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The Phoenix Pioneer Feb 7, 1903

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 Boundary Mines Sent
Out 500,000 Tons of
Ore in J 902. <*-'*»
Phoenix is the Centre
and Leading Mining
Camp of Boundary.
Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining: District.
No  13.
I   I.
Ring off the Old,
Ring in the New.
Shortage For Both Mines and
We have been carrying all the
- different makes of Shoes, but
smce-we-have put in stock the
we have found it impossible to
dispose of the other Shoes, so by
tins 'we will ring off all the other
maker*' Shoes at COST PRICE.
Everv mnu who wears the
Genuine Slater Shoe realizes that
there is something that makes
them better than others. They
are a little' later and more snappy
in style; a little more fashionable
in,appearance; a little better fin-
- ished and a little lower in price
than others of the sa»ie"grade.
We also have the Goodyear
American Rubbers in all styles
and shape*. Why not wear the
best?    Same price as others.
We are now offering special
bargains in Ladies' and Children's
Shoes. Ladies Shoes, nice line
at $3 to $4, to be cleared at $2
per pair. Children's. $1 per pair
and upwards.
' We are now going through our
stock, picking out small ends for
the big Remnant Sale, which
starts Monday morning.
You will find,  on  examining
our stock, that all other goods are
selling at the same reduction.    A
call is all we ask.    We'll do the^
Dry WcatberCaiiaca Ibe Difficulty. Which Is
Ptrlona—Saowsboe Mine Can Only Ran
One Shift, frcaatc af Lack of Wafer.
A difficulty hardly anticipated by
iheoffVialsoftheC. P. R. when the
Hrundary branch was built, has been
Mating them in the face for some time,
especially on thePhoenixfspur.^This
is the shoitage o'f'water. •', With a par-
tinilaily d
Dr. Oordoa Reiuraf.
Dr. G. S. Gordon, ciiy>nealth  officer, who'has been  absent for nearly
four months,  returned  Tuesday, and
has reopened his offices in the postoffi-
ce block.   While away the doctor visited several large cities in (he east, including Toronto,  Montreal and New
/ork, arid took a run across the pond
to England, where he has a sister. He
slates that he enjoyed his ^vacation immensely,   and  while away combined
business with pleasure,  talfinff in the
large hospitals in the cities visited. On
the other sfde of the water he met Dr.
H. Lewis Jones and G. S., Waterlow,
of the Snowshoe mine directorate,.of
which minejthe doctor has charge in a
medical and surgical capacity.    The
doctor says he is glad  to get b»ck to
Phoenix once more.        -.£,
Boundary Mining Notes.
Granby and C. P. R. Division
"     Officials.
Supt. Dowale Stayed la (be Boundary Several Days to Pat New ArraniemenU Info
Effect—Also Tralamasler Lawrence.
Municipal Ecoaony.
A wave of economy is sweeping over
the incorporated  cities of ;Kooteriays
ty winter season  and as uiirjand Yale/the new city councils .real-
1 HunWiiricl Co.!
The balance of our Xmas stock of China
Ware will be sold at the ACTUAL COST.
The variety is still well up to the mark, and
there are several 4 and 3 piece sets stil* un-
sold. This will give you a chance to replenish your stock of dishes for very little money.
Drop in early, and so get first ehoic§,
Not much use in commenting on our usual big
stock of GROCERIES and PROVISIONS. All merchants arg kjg va{uje givers these days, yef we think,
after Investigation, you will find us here with the
goods at prices that are money savers to you, quality
usually heavy deniand fi.r water for
engines because of the heavy ore traffic,
it lias c.iused the railway division bffi-
ci.-ils no little anxiety. . .' j
The nearest tank on the line to
Phoenix is located a mile or two below
Hartford Junction, and this ,hasbeeii
drawn on so heavily, arid the winter
has been so dry, that no"water whati-
ever can be had there at ••present'.
I ately the engines have been filled
Horn the larjje^tank of the Granby
mines, into'which* waterfrom the shafts
is pumped, but.early in the week the
diaft on this was so heavy that it also,
went dry, and two or three times lately
the drills at the mines had "to be temporality stopped because the C. P. R.
engines had diained the tank.
Arrangement*-, however, have now-
been made for a supply of water from
the system of the Phoenix Water Supply Co., L'td., and a hose has been run
uoni the nearest hydrant, to be replaced with a four inch pipe shortly. There
is a splendid pressure, even at this
high point, above Old Ironsides aye-,
nue, and. the engine tanks, can be filled
in a few minuses each."
An average ol about 15,000 gallons
of water is needed.by thejjpocomotives
here daily, or something over 2,006
gallons for each of seven engines. The
new management thus temporarily, at
least, solves a problem.which' has been
the cause ol a good deal of trouble to
the C. P.-R., and which it is extremely difficult to remedy at this stage.
Suowahoe'a Wafer Famine.
At the Snowshoe mine; also,, there
is a water famine, there being absolutely no water for compressor use except that which Is pnmpecV from .the
shafts. The result Ts that there is,
even then, but enough water to ' operate the compressor for one shift, consequently the drills are only run one
shift daily: Fortunate')', much' of the
work at present is in the open,quarries,;
where but one shift can be used to ad^
vantage. For domestic purposes there
is still sufficient water, ancj when the
snow begins to meit therewjll be water
enough" and /to spare for all purposes.
By that time the compressor will probably be connected with the Cascade
power line, and will operate by electricity.
lying that expenditures must be brought
within gunshot of incomes. This is
notable in Rossland and Nelson, and
the problem is not an easy one. Of
the smaller and newer cities, Trail is
probably in the best condition/owing
not a dollar, and having cash in the
treasury. __Ofthe three incorporated
cities in the boundary, Phoenix is
probably the only one that will not
retrench','as its municipal- afljsirs have
economically conducted , for a long
time past.
•    " Sold Machinery Plant.
R. IK Williams, Boundary agent for
the Canadian Rand Drill Co., this week
sold the following machinery plant to
Dr. J. S. P. Wells, of Columbia Um
versity, New York, which wil^bi shipped to the Morning Star, in ?Fairview
camp for prosecuting development:
One 35 h. p. boiler, one 6\8 hoisting
engine, one No. 5 Cameron plunger
pump, with cars, ropes, buckets and
other accessories.
The Morning Star was bonded a
short- time ago, one of'tNc'd'linsTS bej
ingS.teye Mangott, well known in Phoenix "camp as one of the locators of the
Brooklyn mine in the early da) s.
Boundary Mines Shipped 52,-
98| Tens,   *
Last Monday Jay   P.   Graves, general manager of the  Granby  Co., arrived in phoenix and spent a couple
of days.    He was accompanied on the
trip by H. N. Galer, the assistant manager, end also by Wrn, Downie, superintendent, and J. H.   Lawrence, trainmaster of the 'Kootenay-Boundary division of the C. P. R.    The object of
the visit just now was to see if some
better and more  satisfactory arrangements to Granby  and railway officials
could not be made for the more' expe
ditious handling of the large shipments
of ore now being made from' the Granby mines in this camp—averaging 1,-
.500 tons daily.
The Granby officials realize that-Mr.
Downie has done everything in his
power to forward shipments promptly,
but the unusually heavy snow this winter has seriously handicapped the railway company in many ways. As a
result the smelter has had to draw-
heavily on its reserve of ore, and late
last week was forced to bank one of
fts battery of four furnaces for several
days. "
As a result of the visit of the gentlemen mentioned, the new arrangements
now in effect have materially facilitated the handling of the 01 e, both by
the mine workers and the railway employees. Both Mr. Downie,and Mr.
Lawrence spent several days this week,
making headquarters at Eholt, and
personally seeing that the new plans
wotked out to the bes*- advantage. Wm
Yolen Williams, superintendent of the
Granby mines, is already much pleased at the results of the new order ol
About 40 men are reported as working on the several high grade properties around Greenwood.
No shipments have been made from
the Emma mine this week, but they
will be resumed shortly.'probably to
the Granby smelter.
Late last week a 'furnace at the
Granby smelter was banked, on account of trouble in getting ore in time.
It will probably be started again today.
Machinery for the 20 stamp mill for
the Nickel Plate mine. Camp Hedley,
is being hauled from Penticton. The'
foundations for the mill have been com-
pleied by J. A. Munson, the contractor.
A company with $1,000,000 capital
has been formed to develop the Faithful and Surprise claims near Danville
(formerly Nelson), Wash., just across
the boundary line; Smelter returns
from a test shipment gave $17.85 per
Peculiar State of School Mat-
Several days ago three shifts of machines were put on in the Old Ironsides mine, and Wednesday last three
shifts of muckers were put at work in
the Knob Hill. The additional men
are necessitated by the increased ore
Chas. S. Sangster, the mechanical
man of the Jenckes Machine Co., is
expected in the city any day to out up
the balance of the machinery of the
new 6c drill compressor for the Granby Co., nearly all of which is now on
the ground.
Coifs (be Cily a Pretty Penny for Scfcolara
Woo Do Not Reside W/lafa tfee City Urn-
\ii—To- Be Looked Into'.     '     ,>„ ^ —
Granby Record Smaller Than Was Expected
As Four Furnaces Were Opcratjd But a
.   Small Part of Last Month.
Our HARDWARE stock is replete with
goods from the best markets of the world.
t)o not forget that we sell Sewing Machines.
;-    Ate^r* W$ begin ,803 in good shape and in
the very best condition to cater to th« pybHc,
We solicit yo«r ppXtomge.
Have a Lot of New Eagles.
Last week Friday an aerie of the
fraternal Older of Eagles was organized at (.ireenwogd, with the following
officers: Worthy past president, J as!
McCienthj president, J. W. Nelson;
vice-president, H.' U. Madden; secretary, Charles Wilson; treasurer, A. II.
McNeil; conductor,T.Pickard; guards,
W. McDonald and George Wellwood;
chaplain, Thomas Gaine; trustees,
Philip McDonald, Duncan Campbell
and Fred Munn.
A large delegation of Eagles from
Phoenix, which had the first organization of the kind in the Boundary,
flew down the hill to Greenwood, and
half a dozen came over from Grand
Forks, to assist at the installation ceremonies. The new lodge starts off with
30 members,
For the first month of TQ03 the
mines of the Boundary start off with
a good record in the way of ore
shipments, but not neariy as good as
it would have been had the seven,
instead of four or five blast furnaces
been in steady operation. However,
the total, of over 52,000 tons is quite
respectable, and what is more, it bids
fair to be larger in FebJuary, a shorter
month by three days.
From the sjx leading nii'lPS, practically all the shippeis, the tonnage
was as'follows)
Granby mines  28,824
Snowshoe.  5,880
Mother Lode...... 10.231
Sunset .,-,,,,..... 943
..1J..C. mine '.. 3,240
Emma  3,870
Macpberson Elected In Burrard.
Robert G. Mac.pherson was elected
this week in Burrard constituency by
the liberals as representative at Ottawa,
in the place of the late George R. Maxwell. The other canditates were ex-
lieutenant-goycrnor Mc^nnis and Chris
Foley, The latter gave Mr. Macpher-
son a close run, and it is the general
belief that had Mr. Mclnnis not been
nominated the labor candidate would
have been elected.
Total for January.... 52,988
\ri "Silil Surveying.
.The party of Great Northern engineers, under Chief Engineer Kennedy,
of the V., V. & E. railway, is still located in the city, and are busy running
the lines for the new survey into town.
It is understood that satisfactory grades
have been found by which the crossing
of so many townsite lots has been
averted. The line,„ .if jt is adopted,
will come up the south side of the
valley from the Last Chance mine to
the Idaho flat, where the depot ground
will be located. By doing this the
platted portion of the cjty js avoided
almost entirely. Jt is not positively
settled that this survey will be used,
but it now seems more than likely.
Phoenix 6—Greenwood 4.
Wednesday evening the. Greenwood
youngsters played a game of hockey at
the Phoenix rink with the small boys
of Phoenix. The boys from the foot
of the hill were finally beaten by a
score of 6 to 4, although the Phoenix
team had not made a score at the end
of the first half. The game was ref-
ereed by Johnny Graham, the 'Greenwood team being Masters McCutch-
eon, Russell, Clerf, .Medill, Hunter.
Swaye and Russell. Qn the Phoenix
team \yere .Masters Buckjess, Oxley,
r£lein, Hiner, Trainer, McKelvie and
Barnaby. The visitors were entertained at supper at Genual hotel.
Ladies' Aid Raised $350.
At the last meeting of the Ladies'
Aid of St. Andrews Presbyterian
church, a report was read by the treasurer showing that in the past year the
organization has raised $350, which
was devoted tq" church needs. The
following board of officers were elected
for the ensuing yeai: President, Mrs.
W. G. Fraser; vice president, Mrs. L.
Y. Birnie; secretary, Mrs. Isanc Crawford; treasurer, Mrs. J. A. Morrin.
Rossland citizens have subscribed
$770 for the winter carnival which it
isreported will take place next week.
Chartered Special Train.
The Phoenix Hockey Club has char,
tered a special train for tonight, to
conyey the members of the club, with
their wives, sweethearts "and friends to
Grand Forks, where a match game
of hockey will be played with the
Smelter City puck chasers. The return trip will be made about midnight.
Round trip tickets have been placed
at $1.50, and the bctys will doubtless
take many friends with them.
The next fancy dress carnival to be
given at the Phoenix skating rink will
be held on Wednesday evening, February 18th, the announcement for
which will appear next week, with par,
|t is reported in Spokane that the
Bank of Montreal is about to open a
branch in that city, in view of the con
struction of the C. P. R. to Spokane
this year.
Montreal wop the game against the
Winnipeg hookeyists in the contest for
[theStanley cup, the score being 4-1.
Ralph Smailes  Chosen   Mayor ky a  Small
This week the fat was all in the fire
again at Greenwood, and George R.
Naden and Ralph Smailes were once
more pitied against each other for the
ancient and honorable office of mayor
of that burg. And thereby hangs a
tale, according to well authenticated
At the lime of the regular election
three weeks ago, both of thesu well
known gentlemen were nominated for
mayor. But a day or two before election a certain banker is reported to
have gone to Mr. Naden and stated
that if he did not withdraw, his financial interests would suffer. Mr. Naden
told the gentleman of finance to go to
any old place, but an agreement was
inade the day before polling that both
candidates should withdraw or resign
whichever was elected. But few votes
were cast, Mr. Smailes was elected, and
according to agreement he resigned.
The resignation was accepted, and a
new election ordered.
When nominations occurred last
Monday, Alderman Sullivan was put
up, and to the surprise of the Naden
party so was Mr. Smailes. So Mr.
Naden decided to run again far all he
was worth. For three days there was
a hot time in Greenwood, and election
workers were in evidence everywhere
Mr. Sullivan withdrew, leaving the
light to the two other candidates. Votes
were hustled from everywhere, and on
Thursday, election day, voters aie reported to have come from Nelson,
Rossland, Grand Forks and Phoenix.
Quite a number went down from
lieie to take part in the fray.
The total vote cast was a surprise,
being some 4ojnore than anticipated.
The result was very close, and »ave
Mr. Smailes ihe mayor'* chair by the
siim majoiity of four.
At Wednesday's meeting of the city
council, when Secretary Crawford, of
the jocal school board, presented the
estimate of expenditures for the year,
amounting to $2,400, and it was found
that the city would, be railed upon to
supply about $1,000 of this, it was decided to look into the matter
Accordingly, the following facts in
regard to attendance were elicited by
[ Mr. Crawford: Enrollment^ 100; average attendance, 80; of ttaJTaiter 45
reside outside the limit* of tfi^corporation, and 35 inside.   *
This means that the city taxpayers
are called upon to pay for trie cost of
teacning 45 children whose parents reside outside the city limits, and who
pay no taxes whatever into the city's
treasury for schooling or anything else.'
Of course, they are all residents of the
community, but are outside the oorpo-
ration limits. , '
City Clerk Matheson was instructed -
to write to the department of education at Victoria, and see if some relief
could not be arranged for, as, strictly
speaking, residents of Grand Forks or
Gieenwood or any other .place would
have an equal right to send their children to this city's public school.
Circulars Still Conla(.
Last week a flood of circulars from
the mining association • befng organized .
at Victoria, were received  by the residents of this camp.     Evidently  a few
persons were overlooked,   for another '
bateh arrived this week.
J. B. Hobson, the provisional president of the association, is expected in
the Kooteneys next week, and' more
than likely will take a run'into the
Boundary. He is on an organizing
expedition.- In some places the idea
of the new organization is received with
welcome, and in others otherwise. No
action has yet been taken in Boundary
towns to form local organizations, 'so
far as announced.
Mr. Parrlsh is the Man.
Frank S. Parrish, for the last three
years manager of the B.-. C, - mine - in
Summit, camp, was this, weelc made
general manager of the Le Roi mine
at Rossland, and is being- congratulated by his friends.: He will-take up his
new duties in about two .weeks.. ■' Mr.
Parrish is one ofthe most popular mine
managers in the Boundary, and has had
some 24 years' practical mining experience, largely in Columbia. Since he
took hold of the B. C. mine for the B.
C. Chartered:Co., Ltd.> the. property
has shipped nearly 100,000 tons of ore.
W.J.Anderson and James Morrison, of Grand Forks, owners of the
Morrison-Anderson, block, drove up
fiom the Smelter City Thursday.
Alfred   C.   Flumerfelt,! assistant. to .
piesident Miner, of the Granby Co., is
expected   in  Phoenix   next   week, lor
the first time in several.months.
The following table gives the ore shipments of Boundary mines lor 1900,,for igot and
for 1902, us reported to tl\e ltl.\o<!Ui* Pioneer^- Past
tooo 1901             1903            1903            Week
Granby Mines, Phoenix      64,533 231,762   309,858     32.723       7,458
Snowshoe,               "       .....           2!i7 1,731    20,800       5,880       1,500
Brooklyn, "         150 ....     •  ....
Mother Lode, Dead wood      5,340 99,034   141.326     12,858       2,496
Sunset, "     802       7,455 943	
Morrison,              "           ■>    150        ....
B.C. Mine,         Summit     19,494 47.405     W.81.1       3,870         030
It. Bell, "      560 . ...       	
Emma,                        "            .... 650       8,530       3,870        ....
Winnipeg,    Wellington.......'    1,076 1,040          785        ....     ''....'
Golden Grown,       "              2.250 .... 625        	
Atlielstan,               "       1,200 550        .....       ....         ....
King Solomon, W.Copper     >     875.                 	
No. 7 Mine, Central......       .... '«».'•'   482     '	
City of Paris, "            3,«V0	
Jewel, Long Lake  100 350       2,175	
Carmi, West Fork  890        	
Providence,    Providence         .... .... 172         •••■
Ruby,     Boundary Falls  80        	
Miscellaneous      3,230      3,456 325       	
Total, tons      99,730 390,000   507.545 ' 60,044     12,084
Granby Smelter treated, tons,.    62,387 230.828   312,340    38,123      9,011
-7    ;,&l?'V '' f
4   <v
<*« ''(Hi
j/ 'J,
■ *' A\
<■ f
'+'• •?
i.f * !t,'
li Vfr
\ *' j .lj
Is' fJ<".'
- «
JK-'T   V
Tiic^Phocnix Pioneer*
JW.fl^WIJLLCOX. Munaqer.
_,    .' .   {Business office No. 14.
Telephone.!   j ifratgt*'* residence, No. 15.
rerVear _ -	
- Six Month*  -	
To Foreign Countries	
Ifyou are not ■ subscriber to this paper, this
-is an lnvi(»Uon to -you to become one.
Advertising rates furnished on application.
thecal notices 10 and j cents per line.
Four weekly Insertions constitute one month's
The Canadian Mining Institute will
meet at Vic'toiia in March.
Dr. Laval has devised a method of
treating zinc ores by electricity
Rossland mines shipped 7,860 tons
of ore last week, 01 a total of 29,631
tons for 1903.
The Camborne Miner says that 2,-
013 claims have been recorded in Fish
Creek district.
The world's output of gold for 1903
will rise above the 1899 record ol
The Arlington, Slocan, will erect a
mill operated on the electro magnetir
and cyaniding processes.
Ore said to he worth $1,000,000 is
reported stolen from the Columbia
mine, near Sumpter, Oregon.
It is rumored that the copper smellers of Montana will shortly close
throwing 10,000 men out of employment.
' There is a decided improvement in
both the copper and lead markets.
The foreign market lor copper is strong
and advancing.
The United States Lead Trust has
a rival in Omaha. The Cuter White
Lead Co. is negotiating for the output
of Idaho lead mines.
The London and B. C Goldfklds
have issued a circular stating important negotiations are in piogress for improving the position of the company.
The Monitor,   Slocan,  works three
eight-hour shifts without any  trouble.
This mine is under excellent manage-
k ' I •
Ihe world of capital of late years! ment and paid a 10 per cent dividend
1903     . FEB.
■ .ii
,Sm.,IIm. Tm- Wad. Thu.
Frl. . Sit.
r 2 3 4   5
6    7
8 ,9:10.11   12
:13 14
iS  16.17 18   19
20 21
22-23 "24 25  26
27 28
A Alllllou Tons Last Year.
The Bureau of Provincial Information has issued a new edition of Bulletin No. 7, a general review of mining in British Columbia, with an addenda bringing the information up to
date of publication. Bulletin No. 7
is intended to give general information
to enquirers respecting, in particular,
the mining resources of the province,
until the annual report of the minister
of mines is available.
Ore tonnage is estimated as follows:
Grand   Forks, Kettle  River
and Osoyoos divisions ...  525,000
1'iail Creek      34°i0O°
Slocan and Ainsworth     30,000
Nelson       80,000
Coast districts     25,000
East Kootenay         20,000
Other districts     25,000
Total   1,045,000
-,has gradually, but none the less surely,
been coming to the conclusion that the
key to any vast industrial situation is
power—cheap power — and plenty of
it. All other conitions, such as abundance of raw material, good transportation, facilities, etc., may obtain, but
if economical power be not obtainable
the proposed enterprise starts out with
a serious handicap.
Power is manufactured in quantities
in either of two ways, from coal and
by ^htfr nessing water, which  is transmitted, to a considerable  distance by
means of an electric current.    The lat-
■   ter system, where it can be made use
of, is becoming pore and  more generally infuse, for the, simple but all
' powerful. reason,  now generally well
. known, that power can  be generated
. from the natural fall of water at from
one-third to one-fifth of the cost when
coal is used.
In the initial stage of development
, in a new mining country, the timber
- often plentiful and convenient, is used
at first as fuel for power purposes. Then
as, the-timber is used  up, recourse is
perforce made of  coal.     Following
this "the next step is to secure electric
,, power,< which in the end is found to be
the'most, economical and convenient
of all powers.
lase a   r.
Copper Product la 1902.
The following table gives the estimated output for copper for 1902.
The exact figures will not be available
for S->me months. The estimate given
is, if anything, too high, rather than
too low:
United States      293iS°'»
Spain and I'oitugal     54,000
Commissioner fortakUijr AffldiulW.
Phoenix, B. C.
Contractor and Builder.
Estimates Furnished.
Barrister and Solicitor,
notary" public.
King Edward Lodge, U.D.
A. F. and A. M.
Regular communication 8 p. 111. Se>
owl Thursday or each month.
Kmi-rgent inrctinKS aicnlled; Mnsnnii
Hall, Morrison-Anderson Hlock.
Sccretn rv.
P. I.. COCK.
W. M.
Tasmania        12>5°o
N01 way	
Phoenix Federal Labor Union
 No. 155.	
Meets Thursdays at 8 p. m. at Min-
 ers' Union Halt.	
HI) RtOWN. 1'ies. AUGUST I'lI.GHR, Sce'y.
NO. 158.
Meetings on Kridn;
nl 830p.n1 , Miners
UiiIjii Hall.
Visiting   bretlirci
cordially invited.
WM. HALL. l're«.        WM. FLEMING. Secy
An accident per day is now the record of American railways. This is
hard on the claims departments.
" Down in Gieenwood this week they
had a hot mayoralty election all over
again. Is there anything in the office,
that it creates such a bitter contest ?
Parsons can now secure marriage
registers and marriage certificates free
from the government, according to a
late issue of that absorbingly interesting. periodical, the British Columbia
1 The Crow's Nest Pass Coal Go: is
being commended for its decision to
disjiose of its three company stores.
Now if it will give out the true figures
of coke production, month by month,
authoritatively signed, it would also be
The Provincial Bureau of Information is doing some good work for British Columbia in dissemminating information about our vast and yaried resources, but it is high time that Mr.
Gosnell,-iu able secretary, stopped
sending'out misleading maps. This is
1903, and his latest map is dated
1899,  doss not have the Boundary
railway thereon, nor  the chief mining
In the  Kootenays   and  Vale  are town 0f the Boundary—Phoenix.   Mr.
" points where water power scan be de
'veloped readily for industrial uses, and
^these-are'gradually being utilized. The
- first of these to take on life was that at
JBonhington Falls, which, .plant is now
furnishing 1 power and,- light  for Ross
' 'lana*, Nelson and Trail, and for many
- of-the mines in that section
1 Coming ■ nearer home.' the falls of
the'Kettle-river-at Cascade have been
' developed to the extent of several thou-
' 'sands of horse power, and the cities of
Grand Forks and Phoenix are now be
ing lighted from  that source.     The
Granby mines and smelter are taking
(.his power and the city of Greenwood
'and contiguous mines and smeltes willr
doabtlese do the same when all the arrangements are perfected. - In fact, so
great is the saving in using this power
1     that they can haidly afford not to use
,    it—ihe* difference, let us say, approxi-
'  iiately,-between $150 and $50 per
horse power per annum.   Thus it will
,: (be noted that electrical energy, gfne-
' rated by water power, is coming into
' universal use for mining and smelting
/ -'purposes in this section.
11      ~f 1
Gosnell knows better, as he ence resided in the Boundary.
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Misrepresentation is the microbe of
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making this con^dence .shown in his
advertisements, is sure of convincing
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New Plate* Throughout
25,000   New Words
Ph'cavea   and   OaflalUana
" Prepared under the direct
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Ph.D., LL.D., United States
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Effective Dec. 2j 1902
vraiia, rci
aud aU poi
1:15 P- m. RipRpSS
,' Colfaf, ' J?uUmnn,
T,enri}tou, Portland
iciscQ, Bafeer ui|y
7.45 a.m. FAST MAIL—To and from
Coeur d' Alene district, Farm-
... Ington Garfield < olfnx. Pullman, •Moscow, *Pomeroy,
Waitsbuig, Dayton, Walla
Walla, Pei dleton, Baker City
'   " points East 6.35 r
JSS—¥or Jfarmington
„ .. M.      '— ""
San Francisco.
Slid all points EAST,
EXPRESS —From all points
East, Kaker City, San Francisco, Portland, Colfax, Garfield and Farmington 9 30a. m.
•Except Sunday.
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nt8 p. m. and from Spear Street wharf, SauFran
Cisco, at 10 a. ui. every five days.
Tickets on sale at all S. F. & N. Stations.
For ftjrtfier information as to rates, time of
trains, ea,uTpineu), cjc., address
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--   - -.-'.P'AIW
,   But the greatest power enterprise of
-thfe northwest Js that of utilizing the
" mighty Kettle Falls of the great Co-
,'.   lumbja river—an ■ enterprise now in its
I incipient stages, but   sure of   being
brought to fruition.    Jay   P. Graves,
/ the promoter, will develop here 25,000
"■ horse power, and  being within easy
s reach of the mines of Republic and of
' those of the ColviHe reservation, as
■,    well as of the mines and smelters of
Southern British Columbia, there will
' -be a ready market for the power when
. 1-ready tot deTwery.    The great key to
/',< IbunainmgsMiatioa is^vidently power,
- V^isecially in low grade districts, and
, 1" t^e'ttstute manager of theGrauby.Con-
' Bo&Bated seems to he fully aware .qf
tiia.1 (act.
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Phoenix, B,C,
All persons having claims against
the estate of the late Marcus Oppen-
heimer, of Marcus, Wash.,U. S. A,,
are requested to 'deliver the same to
the undersigned at Phoenix, B| C;,
(riot latei than February 16,1903. -
R. B. Kerr,
Solicitor for the Executors. -   .
Washington and Great Nor. Ry.
Vv V, and E. Ry.
The ouiyail-rail route feetween a» points east
west, and south to Rowland, Nelson ijiid all in
termediate points; connecting: at Spokane with
the Great Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R. &
N. Co.
Connects at Rossland and Nelson with Canadian Pacific Railway.
Connects at Nelson with steamer forKasloaud
all Kootenay I,ake points.
Connects at Curlew with
wpcid and Midway, B. C.
Buffet cor; run on passenger trains
tween Spokane and &epuh^l£.
SHFEJC'riVK NOV, «   icjsp. .
leave. ' Arrire
935 a m Spokane ~-5*'S p. n
.0.15a. m  Rossland. , 5:10 p.m.
7.00 a. m Nelson _ 8 00 p. 'm
11.00a. in .Grand Forks 4:00 n. in.
10-24 a. m Curlew 4:41 p. ra.
£■'5 "• m Republic 5-40 p. m.
ScneraJ£a»seuger Agent.
Spokane, jyash.
stage   foi Green
bt tween
Having taken the t*hoe|)j$l
^Skating Rink for the winter, 11
.hope to do business with all my(
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; t
\ •
\ %
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Published*j« the H^ftrLpfJll? Greatest dgld
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-    *!
In 1902
the entire lioundary snipiied-foo.ooo'tolis'-bfore, "-'
nearly every ton of which was tjeduceti by
Phoenix camp alone shipped ,{30,000 tons of ore
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srj" '
■KA —f~~j- '
t i
: -r -.t - • •- - t r» *
I "ft        1    -        Ml^  ■   1    *.
11*  s.  r-i. -*i ,s?i
■r. f.,   -^  - fc
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It'is not a  little  pleasing  to  learn
that n'irionK  the many .'.expressions of
dissatisfaction (rem English shareholdi
ers in British' Columbia 'mines,' there is
just now one notable exception—and
1 hat is in regard to the shareholders in
the. Snowshoe mine in   Phoenix camp,
'f'lie Pioneer has been   favored with
a'copy of tlie'|)roceedings:of tke.annual
meeting of th« company, recently /held
in London, and the entire tone  is so
different   fiom  that so .often   wafted
across the water. that extracts are well
woith making. .■■' ■ >   • ' ;
The liighfUon. The Karl of Chesterfield, the chairman, had the foliowrj
in« to .say, among .oihci4hii|gsi
It gives me meat pleasure to be able
to state tl|al,  since the  formation of
the company in June  of last year, development. w°r'c has  been  vigorously
Prosecuted, and, as,  a'ic.'-uli,   further
laige hodie? of oie have been  opened
up., At the present time the  mine is
shipping some 200 to 250 tons of oie'
per da), and   very  shortly,   when the
electiic hoist at the  main   shall,  ancj
the new railway spur to the lowei tunj
lie) aic finished, it will be in a position
to ship 500 to 700 tons of ore per day.
I may say. that 'the orejs'betei;   mined
in   the most  economical   manner,-by
blasting-iif'open quarries'", . •_       '  ,
I'injbrmed you,'  lasj  5'ear  that the
question pf the pompanyVuutlding its
own smelter was one which.'' wasreceiv'
ing our yeiy  careful  attention,  as b)
owning a snie|ler we -could  considerably increase (he profit we obtain  by
shipping ouf-oic,-as-at-present,*to cus
appreciated, which mus't in time'to
come, and on their merits, attract the
notice of the English capitalist.
Mr. Wstcrlow'i Remarks. '..'."''
Mr. Geo. S.Waterlow, deputy chairman, who has frequently visited the
SnowshOe, and is thoroughly acquainted with the mine, was present. The_
iollowing is.aparl of his remarks: (
Duringmy sojourn upon our prop-J ....... .._...   —   . --	
erty, which is situated some 4,500 feet I periodical subscii|itions yet inade.    No one  who  reads  should let  this ofler
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To Subscribers to the Phoenix Pioneer.
]}y.,specia!*nrraiigciiient we aic* able to  offer   some  of the best val
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Sent] all subscription? to this office.
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and Cincinnati. ■
Don't fail to write us about your trip, as we are in a position to give yorj
somd valuable information and assistance. 5,319 miles of track, oyer'which
arc operated some of the firiest trains in the world.'1     "        '   '   '
,  |\or nait|c^|a|s regarding freight or passenger rates, calf on pr address :
' 1. q, |JNDS,AYVT.>. ^ l">..\.,' ]},\i.. r\l\^Ui]J\:li c.om.'Agf-.'
; J4« Third Bt, POHTUND.-eRE.,.
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ing tha|i jjii}t-turned'OUt,'l>y' the
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trial w]th yojjr'n'ejft or<Jer. ....
T(ione 14. PnoKNix, B.. C.
The . most    complete U  £  A   I    TH
on the continent of North n  C H I.   I   n
America.      Situated   midst D t C ft D T
ivalled forgrun- n  C O W n   I
(cenery unrivalled for gran
jSrLr    Dusting, Pluhliigjiiid ljxcurslons      ,.
lUtlls »rn«P B1W depap] e»cw Ja/.    M« bB
°* <'fPl
««r? •ll-iicrvpui.aiid miisoiilar diseaaesi Its xvat
all Kidnev " ■ - •
Sij to
dence-ln notet^ or Halcyon Hot   Springs.
rr r  ., -.., „ „.. „.
eviileal all Kidney, I,iver«!irt Stobiach Ailtncitta
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ot* Luke B.
v h
oenix Bakery^
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f"li i .t y 4
'PJione 53,
11 ,. ,j
;^g«|ake gQQtJ bregr4,   ^ry it,
'/.. £C. W. GREfiR, Proprietor-
1 *
Victoria. Aven«e, P||oenis, B, 0,
\i    "In Cottage Hotel."
We make a specialty
of Family and Hotel
Free delivery to all parts of the city.
J. S. McCAGUE, Projj.
toms' smelters.    With this in view your
board is very carefully going into   tl^e
question of costs of smelter  construction, and those.iiirectors who have been
in   British  Columbia  visited,   duiing
their stay,"several jitesforthis purpose,
and will report ilicreoirat a later d.ite.
The tola)-expenditure  on   teyenue
account is ,£5,198 os. 7d., and the receipts fiom sales of ore, inteiest,   etc.,
j£i,i4Cf 9s. 8d., living  a balance to
be cairied fprwqrd of ^,'3,051 10s tid.
In .this connection- it should   perhaps
be borne in mind that the apiouiit ol
ore shipped up to September 30th, was
but small, no ore having been shipped
in April and May, owing partly to the
tact'that dining a portion ol last  summer the.snielters were closed down on
account, of the strike  at   the  Crow's
Nest Pass coal mines. a,n,c| consequent
scarcity of ppke,    With  regular ship-
nu'titb, our receipts  from sales  of ore
will rapidly increase, and   I   think we
may expect an interesting profit to ac-
ciue fiom these »alea.
It is no wish of mine to make any
invidious distinction, but if I single
out our deputy chahman, Mr. .Water-
low, my co-directors will not, I tiust,
feel any pangs of jealousy. If \ may
be aj(owed {6 say so, the Snowshoe
mine is the infant of .Mr,. Waterlow.
He has watched over it and tended i
and hehfls at various times spent days
aiid Vveeks and months, ..iiot':-:alqhe_ in
this couiitry, but on the mine itself and
in other parts of Canada, working'oii
bebalf pf the shareholders to ensure the
Success of the undertaking. It is" my
hope, as well as ,iti§. .my", conviction,
th'it_.thesje wpr|ljy efjbrts. of h,is.;jiyjl{
shortly be crowned with the success
they certainly merit,   " - - -    .'
In conclusion, I have one word more
to say, and that is with  regard  to tha
position of mining in British Columbia
generally.    I am perfectly well   aware
^—it is a matter of common notoriety—
that  owing   |p   circums(ances   whicli
have occurred within the last  year or
two in connection wjth  certain companies owning mines,  in tllftt  country,
and into the details of which it is not
necessary for me to enter,   the confidence of the British investor in British
Columbia mines has,  in a great measure, been shaken, and I  am   not  surprised.    To restore that confidence, as
ffir as lies, in their power, is,  and wjll
be, the aim and object of our board,; '
We are convinced that before  long
we shall be able to prove to the investing public of this country that by hoii ■
est, judicious, economical  and sound
management there are  mining enterprises in   the  vas| regions of British
Colirmbia well worthyrbf the a.ttentiprt
of' the investor, and further, that there
are  in  that country capabilities and,;|
possibilities hitherto little realizedor
above the sea, I very carefully inspect
ed the surface workings, and I could
not help being immensely struck by the
large amount of exposed ore. The
qnairies lying to the north, on which
twe are'.now. workings are but small
coni|)ared to what fhe large ones will
be, when we.'dpen' up the oie body upon the stripped ground to the southwest. The chairman has explained to
you how the:e quarries are worked by
bhutes through which the ore, broken
up by dynamite, falls into chambers
arranged in tunnels where hand tram-
cars receive it and are then merely
pushed out to the ore bins. In this
way the ore is, practically, not handled
ut all by pick or shovel?
During the visit  of your  directors
they made a contract with the Boundary Kails smelter, the owners of which
11I50 own the Siiiiset.tnine, a"d they at
the "present time are taking a large part
of our ore.    Should they suddenly discover a much greiter  body  of ore in
their mine, they might-: not, of course,
require much of oiiisj hence the desirability of looking  forward to having a
smelter of our own.     Theiefore, during our stay in the country, we visited
four smelters with a view of seeing all
the methods and de'.ails of their management, and what it might be best for
us to do in   the future;   and   we also
visited three smelter sites with a view-
to future possibilities, and lean assure
you that we have made, ourselves fully
cognisant of the details 'and costs of
sinejters.,, On account of the self-fiux-
jng properties of the ^np,vv^hpQ pre/.tt
can be strieltep! yery cheai>ly,  and,   as
it does npt require roasting,  the metal
contents can be extracted   in from   24
to 48 hours by  a  company owning
smeltjng and converting-,works.
"During my visit  to the Snowshoe,
several representatives of the  British
Press; who were' making a tour through
Canada, under the auspices of the government, paid a visit to the  Boundary
district'     They were shown over the
mines  of the  district,: including  the
Snowshoe mine, and afterwards, we entertained, them, ,'a\  luncheon   at   our
boardjng hopse, with many ol the leading   municipal 'representatives  of the
district.    They were   very" much im-j
pre=seci with the great   possibilities'.of
these mines, ?jnd with  the  immensity
of the ore bodies in the neighborhood.
I am afraid, gentlemen, that  I have
detained you too long, but  before  sitting down, I should like to assure you
that I am convinced that in the Snow-
shoe mine you have a properly capable
of  a great future;  good   honest men
working in  its,  inlerestj   and  a  very
.:au,tiqu.s engineer Instating its   possibilities. ' And I cannot conclude these
remarks without expressing how much
we are indebted to  our ^managing director, Mr. McMillan, for the way in
which he has worked for our interests,
as both in British Columbia and other
parts of Canada, and in London he has
unceasingly   and. untiringly   devoted
himself to the interests - of  this  cpm.- 3
pauy.    He is^ well-kriqw.n,^11 oyer Canada'.. "i\U"d (S on0 of the best known men
in British Columbia, and   we are very
much indebted to'him for the able way
in which   the  management  has  been
carried out on the Snowshoe mine.
Cheapest Smelting la (be \Vor|(j.
Dr. II.'.^.ewis, Janes, another director who has been at the Snowshoe mine
on several occasions, made the fallowing statement;.
!T,n supporting the adoption of the
report a,nd. accoipits, I wish to >ay a
lew words on beliqlf of my co-directors
and myself about the treatment of the
Snowshoe ore. The expenses of operating a mine consist largely of two
chief items, the cost of extracting the
ore fiom the ground, and the cost of
extracting the metals from t^ie, ore.
When several hu^red, t,bn.s' of ore are
raised, from' the mine every -day, the
saving of even a shilling at ton in its
tieatment is an item, and the choice of
a suitable and cheap metallurgical process becomes very important. Jt has
been our special care to investigate a
large number of proposed methods of
treating the Snowshoe ore.
We are happy to say that we are get
ting our ore treated at a rate whicl
is extremely low compared with costs
of treatment in other"pjacps, and. I
think, jf a most striking fact that smelting is done as cheaply, or more cheaply,
in the Bomidaiy district of British Columbia than anywhere else in theworld.
Still, the'smelter company has to make
a profit, and does so, from every ton it
receives, and now that the reserves of
ore in the mine have been sh.q\vn to be
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CcrlitJuio of ImpMivements.
Ctotiiiiikin  Mineral Halm, siltiate in tl^e Gn»iu\
Forts Mining Division of O.ioyoos District.
Wiere located:   On tookout ^femmfttu, aw.\
near the Cookotit Mineral Clniin.
Take notice that'I, Sydney M Johnson acting
as agent' for J P. Shannon, Kree Miner's CerUS-
cate $o. B 34495. intend, ti»;ty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Kccorder for a
certificate of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining'^ crown grant oftlie above claim-
( And further take notice that nc'ion, under st-c-
tion 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this lath day of July, A. J)., 190J.
4S . .  . . Sydnbv M. John.-on
Certificate of Improvements,
Big Six MinufHl  Claim, situate  in  the   Grand
-Kflrlts iiiuing Division of Osoyoos District,
where located: In Wellington Camp, adjoining the Jim Mineral Claim..
Take notice that I, Sydney M. Johnson, acting
as agent for T. P. Mclutyrc, Kree Miner's Certify
cate No. R 51619, and O. E. Robinson, Free M\nerV^
Certificate No.  B 5S306, intend, sixty days frb'ui
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a certifieate ot improvements, for the purj>ose
of obtaining a. tyov'i^grant, of^the above cjaim.
And further take notice that action, liiraer section 37, must be commenced before the issuanct.
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 30th day of Julv, A. D-, 1902.
Sydney M. Johnson.
tr^'RH.i^road Company
fiiiih. in the  fntnre ol
of great magnitude, the question of the
coi'iipany's'K-ning  and 'operating its
own reduction works becomes of prime
jiruiQitiinpe, not only far the sake of
economies, but also because of the advantage of having no confliction between the mine and the smelter interests.
The Illinois Cent
liasan,!ij! ftliic^rigfi
fhei-ri'iU NorluwpPt. '.V phort time aco.
fthia was manifested hy tlie estnblish-
ineiit, in Seattle, of an agency to takt
care of their interests there.. The latest
effort is to put on a splendidly equipped
new train service between St; Paul'and
Chicago. 'The neu-trains will be riin-
ning.S\m.djfty-, Wovemtier 2nd. Tliev will
useiliHir own rails between Chicago and
Albert Lea, Minn., and the JMiiineapolip
«!fcSt. Lotus Ry. track from .Albert Lea to
Minneii|iolii> and JH. ^"t*1., ri\niiing inl"
the Union Jien.o,t at S,t. l'linl, which ii-
the xa\i\v that is vised by all lines, in thai
'ity.    '
The tfiitriis (q be h»>iwn as "The Chi-
I'ltpo, ^t. I'mllund .Miiniea|)"lis Limited,"
8,nd will consist of sleepinc car, ImfTet
library car and reclining chair car
through without charircbetween Cliicaa<-
and Mirmt!iil»>lifi and St. Pniil. Dintiip
cur service will also be inainlnined, sin -
per hcinu Served out. nf CIiits*t»'> and
brenkfttst into Chicago. Trains will leavi
St. F'anl at 7.10 p.. \\i. and arrive in Obi-
(sign P.3Q it. ift." l.eave (^liK-ago at (>. 10
n.'fii. t\nd arrives at St. Paul at 8.40 a
lu.makini: close connections at St. Paul
with all western liiirs. Tickti\i> cttn ■»'
purchased via this line, i,n connection
with all westem lines, at all stations.
Kor farther, informal ion resiirdlni:
rates, routes, time, etc., call on or address, -
B. II. Tkumhuli..
'Commercial Ageti III. Cent. K. R.
.   142 Third St., Portland, Ore.
Paul B. Thompson,
Freight & Passenger .Agent,
III. Cent. K. R., Seattle, Wash.
There are just
Two Kinds of  °
They are the kind that is a
credit to you and your printer and—the other kind. . .
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Don't you want to read the news ol
the day while it is news? You will
find'it in the Daily News, Kootcnay'!-
live daily, publish d nt Nelson, B. C.,
at 50 cents per month by mail. Car
bo had also of your local newsdealei
on day of publication.
Mainly About People.
Dr. Parr, on me«Ung Lord ChanceU
lor Brsklne, with whom he waa friendly, onoe uald: "Eraktne, I mean to
write your epitaph when you $t."
"Doctor," answered the great lawyer.
'It Ja almost a temptation to commit
mlclde."      - ''
At a bali In the' country a gentleman
undertook to Introduce a companion to
'a young but somewhat etout lady.^vho
•eezined to be pining-for a .dance. ''.'No,
thanks, old fellow;  X don't   care,-to
waits with a cart."   A few evenings
later the same young lady, who had
overheard the conveisatlon, beheld the
young'man   seeking   oh Introduction
-and asking If he might have the honor,
:etc   VNo, thank you," she rej>{ted;; "I
may be a cart, but I am not a donkey
'■'JBKtt'l,.*:    > -       „      -}.-
A rich Irish-American, who _.fre-
ijiently visits England and dearly loves
'.a. lord,.loses no opportunity of talking
of his great acquaintances. At a recent
dinner jiarty In New York, where there
were several Roman Catholics, during
a conversation on the subject- of fast-
laf, this gentleman said: "It Is very
strange how little Catholics In the
higher ranks mind the. fast days. I was
dining at the Duke of Norfolk's on a
fast day, three weeks ago, and there
wasn't* bit of fish at dinner." "I
suppose," said, another Irishman, "they
had eaten It all In the dining-room."
John D. Rockefeller recently told the
following story: "I don't question the
veracity of that story, but I am goim?
to tell you one that I know to be true.
It happened dowrn in.Washington.. A
negro was driving a wagon' and'in going through a street ran against a fu-
Mmm*. With the superstition of hia
race he thought It would be, bad luck
to cross behind the funeral, so he tried
1 00 I t0 cross' ahead of it, but the, driver of
. rn I the .hearse-whipped up his horse, and
J ou ' the two* went neck and neck for a time
until filially the darkey sang out: 'Say,
dah, pull up youah hossl Mah boss Is
In a hurry aa* yuatrn isn't!'"
Judge Pennypacker of Philadelphia
tells a story which shows the readiness
of the Pennsylvania Dutchrrtan to obey
«2 00 I vthose in authority: In '1861  Sheridan,
o 0/j I  under orders, burned every born from
■   ' a jvalley, above Staunton' to'a' certain
point' 'below' Winchester;    A band  of
angry rebel*) followed this raid, watching for * chance to pick' up any stragglers.  Among others who fell Into their
handBwas a little Pennsylvania Dutch-
rrmn, who quj^jHy turned to'his captors, and - enquired:  "Vat ,'you fellows
going to: do mlt me?"  TUe reply came
12 Ot I  short and sharp: "Hang you."   "Veil,"
, q,! I he said, meekly, "vatever Is de'rule."
'  His   good-natured   reply   threw    the
Confederates Into, a roar of laughter
and saved his life.
One day last aatumn Bennet Burleigh,  the noted English special war
correspondent, was.encountered a fsw
miles outside.'Pretoria by that volcanic-
rhetorician, General Tucker.     "What
the -——'.—^— are you doing oat herewith that."   •— thing?" asked the gen-
oral, pointing to a kodak which was
Klung rpund his shoulders.   "Well, sir,"*
promptly replied Mr. Burleigh, "I';-wa»
Intending to take some photographs;
but bad I known that I was to have>
the pleasure of meeting, you I should
have brought out a phonograph."   At
this audacity, it is said that even General Tucker's stock of sulphurous adjectives ran low. ■
Gilbert Parker, to illustrate the gullibility of. some Englishmen in the. colonies; recently told the following story:
"Once, in Australia on my way through
the bush, with my friend Cabbage Tree
BUI, we were accompanied 10 a burly
and; Intelligent young gentleman from
Devonshire, and as we came along we
saw along the road, If It might be called
a road, a young kangaroo.   Bill said:
"Now wait a minute: you will see him
take  the letters/   The kangaroo  was
sitting up as If waiting, for something*
and Bill said, 'He has his pouch and
everything ready to carry them,' but
as   we   came along  Bill. snapped  his
whip and said, 'Nothing to-day,' and
the  kangaroo   trotted  off,   the  young
gentleman believing for-a great part of
the rest of the Journey that the object
of the kangaroo's presence was as Bill
had said."
John Philip Sousa, the bandmaster,
usually wears his uniform at all tlmen
and seasons, and prefers that his men
do the same.   The practice has led to
some very amusing experiences.    For
example,   one  night   Mr.   Sousa    was
standing in a railway station, on th«
platform, waiting for a train.' A belated traveler ran up to him and asked,
excitedly,    "Has  the nine-three  train
pulled out?"    "I  really don't  know,-
responded Mr, Sousa. "Well, why don't
you  know?"    shouted    the    traveler.
"What are you standing here for like
a stick of wood?  Aren't you a conductor?",   "Yes." said' Mr.  Sousa,   pleasantly,   "I am a conductor."    "A  nice
sort of conductor, indeed!" exclaimed
the man.    "Well,  you see," smilingly
responded the musician. "I am not the
conductor of a ti *ln, but of
3 00
2 61
I 01
a brass
The property now occupied by
the postoffice, and known as, the
The .Retort CordiaL
Counsel for the defendant (sarcastically)—You're a nice fei!owr„ aren't
you? Witness for the -Plaintiff (cordially)—I am, sir, and if I were not on
my oath I'd say th* same of you.—"Tit-
to ii?,
I'tfQENiX, tf. C,
Is For Sale,
PRICE,  $3,000.
Apnly to
Greenwood,  B. C.
Why von should Imv..
Teacher of
Residence near Grnuby Hotel,
Phoenix, B, C,
Natioe Is hereby given that liavitiir
leased the. Central Hotel, corner Second
btreetandOld Ironsides avenue, Phoenix. B. C to Frank Anderson, I am not
responsible for any debts contracted by
or acauiDt ,«nid Central Hotel from the
1st day of November, 11)02.
A"Qusr, Jackson.
Because it is lite BKST ipiality
Because it Is the MOST LASTING chew
j Because it is the LAKtfEST high grade 10
or 25c piii£
Because the TAGS ARK VA1.UABLK for
prr-iniums until January 1, 1905
Because we GUARANTEE every plug and
Tub Empire Tobacco Co., Lti>,
Beg-gars Cant Be Choosers.
Aunt Amandy—Hain't yew ashamed
ier kum around here beggln'7 .Otiniz
'^a.y—Well, dls ain't a werry 'rlster-
kratlc neighborhood, fer a fact, but
we musn't be too pertickler, mum.—>
Chioagro "News." .
The Inferior Sex,
F'};-» iwnaH Scholar-^Pteaae, mtss»
we've got such a 'beautiful cat, and
she's just had some kittens.
Second ditto—Please, miss, our cat's
a beauty, too; .but (regretfully) ho
doesn't lay.—"Punch."
A woman's broken heart mends beautifully if It is attended to at once.—Ex.
"How is. this? You have charged
me twice the usual price for shaving.:'
"My ra^or was dull, and it took ma
twict> as long."—New York "Weekly."
Barber—That's strange. You say yo*
feavc been here before- I don't ?- r»
to remember your faee. Victim—!' o-
bably not.    You see- Jt has all he.:led
is the lever that moves the business world — so the men who.
really know, who are conspicuous for their success, assert.
If you wish to reach the |>e<v-;
pie of Phoenix and the Boundary geneially, you cannot do it.
without using the columns ot
the Phoenix Pioneer.
Rates on application to •
Pioneer Pub. Co.,
Phoenp, B£l
~"*-mwf'*t* 1 ^ij v\ i^**,'.^ ^ v* ,rf• "^ *"''Jils" •!.,!—'■'} .".It: ,v £«i""i   j  2 TTvwA' i""-"''  ^*v^i ?**.« i-'i^lT"^)-r^
j>W IPffll1,
^&m^^^^A\!^Miysm/st»twsmfm^^xmm '?*
*   3 i
Sfte Bellevue Hotel,
MARSHALL & SHEA, Proprietors.
0ine Wines, Liquors, Cigars:: That's All
KNOB HILL AVE ,     -    -    PHOENIX, B. C.
If you notice a well dressed
man in Phoenix, you may rest
assuied that he placed his order for his st>lish clothes with
Bob, the Tailor.
Our Specialty.
We make a specialty of Watches that will keep the veiy best of
Time. Being official time inspectors for the C. P. R. for the
entire Boundary, it can readily be noted that we must"have the
correct time. We keep the finest and most accurate movements made, and can furnish them on short notice.
»   ■ The Jeweler, Knob Hill Avenue.
Official C.P.R. Time Inspector.
Do not oveilook  the  big
dinner at the Bellevue cafe.
Chas. I). Hunter, local manager of
the Hunter-Kendrick Co., has been
absent this week on a trip to the company's Sandon branch.
Fiank Bailey, of Similkameen City
townsite fame/is putting another town-'
site on the market not far fiom Piin-
ceton, in connection with a coal company.
Rev. J. F. Belts, of Grand Forks,
will preach tomorrow in the Methodist
church, Both morning and evening, ex..
chang ng with T. Gieen, ii. A, of
The Spokane Falls and Northern
laiiway has reduced lares on the main
line to 3^   cents per mile, and on
All of the work turned out of
this establishment is guaranteed to be the very best .n fit,
material and workmanship.
Watch this space for our
Spiing Announcement. It will
be worth your while.
Remember Lowneys
Dunne the holidays, so great was the demand for Lowney's
CeTebraedChoJaies that we ran completely out of stock.
We have received another supply, however, and can once
again give you the choicest confections ever brought to lintish
Columbia.. If you haven't tried them, youv'e missed something. '
THE Prescription Druggist.
i Tfctrt in a(•• tvbicrtbtu to the Pioneer
—Just 8 hw—wk* ire delinquent for the jeer
1902. If ,ev ere eee of theee, the. e^lter wilt
itireclite triait liquidation.
Out''Week More—James Milner,
the photographer, expects to be out of
the city after February 15 th, for two
or three monhts. Those wishing anything in the way of photographs" will
govern themselves accordingly. Remember—only one week more.
Council Meeting — At Wednesday's meeting of the city council $150
was "voted to the Phoenix General
Hospital, and a number of smaller bills
were paid. - The estimates of the school
board for the ensuing year, amounting
to $2,400, were presented, and laid
over till the next meeting.
Eagles Were Hosts — Last night
the Eagles of Phoenix celebrated their
second anniversary by giving a ball at
Miners' Union hall, at which theie was
a'very large attendance. The music,
furnished by the Biner orchestia, was
first class, and a good time was enjoyed. The hall was beautifully decoiat-
ed by the lodge at considerable ex|>ense,
the electric light effects being paiticu-
arly pleasing.
4«M»*t»»Htt> »»»♦♦♦♦♦
. LeXsed Black's Hotel — J. T.
Tipping this week leased Black's hotel,
on rJOominion avenue, from the new
owner, James B. Macaulay. Mr. Tipping has lived' in Slocan City for a
' number of years, and after looking all
over the Boundary, decided that the
future looked the best to him in Phoenix.- His family arrived from Slocan
on Thursday's'train. - -
At the HospJtal—Wm. Priestley
wm discharged from the Phoenix Gen
eral Hospital this. week, and Mrs.
Hagjerty also went home, her little
child having recovered. Gus Hen-
drickson and John Meyer are still there
convalescing. Mrs. McKinnon was
admitted this week, being very low,
but Is now much better.' .'Yesterday
Mrs. V. Holmes was sent to the hospital '      '   ■ ' '■  "" '
Was a Poor Play—Last' Saturday
night the Russell Comedy Co. presented "Peck's Bad Boy" at Miners'Union
haiL "The audience was poor,'and, according to those present, the play was
'even poorer, so'poor, in fact, that the
chief of poliece found it "necessary to
eject one man who was- indiscreet
enough'(ogive vent to his feelings, at
the quality of  the performance pre-
' segted.
■Curling Results—This week two
' riches of Phoenix curlers went down to
Greenwood and one from Greenwood
played here,'the games all being played
Wednesday evening.      At   Phoenix,
with Gordon as skip for Greenwood,
and Boucher for Phoenix, the results
were 13 to 8, respectively.   At Greenwood, Crawford, of Phoenix, got 10 to
8 by. Birnie, of Greenwood; in the second game Russell, of Greenwood, seeded 11 against 9 by Hardy of Phoe-
Grand Folks pays its city solicitoi
$75 per month, and Rossland pays $65.
W. B. Cochrane with Mrs, Coch-
rand spent last Sunday at Grand Forks.
A fancy dress carnival was held at
the Grand Forks skating rink last Wednesday. '    ,
Born, to the wife of Howard Mooie,
February 1st, on Brooklyn avenue, a
Last Saturday the Grand Forks
hockey boys were defeated at Rossland
by a score of 6 to o.
An exchange of mails between Grand
Forks and Rossland, ovsr the Great
Noithern system is now in force.
N. E. Linsley, a well known mining
man from Spokane, was a visitor in
the city Monday and Tuesday.
Next Wednesday evening Manager
Rogers will have the band at the skatr
ing rink, and occasionally thereafter.
If you are a stranger come in,
whether you want anything or not
you're   always   welcome   at   Albin's
On the North Fork of Kettle river
the logging camps are expected to cut
Ave million feet of timber this winter.
N, D. Palorcia, the shoemaker, is
now settled in his new quarters on Dominion avenue, adjoining Mckenzie's
drug store.
The family of Master Mechanic
Sorensen, of the Greenwood smelter,
is leaving to make their home in Salt
Lake City.
Lequime & Co.'s sawmill, at Smelter lake, has orders for lumber to be
shipped to Edmonton, Calgary and
Wanted — Situation as working
housekeeper or cook. Thoroughly ex.-
perienced. Apply to N., Posloffice,
Phoenix, B. C.
Last Sunday Mrs. P, A. Klein took
charge of the dining room of the Bellevue hotel, and is now conducting it in
first class shape.
Wm. Hunter, of the Wm. Hunter
Co., Ltd., whose home is in Silverton,
on Slocan lake, visited his Phoenix
store last Wednesday.
i j branches to 4 cents per mile. The
former rate was 5 and 7 cents per mile.
Phoenix Aeiie No. 158, Fiateinal
Order of Eagles, have accepted a challenge to play a hockey match at Giand
Foiks with the Eagles of that city, the
game to take place probably week after
Monday evening week, the City
Eagles and Granby Eagles will play a
hockey game at the rink for the benefit
of Mrs. August Mueller and family.
Tickets, which will be placed on sale
Monda), will be 50 cents eat h.
Last Tuesday the Vale-Columbia
Lumber Co. lost two horses, while haul,
ing lumber from the Deadwood mill.
A runaway occurred, in which Duncan
Donnelly, the driver, had his shoulder
injured, and two horses out of the four
were killed.
With four or five feet ofsnow, Phoenix has less of the beautiful by considerable, than other places that are not
so high. While the weather has been
sharp this week, there is no report as
yet of the thermometer having gotten
as low as zero this winter here
A. Johnson and O. Jacobson, who
with Wm. Volen Williams sold our
their interests in the Copper Cleft and
Mound claims, original locations in
Camp He'dley, to the Nickel Plate
people last spring for about. $50,000
cash, are now reported to be building
a brick block in Spokane. Both men
formerly worked in the Granby mines
in this camp.
"Bob, the Tailor,"
Knob Hill Avenue, Phoenix,
1$. C.
f Chu
Church Services
Chinch of England—St John's
Mission; tei vices each S inday as follows: Holy Communion 8 a. m.,
Moining Prayer 11 a. m., Evening
Prayer 7.30 p. m. Standard time. All
seats Iree   Rev. E. P. Klewelling, vicar.1
St. Andrews'"Presbyterian Church,
Service tomorrow at 11 a. m. and
7:30 p. m. Sunday school and Bible
class at 2:30 p. ni. Midweek meeting
Wednesday at 7.30 p.m. Rev. V. M.
Purdy, B. A., pastor.
Methodist—11 a. in. Talks on the
I jfe of Christ. 2 p.m., Sunday school
as usual. 7.30 p. m., evening service.  Rev. T. Green, B. A , pastor.
t P. Ml
Me' for mi
.Life;   :
Or :Fire
Insurance Policy
House* to rent.
MJneB, Stocks ami Real Estate For Snip.
, Money to Loan.
ardy-ncWenzic M
h tioff Ik rest.
Wall Paper.
We have received several thousands of rolls of the latest in
WALL PAPER from the factory
•in Montreal, nwl \vc want yon to
see it,    Urop in and take a look.
P.O.I)ox 33,
The Ironsides
Miners' Shoes made to brderj
and repairing promptly done-
uive me a call.
Cor. Old Ironsides Avenue ami Fi si St.
Dr. Mathison, Dentist,
Albin's News Depot is the place for
peiiodicals of all kinds.        '
' For fine watch and jewelry  repairing
see Zimmermann, on First street.
Choice tobaccos and cigars at Albin's
News depot.
Dr. Mathison, dentist, will be at his
office, Bank block, from Feb. 10 to 14.
When you want a good pair of miners' shoes, go to the Ironsides Jhoe
The Ndson Daily News is the best
daily in the interior. Get it from your
local newsdealer.
Fruits and confectionery, fresh and
tempting, at popular prices. Albin's
News depot;
Can you make a better present to
your eastern friends than a subscription
to the PhoeniK Pioneer for a yeai ?
All the news of the KoMenay and
Yale in the Nelson Daily News. At
your newsdealer on day of publication.
When you want some repairing done,
go to the Ironsides Shoe Shop.
Furnished Rooms
Mrs. P. A. Klein,    Knob Hill Ave.
R. A. Scott Residence.
Kson Hii.lAvb.,
Piioknix, H.C.
Notice io hereby given that at the next
fitting of the liceneo commissioners for
the city of Phoenix I intend to apply
for a transfer to Frank Andereon of the
license which I hold tosell liquor by retail in tho Central hotel, situated on Old
Ironsides avenue. Phoenix, B. C.
Dated at Phoenix, B. C, this 1st day
of November, 1902.
August Jackson.
Union goods:—You will find the
best lines of union made cigais and
tobaccos,- at Albin's News Depot.
A new line of cigais at Albin's News
Depot.    Have you tried them ?
Cotton rans wanted at the Pioneer
office. Highest pi ice paid. Bring
'em'along and get your money.
Now we have a lot ofSecond Hand
CARPETS at from 10 cents per yaid
up—worth four times as much. A
new lot at from j8 cents per >aid—
\v> rth twice as much.    At
The Granby Exchange,
On the lliidge..
Lately Milner, the photographer, of
late, has been making a number of excellent inteiior views, such  as offices,
parlois,  sitting  rooms, etc.   Cull on
him it you wish anything pf this kind,
Skate Sharpening
Chas. Sandberg, Phoenix, B.C.
Leave glutei »t McRne's Store.
Stamp Mill
. Equipments.
'   high graue;material ONLY.
Power   Plants.   Mining   md  Holstlni
Head Office, aiid Works ft > "
Lansdowne Street,
. Sherbrooke, Quebec Canada.
Stocks carried at
' ItoBslund ant) Greenwood, B. 0,
Hy a- Nurse of 20 years'
expeiience.    .    .    .
Apply to Mrs. H. SMITH,
Care McKenzie's Drug Store,
Phoenix, B.C.
Application  for Transfer of Liquor License.
Until further notice we will sell the Celebrated Snow
Flake Hard Wheat Flour at $1.36 and $2.70 per sack—guaranteed to make more and better bread than any flour on (he market, Remember—you will be charged for inferior flour \6 and
%6 20 by other dealers, while this only costs you $5,40.
We still have plenty of that Butter like our motln ra
made, while in quality it is not to be compared to the cheap
trash on the market.  Still oar price is 27^' cents per pound
by the box.
J     Our potatoes are still selling at a dollar per .sack.
Everything marked in plain fignres and prices are right.
Notice is hereby given that I will
make application to tjie Poard of Licensing CommiBtfonern of the City of Phoenix at its next mectinjr for a transfer pf
the liquor license now held by me, to sell
liquor by retail in "Black's Hotel," situated on Dominion Avenue, on Lots eleven 01) and twelve (12), Block live (5)
RumberKer's addition to the City of
Phoenix, to James B. Macanlav.
Dated this 3rd day of "Februa'rv A. D.
.   G. W. Bumberger,
Assignee Ira W. B.lack Estate.
Reduced Rates From (be Hast,
Commencing February 16tti and continuing until April 30th there will hi low
■ ales in efl'ect from the east via the Illinois Central K K. to ail Washington,
Oregon and Idaho points. If any of
your friends or relatives in the east are
pooling west while these rates arc in
effect, giy.e us their name and addrese,
and wo will mak/s jtour b'lsineos to see
that they are given the best pogsijjje service. We opeiate through personally
conducted excursion carp, and in fact
give yon the benefit of the latest conveniences known to^nodem railroading.
We have 15 different routes between the
east and the weet, and are in position to
give you the benefit of the bast combinations. Write us and we will give vori
full particuiars. B. H.Trumbull,' Com'l
Agent, 111. Cent. It.'E., 14? Third .St.,
Portland, Or.egon.
For Rossland
February 11,12, ISand 14
Will Issue
Betwn Tickets
Single Fare.
Dates sale: February 11-12-13-14. @ood
to reijjrn till February 16.
Rates and information regarding the
"Only Way" will be cheerfully furnished upon application to      <
O. W. Dey, EJ. Coyle,.
Agent, A.G.P.Agt.
Phoenix,' B. C.   Vancouver, B. C
J. S- Carter, D.' P. A.,
' #eJs,pn,B.C.
% 11 h
And Real Estate in Phoenix will never be cheaper than it is -tpday.
Phoenix has now reached that stage where its permanence is assured, and
now is the time to secure a home or business property.
I have some houses to rent at reasonable rates.    Call and see me.
Dominion Av.nut. DHnFWIV       Pt       f*
Telephone No. 28. *" OVB*.W I A,    D»    \s*
Your leisure monents may be pleasantly spent at Albin's pool rooms.
Nelson's daily, the News, has all the
news that is news. At yo.ur newsdeal-
i's, or by ra til tor 50 cents per month.
Indorsed by order of Phoenix Trades and Labor Council oii.
January J2, 1903.
Ask feMhfc knind, und sge that yoy g%t ft,
Dominion Avenue, Phoenix, ^B. C;
J ■-
• '•.It
■ <fr
Ii f'
.* J'.i
h     j
»KiL.>-t;r l.-.-\f
f .->       >/-vl ■
A<- '.
-i/*- •>..
■ " 'l
■V Mi
1.« •*"
l>      "


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