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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Oct 24, 1903

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Array ■  <3i\
Boundary Mines Sent
Out 500,000 Tons of
Ore in 1902,   &■ <£
Phoenix is the Centre
and Leading Mining
Camp of Boundary*
Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining District.
Vol. IV.
No, 51.
The Big Stote
Boundary Mining Notes.:
j A pointer to know  where to go  to
;i buy the right kind of{*;ood.s at right prices.
I We  have the largest assortment of j
j rubbers that we have ev.er carried-inen's,
I .women's,' boys' and girls', in all sizesand
| shapes, made by the Granby Rubber Co.
=    J'
vVe are agents for the celebrated
;; Carss Mackinaw in Coats* and Pants* also
j! a complete line of Duck and CaijvAS
{ Coats.
Alleged Infraction of the Alien
Labor Act.
Lawyer Eckflelo, of Orand Forks. Wjc All
Alone In Mis Olcry at (be Silting at
Hardy Hall.
- Underwear -
■ The largest assortment ever yet.
Our underwear department has increased
so in sales that we are able to buv in case
lots and by doing this we can give the
public.the benefit of the cheap buying..'
Prices from 75c to $4.00.
Overcoats, Socks, Mitts and.Gloves,
Heavy and Fine Shirts, Sweaters.
Give us a call.
iinter-Wri Co.
STOVES j7"7""
Now that the fall days are
here you will want to see our ^
complete line of Heating and,^
Cooking Stoves.   They're the /
best made and as  good as
they look.
We have stoves for either wood or
coal burning — stoves that were made
for good, solid wear. If you are consid=
ering the purchase of a stove, we should
like to show you our up-to-date stock
We have them at all prices.
Our Hardware Department is
complete in every detail. We have all
kinds of ammunition for rifles and shot
A short time since complaint was
made will) the Dominion authorities
at Ottawa in regard to the alleged contravention of the Alien -Labor. Act in
the Boundary, country, and in pursuance with this complaint; Hon. Mr.
Fitzpatrick, Minister of Justice, instructed L.V. Eckstein, of Grand
Forks to take evidence in regard to the
so-called infraction. Last week Mr.
Eckstein arranged to hold -sittings at
Greenwood, Grand Forks and Phoenix.
It was finally found that a, session
was unnecessary at Greenwood; but
Mr. Eckstein obtained a statement
from the sepre|ary of t|}g Mj!l*?F'5 Union there that so far as he knew there
had been no such contravention of
ihe act in question in the Boundary,
that there was no complaint from the
laboring men or miners in that district, and that the men arid 'the'.,com-
patiies had always gotten along without
trouble of any kind.   ■:  i- •?'  ':
In pursuance   with   the   published
np'ice, Mr. Eckstein wai>. in this city
yesterday, for the purpose qf holding
the proposed investigation hero,   Hardy hall was secured, and the tinSe, set
for 10 a. m.   Mr. Eckstein, was;, there
on time,(and  waited  iS'loneliness for
rraffe a" while;" but not a soiif' turned up
to give evidence either for or against
in fact, his only visitor was the Pioneer
man.    As a result, Mr. Eckstein took
no.evidence here, the camp  in   which
the largest number of   laboring   men
are employed  of any   in   the   entire
Uoundary country.    He has a hearing
set for'Grand Forks for next Monday.
The complaint sent   to  Ottawa sets
forth that a largfj number of men were
being brought in by tbe   mining  companies to Grand Ftjrks. Greenwood and
Phoenix, who  were contracted  for in
Spokane,  and wow  the worst- clfiss of
men   in  every  respect  and i|iust: ui*:
desirable, and that they  could   not be
returned, after crossing the  Boundary
line into Canada,   on  account  of the
strict   watch   kept   by   tjje    United
States  government, in its immigration
department,   which    !];}§.   an    officer
stationed at qr near Grand Fork§.
From indications tl]us far, the whole
affair appears fti be a teinpes,t in a
Waterloo, Camp McKinney, ore
runs about $26 per ton, of which $20
is said to be saved on the plates.
W. T. Smith has sent a force of men
to the Emma fraction, Summit camp,
where development' work has been
started.   ,        -.   ;;';■
Republic mines'shipped 45 cars of
ore last week—lesi'fthan half the tonnage, that goes out |bf Phoenix camp in
one day.
I ■ '
This week G. W>- Rumberger started
development work] on his King claim,
in Wellington   camp,   adjoining  the
Evening Star.
Work is proceec log on the putting
in place of the third furnace at the
Montreal & Boston Copper Co.'s
smelter at Bounday Falls.
Over 100 men ire now employed
by the Internatioiul Coal and Coke
Co., and over ioc tons of screened
coal is being produced daily.
Report has it trat'John A. Manley,
of Grand Forks, h il bonded the Tatli'
finder mjne, on lie North Fork of
Kettle river, for i 100,000 to Chicago
A cave-in at tie Winnipeg a few-
days ago somewhtt- delayed shipping
operations., The 1 :ompressor is being
put in order at tl is mine, and will
sggn-'.be working, y;
So far Contractor Fisher bas delivered
a thousand tons of ore from the south
side of the Grey Eagle to ihe head of
the Kriob Hill tramway, and expects
to haul another thousand tons.
Providence   Mine   Does
Profits Were Over «0,OM- Directors
Were Choien—ProisecU Are Brlfht.—
Maca Development.
J. K. Fraser has started developmen
work on the  Evening Star  claim   in
Wtdlington "tamp;''owned*'by  himself
and IjfC'ther, R.  S. ; Fraser.     A  fine
showing of copper pre is being uncovered,   r- ■ . ■       ■■■■    ■:•
Three thousand-horse power transformers for use atl the Greenwood
smeiie?,-are^expecreS-jto -arrive-, before
January 1st, to'be installed in the substation of the Cascade Water, Power
& Light Co., Ltd.   •■"••■■.
Granby Peoplg Bfgifl   Work
Mr. Waterlog Arrives .Monday.
George S. .Waterlow, qf London,
England, yicu-chairman of. the Snowr
slice C-qld ancj (Jopper -Mines, Ltd.,
who has been t.]pwn at t|ie uoast- before coming to the Boundary, arrived
at Rossland Wednesday, and is expected in Phoeiiix.Mondfiy. He has been in
poor health since landing at New Yflrk
and spent a few days at Victoria on the
way here. He will be accompanied by
Anthony J. McMillan, the managing
director, and Wi|i. Tomlinson, chief
clerk of the Snowshoe, who wont to
Rossland to meet bin*. Hi? will probably slay in this camp for a week or
two, as usual on his minimi trips to inspect the property.
Will be Driven an an Incline of Five Per
(•en|.^lectriclly or. S'fani Po^er to, be
Used When gq[np|el^
Townslte Sale Of Coleman.
This week the lots in the new town-
site of Coleman, Alberta, were placed
on the market. This is the town where
the coal mines of the International Coal and Coke Co. are
located, and this is the company in
which prominent shareholders of the
Granby Co. are interested. As the
company has an assured market for all
coal it can mine or manufacture into
coke, the town is sure to crow to be a
place of no sirwill importance in the
near future. Next summer the mines
there are expepted to piitput 2,000
tons of coal daily, meaning a large payroll for (he place.
It is said that the change in the
railway time table of tbe C. P. R. will
take effect in a few weeks.
As planned by Superintendent Williams, the Granby Co. began work this
week on Np. 4 tunnel,.in accordance
with the comprenhensive arrangement
for the further- development of l«o
company's, large mines, in this camp.
This tunnel will be driven on an
incline of about five per cent.,in order
to reach the 300 foot level of No. 2
shaft of the company's Old Ironsides
mine (not the 200 foot level, as inadvertently stated las,t week). This, of
course, is. (on Steep ft gWde fw the ore-
cars to he operated l>y 'he meo, even
temporarily, fqr the most advantageous
working, and ft small hoist is now being
installed far the MSI? of the miners.
When the tu.nne-1 is completed and ready
for operation it is the intention to operate tho ore cars by use of electricity or
steuni—it has not been "fully decided
yet which, Eventually the tunnel
will be double tracked.
Preliminary work for the driving of
the tunnel has been on all this week but
it will be several days before a double
shift of miners can-be set at work here.
The opening will be just below the
Presbyterian church, and the waste will
be dumped on the flat in order to
build up the grade for the surface tramway,-which .will in time convey the. ore
to the. liirge, ore bjfls w^ iu;e to, be
built somewhere d-Qwn, ojft Ilc;n*.iuion
avenue, on t(ic y., Y-. & li. ■ railway
tracks. :'*'.-V-iine uf fvnir- inch pipe was
laid this week over the surface from
the No. ^tunnel to the-hew workings,
to suppfyjur pow'er for tfiedrills and for
the hoist. Tie: flat below the Pioneer
office from now1 on will he one of the
busiest parts of this mining-camp.
Next Monday, according to arrangements, the Providence Mining Company will pay a dividend, amounting
to two cents per share. This is the
second dividend paid so far by this
company, the first having been distributed some three months ago. The
Providence Mining ^Company, has a
capital of $200,006 in $5 shares, of
which about three-quarters has been
issued. So far $10,000 has been disbursed in dividends.
At the annual meeting of the company,'recently held, the reports, qf the
officers showed that the mine had
made an excellent showing for the
year ending September 30, 1903. In
that tim? 543.3 tons of ore were
mined, and marketed, having a net
value of $54,315.24. The cost oj
mining, etc., was $23,122.40, leaving
a net profit of $31,191.84.
The board of directors elected for
the coming year was as follows: President, Mark F. Madden, of Chicago;
vice-president and manager, Duncan
Mcintosh, of Green wood* secretary-
treasurer, William M. Law, of Greenwood' other directors, H. J. Fitzgerald
and Franklin Rudolph, of Chicago; J.
A. Russell and J. J. Caulfield, of
Greenwood; J. H. Peet, of Spokane,
and W.:S. Macy, of Phoenix.    ,;      : ,
The Providence mine is the banner
high grade mine of the Boundary, and
was a profitable property years ago,
when the ore was freight.ed *o Marcus,
to reach tlie raihya^', and  thence sent
to the Everett smelter,    gyt with the
fall of silver it lay idle for many years.-l and each office was being visited.
Flocks of drummers are now visiting
the Boundary.
For the last two weeks the weather
has been almost perfect.
A carload of general furniture to
arrive today for the Granby Exchange.
; Born to the wife of E. R. Dawson,
Brooklyn avenue, October 21st, a
F. J. Deane, proprietor of the Nelson Daily News, was a visitor in the
Boundary this week.
The city has built a small hose
house on Old Ironsides avenue, at the
corner of First street.
George E. Dey, the jeweler, who
has been confined to the hospital, expects to be discharged to-day.
While the Spokane papers say nothing about the virulent type of smallpox there, it is stated that such is the
Sold 2r stoves last week. Don't
you need one? We have more left
just as good and just as cheap. Granby Exchange,
F."W. Hart visited Grand Forks this
week and bought the furniture of the
Province hotel, 23 rooms, which he-
has brought to Phoenix. ,
• A car load—-25 tons—of copper
wire for use in the extension of the
electric power service to the Greenwood smelter, has arrived.
L. Y. Birnie, who has the contract
for the new septic tank, far use by the
Phoenix General Hospital, has the work
of installation nearly completed.
At the meeting held Monday evening to form an athletic association, a
committee of three was chosen to take
the matter in hand and secure members.
Dr. Oppenheimer, of Greenwood,
has been appointed quarantine officer,
and has placed "preventative officers at
Rock Creel* and 'Midway, to keep out
smallpox suspeetsv
Blake Wilson, of Nelson, manager
for P.Bums & Co., was in the city
late, last week, with Auditor Black.
It was the close of the  financial  year,
To Be Installed at Once at the
Granby Mines.
Third Machine Will Be Shipped Next Month
—Both Larger Than the Shovel Now
In Uae.
As an immediate result of the successful operation of the Thew steam
shovel in the immense ore quarries of
the Granby mines   for   the   last few
it w^s taken hold af a ym or two
since by William Fowler, who showed
the fine ore that it really contains, and
later it was taken over and purchased:
outright by the gentlemen  composing
the present egmpany that owns and is
successfully operating the claim. The
story of the Providence is an interesting one, showing as it does that while
the low grade mines are the chief features of the Boundary, there are high
grade mines that a.re_ WQUnd 10 make
their mark in the mhvng war-Id,
A go9,d deal of credit is due to the
manager, Duncan Mcintosh, who has
had . experience in mining, and has
been successful in evolving this property into the best one of its kind \t\ the
Boundary. The. Q«tlftoHof the Providence is, sa.i.d \0 be evon brighter than
before, and that is saying a good deal.
It is the first dividend payer in the
Boundary, and has been the means of
encouraging the owners of other high
grade prospects to develop their claims,
so.me o,( which are exceedingly promising.
Manage--- Mcintosh in his report to
the o«miHu*y at the annual meeting
held October i si, says that the cost ol
mining seems high, yot it is not, when
it is remembered that the ore bodies
are small, averaging six inches wide.
The formation being hard and block)*
makes it necessary to take out about
three feet of waste ground. Me estimates that on a most conservative
basis there are 750 tons of ore in sight,
averaging $100. He has advised that
a dividend or so be passed in order
to accumulate a larger surplus. A
trial of either electric or air drills is
recommended, not because work with
power will be cheaper than by hand,
but because of the greater speed that
can be made.
Reports from the mine tell of the
discovery of. a pa.ra.llel lead in the
Providence 13 inc-he1" wide, with eight
inches of solid high grade ore. The
strike was made at a depth of 175
Forced Properly Sale.
I have orders to sell desirable im-.
proved business property on Copper;
slreet, Greenwood, within 30 days.
Best offer will be accepted, Chance
of a lifetime. For- particulars apply to
F. W. Hart, Phoenix, B. C.
Grand Forks enjoys one unique distinction, namely, that it has the greatest
number of lawyers of any place in
British Columbia, in proportion to its
sue.    There are ten of them all told.
There are rumors around town of
construction to commence shortly on
the V., V. & E. branch of the Great
Northern from Grand Forks to Phoenix.
As yet, however, there has been nothing
to confirm them.
"A Millionaire Tramp" was in town
last Thursday, and held forth at Miner's Union hall that evening. The
show is said to have been up to the average that comes through the Boundary,
and had a good house.
The Grand Forks Bar association
has forwarded resolutions to Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the Minister of Justice
asking that a new supreme court judge
be appointed, to reside permanently in
the Kootenay.
Tho next court of revision will
be held in Grand Forks on Mon
day, November 2nd. The provincial list will be used in the
next Dominion election. No collector of votes will have power to add
names on the list after the coming
court of revision, until the next one,
which will be held on the first Monday
in May, 1904.
months, two morei shovels' will shortly
be placed in commission at these
properties^ and both of them will ...be-
larger and heavier than the shovel now
in daily use. ,
One of the new machines has been
ordered from the makers of the one in
use, the Automatic Shovel Co., of
Lorain, Ohio, and is expected to arrive here some time next month. The
present shovel handles with its dipper
three-quarters of a cubic yard of ore or
material at once, and the new machine
will handle about a yard in the same
time. The new. shovel will have a
capacity of handling in the neighborhood of 1,500 tons'of; ore daily.
Any day now the other steam
shovel is expected to arrive here and
be set at work. It is a Marion shovel,
and is being secured from the C. P.
R. as an experiment, to'see if it can be-
made to do the work required of it in
a mining way. The railway company-
has been using it at the gravel pits at
Castlegar. This shovel'will be placed
in the No. 2 ore pit, and rails are now
being laid at that point for its accommodation. '■" ■-';■- ""■■■'_
It is the intention of Superintendent
Williams.to use a steam shovel for
handling ore underground in the large
stopes of the Granby mines as soon as
he can get it arranged, and can secure •
a machine exactly suitable for the purpose.
Last Thursday Capt. R. Thew, vice-
president of the Automatic Shovel Co.,
accompanied by his consulting engineer, was in camp, looking over . the
situation. He had just come from
Seattle where two of his company's
«team shovels were recently installed
by the Great Northern railway, for
use in the two mile tunnel under that
city, which is now being driven.
Talk Of Building Up The North Fork.
It is said that the Kettle Valley
Lines—locally known as the Hot Air—
is seriously considering'building up the
North Fork of the Kettle river, some
50 miles, providing a subsidy for so doing can be obtained from the provincial
government, supplementing that from
the Dominion government. The subsidy from the Dominion government
is as follows: $3,200 per mile when
thecost of construction is up to $15,000
per mile, and 50 per cent of the surplus cost, provided that the total subsidy sliall not exceed $6,400 per mile.
The country tapped will undoubtedly
yield a profitable tonnage to the road
when it is constructed.
Latest Prices in Metals.
Nkw Yoiti*.—CnpiH'r,  e!edn>!vlic Mul
Bur Silver, (il'4-
Lead, i-i 51).
The follow^ mble gives the ore ahipiuentH of Boundary mines lor 1900, for 1901, foi
1902, and fcMT 1V>1, as reuortedlo the Phoenix Pioiieet™ Vast
1000 ,»oi             1902           1903           Wecl.
Gr*nbv Mines, Phoenix     64,5^   831,762   309,858   2SG,iJ!t>       9,448
.Snowshoe,              "                  }»7 1,731     20,800     00,112       2,070
Brooklyn, "       ......        150          ..-■
Mother Lode, Deadwood,     5,340 99,034   141.320   101,511      2,888
Sunset,                 "•           802       7,455     14,801           80
Morrison,              »           150         ....       3,331)
B. C. Mlu>.        Summit     19,494 47,405     14,811      H),3U5
k. Bell, *'.     5P0 	
Emma,                        "      650       8,5S0      15,284        S'.IU
Oro Denoro "        ^70 51M
WinnipoK,   Wellington       1,070;    1,040 7S5       1,840         271)
Golden Crown,       "             2.250 ....          025        ...           ....
Athelstan,             "             1,200 550        ....       2,040       .."/0
King Solomon, W.Copper  875        	
No. 7 Mine, Central...,,.       .... CG5 4S2        	
City of Paris, "           2,000 	
Jewel, Loi*tfUke  100 350       2,175       	
Carmi, West Fork  890        	
Providence,   Providence    21!)        7(15 	
Eikliarn  .--■         ••■•        173       ...
Rtibv,     Boundary Falls  80 	
Miscellaneous      3,230      3,45(1 325       	
Total,tons....      'B&.730 390,000   507.545 513,811     10,019
Granbv Smelter treativl. tans,,   62.387 230.S28   312.340 201,440       8,050
.■v. ;*■*;» "-.■'&!=(? '■-,■.'■■•'Vs.I
■:-''>-M--m •'-?;;
-'■''..-:■ ■' t::i-0%. :ty"y:
■ -.'-.'■ it>-^^»'a#
.■■:■•■: rprnxi':-?:y.:,.p<,
.-'  -v---J*W,\"---"'■■■       ,   ■
.'•• l^ym-'M*
.-    i.:-.&)»r.t ■ :>?:-*fr-
-11 :M
is<r/i-^)^.;a-,--iv^^ ���'���*f ���*  i'6"  WM  ���, Sir,������}���&.  Wj Vi:  j*  ll:  111  SGI  M  5  !-iif  .1  S  1,  *\  T  1  V  if  ���*:���  3  .' '  fe  V  'v  r  i*1  I  11  I  1 J  II  j  m-fi  p-3  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  Tiie Phoenix Pioneer  And Boundary Mining Journal.  ISSrjBD OS SATURDAY BY TUK  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  AT PHOENIX, B. C.  W. B. WlLLCOX. Manaqer.  _ ,    ..    .,   ( Business office No. i��.  Telephone*,   j Mout^er's reaidence, No. 15.  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVlNCK.  Per Year ' J*00  Six Moutlu  '-'5  If you are not a subscriber to, this paper, this  Is an Invitation to vou to becoae one.  Advertlnlne rates furnished 011 application.  Legal notices 10 and 5 cents per line.  Pour weekly insertions constitute one month'*  advertising.  WHAT EDITORS'��� SA>T  Avoiding Tkoudle��� If the Liberals  gain control they will increase the portfolios to the number of Liberals elected  thereby avoiding trouble in the ranks.  ���Nelson Economist.  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No doubt   it   will be  worth ��� it.   -  _In about a month the��� legislative  assembly will meet at Victoria, and  Premier McBride will have a working  majority with which to carry on the  business of the province.  , Let Pi:act Reic.n���It is foolish to  mix up business with politics, and  when the election is over, peace should  follow. If any person is foolish  enough to be carried away by the excitement of the contest to say bitter  things, he should make haste to apologize now that the campaign is ended.  If he can't do that he never should  mix up in the campaign.���Cranbrook  Herald.  STRICTLY   BUSINESS  The good advertiser is ever ambitious  to do better advertising.  If you can't advertise much, advertise as much as you can.  Nearly eVery business man thinks  about his advertising, but sometimes he  don't think' quick enough.  In knitting a pair of socks it takes  all the stitches to count for anything���  it's the same way with advertising���it's  all the ads together that count.  Never give up as long as there is a  spark of life left in your business.  Good advertising and hard work will  fan the tiniest spark to* a flame.  ���������***���������*'  ' Russia and Japan seem to be still  making goo-goo eyes at each other,  but if the tiling keeps up long enough  someone is likely to get hurt, to say  nothing of the bone���China���being  divided...'   .-  However it was done, the prediction  that Uncle'Samuel would come out  ���ahead in the decision of the Alaskan  Boundary Commission, has been ful  filled, and Canada has received the  small end.  I)avid Nation, the husband of the  notorious Carrie, has at last gone to  his great reward, and will no longer be  troubled by the hatchet wedding proclivities of his better half. Most men  would have quit before David did.  ' Reductions in the working force at  the government house have been decided on, for the sake of economy. It  would seem that the work could be as  well done at much less expense. This  is one to the credit of Mr. McBride.  , By the calling of a Conservative  convention for the 29th at Kamloops,  it would seem that there is some show  ���still of there being Dominion elections  some time in the near future.  When it comes to picking out  a - candidate, the lower end of the  constituency will have to receive more  consideration than it has in the past.  For ye.trs we have been bearing oi  the wonderful industrial progress of  the Soo, and with its hundred millions  of investment, it was supposed to be  on a firm foundation. The crash came,  however, and now an English firm  controls the vast enterprises, lt is to  be hoped that they will have better  fortune than Mr. Clergue had.  A good deal was made of the $15  per ton lead bonus granted bv the  Dominion government, but we cannot  sec that it has been of any tremendous  benefit so far to the lead miners. The  St. Eugene, one of the greatest, if not  the greatest, of Kootenay's lead mines.  will not start at all for the present, as  .the railways and smelters are trying to  get the benefit of the bonus by raising  the rates.  Sir William Mulock ha-> announced  in the house that the postoftice department closed the year with a Surplus-of  $292,702 over all expenses, including  the Yukon. This was the first time in  the history of the department that  this had been done, and yet it still re-  ' quires two days, either way, for the  transmission of mail  matter  between  , Phoenix and Greenwood, a distance of  five miles. Here is a chance for Mr.  Mulock to get rid of some of- his sur-  1 plusih a good cause,  i  { B. C MINING  ���  Rossland's September, payroll was  $86,300.  ~   In the Slocan,the Fisher "Maiden is  perparing to ship heavily this winter.  During September the Monitor at  Three Forks shipped 140 ton.-, of 01 e.  The Comstock, owned by W. Hunter, has three cars of ore ready to  ship.  Work has been resumed at the Alice  mine, near Creston, with 15 men. It-  is a galena proposition and has been  idle.for some two years.  The Eva mill in the Lardeau was  started on Monday of last week; some  of the machinery broke after a three  hour run and the plant had to be  closed for repairs.  The first shipment of about 300  ounces of. gold which was .995'fine,  was made from Trail to the United  States assay office at Seattle, and a second shipment of about 700 ounces of  gold was made Friday, to the same  place.  Shipments for Rossland last week  were: Le Roi, 5,160 tons; Centre Star  1,501 tons; War Eagle, 1,050 tons; Le>  Roi No. 2, 48010ns; Jumbo, i25;Spit-  */.ee 60 tons; I. X. L. (milled), 200 tons.  Total for week, 8,576 tons; year to date.  3*3.354 tons.  I  It is noticeable how the coast dailies  do Continually get. things, mixed about  the. interior., For instance, the Vancouver Province, referring to the statement  recently published that the Eastern  Townships Bank was about to open  branches at'the coast,'had the follow-,  ing:    ���.'  . ���  . '���    . ,   '..*��  ''The Eastern Townships Bank  al-  nady has several branches in British  f'olumbia, at Rossland, Greenwood  und Grand Forks, and Republic, Wash.,  ard it is stated positively- that it' will  open a .branch - in ��� Vancouver within  the next six weeks."' ; ;  One peculiarity of the above statement is that the Province has succeeded in naming but one place where the  bank referred to has a branch, but has  named several places where it has no  branches.' Verily, Vancouver journalism is fearfully and wonderfully made.  *"  It is not claimed that there is any,  thing new about the following, but it  may serve as a reminder to some who  seem to overlook the fact that one of  the noblest works of God is the man  who promptly pays the editor.  . Discriminating and.appreciative reaf  ders knew what the editor meant when  he said in a recent issue of the Minneapolis Messenger: "There i$.a little  matter to which the Me$$enger beg$  to call the attention of $ome of it$$ub-  $cnber$ We real!) hate to $ptak  of it, but$omeha\e$eemmgl) allowed  it to $hp their mind$ To 11$ thi^ 1$  a very important i$$ue, in fact it'$  nece$$arv in our bu$me$$ We  won't $peak further on the $ubjcct.  Perhap$you have ahead) gue$$ed the  drift of our remark"?."  ����  1 his great family lournal has had .1  wide circle of readers, scatteied from  the orient to the Occident, but the  youngest of them all���about two years  You should if you don't. It gives the news  of the Boundary. It works for the Boundary. It, is owned by, the editor and not by  any clique or faction. It is worth $10.00.  It costs only $2.00.  of age���is probably located right here  in Phoenix However, it will be no  ticed, from the photo herew ith.that she  does not fail to look through the paper.  Mt  Republic camp must be in hard lines.  It is now said that 5 cent beer is prevalent.  ���M  Up to recently, Vancouver had two  labor weeklies���the Western Clarion,  a straight Socialist paper, and the Independent, a labor paper only. The  latter has been changed into a monthl),  and the former is appealing for funds  to grease the wheels of industry U h)  is it that labor will not rally and support its own publcations' It seems to  be the same old ston  It is estimated diat the value of, the  mineral output (if; the, United. States  this year will be close to $1,400,000,-  .The-Klondikeii! now in its seventh  year. The official) records show that  from 1897 up to the 1st of January,  1,903, the total.golJ output was $79>-  009,946.  '���-... -.,,     ��� /  The amount paid in dividends by  Utah mining companies during the  month of September, 1903, was the  smallest of any.,month of the year,  being only $224,500.  . The directprs'ofihe Daly-West Com.  pany, Utah, have; raised the. monthly  dividend from 60 id 65 cents per share  to dispose of the growing surplus. ' A  further increase 'will, be made if this  does not get the surplus into circulation.  A million-dollar; smelting plant is to  be erected by UieBalaklava Company  in Shasta county, Cal. The mines of  this company, wliiclv'were organized by  a Philadelphia syndicate, are said to  contain the largest body of low-grade  copper ore on the,Pacific coast.  Phoenix Home Brewed  W  LAGER  BEER  Brewed by a home institution,  the tent mid hit* made  liiis proven.  Host of Friends  who testilyto its liooiHjiiiiUties  PHOENIX BREWERY,  JULIUS MUELLER,   Proprietor.  Corner  Standard Ave. and Banner St. Phoenix.  D. J. MATHESON,  ' INSURANCE agent,  F1KE, LIKE, ACCIDENT.  f" ���  Commissioner fur taking Afflduvlu.  Phoenix, B.  R. B. KERR,  Barrister and Solicitor,  notarv public.  PHOENIX, B.C.  KingEdward Lodge, No.36  A. F. anil A. M.  C-  ,\\     KeKulnr coinmiiniciitimi B p. 111.    Ste*  '>?    ond TiiuriHlHy tif ��acli inoiitli,  jrX KniiirKfiit iiicttiiin��nscHllcd!Mammlc  ���r   v      Hall. Morrlmtii-Aiidrmon Hluclt.  G.W.RUMBKKC'ISU,  Srvretary-.  drmon Hluck.  W.G.KiUSKR,  W.lf.  SEPTEMBER jORE TONNAGE.  Boundary Mines CoaHMe lo Make 1   Large  Sntwlai.  In spite of the fact that the largest  shippers in the Boundar)," the Granln  mines, discontinued shipping lor several days in the fore part of the month  on account of coupling up the two new  furnaces .it the smelter, the month of  September shows that the total is constantly growing, it being slightly larger than for August. Both the Snow-  shoe and Mother Lode m;nes shipped  a little more than during August. 'Ihe  follow ing are the^ Septeml��er tonndge  figures, as nearly as they could be as  curtained  Granb) "minei   '..  ���     25 989  Mother-Lode * +  -junset'*     . 1 A .  40,(k>b  2-592  Snowshoe          '  .   io,ySo  Morrison     .  'o5o  Emma     .  !i55)  \\ mnipeg  ���      725  Oro 1 )cnoro ' . '   .-  3.143  Athelslan    ..: m   --     S55  September total  Hs,1)^  , , Good roads are an excellent thing,  I he cleanup of an 11 dav run at the        . ,. .-  ��� . ' I and a ��ood investment for anv govern-  1. X. L. mine, ne.u Rossland,. sliow.s  an $1,800 brick. The lessees, George  Piingle and William Craven, are work"  ing six men. The 1. X. L. is near the  O. K. and its ore is being treated in  the O. K. mill.  The Royal Bank of Canada has secured a decree of foreclosure upon the  property of the Dundee Gold Mining  Co., near Ymir. The mine was  floated in England and stock was at  one time up to 20 cents. The foreclosure is for money loaned.  - In September the output of the  Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.'s collieries  amounted to 63,191 tons of coal, a decrease of about 10,000 tons from that  of last month. The coke shipments  wcie 17,350 tons, a couple thousand  tons less than the previous month.  The Monashee Gold Mines, Limited,  has been incorporated. The following are its promoters: S. C. Smith, T.  E. Crowell, D.' R. Young,' >. B.  Jacques and ), C. Campbell. Development work 0D this property will. be  actively continued, the propeity being located , in the ,.Monash6e mountains. ' '���      - ���*;  Pox Terrier Loaf.   "' '     '"  Lost, pet fox terrier,supposed to have'  wandered from Greenwood toPhoenix.  Finder will please notify Pioneer office,  or Hallett & Shaw, Greenwood. t   '  mem.. Back in Ontario rhey pay no'  small amount of attention to the sub-,  ject, forming local Good Roads  Associations. In British Columbia we  will probably.-reach the*.same stage  some time, but in most parts of the province residents are thankful to get any  kind of roads.        '  �����  Some; people imagine editors have a  snap.    The editor of the Record   this  week cut 15 cords of wood and brought  it to town, overhauled hischicken house,  stacked about five,tons of wheat straw,  harvested   |>art of his   potato,  onion,  turnip, bean, pea,  cabbage; "beet and  cauliflower crop,   says   the, Republic  Record.  , He also swept  the  printing  palace, wrote local and editorial, news,  distributed and set type, struck off.a  good pay; streak of job work,  licked, a  delinquent.subscriber,  run   the. paper  off, and was insulted;.  Couldn't Recover the Claims.  Chief Justice Hunter-of the British  Columbia supreme court, sitting at  Rossland, has decided that a special  license does not revive title to mineral  lands which had'beeu allowed to lapse  and had been re located by a second  party. The Woodbury 'Mines, a cor  poration, lost ->ome mineral claims on  H oodbur) creek b) failing to renew its  free miners' license. One' Po)nt/e  jumped the ground. The Woodbur)  Mines after several months took out a  special license, |\hich it claimed re  vived its title as against Povnt/e.  Accordingly it tried to adverse his  claim, hut was defeated.  PALACE LIVERY STABLES  'Ihe best established and regulated hostelry in the Boundary. VVe are centrally located in our new stables with  a complete outfit 01 Saddle and Driving Horses. The  best of rigs.      Parties' driven, to any Boundary   point.  The Best Lethbridge Coal promptly delivered.   Large  Stock of Dry Wood.  Phoenix Pederal Labor Union   ;Nu. 155   Meets Thuisdays at 8 p. m, at Min-  ������������- eis' Union Hall. .  N i.KMlK,UX.fin.      J. KIOKDAN. Stc'y.  PHOENIX Atllfc  NO. 158.  McHliiK�� on frldiy  Rl 8 JO), .111., Mlu<u>  (Jul,11 lull.  VinltdiK   brctlirin  (MKliiilly invited.  THOS I.VON  , ric��.      WM. KI.KMINO, Hrcy  GEORGE GIBSON  SHAVING PARLORS  and BATHROOM.  Gr����c��Wllll��iu�� Block, cor.      IM..���. I-   Mr  Plr��l��u<l Old IroniidcuAvr       IJWCTU, ��VV��  APPLICATION  FOR   TRANSFER  LICENSE.  OF    LIQUOR  1       Mclntyre & McDonald  %     Knob Hill Ave.,       ^SJiSir        Phoenix, B. C.  .   DEN-r��  ID GRAND!  THE SCENIC LINE  JhioJgh Sah Lake Cu\, l.eadwile, Pueblo, Colnradn Spiings and Deliver, ai.  the lumoiis Ruck)  Mountain bt enei\ by --Daylight to all points East.  31 F<��st Trains Daily Bet. Oqden and Denver 3  * '      '   *,-.   \        '.���,������,  *��� MODI KX   ItJUII'MIM,   IMKOU.II   I'UI.LM AN , AND jOURIS*'*    i  ' SI I I-PINO   CAKV AND    "sUI'l-kll     1JIN1NI!    CAK   SKKVICK.  ST0P0VE-S  ALLOWED.  I'm fates, folders and othei U.C.   McBRl DE,  ('.en. Agent,  inlDiinanon, adtJics, 124" I'hird'St.,. Portland'Ore.  i,f^^]^0^k  You Should Read  Notice in lii'ii-by (jivi'ii flint I will ni��ki��  itli'ilicnlii'ii to iht! H in nl of l.ii-erixu  (Jiiiiiniii-i-iuiii-iiMif ihe City of I'lnn-nix,  ttt. 1 heir iu-xi nii't-twiv;, for' tin- thini-frr  .if 1 In- l,i(|nor licciiK*- now held liv 11.m  fur'llit* "-iiinniil" hotel, Minute mi lot  in, lilin-k Iii, Old li'iuii-iili-H Kiili-diyii-iim  of 1'lmemx. II, (J., lo .lilliies. JlBlhlinll  mill r . T. Slieii.-  Hitled Huh Kih ilav nf .Inlv, A. I).  11108. ': ;,    , ".<"���  T    II.  ItlC'llAHDS;  APPLICATION  FOR   TRANSFER  LICENSE.  OF    LIQUOR  Notice '�� |n-ie.M    1;ivili   llii'il   wc   uill  ll like III |.,i, Mi j,.|, '(, 1 |���. I *.,-:_�� . I ,;��� l.ii-i-.j",,.).  villi lllii-Mtliicl>'i.l l|i<-.,..ny ,.f I'lii.ii-ij  ill tin ii in xi mi-, iii.y ':f��,t- 'a liai.-l. i- .if  ll.ie I. 'ijiii.i l.i.en.' iii.w lielil Iii lie ,fi.r  the "Hell, vile"' l.nlel. Minnie on lot. 18.  llllH-k    18.  Old    IllillHiile   Slllediviliilin   of  I'liodiix, H. C. to--~Alex��iiilt'r .Crit-itg  and 11 u^li Mi-|iniiHlil.  D.ittd  IhiH  17lh, <lnv nf .Inlv, A. I .,  1003.  K. 1��. SIIKA.  .IAMI-> iMAIfSIIAI.L.  ^OREGON  Shoi^tLine  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  The Leading' Weekly  of the Boundary.  ��� Typewriter Fur Sale.  For sale, Smith-Premier No. i typewriter in good condition at reasonable  price, inquire at the Pioneer office.  When you want a physic that ia mild  mid gentle, easy to take and certain to  act, always use'.Cha-inberlaiii's' Stomach,  and Liver Tablets.   For sale by all.drug-  IJjiKlB. ..";.-.'"  THE MASrER'rVJEQHANIC'5 ��?U"E!  TAK bOAl' IikhIs (in<irsoiieint tho.skin, wliilei  promptly cleansing it of grease, oil, runt, elc.,  invnlunble,Tor meolianlcs, fariiie'r<i,'f>p6rt8Uien.  FrOB Sample on receipt of jc for postage, ^.tberfi  -i,ollcthoapCo'.,ilfr8, Mftntrpal- ' i  Read the Phoenix Pioneer and  all the news of the Boundary.  get  *i.t.'   . . ..  -'e.   ,     .. ,m  Laieit Miolnj. Slock - OuoUlion*,  ���������'-        - '"*'-.'            'a��ki4i)   '  inn;  Ainerlcnn Hoy         4j��  i'A  KeiiHnr...    ���  .'4 ' .  M  HluckTnil         j'  '���*���    '  Canndlnii l'oId.'Pi��ld* :......        3){'.'  3  Cnrilioo, Camp McK (ex-diy,)..       ��� 8  7��  Center Star...;.     ai     .  jo !  Denoro Mines       *>S ,  so  Vnirvicf     '   4  "3  I'lslier Maiden         il(  2  (iiant -. ���       2'A   ���  ' ;j��  Unuiby, Connolidated Jt 5��.     ti 7S  Iiiterimtloiml Coal.: ;. '.....'     55  45  1  Lonefine .���;         4  1  MuruiiiK ''lory        \%  Mountain l.lu'n... , 34  .')i  22   i  North Star; (K K.)...:.....'       io}4  9'A.  Payne : ._ .'.       14  Quilp 1... :.  >7  14   .  Kainbler-Caribbo r       4', ,  JSJ4  Republic......;....'... '....'.'.'         5  3  San Foil :,.....'.. .'..��         *'A  ���<: 2%  Sullivan  :..... ;.'. .-     ' 5K  ���4  Tom Thumb         J  2  War Kagle CoiiBolldated-...        n'A  10   :  Waterloo (Aug. Paid)..,         5^  ��� *    :  White Bear- :.; .'       i  3)i;  . A familiar namejfor the. Cbieuiio, M5I-.  waukee &Kt. Paiil B^ilway.-. known':.,sll|  over the Union ,aB the Great Railway!  ruiiiiinir the !'Pio;ie��r.;Liihii:e<l.".;t.raiiiH  uverv: dav ami- niglii. betweeir St. Paul,  ami Oliicaub, and Omaha an'd' Cliieago,  f'The only^perfe** traiiiB. in the;wdrl.l..">  UtiderMimd: Conn^Uons ��re mode  with All TraiiscontihWitnl Miltis; assuring to paBaeiijjera.the beafcaervicd known.  LuxurixiB cuaclies; 'electric lights, Hteain  heat, of a veritv equaled'by no other  Mne.i ; ;'' ���'"'���:��� '. y ;-���  :  See that; vonr ticket reada, via, "The  Milwanke��.''''wli(>h going to any ppin.t in  the United; States or Canada- All'tick^l;  agan.tB, B.elj ihpm...>;' , ���',���';  ,For.Fatfgi pim^l'le^s. <}r. flt|)er frifpr-  (natifin, atldnefBt?,^"-.        ' "���-: ���    :     . ;  RX:-?6Kv,X.t" H'.::f5'.;Rfi'wB;; '':';'���:  ''���'������'Trfvl'WM."ABt., ���   ' OetieriiVAgeuti'    ,  6l'0K ANI?, .\H/"*. l-08TtANp, OR  Published in the Heart of the Greatest Gold  Copper belt of Hiitisli Columbia.  the entire Houncbii) shipped 500,000 tons of ore,  nearly every 1011 ui'.which was lediiieiJ by  ;;,'B0UKDAR1 SMhLTHRS---...  Phoenix camp alone shipped ^30,000 tons of ore  last year.  The Pioneer is published every Saturday and  and is sent to any part ol Canada or tbe United  States for  and union Pacific  "ONLY; UN IS  EA'S'I    VIA  Salt Lake and Denver.  Two Trains Daily.  Steamnhi|itii-ketB to Kurojie iiml oilier  loreiu'll cmi tril'H.  I.CHVCM  Daily  Spokane Time Sclledulc.  Kfli-ctlve Dee  jj igoj  Arrive-  Daily  ;.45B.ni. FAST MAD.���Ti-lind Irom .  Ciieiirtl'Aleiiedt^triet, Kiinn-  iilRton Gill field ' olfax. Hull,  man. "Moscow, *('oineioy,  WhjisIhiik. 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"I cannot doubt your honesty." emit  ���one clothier, "but still proof* ara  proofs, and you may submit your documents." ���'  "Do you remember that t ww In  your store six mbntlia a��or*  "Alas! I do not; but you look like ���  *���"--"���-. of truth, and I will not a-Alnaay  you.','    ,  "X was here, air, and bought thla  ault of clothes of you. It had toeea  marked down from fifteen dollara to  elfrht dollars and fifty cents."  "Vea, I, recognize the cloth, and I  grieve to think that I lost six dollar*  and fifty cents on that suit. I had to  mark ��� them down to make room for  ���the quick-lunch business on tbe oUisr  side."  "You warranted- the dye," continued  the honest.man, "and there haa been  no fading or crocking. X cannot say  that you Ued  to me."  "Arid the price 1 was right!"  "It was. I hug the delusion that 1  found a bargain,"  'Then what ia the cause of thy com  plaint?"  ���.. "It la no complaint, oh, clothier. It  io.tiiat after I had got miles away I  found a ten-dollar bill In the trousers  pocket."  "A ten-dollar bill in tha poctaK ���*  an erght-dollar-and-flfty-cent ault,"  mu.ied, the .clothier. "Here, Ikey, com*  forward'and explain."  "I���I was tempted," aaid the young  man, as he trembled before hla employer.  "SoT Then it wae you who substituted a ten for a twenty, and made  this honest man a. journey to get his  Just dues 7 Go, -bring ma a> new, crisp  ten, apd Inter on J -will at* to your  oaae.".  "I would not tha* ha oqbw U> poverty," eald the honest maa,  "He shallnot, but I will atop It but  of hla wages and* humble Mm to the  dust. I always give a twenty-dollar,  bill with every elght-dollar-and-nfty-  cent suit, and here Is your balance.  Take It, sir, with many apologies; and  if I haveiput you to any expense, remember that all my elghteen-dollar  overcoats have been marked down to  nine dollars and a fifty-dollar bill  placed In each pocket'to cjoae them out  quickly and make room for a> chlcken-  fai-m In the rear end/of th�� store."���  Detroit "Free Press."  T  A Remarkable Shot  "H  all.  "I  WilMTION  ������;��,vtv���tt���  IFOR   ffeAN'SFER  LICENSE.  JCnilr* !���) l-c'i'liv. iiivi'ii 'lini, .��������_'. ..will  i��vik<> it|'|ili utio-i.l" il,i'iiitm*i|nf l.ici-n-i-  OiuiMiit-'i'iiierw M ih-Viiy "f I'li-w/inx.  *u:. thi-ii- in X' itiwtliitf, l'->r 11 irniiHifi* nf  III.' Liqllil- l/i-HMHl- lw<"l I'V "����� fi��r Him  '���Mluiil.' Li.mi"' h-itel. sllii��.i��* "li I"' II-  liln-fc J. (f'.l Iiiin-'iili'." Huh i|i'*l��l'i|i "I  J'hti-'iiix. H. *.'���'. t" .loltn lliti-nuau nnil  Auicti"t -I   I'ik'i'--.  ilat.-il tliin'J5ihiIiiv<>t .lul>-. 1'����:�����.  A'f,K.V- c;i{KHWi,  II.  Mi'IMiNAl.1),  %,^��'VV<^^-^<v^^^^^^^>^^^>^^  OF   LIQUOR A Remsrkable Record.  I       Clllllllbi-llrtill'r- CmIIL-Ii    I'l'lllllly    llHH :  i rttinaikitiilu n-riiiil li Inn- lii-t'ii in n-i  io- uvi-i-lliirly yeiin-, ���lurii-j.' which lini-  111:111V million I'mlilce ImV'-h'-fii fniMitin  URi-i'l? Ml litis liiii)* lict'iilhi-r-lniiilitnliiii  iiinin it-liniii-i- in ihn ti-t-Htineiil ol cri.ni  in t'liiiii��itiiilH of liiiiiii-s.t-i-l limine nil llii-  linn- no ciisc Iiiih i-vi-i- I'ci'll ri-|ioileil l-  ihti iiniiiiil'ai-lnivi-Hiii 'wliii'h i| fnileil :tn-f  (t-i'i n i-iiiv.    WIihii L'ivi-n iib soon a>- lit  |-Ili//|   llt'l'(IIIH'�� ||llll|-.-fO|-��-Vfll   IIM   Mlllll   11  tl)i* t:ioil|H' I'lin^ll il|i|l'"if=, i! "ill pi"  wnt tin- iii litt'li. It ih plWisimt to liiki  n.iinvi'.hililivil lik"' it- " contain.-' n-  o|>iuin or othur hui'infiil. .-llhiituiH'f mi-  liiitv lie uivi'ii iin fuiillili'iillf tn a i-nliy 11  to tin mliilt:    Kor ��ile hy nil   ilniL'i-h-ir-  COMPANY   Aiicnt for   PABSX AND  CALGARY_  CRliliNWOOD  R. CREIl E*,  JOB PRINTING  We do the kind you w;mt,  but which you rarely see ���  thcliind that is Neiu, Clean,  Origin-ii und Inflective.  This the only completely  equi|)|)ed Printing estahhslv  mem in the Jloundary oceu-  |)ving its own building.  Can we print for you ?  PIONEER.l'UBLlSHlNG CO.,  .       I'hoi-ixix,   t'>- C  ELLO, Ike!" said Perkins. a>  that Individual walked tnte  the store.! "How'd you make ���  out'guniiln*. to-day?"  ���"rolp'ble, Jest tole'ble; that1!  I got four black ducks, six br��ad-  and ten winters."  muaj.   say    thefa   pretty    good  shootln' fer one day," stUd Perkins.  '"Twas putty fair; but I should have :  got mora yet if my sheUa badnt ajtn  out."  "Thet sor said the constable. Twaa:  hard luck and 'minds mi/ one day;  -'���bout four year ago, when I went down,1  tu the meddera gunnin' with thet etti  muzzle-loader eK-mlne.   I fooled 'round j  all day, till I had only one charge of  powder left.    Birds  had  been  cocila',  'long,  one  In  a  flock,  and   now   and!  then tew lone ones, and all of 'em out:  er. pinge, and  I didn't git a bird.     I:  was klndVr (Jjspourag<;d,- -hadn't bad. a  good shot all day.'  But Je��t ai I was  fflttln1  out, of  the stand   I heard     a;  goose hollerln',  and I crouched down  quick,  I can  tell yer, and purty soon  he landed plump' down in Jhe slough-;  hole In front of me, where my deoa^s;  waa.   I was jest tu the south of thai  deacon's medder���you fellers remember'  how  the marsh there  is   very  narrsrj  and. runs  light  clus up  to  the  beach!  ���and  my  stand   was  Jest abreast  af,  thet low place on. the beach they call  the blow-hole.   Wa-al, I moved 'round'  keerful, and got a bead on the    old;  gposo,  when ho awist hare smelt me,.'  fqf /est as { ff-as goln' tu *���( hlrn ^py:  It he hestin Bwlimiiln' ayay from j^e.  I  didn't  want  tu  lose hlni, sq j begun tp Whlsfll* him pack, and,- |f you'll  believe  me,  as  J  was *-a+��tl��l'  thsre,!  what ishould I see comlt*'  up by  the  blow-hole but a red fox, Boys, I'd. hey  given my hull farm for another charge;  of  powder  and   Bhot  thet  minute,     j!  guess.     The  goose  by  this  time  had  circled round and begun t�� come as-'  wards  me agin, and the fox waa  a-  standln'   still.        Gradually   the      old;  goose was,fflttln' in line with thet fox.'  'By thunder!' 'a I. 'if I can git 'em In  8. line there's �� chance of gtttln' 'em1  both,'    in,   anpther  minute  they   was  i-Ig-ivt In line, and I let 'en| hay* K,  .l*��t as. I flred, a blueflsh Jumped out  of the water from a schooj OH 'em tha4  was ehasln' bait inshore.    I shot the<  troose plum tlhrpugh the head, lamed-  the fox so he couldn't run, and killed  thet blueflsh so he drifted ashore, mM  I got the hull three,"  '"���Boys," said Perkins aolemnly, "If  you'll step Intu the back room I'll met  up the cider."���"Judge."  The Cocktde.  ��� *9#ptloa  of. the  cockade by  PmtcUat Roaaevelt for hla ceach-  man and fectraen haa   rcauaol-  , tated tha old Question :   Whose servants axe entitled t�� wear a, cockade t  -Aa a matter of fact, there la no rlgkt  nor title to the cockade, but usage has,  In "England, where   the    cockade   U  'more oe-mroon than la any other country, confined lt to the servants of the  ' royal  household, ef    the    dlplomatla  "corps, of offlcera   of the   Array and  Navy���Including the militia and vol-  tmteers���and to servants of   Justices  and    deputy lieutenants  of counties.  According to thla unwritten law    mt  custom, neither pears nor othar per-  eona of. title, except they b* royal, can  confer the cockade on their servant*  ' unlass tbetr-themaelvea hold one of the  commlsalbns    already    named.     And  here cornea a atrange anomaly: If they  occupy a' Government   position,   they  can wear a. cockade,   although their  servants cannot   j  "Cockade,"- or,  rather,   the  French  equivalent of It, made Ita first appearance In- the phrase "bonnet a la co-  quarda"    of    Rabelais.    About   sixty  years' after Rab*ial��'s  death, Handle  Cotgrave, author of the first Anglo-  French dictionary,' defined "coquarde,"  now "vocarde," ai "a Spanish cappe  or fashion of bonn��t, uaad by the moat  substantial  men of   yore���also    any  bonnet or cappe   .worn    proudly   or  peartly on the aide."    But the moat  plausible origin glitn of the cockade  of to-day la that It was derived from  the tuft of cock's flumea worn by the  Croatian aoldtera, jwho In the aeven-  tecnth century aerved .under France,  and Introduced the cravat to the world  of fashion.   At an? rate. In 1188, men  ambitious to beconie soldlera of France  received cockadea of paper; hsnoe tha  axpresalon, "prtndrp 1 a jcocarda.'" mean-  In* "to anllaf   <!ockadea appear to  kava faljm into lUwcuowa deeuetude,  ao far aa'Franoe fas concerned, unU|  tha KevoJutlon,   when   tht 'cocarfa  tricolor" muat hM beconat obligatory,  for, juet before th�� fall of Robespierre,  arrests were made far not wearing It  The black cockfde, now   worn    In  nally the distinctive  of Hanover, aa the  that of the House  said   white   was  adherents   of    the  was   the  emblem  nee, who supported  t the Hanoverians,  by servants of tha  ehold  Is    a    large  half-dlnk Which projects .above the hat.  Servants of naval offlcera wear a disk  not projecting above the, hat; those of  army officers and Jot her. persons considering themselvis entitled to carry  cockades are fan-shaped, with, a button, and they reach above    the    hat.  The cockades of the. servants of diplomats are In .the colors of the country their miaUra, represent, and many  noble houses on the continent of Europe rilake .their servants  wear cockades  matching their livery In    color.  When, many years ago, the war 'aa to  whose servants wert entitled, to   a  cockade was raging la England,    the  facts dlscoTerad were that no orders  regulating their use were known    to  exist, but  tt  was' recorded that servants of offlcera of the London City  Light Horse,-ai volunteer regiment, did  not  wear  thenv    The  conclusion  arrived  at  was   that the  cockade  was  originally   purely  a} military  distinction; that the reason.It was worn by  servants of field officers  was that. In  .former    days,    .these  ���'servants    had  served In. the army,, that lt was later  adopted by servants  who  had  never  been In the army, and afterward by  servants of naval officers.  There being no set rule In any country from which we have been In the  Habit of adopting social customs. It,  remains for US to follow the law that  usage and good; form . has laid down.  They have prescribed; that the servants of ambassadors and foreign mln-  1  England, waa orig  badge of the Houa1  white cockade, ws  of   Stuart;   It  adopted   by   the !  Stuarts because  of the kings of Frj  the Stuarts' again  The cockade wor  British rqy(U hou  "Wearer's Protection*  Coudd the makers  of the Slater Shoe  dare imperil the  value of a $250.00(1  trademark by iput-  ting out unworthy shk)es  bearing their brand ? And(the  value of that brand represents  the difference between the  iajB��BB"BBBB��asjBMiaMeas-Bs|i^-B��������w^wea-e-i's-asaai  protection of the wearer of  unknown"shoes and the famous Goodyear Welted  For Men   aa.  $4 00  $5.00  aa>   For Women  SOLE AGENTS,  Hunter-Kendrick Co.  PHOENIX. B.C.  MINERAL ACT.  Phoeaix Shoe Shop.  All' Work Guaranteed,  Imported Goods.  yiNK hoots a'nii SIIOKS  MADK  TO  OKDKK.  PRACTICAI.    MINKKS'   AND   I'KOS-  PKCTOKS1 SHOES   A  SI'KCIAI.lV.  lisim Nail Tliroujli His Hand.  - While opt'iiintrn l��*x, .I.'O: Mount, oi  Thi-.-i- Mile Bnv, N. Y.'. ran ����� l**n I"-'"11.*  nail tliruili'li tin- llwhy |>u't i��f In- hinul.  '���I tliiiii|rlit nl niii-i' of all tin- nnin ��U��I  FOii-ncsi' this tt-milil cansi' in.'." hi- huvc.  "ainl   in Mutely   itpplii'il   Cliaiiitii-i-  Inin'!- Tain llitlin anil oo-asioiially niter-  winds. To nit Hinptif-'* i' leniovc.l nil  nnin innl t-oifinr.-H anil th>' injnrwl pane  u-i'ii. ffHin hetilwl." K<:r Mill' hy nil  tlnil.'Hii'lH.    t  verybody  romember that  a3j their minds will ba if they  arn money and deposit it with the  5 111111, where it  wU  Rate paid by  What He Case For.  ���A learned-'ii'ge V.*!lo was oiif of th*  jiKSts at a -dinner was unexpectedly  called upon to reply tp a toast- Recoyr  0rtng somewhat'-from his surprise, ho  nalil that hjs situation reminded him of  the story of a man w-j^j fe|j |tvto tha  water while he was (lulling,  With no little dlftlculty he waa res.  cued, and after he had regained hta  breath and was in a fairly comfortable  condition, his rescuer asked him hotf  he came to fall Into the water.  "1 did not come to fall into the water," replied the unfortunato fisherman,  "I came to tlsh."  Isters of the United (States abroad  shall wear cockades, like the servants  of foreign diplomats accredited to this  country, the cockades;of the coachman and footman giving the carriages  a certain rjght-pt w��y- Ambassadors  and ministers are entitled tp the cock-  aide after, they have retired from the  d Iplomatlp service. But consuls are  pot members of the diplomatic service; they are merely 'commercial  agents, ffelther four consuls abroad  nor consular representatives- to' this  country have the- right to the cockade, as consuls. Its adaption by an  American citizen-'Who' represented a  foreign country as consular agent In  this city, was -authorized neither by  usage nor pood teste. That his family should continue to use It after;his  death |a r(dleu.|ows vulgarity. Ser-  yants-.of offlpers.iBf the United States  army and navy, both regular and volunteer, are also entitled to wear the  cockade.���Town Topics,  ��� PROCLAMATION.  LL 8.]  HJ-2N-RI G.  PROVINCE  Mlsconceptlosa.  arn interest at 3 .  very leading Bank in Canada.  stablished in  When* you  read the -  Aad BoancJaty Mining Journal,  ���    ��� ' . x -i Cin kfloninK poster] on Boundary Mining Matters,  "    Tfl��'l^jr%^^uSaSqg?a1 to ���Sonbbr Pub. Co., Phobn.x, B. C.  ��im})|y scn'd a $2 bill for y<��". in*  "A good story comes front 8y4eey."  says _the London "Globe," "where lat*  ters have been recelve'd from two Ara*  arlcnn br<��iness firms asking whether  communications to Australian mer��  chants should be written.In English or.  'In tho language of the country,* W  recalls an astonishing trade olroular r������i  celved a short time ago by a business  3rm In Glasgow from a German manufacturer, also written In what his versatile clerk had apparently taken- too-  the language of the country. It Wat  In the best 'kailyard' style, and spokft  of a 'mnckle consignment ���' cbemi*  tale.' "  Rgg$ for Tbe ^British MBseam.  A notice of the collections recently  beu.uoa.thed by the - -,, late Mr. Philip  Crowley to the natural history branch  of the British Museum appeared a few  days ago In the 'primes." A very Important pflrtion of, the *equeFt Is the  co'!irct!o:i of eg'j.v.'. frojTi which 15,200  .speclaisn* lmve bein .added ;.o tlie'-ser-  'isji'pie-viuusly possessed by uhe museum. Among Hie gems li) the Crowley  cabinet'are in egg of the great auk  and ona of the extlnut pled Labrador  diu'k. poth these specimens were acquired by Mr. Crowley from Canon  TrUtriun. The great auk's egg Is one  of the last ''batch" despatched In 1814  from Iceland to Denmark. The two  apeclmens In the museum previous to  thJ�� addition were both cracked and In  otherwise poor contrition., An Interesting Item |n the collection.Is the number  ���T clutches of egg* of various species  mt birds with a cuckoo's egg among  ahem. The Crowley collection has added  about lt per cent., to the species of  Birds represented bir-thelr eggs in the  museum, the increase being especially  marked In Australian forms. In which  the national collection waa previously  ireak.  '1 m oa   '   11111''.  The Ccostieuce Fund.  "I found eighteen umbrellas in thb  ���hurch yesterday," sa'd the sexton f  the minister the day after a rainy  Bc.aday. "Oh, weH," said the domin'e.  "take them to my study: they are p o-  ���ftalily' intendctlas contribution*- tu th��  co:is.(fienca fund."���Tenkers "Sl.i-/-  tUan."  He Learned a Great Truth,  It is (-aid of John Wesley that liaonce  siiiil to Miftrens Wesley: "Why do yon  tell that child 1 lie same thing over anil  over asrain?" Mrs. Wesley: "Bccnttse  unci- teilint: is not enough." It is for  tliii* .oanie reason tliat yon are told aKtiin  anil again that Cimniherlain'a Cough  Ri'incdy cures colds and grip; t^nt  it eovinteraP,'f> any tepdency of these,diseases lo result in pneumonia! and ��� that  it is pleasant and safe to take. For sale  by all druggists,  Owti His Life lo a Nf'inbor's Klndaeia.  Mr. I). P. Dau-jhertv, well known  throughout Mercer anr) Summer cnun-  tifs, W. Vti , most like|y owes1 hip life to  the kindness qf a tfeiuhhpr. He was-al-  most 'hopelessly n'ffllt'teii 'W'il h diarrlnua;  waa attemletl by two physicians who  gave him little, if any, relit-f. when a  neighbor (earn'tig of his serious condition, brought him �� bottle of I'harober-  lain'p Oaiin, Cholera ��nd BHarrhoea  Remedy, which cured him in leas than  twenty-four hours. For Bale by all  draggistB.  JOLY DK  LOT1UNIK1IF.  Lieuteiiant-Govcrnoi.  CANADA.  OF  BRITISH   CQLUM  BIA.  HDM'ARI* VM-. by the Grace of God, of tl  (Jutted,KtliKdPin. of Gieat Britain nnd Ir.  laud mid of the HritUh Pomiiiiotis beyom  the Seas, King, flefeilder of .the faith, etc.  etc., etc..  To all to whom these presents shall come���Greti-  '��''���  A. E. 51qPhllllp��, Attorney-f.eueral  WH&rtHAI*.we have thought fit to caucrl the  '��     uroelamalloii ticurliisr .late of the 16th day  ���of JttifejJiioJ, convoking the I.ceislalive Asscin  1  'lily of the Hroviicc of Briti��h Columbia for the  ilisimtch of Inmluciui on Thursday the the Jist  day of Jaiiuury. one thousand nine hundred ami  four, and in lieu thereof to i��sue this our proclamation.  Now know ye, that for divers causes and considerations, and takliiK Into consideration the  esse bimI convenience of Our loving subjects, �� e  have thought fit, by liiid with the advice of Out  KJ-cctil've-t'oniioif of. the Province of British  Columbia, lo hereby ootivoke, and by these pres-  nits ���enjoin vou. and each of you, that on Thurs.  ady.thttweiity-slxth dny of November Jone thous-  aiut niije.huiiilreii and three, you meet Us iu Oin  -.aid   iiettislnture, or  I'arllimicnt   of "the said  Provinqe at Our City of Victoria, for the dispatch  .ifliusllieM.to treat, do, net aud conclude, upon  those things- which, in Our Legislature of the  Province of British Columbia, by the common  "council of Oiir said Province may. by the favour  of God be ordained.'  IN  Testiwonv   Wiikhkof, We have  caused  these Our Letters lu be made Patent and Hit  Great Seal of Our said Province to be hereunto affixed:  Witness, the Honourable Sir Hemki Ql>*.  TAVK  JOLV   DK   LOTBINIBRB,    K,   C-   M.   G.,  Lieutenant-Oovenor o( Our spid Province ol  PritishColmnbin.atOurOoveriuuvut Hous.  In Our Citvol'Victoria. In Our said Province  tills   fifth day of Septemlicr,   In   Ihe   yea  of Our Lord one iliousand nine hundred ami  Ihree, and ill tlte third year ofOur Reign.  By Command,  R. F. GKEHN,  Provincial Secretary  it. MAGADLit  CITY SCAVENGER.  Leave Orders at City  Clerk's Office  Lmji       PHOENIX, B.C.  Certificate of impbovbmehts.  Notice.  :fe.v  'M  >'r'  "Gipsy" Mineral Clalmj situate in- the Cnfrii.  wood Mining Division of Vale District.       ���6  Where loeated-in Greenwood Camp. ���  TAKK NOTICK that I. Isaac H. Hn'letU ������  axciit for John Mulligan, Kree Miner's Certlficalrf  No. H80173, intend, sixty days from date, heneof.  to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate  of Improvements, for the purpose of obtallliag  a Crown grant of the above claim.   '  And further take notice that action, underse*-  tion'37, must becommeiiced before the Isiiubcr-  of such certificate of improvements. 1 ��� -  Dated this 13th day o'f July. A. D. 190J.        :  I. H. UALLBUT/.  MINERAL ACT, HM....  Certificate of liaarevaaaflli.  Notice.  Denver Mineral Claim situate in the Greenwoot  .Mining Division of Vale District. ���:',  Where located, in Greenwood camp. '*'>  fake notice that I.Albert K. Aslicfdft". Fj'.M.  C". No. II55279, acting as ngeiitfor A. A. Mclhto��h  PROCLAMATION.  {L.S.) IIKNRI G. JOLY I>K LOTBINIKRK,  Lleutenant-Governoi  CANADA.  PKOVINCK OF HKITISH COI.UMDIA.  KDWARD VII.. by the Grace of God, ol tin  United Rliisdoin of Great Hrllalu and Ire  laud and of the British Dominions beyond  Ihe S������, King. Defender of the Hallh, etc..  etc.. ��tc.  To Our faithful the Members elected to sen-,  ill the Legislative Assembly of Our Provinc.  of Hrltlsh Columbia,at Our City of Victorin-  Greeiing:  A PROCLAMATION.  V. V. Mcl'hillips. Attorney-General.  frlERr**11 we have thought fit to cancel tin  u'rocbuintlou bearing date the t6th dav ol  e 1003 directing the issue of write culling ������>  uue  1003 directing the issue or write culling  ew Legislative Assembly which writs n-cr-   Ji  June 1003  new Legisianvt .��>>enimy ���...^.  reeled to bear date the 16th day of July, and  liru thereof to issue t..is our Procla. 1011 ,��;liert.->\  We do mske known Onr Royal will and  ptenkure to call ���a new Legislative AsseinM.-  of Our said Piovince; and do further declare that bv the advice of Our Executive Council of Hritisn Columbia. We ha-e this day given  orders for issuing Our writs In due form, tor cat.-  ins a new Legl��l��tive Assembly of Our said l'rn\  luce, which writs arc lo bear date of I he fifth day  .1 September, A. tl 190; and of lie returnable  on or beforr tbe second day of November, one  thousand nine hundred aud Ihree.  In testimony whereof We t��ve ca.isfd these  TJur Icltersto be made patent, and theGreatii,eai  of the said Provinc to he hereunto affi apt..  Witness, the Huneursb.li: B\r Hctlri Qllstave  Joly de Lotbitliere. H t\. M, C5., Lieulemint-C.ov-  enorof tlur najd "tovince of British Columbia,  in Our City of Victoria, in' Our said Province, this  fifth day of-rtepteniber, in the vear of Our Lord  one thousand, nine hundred and three, and in the  third year drOurreigu. By command.  1 R. F. GREEN,  Provincial Secretary.  TICKETS  TO ALL POINTS  East and West  VIA  Great  Northern  Railway  Kree Miner's Certificate No. 1)55242, and WVn.   Nof      -'-'  "PI"'  Mining Recorder for a Certificate; of ImpHjve-.  Spence, Pree Miner's Certificate  sixty days from the date hereof/to  cojoj-'intelitf  piily  ytorthe  ipros-c*  Crown  ineiits, for the purpose of obtaining  Grant'of theabove claim.  A nd lurlher take notice that action, tinder section 37,must be commenced beforetheissuanceo.'  such Certificate of Improvements.  1 Dated this 3rd day of August, .903,  ALBERT E. ASHCROFT, P. I.. S.  SHORT LINE  St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis, Chicago,  AN'I) ALL POINTS EAST.  Seattle, Victoria, Tacoma and Portland,  AND ALL PACIFIC COAST  POINTS.  Through Palace mi'l Totf-ist Sle��|ii>rs.  niniiig iukI I'nlli't- Sniokiiijj Library  Fast Trains at Couvenient Hours *\  Bet. Spokane and Puget Sound ��  For mii-8 and fuMi'rs and full ii.forina-  lion ri'giiidtnir trips rail on or address  nnv aiicnt V. V. it K.or S. V. tt N. Kvs.  A.B.C Dk.vniston,       H. Brandt,  G. \V. P. A., C. P AT. A.,  Seattle. Wash. Spokane. Wi  is essential to .success. It ie. impwrfajiit  1 hat one prepares under the most favorable condition. But-iness men seek the  graduates fiom the bookkeeping and  shorthand departments of  THE BLAIR BUSINESS COLLEOE  Spokane. VV ash. ":  Send for illustrated catalogue. '"  Grand Porks^   Phoenix  and Greenwood  STAGE   LINEJ;  J. K.KOYHK,      :       :        .        :       Proprietor,  Beginning June 1st, leave (rrceuwood ttt.^a.'ni  and Phuctitx at 7:30 a,m ; arrive at Orand ForTti*  10:30 a m,, leave Grand Korks 3=45 p. m.,arriving  at t'lioenix 7 p. mM and 0 recti wood atS. p.m.  Connects both ways with Great NorthcriHrftiiis-  Kare���Grand Forks to 1'hoeuix, $2.5o: Phoenix  to Greenwood, 50c; Greenwood to i,hocuix,$i.ou  Greewood to G.and Voiks, $j. Office in Greenwood, Gt. Northern Telegraph office. Ill ���Phae-  nix, McRae Hros. & Smith. In Grand Forklv  Gt. Norther offices. For express rates, inquire  et ttitner office. *'���  I  Practical  Horseshoeing, ft^kitRltMg, ���  Dominion Avb., V-��oj-:ni.\, B.C.     ���  Phoenix Bakery,  Phoenix Street.    'Phone 53,  We make good bread,     Try it,  ... .C. \V. GREER, Proprietor  Hospital Donations  Li-t of D'niiitioiis received since-lati.  Ul.llHUi, lo iIil- I'li.ienix t.ienenil Ho.*-  pitai:  One Dozen Shirts Mrs. Griffib  Carpet, hed 1111-1 blanket* lor private wur.1, chickens ami provisiuiis Mrs. Macy  A qtiauiity of Jam...Mrs. Matlitson. Grecnwooji  Kouks anil Preserves Mrs.  Recr.  A ntlantttv of Preserves Mr*, hoyle  A Case of Whisky Mr. Anllejr  rush, Jj A Prieud  Cash, J50 A KriettU  Surtlieul   Diessilij-s A. P. McKeuik-  lie.i.liii): Wm. Volen William.*  Harrisicr Hces W. B. Cochrau'e  Much neeileil swing Splint Mr. DejUhay  .  Hooks and Kbkii...." Mrs. Willcolx  Two Dozen 1'illon- Slips ami One Dozen Towels  Mr. Macy  Cash, $20 AKrienf!  Hooks Mrs.Willcoir  Papers iliut Ma^nziues McKae Bros & Smith  Eight small WurJ Tables ami Wicker Ka��yCh��ir  A Friend  Provisions Mrs. Macy  I'lotlliiig Friends  Subscriptions for seven Magazines, A. I.. Whiti.  New York City  Knster Tin key W. S Macy  Cash.$50 Kastein.Towuships Baiik.SheTbroolfe;  Cash, J150.00 '. Lord Slmlhcuiin  Cash. $5 AKrietid  Twenty-live (loHar (S-ilay) Clock Geo. E- l>ey  A quantity of Provision* �� W.S.;M,-cjr  A quantity of Marmalade...  W. L. Germaiuc  I'ot Plains 1)   McHietson and C. Heuder����l  Kggs. ��� A yrteifia  Cash $100 Mr   and Mrs. S. li. C. Miuer  25 li   p  boiler for Steam Heating Gruubv Co.  T.vo 'ords of Wooii....  Sawiliy Three Colds , 1  Straw tit rries.,   Meals   HUfweis   Pol l*I���ul"   I'ot Plants   Kire Pokers   Rain  Barrel   Nelson Daily Ne..   V Vrteud  ud  A Frieztil   Mwshall it Sues   Mrs V, . s. Macy   .....Friends   ..11s. ''-trie-   ��� Mrs. I. riawlurd   Hun Walsh   Central Hotel  .Messrs Fletcher ���;  and E. Williams  Box Peaches C. Tipping  Cups ami Saucers Mrs. J.Halters  -���(ida -vphon Mr J  B.Boyle  I'rovisi'oiis Mr. W.b.Macy  I.adv's Dressing tiown, Ca[>e and  Traveling Bug, Rev. K. P. KlcweltlllK  rpiwer pots Mrs. Kerr  Half dozen Tea cups and saucers Miss Howes  Provisions  -Mr Macy  Mortar Hoard Mr. Birnie  Kitchen Utensils Mr  1   Crawford  uruit       ..Mrs. Mitls  Veeeiables Mr. Kumberuer  l"\a\vers....... .-Friends  Mcix 01 Iruit ���Mrs. Macy  Cozv Corner Shelf. A   K 11. Clatkc  -i^w'Tons of Coal International Coal & Coke Co  Several Sacks orvegetables O. W. Rumberger  Blankets, lied I.ineu, etc J ��� B. Maciiilay  '���������;I|KI^|  '/lili'Slt  '������     M'iSfe'!''    i.!--|  i si��i*w; ���;���'������-- 'Vf-iK-'l  r.^'i^R,1--^-^*''"^|  ^t'lMvir1'^'-1'---^-11"! I  \mi$im  : Jjn.-SSp -i'���..;.'���"������������  .���' i'R#fe��.-.,  ���'.'��'.����������'.'-.'.Vra-.  10m  ���will,  ri i -myt-yyirrr  ���.{ilMyy^''^'  'ai';2S;'''-'"/'--*l  mMyyy  1; :���';��  '"' ri  ,' r ,"io.  :::H:'-y$y."-  4 f;::��!fii  \d'r-  '&-:���������:*#?>���  rr?'>  "tt  -X  :'-'*W':'-:#"*'  ; \$. '0;;r  1?  M��lllliMIIII^IMM!I.IUIMtl��WlllJW��-miU��tUMM��^^  r,������r���  TT'  r*ry;  ���������'������.������'r'-vr  ���w  ypwrTvy-T^^vs:  ���^-r *�������������; v.-  >i!,vf.-:n!*' If  :*-  I  1  II 4  ll -'1  lit!  fcf  f*  JI  II1!'  il'  %���  11  Ill  ���  !  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  *  BRIEF NEWS NOTES  MATTERS OF GEN-  KRAL INTEREST  TO   PHOENICIANS  There ate some  People ��� . .  !���  o  Dr. Mathison, Dentist.  Granby Exchange:, house furnishings  Dr. Simmons, dentist, postoftke blk.  ,     H. A.   Munro  .surted  liis  weekly  Dr.   Mathison  will be in his office,! u.mciny   .school   at   Haidy   hall last  .-i. m.-*  v���   min.i. Thursday evenim,*.  Alderman Neil McCallum, of Grand  l''oiks, is to lie ni.inied on the 31st of  October lo Mis-i Sai.ih A. W'ray, ol  Toionio, at ihe latter place. They  expect to return about November 15th.  Bank Block, Nov. 10 to 14  Next Wednesday an Old l'"olks concert will he given at Grand Korks.  List Monday the Eagles of Gieen-  wood held a most .successful smoker in  their lodge rooms. '  Next Thursday,   October   29th, the  (."..  H.    Reeves,  for   the  Odd Fellows of Greenwood will give a , Wm. I Iunter Co., Ltd., leturned Tues-  Hallwovve'en ball. day from Ferguson, vsheic his cousin i.s  J. A. Crydcrman, representative of j very  ill.      lie   came   hack   by   way  theNelson Daily News, n4de one of his of l'opl.irc.cek, the now l.imous K��ld  periodical trips to the boundary this  week.  Contractor   Munio, who is fmishiii}'  camp.  Win. Andeison, nunai-iiif-;  engincei  for the Cascade W'.itci, J'ovver & Light  Board'nx House Keeper Wsn'ed.  A man or man and wife wanted to  lake charge of the boarding house at  the Snowshoe mine���man and vyife  preferred. Particulars can be had at  the Snowshoe office.  work on the Catholic church, al.so has Co./ was in the < ity last Saturday from  the contract for making the  pews  for 1 C.is.-.ule.    The work of putting in  the  that edifice. / iliifck  wall  al  the power  station, that  This  week   the  Union   Meat  Co.! wf takl-'�� ��nl *->' ,hc l>��rstingofa valve  opened its branch shop in Greenwood,   ������*,���������*-   ��-�����-��.   ^���ra- '"onllw ngo,   is  and is preparing to do  the  same in "������� l-<-'l��S *-��������*'  Grand Forks.  Alderman W. J. Porter is off on' a  week's hunting trip up the Noith Foik  of Kettle river. He expects to go as  far as Canyon City.  AVni.-Dinsmore was injured by falling  on a defective sidewalk in Grand Forks.  Through his attorney he now asks  $150 damages from the corporation.  A man named John Lewis fell into  the Knob Hill ore crusher Friday afternoon, but most foitunately was pulled  out and   escaped with   a   few severe 1  bruises.  J. H. Methot, formerly connected  with the customs house at Greenwood,  has been transferred to Ottawa, and has  left with his family for the scene of his  new labors.  J. B. Bright, of McLeod, Alta., has  lu I'lio.'llix who 1*0 not realire the  quality ol stock I carry in Watches,  Clocks. Cliaina, Klngnand Jewelry.  If you wish sainethlnij that ;* just  the tiling, nnd that Ih just ns it is  lejirtneuud, gi\e nieucall.  W. Zimmerman,  Dominion Ave.  Good Bye  tMmmmwm^mmmmb^mtmmmmmmm^m^^m^mmmm  Corns  .Never gee.'yon any mor��.   Goiih  forever.   Tough  Iohh once more.  Step on tlit-ui, ptanil on them, or  If  kick   them    without    K'liirniiii|f,  Tlmt's the Htory that our Ixiiulon  .Corn Plaster has lo tell.  Dominion Elections  Yalc-Urlboo Electoral District.  A convention of the f.thcral Cou-ennllvcs of  Villi Cariboo will he held St the Countrvutive  club rooms, Moore Mock, Kainloops 011 Thurs-  da\, Oct. 79th loot, for the purpose of selictuiK a  cnudidiitelo conttKt ihe forthcoming Dominion  ) Irciloiisin Hie interests of the . ibeiul Conx. r-  \Mti\e p,irl\. I.cchI Associnlioiih iiu- rtipitKUtt  lo iiu-ei alio appo-ul tleli|.ate> at mice. Keprc'  -t ittH|i<iii.ii1 thecomeulion it til 1h*})> (liltKtiliuiiK  from'ihe I'linliu-ml electoral disiilcls if Giuiid  1-orks, (urcuuuMl. FlinUkniuttii, okniuiKAii,'  Kaniloops, Yule, l.llloot-l and < anlioo One tlele-  diiir will l-e nppoliitcd for each tuewty or f.iic.  Ilou of iniri.tv lolts cast at encli | oil Xccreiliudi  (Ule<(iles im.y \oic eitlirt In penon or In- pioxyj  Init not liioretliiiu fi\e |>roxUs shall bc'lnkl liy  any one deli citti,' ( *  1 hair will Wtiiktnnt j p   m.   AH Consi-rv.-  tlus me Inritcil lo niiend the commtiuii,  lint  only accudilcd delt-i-utl-s will 'u allo��iil to vote'  j   T.'KOIUNMIN, I  Meniliel Union HveculUe ful lilslilct.'  T  ft O Y L E,  THK  DRUGGIST.  I  McRae Bros.  .. & Smith  Knob Hill Ave:  FALL  1  ��� ��� ��� ���  ���'  pry Wop4/psaIc.  W. K. DOCKSTEADER,  Residence mi*jjtiiulM at foot of  Doiuililou Ale;, PIiocmIx, D C  I' OYHilx 360,        ,j' y-      'PhoiieNo 40.  ��� �����-���:'��������������������������������������������������������  Books,  Stationery,  Newsdealers,  Toys,  #(^ Fancy Goods,  s'* Kodaks and  Cameras,  Office and  :!$ Schpol ^  # J Supplies, *  J Cigars and Tobaccos  0      '���'..'.'.    '"*   .'.AND   .- .  J Fine Oonfectionery.  Uidies, do you want the Newest  Ideas in New York and Chicago  styles.   Sorrento, Viricennes and Pat-  ! terns Hats.  I    Call and see.    It's well  worth your  I while.  : Mrs. L Sproat,  I'inkr  Block.  Knoh H.11.1. Avkn'uk.  ring  FOR THK  ^iM-^^fe^ WEBB & MAYNARD  4  l Church Services  j Tomorrow.  )  St. John's Church of England, Rev.  W. J. Wood, Missionary. Sunday  School, 10 a. m.; Morning Prayer, 11  a. m.; Evening Prayer, 7:30 p. m.;  Everyone, cordially invited to attend  any and all services.  St. Andrews' Presbyteiian Church,  Service tomonow at 11 a. m. and  7:30 p. m. Sunday school and Bible  class at 2:30 p. 111. Midweek meeting  Wednesday at 7.30 p.m.  j    a Methodist���Services at 11 a.m. and  been awarded the contract for erecting '7.30 p. m. at Hardy-McKenzie hall, the  a coal  tipple at the colliery  of the  pastor preaching at both services Sun-  .      , r.   ,     j r. 1 day School at 2.30 p. in.     A hearty 111-  , International Coal and Coke company,  ^.^    .g   exlended t0 alL    Thos.  Coleman, Alberta. Green, B. A., pastor  Ore runningsomething like $198 per  ton is being taken from the Roderick  Dhu mine, Long Lake camp, to the  Long Lake wagon road, so that it can  be shipped to the smelter.  J. L. White, the well known Greenwood druggist, has purchased a drug  business in Victoria, which he will conduct himself, leaving his brother to take  care of 'the Greenwood business.  Dr. James F. Boyle, who has been  . spending several weeks with his brother  John B. Boyle, left Tuesday for Walla  Walla, Wash., where he expects to locate and practice his profession.  Miss Hews",' the blind elocutionist  and entertainer, of Denver, gave an  entertainment at Miners'Union hall last  Monday evening to a small house, due  no doubt to.insufficient advertising.  William j; Tvviss, general agent of  mCIFFC T\Y.  World's  Scenic Route  the Mutual' Life of Canada, whose  headquarters are at Vancouver, was in  the ��ity this week. He has appointed  Ed. H.'Mortimer local agent for the  Mutual Life.  Can II Be Possible?  Last week's Grand Forks News-  Gazet'te had the following: "It is stated  on good authority that the V., V. & E.  railway will resume construction within  a few weeks on the smelter spur and  Phoei\j-< branch."  DiUECi Lini:.  East  Winnipeg  Toronto  O'tawa  Montreal  New York  via Soo Pacific Line, St. Paul, Chicago  and all U. S. points.  Lowkst Rates.  West  Vancouver  Victoria  Seattle  Portland  San Francisco  S. S. Service from  Vancouver  to Alaska, Japan, China, Hawaii,  Australia.  Settlers' rates westbound, sold daily  till November 30.  Through bookings to England and  the Continent via all S. S. lines,  [. G. Clark, E.J.Coyle,.  Agent,      , A.G.P.Agt.  Phoenix, B. C.   Vancouver. B.C  J. S. Carter, D. P. A.  Nelson. B.C.  Fish.  Game O.  Poultry  ft  The Union Meat"Gjp&x-pVV'  Iclu-r 5*hop* hi* been' o|i<"ii����l  'hot'itx, anil  solicite  UNION MEAT CO  Aiiiiutiiii-t'K lluit 1111 uji-to-iluli; Ihilclifi- Chopin the Mc.Vilhm Block, Kimb Hill Ave.. 1"  11 i-haru ul tilt- 1 mlilit- |iuti iina-jiv  General Painting and..-'.....  ^     ������'���'���'��� s'gn Writing.  '.yy ���., Qrjenwood, B. C.  Shopsnt Macleotl, A'ta.,  oreemMi.dr'.ruud Porks tiiul I'lioemx  B.C  i^m0^^^^^^��^Li^^.^^^^^^^^m  Bellevue Cafe  Knob Hill Avenue  ; -Phbenix,;;B;"fe."..  Finest table in the Boundary set at this house.."'Ail home,cooking"/'.  Best that the market affords. ���' A trial solicitedi  ��� 4ron  BrieVv'5  A Non-alclic^Ka  L^  ���^BOTTLED'BYj.i-,''.v- ���} .-,;..,.:,.-','i; - ';���  LION BpTTLINQ::^QIi^^;-"0#^^.:  JAS.McOREAlII,Prop!:.'     :-:",'     "Phone'orSars'ioljeltii,1'-''  '  ���  i" ���       :   ",      ..-���������     ���_.��� -:- ��� ���������.-"  1,',:.':;   "':;��� :-iU.' '*-i'.'.''.'.. ���-j-i  Blacks l#*ii  , ....:.i)oMii"ioN;Avi*iitJE', p^E^ix^B. c;..  Commodious Sample Rooms '"',."���;'.'.'���'���'.''���:;"���','!-���';-.!''.<.t^\y.:y.-AWr\  '     First'Cla'ss'Dining Room in-fibnhection.j.'.-.���������-,.>��� V .-' ,  , -liar Well'Stocked withrGhoicesit-Goods '>���-  Most Conveiiieritjy Located  Telephone No. 26. W. ^^DO^LiE, Prop.  THOS. BROWN,  ���DEALER IN��� . ^ '.''.." ','"���:'; '.,,..' . >....  Men's "Wea,t Ek^siively^  Iuvites every man; in ,^dieii^'.j^^e ^ V/ ,.���  i     him a call and examine -goods*? ���i'-v/v *;'���-.��� -  . .. ..    .:�����< ,-,#rr!.-.��� -  *,.v-.-.,i.'"v>";^.- ���   ���' ���!���.-.-;���������-.������  Handy-McKen^e Blk.,     Dommibn Ave.  PHOENK^:jC,  A" -darload  ? Of  General   Furniture  to ar-  'rive to-day for the  Granby Exchange.  You are doubtless thinking of what  you will give this year for Holiday  presents. Nothing pleases more than  some piece of jevvelry���a Watch, a  Ring, or any one of a thousand and  one things that we can furnish you.  See my goods before sending to the  east or elsewhere. I know I can  please you. ..  O.E.DEY,  The Jeweler, Knob Hill Ave.  Official  C.P.R. Time   Inspector.  Last Week I  AdviiHM* . huyinv Internutiiinnl Coal nn.l  Cuke ^h��rHB. Tiiiluy the price Iihn ud-  vtiiifwl tinil will tin Ht.ill higher. Them-  forfl, TURN YOUR ORDKR IN* to nie  to<l-��y.  ORO DKNOROIb BiintherKood buy.  Where. <m earllicnn youcet into a h ii,-  pi nl! mine and nrollt maker of ^i.75 |n.r  tun for the Hiuall li^ure of 15 (renin per  i*lmre? TIiih Httick will rife iiinidit'of 60  tlitya. Cmtie ami ��ee me abmit thin, anil  if vim want, real wtate hike a lot in  DKNOUO. the towiiHile u.ljoiniiy the  mine.   I'ritnH of lum, i,(MI to i|75(l     *"  ED. H. MORTIMER/  Iti-ul   KniiUe.  IiifliitHtire   nm]   Minir.ir  llroki-.r, P.O. B..x 33, Phoenix. ��,C.  Hotel  Al. 4��h iukI 5th lloori<  Si-olvi-niiin-Iteview  Ihiihlini;,  SPOKANE.  ���The  UneHt   fHlnily   hnlel iu  Mie c||v,  With or without Imi'ird. 1'iiieH iiKidcriiii-,  SUTHERLAND i DART,  , .Pruprivtoig,.'  WHEN IN NELSON;  Stop at 'i'ni-: liort'i.  The' New Manager, H. TOMKlNS,  has made it the Leading Hotel ol the  Kootenays.  4>  ���&P ����g ^S>  >i E CYCLOPS MINING STEEL  f"  E SHOES fllND DICS  Q    RUSSELL, LAW, CAULFIELD, Co., Ltd.  AGENTS. GREENWOOD.  $4   ^ :    Rock Drills  ressors  �� THE CA^A0IAN ftAND W\LL  J'^kd'Offipe and Works. '^  SHERBROOKE, QUE.  -���#- -  Branch Offices and Warehouses:  ROSSLAND, GREENWOOD  AND 4  VANCOUVER,  B.C.  W ')  "   ���   ��� .  .    -  .   . -        '      ; ll^_l__^^ ^.;.  ���<><>-0~CHXKKH><><HKK><HK>-��  amRlMBERGER  ������: Real Estate and  Mfoes��'"'."~   mfc  Houses To Rent and For Sale in all parts of the city.  ���'(-  ��� k  (���-  G. W. RUMBERGER,  ������"?3��.fe-;;; ..'  PHOENIX, B. C. g  000000 ooooo-o-ooo 00000000000 o  T  As this is dot  for doing  an ever  Personal visit is absoliitely immim?f m ����<����?  benefit*of this the greatest tba&& (swr ^m b@l| in "FfePiSi-l  Boots and Shoes,  Hats and Caps,  t.,  Gent's Furnishings,  Shirts &. Underwear, ���'���  Staple and Fancy  Dry Gopds,.  Mmm fflFfflsldnp, I  ��     ���      .' Li* **.        '_ \�� *t*si t .. .*  >'���>.'���;


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