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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Nov 28, 1903

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Boundary Mines Sent
Out 500,000 Tons of
Ore .In \ 902,   #   &
Poenix is the Centre
and Leading Mining
Camp of Boundary*
Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining District.
Vol. v.
No, 3.
The Big Store
\—  .
S Fancy and Staple
j Now arriving daily,
! Fresh choice English I'ecls, Lemon Citron
ii and Orange,
;.; Sultana,  Muscatel and   Seeded   Kai.sins,
'•\ I his seasons stock.
London Ijiyer Raisins, 4 crown, extra large.
Great Activity at the Greenwood -Smelter., , '■■
Slag Hauling Locomotive Doing Qoocf Work-
New Smokestack Finally Completed—Two
Furnace* Steadily Running.
Joseph Basselt, of Hartford Junction
returned a few days ago from a month';
visit to his brothers, prosperous fanners
in the Santa Clara valley, California,
lie also saw San Francisco, Portland,
and the I'uget Sound cities while absent.
Next Tuesday Albert E. Savage, chief
of tin Grand Forks fire department,
will be married Miss June W. Brindle
formerly of Lewiston, Pa., who is a
sister of Mrs. John Holland. Rev. J. R.
Robertson will perform the ceremony
at Grand Forks.
Information has been received here.
This week a Pioneer representative  of the death   of Vivian   H.  Holmes,
Announcement   So Made by
the Granby Co.
this year's crop.
j Give   us   a   call   and    investigate   and
!; you will buy, as we are in position to buy
j in the best market* of the world and in quanti
■j ties .so that we are able to buy Jo advantag.*; we
;' share with our customers.
■! Christmas Presents.
■i .  .   ■     ■■
! We expect daily one of the Finest  Assort-
jl merits  of Fancy  Crockery  ever  seen   in the
Boundary country.    You will be able  to find l
nt Jhi-s assortment something to  suit everyone
in I'dVcs that will suit you.
Clothing Saie.
75 Suits at less than cor.t price.
$12.00 Suits; sale price $ 8.00. ' !
15,00    "        "    ..' "     10.00.
20,00   "      "      "     12.00. :
Come in and verify this statement.
and Pears
We have received a shipment of 200
'boxes-of Apples and Pears, direct from the
This is some of the finest fruit ever
brought into the Boundary,- vou will be wise to
stock up .without delay. . There are several varieties and the goods are iu excellent condition
and.will keep well.
Of course, we also have
Sweet Potatoes,
• and other tilings seasonable.
Prompt delivery guaranteed . •
visited the,smelter of the British Columbia Copper Co., .at .Greenwood,
and was shown over tlie works by the
manager, .Frederic Keffer— who, by
the way, i.s now spending- his eighth
year in the Boundary, having had
charge of ll)e AJotlier I.f'dc mine and
smelter since the first work was done
on them.
At the smelter there is the greatest
activity, not only because the two
furnaces are steadily running, and
giving the most satisfactory results
under, the superintendent-)' of J. E.
-McAllister, who has been in charge
since Paul Johnson left, but because of
the improvements being made to the
plant itself. The slag hauling locomotive noently installed, is busy all
the time, and. is serving . its purpose
well. ■
Work is. well under way on the
foundations for the- new copper converter building, in which the 50 per
cent matte will be made into marketable copper bullion,' 98 or yo per cent
line. Here will be located the stand
of two converters, which are expected
to be ]n operation sometime late in
the winter or in.the spring, now being
manufactured'iir .-Chicago.    The dust
chamber is ..ixlroudy. nearly- c.-7iuj/ictc<J,-
a'rid the C, P. R. graders are preparing
the right of way for the spur to the
converter building proper. This necessitates considerable roek'excavating.
At the -Mother Lode mine between
600 and 700 tons of ore daily arc-
being broken down and shipped to the
smelter by a force of 80 to 100 men,
while s'onjp 75 men handle the reduction works at the smelter, including
whatever custom ore is obtained. At
the present the LeRoi Xo. 2, of Rossland, among others, is sending its ore
to the Greenwood .smelter. At the
smelter, of course, the payroll is much
larger now, on account of the new
work being done. The new brick
smokestack, 120 feet high, completed last Sunday, is the pride of
Greenwood. At the mine and smelter
the normal payroll runs between $15,-
000 and $20,000 per month.' It is
the intention to add more furnaces to
the smelter equpment in the near future, when the output of both mine
and smeller will be more than doubled.
formerly of this city. lie is said to
have been killed by being crushed by
heavy machinery at Salt Lake City,
while assisting in unloading it from a
railway car.
The Associated Boards of Trade will
meet next Wednesday at Rossland in
annual session. It i.s hardly likely that
I'hoenix will have representatives
there this year. Perhaps our people
think tbat all our wants have been satisfied for the present.
Tracy W. Holland, ex-mayor of
Grand Forks, and one of the promoters of the Hot Air railway to Republic,1 i.s now working on a similar deal in
connection with the new railway for
the Nicola valley and the Siinilkameen.
The charter wns obtained last session.
The annual Christmas Tree of the
Methodist Sunday school will be held
in the Hardy McKenzzic hall on Wednesday, December 23d. Anocellent
programme is bein- prepared. Parents will be permitted to put presents for their children and others on
■the tree, and are invited to d.)  so.
The Venerable Archdeacon Edwin
S. W. Pentreath, of Vancoover, in
charge of the Angeliuan churches in
this section..njade n visit to the 1"<**'
church "I'dursday,' gbfhgTo Green wood
the next day, ard being in Grand
Forks over Sunday. This is the last
official visit of the Arahdeacon to tbe
boundary, as a new diocese has been
created, and Rev. W. M. Robins, of
Greenwood, is spoken of as the new
Will Be at Ihe Rale of One Per Cent on
Par Value, $10 Per Share—Is aa Important Announcement.
Change Telephone Office Tomorrow.
beginning next Monday morning,
if present plans carry, Phoenix will
have the best local telephone service
of any town in the interior. For a
month past a force of linemen under
Foreman Irwin, has been bus)- build
ing a new line through the center of
the city, and at the same time making
the entire local system cue of the
metallic circuit variety—something that
no other town or city in Kootenay or
Vale .enjoys. Rossland, Nelson, Green
wood, Grand Forks, etc., all have the
old kind—the kind that Phoenix has
had up to the present. One day here
the force of men strung 20 miles of
wire within the ten hours,1
It is the intention tomorrow to
change the central office from the present location to the Bank block, and at
the same time to change the system to
a metallic circuit, the necessary addi-
ional wires having already been put in
place. As a consequence the system
will not be in working order tomorrow,
but on -Monday can be used, as usual,
only with much more satisfaction to
the sub.cribers. At the same time a
modern switchboard will be installed.
The improvements will cost the company several thousand dollars.
Bouquet From tbe Slocan.
The Phoenix Pioneer entered upon
its fifth year last week. The Pionser
is a credit to its editor and the city in
which it i.s published, and it is the
newsiest paper issued in the whole
Boundary district.—Sandon (B. C.)
Property is Sold  To Chicago
Latest Prices in Metals.
Nkw YottK—Oopner,  electrolytic him!
lake, *fl-'l'oiVi.f.l2.7.3.    ■
Har Silver. '68?,,.
Lead, M i5.
Posters were sent out this week
announcing the annual ball of the
Fraternal Order of Eagles on De
cember 1 ith.
Taken Hold of By Chicago Capitalist)--Sold by
Hal J. Cole, of Spokane—Ha« $5,000 Done
In Development.
It is reported from Montreal that
the official announcement has been'
made there that tbe Granby Consolidated will inaugurate the era of dividends on the 16th of December, payable to all shareholders of record December ist.
This is the first participation of th
shareholders 111 the earnings of the
company since it began operations on
such an extensive scale in the Boundary country. For the year ending
June 30th last, according to the annual
statement published first in this country in the Phoenix Pioneer, the net
earnings were $296,298, of which
amount the shareholders will shortly
receive $133,630.
This dividend will be at the rate of
four per cent annually on the par value
of the shares, $10, or at the rate Of
ten per cent on the market price of
the shares, which is now about $4 per
share. Of course, the ratio of profit
to those who purchased the shares
from the old companies that were
united two years ago, will be even
It has..-been anticipated for. some
time that the Granby Co. would take
this step, as recently foreshadowed by
Manager Graves and Mr. A. C. Flu 111-
erfell, but die positive amvjuneemei.v
will be received'with feelings of satisfaction, not only by shareholders, but
by all interested in the welfare of the
Boundary or of British Columbia.
With six blast furnaces in operation
as at present, there seems to be no
reason why the Granby Co. will not be
able to pay returns at this rate or even
a better rate for a long time to come.
Being the largest and strongest of the
Boundary companies, and operating
on some of the lowest grade of ore,
it will be the more .significant, as showing what a judicious admixture of
brains and capital can do in this coun-
S'tokane, and   next   week   the  boring
will be suited.
The balance of the bond on the
Flkhorn to Phil McDonald and James
Sutherland, is in bank for the payment
due next month—from the net proceeds qf ore shipments.
It is expected by Morrison and Edwards, who have a bond on the Blue
Jay, that development will shortly he
resumed at that property, funds having
been raised for that purpose.
Four men are developing the Minnie
claim in Summit camp, owned by Dr.
Averill and A. Traunwiser, of Grand
Forks. It i.s close to the Fremont
and Senator, being developed , by
Granby interests.
A half-interest in the Alaska, Emma
and New York mineral claims, north
of Grand Forks, was sold last week
by W. A. Pounder lu C. S. Atwood, of
Grand Forks, for a consideration
said to be $1,500.
Shipments from the Athelstan are
now being made at the rate of 75 tons
daily, the snow making the hauling
much easier for the contractors. Two
four and two six-horse teams are ; engaged in this work.
Manager Pemberton of the Montreal
and Boston Copper Co.'s smelter, is
now on the way from Montreal, and
has sent word to continue the two
furnaces at. full blast till spring, when
more furnaces will be added to the
W. W. Carter, who is developing the
Bank of England, adjoining the Raw
hide, is understood to have made arrangements with the Greenwood smelter for test treatments from that property, and a shipment of ore is now
being gotten ready.
A. L. WUbeir Killed Sunday
at the Mother Lode.
Hid Ample Warning lo Etcapc—Rock Cam**
Through Machine Shop, Carrying lostaal
Ocalb—Coroner's Jury Found No Blams.
FOR $100,000
Boundary Mining; Notes.
The syndicate working the Ruby
claim, near Greenwood, is making a
most satisfactory showing.
Manager Plewman reports times as
being quiet at the Winnipeg mine for
the present, and no ore is being sent
Pete Boucher has just finished his
assessment work on the Fore Paw
claim, adjoining the Cracker Jack, on
the north side of the city.
Since commencin:.1 ore shipments at
Dominion Copper Co. Raises
Some Cash.
About Hall the Amount Will Liquidate In
debtedness, and Balance Would Provide
Working Fund.
A few months ago, at a meeting of
the Dominion Copper Co., held at
Toronto, it was decided to issue bonds
to the amount of $100,000. This
amount was supposed to be applied to
paying off the indebtedness of the
corporation, something like $50,000,
and the balance was a working fund.
Within a few days the papers have
been filed by which the company has
given a chattel mortgage for the sum
of$ico,ooo to the National Trust Co.,
of Toronto, presumably to secure the
bonds. Whether this transaction will
have the effect of resuming operations
at. the company's mines, the Brooklyn,
Stemwinder, Idaho, Rawhide, etc., in
this camp, does not yet appear to the
puh'ic. But it is not unreasonable to
believe there is something in the wind.
As the properties have now been   idle
After many delays in getting the
crown grant straightened out, it is now
stated that the Nellie Cotton and
Mystic claims, located almo^i adjoining the Granby mines on the south,
have been sold to a syndicate of Chicago capitalists—the terms of the
transfer not having been given ont. It
is understood that development work
will be started in the spring.
Last summer all the arrangements
for the transfer of the group were
made, the purchasers being J. li. Fver-
hart, W. I.). Everhart and Max Sands,
all of Chicago. This was after expert
examinations by J. C. Haas, M. Iv,
and Col. W. M. Ridpalh, who reported favorably. It was said then tbat
$10,000 was in the hank as a first payment 011 the bond.
The Nellie Cotton was located in
1S95 by James .Sutherland, and at one
time was bonded by W. T. Smith, who
did some $5,000 worth of development work. The Mystic, which i.s
now iu the group, was located at a
later date, and adjoins the Nellie Cotton. The latter lias what is con.-iderod
an excellent showing of pyrrholite ore,
running rather better in values than
most of the claims in this camp,
2,000 tons daily by the Granby mines. I two years, and as it is known that the
the gigantic Knob Mill ore crusher has I large   bodies  of ore  already   blocked
been operated on double shift.
The new smokestack built for
the Greenwood smeller, and in which
something like a quarter million of
bricks  were used,  is   now  completed.
This Week the C. P. 1*1. completed
the work of pulling in a seven-car
switch for the accommodation of the
Athalstan mine, Irom the Winnipeg
An electric plant is being put in at
the Providence mine by K. G. Warren, for the purpose of lighting, and
later perhaps i'oro penning drills and
Last Sunday 78 cars of ore were
sent out from this camp, due to the
stoppage of shipments on Saturday, on
account of the derailment near the
Arrangements have been made with
the C. P. R. by the   Granby   manage
ment for the exclusive use of a stand
ard locomotive for switching purposes
around the mines.
The contract for  diamond drilling
to test the ore bodies on the Volcanic,
on the North Fork of the Kettle river.' p<
for which   a deal   was   recently   madciM
with Michigan   capitalists, was  signed j
last   Monday   with   Boyles   Bros.,,1 of
out are desired by the smelters, some-
iliing definite is likely to transpire in
'he near future. It is known that arrangements have been making for the
laying of the balance of tlie steel on
the already graded spurs, so as to
reach the dumps of tlie Brooklyn and
Siemwiiider mines.
List Sunday an unfortunate accident
occurred at the Mother Lode mine in
Deadwood camp, by which A. L, VVil
ber, a machinist,  met  instant death.
An unusually heavy blast was being
fired in the ore qtiarry,and the customary warnings were repeatedly given ol
the blast   by  the mine  whistle,  and
Wilber, who was employed in the machine shop, had plenty of time  to
reach a place of safety.    He preferred
to take the risk  of flying rocks, how
ever, and a piece as large as a stove
came through the roof of the building,
taking off the top of his head, and
killing him   instanter,   scattering  his
brains all over the room.
No blame of any kind could be at
tached to any one except the unfortunate man himself, as he fully understood the risk he was running by not
going to a place of safety. He was
a married inan of some 50 years
of age, leaving a widow and three children to survive Iiim.
Dr. Foster, the district coroner, empanelled a jury the next day, and, after
visiting the scene of the accident, and
hearing the testimony of the witnesses,
the jviry decided that the company was
not to blame, having taken every reasonable precaution   to   prevent  accidents.    ■ '-■'.-.■„'.:. .-'• ■■ ■   /•:;■.
It is only a couple of weeks sine*',
the editor ofthe Pioneer congratulated
Foreman Holman, of the Mother Lode^
on the good fortune that had attended
his  supervision  of  the  property, no
fatalities having occurred   in   the  last
eigteen months, up to last Sunday.
Delayed Traffic For a Day.
Last Saturdry morning, while engine
No. 903 was running down to Eholt
light, when it arrived at the Snowshoe
compressor spur, the forward part tried
to go one way, and the tender another, each with considerale success.
The result was a bad derailment, that
blocked traffic for the entire day, tying
up ore and passenger trains completely. Passengers were transferred by
team from the depot to the other side
of the wreck, but the ore trains simply
had to do some waiting. The bridge
crew was summoned, and the next day
was a busy one in ore traffic, to make
up for lost time. The engine had a
narrow escape from falling into the
Snowsho*; compressor..
Golrg Into Saw Mills.
A report from the coast is to the effect that S, M. C. Miner, president ol
the Granby Consolidated, and A. (.'.
Flumerfelt, assistant to the president,
recently purchased a large interest in
the Hastings Shingle company, of Vancouver. This company operates mills
on both the Canadian and American
ide ol the line, and control.', large
timber limits on the coast. Mr.
unierfelt will be one of the new
Tlit: folluu'iits table gives the ore shipments of Boundary mines lor 19jo, for 1901,forJ
1902, ami lor 1903, as reported to the Phoenix Pioneer—
1900 1901 1902 1903
(iranl.y Mines, Phoenix       64,533   231,762   309.858   330.427
■ n.oklyii,,
'i Mother
:\ .Sunset,
1,731    20,800     70,252
Mot n.snii,
H. C. Mi up
K. Kail, "    ..
Tn Kiiima, "
'h tiro Denoro "
Winnipeg,    Wellington..
tioMcn Crown,        "
Athelstim-.Iiickpot "
Kinj; Solomon, W.Copper
No. 7 Mine, Central.
City of Paris, "
kX .lewel, Long Lake.
MS Carmi, West Fork.
■fW   Providence,    Providence.
W/i Klklimn    	
jf/§? Kithv.     Moiiinlitrv Falls.
i ;'${ Miscellaneous. .."	
Summit      19,494
Week j
1,650 (0
Total, tons'	
iJranliv Smelter treated, tons..
507.545 000.589
312.340 312,460
.«£-. --YY
■&m. ■■:. ■■:.-.
ifeSSf. ,■■'.■ t:
■Y£&" '■'•''-'~h
.V*-iVff   ;  .-■;.' ':'
-.- •';Ji*'-','
■"--£■»££■■?;;.■ '.. ■'-.-
'.•~~;*'^ ■•'
-'•-■^y/'   -.-'.y-
■ri-V^1- ,,   ,--j-:.:-;
J,.-; .y /. 'y-
■-'-'-■- --i'j- '<- >'*-
Y-Y' i '-"'
yyj?"; :;)Y.
"iS? .yyy
"!ay^yv *
•■~.'-.-? y'i'
J£$£ ■ n...;-.;^
.'--■■-■•-.■^ -,
';'..'>:%--y ';/:•':,;
-a:* ;xyy
■--"-. ~-'-.'i
":^'J: - ■   ■ V.7
WiY« -Y'-::
'-y#'V"' "'r.-('.'jr
■:-:&' ■-.'■'-'...?'■'
■;\s 'i.yy-?
"&   ■     "-..:■,
t.i';kftU-: ■'■:'■:■ ';
• <v4pY^-Y-
BY HEAVY BLAST FitOM ORB QVAMt ..     \-[ y ;;|p!il8
;'YY-. y
. v»
« ■,-.-■■' w,,,; ,  i..\"' n ,«•*,•<■"., 1 ',*-, -.-\ifj-. 'i'-s '*
. *"-*4*..'   r "A*
rT.**; - "    - THE PHOENIX PIONEER  if  f  St ,',  1- '  ?!  i i  And Boundary BSlnfaf; Jotanal  i I8SCKD OJ�� SATURDAY ��Y THE  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  4TPHOBjnXiB.C.  W. B.WILLCOX. MANftacR.  '''." . i Butina�� office No. 14. .  Telephone!   j Manager's residence, No. 15.  ��UB8CJUPTl6KS in advahcb.  ,' .j   '  I1.00  -��erVe��r._ ~~   *      *  ���ilx MobU����..-..-... --���'��� ������-.- ���������-" I-2S  UT<.uarenot��*<ub��criber to thui p��per. this  U in Invitation to vou to become one.  AdvertUlng rite* furnished on application, y  ��� i^falnoUceaioandscenUperllne.,  Pour weekly louertiou" conntltule one month*.  adTerUslur.  I903  NOV.  1903  Siii.ilMD.W-W.'i.   Thu. Frl.    Sat  J    2   3   4 5    6 7  8    9  JO II 12 13 14  15  16 17 18 19 20 21  22 23 24 25 26 27 28  291.30  M'BRIDE 00VERNMENT SUSTAINED.  Last week'the McBride government  was endorsed once more at the bye-  election in Vancouver, when the attorney-general was elected over the  Liberal candidate by an overwhelming  majority. This should be pretty good  evidence to the Grits that the province  wantS the present government continued in power, even if the majority  in th6 house is not very large. Vancouver is the largest constituency in  the province, and- in opening it the  government gave a chance to the opposition to show what it could do.  Every effort was made but it was not  equal to the occasion, having been  snowed under by-some 900 ballots.'  -Thus it seems quite evident that the  electorate of this province is disposed  to give Premier McBride a chance'to  show what he can do toward bringing  the province into a better financial condition���something that all acknowedge  is most needful at this time. <  That previous administrations have  been wasteful goes without saying, and  it is no easy thing for Mr. McBride  and his supporters to bring order out  of comparative chaos. Should the  member from Dewdney be successful  in'his endeavor, aswe' believe he will  be,-he will have accomplished more  than any government has' done for the  last eight or ten-years. . What we need  is a ��� responsible" government, and' it  seems" that1 we have1 it at last. The  best'element of the opposition recognizes this fact, and is disposed to give  Mr. 'McBride all reasonable assisiance  to this end. -  This week the legislative assembly  started in to attend to the business of  .the country, and while the present ses  sidn is not likely to be a long one, it  will be fraught with many important  subjects. ��� If a policy of obstruction  - is taken up by the opposition it will  merely delay matters. ' The opposition  surely cannot hope to gain anything  from another election, should one be  precipitated, as their weakness has  been shown- in the election of last  ��� month. Therefore, agreement will  doubtless be reached on the passage  of dll non-contentious legislation, for  the present, ?t least.  ONE MAN TO BE LET OUT.  There  is  one government official  that this province can get along - very  well without.     His name is William  Fleet Robertson, and he has the title  of Provincial Mineralogist.y Mr. Robertson belongs to the ultra conservative  school that finds it"'.extremely.difficult  to discover anything good to say about  any  section of   the; province.    Nay,  more.    He all  but "knocks'' section  after section  of this  province, in  the  reports he prepares of the districts he  occasionally visits in the course of his  few travels. ...  Recently he visited the much talked  of Poplar camp .in the Lardeau, and  his report on tha*t district was so pessimistic that he has repeatedly been  called to account through the columns  of the press, and by no less a man  than W. B. Pool, a man who is largely  interested in the district, but who is  ������widely known to be of the utmost  ability, integrity and honesty. This  is but a sample of the methods pur  sued by Mr. Robertson, and, for the  good of the province, he should be  given a chance to "go 'way back and sit  down."  We do not believe that the word of  every prospector should be taken in  his glowing description of his claims,  or even the opinion of everyone or  any one that happens along, but there  is such a thing as going too far in conservatism/and Mr Robertson is a man  of that calibre. From his reports,  just what he would consider a district  of which it would be proper to speak  in encouraging terms, it is not easy to  understand.  The provincial mineralogist, in his  official capacity, should deal with facts,  and facts only, as his reports must  carry some weight, from the very na;  ture of his official position. If the  facts are particularly favorable, let him  say so, and not all but damn the section he is treating of.  It is time for a change in this office,  and i tbe sooner it is made the better  for,the province.  Our Holiday Numlxr.  '���* the illustrated Holiday Number of  the Phoenix Pioneer will be ready  about the end of December. It will  be in maga/.ine form and, will contain  abt ut 48 or more pages of matter profusely illustrated.  You want a copy, don't you ? You  can get one if you are a subscriber  and have paid up your subscription.  If you are not a subscriber yon can  buy a copy for 25 cents..  'Better still, become a subscriber by  sending us $2.00, and in return you  receive the Pioneer until the end of  December, 1904, together with the  Holiday Number.  Make money orders or postal notes  payable to Pioneer Publishing Co.,  Phoenix, B. C.  ������������� *-��>��������� ����������+�����������'  �����*���<*������������'�����  B, C MINING  ������������������������>��������������  ����t��H��W��H>*MM��l����  Great things are, expected for the  new Hendryx reduction process for  Kootenay.  Joseph Ryan reiterates the state  ment that American capitalists will  build a smelter at Kaslo.  The Slocan Star has a large amount  of zinc in part of its workings, and  couU,iliip. goo tons a month for several years.  Col. Lowery, of the New Denver  Ledge, is scheduled to launch the  Poplar Creek Nugget next week in the  Lardeau" carrip of that name.  Another rich strike is reported from  the Silver Glance in the Slocan. Three  feet of ore was struck a few days ago  in the new tunnel started early this  summer.  The magnetic separator is in operation at the Payne, which enables that  mine to send out a product running 55  per cent zinc, 16 ounces in silver and  a trace in lead.  The plant of the Cariboo Consolidated, under Mr. Bailey, has gone up  in record time. The shaft is now 150  feet deep and in a few days the drive  under the creek will be started.  The Ptarmigan Mining Co. contin  ues to develop its property in the  Windermere district and open up  bodies of ore by aid of machine drills.  The aerial tramway is giving good satis  faction in bringing the ore from the  mine to the concentrator site.  Last week Rossland mines shipped  9,690 tons of ore, as'.'follows": LeRoi,  5,820; Centre Star, '1.449; War Eagle,  1,176; LeRoi No. 2, 470. LeRoiNo.  2 milled 350; Jumbo, 168; Spitzee,  60; I. X. L. milled 30; Kootenay, 280;  Giant, 2.    Total for year; 358,880.  # OLLft PODRIDA. #  The Mirror, London's daily paper  for women, has made its appearance,  and Punch has dubbed it "The Daily  Female." This is more dangerously  near the perpetration of a real joke  than Punch usually' ventures, but the  provocation warranted the risk.  : ���  Quite a number of our exchanges  simultaneously made the discovery  that Heinze has gotten Butte into 57  k'inds of pickle.   "  A New York actress has reached her  83d year, brit you'd never inspect it to  see her-with her stage face on.  Phoenix Mao Running ai Dally.  Arthur D. Hill, formerly connected  with the Phoenix Pioneer for a year, is  now one of{the proprietors of a daily  paper recently started at Aberdeen,  Washington. Mr. Hill is a man of considerable experience, having been, in  business in Rossland before coming to  Phoenix. The Pioneer wishes him  every success in his new venture, and  from the healthy appearance of the  Aberdeen Daily Sun his work is ap  preciated, as the paper is well filled  with business of the local merchants.  j World Wide Mining j  The first zinc ore ever shipped as  such from Idaho, was sent out last  week from Hailey. It was in a 50,000-  pound car loaded to its utmost capacity.  There was a slight gain in output in  tbe Lake Superior copper district last  month. The total production was  16,315,000 pounds of refined copper,  compared with 15,985,000 in September.  There is a project on foot to erect a  smelter at Portland, Ore., by a new  company, which will bid ior the reduction of ore to be shipped from Australia-and Asia, as well as from Oregon  and adjacent states. .  WHAT EDITORS SAY  Joe Martin is responsible for the  law regarding the return of ballot  boxes. Yet our Liberal friends dare  accuse the ��� government and returniug  officer of attempted fraud.���Ft. Steele  Prospector.  Takes The Cake���--Little Panama  has the delightful prospect in view of  receiving the whole of the cake which  was at first intended to go. round all  the other provinces of Columbia.���  Toronto Globe.  A Cold Shock���The late cold  weather will be a shock to the new arrivals in the Territories whose knowledge of our climate was based on  reading our immigration literature.���  Blairmore Times.  Are the Mainstay. ��� Every day  attention is called to the fact that the  low grade ores from their vast area of  distribution and from the huge deposits in which they usually occur, are,  after all, the mainstay of the mining  industry.���Rossland World.      ,  A Trifle Galling.��� Mr. Martin  arroused; great enthusiasm in the Liberal organs by refusing to accept the  nomination of the party in Vancouver.  Such enthusiasm should be even more  galling than the vi trail ic abuse with  which he was greeted; when he announced his retirement from politics.  ���Vernon News.; ,y  C harges Redounded.���The bye:  electiorrjn Vancouver on - Wednesday  resulted*in the return of Attorney-  General Wilson by a majority of near  1,000 over Captain Stuart, Liberal.  The result was a complete vindication  of Premier McBride. The Liberals  having nothing with which to validly  attack .the government, made the Fernie ballot case and the Houston inci  dent the chief-issue of the contest,  but the charges redounded on themselves.^���Sandon Standard.  STRICTLY   BUSINESS  Advertising naturally follows enterprising. .',  Don't merely advertise. Advertise  strenuously.     ,  If you can't find a good way to adv-  tise your business, make one.  The advertiser who wishes to sell  goods all the time ought to advertise all  the time.  When the demand promises to be  the largest is the time to advertise the  most extensively.  Man wants but little here below,  But wants that little bad;  The way to get it, well we know,  Is just to run an ad.  NEW HENDRYX PROCESS.  Mc-  Will  Be   Installed  lo Waterloo, Camp  Kinney.  By saving 98 per cent of the values  in Waterloo ore, running about 85, the  Hendryx process of cyaniding has  reached1 the highest achievement of its  career.  The management of the Waterloo  company, backed by Dennis Clark, of  Spokane, and others, is now considering the installation of the Hendryx  plant at its mine in Camp McKinney.  The saving in handling the high  grade gold concentrates would be $13  a ton. The concentrates are now being  hauled to the railway by wagon for 30  miles, and the cost of this with treatment at the Trail smelter, brings total  cost up to about $11 a ton. The  smelter only pays $19 an ounce for  gold, instead of $20.67. In the case  of four ouncev gold ore, this means a  further reduction by the smelter of  $6.50 on the* gold, making actual costs  of freight and smelter treatment  $17.50.  The Hendryx process in connection  with the stamp mills at the Waterloo  mine, will probably entail at the outside a direct cost of $2.50 a ton for  milling. By saving 98 per cent of the  gold the indirect loss is only $ 1.65 a  ton, and the maximum costs for treatment and losses in milling will amount  to about $4 a ton, as against present-  costs of $17.50.  Do You  Take  THE PIONEER  ?  You should if you don't. It gives the news  of the Boundary. It works for the Boundary. It is owned by the editor and not by  any clique or faction. It is worth $10.00.  It costs only $2.00.  D. J. MATHESON,  INSURANCE AGENT,  FIRE, LIFE, ACC DENT.  Commissioner for taking Affidavit*.  Phoenix, B. C.  About Tbat Panama Canal.  The following table gives the chief  features of interest of the proposed  Panama canal:  Length............ 46^ miies  Width at surface... 160 feet  Width at bottom  '. 7- feet  Time of transit.  14 hours  Already completed  .14 miles  Estimated cost of canal $ 140,000,000  Already spent.... .'���. .'.. .$34,000,000  Future work..- $106,000,000  Next Tuesday the famous Cosgrove  Ochestra will appear at Miners' Union  hall. Reserved seats at Thos. Brown's-  Tbe Man Who Writes ihe Ads.  Who couldn't sing of birds and trees;  (jf sun and moon and stars ?  Who couldn't write of far off climes  Or voyages to Mars ? ���-   ���  But its quite a different stay  Quoting facts, not fancy fads,  And clocking them with beauty  Like  The Man  Who Writes  The Ads.  Who couldn't weaye a romance  OF kings and queens and knights;  Of courtiers brave and gallant;  Of interigues and of fights?  But  it's  hard  to talk  of shoe-strings  Patent pilk and liver pads,  With the fascinating interest  '.' Of.  The Man  Who Writes  ���   The Ads.  Cotton rags wanted at the Pioneer  office. Highest price paid. Bring  'em along and get your money.  Wakaful Children.  ' For a long time the two venr.oM i-hilil  of Mr. P. l,.,Mi-Plit*rs<>ii, 59 \. 'IVntli St  Hiirrisburt:. Pa., wonl.l sl��<*p but tw..  or three hours in the early part ofthe  night, which in'iide it pretty hard for her  parents. Her Hi'itliiT nmi-luileil thai  tlie chilil lia>l stomach trouble, iind'gavi  her half ol one of ChatnbHrlrtin's Stomach ami '.L-'ve'r Tublets, wliirli quieted  her stomach aii'l Bhe slept tlie whole  night thri'iiiili. Two boxes of tliesfcluli1  lets have efferteil a permanent cure and  site is row well and strong. For sale by  all druggists.  to Chicago and all points east; Louisville, Memphis, New Orleans, and all  points sotitlt. ���������-.���'  See that your ticket reads via the  Illinois Ckntral R. R. Thoroughly  modern trainsconnect with all transcontinental lines at St'. Paul and Omaha.  If your friends are coming west let tie  know and we will quote them direct tin  specially low rates now in effect from  all eastern points*.  Any information ni>  to rates,  routes,  etc., cheerfully given on application.  B. II. TRUMBULL,  Commniercial Agent,  14.2 Third St.,Porthind, Ore.  J. C. Lindsev, T. F, and P. A.,  142 Third St., Port land, Ore.  P. B. Thompson, F. and P. A.,  Room 1, Coleman Bkig., Seat tie,Wash.  Wogld's  Scenic Route  Lowest  Rates.  West  . Vancouver  Victoria  Direct Line  East  Winnipeg  Toronto  Ottawa Seattle  Montreal Portland  New York San Francisco  via Soo Pacific Line, St. Paul, Chicago  and all U. S. points.  S. S. Service from  Vancouver  to Alaska, Japan, China, Hawaii,  Australia.  Settlers' rates westbound, sold daily  till November 30.  Through bookings to England and  the Continent via all S. S. lines,  J.G.Clark, E.J.Coyle,  ��� Agent, A.G.P.Agt.  Phoenix, B. C   Vancouver. B.C  J. S. Carter, D. P. A.  Nelson, B.C.  THE MILWAUKEE  A familiar name for tbe Chicago, Mil-,  wiiultee & St. Paul Railway, known all  over the Union as the Great Railway  running the "Pioneer Limited" trains  every day and night between St. Paul  and Chicago, and Omaba and Chicago,  ''Tlie only perfc-t trains in the world."  UmlerHtuiid: Connectionn are made  with All Transcontinental Lines, assuring to passengers the.best service known.  Luxuri >tis coarlit-H, electric lights,steam  beat, of a verity equaled by no other  line. ���  Sec that your ticket ifads via "Tbe  Milwaukee" when going to any point in  the United State's or Canada. All ticket  agents sell them.  For rates, pamphlets or other information, address,  R. L. Ford, H. S. Rowe,  Trav. Pass. Agt., General Agent,  BPOKANH.WN. yPORTI.AND, OR  Phoenix Home Brewed  W  BEER  * Brewed by a home institution, has proven;  the test and lias made a  Host of Friends  who testify to its Good Qtia'ities r '...'���'  PHOENIX. BREWERY,  JUUUS. MUELLER,  Proprietor.  Corner  Standard; Ave. and Banner St. Phoenix  R. B.KERR,  Barrister and Solicitor,  notary public.  PHOKNIX, B.C.  KingEdward Lodge, No.36  A. F. and A. M.  Regular.communication 8 ]>. m. Sue  ond TfturiKlny orcncli month.  Kmergent inrctiiifts ancallcd; Ma��n,,j,  Hall, Morrison-Anderson Hlock  G. W.KUMBKRGHK,  Scvrclarv,  W.O.FRA8KR  W.M.  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You Should Read  THE PHOENIX  The Leading WeeKly  0/ tKe Boundary.  Published iii the Heart ofthe Greatest Gold  Copper belt of British. Columbia.  the entire Houndary shipped 500,000 tons of ore,  nearly every ton of which was reduced by  Phoenix ramp alone shipped 330,000 tons of ore  last year..  The Pioneer is published every Saturday and  and is sent to any part of Canada or the United  States for  $2.00  per year���or the rest of the world for $3.00   per  year.    It gives the'  Latest andxMost  Reliable News'  of Boundary Mines aiid Smelters.   ' It is feat less  and independent, and alms to be  DOWN TO DATE.  Your subscription can begin at any time.  Address with check  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  PHOENIX, B C  Phoenix Federal Labor Union   No. 155.   Meets Thursdays at 8 p. m. at Min-   ��� ers' Union Hall. ���- .  N LBMlHUX.l'iei.      J. KlOXUAN.Stc'y  PHOENIX' AERIE  NO. 158.  ���iW-ttiiiK. on KiWnv  Ullbll Hall.  Visiting   btctlirtn  curdinlly iuviu-il.  THOS LVO.>   , ric��.      W.M. KI.KMINO. Stcy  GEORGE "GIBSON  SHAVING PARLORS  ANu.HATHKOOM.  Iioenix. B. C.  (iritvt'i��-\Vllliu>UH Hlock.cor  Hirst hnrt Old Ironsides Ave  APPLICATION   FOR   TRANSFER   OF    LIQUOR  LICENSE. .  Nut ice iR lHMiltvitivi'ii that I will itmk'f  U|i|>li<-atiiin to I lit* H.nivl of 'l.irtn<c  Cominiemom-isof tlie City of I'lincnix,  at their next nifi-tiinr, fur'tin- tiiinsf.r  (if the Liquor l.ict'tict! now held liv n,e  f..r the ���'Miminil" hotel, Mitiate mi lot.  10, Work 15, Old Iron.-ideH Siili-ilivit-inn  of I'hoenix, K. C., to .limits Mim-lnill  and i-'. I'. Shell.  Putwl litis l(j:h dav of Jttlv, A. I)  1003. .���"���'.-  - T   Fl.  IMCIIAHDS.  APPLICATION   FOR   TRANSFER   OF    LIQUOR  LICENSE.  Noliee ic heieliy jjivi-n ljuit ��(. vj)  make it|)|ilii-alinn to the Hoard of hit-ei^e  CoiiimiMHoiiert* of Ihe I it v of I'Tioi-t.ix  at their in xt nietlii,^ for "a transfer of  the Liquor I.iei'tise now h,.|d by;n�� for  the "Kellevtie" hotel, HtllHte 011 |(.t IS,  Work 18. Old Ironside Hiih-divitiioii of  I'hoenix, B. C , to. Alexander (.'ricei:  and'llii-di Mcl'otiald.  D.ttnl this 17th dav of .fttlv, A. I>���  1903.. "  E   1\ SIIKA.  JAMKS MARSHAL!,.  ^OREGON  SHOipLlNE  and Union Pacific  ONLY LINE EAST   Via  Salt Lake and Denver.  Two  Trains Daily.  Steamship I irkete to Kn rope and other  foreign conetrieH.  Diiily  Spoknnc Timi: Sclntliile.  I'-fft'Ctivc Nov. 23 1904  Arrive:  naily  8.10a.m. KAST MAIL���To and Trotn  CueiircrAk'iitMlislricl.t'ami-  lligloil Garfield ��� olfax, Full-  111101, ���.Moscow, *i'oineroy,  Wnitsbuig. Daylon. \V a 11 a  Wallo, lVi.dlclon. linker City  mul all poiulx Knst M 8 oo p in.  y.$o p. in. KXPKKSS���For l'*anniiigtuii  (���Hrfieltl, Colfax, I'ullnmii,  Aloscow.I.cwi^tuii, Portland  San Krancisco, l<akcr City  and all tioiiita KAST.  HXPRESS ���From all poiiiU  Kast, Haker City, San Frttii-  ci.sco, I'orllnncl, ColTax, <!or-  fitrld and FarmiiiKtoii 11.50a.iu.  ���Kxccpl Sunday.  'SHORT LINK TO CALIFORNIA.  .San Fiaiieisuo-Portland Route.  Stcamcm sail from Aitiswortli dock, Portland,  ut H p. in: and Tioin Spcrar Street wharf, SanKrun.  ciifco nt 10 11.111. every five days.  Tickets on sale at alt s. 1' & N. Stations.  For further information as to rates, time ol  trains, equipment, etc., address  GKO. J. MOUI.KK.Ceneral A(jeut,  Uiverside Ave..Suokunc. Wash  Spohdne Talfs and northern  NELSON   &   FORT   SI1EPPARI)  JtEI) MOUNTAIN IVY.  Washington and Great Nor. Ry,  V,, V. and E. Ry.  The only all-rail route between all points euid,  west, and south to Rossland, Nelson and alt intermediate points; coiiiiccUiik at Spokane with  the Ureal Northern, Northern Pacific and O. K (4  N.Co.  Connects nt Rossland ami Nelson with Canadian Pacific Railway.  Connects al Nelson wilh steamer for Kaslo and  nil Kootenay Lake poiutn.  Connects at Curlew with stage foi Or. en  wood and Midway. II. C.  Buffet cars run 011 passenger trains bi tween  tweeu Spokane and Republic.  , KFFKCTIVK NOV. 27. iooj.  Leave. ..rrivr  ��:��5�� m Spokane 5ij p. in  .0:15a, 111  Rossland 5:10 p.m.  7:00 a. in Nelson .' Roop. in  10:35a in Grand Forks 4:00 ���>. 111.  10:24 a. m Ciiflew 441 p. in-  9:15 a. in .Republic...-. 5:40 p. in.  II. A.JACKSON,  General Passenger Atrcnl.  Spokane. W�� >h.  lOfSt::  SANITARIUM, Arrow lake, B.C.  CA. The most perfecty appointed lUnlth  and Pleasure Resort In the West, with B complete system of Haths���including Turkish an 1  Ittissiau. Open the year round. The curative  properties of its vvnters are uiiequnled.  For Curing all Rheumatic, Nervous and JIui-  cular Troubles.  For Ifeallngall Kidney, I.lver and Stomach  allmiuts.  For Humiliating all Metallic Poisons from the  System. .: ���  The grandeur of the scenery Is .unrivaled,  Mountains, unow peaks, forests, hikes,watcrfulls.  boating, yachting, fishing, shooting, excursion"!  tennis. Its winter climate is unsurpassed for  imldOrW, ^:i,:!J,'.v-,r.-.vi:rtS  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  Do You Want to Save $25 in Duty?  ��� ���   I'licn buy the .  .  OLIVER  TYPEWRITER  Made in Canada..  A Standard Visible Writer.  v. hit h t'ivt-i- IVrf. rt Woik in tlie Hlioitesl  t'iiie with Ih. iin-ali-st ease, of operation.  Write for Catalogue.  THE LINOTYPE COMPANY,  MONTREAL,   QUE.  THE GREATEST  GOLD MINES  List  of  30 Throughout   the  World.  ���- -��� ���       - PHOENIX  MARKET.  j P. Burns & Co.  e  a  ���  HEALED BY WELL KNOWN H0MES1AKE  Estimate is Bused on Actual Known Monthly  Profits From Each���Transveal Shows  Up Well.  HEAD OFFICE FOR BOUNDARY CRKKK, ���CJKEENWOOI*, II. c.  HEAOQUARIKRS,>'KI.SON', II. C.  ... .Wholesale and Retail Heat HeKlianls.  Markets at Nelsor,, Kaslo, Three Forks, Sandon, Slocan City,  Silvcrton, New Denver, Yinir. Salmo, Rossland, Trail, Cascade,  Grand Forks, Greenwood, Midway, Niagara and I'hoenix.  FISH, OYSTERS AND POULTRY IN SEASON.  All orders receive prompt attention.  PALACE EXCHANGE STAGE  LINE.  Between Phoenix and Greenwood.  Leave I'hoenix ne io a: m.  Leave Green wood at 3 p. m.  -   DAILY.  FOUR-FOOT WOOD  \.��<.i  *&&  FOR   SALE.  A.S. 4 PAW, Proprietor.  m^M^'i  Alex Munro  Contractor \ Builder.  00000  Jobbing.Promptly Attended to,  Full Line of Hard Woods.   Shop on Dominion Avenue...   APPLICATION  F(5iy TRANSFER  LICENSE.  OF..  LIQUOR  Notice i�� ln-ri-liy tr.iv.ei> that -we. will  liittkc.application to the hoard of License  CoimniHsionurs of tin'City of I'hoenix.  at their, next. niM'tinii, f-��r a tttiitsler of  tlie Liquor l.iceii<*c; lietil hy iih for the  "Maple Leaf" hotel, situate on lot <>  hloek I. OkI Itoni-iili's pub ilivii--i"ii oi  Phoenix. B.C, to John Hiiitinun iiikI  August. J. l'iltrer.  Dated tliis25ilultiy ot .1 n 1 yT I'-'O:!.  AI.KX. Cl.'KHity  II. Mcl>ON.\U',  t, <^>^>^^*>^i^iS^><*<^S>^^'^*<^1<��^^->  COMPANY   Agent for   PABST AND  CALGARY  ��� ft K V. I!. r -  R. GREIGER,  Manager ��C����-  Phoenix Shoe Shop.  All  Work Guaranteed.  Imported Goods.  FINK HOOTS AN!) SHOKS  MADE   TO 'ORDER.  PRACTICAL    MINERS'  AND   1'KOS-  PECTOKS'SHOES   A  SPKCIAI.TV.  A Tiinclj Suxccfllon.  This in '.he s<-ason of the veil' when tin  |ir>nleli<. and careful housewife replenishes herMipplyol t'litinilu'ilHiirsCoiiul.  lien eilv. 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At present the  quantity of ore treated a year is 1,400,  000 tons, that is, with 900 stamps  but 200 more are going to be added.  The output from the Homestake now  is 20,000 ounces of fine gold a month,  but in a year or two it should be a  great deal more. '  There are a number of mines which  earn better profits than the Homestake,  but none approach it in size. The  next largest is the Alasku Treadwell,  on Douglass Island, Alaska. The  mine has 540 stamps, but all of these  can only be run for part of the yiar.  We iiia.y place the. average, output at  600,000 tons. This' ore yields barely  $2 a ton, which 'shows the Alaska  Treadwell to be the lowest grade of  the world's gold mines, but owing to  exceptional facilities the total working  only costs $1.20 a ton. As an actual  producer of gold the Treadwell stands  far down the list, bir themine is probably today in far better' condition than  it ever was before. It has (laid, $5,  000,000 in dividends  Ip West Australia there are six  mines which bring them into first rank  as gold pnducers. These are the  Boulder, Perseverance, Golden Horseshoe, Gryat Fingall, Great Boulder.  Ivanhoe and Oroyo-Brownhill; and  in each theie are ore reserves which assures the present yield, or perhaps a  bigger one, for years to come.  In the world of gold mining, exact  knowledge is;just as important/and is  just as difficult'��� to acquire, as in anything else. It is astonishing even, how  few-"milling'people- Know tnat trie  Homestake is the biggest gold producer in the world, for the newspapers  of al least a dozen countries or minim  camps assign that place to their own  local big mine. The "greatest" gold  mine, too, is claimed for probably  twenty localities. But when someone  who ought lo know what he is talking  about, claims that some new mine  which is little known, andpiobably lies  by itself in some strange and inaccessi  ble country, is really the greatest gold  mine in the world, it is then interest is  aroused. And there are really such  mines, probably at present six or eight,  known over the whole wide area of  the wo:hi. There are three of these,  at least. These are the Dos Estrellas.  in Mexico; the San Domingo, belonging to ihe Incy Company, in Peru, and  the R 'djang I.ebong, in Sumatra. The  elements of greatness belong, too, although on a more moderate basis, to  the Tasmania mine, in the island of  that name, and to the Oriental mine in  Korea.  . Here is an approximate estimate of  the wcrkPs 30 bigge-.t gold producers  as at present ���  Greatest gold producing mines, their  locality and monthly yield :  Homestake, South Dakota.. $425,000  Simmer and Jack, Transvaal.   390,000  Boulder Pereverance;  \V. A.  Robinson, Transvaal   Golden Horseshoe, W. Aus.  Champion Reef, India   Rose  Deep, Transvaal   Mysore, India..   U'aihi, New Zealand......  Golkenluiis Dee]), Transvaal  Portland, Colorado   Mount Morgan, Queensland.  Great Fingall, \V. Australia.  Crown Reef, Transvaal   Village Reef, Transvaal....  Crown Deep, Transvaal....  City and Suburban Transvaal  Great Boulder, \V. Aus..   . .  Ferreira, Transvaal   Oroya-Nrownhill, W. Aus...  Ivanhoe,  \\*. Australia   Ferriera Deep, 'Transvaal....  Golkenluiis Estate, Transvaal  Angelo, Transvaal   Langslaate Estate, Transvaal  Robinson Deep, Transvaal. .  Camp Bird, Colorado   New Primrose, Transvaal...  May Consolidated,Transvaal  Glen Deep, Transvaal   ....  315,000  310,000  300,000  300,000  290,000  275,000  255,000  255,000  250,000  250,000  240,000  235,000  230,000  230,000  230,000  225,000  220,000  220,000  220,000  2 10,000  205,000  190,000  lSo,ooo  175,000  170,000  170,000  165,coo  160,000  Curious Bits of News.  In. London on New Tear's Day. a  burglar, having carried oft five thousand pounds' worth of Jewelry, all the  silver, and a la 1 tie sum In ready money,  pinned a note on the hearth-rug wishing its rightful owners "Many happy  returns of the Any."  The London "Chronicle" quotes a  naval officer as saying that during tho  War of 1812 the British Admiralty sent  out to Kingston (Out.), where the British fleet was then stationed, a larjfs  number or water-jasks. In the belief  that Lake Ontari* was a salt water  lake. .'.  A coal-hod In the window of li New  York clothier Is filled wl eh bills and  coin, in which is thrust a coal shovel.  Beside It Is a small stove, so arranged  with a red Incandescent light that It  appears to contain a fcrlsk fire. Near  them Is the legend:. "We.art Just burning money on these $12 Fults, but we  need the room, and they must he moved  by February 1."  In an article on "Life In Labrador" In  "Blackwood's Magazine," Ur. Vy\ T.  Grenfell vouches for the' following: "A  friend who had a young live black bear  as a.pet buried it In November In %  barrel under the snow. Twice he dug  it up in the winter, but It showed 0.0  signs of wishing to move, so he permitted it to sleep on till May."  Odors as an assistance to diagnosis  is a new branch of medical science.  The "Medical Record" is authority for  the statement that the odor of new  mown hay is an Indication of pyaemia,  typhus Is Indicated by an ammoniac  smell, Jaundice by a musky one, yellow  fever by the odor of a gun-barrel, hysteria by a suggestion of violets or pineapples, Intermittent fever by the smell  of fresh-baked brown bread, and  measles by one like fresh-picked feath  ers. It seems somewhat lncongruou��  that the smell of the plague resemble*  honey.  The newest.of queer religious sects It  the "Association of Christian Brethren," which, according to the New York  "Sun," Is "Ealllng down the Mississippi  in a modern Imitation of the Ark to tell  people that the millennium Is surely  coming In 1941.". "Meglddo" Is : the  name of the boat, and nearly one hundred persons, men. women and children, are aboard of her. The president  of the sect is L. T. Nichols of Minneapolis, and he launched his craft at the  end of November. He holds hlmsetl  mainly responsible for the Bupport o)  his followers, who aTe planning to live,  on the "Meglddo" until the day of the  millennium.  Men sometimes dream of enormous  wealth stored deep in the earth, below  the reach of miners, but according to  the statements of Professor C. R. Van  Hlse at the Denver meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, there is little or no  ground to believe that valuable metallic deposits lie very deep In the earth's  crust. Such deposits, he said, are made  by underground waters, and owing to  the pressure on the rocks at great  depths, the waters are confined to a  shell near the surface. With few exceptions, ore deposits become too lean  to repay working below 3,000 feet. Nine  mines in ten, taking the world as a  whole, are poorer in the second thousand feet than In the first thousand,  and poorer yet In the third thousand  than in the second.  An article In "Alnslee's Magazine"  contains this passage: "The world has  never seen, and In no other part of the  world Is there now to be seen anything  like America's Jewel-madaess as shown  ���by the conditions of to-day, when more  ""��� *>"-oo_huridred< New York pRtaJv.  Ushments are etis��6<"�� �������'->,>" In the Importation of precious stones,' when  agents of American dealers are searching Europe for the white gem and hopelessly endeavoring to supply American  appeals for rubies and emeralds, and  when six thousand men in South Africa are tolling to obta-in diamonds more  than halt of which are to add to th��  beauty and happiness of the American  woman. It is she that has caused the  United States to become the greatest  diamond market in the world. For her  we have Imported In a single year $20,-  000,000 worth of precious stones; for  her, at one period we smuggled them  In at tho rate of $7,000,000 a year; for  her we annually buy something like  $12,000,000 worth of diamonds, and thus  for her sake, heartlessly leave, of the  world's total output ot diamonds, only  some $8,000,000 worth to satisfy the  vanity of all the rest of the women ou  earth."  it  Price Responsibility  tt  The price branded  on the sole of the  Goodyear Welted  "Slater Shoe" by its makers  aaaaaMtaaamama^aaaaaaaaamamaaaBmamam*  is their (not the dealer's)  valuation^ and they know  the wear value put into the  For Men  $4.00   ��,  $5.00  For Women  HUNTEMENDRICK C0.,LTE;ph^n;x^c  r  When   Crispi  Was   Lucky. in  Being Penniless.  THE late Francesco Crispi, the  great Italian statesman, once  escaped arrest as a revolutionist  because he did not have a sou wherewith to buy a candle. The story is told  in the "Courtier des Etats-Unis" (New  York):  "On January 14, 1858, Francesco Crispi, the recently deceased Italian statesman, then a political refugee in Paris,  received from an Italian friend connected with the Paris opera two gallery tickets for the performance of that  evening, which the Emperor and Empress were expected to attend. Crispi  and his wife were on the point of starting for the theater when the latter exclaimed: 'Frances.o, where shall we get  a candle?' They were in such destitution that they had neither candles nor  matches, nor yet the wherewithal to  buy them. Going to the opera would  Involve groping for their room at midnight and going to bed in total darkness. Too proud to confess their condition and to borrow a few sous they  regretfully denied themselves the promised treat, remained in their room,  and retired before the twilight had  faded.  "On the following morning they  learned of Orsini's attack on the Emperor, the police raids, and the arrest  of all Italian revolutionists found in o>  near the theater. It Crispi had been In  the house he would certainly have been  among the first arrested, for he wan  known as an ardent dlselp(e of Mnzzlnl.  "The possession of a tallow candle  and a match might have altered completely not only his own destiny, but  also that of Italy!"  Good For Burns,  Tourist (after nls first drink . of  Bloody Gulch whisky)���Thunder and  lightning! Gimms a chaser, quick!  Bartender (disdainfully)���Wot d' yer  want���water'* Tourist���No; linseed oUl  ���"Puck."  Better Than a Plaster.  A pk'ce of flniini'l tlatupt'iitid with  (JlianilH'rluin's Pain Bnliii and bound tn  the affected parts isenpi'iior to any plaster. When troubled with hime back, i>r  pains in the side or clit'ct, give it a trial  nnd yon are ceilmii to ho more tluii'  pleased with the prompt relief which it  affords.    For sale by nil druggists.  For a Bad Cold.  1 f yon have n bud cold yon need a l'ixhI  relief medicine likeChaiiiberl��iii's('iiiii:h  Id-ini'dv to loosen and reli" ve it.nn.l In le-  Ihible tiiuirritnlioii and itifliiiuiiiulioii of  the throat and hull's. The sool Iiim.'and  nealiiii! propel lies of Ibis remedy and  the tpiiek cures ��liieh it elfects leiike il  11 favorite everj where. For Rule by all  drum-isls.  Subscribe to the Phoenix Pioneer,  With the Victor Brand of Evaporated Cream  the miner in his camp and the lumbermen in his  shanty can have all the good things to eat and  drink that would be possible with a Jersey cow-  in the outfit.���For purity, richness and keeping  qualities "Victor" is unequalled. "   .  Sold by all Grocers, Dealers and Outfitters.  Mfd. by The Charlottctowa Condensed Mill: Co., Charlottctowri. P.E.I.  In the  Mining  Camp  PROCLAMATION.  [T.   P.]  HEKKL  G.  JOLY  CANADA  de  LOTHFNIKIiK  Ututemuit-Goveinoi.  PROVINCE  OF   BRITISH  BIA.  COLUM  KDWARD  VII.. by the Grace of God, of ti..  Uuitcd Kingdom of Gtt at  Britain  and Ire  land and ofthe  Hritish  Dominions l>L-ycnt  *   the Seas, King,  Defender of the fuith, etc,  etc., etc..  fo all to whom these presents shall come���Gree t-  ������������ I  A. E. McPhiJlins, Attorney-General  \\.THERKAK we have thought fit to cancel the  * * proclamation bearing date of the 16th day  of June, 1903, convoking the Legislative A.ssem  bly of the I'rovirce of Hritish Columbia for the  lispatch of business on Thursday the the 21st  day of January, one thousand nine hundred and  four, and in lieu thereof to issue this our proclamation.  Now know ye, that for divers causes and con  siderations. and taking into consideration tht  ease and convenience of Our loving; subjects, Wi  have thought fit, by and with the advice of Out  Executive Council   of the  province of Hritish  Columbia, to hereby convoke, and by these presents, enjoin vou. nnd each of you.that on Thurs*  ady.the twenty-sixth d-ay of November,Jone thousand nine hundred and three, yon meet Us in Our  -mid   Legislature,  or   Parliament    of   the said  Province at Our City of Victoria, for tbe dispatch  of business, to treat, do, act and conclude, upon  those tilings which, in Our Legislature of the  Province of British Columbia, by the common  council of Our sa*d Province may, by tbe favour  of God be ordained.  In   Testimony   Whbreof, We have  caused  these Our Letters to he made Patent and the  Greet Seal of Our said Province to be hereunto affixed:  Witness, tbe  Honourable Sir Hk.s*ki  GL:ft*  TAVK   JOLY    DK    LOTIUNXKRK,    K.    C.    M.    0.,  Lieuteuant-Goveuor of Our said Province ol  Hritish Columbia, at Our Government House,  in Our City of Victoria, in Our said Province,  this fifth day of September, iu the yeai  of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and  three, and iu the third year of Our Keigu.  By Command,  K. F. GREEN",  Provincial Secretary.  PROCLAMATION.  [L.S.] HENRI G. JOLY i>u LOTHINIERE,  Licutenant-Governo!.  ^CANADA.  PROVINCE OF HRITISH COLUMHIA.  EDWARD VII . by the Grace of God, of tin-  United Kingdom of Great Hriluiu and Ireland aud ofthe Hritish Dominions beyond  the Seas, King, Defender of the Kaitb, etc .  etc., t tc.  To Our faithful the Members elected to serve  in the Legislative Assembly of Our i'rovinci  of Kritislf Columbia,ul Our City of Victoria-  Greeting:  A PROCLAMATION.  A. E. McPhillips, Attorney-General.  AVHE^EVS we have thought fit to cancel the  *' proclamation bearing date the loth ��iay of  June igo3 directing the issm.- of write culling a  new Legi'slativt Assembly which writs wen directed to bear date tbe iCith dny of July, and in  lit-u thereof to issue t,.is our I'mcla ion wbereby  We do make known Our Koynl will and  pleasure to call a new Legislative Assembly  of Our said piovince; and do further declare that bv the advice of Our Executive Conn  cil of Hritish Columbia. We ha-e this day given  orders for issuing Our writs in due form, for call-  ing a new Legislative Assembly of Our said f'ro\.  ince, which writs aie lo bear date of ihe fift'i day  ��� f September, A. I) 190.1 and of be returnable  011 or befort the second day of November, one  thousand nine hundred and three.  In testimony whereof, We have ca.ised these  Our letters to be made patent, and the f r.at Seal  of the said Provinc to be hereunto affixed.  Witness, the Honourable Sir Henri Uu**tave  Jely de Lotbiuicre, K. (\ M. O , I,ieuteuau'-C.ov-.  enor of Our said Province of Hritish Columbia,  iu Our Citv of Victoria, in Our said Province, this  fifth day of September, in the war <>f n��r L<'id  one thousand nine hundred and three, and in the  third year of Our reign.   Ity command.  R. F. GREEN,  Provincial Secretary,  O.IACAM  CITY SCAVENGER  Leave Orders at City  Clerk's Office  j*Jj*       PHOENIX, B. G.  A pencil mark here j_  ip a reminder that vour subscription to this paper is  now past due, and the publisher will appreciate your  prompt attention.        "  There are a few subscribers to the Pioneer  ���just a few���who are delinquent for the year  1902. If you are one of these, the editor wil  appreciate prompt liquidation  MINERAL ACT.  TICKETS  TO ALL POINTS  East and West  VIA  Great  Northern  Railway  SHORT LINE  St. Paul, Diiluth, Minneapolis, Chicago,  AND ALL POINTS EAST.  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HaUetLa*  agent for John Mulligan, Free AI liter's Cert Iflcaic  No B80173, intend, sixty days from" date hercf*  to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certifict-lc  of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  a Crown grant.of the above claim.  And furthertake notice that action; under section 37, must be com.menced before theisus aiu-  of *uch certificate of improvements.  Dated this 13th day of July. A. D. 19Q3.  _ - I. H. HALLETT.  .  MINERAL  ACT, 1896..  Certificate of Improvements.  Notice.  Red Warrior Mineral Claim situate in the Green-  woo- Mining Division of Yale District. ���  Where located, at Ihe head of N'ichOlson creek  West Copper camp.  Cake notice that I.Albert H. Ashcroft. K. M.  C. No. B55279, acting as agent for Robert Mark'n  Free Miner's teitificate No. 1141791, imeiu;  sixty days from the date hereof, to apbly to the  Miuiug Recorder for a Certificate of Improve  meuts, for the purpose of obtaining a Crow.!  Grant of the above claim.  Andlurther take notice that action, under sr-o  tion 37,must be commenced before the issuance o  such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 21st dav of October, 1903,  AUiKRT E. ASHCROFT, P. L, S..  Grand Forks,   Phoenix  and Greenwood  "STAGE   LINE.  J. F. ROYER,       :        :        .        :       Proprieto: .  HegiuuiiiK lune 1st, leave (ireenwocxl at 6a.ir.  ami Phoeuix at 7:30 a,m ; arrive at Grand fori..-'  10:30 a 111..leave Grand Forks 3:45 p. 111..arriving  at I'hoenix 7 p. 111., and Greenwood at S. p. i.,.  Connect:, both ways with Great Northern train;  Fare���Grand Forks to Phoenix, $200; Phoen.*  to Greenwood, 50c: Greenwood to I'hoenix, $1 0.  Greewood to Gland Forks, $3. Office in Green  wood, (it Northern Telegraph office. In Phoe  nix, McKae Bros. & Smith. In Grand Foil.-  lit. Norther offices. For express rates, iuquitr  et ttitner office.  Hospital Donations  List of Donations received, since Jim.  1st, 1903, to tlie Phoenix General  Hospital :  One Dozen Shirts Mrs. Grills  Carpet, bed and blankets lor private ward, chic!.  ens and provis.ons.; >lrs..\iiuy  A quantity of Jani...Mrs. Matheson, Greeiuvocl  ���        "��� ������  Mrs. Ke-..-   Mrs. Bovs ���   Mr. .\sti.-v   A Kricn 1   A Friel.,1  A. P. McKeiu'.r  Yulell YVilliai!!.-  ,\V. H Cochran--   Mr. Uetnlisv   Mrs. Willcov  liooks and Preserves..  A quantity ot" Preserves   A Case of Whisky   'ash, $5   Cash,$50   Surgical  DrcShinKS   IlediliiiK w'��  Harris!��r Fees   Much needed Su-itiK Splint   Hooks aud Kkks   Two Dozen I'illow Slips aud One Dozen Towti.-,  Mr Matv  Cash, $20 A Viieii .  Hooks Mrs. Willci  Papers and Magazines McKae Bros Jt Smii.1  Kight small Ward Tables and Wicker Kasy Chair  A Kriei: 1  Provisions Mrs. Mai >'  Clothing Fricn Is  Subscriptions for seven Magazines, A. L. While   ���  New York Citv  Easter Turkey W. S Mm v  Cash, $50 Kasteiu.Towuships Bank.. Sherbrook-*  Cash, $150.00 .*. Lord Strathcon-i  Cash,$5 A Friei..'.  Twenty-five dollnr (S day) I lock Geo. E I) v  A quantity of Provisions W. S. M  ev  A quantity of Marmalade \V. L,. Germaine  Pot Plants D McPherson aud C. liendcr*!-- 1  Eggs A V'rUu 1 .  Cash $100 Mr   and Mrs. S   II. C. Min-r  25 h   p  boiler for  Steam Heating Granbv C"  Two 1 olds of Wood  A I'urn I  Sawing Threj Colds of Wood A I-i in .'.  Strawberries Marshall Jt rtli. 1  Meats Mrs �� . S. *.fu.-v  Flowers  Frien '���<  Pot I'b.uts M's- I'cti-v  Pot Plants Mrs- I  t-raw-Io- 1  Fire Pokers Harry Wai-n  Haiu Barrel Central Hoi ���  Nelson Daily News, Messrs Fletcher  and K. Williaim  Box Peaches C. Tippiui:  Cups and Saucers Mrs. J.Waltt-i ��  Hoda ��yphon Mr. J. H. Boy'.-  Provisions Mr. W. B. Mary  I.adv's Dressing tiown, Cape and  Traveling Hug, Kev. Ii. P. Klewiliiu :  "���"lower pots Mrs. K.   r  Half doz-1. Tea cups and saucers Miss Hun- -  Provisions   Mr N...t v  Mortar Hoard Mr. Hit  Kitchen Utensils Mr. I   Crnv. I  : I  Fruit Mrs. M-i-.  Vegetables Mr. Kiimln r,   r  Flowers Kricnl-i  Box of Fruit Mrs. Ma.-/  Cozy Corner Shelf. A. K II. Claike  t-2',4 Tons of Coal International Coal fiCoke ;o  Several Sacks of Vegetables Ci. W.Kuinl'ergti  Blankets, Bed Linen, etc J .B Macau'r /  '111.  ���s\k'  'ey'y  rt-.l'i    -' ���  %rY ",':{?;���':��  ct'.V'-  .  -. .'  ���   ���:   '.  -':���' 1,-1'.,  !!r:;:  rirW  Ui'S-.������':'..'  v��o.- .���  ���:>' .-���Z-VAi  Y-S' A.  '������'-'J-'iS^f  y.'ssil'.'yi  i/Yt:Yj  'm-kv.  ''MXrYf-  *'0$ ���"���}' ���'  .'���.���.iy-:y-'''!-  ��-y.  '���YM  "PY  ���:, $'  %�������'  m  ���.Tfl't  .-���vs.*  ?'��T  1  >   "���  ���VT~V  ��"^*�� iplH ������'  I*���11 nf*1!'* ���  ��� ���  J*.  ��� L*   I     ��� ��  ��*��� ��i* ��� -  t   '��* ���   w 1 r  ���1 **ii*-^^iiiw-**friTiqf  'Vjii.   ���I*r��^*i THE PHOENIX PIONEER  Itrj.  ;<S  lb��  W-'  I  11  It".  J*  sins'  !   i  31  Mi  ft  Mi  I  BRIEF NEWS NOTES  -��  MATTERS OF GEN-  ERAL INTEREST  TO   PHOENICIANS  Dr. Mathison, Dentist.  There was no meeting  of the city  council this week.  Dr. Westwood, of Grand Forks, was  in the city Tuesday. 1  Judge W. "R. Williams visited Grand  Forks early this week.  Dr. Mathison will  be  in his office,  Bank Block, Dec. 10 to 14.  Harness and harnessmakers supplies, Granby Exchange.  Roadmaster Johnsonyof the C. P.  R., was in the city Tuesday.  George E. Breakenridge made a  visit to Grand Forks this week.  Boundary sawmills are making heavy  shipments of lumber to the territories.  Last night the annual meeting of  Greenwood  Liberal   Association   was  held.  The Grand Forks aldermen propose  to give the mayor remuneration for his  services.  Geofge A. Fraser, M. P. P., of  Grand 'Forks, this week sold out his  drug business to H, E. Woodland.  Pete Donaldson and Wm. McNee,  of Grand Forks, have about decided  to erect a skating rink in that city.  The C. *P. R. is starting on some  improvements in the Grand Forks  yard, including* new round house, etc.  E. Wentworth Monk, of Nelson,  Kootenay representative of the Hamilton Powder Co., was in .he city Wednesday.  Owing to an outbreak of scarlet  fever, the public and Sunday schools of  Grand Forks have been closed for the  present.  The annual meeting of the shareholders ot the Eastern Townships Bank  was held at the head office, Sherbrooke,  Quebec, last Wednesday.  It -is ��� reported that the Boundary  Iron Works at Grand Forks have been  such a great success that the capacity  will be doubled at once.  Property owners in Grand Forks,  who are in arrears two years for their  taxes-, are likely to be sold out. A by  law) tb that effect is pending.  Generally speaking, business con  ditiajis throughout the Boundary are  improving. This is the report from  nearly all the towns and cities.  Preparations are being made by the  Presbyterian Sunday school.to have  a Christmas entertainment durinjz  Christmas week. ' Mrs. J. E. Mills is  in ch'argey _  The Provincial Grand, Master of  the Odd Fellows will visit Snowshoe  Lodge No. 46, of Phoenix, next Monday evening. All visiting brethren requested to attend.  Mrs. Joseph N. Gation went to Re-  ���  Boyle blk,  the  Dr.   Simmons,   dentist,  Dec. 13 to 16.  House furnishings complete, at  Granby Exchange.  (J. B. Boyle returned Tuesday from  a business trip to Rossland.  Chas. D. Hunter returned Thursday  from a visit with his sister in Spokane.  For Rent��� Two   small,  comfortable houses, one furnished.    Apply to  Mrs. J. E. Mills, Brooklyn avenue.  W. Y. Williams, superintendent of  the Granby mines, started on his two  months' vacation trip to the east last  Saturday.  Venison is found in the market now  most of the time, the mighty nimrods  hereabouts having had pretty good  luck.  Dr. Thomas, the Midway druggist,  is said to have gone to the coast to  purchase a stock of drugs to open a  store in Greenwood.  Rev. D. M. McKee, who recently  accepted the call as the pastor of the  Greenwood Presbyterian church, will  be inducted December 9th.  The city council of Greenwood has  granted a right of way to the C. P. R.  to cross certain streets for the purpose  of running a spur to the new converter  building being erected by the B. C.  Copper Co.  Someone has discovered that^preen-  wood has a bell ornamenting the top  of the city hall, ostensibly placed there  for fiie alarm purposes. It is now the  intention to put it in practical use  when occasion requires.  Thursday evening the first annual  ball was given by the Phoenix Intermediate Hockey Club at Miners'Union  hall, and the boys all report having a  good time, and incidentally replenishing the exchequer of the club.  H. A. Small, the veteran representative of Kelly, Douglas & Co., of  Vancouver, who was here Tuesday,  stated that he received large orders  from every point in the Boundary this  trip.    The country looks good to him.  In one respect Greenwood is like  I'hoenix at present���all the desirable  residences are occupied.  Chief of police Flood received a dispatch from Fernie this week from H.  Bently, stating that the entertainment  of the Cosgrove orchestra was the finest thing of the kind that ever visited  that place. This organization will be  in Phoenix next Tuesday, under, the  auspices of the fire department, and  deserves a big house.  Joseph H. Graham has purchased  the old Buker hotel building at Hart-1  ford Junction, moved his family there  and taken possession. Tlie Union I  hotel, which he built in 1899, is now-  owned by the Victoria, Vancouver" &  Eastern Railway & Navigation Co.,  Ltd., being on the company right of  way through the city.  Do you want the news of the approaching session FREE? Subscribe  for the VICTORIA DAILY TIMES  for 1904, and receive the paper free  until the end of this year.  This offer is for cash-in-advance subscribers to the Daily ($5.00) or the  twice-a-v.eek ($1.00).  Full and impartial reports, half tone  cuts of members, cartoons and corridor  gossip. Four-page colored comic supplement every Saturday. Remit to  the Times, Victoria, B. C.  McRae Bros.    $  .. & Smith!  Knob Hill Ave.  Pooley Cliusea Speaker.  Thursday the legislative assembly at  Victoria metyand after electing C. E.  Pooley as speaker, listened to the address from throne. Following that the  house adjourned till Friday. The two  Socialist members were given seats on  the opposition side, and Davidson, of  Slocan, the straight labor member, on  the government side. Houston was  in Victoria, but did not take his seat.  ���;,��     Christmas  J Shopping  ��� ��-���-���  Now.  ;  Don't pat off your Christmas buying  until the last moment. 'Jho.se who begin  early have the advantage of a compute  stock. They can make their selections  with more comfort ami avoid  the annoy-  r  Church Services  Tomorrow.  p.   ni.;  to attend  MIQHTV NIMRODS WERE NOT LOST,  And Could Not Account for Phoenix Moving  Around.  . When the soovyvflies the nimrods of  the camp take down, their' ftries, look  up their ammunition and hie themselves to the woods for deer. ������������A-well-  known'local sport'rnan 'whom we ..'will  call Mr. B. B. Maclntye, because that  is noti his name, desirous of stocking  his meat larder, betook himself to that  wild and uninhabited region between  the Snowshoe mine and Summit camp,  and, with his companion, a lad whom  we will call Runner, succeeded in  tracking and shooting a fine buck, and  proceeded, as they thought, Phoenix  wards, carrying half of the deer. They  traveled long and weary miles.  ^St. John's Church of England, Rev.  W. J. Wood,- Missionary. Sunday  School, 10 a. m.; Morning Prayer, 11  a. m.; Evening Prayer, 7,130  Everyone cordially invited*  any and all Services.  St. Andrews' Presbyterian Church,  Service tomorrow at 11 a. m. and  7:30 p. m. Sunday school and Bible  class at 2:30 p. ni. Midweek���:meeting  Wednesday at 7.30 p.m.  n .Methodist���Services at 1 r a.m. and  7.30 p. 111. atHardy-McKenzie hall, the  pas-or preaem'ng at both services. Sunday School at 2.3 0 p. in. A hearty invitation is extended to all. Thos.  Green, By A., pastor.  ���rtlE^^^IF.R MECHANIC'S' i'ure  iak SOAI'  IickIs nml soficns the  skin, while  KnCr"i"��.lt .��r��"***. oil. rSi*eS  &����c��      1       "'"''."iWi Carmen., sportsmen.  SffcfSS&l��� IXXlUX. l"stase' Mbert  I. O. O. F.  SNOWSHOE LOUGH NO.-46  Meets every Monday Evening at Hardy Hall.  Visiting brcth-rn cordially invited.  Halter Mokkison, N. G. ���  Oeo R. mead, Kcc. Sec'y.  HgS  dilated to please  on   exhibition at thin  seasonofllie year.- I  BOYLE,   <  THK   DRUGGIST.   ' 1  ���-���-���- ���-9-ay-a}-0-ai~m-rr-et-a).  There ate some  People*  Books,  Stationery,  Newsdealers,  Toys,  [Fancy Goods,  1 Kodaks and  Cameras,  Office and  2 School  J Supplies,  t Cigars and Tobaccos  Preparing  ��� FOR THE  Holidays  AND  } Fine Confectionery.  '"iii"' " 1'1'0'"1  ((( quality c,|s  l(s>       ( locks. Cli  who do not realize Ihe  slock 1 carry, iu Watches,  mills. Utiifisand Jewelry.  If yen wish something that i.s just  the tiling, and that i.s just as it is  represented, give me a call.  W. Zimmerman,  Domini in Ave.  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������a  j City ... . .\  j Transfer, \    ���  Light ^nd Heavy D^yin?.  j  Dry W (or A     ���  : W. H. DGCKSTEADER, I  Now we have  got down to business, we have  on hand ioo or less, each,  Bed Quilts  at from 25c, up.  Blankets  at from $2.00, up.  Chamber Sets,   Bedroom Sets,  Stoves, Cooking utensils.    Our  prices are right.  Granby Exchange.  You are doubtless thinking of what  you will give this year for Holiday  presents. Nothing pleases more than  some piece of jewelry ��� a Watch, a  Ring, or any one of a thousand and  one things that we can furnish you.  See my goods before sending to the  east or elsewhere. I know I can  please you.  O. E. DEY,  The Jeweler, Knob Hill Ave.  Official   C.l'.R. Time  Inspector.  ' ���'��������� ; �� ��� "���  Skate Sharpening...  PROMPTLY-DON Ii  Chas. SandfcergyFhoenix,B.C.  WEBB &JUVNARD  General Painting and  . . Sign Writing.  Greenwood, B. C.  I WANTED  �� All pi/reoim having  mininir  FhareK to come and  list eaine  wilh me -v  TO-DAY . . I  I want Fliareu in |1IP j|  IiitcinatiODaironl&CokeCo f  Winnipeg mine; ' v  Oro Denoro mine. %  Houses, Kooiim and Cabins 7  to lent, Real  EhibIo and Jn. f  Hinince, Notary Public 1  E.H. Mortimer, ^"-33, (. i.  ��>*4�� <***<J>^x^><S>*��"?^>*^^<^<^^<^41  Hotel  Review  3il, 4th und 5th floors  SpokeHiuaii-ltuview  llu i 1< I i  SPOKANE.  finest   family  hotel in  ihe citv  With ur without board. Pi ires moderate,'  The  SUTHERLAND 1 DART,  l'ropiieloiH.  WHEN IN NELSON  Stop'at The IIotki.  The New .Manager, H. TOM KINS,  has made it the Leading Hotel of tlie  Kootenays.  Residence and Stables at Toot of  J Dominion Ave., I'hoenix, II C. J  0  P O. Hex 269. 'IMioneNo 40.   ^  ��� ������������.'���������������������������������������������������������a  Just Opkneh  -The Royal Restaurant  Cor. Knob Hill Ave. and First SI , Summit Hotel.  Open Day and Night.        =:=,        Heals at All Hours.  1 CYCLOPS MINING STEEL  E  CO  Q     RUSSELL, LAW, CAULFIELD, Co., Ltd.  AGENTS. GREENWOOD.  SHOES AND DIES  Oysters in every styw.  Uood Rooms to Rent,  Tony DePasquale, prop.  Night  public  'last'Monday and  thence t0Kf;and Phoenix would.npt appear to  ���_,_, A it   Jy._t     ��� _ , _iL    J their straining vision.     I hey were not  lost, oh, no! but Phoenix  was,���and  SpoJcane, to meet herststtr, Mrs. Arthur  Hiatt, of East Peru,  Iowa, who will  spepd the holidays in Phoenix.  Chas. Sandner and wife, the original  settler on Christina Lake, who has  been spending a couple of months in  Phoenix, returned to his home at the  upper end of the lake Monday.  Both of the Boundary M. P. P.'s  are, of course, at the coast this week>  ,- attending the opening of the legislature.  Mr. Brown, of Greenwood, is spendT  ing his honeymoon in that way.  ���Elaborate preparations are being  made by the citizens of Eholt for a  Cfirist'mas tree for the little folks,  which will be held on the 23d of December, preceded by a programme.  ;Prenderj,ast & Munro, proprietors of  the stealing rink, are fast getting the  ririk into shape for the winter's tport,  although the soft weather of the last  few days has not assisted them much.  ' At Greenwood in the Auditorium  building on November 17th, by the  , Rev.' M. D. McKee, Mr. Isaac Perata  and Miss Amelia Peltonicmi, both of  Phoenix, were united in the holy bonds  of wedlock.  Iftdian Pete is an original redskin.  While incarcerated in the Grand Forks  jail last week, libtrty looked sweet to  him, so he simply burned a hole  through the door of the calaboose, and  was a free man.  Keep your eye on the Holiday Issue  of the Pioneer. It will be just the"  thing to send back east to the old  home, as it will tell all about the mineral resources of this section. You  will be able to get four of them for a  dollar.  In the wrestling match a few days  ago between John Olsen, of Anaconda,  known as the terrible Swede, aiid Geo.  C. McLaughlin, of Nelson, for $300 a  side, which took place at Greenwood,  it did not take McLaughlin long to  ' put Olson on his back twice. Danny  Dean, of Phoenix, was referee, several  well on into the night, on looking out  from a peak,  lights were visible which  turned out to be those of Grand Forks,  which city had unaccountably shifted  its location to  the   "place where  the  mines are."    A day or two later when  thi'ngs  had adjusted  themselves, our  nimrod, with another companion visit  ed , the   same   region again,   starting  early and availing themselves   of  a  friendly sleigh as far as  the Winnipeg.  Near the railway, :and at one end  of  their huntihg ground resided some hos-  pitablefolk, at whose barn the hunters'  cayuse had been sheltered during the  time thaty the city  of Grand   Forks  had  so  unaccountably gone, astray.  The deer hunters were bound for the  opposite end of the  hunting ground,  but, after travelling all  the morning it  was their friends' ranch and hospitable  house that faced their bewildered gaze.  A welcome meal and their host's  solemn assurance served to convince them  that the house and clearing had  not  been moved, and they started .once  more on their travels, intending to re  turnt to Phoenix good and  early, and  try their luck the next day.    Hut  the  Fates were againt them.    Most   unac  countably the  hills    and  valleys   all  changed, and finally coming on some  newly run survey lines they were forced  to the conclusion that they were, well,  not lost; but didn't exactly know where  they were. ,  When night came on, his companion  vainly besought him to camp under an  inviting fir tree, but our nimrod plugged bravely on, and was rewarded for  his efforts in at length seeing the lights  of���no, not Phoenix, but of the same  hospitable house where he had that  day eaten dinner. A survey party  were staying there also; and the surveyors making their way back from  their work, were much puzzled by see  ing the,tracks of two men in the snow  moving most erratically. On arriving  and seeing Mac and his mate the mystery was explained; and a good meal  having brightened up Mac's wits, he  endeavored to create a diversion from  his own wanderings by taxing the  surveyors with'being lost, as Joe, one  of the hosts, had gone out with a lantern when they did not arrive in time.  It was a clever bluff but did not succeed. And the next time Mac goes  gunning in that region Joe and his  ��n��ric ������;������. Ar. i- u i- ��� ��� 1 Partner will have a horse bell ready to  sports going down from here to seej hang on his neck,  theeventy ��� Comtrwutkp,    '  ^^ifi^^i^mi^^^^^  MEATS  Fish,  Game <S1  Poultry  $  1%  The Union Meat Co.  Announces that an up-to-date Bul��li��i-. Shop lias lict-n opened  in tlie .-McMillan Hlock, Knob Hill Ave., Phoenix, and solicits  a share of the public patronage.  Shops ai Macteod, Al'ta;,.  oreemvocd, (irnnd Forks and Phoenix, B. C  ���f  Air Compressors  0  t  Rock Drills  THE CANADIAN RAND DRILL CO.  Head Office and Works.  SHERBROOriE/  QUE.  Hranch Offices and Warehouses:  ROSSLAND,  GREENWOOD   AND  VANCOUVER,  B. C.  #��  ���  t  0%*>iy%>%*'%*%*<%/%>'%+*%s%+'ly%, *V%/V%/%^.-V%. *%%^^^^-<V%^*V%^%^-'%^*%%-%%'%%^%0  UNION MEAT CO.  'Iron Birew'  A Non-alcholic   Life   Renewer  ���   BOTTLED BY    ���  LION BOTTLING WORKS,  JAS. McCKKA-TH, Prop. :���: Phone orde-s solicited  Greenwood   and  I'hoenix, II C  Black's HoteH  t><KHKHK><HKKKKKK><><KK><>0<><W <XX><  G. W. RUMBERGER  Real Estate and  Mines* ��� ^   mrf>  Houses To Rent and For Sale in all parts of the city.  G. W. RUMBERGER,  PHOENIX, B, C.  ���OOOO-O-O OOOOO-OOOO 00000000  Dominion   Avenue.  Telephone No. 28.  ..Dominion Avenue, PHOENIX, U. C.  Commodious Sample Rooms  First-Class Dining Room in connection  Bar Well Slocked with Choicest Goods  Most Conveniently Located  Telephone No. 26. W. S. DOYLE, Prop.  ^  ���DEALER IN��� .  Men's *Wea? Exclusively,  Invites every man in Phoenix to give  Him a call and examine goods. ....  Ha*dy-McKefl$ie Blk.,     Dominion Ave.  phoenix, B. c._  I  When you are in Republic look for our sign  Repubuc Bekr.  REPUBLIC BREWING CO.  We have decided to carry on business  until Spring and will continue to sell goods at  the usual Low Prices to clear out the stock*  As our stock is badly broken we have ordered a large stock of Staple Dry Goods,  Underwear, Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Etc., which  will arrive in a few days.  The  Dominion Avenue, -:- Phoenix.  II -5  rvnsrzgi  K.,^^^-'/^"!VV-V-r^^.iS-*3f,--*S i| i(��


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