.     Mr.   Elton  says:  '���Work* on the,Moyie and Queen  of the Hills Avill commence soon  as the road  to  the  property  is  completed.       Stations   for   tA\*o  neAv tunnel sites  have  been  cut  out. andvthe workvof extending  them Avilhshortly becommenced-  The tramAvayon the'St.  Eugene  i.s in perfect working order.    No  ore Avill be run through'the concentrator until next spring.   The  new 7-drill compressor  Avill  be.  in operation inside 'of  a  month.  , The   consolidation    embraces  the    following     claims:      Lake  Shore,    Dude   fraction.'   Moyie,  Bone    of    Contention    fraction,  Queen of the, Hi lis, Lovott  fraction, St. Eugeu'e, Rose  fraction,  St. Peter.   St. Violin.   Mam click  and   Trade   Dollar,   -in    all'- .12  claims.    Mr. Cronin says before  next fall there will   be  400  men  employed on the property.  "The new company are making estimates for a iicav 400 ton  concentrator which Avill probably  be built by next fall.  ���'Next.spring a Hume Avill be  taken from Wilson crock to increase the water supply, and furnish the town with a good Avaler  works system.  "Au electric light.plant will be  in operation iii Moyie inside of  sixty days."  If i.s gratifying to note that,  East Kootenay is becoming se>  well known, and that the mines  of Moyie are doing so much to  bring about a state of affairs so  much 'desired.  The Most Enjoyable   Yet   Given By  ' This Society.  The Ha liquet and Dance of the  St'.     Andrew's   Society   at,   the  Hotel    Windsor    on .  Thursday  evening A\*as the most successful  event given in Fort Steele.     In  the  banquet   hall   covers   Avere  laid   for  i:J0   people  and  evory  place A\*as filled.-  The menu was  eA-erything that could be desired  the-tables'groaned   under   the  loa cl .of good   th i ngs. '' one  th i n g  hoAveA*ecr Avas conspicuous by  its  absence, that Avas haggis, -Avith-  oul. which'no  banquet  in   commemoration of Scotlands. patron  saint 'seems  complete.      Fortunately it*Avas not missed   by  the  majority   of ,  fhe '   banqueters.  After  the  banquet,   the' rooms  Avere'divided  and  many  of the  gentlemen remained ih the  hall,  to  drink  toasts'and sing songs,  Avhilo  dancing  was  commenced  in the other portion of the  hall.  The folloAving toasts Avere  offered  by. the ^to-islmaker1,   .1.   F.  Smith: "  The Queen,   the  President of.  the  United  States.  " The Army and-Navy, respond  ed to by XiOAvis Theobold.  'The Governor .General  Lieutenant Governor by  Watt. ,  ���    The Day We Celebrate.   .1  Costigan.  The"   Land   We  Live hi,  Harvey.  The Ladies, Alaister Robertson  The Pioneers, .J. F. Smith. '  Our Hosts. ,. ���   '  Several volunteer toasts   waro  offered., and a 'number of  songs  Avere sung.    .1. W.   Robinson  of  Cranbrook  receiving  much  applause i'or his contribution.   The  banquet continued until,'! o'clock  and the dancing was notlinished  until 0 o'clock.    Tho rooms Avere  tastefully decorated   Avith .bunting.     There   Avas   nothing   but  good  Avords  expressed  for   the  manner in Avhich the  all'ah Avas  conducted,   .and     Mather    and  Reinomair the    hosts    of     the*  Windsor     came,    in      for    unstinted praise.    The  celebration  will    long    remain   a    pleasant  memory Avith those who Avere in  attendance.  and  Dr.-  1.   R.  .lfi A.  London Nov. ;28,T-The Emperor and Empress of Germany left  Sandringham.thi.s morning at 10  o'clock. .The Duke of York escorted the visitors' to the royal  yacht.1  jLly Walsh, of  Ottiuva,   Out,,   hasj.   P.M. Chadboui-ne,, ore  buyer  ���one of the most promising prop- !for the. Hall Mines Smelter, is in  osition in the Kootenays.   .'tt is  the Boundary'''creek country bid-  the   mines  p^' (Situated on Horse Thief.,creek.  The   Evening   Republican, of  ding  for, ores  from  about Greenwood.  Joubei-t   and   Cronje Told   to   Strike  Vig-orous Blows.  Uerlin, Nov. i^i.���The Deutsche Zeitung publishes the I'ol-  loAving dispatch, dated Pretoria,  November :.'?. receiA*ed through  Boer diplomatic channels:  '���President Kruger unci President Steyn have insrructeel General ..'oiiberf anel General Cronjo  not to split' their forces into  small detachments, but to strike  vigorous 'blows. General .lou-  bert has three . corps, one hold-  Ladysmith, the second command  ing the Tugela and the third east  of Estcoui't. in-order 'to.-, cut off  the British retreat. ��� General  Cronje's iorejes are divided into  three contingents, one at Kimberley, another at Modder   river  Proclaim Neutrality.  Washington. Nov. :2'i.���As a  result of the formal notification  given by Great Britain that a  stale of Avar exists in South  Africa, the United Stales, will  proclaim its neutrality.  While in several instance.-, in  recent years the United States  has not considered it necessary  to proclaim its neutrality in wars  belAveen other powers, yet the  authorities may deem if expedient in view oi' fhe sympathy  they feed for England in Ihe  present struggle to elo sei formally'. The matter Avill probably  be considered by the cabinet at  its meeting tomorrow.  __owden -Mitchell-Innes.  W. G.yM.Hcheil-.[nne.s. manager of the new British Columbia  Limited, and Miss C. Howden  Avere married in St. - Paul's  church, Golden- on the i'i'nd of  last month.  1. Pane. U'oui.cl.-d Major W.  Lindsay, Captain Carrie. Lieutenants Dunlop. Flierse. Amoor.  and many others. It developed  later that General Methuen Avas  slightly wounded by a bullet  which inflicted a llesh wound in  the thigh.  The Victorian "Australian  ministry was defeated.  ' J  T. D. Hodgins, M. ' P. P.' for  East Middlesex, i.s dead.  London, Dec. 1.���It has been  officially announced that General  Methuen is among the Avounded  at Modeler river. '  '���London,' Dec. 1.��� The Times  publishes the folloAving dispatch  from Frerc. Natal, dated Monday, Nov. fi'7:���"Ladysmith Avas  heavily bombarded today.;-  London, Dec. 1.���4::10 ,a.in.���  Beyond reports from Estcourt  that firing was heard in the, direction of Ladysmith on Monday. There is not a .thread-of  news of any kind from the seat  of Avar.  Those acquainted Avith General Methuen, think* that his terse  cliscription of the battle of .Modeler river, forecasts a fearful  butcher,'s bill,  ���   " rC  Durban. Nov. 30.���General  Hilyard's force after concentrating at Frere, station, ��� began yesterday to advance .towards Co-  lenso, and succeeded' in getting,  within ten miles'of town. General .Toubert continues to retire  tOAvards Tuegla Tagle river.- The  great battle isr expected at Co-  lenso bridge where'.Joubert is  expected to make his first stand  to oppose the advancing British  column. A relief force has been  sent to Ladysmith:  London. Dec. 1.���The Avar office today makes the following  dispatch public from the officer  commanding at Cape Town, un-  dor fhe date of November iMj.���  Kimberley all avoII up to November 2:J. I-iail and telegraph are  open to Modder river. Garacree  reports on November ^'8 that��tho  situation is unchanged.  London, Dec. I.���Advices  which haA-e been received from  Eslcourtarc lo the effect that  General Lord Methuen has asked General Fores tier 'Walker for  re-inforcements, ,the support, of  Avhich. the Avar office is advised  is urgently "needed. General  Walker has sent foi-Avard ,by  forced marches a sr-uadron of  cavalry, and two battalions of  infantry.  London,  Nov. ;-J0���The   Boers  report that   their  killed   in  ! tohave it in a few weeks. One  of the objects of the reunion will  be the formation of a pioneers  society of East Kootenay.'  The following is a partial list  of'the Old Timers and the dates  thuy'caiiie to the country:  -tr  Bray  I^7i'  1*72.  1S7C  18b I  1S82  186:j  I8.r)4    Baptiste Morea'u.  13-fl    M. Philiipps.  1-04    Pi-tr-v Koyi-  Quirk, T^vid GrirKth. II. Moore.  Bob Dore.  and  Colonel' George  Dougherty.  ISO.-)     Winy Fernie.   Nod  and W.  Goodrich.   '���  1800    Wm.  Dowl.  R.,D. Mather. '   -  ,R*. L. T. Oalbrauh.  E. C. Millar      , ' ��  N. Hanson.  'Charles Clark  E. G. Clark*.' Harry Mather  and K. J. Higbye.  I.4.-'-!    Samuel     Brewer,     J.   E.  Humphrey. "Joseph Lessard  i\:id  Col. .Tames Baker.  188.")"   Jack Leveit  aiid .Arthur  Fen wick.  1880   X. A. Wallinger. l   "'  18S7   John Grassick.  These are the men who av a Iked into the,country and luu'e  been factors in its deA*elopment.  They have had' an abiding  faith in the-ultimate future of the  Kootenay Valley, and an organization such a�� it is proposed t'> '  form will tend to keep alive- the  memories'Oi the stirring times  in the pioneer days.  The Mail Service.   . - ���    ,  < i  The mail service in the Kootenays is probably^vorsc than in  any other section of the dominion. �� It.Avould appear that the.  blame lies'entirely with the 'de-,.  parlment at Ottawa and that the  Postmaster    General  Belmont   battle  a  Gras Pan 40(i.  IS,     AVI th  penny postage, trying to make a  record by" bringing   thc-dejiai'l-  ment   u]>' to' a   money' making  basis.     The  deficit  during   the  last   Jiscal   year,  Avas    between  $100,000 and !?r>C"0.bo0.    Tn order  fo make up the deficit the people  must .suffer.     Last, year  the  deficit in the post ollice department  ���of fhe United States Ava*-. ^(i.OOO.-  000, but I lieu the  people  across  the border living in the most remote  places  have;   regular  and  perfect service.    On   theCroAv's  Ncst line there   is   neither   mail  car nor mail clerk*, the mails are  made up at Nelson and Medicine  Hat and soul by express -to  the  different post  office.*-  along  the  line.    All of these have'a   daily  niail Avhile Fort Steele  must   be  content   with   a   tri-weekly  service.    Less than a month ago the  superintendent   of   the  railway  mail service wa.s iu Ioavh ami assured a number of citizens that a  daily mail Avould be furnished, it  has not come yet.   and  from  all  appearance.- will not be furnished.    It strike.-fhe average   man >  that it would be good politics for  lhe-  government   to  establish   a.  'be ! satisfactory mail service  in   the  I    I4(i.   and  at j western province... the  same  a.s  j i-done by our neighbors  across  P^pollrwas  th"   linf'   NV,H* (1��  ,lot   sp^-ex-  pen*-e in tin'  tlie mails to  OA'erA'one.  endeavor   to  carry  the   satisfaction  of  Captain  S.   D  in town on   Thursday   last.     Ue  reports    but   little   work   being  done on   Luke  cir-ek  properties!  at present.    Some Nelson people.       Well Known Contractor Dead,  were in there1, a   short   time   ago,'     W.   S.    Reid   lhe   well   knoAvn  looking over some claims belong- j raiKvay c-enitractor  wa.s   inslant-  ing U, Mr. Pompolly and showed ! Iy killed on  Tuesday   last.      He  much     interest  shown them.  in     what    wa.s  ��� y / Old-Timers Re-Union.'  There is a union on ferot looking towards(the reunion of the  Old Timers of East. Kootenay. ai  Fort Stej(!le at, an early date.  The.re are lirany scattered over  the country from Windermere to  Tobacco Plains: The gentlemen  having the 'matter in chargfe.  have not yet decided  on  a. date  was e-.oniing inio Cranbrook em  the North Star gi-iide and when  within twu niilu-, uf his destination, a, tree fell over striking him  on the head. Death was instantaneous. Mi. Reid was, "well  known in the vicinity'and highly  regarelod. He left a, \vife and  two children residing in ���''������Cran-'  brook. .  ��� ���'���        '.-..,���     y  ������'  '    <*'  >- ii  '"I '!���  -    <y.  The price of the Empire slock  is   steadily   advancing,    having  gone   ii])   Ire^m   seven   to   nine  for the reunion, but it   is   hoped I cents during, the past w*eek. . y-f-nraa ww-.
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'■'. fififi■'■ I'M Wl-.fills r ilh tliij'-or. November, It-Mi.': ''.
;v"y :«*-*'.'■■ .''■'.''■ ,';.■,'■''':-.'IM'ie.-is^T.fJiovrrrj.B, A^tiiit.
TH£y.fieicv.-ysiLV£/ifilcAD:y:MiH^G. And AsifEifiriiic.
A: '• tics Istu rtf-Iilie'. 1 St h'tltiy■ of.'' J u)>y^Vb:'.\|l:!«ly-
'yT fifiii ek Kij.y.'.cK irrr f v.- -tiiii i' i :„ ii vt-; th i - tiiiy=
;a litl 'Siiitv'1'.liy'Comp'jny''jii; ili'''Kxt*'a-'ProCliiciu!
ity of tlie I'.eirisliiuii-e of liritixh Columbisr ■ex--
tends. ■; .'■!■''■'■'■'i. ■ ■■:■:': -'■:,fi:-fifi''...'fi ,.--!.•■,•,, ,'■.■.■.-■'.', .;■.. ':■.'■, "i..-.'.
:'.;|tf- '■" '���«•■
Land   Purchase
, ■' The heinl^'llee of tht; 'Company is situate jn
'.Ll,^t C;f1t-vV.c^r 8|»okitiie, State of WasliiiiiitoiKljiS.
f     'riie':liii<llliit, of the capital or Vlhe/Ctimpiin-K
;is^ •frs.i-Oti; divided' Into.*; 1 VfTlKJ.OOei',-slVsii-e.s" or live.
ei'iit.ciich.' .'-A'..: - fifififi .fi-'-Afifi'1' 'fi :Afi-:- fifififi' ■'■' ■'■■■■
Tlie lieiitioilicefof tlieCoinjiii'iiy'in'this I'rov-
liiceis siuiiu^ut Suiliyan,kil|.'a,M>,l.:,Ho'ii'>li-
|oii-; iniiitjr. (ntp't empowei'TOio issye aiitl •'••ans^
'fififiyfifi.'fi&fiineralfijificiA ^96:fififififififififififiy
"fi- /^'"V51"'?'? Niri'ii-ilfieiitjin sitmitcJii'tneVFoi-t
pisirieit..';,;'.!sf:y-:.vi^'y-:-ff.ff'^-':f;^;^!f-'f'-'.,;'-:f.:i. yfi.'fi'fiA'::
AfiA Wiipre'locatetliT-rtVf; r.o'sLlCi'eelt^iiitlVls'«:!
Myfi^fiJfi'l*i thuti^minernlM
■• .'■y'ti'iik«i.-''nbliceVUiiU;;'t;.';,>V
r'reef Minei'-s;Ceriijit-ateeNo.;; B'■ t>tib:*.yiiitt-MOf
sixty ilay.-j from the'tlate hei-eof, to aiiply to the,]
'Mlnlii^JJecorti^i' foi* a Cdrtilicateyif Inipfovei'l
ments.v^foivthe: pui-post?.p'rohtaiiiini'.'ii C'l-oWn
Oi-aiit of'the.'.itbpv'.'clii'liiii;. '.fi fi.■.'■'''fifififi'fiA     fi
fi fi; Arid fiirtliei' take nbl.Itie Uiatv sic'tion.'untlt-r
section itr.-musrM^eOmmeueetlVuefore'th'e issuance or such Cei-tillcatebf Iiriproveinentsi-y *'
;';.44-52,-'- ;.,   f yVA'r.TFlf V*ANARSOAr.KN. .'j^
,■,,/; U«ted th is *-(-t h tliiy of October. 1 Slit. *' :   :'  .,,
-fMakes^regular}: tr^s; f ro
fifiAfiDe 1 iyejred-5ori^elay^o^''-^i\^i]^'J;^^--:;;
Leave ;drders;;wiih^
fiyfi ■"'' fiyfii yfifififififi. 'fa-ffi i^^SJB
fort Sieele, B.C.
H.OU'S^''AX.b;;SIc;^'l■AXNTlNG^'y       '-fifififi
yCAX.ClSllsifisa anil. PAPKK HANGIXG
^^= Mocl;)::'iVnil>!i6'-e ;���tMniss k Suiiivaw Hill;..:,,,-■     ,-,   i y,v y <-,;-■,:..■.:■'■==*££
afot*ek-iitl, lfi tlieattoi-ney for the Company: '■'  •'■' i^V'nj"- '"»il«  10,1110. Legislative Assombly
■yyy'l;-y;,.-' NOTICE;
«I fi'fi--fifififi' "' '"' '"'        "" "'"'   "'  '
.-. ---Afi' '.-fifi.:-:,   iiforekaitl.'i!, tlie attornev for the Coinpaiiyi "  •'■' '     - ■- ■    miulu. 10i»1-'. ■ l-ojuriwliiUvo; Assombly of I ,-  y-'fiy '.   . ' '       y
fifi' fi:'k'- '"'- ■--"■ '""   'fie Umcoftiiec-dstencc' of; the CnnipiM^l^^l'^'''^^ of :^'"'""''' Cglunibla ai., lu ■ riggji S^a--,■,■. ,C' 11: y^y-: r:'. , ;\y', . \ Ay ' A'     ''
■^v--i.-.,-4^4riy:y™^'ry;':'':':'":';"' ■■■'■'.. y.**.\"-yky^
!-Vr-'. ■■•';';  V.'::  -'niev objects- for ■^^~~^^^-i*'^=-^AJ^^A;^^.^
y iluyy altei;   bcenestablislietl iti-eV^.. '-   ''"fifififi .'■'."•■■  A'fiy Afi,.' Pl»-''."''ei aline oi^lines of .• telepliGne: elct-tricill-y e;"; fi.fi-.;.fiA ,.-.'.•■_ :-.■■.;..,..■.■'' :  ■ .Afifi'-fi ■'■■"' :'
f'_*i*ii ivii t-t-iritt-.   I •■< _ ' i     ......'.   ..-'.:.      .   ■  ■ " .■  '    "." ■  *■■ .''■'■.'    ' I' \i'nt*l.*C    ii.-i\c«i' hrtirccic iiiiiir.i-i tin.*   iil.ini     ■,"»''  'l. ,     .' ..' .. * "  ' '■       . •'•—i -' ■'.'■■'   ' .  A:
i,,!>a'ver:p:-intyfoi;: Uii^
:j. ti-eatinu- oroSMIiiti i»'' liie "purpose tiffin-mf-Kinr I :"K ?V ""J'l'yl'uol!i-l ]™'Jl'<y.l>rIilsi's.: or any-sucli
'! li«lit-i/ant'ere'i'iUtl poxvei-^to'bontl. l.uvf'lertS't; !?!'"'°fJ "l"U"-' .Silfa .Hi''t.!:,.-;1*.'-.'lH ,t-''« 'Oojiiiwiiy :
'.-to*»a'.>imii'oi^ M-onsu-vict;
.,..-... ^.7u ■... ............ ...........r.   ..^...«..      .-   .      ... j.'"..null e.   .utiiui'' ci rrt; i.   iniv, i'^j^'^i .tie   vtectlll
.fthenceeast, *-iM>!-t'-'' i>''.■I'e.iiiiil-ii'i'-e-lmtiiiii'iiij-  in j.poiver. pliiiUSffoy' UiA't'iU'iiliSe of mining
^'n.-ir.lHli.-11'eri/s:..'.,,      ,.i*. -.'■-.:        '..'.   ..-■:'..;■'.-,.:."  ■■- ^-■•'■^■•=--'- --•■-*-■•' =■■'■■ "--""■ -■■'■"::- ■---.:.
fifi -..'.'j-i-'jij,; 'f   ''"'":'■;,;   i/icokcIiv;vvALkicK:;
,   /■'piiti-tlitl l-'.ljfuie. lV.i':.;:t-|i.'i<iberfii:-;i'.U.: Ist'!'; ;  JMini'yimil.lioUViilveiiesJmimest'iitl'i'iu
'.'.''' '.•'■   . '■'.' ~"'".. I ■■.''..   ■ '   .  'fi .'■ .■'■''.    ..fifi to coiif;rvVtt.'l. leiisel: hiiy; sell.- builtl aiitl bpe^h'it.
NOTICE. ,\ ,'.-'-;... ■_[..i-ailro;.iils.,feri-i(:s.'tbu)nv:iys and>.'tliormV'iiVw.Wi* !
'V'-s;t;aiKl)iKUiuaiii such and!so niiviiy poies antV
otliei: w'oi-lts ami devices as tiieCXuiipany 'iWi'r'fnV
Shavliig '.$?. Mmfi Dressing ' Parlor
. ■':.' ".Afi'-fiSw:(V.'t?t-1ent;ji jlotel A':A ■ Wfi:
A fi.fi' "'fifi fiyfi^QXiTfifiSnBELE, X3.fiC   "fiy"fififi fi:t
A.U':M»fik. of Hair work; Ay.fi ''"fi y y,
fifi-fifiyfifififi-fififififi- fiyfi-fifififiAJ^fi^^iityv
'k.fil, GREZ,fiA   - Woprielor
,, of Elk Hiv'-i'*  t.li','111'1, ,.-,-, ■■■   -v  ■.,.■.. ,-    -,-:.., ■     -  -.-- -■ j •„,...„
"    ri'iiuiri^; .tiiei-.tii' ■-'•utli *«i I'luitti-.: ilii.-lH".: ; cin-i-y .;n.'.r wh|-;!i ;v. in any respect sitnihi'-  to i l    '      ■ ,.,..,-'•.: ......-.-■-.
-  .ast ,n pl,.V- ■■r..;.-uinn,n,.     . •-•n-.nl.'ln-.. !>i  M'l^'l'i-^ ti'Ms Cuinpanyyu- -Vin'oU Is. cap-    ^ »»^'"'^'-' ^^•'''.'«'^ ^id-hold and   sell
'' i»w    ■'      '•'"••   '■ '.    ,'       l«'">t'-0' 'liiij.« n>"tnH-t.,y,a(^:di.-ot'tly.MMn-   1'm\',is!'°^i;^^^^ •"'
^V     ,     '-;■  .■'.'„   ,   KVVOrSK. ■■■nKxdy«AK*<*ltlti>.&uimw?»riK^^^ lliiius. aroresiud and   I,,
niy-v-i'l-'ri. »•.■•■ .v,;.„:^
,Ml' " U '    "" "'     " " ' ompi-ny:  in"Aui^rt^ fur. ptiVchast, or j Lol^Kor..-,n».-.^uU.!lsh...(.l- to he ,s,ablisl„,.
i-,uh,nviv;acnuh,:,.„,l hold .liaro in anv otlior   1"',VI" !^ '.  -"V »l»*'»»<*l1»« '»' '" "«-".«---"^
■'"■i.'e-t.etl M-ltl; Ji|? liiiL's.wlncli ilie'Ciiinpanj-may
'.""■'"    TEACHER  V;ANTED.-
AV-int'.'il l'l.ir .tin-   Vorl  Sti'-i.-j'
School, tt Ttyirliui- to <aki-i-iiai-
senioi-divi-itm. ti inn
, ' ,.-..■       i ■    . '   i.        i '        ■  •       ,'     ivi.-etei'l Wuli tlij? line,s. which the' I'liiiiiianv mav
. 1 '.ildi,■.&<■'">" 1>:'".V li»vim;i,ilni't'is ;iltt>i,'ni!ier  or. in  phri    ,      : .. .  .,     ,-      .       ,      .      , •....'     ■   "'•'>
'   'J '■:   yi'iiUur to-iHiM-of ,iri, X-uinpanv.  or ciiri- •!.,_ A^^f »'«t» l»»;Chas,' or lease Mr any term
" "" T-h.V ! rm anv I.t.sln.iW-.'.i.ahie.nf'l..,!!,,; cniluct™  s,, 1'"' A"' % .'AUf'. ''"•'"'■-'Ml''* <--n..imuy to co.istmct
i aud-'-iii'iWii'taiii 'ttiiy' such  lelephnni: line iiiitPin
Al. T.;(;ALii:'y\i;i:i'i.   y
.S'.'cr';t.;i'.'y Hiiat'ii in* Trtisl
.    ■■"  AND   "';; ;. ""
Forfi   Ste;ole   f».C
 'i'j nn any !iusine'.-.i::ip;il)!c.iii''!ii;iii;r cinidiicietl  so
lil-ff.-I'l-r-il.   ,..\|i- ; ;,s io.tliri.-rily nr 'iiitlinvily  licnelli 'this Oiin- i        ...    . . ,- ,        ..-■.,.      ■■■■-—■■■ —
..:■■,,    ,    ,■„_.,.: ,   ■■       , , ■'      I aniaitl-'iimite  M-illi  nr  lease .its' nie or    nus-ur
. •■■- i pan.',-:1 u.i Imi-rtift, raise ol-. >i.'i'ure .lhe.  pav/neia.      , •■■ .-,'■..- .    ..
, l     .        ,.',-■ ,i,.   ' -"    ,    ,, lanv (Hirttim on-piiriftms Ihereii   inanveiiiniiaiiv i
-.nf iiioni-.v in -.iH-it /n.'i iiii.'i,!!- Hie (.'oiiiiiaTivsliii 1 i. . *.      ,.       'fi .    •      ,    ',. ,*.,...'     '■: i
[   ,,,., ■ .-■,'■■•■       ni'^.-.-i'-ssin;,'as lirnprietiii-any line n|. telephone j
^""i-iv,-;,' ui.Hei- ,i„- Hand i„id>,.,.|,„oni,,ia. U'^»»«"'';''.i«- •"V;on..«ytlnif.»r.'i./h.-.^nnwie.l'.j
Viiuiria.   i-n'vii,,-,-  of  iiVi.Nl,  ..■.ilamhi.i: -l-IUs    r1-1',  °"; A'td     """«"">  'f1'"'  '"' Unes.and to j
■'1.-1.1, .lav -.-.I .riiiv.;;i.e.l!.'o,isa-,'1d..'.i}..|M..|M,-,v1fe(| [^"^«1Ul.-<- 1:.,.il^. bonuses, privileges ,ir,,M,er aids j
mid liini-iv-iiiii". i'l'i-cin nny pe.rsim  nr. body corpora te'and   with I
| nil ntlier,usual, neeessai-y or ineideuiia]   rights     '
General Blacksmith;    y-
■ ■v-.  :" ■ >• v .       ■■    ;-■"",'/.■.■'. ..■■■, ■' o." .■ ■'"■,■
'.'','■:'' f,.}" '■'■'   '.   ' 'CQ'-. '■"* ' ;    '■' '- ■'-   ■■■:'       ' > ,,-'""".   ~';.'■?■'■ •■ - ".,
;'r'.^'y:f\J,':ANDfJOiBBfNG.  ''fiy-A'fifi
■ ■ /•'■'   ' V.-. -':' -:• . ,."'.' -. ■'  -.-'"'.'■'■■'   ■    '",'■ ■'-';■ ..';:■  6'-   '.- '   ,:''-^
.■::"■"'  -^ -fi'-'-W:   '..:■:. '■   ^"^    :- "   -y
: Tfie Leadviile 6? f
;' *'■'*+•--
. -3-
i i..--.-
■S, V.. U"iH.l'l"l'f)N.
. .;    . ,-.■/■■•   , en' i   /• ■'■•      I powers oi'priv'tlci.'es  as liiiiy' biv netressary or |
■»-     .lt,-<l,»t,ar,,lJ,,f„l .y)riy-,»,r,vn,m*r    inHde,,,,,!,,,, the amiininnMl   of th,' ahoy,, oh- j
" '   '"'  "i"ji,i-ts.oi-any nl'Ibeni.f   ■'       ■ '   '     '
j. Ilali'd lliis illl.il day nil leliib|.T.IS!.i]i.
,;   ' "'    . IIAItVI'/V ,-i. .\lift-.\l,"i'|.:i(.
Sollfliors I'or (.lie Applifau'is
. t.' '    '- ' '-',."
The Eldredge
 '£)'}e ^ove Hotel'has bo'tJii  re-
ceiYtly es-i-eeled.   and  neatly   fur-
nis-'hod throiigliout;.; :, ,. .-
Cosy and Comfortable Rooms   •
The   Bui*   siipi'licd   -whli   lluiyUlilS'l'
,' * ■: lii-iuiels-ol" .Liqjiiii's ami Ciyiii'.s.     ,
I   Liveni. Feed & SalB Stable.
I    t ■' ••;■•■ -     "•■':,■■
!      ■ i-'tiri si.'vl.i- !-..<.:     ■
i i .■"■.• 01.ai'.-.'lhii!;,    'Si;i!/i-   n!,.-,.is   all
! r.'l i M -  -I '    l-'uVI   -Slfi'll: II llllt'l imi.
j ' .'
I        SAIMrl.K f:   I'A<:|<   II')|;sks
! ■ ■    ■ '    '■ ' ■ .     ■        '
|:i C'.A.MI.Vf?  ill-   .(Ll.   KIN I'i,-. A .SI'i:t:IAI.T\-
I -l:r.-.iti   -
; .. -   .- ■"■■■■   NOTICE..
■ I hereby i.'ivi' nolii'i' lhal   ihiriy  days'alter
' date I in I rm I lo apply to -i Ik'* i .'hii'l'i 'imiimiI.s'sIoii.
i-r nl I, Is and ' Win-Its. Viritirla.' IS.'i:. lor per.
lliisSinll !o |>tl l-i- tlll.i'.' I lie' "'"lloufiliy .llinifi-.iipi'.'d.
ine,;iir\eyeil a ml 11 lire served i 'row ii ..land -,il ir-
ale,l io l-:iisl K'ooleli.'t.v ,lese,rlbed aslollol.s:
('iilii.lili'lli'lni.'at a piisr plaldi'd nil >ntilli wsl.
ttoiner one mile uesl of. Kilt river. Ihenee SU
ehaile. '.\ est,;'     lln-liee   SU   chains   Morlji:    thenee
-iiehrilie. easl;  ih'.-:-..-e su clniins mini h'.'ii.  placi'
o|' be;', inn.liii'.    t "on I n in In:- hi n 11 v, III acres.
I inlet) nl, l''eriiie. it. i:.. :!:!iil i leudier. im:i.
Vi- in (.:. ii.l.i';\'ivi;s.      .1
MRS. 'UNDEI.HILL,      Proprietor.
■:-Aj.yfil^.pw&M\T£x. nvmeA'A..      fi:.Afi
'■;■■ ^l'^i'K^i'Y:^w-:doiytii1,i;ajir iEi-y-y
-[A- '-'■ -A'fi'fi'1 fifi' ':Pfit\--^\i>idi{Ssfifi.AA'fiy "AfifiA  fi-'fi
^The-termiiius of theNorth Sfcai^
RaiJway Bi^nel      y:Aafififi:'-'fi- .fiy--fifi
^[^>mLKyfiiAn6lfiiifiXi,,,mfiioy,d A
lor ••liWolin't-lfetT by l;i'io..L"A.'l-!6V'l_ST':.SL'L-''
}' l,:K-.l.VW*A.'|-') ,M INESlTN Trtl-l-XVOllLI^'
il.; -li-Wti-niictesai'tiy -lio.ionivy- '.t:  iji,.^/
cil,y ;,,   ' '■: . ■ "'  ■     : fi.,      '        fi:   ;.;
For, a safe'arid profitable investment, buy lots in, Kimberlev'
I f^^eeLe : CHAS; EStfJlE f?E
a; ,    y Sole /laenc.
Post.'Office Adtefe; Kinibtu-lev
via'Cranbi'oblc. B. (fiA    -L
«. - ■'
Superior to .ill cithers irrespective
of price.    Catalogue (efls you
why.    Write for one.
'•\^*S •"•*■•"**■
;:t::-:?s-.;CONSTANrrLy   on  hand
, ,3.-10 "ROADWAY,
Ne-.y Ynrk.
l.<'i'i::"li |-|-o;rdd;iiu).-('ii.ke-s
I'''i*(\sli KYi-i's cvi ry day
| Kroslii V.--.:vi.;ihlcs    -
'IVreslr' Fix-xa '.■']'
I'Vosh.Milk,mclljuuor j Fort: Steele and  Kimberley:
Ji-. A. ;£LTO.N,"/ A.-ipnt fa  '.'HE Pl-lo^FKCTOll, FORT STEELK.  ]ii-:<;.:.\-jiKi  1S90.  ^ijU J?ri?0pr^i;fj?xr+  SATUJU>.\y, Di-:ci':.vij  2. I hi)!).  .!  i  fo  New Method of Detecting Gold.  A  new  method   ejf   detecting  xlie presence of a .small quantity  tof ��old hasibeen recently discov'  ���ed by Dr. Ohlor. , By this nieth-  <,od '.1'l.ie presence of <juu.uti.ies  us  low us 77 centigrammes pqr  ton  may be established.    The operation is as follows:   .A quantity ol'  finely   powdered   ore,   say    J120  jgriiiULU-jf-*.'-.,   is  introduced   into  a  ���flask.    To this an equal   volume  of Jinctnre  of   iodine   is' added,  mid the mixture agitaied.     It is  uJiiKUi JcJ'li for an   houj*.   agitating  ���from dune to time., aud is  finally  .allowed tostand^.   When the solution  js  separated, a band of til -  iter paper its saturated with this,  .and tlllie paper  allowed  to dry.  'Titiity operation   i.s   repeated  five  or six times in succession,.ih or-  Vlfcr lo completely' saturate  the  3>aper.    Tt is afterward calcined,  and it will be observed ���> that  the  .;/.sh. wlipngold is present, offers  ���:i   -purple   color.      This   color  .should disappear quickly if  the  ash is -moistened'with  bromine  .water..   The test may ,be0 modi-  .fieeU iin 'tlhc following- manner:    A  .quantiity  i6J'   the   powder,    J20  i1!''.'i-t'il,1i,i-jijsc \v ���,-, ioi- ���.(������������vico i*  lie t'l'init'iin w.ij*.      \rrd  a   r.-'-ai.',  if sino.(jou by llm '.'pper ('--irul-i  ri* tho.-,e clays was. a*- the Toron-  io Xi-ws correctly avers, rejuiva-  ���lent lo'a money vote of u million  Croin the Dominion   under  present circumstances.  di-  ,1  i-i"- .  H  %  P  w ���  f  j'g-jiatrjLHiTifc.s, is covered with bro-  ��ne water, and after agitating  0 during the course of (an hour,  lhe solution is filtered. Upon  adding protochloridc of tin to  l'ilik .-solution, it takes a' purple  .color, in' tlie presence of gold;  ^irtiirtiSK the reaction known as  -'P-jU'Me   of   Cassius". "  In   the  o I* i  - -.case of .Wlfl-ftSicles the ore should  ,be ^previously roasted, -and when  ttlvie mineral contains a considerable proportion of  carbonate  of  ��� jJkne,, iiil, sl.\o,uld-be calcined in the  presence ol  ammonium   earbon-  ��� ^  Cheap .Deception.       . ���  .  .-Atnong roJtJhirer foolish practices  -. Avhle'k-Jaaveioflate  become-particularly, WDjicc��i>blc is the reporting, tof the sale of mining  prop-,  tarty iii the prospective stage  of  developments large figures.   A  copper'prospect  previously,   un-  . Jniowu and  unheard  of  is   this  wtsulc announced sold  for  $700, -  ���000:: ������������.not her,   a  gold  prospect,  for-��30(5,00(1-     Frequently  these  sales   pass   the . million   dollar  mark.    There can be but one object j.u making these false state-  iae,ijfai, and that is to givu io the  property    an     apparent    value  which it does not possess, and is  as bad as representing it to have  large   and   valuable  ore  bodies  ���vvhieh do not   exist.     These  so-  called sales are in most instances  merely contrjictsJ.o buy  or  sell,  uot binding on either  side,   and  the actual price   is  usually  one-  .tenth, one-twentieth or oven one-,  hundredth of the price stated to  the public. ' Tu most cases  it  is  -Uie intention of the promoter  to  .organize   a  corporation0 and   to  put the property in at the 'price  .-stated, generously not increasing  So, many Canadians mean to  go to Paris next year that  the Allan's have already received enough applications for  berths to fill the Tunisian, Bavarian, California!* and Parisian  for the whole of next summer's  season.' The company will not  however let berths so far ahead  lest a'corner be created by spec  ulators.  Debt of France Increasing;.  The French are beginning to  be alarmed by their growing na-  tional,,debt and increased taxation."which lately increased by  y.V'OO.l'iiO francs or nearly f-.nOrV  000 each year. Great Britain  manages all,her affairs with an  outlay of about $150,000,000 less  than France, though the United  Kingdom has now a larger population by about two million.   ,.  u1 tl')i",   jf',,   he *. - v.-..   'If'c-Jii    (i*  ~.\ mpVith'/.r wilh tin*   Hf<']**.   yt'1  he condemn**, tin- stnmjjle.     S'.ji  tins on   ihe  reiice   ihi1-..   wilh   a  tendency to   fall   on   1he   wronir  ���side.  G.    IP.   COOK.  Water Power and Electricity.  ���   According lo a paper read   before the Franklin'Institute there  are nearly .")0!' waterpower elec-  tric plants in the United  States,  representing   an   investment  of  over>r(50.0f)(i.iitiO.O(;0.    The  total  hor.*,e    power    represented    , by  water  wheels   is   over   i'OO.OOO.  The    power    is    furnished'   for  lighting L's,0i'<.> arc  lights.   K-l.V  (ilMi incandescent lights  and   for  ojieratiiig   about   l��0,000   horsepower of motors. There are over  Old miles of electric  street   railway operated   by   water   power  electrically transmitted.  Livery.   _'  Stdbl  I-\ ������: Ste! .1  TKAMIXU OF AT.!. l.-l.VDs Su'-ICITKt)  IV VOL*  WAN.'   v Uu.fi MKAI.  Sold His Wife.  Even    in    civilized     England  there are some wretched barbarians.     Thus  when  recentlv  an  'old man named Johnson' was  charged at Stockport with bigamy, he admitted that he had  married twice, both wives being  alive. ' But thirty years had  gone by since lie left his.first  wife, who had, he'thought, no  claim on* him as he sold her to a  chimney sweep, who wanted her  for a .wife, for a shilling and sixpence���32 . cents. Both the  heathen parties to the transaction seemed to think tli at thus  could marriage rights be transferred. ' ;  Parcel Rates to Cape Town.  The rates on parcel.*-,  to  Cape  Town  and   other parts of  British South Africa  i.s  1'f-i cents  a  pound or a fraction   thereof and  ^(j cents a pound  for-  every'additional pound.    Correspondence  is not   to  be  enclosed   in   the*-.e  packages.     Liquicl are required  to be put' up  in  sealed  form  so  as,   not    to   occasion    damage.  Fragile articles should of course  be put up with special care. Address must be full as far as  possible.    For each piu;cel the sender must' fill up a customs declaration, on which ho will supply an  accurate statement   of  the  contents and value of package, also  tlie  address   and   name 'of' the  sender.  Go to the  MONTE   CARLO   RESTAURANT  On lliverside Avenue  , *   i  William Robinson, Proprietor  'mkat.*-   at  a!.!.   nori**-C  s  JEW!  Ball Bearings in a Se-tviug Machine.' The weakest woman can  run the ELDREDGE B. without  harm to herself, or even gettirr j  tired. It's just fun for a well  woman to run it It is noiseless ;  , has self-threading shuttle ; automatic bobbin winder; complet;  set of attachments. , A perrect  ���machine at a low price. Warranted for five years. No other  as good at anywhere neir the  price. Insist on havinc; El dredge  B. There is an Agint for it in  your town.  National Sewing Machine Co.  new ifork and chicaco.  statement from'' the  Hall  showina- the result  of  the  Results From'the Hall Mines.   ��  Cl  The  following-  i��s  the   official  mines  company's operations during October..;:.Cop'pe'r smelting. 18, days  lfl hours:, 2,919 ton's Silver King  ore I'roni the company's mine,  and-lUy tons of purchased ore  were smelted, ��� containing approximately: Silver -King ore,  61 tons; copper 38.9)50 ounces;  silver purchased ore, etc.: 12  tons copper, 10,3S(> ounces of  silver, 332 ounces of 'gold. Lead  smelting, 20 days 22 hours, -Iii?  tons of purchased lead ore were  smelted together with' 192 tons  of Silver King ore from the company's mine, from which were  produced 149 tons of bullion,  containing approximately: Prom  Silver King ore, 2,260 ounces of  silver: from purchased ore, etc.,  I4."i tons lead. 15,770 ounces of  silver, and 082 ounces of gold.  Wanted:���Fiinni'i'o'-tenia or nlher in-  diibtL'ious persons of liur- education  to whom $-1(1.00 a month would be  un iiidiiceiiiuiH. I could also engage si'low- ladies at their* own  homes. '  , T. H. LLXSCOTT.  i ]->I*A>>"L'I*01{.D  T. C. ARMSTRONG'  ,FOKT  S'J'KKMS. B   C.  Manufacturer o!,  i ��  Tinware. Galvanized Iron., Sheet  -Iron.   Stove   Pipes a*nd  -    ' Copperware  BUILDINGS HEATED nml VENTILATED  1 '* '  Plumbing.  Pipe   fitting  and  all  kinds of sanitary, work  flip Tight���Hot Blast Stoves   .  Hydraulic   and   Air   Pipes   for  Mines        ,  SPECIAL  ATTEXTIOX  I'All)   TO  .lOB  WORK. /'.     .  /  COT OF PART OP STAND OF  ELDREDGE B.  Co.  E. A. ELTOltf, Agent.  iCldrcdgs M/jg.  Fort Steele, \\. C.  ) .  FOR SALE. -  <-    i  ��� An Ainulguinutoi' for workim.', free  millirri-- quartz. Save-, over* !)0 per cent  of gold. Weight with power iS.OOO lbs.'  .Made in suction*! for Packiim to mountain claim.- Can he seen near the St  Eugene *Missijn.  For Particular*:-, apply to '  J. A. H AltVKV, Fort Steele. B.C  HICHWARDEN    oV SON.  PIONEER  BARKER SHOP  Everything Strictly. First Class.  I,      i  Next door to the Pros-jiedor.  Wanted:���i-Jri-iht'inen^md women who  , are not, too proud to work" and would  like to make some money during the  next.c three  months   liandlinij , the  ,'wonderful "Ijisrht. of "Lite."   $,'1.00 a  ,     day Mire:   some make  twice that.'  " *' Kxperienre or capital nnni'.i-eb-ary.  BRADLEY-GARRETSON CO.,  LIMITED.  .    ' " HranU'ord.  it. The investor iu such stock  ���must necessary buy on an inilat-  ���e.d valuation and his chance of  .ever getting even, to say nothing of making .-inylhing I'roni his  investment is very small. Since  \ ,tlie war tax has required stamps  (��� ,to be fixed to Ihose documents  {, ^.fsoine have even resorted to this  |)i .cheap method of deception, putting a greater number of stamps  ,011 the instrument than the transaction actually demands, carrying the impression .that a large  ..sum of money was paid for the  property. These small frauds  jnay serve their purpose iu some  ft\.  1  ��������� .cases, but a careful discriminating public will in most cases un-  flerstand the situation and not bo  deceived into believing all they  hear  or  see.���Mini)if/ <.'��� Scie-nfijfic  .&?**���'���''���"���'."���   ���   ',; ���   ���    ."'  ������"'  ���. i  An Ontario Precedent.  Jt has been disebvered that  there-is'quite'-an old Ontarian  precedent for Canada's present  aid to the .Imperial cause ou  the  occasion of  a  great  war..  The  province of Ontario in the now  Jar-off days of 1855-(Contributed  ii, grant of -?l()0.000 for the equip-  wenfc of Canadian volunteers wlio  o Industrial Notes, o  "^fhe government of Uruguay  is about to expend $15,000,01)0 on  harbor improvements at Montevideo.  In Prance advertising posters  must bear revenue stamps varying in value according to the  size of the poster.  The city council of Akron. ,0.,  recently passed an ordinace requiring the union plumbers'  label to bo affixed to all city  work.  German production oi pig iron  during the first half of the current year was 4,000,000 tons,  against <J, 1100,000 in the same  time in liSJ)S.  The little town of Morehead,  Kan., has a co-operative hotel,  laundry, hall, creamery and canning factory and a co-operative  dining hall, with several co-operative farms near by.  West Virginia has become the  first for oil and lumber, the second for coke and .the third''for  coke. It has '68 railroads projected, eight, of which are now  under construction.  -f  Agents:���Oui' Christina** lunik*, are  ready. From Fifty Cents up. l"Yiur  books explained in one l-'rospei'tus.  One is ;���Famous .Men and Great  Invents ol the Nineteenth < 'entury."  (Ireat. Hattles, Croat Men. Great  Inventions and Discoveries. Progress of Nations, every great event  of the century. Tf you have a slow  selling hook or engaged in other  agency business you lo**e money to  eon tin ue. Mere is tho best opportunity for mttking money you ever  had. l>ig- profit. ea**y time, new  plan, get our oiler siiri'.  BRADLEY-GARRETSON CO..  LIMITED.  llrantford.  MININGpKee  THIRTY-BIHTH YEAR.    I     i\|jk >W T  24 Pages  :. 'Weekly  :  Illustrated.  INDISPENSABLE  TO MINING MEN,  $3 PER YEAR, POSTPAID.  r -ii '  SEX!) I*OIt ,*..\.*!!PI,I- COI'V. .      ���  |  EAST KOOTENflY HOTEL ;|  ��=   "���    - Moyie City, 13. C. 3  ss  ���3  MINING -'Scientific PRESS  330 MARKET ST., SAIT ERAITCISCO, CAL.    .  5X" Is a large and Attractive Hotel of quiet elegance in all its ^3  ;~E appointments, with a cusine of superior excellence -~S  ;E       Strictly* First-Class ' in   all   its   Appointments Hs  ^ jyiciVlaHon  Bro's,  Proprietors. 3  Agents:���Dreyliis: tlie Prisoner of  ( Oevil's Tsland. Full story of the  most remarkable Military Trial and  scandal ol the age. ilJig' book, well  illustrated, sells on sight. Snap loi'  canvassers.  BRADLEY-GARRETSON CO..  LIMITED.  Iji-anllord.  SttS-^* �� )'%��:��:**XH&^;.,'*;-r;��-S��*S-*<.->--S'**S >*!-������-��!!-������'**-S5j'!��r****^  Agents:���"Light of Life." 'J'lie New  'rcs'taineut explained and Lhe Lives  of the Apostles: two books in one.  Kndorsed by all clergymen. Uonan-  /.& Xor canvassers. AgenN taking  orders from three-fourths calls  made. II'you want a share in this  gold mine, hustle.  Bradley Garret-son Co., Ltd.  -UllAXTI-'OKL). OXT  A DIAMOND FOR A DOLLAR.  Attitude of Hon. Edward Blake.  An exchange says:���It-'is re-  gretable to note that thej Hon.  Edward: Blake, M.'P., has doubtless undpr strong pressure from,  his Irish Home Rule colleagues  taken rather a pro Boer attitude.  A   Limited   Special   Offer Which  Will Last for Ten Days Only.  IlKXriNK ISAHUIOS U1AMONOS have a  worldwide reputation, ll is almost impossible to distingiiish I hem Irom genuine diamonds costing- hundVt-ds of dollar.- each. They arc worn by the bi-st  people. We will forward a (iKN'tuxio  LAltltros IJja.mo.vi.) mounted inaheav.v  ring-, pin,nr stnd .to any address upon  the receipt of pn'C'e. $1.00 each. Kitr-  rings, screws, or drojis, ���'Jil' per .pair.  King- settings are made of one continuous piece of,thick, shelled gold, arid  warranted not. to tarnish. Kpeciiil combination oll'er fur ten (lays only! I ting'  and stud sent'to any'a'tltlress upon receipt, of i'111.iiO. l.n ordering- ring give  lin'g-er measurement by usi'iig- a-piece of  string-���also full .particular.'-': ''Address  plainly. h  TIIK, BAKKIOS   DIA.MOXU CO..  1181-1 ISM  IfJroadway:  New York.-  IS ['UIILISHHI) I'VICKY SATURDAY. AXD HAS A  OUAKAXTI'l-D OlliCUI.ATlOX l.AUGKK THAN"  AXV OTH13U PAi'KU IX KAST KOOTF.XA V. IT IS  Al.fi HOME i'lilXTIOU. ANU COXTAIXS DOUlir.i:  Till-: A MOT" XT OV N i:\VS Ol-' AXVrAl'KU IX THK  OISTIUCT.      ���  #  ���^  ���j-  V��*S-S>-i-S:-*3-#S: ��������*': *^��S'����**S**;--S'**5--*5--*S��i5-����SV."t*;-*��:>S--��'  ^ls   An   Advertising  Unexcelled.  fiMfieditim    It   Is  n mi  2--1  Vfrfrt&&&'f&-r-r*r&r'r&-f'ftf&frt&frfr&frfrr&*.  ^ m  ��j<   THK ri.OSI'KCTOK COVKKS A  llfSTUICT J[)  \b    f.AUOI'.lJ TI1AX SO.^rK KMriKKS, AN'IJ HAS A   1��  Jjj    I.AK'OK I'-Oni'.K-.X C-II.-CL-I.ATIOX. Ip  Ui t>  *��-3-2-i-*l-3^-S5-*!-5^i-S-3-2-3^i-3-3-3-3-3i-3-3^-3-*l*<^  The Paystreak Of Ad's In This Paper Pays From The Grass Roots,  And Never Pinches Out, Stake One !     The Result Will Be ;To  Your, Interest,  y  JOB PK1.NT1.NC  J3X.ECUTRD  OF ALL K'lNDS NEATLY AND  PROMPTLY ,.o  THE PROSPECTOR, ,/FORT STEELE, B. C, DECEMBER :', 1899,  THE   PROSPECTOR,  J IS -.rVBLitiifiLl:-    \tAAhh'lAY,Jfi)  THE   PP.OSPEC'J'Oii (fi''OIPAfiXY  .:: "4. fi 71" GliACE, ���- EDlTOfifi: AND  "fiPVBLlSflEB.  '     ���- fi'-'fi AA;''".'a fi -'......  THE- PROSPECTOR,. is'yrtil*lishoU  every Saturday, liner has a guaratirccd'  siren I at ion larger, than any <itlier paper1  in Kaj-t Kootenay. It .lS.all.li.O'm'iJ'-.I'rii-te'l  - end  contain*; 'double  the''n'e��"*.';��� of   aii;  ' pthe'r paper.ihilic distriel. , -  vis  an "advertising   medo'.in  it .is, mi;  excel Jed. ���''''���.-'.'.'   '���'���������."  ���,'; ������'������';��� '���. ������i.'.A  /���Devoted to the uplutUti'iip* or Fori Surli-, ' ih<  ���Development of theAiiot.'iiiiiicru!''vy)iirt-i-N '��� o.t  the East.Kooientiv intui-'iji tli^u'lt-i.,. ���    .-,-,,  '"������jlist-rii'itioiis. '.....  ,"r,.;J.ti-> pei' yeiir  Ai!vciri!.slnir"j*'iies made.Known on it (ijilic-iiti.tin.-  '.���ContribtU'loti.t a're ���.olK-i'.f-t.! 1I'tiin nilpii i-'-/ofitin-  dlstrict.biu all iiiaik'i- hitct'ulvtrf'i.r pv,!��iii':ivii;.i  cus't have the ���^���.-���Itt.-.i-'i.-M'.-niittire.  right away lias not yet put in aii  :i*l'ipear*i'ncei' ���.'.,[d3    ���'.-"-  1 ���- " '.���'���. ���������.* *fifi*mzm-fi,  fi'  Old   timer;-;., predict   an   open  winter.    On what the 'prediction,  is based, could not bti let.rned,  '* '-'--A::'":...'-������ *'\ .-���?,' ''y-fi-'fifi ". "sfi  '������ Since the, consolidation' of the  b'ig producing;; mines������; of i Mbyit'-'  less ���ii'*s;'.lre,arcl; f roiiii the -class ���: .of.  .bcmme'i-s-Avl*lb tricni tb/.giveVthe/  en tire, district fin black eye two  years' ago/'- .y:     .   ,':-.      ,  /���.���'!���'.-���>'��� '..���'���������.'  "���' East Kootenay :will":produce<r  vast!airipinit;of;.oi'e;,Ti'exi'':(scji'*,bn.  rT.li'C''-.->ilortij!iii\<;.'.''''>yi'll .V'i^.VObai>Iy:-''/-b��'-'-''  n-nirlv lis *!rVe.t.t asfr-Vm-any other  >mA-.fi  to  fizk.;  ���.��.�������������  >;,-*7\\.*T*i**f^\/  '-��"'���  ���'���-it).��;--*��.����� ���?���>.����� --4F  ���������������������#��������  Headauarters  for.y.Miiiin'g   and   Gommercial Men  ;';���,'''���', soctioit'oftthe'Ivorrteiittys.*  :THl'C''PA'pCD-'Kfl^-p.t(m'l!.V.i'*J..:!li'.-ihtt''i'i--!  I n io,: rrt r cn .��� ^i".'^-.^���...--- or .u-ixamiia -  'AC,o,.:.V.tii'' i-*..1,I**T-' '.\*-in<i!:'ii I!;iii,ii ��� liiiiliiiiif-T  Spu'tii-u-. Wii-li;-:.wCmhf .'.���i';!,iv:iki-..-..*'-Vii'n':liV h.-inii  Jorit..'-'-' ���:��� -'������. .'���   ���" .������"���.!��� ���'���'. '���'������'���.i'.' -Ay-, fi"-'''-"   fi   ',.-:'-  ���";. VICTORY IN THE,,SO-lTPA%,; :  Khnlifa'n'nc'i' .�����?��$'ng.,.Emjr's 'Sitting'iii  -'fi,'.-- ''������,.-' A. .\A .1v.''l.Combftt:i;::i!  'A'--, '::'---y  ���'       '���������...'���; ::":-  ���'���"'!'���. ' ��� -���'���   '������'   ���'���'-  - "-.'-fi --fi,"-''     ���'...,���.������;��� 'r'.-f..  y p'riro.'/'E.^p..^  ^budaiifBiMuVV)i6-,v ���'���"bey rlec'litrfed'  p.f/'-  Thic; ��� Petri pr'-;**-   '^i-',;//-'-! :'*1i<- n-yfii-y yfii-  ������fiAf.yiiv.vj ���'.J'.-r'Jl*'i>f ������'���^���.'if-..vViii!iti.--:.,:,l-;,-*:.'-li;i,:.ii-/t.;;' i*'-'"''!.'! cV *Vii;i ��� t ji'V^iir  ' rram-iso.>y-ai;i'..|-ina. ..'he iV i,v!|;<;i-itt-3'.-. S'.�� ail- |..11' ,AY fifi-'d'A  yert!>'n^-i!-,l'^^  ',-��� ,,     -���-~r777Z27"~7~~.      r~f?-r���^-^^^j  /j'h^by:*, W^^  .'���ul*.c'o'i'i{M  /l;,I^tTglapd/g-.yeJ  "'���"  -'''������ ������"-'-������ fi.fi'A ::':'���-:: :-���-   fi   ''���������jJ^A^fi l.piy (^Uimi'f'Dlgmiv'', t -ne-  pl'l U'C!'].)*ll'  ���^^���^^^pki^ii,  '������E3;tqriai' "fi .'Cbmhient,  fi-fiyfififififi.:A'"'"-������$-fiAAfi.fiTopics.  ;oi>��es^V'/(y''��^  y:'My:;'Tfti'ont^  fifififififiyfiairemoevfifi}^  y^yinaiiy-1'iv*^  y;!ye^!,the^  /i^elegraph're^  yfM^poe^:^  Mfifi:0^  !::fy^S^o^ld:iJrot:orfVto.^^i%  fifififimhfi'-fi^fi^nix&oM  |ity-;y��ou^e^r^om  ���������"���-���"������ - - -'    ' ���-���"��� ���--������-" !;iti::i;-iifte'r.:_a.';;*;lv  ;the ''.'p6^iu6ii'.y;:T;h'e.7K  'wasV'su'nio^  ::;j2!Tbroii^;Sta;r:-^The;;Av;a  mbdernf ;yBoery: ;;co mmandos-iare;  .���:-imade'.';':'t.6: 'movcRabout iffi'orn-���;piie  I.-,-. :V:.y.     ,���:. i;" ���-,"-���." 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Half! an; hour  later, 'the' whole liiie 'aclyancecl  and sweptytlirough :the/vdei'yisH'  posi ti o n foi- oyer., two. 111 i les; until,  the,'ca'uip .was -i-eachedv 7.-:-'.'��� ��� fi y - ' .'������'  .������...'��� :,The;iii0uiited ti'Opps ;pursued;  and captured iiibst ;Pf ''the' fugitives, 'a'- Tlie; ,Khalifa,';.witli:f nioSt  lfi fiAi.fi  fifi.fififififik.fi-.  II  WELLIYIAINT m&    HTCTRELp  Fro^^s,  :'#,���  ;;;-ivriteii,bp6k;,tlie"title: of  which,'of.his nieii'aud thej.emirs^';body  f'Vwill-be -'.lim Ward nar or :,.Thirty j guai;'d,.: made .��� a ' gallant; 'stauci:  ���"Years  iyfBustler,y;y ta^  ���-miries."'   lt''is'to...be .hoped:'that"; tiw. Tfiihiilifa's 'two  bi*bthei*s; and.  .Tiiii willy;fe"iro.-\7 : some, lighi: oiitthe'^iaudi\sso;ii.  ;''':'.;bsni'aii..YD.i,gna  where the gold-bricks caineirbni" left:iinm'ediatelA*' after the. 'tiring ���  ;,. wb'iclr; wer<yii'said :.''tu   have ..been '. begrtii.,.and.is probably conceal-.  ! 'taken from. t,he.;AlnVa,  and .Nellie'! ed, sPmeVhere iii, the viciiiity..'-, c,.l  ;" Woods', cla-iins   iu.  the1 C'poiir Ul' ��� hope eveiit.uaIly.tp get hiiny .A^e  ... Aleut!'.   'A.:' lot.   (if Utock.. of ili-j! took lire, eiitire dervish cum jr. .All  coi.riiia.ny was- sold" 'in   .Siiolcaiio.ythe d.er.vishe.s 'not;l-:illed-.surrend.-  lotie'mairinvestnkr' siri.-'Pfy     H.lered.       * ���>-. .',_ .-.'������'  W... l^ajrweatii.e:.*   was   jiileresied''!    ."1 cannot..sp'<.-.a,lc too highly  of  In the deal-sim'iehow. .        ,, .'j 'the   oxcolleiil   behaviour  of ..the  '    Erbiii ,the   .Scii'dan   (:<-irn*s an-j iroops and their endurance dur^  other /.cheering .vi.-tory,   io   the' "^ fifi]l(i   lo1^   odious,  marches  British forces. ' '.' preceding the dual action.. From  ,n, .   r-i   it, 1, ,1    1 ;    y  , i'i o'clock.in'Ih'e morninyof Nov-.  . ������ Hit.' Ivhahta-has niaclr iii> kt..-*i i ���   ���  stand.  -Agiiuiali'lo   is   in   furious  j*etreat. .'   Look*   out.-��� Corn  it is your', 1 urn next. ���Ex.  "      ���      - '  .^.rii.issia is iii line/for "-an ' ainic  .'able 'trade ir-;iii.y wiili iin*Uiiitod ,; ,......,..,.....--.-.��� ...  ';Stai'.!.s.    tlie  yuccess . nil.Mitliiig'���.'.  T|,,v l.-ii-iij.-iii \>t,ni   resirltsiils   uf  negotiations    wills     I'V-ince   h.n*- ��� spiikarie'--  li<>!d    ;.i    ineetiiig   .one  ' S|Hirreti vlii.- Cz.-if's tlipltinints   mi ^ui'/lil -la'st' WftVk ain.l r;iist.-d siinK)  l.o greater'el'l'ori.-.   i"   m-'-miv ' I lie yiy',- 11,,. , ,|-piians .'.-ind   widows/yd'  bciiielil.- "f i-eciiiriicijy.' ',. ii,-,. Si,,iitli AlVic.-iii war.  IH. ' lyk*   Engl,:i!Ml    <*in 111 rci-. 1 /   ���'  ���;i,ii'd' ;i iiiiexi'd .,! In- ' 'ra uge l-'n-e  Slali'.'and cviic.iia.l'.'d, il six ycai-s  la.lt-r.. ,. ,;!  :.-,Ii3'':-.ia.;,''large and Attractiye Hotel bf "Quiet;'EJegajiqe in all  fiyy'''-'-fififi-fi.fi its A]-)pbintments, with a;Gusine bf: Supericrr ,.;':/;  - --.-'-.Ay'';fi'A ���::��� ..fi'fi' ,' .-fififi--: fi'AA Excellences ;/::^--;;/'/-:''':-/./.*-i:yy^':'';."'yi/''' U  ''"'.'��� ' 'A'-,: :���'., A."'-' fi:' A.fi'fi.: '"-'<>fi'-fi: fifififi   " ':  fi.fifi'Afifiifi ''���'���Afi'-fi fiA'fifi'fi'fi >'..:   .-fifi  '.* '-fififi- JfijMfii&E fi ANB;;/:GOMMORi:OUS /;S.A^1PBE/ ROOMS-.; FOR  COMMEEGIAIvM'J^  p.,ri ��� ��� nioriiing   of   Novoii'ilxri  : they  inarched '!(.i miles and fought.two'  deY-isiv'e .���i.cfioii.s.  Everything/New, First Class and up to/date    ;  /  <  ;'In Every Particular.  �����.*v,  m .....    ,,..-���.....,............. ..,,...  & ' fifi fififi.' fifififi fi��A. fififi fi fifi fit fi-yfifiyyfifi'fifiA ^Aa fia: '.*.'������ /���- ;������ -: fi.A''fi: ":'fififififi:A  ���:&yranicshowing'.this^  [^fi'fi'''.fifi'fiA, '''j.fi.fi'fififi'fi-fifi fifi-'" fi A '..'fi'' -"fi"- fifififi,":fifififi' fifi-fifi-Afi::, 'fifififi.A'" .';.' fi A.":, -A', fiAy  $   FINE   LINE  OF XMAS  d6<>bs  "-f?y :���.   fi'rfi":-- . "���    -'..'..'' ..'���������     ' 'o' ���'     ������'-'   "������.."'*:���      :    '   |..;      '!   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'Call oil Bleasdell before you place your brdersUvith the 3E;   ,.,,,���. ... ���..,'.,.. .' ..-���Ad* ..  ?iU'  "'Pa  Webb's/ CHOCOLATES    /���   .;/ //.//;  '"������ ;: ".:       -ENGLISH/ PLUM, PUDDING-  /.'/" ,-������������ ;>.'*-]?:Buiixe4\K'Erfififififi,.AA-'fi a .'.���/������.  m  HEADQIJARTERS  .For Travellers ancl Mining; Men-  W  Tj?'known merits  #  it  .���'���"���' A"^*?A"  .  ..  ,._ ... , A-   ,  ./��� %&'"  rjieSe goods need no .praise I'roiiiine, they sei I oh their ^:/  .>*>-��-.  Pioneer DruauHaii  FORT '>-.',".  /.'STEELE  ���Wfi A." W. HLI��ASD]U>L, Gl'il,1',ilte Q,l1iu'i0 L:<��"!'^- <'r I'liariiui.-y ���#  ���!��*?'' ������   - ���'.'������   - Hfi'  iliilitijfe^iji-ijiijiife^  TtjET���.������7���.���'".���'!|.',��� *���!���."' *���".������* "I*."   *���>.���   t*." ���-!���!���   '���%*   '���**��� ."!*�����. '������"   '������" W '���."   1��.* , l|.�� ''���." �������.���' ���*.����� T(TT(T,TjiV''*-..��� T('.F  The  RESTAURANT' OPEN:.DAY   AND   NIGHT.  a 11 v ma 11  i !   We U'i'I'i.' 1'.' 11 iive  ' 'FERNIE,'6./G.  /.OLD TOWN'.  SPLENDID ACOOMMODATrONS /    :  ��� ������ /:' ..   '' .��� . ���     fi   ,.'; |  ���      '..  . "���'  Sample Rooms for Commercial Men  '...    yy   No Traveller Should Pass the Door,  H. W. DREW.  Proprietor.  fori) Steele.  The i'i-ii'i.1 "rims within feu fe  l.!;irn aiitl- plt'i.ily of l-.i.y liiiil ;_-:���.;!:  WiiltltM-f you Will never regrei it.  M.    A.    IaANOUSE,    -.  <>i tlie'Ji,;:  -    .Proprietor:, TIE PROSPECTOR, FOR"' =-'  :r-LE. P. C.. DECEMPER 2   ]-'<!"'.  ft'  J  li'i  I'lv  li   t  u  V  If  ?  ft'  is  ��iv  @;jjje ^rtf^pecfox:;  ���F��*t��-*cwiwir��(i j�����  WATL'JUIAV,  Dl-VlOU-KU^, J8!-��.  BRILLIANT VICTORY.  General Methuen Defeats the Whole  Boer Force.  Spt fi.il to Tiik tfiio'-iwrriii.  London. Nov. -!l. ��� 1 :."i."i --a. in.  ���Gen. Methuen has defeated  the whole Poor force al Modder  river.  London. 2!).���A special dispatch from Windsor .says lhui  General Methuen's dispatch to  the Queen after the battle of  Modeler river said lhat the battle  was the bloodiesl of the century.  The Hritish shelled the enemy  out of the trenches iind llien  charged. The re.siili was lhal,  havoc was wrought on the  Boers.  'London,���l*:!u a.   in.---Twelve  hours reded ion on   Lord   Mel linen's'  brief di-patch    has    only  served l.o  increase  anxiety  and  suspense.    All kinds of speculation is indulged in, in the absence  n! any indication as   to  whether  the Poors occupied the north  or  south haul* of the Modeler- river.  '   The best, opinion inclines to  the  ,'latter theory,   audit   is  pointed  out that the .British   must  have  been utterly  exhausted:-if  they  . followed up  the* retiring   Boers  and crush jLhcm as they crowded  over the  bridge,   their compulsory- line of relreat.  ,The   Morning  Posts   military  correspondent, who has  usually  shown    great   ability,   suggests  that the Boers  are still  oil  the  soutli side of fhe river, and that'  the bridge is in their hands.   He  points  out fhe   danger   to   lhe  small British force, which cross-  ���    ed   on  pontoons.    .The   importance attached to   this  pontoon-  ing operation i.s proved  by, the  fact that  General   Rede 'Carew,  one of the only ��� two  Prigadier-  G-enorals. was selected to superintend it.   No word has since arrived either from Lord Methuen  ��ov    from   Natal.      Speculation,  therefore, is useless. '    If  is   be-<  !' lieved that, Lord Methuen will be  - instantly reinforced   from   Cape  Town by  two   battalions' of  infantry, a detach ni en f of cavalry  . and a battery of artillery.  Col. Albrecht, who is directing the'work of the Poers'in opposing Lord Methuen. was originally im office]" in the Austrian army.  ! i11<i" :it Natal is full uf hope.  Col-  etiso will be reached in   time   to  cut Off the relreat   of  the   Poors  at Tuga river where a big battle  i.s expected.    General Hillyard's  achievement  al   Beacon   Hill   is  recognized as one of the best successes of the campaign.    General Methuen's victory at Belmont  i.s regarded a.s the iirst real   vic-  lory oi' the campaign.  The Boers  are falling 'back   <m   Warren toil.,  fifty miles from Kimberley.   The  whole .situation lias been distinctly cleared   since  fhe  arrival  of  General   Bulier, , though  doubtless the British will   have   many  difficulties  lo   overcome   before  General While is released.      Dr.  Jameson arrived in England.'   ,  The HYonch  government   will  establish an'embassy iit the   Vn  lican.  , La BaiKiue National, at Mom-j  niagre, Que.', was robbed of si.". - j  (liiii. ," ��� ';  'Russian railway construction  iu Russia may be prolonged for  Ion years.  Tho wheat yield of New Soutli  Wales will total this season l.'j,-  (i{i(),0()i) bushels.  13: Reliue of Nashville. Ten.,  won the -IK hours bicycle ra'ce in  Kansas city.  Steele  Fort Steele, B. C.  "We    are  not   "the    only  the   tree  Lpple   on  J3u.t we are n^ents for ��� '  The Cnruidirin Pacific Telegraph. Co.  The Canada Western Telephone Co.  , CALL AND SEE US.���Ask l'oi- a good Cigar, Ci��-areiio.'Pipe.  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To Stock Banff National Park.  c'Phe Interior  department  ha**;  ])iirchas<'d   a   herd  of   elk    i'or  Ban If National .Park.    It  is  understood that  an  effort ��� will "be  made  to  stock   the   park   with  moose,   mountain   sheep,   goats,  antelope and other animals suitable to  ihe  climate  and  conditions which exist in the locality.  This will no doubt result in malc-  ing the park more popular.   The  idea   will   generally   meet.  wilh.  public favor.  Breakfast Bacon and Hams .you cari r<��iy -ijxiii bcin<r l*Ye.**i- and  ollhoBesl. ' '  ORDERS   FOR   FIRE -WOOD Wl LL liFCF.J VK   ATTENTION.  McBride Bro's'  STRANGEKS   'ALWAYS, 'WELCOME'  EVERYBODY   'CORDIALLY   INVITED  C. E. Mansfield and C. A. Coucrell, Pronrieiors  fo  Ir.  l?A  ,  '  ���-.V.  Sparks From the Wires.  Spi'CISlI tO'L'HK I,lt0-*I��1*<   I OK  London, Nov. 20.���LordMeih-  en's forces had a desperate action with 2,7)00 Boers near Gras  Pan. north of Belmont. The  heights were carried, the enemy  '    losing heavily. <  - ' Capo Town. Nov. l'O.���The  Boors occupied Stonuburg. Cape  Colony. Sunday morning.'  Durban. Nov. 20.���Noon���Telegraphic    communication     with  Es'tcourl, haS been restored,  y  Sir Red vers Bui lor looking the  pink of health, arrived here this  evening, 'and   immediately .proceeded up country in the Govern  ors car.     He was enthusiastical  ly cheered by 1 lit* people.  lisloourt, Nov. 20.���General  Jouborl is roliring from the vicinity of Mooi river and Ladysmith.  London, Nov. 1*7. ��� Dispatches  from Pioicrmaritzljiirii* announce  the itrri\;il of General Bailor.  Tie mel with a splendid reception. Railway communication  between E-toourl ;uidMooi river  have been resiored bv (.'eneral  Dunrolds force, and the Mooi  river   column   entered   l<"**l court'  Found Heaps of Spanish Gold.  'The Cuban wreckers who have  been employed for the  past   .-.ix  months . stripping   llio  Spanish  war   vessels   destroyed   by' fhe  Americans in tlie battle ol'  Santiago, are reported io have found  ��19.000 in 'Spanish' gold, in' the  cruiser Almiranto Oc|iiendo. 'The  golcTwas foundin a  safe  which  was opened by diver*-* y(;sterd;ty.  The presence of so much gold on  tho war ship was due tocthc  belief erf   the  Spanish   commander  that Santiago would  be  taken.  but that some of the ships would  t     ' x  escape with the money. .   ���  ���t>~  .the B...C. ASSAY & .CHEMICAL *.  **���      *!-..   SUPPLY CO.; Ltd.  (LATE MauEAREANJS <fc CO.)   '    ,  ���   ,f.       Vancouver,    JB.    C      -iff  Wo''are Manufacturers'and dii*ecf Importers, aud carry a  large stock of Balances, Furnaces, 'Fire Clay-Goods, 'Scientiiic  and Practical .Book's, Glassware, Platinum Good.*-. Acids.  Chemicals, and all other 'Assayors' and_ Miners1 requirements.  SOLE AGENTS for Morgan Crucible Company, Battersea.'Beck-  '   ���    er's Sons' Balances, Etc.      , J  f " �� " o  Catalogue and full particulars on application.  wi ��� _,_ i A -,- ., ,     _,     ^'    _  _��        '  dTlrmHj ihjT^ih>LriJTJxrui^^  THE LARGEST STOCK OP  HARDWARE iu East, Kootenay."  HEATftNJG   and  COOK STOVES  Shelf t  Hardware  >   Powder, Fuse, ;\hd Caps  i ' r <  Miniiiv'Supirlii-. Drill Si.ji-1 ot,*.  ^^uiiiiiiUiiuauuikuuuuuuuuuaiiuuuuiiuuikauuuuunuiiiiuuikiUiuiiiJ^,  DALGARY.FLDU  PREFER IT WaN^'OTHE  I  (.'llc-lt'd.  a     Difficulty Not Settled.  'The report last week that  the  difficulty    between   the   miner's  union and the mine owners in the j''' s l��  Slocan had been settled amicably  proves to be without foundation.  The   secretary   of   the  Miners'  Union says  there  i.s  absolutely  no truth   in   the  report,   and   .J.  Roderick    Robertson,   president  of the Mine Owners Association  says   ho   has   heard   nothing   ol*  any sett lemem.  ' NOTICE.  A   yunur-iii���rnl'uriiij' of Llio   ���I'uiirlxjr.-  <-f tlio Kootc-nay < 'lul- liu*   lioun   i-rdlt-il  for T-it-'Ml'ty tht:   llltli   l)c(.'(j)iil)t!r'  next.  in.      A Jtill moinlxjcr-bij) i*. r-c-  M. A. 1-5KAI.K. Sucretiii*v.  .    Tlie Plioexiix Pioneer.  The   Phoenix   Pioneer-is   (he  latest exchange received.     It  is  published   in   the   new   town  of  Phoenix, iu the Boundary t country, by Walter   B.   Willcox       It  iS ;t. bright newsy   sheet nnd will  show uj> the wonderful resources  of ihut camp.    Mr. Willcox is  a'  veteran    newspaper   man.       lit  w;ts     editor     of    the    Spokane  Chronicle in lS^'ii, at ihe time ol  the bin- tiro.  To Investigate Labor Troubles.  R. C Chute. (��). C, i.s now in  Wesl Kootenay to look into llio  ditferc.nce between lhe Miner.-.'  Union and the Mine Owners.' Association. Mr. Olmlo wa.*, ihe  commissioner *,cn1 oui to mves-  N".-<l scandal a  stock  i:tst.  Enrjiire     7 c.  Black Bear       :]\c.  Kimberley Consolidated,, 10c.  i  Can    recommend    Empire   and  Black Bear for'quick profit.  Chas.   Estmere-  Mining and Stock Broker.  Iviinberley, 15. C.  Stirring .* '        ���  War Times.  Von all wiiiit ilie latt-t and lullcht  war* neu.-. Vou will line] 'H fM 'Hie  \V*inrii)iosj Trihtirit!. ^.Spurial ari'iuryi-  iiiiiilt- h.ivu hecii uomjiloti'il bv Tlie  'I'r-ibunu io M-cni'u tho vury lullc-t, anrl  mo.-t reliable new- Irom iju; f,oal. ol war*  in .Soutli Africa.  If yon f>ct \oin- nniil even nvo or  tiiroe Ltnie.- ii weelf. 'J'lio Daily Tribune  will be found ol j-reat inu-re-t.  lJirn't, fori-et tliat it, i- mailed to  any iiddiv��� ofor ."l.��; [mm1 niontli. or **1  for .'1 inorubft.' '  The Weekly Tribune  'I'lie ������ real, liiinif\ new -pajrui' and  tarinei-.*.'I'riond���iii jMi-,^. 11-> ��.0]lim,lr,  of I'oadino matter each i���no--i*. rnailed  Irom now io .l;ui-iar\ 1. i:nil.,lor  The North Star Hous  c  ���Jw  a  4  2!  Has now received their  Xmas   Chocolates and  Candies.  a  lus])ection invited.     Pric-.e.s Low.  -3  4  C  , t  t  t  The Tea, that the Norlh Star House, sells for invalids i*, fc  most refreshing and if you ha)>pen lo feel a little unnerved  I we certainly recommend you to try a jnicka^o of their Best  a Ceylon Tea it will do you o-ood.  4  3  -^  a  ^  ^  If you   want a'u'ood  <{uioi.  ^ame of Billiards or Pool t  Only One Dollar.  ���*<?-*��  biRKS' DIAMONDS"  M  on Sunday.     The   Rsicourt   <-o  umn iminedialelv commenced  io ! 'm'Ule 1 he Crow  advance    toward**   Colenso.       A I r'nv V(1;,I'S !l^-  special  dispatch   from   K-doourt I ���<   t,-,i,���'"~o~1       ,"    V ~   .  1 ' . | St.  John s Church of England,  daled   Sundav.    sitvs   th<*   Mooi, ... .  . .        .   .       ,   , . , ! Divine service will be   held  river column has lomed  (joiHrral i.,        ,   ,    .  , .   , . ,     St.    John s     cluircli      at  torce.s and is  ed   this mornim* al  I'riere. about |  ini<lway    lietweon   Kstcouri   and1  (.'oI'MlSO.  ho,.,!..!,. \on     -i.    The   cas-,-,' "i{i:s,n n;i.-i.\x ,-,., ,  a, la. lie.-, (>f the. Naval ljiiya.de a.t-j .. Tliere will be preach in- every  tlie b;i,ttlo..of j |.'ras. Pan was 1.0"). Sunday at .lln; .Presbyterian  The (.ireiiildiers it.nd Scot < 'dards j church at M a. m. Sunday school  losf 122 at Belmoyf.      The. feel--jut 2 p. m.  It i-ontaiu- ih,- i-mnj>].-it- war neu-  ol llio week.  Thi- local jL'iii'i'.il eleetion- lor  -Manitoba are ai liun.l. ,I'h-- Dominion  eli'i'tion- niii\ not be \eiy larauav.  OoiTt be.miVled Willi i-arbled poiiiii-al  reiiori-. Snh-eribe lor Tli,. Tri I in no.  ubich i-tibli-he.- tin*- acln.d fa.-i-,md  ;l11<iws the people to jikIj-,. lor t hem-  -ehe-.    Addre��� all order-, to  The Tribune Publishing Co.,  AVinnipeo-.  | don't forrw*.! the table ;ii, the North Star House.  3  fi" you   want   Wholesome Br*^id and Hie-h Clas-. Cakes t  3 go to Kershaw's.  3  3  3(  3  For a Clean wid Comfortable Bed applv   at  North Star House. Piverside Avonu-'. Fori, Sine  will i-el it.  t  t  Kershaw'.s c:  lo ;ind   vmi t  ���ITT^TTTTTTTTTrntmTTnnnTTTrn-fTnnTTnTTnTT-rTTTnTTTTTTnTTUTTnTTTTTrTTn  Al.  Hillvards torce.s and is hi voitiicK*-1.,,  ! SI ra Hirers welcome.  Sunday   school   at   2  AIM he children inviieil  . ;ji i.  ���JO   p.  ni.  'II.  Aieknoun for lii);]i c|u:ilily 111-0.11,11011,  C.n.uli .md tNt-'vlicie , Hie iin,, :,.,v,njr  liuiiiln-d-ol ciislouiiri!* -c.uitr-.il .ni over lhe  l>H]lt.-il al.itt's anil Cm uln Mho :n.'kf l..rjit  ,jmclin*.i-s \t.ii .illii u'.ii.  II.ni>  Iln'v-.s. si.u^ coulini- tliuiii-il\t >  to tlljll   ^.   iJcMMllNW1!   "Ulll CM 1}   I lit 1.11./  ������-* *l<" k ol    T'llnl  I'nl iiniiiniiuttil items  111 Lilt* Olllll' 1     'I !n  -ii/no'iivoi slii-h \i I,,-,],.  -ilcliiiyiiin 11 irtisiuiy s.li ilu-j m.iki.  H is ;,u i.i tlv s 1,1- onlc: n\ Tiy niiil    imi  1. etipt ol tin .mi on nt tin  in ni mil tt nil lli/;  lust   pussinli   I  ���   |l���.   (,.Ke   ,,,���]   ,,f,1M,|   |ilt.  iiiujit} 111 liiil-lioiildilii arnclc l.n! iu|>li-is>'  Wlilf lor illii-li.ili il i.il.il,it;vii..     '  Jew dry,  Sicrlinti Silver,  Silver Plate,  Watches, etc.  ifcnry Rirk'S&Soiis  Binr.s- BUILDING  MONTREAL     .  Ji:wclll''f<.  ��.   His iKxccllt'llCl'  the Karl ul'Mir.10.       :  'The   iYEil'wr-aiihee''  A l-miili-,1- ii.-iiiic Im- iii,. t ���h'r.rn'.  Milumikui-iV si. 1'iiu! i;nilu.-i\. known  all m i'i- lhe I'nii 111 ,1-   1 iit.   <;|.,.jn   i:..||.  U.-|.\ l-lllllllll" till' ������/'until, l.hlllhll. '  11,11!!-, <-\. \\ ,|.|\ tli|(l ui^lij |���.|ui'i'M Sl.  ,''M|1      ;l|lll      <    1,1<',|00.      .Ulf\      < llll.lll.l     .mil  '' '"< :er".    -Tl nlv    j 1, ,.|,.('i   Hams i,,  tilt    UtH'lll.' l',|ll,.| sljlllll'       1    l)||,|,>,'| ,,,||s  ���"'* "1:1,1,��� \\ II h AH Tl.'iM-.*olll|ll,'ll|.Ll  l.llli'-.    ..ssin-iiij    to ]l,'|ss,.norl's 111,'  li.-sl  -' 1 ��� " ���' Kiinuii. IjiiMiriou- co.u'li, s,  "I. ' li*ic li--li',s. sli-liiu Iio.lI.. of ,1   '.'i n\   -il'-il bv no otjlici* liriu.  "-"������ lliiit yom-(ickct. i"-;nls \ ,.-i Tin  Mil '.-nik'.,." u-ln'ii ooii.o 10 ,,i,i i.i"ir  1 ' 'in   I  nitcd Sl.il, s  (l|-  r ,in.nl.1 v   1  "���('Ills   -,   l|    (|   ,.,,,  l-'or r;ui'S. |i;ini|i|]litls oi-. otJu'i- jnlVu'--  111:1! ion. 'ml('li',,..ss.' . ��� ' '.y  ��� I,. \Y. (.:.\si.-.v. c. .1. ���Ki'mV.    .   ���  '   ���'  'i'.i-.-lv. eils.s.'A ::���!..   . ' ,';, .,,,.,���;.; A,./,...,,..  ���>!-:avi*i.k.1u-.\.-ui.' i-oirn.A.vii. oi-:.  KIMPTON   &   PITTS  WINDUKAlliKi; gf DONALD  General Merchan  Mining supplies a Speciaitu  Alinei-.s ooi,,o- iiorlhwanl \ ia ("ano.- I*iiver h'otife \\ ill \]ni{ jt a |-:  saving .-ind coiiveiiieiice to jtrocmv their *-ti]ipli(^ at   Donald.  SOLI-*, At.'KXTN ior  (>anton   Steel (J()]npany  "Wind'-ru "i,.. <.,,;,!,.1, ,,,,,(  I>t.��� i��iI(i  '��� ��� -Villini.'- Divisions.  I'iXC  ���'   .' IJ  .  41  Agents  at  Windermere, for tho California Giant Powder Co TIIK  l>'AJ/n]'\:VTi)U.   F(),l'V  :!-.:.  (fi. DF'AFAWFU 2, IMifi.  ��hc ^v0$p#E��f***  cU r>  i.iJAV. !)!.<  i.MKKU -. I1-1'!'.  Of Interest to Miners.  A new industry has dcvolop-  ed---gathcring scrap iron. Kvery-  whore throughout the Unit<'d  Slates men are scouring ������the  rural districts," buying up old  metal of every kind , uud selling  it at'from *1- to ���?!.") a ton. Even  the junk business reports,, a  '���booifjT.  ,- Sheet lead for tea packing in  Formosa is brought from Aus-  tralia in" pigs; nfuvr beitrir melted it is poured between two tiles  the required degree of thickness  for the sheet being obtained by  foot pressure, then trimmed to  suitable  sizes   and   shaped    for  . soldering.  When an ore deposit occurs in  a massive rock like granite, porphyry of any kind, felsite, aude-  ' site, etc., and there is found an  extensive crushing of the country rock along and inclu-rling'the  vein, crosscuts are of the 'utmost  importance, for tluybe'st defined  ���wall often proves to be "merely a j  -'plane of fracture within the mineralized zone, beyond which pay  ore may again'be found: and be- j  cause a-crosscut in  one   portion'  of the  mine  is  without   result,  should not deter the management j ft  1  ���;-.��� kepL tts a jl(,-i',- On.,  -  iiilld uy th ; -N'' ih'liui ''i-nU'-'d, (j,  ').\iord. in 1:_':.'J. aitd hiis 1-f-n ob-  *er\eii ever since.  St. Kdward   .sitltered   much   ;rt  ihe hands ol  the  Dimes,   iind   in  his youth' \ owed lo make  a   pilgrimage to Koine. '   A.s  soon   as  he became  king   he   wanted   to  fulfil   his   purpose,   but   his   absence  from   England  portended  such danger that  Leo  IX.   dispensed with the, fulfilling of  his  vow, on condition that he would  give to the poor the  amount  of  money    the    pilgrimage    would  have cost   him,   and   re found   a  monastery in honor 'of St. Pel or.  This led to the re-establishment  of the already ancient Abbey   of  Westminster on a new and   magnificent footing.      The buildings  were   completed   and   solemnly  dedicated   to  Sl.   ruler  on   the  Feast a of   Holy   Innocents.   (De-  comber'l'S. A. IJ.",  IU07-). and considerable   portions   o'f, them   re*  main io t,hi-"> clay.    On account of j  sickness the king  could   not   attend the dedication service, aud  jhe'onlv   lived  long enough  to  P  or'rt    St fee  uV .2 (Cw'  rawing    Co,  FORT STE&.4*  B;  C  MANUFACTUKEI-S     and      JJKfiW'l-lJv'S    01''    MXTIIA    FINE  complete  Ready for prompt Shipment J N 01 :i  PLANTS  KOSSLA N D WA HE IJ OILSE  BEER  PORTER  BOILERS  HOISTS  Rand  Pumps  buckets  CARS, WHEELS  and AXLES  I :|  Wire Rope and Supplies  Compressors  Drills  Write for Estimates and Catalogues  IJENCKES MACHINE CO.  SOLD   -BY"  THE    BARREL,    KEG - OR     BOTTLED  Bottled beer for family use a specialty  OUTSIDH OPvDKKS LMVKX STRICT- ,-���, PROMPT ATTENTION  CANADIAN RAND DRILL CO.  <���'-  ROSSLAND,    B.    C.  V. 11. MENDENIIALL, Manager,  know that' the  wits  com-  I N. HANSON. 1  ; pieteu, ���   ��  j    He was the first one, buried in  | Westminster Abbey., "being  laid  at rest' before   the   high    altar  | there in  a   tomb  inclosed   in   a v  shrine and   adorned  with  silver j  by  William   the  Con  j  His body was removed j  to a, richer shrine bv,St. Thomas'  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED r,,I^A��La!\  Sick & Muts, Prop's.  Irom making  others ..elsewhere.  Oosscut'ing should   be  carried I ll"-un  on svstematicallv iu view of this.  Scievtiriri^^^Wh'Q^W 1�� 1V&-  ' ianrt again after the rebuilding ol  I ' i    *-  1 the  church  by  Henry  11.   that  , monarch had a most  .-umptuons  It all sounds simple, in the  vp-;>hl.ine .e'k.ted for   iu   parc'of  ,citai.   ".The wonder of the thiny  condition.���Mining   ,  Prte*.    'A _______ ..  Marvels of the Ittcdern  Locomotive*.  comes itilo view only,'when one  - reflects on the speed and nicety  'with which the cumbrous parts  are made to do their duty. The  piston and connecting bar of a  modern locoinolivo weigh some  six hundred,pounds. When thei  speed is sixly miles an hour  these parts travel back and  forth live times a second. , Ten  times a second; 'at, .the end of  ��� every stroke, the piston head ��� is  part  which'still .remains.  St. Edward was the'rirst to resort to touching ror  king's  evil,  and Queen Anne'was the last,,to  iperforin it.  CARLIJXT  & DURICK  *. at  resl. Itc-iunsl p;iss from this  condhJ011 l�� !1 velocity of I,8t)0  per miJiiii*.; ���" one-twentieth of a,  second. The i^'ive-wheels moas-  nre more than ll J'Od at every  revolution, but when going sixly  miles sin hour I hey must l.tirn  more than three hundred times  a'minute.   >-   ���  Sixty miles tin liullJ- tu liie  merest coiumon-place lo llid  mind of the up-lo-dato railroad  man. hul.it means other things  besides ihose described thai are  wonderful lo Ihe outsider.1' It  means a. sleam pressure blow on  each piston head every tenfh of  a second. I), menus that up in  1 he crib the liretnan is throwing  into the I'limnee two-thirds of a  Ion of coal every hour: Xo. S)l)'">  burns coalj'aster than ten <rneii  can mine it. Et means Uvo f[U{irt.s  of,oil ovary hour t,o keep her  journal boxes greased and every-  Ihin-g running smoothly. Et  hieans that the   enyine   with   its  After Forty Years.  A sailing ship called theTsaac  Bell. ladenSvith coal from  England for the  P.   A-   0.   Cpmpany  was wrecked  some  time  in  the  winter of 185S-U iu the vicinity of  K'iutoan Beacon* ' Now   native  divers are busy recovering what  i.s left of her cargo, which  is' as!  i'resh and iu as good condition as  when    taken   from   the   mines.  Some twenty years ago divers  were working at the r'einains  of  the vessel and  brought   payable  quantities of coal to the surface,  but the silt suspended operations  and from thcti until quite recent  Iy the alluvial deposil   had cov  erecl lhe wreck,  GENERAL  Fort  Steele,,  General Merchant  L,iqri4or Dealer.  AND  Sp     Manufacturer of all Kinds of Lumber,       A largo assort -    ^S  g^ ment of seasoned Lumber and Shingles always - ~3  S^* on hand. rsg  g: DIMENSION      hLIMBER      A      Sl-MOCIALTY, _        |f  |    ^ WflSfl; - - ��� BG.      I  ^iiiiiiiiUiiiiUiliUliiiUiiliiiiiiSiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiUiiiiliiUui  ,<-, ,j  MERCHANTS  Eest  Kootenay.-  Sole Agents *��lh..6aH|^|lS-tgg|  COMPANY  DON'T   FORGET  This 'Steel is guaranteed to be equal to Jessop's  or  Firths in all  Hard Bock Work. ,       '  Soli-: Agents  Sole   Agents  Crow's Nest Goal Wany  Giant Powder Company.  The Steele House  half-dozen curs unci load of hu- j  luati freight is moving through i  space with Iwior the power or a|  one hundred ton lmiu.      It means!  Mrs. Bostock's Brother at the Front.  Among those Victorians who  watch with painful anxiety for  news from Ladysmith is Mrs.  Hewitt Bos-stock, -whose brother.  Lieutenant Cowie. belongs to  the Dorsetshire regiment, but is  attached to^ the Devonshire for  the campaign. The young officer i& seeing the verv keenest of  ���"   <-       , *       .  thco righting in consecptence of  being posted to General While's  division, tie is a son of Hugh  Cowie. Q. C. of Ethandale.  Wimbleton. Eng.. and chancellor  of Durham.  Mining- Supplies a Specialty.  W  E  S'  GREAT  Nortlierti  Railway.  First   Class   Brands   of  Liquors   and   Cigars.       Head-  quarters      for   ' Mining     Men.        Commodious ,  i  ���Sample.   Rooms.        Best   Cuisine   in   the  West.,     Modern   Conveniences.  i  Home    Comforts.  S  D. McNeish  Proprietor.  The Oldest Iron Steamship.  The oldest  iron   steamship   in  that ihe ono'meer has worked upj,hu wor]d  ���_���   t)K>   Un'jted   iStatos  to   a  poini  where  she   can    use, sl,,.lllH... Michijrsin.      The   vessel  every pound of st.-.-ttn. that he is j u..(>   t.(.,,f,lnjcU.li   al   Pittsburg.  uging her as ;i iockov   urirt-s   his   p..  mount in a tierce race, nnd yet-il |  means that hij is ready at   a   sc  owl's notice lo move tlu- reversing lever and apply the air  brakes that will stop the mighty  steam avalanche within the distance that it covers as it stands  on the track.���Exchange.  in   ls.n-:i:   the  parts  were  transferred to Krie, put together  [and   launched   on  December  ."),  Till.; SUKVICVOIIS  CHAIN   .MAOH  IT Till-:  TKAXSCONTI.VKNTA I.   l'Olj'1'1':,  SlIOIM'l-lS'l  ft, i^ the 1*10-1. motlui'ii in 'uriiiipiiiont.: il. i** t.liu IiciivH-t-t i*it!lecl line*,  it Iin*- :i roclc-hitlhist  roadljod: it ito-jo*) no srtiid di-^ort!*: it, was   linilt  without, :t land <<r':iiil or ^ovorniiicnt  ;iid: il  i** noted for crnirtesy of Hs  employe-: it N t.lio only Yum ai-i-viny  tiu-iil-on "tho it la carlo plan.  TflWOl'dU tui-:  GKANDKST Sl'KNKUV  IN A.M KKICA  MV   UAVUCriT.  PREMIER HOUSE  St. Edward, the Confessor.  St. Fjdward the Con feasor  by    Pope  l^Jo. The original machinery,  with the exception ol the boilers  is still in her and in good   condi  tion.  Tlie  wa.s  canonized   by    Pope    Alexander  IIF, in 1191.   lie was born //in Ox-  i'ord.shire in loi.il, -aiid.,succeeded j '���  .his father, Ethel red. as  King  of  England. A..- D'. !U 11. ,    January o j il  (the date of his   death,   in , lO'liH)  was first kept as.a--festival in -his  lionor. but-later the festival  was  transferred l.o October !'', in lionor of the   soleriin   translalicjii   of  his body, in   ! H>-J.  by Thomas' a.  Beckett ih the presence of Henry  Ji.    Tltis feast was first ordered  vessel is an iron  paddle-wheel steamer of (i8."p Ions  displacement: length of keel, lire'  1'eef -I inches, long I h between  perpendicular-*,. Kil' feet, (i inches;  breadth oi beam, l'7 feel: depth  ol. hold. ]2. leel���-7A inches.  For KOrrr STKl-'.l.l-: :ind the KAS'J' K'OOTKiVAV MINKS. Woi-ldy  Stii-ro   from  Kiili-iH-'ll.    bloiinilioiit I'ommunii-iition*, fi-oin .luiiniii<;��  (liii-riry  Kiiiiiinoi-.    (Jiiickosl and   Mo-t  rmitc- to rill  ---ii'l- r>f the-  United  -stale*.,   l-'a-torn C'anadri and   Kuropc,  For map*-, ticketh and coniirk-H* infor-intition etrll or- iiddre.-.-  ncare-t  atu-nt or  f.O.nrXOX.doncrii!  AiriMil.  Spokane    AVasli.  KI.WUITNKV. <_;. r  St. 1'jiul.  . and T.A  "Minn.  SHEEP CREEK, B. C.  K. I. HIGBYE. Proprietor.  "MXJNSON NO. 2."  VaBt Conl Dej-oarts of India.'  India has ii.rrinen.se coi  ,,   from   which   the   on  ���I Mill'; wa,s i',,7>y,7,H2() tons.  IJengaldistrict.' ;tlone.  tin.  g"ttrg and   Para.lce  collieries  Arc  estimated   to. c;.ontain   l-l.l.Ki(.i,0(i(l  tons:   the iCiir'a.mpai"i��� collieries.  H.NOiyt.*') tons;  Bokara collieries  l.-aOo.diVi. and   the   Djherria   col-  iierie.**. -lOa.tmf) tons.  The Best   Writing  Machine  First-class Accommodation for Travellers.  Everything    New  The  Windermere  Stage  Stops   Uolh 'Going and  Coming.  i in-:  oni.v  INTERCHANGEABLE  STEEL TYPEWHEEL  Kloi-'.ltnt.lv  llliisM-'tt-  ���   .Free.  Oi'lulojruo  Adtiross Edgsr   A. Hill, Manufacturer, 94~96Wendel] Street, Chicago  Fort Steele  Meat Company  h-tESH   and   SALT' MEATS   ALWAYS  ON HAND.     '  ROBSON & ROGERS, Prop's. .'���   ):.:K:fi-.<  Bologna Sausage,  l^resli  I hi tier and Eggs.  alibut.   Salmon, Salmon. Trout,  Fish and Game in Season.  Riverside Avenue,  Fort Steele,. J*. C. THE PROSPECTOR, FORT STEELE,. B. C'.';. DECEMBER 2, ls')0.'  ���;1  .+$*' .���J*- *|J*. >d*.'.�������. >*t��i* *'t'. �������. y,ii*v��'i��. vd*; >'������'- .��������'. >,|ir. >'���*. vi*.���  ���*���!������ ���**��*-*��� *:�������� i>V -*��V ��> ���-*:<> ���<!> i��%�� *5w ivi*-*- *��;��* i��V *-V- ���:����� ������:��!���>' -  ���'-' *-J>i<r. .��')'-*. .���Air. >jir. .���'���*. ."'*!���.�������- .**-����. .���#���'.  ���i��. >j*. .���'#>-.   '  *7*-�� �����:*�� ;#���*�����. ��r>" ��-��.������ ����������*��� *���!������ ���!������ ��.<* *-<* ��"5�� ^cf <  ���ff.*' "*f.*" '-:���*' '",#*' '^f ���' ���if< >#* >f��" '*;���*��� ���'f ����� 'iJ*- itj��"  *���;* .��������;-. .*���,...-���--. ;fcrj-....��>,.,^-r.vei.vji,,,..-->'���,;.--ji. .;���$'-, >>-,. *>-,, .;*j��. ;^V-,  *.S!�� '���>' .-,������'.'���';���. '^v'-t*; ���'���>.-. ���'$* ,-'.f*fi �����.* ***"'.*-,-^i^' -.-O."'. **.*.��v*r ...  '.���>!���*���>. .ii-, ��*-   .-Ji, -,'(*--. ���*'-. vi*. y*r. .*-��������>. ���.'���Jiy.'-t'-r.-��6v.  :'.?.* '���$?   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AACOx, Ffesi'deiit-:'';'.-' ���;-' '"-.'    y. .'  i&OLD/D^  ./.EXCHANGE "���,  fi'fi fifififi-''" "-A,fifi'-- London Agents-^T^^BahkJiofrS'cojiand^  F*ort'i 'Steey^g!'' C^  fi!y:'fififififiA'fifi'"'-'.  fi^fifififiWAH". .S^1YTHE>'lVlanager.>;'���r:f yAfi'fi  110 for 10 Cenf s  I?��2?i   H tee Is-  H.ALiE, Proprietor.  Riverside Avenue, Opposite Post Qfiice^  ^ftelffi^^^O^;-  ^.satuiida'v., im-i-Si bki ; -x. im:  COC^L NEWS NOTES.  -_.Joh:ii.,A.':. Fihk/:iuid. .hi-fi'K.  .Wright returned,; froui.,i\Vardiiei  ���last SaUii-da-ivy ,i     fifififi "'fi. fifi -'"  'fififi  Mm  Jfyrt'Siiec^  ...TWa.\hiok <;onUi[W,fluo biiiiilrnt ind  tpn of  tlit-i  tw.-.t *'liiimuroi'ii , nv:Utloni.  x aVtt'P^W riiibraciiij; r.Jnr" N>ttw.. Yankm. IrW�� ��n4  CMt&^V-^I^'"* *��� 1>uM* *����lwM.>.��5Uln r-rcMrt'en.I.VHrsrt. j'"  Vi-i''?r'"*"      .   .'��������* Wf'I    .1* ,-.IiM��it)Wii4'   iviiHiMmitioiw  of ;  <&'*&i I *��7 Vlnd, ali.i -.vluiwujr. . S.-irl.,, i*o(,t. 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Secretary.  rOll'l- Srr-KI.E JJKyKI.'ilP.MKNT.SVNIIKJATKLTDi  ��� "I.-IS LoiiilcnliMll .Sli-(.ret.,l.(/iiclnn,' Kiif-l;'n<L .  N. A.  WALLINGER,        ^ORTSTEELSv  ���"-..--���   post oi-'i-'ici.; itox '*."���'      ���' fififi"  T'Homas:';'Mc:v1tto  ��� ��� ,. , ���".... ',������'��� ���'���:'"' ;'���'   ,  ' - :-, h   '"���'���   -     fi     ^  Fort Steele B.C.:''  . -.'v..-,-- ',.������..,.���:.���������    ��� ��� ���  ���,����� ...���.-  M  ^:Hardware:1;;f:i:ii;'; 'fi'"fifififiJ:fiy'fiyy''fififififi:'fi-  "���'    fififi-'' .f... ':'V'::,1.���."���"','. ':..-"'-''}..,.-���..-. '-'fi 'fifi. " fifi ....       :':'-'��� fififi ���'���'-,''' 'fi '-'.���;',  '���;;H';;:-/Bi'%'cl��smith  ���:";.^;*Gfiaiiit'y;;Powde'r.;,y  \'AA:.fififi Jeiss��op?s ,Steel'  fiX  i  }M'  ii. L. 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She will probably,, remain   a.way  ., .xintil'-Marc'h. ;���'������.'���'  i   "The class oi'  gpods .being- 're'-'.  . ceived by.Gatin ��v Coy are  suchl  .'. as have no.ver.'b'-on. offered   the  ',-/Port Steele .publ'i.e lxdVn'V'! .      '    :"  .iught:ith��Pcrrlii$t^  i'e:fC)I'gattizedi:*;v|/iiTh^  oaicers^>verejeIe^  "Pi;esfd ent*y^:yG re�� -'A ���hiusicar'di--  Y* e-GT.Qix^.Tr��. .^VVfl-T S kr ii es'j:y- btiisf njes's;  ��� rif linager AfiFfifififiM. iBiUc^f"sebSti;eitsi'.  "A. Tlie^^ilbe'rsi; y^ii'ffieef^epitjf  ^pnday^nighfcfb^  ,4fyBeer.']:i.as,:adyahced;:frdin.y*i*,^  "*?.i,0:.fin fi bai-i-el���';.-' in:. PbssJahdV : and;'  itheiJipteTirien-;^  the'/brind.. ���.-. :-fifi'-"A,-A:: '--fifi fififi *y fififi Afifififi 4  :,/'.--./-   ���/,". Hotel f'Ai*rivals.'-'-!y' '"'fi. .:"-���  'fi SyjNiJs'ou-^A.:;^  routo;-'J.iC. Matthews. MpntreaI  Sinn ; Kyoltiey LfifiF.fi Joyce and  'wife;''J. N-3 Greer....'Graribrppk:���'-. J.  ^Beckinan, Ward tier i' .RV R.: Low,-  C.yV; Watirinan. .fy C. '-Cai*ruth:  evs, J. H. Ei'Stalford; 'Nelson;  H...Jv .Johnson.��� Pernie:.fi-.'A'. Efi:  Yo u ng, Spp.ka ne:: Glial*Ifes Parrel'  Movie; K. .;��� J." Higbye,*'Sheep  creek; A. TyCaldwell. Eossiahd;  Tvlrs. fi (A. Bellanger-ancl. mother,-'  Si;, Haminondi, -Ry 'j'."'' Caldwelli.  Graubrook':' /-Ay. 'I. Robei-fsou.r  ���Eisli-Lakes:/ Jy- Bousfield. yEft-.  Baii-r. Nortlii Star; Ji.pL Bostedo  Torbntb; S. D. Pbmpellyy'Luke  Creek..   .-'AA-'."'a-   i   ���'������  ;. ���-.'��� "������-..   ip-fififi:'-fi/,:,......   , ,. ..,���,.. . ���.  .  a]l;jjpirit's;EA.S-r:.-/i;*/yfy'fi-;'-  f''/GoiV*Tectis Dailj-'-it. 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'besides' Pilot .Bay is on .Kootenay 'Lake, while Cranbrook' is  in the', interior on. tlie'2-t.OOO acre  '' '."'A' nunibcr of )'n'ople .ai tended  the dance at. ���Cranbrook   on 'Pri-    -  day ol: lastyveeki    They.- all   re- j iiu-m,of,C����l. .lames Baker.  port having aii   enjoyable  lime*. !  There  was  a   big  crowd,   good!  music and tine refreshments: ���.'      (  ���-' New will I paper a i Can n's.  ��� -       '      ��� t   , ��� -      .',  L! W. Peck,    who   arrived  in  town on  Wednesday,   will   have  ������charge,,.,of the.work' on, the.river  near Fort Steele.  The towns, of -'Phoenix- and  Greenwood, are. to be connected  by a tramway. 7.V'miles long.  Loolc   for��� -Hunt   it .up- - Don't  miss it���     ���':        " -       '',������.  ���   Bleasdell"s new ad.        *  CALGARY FLDUR  IS THE BEST.  iy. .'���  y fifififi fifiyfi��� HOTlCEfifi .'',,:���"".-:- y-  1 ���liu.i.-ul'.v -rh/e.iid-.i<.-e,Ll);'ii .'thirty il-.iy.s ..���ti't.c-i*  ilsi-lo fintend ui'ninUe ajipliciitiui: ioyiio'ciiier  iCoiiiiiilsslo'irnr'.of L:inils -i-it! Wdrl;s,- Vietoriu.  ,1?.'Cfor'H' special -licensi; to. cut tinibcr, on 'ii.  eertaiii piece ol/iaiid (leseril)eil as follows...and  situated1 'in'.',.Kiist kooteiiay, I'royinye of H.,,0.:,  ���"nc'jjin'ntnj,' ata post plantedon' the west Irani- of  ,K11; Kiver.'-al.'oiit a. mile ami a iiiilf.noi-Ui of  ���mouth of; Coal ertjeh: theiiee.west (.|(1)'forty  chViins: tlieni-e iiortliyiO)'forty chains: llienee  west.(���10) forty eiiains^ th'e.iit-e ;noi-th'fOwll oiie'  hiuidred eliaiiis:/ thence cast- (Mn, eliiiiiis inoi-e  or less to .west".tin nl*off toil; ri.vO.t*:.. thence io.l-r  l,o\vin'i_'.��;eKt,liahk of: 1011; river in a' soiitlieriy  direction to.pla'cc of lieiriniilii-i-iii'all (lUOll-- one  rlioiisand at-res more or less, .   ,/        ."/  -=.���"'.,'       fifi:'fi:fififi   "fifififi-"'fi- ?il<--l.)pL7l^Vl.i..f /,  Uaied iliis ���r'M,lrNoyenilier::iS('Ji.y . :-IS-?i*:   ;'  "fi^^AfiET>GyfilfififiAfi fifififi  -��� I-.--..-.-.-,.--- ,,,,.������.- ���:':---iy-i-;. c..-:- (. fit-'    .:.<>:- ..���.vi-----.'- .:���/-���  LANDS''" aind ,"��� MINES i" i:'i:"c A-A- fifimfi  ii^'iiii'iiiNQTARY'iiPUBLiG  ';iy;y-'ii"i;ii:'C:;ii:i-l'GpNVEYANcMf  ^%^i&^^"^^^jdM  :Geo.'S; AfeCarter.";:;;-/..';'.. ,���.'.':...'-''-;.'.'.. -''.ifi-fix: n'-yfi: fiy'rfi  ;;HA&E^MefJART^  fi/jarrteteip.fifiolieiliirxfifi" fiiYolai-ifififi.fiPidiltsAfi:  A ��� fi-fi fififififi-'fi Qmm/aqc&rAelcAfifiAfi: yfi fiyA'--:y.  KK\^r.STOJciy STA'i^IOX and 'GOTiDRS'fififififi A,  'fiOLUECT10liSfifi:PXiqMPTLYAfi.,MAiyzAU  'Affil  Afi-i  : - AX4  fifiW  '^o,w^la"^'^0^r^^nM  :J.CfiiilAfi^lfi/fifi>fijyfi'fifiA:fifi  OFFICEyKiyfrside Avenue?-  ^e:>:p:fiDodr"tofifi.Bteau&^  MJxrxG:'-iiKpKKi;,,;y^,y^  ���\:lIp'ill''Ksiii't,i:'ancfCreii'er^  ..\WI.ND.ERMERE:i.';B.f/C^. "fi. '���$''".'.  Corrh})Ondewti: Solicited.a '��� fi;: y' ���'- 'fi fi fififi fi.  '������5:y,'  v-.-^ri:..,]  fififitfiiffififiU  fififiAfiAfi  ���'.;V>'i.-l  Are 'now  receiv-  iiig thd finest line  -^;'-^ii.'i"-yV'i'-.:'V;;i:r-'.i:i.\-:'yi:':'iof  ���Giy^jQHlirSjO^I.J  ; Assa>--- >&;;:;-Kfetalluflist,/ "  if .".;  ,''i A-.-"fi"'��� :���; GKANBUOOK; fifiBAC.  Tea is better fresh���if it  isn't, what does the grocer  mean by telling you that he  has some tea just conic  from abroad?   ,'  Fresh doesn't mean just  picked; it means just roasted. Schilling s' -. Best ��is  roasted afe fast as your o'ro-  Mrs.   Berchruer  tlie ;.;wife:'y*f  (.:()iTiinissic>ncv,',.U(H;chtiii-r of  the,,'ro .  North.We.slViV'f.')Uiii'.(.'ci l.'olice and j' cer   wants   it 110   fastci  mother 'of Harry llerchtnor of,* <. Fr-|nrisro  Pernie;, died at,-Roffina on the lny)'in lianCLSCO  ^th.pf last monfli. 1.Sesi"7���-.d^p"T  Far-Away;  A Unless you have tried ,  orderihg^from us by mail  you cannot realize what  mail ordering at its best  really means.  i      '''���������     ' ���     "    '��� ��� ��� E  A Collar Button or a Diamond Ring, a Salt Spoon or  a Cabinet of Silver, a' Half  - Dollar or Five-Hundred  Dollars, Five Miles distan t  or away in: the heart of the. \  Rockies���it's all one to us.  fi We prepay all carriage '.  charges, and if��� you are  not perfectly satisfied,  Ave. cheerfully refund  money upon the return  of goods. -fi-'-  Ryrie Bros.,  118,120, 122, 124'Yeo-c'a Str��et.  TORONTO.  Send for Catalogue.  Et-taMlah-.il 18S4.  es  /;i.;T:vH.;,TAYLOR,;.:c.;iE.-',i;  PROVINCIALS  LAND   SURVEYOR  / ���S.urvo.v.*-', ill' Alinei-ulf clrtinis,; liouas,:  .Mines.:atc.^'f! fifi 'fi:������.���,'���'��� "���'��� ���/' :".'���;.- 'fifi-fi'fi ���:���"���������'.:  aVIfNDKItMi-H'  'K.'O-  E^rei-  Brought to Fort Steele  eoNsisTiisie of  KIMBEPLEY.:\B. ���G.  ��� Thi.; .'t'i'n.iist. :T,i(|uoi>. :tn(i.  ,(.'i��-iii*s ������iiifl. Bust, l-'tinitshetl  ' I'o'oms in Ti.dwii.'     ..      '���'���'    .  J.. I.   GATES;' Prop.  Silver Novelties  Books  .  .    - .-���"    y ' ���' '������".'��� i '   '   .  Confectionery, Etc.  f/ITat-ch for furtlier announcement  next week.  ."." iMAiSy/-'.  rs    NEAR    AT   HAND  Don't peiau  To   "et your  Plioto falcen  at once toisend to your friend.  ri  Prest '  fHE  PHOTOGRAPHER  PORT .STJ5.ELE


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