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The Phoenix Pioneer Sep 14, 1901

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 ��   ���.i,iiiiKcamp in the Bouudm-y is at  j. phoenix #>;  (.'CHI  ��� r ,.i    i 11 ��> receive tiie. �� iiii��K'.nd  .ucral ,Kwm>f tl'l����"mPnn,,,h' ��*��"���������-.  ...i I'  ���  WftOC*  Uunus the year 19m  100,000 TONS  4/ Wltwcrt- (.hipped ftuin the nuncii cf  j�� P H O E NIX j*  Forihc firs', fiie montlii if 19V o\rr  <f��� <xx>'crff of ure weir Khip|ir<t, in .it 111*  n*tr 1 C 2uo,unolo!ls   tllllltdh.  Devoted to the Interests of the Bouudary Mining,District.  \mi. n.  PHOENIX, HR11ISH COI.UMMA.  S \ 1 URDAY, SEPI EMBER 14,  1001.  No. 44.  ���5=5=5 ^^3��2S^j^^����^Sil]  H�� K.. COi, L&  I A Few Pointers Where to get tbe  1      Right Goods at Rigfc Prices.  jfe!^^�� Trunks, Valises  land   DreSS SuitCases.  3  THE GRANBY!  Smelting Co/s Improvements  Move Steadily oa  GREAT   ECONOMY   IN    OPERATION  Bl��wl��f Id of Two New FurniCH Dtliycd by  Steel Strike ��� May B* ���* or About  N��v*abcr lit.  Our Grocery Depi.  is stocked with a Fresh,. Clean, Up-to-Date Line of Groceries, l*ruit, Dairy produce, Etc. Just what's wanted  to coax the appetite these hot days.  HARDWARE  DEPARTMENT.  McCLARY, Stoves, Granite-  ware and Tinware. We are  sole agents for these Celehrated  Stoves and carry a complete  ou.hand.  L01NG HARDWARE  a Specialty. Let ns jrive >'<>u  an estimate on your next  building. " Car load of Windows and Doors. Just Rkc'd.  Our;  CROCKERY   A N I)   GLASSWARE  Stock is Complete.  This Week FRUIT  JARS at COST.  of 1 lie  metal values  m tinnslunning  the ore nit" mnue.  Increase About November Iff.  U ben asked when he-L'NpcctctJ the  two new turna<e-> to tie blown in, Mi.  (later declined to malce an esimute.  Wlien the work ��a> started 011 the em  largemeni, earlv in the summer, Sep  icmher ist was set as the piobahle  ���l.ne hut the steel ��mke in tlie east  h.is knocked out all tali ulations. The  date has li^en estimated, sevet.il units  sun e, hut .is the rece-ipt ol the last  of the machinery is so 1 uncertain, no  one can tell with aiiyi degree ol air  cutaey when the ^,300 ton daily  rate 01 treatment *)|l commence.  Honevei, tliose who are 111 a |>osiii<>n  tu know what is going oil think that it  should not he later/than Novemner  1 si when both ore shipments and oie  treatment will lie doubled rind .ste.ifhh  inaiiitaineil ,  1 "���  When this is done it will mean that  the lorce of men employed at tlie  l'hoenix mines ot the company will  also i>e considerably increased  C. P. R. SPURS  Mo e Being Built for Phoen'x  Mine .  #. P. TIERNAY HAS THE CONTRACT  Knob Hill Branch W II be. Exleaded aa< Ore  Cars Ran Directly Into the Glurv Hole  at the Knob Hill.  ��� �����������*��������*���*���*������  LOCAL JOTTINGS    i  WORK ON THI! WATER SYSTEM STARTED  Active  Bejan    This  This week a representative ol the  1'ioneer made a visit to the Granh\  'melter, at Giand Folks,- where en  largements are now going on that will  double the capai ity ol these most sue  ccssful redtution works The Pinnee'i  man was taken in charge b> H. N  Galer, assistant to the manager., and  ���hown all over the works.  Heretofore tlie Granby smelter, as  is well known,' has been treating an  average ol over 600 tons ol Phoenix  ore each and every day, but as soon  as the enlargements are completed,  this capacity will lie increased to  about double, 01 1,300 tons per dav.  In addition to this the company is  putting in aMgterter, for the purpatt  ol treating the^trogtf matte,, andrcorr-  verting  it  mtd &Sli{^QB|ip��r. Thwj  will 1* firs, plant of the-khid to hepot^dTrons.de^Sft>iW5e'No  ,.   Tins  in operation 111   British  ( oiumhia 01   - -   '���'��� -    -  the   Dominion.    At  the piesent   the  matte   is   shipped   east and refined  WMIjjf  This week active^construct ion on  the new water system < lor 1'lioertiv,  under the 25 yea>ttewl)ise granted ro  Messrs (irave^-FwierfeJt and Williams, was starred"* jfloiceol 20 men  was set at work digging��ueii*.lies.lrom  the ioo,coo gallon tagk\ which will be  immediately constructed just west of  Our Large and Rapidly  Increasing Trade  speaks for itself as to the Satisfaction We are rendering  our CUSTOMERS. We guarantee that OUR PRICES  cannot be b:at in the city or district.      >���'-- ''    ',   .  .-..   ">. 'ft  _.^.  *'.-'V'-~-     '  i nnMMU (o.. m  m General   Merchants, Old Ironsides Avenue, Phoenix.  Wa*m  Weather  Sets the B��sy Housewife Tiitaking  033O3^2O3OOOOOOOO0O00:OC>OC>OC)OOOO00OObOO0O00OO  Is the hardest problem to solve. .Everything  seems tasteless and unpalatable. A visit to our  Grocery Department will settlethe question for  you.  Our store is full of Summer Groceries ready to  eat and just suitable for the warm weather.  We make an effort to have everything fresh. A  small order will convince "you that we ac-  . cotnplish it.  We expect our fruit for preserving this week. ,.  0600000000000000000000 ooooooo<>oooooooo6oooooo  In. our Hardware Dep't we have a nice lot  of Family Ranges and Cooking Stoves at prices to suit all  purses.       ,  Screen Doors,   Screen;-Windows,   Window Netting,  Ice Cream Freezers., etc., etc.  r>      "-���       A-~L* ,����� von ire always welcome whether  Come in and see us, you ait ai����;    ,  purchasing or not.    All orders delivered promptly.  'Tinning and Plumwno a Specialty.  ooooooogooo^  IT PAYS TO DEAL WITH  '����  DOMINION AVE.     m,f>.      Both Phone,  there. \s the matte runs about 50  per cent, it tan easily be seen that the  saving in freight alone, when ihe ron-  veiter is 111 operation, will be 1 large  item.  The two furnaces now in o|>eration  have a noinma' capa< ity ot   250 tons  ol   ore   dailv   each,  but  during tlie  month of Ang.tst they treated together1  an  average ol  622  tons of ore each,  twent) four hours.     I his is due to the , \Vi Arthur  sell fluxing character ot l'hoenix ores,'  which almost melt like  butter in  the 1  great   furnaces.     The   enlargements  include two more lurnai.es,  the exact  duphc ate ol  those  now   in   use, and  which aie being placed  alongside  the  others. -..L'he |>ower hom.eis-also.toJje  enlarged"by" the adijittoir*of another  water wheel     It is interesting to note  in  this connection  that the smelter  lurmshes the   power,   or rather,   the  water lor tlie power, to light   the  cit\  ol Grand Forks, anu \hus is  anle  to  practically secure its own power  free  As  it is one of the essentials to treat  our low grade ores at tiie minimum ot  cost, thti item of powei is not a  small  one, and the (Jranby company   gets it  lor a hgure that is next to nothiug  'l'he con*erter building is located  adjoining the Jurnnccs, and is built 01  steel, on ac< ount ol the intense heat  needed 111 transrornling the matte into  blister coppei. This building is now  Iramed, and will shortlv be enclosed,  but the entire work has been some  what delayed on account of the great  steel strike in the east, where the ma  cluneiy conies Iroin "However, the  Allis Chalmers Co, of Chicago, who  are the makers, have ��ome men em  ployed, and these men are working on  the new Granby plant, and will turn  it out as fast as possible.  l'he two electric cranes have arrived, and are being placed in position;  Their capacity is 20 to 30 tons respectively. They will be used in  carrying the molten matte from the  smelter furnaces to the shells in the  converter. There is 116 small saving  again in doing this, because it i.s done  before the metal has time to cool.  One thing that especially struck the  Pioneer man was the economy in  handling the ore. It i.s never touched  by hand or shovel from the time it i.s  placed in the ore cars in the Phoenix  mines till it enmes out of the furnaces  in a molten stream and is allowed to  cool as matte. IJven the fuiuaees are  fed, by a travelling car,, holding several  tons, which i.s constantly travelling to  and fro between two. Notwithstanding this, there are now 11 o men at  work in and around the smelter, and  this force will be materially increased  when the additional furnaces are installed aud in running order. There,  is scarcely need lor a shovel about  the smeher, and such a thing as handling ore in that manner is unknown  there. .  With the new bins just completed  there will be a storage capacity ol  about 10,000 tons. Every day the  big Shay locomotive brings down one  or two, and some times more, ore  trains of 20 cars each from the l'hoenix mines, each cai holding about 30  tons. The following are among some  of the mines that are sending in ore  to this smelter : Knob Hill, Old Ironsides and Victoria, at l'hoenix ; the,  Winnipeg, in Wellington camp; the  Iron Mask, at Kamloops, which sends  some of the richest copper ore yet received, running about 15 per cent in  that metal ; the Phil Sheridan and  El Caliph, on the reservation, and the  Humming Bird and others on the  North Fork, are among the occasional  shippeis.  It is believed by those in a |>osition  to judge that there is not a smelter mi  the America" continent that loses  less  line'wril run down iiieylilll -duect, i>e-  tween the residences 5>f Messrs, hem  enway and permodv to Knob Hill  avenue, and' thence down Church  street, at.djJiiougrAhe city  l'he tank reierred to will be held 111  reserve (or fire puiposes only, the supply beinj^^taken from the Granby  mines Still another tank ot equal  capac ity is to tie bu It on the north  side ot the hill. "I'lus tank will be  filled liom Marshall |aket batk of the  New Yo'k townsite, owned bv  J    H  For this purpose a pump capable ol  lilting 500,000 gallons per. day has  been ordered, but on account of the  steel strike in the east, ..it niav be  necessaiy to install another pump for  the time being . ,   - ���^�� .   <���  " l.a.s~t-\Vednesciay'. die" fiTsV"car~o!  pipe tor the water svstem, which is  made in Spokane, arrived in Phoenix.  It will be laid by the manulactureis,  and as soon as the trenches aie ready  this work will be staited.  Ihe C P. R. has let .1 inntiact foi  a large amount ot additional trackage  in and aiound l'hoenix, to lacihtatethe  handling of the increaMiig quantities  of ore and general Ireight offering at  this point. W. P Tiernay, the Nel  son contractor, has been in the city  airanging lor the work, and Thursday  his work car came in aud a gang ol  some 20 men were set at work. Supt.  Win. Downie, of the C. P. K , was in  town Wednesday to confer with Mr.  ricrnay about the various new  switches  One of the first things will be to ex  tend the Knob Hill spur iioo feet,  and then run a switchback up the  hill, directly into the Glory Hole, so  that cars can be loaded at the least  expense.  In addition to this a team track,  something that has been m ch needed, will be laid neat the depot, for the  accommodation ol the many teamsters  who unload duect from the cars.  This week the'Snowshoe spur has  been lengthened, so that more cars  could be spotted there, and Mr. Tier  nay also expects to add to the spur  tacihties ot the Mother Lode branch.'  f��%%un%un%iHi  our Mines  j*      AND     Jf  , .smelters.  LATE NEWS  NOTES  FROM     THE  SEVERAL  CAMPS.  Killed Near Cascade.  -V%^��V  A." 1}. Hodges, su|>eriotendeiit ol  the Granby snielter,""rias" started dn' a  holiday tup to southern climes.  For the last week the Granby  smelter treated 4,646 tons of ore, mak  ing a grand total ot 215,320 since the  smeltei was started.  I luee cai loads ol machinery are re  ported to have arnved this week from  Wednesday evening an unknown j Chicago lor the enlargements going on  man about 45 years ot age was killed jat tIle Granby smelter at Grand Forks  on the C P.R., not tar I rum Cascade, Both the Winnipeg and Snowshoe  bv the west bound treight tiain I here 1 mines aie endeavoimg lo ship at the  was nothing ol value lound on the le |rate ot a tar of oie per day, the tormer  mams, noi anything by which the | to the Granby smelter and the lattei  identity  covered.  ol   the  man  could   be  dis  I he accident occurred at 01  near the 57 mile post.  Visited tbe Bli Mines.  Oliver  Wehered,   piesident  of the  London  and   H    C.  Goldfields, A J  Stoneham, London, England; J    Rod-  to Gieenwood  ! his week   the  using  dump  since  half a  H   C.   mine began  cars  lor  the   first  time  shipping  began, a  year   and a  ;o     About 100 tons  d.uly   are  now    beinu  smelter  sent  to  t'ie   Greenwood  It is reported   that at the  600 foot  enck Robertson, general manager, and | level in the Cai inoo, Camp McKumey,  S. S  Fowler, the company's engineer, j the woikmen have gone  through the  were visitors in Phoenix  last Sunday  Mr. Wethered and.Mr. Robeitson aie  faulted ground, and   lound   the  ledge  in  place,   being  the    richest ore yet  found in that dividend paying property.  A meeting of the  shareholders  of  the Lake  Shore  and   B.  C.   Copper  Mining Development Co. was held in  . .,   ,      ,    . ,- ,,      Spokane last Monday, to consider the  son stated that the power plant at Cas-! affairs otli,e corporation, which' has a  cade will have 3,000 horse  power de-; Umd on the mue   Be),   mine in Sl|m.  velope-i   betore January   ist and this  also officials of the subsidary company  developing 6,000 horse power from the  Kettle river at Cascade, and the companies owning the - Enterprise, Ymir  and Whitewater mines.    Mr,   Robert-  1  ��� t  ihis week W, 1(. Docksteader  secured the contract of cutting 1,000  coids of wood lor the Winnipeg Mines  Ltd , which will keep him and a force  of helpers busv till some lime in  January.  John McGraw, a Ixiarding house  keeper, carelully collected all the hills  after pay day this week, and left, town  between the sun and the moon, leaving several to mourn his sudden de-  parture. <  George K. Stinker, general manager of the Cascade Iievelopment Co.,  owners, ol the townsite ot Cascade,  with J. S. Fiye. of Spokane, anothei  shareholder, were visitors in PlioeniN  this week. 1  Yesterday morning early, fire broke  out twice in the house ot Clara Wells,  in ihe lower part of town, where  several hundred dollas in damage was  done before it was extinguished the  second time.  Rev. J. M. Millar, B. A , pastor of  Si. Andrew's Presbyterian church, has  been attendii g the meeting of the  Presbytery, which .was held this week  at Cranbrook. He js expected to return home tomorrow.  This week Thos. Corner, contractor  for the new edifice for the Anglican  church, cleared the' ground, at the  corner ol Victoria avenue and Second  street. He expects to liegin active  construction next week.  Bell and McBeath have nearly completed their grading contract on Knob  Hill avenue, School street and Dominion avenue. The latter is now  one ol the prettiest thoroughfares in  anv town in the Boundary.  P. Burns & Co this week closed  the old Vaughan & Mclnnis shop,  which they recently purchased, and  will hereafter conduct all their Phoenix trade Iroin the old down town store  on upper Dominion avenue.  Excursion to San Francisco���Fiom  Sept 13 to 27th, the Canadian Pacific  Railway will issue tickets, Phoenix to  San Francisco and return, via Portland  and Shasta route, at $55.55. J. S.  Carter,' D. P. A.J Nelson, B.C.  R. B. Kerr is calling lor tenders for  a one story building to be erected at  onceon dominion,avenue, east of trje  Hardy^McKenzie-lmilding, just completed. It will be 2>,x4o feet in sizet  and tenders are to be in tonight.  Last week the Pioneer was in error  in stating that Alex Miller was one of  the backers ol the Hawkins-Smith contest, to take place iu Grand Forks on  the 21 st. It should have appeared  that Mr. Miller is the stakeholder.  G Arthur Rendell is retiring from  the active management ol the Eholt  I r ad ing Co. at Eholt, his place being  taken by H. J Bavley, who has for a  long time been connected with the  Greenwood house of Rendell & Co.  HoteN seem to be going up every  day in Phoenix���being raised to conform to the new street grades. This  week the work ot raising the Hotel  Brooklyn was finished, and work was  begun on the Butte by J. F2. Meagher.  IS IMPROVING  President McKinley   Steadily  Getting Better.  MS PHYSICIANS KEPORT FAVORABLY  Faiie VmMri Were Circulated Yesterday,  But Ike AaeriCM President Continue* tu  OclSlrMfer.  Rumors-were rue in Rossland, Nelson. Grand Forks, Gieenuood and  Phoenix yesterday that President M< ���  Kinlcy had diedjrom the effect 01 the  bullet wounds inflicted on htm at Buf-  lalo last week F'riday. In tact so persistent were the Tumors, that many  flags were placed at half mast. In-  u,uiry_ by telegraph by the Pioneer,  however, elicited the tact that there  was no tiuth whatever in the report of  his death, but that on the contrary he  is rapidly recovering, and the physicians think he will get well.-'  Later ���- (Friday- evening) ��� The  latest rejxirts are that Mr. McKinley  is sinking.  MINERS' UNION ELECT OFFICERS.  la  PfMcaU  deary   Heldmaa  ii   t'ie   New  Presideal.  An election of officers ol Phoenix  Miners' Union No 8, for the next  six months, took place last Saturday  with the following result: President,  Henry Heidman; vice president, James  Carson; tn-asurei, John Swanson;  financial secretary, John Riordan; recording secretary, Ed. O'Brien; con  ductor, Farley Inghs; warden, Neil  McBeath.  The members of Rossland Miners'  Union have re elected their old oncers  for another term, as follows President, Rupert Bulmei; vice-president,  William McDonald; financial secretary,  F. F. Woodside; treasurer, Waltei C.  Preston; recording secretary, P. R.  McDonald; conductor, John Kincatd;  warden, Piet Simonette. Walter C.  PrestSH and Edward King were electee!  to act with the president, vice-presi-  deflt, and< financial secretary as the  executive board of the union.  The , Slocan City Union elected  officers Jast week, as follows- President, J..Nixon; vice-president, George  Nichol;financial secietary, Bert O'Neil,  recording secreiary, S. B Clement,  conductor, H. S Baker, waiden, John  Skinner; finance committee, F. Cai  lisle, H L. Fife, F. Purviance,tiust&es,  J. V. Purviance, D Kennedy, S B.  Clement; executive boaid, J. V P111-  viance, C. C. O'Brien, J. A Foley, H.  L. File.  will be doubled according, to requirements.. The power will beiransmiited  to the various Boundary camps: 'l'he  concentrator at the Enterprise mine  on Slocan lake, will be completed  within a fortnight.  Oovcrament Sale of. lots :.. --������,.  As will be noticed fiom ��� the advertisement in another'column, Leonard  Norris, government agent.at-Vernon,  will on September 21, offer for sale at  public auction at Fairview 298 town  Kits in Fairview and 139 lots in the  town of Eholt, at Eholt.: ; These  the lots that were reserved for  government, and are now placed  the market for the fust lime.  are  the  on  i mit camp."   j     Rul'us H. Pope, ofGobkshire, Que.,  president of the'Buckhorn Mining Co.,  visited the Boundary this week, with a  view to arranging for the  resumption  of operations on that  Deadwood property.    11 is possible that this   may be  j done within a short time.  I     Next week the management   of  (he  Snowshoe   mine will open bids for the  'construction of a bunk   house   lor   70  men, a boarding house, an office building, a seven room manager's residence  and ore bins.    The improvements will  cost several thousand dollars.  City Clerk McMillan has been  somewhat under the weather for the  last two or three days.  >y^^^^is^^^^^^^^^^^ m  PHOENIX BRANCH ORE SHIPMENTS.  The fullowifiK tnble (lives the ore shipments of l'hoenix llrnneh and other Iloiuwlnry  mines lor 1900, for the past week, for 19m. anil the total to (Into:���  Old Ironsides, Knob Hill  and Victoria  64,533  B. C. Mine  '9,494  Golden Crown  2,500  Winnipeg  ",075  & Athelstan...  1,200  ^tj Snowshoe  300  Brooklyn.  150  R. Bell....    ... ......  Totals, tons.  89,252  Week  5.402  60  Mother Lode, Deadwood,  Sunset, ''  No. 7, Central ���  Other Boundary mines. .  Grand Totals, tons,..  5.34"  ���3,180  6,002  .'.952  5��  ��� 56.45��  32,960  *55  55��;  575  560  191,362  57>399  300  " 680  500  ���20,989  I  5.3.469 jS  2,500 ^  '.375  '.75�� _.  ��75|I  '5�� "  =,6o  280,659  300  680  3,680  97,7 72        7i����4      250.741        348,558  ���Uie^^p^^^jt^^  T. V. McDowell will leave next  week for Spokane, where he will meet  a young lady Irom Owen Sound, Out  Che ceremony will take place on the  25th inst., and Mr. and Mrs. McDowell will return to Phoenix to reside.  Miss Marguerite M. Lyons, who  formerly resided in Phoenix, Was married last week Friday to Wm. M.  I larris at Nelson. Harris is steward  on the C. P. R. fleet of Kootenay  steamers. 'The couple will reside at  Nelson.  D. W. Stewart, B. A., of Morden,  Man., first Presbyterian missionary in  Phoenix���over two years ago���and  who has been spending a week here renewing old acquaintances, left on  Wednesday lor Calgary, where he will  spend a month.  J. W. Mellor, the well known merchant of Victoria, Vancouver, Rossland, Greenwood and Phoenix, was in  the'Boundary this week, on a trip of  inspection to his various branches.  He is about to erect a fine business  block in Greenwood.  Beginning tomorrow evening for  the first time, Ralph W. Trotter, Baptist preacher of Columbia, will hold  Sunday evening services in Masonic  hall, Morrison-Anderson block, at  7:30 o'clock. He extends a cordial  invitation to all to attend.  A remarkable thing happened at the  C. P. R. depot in this city last Thursday night. 'The regular passenger  train arrived on time���not being delayed by boats at Robson or having  any other excuses for being all the way  from one to five hours late.  F>idence is accumulating that the  active work of construction on the  Phoenix branch of the V.-V. and E.  railway will be in full swing in a short  time, and that it will take several  months to complete, as it is some of  the heaviest work on the whole line.  Cecil Nicholson, provincial constable at Camp McKinney, died last  week 'Thursday of typhoid fever, after  an illness of but a few days. He .was  a member of Stralhcona's Horse,  and served in South Africa, being 26  years old at the timeof his death. He  was buried last Sunday.  Wul the City Fathers Bid This Week.  At Wednesday evening's session ol  the city council all the members weie  present except Alderman Claik As  usual -of late there was not a large  amount ot business to tiaiuact.  A letter was read from duel Engineer Kennedy, of the V. V and E  railway, asking the city to pass a bylaw to close certain streets that the  railway people desired to cross .with  their line. The city solicitor was requested to reply that the city would  be willing to do this if the,; rail way-  company, would assume the responsibility of any damage that might arise  or be claimed by any property' holder.  'l'he bdarJ-of works w^as requested  to see that Bell & McBeath : were required to live up to the specifications  of their contract?:-iri- the grading ot  Knob Hil|:averluel-Sc.liocil street and  Dominion* aveTui'e, the work on which  is now nearly completed.  A number of bills were favorably reported on by the finance committee  and ordered paid by the council,  when it adjourned;  Think* Pboenix is All Right.  'This week C. K. Gilbert, of Vancouver, secretary of the Mainland  Board of Fire Underwriters, made his  annual visit to Phoenix. Mr. (iilbeit  passes on every lire policy issued by  the companies in the association, and  also visits the different sections of the  province once each year, looking over  the different risks. He was greatly  pleased with the general appearance  and outlook in l'hoenix, and has the  utniust c.ofidenee in the future of the  place. After visiting the other Boundary towns he said he would not give  one-quarter of Phoenix for all of any  other place in the Boundary.  Black's Cascade Hotel Burned.  Wednesday morning Black's hotel  at Cascade was burned to the ground,  with two or three shacks adjoining.  The fire occasioned a loss of about  $4,000, the hotel being well furnished  throu^hi.ut. Abbott & Mooney, formerly of Phoenix, were occupying the  hotel at the time and lost to some extent, but have started up in business  iheie again. The fire is thought lo  have been caused by some ilainken  men who occupied one ut the rooms u{  the hotel.  1' j *��*  1 i. *��  ?r  * 8 Mh  -��*&  f tii> -  &  ���i*'V  *  ������.TrT.-3  ���u 1  >v  "if"  ?���' \���  * if  r  :�������  i&  m ���<m  THE PHOENIX PIONEER.  lf*V - .-"  P'."\   '  (fl F      ���"  ',>* V  ;; < '  i"    '     " F.^  '���"St?:  ���>,,'-  I-     "SP  I*.  4..  ^4MtMinH >��������������������������������)������������������������������������������������ �����������������������������  I The Canadian Bank of Commerce ii  t HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO,,  ���  J Capital, $8,000,000.      tf      J-      Rest, $2,000,000.  T HON. CEO. A. COX, Prt_<Unt. B. E. WALKER, GcnerjJ Muugcr.  �� J. H^PLUMMER, Att't Cm'J M*n��ger. .    ,  I H. i. DAYIDSON, ictinf Mfr. Greeflwood Branch  ^����������� ���������������������������������������������� ����������������������� ��*������*������������ 4 ������*������������#'�����������������������������"���  taxes due,  $10,000.  with  costs,  approximates  It is not a common occurrence for  a premier to select a colleague from  the opposition, but that was exactly  the position of Mr. Dunsmuir when he  asked Winchester Brown into his cabinet. And yet all the government  members are not satisfied.  The Phoenix Pioneer  ISSUED OK SATURDAY BV TUB  PJONEER PUBLISHING CO.  AT PHObMX. IC C.  W. ���. WILLCOX. Manager.  Verson & Netaon Telephone, No. u.  g-Bscairrions ix advance.  Ftr Year.   Six Month*.   To Foreign Countries   Ifyou ��re not ��� ��ub��crlber to thin paper, tlilii  U ��n invitation to vou to become one. ',  $2.00  i.��S  300  Admtklng ntte* rurnlohed on application.  legal notice* ia und 5 cent* per line.  , Pour weekly insertion* conrtitute one month'*  M.-ertUint.  WHAT IS BEHIND PHOENIX.  Right here in Phoenix, where the  greatest mines of the Boundary���������or  perhaps in the world���are, we do not  -begin to realize what is really. tbehind  this camp in the shape of ore reserves  that can be smelted at a profit It  also goes without saying that the aver-,  age investor on the outside realizes  'still less the vastness of the gigantic  ore zonesr that underlie this whole valley. If the capitalist lives - a few  thousand miles away, when he sees the  figures in print he merely smiles and  thinks some over enthusiastic news-  ��� paper man has drawn to a large extent  on his imagination. At"the risk of being placed in this latter class the  Pioneer will endeavor to give some  idea ofthe quantity of ore that has  already been proven to be in sight > on  , one side of the hill only. ,     -*    v *-  A year and a half agothe Pioneer  published figures fiom the annual ^report of William Yolen Williams,'superintendent,  of trie amount of ore that"  , he at that time had uncovered.in the  Knob Hill 'mine, alone. - He' stated  ' that there were then over 1,300,000  tons in sight in that mine, having an  average value of $8.37 per.-ton, or  something over $11,000,000 worth of  ' ore. This, of course, is a large amount  of ore,' and it�� was not surprising that  there were many who did not realty  believe 'the estimate, carefully. made  though it was, could be-true. But  since that there has been ample woik  -tlone to prove that'Mr. Williams did  not place the figure highrehough by a  good deal. The Knob" Hill group has  been shipping steadily since July,  1900, and 'yet there' is more ore' in  sight today' than there ever was.  Over 275,000 tons of ore have been  sent out thus far. '  A couple of months ago'-the underground workings of the Knob Hill  and Old Ironsides, adjoining mines,  were connected in ore, and he who  cares to do so, can go under ground  for a distance of 3,000 feet in one  ' direction,'and still never.be out of the-  orebody. Thishasbeen crosscut in  a number of places for, varying distances, from 200 to 450 feet, and it is  certain that the body is that wide.  This is at the 300-foot level of the  Old Ironsides. The same level on  Knob Hill would giye a much greater  ' depth of ore,for the hill lises appreciably on the Knob Hill.  ,��  By the aid of a diamond  drill the  ore has been proven to If* depth of  quite a thousand feet,* but ,in  estimating we will leavev that "out *of the ques  tion, and will only figure from the 300  foot level.    We will be" conservative  and figure on an average,depth of'300  feet, although  the immense ore body  is positively known to run to a much  greater depth.  <����� 11  Now, then, let us figure a little, and  see where we come out. An ore body  3,000 feet long, by 300 feet wide, by  300 feet in depth, will give exactly  270,000,000 cubic feet 'of metalliferous rock. The ore of the'Knob Hill  will run about seven cubic feet to the  ton, but lo continue the conservative  estimate,* we' will allow at * the rate-* of  ten   cubic feet   to'the ton.' If the  tons  in a  that rate,  there  would still be ore to  spire that is already in sight.  If one can grasp these figures, they  will give some idea of the magnitude  of the ore bodies that one' company * is  showing up in this .camp of Phoenix.  It should be remembeied also that  these are not haphazard estimates,  made for the purpose of booming the  the properties, as that is not needed.  Betides this, any one can take the  measurements for himself and verity  the figures.  "*.  When we come to values, they  are  of .course low,  but nevertheless  the  amount in dollars runs up , high when  so  many  tons of ore are taken into  consideration.    The smelter can treat  $5   ore at a  profit,  as is  now well  known generally. . Mr. Wiiliams  said  the Knob Hill ore would run, according to the exhaustive  tests he had  made, $8.37 per ton.    Call  the average   $8 per  ton,  and   we  have the  Granby Co. treating ore each year   to  the value of $3,504,000 or in 50 yeais  to the value of of $175,000,000.,,,  One of the most dastardly outrages  of the last twenty years was tbe shooting of President McKinley atrthe Buf  falo exposition last week Friday, by  an anarchist named CzologsA The  whole woild stands aghast, and universal sympathy and horror is expressed.  WHAT THE EDITORS SAV.  A. Geiser has commenced to spout  in Rossland.���Ledge.  1 _____  That old-time concert of European  powers is in danger they say, Well it  never was very much in tune.���Vancouver World.  When the Le Roi meeting ,was held  in London the police were in attend  ance. Whitakei Wright did not show  up. 'A mere co-incidence, of course.���  Sandon Paystrcak.  * ^ j  ____ ,  1   'it ".  The announcement that the Boeis  intended \o shoot every British soldier  found jn Orange River Colony seems  a, little late.. They have been doing  that tor some time���as far as they  could.���Province.  Two cars, V01 k and Cornwall, aie  spei tally intended tor the use ot the  lojal couple. rheC'oriiwall is 101 day  occupation and the York furnishes the  sleeping accommodation.  Two new engines aie being completed to hauljtlie li.iin.  The exteiior ol the tars is ol mahogany, and the interiors aie fitted  with "rare woods of the most sumptuous  fittings. Another cai, the Canada, is  foi the occupancy of the immediate  suite of the duke and duchess. Three  other cais, the Australia, the India,  and the South Allien, aie mote like  oidin.vy sleepeis, but are more sumptuously fitted, riie'dming'car Saudi ingham, and two supply cats, ��.oin-  plete the train. The Yoik contains  a laige obseivation platform at the end  opening into the reception room. Ne\t  comes the diningroom and a small  boudoir, l'he kitchen and the stoic-,  room occupy the remainder ot the car.  The Cornwall contains two magnificent  siateiooms, each wjtlj connecting bath-J  room, and rooms loi   valet and maid..  JOHN. A. CORYELL,  Provincial Land Stumum,  Civil and Minim; K.nc.im m.  KsiAiiMSHU) 1888.  ,     PHOENIX und GRAND FORKS, B.  D. J. MATHESON,  INSURANCE AC.KN1,  KIRK, LI1K, ACCIIltNI.  ('omiiiihhitiiirr tor Inking AITlilxv IK  Phoenix. Ik C~  ft. A. SCOTT,  CONIRACIOR AND Buil.DKK.  KsiiMAiKS Furnished.  PHOENWf,1 B.'G.'  oyle  The Best of  Drutfs   Only  The  Is now in hu  New Quarter  Knob Hill Av^  in   Stock <t7  V. A N.  'I'HOS K,  16-  Druggist  H. S. CAVLEV.  W.  II, COCHRANE.  o   ii. D. mm  Phoenix hoe     hop.  All Woik Guaranteed-    Imported Gon'ds. '  10  KINK HOQIS AND SHOES MADE  0KO1.K.    ,  PRACI1CAI.    MINERS'  AND   1'IMlS-  PECIOKS' hltOl-S   A  SI'KCMI IV.  Corner Phoenix Si', and Brooklyn Ave.  CAYLEY & COCHRANE,:.,  Solicitors, Eic  ..      ,   SiiS%.  PHOEISiX^ B. C.  Vftl  to be lost sight  Another thing not  of is the fact that there' are immense  ore reserves that have not been taken  into consideration at all���below the  300-foot Jeyel. Then there other  splendid mines right in -Phoenix, that  there is every reason ..to believe will  in time push the Granby mines hard  for firsftilace.  , t m   :.���      .,.  We are aware that such estimates as  these are apt to be taken with a grain  of salt by'those not really conveisant  with the facts. Nevertheless they aie  not believed to .'be extravagant by  those familiar with the situation.' But  if one cares to cut the figures made in  '* 1 F r .  half* have we not here the gieatest, or  some of,,the, greatest mines on the  American continent?' \u..,,   , ��,^���  . -v- ' EDITORIAL COMMENTS.    .  -������ ��� ">�� ��� y      '  If the'Ymir Klirror continues to  .pryit ps\ green paper, its readeis will  surely tjjink the .editor is a "native 'ol  the Emeiald Isle..  ���       w  ^~r-tt     '  , It  is, reported -that Patrick Welch  will   start work  on the V., V. and ��,.  Phoenix branch next week:    It- is  to  be hoped the report is true.  A jecent dispatch states that_President > McKinley.'s would-be murderer  sleeps well. If a majoiity of the people could have their way, he would  not sleep at all.' '  The decision to hold a sitting of the  supreme court and court of assize in  Gieenwood will facilitate to a large  extent'the administration of justice in  the Boundary district.���Greenwood  Times.  It was bound to come'and perhaps  it is as well that it came from so genial  a source as the Nelson Economist.  We are told by that periodical that  the'appoihtment of Mr. Brown has  "staggered humanity."���Colonist.  There is one man in the piovince  who has hewed straight to the line on  which he obtained the votes of his  constituents. Kis name is Smith Cut-  tis. ?Nat to know what expediency is  sometimes niakes the best policy.���  Victoria Post!"  It is pleasing to note that the C. P.  R. trackuienVsfiike has been declared  off, and/that,tpeir union is to be given  recognition by the- company. The  trackmen may not rank nink highebt  on the .company's pay ioll but there is  no doubt as to the important e ol the  work they have to do, nor of the  necessity of having it well done.���  Moyie Leadei.  STRICTLY BUSINESS.  DAN   BURNS  .GENERAL.  5LACKSMITHING AND i,  , REPAIR SHOP  '    *  HORSESHOEING  o A o SPECIALTY  Dominion Ave,    P^-IOE^X  D. WHITESIDE,   ,,,  liARRISl'l-R & Soliciior,  (IrnvrK-Willliiins Illucl..  ���-���     PHOENIX, B, C;..-  R. B..KERR, ,.   ,        ,,;      :  Dakrisikk'and SdMCnoK,'  NOIAKY I'UltMC. V     f      '  PHOENIX, RC.  j P. Burns & Co.  PHOENIX--  MAUKET.  HEAD OH ICE l-OR HOUNDARV CR1-EK, OREKNVVOOD, II.  1IEAIKJHARIERS, NELSON, II. C.  C.  .... Wholesale M Mi M\ Merchonts.  Marlcets at Nelson, Ka.slo, Three Forks, Sandon, Slo< an City,  ��� Silverton, New Denver, Ymir, Salmo, Rossland, Trail, Cascade,  ��� Grand Porks, Greenwood, Midway, Niagara and Phoenix.  ��� FISH, OYSTERS AND POULTRY IN SEASON.-S  ��� All orders receive prompt attention. #  ��� !  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������a*��������������������;  iC. A. McCLUNG & CO.  1  v. &  Ollhe,  N.   'PIIOXK  ,'ii,.  Sia idan'    Avu.  VVif liiiM- a Uiifjc Sijii-k,  Ixiiighl bc'oii- tl t- riff and  mid eim <( 101�� clow prtoeQ  Ml GRAIN, FEED, ROLLED OATS, Etc  Quotations ifiven on  Htutijilu  or   mixul  ALDHAH & BLUNT,  Mini. .Surveyor's,  and DraWihismen.  Phoenix, H. C.  rrrrr  V a N 'I'hone, No  MARTIN. p.l.M  practical Irousi-y^M) sic.n  I'AINTK.RS.'DlJc.OKVrORS. KTC.  Piionp  Columbia 35.  Phoenix : Bakery  C. W.. GREER, Prop.  Phoenix  Street,  Opp.  P.  O.  Bread Delivered Daily to all  parts of the City.  When we say ��e make good "Bread  weare only repenting tlie wordb of  our man} customers To the straugir  we sav, Try it and he convinced.  - VIES, CAKKS, COOI^IKS, BOUGH-  NUTS, Ktc, always on hand  Good  Saddle  I   and     '  Livery   Rigs  For Hire.  Makes Two Round Trips Daii.v Hi  PltOINIX.  AM)   Okhnw'ood.  w i i:n  I^avi") Phoenix  . Time.  nt i)  n. m. iiml  I 00   p in ,   l'lioi'iiix  Phoenix. B. C.  ���   Phoenix Lodge No. 28,  Knifhls of Pythias.  Meets everj Tuesdn} nl|jM  ut 7 jo p m., Miners'1 Union  Hall  '!/''.-���       ,  Visiting brethren welcome  C A  McCi.lm., C. C  D J .Mathison, K  R. s  nvi'8 tiifi-nwofMl ill 11.(10 u.m iitxl 4 p.in,, *>it'ciiW'wxl  Thin-. Sundrtvs Itiivt'H Piioi-nix nt !r:.'!t) it m.. unil  CSrvi'iiwixxl ill 12:30 it in.  Sleets evorv Tlmrmlay  I. 0. 0. F.   .Snow  Shoe Lodge, No. 46.  Eye at Miners'  ilt-  Liglit Express in Connection Unio" I,,i|i   vMnnK Brethren c<>r<i  v & n piionk s- itillylnvileil.'        I). Wiiitkmdk. N.' ��i.  : '    �����'-'       | <iRO. ir. Mb-vd; KKo>ei:.  GREEN WOOD  Liquor. Company  mm.  Mixmu  '' -���;...'     f,  Premier -Dunsmuir is evidently not  trying to please every one in his cabinet appointments. But the question  is does he please anyone but Joe Martin andvthe appointees?    ''\ ���  Phoenix will have a good water  system before winter sets in for good.  Active work on laying the pipes is now  co.nmencing, and another six or eight  weeks should see most of the work  done,   v ^..  Reports of terrible railway acci-  dents have been coming thick and fast  for,the last two or three months. Is  it growing more and more dangerous  to travel, or are railway employees  more careless than heretolore?  smelter Ins a capacity of 1,200  per day, which it will have now  The city of Grand Forks is tackling  the Chinese question by enacttng certain stringent sanitary by-laws and enforcing them to the letter. As a result there is quite a to-do among the  celestials in the Smoky Ch)\ *  ���^'...Carter-Cotfon, of the News-Advertiser, Vancouver, gravely announces  that he is'out of politics. There was  an impression to that effect prevalent  several moons ago, but now that it is  officially announced it must be so.  Advertising.pays those who harness  it properly and make it work.  For.une used to favor the brave.  Now it ha= switched over to the ad-  vertisei.  The non-advertiser's store looks  about as attractive as an angel with  side-board whisker's.    '  Fencology in advertising formerly  had many devotees, but they are constantly growing less-in number.  The more accuiately your advertisements represents the goods )ou advertise, the bet'ter advertisements they  aie. '  'l'he reasons some met chants give  for not advertising are about as easy  to understand as the markings on a  Chinese laundry ticket.  ���  It is as comfortable to do business  without advertisings as it is to have  somebody wneri talking to you use exactly the same quotation that you intended to.use.  AGENTS FOR  PABST BEER  Complete line  of Bar Samples'  ). II. t  The Revelstoke Herald thinks that  Joe Mai tin's regime was the comic  opera of politics, and that the political  play now on the boaids at the provincial capital is legitimate drama.  It is to be hoped that it will not be  allowed to descend vo the burlesque.'  The city^of Kaslo purposes to try  ttie effect,to��attax sale of cityrproperty  to get owners  to pay up back taxee.  If the property is worth  anything the  [plan  should  bring good  results one  FROM FAR AND NEAR.  Last week 1,520 ton's of ore were  sent out from the mines of Rossland.  According to the official figures furnished by P. T.. McCallum, assistant  Dominion census commissioner, the  population of the amalgamated cities  of Grand Forks and Columbia is in  round numbers 2,500.  ��� James Find lay, who has charge of  the construction of the bridge which  the Dominion Bridge Co. of Montreal  is putting over the Columbia at Rob-  son, on last week commenced the laying of the steel. It is thought that  this work will occupy trom two to  three months and will furnish employment for 25 to" 30 men. '- ,    -  It tis announced that Mr. R. YV.  Brock, of the Canadian geological survey, is about to-resame the work commenced last year,- of the surveying  geologically and topdgraphically the  Boundary district. With the boundary line as a base, the area lo be sur^  veyed this season will embrace the  territory lying between the North Fork  of Kettle river on the east anu the  Okanagan on the west, and northward  100 miles. There will be a good deal  of triangulation work andthe height  of all the principal peaks and ranges  will be determined.  iiuMfirai  # ���A.NTCK LfNlv OV--"  ���       Silver, Silverinc and  .���GoJId Filled Cases'  Tliev are, IjeanlieB  (,'l.ilVild see Uiem.  HENEMSON,  "' T n K  i f>. W K f.'p'fc ���>".  'Somemr SpOOiiBalnrayx lit Block  ���I 11'      -1  V. MO -Mi u," frcs.';  PHOENIX AERIE,  NO. IM.  Meetings, hiiiuln}S  fl 3<>,p 111 at Mm.  em' Union Hill  VihUmiif;      lirethreu  cordially umtitl  I  BKXKMAN*. See}  ..BERT MALANDRINI..  F'~     >   ��    ���  BOOT AND SHOE MAKER'.. .\ ~\  SPECIALTY OF WORK FOR MINERS  M>)i 1 igon-Andt-rs. >n B k  I'flOENIX  BLOOMFIELD & DUNBAR,  PROPRIETORS.  Phoenix Laundry  > J. T. LAWRENCE, Pkopriktok   During House Cleaning time  we pvt SPECIAL RATES to Families and'Hotels on Blankets, Curtains,  Etc., for which we have the best of  facilities.  Only Union Help Employed  Bundles   called   for  anddelivered promptly to ever}'  part of  ^ the city.   Send  yqur  f order by Phone.  Dominion  ..'   /* 1.  BKST OF WORK Gl'AKANTKKD. V. Jl N.  Avenue,  Adjoining  Htitte   Hotel,  I'HONI! NO 30  l'hoenix, II. C.  City Bakery  J.McCAGUK  PKOI'KIFIOK.  V. & N. 1'ln it-. No 4 8.  Bread, Cakes, Pies, Etc., Fresh Daily.  IRONSIDES ADDITION, l'HOENIX. B. C. Kkh- Dm ivkkv  ft;    . , -   ���  b e ll:*s  "JST'S TABLES *Sm,  1 ,f  '      '     Good Saddle, Pack and  H.' BELL,     Driving,Henses.   Heavy  ''Prop.'1"    Dmji��g- Charges  R'eas-  Inpb'Hill  \ve.  Bellevue   Hotel,  Knop.Hji.i.Avi-.,  PHOENIX, B.C.  This hole! is centnillj locuted, newlj built .md newl)  furnished thioiigliont. Everything is fiist dass. Bar  stocked ttiih the finest.  EDWARD SIMPSON, Prop?  SNIX. B. C.  JOB PRINTjNG    ^  NEAT AND  ATTRACTIVE  -L&l  AT THE PIONEER JOB OFFICE  ��-*-i���-#n  j5    ***���*���**���������������������*-������������'���*���-���������*�����������������*���*���'**������*���������*����������������������������� *��������� *�����������*�����*���*�����������** _2^*  Furniture  . ...... ....... .. ������������������-  1  1  :  *  < A  *  *  *  *  mm-  *  *  ���  *  I  mm  4  4  :  i  *  1  mm  4  ���  1  [N this line- we  are  in   a  than ever to supply  the  Public of Phoenix.  better position  want's of the  a specially    |  Undertaking  and Embalming  CLARK (SL BINNS,  ^Old Iis.pnsidks Avrc.  mmwmmwmt?  few weeks,and is run for 50 years At'way or the other.   The ainount of  K''      '1  HOW R0YAI.1V TRAVELS.  C. P. Jr. Proposes (0 Carry Their Royd High-  oess ia Luxurious Comfort Across Cettatis.  The C. P. R. has completed the  royal train of nine cars, * which 's  generally conceded as being the handsomest train ever tijrneijl cut on thie  continent.  Ci^SIGN WRITING <_$  Paints, Oils, Glass,  yarnishesretc.t etc.  WALL PAPERS, SASH and DOORS  OUR  MOTTO���Burt    Mntirlal,   Thoroi'gli  Work, Ktitire Satisfaction.  --��',-....y���.  {fry /p 4bu   $aJ GU/uvfilu,  WWAsMtU, &W  w&Aj^U4msu^^v��^%  P��HQENIX  RE%VERY  "���-^���^���F  JULIUS MUKLLER, Pkopkikior.  V &N Piiiil!.B,S6,  J. C. GOUPJLL,  Agent,  Phoenix Street.  ChoK'O Wines,.Liquors and Cigars  always  in  eto(jk. r.JIoiiid'bv dav or wt<Mfc.   One trial and  Hold  yon w ill reiii'etljbe'r The Maple Leal Forever.  Ironsiitfes  Ave;  ��������  gregg k Mcdonald, fto^sssas  All the best hotels in Phoenix serve Phoenix Beer.  Patronize home Industry and  drink Phoenix Beer.  Cor. Standard Avenue and Banner Street.  PHOENIX, B.C.  ���CJ-<W*t(tMir��>,_H.'��>-rfl ��t��Pt<MVH��l -��  m- AGENTS   FOR   DOMINION COPPER  COMPANY'S ADDITION TO PHOENIX  Choice Business and Residence Property in   all parts  .. ' '..���'���'"'V ,.',;,'.:" . J '''"' '     of  the' City.   =====  ���v_  Prophesied  -o-  \ T AST APRIL we prppHcsicd tHat rityrcnix  ���L*; &e shipping more^ British  Columbia before the end of tlie year.  Over  250^000   tons of <tit ti^  over the Phoenix branch of the C P;R. since July^ l?(W-|-one yearf and this  camp is today producing more ore than any m  t'HOKNIX 'WILL SUM' A< MUCH OHK IX Hull AS ALL OTHER CAMPS -IS BIUTISH COLUAIBIA lOufeTHfilL;'  |.i I no ��� It'll yon toii.etliim: .innriMilio.it I'lmi'iiix ami itf< |tnsHil>iliti��'H fur iiiveMim'iit.   O.iiu't.i.oiHlrM'*! pryiiiptlv nii;wi*fi.il.  PHOENIX. B. C.  ��� ���  ���  ���  FRANK GOFORTH, Prop.  The Be.it App'oin'te'd and Equipped  Hostlery in the  Houndary.  0 _��H��-��.0 ���"'���tf  1 "TTMIS��� ]io|inlnr riwort  I  I Sl��p���� | WINES, LIQUORS, and CI6ARS.  J nliilicil' with    nil  the J  ���.__���_ '        , *���  ���,_���_���--  ����������. uc.umi 1...1.1; |     ,,    iMpOK'I'lil) and DOMESTIC.  i it  I Dhiliitice   Telephone  i cotlriicclion   with  ��* offic -ami l�� hrn.rti  tent Cor Hinge mid  , wny trnlfic; nii.l <  I altcntio'i ii . islven  tn I  I the comfort ai'd con. J  l-wiilvnce   of limruim. I  j TJie liolel I"1 ��<--t" <���'''��� 1  I ,|nri!��l I)}' Hit: addition  i of fifteen nicely fur  f ninlicd rocms,  ; j Comfortable Sample |i ���e Pu"!'  *''���*�������  -    ���     ������ * '  "Regnecllii y Su died.  ^   Rooms for ��� j> '���  Commercial Travelers  We aim to please our present luetic trade mid  dcHeree more.  J Dominion:, Avk.,;   PHOENIX, B. C.*  Chance for jMoney Making in  in the West,  IN   THE  GREAT HELB OF MIMM  Call lor, Braliy Vounf Men, aid Many Ob.  porlunltlet ;Ar.- Awaiting Such. H  Backed by Capital.  W Butte Cafe  SEHLDay  ....Night  First-Class Dining Room with Private  Boxes for Families. Home Cooking.  Only the Hesc of Everything to be  found in the Markets.  Game in Season.  GEO. W. BLAKE,  MAN.U.KK.  Of ��� ������������������������^������������������������������������^���������OOC ��������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� <"  PALACE   LIVERY   STABLE  Stage and Transfer Line,  PHOENIX,  Stage leaves   Phoenix   lor   Green-  t.ood   ��S a. m.  Leaves (Ireenwood    .. .. 10 .1.   m. ,  Best turnouts in the'Bonn2ary.    Horses \yell suited for  COLLINS & HcGILLIS, Props.  Leaves l'hoenix     I.eaves'fireenwood....  B. C.  11>. in.  4 p. in.  long drives  Hint there are, greater,opportunities  j today in the. mining'world ot'.'the west  iur the blight and brainy young man,  is alily set lortlt in'the following article  that lately appeared;in the American  Mining News, Of New York' City.  /Every man, is toiling:for. money in  some form, say? a western exchange.  Our eastern cities are overrun with  nitjiiey. slaves;.thousands on thousands  who are toiling t'mni morning to night  who make a Jiving, and.some over.  But with all their usual wants supplied they are not'..satisfied. The process of hionev-rnaking in the east is  liow most expertly to get the money  out of another man's' pocket into your  own. Of course, the process is disguised by the general amenities of  business cotujesy, but it is still the  same Old operation. Yet withal, they  are not satisfied. '/������.���-.  Now,how inuch easier and pleasanter  is the operation out, west, where the  money is taken out of the ground and  each time it is a new bundle ol: wealth  that is taken out���-from a practically  inexhaustible supply. Mining is a  leading, industry, and the process of  money-making in this business is' the  conveiting of.muscle and brains (for it  Tlie date of the contest js Septeiiiber  23, bin owing to,the nuniher of teams  that are expected '6 enter, it may not  be possible to ..complete it until the  following, day. The contest will -be  for teams, and to keep irresponsible  parties out, an entrance fee of $10 for  each team will be charged. .Secretary  Clipson, of the Jubilee, has the matter  in charge,1 and announces the following lilies:  1. Time of contest, 15 minutes. Tor  each team.  2. Change from .'hammer to drill  .���very minute.  3. In changing from hammer to  drill the man on the hammer is allowed one blow after his,, partner lets  go ot the drill: in other words, positively no fostering allowed.  4. l'ii'teen pieces of' j^-ind, steel  allowed to each team.  5. liitts on steel must'hot measure  less than Ji-inch across the point.  6. h'otir inches allowed for a bitt on  steel; that is, a drill .must not be  swedged back over four inches from  the point of'lhebitt.  7. Hammers must not"weigh over  seven pounds apiece.  8. If any team shall, drill through  the rock before the 15 minutes are up  they shall start a new bole. Broken'  steel in hole or fifchered drill is no ex-  cii.-se for starting new hole.  9. Each team i.s allowed a! timekeeper, a coacher and a   wale.' tender.  Mr. King to Leave the Snowshoe.  Residents of Phoenix will regret to  hear that IV \V. \V. King is to sever  his connection with the Snowshoe  mine office. Mr. King is a cousin of  George S. Wateilow, chairman of the  syndicate who recently transferred tbe  mine to"the new Snowshoe-, Gold and  Copper'.'.Mines, Ltd.. and whose interest in Phoenix is well known. Mr.  King was selected by the directorate  in London to come out to ���l.'hoeiii.xas  managing clerk at the .Snowshoe..just  before   Mr.   McMillan,   the managing  PAID $Z,.*<I ON RUBV BONO.  Dclrolr CapitaliiU lo Develop Boundary Fall*  ���',.   Property. ",':   ���  Over a month ago K. \V. Hayes, of  the First National Hank, of Detroit,  Mich., with Wayne (Jhoate, a prominent mining engineer, spent several  days in examining piojxSrtics in the  Houndary. Among others they looked  at ihe Ruby claim, near Boundary  Falls, owned' by Geoige Cook and W.  G. McMynii, of Greenwood, where  .ionic high grade copper-gold ore-had  been discove ed in prospecting. ���,'������'���.  W.T. Smith secured anojition on |  the property, and transferred it to Mr.  Hayes, representing the Detroit people.  The amount, of the bond was reported  as $<)o,000, and last week it is said  that a cash , payment of $2,000 was  made on the bond.  Work was at once started by J. W.  Hamilton to prospect the property,  and suitable bunk and boarding houses  were erected; The properly will sooii  be equipped with a compressor and  other needed niachinery and will be  systematically developed. The Ruby  is located near the site of the Standard  smelter, on Boundary Falls, and the  adjoining claim, the American Hoy,!  had rich ore shipped from it in 1894  bp Howard C Walters and associates  to the Everett-smelter." Even with the  expensive transportation'then entailed,  a good profit was left for the owners.  ���\. It is understood that Mr. Hayes  also thinks favorably of the Gem  claim, located in Wellington camp, 1 j^mice'  not far from the Athelstan, which is  also owned by Geo. Cook..  i   . ..'>:":'������' i1HiSERAL':ACT.,   '���'...���.;  t Certificate ol ImprovemeaU.  "..,' : ���   notick. ":������������' '. ''���';'     ',r  Wh:cllll|t .Mineral    luiiin Hlt'lnte ill the K-rttlc  hlvcr MlniiiK OiviK.'on ���( Yule Dixtrlct  , Whereilociilcd: In (irctuwocd enmp.. ;,  Take iinltce thnt: I, OtorceSW. Kiilubcrifer,  KK-�� Miner's 1 erllficulc >o. �� *>,jW, for mywlf  and agent fur John .Mulllijaii, Free Miner'* Cer-  llficnteNu: H; 40,328, Intend ��lxty dnyn from the  dute licri'of loHjipl)' 1" the mining recorder fur *  certificate i.f linpruveiiiciitx. for the purucitc'uf  ulitaiiilng h crown grant of the above named  claim. ,  Aiid  further take notice, that nctiou, under  Heetlin 37; nt��M> l>e CFiininenced litfore the iKan-  auce of iiuch certificate of Improvement-).  Dateii this otli day of August 1901.  3��<8 (i. W. KtJMBKRGKR.  NOTICE  OF   DISSOLUTION.  Notice ia hereby given that the partnership  heretofore sub.��isting,lietween uh, the undersigned, as wholesale liquor merchants in the  too'ii of Cascade ��nd City of l'hoenix, British  Columbia, tinder,the nnnie, title and flrmiOf.V.  Monuier ft Co., has tills day been dissolved by,  mutual consent.. All debts owing to the said,  partueniliip are to be paid to Victor Monnler at.  l'hoenix aforesaid, and all claim* against the-  said partnership are to be presented to the said  Victor Mnnnier by wliom the same will he paid.  Dated this loth day of June, A. D., 1901.  D. W, MOKOAN. vl  Witness to the signature ol David Morgan,  A. M.WllITESIUB.  V.MONNIER.    1  AVitnesg tb the signal jre of Victor Monnier,  36-39        I). Whitksidk, ���  on  Kfmt...,  ir<insi<le*".��ddlti<!u  011 lots 19 and 3j,  block 11, Old  tntieClly of .CliJ.Milxi tii  JAPTI ICATION FOR TR'ANSFER-;  (;v  p^^iquorj^cense; ; :  , Notice Is hereby given that I wilt make np-  plicntiotitqthelwHrnori.icensingCoiniulssioiictii  of the City oKl'noeiiix at its next iheeliFig fur a  '.IriiliiferUffhfllqiiorlreuse nriw held tiy ntr, 10  Hell liquor'l��'. retail in the Knob Hill Mote!,Minute  --    "- ' stfVet.oli lots 19 and 3>, "      '   ^addition i to 11 e City    ...  M'. J. Morrison nnd Jaine* Andersou.  .   V.   . f,       \V. V. KKMIT.'i  Mated thtaVfi day of Seprtmber, A. I��., 19.i1. ������'  ��� TT"^ ' ;! ;  ���,���.���'  't  ���%���"-  >  ..-.���������  .-.  ��� ������'  *-:  X:  ������  :���.���.���  .��� ���������  m.^':h ,F;RAN���i;S;;-l>;  ���.  '������[-���';.    '���;.��� MANAGKR.���������..��� :��� .'"i'v -,���  ������������^������������^���������^���;��-M'^'4^44t^-t- ;,,:  HQI^l y jtayerjtoB, B> C.  A Comfortable Stepping Place  fa  the  Heart of the  West  ;Wrt:'��lnM'Vi|'-':- 'V  . , Plenty of Feed for Horses.  takes brains to iniue. successiullyj tJj'ej^^^r/UK-fo^E'hgllan-Fj"iMtTaiiraVid  da)-s ot   "pocket- luck.are practically j dmi|^ his residenC(f|lere |lb |ia��gaillcd  0000<X>nOr^O0O00OO0O0<X}OO0OOOO0OO(XX}O0OOOOCX>C0(^^  Iion Bottling Works.  Greenwood ��vnd  Phoenix, B.C.  j^ersjn... ^ines, Beer and Cigars  ��OI.K AOK.NTS 1'OK !  :<KICI1SU01{I.I>KN SKl.T- .  KK��* III.UK I.AUKL. lilt AND; j  fllK MOST 1IHAI.TII1-TI. ���  INI) KKi'RltSIIINO Olv-f  .tlNHKAl. AVATKRS. ���'  OKDKIIS TtY   TF.I;KI'HONK  .I'KOMI'TLY FILLED/' ;  J AS. McCREATH &'. CO.; Props.  Plumbing  & Tinning  Job Work Promptly Attended to.  Hl'ioeiiix street (Hack ���rivst..fflce.) V. & N. Phone No.  Phoenix, B�� C.  past) into money,-   which comes out of; the regard and esteem'of all wlio have  the  earth   in the form ot gold, stored '  there- by old daiiie nature..  The west  is   the  kind  oi gold, ot';uew gold,  of  VICTORIA  | Leading Hote^  Everything First Class, Electric Lighted,. Electric  Bells, Free Sample Rooms, Finest -Liquors aud  Cigars.  Old Ikonside-s Avknur,  B.C.-HOTEL CO.. Ltu., I'kops  I. 1M5UKMAN, Manackr.  - "   r .  PHOENIX, B.C.  ...HOTEL BROOKLYN...  (IJorm'erly the Metropolitan.) ;  venient sample  loom   ��ui   v  , ,  ' ���-     ciasS Cafe in �����^����m(iHlt McoU|RE  Con-  Firs t-  powerlul gold���powerful to create, to  buy, to satisfy, to aid in the pursuit  and relization of that which is constituted the goal of human endeavor���  happiness.    "*���  The eastener does not haveTo come  west loaded down with pick and shovel,  nor i.s it demanded that he is rigged in  blue shirt, slouch hat and high boots,  with a brace of six-shooters in his  belt. He can coine in a Pullman  palace car, 'alight 'ii any one of a  dozen tip-todate westerninining towns,  and can,enjoy .ill the opportunities' of  the most "advanced eastern life during  the period of; his" fortune-making..  Mining  i^' a business, a prolession,'  all art, rather than a labor.     There are,  many good mines here which are lack-]  ing  only   in  the matter of competent  business management-���companies supplied with' expert .supeiintendents well  versed in all, tlie technique of mining  to make of each a business success.  There   is'a  call'for brainy young  men. and there are any amount of opportunities .^waiting the advent of such  i men equipped .with mOney and brains.  |     't'he opportunities  of the organizer  land operatol (the man who. will  orga-  ! nize large mining schemes  and cany  j'jt.hem forward on legitimate  lines), are  great in the'west.    There is .the minting  shark   galoic,  but he is a species  [whose absence is much preferred. .  He  is year by year being weeded out and  i will   finally almost  t< tally  disappear.!  T'he field of mining is year by year be  coining cleaner  and   more  reputable  and  in   due , time  the odium of past  offences  will have been swallowed   up  in   the splendid   record of legitimate  btisincsss legitimately carried on.  Yes, we are all alter gold, but it is  new gold aiid gold that is much more  easily gotten. 'The earth gives up  much more readily than the man who  has made his money by knocking  down the other man and by practice  finds how necessary it is to guard with  selfish desperation what he has so in-  gloriously obtained. "The west, the  land of gold, is still unpeopled; its  fields aie still open to all.  been brought in contact .with him.  He has been energetic in working for  the hospital and English church build-  inn and has siiown a ready.; interest in  all that pertains to progress in l'hoenix, while both he and Mrs. King have  been welcome additions to the social  circle. It i.s hoped Mr. King will still  make Phoenix his .headquarters. '������'  James Breen' to Own a Hotel.  Anaconda, Mont., Sept. 6.-���James  Breen,' acting through Con Hayes, of  this city, who will be his partner, has  purchased the famous Gregson Springs  property, ten miles from,, Anaconda.  Last'" July the hotel and baths there  were burned; It'isTheThteiition of  the new owners to construct a splendid new hotel with accommodations  for.150 guests. A huge plunge and a  .sanitari'.:n\ to be in charge of a noted  specialist in rheumatics and kindred  diseases;.- will be established! In a  statement today Mr. iTayessays $ioo,-  000 will be expended, including the  purchase of 640 acres owned by Greg-  son Drotliers, which will Tie consolidated with 320 acres owned.;by Mr.  Hayes. 'The purchase price is private.  Mr. Breen i.s one of the best known  smelter men in the northwest. He  was lormerly manager of the 'Trail, B.  C, smelter, and afterwards manager  and part owner of the I.e. Roi smelter  at Northport, Wash.  Stoves and offices for'.' rent in,! the  the McMillan block. Apply to"Mc-  Arthur & Monk., *  ���..MINERAL ACT.',;-,,::..;;.  Certificate of Inprovci-eali.  . NOTICK, !���:;.' ."'������������   ���   '  Cracker Jack Mineral Claim, situate, in Kettle  Kiver MiniiiK Divialon, of Yale l>|Htrict.  Where1 located:   In Oreenwood Cnmp. ���  Take notice that I, George W, Kumberger,  Hrei Miners'Certificate No h 40.3SS. acting fOr  iiiy.selfaml agent for Harry Nash,.Free Miners'  Certificate No. 1> 41,428 intend, sixty days from  Ihe date hereof to npply to the minine-recorder  for 11 Certificate of Improvements lor the purpow'  orulitainiuga Crown Oriint of the above named  claim. .���  '.������;��� ,������,'���". ���. ;���  And farther take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the- is;  inuceof such certificate of improvements. ....  Dated this iit5i day of July, A, I)., ioo'i. '  35-44 Geo. W. Kumberof.h.  Go to'Zimmerman for . gold rings.  Opposite Eastern Townships Bank;  *��M��?^  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of ImproYeraeata.       -  ���':' ������',: ���      notick. '.; ���.'���'.:;;..  Moscow Minerat  laim. situate   in   the' Kettle  Kiver    Mining    Division   of Yale  District.  Where located :   In Greenwood   amp.  Take notice that I, George   W.' Rumberger,  ertificatr No. b 40,388, for myaelf  IFreeMinei's  .._. ��� ^_(J , ... _...,   and agent for J. F. Hcmcuway Free Miner' s er.  tificate No. b 401554 aud James Moran, Free Mill  er's   ertificat'e No       ,..,...    ,      froxi the date hereof to apply to: the mining re-  b 41,419, intend sixty day   "tdapplyto1 the mining re  ! corder for a certificate of improvements for the  AUCTION SALE!  Government  Town  Lots  Eholt and Fairview.  sn  CITY SCAVENGER  Leave Orders at City  Clerk's Office  .    .,  OVKR POST  l>om. Express Money Orders for sale   0.'.' rci?  PHOENIX  Mine Owners' Association Made Mistake.  We j;ive below a list of grievances  presented by tlie Hiitisl\, Columbia  Mining 'issociation, some of which  are solid enough. T'he taxation in ail  ambitious, uriiwinu province, with a  population still comparatively small, is  inevitably heavy, and it is not easy to  see how it can be reduced to any considerable extent. Some of the legislative grievances are also serious,  though we think the association makes  a mistake in including among them  the requirement of statistical infoi illation, and the regulations concerning  the safety of mines ai.d hoisting machinery. If these clauses had been  omitted, the memorial would have  been stronger.���Engineering and Mining Journal.  Notice ia hereby given that, under .instiuc-  tion*, 1 will offer lor sale at Public Auction at  the government- office, Fairview, on Saturday,  the 71st September, iust.. at 2 o'clock p. m.. the  following town lots iu the  Townsite of Faii*view,  viz..,  RIock 22, Lots'1 to 36.. '  Mock 23, Lots 1 to 36.  Mock 24, Lots 1 to 36.  Illock 25, Lots i to 36. ���'  Block 2(3, Lots 1 to 3<i.  Block 27, Lots 1 to 36.  Block =S, Lots 1 to 3a.  Block 29, Lots 1 to 18.  I lock 30, Lots 1 to IS.  And at Kliolt on Wednesday, the 25th September, inst., at 1 o'clock p. in., the following town  lots in the  Townsite of Fholt,  viz.,  f Block   5, Lots   1 to 24.  l'.Uck  9, Lots   1 to 24  Illock 14, Lots   1 to 14.  Hock 14, Lots 17 to 24.  Illock 16, Lots   1 to 24.  block 20, Lots   1 to 24.  Terms 20 per cent cash; balance tu ten da vs.  L. NORMS,  Assistant Commissioner of  Lauds and Works.  Government Office, Vernon, Sept. 7, 1901.  purpose of obtaining u'crown grant of the above  named claim. :  -v.  Aud further take notice that action, under Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance  of such certificate ol improvements.  Dated this 22nd day of June, A. V., icoi.  3>4i Gko. W. Kuubbrgrk. !  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of ImproveMcnte.  NOTICK.  "Oronoco" and "Yukon"  Fractional   Mineral  Claims, situate in the Keltic River Mining  Division of Yale District.    Where located:  Greenwood imp. ,  Take notice' that I, George W. Rumberger;  Free Miner's ertificale No. b 40.31S8, intend si*ty  daya from the date hereof to apply to the Mining  Recorder for certificates of improvement for the  purpose of obtaining crown grants for the above  named claims.  And further take notice that action, under Section 37, must lie commenced liefore the issuance  of such certificates of improvement.  Dated this 22nd day of Juue. A. D., 1901.    ,  35-41 GKO. W. RUMIIEHGER  EASTERN  NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION  XOTICK is hereby given that the partnership  It* rctofore subsisting between Slinn it Mc acne  as bukcrs in the city of Phoenix, 1ms this day  dissolved by mutual consent. Alt debts owiugto  the said firm to be paid to J.S. McCag le, by  whom alt accounts will tic settled .  Dated at l'hoenix, II. C, July 31,1901  STl-1'HKN SI.1NX,  IAMKSS.    cCAOUK  Witness :   THOS. I. RYAN  MINERAL ACT.  Certificates of liaprovemeati.  NOTICE.  Alma Fractional and Kairptay Fraction MineVai  laims.   Situate  iu    Grand   Forks Milling-  Division of Yale District.   Where located:���iu  Greenwood camp, east ofthe City of Phoenix.  Take    notice   that I, John.   Louis,Grahame  Abbott acting as agent for the British Columbia  (Rossland and Slocan) Syndicate, Limited, Free  Miner's certificate No. b 41161, intend 60 days  from the date   hereof to apply to the Mining.  Record    for certificates of Improvements for the  purpose orobtaining a' Crown Grant of each of  theabove claims.  And further take notice that action under section 37 must be commenced before the issuance  of such certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 26th day January, 1901.  36 J. L G   ABBOTT.         ,,-, 1 I      '������ - ������  ..;':' .���;���','���:���������''ESTABLISH!?I) 1859..-'  CAPITAL - -: - - $2,000,0.50  CAPITAL, PAID UP - $1,742,535  RESERVE FUND  ��� , -   $1,050,600  'i' :    BOARD OF DIRECTORS: ,    "  ������������''���, .''-,.t i   R. W.'IIknf.khk, President.      -  'Hon. M.:II. Cochhank, Vice-Prcs.      ,   '  . Israeli Wood, J.S.Mitchell. G. Stevens,  J.N...  Galer, 'N. W.  Thomas, C.  11.   Knthau, II.  B.  Brown, K.C. ,,..���-.' ,;  ;   HKAD OFFICK, SHKRBROOKK, P. Q,  ������'������'-Wm-.-' Farwbi.1.,   Gen'l  Mgr.,  Jas. Mackinnon,  Assistant Gen'l Mgr.  S, Edgeu.',   Local Mgr.,  S; F. Morev, Inspector of Branches.  :, , BRANCHKS.  In Province of Quebec���  Montreal, H. Austin, Manager. (  .Waterloo, W.I. BriggsJ Manager.  ,   Rock Island, S.Steveas, Manager.  iCowansville, H'.'F. Wiltiaais.' Mgr.  . Coaticook, 15. N. Robinson, Manager.  .:'.. Richmond, W. L. Ball, Mgr. -i:->  Granby,'W.H. Robinson. Mgri  ;   : Bedford, E.W.Morgatt,Mgr.      '   ��� ;'���   .���������.':.  1        Huntingdon, A. W. Watson, Mgr.  '       Magog, K. P.'Olivier, Mgr.  -."   St. Hyacinthe, J. Laframhoise, Mgr.  Orilistown, W. H. Hargrave, Mgr.  Iu Province of British Columbia���  Grand Forks, Win. Spier, Mgr   .  Phoenix, F.'W. Slack, Acting Mgr.       ���'  Agents   in    Canada, Tiank  of  Montreal   and  Branches.  "     Loudon, Kug., National Bank of IScotland.  "     Boston, National Kxchauge Bank.  '���     New York, National Park Bank.  Collections   : niade at   ail   accessible    points.  Drafts issiied for any rerpiired amounts, good at,  all points' in Canada,   U.S. and  F.urope.    Kxchauge bought and sold.  Savings -Branch    Department    at    Kach  .OFFICE.  Interest allowed from date of deposit aud compounded annually without requiring attention of  depositor.  Office Hours: 10-3; Saturday from lo to 1.  Sp6kai��� fi idlortten  NELSON &   FORT   SHEPPARD  JiEDJUOUNTAMR'y.  The only all-rail route between all points east,  west, arid south to Rossland, Nelson aud all intermediate points; connecting at Spokane with  the Great Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R. &  N. Co.    ��� ' ,. ���   ���  Connects at Nelson witli steamer for Kaslo and  all Kootenay Lake points.  Connects at Meyer's Falls with stage daily for  Rcpubtlc, and connects at Bossburg with, stage  daily/or Grand Forks and Greenwood.  BufTet Steeper run ;ou passenger trains between Spokane and Northport.  KFFKCTIVK SUNDAY, MAY 5, 1901.   .  Leave. Daily Train Arrive.  9:00a. m ...Spokaue 7:35 p. m.  .2:50a. m Rossland :....4:io p. m.  9:1s a. 111 Nelson ...7.15 p. 111.  c H.A.JACKSON,  Gen ral Passenger Agent  HALCYON HOT SPItlNGS HAXiTAKUiM.  The most complete Lj C i I T U  on the continent of North " �����������*'�� *��� ' "���  America. Situated midst p. C C fl P T I  scenery uiirivulled ior gran- " t w W M I  tleur. Boatinp, Fishing and Kxcursions. Resident Physician aud Nurse. Telegraphic communication with all parts of tbe world ; two  mails arrive and depart every day. Its baths  cure ail nervous and muscular diseases; its wut-  er.i heal all Kidney, Liver anil Stomach Ailments.  Terms: $15 to $iU per week, nc'ordiug. to. residence in hotel or villas Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake B.C.  ��� ���������eoeaoe����i��e9ee����e��a9��i��uevo*��oe��9����o����a<��a����i>��F9��e��9  ROSS AND M'LEOD AT SPOKANE.  Will Try to Earn $500 In 15 Minutes at Rock !  Drilling.  Ross and McLeod who won first  prize, $i75iin the rock drilling contest at Phoenix on Labor Day, have  entered   for  the  big, contest   to take  Spokane  Elks   have  set  aside the  Growing by Leaps  and' Bounds.  The development of the advertising  interest has been so remarkable that  it has commanded the attention of the  American Statistical Society, to which  Dr. Sidney A. Sherman has made a  report with the following estimates:  Amount spent for newspaper advertis-  .sum of $1,000 to be devoted to a rock  drilling contest during their coming  Jubilee, September 10 to 24. Practically all ol this will go for prizes, and  wj,ILbe divided, into $500, first; $300  second; $100, third, nnd $e,o,. foortli.  ng  111   1867,  about $10,000,000;   in  place in Spokane Saturday, Sept. 23.   \ Amour  he)ing  in  1880, about $39,000,000,; in 1890  about $71,000,000; and iii 1900, about  $150,000,000. A large .part of this  increase has been due to the conversion  of many varieties of business men to a  belief in tbe need of publicity.  That's Our Business  The Job Department of the Phoenix Pioneer is fully  equipped to turn out the BEST QUALITY of Stationery  for any kind of business. Special attention paid to work  for Mines.    Stock, the best;   quality, the highest gTade.  ADDRESS:  THE PHOENIX PIONEER,  ���Phone No. 14.  PHOENIX, B. C.  e'(��(}c����e��9������eo��scci��<j9oeoc��st>a-s����aooQoe��o����<*o��*��>90��9t9  ..EXCURSIONS..  SIXTY DAY LIMIT TO BUFFALO VIA ALL RAIL LAKH  HOUTK   SOO LINE  Via .st-  I'm. I  (W Oliimno  Sept. 3-17.  Oct. l-l  THROUGH SLEEPING CAR  KOOTENAY 'L'ANDINU TO  TORONTO: ONE CIIANGK  TO BUFFALO   Kor Time-tables   ratts   and   full  infunnatio'.i  cail on or address nearest Uical agent, or  O. W. Dey,  Agent,  Phoenix, B. C.  E. I.C'oyi.k,.  A.G.l'.Agt.  Vancouver, !!.(.'.,  J. .S. Cvrtkr. P. P  Nelson, B. C.  A,  ;';>:l|lp::  ���^���������hmrnb.-  '   ������������������;'��� ���.������'htifimv "  :.: : :.',���:;������������ ii^feM.S ���:���-  -4.o:,m #s%l  ���������"���. :'f'!:rMiW^S:  -;s:iir  :.:-5',::,:^fe:  -���:���:.���'������ :-4$:5f..S '*;<���:,  ���';/.".���'.-'i'-'-'iii^^v'^  ':"��� ������������:������'���:���!i^|^:  ���������,'.:. ������-..i^&m ?*-���-������  �����W:  J^-HJBWflJtSH^^  <JW39^TilgfflBFPfld_WgF^ THE PHOENIX PIONEER.  .- i  - ( * l  '" '���'A. ,  ~\   *���    \* r  r'x^v'-f  ���vfc'-  i-'j   '  ta# j ,'  ti'  v.,,-*  >%&=.  ��*&&��&  If yot�� want tte Vety Best  GROCERIES and FURNISHINGS  ���SfSsGOTOssSy   LAW-McQUAlfl   COMPANY.   Limited  ,-OPPOSITE OLD  IRONSIDES HOTEL.  ;��&&?  ^��^^  SEARS'   GENTS'   FURNISHINGS.  DRY GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES;  ===���  Having decided to close out our Dry Goods We are  now offering our Entire Dry Goods Stock at COST, in-  cludino- Carpets and Bed Sheeting. Still have a few Nobby Shirt Waists'left, although are going fast. Boys' and  : Gent's Clothing Away Down. Don't overlook our Choice  Gent's Neckties, justreceived.  For Fine Fitting Suit of Clothes or an Winter  Overcoat, made up in the latest style and with the  best trimmings; call on  McAULIFgE,   THE   TAILOR  " "Opposite the Post .Office.  Who carries a large stock of Fine English, French and Scotch Tweeds and  Serges.   Only union h( ��lp employed. ,  CHAS. SEARS, Manager.  <mMMM&fts<&sftS4  ^mmmsmmmm!  See Mellor foi paints and oils.  Reasonable i.ites far rooms in lSe|.v  hay block,.Dominion Avenue.   vT  If you wish a fust class cigar, calj  for the Miners' Union.    ~ *  f The Local Grist   I  ��� "   Dr. Mathison, dentist, Greenwood.  Both 'phones. *    ' '   -  VV. B. Cochrane has';been attending to legal business in Rossland,this  week. , ,'1  Jupiter Pluvius has .been doing a  good deal of business to this vicinity  this week.  Managing Director. Piewman, ofthe  Winnipeg mine, spent last Sunday at  the property.  Guy Ross left for Spokane , on  Thursday's train, where he will spend  the winter.  i J. E. Boss, of Toronto, after spending a couple of days in camp, left  again for the east.  / Nitrous oxide and oxygen for pain-  lesS'extraction of teeth at Or. Mathi-  son's.    Both phones.     -     > *  Joe Gillis will start next week on a  trip to Franklin camp, at the North  ��� Fork of Kettle river. ,  R. B. Kerr, with Mrs. Kerf, will  leave early next week for a visit to the  Spokane Inter-State' Fair.  Go to Zimmerman for watches,  clocks and jewelry. Opposite Eastern  Townships Bank.  Rev. J. M.  Millar, pastor of St.  Andrew's church, occupied the Presbyterian pulpit in Columbia last Sun-  1 day.  r August Jackson, of Rossland, owner  of the Central h'ctel,"c_nTe in 'orTSatur-  day's train; and spent the week in the  city.   ��� -' ���  -; Paul-Johnson and Engineer Thomas,'  , of the B. C. Copper Co.,' were , taking  a look at the mines in this .camp this  week. ,   ' .        ,. ,'  Mrs. ;J. B.1 Boyle, wjfitVof.the well  known druggist, returned last Saturday from a several months' visit to the  ' coast, -v ������*  Methodist.services will be held tomorrow in "^the old school house as  , usual.-..,Sabiath   school   at ,3 p.m.  Preaching "at 7:30 p. m;   Rev. Geo.  A. Kinney, pastor,     ,  E. \V. Monk,' of the firm of-H&  Arthur & Monk, left last Wednesday  for a trip to points along the line of  the new railway building into the  Boundary from Marcus/ :    T  ,'     '(  C. H. Eschbaugh, of Rossland, representing the Scranton Correspondence Schools, was in town several  days this ,week conferring with the  students in this camp.  Mrs. S_. A. McCormack left last  ������ Saturday for .a. visit to Spokar.e-and  her old home at Boise, Idaho!   While  en route sheplaced her two daughter's  in school for the winter. ut  Services tomorrow in St. Andrews  Presbyterian church as usual 11 a. m.  and 7.30 p., m~ Rev. J. M. Millar,  pastor. A cordial invitation is extended to all to be present. s   ������ . " '  .Rains' this week have-, somewhat  'hindered operations on the new $15,-  000 Bank block being erected by'  Smith Bros. Nevertheless the superstructure is growing steadily.'-"'  V-  It is expected that the winter time  ITS CARNEGIE  New Townsite in the Similkameen. l  CHANCE   FOR   GOOD   INVESTMENT  Ctitrtlly Located, Near Several Rich Camps,  art Uafoabtedly Posmimi Maiy At>  raatafes.  was anplied for and granted to persons  who have had every opportunity of  judging for themselves tlie cnoimous  freight that will be handled 111 theneai  future, and*their application was made  so that they < ould use the charter for  a practical end and not for hawking  purposes.  All applications should be aadressed  to John Meikeljohn, i'.O. Greenwood,  B. C, and accompanied by a cheque  or a postoffice order for the number  of shares recjuiied.  IN THE SUPREME COURT OK  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  tabled theC. P. R. will V* WMofe^^  ^effectthis year somewhat, earlier, than  usual, so that in the course of two or  " three weeks it may be looked for.  H. N. Galer, assistant to the man-  pagers ofthe Granby Co., came up from  Grand  Forks on Wednesday in connection with the new water (system for  Phoenix, in which he is interested.    )  N. G. Slack is now acting > manager1  of the branch of Eastern Township*  Bank in Phoenix,  and will probably  remain till the arrival of the newly appointed manager from the east    F. C.*  Slack, who lias occupied  this rjo'sition  for the last few mouths, is &ow  con:  , nected with the Grand Forks branch  of the same bank. '?,  It is reported that owing to the  shifting nature of the soil it is probable  the contemplated tunnel on the V., V.  , and E; at Cascade will be changed to  an open cut.'' 'Should this be done the  cut will be over 1,000 feet long, 75  feet deep and about 300 /eet wide at  the top, requiring the removal of nearly  400,000 cubic 3'ards of earth,  Aji entertainment was   given   last  night at  Miners' Union  hall by the  ladies   of  the   Presbyterian   church  After a short programme, which   wa.  , well received, a laughable farce, " The  Mouse Trap," was rendered, and kept  . the audience in a roar: - Refreshments  ' were served, and all present report  having had a most enjoyable time.  jMusic  was ftfrnished by the Phoenix  .'B^ass Band.  Mr.Kearney favored with  a violin solo, as did also Miss New-  lands on the piano.  Among the townsites recently pro  jected there are said to be none more  meritorious that Carnegie. Mr. John  Meiklejohn, of Greenwood, a gentle  man of energy'and experience, is the  projector of the enterprise and as his  name is synonomous with success it is  certain that Cainegie will come lapidly  to the front. The syndicate which is  being formed purposes acquiiing a  tract of land close to the chain of  lakes at the headwaters of Twenty and  Sixteen Mile creeks, in the Osoyoos  mining division of Yale distiict. Three  hundred and twenty acres have been  applied for. The proceedings taken  up to the present time are in  full accordance with the land act, but  a survey of the ground is immediately  requireaMn, order that a plan may be  sent to the chief commissioner ot lands  and works, and it is to defray the cost  of the survey and to meet the government prices of land, - together, with  oth'e"r incidental expenditures that the  vendor is forming the syndicate.,' The  capital is $6,000 divided into 60 shares  of $ioo each, and 30 shares are offered  at preKeht'for subscription. A number of Boundary men ' have already  taken shares. s   ..,   ,  It is alrriost superflupiis'topoint out  the large profits which are within reach  of the syndicate, but as a mere matter  of calculation, take a conservative estimate of eight lots to ; the acre. This  would allow for streets and alleys, at  say, $100 per lot; this would mean 320  acres by eight, by $too/ giving $250,-  000; substracting 25 per cent for government "lots leaves $64,000; the assets of the. syndicate would show a  value of $192,000. This calculation  does not take .into consideration the  high premium on lots which, -us likely  to ensue with-the growth of :the~town-  site|s importance and its surroundings.  The,site is conveniently and centrally situated in one of the very best  and. richest portions of what is commonly-* known as the Similkameen.  Within a radius of'fout miles there is  jhe now famousCamp Hedtey, which  embraces the property which theNickle  Plate owners are" developing, Riordan  mountain, which has large deposits of  copper sulphide ore," Red Mountain,  the principal part of which is owned  arid worked, by a NeW York syndicate  known as the Keremeos. Copper Co.,  Pearson, mountain' (sometimes called  Independence- mountain) which has  fljany large and wonderful showings of  "various.; kinds; Apex - Summit,   where  Constable Dinsmore was in town  from Grand Forks last Saturday.  ' The new pastor of the Baptist  church in Greenwood is Rev. McLeod,  now of Kamloops.  It is announced that the assayeis of  the province will meet at Nelson November 8th for the purpose ot loiming  an organization." '  The electiic light people are building a line on Knob Hill avenue, to  supply St. Andrews Presbyterian church  and the Pioneer office.  Students rates to Toronto and Montreal.���For bona fide students, 18  years or under, the Canadian Pacific  Railway will' issue tickets from Plioe  nix to Toronto at $33.10, to Montreal  at $36.80. Tickets on sale till 20th  of September. Full particular from  O. W. Dey, Agt., Phoenix, and J. S  Carter, I). P. A., Nelson, B. C.  BUSINESS MENTION.  doois  and  *  with satisfactory results; Summit Camp  or Yuniman's, where there are a number of imjiortant claims, some of which  are noted for their deposite of mage-  tile carrying coarse'Yree gold. It is in  this camp that Mr. Bullock-Webster is  representing English capital in development work. '      '   i  There is no doubt left in the minds  of any'person who has investigated the  value of the oie and the size of the  ore bodies, as.to the immense mineral  wealth they demonstrate to possess,  and all have confidently stated that  this * locality has a future' which is  second to none in the entire province.  Mr. Wm. Fleet Robertson, the provincial mineralogist, is 'among the  many who have examined this section  of the'country and left it with an enthusiastic opinion, of its capabilities  and scope.  The Ukes in the vicinity have abund-  ance.of water to supply, if necessary, a  population of 50,000. Any of the adjacent mining camps can be easily and  comfortably reached without a disagreeable climb; this is a favorable  feature which is not the general case  with townsites in this country. A well  built wagon road, connecting the  Nickle Plate mines with Penticton,  passes within a few yards of the northern bouridary of the site, and being in  such a central'position, the various  trails to the surrounding mines concentrate here.  A Dominion charter has been granted  *to build a railroad fiom the Nickel  Plate mines to Penticton, This charter  Call on Mellor foi sash,  glass  Ask for the Miners' Union Cigar.  Clear Havana Filler. f  Dr. Simmons,' dentist, Rendell  Block, Greenwood. V. & N. phone <)(>.  Mellor .does painting. *  Furnished rooms for rent in the  Delahay blork, Dominion avenue.  Good comfortable 100111s at reasonable rates, at Norden hotel, Dominion  avenue. ^ *  Ask for the Miners' Union cigar.  Clear Havana filler. *  Paper hanging by Mellor. *  Mellor uses only the best material  and employs union labor. ���*  if*  Sej Almstrom & Here -at. the Norden hotel. Dominion avenue.  ���      *  If you wish a first-class cigar call for  the Miners' Union. *  Good comfortable rooms at reason  able rates, at Norden hotel, Dominion  avenue. ..''���' *  For Sale���5-Octaye Piano. Apply  to Mrs.W. B.Willow, Grey Eagle ave.  Mellor sells wall paper. *  Apply to  t  Fresh Hazelwood ranch- Eggs and  Butter at'Reeves,'���lower town.  For Sale���Double Spring and Mat  tress cheap.    Inquiie at Pioneer office.  For Sale���Spring Chickens, $6  a��id $7 per dozen. Mrs. W. B: Will-  cox, Grey Eagle Ave., 'Phone No. 15,  Lodging house   to rent.  McArthur & Monk  House sr�� Lot for Sale.'  Por sale 4-room house and lot on  Knob Hill avenueVbetween First and  Second street.    Apply to owner.  John'' Ausi *d.  IN Till'. HATTKK 01-THK LAND  KKCISTKV  A'TSANO AMKKMNO  ACTS, AND IN  TIIK MAlTlvHofniKlnmilicotloii liy ilic  Ornnliy Cuimultilntcil Mlnliijtmut Smelting  '   Compiui) 1 Limited, mul Tile (iriiiitiy Coii-  fdilldatcci   Mining   .smelting    urn!   I'owir  Company, Limited, fur lijierty tu nidvml or  niter a plnii ot  mmey of, a  suli.livUon of  Lots tlK'I'l liumlrcd nnd ninety-four (ifyj),  nine hundred mid tHciit}-tuo (972), nine  hundred nnd lliirtj-three (9J3)miil hvu I11111-  died und el��hl) nine ($&)), Croup Out (1),  Osoyoos Division of Ynle District in the  I'lotincc of Kritish Colnii|biit, deposited In  the  t.nnd Registry   office ut the City of  KnmloopK, in the Mild Proi-lnce, nnd therein numbered sixlv (60) j  Mich siilKlhiMon  l��eiii(r commonly known ns "IMipcnix, old  Ironsides MiUlivision."  LKT nil parties concerned attend the Judge 111  Chninoers, nt the Court House.Grnnd Porks, f.t;.  on Thursday the .Viutteenllt day t.f September,  A. I). 1901,nt the hour of eleven o'cloitt 111  the  forciiOF 11,011 the hearing of nu application 011 Ihe  pnrt of The O run by Consolidated   Mining mid  .Smelting ' omp.ili), LlniiUd, and The Orutiby  ''ousolidnted Mining, smelling nnd 1'ouer Company, Limited'for nn order that Ihe applicants  be at liberty to amend und alter the nbme mentioned plan or sun cy hy straightening out Old  Ironsides Avenue mentioned and hhewu onsnicl  plan nr survey by continuing the snld street or  avenue from the northwest comer of J.ot fourteen  (14), iu Illock twelve (13), as shown on H.ild  plan  or survey to Sci'ool stieet, as shewn on Slid ptnu  or suriej, hiithe samestrnight linens that portion of snld street 01   avenue which .lies to the  east uf said northwest corner of said Lot fourteen  (14), as shown on .said plan or Mirvej, and by  altering and amending the measurements and  sires of Lots fiteeu and tweiit}-imie (15 and 39)  inclusive iu sal i Block twelve (13) nccordinglv,  nnd by cancelling such portion of said plnn 01  survey us subdivides nuy pirl of snld subdivision  or luuds lying to the souCh <f such portion of  said street or avenue proposed to be uttered nnd  amended, such alterations and amendments he-  ng 11101 e particularly shoun  in  red  Ink on n  blue print ofthe said plan 01 survey altered and  amended as sought on tins n|)|ilic,illou   111(1.kid  as     Kxhibit  1 "A"      to      an      affidavit      ot  Oeorgc    W.      Wooslei      sworn     liircui    and  y    filed;   and     for    an    order    (lint    the  icants be at libertv to file' und eleuosit snld  <ld n-led plan Or survey 111 the Liud "Registry  Office at theCitv of Kamloops iifmes-nd  ANUKKW Ll-HMY.  Iu support of tills application will lis read the  affidavit or Cieoige \V   Wcoster, sworn  herein  this 13th day of (September,190], ami dill} filed  D.Ucd the Thirteenth day ofSsptember, 191)1.  This summons was ttiki 11 out by H> 111 i  tJ   S  lleisterman. ofthe firm ut Macdonal.1 K llcister-1  man, of l-irst Street, Grand Forks, H. C , solici,  tor for the applicant.  To nil parties interested on tlrs application :  I OO OROKR th.it the within siiiiinmns be  served by publishing the same in one lisue of tin1  l'hoenix IToneer, and by seeing copies hereof  on theUty Clerk orthe Coftxfratlon ofl'hoeinx,  and by posting copies on the oflic; cf ilir Orauhy  Consolidated .ilining, Smelting nud Power Com  pauy, Limited, nt l'hoenix, II. C, and In tlie post  office at l'hoenix aforesaid  Oated tins 13th day of September, 1501  ANDRKW J.I.AMY  See Almstrom & lU-ig at  the  Ftfejjjiotel, 1 tominion aventigijp  Nor-  ��� ���������������������������������������'������������������������������������  i D. ,0. MUNRO I  ���     ". SUCCESSOR TO��� - J  ; j. p. walker & co. :  Choice Cigars, Fresh Fruits,  and the Latest in 1 wspapcrs  and Periodicals.  Oiv -Fir n Oil*.  ��� DOMINION AVK��� OI'I'OSITK Hl'TTI.   ���  ��� no PHORNIX, B. C.  ���  ��� �����  ������������������������������������������������������������������������I*  ��� �����������t>*��**��*��***4*�� ����������������������������#*���'  �����**�������*���*,��,..(  j E&e Prospector's Exchange  ���' IF YOU HA\?�� AMINE or I'rosptct for SALK scud nsn fill repoit, with munpu-ii bf.  J   oie, stilting price anil ttrtn*    Our facilities Tor placing a propcitv  qnlrkly me iinrsccllril  ���    We iiinkeii ttpei'inU/ of fr.e in 111 m gobl properties    Correspoiideu.'e Sollc.ltd '  :  Address: Koom 4 K W-C Hi.k, Nclson.ll.C.   Andrew F. Itoscnberger, Mgr,  *�������������<��������������������*���<������*���<  ,�����**��������������������*<�����*�����***��������*����� �����**������>��*��������������������  ..Special Olferinp..  in Dominion copper Co. and Old  ironsides Temsiie Lois.  rv  $1850  Nets  and  Dandruff Cures  flebro's Rerpicide.  i CoKes Dandrult Cure  Ayers' Ihir Vi?or  Capillaris  faitocic Hi M  5 Hi Denever  'Cakes Lot and litiilding in l.ouer Tovmi.  $77-5�� l)er month.    Easy iciins.  <C>i OOQ  l'"or a good business cornei. iSuilding on same  S'~*J*J**'  pavs 3^ per cent on money.   This is ;i nnmei.  Some dioice coineis for sale on easy terms in both upper and  ^-   l(Jrt ei'' tow ns.  l-ots fni ������all'011 mi��v ti'iins in "New Y'irk" Ion unite.  We tntnenrt �� ci'iicrnl Hiokuniuc* ami Insurnnce' Bummcrs.  M'ARTHUR & MONK, Agents  OI'l'CU . OBAVS-Wll I I VMS  UlOCK.  V. O. Ilox. 33    1' ��. N- 'Phone, 52  A->/Vv>/Vv>/N-  p. uim ? a  I'KUtit^lSTS.  i&m&mi&mmsm  McRAE BROS. & SMITH  Leading Stationers  and Newsdealers   of PHOENIX  OflK nun fTC,  GRAVES-  WILLIAMS  BLOCK.  I1  I  V/  w  T  T  Cottage Hotel  J. E. Meagher, Prop.  The Finest to be had in Wines. Litjuors and Cigars.  NOR I'll  ENIi OK FIRST  STRKICr  HKIDCK.  riioKXixMir.  jSite-rt'scrvcii fl*  u-ntiite, and nt>- fjn  j.\ lrit-asiiri'S to    Mf  AT .function of Whipaaw Creek mul rfiniilknmeen River, nt the Inot of  Copper a,ntl.Kennedy mountaiii��, fumoiu fur tiieirenorimnH  slioiv  ing8ofCopperaiidGold ores, nine miles above Princi'lon.    ���<>pimt-  fielc! is tbe natural Smelter City arid miiiine center for Ibis ili^tiirt and  south to tbe inlet national btmndaiy.   Several bnmlrod  liorso power in  already developed in Wbipsavv Cieok.   l.a.rg,-  Smelter  ConI croppinKB and exposures nndei and silnonndinj; toni  goliations ate pending fur exploitation of ailjMnini? coal  tbe west.   Altjp extensive ranching, fruit and cattle rtiiding.-  Mrr Curtis1 has gone to supervise tho plAttinjj of lots an-1 will reserve for Phoenix and Greenwood imreluiper's exclusively a numliei of  the best lots oa'tho(business and ruiiilentUl strejt. First o'lOiee to  those lirst applying and paying a deposit to the iinden-iuned. Prices,  105, t85 and ifSO for lots on business streets, and ISO and *25 for lot* on  rebide'ntial stre�� ts. ...A liinite<l niimbei only will lie H<rM ill tbefe prices.  / TEKMb���One lialj rash',' bitUnce in six moritbs. Tbe hig boom in the  'Uppei Sinjlkaineen mining country is beginning.    Why  not 'be in jt ?  A ^OPPERFIELD TOWNSITE Co. m  T V-rf   ROBERT BARR, Agent, Bellevue Hotel, Phoenix      W  ..W. ZIMMERMAN..  ��\ ^ : n 1.^   ��*���1.  ^ -  ====-^-^--=-Oomplete Stock of=  WATCHES, CLOCKS  AND JEWELRY=  , Watch Repairing a Specialty.  SPECTACLES AND EYE GLASSES FITTED  si'Kisiir,  I'OWNsHIP.S  Opposi IK  Hank.  PHOENIX, B. C.  SMOKE  IC E L OWNA  CIGARS  UNION MADE  PHOENIX PRODUCE  CO.  Fruit, Produce and Groceries.  Fresh Goods Arriving Con-,  rimtally.  Prompt Delivery.;  v. <t N. Phone No 93  PHOENIX, B..C  ��� ���������������������������*������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������^     *���������������������<������������������������������������������������������������������ s����oa��*a��it*������o��0 ������������*'  Grand  Amalgamation  On Tuesday, September 17th  wc  will open our  Newly  Completed  Si  on Dominion Avenue with our  two 9tocks in one; together uith  a lot of new goods to band this  week.  TAKE NOTICE-We will also  have on hand a complete assortment of Crockery, Glagsnare,  I-Ainps,   Ktc.  JJf People's Cash Stores  Morrison-Anderson Block.      Baldwi n Block  f^ntmiiFFFli-yiiF^^  9  *>  ���  0  0  0  0  9  0  9  0  0  O  c  0  0  9  9  #  9  9  ���  9  9  9  e  9  9  9  O  9  9  9  9  9  9  0  9  9  9  e  o  o  9  e  0  Are Now ARRIVING. A Cordial Invitation is extended to  all to call and give them a general inspection. You will' find  a Nobby and Up-to-date Stock.fl  Diry Goods,   *TT]  Clothing      &-i  y.^kN.TEL. 84  DOMINION AVE.  Boots  and  Shoes.  tri>"  5?"  ,��������,��e��.8l>������i���� "���������������������"������������������������������������M^89"��"M00��,,���0oe,���e���������9ee0c,,���,((.., 004.99M  0  ��  e  ��  #  *  ��  *  I  I  I  .U.I,


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