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The Phoenix Pioneer Oct 25, 1902

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 \>  -*?  "���SS  Boundary Mines Sent  Oat 390,000 Tons of  Ore in 190 J, ��i',&*.,:  Jiaiieer  Phoenix is the Centre  and Leading Mining  Camp of Boundary.  Voi. III.  Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining District.  PHOENIX,   BRITISH COLUMBIA, .SATURDAY, OCTOBER  25, 1902.  No. 50,  There's no doubt that Fall is here, and  ; we are showing the nicest line of FALL  GOODS that was   ever  brought to  Phoenix.    Its only a pleasure to show  you through the various departments.  ���   Iff  ,  This year we have  a  fine line  of  FURS, which are being hunted down  just as if they were alive.    Come early  and get the choice.  Iff "���  This year we are  handling Watson's UnshrInk-  able Underwear for Ladies and Children.  Ladies' and Children's Heavy Ho:iery. .  Ladies' Winter Wrappers, Fall Waists, Eider- ,  downs,  Wrapperertes,  Gray Flannels and Flannel*  ettce at 10 cts. per yard op,  Flannelette  Underwear,   Ladies'   Black   Underskirts���  the popular underskirts, -which are going fast..  VVe have line of Heavy Dress Goods, suitable for Children's School Dresses, at 25 cents per yard.  "If  ' ������ GROCERIES DRY GOODS  GENT'S   FURNISHINGS  GLASSWARE    *      *        '      "'    CROCKERY'    ,  HARDWARE. BOOTS, SHOES  HAY and GRAIN  J. A. MANLY  ARRESTED  Charged With Complicity  Serious Crime.  in  TIIEV SAW THEIR MINES.  BUHNINO LARGE IIOTtl IN COLUMBIA  Was Released on $15,000 Bonds���Arrest .Made  ol Grand Forks Alonday by Constable.  Dlns/nore���Story of llic Crime.  Grand Forks and the entire Boun-  daiy countiy was ciectiified last Monday when the news came ol" the airesi  I that day of John A. Manly, of thai  city, chaiged with complicity in the  huining of the Columbia hotel, Columbia, over three years ago.  Mr. Manly was biought  bei'oie   I).  C. McGiegor and  J.   B.   Hei.dcison,  justices of the peace, and also called in  E. Spragget, another.    The defendem  was lepicsented by li.  Millet.     Aftei  argument Mr. Manly was  icleased on  $15,000 bonds, which were   furnished  by himself and thiee biotlieis,  as  follows:    W. K. C. Manly, $5,000; L.A.  Manly, $2,500; Joe Manly, $2,500 and  himself,   $5,000.      The   prelimmaiy  heaiing will be held next Tuesday.  Story of the Crime.  On the 19th of July, 1899, tne 'al'gc  new hotel at Columbia,   built  by the  townsite owners,   was  binned  to the  gtound, the building at that time being  filled with guests, though  all escaped,  the fiie occurring at one o'clock in the  moining.    It was apparently the  culmination of considerable ill feeling between the rival and adjoining cities ol  Grand Forks and Columbia. The owners of the latter   townsite also  owned  the stage line to   Bossburg,   and   were  able thereby to divert a large * amount  of the  travelling  trade  to  their own  hotel in Columbia.  One Cameron was arrested charged  with the crime, as was another man  named Mullih. Cameron finally confessed, and was sentenced to six years  at hard labor at New Westminster. This  was the result of the work of the private detectives that were employed on  the case.  At that time there was considerable  talk of prominent persons being involved, but nothing ever came of it, and  finally the matter was apparently allowed to drop. It seems, however, that  the provincial police have been working  on the case, the result being that Mr.  Manly was taken into custody by Constable Dinsmore.  No man has been more popular in  the Boundary than J. A, Manly. He  was one of the early settlers in the Kettle river valley, and has served as mayor of Grand Forks. He did more than  any one else to secure the location of  the Granby smelter at Grand Forks,  and worked hard to get the Kettle  Valley lines to build from Giand Forks  to Republic, being the chiet eneineeij  of that undertaking.  .New Yorkers Visited Several Properties Near  Qllollii  A party of eastern sliaieholders and  officials of the Ollalla Copper Mining  and Smelting Co. lyiye just "pent a  week at the townsite of Ollalla in the  lowei Similk'ameeh, wheiethey inspected the mines ol the company. In the  paity weic the following: W.J. liiew-  ei, Pies., New Yolk; E. Miiandon,  Sec-Twas., .Patcrson, N. J.; Senntoi  Koyee, St. Albans, N!' J.; Win. Garde,  I'ateison, N. J ; J/'iank Aii��ur, Paler-  <���< n, N. J.; Win. Tylee, l'ateison, N.  J.; Mr. Eaile, New Yoik Woild, New  York.  It was decided to concentrate work  on the bullion, .which has the most development and the best showing, and  by next July the officials of the company expect to have a .smelter in operation with an initial capacity of 50 tons  daily. A tramway 1,000 feet long will  be built. The members of the company  aie icported as being 'much pleased  with the result of the visit.  The Ollalla company is the one, it  will be remembered, that was ciiticised  for its large capitalization, $S,ooo,ooc,  notwithstanding which it appears to be  steadily piosccuting development.  PHOENIX IS  IN LINE  Board of Trade Sends Resolutions to Ottawa.  FATaL pire at fairview.  FAVORING THE V., Y. & I CROSSING  Schoolteacher Burned to Death and Several  Seriously Injured.  Wednesday moining at three o'clock  fire broke out in the basement of tbe  Hotel Fail view in the town of the  same name, and   the  Imildii.g was to  BIG THINGS  FOR HEDLEY  tally  Jestio'ed.  .1 school  her life  Mailer Will Be Heard by (he Railway Committee Next Tuesday���Favorable.Action  Confidently Expected. ��� ������  BIG CRUSHER  IS HERE  Arrived    From    Sherbrooke,  Que., This Week.  WITH A FREIGHT BILL IN ACCORDANCE  Largest Machine of Its Kind in Canada Is now  Being ' Installed at the Knob Hill Ore  Bins.  This week two car loads of machinery from ..Sherbrooke, Quebec, arrived  for the Granby mines, being the parts  of the new'-ore. crusher that have been  on the way so long, and which when  installed will be the largest machine of  its kind in the Dominion of Canada.  One of the carloads weighed close to  100,000 pounds, on which the freight  bill was over $2,000. The other was  not quite so heavy.  The crusher is now being set up in  the building erected especially for its  use, near the Knob Hill ore bunkers,  and it will be all ready to use before  the 100 horse power electric motor,  by which it will be driven, has arrived.  With jaws that can take in a cubic yard  of ore, and a capacity of 3,600 tons  each 24 hours, the crusher, when working, will be one of the sights of the  Boundary.  Miss Boler has opened dressmaking  parlors in the Marsh block on Victoria  avenue.  THIRD FURNACE.  Smelter to Blow <  it In Soon.  The good news comes that the  management of the Granby smelter is making preparations to put  a third furnace in blast in a  day or two. This will make the  daily output of the smelter over  1,000 tons���something that has  not occurred since May last, before the accident in the Fernie  coal mines. It is now certain  that in a short time the Granby's  fourth furnace will be blown in,  making seven all told in Boundary's smelters, and which will  reduce a good round 2,500' tons  per day.  Orders have been   received at  the Granby mines to begin send-1  ing out 1,000 tons or mora daily-  next  Monday, and  the railway 1  officials are preparing to handle  the increasing tonnage.  Eondcd For $60,003.  A group of claims at  the headwaters of the North Fork of   Kettle river  was bonded   last week for $60,000 to  John  Moran, of  New   Denver.    The  owners are Frak Fritz and C. W. Har-  rigan, and they are to  receive ten per  cent in sixty days, twenty  per.cent in  four  moths  and   the balance   in   six  months.     It  is a   high grade galena  piopooition,   and   has   assayed   590  ounces in silver and   15 per cent copper to the ton.    Woik on the group is  to be started at once, it being reached  at present  by way .of Arrow lake and  Fire Valley, although the trade of th*-  camp is expected to gravitate to Grand  Forks eventually.  Next Tuesday at a meeting of the  lailway committee at Ottawa, theques  tion of the application of the V.. V. &  E. to cross the 'Kettle Valley and C. P.  R. tracks near Grand Foiks, and so  permit that road to build to the Gian-  by smelter-and oil; to Phoenix, will  come up for hearing, that day having  "been selected by Hon. A. ,G. lilair,  minister of railways, when in Biilish  Columbia three weeks ago. The Grand  Forks Board of Trade has sent stiong  resolutions on the subject, and last Sunday two delegates, Messrs. Chas Cum-  ings and Neil McCallum, started foi  Ottawa to be present at the heaiing.  Last Monday night the Phoenix  Board of Trade held a meeting to consider the subject, and unanimousl)  passed the following resolutions, which  have been forwarded to the minister of  railways:  -   Whereas, Phoenix has the largest oie  bodies in Canada, and the development  of the mines would be greatly stimulated,  by railway competition; and,  .Whereas, on accountof the low grade  j 0/ Phoenix ores, there is not the slight  est danger that they will be taken  out  of Canada to be smelted; but,  on  the  other hand, it is certain that ores  will  be brought from Republic and  other  American   points into' Canada  to be  smelted; and,   .  Whereas, the V. V. & E. Railway is  willing to build into Phoenix without  subsidy or land grant, if it can get leave  to cross the Kettle Valley and C. P. R.  lines; and,  Whereas, the said extension of the'  V. V. & E. is desired by the whole '  Boundary country;  Be it resolved, that the Phoenix  Board of Trade petitions the Railway  Committee to grant the said request,  and to give the V. V. & E. every opportunity to build into Phoenix without  delay, and also to build to the Granby  smelter at Grand Forks, B. C.  Miss Louise Smith,  teacher 20 \eJisof age, lost  in the flame-,. Many guests  nariuwly escaped in their night atliie,  but otiieis weie not so foituuate. The  list of those "-eii'iish, and piobably  lataiiy, injuted includes Managei Ma-  ihias, of the hotel, .nid an engintei.  Among those less seiiously injuied aie  Mis. Mathias, John Love the ditijj-  gist, and Dr. White, resident physician.  Messengers weie sent thiity miles to  Camp McKinney, wheie medical help  was telephoned for to the Bouudaiy.  Di. Schon and a nuise at once started  fiom Gieenwood ^01 the scene of the  sad fatality. W'oid was also sent to  Penticton and Vcinon for medical assistance.  Although one of the oldest towns in  that section, Fait view is quite isolated,  haying no lailway, stage or wire connections of any kind, Camp McKinney being the nearest wire point.  The Hotel Fail view had a  reputation far and wide as  being one ot the  best, if not   the   best, hotels in the in-  tenor.    Tiavellers  alwa)S made cxtia  efforts to reach that point.    The hotel  was a substantial fiame thiee-story and  basement stitictuie, 60x70 feet in size,  and was built six or  eight years  ago  .by the townsite and Stemwinder group  owners, the old  Fairview Corporation.  Later,   on   reorganization,' the  entire  holdings passed into the  hands of the  New   Fairview   Corporation, who  are  now  successfully   operating the  mine  and stamp mill after  a long period of  inactivity.    The. holdings are now un  der option to an English syndicate for  $Soo,ooo.  It is not believed that the .hotel'was  ever a paying proposition, as it was  built to encourage a boom .in townsite  lots, which never materialized. It  was splendidly furnished, and inust  have cost neailv'$ 10.000 complete.  Stamp Mill  and  Tram Line  Soon Under Construction.  LET CONTRACT TO HAUL MACHINERY  J. A. Munson Will Take In 157 Tons From  Pentlcton-Thlois Looking; up In Twenty  Mile Camp.  Built a New Steamer  Charles Sandner, one of the original  settlers on Christina lake, arrived in  camp this week to spend the winter.  He has a pre-emption at the head of  Christina lake, where he also has a  shingle mill, located in one of the finest cedar belts in the province. At  present the mill is not running, the  local demand for the season having!  been supplied. j  Mr. Sandner states that a new  steamboat to take the place of the  Myrtie 13., which was blown ashore  and wrecked in a storm last summei,  has recently been built and launched  on Christina lake. It is owned by  the Levalleys, the original settlers on  the lake, is:to be called the Levalley,  ] and is a much larger and   better craft  Minister Tarte Kicked Ont.  A dispatch from Ottawa last Tuesday states that Hon. J. Israel Tarte,  minister of public works, is no longer  a member of the cabinet. Today Sir  Wilfred Laurier demanded his resignation, which Mr. Tarte promptly forwarded. Considerable correspondence  passed between the premier and his disaffected minister, which will be given  to the public.  Sir Wilfred's prompt action in dismissing the minister of public works on  his return from his continental tour  created a sensation in political circles  heie, and all sorts.of speculations are  made as to the possible effect upon the  government.  If Hedley City, at the mouth of  Twenty Mile creek, in" the. Similkameen, does not have a little boom of  its own in the near future, railway or  no railway, it will be surprising- In  fact, it has already started in a mild  manner.  Tiie cause of the activity is the  decision of the management of the  Nickel Plate mine to build a 40 stamp  mill on the Similkameen at that point,  the news of the order for machiney  being first printed in the Pioneer two  weeks ago.  Since then the Nickel Plate management has secured title to the land  needed for the mill site, and this week  J. A. Munson, well known in Phoenix,  has been awarded the contract for  hauling the stamp mill machinery to  the mill site. . The shipment, which  comes from the Tenckes Machine Co..  of Sherbrooke, Que., consists of 157  tons, and must be moved 50 miles  over the wagon road from Penticton,  to Hedley.  Work has also been started on the  flume to convey water to furnish the  power for running the stamp mill, and  25 men were hired in the Boundary  this week lo work on these improvements. In addition to this a tramway  is to be built from* the mill site to the  mine, five miles away and some 5,000  feet higher.  Already the town of Hedley City,  long.in a soporific condition, is beginning to take on new life. It is the  start of better days for the lower Similkameen.  in every way than .the Myrtle B.  A Witty Remark.  A contempoiary wittily remarks:  Before they came into power the Liberals promised us free trade as they  have it in England, and prohibition as  they have it in Maine. After reaching  office they gave us free trade as they  have it in Maine, and prohibition .as  they have it in England.  Think and Ponder.  Life insurance is a systematic saving  protection. Why do not young men  think and ponder more this fact? Every  man written for insurance at the age of  35 sorely regrets that he did not do so  ro or 15 years sooner. Moral:-���Insure  in the Mutual Life of Canada; the best  is none too good for you. The Blue  Book shows that the Mutual Life of  Canada in 1961 received $252,476.21  in interest from its investments and  paid 5186,045.60 death'losses, leaving  a surplus of $66,430.61. What other  insurance company can show as good  a record? W. J. Twiss, general agent,  Kaslo, B. C.  Shut Morrisey Coal Alines  The repott comes from Fernie that  the con! mines at Morrisey, now being  developed, were closed a few days ago  by the company. The cause is said  to be the desire of the men to make  too many changes in the methods of  working. Originally the men worked  ou time, and requested a change to  piece work. This was agreed to and  the same scale posted that is in force  in Fertile. Before it went into effect  the men decided they did not want it,  but asked for increased time scale.  The mines were then closed pending  an adjustment. This is the company's version.  It is not believed that this will affect  Fernie or Michel, where the majority  of the miners appear satisfied with the  existing arrangement.  nrge ot  the EH;  :avc a   k\v j fM  Dr. Mathison, dentist, will be at his  oflice, Bank block, November 10th to  1.|th.  Robert   Mai pole,   manager  of   the  Pacific division of the C. P. R., accom-   ������ jpanied by Win.  Downie,  .superintend-  Suiokcr to Air. licn.enway. ' elll 0|*  lhe   Kootenay Boundary  bran-  Next Wednesday evening the citi-; dies, came in on a special train yestei-  zens of Phoenix will unite in giving a! day, on a regular visit of inspection, ac-  complimentary smoking concert to I conipanied by several lesser officials.  J. F\ Hemenway, who, after five years'  residence in Phoenix, in cha  Granby mines office, will leav  days later, on account of his wile's' !|  health, to take up his residence in  Prescott, Arizona. The business men  generally .will be present at the smoking concert,where music and cigars and  refreshments will be provided. , The! J  smoker will begin at S.30, tickets be-.^  ing obtainable from the committee in jrJM li. C. Mi  charge, Mayor Rumberger, Judge Wil-j'^v !1"..';!l'!''  liams and P. C. McArthur, up to next  Tu.sday evening.  How Much Do You Weigh?  This is a question that will interest  you on the night of November 13th at  Hurdy-McLenzie Hall, when the Ladies' Aid ot the Presbyterian church  will give a pound pie social, for which  preparations are now being made. The  admission will be at the rate of half a  cent for each pound in weight. An  interesting programme is being arranged by the ladies in charge, who have  an enviable reputation in this regard.  Of course, there'll be all kinds of home  made pies especially manufactured for  home consumption.  BOUNDARY ORE SHIPMENTS  The following table gives the ore shipments of Boundary mines lor igoo, for 1901 and  for 1902, us reported to the Phoenix Pioneer���  Granby Mines, Phoenix  Snows-hue, "  :\ Brooklyn, "  ,/m Mother Lode, Deadwood...  m Su  Sunset,  Morrison,  Summit...  The ladies of Phoenix will kindly  take notice that we have leased the  store adjoining McKenzie's drug store,  in the McAuliffe building, and are now  displaying some of the nicest creations  in fall and winter hats yet seen in the  Boundary. No need to send or go  away this year. Our goods are all new  and in ihe latest style. We invite you  to call and inspect.  McKenzik Ji Hamhley,  McAuliffe  Block,  Dominion Ave.  m;;ton.  \[/A lii'iina,  j$j-j Winnipeg,     *tt'el  w" Golden Crown,  Athelstan, "  King Solomon, W.Copper...  No. 7 Mine, Central...  City of Paris, "  Jewel, Long Lake...  Carmi, West. Fork...  Providence, Providence...  Ruby, Boundary Falls...  Miscellaneous   1900 I901  04,533 231,762  207 1,731  150  5,340  99,034  802  150  47,405  500  050  1,040  Past  Week 1902  4,500 248,524  000 9,838  4.028 102.220  630 7,220  19,494  710  030  1.076  2.250  1,200  2,000  100  3,230  Total, tons   ��� 'iniiby ."'iiu-ller treatment, tons  99,730  02,387  550  875  605  350  S90  SO  3.450  390,000  230,828  7,408  4348  785  025  482  2,175  43  12,358 384,735 ]M  4,072 235,238 M\  m  U 4*1  &  j   r1"  m  *i\  ?m  t�� ?����  i3c.::;7i--;s  -tii'i  ^IfPt'S:  fsw1'!?.' "  'M'ty  ,:te ���������''������''  '���&-  ',]*#;���;?&:  *  Is! "���'.rtTt-illV.  jfy."'   ~ *>��  t\  ������3^"T��a--?*f  i^   f>   i"��M     (V   ���l-in-T-Jirn   *.-,�����  ^^^w^i^^;  . 1089 Auyy  b5"��5�����':-*  #!i|'  K'-^If  ���M  _a&-  te  KR4  If2'-��  V>*J!?*V.*  ������_l I --  *    .'Aft.   -  11 ^'l.  '��� -. .B|i      ��� ^ *i.    !  ,vL-v--:.-- :'���.���'.-* i  ivr v>, f'i'ih "y ��*>-* jV* ,�����  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  HMMIMHIHIMM m+4H>+��++4-H-+++++�� ��������������������� +��������*+���+����� -  I The Canadian Bank of Commerce  X HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  1  t Capital, $8,000,000.      _#      ��*      Rest, $2,000,000.  J HON. GEO. A. COX, Prc-dtnt. B. E. WALKER, General Manager.  J. H. PLUMMER. Asi't Gen'l Manager.  If. F. MYTTON,   Manager  Greenwood   Branch  The Phoenix Pioneer.  ISSUED ON SATURDAY BV TDK  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  AT PHOKVIX. B. C.  W. B. WiLLCOX, Manager.  t_i.���^���, -,   ! Business office So. 14.  Telephono   } M��nBEer.g residence, So. 15.  sunscRirTio>a in adva.vck.  Per Year $1ce  Six Months   1 35  To Foreign Countries 3 c-  If vou are not a subscriber to this paper, tins  la an invitation to vou to become one.  Advextiaing rates furnished on application.  "Legal notices 10 and 5 cents per line.  Four weekly insertions constitute one mouUVt,  advertising.  We aie now bei-.e Heated lo a nm  'ihe o .:!''"gi-d j/i'.es. of which the v na'  lamine in the east is the innocent cause.  Biother K��iiii<r, of the Tiail >7e��s.  pipposes to set rich ijttick. He is giving away watches���teal watches���uth  eveiy $2 subscription. There's nothing  slow about Eslii)!*.  o  1902  OCT.  1902  Sut. Hon.  Tues. Wed.  Thu.  Fri.   Sat  1    2  ���3    4  5    6  7    8   9  10 11  12 13  14 15   16  17 18  1? 20  21  22  23  24 25  26 27  28  29 30  31  No wonder lacrosse occasionally eet?  .1 black eye. It you do not delieve it,  lead the story of the Shamrocks of Mou-  deal, ���aiio recently did some decidedly  queei work in playing in this province  An average ot 1,800 ton*- ot 01 e  shipped daily, including SuuJav. from  Broundary mines, is i.ot a b.ni sho�� -  ing. It is next to absolutely certain  that within a month���perhaps sooner  ���when the Granby inii.es aie enabled  to double up shipments, the average  Boundary output  will exceed   2,500  ton- cvory 34 hours.  Rowland's oie shipments last week  v.eie 8,285 lons���4i*Soo tons less than  weie shipped fiom Boundary mines  for the same period.  The new smelter at Golden is expect  ed to be in opeiation by New Year's  Day. The work of clearing the site  is now in piogiess and the machinery  is to ariive November 15th.  The Koisi.ind and Criterion groups,  si\s the Camborne Miner, situated  .vithiii a mile of Camborne and owned  b\ the Ophir Lade s\ udicate, seem to be  turi.ing out genuine bonanzas.  Re. _t:t estimates made of the cie in  sight in the Biitaiini.i mine on Howe  ScunJ, pin.e it at fiom i,-cc,coo to  1,600,000 tons that will aveiag- $10 a  ton in copp.i, gold and silver.  PROVINCIAL NOTES  -inced  $2 pet  WHAT EDITORS SAY  Truly stated��� Many a merchant  is born to blush unseen because he  does not advertise.���Ledge.  A STANDING DISGRACE.  Both the Midway Dispatch and the  Greenwood Times have of late been  giving considerable space to the standing disgrace of the unfinished wagon  road up the West Fork of Kettle river.  While the question is one that directly  affects both of the places  mentioned,  it is one that should be ventilated  to  the fullest degree possible.  - In a few words the conditions are  that the district referred to is acknowl-  eged to be one of the richest in a min  - eral way in the province.     There are  no two opinions ��� about   this  among  those familiar with it     A wagon road  was badly needed, and over two years  ago private parties succeeded in getting  the government interested to*some ex  tent    After considerable bickering as  to how the money should be spent, the  work was started, but the cash ran out  before it was half finished.    This gave  a first-class road.for a few miles, without bridges, and"1 one that was of no  possibje use to anyone.   In the meantime, relying'on the promise of the government, settlers with families moved  in, and development of the mines was  vigorously undertaken, the latter  with  the best results as far as it went.  For two years now not a thing has  been done to finish the road. The  settlers have moved out, one after the  other, and the prospectors and business  men have naturally become thoroughly  discouraged. The government has  systematically shilly-shallied, and the  country has suffered. The money  spent has been practically wasted. It  is understood that, at the last session, money was appropriated for this  purpose, but for political reasons has'  never been spent or has been diverted  . to other parts.  It is a burning disgrace and a crying  shame that the government should allow its officials to act in this way.  Those interested in the West Fork  have good reason for thinking that  there is something rotten at Victoria  when such things can be done. As  the season is now so far advanced, it is  hardly likely that anything will be done  this year.  .And yet' the government wonders  why it is so unpopular with many of  the up-country constituencies. It is  now up to the members to explain how,  under the citcumstances, it could be  anything else. The people have but  one recourse���the ballot���and this will  be used to good effect at the next  election.  No Danger���Beer is reported to be  worth a dollar a bottle in Johnnesburg.  It will not stagger humanity much at  that cost.���Grand Foiks News-Gazette.  Had to Give Way���Divine rights  which President Baer said belonged to  the mineowners had to give way, after  all, to the miners' wrongs. ��� Spokesman-Review.  They Are Features ������ The trust,  ths departmental store, the workmen's  union, are as much features of modern  civilization as the varied uses of electricity.���Toronto Globe.  Great Courage ��� Brer Lowry, of  the New Denver Ledge, says that he  proposes to write a book. The courage of some men is past human comprehension.���Cranbrook Herald.  Thinks it Rank���It is the opinion  in certain quarters that the appointment of Mr. Tolmie as deputy minister of mines was a rank political job,  without meiit or necessity.���Rossland  Miner.  Must be RECOGNizED-r-The Social  ist Party ol B. C. is now well within  the range of provincial politics and from  this day must be recognized as a factor in coming elections. ��� Western  Socialist.  STRICTLY   BUSINESS  . For his stand takc'in in the coal stiike  President Roosevelt has made a host  of friends. He will be hard to beat in  the next election, and no one thinks it  was an election dodge, either.  It is pleasing to not a few people to  note how President Baer, of the coal  operators trust, was forced to come  down from his high perch. He evidently thought he owned the earth, but  soon found he was up against the real only ��18,000, so the season's run .has  thing. been a j>oor one.  '---.-. ���v;  How much and how well you advertise counts.  Don't expect to reap good business  from bad advertising.  The bracing autumn air is full ot  reasons why clothing stores should begin advertising liberally.  You can't advertise too often if you  are advertising the right goods in the  mediums in the right way.  The best good ad will prove powerless unless it is supported by good  goods and good store management.  It is on record that Solomon advertised his new building. There is a possibility that his 1,000 wives were what  is called "the indirect results from advertising."  Lumbei is being   ativa  thousand -it iiiC (.oast.  Sandon v.ill hold its much needed  election on Gviober 30th.  'ihe Father Pat memotial ambulance is expected to teach Rossland  this week.  Gulden's new daily paper plant has  arrived at ihe scene ot its future vicissitudes and troubles.  Aulay Morrison, M. P., has been  called to Ottawa, and may be appointed governor of the Yukon.  Jim Waidner is going to Wilmei,  and the residents there think lie'll  bring a patent boom with him.  Rossland Presbyterians have asked  Rev. R. H, G. Gunn, of Winnipeg, to  become the resident pastor.  The valuation of the city of Revel-  stoke is $317,426 for realty and $343,-  230 for personalty���a total of $660,-  656.  Charles C. Cliffe, of- the Sandon  Mining Review, has -sold the little  paper to his son, and has gone to the  Soo to start a daily.  Theodore Ludgate has decided to  build a large sawmill at Arrowhead,  with a capacity of 25,000,000 feet per  annum. He has had the timber limits for miles around located.  D. J. MATHESON,  insurance agent,  fire, liki-, acc dent.  I'uuiiiiUtloji.r fin taking Aifid���ut6.  Phoj-nix, B.  r. a. scon,  Contractor and Builder.  Estimates Furnished.  PHOENIX. I! C.  B. KERR,  Barrister and Solicitor,  notary ruiir.ic.  PHOENIX, IJ. C  King Edward Lodge, U.D.  A. I   j1d  Regular c  .v. . I.  %y\xjf9   ond ri.-1 >������.����� 1. *.'i 1 ��� ���--  K\JyC Kuiuveir. ii.rciiim-. '.-<-' l-_  ���'  I   \y\     Hall, Morriwn-Aiidi.i''Oii , I-;  W. I.  . GKRM.UN1-:.  b��.rctnrv.  1'. L. Clk K  V.*. M  Phoenix Federal Labor Union  Meets Thuisdays at S p. m. at Min-   ers' Union 1 Lili.   Y.D moWN. Pies.  AUGl'ST l'n.GKR.Sre'.v.  PHOENIX Al-RIi  NO. 158.  ttnZ'i on l-Vi!'!}  -.i,�� in , ^lini.! ������  li H.iit  VlSlllllL     I'  ��� 'il.-. II  cor.lially mwt-ti.  J AMI'S MARSHALL. I'res.    R. L. BOYD. Secy  White Cooks and Waiters' Union  No. 124 VV. L. V., of Phoenix.  Meets Tiipoday  nichts, 8;.1o o'clock at  Miners' Union Ilall.  R.LORAii. Miss Losche,  President. Secretary.  Those desiring helpapply to secretary. 'Phone30  GRANBY COMPANY'S MEETING.  Address  Delivered . by President S.  If.  C.  Mlaer.       '  The annual meeting of the Granby  Consolidated Mining, Smelting- and  Power Company, Ltd., was held at  Montreal on tl^ 7 th inst. The annual  report which was read and adopted was  considered to be very satisfactory. Mr.  S. H. C. Miner, the president, in an  address to the shareholders, said that  the company had had considerable to  contend with during the year. The  pi ice of copper has been exceedingly  low, going down to r 1 j�� from 17 cents.  Mr. Miner further explained that  owing to the scarcity of coke, it was  found impossible to operate over two  out of the four furmces on the property.  In fact, it was only during the .month  of April that the four furnaces were in  operation. Mr. Miner stated a year  ago he had hoped at this annual meeting to announce a dividend to the  shareholders, but unforeseen events,  already mentioned, has made this impossible. The ��� properties are all in  fine condition. The old board of directors was re-elected.  GEORGE GIBSON  SHAVING PARLORS  and BATHROOM.  Grnrcs-Williiims Block, cor.  First aud Old Ironsides Ave.  Phoenix. B. C.  B. C MINING NOTES  The new Ciofton smelter is now  running in' good shape.  Ore shipments from the Slocan for  1902 are above 23,000 tons.  Last week, 259 tons of Slocan ore  were shipped through Kaslo.  The C. P. R. is talking of building  a large lead refinery at Nelson.  The Northport smelter closed last  week on account of lack of coke.  Shortage of water is hampering the  operations of the Payne mill. Steam  power is being put in as an auxiliary.  Slocan mines are expected to ship  considerable zinc ore to the smelter at  Iola, Kansas, if the duty is not prohibitory.  The second installment for the season from the Cariboo Consolidated was  SOCIALIST PLATFORM.  Adopted at the Recent Convention Held al  Vancouver.  The Socialists of the province met in  convention at Vancouver on the 3rd  inst. Appended is the platform then  adopted:���  1. The transformation, as rapidly as  possible, of capitalist property in the  means of wealth production (natural resources, factories, railways, etc.) into  the collective properfy of the working  class.  2. Thorough and democratic organization and management of industry by  the workers."  3. The-establishment, as speedily as  possible, of production for use in lieu  of production for profit.  4. The Socialist Party, when in office,  shall always and everywhere, until the  present system is utterly abolished,  make the answer to this question its  guiding rule of conduct: Will this  legislation advance the interests of the  working class and aid the workers in  their class struggle against capitalism ?  If it does, the Socialist party is for it;  if it does not, the Socialist party is absolutely opposed to it.  5. In accordance with this principle  the Socialist Party pledges itself to conduct all public affairs placed in its  hands in such a manner as to promote  the interests of the working class only.  The party will organise to enter politics as the Socialist Party of British  Columbia,' the object being to capture  the public powers for the purpose of  setting up and enforcing the economic  programme of the working clans,  JNLMI       .  ^ EDITION^  Webster^  intecnational  Dictionary'  A Dictionary of CNGLISn,  Biography. Gaocraptiy, Fiction, ate  New Fltvtes Throughout  25,000^ New  Words  "   Phraaaa    and   Definitions  I Prepared under the direct  supervision of W.T. HARRIS  Ph.D., LL.D., United States  ^Commissioner of Education,  aasiated by a large corps of  competent specialists.  Rich Bindings 2364 Pacoa  5000 Illustrations  The International was Jirst issued  in iSgo, succeeding the " Unabridged."  The Nevi Edition of the International  was issued in October, iqoo.^_Get the  latest and best.  We also publish  Webster's Collegiate Dictionary  with Glossary ol Scottuh Words and Phrases,  " First class in quality, second class la site,"  Specimen pages, etc ol both  books tent on application.  G.GC.MERRIAMCO.  Publishers  Springfield, Mass.  Do You  Take  THE PIONEER  7  You should if you don't. It gives the news  of the Boundary. It works for the Boundary. It is owned by the editor and not by  any clique or facticn. It is worth $10.00.  It costs only $2.00.  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Limited,  and all whom it may concern :   ���  Recent development of the Company's  coal landR and conditions that are now  occurring wairant the Company in notifying all their stock-holders to hold the  price of came firm and at a good figure.  The Company are not offering Treasaiv  Stock at present at any price.  Simelkamken Vau.ey Coat. Co., Ltd.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that all acconnlf  due the midernigned must he paid Im-  lriediately, or they will Lc placed in the  hands of a colicitor for collection.  .    ?"*?��� A- McOmjng & Co.  Phoenix, B. a, Aug. 10, 1902.  If you read the  PHOENIX PIONEER,  You'll keep posted on  pie Boundary,  W  Phoenix ramp alone shipped a35,000 tons of pre ��f  ks,;ca".   - I  I he Pioneer is published every Saturday nnd p|  and is sent to any part of Canada or  the   United M  States for fcw  $2.00 I  per yeai���or the rest of the world for $3.00  per m  year.    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',��,->, ���    - *   ���-���.��    ii-"'i'<!,i   ,'iV"i' ���   .''   ' ������   .->���    ��� y L't ' ������   'j-" "f\ .". c, ���   -1   :.    ��� 4J1     "; ��� -��� - ��    �����-.*����� /"���>.���.',<.    *. ���"...,.- '.v-,s .^'.-" :.  -V    1               *llaia-lta1^                          ���               ���-           *\                                           E                    ��-*������-*                    '           ***'������'������'"-                  1    I     '         II   ^                    ��          r       I* a      ���    ���'���                     Jr>                        \         i tm r*m       r    h                          *           ^   ���                         ���*�������             ��al���aP                   -����-_i-lh1                                 ���               S                  I1.                        ��� ll ���   P V                              at                 ��� '             ������                    "��� 1                 ���*                  p                   ���    ���                 "                    ������ THE PHOENIX PIONEER  ����� ��� M ��� ��� t t ��� ��� H H t, ��� ��� t< ���������4-4 nun �� j^-l^^ t,,-,,, u  "Sipongesf in me worn  ;;   Assets $330,568,063.49.  aa-a__B--a---a_a  ��� ��� ������      ..,.���  '���   Surplus $70,137,170.01  H. ALLENBERG, Manager,  605-606 607 Empire State Building  SPOKANE, WASH.  L. W. MAJOR, Asst. Manager,^Rossland, B. C.  ������++���++�����< f ��� f ��� ��� 4-t ������Hf��� ��� ��� ��� ����� ��� ��� f r ��� . M M MM ��� ���-H-+4++-H !  I  THE OBSERVATORY  Things Talked ok at  Home and Klsewhkkk  FASHION  IIVCRV..  STABLES  Knob Hill Avenue  MclNTYRE & McDONALD,  Tklephonk No. 10. PROPRIETORS  ������������������������������������-������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������a  ~~ ' PHOENIX  ���  MARKET.   ���  ��� ���  1 Pi Buriis & Co.  HKAD OFFICE FOR BOUNDARY CREEK, GREENWOOD, I).  HEADQUARTERS, NELSON, B. C.  .... Wholesale and Detail Neat Hcrciiants.:  Markets at Nelson, Kaslo, Three Forks, Sandon, Slocan City,  Silverton, New Denver, Ymir. Salmo, Rossland, Trail, Cascade,  Grand Forks, Greenwood, Midway, Niagara and Phoenix.  FISH, OYSTERS AND POULTRY IN SEASON.  All orders receive prompt attention.  ��� ������^���������-���������������������������������������o.a.a ������������������������*������������*�����������������������������������  PALACE EXCHANGE STAGE  LINE.  Between Phoenix and Greenwood.  Leave Phoenix 8.30 and I.   Leave Greenwood JO and 4.  DAILY  ��^*������ A. S. 4 PAW, Proprietor*  An UriprcGcdcntccl  Offer to our Subscribers.  BOTH NEW AND OLD.  Nearly, every weekly newspaper  office in the interior of, the province  will appreciate the following from the  Sandon Paystreak":  "The Taystreak has a peck of trouble on its hands. J. Peck MeSwayn,  the intelligent compositor, has contracted an entangling alliance with  Sandon tarantula juice. When last  heard from he had Seagram backed off  the board, and Hiram Walker is figuring on doubling his capacity."  Recently the Pioneer published the  following.  "Much of the fruit being marketed  In Phoenix this fall is brought from  the American Okanogan, a distance of  some 120 miles. It is brought that  distance, from the banks of the Columbia river, in wagons. -The dealers  general!) make one trip . to the Boundary each week, and seem to find a  ready market for their products."  ��� m '.,..... .  Commenting on the above the Kamloops Sentinel remarks:  "And yet some people assert that  there is no market in British Columbia for home grown fruit. The or-  chaids in the vicinity of Okanagan  Landing should.be able to supply  Pnoenix and other points, but the  chances are the fruit growers are not  aware there is a market there. While  they are dreaming, their competitors  across the line are sending fruit along  in wagons for 120 miles.   Think of it"  Whereupon the Vernon  News rises  to explain:  "We beg to assure the Sentinel that  it need labor under no apprehension  concerning the welfare and business  ability of our Okanagan fruit growers.  Never in our history has such a large  crop been raised and marketed as this  year. There is not the slightest difficulty in finding a sale for all we raise,  and it looks as if in the near future the  great trouble will be to supply the demand. Our fruit goes all over the  Northwest, and local growers have also  many good customars in the Kootenays. If American fruit is sold in  Phoenix, it is simply because our product is marketed elsewhere. "Dreaming" is by no means a characteristic of  our orchardists, and the friendly solicitude of the Sentinel is in this instance entirely misplaced."  Phoenix Pioneer and Toronto  Globe (daily) both for One  year........^.-..-:.-----------------  Phoenix Pioneer and Toronto  Globe, (weekly) both for One  year.......... --���-���-  Phoenix Praneer and Montreal  Daily Berald, both for One  __-,a~   /Including Handsonie Por|rai(\  ,' yfcJcU    ^ofKiug "Bdward, i7��aiHphea.yrf=-r-r   Phoenix Pioneer and New York  World, Thrice-a week, both  for one year ..���.......���   Phoenix Pioneer and Montreal  Family Herald and Weekly Star,  both one year..............   $3.75  2.50  2.50  2.50  2.75  Subscriptions received to all Magazines and Periodicals u,t publishers lowest rates.  Send all subscriptions to this office.  PHOENIX PIONEER,  PHOENIX, B. C.  .jjiVt Guess  But if you are going east Write us for our rates, and let us tell you  about the service and accommodation offered by the  ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD  Through Tourist Cars via the Illinois Central from Pacific coast to Chicago  - ���. and Cincinnati,  Don't fail to write us about your trip, as we -re in a position to give ^ou  some valuable information and assistance. 5,3'9 m'-es *>f track' over wh,ch  are operated some of the finest trains in the world.  For particulars regarding freight or passenger rates, call on or address .  J. C. LINDSAY, T.F. & P.A., B. H-TRUMBULL, Com. Agt,  ,V, Third St., PORTLAND, ORE.  From all of which it would appear  that the Lake Okanagan orchardists  prefer to cultivate a market hundreds  of miles away to one that is much  nearer home, and which' is sure - to  grow in volume each year. Possibly  the building of the Midway-Vernon  railway may make a difference, if the  American producers have not become  too strongly intrenched in this territory by that time.  Rumors upon rumors are afloat as  to what the Nickel Plate owners, in  Camp Hedly, intend doing about reducing ores. One is that a smelter is  to be built, another that a 60 stamp  mill will be put up. Neither are correct. The facts are as stated in the  Pioneer two weeks ago, viz., that an  order has been placed with the Jencke.s  Machine  Co.,  Sherbooke, Que., for a  40 stamp mill.  .��  If one can believe the stories that  come from the political hatchery at the  coast, Premier Uunsmuii is in a quandary whether to resign or not. And  meanwhile the other politicians are  already fighting over spoils which they  see in sight when a'new deal is made,  That's a great game they play at Victoria, and as far as the up-country  goes,   it's always, "Heads   I win, and  tails you lose."        .  Great Coal Strike ia a Nutshell.  Number of miners on strike.       147,0000  TAKE OFFlfTHE RESERVH.  Is  a   Great Hardship oo  Prospectors and  Miners.  By a curious anomaly, governments  by their passivity ignore the very Mictions for which they exist, says the  Grand Forks News-Gazette. A concrete illustration is the failure of the  Dunsmuir administration to remove the  reserve on certain government lands  in the Boundary district, thus retarding, or more stnctly speaking, obstructing the development of vast resources  only awaiting the application of capital  and labor to be converted into tangible  wealth. ",.,:'���'.  Some years ago this entire district  was blanketed with an official reserve  in order to enable the C. P. R. to select land it' was entitled to under a  clause in the charter of the Columbia  & Western railway. The C. P. R. having made its selections, and the balance'remaining vested in the government, no reason exists why this governmental interdiction should not be abolished with all possible speed. As long  as this reserve is maintained, prospectors are debarred from making locations for coal or petroleum. The executive promised nearly a year ago to  abolish the reserve and we are credibly  informed actually prepared the official  advertisements, but for some mysterious reason never published them in  the official Gazette or the district press,  an act of procedure required by law.  Only one sentiment prevails in the  Boundary respecting the duty of the  government in regard to the matter.  The feeling isa good deal stronger than  the politicians imagine, and. unless relief is granted forthwith it will assume  proportions that can not much longer  be unheeded at Victoria. If the government styles itself "a businesman's  administration," it should get a move  on and not belie its ouasted pretensions.  Coal and petroleum are known to exist  in the region embraced in the government reserve, but so long as the reserve  continues, pioneers who spy out our  natural riches are debarred from the  fruits of their toil.  The question is a still broader one,  for every resident in the Boundary  wants the development of the country  to proceed apace. If the government  realizes its duty to the district it will  lose no time in complying with the  unanimous wishes of the people. Hard  working and honest prospectors. under  existing conditions arenot- unlike the  coral insects: /'They toil, but they  enter not in."  Do you want to make a dollar?  IF SO,  Aslmola Smelter. Ltd.  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Notice is hereby given that having  purchased the Fashion Livery Stable,  as from the ist day ot October, T902,  all bills due the stable fiom that date  are payable to the undersigned, and all  accounts against said stable since that  date will be settled by us.  Dated at Phoenix, B. C, October  15, 1902.  Murdoch McIntvre,  Alex McDonald.  Facts.  1. The Company don't owe a dollar beyond cash on  band.  2. It will sell you stock on  monthly call", which  ���-=  ���=..''   -  speaks for itself. ������     ���'  3.   Each of the Officers and Directors pays in full for  his stock.  For further information apply to the  Official Brokers of Ashnola Smelter, Limited:  PONTON & MURRAY, Toronto, Ont.  C'S. DOUGLAS & CO., Vancouver, B.  H. R. CAMERON, Winnipeg, Man.  A. W. MORE & CO., Victoria, B. C.  W. N. McGANNON, Mouisbumh, Out.  R. J. STEEL, Nelson, B. C.  Head Office of the Company, Room "A," K-W-C  Block, Nelson, B. C.  CODE ADDRESS, -ASHNOLA," NELSON. b\ C. P. 0. BOX 714. TEtEPHONE NO. 70.  EASTERN  DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP.  1NS��  38,000  357  Better Stationery nnd Job Print-  inc than that turned out !>v the  Plioenix Pioneer has vet to lie  produced. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.   Give us a  trial with your next order   FJONKEH PUB. CO.,  'Phone 14. Phoknix. B. C.  Number' of  other  workers  employed   Collieries   Monthly output of coal in  tons (normal)       6,000,000  Monthly wages of miners ..     $3,000,000  Total wages hist year    $30,323,000  Money invested in coal property  $611,500,000  Daily loss to operators ���        $442,000  Yearly loss to operators ...    $85,757,850  Daily loss to other unemployed  $78,000  Number of women and children affected  390,000  Total number of coal miners 456,500  Average daily wages.     ;   $704,000  Average yearly wages...... $101,(140,000  Total annual output of coal $300,891,360  Those chocolates sold by Almstrom  are the kind that melt in your mouth.  Have you tried them ?  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Notice is hereby given that at the next  sitting of the liceiiBo commissioners for  the city of Phoenix we intend to apply  for a transfer to Thomas Berg of the license which we hold tosell liquor by retail in th�� Norden hotel, situated on Dominion avenue, Phoenix, B. C.  Dated this 25th day of August, 1902.  Aluin Almstrom,  Thomas Buna.  Townships Bank  established 1859.  CAPITAL   -    -   -   -    $2,000,000  CAPITAL, PAID UP  - $1,955,225  RESERVE FUND   -  -   $1,200,000  BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  Wm. Farwell, President.  Hon. M. H. Cochrane, Vice-Pres.  Israel Wood, J. S. Mitchell, G. Stevens, J. N.  Galer,   N. W.   Thomas, C. II.   Kathati, H. B.  Brown, K. C.  HEAD OFFICE. SHERBROOKE, P. Q.  Jas. Mackiuuou,   Gen'l Mgr.  S. Edgkll,  Local Mgr.  S. F. Morey, Inspector of Branches.  BRANCHES..  [11 Province ofQuebec���  Montreal, B. Austin, Manager.  Waterloo. W. I. Briggs, Manager.  Rock Island, S. Stevens, Manager. I  t       Cowansville, II. F. Williams. Mgr.  Coaticook, K. N. Robinson, Manager.  Richmond, W. L. Ball, Mgr.  Granby, W. H. Robinson, Mgr.  Bedford, \V. H. Hargrave, Mgr.  Hum.ngdou, A. W. Watson, Mgr.  Magog, W. I). Fraser, Mgr.  St. Hyacinthe, J. Laframboise, Mgr.  Ormstown, E. W. Morgan, Mgr.  Windsor Mills, K. P. Olivier, Mgr.  In Province of British Columbia���  Grand Forks, Win. Spier, Mgr  Phoeuix, N. II. Slack, Acting Mgr.  Agents   iu    Canada,  Hank  of   Montreal  Branches.  "     Loudon, Eug., National Bank of Scotland.  "     Boston, National Exchange Bank,  "     New York, National Park Hank.  Collection, made at all accessible points.  Oralis issued for any required amounts, good at  all points in Canada, U. S. aud Europe. Ex*  change bought aud sold.  Department    at    Each  Oregon R. R. & Nav. Co.  Oregon Short Line R. R.  Union Pacific R.R.  ONLY LINE EAST   VIA  Salt Lake and Denver.  Two Trains Daily.  Steamship tickets to Europe and other  foreign countries.  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MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  Big Six Mineral Claim, situate in  the   Grand  Forks Mining Division of Osoyoos District.  Where located: In Wellington Camp, adjoining the Jim Mineral Claim.  Take notice that I, Sydney M. Johnson, acting  as agent for T. V. Mclntyrc, Free Miner's Certificate No. B 5i6i9,audO.H. Robinson, Free Miner's  Certificate**No. H 5S006, intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for a certificate ot improvements, for the purpose  of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance  of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 30th day of July, A. D., 1902,  4S Sydney M. Johnson.  7.45 a.m.   FAST MAIL���To and  from  Coeur d'AIenedistrict, Farm- -t  ing ton. Garfield < olfnx, Pullman, *Moscow, *Pomeroy,  Waitsburg. Dayton, Walla  Walla, Perdleton, HakerCity  and all points l^ast 6 25 -p. m.  3:45 p. m. KXPRIiSS���For Farmiugton  Garfield, Colfax, Pullman,  Moscow, I.ewiston, Portland  San Francisco, Maker City  and all points F.AST,  KXPT-IKSS ��� From all points  East, Baker Citv, San Francisco, Portlau.' ,'Colfnx, Garfield and Farmi.igtou.... 9.50 a. m.  ���Kxcept Sunday.  SHORT LINE TO CALIFORNIA.  San Francisco-Portland Route.  Steamers sail from Ainsworth dock, Portland,  at S p. in. nnd from Spear Street wharf, SaiiJ'ran-  Cisco, at 10 a. m. every five days.  Tickets on sale at all S. V. Jt N. Stations.  Tor further information as to rates, time of  trains, equipment, etc., address  GEO. J. MOIILEK, r.eneinl Agent,  430 Riverside Ave., Spokane, Wash  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE,  dominion  Mineral Claim, situate in the Grand  909999e$$9999O0eoGoeooooeo  Forks Mining  Division of Osoyoos District.  Where located;   On Lookout  Mountain, and   ���"��������'������.'"  near the Lookout Mineial Claim.  Take notice that I, Sydnev M Johnson acting  us agent for J P. Shannon, Kree Miner's Cerl'f;  cate No. B 54495, intend, sIxtv days from th.e dale  hereof, to apply to the Mining Kecorder for n  certificate of improvements, for the purpose ol  obtaining n crpwn grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that nction, under section 37. must tic commenced before the issuance  of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 12th day ofjuly, A. D., 1902.  4S Sydney M. Johnson.  Spokane f* id northern  NELSON  &   FORT   SHEPPARD  RED MOUNTAIN-UT.  Washington and Great Nor. Ry.  V., V. and E. Ry.  The only all-rail route between all points east  west, aud south to Rossland, Nelson and all in-  termediate points; connecting at Spokane with  the Great Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R. &  N. Co.  Connects at Rossland and 'Nelson -with Canadian Pacific Kailway.  Connects at Nelson with steamer for Kaslo and  alt Kootenay Lake points.  Connects at Curlew with stage for Green  wood and Midway. B. C.  Buffet cars run on passenger trains between  tweeu Spokane and Republic.  KFFECTIVI* AUGUST 17. 1902.  Leave. Arrive  9:25�����m Spokane 545 p. m  10:30a. in Rossland..   7:15 a. m Nelson   11:07 a. m Miller's ,  (Grand Forks)  10:24 a- ni Curlew 4:.^ p. m  .,.���..,Rcpu.liHc 5:45 p. 111  H.A.JACKSON,  General Passenger Agent.  Spokane, Wash.  WEST  New Wastrtinster  Vancouver  Victoria  Skagway  Daweon  Seattle  Portland  San Francisco  UPPER LAKE STEAMERS  Leave Fort William Sunday, Tuesday  and Friday.  VIA SOO LINE  St. Paul,    Diiiuth,     Chicago.  Winnipeg  Toronto  Ottawa  Montreal  St. John  Halifax  Boston  New York  Through Tourist Sleeping Cars  EAST  Leaves Dunnitiru Junction dnilv for St.  Paul; Kootenay Landing Tuesdev and  Saturday for To.onto, Montreal and  all eastern points.  WEST  Leaves Kewlstoke dailv for Seattle  and Vancouver.  Through bookings to Europe via all  Atlantic routes.  Prepaid tickele at lowest rates issued  from all European countries.  For Timetables   rates   and   full  information  call 011 or address nearest local agent, or  O. W. Dey, EJ.Coyi.e,.  Agent, A.G.P.Agt.  Phoenix, B. C.   Vancouver, B.C  J. S. Carter, D.'p  Nelson, B.C.  A.,  Why you should buv.  ..5:10 p. in,  ..8 oo p. m  ...3:58 n. in.  Old papers for sale at the Pioneer  offire, at 25 cents per 100.  Your leisure monents may be pleasantly spent at Albin's pool rooms.  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Centrally Located  THE ONLY FIRST-CLASS  HOTEL IN PHOENIX  Old Ironsides Avenue  Rooms and Dining Room  In charge of the Misses Smith.    Table seived with the best in  maikets. Special attention to wants of miners and mining men.  Bellevue Hotel  Marshall & Shea, Props.  In Connection with Aetna Lodging House.  Knob Hill Avenue, Phoenix, B.C.  BUS MEETS All TRAINS. LIVERY STABLE IN CONNECTION  Best Obtainable  Brands of  Wines, Liquors and Cigars,  'Phone 29  Dining Room  First-class in  Every Particular.  0  now areas and visit the older ones, and  be helpful to prospcctois and miners.  With a ministei giving all his t'me  to his work, and not being able to cope  with it because his derailment was  really doing what it ought lo do for the  mining interests, might furnish a valid  excuse for a deputy who, having a  piactical knowledge of mining and engineering, would be of leal assistance  to the minister. Col. Prior can now  give an hour or tno a day to his department, and the balance of his time  to his wholesale and retail hardware  business.  You will also notice that this plum  goes to a Victorian.  Can you or any one point to a single matter of any real moment that, to  date, justifies the latge .expenditure  made for the deparment of mines ?  The annual report is the only thing,  and it sadly needs impiovement.  SuHSCRIHER.  Waterman's Idea!  1  BRIEF NEWS NOTES  HATTERS OF GENERAL INTEREST  TO   PHOENICIANS.  Making Improvements���M. Kane,  proprietor of the Cottage hotel, this  week started work on a series of improvements to the house, including a  flat roof. The hotel will present a much  better appearance when the changes  are completed.  City and District Notes  That Benefit���As the Eagles of  Phoenix have established a leputation  in regard to benefits, that to be given  November 14th for Johnny Lyons will  doubtless prove no exception of the  rule. It will be in the nature of a ball  at Miners' Union Hall, for which tickets are now on sale.  Coming at Last���The base ball  team, of Grand Forks, has at last summoned up sufficient courage to tackle  the Phoenix fans on the latter's grounds.  If good weather prevails, and the Fork-  ers do not lose heart before the time  comes, both nines will be here tomor-  , row afternoon to play one ot the final  games of the season.  Bless Bell Tomorrow���Tomorrow  evening His Lordship, Bishop Donten-  ville, of New Westminster, will bless.  the new bell for the Catholic church at  Miners' Union Hall at eight o'clock,  the service having been postponed from  last Sunday. Rev. Father Bedard, of  Greenwood, will also be present and  take part. In the morning the bishop  will also bless a similar bell at Greenwood.  Readv November ist ��� Wm. Anderson, superintending engineer for  the Cascade Water, Power and Light  Co., came in on Thursday's ' train, to  lay out the service line from the substation to the location of the huge ore  crusher, near the Knob Hill ore bins,  a distance of about-half a~ mile. He  says nearly everything is now ready to  turn on the power at Cascade. The  Denver expert is now repairing the stave  pipe line, .and will be done today.  - Stringing of wire is going on for the  _. spur pole line, three miles long, to the  Granby smelter, and will soon be completed. Mr. Anderson says he will be  ready to deliver power before the smelter can use it, for the transformers ordered to reduce the circuit have * not  arrived at Grand Forks yet, although  they are expected shortly.  Dr. Mathison, Dentist.  Choice tobaccos and cigars at Albin's  News depot.  Wm. Yolen Williams visited Nelson  this week.  Horn, to the wife of William Pressly,  October 171I1, a son.  R. H. Karatolsky returned Monday  from a week's visit to Spokane.  Greenwood marksmen are endeavoring to form a rifle club in that town.  The bachelors of Grand Forks are  giving a ball on the 7th of November.  .Geo. L. Pedlar, of New Denver, stopped in the city a couple of days this  week.  Wood for fuel has dropped in price  at Grand Forks, four foot now selling  at $3-75 iw cord.  William Landon returned this week  from a trip to the" Big Bend in the  state of Washington.  Mrs. H. C. Smith of Grand Forks,  who has been visiting with Mis. F. L.  Cock, returned home this week.  No meeting of the city council was  j held Wednesday, as usual, but an extra  meeting will be held this morning.  The Quiip and the San Poil mines  each sent 200 tons of ore from Republic to the Granby smelter last week.  Mrs. Chas. Cumings.of Grand Forks,  returned home Monday after spending  Sunday with Mrs, W. B. Cochrane.  Percy Godenrath's coal syndicate  has uncovered a twelve foot seam of  coal on its claims in the Similkameen,  W. P. Tiernay, the C. P. R. con-  tratcor, of Nelson, who is putting in the  Snowshoe spur, was in the city Tuesday.  A.J. McMillan leaves the Snow-  shoe mine today for Rossland, expecting to sail from New York for London  on the 8th prox.  Miss Quible, who has been visiting  her uncle, James Punch, for several  months, returned to her home in New  Westminster Tuesday.  R. Thomas has been awarded the  contract for building a bridge over the  Kettle river at Nelson, Wash., the  price being $4,000.  Lord Arthur Rainey has recently  been appointed Dominion fruit inspector for the district, with headqutarters  at Grand Forks.  T. Alfred Kennion, secretary of the  Grand Forks board of trade, and for a  '&      Miss    Holer,    diessmaker,    Maish  block, near the bridge,   Victoria Ave.  Fit guaranteed by MissBoler, dressmaker, Marsh block, Victoria avenue.  Would go out by the day.  It is said that the Mother Lade  smelter, Gieenwood, is daily shipping  a car load of matte, valued at about  $-},ooo, to ihe Granby convener at  Grand Forks.  Reid C. Crowell, one of the oldest  engineers in point of service in the em  ploy of the Gianby Co., left for l'oss-  burj;, last Monday, where he will probably spend the winter.  George Huston, of the Oi anby mines  office staff, who has been in the hospital for a couple of weeks, went to  Halcyon Hot Springs last Monday to  endeavor to shake off his trouble, iheu-  malism.  W. J. Priestly, formerly an employee  of the Granby mines, but who spent  last winter in the Klondike, and expects to spend the next one in the same  locality���making the fourth���arrived  in the city Monday.  Propositions have been made to the  cities of Columbia and Grand Forks lo  retain the $7,500 in bonds issued by  each corporation, for the sum of $1,000  for each. The bonds were issued to  the V., V. & E. as a bonus, the road  to be running into Grand Forks by the  first of next January.  We have "not advanced the price of our  tobaccos. Amber smoking tobacco, Bobs,  Currency and Fair Play chewing tobaccos are  the same size and price to the Consumer as  formerly. We have also extended the time  for the redemption of Snowshoe tags to January 1st, 1904.  THE EMPIRE TOBACCO CO., LIMITED.  J  ��� ���������*<  These pens aie the finest j 1  in the 'voild, and aie madeol:  first quality (4k. gold with thi-j  highest giade of woikman :  ship. ��� They ate tipped with:  the best irridium, and gioundj  in countless degrees of fino:  ness and flexibility. They;  ue absolutely non-cotrodablej  uid will last for yeais. :  Full assortment of nibsandj  points in stock. :  For sale in Phoenix only by)  folk Bros. 8 Smi  :  4  stationers, ���  5  KNOIl IlILt. AVJ'., I'lIOl'N'X, II. 0 {  .............  ...���....���.....������*������  A pencil mail- her* g)tf~  i" a riMnimli i- i Inn voni- sub-  Eciivli< ii !���' Hii* | ap1 r is  iioiv fjusr ihic, am) ilio publisher ��ill upjiirciatu your  piompf attention.       ~  BUSINESS NOTICES.  A new line of cigais at Albin's News  Depo*.    Have you tried them ?  For fine watch and jewelry repairing  see Zimn.-ierm.ann, on First street.  Fitiits and confectionery, fresh and  tempting, at popular pi ices. Albin's  News depot.  Geo. L. Pedlar, eye specialist, will  fit glasses at Mckenzie's diug stote,  Oct. 21-22.  If your watch or clock is out of gear,  Zimmerman, the jeweler can put it in  first class shape.  ���THINKS IT WAS NOT JUSTIFIED.  ltis reported that the Hotel Barker,  at Chesaw, a three story A'-ucture, the  finest hostlery in the Myers Creek  valley, was destroyed by fire last Sunday, the fire catching from a range in  the kitchen. The loss is about $6,000,  with but $1,200 insurance. It was owned  by E. H. Barkei.  J. L. Marlin, who will succeed J. F.  Hemenway in the office of the Granby  Co. here, arrived in the city last Monday with his wife and son. *  long time a resident of that city, has  gone to Mexico.  H. T. Mahan, auditor.for the Granby  Co. went to Butte last Saturday to attend the funeral of 'a brother, A. E.  Mahan, who died from an overdose of  morphia.  Sam McOrmond has recently completed laying pipe for a water system to  a number of residences in Eholt. He  thinks he has water enough for a thousand people.  Chas. M. Rendell, brother of G. A.  Rendell, ,the Eholt merchant, has re-  tarned'to the Boundary after an absence of four years in Newfoundland.  He first came to the Boundary many  years ago, taking up as a ranch, the  site of the present city of Columbia.  GOOD NEWS...  tZ. *  -Jl 1 ���  -1 i"ti' *  ....     1 J..*"-.-.-!*  V -1      ��� .-wm 1.  ���irom Tiir.���  PEOPLE'S STORE  40'pound box Apples, $1.90; 20 pound box Apples, tfi.GO.  Potatoes, $*;2' \.nr Hundred.  We ha\c been ; ^[>ointed agents for the celebrated  KAMLOOPS CfG .UK, and Bell* them at factory prices.  These cigars are in,.1- Liado in the east by cheap labor, but  are mode almost at home, and are admitted by all lovers of  the,weed to be excellent eiyars.  Aa soon as the freight olockade is raised we expect Car  Groceries, Car of Flour and Car of Hay. And ae boob aa  we can make arrangements we will carry a complete stock  of Feed, Flay and Grain of all kinds.  Whenever any of my <ompetitore tell you that they sell  goods cheaper than Hardy, you tell them that they are  mistaken, and I will prove to you that they are.  ���  Phono 61.  Appointment of Tolmie as Deputy Minister of  Mines.  The following communication will  be found inteiesting, bearing upon the  recent appointment of a deputy minis-  ister of mines:  To the Editor of the Pioneer:  Dear Sir���I see that you refer to the  creation of a new government position,  that of deputy minister of mines, for  which the legislature made no provision by way of salary.��� An appointment of that kind might be justified  were there a mines department in  more than name and the minister of  mines unable to cope with the woik  which the department ought properly  to do, but which it has never done  and will never do.  This appointment is, I believe,  nothing more than an jnfamous deal  whereby Col. Prior and his colleagues  force the country to pay the purchase  pi ice to secure support for their unstable government. During the Prior  election at Victoria Tolmie opposed  the government and Prior. He has  always been outspoken in condemnation of the outfit, especially from a  mining point of view. When Kidd  and Oliver were threatening not to  support the government in its proposal, two oppositionists at any price  had to be got. Hayward was won  over, Helmcken was weakening and  his particular frier.d, Tolmie, reported  to have great influence over Helmcken,  became the tool of the government to  persuade Helmrken finally to abandon  his party, his-avowed principles and  go over to the enemy.  It is now made apparent why Tolmie suddenly changed his opinions,  and it is an outrage that the country  has to settle the bill. It is this buying  and selling that is ruinous to the prov-  J ince.  j     It cannot be shown  that  Prior has  1 any more work   to do, or tries  to do  (more work, than  McBride  did.   As  jcairied out to date, the whole work of  j the minister h ���*.  soft  snap.    Captain  Richardson, secretary  of the  department, has efficiently and  easily done  all the work of the department.    The  excuse that Robertson, the  provincial  mineralogist, has been kept  there doing deputy work  is all  bosh.    There  has been  no outcry for  him  to visit  any ,mining locality largely because it  is generally  understood  that a visit  from him means a write-down of the  locality, as his psrsonal reports show.  It is a scandal  that he should  draw  $4,000 per year and  pass  but two or  three months at most in the field each  }f.-ar.    What we want is a corps of expert fieid   mineralogists, so   that thiee  or four paittes each year might explore  NOTICE.  Notice ia hereby (jiven that bavin-:  leased the Central Hotel, corner Second  Street, and Old Ironsides avenue, Phoenix. B. C, to'Frank Anderson, I am not  responsible for any debts c. ntractcd by  or against pair! Central Hotel from the  1st day of November, 1902.  AuGUbT Jackson.  Lowney's  Delicious   Chocolates  and  Bou-Bons.    .  U'e have been appointed the sole  agents in Phoenix for these cele  biated confections. They are the  best in the world. TaKc a box-  home to your wife ��� she'll appreciate il.  BOYLE,  What we say  WE DO.  We compound prescriptions as ordered  by the Doctor.  When we repeat, your prescription, we do not put up something  Unit tastes directly opposite, and  then swear it is just the same as  the oriyinal.  " Practical work and no  Hsiitu-lng,"  is our motto.  A.P. McKENZIE  Practical Druci*i.it,  Unril>-McKclirle I'locfc,     Phoenix, II C,  Knob Hill Ave,  The Druggist.  'Phone 16  Phoenix, B.  C.  Miss. A. BOLBR,  DRESSMAKER,  Marsh Block, Victoria Aac., near Bridge  WOULD GO OTJT  BY  THE DAY.  Alarm Clocks.  We have just icceived a new  shipment of the noisiest  Ahum Clocks you ever saw.  Tliey'ie all fiom the best  maker's, and will wake tbe  soundest sleepets. Come in  and see them.   Prices right.  GEO. E. DEY,  Knot) Hill Avenue, I'ltoeulx.  Cotton tags wanted at the Pioneer  office. Highest price paid. Bring  'em along and get your money.  ��-%^k%^*^^%^'V'Mkvvvv%-t  FOR RENT  Double Dwelling House, oiu-li m  per month.  Three roomed house, f 15.  1I< 11 'CB in N.  Y. TouiiMU.  Jwower town to rent.  Lod).'iii|''IIuuitt<.  and  t  FOR SALE  Doiihlu dwelling houee.  Also Hun fine rent earning; prop,  erlv.  We have pdiiio kooiI  liarijiiiiiu m  lots in all parts of town,  FIRE, LIFE and  ACCIDENT  INSURANCE j  MCARTHUR St MONK,  AGENTS  P.O. Box. 33. V.&N  'I'hoiie.j,  it  0** *V%%-%^'W%%'%>V%.-%.'% ���  BUSINESS   I'-OK ���  BAKERY  SALE  For paticufars inquire of  J. S. McCAGUE,  ^_ Phoenix, B. C.  In tile mcnnUine we wilt continue to tnakr llic  bent Drcnd. Cuke and pica ever (K-trii in tile Ilonndary.   Have yon tried tliciu ?  HARNESS  SHOP  GRANBY EXCHANGE  4 - DEPARTMENTS -- 4  HOUSES  For Sent and Sale  Leather and  Leather Goods  carpets, Cur-  tains, Draperies  Staves,  House Furnishings  Picks, Shovels,  Steel, Etc.  JMR& BATON  ��� ���   Teaclier of  ��� PIANO and VOICE CULTURE  ��� ��'. -t  a Residence uear Granby Hotel,  ��� " "Phocilix, B. C.  Phoenix Bakery,  Phoenix Sti eet.    'Phoue 53,  VVe make good bread,     Try it.  .C. \V. GREER, Proprietor.  There are just  Two Kinds of  JOB PRINTING  They are the kind that is a  credit to you and your printer and���the other kind. . .  Ours is Said to be the Best  When you want something  Neat,  Clean,  Attractive  IN OFFICE STATIONERY  We have the art and the artists to give  you exactly what you wish.  Our mechanical   department equipped  with the latest and best.  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.,  PHOKNIX, B. C.  Fining machinery  THE CANADIAN RAND DRILL CO.  Head Office aud Works. .  SHERBROOKE,  QUE.  Branch Offices and Warehouses:  ROSSLAND, GREENWOOD  AND  VANCOUVER,  B.C.  %%>9*%<%**+^+r%***%*+>++%*'%%***+*>*++****'+* 0  [  Church Services  Tomorrow.  Church of 'England���St John's  Mission; services tomorrow, evening.  Rev. E. P. Elevvelling, vicar.  St. Andrews' Presbyterian Church,  Service tomoirow at 11 a. m. and  7:30 p. m. Sunday school and Bible  class at 3 p, m. Rev. V. M. Purdy,  B. A., pastor.  Congregational���Preachi ng services  tomorrow at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.  Rev. jasper Hard,    pastor.  Methodist���11 a. m. Talks on the  Life of Christ.   3 p.m., Sunday school  0  One Good Investment  Wotth a Life Time of work.  is  An Investment in Phoenix Realty at the present time i.s  bound to bringa handsome dividend at no distant date. No one with an understanding of  the possibilities of the Phoenix mines believes that present low real estate values will lonj*;  prevail. With increased ore shipments prices are stiffening up. We still have some good  values in Dominion Copper Co.'s Addition and other parts of the citv at most reasonable  figures.    Whether you desire it for an investment or a home we can fill your wants.  Address G. W. RUMBERGER,  Hooses for Rent. Dominion Avenoe, Phoenix, B. C.  ��  t  t  e  as usual.  ,7.30  p.  m., evening ser  vice.  Rev.' T. Green, B. A  iB^'  m  "t.*?*  &S&;  .ASS-  y,Ti��viJTi.|(. '  ���sr  w^mMfc-n^rw  "�����-;  , NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that, having  sold out my interest in the Fashion  Stable, heretofore owned by Fraser &  Landon, to Samuel W. Johnson, all accounts owing to October 1, 1002, to the  'firm of Fraser & Landon will be settled  by said firm, and all bills due the late  firm to October 1, 1902, will be collected  bv Fraser & Landon,  All accounts not settled within ten  days will be placed in the bands 6f ft solicitor for collection.    ���  John K. FitAbEit.  Uat��l at Phoenix, B. 0., Oct. i,  J..D02  ��� ..fn-..,.���. .,-ur**-"H-"*''jiiwi ���'.'*"  1 ..��� ��� ��� ii'i'il.      -. ��� .-^    .     r       *     .  .-��� ',.*.  1-.';.   -"li    . - . k. .*��� -. *-


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