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The Prospector Apr 12, 1902

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 Ki'jordQr'B Olfleo
-     It
&ilJTi^i:u-u^rmrmruT,njTJT^ru-u"tri ^
%> IN*   IWil      $2,850,289
-Ml.VICKAI.   1'HOUUt'TION   0*''^
I1I.IT1SH   COLUMJilA  IN  liwi
Voi. S.
PORT STBBLB, B. C,   SA7^Z7/?7J>AV, APRIL V2, 790!3.
No 15.
New Advertisements To-day.
Notice—George Muuhi-ws
N'otlee—'AIvlnS.'Tro'i  ..;.
A. II. Mills & Co. .."..
In South East, Kootenay. ouo
great drawback to prolitable
mining .of silver'-a"nd loud ores,
hiis been tho excessive freight
and {rcalniont charges.
o The present price" ol' lead is
.I'll 7-0d, considerably below t'lio
average price of the last twenty
years. Present indications are
"LliaTrUn^ricff^wil ntgaTiHrn ya nee
within the next, few months.
It is sekfoni that the general
public <- is offered stock "in a,
dividend paying . mine; when
such an"oppoi;tunily presents itself,., they should not fail lo take
advantage of. it..i
It, stands (to" reason thai, where
the mine was on a paying basis
without tlic aid of milling .machinery it will be' a remarkable
paying mine when fully equipped
Experience has shown that
stocks based upon mining enterprises have never been equalled
from a standpoint of profit.
The principal foal ure of1 any,
riiiiie is'its net-earning' capacity.
'The records of the producing
mines foi''-Soiith East. Kootenay
for the past'year constitutes a
remarkable showing, consider-
Pnig adverse influences at work
for the last half of the year.
* South East. Kootenay offers
splendid inducements to the
prospector .and' ihe capitalist.
She needs the one to, make intelligent search for her lydden
treasures atfd1 the other- to develop thenr. '•   '-
The North Star- mine has paid
large dividends iii "the past and
Is. no>v engaged in large
■'developmentwor'k.' • "''
' The ForST'Stoele ' inining"dis~
trict will in "the"- near future - astonish the ' mining' world when
her mines arc ^developed in an
intelligent manner.
' There are a "large number of
prospects beingA developed Jn
this district.
•"•:, Considerablevinferost is now
being centered on the North
Star mine, on account of live recent, strike of rich ore.
-' Many footloose prospectors in
the states are figuring upon
visiting South East Koolenay.-
1 The big' hydraulic companies
on Wild Horse crook- have everything in readiness for extensive
operations as soon as the spring
opens. , .
' Oil indications a re very promising in 'the Flathead valley.
north of the international boundary, in Soutii East Kootenay.
continue in session until ihe
businosspol 'the.,, .meeting shall
have been " completed. The
maUer,of establishing « uniform
scale of prices foi' legal .-idverlis
ing anil job printing will receive
attention. ,
Dominion Iron Bounties.
(. r , , -*
' The bounties paid by the Dominion government for the pro1
duction of. pig iron during the
past year amounted '.<> $:">:)I,..'uii,
which is Slli'..l(ii' in excess, oi
tho bounties paid in ihe previous
year. , The Canadian production
of pig iron in li»iM was 2 I I.'.Mi?
tons, compared wit ii HO,000 tons
in JilOO, pTbe.production during
the'current"year is   expected 'lo'
reach 750.OOo' tons.     ,
North Star Lodge  A.F. & A.M. Receives Grand Master.
A special emergency mooting
of North Star Lodge, No. :«», A.
F. A A.M.. was held on Friday
evening. The occasion being
the annual visit of Brother E., E.
Chipman, Deputy Grand Master
of British Columbia. There was
a large ■ attendance, of visiting-
brothers aiid members of North
, i
Star Lodge.'
Immediately after the evenings
services at Masonic Ball. Ihe
visiting brethern and members
assembled inthe spacious dining-
room of the Windsor, Hotel to
.partake of a banquet .which had
been' provided' by Manager
Mather under the auspices of the
lodge. Tins Banquet- waft all
that could bo desired. 'Afler the
edibles had disappeared.', leasts
were in order. J. J<\ ' Armstrong,
W. M., acted as toast master.   ,
"The King and Craft," was responded to by- (irand Master
Brother, Chipman in brief but
appropriate remarks.
"Our Visiting lirofhers" responded to by Brother McKay.
•■Health and ' Prosperity of
=North-Si-apLodge." by Brothers
Harvey and Galbr.iith.
Tl was late when the programme was finished but everyone went away feeling that aside
from an excellent, banquet, much
good had been accomplished by
the craft in general throughout
South East Kootenay.
Canadians   Fought    to   a    Finish.-
'"  Death Before, Surrendnr.
Among the Men  Were Heroes From
South East Kootenay.      ,■
South East kViotenay deeply
mourns llie loss of the Canadian
heroes who fell al Harts Wivor.
They fouglit and died like men.
Irne Briton's, and their bravery
and courage, well and worthily,
niainiainod tlie repaint ion earned
for Canadian troops by preceding contingents., ,
," They" did not hesilate to saeri-
lice themselves when tin1, honor
ol   their  oouiitrv "d on landed    it,'
nil today wiih eminenl representatives of airfields of human activity:" including bankeTs, liner
ateTirspjonrnalisTs 7iinr~polliTeai
leaders ot all" parlies'. An iiu-
pressivc (prograninio ol music
and eulogisiic addresses was
carried mil.
"A Small Blaze.
A woodshed in the rear of the
Starbiixl building on government
avenue was completely destroyed
by fire on Saturday last. The
prompt-action on the part of the
Fire Brigade saved the adjoining buildings.
Engine Derailed. .
A west' bound freight on the
Crow's Nest line ran into a cow
on Monday. The engine,Was derailed and .trains in . both
directions ; were delayed some
seven or j'eight hours. Nobody
was injured.
Date Changed for Press Meeting.
In. order to accommodate- a
•greater number of editors and
publisher's it has been deemed
advisable to change the date of
.meeting from Monday, April 14th
.to  Friday   April   11th, and   will
Six men are now engayed ,in
building a camp and prospecting
the placer uround acquired by
the Wisconsin syndicate. Mr.
Trow loft for Merrillau. Wis.,
on. Thursday;---He will return in
.June. Mr. Hoy n ion will—have
charge during the absence of
Mr. Trow.
CAlllllK   NATION   CK'Ol'P.
The owners of the Carrie
Nation group of claims situate
on Horseshoe canyon, six miles
from Fort Steele, commenced
active operations on Monday. A
largo amount ol supplies have
been shipped lo the mines., and
it is tho intention of Ihe owners
to fully develop llie properly
during tho current year
Settlers Ccmmg
A large number ol home
seekers from the.-United Slates
are coming. ■ li;-is reported that
fully 10,000 have crossed the line
into Manitoba and -British
Columbia with llie inlention-of
finding homes in vacant areas of
the Northwest.
American Immigration.
The Boston Transoripi., prinIs
a dispatch from Minneapolis declaring that, at the present rate
of emigration from the northwest to central and .western
Canada two million Americans
will be in the, Dominion a:f the
end of twenty years.
ATpTIWoT'-"! T>~TlTtTbTa"Verso fTl i ors~
who    preferred   death    to 'surrender. ,«■   ■
DKTAJI.N  OK    KKlifT.  "
' Show that quite 2,Wf) Boers
opened a' stfong attack from'
different points with three guns
and a pom p.ojn JIhis was made
at a moment when the British
wereogalloping across the open
plain with I he intention,of capturing a Boer convoy which' had
been discovered five miles ahead.'
The British , retired steadily,.
a,nd dismounting, opened a I'us-'
ilade against the Roers.
■ Tlie'' Canadians were sent for
and the combined forces proceed-
edcto entrench. The Canadian
front was attacked in strong
numbers, but they gallantly repelled every attempt" made' by
the ' Boers lo' break .through.'
One party of Canadians fought
until all were killed or wounded.
Tlie lighting was severe and
general for fully three hours,
but after' the British had en-"
trenched and got gnus into
action, they1 repelled numerous
and determined attacks ■ made
under the personal exhortations
oipiioer leaders. • Towards night
the fire »radually ceased and the
Boers retired.
jfM L,'VY • FI A' I'/ (' A SI' A I /!' I KS.
The lis! of casualties show the
severity of, the engagement,
eleven were killed, and twenty-
one wounded, and there are still
twenty-one to be accounted for.
Among the killed and wounded
I'rival i' \V. 'I
c . Killed.
-  Private S. M
(P.. wounded.
I'rival o -I. C (.'rillin. ('rtiiilirotils-. M.
C. u minded.
I'rivali' A lew. Mi-Dimtiltl. Kurt Sti-elV
1.5. C. wounded.
South East Koolenay has furnished its quota of men for every
Canadian contingent,       also
Strathcona's Horse: nearly 100
men have gone fiom South Kast
Kootenay to buttle for the cause
of the Kimpirc in South Africa,
and while we mourn for those
who fell, and pay our tribute of
sorrow lo the wounded, there is
a feeling of inlen-e satisfaction
and pride lo know that their
motto was "'XeM'f Surrender".
A laic report front Ollawa is
lo I he ellet-i thai the casualties
a1 Hart K'ivcr are larger than al
fir.-st ciMed. The list al hand
show*-., sixty ca.-* 11 al lies in all.
They'comprise four oflicers', and
uii non-commissioned officers, and
On Wild Horse Creek.
There will hi-.considerable activity on Wild Morse creek this
siiiiiniei" lYepara.fipiis a.re now
boinguia.de for extensive , work
irrouud sluicing and hydraulic
ing. The owners'of claims and
leases are looking cheerful.
In Memory of Cecil Rhodes.
London,   April    10. —The   memorial service in honor of  Cecil
Rhodes tilled St. Paul's   Cathed-
I VU-i-s. ('i-iiiiliroojc.rlt
.t-iM-rt. t'l-iinlirotilv. I >.
Heavy Crops on Coast.
San Francisco. April 10. — Reports froi|i all sections promise
unusually ■ heavy crops this
season/ All deciduous fruits are
in good condition. drain is
growing rapidly in thy Coast
and Bay section's, Liirht frosts
occurred but early fruits were
not scriousl v damnsied.
STEAMER      WORTH     STAR      IN"
.Will Run on  the Kootenay Between
Tobacco Plains." Fort Steele
r- and Canal Flat.
Captain F. P. Armstrong arrived in Steele! on Sunday last,
on his way lo TobaceoJPIains,
where he will relit, tho-, steamer
North Star and place her in com-
mission for operations on :he
Koolenay river. In a conversation with a Pkospuotok rop-o
resentittive the Captain said:
••lf,l can get a Canadian coasting charter, T will run the North
f-Jtar on the-, Kootenay river between, Canal Flat- and Tobacco
Plains. The moving of the concentrator plant fro in Thunder
Hill fo Tracy creek, and the possible shipment of ore, from the
Estella mine, "'also lumber from
tlie Bauson 'mill at, Wasa , will
give employment, to the steamer
during navigation."
It is reported that'the/C. I*. K.
will ,run a side I rack to the land-
in» at, Ward nor, thus making a
••■inch needed freight connect ion
between the sleamer and 'the
Crow's Nest Kail way.
Captain Armstrong on Tuesday left for Tobacco Plains
The head office of the steamboat coin puny will be at Fort
3-last Kootenay Stock.
AsU-orl.      Uid.
Crow's NcM Coal,   ...     * +:i.'.0.00
North Star  2.". "J-I
Sullivan '. •>? hf
Silver-lead Quotations
Now York. April II:     ,
Mar Silver                    ..   . "iMS
Mexican dolltir**   .   .     .'   .   ... 'l.'i
Lead           .'        .                .... -I.l^f-
Copper        I2.1'."i
London': April II. Silver. "-M •'! -til:
copper. X.VJ 12s   (id:  lend.  I'll ^s. Ud.
Market Conditions.
The outlook for silver is improving. " ,
The lead situation is thought
to he more favorable.
Copper will rise in price, and
probably roach thirteen or fourteen cents in the. near future.       ^
Favorable weather irreatly
facilitated the trade in mining
Distt ibutiiiii" trade i-. much
lieller this week than last.
I inprove'iieiit in Ihe car supply
has given" considerable east- to
the opera I ions of the Crow's
NYst coal mines, and shipments
are more regular.
No   c.liange.   occurred     iu    the
situation as Lb'..lead..
■ '.'I n'copper Llie. London.. market-'
was. notably weak. ',   ,- .
Fire Brigade.
The lire brigade is all righL,
but a little , prae.lj.siug won't 'do
any harm. ft will accustom the
boys to handling' tlie hi|se and
make flie'ui heller acquainted
with the position of the liydraii-ls
The lire brigade'-is one of the
most important factors in the
town, and regular practice is
necessary to all. As one. of the
boys, we say. "get in'and drill".
I J-ate Telegraphic News |
sni'i in I in 'I'm. l'ui,s|.i:<'i,,i(.
TO   JON'riCK,rl'A]\  OfHA's   IIKAI).
New York, April li.—The
local Cuban colony has arranged
for a dinner to President-elect
Palma al the.' Union Square
Hotel tonight. The ..affair will
be in ,the nature of a'farewell
demonstration, a-* < lonoral Falma
has delinitoly fixed April 17 as
the dale for his departure-for
Citha. It -has' been the aim of
the cominittoejn charge , of the
dinner to bring together Cubans
rej/resenting all Jhe political
ofumei'its of CTibTf." and 'tireFr"
ell'orts have been successful. ■■>
0 New Vork, April \2.—Much
interest is manifested in tlie
joint set of games'to be held by
the St. Ceorge Athletic company
and Company C of the Eighth
Regiment, at the hitler's armory
tonight. ' The unusual feat ure of
the games„will he the wall-seal-
iim contest, open to. teams of
eight Hiien   from    the   National
' t i
Cuard. army- and navy. Lt'will
be the lirst time that, tho programme for tin ,open armory
inoetr has contained such an
Cireat. Falls, Mont., April \2.—
Thi^Thomiis Jefferson.smoker lo
be given by the Democrats "'of
Cascade   county    this    evening
promises lo be a-great success.
1 i ,*        ^
A" number   of   short   addresses
will be given by prominent party
meir from   various   parls'of the
- p
slate   as; well   as  short talks ,by
local Democrats.    An atlendaiice
of ;l(>0 is expected. '
Madrid. April li'.-rAs the
young King of S]);iin will become
ol age iu a lilt lo more than a
month, people are bilking about,
the prospects and fortune of
Queen Christina, the regent.
When Marie Christina, a prin-,
cess imperial and archduchess of
Austria, became the bride .of
Alfonso XI f, of Spain, she
brought very little dower indeed
to her husband. Nothing was
settled upon her except a pension
of sr>o.00(> in the evenl that she
should become the widow of
Alfonso \"ll. As everybody
knows, when she did become a
widow, the queen declined to receive the pension during the
minority of the successor of
Alfonso XII. For the first time
this year the minister of finance,
in his^estiinatc of the budget for
1'JirJ. has reminded the nation
thai the queen will have to receive the part of Ibis pension
corresponding to the period extending from May 17 to Dec. 31,
namely, a little more than
s: 11. Ouo.
London. April 11'.—The (Ml-
loi to "Yohninn season al the
Lyceum closed I his evening.
The engagement has set a record
murk for Ihe-. success ol the
American managers and players
in London playhouses, Ihe net
profits for the .comparatively,'
shortseii.'sb.n being estimated at
not less thaii'^l00,1)00. ';    ;
. L     . „ i
West I'oinl. N. V., April il!.—
The baseball- tea in of the United
Slates military academy lined up
on Llie, diamond against the
Union 'College; (dub this afternoon for the lirst game of the
season. The inaiiageinent of the
West, Point team has arranged
an .attractive schedule . for the
season which includes a game
with Annapolis, the. Hirst ever
held between  the   two  branches
of the service. The game Will
attract unusual interest, as th«
rivalry between the army an<£
navy~oveFtrfeiF"aiTnuai football"
game is expected to be felt ic
the baseball game as well.
A Pretty Wedding.
Moyie, April, 10.—At Movie
on AVcdnesday, in tlie Romaii
Catholic Chapel, Frank Me^
Mahon and Miss Slolla Sopor
were united iu marriage by th*
Rev. Father Coceolo of the St.'
Eugene Mission. Miss Florence
Harper ,was bridesmaid while
Mr. Joseph Trombley assisted
the groom.' Tho wedding was a
quiet que only a , few friends , of
Hie contracting parties being
present. Roth the. young people
are popular in the town and have
the good wishes of all for their
happiness and prosperity.
E. C. Smith, M.P.P.,  Seek* Nomination From Fernie Liberal*.
E, 0. Smith', M. P. P., was 'ftfe
Fernie on Tuesday last, and it hi
now announced that Mr. Smith
will seek the Liberal nomination
tor the Fernie riding at'the n#«t
provincial election..
The formation of a Liberal
central committee for ' So*tfct
East tKootenay is now being die*
cussed by the Liberal Associations,of the district.
In Legislative Assembly. 1 ° ,
Victoria, April 8.—There was
another stormy session, of the
Royal Commission today Premier Dunsmuir being on the staac)
all morning.      ' ^ ,   ,(f"'
The Redistribution bill waa
finally passed through the house
this afternoon.
Robert, Green's resolution urging the government-seisiously to
consider,the establishment o'f'-a'
refinery for silver and lead
passed.      '
Joseph L Martin secured the
passage in committee on the
hospital bill of an amendment
providing for aid to all hospitals
which treated free patients and,
did not make .denomination of
the patient a tost of entrance.
c ° '
A bill was passed prohibiting
aliens from voting at municipal
Grace JDore Nickel, Mine.
Robert Doro. owner of the
(i race Dore, a nickel.proposition
situated on Wild Horse Creek,
about three miles from the town
of Fort Steele, was in town on
Thursday. He reports that the
property is looking well, that
recent assays gave returns of
from nine to fourteen per cent,
nickel. developments consist
of S."> feet of open cuts. 40 feet of
tunnel, and a shaft ^ feet deep.
The ledge is a true fissure, having a width of from four to" six
feet, with three feet of good or«._
The ore carries high values iu
nickel, cobalt, with small values
in sold, silver and some iron:
Lumber Industry.
The lumber industry of South
East Kootenay should boom this
year.     In almost every   town   in
the   district   are   situated one or
two sawmills.     During the, past
winter-a   large  supply  of-logs..
have been cut.     Mills at   Moyie
will   soon   operate   with   a   full
force, at Cranbrook the nulls are
in active operation.      At Marys-
ville, Iviniherley, Wasa,   Fernie,
Filko  and   J a If ray 'mills'are-e's-.
tablished.  A 'new plant on Perry
creelc will'soon he installed, and
preparations for the   installation
of   the   largest,  sawmill   in   the
Kootenays is now being made, at
Wardner.    We have every  confidence   that  the   current   year
will largely excel in the  lu tuber
production that of 1901.
-  <: THE PROSPECTOR    FORT STEELE,   15.  C.  APRIL 1i>,   V.Kt±
I      .nvrAiii-T-uuii   i"""'
A.  B, <E>ra<i€i,
PL'Br.lSHKl*   .AND     KUITOK.
ever* Satiirda>, ."'•*! I- '- ■> Kiuii"aniceil
circulation lai"«c. tl. 1.1 m> other p.ipcr
In Kast Kootenax It i- .iU home Printed
and'contain*. donM*. ihe new*, of any
other papci in tlu  di-titct.
As  an   ad\eni-»in-i   nu-dn-.n  n   i*- tin
excelled. '
Devoted to tl.o uphuihliiii-'nl l'"oi i stci-li:.   tlic
development oi Uiewi-t  iinii.-itil  i'.'souiocs of
lie EUJrKomdnuy mininir district
Subscriptions. . r-2ut\ ,,<.■■ vc.u
Advertising rates niinh iinown on application.
Contributions are -.olu-iic-d ftfim uii p-ntr-. of iiie
district, but all mutier iiitetith-d foi publication
must huve the- wrilut's signature.
i producing and   the   oil   territory
! heing     operated.     South      East
i - j,
i Koolenay will be ihe banner district of Ihe Province.
., New-: of a ueuuino oil strike
may he received at any time
from the Flathead valley.
Tho big iron deposits of .South
East Kootenay'are beginning lo
receive the attention they do-
The placer mines on l'err.N,'
creek are a'g a in display nm 'eon-j
siderahle activit-v -'(
****,*'*.^:mw#;x*k%*X&xWMWk?k9k!*9kX 'M'^^:^,^,^^^*^^^^^^*M**^^^^^     1
•    -T(T-~*
Headauarfers   for   Mining   and   Commercial   IVIen
TUIC   DADCD Is i,i-pt ui. ini'iit 'lii'iiihi-r-|
IHlO   r AT til t|.,,u .i-i-iu-y ,il   M.i.xaiuli'i
*Cr... Suite F.. Pirst \.iii..iinl n.inl.   ItiiililiiiL-,
- Spokane-. Wash,   win i c   i-.inti-aols i-.ni in-iniicle
tor it. . 	
i>    ki-n    on   111,)   at    1".    C.
1J.S K i: s A il i-iTli* ni'-'
Agency.'-64 and tin Mereliuuis i-.-ci-lianife sail
Francisco, California wli.-i.-c-diiti.n-ls foi ail-
veriislng can be in.iile for It 	
Thie    Pa nor  Is kepi on nh-nt tin.- A   Mo-
vctl-sinK   Agency  'Moutr<-.il,   wii'ii- n.i.ir.iots |     n,n-i i
foriuherllsin'.' inn he ni.iili foi u.
This Paper"'■;.&£ r^it-.'
After Work or Exercise
TUJr,       11„     -WW      1-    "Il    Milt'    ,U        •! W-
lnis lJa ^ei  (.n-.ih.im ^ cos hook
store, Spokane. SV.i-li.
SATURDAY. .U'I,IIL 1-.  l"ui'.      |
"No'Enemies   to  Punish-- So!
Special -Friends to Serve
I,,.,,, . -int"
Hi -* .ml -tut
nl *-  it -i „'iir- t
Iliill't    l.U  f   \'.i.    Wi-lll   ,    \l.it.T\     Wilt        I J/tl     .
preparations   i cprc-.cnlui   lu   t'j   -'.li,*-  &.nn
as"   Pniivl'-.   l'\in-ct, iihii i  «*.i--il\   Mtur .n..l j
jjc'l-r..''-    c   "       i   '-.oi.J alcutii.t," a J^ini.\ ,
P0I.-.0.1. ' ' i
rilli     present    COlKllllon.-.   Ol     ior2, mailed on receipt of price and two 3-eoiit
,'.    , " stamps.    The Cook Companv "'-""•i*' '■"«
' nilfh  Ireal'lli.'tl!. "Hid  trail**-,    {2B<-Nps. 1 and -l sold and rcvom:
reupoasiBle Druggists lu Canada
'high Ireal'iictt!. "ind Iran**
„ portation  charge:-   have   mati'-r
ially retarded quart/. iijiniiij£ dur- j,    >-„,. i
ing'the' past year in Souih- Kast  -\- w. i
'    Kootenay.   , In British Columbia;
the're~"are  no mining  camps of
r ; equal'richness0to those of south-1
erri-Kootenay.    Placer  and   hy-_
draulie mines are being operated j
on'" Perry/  Wild,   Horse  creeks
' and Bull river.    Jt is reasonable
tO'-su'pposo-that the district   will
be-"traversed -by   a   north   and
soutii-railway before very  long,
aiid.-wh.en this--is  accomplished,
"the cost of  prospecting, mini fig,
treatment,     and    transportation
will bo' (reduced,   and a greater
r tonnage' of) both   high „and  low
grade'ore prc-duccd".
Cook's Cotton Boot Compound
r-" Is snecee-.fuily as-i-il monthly ,bjr over
10.000 Ladle?. Safe, effectual. Ladlesa.sk ,
your druggist lor Coot's Cotton Root Com-
pouod,~Tate no oiner, as all Mixture*., ptlU and
im.tations are dangerous. Price. >'o. 1, ?1 per ,
boi;>'o. 3,10 degrees stronger. $3 per box. No.
l or 2, mailed on receipt of price and two 3-eem
stamps. The Cook Company \\ lndsor, Ont.
{SB^Nps. 1 and m2 sold and reoominended by all ,
All    Modern     Conveniences
FORT    STEELE,    B.    C.
on , t
Sample   Rooms   for   Commercial   Men.
.'.'■il _' «.{|,"'i    th    I'u'-l    Su-.-!i'   ll\
!»-a-.(:-ii. Di-.ii.-i*!.
Livenj, ,feed 5c Sale Stable.
'    '       Fort St.-i'lo B.C
c       , i     fc
iti'jrulur   n.itiy   .S;ii-_r(.-   iih-i-t.--' till "
train.- ta Fort -Stook- ,Iutn-tior..
TI'.A.MING Ol-  .VI.I. klNHSA >l»i:CJAI.TY
Monte pGario-Restaorant
■PThe "Kootenay' valley is an
agriculture district with large
area's ol arable land of-great for"
triily,-'and capable- ol"   producing
.much* more than is'rotpiired by
itsp'present population. The
mining, industry has so completely occupied the atlenlion of
it's "inhabilanls,   that   bill    little
^attention has been paid lo ^I'arni-
r, ing.        South     lOast     Isoolonay
though  rich   in   mineral:-,,   coal,
oil and timber, has suflicieul   extensive   agricultural     lands     to
'produce onough to feed its own
inhabitants and supply Ihe needs
of the various mining camps of
the district.
During  the  current   year  Ihe
shipments of coal and cuke from
the Crow's Nest Pass coal   fields
"are confidently expected to reach
1  1,000,000 tons.    l     ' <--
A A /
A pioneer among placer Holds.
Wild Horse crook continues -to
furnish instructive' geologic
lessons and rich depo-dt*- of the
yellow metal.
A- * /
Important developments will
occur in the Tracy creek di-ti ici
this season, all berau.-e the)
T^stella Mining Company -will
commence the construction oi
concentrating work-
and air compressor-.
MI Mr. UAL AO'l'.
Kin , t'll'.l l-K OF   IMPIIOVBWKV'I*
yiirow**liiir\   Minl-i-iil   ("hliiii.
Sole Agents for the
place in fort Steele.
p^    Everything Cooked
"AS   VOli    UK.F.   TT."    ■
WM. ROBINSON,  Proprietor
Suutiti' tti llie I-'oi-t Siei'le Minimr Oivi^ion of
K:ist ICootoiiay [Ji-sit-li-i
Wlii'i-n loc.iieil-—On tin* ni.iiit'ioi-l: fif tlif  *-t
Miitv"*.    Unvi.   .il-iiiiii   -!\  mill-*-   i-n-t   of   iln-I '
Koolontiy l.nki-divlilp. "      I ' - °
Tii It e tintii-o Hint 1 'I'liooiliiiv llciiiichnmpni-i- [ SoLlO AOKTI'I'S
\\\\i .-is swill for Hi'Diw I"i-i|iili:u-l Ktei-Miiu-i-"*.
(Ji-riilii'im- Mo II lliifi.'Hi llinrv.n 'riioin-nn
l-'ii'i- Miiii-r s '.'oi ulii-.itr Mn. U .-MUD-, mill lfi-ni-\
A lliii'liin l-'ii-i- Mini'i's iVi-lllii-.tli' Mn. H .'vCiUl.
iiiu-iiil. -.iviy ilny- lioni tin- ii-iti* lti'iool. to
.ippl\ In tin1 .Mumiu W. i-niilor lor :t Ci-t ulk'-ilti
ol hupiiiM-inriits lor tin' puipo-i- of iiMiiinin^
:i Crimn (li-.iiil ol tlii- ,ilio\i- I'ltiiin.
.VimI  tui-tlii'i   lulu-  nolici'  tli.it   .iL'lton. iiikIl-i-
SITllllll     C!     lllll-t    !)■'    I'llIIIIIILIllK'll    lii-fou-    llio
i-siiiiiici' of snfli i'oiliin-.iii' of linimnoini-nis
Diiioitllii- ->lli il.iv of MoM-iiiboi-. A   ll. li'll.
This Stkel is guaranteed to be equal to ,Tessop_'s • or   Firths in all
ITaui") 1\.oc:k WoitK. " ,  '       '    ' ' ,*
Notice to Dplinqueitt Co-owners.
'I'n Willi:iiii-|{iiliin-.iii. or in iiiiv por-oii oi
pi'isoiis io wlicin lie limy linvu tiiiii-iorn'ii
iu- iiili-fi'M in Uio Oniiiii'ti" Mmi'i'.il rliiiin
-iiuiiii- .iliont oih: milo .ilioii- llio l-'nlls on Mini;
iii-i-l; in tlic l-'oit Suilo iniiiiim ilivi-ion oi
ll.i-t Konti-iiiiv l)i*-titit iinil li'oniili'tl m tin-
Milllji-.' Kfioiili'i-"-nllii-i-:il l-'ott Stfi'li-
Von .mn iMi-li ol miu ,uo In-roily noiilieil'
llint ' liiiM- i-spi-nilul -inn- liitli Mnv lM'li.
loin liuniin-il iloll.u - ui I.ilini .mil inipini oinciHS
upon tin .iliino im-imoni'd iiiinui-iil i-l.iiin iinilcr
tlit- pim i-ion- of Un- Miiu-i.ii Ait. Anil if in thin iiiiii'U i).i\- fion; il..- iliin* of t'n- miiii-t-
ion fail or ifiii-i to roiiii-iinilt' youi portion
of -ui-li .*xp..-iuliiiii-i-- lOL'i-lln-r wuli nil I'O-i^.ol
.I'lM-sn-iii-.' voni niti'ii'-i in -.nil i-i.iini will tio-
i'oiim- mo propel t\ of Uio -nli-cnln'i' iiniloi
-i otioit -i of nn Act entitli'il An^.U-t to Anionii
th.' M.n.-i.'il  \i;   IS»"i
P i;i 11 .u I '"i i s-i ..I.. i,ii- J-th il.ij of   Di'L't-m-
..<!     |«l| l-
F  M  i    Mo  li   Hi'"-1
\.'lMr.!:.\,l.   \l"T   l-'i'i   ,
lH.'IM   1   )    '   ". •"'"-'
illlllhli   ill   nl    IMI'Hi iVi.ll l.v i -
.Sui.i-:    ACIKNTR
OrOW!§ N6St 6bal-w-pany''"
anH Powder .company.
Mining  Supplies  a  Specialty.
Agents Tor the   MASSEV    HAI-iRTS   ,CO..  Limited.
Farming   Implements.
The Steele House
Fort Steele*, B. G.
Centrally  Situated on  Riverside Avenue.
Conducted on Up-To -Date Methods.  ,
Tlie Best Bar In Town.
D. JVEcHTeish
Meat Market
■ *   ■ r,'
""    ' ON, HAND.
1 '^z- -*> '
I'P'esh 1-Jalihut.   Salmon,-. Salmon -Trout.  Bologna -Sausage.-
Huller und Eggs. 'Fish and Oaine iii Season.
Fort Steele
| N. HANSON, |
i~ General JVlercHarit AND , 2
^ - Liquor Dealer. ~s
2^- '  Manufacturer of all Kinds of Lumber,       A large assort-   -^S
p- ment. of seasoned Lumber and Shingles always 25
£^' on hand. ^S
gi    -      DIMENSION     LUMBER     A   .  SPECIALTY.      .   g
I      WflSfl. • -   BG.      I
at it.-
; |-;ini\v;i V ' 1 !i.i«"K It ..I .ili'l .Miiln-1 Mim-rtli < 'l.'lilll-
i *--•„. i'.i- I i- I mm --I. ■ li Miiiiiiu' liiM-ion ol
i -. ni . h.i-; K>i.it- ii. 11  li -i 1111
t        *■      - ivi.i 'i   lof.ii.il      Vuiii   Urn    mill'-   -mull
•\.nv fool can <rlvi'   iidvicf  and j' ■-, "! '''""""''^ ,uM 'Ivi1'
he is the one that  1-  continually ! i---.• m..,. ;*(. miii.it. m..    h imni*.   nnuid
-• • l\ ii.ii - 'lorn tli'  Mil.   ln-niil   lu ,i|i|jl\ In till-
i M,n '.' I,'- i un.. I I'M .1  i.i n In'.it i    nl   Impiovu-
,.   . I tn- . '-    .'i   tin- pii- |i'i-'    il   "lii.niiiiii-  .i   finuii
Abilitv   is   the   fathei  and op I .,• ,,.•, ,,i i<„ ,,i,<,i,., i.un,-
portunitv the mother of   r^pon  |       •'"/; """ ;■''- "" •• """   ;"'■'»   "",l;'
1        . - ' ; -»-. Lien 1,   rn.J-t In  i iilliiiii-iu i il licloic 1 hi* I—u-
sibility.     ... , ! mi. •- ~>r -mi, (.■..•itni,.,.i.-..t in.|....vi!n...i.ii-.
. '..'      • "'.  .   '    : '*•'.    '#      K-" |.     I);i|.i-.a i.jii*. tiiinl u:i\ nl' ln-i.-.-iiiliirr. 1!KH.
, ....   .-. .      .   ...        .. . j      .     ).    )1<- ' 'n.-IUI.'I.KS MK'I'MI'UO':.   :
-Adversity     is  'Llie   school   in   ■
Pwnich   men   get  their   hesi -i-du-1;
cation. . ■
.-■...',..-.- * ■ • *■   *
,A young man while in (own
the. other day got. into alight;
place. That is he got drunk und
got locked -up. •■-        .' ' ■ '     .
:' '        '*-..'■   ii'  -   * ■ ... v-
, We know a'eorta.in •tiachulor"o:i'
whom    it    is   said   Luis   laid' his
heart  at, a.   certain,  girls   feet.
.We don't think she ought lo kick
50   YEARS*
Port    Steele
Brewing    Co.
\i    • v • . *   -
MANlTIrACTUUORS     :uid      HI-JEW EKS    OF    EXTRA     FTNE
'■i"i   i .i- i- .   .
Development of Ihe coal ureas
of the Crow's Nest Puss: the big
silver-lead mines of   the   district
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anyone ni-nilliiK a f.lii-li:h mill ili-Mrrhillon mnr J
qulrkly ii^i'itiiiIii ntir npinlnii I'ri-i- ivi.«.| li.-r mi .
iliviMilliili  Ih I'lrnlinlily |iiili-iil|itilo.   .*"*ViiimlinW-n- j
t luiifl *itrl.'l ly r.iMtlilnnlliil. I IiiiiiIIiikiIi .»n I'nli-nti. j
..cut fn-i..,-llli!.!!.l iit'.-tii-y lor (-.'.'urllil-- luiti-nl -.
l-iili-iitH tiik.iii   UiriHiirli   .Miinii ,V en. r«-i'.-lvi-        r-
tpfcial notice, wIJJkhi' t:1i«nrn. 111 \\w
Holllcil  beer lor family use a specialty
I>. O.  Bi/X 812
Scientific American;
A lianitfliMiii-lv lllimtniiiiil wi-fklv.    l.iirircst clr- i ■                                   ,                                                  -1
ciiliilion <if liny .-i.-ieiiiiik'Jiiiinml.    Tonus. *.1 u j |                              ..          ■    .           •       '                      _^                    ;  _ ■
mar: four months, *l.  S*ntil bj-iill iimvpiipiilrri.. I»ia !•■ * 4   rm          V*    ,.    t»J , ■* si4-4- t-f -«■• J~^ -»-* ' <.?< -
MUNN&Co.36'6-^-New York j iHutZ   o^i^colt.   Hops.
Braucti OlUce. fia I'" Ht., Wn.ililDKtoii. 1>. U.    . I
Assorted Car of Rest Brands of Flour   and   Meals,  etc.
Flour. Patent, Hungarian and Strong Bakor.
Rolled 0;iis, Cracked Wheat. Wheatletts,
Cornineal, Buckwheal, Flour, Split Peas,
-  Navy. • Beans,   I/inm Beans, Pot Barley, etc
Bran-   Chops     Shorts     Oats     Hay.
Eleet!\Vood Tea. aptireiii'ticle imported direct fi;bm Ceylon
Pp.    try it once. and. you 'will use no other.
Fresh   Hreald'ast,..Baicon,   Mains  and   Dry Salt. .Side Bacon...
Hiitl.er.ii.nd Eggs,..   ',.;.     . ;„..,.,-, P   .- : .  ■■:•.-.
FIREWOOD .all leiigths-to suit all sieves.
E. C. MILLER, Proprietor POST OFFICE BOX 836.
2r®*"    All goods guaranteed and prices also as being correct,
Send in orders: o  i  ��s.       <���)  THE PROSPECTOR. FORT STEELE,   h. <J.,  lwrj.  ���1^  I  "��**^  r?  IM P E RI -A L  H. REINEMAN, Proprietor.  Fort Steele, B. C.  <D  a  Q  ��        i ���, w  Largest and Most Complete Hotel Im South East Kootetiay  ALL   MODERN  Sample Rooms .for Commercial Men.  Headquarters for IVIming Men.  More Home Knitters Wanted  THE  Prospector.  *  IS I'LMJI.ISIIIOI) KVK14Y KATIiliDAV. AND HAS A       *  ���it v. . ��� *  UUAliAN'TKHK   ClKCUTI.ATIi >.\    I.AIti.'KK    THAN        *  *  *  ANV OTIlKIt I'AI'KK IN KAST KOOTKNAV. I'l" IS  Al.l. 110MI-: I'K'lN'l'KI). AN'll CONTAINS HOIIIII.I-:  THIS AMOUNT OF NHWS OK ANY I'AI'ICU IN" TII l-l  1USTIUCT.  3  i  As    An    Advertising    Medium    It    Is  Unexcelled.  ^c-t-*e-t-etoc-*c-t**-frfr*frtc-frt**c-fr��0*  * <p  * Tin-: iMiosriwroii covkhs a imstkmt I  lb T  Oi    I.AItllKR THAN SOMI-: KMI'lltMK, AND HAS A   f>  Jj    I.AIMK  I'-OUKIONCIUCUIiATION. ��  "*��-�� 33* -i->4-34-��-��**-��-��-S �������������* -��*����� -S-J-J 33-S<*  The Paystreak Of Ad's In This Paper Pays From The Grass Roots,  And Never Pinohes Out, Stake One !     The Result Will Re To  Your Interest. '-,���..���  JOB  POINTING  OF ALL KINDS  NlflATLV  AND  I'ROM I "PI .Y  EXECUTED. "'  ... ,.  p*6^^l>>i^^*^^*^C'C^V^^>ivV^vV��--  24Pa^es   :  Weekly,:   Iliuslrated.  INDISI ^NSABLE  TO MINING MEN.  $3 PER YEAR, POSTPAID.  SEND roil SA.Ml'I.K COPY.  MINING -* scientific PRESS1  330 MARKET ST., SAH FRAHCISCO, CAt.      j  CAVEATS, TRADE MARKS,  COPYRIGHTS AND DESICNS. *,  ���' Send your business direct to Washington, J  ��� uvea time, coats leas, better service.     \  Mr oflce clow to T7. S. Patent Office. FREE prellmln- /  U7 uimlsatloni made, Atty'i fee not due until patent *-  la iKtlrrt rERSONAL ATTENTION GIVEN���19 YEARS f  ACTUAL EXPERIENCE. Book "How to obtain Patent!," ?  ���tc��� seat fret. P&tenta procured through E. O. Siggera  rocelT*  special   notice,   without  charge,   In   the  INVENTEVE  AGE  UloitriU4 atoBtbly���Eleventh year���termi, $1. a year.  Late ol C. A. Snow & Co.  8 FSt.. N. W.,  WA8HINGTON, D. C.  ��|��*WWWKWWVWWWWWWWW����  I II1IWM.WH    n.,.M.IUJ.  M...UUJ   J  il.G.SIGGERS.i  CLIPPER  Cor.tsi.-.s    a    FJclicblo     Record  of .all tho tCvonta In tho  THEdTil^Lc WORLD  Piz-:r;i-.-'- \yEEKl.Y.  S.:.00 A "i ��J."t.    ~:'.-i    i-t COPY, lOcta.  f'r Pkj'C ".V   :!< *:   vvt;dL'.OlorS.  c ,i ���>��� - ;   "       '��� V~ Y     F'i   fl V  r. ���, -��� ''-'j-' y->rv cr_:r ren,  A Pair In 30 Minutes  Machine weight 17 pound*.  It It more wonderful than a sewing machine, jutt  at durable, and higher tpeed.  To Work at Their Homes  THE "���" Under the Direction of  home    THE PEOPLES KNITTING  money-     SYNDICATE, lihitcd.  MAKER MCKINNON BLDG. TORONTO.  To Fill Large Contraote   Cood WagM  Easily Earned.  We want a few more workers In this  looality, at onoe, and in order to secure  your oo-operation without the delay of  correspondence, we herewith explain  our full plan in this advertisement.  The work is simple, and the Maohlne  Is easily operated, and with the Guide,  requires no teaoher.   If you wish to  Join our staff of Workers let us hear from you  promptly with the Contract, order form, and remittance,  as a guarantee, and  we will  send  maohlne and outfit to begin work at onoe.  OUR   METHOD   OF   DOING   BUSINESS  We wish to secure the services of families to ilo knitting  for us In their hom<-'b. Our method is the same as adu|iieil  In Kiigland We ure the introducers of this plan anil tlie  largest    knitting    concern   in   Camilla.  Viler    lone    experience,   we   have   been  able   to   produce   an  Automatic     Machine by'which   all   kinds   of   seamlesi   ktut-  you   to  do   the  same, in   order  that we may  know  with whera  w��   are   dealing.  We ha\e, in as brief a manner as possible. e.ideavor��'J  t.j show vou what our work is, and we simplywaay a�� lu the  machine, it is just what we represent It to be, and will p����1-  ively   do   everything  we   claim   for   lt,   or   refund   the   maney.  beintr   .,,���>._   ��... -��� .    ��� ���      ���        .      ,     ,     ,    -        ,  so   simple     it   cannoi  possibly  make a mistnke In   its  work.  Thi' (Treat demand now' is for LSicycle Stockings. Woocl-  miMi'�� Socks, null Motormen's. .Mittens, anil :is we are unable to "xupply tin- ilemaiul, have taken this method <>! ,-id-  vn-ll^iriK   for" more   )i<'l);.'"      '    Tin- l.'it'Ki' e\|inrt lrnde lo the .\urth-we-il I erritoiH's.  Hrilish Columbia, and the British Colonies, furnishes an unlimited il.-in.itnl fur 'll,r Roods, and, with llie combined cooper.! tlun 'if tin- in-nv families we are employing, together  wlt'h tlie lni-Bi- .lino1" ol knililnc w.e are abb- t.. rurn out.  bv which wi' -,'.vi- I'i'iit:.. insiirnni-e. interest on cipltHl, etc..  fi'uibies us lu uiiil.'i"-'-ll any in.iiiiil.u'tiii i*rs of tills i-hiss .if  Kuods.   and   w..   have   ���'ale   tor  all   the   knlttliiK   we   can   have  turned   out. .,,,,.       ,       .     , , ....  The price we p.iv l,ir linished hicycle stoi-klri(rs is $l".'l"  per linmlreil or .it tlie rule of 10c per pair: woodmen'---  so.'ks. .".i-. iin'l mnlni tn.-ii'-. mitiens, ll'i- :i pair. All otin-i  work    In     proportion    to   size. ,  The mai'liin.- can ''<* operated by anj one of :i t.iinlh.  und nl our pi'lce-- nnv .-nernellc family should be able in  sustain tliemii lve- ��� "infortahly. and In time be a source nf  Imli-i.fiiileiil     com for '  Our plan i^ to send out c.ii-h m.n-hliie to beginners with  ���i s,,fic nr strii-kliic pirti.-tlly knitted, nnil rc-malnhifr In the  m.ii-hlne re:iil\ in b> i-niilinuoil, and 11N1, enough v.irn to|  knit iiin- pair of simple sucks nr .Mor-klmrs and a simpb-;  and ''f-rnnplete '��� rnsli-nclluti Ouide. sliowing how Ihe work Is  to \>f dorii-.P Wlien tlie ..samples liave:, been finished and  returned lo us sntlsfactory, we., send, a iiuanlity of yarn,  which, vim 'knit ami return-, likewise1 when finished. \W  prepay charges on all work one way. and our workers pay  rettiI'll   I'li.'irges.'   The Work,  as--we   have  slated,   Is   slinpl..  and  ��� i-a'tilill \-   done,   the   mn'chlne   hnvlng   :i    c.-i|.ac!ty'nf   ten   tlir.ii-1  ��� sniii'l   stUches   a   niinnle,   \\",.   liave many   persons   now   lu   oi.irj  'einnloy' who   can   kni:    fi-.-uh    t weniy-fiv.-    lo    thirly    paii-s    ofi  sock= or sl'ii'klngs :'i day. anil where ihe lime of a fa mllv j  Is devnted to the work, vnn can readily see that llf..00 or'l  ^n.ftil    ner ' woek   can  be   easily   earned/ , '. |  Wi.    fnr-i'"''   ou>-   workers    all     the     mi.ilerl.-ils.'   yarn,      elr,  ' free,     ami    ���'���. i-ryl li in z   lliat   is   in-.-essa i-y   for .llie   work.       We '���  ni'.'     fiirii'^liiin.-    (lie machines   only'  for   the   exclusive   use   nfi  tlios.-   desiring   to    In ke. employment    Willi    us,    who    inusl.    In  iirder    to   hei-ome   !t    member,'   send    us    Ihls, I'onlracl.    Order  Form,     prop.-rly     sli'in-d by i.hem.   and a I least . one grind refer-1  euro.      and.   renill Innc  iier-nrVli'ngly.   Ir>   give   us   Ihe   necessary"  nssurnnce   (hat   the . 'inn nlllles   or   v.-ilitahle   y.'irn'we m.-iy s.-nd  from    lime    In   llnie    will    noi    br-   wasted   or   misappropriated.  Our   interests. are'   mutual,   and  .lliis   confidence   must    In-   �����*���-  tnbllslieil   if   we   lire In   su.-cci.il.     We    guarantee   fair   dealing  n.nd   pronipl    pai'inenl, fop. .work,   so  <lr.   noi   ask   us  lo   deviate  from    onr   ti-nm,    as we   cannoi   make   a   rllstlnelion   with   ime  nnd   not.  another:   besides,    we   are   doing   an    exlenslv.-  ness.   and   must   be    governed   by   business   principles.  Tlie mnnufnelurod prlr-o of Ihe machine Is JIT., mid positively -will not lie sold lo any ntlu-r.u Ihan those who will  ngrre   to do  knitting for   us.  Tf nt any time afer yoii . eomnience jyou wish  discontinue, ive will tnke back machine and refund  amount, paid for same, after deducllng cost of our  pense   only.  There Is a Large Demnnil by Ihe Trade for this class  of work. Onr workers can depend upon It year after year.  ��ntl If you engage, with us. (whole or spare tlmel we will  keep you supplied with work as long ,-is you do It satisfactorily for us and return It. promptly. We entrust our workers with large rpiantltles of valuable yarn, and as we give  references  as   to our honesty    and    Integrity,    we    must    ask  goorl  upon  reiidv  reierence.     ingether  with   the   reini ttance.   accordliig-1*.  receipt   of   which   we   will   forward   machine   ��.nd   outfit  to   commence. ��� '       Respectfully  youre.  THE PEOPLES KNITTING SYNDICATE limited.  McKINNON BLDG, TORONTO.  I>iii-    Ki-rrrriier�� ^ K\pre<.<. Contiuuitr*.   ItHiik*.   or Torunlu   If Mil-  iic^ Himi^i ��.  If you wish 'to examine the machine ami ue�� the material before unrleri a king the work, you can do so by  M-ndliig Jll.iiu as a guarantee of gund taith, and to defray  e\|ien>.(. of shipping, und we will send everything to y��ur  ii.-.1 re-t express ooiniMiiy. leaving a balance of twelve  il'dlars io pay the agent and li". cenl-i for the return charg��>  on   ihe  money   in   u��  W>-  ai-r so   freriueniiv   it ml   unii.-cesv,ir|]y   asked   If  one   can  l.-.irn   in  knit   witlinnt   a   teacher.       We   >ay.   Ve*;   lt   renulrta  in.   te.ielier;   any   person    of    ordinary     intelligence    wlin    can  read   tin.'   Instruction fiulile   can   learn   to   knit   at   once.  ������ ORDKK     FOh'M   $15.OO  Cash  Contract  Order  Form.  To  Tlie People's   Knitting     Syndic*te,       Limited.       McN'Inn.ni  llullrllnK.    Toronii."  Genllemen,.���I ilels'lre to do the work a-s described ".In . Mill  adverllnement. and enclose Jlfi to pay for one Autoinullo  Knitting Machine. togeih.er wl.lli material, Inalriictlum,  and evcrvthlng necessary fur the work, the lame to br neat  to me by Rxpress, ' "II A IK'i KS 1'lt I'll 'A 11),....-.--;  It,Is iintlerslnoil and agreed thai- any lime I wish to discontinue, that, the 'People's' Knitting Syndicate. Limited. '%y 111  lake back the machine ami (Oil fit, null after deducting their  expense,    refund    me the   anir.ii.int   jufil    for   saint...  .Sender   or   head   of.family   (If,  possiblei   itiust    sign   here:  l-'till   name              i-,  I'.' i.i.   .'. '. Str.el ��� -....  ',  N'.'ii r.  l'"or  ��l    Kxpress  efcrence    I  firflc  nam.  I'ruv.  fiilliiivlng    person:  He    sure     In   ,MMe     tills.        fnrm        \\l|i|  'i.i'.'ui" I   ta nee ' fur    Un-   niaiiiine    and    n:ii��:i  '"'"!  In    si ml   liave .sIkiic'iI  by   al    least   ,,,  prnj.er    plai'e.        Ten r   off   ami    r.-inni  here    bow    IMIJi'll     time'    \-nll     r;i:i     ilevn  ln.w   you   wish   lu   be   paid..  \\  ((|     111     t.hr    work  the  ex-  4p.-mlliig  Which >-.��:  COimI     retcr  In    lis.    an  I.,    .(he  "l.l.ii.   mniilhlv,  ii'ir r.-inli-  i inusi . Mil  ���uce In the  I also stale  work :  is   you  i.liu  and  Send your remittance b.  tered Letter, or l'osl-Ot lie.  promptly   forward   machine.  Kxpt.'ss.     .Money   Order.    Kecii-  .Miiii...-    ' I irder.      and      we      >vil!  outlil.      anil      -^ t tti j 11 e    guide    fur  doing   tlic    work. This   is   Ihe   best   offer  ever  made   for  the  benefit   of   r'anadlnns wlm  want   ti.  work and  make money  a.t  home.  NO   CONNECTION   WITH   ANY   OTHER   COMPANY ^  THK PKOKI'ECTOIi. I-'OliT NTUttUO, I',. (;.,   \U02,  ************  mm  mm  m  mm  mm  m  m  i-  r��� j.,,  p  !������������ Lmh    Lmm  t  m  i  *  i  1  The Minine* Center -of the District of South East Kootenay  ^���^ ii ti   '- '  The Largest <>  Mineral Areas.  ��� �� 'i "        '  and the Most  Extensive  Goal Fields on the  t  American Continent  are Situated in  ���. o o  1 i        ' *  South East Kootenay  o  Agriculture  1* c  G-razing and the  Lumber Industry.  1 i  are Prominent  Ci      i '  Features of the  District.  The   Crawford   Bay   and   Fort   Steele   Railway  will   be   constructed   this   year.  1 ' , l  1 i > e  o i '    ��� (       r  The: proposed Crow's Nest and Golden Railway, Recently Surveyed, will pass through  FORT  And    Tap    tfie   Creates  elt   of  the   District  Choice Business and Residence lots for Sale  J?    I  nr\  C^rVk 1 lira itli_       Townsite Office. *  ��  T,UE  PROSPECTOR,  FORT STEELE,  B.  C,  APRIL  li\   UHY2.  SATURDAY,  AI-IUIP 12.   I'lirJ.  amount insi"     l.o  ....      "   ,, 't  i-l   (Tit' ���" t'-iul   <>l  Canadian Gold Fields Syndicate.  Tlic following is from the |,()-  ])oi"t lu Uip Directors .suWniitiL'd  at u meeting held on the I tli of  April:���  SI. Eugene Consolidated Mining Company- Limited.���-Onr  holdings in'thiw >.:ortiiiii.ii;V st-iU  stands ;it G-H>,OOii, shares of ilie  par value of *l.<>n ��i,oh.v Ottfcrfg  to the low price of lead, and , the  fact 1-lia.t none of'l he Canadian  smGl1ers;cpukl bqadj^tjip out put  i he St'P Eugene concent rator wa.s  only operated , for about live  months in IDOL . 'Dining that  tinio.aboul l'l.Odd ions of .silver-  lead concentrates were shipped  mostly to Antwerp. ' The- St.  Eugene Consolidated has paid  t.\vq dividends  S210.0u0.00 'and  their tinairt'ial , year hail a cash  balance on hand ol' $!:!.">.oil'.!.(17.  The'Canadian Cold Fields Syndicate, Limited, received ^:^,Ki0  ln^dividen'ds'i'rom tlie St. Eugene  Consolidated: while ou'r holdings  in thai comply on-l^cr^^us  ^I4r),4-I8.L,:{. ' II will thus be seen  that the investment, .was a highly  profitable.one, us it 'yielded, us. a  return ion our.mwsliiienhof over  25.per cent. "f6r''l!i'6l,.| '_' Dc��'elo��.  ���   merit"\vork"'ha.s been flonelily  on  Pill through the year, and thong  are now over foO.Ono tons of ore  blocked,out in sighlpin the mine.-  A shaft has been sunk- for a, distance of one- blind red. iind. -forty  feet (or over sixty, feet bclqw.the  level of Moyie Lake),-, and there  is no water to. bother or interfere with {ho work-.. A level is  being-driven' 12f> 't'eot��it)'elo\v."'hhe  collar of the shaft and in a short  time--fchc-big ore chutes 'already  opeued-np imthe 'tunnels above,  will be developed on this;iiew  'level..      This . will   practically  , double tho amounli of ore. in  sight. These ore'chutes.have  already been-proved to a "depth  of ::500"feet b'y'di'ainond drills so  il'is merely a question  of  doing'  ' tlie   work   to  block-' out'the ore.  ,Thev~.Sk .-. JSturani} .(Viusolklated  contmiies"- to'' ^'nVufy-' 'thcFclaim  made for it���that if? to say one  of the biggest JcudJ'm'mcs in the  world. ' TI io; 'coucontrator lias  bjeen still 'further improved so  t'liat it now lias' a capacity of '427)  ions per day. Owing to the iin-  j&oved condition's it. is confident-  (y'expecl'e'd' that the St. "Eugene  'C6ilsblid'atect''will   resume  ship  liienfs at an early dale.���Canadian  Mining Review."'  i  ."."������South East K.ootenav.is in the  dpemng-days of a great "oil boom  !ifr'ca5t;-t:%'^iofp"ed.'P, '-^'' '""'  li  Don*t Guess  At It  Bui if you are going ea.st write us foi^tiur rates  and   let  us   tell   you   about  the   service and nrcoiijiiiodation's offered  by Ihe    " ���  ILLINOIS    CENTRAL    RAILROAD  Through tourist cars via the Illinois  Central from Pacific Coast to Chicago and  Cincinnati.  Don'l fail to write us abom   your   trip  as  we  ''are in a position lo give you some   valuable  iu-  ,'    formation   and   assistance.    ."i.'llSl mile.-s of track  over which is operated some of the finest trains  in the world.  For particulars regarding freight, or passenger rates call  on or uddroSM:  UN'DSEV I'.. II. TKM'MDULL'  T.' F. iv P. A.' -_^_ Conil  Agt.     '  \\2 Third Street. Portland. Ore.��  KIMBERLEY  The    Coming   Town   of  East  " ��   ,       Kootenay.  .1.  C.  ASSAYING  l'\ NICHOLSON".  I'l-l'l'KI.'UOUOltdll  u: ('  RAILWAY  World's   Scenic    Line  Near the famous    <i   North Star  and Svillivan iViines  (Ijli-iiusril bv l'l-nviiiui.il OiiM'i'liniriil )  Colli and silver.., *2.(I0  Silver iintl louil    2.<MI  Cold, silver tiiul Copper.    .        .'t.Od  Cold, silver. lend and cupper.    -I"(K>  Samples  left  with  Carlin .V  Diirit-.k  will receive,prompl attention. n  ���' ���       /   FARM FOR SALE  Direct Line  Lowest Rates  .KAST  '     WI'IST  ���   Winnipeg-  Toronto  Ottawa  Montreal  ��� Now ^"��n-lf  Vancouver  "Vicioriii  Seattle,  Portland  San Francisco  Ma Soo   Lin-1'',-  ind all U. S. iioim.-  -St  Paul.   Chicago  The   Daisy   Ranch   situate  five miiesPsoiith of'Fort Steele.  ' Twelve hundred acres under fence,  320. acres crown grunted, the balance  held under ]ire-eiiipiiioii. Good irrigation ditch. I.)6 acre- ol c'leared land.  Will cut loll tons oj' hay.  Vol- I'lirtlu-.r particular* apply lo     r  K. L. T. (JAI.imAFTII.  Fori. Steele.  ���*.*!���  !'.'-"'"    ���:.-:���'. ,NOTICE.P'- '   "  I'ultu liotiri' Unit I liiivcdi-liimi'il liu- tollou-  iriK iiiiunuls, om; kiiij; mine oiu-.luo join  ��lil  coll. ami oiV��.yl)ii'(iii'ip u'ufl   lor Io/mI tmrt piiM.nn'  ��� heitti-cn Uii' lii-st*iliiy nT".l:inii:ii:.v. Il't'l. tinil  the  'llY'sl    ilti.v    ol     .litiiiiniv       1111'.'.     iiiiiniiiiluin  "��� t-o *IIIty   (liillni'j..   mill    il    -��tii<l    .-iiinmiu    is  ItOI   llllici Willlill Illl'l-C llKMllll-. iKIlll ll.-IH- Ill'H'Ol.  I will sell tin) uliovu (IcsciiIm-(I iiiiiiii.iN .is ]iin-  ���-vidcil liv Hie "Oiilllc l.icii Act-'.  .XNUKIOWri'lAX'I'Kti! I. i    . i" .  ^- l-'isli  l.tilii- Kiini-li  -;������.   lliucit tins liah ihly oi M.lii'h   lii'i'i-- '"  ;�����: ,T0..(THE DEAF.. ,.    ���. ���  '.;: A i;ic;h.lady cured of.her J>t��af-  l^Scss and Noises in the llead by,  .'f��)r. Nicholson's Artilicial lilar  ;?��)rum.s, gave $10,000 to this ln-  pst.itnto, .*.o'i'hal;-deTtf-])e6p'le un-  i'ible to procure the Ea,r Drums  Sjiay have ,theri��4��vew>" r--Addre.ss'  '^sfo. 14518, ���" 'The Nioholsoh hh<  istitute, 780) .Eiglith: Avenuer  _^ew York, U. S. A.  ; ..  "^���, irJ',-'   '-������-"   ���   -:  ���i.-< '���ri-'  J. TAENHAUSER  WATOH.MAICl-lK  tllld- .1 KWKI.KH  i:iiki-ii\ iiiK  Riverside Avenue,  Port, Steele.  P.. ('".  COMPANII'IS"   ACT   l��i:   ANI'   AM KN'DINCI  ACTS  Notice, is hereby ifivc-n tli-.it. Jiimes W. I?.  Ydiii'iK. Mml'iiK l-Jiiifinccr nf l-'m-t'Steele. II. C.  has lieen iippoiulud tlic. Attorney for ' The  Kootenay (l'ei ry Oieulc) Clold Mines: Ijftinlcd"  in pltu'ij ol .liimes'I'. I.aiillaw.  Dated l.'ith Oetolier. llinl.  ���    . ,      ��� ..        'S. Y. WOOTTON".  licuistnir ol .li'iiiitStocli Coinpaiiios  Tourist Sleeper Service  East:���Lea.vtf^3Tmmorcr ' .Iunotion, daily. Leave Kootenay  Landing. Tuesday and' Friday:  St. Paul. Toronto. Montreal  and Boston. �� .   ��  West:���Leave Revelfjloke', daily  Vancouver. Seat tie," Coast.  Steamship Service  , c ,  Prom.    Vancouver    Alaska.     China,  Japan and Aw.i-:tliit. ���        "  Tlii-ou��"b boolcinus to Europe   via 'all  Atlnntic line.-..  Prepared   ticket.-,  from all  poi uii at lowest rates. <  A Limited Number of Liots for, Sale  , at Prices Ranging from  $125    Tq    $400  "''.-'  NOW   IS   THE  TIME TO 1UJY as prices will be advanced the first  oi' the year. ' ''  Apply to  Land Commissioner, C. P. R.  Winnipeg, Man., or to  t *  BEALE& ELWELL  Fort Steele and Kimberley,  KIMBERLEY.  J. S. CARTER,  Dis. Pass. Agt.  Nelson.  E. J. C0YEE,  A. G. Pi A.  Vancouver  SHORT LINE  BETWEEN  STPAUL"��CHICAGO  OMAHA-CHICAGO  KafeasCity-CHICAGO.  East Kootenay  Mottling Co.  Aerated waters  Iport. .Steele  i_BA KEKV,;   :,.,!.  H.PA.r. l K., .Propri(3l.or. '.,.  lIVP.IiSTDp,'���AiV-ISTWN'    i'-Tf  (JppOHiI.e.  l-'osl.   Olliee.  ���Engineers, Firemen, Machinists  &::Brectri'diansp^(iml : i'm- -in-page  jxl'iiiph'le't' conlui nilig:.. Questions  linked by ExiuniningPIft>a,rd of  E'n'g'ineers to oht;iin Engineers  license. Address Ceo. A. Zeller,  Publisher, J ft S. lih Street. St.  Louis, Mo.,,U.S. A.   :.;.__;_  Of til I kindi-  ������Syn'Jjis, Clian"i|i.i^nes, C-,iclc:rs',  Ginger.Ales,  I.Cl.c.  Soda  water   in   siphons,  eeonomiiiai, \vay to liamlhi il,.  In-   most  "."-, NbtngE."       pp ��������..  .'["���JSKVriCI-: IS IIKKKMY (1IVKN iinil sTxt.y  il'a.Os l'i-,<iiii tin.1 ilatn lien-i'l I iuUMiil pi iippl.v^ lo  lliii (Jhiiil (,'ijiiimi.ssiiiuVrt- nl l.iinils iin.l \\'i)t-l(s  Vlclnriii. II. q . fin' u SI'I'ICI Al.. I.1CKNSK lo  eulanil uiirry.iiwuy l.iiiili.-i'.livuii: llio followlnu  ilcsi'iilii'ilCrown l.niKls: ��� '  (".'imiiin-.niuiiK hi n p'-'sl pliinicd hI.'h ifoiiit  silntiU! om- iniluiiiii-lli ol llie Norlli K;islc(j-nui-  ur l.iiiilii:r lliriil luiiil'.'. innlur. S. I.anr's special  liiiili. r lii.-iMi.se. siliiiile nciii- l.uUi: crw:U. Kasl,  Kumeiiiiy. ��� Theiicc Kiist.ci^lity eliains: th'CiiL-e  Nnrlli niiilily" i-liiii'iiN:': lln-iiri' Wrsl civilly  ciiains: ili(.in:(- soulli I'iylny chains lo llm p'Oinl  of I'nniin^iicumciit nmipriMnt: in all ii limit lUli  acres of timlKif lands. -v\     \  ���   nalt-d Mils IHtli ilay of (iciiilier. linn'''  .44- ���   CIlAilLUS B. FINCH, Applicuiil  Your al lent ion is enlleil to tlio  '���rioneer LiiuiU'd" train* of the' "Mil-  watilcee \- St l'anl Knihva.v." "'I'lie only  perfect train-, in the world."  Yon will find it deMi-alile lo ride on  those trains when yoiiiK to any point in  the F.astert: States or Canada. Tlioy  eonneet with all 'Prtiiiseontiiiental  Trains and all Tieket A<!��nt-> sell  tickets. '   -  l<\)i- I'lirther information, pamphlets,  etc.. ask any Tieket  Aoenl or  K.   I.    FOIin. C. .!.  Kl)l)^'  I'ass.   Aoenl, (ieneral Ao,.|n,    .    Si'OTC A N 10.         '    I 'OI.ITLA N O.  Horses   Ranched.  ' JJorsesranched and fed hay at  $5 per month. ��� Hasturage without,  hay   $>2   per inontli.    Apply  to ���    ���  PAT 111 OK   QUIRK  X. I  Daisy Ranch, Eoit Steele.  annfTTTTTTrTTTTnTTTTTTTTTTTTTTnnnTTTTnTTTTTTnTTTTTTTTnnnfTTTnnnnnTTTVfTffTTfmTTfmnik  i Capital wanted.  ANDREW  G0NTRAGT0R     and  NEIDICi  BUILDER  HOIJSK AMU SKIN I'AlNTINtl  CAr.dl.MINlNG uiul l��.\l��Krt IIAN'dINd  .    VOli'V STEFJLR.  O. C.  All   work  promptly done.  To Develop < ,  The Rich Mineral  Resources Of  South East Kootenay.  i  Partially Developed,  ,  And Undeveloped Copper  And Silver-Lead Properties  Are Offered For Sale On  Liberal Working Bonds.  FOR    RETORTS,    AND   INFORMATION;  WRITE TO  CHARLES  ESTMERE.  Kimberley,   B.C.  ;  ^aUilUUUUUiiliiiUUiiUiiiiiiAiiiUiiUilllUUlillllUiiUiillllMUiiilUMUiiaUiAilUiiUl  .   NOTICE. '  ���-' p ; ..  PNO'I'IGK IS ilKIJKIIY' OI.VKN ,'tlull .sixty,  iliiys sifu-i- diiio I intend lo upply lo Un-. Cliiel'  ("oiiriiiisKioiujipol' l.'.iiiils uii'il, Wiii-|;s lor permission lii pm-cliusu tin.'" t'ollnwinK ili'srrilieil  'lii'nil. siliuile in Soulli Kiist. Kiinluiiiiy. Cnin-  inciii'liil-' nl ;i posl'pliiiiied ut. Ilk! -North Kusl  I'oriii'ior 1.ol.rK'iA.(l roil p I. tlionci: nortli follow-  inj; tin: wistii'ii lioiimliir.v of l,oi.:Vi; tlii'iu'o eiisl  lo I lie west liiiiimlnry of lot Sill': iIm-ihkc soiiili-  ui-ly following llio wus'i lioiiinlni'.v Hi sniil liil SOT  l.o ji point oils:nf point, or I'oiniiiirni'i'in.'iil.  t|u.ii(-ii wrsl to poinI of iMiiiiiiii'iii'i'iiii'iil ('oii-  iiiinini; ii-'n ni'i-iis iiil'irr or loss.  ...'���' K. .1. CANS'  linli-iliil l-'ni-i .Si.oi.'lc this -isilrihiy of   lii'i-i'in-  ln-r. IlKH. ' S-  WA NTKI) -TI MlS'1'WpilTH V M HN  ANI) \V(>.\IiON to t.i'.'ivcl anil a<lvort.ine  fiii" old est.alilishetl liniise. of solid linan-  <Viai sliiiiilino. Salary $78(1 a year and  expenses, all |iayalile in easli. No I'ltn-  va'ssiiijr i-eqitiri-d.1 (live ���references and  enclose self .addressed stamped en  velope. Address Manager. 355 Ciixton  Hldg.. Chicago.  GflNN & GO.  (ieneral     Merchants  Four Stkki.k, B. C.  Fiiuit  CONPIOU'l'IONKIiV  STATIONIiliV  ClCJAKS.  Post" Ok pick   Stokk.  ROYAL  HOT&L  RMMBFJiLRY,   R.. 0.  Tin- Kinesl, r.iqiiors ami  Cioai-s and I5est, l^iii-nlsln-d  I looms in  Town.  J.   I. ,-GATKS;   Prop;  HIGHWARDEN  &. SON.  PIONEER   BARBER SHOP  Kvcrythiiiic Stricdl.y l^'ir.sl  ('la-ss.  Next  duur to the Pro/ipectur.  It C1E FREE!  Asthnialcne Brings Instant Relief arid  Permanent  Cure  in All   Cases.  lii  li  Or  ill  lb  * -----       - *  * SENT ARSOLUTKLV  FREE O.V RECECPT OE POSTAL. *  Oi       __ _  Ur    Thoro is noLhing like Asthma  ia:^ygiygo  Wi  <*��?N  TEN  RIN60  RELIEF.  lone.      h   brings   instant   relief.  It euros  I  even in the worst, cases  when all else fails.  The lU-v. .0. F. WKLLS. of Villa  J:!id��fe,' 111., saysP "Vonr trial Ixutie of  AsUimalene received in "food condition.  T. cannot tell you how. thankful-1., feel *  for i,l]i''.,irtn)7l dei-iivil froiii it, I wao u. +  slave, chained, wit li putrid sore throat J  and nsl'.I ii nil '.for l.e.n,years. I despaired *  of ever In.'iho- cured. I saw your ndver- 3  tisi-nii-nl for tin- cure of this dreadful  anil toniK.-ntiiio- disease, aslhina, and  thought you had ovcrspoken yoiir^clvcH ^  Inn resolved lo <rive it n trial. 'I'o my J  aslonislmient, the trial aclt-d like a'��� j>  ehiirin.    Send mi- ;i fnl l-size liolt.le.'" #  We want lo send to i-v.-.ry  snfTorer  a  trial treiil iin-iit of   Asl hniiilene, similar  to the one that cured Mr. Wells.   We'll .*  send   il   hy   until   l'( ISTI'A 11).  A MSO-   *  m I.IPTKI.V'   KKKK   ()[���'   GHAKU        to   J  I   anv sulTi-rer whowill write for it. even on a postal.    Never mind, thotu'li   *  T - ifr  V you are. desp'airiiio. however had your casepAstliinaleiie will relieve mid *  ip cure. The worse your case, the more triad we are to send it. IX> not de- S  J   lnyP    Write  at  once,   addressing;-  DM. T.\KT  HIl* )S." MKOir.INK,(X).,   ?  *   7!i lOast l.'IOlh St., N. Y. City.    Sold hy all Druir-rist^. '       ���    ,  ff ���'���'������  \       '��� THE PROSPECTOR.   FORI' STEELE,   li.  < V. 'APRIL  \2.   I HO:
North Star Lodge
NO. 30.
A.  F. AND A. M.       G. R.  B. C.
rOKT S'l'KKI.r   li  c.
Ki-Kiil.il' moduli-'-, '-l 'l'"<-.d".v '» '"llch
month at oiulu o"i'lo< i: \ imiuis ltn-lliern an-
cordially invited
Kilt Rivi-i  Ludia;   .Ij'iiiiIi-    i.-t-'tilsii   mci-titiKs
lu-ld fust I-'ndav of r*)i-h niontli.'
CLiiiliroolt LmlKi'  (.'i.intiiook   M'Kiilur inec-i-
!>H> held on thf thud Tlini-ilsiv of each month
" H  L. Mvihfk. Secretary
Rocky Mountain  Chapter
_XO._ 125. h..\. M.
PORT STKI'.r.K.  It. (' ..	
Regular meetins!"-— -ud Tuesday in
each month at'eipht o'clock. ..
Sojourning Companion-, are cordially
JI.Tj. T. Cai.iiilwtii Scribe K.
G<io. S. MeCirter. ' ■'• •«■   H;ir\ej
Jinri tH< r.i',   Sulki'Oiv.
A'oto i-ir*   Pu'fAn ,    '
-        (' 'onvcijn-iiri'is i-tc.
~KI.Vfc;T;>TwICfi-ST-ATiON~-™mi viOr.DKN
o ,
©he SfxoBpectov.
-^ATI'IIDAY,  AI'KII.   1^,   lixrj.
"^rJSZ- "Wood's Phosptoaine,
The. Groit Ilm/Ciih llnifdy.
Sold and recommended liy all
Notice to Delinquent Co-owners.
lolm   .1.
I'o   \\ .    i;.    \\"11li.ijji-    am
druggists in Canada.  Only'reli-j ''ostell.i.
*~ (11 in ni\ ni hoi pi-1 son oi pi icons' lu \\ lion I lu
able medicine discovered    67/
_____   _    _ •packaqei quarardied to cure   ail
forms of Sexual Woakne-.-., nil pJToi-te of nliuse
James Nelson came down from
the Estella mine, on Monday.
He reports that work is progressing favorably fit the mine.
, a [ or excess. Mental Worry. I.xce^-ive use of To
3 [ oacco. Opium or Stimulants. Mailed on rei-i-i]
^ ' of price, one paokage $1, six, *5. One mil Vl'"K
:S ' six. wilt cure.   1'am.ihlets  fur to any luldre'!'--.
fe      I     AAA|        IVICVA/C        S I oacco. Opium or Stimulants. Mailed on rei-i-tpl
t      L- W V^ /"\ I—    IMC VV O -     3    of price, one paokage $1, six, Vi.   One mil ;*«"
TUo Wood Company, Windsor, Ont.
Sold  In   A.  \V.  lilou-dell.  Di-nojilsl
J. A. Harvey returned   from a
visit to Moyie on Monday.
fv. ouvvi tn\    rm;    .\ss-ayi:i.s    i i >i
Lti"i'..vci     'jo    pi: m ri-.r    i \
nm risii   ((iLu.Miu \
I x AivoiuiANi'i-:
i »     oi.iciti   of   .\init-*.
_ i ..a i	
•llllli-.U-tl.lll      1U'    .11     ill
,n i'ii      i.i i.   hi\.    ti.iii-li ni-il In-  1.1  tlu-ii Mi-
I. I. ^. I      HIT1,■        MuUllt I III I l.lls\       Mlllll 1.11  I l.lilll
M| Ii,i 1       II    |'i  li  l   a-li I I.   Ill liu- 1  III 1    Sil I 1.     1111II-
m^r ili\ i .'n'l nl  i;,im   Kotii,n,t\   mil lcroiiliil   in
I lie l.'i i i.i iii i - on ii i' .il 1 oil St.-<-|i    I!  (' ,
-i i.t i ,i mi i ,u li ot \oii ,ui' In * i i'ii v not ill ui lii,n
1 li.nt i'^ pi tiiicil on ',om unilii uli-il urn loinlh
UitiiCsl iii.ilmw i l.iini siiu-i; liu- thud iln\ of
,\ui'ii-.t \ li ' I'•"'i lill\ (Inline, in Inlioi .mil
impiou un nls U|iimi ihe .lijou iia-iiliiiiicii ii.in-
cr.il I'linn innl. i Ih,* punisions of 111.'
Mliunil     Al't And      If      Hithln      iilni'tj
ii.i\- fiom the dnti" of this notice vou
l.lu oi ii-fiisi- io i onti i'hiii- \l'oui poui.ui of
-.ili'h i-vpenilitnii' li'i'Cilii-i with nil cnsLs of nd-
venlsniH, M-ui mil ii si In silil I'liilin ulll lic-
i-oiiH' the piopMi\.of the snlisei lliei nndi-i
i'.'.'..i Sei'llouJ ol ,in Net i iintli il \n Art lo _Mnenil
tin- Miiiei.il  \ei   limn '
i:   11   TIIUCHTON.
Il.lli'ii.ll   I'inl   Sli'l-li- (his ilml llll.   ol   .I.UIUUIl
\   |i    llhi; I-
Canadian Bank ol commerce
J. T. Laidlaw, M. E.. wen!   to
Michel oji^Monday
  j held  ui   Sfl-s.ni    II   i'    on 'Ni Api .1 il'Hi.' .mil
F. C. Collett returned on Mou   ''J,1,'^1"" l""'™"1-'l1-1^ '" "">■> u" r"-11""1 '""•'"-
day   from   a   bn.-iness    trip "to, |,.s.,„K.N,, t„'„ kmmi.n v i-k.n .
Frank, Alberta. •   I'.nii-.mi'i im .mi • \.huiii.uii.ii nu.st i« .,.,uii
I in » i nliil, lu Un   si ,'n lu \ ot llio Ito.inl nl l'\'
—*  ' ,inmii i's  ,it U ist ten il i\s In Uvtc  tin-  n 'i,    ^i I
charies   Eiweii.  icimhiM-ify.; 1"»..,;-::;:»,v.;*;{,: v"".,,,-,1,.::,."-f;",,.,>,i:.""*t '
was in town on Monday ,   -nu., unniuiuni n u .'.msis' inicin .•• ti..
'  | )>l,lctll'.ir,ls>,llWll»-    ol    Sllllpli's     -lllil    Willi.     LlO-
r I ni'unitnn-nt ot Mines mM lunvldi- .ill   iIn    i)-
lit.   SniU.ll Of Cranbrook    W.l:s    U  |p.u„iu.  ..ml  rln-imi.tls  iwnlli   imismh     ii
•   -^^    „» 0»„^l..     ,.  l-,,,,,!.,,  i., .*       v\ill rpt uiiueiiul.-to i)in\idi-.iii\ sjn-i .al .1   ,m
visitor at Steele on sunua> i.tst. ; „.imi „ppiimilvs ,.i iiienciis win,.t, m, ,
'    ,     'liitlut  fm     u.d  11  d i-.inilnl.ito .liimlil 11 ..'/iii- . iu„|(ll t
,     r.    ,   . .        ' i such lie .w'lli.ivi li'inm   le sheni    i1   Ki-  own     , ,,,,,,
E. J. Peltier was   in   town   on!„M„.„,, .iis..-is.-s iu.m smuii m  dh-iii ii.n\ ,u rio-
,     C.inilid.ues  ift.isi    pun', le  lli.-uisi lus   v..|h J H-'i"o I'l nils
I such   pliuumni  « lie  ..mi   sets o(   wi'tj-lns    is' flu-    qu.u.nit mi-   im.ihIs    tlieic     mi-     M
i itu-y m.i> ii-imi.. ^ , ['1111.1.ll'PS   nnil  .1   II.  l,.\.\Cll.KY und    all
■I'm   l'(-piii-|iiu-iu    of   Minis   wnl   mil..    ■■•       ,, M,lls ,|i-siiiiih io , 'loss  Into Caiiiiilinii  let i i-
eh'uu'e toi   tin-list, in e'li uiictils .<i    ippiiun-   l1 <■ '
hnr iiMii.lliiim- lull In ilitu.fuli.ii   .ul   'mi il.     'oi\ H'lisii t.-lioil  in llieni, ifning siitisfncior.v
jiji s ni iimu'i-i'ssai i los. e.nisi it h\ him . utlcnci-'til  recent  successful  vncciir.ilioii,  or
An.   ,i.l.|iivo!i,il  nifoi ui.iii.iii  iii sii. d iii ii 'ii    .ulieiwisc'  inusi  suolnii   to  lie  uieeiiiuted  on
I'.lid up fapiial *N,<KK).<)00: Hescrvc l-'imd W.000.000;
AliUi'i'Siilc Kesonreos Over *(>,>,(I0».(KI0.
I oiidon Office; HO Lombard Struct, \'.. C.
0 New  ^ ink Office;  lit Kxcliimgc I'lucu.
i ' '
And Ii8 lii'unclie-i in Cunudu. tli».- United States and British Columbia.
|   Cranbrook Branch,
i.il   11! \\ I'lNT    Si:i{\"|('|
I'll,   liotuliiton   (oi\ i't inni'lil    is   now   iiilllti.
I.IC.I »'  '' MHiii .ml me soi lien lo ]ite\. ni   the iii-
I   yniill po\   ,mil other conltiKlous
'Tlii-* will remind you tliai llie |min of
. -.trains.. l)rni-:es and sprains, i-oinnion
! iu(•idt>^t^    of    active   out-door   lih-   i.s
drawn   fro|ii  acnitis   bodies   )n. I'cri-y _	
i.Davisf'faiukiller. ;i»  a  ma^nei   dr.iws j otiinVu.'i)    fioui    ii    r.mni.'ii.iii    Si-inim  \|,,^ln„ „
I.il-   ,,f   il'.Ml    Iwilll   stllil lUlJll'il   i'Vllll'il'ls     \U'ltlll.l '' .Tli, il i
. oils oi ii■ in ii om Mini.       i ; j. i}  pjj.fo^ j     A, lu-tiw'  line   ln.i.i    lie   liuposuil   on    un.v
ir'~~--'7^^-~-1 ——        "■     .,, « Miui^ii i' .<!   U-n<<       i p. is.nis iitijicclmg oi .li lunj; (iii.uiintlne regu-
,    '      '     II.   HainOfr  and   \V.   K.  llunl, i    Ih(hhihkut <>i Minn-. ! l.iuon's.
made. ; Cranbrook. 'were   registered   at,, !'«/<ii'.'ii. 'L. ('. /of'' U>n<-I<.i"i>
'theTiuporial on Monday
For Sale. Rent
,     .Several    packing   outfits   left | fl fl N l\"H     orExchaiige
.Steele durinepthe past weoK. tor, *»■»•'» ^' »
lll'dli  WATT, M. I),
liouiinion Pm.ii-utuinc Oitlcei'.
Fort   Steele,   Ii.   C
solicitor "''[VacC-   creek.    Bull    river,   a'tfd •    < i-nsis^ m _'-: .u-u-s or huiiom  land,
. other  point?   in   the   Koouniay , "■im«1»«:- t««.-i>r-;i.i! c.-i-k   The lancl.
-   i       ,.        ' ° ' ls'feneeo. iMwlliiio lioU'sp. siable, e.iftle
,     'valley. . , j.-heds. root house  otP      Title   period, j
j liPynu wain a el:e.i|i rancli or the u-so. ol
MIN'KUAr. Al"I'.
(I-'oiim I-',)
I  I, I IH',   II Dill'   IMI'ltuVI- M I.S Is
\ on   Mond
Fort Stkei.k Dbvef.opvbntStsiiic*tic Ltd   attended.
^^^ L L - \ I'll    ...llll    .1   III..IJ'   1,(1,1   II   >.(     L.J^     ((->^   .
dance at the opera hou^eioiw fm   Lii-iiiro\e,ni.'nis      Further h
iidav   Qve»ii)K   wa>   well {fornunion F. .\. 1Sm.ii. Fori sicele.
I3ii Leadenhall Street, London. Kn^land.
i    ,     " ^	
P.L.S.  Jt  C.E.
,   Fort Steele B.C.   -
John   McDonald   returned ",io
Marvsville on Tiie^day.
;\ ,- ( AND     '
■        BUILDUPS.
Kort JSteolo1   li'.C
Shaving Wt B[air Dressing Parloi
All kinds of Ifiiir work
•1 a, spef.in.lty.
Gus     Theis     returned    from
Perry creek on Wednesday.
A dance will take place ai the
Imperial HoteLon'Tup?day even-
ins next.     ■ , '
* As a lighting unit, in South
Africa the Canadian Rifles have
earned the right to the'highest
Wm. Thompson and Albert
Bnnksureturned ,on Wednesday
from a visit to, Sinclair hot
springs." ,'      ,' a
Canada has the right kind of
men needed to fighlPthe battles
of tlie Empire.
The' Fort Sleele Flour and
Feed Store have received a consignment of fine Ceylon teas.     -
L,,  COH1N
Rocky Mountain Aveuue
Fort Steele, B. G.
K. .1. Higbye'and wife, and
Miss Slager. we're at the Im-
pei-iiil on Thursday.
Mesdame.— Henry and McDonald visited Cranbrook on
Yovj M».y Need
^i" j. : [jS
All Euwi '
Compla..'.t -
It 1. ,i -nic, aafu mid (jinclv umiiikIj. .
"I In r^-a cuy'om; FA5T J-KbLjuI-PIrs.
l'i i:;:-i   Ihn-.
. f
'1 w,i -l/.-ii, '-'"(. Ill id SCl. ,
Moriiini;   Stur   Miner;il ('.htim.
s.iiu:iu- in tin- I'lii'l Slceli'Miniiit; l)n isnm of
K-.isi Kooii-u'.n. '
Wliei'e lnuiili'd: Oil Wlutv Oinusu Mouniain
joiimit,' llie I Ian is (.lump °
'I'nUc nolicu ilint I. (leoij-'i- Mtilllii-ws, tor iny-
sull .mil tii'iniir ns Auciii for \liel .Sivuiisoii,
Ki-eu Minors Cei'UllciiKii.Vo, 11. ."iU()(l7. Froe
Mnifi s C'uiiiilunle No. n. .">().!11, intend sixty
duvs ti-oin tin- (I,no lieieol to apply to tho Milium Kecovdoi lorn Cui-nliciitc ol [mpioveinonls
loi- iliupuiposo ol  oliiaiiinit;  a  Cioun Oraiil
111 lllO llDOM' (.'1.11111.
And iui liu i', mlcu milioi' Hi,u aclion.  under
st'l'tlOll .1.". Illllal 1)0 COlllllll'IK'l'd Iio.OIC UlC Issll-
ani'o ol sin li C'erlillc.itc ot linpiovi-iiiciits.
On led this tn-sL cl.iy ol Apill. A   1).. WW.    Ift—,
KOOteiiay        Boundary Line
TT „       . " Tobacco Plains,
Hotel mm b.c.
JULES HUREL, Proprietor.
A First Class Home
Y Stage line leaves Kootenay Hotel for Elko on Monday and S
^T Friday at R a in. , Leaves Elk Hotel on Tuesday and Satur-J
^T day at. R a.m. -A
The Kootenay Valleys
T-TK.\n Or I'M OF.   ' ,
40 QlIKION Victokia St.,
TjO.VDON,    ENfil.AXI).
British Columbia Office
Four Steelk,' 8. c.
C: M. EnwAitns.
Gkn'i. Manaokr.
St. John's Church of England.
i-li.mis. iliciici' soulli oiitlily eluuiis; iliencT'
ir.ist, ioIIohIiik the li.ink of I'i»ri-v f'H-i-k to tlie
pi,LLC ol lir^itiiiin^r
II.HimI Ma nil ^Jnd. IWIJ
Mrs. K. J. Higbye will assume
the management of the Imperial
dining: room on Wednesday next,.
Gus Theis and Albert Banks
went to Perry creek on Thiirs-
Fort Steele
Diamond^ Jubilee
Hospital] day.
R. <PL. T. Gaibraith. Indian
agent, left on Saturday for West
Kootenay. He will visit Indian
camps on the Arrow Lake.
Robert   Dore came down from
'the Grace Dore mine   on   Thurs-
Uradunti.-of Si. Ltiki * Hosj.imI
Vaik'ouvpi   11 i       _
Work on the. Carrie Nation
eroup of mines commenced on
Mondav last.
J his   InslltlltlOll   litis   l'eell   reeeilll>  ' , ,
,        ,, •       .n u  , „,.,,..      A iiuiiiliei' oi ))i"Ospec,tor.'s wei-e
enlarged t>v a ni'w wiiir which   is no^s , . .       J ' .
",      '       ,.       *„,:„„.- Pm.; m town during the past week,
open   ?or  reception  nf  p.aitinis. t-ni i "~  t
terms apj>ly to
TAK'IO NOTlfl-: ilint Uiut> days from llie
d.ilc liei-enl 1 intend lo.ippl.\ to llio Chief Coin-
niissionof ol htinds uiijU Works lov a Special
Tnnlici r.icciiso io t'Ul and ciii'i v .n\.i\ iniiboi
li-niii llio lollowiiif,'dusuiibed lands siiuaie on1
,  ( , , ' J'oi i\ i'loeleiii   tlio Southern  Division .of  ihe
Services    Will    bo    held     ill   tlie'' Uistm-l or K.isi Koolenay, as  folloiis:     Com-
/-ii        ,1.   i i-   C-.        l,sl,.,.   il.«    n". .-I.i.-, ' nii'iii'ina al a'post plinui'd on ihe noi-tli Imnlc ot
Church ol  Si.   John   tlio^Dix mo , ^ Ciook ^ui nvomil,sabOYL.oul Towil,
every Sunday evening al 7:>J0 ex    uIil-hul- jumtiiei^ht\ chain-,; uiencc \wsi<>ii;iii>
tiejit on the,third Sunday, iu each
moulli when the service   will   bo
held   al    11   o'clock-  a.in    by the
vicar.phe Rev. II. I Seccliain.
Holy  Communion  will be ad-.   Notice to Delinquent Uo-owners
ministered  at   the  close  of   tho
service. __,_-_,_,.
Strangers are welcome.
Christian service will he conducted in the Pivsbylerian
Church by the Pastor licv. D.
McK. Roid. B. A. every Sabbath
evening at, 7:!iO. Sunday School
at - p.m. ' c
All are welcome to our services
Hotel Arrivals.
A. A. Sparke.s.. Victoria
AV. R. Wilson, Nelson
Hubert Haines. Oranbrook
W. F. Gnrd
N. Peirce, Calgary
G, Erickson, (Jranbroolc
' R. R. Jamieson
F. P. Armstrong, (ioldcn
JC..1. lligbyc and wile.   Slieep
Miss Slager, Sheep Creek
E. E. Chipman. Ka.-.lo.
30,000 Acres Farm Lands
*• . ,'" 'r ~,
In ,t'he far famed Kootjoxay Vallky, for Sai.'k oih'epsy tebni'i
of payment. Puicks ¥2,50 P\m acue and upwards. .In, close
proximity to the Crow's Nkst Railway.'
' *■ " ; -        '       :'': y
Lots  in   the town of El.kg are now on tlie market, prices #50,
and upwards according to situation. -       <
c. Elko boasts of the biggest_'^ater power ih South East
Kootenay. and will be'the junction,of the Crow's~Nest Southern
Railway. <?, , ' .   '    , V r: ' \    ,;•    ,
Correspondence Solicited.       ,'„      i::
'I'o .losi-pli AIl-C'iiiiii. .1. W. McCanii and W
A lint i is, or io any pei'son oi persons io whom
t hoy or anv ol tlioin in.iv have tninsfci'icd their
oi ins iiiti'iosiin the 'Hij; Hcnd Hoy", • Honey
C'onili" "(Jiii-cii ol SIu-Ihi" and "'ICiiiK .Solomon'
nimoi'.il I'liiinis Unoun ns the '"Jolden Pive
tlroiij)" und siliinto.it Un- Koil.'s ot Wild Horse
eiei-U, in tlic Fort Su-cl.' .Mining Division ot"
ICast Kooiciiiiv and recoidcd(,iii the onlco of tho
Miiimj.' JtocoidPi- ai Korl Steele.
You iind each of you are hereby notiiloii
Unit I liii\e (!.\pi.ii(U-d TJ.HOO in assessment uurlc
on the above ineiiiioned mineral eluiuis" siuoe
liu- Sill tlii\ of August A. T).. 1WM, under the
p_io\jsions ol tlie Mineial Act. And if within
"iniietv~d.ivs iioni tlic dute ol this notice vou
inil. 01 K-fusc io eontribuie your portion ol
such expciidmiro lOKOlhor «ilh all costs of
,id\oi iisin^. your and encli of \oui- interests in
s.iid cliiiiiis will become tlie property of the
•nidi'i sinned under Section I of,in Act untitled
•An Act to Amend the Jliueial Act, IflOO".
Dated al l-'oi I Steele iliis -*Ttli day of
Mil i eh. 190.' " '
13- C. M. I'ARKKH.
Miss Kolsom.    or
1     K. E. Chipman. Ka.-slo. was  at
i.l'.Mim..ii,','.i,,1"ln"lwialfm ^'-iday. "    ,
•Virt Steflf. H.(',
T. 6. flriwooo
V- Fort Stkei.k, B. C.
Tinware, Galvanized Iron, Sheet
Iron,   Stove   Pipe's  :*nd
A later list of wounded Canadians in the Han's river engagement has; been received, making
a'total of sixt.v casualties. ...   ,
,   Constable   Kraser,
in town on Friday.
Elko,, was
!■■ John Dinnie was elected, iiiayor
j of Grand Forks, for the fourth
| term by it plurality of 1.1.77-
The Golden, H. C,   New   Era,
'will-cease'  publication . on.   April
Plm'nbhig,   Pipe ;'ii|,ting --.and' all
kinds of .sanitary work
Air Tight—Hot Blast Stoves
Navigation     .on      the    Upper
Ko'otenav river will open   about
Mnv I si'
■ Preiiiier Uiinsiniiir. al a sitting
of   the   lioyiil   ('oiiiiiiission,   lost
... . his    temper   and    called    Sinilli
The invitation   to   trie  Prince  ;,      .      -, .
.   ...,of   Wales   to   visit   New York is  (-"'',ISM ' <','!,/"V l,,on
Hydraulic    and   Air   Pipes   for! favorably regarded by King FA- j     |p,onl   Knnh(;rle.v,   the   liberal
Mines- ward. i statesman, who has been   ill'  foi
Items of Interest.
The machinery of the Canadian
military department wa.s set in
motion on Tuesday for Ihe enlistment of a contingent of l'.OPO
men lor service nr South. Africa.
, The A'lachui-ian ■• convention
was signed on April . ,S. The
j-afitication, will. take, place three
months from (hire.
President Ivoosevelt and party
have readied-: Charleston, 'and
visited historic Fori Siiiupfer.
The wouie'ii of t he .South paid
respects to Mrs. Iv'.ooseveli, I lie
roc-option -look place , at -St..
John's hold.
Save your Snowshoe Tags.
Tho most popular brand ol <'hewtii"
Tobacco in ' ('ni'iiida today, i.s "Pay
I"!oiJ.". Kvery .phi" uf"l'.\v llOLI."'
bears n "Snowslioo" Tan. CoiisiimorH
should s.-ivc ihcM' ta^s, as valuable pro-
M-uts arc jiiven lor Ihcni. Taj;' arc
"odd up 10 January 1st, 1903 Write
lor our now ilkiMi'iitori preiniuni ctilii-
loonc. The Kinpin- Tob.u-co Co.. I.id..
Wiiinipeii lii'.nu-li. W'innipco. .Mini.
i Fort Steele Cigar Store    3
g „                  °  ■     >          *•
££ •   Fort   Steele,   B.  C.
g^ In Cigars.  Cigarettes,  Pipes and Tobacco.
|     FARM
per ROD
.,     li'OU SALIC in"
Picton, Ont.
Profitable Speculation.
.Why specula!!' iu I lie stock iniirlcot.
or in any other way when you can inakc.
your money work lor you':' We haven
inelliod id' speculation thai is safer and
more prolil'idile l-han any ever before.
di-vised. ..Send youi' iiitiiie and address
and we. will mail you a pamphlet ^ivin^
full information. Address A. II. .Mills
.V. Co., Suite. SiM-Stl;") Carl; 1,'ow Uuild-
inir. New York City. New York.
The cycle experts have opened j some-     time
the season at Fort Steele. | April *th.
The   niinertil   areas   of   South
011 I East   Kootenay   have   been    but
I little explored.
8~                    It'inesl, Variety of Pipes and Smokers Outfit ^3:
ZZ:                   In the District, Including Meerschaum, B. B. B. HS
^                   Al[iha, and Other Brands. :2J
g^ Tmportrd and Domestic Cigars at Lowest Prices is
ST                     Billiard and Pool Parlor and Reading 3
£^                    Room in Connection. .;3
E^: Proprietor..
_    J. TAENHAUSEl^r    :..3
'.   h ""~m\
Manager. ZSZ
Cranbrook,   H. C.
When in the market for Liquors,"
Wines, Cigars and Sehiltz Beer
Dont go out of Kootenay for
you can do better at home by
consulting the j big wholesaler
at Ckanbuook.


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