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The Prospector 1903-08-01

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 Library o. I-eff Aee
Vol. 9.
No '31.
'     ' '    "MEETING-.
Formation of Central   Association
for Cranbrook Riding.
A goodly number of Conservatives from Moyie, Marysville,
Kimberley. Fort Steele. Perry
crock, and oilier points in llie
district mel nl Cranbrook 'on
Sal unlay evening for (lie pur-,
pose of forming a Conservative
Central       Association. Mr.
Anderson, Cranbrook* occupied
the chair and G. 11. Thompson
wns elected secret.try and . treasurer.
Tho election oi' ollice'rs rosulf-
���ed as follows: _,-.---.-
.1. L. Parker. Kimberley. President,
(.i.l I.Thompson, Cranbrook. See-treas
O.    II.   Brown.   Kyati. '    Viee-Pres
'A. P. McDonald. .Moyie  _       ,;.'    '
L<\ ISrown. Palmr-rf," liar.     '    •-
■)ame« Kyan. Cranbrook,
!.. .M.. Munsticld. Alurysville,   ■•
'Wm. Noble. Perry Creek. •' '"
,. .1. A. Harvey, Port Steele,'      "
,DN. Hanson. W'asii.     ' '"  ''   '
A. I J. Penwiek. Ward nor.
IL was voted that Perry creek,
.Palmers'Bar. Ryan and   Marys-
.'villc  should  be  represented by
one delegate each at tho 'nominating ' convention    to ■ be   held,
, August In.
The   ncmiinaliug    convention
will bo hold at Cranbrook August
'lath,   place   oi"   meeting   Wo.nt-
worlh Hull, at S p.m.        '
respondent describes the emperor, ;is looking 11 ii n and sad
and very shy, while Ihe empress
I bough she is well along in tlio
seventies, appears full of life
and energy.
The correspondent adds: "17
Ihe nafive reports be true, there
are limes when the emperor can
speak lo the point, simpleton
though lie is supposed ,to be.,
On reaching Ihe palace at Pao
Ting-fit. which had boon,lavishly
lilli'd up absolutely regardless
of expense, the emperor called
yuan Shi Kai to his apartments
and pointed out thai he desired
in his travels fo see the condition
of the people and learn their
needs, so that imposing royal_
pageants were unneceslsTiry.*'"
Fifty Thousand Tons in Sight in
the Paradise—Immense Show
ing in Sullivan.
Committee Appointed to Sell- the
Product of the Sandon Mines.
William Fleet Roberson. Provincial Mineralogist, came in on
the Windermere stage 'Thursday.
While at Windermere he visited
1he Ptarmigan and Paradise
mines.. -At.tho Paradise there is
over 50,000 tons of shipping ore
in sight. Uo considers the
Plarmigan and Paradise as two
of thc big mines of the Province.
Tn conversation with a representative  of Tnio   PnospioCTOU
Among the Craft.
Some  fwenty  representatives
of Royal Arch Masons assembled
' It is reported that, tho silver-
lead 'producers of Sandon .have
agreed fo pool the outpul of the
mines. I?>y doing this they pro-
sent a united front- in ' disposing
of their ores .more advantageously, whereas by shipping the
old way—solline' individually—
they wore compelled lo accopl
the' lerms and rates offered by.
the smelters. To i'urthqr facili-
,tn1c thc disposal of their ores.
they appoint a ' committee empowered to dispose of the ores
in such a manner as01hoy see fit
and to the smellers, whether i'n'
Canada   or    Ihe   United   Stales
j\Tj\" Rbb"(ii'STon"said, 1 1i7iT"ITg   \vsis"
surprised at the vast allowing of
ore, in the Sullivan mine, and
predicts a.f^great future for lliis
property lindcr careful management.
At lho'North Star Iheroois
enough ore'blocked out to keep
the mine shipping sleadily for
six months., " - \
During tho coming, week Mr.
Roberson will visit Ihe Flathead
valley and report t on lho coal
and petroleum deposils in that
section of Southeast Koolcnay,
mine. Kimberley,' Marysville,
Wardner. Perry creek. Moyie,
Palmer's Bar. Ryan and oFort
Those qualified lo register as
voters in the Cranbrook riding-
have only 17 days in which lo
perform whal is a very obvious
i    J • a
There is talk, according lo the
recent dispatches from Ottawa,
of an, early dissolution of the
Dominion house'and' an appeal
to the country in October nexl.
,\'iy writs nowtbeing published
nomination day falls oh October
liilh and polling on October 111.
Tho Liberals of Ihe province
are surprised that the McBride
"govern in en fr-will^mi lorc-e-f iio-ht \v=
excluding Chinese from the coal
mines. Also that prospectors
locating coal on reserved
lands in the Flathead valley will
have all their rights protected.   ,
A  Monthly Report of the Mining
,'    Industry   of', Southeast
under very sad circumstances
her father, fhe lale Baron Beaumont, having,,been accidentally
killed while shootinsr.
:>."> '
Nominations Made Up to Date iii
theo Various Ridings.
Mining Notes.
ul,. the .Masonic Temple nl  For!" offering Ihe most lucrative rates.
Steele July  20th,   at   an  emcr
goiicy    convocation.^  of    Rocky
Mountain Chapter:'   Sojourning
companions from Cranbrook* and
."Fernie wore in attendance.
Tho next regular monthly
meeting of North Star Lodge.
A.F. and' A.M.:5 'will be held at
Masonic Tpinplo Tuesday evening August. -Jth.
On Eve of Papal Conclave.
Rome.     .July     31.—Arrange-
inrMits   for   tho  .conclave   wore
completed     in       tlie     minutest
detail today and when the  three
score of Cardinals repair to their
cells     this     evening     it     will
be  to   remain in strictosi seclusion   until   the,  successor  of  Leo
XI IT.   in  the chair1 of St. Peter
has  been chosen.      Speculation
now,is confined to the subject of
the probable duration of lho conclave  aSud   opinion   inclines lo a
period  of   three  or   four 'days,
though it is freely ad mil led that
if,  is ' a.  guess   pure and simple.
Should a decision not be reached
by the Cardinals inside of  throe
days il may be taken for granlod
almost  that those now regarded
as loading candidates have  been
excluded from the race and   that
a dark- horse will be chosen.  Tho
army of newspaper  correspondents  here   from   all  parts of fhe
world are busily engaged   in devising means for obtaining early
information, but it appears, certain . from the arrangements that
li a vo been m ake by th e .'•' Vati can
.authorities that, no authentic   in
formation   will   be   forthcoming
until .' fho    official   bulletin   aii-
nbiinci.ngt.he result is issued.
Birthday of Chinese ■Emperor,
. London, .'1 uly. Ill .--An interesting account has ■roa.chc'd London
of the recent, visit of the Chinese'
emperor ''and the,, empress dowager fo the imperial tombs, where
the unhappy ■ monarch. ■ who, if
may be mentioned' in passing,
will roach his thirty-first '.birthday' August llrd, selected1 tlie
tomb in which be is to lie
when his time comes.     The cor-
Nomination Day.
The provincial executive of
tlio Liberal-Conservative Association has fixed on Saturday,
August loth, as lho date, for tho
holding of noinilulling conventions of the Conservative party
in all ridings throughout the
province Cassiar and the
cities of Victoria and Vancouver.
The list of ridings and the places
where the conventions are fo be
held follows:
Fernie, at Fernie.
Cranbrook, al, Cranbrook.
K'aslo, af K'aslo.
1 'Sandon, at New Denver.
Greenwood, at Greenwood.
Grand Forks, af Grand Forks.
Okanagan, al Vernon.
Kamloops, at Kamloops.
Yale, at Ashcroff.
Revelsfoke, at Rovelstoke.
Columbia, at Golden.
Ymir, at Ymir or Nelson.
Co,wiohan, at Duncans.
Newcastle, al  Ladysmith.
Comox, at. Cumberland.
Dowdney, af. Mission.
Chilliwaok. al Chilliwaok.
Esquimau., at lilsquimall.'
The Can by group of mines,
Wolf crook, are being surveyed
for a crown'grant.
A recent' strike of three.J'eot
I of galena ore is reported on - fhe
Deane mine, which is situalcd in
ihe vicinity of the North Star.
Rumors are alloat of an event
of importance to the' mining interests of this district was that'
the mortgage, on the Sullivan
mine was foreclosed on Wednesday.   '   ' <'
i ' ,
A number of mining promoters
will visit Perry creek during the
coming week, nndnnspoct several
free-gold   propositions   in    that
An attempt is being made to
change thc laws;^~reiating to
placer locations which at present
are in uncertain condition.' A
quartz claim in this province
consisls of about "if acres, but
does not carry with ,it any extra
lateral rights.
Telegraphic Items.
St. John's Church ot England.
Services will be held in thc
Church of St. John tho Divine
every Sunday evening at 7:110 ex-
cepl on the third Sunday in each
mouth when tho service will be
held at IL o'clock
'■Holy 'Communion will be administered a.t the close of. the
s.srvico. '
Strangers 'are welcome.
PI i I0S1! v.r I'I 1 il A NCI ii 11 to n.
Divine Worship' will be hold
in the .Presbyterian' ■.Church
every Sabhii.fl) morning at' ll
o'clock. ■   ■ ,
Sabbath School every Sunday
al h.-i.lf past, two o'clock.
Choir practice every. Tliurs-
du.y (!veiling at■7:15(1 o'clock.
Pastor:  . T. McCoitn.
Tt is reckoned that fi-J Cardinals
will cast their ballots in the
election of a now„popo.
British journalists are impressed wilh Canada. How will
if be when they reach British
The Reliance has been selected
lo defend the America, cup.
Russia, is accusing Great Britain of duplicity in the Manchuria
The Cardinals are busy in the
selection of a new Pope.   ■
The war clouds are darkening
and hostilities may break out at
any, day ■;between- Russia and
.Japan.- ■ ■ "• -
.    Vesuvius is in eruption.
The opinion is gainingground
that Cardinal''Rinupolla. will be
the next. Pope.
The King and Queen have had
a., rousing reception in London-
derry.   .
.Japan i.s figuring on making a.
c-lose a.llia.uco with China.'against
western powers.'
Matters Political.,
.The following, nominations
have been made over the'" province:
ChHliwack—one—C. W.' Morrow, Liberal.
Grand Forks—one—J. Rior-
dan, Socialist.
J\amloops—one—V. .J.,Deane,
Liberal;' F. J.' Fulton. Conservative.
Greenwood—one—J. R. l3rown
fslands—one—T. W. Palerson.
Liberal. ■ ' ■
. K'aslo—70110—.J,   L.   Ret all a ok.
Nelson—one—S.' S. Taylor,
Liberal.        • '    ■
Okanagan—one—T. W. Sterling, Liberal.
Fernie—one—.J. ", McPhorson,
Social isi.
New    Westminster—one
GiI'ford, Conservative.
1 Similkameen — one
S nod grass, Liberal.
Skeona—one—C. ■ W
ord, Conservative: JD.
Slocan—one—R. A. Bradshaw
Liberal: W. Hunter, Conservative.
Vancouver—five—T. Ogle, Socialist. J. Edwards, A. G. Perry
and F. Williams, Labor.
West Yale—one—Stuart Henderson, Liberal.
The following records were
made in the Fort Steele mining
district during the month, of
•July:     '
l 'ertilic-utus of Work. '.
New Lociuitiiis.      .   ..
.Milling Lireiisv.s  Issirm
-Miniiiy- Transfers      ,  .
XRW   LOCATIONS.     ,   -
■   Wolf   Creek:—Tr.
Venus No. il.
Perry'Crook':—G. Geary, Surprise;   W. .J.   Walsh,   .Standard;
<:i-.-GQaTv„,__B]a\\Lfly,:._l.l TgiJci:..
'Red HorseT" \T ISlier.'.Jay  liird;
E. Callahan, Sweet Saturday
Night; A. Labelle. Golden
Treasure: 11. Kershaw, Sham-
rode.   >
Luke Creek:—T. D. Pumpelly,
Kono Fraction; .J. Angus, Tasso;
.J. "A iigti"s;:rL=aT'l<:s pii r.
Sand Creek:—CM. P. Villenuvo,
Hill Top.'
.White Grouse  Ji'Iounfain:—A.
Kbrrr^Silver  Queen;   A.   Kerr, I
Harris;    Wm.   Harris,   Bosfock;
Wm. Harris, Northern   Star;   ,1.
F. Burns, Marqtirieflo; D. W.
Harris. Gold Bank; O. M. Harris
Josic' Fraction; T. Harris, Jennie
C.:  D. M. Harris, Poormam.
Sheep Mountain:—'.J. Ganther.
, Alki Crock:—Ira Fierce, Morning Glory: .1. Currcn. Bonnie
Doon.       ■ 1,   '
".Baker Mountain:—A. M. i?oid,
Iron Duke:   A. M.   Reid.   Alice:
Logs in the Kootenay.
. Two million feel of logs are
now in rhe'Koorenay river from
points north of Fort Sieele. The
boom at Wardner is now attaining immense 'proportions, and
contains over three million IVet
of logs.
Robert   F.   Green,    and   Charles
' Wilson at'Dinner with  South-
D. Cliff-
W. Wesl, Rainbow. ,
Wild     Horse    Creole:—f.
Armstrong. Lorofto.
\   Docello ' "Creole:—J.     Fraser.
Rose's   Pass:—E.    Monfrieul,
Tho Entertainers.
Cranbrook Registration.
There now seems every likelihood of the total number of
names on the voters' register in
the Cranbrook riding will reach
1000. Friday August 1st there
were 70n names on the list.    '
Liberal Convention.
A Liberal convention was hold
af Cranbrook on Wednesday
evening af. which no nominations
were made. The mooting adjourned for three weeks.
Local. News.
Miss McCoy and Miss Kerr
gave an oivtorfainmcnt of song
and elocution in the Presbyterian
Church'Saturday evening. Although fhe notice of the date
had been short, a very appreciative audience greeted the entertainers. Miss McCoy has an excellent .voice and thoroughly
cultivated. Her presence 'is
most attractive and her rendering of the several pieces showed
that she possesses a lalent of a
high order. Miss Kerr in every
variety of recitation and elocution delighted all present, but it?
'•Receiving Company from
Barrio's" [A Window in Thrums'
she showed a perfection seldom
met with. Miss McCoy is Lady-
principal of the Ladies' College.
Victoria, and Miss Kotr is teacher of elocution. An institution
having as instructors such lal-
entcd ladies should bo well
Premier Baroness of England.
Dr. Green and his sister droyp
over from Cranbrook .Thursday.
Chas Powc
day from' iv
(i rove," Mo.
II   returned   Thurs-
visil   to   Mountain
A.   G roy.    returned
from   a' prospecting   1
vicinity of Wolf Greek.
rip  in the
There are now 70") names on
the voters' list. Is your
among f-lie'my If not, place'it oh
tlie list without delay.
The. Ivoblm government in
Manitoba was sustained by a.
majority of 150 out of 10 seals.
Polling booths will be established in the Cranbrook riding as
follows:—Cranbroolc, North Star
Tho'-'Forl, Steele Golf (Hub arc
i.ira.etising every evening.
London, August 1.—Little
Baroness Beaumont, who' is one
of the eleven now living who are
peeresses ,in their owii right,
willhe nine years-old -tomorrow
and' preparations "1'' been
ma.dc! to celebrate" the-,-event.
The .little baroness, who is a
charming child, with brown hair
and large blue eyes, may be
desigmi.tcd the premier baroness
of, ICnglaiid,; precedence being
given according fo.tlio date, of
the |,creat'ion,'of fhe title which
tliey hold.
placer    mines   on    Wilt
creek Wednesday. I
he Ma-rony of Beaumont dates
.John   12win   was taking, in the so far back as lod'.l, when il was
orse [conferred upon'Henry   of   Heau-
|mont,   a   grandsoii   of  John de
Uridine, last King of Jerusalem,
lOdward   ■ If.
Several families have taken
up their residence at Fort Steele
during the past week.
baroness   succeeded   to   the title
^pi-i'liil 10Tub ijrosi'E(."i-oh.
The- spacious dining  room of
tlio  Cranbrook   Hotel was filled
with  leading Conservative  cifi-,
zens oi Cranbrook,. Fort  Steele,
Kimberley  and   other  points in
the district, when Robert Green
Minister'Of  Minos  and   Charles
Wilson, .President, of the Council
were entertained al a dinner tendered fo tho distinguished  guests,
and   citizens 'by  J.   L." Parker,,
manager oi tho North Star mine c'
Thc    arrangements    for   the
dinner    wore , per feci,' and   the  '
Chef   of   the   Cranbrook   Hotel'
made a reputation' for himself by
Ihe   elegant   spread, which   he
made, tfie promptness,of all ■ Ihe
appointments, ami  the  efficient,
.manner'in which,the dinner was
served,     ft could   scarcely' have
been   bettor. r.and   as   i'fo.was the ■
largest affair  of  the   kind  that
has yet takou"placo here: so will
it form a memorable event in the
annals ' of' gastronomy   in   this,
The chair was occupied by  J.
L. Parker, and the vice-chair hy
.lames  Ryan.     To  fhe  right of'
the chairman   was   seated   Mr.
Wilson and to his left Mr. Green
In   proposing  the   first   toast of
the, evening. •'Kingand Empire'-
Mr. Parker,   ihe  chairman,   expressed   Ihe  great" pleasure   he
felt in presiding at a banquet   in
honor of Mr. Robert Green  and
Chas Wilson, fhe representatives
of  the   people  in   thc council of
this   great   province.      And   he
could assure the gentlemen, that
seated about them at  tho  table,
that there was a full representation of thc bone and  sinew,   the
intelligence and   the  wealth   of
ISast Kootenay.     That the Conservatives  of Southeast Kootenay   wore  pleased   to   have Mr.
Green and Mr.   Wilson   present,
as     they     would    be    able    to
familiarize themselves with East
Kootenay   and   the ' knowledge
t hoy would obtain would be worth
more than a flood of correspondence   in  informing  them  of the
needs of the district.   Next toast
'•The      Conservative      Party",
was     responded    to   by   .7.    A.
Harvey   of   Fort     Steele,   who
made  a   very  excellenl   speech,
very .pronounced in  its   Conservative;-,    sentiments.        G.      H.'
Thompson, Cranbroolc, made  air
excellent speech on party unify,
pleading the return of a -government , member  in   this riding at
tlie    coining    election..    "Our
Citesls"  was .responded   to   by
Messrs.,:Green and.'Wilson, who
on    rising    were    greeted    with
Ii-ouicinlous applause.   ,
ing's proceedings'' was carried
forward very happily., and , we
are sorry .that our limited space
prevents us giving a report of
Ihe many interesting speeches
that, wen- made.
Several voluntary toasts were
proposed and the evening closed
wilh '-(.'od Save the King," sang
heartily by tho whole company. THE PROSPECTOR   FORT, STEELE,   B.C., AUGUST 1,   1903
■. ]//: '-,.'■   F.STABMSllKD -1SP5.   -,      '   ,
A.. B. Grace,
every' Saturday^ and   has,.
is .. published.
a 'guaranteed
circuj.'iti.irn linger than'any other, paper,
In Hast Kootenay. It is all liomePrin'ted
und   contains  double  the  news:of, .any
,'ither,paper in the district.    ..','', 'i
'■' an   advertising   ineai.iiin' it   is un
•'exc'c'lledtV.••'.■'.,■;■ '     '.•.;;'.•;•'.'.  :/'■/■.'".:
Devoted to the upbuilding of Fort; Steele.. ..the
development of the vast, iMineral resources of
.llie East-Kpotenay minhig district..;■     l; ,
■'ku'bsorlptions,.,,':i'.-.'/....'...;■'.•..•.''.■^■-pi|,;pt!'r /.year
®lje ^r^pp^ovy
.SATURDAY. A UOl'S'iyi,.'190:1.
■:■#■', '■
,,   ;;\ ih^;Britjsiii...CoIUiivbia.  never
approaches a- stated of ;stap-nation
';and;;;lhat;: as  election^finie; rolls
around ;11 is certain' to reach , the
boiling-  point.;';: At "the"'present
' time:in Southeast'•'i.Kqot.eiuiy .the
'■bubbling-''h^'iiy. be heard'afar.^aud:
spectacular" polities' .oi';fa. lively
;;yariet'y,;a: ay; be looked  for  from
: now, ,,bn]:il, ;hominiitioir' ■eoiiveur /
•'•/t-iqfl's'.'.rar&kheld;:;. by, both, part ies.: j
-'The: Li be'ral; si.tua.t-iVDn^.is,. peculiar .1
;-'an:d']3o]itici.ans in ibis Tiding,are,,;
ptediit Kcvcls'.olre, Scptrnibp'r I:>Mi, I'.ilii]
1. That this convention rc.illirnis
the policy ol' the party in ' mat tors' ol'
jiroyinckfl roiuls ami trails: the o.vnor-
sliip .-Hid control of 'railways and the
dovciopincin oi' t-lio'-.''I'lirri'i-u'il.ii'ra-l- re-
so'nr'ccs of the ih-ovinoo :i,s Ittid dowii hi
l-h.e,i'plaM'i).rni"iicl''i'iitw3,,'i7i October.-Ifi'it).;'
-which/is us follows:" ;.":    "'/...■/..
"'■■ :.';To aeiivL'ly it id; in   ilio   .^instruction,
o.l'  trailsthi'iitiirhQiit the   hndeve!o|H.'ii
portions :df/thc ritWihcc.and, ihe .huild-i
iiifj" ('i'.l'i'iiviiieial.triinlc roads of, puiil'u"
nefflss-ity^' ;•:-.'■;,; ,-•y.y';/; A.-/. ,.:;.;   .'. •.    ■"
"'.■''To adopt ihe 'princiide;t; 'ot'^'fivei'n-
iniiiit ownership ol' ritil'W'.ivs in iiii'far as
the eircrn'iibLa'nces'of the province' will
urlili it',Q:i!!i1,! iuMiutijit'ioii,oi the principle
tfiatwVo'd.'oiirts should be. ^'i to any
i-i'i il» ay oonipun.y <vh u-li does  not 'give-
the c'overuiuent-,of the'iit-ov,inoe control
of  rales/, dyer   I'i lies boil vised,   ioii'e!h'ei\
with" the (.ij'i'ioii.of i it ii-. • i i ;fe'e.'  .;,-•'j,-.; .   ■.■■■'
:-.- ;:To: actively dssisl. liy stale aid, iii: tfi'v
'dcvelopmiVnt,' pi   tho   iiji'.i'it'.uJi'.iral', ro-
sij'iir'eiS.'i.'if'J.lie pi'o.yiik-ti., ■..:i '   ''",.;'"-. '   -,-. ',■'.
.,•'2.;".;That iti.ihe- 'HVcaiifi'mc,and '.uiitil,
l-ii'v' railway' :>blii;'Hlve';sifrTort,l.i:';eai,i'
in,- accomplished'. Li :^.vner.i i railway lie!'.
tii,.'.pws;'.«-i(Mn?;v'iri!i'i;f!>iV! to   eolVli'Uo.t
i-ui-iivay-s'uVitier certain approVp.T i-en-ii,;
l;.itiuiisV.v'ai:aJo;rin^-i   ift : the',:sys!'oin1tiiai
i;ui,s'"!'esa'hed .in-sue'i .V.\r:o.;J,-'.i<'r''..'riii.!w'/ji'\-:
fhe F'nitvd 'yi:   ' '
»v,--»:', •■:$.» •-:*.• ;s,
. " £>&£.*&
'    A*i
^sif ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^s^s^^^^###^
>'!ieti '.in-
o 01)1
'•' I a X:
:u:V,ti. aavi(.iil.:i'ir
uti'i;!-!^',,'1' •.-;.°- . ':.';;
:''.'■-■ 'Tiaiy.i
iliislry; 'Vive
iriiii^'^' ;*h'{,.)a^d,..,ii'o ira
.;;0)).r.; 'iVvji i^'t;,'
*. -!,,:;. Thlit.t ill-- i_;<i.V
lU'.-Vrndtv and   eoui-
lyiivit'.-e i in
;i.'."ii' "61--:ii-.
v'Vil'llll.'tsi;  '
UpiLUli! '■'lit
,;The-'Largestf;:;:c,;; :,/^5v
Miner,aX'i;.Ar tea sii :\--"'t.v
iand; th. e':l¥It> s, t; :J-^        ■■; ;:-j§
■Op'al' .'rFieljidLs';': .oja^the •/ /■^■■;
.a^e/SIt'ixaf ed,;!iii-:; ;^.
■:Sb|> K
I Agriculture ■' \<
G-razing and the
Lumber Industry
;;are-;'Fi»omiiieiit,- /
Features off the
•.r!!.'.,iei!i,. owners nip i
a- siioahl'ti'e broiilrJi i. I
:-ies.,; '■'"''"
t-iio..-' ti'ri'jisisi-1 io.n':l-
:[''01tioji of.;. vi-r.v
H.tH',-; diV jVi'i'iiv'ii.vOt.-':
eoai area
.;;:■; >The 4i,G6iise,rvattyes-^..of
■;, ,(3ranbrbok\':. -riding:,,:->. take
;;:;]iositiOn:;tbkt-; the-:.;best:; iint'ei'ssts
or ..Ai\
•'.(V'.mli'l;:. be.)
i'- ;o.;
I rese*-yed,::;fi'oHi ...rt-VU;
'in-stafe- 'ov.^edipi.o'e;-
I. si})I« ;lt thei^'^pt'i
the i^i-'y i^" Advisable,,-.. .,
«..,'■'■• ..'Txuit.s.q i.!Te.:p<u'.j:s, laiaidouses- pi-o-
„, , , ■ .      .. - ..-tod^tiounlbe ■'i!;:ViIe''--'.(t>r-;-:''r'o|;(.iro,stiiis
o: the distrsct^and ,; province -ra-i aHd«:i;iu--te;>s sboi^d: ("•''t.aitete for the
' """""    "■■':..:..:;...-,'-.,-■..'.::-.■,..,',;;  .*..■**■.*.£;£
;:,:;:-;'quirevtl^^retSim'bf. the:;'^
■.-.:■■   .-.:-r: -.-;■■■:■. -r-t:-'.:'   ■-? :.      .,...,;.;:..,,;.      r. .-.'„■ *.--...::-    :-..'.!• iTllfl •">.'.! HiT- U i|'»,; !i«t i-j;}^. V.-a.S-l.t'£il}.:.<lt;^t'!.'llt.':<
,';;V;;gO\rern,me:nt^,.V:iv;:'.;;-:,: ;v'\;(^'^'^'^f-r';:TvIy^:^ff
tisinlsa aiill
;-*>-e': *':'^ V-"-:VV-"'::-:?;'■"', :: ;:   ■-"■.;:'''", .''-■■Ti'riorii;-'^^t'i.iiVV«r.i;iV'i'!s'oe;sh'oii
com ins,, election ii'i'''t.Kis pro\iu'ce>-^s;.i<l-r:t':-''i!"--0!'-'-''-    - ■ :   v '
assured; t .The::;,(36nserva;ti ve i
'-«.;,,; That-dve r?:ii^er H	
,   .        .  dii-'ths/ ■ jvii-y:-'of- 'saiviiiiy,' and ! apnropri-
admiivistration of.affairs ha;S;beeu|,auor)s:for;;:he ii.s-'ov.i!!(xs-'shoi.ild-:J.->ii"vi«-or.-'
:'""" ;-.- .--I'..     .-.-. ■       .,'-''^T-l.tai'sIy-'prtf^-ed/tipon
.LUi:,.-.-ci-r.iu-|-ule,it.-.--r-- .v-vjc:;:;''' :'.-'■" ■,.;-■■.- '/.:■//■://:■ -...'-:
fa^rs"in■';.chair^e^of the
■;; so: -: :.sti-i-king]yap,siiccess;
:-vbehefidial'-. to-^the: people :inytbe
y^past,.!tliat?the.;good'pebiileaii this'
'':■■ -'p.'6'yince are;deter'rn'fti;e'cl.toplace
;;'f: ,:::,:Early'^thqugb;;; >i.t' ;ma.y.!:yje';,the':
j:;;;;skirmisb gunsi.^.^tb6,;;,,pxpyirici'al
i";camliaigii   arb^n>ci:n^>;h'redl;-- As
f;T:i\vhb; ■■'. ,predict^;th'at :.-:.;Ct&. iis'ci:\jaiLi v.e"
''ipf:'';f,lteT.old;■'-, iiiiiHv;':Libe,^:'fli;vt
";;there; is-it.strongvsentiinctit^in
:favbr (>l';p'iisliiiig tlie nqmiiiatibn
;v can(:lida,lb:?'.for.:,:'
: ■■•''riding.   -;,,:;-:'   ,''
'■' ?■".'.•'■■'"'.'■■";:,v., ' ' . * ■■';'.*'
; -J';',- C. .'D'rewry
dangerous'' knife
-■;;-. V     -    -   - ■- ..     :.
Avliicli   ho. hopes,
' efTectually use on R.„ E. ' Beat
'■'■ in the near future.'"' '■■-.   ;' : ".v
Tiiat; t.;uesity^'-]ea^:'iismistries; of
!:'he::l]n'i>vube'.:,l^j.;-,f(jstered; at^d: encouraged;; Liyi: tlift'.,.irn'h<>si.;iou ,of;;:rhcre;i^<:t
diietsdrnpovced in Canada;1 at\(i*;th:it'tho'
Coiisej-viiUve iHtjiivtiersorahe Dorandon;
EtoitHe; :be ;uri:eduti3's a^pdrt,: any; -,tno tipn,
ibtrbdueed -fii'r s'deb a purpnjfe" '■/■;..'.-.oj...
-; f;10. ;;J.hat '::Ks-rT^tits',.:-.;ar',-:i:lis-7^rrcs-T-^
■i.nj.rti;y'- lfet-iii .;td;.Dh«;pa'rfies- direid,l^,Ooii-i
eei'tieXt^ancp' tO.;.?TRd-'jiublioiiilo^^JibiQit
shbiild'die'i'assed. ;y;,|i:i-pi-idc tueauS' for,
an-"aniiicable. lidiusiiiiit'dt^ofi suohntts-
'l)'tU;#..;-'.}-'W.r-wf:-'pii"■'.;t'iiip'.fcy.'i;iwi:- r.'a:iiu,;:em-
■pl.pyoe^:;;;/.,.::-;-,,;.; .;;-;^;.'v: :,'/^-/;':/:'.//...;:/■:'■.
.';:'. n:'.:-'-^^
ii,vijuuil"a1eb'irei'pf..tli0 raw ]ii-odii?;|:s:cif:the':
prai!i.iLvs-iT>lo'-l>y,r)r(?:ii»H (^^-Trixisitio^voivvifo'
Tdwiisite OMeei
sa idrjra w::!iri)dpet fjfstt lijetii-'itifyirdliir tpfof,
;fho .s'ii'iiio.iii''ty.ltolo..or.,'j')it'iM.;'ci)'yjn'itt)h.--;Bi;iHs1i't'oltunbi:K,;\\
as ",
;he  Liberal
the ■
■:■■.*'   '
'■'     .       -..    "..■"      ''   ''■•'"
ll'-,'.;'lia-vb   a
1 lis.sleeve,.
1)6" able to
/Conscfvatiye';, Conventions.
:..;, .:- li,^*;". :-;NOTICEi'.-:' ■/':/,r ..,
- ;■ Noi.icdts .hereby ; given that,: :i0 days
a'f.ti?i-.chit,e I. iutetul i,o app.l.y to thivC'lii'el'
„C'ompiissd'6not.'of Liindsiuicl-:\Vprks for.
peririiWsaon tp;eut' andxarry away tiiri-,
,bei::from the,.; folio wing-, dos-'ci-.ib'ad lands
in .Sptitli JLasti'Kpiitetiay:: ';.©oiririteniMni;-.
lit;a,post inai-ked•'■li. Pi-aeltt's.sriui.'lieast.
corner post at,the '
ofvLptHjolS,--;-iiii: Grpnpi :!': ih^otitlylilast'
.Ivootenay:■'"west SO'■'chi'iii'is'.-.Tl'p,iii|;\iibrtli-:
SO,.ehains',,tlienee eiis.l, SO ehains, l.heneq
Koiitli SO- chains,to [ilaee of 'cbiinneriee.-'
miitit/ ciVntaininu-'O'lO act'cs'or h'is-s
■;:,.bine''25thid00~8;;;*  If.^t;iVC;raT;;';2T;|
•;.' ■.-'■■ Tli'q' .Liberalv'iiewspapersf'of
1   I-! i- i I. j'sl i- Co I u, m bi a:ca. n ha rd 1 y fi nd
Swords toVexpress.. theii'-i'feelings'
;"• over tlie''-''res'ult bf • the Cotiserv'a-
1 itivo V'tidal ; wiive that bverlloreed
'Ma.nitqba.'a.t fhe'receht. election.
'TO,' TflA-VliL    for   well;;„es-tahlisbed
house in a few eoiiDties., railing- on 're-
■ tfiil'.'iiior.clmiits--':iiii'l-;ig(':Jiti.,'''.l.o,cai territory.   Salary $1024 a,year and expenses
payable■ iSlil.70-a week in. cash   ami' ex-,
p.enses advanee'd.    -P.o'sit-ion perniam-nt. and'  rushinir.   ,; Kn-
elose self-addr.e.s.sed. envelojie.   - Stand '
.-Ui;il .315 Cuxton Bkljf.i (.'iiie-awj..
;.At acuieetiligof the, yxeeutive ol'-.-'ljjfe
'Provincial Conservative Ass-beiation,
held ill; '■:^aiieii(iyk:V\' the. in-ovined was
divideitiiit'o liveo divisions for.ora'ani-
zaiipilpurppse.s; The,'Kootenav-Bound--
ar.v■division,.ismade^ip of the. 'follow'-'
iit»- provincial,eleetiondisti-icts-f Jlevel-
stokc. Gblumbia,, Fernie, ' t;ranlji-ook;
Ymir. Kiisl'6. Sloean. Grapd.. Forksi
Greenwood,; tiie.Gity of; J-losslaiid and.
the City of Nelson.' A.t the.sltitie meeting-' the. followi-jo- resolutions-' \y:ere.'
adopted:," . ■'■'■'.-.■'.■'■..  ;'"" ■■
1. ...That Coiiveutiqns for 'noininatiiriy
candidates for meinl.K'rt; of "the:' leiriski
tive.'assembly be.itiade up of';d'elc'triitcf
phOSOfias..follows:  .:.... .-   ..„.,  :     :>:::. r-'.1.';.
ln- cit-v .ckxitoi'ai
d ■   • ■     ■ ■
(FOKM, f.)   ,
oijirnriciATK or impuovkmknts
-mtdwan; fi;
Situate  in   the   Fort, Sieeh-  .Mini.'i^
,- Division. of; Efer,Kootenay'District...   ,:.
Where loealed,:—X-ear Mark ('.'reck;
'    TAKK   XOTIGK   that. J.   .laipesA.
TTarvey. Free .Miner's ■Cej-tirieate  -^'o.
•■I'i(i0i!2;-1" iietiny for myself and as atp-nt
■ for   Ah.'x   C: . Roberson.   Free.  Minc.rV,
Gertifieate X.o,,--Bi;0(i:rl" and Willi- K.
■ .iohnson' l-Vee' Miner's   Certifi'-ate   .\"o,
, "-"IJtiOli'il.'i'",   intend'.si^ty   days' ir'oiii th.
' date.hereof, to ajiply to the Mininjf I'le-
(,-oniei-   for  a . ('erlificate  of. J i.nprov..-
iiients, fortiie ]i,u-].o.-i-   of  obtainiiiL"   a
Grown Grant of I hr aboV.-chiiiii,
.   Anil   1'iii'Ui.M' -livki-   null'.'., linn, ai-iloii.   uhil'-r
si-i'l ion :
"IU".' .'(..'
ipllsl I.'- (.'"inilll'lll-'.-'l   ln:f..,!i- llH! i!-,: !:-
I'll 1. "l- II. lib I'll. 1V ul .l|'l;lir'iVC;!l-,i:tll>'.
.1.   A.   UAItV.Kv:
lliis'.-lis!   il.-iv   ..j"  .lulv.   A'.B..
■   '    ..'II
(iij in- city ..clectoi'ai districts; one
delegate for (i'vory',lil't..v'i'irid,ff'itctibii-;'6'f:
iifi.V:Vote.s.polled at the. pwivinctal elpc-
tion held . in liiOO.' and - ii the cit v is
divided into wards; ■ the; jir-dportioii of
deieyulit;s.lor-e:vyh'.ward sliu 11 lie based
ori,the vote,po!I''d in each Ward at tlie
last mimieipal elvetioh. .'...-,'        .'
(b) ■''I'll, other elev'toral districts, one
: delegate.' for. every lifty or fraction of
j fifty ;votes-; polled a-rVne provincial ,elec-.
tion hcitl . in lllllO. the doley-aies to be
iipportion-.'q to. poilint;- places, or as
.near therelo iis; will' bt:-. fair' to the
voters of!tlie dili'erent. iiei.u-hborhood. .
.2. The elcction'of deley-aics shall be
a; ptibiietiiH-eiiiiLis. lieki, at a designated ■(•t-iii-i-ar phi.-e, in eai.drpollino-divi-
sioii'.. in- in each ward in' city elei-toral
districts. , if.'I he. city is-divided info
'.-.'aids. At "sjicli jiiiblic lneetinii-soiily
llio.-.,' i-.Ik'. piedui;, iin-niseiy.-s i,o vole
for the-caiidid;i-',e:o!'candidates selected
a! theiniininaiiiio-con vent iqii: shall lie
• ■nl il i':ii;t-.'a voii: for'delojrai-es.
:.!: T\v." ..W'-eks not ie... shall be ji-iven
of.ifie 'pul.lie,i;i...-iiiv!j1< tit whidh 'ilele-
urate.- are to be (•|.-i'!,.,:d. iind noniinaf-
inj.; eonveiilioiis-slialt In:'-lield .in city
.•■i.-ct'ora! (ii.-.i.rii.-is i.'wri day.';, .after' tli'e
(iav -'in which '.i.debates 'an.: -elected.
;t.r,<i in :ot..,(...'.-. 'e!..<-t.,)i-al   districts
? y; .y,,--. ,,■-.;:. :■,......:   .■;■.■,.,■:.■..:...-;:.-.v-,.,:v,;:;:f .:;-,-■:■■ --.■;:
ii- '^Notice-is lic'rcijy,i(fi'veii'Uii.ititliirty!;'clii.vs-':iftb)i
ilfito.--'r./riipinii'siri-i ArmslroiiR iniijiiii lohipply.
totlH'Cliio.r Coi'iiiiiissiiin.-ji' of LiiiiilsyuVii WniUs
A\r(ni;s for die ili.sti-ii'L dr .Knsi ICoiiloiuiy: ~f6i-» n
I^ifti'iisc. to jn-ospci:! rdi-"Cos'tl iliiil:'l'ut,i-plciiiii"voii-
lho, folli'iwinff. elc's'i'rilis'iT liiju'l siui:iu:(l. iilioul
lliroci mile's w(3Kl. of Alciiiiiiiiius'Orei'k ni'iii iiboni,
IliroeiiiilcssiiorUi btiiie .l.iitoi-iiiilioiiii.l'Hl'Uiii'l-
ju-y Line in the"S'o.ii.tli lOiisici-ifpiMiioii of "Knst
Ivootuiuiy district, ii.C.   ;■,.   ;,;;-:.,;,-     :-,..'■;•'
A Commeiu-ins; nt n post, pliinlcd noiali of
being liic jiiilifil .post.ailjnficiit, to'lCA. Grnill's
eliiiin (llu! iniu-keil I'l.'lioiiiMS il. Armstrong's
■iip.rili.wcsl I'Oriior posl.. tlioiieu soulli 811 clinins,
llience eastSO eliiii'iis. llience'iioi-tli ,'Sll. eli:i,ins.
l-iioiice west SO elmi'ns to llie phiee of beginning
(•oiiliiinin;,' li-IO ncrq.s more or loss.;
I.oeiiied'.luno SStii'.mu:!.   : ■.:/ .":        .■■','•■
>.."■".  ..,;.'M'h6i'iiiis'.H.','A,i-msii,oiii,',..rjpri'ii.l.pi-,
.-        '"•"':' -.:■•':'.    .10)111 T. liliHT. Ageii'i." ■ •■-.
,, 11 ' Commcnolnsf niv n post pbiuieil west of
being tlie initiiil post 'adjacent to 'iiiomiis II.
Ar'nisti-oijgls.'claim .-pul iniirkcil Alexiinder Mo-
,X;uigli'tbn'K noi-tlie.-ist f'Ol•llel•:posl..,tl.lenc(,. west tlienee SllclKiins. SO
clinins, thence norlll'iSll clinins lp;tlie place, ol'
beginiiing. contain nig1 ('.10 aeres niord or less,
'■"'tocatt'il .Tiinc^Sili; flte."-".'."'" -;:,'•.:"
; (v  Alexiindci- MctCiiiightoiV, boealor.
V   ' : -.■•■    •"■'-'■ -,'lp'iin.T. Binff.iAgont., '   ,
C,: Coniiiienciiifr tit" .'!•' post nortli of being tlio
initial nosi (T.ljaceiit'io "Alexiindc'r MGNniigii-.
ion's' claim and -niiii-lto'ii Madeline tiaylpn's
Son I liensl corner post, thence west. SO chains,
lh nice norlh SU'chnins. flienco east,. SO cimiiis1,
llience soulli §0 elmins u> the pliieenl'beginning
eoniaining nil) acres more dr less.'        •,'
;,Loeat..:'d..hiii'e-SStlij l!>(«.:   ,( -,':     ■'..',     :   .    , ..
.M'inKiiiio l^iyicm. I.ociilor.
'.luliii 'I'I lllnff. Agenl,:,.y
D C:oiniiiencing-al a' post plimtcd on'sl or
being, the initial post adjacent lo Madeline
I'.nyton's claim and marked Sjirion Cyr's south
west corner post, thence east SO eliains.'ihenco
liori.h SO'cliaihs. llience west SO chains, thence
soul h SO chains to llie place of beginning, coh-
laining (ilil1 acres nioi-eor less. .      ■',-.. '      .'■■
Located June esi,li..|lii«.   Simon' Cyr, r.oc.alor
:.'S   , John,iVItluiT, Agent..
r-;.-'- Notice .,is:';hercby'':g\veilfUihtit''*; sixty
day-s ' ;ifter7-.(late.;'!.:\yill,. applyi^g^tlVe
.Ghie-f'Gondiiisiionqr: ofl'Laii'ds;& A\?oi-)«
I'orpermisstpn. ;f;o,:purclVase. ;t-be 'fdilow;
ing; described';-, laiidsi-'V.'situiitc; in;i fepiit.h-
phuited at ;tlie;:ii6.rtlieast /;(:oi-nei: pi' E.'
p; Sniith's-ripiiij-eirijifipity thence'''.'iivp'r'th.
;.;noi*"i'^OJ-(lltain\s. thei\cpAye^i/p^/chai.nsl
thence, south ,(iO chains, tberi'co, .east- 80 pliiiip or;b'ojfi'n'iii.ii"^','iipiib'iiiii'nj;-:
A-i 0 %(?ros,Q;:/:, .liiiikjif '■'. \ uly'ilai / d 'ii6;i [ b '^-_
... i^Xblii'lviisiiei'ebyligiveii: that 'wo- tho'iindoiV
.signeillnleiid,l.hirl.y,-;days afteivthe lirsrphbii-:
ciition,of Ibis'tioiiceor as-soon .'aiicrwards as,
the ;iipplical!on eai)'1bii beard to apply to.llie
Assisjanl Gomniissiohcr.oi' r.niul.s'•'..•iii'iV-JVorlcs
at Foi-t'Sleelp l' to 'prospuot'' for Coal
and, pctroleuiii. uponSllie; foi lowing iVieseribed
Out. !.
ii at.."
ab..:r.     All
ic. pro'.'inro !..
nti   -phi.
'! (.ii llu
iioiiiinil ion,-
: made
in each,
inn: d.'iv
al a (lesio;-
i lit!:-:
Nnl le- k liei.-by given Dial' sixty ila'.v.-; ai!"
,'line I inii'ii'l In-, iipplj I., lb.- Chiel (
;!iiiin.'i' iiii.lAV.i.rli. al A'lel ..rla. I'.: (•',
l.i'r |'..l-(iii'.sii.u'to |>til cba'..: tli'-,\\im- .!..'
'd huitl-. in Souih I'lasi K-(>oIeNMy■ .(.'out
in: mi 'a' pdt;i iiiaii,e(l l.liirold I i;ii 11 ujr' ■
.||,sl cnnier piK-i; .planii'il III chaiifs mi .,|
II..' ii..ii'1'.'ii...i'..r hi" Ivcnii'-tli Ca in phc 11
I'lin-hii.-.' .0 l,'i,cli ,.|'...k Uieiii-i: inirlli sn chain.,.
Mi "(ice v.-esi SO elinin.--,. I hence soul h so . <-lui in-.
U'euee eitsl so chains to pince of ...KIIIH tlee-
in'-iit.    Containing •'. in arri", more or less.
llAI.'iil.l) ilAIM.INi;.
tinted June until. l'.Mi.i. '.;;
mai ui
i 'i.    x
mont ii.
a ii-'
■ tli;.
ricl ikiii
! 1' l • '-
■HI! -.
... Ii.\.-il.'
11 .••:
<  '"IIS
Vi'lsoll.  .1
<■■'■ i Me- date, ol public
'!'•<'( ion of. (Icle;ial..-s
•"ii V'-ntion.-,, flic. ;i|e
,il;-|..;'.-'i!.- . .and flic
'I nominal in." conven-
;u i-ii'.e'oi'rid disl.i-icls
>i li;, .'in-- mom tier of
i''' 'ii'- i.- io11 in which
'.''-'.- ;ir. • sit i;.-1. (i • 11, arid
ii.'(.--. ol III.-' pi'.'shli'nl
I I,'- . i 'l.-iivilici.'l I ( 'on-
l.'i-ovincia I :*'xi•<■*11-
» aiiiy.Hi ..-I-   wit hill
• !pr  loldin/i'   dis-
"ii! ions  will 1 lien.
"I I lie I Yovineial
il'ivc Associal ion.
•Notice is hereby given thai, tliirly days al'lnr
dale I inlen.l io apply.ui the Clii.-i'i 'oiuinissjon-
ei- ol' Lands and Works nml Assistant ConiniiS-
sioncr of Lands ami Works for tlie District,' of
ICnsl. Isoolenay. for it license, lo'prpspeel for
Ooal and I'etroleuni' on the i'ollnwing de-
sci'ibod liinds'siiunle in Soulli t'.asc ICooteiiay.
westof the l''hithead l.'iver, eiglit iniles north
Inleriniiimnil llouinlai-.v:' LViiaaienelng a I .a
posl marked l.)'Wiilson's s'liiiluvusl. corner
post, llience Su chains norlh. theiice SO cliains
iMsifriiience So ehains. soin.h. llience so clinins
went. Id posl. ol .-onimenceiiieiii; coiilaining Hill
(icrcsi' or less.   '.- . .„:. WALSON. Locator.
Da led lliis day of July. |!i'n:i. ' an
... : NOTICE.
Take Notice thai, sivly dn ys u lici
iimlt'i'signcd. iiu.i'iiil I,. apply iii'i.h'e
iiiImJoiiI'l-of Lands and Works fur
In  purchase the I'oUou'lni;   desccil..'
S'iliili'Kal.t. l.-iioteiiny:    Cnin -in
I'l'iiii'licl  'I'.   Mi'l'iiuiiilil's   iioi'iliivesl
llie'lMtei-'iei'lloii lit' IV   Luiiifs tlinlier
diile I,   Ihe
.1 hinds in
,. a I a post
coi'iier. al
lease  ami
W. Laurie's southern l...iiiid:oy, on flic western
side i if the l» i lot en ii y. river. I lieiiee , en n ni n.; in
.ioiius etisl..' more or less. lo Ihe
west. Im nl,- of ihe Kootenay river, ihenre
' "l- less io tlie iiilcrseclion.
st Iii chains to the inter
timber, lease, theiice north
of I'legininiii;. containing
land situate in foist '.'K'ooteiiay. east..'-of- illocl;
i-triSI)iind about i| inilcssontli ofCrow's isfest
.Station on the Crow's Nest .I.Vailroail and on a
. creek 'Howl ng wo'steiiy iiVto tlio Soiii h l'\irl>- of
'Miotic! Creel; .and adjoining, .pimps Clark's
northwest corner; ;.- '■""• ,.,.■•.- ,,■,•■'■''.'■.■ ;'.';•.;','■" ,
.1. Cominoncing ,at a post' planted ^pii a
week ilou-ingv westerly intptlie 'South Fork
d.f . Idicliel : : creek , nnd . being . Duncan
G'an'ioi-oifs' norilixyesl corner .and adjoin ing
'Jumps' Clark's liorlli.westcoi-nor, tlienee. south
SOcliiiins. thence enst.SO clinins. tlienee nprlh
SO clniins. tlipiicc'wost-isO cliahiK to pince of
eoiiiineneenienl. /DatedJuly |Hli. i'!.'0:!::- -
'■'■'..-- '■ ■•-.-. Puiiciii .Ciimeroii. Lbealor ')
,2. Commencing at the northwest corner post
of niineaii Ciiinei'pii's an'd being John A.. .1 '.'ir,-;
sou's sotpliwest corner.' llunice north SO ehiijns,
ihenco east St) chains, llience south s'O clinins" wesl SO. cliains to'ppinl of,'coimiieii(:'c-
ment." 11ated the 11 tli day of Jiily, 10(i:t. _-'.". ..'''.
. r'.".i.:'     ; :■': John A, Parsi'ms,.Lpenlor.
it. .Commeiiciugat (he sonlliwesi eoriier of
John A. -Oilmoron's: and- being the: southeiis't,
coriiei;,of August Nelson llience tiiprlii SO e.lniins.
thence" west SO chains, thence south SO ehaiiis;,
thence east SO chains to place of .Cipiiiiieneer
nieiu -'   Dthed. tlio lltii day 'of July, f'.Wi.
■• ■ , AugiisyiNplsdn, Loealor.
•I. 'Coiiinicneiiig iit, tlio southeastcoi'iier.
of. August Nelsons' and. being the nortliensi,
corner of Jean Gregiiry, tlienee soulli SO cliains
llience west 80 chains, thenco norlh SO chains.
1 hence east Sil cliains to pliice of comiiioiice-
ii'ient...   .inly lll'h. IliOlf. ' :' \
.''■'"■'' ■,'""'.' .lean Cli-cgary, LiK'ator. ■
a. ■ Comiuenciug one mile iiortli of John A.
I'ncson's noi-tliivest corner, and being Sarah
Aveny's norijiwesl, corner. Ihoneo so'nth So
chains, thence cast SO ehains. Ithonce iiortli So
clinins. thence west SO place' of0com--
ineiieenicnl.-   'July 1 Ith. idO:!..
'.',-''. Sariih Aveny, l^ocalor.
a. Commencingnr the noi;lhwesl corner of
Sarah. Ayeny's aiid' being' llerliert i.Alnuii's
southwest, corner, thence north. SO chains,
llience east SO clinins. llience south SO clinins
llience west SO clinins to place of connnciicc-
inei'.l.    July lllh, 10(1:1. •'.;''    i
i , ' ,    ■ Hoi-ben Mann. Loealor
1 7. Conihiencing at the sou 111 west corner, or
llorbert Mmin's and being the northeast cor-j
ner of John AlcCiislilnn. thence south so chains. !
thence' west SO chains.' tlienee iiorlli''Su chains j
llience oast SO chains lo place of coiimience- I
ment.    July lllh, l'.'0:ii      . ', '     j
John McCaKliiah. Locainr.     |
S.'   I l.inimem'ing at the  iiortheasl. corner of j
.loll li   .vicl.'iislilsnfs   ii lid   In.'ing   the   south.;asli
corner of Hugh Magulio, llience norl.ii so chain
ilheiice west Siichains.   Iheiice south Sil chain.',
tlienee   easl,   SO   chains to place of eonnnenei
uienl.    J lily, liiuil.
:ill lltigli. Mnghii-e. Liiciil.u-,
.iNol.loe is hereliy'giveii Iliat tliIriy"days''.aflef
dii.teJbit, tp 'ilip'-'Cliie'rc/niiinis^
sioiier ol'ljanlis aiiiiAVprksiiiui Assist ii hi, Cpm-
inissipiier or LaiiilsVui'd Works for llie Disiricf
of l'las,tiCoolptiay,' for :i--;T^ii*«i'iis».'''.to j;*i-oSiit'Rt'"f6r
Coal'tiiidPeti'pleiiin pii theI'r'o.I lowing desei-ibed
I a l ids:' ,Si U. a to 'iii'Soli t If Riis l 1 v opteii iiy f wes t
pf.llie..l''inthead 'ili'ver aiidlivediiii'es north: i'ii-:
teriiiitipniil lionudjiryyi' n: post
ni!irkeil:S;H; AL \yiiite;s:norlh.»'esl (:orneV5pbsl
ilKMico St) ehaiiis south; thenco: SO(fliaiiisesist;
liiefice'SO ciiiilnsjiortliyuience;! SO ehiiins;,wesl
i;o' post,'of/('.oijjiiii>'iic«iiTi.;iitl t-oiV'uifiViiigi'tV4V>.a«iv'.-
f' Duted |.'lIiK^].0t"■l];''^isly",o^''■■.j''ulyi■'lu'6i^.;',. :;-',^<;-.,ir--:'3ri-'-
••;'■■ Notic-o isiiereby'(.iveu'Ihni:ihirty ilays:,'ii'ficr"'"
(lute,;I   intend  to:apply': to llj(; Chief Cpinniisr.:.
sioiier^ ofXnnds ;iiulrWor!;s iini'l-Assi'sliijii,Cdur-'-'
iiiissioner of LMiids :ind NVorksi'iii- ifie lllSlricl'
of kasrivooleiiiiyj.roriiLicenseio Pt-ospeet'rpi-S
CoiiLiihd I'eli-oleuni^ b!i;tlic,rpllbwiii£iieseribed
lii'niis':;,   Siluiile in SPuYh'j'liist,"■ i\6otci)ii'y:.''.',W(js'i,v.
of:tlie|FIii't;' iu^;r-six':milesi:iiiir,lli;in;ler-^
iiidioiiui; (ipuudary^   comiiiehciiig >at. iiv posG'
iniirked .IKAIillington's souiheiist. efu-iioi-: pos^v
iheuee SO chains north;;;thence^ SiVVcliiiinsVyvest,:'
tlieiiPe1SO.ehiihissoiiih;,ilieiicpSU.(di^ ipi;,
post ol-'CoiiiincheeuiehL'leohiaiuiiig^UO acres::
"lore iii''lessyy.1011 N';All:Li';j:Nti'.Tp.N;, LooiiliVr?':
;-. Dated'lliis'lOth, dayof July; lii|):{;   ':>   ;..,,:! Iij-A1
i;: ,^'otfc.Pls'lierebyiijiyoii that thji'iy: pays; Htipr
diile,>l,iniend'.io ii|V])jyao;:'ihc^Cliicf.ebiiiiiils-
.sipiier of-LiiiidsluicI Works'iiifilAssistant Com-'
;iii issipiicrpf Laiiils'iiiid-Wdi'ks fpr!"tlic;: liislncr
of;ftasi, Kpotonay,1-for'n 'License to rrbspe'ci for
Coal imd I'etroieiiiii'on tho followiiig'deseritieil
liiiids: Situnle fii Soiilii Kast ICooteiiayii wesl?
tioiial lioiiudary. coiniiiencinga t'a post marked
11;,Giegerich's iio.rtheasf.eoi'iiei-,posl. ihence-Sli
clinins south, theiice .S'Ociiains wesl'r thence SO
chains liiii-th.,llience SO ehains east 'iiKpostof.
comineiieemeiii, (:biitnii!iiig.010 u'e'res more or
less./:,': .,..„•■   ,;o .ii.ciKaKiticif. Loeator;''
Uiiled this ioth.duy o'f'.July.'.ll)6».:'-■"■-,- ;(l
;': ':,:.' NOTICE.'':".
Notice, isLiereby given that Ihirtyklays Hl'ter
date i'i litem.!; to: apply, io, the Chief Conimis.
sionerof Lipids iindAyorlcs aiid Assistant Cpm-
missioner or Lands and, Works' for tlie, riot
'of Kn'st Koitleniiy. for'a Licence to' Prosjioel
for Coal 'iinil..Pr-t|1oleiiiib.-p'n^tlic'''roiio'win^'iti'"
sijrilicd lands: Siiuaie in South Kast ICoot'emiy
w-est'oflhe-l'']a'fhcn(l .Uiver sixiniles north in-
fernnlioiiiil Bouiuiary; :('piiiineiieing.'iit a .post
liiarked, L.' A., lliegpricli-s soulliwest corner
|i<isl;; tlient'.o'SO chains ,'iiorlh, .theuee SO elhiins
cast, thence SO elniins south, -thence SOcliaiiii
west,'to post pfpoiiiiheiiceiiieiit.coiiliiiiiii-igtvi'O
ileres'more or loss,:;. L.;A. (': I KG'liljfrOl.b'.'T.oc.'
Dated this idtii iliiy of July, Ifitw. ■ ','      ...  :n   ,
':: :: NOTICE:.';^ :-; ^V'..;-- -,' ,'
, ..Notice is hereby giventliat. th i rty days' afiei-
date I intend to; lipply. to the Chief C'nm'mis--
sionerof Lands iind y\rorks iiiiii.AssistuiitCbin-
inissioner of .Lands aiid'Works for the District
of Fast Koolciiny for a: Lieenee to Prospect
for Coal nnii: ' Petroleiini' °on llie follow
ing described., hi nils: .Situate' in '.South East Wesll or the. 'FJatlioail River and
'right, miles norlh liiternatioiiiil ..llriimiiiii-'y.
coininenehig at apost liiarked A. T. tiiirhind's
sou th en st corner post, thence . SO chains norih.
thence SO chains west. i.Iipi'ice SO'''cliains souih.
ilienc..' SO.chiiins east, to post of commencement
containing (1-10 acres more or less.   „  ' .     '
:,--.-''■ A. T. Garland. Locator.
'■ l)ated this lOtlrday ofJulyi liillll.   '','.' ..   :n
■ :/^//'::/:.^
,iiiite.U iiileiid lb apply,;to 'the.Chief Cdininis,-A
sioiier lifiiahilsand^AVbrksiuid Assisla'iit'(f'binAfe
of lOiisiiiLiioieiiiiy. for a License liil.'.rbspeel i'or.
Coal,and I'efroleum oil the following -described   :,
lHiids:=;'!siuil;i,di in South Kast  l'vooteiiiiy.,west,: ,
pi.the'Fliitlicad Kiver aiidliyo iniles .nbrl'li1 of;,
Ihterna'tiPiiiil Bpnudiii'y, conihieiiciiig atri post.:,.;:
niillk-e'd W; l{..Alleii:s: north west cbi iier':])Ost',' ,i.,
tlieiie'c   eighty  ehains  south."., Iheiice    eighty" .
chains east, thence eighty chains; north, thence   ....
eightyehiilns west to' post of coimneiiei'muiii;.'.'-..':
cpnlahiiugVdO ncres more cirdess.    .':'•■'';■ '..-',.■■;'■'/,','■' ;,
-■ ■ ..'..■.:,k .;;;.';■;,-'' -;-:,W.:K.,ALL|.:N, Locator, i"   ■':
Dated' this lOlliiliiy'of.liily.,100:1; :,      :      HI.,.':   :
..::.■;./ NOTICE, -i :';-   ■ ,".y'.,,..'. ..
Notice is.lierohy gi voir that tinny.days after
ilnte S  inteiiil: loapidy io  ihe Chief Cpinmis-;
sioiier of.'Lunils anil.Works and A'ssistntit Com-
niissioher of Lauds and Works for'thbi)istriei
j if ions t ICooteiiay, for, ;i License io I'r.ospectl'or
Coal and Petroleum Pii thct'ollowing described
liiinls:' Situato hi.South' ICnsl Kboliuniy. ,wesl
of  I'MaUieiid, .Klyer iind eight miles norlh In-
teriiiiiional' Houiulary: Ciiiniiieiiciiig ,;it ajiost
niiirked ■ W.  V.  llrailsliu'w'.s soulii west .eoriier.
ppst. tliciiQeSO chains north, ihonce. SO uliiuns
east. theiiep.SO chains sou tli,  llience: SO chain's.,
west to ]lost of comineneeiiKjut.eoiifaiiiing 010,.
acres more oi' less.     W. \% llli.A DSIIA W, 1'jcm:'.
L IJnted this 10th dny of July,:,I'JO.'I... "',.   .'. ■'.':»i:..'...■
. ',:..,:   ■' .;.-.-:   -NOTICE.   ,   ;':,:, ;.:,»'
.Noticeishereby given Unit, thirty days atier0>
datii. I intend, to npjily to the Chief (Ji'imm is- "
sioiier of Lands aiid Work's and AsslstaiitCoiii-
inissioiior or I'.iiiidsiu'ul Works for the Dlsirici
of Kusi, Kootenay; I'br a License to Prospect for
Coal iind I'elroiyiiin oil tlie'.l'ollow-ing described
.lands:" Sit unto in Soulli ilast . Ivoouiiuiy  west
of  Ihe  Flathead itivor  live iniles northlnler-
iiiilipnal    iioundary,   eoiiiuieneiiig-'al: a   post ",
niiirked J*. ,11. Walsh's  unrihoiisl   corner post.' '"
llience BO 'cliains south', llience SO  ohnihs   west,
tlienee SO chains north., tlienee SO chains eiist to
post of commencement, coiilaining'old  acres
more or less.    . P.1 It. WALSH. Locator.
Dated-this 10th day or July, ioo.'i.';-.     ,       si.
NOTICE.: liereby given that thirty days after
'hue 1 intend to apply to the Chief.Commissioner of Lands iind Works and Assistant Com.
iiiissioner of Lands.and Works for the District
offOasi. Kootenay. for .-I licence to Prospect for
Coal and Petroleum on the following described
l.iiuls: Situate in South Fast Kootenay, wesl
of llie Flathead, Rivp' niHes north International Boundary, commencing at il posl
niiirked CI. Ilariin's northwest corner post,
tli,'lice SO clinins south.i.hence SO ehaiiis cast.
Iheiice SO chains north. Ihene'e. SO chains wesl
lo post, ..r coiiuViencenient. eonlaliiing OKI acres
inure oi  less. •       11. Ill AtriMN.  Lodiior.
Dnl.e.l this of July. I'.lli:l. ' :tl
;,     NOTICE.  ,
'I'a'ke Notice that sixty days nfier date ■].-, the.
undersigned, intend la iipjily to the Chiei' Commissioner or Lands and Works for permission',
lo purchase the following described'
South Fast Kootenay: Commencing ai tiie
l>oiiit where Ihe south liinil of l'{. It. ,1'amicsoirs
timber appliealion''intersects Ihe west limjt of
Lol; r.0:t:i, Group I. thence south It), clinins.
thence west SO chains, thence north 10 chains,
thence eastWl clinins to Ihe place o'f iiogi lining,
containing :t-0 acres more or less.        '
'-.',' Malcolm McDonald
Dated this Otli (lay of June, A.i). loo:!.  .     ill.
Al 1N
Oh'AL A.C'i'.
I'VutM . F.
M.ii'.h so chains mo
..| Lot :i:is-, ihenre w
-eelion ol I'. Lund':
sn chains lielhe phi.
till acres,more or 1...
Dated this'.tl. d.iy ...L.liiue
■I'. McDonald.
.A.D., lOltt.       il
. '1'iilic Nui.lee thai, sixty days aflcr (tale I, il,..
.'indcrsigiicil, intend pi apply In I he ('hi'ct' I',,in
nilssinnci',if Lunds niid .Works fur permission
lo purchase the following described' lands'in
South lOasI 'K'ooteiiay:    Cnnuiiciieingnl n point
'on. lho li f Lo,ii;ir.i:iliii(l onc-lui If niilc  ici-ih
ol Lot'iO'ii, tlienee north Sii clinins. I hence west
10 chains, mure or less.-- to K'nolcuny river,
thence down stream to the point of .-"uinieuee
men I. c.intniniug :c:o in: res iiK.r..' or less.
David lircckonridce
Dated Ibis Otli (biy or June, A.D., l'.Ni:i.       L'l
N.iljfce is hereby given that thirty days arte r \
< In lo i intend   lo apply   in  Ihe Chief  Coniiui. ■ I
iloucr of Lauds and Works and Assistant. Com- !
i.ilsslonor-of Lands iind Works for llie. District !
of I'last Kooteuay., lor n  I Jcensc. to Prospect, tor
I 'mil und I'clroleuin on the following describe.I
hinds.:    Situate In Soul h Kast   ICoolenay. wesl.
of Ihe Flail.cail River an:! six miles   north   li|-
leiiintional Itniinihiry. ('oinmencliig al  n   post
iiini-ld'd A.S. AHnulon's sonlliwesi corner post.
Iheucc so clinins n'orth. thence  SO  chiiins imihI.
tlu-iiee so chains south, llience SO clinins west to
posl   of    inencemenl.   couiaiiiing (ltd acres
inoie or less.' A. S. M INNION. Locator
I'atiMl this lOlh dnv of .lulv. I'.iO.'t. at
■ /;        	
•r.-il (./'liiii/fi.
Mornitin- Fraction Alin
!     Sitiitiio iu Ihe Fort siecle Mining Division
I'lnst K'ooteiiay District.
Where located:--On Huckleberry Hill.
' Take -notice thai I, .lame:i A. Ilarvov'. I'h'ec
Miner's Cerlilieate No, li.('.(li',-j:i. iicilng ' f,,r |„v.
self and iisageiit for l.'ul.ei-l (l. Jennings. I''rec
Miner's Certilleiite No; It.iMI.".:!.-,, und .loliii II.
Fluk, I'h'ce Miner's ('. No. II.TJ0,i:i, intend, sixty
ilnys from Hie dale hereof, tonpply lo the ,M in-
Ing Recorder for a Certillenle of improvements
ror the purpose of obfiiiniiig a Crown (Irani of
the nbove claim.
And   further  take  notice, that action, under
Kcctioii :tr. must, be couiinonceJ before the issuance of such Corlilicnlo of Improvements.
Dutcl this fall day of June, I'iUi.
SATLTRD A.Y/ A UC UST: 1;' ■" 1D'OS,'
;;Bri||sHt .Golfers .$Qwmg/^l
;/':'"New.lYprk,'■;;July ;COT yyiAcc^rtl-;
' dni?:/I;t>"adyices-receiver!;Here, /the,
• • feanf oil'OxI'ord'/ ancl Gain bridge;
yjgoH ei's :',sail s yl'roniy EngWiidypri
';;'.tliprp 'tillpy wil1 Iii fiber;"rup. by;bp-
'i:-irig piiter'tajnocl:blipinigliL'bvyfcho'
Vy,Tlipii'''::-ti.i/sl; y'ifiifiybii -4:il"^* tliirv
;courti;ry 'i:wi.l 1; ,';b^;^a;Qpp;i'^
ybiuficl 'iTintere
V '-1.1 p n i o ii/ Au g usf; -1 G.''a.f.' th pi 1 inivs; o f
ythe/Esspx■'■(Q6ii'nty;'.ciu]pi^ f^yMani-i
55;tdi.psf:Or; i^i'aSS;; ,'v,T\\',oyilnA«lifi:i3i.':
n tj ■ j 11 muiMAmmm
For' /Getting a ■Beautifti'".Watch
■// "aud' Criaiii'■ Frefcir-rNb.-. Money
/;■;"   same'■■.Opportunity:/Uiitler ,-our,
::';;'':.^System;;,', y^;''';i;;',;:)'/   '''.'';''-•(;'yi"■
.TtixinFj fls in; tlio "liaiii'ls': iil'/all
'pci-sp!is''saill'cr,in«- li'bni bad/heal tli/we
jii:ikA:-Lli:t!; rpllpw-i'ii't^'^nipsfc -'liljeviil;.'nlT6r:-'
y Tfiyiiu:will.''iul-'lis youriiitmqand tid.
slrcsri^, and :.a^-re(iito;;Woll; for lis twidve
"!i.o.vo»" of -   - - -	
.. ■". : /NOTICE..
Notice i.s.hi.'i' c'iv.!.ji.Jba.L,..w:u=Jii.c
nndcr.sitrnod   irjicnd   thirty, (iii.Vs  after
i hodii'y.t pifliliealion of t his notice or as
soon ':i'f.tur\v';ir'(ls,:ii,;-. iiie application "can.
he, heard foupply'tp i.-he Ahsisiiint Coni-.
niissioii.';- of .Lands:, and \yoi:ks,at' Fort,
Steele for licenses,,to; prosi'icel,:/for Coal'
,'iild i 'efroli.'iiin, upon the , fo] lowing',, de-
..i(;rilii.vl lai.-d ,si!ipil(,' in-  IJ:ts.t; Kodfoitay'
on f,)ic east, sidi:;of ti'fc   !<"kiihc;id. Hi ver.
on Oil or Sa«-o; Crock.and from ;;ali(hit !l
toll.' miles north front the International
Uoundury Line ami one mile east, of.Sir
C, 11; Titppci-'s northeast; ■coi'iier. ':•
■" Commeiicin^- at.;, a. post oil the north
wesCbaiik .. of   Snge . Creek'   -marked
"Andrew -I. Devlin's  eiii-ii or,
liience south 80 chains,  tlienee   west. Sil
chains/thence north HOchains.', theiicc
easi 'SO chains up-,]'»(r>iut;r-.or ,;epnihienir'e-
nieiiiV.'/'Aprii'fii.h..'■'!!!(V.!;. ;:";"■"/,    „";".'.;
:,, ''.Andrew.L I'evlin, "Locator.:::
' .Coiinnoiiciiiy- tit .the iiortheasl, corner
post' of Andrew' .1.   I.lovlin.and heine-.
the  sontheas'l,   corner, iii' :.El iyobath'5
.Devlin yvthenoo,iio'rlhSO ch'iti ns. thence
west: .SO ehaiiis., thence V.onth:.^ 'idiltitisj
1,11 etit'c,east SO idiaiiis ,lo ('point,: ,.dt, coni-
ine.ncenii'iily ..-A-jirirrifh,, lllilS. , ,   -, ,  ■'..,.:
•'.*" .■■■'.''  . jlevlin 'I'.oc.'ii.oi-. ,-
,   .CJohinieliciiii;- :il» tlie, sdnl.heasd, corner
post;.of  I.Oli'keiVttfli ^Devlin.: tintt: .'hoiiic-'
soil Lit west", coi-iidiv post 'iif, "Ai/A'ii^o',^
t<heiiccijOrth iit) (di:iins.; tliencenidtisl.! SO
uhti'ilis; jfheiice south,SO, (diiiins./vtlience
u'estp/SO , (diiiiiis  to/point ofiioiirmeiice-'
ii'ieiiif':;A'|nYl'\^ti'T'v.,'l'0():i''- .."'''."     'r-/./~::~^/
; : :: ■       " //'' :: :; -''..v'.'-i1' A;l d'affC Liicatiir.. ,.-
; ,.    ■'■.-       .--- -••■.■■.'.-   ■,-,-:■-■■.■   -,  ■ ■■°- '■'..•-•-■•     v      .  .•...',,
'.,.' JAlhtiiienoihy/at,the south\yesl,;cornef,
corner post of iferhert; Olarlc,- theiKt'e
soiich;S0/(^^ns.;thehce eitst:.§0:/cihains,;
".  ®'
,   XoMiy
N...licrcliy..K.ivpii lliat 1, .J. .M. McVay.
tlFia the time: proscribed iiyj Law to
apply in the pliluf Conihii.s.sioner of Lands and
Worts nf Hie Province nt ISritish Coliiinljiii for
a licence ' ip prospect for Coal and relrotcnii!
on,the fnll.iwi'iig described: laiids:/ '/li'i'jjiiiHi.iif:
id a jaist inarked ,J; A!, Mc\ii'y's northeast corner post, ilience: SO chains .sonili. thoiice- SO
'diains-west, thence sli cliains north; thenco SO
chains east to posl of 'commencement;. Situ-
atc'iii .Sf.iiili-Kiist.lCoolena.v oast cf tho'it'lal-
liead Kiver It iniles frp'm lnouth of Saj,'e Crec-k;
fiiin'iil. post' stands SO fh-.iins iiortli' of Sage
(Jreei;;. Ilia feel wcst.of .Ist/iipilli fork' of Sa;
i':e('lc::ind west of I». I*. Kane's claiin. ,;,
• ■   : ■   ,  :   ;. ■■■•'■-.„  J.-M. McVA)'.-i.oc:ii(ir.- :'
',■■-billed lltli day of '.JVine. Idttt. -.'.'■ 27
,:-.,':: -:,;   notice.. :'    .. .:/,•;.".,.■•>
ICouci'lslicrel-.y givp,n lliat I. It. i'.'.'Kane: in-
'tcii.i; '.villiin, the iline prescribed ,hy Law to
apply io the.Chief PriMiiiiissioner of liiiiids aiid
Worusipf the I'roviiKle of Ilritish Columbia/ for
a fiicoiisc to prospect for Coal iind,. Petroieinii
On tin- followi'iii? (lescribcd lands: liCKiiiiiiiic:
,al a fiosi iiiai-kcil 1)! I'/'ICaiio'-s' iiorlheast corner.' pnsf. iheiice so" eiiafiis south., ih°eiic(} Si"
cli'aiiis'wesl, thence SO I'-hiiins nortii. 1 hence SO
oliaiiis east io po,t of eojiiiiienciiiji. ...Situate la
in ilcs,-from iiitcViiniiomir'; I toil Hilary foil: S.-itfc
C'roek "and -UHI feet norlh of .said ercelc/iii So'iitli
i'aisi Koi.U'iniy. / ;'. ;;. -    .;
' ■'".'■!      ;': '■-,:■      fi.J'^KANio:; l.pcator.'e
l.oeateil tills III h day of J nno. i'.i(>;j.':  , / ' ',-i7,..
i;::.-':;;. leai^
;*^nijc;igo :;i;nd.;g
,\-j/-}il fiy pys/in;.J:]ii)v'::\Vtos^^
.-'; s:ipiai;ipiypti?y\.ususfv^
';■-'to.';'.-P.i'iitsV)n\'Ul-:^'il'■ ''.$<>})Qyv'wifly ay
, .lnalyli /.- .against ■' >-' f;lie;'.;/v^ostPi'tv
•:;/.Pnniisylvanih, ,y\:ssociati6nlya.nd'
.    IhPil/'libp' Philailolpbifidisy-will-Vbp
, 't'lken iirto.-ciinrp. : ';y '■;//■;;; ;; -- v;:
■'.' '-"y/LTip:. ieaui - will: .'.iUTiiv.csi'i'i-.rTow'
•;,»Y(;)i'k:,"durin}^ -tho''-yiiclik'.---'races,'
,' and also bo ■-.spndtla.'tors af. .f:lie
'"/' atiiateur y. yyolf ' / cliaiirpion'sliip,;
: wlncltbeii'iys' i->ep1;6niborl a-t the
'■  Nassau. Cpunid'y club.: /ilcisiiro-
.. ppsed ;f}ha,t pit the following-ijMon'-.
„ day-~-Liabpi' D;.i,y--f;hay thfi'Eng-
, lisiiinpii. take; palrr. iii ytybiinia,;'
'inplit'.',;'.. whieh;;;vyiil -be. limitcd/tq
■-, 1.liii'i.y-1.wo,'.a,iid.. will include only
{, those -'i.-lia't, liavo"played- a /pronx-
.; iiieiif.1'i'olo: in' f:-hc (:'liam;pionshi']"i. ,<
:/;;: .^....por-SeawaiiliakaCup-y-^
.-.    A'f(3,iit,i'cal,:    .luly '• .;-j().^4_ ..cjii-
.-.,- Yoi-lc Yachi.C'ii.ibVai'i! not fo have
a.iiiouopoly' of Jliov iiif:oni'a1,jpna.,l
',' yacht racing- game (his year and
;'durino- iiie next few days a-tdea-sf-
tli(;: oyos, pj' yii(■ liti ntr <>ii 1 !i 11sia;Sf rs
.'"on both .skips of flic, bordiM', wi 11
°-b.'e .turned    toward. Tjitke ' Saint
Liouisy. near   this    city'":    Here
there.' was commenced foday   the
series  of  con tests - to'dofei'-inine
possession- of   tli6; Si.'uwanhak.a-
„ 'Corinthian   Yacht  Club:'s  Inter-
nation:i.l.Cliii,llena:e Chip for.sniall
yitcbts,' <\  tvppliy- foi; which tlie
. fast os I.; yachts of Canatla and the
United Stales have'competed for
on a, number of l'oi'ln,er occttsions
The now in "possession   of
■■(..lie. R,oya,I,(failindian S'n.ohl; Qlub,
which- hits   sekieled   the . .yaclit
'rrhoi-clla..Ii. its its defender:'Tlie
olia.llen.yiny yat-h!   is   tlie   i'enre:
soi'ilafivo     of     tlie.  Akiiidio.slei-
'ya.chl, club of  ivIanclicshM'., I\'. |'.|
The ' contests   .'ire   to
„_Di'.; Arnold rs-'En^-fi«li"•.-.Ttjxiii
.fills -a'tsif 5i;.. '.-j jor. I !o'\-.: .w o; wil 1; n\ vl:.. y di i
.,>iiSOiiuvii:ny; ■;■„ ly'm™ :'"j'a/:,. im'MJ'vnhm,
lyATdri ^NiyeHAwyitr'oither vLtidies
"* i r O (iii ts siKeyo r;ymi r 'f:li o'ti ;u'. o l'../,t we ti l, y
A ewclrv; / .1!itigs. ■ \f inl,iiisi'i-.-.-Mi'tiitlnlins;'
'I'eieSeis.sSitti'pii: isf';irls-,;;<;ai'nyras;;:(::t(::
Ui-'ii^ihii^r  \ Wx^ AiO^yi:': W
,-si o^KSy-xiiiVLii ..Si;tj.(i-'-::.:.\-.oi't p .s'^f Li---tiii«-rriiis;.
":i,ii(l; yen." <k'ii'f^.liavrt<:: to /'aoj)■■ fiiiyinory
jjifiiiir 12: ;fii.ixps:;, 'io.i,ireX/ylioypivninniiis-;
■U"! its i sf it: ] Joiiii; I ill is- (i ll'c r' f t-o iit. yri • I i i ilil c
^o.Utirs--;wrirt;li':'Wf0jii'i;|i'i,ijiii'is.:,.l.().ii'«:ci'ife ul\:
'j.cify o L^'t'lvti; «i.Gi i. j j li'i.'iy^'jyX-I-i.s 11 icj'i i ilsu i1:".: j i-1 s<.> "i} i si l?
^^llilciiowif renictiy foi; iilt: ilisonsus; iii'
ilnj    Iciilney;' uiiil'i'bl'itiiilorv ,'i.Si-i^-lii'rf
ilisicise, '(liiiboto.s.'rli.oiiii.irti.ii'iivi. licrvdn's
lynkl^csv nilil: feiniilo  i'("inipl;tiiil,s;:'/:iiKl
,iiro-i'()i-;;..sifl.c fi.V:;tili'tlt-'s(-.:■■ class-  (irno-o'isjfs;1
'jind.ilcriicrs jii'incdiuinos in iLl],;p;trl.s.(il'
''(-5 wot-l(I..Y'o'u ,ii:iyp oitly to. s.lniw t.liehi
t'o ,ho11 /tllcin.      Yon/iifu  not oll'eritio-
soiiiotliino- fk'.'it !,l.iC':,po(.i|)lo!(ldti;'t IcnowV
Oni- watoliOH ;irc;tlio   re-o-ultir  .stiiniitiiii
size   foi:/ ■Lailii.'S■■•'■ aiid    GciitUiiiKin :  in
Ni.okol.ot'.CItiii Melal'd'ascs wiiilie'liaiiil-:
skine   illuiii'i'natod   diats-/and   reliable
,!iiine-k'boiicr.s. -watchas .sn'di :is;no kicly
()r jrentkiiiVanJiecd: be asliaincd to (.•arr'v
..•ii'id tiiev will In.:  s-cnl; •■iilispliiUsly, Kroe
fij  alt. Vi-lio,. soli   only   l.wolvo .bo'.vijs; of.
t.l l'o'se..jijciitde rfti 1 .,Tiix'in; 1"' i 1,1 s;   W ri to':it
tin ce'and' bb; the lirst iii. your'locality to
yut onciif liiose beiiiifil'tii watelios anil
(Oiain; ;; As;/soon..;is" we   i-ccei vo. yotir
leltui; <ir- post, card, \Vo   will, send'yint
/ fiaid liwclve'boxe.s,   loeretlier: av.iI.1i ,
our ,11 lustra fed .Cataloj>iie..' and   lieiiiiti-
litlly cnlprcibctti^l with y.o.ii'i*. inline , ttifd,
fiilclrds-s-  oil iis- (yikittiUioi-ixcd.' ii^eiif.'
i.leitr iiiinind Ihatiydii wi.ll.tioV.  be ;i'sk-
■,-ii to'scli any;liiore tlia-n.-.12  boxeH  and
we  i;io,y-!'iv- want.'-a'N-y   moniov  tiniil
after-yitii bavo .sb.ld:tlieiii;'- . W'e.-beitr all
tlie e.\|iense atid arc only   iiiakiiiH-0l.liis
lii.iertil offer iis'a inciliod <if .-idvei-tisino-
I )r.   Ai-nold !s;   linylisli     'llpxin .,. f'illsS
Don't delay.' write tit oiicc  and   earn   a.
Ix-aiifiliii ' prcsciil.    i'ot- : '..yourself'    foi-
', 'hrisfnias. '- .   ■'■',. '
Address   ARNOLD   MEDICINE  CO., Dcpt.
;.     '-.      .. ..„ ''     -.    ..'      .,-..■.' 132
,.   nt). Adelaide St....Iilti.-sl,, Toronto. Qui..
■'..'■''■' ':.  i.NOTICE.     .'■'"'    '^7'"
... si.sty iliiys lifter iliiW,-1 inicni lo ::|'|ily to tlio
i.iiiof'Odiiiinis.sioiK.'r of Tenuis iind \Vocl;s. i'.,r
■ I'tn-missi'dii-lo inir.'liiisv.thc foi kiwi !.«■ doserilicd
liiml inSdiilliKiisf K'rioll.iiiiy: CniniiH.'iuiiiir mi,
:i,.|i(>Mt I'liiiili'd nlioill, twoiiiy i:li.".inr; vast of the
.iii'i-tliwjsst' cornor of my, pro-i'!ii|itiiiii. tli.dn'i;
I'olli.wini,' llu: " uhstiii-ii. IjoiiiKliiry of jM./S.
Iliirric's pro-i'iiiptioii twonty clinins iiorlli.
liivi.ic;' forty i-liitiiisi r.iis.i., ilionci.' twenty clmins
south'li'j, tliii iiiiiilicrii in.uiKhir.v of niy pro-
c.iinuioii. Uii'iu'c lollowiiii; .-,;iij 'ijotindiiry' I'rivty
clinins vt-i'sl io plin-u of (•(iniiiH-'iiC't.'iiiuiil. C'on-
(tiiniiif; I'iijlil'y ni-ros.    '      ,       ■
■ ,•   W. II. l!I?AL>FOI<l).
Hilled July Itttli. I'.HW. ' at ■
t.lience nortii.SO oHai'ns, tlienee,. west SO
fdiaiiis: contiiieiiciJnientV/,"•/./
A]iril'5tii. d'lil);!.- -.Herbert Glarki'f.oe.
y Qoiiiinen ei ng; tit.; tlie north east corner
liost, of; Tbirbert Olat'lr;,and be.iiitj;t;Ti'e
Mott,,: "tbetice'soiitb^eiO/cliiiins-ytlionee
east SO clininsi tiieiiee iio'ri,li;o.R0' chains;
thence. weslr.SO cliains' to poiiiy of  cdin-
lrienceniont." .yViirif^fhyTliOo;://;,.;"".
'ii ^''''-f^i'./^'li'tni'ias •). MottiiLocritor *:;
/-■: "&otninpiiiJihi!*:'!ifc.'ljli'o- iiortli \vtsJsl;4,c;o.i;n.ei<;';
V>03f;jpf'T]ioii^ lioiiVji-.-.tliu.'
jsoufcli westy-eorner .spoHt:: or;. ■ /A'nt.lipny
Gilinore,;:theii(:eiHVrt,]i..SO i.'hains'.'th'enec:
tlleiice';westrSp (:li:iins,td fioiijli  otypni-
lVienceinent-.'/ April fi.tb-,. l.OO.'i;   ' y";:
:.-:/; ■:■:. /. '-.A-iitliony Oibiipi'e; Liiipiiloi.'.;',;:
/yCirinincncin^iati^iiostplanted.pii. the.
west, blink of  iJie^EliitfnJitdytfiyef/onp;
iiiite. niit-tl! of the  Invoyiui.t.imitil-J-loitttd-
'ji.srji'-':-- ■'-- J ji liir;^ s i"ii ci'1'V Kiiis L"lTif^".,v^:,^^,.' **f '3r'\ '^. ^i ^Ttcs?;'-
iiiiatits.itlieiic6:wesi;;, SO'^isliaiiisi-.vtlicnee
north SO eham'sv theiiceeitst:^) -.chains
t ci .-ppi.t.i t;ib f ;"cif->iin not i V '.csjiioj't t.^ ; '■::'/: .:::U
.":".' ftpntnietieintr 'at'l.bci lHii''orne.i-
post'of, Antiio f%:Ri'iy-4;s aii(l;!betiig-,':i,he
iipi-tliwest'eoi-iier'pofet of 'i'fiointis l;finits,
C]yylienee:soiit,h SOylntins,'/t'dioiieaotist.
..SO:, ehaiiis, llience north/ SO.icliaiiis,
vlibiiee'west SO chains foyioinf .of. com-:
inericeinent.  ; Ain-il St.,;iy ■ ,;., .:',''P
'■;     '; ;■     ;.T!ionias tliititer; Locttv.or .
r   fYnnniehcin.u' af0tlic: northwest (loriief.
post'. of  'niiniias'   A;. Hnnteiyiind lioiiig.
l.lie south west, corner 'post,  of   Lewis
.TliinlcVj fli.eiiecv nortii SOybaiiis, theiioe
e;isi. SOchailis,'-thence sbntli  .SO.seiiains
tlienee. .west811  chat us to point of, eum-.
nienccintitif. ' Ajiril Sth, 100o.' " ,; ■ "■    ';
-,""•:'. <-,". ^(fJoVvis I liiiiter, T.ocal.oiv:
V Cpimiieiicino-at the spnt.liwest, cornet'
post- of;Lewi.s ..ilnnter.  and,: bpfno-,/tho'
sotttlioasf corner '.pi" "A.ngiisty N\rencliy
i.liotice west .SOi-lifuns. thence  north.'80
c.n.aiusi i.liehye east ;S0  ehaiiis/ thence
south SO ehaiiis to point  of  bpiiiinence,-
nieiff...,' A pri I Stli, 100:5;-:     /,:''.: .'* u- ■'■■
.-27-1 .-     ..■■-An'o-nsu ■\\roiuTl.."Lo(i!il-c>r.-.-'
•■.;.; ,;,.'; ,;■,;:';.,',"NOTICE.' : ...y/.,
.... Notico is lioi;oliy (fivoi'niliiii lliirty. day's iifivr
.'Into: li'iilOlKl to apply io ili'o Clik'i' Coiiniiis-
s'ipiii.'iv'"o'r'I.iiiiil.s.ii'ii,il,;,\V.iu'li.s,ifiid Assistiuil e.oiiii''
iiiissioner ol', Lands iind Works Ioi- tlio (listrict"
of I'-.iist ICootoiiay for ii License to prosp'oci, for,
Coal.anil I'etroloiiin iiiiiln.:'fpfiowiiiK ilosciiljeU'
Hinds;, Situiito in Soiitli.'l'liisl. ICooteiniy, east
of Kliiilu'iid .Itivor, iKljac'eiit to J'.f..;iJorier'.s
siuifliwiist ^ryriK:r,^;c^n.iiieju;iii^y:ii.l.iiy|)i)Miv,l;cd!•'.. A. McVuy'si norllioast ('onier, llioiicc
St) eli:'iiiis'Ho'iiLii. lliuiieoSti'r.lniins-west. Ulioiioe
■Si,i/ cli;iin.s: iiortli'.'- llience SO chains eiist.lo ]iiist
of uoiniiieiieeiiieiit eoiiiniiiiiij,' (Ulinoros1 more,or
,Ies;s' :'": .,./ ,,: ./K./A. AloyA.Y; Loealor.■'']'//■
''.l.)Ji le'diii Is II 111 day of-iltmc. KilM; '/:   : f": -27':'■'■''
''lii'.vs'3fto'r<i:i|c lie■iiit'.Miil to :i]i|.i.v to. tin- Cliief
for a liceiis,-: to prospect for Coal upon liinds
situat.ed east of.jsliifjk Souibviisi.'Kqotc-
tiay jiistrivl. Uritisli (-..iiniitia. oikI tlcscriijcid
'iis follows:1- ''■','■ . ' ■   ;   ■'", ' '.'    ■
1 Co?mii«jnciii(j :ii ii posi .planted one mile,
sotitii of tlie lioiiheusi'eoriH'i- post of.uiocl? -laSS
lieing i;k.'-' j...sfc"of..A. II. Gruce-si"claim;
llience: oast so chains, theuee sontli sn .'el'mins,
tlieiice;west SO elniins.tlienee nortii l-ilcliiiiiis.- to
tiie,pl(ice <if eoiiiioeiieeihehtnnd contaiiiiiif/(140
:iieres..'v   ....JJateiiMay -yK \w,;~:, ■;,'       '■/;
',' ..■."'' '■'■■ ", ■'■ ■■ A, It/fifaee. Loealor -
; ■'.. .touimfineiiig at- a 'post phi.iued'at A. U,o
tJrace's'northeasi c'orii^r' being' the initial post
of 1-. Grace's/ I'liiini.. .tlieni.'t) east £0 chains'.''
tlienee soiuli Wj el-.'uins. .t'uene'e west SO chains,
tlienee/'iibrili'-'Sii. chiiins to n,he; pliiee of coin.
iiieneemeiu.:epntaiiiiii";i',li:i afci-es. bated 2/iih
May,,IOn;i.      ..',,. , :; r.. Grace,'.Lociiiqr
":i: (•'oinvieiit'in.j at a .post plaiiie.'i, .it\ ]'.,
.(..'race's northeast .cornerheing the initial post
of Geo., Waison/s elaini., ihence east 80, chains,
llitnce soiilli0S()'eli:iins thence wesl .SO'elnii'nV.
UieiACe noiili,.SOch:iins;'t(,.. the'place of eoni;
inehcemeiii, aiid coiuiiininij- iHO acres. ■">. Hatcii'
M'''lfib:l,'' v :'■(;eo. .Wiitsoi'ij,j;oe:i.ior-./
/i. 'C;pntnieiieiiiK ay n .post .planted' nt '.\'p. Ii.
fii'aec-s sontheast eoi-ner beinyuie initial post
of I v.' ,|{. Olarlc/s claim, ihciicc', .so'eliiiiiis.
thence south SO chiihis. ihence'
Ihenci; horlh'Sil "cliaiiis to,. Han place of'coin
ineiicenient. coiiiainiiiK (Mi) acre's: ,   Uated May
•ir. im:i ,.'''-.,'  .,;'•'.'  '  -    ^: ivv It: Olarlc. Locator'"
a; eoiniiieiiciiiK.'at a' post planted at K,. K.
,CI»ii;;s lioi'iheiVst, corner,li'eiiiK ilie'iiiili.'il- ],rist"
of 11.,,'i'iiiry-s.elaiin,;.thence  eiist":«)  ehains.
t.liun'co soiilh sil chains., thence  west :S()'chains..
lli(:nci:,,norlii/.'iO chains to piacerjreoiiiijieiice-
inent eontiiining moacres.     Dated jii'iy ->T/ i!)0:i
;;,/.;y. -II. i'hiry.,Loc'iitdi-;'':
' JLJ^QTinjlC!Hn.ijgjit"tr;'$}'&nm.-ia |citmil i_'l!Ii'.l r.iii
of coio -
■''.v'yl''. .;;'■: ■/■;.;::'':; NojicE.r.:';7;.- .'ri-.y:''1'-:1
:;.;>fotleo is'lierehy fcivon that thirty.days nfliir
(Iiito f-iiileiid to apiily to tlio Cliiet; C.'oininis-
sionerof 'Laiiils aiiUy\vorl5S.Sitiid.: Assistant
'Ooiiiinissipnei;. of';/Liinds*iin(i:A\rorl;s.'for, the
.il istrict of nasi K'ooieniiy 'for ti.l icense to pros-
:pcct/for Coiil |i'ii'a;].»6lroleiim'."«iii-;'tii.i>-.-.fpIlrt\viiiK;
(lesei-ibcd liindsi'siliiiile in/Sonth/.i'litsiyK.ootu-
ii.iy..HiMtisli,CoIiiii]bia:;e.iist,: oryiie Pliitliend
11i vor ,adjiieonI to J. f: Porler'sjROn th >veSt'. cot--
nci'.'Coiiiineiiciiiffat'ii post lniirlied l£V, l/Kiii;-
wood's soiitlieastcoriioi-, tlieneeSOeliailisiioiili
theiico Sil chiii|is;wes't;';ilieiice sil chains/'sotitlu:
.tlieiice.Sli.i'iiaiiis ensi to.posiii di',ebiii'iiienc(>ni(Mit!'
cOn la in iiij,' ii 10 acres 'more o r, less. '■'"(' %' y '■/■■'';-..,'
:■:-'.it '■■. t it:, t 'i. %:['..■ l> 11> lv WOO D, Loch tOr. t,
/piitoii 11 iii day of Juno, illftii     ,•:.',:•'■    ■'■.,.';'i>r
ety; : ';■ :■:/■-;,/.notice.'.-;.-i^tyy";.yt;:/;:^:./
,«-■;Notice /is,, hereby ,«;ivcii;t,tliatitliirtvi
'days: frpin".date liprepfy]'."i11teiid IP tipply
to.-, the phiefrC'iiiiiinissionertiif Land's
and \^irlv;s.f()i';ieliceiise't(ijpros|ieet''l'br
Gp;il;ini:d,:Pet.roletini/otii:the- I'bllowiti't;-'
d'esjc'riit)e(t':iandsi;/sitnaied ;:e;lst of /the
tyeelc, libiitikli- niilcs,.northi^isjiii: oi', its,
crossiiiefof! Ijlie.Tnternatipiial ilpiindttry,;
f-iiite. aiyl tieai; its jitnet.ibii'" with-'^Alfiir
niiiia /.ci'eek:'? iipniineiicitio';: at''it.: jkisU
niarked/nioi-tlieast coriiei';\\r; iT'.'- (Jopiy
;i-Kil;'r€,»i tri'ii n'^.-^irii kI 'i.'i/'c'roi'il'.y.'cl :i f i n,;--' ".^'; tlio i iVj'u,-
rniiniit^soiith'^O,chains, ■ th cit ce/.west:
SPychains;/' tlienee i liprt.liyNO oliliiiisit
l.lipiice ea'st:S0, chains to .-points'-'of- - cotn-
ii'ieni;eni(:nt,:,aii(1':coiii::iiiiin<r (i-lOttiin-Ps:
niofo Pi-:lcss.-,:> Dated 'il,nno HO. i'i;K):J. y i;:
-":;./ y , ;.   ^^*• l ■ Cloiilr, Locator.:'
'■:.;2S-, :i';-;y"-/Bv <i!eo;'(i.:Ufise.'Aii-entt':
jioriotl ... of Ihn.'i.'' cl.'i.ys. , Tlii;
judges chosen to olliedti-le 'Mi-.-
Philli|is o-l' (tliiiion, 'hi'l..;, Mr.
I'oii.rd.iii.'tii of Mostoii, 'iiii'i'l ivir.
(JlurUe of liosloti.
of clitiraclor and yimd re|iiita!i.on in
each,stale (onc'.in lilis county required)
lo, represent and advertise uld established wealthy business house' of solid
linanoiai -' standinjiv Salary *L'l,dl)
weekly' expenses addil ional. ,all
payable iir cash   direct   ciu.-ll   Wednes-
IM .
Everythiiii,' Strictly V.
Next door to the Prospe/itor
(lay   from' .head   unices.-
(.'arriat;-).:   .fiirnisli'ed    wlii
! Cefei-eiices.      ; I'lnelbse
envelope.    (JoloiiinM 'o.. ;
St.. (.'liic.-i^o.
-.':':' NOTICE.
. .Vol,ice is lier.i.y j/i .en llml i.c
I Inleiiil'iii npl'ly In tlie I'l'iiiinis
in.ld Winks p. inirc.liasc tire folli
I.I.1I.I.S    Sil.lial...     ill     KlI.M     IvMltl'IK
iiieiiein^ .'ii, a p.isi. |il::itl',:d :i!
coriier el' L. I.V.m al the (MM,',
.il'ii'nt'i.iic iniie wesl nl KIlio and
in ile west of in i he::.' :.'(.*- inn I mi
Horse and
ii necessary,
•'II   tl.'ai'lio'rn
days alter dale
(idiic'r (if Lands
w illfvileseiili. (1
:y. I :.'o.: l.'imi-
llie soiilliesisl
ill. ridir. ii   line
(ill..Ill   ;'„ llf (HI).
he  iiiirth   side
■',(, I?. ■ ■•: NOTICE. :;,,,;';".,
Notice, is': liereby-; g-iven,that i.hiriy
clays alter diile I, J'oiin T. -Bluff, i'iit.end
to a pj 11 y to W i e C Iii ol) . Co i n in i.ssi on or io I'
Lands and' -'W-'orks. aiid the Assistant.
Commissioner of Lands iind l\rork.s for
the. district -of -.Kast .K'oiitenay,, fpr ii
I icense to jii-ospecf for Coal, and 'Petroleum, im the .following- .described land
situated on .-\ lea nut mis (.'reek, about,
ei.u'lit. miles nortii of the. international
Boundary Line. Iii the South ICastorn
poi-tion oi"l'la«i...!vooiciiay district B.(T:.,
. ('►oniineiicin.i;- at"tl post planted .south
of, ljciiij,' the' initial post adjacent lo-.T.
At. Syinau's claim and 'marked Jolin-T.
lilnlV's southwest' corner .post, thence
south SO chains, fh.eiice east. -SO chains,
thence north SO cluiins, Iheiice west SO
ehtiins to the pliiiie of beoimiinu;. con-
Itiiitino-(ill)'acrc.s more or less. '
' l.dcafed .lime lilifli.'lOO;!. ■ ''•. "'■
'■:>S '. "■   .lo'lin 'i^i l.iluir, Loi'iitor.   ,
■:/.,../ ',..:'.,:i:t NOTICE.. \.e,'";t' 'tt"/'y
Notice,; is 'liei;el,iy ;jriv,en ■ that,  thirty
days front d;il.i2..het'epl', .I'iiileiidio'apply
lp. the  Cliief (".'oiiiniissipnei: of. Lands.
and Works for a license to'prospeet. for
'.        .;       ,    -'■       .-" -   x i.',    '  '    tf     '    r.  ■-   .
Goal iind/.Peti'olenni oii l.lje'.follo(\vino'
descritied. lands: ,.sitilatcd east, of the
.i''lal,head" l.Uver,': '/oir .Kish-e-tieli-na
creek.,about fiye'iniibs northeast, 'ofifs
crossing- of the'Tnfei-hat,ional Boii.n'dai-y
Line. and° cornering' witlii Ceo. A"
,0'iiiii'er'pii's and l:l.f:,S. Rose's': claims.
Coniinencih'g- at, atppst niarkedi:-'nortli-
y.'est::eoriier post, 'Gcorg-e Ivose,.'cotil
and petroleum elaini,".thence (running-
sbut'.li SO,chains, tlienee east-SO cliains.
tlteiice uprth SO chains, theuee west, SO
chains; to point, of c;oninieni:emeiii.-.and
containing-li-IO.acres i'noi'e or less.'
Loeaied-;tnncMOth,Ami.'/'''■ ,", "°
■ .....      , :    Gebrg-e ,Rose, Locator.   •
By Geo. C,,-Rose'. Ag-otit..
...' llu:
I !l,Micella I IIS
in   tin:
rii'lil.of way of lh" i/i'.l.'. railway,
o'crlii ei;:hl>' ciiains. iheiice .ust i.n-iy
I iiellce. si. ll tli (.:i;,'hty cini ins in. ire ..c
I   risd'1   ol   ,uay I iieiic:-in a \|.|y
liin:.rsaid ri.-:li!.iii: u.-'.y   i'"i"i,\ chiiins
11. Hi ■ iir less lo'tlc jiiiuv (if I .en ii uhi!; i-"nl:|in-
n:; tMi hcres hmmo cr h-
IHiKHl at .Elko. I-i.C
, May 11th, l«tt.
Noi ice. is hereby yiven ihnl thirty
days from date hereof; I iiiteil'il totipply
to flic (Iliief (' cnniissiotter of Lands
:ind Works for a'licence1 iii iifospecl- for
ciiiil'anil iieii-iih-iiiii mi tin- following- described hinds: situated east ol'.fhe l-'Lit-
head River, on Kisli-e-neli~ua Creek,
about , twelve, n.iiles norliieasf of iis
crossing of flic Internal ioiiai I loiindary,
Line  and   near   its ,ji lion '.villi Aka,-
tniiiii (i-i:elc eoniinenciiig' at a post
•iiai'K-cd. "norl iiwesl coi-ih-i- Slel|.'ii
i.ylton I'efroh.-iim and' I'oal claiin."
llience riiniiing sontli SO chains, tlienee
'•ast SO chains, tlienee nortl) SO cliains
llience wesl. HO chiiins to. point of
ineneeini'mt. and containing OH' aces
more or less. Daled .I line .'10. P.HCI.'
Stella Lyl ton, Locator.
28 ■   . JJv Goe. C. Rose, Ag,jii1,
::jVOTice. '•-'
o      , ;.;  :'.,;' .o-       ' .      ■ ■     ■        ;.>
/./Notice is. hereby ■ o'iven that, thirty
days, front date hereof. Lintcnd fo^ipply
tiithe Chief Commissioner of Lands and,
Works for a licence to prOspPct, for coal
and- petroleum on the following1 de-
scr.ibed lands.,sifnatod', of the Phtt-
hPatl' River, on' Ivish-'e-neh-nayroelc'.
about, live iniles northeast oL its teross-
ing of the International Boundary Bine
iind Geo. A." Cameron's
elaiin. .Conmicncing' at a post iinirked,
"northeast corner post, Ittig-h Strath-
nairii Rose, coal,and pefroleitin'chiiin,■';
thence running--south SO chains. i,iiencc:
west SO'ehains. tlienee north SO chains.'
thence east SO chains'.to the point of
(•ominenceinont, 'and ,, containing-. (MO
acres .moreor less. I .ociited .1 line .'iO, 1 !I0;I
," '., ITug-lt, -Loi'.-atiii
■JS        l-iy Geo. A. Canieron. Agent.
iiorllipiist coriiei;:lieiii|? the,initiiil.piisj'..of.Kic.
"Miller's eliiiin, tiieilcc eiisii isiiicliaiirs;, tlienee
soiitli S(i ch'a ins, iheiiowwosi Kit';' cliains. iheiice
ttprlli Sil chains io place'of ebniniencem'oiii, eon-
liiiiiiniriiiniicrcs;;-, ■■■:.i:'liiti;if>-|:iiN'2'r,':,l!)(i;t.    : / ./,
'-.'.-. ' "    "' ''"'/'-'  " ':;■'-."- , ;il. C. S-Fillbr, locator' '
■:,..'7 Coii]iiii:iieiiig[:it/a '"pdst/t;planted; ai::i\. U;
.Clark's sontlieiisl.corner hoing; tlie, initial post
A; Dale's eliiiiii.aheiieowost Sli; -ciifiiiis;'-, thence
.soiuli SO eliiiin'S, iheiice east SO cliains/ thoiice
laiiiinjciltiVacres.'''■''-. Dat.ettMayii.titiiiii;!1/. a'\''■:.'.,
yy -j iy'/ ■;.:'/;■;::: :;;<a. isaie, Locator,, '■
,yS '•' Cotiiniene0iii^:itii post.planted atA; Halo's
liortheast ;coi'iiei;'(^oinK-. tlie initial, post of,T:
Cliirk;s claiin;: theiice' east SO cliains, 'Iheiice
soiilh si) clninis., thence 'westiW clniins.ilience
north %}/eliiiiiis to place; icoii,;
liiinhif; IIKI acres.'/   jlntediMay .'.T/nia'i. '■',, ;'|;   ".
/yy yy v. ,:/ :y,r.. //; .i.ciarit, bocator.; //
;.!l';; Coiniiieiiciiifr iit it post phi it t'e(l,ii:irj;.pia rk'S;
northeast corner, 'holng llfe^initiiil post of IT.
Ivei-sliaw's eliiiin. thence east SO chains,'llieiieo
sohth SO chains: iheiice west SO chains,  tlieiici:
north SO  chains. lo,.pl:ice'(if: cpmni(:iieeiiielit,;
rroilt'ii'Iilliii;."-'Oy,l«'.>;«?V.--y,.-:-:TJ»vieil.iviii.v.liTy i'.'BS^v.'/-'-./"".
:t.'t: "■';:;:':; tt'' ./ i'/11- IvOrshiiwiiLociitor ; •'''■
lit '/CoirimoircfiiB'a'l it iiostpiiuiioii iu.A. linf es,
souMiotist.ebi-iier'lioiiiif; tlio/'l-;i)6'sl'-'<if. K.
•Iniii'spii's claiin, the'ncc":west .Si).cliiii|is,;tlieiii:e
.sciutli .^»^li:'iiiis;':,--t.lio;iu:d'- e.sisL;.'.at),.'.a'li'!iln'.s,.:Lhtjii'<::o-
.noi'lh.SO ('Imins fo place bY'coiiinienceinent. ei'.ii-
taiiiiiitr 0(0 acres.;'-'■'/   "Oiited-Jl'ay'iiSt'i'iiO!!;'"; "   "
ty ■",■'/'ti,';■•;./'.-..:.',, i,0/ii^" Jolinson;i.ocnlor..///
: 411:  C'oi'n iiienciiiK at n post plaiile'iiI"st i'V.i .Ttiii n'-',
f"?".'*1 fi1''1 ll.'iast coiiie'r,;iieihf; the iiiiiiaKpos't-dr'
ly/liZ/iV.; Clnlhriiitlesj/elainii/Uic'ncq/east ".SO
.cliaiiis/ijieiiciiyoiith SO'chains/ tliencoZwest.eO
eliains/theiiiNiiipi-lli'SOeiiaiiis to "pliirii ot-.'tfgii'i-.
nieiicpiiioiii,. lipiiLii iiiiiiff t".I0.,;i<jrcs;v ;"'l-)iitcii;i\iii;.:
yS. J Hl«!, art/,:,y:., yi;: t,,.,'[\ \ J !l fbl'll-l t llel.OCIl foi-/:,
/lit Coni inenoiiuy'ay aiiosi. pliinte'iyiit l-iv I'..
'IV llal.hraii li's" niii'llic:isir.; corner heini,'.; the
.initial iiost of 0; L. Sinilli'.s.elai'iii iheiice .east
Sli .chains, tlipneo/spiiili SO chiiiiis/thenci^westi
:,S0 cltailis, thence: iiortli SO chains: to place iif,
epia ineiicoiiU'.n I.; con til iiii in,' (i-IO ii ores.: ',i.l.'i lei 1
'Mii.v2R,,;-|!il):i:..'... t/C. r..,Sniitlitl.ncatpr /
: Itt.: eoniiiiV:nc.i.iij,' at (i post planted uc'll. .rohii.
iipn's corner.lj.eing the initial posl oi'
A. li.ttiieiiley.eliiini, tlienee ivosi Sil chains,
llience sontli SO chiiins, Uieiice cast SO ehaiiis;
Iheiice north SO ehains to tlio ■phic.e ..or Com-
iiie.iiceineiit and coiilainiii.; cto acres. , liaied
MayUS, 100:1. / ,- .-, A; lj. Qiieiiley. nocatoiv;
-."■ I-l Coininenci'ii!-'at apost planted at A. L.
Ci lien ley's n prtlieast.corner bcin^'lheiiiiiiaf
post of Lilian liarvoy's elaini.- thciicc eiist.'SO
chains,/thciieesoiith so chailis. theiice west SO
chains, thence nortii .SO/cliiiins to the place of-
coniiiiciiceinent.'iuid ednlain'n-j (5-10 acres. "
piii'ed Miiy 2S. iiioy Lilian .liarvpy: tpentor
/ 15. Commencing nt a post planted at. r.ilian
llarvey-.snortlioa'st corner liciiig theyinitial
post of Mary 10. .I'.ineiiiiinVs eliiiin,.ilie'iiee east,
SO chains,, thence souih SO chains, llience west
,-SO chiiins./thenee north SO c'hiiiiis to ihe place;"!'-
coiiiiiienceiiient. containing (ilO acres; Dut'ed,
,iM'tiy2S;. 101^: ■''/■■"'"Nriirj- K.^iiieliiun.Loeatoi^
Hi C'oiiiniciicliig at n post' plan ted one mi lo
east.of llib tii-st'offset,in- six niiie.s sniitli of the
northeast corner prist of Ulock. L....15SS.. being
the. initial post of Hertha. Pisihieigli's elaini.''
thence"west-SO clinins, tlienee south SO chain's
tiiohce east SO cliains. thence north SO "ehains,
to the place .of, eomiiieiieemeiii.. oontiiining
1.10 acres.'   " .-■•'-.-"' ,    ,-
.nateclMiiy 29, 1003 Bertha Fishleigh, LociitOi-
17' Cominencing' at a post planted,atJlerthii
Kislileigh iiorliieiist "corner being the initiiil
post/of Maliei Kiilnnbar-.sclaim thence east SO
chains, tlienee south So chiiins. thence west SO
ehains.'llience north SO chains to the place of
eoiiiineiiceinent. coiilaining. (310 acres ,Dated
'May 2!t.,iW3. . Mnbel'E. Diinbar. Locator/
IS Comiiieneing at :i post planted at Uertiia
I'Mshleigh's southeast . corner licing the
initial post of Se:ib ,        I'liddon's
i-hiiin.'thoiice. west SO chiiins. liience south so
chains, thence, casi S0n chains, ihenre so
chains to place of eoiinne.-ieomenl. coiilaining
0-10 acres.       Dated/May 2it l!KW  ,." .,
' / Seali I'nddon. Loealor
'■hciiis-. liience -south.SO chains,  thence- "cast
ehains. ;h('n,c-e nortii SO cl'iai.ns.,l". jiac.
niciicei'ieiri. coniiiining OiO acre-'.  ■;'■'■
Uated >Iiiy'2-X V.n.K',    ,    j;.,o. Juiiuinirs! Li.ii-i.i,.r
21 ..Com inducing at' npast j.-hniitrl  at let O.
Jeniiangs-   noiiiieasi. corner  being tlie .(liiViii'r;
jiost ol'.fyru'K W. llarvey-.s'ehiim.theiiee' wi
chiiins.  liience soutlnSO ehuiiis. ttieuce west So
chnin.s, tlienc,..' nortii SO chains ..6 phiee of com-
meiK-eiiieiil. containing r.ta acres;, .".'.;.   '/. ■'■/,''
Oatey-vlay -20. VMK    Cyi-usAV^ Ifurvcy,' loealor '
,2p /Comnienc'ingiiL a pr>si I'rlrnit.oii .at C; \v.
Hiit-vey-.s   north.-Ksl' eoin'e;- : being" tin., .fnitiai.
.postbl We^iilgton^bunh:l,l•■.'^,(•l;-,im:lh(':llceeasl.
sO I'liaiiis.ihencespiith S"i.'jiailisv' tlniicS'MVeSl
s'(i cbiitn.s. .ihenci! iiori.h s(i chfilns'lCi-.. place or
eoiiiineiicenieiit. cont:iining CIO'.acres.     Dated
..Uiiy 2(i, I9fi» •■   '• AVe'liingfon Diinbm.iLociUor ...
"'20   ConiMieiningia':, j.osl pla'n'tsjd   iii K,  O.",'
.I'eii.iiings' sout'iliSis'i'' corner,, boi'iig.'iiie,, iii|'li,ii.
.poat   of. Ddnold . M.-ftineliiimV-'chiin:.'- 'theiicu."'
■■wejit.SO^liiiins.' tiibnce  cini/iis.' ilu-ii/.i ,
eastSn chai'ns, iheiice nortii s" chains' phu-
ot epniii:ciice,ineiit. comai-ifing (j'i.i acres;.••.■■,
Diited MnytlO. l!lo:(     -'ijoimlii'-jli Line!iain.y;(ii:,
27 -Coniinencing :u ;i ).ps. ip.liuiied iiii 'l;..  ;-,|.  '
'.f.ineliiiin-s.noitheiist/eoriier  being   th,,: ivji 1*,i:'j 1/
post.of'K.nsiibelClitite-s i;l;iini; ihi'iiy/easl'isii-
ehaiiis. thencysonUi Si) e'lniiiis. thence west sij ;-
') li.a I lis; tlieneeiiortli-.s.i chiinis id'plaj.e of cpni-   c
nienceinenl. eniitiiinJngiHOiteWs.''    I.iatei)/May .'■
:-P, 11'oii..  ./'/ , .:■■; ;;„ ;:Uosabetchnle, Loi'au.r ' '/
r2S   (.torn nieiici ng  a i   a ' post    phi ii let I   a t   |;'. '■'.'':'
.Olinle's norlhciist.'ini t he jiiitial post"'
of ll/liyColle.ti'.y.idaiiii. thence cast SO/-hiuiis.
thence spnili SO,chains, 'jieiice ,w.'st, so'eliaiiis.    '
iheiice liMrtliyo'eiialiis-'to-, |.hicc  of comiiieiici.--'.'
iiipiit.ic.(iiiliiiniitg.i''!ii,/ierc,s.   'lijite;!Mii.y M. I'ligi■■-'•
,:,/■'    ''/' -//;-:. -.-',. i'  :iI,.l:'.Collelf.,Lo(!i1t.,r;   ti
V -1':t^0'n,n<;,yi'1,"!lil:'!'.l'-^Lpl''.'ifci'(i ;(.(■.Kfi'siiliel, .
.Ol.uit.'e's soniheast corner l^ihg the liiniul post: /
,(|f ..folin'K win's-eliiiin, ilijnice.west SOeiiaiiis.
thenc^'soiith SO chains,   ifieiic'teiistSO cliains:   /
il!eiice';ii;orth so chains ioyiaco nf'cotinneiioo-
inent.i'Ontaiiiiiig lUiivicros;    niiied Miiy/lp^litoA.,...,
:-:,;::':,,.//.    .F"". :"T,:;7"'"J.T(Tfri"n:f\"vni,.,i.,ocrttor
i; ^'/.yoihiiieiieiilg in, a-pest' jilain'eii' uijoliii '/
Kwiii's iiorthe:ist.cornei- being the bitlial/iibst ,:
of.jr..Taciiliiiiisel-'s,elaini lhen|..l;:(;.'ist Riicluiiiis,
fliciicosoiitir'SO chaiii'svit lience /we#i/so ehaiiis, ,i
iheiice,north  SO,ohinnsfi) pliiee/of'.epiiiinetiii-e-;...
.»!Pii,tvCoiitiiiniiig (i-IO.a('r,es..-/lilit^tf,^I:iy-:yyji,»i''^/"''
:i';. '••-' »■■■•■ jp^oi'h 'I.':ieiibiiu.s;qif, Locator   ./..
yill   ConniH'iicing/;iit;.ii/pbs(;.pIiiiifed/iit'.l.:C;./
.OiiinpbeliysoiHhwest.cpriier bcing/tho/iiiitial.":
jiKis't of Dtriirillith'sciaiiibitlu'ijeif ivis/tsii chaiiiv/: /
tiynceiiin-tliSO chiiins.  iheiice /east SO clialiis ;
ihehijesputhiso ('lijihihi. to phiee/ir cpninicnco-;,.
.inent, "coilt'iiiniiig.iiill acres :  11ated >l,:iy 2L rii):i: -;
:'■'"•■:'• :/:-.•■' -:-.--i , ;. ■   il.'Orilliih, Lor.iior   " : '
a '■• -.-.-"■■.-■ , „     '■■   ■■'■-■.•' .>■ ■-   •    : ':
,/. H2   Coniinonciiig.,at   a   post plante(|/:ii/U,"<-
tlrillitl/s' iiortlieasl 'coi-nar benig/the Inii'ial
post "f T. Koiierts' claim thenacvwest. SO ehuins-./.
ihenpe.iioiiii SO chains,;tliei'icc''eii,st\sO chains/ '
tlioncp "soil th SO chain's "io, i;liii;'e.'(5r,ic'6m'iiioii<"'e,-' /:
liio|i't...cpntaiiiing;;ili()ii(-,i'es:;: bateil Miiy 21; lf«)3::;
- ,:'■'■!■:'}■" :/'     '/, V ../•>',;. :'''■':. '''•' lioliei-is: Locaioi:.   :..
lilt' Cpiiinii;iicingy!il:;;i" pyisl^piaiited-littiv/y,
Roberts iiortlieasl corner, being the initial po'.si',;'.
of U.: l)einpsej:'s:cliiiii^,llienee/west:,S(f.e)iiiins,/:;/
thoiii'e/sotitil'SO cliaiiis,;iiMjIiiiic-'Ofiicpiii'iiiiiiicfiii;-.
iiiciit/eontiiiningnlpiiciies'y ;i.iiiie(].Ma>/2t. Itio:);:"
:..,-;1/'.:/y.//-/-   '■/". ,;':':"U/neiii'psoy./l.oi-iitpr //:;
.^EtWEENy: J
*&$&&&jK'y? ■' --,
** r?«VC^':''^5i-A — —. o
: :Vour ';itte,tition, is/called;  to;   the/
'i.l/ionee'y Limited^trtiins'of tlie':. :.'sMit- :
waitkee & St Rani Railwity/'/'TheOnly-,-
■pei'fcol'. t.raftis'iii the w/orlili"    ).' -,';'; '/..,,
."-.   Voti will Iind it-diesirahle to i-idepny*
those,trains wlieiig'oing- i,o':iny'poiiit."i'.ii;i;''"
t.lie'l'lasferni.Stittes' or'Caliad'.-t,/ 't'iie.v;
connect; 'with,,. all ,   Trauseontinoniai ■''
Trains : and   all, 'Ticket   'Agents   sell  ,
tickets..-'  /    '■.:'■:.'■'''■'", ■■:.   ■■' vi   t   ' /.,'   '
lfor furtberinf()t'ituii,iofi,"pa,nipli.l
etc. ask any Ticket "Agent or     ":' "
. ;    r'ass.'/Ag-ent,
./       SPOKANB.. / ".',= . RO.RTL.AiVi:).
..-h: sj:,'°- :/.■■
'■'•'   G.eiieriiiAgoiil,/"
Special Round Trip Rates.
ISclAvoon .liine, -Ilh iind and August
l-'i'.tli/J'lie I llinois Centra twill sell roiind
trip tickets from Oregon and Washington 'points t.o'Cliic.iig-o.-Ciiiro. M cm phis
and .New ,(irleans at(I RK/S T'L'i" Rl'/i
I Mil'I'll l   RATKK.    .' .-.,.■.,
Tickets good for three months'.' Go-
,iiig limit ten days. Rofiiiiiing limit
li.-ii days after west. Slop oyer
privileges .either w;iy,. west 'of the
Missouri River.       ,     .'...'
Sole diiles- .'ire iirraiiged to lie convenient for delegates t,,, eoiivenfions of
.N'iil.ioiiiil Kdnc.ii.1, ional Association at
Rostpn: Ivlks -it Haiti more: Woodmen
at Indianapolis: Ka'gics at Nnv York:
Sliriiiers ;it Saratoga:.. Knights or
I-'ytliiits :il Louisville and Coininereial
Travelers at  I ndianapel is.
Vim can lake your of Sixteen
Dill'i'i-enf Routes. Write ns. We will
eheei-liilly give yon any detailed information yon want.
11. II. TKliMiiULL. Gommerciiil Agent
112 Third St., t'orthitid, Oregon.
Ill (.'oinnieiieing at a post planted at Scab
raddon's iiorliieiist: corner, being the .initial
posl of Kdwnrd I'I. Iliirccy's claim, llience .cast.
SO chains, llience. S( in th SO chains, thence wesl
SO chains, tlioiicu norlh (ill cliains to pl;u>'(. of
com ineiiccni cut con till n ln<; 1.10'acres.
Il'iilcd May'J'.i. l'.io:t    Kdwnrd 10. Harvey. I.dc.'ili.r,
.2d l,'onoi|..'ncing '»<■ d post planted nrSeal,
I'addoii's'soiitlieiisi. c(irncr being llu: Initiiil
posl ol William II. llarvey-selaim. thene w.-si
siicliiii.n.s tbioic,.'s.Hil.h so chains llience cast, sn
chains, tlienee nioili so chains i... place of com
mcni'i'i.ticiit. cdiitainim.: ilin acres.'
Hilled May 2'.i. I'.'O:!    William ||. llMivey, Lee.
21 ('.mini.'living al ,it poM. pbtnlcil at \V. il,
Harvey's m.iiheasl ■corner. - being I he Initial
post, ol'Isoln I Harvey's oliilni. tlienee easl So
chiiins. llience sontli .so chains, thence wcM So
chains, llii'iiee north so chains lo'plm'o ol' com
iiKmecmeiil/contaitiing ('.to ncriis.
Haled iMiiy:'.'. I'.il« Isolicl ilarvcy. I.o'cau.r
22 (' inciiclni: al a post  planted,in,   iM.b.-l
Harvey's sontheiisi, corner being Ihe iniiinl
post of l.'.niiiiii Harvey's cliiini.'iheiice east so
clinins. tlienee south sn chains, thence west so
chiiins. llience north, so chains to place of com-
iii.'iiceim'iil. containing t'.lo acres.
liaied May:.".'. l'li:i:t      .   l-hnina Harvey, t.ocitor
:.':;   ('(iininencing  ul  a   post planted at. W. II.
Harvey's   soinlieast   corner'   being   llie Initial
of It. (i. Jennings' claim,  thence west So
."':-■■ : . y.   ...-, NoiiCE..., .. ;.,-,"'■■. ••■ •;,"
■ '/Notice, is hereby gi veil that, i Iii rty ■day's, after   <
dale 1/.Cl eorge W. Keyiv tut end to.apjii.v  to the,,.
Cliier Comiiiissioner of Laiids alni .Wo!;lc:s ami.
the   Assisiiiiif'.r'oininlssiohei'  of 'Lands,  aiid
Worhs fortius district of Kast,. Ko'oteniiyJ'for a
license to,prospejet for Coal iiiid/l'on-oioum on '
lho following ilesei-ibed laiid'sitSiited two
tin-sL or Alv.uinauus Creek mid one mile nortii of
tlie InterniUio'iial lioinidary'Line in the .Soui'n'.,
I'lasteniV.ortioiiof-Kiist rcootenat■disii'ic'tiTli.C
,.,.. 1   Comineiicing at a post  planted  east- of. ,
.being the initial  posi adjacent to/Albert' j/'
(loodell's eiiiiintaiid marked t;eorge W..Kerr's
spntlieast corner post, tlienee north SO chains.,
thence west'SO cliains. thence'soil Hi  SO chains,
tlienee east su chains to the place,of beginning
eoniaiiiing r.tO acres..   Located .nine 27th. lima. ■
George \V. Kerr. Loealor.     /
.■-/        .'     ..    -       W. J. Uluff, Agent..
■2   Commencing at  a' posl.   planted   east   ot '
being tlie initial post.adjaeent to George' W:
Kerry claim and mnrked John A. Nottoriield's
southwest cornel- posl.,tlii nee north SO chains, '
ihmice easl sn chains: t'n.-ne..' somii sn ('iiHin.s, ;'
iheiice   "est  so chains to' place of bet'Oiiiin!;,
cont.-iining t: 10 acres more or less.
..' Located June ,-?Tth. ll'i.fl.
':. .      Jolin A. N'elterliel.i. r.o.eator
W. J. llluiV: Agcntj.i '
II (.-'ommencing at a post phinte.I s.,uH, of
being the initial post adjacent to ..b.lni a.
Xctteiileld's claim and- nn'nio'al 'Allien I:.'
iieiilsiiii's iii.'rlhwe'si coiner posl. ibene.- eii^t'
'ii '-haiiis. thence miiiIIi Sn chains, ibene- v.csl
SOeloilns. tlienee imrili sil chain. ,|,, (jj,. |,o,,.,.
.if beginning, is nil nil! ing 010 aeies mor.'or b:..,.s.
I.tieilled ,1 illie' :_• V »-11.   I'.llli.
Alln-ri l--„ ili.'nison. Loci I.e.   "'
'      ■      '.   "   U-.'.l. IJIoVf, Agenl,    ■
-'I    GlilllliliMirllig   :li   a    po-t   plain.vl    iv-sl    ..r
Allien, t'l. Iienisun - ■eliiiin nml ntii H,-ii,l 'lionmi-
• 1,   N-i'Wiioiii's   nortii.
"-I, eoinei-   posl.
' then.:
wesl S" ehaln.-. I.h.-iii-
: smith so el,i,|,,.;
eii'.-l'Mi, .th.'iici
norlh   "i, ,.j)Min.
io    111
place of begiimiiig. ei
o 1 n)iiiin:  ii'|o aci-,
■:.  ni.o.
i.i less.'   Li.calc.l Jon
'• -','ih. Ii'0,1.
- 1,'.   NeWlliili,:   I,,
:.'S      ' ''
' W. .1. Illiiif. Ac
post (
Xou'ee i.. her. by i^iven thai si.viy  days an.,.
dale | MiH apply In lie,' (V i,i>sio,,...,•.,,( Lands
and \Viirl;--iii pnivlnisc Ihe following di'seiib.-.I
lands siin.-iie in Kiel K'ooieiia.v, i:1. C I'mn.
inciiiiiig' iit a pusi pla'h'.ed com-ni'il",n(M-;i), ,.,:
lhc(,'. I'. Iliiitwii.i at lie' east lioiii,,|:ti-v
I.V.'O northwest "I l'-,ll.... tiienc,- norl!: .hi" ,
along casi I...iirnl.ity of L.   tlictn	
chains,   ihence  soitih  SO chains i,, .r,i!,f; ;
iipplleatiiin. thence ik'>i I" ehaiiis n.   the
of beginning ci in lain: o:: :i-:u acre*.
Louis L.i.hance
Daled at Klko. U.t.-.. June aid, ]'.iU3. ej
I" THE PROSPECTOR, FORT STEELE, B. G.,- AUGUST -1,  1903.,  ' 9  .Fpr ��� ���'/���  Soft,  WHite,  Fragrant  SKin,  Use  BABY'S  OWN    SOAP  No other   Soap   is  just   a^   good    o3i  ALBERT TOILET SOAP  CO.. Mfrs   MONTREAL  THE MASTER MECHANICS i'i >"���' 1 ^' so.u��  lituJs aiid softens tho akin, v lulf pi oinj.tiy cU aiimii^ it  of (?rea*e, oil, rurf, etc.'-' lrn'iiiiiiLfJc ��t i:u( lumu**,, & port-men. Free Sample i��n rc.< .j t ufi'ij lor  postage.   Al^rt Toilet fcoap t'u., iius. MuiixitoL  n  North Star. Lodge  .���.>TmnnnnT?Tf,m7.TmTTtT,?mfTTTnTTtrrf!rTTv  I'���loca6>new:s':.'" I  ���^aiiiiiiuiiiiJiiiUiiiiiiaiiUaiiiiiiaitaiA?  lit;yisti.'i' your voio.  Uen Romiouu. Cat it brook, wits  iu iowii Tliur.-da v.  A\   .Jones   (.'nine    down   irom  Kimiioi'lt/v Thur&ciay.  j>. 'Luiiilt-i'ii   und   P.   Ivit.yniCMV  \V;i<;i. wi'i-o in town Thursday.  .Jmues I'utToll, Kiinborli'.y, \v;i>  a Sicoh' \-i-sitof Thursday.  <?������  NO. 30.  L'on.sorv;tti\ <���        hondiiiiark-rs  Mii^oniv 1) 11 i kii n it.  H    ,1    Oiini   '.vis   ii11 from Jits  ranch iieiu- W'uriliK'f\.  | Imperial Bank of. Canada I  CAPITAL AUTHORIZED $4,000,000  CAPITAL (paid u,��) - $2,983,890  REST ACCOUNT   '   -    -    $2,036,312  3  H^cici    OFFic<e- Toronto. -^  -      T. 'II. .\1 KIM; ITT. I'l-e-'nU'iil    It. It. \VII,I\I !���!. \'ice-rres. und (,'eii   Mini. !3  W     AfllONTS    JN    (llll-iAT    IIUITUX    l.hiviK   7\!   l.oinl.tii'd   SI.. ,|  3'.         London.                                                                                                                  ' la  # >Z  p,                                   A (letieral lhinUiiie lliisiness 'i'riiiisticled.                      . c  bi ,   Saving's, Hank Department.��� Interest allowed on deposits. j2  |   Cranbrook Branch.                  f: M. MARSH, Manager. �����  3 uTjuiJirunni ly^i^t uiti^uin j-u uxn.i\j u uutjuutltuu  !The Canadian: Bank ol commerce!  I; ' ��� t  y HEAD OFFICE ��� TORONTO. "��T  'aid nil Ciiiiita) $S,700,0(iO: I'eservc Fund *: 1.000, (100:  A<f��recite Ifesources Over $7.r>.(IO(),00(l.  London Ot't'iiic; <><) l.dinhiiicl Street, i:. ('.  New   Voik Office;  Mi K\ch;ni(;e l>l:iee.  And 101 branches- iu Canada, the United States and British Columbia.       *  ���&  Cranbrook Branch.  F. C, MALPAS, Manager.  L. Muiise. l'\'nHe,   was  nl  llie  fiuperial Thursday.  A. F. AND A. M.       G.  R. B. C.  11 ,  FORT STr.KLE. Ii. C.  Rejjulur mecunj-'s���Nl Tiii".il.i.y vi .'..ot  month at cighc o'clock. VIsiiii.k Hu-ilioru .ii>  cordially invited.  F.Ik Kiver Lodfre. Ferine   r^iruhu- nu-i tint's  held llrst Frulav of each uiontli  C'riinbruok Lodftu. Craiibi-uok. regit! :u  inf.--.-  inps held on Hie thud Thursday of l-m-U uiv'.'th.  . ' J. Hi-i.ur. becrciarj  ���   Rocky  Mountain  Chapter  NO. V25.' R. a.' m.  'I'OKT STEELE,  li. C.  "Jlegnlar meeting-.��� 2nd Tue^da;, 'i:  each month at ei^-ht o'clock. �� .  .       ' '  Sojourning C'oinijanions are coriiiailj" \  invited.  " ,', i  (lee.    Seoli,.    I'V-rnie.    w.i^    in  iown Miunhiy on lui^iue^s,.  (yiuts      K^iniei-e,      K'imberlev  wjs tt Steele \ istilO!' Suiid.iy.  , 1), X, \\"il2iani!s. l''eniie. was in  town .Sunday.  fcj. <J. Smiih.   1-Cx-P.P.. wild   in  U'\v:i Mondav.  J     .-v.    .'uirtey   \\':im   til l-onite  . Tiii'sattv .<.)ii ieizal l>ti>  t (OYerr.'.nerii Airoirs'Armsli'ony;  R. L. T. Galbraith sk-riix l��. \ v.isinkl Pern.e TuoSdtiy'on ufiicial j  i.'  Geo S. McCarter.  HARVEY & McCARTER  Barristers.   Solicitors,  Arotaries < Public,  Con veyaneers etc.  i  '.''      PORT  STEELE,  B.  C.  RKVKLSTOKK STATION' and GO'SdF.N  COLLECTIONS      PROMPTLY      MADE.  ! ous-uie.s-..  J. A H.irvey ; '  Dr. Jordiui and Mrs. Jordon.  \'aiieouve-:-. 'wore hi ihe Iiriierkil  Thur.-sda\. '  NOW   SS   THE   TIME   TO   INVEST   IN  orrissey Mines, B.C.  Speal<iiiii' ol" lite cniises uitdei'lyinu- wlinl. may Im called a. real ostal.ovevoluf.inn in this seol.'mn, 1  min-lit .-sity ilijit fhe process lias been (uie of unylhint;- huf arl.itioial inlkition. True, Ihe rovolulioii has Rome  wilh I'otnparatiye sutldenuess, bul lliis i.s ilue llie progressive policy ol' The Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company, lo  which il i.s indebleil for such a powerful hu pulse.      ��� , ,  The .company's expenditures in this seel ion's inferesf. are now counted by lho'million insfead of by the  dollaV. ' This is an' era of y;reaf dtiveioiiin'eni, in the Crow's Nest Pass. The marvel is not thai the stimulus is  here, b'.it'ihat if was delayed so lon.u-. The, rise is substantial, and there is noi the least likelihood of anything  in Ihenalure of a riilapse.    . __ ,       _   '__ '"'-'_         On the c'onlrarv. devolopmonls will proceed and values will ascend in an.accoloratine: ratio.      ' ' ���     ;  -. ' -        '    "       vi ���  There can bono more .significant sign of the coming prosperity in thc Crow's Nest Pass, than the plans  which the coal company putting info effect for greater developinenf^of their properties, and the enormous demand for lho product of their mines and coke ovens.,, -        ,   ,  ' c , .    '  . ' �� .....  A.s tho population increased in Pennsylvania wilh tho development of the groat coal,properties there, so  will it increase in tho Grow's-Nest Pass. -    <-        ' a  Only those who have watched thc development of the coaloand coke industries,,in other sections, ca.n  grasp'tho certainties of a future not far off,,and are taking of tho condilion.s hero by investing af. fhe  right .time in tlie right place.  Write me for particulars  Hank L-Jiier who has been pros-'  peeling on Perry c'reok. returned j  to Steele "Wednesday.  W. R. ROSS  Barrister       -      -'    ��� Solicitor  NOTARY   PUBLIC  CONVEYANCER.. .  Fort  Steele,   11, C  TIJ OMAS, McVTTT] 13  ��� l^ort Sf,cole B.C.  Four S'l-Kiii.t: Ditvni.nPMitNT Svniiioati: Ltd  l!W l.i'iKlciiliiiU Slrcut, London. I'lnijliiiul.  N. A. WALLINGER, FORT STEELE.  I'OS'I' OKI'MCl'" UOX f.  J. G. CUMMINGS  CIVIL   ENGINEER   ���  <  Provincial'   Land   Surveyor  L I  ���    FORT  STEELE,   13.. C.  M." H. ik-Mahon, Marysville.  was registered at Uie Imperial  Sunday. ',      ;    ��� ���  THOMAS CR AH AN, Agent  Morrissey Mines, B. C.  James Greer and J. MeArtliur  drove over'from.Cranbrook Sunday. ovGiiing.  A. P. Clark and Glen Campbell, Moyic."K made a t.ri]> to lho  County seat on business Tuesday  The Liberal party did not make  a success, of '-hulling in" in Manitoba al fhe recent election.  gf?!mmrt!mm?m!!mmmnis?!?m!!?mmmmmmmmmg  I N. HANSON, 1  S^ "  ' '      -s3  ^ Getierral Merchant AND 3  ^       . Liquor Denier*. 3  CARLIN   & DURIGK  GENKUAL    MCUCUANTS p  The new lists, will close, on  August J-fih. See thai your  name is on before lhat date.  Dr. Watt. 11. Kershaw and J.  T. Laidla'w attended tho Liberal  convention al Cranbrook Wednesday.  T. T. McVitfio who recently  surveyed lho Canby group of  mines at Wnlf creek.- returned to  Steele Thursday.'  GEARY & DOYLE.  Livery, Feed & Sale Stable.  Fort Steele; 15.C  Regular   Daily-  Sittye  meets  all  trains at Fort Steele Jnnebioii.  SADDLE A; I'Af'K HOKSKi?  1E.IMIXG OF AI.I.  KINDS A S I'hC.I.Vl.TI  DR. SAWYER, V. S,  Henry Kershaw. Sr.. returned  Tuesday    from    a   weeks"   visif  among   the   coal .towns - in   the'  Crow's Xost Pass.  Messrs. Forest and Cameron  returned Wednesday from a.  prospecting trip in ihe vicinity  of Canal Flat.  ^      Manufacturor of all Kinds of Lumber, '     A ln.rgorassprt-     -^  ~ ment of seasoned Lumber and Shingles always ^J  Sr   ' on hand - " ^  g '   DlMliNSrON      LUMMlUr!      A    'SPECIALTY.        '"3  1    'WflSa- - ��� BG.     1  Fort  Steele,  Sole Agents for the  East  Gdiitoii Steel  Kootenay.  COMPANY  Tins Stwkl is guaranteed' equal to .Tossop's or   Firths in all   '  Maud Kook Work.  D. A. McCrao came down from  l-'ernie tp attend ;i convocation  of RocK'y Mountain Chapter. R.  A.M.. Satnrdav last.  Office and Stable  Corner of  Galbraith and Hazel Strer-i-  Fort Steele, B. G.  OFFICIO DAVS:      Mondiu.  dav ami .Satui-thn a; Str.y.\  fi-il--  Fort Steele  Diamond Jubilee  MISS B.  MOSS, Ml OSpitdl  ,    MATRON.   '  ��� ' .(irtuluittii of St. Lulsef. riosplta).  ,.  \-:liu;uuv(-r. Ii. C.  -.This Institution litis 'W-.en  enlurfftid by :i nwi- winy 'winch, in liow  0|)i��n for reception of .���patients. For  terms apply to    ',   ��� '���  '. Miss H. .Moss.1  or   .1. F. Smith; Sec.  Matron. Fori. Steel.-, f!.<,'.  ANUREVV    NEIDIG  GONTRftGTOR    akd   (BUILDER  MOUSK ANII SKIS I'AINTIN-!;.  ,  CALCIMI.VINd (in.l I'MTKIt 11 A N'Ci I N(;  FO I vT -STEELE, B.  C.  B^"   All   work promjilly done.  The weaiher Ihronghont Rast  Kootenay is de.lighiful. The  rainy seicsou is over and Ave are'  enjoying .-splendid warm days  and cool niLrhlrs.  A. if Feiiwick came up from  tin' ranch Thnrs.dny. Abotr  September Mr. and Mrs.  I^i'iiwicl, will lalce up Iheir residence al Steele.  Port  Steele  Meat Market  H. THIRY. Proprietor.  Fresh and Salt Meats  Always On llaiui.  * ' .  SOT.F A(T15NTR  SOT.F     ACIKNTS  crow's Nest Goal ������m  Giant Powder company.  Mining  Supplies a  Speeialt}'.  Agents for the   MASSEY    II ARRrS ��� CO.,  Limited;  Farming   Implements.  Robert J*', (''reen. Minister of  Mines and Chas Wilson.. President of the .Council -were, ,'at  Cr;inbroo'k..luiy 20th. ���'  ���rui:: ;.iA.'s,,rta: ..'.iiotaiAMc'S im;i;i'-:'tai:  soa.1' fi.-i.In 'hik'i :'i.ii..-.i> ' llie skin, ivhilc  Ji|-oiii|iiiy rl.-iinsinv ll. r.i fjji-ny.f. oil. nl'sl, (lie.  1 ;r.':ii.j;i!>l<- lor ni>,���-��� ��� 0;tn 1 <���'-.. iitrincrs, siinrLsiiien.  |. f. (.��� I'I-' 'in (("��� i|'i ..f :;'.'. |oi-|iost,ii|.'..:.  ,   Ai.'.'.rl 'tnll.-1 Shiti, (,',,,, Mfl-S iVl(imi-('lll.  H. KERSHAW,  GROCER  Port Steele, B�� C.  FRESH  FRUIT,  MEXICAN CIGARS.  A Full Liine of Patent Itfledicine  LADIES DRY GOODS.  'SK  ��*��*s;***-*��*��**��������;��*��*��**��iS����^s;��s:-��<��S;*��^KS;^  .M INK UAL AG'I' I8!l(i.  ���(-i-'   1.'.')  ��� !���     HOTICE.  M';i I-:,.-' i.'��il i (.���<���'! h.-ii : ixly d.'U's iil'lci' iln.1 ������  I .-.I ml I .'i|')ilv i" i ii.- ( 'iii.'f < Vi hi miss i< h'h-i'  r.f I ..Jinils ,'i iii \V t ti-l; ���. i i ji- (i.-riiiisHiiin l..( i  J.ill-clin-.r- III'.' I'nlli.-.viii;., l.-ii'iil in Knsl  ,K'< .nt.-im y I ''.-I i-i.-i.. ,-n'iil d.'Si'ii lied :i.s  I ii] It-v.- .��� ���:    ' '(im ii i" nc i mm' ;ii. ii. jiiiHi, mil rlci'd'  W.     .1. ill's     -i.lil llV.-.'sl      ('(II'IICI-    111  ' !)'��� -'.u: lic.-i..: .'.ii'u.-." (if.liihti I leiiiurtl's  |i|.,.-.,.;i]..!i..ii. .���-.'(j. ~::7, |,(,i ".'.;rii):- th.'iicc  ���iidt-tl. :'u ' ('iiii iii- mm'.' (ir l(.ss In I lie.  .-olitliY.-"-! .���(��� ,"!���,������!-.if I I.   M.'l.;!i's    |il'C-  ���MII|lli(Hl'.,t ill-Ill-.��� (',-(: I !(i ,-llilillS. llll'IK'c  -'lll'll   '>"  clltl i lis   III. .I'I-  (If. Ill       l(.'HS     l(.     St.  Min-v'-    river.    tV-nc-   west    III   clinins  iiioi-'' or Ins- ;,, |ij:t(.|. nj (.(iiiiinciici'iiKilit  . W. .1. WAT KINK.  linK'.l .linn- i".nii. inn:;. :s.i.  (.!|.u>"i,ii.,i(;a'I'i.: <u.v Iimi'hovmmun'i'S.  NOTICE.  Aliiiiuniitli   iiihI'.   \Y\ir . 'Phi'c.i'.    Mincriil  .     . ( 'lllillls.  Sltiliild'i'n lh..'|.'(ii-l. Steele Mliiiny IIIvIkI.hi or  I'lnt.l KiMtinmy I il'itricl. ���   ���. .  Wlici'ii l(.i'|il.'il:    On II.ii-s.'kIi.ii' Crrcli.  ���I'lilK! until-'- tlml I. Tin.inns 'I'. Mr VIII in. !���'.  M.(.t; Nn. ll.ili!.'J-.Hi.. iictliiH fni' iiiyscll nml n��  nK.'iil. I'nr 'Wnll.i'i- ViuiAi-siliili'ii, l''.M.C. No. II.  (-.iK'.r.s, Alex. (.'. H(.ln-rs..ii. l.'.M.C: ,N'u. Il.'.l'.i^l. iiihI  Willis I'".. .InhllSdl!. I'-rc: Mln.'.Vs (-(ii-llliciih.' Nn.  li.iiuJII. Intend, sixty .liiys mini Hie ilnti! Iii'i-cnl  u'iii'|i|ily I" Hie M.ln'iiii: i;(:i-<>ril<!i- Im- ii Of.'i-llII-  cnli' nl Iniiiriivi'iili'hls. I'm- llu. iiurtinsc nT (ill  I ii I i'i I nt; |.���( :i'i��-n (I in in nl llu- iihiiyi.' cliiiins.  An.l fin-llicr lnl;r K..I ins I Im i. iirlinii. under  Si'i'li'ili ll.'. ll HI si In* I' l.i'fni-.' tile Issll-  illlrc nf sllrll I'lTllll.-iilcnf liii|.r.,ivciiii'iils.  Inu.'.l this li-.lli ituy nl Mi'iy, li.lix  ���s.', ,'        'rues. t. Mcvrrriic.  i��'������M.������������U��Ti������������'��'*\iM.��'a��������%��'6l.l  .      ��  J. TAENHAUSER  WA'ri.'IIMAK'i'lK  unit   .IKWKI.Ui;  KiiKi'it villi;  Ui vct'sidti  A Venue,  I'Vii-f, .Sleidc,' II. (!..  Shaving' w. Hair Dressing -j'arlor  ,   N.'Xl. In Oll.'llliil llnl.'l  I'OKT    STEELE,    H.   O. I  All   Kinds  of  I.Ttiif Wiu-lc   :i   S|i'cci;ili.v  A.   .1.   lUtlSZ,    . -      -     I'liOPUIETOH.  Port    Steele  rewiHg  -  FORT STEELE, ��� B.  C-  o * ,  JvlANU^ACTUIiRRS     and      P.REWERS    OP    KXTItA     KINfB  BEER    ^    PORTER  SOLD    BY    THE    BARREL,  ' KEG    OR    BOTTLED  Bottled beer for family use a specialty  OUTSIDE ORDERS GTV.EN STRTCT ^ PROMPT ATTENTCCiV  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Te^-���00-^o8.'?  '    ' ���''���" ','1    ���������'.���' i " ' " '     '      '  Mutz & Sccitt, Prop's.  ;  Charles P. Campbell.  ���IMIE   UNaHU'TAKiiR.  ICMIfALMINC  A   f  :, SPIOCflAiyrV;'MOiVk  l;>.  OI'KN  DAY   :  '. AND  NIffHT.: ���  Post- 0.i<Vki.<:i': 1,5'cix  117.  CRANBROOK, B. C.


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