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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Sep 20, 1913

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 Tte  ma  mm  ,i ���< \'<'  '>  The largest copper mines in  the Dominion are situated  at Phoenix. The Granby  Co." employs 600 men, and  has a monthly pay roll of  over $50,000, while the Raw-  . hide, pay roll is $18,000. -  Devoted to the Interests ofthe Boundary Mining: District  "if  V  The Phobnix" Pioneer is  published in the- highest  municipality in ���'Canada���  altitude, 4,80Offc. The city  has a population of 1,500,  and possesses first-class  hotels^rreflSihouse, schools  FIFTEENTH YEAR  phoenix, b;c':; Saturday, sept. 20, 1913  Copper Situation  Commenting" on lhe copper situation in the recent issue of the .Boston    Commercial,- G.   W.   Walker  '���>hv3 that '-after advancing* to 16^  . cents for  electrolytic and  17 cents  -4'or lake  early  this  week,  at which  prices considerable sales were made,  the copper market has become dull  again and at the moment very little  business   is   being   done.       Prices,  however, have held the advance, ex-,  cept  that  there  has been  a 'slight  decline    in   the   speculative   metal  market in   London.    Consumers as  a rule   have  covered  their  current  requirements, but a few of them are  still short.    The producing interests  are  endeavoring to   prevent  a run-  a-.way market, fearing" the possibility that it might be succeeded^early  next year  by such   a slowing* up of  business as would cause a sharp re-  New Air Hose Coupling Device  Officials  of the ^Great   Northern  Railway    company,    together   with  representatives'  of    the   Anjepican  Railroad association  and  the Canadian Board of Railway, commissioners,   visited   Phoenix - ^on  Friday" of  last week in   the course   of their investigation    of   a   device   for   the  automatic coupling* of air and steam  hose hetw'een the cars of both passenger and freight   trains.      The apparatus   is  the  invention   of' J.  V.  Robinson, a mechanical engineer of  Washington, D.C.,   and  if adopted  will -elimimate  the danger hitherto  incident to the  making  up  and uncoupling of the  air  and steam hose  on "trains.   The Phoenix branch was  especially   chosen   for the scene * of  tne  experiments,   as affording  the  severest  possible   test  of its efficiency, the curvature   of the rails be-  action if the price of the metal were  ing unusually sharp while the grade  *~~ u:_u   _���- *u_   ..:���   _i- t..      js abnorrna||y steep.     .A number of  too hig-li   at the   time  of its occur  rence.    Copper is high enough now  to suit the most exacting producers;  "but unfortunately it will be impossible to   turn   out  as   much metal as  the  trade  will require  if consumption  continues   19  increase  during  the coming year as rapidly as it has  in the recent past.  -The   theory     is   entertained ��� by  " some that after the Lake mines have  resumed  operations  there will be'a  surplus of copper and that the price"  will  immediately    decline    is   very  much, in  error,   therefore.     Insufficient copper  is   being* produced to  supply  what  the   trade would.con-  surne   on a   14   or  15   cent market,  and this will continue to be the condition" for many year's to  come, unless there  should be a severe business reaction either in  this country  or in Europe."v.-  The British government has recently* purchased the .new super-  . dreadnought that was being built  in Great-Britain to the order of the  Chilian government. The price paid  was, $4,749,500. The ship is to  be named the Triumph. |  very ' severe tests-have previously  been carried out in the east, all of  which were in the highest- degree  jiati">factory, and it was at the suggestion of the- Interstate Commerce  commission that the conclusive tests  Avere made on the Phoenix-Grand  Forks branch.  While no official statement has  up to the present been made by the  official investigators, Mr. Robinson  who is here in person, feels quite  confident that his device has success  fully emerged from all the tests it  has been subjected to in, the Boun'  dary. -Further-experiments are to  be conducted ���in Canada - by the  C.P.R: company at the request of  the Railway Commission. " '  **   Arms and Ammunition  ���    Speculation is  rife  in   London as.  ***" -     - ~F..f  to the reason why the various South  The Grand Forks Fair  It has become quite the   habit for  citizens and   those interested in the  future  and   present   welfare,  of a  municipality, to laud to the seventh  heaven the   many advantages their  city   or- district   has   to   offer, ��� to  the   investor -and" prospective pettier,    and     while     many    of.    our  budding   centres   of industry.have  generally  some  bona   fide   inducement-to    hold   out;,  either    as<   a  home or as a-place for profitable investment, it must be confessed that  there   are   not   a   few,  who, when  their   "much-vaunted     claims . -are  placed in the balance, will be found  to   be   very   sadly   wanting.       Our  j9.eighbNoriijg    sister   city   of Grand  Forks   wilL most   certainly   not.be  found  among the  latter category,  and as a tangible proof of her boast  she  is  shortly to hold  her  annual  Fall   fair,    where   the   prospective  home-seeker, and investor, will ,7 be  enabled to  investigate  at first h'jind  the nature  and  truth  of the claims  she has published broadcast throughout the province.    The visitor from  outside   will   find   that   our  sister  burg in the  Kettle valley bas_some-  thing .of infinitely   more importance  than her exquisite charms to offdr.  Thej' are not for sale.     Her scenery  and  splendid climate are   the common'    property    of   all,    be    tbe'y  rich or  poor.     But around her are  .0  be   found    some   of the   finest  fruit-growing    locations' in   BritisY)  Columbia.    There are-also her vast  ���������rj  -'6*1  "<tl  p -fel  -���51  ���"���I  'or I  Hunting Around Phoenix  Police Constable Stanfield has had  a slight attack   of  writer's  cramp,  making  out   hunting   licenses- for  local  nimrods,   who,   last  week Invaded the  woods  in   search   of the  toothsome  grouse.      But with  the  exception of the fine exercise it afforded them, the  aggregate bag for  Phoenix did not exceed  fifty birds.  Deer hunting has not as yet started  in   earnest,   the knowing ones evidently wailing for the first flurry oT  snow, but   for   all   that.a  couple of  fine bucks   were   brought   down  b}'  Tod Boyce and Percy Pierce, , quite  close to   town.     A   few  encounters  with bears are also reported, but up  lo the   time  of going  to press, the  only one shot was on Monday evening,   when Chas.  Scholander came  across a  couple   of them   on a garbage heap on the Eholt road.  Bears  are reported very  plentiful  all over  the Grand Forks district  this year,  and   within   the last   ten days they  have  been   sighted   at  the   Lucky  Shot   mine,    Marshall'   lake,    both  ends of  the Eholt -road   and in the  bush to the south-west of the town.  The one seen at this  latter locality  was a fine, big black specimen.     It  was located  under somewhat exciting circumstances  by  the employee  of a local dairy ranch who was in the  woods rounding up stray cattle. His  attention was   attracted   to a sound  in the   thick   bush, and   thinking it  was a young heifer strolling around  without a bell, he quickly,dismount  Laid to Rest  The   interment   of   all   that   was  mortal    of little   Gladys 'Wulfruna  May   Pope,   youngest   daughter   of  Mr. and Mrs. R. E.   Pope, formerly  ofThoenix,   took  place  at Merritt,  in the" Nicola   valley,  on Thursday  of last week.    The committal ceremony   was   preceded   by   a   funeral  service in  the Anglican   church, the  vicar, Rev. J. Thompson, officiating  and   preaching   from   a" text  in the  23rd chap, of St. Luke.   The edifice  was filled   with a sorrowing gathering, including representatives of the  local    Masonic    and      Knight*-,    of  Pythias  fraternity,   with  a   number  of members of the Merritt Temple of  Pythian Sisters.     The white  casket  was almost  hidden   from view   by a  profusion   of beautiful  wreaths and  other, floral   tributes   sent by   sympathetic     friends      and     residents,'  among    them   being   a   handsome  floral offering from  the Pythian Sisters of Phoenix   and  a profusion of  others from  the Pythian Sisters and  Masonic   and    Knights   of   Pythias  jo'dges of Merritt.     The   following  is   culled   from   the   report   of   the  funeral by the Merritt Herald:  '-The town's, sympathies go out  to the bereaved family in the awful  loss that has befallen them in the  death pf their little daughter. Merritt can ill afford to lose such little  maidens,    who   by   their    presence  gJtf^MBER   10  Visit< i r^rorn^g-J ew  The R  nd  B.A., lat  Knox Pres1  New Zeal  Tuesday, on  F. Harbinson,  establishment of P,  nson,��  of the  nedin,  wn "on  rother,  the local  Burns and Co..  Mr. Harbinson,   who' is"on his way  home   to   Belfast,    Ireland,   terminated    his   work- in   New   Zealand  some months ago, and in the course  of his  long journey   here   has spent  some of the time visiting in Sydney,  New South Wales, and other points  on the Australian continent, including a stop at the  Fiji islands.     Mr.  Harbinson is by no means a stranger in Canada  or the 'United States.  Five years  ago he was actively engaged     in      missionary     work   in  Alberta, afterwards going to Princeton, from which place he was called  to one of the principal Presbyterian  churches     at.   Washington,    D.C.  Two years   later,  while  pursuing a  course at the Edinburgh University, .  the   opportunity   for   work ,in New  Zealand   presented   itself  and   was  accepted.     Our  visitor will occupy  the pulpit at the  morning and evening services of St. Andrew's-church,  to-morrow, Sunday. '  fl  Forshaw-r-Parks  Robt. Forshaw returned to Phoenix on  Saturday last,  accompanied  amongst us day  by day do so much I by hisbride, nee Miss Agnes Parks,  to  brighten the  lives  of all." ' Little (of Pennybridge in the English Lakes ���  1 Gladys,'who had only lived in Mer-1 district.  ���->41  The wedding took place  forests, and what perhaps will be I ed, tied his horse to a convenient! ritt some two months Had_won the 1 very quietly on September. 6th, at  more** permanent   still���her - mineral j tree, and rushed  into the bush aftefilove of all who_knew her.    No.won-j Christ church, Vancouver','the Rev;  "- .**".'  still-  wealtb. -.True, the latter is at^pre^lit. -But, alas, /instead'of a. sleek  sent' in an embryo stage,'iJuV sol eyed "bossie," he found himself  were all great mining centres at one j within fifteen feet of 350lbs. of five  stage of their development. Thej bear meat, reared up and waiting  entire valley is more or less mineral--j for him in the most approved^boxing  ized  "  der at such   a host of friends .being I H. R. Trumpour-officiating.      Geo."'  present at the funeral." Boxall,   a   personal  friend   of   the  bridegroom, and formerly of Phoenix, gave the bride away and signed  the register. The happy couple  spent' a short honeymoon on the  coast   before   leaving  for  Phoenix,  Ore Tonnages *  ���Following are the returns of the  output of the Granby mines and  smelter for week ending Sept. 14  It'rias the"timber.     It has the!attitude.     From   all   accounts    the  American republics are ordering forl-water  aud eIectric  power in abun-l surprise was** very one-sided affair, /  early     delivery,    from    well-known!dance* anc*  not  tne  ,east important 'so without  waiting to  discuss such j Granby ..26,259    857,272 land have taken tip their residence at  English firms, enormous supplies of|of aI1 frorn a  miolaS point.ot view, I details as   the  gate   receipts   or thej                  smelter tonmges" /the ranch adjacent to town  "*' -Within the!amp,e ra,,road transportation.      We/cboice of a, referee,   the   disgusted j Granby 23,550     857,602  arms and ammunition,  last few weeks half a million rifles,  together with five million rounds of  cartridges have' been ordered  The  Big- Store  Special:  Fop  .     WE HAVE  Keremeos Crawford Peaches  Wanatchtee Elberta Peaches  California Tokay Grapes  Concord Grapes  Prunes    Huhg'arian Plums  Canteloupes     Celery  Egg1 Plant  are pleased to learn that in addition to the agricultural and horticultural" exhibits,   the management of  the fair have: arranged for a compre-��� the   average    time  hensive mineral exhibit,   embracing! travel in these parts-  specimens   from   all    the    principal j ��� ���   ���     _��  prospects   for  miles  around.     The  fair opens  on Thursday, September  25th, and closes on the 26th.  ranch   hand    made    tracks    for  liiJ ���: *�����  /     Three Fairbanks  men, enroute to  trustv   steed   and   reached   home iu |      A fine often "dollars was imposed j the Shushnnua gold strike have lost  what is considered somewhat under! at Grand Forks  for     mountain  Eagles To Give a Ball  The local lodge of the Fraternal  Order of Eagles have decided to  make of their annual ball, a general  The sheriff has seized two of  Jack 'Johnson's automobiles for a  debt of $7500.  for   selling the car-/their lives.    Two were drowned and  case of a deer without the head. /the third~accidental/y   shot  himself.  Overcome By Powder Gas  Geo. Polence, ;i chuteman- met  with a bad accident in the Granby  mine   early   on   Tuesday    morning,  invitation   night to   the   public   of and is ungoing  surgical   treatment  Phoenix, and it goes without saying  that  numerous  acceptances   of this  at the General hospital for the injuries he has sustained. The in-  invitation will be the result on' Mon-jjured man, together with his partner, were overcome with powder  fumes, and Polence, it is said, fell  unconscious on ' the car track and  was ruii into by the motor. P. W.  Wilkins, in the absence of Dr.  Ritchie, who was engaged on another case, was quickly on the spot,  and rendered very efficient aid lo  the unconscious men. Polence'**  injuries are regarded as serious,  consisting of scalp wounds and a  fractured skull. An operation for  the latter will probably take place  today, Saturday. His companion  was only detained in the institution  for a couple of days.  day evening 'next,; in* the ballroom  of the Miners' Union hall. No individual invitations will be sent out,  but the members of the above lodge  extend a-very hearty invitation to all  their Phoenix friends to be their  guests on that evening. The music  for the occasion will be furnished  by the ever popular Ironsides  orchestra.  DISTINCTIVE  STYLES  are the feature of  Mr. Balfour has charged the  government with a scheme to keep  in power until the Home Rule bill  becomes law, and then dissolve  Parliament before the measure becomes operative.  , McKay-Dawson  The nuptials of Harry McKay,  son of Mr. and Mrs. W.'McKay,  and Miss Cora Dawson, daughter  of Mrs. M. Dawson, were quietly  solemnized on Tuesday, September  16th, at the residence of the bride's  sister on Dominion avenue. The  Rev. J. R.-*Mu:iro tied the nuptial  knot  in   the   presence  of  the near  relatives of the contracting parties  The bride, who was attended by her 1 Jng  accepted,  sister, Mrs. Wm. Hovver, was givenj Cents   per   share.      J.    L.  away by  her   brother-in-law,   Wm. | formerly  secretary   of  lhe  Offer Made For Carney Copper  Word has reached town during  the week to the effect that a syndicate of eastern capitalists have made  an offer for the Carney Copper company's group of claims at Mullan,  Idaho,. Large blocks of the stock  are held by local people, whose  purchase prices range from l'z  to as high as 15 cents, exclusive of  assessments. The offer, which il  is thought has some chance of K--  s at the rate of s"1 .-  Marl in,  Phoenix  Hower, and after   the wedding sup-' Water   and   Light   company, is lU-  per  the   newly-married   couple   left   president-of the company,  by auto for Greenwood, where thf.y . -#   entrained this morning for atrip :oi      Diamonds   are   .reported    to  * Spokane and coast points. about to take a slump in price.  As they are also the  demand of good dressers, we can supply your  Summer needs.  We are showing1 all  the new lapel and front  effects in the Latest  Shades    and     Fabrics.  BROWNS,  GREYS,  FAWNS,  MIXTURES,  TWO-TONES  neat,   quiet  popular   at  in all the  weaves so  present  We offer no selection  - onlj*- one grade of tailoring, that's the best.  ~  ���^ �� TMftl  senSsfe wm  THE    PIONEER,    PHOENIX.    BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  h-   ^   i  ���~   *���  V    , -  \  /T*  ��/'-������������  ,      ���     *  ;���**-.,*-v  Er*..   #* *     *  *S��1-  life  !?-%." 1": J   i -  i#- '-  #��^  ���fees',  l��W:   ���  p;  lip -  pi;1 -  tei'O -'  mlr<  lit-">  mm '  l$$:%)���  iffeS-F-  JP*^'  lefigs   "'  lF��.;3...-,;:,r.-���..,.,-   .. . ,   . .  \^^m^'yyy  ���  ISS^FVt-'lF-i-tei.-^.i,���.;���; :���/.. - p  �����(-5>/;';v;S-!*'-;V'':;'f..p.;' '. ;������ '; ".  ��*|3'iS;y.��;?i:'''.  IM'ty.WpfeK': - -'���"  M!Ss^iBp;;^,?^p;��r -:.;*';  pS^^SS^iViv?;:*.;;**'*/- ���:;:;,:  f^i^��KSfe'^F:v''r-;  ��*ww--��-.-.-/���.-��� ^v-i'-V-v*/-;-���   -'������������.-. ���  #��   ';-'i^^;:*^'*- - * ���   - -���  pfe^i-p'^!^^''': '**:���'; '*,  ^WfS��;Jis'*-.* ;������>���������:������'   "���  WWVftv'SJSM ���' .'���. '���'  M^^^fcv*'''--* '  iPfsliffiS;'^Sp5v;vy'-;.:;:  *^W7te^*;.';"';''  ilii^^wet^-.���'.���������./������  |||igiS^Si^--';::;..  M��%mA:Ar  mffl$m?v-:  King Edward Lodge  No. 36, A.F. and A.M.  Regular communication at 8  p.m.   Second Thursday of  each month.  . .Emergent meetings as called; Masonic  Hall, McHale Block.  Palmer J. Cook,  Jas. E. Carter, .- . W.M.  - Secy.   *.  I. O. O. F.  Snowshoe Lodge  No. 46  Meets every -.Mqnday Evening ai  Miners' Hall. Visiting brethren cordially invited.  E. E. Barnes, Noble Grand;  Wm. Oxley, Fin. Secy.'  Sam-McLeod, Roc. Secy.  Daughters of Rebekah  Phoenix Lodge No. 17  Moots in'   tho   Minors'   Union   Lodge  Hall First and Third Wednesdays.  Mrs. Amy Cook, "S'oblo Grand.  **   Mrs. Effle JVIarslin.ll, Socrotary.  Concentrates  ]  FRATERNAL ORDER  OF EAGLES  < Phoenix Aerie No. 158  Meets in Union Hall, Friday Evenings.  Visiting brothers arc always welcome.  Quitman* Work, W. P.  Jam*es Weir, W. Secy.  K. of P. Lodge,  No. 28  Phoenix,  B.C.  Meets Tuesday Evening at 7.30.  Sojourning brothers cordially we!  corned.  J. E. Carter, C. O.  Chas. McKay, K. of R. S.  PYTHIAN SISTERS  .Mountain Temple Lodjge No. 17  Meets in Pythian Hall, Lower Town  ' First and Third Thursdays.  Elizabeth Pope  M.E.C.    *  Airs. Mary McKenzie  M.R.C. ���  SPOKANE^^FAIR  y-mrnm, SEPT. 15 TO 21 1013 <������  The government of New Zealand  has decided that she will be represented at the forthcoming* Panama-  Pacific exposition.  October 6th is the last chance for  those not already on the Provincial  Voters' list to become registered.  The court,of revision sits on the  third Monday in November.  -Trie-revival of grandma's crinoline  is predicted this. winter by the  Parisian modistes. This will no  doubt necessitate an increase in the  size of the single-seater sleigh.  A compliment appreciated by the  Canadian school teachers who were  in London recently, was paid them  by a child from the End end.  "Gawd," said the boy with his in-  imititable accent. -'I'd like to get  to'Canada, to be with teachers like  you."  On Saturday of last week, an unknown man deliberately walked out  to the brink of the Horseshoe falls,  at Table rock, Niagara. The water is quite shallow where he was  seen, but to the horror of two lady  tourists who were watching him, he  threw himself over the brink. ���  A  report    was   current    in   the  Crows'  Nest   pass,    recently,   that  the  contract  for  3<? miles of road  from     Hope     to * the    Summit of  Hope mountain  had  been awarded.  The  contract  price   is  said   to  be  $3,000,000, and  calls for the work  to be completed by the fall of 1913.  The Timothy Eaton company have  offered   to   make a  special sale of  Okanagan peaches on a commission  of fifteen cents per case, they themselves to .bear   the   cost  of advertising.    This  would  seem to prove  that the  Okanagan  peach  growers  are at  their  wits' end   to find some  scheme  to  profitably   market their  Barbaric Warfare  Miss Edith Durham", the talented  war correspondent of the Daily  Chronicle, whose pictures of the  operations of the Montenegrin army  were the first published, now accuses the Montenegrins of incredible  atrocities. In a letter to the Times,  she writes:  "It may or may not have been  necessary to destroy great oliv.e  gardens. Their owners are in many  cases reduced to starvation."  Referring to the burning of the  bazaar at Scutari, she says that it  spelled absolute ruin for numbers of  honest merchants.  "As for the statement that the  Montenegrins committed no depredations. I daily witnessed the ar-  rival of women loaded down with  loot. That I spoke with some and  they boasted of it,'  "As   for    burning  villages,   too,  when I   saw  some  flaming  at   the  beginning of the war, the Montenegrins told  me themselves that they  had burnt them in vengeance.   That  lhejs.utting   off  of  noses and upper  lips was   done   repeatedly I am certain, for I myself saw nine Turks so  mutilated,   and   during   the  twelve  weeks   I   worked   in   the  Montenegrin hospitals,  my  patients  related  to me the details of their exploits in  nose-ciitling.      I have  not-met any  of them who denied the facts.    Most  of  them justified   it,   many boasted  .ibonc it, and told me things so horrible that I trust they were exaggerated."  SALE OF LAND FOR DELINQUENT TAXES  In th�� Rossland Assessment District, Province of British Columbia.  I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that, on Saturday, the 11th day of October, A.D., 1913, at the hour of 10 o'clock  in the foreuodn, at tho Court House, in the City of Rossland, I shall ollc-i- for sale at public auetion"thc lands hereinafter set out of the persons in the said list hereinafter ��wt out, for delinquent.taxes unpaid by the saidpersons on the  81st day of December,a912, and for the necessary costs and expenses, including tho costs of advertising said sale, if  not sooner paid. _    _____._���.��..-..���������*.  LIST ABOVE MENTIONED.  Name of Person Assessed  Short Description of Property  8P  v  >-.  u  <  c  a*  co  9   O)  is  cd  P  ���"5  *���">  "Z"t H  03  ID  X  nl  H  o  ��1-  in  Si  a  9.  tn  O  S-  o  E-*  SIMILKAMEEN DIVISION OF YALE DISTRICT.  Montgomery, W. J. & J. D.\  and Mrs. K. L. Hayes-     /  CROWN GRANTED PROPERTIES.  crop.  International Polo  Tournament.  Daily Games between Canadian  and American Teams  $35,000 in Premiums &  Purses  Competition open to the "World  The First National  Indian Congress  Approved by U. S. Government  SPECIAL CASH PRIZES  FOR THE CHILDREN  72d Seaforth Highlanders Band  $500CashPrizesforBetter Babies  "Custer's Last Fi&ht" Nifehtly  A thrilling reproduction of this famous  botde -with 500 Indians and 200 Soldiers  COMBINATION AUCTION  SALE OF LIVE STOCK ON  ��� THURSDAY AND FRIDAY  Fireworks Display Every Nifcht  Individual Farm. Exhibit Prizes  $20,000 Race Program  Seven Races Daily  Poultrymen's Meeting Wednesday  Dairymen's Meeting Thursday  Broadsword Battleson Horseback  EXCURSION* RAILROAD RATES  C For illustrated Daily' Program and  Premium List, address 505 Chamber o��  Commerce Building :: Spokane, Wash.  Unique Tunnel Scheme  In order to facilitate  the driving*  of the 22x30ft. double track C. P. R.  tunnel, over five miles long", through  Rogers pass,   at the  summit o'f the  Selkirks, the  contractors  have  decided to adopt a new method which  will be' watched  with great interest  by the engineering" world.    The expedient consists  of the-boring" of a  parallel   tunnel, 7x8  feet, for virtually the same  length, and from this  tunnel   cross-cuts will be   made at  short" intervals to the site ofthe proposed tunnel,  and   enable  gangs of  men with   machine drills   to attack  the  work  simuttaneously at scores  df  points;  incidentally,  the  "pion  eer" tunnel, as if is called, will also  provide   ventilation, and   for a considerable   time   -it   will   furnish   an  exit in- removing the rock material.  The tunnel, for   the greater part of  its   length   will   be  driven  through  wilh  a   bore,    probably   not much  larger than the pioneer tunnel; later,  iin .addition to the boring from either  approach,* fnachine'ry wiH'rbe' installed at various points" and ,the-workings enlarged to  the size contracted  for.     * *  While passing through the Simpson pass, one of the Alberta gate-  ways-of the Rockies, Jas. Brewster,  came across a tree with the follow-  inscription carved upon it: "G.S.',  I.R., 1481." Mr.' Brewster and  others pronounce the "initials to be  those of Sir George Simpson, governor of the Hudson Bay company,  who, .during that year was on his  famous round-the-world,trip via this  country and Siberia. The initials,  ���M.R." or "J.R." are probably those  of his guide, James Roland.  Part of Lot 152  77.00   % 25.00  Hansen, Bros    Part of Lot 264  360.00  Hansen, Bros  Part of Lot 265  600.00  Hansen, Bros  Part of Lot 330  280.00  Hansen, Bros  Part of Lot 331  330.00  Grand Forks Orchard Co_... Part of Lot 331  "100.00  Honsberjrer, J. D  Part of Lot 362  -       .50  Lambly, C. A. R. estate  Undivided J interest in Lot 429.. 121.00  Baker, H. A. C  Part of Lot 519  10.00  Lawrence, J. T  Part of Lot 519  * 42.00  Ruckle, Frank  Part of Lot 534 ..'.  167.00  Beasley, A. F-  Part of Lot 534  #5.00  Stuart, Edward  Part of Lot 534  10.00  McAdam, L. estate  Part of Lot 536  275.00  The London & Canada Synd. Part of Lot 638  320.00  The London & Canada Synd. Part of Lot 639  152.00  The London & Canada Synd. Part of Lot 640  78.00  Addington, Hon. H. H  Part of Lot 653   1.00  Rhodes, Mrs. Marion ....'  Part of Lot 653   12.00  Sherringham, Geo. estate.... Part of Lot 756   215.00  Gidon, Claude  Part of Lot 821  80.00  Hansen, T. R  Part of Lot 862 ���  100x120ft  Ryan, Ellen, J  Part of Lot 1494  1.62  Seale, Mrs. Tilly  Part of Lot 1494 :C.  1.00  Holford. Geo  Part of Lot 1494 _.. 32.20  Averhill, G. W  Part of Lot 1699  67.34  Morrison; Mrs. Jenny ."Part of Lot 1699   12.30  Pounder, W. A  Part of Lot 1727  x 10.00  Sherrington, Geo., estate.... Part of Lot 2007 .'  130.00  The Robinson & Lequime..\ ^t .^^  ^ ^  Lumber Company J  Midway, Coal and Coke Co.... Lot 2337  320.00  70.00  2.00  3.00  w.oo  21.09  2.50  3.75  137.50  32.00  8.00  '   8.00  .50  3.00  10.00  .50 -  .50  $ 50.00  9.00  15.00  31.25  SO. 00  28.75  113.50  1.25  8.25  $ 75.00     ? 3.13   $ 2.00   $ 80.13  McDonald, Donald J  Lot 2946  McDougall, Thomas Part of Lot 2735  Bertois, J. A .: Lot 3046..  80.00  4.18  148.00  Gustafson, Axel  Lot 3227 _     320.00  3.50  6.00  15.00  5.00  7.50  10.00  2.24  .75  10.00  8.10  3.25  1.04  1.50  1.95  5.00  5.40  5.00  3.50  16.00  7.50  4.00  4.00  6.00  SUMMER  EXCURSIONS  Return Rates frdm  kootenay Points  TO-  WINNIPEG... $60.00  ST. PAUL    60.00  CHICAGO    72.50  TORONTO ,    92.00  MONTREAL ." 105.00  HALIFAX ^. . . . .". 129.3S  NEW YORK  108.50  BOSTON ': 110.00  Correspondingly low fares to many  other Eastern Points.  On sale daily, May 28 to Sept. 30,-  1913. Final return limit, Oct. 31,  1913.  Liberal stop-over privileges.  Tickets and all information may  be obtained from any C. P. R. agent,  or write  J. V. MURPHY,  District Passenger Agent, Nelson, B.C.  Hansen, Bros.". .".  Lot 3395 .:     320.00  Bombini, Michael  Part section 20 and 33"Tp 70 '* 164.00  Carroll, Murt  East part of Lot 125 S 180.00.  Carroll, Murt and Thomas.. Lot 126 S-      74.78  Sanders. James  Lot 1149 S ���         81.72  Moore, M. A  1178 S .:     299.30  -Ness, E., & Beamish, E. R��� Lot 1181 S  :. -.  -160.00  O'Keefer, Hugh .- Lot 1213 S ......^     160.00  Whiteside, David .....:.  Lot 1313 S      40.00  '.     ��� COLUMBIA AND WESTERN RAILWAY LANDS  Steeves^E. L. ! '.'  Sub-lot 3 of Lot 2737._     160.00     19.20  Cosgrove, T. B. &-C \ part of Lot, 2698 .1 43.1)0 5.00  ���i.cA.stociC6r 1  Knight, Horace HIZAAJ... Sub-lot 1 of Lot 2699  150.50 16.00  Swank, G. W...  Sub-lot of Ia of Lot 2700 :....-. 160.45 * 20.00      -  Dompier, Bert  Sub-lot 9 of Lot2701 _- 320.00 19.20  SUB-DIVISION OF LOT 535, MAP 110  Van Costen, John  Block 8 ~  Van Costen, John Block 9 -    :..       9.72  9.67  SUB-DIVISION OF LOT 700 G. I.  6.00  5.00  5.00  4.25  Manly, L. A Lot 2 Block 1   Rae, L. V  Lot 3 Block 4 _....  Ternan, W. G  Lot 3 Block 9   Rae, L. V ...Tr.  Lots 1 and 2'Block 10...  Rae, L. V  Lots 3 and 4 Block 14 ...  Ralph, Dr. B."B./.  Lotl, Block 15 .-.   Rae, L. V  Lots 3 and 4, Block 15.  Rae, L. V  Lots 3 and-4, Block 16 .  Hargreaves, J. M  Lot 1, Block 21   Palek, Gabriel  Block, 35..���   (0) MAP 38  .37  .38  .50  1.14  .75  1.00  .75  .75  1.14  .75  .75  1.60  .75  .75  1.50  .30  9.00  15.00  31.25  80.00  70.00  2.00  6.36  9.00  21.00  28.75  2.60  3.75  251.00  32.00  8.00  8.00  1.75  8.25  3.00  2.24  10.00  .50  1.25  10.00  .8.10  3.25  1.04  '   3.60-  0.00  15.00  5.00  1.50  9.45  10.00  6.00  5.40  6.00  3.60  16.00  7.50  4.00  ��� 4.00  6.00  19.20  6.00  16.00  20.00  19.20  11.00  9.25  .75  .88  2.28  1.00  1.75  1.50  1.50  1.50  1.50  .30  .41  .68  1.41  3.60  ;..15  .9  .29  .41  .95  1.07  .12  .18  -11.25  1.44  .36  .36  .16  .37  .14  .10  .45  .03  .10  .40  \37  .15  .05  -      .16  .27  .68  .23  .12  .43  .45  .23  .25  .23  .16  .72  .34  .18  ' .18  .27  '.86  -.23  .72  .90  .86  .50  .42-  .04  .04  .14  .07  .08  .12  .07  .07  .12  2.00  2.00  2.00  2 00  2.00  1.00  2.00  2.00  2.00"  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  1.00  2.00  2.00  2.00-  1.00  1.00  1.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00 ���  2.00  2.00"  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00'  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  1.00  1.00  1.00  1.00  1.00  1.00,.  1.00  1.00  1.00  1.00  11.41  17.68  34.66  85.60  75.15  3.09  8.65  11.41  23.95  31.82  4.02  5.93  264.25  35.44  10.36  10.36  2.90  JO. 62  5.14  4.34  11.45  1.53  2.35  12.40  10.47  5.40  3.09  6.66  8.27  17.68  7.23  3.-62 ,  11.88  12.45  7.23  7.65  7.23  5.60  18.72  9.84  ��� 6.18  6.18  8.27  22.06  7.23  18.72  22.90  22.06  13.50  11.67  1.79  1.92  3.42  2.57  2.83  2.62  2.57  2.57  2.62  1.30  SUB-DIVISION OF LOT 1475  Broad, H. F  Blocks....,     13.30       4.25        3.00 7.2^ .33       2.00  HENDERSON'S ADDITION TO GRAND FORKS, MAP 166, BEING A SUB-DIVISION OF PART LOT 382 G. I.  Livesley, James Lot 14, Block 9  3.00        2.50 5.50 .20       1.00  McKEE'S ADDITION TO GRAND FORKS, MAP 128, BEING A SUB-DIVISION OF PART LOT 382 G.I. (O)  Rashleigh, Walter  Lots 14 and 15, Block 3  ,.37        2.65 3.02 .41       1.00  RUCKLE'S ADDITION TO GRAND FORKS, MAP 36, BEING A SUB-DIVISION OF LOT 534 G.I. (O)  Baker, Wilfred   Lots 2 and 3, Block 21   Fitzmaurice, William   Lots 2, 3 and 4 Block 22   McDougall, Angus E Lots 1 to 10 inclusive Block 26....  9.58  (O)  6.70  4.43  5.60  2.00  7.50  .25  1.00  8.76  3.25  6.00  9.25  .51  1.00  10.76  11.13  15.24  26.37  .98  1.00  28.35  Three Big Days Three Big Days  September 23rd, 24th, 25th  ELEVENTH ANNUAL    <  Nelson Fruit Fair  AT NELSON, B. C.     The Event of tho Kootenays  Dated at Rossland, B.C.,  September 6th, A.D. 1913.  H. R. TOWN8END,  Collector, Rossland Assessment District.  15  15  See  Big Free Acts  TWICE DAILY  Rex Comedy Circus  A Delight for the Old and Young  "The Bluches" "Les Jardys"  Fun on a Hay Wagon. A European Sensation.  Walter Stanton & Co.  ChantieU'r, The Giant Rooster and Lhe Dancing Geese.  "Y:M.C.A. Pyramid Builders"  in Living Pyramids.     "Texas" the Strong .Man  In Marvellous Feats of Strength.  HORSE RACING, ROCK DRILLING.     Numerous other attractions.  WOOD  First-class Fir and Tam-  arac Wood, $5.50 per cord  Pine Wood,  $5.00 per cord.  Fir and Tamarac, uouble cut,  per cord, $7.00.  SPECIAL FEATURE  THE BATTLE IN  Hitt's Fireworks  THE ELECTRIC  THE CLOUDS  DAY AND NIGHT  SCREEN  As Presented at" the A. Y. P.  SINGLE FARE FOR ROUND TRIP ON ALL LINES  A. D. EMORY, Pres.  G. HORSTEAD, Secy.  P. O. Box 392, Nelson, B.C.  WOOD  DELIVERED ON   SHORT  NOTICE. "Phone B3S  SILVER DEPOSIT WARE  We have just received a nice assortment of  Three-Piece Tea Sets, $12 and $13.50  Salts and Peppers, $1.50 to  PAIR  RECO STEAM LAUNDRY  The machinery in onr Laundry has  recently heen completely over-hauled,.  and we are now in a position to give  our patrons the utmost satisfaction in  all kinds of laundry work at the most  liberal rates.  A large variety of Vases, Cups and Saucers,  etc. Call and look them over; nothing nicer  for Wedding Presents.  We wash  Everything  Baby.  but  the  A Trial Solicited.  Phone 50.  Dominion Ave,   Insurance Agent  FIDELITY BONDS, PLATE GLASS,  COMMISSIONER FOR TAKING  AFFIDAVITS  FIRE, LIFE AND  ACCIDENT  PHOENIX, B-C /,.  ���' ---1<  ' J-l  THE    PIONEER,    PHOENIX,    BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  Why Women Have Nerves  IrJart S?X^ di,|  limbs.    Such feelings may or may" nit b*T^SilSaf^S^Z  headache or bearing down.   The ocal disorders and inflimmati,n if .1  is any, should be treated with Dr. Pierced*L^ febff %,'i.tl��IS  nervous system and the. entire womanly nS^i^s^to^ic'Sc^l  DR. PIERCE'S  FAVORITE PRESCRIPTION  *A�� nnff/e purpose of curing woman's peculiar ailments. ue51��nea lot  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  issued weekly  at Phoenix, British Columbia  Subscription, 2.00 per year  2.50 to United States.  G. Kay, Publisher.  Sold in liquid form or tabids by  druggists���or send 50 one-cent  stamp- nr a box of Dr. Pierce's  Favorite Prescription Tablets.  Ad., Dr. R.V. Pierce, Buffalo, N.Y.  zgSEWBSWSB  �� aEoc,rH ""��" oufhl lo posies. The  , / copies Common Sena Medical Adviser tv H.y Plerti, \f.D. 1003  i Pages. It anneers questions cf sex���  < l,1j '"''k/*! nov> to cote Jo- their  t children and themselves, it's the emer-  , gencu doctor In \>oui own home. Send  I 50��<*-ctnl'lamps lo Dr. Pierce as ahoce.  The  Queen's Hotel  COMPLETELY REFURNISHED  AND  REFITTED  We be�� to announce the reopening of the Queen's Hotel.    This  popular hotel has  been  completely refitted throughout;  everything new and up-to-date.    Lnrge lofty rooms,  heated wilh hot water.   Perfect (ire appliances.  Night and Day Service  Patrons of this hotel will find in  it all the comforts of home.  Perfect satisfaction is assured all otir~guests.*   It i.s  the most centrally located hotel in town.  Bar Stocked with Best Wines, Liquors, Cigars  ^  HARTMAN & WALSH, Props.  FIR8T STREET AND KNOB HILL AVENUE  Your Milk Supply  Should come from healthy and vigorous Stock,  handled in a CLEANLY AND SANITARY.  manner    Separated Cream insures purity and  quality. The Dairy produces both..  THE   DAIRY      J. W. Han nam, Prop.  Proper Clothes for Men  SPECIAL ORDER SAMPLES  FOR FALL  Are now ready for Inspection,  choice  while   the   assortment  is  Make vour  complete  Thos Brown  "Everything a Man  Wears"  Cleanliness our Watchword  The product of the local dairies is good, but ours is the best.  Cleanliness is our watchword, and no germ can pass our sentries.  Our poultry department has increased its supply of eggs. Let us  accommodate you.  PHONE  F 32  The Phoenix  W. A. McKay &. Sons  Proprietors  The Central Hotel  NEAREST HOTEL TO FAMOUS GRANBY MINES  - FIRST-CLASS ACCOMMODATION  FOR  MINERS  Bar Stocked with the Finest Line of Wines, Liquors, Cigars  A. .O Johnson    -    -    -    Proprietor  ICE'CREAM PARLOR  We have arranged for a continuous supply throughout  the  summer  of   the   FAMOUS    CURLEW  ICE CREAM.     Special rates to parties.    Cooling  soft drinks of varied flavor.  The Delicacy ofthe Summer Season���  FAMOUS CURLEW ICE CREAM-TRY ONE  KNOB HILL AVENUE  ADVERTISING SOALE  Application for Liquor Licence (30 days) . .JJ5.0U  CortMcuto of Improvement notice (Mdays) $7.50  Application to Purchaso Land notices (00 days)   ��7.fi0  Dolinquont Co-owner notices (90 days) ... .$10.00  Small Water Notices (30 days)  $7.60  . All other legal advortiBing, 12 cents a lino,  Hinglo column, for the first insertion; and 8  oonts a lino for oach subsequent Insertion, nonpareil measurement.  Saturday, Sept. 20, 1913  J  1  Births Among the Doukhobors  It's no secret after all.    The truth  is  out.      Births   do   actually   take  place in the   Grand Forks Doukho-  bor colony.    The  children   do   not,  evolve   from   a   dried-up  pumpkin,  neither  are   they   despatched   like  day-old   chicks,   per    parcels   post,'  from Russia.    They are  the  homebred article, and  their arrival in the  Doukhobor settlement  seems to be  accompanied by the same inconvenience as  that attending the coming*  of   any   other   ordinary   Canadian  baby.    Peter   Veregin,  the  boss of  the Douks has Jet the cat out of the  bag, and has even rushed into print  about it.     In a letter to the Nelson  Daily News he wants to be enlightened   on a   point  of law,  and asks  "Is it   English   law   for  a  strange  man   to   knock   at a   door where a  sick woman   is  lying  after confinement?"    We presume Pete is referring to the  door ofa residence, and  by -'strange man"  he is alluding1 to  an officer  of the Provincial  police,  who, if armed   with   the  necessary  authority, was   not only empowered  to knock   at the   door,   but also to  burst it  open   and enter.     Besides,  in   view   of the   fact   that   Peter's  people have persistently denied that  given an opportunity with the addition of a fine fat fee, there are lawyers in Canada who are not averse to  a little technical hairsplitting that  would disgrace the court of an  Oriental caliph.- Hon. C. J. Dougherty's action in bundling the degenerate reprobate breakfastless out  of this country might not have been  law, but it certainly savors of clean  justice. It also saves us the degrading spectacle of watching a  man who has framed a series of  laws, demonstrate for the benefit of  a wealthy wastrel, the best way to  violate the spirit of the statute he  was paid to create.  A Bad Imperial Investor  It now seems that  the  late'Lord  Salisbury was anything but the far-  seeing   statesman  his  friends   have  made him   out   to  be.     During his  tenure   of  office   as   prime minister  he was   reponsible   for   a   couple of  colossal bluncleis, which in years to  come will call down   upon his memory   the   bitter   execrations  of  his  countrymen.     He  swapped  the   Island   of Heligoland,   situate  about  36   miles .from   the   mouth  of the  Elbe and 100 miles from Hamburg,  for the  Island of Zanzibar in East  Africa, and   he  also  made the Ger-J  man Emperor a free gift of a large  slice  of South  Africa.     After   this  we will   not  be  surprised   to  hear  that Asquith, in order to accentuate  the friendly relations  with   our American   cousins,   wil!  make  them a  Xmas   box    of the   Bermudas,    or  hand   over  the  Channel  islands to  France  on   the- anniversary  of the  battle of Waterloo.  Hotel Brooklyn  The Only "First-Class and Up-To-Date  Hotel in Phoenix. New from cellar  to roof. Best Sample Rooms in the  Boundary, Opposite Great Northern  Depot.      v   v      Modern Bathrooms.  STEAM HEATED.  James Marshall, Prop.  ELECTRIC LIGHTED  Phoenix, B.C.  any births have taken place among-  them,'how was the officer to, know  that one had actually occurred,  when the event had not been reported to the registrar as required  by.law. The maxim, "An Englishman's house is his castle," only applies to the civil law, and not as in  the case he refers to, which" was  distinctly a criminal matter.  Welsh Nationality  The current issue of '-Wales"  contains an interesting article on  "Welsh Nationality," by Reginald  McKenna, the British Home secretary, and in reading it one is almost  forced to the conclusion that Mr.  McKenna has been sitting at the  feet of Lloyd-George.  ���Every nation,' says the writer,  'depends for its individuality in the  present, on its history in the past.  Wales, by reason of the peculiar  characteristics of her story, has acquired a title to a special identity  beyond that which most nations  could claim. We have seen the  long incessant struggle for independence adorned by great and inspiring names from Boadicea to Owen  Glendower. The struggle failed,  and all hope of territorial independence vanished. Its place was taken by a more intense devotion to  the spiritual side of national life and  to the development of the natural  artistic powers of the race.  "Alone among the Cellic nationalities within the United Kingdom,  Wales has retained her language as  the common tongue of hillside and  home; and more than this, there  has never been a moment in the  history of Wales when the springs  of Welsh, literature have run dry.  In the Middle Ages, the Arthurian  legends inspired the whole literature  of cultured Europe. I am not now  going to prefer a claim that Shakespeare was a Welshman, though  there is authority for saying that  his mother was descended from one  of the princes of South Wales.'  Secretary Bryan's Tour  The German press  is in a cynical  mood over the  lecturing tour of the  American   secretary    of state,   but  after   all    Mr.   Bryan's   method    of  making an  honest dollar, while noti'l  in keeping with.his exalted position,!  is  infinitely    more   honorable   than!  .that   employed     by,   the    poverty- \  stricken   and  pauperized  barons of  the  German  fatherland  who  infest  the    fashionable     centres     of    the  United States, peddling their rotten  crime-stained pedigrees in exchange  for the   money bags of Uncle Sam's  fair daughters.     Mr. Bryan will pay  for   his   grape  juice     cordial   from  money   honestly   earned,    which    is  more than   can be   said   of the indigent Teuton barons, whose expenses  for their wife-hunting trips   are as a  rule defrayed by "obliging" money-  lending Berlin Jews.  d. l. Mcelroy  SOLE AGENTS FOR PRINCETON COAL  Dealer in Lumber; Shingles, Lath ": ' "'  V"*-*" - s  and Cedar Poles.     Stull Laggan.  First-CIass Fir & Tamarac Wood.  MOVING MACHINERY OUR SPECIALTY  If Tired of Wood, try Princeton Coal  A Looking Glass  The Thaw episode was a good  peep in the looking glass for Canadians, and proves beyond question  that a great many of us are just as  much infected with the craze for  morbid sentimentalism as are ot.r  cousins on the other side ofthe 49th  parallel.     Further,  it    shows    that,  The Dominion cabinet have not  as yet discussed the matter of settling the date of Thanksgiving day,  but it is certain that the practice  of holding it on the last Monday  in October will not be changed.  The gall ofthe British Columbia  land shark has become proverbial.  They are offering land for sale in  the backwoods of the Arrow lake  district for five hundred and a thousand dollars per acre.  sent a   warship   to  the in-  of the   peace   temple at  the Hague.  Brazil  augu ration  worn  MRS. A. SAICH, of  Cannington Manor, Sask.,  Writes:���"My brother suffered severely from eczema.  The sores were very extensive, and burned like coals  into his flesh. Zam-Buk took  out aii the fire, and quickly  gave him ease. Within three  weeks of commencing with  Zam-Buk treatment, every  sor-e had been cured."  This is but one of the many  letters we are constantly receiving  =g| from people who have proved the  Hi healing powers of Zam-Buk.    For  eczema, piles, sores, burns, cuts  and   all   skin   trovibles   there   ia  nothing like this wfgierful balm.  __ No skin disease sHBuld be con-  =j sidercd incurable until Zam-Buk  has been tried.  All Drugglifa, 50o. par Box.  Rt/u$4 SubiUlotu.  3=  Meat Market Specialties  Empress Creamery Butter, 35c. per lb.; 3lbs. "for $1.00.  Shamrock Creamery Butter, 1 ��b. Cartoons, very choice,  40c. per ib.  Shamrock Brand, -fresh Eggs, 40c. per dozen.  Shamrock Hams, Bacon and Lard, cannot be beat.  Ontario Mild Cured Cheese, 26c. per pound  SEE OUR DISPLAY  P. BURNS & CO., LTD.  Wholesale and Retail Butchers and Produce Merchants  PHOENIX, B.C.       PHONE 2  The Phoenix Club  N. J. Dei-chert, Prop.  PIPES, CIGARS, TOBACCOS, CIGARETTES  LAKOK AND   VAKIF,I>  ASSOKT.MKNT  OF CHOCOLATES,  KTC.  Fresh Hazelwood See Cream  CAN BE PURCHASED 13V THE GALLON OR OTHERWISE  All Kinds of Soft Drinks Compounded. on Shortest Notice.  ENGLISH BILLIARDS,   POOL,   BOWLING ALLEYS  IX'  Sta^e Line  Leave Phoenix, upper town, 8.45 a.m.  " " lower town,    9.00 a.m.  Leave Greenwood 3.00 p.m. J  EXPRESS  [Standard Time  PROMPT  ATTENTION   TO   EXPRESS  AND   FREIGHT  J. FULLER, Proprietor-  Try the Phoenix Pioneer for your next  We make a Specialty of Lette -  heads,  Billheads,   Posters,   etc.  job of Printing.  WMltM!MMLM!l��-^^ ���f  TH��   PlONEEft,   PHOENIX,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  A l\  Phone 56 P. O. Box 309  McKAY & KNIGHT  Grocers and Provision Merchants  (Next Door to Drug* Store)  i ^^^^ * ^^    Your Last Chance to get a supply:  Fancy Crawford Peaches,  $1.25 per Box  SEE OUR DISPLAY TODAY  Local and General  McKay & Knight  The Store of  Quality  Mineral Act.  Form F.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  "Joe Joo"MIn<irnl Clniui.ftiUmtoin tlio Grand  Fori** Mining Division of Valo dlstriot.  VJboi-o locivtod:���Wellington Camp.  TAKE "NOTICE, tliat I, Donald J. Matheson,  agon! for Jos. J. Bassett, Freo Minor's Certificate So. 6l,787B, intend sixty days from the  date lioroof, to apply to tho jVUning-FRecordor  for a Cortiflcato of Improvements for -tho  purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of tho  above claim.  And further talfo notice that action,- wndor  section 31, must bo commenced before tbe issue  of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 30th'day of June, A.D. 1913.  '    .       '  D.J. MATHESON, Agent.  Church Services  Mineral Act.  VormV.   ���  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS. . -  St. John's Church���Sundays:. JHoly  Communion, 8n.ni.;Matins, 10.80 a.m.;  Holy Communion and sermon, 1Z a.m.;  Sunday school, 3 p.m,; Evening service, 7 30. Week clays: Matins, 7.30;  Evensong, 7.80.  The stated services in the Catholic  church are as follows:  First and third  Sundays in .the month.   Mass at 10  a.m.,    Sunday School    at 2.30  pm.;  Evening Service at  7.30   p.m.    Rev.  Father Choinel, pastor.  , Methodist Church ���Sunday school  and Bible class,"2.80 p.m.; evening service, 7.30 p.m. Prayer meeting, Thurs  day evening, at 7.45 p.m'.    Rev. A. T.  Bell,  m*  *, f  &&  -��� ���    .       NOTICE. , *"   '    '  "Florence No. 2" Fractional Mineral 'Claim,  situate in Greenwood Mining Division of Yale*  district.-'    '  Where located:���Wellington Camp. "���  "   TAKE NOTICE'that I, Donald J. Mathebon,  agent for Jos. J. Bassett, Free, Miner's Cortffi-  _ cate No. 01,767 Bv intend 60 days from tho date  hereof, to apply to'the Mining Recorder for a  Certificate "of Improvements, r for the purpose  vof obtaining a Crown Grantof the above claim.  And further take, notice that action, -under  section 37, inust be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 20th day of June, A.D. 1913. - -  .   \��� \��� " -   'D.J. MATHESON, Agent  DRAYING  .' Of all kinds promptly attended  to. . .Rapid Express and  Bag-  ", gage Transfer. Careful atten-  tion to all orders.      Phone A65  James G. McKeown  (I  II  !��)��'���������:'������;������',��.��� ...���  IiFrt'l./���;.., y\->.'���<��� - ���  - " '���. "   .  te^---*r:':-^..--:-.V-:  m^fii;-'::���"��� ;y ''^/���'���'\  [l��j;C^''y :':y':~������'���. ;-':-C-'..  tt$��.��:y':yyy;y.jyy::  mir^-V^^/r^'--.  IWiiWv yy.-^y'.yyy  um-S'^yy y ;���*:./.-   >���  ?ftSS:';  mm  SYNOPSIS j OF COAL  * "MINING.REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights of the Dominion,'  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan antl Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tho Northwest Territories and in a portion of the  Province, of British Columbia, may be  leased for a term of-twenty-one years  at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Nob  more than 2,560 acres will be leased to  one applicant.      - 1  Application for a lease must be made  by the applicant in person ** to the  Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in  which the rights applied for are situ-'  ated.  In surveyed territory the laud must'  be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur-  veyed territory the tract applied for  shall be staked out by the applicant  himself.  Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights applied for are hot  available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the meichantable  output of the mine at the rate -of five  cents per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable coal mined aud pay the  royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights are not being operated, such returns should be f urn is lied at least once  a year.  The lease will include the coal mining  l igbts only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available  surface - rights may bo considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of $10.00 an acre.  For full information application  should be made to the Secretory of the  Department of tho Interior, Ottawa,  or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  "     Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N:B.���Unauthorized publication' of  this advertiseiupnt*will not be paid for  Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Mullah are spending a few days in Spokane.  \V. Campbell helped to swell the big  crowd in Spokane this week.  Mis. Chas. M. Campbell returned to  town on Tuesday from Vancouver,   -  Miss Minuio Thompson left on Tuesday for her homo in South Dakota.  John Lowe left on Monday morm'ng  for his home at Barrow-in-Furness,  England.  Geo. Potter, a former'resident of  Phoenix, arrived in town on Saturday  from ^Vancouver. *  Dave Lawley aud Tom "Hanna left  on Monday to work in the Nickel  Plate mine, at Hedley.  Geo. W." Rumberger left for the  coast on Thursday, after a few days'  business visit to these parts.  A Bargain���For sale, furniture in  the Aetna bloc1-; twenty-four rooms;  throe house-keephig suites.  John Pickthull has been temporarily  transferred to the B. C. Copper" company's Lone Star mine in" Washington.  Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Strutzel, accompanied by Mrs. Ritchie, were visitors  to the Spokane Interstate! fair this  week.  Rev. A. Lloyd of Rock creek, passed  through Phoenix, on Saturday on his  way from the church conference at  Spokane.  Walter Ross left on Monduy for  Spokane to "take in the fair, r after  which ho leaves for a business trip to  Vancouver.  Lost���A  cow;  red and  white face;  red body; no horns; no bell attached;  toward of five dollars.    N. K. Abian-j  son, Spion Kop. -���     |  -��� -i  Harry Cameron,   chaffeur for   the j  local establishment of P. Burns,-left  last week to undergo a course of toning up at the Halcyon Hot springs.  " Mrs. Angolo Luciani, who recently  has undergone a set ions operation nt  the Sisters' hospital, in Greenwood, is  reported _to be making satisfactory  progress towards recovery.  Mrs. H. R. McCoskrie IefL for Find-  lay, Wash., ou .Thursday morning,  to bring back her two eldest children,  who are visitiug relatives there. * She  will be away aboub'30 days. ���"��� *   !  Ross Fleming, of, Winnipeg, who is  with the provincial' survey- party carrying out^ work near Cartsii.was the  guest of his friend, Harry Carson, for  Satutday and Sunday last.    .      ~~ KA  Owen .Hughes  left  last  week for a  visit to   his\ home, at ,Betts-y-Coed,  i North Wales.    He expects to "return  to Phoenix  with his family in about  four months.  ^ Teddy Hortell, for many years a resident pf Phoenix,-left on Monday for  a visit to his home at Stanley, County  of Durham, England. This is his second trip to his native place, which be  has not seen for nine years.  The wedding of Richard Elmgren  and Miss Christina Nelson, both of  Phoenix, took place on August 20th,  at the Lutheran church, St. Paul,  Minnesota. The newly-married couple,  who returned to town recently, have  taken up their tesidence on Spion Kop.  A. * J. Cameron, of Medicine JHat,  representative of a big Northwest milling concern, was a visitor in town din>  ing-the week. Mr. Cameron in the  course of a short chat, informed us  that he is a personal frjend of W. B.  Wilcox, a former editor and publisher'  of the Phoenix Pioneer, who we understand is ekeing out a precarious  existence in the above town ou the  miserable salary of $250 a month.  The football enthusiastsof the camp  are not to be behind hand in the matter  of assisting in the task of defraying  the expenses incurred in the laying  out of. the city's recreation ground.  They have made arrangements for a  -s-ss  "smoker" in the lodgerflom of the  Union hull, for to-night, Saturday,  and in addition to a splendid program  of intrumental and vocal music, there  will be a couple or more snappy boxing events thrown in.  For Sale���Frontier 45. revolver with  holster and belt; handy for travelling  in the bush; price $7.50. Apply this  office.  The C.PR. company, announce a  special rate for the Nelson Fruit fair  of $4.85 for the round trip, available  on the22nd, and good to return on 20th.  Mr. and Mrs." Hugh' Ross, of Nelson,  spent a few days in town this week.  Air. Ross is one of the pioneers of the  Boundary district and atone time was  proprietor of the Pioneer hotel in  Greenwood.      , 7   ���  St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church���  Tho services tomorrow, Sunday, Sept.  21, will be conducted by the Rev. S. 0.  Harbinson, BA., late asistant minister  of Knox church, Dunedin, New Zea-  luud.    Morning, 11 a.m.; evening, 7 30.  There is   a  dangerous'  lunatic   at  largejn  the city. -On Tuesday evening,  when tho last of those who had  witnessed tho first performance at the  opera house were leaving, an imbecile,  sitting to the left of the stage, startled  u few by culling out "fire." There was  not the slightest occasion for his action, which if the fit hud taken him a  few minutes sooner, might have been  fraught with the most serious of consequences.     A strong effort should be  made by both police and union to find  out his name.    Fortunately the house  is fitted  with an  extra fire  exit to  the right of the stage, which with the  largo doors leading out near the post-  office and the exercise of a little horse  sense, should empty  the building in  three ininutes.      "*-  | The continued good attendant"** at  the opera house-each evening shows  the results obtained by the management's endeavors to keep up the high  quality of their offerings. The pic-  Lures throughout the- past "week have  heen especially pleasing, and the music  furnished by Messrs. Albert Biner,  Chas. McKay aud Chas. King at the  Saturday night entertainments is ,of  a high order, and thoroughly appreciated. -Tonight, Saturday, the. latter  have heen again engaged, and the following is their-program: Overtute,  -'Cymberline," R. Greenwald; -'Alili-  tary Escort March," Chas." Lindsay:  "Just in Time," Tarantella, by Nicola  S. Calamara; Sextette" from "Lucia,"  G. Donizetti;" "Record'Breaker,'- overture, W. C. O'Hara; "Waiting for tht  r  Robert Lee," march.  . Lqcture By An Ex-Convict  W. F. Hassell, an ex-convict, recently released from the penetentiary, at  Salem, Otegon, has managed to secure  two reels of motion pictures dealing  with his experiences behind the walls  of a prison. Iustead of returning to  the practice- of law -which is. his profession, he is devoting his life to prison  reform work. His picture, entitled  "Men who-Dare," deals with oue of  the greatest questions of the day.  "In a pleasing voice and a most convincing manner, Hassell lectures from  the stage as his picture is unreeled before the audience, causing men rind  women to audibly express their sympathy.���Oregonian.  One of the sensations of Portland,  Oregon, was" Hassell's lecture on the  /'Honor System of the Oregon Penef  tentiary," as introduced by-Governor  Oswald West of Oregon, which he asserts hawill show here tonight.  The singing of Bliss Marguerite  Matthews, that well-known soprano,  of Gloucester, England, will be heard  after Air. Hassell's lecture.  ' Three hundred members of the  London Woman's Social and Political league have applied" for, and  been granted permission to carry  firearms.  Miners'Union Opera House  V^sefSM SS'-ffi So 'J':���'������  H,f^ir.��,i"F?^-'''\x'*-T';- ������-  IRjC-iiLii.   ���"��� --"���'���  tesfiSS*  M$f[YA:X:&?;��*JFyy.���*���' '���-���,*;.'"  jMfe%*ip'iSH,'p*:;; ;-S-";,'..."?"r .-  fe^��S^'^��K'*fti'"i:S'' .;'-'  feffevSta;v*"."':��� y,.���'��� ���������������:  mm$i0AAA  We make a specialty of Miners'  Shoes; good fit, niccshape, and  nothing but the best of stock used  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  NICK PALORCIA,  Knoto Hill Ave.        Phoenix, B.C.  greet the coming" ofa case of  PHCENIX BEER  WHY?  Because the Beer is so g*ood  and wholesome it brings the  smile.  'PHONE 23  PHOENIX BREWING CO.,  LIMITED  Is interested and should know  _���_   nhnut the wonitcrful  MARVEL Whirling Spray  The wivr Vaginal Syrinj***.   lirsf  ���Most convenient,   it cleanse*  Instantly.      Able your  1 druffpist trait    1  Hear Hassell, the Ex-  Convict���His remarkable Lecture on���  If he ennnot supply th*  MATiVFlf. accopt*no othri-;  but %mdslAinp lor tttustr^' or]  book���seated, it givttfuU p^rttc-  uUrs and direct!-) 1< inWluabl<a to ladles.  WINDSOR SVPPLY CO,  Windsor* Oat. General Affent-sfor (  Oregon Penitentiary  Showing the old forms of punishinent; Tracy-  Merrill escape, where he worked, and the causes  that led up to it.  This lecture is endorsed hy the leading-  newspapers of Oregon. Be sure to hear that  well-known Soprano,  Marguerite ifflatfhews  of Gloucester, England  On account of the cost of securing this great  attraction, which will b^ shewn in addition to  our regular program, our prices Tonight will be  erg'en  The Original Violet  Glycerine Soap  Soap  TRANSPARENT AND GREEN  with the real fragrance  of Violets.  Pirioess Adults, 25cs Children, 1 5c.  Three Cakes in 75c. Boxes  tMaaaaaaaamaaawaMwmaaaaaaatmaaaaaamaaaaa^  ���'  '��� ���'  ���  "���������?������_���' ������������������-���   ���������-��� in.   -ii �����������������- ���- ������������������������ ������im. ��� i���.,������.���������1,11..  Phoenix Drug Company  'Phone 16. T. S. Quance, lyianager  maawaamsamsmaaaaaaamat*maaateamaaaamMaamama*a^  BOOKS AIMD STATIONERY  Fancy Goods,.1 Dolls and Toys, Kodak Films and  Supplies^' Musical Instruments and Supplies, Newspapers, Magazines and Periodicals���School Sundries.  Wallpaper anc| Decorative Pictures  Cigars, Tobacco and Smokers' Sundries  Endless Variety of Goods Suitable for Presents.  AL. ALMSTROM  All the Latest Newspapers, Magazines  CANADIAN  ^-**-*b=*  Reduced Rates  TO  I  SEPTEMBER 15th  to 21st, 1913.  Fair  Tickets on sale Sept. 13th to 20th Inclusive.  Final Return Limit     -     September 23rdy 1913  Enjoy a trip on the Palatial New Steamer "Nasookin"  " plying between Nelson and Kootenay Landing".  Through Connections. Service Unexcelled  FROM PHOZNIX     -    $15.30  Similar Reduced Rates from all Points in the'Kootenay  Apply to any C. P. R. Ag*ent for reservations and further  information, or write���  J. V. MURPHY,  District Passenger Agent, Nelson, B.C.  A FEW CHEAP RATES  TO NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C., ACCOUNT NEW  WESTMINSTER EXHIBITION, Sept. 30th to Oct. 4th  Date sale, Sept."27th to Oct. 2nd-  Limit, Oct. 7tb.  ROUND TRIP, $19.85  TO, VICTORIA, B.C., ACCOUNT  VICTORIA   EXHIBITION,  Sept. 23rd tO 27th. Date t.ale, Sept. 20lh to 25lli.  ���  Limit, Sept. 30th. ROUND TRIP, $22.15  TO SPOKANE  INTERSTATE FAIR, Sept. 13th to 21 St  Date sale, Sept. 13th to 20th.     Limit, Sept. 23rd.  ROUND TRIP, $7.20  TO GRAND FORKS, B.C.,  Sept. 25th and 26th.  *      'Limit, Sept. 27th.      *  ACCOUNT FAIR,  Date safe, Sept. 24th to 26ih.  $1.30  For additional information communicate with  W��� X. PERKINS, Lo sal Agerst


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