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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Sep 5, 1914

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 <,'  ��*<���<  ���*-��-  The largest copper mines in  the Dominion arc situated  at Phoenix.- ��� The Granby  " Oo. employs'600 men, and  has a monthly pay poll of  ' aver 950,000: Two railroads  > afford access to the city.  'V -.if  '4  ��  /  It-  "II  >>*  ^ .  im  *��� ���AW  \f'w  ��*;���  jIBH  Devotee! to th�� Interests of the Boundary Mining District  .      puWlflb��a.JaK2'the,'^lgl|e8t  (^municipality   lVeWada^.  -t -'Altitude, ���t.SOOlpf.^Ttie/eity -  " ^^;W^ti6t,^X,aoo;,''  and    pcWeSsW"** first-class  hotels, opera house, schools  V4  SIXTEENTH YEAR  PHOENIX, Bra, SATURDAY, SEPT. 5. 1914  3HJ3  Number 8  Franco- Britisft Line Still Presents an Unbroken Front  Slight For Phoenix  .\  ..        ' *. ^  "     o1*    ��      "��������� A ,  Considerable^ dissatisfaction   has  been occasioned in both 'Greenwood  ���   and  Phoenix' over, J;he apathy "dis.  played by the militia department to.  wardsthis district 'as,a field for re-  cruiting soldiers for the oversea expeditionary force.    True the' order  fo bring up the Grand Forks militia  to full   strength   has  been obeyed,  but would it not have been better to  ��� fill up its ranks to war strength with  men ��� willing  to  go  anywhere  and  everywhere in preference to making  it a sort of home guard, for which  there is at present very  little if any  need.    A few weeks ago these two  towns possessed scores of men who  only awaited the'opportunity to en-  Jist.ebut who have npw departed for  other towns to avail themselves of  the opportunity denied them in their  own cities.     Three -weeks   ago   a  ��� number  went  to  Grand .Forks  to  offer  their, services  in  the 'oversea  force,  but were told \ by the officer  commanding     the "Sharpshooters,  that he had no instructions concern,  ing them,' although .at tbe time re-  cruiting  was  in  full  swing  in  all  other   portions   of_the   Dominion.  Time  is  very precious now, and a  couple of weeks rigorous rifle practice  before  leaving  for   Valcartier  would prove of incalculable  value.  There should be a recruiting station  in'Greenwood, or if the station is in  Grand Forks, then  free transportation to and fro should be allowed all  "candidates'. ,*- _  Boundary Prospecting  t " *      * yr~ r-  Eric   Jackson, 'of  Phoenix, 'and  Scot  McRae   of Greenwood,  who  have been spending the; past two or  three weeks prospecting to the east  of Greenwood,  returned on.Wednesday.       The  former  stated   that  never in   all hisr many years experience  had   he suffered   so  much by  reason of the scarcity of water. The  whole countryside is dried up,' and  while at other times it was an easy  matter to secure water in that district,   it was  next  to  impossibility  this season.    As to the presence of  mineral looking ground   in  the district visited,  Mr. Jackson says^that  although   they made their  way as  far as Keeley and^Bear mountains,  they were  unable  to  see  anything |  but' granite   and  tamarack      The  scarcity of game was another notable feature, not a solitary deer, bear  or grouse  being sighted the whole  time they were out.' <'   *  as  received in  e  les  The following is a summary of the position of affair a  Phoenix late on Friday evening: "  The London Times correspondent claims, that the-right wing of th  German army has reached a point near Beauvais,- which is about 25 mile  from the outer fortifications of Pa"ris.  ' .   '    -    "'*"''     *   -   ���  '  #    ^ Paris reports that twa more German aeroplanes flying over that city  were brought down, and the-occupants killed. ��� ' - '  The Russian official report sayi that they have' defeated Austrians  %vho_ attempted to break through Russian centre. The Austrians re  treated leaving 1000 prisoners and ,70" guns. Next day Austrians were  again defeated, when 20 more guns fell into the hands of the Russians  The Austrians left 4,500 dead on, the field. The capture of Lemburg in  Austrian Poland, is officially confirmed, and a report says that Slav regiment has mutinied against the Austrian commanders.  The advance of the German /right wing, whjch is the one that has  been furiously attacking the British left, has received a check and has  been thrown back by a counter attack to it? position of a few days ago.  The London official bureau sflys that trustworthy information has  been received'that several German'itorpedo boats have arrived at Kiel in  a damaged condition. Others are reported to have been sunk in vicinity  of Kiel. This would seem to indicate a raid by British on German Baltic  squadron. * ' ���'   -  Official report says that a British torpedo boat struck'a mine in  North Sea while"rescuing crew of a merchant steamer that had also been  blown up. ,        "      ���' ,  |    B.C; Mining    |  Arrivals From England  J ��Tty* ^ritishiArmy.Rifle  >' ��� .The dreadful, carnage; caused 1 by-  the British infantry fire, is irva cer-  ,  tain measure ,du^ ,to_tbe>magjnificent  -arm-with which'they are ^equipped.  ' It "has  an  effective  sighted Jcilling  range of 2800 yards.    It possesses  two,rear sights; one,   the ordinary  - rear sight is sighted for about 1600  v yards,' "and ' the, other a dial sight  with1 a peep for the Aonger range  lt^has a range of 180-yards further  than the French weapon,, 'and approximately 613 yards in excess of  either the  German   Mauser "or Aus-  .  tria'n'Mannlicher.  Mrs.  H.   Deane,  sister-in-law'of  Danny Deane, accompanied by her  three daughters,  the Misses Alice,  Louise and   Ethel arrived   in town  on Monday from  London, England.  This is their  first visit to  Canada,  and a short time   prior to their departure from" the  Motherland, they  were witnesses to many  of the stirring scenes  that   preceded and followed the outbreak   of 'war.   'One  of the incidents; they, saw" will probably find a." niche in .British history^  Trjey '.were   among   the j thousands  gathered. outside the Foreign office  .when   v the ^ German.   ambassador,'  Prince - tLichnowsky, *   wts^ jjaying  his final visit to Sir Edward Grev|  The crowds were   very   excitedjand  as-'the ministerv left the  building^he  was greeted with a chorus.of groan*��  mingled1 with s  Germany" >\and  Kaiser."     The  acknowledged  raising his hat.  The Copper Market -  Copper is showing some signs'of  improvement, though prices are unchanged.    Lake is   12f��   to  12^c.  and electrolytic is  12fg   to   12��&c  a pound.    Domestic  buying  is   re-'  ported   decidedly  more active, arid  about  half the  normal   amount of  copper is being exported.    The exports for the 'first  25  days  of .this  month^   amounted    to    34,504,960  pounds, which  is  fully  50%  of the  average during the six months pre:  ceeding the outbreak   of the  Euro-  The First From Canada  The first Canadian soldier to lose  his life in the service of the empire,  since the call to arms was sounded,  is Gordon William Betts, a 15-year-  old private in the Fifth Royal Highlanders of Montreal. At the time  of his death he was with his company to whom was" entrusted the  safety of, the locks of the Soulanges  canal, and while on sentry, on the  tight of August 27, was accidentally  shot dead by a rifle in the hands of  The Golden Wedge, Myterel Bill  No. 1, Myterel Bill No.' 2, Goldes  Horn, Eureka No. I, Eureka No. 2,  Gold-Boy No. 1 Gold ;Boy No. 2  mining claims near the townsite of  Ymir have been transferred by David  Needham to Francis E. Baker.  The Ruth-Hope at Sandon is still  running, with seventeen men on the  payroll, and will not close down:  Other properties being ��� worked in  the vicinity of-Sandon are the Surprise, Noble Five, Payne, and two  leases on the Reco.'A Development  is also being done on a number'of  claims in a small way. , The Cap-  ella, Apex and California, near New  Denver are working small forces,  and on Four-mile, the only shutdown is the Van-Roi. The Standard, Hewitt and also a number of  small outfits are working.' The  number of men let out in the Slocan,  owing to the war is not more than  two hundred.���Slocan Record; -  Ten new claims have been located  and recorded in Nelson* mining district during the past" two weeks.  The new claims are situated on  Rover, Hall, Bayonne creeks and on  the Priest .river. At head of Rover  creek, the Drummond Extension, by  George F. Motion and the Silver  Lake by John   Cross.     At   head   of  month.    A few men were'sent up lo  the Whitewater on Moqday, but the  management states thatjhey may be  only/there  for  a  short   period,   in  order to make use of a.quantity of  supplies at the mine, and to take out  some ore while doing so.    Various  reports as to the Trail smelter being  in  the  market   for   ore   have   been  circulated and obtained  credence in  many  quarters,   but   it  is  hard  to  secure    any   reliable   confirmation.  Trail is known to have a large quan-1  tity of silver-lead ore, on hand at the  present time, and until such time as  this is marketed, any further buying  is unlikely.    Market condition may  improve after a time, ^rrio're particu-*  lariy'when it   becomes   certain   that  the British fleet   has   an   undoubted  command of the sea.  i  :4  ,  The Unbidden Guest  The windiest prisoner .that ever  monopolized the time of a court,  appeared before Police Magistrate  J. Mulligan, on Thursday. The  windbag was B. L. Brown, charged  with the heinous crime of breaking  into a lady's boudoir and using indelicate language in the presence of  the occupant. In addition to this  conduct he was called upon to explain hi* misbehaviour in the dining  room where he kicked-a lady's supper all  over the apartment, quaffed  being corisumed^at home-, and ^eje  posted.  'The-monthly" refinery onf-  ;put7|Hojyeye"rV>wn  materially before; October J^or No  embje^du^;:to;the; f^t;that:the^May^  iJu'h^'iaha^Vijy^  nis .splendid physiqu  to'pass fpr^itheS iegal^ag��;^f:enlisip  mienK; , Although ' in  opposition ;i to  his^mothers; wish,l he Vpersuaded'..;ner'  to'itvithdl^lierj-Vetbi:\fprj:spme-iime}  sleepV^S^  sehtencecT to"pay^*a'fine ,  df($25i''0p';an^  into retirement for thirty/days.  'y��-;Yq'U;:ti ma^  The Big Store  To our Friends and Customers in the City  of Phoenix  A report has been circulated that this  store is going to close up.  We wish to say that this is absolutely  untrue. We have no intention whatever of  closing our stores, nor do we intend to advance a single price unless the market com-  pells us to do so.  In the' .'-lyiatter of Credit  We intend to deal with each customer  individually, and to extend all the accommo-  dation in our power.  We ask our Customers, however, to pay  us every cent they possibly can, as we are up  against a trying situation even for a firm ,of  our size.  Play fair with us'and you will find that  the Big Store will stay with you during the_  hard times.  inaugurated. ��� vTbe surplus that will  thus^ be created apparently isallthat  the producing companies propose to  accumulate, the exceptions to this  rule being Calumet & Hecla, Wolverine and Mohawk, which are continuing production "at approximately  their normal rate, and; the various  Phelps, vJDqdge" & Co.:.. which> are  operating ��� at approximately 75 per  ;cent':capacity^;.';- /T^l- ���'-.���;.''' :-  Owners of copper mining shares  and of other stocks also are more  seriously,depressed concerning the  future outlook than real fundamental  conditions justify. Notwithstanding  the stock exchanges closed after a  gruelling decline in prices, and that  the prospects of an early resumption  of trading are by no means bright,  that, speculation" which brings advancing prices is as necessary to industrial expansion and trade activity  as sunshine and rains are to the  growth of crops. It has as its foundation a natural law which cannot  be undermined by legislative enactment or set aside by the decrees of  potentates.  Our recent exports apparently have  relieved the acute scarcity of copper  that existed in Europe, as the price  of electrolytic in London, which was  around 15^c. a week or two ago,  has declined to about 13c.���Boston  Commercial.  tairy honors, took place inMontreal, j  on Aug;-30. ;  ���''..'������..-.���'��� "'"���-."''."'/���'���;'.-\     '.������'���'.  Goodwin,and the/fNone'Such by~Ed-'  gar L"Irvine^:^v;:^r^"/^:;^s;^; 'v ; -';::.. v.':.::'-:  ^A.report; was^ current aooiit; to,wii  t.he.;'firstypart;:.pfv  '    ];tfteJ  tSf��a��: ^   ^      ^_  bell f better- than at'xtie iime;shef.i&smaikipgi  starting ���'��� on ;iqr a bqii t th e 'firs: t��� of ih e / the ex ciise.  3C  3C  Off To The War  Oddfellows' New Hall  The local lodge of Oddfellows are  losing little time in finding a new  home in place of the one destroyed  by fire. The negotiations for the  purchase of two. lots, situate at the  corner of First street and KnobhiH  avenue were concluded a couple of  weeks ago, and the work of preparing the ground in readiness for  the erection of the structure, is proceeding with despatch. The lots  have a frontage of about sixty feet  and the position is one of the most  central in town.  Phoenix has contributed its quota  to Canada's overseas expeditionary  force, and although the number  was pitifully-small, it will undoubtedly make up for the deficiency in  efficiency, all of, them having at  some time or other received a naval  of military training. The three boys,  Messrs" D. Patterson, Jas. Porter  and Teddy Horrel, left for Valcartier a week ago, quite a large number of friends and well wishers assembling at the depot to wish them  "Godspeed." - Four more from  Phoenix joined the detachment at  Nelson, having left here a short  time before to enlist in Nelson. His  worship the mayor informs us that  he was in communication with the  officer commanding the militia at  Grand Forks, this week, and has  the assurance that Phoenix and  Greenwood will not be overlooked  when the next call is sounded.  Labor Day  A celebration in honor of Labor  Day, September 7th, is to take  place in the park and woods adjoining the New York townsite. The  proceedings are under' the auspices  of the local union of Western Federation of Miners.  The Phoenix Tennis club have arranged to spend Labor Day by holding a club tournament on their  ground near the Idaho shaft. In  the evening they will hold a dance  in the K. P. hall to which they extend a cordial welcome to all members of the Knights of Pythias and  their families. The following is the  schedule of play: Mens' singles.  10 to 12.noon; mens' doubles, 1.30  to 3 p.m.; ladies' singles, 3 to 4.30  p.m; ladies' doubles 4.30 to 6 p.m.  'Phone 56'  P. O. Box 309  The Little Store  First Street.  McKay 8? Knight, Props.  We do not intend to close out  our business as is rumored  around town.  During the Close-  Down we are Selling at Cost Prices  *  FOR CAS  .  Our Prices Are Right.  Prompt Delivery.  "The Store of Quality"  SB  3CS  aic^ciJ  /\ ['?<  titeasfi  THE   P��Q#,EER,    PHQEKXX,   B.WJ&H   CPWJKBIA.  SUBS  fit,    <   <."���  . *v  \Hh '  ',*   , 'i  "s ���  < �� ���,  ?  [YEAST  MAKES PERFECT B^EAP  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  issued weekly  at Phoknix;, British Columbia  ; Subscription, 2.00 per year"  -   ,.2.50 to United States.  .     >   G. Kay, Publisher.  ,iKqi  XDVERTISINQ SCALE  Application |or LiquorJUoonoo (80 days) . 95,00  AprlicationforTiansforof Lloenco     :   , 37.50^  i Certlfloate'of Improvement notice (C0days)$7.S0  Applioatloh to Parchaao Land notioes (00 days)   ~ *7.fi0  ' *  n Delinquent Co-owner notices (00 dnyb)  Small Water Notioes (30 days)        Delinquent Co-Ownorehip notices 00 days 925.00  Duplicate Certificate of Title notices . 88.00  Curds of Thanks, SO cents. ��� ������  Ail other logal adverting, 12 cents a lino,  alnfflo column, for tho first lnsoitlon; and 8  cents a lino for each subsequent inset t ton, nonpareil measurement.  Display  ads ^1.00 per inch, .single  column/ per morfth.   Transient  ads.  -60c, per inch; per issue;, subsequent in-  ^sertions, 35c. per inch.   \  tired of blowing about:   "  "I    shall   press  forward on   the  path   which  Heaven has marked  out for me.     I am helped thereto  by my feeling of responsibility to  the ruler of all, and the firm conviction .that   HE, our old ally or1  Rossbach   and  Denwitz, will not  now leave  us in   thejurch.     HE  has  given   Himself such  endless  i trouble  with our   House  that we  can assume he has  not done this  for nothing.   No, Brandenburger.s  ���we are called to greatness!, and  to glorious days I myself will lead  you."  It will be noticed that the  Branden-  burgers   figured largely   in  the assault  on   Liege, 'but j crazy   Willie  was not on the spot leading them on  Lord Aylmer, formerly Inspector-  General of Canadian militia, suggests ^that Canada should present  each German prisoner with a tract  of land. Let's carry the project a  bit further and give  each of them a  pension.  ��� .�����.   Capt. Haun, tof the German cruiser Leipsic, is still hoboing it up and  down the British Columbia coast.  He probably still takes the San  Francisco Examiner, and that's  about all he ever will take.  Coming' Events      <'  Vancouver  Fair,   September  3rd  to 5th. ��� ,"    \    '  Spokane Interstate Fair, Septem  ber 12 to 20.  Labor Day celebration in Phoenix,  September 7th.  ,  Sio.oo  to glory.  $7.60  The     Kaiser's  I' )  -V'f  '4 &  1  Saturday,^Sept. 5, 1914  �����'  T.U.  ambassador     to  Washington    is   complaining   that  France is  employing native African  troops  in   her   armies.     His   excellency, is   also  shocked    that   Great  Britain has accepted the loyal offers  of   the   native  princes  of   India   to  send a   hundred -thousand  men and  pay-their  expenses.      However lie  doesn't say a  word   about the emissaries   Of  Germany who have  been  leaving no -stone'  unturned   to #et  tbe Sultan to'throw  his forces info  the scale  on   the   side   of Germany.  Surely   the   kaiser   wont  class   the  Turks as civilized.    'France employed her Algerian troops in   1870, and  there is no   record   of  them  having  outraged -.the    recognized   rules   of  '���civilized"   warfare,   such   as   that  which   has  disgraced    the   German i  army during the past tew days.  Widows, orphans and wooden  legs "made in Germany."  >   *       -  The Montana State militia are in  control-of Butte, and martial law  has been proclaimed.  KingEdward Lodge  No. 36, A.F. and A.M.  Regular communication at 8  p.m. Second Thursday ol  each month  tosvgent meetings as called; Masonic  Wall, McHale Block.   .  <lm.  John TFinlay, Jr.,  Secy,  W.  J. PlJSROE,  W.M  Broke solemn treaty, violated almost all the most^elementary principles of the sacred international convention of Geneva, such as destroying defenceless villages, bombarding  unfortified cities, scattering mines  An the open sea, levying blackmail  on-women and children and in some  case holding the old men as host-  ages untijLttfB^moneywas paid is the  rfiaotd^up^to .date^of the emperor  'whSfloudW  boasts  of,his, alliance  1 '���>,  s%wittasAlmighty God.    y .-        <,    *  C���&."����-*For- a>-longstime we-have .been  ���*���  Over a hundred and twenty members of the Imperial House of Commons are either fighting at the front,  or under amis with their regiments.  A similar state of affairs is to be  seen among the members of the  House of Lords, which is represented by at least 160.- , No wonder,  with such an example of practical  patriotism ^before therri that the  flower'' of British' manhood is flocking daily in thousands-tOrthe'Ktng's.R  .-AM-BUfr  MRS.  A.  SAICH,   ol  Cannlngton Manor, Saafc.,  Write*:���"My brother ��uf-  fered severely from eceema.  The *ore�� were rerjr exten-  |sive, and burned like coala  into his flesh. Zam-Buk took  ' out all the fire, and quickly -  J gave him ease. Within three  weeks of commencing with  Zam-Buk  treatment, every  ' sore had been cured."  This is but one of the many  letters we are conttandy receiving  from people who have proved the  healing powers ol Zam-Buk. For  eczema, piles, sores, burns, cuts  and 'all skin troubles there is  nothing: like this wonderful balm.  No skin disease should be considered incurable until Zam-Buk  has been tried. ���  AUDmgguts, 30*. par Bam.  RtfitsaSulsUtmUs.  I.O.O.F.  Snowshoe Lodjfe  No. 46'  Meets every Monday. Evening al  Minors' Hall. "Visiting brethren cordially invited.  Harry Elsmore, Noble Grand.  A, L. McKinnon, Fin. Secy.  Jrs. Pierce, Rec. Secy,  Daughters of Rebekah  Phoenix Lodflte No. 17  Moots in   tho   Minors'   Union   Lodge  Hull Fii-ht and Third Wednesday*.  Miii. E. K. Barnes, Noble Grand  Mrs. A. V. McKeiiKie, Seorotary.  FRATERNAL ORDER  OF EAGLES  Thi.s amazing offer���me xMew Model American Oliver Typewriter5 No. 5 at 17c. a Day���is open to everybody, everywhere.  It is our new and immensely popular plan ol .selling Oliver Tjpo-  writers on little easy payments. The abandonment of longhand in fnvor  of clean, legible, beautiful typewriting is the next great step in human  progress. The Ameiic.m Oliver, with the largest side of any typewriter  in existence, was the logical machine to take the initiative in bringing  about the universal use of typewriters, -''it always leads !  Clerks on small salaries can now afford to own Olivers. By utilizing spare moments for practice they may fit themselves for more*��im-  portant positions. A small first payment brings the machine, then you  save 1 7c. a day and pay monthly.  G. KAYrAgent, Phoenix.  Phoenix Aerie No. 158  Meets in Union Hall, Friday Evenings,  Visiting brothers ate always welcome.  Dan Patterson, W. P.  T. B. Cjdarke, W. "Secy.  standard.  */< T,  _ Fpr^ale-rffe'wjsluits of/Bntish  naval and ^military^ uniforms.     For-  l'-'  'content to, look upon him as a public nuisafhee,; but' he in 'future to be  reckoned  as   nothing   short    of   a  public   dagger,   a sort of mad dog ,  '   ���        , ���   a-tt wu    I Apply,   alter dark,   "James,     head  running   loose   in * Europe.,   Who,    rvv *!.   .        , '     \ .       '  ., . e    , , j *   j j ��u     valet',   side door,- Buckingham pal-  but a crazy  fool would  address^thel ' & r-  > Ia J *- "  merly worn by German emperor; all  in good condition. A snap for  museum    or  circus   managements.  i*^  K. of P. Lodge,  No. 28  Phoenix,  B.O.  Wx  law-     ���  ��� v ^    ��  IF*'  If "A   '     r  IrOC-       '��  mk '  \a1<l  I?-  fa1  - /*  J%    .'  Ik:'  rif\?  m  Ii'-"���?,..' r  : t) "  lit'    <' '"  members/ of a Commers���a beer  drinking and duelling club���as follows:  "Itis my firm conviction that every  youth who enters a beer-drinking  and.liuelling^club will receive the  . v���true direction of "his life from the  spirit that prevails in them. 4 It isJ  ''"the best education.which a young  * man can getfor his future career!"  Wrio'but^ a lunatic   would  address  'the  young  men-of his  nation like  that?    Here is' another of his pom-  'pous utterance a. few-years Vater:  v*1   **AU of you should have but  one  will and that- is my will.    There  i  exists only one law, it is my law;  , uand  now   go  and   do your duty,  '��   and be obedient to your superiors."  "Bismarck  evidently   had    his   own  opinion   on   Wjlliam's.   sanity  as"   a  "young man.    This  is what he  said  .   of him in his famous memoirs:  "I pity the young man���he is like a  young fox hound that barks at  everything, that smells at everything, that touches everything,  and that ends up by causing complete disorder in the room in  which he is, no matter how large  * it may be."  His long suit, however, is his indul-  . gence in religious cant, or when he  claims a special alliance with God.  Some people seem to imagine that  this is newspaper talk, but here is  a quotation from his speech to his  famous Brandenburg bullies, whos*  man-killing propensities he is never  ace, London.  Shoes that Fit!  We make a specialty of Miners'  Shoes; good fit, nice shape, and  nothing but the best of stock used  r     SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  NICK PALORCJA,  Knob (Jill Ave.        Phoenix, B.O.  Meets Tuksda-y Evening at 7,80.  Sojourning brothers cordially , wcl  corned.  C.'H. Knight, O. C.  E. E. Barnes, K. of K. S.  /( .     "v  PYTHIAM SISTER8' ���  M��ount��Lln T��nnplWj^Mlflre Ho.1T.  . '.   Meets In Pythian- HUlt Imww Town .- '<'  Second and Fourth Thnrarlays. ���       ������    "'  ' a- ~ f"  "������   '       *. Mn. A.DJMoK��nate  Mrs. Geo. Barnes, a ' M.B.O.    ���> ���  '���        M.-B.C.     , ,  Travel East via The  Great Northern Railway  ANNOUNCEMENT  Summer Excursion Fares Commence June  1st. Final Limit October 31st. Optional  Routes   and    Liberal   Stopover   Privileges.  Why  v.  tVS    7  It" J  UTTOlSn  forgardon and farm or�� best  for B.C. soil. Sec Catalogue fox  solid, tfuayetntec of puxitr-  ama jjormiixa.tioix  Sondncrwfor Copy free  Sutton SSons.The Kind's Socdmon  A.*I.W�� o d vvr a rd  Vtct'ortSk      %      Vancouver  ��I5 VOtt ar. M7 Oranvillo SI-.  tOLK AQCNTS VOft ORITISH COLUMBIA  PRIZE CATTLE AT SPOKANE FAIR, SEPT. 15 to 21; 1914  C^nAoian  Reduced Fares i Summer    Of 1914 -.-  Onf sale June 1st to September 30th.  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' '���  Application for a lease must be made  by the applicant in person to the  Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in  which the rights applied for are situated. '. . : ��� ��� ".':.���:'/''>���  In sui-veyed territory the land must  be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur-  vey'ed territory the tract applied fpr:  shall be staked out by the applicant'  hiraseuV .. ...-. ;���������.'��� -���.-'��� ������'��� '���'���".*'������  Each application' must be "acepm-  panied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights applied, for are not  available, but not otherwise.; A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the mine at the; rate of five  cents ��er ton.  The person operating the tnineshall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accdun ting for the full quantity of  Merchantable'coal mined and pay the  Bbyalty-thereon. If the coalmining  rights are not being operated, 'Such; returns should be furnisned at leaBt once  a year. .  '.: ���'���}.-���..���   '��� ,���'.:.;'.'.::  ��� The lease will include whe coal mining  rights only, ��� but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available  surface rights may be considered  necessary for the worsting of the mine  at the rate of $10.00 an acre.  For full information application  should be made to the Secretary of .the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa,  or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.���-Unauthorized   publication  of  |'this advertisement will not be paid for.  1.-30090.  New-York.  Halifax...  a}   $108.50     Montreal....(.,... .$105.00  ...   ....   129.35     Twin Cities      60.00  .Philadelphia..........   108.501 ^       ,'~./  %"&.' INGRAM, Agent, Phbenix.  "t'ir  ^.i? ~'/  SPOKANE TO CHICAGO WITHOUT CHANGE  rr^>  �� '4  r Ay..  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The potato crop is very large, being sufficient to supply the demand for a  year.  ���  According to the German gazette  published a short time' before the  war, the kaiser's title is High Commander on Sea and Land and of the  Air. In the same-issue the appoint  ment of a brother of the Duchess of  Connaught to a high appointment  in the German arrriy is announced.*  The following have been gazetted  chief constables of the British Columbia provincial police: Robert J.  Sutherland, of Golden, to the northeast Kootenay police district; F. E.  Aiken, of Clinton, to the Lilllooet  district; Henry Taylor, of Tete  Jaune, to the Tete "Jaime Cache  district.  The North sea trawler reserve is  now quite full, and hundreds have  had to be turned down. The work  of finding and destroying the mines  is of the most dangerous character  and the departure of the men on  their dangerous mission drew enormous crowds who heartily cheered  the departing reserves.  the use of the weapons. . The offer i*s equivalent to a gift of three  million dollars.  Rebels Once  anal'  A decided economy in fuel consumption is  effectedj^y usingjiickelled steel in.  A wildly enthusiastic meeting of  Dutch colonists took place a few  days ago at Aliwal North, South  Africa, when I lie following mess-age  was sent lo the Impeii.il gov em-  mem: "The Africanders of Aliwal  North-can be depended upon to defend the Union "jack to their last  cartridge." '  Theptime mover said he w.'is a  rebel during the war. Many of  those present had ' been rebels, but  the. union with Great - Britain had  been so successful' lh.it the)* would  shed their l.i^st drop of blood for the  British flag. Ex-rebels of Aliwal  North wished Germany to understand that Great Britain could depend upon  them.  The proceedings began and ended  with the singing of- the national anthem.  **mt  *R$B$fe  Why Worry?  In addition to sending 50,000  men to the front, Canada is presenting one million bags of Hour to the  mother country; Alberta is forwarding 500,000 bushels of oat#;'Quebec  sends 4,000,000  pounds   of cheese;  Australia  sends 20,000 men;   India  * t  sends 100,000 of her sons, and little  New^Zealand makes mamma a present of a huge battleship as well as  the services of eight thousand of her  sons. Why should we worry about  the ultimate result of the war.  oven. It attracts and hdl3s the  heat far better than most oven  materials. 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"There is-gold in the river for  those not afraid of a little hard  work," says L. W. Huff, who has  been engaged in the work for a dozen years. "It is" in fine dust and  requires some patience to separate.  The supply is practically inexhaustible, as high water in the spring  brings more flour gold down from  the mountains."  Everything in Men's Wear  Clothing?  . Underwear  Shirts .  Shoes  Hats  Caps, etc.  Thos. Brown  "Everything* a Man  Wears"  Handsome Gift  M. Schneider, of the Creusot  works in France, has made a gift of  twenty-six batteries of artillery to  the French government. In all there  were 156 guns. These guns were  built to the order of a foreign nation, but when the war broke-out,  the head of the firm intimated his  readiness to pay tlie indemnity stipulated in the contract for non-deliv  ery at the date fixed, and offered  the whole of the material to France  as a free gift. As the serving of  these guns is of a new and special  character, M. 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Local and General  safe  COLUMBIA.  ��    *  *  ��� 'W,����iiHj w,i,iiir '1'iininwin  J. R.'. Jones left on Wednesday; for  Chicago,   / -,-'  Bert Woods - went over fco Vancouver on Monday.   v r - J  Miss Donnanleft for her home in  Grand Forks on Thursday.  Mr. and Mrs. W. Oole left for Eng*  j land on Tuesday, via New York.  Wiii. Binsr Is visiting' with friends  at Republic, Wash., for a few days.-w  . Born���At Nelson, on August 27th,  to Mr. and Mrs. W;. D. Wilson'ra son.  . Miss Krleder of Olympia, Wash.,' Is  th* guset of her cousin, Mrs. Albwrt  Biner.,   \        ' - -   >  A girl desires work in private family1  orsboardtaff house. - Apply /Pioneer  office.' ' ' <r , .  .  John Evans l��ft on Wednesday for,  his uncle's place at Orespard, North  Dakota. ���      ,  *��� ^ \  Miss Russell, daughter of Mrs. J. A.'  Morrin, left Friday on her return trip  to Walla Walla. ^      }     f  Horace Strutzel arrived in town1 on  Friday's train from the Coeur D'Alene  and coast points.       ,,  On Thursday last, Sid Jennings and  Ed. Black left on their motor bikes for  the Shuswap district. _j  . Lost���Between  C.N. bridge and C. ,  P.R. depot, a sum of money., Finder Resident of long standing m the town,  please return to Pioneer offlc-e and re- "^ departure will be regretted by  ceive reward. ' ' '"���ny> ftnd tne oes^ wishes of all will  deer to bo very scarce in the valleys.  The members of the local branch of  the W.F. of M. have decided on mak  ing some improvements at their graveyard. In addition "to clearing the  ground of brush, etc,, they are to enclose (sbe plot with a substantial fence.  < A Are in an abandoned shack drew  the attention of the city Are department on Thursday morning. On account of its isolated position, and the  absence of any danger of it spreading*  the ohief allowed the blaze to burn itself out. \ ___  * A dance and social was held on Friday of last week in the K.P. hall. Refreshments, kindly provided by the  lady guests, were handed round, and  a number' of volunteers furnished the  accompaniments for the songs, and  dance program.     ,       .  '    . ~ ,  Fresh tracks - of a couple' of bears  were seen, on. Tuesday, by a grouse-  hunting party to the south-westof the  town. The hunter is just at liable to  run across deer in the same locality  now-that the noise of blasting /has  ceased "both here and at the Mother  Lode mine. '  Dr. J. R. Millar, assistant to Dr.  Ritchie, left town on Thursday for  Rossland,'where he intends to estab  tiaass  DRUGS, DRUGGIST'S SUNDRIES, HIGH-CLASS  STATIONERY, PERFUMES, CONFECTIONERY  Agent for the farapus Nyal and Na-Dru-Co Preparations.  T. s.  PHOENIX, B. C.  The First Victims  lish a practice.     While by no means a  W.-Hufty, assistant to the agent at  th* local C.P.R. depot, has been transferred to th* temporary charge of the  depot at Bhjplt." :-      ..    ���  Geo. Elkins was a passenger on Sat>  urdayV train for Lebanon, Oregon,  wher* Mrs. Elkins and "the" children  preceded him some months ago?/' " *  Fred. Irwin, of the local Bank, of  Commerce staff, left town on'Wednesday for Oroville, Wash., to fill a sirni-  ar position Jn the branch bank.there.  It i��'"unofflcalIy reported that'the  Kaiser is about to take, Peruna. Beg  pardon, we mean Paris. The report  that the wind blew up th�� North sea  has been confirmed.        , -  The services* in -the Presbyterian  church on Sunday next?Sept. 6th, will  be1 conducted^by the Rev. F.- D. Mackenzie at 11 a.m. Rev. J. -R. Munro  will preach at Midway. * <v  <" H. Hartley was out on a hunting  tripsin the hills to the north-east on  ^Thursday." He'reports game scarce in  that 'locality, and. only j succeeded in  bagging-one grouse'' and a coyote. >  follow him to his new sphere of work.  The dance, under tbe auspices of the  Scandinavian Aid and .Fellowship so*  ciety, took place*' as advertised on  Thursday, September 3rd, and considering the depleted state of the city's  population the affair was well attended and^thoroughly enjoyed. The Ironsides orchestra, which happily is still  intact, was in attendance and provided  a first-class program of music under  the direction of Chas, Olson.    '      l vfcr,  Dave*'  fc��  OxleyJ proprietor of thi'Umori  hotel at'EhoUV''waB^ a visitor*'inltownr  during the* weekr ;'He "'says that'sbine  very'good'DAgs"of grouse were secured  on-Monday around Eholt,' one hunter  securing ten'birds. .,  2 For j: Sale���Minneapolis twin-speed  motor cycle, ten horse-power de luxe  engine', speedometer, etc. Machine has  not been "run a thousand miles and is  Nelson Fruit Fair   -.  'Notwithstanding the fact that  several of-the .bigger fairs-of the  province .have 'cancelled their fall  fairs for this'year^ on account of the  war scare, the annual fruit fair' at  Nelson will-'be held the same as'  usual.     .-.'        ���    . - (       '  The dates'are Wednesday, Thursday and , Friday, September 23rd,  24th and 25th. Unusually cheap  rates are being offered by the rail,  way' companies namely single' fare  forithV roun'd- trip-;from "all' points  between ' Medicine "Hat  and' Vanr  With equal ceremony, honor, and  reverence, four British sailors belonging to the Amphion, and four  German sailors belonging to the  Koenigin .Luise, were buried at  Shot ley churchyard. Rain was falling heavily and few people were  about as the procession moved out  of the barrack gates. First came a  firing party of British bluejackets,  wich arms reversed, then a farmer's  cart containing the eight coffins,  and lastly another detachment of  bluejackets. , Enshrouded with the  national e'nsigns, according to the  nationality of the dead, the coffins  were reverently carried to the grave,1  and after the service had heen read  by^ the aged vicar, the customary  three volleys were fired. Then was  heard -the mournful notes ^of the  bugles sounding the "Last Post,"  and "the first victims of an emperor's  lust, for power were left lying side  by side in peace.  MILK AND CREAM  The rich< quality of our Milk and  Cream is gaining new patrons  for its daily. We solicit a trial.  Delivery made to any part of the  city.     Mail us a card.  The PHOENIX DAIRY  W. A. >foKHj & Son*, Prop*.  V  "4  couver;  HOW CHILDREN GROW  - |?hilditen grow by^noufishnient-^ot  overloaded stomachs or .'rich'foods' but  qualities that ape readily"..converted'into  ,hfe-snstaining blood; too often their  digestive powers cannot procure these  cjuaJities from ordinary foods which results  in weakness, dullness and sickness.  I , If your children are nader-size, under-  j weight,  catch cold  easily,   are  languid,  .. in excellent condition.    Call or write,  ||L.'D. Burnell, Greenwood.   r  \\    Geo. Rogers and W. Jenks spent a I baVkwardTpaTe or"fraii7^ve theni��Scott"s  |.couple of days during the week hunt-   Xsmulsionwhichisourenieriiranai nourish.  ing up the main river.   They returned  with a bag of twenty grouse and the  scalp of one coyote.   They report the  A whale ran into and exploded  a mine in the Baltic. ' After all there  must be some truth in" the story  that Britannia rules the waves.  * IN THE SUPREME COURT OF  ; BRITISH COLUMBIA,     r,  % IN PROBATE:  2jm ulsion which is pure medicinal nourishment. It sharpens the appetite, builds  healthy flesh, firm muscles and active  brains. Scott's is growing-food for  children.    Refuse alcoholic substitutes,  '*   JN THE qOODS OF FRANK  RIORDAN, DECEASED INTESTATE  VTake notice that by order of. the Honourable Mr. J. R. Brown, made the 22nd  day of August,-A.D.() 1914,;I was ap-  pomted"admini8trat6r,to the' Estate of  the saidi Frank Riordan,.deceased, and  all parties .haying; claims against the  ���aid Estate are hereby required, to" fur,-  nioli same, properly verified tome, and  that pfter the first October, 1914, I will  proceed to distribute the assets of the  said deceased "among the personB entitled thereto* having regard only to the  claims of which I shall then have notice,"  1 and all parties indebted to said estate  are required to make the amount of  their indebtedness to me forthwith.  'Dated at  Phoenix,   B.C.,   this 25th  August, 1914.  t  Smiling  greet the coming" of a case of  PHCENIX BEER  '.  -V  '   ' WHY? '    "  Becacise-the. Beer Js so good  and^wholesome it- brings the  smile.  -        ���    J  ��   ,  ^U#>lFHQNE.23^r  PHOENIX BREWING CO.,  LIMITED  DR.DeVAN'S FEMALE PILLSS^hb!;  ���ledidne for all Female Complaint. fS b boi,  or three for $10, at drug: stores. Mailed to any  address oa receipt of price Thr Scobxh. Dktto  Co., St. Catbaruies. Ontario. 1   PHOSPHONOL FOR MEN ^7^  for Nerve and Brala; Increases 'Vreyviastter'';  TftHM 1,   BTfiRIiiM a Tonic���will build you up    {8 a box, or two for  JUWXM U KlUKUAW, ��,ntdrt�� stores, orT>y maUon receipt of price.  Administrator. J TbxScobbzj.2>kcoCo.. St. Catharines. Ontario.  ^���DIRECT fscmJACTOHYtoHTCEEN^  JEuTL  \m  Save over isssl  IWYtSOYSm  EANQE  THIS FALL,  o Mo  l,^  j".*    "/�����  -   IP-�� '   -  JtstlOO  ^P^^^AN��WEPiarraElREItjMT  *��&'  Yon ean buy DOMINION PRIDE RANGE at Factory Frlce  Direct Irons Stae Largesfi Malleable Range Works lis Canada  rB price which the Dealer quotes you on a Range  is made up like this ��� Manufacturing Cost +  Ma^ilfactmer's -Profit + Jobber's Expense of  Handling and Selling + Jobber's Profit + Retailer's  Expense of Handling and Selling + Retailer's Profit +  Freight.  By our direct "Factory to Kitchen" selling plan all  these charges are cut out except the actual manufacturing  cost, a small profit, and freight. The difference to you  is the difference between the $41 to $49 which you pay  for a "DOMINION PRIDE" Range |nd the $69 to $78  which you would have to pay the;, Dealer for a Range  which cost as much to make.  "  Are you anxious to contribute $25 or $30 to the  middlenien?     '::- :���:���.,',''���.,������;  In the���   < '���:���  Beftt is m Boot worfh Having  1"^ talis about eooklnjr from tbe time tbe  Cart Dwellers asedto put hot stones In  ��1  tbe pot to boa it.  IB��ln<>liWun  fismi  SW  Stow  The Book contain*  interesting- lufor.  nation gathered  front many soar-  9ms and U illustrated   profusely.  1oc��Zvo)atI��a^  - UwCMkStoW^  also tcUs all about  tlie "Dominion  Pride" Ranges.  Whether' w>u need  ��� Range jast now  or not you > will  enjoy this book.  Write fsr tree espy.  you get m. fall dollar's worth of actual stove value  for every dollar you pay.  Tfae "DOMINION PRIDBV is made of tough,  strong malleable iron and the best blue,polished-  steel���materials that will neither warp, crack oor  break,'so that it will last a lifetime. It is made in  the largest Malleable Iron Range Works in Canada,  and each range is backed by our unconditional  guarantee.   ���  Tbe "DOMINION PRIDE" looks well, cooks  well, saves fuel and is easily cleaned. You^ll be  proud of its neat, handsome appearance in your  kitchen, and of the appetizing food it will cook to  perfection for you. You'll appreciate the ease of  keeping its blue polished steel surface and the  ?W>  bright polished top spick and span with,a few rubs  of a cloth. Your husband.will be more than pleased  with the reduction in the coal or wood bill���for  the "DOMINION PRIDE" saves; by actual tests,  30% of the fuel.  A "DOMINION PRIDE" Range, with High  Closet Shelf and Elevated Tank or Flush Reservoir;  with Zinc Sheet to go under range, 8 sections Blue  Polished Steel Pipe and 2 Elbows, will be delivered  to any Station in Ontario, Quebec br, the  Maritime Provinces for $41, or.to any Station in  the Four Western Provinces for |49���|s to be sent  with order and balance to be paid when Range is  delivered at your Station. If not convenient to pay  cash' we will arrange to accept your note. -'    .  Canada Malleable & Steel Range Mfg. Co. Limited, Oshawa,  \ Whon writfns it will bo a distinct favor to us if you will mention this paper.  r  '"���"W" Jwnitfl "��


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