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The Phoenix Pioneer Sep 21, 1901

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 /cP*  /?4  fr*e4&*  ���i  m  s  ���t a  iii.i-ni  ���   .niiiiiijiCiiiii|''*> l'��ll��miil��rylsa|.  '",".",l"orx-i.lle..tl��"Hii.��   ... ���.  j�� PHOENIXyt  ,f    u   I �� '������' leJti"-*- ��'11' " '"'"If #ml  ,:,���,! i w.'l't.rc "'��� mwltn. numi -  1     ,���.'*rb. to ills- I'iohmx I'.osh 1.  nuriDgtlie year 19a)  100,000 TONS  OF ORE were shipped from the tniiira of  .jtPHOENIX^  I-ortlie first fixe months of 1901 oxer  90,000 torn of ore W-V. *hippe*l,oi ��t the  rateof prjo.ijaotomi annuallj  Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining District.  Vol, II.  1'HOKMX. BRl'l ISH COI.UMUIA.  S \l UK I)/ Y, .SEP I I'M 151-K 21,  1001  No. 45-  CITY COUNUI.'S DOINUS  }Y*/ j Cutnm.ltee Appointed Iu ic-.uii.i_ed Cemeler)  |J|..^ _    sl��"  !|yj' ~\t Uednesu.i) evening'*. iii<eiuigol  .fefflilic < in <��.ii.i. >l \l,ijoi Uumbeigti  ���lH'aiid    MiIciiimii Mt linns  " I".  $34 PER TON  A Few Pbintes Whcte to get the  Right Goods at Right Prices.  m  iMirw i w* ii' -iiiiliM *h->i.-wj����*.!i>-j;  l|   (Nice  i I--:-  !5br Trunks, Valises,  an d   D !��� eS S Suit  Case s.  J  Net Returns From Winnipeg  Ore.  WC'lf .lljS-IH  (-  M.l'inwh wris toitij 10 I'lechau and .1]  lesoluiion passed .1}>]ioiiitinj.' \l-'tilimn  M.11 shall   10  m t   ,1, m,i)oi and  \,(,  *-miip--uu in  :k 1   as  1 il)   clc-ik dining  ilit-  .ibseuie  limn  1 ho < n\   of those  olfli I,ll'..  B) usiiluiiDii it was dei ided to i-\-  leiicl iliu iimtf lot  il.ep.iv.iiei.toi   iwllu^g, Work tti, S!l)Wl, _,, KU.II-..I ll-xly  and   piopeilv   ki\(."i  10  Ouobei   31,  1901, and \\\ts cleik w.is   instill, led in  1 oiu\ .ill noli lesulent t.isp.iveis  I'hei Icik W.lS.llsOlllS iik led lo imlil)  icsiJem   piopeilv  owneis   poison.-II)  MINI; LOOKING BbrTfiR THAN EVER  01  Clialcopyrite-.-iManajcr  I'lcwman is  l)o'n|{ Good Work.  Oar Grocery Dept.  is stocked with a Krcsli, Clean, Up-to Date Line of (Groceries, Print, Dairy produce, Kte. Just what's wauled  to coax the appetite these hot days,  HARDWARE  -- DEPARTMENT.  McCL'ARY, Stoves, Granite-  wave and Tinware. We are  sole agents for these Celebrated  Stoves and carry a complete  stock on hand.  BUILDING HARDWARE  a Specialty.  an    estimate  building.    Car  load  of Win  dows and Doors Just Kkc'ii.  Let us give you  ou    your   next  ��lur.-:v   -  CROCKER V   A X I)   GLASSWARE  Stock is Complete.  This Week FRUIT  JARS at COST.  tli.it lawi ..-.'il' tliii', ,-iiuJ lo collect all  unpaid gencinl In enscs ol all kiiuJii  Aldeimen M.ush.ill, Ki.y and Cl.nk  weie appointed  a  committee to  look  jZj  11110   tne   mattei   ol   ���jC'-.iii my  u  citj  ''��� cemaeiv.site, and to lepoit Litei  The bo.ud ol works   was instructed  lo   iep.111   flic ,*i|j])io.'iLh   10  Dominion  avenue on Phoenix stieei,and to close  up   lhe  old stage load wheie exciva  turn was dime lor stieet guide   Idling  Iwj Years far rjjqjicr  1U.I I , 1 >ki, li , L' , S.-pt.  18 ���!'.  (j    I* i'i I'licij  �������� ivjriitiient agent, wa-.j  tiled heie toJa> lj) speedy uLt i'oi mis J  appropti.iting in inie% leceived hy him 1  jnd pleaded guilty and was sentenceJ  in two \eais inipiisonmeiu  Our Large and Rapidly  Increasing Trade  speaks for itself as to the Satisfaction We aie leiidtriny  our CUSTOMERS. We guarantee that OUR PRICKS  cannot he b.at in the city or district.  WEEKLY CHURCH SERVICES,    j  VV li-n- W ociiiLiiiu* 11 u> a lend I> ��� mc Wor   ���  -.hip   |..niorr'>�� *  ���  r Caiholic���Rev r.nhei I'edard, 1. \.  will hold mass tonuimm mormnj; at  10 o'clock ai the old ln^ m huul house  Rev. Ralph !'iottei will preuih 10-  .iioiiow cenniL' it ;"io at Masoim '  hill, Moirison- \ndeison Iiuilding/andI  even   Sunda\   evening  until   furrliei  I'ossilil) no nunc in (lie lloiindan  h,is liad a gre.uei variety ol tips and  downs than the Winnipeg, located 111  Wellington camp, �� litile over two  miles I10111 l'hoenix. Jt i*> n pleabuic  tjo state that at piesent the piospects  of this piopem bt-comins* one ot the  huge inines ol lhe Hotindaiy aie de-  1 idedly blight  I he Winnipeg was located in June,  1895, b) I luni mi Mcintosh, who 111  |ul\, 181-7, with die assisiancc ol  N011I1 Dakota (.ipnnliMs, oigani/ed  the Winnipeg Mining and Snieltiiig  Co Ihis (onipany sank to the 300  loot level, anrJ did a laige amount ol  dulling and < iosstuuinfa', and con  sideiable ore was tntoumeied Dui-  ing the )ear 1900 over a thousand  tons ol ore was shipped, largel) to the  I lail smeltei,  I'm the Ireighl and iieatuienl late  was high, the lloundnry sindteis not  yet having begun the treatment of oie.  Added to this, it was lound that oie  had not been lound ol a (juahty that  it would pay to e\1;act and ship for  any length ol time. Funds inn out,  and the mine diifted into di'Jkulues,  as all the treasuiy siock had been sold.  Accordingly the piopeay was closed  Richard Plewman Slept In.  About this tune Duncan   Mcintosh  iij^jinnc j., on a paving basis, thc|  out look, 111 viiw ol the  imciH    u-sults,  j is inui h bii^htei than   11 has been   lot  I man) months   Mi. Flewnian certain!)  ideserves   ciedit   101   the ieiiaciu with  which he lias (Ontini'ed   development,  and no one will br^iudge Mini the su.  1 ess which he is now ncaiei    Lii<<t 11:11^  than e\ei befuic-     In .*. shoit Mine nu  stoi k has/gc-ne up bom ^ cenis 10 8 o.  9  tents   |>ei   shaie���an  iii-ju ation < 1  itsc-ll ot what buveis think ol liie pi-i^  pe< n ol the mine 1  Working on  Kailwav Ledge. |  ^'\, ni ��� ais ol on imtii I lie ndwat  ledge wcie sent out seveial inoiiihs  ago, and lau-i\ tne woik ol evploiling  ihis vein lias been lesimied \ pipe  line was laid lioiti lite * ompiessoi and  .1 small hoist installed wheie a shall is  being sunk. The oie bod) is widen  lug, and appeaiani es indicate ihat 1I11.  will make a big addition to theoic ic-  seives ol ilic property. Il was Horn  tins ledge, opened up b) the iailw.i\  giadeis two \eais ago, 111 building the  Winnipeg spin, that the best ore yet  lound in this mine was shipped.  AT THE MINES  What  is- Going   on  Boundary.  in  the  NU DIMINUTION IN THE SHIPMENTS  New BuildingGnlrtg Up, Development S'eadlly  Being Prosecuted, and Peal Progress is  Oeiierall) ITvidciil.  BRIEF  BUT  IMPORTANT.  .sold   out   his   niteiests,   andRuhaid  notice     All .ue welcome  Methodist���Divine seivices will be! Plewman. ol Rossland, obtained con  be held in the c Id log school house at J tl0| | he companv was.ieoigam/ed  7 30 p   111, with Sunday   school  and | <���, n��� assessable basis as the Winnipeg  Mines, Ltd , and Nick  i'rc*��.*ar, whose  Kveiv one  \    kninev,  '.*. - u-S^.js-M'-.s.iKM.  HIE lilHIIH (0.. I*.'.]  Ceneral   Meichants. Old lionsides Avenue. Phoeniv.  ��m-=5 >*:=-;��^K-i----Wr|s--:*"*"-"^j;0��-5-^  r  WM. MM I! 1  STORE NEWS.  Crockery  We have added  to  our  stock  a   _______.���     complete  lint  of  {Crockery. Tea Si''s. Dinner Sets. Chamber Sets. Etc., Etc.  We think this Stock wiil fill a long ft It want as it is  the first complete stock in the city. Drop into the  Hardware department aud take a look at this assort-  ment.  ONK CAR OKSTOVKS  'to Hand Last Week.  ��� ���  Bes'.des these we ni.iiiu-  'fadine    the  best   line  of  ' Queen lieateis and Camp  stoves  in   Phoenix.      All  sizes.  Ranges  Coal  Bible ("ass at 3 00 p   111  welcome       Rev    Oioiae  B   \ , pastoi  Vieslivteiian ��� Regular |ireacliiim  sen'tces w*i'r|>l��e held '.ifSr'.Viidrew-s  -liun.il tomoriow- at 10-30.1 in , and  at 7 30 p m , widi Sundaj school at  3 00 p m A coidial imitation is e\  tended to all to .ittend.  Chinch  ol England���Ihe  (ongie  ijatioii ot this mission have been kindh  allowed to use the Ilaidy  hah loi sei  vices   until the  complei 1011   ol   then  church, now under consirm lion     I he  services  101   tonionow   will be as lol  lows-      Holy   communion,  S  a    111 ,  Morning Pravei,   11   a    m.,   Hveninij  Pr.i)er 7-30 ]) m      the  Rev   V.   V  Klewellmg, late ol Kamloops, his been  "appointed bv the Bishop to thechaige  of this mission and   will   conduct   the  services tomoriow  lame lesteti 111 the tact ol  his   having  Ovei 100 uiiiieis weie killed 111 a  ..oal mine aittdeni last Sundav at  Spring (lull h, Colo.  A train load ol men Irom Joplm,  Mo,weic landed last Sunday at the  Noithpoit smeltei.  It is said that J J Hill is planning  to Iniv up a contiol 01 tlie lumber of  interests ot Biuish (*olumbia  Robeit   H   Hamilton,   foieinan  of  the \1l111gton mine, neai  Fine, B. C,  was killed last Monday b) a ttuV lall  ing on lum.  lhe Duke and Duchess of Voik  and Cornwall weie loyally welcomed  on then arnval at Quebec last Mon  day. I hen itineiarv includes a Hip  aiross die continent and return, with  seveial stops  I H Magnier, ai tested at Van  coavei, chaiged wilh absconding fiom  Wanet 1 with lunds belonging to the  Second Relief mine at line, was commuted foi tual at Nelson Wednesday,  and will come beioie Judge Form on  Monda) neM to elect as to how he  will be tned.  Ihe  Xoith  Star Mining Co , Ltd ,  Wobd Heaters  We  have been appointed agents  for the Celebrated  GALT-  ���     LETHBRIDGE COAL  coal  needs no introduction  other -'than to say,  Tjiis  that  all   who.use it pronounce Uthe : Hest  Domestic  Three cars now on the way from  Coal in Canada,  the^ mines,  OUR FALL  Groceries  ARE- ARRIVING  ���ght along now, and you will find everything  fresh  and  bright.    An examination and trial will prove this.  We want you to feel at homer-in our  A Yoillhful  Editor's Views.  Master Robert .Keller, sun ot Frederick Keffer, manager of the Mother  Lode mine, is the editor and j/i-S-  jirietor of the Anaconda News, the  smallest newspaper published in the  province. Here is what he says in  this week's issue regarding some l'hoenix mines recently visited:  .'���-Recently'' the editor ofthe Nevys  took a trip, to .l'hoenix,.to visit the  big Knob Hill and (.'Id lionsides  properties.  " l'he first visit was to the glory-  holes On top of the hill. TJiese tire  large qua'iies, in each of which a  number of ..men are busy, shoveling.ore  into mill-holes that lead to the large  i.unncl below.  "After this vve lost ourselves in the  numerous passages and slopes of the  Knob Hili tunnel.  "The editor was now too tired to  continue explorations into Old Ironsides, and just took their word for it,  tliat.it was'equally big, and equally  rich.''  Making His Annual Trip.  S. II. C. Miner, ol .Granby, Quebec,  president of the (i ran by Consolidated  Mining, Smelting and Power Co., Ltd..  arrived in Grand I-'orks this week on  his annual trip ol inspection to the  corporation's mines and smelter.    He  ���een cmploved in die Le Roi mine, |opeiaung lhe Koith Stai mine 111 liast  was secured as supeiintendent. Mi ' Kootenay, has declaied anothei divi  Plevvmim"*wns-aiideitaf-r��f tbe'large-jdentl-of three cents i>er share; wlneli  task ot rescuing a property   that   had] was  pavable on   Monday last, on its  issued   slimes, iiumbeimg   1.300,000  lhe dividend is equal to $39,000 anu  undei taking,   buthe   proposed to find  makes  a total   ot   $117,000 paid this  out   it   lhe   Winnipeg icilly had   anvjearb) the companv, and   makes the  maiketable oie total dividends aggiegate $237,000  Mi     1'iegeai   staitcd a win/e at the _,    "   ,      ~    ~   T7,p���  Soo loot   level, and had a theo. y tint, This (lelser Wah Fi"ed Sf'W',  he could find the ore bodv He was ' I-asl ' uesd.tv at Rossland judgment  allowed to use his judgment for several I ft!ls S've�� ���" u,e ���" llon <ig-'I"*sl -xll>ei1  months, but a lew months ago he re K'-eisei, ot llakei Cit\, Oregon, lor an  signed and lelt the country " l'he e\ j mlnnRment ol the alien laboi act, 111  pensive woik which he   was doing was bunging  seveia  Deen   mismanaged,   and   which many  thought   ot   little value.    It vv.is a bin  men into Rossland  then abandoned, u haung been touiid !"m�� Oiegon undei contiact to woik  to be piactically a lailuie,  ui  the   mines     Defendant   was   con  ,   ., . .,    .,. .     ' vuted on two chaiaes  and lined $500  \t this point Mi. 1 lew man aecideo  ��� ,      n, ��� 1   ,    Iu,  ' s.-'x .in..,. n��i>ii       \n   appeal   to   the  lhe new liiookljn shall hoti--e is  about completed.  Oie is being received at the Gieen-  wooii smeltei fiom the Carmi, up the  West hoik ol Kettle nvei  Dining the last week the Gianby  smelter has tieated 4,785 ions of oie,  making a total of 220,405 tons to date.  An option for $20,000 has been  given to eastern parties on the Blue;  Jay, Clipjier and Granite claims ui  Skylaik camp.  i'wo small lots of gold, the result of  a five days' run, weie lecently re-  coveted from the liock Creek. Placer  Co.'s workings  1 he King Solomon, Copper camp,  is shipping legulail) to the Greenwood  smeltei, and not to to the Granby as  pieviousl) stated  It is icpoited that the London and  1*5 C Ooldfields, Ltd , have decided  to do some more development work  on iheii Noilolk claim, Central camp.  When the V., V and E. reaches  l*'ioeni\ one oi the fust things done  will he to ship several thousand tons  of oie Irom the liiooklyn and Stem-  wiudei dumps.  Owing to tbe delay in receiving the  tvro new furnaces at the Granby smeltei, it is new not probable that the  capaciiv will be doubled for at least  two 01 thiee months  The Montreal and Boston Copper  company has oidered from Cunning  ham xt Andersen, qt Greenwood, an  electnc light plant ot 150 light capacity for the Summit mine.  l'he new shall foi theGianby mines,  which i*-p eventually'- to- be made���the  mam vvoiking shatt, -and to be five  c'ompaitments  in  width, is now down  FIRST VACATION IN FOUR YEARS.  J. F. Hemeoway, Agent of tbe Qranbv Co., ���  Returned Thursday.   ' ' '' L ' '  One vacation in tour years is little  enougn for any man, but that is substantially nil that J. V. Hemenway-:  agent in Phoeivx lot (be Granby Co.,  has had., Mr. Hemenway returned  Thursdav night alter being absent exactly a month, and reports having had  an enjoyable time. He went first to  Chicago direct, where his mother  lives, and aftei spending seveial da)s  there and attending to some personal  busiiiess,:hhe made a tiip to Portland,  Piegon, and also visited the oil fields  at or near liugeiie in that web loot  st'ite. In all Ins wandeiings lie as-  seits that tbe city ol Poitland looked  the best of any to him, and in anv  event he would not cue lo live in the  east, alter his lotij> residence in die  west.  Mi. Hemenway visited the Interstate fan, 111 Spokane, whn h was in  lull swuiv, duung his shoit stop in the  inland metropolis, but although the  city was crowded with visuois tiom all  over this section, it was thought that  the fair would hardly be a financial  success It is, however, bigger and  bettei ihan cvci, and Js attracting a  great deal of lavoiab'e. attention.  Wherever he went he heard marly inquiries in icgard lo Uiitish Columbia. '  He expected to meet Wm Volen Williams in Chicago, but they failed to  connect. Mr. Hemenway sa)s he was ,  glad to get back to Phoenix,.  $50 lespectiveh       \n   appea  snpieine couu was immediately taken  I he  decision   111   the  cases does not  aflei.t the Le Roi Mining Co  1101 does  it interfere with men applying for work  on the company's grounds.  Ofleririg Reward of $250.  'Government..'.Agent' McMynn, of  Greenwood, is "'offering' a reward of  $250 for evidcricevthat,will convict the  robbers, or any of them, whey on the  night of the 3rd instant roboed 3���"reel  Kaiser and other persons in the Coin-  siiming a better aspect in,the eves of j mercial hotel, Eholt, of money and  the investing public, and an it.creaselj^ehy valued at about $2000. So  in the market' p.ice of.tlje stock . is^'as 'f 'known, tl,e police have  noted.  to not onlv he the manage!,but to give  the vvoiking ol the Winnipeg a more  close peisonal supeivision l'o this  end he now* makes a trip to the property from Kossland . nearly every week  and looks after all the details as'far as  possible. ������; . .  Finding More Ore.  The results of the work since Mr.  1'lewmaii began looking after the work,  with Simon Jacobs as foreman, have  been much more* encouraging, and as  a consequence the mine is already  as  j succeeded in finding  anv  1101  hie to the  has  been   done  at the robbers.  Work   that   lias  3oc-foot  level   of late  has been more  than encouraging.    Several  important  veins of have been exploited   by drift-  Brought Back a Bride.  "W. B. Cochrane surprised his l'hoenix friends Monday bv.coming in from  ing, crosscutting and sinking, and at Ross]an(j with Mrs. Cochrane,'former!v  least one of these has been proven tojMiss j eona Hnohholz. The couple  be from 50 to 60 leet 111 width, wilh 1 we|e ,,,aniej |ast S]n.\ni, \n Snokane,  good gold values. .Shipments Irom |)ta noti,ing was known of it here,  the   new   ore   bodies   were  resumed j M|.s    r.wh;.iut.   |,as  in the meantime  about a-montlv ago, and several cars  of ore have been sent out each week  10 lhe Gianby smelter. . This ore  varies considerably it. value, but it is  repotted that one car nave net returns  of $34 per ton. Oihers probably did ], Seveia  not run as high, but still were en- nix Lawn Tennis club tournament lor  coiuaging to the directors. ' the Henderson trophy were played this  While it has not. vet been determined  week.  , been visiting in the east, being met *.it  Spokane on her return by Mr. Cochrane. The couple have gone to house-,  keeping,on'Brooklyn avenue.  preliminary ties in the Plioe-  will probably visit tlie mines   inPhoe-j      _ .        _ ,....':'._���..' .._:.. J...'  _        ������/���'������  nix  some  time  next   week, spending\^^^s^^i^^}g^f^i^^'^^>^^^^^^  probably  a  coupl:. of  weeks   in  the| % ' ~        PHOENIX BRANCH ORE SHIPMENTS. W  'if-  I  Boundary. Mr. Miner is accompanied by Mis..Miner nnd Miss Miner.,  lay P. Graves, general manager of the  company, is also at Grand Koiks.  Students Rales East.  Students rates to Toronto and Montreal.���Kor bona fide students. 18  years or under, the Canadian Pacific  Railway will issue tickets from l'hoenix to Toronto at $33.10, to Montre-al  at $36.80. 'Pickets on sale till 20th  of September. Full particular from  O. W. Dev, Agt!, Phoo x, and ]. S.  Carter, D. P. A.. Nelson, li. C.  Toronto rate will apply to all, stations  west of'Toronto, and east as far as  Belleville and Teterboro. "Monirea  rate will apply to Quel ec, Lennoxvilie  and intermediate points.  The folloiviiiK tatik- (jivi-s lhe nro sliipnu-nts ol" Hhwnix llrauch nnd other Hoiimlary |"y  miiu-s |.,r icmo. I'.'ir the pnst week, tor kjoi. inui lhe- total to ilaic:���  '-4  Old lionsides, Knob Hill  and Victoria........ . fi-1,533  I!. C. Mine  19,494  !��/?! Golden Crown ........ .  2,500  %\ Winnipeg. ......  1,075  [f_i Athelstan '. ���  i',aoo  ^ Snowshoe.  300  Brooklvn  '5��  R. Bell.....   .'Totals, tons  89,-'5.'  Mother 1 .ode. Deadwood, 5,340  Sunset,                 " ...  No. 7, Central  ....  King Solomon, Copper..  Other Boundary mines. . 3,180  VVC..U  ���I,4-1��  4^0  1S0  Totals  Canary  birds  for sale.  Mis. J. E. McAuliffe.  Apply  5,220  >.536  35  160,890  33.3So,  435  5.S��  .  (-55  560  196,476  59.435  300  7'5  140  1,00  ^5.439;|!  52,i"!So|_i|l  2,5����^  ��.555'i'l  ��.7 50 ft  I   ,05 5  3'V  'SOU  56O*  aS5,S7 9  6-1.77 5  'i\\  7'S  140  3-6So |;j  "ii?i  Grand 'Totals, tons.  97I772        r.,8Si      2*;7,s66        355.349 ^'| de,u   McKi��le)'   were   held at Green-    '   ' "3m wood  'Ihursday  evening,   the   Audi-  Jgj^^j��aM^^^^^ torium being packed.  65 01 70 teet  Messrs Pi ice & Co , of Quebec,  have loreclosed ou the- piopeity ofthe  Standard smeltei, at Bound.iiy Falls,  and also several associated mining  companies, loi monies advanced  It is icpoited that Colonel N E  Linsley, ol Spokane^ has been engaged  b) the Gianb) smeltei to lepoit on the  north toik coal fields, lecenll) uonded  b) the smeltei company, and has lelt  loi the c oal fields  W I Portei and wile left for an  eastern tup on Mond.u's tiain 1 he\  will visit Biandon, Man , where a  meeting ol the Golden Ciown Mines,  Ltd , was to be held yesteida) 'lhe)  wiil also stop briefly at. points .i.n .North  Dakota before returning.  Plans are now out for the new buildings foi: the Snowshoe mine, including residence, office, boarding house  and bunk house. The contract for  the foreman's residence and office  building was awarded yesterday to  Thomas Corner:!' 'The others will be  awarded next   Tuesday.  Meeting of the Press Men.  'Thos. MeVaught, manager of Halcyon Hot Springs, who is arranging  for the meeting of the newspaper men  of Eastern British Columbia at that  place next Monday week, has sent out  a circular letter in regard to the proposed objects of the meeting. After  organization, election of officers, etc.,  the following subjects are proposed  for discussion:  i. 'The importance, of the local  columns in a country newspaper.  2. 1 low much editorial is needed in  a i-oiint.v weekly ?     ���  3. Can country weeklies put their  subsciipiiou lists on a eash-in-advai.ee  basis?  4. I oh work. How to figure. The  necessity fcir; a uniform job printers'  price list.  5. .What is the cheapest and best  power for the country office?  Will Open Dancinj- School.  II. Aionson, of Vancouver, has  made arrangements to start a dancing  school in l'hoenix, in connection with  which regu'ar socials will be held.  The hall will lie specially arranged,  and Prof. Kauffmatm. will furnish the  music in l'hoenix, Grand I'oiks and  '.Greenwood, in all of which rcgulai  lessons will be given in dancing once  a week. Further .particulars will be  given later, the classes to open in  October.  Next week McRae Bros. & Smith  will move into the new building which  they have just completed on Knob  Hill avenue. They will carry a larger  siock than ever, having an order  placed for an unusually line assortment of holiday goods.  Memorial services for the late Tresi-  *  I THROUGH  I the mm  *  1Iiii>|k Lings  n nil Irenes  l'hat Inttre^t  Hiocmuans  Last Thursday James H. Kennedy,  chief engmeei of the V., V. & E. railway, which is building tiom Cascade  to Grand Forks, and has the Phoenix  bfanch surveyed and permanently  located,'.diove up to Phoenix from  Grand Forks to consult with Mr. Mc-  Carty, in charge of the local force. of  engineers. \\ hen asked by, a Pioneer  man yestetday if there was any truth ,  in the reports that the work on the  Phoenix branch would commence  soon, Mr. Kennedy stated that he was  expecting to go ahead shortly, and get  -thesub-contracts let, but as yet there  was nothing definiteabout it, although  he was confident that something would  be done soon. He said the newspaper  correspondents seemed to know moie  about the matter than he did  'There seems to be 110 doubt that  the company does expect to begin the  Phoenix branch this tall, though it is  generally conceded that they will have ,  to commence soon it anything is'to be  accomplished this season. 'The pei-  mission fiom the government to cross  crown lands, is, it is understood, not  )et gianted, owing to the obstructive  tactics ot Joseph Martin and the Dunsmuir government. Nevertheless, tiie  railway people aie keeping a force ot  14 men here in the engineers' camp 111 '  l'hoenix, with the evident expectation  of being ordered to cross section at  almost any time. In the meantime  field notes'are being checked up and  finished and such office work done as  is needed. 'The location lines are  complete, and Mr. Kennedy says that  a good deal of the work hereabouts  being heavy rock work, it can be done'  in the Winter time.  ...'<�����  1 Mr. Kennedy also states that tlie  work near Grand I-'orks is proceeding '  slowly on account of the scarcity of  labor, but now that the harvest in the  Palouse wheat fields is nearly over, it  is anticipated that the men will be  coming in more freely from this time  on.  ���F- ���"���  For  the  purpose of operating  the .  Water and   light, systems of l'hoenix,  Messrs.   Graves,  Flumerfelt  and Williams, through their solicitors, are now  forming two companies,   each   with   a  capital of $35,000, which wil! soon be  incorporated   under   the   Companies'  Act.    Tlie water system . is'how being  installed, but it is  understood that the  new  owners will   not  assume  active*  control of the electric light system  till  they can   secure power from Cascade.  Work on this is now in active progress,,  and   Wm. Anderson,   the supervising  engineer, was quoted this week as saving that the company would be ready  to deliver power  in the  Boundary by  the ist of January.    'The  poles along  the   line of the  right of way are now-  being   set,   and   it   really appears as  though this Cascade  concern actually  meant business at last.  Winchester Brown Beaten.  At New Westminister 'Thursday J.  C. Brown, the recently appointed provincial secietary, was beaten at the  polls by Gifford, who opposed him,  'The lotal vote was 1,109, of which  Gifford secured 563, Brown 511, and  spoiled 35. 'This gives Mr. Gifford a  majority of 52. The election is reported to have been a wai in one,  Brown being supported by the leading  Liberals and Atllay Morrison, M T.  It Was believed that this was the  strongest seat that the government had  in the province, and the lesult is a  surprise to the government supporters,  !���?*  ���'V ' '"TV ,'  -l-Wj-r���   -V   VT],1"VV^~  ,',    _��   >�����**.��� J  1 u-, "-i  'li  vl_t  ������'to  if, .*��* -  {������.'li M:l  .fa li -^8*3  ,-t' 5   -1*\} i  " h V. '{ i*~  inf4  nil  PI  Hiffl'  ' 'If  u *-*V*  i*   *���  ^1  ' ..j��� �� "i  ixfjli  /J ft 1  J T.f.*     J  ptfnf-Jljl  -  "'$il' -  <���"?>--���-*  "^t      f*L     J?**  '**'rYiI ' *  ^VV**  "1! t     ? 1    <<  i in  k'-U'A  ' <?,  ��� 15 ��� >  H-  i   try  i!*i*  t'iii  *' il  it  *��� ' V  t  V"ut  ���1-    I  T   ,1  A' '  ���> h 1  T?^~Tr*^'t�� *\*vx~af ___._- THE PHOENIX PIONEER.  i ���   <  ''v<> '!    -i**  I'.rv,  i,-i';v  \��5i* /.**v-ji)i'   '". '  TrJJ,/    .     f it  ���������sr--  ������j   -  '?--'?  A'; , '  ...  .  <���  ���iv'  <  fi.. ���      F  ."'���������      -    F    '  *?���?'. -.' -  o,"  J  **���:  *?- >��� J * '  '   '        f -  yv,    ���  v ".���if  l?f--Ji   -  *.'   I  '   *  tr  ������^���������������������^������������������������������������������������^���^���f**^^*{MM"'<  The Canadian Bank of Commerce  Capital,  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO,  f/r      j*      Rest, $2,000,000.  .,000,000.  T HON. CEO. A. COX, PN__U.it. B. E. "WALKER, GuicmI M-n-.tr.  i J. H. PLUMHER, An*! Gta'l Manager.  I If. R. DAVIDSON, Acting Mfr. Greenwood Branch  Many of the "reds" spell their names  with a z. Czolgosz requires two. Hut  the ciicumstance that the czar also  makes use of die final letter in the  alphabet is not indicative of coidial  feelings.���Spokesman Revi 'vv.  If there is one man in British Columbia who does not believe that the  silver-lead ores produced in the pio-  vince should be smelted, refined and  manufactured within the piovince, we  would like to have his photogiaph.���  Paystreak.  ��� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������<  >--����������������������������������+-��  The Phoenix Pioneer,  ISSUED ON SATURDAY BV TIIE  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  AT PHOENIX, B. C.  W. B. WILLCOX. Manac-ch.  Telephones  I Butineu office No. 14.  I M.mger'i reddence, No. 15.  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  Per Year *200  Sis Montbi -  '-��S  ' To Fortlrn Countries 300  If you are not a aubicrlber to thl* paper, thia  Uau invitation to vou to become one.  . \V. J. Bryan, twice defeated in the  race for presidency of the United  States, wisely considers his case hopeless,' and will not make another attempt. Some people know when they  have enough.  Advertlalng��ratea furnlahed on application.  ,   I/egal notices 10 and 5 cents per line.  Four weekly iniertions constitute one month's  advertising.  Once upon a time the Vancouver  Province woishippcd Joe Martin, but  for a year two it has bitterly opposed  him. That paper now predicts the  early fall of the so-called nunsmuir-  Martin government.  Joseph Martin, we must doff our  hat to you. You may have all the  faults and ambitions attributed to you;  but there is no pipe dieam concerning  youi ledoubtable tenacity. And if it  wasn't that we need moie business  and less politics in this province we  would accept you as the daddy politician of them all.���Lardeau Eagle.  I  THIRD MARTYRED PRESIDENT.  For the third time a president ofthe  United States has been shot down in  cold blood, William McKinley, 24th  chief ruler of the American republic,  having' succumbed to the assassin's  blow last Saturday morning after a  , week of pain. Abraham Lincoln was  the first of the American rulers to be  taken off in this w/iy, at the close of  the civil war, in'1865, and James A.  Garfield was also shot and killed in  the year 1880.  When Mr. McKinley was .hot down  by a man with whom he was about to  shake hands, a week before he passed  over the great divide, the heart of almost   the   entire   world  was deeply  touched, showing the wide respect and  popularity of the man, apart from   his  being sthe president.    The   assassin,  Leon Czolgosz, gave no reason for the  dastardly deed,  except  that  he -was  an anarchist    He took off one of the  best citizens the United States .ever  "   had.   Little wonder is'it-'that when  the news of the president's death *vvas  made known  in" the', city of Buffalo,  where the crime was committed, thousands and thousands assembled in front j  of the jail  where Czolgosz was-con-  . fined, intent only on getting at a. man  who' would  make away  with such  a  ruler.   The law should be upheld, yet  many there are who believe that the  electric chair or the hangman's noose  is too1 humane treatment for such a  monster in human disguise.  Mr. McKinley was indeed a man  among men, arid for twenty years before ihe-was elevated to the highest  office in the gift of the American j��eo-  , pie, those who knew him best predicted  the greatest honors for him that-his  nation could bestow. Even his political enemies allow that he conducted  himself for the greatest good- to the  greatest number in his public life.  The death of good Queen Victoria  touched every nation on the globe.  Hen passing away was not unexpected,  she having lived the allotted number  of years. But the sudden and violent  death of a man who was the idol of a  majority of the American people makes  one wonder whether it is safe for a  man to hold any office so high. Mr.  McKinley, in his wish to get close to  the people, rather deprecated the precautions for' his personal safety, biit  thcsequel shows that the efforts after  all did not go far enough.  A world is in mourning today for  -the'martyted president of the greatest  of republics, but th��re is reason to believe that his death will not have been  in vain. If the anarchists are not  .hunted .down and out of every civilized country on this footstool, the  _ temper of nations and peoples generally is much misunderstood.   .  Within the last two weeks tons of  catalogues of eastern department stores  have been dumped into the cities and  towns of British Columbia. Patronizing institutions of the Timothy Eaton  stamp does not assist in building up  the industries of this province.  It must be said for the Americans  that when a gieat occasion arises,  touching the deepest chords of pati iot-  ism, they are not found wanting  They made enormous sacrifices in  order to abolish slavery, They have  still to cope with its evils perhaps not  so gioss nnd palpable ns slavery, but  not less foimidnble.���Toionto Globe.  TRACKMEVs AGREEMENT. |  Provisions of Recent Arrangement Made With >  tbe Canadian Pacific  Psllwuy.  The teims ol .settlement between the j  Canadian Pacific K.��ilway Co. and the  trackmen aie given out as follows.  All hands to be leinslated in foimei | [)_ J  positions  and  dwellings   within   two I  weeks,   without, piejudiee, with a pio  viso that any employe'! gui'ty ol act-,  of violence or at lions against the  in  terests of the company aie"r.o be considered dischmged.  In case of alleged injustice to any  member ofthe trackmen's organization  the right   to demand   investigation is  JOHN. A. fORYELL.  Provincial Lani< Survi-vok,  Cnii- an" Mining Engimh"-  l.Sl'AIII.ISHKIl   1888.  PHOENIX and GRAND FORKS, B. C.  MATHESON,  IKSIUvlN-CK AGF.NI,  KIRK, IIK1", ACCII'INl.  CiiiiimIsUoiim- Im Inking Atinlavit'i.  1'iIOKNIX, B.  acceded,  and  should    it  be   pioven  DR. WORSTS'  SCIENTIFIC  INHALER cures CATARRH  -For Sale Only by_  t  PROM FAR AND NEAR.  When the Pioneer tells the truth  about the mines tributary to Phoenix,  it is accused of "boosting" by the  Greenwood Times. Well, it's all a  matter of taste. The Pioneer realizes  that the facts about our ore bodies are  sometimes difficult to take in, but they  are facts, as presented in these columns,  just the same.  When the Republic and Grand Forks  railway was undertaken it was dubbed  the "hot air" line, because its local  promoters had so much trouble in  getting at actual construction. The  people of both places are now jubilant  because the hot air line has more men  at work than the Jim Hill line, is paying better wages, and promises to be  completed this coming winter.  Silverton, on Slocan lake, has had a  weekly, the Silvertonian, for over four  years. Last Saurday's issue, Matheson Bros., ,the proprietors, announce  as the.last, and in their valedictoiy  give' lack of patronage as the cause ol  suspension. And yet there are persons who labor under the delusion that  a publisher's lot is -one of continual  sunshine and roses.  Air through the Boqndsiy mining  i��_ere_ts are looking up' to no small  degree.' We have passed the so called  boom period and the experimental  stage, and are now on a solid footing,  with a number, of properties steadly  producing ore of a marketable value.  The man whose chief fltnbition was to  mine the public has had his Any also.  To put it briefly, brighter times are  ahead���and not so far ahead, either.  Last week Rossland mines shipped  1,650 tons of ore.  The consti uction of the Crow's  Southern mil way commenced last  week.  'l'he Republic mine owners have decided to issue $300,000 in bonds and  go on with development.  The townsite' fot uierly known as  Selkirk, at the southern end of Trout  Lake, is to be known as Twin Falls.  Cranbrook holds its first annual  mineral,agricultural nnd industrial exhibition next week, from Septembci 25  to 27.  T. G. Holt, of Vancouver, a shaie-  holder in the Winnipeg mine, was a  visitor to that property last week, and  was pleased with the piesent outlook  of the company.  Carrie Nation is again on deck and  temarks with a giand flourish of hei  little hatchet that she is going to Ot-.  tavva and will fight the devil theie until there is not a di op ot the cm seel  stuff left in Canada.  F. G. Fnuquiei, government agent  at Revelstoke, has been committed  for trial on the 'charge of embezzlement. A requisition is being largely  signed in that city requesting the government to extend leniency to Mi.  Fauquier on the ground that restitu  tion will be made of all mUnppiopii-  ated funds,' and also for domestic 1 ea  ons.  That the tendency to amalgamation  now-adays has been extended to  journalistic circles as well as com  mercial, is shown by the lecent pui-  chase 01 the Canadian H01neJ0u1n.il  by Mr. Hugh C. MacLean, publishei  of the Ladies' Magazine, Toronto.  The Journal, .-which was established  many years #go; v-rjll Ije discontinued  as a distinct publication, qj)d will be  merged into the Ladies' Magazine,  which has alieady won a place for  itself as the popular home paper lor  Canadian women.  thatanieiiibei has been unjustly tieated  and time has been lost to him thereby,  recoveiy of pay for lost time is open  to him.  Pi emotion  is  provided foi according to seniority and merit.  Conditions aie also made that men  shall have:  'transportation,   tv.-ice a month, loi  foremen   and   subordinates   to   visit  market.    Half Height late for supplies  at all seasons of the year.  Tinnsportatiou to'any paTt ofthe  line granted lo foremen, once a yeai,  and to subordinate tihcluncii, like  privileges over the lespeciive divisions  on which they aie employed.  Inciease of pay is piovided lot,  amounting to $125,000, ovei the entire system. On the mountain sections this inciease means an advance  fiom $1.25 to "$1.35 per day foi subordinate tiackmen, and $t..io loi fust  and second hand*).  The company agiees to iccojjni/e  the union, which is, authoiized to present a schedule ol lvnge*, as is done l>\  othei unions, loi the consideiation 01  the company, the schedule to be submitted diiect to the geneinl managei  at Montreal.  Under this arrangement, the fnsi  schedule will be submitted in Mrtich  next.  A. SCOTT,  C'ONl'KACIOK ASI> llUll.DKR.  I.STIMA.KS FUKNISI'KO.  PHOENIX, H. C.  H. S. CAVLKV.  \V. Jl. COCHRANE.  CAYLEY & COCHRANE,  Soi.ici rous, E"ic.  PHOENIX, B. C.  ~i  Night Bell  Phone 16  9QQG&&&9&M&&  J. B. Boyle  I P. Burns & Co.  D. WHITESIDE,  I-AKKISIKK & SOI.ICTlOK,  Or lives- Williams Illock.  I'HOENIX, B. C.  I'HOKNIX" ���  MARKET.    J  ���  IIKAIl OIHCK rOK HOUNDARY CRrKK, ("KF.KNWOOl), II. C. S  iii'.ai)Quakii:ks,nkison, ii. c. J  *  ��� * -  ,��� '���  *  .... Wholesale M Mi M [kill..  Markets at Nelson, Kaslo, Three Forks, Sandon, Slocan City, '���������  Silverton, New Denver, Ymir, Salmo, Rossland, Trail, Cascade, ���  Crand Forks, Greenwood, Midway, Niagara and l'hoenix.  FISH, OYSTERS AND POULTRY IN SEASON.  All orders receive prompt attention.  R. B. KERR,  Makristkk and Soi.iciiok,  notakv rtmi.ir.  I'HOENIX, B.C.  C A. McCLUNO & CO.  W���  ,������   .   ,,������ S,o,t.  ||AV)   aM< fEEDi Mm flATSi |;T(.  V. ft  N.   -ni'��N|.*..v  Office,    Slnulmil    Ave.  Iioiiyht li.fore tl ����� rise anil  nnd can  (|'loto clone prices.  ALDHAH & BLUNT,  Mink Sukvkvoks,  ANO DkAUGK'ISMKN.  V*. k S. ���PliJiic. No. 70 PHOBNIX, B. C.  (Juuliitii)iiH given 011  stiaight  or   imxi'.l   i-hik  ������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������  ������������������  EEMTOMAL COf-MENTS,  With the far reaching steel strike at  an end, it is to be hoped that strikes  in the far west will also be settled at  an early date.  Ex-President Steyn barely escaped  capture recently by British soldiers,  and got away only by" riding in his  night shirt. It was almost an escape  _>y the skin of his teeth.  Vice-President Roosevelt, now elevated to the presidential chair by the  untimely death of William McKinley,  got bis widest fame perhaps as the  leader ofthe Hough Riders,during the  Spanish-American war. H bg'will use  the szune tactics in liding rough shod  over'the rank and fileof the anarchists  who make their homes in the United  Statejs, he will have once more earned  the hearty thanks of the American  people.  ilH*lllll��|,,|���HW^.....IIH.MW..IIM��l��WI^  WHAT THE EDITORS SAY. \  t      j  Pat Burns may not be a sporting  man but he holds lots of steaks fpr the  human race.���Vancouver World.  ' It is imperative that all nations  should combine to stamp out anarchists and anarchy.���Ft. Steele Prospector.  i  The impression is gaining ground  that too many members of the provincial cabinet are afflicted with political spinal curvature.__-Nejson Economist.   , ' -'  ,C_h. yes j foe. Martin is dead, but  there are signs that he may revive and  bang his enemies with the fragments  of his own tombstone.���Toronto Telegram.  Last week's issue of the Greenwood  Tinias was unique in being the only  paper in the province that did not  have some reference to the late President McKinley. Possibly tlie assist-  Aftt editor .was too busy in carrying out  Ihis ideas of finical criticalness to  /efcr to the great American calamity.  The Toronto house is rightly named,  for it is Eaton up /die vitality of this  and other B. C. towns. The eastern  stores will not sell on jawbone, vhile  local men are espected fo do so.r=-Slo-  can Drill.  The Kamloops Sentinel says the  political situation in the province is  about as bad as it could be, all be-  caq_i- a good Liberal, like John Cunningham Brown, has been taken into  the Dunsmuir govenittjcnt fp run an  unimportant department. There it}.  nothing wrong with the political situation; but there is something wrong  ���tfith the men who have been selected  to manage dtf-^xtments of the govern  ment.-=->Te3son Tribune.  STRICTLY   BUSINESS.  Ads that cost nothing arp worth it.  Even a good, impression won't last  forever. The advertiser must keep on  making good impressions.  ,  Try your advertisement on yourself.  Consider whether or not it would ap  peal to you, were you a buyer.  Some advertising is not so bad as it  seeijis to be. Sometimes the worst  appearing <j,d will bring good business.  It is' never possibly {.Q read a good  advertisement in any other way than  the one in which the vviiter intended  it to be read.  Truthful announcements and exact  fulfilment ot printed promises are  principals that cannot be left out of  successful advertising.  If you have anything to say, say it.  Dpn't try to lead up to what you wish  to say j;- youi advertisement. This  is not M>(3 plarp for beating about the  bush. Sneak yofjr 'jtft'e j^iece and  then sit down,  There must be some reasons why  some people should trade with you 111  preference to other concerns in your  line. Dig up these leasons. Put  them in print. Place them before the  customers yon ought to have. Do it  right and you're going to get the trade.  Cannot Agree With It.  Refening  to  the   Mine  Manageis'  memorial, the Untish Columbia   Min-i  ing tecord says: j  ' We aie not by any means 111 agiee-j  ment with the conclusions ol the!  memorial, and still less so with the  policj of distiibtitingsuch ,1 duiument  bioadcast. It is liiuc-h easiei to give  a dog a bad name --ihaii to piove thai  the animal does not deseiveit. We  legiet exceedingly that a lepiesenia-  tive body like lhe Mine Owneis Association should have weakened its  case in lefeience to questions wheie  criticisms was jusl, by such evtiavag-  anceol stateirjent and nipihod ol publication as hove rl-aindeii/e'I the  memorial."  & FEI  I'KACTICAI, 1IOUSH \nii .SIC.N  I'AIN'fKKS, DKCOKaTOKS, HfC.  D  loenii % anil limy Lino  r        ���' ..             ...     . 1  Phovk  Culimibln 35.  Phoenix. 6. C.  Phoenix Lodge No. 28,  Knights of Pythias.  Meets every Tuesday nighl  ���it 7 jo p. 111., Miners' Union  Hull  Visiting brethren welcome  C A. McCi cko, C. C.  J-.J.Ma-iiicun, K   R  S.  Good   Saddle  Horses  and  Livery   Rigs  For Hire.  Makes  Two Kound   Trii-, Daily Bk  Phoknix and  Gi'KCNwnon.  WKI.V  Loaves Phoenix  Time.  nt  II  11.111. nu I  1.0J   p.m ,-1'lnifiiIx'  leaves Greenwood nt 11.00 n.in and 4 p.iu.. (iicvuvruoii  Time.   S11 inlaw leaven I'liocnit nt !l:.'W 11 in.,-uiil.'  Grei'nwnod'iU l_:.S0ni(i.  Reasonable iijtes f**i iooijjs j|i pela  hay block, Dominion Avenue.  41 C( \fr   ('".T/.V  L'llifHI   ))ill|  ally Inwlcil.  GREENWOOD  Liquor Company  AGENTS KOI-  PABST BEER  \. 0. 0. F.   Snow  ��!}9e _-9<l&? No. 46.  Ilun-rlfiy   Kyc ���|  Mimri*'  Vi-iltH- ���-.n-l'-tvii Cordi  J). \V||iri-fi"-K, N. I.'.  ��� r��>. H. Me in, I'uc.scc.  HIOFMX AERIE,  NO. 158.  MvlIiiij,s, Simla}-.,  f.31 p in nt Mm  em* t.HKiii II.ill.  Visiting      brethren  cunlmlly united  MA X, Secy  BLOOMFIELD & DUNBAR,  PROPRIETORS.  Phoenix Laundry   J. T. LAWRENCE, Propriktok '  Qvmg House Cleaning time i ?������* v"iott He,P tmP|0^  ���    %DB��i7 datdc .^e" ���   J limjclle.s    called   for  1(66 and.Hotws en Ibnktfef &wtws, * j'v tp" ��cJy )\\}\ vf  Etc., for. which we have the best of 5 the chv. Send vour  facilities. J order by I hone.'  ,   BK_T OK VVOKK OCARANTKKO. V.HN. I'HUNIINI) n  I. F *  Dominion   Avenue,   Adjoining   Butte   Hotel, -   -    -        I'hoeniv, li. C.  Complets lint  of Bar Samples  HALANIIRLM.  City Bakery  Moiiisoii-AiulfiH.jii Mile  j*00T AND SHOE MAKER ....  ���a Nrci.; r.iNii ov���  Silver, Silvgrine and  Gold Pilled Cases  The> are beauties. Call nnd see Hum.  HENDERSON,  THK   JKVVHI.KR.  Soineni'r Spoons nlwnys in stock.  PHOKXIX  LL'S  J. McCAGUI-,,  I'Kdl'KIKIOK.  V. & N. I'litro, No. 48.  ��� Bread, Cakes, Pies, Etc., Fresh Daily.  IRONSIDES ADOiTION.'l-HOKNIX. Ii. C. Krkk Dhivfuv  Bellevue  Mot��!f  livkry. STABLES AND  FKKD  .SAI.K  H. BELL,  Prop.  Cjood paddle, I'aek and  DrivingHoF-iesi.'' He'aj."*"  Droving. ChnrgeR Ren��-  onahle.  KnobHiu.Avi*., ���'���'  PHQENIX.p.p. I  'I his hotel is t-entrnlly loeiiled, newly huilt nnd   newly ^  furnished throughout.     Eveiything is   fust class.    IJ:ii *  stocked with the finest. f  EDWARD SIMPSON, Prop, f  TOB PRINTING   r  NEAT AND  ATTRACTIVE  .AT THE PIONEER fQB QFFI^  a *  (mfi&/ dnM- hM> Jhi4, w^iU/  J<HW<H>O<HH><>0<KH>00<KH^ p  fltytif&pst Men to Meet.  Monday, Sept/3i"9^er 30th. has been  selected as the date of nieenng pf the  news-*a*>er men of the interior, for tne  purpose of forming an association,  't'he meeting will take place at Ha  cyon Hot Springs, and the representatives who attend are expected to arrive  at the Springs the Saturday preceding,  leaving there on the following 'J'ues-  d/jy-   4 *W!l Man-jer.  By inserting catchy (fdyprti^ernpnt*.  in the netvspapeiR a manager of tlie  1 Standard -Oil Co. in iNJinnesota has induced thousands of people t,o huy oil  stoves for summer cooking j-.nd fye-j  come regular customers of the oil company, 'l'he profits on the increased  sales of kerosene in'the state the first  year were many times cost of the advertisement^. 7nere 's no business  (except burglary) which caijnot be increased by newspaper advertising.  See.Mellor for paints and oils.  RBWERY  JUI.IUj. MUELLER, Puopr  IKIOR.  s in PliQeniv. serve l'hoenix Heer.  Ff}1}'*^!?^6 home Industry and  Oor. Standard Avenue a,nd Banner Street.  PHOENIX, B.C. * "   "  - ���?-,-���"���. '\V"*V ,���.,l.,������  ���*>:\*J:  ��� it. V'''1-  ^      '        *��� I       - .       1     ��"ii       * -       * ��T_ \  :.!���:*   '-.. .".iC"' .  1 !-.;���,_._-���>  r-i-Vv1-'  ��� -'I-,,,1 tr*  -^"vrrje. r~'irr' ��� vt~ -?," ������b" ���<������^^_.,.,  .��".   '".,*���* ," -��/-�� >V_J. ,s' m     ii- *i'     �����,      ��   ">t-   e  '3"���-iifff-,'  Tl*  -������-(���iva^-n    pirir�����'i ��� ���wm  it  ��!?.��S  !--'M^iI��� f!  THE '..PHOENIX PIONEER.  rger  if '-Tf-f ���*-���������--^  r;  DOMINION COPPER  COMPANY'S ADDITION TO PHOENIX  we  Prophesied  v.  Choice Business and Residence Property in   all parts  of   the   City.   ;  '    ' ' . ''   '. ,  "  :'  ^ T AST APRIL we prophesied that Phoenix would  ;.'���*-< be shipping moteore than any camp in British  Columbia before the end of the yean  -J  Over   250,000    tons of ore  have been   sent out  over the Phoenix branch of the C P. fc ���one year; and this  camp is today producing more ore. than any mining camp in the Province*  i'lioicN'i.v wn,i. sini- a* M'u.ai oiti. in kioi as au, qniKii camp.s iv munsn columuia touktiibk.   "  l,i-i ii? Ii-ll v'oi'i i-i'iii.cll.iiii' iiioiViili'diil I'liOciiixmul itti iiopsiliililii-*. l'(ir,invc'i|iiieiit.   Coiiv-nunileiia' |ii'jinpth .iihwck-.I.  RUMBERGER   & /TAYLOR, ��> ;:&      v       s��? PHOENIX, B. C,  ea__5B_a__s_-,  \      FRANK GOFORTH, Prop.  T 1   ***>���!_   ��.���..l.rr.UF.I    I  J "T"HIS |Mi|��iilnr ri-mirt  |   I    linn lifcii refitted.  I  The He��t Ap|Miiiiled iind Equipped  llostlery in the  Houndary.  t rcfiiriilKhrd nnd llmr-  (* oiivlily     -verba��led  ihriiiglioiil, iiud   f.ir-  . iilnlicd  Willi    n"  Hit t  I modSm hotel cunveii- f  I Ieiicen. i;ocal ����<l l.����B I  | Iiintnuce .'Telephone f  :_����>s_ S i WINES, LIQUORS, and CIGARS  Telephone  with ' Hie  1MPORTF.I) and I)OMKSTIC,  I (.-oiineelioii   Willi    lhe  } olTic-and Ik heiiduiwr- j . _.,      _ ..,.'.���   ��� .  | tern for Stage and kull- j (Wai-feMe    SflMD 6 '* Ut   P,,blic     P��,r0"1��e  [ way traffic: mi. n-cry J WWIWIWK.   JWHpiC .      nttftalMy S-Ilclled.  * tW^t^'L^ !'**''' RN-U   f��r      J��  I!  Wealm W-p1c-��e onr pre.  Kent large trade and  de-*e^ye more.  j (lie cijinforl si'd Ci/n-  I venleiice uf. ptroim.  I The'hotel'lm* been en-  I larged liy the addition  ��� of fifteen   nicely   far-  mulled r(x;iilK,  $ ^m-�� ^^l- -���_������-��� �������*���  ��*   Reeas for   j*;-  Commercial Traders  Dominion Avi:.,    PHOENIX* B. C.  congress." I ne s��;enes: '���I'l-.-t.'.'ling its  delivery were'lull. (it'.-.drauiatie inu-rest.  The press of the '���utiiiiiy i-inv the  speech'.lextrnoi'diniiry atteniion, Ue-  jitililican (���oiiiiniiii-c-s sciiiteicil millions  Ol' Copies of it, and eve/;y wheie. he  came a text hook ol lhe eanipai-;!).  In the phio KepuDliciiii siiiie con-,  veitiiuii of 1891 lie was iioini.iiincd lor  ���governor Tiv' .acelanlrtlio'n.     lie  con-  ��� '_.���.. _..".���'' ��� Iducted a wonderful canvas, and was  t FBftM THH HANKS TO PRESIDENT | elected governor'..y a innjoriiy vijii  f i                                        j J5C0.,  In   1893.  at   lhe   Re|ii,i,l)lican  ��� 1 ���:������:������' Convention ai Ohio, -he was iiiiani-  t':                        ,,                          ;;.,-���    I nioiisly renoiiiinaied lorgovcinc.it', and  Wild Indomitable Kner-y 114 Perseverance j was  le elecied . I��y :ni   ovci wlnrlnitiing  that  is  I'citaiiily  a  onlv   a   week  Of Late   Martyred President  McKinley. j  t\  He   Hewed   Hit Way  lo  the  rlljhcisl  Qllt ol the American People.  -^Butte  Open  ������������  Firs.7Class .Dining Room with Private  Poxes for Kami lies. Home Cooking.  Only the P��esc of Everything to be  found in the Markets.,- :  Game in Season;  GEO.W6LAKE.  MAN.V-'KR,  ^���^���������������ttt*^  pL/VliE   LIVERY  STABLE  phoihi^j'��������;:;;*��� :;o  Stage leavos i I'libenis -fon: X Ircen-.'  wood : ..:> ;;���./I, ���; ���.' .>-;.'.;;;���. .8; ill? in;  Leaves Greenwood1;:....';. 10 a.: m. ;  '���.;,.   Best ttiniouts in the Houndary.    Horses well suited for  COLLINS & ncQILLlS, Props!  Le.aves--'*.ioenix.;..  I .eaves (J reen wood .  a Am  ,..;'r.|.,"iii.;'  4  |).ill,  c.  long drives.;  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCX.'OCfWO^  .Lion Bottling Works.  Greenwood and  jobbersjn-. fines> Beer and Cigars  plurality. .-  On* the eiijiii-iit'oii' <if Jiis teinV-as  goveiiior, jMclvinley. retinned to his  ohi home at (Jantiin. ���.'.Already ihroiifjli'  out the ' coiiiitry had lie.ini n moye-  lnent in' his favor that proved almost  irresistible in every l<-|)iil'!i..an stale  convent ion.  distiict after district,  tuitil, wlieii the nalional convention  assembled, he .'was the choice of inoie  than "two-thirds ,.t>i tlie; delegates. In  the: Repuhlicaii nalional convention-  held in St; -Louis in June, i SqCj, ' lie  was nominated on the first* ballot; ic-  ceiving   666)4   out .of 922 votes, and  sifjii of the tin'es  after- a "vloiilieal  syiidi.:ate had-cotiijileied the |iiirch:i<<e  of the-ircn-areas lii-ar Kitcliner, siiiii-  liir. occurrences at Hull river, the existence ol which had lun^ beeii knowii  ami allowed li; leinain undeveloped,!  should have been also'acijiiired by  .apital. With the., development''of  a-al and iron resource^ in luist Kootenay, df iiiiiiiense copper deposits in  Itoundary creeki the'Siinilkanieen and  coast, lhe loiindatibii is lieinx laid for  a niiiiing boo'in and ah industrial pro-  yress in l!iitish Columbia' herctolore  iinpreceiiented .in Western Ainerica,  the pessiiiiists, which is another name  for disappointed "grabbers"-to the con-  trai'V,' noitvitlistnhdinii..''  Stoves and nfiices  the McMillan block.  Ailhiir <Sr Monk.  tor  lent  in   the  Apply   10   Mc-  NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION  NOTICK l�� licreliy uiv-ii that the |)_rtiifr,i*il|i  llirit..fulC Hlllisistillt! llrlMI-'IPII  SI11111K1 Vic   (IK  as ImkvrH ill IJie city of I'liucmx, Iiqh tills. <l  <Hhhii1v.iI hy11111l11_lc011st.nl.   All iltlilHowhiKtii  tlitr Willi firm to lie Hii'd' to J S   McCaK m, l.J  win.Ill nil accounts will lie xctllrtl  IXilfil mTli'jrniX' II. 0,, July 31. IV3I  STHI'III'.N SI.INN",  ��� ,y    ���    IAM1-SS V cCACUK  VViltifm i   TIIOS. I. KVAN  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  is studies until he  was   17. |iii;tlie ensuing election he   received, a.  i entered ihe junior chissol|l-��pulai;vote,of 7.104,799, .a   plurality  S 0 I. K A CI H N T S 1-* O K il  KKICIISQUKI.I.KN SKI.T-.''  KR.V III.UK I.AHhl. IIKANO i  rilK MO>T IIKAI.TIIl'UI. 1  VNU KKCKI'SIHNC. OI-" t  MINKkAr. VVATliKS. '  OltPKKS   IJY   TKI.EI-IIONK  PROMPTLY FILLED.  ji.        j. j.       JAS. McCREATH & CO.. Props.  oootjooooooboopocwooopoooo,^^  D.W.  Plumbing  & Tinning  Job Work/Promptly Attended to.  rhueiiix street (Back of "���oirtoHicr.) V. & N. 1'lione No.  Phoenixr B, C.  f��ft��tt(fitttl<t����*ftt��tt����***l*t��t*.��t����tl>*��ttttf��-rtttlf-r��-t����t|  I LeaUlnfl  Everything First Class, Electri. Lighted, Electric j  Bells, Free Sample Rooms, Finest Liquors and'  Cigars.  Old Ironsides Avenue  H. C. IIOTKI. CO.. I.ti.., I'ko.ps  ���"-      -     PHOENIX, B. C.  William   McKinley, 24th president  of   the   United  States,   was 'born  in  Niles, Trumbull county .Ohio; Jaiiuary  29, ,1843.    Oh'--his-  lather's side  his  ancestry wasScotch-Iiish. His mother's  family was Puritan,    '  WiMiani received his]'first education  in thepublic schools at Niles.  When  he was nine years old   his   lamily  removed to Poland, Ohio, where he was  admitted into the Union .seminary and  pursued  li  In i860 he entered the |  Allegheny    college,"   Meadville,    Pa.,  here he would have been graduated; in  the following year but  for ihe lailuie.  of liis health', owing to which, as soon  as he was able, he sought a change by  engaging  as  ii  teacher  in the public  school.   He was fond of athletic sports  and was a good spoitsma.i.  . At the age of 16 he became a ineiii-  ber of the Methodist Episcopal church.  When the war broke out in the spring  of 'i861   McK.in.ey   volunteered' and  gpjng wjth '(lip lecr'iijts tp  Ct)!|"iii(.iis,  was there eniisted as a private in  the  23rd Ohio lyoliin'eer  infantry...,.This  regiiiieiUpiWas oii'e of the most   fiimotis  of Ohio  oigaiiizalions,   incluJing  an  'unusually large ctiniber of noted men,  among  them .'.Genet, a'" Rosecrans and j  President Hayes. ']...  iromoted to first i s��c'*et:ii-y (if agriculture, Janies Wilson,  of Iowa. T  In 1900 McKinley wa.s.uri?iiiiinoiisly  renominated by the Republicaiis, and  was reelected over William J. J'.yan  by a vote of 7,208,924 to 6,-558,789.  Tlie electoral 'college, nfotnl 392 for  iNIcKinley and 155 for lliyan.  : Mr. McKinley married 01.1'.-���January  25, 1871, .Miss Ida Saxtoii,.of (.anli-ii..-  Two daughters were born to theiii; but  both .'.were, lost in early childhood.  Mrs. McKinley's health, not robust at  any linie, never has rallied iro.n these  two deaths in quick succession.  State   after   state,  :nid j covered bituminous coal  declared Tiir hiin j wesl fork* of  lhe  North  of 601,854 over William J. Bryan. In  lhe electoral college" McKihley received 271 votes, against 176 for  lirvan.������������ 'The prominent,.issues in the  canvass were the free'coinage 01 silver  and the restoration of lhe protective | negotialions C  tariff system.    ,,.,.���  OnMarch 4, 1897, McKinley took  the oath ofofliceat Washington. \{.->r  nieinbers of his cabinet he.named- the  lolhiwing: Secretary \>i suite, Joliu  Sherinaii, of Qhio; Secretary (if tlie  treasury, J.yiuan j. ('ngf, ol Jllinois;  socreiarj' of war. Russell A. Alger, ol  Michigan;.secretary of-tlie-.ivayy, John  (iranby Co. Bond Coal Cltims.  >l:he (liaiiby smelter, has taken a  woikiiig bond on the recently dis-  fields on the  J* oik/of-life  Kettle river, 65 niile.s nuilh of Grand  Forks. :l'he operation includes filteen  locations comprising 10,600 acres. A  party of men were dispatched from  Grand 'Forks last week lor the purpose!  of beginning development. work. A !  trail w-ill also be extended 10 the coal  fields from'a' point.'where the wagon  load ends!. .The bond covers a peiiod  of 12 months. Analysis of. the ccal  ���shows it to contain over 70" jier cent  fixed carbon, and equally as good,as  the Crow's Nest coal for coking, and  domestic purposes. In the receni.  A.   i-'raser of Grand  ."NOTICK  'U'lu-eliiiC Mineral ' 1-im. Hitnntc In Ilic Kcllle  kiver Milling Uivinion nl'Ynlc District  Where locnted :   In (.reeuwocd caiiiji.  Take notice that I, George VV. Kiimherger,  l-'ri-e Miller's i erlificiite No. 11 40JS8; for iilyself  nnd iigeiit for John Mnllignii, hm Miner'- Cer-  tificntc No. H. 40,338, intend sixty dav<< from the  date hereof to apjily to the mining recorder for n  certificate cf. improvement*,,for the purpose of  obtaining it crown grant of tilt- above pained  claim.  And further, take notice* that action, under.  Section .37, mast he commenced before the issuance of audi certificate of im|irovcineii-i.  Dated this gtli day of August 1901,  '39-48 . G. VV. KUMBHKClhR.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  p NOTICK  Cracker Jack Mineral Claim, situate iu Kettle  River   Mining  Division    of Yale    District,  f Where located:   In Greenwood Camp.  Take notice that I, George VV. Kiimberger,  Fre. Miners' Certificate No b 40.3SS. acting for  myself and agent for llarry.'Nash, I-ree Mintrs'  CertificoteNo.h 41,428 intend,'sixty days from  -he. date hereof to apply to the mining recorder  for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose  f obtaining a Crown Grant of tile above named  ���laim.   ' ;��� '  And further take native   tl\at action, under  .���section 37, mi\iit:. lie commenced before the is  suance -fsucii'oertiGcate of itpprovtments  Forks, represented the various locatp.rs I   W"1 this ijt>. day of July, a, d ,1901  and 'IT.   N,   Galer,   the smelter.coin; ' '  paiiy.  Gko. ,VV. Rumiierokb.  Certi{icate�� i\? i^lne Mfln^ers, j  According  to   last   week's; issue of j  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NpTICIi  laim, situate  U.l.ong, of .Vlassacluipjc'.l.<���;..secretary  of the inteiior, Cornelius. -N.'vUhss, of  New Y(iik; attorney, geneial, Joseph  McKenna, of California; postm-ister  geiieral, Jaine*. A. Gary, bY New jersey,  il...   ''|{,,ii.l,   1 ���..!.,,.il,;.."i'n"-ri,t'u'.  v-Kriir.   ! Moscow Mineral   laim, situate   1:1   the   Kettle  the   miiisii  Columbia -ia/.t"ttel.c.eitin--      River  Mini���K   niviiio,, ur vale District  cates ot competency as mine* managers i      where located:  in Greeu��oo<i   imp  ,    .        ��� . '    .������     - . ... ��       :     lake notice that I, George   VV   Ruinbeiger,  have beeil ISStied lO tlie loi lowing: | Free Miner's . ertificate No. b 4o,3SS,  for myself  Ur..,i.,,,ii.,    l<r,,.>iit    M,,,.,;,,,,,    II   f     aiid agent for j. 1*. Hemenway I r.e Mintr's tr  i5.ttlj.imin    liroivitt, IN.UiailllO,  li. t_. , tificat(:Ko.b40,554 and James M01011, tree Mm  ���'Th.s.''!.. Stocfcett, jr., 1'ernie, U. C. '"-'"������" ..>;rti?c?_te. No-,'��,4'.4"? '"te;"1 "���"tty day  ���.H0TEL BROOKLYN...  (Formerly the Metropolitan.)::  High class wines, liquors and cigars ^^."J.-.^r  vettient sample  room  for Comn^cialr Men.  dais Cafe in connection. ������'���_.-��  Con-  First-  In   1863   he  was  lieutenant,   and     conducted    himself  with  gallantly   in   every   emeigencv,  ittinning   honois   especially   at   Winchester.  In 1864, at the age ofzi, McKinley  was promoted to the rank   of captain.  He "wis assi-'iied as ;u tiim assistant  adj\]t|jnt gp; e),i| cm the uaff ot (ien-  eral Cai roll, commanding the veteian  reserve corps at Washington, where he  remained through that exciting perion  which included the surrender of Lee  to Grant and the assassination of President Lincoln. Just a' mouth'before  this tragedy he had received from the  president a commission as major by  brevet in the volunteer United States  army. *  '���" '^1'je.r tjie war he begnn the study oi  lavv at youiigstown, .Ohio, and completed his course at the law school in  Albany, N. Y.. In 1S67 he was admitted to the bar at Warren, Ohio.  .H'e settled in Canton. Ohio, where his  sister was a teacher in a public school.  In 1869 he was nominated by the  republicans for prosecuting attorney  for the county, and was elected, although the county had been democratic,.  In 1871 lie fnilecj of reelectjo.p, by aV  X#\��i'.' Up rps'i**-.ed liis jinvme prac-  (jcp, lis|t contintjed his interest in poli-  lien, nnd his services as a speakei were  eagerly sought by the feptiblicaus, In  1876 he was i.omiiiated for congress  and was elected by 3,300 majority.  In the 47'h . congress McKinley  made himselt famous by the advocacy  of a high protective tariff. In 1882  Ohio went strongly democratic, and  McKinley was reelected to congress  by the narrow margin (if eight votes.  McKinley continued his supiiori of  ||lp |)j)liey ft!' |UP|ec|jo|i, ii|i|ioiiing with'  ���jjrent vigoi* what was known as the  iNltirrison tariff bill. On April 16,  1890, he introduced the general taiilT  measure which has since borne his  name. His speech in support of this  bill fully sustained -his reputation as  an orator.  At the Republican national convention in 1884 .McKinley was a,n avowed  ��iil"|(pr|pr '��!' 'M'r.'' llr-iine'.    Ill"  took  TI1K  DHUBKR ��� HAMI'DKN*  Othcr.p| l-'ollow.  I.KADS.  CITY SCAVENGER  iro_-fHBie��-aBsiu^  mbt&xutr*���'1***''***"*'  leave Orders at City  Clerk's Office  .    ,   OVKR POST  J)oi��, Express Money Orders for sale    offick  PHOENIX  campaign ot mat y  Mr. lllaine on his tour through the  middle west.>lcKinley was re-elected  to congress in 1884 by 2,000 majority,  and in 1886 by a majority of 2,550.  He strongly opposed the tariff bill introduced by .Mr. Mills, and was the  chief figure p*i \\\t republica*! sfii'p, in  {i '"-eiTcg'pf vpin'iirknblp ��� debates. It  jiiayiip classed its the opportunity of  Mr. McKinley's' life, and was splendidly improved. .On April 2, iS8S,,  he| presented to the house the views)  ofthe minority of the "ways and means  comiiiitiee on'the Mills bill. On May  18, the day' the general debate was' to  close, he deliyercTi wli'at was described'  at the time as.'".tlie most effective "aiid  clocjuent "tariff- speech ever heard ".^'  PREPARING   FOR   MORE   DEVELOPMENT  Robinson I'eaison, Fernie, B. C.  ���John Cuncliffe, Extension, H. C.   ,  Robert iibydei'i l.ainb, l'"eniie, ii.C.  Daniel ICvansj Calgary, Alberta.  Go to Zimmerman, f().r  gold  rings,  Opposite K��s.ierii 'I'liwnships Hank.  j rroxi the date hereof to apply to the mining re-  ! corder for a certificate of improvements Ibr the  purpose of obtaining a cro,wn grant of; the above  named claim.  And further tftke notice that action, under Section 37. must Ue coinnienced before the issuance  of sn6h crruficflle ol illiprovcineiits.  Hated this ajnd dnj- of June, A. I)., 1901.  3*u|l ' GKO. VV. KUMBKRGER  ���*_*  AUCTION SALE!  Government   Town   Lots  Eholt and Fairvie"^.  in  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvement?.  NOTICI-  "Orouoco" and "Yukon'.'   I-'ractional    Mineral  Claims, situate iu the Kettle  Kiver Mining  Division of Vale District.    Where located  Greenwood a m p.  Take notice that I,  George VV.   Rumherger,  l-'ree Miner's   ertificate No. b 40,388, intend sixty  days from the date hereof to apply to the Mining  Recorder for certificates of improvement fur tlie  purpose bf obtaining crown gran's tor t*\e a,lio\e  named claims.  And further take no^ioe tl\at notion, under Section 37, iniujt Ire fvUimeiioed befbre the Is-FUauce  of s,n"!lic_r\ificates of improvement  Dated this janil day of June, A. D., 1901,  32-41 Geo. vv. KUMBKKCiim  AlM'i ICATION FOR TRANSh'KR  OF LIQUOR LICF.NSK.  Notice in hereby vnen that 1 uill mill c np  plication totlit boarilofl.iceiihiiiK Coiiiiiiismoikiff  of the City of Pnoetiix at its next meeting; for a  transfer ofthe liquor Iceiisu now held by nu-, In  sell liquor by retail in the Knob Hill llotel.sltuali.'  oil "-'iist street,jou lorn 19 and 20, block 11, Old  Ironsides addition to the City of I'ho-nix, 11  \V. I. Morrison nnd lnmi.ii Anderson.  VV. V.KKMIT  Dated this 4th day of Septcinl>cr, A. 1;., iqqi.  HOTEL, BeavertoD, B.J.  A Comfortable Stopping Place  in the Heart of the West  Fork Mines  Plenty of Feed for Horsed.  w. J.  FRANCIS.  MANAGKR.  ���'  >  ������  ���  ���  ���'  ���  ���  ���f  ���  -f  t  t  ��� �����>-������������������������"���"����������� ��� ���> ��� > -f-M-f^t-  EAS 1'1-RN  Townships Bank,.  ESrABMSHED 1859.  CAPITAL - - - - $2,000,000  CAPITAL, PAID UP - $1,742,535  RESERVE FUND  -   -   $1,050,000  HOARD OK DIRECTORS  R. VV. Hknkk'kk, President  Hon. M. If. Cochrane, Vice-Pres  Israel Wood, J.S.Mitchell. G. Stevens,  T. N  Galer,   N. VV.  Thomas, C.  II'   Katliau, If., II  Brown, K. C  HF.AU OKFICK, SHKRnROOKR, P. Q  Wm.   Fakwiei.-,   Geii'l  Mgr,  Jas. Mackinnon,   Asiistnut Gen'l Mgr.  S. Knuixr.,   r.ocal Mgr  S. F. MoKKV,'lus|K-ctorofnrnnches  I1RANCIIKS.  Iii Province of Quebec���  Moutrenl, II. Austin, AXmta'ger  Waterloo, VV I  Ilrigys, Mau.iger.  Rock Island, S. Stevens, Malinger  Cowunsvillc, II; R Williams, Mgr  Coaticook, 1\, K. Robinson, Manager  Richmond, VV. L. Uall, Mgr  Granby, VV H Robinson  Mgr  Bedford, V. "V Morgan, Mgr  Huntingdon, A. VV. Watson, Mgr,  Magog, K. I*. Olivier; Mgr  St Hyucuithe.J   r.aframhoi-it. vigr.  Ormstown, VV. II. Hargrave, Mgr  Iu Province of British Columbia���  Grand Forks, Win. Spier; Mgr  Phoenix, F. VV. Slack. Acting Mgr.  Agents   iii    Canada,; Hank  of   Montreal,   and  brandies,  "     London, Kng., National Bank ofScotliuid  "     Boston, National Kxchmige Bank  '      New York, National Park Bank  Collections' made at   all   accessible    points.  Drafts issued for anv required amounts, good at  all points in Canada,   U, S. and Kurope.    Hx  change bought nnd sold.  Savings   Branch    Dkpaktmrnt    at    Kacu  t Offick  Interest allowed froiit ilftle of deposit and com-  ivouuded annually without reiuiiriug attention of  depositor.  Office Hours: ��&-_; Salurdnv from 10 to 1,  6tsume of Recent Mining- Deals in  Brllish  Columbia,  . ��� 1-1. Mortiiiier ��� Lamlv'-edhpr of ihe!  liriiisli Columbia Mining Record, has j  the following in a recent issue of tlie j  Colonist.': ��� ;'  As Ireiiiarked last week, conditions j  in British Columbia arc. not''nearly   so;  had as some people .would   make  o('t.  Uuiins;. tlie past weetk iliret.   i^iiie ���iuv  l)Oi(*int (lei*ls'\\*ere iec().rded, and what  is .jiiiiificaiit, js that these find idi   re-.  cent   fnvosiimeiitsUiave-liceii nindu' in |  (j stricts outside what may lor the sake-;  of convenience   he  iJesciiiied as ��� the -,  "boom" area, in vvhicl; 1 inchiije Trail j  creek, Toad mountain and the Slocan I  proper. ���   New loWi-litiosareTo be jiiven j  a chance, and as* ihe new localities hie !  at any rale as rich   in promise as were  the old, .developments in lhe course ol ;  the ne\t year or so will he well   worth j  watching.     l'he favorite fields   for   iii-v  vestment at present appear to  1't:  ccr: |  lain localities in the r.hrdeau, of whi.-ii-'  JMsh creek camp is aiiractin*i die iiiosi-  attention: .sections of   V.n-n.   Kooienay;1  the ib'y-oic bell in the "vicinity ol'Sln- j  can   lake;  the   Siniilkaiiiecii   and the  cupper milling, districts oj  the  coast, j  There   is  intelligence of a cheeiing  nature from each of these centeis tliis (  week.    At   l'"isb  creek, another. pro|v;  ertv, thclieatrice, wris Itoiulod lor ^50,-,  000,' bt|t'thi--i wai w-lipi-ed Ity a trans-j  a( lion   in   East  Kootenay   in   which \  M. Kendall has just comnletec  :ine.\-j  aniinatioii of the (ioldsniiih   group  at j  Howe   sound,   f-'r   which negotiations!  are now in progress,  the y-dtiaiiuii   ol  the p.ro||eriy lieiiiij placed -liy tho ve.i-i  clo'i'-* nt no Iush than $3y),ooo.   With- j  out   considering   'he   hist mentioned;  deal, which, of course, is  only "in the.  air"   at   present,   the   transactions' in'  mining'property.of late ' lenrly indicate  that  ��* i st)' capital,'lias  not ceased to ,  flow into the country, and   (2nd)   that'  a class'of property   which   a few years  ago capital would not have considered  at all is becoming marketable.    1 refer t  tb low-grade   copper   prospects,' and  j^^vbnc^.;'' I  police i<\ ^ev*hy sis-en thai, under instiuc-  \ionsi ( will effer for sale at I'.iihlic Auction at  tilt* Kovtrnmeiit office, Vairview, on Saturday,  Iht- -ist Weptembi-r, inst., at 2 o'clock p. m.. the  foi to whig town lots in tlie  Townsite of Fairview,  viz.,.,.  HtoCk 22, I,OtS I   1036.  lllo-ck 23. I,ots i to 3C1.  Illock jj, I.ots 1 to 36.  Mock 25, I.ots 1 to 36.  lUock 26, Lots, 1 to ;|*U  Illock .:;, t.'ot.s \ tp 3.!  -flodk _:S, l,o'u i to 36.  lilr>ck 19, Hots 1 to lSi  i lock 3'��. Lots 1 to 18.  And  at l;)holt on \Vtrdncsdny, the 25th Septem-  ticr. imilA, :.t 1 c.'ciock'p. m.',  tli's.  fultowing \aw"  lots in tlu*  Tow-nsite of Eholt,  viz.,  Hl��*ck   5, I,(.ts   1 to 2JJ.  1 Ii ck   y, I.ots   1 to 24.  '   \   - ��� Itlock ui Lots   1 to i_;;'  1 h>ck i.|, I.ots 17 to 21.  Mock 1,), f.'-ts   1 to 24.  Hit ck 20. I,ots   1 to 24.  Tcr.iis 2 1 per c.-m ca-*h; huhtnee in ten da vs.  I,. NORKIS, **  Assistant Commissioner of j  I.aiuls and Wort;  r.invrinncnt Oil.:?, Vciion, ScpU 7. t*^o\/  MINERAL  ACT.  Certificates of Improvements.  NOTICE.  Alma Vractionnl and Fairplny Fraction Mineral  lnims.   Situate   in   Grand   Forks Mining  Division of Yale District.   Wh^re located:���iii  Greeuwood camp, ea^ pf.UVe Ci^y ofPhoeiiu.  Take notice \\\q,t $, JFoluV I*ouis Gralianjc  Ahtiottart^tg'a-i, ��gen^ for the British Columbia  (l^f\S^VAv(i ��\��d felocan) Syndicate, I^iiuUed, Free  Mu^er^s certificate _S*o- b ^u(6i, imeiid 60 days  from the date" hereof 10 a,pply to the Mining  Re<*9rd for certi^cattfsiof Improvements for the  purpose of ob^aii^iVig a Crown Grant of eoc4\ of  theabpveclaiyis.  Aiid further take notice l\\n\ a^ion m>der section 37 must he Qamm-MV^ed before \\\e issuance  of such certifioa-.es ofimprovements.  I>ated this a6th day January, 1901.  36 J. L. O Abbott.  L|AU!YOX   HOT   SPUINOS    SAXITAKIUM..  ��� 1    The  . most    complete Lf   C   A   I    T U  ;mi  the continent of North  n   C   W  li   I   II j  j America.       Situated   midst p   p  O   t\  O T'  Spokane falls and Hem  NELSON  &   FORT   SHF.PPARI)  ���RED MOUNTAIN IVY.  The oiityaU-rail route betwee_ratl"potu.s tnsx~  west, _u\d south to Rossland, Nelson aud all iu-  UnnediaAe points; coimectiiiR at Spokaue wit>��  \he-Great Northerni Xorthern Pacific aud *X R. it  n,co;   ~ ��� ���  ���������-.-  scenery unrivalled :oi grandeur, lioalinp, Fishing and I^vcursions. Resident 1'hvsician and Nurse. Telegraphic coni-  municatiou with all parts of the wor^\ j ~\wo  mails arrive aud depart every d,a..\ Us baths  cure alt nervous and musf,i\\ar diseH>*es; its waters heal all Kidney, I%iv.(.rftud Slomnch Ailiucuts.  Terms: |t,s'1o jii'i. per week, according to rcsi-  ' i deuce ui fio\el or villus Halcyon Springs. Ar-  j row J.nke  It. C.  'Phone No, 14,  Uo9����<?��^S����%"��*'����e"��*'��0"��*'B'��  .*oo9oe*eoaca��as��c��eea*����9*  Connects at Nelson with st-auter for Kaslo ani*.  all Kootenay Lake points.  Connecta at Meyer's Vails with stage daily fox  Repuhtlc, and comiects at BosshurK with MnRc  daily for Grand Vorks and Greenwood.  BuCTet Sleeper run oh passenger trains, be-  tween Spokane and Northport.  KKVKCT1VK SUNDAY, MAY 5,-1901:  t^eave. ' Daily Train ,'    Arrive.  9:00a. 111 Spokane 7:35 p. in.  .2:50 a. in'..... Rossland :^:io p. m..  9:15 a. m Nelson 7.15 p. m*,  II. A. JACKSON,  Gen ral Passenger Agent  That's Our Business  The Job Department of the. Phoenix Pioneer is fully  equipped to turn out. the BEST QUALITY of Stationery  for any kind of business. Special attention paid to work  for Mines.    Stock, the best;   quality, the highest grade.  ADDRESS:  THE PHOENIX PIONEER,  PHQENIX, B. a  u  .EXCURSIONS.,  SIXTY DAY LIMIT TO BUFFALO VIA ALL KAIL LAKK  ROUTE.'.   SOO LINE  Yin St   I*uuf  or CI(ic:tK<>  Sept. ;M7.      Oct. t-t  THROUGH SLEEPING CAR  KOOTENAY' LANDING TO  TORONTO; ONE CIIANGK  TO BUFFALO   Vor Time-tables   rates, nnif fiitl inRiniration  call on or nddress nearest local ngenl, or  o. w  Dky,  Agent,.  Phoenix,.'B.C.  K. I.Covi.k,.  ��� A.C.l'.Ast.  Vancouver, li.C.  aa��^��9.��^o*����4��*o��-Qoeeoeo*  J. S. Carter, I). P. A.,.  Nelson, B'.C\  at  ���tell  ik  i  f  "'fl  .'"riiay M-  1 ,'i?1G& 'a  Mm*  P-f'fif  m  f��  !*���-...  m  -t M8  -.pf  mm  Pi!  '���vmmy:  ��������_  Asm,  " ���.'�����W*WlS'��p'/  immm  ifin  yhm.'iSMm  ���',;Bfe.  m  111  mm  '.������S'pMS.^  ���:i"'-'-W-i;;  ���"'$'������ SRSfpip.  !'"-Jii-;W.:f  "B?'-f#t '���  ���:��?  ���Vt: 'ifPi1'  ^'P"-'t -,! �� .-  .W"__��!Ii^��nr"TW'  ii.-_.  tlMiK  VSMB  _SS_l_rlll^^^5__i ff  THE PHOENIX PIONEER.  '.���   J  /, v>  r^\\  i.-i'-' < ���  ,1  '  Li- V-.;" '  'p'-.cV*  -I    ^   -r  "'________  ���"i: t v ��  it *  * '~  ���'*��,.<*   -  V ���"*-*��  ,*'"'  M "n " **  Set---*..  .%.  >      I. '     F.-F     |r  J,'       �� , .      , ' .        F  $-48PflP$P:  If yot* want the Ve*y Best*  GROCERIES and FURNISHINGS      1  b~~Sf_- GO TO *__���_���       . g  W-McQUAID   COMPANY,   Limited S  OPPOSITE OLD  IRONSIDES HOTEL Uh  BUSIM-SS MENUON.  Notice for Tenders.  Uml si)ici_cali..iiH for tin bouiJIni. I'"'" '  .mil imiik lio'l-r, to lie   tri-UJ  at ll<" '"'' " ";    ,  ',"," !.���>. Ik. -.--I. ut lhe   hiionhl.cy ��'"'���" "jYi  nuiht   i truth  Ilic Siio����Ii�� ottii-nut'JUI   ,"'  1'J.IUF.  .mil Inui  For Fine Fitting Suit of Clothes or a Winter  Overcoat, made up in the latest style and with the  best trimmings, call on  McAULIFPE,   THE   TAILOR  Opposite the Post Office.  Who carries a large stock of Fine English, .French and Scotch Tweeds and  Serges.   Only union b ilp employed.  Cal! on Mclltii it" <^> doo,s ����d  glass *  Ask for   the  Mm-is' Union Cigni.' g"u"ri_c^"imMui. "iiioriiTiiii",.sciii-m'*'  Clear Havana Kill-i. | ~"  Dr.    Simmons,   dentist,     Rendell  TO tlie TaXpOVerSOT Tll���  Block, Greenwood. V. & N. pliune 96. | ^||.^ Qf p^oenJX.  Melloi does paiiitinjj.  Furnished   iconis  foi   lent  in  Delahay block, Dominion avenue.  Good comfortable 100ms at  the  Tii-e notice tlittt Ih- limr fur Hie lmjminl. o  all real esmte und imp-rut ed projieilt luxes 11 it-  I_,1S0I1-|..,B tieen extend.-  tu llu.  3i���� 4|"> of/      ,1m,  able rates, at Norden hotel, Dominion r.e\?...Pr��� ,K,��___ihrr__wr"'"  AI.AN   C.  SlMI-jON.  Autillfc'City < lei 1-.  Union   cii",n.  mateiial i  * '  Noi-  f  The Local Grist*   !  '    Dr. Mathison, dentist, Greenwood.  Both 'phones.  Chas. S. Sears went to Grand Folks  Thursday. ',  i \V. V.   Kempt is spending a lew-  days in Nelson.  ,Victqr  Monnier went do.vn to Cascade Wednesday.  Mis.  Ira B/ack is spending a few  days at the Spokane Inter-State lair.  Seveial additional telephones have  been installed'this week.  Business ut the Phoenix postoffice  is double what is was a >ear ago.    ,  John A. Motrin lelt Wednesday on  a trip to Bossbuig and Spokane.  W. McLeod, C. P. R. freight inspector, visited the local office Thuis-  day. . ,   .,  Dr.' Boucher went to Nelson by  Tuesday's train on professional business. ���  Railway officials state that incoming  travel to Phoenix is gieater than that  going out.  Mrs. M. C. Robinson, of Gem,  Idaho, "has been spending the week in  the city.  Alfred McMillan, of Rossland. is  spending some days on a visit to the  Snowshoe' mine. ���  A.)'. McMillan and W. /.Astley, of  the Snowshoe mine, visited Grand  Forks Thursday.  The Snowshoe mine is now sending  out its shipments in oie dump cars,  ��� instead of box cars as heretofore!'  About 61 percent of Phoenix cit)  fealty taxes, or between  $1,600 and  #1,700, was,paid in by Sept. ist,  '    City Solicitor _.. B. Kerr, with Mrs.  Kerr, .took  Monday's  train  for Spokane, where he is spending the week.  ,Mrs. A. M. Hall,has rented'the old  Biooklyn  bunk  house, and has been  refitting it this week, to open shortly.  George D. Turner,  piincipal of the  Phoenix public school, announces that  he opens a night school next|Monday.  Heniy'G. S. Heisterinan,  of Grand  Folks,  solicitor for  the Granby Co.,  rode up from the Smelter City Thursday, f    _  Ralph L. Clarke returned Tuesday  fiom a six weeks' visit to Spokane.' He  says that the Inter-State fail is a great  success.  Foreman  Mason,  of the C. P, Jl.  will  today complete  the  D. (>. Miiinoe, the Dominion avenue cigai and news ni.tn, has iccciiliy  added laigely to his stock, and now  has in addition a complete line ol'  staiionei).  The hiick woik on the new Bank  block is neai ly completed, and Smith  Bios., the contiactois, now have a  l.Tifje force of cnrpenleis at woik on  the mtcrioi.  Robert Mee, ol   Revelstoke,   tiavel-  ling locomotive inspector foi the C. P.  R,   was in I'hoenis Wednesday, and  tested tlie poweifnl Shay and other en-j  gines lieie.  Win. Yolen" Williams, superintend  ent (f the Granby mines, aftei   an ab  R.   W.   Block,  of   the  ncolonical Miivey, is pushing  Dominion  (111 w it 11  ������onic woik on lhe highei points about  l'hoenix so as lo in.ike Giccnwood his  hcad(]ii.incis when lhe wintei conies  on. He has a parly at woik on a  ueological and topogi.iphical stiivey ol  the distiitt.���Gieenwood Times.  An exli.ioiilinuiy geneia-1 meeting  of the C.is-ade Watei, Power and  Light Co. will be held at Nelson ncu  Monday for the pin pose of considei-  ing and passing a lesolution authorizing the (lirettois to i.iise the sum ol  .��100,000 by the issue ofmoitgage  bonds, 01 dehentuies, or olheiwise.  Last Monday 1'hos J. Hardv moved  ted  \ -  .extla gang,  laying of rails for the team, switch near  the depot. -      .    . ,  'IV F. McDowell .went to Spokane  this week, where he is. tobenianied to  a young lady trom'Owen Sound Septem  bei 25th.  -   -  R. 'Horrell, the tjjiloi", has recently  received a choice lot of fall and wintei  goods/all of which aie lhe finest ini  poited fabrics,  On leceipt of the news of the death  of Piesident McKinley, last Satuiday  morning, all the Hags in .Phoenix were  placed at half-mast.  Chief Justice McCol'-nill pieside at  the first- -sitting of the Sup-emu Court  to be held in the lioundaiy, October  22nd, at Greenwood.  One or two1 stoics will be arrnnged  in the lia.einent of the. Hotel Biooklyn, which, was recently i.iised to the  new Dominion avenue giade.  -Piovincial C01.stable Dan'augli who  has been suffering from rheumatism  for some tim_ past, is .spending some  time at Halcyon Hot-Spiings.  Chas.   D.   Hunter, of the Huntei-  Kcndrick Co.,  went ovei to Sandon  v Wednesday on his usual monthly visit  to the company's Slocan btanch.  The city of Columbia will pass a  by-law and submu it to t!*e ratepayers,  vacating certain streets foi right ol  way for the-V., V. at.d E. lail.wty.  This week Contractoi Tiernay has  a gang men at work on the extension  of the Knob Hill spur, so that ore cars  can be run directly into the mine.  Mrs. Reid Crowell has returned  from a visit to Bossburg, where she attended the wedding of her sister, Miss  Irene Boss, to J. G. Hinkle, of Spokane. )  The two hose reels and 1,000 feet  of hose, ordered some time ago by the  city from Toronto, arrived this week,  ui*,li some otiiei fire fighting paraphei-  nalia.  'l'he Spoksman-Review now reaches  Phoenix the same day it is published,  although Spokane is t.vo da5's distant  by rail. The saving in time is made  by,sending it across from Bossbuig to  Cascade by stage.  by hiinsell and A. P. McKenzie, on  Dominion avenue, neai P. Burns &���  Co. Mr. McKenzie also moved his  duig stoie tu the same location. Both  concerns uie now settled in their new  ���.-iii-uleis���one of the best in   the city.  The Cai son boys, who lived in a  shack in Wellington camp, were arrested and held several days on  suspicion of being implicated iu the  recent Eholt robbery, On 'examination, they were leleased, as nothing  could be found against them. They  promised to leave the country at once,  and have done so.  Jno. Hamilton, chief C. P. R. Uain  disp.ilchei at Nelson, visited Phoenix  and the Bound.iiv lor the first time  last Tuesday. Mr. Hamilton is the  oldest employee in the C. P. R. sei-  vice in Kootenay oi Yale, having been  the whole push on the old Columbia  and Kootenay line, that ran fiom Nelson to Robson, afterwards acquired by  the C. P. R.  House and Lot lor Sale.  Kor sale 4-1 oom hou$e and lot on  Knob Hill avenue, between First and  S.cond street.    Apply to owner.  John Auam*.  ^q[j The Tailor  New  Fall and Winter  Goods  aie now arriving including:  sence of six weeks'in the  east,   is e\-|i'���� ij'e "_ew stoic_ iecent_Iy comple  pected to ai live in Phoenix next Monday or Tuesday.  A. V. McMillan, owner of the recently completed McMillan block,  came in from Rossland and Spokane  on Monday's tiain, and spent several  days in the city.  'l'he localvoffice of the Granby Co,  now has on exhibit the certificate le-  ceived from the Paris Exposition loi  displays of Knob Hill and Old Ironsides ore specimens.,  The city has now a dozen men  woiking on Knob Hill avenue between  Second street and the C. P. R. depot,  greatly imnroving the appealance and  utility of that thoioughfaie.  Tonight the-20-round boxing contest will take place at Giand Koiks between Dal Hawkins and Coolgardie  Smith, foi $500 a side. A number ol  Phoenix sports will be iheie.  Rev. Flewelling, lecently appointed  by the bishop as Anglican chinch rec-  toi in Phoenixj'ai rived in the city last  Tuesday, and has taken up his woik  in connection with this parish.  City Clerk McMillan was taken lo  the Sisters' ho pital at Greenwood,  suffering from typhoid fevei. Unil he  returns A. G. Simpson will perfoim  tlie duties of clerk, collector, etc.  Woik was started this week on the  100,000'gallon tank, to be built near  the Old lionsides shaft No 1, and  which, when the watei system is completed, will be held in reserve for fire  purposes.  'It the C. P. R. would heat the  coaches used on the Phoenix branch,  every tiaveller to this city would ap-  pieciate it. While wintei is not here  yet, nights in this altitude are anything but wann.  Excursion to San Francisco���Fiom  Sept. 13 to 27th, the Canadian Pacific  Railway will issue tickets, Phoenix to  San Francisco and return, via Portland  and Shasta route, at $55.55. J. S.  Cartel. D. P/A., Nelson, B.C.  The' man who was killed on the C.  P. R." near Cascade last week, has  been' identified 'as Oscar Peterson,  fonnerly employed as foreman on Ry-  heig*& Cailsort's contiact on the V.,  V. and E., five miles west of Cascade.  Rev. W. A. Wilson, a missionary of  17 \eais' experience in Inda, gave a  lcctuie Wednesday evening at the  Presbyteiian t hurch to a lair sized  audier.ee,, on the "Gieat Famine in  India." About $12 was taken up in  the collection.  In'about two weeks, il all-goes well,  the Phoenix Geneial Hospital building will he completed and icady for  the furnishings. This week Contractor Lee has the plastercs at work, and  the outside painting has been finished  by J. W. Mellor.  Last Satuiday R. B. Kerr let the  contract foi his new building on Dominion avenue to William Dicver, why  now has the woik well started. .The  structure will be 25x40 feet in size,  one story, and divided into two stores,  one of which has been leased to L  Brown.  .Mayor Rumberger left last Tuesday  for Fianklin camp, 65 miles tiom  Grand Forks, at the headwaters of the  north fork of Kettle river, to examine  some mineral claims. He expected to  be gone ten days, and during his absence Alderman Marshall will be act-  ting mayor.  Lot 5, block 13, Old lionsides sub-  dhision, on Knob Hill avenue, between School and Chuich streets, was  purchased this week by A. F. Mc-  'Millan, who alieady owns seveial lots  i[i block 14, opposite. He beheies  l'hoenix realty is a good speculation  and acts on his belief.  'Rev. David H. Reid,Congregational  missionary superintendent for British  Columbia, visited Phoenix this week  with a view of establishing a church  of that denomination. At present the  Congregationalists ha\e only f.ni  churches in the province���one each in  Victoiia and Nelson and two in Vancouver.  _Tweeds  Overcoatings  Serges  Fancy Wosteds  Fancy Vestings  Choice lot���All Imported Goods.  Perfect Fit Gumaiiteeil.  R. HORREL,  B0R.TUKTAir.OR.  Kson Hill Avi\, -   - Phoemx", B.C.  avenue.  Ask for the  Miueis'  Cleat Havana filler.  Paper hanging by Melloi,  Mellor uses only the best  and employs union laboi.  See Almstioni & Hcig at  lhe  den hotel. Dominion au'iuie. "*  If you wish a fiist-class <ig.ii call lor  the Mineis' Union. *  Good 1'oniloi table looinsat ic.tsou  able rates, at Norden hotel, Dominion  avenue. - *  For .Sale~5-0ctave Piano. ,\|ipl\  to Mis. W. B.Willcox, Giey Eagle ave.  Melloi sells wall papei. .       v'  Lodging housi* lo iciii Appl) to  MrAithiii i\: Monk. t  Fiesh Hfl/clwood lanch ICggs and  Mutter at Reeves,'���lowei town.  .'OR Sai.f���Double Spi ing anil Mai  tiess cheap.    Incjiiiio at Pion-vi office.  For Sam���Spring Chit kens, $6  and $7 pei do/en. Mis. W. It. Will-  cox, Giey Eagle Ave.,  'Phone No. 15.  See Almstiom & Berg at the Norden hotel, Dominion avenue. *  If you wish a fust class cigar, call  foi the Miners' Union, *  Nitrous oxide and oxygen foi painless extraction ol teeth at Dr, Mathi-  son's.    Both phones. *  Go to Zimnieiman lor watches,  clocks and jewel iv. Opposite Eastern  Townships Bank.  Sale! Sale!! Sale!!!  From now until end of Octo-  we will sell everything in  the  line of Watches and Jewelry  at Cost to clear out for arriva!  of Kail Goods.  Kbineinbi'r -.-,<> 1I0 not hamllu  8_ioikI  I.Brnl _��� odt but nil are il  mil giiai'ii'ntftil.  The Jo uel cr  !������<  : D. G. MUNRO;  J-  ___ .- m cci'ssor ro_        F. WAI.KUR & CO.  Choice Cigars, Fresh Fruits,  anil the Latest in At wspa/jers,  and Periodical*, ^^i *.c,,iU  dominiun" avh., ori'osiTK Hrrrii  I'HOKNIX, IL C.  ..special offerings..  in Dosi-lEt-on copper Co. and Old  ironsides Townsite Lois.  I/)t* f.ii i-al- 011 en-\ ifinis in "New York" town-it.'.  Wt* tntiiMirt iim-iifiil IJiokei.ij{_ mid Iiii-tnan*"*' Huhiiicn-*.  M' ARTHUR & MONK, Agents  on-ci'  c;u <\-> xv ii.li 1  V,0. IIM..J3     V. ti N  ���l'lni  _tFV^*A^_fc'____-t__ife2i"S"��''i*��I--!'fi'ii4&_-i.i  ST^1^?-?'?^*-* ^���y^O^-^-C-^'^P'C-^"?? "5?"5S?"��?^;^  .....................�����*!'��  Phoenix : Bakery j j ^x:  V. W. GREER,  Pitor.  Phoenix   Street,  Opp.  P.   0.  Breed Delivered Daily to all  parts of the City.  When vie iki> ui- inukc ko"<I Urt-uit  ��c nrc oiil\ ie|ientiiif the Monlfl of  our mini) riiMK.nieM To the Httnnj!i.r  ��e i>ny. Trj it nnd lie coiivliicul.  I'll-ts, CAKKS, C0OKIKS, DOUCVII-  MITs, l{tc.,nln.iy��i>ii liiuul. (  liijjflit Express in Comic.'! i��u  V. & N 1'HONH, S3.  k  is  # i^OPPERFIELD TOWNSITE Co.  V_^   ROBERT BARR, Agent, Bellevue Hotel, Phoenix  Jl fr- ��fc s6 &���*��-_- a- ;-t-  11. i mm.  Phoenix Shoe Shop.  All Work tiiiaranteed.  ed Goods.  Irnpoi  MNE B001S AND SHOES MADE  IO  I.��' ORDPR.  PRACT1CA/.   JIINtUS'  AND   PROS-  PFCTOR.S" SHOES   A   SP.CIAI.'I V.  Corner Phaeaix St. and Brooklyn Ave  liim-iiMii of WhiiHiiu Oieek mul Similk uii-'cn ItiV'-..!", ut lie inui of  1 K������ l>I)<���<! *.' Ill itllltitill*>, flUHOIH for I lll-lr���-<tt��.x nj,.i|-   (.l.iiw  ami (Jul.I uieH, inui" uiilc^ nlm\t��  I'iIiici-Iuii.     C.i|.pi.|.  lii'hl in tin1 niiinnil ^,",1' ''','1' ^'l.v m"' "ii"'11- '���>,ni<'i '"��� ilii" 'I'ihiiIi'I nii'l  H"lllll III til" Itl'CUI.ltilMl.ll ll'IIIH'lllty.     Sl'Vflul   llllllill'i'll    lllll Hi* ".'HUT i-I  iilii.inly<|i-vi.| t)ii<) 111 VVInptnw Cl'ci-k.    IjujfA 'Siii^iVi-i   Sit.'  m-mtvi-iI  Oml < r<��1 > 1 > 111 tr-1 nu 11 xp ii" 1111;" iimlvr uml Hiiriiiiiii<liii>! low tibitv, it'ml 11.������  (.'..liiiiiniiH in.-iK'iiilinj. I'ii I'xpl'iliittion of mlj lining i-o .1  ini'iiHiin-s |..  ilic vii'Ht.   Al"o i-\ti.i,Hivi> rnnrliiiiK, fruit uml riilili- inidiii|{.  Mi, ('inti�� Inn (fo'i'ii l(i siip'rvi-*'' th 1 p|,ttti:>'.' of I its tin I willn-  Fiivu foi Ilmi-nlx ami (irwi'twoo'l jiiiicluihpjiU'XcltiHivi li" a iiiiiiiIici of  llu'liml lutH mi the li'i-tine^-nin 1 rif<i loullil itrc.'t. I'lrnt i-mnv to  tlnw flivt upplviiiir mi I piyliii{ ii,tl'p>-it 10 tliij 11 ilui -iifiicl. I'iIci-h,  ^(1-5, !J6.") nml .5) for lot/* mi buriini'iifi i-t I'l-t". nii'l <!)<> nii'l >'2f> for lntwnii  ti.-Fiili'iuinI Htio ii*. A hinili'.l iiiiiii'ii'i onlv ��il| he mi| I a' ilic-'i-^iii ch.  'I'KHM ������Oiii- lutlf ru-li, Iml.i ice 111 cix iiiniiilis. Tin- lii({ Ihh hi in tin.  UpiH'i Smilk 1111.'en iiiiiiini; coiinirv 11 litiiiiriin.'.    Wliv   no'   l��t�� m it ?..  McRAE BROS. & SMITH  Leading Stationcts .  and Newsdealets  .--���,----���-'���of PHOENIX  CIQARS. II, fit;  IN f'REAT VARIKIV.  GRAVES  WILLIAMS  -> BLOCK.  Smoke KELOWNA Union made  CIGARS  mmmmmmm,  Moran's Addition to  Phoenix  -Residence Lots in this well located addition are now  on the market. Good water on the property. Convenient to all the mines. Liberal sized lots from  30 to 50 feet front  II ll'll. I '->������! ��������������������������- ���   ������IPI   Prices from $100 up.  Apply to  James Moran  PHOENIX, B. C  =z j Ufyq Prospector's Exchange  IF YOU HAVE A MINE or I'rmprcir.rPAU* md u��n full rc-poit, nlvli muiiplt-i of ���  on-, suiting ptice ami term*   |Uuir fac.lltlcH (V>r iJlnclilK n protwil.   qu.cVly lire iiik vc-.ll-<l. ���  W. mnkcu np^clnlty of free iiliUtiigKuld |>ropcrtt<��    Currctpoudi net- Solicited ;  Address- Noom 4 KW-C Bt.K, Nelson,H C.  Andrew F. Roseuberger. Mgr. ;  w^mmjmmw  ���&���  ..W. ZIMMERMAN..   -=^=-vOQmplete, Stock of=^-^~   r^  15T" WATMBS; CLOCKS  Mk AND JEWELRY==  Watch Ref airing a Specialty.  S-^-_^V_!sf  ^^ SPECTACLES AND EYE GLASSES f ITTf D  MUSI" STUEICr, Opi*o-,.n.  1'"a 1 krn Townships Uank.  PHOENIX, B. C  PHOENIX PRODUCE  CO,  Fruit, Produce and Groceries  '" _. N. Tin in. No 93  PHOENIX, B. C.  Fre_h (5oods Arriving Con  tinnally.  Prompt Ueliveiy  *����i��-)**����a��������������iisi��iDaio��t*^(����������ioe����*����"i*a"'  Grand  Amalgamation  On Tuesday, September  17th  we  openied out-  Newly  Completed  Store  on Dominion Avenue with onr  tno slo. ks in on��-; together with  11 lot of new goods lo hand thia  weeU.  TIKE KOTICE���Wo will also  Keep on hand a complete assortment of Crockery, GliiEsanre,  Lamps, Etc.  HUNTER CO.,   Ltd.  Are Now ARRIVING,    A Cordial Invitation is extended to  M  all tb call and give them a general inspection.   You will find  ^ <"'       .  A  a Nobby and Up-to-date Stock. '  Dry Goods,   XI  CJtothifig      * i  "���**g*J"��� -1 imuiiMwiu inffii7i")pwHpiBU'iipiliiii^i;"im���������  HUNTER- CO., LIMITED *&*  2? People's Cash Stores  ti H. TEL. 84  DOMINION AVE.  999��������99��oe����oe��o��8����eoeooo��oo����e_o"!'��i"*(">e��o����>-'��'J��9o_ M��a-i����oiii"i9ttf)  e  s  *  9  ��  ���  ���  9  ���  ��� p.  ���'���!'.  ��� ���  9.  *  9  9  ��  i  *<)i)��e.��(������i(t��ct(9(99te),liei(��t����otFi��<tt  ^_^ ^^^-^4^  :ii.:,:.i\'^.'-J^r^r"7^rro;~r1.;r^"AT".-^


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