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The Phoenix Pioneer 1901-11-09

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 l^fiA^i  ���tot  No ruining camp In the Boundary in attraction more attention than  [Tphoenix -V  If you wl��h to receive tlie mining and  general iicwn of this campand tlie riound-  ary  BUlwcribe to the fllOKNix I'ionkkk.  During the jear 1900 100,000 TONS  OF ORe nere shipped fruui the mines ol  * PHOENIX *  For tbe first fite months of 190* <ner  90 000 tons of ore were shipped, 01 at the  rateof-20o}oootons annually.  ''���"' Devoted to the Interests of thi Bouiidary Mining District.  Vol.. II.  PHOENIX, BRITISH COLUMBIANS \ 1 URDr Y, NOVEMBER a,   1901  No.  u  Should include a call at our NEW QUARTERS in  the -,  Bank Block, Knob Hill.    We are pleased to be able to an- *.  nounee to our Customers and the-General   Public that we >:  have scored another point as General Caterers to the wants;  ofthe people of Phoenix  and vicinity,  audit cau now be  -said  that we   have   the   Largest    and   Most Complete  Stocks hot only in this city, but in the entire district.  In Pursuance of Our Policy  we ha\e made Great Addition-) to Dry Goods and Clothing  Departments making it possible to secure your complete  Winter Outfit under one roof. Remember our stock is  New and i.s Replete with Late Eastern Styles.  In Winter Foot Wear We Have  No-Piuch-Shoe. Here are shoes with natural shapes.  Made of Leather that wears and holds its shape. The  quality show all thicugh the life of the ,'l.ce.  Visit Our Grocery Department  and j on will find tbat it is easier to diseovei yqui piofus tli.111  ours and lhateacli Depaitnient contains everything in season that the  ninikct affoids, .it pi ices not equalled in ihe city. All we a.sk is for  you to call and get prices. As Regards Quality���We carry only  STANDARD goods, such as ihe Pine Food Brand of Canned  Goods known all ovei the Dominion as. a Standard for Purity and  Excellence.  LIO.HT STREETS AND SIDEWALKS.  80.OH  2.(15  ,230  1 0(1  113.36  IIID-MDN (0. M  General  Meidiants.'Knob Hill Avenue, Phoenix.  We carry the only complete stock of Merchandise in the City.  'J  vv   . .   .  Cily "A'ill Probably Arrant*,to' Put In Ten  ���:- ���   Light.       y  At last Wednesday's meeting-of.the  city council,; there were present Aldermen Punch- Marshall, Cla-k, Roy and  Moitin'and'Mayor Ruiriberger. A  letter 'was lead Irom.' I., Brown in'.ns-  gard to sei'iiriiiii an auctioneer's license  hy tlie diiv,..which was filed. ' The  finance a'lili'iiUi-**;,reported lavoiablv  on the lolltivviiij- bills.*,, which were ordered paid: ���]  'Muiriii;Tlii/iii'-.i-<Uil'&c''>..fiiiiilrie8 4t!.!K>  J. B. B��ylB;....../i.   ;.........     1 21  Hiiiilei-Ktiiclli.k C����� hl'lir.: .....    4 7��  C. V 011I, wood .....'.".''.'..'. .... ...   4 Ot  li. Si:tioi'd<rtii'-lf:,0(��il-.in"..'.....    25.01  W.If.WIJIiaiiiK, |i..)lv,i- jii'ljii-, PHlnry 25 01  C. KloodVrl'iii'f police..'. '. '.:..'..'. '. 100,01  A'.'(!'. .SinipHcii, city clerk........100 00  l{.IJ.Kerr,i-il\ policilor, t-ulary.eli:. 49 50  .1. It. Hixjiic, niulit wtiJr.huiaii..  C. 1'. It., frcit-hf. ������!]���'.;.;;,..  I). U.^lunro, Slutiuiiory .......  W.  II   Hell. ,Inn-age   : .  Yiilu-Coluiiillia Liniibei Co., Lid  'iotiil 1527.05  .Sunday Obseiv.mce By-Law Anteiid-  ineiU'"No.-?3o was given its fust reading,  pjovidii g loi the allowing of cigar  sloies to he oi.eu Suudavs.  Uiil'er aild'*i''lectiic Light Franchises cB); Law Ameiiduieiit B)-Law  1N0. ->7 mis lead a second and final  time and passed'.' This is the by law  1 ecently ratified '-It the'polls by the  ratt'-ia-rets. ������>/..  Police Jjuifts,, Extension By-Law  N*|o. 29'was',.iead,'a,J;seeoiid time and  passed.      i      *..������ u   - *  'I he boaid of woiks.nas authori/ed  to provide suitable houses lor the hose  carts and also a tower foi diying hose,  as well as to have a telephone placed  in the Old Ironsides slialihouse No. 1,  so that an alaini can be given in case  ol fire.  The health offuei was authorized 10  wiite to the provincial secielai) in icl-  eiencu to the site for a cemetery which  had been selected by,the committee  appointed lor that put pose.  , A lesolulion was. intiodu ed to look,  into the matter of pioviding electric  lights lot streets and sidewalks to the  number ol 10 font lie piesent.  Council adjourned to 'meet Fiiday  evening. '  NOT FAR OFF  End of the James Dunsmuir  Administration.  ACCORDING TO SMI IN CURTIS, M. L.A.  Member (or this Hiding lias Decided Views  on the Political Slluaiion al ihe Coast���  About the V.. V. ft E. Rlglifcpf-Wfl). -  Morrin, Thompson  (Q, Co., * *^ Store News  f  s  Canned Goods  1  1  I  , Changes at Le Ro| M ne,  A full announcement ol a series 01  changes in connection with the manage  ment ol the Le Roi, Le Roi No. 2,  Rt.ssland Great Western, and Root  enay Mining cotnpams aiiu theNorth-  poit Smelting and -Refining compan\  was made last Wednesda) at Kosslund.  Bernaid MacDonald letired tioin the  geneial nianagenieni of the Le Roi,  and is succeeded by J..H.-Mackenzie.  Jules'Labarthe is the hew manager ol  the North|)ort smelter. Mr. Mac-  Donald has signed contracts lo remain  in Rossland as general mai.ager and  consulting engineer of the. (-.eJRoi N"-  2, R6ss!;aii8 tjre^t AVes.ern and Kootenay-Mining cpniplinies, William  Thpyiipsbii has sitrned a contract to  remain as'general superintendent ofthe'  companies tinder the; general manage  ment of Mr. Mac Donald.  UNQUESTIONABLV  LEAD IN"'/'..  '    flolng to California.  W. I). Parker, who has conducted  a milk ranch: foijthe last two years aiid  a half a mile below town, has leased  the entire place to Henry Lambert,  Oliver Blair and Clay, Blair, formerly  of Chew.elah, Wash.,and th':.lattertppk  ^possession ou (he ist just. The lease  is 10 i'i-11-fpr tlie term of doe year,  ���Mr-. Parker started the business iu.  June, 1899, and has conducted ii  successiuljy up to this time, but owing  to the poor health of one ol" his children and hiiiise.il', lie ..lias decided to  spend the winter in California, and  expects.to leave for that siini.y clime  on or about the middle of the  month.  BOUNDARY MINING NOTES.  For the past week the Granby smelt  er treated 4,982 tons ot pre, making a.  total of 252,1 79 tons to date.  It is renqrted tl*at the deal recently  on for the sale q|* the Standard smelter  at Boundary Fall.Sj is 01T. The option  expired November ist.  The plant for the second furnace for  the jMothei Lode-smelter was shipped  from Milwaukee on October 22nd, and  is now due toieaidi Greei.wtod. No  time will be lost in its installation.  .The.Snp.wshos.. Gold and Coppei  Mines, Ltd., has been granted a licence  as an expa-piovi|i'cal company with a  capitatstock of ^1,250,000, divided  into. j��fe.shar.es.'y The head office is  situated in London, the office in this  province is in' Rossland and A. J..  McMillan is the attorney for the com-'  ��� Last week's I'ioneer contained the  advertisement of W. H.; Bell, who  wished to sell the Hellevue hotel.  This week he closed a deal vyitli (liegg  & McDonald by which,the **rpperty  pass.es-in{o tj-eij- hiijids" janv*ary ist.  It pt-ys to advertise.  Kor Thanksgiving Day the Canadian  'Pacific Railway .will grant the usual  fare and SiTe-thiro?Jffettfrii rate to and.  from all points in Ipc^l territory.  Tickets pn sale ftfoy. .?6ith,,2-*th,2^ihi  good to retiirn .till .-"ftjoy, ^o. J. S.  Carter, IX P". A.,' lVjels.o**.'..���.".  Smith Cuttis, joff Rossland, who  reptesenls Rossland tiding 111 the  legislative assembl), was a visitor 111  Phoenk eaily this week, letuining 10  his home by Wednesday's nam. Mi.  Curtis spent Sunday in F.holt and  Monday in Greenwood, it being Ins  habit to visit the diffeient' sections in  his constituency occasional!), and ihu  keep 111 touch with thejieople.  It will he lememl'eicd thai Mi  Cuitis was minister of mjnes duung  lhe ndiiiiiiistrattjj-n of loseph Mai tin,  anu was elected 111 this liding about  twent) months ago over Mi. Mackintosh, Ins opponent. Since then-Mi.  L'u: lis has been an opponent ol the  Dunsmuir government, which tame  into power at \ ictona, as a result of  lhat election, and die has also become  an opponent of Joe Mai tin, in view  of the lact that the latter saw fit to  change and became moie or less  identified with the; Dunsmuii adminis-  tiation. Mr. Curjfs is thoioughly in  touch with the political situation at the  coast and worked baid for the defeat  of J. C. Bionn, thc government candidate, at the lecent election at New  Westminster.  "How long do you think the piesent  government will last?' said the  Pioneer man to Mi, Cuitis.  "Well," said he, ��'I look foi it lo  breakup almost any time. Mi. Duns  ���muir claim1* 22 voles, but he cannot  gel them. He cannot get even 20,  .mil lhat is not enough to cany on the  business ol the government. Mr  Booth, the speaker, now verj ill, is one  of these, and he has s.nd that he  will ,never-use, Jiis,' sotiis' to 1 keep .any  govei 111116111111 power. As a matter of  lact, the Dunsmuii people daie not go  to lhe people now in any of-the ud-  nigs, alter being turned down at New  Westminstei lately so emphaticallj, in  spile ot Brown and the budge Mi  Dunsmuir knows that he has lost lhe  confidence ot the people, it he evei  had it, and is only hanging on as long  as he can foi persoTfal motives  "Just look at it, "now. With Mi.  WeHsIn the east, and Mi. Pi entice on  his way to the Qld Cou.ntry to try to  float sorne spit pf railway bonds, there  are only left,Attorney-General Kberts  and Mr. Durisniuir to attend to the  departmental business: and as Mr.  Dunsmuir does nothing -of this kind  himself, the whole work is in the  hands of Mr. Fberts. The portfolio  of minister of mines has been vacant  since Mr. McBride resigned, a couple  of months ago, and Mr. Duiisniuii* is  afraid to make another appointment.  Is it not scandalous that the most im  portant cabinet position should be left  vacant?  fflr, Bunsmtllr Resigned,  !'It jswellknownthat Premier Duns  niuii sent in liis.'-esignaiioh" just, previous to the receiit-'visit of: the; Duke  of York to the cpa:.t; hut was prevailed  upon by the lieuten.int-governor to  hold it over because of the visit of lhe  royal party. Since then the premier  has evidently determined- to hold on  as long.as he can, and he will undoubtedly postpone, the next session to  as Kite a'date as possible) if lhe government holds together lhat long���an  extremely doubtful contingency in  itself." .''"''/  "WiM the next election be on pr-rty  lines?" *Y(r. Curtis,.  '.'{i'is possible that, if Mr. Duns  TOuir.resigns, there may be a .coalition  government formed, hut. ii is altogether  probable that the next geneial appeal  to dispeople will be en party lines.  And I thinT* it will be a good thing  for the entiie province, We will then  kno.v who to hold responsible for poor  government, if we continue to have  such a thing. As it is now, no party  will'shoiilder the responsibility of the  shortcomings of the present apology  for a government in this province."  Red rtrlbutioD Ibe First Thin-;.  "How about redistribution?" Mr.  Cur'is.  "I'he very first thing to be done  when the government meets, no matter  who is in power, is redistribution. At  the last session, as the repqrts will  show, I fought for this continually,  and it coujd have beep, bad if lhe  government had been ill earnest aboiu  tha n-atter. Mr. Houston, of Nelson,  who is now writing in such good shape  for this reform, was one of th? members who voted against taking up the:  redistribution question at the last  session. But It is bound to come, and  at (ip distant date, as even the coast  i^eiflbers, who. haye always fought  ���^gajnst jt, see that it cannot be postponed much longer.  '(Here; jn the boundary you are en-  tii'ed to at least three scats, not onlj  ai 1 oiding to the-figinc-. ol the kite!)  taken 1 ensus, but acvoidin^ 10 llu-  elei lion letuins ol a veai ago laM  suuiniei. I'he ledisnibulion ineasuie  must be f,m, also, and on lhe b.isis 01  the niimbei ol jieople in Hie diffeieni  tidings I'he lnteiioi has been Heated  veiy unlaiily lor the last s.-veul \e.u'  in this iespei t, and the tilti j has now  come loi a change."  Cause of Delay on Phoenix Branch.  "Do   you   know   the   1 en sou,   Mi  Curtis, ot the  delay   111   building   the  Phoeni\ bi.iiK h of the   V.,   V.  &   K  lailwaj."  "It is solely ihe l.iul' ol the govern  men!,''said Mr, Cuius. "I'heie was j  no leason whate\ei why the Ciown  giant could not have been issued lo the  Columbia it Western, altei whuh the  V, V.it K. <ould have expiopnated  the Kind needed lor iightotway, loi  vvhitb ihey aie no v waiting, 'lhis is  all in a line with the policy ot Mi.  Dunsmiui's govern ment, which expei is  to get confessions 111 ceitain wavs fiom  the C. P. R., and so does what it can  to favoi that coiporation. I took this  matter up niyseli, and was to'd hy the  niinistei ol lands and woiks that the  t town giants were all prepaied, and  would soon be issued. In this way  the) shin the blame fiom one to  anothei, and cause all the delay they  can, to lavoi the C. P. R."  OCTOBER ORE  Boundary Shipments Exceed  Those for September.  AVERAGE ABOUT 1,150 TONS PER DAV  Granby Mines Lead ihe List With 20,722 Tom  ���Mother Lode, 8,238 Tons���B. C. Mine,  ��� 3,720 Tons.  ROCKLAND COPPER CO.  FORMED.  To Operate Group of that Name on Slocan  Lake.  \ meeting of the provisional diic*-  torsot the Rockland Copper Company,  recently incorporated with a capital  stock of $2,000,000, was held Wednesday at Giand l'oiks, lor the pui  pose of organization. Will G. Giaves,  of Spokane, and G. W. Wooster, ol  Giand I'orks, were elected provisional  piesident and secretaiy tieasurei ie-  "spectively. The other piovisional di-  leclors are J. P. Graves, A. L White  and Judge Ward Spinks. J. A. Mac-  donald, ol Rossland, is solicitoi ol the  company, and attended Wednesday's  meeting The fust annual meeting  will be on Nov. 29.  The company was oiganized for the  purpose of taking ovei and opeiating  thc Rockland gioup on Slocan lake, a  nch coppei gold proposition. Extensive development woik will, it is e\  pected, t be- s arted- some" time*' next  spimg, and that the company will ultimately own its own smelter. Ihe  gioup was acquired Irom Frank Watson, ol Spokane, and W. Ward Spinks,  of Vernon, B  C.  TODAY IS A LEGAL HOLIDAY.  I'he record of ore  shipments from  the Boundaiy tor the month ol October shows that this section is keeping  up its aveiage shipments of over a  thousand tons per day. In lact, for  the last mouth, as the following table  will disclose, the aveiage has been  about 1,150 tons each day. As was  to be expected, the Gianb) mines in  this camp lead the list with a total of  ovei 20,000 tons���moie than all the  other mines in the Boundary country  combined. I'he Mother Lode comes  next with 8,238 tons, being 1,500  tons moie than the month pievious,  and tne B. C.minehas3,720,or 1,540  tons moie than in September. 'I'he  following aie the figuies in detail, as  lai as they could be asceitamed:  Tons,  biaiil-y mines. .. 20,722  Mother Lode    ...  8,238  B. C. mine ...  3.720  Xo. 7 mine .       ... 160  Snow ��hoe .        342  Jewel              290  Winnipeg . .        ...      175  Miscellaneous        ���  .     . .1      050  October total  .. 34.3&7  Kin-; Edward's Birthday  Is  Such by Virtue  of the Statute.  Many inquiries have been made o,  the Pioneei thes week as to -whethei  to day, November 9th, is a legal holiday. ... A dispatch from Ottawa, slates  that this day is a statutory holiday and  will be generally observed. Owing to  the statute providing for the due ob  servanceof the birthday ofthe reigning  monarch, it is not probable that a proclamation will be issued. As, however,,  a large number of people may not be  aware of the provisions of the statute,  attention'is called to the fact. ;  The Nelsrn Miner of Thursday had  the following in this connection:  , In response to a telegram sent to  Victoria, inquiring whether Saturday,  November 9th, the anniversary of the  birth ofthe King, was to be declared  a public holiday, the following dispatch  was received:  Victoria, B.C., Nov: 6.���-Saturday,  9th November,  vvill be .proclaimed   a,  i-ublic     holiday.      [Sinned]     A.    C  RkhdiKj Deputy Provincial Secretary.  FINEST STORE IN THE  BOUNDARY.  Huuler-K'endrick Co. in  their  Pala-ial  New  Ouarlers,  This week (he Hunter-Kendrick Co.,  Ltd., hjive been busy moving to their  new stoiein the Bank block, that is  just being completed. Monday every  thing will be in 'first-class.shape.  ���;. The progress of this concern since  Chas. I). Hunter took charge, just a  vear-ago, has been most satisfactory.  In thai time the business of the concern lias doubled in volume, and it is  sale to say that today no business in  tlie Boundary country has a larger  turn oyer each month. As a matter  of fact this store is doing a greater  business than either of the firm's  branches at Grand Forks, or Greenwood. It is said lhat the ' October  business was the largest yet done by  lhe concern in Phoenix. Hereafter  all goods will be bought 111 straight  car lots, and the (Jreenwood branch  will be supplied, from here.  In the new- store*; theie are over  5,000 square feet of door s,*iace, the  main 100111 Lieing by 40x109 feet, the  back na,rt being used lor a tin-shop and  lor stoiage purposes, besides additional  storage capacity of 20x60 feet, not  counting the warehouse al the C.P.R.  depot. New fixtures and shelving  have been pi\t in, and in every possible way the new establishment has  been made convenient far customers  and the transaction of the business ol  the company.  WATER TEST WAS SATISFACTORY.  Streams Tarown Over the Highest Buildings  Last  Sunday.  Tests were made last Sunday aftei-  noon ot the new fire piotection system  ot wateiwoiks being installed in the  citv. Notice was given to the volunteer fue depaitinent to be on hand,  hut only a few of the 50 members  tuiiied out. However, the two hose  caits w'ere gotten out, and tests were  made 111 diffeient paits of the city that  were most satisfactory, not only to the  department but to the members of the  city council who weie present. Stieams  weie thrown ovei the highest buildings  on Dominion avenue, some of them  thiee stones 111 height, and it was  demonstrated that the pressuie lor the  [impose was all that was needed.  One ol the hose caits is located 111  the upper town, and the other in the  lowei town, and the city council will  at once provide proper housing for  both, as well as a tower for drying out  hose after being using.  Progress of Domestic Water System.  Great activity has prevailed this  week in the ditching for the balance  of the water pipes, and neaily 80 men  have been employed. The line on  Brooklyn avenue, nearly to Banner  street, has been opened, and the pipe  on Phoenix street has been laid. 'I'he  supplementary line to connect with  the Banner^spring has been opened  up, as well as the line to the pumping  station at Marshall lake. Another  week will probably see the ditch work  all done for the 'winter; -  Yesterday the work of' construction  on the second 100,000"gallon tank,  which is located * on the New York  claim, was started. This tank is to be  similar to that uuilt near the Old Ironsides mine, being 30 feet square and  16 feet in height. ; Work has also been  started on the pumping station at the  lake, which'is to be 30x40 feet in size.  In a comparitively short time the entire system will be complete and in  running order, both for domestic and  lire protection purposes.  HOCKEY ENTHUSIASTS ALIVE. "  Meeting Nexl.Tuesday to Arrange forSiasoni  Sporta.  The annual meeting of the Phoenix  Hockey Club will be held in Morrison-  Andeison Hall, next Tuesday evening  at 8 o'clock, mine timer At this meeting the question of amalgamating with  the Phoenix Athletic Association will  be taken up. It will be remembered  that the Athletic Association now has  football and laciosse teams, and it is  the desire to have al1 spoils under the  control of this organization.  The revival of the Southern British  Columbia Hockey league is talked of,  and Phoenix should have a team entered, as local players can put a strong  seam on the ice. Last season, although  il was the first, the team made excellent  lecord, and showed that it was in the  front lanks of hockey. The idea of  this league would be to organize it  somewhat on the lines of the Ontaiio  I lockey Association, and have the competing teams divided into groups, the  schedule of each group to be played  off by a certain time, and then the  winners of the several groupes to play  off foi the championship. For example, the Boundary group would be  composed 01 Giand Forks, Greenwood  aud Phoenix, each team to play home  and home games, majority of goals in  the matches to count Then the  winner ot this group to play the winner of a group composed, say of Nelson, Sandon and Rossland. In this  way a great saving could be effected in  travelling expenses. The management cordially invite all those interested in the sport to attend the meet,  ing, and let it be an enthusiastic one.  All the boys want is a little encourage  ment on the part of the citizens in gen-  eial, and they vvill put a team on the  ice capable of upholding the honor  ofthe town.  His First Visit to Phoenix.  Bishop Dart, of New Westminster,  made his first visit to Phoenix this  week, in connection with the work of  the Chinch of England here. The  bishop's diocese includes the whole of  British Columbia situated between the  49th and 54th parallels, a vast territory. For the piesent, while there is  a vacancy in the Angelican church at  Nelson, he is stopping there. While  the bishop has been in the. Boundary ���  before, he was never in its chief min-  town previously. He was shown  atound by the vicar, Rev. F. P. Flewelling, and was much pleased with the  evidences of giowth and prosperity  which he" noted on every hand.  Bishop Dart arrived on Wednesday's  tram, and depai ted the next day, having gained a most favorable impies-  sionofthe city and the gieat mines  by which it is surrounded.  , 'I'he Granby smelter treated 20,347  tons of ore during the month of October,  W. S Ross returned late last week  from a trip to the south half of the  Colville reservation, where ho has  mining interests in Congress camp, to  say nothing of an embryonic townsite  or two,  Shakespeare's Macbeth.  Instead of the regular meeting of  the Y. P. S. C. E. at the Presbyterian  church Wednesday evening, the society  had a musical and literary program  followed by"a social. Geo. D. Turner  rendered a solo in his excellent style,  and Messrs. Geo. Evving and A. P.  McKenzie sang a duet which was  highly appreciated. Miss Newlin  favored the audience" with a pleasing  recitation. The event of the evening,  however, was a lecture by the pastor  on Shakespeare's "Macbeth," and :was  entertaining as well as profitable. We  trust that another evening may be-  similarly spent ere long, when the  Rev. Mr. Millar will talk on another  of Shakespeare's plays.  BRIEF  BUT  IMPORTANT.  Li Hung Chang, the Chinese statesman, is dead.  Tammany Hall was effectively turned  down in Tuesday's election in New-  York City, where tnere are about 650,-  000 voters.  The C. P. R. land department reports sales of over-half a millon acres  so far this year, being four, times as  much as the previous year. ���<  J. M. Hagerty was recently tarred  and leathered at Loomis, Wash., for  writing to the Spokesman-Review  severely criticising the Palmer Mountain Tunnel Co.  PHOENIX BRANCH ORE SHIPMENTS.  'I'liL- following tal.lt- gives the ore shipments of Phoenix Branch and other Boundary  mines lor 1900, for the past week, for 190c and the total to date:���  Old Ironsides, Knob Hill  and Victoria. ........ 64,533  ,11. C. Mine  19,494  Golden Ciown  2,250  Winnipeg  1,07 4  Athelstan  1,200  Snowshoe,.  297  Brook Ivn, .   .  150  R. Hell   Totals, tons  Stj.boo  Mother Lode, Deadwood, 5,34��  Sunset,                " ....  No. 7, Central-   King Solomon, Copper.. ....  Jewel, Long Lake. . ... ....  Other Boundary mines. . -"..-j0  Week  5.��59  820  40  tool  194,401  3S,S7��  665  5.S��  i,-,63  560  Totals  5.9*9  1,908  ^, ���  "%!  '       !*$���  SS.934 i-gL  58*3'o|j|  "     -J      [ f V.i  ���>7S5*f  ���*75��;^  i,56ol?/-  >5ol,'|  I  560  236.309        324.3oS  40  ,117  395  9��5  .-*5��  290  ���,00  77.457  395  ���3,;  905^  Grand Totals, tons. ..      97  ,769        7,867      311,766  290!^  3.73o^/1   p��!  4��8,433 rVi  ^^H^^W^^^m^^^^w'^^^Mik^m  1 w  Um.  1 N  1 A a  i -fa r  ��� il ' 1  t ^ r  u?|  IS* I  mi  ml  m  u  if  i i'Ut  ���6 -3  .Stft-  11A  -.  *  p  ;%���  <(-->%'  1 >U r '  1 -<������? I  i j,U 1  ��� ���'( 1  ' ?" f  ��� i .���*���* ���  I ie f  *��.    i  .si'  '���ft-  t   ?-   *  It:''  '', ���?<  iijjr  ��� rt'r-  ]y4  l  ��  '  1 V  'd'  I,  If  '!  I'-1  f-1  -.'"'!*..  ^.{^^^���^^^ ,'<(-'-  V  i s*. >,  _'j<(  - #5i-  '*.i> V  i.���'*Vr  M * -  *��� r  ���  -;���  \ Ui.H  ji  .*-$? 1  V-'V *  Jf i -i'lo.  i'-t' -  r-.l   ".  \J.*'-  iiV,  THE PHOENfX PIONEER.  x+++++++t������4 ��M����->��M*��t �����������->�������*������������')�������������>��� ��� ������������*������������  ! The Canadian Bank of Commerce  ���  4-  HEA5. OFFICE, TORONTO.  ���?      jfi      Rest, $2,000,000.  Capital, $8,000,000.      ���?      &  HON. GEO. A. COX, Pre��li"��rt. B. E. WALKER, General M��n��gcr. +  J. H. PLUHHER. Ai��*t Gtn'I Maruge*. f  I H. R. DAVIDSON, Acting Mgr..Greenwood Branch f  x *  The Phoenix Pioneer*  ISSUED ON SATURDAY BY THE     ,  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  AT I'HOENIX. 11. C.  W. B. WILLCOX. MftNAO-cn.  Telephones  J Business office No. 14.  } Manage.'s residence NO. 15.  SL-BSCMFTIONS IN ADVANCR.  It is said that the recent report that  King Edward is afflicted with cancer  ;manaled from a "yellow journal" in  London whose sensational reports are  usually discredited. It is to be hoped  that the repoit has no Ionization in  fact.  . J2C0  Per Year   Bix Months, .   ��   To Foreign Countries    iryou are not a subscriber to this paper, this  (sail invitation to vou to become one. '  .a 3.00  Advertising rates furnished on application.  Legal notices 10 aud 5 cents per line.  Four weekly insertions constitute one mouth's  advertising.  No stones have been  left  unturned  to liberate Miss Stone, the  Ameiican  missionary imprisoned for a ransom of  110,000 by  Bulgarian  biigands, but  the young lady  of 54  summers  and  Referring to items that have of late  been appearing in the provincial press  about the evil of sending money east  for goods that can as well, in most  cases, be pjrehased at home, the last  issue of the Veinon News has the  following:  What has Timothy Eaton of Toronto  ever done foi Vei 11011 ? Aiiu yet the  residents ot this cit)���many ot whom  get extended ciedit Irom our local  merchants���daily send out large cash  orders to this giant octpus. The sys  tern of spending Vernon money lor  l'oionto goods is moie n's'-onsible for  hard times iu this district than anything���including bad harvests���that  can be mentioned- This is not the  way to build up a town!  Nitrous oxide and oMgen lor painless extraction ol teeth nt Dr. Math-  son's.     Roth phones. *  Good com.foii.ihle rooms  able rates, at N01 Jen hotel,  avenue.  at  reason  Dominion  *  JOHN. A  CORYELL  Provincial Land Surveyor,,  Civil and Mining Engineer.  established 1888.  PHOENIX and GRAND FORKS, B,  winters is  still iu   the  captors at this wilting.  hands  of her  WINTERS IN PHOENIX.  Uecause the   city   of  Phoenix   is  located a little short of 5,000 ft- above  cthe sea level, some people think  that  the winters  in this camp are more  severe than in other places hereabouts.  Such,   however is not the case,  as  weather, bureau statistics, if available,  ,' would   prove.     It is true lhat the  winters last longer in this place than  in some others, but we do not get the  ,    extremes of temperature enjoyed by  cities located lower, either* with  heat  -   or cold.    For instance,   it has been  ��� noted,' year after year,  by old  timers  that   when    zero    weather    reaches.  f Phoenix, the mercury goes from  five  to ten decrees' lower in Grand  Forks,  Greenwood and Midway;' the.4, latter  being the cojdest.   Two' years ago Jiut  little snow fell here till about Christmas  time,, and  last. year it was somewhat  earlier.   This year winter is beginning  ��� in earnest at about the average'1 time,  the fore part of November, but weatjiei*  , prophets perdict it will not be severe.  ,   While the snow'season is i pretty  long  here, we-h'aye a compensation 'in   the  knowledge tbat, taking it all around,  the^climate is more equable than J11  any othei*, place, jn the Boundary.    -'  This province is entitled to repie-  sentation in the Dominion cabinet,  and it is to be hoped that the present  talk along these lines will beai practical results. The choice is said to lie  between Ralph Smith, thc laboi leader,  and Senator Templeman. - j  Scarcely an issue of the inteiioi exchanges reaches the desk of the  Pioneer that does not have at least  one advertisement of a delinquent co-  owner in it. The Pioneer has nc-vei  yet bad such an advertisement in its  columns. Evidently, claims in this  camp are held 111 high esteem by their  owners.  Chas. \V. McCrossan has written  an open letter to Lardeau mine owners  stating the machinery for the proposed  Trout Lake smelter will be shipped  from the makeis on the 20th of  November. It really begins to look  as if both East Kootenay and the  Lardeau will have local smelters in  the near future.  If an   eminent  authority is  to  be  credited, there is  moie  trouble o\er  mining claims in the Klondike on  account  of   litigation   than  in   British  Columbia.     Sir Thomas Tancied, a  British engineer and icpresentatjvc  of  capitalists  in  the  United   Kingdom,]  lately said theie that the undue preva I  licnceol   litigation  concerning iiiiniiii'l  and property lights  in   the   Klondike!  is seriously piejudicing British capitalists against luither investments there.  Theie   were     no    insuimouiitable  engineering obstacles.       "Hut,"     he  added, "capital   will not  come  heie,  rich as the country is, when conditions  are not settled.     People   must know  that they are nut to be   molested by  continual legal proceedings over small  matteis Jjejore lliey can proceed. 'I h -y  waul to Iciiovv whether they are  standing  on    their heads   or  their  lieels  Money will gO  to West Alrica, wheie  the climate is not so healthy and  ihe  mines not halt-so n'cli, merely because  It if. not hainssed.    I'he local   people-  in charge or afl'aiis should exert  theii  authority to stpp and not to encourage  litigation,      lliey have the autlioiiiy  and could use it.   I have been informed that theie is  more  litiga.ion   here  than   in   the  North-West  Teiritones  Manitoba and Biiiisli Columbia  com  bined.'' *  I Vegetables!     |  Vegetables!! f  Wholesale and Retail.       f  $   All  home   gro��n   and  iu Kme   Shape.   4-  *���'   blnpped prompt',) on receipt uf ordir.      <V  \     JAS. H. PETERS,*  h   V. S. N.-Phone:at Ranch        ��������*&  ?   Correspondence M>licittd      ��y   t*>"   t?��  > COLUMBIA. B. C.  J. MATHESON,  INSURANCE AGENT,  URE, LIKE, ACCIDENT.  (.'muiiilssloner fnr taking; Aifldiivite.  Phoenix, IK C.  R. A. SCOTT.  Contractor and Builder.  Estimates Furnished.  PHOENIX, IK C  White Cooks and Waiters' Union  No. M W. L. U.   ��f Phoenix.  Meelw Tliiiiwluvjuisl.t*-, 8:3o iiMoi-k at  Aimers' Uni-m Hull.  J. T. i.awkpvck.  I'reildent,  Miss Clakk,  ircrctarv.  S. CAYI.EY. W.' B. COCHRANE.  CAYLEY & COCHRANE,  Solicitors, Ere.  PHOENIX, B. C.  '   * REDISTRIBUTION IS COMING.  ���Now that 'the results of the census  are being made known, the old ques;  tion of redistribution is rapidly coming  to   the .front   once 'more. ���This is  certainly as it should be, for it is only  too well known how the interior ofif-he  . provincchas been misrepresented for  1 the last fewyears' The coast politicians  ��� had-several pocket boroughs, arid they  held to them , as tenaciously as, they  could���and quite successfully up to the  present. - But the time has come, for a  "change, and'it cannot'much'longer ibe  postponed in the.faceof the late census  -.returns. ���  ,Foiv instance, among the many glaring inequalities, is the.fact that .Yale  with a population of nearly 20,000 has  three members, while'Esquimau, Victoria district and ,the two 'Lillooets,  with a population of only 5,000, have  si\ members. The Kootenays, with  .31,000 people, have six members.  Instances like this might be cited till  ���the reader was tired.   ���  John Houston, M. L. A.,1 editor of  the Nelson Tribune, puts it in a nutshell when he says:  "All three of the Vancouver dailies  are silent on the subject, the Victoria  dailies dare not discuss the qqestion,  and the New Westminister Columbian  does not know -where it is at since  'Brown and "the Bridge' went dowii to  defeat. The Coast knows that with a  fair measure of redistribution, based  on a membeiship the same as at  present, that is-thirty eight, that the  Kootenays, Vale, the two Lillooets and  Cariboo will have at least fifteen members out ol" the" thirty "eight. This is  where the shoe pinches.'*   '-   -l *  One writer on the Yukon says tlie  camp is practically played out, and  another, of equal prominence, asserts  that this is far from being the case.  The output of gold this year has been  very nearly $22,ooo,oooTwliicli would  tend to give the impression that there  are a few chunks of the precious metal  left,in the*. Klondike yet.  *      EJMTORIAL COMMENTS.  Grand  Forks ** has  been hit by a  moral wave, and the end is not yet.  '  *    The Great Pan at Buffalo is closed  with'aloss of^some $3,000,000.    It  r,.is>the town of St. Louis next.  It ia said that several dark hoises  are grooming for the fray in the municipal election, now only a couple o(  months away.  BelaKadish, manager of the North-  port smelter, where a strike has been  011 for some months, has resigned, and  rumor says that Bernard McDonald,  manager of the Le Roi mines, has  done likewise. It is earnestly to be  hoped that these statements ,are the  precursors to the settlement of the  labor, troubles in Rossland camp on  an   equitable   basis.  Boundary smelters have a weakness  for breaking records. Recently the  Greenwood smelter made the phe-  nominal run of 430 tons of ore in 24  hours in ��ne furnace. Last week  Thursday the,No. i, furnace at the  Granby smelter treated 475 tons of  ore inthe same time, which-latter it is  claimed establishes a world's record  for a 24 hours' run. Evidently,  Boundary smelter managers are not  at all slow. -  '��"*'  There could be no belter advertise-  wient for British Columbia than a  regular and authentic complication  and publication each month of the ore  tonnage. This is certainly a move iri  ihe rijrtit direction by the'mine owners,  '��� WHAT THE   EDITORS SAY.  ,1 According to the "present system,  one man in Lillooet is worth ten in the  Boipidary.���Greenwood Times.  What Biitish Columbia needs is a  government for.which someone vvill be  responsible. The kind now in force  is not acceptable to any class or any  party.���Cranbrook Herald.  Hon,/-A. G. Blair, minister of railways in Canada, now employs Chinese  servants in his household. The  "mysteries ol the kitchen" will no  longer be confined to B. C.���Latdeau  Eagle.  STRICTLY    BUSINESS.  Present ads bring future trade.  ,'l'he only thing  for an  advertising  affair gone wrong is to try it over again  along other lines.  Once there was a merchant who got  along without advertising, but that  once was a long time ago.  Advertising is the connecting link  between the one who has goods to sell  and the one who has need of the goods.  If the advei Using is good, it makes a  strong link.  The man who is wise in his day and  generation regards his advertising 'a-j-  propriatcon as he would sown seed.  The moie attention he gives 'it, ithe  better the harvest. And in neither  case do results come immediately.  Every day adds to the value of newspaper advertising because every day  shows more and more plainly the  desire of newspaper publishers that  advertisers shall have the best service  in their power, and because the  merchant more and more feels the  necessity of getting out of the space  used full value for what he paid for it.  About the middle of August last the  Vernon&Nelson Telephone Co. leased  its rival in this section, the Columbia  Co, and it was given out that the two  lines would be continued sepaiately.  And so they were foi a time. Iu a  week or two, however, the Columbia  exchange in Phoenix was done away  with, to bofollowed in a few weeks by  closing".'the -Columbia exchange in  Rossland. Last week Tuesday the  Columbia exchange in Grand Forks  was closed, and the only or.e left now  is thai in Greenwood, which it is said  will not be kept open much after the  new year. And thus ends the career  of the Columbia Telephone Co.  m  At one time there were three separate telephone systems in the Boundaiy  ���the Vernon & Nelson, the Boundary  Creek ;(or Sjierry Iine;,<> and. the Co  lumbia.    A^year or two ago the Co  lumbia people bought out the  Spei.i)  line for some $5,000, giving lien notes  therefor, payable at the rate of about  $175 per month.    Now that  the Co  'umbia has been leased to the V. & N  Co., ai)d is virtually out of existence,  some of the'shareholders of the  olo  Boundary Creek line are   wondering  when they will get even.  m  Here is the way a writer in the  Victoria Colonist looks at the situation  in Rossland and it is worthy of perusal:  The resignation of Mr. Kadish,  superintendent of the North port smelter, lollowed by that of Mr. Bernard  MacDonald general manager of thel.e  Roi Company, is a significant circuni-  stai.ee. It means that, in spite of statements to the-'contrary, the directois  who have by-this time received-Mr.  Fiecheville's report, have refused to  -ndored Mr.-MacDonald's policy, and  probably the appointment; of a new  manager will-also result in a gradual  settlement of the labor troubles 111 the  Rossland district; That this method  of overcoming the difficulties of the  situation was decidedjupon some time  ago, might have been guessed at by  Mr. Bratnober's statement to the press',  but the complete resumption of o|>-  erations at "the big. Rossland mines  would be too satisfactory a consummation to inake*'it worth while to criticise  the somewhat roundabout manner by  which it were brought about. While  the removal.of the Whittaker-Wright  influence may for a time place a limitation on speculation in Le Roi shares  on the London market, the operation  of the mines on ligitimateand business  like lines must eventually be attended  with results which will do much to restore that confidence in the intrinsic  merit of tlie properties which stock  manipulation and jobbery in the past  has impaired.  There are many more or less  effective methods cf collecting the  Provincial-Poll Tax. Perhaps the  most oiigittafyet discoveted, was  practiced by Provincial Agent Mc-  Mynn at Greenwood,, the other dav,  when he deducted from the jurymen's  lees at the Assizes there held, the  amount of their poll taxes. The men  of the jury box, it is repoited, were in  general more surprised than pleased.  ��n��aBe Wilh Joy,  Mr. Ormsby, of Chicago, is missing.  In 1896 his wife presented him wit.*,  twins, repreating in 189;. In 1898  the Ormsby houuebold was enriched  with triplets, and again in 1899. 0"  Monday last there was a further addition to the Ormsby clan, this time  quadruplets making ^their appearance.  It is feared from his absence that the  happy father has become temporarily  insane with joy.  Those desiring help npplv to secretary 'Phone 30  I. 0. 0. F.   Snow  Shoe Lodge, No. 46.  Mi'Htu cvci'v 'llini'-'lav   Eve at Miners*  Union Hull     Vi-iimir'-UH'tli-i'ii Coidi-  ally Inviteil.        I>. W hukm'-*'., N. <*,  Uto. It. Me\n, Kkv.**!-!).  WHITESIDE,  Barrister & Solicitor,  Graves-Williams Block.  PHOENIX, B. C.  Take your  ESGftlWiON  TO  BOYLE  THE  DRUGGIST.  "Phone No. 16.  Night Bplf.  j P. Burns & Co.  I'HOENIX  MARKET.  HEAD OKI'ICK KOR HOUN'liARV CREEK, UKKKNWOOIi, h. c.  HEAIlQUAt-ll RS, NKI..SON, II. f.  .... Vholraie end Held Itaf Hercli*.  Markets at Nelson, Kaslo, Three Forks, Sandon, Slocan Citv,  Silverton, New Denvei, Ytnir. 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MUSIC   FURNISHED fob  1 nIN,    I'artk-d    or    Keciptloi"  ����  Short Notice.  -Phoenii Home Brewed  Brewed hy a Ho.iie.Insliiiition has proven the test and has made a  host of 1'nends who testily t��� its Good Qualities  lhe  serve it to their customets, and who find   that  ihe  Home" is equal, if not belle., than foieign brewed.  JULIUS MUELLER, Proprietor.  Comer Stajjdasrd Ave. and Baoue? St.,  mmasssstwsm  ass  -ia.,-*"���"���,'���;:���'*��� ������.���--.���,���,-,-   ^    .   .���-*,.- _,���          5S'i..*i��   ���.   ..   '     '   *..'|-i,i    Jaj.51   ,��*'-',^.-4  . . ._Z\ r     .'. <.    -   **;�����.��.*���.-��� ���   V  .',  <!.<���<   .,,*',i'-'l-    -V'1" ' 1 -. ..'^fi^v.*..-:. 'a'-, ii",;-'<  : - ��i  E  -     'it   . ,;'r_   '���>       frl,--s��      -",lr   .VV,t  II   V.T<  .'.>*!  1�� *��   ���* -  "���^SKSSffl^^MB? ���m  Agent for Dominion Copper Company's Addit  PHOENIX  Choic2Bas:ajssail Ristiznzz P/ooirty in A�� Parts of City.  ion to  LAST APRIL we prophesied that Phoenix would  be shipping more ore. than'any camp in British  Columbia before the end of the year*  Over 300,000 Jons of ore have been sent out  over the Phoenix branch of the G. P. R. since July, 1900���one year; and this  camp is today producing more ore_than any mining camp in the Province*  I'lKiKNIX Mil I, SHI I* A> MUCH ORE" IN 1!I01A*< ALL OT1IKR CAM Pi IV BRITISH COLUMBIA TOGETHER.  -).������( ni- tell yon hOiiK'tliiiiK niMroaliotit,I'hoenix and itK|iris8lliiliiii-i. fur inwHtiiu-nt.   CoricHnoiideiice promptlv an3��ercil.  GEO. W. RUMBERQER & j& & PHOENIX, B. C.  i m  *  ���.  BUTTE  ��� ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  '���'���St"-*"...  I  -"PHIS popular resort A  f    J-    litis been refitted.: f  i refurnished nnd tlior- ��  oii'/liiy     overlr- - '-���'������  FRANK GOFORTH, Prop.  I'he Best Appointed and Im-nipped  I lostlery in the  Boundary,  rgr WINES, WW, and CIGARS.  1 tlifo .ghoul, ��n  I nislieti   with    i...      X modern liuiel conven-  | leuci-s. I.oc.il am) I.ung i  f Distance   Telephone f  ! cuimectioll   Willi    lhe j   7uo(lic -and is licclnuar- ���  ! JvayUnSnT-eve'ry j   Comfortable    Sample   !The   Public     Palroonge  HTISHEALTHY  Condition   of   the   Winnipeg  Mines, Ltd.  RUNS FROM 5 TO 22 PLR CUNT. COPPER.  SIX MILLIONS  LMPOkTKD and DOMESTIC.  S utk-i.tti.'i  is   given  to  ��� . tile eonifort ��rd con- i  Vveuielicc cf patrons. I  j Tlie lintel has been en- 1  I Inryed bv tin- addition *  i of fifteen nicety fnr- f  ]  nulled rooms, |  %t^*.t> ^��m ^ni *^-w  jt   Rooms for   j*  Commercial Travelers  Public  Hcfpccllully SullcitioY  We aim lo pliiisc our present large trade und  deserve inure.  i i WHAT MANAGER R. I'LEWMAN SAID  4'  Dominion' Avk.  PHOENIX, B. C.  Shirci- In the New Company to be Issued  November ll-Pald (7,000 In Obligations  cf Old Corporation.  Prospecting on  lhe, Ruby   Has  L'cen Most  Bncourajlr j.,, -';"   i  The results,ol piospt-itiiu, work that  has been in pioj>iL-ssi)ii the Kuhy dui>!  ing lhe past  two  inontlis   have   fully  Paid    By  leali-'ed   the   expei tations   of A!.  W.-j-  .'laje.s, of Delioit, Michigan, and   his'  associates, who in August bonded   the' ��� :.._���._;'  t-laim and the adjoining Ruby fiaction, j . " '���'      "      ���  the   95.    Ho.seshoe   and   Svlvauite.   ,N ��� mxm\ AN���   yALE  DISTRICTS  tion should he made to m-aiest C.  K  aj-ent to iiisinu accommodation  [these jiopulai ships  BUSINfcSS MbNTION.  British  Mines  Columbia  Piactically all this woik has l.-cen dune .  on the surface,  chiefly   to  determine j  . ___.  the strike and extent of the oie bodies, j  Sufficient information has now l��cen Dividend-* Were Distributed  obtained to admit of the formulation  of a plan of thoiough underground  prospecting, which' i.s now being  enteied upon, the Intention being to  carry it on ihiough the winter months.  The Winnipeg Mines, Ltd.-, owning   No special eflbit   has   been   made   to  Yearn,  or at  Annually.  lhe  In   About   S'x  Rale  ol  a Million  11 j ou wish a fust class cigar, call  lor the Miners' Union. *  C.iiidtv buds lot sale. Apply to  Mis. J. I'*.. Mi Atiliffc. *  Kiesh Olvmpi.i and K.istern oysters  at the Unite (Jale.  Stores and oflnes foi lenl in the  the M< Mill.m blo-k. Apply to Mc-  Ai thin iV Monk. *  HALCYON' HOT Sl'KI.NOS StXJTAltlUM  The most complete U C A j T U  on the continent of North n U M "L I n  America. Situated midst D C C |) D T  scenery inrivalled Ior gran- ���> t w W n I  deur. Boating, Fishing and Kxcursions. Resident Physician and Nurse. Telegraphic communication wilh nil parts of the world ; tuo  mails arrive and depart every day, Jts baths  cure all nervous and muscular diseases, iti. ivat-  erj Ileal all Kidney, Liter and btoiuach Ailments  rerms $is to |i8 per week, necording to residence in hotel or villas Halcyon Springs, Ar.  row Lake II. C.  �����>��� BUTTE CAFE  -nti'i-  ....Night  Game in Season.  First-Class Dininir Koom with Piivale  lloxes for Families. Home Cooking.  Only the Besc of Everything to be  found in the Markets.  GEO. W. BLAKE,  MANAl'KK,  ^���������������������-���������������ff--f-f-f4--f-f-f-f'f-ft-f-f-fOOG*-M--f-f-f-f-f-f-f*--f-f**-f-��-4--f*-t>V  PALACE   LIVERY   STABLE  ic and Transfer Line,  Sta#  PHOENIX,  Stage leaves , I'hoenix   for   <Jreenwood ��� 8 a. in.  Leaves" Hieeiiwood   io a.   in. I  Best turnouts in the Boui^lary  B. O.  Leaves Phoenix      i p.' in.  Leaves (Jreenwood   4 p. ni.  Horses well suited for  loug drives.  COLLINS & HcGILLIS, Props.  j Lion Bottling Works I  JAS. McCREATH. Prop. . J  Jobbers in...  tyjneS)  Beer and CigafS Z  OltDKKS    BY   TKl.EPHOSK  PROMPTLV  KILLED.  nOI. K AOKN'TS I-*OK RHICiUQUKI.I.UN   SKI.TKRS- HLUK  I  \I1M. 1IKAN1) Till-: MOVl* IIKALT1IFUI. AND   KKFRKSH-  ING    OI' MINKitAI. VV'ATKKS.  GREENWOOD and PHOENIX, B. C. ��  d. w. Mcdonald  Plumbing  & Tinning  Job Work Promptly Attended io.  Plioenix siren (Hack of Postoffice.) V. *t N. Phone No.  Phoenix, B. C.  Moran's Addition to  Phoenix  Residence Lots in this well located addition are now  on ths mirket. 'Good water on the property. Convenient to all the mines. Liberal sized lots from  30 to 50 feet front.  Prices from $50 up.  Apply to  phoenix, b; c  ��><  and opciaiin;- il e Winnipeg, in Wei  linyton i amp, about two and a hall  link's tioin i'hoenix, held their annual  meeting on October ist and adjoinned  until latt week Tuesday, at Rossland,  when tlie finaiu-ial repoit ol the toui-  pany was submiiied. The statemeiii  shows lhat the company is in a healthy  condition linnncially, an'd that a marked  iiiipioveineiit has'taken place in the  mine.  In his c-iiculai letter to the shaie-  iioldeis, inclosing an abstiact ol his  repot I as managing director, Richard  I'lewnian, the seciet,iry-trea'-uiei ot  the company, says in pail:  "In the interval Tietweeii the first  meeting and the adjourned one. all  payments for assessments on stock  outstanding became finally due and  were all paid with the .exception of a  few shares*,Which weie forfeited and  added to the treasury;" The meeting  on the 29th ult. was then in a position  to pass a resolution converting, all  fully paid shares into stock, and this  has accordingly been done. New  certificates, easily disiinguishablefroir.  the old, will now be printed, aiid^as  the shares are transferred these- fully  paid up certificates vvill be issued,  commencing.November nth.'.  "I may add that work : has been  prosecuted and 'shipments made steadily siiu.e lhe date, of 'the report enclosed herewith. Development work  :dso;is being pushed successiully, the  latest and..niost important' result being  the discovery" of the .concentrating vein  east of the dyke.  "I often have occasion to regret that  time will not allow of such extended  answers to 'enquiries respecting the  mine as I would like to make; and, in  fact, for lhe same reason the report to  the shareholders could not be made to  coverall the points that might suggest  themselves to shaieholders. These  extracts,are punted with ihe hope of  supplying information on the more  impoitant points. While it is absolutely  impossible to give every , inquirer  lengthy answers to geneial questions, I  am gladjH all limes.to answer specific  questions and give any concise in.or-  mation in my p.owet."  Receipts and'disbuiseinents to 26th  September, 1901 :  heceipi-s.  Assesfiiu-nt Nh. 1 .' .. f H527 74  "   2    4.r)5r> JUS  ,    "      .  " -3  .4533 88  "'        "   4 31)03 87  '���   5     SOOu 37 i  '    0    35111 17 '  "   7    3555 37  take out ore during this prospecting' ����*f!"Ij ."'^ M"i'"g J<"'".al, llrilisl. j  woik, but about 200 tons have been (-"l|"l)l�� ���">* , e.g'.tee.. silver It-ad, ���  taken fiom these su.lace workings. ^^^I'P^ and silver-copper mines  This ore runs fiom 5 to 22 per ceii-.1 fai ,,ave 1^ d'/tdeuds agg.egat.ni:  topper, the lichest of it having been .fS.77i,337- . OUUese .mines, Slocan  found in and near the lime contact, has seven, with dividends o $2,230,-  while the lower g.ade o.e, of which , ������ (" l.h4e,r "-'red.t; Rossland lias lour,  theie is a very la.ge body, occurs in ��ul* d,^lld(;,.lds aggreBatiiig$2l.i 69,000;  the adjacent dio.ile. , Camp .Mt.-lvini.ey, 1.1 Yale district, has  Future development woik vvill con-, ����e ���w,Ih^ '" has paid $487.0^7 to. its  sist mainly of di.vi.ig two tunnels par- i shareholders; Nelson district has font,  allel to the lime  contact,   with  cross- S w,t'*   $447.ooo ;to  their  credit;  Warned Al Once.  Il vou have any clean   cotton   lags  Ijtmg ilieiii to the I'loneer olfne,   and  1 get - .ish loi them.    Good   pi 10    paid  According to the New   York ivigi-, |0, {\]C fust lot biought in.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICP.  Crnckei Jack Mineral Clniiu, -.itiiate in Kittle  Kieer Mliiinn Dmsioii of Yule District.  VV'liere located    In Greenuootl Cmip  Take notice that I, George VV Ktuiibergcr,  Free Miners Certificate No b 403SS, acting for  ni>nilf mid agent for Harry Nash, 1-ree. Minns'  Certificate No b 41,428 intend,sixty dajs from  the date hereof to apply to the iniiiiiii; recorder  for a Certificate of Improvement* lor the purpose  of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above named  claim.  And further take notice that action, under  Section 37, ilium be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dntid this i}!*-. dn> ofJul>.A,I> , 1901  3544 Gbo W Rumiifuger.  and  cuts  at   such   inle.vals ' as   may   be' E:lf ^oolfnay has two, one at  Moyie  necessary to .each the o.e shoo-s   thai and the-other.'at kiniberley, lhat have  have been opened on the suiface, and   P^U4hooo. ...,..,  ' When it is taken into consideration  that none  of the  in  MINIMAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  MJllt'K  Whiiliiig  Mlntiiil ��� Uiiiii. k'lunte in the Kettle  Klvcr    Mliiiii).    Oitmiiin   ol  V.ile   District  Whin lo.'iind     In t'.iiinnood camp .  I*uki  nollie Hint  I, C.iorgc VV    Riimbirger,  1 lie MlmrNi eitilimte ->o II   10,38*, foi   mjiielf  and agent for John  Vlnllignii, l'ne Mluir's Cer-  tiliculi No  l< 40 jj-i, liiund slxtj  <la>s from lhe  dak hi-itof lin;ipl> lu tin mining itcorder for a  ceitlficati of iiiiproMiiiinis for the purixise of  obtaining a cl.jun giant of the abotc named  claim  And  fuitliir  take  imllti tint action, muter  Siclioti 37, 111 isl becoiiinuncid lielorc the Nsti-  .iiiieofsuili c1H1lic.1t1.nl iiiiprotemeii'.s  ll.itid this lytli du% ol Augiiht 1901.  3,j4S !���   VV. KL*VIHI'Rf,l'R.  to define the limits of lhe  contact   on |  both sides of the lime  belt, ,which   is  not more  than   20b feet   wide.    The V-',   ��. at .Caml>       ,      ,  ,     .  lower-tunnel will be'started at h point !tJ'vl,de,ui.s l,n,or. l.�� l895.a'"J that some  'of.them 111 addition to  s=:^J. B. MACAULAY  about 400   feet  from- tlie   north-west:  the dividends  comer ofthe Ruby. The upper tunnel, ���'.l)a"j shareholders have paid large sums  which is already in about 70 feet, yt0 their owners before the mines were  Starts about 400 leet higher up; ..There j tu''��ed over toincorporaledconipaiiitjs;  will be a vertical depth of about 100 '  feel between these tunnels.    Machine  drills have been provided and the  work will be pushed as fast as possible.  Wayne Choate, M. E., of Detroit,  Iras lately made an exhaustive exainin-  ation of the property. H is advice that  a-vigorous, policy of developiiieiit be  'pursued is-being-acted, upon, so .'that  the winter's work should prove whether  or not tbe Ruby will give; reasonable  promise of developing into a profitable  mine. -'..There, is one' -particularly: encouraging feajure in connection with  the pioperty, viz., that the higher  grade ore met with is about the richest  gold-copper ore yet found in 'quantity  in the Boundary district.  (the record is one that this section need  not be ashamed of. \Vhat is more,  every, minethat has paid ' dividends,  with the exception of the Athabasca at  Nelson and the War Eag'e.and Centre  Star at, Rossland, is at work, with  every indication of. paying dividends  for years to'come. No other section  of the Pacific Coast can make a beitei  showing, if the time the mines have  been worked is .taken'., into consideration.     . -'���-  '. The'.-.'dividend payers and the  amounts paid are as follows :  CITY SCAVENGER  Leive OrJers at City  Clerk's Office  Laws Average Up Well.  'I'he mining laws of British Columbia are very similar to those across the  border, in Montana and Idaho, and we  do not see capital frightened from  these places by. reason of the existing  laws. It must be admitted, we think,  that the present tax on the output of  ore from the mines is calculated to  injure the development especially of  low-grade propositions, but apart from  this one evil the laws of British Columbia operate yeiy fairly and very well,  and with a few: not impoitant amendments they will be as perfect as could  be expected at this stage of the  country's development:���Vancouver  World.  ,   Total I'tii'il  Athabasca,-Neli-on -.. ....$    *.T),000  Bosun, New' Denver         12,5U0  Cariboo, Camp McKinney      478.0S7  Centre Star, hossland ........     175,000  ���Fern, Nelson ....... .......       10,000  Hall Mines, Nelson      220,000  Idaho, Sloi-an      202,000  Last Chance, Slocan....".        4,">,000  Le Roi, Rossland .' 1,305,000  l.e Roi No. 2, Russian:!      144,000  North Star, East Kootenay...     237,000  .Payne, Slot-ail.   l^lVS.OOO  Queen Bess, Slocan        25,000  Rambler-Cariboo, blucan      130,000  Rcco, Slocan...;'..'.      287,500  St. Eugene, East 'Ko'Menny. ,\     210,000  War Eagle, Ross'untl.........    ,515,250  Ymir, Nelson      102,000  FROM FAR AND NEAR.  last  "   8    ...   2850 02  "           '���    !l      ...   2202 82  Oie extraction    ...    2048 04  Tji'iiimry stock   ...    4250 00  Articles of association   2 50  lioaril account   ...'      1(12 30  444840 01  DISIlUltSHMI'STH.  Cash in Canadian Bank of Commerce  :.. * 0501 71  Paid  obligations   of   tho   old  ���'���WinnipetrM.&S.Co........    718S 51  Reorganization expenses .      (135 48  General/expense.     1811) 27  Office expensj.      874 25  New hunk house....       484 00  Powder, caps and fuse.     1342 50  Assaying......  ........ ..      124 05  Timber... ;       255 20  Fuel...............    3378 95  Devilopineut. 181)33 10  jMm-liineiy expense account...    1325 03  Candles    Tools........ ...........  Plant   .....',......  Insurance.......     Brandon & Golden Crown Co  Cash on hand..    PHOENIX  Phoenix Shoe Shop.  All Woik Ciiiaianteed     Imported Goods.  UM   llOOIs AS'H SMOl S MAPI-,  10  OKIH K  PKACI ICAI     MlS'lRs'   AM)   PROb-  I'l ClOKl' sltOl S   A  SIM CIAI.IV.  Corner Phoenix St. and Brooklyn Ave.  FERGUSON  Total..   .45,771,337  Ocean,Sailings, St. Lawrence Runte.  Passengers   for   the  Old   Country  The  shipments  from   Sandon  week were 387 ions,  Twenty cases of smallpox are reported from Biiiiners. l-'erry.  .'I"oni Johnson, a miner, was drowned  in Moyie lake last week Wednesday,  For October the ore shipments  through Kaslo amounted to 1,925 tons.  The Nortli Star, in Hast Kootenay,  continues to make shipments of 40  tons per day.  Last week's ore shipments from  Rossland amounted to 5,560 tons���-  just 290 Ions less than the previous  weekl ;  The C. P. R. will put in a steel  bridge on the Nelson-Robson road, at  Kootenay crossing, to cost about  $50,000.  There is some prospect of the works  on the Arrowhead and Kootenay  branch of the C. P. Ii. not being completed this year.  The Rambler, in the' Slocan, paid  another dividend last week of $ 12,000,  I'K >.CI IC VI.  IIOl -il    imi ML--.-  PAIN I 1 It,    DI'COKa I'llll,    I  IC  GREENWOOD  Liquor Company  desiring to travel via   the   direct   aud  comfortable Si. Lawrence route should  note   the   following   sailings   for   the  Allan'and Elder-Dempster lines, which  are the last  for  the  season   of   19/01  fioin   Montreal   to   Liverpool:   Lake  Manitoba,    Nov.    15th;    Corinthian,  Nov. 16th; Lake Ontario, Nov.  22111I.  The Tunisian, Corinthian, Lake  Sim-  coa and Manitoba are new- 10,000 ton  steamers and rank equal to lhe  crack ! Complete Lino  liners from New York.     Karly applira-j of Bar Simples  Plioenix. li. C  un.  MAN.VCI'K.  I EAS TERN  Townships Bank,  ESTAni.is.4ED 1859.  CAPITAL - - - - $2,000,000  CAPITAL, PAID UP - $i,74*-535  RESERVE FUND  -  -   $1,050,000  BOARD OF DIRKCTORS:  R W. Hbvkker, President.  Hon   M. II. Cochrane, Vice-Pres.  Israel Wood, J S. Mitchell, O. Stevens, J.N.  Gnler,   N. W.  Thomas, C.  H.   Kathan, II. B.  Brown, K C  IIKAD OI'MCB, SHURBROOKK, P. Q.  Wm,   I'arukil,   Gen'l  Mgr.,  Jas   Maclviuiioii,   Assistant Gen'l Mgr.  s. ISnoi'i.t.,   Local Mgr.  b 1'. Moiikv, Inspector of Branches.  BRANCHES.  In Province ofQuebec���  Montreal, II Austin, Manager.  Waterloo, VV I. Briggs, Manager.  Rock Island, b Stevens, Manager.  Cowanswlle, II. F. Williams. Mgr.  Coatlcook, I* N*. Robinson, Manager.  Richmond, VV. I.. Ball, Mgr.  Granby, VV II Robinson, Mgr.  Ilrdford, I-' W. Morgan, Mgr.  lliiiitiiigdon, A. W. Watson, Mgr.  Magog, K. P. Oliv ler, Mgr.  hi. llyaclnthe, J.  Laframbolse, Mgr.  Onnstown, W. H Hargravt, Mgr.  Ill Province of British Columbia���  (Irand I-'orks, Win. Spier, Mgr  Phoenix, K. VV. Slack, Acting Mgr.  Agents    in    Canada,   Hank  of  Montreal   and  Braiichis  "     London, ltng., N-iitionalBank of Scotland.  "     Boston, National Kxclinnge Bank,  "     New York, National Park Bank.  Collections    made at   all   accessible    points  Oralis isstud for anv required amounts, good at  all points iu Canada,   IJ b. and Kurope.    l*x-  changc bought and sold.  SAWNI.S     IlKAVlll      DlTARTMIA'T      AT       KACII  Ol FICIv,  Interist allowed from date of deposit and com-  pounded annually without requiring attention ot  depositor  Ottice Hours   to 3 Saturday from 10 to 1.  Spohane falls and tafa  NKLSON  &   FORT   SHEPPARD  RED MOUNTAIN lt'Y.  'l he only all-rail route bttween all points east,  wist, andsuutli lo Rossluud, Nelson and all intermediate points, loiiiiecling at Spokane with  thi Ciieat Northern, Northern Pacific and O R &.  N  Co  Coiinicln at Nilfan vv nh steamer for Kaslo and  nil Kootina) l.ake iioints  Connect,, at Me>n's l'alls with singe daily for  Republic, and lonmcts nt llossbiirg with stage  <l.ilt> foi I*. 111 ud l'oikh and Gieenwood.  Iluffil sler|m 11111 011 passenger trains be-  tw 1 ill bpokaue ami Nolthpoit.  KI'IICIIVI' sl'NIlAV, MVY5, 1901  Lean I)ail> I'nilii Vrnve  <):oom. in spokiuie 7J5 p. in.  .1:5011, in Rossland 4:10 p. 111.  0:15 11. in ....Nelson 7-'5.|i. *���>*  II. A, JACKSON,  lieu nil Passenger Agent.  ACF.XTS l'OR  PABST  BEER  GREHiim IU'.  �������������������������������������������� ����� ����������������������� ..o��������oca��������������������������o������J  2742 44  110 26  20 00  02 13  ....HOTEL  ���������  (i*oriiipr|y "te Metropolitan,)      j  ���High Qktfwiues, liquors and gigars always in stQQU, ^61,;  ven-ieut sample room for Commercial Men. First,  class Cafe in connection. - *   * .  H.,,,^yass - HUCiHSE MC0U8RE; Prop.  .,"44840 0]  (.ost, Strayed or Stolen,  bay ��� horse'  about   14  208 95  *1f! '���8 making $130,000 paid in dividends by  this mine to date, ''  The Republic Pioneer-Miner is the  name of, a consolidation of newspaper  interests in that ramp, with Fred.  Barker at the helm. The first issue  does him credit.  It is estimated that nearly $150,000  have this year been spent in and  about Kamloops, on buildings, im-  provemenls and public works. Some  $45,000 of the outlay are  represe ted  Que bay ��� horse; about 14 hands  high, with brand of W Z on left fore  leg. Suitable .reward will be paid for  inlomintion   leading to its recovery.  Notify   Uie   Plioeni)-' Pioneer  or  the! by "the new  Thompson  river  bridge  office of the Winnipeg Mines, Ltd.      I and the new postoffice accounts  for  $12,000 more.  Good, comfortable rooms at reasonable rates, at Nordea hotel, Dominion  avenue  Say as little as you can in saying all  that it is necessary .u say.  That's Our Business  The Job Department of the Plioenix Pioneer is fully  equipped to turn out the BEST QUALITY of Stationery  for any kind of business. Special attention paid to work  for Mines.    Stock, the best;   quality, the highest grade.  ADDRESS:  THE PHOENIX PIONEER,  'Phone No. 14. PHOENIX, B. O.  eeaaeeoaaaoooaacoooaoeaseic  WINTERSERVICE  Effective October 13.  A  New Feature.  TOURIST SLEEPING CARS ON  CROW'S NEST SECTION.  Lctii'cs  KOOTENAY LANDING  Tuesday ami Friday.  Connecting at   Medicine   Hat    wilh  main line cars for  ST. PAUL via SOO  LINE.  Toronto, Montreal, Boston  tintl Intermediate Points on direct route.  l-'or Time-tallies,   rates   and   full  Information  call on or address nearest local ngenl, or  o. w,  I)KY,  Agent,  Phoenix, 13. C.  E. I.Covi.k,  A.G.P.Agt.  Vancouver, B.C  mi  I V'j  ; \  m  K'ffl  m  !*���  5?:s  it'-  is;.  'A r '  i ?.*.  %<  I  .It TF-TE PHOENIX PIONEEH,  S   A  iK *- J      i  ' ��*'   .       ''.   '.  (-"'/*  Vc*  i   ii       j       *i  <:,     .>  ^���W,--' ..  IPs. :*l.  , ���*���' "���  ilV,''   '  fe, f   *     -  l-"*i*    - '  IVt'l', r!*s. VI 7-  IVr,    'J*  Going out of Business  Everything Going at  Big Reduction.  1  I LAW-McQUAID   COMPANY,    Limited HI  SflHIftlB  OPPOSITE OLD  IRONSIDES HOTEL.  GROCERIES AND FURNISHINGS.  fe  :;&&*;<?  WEAR a FALL SUIT or OVERCOAT made by  ricAULIFFE mBMS  and your Friends will praise your taste.    Union help only employed.  Church Services Tomorrow.  Methodist���Sei vice lomoriow evening at 7:30 o'tlo< k at Mineis' Union  hall. Sunday si hc-ol ai 3 |> in. Rev.  {',.   Kinney, U. A . pastor.  Chuich ot ICugland���Set vices will  will be held as u-.ti.il at St. John's nits  sion, in Haidy-Mt-Ken/iehall, D0111111  ion avenue. Hoi) Communion, 8 a.  111., Matins at 11 .1. ni , and evening  seiviceat 7:30. Rev. F. P. Flevvel-  ling, vicai.  Congregational���1'ieaching   service  in the evening at 7:30, at dining 100111  ofthe Old Iionsides I otel.     Rev. Da  vid H. Reid, 1111ss.on.11y i" chaige.  Baptist���Rev. R. W. I rotter will  pieach in Masonic hall, Moiiison-An-  deison building, at 7:30 p. 111.  St. Andrews' Piesbjteiian Chuich:  Seivice tonionow at 11 a. in. and  7:30 p. 111.    Sunday school and 1'ible  m  I class at  IM. A.,  Rev. J.  M.  Miliar,  nastoi.  I  REOPENED  UNDER  ENTIRELY  NEW.  MANAGEMENT.  ���f  Dominion House  Former!} tlie Victoria.  GILLIS& FORREST, Proprietors.  IOSEPH N. G1LLIS, Manager.  OLD IRONSIDES AVE., PHOENIX, B.C.  The lion-c- will herc-  aftci In- roniltictt'il  in Fhst Class ftyle,  and Every |)ppait-  'ment will have tlm  liest obtainable.  BUSINESS MENTION.  r  I  The Local Grist.   ���  t  Dr. Mathison, dentist, Greenwood  Both 'phones.  1       <    i  For oyster cocktails, try the Domin  ion House bar.    ,  Mrs. Summers is now in charge of  the Cottage hotel.  F.  R.   Eccles  was a  visitor from  '   Grand Forks last Monday.  O. S. Walker visited  his store at  ' Grand Forks last Wednesday.  -   H. C. Killeen, provincial  inspector  of roads and bridges, was, in  the district this week.  Last Saturday night about a foot of  snow fell, and part of it disappeared  during- therweek.    <v  Dr. ; Mathison, dentist, - will be. at  Dominion House," November 10th,  nth and 12th. .'"  The  local  lodge of Odd Fellows  now meets M,onday evenings,  instead  of Thursdays, as heretofore.  .    J A meeting of the assayers of, the  province was called to meet in Nelson  "   yesterday to^form an orga* ization.  A few cases of smallpox are reported  ' in lailway camps near Bossburg,-aiid  the quarantine is strict at the boundary  line. ���: '    ' >���   v  " Civil service examinations-will be  held in Nelson on November 12th,  The number of candidates to write is  not yet announced.  Roadmaster Johnson, of the C. P.  R., came in on Wednesday's train, to  look after the local improvements being made by the company.  Messrs. - McNett and   Gates, H representing P. F. Collier,  publisher, of  New1 York City, have been doing busi-  ���   ness in the town this week.  .   , This week work was starled on  the  double residence for J. L. Martin, of  the City of Paris mine,  which  will  be built on Old Ironsides avenue.  Married,   at" Greenwood,  October  - 31, T. J. Kelly, of Midway, and Miss  - Margaret. Young,  of A)enver,  Colo.,  . Rev. W. A. Robins officiating." l    ���  ,'   Contractor Lee, has completed his  work on  the new   Phoenix General  ,   Hospital building,  and  arrangements  are'now being made for the furnishings.  Quite a little "progress _ was made in  tire construction ofthe new Congregational church this week, notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather in  the week.  *-. v Supt. J. W. Astley, of the Snowshoe  mine, came over from Rossland  Mon-  - day, and left Mrs.  Astley  at Greenwood till his new residence at the mine  "* v is ready for. occupancy.  It is reported that Max Berger and  George* McKenzie will put 011^ a fast  stage line between Greenwood and the  West Fork, making daily trips in  eight hours each way.  ' It is expected that the new Congregational church, now being erected in  this city, will be furnished with a bell  by one of the rich churchs of lhe same  denomination in.eastern Canada.  ��� - William Anderson has started a city  "express, and is prepared to do all  ���Vvorkjof this kind at reasonable prices.-  Orders left at the Lavv-McQuaid Co.'s  store will receive prompt attention. (  Tomorrow, the 10th, is pay day but.in  the camp it will be on Monday,' when  300 or 400 men will be  made happy  by   the   receipt of monthly  checks.  The Snowshoe pay day is next Friday.  -  Last 'Tuesday the team of cayuses  ' owned by C. W. Greer ran away on  . * Dominion avenue, throwing out  Mr.  /���Gieer, and smashing things up generally."    Mr.   Greer   disposed   ot   the  animals without delay.  The local lodge of the Fraternal  Order of Eagles is making preparations to give a ball on the evening ol  November 19th at Miners'Union Hall,  which it is expected will be one of the  ' swell affairs of the season.  According to the statute, no one  who has not paid road as well as other  taxes, will he able to get his name ��>e  the municipal voters' list for- 1993.  ^December ist is the last day on which  jnarncs can be enrolled on this list.  December 9th is the date of the  sitting of the next county court at  Greenwood.  Mrs.-F. L. Cock vvill leave next  Tuessday for Nanaimo, wheie she will  spend the winter.  The Eagles have changed iheir  meeting night to 'Tuesday, instead of  Sunday, as heretofore.  The Libeial Asrociation of Gieenwood has called a meeting of its members for the 27th inst.  The Knights of Pythias of Greenwood are arranging to give a ball on  Thanksgiving eve, November 27th.  Thomas Oxley is building a residence  in Moran's addition, James McEvoy  being.in chaige of the work.  . Wednesday evening the city council met for the first time in tbe new  office in the city jail building, and  duly celebiated the event.  The new Railway addition to Phoenix  contains just eight lots, being a small  strip of land between the Brooklyn and  Stemwinder spurs ot the C. P. R. .  E. W. Monk and David Whiteside  have been spending the week hunting  on Pass creek, making their headquarters at the  Earthquake  mine.  The first locomotive foi the Giand  Forksjit Republic railway arrived last  Monday, and will be used for track-  laying purposes. It is a 75 ton  machine.  S. H. C. Minei, president of the  Granby Co., on his return to the east,  after fiie recent visit here, is reported  to have said that he was very much  pleased with the waj things were pointing in Phoenix.  W.< R. Brock, of the Dominion Geo  logical Suivey, who some time ago  disbanded his survey party and has  since been looking over the principal  mines of the Boundary district, left  last week for Ottawa.  Mrs. W. S. Ross went to Spokane  last Saturday, being summoned by the  illness of her son Guy, who is down  with scarlet fever, 'The boy is now improving, and both are quarantined  there.  v-  ' J. P. Humphries, formeily a black,  smiths' helper, at .the- Mother Lode  mine! died at the Greenwood hospital  last week Friday. His widow took  the-iemair.s to Bruiidon, Mm., for  buijal.  .'Today being' the King's birthday,  and therefore a legal holiday, the bank  and j-ostofifice will not be open to the  puulje as usual, although the mails  will be sent out-and- received as usuaV  Stores will be closed, from 10 to 6.  *r  On 'Tuesday evening, November  19th, the Ladies' Aid'Society of St.  Andrews'chuich*will give an oyster  supper, in connection with which  there vvill be an inteiesting progtain.  Like all functions of this organization,  it vvill doubtless be a success.  It is said that a go has been arranged between Geoige Washington, the  Rossland Coffee-Cooler, and a dark  horse from the Boundary country to  come off about the 38th instant. 'The  statement has been made that $200 a  side has been deposited at the Strand  saloon at Rossland for the mill.  A wheel on a car in an ore train  broke coming from the Mother Lode  mine Wednesday afternoon. 'The accident happened on a high bank in  the gulch a quarter of a mile from the  smelter. 'The car tolled down Jinto  the cieek bed wrecked, the track but  slightly damaged.  Foi the 10th and" 17th of this  month the Chuich of England, services in Phoenix will be held at 3  o'clock only, instead of as usual in the  morning and evening. 'This is necessitated by the vicar, Rev. E.' P  Flewelling, having to serve Greenwood  I "-I he Yale Columbia Lumber Co. is  j moving 200,000 feet of lumber from  I the old Metcher saw-null site, between  'Eholt and Greenwood, to the Phoenix  yards. The company now disposes  of that much" lumber monthly iu  Phoeni\. t  In building an enlirely new biidge  over the Kettle liver between heie and  Rock Cieek the piorinci.il government  is making a gieat waste of public  money. 'The old piers are, with the  exception of a few top limber-.*, as  capable" of suppoiting the weight ol  the bridge today as when they weie  first built.���Midway Advance.  Surveyors la Pboeaix Ajaln.  'The party of V., V. and E. engineers  who bioke camp here some weeks ago,  and ran Jines Irom Midway to Eholt  creek, much (to the delight ol the  people in Greenwood, arrived again in  Phcenix yesterday, bag and baggage.  They will now proceed to gridiron the  few hills and valleys in this vicinity  that they missed before when located  heie. 'The ramp is located neai the  Snowshoe mine this time.  Dr.    Simmons,   dentist,     Rendell  Block, Gieenwood. V. &- N. phone 96.  Furnished   1 coins  tor   lent  in   the  Delahay block, Dominion avenue.  Ask for the  Miner-*'   Union   cigar.  Cleai Havana tiller. *  See Almstrom it Iterg at  the  Nor-  den hotel. Dominion avenue. *  If you wish a fust-class cigar call for  the Mineis' Union.       -, *  For Sale���5-Oi.tave Piano.   Apply  to Mis. W. 13.Willio.\, Giey Eagle ave.  Lodging liousi*   to tent.    Apply  to  .M.*.,\itiiui "v Monk. f  Tiy those delicious Olympia ci  Eastern 'ivstcis at the Butte Cal'e.  For Sali.���Double Sin ing and Mai-  tress clirap. " Jiit|iii-e at l'ioin-ei office.  Bob-Sleighs.  We have foi sale ;> utimliei of paii  ol bob-sleighs with good biakes at  tached.   Yalk Columbia Lumiiek Co  Phoenix, II. C, October iS, 1901.  Paines  Celery  Compound  ���the.  SPE04!  OLD IRONSIDE, NEW YORK, and  DOMINION COPPER CO., LOTS,  ti Icn -.tie in the Vicinity 01 ("unil l-'oiks  and  $  = w  8  A. P. McKENZIE  The Diwggist.  Phoenix, B. C.  Dominion  Avenue.  DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP  Nolice is hereby given that the -.inrtnerftlnp  htret< fore existing tietvveen Joe .M.Nylor.Jr,  and iu>self, undir the hrm name of kuinherxer  o.'1'.ivlor iTlmolutl from this date.  l).itcd nt Phoenix, II C . the lit ilav < f October,  1901 - C     VV.   Rt'MllhKCI'K.  Birtaias la Watches sat Jewelry.  On account of going out of business,  next week will be the last in'vvliich to  secure rare bargains iu watches and  jewelry. If you need anything in these  lines, give me a call. A little money  will go a long way here.  A. Henderson, Jeweler.  WANTE-D.  Good second-hand   trunk,   medium  size.    Addiess B0X93, Phoenix, B. C.  See Airnstioi-n 6z Merg at the Nor-  den hotel. Dominion avenue.-        *  \PPI.lCATION 1'OR TRANSFER  OF LIQUOR LICENSE.  NOTI K IS HKRl'l'Y GIVKVlhatl will make  application to the Hoard cf License I onnnis^ioii  er< ofthe t it\ of Phoenix at i *. next meeting for  a transfer of ihe I.iqnor License now held b\ mi  lo sell liquor bv retail in the Victoria Hotel,  -.itnale on iioiisulesnv-tnue. oil Lots 15 and 16.  1 lock II, Old Iron-.nics Addition to the City of  I'hoenix to Joseph N Ctllis-  Dated  at  I'hoenjx,   li.   C ,   this   J4II1 day ol  October, 1901. "        J. Hikkjian.  ALARM  CLOCKS  The Largest  in P h o e 11 i x.  G it a r a n t e e d.  * GEO. E.  DEY j*  .1      K      W      K      I.      i'.      R  Fine Rant li I .a.  Coiuniliia.  We Iran-.1 1  .1 ��������� ni-i.il l'i ���!>��� nn."-nml ln-11 a.m- l'.iii-iin>��.  MP ARTHUR & MONK, Agents  OHI'CI"   GK.W's-Wit 11 wis HtoiK I- o. lto\-,33    V. (s. N 'I'lmne.52  Do you want the | Hum. ���*..-r?.  Best S  Tamarack and Fir, per cord,  $3.75  Steve Wood " 4.50  DKI.IVI-I'KI) AT YOUR DOUR.  N@w pgeti under  New Management,  THE  MINT  Restaurant  DOMINION  AVE.  Notice of Application for Traai'er of Liquor  Licence. -  NOTICH IS HKKHfSY GIVEN that at Hie next  sitting of tee : icence Commissioners Ior the Cn v  of Phoenix I intend to apply for a transfer to  VV. N. Dunn of the licence which I hold to sell  liquor by retail in the Phoenix Hotel, Phoenix.  B. C. , ���  Dated this 8lh day of November, A. D., 1931.  ���3 Harry Nash  To lie given bv tho  Ladies' Aid  Society  of the Presbyterian, Church.  TJjere wjll be a Program in Con-  Hficiiflii."  ADMISSION S-TCEWK  also during the absence ol Rev. W. A.  Robins those Sundays.  I have re-opened the Mint  Restauiant, and Coidially  Invite my many old friends  and the public geneially to  once moie extend their  patronage. Specialty of  Home Cooking.  DICK LORAH.  1 Straight  j Car Load  House and Lot for Sale  on 1 Oldjlronsides Avenue,  Reasonable amount down,  "balancfe monthly payments  at S per cent per annum.  This is a snap. If you  mean business,  Potatoes  Carrots  Cabbage  in  Stock .this  Turnips  Beets .  Onions  week.  We have also a-Supply of  Sweet Potatoes.  Cranberries and  Sauerkraut.  Shipment of Ontario aud  Okanogan Apples  to arrive in a few days.  ���v  |S People's Cash Store  X HAKPV-JfcKENZIK BLOCK.  PHOENIX PRODUCE CO  Fruit, Produce ond Groceries.  Fresh Goods Arriving Con-  inually.  Prompt Delivery.  V. & N. Phone N'o. 93.  I  PHOENIX, ;��. C  ���Maammw 1      1     im   N" ������������'  go|) The Tailor  New  Fail and Winter  Goods  are now arriving including:  James Morati  Kodaks  Sec our new lot of Ko.laks and  photographic supplies.  mcras from ${.00 Up.  McRae Bros. & Smith,  Stationery, Cigars and Tobacco, Confectionery, and Fruits.  Tweeds  Overcoatings  ��ggf  f4ncy Worsteds  awmmsmmnmmmm  Fancy Vesting*  Choice Jot���All Impoited Goods.  Perfect Fit Guaranteed,  R. HORREL,  BOH, THK TAILOR.  K.von Hill Ave., -  - Phoenix, B.C.  Smoke KELOWNA Union made  H CIGARS SS  f****t*<  S>6<? Prospector's Exchange j  IF YOU HAVE A MINE ��f l'ro<l>tct forSAl.K ��eml tn u full reuoit. with mim'ilei of j  ore, stiituiK price nnil termi. ().ir f.ic.litu < f..r placing a proptrtv ciuicUv aie iiiieXielleil. ;  We make a specialty offree milting gold properties    Correspondence solicited <  Address: Room 4 K H'-C Hi K.-Neison.H.C.  Andrew F. Rosenberger, Mgr. i  �����������*��������*������������������*������ 1  City Bakery  Haute and Lot for Sale.  ]'*pr sale ^-rooin house and lot pn  Knoh Hill avenue, between r'irst nnd  Second utreet.    Apply to owner.  John "Aosted.  J. MlCAGUIV  PKOI'KIHOR.  V. *N- i'l'i''*'*- Nc- f.  Bread, Cakes, Pies, Etc., Fresh Daily,  IRONSIDES AUDITION, I'HOICNIX. H. C. Fun-. Dmivkkv  g*fww wwifrtiftiftfrwifrmTfr w ww w nrw nr ww mw wg  I Cunningham  i & Anderson  Electrical Con-1  and ��  sfruciEon  supplies.  Stores and offices  the McMillan block.  Ai thur & Monk.  for  rent in  the  Apply "to  Mc-  l-'ktures, Motors, U\ii*tnios. Jitr:, House  Winn-j and Uynnnio lie-Minn-i., Miiifj |n-  fctnil'ition n Speci.il-y,  =3,  g PHOENIX and GREENWOOD, B. C.  MEN'S AND BOYS  Clothing  Overcoats  Underwear  Men's Mackinaw Suits  pares Make.  Boots and Shoes  Rubbers.  Leading Makers and Popular Prices.  AND SOFT FELTS.  in Lt'HtliiiK Mnke-i.  BLANKETS and  COMFORTERS  AT ALL PRICES.  j Our Stock of House Furnishings, Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, will ;  ��� be found up-to-date, Inol-^ing gigny Novelties for Ladies.and Chi'ldrens Wear.    \  I    ������������������9tt99919fnfttftt9f999ffftmfff9f9ff^


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