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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Sep 25, 1915

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 S�����i^;i.-.'_v-.-:,;*-;-p,;;j;-;'j��.,jyaa-.(;  ,>��f^fWW����W^  :..J:V-:'!Siic'i<  �����KWK3S!sa��~saj|as  ���*4"  ;u...^^j.,V.i;*;>#a^.Y^^^  3Sma  ^*3*$^^  ;.fl*^**��?*w^0(>i>!j  The largest coppnr mines in  the .Dominion are situated  at Phoenix. The Granby  Co. employs 500 men, and  has a monthly pay roll of  , over $50,000: Two railroads  afford access to the city.  I, ��      _  SEVENTEENTH YEAR-  S!!^* ��f *he ���-�����* "���"in. OW^  The Phobnix Pioneer is  published in the highest'  municipality in Canada���  altitude, 4,800 ft. The city  has a population of 1,500,  and possesses first-class  hotels, opera house, schools  GRANBY   COMPANY    M"   comP��rison wilh   the  benefits to  vEinnu i  vvmr.mi I   be derived from lhe deVeIopoient of  GLOUCESTER BOND r,,e akricu,tura1, minin*' and timber  PH6ENIX, B.C., SATURDAY.l^.lTl^  Exploratory Work Started  ���Rich District Sorely  Needs Short Railway.  The   Granby   Consolidated,   who  have taken a bond on the Gloucester  group of claims in Gloucester camp,  about 55  miles from Grand Forks,  Have given the contract for a tunnel  to J. Black,, who now has 'his outfil  on   the   scene  of operations.     The  property, which  is one of the most  promising-   in  an  equally promising  district, is distant  some thirty miles  from the head of steel on  the Kettle  Valley   railroad, to complete'which  an   extension  of time  was granted  by the government.       The lack  of  rai/road   communication    has   .been  the chief cause in  holding  back the  development of both Gloucester'and  Franklin   camps,   and   considerable  irritation ,has  been  manifest in the*  Boundary over the delay  in extending   the  line.    Cha's.  W.   Drysdale  of the DomiMon Geological Surve}',  who visited the district, .speaks- very  highly  of it,   and   summed  up the  deadlock   in   the   following   words:  "The   railroad  company   is waiting  ��� until sufficient tonnage can be shown  up,   while   the   claim   owners   are  waiting for the railway  to  provide  them with cheaper mining facilities."  During 1913, Messrs.   A. G.* Lar-  sen and Clarence's. Verrill, covered  the district on behalf of'trie government, and some of their observations  anent. the   practicability   of such "a  road are worth reading::    "Th6 general   course   of the  North Fork and  . the ��ast~~bYanch   of-the North-Fork  would afford   an   easy grade of only  about one-h'alf of one per  rent.  .  .  There   are  no  serious   engineering  difficulties re overcome, and there is  Number 11  Granby Consolidated   made another  high productii  month of July.     The combined pro  high production record  for the Pa,t H*' ^  ,1e   *���   been   lookingtshotgun, the court"c^d'no^r"6V\ ^m^  mnrnh ���f !....,      tu. i ._V-   _ , P      I ��ver the  mining   properties   owned'���'-   -���-- ' accept |er than ever  duction of copper from the Grand  Foiks nnd Hidden Creek plants was  3,0*89,397   pounds. -  Of this  Grand  by Jack Thynne, E. Todd, Lou.,  Marcott, Judge Murphy, Wm. Arm.  M'ong, Chas. F. Law, and also the  Swede group, owned by John Holm  according to  experts  number some  thiriy. million head���a number great-  _. ^^^  er than ever were ..the buffalo of the  such a  version   and  soaked the off-  plains.    An old  prospector tells the  ender twelve bones. following-stpry of the animals:  Shooting   bears   in   B'.C.   without       "���'*   lhe  spring','of  1911   I   was  the absurdity of a permit  to do so.; | camped   at -Fort Gorman    on   the  ESCAPED FROM  DETENTION CAMP  Five Austrians Make Get-  a-way���Active Search  Now Going On.  --"I  il  Forks   turned   out   l,624,7S4lbs   in I " " "''' -"���"-�� >���'} jonn noun 1 is not -i n-i��;.,,v ������ ������[�������     .  addition to .3488 ounces ofgol^ ,d ^ G��'a" Wi,li�����- He spoke J^Zl^^T*"'r 1" '^^^ i This point ,s  22.433 ounces of silver. Hidden ^'^ We" salisfied with hi- trip of this ��� on tu" d ^'^etti found fo>out 1400 Smiles from , railroad;  Creek accounted for <>2 264 6? "1SPectio��' ���* took samples from a Ro^l-md Tt^ **'"��hn'S'4[h? .?r">��<i *��<? passing at the  pounds of the red meta , lot th " th"e P"��P"*��. He expects ^ o^T^^^' He1'"^ ./>ai camped for t^o weeks  with    1084   ounces    of   gold?  andJe UP ��ffa���� ��'��'�� very short  time.- animal com"^! ,m ,T    ^ U      a,-,VtH^*��>e, niffKf and   day,  28,627 ounces of silver. | G~d Ledge. -   Lo^^  More Local Recruits  in the  great  struggle   in which our  over .under   a  long   term   bond by  skin.  for  him,   evidently  thirsting for his   mile'of  my? tent.  "J'have   no   idea  The Alice Arm group of copper-  blood,   and   in   self-defence he was   how   many   there    were,   but   they  .gold^ilver  claims,   26  miles   from* obliged  to   kill it.     It was no  use,   marched   in  loose   order, perhaps a  -Anyox,   B. C,   where   the   Granby  however, a government umpire was  fourth of"a mile  deep, and w,ere as  'company's Hidden Creek mines and", not on   the .spot, and   he was fined   far back as the  eye; could see,.com,'  The  figures   of  those   who  have  smeIter areMocated   ^ been  takerf  $7.50 for.  perhaps   saving, his  own   ing on, ab endless procession. When  left Phoenix,   to  perform   their part .^ linriPf.   *   f��� .    <       ���-���        ' " I left to go   up  river they were still  :,'",'"!��   ���"���"���u:-'-''-'��� ' coming."  Buffalo Jones, ' Ernest Seton  Thompson, and other hunters have  seen the migration, while they have  also Been seen by the northern patrols of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police. Their numbers have been  estimated at'thirty millions.  "A   wholesale   escape of Austrian  enemies is reported from the detention camp at Farron, near Nakusp,  on the Arrow Lakes.     The missing  men, along  with   others,   were   engaged on government road building,  but  no   inkling   of the  method em.  'ployed in escaping has been received  here  in town.     The  district  across  the lake  from Nakusp, and  to the  east  are not  inviting,   so   it would  seem that   their  liberty  bids fair to  be short lived.  empire ' is engaged, continue to  mount' up steadily. Among those  leaving this  week were   Messrs. V  Deichert, who applied for enlistment  some time ago, and were apprised  of their acceptance on Monday. The  trio left on .Wednesday for the training camp and were given a hearty  send-off by a large number of their  friends who had assembled at the  depot to bid them adieu.  Walter Nicholls, Thaddeus S. Lane'  and Frank T. McColIough, Spokane,  and Seattle associates. Negotiations  Kennedy,   Percy    Pierce   and   Ted.   for the Property  have   been   on   for  Not So Scarce  Contrary to every -report that has  been made during the past month,  the grouse season promises to be  'anyihingbut- the dismal failure predicted.. - The birds, particularly the  bl  several weeks, and the deal was  closed last week in Seattle by Mr  Nicholls. Already eight men, under  the supervision of Timothy Hopkins-  well,known man of B.utte, are doing  development.       ���   . "  A drift tunnel .is Being run on ..the  vein, which will be crosscut the.eni  tire width every 100 feet. The workj  will be continued; uninterruptedly  . 4unl!1 June. The " steamer Pribce  George arrived last Monday at Any-  ox with-supplies which will be sent  to the camp in a few days. Roy H.  .Clarke, Spokane mining engineer^'EL  passenger on the   Prince  George 'is  Copper Market  Copper is firmer and during the  past few days there have been increasing indications of a further renewal of - buying by consumers.  Lake is 18 to 19 cents and electrolytic is \Tyi to 18 cents a pound.  Sales of electrolytic at \1 % cents  were reported early this'week, and a  day or" two later "round lots were  sold at 17^6 cents.���Commercial.  Left for Vancouver  "War Items  Killed By Automobile  Otto  Johnson    received   the  sad  news  this   week   of   the   death   in  Spokane,   of  his  brother,  Charles,  who, was  knocked down and killed  by   an    automobile   while   crossing  Riverside aveDue  on Tuesday.   Mr.  Johnson left for  Spokane on Thur--      ���  day   to   be   present   at the  funeral,  which   takes place-tomorrow, Sunday.     The deceased,   who' was 47  I yea.s of age, had been  a resident,oi^  I Spokane   for   many year*V'whei;e'he<V  I had built up   a  lucrative 'reaCestate. "*  \ business.     In ^ addition'to Ws-'celai '  1  Wounded soldiers returning from  the front, who were enlisted in this  province, are to be quartered  Esqutmault. -  at  Wr T,���-Vu      j       r      r,     , poc' \and   sister   living-, in   Spokane,'and  ' ttke r'cE"  of' f7'VanC��.l-T' ^   another broker In PennsyWani^ '    '  taKe a course-of instruction in flying' -  at the newly-formed aero school in  that city, with a view to later enlisting in a flying corps for" active service.    Mr.- Hodgson, who is already  i>      <"~t  familiar   with   the  News-Telegram Pictures  One   of   the    most     crowded    of  houses   ever  gathered   in   the   new  lii  ns and  outs   of opera hous6f was   that Qa Wednes.  ue grouse  are  very shy  and 'wild, j going "to   check   the "rep^rtrTub!|ivThe   "j"     battalion,     the    67th,  seeming to   prefer   the.short under- ! mil ted by other engineers   anrf   wiu I yVe3lern.Scot-s�� ��s not to be a kilted /gas   engines,   besides possessing   i; , .      ���  , u.    , , h-sh well back from -the roads and   make a personal ^^ionott^l^^^     ^   "''^   ''S   ^ In-   UnoWJge  o^legraZ^httoiS   t0 Witam   *'  *��*"* Ne���  less   bridge-construction   and    rock   trails.     But   their, numbers   do   not   properties. ��    ��f *'  ^'ude    the    ^^   ��   ���   by rhe/prove an"apt   pupil,   fj'ho^ar^^TaaZlr^    7 f'T*""  work: than >.usually found in a line   appear   to; be   any less   than former        "The group   was   discovered and   ��7?' f ^    ^^    ^   o^/en.ert.fo.d-mon^hf. -friends here���**'  rind   fo^ Xbtod'c^-ET  of this length in   the average moun-   recent   years.      The   willow  species   located only a Few months ago,   but/     7 ��*f��n.ente. , that he will not beJon�� in obtainingrLoltT;en.     To those who   had  never  tain road of this province.   .   .   With-lare   fairly   numerous.      However,   �� ' development   by   open   surface  cuts Y person fouod 'n possession of bts certificate orprpRclency  out the road, the development of. the I dog appears   to   be  even   more of a   has exposed deposits   that cause' us I     oevvsPaPfr wh'ch has been  forbid-  district is practically impossible.   .   . j hunter's necessity than ever. j to believe that we have an exception   / entry  mto   Canada,   is liable on        Watch the   widow; she's as  'ally   valuable   property,"   said   Mr. /conviction   to    imprisonment   for   a/as you  | term not exceeding five years, or to  Big- Store   ,' Nicholls.   "The vein averages about I     r . ,. r      ,, ,,, ,,  if] ft j a fine   not  exceeding   five thousand / fp=lt  I seen   the   pictures  before, the show  was, interesting;   but  all   seemingly  wise   enjoyed the  selections by the really  talented saxophone quartette.  ' f%  ! i a line   not  exceeding   five thousand  ( 30 feet wide and has been traced on    .,��� ,   .,    . .  '' r ^/-v ^ /dollars,   or  both  imprisonment and  ;' the surface for more than 6000 feet. \ c  I fine, j  ijThe copper values are   much   above '  PRESERVING  Prunes  Plums  Peaches  Pears  Tomatoes  $1.00 per box  Uhe   average   of  many   of  the  best  1 western copper properties, and there  [[also are good gold and silver values.  "The group is on Alice Inlet, but  a short distance from the beach, and  the output of the property can be  loaded directly on vessels for transportation to the Granby smelter at  Anyox. The mining and transportation costs will be nominal. By  next June   we   probably   will   have  j things in shape to begin shipments."  1.00  1.00  2.50  Loo  n  <<  <<  a  Concord Grapes, $1.00 Basket  GIVE US YOUR ORDERS  Phone  9 and 5  Meet In England  Letters recently received in Phoe-  j nix from   England   tell  us  that the  boys from  this city and other parts  of the   Boundary   are   meeting  one  another   and   exchanging   the news  i from home for that of the trenches.  ! Jas.   Porter, who   was  wounded  at  i Langemarck writes to a friend how  he; has   already, met Harry Sewell,  j Win. Sullivan, Percy   Poulton. Ern-  ! est Nicholson and many others.    At  i the time   of writing,   the   first   units  j of   the . second    Canadian    division  , were   embarking   for   France,    and  this is now verified by the announcement on Sunday last by the minister  of militia that  the whole  of the second    were    now   safely   across   the  English channel in France.     Includ-  l ed in  the   contingent   is   the  No. 3  I Hospital   from    Winnipeg,    among  j which Harry Carson is serving.  The provincial-wide subscription  to the fund in aid of the British  Columbia Base Hospital, has now  reached $27,2S3. This is $2,283  in excess of the sum called for. Five  hundred dollars were snbscribed to  the fund in Phoenix. ^  C. Dicastri, Italian Vice-Consul  at Fernie, was unable to include  Phoenix in his recent trip. At Rossland and Trail he met a large number of his enthusiastic countrymen,  with whom he arranged matters in  connection with their approaching  departure for Italy. -At Trail he was  one of the speakers at a recruiting  meeting, which netted twenty re- j r\  emits for Canada's army.  The   announcement   is  made that  the recruiting' officers   are  now accepting men  of the  class who  cannot qualify for, overseas service, for  the  purposevpf   home   defence.     A  considerable, number  of men will be  used for this   service   under present  conditions, and if the United States  becomes  involved, it   is   more   than  likely that this   country would  need  a large   number  to 'protect her borders from the attentions of hyphenated Germans from over the line.  orrin  Phone 9 and 5  i Baron von Bissing, brother of the  German governor of Belgium, has  .been arrested and placed in a detention camp somewhere in England.  He has been a resident of various  parts of the British Isles for nearly  thirty years and is married to an  English woman.  Granby Shipments  The   following   are   the    monthly  shipping    figures     from    the    loca  Granby   mine   to   the  Grand  Forks)  smelter: tons  January     42,211  February     63,091  March       69,948  April    85,382  May    .100,693  June :.. 103,004  July 101,058  August 103,062  Total    668,449 './ *Vrt  "1?'"r  ...,iwrt.u-.SSS*7  1:  THE   PIONEE&,   PHOENIX,    BRITISH   COLOMBIA.  At  7II77  fteaas  NO ALUM  *^25f5*l^AINB  .PRINTED ON 1  Baking  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  .    ISSUED  WEEKLY  AT,.P��3B.VtX,   BRITISH COLUMBIA  Subscription, 2.00 per year  2.50 to United States.  G. Kay, Publisher.  years ago.    One  fine morning, or  rather  one   fine  midnight,   he was  aroused from sleep to find his bedroom bristling with bayonets.  "Sign  this," said   the leader, handing the  half-asleep sovereign a piece a paper,   and   Alexander,   the  best king  they ever had, affixed  his signature  and   departed  for  other  and more  healthful  surroundings.     Little did  he think as he slipped off his robe  du   unit, that twenty years later his  brother,  commander of the mighty  British navy,   would also  be asked  to "slip  his   anchor"  and   retire- to  obscurity, while some one else, perhaps less  efficient,  sailed   the  seas  and  settled     "der   tag"   with   the  kaiser's Kiel canal fleet.  brook is morally rotten.". We are  sorry to hear this of our former  home of '99, but rejoice in the  fact that B.C. has at least one editor bold enough to state the unvarnished truth. :"������''.,���   ��_   Someone is ever taking the joy  out of life. This time it is a movement to do away with the children's  swing. At Matsqui and Abbotsford,  B.C., the idea has taken hold, and  soon the bacilus will have spread to  every portion of the province. Let's  keep the swing, but also keep the  girls in their christening robes until  their sixteenth birthday.  Our judges must be short of something to   do   these days,"when they J men of B.C  The   "���buy-at-home"  slogan is  a  very  popular one just now among  the  merchants  and  other business  But if those who are  AOVKRTISING SCALK  Application for Liquor Licunco (Wdftj'H) ..$5.00  Application for Transfer of Llconoo  $7.50  Certificate of Improvomont (OOdayw)        $10.00  Application to Purclmso Land notlcos (GO d/iyti)   '. $10.00  Delinquent Co-0 wnorshfii notices U0 days $23.00  ���uplicato Cortiiloato of Titlo. notices $8.00  Cards of Thanks, 50 cents.  AH other leffal advertising-, 12 conte a line,  ���inglo column, for tho first insertion; and' 8  .cents a lino for each subsequent insertion, non-  - parail measurement.  Display ads $1.00 pur inch, single  column, per month. Transient ads.  50c. per inch, per issue; subsequent insertions, 35c. per inch.  are to be seen holding court for the  purpose of issuing naturalization  papers. Surely that part of their  duties could be- allowed to lapse  until the termination of the war.  Matters at present in Europe are in  a very unsettled condition;, andthe  future action of the countries  from  loudest in yelling the cry from the  housetops continue to break their  own rule and send east for their  printing, it wont be long before their  dupes fall in line and follow their  example.  Who is'paying for the high-priced  which the great majority of natural- prohibition speakers just now? The  ization applicants come from is very campaign that is being put up costs  problematical; True, their, former big money. What interests are back  governments- may   eventually   side of the  movement   is   what  a lot of  may  with the quadrupleTntente; but why  should the courts of this province  take ff*e. risk, when the greatest  danger so far met with by: the authorities has come from the natural  ized enemy. ���  people should know.���Victorian.  Dr.  W. Ketchum of Oroville re��  But  cently shot a pure white crow  what crow wpuldn't turn white with  a medico camping on his trail. .  Saturday, Sept. 25, 1915.  The File Indians of Saskatchewan  have set a, notable exampJe to the  country. This'liftle community consists of 160 people-���ninetyisix children, twenty-six'women', and thirty-  eight men. Two of the'men' are at  present with the? army at^th'e front,  with six or seven preparing-to join  them. In addition-' theyvhave sent  212 dollars to-the Belgian - Relief  committee, $512 'to*-the-*- Patriotic  Fund, while the-women'have-accom-  plished an incredible amourifrof sew  Wrathful American Editor  SYNOPSIS OF COAL  MINING REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights of the Dominion,  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, tho Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and iu a portion of tho  Province of British Columbia/may bp  leased for a term of twenty-one years  at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not  more than 2,580 acres will he leased to  one applicant. '  Application for a lease must bo made  by the applicant in person to the  Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in  which the rights applied for are situated. ,. ���'-.. ..'. j  In surveyed territory the land must  bo described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and In unsur-  veyed territory the tract applied for  shall be staked out by the applicant  himself.  Each application must bo accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on tho merchantable  output of tho mine at tho rate of five  cents per tori,  The person operating the mine shall  furnish tho Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalby thereon. If the coal mining  rights are not being operated, such returns should bo furnished at least once  a year.     ^  \ The lease will include the coal mining  rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available  surface rights may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of $10.00 an avrc.  For -full information application  should be made to tho Secretary of ��he  Department of tho Interior, Ottawa,  The Strathcona Hotel  NELSON, B.C.  Steam Heated Throughout  The Finest Accommodation for  the Travelling Public.  DINING ROOM    SERVICE  ���'.'���   UNEXCELLED.  ivep  Nine Well-Liffhted  Samplerooms.  Phone 12  JAS.   MARSHALL, PROP.  Shoes that Fit!  We make a specialty of Miners'  Shoes; good fit, nice shape, and  nothing but the best of stock used  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  NICK PALORCIA,  Knob Hill Ave.        Phoenix, B.C.  The German under-handed campaign in the United States does not  please Colonel Watterson, editor of  the Louisville Courier-Journal, who  was visiting Toronto recently. He  says:- "I get mad clean through  every time I think about this dam  fool business Germany has been trying to put over us. It takes me  .back to '61, when, some of our  I southern    confederates    talked  the  or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Do-  minion Lands.  W.W.CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.���Unauthorized  publication  of  this advertisement will not be paid for.  ���30690...; ' ,���/,:������  (jiisiicu an mi;ieuiLHt; arnuunvui sew-i   inS and knitting jfor^th&isoldiers.  in| same crazy nonsense wejhaye been  The"advocates  of woman's   suff.  rage are  now'telling  us'that if they  a,.hand   in   the   science of  had' had  <&,  s.wu* government, "the    present   bloody  holocaust'rn Europe would not'have  been possible.     The superfine feelings  of  womanhood,  they tell   us,  would have' been  too   much for the  advocates of horrid war.   Would it?  Let us  look  into the   record of history, without  going  too  far back.  Take, the case   of flogging  in   the  British army. '  The men comprising  the parliament of the United Kingdom of those days, had decided that  the practice  must cease.    Victoria  the Good, as she was called, was on  trie  throne  in   those  days, but did  our gentle  late   queen  declare  for  its abolition.    Not at all.    Whether  under  the influence  of her German  husband   or  not,   we have it from  Mr.  Gladstone   that  she wrote him  a pleading  letter  begging  him  for  the .'sake of army discipline not to  abolish the brutal punishment.    But  to his everlasting credit,   that   fine,  Gbdffearing; British statesman flatly  declined to  be   guided  by the cruel  Whim of a woman, and a short time  after#the Bill became law.   And that  occurred only forty years ago.  spite  of  the -"'fact's that-'-their* crops  j have been ,badl$F- dam��gedf"by hail,  I they ...have'expressed a determination  Jf4o keep their rsplendjd  and patriotic  efforts  goingc until*'thre!'-'end-;of the  war.   **u 1_-  It is about time.the postal-authorities took action with regard .'to the  use of the mails'-m Canada'^by the  publishers of 'th'e<New>Ybrk American. The publication j is violently  anti-British and ; it has:~been';Sept to  every district.'of-the^ Canadian west  and British b Columbiat Another  paper' of a lik&riature is the Swedish  Tribune.7 Although-not-So marked  in its hostility; as; the foregoing, its  sentiments towards us are-anything  but cordial, '.and it tool should be  forbidden thfefe postal privileges of  Canada's mails'  The Bulgarianshavealways[found  a way'to get rid of a king or]cabinet  minister whom they [thought would  be^, better out of office 'than in it.  King Ferdinand's predecessor was  shuffled off the  royal stage only 20  Iplliliii  yyi! riEALiXtDELlGHifuL:7'^. *7  Always Tempti  ���Refreshing a  Satisfy in �����the  <��l)icleb  > M 'A:tj&fH& &Aft A OA:  Vancouver girls, or rather some  of them, do not appear to object to  a nigger for a partner. Big, black,  perspiring American coons? bear-  huggirig Vancouver : white girls,  were to be seen-"only recently at a  dance-just across the South Vancouver line. Cornmjenting on the "delightful" spectacle- the South Vancouver Chinook,''says that it surpassed in vulgarity "the- wildest  days in the north;"  How many million dollars the  British government has spent in advertising during the first year of the  war no expert accountant has yet  had the facilities to estimate, says  the Vancouver World. We might  mention, too,.that it is a safe bet  that no nation is better satisfied  with the truth of the maxim that  "advertising pays" than the British  people/  The B.C. salmon canners will  now have to look for another goat.  A governmental investigation has  proved beyond doubt that the much  abused sea lion is not guilty of the  charge of depleting the salmon,  and raising the price of the canned  variety. It's now in order for the  Liberals to fix the trouble on the  McBride government or blame it on  the German spies.  getting from the German professors.  "It will be a relief to thousands  of decent Germans when their braggarts get their knockout. -All this  aping of the Huns, this frightfulness,  this hellish barbarism will go down  like a house of cards.^ Every time  I think of Belgium and the Lusi-  tania. and the zeppelins, I get mad  and want to fight _as I never/ought  back in the sixties. This half-mad  Hohenzollern dynasty* with all its  wholly barbarian culture, must first  be smashed,; or there can be no  peace for any of us."  SUTTON'Q  EEDO  for garden and far marc best  for D.C.aoil. See Catalogue* fox  solid d uoxantoo oi purity  and gexniin.ati.ox>.  Solid now fox Copy fxo��c  | Sutton "��Sons.Th��Kin��3 Soodtacn |  R*actin^En^l��nd  A.J.Woo o* ward  Victoria     *      yancouvar  ��� 16 rorr sr. 4��7.6r5��wlllo��K  .  | tOLI AUNTI r���� ttlttTISH ��oujmIma|  D. J. Matheson  General Agent,  FIRE,    LIFE  AND ACCIDENT  INSURANCE  PHOENIX.B. C.  The American Oliver Typewriter  turns out more work���of better  quality and greater variety���than  any other writing machine.. 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Instead he had the  fingers and the crushed, hand dressed  with Zam-Buk. This, he says, stopped  the Weeded, eased the pain, and put  the wounded members on the way to  recovery. Every day he had the Zam-  Buk dressing replaced, and by the time  he had used eight boxes of Zam-Buk  the fingers were completely healed, he  could use them as before the injury,  and his hand, too, was quita restored.  Just think what this really meant!  Think what it means to go through  the world with a maimed hand, and  minus two fingers t Practically a  cripple! Ordinary treatment would  have meant just that to Mr. Besnard.  The Zam-Buk way saved him from it!  By a trivial expenditure of $4 in Zam-  Buk, the world's greatest balm, he  saved himself from disablement for  life!  Take the lesson to heart! If you  have any injury, blood-poison, or. any  diseased tissue, old wound or suppur  ating novo, apply Zam-Buk. Don't  waste time! 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Stromboli and  Aetna, were in eruption together on  Monday.  British remount buyers are aga n  touring Alberta. They are offering  $195 for artillery and $150 for cavalry animals.  The Liverpool munitions court  has fined 245 workmen of the Cam-  mell Laird company,. $5 each for refusing to work overtime.  Chas. LeDuke, who escaped from  Cranbrook jail some time ago, has  been recaptured. He made his escape by sawing through a number  of half-inch steel bars.  The entire membership of the  House of Representatives of the  Federal Parliament of Australia,  have pledged themselves never-again  to purchase German goods.  Brassey's     Naval     Annual,    the  greatest   authority   on   naval    and  mercantile affairs,  states  that Ger-  many at the   end  of 1914 had only  23   submarines   in   commission and  15 building.  The British naval mission to  Greece, at the head of which is Ad.  miral Kerr, will remain in that country for another year. The mission  was lent to Greece, by the, British  government for the purpose of reorganizing that country's navy. ''  Rubie Bernhardt, a German recently arrived from the United  States, <s now. a prisoner under close  guard at the Vernon detention  camp. He aroused the suspicion of  the police by- loitering near a car of  dynamite in the Vancouver yards.     I  Three Austrians on their "way to  Vernon internment camp, attempted  to make their escape from the train.  When the Imperial. Limited* was at  Coquitlam, the prisoners made a  bolt through the.door, one-���of tbenx  being successful in making his escape.  The  ex-chief of Penticton   is not  at   all   pleased   with     having    been II  bounced.    Charles Greer, one of the/-  commissioners  publicly stated   that)  the ex-head   cop was   somewhat  re-/  miss in paying his debts, and had a /  tendency to run the-municipality in-/    ^^ every   Monday   Evening ,atl  to heavy   expense   that   could   have I oddfellows' Hall.-.    Visiting brethren  been avoided. / cordially invited.  Our hall is for rent for dances, social  evenings, etc.  Boundary District of British Columbia  RICH   IN   MINERAL,   AGRICULTURAL AND   LUMBERING   POSSIBILITIES���  A MOST PROMISING FIELD FOR THE INVESTOR.  Probably no district in the Dominion of Canada possesses so great an array of  potentialities as the above.   The mountains throughout its entire length and breadth, .  are almost without exception mineraliferous, containing gold, silver, copper, iron and  other valuable ores, while in a few localities there  are more than surface indications  of the presence of coal.. '      ,  FOREST AND  MINERAL WEALTH  Its forest stretches are among the richest in the province, and what is of graat  importance, easily accessable to river and railway. There is scarcely a square mile of  it that is not either equipped with high,, tension wires, or which could not be reached  by the expenditure of the smallest outlay. Not the least attraction from the point of  view of the investor, is the sites for water power, which abound in this district.  Just at present an immense amount of interest is being directed to the recent  free gold discovery in Greenwood, while in the same district is to be seen one of the  best equipped free gold properties in the west, a not inconsiderable asset in these days  of industrial depression and shrinkage-pf gold reserves. It is in this district where is  : situated the Bhoenix and Grand Forks properties of the Granby Consolidated, to-  tigether with those of the British Columbia Copper company. In the former camp, and  surrounding it for miles on all sides, are-acres of crown-granted mineral claims, all  awaiting the advent of the investor. .The title deeds to these properties, thanks to a  beneficent series of mining laws, are;unimpeachable, and if proof is wanted of the  statement-, let us point to the almost entire absence of mining litigation in the courts  of the province.  AGRICULTURE AND FRUIT-GROWING CENTRE  ���-��� ...-.'.  The possibilities of the Boundary as an  agricultural and fruit-growing centre  are also worthy of investigation, and a visit   to some   of its   spendidly equipped orchards will prove a revelation to the stranger.     The highways throughout the Boundary makes this section of the-.province the motorists paradise, millions having been  spent on the construction of government roads.  No locality is better served with railroads  than  the   Boundary district.      At 7  present this section is served  by two of ,the greatest systems on the continent, the  C. P. R.and Great Northern companies, while within a few months the route   tothe  Pacific  coast   will be commercially curtailed  by the  opening- of' thevneiv  K.uV.V.  branch of the former. -,��  I. O. O. F.  Snowshoe Lod^e j  No. 48  VMtor Records  SPECIAL FARE TO  Nelson Fruit Fair  Dates Sale, Sept. 21 to 24; Return 28th  Train Reaches Nelson, 6.20 p.m.  Travel By the Great Northern.  J.  V.   INGRAM, Agent.  PRINTING  is our business and we are  here to please you.    The  " '   ' next time that you   want  any Billheads, Letterheads, Envelopes, Statements, Circulars,  Cards, Dodgers���in fact, anything in PRINTING, phone 14  and we will  sho w y o u  samples: : :  THE PIONEER  eiMo  7 0L  Is the only Typewriter today that supplies real comfort automati-  / cally to the Operator���adapted for Doctors, Druggists, Merchants,  Jtyiand in fact it is essential to every business concern in B. C.  An anti-German union has. been  formed in London, with the Earl of  Euston as president. ' The slogan of  the society is : "No German labor;  no German goods; no German influence; Britain for the British." The  purpose of the society is "the eradication of the parasitic German bacillus from every fibre of the national  body."  The German dyeing industry is  threatened with an even bigger  staggering blow than that dealt it  by the war. Already a Georgia  planter has succeeded in growing-  cotton ranging in color from snow  white to a deep olive green, and  more marvellous still, he ���> asserts  that the black cotton, sought for  ages, is within measurable distance  of being discovered.  "The  crisis   in   Greece recalls an  old    prophecy,    the    conditions   of  which seem to  be propitious at present," says a London paper.     "The  king and queen   of Greece bear the  same names as  the  founder of Constantinople   and   his   wife���namely,  Constantine and   Sophia.     A   tradition   centuries  old,   and   widely believed   in    by    many,    affirms    that  'when Constantine and Sophia shall  once more reign in Hellas, Constantinople will belong to the Hellenes.' "  Sixty   thousand    quarts    of   pre^  served fruits   for Canadian wounded  is the   aim   of the   Canadian club of  Hamilton, Ontario..    To handle this  immense quantity of fruit  the domestic   science    classes   of   the    city  schools have been organized.     They  will preserve   one thousand   quarts  a day,  Kitchens in the city churches  are being   utilized   and   hundreds of  householders are assisting.  Growers  of the  district  are   contributing the  fruit free  of charge, and  ten thousand baskets have been promised.  Adam Bloomfield, Noble Grand,  Thos. Lloyd, Fin. Secy.  Mark Rukin, Rec. Secy.  Daughters of Rebekah  Phoenix Lodffe No. 17  Meets in the Oddfellows' Hall,  First and Third Wednesdays.  Mrs. Christine Elmgren, Noble Grand.  Mrs. Amy A. Cook, Secretary.  K. of P. Lodge,  No. 28    PhffS!*  Meets Tuesday Evening at 7.30.  Sojourning brothers cordially welcomed.  Chas. Davidson, C. C.  C. H. Knight, K. of R.S.  PYTHIAN SISTERS  Mountain Temple Lodge No. 17  Moots in Pythian Hall, Lower Town  Socond and Fourth Thursdays.  Mrs. Wm. Wills,  M.E.C.  Mrs. H. Tilton.  M.K.C.  FRATERNAL ORDER  OF EAGLES  Phoenix Aerie No. 158  Aleets in the Oddfellows' Hall, Friday  Evenings, at 8 p.m.  Visiting brothers are always welcome.  Richard Blundei.l, W. P.  T. R. Clauice, W. Secy.  Of all kinds promptly attended  to. Rapid Express and Baggage Transfer. Careful-attention to all orders.     Phone A56.  James G. McKeown  We have a nice selection of these  good? in stock, and will get any  numbers you like pro mtly, either  in Victor or Columbia Goods.  HAV�� YOU HEARD���  "When We've Wound up  the Watch on the Rhine"  ���Humorous Patriotic Song  "The Little Ford  Rambled Right Along"  ���Comic Song  Also a Nice  Selection of New   Bag-pipe  Records,  Vocal..  Duets, etc.    We are always pleaded, to play these for you.  E. A. Black, Jeweler  Agent for Victor Phonographs and Records  Don't merely smother your cough  iCFTfintll?   ��TP Mathieu's  Syrtip of Tar and Cod Liver Oil not only  m.   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Mrs. Pritchard returned to the  city on Monday from a week's visit  to Spokane,  Born���At Phoenix, on Thursday,  September 16tb, to Mr. and Mrs.  F. R. McKay, a daughter.  * v Mrs.    Thos.    Richards   returned  home   on   Thursday    from   visiting  ,   her  daughter, Mrs.  J.' Campbell of  Grand Forks.  For Sale���The Mint Motel; well  furnished rooms; always ' rented; a  snap for cash. For terms see Mrs,  M. E. Puddy.  The Ladies' Aid of the Catholic  church have arranged for a dance  on Wednesday, next, Sept. 29th, in  the Miners' Union hall. The tickets  for the affair are now on sale, price  one dollar.  Mr.- and Mrs. Brewer, who   have  been   spending   a   vacation   at    the I  latter's home in Coeur d'Alene City, I  came in on Tuesday's train.  Pre-emption for Sale.���160 acres  on Nicholson Creek; new cabin; several acres slashed; $150, or nearest  offer.���Address letters care Pioneer.  is earnestly  requested  on Wednesday next.  The Grand Forks Fall Fair takes  place on Tuesday and Wednesday  of next week.  The Lake Studio will be open for  business today, Saturday until Monday, September 27th. Xmas orders  should be seen to at once. Mr.  Lake informs the public that the  pictures of the school children are  now on sale at 65c. each.  Among the visitors to Phoenix  last week, was the Rev. D. L.  Clark, in charge of the Methodist  church at Freewater, Walla Walla.  Mr. Clark was here on a visit to  his brother, C. W. Clark and left  again for the States on Friday,  September 17th.  Arthur Webster, of, the Grand  Fork staff of the West Kootenay  Power company, was in town during  the week, renewing old acquaintances. Mr. Webster was for several years a resident of this city and  while here was actively associated  with the social life of the town.  A.    E.    McDougall   came  in   on       During the civil war in the United  Saturday from Hidden Creek to at-  States,    British     subjects   residing  tend to his realestate interests here.  Mr. McDougall held for some time  the position of chief of police here.  South Yale Copper Co.;  Limited.  Non-Personal Liability.   '  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Section 232 of the Companies  Act that a meeting of the Creditors of  the South Yale Copper Company Ltd.  Non Personal Liability, will be held at  the Office of I. H. Hallett, Greenwood,  B.C., on the 28th day of September,  1915, at 2.30 o'clock in the afternoon,  for the purposes provided for iu said  section. *  Dated this 21st day of Sept., 1915,  W. E, HODGES, Liquidator.  there, but who declined to serve,  were given just forty-eight hours to  beat it for Canada. Many of them,  now old men, are still living in the  vicinity of Windsor and other points  along the Detroit river.   +   Trust not a maiden's smile, for it  is oft but a meaningless guile. '  GRAFANOLAS  $20 to $200  All the very Latest Song Hits always on Hand  WHAT CATARRH IS  "Rough on Rat3H clears out  Rats, Mice, etc. Don't Die in'the  House. 15c. and 25c. at Drug and  Country Stores.  It has been said that every third  person has catarrh in some form.  Science has shown that nasal catarrh  often indicates a general weakness  of the body; and local treatments in  the form of snuffs and vapors do little,  if any good.  , To correct catarrh you should treat its  cause by enriching your blood with the  oil-food iu .Scott's Emulsion which is a  * medicinal food and a building-tonic, free  from any harmful drugs.    Try it.  Scott'& Bowuc, Toronto. Ont.  T. S. QUANGO  PHOENIX, B. C.  I Royal Billiard^Parlors  I BOBBIE TAYLOR, PROP.  7  The  '.'- Geo- Rogers still maintains the  lead as champion automobile dog  killer. No wonder the city can't  make anything out of the municipal  dog tax.  We cordially invite you to call  arid see the new fall millinery'modes.  Opening on Monday' and Tuesday  next, September 27th 'and 28th.���  Mrs. Fraser, Evans Block.  J*ecniits are wanted for the 72nd  Highlanders and the 67th Battalion  of Western Scots.     The former are  in "training   at Vancouver   and  the  latter at Victoria.1    Application  can  ; he made at' any recruiting: office.  , 's^i*','C.^ Sjolander and children,  who^haye'been  spending  the holi-  ^days^ih "Portland," Oregon, arrived  ^Jaacic'in, Phoenix on Tuesday.   "Mr.  ajolander   went down   to  meet the  travellers at the Forks.  ,   (Among   the  local   visitors -to the  . Spokane'.Interstate   Fair  I What a pleasant world this would  [be if the people in it, would but  travel in- the steps of the old-time  prospector, several of whom are resident in the Boundary, and among  whom we number some of our  staunchest  friends.      Honesty   was  'U(V  .--.,;*      returning  on^Saturday^ were Messrs. ��� Danny  '   Owen, J.; Wiliiams and Tom Jones.  .The .first-named   looked   as  if that  ^'Spokane beer agreed with him.' ~  " Ojving   to   the   attraction   of the  war pictures show, the attendance of  members /or  the,usual   drill of the  .Home Guard dwindled down to"six.  A> full  attendance 'of evejy member  ever their prevailing trait, and although we might never :see them or  the color of their money for months  at a lime, we always felt secure in  the simple promise "I'll pay" you  later," a sentence that as far as our  books can show, or memory recall,  has never'yet been violated.  Few dealers' in spbrtman's accessories, outside of the larger cities of  B.C. and elsewhere, could outdo the  display   this week   fn "the   windows  of the Motrin, Thompson company's  big store.     Side   by  'side   with   the  deadly,     rapid-fire ' miniature    Colt  automatic is to be seen a gentleman's  derringer   of  the  vintage   of'*1700,  no doubt considered in,;its"-day the  last   word   in   pocket   firearms,  but  now regarded as^more dangerous to  the  user^than 'to  the  man   fired at.  In  'addition ,  the   display   includes  specimens of the   most modern high  power  rifles, together with  knives,  shotguns,  compasses; and ammuni  tipn.     Among <the   latter being the  Ross 280  copper pointed, shell,   attaining a velocity J of 3000ft per second,   and  perhaps  the most deadly  of  all   sporting   'projectiles.      The  assortment-should   b>e .seen  by  all  local hunters.    .' ' ^ V  Queen's Hotel  "nI  Pipes, Cigars, Tobacco and Cigarettes  BEST BRAND ALWAYS ON HAND  Special Line of the Famous Lowney's Chocolates  Smokers'Supplies. Soft Drinks.  English Billiards.    Pool.    Bowling Alleys  A First-Class Meal, and a Well-  Stocked Bar---Now Open to  the Public.  TOM F. OXLEY  PROP.  Z  MINERS' UNION OPERA HOUSE  SATURDAY, SEPT. 25/15  The LaMe Studio  OF GRAND PORKS-PHOENIX BRANCH  --���-.-:     Will be-Here on    .~  September 25th, 1915  BROOKLYN AVE.    (Ne>ct door to Pioneer Office)  High Class PorJxaitureiJ^Amateur Finishing,  View Work, "Portrait Framing", Enlarging,  Copying, etc. " Ensign Cameras (British  Made) and pypplies. Remember��� Only Five  Trips to 'Xmas.   '' "'' "-"���'-"���    ' -'  Will Be Here from Sept. 25th to;27th inclusive.  - and from Oct. 9th to. 12th.  Five Interesting Reels  MODERN DANCES and  ANIMATED WEEKLY  '  Adults, I5c.  Children, Sc.  Miscellaneous  fet:  We Recommend the Oliver No. 7  IT'S SO QUIET!      Just a pleasant little tapping--:j)jst the pur-,  ring of the type against the platen���that's all.  This model means Lighter Touch, Improved Base, Greater All Round Efficiency, Less  NMental and Physical Effort.    Speed records that have never been equalled.- .    "  The first thin which invariably strikes the attention of one examining the "Silent  Seven" for the first time is the wonderfully responsive touch. - No one dreamed that such a  delightful touch could be embodied in the mechanism of a machine. *p-  The new tabulator's a marvel of efficiency. The carriage slides noiselessly to the  appointed place and stops without a jar���an accomplishment which wiil lengthen the life of  the machine. The left marginal release key is now placed is just the fright position to act  as an anchor for the fourth finger ofrthe operator, and no competent touch operator will  have any difficulty in changing from any other keyboard to this one.      -     '  Ten year old Florence Field, daughter pf Cyrus Field,  Professor of Shorthand in Detroit Commercial College/wrote  59 words per minute on The Oliver after two weeks' practice.:  PRINTYPE IS OWNED AND  CONTROLLED EXCLUSIVELY BY  THE "OL.tfER TYPEWRITER COMPANY."  Can You Spend 17 Cents a day to better advantage than In  f."ne Purchase of this Wonderful Machine.  No child's education is complete without a Knowledge Of the  Oliver Typewriter.  Call or Address, G. Kay, Agent, Phoenix, B.C. P.O. Box 234  i For Sale���A 4S-6& Calibre Winchester rifle, 'also double-barrelled  shot gun.���Apply, Pioneer office.  Two houses on New York Town-  site for rent or sale; one six-roomed  house on Brooklyn avenue for sale.  Apply, G. W. McAuliffe.  For Sale���The well-known Cot.  tage"rooming house; the building,is  well furnished, and will be sold very  che;ip. See me as to terms.���M..H.  Kane, city.  For Sale.���Five city lots and two  houses. ' Ground   under cultivation.  Situate corner  Lexington  and Dominion avenue; good  well."   Sell in  lots to suit buyer.    Apply T. Richards, Granby watchman. *  Twenty years' experience in Eng-  lish,_ French,   Swiss and  American  watch repairing.     Satisfaction guaranteed. Charges reasonable.   Leave  orders at .Union Cigar store, or the  Phoenix stage. Carl Adeneur, Greenwood.  WOOD  First-class Fir and Tam-  arac Wood, $6.00 per cord  Pine Wood,  $5.00 per cord.  Fir Tamarac, and double cut,  per cord, $7.00.  WOOD  DELIVERED   ON   SHORT  NOTICE. 'Phone B 32  Robt. Forshaw  LAND REGISTRY ACT  .    -      ���       (Section 24)  In the matter of an application for duplicate Certificate of Title No. 13097a  issued to Ida B. Parry, covering North  West i of Section 6, and N.E.  \ of  Section 6, Township 66, Similkameen  Division, Yale District.  .. NOTICE is hereby given that it is my  intention  at -the    expiration   of  one  month from the date of first publication  herepf, to issue a duplicate Certificate  of Title covering the above lands to Ida  B. Parry, unless in the meantime I shall  receive valid objection thereto in writing.  Dated at the Land Registry Office,  Kamloops, B.C., this 5th day of August, 1915.  C. H. DUNBAR, District Registrar.  MILK AND CREAM  The rich quality of our Milk and  Cream is gaining new patrons  for us daily. We solicit a trial.  Delivery made to any part of the  city.     Mail us a card. '  The PHOENIX DAIRY  W. A. McKay & Sons, Props.  Church Services  PHOENIX BAKERY  W. WILLIAMS, PROP.  A new line of Bakery and Confectionery just arrived. Fresh  Bread, Cakes and Cookies, just  like mother used to bake, delivered daily to any part of city.  CAKE8 MADE TO ORDER AT  MOST   REASONABLE  RATES  TELEPHONE 53  St. Andrew's Church (Presbyterian)-.Service, Sunday, Sept. 26th,  at 7.30 a.m.; Sunday school at 2.  All welcome.     Rev. J. R. Munro.  St. Johh'i' Church���Tomorrow,  Sunday, September 261 rA Morning  prayer and Holy Communion at li  a.m. Sunday school at 3 o'clock.  Rev. R. D. Porter.  The stated services at the Church  of Our Lady of Good Counsel are as  follows���First and third S unci ays in'  the month: Mass at 10 a.m.; Sun  day school at 2.30'p.m.; Evening  service at 7.30. Rev. Father Dom.  Dorval.  FOR SALE OR RENT  The Baldwin property on Spion Kop.  The house is in good shape, und will be.  .sold very reasonable, and on cany  terms.  U. D. J. MATHISSON.


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