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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Sep 15, 1906

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 the   *
alt   t
tor   q
k. ;
C. i
Manufactured  by   the  originators-ol  Salety
;.uit...     Established- 1836.
The cool autumn weather is with us
with us now and we are prepurcd
("or it. Are You ? Do not delay
purchasing your fall necessaries until
you have a cold. Do not wait too
long, others will take advantage of
our lull stock and get the cream,
if" you do not come in earl)'. Below
we mention a few of our manv lines.
Ladie's Dept.    Men's Dept.
New Jackets
"    Underwear
"     Dress Goods
"    Wrapperettes
"    Velveteens
"    Flannelettes
"    Towels and
New Hats and Caps
"    Gloves
"    Clothing
"    Hoots and Shoes
1'     Kain coats'
•"    Neckwear
"    Shirts and
"    Underwear
Sole agents for tlie KNIT-TO-FIT
. •   and MONARCH sweaters
♦ :::::::::::::::: *
I Let us measure you for ♦
I       that New  Fall Suit I
0<HH><><>0^^^^^^9 ^^^5i*S^<><>-0"
And Now Cometh tlie
Season of Fruit and Jars
Fancy   Kgg  1'lums,   ;j
Fancy Italian Prunes 25-
l-'ancy Uartleit Pears,   .|o-poi
Crapes,   6 pound  basket. .
Ripe Tomatoes, 20-pound  i>ox..
Fancy   Apples, ,(o-pound box.
Crab  Apples,   50-pound   box..
Fancy Crawford Peachi-s,   :c-
Any of the above put up in Our New
Glass Top Jars, will keep  far
longer   than you  will
want them  to.
Gel vosir Orders in l
$1.51 PER TON
While Smelting Expense Was
$1.65 Per Ton.
And   Talk  of  Profit Sharing
For Dominion   Copper.
A New.York report says : The low
grade properties of Iiritish Columbia
are rapidly assuming a position of importance as producers of copper.
Among the most progressive of these
companies is the Dominion Copper
Co. Its financial management, which
is in the hands of some of the strongest
men in New York, and the practical management ol its operating staff, selected
by Samuel Newhouse from the staffs
of the Boston Consolidated and Highland Boy properties of Bingham, are
fast developing a property which, it is
expected, will next year enter the
ranks of the dividend payers.
The figures of the complete report
for July, just received, show the company smelted for the month 18,599
tons of ore, producing 373,304 pounds
of copper at a net profit of $32,000,
the smelting cost per ton being $1.65,
the mining cost $1.51, and the cost
per pound of copper produced, about
qyi cents.
By December ist, or shortly there-
afier, the management will have installed in its smelter a new furnace,
through which it expects to run 800
tons of ore daily. This will considerably more than double the present
smelter capacity, so that by January
ist the management expects to produce at least 800,000 pounds of copper per month, at a cost per pound of
not more than S cents.
The company, which is now operating its smelter and mines by steam at
a cost of $140 per horse power per annum, will commence, before long, the
use of electric power, at a cost of $30
per horse power per annum. This saving in power alone will amount to over
one cent per pound of copper produced. - ..
The itinerary of '.he party in the
Boundary is as follows : Arrive at
Grand Forks, 19:30 Sept. 19th: arrive
at Phoenix at 10:40 a. 111., Sept. 20th,
leaving the same afternoon for Greenwood at 14:30; leaye Greenwood at
14:30 o'clock, arriving at Grand Forks
at 21:30 o'clock, Sept. 30th, and leaving Grand Forks the-next afternoon at
14:00 o'clock for Nelson and east,
Mrs. Walter S. Cook, who has been
visiting at Republic, returned this
George D. Turner-returned Monday
fiom a two weeks' y.Isit to New Westminster. '
Ralph D. Gilbert started Tuesday on
a trip to his old houfe atGarnett, Kansas, to be gone a month.
James McNulty returned this week
from a trip to a point some twenty
miles beyund Ca.iipjLMcKiiiney.
Will Thomas, son pf W. C. Thomas,
with his uncle, Mr. Neuineyer, were in
the city Weunesday, from Boundary
Falls. :'
Miss Lundie has accepted a position for the present on the nursing staff of the hospital at Grand
Rev. S. .Lundie was in Rossland
yesterday, to take part in the induction
of Rev. Robinson in the Presbyterian
church of tha1" city.
James McGregor, of Nelson, provincial mine inspector, accompanied
by Mrs. McGre^ r, -was here Wednesday and Thursday.
F. W. Thomas, ol New York, consulting engineer for the B. C. Copper
Co., has been spending a season in tlie
Boundary country.
W. J. Louttit, president of the local
miners' union, and Dan Matheson expect to leave today to accept positions
at the Carmi mine on West Fork.
Ralph Sniailes, of Greenwood, who
has been absent in the east   and  west
on Midway & Vernon matters for sev- j
er-1 months, returned last Saturday.     I
P. F. Roosa, paymaster for the Do-|
minion   Copper   Co,, was  a   welcome!
The quality of,
facture oi MAI'll^
counts for i^Svm^^^^ative-'
Boundary Mining Notes
Party of J 25 Here on Tuesday Last.
Had Eyes Opened Regarding
About 125 members of the Spokane
Chamber of Commerce, including the
ladies, visited Phoenix Tuesday, .were
entertained by the citizens at lunch at
the Granby hotel, and in spite of the
rain which was steadily fulling, vi-ited
the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 levels of
the Granby mines. That they were
pleased with their reception and
amazed at wl at they saw.in the way of
mining, was the universal expression of
the visitors. The excursion is the
tenth annual trip planned by the Spo-
kanites, this time taking in British Columbia, including Phoenix, Grand
Forks, Nelson, Ainsworth, Kaslo and
A committee consisting of J. P.
Graves, A. B. W. Hodges, Mayor G.
W. Rumberger, J. L. Martin and W.
B. Willcox, met the excursion near
Grand Forks. The party travelled in
a solid Pullman train, one ofthe Great
Northern's best, the cars being labeled
in large streamers. The train was the
heaviest Pullman train ever brought to
Phoenix. When the excursion arrived
in Phoenix, the travellers marched,
headed by the reception committee
through the rain and the town, led by
their Inland Empire Band of twelve
pieces, up to the Granby ho'el, where
Mine Host Macy served a lunch that
was highly praised by the visitors.
Each visitor was presented with a piece
of Granby oie labeled "Phoenix, B.
C", and also a souvenir postal card of
l'hoenix and a copy of the last Holiday Number of the Phoenix Pioneer.
Then the party was formed into
groups and with members of the committee as   guides,   visited  the   several
The force at the Snowshoe liiine
now exceeds eighty men.
The auxiliary steam plant for the
Idaho mine of the Dominion Copper
Co. has been enclosed this week.
The Dominion Copper Co. now has
about 300 men working in this camp,
or nearly 400 at its several mines and
J. C. Haas, manager of the Gol-
cond 1 in Deadwood camp, is asking
for tenders for extending the long tunnel on that well known property.
'l'he power question at Cascade
has again become interesting, on account of the low water in Kettle river,
this week's rain helping a little.
Foreman Geo. Cattnach, of the
Carmi, West F'ork was, here Wednesday, looking for men. The property
now has a ten stamp mill, and is being
operated steadily.
A. S. Echert, of Spokane, has taken
a working bond on the Mavis claim,
for $r5,000, with the first payment in
six months. The property adjoins
the Bay,  near Greenwood.
At the Mother Lode mine thousands of tons of ore have been broken
down and taken out, and are now
ready for shipment lo the company's
smelter when the new furnaces are'
blown in.
A force of ten or twelve men is now-
employed at the B. C. mine by the B.
C. Copper Co., and ore is being taken
out of the property, preparatory to beginning shipments to the Greenwood
Sum  of   $70,000   Distributed
1      This Week.
Boundary  Payroll   is   Again
Over $200,000.
levels  of the    Granby   mines.      Mr.
visitor in camp early this week, for the j Graves himself escorted  one  party to
The coinpanv's Rawhide mine,which
should supply a tonnage, as an engineer who has recently visited the properly reports, "running into the millions," will ship on a more extensive
scale by the time the new furnace is
installed. The cost of mining at the
Rawhide will be very low, or, as expressed by the same engineer quoted
above, not more than "^o cents a ton."
These mining and smelting savings
rpurpuse  of distributing tbe paychecks
for August.
James Moran, the Kettle Valley
rancher and mining man, was a visitor
in the city this week, shaking hands
with old friends. He lives some six
miles below Midway.
Rev. J. W. Miller   left   Monday for
Wilfrid,"Opit., and will   later   take  up.
his   theological   studies   at    Toronto
While in Phoenix the Last  few months
should bring the cost of the company's | he made many friends,
copper down to the 8 cents per pound
mark, f. o. b. Boundary.
The company is in splendid financial
condition, having all its property and
plant p.aid for, and $750,000 in cash
available for the purchase of other
properties, improvements, or any other
It is estimated that for the coming
year, after its smelter enlargement, the
net earnings of the company will be
over $Soo,ooo, which would take care
ot all fixed charges and sinking fund
requirements, and leave a balance of
over 12% for the stock. With its large
amount of cash available for the purchase of additional properties, improvements, etc., the policy of the
company will be to pay dividends as
soon as operations show the same to
be earned. The capitalization of the
1 )oininion Copper Co. is : Mortgage
bonds, $1,000,000; stock, $5,000,000,
in shares of par value $io. The stock
is selling at about $4 per share.
Canadian  Society to Be Here
Next Thursday.
About 75 members ofthe Canadian
Siu-iety of Civil Kngmeers, including
ladies, are scheduled to reach l'hoenix,
on a Ir.iiiscontiiH-ntnl trip, next week
Thursday. The list in<-iudes some ol
the most prominent and best known
i-ngineers in the Dominion, the party
traveling in their own special train over
the C. P. R., having left Montreal Sept.
.Sib, and being today in Vancouver.
The list of travelers includes Prof. J.
P.. Porter, professeir ot mining at Me-
Gill, who visited Phoenix some three
years ago; Prof. C. II. McLeod, of
McGill, secretary of the association;
Prof. R. B. Owens, C. B. Smith and
W. |.Sproule. The most distinguished
guest of the parly is Octave Chanute,
of New Vork, being a past president
of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and having heen for the past
thirty years one of the best kown en
pincers on the American continent.
Some talented editors will be with
ihe party, including G. A. Frost, owner
of the l-'.ugineering News, of New
Vork, the greatest publication of its
class on this continent, and also owner
.if the Courier-News, of Plainfield, N.
J.; also F. S. Keith, of Toronto, managing editor of Canadian Machinery.
Power experts and engineers of note
will be in the party, as well.
Manager T. R. Drummond, of the
Dominion Copper Co., returned Wednesday from a trip up the West Fork,
and while there looked at the Carmi
and other promising mines.
Ed. Balfour, who has been for a
long time an engineer at the Granby
mines, has been offered and accepted
the position of master mechanic at the
B. C. Copper Co.'s M.other Lode
W. C. Thomas, superintendent of
the Dominion Copper Co.'s Bound.try
Falls smelter, is now in New Vork, on
a trip of inspection of some of the
new machinery for the enlargement of
the smelter. He is likely to be absent
about a month.
David Boyle, of Toronto, who has
been visiting his son, John B. Boyle,
for two or three weeks, left Tuesday
for Vancouver and coast points, where
he will secure relics for tbe Ontario
government museum, of whicli he is
the superintendent.
Palmer Cook went to Spokane Tuesday, where he was married the next
day to Miss Nannie Elmgreen, sifter
of .Mrs John Swanson. The happy
couple will return next week ami occupy the residence- lonneily owned by
J. A. Miller on Old  IiohmiK-.s  avenue.
Dr. R. I!. Boucher went to A'ancou
ver Tuesday, when- he will be joined
by p\lrs. Boucher. They will vimi Cih-
lonii.t and Chicago while a.bseni, and
expect to return in four or live weeks.
Dr. Truax, of Victoria, will look after
Dr. Boucher's practice in the hitler's
Isaac Crawford, who I wis been hardware man for Morrin, Thompson >\:
Co. for several years, has resigned, and
expects to accept a position with T.
J. Hardy, of Greenwood and Midvay.
Mr. A. F. Geddes, formerly of l-'eiviie,
arrived this week and is with Mori in,
Thompson i\: Co.
Union service of Methodist raid
Presbyterian congregations in the Methodist church Suinl.iv (lo-moiTow) evening at 7-80 o'clock. The si-rvic,
be conducted bv   Ri-v, S. 'Lundie
P. R.
'   all
For the \"risen Fair ll
will place in effect 11 tmi C'algan
way, PcnMi'lon, inteniied.iate am
Kootenay points sing'e I a. re excursion
rates for the round tiip. Selling dales.
September 1 Silt, mill ami _>oih, good
for return till Sept. 24th. 'The rate
from l'hoenix is S4.M5.
the No. 1 level, where they expressed
unbounded astonishment at the immense caverns and stopes on all sides,
with nothing but shipping ore in sight
in every direction for hundreds of feet.
Another party went into the No. 2
tunnel, and a third was taken in groups
on the trolley observation cars in the
No. 3 tunnel. The C. P. R flat car
special was ready, the two gondolas having been transformed by the
Granby carpenter force into excellent
and safe observation cars. Although
the rain was still falling, many expressed a desire to take the observation
trip, and the train was run around to
the Snowshoe, Gold Drop and Rawhide mines, and then down on the
Brooklyn and Stemwinder spurs.
It was a wet party that embarked
about 4.1 5 for Grand Forks, but one
that was mightily pleased and astonished with what they had seen of the copper mines of the Boundary. David
Ham, as vice-president of the chamber, was the dean of the party, while
Secretary Monroe was also looking after their comfort. 'The full list of visitors was as follows:
Dr. and Mrs. E. II. Setters, R. H.
Dunn, H. li- and Mrs. Schuler, |. H.
Tilsley, W.V. Hinkle, R. C. Ilalliday,
Fred Se.-igfelder, John Sampson, J. M.
I-'it/.patrick, I.. R. Perrine, Arthur D.
and Mrs. Jones, Mr. A. G. Reemer,
Mrs. E. II. Brown. 1''. II. K.nostman,
Mrs. Scott McDonald, J. A. Hurd, J.
II. Killers, I. A. Fetilnier, Jr.: F. W.
Cook. Frank T. McCullough, W. C.
and Mrs. Sivyer, Benson Wright, W.
1). Vincent, C. L. Smith, 1). T. 11am.
R. L. and Mrs. Webster, K. II. Hutchinson, J. M. and Mrs. ("primmer, Geo.
Cook, Sam Glasgow. N. A. Roberts,
L. C. Lens, W. «... Smith, W. S. Norman, S. N. Tcl'ft, R. K. Neil. E. L.
Fartihwor.h, W. L. Rout, Mrs. E. 11.
Riiosinian, D. M. and Mrs. Thompson. Donald Ryrie, J. E. Foster, Dr.
J. I',. Gaudy, John* II. Shaw, L. G.
Monroe, R. S. Oakley, Wm. Atchison.
Wm. Watson. W. C. and Mrs. Stone,
|. A. and Mrs. IIindie, Dr. P. S.
Bvrne, John T. Hutter, P. C. Cooper,
W. S. McCre.t. W, 1). Knight, li. li.
Bailey, W. G. Malloy, Hari I.Cook,
11. C'. Stimuiell. A. A. Kraft, Dr. F.
W. llilscher. R. A. Wilson, I. W.
Oakes, Ii. J. Wilson, Perry D. 'lull,
lay P. Graves. G. A. Lovejoy, T. H.
"Brewer, !1. Mitof. M. II. Eggleston.
C. 11. Moore, Wm. I'ullen. l-'red Phair,
M. II. White-house, Henry Wignian, Ii.
J. Hyde, W. II. Dodds, M. II. Strath-
em, G. W. Reynolds, Miss Byrne,
August and Mrs. Paulsen, Mrs. B. Mo-
Kinnev, Eugene Iinloe, II. O. Brown,
F. B. Wri-h't, I. P. Waginrr. li. S aud
Mrs. Blair, F "w. W. and Mrs. Bold-
rick. C. A. and Mrs. Hunter, Chas.
I-'reese, II. S. Collins, Liza Hurst,
C. A. Triinhom, P. W. Fancher. \\ .
L. Ilenniug. R. L. Ford, Hans Wald
Constable Darraugh, of Midway, is in
Greenwood hospital with vyphoid lever.
G. W. Cornish was granted $100
by the Greenwood city council, towards the expenses of a Boundary ore
exnibit at the Nelson and Spokane
fairs. He has a fine collection and
will start Monday for Nelson.
This week the miners raising and
sinking in the new Victoria shaft of the
Granby Consolidated, broke through,
and the shaft is now 200 feet deep. A
start has been made on installing the
machinery for the headworks of this
shaft, although the heavy timbers for the
gallows frame have not yet been received.
The work of installing the rope
drive", fn place-of that for steam, has
been practically completed at the
Mother Lode mine, and in a short
lime all of the machinery .at that property, including hoist, compressor and
crusher, will be operated with electric energy, brought from Bonnington
Falls ..on Kootenay river, some 85
miles distant.
'This week has seen the best payday
ever experienced in Phoenix or the
Boundary country. During the 31
days of August the men in most of
the mines were employed Sundays and
there were no holidays. Besides this
several of the mines have steadily added to ihe forces, notably the Snow-
shoe. In fact, there is no reason why
any man should go without work in
this section. Most of the mines and
smelters paid on the 10th, the Snow-
shoe paying today. In this camp
alone aliout $70,000 was paid out in
wages this week, as follows: Granby,
$42,000; Dominion, $23,000, and
Snowshoe, $5,000. Altogether the
payroll at the several mines and smelters in the Boundary for August, including the railway men, was approximately as follows :
Granby Consolidated  $ 75,000
Dominion Copper Co... . . .       38,000
B  C. Copper Co         35,000
Snowshoe.  5,coo
Smaller mines        22,000
C.P.R. and G.N.'railway men      40,000
Total....    $215,000
This is about $15,000 more than
for the month of July, and there is
every prospect of there being an increase next month and for the balance
of the calendar year.
August Tonnage Increne.
The month of August showed an
appreciable increase in the Bouudary
ore output over the preceding month,
being nearly 10,000 tons heavier, although repairs and enlargements are
still going on at all three ot the dis-
trict reduction works, and the B. C.
Copper Co. has not yet blown in the
first of its new mammoth furnaces.
Following was the tonnage output of
the several Boundary shipping mines
for the month of August, as reported
to the Phoenix Pioneer -.
There are several   cases of typhoid
fever   reported   from   the   Greenwood
Sisters' hospital, most of them coming j
from Midway, Eholt, etc. I
Latest Prices la McUls.
New Yokk—Copper, electrolytic, $18.-
75@$1<).00; hike. $18.S"@ $19.12
Bar Silver,   t>8!i"
Lead , S5.75 to to 90.
Granby ^Consolidated.
. . . .       68,902
B. C. Copper,Co., Emma. ..       1,245
Dominion Copper ,Co.-
Brooklyn-Stem winder.
1 2,114
Mountain Rose....
in ° ef\
August total    92,442
4' (iraiilpy CotisoluUitecl—cupper ,
4 Providence—silver i
J 1,250,000
Issued   i Pur;
to Date
1,350.000 1 $1
1,330,000 |$IO !jl,?!5 <
31,000   I $5 ;        ,;.,
Latefft   ; Am't
D«te     i  >'"•
 I   Sn.
;   546,Sj7   Feb. 1904 t     .nt
i,.vS.cf3o: Sept 19/J6:     .jy\j
3FS,234:Sept. 1906!     .50
i**^.*-*-*:**.***;*******;**,*^;** p.pj '■#'-«^«-*F«i^-*^#y»^*-.«^*;*^*:«:*'-*;4«^
+ BUUNUAKY OKE TONNAGE..      *"*'     "I
^ The follow in j; table Hive* the ore shipn.enis  of BounJarv mine*   for 1900, for  1901, Itr
a   woa, tor 1903, tor  1*^4, for 1905, and lo-rj, as reported  to the Phoenix IMotieer—
Mink. Camp.
Gran by Mines l'hoenix
Snowshoe Phoenix
H   C. O>j>por Co.
j.       Mothrt I,o.le Deadwood
▼ Ilotmic  H'jllr- Deadwood
A  Dominion Copper Co.
* ItrooMv ii -St em wndr..Phoenix
$      Mitho '     l'hoenix
A      tiit wh ill v Phoenix
T      Sunset Deadwood
V Mountain Rose Sam mil
A     AlhrlMan Jackpot„We'dti>:tn
J     M.irns.111 	
H. C. Mine	
t;. Hell	
V Kmmn	
A Oio Denoro ....
X *eiiat.u-	
V Biey lHn;le	
$ No. 37...*	
* Reliance	
▼ Sulphur Ktni*
$ Winnipeg	
^ Golden Crown	
A Kine, Solomon	
I  :*iif Copper	
J No. 7 Mine	
V City of Paiis	
£ Jewel	
Huicher Moy	
Preston ,
Prince Henry	
A Last Chance	
I  K. P. U. Mine	
▼ »«>■	
9 Mavu-	
a   Don Pedro	
▼ Cie*etut	
V Helen 	
1900 190:          1002 1903 1004 1^05        1906
64.5.t«3 331.76; 309.S5H 393.7»i> 549-7°3   653.^89  &\(>u
'^7 1,731 10,Soo 71,217             4^64
5.340 09.034 141.326 135,079 I74.J9*    '74.507     77.369
j^it 1
Wr<-k  ▼
1S.690 ,
. IJ'-miwootl
 \V. Copper
 W. Copper
 I.oug t.akc
 West Vork
 West l'olk
 ..West 1'olk
..West l-'ork
. l-rovitleiicc
 Skvtai k
. . . .Skylal k
, Skylark
 Skylaik   .
> ,75')
* ,5'6
j5 731 104,;
J5.IO-S 13.;
3A'3t' .-*•,
4,747 1 •
586   ....
Ktitpy Hon Hilary Vails
Republic Houudaiy Kaltti
A Tiitnl, Ions	
T Smeltev treatment —
▼     Griiuby t'o	
&      B. CCuppel Co	
X      Uouiiiuvu  Coppei Co .
40I, QJI
63-;.as?, p»i4^;ff
ji,j,.\,o Sj,72>p
*4.°59   i.S4.'S2
Total reduced „.   62,3s*   34X.439   4<jo,f>«o   097,404   837,0:6   9S2.S77 131,4s;
■• t
.. ♦
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'.I:-*;; f   '���!  1>  p- w  Kf I    ,1 i  r Mi  If  lib  'If  ill  h  CHE   FHSElttX'FI&TOER.  i-��BSB  You don't know what you are getting when  you buy loose tea;! be on the safe side and  ask for  ��� -JJ-,  Always the same, always THE BEST.  MAPLE LEAF  ISA WONDER  Has 25 Feet  of 22 Per Cent.  Copper.  Interesting Notes From Franklin Camp.  xuH��Suag) I  I  Delicious alt^ne^  T&ble Sugars,  SOLD IM  21b Sealed jjacKages.  BY ALL GROCERS.  ijjujw*-**  i&p  The Phoenix Pioneer i,"l1',s"fhof i^-ti���, b. caiw.  ; political organ.    In .1 recent issue tins  And Boundary Mining Journal,  (MOKIP OR HATURDiYt. ��V TBI  PIONRERPTJBLTSHTNU VA).  ��rVbobkiz. b. c.  W. B. WILLCOX. Manaokn.  r.>.���i.���_-. ( BtuliieM office No. 14.  relephoncs j M��n��ger,��re��Mence,.*<o. 15.  , ���OBSCUrTIONB I!�� ADVAHCB.  Per ��e��r   Six Months..  ..}a.ae  .: 1.15  Uyou��renol����ub��cr ber to thU t>t��per, thin  ia an Invitation to you to become one.  AdveTtlaiDf rutei lurnuhea on application.  [,ef��l uollcei 10 and sceata per line.  Four weekly inaertlona conatitute one mouth-*  ��� l��;rt ting.  1906  SEPT.  1906  Sun. Hon. Tue��. Wed. Thu.  Fr..  Sat.  ��� .2 , . 3. 4  5  .<?".  -7  1  S  9  10,11  12  13  >4.  '5  16  17 18  19 20  2J  22  23 24 35   26 27  28  29  30  M  bney  Talks.  Thus far this year upwards of $2,-  000,600 have been paid out by Kootenay and Yale mines in dividends, with  more to come, probably, before the  year has run its full course. This is  not a large amount, as mining investments go, but when we recall that only  two 01 three years ago not a single  mining corporation in this province  was paying profits to its owners, it is a  fact worthy of note. To the nonresident who has been waiting for a  term of years for some returns from j  his mining investments, this is welcome partment can take lessons from Wash-  news, and it is no less acceptable to''ington, where no cost is too great to  the province at large, as.it means that'g've t,59 people the best possible mail  I poli  1 solid, substantial Commercial publication had the following about the   mail  service in the west :  I At the convention of the Associated  i Boards of Trade in Edmonton, last  [June, one of the topics that came under discussion was the poor mail service some parts of (he west receive.  For a long time many places have been  complaining, but their cries appear to  be of no avail. One of the districts  that suffer most is that in the neigh-  hood of Edmonton. The smaller  towns in that part of Albsrta claim  that it is slmost impossible to get mail  from Edmonton within any reasonable  time, owing, it is said, to the fact that  such mail is not thrown off at stations,  but carried past and transferred to some  distributing office, from where it is re-  forwarded. While in the Alberta capital a short time ago, I sent a letter by  registered mail to Winnipeg the day  before I left there myself, expecting, of  course, it would arnve ahead of me,  but it was delivered to me in Winnipeg  just twenty-four hours after I had  landed here.  It appears to us that it would be  much more to the credit of the government to spend some money in these  western towns in the improvement of  the service, than to be boasting periodically of a surplus fund. The people of Alberta and the other western  provinces appreciate very little a vaunted surplus at Ottawa, when they are  suffering the inconveniences described  in the foregoing.  Presumably there will always be more  or less politics in the conduct of the  postoffice department, which ' may  handicap the powers that have charge,  to some extent. The hardheaded  business men who have looked into  the matter can see no reason why the  department should be conducted, as  the Greenwood Ledge puts it, like 0  "pawnbroker's skinnery"���for that is  about what it amounts to. Perhaps  above all other departments of the  government, postoffice affairs should  be conducted for the greatest convenience of the people���no matter what  the cost���as they come closest to the  people.  Ottawa officials in the postoffice de  Franklin, B. C, Sept. S. It is understood that diamond drilling at the  McKinley mine will be resumed shortly. This well known property is under bond to the McKinley Mines, Ltd.,  -.a corporation in which F. Aug. 1 ieinze,  the Butte mining magnate, owns the  controlling interest.  The Dominion Copper Co. will soon  increase the force employed at the  Gloucester group, which it bonded  several months ago. As tlie accomodation at the mine is limited, new cabins will !:e erected before winter sets  in. The company recently made the  first payment ol $3,000 on account of  the bond.  Rich galena ore was recently uncovered on the Banner claim, on Banner  mountain, at a point about 409 feet  north of the shaft. Supt. McPhee is  greatly encouraged over the outlook of  this property, which is under bond to  the McKinley Mines, Ltd.  Considerable development work will  be done this fall on the M. S. claim,  located on the northern slope of Banner mountain,and owned by A. Ersk-  ine Smith & Co. of Grand Forks. The  property has 'a phenomenal surface  showing. Copper ore from a small  shaft is said to have yielded assay values of $40 per ton. It is proposed to  employ a force of ten men. The M.  S. is believed to have the same lead as  the Maple Leaf, from which it is less  than one thousand feet distant.  The Union group, adjoining the  Maple Leaf on Banner mountain, has  one of the   prettiest  showings   in   the  ^Parls Lumb5"and"5u��arDidmond3"ere manufartured entirely from  CaneSugar grown on our own Estates. They are absolutely pure, brilliant; in  appearance and Jwssess superior sweetening qualities:-rbr tebla use liigyare <k\\cioi  L "    THE B.C. SUGAR REFINING  CO. LT��. ~     ~  VANCOUVER. B . C  MI��MKPiaS)P��><��VCK��l|.'��  ARCHAEOLOGIST  VISITS PHOENIX  camp.  the mining districts are making good,and  * further, that they will continue to be  profitable for many years to come.  They have passed through their trying  ��� periods, most of them, and from now  on it will be a step forward.  Among   those  concerns   that   have  been distributing dividends wo find the  Le  Koi, Le Roi   No. 2,   Center   Star  and   War   Eagle,   St.   Eugene,   Reco,  Providence,   Crow's   Nest Pa=s   Coal,  Tyee and others���not to mention   the  company which is   beginning   to lead  them all, the Granby.    The  list   does  not include the privately owned mines j  or  the   corporations   in   the   business  which have been profitable producers.  There can be no doubt that money,  talks in the mining business as in any  other.    Given a fair return  for expenditure, and   plenty   of capital   will be  forthcoming for investment;, otherwise,  capital    is    naturally    shy   and   conservative.      Apparently,   we   are    but  starting on o-ir real  period  of m.-ning  activity in this province.    Capital, attracted  by   the   returns being had, is  seeking investment in many directions,  and n   finding    .utlets   to   its   liking.  Some years have been slow in  making  progress in the past, Out henceforward  the tale will  be  one  of  constant  advancement  and  progress���is well as  one of reasonable profit.    Money paid  in dividends talks louder and can   be  heard further than in aim.,** any other'  manner.  service.  Chtnberlaio'e Coufb Remedy  Acta   on   Nature's  Pltn.  The most successful medicines are  those that aid nature. Chamberlain's  Cough remedy acts on this plan. Take  it when you have a cold and it will allay  the cough, relieve the lungs, aid expectoration, open the secretions and aid  nature in restoring the system to a  healthy condition. Thousands have  testified to its superior excellence. It  counteracts any tendency of a cold to  result in pneumonia. Price 25 cents.  Large size, 50 cents. For sale by all  druggists.  Nat Reiss, the Carnival King, who  has the midway at the Spokane Inter  state fair, is spending most of his time  in Spokane preparing for this show,  which he proposes to make the biggest  carnival given this year anywhere in  the West. He is preparing some handsome new fronts which will be the best  he" has ever had, and he has scoured  the country in all directions to get the  best attractions possible. There will  be fun and astonishing features from  one end of the midway to the other.  A 30 foot Cot shows solid galena from end to end. The same  character of ore was recently uncovered at a point 300'feet farther down the  hiil.  This group comprises the Union and  Paper Dollar claims, and the Maple  Leaf fraction. It is owned by Mike  McDonell, Pat McGinnis, Louis John  son and J. C. Henderson, s.11 of Eholt.  The Maple Leaf continues to show  decided 'improvement each succeeding  week and continues to attract many  visitors, all of whom are enthusiastic  over the remarkable showings. Five  open cuts, varying in length from thirty  to ninety feet, are in solid high grade  ore. In one working, for a distance  of twenty-five feet, by actual measurement, the chalcopyrite assays 22 per  cent copper, besides the gold and silver values. The same high-grade ore  has also been uncovered in a deep  open cut along the trend of the ore  zone, 500 feet distant in a northwesterly direction. "A mountain of ore,"  is the verdict of every visitor. The mine  can be worked by tunnels and glory  holes. The Maple Leaf is now in a.  position to ship 300 tons of ore daily.  It will be a great mine long before the  railway reaches here next sunnier.  Sup'.. AI Stewart recently added five  m.ners to the working force. The  group is under bond to Geo. McLeod  find H. W. Warrington, of Grand  Forks. It will be examined shortly  by several mining experts from the  east.  David Boyle, of the Toronto  Museum  Spends a   Couple   of   Weeks  With His  Son.  David Boyle, of Toronto, the eminent Canadian archaeologist, geologist  and ethnologist, has been visiting his  son, John B. Boyle, for the last two  weeks, it being his first visit to Phoenix or the Boundary country. Although Mr. Boyle has kept himself in  touch with the progress of this district  for years through the medium of the  Pioneer, of which he is a constant  reader, he could not help being agreeably surprised at the evidences of progress and permanence which he noted  on his arrival here.  Mr. Boyle is one of the leading  archeaological authorities in the world,  and has rendered valuable service to  Canada through his researches and the  papers read by him before many of  the most distinguished scientific societies in the world. He is in charge of  the Ontario Archaeological museum in  Toronto. Writing as "Andrew Mc-  Spurtle" Mr. Boyle was for many years  one of the most  popular  Here's a new trick, evolved by the  editor of the Slocan Mining Review,  unless he scissored it Try it anyhow :  Take two silver dollars, hold them  about a foot above a table, and let  them fall sharply. You will hear two  rings. You may keep the jewelry,  but send along the money to us.  A Nelson school teacher who had  boxed a child's ears for some dereliction, leceived the following note from  its indignant mother :  '"Madame : Nature has provided a  place to punish children instead of the  ears, and in future I would thank you  to use the same, and oblige."  In the program to be given by the  Philharmonic Concert Co., of Chicago,  we are going to have a touch of Grand  Opera, when Miss Fanny Ferguson  will sing "Elsas Dream" from Wagner's Lohengrin, perhaps the most  wonderful Aria ever written. This  number i.s especially fitted for this  beautifnl singer, since she does not  only sing the part, but looks it as well.  It was this song that won for Miss  Ferguson the Diamond Medal of the  Chicago Musical College.  6  r*9��r�� oeo *���>.���<-�� �����>���<* �����>������'<���& o-��^�� �����>�����>  I OUR COPPER CORNER j  I  9  �� MATTERS OK   INTEREST   TO   THOSE   INTERESTED  ft COl'I'ER   MIKING   INDUSTRY  IN    THE  That   Poor  Mail  Service  Sam.  In the past the Pioneer ha? not hesitated to call attention to the poor mail  service in the w.;st and in this section  particularly. In Winnipeg there is a  weekly called the Commercial, a publication  of high  standing, and which  ���-<�� <L^t)^j�� tL^a-o o^cxa oe-^j  Six Millions in Copper Dividends.  Copper share holders will receive  , several million dollars in dividends  during the months of August and September, says the Boston Commercial.  Included in the amounts will be $2,-  680,000 from Amalgamated, $2,000,  000 from Calumet p& Hecla, $800,000  from North Butte, $400,000 each from  Greene    Consolidated,    Granby   and  c^��-<j> o-.��<j oe<* ��l>-o<^ o-a  Transit,   Southern   Pacific,   Colorado  Fuel & Iron and numerous   other railroad and industrial   stocks, which   are  ��� selling in   the New   York market   be-  i tween $40 and $80 per share and pay-  ; ing no  dividends,   with copper stocks  like  Quincy,    Copper    Range,   Utah  Consolidated,   Anaconda,   Green, Mohawk and other coppers   selling in the  Boston market   between   $25 and $75  contributors  to the Scottish American. He is the  author of several authoritative works  on Canadian archaeology.  "My trip is principally for health and  pleasure," said Mr. Boyle. "I may  say, incidentally, that I am ready to  beg, borrow or buy anything that will  be of particular value or interest to  our museum in Toronto, from an Indian legend or relic to an historaical  fact."  "The story of the oboriginal races  on this continent is a fascinating one.  The idea that the Indians are the descendants of a migration, accidental or  otherwise, of people of Tartar or Mongolian race, is I think, only partly true.  The Indians of this continent, as may  be understood' by the difference of  racial characteristics, language, features  and habits, are descended probably  frcm many and divers races. In California, for instance, there are within a  comparatively small area, Indians of  different languages, different habits and  appearance. The Indians of America,  North and South, are not from one  common race. They are the descendants of, it may be, regular migrations  and castaway parties, not only from  Asia but from Europe and Africa. Several Indian races have distinct negro  characteristics."  "Do you find much difficulty in obtaining reliable data from the Indians  themselves ? "  ."We do," said Mr. Boyle. "And  strange to say, it is from the primitive  aboriginal idea of courtesy on the part  of the red man. The Indian, as a rule,  without any intention to deceive, answers questions as they may be leading  ones, or as the questioned thinks the  answer is desired. It is the savage idea  of politeness. It simply is a desire to  please, not deceive. It is a peculiarity  of all aboriginal races and is merely  the same tendency which alTects the,  badinage, compliment and flattery of  the modern drawing room. The unthinking in the old days believed all  Indians liars from this quality, which is  distinctly evident in the politeness of  some of the primitive races that  make up the British race."  While here Mr. Boyle arranged to  secure a collection of ores from a  number of Boundary mines, he, as  superintendent of the government museum at Toronto, taking keen interest  not only in relics of all kinds, but in  minerals. This permanent collection  will be of no little interest in Toronto,  where it will be a source of information to thousands who at present know  very little of the resources of this  province.  e *  Phoenix Livery Stable  j D.   J.   McDonald,    Prop.  I Fvprvfhincr iYpw carriages and other rigs  j    ^TfclJUIUIg  ilti,T   HORSES AND SADDLES. SEVERAL  j i^���-m���mHyNDRE1 ^ CORDS OF 1)RY   WOOD ���  (Delivered to any part of the city. I  Entire Outfit New and Up-to-date.    A share of the public {  (patronage solicited.     'Phone 37. j  DOMINION AVE., COR. BANNER ST., PHOENIX,  B. C. I  P. 0. Box 56. Phoenix Market. 'Phone 2.  P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.  Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants.  Choice Line of Fresh and Cured Meats.  Poultry, Fish and Game in Season.  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W. llodqcpp  Cash |*o a Grand Korku friend  Dominion Copper Co Pull Set Boiler Tuhei  Cord Wood K. llucklcu  THE  EASTERN  TOWNSHIPS  BANK  Butte Coalition, and   numerous other jPer  share  and   paying  $2 to $10 per  companies will also make payments of i share in dividends, he will  has to do with trade conditions though-  ���^rket activity  not he sur-  for  copper  .   .  ,. , easing, but  fail to find further expression   in stock j W'H be astonished   that   snch   coppers  considerable amounts.    The influence I prised   that   the  demand  of such dividend payments can hardly 11 mining investments i.s  i  out the west.    It cannot, therefore, by'  When one contrasts Brooklyn Rapid  tremely low  as the   ones   named are  selling so ex-  Common Sense nnd Good AdViee.  It is encouraging to read in the "St.  Louis Medical and Surgical Journal, "one  of the leading medical journals of the  United States, the following sound  argument regarding medicines :  "No sane physician will condemn a  drug or medicine because an overdose  results unfavorably, for if we did we  might better quit the practice of medicine than to treat patients with drugs  so inert that overdoses will never do  harm. Any drug or medicine which is  safe if taken according to directions  on the package, is a safe remedy in the  sense in which the word 'safe' is used  in medicine "  That is the only safeguard for either  the doctor's prescription or the patent  Issues  Drafts  Money Orders  Travelling Checks  Letters of Credit  Payable Everywhere.  Saving's  Department i  Deposits of $1 00 and up- j  wards recei\ed. Interest'  credited twice a year. j  BRANCHES  IN  CANADA  55  Average Prices ot Copper.  ���New Vork���  Electrolytic. Lake.  Month. 1905    100<;      1905       I MO  January    15 008 18.310 15.12.V I.S 415  February....  15.375 17.8U!) I5.I5U IS.l!���>  March    15.2U8 18.361  15.31.0 LSiMI  April    14 918 18.375 15.0111 IS.i'SS  May 14(527 18 4.57 14.820 18.724  June        14.075 18 442 14.813 I.S.710  July    14 888 18 IH0 15.005 I.->.{*��  August   15.01.4  12.-,fi.8   Sentumber..  15 005   15.071      October 10.270 IV.W2   November..  10.500   1(5 758    December...  1S.32.1?     18.308    Year 15.500  15.(500   COLUMBIAN COLLEGE.  Founi'c'il  NEW  1802���Iiicorpm-ftlt-pl 1803.  WKSTMINSTKR. H.C.  CAPITAL  $3,000,000.00  fiESERVE  $1,600,000.00  ESTABLISHED  1859.  THE COPPER HANDBOOK  A practical book of nearly a thousand pages, useful to all and necessary to  most men engaged in any brancn of trie Copper Industry.  Its facts will pass muster with the trained scientists, and its language ia  easily understood by the every-rlay man.  It is a dozen books in one, covering the History, Uses, Terminology, Geography, Geology, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Metallurgy, Finances and .Statistics of  Copper.  It���Kives the plain facts in plain English without fear or favor.  It lists and describes 3,840 copper mines and companies, in all parts of the  world, descriptions running from two lines to 12 pages, according to importance  of the property.  The COPPER HANDBOOK is conceded to be the  World's Standard Reference Book on Copper  The miner needs the book for the facts it gives him about mines, mining and  metal.  The investor neeile the book for the facts it gives him about Mining Investments and Copper Statistics. Hundreds of Swindling Companies are exposed  in plain English.  Price is$5,in Buckram, with gilt top; $7.50 in   full  library  morocco.      Will  Provides a Christian home for fiuil-  cnts of both sexes nt moderate rates.  Has a preparatory class for junior Mini-  euro, doinjr grade puhlii: titrlirit.il ��'"rk.  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Hold of the lootewp  Special Rates to Commercial Men  Good Sample Rooms.  rnpiwyrVTxnv  WfSWW?  .',.,,',~,f, /-���,,., .m.,''., aO^;^ ���jzi-' y.Y'-N.1  ����ia��ipptt5iiiipmiilP��iBMni ���BHtiiiHmaB  k\  W- .   U   J...  -J!HB:--F.H8ffiSttX .PJDNEER,  Thirteenth  Aumial::  PORANE  INTERvSTATIL  Open Day  and Night  FAIR  Admission  after 6 p m  only 10c.  Two Weeks  Fair and  Kaccs  Sensational  Pree Acts  Every  Afternoon  SEPT. 24 lo Oct. 6 =  .. $35,000 ..  Prizes and  Purses  $5,000 for Connty ami District Prull  exhibits  Larger cxliiliiu In every department. Illtl Poultry Show, Home  Industry Kr position occupying  $5.ooo building, filled willi work-  ing p.-xliib-U. Free Vuuilcville and  Hani! Concert  every  night.  For Program, I'rlze Lists,  or liny oilier Information,  Address  ROBERT  11   COSQROVE.  Secretary hihI Manager, 51.J l'irst Ave,  Spokmie, WiiMh.  PALACE LIVERY STABLES  MURDOCK MclNTYRE, Prop..  5   Morses,   Full   Livery   Equipment,  Including Three New Buggies.  As there l�� 110   II11111CFF.S  Shop in   cither (Xieeii-  wood or Giaud Forks, have stocked up  wilh   Hatiicms  Purls.  Napoleon Resumes Shlppftijc-  Ore shipments from  the   Napoleon  mine will be resumed next week. The  B. C. Copper Company,  owner of the  Napoleon, will  start one ofthe  furnaces in its smelter at Greenwood which  has been undergoing enlargement, and  a certain aniuunt of the  Napoleon ore  will be required as a flux.    It. was not  the intention of the   company   to ship  again   from the  mine until   an aerial  tram had been installed, Dut owners of  land over which the   tram   will be run  object, and condemnation proceedings  for   right-of-way   have    been   started,  which will   take two   or three   months  to settle.    In   the   meantime   the  ore  will be transported by teams   from the  mine to the   railroad   siding at Uoyds,  and   will   ship about   30 tons  a day.  John McNeil, who has the ore hauling  contract, was in Orient yesterday looking for teams.     lie said the cable fer  ry will be used at first in  crossing the  river, until the   low   water   bridge has  been replaced.��� Kettle Kiver Journal.  j   THE OBSERVATORY  ��' Things Talked ok *r  HOMK AND RI.8HWHERK I  SMKl.TKIl l.AKK ICK  DlCI.IVKItlil) TO OllDEK  (PHONE 34.)  Prompt  AUentipiu to   orilera  at nny hour of day or night.  Pain   from   a   Burn   Promptly   Relieved   by  Chamberlain's Pain   Balm.  A little child of Michael Strauss, of  Vernon, Connecticut, was recently in  great pain from a burn on the hand,  and as cold applications only increased  the inflammation, Mr. Strauss came to  Mr. James N. Nichols, a local merchant, for something to stop the pain.  Mr. Nichols s.ays: "I advised him  to use Chamberlain's Pain Balm, and  the first application drew out the inflammation, and gave immediate re-  ief, I have used this liniment myself,  and recommend it very often for cuts,  burns, strains and lame back, and have  never kuown it to disappoint," For  sale by all druggists.  PALACE MEAT MARKET  nO.MINJON  AVE., IM10KN1X,  B.C.  Fresh and  Salt Meats.  Tei. No. 1-'. Fish,   Poultry and  Oysters.  * REMEMBER J  : Nelson Fall Pair t  \ Sept. 19, 20, 21,  1906 J  No snch opportunity to see a big  parade, while comfortably seated, has  ever been offered in the Northwest as  that proposed on Carnival night, September 24, at the Interstate fair. The  entire procession will be held on the  racetrack in front of the huge grandstand. Spectators will be charged ten  cents admission to the grounds and  ten cents for grandstand seats. They  will see the parade enter the track from  the east side, pass in front of the stand  and continue on the half mile track,  making the complete circle twice. Every part of the procession will be in  full view all the time.  WAS A VERY SICK BOY  e  ���  e  e  ���  Tlie biggest and best ever.  Horse Races, Lacrosse Tournament aud  other attractions.  The largest Fruit, Vegetable and Miniug-  Exhibits in tlie Province.  EVERYBODY  COME  ;   D. C. McMORRIS, J. J. MALONE,  ��� Secretary. President.  D. J. iV\a��he<son  3nsui*ance Hoent  FlriKI.ITY     IIO.NUH.  HIKE,       LIFE  AND  ACCIDKKT.  PI.ATS    GLASS^  CUMMI.SSIONKR    TOR    TAKING    AFFIDAVITS  PHOENIX,   B.C.  When \ou Smoke���Smoke Hie Best  "Kurtz's Own"  "Kurtz's Pioneers"  "Spanish Blossoms"  l lie choicest cigars made. Ask  your dealer for them. Manufactured  under the Blue Label by  Kurtz's   Pioneer  Cigar  Factory.,  148 Cordva   St., W.,  Vancouver,      -       ���      B C.  SEE  Nature's Wondrous Handiwork!  THROUGH    UTAH    AND     COLORADO  Castle Gate Cniion of the Grand  Illiick  Canon, Marshall mul Tennessee.-   Passes,   unci   the    World  1'Hllloiis Koynl Gorge  l'or   Descriptive mul  Illustrated   Pamplcts,  write to  W. C. McBride. General Agent,  134 Third Street PORTLAND, OR.  But Cured   by Chamberloin's   Colic, Cholera  Diarrhoea   Remedy,  " When my boy was two years old  he had a very severe attack of bowel  complaint, but by the use of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea  Remedy we brought out all right," says  Maggie Hickox, of Midland, Michigan.  This remedy can be depended upon in  the most severe cases. Even cholera  infantum is cured by it. Follow the  plain printed directions and a cure is  certain.     For sale by all druggists. ,  Z Church Services Tomorrow f  9 *  Methodist���Sunday School at 2:30  p. m. evening service 7:30 p. m.  Thursday evening, prayer meeting and  choir practice. A cordial invitation to  all these services. Rev. J. Wesley  Miller, supply.  St. Andrews' Presbyterian Church,  Preaching Service tomorrow at  7:30 p. m. Sunday school and Bible  class at 10:00 a.m. A cordial welcome  to all.    Rev.   Samuel   Lundie, Pastor.  Catholic���Church of Our Lady of  the Good Comnsel.���Divine Service  every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each  month. Holy Mass, 10 a.m. Sunday  School, 2:30 p.m. Vespers and Bene  diction, 7:30 p.m. Father J. A.  Bedard. O.M.I. Pastor.  Church of England���Services 1st and  -.d Sundays each month, 3:30 p. m.,  by Rev. Leech-Porter of Greenwood.  As a dressing for sores, bruises and  burns, Chamberlain's Salve is all that  can be desired. It is soothing aud  healing m its effects. Price 25 cents.  For sale by J. B. Boyle, druggist.  A new insurance company,   to   be  called the Monarch, is being organized,  with headquarters in Winnipeg, and of  which P. Bums is one of the directors.  If Pat is as  successful with  insurance  as he is in dealing out  meats to the  populace of Alberta, British Columbia  and   the   Yukon,   and   can   keep the  frenzied  financiers  from getting their  clutches on the cash of the company,  the Monarch should become a popular  concern.  ���������  There i.s one man in Phoenix who  has been knocking hard this week, and,  strange to say, everyone commends him  for doing it. Narcisse Lemieux���  cousin of the Honourable Rodlophe  Lemieux, postmaster-general, who is  trying to run his department on the  money making plan at the expense of  the sevice in the west���an employee of  the corporation ol the city of Phoenix,  has been out wilh his little hammer  all over town, driving down the nails  that occasionally stick up in the corporation's sidewalks.  ���*t  If the C. P. R. can invent and  build a car which can be used for general merchandise, coal, coke and even  ore, to advantage, it will be a feather  in the cap of the officers of the corporation which cleaned up a matter of  $22,000,000 during its last fiscal year,  and expects to clean up some $6,00c,-  000 during this month of September.  Plans are now being worked out, it is  understood, for this new type  of car.  tw  The disasters that happened to three  delinquent subsribers :  One of them said : ���'! will pay on  Saturday night if I live."    He is dead.  Another said : "I will see you tomorrow."    He's blind.  Still another said :    "I hope to pay  this   week   or   go  to   Hades."    He's  gone.  ��*���  Referring to the proposed spelling  reform, endorsed by President Roosevelt and Andrew Carnegie, the Globe,  in a leader under the heading "Vanky  Panky," concludes :  "We reely think Ruzvelt and his  friends mite leve us us our own lang-  wige. They have not left us mnch  else. In sum instances it may be  puzling, espeshuly to a foriner and an  imature skoolboy, but its orthografy  has a sertin historikal valu and we do  not like to part with it. Of kors, if  Ruzvelt, backed by Karnegie, sez we  hav gut to reform our speling we shal  hav to, and that wil be the end of it,  for Karnegie has awl the dollers and  Ruzvelt has awl the branes, but awl  the same it wil be dasht hard lines."  THOUSANDS "OF FAIR WOMEN  HERALD PRAISES OF PE-RU-NA.  Catarrh and Catarrhal  Diseases Make Invalids of More  Women Than All  Other Ailments Combined.  Phoenix Shoe Shop  A. T. TURANO, Prop.  Boots and Shoes made to or-  for, first-class work guaranteed. Miners' Boots a  specially, guaranteed water  proof.  ,:|f*i Slreet . rjpp. Knob Hill  Phoeirx. II, C,  Hotel  . A pencil mark here hxbk  ��" a reminder that vnm-suh-  ���cnption to this paper is  now past due, and the publisher will appreciate your  Prompt attention.       """  "THE   MILWAUKEE"  "THE    PIONEER    LIMITED"    ST.   PAUL    TO  CHICAGO.  "Overland    Limited"    Omaha     to    Chicago.  "SOUTH-WEST LIMITED"   KANSAS   CITY  TO  CHICAGO.  No trains in the service on any railroad in the world equals in equipment  that of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St.  Paul Ry. They own and operate their  own sleeping and dining cars and give  their palrons an excellence of service  not obtainable elsewhere.  Norths in their sleepers are longer,  higher and wider than in similar cars  on any other line. They protect their  trains by the Illock system.  ��  I   VORD.CFjiiimercliil Acent, ,,.���.,  Room J. M��r->1<- B"��k Hidg., Spokane .Wash.  II S  KOVt'H.Geiicinl Agent,  IM Third .Street. Portland. Oregon.  Great Northrn Special  Rates.  To St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth,  Superior, Sioux City, Council Bluffs,  Omaha, St. Joseph, Kansas City,  Houston, Mmeoli". Tex., Fort William,  Chicago and St. Louis at rates of one  first-class fare, plus $10; returning via  California, $37.15 higher. Dates of  sale: June 4, 6. 7. 23 and 25, July 2,  3, August 7, S and 9, September 3 and  10. Going transit limit 10 days from  date of sale; final return limit 90 days  or not later than October 31.  Latest Mining Stock Quotations.  Following are the approximate prices  of mining stocks for Hub week:  American Boy   K.   C.  .Standard   Kelcher  Mountain..  li.  C.  Copper  10 00  Can. Con.   M.   and  B..""  California.   Can.  Gold   Fielils   (.urihoo-MoKinney   Copper -Kins   Dominion   Copper     Denoro Mint's   Deer  Trail   Con   F.un-ka  Copper   Granby Con    Fisher  Maiden   Giant   International Coal   .lunibo   La  Plata   Nicola Coal Mines   North .Star ������.  Pathfinder   Payne       Referendum   Rambler Cariboo   Sullivan   .Snowstorm   Senium   Stewart   TninarackA Chesapeake  White   Hear   Washington Meteor...  alii  ASKKtl  13.;  02':;  20  25  4.5  50  [0 00  10 50  so 00  150 00  02  01  0(>>.<  07  02  Oil  L\S  :w  4   10  4 75  07  OS  01'.,  02  ���  JO  11 75  12 25  02  OH  01  02  (M  HIS  10  20  lfi  20  02 3i  0.5-V  05  (Mi.1.".  0:1 y.  0-1 k.  02  0-1  05  uo  40  44  04} i  Oti  1 !),')  2 10  0;i-.8  04  0,5  1 00  I 10  1 30  07  08  00  10  In a few weeks the C. P. R. fall  and winter time table wiil be put into  effect, Phoenix passenger trains will  connect'both ways at Eholt, and once  more it will be possible to have mail  pass between Phoenix. Greenwood,  Boundary Falls and Midway in less  than parts of two days. For this relief, much thanks���but no thanks  whatever to Duncan Ross, M. P., Hon.  Rodolphe Lemieux or anyone connected in any manner or shape with  the postoffice department ot Canada,  Most of them do not seem to care a  hang how long it takes to transmit  mail in Western Canada. Perhaps  they'll sing a different tune a year  hence, with a Dominion election in  sight.  R. T. Lowery, owner of the defunct  l.owery's Claim and of the very much  alive Greenwood Ledge, was a caller  at the Pioneer office last Saturday.  The genial and energetic colonel, who  has been successful in securing more  advertising than any other newspaper  man in the province (he i.s a firm believer in the power of printers' ink,  and he has started no less th.in :2).  will hereafter devote his energies tu  his Greenwood paper, and it is a safe  assertion that be will nmke himcelf  felt there. For the present, at least,  he will not take in sunny California.  ���I*  The Greenwood Times announces  that it is ten years of age, and is now  starting in on its second decade of usefulness. The Times was started when  it was necessary to haul the plant over  rough roads some <So miles from Penticton, and ever since that time Duncan Ross, M. P., has been the guiding  spirit ol the paper. Six years ago  Duncan got the daily bee in his bonnet, and published the Times as such  for six months, but after becoming separated from several thousand dollars in  the attempt, he wisely gave it up. The  Times has always b'-en a staunch believer in the great future of the Houndary.     Here's good luck to it.  Considers Pe-ru-na the Best Medicine  In the "World,  Mrs. W. J. Bryanton, 210 Sherman  street, Dennlson, Ohio, writes:  "I followed the directions yon. kindly  gave nu- and now I find myself entlrely  cured. I think your Peruna is tho best  medicine in the world."  Heartfelt Thanks For Eolief Found  in Pe-ru--na.  Mies Jessie S. Dword, 37 South street,  Passaic, X. J., writes:  "1 took Peruna aa you directed. I  had a dry cough and after using two  bottles of Poruna, 1 found relief. You  have my heartfelt thanks."  A cough is caused by a catarrhal condition of the throat and bronchial tribes.  Remove the catarrh and tho cough disappears. Peruna is the remedy for all  Mtwrbal conditions.  Permanent Benefit Followed Use of  Pe-ru-na.  Miss May Cray, 14711th street,Brooklyn, N. Y., writes:  "For moro than five years I Buffered  from rheumatic pains in my Joints, and  in damp or stormy weather I was  obliged to stay in doors.  "Medicine seemed to be of no nee until I started using Poruna.  "I took twelvo bottles in all, although  it is six months ago since I stopped.  "1 have had no return of my old complaint, in spite of the fact that I have  been out in all sorts of weather daring  the severe winter."  No better remedy was ever devised  by tho medical profession for the  mitigation of all climatic ailments than  Peruna.  Pe-ru-na Used For Throat Trouble  Keeps the Remedy at Hand.  Mrs. J. A. Baker, 880 Locust avenue,  Amsterdam, N. Y., writes:  "I feel it my duty to write and tell  you what Peruna has done for me, so  that all those who are troubled aa Iww  may find the same speedy euro.  "Pour years ago I lost my voice, so  that I was unable to speak above a  whisper for seven weeks. Our family  doctor could do nothing for me.  "After seven weeks suffering, I read  some circulars in regard to Peruna.  "1 bought a bottle at once and took It  In teaspoonfol doses every hour, and ia  two days I could talk. I will never ba  without it."  .For free medical advice, write to Dr.  S, B, Hartman, President of The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, Ohio.  Coming Events.  Labor Day, Cranbrook, Monday,  September 3rd.  Nelson Fair, September 19, 20 and  2 t.  Spokane Interstate Fair, September  24 to October 6.  New Westminster Fair, October 2d  to 6th.  THE GRANBY CONSOLIDATED MINING,  SMEUING & POWER COMPANY, Ltd.  Subscribe to  the   Phoenix   Pioneer  and be happy.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby niven that the Sixth  Ordinary General Meeting of tho  Granby Consolidated Miniey, Smeltine  & Power Company, Limited, will be  held at the office of the company, 52  Broadway, New York, N. V., on Tuesday, the Second day of October, 1900, at  10:30 a. in.; for the purpose of electing  directors and doing other business  which may be lawfully done at an Ordinary General .Meeting of the company.  And further notice is hereby idven that  the transfer books of said eompanv will  he closed from September 18th, 190(i, to  October 2d, 190*;, both days included.  Dated this 8th day of .September, 1900.  NORTHRTJP FOWLER.  .Secretary.  THE COMFORTABLE WAY.  S. F. & N. RY  Daily  L?ave  PHOENIX  ! Spokane.       Seattle,  ! Everett, Belltngham  9:00 a.m.   Vancouver Victoria,  afid all        Coast  points   9:00 a.in,  Spokane, Fernie,  Winnipeg, St. Paul,  Minneapolis   9:00 a.m  ; Lirand Forks, Re-  ! public, Curlew, Mar*  '; cus and Kerry (Mid*  i way)   Daily  Arrive  6:55 p.m.  6:55 P-m-  6:55 p.m.  9:00 a.m.j g2JSif?.���"!!?!*"fi 6*SP-m'  g:oo a.m.I Kaslo, Sandon.  Er.  Sun.J  j 6:55 P-tt*.  Kx. fcuu.  Connecting at Spokane with the famous  "ORIENTAL   LIMITED"  2^-da;ly over land trains���  From   Spokane for   Winnipeg, St.  Paul,  Minneapolis,   St. Louis    Chicago and  all  points cast.  For complete information,   rates,   berth  reservations, etc., call on or address,  M. M. STEPHENS, Agent.  Phoenix.  S G. YERKES, A. G. P. A.,  Seattle.  THIS IS THE TIME  to order your   supply   of  Fire   Wood,  either   for  immediate  use   or for the  future.    All orders promptly filled.  GENERAL    SAN1TARV    AND    SCAVENGER  WORK   HONK ON SHORT NOTICE.  I Fresh Vegetables |  Direct From the Farm g,  to Your Table.     .    . ��  Wil! visit Phoenix every Tuesday and Friday with the freshest  and latest productions of the  Kettle River Valley. Rhubarb a  specialty.   Fruit in season.  A.. Galloway,  Columbia, B. C.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  rsOTieK.  'Belle View Frnctioiial",-'Battle Axe Fractional'  and "Apez Fractional"  Mineral Claims- sit   ��B  Where   Located:  uatein   the Greenwood  Mining Division o  Yale  District  wood Camp.  In Green  TAKE NOTICE that I.Isaac II. Hallctt as  ABent for Eric E. Jackson Free Miuer'J Certi-  ficate No. B8SR42, and Francis W. Groves. Free  Miner's Certificate No. B7996g,intend,6odaysfrom  date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for  Certi6catcs of Improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining Grown Grants ofthe above claims.  And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance  of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this jothday of May, A. D. 1906.  I. H. HALI.ETT.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  notice.  "Sovereign" Mineral Claim, situate in the Green-  woodMiniug Division of Yale District. Where  located:    In Providence camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent lor George  W.  Rumberger, Free   Miner's  Certificate  No.  B91423, and Harry Nash,   Free  Miner's Certificate No. 891578, Intend, sixty days  from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for '.be  pnrpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of theaboi-.''  claim  And further take notice that action, undei fr   ���  tion 37   must be commenced before the issuar-  of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 10th day of April, A.D. i.jo6.  I.H.HAtXKr.-.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvement!.  NOTICE.  "Old Bird" Mineral Claim, situate in tb    Giee��-  wood Mining Division of Yale Dlst-.ct. Where  located:   In Long Lake Camp  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac II Hall<-U. ����  agent for William L. C. Gordon, Fr��e Miner's  Certificate Xo. B.S6333, intend, sixty days from the  date hereof, 10 apply lo the Mining Record 1 for  a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose ol  obtainiug a Crown Grant ofthe above claim.  And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced hefore the Usuanc-  of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 31st duv of April. A.D. 1906  M_ I. H.1IALLKTT.  DT WW     �� * i .y. wuiuiipuia, u.   v.    v<  . JL. WlcLntQixiiiiey' i&ittG��^^  City Scavenger,  TEL. No. H32. PHOKiVIX, K.C  If you want the best and  ....latest in the line of....  ltt-uieutbrr llmt no ofher in the Boundary  or elsewhere can .yive yon licltt-r sutisfAC-  llon tl.vFii the JOB DEPARTMENT ul Uie  PHOENIX PIONEER  ***  NEAT ....  CLEAN . . .  ATTRACTIVE  That is tlie kind that pays  That is the kind you want  That is the kind   WE   DO  I>ltOl��   IN   AM)   SKI-  GWAT  NORTHERN  SUMMER  EXCURSIONS.  I'hoi'iiix to Chieairo, St. Louis?, St.Paul,  ', Minneapolis, iHilulh, K.ui.-as City, St.  ! .iosi-ph. I.i'avL'iiworth. Omaha, Council  Illufl'tj, Sioux City and Fort William at  lirst class (arc plus $10 for the round  trip. Si-lling dates .lulv 2nd and Auuust  7th, Sth and ,)th, and Sept. Stli and 10th,  <;oofl for (>0 iliiys, hut not after October  :!ist, lOOti. Ton days wil; bu allowed  from date of sale on Koins; portion of  tickets. .Stop-overs will be allowed  west of Missouri river, .St. Paul, Duluth  and Fort William.  Odd   Ficu.ows,   Touonto,   Ont.,   Skit.  12-2.5, l'.HJti.  Soiling plates, Sept. .Sth and 10th.  Coins; limit, Sept. 22.    Final   return limit,  Nov. ,50th, 1IKC..  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOT ICK.  "Bounty Fractional" Mineral   Claim, situate  !a  lhe Greenwood Mining Division of Yale Du-  trict.   Where located:  On Wallace Mountain.  TAKi: NOTICK that I. Isaac  It.  Hallett.  Free  Mine: ^Certificate No. 891448. lor myself, and a-  ����� eu- 'c- I'homns T.  Henderson.  Free  Minei'pp  Ccrt.tka.e No.  HS5S09,  intend, sixty dnys  fiom  date lieit-.l  to apply to the Mining Recorder for  a Certificate ot Improvements, for the purpose vi  obtuininK a Crown Grunt ofthe jib.ivc .-laim.  And further take notice  that act'.et. .i.idrr section 37, uiu-Ft be cummeuced  befote  '.'.ic iisuance  of such Certifieste of Improvement...  llHtcil this Tth fIuv F,f Match. A li   1 ��������.  I. It   HAU.lU'l'.  " MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICK.  "Smilux Fractional" and "Billy F: :'���--'- i.>ual" Mlu  eral Cla:ms, situate in the Gn   t.-.-p-pfU Mining  Division of Yale District.    W..   - located- Is  Skylark Ciiuip.  TAKE NOTICK that I. Isaac II.   Hallett,   Free  Miner's Certificate No. B9144X, for myself, and ���>  ��� Kent fur Albert l\. Ashcroll, Free Miner's Certificate No.   Il9t76g,   intenil.  sixty days from  the  ; tinte hereof, to apply to the Mining   Kecordcr fur  ; Certificates of Improvement*, for the purport- o!  obtaining Crown Grants ofthe above claims.  And lurtlier take notice that action, under s. c  tion 37, nin-Ft 1-e commeucei! before the issuaH.r  F'jfsuch C .ir-.fu'.ptes of Improvements.  Date,: ' :i-s .sth dav of April, A.D. H)c6.  v,_ I.H   llALLKTT  I IvStGHTB    OK    I'VTIIIA.S,  ' '^    ,r--25nr  Jskw   Oklkans,  Oct. 15-25-1-11. 190(5.  Sellini; dates, Oct. 7lh and Sth.   Coinu  imit,  Oct.   10th.      Final   return   limit,  Nov. 15th.  For the above meetings, first class fare  i-'.iifltlO.  Oi.-Mren of hall am: will take half, the  above I'iGi-s.  S. (i. Ykkkks, Asst.-Gcn. Pass. Agent,  Seattle, Wash.  M. M.Stkphkxii, Agent, l'hoenix, B.C  I  PIONKKR PUB CO.  FHOKNIX, B. C  i     Advertising helps to sell more goods  ! without   increasini;  the   cost  of doing  business.  1(P It SprintS::I  SANITARIUM, Arrow Lake, B.C.  IDSk���Tlie most perfectly appointed Healtk  ��� ml Pleasure Resort in the West, vrlth a com  pletesystem of Kaths���including Turxi-lh *iu!  Russian. Open the year round. The curati�� ���  properties of its waters arc unequaled.  Kor Curing nil Rheumatic. Nervouj aud Mur-  rulftr '('roubles.  For Mealing all Kidney. Liver aud atom if li  illmeuts.  For Ktitniuatiug nil MetatlltPoisjus from tli:  4ystem  The grandeur ol the scenery Is ur.rlvalleU  Mountains, snow peaks, foresU, lakes.w��:-��r'alli,  >oiFtittg, yachbing, fishing, shootiug. excui��iLaa  lenuN. Its winter climate is unsnrpftppsed tor  mllduMS- UAKkV UcIN'TGSH,  Ho  �����MI����ai��g��.����Ml��M yUgBMMtf^JIWMMI^^ I  H?  H  IN  if  La"  li  *k.  ^7*^W!&.i��"  THR.   PR-  -. T7 --H-  'PTONEltR.  s  !8:  teidlnf Hot?) of Brundir;'* Leading  Mining Camp  Prescription's  There is a icason tor the steady increase in our Prescription trade.  We always cany a iull stock of the freshest and purest drugs.  Hotel Balmoral  New and Up-to-date,  Centrally Located,  Good Sample Rooms.  Corner Knob Mill Ave., and FirKl .St.,  PHOENIX,  B. C.  J. A  McMASTER  I'roprletor.  N��W "Si**"*  I dominion Dotel  m  IS ��to Si'onsioce Hve.,  Double Checked  Every pieparation Iron the Doctor's Presciiplions lo your  Family Receipt put up at our store is carefully filled and Douhle  Checked bc-foie sent out.  Thomas   Dtug  OM**^aM��0*^^BM  Tina is Hie Laigest Hotel in tlie City  and has been impioved nud refilled,  being well adaptal for mining anJ  trarelline men. Ualhrocm. Bai well  ���locked with choice goixl*. Dining  Room undei personal charge ol the  proprielrcs*.  U>boetiiA% B.��.��  Mrs.  P..L  McKELVEY,  Prop.      |g|  TiLtr��*o��c No.  77. jW��  to  to  /iv        B * fi      ��-* jt a -at*     t.   a. m   -v^- w j. ��� w��       ���     *. *�� ~- ���        y|v  jf? IIRIKF   TOPICS  OK   LOCAL   AND   GENERAL W  to "* INTEREST  TO   PHOENICIANS. *^ to  to sm,. to  ^���^���^.^.^���^���^���^.^���^���^0^.>Fg.^'F^>g;.>g.^'F>gF.J,  F.-l^-.-^.l^^.^-.-^���.-<.-^.-^.^-.>^tJ->^���-^���>p��>������,^���'^.���,^.���>k���>^.���,  In and Around Phoenix  Who's   lolly?    What's Jolly?  THE   Of*Lr    FIRST-CLASS    AMO    UP-TODATE  MOTEL   IN   PHOENIX  Ibotd Brooklyn  ?  ���ra rmom ctiXAm  ro (Wo*  PffiT   SAPCPU    aOOMt   IN  TMPI  aouMOJuir  orraarri  nur   Marxian  ��� TATIOM  ut��Mo�� ik ecrnieiiw  JAMES MARSHALL, Proprietor  fl>boenu\ B.C.  l   . .Deane's Hotel .    f  DANNY DEANE, Prop.  This new house ia now open  for inspection. Everything new-  neat and clean. Heated by hot  water.  Meals at all Hours, served in  the style which has already  made this house famous. Try  our Sunday dinner, of which  we make a "specialty. If you do  you'll come again.  First   St.,  on tho Bridg  Phoenix, B. C*  Telephne A24.  &%*%**^*^*^^^%^^+s%^v%^%^^^+^-%*^A^%. <V%-0  Always  Ask  for  IS  &  IfiJ  Peter Dawson's "Extra Special"  SCOTCH WHISKY.  Greenwood Liquor Co., Gree  nwood, B. C.  Hannam's milk suffers no addition  or subtraction.  Now and second hand goods sold  by R. J. Gardner.  Special attention given to Miners'  Dinner Buckets at Motel Brooklyn.  Prescriptions properly (prepared by  Boyle, the I Jruggist.  Geo. Manvro, the lone Hottentot,  at the opera house tonight.  J. I... Bradford, New York's funniest  comedian, at the opera house.  Miners, attention. If you want  solid comfort, stay at Hotel  Brooklyn.,  For Sale.���Old Miners' Union hall.  Apply   to   John   Mclnnis,   chaitmanj  Board oi Trustees.  The ranks of the local branch of  the Ancient and Honorable Society of  Grass Widowers are constantly being  decimated.  Joseph J. Bassett, of Hartford Junction, returned from Spokane a few  days ago, where he was married to May  McDonald.  Who's Jolly?    What's Jolly?  McRae Bros. & Smith, Ltd., have discontinued their Midway branch, and  James McRae is now with the Greenwood store.  Secretary .Morrison, of the Miners'  Union, found ail article of ladies'  wearing apparel in the hall this week,  which can be had by proving ownership.  This week the first of the lumber  lor the new government building here,  to be erected next door to the Pioneer  office, was delivered on the ground,  and Contractor Thompson will soon  have the work started.  Monday night's twenty-round boxing contest between Sailor Kelley, of  Milwaukee, and Kid Arnold, of Spokane, was won by Kelley in the fifth  round. The contest took place at the  opera house before an audience of  about 150, Danny Deane being the  referee. After the secoud round it was  plain that Kelley had his man going,  and in the 5th he was down and out.  Kelley expects to have another contest  here shortly with another man.  HODAKS  ���.^^���'^^���'^c^��^^*^��-^*^��  t  Real Estate and Mines  Houses to Kent, City Property for .Sale, Shares in all  the  leading mines bought and sold.  constantly adding to our  ��  t  Information   about    Phoenix   and   the  Boundary country given 011 application.  Dominion   .Ave.  Telephone No. 28.  ����� Phoenix, B.C.   *J  CAMERAS  and PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES,  and can furnish anything wanted in  this line, for the amateur or professional.    Call and see our lines.  Also large stock   of  local   views   to  send to friends.  I     Boyle, the Druggist.  !     Dr. Mathison, dentist.  Who's Jolly?    What's Jolly?  Don't forget   Boyle   is the Druggist.  Woodchoppers wanted. Inquire of  J. J. Bassett, Hartford Junction.  Jiniuiie Crawford, the pride of  Michigan, at the opera house tonight.  The Silver's originators of illustrated  songs, with a repertoire of the best, at  the opera house tonight.  Work has been started on the installation of the steam heating plant  for the Hotel Brooklyn.  Alex. Strachan and E. J. Smith  have just completed another cottage  on their property on Phoenix street.  Who's Jolly?    What's Jolly?  Mrs. O'Loughrtm, formerly of Nelson, and later of Midway, has rented  the Marsh block on Victoria avenue.  The heavy rain this week was doub  ly welcome, if it did come on the date  of the visit of the big Spokane bunch.  First of Children's and Misses' hats  just received by Miss McDonald, Milliner. Ladies' hats are expected next  week.  Miss McDonald, milliner, has received her ladies', misses' and children's fall and winter hats, and is now  holding her millinery opening.  Next Tuesday Miss Emma McGrade  will be married by Rev. Father Bedard  to JameS Davey. Both bride and  groom are well known in Phoenix.  Wednesday evening's social dance,  given by the Hospital Ladies' Aid, was  well attended and much enjoyed. The  net receipts were about $65.  The Marsh block is now being thoroughly renovated and fitted up for a  roming house. Nice, large, airy rooms,  lighted by electricity, will soon be  ready for the public at moderate  prices.  \V. J. Morrison has sold his half  interest in the Morrison-Anderson  block, on Old Ironsides avenue, to  James McArdle, of Grand Forks, for  about $4,500. The Knob-Hill hotel  is located on the propei ty.  Who's Jolly?    What's Jolly?  From the amount of lumber on the  ground, there are people who think P.  Burns & Co. intend to build here this  year. But at the rate of progress thus  far made, it will be Dominion day  again before the structure is completed.  J. Derosiers, who is to build it, should  get a wiggle on, or he will be doing  business in bad weather.  It is high time the Pacific States  Telephone Co. did something to improve the long distance service, on the  other side of the line between the  Boundary country and Spokane. It is  now about as bad as it can be, and  steadily getting no better, being out of  commission sometimes a day or two at  a time.  Hood, the Real Estate Agent  best    residential  Offers:���  Bargains   in   lots,  part of the city. .;  House and lot, Knob   Hill  avenue,:  for sale. !  Stemwinder  Hotel for sale ��� I  on easy    terms.    Situated in j  business   centre   of   Phoenix.  Write for particulars.  (Invest  Your  Canada'* National Playground. j  P. F. Godenrath, who is traveling ���  agent for the Week, of Victoria, arrived j  Tuesday, to spend several days in the  Boundary. Mr. Godenrath recently  spent several weeks at Banff, in the  Rockies, and has just published a  dainty brochure entitled "Canada's  National Playground." It is a booklet  of 50 pages, fully illustrated with the  finest vignetted halftone engravings.  It was printed by the Calgary Herald  in such a style that few establishments  in metropolitan centers could do better,  and altogether it is a most pleasing  addition to the tourist literature of the  Pacific nortwest.  Houee and Lot for Sate.  Good 3-room house and lot on Dominion ave., for sale; good spring on  lot.   For terms apply to J. L. Christian.  When Looking Around Town  take a look at our  window. You will  find many attractive things in the  way of  mm  such as Brooches,  Pendants. Chains,  etc., all new and  up to date designs  and while ��� the  prices are not the  cheapest they are  . the lowest possible when \ou  take the quality  of the goods into  consideration.  E.A.BIack  ��! The Jeweler !���*  Knob Hill Ave. Phoenix, B. C.  Exhibition  Excursion  Rates     .   .  NELSON AND RET.  $4.85  On sale Sept. j8, 19, 20, return   24th  In Such Legitimate Shares  as   Will Prove  an Investment if not a Quick Money Maker.  Phoenix is on a solid basis and MUST GROW. Real  estate was never so low, and money will be made in buy.  ing business and residential property. Every residence  in Phoenix is rented. Business is good. Buy now and  get the advance.  MINING CLAIMS m\> STOCKS A SPECIALTY  fdafio Sfoehs Will Mm quick Returns.  Will Sell Today;  Granby   , Dominion -   litleruittioiial Coal    Alhniiitirn (Cotrur tl'A.).. .  Copper Kiug..,..   Oro Denoro   Burke   Bullion    Hlippy Day   Ilcclila   Idaho Mont. S   Sonurn (Coenr d'A.)...,  Know Storm   Stuart   Kurtmce Or. (Cain.')"  Siillivnn   Skylark _.."...  J.   I-.   MARTIN,  Prompt Attention to Corresponcfence. Bank Block, Phoenix, B. C.  BINNS'FURNITURE STORE I  VELVET AND   TAPESTRY  RUGS:  We have an pxeclfent assortment, all sizes anil L-railtr  imported direct iron) England, $1.60 in ��:J<_i, ;i,,.  cording to size and quality.  BRUSSELS AND TAPESTRY CARPETS:  In Blues, Crimsons, GreciiH, Etc., OV, 75c and $1 51  per yard.  union carpets:  Niplhinir hotter for ��i-ar. They arc full van! ��i.|.--  SOe perjwird.  STAIR CARPETS   AND STAIR PADS.  I  FURNITURE.  BINNS  UNDERTAKING.  ��^��3><8>^?><^><8��S>^>^S��S>^>^^?^-<?;-<?>'i^  >��-j<}f-m,.,Sf<s,-;  Under New Management  Hotel Alexander  R. V. Chisholm, Prop.  Conducted in First-Class shape.    Choice stock of Irrigating   goods.  Special attention to dining  room.     Large,   airy   and  well   furnished rooms.  Dominion Avenue ... I'hucnix, b  C.  M  if  -���-���-���-���-���-���-���-!  ��� -��-��-���-�� -���-���-*-.��-���-���-���   0   9  Phoenix Beer  As made hy the present hrewer is admittedly the  Best Beer in the Boundary. With the Best Malt  and the l'urest Spring Water it is unexcelled lor  quality.      Insist   on   having   PHOENIX   BElvK.  Sprint. Water Ice for Sale. Bottled Beer and Porter.  Phoenix  Brewing Company  BINER & SONS,   Proprietors  LIMITED.  Stationery,    Wall Paper,  Fancy Good-s Etc.  Agent  for   Mason   &   Risch   Pianos  Vote of Thanks.  Phoenix Miners' Union No. 8, extends its heartiest thanks to the ladies  who took part in making Labor Day a  success, and to Bro. J. A. McKinnon,  o( Rosslard, for donating his services  as floor manager.  XV. Morrison, Sec'y.  WET MINSTER AND RET.  $19.30  On sale Sept. 28 to Oct. 2nd.  Good to return Oct. 1 ith.  Railway   Matters  / ���*���=:  a *r>? lifiM,  wrordxtlie vzsts.t ftmtr. Mti ol affair*  n'tjnire r.rw.-r>?if .!<!.-- h\ ~si-*f>w�� e.iifagi-  ux-rsis.  that U'-<>f> '-zzrt. i:;t>v* > j,v x  j';wel ry i}''~j\t.--��.  You ���Ann': '-�����-���#. i",'��v,i,i ���:���'���  houaht lii-r-,    ViV --i-.v"   .is  incut s-iid at txw'���(:���>'h' '���'���'��'  ami fee. (hern.  f.-Vi'tl  n'i our  Va��8<-J(  if  C.'ffll  ���GEORGE E. DEY,  JEWELER,  Knob Hill Ave f Phoenix, B.C.  Warning To Waler Tcnaiils.  In excessive cold weather, past winters, some tenants have allowed the  water to run to keep it from freezing.  To all tenants who find it necessary to  do this we wish to sound a note of  warning : When lhe water i.s found to  be thus running to waste, it will becui  off, withoui notice, and not turned 011  again until April 1st, 1907. Moral���  Make your service pipes frost-proof.  Phoenix Water Sijppi.v Co,  Limited,  |. L. MARTIN,  Mgr.  Coming Tonlgl'l,  G. Lote Silver's big N. Y. minstrels,  the first white minstrel show ever visit  ing these parts. Mr. Silver litis a bi<.  reputation ihrougliout tin: east, anr  everywhere the company has been thir  season, it has been pronounced tin  best attraction of it:: kind ever seen.  Watch for the novelty featuie stree:  parade, and come out and hear tin  band concert in front of the theatre a  8 o'clock. Seats are now on sale ,r  Tom 15rown's.    Prices, 75c and $r.  Q. Lote  Silver's  -BIG-  e�� Torh Minstrels  Opera House To=Night  Zouave Lund and Orchestra.  NOVLLTV MATURE  Street Parade  Seats on sale at   Tom   Brown's   store.  RICES  Hotel Franklin, the first hostelry in  Franklin City, is to he thrown open to  the public tpday.  Work is expected to be started soon  on the Victoria shaft spur ofthe G. N.  in Phoenix���about a mile in length.  Some time Tuesday night or Wednesday morning W. S. Torney, of the  Union hotel, Eholt, was robbed of  $685, the money being taken from  the safe. Thus far the thief has not  been apprehended.  The grea Northern will sell tickets  from Phoenix to Spokane Interstate  Fair September 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29  and 30, and October r, 2, and 3, at  rate of $8.05 for the round trip, and  on September 24 only at rate o( $6.15  for the round trip, all tickets limited to  October 7.  Reports regarding Midway and  Vernon railway matters are more  promising, and Ralph Smailes, one of  the promoters, thinks something definite will be known shortly. It is understood that English capital is now  behind the enterprise. L. M. Rice, of  Seattle, an engineer well known in the  Houndary, and S. L. Tomlinson, mining engineer, of Montreal, left this  week to go over the proposed line of  the road, 1 ��,0 miles from Midway to  Vernon, and there seems little doubt  , but that a satisfactory report will be  J made regarding the tonnage possible  to he developed.  DAILY     THROUGH   SLEEPERS  ARROWHEAD TO VANCOUVER  Office and Brewerv, Banner St.  PHOENIX,  B.C.  ����SXS��SXS����G������^^  Clothing  !  The BEST, Cheapest  and most satisfactory  Clothing in Phoenix.  For rates, folders and tickets apply  to local agent or to  A. XV  . Ha lev,  Agent,  Phoenix, B.C.  .. J. COYLE,  A.G.P.Agt.,  Vancouver, B.C.  J. S. Carter, D. P.  Nelson. B.C.  WHO SAYS SO? Hundreds of satisfied  customers. If you don't oelieve it come  and examine goods.  A Foil Line of Underwear, Shirts, Shoes, Ties,etc  itist arrived.    All new seasonable goods at old  and Cheapest prices.  THOMAS BROWN,  Men's Wear Exclusively.  IHRMIl'.  IIIOCK.  KNOll  IIII.I. AVE..   rilOKSIX.  ** Milium Ifimto ��u. SB  Bnmmum Anrtmr.  Men's Suits  s Hats  Men's Shirts  Ladies'  dren's Goods  K YOU Want a nice nobby and up-to-date suit you will  find a choice selection in our line of men's stylish clothing  for spring. We sell the kind that wear well and look well.  Men's Shirts You will find it hard to duplicate our handsome line of men's shirts, in golf and negligee with attached and detached cuffs plain and pleated bosoms.  Men's Hats A large assortment, just in, of those new  spring blocks, in Hlack and Brown, also a nice range of  straw and.linen hats.  S Shoes Our line of shoes i.s   complete, you   should  see them before purchasing.  Our patent calf dress   shoes  and oxfords outshine them all.  ���Boy StfitS A new iot of perfect fitting 1101 folks   and   three  piece suits, stylish.  See our line of Ladies' Waists, Ladies' Shirts, Ladies' Collars,  Ladies' Shoes, Ladies' Linen Underivmr, Childien's  Wash Dresses.  Girls' and Hoys' waists.  Men's  I  n  pi  The WILLIAM HUNTER CO., LTD.


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