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The Prospector Apr 19, 1902

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 B)ooraor'» Otttie
51       iMlNUCKAL   I'UOIJUCTION   Ol''      'P
C[ IN    ll"M      $2,850,289     „ •     p
Si _ O
mivlk.u.  I'KoiH.'crioN or
mtri'isn colc.mhia in ami
Vo/. S.
PORT STBBLB, B. C,  SA7'/T/?VJ>yl V, APRIL 19, 19012.
No IS.
New Advertisements To-aay.
N'oilco -IJavlil K. Newell.
. '   :>
*   minekap/float   'J
Ul .- - *•
Every elond has a silver lining
and in that resembles the mountains of South Fast Kootenay.
KThoreisan" undoubted future
for the mining industry of the
Fort Steele district.'
The dovelopmenl'of the mining
industry of Soutii Fast Kootenay
is largely ac record of the pro-
gross of the St. Eugene. North
Star, Sullivan and Estella mines
The satisfactory progress of
mining' in this-district is indi-
'cated by the industrial activity
'now apparent.. '"        -    • -'-
Perhaps enough has been said
to impress capital with the fact
t he Fort Steele disi riot possesses
many attractions in mining,   p.
Wild Horse Creek placers
have been profitably worked for
thirty-live years. Tho existence
of an old channel is placed Lbe-
yond a doubt by recent discoveries.
The metal market   during  the
past week   has  been   somewhat
, dull and without incident._,.     .. ,
, The  great   mineral'   lodes, "'of
South Fjast KootenayYhave barely been'prospected, .in  compavi-'
"   son with theii' great possibilities
when thoroughly developed. <?
' Reports from the Fslella mine
,    at  Tracy  creek   continue   to.be
'more favorable.'      It   is said that
■  'the owners will make most of its
improvements Hi is' "year  at  the
mine, and the'erect ion of a  concentrator is assured.
'    Gold was discovered   on, Wild
Horse creek in IS('>;J.    fn the,first
five years its product ion1 amounted to £17.000,000. "  ,
The mining outlook forPtbe
Fort Steele district, and indeed,
of' the whole ,of South Kast
Koolenay, -was; never/*-brighter
than it is today.
The richness of fhe silver-lead
ores"of South Fast Kootenay enables extraordinary difficulties
in transportation to be overcome
and. yet realize a, profit to the
shipping mines.
It" is gratifying to note that
the value of the mineral prodiic-
, tion of the district still increases
The work now being done in
the Rover tunnel of the Estella
mine shows the ore to be increasing in value as well'as width of
the ore boclv.
-       - -   ,    6*\\
' The- Bull Tjver iron deposits
are beginning to attract considerable attention from all parts of
the world.    '■■       '
There is now every prospect
that the town of Fort Steele,
which is the oldest mining camp
...in the" Kootenays, will shortly
experience a revival of the interest formerly extended  to it.
In  five  year's   time   the prospector, will   not be  able'to find
anybody  who   will    pay   money
down unless the mine   is   a,  pro
■ Modern=m.efhods and modern
machinery will be used in operating the deep .placer mines on
Perry creek.
Good-.reports' come from Ihe
Nortli Star .mine, the manager
is very reticent, but Outward
signs speak for themselves.
and   Aberdeen   have   been pros-
pec-ted by means/jf open cuts.
On the Knob Hill three tunnels
have been run. _No. .1 tunnel is
in 75 f«Pt,"~No.~2. fannul-30" feet
and No. :-}. runnel I.'JO feet. The
lead on the surface has a width
of 1- feet. The ore is a galena
carrying copper and gold: if is a
concentrating ore The owners
expect to reach the ledge in the
lower tunnel in about 80 feel.
On the Vulcan the ledge has
been opened by several cuts and
a tunnel 2(> feet in length.
, A force of four men are engaged in --• development work,
which will be continued during
the summer months.
A Dual Celebration. - One a Wedding-
the Other a Dance.
The dance at the., Imperial
hotel on Tuesday evening was
the most successful event ever
given in Foi-t'Steele.
The spacious rooms of the Imperial "were thronged with ladies,
and gentlemen, than which, we
venture to say none merrier assembled the woild over with a
similar object in view. The occasion being a testimonial in
honor of an event which look
place on the same evening in the
'■Old Country'' ..in which Miss
Ella Fenwick was • united in
marriage to Mv. Frederick
Paravicini,    at     Abbotts*   Ann,
i    r
Andover, Hants,'England.
Miss Fenwick is a sister of
Mr. Arthur 13. and Mr. Thomas
H. L/ Fenwick of Fort Steele. (
About nine o'clock the large
assemblage entered the dancing
hall at the Imperial. It was a
gay and festive party, and every
one entered, into the'spirit' of
making the affair a, grand
success. Promptly-al 9:1;") ihe
grand cmarch began, during
which some forty couples
marched to tho music of the
orchestra. Several difficult and
pleasing evolutions were performed, then came a waltz and
the dance was on: ■
There were over fifty couple
in attendance, besides some
twenty forlorn old bachelors
without partners, but they
proved no wallflowers and just
got right in and kept the ladies
tripping the light fantastic without intermission until supper;
which was welcomed by all and
which was furnished by the
Messrs Fen wicks from the ranch
Railway to Mine Completed.—Smelter Blown in July 1.
- G. W. Hull, manager of-the
Sullivan Smelting Company,
says that, the Sullivan mine will
commence operations in a few
days with a force of 40 men.
A shaft will be sunk to the JL'f>.
foot level and will there connect
with the lower workings, from
that, point the men will drift 2:>
feet, which will'open up the old-
workings, where ihere are now
L'f'ri.iiOO tons of ore blocked out
ready for shipment io the smelter. , The smelter at Marysville
is .scheduled to start up about
July 1st. Work on the railway
spurno tho mine will be started,
and it is expected that'the steel
will be in place by the time the
mine is ready-lor shipping and
the smelter blown in.
Association   was   organized   last
week", and Ihe,following  officers
were elected.  F. .1. Deane, KPuir-
loops, president:   Fn-d Simpson,
Cranbrook. ' vice-'pi-esideni:     T.
McNanghl,      Halcyon    Springs,
secretary and treasurer.     These
oftioerswilh W. K. Fsling, Trail
C. F. Smitheringali*, Slocan:   10.
A. Ilaggin.   Revelsloko:   W.   B.
Wilcox, Phoenix,  constitute   llie
executive    committee. David
Bogle,   Victoria:    David   Carley,
Late TelearanliiG N„ews |
Spu",,,! i-i'Tur i'ii. ,ii*r.,  i,,it ",
London.   April   Hi.—Primrose
day. t he anniversary of the deal li
local club. Both men have completed iheir work of preparation
and appear to be in fine fettle. ,
i'-\uj;o cv<jli: hack-at boston
Boston, Mass.. April 19.—
Speculat'on is rife over tlie
outcome of the paced cycle race
which   is   to   be  decided   at the
of Lord  Beaooiisliold'.   who  died K'harles   River   Park   this after-
Nelson,   and   IP   J. Deane   were
appointed a committee on   legis
lation.   ' A   special  meeting will
be called in a month or two.
'   East Kootenay .Stock.
Ahkad.      Hid.
Crow's Xc&tC'Oiil     * -Wit'.00
North Still- :.   .        ^    :>■! ^2
Sullivan. "  UJ y
Silver-lead Quotations
. Now York. April 18:   o ,
Hin-Silver.'       .....
Mexican dollars	
Lead  '	
London,   April 18.—Silver,   24   l-2d
copper. X\">;i if,   lid:' lend. £11.11,,. ."id.
Market Conditions.
There   is  little  that is new in
the business situation during fhe
past week. *   -   ' vr
Lunibei-is in good demand, at
very firm prices.
Agricultural conditions continue quite favorable.
Distributing trade is ' much
better thi.s week Mian last.
There is no particular change
in the Fernie coal and coke
market. The supply is larger
than the demand.
Application   for   Crown 'Grant. - De-
i , '
velopment   Work   Proves
.  Property.
Application has been made for
a certificaterof improvements for
the purpose of crown granting
the Omdurman and Kheclive.
claims situate on Bull river. "~~
, The above named claims, together wjth the Silver Chief ana
Silver Reef, are owned by David
Griffith and, form a group known
as tho Silver Chief group of
claims. ,'    ■  '
There   has   been   considerable
development-done on the claims.
On the Silver Chief a shaft has
been sunk, .'!.") feel all in ore: a
tunnel has' been run lid feet: a
cross cut at1 this point showing
the vein to have a width" of .six*
feet. The ore is concentrating,
carrying copper, galena, pvith
values,in gold and silver.   Aboul
April    I'.i.     lss|.    was   observed
throughout    the   couniiy    today
with    customary     zeal.      About
two  -  third-      id'     tin*      people
to     be     seen     in     Ihe     -.t roots
of      London     wore     primroses
in     their     bufloii-holos.       The
Mowers   woa-q   thick' ovoi'-ywhero
and. the Benconstield statue   was
even more elaborately   bedecked
than usual.     Bountiful, wreaths,
shields, crowns and oilier tokens
from clubs and   unionist   organizations   wort)  scattered   in    profusion   around   its base, attract-
thousands    of    spectators.
noon,   as   it is fhe first time thia
year that the crack   riders   have
1 come together.    The  race   is   to
be a free-fur all one-hour motor-
paced contest,   in   which  $1,000
prize money is offered.    The eu-
Iries' include   Bobby   Walt hour,
who claims   the   middle-distance"
championship..      McConnell   of
Boslon.     Mottling    of   Jamaica
Plain and Kcegan of Lowell. '
Ntfiiiiorous wroal lis   were   placed
■■''■'   aboul    the   gravi        "    "' -
There were about 100 guest*
present, a number coming from
Cranbrook, Kimberley, Moyie
and Fernie.'
After supper, back' again all
the merry company flocked lo
the ball room and dance followed
dance till the "we sma 'oors'*
were well worn out, and thus
was closed the finest social event
of its, kind that has yet taken
place in Fort Steele.
Five   Hundred   Men   From   British
Columbia will go With Fourth
Five hundred men will be recruited in British Columbia, for
the fourth Canadian' contingent.
Recruiting will commence on
April 2-1 and continue until
further orders.
The recruiting stations in
British Columbia are Victoria,
Vancouver. New Westminster,
Kamloops, • Sicamous, Revel-
stoke, Fort Steele and Cranbrook.
About H.KIO men will be taken
from Ontario. f>0<) from Quebec
and the Maratune Provinces.
Knob Hill Mine.
Knob Hill group" of olaiins,
situate on 'Horseshoe. Canyon
about six mile's from fhe'town'of
Foi-t Steele, comprises a group
of five claims. Present development has been confined to the
Knob   Hill,   though   the Vulcan
-Great Northern Construction.
A  report,   received-from-  the
south,   and    circulated   in   town
during the past week,  is   to   the
effect .that the Cl rea,t - Northern
railway, as soon   as   the  Crow's
Nest Southern   railway   is  completed, will-commence active operations  towards, the   construction of a railway from the   vicinity of Bains Lake; north   to Fort
Steele, thence up  the Sl,\ Mary's
river   to   tap   the great  copper
belt   in   the    Purceir  range   of
mountains.      The-'reason', given
for   this -movement  on  the part
of   the  Great   Northern   is   the
necessity of providing dry   ores,
to be used in. connection with the
smelting of the/silver-lead   ores
of  the   district,  at a smelter   to
be  constructed   at  or  near   the
falls on Elk river.
The Gem of the Mountains.
. There  is  every   reason to believe that Kimberley is destined
to become one of the prosperous
towns of South East Kootenay.
That Kimberley will now forge
ahead, no one seems to doubt,
the future of Kimberley is closely allied to' tlie. active mining
operation's of .the North Star and
Sullivan mines. Other mining
properties in'that vicinity show,
a greater or less amount of development, a.nd will no doubt, in
time add lo ihe material prosperity of Kimberley. „
The town has railway connections with the outside world: a
branch line will be constructed
to the Sullivan mine. With the
North Star and Sullivan ship-'
ping, daily increase of pay, roll
at the. mines, the prospecting
and'development,of mining properties in close proximity to
town, all of -.which will add
materially lo the. future .-prosperity' of, l lie. gem town of the
mountains,  "Kimberley".
7f> to l(i(J tons of irood oi;eiv
tlie dump. ' Development.'on the
Khedive consists of four shafts.
down I-I to 24 -eel, the vein having an .average width of six fool.
The ore, is,similar to thai encountered in the Silver .Chief.
Open cuts run on the Silver
Reef show the same character
and'width of vein mutter as llial
of the Silver Chief.
The Silver Chief a.nd Silver
Reef were crown granted last
While the ■ force employed on
the property has been small. Ihe
work has been of such a
character as to prove the property beyond a, doubt.
Moyie Mining News.
From Out Own l'orii>-.|it)iiili>iil.
ST.   lSlTfiKiVK
Things at the St. ftiurone look
a little brighter at llio present,
time. A few weeks ago work
was started al putting in two
new boilers, the old ones having
been condemned. As a long
shut down was expected this
work was discontinued, but this
week work was resumed and
several men have been put on.
Thus the indications are. as lead
has an upward tendency, that
before the summer is over tho
mine'.'will bo' .running in full
force. ',,..     '■•■'■■■'   ■' ■■'"  ■   '    '
Press Association.
The   British   Columbia   Press
OBNICIiAi;   .\K\VS   XO'I'KS.
The Bishop .and-' ..Father
Coccolo visited MoyiiPrm Wednesday and ..Thursday,,!)!' 'this
week. ......
., The plant of llio Moyie
Lumber Company was 'started,
and as soon as the ice in the lake,
passes out the mill will com-'
ilience sawing
■ (icorge. Reid this week weni
down., ten P miles below Moyie
whore he lias a gang of men employed getting oil I- ri0,oilfi' lies.
Mr..Crossmati has purchased
the old St. Fugeiie oliice and has
moved it, on to his loi near tlie
public school, where bo will reside in the future.   .
Tom Rader .of t he A urorn |:X'<>.
returned from a visit to Spokane
on Wednesday;
also aooui me grave ol llie
sla'tesman in I Inghendon churchyard. This evening, several
notable banquets were held in
variou.s,-parts of ,t he country in
observance of the,anniversary.
Princeton.   N.   .J.. April   l!i.—
t i
Some' record breaking performances .are promised at Ihe
animal open handicap games of
Princeton jJniversity here this
afternoon. " The entries include
the, crack" athletes of many of
the leading colleges of Hie Fast.
The programme consists of 100,
2W' and 1-10 yard dashes, half-
mile, one mile aud two-mile runs
hurdles, pole vault, shot put,
hammer throw! running high
jump and riiiinine." broad jump.
New Vorkf April   p.i. —An   almost   international 'interest,   has
been   aroused   by   the published
hinis   I hat   ihe   Prince of Wales
will visit llie United Stales   during   I In.*   coming   aiiliimii   as llie
guest of Ihe Now Y't->rk Chamber
of Commerce when it   celebrates
the opening ol'its "\io\v   building
of .Dorset   marble*   now   ilea ring
completion.       Despite   the publicity given the movement, however, the Chamber of Commerce
is  zealon's).*)   guarding   its plans
and   it   is  practically impossible
to  know the   intentions   of   the
committees   arranging    for    Ihe
auspicious   event.       lOnough    is
known,   though,    to  make  sure
that this celebration  will   be  an
international occasion  of  extraordinary  interest. . If the Prince
of   Wales    should     consent     to
attend, his presence will be only
one   feature  of  the celebration,
for there will be representatives
of  all   the  great    governments,
and    the    London   Chamber   of
Commerce has accepted   already
an invitation to  send  delegates.
In. fact' there   wi 11., Vie delegai es
from   all   the'-.great:  commercial
bodies of the world.    '
Iron, Copper, Silver-Lead, and Gold
Ores, in. Close Proximity to Inexhaustible Deposits_ of Coal.
It, is hard for eastern people to
comprehend of what'greaf- financial importance the construction^
of a north and south road is to <■
South, East Kootenay. The
great future of the district'depends largely on cheap and convenient transportation to bring
the various resources, so favorably located, to the industrial
centers.    ' .
The coal areas of the district-
are extensive and practically in- ;;
exhaustible We have ,coal of
all descriptions and of the high-
est/.gradc, suitable' for' smelter,
steam or heating purposes.
The   iron   deposits  are  of immense size and excellent quality.
..The silver-lead  properties  show
immense ledges''of   high   grade
galena.     'Cokl   quartz  of a-free' .
milling   characier    abounds   altp'
over   the   district..      Copper   of -
every   grade   is   found iu paying
quantities in ihe copper  belt  of
Ihe St. Mary's river and, in   the,
main range of the Rockies.    The
production  Of  the  placer mines
of  the  district  show a material
increase'.    Less labor and capital
has been expended in the  so far
development of (south EastKoote*
nay, f hair in other  districts,  yet
the shipping mines of the district
are all paying dividends.      This   .
district can   pride  itself  on   the
fact   that   a    world   of valuable
minerals are concentrated inside
its boundaries.
t'l.Yi;   I'OM'I   AT 'WALL   S'l'KMCKT.
New.York. April'1- l!.|.—Spealc-''
jug1 of   Wall  'street;-, it .may   be
mentioned  -that   ping, pong   lias
invaded    the.    famous     liiiancial
thorough fare.        So     infatuated
have   certain ''.brokers.-    become
with   the   game,..that   they have
hired a room   and   established   a
lalile   in-  ihe   Produce lOxe-hango
building,   where   in   intervals of'
business and  after   the  close   of
Ihe Board'they can be found displaying I heir skill.
.     ■ .       .     • i■     .
RYAN        AMI        M (..'1.10LI.A.Nil P TO
Toronto. Ont.; April 10.- -Tlie
match between 'Billy Ryan', of
Syracuse und .lac
has   aroused.,  keen
Items of Interest.
Rumors of peace in South
Africa are now more hopeful
than ever.
Croat Britain will place an import duty of three pence per
hundred on wheat and five penc*
yier bundled on Hour and meal.
There was severe fight ring in
Western Transvaal during the
past ,wec*k in which the Boers
lost heavily. A British patrol
was captured.
The gold • output of p Atlin
equalled A.'iOO.OOO'last season. , '-
■.'■ At a meeting of tlie directors
of the Bank of England, Augustus Prevast was elected governor.      ,',.-'■;■
■A,vote of.-want,'.of confidence
in tiie -'Diinsu'iiiir government.
was defeated by^a vote'of lii to
Ifi, both sides haying a member
absent'.' ■■■■-..
The Russian minister .of, the
interior, M. Sipiaguine was shot.
and fatally wounded in the lobby
of the ministerial, oftieo. The
assassin was arrested. - P   ..
Advices from Loudon convey
the intelligence of a sensational
decline in Hall Mines shares,
wliich have.dropped from seven
shillings to two.shillings.
•■   Two thousand Chinese   troops
M'CIel.land 'sent, by Marshal Sup against  the
interest,   in , rebels     were    ambushed    in   a.
sporting circles.    The contest is
to  be  decided, tonight,  before a
narrow defile'and were all  killed
or captured. ,41'
Wc$z y^X0&p^xi0X.
'■'■'■     t:%AijLlS!I.KI)   '1W5..''    ci
'^'"■'..:  ,A.'iP. Grace,       ;
■■',''    PUBLIS!Il-:i!    AMi'  KlllTOl^
every  Sutn'riiifiyv-iiiiil. n.iw.a.
slrciilatioii -Ini"ae.i":-1 Ii-.- a* :iny other, paper
In liast Kootenay."It i- all home Printed
und  contains  doitl'lt.   ilVt^ncws   of   any
.'"ather paper iii.tli'.'-, yp-. i i^.t-
P". As  an  ad'verti-siii^   inoJit-.iii   if   is un
exce.U'e'd.;'•;"-'P. ■ --'""'.. ;/;
Devoted k> liiaupl-iuililinj! ','t t'"oi-t • Sieclt;, t, the
development of ihe vii>,l iiiiiieniI..„rcsourc-its-:.pi
the Eiist Kootenay. minlw ilisti-u-v.   ',':,,       ,..-,.
■ Subsc'fip-tiW;'-. ,:.-;•-■:•",-'P   ,,.-*-•"''' Pfi".-.v*»«'i'
AQTert'ising rates'-lniKlipltiov.-n oil application.
Contributions sirfsolieiii'il' .from all pai-tspf tlie:
district,'but all mMtci-iiileinU'cl'for publK-auon
r.mustlsttve'tlie writer's sia-iitittirc,' .,  , ' p>, ..v
TUIC   DliPirp Is 'ic.Spl oii tilf at. tiietulver-
',,'■ I nlg..THrcn ij'-iiipaHeiitj.v <>,f  Alu.flindM-
i-'iCo.. SuHtPIp: Pji-sppr^tionai'Biinl;   HuilcUiu:,
"■""topbilniiv^va^Fr^ bt* in title
'.'lor lti-p.P'-.'.P,,.        ...Pp- .-''. . -. ; -.-".- .,pp;PpP -:'
Thic   Panpr- ■'* :-Ut-iti-   on PU«' "at: ip-C.
I Ills    rdUCl   ;Jj.\KK   S,   All vert l < ing
!Xsene'vp'64 and (Vv'Merchu'its   Ivxclitinj.-e.'Siin
'•.'   ' Francip(.'6', Caiifor.y,ia'.,ivfleiv contracts  for mi-i
'  vertisfinir tail.lie '.made for it.   ' ;■ ■ . ■■..,-.',. :''-   -.,
'  . Thic    Pa ripp !s Ueptoi!'iile;itp!ie"A. Mi--
I nio.-.-r.dUcl-.|.v-i.n ^ Co.  ^"eu-spap.-i-   Ad-
■*• vetl.siiiK-   -Ajren'fy,'  M'ontVf,-al. :wh.-■!-.:- ■foni.riiut'-.
P 'for a'dyt-rtisiiii!-' ean bpiKatlefur it.; "  .,,.■.'•' ■/., ■
e.'itl ■.■'j'.'-eA\~:
of life,   their,.loses Avoulfl ""."M ^#'#^^&^^
and. they would lK*. iisuhy-vialed.
Did time prosperity/ jscoming- p(g
back to the famous placer mines j §5
of Wild Horse cree.kv The work^j ?}•?'■:
of drifting towards the .Old
channel is 'progressing- rapidly.
'['. We believe ptli;\t-"..': .fhe,,PF6rf
Steele^rninihg division 'will prove
to be a'1 good copper, producing
country, andpthat valuable 'deposits ofcoppttr will, be Ueyefopp
ed to a,;;.shipping; s.ingo.'pih Ptlie
near future.    ■■',-'■   P    .'■ ,       '■ .-■',.; ..
M^adcyusar'teps   for   Mining   and   Commercial   Men
'     -Thic' •P'i"'-->V-r-: i*-<'<i?:*:il,Ppp
i-.,:....,,.i. II1 rn ...1. cl   'V,',. Graham .A   lo
KtortS.-Sp.olvUie,, U-asli.
^fijp $£Xf&p!^M y
•:. pp:.s;vTUf{[).A v.. ai."'.i.;-iiP m. 'yMfi,:„.
"■;.' V'.N.ri   Kii'ewiii;'s„. tip^'iinisli-^No
;Xhe>Whole Story
in,-tv'letter":, ri ",''■
'..l-'i-om (.'apt..  IP. Love. 1 Pice s-m.'-cii ".'--.'   »
j>,   Mtmtrettl :•-(;■''iVfc. I'.ti.iiU'miy ii-e I'-; i:i.,w,!
I'lAVip I''ll-.NVlv.ll.l.Kll..f.''|-"/«'^,'t, IK Pi" •>'"'',;
„,://.. ' rA.;»fi,,(fiaY,t..il"p.,;■-„. ,'W' h'ti-*.' ipi.-
bl'iiiii.. u-iit.H!■.*',  ai;.,:   ni, lp:,,v,-ui.np "put-    ,
beC.iIi jni-t) in "(iti'r p.^Pii.iiP  pli:ivi,:i]',i tyw:
'tBtii-iii (a. -.'p.ia^-'tl.;,ip- ■;.,-■-K::u.T.i'. iV'/.
bc,<l /-..ti,i,'.?.v t / have iitair ■■■i- h.-.iiitt.!: ,   ,
: ;K^,.,|   Iiiit't;ii:iU.v'',Jtiitl   l,'.xteruiill>..
:l'\. . S„.a'^, ^"'t'. nini j'lr. boltlos.   .
Oobk's, Cotton Kqot Compound
Is succegsifullyu8t>'ct monthlv.by over .
10,000Ladies. Safe.effeutual. Ladies ask, |
-.        ^ your' dritjjKist for Cook's Colton Root Comp ;
,.; poand. Take.nb oilier, ns allMiiturcs, pills and i
:'l imitations are tianperonsi' Frioe, Ko: 1;$I per
.-'! bos: So, a,.1.0 degrees stronger'.$3 per box. No.
J.' :IS;,a COin till 1111*111 ft'J rt lit.' ,UQ'•■], Vor 2,inailedbnfeeei'ptof price,and t^oS-ccu-'. ,i;
■■,-'"■/■-'':■ -p"•■-,'- -, " ■ ■.'■'-■■',.-'--. ■-'■ ■.- , '■.'■' -.. ■;'..- '-'"stamps.'■ The Cook CompauT Windsor,.Out. j-
-,,..-'lhUlIOir-.-thf.tt'ti--tl'OUt"tll.-i COtltlir-'1   Er-No8:'land2soldaudrecommende*b}-aH-.-'•
i responsible Druggiststn.Csa&di.
^Liverup Feed. S Sale -Stable.'
■ '!yy; yyy/y:'X:yjiyyy:':XL:':>
:p.,., '"■;..[.:'■   r^orp Steele;'B.cL-:.' .pPp.P
, ;-pKeo-uii»';;Dciily  SKt'irepmoors,,'iill
P-ti-uihss 'sii.Fort.'Steele -Fiiiiet.ipn. ;P :•-,
' *l;S:^p.niAEp>fc ■ P AGKPHQ.RSKS.P,;-
1 IpV.MING lilv ALL KlNDSpV^S Pl-Xl ALtS
-.' /:p; -'Pp'MJ'NRRA-lr'ACiv:';, pp
. P.',P ' PP. ■'":J-"-C;.KO'n.M :;f.Y;^p; -; PfP^P
P';..- gehi. -, isPtti "''-libPs'ehf'fr6.hi.;',Cai.«vv ,. ,,.. „, ■.-, s,.,...,..,,.-.,,,.
vP':;.tQ,;S;outir ^Vfrica^'P >'[tni^..Sis6.ja.j.,/;x<^^^
^'P^crii'itihg st^itfq;nsj: ip,'ij;p-an",'.iiidi-!
: petition"'vthatiP'-'fhogep. ,iWhb.lf-.'.,hiiVe
'pctiai'ge: of tiie^organfeatiohpknqw,
ppwHerep..gopd-'V,men..' for: the .work
""';. required;:can; beTouiidP'. . In pfor.P
PP met', Ca:n<idiati  CqhtingehtsJ^Avere
.ppi'ecruitsjfi'orn Eernije. .Qr'anbropk
P'.-Moyie, pp'KimJiei'levp- '■ and : -Forjf
P;; S f Gel e, - ixl 1 ■ expei'i e heed Ti oi"se me n»
-.-'■-i'ahcl;'.Syere.'-:as fiiiePi,:-.b'odyP of Pn'i'eh
papas'", cori Id;; beP'g'atlievod;,. in '-.any
i''^country-'-oh the;'glolie.:'■'.•; Therepis
'".;:rip;.- doub t- f hatpthe' eo n'i,i.ngo ti t,\v i 11
p7bePrecruite'cl iii-.a-'y'ery"' shprf-JiniQ
p^p-'ippp - y. 'yy" pp „;;,S'-';'x*P';'S:pip^p:-.p;/.-p'.!
P;':phei;e'iP js -'."-. no ->-in fVripP.'i.f tractive.
^^pcpuiifryJ-p'fhati pPfl,i(v:pitipunfaiii
'piSteelePP >T,lii?:pi;i ir)ip-:ispiqipfa-i'p(!isp
pptahlPwheh ilpAyillpbecon-iepugTeat
, pleitsju ro'Pfe-jortP w h it;If \yi II ..-■;. a t-'
P'tracfT.oui'istyl find I,lie' iiioiintain
P;:;climber . andp.: travellerspNvillp be
' Psfrotiglyiu'-evicleficepii thippneiir
Pf 11 tilKOP' ''J.y .'■: ;:'i '•,:'- ■'      ;.p- V' '
......   ■ ....  ,■■::,.- -':p'';,-j :* ■ -'*   *:.-«;.   ■■'.-.;'-   •■ ;- ":'■!-'-" ■-
vP^Wh ether or; not tl/e. ground hog
theory   has   been   vi'nclicii.fech'de-.
pends..'jil'togotlver oii the provi nce
:   or district in which you live, i p
■'-■ ■ ■ ."■'■ '-'"■■'. , ..V—"'■■ ■-.-■"':'■-   'it' ■■��'■    ■■■■,..";--' ---** .'■"■•■ ''-'"- -■«',':■? -•"- .,'■■," ■■ ■   ' ■'-,' ■'■.'/   •:'.'. • ■ - '-p,' •' '■■' ';?£■-'■ ■'",'■' ■'; -i .■-:"-- -: r-'-t '->7' ';'-.. -•■:■■'-. -if'.- *'■''■'..' ■.''■■■'■'.■.■ *■■'*•' *"■'■'''    i r -. ■ ... -i--';
■-,■:-.■..■■-■:. .:■ -p.-'--„-'--,v»'.'-    ■■■'  ',;■-.--;^ .':■-.:'-■•'•■ "■ -■;.-': P'-::
" p ; SliiNeXvsbiii'y  MiniM-iil, (plaiihVyvry
p Situtito in tho: l-'ort, Steele iMiiiins.' Divisioriof
East KooipiiayDistriet. (:;ip;>;:7';':.'',';'  ' -P  'PPPp
So 1 e %g ;e ;ntspf oi-'' the:
"II P"-f O- DATEpP pp'PP" p"P;-
'•'>>■'.--:«,,'■ ... r•■-,.. ...-■■ ...p..-.... ,.:-i-...i>r. .....
'AS   VOU   LIKEfllT.
VVM; ROBINSONl Proprietor
':■ PP.IT a i/TS^'Pr-ii-^iP'..XVPriiVir ■.'":'r:/::y':-   ..'vp'-^P;;--.:. ■■-.: :.-^:-r-■.''->p;'.P,\,,..:;;P:,-;- .•.:p.-:p..-'.'-'---:..:-J'''. PW.p1;;
, -^Tlie man who' is alvvays waiting for something lo turn, up; will
not: be: disa ppoi nfed ,if Ite, ;w'aits
long, enough,   but   it will be his
'.toes..; ;' ■.:'":■■'.     ■-.' P      . <''■   ', .,' ,- :
■ '■•"■' ' •   .        '* ■■  * .-■ ■"■
■ Pit isti."t,<necessary for  a liian to
: AV'licro Jowlic.ili.rrpII ".lio.main forliof ',t,lie' St,'
MaVy'spUiverP  aboiitpsi^.'iStlSffi'-,oasipbfptlic'.p-
lvootclini.yi-&l«pilivido.;' ,-PP.P>:,=:,: p.P,,:;PP    :.-
; Ttike iiotlcc;Uiat;I. Tliooiloi-e Itbtuieliiiinpaet-.
■iniriis iiKOiit.forVGtfoixp'I'i-tliiliiiriiFi-eii'-Mniet;"'s''
CcrtilleatorXo;-'vIiplf'lW'i; -iIpiiryvB;1:'Thomsbri'
i',n'e-AIiii(;i-'s;Coi;liyic(Uo;.X6.:i5;5?)fl)S ahtliHonry.
A.iliiri.oii Fi-iMjiMiiig-Ks pifjrtilleii'itj Xo, II -.aOfllll.,
intiMiil,-sixty days from, tlu; Plate:-'hereof... to
a pplyip tlioMiniiiii' Weepriloisfoi- a: .Cci-tilioiuc.
of. IniiiroyeineiusCor Un; liurp'ose. ofpbbtitiniiii,'
it.Crown Graii'tiof lilt: ubovo iilaim. '■'..' •; -'
And  fiti-tlioi- taUb' notiuoPthat' iiciio'ii.iiiuldr
section   UT.   iniisi  be  eoiiimeneed  lidfore ..tiie
Issnnnr.ii of siii-.li Coi'iilietite of .Improvements'.
; Da led tlii.s -Hjli day of .Vovember." A. D.,l'0t)l;.
a' PIT- .'-"'C,,P.'  P.   ,'.:.;.'■ :: .'I": BEAIJCHAM'l'.:. '",••
PRtCSH; :Siidp SA^T^MMT-S:^tWAYS;;
Solk AGi<;rH-s|:
Soliv PAOEN-rs:
Notice to Dplinquent Co-owners.
,'ropVUliani Koliiiison. oi-to; any person or
.person's to whom lit: Piiny liiive. transferred
liis.intertes.tpin-ih.e. ""pmineea" Mineral .'cln'im
sliuiite about'bne niile above the Falls onMai-k
creel, in the Fort Steele miniripr division of
Kast Kootejiiiy Districi and recorded in the
MiniiiK Keeot-der's oftlee tit Fori Steele., '
Vou and  eaeh  of .you  are  liei-e.by n'otitied
ihai  1 have expended   since   Itith   May'.'-1896.
four lmndred dollars'in labor and improvements]
"upon'- the above mentioned mineral claim under'
„ ..■■.■      ..       tiie provisions of.tlie Sliueral Aet. 'And if'ivith-
-,l>e an acrobat  top luinble". to phe'u, ninety iiH.vs.-fromr'iii!-"d:iio-6r this:noUce;
fact ''that adveiM,tsin2" riays' in;UiisK0U,faiK or rofeeio oomri,,,uc yob.- portion
i.       ..      ' ',■        ' .:     p -.,' '.'     I of 'siu'li expenditures toiretber with all costs^of
-,-pa.per.:   P-;P:-:- ■■ -..-'■-.-'.-.
#P] QHT   PL
:-P;,p!;^P.Pr^h "IKlibut
B u ttei'pi'iid.:"Eggs:;vp^Fis^
Fori: Steele
•pp.p.Ppp'; p. Miningp:;Sujp'p.lies'pa;pSped^
Agents,for the^MASSEY';;pHAR
j   Implements.
r;^■V:--^-:-■■.*.^^.■V^:V.^:■^:■^V,v.^::l- P'.';p.\p-,p,.p,;pv::>|
.'■   , Self inspticfipn   Would . curePa
lot pf self esteem among some of
■ou'r citizens, .p'-^'p.  -.- p-■-.-: -.'■■'.'.
-.   The;, „redi.stributdou    bill'-'has
"■-passed thelegislat-ut'e., a fid when J
the   Li ei'i tenant --G dye rn o r   signs
:the bill 'it wilfbecortie law.    This
last' .formality , will- noplonbt be
cotripiied'-wit-h at: an ea-'rly date.
advertisini:. your interest in said claim will be-,
f.conit' '.ilit;-.'property of-tlie . subscriber   tinder
section -I bf.'nn Act entitled '"An ^\ct to Amend
the Mineral Aeu'lWK).-"''       . -Pt:: ,.', ,.«   "   '-■:..
■■.''.'.'■'.   :   \'\.      PpFUANK  TRACKV.   ,
Dated at l-'ori Steele ibis -Jsih day of  Deceni-
ber; Itcjl.    ■' '   :    •-, ■ -,-.-■■-.  .   ■ .-■      ■• -"l-
F.-.M.-f. ,Xo. B. i;!II.Vl.   . ■.'..-    -'
iP -   . ,   MISKKAI.-ACTpiSim, -,-■■■•.
■  ,-      '-.,.'.   t'Kunvi k.j      '  ■;..,    '
'P-KK-l-Il-ilp-fK  OK   IMPIHU'-KMKNTS.
Blitck  lli'-.n-iiifti Maliol Minoritl (.'hums
That wor.lc on tlie Siillivnn
mine is to be resumed .is a-.matter
of cotisideraiile 'interest:' to - the
Steele in particular as there is-a
large aiiioutit of stock'1 held.: and
the-'stockiiolders a,n.*. directly in-
Sitiiiite in the Fori Steele Miiilm.' Division of
South Bast Kootenay Dislrict.    ■    '     •        ,.
'Where   liyated— Abunt   two   miles  so.tu.li
ea,st'off.Kimty.'rle.v:.on .Mark.nreel(,.'
TAKK   S'OTICP;  thai.   1..,Charles   Kstinere.
Free Miners CertiHcitie Ni)'.   •■». IlKlltH1-' intend,
atld    the' .io.Wll    Of   P'Ort.    sixty dnys from the,dale- hereof, to apply to.the
Minlnir I«-roTil'.:r ror :i t'e.niiieate of Iinprove-
'nicni-. for ih<-.'.purpose of olualnini-'Pa Crown
0.niiit of tti<-above cliiiiif..1
And fun.her lake or,lire thtii   ae'lion...'under
section '.'■'. inti'si be'f(iuiiin-iii:«.ul liefbre UiiV Issu-
terested   in   tlic .dijvel(.i]irn«:-nt-,of,iiil'"'"'"'.'-l"-"''-"i"tiii'"'"eoi imi/tovetnents,
- ' ■     Itaieil itii- ililni tlitv iii lieeeinber. IIKII.
'■'.■■Fprtp'Ste'eley Mi'€5. -y:y:y
Gehtrally Situated.vpn'"RiversM
p;Gonducteclpqii Up'-To-Pate .Methdclsp Pp-
The' Best-Ba.r 'In To\vn.  p    p;-".'■■   . p-p-l■   p
"pD... Mcltfeisli;.--p:;;';"-::1p,-
» 3
Gerteira 1 iVlercHciHt x^p*
^       Liquor Dealer^
Mahufacturer pf all Kinds of Lumber,       A,large,'assort-
.ment of seasoned Lumber and ishlhgles always 1     ;
v on hand; p
^ p     p, DIMENSION
tbe lni'iif." '   ..-' '.'
Tlic'-"/pi.iilily ■'ii.nd-e.\"l<-*iii of llio
Bull' l.ii\'-er iron deposits Tiaye
hiM-n di'tuonsl rated: . and thcim-"
yiorl unci* of I In'-iin-Nciii'i' of these
immense .beds' of' 11<*iti;i 111 e i roil
in Soulli 'I'lasl. Kooioiiay, when
talceii .in1 C'.nincct ion wil h tin- coal
■ areas, will in the near ful ure
give: to fhe district a large
and important ■ uieialliirgical in
dusfi.-y. ■ ' "
'There are men of ordinary
ability who if they wer't'i as high
up in the 'aerial region, as they
think they are in the daily walks |
r ii a i; i.i-.s |.:s-rMi-:ui"..
50   YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
AiiTonr M'TirttfiK n fkr-lHt ntuJ clf-^Tlnl Wm m.-iy
t)U\c.\tly naofirtn.i. ntir oiftninrj  fret* v.-|iMilifr uii
tiiTftiM'in  Ifi prohnlily tmtrittnttU*.    ('"itiiTiiurtlrn-
tkwi-tftrloHy ^ondd^utlnl.  I In nil hook on l'nti*ntB
■ ."flit. fr(>«. <H'lc«t /ru'cncv Tor hcftiritiu i»iil.ouis.
I'ntntit!i Utkon ihrmitrh Muiin ,V t't>. hmm-Ivc
upsritit Tint ice, wiMinn' rti/trt'o, hi tin?
Scientific American.
A hn.n<1flf>nt«>ly i11ti«fr»»n*l .wo*»j,*.'|y. T.nrtrfst ctr-
culntioii ;(»r «ny pcloniillc Joiiriuil! T^niif*. f.'J n
vnar: four months, fl.   SoM hvitll nf»wp(I*.'n)«»rj<.
MUNN & Co.36lBroad^- New York
Brancti OBlco. CM I. St., Wonlilrifton. I). O.
l'p. ■ ■      ...     .        -.'-'■        ...'.' ..
' ltolllcil  beer for-family use a specialty.
SATIS F A CT10 N G U A R A N' i'EE D tE,/p„^o8.1
ii-tz &■ Scott,  Prop's..
Assorted Gar of Best Brands of Flour   and   Meals,  etc.
Plour, Patent Hungarian and Strong Bakor.
Rolled Oats, Cracked Wheat, Wheatletts,      :
i Cornmeal,. Buckwheat Plour, Split Peas,
Navy  Beans,   Lima Beans, Pot Barley, etc
Bran     Chops     Shorts     Oafs     Hay.
Fleetwood Tea. a pure article imported direct from Ceylon
try it once and you will use no other.
Fresh.-. Breakfast   Bacon,   ITams and   Dry Salt Side Bacoru
Butter and ■ Eg^s. :
FIREWOOD all lengths to suit all stoves. .         ;v
E.G. MILLER, Proprietor POST OFFICE BOX 836.
id$~   All goods guaranteed and pi-ices also as being correct,
Siiiid in orders. ' ^  sj-z?  THE PROSPECTOR, FORT STEELE, B. C, APRIL 10,   iflivj.  @Dfte $x0&peck0x  SATURDAY, APJML 10.   1902.  AMALGAMATED]" DIVIDEND.  New York, April 17.���The  much-discussed annual meeting  of the Amalgamated Copper  Company is in session today.  As the meeting is expected to  act upon the dividend question  much interest, is manifested iu  financial circles. The opinion  prevails that a dividend will be  declared, perhaps one half per  cent., but not more than one per  cent". ������ "    '-';, ~��� .-���---        -=----  KAISER  GOES  SAII.1NC  Berlin, April' 17. ���At the invitation oi' 1he -North German  Lloyd Steamship. Company,  Emperor William and -the German Crown Prince embarked at  Bremerhaveu ..today-Son ��� the  steamer Kronprinz Wilhelm for  a pleasure cruise of several days  in the North Sea. _ '  TO   PREVENT  TUREKCPLOSTK.  Ottawa. Ont., April 17.��� The  Canadian Association for the  prevention "of,, Tuberculosis,  which "was organized at ~a  ing held two years ago  �����  Don't Guess  At It  , But if you are going east write us for our rates  and   let  us  tell   you   about the,' service aud accommodations offered  bv the r- , ' ' '  "meet"-"  is holding its annual convention in this  city. Many ejninent medical  men are in attendance and during the two day's session the important question of the cure and  prevention ��� of consumption will  ��� be discussed iii all its phases.  TO   BUILD. BURLINGTON CONNEC-  it i ' I  TION.  Helena, Mont., April 17.���It  " was supposed that the building  of a line i'r'our Billings to Great  Falls, in-order to connect the.  Burlington, with ' the Northern  Pacific.and Great Northern, had  been abandoned, at least temporarily.. It is reported now,  however, that the Billings, &"  Northern .will bo= incorporated  "soon,- to carry out this, pi an,, construction , to commence at'an  early date, on the survey made  , ,by Burlington'engi'neers.  PALMA.OFF   FOR' CUBA.  ��� .New York. April 17.-  the passengers booked for Cuba  on the Ward liner" sailing today  is General T. Estrada Pal ma,  President-elect of the ' new'  ���Republic of Cuba". General  ���'Palrna will lake up the reins of  government ,'on the island May  .20. Seuora Puhmi-and the children do not accompany the General to, Cuba, but intend to join  him at Havana early next month  SULLIVAN   AND   HI UK   MEET.'    *  New York, April 17.���Dave  Sullivan, of whom little has been  heard since his defeat at the  hands of Terry McGovern, is to  re-enter the ring, at Water-bury,  Conn., tonight. ' ' His opponent  will be Austin Rice and the two  are slated for a 20-round bout.  Sullivan is reported iu excellent  condition.  ILLINOIS    CENTRAL    RAILROAD  Through tourist cars via the Illinois  Central from Pacific Coast to Chicago and  Cincinnati. ,  Kl  efi  EY  The    Coming*  Kootenay.  Town   of   East  , Don't fail to write us about ���your"trip Pis" we"  are in a position to give you some  valuable  information  and  assistance.    5819 miles of track  over which is operated some of the finest trains  in the world.   .       ,      '  For particulars regarding freight or passenger  rates  on or address:  Near tne famous  North  an  n  Iv-at-i  JVlii-i��8  call  J. C. LINDSEY  T. F. & P. A.  \i. H. TRUMBULL ���<  Com"I  Agt.  142 Third Street, Portland. Ore.     '  A Limited dumber off Lnots for Sale  at Prices Ranging from ..  ASSAYING  C. F. Nicholson,  Hkterbokottoh. li. C.  (Licensed by frovfnglal (.loveriimcnt.)  Gold and silver ... $2.00  Silver und'lead   2M)..  Gold, silver and Copper     .'1.00 '  o  Gold, silver, lead and copper..  -4.(XI  Samples  left  with  Garlin A- Duriek  will receive prompt attention.  CANADIAN  ^^RrAIIilVAY  ' i       r   '  World's   Scenic   Line  J?f$M ^y"  Fo    $400  FARM FOR SALE  -Among  The Daisy Ranch * situate  five iniles south.of Port Steele. *  Twelve hundred aeres under fence.  .'{20" acres crown 'ranted, the balance  held under pre-emption. Good irrigation ditch, 150 acres of cleared land:  Will cut IriO tons oMiay.   .  For further particulars apply lo  R. L. T. GALRRA'ITTr, Port Steele.'  vmuumwnntwimiiUuiuMi]A  J. TAENHAUSER  WATCHM AKKR  and 0 JKWK1.KR  Enk-ruviug  Riverside Avenue,  Fort Steele.  13. C.  Direct Line  ' HAST ���  .Whinipeo-  -  Toronto  Ottawa  .Montreal  New York  .   Via Soo   Llvk���St..  and all U. S. points.  Lowest Rates  "     WEST  Vancouver  Victoria'  SeatUe  Portland  San Francisco  I'liul,   Chicago  NOW    IS  of the year.  THE, TLUK TO HVY  as prices will  be advanced the first  Land Commissioner,  imiipegy  COMPANIKS"   ACT   ISM."   AND    AMICMDING  ACTS.  Notice is liorcby ffiven that James W.   R.  Young, Mining Engineer of Fort Steele. U. C.,  has  been  appointed  the   Attorney  for "Tho  Kootenay (I'crry Creek) Gold Mines. Limited"  In place of James T. Laidlaw.  Dated 15th October. Iflnl.'     '  S. Y. WOOTTON.  ItcKistrnr of .loint Stock Companies.  Tourist Sleeper Service  East:���Leave Dunmorc Junction, daily. Leave Kootenay  Landing, Tuesday and Friday:  St. Paul.' Toronto. Montreal  and Boston.  West:���Leave Revelstoke. daily  Vancouver. ',Scattlo.<.Coast.  - '       - ^ . '!  Steamship Service  From    Vancouver���Alaska.     < .liiiui,  Jap��u and Australia.,  Through bookings to Em-ope   via  all  Atlantic lines.  Prepared   tiekot.s  from all  points al, lowest rates.  J. S. CARTER,  Dis. Pass. Agt.  Nelson.  O.   -P.   XV.   ',,,'<  Man., or to  &t ELWELL  Fort Steele and Kimberley,  K I -M'.B-E  A^,    JL   ���  Horses   Ranched.  Horses rariclied'and led'.hay at  ,Si> per month. 'Pasturage without'hay Si'- per month. Apply  ���to,'     "'��� ' ' -.  PATRICK   QUIR.K  Daisy Ranch. Fort Steele.  aTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTfTTTTTTyTTTTTTTfTTnTTfffTTTTTnyynTTTTTTUTTnTTTTnTTTTmmmmmnmiT  NOTICE. '  Take notice that I liave (Icliiined'lho following animals, one Ri-a.v mure, one two year old  colt, and one yearliiiu coll. for food and pasture  . helwcen llie lirst, day of January. 1901. and the  lirst day ol January. mm, amounting  to llfty dollars, and il said amount is  not paid within three months Iron, date hereof.  1 will .sell the above described animals as provided by the ''Cattle Lien Act".  AN'DKEW MAXTISK,  Kisli Iv.Ute Ranch,  limed this Kith day ol .March. lihK  TO THE DEAF.  A rich lady cured of her. Deaf-  mess and Noises in the Head by  Dr. Nicholson's Artificial Ear  Drums, gave 810,000 to this [n-  stitute, so that deal' people unable to procure the Ear Drums  may have them free. Address  No. 14518. The Nicholson In  stitute, 780, Eighth���Avenue,  New York,lU. S. A.  East Kootenay  Bottling Co.  Aerated waters  Of all kinds.  Syrups, Champ.'i^nes, Ciders,  ���      Ginger Ales, EUp.  Your attention is called to the  ���'Pioneer Limited'" trains of the "Milwaukee & St Paul Railway." "The only  perfect, trains in the world."'  Yon will lincl it, desirable to ride on  those trains when jroiiifr to any point in  the Eastern States or Canada. They  connect' with all Transcontinental  Trains and all Ticket Agents sell  tickets.  For further information, pamphlets,  etc, ask any Ticket, Agent or  R. '[,. KOI 10. C. .1. EDDY  Piii*. Agent. General Agent,  SPOKANE. PORTLAND.  ANDREW   NEIDKi  GONTRftGTOR     and    BUILDER  JIOUSK AND SKIN eAlNTlXO  GAl.OlMiNINO and I'AI'KK HANGING  PORT STEELE,  B. C.  All   work  promptly done.  CAPITAL WANTED.'  To Develop  Tlie Ricli Mineral      ./ . r  <  Resources Of  South East Kootenay.  Partialiy Developed^,  And  Undeveloped Copper  And Silver-Lead  Properties  Are Offered  For Sale On  Liberal  Working Bonds.  FOR    REPORTS,    AND    LNTORM ATLON;  WRITE TO  CHARLES  ESTMERE.  Kimberley,   B.C.  UUUUUUllLLUUUUkLUUUUUUUUUUULULUUUUUUULLUUUUUlkUUUUULLLLiLutut  \ Fort   Steele' p  BAKERY,     p  H. A i> if, Proprietor.  R1 VERSlDE   A V ENUE  Opposite   Posl,. Oflioe.  , Engineers, Firemen, Machinists  .'& Eleotripians-.send   for 40-page  pamphlet conUtining Questions  fasked  by   Examining  Board  of  Engineers  to obtain   Engineers  license.; Address Geo. A. Zeller,  ' Publisher, 18 S. 4th Street, St.  _Louis, Mo.,pU.S.AP :   ,  Soda,i water in siphons,  economical way'to handle it.  The   most  NOTICE.  NOTIOK IS HKRBHY GIVKN l.liiil. sixty  days from'the (lute h'uri*<jr. I intenil lo :i|>l>ly to  the Chiel ComnilsHioncr of Lands nnd Works  Victoria, II. C,, for aSI'KCIAL LIOKNSK to  cut and carry away timliei- from tin-, following  described Crown Lands:--  CommencliiR at a i>ost planu-d at. a point  situate ouo mile north of the Nortli Kast.corner  of Limber limit held under .S. Lane's special  tittilit r license, situate near l.uke creek. Kast  Ivootenay. Thenco KasliiKluy chains: tlionce  Nortli elKlity ehainsP I heme West eighty  chains; thence south 'eighty chains to the point  of commencement comprising in all alioiitDIO  acres of limber lands.  TXited this IDth day of October. IWIP  44- CHARLES E. FINCH. Applicant  NOTICE.  NOT1CK IS MlOKKItY (JIVK.V thai, sixty  days iifier date 1 ihienil to apply to the Chief  cdmiiilssioiier of Liiiuls and Works for permission to iJiirchase the following described  land situate in Soutii liast Koolenay. Commencing at a post plained lit'.the North East  corner or IJotooA,Group I. thence north following the eastern boundary of Lo'tAA; thence east  to the,wesl boundary of lot807: theiiee southerly following the west boundary of said lot Wi  lo a point east of point or' commencement,  tbence west to point of .coiiiiiieiii'eineiil . f.'tin-  liilnliil,'ten acres'more or less..  .������������' 10.-.1. I.IANN  Dated at l-'orl .Steele lliis UKtb day of Oeeem-  her, Itttl ��� ���"'-  ' VVA'NTEI)-Tllll.STVVOI"iTir V M EN  AND VVOM-HN to travel -uid advertise  r<>i- old es'tiiblislied house (if solid (iniui-  cial stand in";. Salary *780 a year and  expenses, all payahle in eush. . No ean-  vassiiifr recpiired. (Jive references and  enclose self addressed stamped en  velope. Address Manairer. 355 Caxton  Bldg-.-, Chieag-ij.  GflNN & GO.  General     Merchants  Fort Steele. B. C.  Fruit  Confectionery  Stationery  Cigars.  Post Office   Store.  ROYAL  WOJll  KIMBERLEY.   li. C.  The Finest, Liquors and  C'i^arH and Best, It'iirnislu'd  l.tfioius in Town. ,  J     I... ��� GATHS,   Prop.  FREE!  Aslhiualcnc Ijrini>s Instant Relief and  Permanent, i^urc  in All  Cases. :  * SRNT AHSOLUTRLV FREE ON RECEIPT OP POSTAL.  '.'.  J.   HIGHWiARDEN.  PIONEER.  BARBER SHOP  ICvorytlring Strictly h'irsl.'C'.hi.ss  Next door to the Prospector.  Thui'c is nothing like Asthm��-  lono. Lt brings instant relief,  I'vi'ii in the worst cases. It cures  when ;ill else fails.  The   Kev.   CI.   F.   WELLS,    of Viil*  Uidoi    111 , ^iiy-:    '-Vniii- trial lxjttlo of  \ M II inilh iit   rei:i;i\'<^d in ^j"uod condition.  I   i i-inoi   toll  yon   how thankful I feel  loi Ih,  _,oml derived  from it...   T   vrn>  a-'  sl iu   i h mn d'with putrid' sore   throat  mil  i-ilmu for li;n yoarsp    f desjinired  of i,vi'|. Ik.-iii^;. ��:iirud'.    I saw your ��dver-  . .tiseiueiil foi- .the cure  of   this  dreadful  and   lorinentin��-  diHeiiso.   aslhuia,   and  thoiio-ht you, had overspolfen yoin-iielveB  lnil resolved to j.mv<!. it'a trial.     To mv  astonishment,   llie   trial   acted    like'  a  ,'rhari.n.    Send inn a, full-r-i/.e. hot.tle."  We want lo send \o eviiry sufferer a  'ii-ial ti-eanneiit, of Asthnialene, similar  to the one that. (Mired Mi-. Wells. We'll  send it by mail POSTPAID, A MSO-  LPTI-il.V. KKE'lv OF UHAUCp to,  any sulTerer who will write for ii. even on a posla.). Xm-er mind; thoug-li  you lire despairim.'. however bad your ease. Ast.hmaleiie will relieve and  eure. '.rue worse your case, the,more triad we are to send it.! Do not delay. Write at once, addressino- DR.'I'A FT R.K( )S.".M EDICINE CO.,  711 East. 1 ."I0t li St.. N. V.- City.     Sold by all Drujro-ists.  3  s  !  !  BEUEF.  i  i  '*  ���t  *'  i  i  ^ffff&ftf&fSrrJSft&effef&ffrcfff&ffffftfttKtMl  (I THE  PROSPF,(TO|P   l;URT .'.STEELE.   15. '<..'..   AI'KIL  IH.   HtO-j.
North Star Lodge
NO. 30.
A.F.  ANE» A. M.       G.  R. B. C. '
■-   P,    :   rofirswKi.i-'.pit'tv'Pp;.;'.  ■/'•
KeKu'iaX  liieeiini-'s,--W -Tuosda'y  iu'  each
'mouth at&iglit o'clock.,,   Visiting I'ircihern uro
■ cordially invited.       ■'■"...       ■   '. '".'"■'
,151k Kivcr I.odi-'e.1' l-Vi-nir'.  regular ine(-tinj,'s
hold lirst Friday ol enc-li month.-   , p    ■'.
'.. Cranbrook Lodde. Cranljn.ol;, regular ineet-
ini'sheUion the third TlHir!sdn.vof fcacli month.
H.L.MXihkr. Secretary.
Rock)-  Mountain  Chapter p
'".-,'-  ■. ...'NO, 125. R. A.M.   Pp"" p
-'■-.. ; FpRJpsrKEr.Ki-.B. v.,:.'',..'■■.'■-,■ ■'>'.
'': : Regular nieetino-s;—2nd Tuesday .in
each, irionth at.eiirlit o'clock.- ■■''    ^  p
.Sojourning- Companions are cordially
invited. '!' P.p.; e   ■'.,'■'       ■ <■■ .    "■■ -._
R. L. T. GALiiKAiTHrSer'ibe.h',.
* .-■Prbfessibttal. .-''■•'■'.
SATUKDA'V, iU'RJ-'L   lii"  Ii«i2.
'■R.;L: T:PGaloraith, pon" Tuesday.-went to West '-Kootenay:p ,. p
pC. J. McKeon. representing
Johri Wa na hiakei\ Pbila'delphia,:
was at the, Impexia 1 on-..Monday.
CM. Mansfield, PFernie,   was
a visitor'at Steele on Monday. :
^^ Wood's Phoeplioaino;
■„  Tlie "Great Erii/lisli' Itt'iittdy;
Sold nnd recommended'liy all
druggists in Canada. Only reliable uiedieiiKv discovered.   Six
. ._   .*J>w«feij?f,( f/raniiifed to cure  all
forms of..Sexual-Weakness,.-nil ofiM,is of aliul-'o
or excess, Mental Worry. J5xeessive use of To-
onceo, Opium or, Stimulants. .'Mailed on receipt
of price, oiie package $1, six, $5.''. One will plume.,
six mil cure. Pamphlets free to'any address. '
Tlio AVood Couiiiaiiy, \Viudsor,,OntP
pP->ol(,hhy, A-.-AV'.. lilViiirifl-i''
I .'1-11,11'
.63, v.. li-riP... A. til,
:■ '' D.   :Vp-Mott,p Fernie; ''was , in'
town on Sunday lastp :  ipp;p
y ,' :J^M^0^^j€-y^
kxa-mLva'pion;-,- 'VoV.'':'-''a.^,-vy'iWs:'V' i.p>,i>-
,p-..';. p.lC'KNpi-: 'pipi.:' !-::;ac-1'iPk.„, ip '■'■;■
'"'■'.'.. ':{..". Itlf.l-r'iSll    POI.UMl-lPv P -''-'p   ■■-.";.'
I X "ACCOKUANlP,; Willi- PptliiiPl:!: (P! llio
» Uiireiiu olpptines Acivpeioniifhiiil'Oits loi.-.,
oHUutyjjj.v.. iir= I lie praiHici- .ol' iiKsayiliiiPviU lift.
lieUTul Xclsoii,, li. -ip..;, oii .ikI April, IS'ii-,' ii;ii(
oii'sucli -fo'llow iijjMliry* k.c nuiy i>e   fmimi mvi\.,i
i.siiry.-  .-'.-, ' ■■"■■ ■   :■.■ '•-;'■ '■■■■■   --.-=pf -      " ,
■    -., y ., , ~   ., ■ :«     "'■ ';,■,,-('W.vi'.i(A.\i.:lv. Kijit K:vajii.\.\xi/'N.
;N.   A!; Wa-llillgei" Cattle   lip-fl'Om    .   ipd;™'"'" for -'nny-Pp-HiniKitiou iiiumi, I,,;, iioi-df.
the ranch oh Sunday last./
Geo. S-.McCarter,.-. .--.     p   ',     •   ■J-.A.-JJarvey
*.   B'l.rristcrs.   Solicitors.     ' ".'''..!
,'-..■!.(.."'P-     Notaries 'Public',    -..','■■.
■■',   - ■■,!' '■    '        ■    ■.'•;■    ■   ■..--. '" ,
'■"■■■ "••■;.■.;. /.   ,. ''.Coricc-ymiceyx clc.  'p' ;''■'■■>-.
y '^y -P-' FORT ::STEELEpb!  6."-''';-  .;.rp
Mr. and Mrs. T. Penvyickpvero
registei:ed   at   the''■■;■. liiiperinl   on;
Tue'sdiiv..'■■■«'■'",:-'--'-,--'- P:'r   -'-■''■'pp-'-" '•"""'■
Notice to Dfilmquent Co-owners.
To   y. '-y.    \Vflli111ns ""i'i'n'd'     .lohn, .1.
,.'■.',' ■':\ay.     ''.     (Poslclhu •;.'■ ■■'■■■•■./■■':•
. ■ t'ii; in :iii'y.iiihi.V pi'ivi!, or persons,lo,whom hi,
W they., iiiii.v'. li'i-'.'.-, iriiiiiVorre.dlils'or'ihc'ii. it'i-
fi.'.nisi., iu l.'ii.P'-.\I.i)..iiii:ii'iVi'!!ii,^.v'- iiiiiierii'I eliiiin,
>il.u'iil.,pi.tpi,'i-!H'.\'i.,-i.ork in 1 In- l.'ol'l. Steele, lilill-'.
inj; lUyKi^ii of Kilsi ICdoicuny il lip ivi-onied iii
.the' lii'-riirilerPpillJeijiii lMii.'i.K'teehP;ll/(.'.':   '  ,
, Vou iiinl ii'iic.h' i^f'you are liei-eby iiotilled. that
1 liii'v'e expended ,011 yoio/ undivided one fourth
iiiierii.stMii -iili'ovo eliiliii'StTSSs-Jhi*  tliii'd  diiy .'-'of
AiiKiisf. p,; ip. pSW. pifri'.v.  (liilhi^Ss'iii ;]iil)fn*llin|.
iinpi-ii\ riiji-iilssii|K,ii 1 |k;.-)| i^ove mentioned , iniii-'
eriil    i-liiliii v,.uri(li.v ,.Vlie "-provisions    of  "the
,WIlieriil';.,.., Aet. ;'■''.:   And  "''if.'  \ wltiiiii P iiiuety,
diivs'V fi-oni' .-'.i'lie' ;: dii to ./of; tills   .notice;  you
fiiil. 'nip i-efuse  in ,con!i-iliui(! your .portion- of
sueli os.peniiltui'e l.oKiHiici- with all,costs, W iid-
vei-tisiiii;.;youi- I'nl.ero.st In .'salilPelaiiii  will! lui-
eOin(,' tlie lu-opei-l.y Of,  liie's'iili-sei-llier   uniier
Soeljon I oi iui;,.U-t (unilleil -;.\'(i Ac!fii  A'liiend
iiie^Sniiel'iil.Aei'f lllltii;',,;..',',.    ■  .",'■.,.''■■:'■■■■,. ..'..-■>
• P-- .......Ppp. ''-..-,,   ■;■■•■■ :.i.:v'ii.'TiiK'.;s'i'(.)N.p
•l.Miied in, IPn-l Sl.e,i.|e'll|is :.'uii dny'.o'f .ji'iiiuiiry
A".'..11 Piihi.'.*. .,,.. 'P.; ''■-.,' '.-'■     ■■■"...• '-'■'-, :■-.'i-P-'
Canadian BanKoT Commerce I
in wriijiif... 10 -flii; SVcrouii-y of lh'i-..l.loi'inl Pf li*.x
aiiliiiers. nt least u-.n dii,vs lie,l'on- iliiP dui"., «ei
lor liegillliillg i.il'ii-Xpullillli.Uiii. inyd iiulsl  lie   ;|,-
ei.iiiilia.nied !>y.,l.lie iii.esenliy.il.friMp.ioi.   ,
.-.,; Tillies 11 ip'jpiift'ioii AViU, i-ojisist  chii/ilV 'nl. i'lip'i',: '. •"' '■-:
priu-n'(:nl a.sstiyiii)!- of ..-.iiiuplcs,  nnd -while -'the i  ;■' "■'
DeparuneMi of'Mliup will, proviili-, sll 'the.' up- j.     '"
; pai-atn-i .iiiul.-ei(eiiiini.l.v Osuiillv 'iieeessi'n-\,--!i'..
1 \vill inn umlcrtiuUi' to prnviiU- ;iuv si>n,'i;ii'-h-wii
11 '.   niiVl'l 1 Pi-Vilil^i 11.1 At    .111  .il\ l:i .. r. ...-:•■ ;. i.i I. £ . .1-.     ...:.. 1. i-    -..
Vv«'i■ \i>.\'S'i'txi: -, siokvtt'i.;!
I'llt- Dpiiiiiijo.'.i  (poveriintciu ;isT::now 'tiiaiu-
"J   -i      I'oiil- lip tJujiitsLl ^S/KlOjlXK); l{<i^erve Kuntl *2,00(),CK)0:  P    P?  ,
.'..'P...,-.      P;;      s A ojircw-Hto ]'^o,,,^ river *fi5,(H)0,tK)0.    ■    '_■/' 'P.'
\ '  PP'P     P        I.'niidoii'.Office;' (10 l.oinburcl Street, K. ,C ..''■:,   " P       ,
.......: p . New  Vork ()ffii;c;  10 lixclmiige Place. ,       spPP ■-.'.
And <iK liniiKdii.H in Caiiatht, the^Uiiiteir StuteBund BritiSh Colinnhia.^
Cranbrook Branch.'
* .'■
■•■* '
* .-
**«i*«***«**«*'$-*;**S;'«««^* ;o:
Hotel ##
Boundary Line!
Tobacco Plains,
-pP.P     Pp.    ,"-.-■     ■-.     .■''''V-i:''-'.-:-''r:p''P'i-,.PSP::',''/.-|("^il\'»''Pl?l.iiM,vfs.'-;i'-.i'-U mijilii: t.Pj i;ii'iiin;:ii"ipuii'iinfine S0.1Wice iii i.reveili.  |iu, in-
liiStellaanine on \Vednesda\p ■■■s y. ■ pj.e,xpeii.s'... p .up-pp p; p -',::, ,;•    -p.f,diA-iiMS fi;,..ni p..uiii ,,i-- i «u-; iti.uinidiv;:iv ,'iv>-'
Candidates  miisi '■, pVovi-le  (Ueni^
pMr.paiii],pMi;sp:Rp :,D:;,,:Mu,|.her
came Pdowtv from thep CHerry
creek ranch, dii!Tu(^sda-\p"PP:!p;-p,
j' p Thos Bin'ensP.Bidl;';riv6r,;P was
  .        ..i'\;-.   u un i
,iicli- platinuMi  vVHi-i'1 .,.iinV,"si'(s  hi'  w,;:;.,in^ -as '
iheyinay veijuin.' .• »
WiiiPjhn'''-" I'liineivP3        - !-( „,- ",.■••'    ,P;  ',■;,- ,/"
'riie   iliiannillnc ;i;uiii-d>,   iihenP Van'
,;,,.,,- ..        ,!- 1 I llll.Uiri'S   and  ,1. It.:.UANV.I .ISV and    all
,Thii   Depnrtim.in   :..>f   ^lim-p vvUI map,,   i o,        -.- ,.•■'..---'i-.,■■  .;■'- ','  ,    ..,       !,■'■■   .,  ,'
■l.it'it .aP'inKliil.;|ii\ivjl,l;|H.,i,.!i,ii-!;',;.,!;[l,,j »:.\ iifeu'lir iloi-.viniisi, I'l'-purl .-lo .tliein. giving satisfactory'
ages■orpiimei'.y-ssii.ry It)ss'i,-iius(-,ri,y !i'iiii'..,P-v-.''p;.|,:e|v'i.di:iieo''oi;P'ri.*i'eiii'-si^
.: .Alip^^iitiooiiptii^iriiiini.iii ,|,.>ii.i-,l ■;i,,,;,y, iir.;,ii[,lR.rwise;;ninisi:;,sill)iiili.: lo I lu-' viiecinatcd "oil
olu.-uiKMl, li-oin ,11.■.,|-.''Sifiuieliii-(:l,---S«et'et(i';.v,',!'-:. ..-„'„„ -,-■'.' ■', ■ ..- c'. ■'.'" ' ,'• ■' .-■••■„■! ■-. . ■' -.,:. '..' '•'.;,-.
lloiiyd'of Kxauiitiers:, Vioiiirfn. i'■'( '." , ■   '   j l'."s^ni!,.."1 -".''.."..'.'        ■.-■..■■• p'-.,.",.';,-,■"<■<'   -'-..'P
,,;,.;   :p;;:-     ,,;; :p. ,K. tl.^'RIOKi1 P        ■ :'pp    '"A  heavy y.iliie   iiiay; ho , iufposed  on - iiny
MiitiMt-i: -(''PJ/pic,•.,-.....{ in-.fA;.?!<yo« ,o>!K,t,V,'--'?,yP01"'llL,ryl'W;iU«lii"i»tttir,.r't-tf»:i!!
v        ■'.■■■!r   ''■"       '•■'-'■"      ; y -'■■'■■'-'-['-■..■■'Clbve'riiin'aii't'A
.C^OIPLECTIONS   P PROMPTLY     "MApE. P-j^j^^jj^ oil ;Mblldll SPP-PpP'r''--'-Pp :^^ IM*\
pp.^iV/ RpKoss i-eturhed'iW,Pernie
i-ou. Mouda v-P '■-■■■■ ;•'■>'• v.-,,., .iPp-.p,,,;'; -y/v'- p-,p
';"■ ,■'••->U-N-E.l^i;.i.AC-T,- ISVitV.   p
.'-..'•"'"-:" ''.:':' 'P'lP'loi :r,p-','"-p- •! •■;,;.;
■f,-|t'i:iFii-.ei-F, oi-r i.vn'ion-K.viKNip:
Solicitor i
ti^y.'1^^:p,ppP.-p ,\.p'P,,-.PPpp-pP^
,v fU't'll ;WAT'I'.,M. D. .---. >-p:vP'
p yX' 'M I N'lCKA'L'' AO't! pp!'.'PP;'y .
?■■;•:■■, "'-•'.'    (Piiiim'F. 1 p .,;:''-(;;.-';''"■„;-•''
pKipririipVi-K yn:* ;iMem!.\p;MKSf*rs. Jy. p
JULES HUREL   Proprietor:   t
■v.-;pp,':--P :'.ppp-:uP.i.:rApPirst:Cla88pHome":' X ',p!::'': :-..-'',
^-PySt.age-Jhie leavesJvoote
^ FridayatS^t inpp;^
2;p-day' at:£aPiir.P.PP'P"p !Pp,PP^
M i'ii (M-ii 1:1
■Fort^sveeit, '■'■■Ji^'Oy^-uyh^^^ b^ri^^i^kk- :-itf- :y^myin^ yy^wy^
...     ' , ■'..'",::.:'.. ',.",.»■       .;.-.   PI the Iflipei'ial- OU  Sunday- lastp-:; pp jp-Wl&re located Pa'uoii tone and oneluilf uii!
'-.Morninji-  Star   !M iiieral Oiaim.-;:
; 138 Leadenhall'StreetPLondon.: England.
ICusI) iCiioieiiii.v..   .; 'pP.PP';! ;";--iv ",'P'.'P.•' ''' .,"■'-■' ..'
: AVliere ioeii ted: --On W'li i te;0 rouse M 01111 in in'
.ioiiiiuf,''ihe lliiri'is C!roup. :,
.!N:'.\yi;fi:onj'-the.I>iick,lii;i.'aj.'if 011 Hull I!Ivor:
■il.. "■■■
iT h o -M a; s": m c .v,"'1!t. t.'.-i: e;
P. JL^. S .:■:<&";. e-^E^i
' Eort Steele B?C.
:,fp!',p^-:. pP:,'PiK'::!ip--:PP:-;:'P!:''i!>:-'!::-p.PP:':.:-:..P;:
'('.     .       '   „ ■.—-—!...——: —1——        ■■.'"—-'..— 1 -'   ■
Shaving. W Hair Dressing Parloi
f-P^Pp-' FORT.:STEELE, bTC. '■'-''!;,p-;'
'P:-.C6l0rier;:aua'PMr'S-> P;i.'in;^nolieoaliaUi,OeorKe.Rlatlh.!Ws^fori^
Were ilVtOAVn-OaPTpuesdav;-:  . ■' P'/'j S>^&!^^ '#1-.  ^ipP>"d aeti.^Pis A««V,u  for Ahel.SVanso:„.
,,,.  .-.....        ,,,;,. ..,.-■■  ,,„,,■;„;.;■ ,„.......... .y. ,y.... .j I>.u.ld, l..rUlth>, 1. ree pioiei-.s -C'eri-illeate .Xo,    i,-,.0(.^ii:ier's , Certificate .No,  liJ- oOOOT, .Free
.':' xf:.'':..j   'mP.P:;   ! ■i"-':"S'   t.P;P.;:-..,J1^ «W^-"'-»'^»^-.««*<y-'l».vs",fiy:ii  Hup.r..ie  Mi^rV-CertiHeaie: NoP li.iiiin.i,,  intend  sixty
M.l'.P aud,:Ml'S.";,A. ;-B.pFerivVJek^j;hereof;;:Uiapi)ly;io:Oie,pniiiiif;  Ueeonler.for 11
attended  thei'danee ;'at:-:the  traV:!Cer*.J^^-°
iperial on'Tu'esdav:'■ . p "° 'p yy: ■■ tobtflv,""f:i f°*»pl*"Pof L'1<? '•'w'v,i *'."illlK- P
'»"■•'- ..-•••   ;     -■-.-■■ ■■ 'i- '■•■■■-■•-. -:And"fui-thjeiy.iik(;:ii(iiiec\ that iietK:ii.7uiu!er
'.'■■■.Jp;Ap;Haryey,vwent;.i'Q: E1 kopon
legral business Monday. p   '
^ec-ljoii ;iTrinust-'-be(c"o'inirii*iic-ed-i.)el<)re'.ih(- isi-s'Vi.-
iinee'.ofpueh f'leriiIleale of..fiiiij'r.ov'c/ue'iits'.
'f. [ Uati'iipiiis Nthplay .ir' April.'.*,, i).: \>,w:.      ;p
•i.i'tt-.-'.:.■ .'•:'.' :-::p.P;P-::,f)AVl"l">;k.PNK\\;KLlp
their pLardo; servicePcomhiencihg
'April 14th tcp twice 'a^ AveekyMonPr
daysPahd ^htn'sdhys:oh the pres
All kinds of hair workup p
.'°       •■■■  p.. •■"      < ksiiecialty.
> ■"■'-.... ":' P    .:■' \   '.   \    "•'.-■-.■■.,.'■ .-'■ 'r   -
A. J  GREZ,   -"  -   Proprietor
the- only';,." Puihkillerp-Pei;ry ,; Diivisp-^
w'iieii ,y,bii;-ink for, it:':,-, BeVtei* be stii-e
than - sorry?P5lt./hits Piipt.''; !in u'OP-earsp
failed to stpfi'looFeness'iiiid^iaihpi 11 tli'e
bowels:-—'Pvp' --:.-;pS;.i--:-i'p,;:::,"--■■■;■.•. .;.;■:-':;:;- >.y:r.f-,
pp For Sale: Rent
ipbip Exchangepp:;
days i'rpin the dale hereof: to! ajiply iotliti'Min-'
in^ l>(](-oi-do|. ftji-ii C'erliliea'fo of fniprovonieuts
for ilie,purpose pfpilifiiinintf'■'a'.i.'Ci-dwii.'/.f.l.ra'hV
of iIk? ai,io\'e eliiiin. - .:'■:-;,-. ;--'-. '.':■! '
pAud fui-lher" iiike.iiotieip'ihatPietion.,'under
,seetion.nr.inii.st;h(.. eqiiiiheueed heVore the issuance'of'sueli C!erl'iif'eiiiVp'iif-t'in"prov.i'nicii't.s.-.-'•-,
D.-ilci'i this lirst iiayof.Api il, A.IX.: IllOp   15—:
PPP:;- pPpppp.,'NqTlCEP-Pp
:•'■',- 'i'AI\EPv\OTlfJE. thiittliirtyPlays, from llie:
ilaii! lie'.po|'pl;inl(.ii(yio(i|)piy!to tile Chlcf.C'oin--
:;HEA'n- Op^iCR:0p;-pPp'£'':'.:;.;
4(5 .Ql'JlSBN^I'GTORrA '&T.\y
p British;;Colombia Office*
^pFORT; 'STEELli:,'VBP b^^P'./-;;-4P-:p
P: Cp:Mp;EbwARos,-'Pp^
-|;"(ten.'rPpMana!gEikSS;!   .!:p,'-pp;©
'.'•'^p;l'»pi;H<3pi?ai' ;r'ained"Kootj^naSpPvPalLevp!for, SALbi'oii"!ea^^;term^'lV;p'
'l)i'0.xmii ty"top lie; GRO>\r'srN^S
- Cfinsists-oJ'/2^l acres'o,   ^u^tchif j.;'i,tci I ,nlv-^io!Un' °r '-""'^,•.'»'< \>Voi-1?k, ry.-:i sip.-cii.i
sheds.,;r(,i(it-ti(ius-.P.eie. "Ptitli-*   in-riei-r- -:!>ii|:1'>'.(:!:l:KK i'pMiP. Southern .DiviaioiKof th,
Jf.yniPPv-itiilPtpcheajpraiH .l-lifip.isic.iil'
qh(P !f(ii-,piiiiji1roveiii(.'hlp.,;pp l'?m-l,heitPi!iP
Tcn-niittioiiMp^VpRAiVE;; l;iii!rl.:rii'e;..le.
plisj.i-iei of lOast Kipiteniiy.pas; fo]Ip'\vs;ppCom:
p ;Mrp; aiid-Mrs.--Harg'rea-ye came
down froiii the Grange Kaitchpon
W"ednesday;'p:P-^':;p.,;! -': .P''p:.pp .p!
f NP p'Hahsoh.P^SWasapP^ ;was!   a
visi tor at Steele oh Wedhesday.
:iTAi lor. ,,;;;.:; p
;.   ::   Rocky :Mountain Avenue.    ■
:" p ' pforj; Steele, B. G.     '
Gonstablo   Dow,   Elk;
town on Tuesday. '.'R,,
was. in
;,. M.    Durick   viSited   - Elko;; on
Wednesday!    , P
I §^^.y^f:^^y-S:^-^^r:i<i. :y/Wy '|1;ll,!l1 Marcli :J-'na'.
iii(..|ieiiif?'0iil. a/posL;])Iiiute(l oil pilenorth' iiaiik of
I 'ei-i-y CieeUii lioii.l, l woiiiiles ahoye Old,-Town:
':yyy fiieuepiioi-ili eljility elialiip: !tliohi.p\vcsi eighty
eliiiiiis: -'tlieiiee'siiuili ;eif,'lit.v iiiiii ill's p.theiieii
eitjii,-'fojioViiifr tlie baidPof Poi-rypilreel: :loPtlie
liw!'.' ppp:?'! e :.'P''':.;"'P:;
j ,.'>pin-P,:-:Pp..:PP'!■■ ,yy- .Ai.ViJj's.-'.'TU'ONV- '!•■"
p;ppEo ts^!Vhi p-tHe^ town
•'; -:P;:'!5,1.-,!vO,:;p I^oast;S;poi;p; tlieP; higgestp \vatei*;ppoweivf ,i n": vSouth^jEast";©';!.!
Rai 1 way!ppp'.:,!"P'--#PPppP!pp
'' Daniel Mtinro   returned ; from
Elko on Wednesday.      ° P
Fort Steele -        p
Diamond Jubilee  ,
miss folson.
,.'. Matron.
.     Graduate'of St. HiUes'l'id>pi,t:il.'
'-'.. ■'      i   ''     Vanenuver. H. (.'. '
TJiis Institution has; been reeently
e'nlarg-ed by a new win*;- whieh is non-
open for reception of patients. For
terms apply to ;    ■•
Mr. aiid.Mrs. K: pT^ Higbye
came down from Sheep creek" oh
Wednesday to take'"the manage-,
ment of thedining room at the
Imperial Hotel, '•" - '   pPP p ;'., ;v
oS.eeding.'ti'm.e is at .hand.; pThe
Fort Steele Flour and Feed
Store .having supplied their
customers have a small assort-
meii.t, left to be disposed of at
low rates, y Consisting of; Red
Top, Timothy,. Red Clover and,
wheat. ■'■'.,  !'• P. .".';*'""
(<,.-• WP<" SS f.'iJ- i»".   jr.;
p Avoid -"'dangerous, irritating Vtfiich'-■ Hazel M
preparations rcpre'sciilc '. to ha "tiie'same as''' re
-.Pond's,Extract, wliiciveasii/soars an;l 6tt.cn g
ntain "wood alcohol!"' a deadly poison. P. Si
.-".Add"' a ';.' 'p" to 1 uc'k   and   you
have the true secret of success!
Miss Fo^som, ■ or
.r. F. Smith. See.
Fort Steele. H.C..
. We're;liaving it gla'dsoiiie   newo-
sprinsr: '    -     ■' - ' '" '- -   ' ,
E. .1. Boynton. Mei-fiilnii, P-'ind
JPf;. !T,row- Port Hillpvere.at the
Imperial on Thursday.
T; 6. flnWOOQ
■■    '    Fort .'Steele, B.C.
.Tinware, Galvanized Iron. -Sheet
.     Iron,   Stove   Pipes  a>nd ..'
■ ,v.^-,    Copjierwaiv ■
Phnnbiiifp   I'ivk:   littiiiir   nnd   all
kinds of sanitary worlc .
flir, TialiT—Hor, Blast cStoves
Hydraulic    a,nd    Air , I'ipe.s   for
'-'       Mines    !
J. Uslier returned On Thursday from Elko, where he has
beerf visiting foi" the past week.
Thomas    liae.    Tracy    Creek,
was'at, the.Imperial on Friday.
.'!. P. lionfia.p Morrissey, visit,
ed Fort Steele on H'riday...
Mr. and Mrs, .A. Neidig -were
visiting at -Little Mull Itiver on
Friday.   .,.'
came,    up
and   Mrs.    I leiidei'son
fi-oni'   I In-   -niiK'h    mi
St. John's Ckm-chot',England.
Services .will bePheld in the
Church-bf St..' Viol ih '■ file - Divine
every Suhda,'y evening-.at 7:B0 ex--
i;c])t;on"tho■ third Sunclay ih each
monthpwhen the sen-icepvill- !be
held at- 11;, 6'clbek :;i\ iii;- by.-1:lie,
vicar, the KevP'-I-L ..Beechani.
■ Holy Commitnion wiII be ad-
ministered nt tlie cliise of tlie
service,,.- "       ■ ;.    "   '    . p
■ Strangers are welcome:p   .-'"
P   -    PRESBYTERIAN   OirtiRCil.  ,
.pChi'i.stian service will , be conducted in"' the Presbyterian
Church by the'..Pastor Key. D.
McK. Reid. B. j\..!ey<.*ry Sabbath
evening at 7:80. ', Siindiiy School
at-il'-p.'m': ""'■'.     ': ,'p,; '
All-are welconie \q oiir.services
Hotel Arrivals.
IMPER1'^1'-     "'..'"■«'.       ."•■' ■•'• ■'.:   ■:   ' f
C. M. Keep."' I\ end rick's. ,;ldn ho
, II. Haines, Cranbrook p
1 D   V.,Mol.t. -Fei-'nie ,
'.VIiv and Mrs. A.  IP-Fenwic'k
' M ivand M i'sPT.  Pciiwiek
C. .1,. Melveon, I Miiladelplii;.
.   10   (;.  Boynloir-. AIi*i-i-ilhin 'Wis
.1. (i/Ti'owPPdi-l"l-Ii.H.. Idaho.
•'Thonuts li'ac, Tracy ('re'ek-
. .1.. I ■'.   h'eii na. .Vii irris.Niiv
1 'l.'o Joseph AJct'iirin, ,1. ,\V. Alc'ciami.. iin'tt; W
A1. IJiu-ris. dr to iiny porson bv. porsoiis lowliom
tliey or .-my of tlu'iii inii'y-lia vd transferred ttie'ir
br liisinterost in llie ■■lli",''..'Heiul-'l'loy*-; -'Honey
Coiiib", ".Qiiebn of Slieliii'," .and -.;l>iui;' Solomon:
mineral, claim's. UnOwiiPis tlie .','boklen -,'uivu'
Groiip"iiii(l situiite iiti.lie Forks of Willi itor.se
creel;, in.ilie l.'orf Sleelp Alining' Division of
Kast ICooienny and rccorcled...in;tlic:qnice:of the
Mining Kecordei-lit Port Steele. P      ■ ,'
nt."..' Yo.u" and- each of you ■'are hereby notilied
tln'it I liave-expeii'ded K.HOOiit assessment work
on tlie aliove meiitioiied mineral,claims' siiioe
tlie Sth.dn.v"of Ati^ust!, A:.:D.vvl894,.uiiderthe
provisions'oi' llie; Mineral AetppAiul if. within
ninety .(lays from" tlie, diitq- of!this"notice'you
fiiiI.Por. refuse to.-icontrib'uto' your portion of
siicliexpendiiiire'rtogether \vitli, all costs, br
lulvei-iising. y.qiir and eiicli' of your, interests' in
said, claims wilr-liucgnio' the property, of the
'.iiidersigne'iUuiideivSectionH of an Act entitled
;'An Act to Aiiiehd the Minera 1 Act.pflOOj'!^,:; .--,.
. - On ted- "a t', I-'ort, ■ .Steiile (liis -.irtli ; day ?bf
Mai-cli. iiiiii!.' !vP--.v. .'■   ;.,.. ... p,P     ;P- PPp
,''!•>-'    ;P ■'■', P-P-'p-.   ,        ;   C. M. PAKKKR. :■>■-..
'..   Save-your ..Snowslio'e Tags.
.-■'.Tho.'most popului- I.)I';iik'I cil' ■ Chewing1
Tobacco, in C'.'iimdiL toihiy, is "Pay
RpLi'/'P-. Kvory.-pluif-ol' "Pay ItOLL":
.beiii's :i ••Snou-.slii)c'pTag. Coii-iiinici's
should save t liese tiijj'ss, as valuable, presents are o-.iven;: for lliein. Tao>- are
o-.ood lip io January 1st, 1903 -'VVi-ite
I'iiv om- new illnsti'.aied premiuiii catii-
Idgue. The' I'lnipiiv '.I'oliiiei.-o Co., Ltd.;
U'l'iiiiipe;;- ISi-aiich, \\riiuiiiX'y;, .Nf;in.   'P
B. G.
p  l*i*oprietors w
The Pioneer Hotel.    '; ComfortabieBedroomsi
y,'; y  ■!; First..Class..;Dinirig ,Room.^.. p! :p„.v//
Best Domestic and Imported Liquors and Cigars-
P ■"First-Class"'■>.'
j     FARMp FENCFNG    |
,   ...-'               ,            ONLY
|30Ce,1ts per ROD
i.'di: sai.k in-
Picton, Ont.
rStore    §
\'V,;,;- :'"::\/Fprt'•.'■Steele,'.''B.sG:;y^yy..y.    '\:.y'j.f~*:
'In Cigiirs. Cigarettes. Pipes and Tobacco. - ^3
^       ' Finest, Variety bfPipos and Smokers Outfit  ;: 3
^ ' In j.h<? District, lticludin^Meerschttuiij, B. B. B.--':':2"
^   '■;"-..     ; Alpha, ;and|Qtlier Brands. 5
i •...'.". -/r:''V;-;:: ^^'^:':-.;;^\;i:';\';;::'- ';^.:.
m^r    .p   ,1 iiiporled aiid Domestic Cigars at Lowest Price's        "'   H2
^ Billiard and Pool Parlor and Reading p3
^ p   liooin in Connection. . ■ / P?3;
5^ Proprietor.
Prom-'present  itidioatioii.s   .-iiiil
dovelo|)iiieiit.s l.hi-rc siicms to   lie
M iiiin^ il<■ \«■!(,>|h11<'lit in Smith
j Mast Kooiona.y is pruuTossiiig
j sli'iidil v and- fairly  siti.isfii.cl.orw
(Iroi'L'.c   .1 -udd, i-a nio di iwii I'r.din
a-'great, future for tin* mines cast j t li<' Sla,r group of iiiiin*s' <»n    h'ri
of .tho Isooionay river. play.,    I lo ropurls a. largo 'amount
'.  'Of snow  in the   iiiouiila-iiis.
Many    prospector^    are     now      p , -—r-
lea.ving for, the moiintiiins. Yory   few     peuplo    have   any
idea of  the   impoi-laiici.'   and   in-
IliuuK'e'f)f the coal and iron pros-
]i.ects iii this district. ;
(ioveriiment Airont Armstrong
was at Fernie ou Friday.
Prolitiiblo Spuculntion.
Why s|-ie(*iilal'e iii the slock iiia.i'kel,
in- iii.'a.n.v ol 111 * i - way \y ln-n .\< ni <-.-i n make
yiiii.i- iiiiiiie.y u-ui-k I'oi-yon;-' '\\',. haven,
inel hod i.i s'pcei.ihi.tiiiii 1 hat. is.'sa.foi- iind
.inoi-e proliiiililf than . any ever, beloi.c
di-viscd. .Send your naiiio and .adilt-i.-ss
and. we uii I mail yon a. p.-i,mplil|;'t yiviii"-
lull iiil'iii-iiial ion. Addi-ess A. II. Mills
.V < '('■., Sinile SIM-SO."", I'lirk- I ;,'-,„■ |!,|i|,l.
int;-,. New >'oi-k* < 'ily. Neu1  \'orlc,
1       i, READ.
Manager. ^S
Cranbrook,   13. C.
W'hon in the uiarket for Liquors,
' Winus, (Cigars and Schiltz Beer
Don t go  out of Kootenay for.
you can do better at home  by
consulting  the big wholesaler
at Ckanbkook.


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