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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Sep 17, 1910

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Array ^f-V-F,l-i'iiV  r.   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The Granby directors, as ,stockholders, took fully one-half the  treasury .stock recently offered for  subscription, at $85 ,per share. This  includes, with - the directors' pef-  sonalr holding's, shares standing- in  the names of relatives, friends and  close business associates.  The new work at the Granby  mine is being pushed ahead vigorously. It will pnly be a matter of  a few.days -till, the generator is in  operation and,the brick walls of the  machine shop are going up rapidly.  Two diamond drills are in operation  daily and very satisfactory results  are being obtained.  ��� b e;'" -ihe r e^asedMtO'?  dOmmtieri  r&-  The Pioneer's New Home  The Phoenix Pioneer's new office  is located in the lower town, first  building east of the Hotel Brooklyn,  where we will be glad to receive a  call from old and new friends. Our  phone is now installed and if you  have* anything, of interest to the  editor or the print shop call number  the company;has|^  :e.ash. the  irxanagement^pfppose^i,tO.;  place the^top^  ���������,,,-..\'_:';_.'f."vr''���''���'������ f l!���!.'<�� '..'-.'.','"'".   ���r��� -'���'. '''.'���.','.-i;'-p.i  Boundary Ore Tonnages  The ore shipments from Boundary  mines during the past week run  well up to the .average of the district. To date- the Rawhide mine  has shipped 69'cars bf its ore to the  British Columbia -Copper smelter,  amounting to 2400 tons; "We understand, however, that the ore" has  not been assaying up to trie standard expected and shipriients, will  probably be deferred until' further  drifting on. the ore body is done,  which 'will be in the course of a  couple of weeks.  Following are the returns of the  output of the mines and smelters, of  the Boundary district for the week  ending Sept. 17 and for the year to  date:    16,530  8,653  ���2,400  2,450  "occurred ;at,;:the^Gm^  wer e';rjefe rxed ;^  plan on system fo  ;rnining7''; ^That-;;t thej:i:^c^e^in^\;>Vwer;3J  Anticipated  byrthe:';iiiahagernent;M  :^oxx\q;:6\j^^^^^:^at no miners;  '|yere.;^woekin^^in^  ^jv^n^theyii^  .:JaY.e;^irilm:e^nsKeh6ap;^  ?thlfcompSny:^|ai^  |:||:iic^ye|in^;W.hic^  ?m|0:e";JL]Q|t^  jpr^ple|^|||rm  Imentilijay'-.l^l^raye^^  ahid   general?imanag  ���atsenpii's^  ^h Aslbc c u: r r^d|b|fp r e'A^B0:^^AoM^  ��|aiififas:^t)i;at;;^  SutSifiorft^  Granby.......  Mother Lode..  r  Rawhide . . . . .  Snowshoe....  Oro Denoro . .  Jackpot ���  Golden Eagle.  Sally   618  843,154  246,858  2,400  110,515  8,650  7,817  12Q  32  30,651    1,221,164  SMELTER TONNAGES  Granby ..15,783        765,773  B.C. Copper Co. 11,220        234,385  |^r|h;b^|in;-;;.th^  ^ilPWt^tiXearly^M  Sranhy-.|i^^  .timib?e"nn^:p^^Lat^  [worked'but ;by:rthefiugi.neers'';where-;  by^large pilla"rs;^  suppbrt: the roof and floor H levels^a^  work advanced.     When   all   of the  ore .above is extracted,'these   pillars  are shot down and the roof  or floor  falls and the ore contained is.shipped.  ''The mining inspector of British  Columbia has approved of this plan,  making, as he does, frequent examination of our workings   as  he does  of all other mines   in   the   Province.  Frequently these floors  or roofs are  permitted   to   stand   for some  time  after the bulk of the  ore  has   been  extracted   before  being shot down,  depending   upon   our   convenience.  Again, when a  large  percentage of  the ore   is  extracted   from   a given  stope,   that   part   of   the   mine   is  closed and permitted  either  to fall,  as was the case  in  the instance referred, to, or is shot down at a later  date, when  a large  amount of ore  for extraction  is  needed, caused by  the'closing of some other part ofthe  mine for either repair  of machinery  or stoppage for various causes.  "This plan enables us to mine a  laigetonnageof our ore at a very  low cost and has proved perfectly  safe to miners and owners. We  have no trouble in securing good  miners who are very well satisfied  with conditions existing at themihe."  s i jyepg623 ^pji^  '^���H;-Afte1^c^edltiwg^!g61a^  :v al u esUitiCO^s'tl^H'e^c^^ ������.��� :::r^.mi:^m^m^^m  -a:*ppuhd.ptpf^rpd;uce;^  "'iA'iVnrVi'c'+Kvwtfhv Vvnlv: Srwfv?fiirriahe�� in���-."���-'  :Us^W.ith^p^J^  bperafipn;^;^;:^  mm0m  W'AArMmM  Granby Reaching- Out  Local officials confirm the report  that the Granby Consolidated have  taken a lease on the Cliff mine in  Rossland camp and will prosecute  development work vigorously, the  property being placed in charge of  Wm. Yolen Williams, formerly  superintendent of the Granby at  Phoenix, and now consulting engineer tor the Company.  The Granby company is now  reaching out for properties in other  fields and have several in view, but  definite information will not likely  be given till after the annual meeting on Oct. 4 next.  Phoenix Publit School  Pupils of the Phoenix school district are hereby notified that they  must become enrolled at the school  on or before the first day of October, or they will not be allowed to  attend school until after the Christmas vacation. It is impossible for  scholars vvho are not in attendance  by Oct. 1st to pick up the work of  the classes and parents are urged to  see that all pupils are enrolled as  soon as possible.  \Ji;i.'  .���jpjiiiiA^piJdL  r  :'iVvp^v .yy^iJIi  ^&J$w]wSJ&B8tiK�� 'i'.F..' ,.,v':1%��F.,,uf^      ''���,���'','.!.''-'  pssn  t-ry^-.-im Kp^\?\{iA^��^A"   V"    IA'^T     Sf \<   '   A ^A   *>**\ k��     lA W'^V ^ rV AW .X'V'*    w'1 *Jim j  V   <'  1  i  J - ,  l II  IG^ oi," .th^huge stage, on, which, will,  M, ' .   m.U. u^Vi iii-*^:i..i Jj.r.,.1 appear daily"at-the Spokane Inter-'  /state FairfOct.s3 to 9V eight to ten-  (pf the, world's;highest; class vaude-  $lje ^cts/;^Sikty;byforty feet widey'  ������ �� t  J  r  . p.  1  i      t  * ��*    *  I    ���>���"���  '   .     ��  'I  ����'f i   ��� sing Pt  14  ^^f'a'tnple roomer the displaying  *W  pftall exhibits1.'; ' <> , ! ^ r   '  wMih&netyf the' main "featuife^of' the;  Ii>*t -fair^will >Be *the  exhibits  of fruits,  I- MfrphVthe"'different fruit,growing^sec):  >a tions of, the^ southern' portipn+!pffthe  just; twice,., as large' as ^ the (Fair,  ^vaudevillevstages in Pther< .years.)  !*AmWg4tWe Wtl^ 'actscalready en-  gage^fo^ tJns"year^(are,;Hilda;Carols  and',.'her, 'famous * troupe'^oflnltalian'  DancingfGirls, putting on ?the "G��ran4l  Italian TarantellayBallet^tand ,theJ  patriotic^'Nationalf^ BalleVr' l^Th'ef  Sterner ..Troupe j pf Vfdmpus^fpreign,.  acrpbats.^and ^a(/Vwh'61e> herd   of  ^   (/  The   chilly  weather, has arrived,   Fall is now  upon,us 'and you will be requiring a new Fall  J,.r. '''    v *':'   ' . . 4 '  (4/V'i, i\  ; I-   4  *'    V. pj > (    ^- \   i1      r '      ' W      ft  \aAA< t  tit   I f  I.  i *  ^    f  i    ,' i  '.   '*  F  A"  V       . '  '   '  *       p    t'-r      "* '���   ��i��'  4 . (  I  p V  j i1  i ' /  n  a r,    p/,'v-  S      ,   I   ,  We   handle    the   famous   SEMI-READY,  Clothing for men and  can   guarantee  you   a  ,V ^u^V' fitdn what is recognized   throughout  Canada  .'^^^ as'the  most, /stylish .clothing-, manufactured.^  ,'/ t v   , fThe materials- are^all of first quality and made    4"  *u ^Vv!"    J    ���<   *   *   ! "f ^'!    *fi       <      A <��� - (;  ��''��j 'V'4'v'tOt^lobk' well' and 'wear well.  ^Prices  range y? y  <���        !  ( i '  ,;  v- *.av  /i^ f"  T  ^ s/V v   exceptionally good values in seasonablehnes '!   .^^   -��� ^  *  ,  '*   U   AAArr-C^    *->/<?'      .t^^'i.  T"Vf' ^i;^-0^    '^J     "   il   CL<'   v(   >>^r ^ %^  Wk      y   nf Mnrlfii-wpar ��� K*nif   larUff^ta   Rnnt��: anrl Shn��?!��-     ^,i>   # ^    -    f "  I  r ^   v   ���      ^ *-   ^ p^H * ,v       j  ^W��^"M.>        H..S  fl   1     ��� ,�����      < lT    *1X>       fl   1  ���          J      ���_ /    :���^*-_ fl   ��� m. _ flse ��flH-��flsr flsv   ^*x   ��w^ ^ '    ��� X *.amat. +mmr^ ^.   ��A *   f     f fl.l ^^^*<W^��stfk '  %  p:��?^1f>^ cellar ,��'r. ^  V-  Pure and wholesome.     Cold and as bracing in its'  .coolness* as*a breeze from the North in Summer.  glTCThe "Best-Beer in the Boundary"  ���' ' "    ' '        " W   v Ji-   "r j  -J        -v  f WHY?    Because its manufacturers employ (air of their  s       , 'energ-y to'(the? turning" but  of ,a perfect  Beer  A    ��j " ' "       from the best materialsobtainable. \  Artificial and Natural Ice, Etc.  \ ,/       ^; Thone 23  PHdENIX BREWING COMPANY  modern ^n appointments and  department, par "excellence, and  WJ$ vte'^V,1. -"V*5 Vj" ^S'STT r��� Ch/cest ��q������ and cigars, the  &&���:? f it'^'tfc;,,'  - i* .- :-,pK,Dgr'"-,S headH��aners'for travellers.      -    '    " Bus ,meefs ���� trains.,  Com-  I modious  i-^j \��, Ji r  sample ropms.  IL^SHBA, Proprietor W. Ro waLUASViS, Kfflanagfer  QUEER'S  HOTEL  ,      R. V. CHISHOLM, Prop.  DANNY DEANE, Manager.  < This is the Largest and Newest Hotel in the city,  heated by steam,   and well  furnished thoughout  for the accommodation of the public.     Everything  ,  s ,   Neat,  Clean  and Up-to-Date.     Meal* served at  all hours.  Bar Stocked With Choicest Liquors and Cigars  CENTRALLY LOCATED ON CORNER  BRflDCE AND  KNOB HILL AVENUE ..,..,.;  Steam Heated, Electric  We furnish the trade all over the Boundary  with the Choicest Imported'and Domestic  M4f<f- IQ\ r t  *   \f  ��F  i      ���!  *      )t If  >  /��  Telephone 48 and 26 ' if nVt, ,   "���'      , '  / l        "��� P .      '  v  !  a.-  I  I  �� -k  <-'>"���'  '/ ju,  King Edward Lodge Wo- 36  A: F. and A. M.  Regular communication at 8 p.m.  Second Thursday of each month.  Emergent meetings as called;  Masonic Hall, McHale Block.  W. S. Cook, R. S. Fraser,  Secy. W.M.  LO.O.F. Sn���sro��tt��"*e    "��� *  Meets  every  Monday   Evening   at  Miners' Hall.      Visiting brethren  ���> cordially invited.  J. P. McKenzie, Noble Grand.  W. A. Pickard, Fin. Secy.  *   T. A. Bean, Record. Secy.  FRATERNAL ORDER  OF EAGLES  Phoenix Aerie No. 158  Meets in Union Hall, Friday Evenings. Visiting brothers are always  welcome. /  J. Thornton, W.P.  , .    Orrin D. Bush, W. Secy.  K. of P. Lodge, No. 28  Phoenix, B.C.  Meets Tuesday Evening at 7.30.  Sojourning brothers��vcordiaily welcomed.    ' :   ; "i  ''  Gordon Thompson, k. of r.s.  /   J. W. Hannam, C.C.  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  and ;  Boundary Mining Journal  s- - .       "     ' -        -  j'*'. ISSUED   WEEKLY  \    Subscription, $2.00 per year  , -, ^%2j$Qho United States  lLFREDeI!!ovE, fftffilis&er?  ft ' t  .Saturday, September 17, 1910  During-the past summer forest  fires have been devouring the growth  of centuries with^ ruthless rapacity.  British Columbia, Manitoba and  Ontario have suffered most. Fine  tracts of merchantable timber worth  millions of dollars have'been destroyed, square mile upon square  mile of young growth coming,on to  supply -the  demands  of the future  . C F  has been wiped out of existence. In  Northern Ontario, where but a thin  layer of vegetable mould* covers the  rocks, the soft, oozy forest floor, the  only hope of vegetation and equable  stream flow has been completely destroyed, leaving a cheerless rocky  waste for generations to come.  Even if no thought be given to the  number of lives lost, it must be admitted that the loss occasioned this  year by forest fires has'been nothing  short of apalling. =  Can nothing be done, then, to  prevent this loss.?: Tlie answer is  that much can be done. The solution of the problem is indicated in  two words���public sentiment. The  two principal causes of forest fires  are campers and railways, and public opinion must be brought to bear  upon these. The tourist-camper  does not at all realize the extent of  the damage which his unextinguished camp fire may do. Laws  ��� against leaving camp fires burning  ^~e. already  on the statute books,  but it is quite evident that their observance rests mainly with the tourist himself. He must be impressed  with the very serious nature of his  offence. If a man sets fire to,a  building, he is convicted of arson  and sent to prison as a felon, but if  his unextinguished camp fire burns  down millions of: dollars worth of  timber and perhaps destroys'human  life as well, he is, at best, made to"  pay a stnall fine. When "public  opinion .views this carelessness'fof  the camper as a\ criminal, act and  frowns upon him accordingly, considerable progress will have been*  made in lessening the number-of  forest fires from this cause. ; _��� *'  But it is the railways that spread  the most  destruction.  ' Traversing,,  as they do, the great, lone, stretches  of   uninhabited   timber   areas,  tHe  sparks from their locomotives start  numerous fires that gain great head-4  way   before   being  detected.    Too  often  the  right-of-way,   piled thick  with inflammable rubbish^ furnishes  a tinder-box for these conflagrations.*  The  owner  of destroyed   property  alone: the line  has found   it, almost  impossible under the present laws to  get damages from the  railway company, so difficult is it to  fix  the responsibility, and so expensive is,the  process  of  litigation.     In" order to  lesson  the number of 'fifes due' to  this cause,,the Committee on Forests  of the Commission of Conservation  has proposed to  make the railways  pecuniarily-responsible'.'i  It  has re-  commended, that there, be-added^to,  tfie TRa#^y^kct a^cTaote  making*  them liable to a' fine! of $1,000; fre-  coverable  by summary prosecution  before  a   stipendiary magistrate or  two justices of the peace, for every  fire   started   by sparks  from " their  locomotives.   It makes no difference  whether the fire begins outside the  right-of-way   or   spreads  therefrom  to adjoining land.   The railways are  exempt from   this  fine  if they can  show that they have the best modern  appliances  en  their locomoti\Tes to  prevent the emission of sparks, that  their   employees   have   not   shown  ne^He'ence in conducing to the start-  ing of the fire, and  that  they  have  maintained an efficient and properly  equipped staff  of  fire-rangers.     In  other- words,   the   Committee   proposes to lessen the number  of  fires  caused by sparks from locomotives  by having the railways fined for the  damage they do, unless they take  every possible precaution to prevent  such damage.    This is obviously a  fair recommendation as regards both  the railways and the public, and the  effort to have it made law is worthy,  bf public support.     Every Canadian  is deeply interested in the protection  of our forests;, for each forest fire  means that he and his children will  have to pay higher prices for every  foot   of lumber they use.    Such a  measure, for the preservation of our  forests, as that recommended by the  Committee on Forests of the  Commission   of   Conservation    should,  therefore, commend itself to every  public-spirited citizen in Canada.  Look at this Real Fire Box  It is wide, long, and deep. It has the coal capacity  that makes cooking easy all over the top���and for  heating the oven so that a large joint roasts perfectly,,  at the same time. More, it saves fuel and reduces coal  bills. ' You'll' never have to sacrifice your bakiiig for  your cooking on top, with,this' reliable fire box. The  best results are, always certain. ',      ,���--.'   ������  ���  is  V-"*i     p$I  ti y< i  r .pp' /���-'}[  '(Auipl  m  jt^fe*-^:*?' 9 ^��fe  There" are a great many more exclusive points of merit  in a Kootenay- that you must see to thoroughly understand. The nearest McClary agent will gladly go over  them with you, one by one. Before you decide on any  range,.write the. nearest,McClary branch for full par^  ticulars. It will, cost'only a cent for information that  means money in your pocket. so  iM,  V Jjl  *-  ���>-*- ylrl-F-iS" ,lf 1  ' p   <f 4  ��,<���/.' fl- '  Vf        JF .  . '        t       ^       .>^F  '' '!   '", ir$\  > :   \ *:- f  /     i    "   <'  & iii i  ' ' ' ' '$ i   '<   'j-'p?!  A "i  '~W'AA<^  ><.'���  m  r'.M     f"  St. John, H.B.t  Hamilton,    Calg^  mi  m  London.     Toronto,     Montreal,     Winnipeg,     Vancouver,  For saBe by the Morrin-Thompson Company  . -'. );f  FADS AND FANCIES  OF FASHION <��*f^  * y ,  We have purchased for Fall Trade a large selection  of the latest creations in the Jewelry line. These  will shortly begin to arrive.  SILVERWARE  We have purchased a LARGE ASSORTMENT OF  NEW AND UP-TO-DATE SILVERWARE, which  will arrive the coming week.     Keep your eye on our  Show Windows.  HAND BAGS  The newest styles and shapes.    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V / -,r',P ��� :���'  ��� iJ.#.��^pV,-^  ���'.WifvpW.;:-���-.':���(���.'���. i'p?.-'-;..''.,fi,,'p.1'. ���*-V,<', :ilP^^.''l;.;���>.V^��V���-.'���' ;vP^,-'^i,'P'M!-: i'v^'1, ���"�����'��'^-tf-k- ���-���5i^:.'l��,.^l'�� (#..:: MY*' :''p'"vv ���"'!������  ���V*,'iy--- '���''��� fe '-T'^'f  iheri! returned^ 2>aturs  !:-v'^'S'^' 'S'p&SES ;^  jyyyy-jy  vfijbjn^^  , jst rbyed?|te  ^elbrt|Kotel3a^  ^week.,,;,;,^  lMl|liti|ip^  pbp|Jetf^  .:cii$BrOT#pr^  iclbfelinTtB^  'hoBlsl^It^  ment tor pedesjnarj^0^SAA^AAAAA'A>AA[  JlRiltepVicMa^^  ||��0s^an#  ;jins&|,liavmgf&  p,.'^p.fc;p,>r;pi,Sft,trf=^^^  ;jw.hil&.i.b.iffi  ^'e'alse^-'iJwasl/O^ye^^  ^i'-^ :i;>*:>^:tV,:;^;:v!,  ISiAipi rilt^fro'mli^pdl^phhs^J  !iind.;^h arii^liHajga"  the north coast of Scotland en. route  iilli6;#eftdenll  ��'��������,';���>  ,���}���./.-���;,.:.-.;-.';V>^*-:'-';;-"���' '���:\r-.:-i'^\:i.;:f.-.-,X^'''-,'-'!' ���:���!;���. \'-'-,1 '-'i.-,-,,.-:.��� ���  ?.:^;p*  B^^gfi^miggi  li4-:ty.:y.{.',-y?wyMy-;y-yyiy^  I MSofe&��j&^tS5p^cand5  /|S|^^i/;;;^;^^Sk  IllllP^illhonj^  ;^*��S j  |Th;!^^^i|s=^ipj  ^kjipwJ^d^^pfll^^  vBerthaty^arid|^^  ?Wiliie^;H:eidm  I  \ y 'y AAM:AM^^iyA^::MM$^  ��� ������ ���the-.mrme,r'owner(s^.,m#;j;r^  A\AA^^i^J:^/-JK^^^m^^^^Ai^&:  Grand Forks, hasTbeen^appointed to  a position in the; ^tdrpey-gene'raUs  office at Victoria.?:|'  ' , '������  For ;sale, house and lot, on New  York townsite; well/ adapted -for-  chicken ranch or cattle; clear .title*  apply to T. H. Richards. "   J  Don't fail to attend the benefit  ball to be given in the.Miners'Union  hall on the evening of Sept. 27 to  aid in procuring an artificial limb for  Antonio Cervo, who was injured in  |he mine some months ago.  ^SBokaW^;Wih%Ee^tn e vlwiil l^visi t::for^  .'���'���'���'-���-'!*,('���;;.������.���-'.. '������������"���'��������� .:'.���.������'. :^\yy::y-'^'vy^''y<yy:fy^:yt-f:'yxy:yyiy:y :*" yyyyy^y^y  ���month ���l^ipKi^t e nc��:  'wASA&cw  ^ecelritiy ��� resi g^^;!^|^��itio/riFw ithftii''^  ^ra^iby^compan^jti^^  ti n tenden t^for'-th^  ^ng^cb'm pahy ,|,o^|  Ian d '������Can al,:' d i s tnt|pv^  ahd ifarriily /wil l$s'pend/;,|he|wihter .-Vi ir  ii^hco^yer/an^^  :spring.  neir re mo  ������'^.���������v-  Phoe-  ���^nW^seeWieJn  ''"' ""  '��MmA^Mm0siBi00:  miyABox CHOI(  'PHONE Nol2  . ....������.._v,..,_.,,.I!.:"?;  ���'������/^.''.'.vK'^i'S^iVVpii'ifffi^v.S  fni^;-^/r'e'gretted 'by^a;;largejcirclevpfj  l|nenils  and  y^hpnithey have been held in Jhighest  ^sfeem;; Mr. and Mrs. r|eidman  cahietb Phoenix about twelve years  ago and will be specially missed by!  the old-timers of the camp, while  |j:hJV'>Mi:Sses,,..���.Heidman have been  popular in social circles.  .    First-Class Fir and Tam-  ��-: ^rac Wood, $5.00 per cpM  Pine ^Wood,  $4.50 per cord;  Pine Wood,  double cut,   per  \'\ cord, $6.00.  + r * _ ������������ t ������  WObD  DELIVERED   ON   SHORT  'NOTIOE. 1. ThoneB32  :-g%:^^;^MAAAASSAAAA$IS^^$m.  r;:?Sfl::S.^m^  f ���: ANI^ijS^ Stock-:'-:  ���'; '���Finest:SecectiOn^ '   ',  ;   ;FA^OUS;;^)^QH^ OCO LATES ..���  ^;#efa^ Shop In ^on_  .,'.���,;������; AN/ ���EASYf;.SHAVE,;? REFRESHING    ������  ,  : ''MASSAGE/' *>������.:?.. ���'%. :?v.::.;>;-?i-V.-i: V-^ii^^^pRATiNG SMAMPOO.'     "  ^'���Vi'.f  ^;:.^!>;V'";:;-5.t';VH  lere s  B  'l-iA-y-/::  GOOD CREAM  OR MILK,  sucn   as the  PHOENIX  DAliiy  BRAND, -is the basis  of a tempting meal.    It makes everytping  taste  better.    Try   it���and  you'll   always  buy  it.     All  milk   is  aereated before being sold. '  Phone E 32 W- A-  IVIcKAY &;si>|^S;;  DELIVERED   TO   ALL   P4.RTS   OP   THE   CITY | '     ;���  v.)//  iff;  ���'.$��������� Aiip.l  :������.:'��������� :,^^1  'J ���������.���:�����������!.��� (Vf K .  ���- i:',:W/?;nFa *< 1  y/UkAl)iA*A r< - <   ��a s,  V       f S       p-   4 ��* If -  ______  VW'tr"  (P   -p���pp  > Vh   <  i    ,����� , s  \^..J    .  -* %  a ��1"*^  ^ j  ,* t  Se  'A  Inventipn by Hollanders  ?i &,Two 'Rossland /men,!; Chas. fErick-|  loVandWm.W^leen,hiVe:broufeht  dSISSS Fair this1 out, an invention which w��H be of  ^M|||MH^ !|4at praiicarutility'in the- mmrng.  - r  - h  f f  '*        h*"4 . 5#iV%:u^ri  ~JT~^���; "*_,_ ^.���__lilf  i k  ki t  i } i,J<  >;.'  \4    p >'|  pf   I  ,./.- r     *  iV��  *  ��! |     |ll     , .    ,   ���������     I- ' ��� V ' W~^_   I'        _            t      " t it,  .__*-.^.^':Ld3i��Ltr;i,^^nftaVan_e about,90tpencent Quicker ^than the  -  m^rW^i_itW_^i-c �� ^hfe^firsfe Jwefefsi-ffeesteU^an'd.made,,and|now  r countries, they, carry,with,them Style, Finish a|tid^  ^.(DWabiUty.! t You,cannot fvrYordto pass us up wlien^  h^buying^yaurlKairand Winter supplies.\, ; ��    t     ' lW  tl41' r+ifMsir* Sol��? Merits for the Stanfield's, Hewson's 4 K  ,,-,(      We^are S&^Vgents for the Stanfield's, Hewson's  nt - S,Wa^n;s   ano^Knitlf oiFit^Un^erwear^ 'also^ihe'.  ^". v, /eelel>rateai-��>^nysMd?/Kri^tf Fit,SweatersVifpr-  ^  1    4  teurs. entt^stfbmtheseMeyent  teurs, ncmra^^^^^j^  close on  Mpnda  and may  Physical  at  son,   B.C  are  offere  log  saWirt  purse of  rock drilli  r26tnf  ��   4  1 C^1>e  /  +*  * >  Wireles  1 Sine* th_  tive#~ and  panies    a  throiigho  Shortage  pay begin  month,   W!|  vad-oemen  Institute  tutes in A  of R.R' an  olaces all  Ii will DavwBTOwKtoSwClte^hem ^tor^  r..ii   ^��f in Mpp/t-MOavflpnrtnrt. ia. ^ _-inr  full details!  ctnnati,  Memphis  ^   ^,;, >^ .   Ahl^ M ,ru ^ ^^C     /A��\W<    "V   I,"    ;,  Li-      /t'f. ^  '     -*        ;p    ' / i'if' ,'  *     ��� pi     i        V  , ,      fc.  If    >   *  W  S 4  ��� ' * .-  li  A   i  /L1 ^  p<   -v r I \   uil-  ,Av     ��  L/  /       a  .    ! >   pi?    J  j��i  V    /���   ^  <  r * <f  r-^7     y,'   ��      f  j��        ^f   c  Vl��  *   ;��'  s     , <JT* - '  X    "   f"  # i  V i  4*  *  <-,  -   1      J.       J 3 p.       - '  T I  j.  f/V'"-*  as1  ratJ*^^ffhtSer<v^nt per annum uppn the  ^MfCTfetoc^ of this BaBn�� for/.the  ^rSfet%:#!)$?aid kt^he-Head Office  iMlillcfesy^d1^^^^ lst*d4 bf Oo-  m^nnual 'Fall Fair <rf the P^*J����^  AWicultural, Association   Wili^ Held ,at;  "/  T  \  * Jt  -^ u'  J    '  ^ J ->  (       .  t! ^4  .-    ^.  British Columbia, the centre of thei^ruit-Grow-  ing section of the Southern part of Province,  on.  ��<-  ,1,500.00   IN .FRIZES  Horse Races, Automobile Races, Bicycle Races  |i8g$g��,fe^bdoksf^iir bfe closed -"from"  tfek#^;.i^#d|nst.,both dayS inclusive.-  ^      ���     if     p^ &.-*-  W s I.V.'     T i1  LA?   ^   ,/     ^       5   1  Baseball Tournament  Tug of War for the Championship of the Boun^  dary, and Sports and Amusements for Two-days  Fryit Exhibits .JSTcS^J^  ^. iv l-o the secretary  For Prize List and Further Information apply v  p.  H^ DONALPSON, Grand Forks, B. C  j  ^  BV        *f        3^t,      Ji  �� S ^ /^F vJ ' ,  u  I   <  f  " 1* > 1  X  ntem  Hlflp_l_U_!a___ta_t_A___SH!


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