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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Sep 4, 1915

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 t��M*iMwt*-l(y-iM*u**tmu4ntj|Lr* w  HiC������^Mrt����:''.-?y -,/��v*��.  mm  wMm  m-  m  m\  The,. largest coppnr mines in  the Dominion are situated  at Phoenix. Tho Granby  Co. employs 500 men, and  has a monthly pay roll of  over $50,000: Two railroads  afford access to the city.  SEVENTEENTH YEAR  LABOR DAY TO BE  CELEBRATED HERE  Devoted to the Interests of the BoMndary Mining District    PHOENIX. B. C, ,SATUK1^7i^-~7  The Phoenix Pionber is  published in the highest  municipality in Canada���  altitude, 4,800 ft. The city  has a population of 1,600,,  and possesses first-class  hotels, opora house, schools  Monday To Be Gala Day  in Phoenix-Program of  Sports Arranged.  Patriotic And Military  A. R. Mann, of Grand Forks,  who enlisted with the No. 5 B.C.  Base Hospital, has  been gazetted a  Hunting Notes  Grouse hunting- is not legal Until  September 15th.  Don't shoot at anything- you can't  t 0--7-     : ���l  :-T   ���"   "'V""S   juu   mil  provisional lieutenant with  the post  see.  Vou might kill a game warden  Labor  Day,  September 6th, will  be   modestly   honored in the  afternoon by a celebration   on the New  York  townsite  recreation  grounds.  The  proceedings, which  are   to   include   dancing-,    are    scheduled    to  commence   at   one   o'clock,   and    a  program of sports/or old and young  alike  has  been  prepared  of'chief dispenser for the unit  The women of Bobcaygeon, Out.,  have offered to make petticoats ror  all the young men of the town who,  although physically capable, refuse  to go to war. '.'  It may not be generally known  that it is illegal for any person or  persons to solicit or raise funds in  any way for the Red Cross without  first securing permission from the  local Red Cross authorities. Incases  where entertainments  are promoted  Don't carry firearms in an automobile until September J5th. It is  against the law-   Use an airship!  Don't take a loaded gun into a  house. Children are not on ; the  game list. .' ,;*  Dont'tbe a gJime hqg. Remember the gfame is few, but the wardens  are many.  Remember  to  B.C. Mining  A 22-ton car of antimony was  shipped to England last week from  Three Forks by W. J. McMillan of  the Alps.  Judge Grevy, ofAltoona, Pa.,  spent some time in Camp Mc Kinney,  this summer, and his son will remain until November assaying and  examining properties. If his'observations are satisfactory Altoona men  ,are ready to expend $50,000 in the!  camp.    They already own  the Gold '  Quite a  generous list   of prizes   are  offered   it is   not. permissible io   allocate  a  ���,for competition,   one   of which  is tb  part of the  proceeds  to I he society  The  'Standard,    Iowa,   Gold  Top,   Last  take a Slirvfinff Chance and Gold   Seal   clai  outfit with you.    You'll heed   is to  ims,  and  define the  boundary  of a restricted   ���a*a<^uire Sl,ch clail"s as the Vic-  be devoted to the winning tug of  war team. Arrangements have also  been made for a dance in the, even-  all   the .proceeds  from    Ottawa  rule   is   that  must be given.  A   communication  ing at the Miners,, Union hall.   ; The  states that in view of the  fact that        ���._ W11US rtIJU pipe asnes.     See  miles south  of Crescent  island,  t  committee in  charge comprise   the   the men of the Kootenay are princi-J that your   camp-  fire   is   out   before   wards Barkerville, at the head waters  following-   members   of  the   union:  cipally engaged  in  a basic industry you leave it, and  don't fire  at any-  of Snow Shoe   creek.    The   claims  T. Roberts, D. Sg-io, L. A. Romano,   for the production of war munitions,   thing around the. camp after darkj       which are held by L.  C.   Jamieson,  r"        "     ~ Don't   forget   to   ask every  biick J. Goodman, R.   Hennesey,   J.   An  u meet for his hirt-i-. ,-��.-���:����������-��� ��''���  ��� *  hunting district  Remember that even an unloaded  gun is very dangerous. More people are killed by the "unloaded"  rifle than any other  Be careful with your cigar and  cigarette ends and pipe ashes. See  that your   camp-  fi  toria, Snowden,   Dayton, Old   England and others.  Not only are gold  mining   operations being carried on extensively in  ,      ...        -  ���  The Granby Consolidated  The  Granby   Consolidated  Mining,  Smelting and  Power company at its  Anyox   plant,   says   E.   A.   Waggon,  editor of Mining and Engineering Record.   The output of which has been  increased from tho estimated tonnage  of 2,000 tons a day to 22o0 tons a day.  The fourth furnace, now, approaching  completion, will   bring  the output of  tho plant close up to 3,000 tons a clay,  equivalent to a,copper production  on  the jri'tido of oro now being handled of  .120,000   lbs.   of   copper   per day���the  lurgest output of any copper mine iu  British Columbia.  Mr Conway, engineer for the Gran  Number 8  TOCENTRALIZE  TOBACCO FUND  Phoenix Pioneer To Be the  Local Centre for Overseas Club.  ���, _������ w. u..u uimi- -->"������  points   out  that  the Ovi  by company, has  been  investigating Club   has   been   requested .to  the copper prospects of the Hazel ton charge of the work of supplyir  district, and Mr; Campbell, who is on ^aoS^f th" h�� ��:-:--���'������-���!"- -  the comnunvV Pii��rtn!vc.<-..o>  i ���  the company's Phoenix staff, has been  looking into "the possibilities of the  Frankliu Camp from a copper producing point of view.  The Granby 'company shipped three  ���j.-"      J.ne tin ^       .  the vicinity of  Barkerville, but  it is new 5-tdn ore cars from their .machine  learned that eleven   peacock  copper shop here to Anyox last Monday uiorn-  claims have been   located   about  15 ing over the Groat Northern.  island,  to-  W. Smith, Louis Colletti and Frank  Nicholson. ,  As   far   as   is   at present known;  there will be no football match, but  in the morning, sharp at ten o'clock,  the baseball teams of the local Odd  fellows and Knights  of Pythias will  line up   for  a game on "the grounds  adjacent to the Brooklyn hotel.  Tlie  teams of the two societies have never   met   for   nearly six   years, when  history   records that   the   triple link  men   sustained     a   decisive   defeat;  As was the case with the lastgame,  much   interest is  centred  in tbe result of  the   next   match   and   a big  turnout of the   supporters   of either  side may confidently be expected.  Twenty per cent of Canada's  forces at the front and in training  are married men, which is hardly a  credit to the single men of the Dominion.  Canadian prisoners of war in Ger  it is unlikely that 'there Will be any  more heavy calls on this district.  Twelve additional battalions are to  be raised and after that recruiting  will be limited to drafts "to/fill vacancies.  Whether it is the outdoor exercise our boys at the front are getl  ting, or some other inscrutable reason, the fact remains that the hair  on their heads is growing at an en-  ormons rate. One writes: "For  goodness sake send me a hair clipper. , Mine is worn out cropping:  my own and other fellows locks. If  you can't do this then send me a  bit of blue ribbon to tie up myboo-  nie brown hair." s  . - ���      -       ' ���" , >. * r -  "The horrors that I and thousands of others faced that*day can-  riot be described  by  lip or pen.     Jt  j        _      ���.-  you meet for his birth certificate before yoa shoot him. If he's only  eleven months and two weeks old  leave him alone for another fourteen  days.  When hunting ducks from a boat  don't be a fool and carry your cartridges in a belt lound you. It looks  nice in"'a photo, but the powder,  shot and brass in 25 shells will sink  you like a rock if .there is.an.acct-  dent. ..   ^ ^ , ,-.*  ,  ,St  When hunting grouse> with-;a  $2.50 license don't forget that you  are not entitled to shoot a bear*, -If  you meet a cinnamon or "a silver tip  tioder-these circumstances;: the- oniyu  thing left "for you is to shin up a  tree and send a wireless for a bear  license.     If one doesn't come you'd  drews and other people of McBride  are at'an altitude of 7,000 feet, and  are in a rather difficult location.  The ore is, however, of a grade that  t-  will repay the money spent on roads  ���Omineca Herald.  A number of prospectors ^ who  Staked on the copper lead beyond  Jones Lake were in Hope last weekjence  City Volunteer Reserve  The second drill of the Home  Guards took place on Wednesday in  the skating:rink, 52 being in line,'  with half-a-dozen late arrivals looking on. J. G. Mullen has been informed that Colonel Davis, who  recently passed through Greenwood  en route for the coast, was immense-  eased   when   told   of   the home  The   Pioneer   is in   receipt  of a-  communication from Lionel Benson,  one of the  leading  officials   of the;  Oversees Club, Montreal.   Mr. Benson  points   out  that  the Overseas  ~" 'take '  trobpsrbf' the Dominion with tobac-!  co, and   he proposes the scheme of  making  the  offices:'. of newspapers  the   central    organizing; points   for  their particutar localities.     W^e consider ��� the' project  a good one, and  will   gladly   place, our   services   at  the disposal of the club  for the furtherance of its splendid aims.      The-  parcels, which   cost 25 cents each,  ,contain   fifty cigarettes* ��� a  quarter  pound package? of. Canadian Smok-?  ing   mixture,   , and     a;   supply   of  matches.'-'.'������ In addition the name of  each donor  travels with  the parcel,  and    many    interesting    letters:- 6^  grateful thanks have resulted from."/  this latter innovation,  io our   next   issue   the  I gratefully acknowledge  guard movement   in  the   Boundary, eiuay acKnowled  ^.promised to exercise bis influ- Ylons however small:  .r.  ._���^,eoce   to, have   them   supplied   with   humanly possible the'monWy  for   fresh   supplies.      All   have   the! ��os�� .nBestat^an  early   date:.'   He I scribed m this  locality  ~  same   story , to   tell  "regarding  "theifraDkly, 5onfessred   h'iei    aversion   to\ to purchase'tobacco'1"  huge body of ore already   reported. lthe title-"Home   " " '  This lead is" claimed to be fifty feet | Sested that   we  io nn��. u c ���    .        .    .        " U1,E "uwii i  come you d rutu,c7i mi out wun Indian f  ' "lhT.   7* ?1JT   ���'" h��SP,t"' I be"er sta^ UP ���* ��t��rve to death.        but failed to reach the   desired  to wish himself back to face such  horrors, but for the sake of national  truth    and   righteousness,   and    the  in width, and has, been followed  over the left peak of Cheam mountain and down on the opposite side.  ^JLis stated that sixteen years ago a  party of prospectors, hearing of a  big body: of ore in the district of this  discovery, set out with Indian guides  alti-  other places,- and  unteer Reserve  .Guard," and, sug-\ have left here aiid.'otfae^.^^^^raSf  follow the lead of the Boundary for the\front!l^sliiiiii��  I change  it to-Vol-  even possible for those' so iSc'm^eWSSi?��  i-,     ,t j   -u    r,n       ��-l        -a   / tude on account of deep  Don t   regard   the 22  cafibre rifle / . . .   .       .  A Record Trout  A large   party   of  local   residents  with   their families, visited   the   district of Williams   creek  on Sunday  Some of them  motored   to the spot  even possible for those* so inclined*  to name any particular so]dier.'..'?:We.':  might  mention that this  service is  exclusively for the  men actually^erii"  gaged at the front.  :';W  Razors for Soldiers-  The   Pioneer gratefully  ackoqw.  3m  | as a child's toy.     Its^35-^rain bbllet /ProsPectl"ng   at   high  3 snow. For/the previous day and spent the night ied���es the gift of r^or^i^X^m^^^m^^  iltitudes this /in camp. Accordmg to reports the diers fcom thefoUo^ingm^^^��m^^WM".  onally favor-   fishing     was1   generally    ooor.     h.:f   .-������   o. ytj-   c  ^.';;-:-^    ,'s^.; ?^n.:.,^��WR;:: s;?;=i  c>_    r-       ���-^�� '���"���'& ���-<-' 'p^un> i-ue I diers tcom the followiag,:;F'}?;NicEpf>.  -  t....,��.^.o ��l ��vrfr in v,er-j truth    and   righteousness,   and    the 'has a str]kiog muzzfeen^r^y ofU90o\seasco has beS-�� exceptionally favor-1 fishing     was1   genera//y   poor,    but  SOn, 2; W. S.]Cgq&2;rj^>W^ffiok  many are to be allowed $1.75 per Ipriceless honor of dear ones at.-poundi>. jt ^as been> uhown to io pb,e' owing' to the verv nSht snow- Thos. Russell saved a desperate sit- nam, 2; a Friend, i; and Geo;vAfat-  week by the Dominion government, [home, we must go back. Yes, and jfl.ct an 'ugJy wound at four hundred/faiL Loca' mininS mer> wl>o riave/uation by landing a beaut of a rain-/ rocks, 1. The collection oa Hand  The money will be paid through the /keen ori   p-oincr   harU nniil  nur maV I  ���^ ..,UJt ��� w ua.v.r..       . o, atiu >������ �� , .    t  t        u   ' j    j/fall.     Local mining men   who Have   nation by landing a   beaut of a rain-   tock-i, 1.     The   collection   on   Hand  x. . ������     ... . ��� n  ..'������ -���" \~���~>  "      "     T     T      ,-1   ������r  r��l, a" Ugy WOUnd        f��Ur hUDdredse,n samo/es taken'from   the   nron   /bow   trout   that, measured   22tfias.    totaIs<36, and the whole will be for.  The money will be paid through the   keep on  going   back until  our task '   ards_       Quts;de   of an ad-        seen samples taken from   the   prop- (^      l)ndoubted,    a record a�� wiirded   to    Sheffield,   England,   on  American Ambassador at Berlin.        I (Continued pn Page 4) bullet,   surgeons   regard   it   as   the ie.rty decIafe that   tbe?   are   indica-  local fisherman ���    "/----  '~*-j_ c .-       i-n^   Itions of tin.     There   is said  to   be I  j most dangerous  of sporting bullets /  ^a��'i,��������. ..��     c -^ it j       cJmany  tons  of  rich   looking' "float"   , ,-  ��� ,,  ,  ^sp*/, because   of its   small   size and soft) J �� / / >���>c .. ������ ��� ii        ��������� irrJu^i  'nearer the   base   of  the   ry.^..^.��o.v.   '[J . .If  The examination of the slide led  to|n   '  ' Tuesday next.  ������ "i��t  Big- Store  small  fj leaden make-up.  If you dont want  to blow the top  } of your   head    off,     don't  try  and  j! shoot a jammed cleaning swab put  [ of a rifle with a bullet.     Pour some  =ii=  the discovery of the ore in place.  'Phone 56  Prunes  Plums  Peaches  Pears  Tomatoes  $1.00 per box  1.00  1.00  2.50  Loo  ii  a  a  a  Concord Grapes, $1.00 Basket  GIVE US YOUR ORDERS  Phone  9 and 5  I .'oil down the barrel and let it soak  ' for an  hour or more.     Then take a  shell and gently tear the  bullet out  by working it to and fro in the muz-  ': zle until it breaks off.     Pour half or  more of the powder out and then  j shoot   the   obstruction  out with the  blank shell.  The first  hunting   party to  leave  Phoenix this year was   composed  of  O. D.   Bush,  Thos.   Oxley  and   D.  Biner.     The trio were out early on  Wednesday,   and- although   practically   only hunting for a few hours,  they succeeded   in bagging one deer  between   them.     Talking   over   the  rouse possibilities for the approaching season, O. D.   Bush stated that  he thought   we were  in   for  a good  season.      Above   Westbridge    they  found the birds very plentiful and by  no means wild.  [oppih,  Phone 9 and 5  Copper Market  The tone of the metal market is  ' dedidedly stronger and indications  iare that another big buying move-  ���ment is about to  develop.     Lake is  quoted all the way from 17.^  to 20J  ���cents, and electrolytic is 17.^2 to   IS]  I cents a pound.    This wide spread in  .quotations is due to the fact that all  j selling pressure has disappeared and  - that the  inquiries   from   consumers  mentioned a week ago have now  changed to bids of \l% to i7}4  cents for substantial tonnages of  copper.���Boston Commercial.  Tag- Day Dance  Tag Day in  aid of the B.C. Base  Hospital was celebrated throughout  the   province   on   Saturday   of   last  week.     In   Phoenix,   however,   the  members  of the Woman's Patriotic  society held a dance in   lieu of a tag  day, and by   that   means  raised approximately the sum of $85.     Dancing started   rather  late,   but   by the  time 10.30 had arrived Thos. Brown  and J.   V.    Ingram   reported having J  taken  145 tickets.     Supper was also  included, and   full  justice was   done  to the   appetizing   repast   served by  the ladies at midnight.     The   Ironsides orchestra provided a lively and  catchy   selection   of music,  among  the numbers being  the   now famous  "Tipperary," and everyone present,  without exception, appeared   to  enjoy themselves to the   fullest extent.  Among the dancers   were  a number  of visitors  from outside points, one  of whom   expressed   the   sentiment  that other places he knew with more  pretentious claims to publicity "had  nothing on   Phoenix   when   it   came  to a dance."  The  P. O. Box 309  Qua!  Our New and Up-To-Date Premises Located  on First Street, Opposite the Queen's Hotel  f  y  PEACHESF   PEACHES!  PEACHES!  _, If Germany dares to return to the  Orient we will welcome her with our  guns," says Baron Kato.  Granby Shipments  The following are the monthly  shipping figures from the local  Granby mine to the Grand Forks  smelter: tons  January    42,21 1  February         63,091  March      69,948     j  April    S5.3S2  May    100,693     ���'  June 103,004  July 101,058  August 103,062     I  Total    668,449     j  In a Few Days' time, we will receive a  Consignment of Peaches and other  Fruits for Preserving purposes.  The prices should Appeal to you.  Peaches, per crate   $1.00  Plums,        "       " 1.25  Bartlett Pears, box     2.50  Prunes, per Crate I.OO  Tomatoes, per Crate  l.oo  It will pay you to place your order with  us NOW, as the FIRST picking- is  always the BEST.  ���m(r*����MlMrtil'tlHM��W"',",''"IH*Triill i  m mXTMW W9t Ji UllLigMHnlWVUiirAUllinrn (Mm 'S **  ' \, . >��� * ..xv-u v.-*- :-^ -:  ~* *ft ��v ���     a., j.     yr;L  j     ..J.- .��^^  J    I* -i    ft -    JuJ  l��y.  (- V"** T  "*     '  THE   PIONEER,    PHOENIX,   BRITISH   COITOKBI5S,  READ  LABEL  S MAGIC  iiKINiPOiOIR  i-Di:,;-.3nr*?iTiai'  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  issued weekly  at Phob.vix, British Columbia  Subscription, 2.00 per year  2.50 to United States.  G. Kay, Publisher.  cising an influence no less momentous. There is much reason to think  that down to the firing of the last  shot it will remain the vital element  in the military situation. It will be  the principal factor of success iVthe  struggle, even though no naval  battle of any magnitude or import-  ance be fought or victory won. As  a static force its resultant has been  agony.  THE   CONFESSION  "Although I did not write down  as he spoke, yet I could not forget  one word of what he said, because  every syllable of what be uttered  sank into our very souls, and by this  time there were more than thirty of  us in the room.    He said:  't''I am  not  a  monster.    Every  'in the past salvation and may in the glance of yours  is  like a poisoned  future be success.-  ing Sun.  -New York Even-  Pathetic appeals to serve in any  capacity have been received by Lord  Kitchener from men who have been  turned down for some physical'dis. I my; speech'failed me,  ability.     Surely  those young  men  believe me.  ADVERTISING SOALK  t  Application for Liquor Licence (sudiiyn) ..*s.oo| possessing health and strength who  97,60 \ have not yet made up their minds to  lio.oo I '  Application to Purchaso Land notioon (00  Application for Transfer of LIoouoo  Certificate of Improvement (flOduys)        $10.00.      ,. . ~-  i,0rau�����u1u..H^.u  *n i dayM) I enl,st��   must  experience a pang of  , $10.001 shame in the face of such a specta-  Dellnqnont Co Ownership notion M days $25.00   cle as   a  cripple  offering   his all for  Dupllcato Cortlfleato of Title notices $8.00  Curds of ThankH, 60 cent*.  All other legal Advertising, 12 cento a lino,  slnglo column, for tho first insertion; and 8  cento a lino for onoh eutwoquont Innortion. nonpareil meafiuromont.  Display ,ads $1.00 per inch,   single  column,   per month.   Transient  ads.  50c. per inch, pur issue; subsequent in  'sertions, 35c. per inch.  ?,<��� -\  Saturday, Sept. 4, 1915.  the sake of his country and his loved  ones.    At the commencement of the  war we were told  it was for a principle our empire was fighting for,  but although that principle still remains for us  to battle for,   the  fact  remains and is more-apparent as the  eventful days slip by, that our heroic boys are  now fighting for  their  very lives.  arrow in my heart. From the mo  ment I received the order to proceed to the English coast to sink the  Lusitania, my soul, became sad and  gloomy.  '"'���I wanted to shout loudly, 'No'  I beg you to  I   sincerely hoped and  then   I'deceived   myself to   believe  that some accident  to my ship, and   were carried out.  merits me. At last we arrived at  the Lusitania's/route. We lay in  wait for hours.". I thought I could  not stand the waiting much longer.  I thought of turning and missing  her purposely. Then A discovered  that another submarine was in the  neighborhood. The doom of the  steamer was absolute. She had not  the slightest chance to escape.  " 'Once more I came to the sur.  face. I saw people gathered on the  deck. In another moment every  inch of the doomed vessel seemed  filled with humanityi   I could not do  "it. -'-.":   :���'     J.  " 'I again submerged. Then I  discharged. I do not know whether  or not my colleague discharged.  The  ship   was  struck;  our  orders  more wonderful sthat the sailor  should keep on hitting the target  without fail.' It's the Pollen clock,  and other Pollen inventions that do  the trick. This clock tells the officer in charge of the gun every  change in the range, at what angle  he should aim his gun, and when he  should fire.  | How this wonderful invention  works is a jealously-guarded secret,  and one which the German naval  authorities would give something to  know.    As it  is  they only know it  by its results.  Slackers enlist today.   Tomorrow  it may be too Jate,  J'  A decree has been promulgated  calling to the colors the following  classes of reserves: Grenadiers, 1887  class; infanty, 1886 class; Territorial Alpini, 1877 class; !*coast and  garrison artillery, 1885 class; territorial artillery, 1877 class; and territorial infantry, 1876 class (i.e., men  of thirty-nine).  that I would be prevented,from com!  mitting so, dastardly a deed.  " 'During the cruise none; of my  fellow officers or men knew the nature of our mission. Several times  I wished to tell them;, and I dimly  wished one of my subordinates had  more courage than I. I had an in.  explicable wish that my crew would  mutiny and kill me  "'There was a tremor in the lieutenant's voice. 1 had never before  seen a grown-up man cry. Hersing  sobbed and yet he mastered his  emotion and resumed:  " 'The v'erv recollection of it tor-  While the eyes of the ordinary  man in the street are attentively  fixed on the army raised by Kitchener, there is every reason to.suppose  that a huge army is being, prepared  *,- ,'**  i     "The" German  nation   is, practi  cally a unit in striking the present  blow, o t It has been long meditated, | in India for service somewhere.  , and for  years the   most systematic  jfe^  W-  It  I }-  r  I-   v  a .*  and skilful preparations have been  made for it. We may not be in a  mood just now to take lessons from  Germany, .but- the madness of,he'r  colossal egotism and false'ambition  has, at least,''called forth her utmost  energies.-L'.has, stirred her citizens,  both meri?and women, to contribute  something to the common task, and  hits inspired a reckless disregard  of  orifice., Surely, if what we be  lieve is a bad cause thus commands  the zeal of a whole people, shall we,  who believe that our cause is a just  ; one, be behind them in strenuous  efforts tomake the full force of the  British Empire felt in such stern rebuke of kaiserism that its abhorent  countenance shall affright the earth  no rriore.  "In this great crisis "safety first"  is the watchword of a coward. The  quality of life on this earth ought to  mean more than the mere length of  it. Many things come before personal safety; honor comes before, it;  freedom comes before it; righteousness comes before it. Safety is the  last consideration when the dearest  treasures of the soul are placed in  peril; and, however fierce the attack  upon them, no one worthy to be  called a man would refuse to guard  such an inheritance even unto  death."���Extracts from a sermon  preached at Ottawa by the Rev. W.  T. Herridge.   ������ __,   It was the British fleet that gave  them time and opportunity to organize resistance to the tremendous  German swoop which was the outcome of forty years of strenuous  planning and preparation. It is the  British fleet that in the last analysis  has determined the fortunates of the  war to date.   That fleet is still exer-  Ol no. There are no wild animals!  in British Columbia dangerous tol  humans. ��� The cougar, that chased  Fire Warden Armstrong the 'other  day was only after him for a lock of  his hair.  The Assassin  The following is. a part of a letter written by-a German naval officer to  his   friend, J.  J.   Bosdan, of  Skin Sores  When troubled with rail  ?ashesveczema.or any skin  disease apply Zam-Buk I,  Surprising how quickly It �����������(  the smarting and ���tingingI   Alio  cures'cuts, burnt, tores ��nd piles.  Zam-Buk is madafron pur��h��r��  -bal ���stances. No aalmal f*ts���no  Mineral aoisoas.  Flaest healer 1  Onttji*% ind aurm JsWysaws.  am-Bmk  "The water was covered with  struggling people. I 'could hear  their distant shrieks. It might have  been one second; it might have been  hours. I cannot tell, but I watched  the struggling of tlie dying people,  dazed and motionless and with a  strange, insane fascination.  "My  God,   my  God;   I  can still  hear them.'"  Perhaps, far better than the reduction in numbers of the German  submarines, it may explain the reported decision of the kaiser to sink  no more passenger steamers. But  the letter is published for what it is  worth.   :�����  The Pollen Clock  The Strathcona Hotel  NELSON, B.C.  8team Heated Throughout  FAIR  September 23, 24  FROM PHOENIX  RETURN  .85  The Finest Accommodation for  the Travelling: Public.  DININQROOM    SERVICE  UNEXCELLED.  Nln* Walt-UffhterJ  Samplarooms. ,  Phone 12  JAS.  MARSHALL, PROP.  Of all the remarkable things on  board a British warship probably  nothing is more amazing than the  way the big guns find the target  and keep on hitting, when once the  range is known.  The marvellous gunnery of the  British battleships is due to a series  of inventions by A. H._ Pollen, the  famous naval expert.  By  means   of  the   Pollen   range  I" finJer,   the "Pollen  plotting device,  and the Pollen  clock,  the distance  and speed of the enemy ships can be  found, and once found can be kept..!  �� ��� When   two   ships are   moving 'at  high speed  in 'different directions,  the range is naturally changing"very  rapidly every minute; so it is all the  ON SALE SEPT. 21-24  Good to Return Sept. 28  Corresponding rates from all  stations, Medicine Hat to Vancouver,  including branch rail and water lines  also, Kettle Valley railway. Tickets  from any agent.-'  Conductors will give excursion  rates from flag stations.  J. E. CARTER, Agent, Phoenix  J. S. CARTER, D.P.A., Nelson  D. J. Matheson  ���   General Agent,  FIRE,    LIFE  AND ACCIDENT  INSURANCE  PHOENIX, B.C.  PHOENIX BAKERY  W. WILLIAMS, PROP.  A newjine of Bakery and Confectionery just arrived; Fresh  Bread, Cakes and Cookies, just  like mother used to bake. de.  livered^daily t,o any part  of city.  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Had the emperor himself appeared on that day he would  have been hissed. We all felt invisible fingers pointing at us; men,  women and children, babies, young  men, old men, sailors and civilians  pointing at us and whispering, crying and shouting. 'They are not  sailors, they-are murderers.' J  I  "I was on board when Lieut.  Hersing of  U-21   arrived  from his  murderous assignment.  'Hissed bv" officers  "There was a suppressed restrained feeling among those who stood  silently as the 'successful crew'  marched between silent, statue-like  rows of men.  "Suddenly I heard whispers of  taunts and hisses. These did not  emanate from the common seaman.  The taunts and hisses came from  the ranking officers.  "Later when Lieutenant Hersing  visited the officers' quarters, one  bold naval officer handed him a  newspaper containing the account  of the sinking of the Lusitania.  Hersing crumpled the sheet with  fury, cast them on the floor and  faced m's insulter threateningly.  Then the offending officer shook his  head and in a low tone muttered  'No, not with you.'  "Still later, when Lieut. Hersing  entered a room where I was seated  with many other officers, all but  five left the room.  "The poor haunted commander.,-  on seeing that at least five were'not  so cruel as to further insult an already suffering soul, walked up to  the small group and seated himself!  dejectedly. I know he was uqder  the  strain  of   tremendous   mental  berta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of the  Province of British Columbia, may be  leased for a, term of twenty-one years  at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not  more than 2,660 acres will be leased to  one applicant.  Application for a lease must be made  by the applicant in person to the  Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in  which the rights applied for are situated: '��� ' r!  v In surveyed territory the land must  be described by sections-, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsnrr  yeyed territory the tract applied for  shall be 6taked out by the applicant  himself. h  Each application must bo accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be re:  funded if the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the mine at the rate of five  cents per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished at least once  a year.  The lease will include the coal mining  rights only, but the lessee may bs permitted to purchase whatever available  surface rights may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of $10.00 an acre.  For full information application  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the. Interior, Ottawa,  or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.  W.W.CQEY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior*.  N.B.���Unauthorized   publication  of  this advertisement will not be paid for.  ���30690.  UXTONO  JLV JZ^'JL) KJ  for Harden and farm cure best  for B.C.eoil.Scc Catalogue for  solid (guarantee of purity  and iJernamation  Solid now foir Copy ��re<i.��  Sutton &S��ns.Th�� King's Soodmon  , -A. ��J .Wo o <t w aid  Victoria     &       vaneotivor  ��I & rost- S f. 667 G"a n vi IT�� sr  tOLg ACENTS Va* ORITIlHmuMBiA  THE KNOB HILL HOTEL  A. O. Johnson, Prop.  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The Welsh strike could have been  avoided had Lloyd.George lived up  to his promise.  Lieutenant  Campbell  of  the   1st  Canadian Battalion, has been award  ed the Victoria Cross/  The women of;.Hull, on the east  coast of England, have organized  night patrols to keep watch.for zep-  pelin raids. - v  The South African Union govern-,  ment have appointed a committee to  inquire into the earth tremors that  have been very frequent of late on  the Rand. (  Mr.'Justice Murphy has rnadean  ocder for the destruction of the engraved plates on which the notes  of the Bank of Vancouver were formerly printed.  Seventeen   thousand   written   applications to work in munitions factories  have   been   received   by   the  committee in Toronto,  but only 901  per cent are eligible.  The faculties of the University of  Melbourne, Australia, and its affiliated colleges, have pledged themselves to abstain from the use of  alcoholic drinks during the war.  ���"��� There is a glut of fruit in England just now. Apples are being  sold retail at 24 cents for seven lbs.  Plums are being sold at 4 cent a  pound, and black English grapes at  18c. per lb.  The Canadian Red Cross headquarters have shipped nearly 16,000  cases of supplies for the use of the  hospitals in Great ' Britain and  France. Two thousand were sent  this month.  The French government has ordered the manufacture of 900,000  steel helmets for the use of their  army. Three hundred thousand have  already been distributed and their  use has saved many lives.,  ��� The new internment campfor the  reception of alien enemies in the  Revelstoke national park is now  practically completed. The military  guard will consist of about 60;men,:  in command of Captain Rose, of  Kelowna.   .������'���',.-.���������".���;���'���'       ���'���������- '���:���'.  An eagle is blamed for the disap  pearance of an eighteeh-mohths'-bld  baby that was left for a few minutes  on   the   beach at  Fauntlerby  park, I Oddfellows' Hall  Seattle.      The  police   state   that  a  Boundary District of British Columbia  RICH  ISM  MINERAL   AGRICULTURAL AND   LUMBERING  POSSIBILITIES���  A MOST PROMISING FIELD FOR THE INVESTOR.  Probably no district in the Dominion of Canada possesses so great an array of  potentialities as the above.   The mountains throughout its entire length and breadth,  are almost without exception mineraliferous, containing gold, silver, copper, iron and  other valuable ores, while in a few localities there are more than surface indications  of the presence of coal.  FOREST AND MINERAL WEALTH  Its forest stretches are among the richest in the province, and what is of great  importance, easily accessable to river and railway. There is scarcely a square mile of  it that is not either equipped with high tension wires, or which could not be reached  by the expenditure of the smallest outlay. Not the least attraction from the point of  view of the investor, is the sites for water power, which abound in this district.  Just at present an. immense amount of interest is >eing directed to the recent  free gold discovery,in Greenwood, while in the same district is to be seen one of the  best equipped free gold properties in the west, a hot inconsiderable asset in these days  of industrial depression and shrinkage of gold reserves. It is in this district where is  situated the Phoenix and Grand Forks properties of the Granby Consolidated, together with those of the British Columbia Copper company. In the former camp, and  surrounding it for miles on. all sides, are acres of crown-granted mineral claims, all  awaiting the advent of'the investor. The title deeds to these properties, thanks to a  beneficent series of mining laws, are unimpeachable, and if proof is wanted of the  statement, let us point, to the almost entire,absence of mining litigation in the courts  of the province;  AGRICULTURE ANLY FRUIT-GROWING CENTRE  The possibilities of the Boundary as an  agricultural and fruit-growing centre  are also.worthy of investigation, and  a visit  to some  of its   spendidly. equipped���or-  chards will prove~a-re/velation to the stranger./-   The highways throughout,the Boundary makes this section of the province the motorists paradise, millions having been  spenton the .construction of government roads. '" ��� 4 '-,  Not locality isn "better served with railroads than the Boundary district. At  present this section is served by two of the greatest systems on the continent, the  C. P. _R. and Great Northern companies, while within a few months the route to the  Pacific coast, will be commercially curtailed by the opening of the new K. V. V.  branch of the former.  LO OF.  Snowshoo Loeffe J  ���   ��� N��. ���*������-.  Meets   every   Monday   Evening: at J  Idfellows' Hall.    Visiting brethre  cordially invited.  P.  BURNS & CO., LTD.  i I.        r  ..      ..     , . _,    ,     ..        i    Our hall is for rent for dances, social  [number of  the   big  birds had been I evenings, etc.  Great N orthern Railway Lines  Advance Announcement Excursion Rates To  Panama Fair���Return Fare, First Class,  Bearing Limit, 30 Days,  .9  Same Ticket, with 90 Day Limit, $61.55  Routing: Great Northern Railway to Flavel, Oregon,  thence Great Northern Pacific, S. S. Co. Steamer  Great Northern.     Return same route.  Dates of Sale, April 14 to Nov. 30, 1915. 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Owing to persistent rumors that  armed German merchantmen have  been sighted in the South Pacificy  the Japanese government have despatched a number of cruisers to enquire into the matter. Advices from  Australia place one of the ships in  the eastern Pacific in the neighborhood of the Panama canal.  The British war office paid a tribute to the efficiency of Canadian  nurses by selecting, or rather commandeering, fifteen of the first detachment that were sent from this  country. These nurses are now actively at work in the military hospitals at Malta, which are full of  wounded from the battles at the  Dardandelles.  The mystery over the disappearance of Captain Smart of the 53rd  Sihks, has been cleared up by the  death in France of "Private H. S.  Smart," of the 6th West Surrey  Regiment. The officer, who was  attached to the Khyber Rifles, obtained a short leave, but made his  way home to England and enlisted  as a private. In the action at Fes-  tubert he so distinguished himself  that if he had lived he would have  been granted some special distinction. In view of the special circumstances connected with the case, the  king has revoked the order of his  dismissal from the Indian army.  Adam Bloonifleld, Noble Grand, j  Thos. Lloyd, Fin. Secy.  Mark Buk in, Bee. Secy.  Daughters of Rebekah  Phoenix Lodffe No. 17  Meets tn the Oddfellows' Hall,  First and Third Wednesdays.  Mrs. Christine ElmgTen, Noble Grand.  Mrs. Amy A. Cook, Secretary.  K. of P. Lodge,  No. 28  Phoenix,  B.O.  Meets Tuesday Evening at 7.80.  Sojourning brothers cordially welcomed.  Chas. Davidson, C. C.  C. H. Knigiit, K. of R. S.  PYTHIAN SISTERS  Mountain Temple Lodge No. 17  Meets in Pythian  Hall, Lower Town  Socond and Fourth Thursdays.  Mrs. Wm. Wills,  M.E.C.  Mrs. H. Tilton.  M.R.C.  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OXLEY  PROP,  A  m  The Lake Studio  OF GRAND FORKS-PHOENIX BRANCH  Will be Here on  September 1 Oth, 1915  BROOKLYN AVE.    (Next door to Pioneer Office)  High Class Portraiture, Amateur Finishing:,  View Work, Portrait Framing-, Enlarging;,  Copying, etc. > Ensign Cameras (British  Made) and Supplies.    Remember the Dates.  Will Be Here from Sept. 10th to 12th inclusive,  and from Sept. 28th to 3Qth inclusive.  H.   M.   Laing  Saskatoon, Sask.  Mrs. Wm.   Hower left  day for Spokane.  The  motion   picture   show   com-  mences on Labor Day at 7.30.'  Chambermaid wanted at once.���  Apply Thos. Oxley, Queen's hotel.  G. W. Rumberger left on Tuesday to attend to his Regina business  interests.  For Sale.���Seven-year-old cow;  good milker; a snap, $80. Apply  Mike Rukos, city.  Miss Lulu Schram left on Tuesday morning for the home of her  parents in Montana.  Conductor Chas. Sterling resumed  charge of the local Great Northern  passenger on Monday.  Mrs. Jos. Black returned to her  home'in Republic' on Thursday after  visiting here for a few days.  Mrs. E. E. Barnes and children  returned to town on Saturday from  their vacation at the coast.  Mrs. R. Pope and daughter, formerly of Phoenix, have taken up  their residence in Vancouver.  Mrs. John Bellis and Mrs. Wm.  Bellis with their children spent Moo-  day visiting in Grand Forks.  Counterfeit notes of the defunct  Bank of Prince Edward Island are  being circulated in British Columbia  *   A. Starratt, of Vancouver, arrived in the camp  on Saturday,'ana is  Patriotic and Military  (Continued from Page 1)  is accomplished or the angel of death  whispers   'come.'"���Extract    from  letter  of   Canadian recently received in Phoenix.  D. J.  Matheson,  postmaster, has  been  notified that a couple of parcels  addressed  to  S.  B.  Jennings  and John    McQuoid   are   awaiting  to be  claimed  at  the   Dead Letter  Office  in   England.     The   former's  whereabouts are a complete blank to  his relatives in, England, nothing of  an  official  nature   concerning  him  having been given  out by the militia  authorities,    although    two   or  three members of his regiment, including an officer, have reported him  killed in   action.     John' McQuoid,  however, has been ^transferred after  his discharge  from hospital   to the  15th, a kilted  battalion, which probably accounts for the parcel missing  him.  GRAFANOLAS  $20 to $200  All the very Latest Song Hits always on Hand  T. S. QUANCE  PHOENIX, B. C.  Miscellaneous    |  The White Feather  ah  HK   ��� ..   ���3&�� ^y,, ^.i ':ljt ?/-v I  MINERS' UNION OPERA HOUSE  SATURDAY, SEPT. 4, ' 1 5  i��,,!i,-u/  AND'"sUGCESSF01l. ,PLAY  ������ v. -  ' p^f        Withthe-original Star EDWARD ABELES.,,  COULD YOU SPEND A MILLION TO EARN SEVEN  "   ri.''s. ' '  .< Robert Brewster,, a scion of a ..well-to-do family,   elopes with Louise "*  >' Sedgewick.    Peter Brewster disinherits Robert and refuses to be reconciled, to the marriage, and later drives the young couple from their home.  Alittleson "Monty," blesses the union.    When Monty is a full grown  man, Peter Brewster dies and bequeaths a million dollar to him, with the  understanding that he spend the million in one year, and show by receipts  that he had judiciously spent, not squandered the million dollars, and that  his attorneys would turn over his wordly possession, aggregating seven  millions.    Come and see how "Monty", blowed in his million dollars.  swinging   the   quill   at   the    local  branch of the Bank of Commerce!  Mr. and Mrs. Leslie, and son Jack,  returned home on Thursday from  a two weeks' vacation trip to Mos-  co, Iddho, and points on the coast.  Mrs. Malcolm, of Greenwood,  was the guest for a few days during  the week of Mr. and Mrs. Jas.  McKeown. ;-  Johnnie McDonald returned - to  Phoenix on Monday from Hidden  Creek, where he has been for the  past'ten months in the employ.of  the Granby company. ; ���;���  Messrs.' Arthur and S. A. Swan-  I son left on Thursday's Great Nor'tH.  em,'the former for Spokane to consult an ear specialist, and 'the latter  to resume his mining course at Pullman," Wash. < ';",",  The Great Northern Railway company are advertising return" rates of  a fare and a third between points i.b  B.C. on account of Labor Pay. '"Selling dates from Sept. 3rd to 6th; return September 8tb. -        / ("  Mrs. M. E. Cronant announces  that  she  will  be   in Room No.,' '6,  The   white   feather craze  among  the young women of the Old Country has been attended with tragic results.    In one case the scene was a  fashionable cafe in London.  A lady,  dressed   in   the  height  of fashion,  was seen to rise from her seat, walk  deliberately over to a young man sitting at the far end of the room, and  place a huge  white ostrich feather  in front of him.   All eyes'were turned on him as he rose with difficulty  and limped from the apartment.   He  was one of the heroes of Mons, and  a convalescent from one of the hospitals.     Another case, concerning a  young fellow  who had  been  thrice  rejected,   was  investigated   by  the  coroner of a London borough.     He  was found lying dead in  his room  with a revolver near him.'   The previous   evening  he   had , found   his  father's, letter box stuffed with white  feathers.    So  far as we are aware,  the practice has never been extended  to Phoenix, and it is to be hoped  it  never will,   although it, is- to be regretted that the practice was slightly indulged   in   for   a  short time at  Greenwood.  Kruger's Gold  For Sale���A 45-60 Calibre Winchester rifle, also double-barrelled  shot gun.���Apply, Pioneer office.  Two girls want position as chambermaid, or any other kind of work.  Address, Box 278, Phoenix, B.C. *  ��� Two houses on New, York Town-  site for rent or sale; one six-roomed  house on Brooklyn avenue for sale.  Apply, G. W. McAuliffe.  Furnished house for sale; chicken  coop and root cellar. Can be had  for $250 cash.    Apply J. Bellis.  For Sale���The well-known Cottage rooming house; the building is  well furnished, and will be sold very  cheap. See me as to terms.���M. H.  Kane, city.   <  For Sale.���Five city lots and two  houses'. Ground under cultivation.  Situate corner Lexington and .Dominion avenue; good well. Sell in  lots to suit buyer. Apply T. Richards, Granby watchman.  Twenty years' experience in English, French, Swiss and American  watch repairing. Satisfaction guaranteed. Charges reasonable.' Leave  orders at Union Cigar store, or the  Plioenix stage. Carl Adeneur, Greenwood.  WOOD  First-class Fir and Tarn-  ' arac Wood, $6.00 per cord  Pine Wood,  $5.00 per cord.  Fir Tamarac, and double cut,  per cord, $7.00.  WOOD  DELIVERED  ON   SHORT  NOTICE. 'Phono B 32  Robt. Forshaw  MILK AND CREAM  The rich quality of our Milk and  Cream is gaining new patrons  for us daily. We solicit atrial.  Delivery made to any part of the  city.    Mail us a card.  The PHOENIX DAIRY  XV. A. McKay & Sons, Props.  LAND REGISTRY ACT  (Section 24)  In the matter of an application for duplicate Certificate of Title No. 13097a  issued to Ida B. Parry, covering North  West} of Section 5, and N.E. J of  Section 6, Township 66, Similkameen  Division, Yale District.' i  NOTICE is hereby given that it'is my  intention ��� at the expiration of one  month from the date of first publication  hereof, to issue a duplicate Certificate  of Title covering the above lands to Ida  B. Parry, unless in the meantime I shall  Church Services  ADULTS, 15c;    CHILDREN, 5c.  A lucky find was recently made by I receive valid objection thereto in writ-  'over tbe Bank  of. Commerce, from! a South African farmer.     One of his J inf;  September J 3th   to   18th   inclusive,   barns was burned not long ago, and L-^.olf^ L��.t"d *e^stt^ Office-  withaline  of ladies' and children's L���en it was decided   to plough the  �� ill! ' ' *" *" *" ��f *"*  fall and winter goods, coats, shirts,   , . ..    B  ;etc# I burnt ground, an extraordinary dis-  l J covery was made.    The share turn-  m'i  Labor  Day  September 6th  Fare and One-Third  Round Trip  To and From All Stations  'On Sale Sept. 3rd to 6th  Good to Return Sept. 8th  ConditionJSerious  i x   '-  "  The1 friends of Arthur B. Butter-  worth'Hvill regret to" learn that his  condition is not at all satisfactory,'in  fact is, very serious." While being  conveyed across the channel to England they experienced rough weather, and during the trip one of the  splints on his leg became unfastened  with serious consequences. His injuries consist of a compound fracture  to one leg and ordinary break to the  other, combined with a bad3shock,  all the result of an explosion of a  very heavy German shell.  Tickets from Agents or Pursers.  Conductors will issue Tickets from  Flag Stations.  J. S. CARTER,  D.P.A., Nelson, B.C.  i.  We make a specialty of Miners'  Shoes; good fit, nice shape, and  &   nothing but the best of stock used  '.SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  NICK PALORCIA,  Knob Hill Ave. Phoenix, B.C.  1 HUM���������������������CTWWIIIIIMIIIIIHH I  "Rough on Rats" clears out  Rats, Mice, etc. Don't Die in the  House. 15c. and 25c. at Drug and  Country Stores.  Told 'Em Her Mind  The following words were uttered  by a lady in Vancouver to a gang  of loafers who were /gathered in the  vicinity of a recruiting meeting: '  "I have sent my husband and son  to the front. I have .just got word  that my boy is wounded. I have  done all I can. What are you doing  idling around here? To tell the  truth I have no use for such, as you,"  and with a contemptuous glance at  the pikers she swept past them.  . ���+- :   Extract from a letter from the  front: "We are in reserve, not so  soft a job as it sounds. Reveille at  5; parade at 6; Swedish drill till 8;  parade at 9; Swedish drill till 12;  parade at 2; Swedish drill till 3.'  Gott stafe Sweden."���Punch.  FOR SALE OR RENT  The Baldwin property on Spion Kop.  The bouse is in good shape, and will be  very   reasonable,   and   on   easy  sold  terms  t.f.  D. J. MATHESON.  Colonel Lowery of the Greenwood  Ledge, paid one of his now rare  visits to the burgh last week. His  healthful appearance caused a commotion in the office, as rumors were  adrift during the winter that Robert  was making his last stand against  the overtaker and undertaker.  F. J. Lake, of the Phoenix Studio,  suggests that those of his patrons  who are figuring on pictures for  Xmas, should see him at once. The  light during this and next month is  particularly favorable for portraits,  and pictures taken now can have  special care before the Xmas rush  comes on.  Messrs. Russell McDonald, A.!A.  White, Ab. McQueen, and E. E.  Engen returned to town on Wfcd-  nesday from a vacation trip to the  government hot springs above  Naskusp. Reports state "that the  quartette were half-stewed every  day of the visit. Mr. White says  there were a lot of people camping  there and the fishing could not be  excelled. In one day himself and  McQueen landed one hundred.  The war pictures motion picture  show, organized by the Calgary  News-Telegram, will be in Phoenix  .on Wednesday, September 22nd.  The proceeds are to be devoted to  the fund for disabled and sick Canadian soldiers. Some of the most  sensational pictures of the war. are  included in the program and in many  other respects the attraction is unique in the line of animated pictures':  The support of everybody is earnestly solicited.    Watch for posters.  Privates Dudley McMillan of this  city, accompanied by Jas. McDou-  gal of Grand Forks, both of the  54th Battalion at Vernon, arrived in  town on Thursday to say good-bye  to their friends preparatory to their  departure. They compose part of a  special draft of 250 which is to leave  shortly for England. Numbered  among the draft is Mickey Mercer  of local hockey fame, and John Marshall, formerly manager of Morrinj  Thompson and company's dry goods  department. The latter charged  McMillan with the commission of  ikying good-bye to his friends in  Phoenix.  ed up among the stone and earth a  number of metal bars encrusted with  sand. Upon closer examination this  proved to be soft and yellow. No  time was lost in getting them to the  farm and having an assay made. It  was then found that there were 16  bars of nearly pure gold, each weighing about 7% lbs.,'and their value  was between $40,000 and $50,000.  Some of the ingots bear the raised  letters Z. A. R., apparently representing the old South African Republic of the Kruger days.  ust, 1915.  C. H. DUNBAR," District Registrar.  St. Andrew's Church (Presbyter-  ian)-Service;.'Sunday, Sept. 5th,  at 11.00 a. mV; Sunday school at 2.  All welcome."    Rev- J. R. Munro.  St. John's Church���Tomorrow.  Sunday, September 5th: Evening  Prayer at 7.30"p.m. Sunday school  at 3 o'clock.     Rev. R. D. Porter.  The stated services at the Church  of Our Lady of Good Counsel are as  follows���First and third Sundays in  the month: Mass at 10 a.m.; Sun-,  day school at 2.30 p.m.; Evening  service at 7.30. Rev. Father Dom.  Dorval.  No Call Yet  Italians living jn"~Canada  cannot  understand how it is  that no general   mobilization   order  for   reserves  has   been   issued  in   this  country.  Some thousands have already been  drafted from  the States and South  America, but with the exception of  a few special  men,  none have  left  the-.Dominion.    Opinion as  to��� the  cause  among  Boundary Italians is  varied.     Some   declaring   that   on  account of the enormous number of  volunteers offering themselves, Italy  has.enough  and  to spare.    Others  explain if. away on  the grounds of  expense.    One thing however seems  certain,  and  that is when  the  call  does come the answer will be no uncertain one.  MEN WHO MAKE A BIG FAIR  WHYYOBM NERVOU  The nervous system is the alarm system  of the human body.  In perfect healtii we hardly realize that  we have & network of nerves, but when  health is ebbing, wheat strength is declining, the same nervous system gives the  alarm in headaches, tiredness, dreamful  sleep, irritability and unless corrected,  leads straight to a breakdown.  To correct nervowmess, Scott's Emulsion is exactly what you should take; its  x'uh nutriment gets into tbe blood and  rich blood feeds the tiny nerve-cells whiie  tb = whole system responds to its refreshing tonic force. Free from harmful drags.  Scott & Bowae, Tomato, Qrt.  The Spokane Interstate Pair and Live Stock   Show   this   year   gives*  promise of being the largest and best ever held; more than $20,000 is offer**1  in cash premiums and the best horses of the country will bo seen in the llirh*'  harness and running events.    The management this year has fallen upe*  Thomas  S.  Griffith,  the  president,  and  George   P.   Larson,   the  aecreSSJ  manager, and they are ably supported by a very enthusiastic board of hard  Z^t' ^Tg ThT arC D" L- Hunti"Bton and John I, Smith, vice-preaJ  dents; J. C Cunningham, treasurer; Thaddeus S. Lane and Waldo G. Pain*  another trustees.   The fair opens Sept. 13 and continues throughout If  Phoenix Pioneer ads. Always Get Results  Read in every home. If you have a house or furniture to sell, its dwfc  posal is certain after an ad. in the Pioneer. Give the experiment a tn^y  in the cheapest and most satisfactory advertising mart in the Boundary.!  v-m  W  "I  aE-'ki^iiaifey&^  ;^;^S;^5^^S^^  r*".v^v.*.'i''ft,l;-,*^^,\-v,wiiW>r��tA


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