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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Sep 16, 1911

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 ���tfwfijife.  >\  ,/*�����/  t��.  **���,  i  r>  (.-  :?  '(���  ���a  �����M  ipp ��  if:  ���lf  (i< Br  Xi \  ��    I '  A'  $ r  yj4.P J *  Iff'.'   ..  W> i  ~r-i i f   J_.*   ���,  ^-2  J?  iVv��   i'  if. t *  r"'->\       I ���  ^   ir',  $$ >1  1   T  AN ANALYSIS OF THE  CROW'S NEST DISPUTE  ,, ,  Impartial Review.  The statement on the "Deadlock"  appearing* in  our last issue, though"  in   a  measure   true,   is   in   another  sense   misleading.      To  afford our  readers an opportunity to judge for  themselves  we have  invited' F. C  Gessler to submit a lucid statement  of the dispute for publication.', That  Mr.   Gessler is   qualified  there can  be ho doubt as he has been for many  years  connected  with-..the coal rre-  f.      * i   . j. - ; -'      h.,  giohs  of western  Canada  and   the  United States.      ."���-'���  Much has * been written and pub-  lished in-the, newspapers; of, the  Boundary relative to the affected  Crow's Nest Pass coal region,  which has assumed the phase1 of a  deadlock between -- the" coal com-  panies and the mine workers, since  the first of last April, completely  paralysing that industry and directly affecting many others important  enterprises" Many anomalous statements'  relative  to" the" controversy  were,, either. contradictory, or mten-   r  tiorially misleading.   " It is with the  intention   of correcting these inaccuracies that-this article is written.  The writer has no. intention to do  an injustice, or to place the blame  for the state of affairs, unless the  facts themselves point to guilt. -In  that case if any of the parties are at  fault the reader should judge who is  to be blamed.  There is a bone of contention to  be/picked. We have been led to  believe that it is the "closed shop,"  inaccurately called the "check-off."  Dr. Gordon, chairman of the late  conciliation board, in his report to  the Department of Labor, disposed  of the check-off in the following  manner :  This plan, he said, in substance,  seems to be peculiar to the coal  mining industry, it has found a place  in practically all the coal districts in  the United States where the United  Mine Workers are in existence. It  is recognised in the statutes of Alberta, and has been in operation in  all the mines represented in the  Western Coal Operators' Association. Why then should the checkoff clause become the bete noir of  every conference?  A certain variety of check-off  clause the operators will accept,  grudgingly perhaps, but a particular  form of checkroff the  operators re-  Burrell'$ Triumphal Tour  .-���'I.**.','. J  Will Address Electors In Phoenix on Tuesday Sept. 19  Other, Prominent Speakers to be Present.  "  *        - ���'���' .'  '��� * ,     ' -'   ���Mqmm~*mm***mammam*mmmm9mMm��wmummamwmMMmmmMmanmwmammmm ^  '     . !   i *       .       ' < ' ,  .; Martin Burrell, the/sitting member for this district, fresh from his  triumphal tour of the constituency will address the electors of Phoenix,  on Tuesday.the 19th. Mr. BurrelFs reception throughout the riding has  been most .enthusiastic, and is viewed more in the nature of a triumph  than anything else. , Thesuccess^of his candidature now appears to be a  foregone conclusion. The constituency,so ably represented by Mr. Burrell is the largestiin. area in Canada, and , he has practically covered the  entire division, , Mr. 'Burrell will be accompanied by, other gentlemen  prominent in :the political world, so the electors will be given ample opportunity before election day to judge on the. merits of the policy he so  energetically endorses.  ,/,   ',, -���,���,.' ' , -.,'--  RIVERSIDE PROPEl  WILL AGAIN RESUME  believe they see the door closing.  At- every conference, both parties  have their eyes upon .the'door;'but,  let it move 'ever, so little, open or  shut, and the. guns are^out. This  in the face,of the extraordinary fact  that the union frankly and-ftilly.con-  cedes the open shop, and ,the. no  less, extraordinary fact that the  operators concede, to the union the  right to exist and develop itself  among their :employees. , Thus  the  the  in this  particular torn); of check-off  clause, both the union and operators  a httlex-and are."surprised and  grieved to find behind the door the  whole body of operators "shoving as  for dear life.  The entire Calgary conference appears to , be a case of shoving at  that door, like, two Rugby football  squads, each trying to carry a goal:  Was this obstruction purposely carried on by the operators?  It is certain that up to this date  there has been no offer coming from  the operators granting "a certain  variety of check-off clause." But is  this the real bone of contention? To  hang an argument on to the checkoff, making it appear as a means for  the closed shop, or in fact most  anything along that line in the hope  that the people of western Canada  would stand back and permit their  squabble to go until- one side or the  other was exhausted. This must  be' the case, for an analysis of the  wage scale would not win for the  employers of labor any consideration if it were in the hands of the  entire citizenship, ' hence I venture  the statement that the check-off  clause is only a subterfuge to keep  the unacquainted from really knowing where the differences lie. The  onus of blame must attach itself to  one side or the other. Obstructive  tactics permeated the entire Calgary  conference, and no progress beyond  the check-off was made; the  ques-  Unwatering:  and Preparing for  Shipping���Spur to be Buil��  r* ~y-A  soluteiy rejectr-and iyhy ?   Because  tion   of a  new   wage schedule was  not reached during all their deliberations.    No offerings of an increase  for day laborers, nor a reduction in  the price of pillar mining-was seriously or at any length- discussed, if  at all; but after the mines closed  down, on April 1st, an offer of 5.55  per cent increase was made to those  employees working for day wages.-  This would seem at first glance'a  willingness on the part of the operators to concede something to prevent a prolonged , suspension of  mining operation. This fact was  given the  widest publicity in all the  reason why?ifwas rejected.      Inese  seemingly       generous     employers  asked a reduction   on   the   contract  mining rate  tor  pillar  coal.    (This  advance  of 5.55  per  cent.' offered  had been   secured  by the American  miners and laborers in Montana and  Washington   during   the   last   four  years).     The  amount   of  reduction  asked   for  on   the   pillars   was   not  stated   at    the   time;    nor   did   the  miners   have   any  idea   how   much  one   dollar   each,   of  which   about  would be demanded   of them   if the   100,000 have been issued  largely to  few day   men were   increased, until  local parties, although   a  consider-  Mr.   McLeod, who   represented the  able amount is owned by Northwest  operators on the conciliation.board,   people.     The company will unwater  Monday of this week  work  was  started on the Riverside mine which  is owned by The  Phoenix-Riverside  Mining   Company,   Limited. ���  The  Riverside mine   is   situated  on   the  Kettle river, about four miles north  of Rock Creek, and   has, already a  shipping record, several cars  of ore,  having been hauled by   waggon to.  Midway some years ago from which    ,  point it was shipped to Trail smelter, -  previous  to. this.the   locator, Wm.  Perkins had shipped several  lots to  Tacoma.    It was  found,  however,  that only the high grade ore   would  stand the heavy expense incurred by  the long waggon haul, and as there  was no hope  at  that   time  of any  cheaper method  of transportation,'  shipments were stopped.   Some two  years ago the property was acquired  by a  syndicate   of  Phoenix people  who did some prospecting with, the  result that-jthey discovered consider- ;  able new ore in'addition to���tthat ^ex-,     ^,, t<i^plw^.^.^~*>.ry  *  posed'.byy'^  understand 'that the oreLis very fricri '    T V 1 ']  in silver and gold and  seems  tot be -        '-'*  of considerable extent.  r     .*...-_.-,  The advent.of the Kettle Valley  railway which runs within six hundred feet of the dump has simplified  the transportation problem, and the  ore can be shipped   at. a   low   cost.  The Phoenix - Riverside Mining  company is capitalized for $150,000  or 150,000 shares of a   par value of  1 lb,  <*9^^'*��,**^*-^r*,*T*^^rt  s  t        <>'  31  I t  1  ' -'il  in his appended   report   stated it to  be twelve cents per ton.  A liberal estimate of the number  of day wage men employed in the  Crow's Nest mines would be about  20 per cent of the total men employed. The wages they receive  (Continued on Page Two)  Boundary Ore Tonnages  Following are the returns of the  output of the mines and smelters of  the Boundary district for the week  ending Sept. 16, and year to date:  Granby..........    ....     585,672  6,930    215,459  the mine and begin getting out the  ore, and as soon as the new railroad  will accept shipments a spur will be  built and continual shipping will be  proceeded with, which we are told  will be some time in December. It  speaks well for the local opinion of  the property when we say that  during thesequiet times, ten thousand shares were subscribed for in  three days right in Phoenix. No  more stock wiil be issued at present,  nor is it likely that any more will be  sold, as the management feel sure  that the fuuds on  hand   at   present  rJ  ���n  i.��i  m  Mother Lode....:.,  6,y3U    ^".^  will put the property on a dividend-  Jack Pot .........      6bo      zu,/uz ._���_',__ i;L.  Rawhide . . .......   1,796 148,046  Athelstan........     335 5,117  Napoleon.........      . .. 7,578  Emma............      ��������� 302  Others.....!.....      486 3,264  Total.'-... ...9,912 986,140  SMELTER TONNAGES  Granby..... ��� 577,791  B. C. Copper Co... 11,952 432,298  paying basis.  1    FFFFFF^fr'  B. C. Copper Treatment  The B.C. Columbia company's  smelter treated 11,952 tons of ore  this week, as follows: Mother Lode,  7,120; Napoleon, . . .; Wellington,  332; Rawhide, 3,404; Athelstan,  365; Emma, . .; others, 731.  ����� "i hw ���"����� Wn nv t* ji.-*h��m. *f7i ,.J  w   ���  AM e:  ^u'nliergrou^  :.wduld��be.*Kday!labOrers,f^^  ;-2j-/v:?j;�� ���-.< v \r:$i? f y%^i;!.vy,t,'.7a:ft.r^.,:^^  HiSHKllR^^K-I^P  pgHHPHHi  f|ra$if^^  ^^K'^^%^%-^i-^-i":-''---'"^:  li?l;i^||S&J��*|^        ....... ^   rtmmanysinstanpes'andafairsdjvi^^  ..~cv*.u-~ , ..i.,_^._, ,f. -, jtipn^tcThis^fe  ���:and\-entryniieh,V-tafce>putvfrpm;teii..to  fifceen per cent of the entire coal  area and .the remaining   coal being  ngtlielfsjb^  ;ahd?scommm;tunderithe ^difteren   ~  ^^^^^^^&^WM^^0^a^^^^ SiMW PSnl;SSf ftoal^atP����ie n ts^ be -  ;spairtnjent;iiassalsd5i^ceived^its'?sna-re;of^ i^M^^s^..^^  'Mtention:;and&th^jimp.rov^  mx, - took;nlace; f in> ^lspri,;Se^^i8thi  ^. whenlj^  ; Men":^pnesK;;aij^  ;.-��� united! iH:'ma^iageK;ny  ': ,;3initfc%f MeJ^  'P^w^w. ������ -? ^ ���:,.,,:: ���:':' :n^wly''-. ma-jriepl ��b^^  illllllljf^  ���ductipu|ffap.m^  vSidesgthe^��hy^  ?e^jji|[^^  iHutsrrvaIl^hances to^earn^    iylihopd.^0;::'%^Sp':.  i nlvSomeSi nstahces- ,'������ ���  its*;  i-zczr-htf-jS.  ��mii^��|in|t^s||nm^  1iii^^ner6|^p  ���\';V'.-;:>:r'��-':_  ;;ha^i^^d;:it:ati^as^vm  ;of'Go|^wi^^  pic^utie |pPstc^^  jd weh^^nbfri  /seemsf&^  ::situaf��dSpn:^the^  |-.^A^^w^wfll-.v,....v.^^-,.:.v..,.-v*:f>��---^^  ;ll!MDc^Glia^?^vMe^  |GlpiiSelptMti,?Wllsl^  i^e��l|h^^ab|%^  head and face was one coniplete mass  pt'lpri&igT^^  ^^e'^ar^l^i^d'^  ;wiis;|so-sei!ibusu^at  ;:fe>pa-;b^rF^r^^l^j  ,.il^;-disea��e..;"^^^  ;:: **^e haH;tp ke^  days* tp'���}; prevent   herV^rubBirigi and'  -. scratching y.ihp-ssor^  dpetpr :^eate^  ha^had-^yed^  it^asafrig^  honep^ th^inVdid a^  i^lt^iZam^u^  |xn%ch;';^ppdv^h^fc  :;3^,^.pei��e^^  ,u5^10^Jh  :Efc^h^:;iend|;bf^^h1ati:^  sa|| J^in-^ a; .cpmpiele;  I \:^0av.. eczema^ erupfcionsyr^  ^^hyf'rihgy^^  ;al^p^^i^es;|cUt#,;^.Dit^  abscesses^ chrpjiic ^  ingv:e^i;|^li^:dru^isits^:a^  50 a;> biox, pr. p��ost JEree, for yprize,:; frpni   t  Zam-Buk t Go., Toronto    Refuse im^ |;;  ^|ai^tp"^;.^lH iy l;  :wh|rt|^fi^r$|h^  cpmpa^nyfStpre^  nph%de};piu"  ^eWd|thef;cpiit  |t^nt^th|i.t?aApbor  :25& Jj-a)^ Id ���  Jp^t^GM^^  joyWife>V- ^of ^^fgppd^thing'sfein 1 j$fe.  IfKthevstandkrdspf^living and; edupa-  |^||p,n;|0]^|Crp^i  ?|a|pvtpufe  ^^{Kn-^aln'b^^tihg^  -^ipluld^l P:^t u r^  Ijie^Spubti^  "r^kderi :^is  ^rialt' th  would b^ If this tradfewent thniug-h,  c^yidyrTpg ; therfe   are   over   5,000  rnetf^n^blpyed in tlie district.       -  ^Hlt   rp'g*"^   be   asked by a critical  ���;frieiiid"wh^Was : ript the;Gbrd6ri re-  jpbVt!/ ^acpeptedIj by; the ;���:rniiners?    Up  to' thisj ?^  :^i^l';.|rebb^nitibP:��;gt  Western 'Goal pperators' Associa-  Mpni andi s  recpghised.there Pail be   no ground  for >argu js   no legal  prJbcessv by: which   the   Departhi^rit  of;Labor bin enforce the findings of  ther boards; and well there should be  stern Pfpvinces  lions as; these can be ^accepted by  ���tKe'.xpal miner, \yhpgives^all civilisation first aid ^ to ward comfort and  weilrbeing by producing that necessity which keeps  our  homes   warm  and cheerful. *  F. C. Gessler.  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WELLS, District Passenger Agent, Nelson, B.C.  im^M?����53��-��5PJ-  \M-  1 m II  f  -1-'  '     ."IM  p*  ! m;  I4'   -j if  ^ In  *l s i r  n  m  ^���1  ���J.'  p."  ��� }/>% ���  I ��p-' -1  & ,  Ml  ,6?!; 9P��j���v B/*f*rS  W^w  ;'&/��;-ifv-VJ *V<ri,!,   ' '      A ,,r     , V f - V..-.v,���;���,:..-��� v ."���' ���       ������'��������� ^v^tV,*;^^^^  i..Mt^��vitn��iM'(jAM>!tw��t'l4f'UJaJini it_Jr**i��-Ji��i*J.��i  .^0*11308^^  .-^^V? {.,<}*  ������f''|;,;:  ���/-v,  I .'p,pj[,f-; i ���i>'��,f;;-V ,���' t ��� '-'��� "ipt-" -'    -". i - *..- ��� mi     -. '��� 1 :'i -H,  ,,-Y,. i ���-,,|,., ���>.- ;, . K   . ��� >, ,. ,. . .  .�������,(���;������-,.,���  - r, ,���������.'  >,-\ ii ���������< ��� ��������� .'������ !���������. ���������  '( ���  i' .,   V -" > !'/. .p'ri - - -'ii+ /������(*)  i  ji/.iir.i.J/t^.:.;  ���>V.v.V*''Vk**^.;  j|$|ji||h��^  fan'ce^l^i!"  -^linlSl^iiiiiSiililllB  :ttl!iitWp6ssibjel!?ytb;  ,iM  One with Britain Heart &Soul9  :,^-F,V:i. ,;;-���,.'IF-FPFFF.^yj.^lBF;:^^;.,   ,,,;,  '..�� ,v.,FF^,;,^ ;.,,,:V^i.V;r"::'.r,ii^>.V!:-;.',:'.  ':^- '"   ' "     " '  -Vi*��� '�����>���? '6K*>i K����,M &? ���'*  S|lBoi#��n��^  ^.i,��ff\,,:v,F.-^.:>:w  majority; and that reciprocity will be  operating inside of a few������ weeks is  utterly at variance with the known  )'i . i!1jVp" ��� ,"' ������'������!   -'���  *i,;, ���'"'���-; ������"' /,,''���    V. '-.- ���'',V'-'"I-    r" V"-"    ������' \ ���"'.t'Tr *''! -:-V '* '   ���''���   .'   p"'    p-If'" -JIV'1! ''"-"1']   :t   '��� '"   ��� "i'-'1  trend;:of.'public opinion in ^every-.;prb-.:  :^ ^.':-': j.-;^; ?' ?; f :^ ��v;; ;'vyc-r-''^ c-;; .yfl^ ?'> ^;?': ��� ,,;V^u ^^tti 11 OlTfc;  w$uriptt^  Burrell and Canadian made tariffs:   ,  (ihai|stfp     , ,^._ ���..,,...._  > It s a long lane that has no turn-  irnr. hut  we are  approaching a big  Reciprocity will prove the Water-  Heightil bSPf^iaif��E^aft!  iifSS^f':-  vinces indicate heavy  gains by the  IGhaU^lllcSiillRliB:  " 5meeting|i^J||fi  ^KeiG0lalnj^erfl|a|i^  Queens, N;; S., has broken away  from its long Liberal alliance and is  now   fighting   Yielding"   and    reci-  '^^j^^l^^Wy'^^^i'^-'ji,^  flfflfmlnf^  uces  |jM��!W  ifrf:5fK��t'ii  .Ml'/��!i)'rt->':  ||roughpu^^  IMsSii^I^Ss^iiH': > ^ )fe W|^|gg!i|^n(i' de.''. M ars,5Sat��|v!  day're^ningJISepte 9th, '.wi^rij  j^^3|ii^^^^^iiir: methods,/ycmtv  i&lsilgii^P^^ unrel|i|;  |��jfl|fpi;f|;p;::'i:-i;;^ affairs will  ��S|j|^^ :are'' .invited" :'to'  ;,_^__ _    ||(Sign:ea);^":;-:^  pi|l:illllMD^:s " "   ! ���''y-i'^^^sy'it'^'V''-''- :, '.  pMelbelief;'gha^iim^   ^cs ^^  ^gp^ram6at|{willi^  ben|ficia|l^.^^  ,,^- : ,.t-:v^  ?,f;5  markets.  ''"-.':'^^'.-'-'r"  Hearst by the Montreal Nationalists  taons.  to the effect that Hearst was abroad,  was.'a^:hbme^;^^;M^  ^^iffl^^^^flSI'EcflDEb ON .A  li-'F.i'-Vf.^i.Ji^  ^ifclrhefjjremi^ha^  to hold tlie^ final meetit^ of his tour  at Ottawa,Mpn-thevi^i)^i-\^^[ff^Q^t.  ^:|>re yen pp. ;aj^m:seryative^iand  in/the^ajntal:^  Quebec to vbt^,an4iwiil  likely  the returns; on the  ' |rebiprpcity  HHph'O - N -��� D-  3llilfRliit��iRiTO EARRINGS,  liSllf 6i|;;Af bi^ watch ?  Prices oh 13iamohds have been rising for over ten years and are  rising.������stiii;.^tN&^ mahlknowswhen they will \ stop rising.. Yet Dia-  iftonds;a^sbi<|jby:;us';kt,;'the.same prices that were asked last season,  because we saw how things were going and bought accordingly.  '^-�����-.bUy^thsm and save you the middleman's  profit.    A Diamond is about the only form of investment certain not,  to depreciate in value..' Inspection Invited.  mm^mmMm  The Jeweler  v?|^r^:^ln-edj;;Laurie��:i      been at  last forcedL tb deal  seriously witi  vLiberalSi'��� ^argub  will benefit ^  because it \yill re4u;ce| thb ;^s^ of  liyihg*. ;Th^n they ��� turn round and  say that reciprocity;; will >benefit th^  ��anadianffarm^  increased Jprices for his prpdubts^  The''twQ;:krgum  of Liberal incbiisisteiicy and do not  appear to be worth considering.  is our business and we are  here to please you. The  next time that you  want  \:#  any Billhead^tett Statements, Circulars^  lCar<fe, B^ in PRIN^NG, phone 14  and we will  show you  |amples: : :  ]'/5��::'}h'ii$-::^;y *:'::'{,  .m-.  r\r v.;-  :/y-Z  :%  ��� �������������.  p*  1  Af J,i:  :-iii'ft.i?jJsw^,  pW*.W3W���*WWW��� *'*i UJaRHAlCeuBaj  JT'ijil  JifUl���*,.  m'>wif>MX!��KSIilnKn'vf *  't  'i'.'./jH'/  ,  -'.I  ,��� .fi'>. \j i *  How About  That  /  We are in the lead with the very Newest Styles,  and Clothes that cannot be excelled on the continent  for quality and durability.  Wetake/yoiir 'measure.) \ah"d guarantee a perfect fit.  It costs you nothing to look over these .goods, but if  you purchase elsewhere before seeing our lines,  you  will always regret it. .  N. J. Carson & Co.  A Slight Mistake  Reciprocity   is   getting    on   the  people's nerves.     Last week, among  [(the  decorations  at Windsor, Ont.,  a number , of  strange   flags ��� were  flown.'  . At first sig-htpthey,appeared,  to be a cross between the U. S.   en-  sign and the Canadian flag.    They  might easily  have, passed, for  the  usual  Canadian  flag,   but  for,   the  fact  that  instead / of the glorious  maple leaf in the  corner there, was  subsituted a number of stars.      ;���'.  , r   ,',_i,i   ,,    ,    ' ��� ty  The Liberals ofthe, city gazed in  wonder at  it and , began to ^speculate whether  after  all  there might  not be something in the annexation  talk after all.     "If four stars appear  on  our  flag  before  election,   how  many, might  we  expect if reciprocity is carried," asked one man.     A  story started later to the effect that  it was really a new ensign to signalize the  prospect of better trade relations  between   the two countries.  Several merchants then requested  the chairman ofthe decoration com-  mittee to have the offending bunt-  ing hauled down or else afford them  an explanation. ,, He was unable to  explain, so an appeal was made to  ex-mayor Drake, who promptly  solved the" mystery.       / >     ,'-  "Why, j that's ' the flag of the  Commonwealth of Australia/' he'  said, "and those four stars are  meant to represent the Southern  Cross constellation." This closed  the flag incident. * *'    },i  J  FISHING TACKLE I  ���J" To bring, in the fish you want to go with the right tackle.  Right now we are showing a complete line of tackle and  accesssories for spring and summer fishing. We can furnish everything but the bait.  ^[ Don't forget that we carry a fine line of Kodaks and  supplies.    Our prices are reasonable.  ^ Stop and look at the display of Fine Glassware in our  windows. These goods are all high-class, and of finest  quality.     No home should be without them.  Writs war Paper In Latest   i&|_     Jki_  Shapes and Tints ���#%���&������   sW&hbb  BBSB  i; StilL Leading - -.  By carrying  a small sack of mail  from the   Hudson  aviation field to  Windsor Castle and delivering it to  King  George, C. H. Cresswell,  on  Saturday, formerly inaugurated the  new    aeroplane  postal   service   of  Great   Britain.    Following  his* departure   four   other   machines   ascended each carrying 100,000 pieces  of mail  matter.    Several machines  have  been  contracted   for,  and   a  regular   service   will be established  to places   not readily   accessible by  land or sea.  Great Britain has blazed the path  in all postal improvements, and Saturday's innovation maintains her  supremacy in this regard. She was  the first to adopt postage stamps,  pneumatic underground mail delivery, parcel post, postal telegraph  and postal savings banks.  In making your purchase  ,   of Beer*    Buy .where the  reputatibh' of/many years  stands ready to guarantee  THE PURITY  of OUR BEER  Our Beer is pure and satisfies the thirst. Be sure  our label is on the Beer  ^ you drink���it mearis 'ah  assuranceof good quality.  >   'PHONE 23  PHOENIX BREWING CO.,  ^LIMITED  TRY  the  Lower Town  Barber Shop   4> ^  For an Easy Shave, Stylish Haircut  Refreshing Massage, or an InvigTor-  ating Shampoo. New and Up-to-  Date in every particular.  THE PHOENJX  DAIRY  W. A. MCKAY & SONS, Props.  Hello I Did you try a pint of our milk ? You did! Well,  you will readily admit that it cannot be excelled anywhere for richness, quality and purity. What's your  'Phone number ?   F 32. We deliver milk daily.  Jewish Colonists For Canada  A strong movement has been  started to bring some thousands of  Jews from Palestine to Canada. It  appears that the new Turkish government has not come up to expectations, the much talked of reforms  only being on paper. About 1,500  will arrive this year.  Scobell's Liquor, Tobacco  and Drug Cure f$?^$SA  Alcohol, Tobacco and Drags. It counteracts the  effects almost instantly���removes all cravings.  After taking the treatment there will never be any  need to drink Intoxicants or use drugs again. Can  be given secretly. We have yet to hear ot one  failure. Mailed under separate cover to any-address. Price $5.00 box, or 8 boxes for $10.00. vbm  QoobelS 2>nng Co.. St. Catharines, Out.  C. A. Best, Prop.  BUSINESS  IMPROVING  Those desiring Plumbing or  Tinsmith work done, will please  call up Phone A 10, where their  warfts will receive prompt attention. I will devote the whole  of my time tb the business.  IB  'PHONE AID.  A reliable French regulator; never fails. These  pills are exceedingly powerful in regulating the  generative portion of the female system. Refuse  all cheap imitations. Dr. de Vata's are sold at  $5 a box, or three for $10. Mailed to any address.  The Scebell Drag Co., St. Gath8ur.ta.O6, Oat,,  '!>   i'ii    *  n v.  ,'P < ' ]  J    f    J r   j[}fl  ''   -'i  ;' p, r ,\> >' \ -J   ,'i'f  1   ,   t ,v'l <fa',-i>'r  n  .  -, .  4  '. ��'i\  .' It  - ���$��� 'i  ' ''m  ��� %  1.  I*.  Pi  w  WA   .  ���������ill  i  ::,m  i TU'Sl  ^W,&'  SPi'V  .���it*.  w  ('���  ���i-f-1  '.jti^t tffi ���?���''���'ii.  "wyj-h 'W? "tf ;>���:i��v -'.jm; '"' v * ���*': ,-*���:,*;  !IItpl/;i^^ -1'"   tev-,>,}:fj.'i,,.,.',i �����;*. '.-.'/.������.������������,vp-.���'-���''.���v.'>;i!;..;.. w.v ,;,;iAiV'v/"A;'H;,,K:''i|,i;5VSJF!,��i''F.-fFryAirSM-^'^''jaWiii''^d  t'.::K-.'-tf''ii:r':'-M  ��,-.-,'����,>.--;.f,,i',':-;---.-i'���������.���!���/:"���.'.;'��� (���-'���'���' ''v-'.^^iVi"?'-.^^;!**^  trom neighbor ing cities have entered  contest  a substantial  prize of $450  ':fesFj'i';J*'JjT;Si^ 'ii^,S'.l;;,4;;ftv^!i'':-if'.,ij:i  Ne. 36, A..7, and A.IV3.  l)Kegular communication at 3  Emergent meetings as called; Mason ic,  as*.^>;^Wi'*i4!JAV.y-ffe;i.F  Piifciiiiiiiia ��i^  liiiiliiiiliii^  Mi^sfi  liiil  |e|Bu|pt^d^s^!^|^^^  |^oiwh^||busti^  charibt;;^cefe;lari  . various ^6%h^m^6^^6y^aiUtii^MM'^i  t. Hardy, the  highr wire king, one  ^^he��|^eWost|^  SelllMaliMI  Scottish ^dancin^��,Dorothy^m'D.eFi  -Voii'da^aiid her  wonderful; dog in a  balloon ascension and separate par-  ^h^tefdie^eJnl^^^Ha1pp^  ;illliiF^  Lodge  i^Meeti^|��yery::^M  Miriera'lHallii:; ^isitih^OTdthi^Vh' coi - [  .$Va..u'Wagerieiii?;N()ble fGkindf  ;���;?��� A; L^MdKirinon,;Piii^ Secy,,;,;::;'-:  ^^'���^.;^^Rutherfdrd^Reo^^^        -r ������''",  ::^yf'}i  Dau|rhters of Rebekah  ���p^--- '������'������*������'���:;���;<��� s.XvV-\<-.- v..:-\ :'''v?S'''��:;;''',;. ���', ���i vs- ".:'^^; ���. :.'���'. ���,'���������' ';������,'���������[.. ' , ^.o  ;;' ��� Meets ^..in^���the'^MirieraV' Uniori^-Lodge'���������:������'-,$  v# Hall First and Third Wednesdays.-  $������ ���' .;v:  '"  ��;.''  ���?a ���.���!;*���:��  ^^&i#;;::!fe?Si^:',?^:*  'i}00:Aiifrr^mm  Jtfe'eW.inflmib]ii';Hall,*: :  f$��isiti^  M.M4  'tl^F-iuTe'en'M^arieH  igr^w^nigappleSiiswere  |W^nnip^|last^|^e^  ffuit, which was of fine qtiality, was  grown   in   the   vicinity of Morden,  I^nerel'th^rellare^  mm  ^OHN?Ik>yE%^;^Pir  :fff|Ef��^  "iTXm^V^ ������',������  '5%^*  PhoeniXj  *''.'a  ^ifiU-.'r^:  BiO.  jMg^ at;;;;7r'360::": "V'.  :^^iwtTOm  0-������'*-' /'-���'���'':,��.:"'���-. ��������������'��>   ���;' ���-. ���- ���"      :   ��� ���      -    .^'t -'.���:-   ���'���������;- ������������  ���   ���-.  "?.���-,-. - :\ i :��� * -."   ,.->       ..? ��� ��� ������  'v 'ii :'i<,si"��,?Y,T��-"����v'-%^ ���������'-��������*���"���*'��-"'**".t V/WfW;"?."*�����f"-'-^Jfj*t'*?-l*^?'*.ft *"%"'' ���*���,>*.*h i>i**''i '-* *'-''- i* .'';'���**'."'    ';  .^'iJ-?.;M,^.':,��  ^Hiiioiilili|^|iM  ?:l&$>&   ?SS0i|I���^lS^  v;'4:'^^^lth6ui^sigvM  for :tlie:;acco  'NieatJJCl^^ahdfe'ti  ,',>, ���p,.?l>AM.F.!  Bar Stoeke^ w34h Choicest a.l��gu��.rai arsd  ���V: LOCATED ����^ ��OR^EK  Kf^OB   MILL  AVEi^UE  Stearrs HeatecBj, 0@e4e-.Se  HIRE^ LIFE AND  PLATE GLASSY  t /..,.. \. ,w  M'oi'^.'.fe'  >'*��S-ft-;ftv...     . _   .,.   ..... -  IffSE^EI^ppBNip^HMaress^  the undersigned, and endorsedVTender  for Wharf ^and   two  Approaches .,at  Prince Rupert, E.G.- wilf be received  at this 'office until 4.00 P.M., on^Mon-  Is^uic^io^l-^^f^  proaches at Prince Rupert,1 Quarantine  ;��ti;tiontlBigbf^  |^]glans^'i^cifica  obtained at this Departujent an<l at  ^ict^fMngineerv;f"I^^  :3.p^^d:;on^ia,pplicati  master at Prince Rupert.and Victoria,  IflPersonis tehderihg^,a^/notified thiat  .pnders-wiil^nbtbe cdnsidei^d unless^  lmade bn ���the?printed ^iras;<: supnlied/  '.flM signed^wlth their ;a��t]to  ftufesistetin^ their  places of{^residence.;;-In ��� the  case of  ; nrm.8,, the; actual signature, the nature  bif tfe occupa.ti  : dence of ^ ea-ch niember,  .inustibe'-given.;^.;:,,:^.^#^ :-:U^KM:^^-A-^  ;| Each ^tenderv^must; be^ accompanied  .^)an?a��cept^^K^qu^  ;b^k>^|)iafablciF^  ourable^thaMinister of Public^  ambuht:bi^the^tena^  forfeited:::M ilth��i^person ^  'clm^tb^^wr^fintb,!^  <��liedmp6n -tb\^6:^igc^^ti^^y.cbmr;  'piete*.thepbntraet; ^c-I^ltheStender;^^  ^bt^radce|)i^  ���-turaeld.'^sSv^r,?  $ ThelDepa^tm  nfco accept the' hwest or^any t^nd^ri ^  i:$--;";:���'::"By'order,- ^c;^:f^.^:,������ ;;.'��� \:']^' \:. ^'���,;_.  ;;|���;",:.?%$��$$��� -)^;W]ij0]\s-.���.'-iiM^'. Secrefao-ry.  X>epartment of JPublic Wb^  ;^::-;:;Otita\va.,:, August:^  ^ INewspapers will not be pa-id for this  Mvertisemebt ii they insert it vpithbut |  authority from the Department  WrW^^M^Mf!^$Wf$iM  Mountain Temple Lodge No. 17  Ijfy^feand^i^^ "; :^fy0,  5Mirai>fi>.;;Reod:S-:}}Wr:'''A . ;-Mrs.'A. D. McKenzie ���:  VI  , v 'i'i-'i%il-i'-'��� '���''��� \'!*��� '���-f^.��� i^'.'i.^ jt;;*: '.-���'*  ;|^bS|f>Rap  ^^'���^^e^ransf^ri'^-'  - ^  Fj-j^f,,'^ afj Orders;     PHone A65  -tta?.!-.'.-'  .I'i        ,  faMesJG^ iMcKedwii  ." ���/������  /,'":  ^^    F  ; arac Wood, $5.00 per cord  Pine Wood,  |4.50 per cord^  Pine; Wood," double cut,  per  -#cord*^  WOOD DgUVERED OH SHORT  ^OTipe.;  'AA "��� ���.���*Phowe B;:32  PfeOl5ph��Ea��I ��e*fWB3 every nerve iu fthc body  " " ""in .to'ltg proper tension; restores  vim and vitality. Premature decay and all sexual  weakness averted *ft once. Pboopbo&ol will  make jou a new man. : Price J8 a bost or two for  , $&.   Mailed to any address.  %b��r  ���V::^M- .��&*���{#  'V  :pW^  POINTED PARAGRAPH!  a Rev. H. W. Simpson, of the  102nd Regiment, (Rocky Mountain  Rangers), Rossland, made the highest possible in the City of Toronto  match at SOO yards.  \ The Turkish government is planning to purchase several cruisers for  its navy; it is rumored that they may  ,  buy several ofthe older and obsolete  ships of the American navy.  The majority of the Fall River,  Mass., print cloth mills, were placed  on half time last week. Some of  the mills are tb run three days a  week, and others alternate weeks.  ' President Taft is preparing new  arbitration treaties to submit to the  Senate, to be wider in scppe than  any hitherto considered and much  ��� broader than any which now exists  between the nations.  During the progress bf the strikes  jn England, recently, the linoleum  factories of Lord Ashton were obliged to close down. During the  period of idleness the titled proprietor paid the salary of every .man  and woman employed  in his works.  Professor Chapman of tbe British  Association, a leading economist,  predicts that the, next three years  will be an era of strikes, due to  steady increase in the cost of living  since "1896. He places the entire  blame oh the enormous production  of gold throughout the' world.  The Colorado river is. flowing into  a great hole jin,r.the,,channel- and  practically disappearing near Yuma.  W. . Cranston,, an., engineer, says  that thousands of fish are dead in  Volcano Lake, which is nearly  dried up. It is believed that the  water is taking an underground  passage tb the Gulf of Mexico.  Lord Desborough, addressing the  Canadian club in Winnipeg, stated  that the object of the Duke of Sutherland's visit, to Canada was to  carry into effect a scheme whereby  British settlers would, be enabled to  secure lands. The preliminary financing wiil be done by the aristocratic capitalists now touring the  west.  At the offices of the Panama  canal commission bids were opened  today for the purchase 'of more than  100,000 tons of junk which Uncle  Sam has for sale. The junk includes abandoned locomotives, tools,  dredges, dump cars and machinery.  The lot comprising the last remnants of the millions of dollars  worth of equipment sent 10 the  isthmus years ago by the French  engineers.  Captain Ypungen, of the steamer  Hyades, while three days put from  Cape Flattery, reported that lie was  carried ten miles out pf his course  by a strange current. ; He says the  current was about nine miles in  width and the temperature rose  from 74 to 78 degrees. He is at a  loss to account for the phenomena,  but seems to think it the result of a  volcanic disturbance on the bed of  the ocean.  ^AM&mAms0Mm  :^:^Wm^&0A^mM  \xw\  \x&.  ^,S-i��...i':',-,r.;\-'iv:;  WygW* ���I':;-:'1-  'mw:  H:j:'V!  }���$!&,  W&MM  ^^SS^^^H^^^^^^^iW^  '^MAAAXtA  '���Imf ���  ;������-:������-&���'* ���-���{'.V  .HE choice Wheat used in the milling  of RoblA Ho^kS l^our tniikes It the  Food In the world���and a  sack of Robin Hood  FIouj* will fn^ke  . morelo^^esth^ananyother brand on the  iiiajfcetiP.:;^^  >.Miii  '������!i^U^f&\  $%&&  '������'''W&P'/'vj-:^^^^  ���-Ail  ::iW  F.'.rMVi*;   ���  y['".i:i-7fi,yy:.-  iO'BIH HOOD-  Z&l  wao'Wm HOOD FL0UB-MADE IN MOOSE JAV  i".';3',:'hf ,  li:i ';$fc  ,.'V^.''.''-',>.��n  =,���*���  liOASE .IJAtf SASK  ROBIN H00&  Long Lost Mine Discovered  The re-discovery of the long lost  Barclay lode in Franktown, Nevada, has caused considerable excitement there. The lode possesses  almost pure gold and silver.  For many years the location of  the treasure has been kept. secret  by the Barclay heirs, but prospectors  in the employ of Col. W. S. Pros-  key of Reno, John B. , Casserly of  San Francisco and Richard Welling  of New York, say,the have found it.  . ��� ^...,   ; ,,���,.-���:���   i ������  Canada Serves Notice  i I <      F ' J." f ��� F .      "' "  Capada is to withdraw from the  Fisheries treaty concluded with the  United States, in 1908,. owing to  the failure of the United States congress to confirm the regulations as  required by treaty. Interests on  the Pacific coast desired changes in  the regulations drawn up by Prof.  Prince and Dr. Jordan, but Canada  refused and is about to serve notice  of withdrawal from the treaty altogether.  Alter Many Years  The Canadian government is calling for bids to furnish 10,000 tons  of steel rails for the Hudson's Bay  railway. Bids are to be received  up to October 15th.  :^:^AA':^!:;00^0'^fM  W.  ir'rt��.'  w#  st:gc.djle^iip^  0y;i!p  Salet,b^Ku.^  this,grea1t)sale|reveals^  Carpets ; and prices are the lowest we've ever quoted for a  spring^aife^  '-.-:'���    :,-;^.-;"j.;.-\,|���'>.-;:/..':-., ..".-''.'."-���.'''-'���:,-v-; -'''-.,W;:.AA^i'<" ���0^-:v}^.^''^  wtaerel'came^Xe^  y::r::.y^y^:-:;.::j-:^  thorough completeness, the reliable qualities and fifenuine  Rug^;and|��^  IjKaye^lbbitedpSeise^  iifiusja^  ilities^ana4;^enuinev;��:-\.^r'.��;:rf^  economic way.  'Si^-^^^^Ai^B^M&'^s^yyi-^yt^y  C. F. Edwardsy  'flltl  A. S. HOOD  Fire, Life and Accident Insurance.      General Agents.  Bank Block, Phoenix, B.C.  ^OARTERUy DIVIDEND No. jgiff  ,        y ���  maaammmmmmmammmmamamammmammmamamammmmamomaamaaaammam  Noti^ is Jta  of nine per c^nt^  Capital Stock ot this Bank ^  will be payable at the Head  on arid after the second day of October nextl J  The Transfer Books will be cl^s^ irtm the  15th to the 30th September, both days inclusive.  By order of the ]8oardf ^    v  ', J. MACKINNON,    '::,.":;;"  Sherbrooke, 28th Aug., 1911. General Manager.  ".Mr  ���'-.;1R4  Mm  ':^'j&yffm  ��� :yj^$m  ll.~ji,-'.i  - ��� <��m-  n  ������'-.���'���������v.-M#l  v    ,, -t53ll;tf/ppl  ���:���..���' ��� '������ ���&$?$���  ���- .��� ::>\iilm  OVSR OS YEARS  KXPCRICNCC  Trade Marks  Design��  Copyrights &e.  , Aayone Bending a attot ch and tieserlntton mass  ���Qolekl? ascsrtatn our opinion fire�� Trnethcr en  Inrentlon is probably patentable, Commnnlea.  tlonB otrlotly oontirtontlul. HANOBOuK on Patent*  sent free. Oldest agency for eecannffjpatants.  Pntonta taken tbrouRh Munn &13o. soceSvo  special notice without charge, tan tb.��     '  mmm,  A handsomely HlnstraJted mekljr. targeti elr-  caleAlon ot any solentifle journal. Ternts^ for  CSar^da, 98.7ft �� year, J*e��aeo prepaid. Sold by  all bemrsdealerB.  Cascacie Oreamery Butter  CASCADE GREAMERV BUTTER, #0����jperlte.  CASCADE FRESH EGGS, 40e>dOt;   Sffiolf^r 70��.  '.CHOICE/BREAKFA^  SUGAR ClJ^b HAMS, 25�� p��r Sbi  PURE LEAF LARD, 31b. paB8B 55��j   Sib. pail, 90��.  CANNED LOBSTERS, 25c. and 45c.  CANNED SALMON, 20��. pertfffS.    'A;  Wholesale and Retail Butchers and Produce Merchants  Branch Office, 635 F St^ Woaalnstono 2%  i '.  P <m>  ���M$  Jfe$$_ ,  ^^'iKoK  IMS  :S'.;��ffl;  ���-Mi-,. ���  ���mms  ism  ���IB  aifili  ii  KSkS  fei  ��  ��iii^ii.!  -'���! vj'n"   ' ��� ?��� "'   ������   ���       rasw;w��W5l^'il^'W',,,,��    *     '���     '���>, ,'��� ���'��� '���' ������. i '���i:*.';r.u'/;V>^i;.V^>W,"^^ '.:.,-..���'. ���������.:���,,��� ,i . ���;.'. 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C. ���..������.-;;������:.-���:'".".;���'.���������"- '.v,v: U:-.;:,'.';-!":!--, i.'.-i- -.> ���/���:';���<-.;��.��� ���.--.-__-(.-.->-_-<�����_���:���; v,-v-..- 'jr-- ':"i :���;'������'��� rv"*": *.''/--:.'     ��� ��� ���-���  :���;�� f^  .-Vi-;  ||lilnp|;B|^;  -,^>-  ttheap'm in Eastern  | Canada^ ^ States.  "';�������' ,v":'   ���-������^-:'-���*���������"��������� '         ���-������  5^' fJ  ' "     "    ''"    J;Mvv...,  The  ri���jw������:v^as^^!iisliet:^l;!5p miles  cubia^lt^ft'^irMi'fo^  % Ticketsp&rst^l ass,= o^  .;!* 0C-T0BER 31 st^stpproyersvwithin limits allowed.     r  FoF ffi to routes, fares to points not  '';-ejubfed^etc;v-writ^^ ������A?--"  W. X. PERKINS,; Agent.  i ,V '-(.-i --.,1  :!@M$&  ���J>M  '���������SiJxk,'.:  fi'-''.->':-'y':  r]��siW^'.p&&.li,


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