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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Oct 6, 1906

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 1  m  1  e  l  i  i.e. ;  t-9)  I  -��F USE  M A PL, K   ^ K A. F .11 It A. N 1>  Manufactured by .the  originators ol Safety  Ksiablished 1836.  SV'    XTY  YEARSEXPKIUENCU  '.���use  AND   BOUNDARY   MINING JOURNAL.  FUSE<^s���  The quality of Powder used in the manufacture of MAPLE LEAF BRAND Fuse accounts for it having a stronger spit than others.  ITCA.NNOT BE IlTJPUtCA.TEi>  Sk.vi'.nth Ykar.  PHOENIX,   BRITISH COLUMBIA, SATURDAY. OCTOBER 6, 1906.  ^������������������������������������������������-������������������������^������^.^^  ���  ���  ���  i  ill  )  ���  ������  ���  ���  ���  ���  REMINDER  The cool autumn weather is with us  with us now arid we 'are prepcred  for it. Arc You ? Do not delay  purchasing your fall necessaries until  you have a cold. Do not wait too  long, others will take advantage of  our full stock an'd get the cream,  if you do-not com'e jn early. Belojiy.  we mention a few'of our many lines.  Ladies' Dept.  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Fancy  Apples, 40-pound box    2.00 ,,  Crab Apples,  50-pound   box    2.00 ii  Fancy Crawford Peaches,  2o-lb. box  1.50 jj  i  Any of the above put up in Our New |! -^  Glass Top Jars, will keep far j  longer   than  you will 1]  want them to. jj  Get Your orders in Early  0triti ftoinMwm  oool^^^^i^^^^<H>��'<KH><>  GRANBY'S ANNUAL REPORT  Shows Net Profits of $1,87^607.05  For the Fiscal Year. ,  Net  Surplus Carried Forward June 30, 1906, Amounted to  $2,547,738.61���President Langeloth's  Address.  To tiik Stockholders ok thk  New York, October 2, 1906.  Oranby Consolidated Mlalnr Smelting & Power to., Lid.  ^ Gentlemen :���It is with deep regret that we have to record the  death  in February last of Mr. John Stanton, one of our Directors,- whose advice and  guidance are greatly missed by the Board.  The business of the company has been largely increased.' The total tonnage smelted amounts to 832,346 tons, resulting in a production of 19,939,-  004 lbs. of copper fine, or an increase of over forty per cent, against the previous year. ' .  Two of the new, large blast furnaces, which became 'operative last fall,  are working so successfully, that it has been decided successfully to re-construct the six.old smaller furnaces, which work is now in progress. Unfortunately, great delays.were experienced on account of the difficulty in procuring  the necessary materials and accessory machinery.' The' 'probability, however,  is that this work will be completed early next year and the "smelting capacity  will then again be largely increased.  In November last a fire destroyed a large ore crusher,.; which for a few  months greatly "hampered shipments of ore to the smelter, as Tunnel No. 1  was laid praoiic^ll/j idle.-Jfor a time, during which all- shipments had to be  made frorh 'iVnJi-ff. No. 3. The local management deserves great credit for  the efficient manner in which it met this emergency, without largely curtailing  the current production.' Since the completion of the new crusher, shipments  have beeu made without any interruption. '  ��� :������;  In view of the. high prices for copper ruling since-last fall, it has been  deemed wise to mine large quantities of ore carrying a smaller percentage of  copper than the average run of the mines. Active development work has been  going on continually, and diamond drills have opened up large ore-bodies in  the Victoria and Aetna mines, where a new shaft is now being sunk and the  necessary improvements installed for crushing and shipping this output; the  first shipment will, likely, be made by the end of this year.  Development of the Gold Drop claims, which were purchased last summer, proved satisfactory, and for some months past shipments averaged over  200 tons of ore daily. A tunnel is being pushed toward the Monarch property, opening up satisfactory ore-bodies. The length and width is not yet fully  determined, but indications point to large bodies of ore, a considerable portion  of which will soon be available for hoisting. These developments, have largely increased the tonnage of ore in sight over that extracted in the year.  Further economies have been effected in practically all departments,  again resulting in great savings.  Under the circumstances, the Board felt justified in paying two dividends  of three per cent, each on January 15th and May 15th, respectively, amounting together to $810,000. In addition, the available cash assets of the company were largely incrersed.  Mother dividend of three per cent, has meanwhile been paid, viz: on  September 15th.  Respectfully submitted,  J.  LANGELOTH,  President.  Treasurer's  Report.  Following is a summary of the year's business :  PRODUCED.  19,939,004 lbs. copper fine, sold at an average price of $ o. 1 778  3"i6.947 ozs. silver    "      "      " "        " 0.646S  50,020   "    gold     "      "      "        "        " 20.00  Fire Caused $1,000'Lost.  Fire broke out about six o'clock  Wednesday morning in the Rumberger building on Dominion avenue, a  two-story structure. The building was  occupied by A. Almstrom, stationer,  Frank Wilms, barber, and on the upper floor by Chief of Police Flood as  a residence and by Mayor Rumberger  as his office and private rooms. The  chief of police had just come in from  his night work when the smoke came  up into his rooms, followed by roaring  flames. He rushed to an auxilliary  hose house near by and soon had a  stream on the fire. About the same  time the city team dashed up with the  hose wagon, and with many willing  hands the fire was soon put out. The  flames originated in the barber shop  on the lower floor, where Wilms had  just lighted a fire with coal oil and left  it for a few minutes. On his return  the building was all in flames.  Probably $1,000 will cover the loss,  Mr. Flood's furniture and effects being-  ruined as well as the barber shop below. The r#st of the damage was by  water. The only insurance carried  was by Mr..Almstrom, whose damage  was by water. W. A. lutwson, of the  Queen Insurance Co., happened to be  here from Victoria, and adjusted Mr.  Almstrom's loss at $400.  DOMINION COPPER'S REPORT  Eight Months' Operating Shows Net Profit  of $139,144.  Now Earning at   Net  Rate of   About $30,000   Monthly���  President Miller's Statement.  GLORY HOLE ON  MAIN STREET  Cave on Dominion Ave.  Brooklyn Mine.  From  The total amount reali2ed equals         COSTS.  Working expenses at mines and smelter, freight,  refining, selling and general expenses ... .$2,697,164.01  Foreign ores purchased       230,276.83  Cost per ton of ore, including all expenses  $3.2988  Net cost per lb. of copper after deducting vilue of gold and silver    0.0S35  $ 4>75i>��58*69  2,927>44'-*->4  Company Will Fill in Yawning Chasm.  Surplus carried over from previous year  Net profit for year ending June 30, 1906  Less exploration expenses $ 20,753.71  Less dividends paid.     Sr0,000.00  $'.554,S75-27  1.823,617.05  $3.37S-492*32  i-3,753-7*  Net surplus June 30, 1906      There has been expended in new construction,  equipment at the mines, smelter and converter plants, etc    $105,975.14  For additional mining properties      350,485.25  All development work, renewals and repairs have  been charged to working expenses.  Mine development         S,6yS lineal feet  Diamond drill development. .   11,505     "       "  Granby ore smelted  796,188 dry tons  Foreign    " "         36,  Assets aad Liabilities.  June 30, 1906.  $2,547.73s*6'  $456,460.39  .-5*  ASSETS.  Cost of land, real estate, machinery, buildings,  dwellings and equipment $14,895,044.22  Stocks, bonds and bills receivable  45,429.32  Cash and copper on hand       1,023,833,96  fuel and store supplies  187,334.3s  $16,151,641.8s  I.IAUII.ITIES.  Capital stock . . .  In the treasury.  Issued stock     Accounts payable (current for month) . .  Dividends collected on liquidator shares  Surplus   $15,000,000.00  1,500.000 OO  $13,500,000.00  I 02,466.87  1,436.40  2,547.73s*6'  $.6,151,641.SS  G. W.  WOOSTER,  Treasurer.  Curling Club Elects Officers.  Wednesday evening the annual meeting of the I'hoenix Curling Club was  held at the city hall, and the following  officers were elected: President, ('. II.  Reeves; vice-president, A. S. Mood;  secretary-treasurer, W. I). Lawson; executive cqmmittee,   E. P. Shea, G. E.  Dey, C. L. Thornber and J. J. Strut-  z.el; ice committee, R. B. Boucher, J.  A. Morrin and G. I. McNicol. It  was decided that the executive committee should select ;i special committee to arrange for a scries of monthly  dances, to be given during the coming  winter, in order to clear off the debt of  the club, which was menrred last winter when the rink was greatly enlarged.  In the wee small hours of Tuesday  morning, as a heavy blast was set off in  a stope up from the 250-foot level of  the Brooklyn mine, it broke through  to the surface, and a portion of Dominion avenue, one of the main thoroughfares of the city, began sliding into the hole, and has bean sliding more  or less since. No one was injured by  the incident, and Supt. Gardanier at  once began preparing to fill in the  yawning chasm,, which was fenced off  at a safe distance to prercnt accidents  to pedestrians and teams. A trestle is  being built from the Idaho ore- bins,  250 feet distant, and a track- will be  laid and the hole filled with waste  rock. The hole is now probably 50  feet deep and the sime in circumference, and the seepage has continually  made the aperture larger.  The drift at the 250-foot level of the  Brooklyn-mine of the Dominion Copper Co. runs directly under Dominion  avenue, below the city hall, to a con  nection with the workings of the Idaho mine. Sloping has been going on  here, and evidently it came too close to  the surface, with the result mentioned.  As the cave has been growing larger,  Miss McDonald, milliner, and G, W.  McAuliffe, tailor, have suspended business, as Mr. McAuliffe's one-story  building is now on the edge of the  brink, though not thought to be in im  mediate danger of falling into this improvised glory hole. It will probably  take some little time to fill the hole,  which can be done easily if heavy rains  no not set in.   Most Up-to-da'e la Province.  A steam heating plant has just been  installed in the Brooklyn hotel and is  now it operation. This is one of the  most up-to-date in the province, and  is so instalied that there is no snapping or cracking noise that usually occur with steam heating. The furnace  has a capacity sufficient to heat the  new addition, which will be built to  the hotel next year This has added  very much to the comfort of the guests,  a feature the proprietor, Mr. Marshall,  has always endeavored to do. The  system was put in by Mr. Harry Snyder, a practical plumber, who contemplates locating in Phoenix.  Boundary Ore Tonnage.  Week of Ota. li. 1900.  Tons  Gianby mines   17,199  Snowshoe        '&*!  1$. C. Copper Co.:   Mother Lode.    1,740  Kmma        -to  Dominion Copper Co.: Rawhide:       594  Brooklyn-Stemwiiuler     1,947  Sunset        957  Mountain Kose  *H>  Weeklv total.   23,178  Total for 190t> 920,8:.8  .Smi-ltri- treatment: Or.inbv    14,tV>8  I?. C. Copper Co "     1,225  Ilomiuiun Copper Co     3.594  Weeklv tot ill   19.4.S7  Total for 1900 935,412  Coal Strike Situation.  Brii fly, th>:re is little change in the  Fernie coal miners' strike situation, ex-  c pt that they now announce that they  wi '. stand for a closed shop. Trail's  s nelter may close, and the Snowshoe  nine in this camp, that ships there,  h-.s let out (to men, stopping shipping.  Gianby is operating six furnaces and  B. C. Copper has a new one in blast,  both with Blairmore coke, while Do-  m'nion Copper's two furnaces continue  wi h Coleman coke, as heretofore.  Office ok the Dominion Copper Company, Ltd.,  30 Broad Street, ���  New York, September 18th, 1906.  To the Shareholders:  Your directors respectfully present their report of the state and condition  of the company for the year commencing July 31, 1905, when the present  management took charge, and ending July 31, 1906.  The report of the president, dated November 22, 1905, and mailed to each  shareholder, stated the progress made up to that time in perfecting the reorganization of the Montreal & Boston Consolidated Mining and Smelting  Company, Ltd., in transferring all its properties to your company, and in developing the mines and preparing to start the smelter.  All claims against the company, or subsidiary companies, mentioned in  the report, have been settled or successfully defended," so that at the present  time the company and the subsidiary companies are free from claims of every  nature.  On January 31, 1906, your company purchased all the properties of the  Montreal & Boston Copper Company, Ltd., including the smelter at Boundary Falls, B. C, and the Sunset, Crown Silver and C. O. D. mineral claims.  The work of exploring and developing the properties of your company  has been actively pushed under the supervision of Mr. M. M. Johnson, consulting engineer.  The Rawhide and the Idaho claims are now in a position to furnish the  additional tonnage necessary when the new furnace goes into commission, and  our output will be from 1200 to 1400 tons of ore per day, or considerably  more than double our present capacity. The plant and equipment at the  mines and smelter have been put into first-class condition.  A number of economies in operation are being introduced at the mines and  the smelter, including the equipment of both the mines and the smelter  with electrical power in place of steam. The company has been  using since last December about 600 horse power per day, at a cost of about  $135 to $140 per annum per horse power. When the electrical equipment  is completely installed, the cost per horse power per annum will be reduced  to $30.. This will result in a saving of $100,000 a year to the company over  its present cost of power, as the company will be using at least 1000 horse  power upon the installation of the new furnace.  The new furnace which has been built by the Traylor Engineering company has been shipppd and will be installed as soon as it arrives. This is the  largest furnace ever,erected in British Columbia. It will have a daily capacity  of about 800 tons of ore, and by reason of being equipped with the most  modern devices it is expected that a saving of 20 per cent in fuel will be effected, and also a large saving in the labor required to operate it. These two  items will aggregate over $100 per day. The company has secured a new  contract lor converting its matte, which will reduce the cost of this work over  25 per cent.  An analysis of the company's operations for the eight months of operation,  December' ist, 1905, to July 31, 1906, which has been largely a period of construction and development, shows 133,084 tons oforesmelted, producing 3,2 20.8.9  tans of matte, having a total value of $640,128.97. The operating cost, including mining, smelting, converting, marketing and administration expenses,  has been $500,984.93, leaving a net profit for the eight months of $139,144.04.  The results of the economies already introduced are beginning to be reflected in the company's earnings. The operations for the month of July produced earnings of $31,431.79, and on this basis the net profits of the present  smelter for 12 months would exceed $300,000. The new furnace will more  than double the present capacity, and the economies still to be completed  will reduce the present cost of producing copper. Your directors believe the  company will be able to produce its copper at a cost of not more than 8 cents  per pound.  The company has taken options on a number of claims located in the district and Is now engaged in prospecting and exploring these properties with a  view of purchasing such as may prove to be valuable to the company.  The financial statement  and trial  balance hereto   appended   set forth   the  condition of the company on July 31, 1906.  Attest: WARNER MILLER,  Leopold Herrmann, Secretary. President.  Balaace Sheet. 31st July. 1906.  ASSETS.  Mines, smelter and other properties, including a  beneficial interest in certain of this company's stock acquired under the plan of reorganization :  Cost as  of 3st   July, 1905, including  expenses of .reorganization   Additions since :  Smelter, equipment, etc      $49,278.66  Mine development and equipment.  Real estate, British Columbia   Miscellaneous   Stocks and shares   Office furniture, New York and British Columbia  Stores and fuel on hand, as certified   by  the  superintendent   Sundry debtors :  British Columbia Copper Co. ace. matte...  Miscellaneous, N. Y. and British Columbia..  $3,744,312.79  78,407.71  2,975.00  31 2.00  '20,973.37  $3  875.3S6.x6  1,792.50  740.00  38.0S5.37  $117,476.50  3,013.00  120,480.56  Cash in banks and on hand  New York   British Columbia   $17,789.93  1 8,11 4,60  -,5,00.1.53  I.I AIM LIT! KS.  Capital stock authorized :  $4,072,298.12  Whereof issued :  320,003  7-10 shares of $10 each   First mortgage   6 per   cent, gold bonds due  ist June, 1915 :  $3,200,037.00  Suudry creditors :  Open accounts, New York ana  British Co-  700,000.00  Reserves for insurance and taxes            3o73 84  Bond interest, coupons uncollected               1,440.00  Surplus account :  Profit on eigh   months' operations  98,875 62  OPERATIONS   ACCOUNT,  Mine operating accounts :  Operating expenses. . . .  Freight on ore   27III   NOVEMISKR,    1905,   TO   3ISI'    $203.785-2M  $.(.072,298.12  HIV,   1906.  32,236.29        $236,021.58  Ore purchased.  (Continued <>h (>H>;e four)  3.315*05  /''      '  :i-  H  * 1 i-i.-ij/i.j��_.i./f .  SMS  M�� "-51  <  life  i  P!  IP  #1  II  ��1  iff-  4  m  THE   PHOENIX   PIONEER.  "g"  There is a wealth of comfort in  a cup of  anj-ynrffiirssganffli*  TEA,  The Phoenix Pioneer  A.nd Boundary,Mining Journal.  ISHUUD ON HATOKUAYS llV THK  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  AT PHOH.NIX. II. C    -  W. B. WILLCOX. Manage*.  Telephone*  [ Business office No. 14.  I Mansger's residence, No. 15.  OnnSCHIPTIONB IN   ADVANCE.  *"*��"���;��������������� ��� t2����j ported to have  met  Six Month*  1.as '  ITyou are not a subscr ber to this  paper, thla  la an invitation to you to become one.  Advertising rates furnishers on application.  Legal notlcea 10 and 5 cents per line.  Four weekly Insertions constitute one month's  a-lrert nine.  1906  /SEPT.  1906  Sun. Mon.Tues. Wed.  Thu.  Fr..  Sat.  123  4  5  6  7  89      IO  11  12  -  x3  14  15 16 ' 17  18  19.  20  21  22    23      24  25  26  27  28  29   30  v    |-      ���       .  or a  Public Reading Room.  One of the best undertakings yet  attempted in Phoenix for the genetal  good of the community is that of a  public library and reading room, which  is expected to be opened in the course  of another week or.two. The subject  is one that has been considered in all  its aspects by the members of the several labor organizations in Phoenix for  some months, and it is now, we are  pleased to note, being brought to a  successful issue.  The grear difficulty in matters of  this kind, when once started, is where  even the small support necessary for  the upkeep is to be derived. This has  been carefully considered, and the  unions, by vote, have decided to tax each  member 5 cents per month, thus providing a fund which is sure and can  . be relied upon.  The Miners' . Union has given the  use of the corner ground floor storeroom in the new opera house, at a  very low rental, and it is admirably  suited for the purpose. A number of  outside concerns have made generous  donations of cash, details of which appear in another part of this issue, and  next week a benefit dance will be given, to start the reading room off in  good shape.  This reading room will be a boon to  many men, .who, when not working,  like to be quiet and at the same time  have the privilege of access to the periodicals of the day, including a con  stantly growing library of standard  works, and the room will undoubtedly  be largely patronized this winter. This  is one of the best steps the unions  have ever taken, and we believe that  the public ate .large will agree with us,  and will show it by encouraging it in  every reasonable way. The need of it  has long been felt, and being undertaken under the auspices of organized  labor, there is.no reason why it.should  not accomplish all that is expected of  it and be fully appreciated by the hundreds of.men cynployed   in this camp.  were termed "welchers." Up lo date,  according' to report, losses have been  paid by dollar for dollar companies up  lo $154,000,000, and strong pressure  is being brought to bear on many of  the welchers, who are able to do so,  110 make them settle on an equitable  basis, with 'sonic prospect of success.  Many of them have taken advantage  of the earthquake clause in their policies, and thus evaded settlement.  It is interesting to note that almost  every company now doing business  throughout British Columbia is re-  its losses in San  Francisco satisfactorily and promptly,  j the welchers being among those not  represented in British Columbia.  Were this not so, it may be assumed  that the advertising which the welchers  are to begin to receive shortly from  prominent interests in San Francisco,  would not help them get business in  British Columbia. As it will be, however, the welchers will "undoubtedly  have their troubles to secure new business all over the west unless they step  up to the captain's office and do the  right thing.  And this is as it should be. Relying on their fire policies and the  companies behind them, every faith  was put in those corporations. If they  do not keep faith at such a time, when  the need is so great, and when they  are fully able to do so, they should be  emblazoned to the entire world. And,  vice versa, those who have met losses  promptly should, and doubtless will,  receive future business of this kind.  The Pioneer Wonders---  If the Cubans ever  Teddy's "big stick."  really   heard  of  If those Fernie miners ever know  their own minds for six months at a  time.  If the objectors to the purchase of  the city team are satisfied now at its  usefulness.  How much cash residents of- the  Boundary left in Spokane in the last  two weeks.  1 low it is that the Grits have not  announced another election in the last  fifteen minutes.  Whether Nelson and Kaslo could  either of them have a fair or a celebration without scrapping over the outcome.  If the Manufacturers' Association  took that recent western junket with  the idea of seeing how high they dare  raise the tariff. I  Why coal miners   in British Colum  bia seem to have twice as   many labor  troubles as all other classes of laboring  men combined.  If Government Engineer Gamble is  waiting till another epidemic breaks  out'in I'hoenix before he sends along  the report on the sewerage system, 011  which he has been working for several  months, more or less.  If it can be a fact that the Crow's  (Nest Pass Coal Co. actually slopped  their employees at the Coal creek  mines from raising vegetables, chickens, etc., so as to throw trade 10 stores  in which the company has an indirect  interest.  Wounds, Bruisea and Burns.  THE OBSERVATORY  Things Talkkd of at  I IIOMK AND Kl.SKWIinUK  Okanagan exchanges state that Duncan Ross, M. P., has promised Salmon Arm $5,000 for a wharf, but we  haven't heard of Duncan promising  anything special for the immediate section where he lives���the Boundary.  At the Dominion election, however, a  couple of years ago, he promised immediate construction of the Grand  Trunk Pacific through this province, if  only a "solid seven" were sent to Ot  tawa from this province. They were  sent, but the promises ol Mr. Ross,  Mr. Templeman and others have yet  to be made good. Promises seem to  be a strong card with our Liberal  friends, but fulfilling them is an entirely different matter.  �����  A writer has grouped some interest  ing facts about the world's m.ost remarkable city street. He says: The  highest street in the world is main  street, in Denver; the richest is Fifth  avenue, in New York City; the widest  is Market street, in Philadelphia; and  the shortest is the Rue Ble, in Paris.  The dirtiest street is that of Tchang-  sti, in Nankin; the cleanest is the Via  Castile, in Seville, Spain; the most  aristocratic one is Grosvenor Plrce, in  London; the most beautiful is the Avenue des Champs Elysees, Paris. The  narrowest street is the Via Sol, Havana, Cuba, which has a width of only  forty-two inches.  "(..heer up I The world is taking  your photograph. Look pleasant. Of  course you have your troubles; a whole  lot of them. Nevertheless, cheer up  The storm will soon be over." Pretty good philosophy, that.  MS  A press dispatch states that it is understood that the postmaster-general  will shortly announce an increase in  the scale of salaries paid to rural postmasters, fqr which the latter have been  clamoring for years on account of the  increased cost of living in almost every  part of the Dominion. This is a good I  idea, but no one hears any one from  Ottawa annonncing in loud tones���or j  in low ones, either���that the exceedingly poor mail service in western  Canada will be improved.  Troubles  of the  Welchers.  iVhen the smoke had cleared  away  after the disastrous earthquake and fire  By applying an antiseptic dressing to  wounds, bruises, burns and iike injuries  before inflammation sets in, they may  be healed without maturation and in  1 about one-third the time required by  the old treatment. This is the greatest discovery and triumph of modern  surgery. Chamberlain's Pain Balm acts  on this same   principle.     It is an anti  at San Francisco, last April, it was j septic and when applied to such injur  finally agreed that the losses by the J ies, causes them to heal very quickly,  hundred or mor* insurance companies j li also allays   the   pain and   soreness  and prevents any danger of blood poisoning. Keep a bottle of Pain Balm  in your home and it will save you time  and money, not to mention the inconvenience and suffering such injuries  entail.    For sale by all druggists.  .One of the greatest advertisements  that the C. P. R. ever had in this or  the old country is the "Over Seas"  limited train, which it is now running  between Quebec and Vancouver,- connecting with its own lines of steamships on the Atlantic and Pacific  oceans, and making the railway run in  about 90 hours from coast to coast.  Recently on one trip six hours in time  were made up by this train, a remarkable accomplishment. Great credit is  due the C. P. R. for the enterprise  manifested in this new train, which  brings the mother country so much  nearer the Orient ��� a fact that,  in time of war or other need, may be  ot' the greatest importance.  Mt  Every day or   two   the   Pipneer  is  favored with communications from this  or that concern   or   body, with  a  request that we give the same an   insertion in this family weekly.    No   mention is ever made of a quid pro quo in  tliis connection, but we are asked to do  it for the good of the cause, whatever  it may happen lo  be.    This week we  received   one  of these letters, with a  nicely printed   story which would   occupy about three columns  of this  paper, and be of no   special   interest   to  the majority of our readers.    We are  willing   to   do   our   share   and a little  more   in   assisting   any worthy  object  that is not onerated as a money making  enterprise, but we must draw the line  somewhere, and we   do  it right   here.  To such concerns, working schemes ol  their own, our advertising rates will be  furnished on application.  How crazy the press correspondents  do get, sometimes. V\'e have just noticed a report in a Seattle paper, dated  at Winnipeg, about the Fernie c;al  miners' strike. It says that 5,000 miners  are out, that there have been several  clashes between the men and the police,  and that the government is taking a  hand in the settlement���none of which  are statements of facts. The penny-a-  liners are certainly making hay while  the sun shines, or while the strike lasts,  but we hope and trust that the matter  will not get as bad as stated, which it  certainly has not as yet.  are already scattering inland in logging  camps, etc. Even n few of them have  reached the Boundary, being employed  in the construction of the Kettle Valley lines branch up the North Fork of  Kettle river, just what will be done  about it remains to be seen, but R. G.  MacPherson, M. I'., from Vancouver,  has been making some strong representations regarding the matter before  the Ottawa authorities.  There is nothing like the force of  printers' ink. Last week the Pioneer  called attention to the fact that the  lumber had been on the ground for  several weeks for P. Burns & Co.'s  new block in this city, and nothing  had been done. Doubtless the deliberate contractor saw the item, for,  bright and early Monday morning, he  was on the ground with his saw and  jackplane and began to do business  It pays to advertise.  ��������  Gentle reader, have you noticed the  label on your copy of the Pioneet  lately? Does it read 906 (meaning  paid up to September, 1906), or any  less figures? If so, it means that you  are in arrears to this great family journal, and that we will appreciate your  prompt attention to the matter. Our  paper bills come due regularly, and,  strange to say, the wholesale houses expect us to meet the drafts when presented. Then the typographical artists on this g. f. j. eat regularly, and  that also requires coin of the realm.  Doubtless you have overlooked the  matter, which is small to you, but in  the aggregate large to us, and if you  happen to be one of those from one  to four years in arrears, payment now  will be doubly appreciated. Now, then,  who will speak first ?  ��n  Your Uncle Samuel has, as expected, taken possession of Cuba, and War  Secretary Taft is the military governor.  Natives of that wondeifully fertile  island have proved that they are utterly incapable of self-government, and it  is a good thing for them that the United  States is. willing to protect them from  themselves.  Sick Headache Cured.  Sick headache is caused by derange-  of the stomache and by indigestion.  Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver  Tablets correct these disorders and effect a cure. By taking these tablets as  soon as the first indication of the disease appears, the attack may be warded off. Get a free sample and try  it.    For sale by all druggists.  Special Rale East Via 0. R. & N.  Oct. 12th and 13th, the O.R. & N.  will sell tickets Spokane to Chicago  and return, $64'oo. St. Louis and return, $60.00. This will probably be  last special rate East. Write or call  for particulars.  H. C. Munsok, G. T. A.,  Spokane, Wash.  Nothing to Fear,  Mothers need have no hesitancy in  continuing to give Chamberlain's  Cough remedy to thetr little ones, as  it contains absolutely nothing injurious.  This remedy is not only perfectly safe  to give small children but is a medicine of great worth and merit. It has a  world wide reputation for its cures of  coughs, colds and croup and can always be relied upon. For sale by all  druggists.  : Duncan Ross at Vernon.  Duncan Ross, M. P. for  Yale-Cariboo, paid a short  visit to  the city last  week, interviewing his  henchmen and  concerting plans   for the   future,   says  the Vernon   News. ' It is   understood  that Mr. Ross was not at all" prepared  to eat humble pie  on the score of his  notable  failure to press   the   interests  of the Okanagan upon the attention of  the government  during  the past  two  sessions.    Instead, he  carried matters  with such a high hand that his faithful  adherents were fain to  swallow   their  grievances at a gulp  and   "lake back  water" with almost ludicrous  celerity.  The plausible Mr.   Ross   then  salved  their somewhat ruffled feelings   with a  glittering array of promises,   appropriations for a canal   through   the "Railroad," a Dominion public   building at  a cost of $25,000, and   the  extension  of the telephone to Lumby.  VIKK,        L.IFK  AND  ACCIDKNT.  D. J. A4aLthe<ser  3nsurance Boent  FinUMTY     IIONIIS, ��������������������������. I'l.ATS    CLASH  COMMI8HIONKII    I'OK    TAKINfi    AKI'IIUVITS  PHOENIX,   B.C.  PALACE MEAT MARKET  DOMINION AVK., PHOENIX, V..V.  Fresh and  Salt Meats.  Tel. No. 12. Fish,  Poultry and  Oysters.  ���-  j Phoenix Livery  j D.   J.   McDonald,  Everything New J  ��?  Prop.  CARRIAGES    AND    OTHER.    RIGS  ^^^^^^^^^^^ IORSES AND SADDLES. SEVERAL  m~m'^mm~HUNDRED CORDS OF DRY   WOOD  Delivered to any part of the city.  Entire Outfit New and Up-to-date.    A share of the public  patronage solicited.     'Phone 37.  DOMINION AVE., COR. BANNER ST., PHOENIX, B. C.  ��.  -��  P. 0. Box 56.  Phoenix Market.  'Phone 2.   S  P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.  Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants.  Choice Line of Fresh and Cured Meats.  Poultry, Fish and Game in Season.  All    Orders   Receive   Prompt  Attention.  Markets at Greenwood, Grand Forks, Midway,   Eholtand  till   the  other  principle Cities and Towns in B.C., Alberta and Yukon.  Headquarters: Headquarters for Boundary:  NELSON, B.C. GREENWOOD, B.C.  1    Greenwood ^t&gfC  Lll!�� j  Leave Phoenix  Leave Greenwood  9.30 a. m."j  ���2.30 p. in./  Standard Time  Prompt Attention to Express and Freight.  I. S- McCAGUE, Proprietor.  o ���***-r*-**-r-��*��T-��-��T*^^  ^  I. II. HALLfcTT  Baukistkr, Soi.icitok,  NOTAKV   Pi,,  Cubic Address :       II AI.I.KTT.  ( llrclfbir.1 M'Neil's  C.-idi*"  { Mo'eiM>t       Noil's  SIlrciroK  Miic in  I.Wlici-  liltUh'NttO']  TUCK   COLLINS  SHAVING PARLORS  and BATHROOM.  Hotel Ilnlmoml  Cor. First a*. Knob Hill Ave.   1 IIOKNIx, || (*  KingEdward Lodge, No.36  A. F. nnd A. 11.  RcgulnrcainiuuiilcntioiiS,, ,���     .  ond riiiirsdny ofench ,������'������, "'    *���<:.  Kniergcnt iiic<*tluKH ascallt��� 1 \,���  Hnll, Mcllnle Mock, '   ""<  D.11.M0KKII.L. K.U. HOI-CHUM, M.u  Secretary.  W.M.  i. o. o. fT"  SNOWSlI0KI.oiJCEN0.,b  Meets every Monday livening nt Miners'ii.,,  Visiting brethren cordially Invited.  R. Silvcrthoiiic N. (I.  Oaki.ton Cook, rCc  Hec'v   Marcus Martin, |'er. Fin. Secy  a. harrThook  PROVINCIAL ASSAYIiK.  Control and Umpire assaying u specialty    s-,���,  plea received  by  mall  or e.vp,CKS ��,�����'!,'  inul rclurnti niiidc next day. i:uirt*ini.iM..  solicited,   Ore shippers agent        ''    c"  GREENWOOD. B. 0.  A. D. MORRISON ~  JEWELER & OPTICIAN  Local Time Inupcctorfor S. F. & N  (High Class Goods always in Stock.)  GllAND FoilKH, B.C.  Gfeat Northern Railway  will sell round trip tickets Oct. 7, 8 from Phoenix to  New Orleans La.  for $83.05  '5  ���        .   Final   Return   Limit' Nov.  For further particulars see  M. M. Stephens, Agent,    or S.G.Yerkes, A.G.P.A.  Phoenix, B. C. Seattle, Wash.  ^OREGON  ShohtIine  and union Pacific  ONLY  LINE   EAST   VIA  Salt Lake and  Denver.  Two Trains Daw.v.  Steamship tickets to Kunipuiuid otliei  ioruij_'n countries.  LOW Wes  TO    EASTERN   POINTS  .AND RETURN  CO TiT THE  BEACH  For   your vacation.  $20  Round  Trip  STOPOVERS AT PORTLAND.  Wiitf! for Irook, rntrs, elc.  II.  C. .AI UNSON, <i. V. A. T. A.  Spokiint", Waiih.  Hospital Donations  Lidt of Donations received snx-i' Jan.  1st, 1905, to the Plioenix General Hospital:  Cashf 10 K. Horrell  Cn*h 1-15   J. II. M.icaulay  Cash fs A. F. B;rrv  Bookcase A. K. H. (lark  Bed I.ineu.4 doz Hozphnl L-idi-*R Aid  Cash $50 K T. Hunk  Cash |lo Jas   McCrrnth  Cash $25  -..'uuadiau krind Drill Co.  Spring Cot ; A. B   Hood  Maple Cyrup .A Vrlrnil  Gentleman's Dressing Gown Mrs. 1. ii. llr.vle  Old Linen Mrs  I. Crawford  I Box Dooks Mrs. II. A. W. Hod-res  Cash fzo  ..._ A Grand Forks Friend  Dominion Copper Co Full Set Uoiler Tube��  Cord Wood F. Buckles!  Dear Mother  having risks there amounted to $275,-  000,000. Then began the efforts on  the part of the representatives of some  of the companies to evade the losses  or  part   of them.    These  companies  Hindo immigration to this province  is beginning to attract no little attention. Being British subjects, it is dif-  cult to evolve a way to exclude these  denizens of India's coral strands, and  still they come, to be absorbed in the  laboring paths of this Pacific province.  So far, between 1,000 and i,soo of  them   have  landed at Vancouver, and  Your little ones are a conttant care in  Fall and Winter weather. They will  catch cold. Do you know about Shiloh's  Consumption Cure, the Lung Tonic, and  what it has done for so many ? It is said  to be the only reliable lemedy for all  diseases of the air passages in children.  It is absolutely harmless and pleasant to  take. It is guaranteed to cure or your money  is returned. The price is 25c. per bottle,  and all dealers in medicine sell 314  This remedy should be in every household.  THE  EASTERN  TOWNSHIPS  BANK  Issues  Drafts;  Money Orders  Travelling Checks  Letters of Credit  Payable Everywhere.  Savings j  Department i  Deposits of $1.00 and up- j  wards received. . Interest''  credited twice a year. ���   |  BRANCHES  IN  CANADA  55  CAPITAL  $3,000,000.00  RESERVE  $1,600,000.00  ESTABLISHED  1859.  Average Prices ot Copper.  ���New York���  Electrolytic. I.nlte.  Month. 1905    190(3       1905       1900  Jamiarv    15.008 18.310 10.11^ J.S.-116  February....   15.IS75 17.809 15.150 18.116  March    15.2(13 18.361  15.350 IS.IHI  April    14 918 18.375 15.010 lS.iiisS  Mav  14 027 18 457 14.820 1S.7W  June        14.075 18 442 14.813 18.71"  July   14.888 18.190 15.005 1S.SKS  August   15.604    l'J.-lfiS   September..   15.965    15.97.'      October    10.279   J0..1H2   November..  10.599 .......10758.  ���  December...  18.328      1S.39S    Year ..15.590     15.999   0  J  COLUMBIAN COLLEGE.  FouncV'] 1892���Incorporated IS93.  NEW WKST.V1IN.STKK. H.C.  ityrioes:::  SANITARIUM, Arrow Lake, B.C.   The most perfectly appointed HeAlth  and Pleasure Resort In the West, witli a com-  plelesystein of Maths���including Turkish and  Russian. Open the year round. The curalltr:  properties of its waters are unequaled.  For Curing all Rheumatic. Nervous and Muscular Troubles.  -for Healing all Kidney, Liver and Stomach  ailments.  For Humiliating all MetnllicPolsons from th  jystem  The grandeur ol the scenery Is unrivalled  Mountains,hiiow peaks, forests, lakes,water'alls.  soatlng. yachting, fishing, shooting, ezcursir ns  tennis. Its winter climate Is unsurpassed for  mlldni/i- HARRY HcINTOSH,  Proprietor.  THE COPPER HANDBOOK  to  A practical book of nearly a thousand pages, useful   to  all and   necessary-  most men enjjaced in any brancn of tie Copper Industry.  Its facts will pass muster with the trained HcientiHts, and its language is  easily understood by the every-day mini.  ft is a dozen books in one, covering the Hisiory, Uses, Terminology, Geography, Geology, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Metallurgy, Finances and Statistics of  Copper.  It.gives the plain facts in plain English without fear or favor.  It lists and describes 3,849 copper mines and companies, in all parts of the  world, descriptions running from two lines to 12 pages, according to importance  of the propertv.  I'he COPPER HANDBOOK is conceded to be the  World's Standard Reference Book on Copper  Tbe miner needs the book for the facts it gives him about mines, mining and  metal.  The investor needs the book for the facts it gives him about Mining Investments and Copper Statistics. Hundreds of Swindling Companies aro exposed  in plain English.  Price is-f6 ,in Buckram, with gilt top; $7.50 in full library morocco. Will  be sent fully prepaid, on approval, toauv address ordered, and may be returned  within a week of receipt if rot found fully satisfactory.  HORACE J. STEVENS, 36 Post Offloo Block. Houghton   Mich.. U. S. A.  Provides a Christian home fur Html-  cntH of both sexes at moderate rules.  Has a preparatory class for junior ?M!'I-  ents, doing grade public school work.  Does high school work, confers all liii-'l'  school privileges, and prepares for tcii''lifers' examinations. Teaches all brain;l'<��  .of a Practical Business Course and gives  Diplomas. Gives a liberal education in  ita Collegiate Course and in lhe l.a'hes'  Course for M.IO.L. and M.L.A. In University work, can take students throuirli  the complete Arts Course, and the degree of B.A. can be obtained from T<>r-  oiifo University, which the college is m  hit affiliation.  For fuller information and lerms write  Rev. W. J. Sippereli, B.A., B.I) , I'rinci-  paliorRev. J. P. Bowel!. Bursar.  THE  STRATtiCONA  NELSON. B.C.  B. TOMKINS, Manager.  The Win? Hotel of Ilie Kootenays  Special Rates to Commercial Men  Good Sample Rooms, f  the   pttoi ���:���;::������;   pi ."���>:���������  "The Sigrx of the Slate"  is the guide post to good shoes. It is the  sign that never misleads��� that never points  the way to doubtful shoes.  "The Sign of the Slate" marks the  home of "Slater" Shoes. It.tells the passers-  by   that  this is   the  place   of honestly  made  shoes���comfortable   shoes���stylish   shoes and   shoes    that  arc vouched for  by   a   Canadian  company   that  lives  up   to  every word of its guarantee.  The man who takes the "Sign of the,Slate" as his  guidepost, is on the straight road to foot comfort, shoe satisfaction, and economy.  Kvery pair  of  "SLA 1 HW   Shoes  has  this  trade mark  label   sewn' on   the    lining.      Whenever  you   buy���look  for   it.      Any  shoe that  has   not    this   label   in   it,    IS    NOT   a  "Slater  ' Shoe.  You  will see the "Sign of the Slate ' at  HUNTER-KENDRICK CO, Exclusive Agents, Phoenix  ---.<��j  Paris Lump  Sugar  Lends an additional flavor  to a perfect cup of tea or  coffee. It is manufactured  specially from Cane Sugar  produced on our own  Estates.  For Sale by all Grocers.  The B. C. Sugar Refining Co.  LIMITED  fAHCOUVEH.     -     -     -     ����� C.  r        FIN esT ^  * ParbLumpSugait  22332��  21bsNet.  Quality and FWilyGu*-d-nf��  Tr/SjJXKiMV/tr  PALACE LIVERY STABLES  MURDOCK McINTYRE, Prop.  25   Horses,   Full   Livery   Equipment,  Including Three New Buggies.  as there is  no  Harness Shop in   either Breen-  wood or Grand Forks, have stocked up  with   Harness  Parts.  Smkltkr Lake Ice Dkuvkkkd to Oudkk  rrompt  Attention  to   orders  ot any hour of day or night.  (phone 34.)        Phoenix, B. C.  ���unTt-i-rrinii-'inin  SEC  Nature's Wondrous Handiwork  THROUGH UTAH AND  COLORADO  Castle Ofltc. Canon of the Ornnd I  Hlack Canon, Mnrsh-ill nnd Tennessee   Passes,   and    lhe    World  famous Koynl <;orsc  >'"r   Descriptive and Illustrated    rniuplcts,  write to  W. C. Mcllridc, General Agent,  "\ Third Street PORTLAND, OR.  Phoenix Shoe Shop  A. T. TURANO, Prop.  Boots and Shoes made to order, first-class work guar-  antccd. Miners' Boots a  specialty, guaranteed water  proof.  First Slreel . 0pp. Knob Mill Motel  Phoenix, B. C.  Mines   Department,   Victoria,  B. COct. 6, 1906.  Persons InlendiiiK to offer thrniselvis at the examination, tobo held thial'iill, for Provincial As-  sayers, nre rci|ti<sted to notify lite u.idersigned,  and in the event of u sullicient number olfi-riiic  an examination will be ni mused for at Nelson,  II. C, as well as at Victoria. II. C.  R   I'. TOLMIE.  Deputy Minister ul Mines.  "THE  MILWAUKEE"  'THE   PIONEER    LIMITED"   ST.    PAUL    TO  CHICAGO.  "Overland    Limited"    Onuha    to    Chicago.  "SOUTH-WEST LIMITED"   KANSAS   CITY   TO  CHICAGO.  No trains in the service on any railroad in the world equals in equipment  that of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St.  Paul Ry. They own and operate their  own sleeping and dining cars and give  their palrons an excellence of service  not obtainable elsewhere.  Berths in their sleepers are longer,  higher and wider than in similar cars  on any other line. They protect their  trains by the Block system.  R   1.. l'ORD, Commercial Agent,  Room i. Marble Hank Bldg., Spokane Wash.  H.S. ROWK,General Afrent.  i.V) Third Street, Tortlaud, Oreuon.  Many housewives think  it cheaper to buy than to  bake. That is because their  baking isn't successful every  time. Their failures run  the cost up.    Get  Royal Household  Flour  and follow directions. The  result will be light, wholesome bread or pastry every  time. You pay a few cents  more for Royal Household,  but those few cents buy  certainty and purity. Your  grocer can supply you.  Wlvie Hour Mills Co., Ltd.  155 Montreal.  Latest Mining Stock Quotations.  Following are the approximate prices  of mining stocks for thiB week:  SID ASKBD  American Bov           2% 03>��  B.  C. Standard         20 25  Belcher Mountain        45 50  B.  C. Copper  10 25 10 75  Can. Con.  M.  and  S..130 00   160 00  California        02 04  Can. Gold  Fields         06^ 07  Cariboo-McKinney ....       02 03  Copper King        28 SO  Dominion  Copper     4 50 6 50  Denoro Mines         07 OS  Deer Trail  Con         01M 02  Eureka  Copper         ��� 10  Uranbv Con   11 75 12 25  Fisher'Maiden         02 03  Giant         01 02  International Coal         60 05  Jumbo         16 20  La  Plata         15 20  Nicola Coal Mines         05 04J-J  North Star         05 06>*  Pathfinder         03>>< 04>$  Payne           02 04  Referenda 111         05 06  Rambler-Cariboo         37 35  Sullivan :        15 10  Snowstorm     2 GO 2 40  Sonora         04 % 05  Stewart     1 10 2 00  TamarackA Chesapeake    1 00 1 15  White   Hear         07 OS  Washington  Meteor...        00 10  Eicspes a Lot of Trouble.  The business man, if such there be,  who does not believe in the power 01  printer's ink, should take note of the  following, by a man who once believed  as he did:  The modern merchant who never  advertises escapes a lot of trouble. He  may keep out of it without intending  to do anything of the sort, but he escapes it just the same. He gets rid of  the trouble of preparing advertise  ments, and, ol course, has no worry  about changing them and keeping  them up-to date. He is not bothered  about the way his advertisements are  printed, nor the position they occupy.  He may say, with much truthfulness,  that it is no trouble to show goods,  for he is seldom asked to show any.  But his greatest saving of trouble is  not having to sell goods tu people who  stay away, but would come if he advertised. Then as he sells few goods,  he has few goods to buy, and there is  more trouble saved. He never has  the trouble of selecting and paying a  large staff of assistants. He gets rid  of the trouble of having to pay for advertisements. Finally he never has the  trouble of enlarging his store, or of re  moving to a bigger one, and it is very  little trouble to count his money.  INTERNATIONAL COAL & COKE CO.  Made   Record   for One   Day'g   Shipment In  Crow's Nesl.  H. N. Galer, manager of the International Coal and Coke Co., of Coleman, Alberta, who is on the coast,  states that the record of all the mines  in the Crow's Nest Pass was broken  when his company mined and shipped  i,7S 1 tons of coal in one shift. This  took place three or four weeks ago. It  was done without any special effort on  the part of the company, and during  the shift the box-car loader was out of  commission for fully one hour. A. C  Flumerfelt is president of the company.  It is just four years ago this month,  says the Victoria Colonist, since the  first coal mined from this property was  taken out and tested in the coke ovens  at Fernie. The property at that time  was known as the Paulson mine and  under the charge of Mr. Newport. The  coal was first opened up at a point on  the veins about three miles back in  the hills from the present site of the  town of Coleman, where is now situated the present mines and workings of  the company. The coal was sacked  and brought out to Blairmore on pack  horses, A. P. McDonald, now of Coleman, but at that time running a livery  stable at Frank, having the contract.  More depended upon the test made  on this coal than anyone at the time  dreamed of, for on it rested the fate of  what is today the International Coal  & Coke Company, and the prosperous  town of Coleman.  At that time the present site of the  mine and workings had not even a  prospect hole upon it or the veins uncovered, that portion of the property  then belonging to the Hudson's  Bay Company, and the land upon  which is now situated the up-to-  date plant and works was a series of  creek bottoms, bog and brush. The  town of Coleman was not even thought  of, and yet it lacks a month of its being  three years since it was laid out into  town lots and the first buildings started. Many of Coleman's foremost cit  izens were then in the Pass, but took  little interest in the tests being made  upon the coal.  WILL OPEN  READING ROOM  Good Cause Fathered By the  Unions.  General Donations Are Now  In Order.  An Awful Cough Cured.  "Two years ago our little girl had a  touch of pneumonia, which left her  with an awful cough. Shi- had spells  of coughing, just like one with the  whooping cough, and some thought  she would not get well at all. We got  a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, which acted like a charm. She  stopped coughing and got stout and  fat," writes Mrs. Ora Bussard, Brue  baker, 111. This remedy is for sale by  all druggist.  May Sell Nickel Plate.  There is much speculation as to the  outcome of the thorough investigation  being made of the Nickel Plate mine  at Hedley by a big New York mining  company. It is believed that the pur  chase of the Nickel Plate by this company would mean a great stride forward tor Hedley and the whole Similkameen. It is reported that internal  dissensions in the Daly company have  curtailed its further progress, hence  the proposed sale as a means of satisfying the dissentients. All depends on  the report made by Mr, Channing,  mining expert, who arrived in Hedley  a few days ago, to make a personal examination and receive results of assays.  WISE AND OTHERWISE.  It is easy to expect others to set  good examples.  When opportunity knocks it doesn't  use a hammer.  Despair is the undertaker that carts  eff our dead hopes.  Occasionally a man rises from nothing to something worse.  Prodigals have always exceeded the  supply of fatted calves.  It doesn't require much practice to  acquire the art of being lazy.  Many a man who takes himself seriously is looked upon as a joke by  others.  OLLA PODRIDA  Johnny���Tommy, let's put our pennies together and buy ma a Christmas  present.  Tommy���All right.  "What shall it be?"  "1 guess we had better get ber a  padded slipper."  Casey���An' whoi did ye name th'  baby afther th' Czar ?  Corrigan���Well, he don't know a  dom thing about anythin' an'sthill he's  th' boss.'  *  "We never realize the full value of  a thing until we lose it," remarked the  man who was fond of moralizing.  "That's right," replied the practical  man, "especially if the thing lost was  insured."  The following sublime paragraph is  from one of the latest fashionable  novels :  "With one hand he held her beautiful head above the chilling waves, anil  with the other he called loudly for as-j  sistance!"  * . .    .       i  "There is only one ordained missionary in the world for 900,000 heathens, ���  your excellency," said the cannibal.       \  "Well, I got mine,"   said   the   can-'  nib.il chief, rubbing Ins lips. ,  This week the Pioneer was handed  the following letter, with a request foi  publication, and we take pleasure in  presenting the matter herewith:  Phoenix, 13. C, Oct.  1, 1906.  Editor Pioneer,  Phoenix, 13. C.  Dear Sir: --Some time since a movement was started by the several unions  in Phoenix to establish a free reading  room and library in the city. After  talking tilings over, it was decided to  first write to the wholesale houses doing business in Phoenix, such as machinery and powder companies, department stores, wholesale liquor concerns, and dry goods and grocery firms,  asking if they wished to assist the project. That they have responded generously is evident from the following  list of donations already received :  Bennett Fuse Co    $25  Hamilton  Powder Co      20  Hudson's  Bay Co      20  Allis-Chalmers-Bullock, Ltd.....     15  P. Burns & Co      15  Win. Braid & Co      12  A. McDonald & Co        5  Turner, Beeton & Co        5  XV. H. G. Malkin & Co.        5  B. & K. Milling Co        5  The unions interested,   namely, the  I. \V. W., Carpenters and Miners, have  agreed to provide a steady revenue of  5 cents per month from each member,  but feel that, as the permanency of the  undertaking is now assured, we can  confidently appeal to the citizens 01  Phoenix for support.  The corner room in Miners' Union  block has been secured at a nominal  rental, and the caretaking has also  been voluntarily provided for. What  we need greatly now are books, magazines, etc. Almost everyone can help  a little by donations of money or literature. Eiiher will be thankfully received Books should be sent to the  reading room, or will be called for on  notification. All money donated should  be sent to the Eastern Townships  Bank, Phoenix, to the credit of the  Phoenix Library Fund.  When completed, the reading room  will be open every day and evening for  the use of the public, and accounts for  moneys received or expended will at  all times be shown to any one making  inquiries for the same.  Thanking you in advance   for space  in your valuable paper, we remain,  Yours truly,  R. D. Mitchell, Chairman.  D. M. Si-KARE,, Sec.-Treas.  Members of the unions in Phoenix  have shown their interest in the establishment of a reading room here for  the general use of the public by voluntarily taxing themselves 5 cents per  month each for its support. This  practical method of showing faith will  commend itself, and should encourage  others to do their part, however small  it may happen to be. Next week Friday a benefit dance will be given, and  every man residing in this community  should invest in at least one ticket for  the cause. At present there is noth  ing whatever of this kind, and it is  something that should carry its own  endorsement to any right-thinking man  or woman, and we believe that it will  do so.   Torments of Tetter and Eczema Allayed.  The intense itching characteristic of  eczema, tetter and like skin diseases is  instantly allayed by applying Cham-  berlain.s Salve and many severe cases  have been permanently cured by its  use.    For sale by ail diuggists.  j B. C. MINING j  Rossland ore shipments last week  were given as 6,711 tons, making a  total of 241,071 tons for 1 906 to date  The Iron Mask, at Rossland, lately  bought by the Consolidated Company,  is being unwatered as a preliminary to  resuming operations upon it.  The instillation of the   50-ton, 650  horse power, three-phase electrical mo  tor in the compressor  building of the  Center   Star, at   Rossland. is   in   pro  gress.  Repairs to the Norlhp >rt smelter  and to the lluiiie continue, and it will  take at least till October 15th to complete them, when smelting I.e Roi ore  is scheduled to recommence.  =D Cf  ^  INDIGESTION  1*1 the most prolific cause of disease  iu the human boil v. Almost any  ailment   may   follow   in   its   wake !  BILIOUSNESS  Is one of the most common coiise-  yuence.l nnil is utmost certKin to be  followed hy  CONSTIPATION  You can cure them all with  Mother Seigel's Syrup  "The ordinary man must feel funny  when he is introduced  to royalty."       ;  "Oh, I don't know. I met four  kings once and I fell far from funny." '  600 per bottle.    Sold everywhere.  A.   J.   WllITK  A   CO.,    MONTKKAI..  =d a  MR. ALfRED PLEAU  PE-RU-NR STRENGTHENS  THE ENTIRE SYSTEM.  Mr. Alfred Pleaa, an expert machinist,  173 St. John Street, Quebec City, Can.,  writes:  "Two years ago, an accident necessitated my confinement for several  weeks. The good health I had enjoyed  was slipping away and there developed  a complication of diseases. My physician said my case was one of general  debility.  "Among tbe many ailments which  developed was a seriouei attack of catarrh, -which annoyed me considerably  and kept me awake whole nights.  "/ decided to give Peruna a trial  and soon found it acting as a wonderful tonic to my system. The catarrh  grew less severe and shortly afterward disappeared, as did also the  various other maladies.  "I attribute my prompt relief and ultimate cure entirely to the use of Pernna  and gladly recommend it."  THIS IS THE TIME  to order your   supply  of   Fire   Wood,  eiiher   for   immediate  use  or for the  future.    All orders promptly filled.  Dally  Leave  9:00 a.ni,  Spokane. Seattle,  Everett, ReUingliam  Vancouver Vlcioria,  and all Coast  points   9:00 a.in,  9:00 a.m.  9:00 a.m.  Spokane, Fernie,  Winnipeg, St. Paul,  Minneapolis   Grand Forks, Republic, Curlew, Marcus and Ferry (Hid  way)   Northport, Kossland  Nelson -   6.55 p.m.  6'55 P*m-  6:55 p.m.    >tk  Ex. Sun.  9:00 a.m.   Kaslo, Sandon   Kx. Sun.  Coiii-ecling at Spokane with the famous  "ORIENTAL   LIMITED"  ��-���DAILY  OVrn IAND TRAINS-?  From Spokane for Winnipeg-, St^ Paul.  I Minneapolis, St. Louis Chicago and alt  I points east  For complete Information,   rates,   berth  j reservations, etc., call on or address,  M. M. STEPHENS, Agent.  Phoenix.  S G. YBKKES, A. Q. P. A.,  Seattle,  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Belle View Fractional","Hattie Axe Fractional'  and "Apez Fractional"  Mineral Claims' ��H  imteln  the Oreeuwood  Mining Division o  Yale District.    Where   Located:    Iu Green  wood Camp.  TAKK   NOTICE   that I, Isaac H.   Hallctt   as  A>;eut for Eric K. Jackson Free Miner'.; Certificate No. USs��4-i, and  Francis w. (jroves. Free  Miner's Certificate No 1179969,11111*1111,��odays from  '��� date liereot, to apply to the MitiiiiK Reconiet for  ( Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose ol  I obtaining Crown Grants of the above etinnis.  !     And further take notice that action, under sec-  . tion 37, must be commenced before the issuance  j of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this lothday of May, A. D. 1906.  I. U. HALI.ETT.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Sovereign" Mineral Claim, sitvate in the Greenwood .Mining Division of Yale District. Where  located:    In Providence camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallctt, as  agent lor George  W.  Rumberger,  Free   Miner's  Certificate No.  B91423. and Harry Nash,   Free  Miner's Certificate No 1)91578, intend, sixty days  from the <late hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for *. lie  purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of theabov**  claim  And further take notice thit action, undev ��  ���  tion 37   must be commenced before the issuar*  of such Certificate of improvements.  Dated this loth day of April, A.D. 1906.  I. H. HALLE r   .  OENKRAL    SANITARV    AXD    SCAVENGER  WORK DONE ON SHORT NOTICE.  D. L. Mclntominey  City Scavenger,  TEL. No. B32.        PHOENIX, B.C.  GR*AT NORTHERN  SUMMER  EXCURSIONS.!  Phoenix to Chicago, St. Louis, St.Paul,  Minneapolis, Duluth, Kansas City, St.  Joseph, Leavenworth, Omaha, Council  Bhift's, .Sioux City and Fort William at  first ela=3 fare plus $10 for the round  trip. Selling dates Julv 2nd antl August  7th, Sth and 0th, and .Sept. Sth and 10th,  flood for flO days, but not after October  olst. 1906. Ten days will be allowed  from date of sale on goinsr portion of  tickets. Stop-overs will be. allowed  west of Missouri river, bl. Paul, Duluth  and Fort William.  Odd   Fellows,   Toros'to,   Ont.,   Skpt.  12-2o, 1906.  Selling dates, Sept. Sth and 10th. Going limit, Sept. 22. Final return limit,  Nov. 30th, l'Ji.C.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements,  NOTICE.  "Old Bird" Mineral Claim, situate in th    Greenwood Mining Division of Yale Disf.ct. Where  located:   In Lone Lake Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I,   Isaac H    Hallett. as  agent for  William  L.  C. Gordon, Free Miner's  Certificate No. BS6333, intend, sixty days from the  date hereof, lo apply lo the Mining   Record .1 lor  n Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take noticr that action, under section 37, must be commenced hefore the issuaue-  of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 21st day of April. A.D. roo6  34-  I   H. HALLETT.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  .   NOTICE.  "Bounty Fractional" Mineral Claim, situate in  the Greenwood Mining Division  of Yale District. Where located:   On Wallace Mouutau.  T-��KE NOTICE that I, Isaac K. Hallett.  Free  Miner's Certificate No. B91.14S, lor myself, and as  a* '.'HI for Thomas T.  Henderson.   Free   Miner*  Certificate No.   BS5S09,  intend, sixty days  from  date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Kecorder for  a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown Grant of the above rlaim.  And further take notice that a.-tiot. under .-cc-  tiou 37, must be commenced   before  lhe isuance  of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 30th day of March, A I)  if/��.  J I. II. HALLETT.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  Knights of Pvtiiias, Nkw Orleans,  Oct. 15-25th. 1S)0(>.  Selling dates,Oct. 7th and Sth. Going  limit, Oct. 16th. Final return limit,  Nov. 15th.  For the above meetings, first class fare  pins $10.  Ci.Mdren of half age will take half the  above rales.  S. G. Yekkks, Asst.-Gen. Pass. Agent,  Seattle, Wash.  M. M.STKriiKNF, Alien", Plioenix, B.C  I NOTICK.  I "Smilax Fractional" and "Billy Vtaelioiial" Mm-  ! eral Clams, situate in the Gw* r.-.votxl Mining  Division of Yale District.   WV.ve located- In  i        SV/lark Camp  I TAKE NOTICK that I.Isaac H. Hallett. Free  1 Miner's Certificate No. B9H4S, for myself, and at  i agent for Albert E. Ashcroft. Free Miner's Cerli-  I ficate No. B9176Q, intend, sixty days from Uie  ! date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder lor  I Certificates of Improvements, for the purpoie ol  ! obtaiuim; Crown Grants of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under s. ���>  ! tion 37, mii't be commenced before   the  issuance  of such i*.-tl;fi.-ates of Improvements.  Datel *h's :6th day of April, AD. 1906         J4_ I. H   HALLETT.  ��5����<S)'��Vi>.;  If You Do Not Read The  PHOENIX PIONEER  And Boundary Mining Journal  I   You will not keep up-to-date on the progress  1 of the  I  I Great Boundary Mining District  In British Columbia.  The Boundary lias protlucet'l ore valued al nc.uls  $20,000,000 in a litlle over six years, and in moo its  output is expectt-i.1 to he $('1,000,000. It has tlmv  modem smelters���one of them the largest in Canada ���  and about 20 shipping mines, sendim; out some (.o^.;  tons of coppcr-t;old ore daily.  The Pioneer   is   entirely   different   from   any   other  paper  It is published in the heart of this marvellous  mineral bell al only $2 per annum. To any one in'.er  esied here it is worth live times as much. Make all  money orders payable to  PIONEER   PUBLISHING   CO.,  ITIOI'.N'IX,   H.  17  Cv  J>  ��     Siunpk* copy sent on application  -MB5MWJ1'11JMUBUJMI n  THE   PHOENIX   PIONEER.  z *  �� 1/ * It  i-t J  ml  w  !'  pi  I?  i  St��s  Mi  *1H  1 ��H  Bf *���? *'  ml  m  Mi  > e  ill *  Pi!  >l  Si ..  X  leidlni Hotel ���( Boundary's tetdlni  ttlnlttf Cinp  Hotel Balmoral  New and Up-to-date,  Centrally Located,  Good Sample Rooms,  Corner Knob BUI Ave., and First St.,  PHOENIX, B. C.  j. a monaster  Proprietor.  m  .o.  (Continued from page one)  Smeltei operating expense:  Sample mill  $  12,005.39  Blast Furnace  ' *->4>*--57-5.>  Slag  railway  10,457.08  Power and Light  20,571.2(1  Pumping  2.-27*7 7  General expenses  r.370*1'  211,289.14  i ��>omtnion Ibotel I  General expenses, British Columbia :  General   Office   Laboratoiy ���      Traveling;   ��ID 3ronsifc>e0 Hve.,  This la the Largest Hotel In the City  ���ud has been Improved and refitted,  being well adapted for mining and  travelling men. Balhrocm. Bar well  stocked with choice goods. Dining  Room undei personal charge of the  proprlelreas.  phoenfo B.C.  Mrs. P. L. McKElVEY, Prop.  TlLCPHONC  No.   77.  ftfttg&iftaMK^  ....J  t  i  TMC    ONLV   FIRST-CLASS    AND    OP-TOOATE  HOTEL   IN   PHOENIX  Ibotel Brooklyn  Matte freight   General expenses, New York :  Salaries of officers, etc   Legal, mining expert and other professional  services    Traveling   Rent, New York office   General and office expenses   Balance, being profit on eight  months' operations, carried down 7.  $10,718.25  5.005-36  4,077.51  r.445*85  $11,537.24  i",3SS*7S  2.408.78  520.30  4.323' -2  21,256.97  418.66  50,147.S9  139,144.04  PROFIT   AND   LOSS   ACCOUNT,  Interest on 6 per cent, first mortgage bonds. .  Exchange    ;   Balance, being profit, carried to balance sheet  $64 1, -593 22  $42,545-26  (2S.7S  9S.S75.72  Sales of matte.  Rents   YEAR   TO   31ST  JULY,   I 906.  $141,519.66  $640,128.97  1,464.36  $64t.593*33  Profit on operations account, brought down     $139,1.(4.04  Interest on bank deposits  2,405.62  $  141,549 66  t rao�� oiiLAa  MST UWU  HOW  ���OUXOMT  ���PMSITS    MW  ���wio-a  -mtmhoom m oonasatian  JAMES MARSHALL, Proprietor  Ipboeniy, B.C.  ^%^^^%^*v%o  s Hotel.  In and Around Phoenix  BRIEF  TOPICS  OF   LOCAL  AND   GENERAL  INTEREST  TO   PHOENICIANS.  t  DANNY DEANE, Prop.  fhis new house is now open  for inspection. Everything new  neat and clean. Heated by hot  water.  Meals at all Hours, served in  the style which has already  made this house famous. Try  our Sunday dinner, of whicli  . we make a specialty. If you do ���  you'll come again.  First St.,  on the Bridge.  Phoenix, B. C  Telephne A24.  Peter Dawson's "Extra Special"  SCOTCH WHISKY.  Greenwood Liquor Co., Greenwood, B. c.  i  Real Estate and Mines  Houses*to Rent, City Property for Sale, Shares in all the  leading mine's bought and sold.  G.W. Rumberger  1  Dominion Ave.  Telephone No. 28.  *��  ��  Phoenix, B.C.   5  Information   about   Phoenix   and  the  ���Boundary country given on application.  @<$fc>'��"<-��*����>'@-<-J*��^@^$C> �� <^C^@  A SUN DIAL  records the exact time.   Men of nffairs  require promptitude in keeping engagements.  TIMEPIECES  that keep exact time are a  part of our  jnwelry ofl'orinir.  You won't losea train if your watch is  1-ought here. We "show a fine assortment and at extremely low prices. Call  ami 9ee them.  House for Rent.  Three-room house for rent, furnished, on Dominion avenue. Rent $15  per month.    Apply VV. Wills.  Millinery Opening Postponed.  Miss McDonald's Millinery opening  which was to be held October 10th,  has been unavoidably postponed. Announcement of date of opening will he  made later, in the Pioneer.  Hannam's milk suffers no addition  or subtraction.  New and second hand goods sold  by R. J. Gardner.  Woodchoppers wanted. Inquire of  J. J. Bassett, Hartford Junction.  Prescriptions properly prepared by  Boyle, the Druggist.  Mrs. Danny Deane presented her  husband with a son at the hospital on  Wednesday, October 3d.  The Hunter-Kendrick Co.   is erecting a new barn on its   propeity  ing on Old Ironsides avenue.       front  Harvest Thanksgiving Services will  be held in the Methodist Church, Sunday evening. Snbject: "A Basket of  Summer Fruit."  James Marshall now has his $3,000  heating plant installed in the Hotel  Brooklyn and in operating order, with  its 47 radiators.  Murdock Mclntyre is now running  a second level in making excavations  for enlarging his barn. Me has not  struck pay ore yet, but has hopes.  This week the Binns furniture store,  on Old Ironsides avenue has been con-  diderably improved on the exterior,  making it much warmer for the winter.  D. J. McDonald, proprietor of the  Phoenix livery stable, has received a  car of Bankhead cot.], .said to be the  best domestic coal mined in British  Columbia.  The Rebekahs wish those interested  to remember their first annual ball,  which takes place on Thanksgiving  evening October 1 Sth, at Miners' Union hall.  V.F. Cooper, the blind phrenologist,  who will give lectures here in October,  after spending aday here .this week,  returned to his homestead at Hayden  Lake, near Spokane, Thursday.  This week Frank Buckless bought  out the livery stable of D. A. Banner-  man m Greenwood, and has taken possession. The purchase price is not  made public, but it is understood to  be in the neighborhood of $9,000.  A narvest home was held at the  Methodist church last evening, with a  special musical and literary programme,  Rev. E. Manuel, of Grand Forks, presiding It took the form of a welcome  lo Rev. Whittaker, the pastor, who returned from his trip to his home at  Manchester, England, last Saturday.  Boyle, the Druggist.  Dr. Mathison, dentist.  Don't forget   Boyle  is the Druggist  Advertising helps to sell more goods  increasing  Warning To Water Tennnls. |  In excessive cold weather, past win-1  ters, some   tenants  have   allowed   the |  water to run to keep it from   freezing. |  To all tenants who find it necessary to j  do this we wish   to sound   a. note   of j  warning :     VV'hen the water is found to >  be thus running to waste, it will be cut j  off,  without nonce, and  not turned on  again until April   ist, 1907.    Moral���  Make your service pipes frost-proof.  Phoenix Water Supply Co.,  Limited,  J. L. MARTIN, Mgr.  ���w^^mafrnwmnff  $ The Marsh Block     ^  "-j is   now  open   as   a  First Class  j��  3 Rooming   House.      Parlies   de- ft,  "* .                                          '            !"'  ���s siring quiet   comfortable   rooms  ���"���  tJ l.t  jj will do well by applying at once.  ��  J ���=                       \  I J. V. O'Loughlin   I  the  cost of doing  without  business.  M. M. Stephens sells all kinds  Steamship tickets to or from Europe,  via New York, Boston or Montreal.  Lowest rates. See him at Great  Northern depot.  Owing to the tire in the Rumberger  building, where my store is located,  and the damage to my stock by water,  I will sell Stationery and any of the  stock that wrs damaged by fire at  greatly reduced prices. This is no  bluff���come and see.    Al.   Almstrom.  COMING AND GOING  Collector and -Mrs���William Delahay  went to Spokane Sunday to take in the  fair.  Frank Buckless returned from Spokane Monday, where he visited the  fair.  Mrs. O. N. Galer returned Monday  from a several weeks' visit in and neat-  Spokane with friends.  H. A. Wright took in the Spokane  fair this week, and incidentally the  Coeur d'Alene country also.  Mayor G. W. Rumberger returned  Tuesday from a ten days' trip to the  Spokane fair and the   Coeur d'Alenes.  Al. Taylor, of the Granby compress-  er engineer staff, returned Monday  from a ten days' trip to Spokane and  the Coeur d'Alenes.  Andrew Spence, now of Dayton,  Wash., who was the locator of the Tip  Top claim, which he afterwards sold  to the Granby Co., came in from his  Palouse country home on Tuesday.  Charles Camsell, of the Dominion  geological survey, who has been working in the Similkameen this summer,  was here a day or two this week, on  his return to Ottawa.  When Lookig Around Town  0fi take a look at our  window. You will  find many attractive things in the  way of  JUtllT  such as Brooches,  Pendants, Chains,  etc., all new and  up to date designs  and while wthe  prices are not the  cheapest they are  the lowest possible when >ou  take the quality  of the goods into  consideration.  E.A.BIack  Invest  Your  Money  -���_���--������ '  In Such Legitimate Shares as  Will Prove  an Investment if not a Quick Money Maker.  mmml^^mm^lmmmmmamammaamsmsmmaaaaa^a^9a9^a9a^aamamaamM9aammmmmaamnammaMsmmaaaMam  Phoenix is on a solid basis and MUST GROW. Real  estate was never so low, and money will be made in buying business and residential property. Every residence  in Phoenix is rented. Business is good. Buy now, and  get the advance.  MINING CLAIMS AND STOCKS il SPECIALTY  Idaho Slochs Will Bring Quick Returns.  WiS! Sell Today;  Granby   Dominion   International Con!   Alhambra (Coeur u"A.)..  Copper Kin**:   Oro Denoro   HurUe   Bullion   Happy Day   Heckla   Idaho Mont. 8 ,  Sonora (Coeur <1'A.)..  Snow Storm   Rtunrt j..  Kurnace Cr. (Cala.j!"  Sullivan .'.'.',  Skylark ���   J.   L.   MARTIN,  Prompt Attention to Correspondence. Bank Block, Phoenix, B. C.  ����W)W%  ���N The  Knob Hill Ave.  Jeweler u*  Phoenix. B.C.  An ADiAN:  ATLANTIC STEAMSHIPS  R.oyal  Mail  Service  EMPRESSES  From    MONTREAL and  QUEBEC  to   LIVERPOOL.  EMPRESS OF BRITAIN Oct. 19  LAKE CHAMPLAIN - Oct. 27  EMPRESS OF IRELAND Nov. 2  LAKE   ERIE     -       -        Nov   JO  First Cabin $65 and upwards  according to steamer: One Class  steamers (intermediate)$42.50  Second   Cabin   $45   and upwards;   Third   Class $26.50  and $28.75; Apply at once for  our illustrated booklet descriptive of our Third Class accommodation.  FROM MONTREAL TO LONDON  -    DIRECT  Lake Michigan       -       -       Oct. 17  Third class anly, $26.50  Montrose       -       -       -      Oct. 24  Carrying second class only, $40  BINNS' FURNITURE STORE  I  VELVET  AND  TAPESTRY  RUGS:  We have tin excellent assortment, nil sizes ami urnili--.  imported direct from Kngland, $1.50 to -f.'W, ZZ  cording to size and quality.  BRUSSELS AND TAPESTRY CARPETS:  In Blues, Crimsons,  Greens, Etc.,  05e,  75e  and $1 50  per yard.  UNION carpets:  Nothing better for wear. They are full yard wiile.  50e per yard.  STAIR CARPETS   AND STAIR PADS.  FURNITURE.  BINNS  UNDERTAKING.  t^&^<S^^>^>^i^<S><S^><S>^>^>^^^>^t'^^i' ^^^$^<^^^>>$>^a>^^$^t't^i^i*t^\  Under New Management  Hotel Alexander  R., V. Chisholm, Prop-  Conducted in First-Class shape.    Choice stock of Irrigating  goods.  Special attention to dining  room.     Large,   airy   and  well   furnished rooms.  Phoenix, B C.  ��� -���-���-���-���-���-  -���-���-���-���  * Phoenix Bee*  As made by the present brewer is admittedly lhe  Best Beer in the Boundary. With the Best Malt  and the Purest Spring Water it is unexcelled for  quality.     Insist   on   having  PHOENIX   BEER.  Spring Water Ice for Sale. Bottled Beer and Porter.  Phoenix  Brewing Company  BINER & SONS, Proprietors  Office and Brewery, Banner St.  PHOENIX,  B.C.  -���r-��-  !  i  I  0  i  9  i  i  I  f  i  t  J  Souvenir  Postals  GEORGE E/.DEY,  JEWELER,  Knob Hill Ave, Phoenix, B.C.  Boundary Customs Receipts.  R. R. Gilpin, customs officer at  Grand Forks, makes.the following detailed report of the customs receipts  at the various Boundary sub-customs  offices, as reported for the month of  September:  Greenwood.. . $4.723  Phoenix    2,387  Grand P'orks    2,094  Midway    1,689  Cascade       112  Keremeos         58 oc  Osoyoos         35  75  Carson         3051  92  38  92  8.5  66  We have recently received a big stock of  Souvenir Postal  Cards. They are print-  in seven colors, the  work being done in  Germany especially  for us. They include  views of the big mines  of Phoenix and of  the city,just what you  wish to send to to  friends.  Besides, we have an  extensive line of other  Souvenir Postals.  Agent for Mason &  Risch  Pianos.  Total $",373  yo  Bros. 15iii  LIMITED.  Stationery, Wall Paper,  Fancy Goods, Etc.  R. PI. Eggleston, secretary of the  British Columbia Copper Co., of New  York, has been spending a few days in  Greenwood this week, to see the blowing in of the new smelting plant of the  company.  Ramnbai D. Daru, M. E., of Surub,  India, of the metallurigal department  of the Indian government, arrived this  week, and has been looking over the  mining properties in this section. The  gentleman is said to stand high in his  profession.  William Farney, the largest owner  of the Lottie F. group, up the main  Kettle River, and an old timer in this  camp, came over from Rossland Tuesday, and has gone to the Nickel Plate  mine, Hedley, where he has accepted  a position.  Kid Parker vb. Barney Mullin.  Kid Parker, of Denver, who is to  box Barney Mullin, of Prince Edward  Island, at Plioenix opera house,  Thursday, October n, arrived here  Thursday night from Spokane, and immediately went into training for the  contest. Barney Mullin arrived last  night and is to train in Greenwood.  Both men have a reputation for squareness and the 'public can confidently  expect a rattling good contest. Kid  Parker has been in 165 contests in the  last 14 yenrs, while Barney Mullin,  known as the "Fighting Irishman," is  also well known in the boxing arena.  Special Limited Train  "OVERSEAS LIMITED"  96 HOURS  Vancouver to Quebec  Oct. i-; and Nov.   12  tickets apply  '3  and  P'or rates, folders  to locai agent or to  A. W. Haley, E. J. Coyi.e,  Agent, A.G.P.Agt.,  Phoenix, B.C.    Vancouver, B.C.  J. S. Carter, D. P. A.  Nelson. B.C.  Clothing!  The BEST, Cheapest  and most satisfactory  Clothing in Phoenix.  WHO SAYS SO? Hundreds of satisfied  customers. Ifyou'don't oelieve it come  and examine goods.  A Fall Line of Underwear, Shirts, Shoes, Ties,etc,  iust arrived.    All new seasonable goods at old  and Cheaj-est prices.  THOMAS BROWN,  Men's Wear Exclusively.  UIKN1K KI.OCK.  KNOB HILL AVE., PHOKNIX.  GUip  Hilltam ^unto Ota Mb  ZUmttutntt Aurmur.  Latest Prices in IrWals.  Nkw Yohk���Copper, (deetrolytie, $lil.  r>0<a$19.76;  litko.  $19.76 & $20.00.  Barfjilver,   (58%  Lead, $fi.75 to 10.02.  Men's Suits  s Hats  s Shirts  Men's Shoes  Ladies' and Children's Goods  If YOU Want a nice nobby and up-to-date suit you will  find a choice selection in our line of men's stylish clothing  for   spring.   We sell the kind that wear well and look well.  Men's Shirts You will find it hard to duplicate our handsome line of men's shirts, in golf and negligee with attached and detached cufis plain and pleated bosoms.  Men's Hats    A large assortment, just   in,   of  those   new  and Brown, also a nice range  of  spring   blocks, in Black  straw and linen hats.  Men's Shoes Our line of shoes is complete, you should  see them before-purchasing. Our patent calf dress shoes  and oxfords outshine them all.  Boy StfitS  A new iot of perfect fitting norfolks   and   three  piece suits, stylish.  See our line of Ladies' Waists, Ladies' Shirts, Ladies' Collars,  Ladies' Shoes, Ladies' Linen Underwear. Children's  Wash Dresses.  Girls' and Boys' waists.  Wi  The  WILLIAM HUNTER CO.. LTD  9Jf


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