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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Nov 27, 1909

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 ■' '^'y-*SH-$&*$®CT
1 -      ^.^^^_MWMMBB||B_W**--W>»-W-----WMWP------^
"'' .\r:...:if.^,'Xi.^;hi.%'.i:'■^■;iij:,'.^:vv,i;?>f'!>;1 y^iy:';^.>:i;y,'
, -/-r.--.« :'-..?Y'J''y'-,A';>'_
.fh'.taWA)---- ' *-=■■!■ ■■■■■■      ■■•.;-A.y.^.:.s.y«,,
-» :-J_V*w*»*p5-M***fc'*'t¥:'ar.*:i— **y*T-^r^*T^"~"sr7r«y^j,vSiMvyv;:y;:vHf-:^;>:
O-BStock Is most Complete in all lines
^;^iiTT,c_____i^'''__^__Jk^J"»-^« ^;.]^ii^it;^-Vr^\^^^.!SIfH7S^v^: • * ■••r,?;-;'^ v^v-^; y'V= :W. -^-"*&;$£v wj^-^-'
. _„r .,al^arid; ;in;.;; tKe^idweloiiraiBh^idf
!;sucti;;^ property^
TJbt|;oiil jr': bqrneji^^
•fcuty the;y ba^x;yprbspec%
;a& gianty' minei^ywitb;Say:^ail^^^^
hbiderspf a cq^
'^Illibhs^brabUars'in diyideridiif might
y |S aciv^man jis^Coliy N. :j-E; y£ins$$I
clbtiiesj'' ^having j ustyjreturhed:ftfrom|^
■placing ya■ wilderness;i p^hfe^m^ntains;'
5 B^|it;?^as;vtbel^eveiopmen
/grayi ty|mini iVgim^i;6b%|^/^iJ^|ditp';
*':scibrice$nd jiwitby all JwHipb: he hag,h/ad
(n^iftate^rinectibn ^
Icbmrnent^witn' enviabl*2^atisfiact^|||K
v«jras;. six ;year^sin^yiii^|iastj^s^||tb
the vast tonnage that will last for years
transporting and -sSelting Jrom 4.apo
tb^|5ob; to'ris^>t^^ultm,_:gL9lJ^g.
can's'ee ;whyyl^elf)p'int<^
three rich and promising. mining dis-
of the operations in-jhis district daring
several jhundred-feet,,-of development
Gronin, one of the!»driginal owners of
■■r_*: _?ii3__!i £.^S£_;&^W_5m;Kki»k^i>«;^
two   lastTname_  properties  has been
BfrnU__4^aM^'/t>m_iW«r%>trrfeffnt^«ino   vpinc   nr
copper heretofore; and from, publjs.Hed
■that^'cbiri mencinglbrjjgRecem be^pi st
:will^be:4ri(iated 'at^h|^meltief^^a^prg
Northern railway policy/swept the..pro-.
total of 4a in the* houie:t  It was, the
. U»hV-^k1'v ma! • fra aaI • 'n„l*t_t«_r    -tVtTt—klX _■«•*■ a~__ft'
Jardine in Esquiualt and  Brewster
■y" t/i-^'Ac "-:•/;>,
■ ylSfi^^
ij^r   ^^-=- ■<■■■■— ■■.-.«■.-.■•-■.■. —., ,.-.^A...---..rr. ,.-
^ : ^^^/H^firstvcaln^fe^
Yelojped vpwertij^inj^e^^p^tlieni
^were^merei: :'pTbsp^s^jnya.mld«ne^;
I spent more thian a^weekyin-yPboenix
'^amp'V lobkihg : overffievery ^p>ospect
worthyfoi notice. ';y;:<)rali;tiie';prosp>cts;
here••■ which catae under; my yobserva::
tion the KnbblHilt ^d Qld^^o^ides
'w.ereytfte most aitracUve,^d wh^^Jay
:Ry(>aVes cameto MfppyMarcliyi6r
1898; wherl hehad under consideration
?the^finaricingyand ^dtyelbpirigof the
Old Ironsides, *I; told  him ythat  the
showing would:ju^ifySthe ;expendvture
bf'$sb,boo tbSproyeythe - property .yyvl
can safeiysay^that rtwas upon my advice' ttiat Mfv Graves Undertook to fi
hance tlje pid^Irbnsides,, and develop
"ment shortly afterwards. ^   ■
%y'«Abo#that; timeV(March.26j 1898;
£made tHe^ni^re^o^
isides-for'Mf. GravesyyThen agam^on;
^Eebruaryir2/i903, I madea complete
Vepb^ton the. properties ;of the Granby
;Gbnsbiida^yMining,rSmeltin&; and
pbwer;! Company, f Limited.:: At this
tirhe'theGranby; was a gpingy concern^
miningand/treating^r6pb;tons pf ore
daily^ with ^^bb'bop tons:of workable
ore'blocked but andyi4.°P0.000 to^
mbre reasonably \ in; sight. Altogether
about ,5,000,000 tons have been mined
at''the Granby's Phoenix properties
and treated ai the-company's smelter
:yeafjs^o|;obp 3 bhs':^pre^r^0r^ted
/.T-... -.■.-/■-•. "_>_iv ■*L-™'rUMirfii_fit'-'0 hftiiK'T *ft i;
#t'lri:; tHelsuplr^e^cplirtl^
G.. made'applicalibh to have the monies
^iriatpr^eleaseaxbii? th^grbun^hat: be
Roosa, asked an adjournment for three
^artinygrarited ^the 'a_jburnment:f-y^;;|;
'GntaribSSTbe ceremony/was performeti;
at; the hornetpfyMr^SxidfMrSi g^ilham
'fTtief- senatbT?s^nur_(^usl friendsy^yilt
overwhelming vote and  gave :.';Ernest
Miller, Conservative, a big majority,
such as surprised even sanguine Con-
votes were-polled,   which was the larg
votes were-polled,   which 'was:the:.larg.
pected between the  Conservative and
Socialist candidates;  and  many , bets
were wagered that the - winner would
majority xdlled
Inn is was ""
be Cabbufc^h^e^^gfe|^*»f^^
there'vis'^nb^^gpod ■ Tt^onVl^Hy^y that-
amountishouldS riptlgbe;;?mined yand
treat^;bacbymbnth-^thb Wpreitban^be
mined, tram med^sm^ted^cph verted aM
the copper puionrars*^
Thei-recovery? of,copR«Jfrbm^rie|frPm
the^;cbmp^ny's mines* at-Phbemxywill
be from 20i;pbunds to-224;j)bunds;iper
ton pf bre;!the gpld' anid^:silvery values
recpvefedy will be approximatelyypne;
dollar; for;x each vtorit;: of■ ^rjey; treated.
With130^000; tpns mined;*indKtreated
monthly, popperlcariiiand^shbuldybe,
made ■: and sold and y the i prPceeds
placed'in a banKf iti^ew Yprk'fpra
total cost of from 8^cents,tp Q^eeants
.per/pbund-v::. .^Yf-' ■ y3#:vV ".•■■; ''^yS§Y
'•^The Granbyjhas ;fia5 large stpckypf
ore:''at thesmelter; andythousands;|5pf;
tbhs of bre: broken iffiits mineisj^tyhas
a large store bfycoke'a;t;the smelter^foir!
ah emergehcy;ithe method of yrnniirig,
tramming and 'smelting is| modern, and
I thinkil am safe in -saying* that: the
Granby is second to none in the craft."
Referring to ihe fu^l/ supply of the
company; Col. Linsley skid the Granby
company buys its coke from the Crow's
Nest Pass Coal company •■"of-: British
Columbia, and as a further assurance
against shortage of fuel they have $r,-
000,000 invested in   that   company,
many Phoenix people are interested,
!are^ very ehrouragingys andy inp!icates ;:a
ii he prospect^; yLwge Nbyrihas: been
piitand prbved|tby:be^35 feetiwide ^the
ore lpoksjigbpdifand is ca!cppynte,:;SpJn
ands;"sp'roel|galerja,   tL — -«--••-     -■■■ —;
  io .,.,..     „ passayy4?™"
turns!::haye;Siot|j;eti been •received^||^'?y;
;y-■■■■ y;.y.;.ar«nbr Probably:ta:'i(ltefj^^lSV';i§
!':VA''-despatoh;-: from (;Ne^|ijyorkf says
■that:as President; J.;; Langlpith of the
;Granby;CbnspIidated has been a party
•to ^recerit'v copper - pbnsplidation conferences, "trie inference" irythat the
Granby company will playysome part
in the program of the big merger.     ^
Thb Merritt Herald says that-Gi W.
McAuliffe;' ; formerlyy ofv Phoenix^ is
likelyi to open a tailor-shop sin" that
I. C. Oopper.CO.     •:•,
UoUtcr_o<bC:; W.BM
/> Bnni_. •»-. .ii
.  'OroDenoro...
I Bonnie Belle...
1 Dom. Cop. Co..;
1 Senator.—...
■ ^^^.'***/.'.M^.«
j S*.€1I«MW* "W.......-J :
1 Sulphur f ~iii*_  ...«
J Winnipea- ...~-y tfii»
1 Golden
1 King
lCity _.,
] RI*/er**Ue_—
1 G»rml^^.;...V
J S«Uy ..i-.-:...i~
] Rtmblrr:..'...-.   .-.—..
1 Butcher Boy....  .»__~
J Duncan.........   ......
] Proiridence..;..  ......—
I gikhorn-.....-..   ..»»».
' Strathmoie.....    .....~-
I Golden Basle..; ,.;...:
j Preston............  .».-~.,
' Prince Henrys. Uiv~...'
j 8kylark...~;-.i..   ..~.~.
1 LaatChance_..;-. „«...-
{BVP.V. Mine™  _«;..-
j Hurt*...~~..~.   ......-~
rDonVedro.;^..'.. '^»;m«.
] Oewc—t......-.»v ««.«.
J Republic.:.._.   ....—
] Wocella-e6na_    zstf
1*S      *MS   ...—       . >S"
ret;.^^^^..s,y>-:*^'-y»^:'v'--*:-***;V.;***:*~^i,.^^;yr*^ i'^Y"YYY^Y%
^r~**v*:*»v-*-*-*~: '':'&■ ■"■?^-"r^Y"™%"^
^.i..™ ,- y:'isa:
•■• ''■■i6j '-;■'-' '3«>'
;;!i-:7;o' ^---r- i<o^y--y 7»o.;_
V.';. 30 / '.-.■•*.:'..
y i'5;V''i..i~ii;-''.
: >;.:33«:'
saj '    soa
^TouEtona.-^.mto 50837« 690^9 8«,8o8 933.6181 i.i6i_S71;l*8.»37 t^48o^^^43,3971
B.C.CopperCo.   117^11 Ufl3?oi6a.V3 >»*) ?£*£;   "1^   ««^>        ^^
' ,?wriy*j7o^3°«i>>  8«.°59y;j»i8jliy 153^39yMJ
V    Con^e^ativeF Elected in'Al^
aimo and Newcastle, which returned Socialists.  *
(_atest Telegraphic Keturaa of Votes Polled at Time of goina to Press).
Cariboo .........
Chilliwack .....
Grand Forks.;.
Lillooet .   .....
Nelson •
Okanagan —-i
•Richmond ■
Saanich    • •
Simlikameen .
Slocan ■
Dr. H. E Young	
...    94
Kearna, Thos........
...    52
Dr. A. D. Morgan	
.......    ■
H. O. Brewster......
Dr. Callahan 	
■ ••••-•
Harry Jones.........
J. A. Fraser.....:.......
J. M. Yorston	
.• ..
S. A. Crawley......	
0. W. Munro	
Robert Grant ..........
J. M. Forrest	
T. Cavan...	
Dr. J. H. King	
W, H. Hayward	
•.... • • • •
H. G. 'Parsons......„	
. John A. Buchman..
F. J. Mackenzie.	
John Oliver..	
W. J. Maneon.....	
Thompson,  A	
H. D. Helmcken :.
1 .... 1 *
John Jardine.....
W. R. Bobs'/.	
• ••••••
A. I. Fieher ,
J. K. JackBon	
... 264
Alex. McDonald ...
... 154
E. Miller.. :...........
... 484
D. Pateraon	
A. E. McPhillips	
.  .   . .  .     -
Percy Purvis ,	
C. P. Shaw..	
H. M. Vaaey...	
N. F,  Mackay	
J. Keen ••
Jas. Bell '■	
M. Eagleson	
A. E. Planta 	
 '• • • ■
JamVs Stewart	
D. J. -Thomaa	
Harry Wright	
... 570
E. A. Crease	
... 326
P. Ellison	
F. R. Dehart	
.T. Taylor.	
E. F. Landmark	
F. L. C. Cotton:	
J. W. Farria	
• • • •
W\ R. Braden (	
... 238
Dr. J. M. English ...
D. M. Eberts	
T. S. Bry8on	
L! W. Shatford  ...
R. Elmhurst	
W. Hunter...........	
.   ■    '
J. C. Harris [c]	
V\. J. Bowser.	
F. C. Wade...	
A. H. B. Macisowan.	
J. H. 8enkler...	
Dr. McGuire ......
J. Campbell	
H. H. Watson >	
G. E. Macdonald	
C. E. Tiadall	
J. B. Stables	
R. McBride :	
John Oliver	
Fied Davey	
R. L. Drury	
H. F. W. Behns-an..	
W. K. Houston	
H. B. Thomson	
H. A. Munn	
.... 881
R. McBride	
J. H. Schofield	
M Tn/lfil
Harrington, J.....
Heatherton, G...1
John Mclnnia....f
J. Hawthornthwaite 784
P.  Williams..;..;......
J. Matbewson  148
Jae. Johnson .•.
G. H. Kemster	
G. Casey...
C. W. Bennett.	
E. T. Kingsley. .........
W. M. Mackenzie ....
M. McGregor	
P. Garvey	
R. P. Pettipiece	
Geo'rge Oliver .....
A. J. Morley (c) 2236
W. Dodd (d)  105
        A. M„ Oliver	
[a] Independent; [dl Canadian Labor Party^ !ilSI_B3____i=J==  ���*���  ~-   , ,- <*     ' nunraimv^taimicrn    DUnCHlV' R ft  1" *,,  * >,  . > ,v  '���f     */  Hi  ** <  J��   *<> j  PHOEN|X^PIPflEER, PHOENIX,' B.C  !|W"* **-ovf at? _r  /___r___r__.___ft^ J5#��  No trouble #��*���� Sonltifet Soap.  Jartrollowthedl��c_on*o_4ii��  wr��pp��- �������� SunU^iit doe. th*  fc��f?^W_3__*aB  ,  < ^*r"^L_*?'"<��vy_^ t*y %  t!#!Hif:^t_��ifc!^  r\^^V>  fey  HOUSTON?S UOPSR ,\  JOURNALISTIC BABY  Issued _t  Fort George,  330  5 /Miles North, of Ashcroft,  fTbVfirst issue spf John Houston's  new paper, the Fort' George Tribune,  baa been received at' this office. It is  ttJStf Ni��Wm6^r�� 6th7 aSyd }. ft agf  gressive and mteiestulgjas Mr. Hous-  ���la-Ws^Tn-unes always axe.vf ,~uV ^  -.yjForti^Seorge is- -situate at the junc-  <�� ^tiftWtfH Fr^er, rivers  and was founded in, tbe foil of i'807 by  tlSSrI!FmW;;tii^man>ho is "credited  with' having ' discovered Frasoedriver.'  .   Wi*i��- "**>1 t*.f*,-i-Ir*��  tory, we_t\ of^triei Rocky ^Mountains  kSowp-w New^Caledo>ia.;f Although^  Fofl'GeSige is 'c*ex\t&rjean old it  lnB*n_fefi_ured in^ any ^census a reporti  d^4|W�� 60 years a^when its  flpuriokpUhiaadethe fiour>that^ was  bt^fef Hudson .Bayjconipany's  Utl^mFraser,, Fort* St^James,  FW^^aod oth�� pl^further  nofcSTfcelour,jptU hasjlisappeared  Ind^the^BWIMJ^oir^hJch^wbeat was  rTrAil ��-_<_________.   _.-.v .lit   ��A��rr,  Indian village, of too men, womeii^nd  |S^e4^^pf��-��^,5oo  i���^-^,-.-i^t^r,( about  two  ���2flraW��Wf Bkf reserv^pf  stores, manager's residence and a-few  tettVWeiouserf* ITiSi,, are s^eral  TttEHFgN^t LEASES  y   ^ "^ *,  wi\  FronvC^foii[TeaVlantatlont^fe contained in  1' n__a i:  |i i. pkS��ed in sfealed Iwdt packets  to preserve its fine flavor and aroma  40c. *^0c/ and   60c.�� t expound.  At all&ocers. f   k&fvW  ^Voh#K^gh/tbe>ell;k,^\dis;  7 v {, ^yv-i-jf*   ���    4 J-*     ^_V,��   j1  coverertolthfeB.C. mine m,the;Boun.  "menewbr#in?his M.T^mme northeast  ofNorthlqWwas caught ��n^a|cavern  at thtflunriellFriday of last, w-eek^and  had  "the  mouth, of4Hhe tunnel,  covenog^Mr.  keoug^S|deeply l^^H  workmen^iftee hours to get him obt.  He was^Stly cut abou^V'^e  _nd Kealhdfd Jsustain,d^inteWal^ in-  0J"#iU>ken to;hi^o^n  hU^feSmdes er^oC^W  ^e H^|reported out^of/da^ie^~  PPfDt^l^iPUu     A   /*=_________  ( fr> i*��       v.��jvlif��!��eA A "^ ��� ���  ^mmmHmmtmiiiSnmmmrimiii DRAY1NQ  1 DEANE'S HOTEL - "*  DANNY, DEANE, Proprietor  1  S- . ,. This is the Largest.and Newest Hotel in the cty, heated by  Il iot water and well furnished throughout for the f--raod^.l  &, ofthe public .Everything Neat, Clean and ^^.^ =2  *\ Wed at all hours, special,attention>ng gtve^ the Dmmgrqom.^  '   "''C-rfnftr LocatJ^rhe Bridge, FtfH> Sjr^jKoS^  5��  "STBAH.HBATED  < HL-aC-TRIC   UGHTING  T-LKPHONB  48'  ���;_,.   STBAM   HBATJH** _i.c^ > ^.��    ,1,1,3  $^mm&&  ? In brief, thecal program adopted  lDy theipomW>vernmerDt,^involves  ihe constniction/of three cruisers ,of  improved Bris|ol| class, and four1(.aesn  trovers of ihlpj^d nver.class posting  for tpVcniis'ers^bout^ve'W^three  duarter milhons^&nd for the destroyers  about^a million^and a half, with<an  annual outlay-'W maintenance of something, like' Wot&lhon dollars*. HTwo  of the cruisers ywill be placed ,on "the  Pacific coastWrfone cruiser with the  four destroyers'on,the' Atlantic coast.  The total n_mber of officers ^and' men  tor this nufcleu^of a fleet *is ^tjojated  ,at '^oS^th^a pay.rol^^a>but  |4'oo,oootwiffi'an 'extra $1^0,000 for  fatualling.\tif        c % ipyfel' *  ' , S k>-" / fe  mm  - 5_?W  H  4v>/    ^C \r  w ��*���-_   "^      ? * -     J    ________.__i       -_^__-     ���> ��� ���--  It Wat* one of ;_M��- u��|Ji��ir-rni-l-ri^iame*-, w_o pot^-__,  ^���pecbwle. o*>_r oow ��kI fed her rt-vini., /H��i,*����T  ^wsaTSet Ua1dm*t'mattax^bag ttrn^Om sta'sotohrasabe  P K>rv.  '_^_K__W4^��, �����"*���ate*��d ** *����� ��^**!i_!i|fc-^^___ ^1:.^^^'.'  IfWKgardleii of ditfettioii  �����_���, ... -^^od^tWr^tt��hi,<food.y��T>e-^*^i. that tkirrtomMb  " ��_d die oiaa ^saffsrs tike  -> ^^fj^t  g|4��|yape|k_a|aod .the atpaaaafol  -j 3E   ay   KDv   II  X:T%^ /TaZatrma^t^emtMa.9tmiameii. neater* tt�� eeOwttr at **���**���  iY\  'Canadian  PI  It lftf  ._, her goldmines her wheat  , ^ 2J; wadth might c^er  inv,dCr, ��nd th,t  ,is  ^^^^M to do. ^He agreed; with Mr,  ' rJ_onktl��rthi��lwj��^a^(>nadian ques-  4��ti6n*'lm-' sliould'be dealt - with bnmar  ^^fi^^^m^^^m�� *AJWS��^ *.  Piiincfilirs.-mld'War bt>M>B��  Wont^mnd'Fnnirie;4uP^^lcl^f  k^mrnA '<*#&* o;s'?nd  tf^llffetomiiand^niuch^p^il  j^ii5��>^B^*4f^  S_& & Wfe^W the Gra_^Tr��jnlc  Sc]#^��^.-in^p��^1 ^  f^i^m^f^rTGTo^S^J^  ^ ^M__W__M_M_M_^_^__^_W_^_^_^a��-_WB����a***a��-��)aM__^-^--WM-_^  K>f ���"f^,( T'v',w* ^ ^>?-f''  J^*-    ^  Houston says,* has*-future. ?   ; J    ,  r^WATERlf1__lG^ BURST ,0  -I& j�� JjMassci-. r ,4<�� *��g*gr  C.P.R. Hraaws B��i��y,S��std(id,  *&a  |Pestfo*d hjmn^ed^nasty/acciden^  ,__������''��� A. c^  ���;���* ?y/        ^. "*        i''*    t -^      ���          \*.* Ir      "      ,     .      i*i!'*  i7__l Af multitude of ^household worries are overcome oy having your  4t^ LaUhdrying^donetat, the Reeo.Laundry.   . .g. . . . *.'. -^-f-  ���^BLii*' ,'*v-i-*�� ,i >��� j- *,t t ^ v swr^JP^ *-'��*/ b      ^'^ T~. ^irl_-��M _  Hotel^Brooklyn  As, O / ���������������I������  Of-alMnnda promptly attended  U>.   Kapid Express and Baggaee  , ' ^Trapsfer. ^Careful attpntion to all  'Y\ >rd��jVe. ;jj nm* \��);  , >&J>LnES Q.,ncKEOWN  ���< Plre, Lite aad\Accldea Insnraoce.  f  n..,��.i4f^- y"^<  Bank Block.-Phoenix, B.C  ^trcE'id^i&iiNs  '���u   J SHAVINGUfARLORS  ,   AKD ^ BATHkOOM.  .Mi.V',1- .* _\  Next Door to McRae Broa.   'p���l_���.���   D  ,,  KBob^rnt Avenue    t   , - rHOKNIX, B C  The Only First-Class and Up-To-  ^Date^ Hotel   in  Phoenix. f'New v  1 * fronrcellar to roof.   Best Sample  1 ^Roomsltiithe Boundary, Opposite  <" * G.N.'Depbt. Modern Bathrooms.  ,",<*. Steam , j* \ Heated  JAMES/MARSHALL, Prop.  Phoenix. b!c.  Matiliew's 8arDcr s&op  ,  \,f<L   10WER  TOWN.  WAP     AM    RASV    RHAVR  *- <    C1 ,  ^ f     v  " ' ^    *J_*  FOR AN EASY SHAVE  AND STYUSH HAIRCUT^  *���' v  \ BATHS    IN  cV   CONNECTION  * ���<���  s -*���  "ilSj     '  / *  1   Y~BT  >  Q^elnWood iLiqaorf Co,   ���  1 ���' ik  i  I 1.      �� *���* n-   1,   Jt* ' k ** 1 ; k     .  .A * We furnish the trade all tyer the Boundary^ with  ' ,  *- the Choicest' Imported and Domestic    ^  f MyinesMJiqiiofs and Ggarsy?  /As wc ship direct in Carloads, we^cans makefthe^  ���-prices right, and give prompt shipment., \  jy    /   .ii __-_--_��� ����� ,y.'y   ,y-  %(>'  ��  Jas:;;McCreatif&''Cq:  \5    GREENWOOD, "B{0.  ^s if    <f  t   �����'  ^  n*"'    U  it''  "V   j*.  r    j.  4-  \  U  , ^Ijr  A"*- I * Hi iH"!~j**'p'rJ* ^      ;P���ST.cUsS EQUri��itTlTrtFOR IHf^ U��HT|  '^ sbl. R.te.r? ^,, y ^n v' ^ 4 ^ ^f^  -j -   ^ wa sin to PISMrs��dfS��ll��H ���a;0p��ort(ial|f.5  or* woocm *ny qu*��tii<J^^  KingEdward Lodge.No.36  G- -vx-_ R,��cularcommuDJeatloaIpm.    6n  V>   ood Thnraday oreach month.  ���VT Smergent mtetlncs aa called Maionlt  vT   A    HatlfMeHaleBfoek.    -���  V. K. SHSaBINO, ?i jt O. D. T0RNK8,  t- SecwUnr;4j,    1;^t'r       WM  ^   _Li  *   t<l.\w,y^X  -i; iSNOWSBOBCODdBNO tt  Meeu every MondayrB��enlnt at Ulnera' Un  Viaitlna brrthren cordUUy Infttcd. y.  1 ^     <��l ,  roHWC TAJT, KobltGraad  >'.i       r��     .     f'W.A ncXAKB.FUn8ecy  Y{ fr *v�� 4 j   ^,- A* Co��.>�����coid.   Bee,  ^PHOBNIX   AERIK   NO. IBS  ^*  ^iSESlSaSJ'^ \i M��*t��i_0utonH��U  4" ^Friday evening!  Ji f yiaiuog "ybrothm  ,alway�� welcome  9 -. J.JfclTer, w P  '..-yVC   MCASTOCXU  * t��s/     i    w g���  ��  K.H. McCBACKE  atfftUKgMa-  rfef^Meets every Tuesday  r f^Bva^wg^a-t 7.30  /Soloomlar arotlieira'CordUllj  ft< Welcomed.*   ^��   ^ ;  "*,Tj.4^4s.f_.<��r��t��.  ���Sl^r f  l  LW  Eirst��ClasV3&^and^Tam-  ��*. arac Wood, $5 per, cord  I_QeWopd, $4.50 peRConi  Pine .WoodijlQuble "cut,  ���!*  sore pn'myjhpyAnd, whenJf Ma,  ^%%the^W^sh%kJ^I|l  sbcw.tomtf^am-itak ��ve-me^asft^x  B*as'abfe,to;^tinue;myjoui^yf;a1ia  aSnSwSo^ifofen^mo��  Zam-Buk and continued tbe treatment."  ir^r^^derfullytWel^a^^^  or-burns, scalds, cuts, and 'similar in-  june^y^worKersr^WJiab^H  intful m-fro^Ion>boiif6 ZnMlt  stfouia be lfoHiftgftr m everyjfor_er%  l^^^pu^amSuJc,! rCm^'d;  again workers^"in all branches <;of trade  baveproTea' i& jvast superiority Corner  Se^veitiie^l cantraetota and salves jof  |_^y.jNo,doubt th^e tart ftat ��W -  ressen%^bd ^ract^wfi^e; ow&ofjy  S^%obtiia 4o^or"^aniS*d  fats flk%W a^Jo^,,wW;to>��r  plain ^oj;Btt%^ur>eri6rity^' JEW*.  WtttiMm M tbe^Vemains; that  fl^c&luaioW^Wilfredskidk '^1  ^^^-'���^^-Hoes Otrtiert, ^Wherwef  CO  thi1^%i|ptiieholdabairat ^  "*'*'��. y '*-H^i >J*?  SUETS  -*  JT^f*1  !     V^  .xs'C  \-r w  .v/i��;  ^ri'A/��  \tfj,rf����.   *r  i-^^y        sf1*  s,"y; c, *. ��� r _(*< ��� "-^'v*, T" *^ <." iv%  ^ VOnr fineWto-date Steck^ofStiit Leriffths '  ( '"just received irom the-MI ^traae ,civanot be i  V t surpassed^ anywhere. ^ ^They; are the best. ***  * .quality that money can buy. Large number %  ^tojselect fi;o^i, and~no two"klike^maTdng^  it better than ordering ,6:0m samples, be^  ,    caiise /cWsee what yon are going to get***,'  >��� - *>   y   1 y " #      'v ,t .y  Our new fashion-plates enable us to suit  yotf in style' a3 well as in(fiti      f  Ai-  1  a^-   y- V&f?^-- f"^;  LRtfeST^PDITlONfe  -, "?Mikce J>_ea^ fSauIr * kraut,' Meat j6Vstersl��t blympl^}  ��� '   C)ystersr>Findan  Haddie,   Kippers, ^molc^Halibttf, 1  C��,��t.^    Go1m���� ^PiVt-Utf   PJwc   W*>*��f !i-Pir>lr1#��d- TrineJ  ���v*  Johnson 5: Andci'soa  i i^-l&<'v*--->^  TJG& ,thfr mat��er/ot the?Land Repietry  4<et^aqdln the ^matterof^tbe Title to  ,J&fc22 and part oMo| ^ blopk 11, map  C0f*row_ 6f,Plioenix.*J*<if * ^  ^3VBBK��uur*.the,certificate of Title to  the^abijve^beretlttamenta being certificate No 4&27JClin thetnamc^f Bettv  Cfrspn^hajBi^bfiep1 josfc or destroyed and  application'has been made to me for  ���JnpHcate therof. A a l  -'NQtlOBf iptrHERBBY GIVEN tbat  a duplicate certificate of title lo the above  bereditame'nta wylll be issued at tbe ex-  piraiioFrof one month from the date of  the"firstpublicaffon hereof, unless in the  rnearitf me valid objection to the contrary  i8*JcnaJdeHo>me'in ���-ritlngit l*J  \t*tf*> \C! >M *t&��i#trlct^egi8trar  VKamloopa* B.O S J>**%&  ** ;urov.��8W, ufo^v* **  err. ^"w *  -'-,<  _B__^__ai_____i_i  _��&r!1'r--  y   -?  FUJ<NI?URE;ST0RE  i       -,  i   . -^  ^Fpr buW ��*KJ SP*^ onuses^  *��mal |4tes,-rillcey, nug-wonn, itch,  sa^pum/ b^f" leg, festering ,��*���**  chapped plates, cold jsores^frost^^ites,  Sid all sk��o injuries and dijieases^am  at. ji^^beyemd'doubts; most mar-  vellousjpure. $     <v    K{\ *�����  ^^higgists/and,stotes sell at 50 cents  a bo_ sind the Zam-Buk^' Co.^ Toronto,  Will mail-afbor, post free, upon receipt  of price, tov any of our readers who  may bave^difficullty'Jn obtaining a  supply of the genuine Zam-Buk from  their, local stores.' '  ^ Y Vpflr D*II��r ,  ,$J*ome back to you if you spend it  fif^pme, flt is gone for ever if you  vseta(d( it to the Mail Order B^Usa, A  ^nnce' through  our advertising col-  jLi__.    KkK_l9    +Jim-*i.     ��m.__       nt*       mJf**L*n   .    _r��l*.A**_k     ��4-  >.��  Quintessence Means  ^lli^.;kost::tessen1fgipg ���  V,>   i^  ���tbe ._ssentiaKKate what yoii want. The essentfals  in Ihe drug business must be ?*&& yoti can^ depend  on- They bftew mean the "dividing! line between life  and death., "BW important, therefore, tha&y��u get  the ess^atials in the drug'line where there is nd  dgubt aboutfiqtmlity or accuracy. * ,  utam-  THE  EMIPIOWNSBIPSBANE  '^  'V  Employs a system which 1make^v itf  it i easy for Us out-of-town depositors  to open ��� accounts and - transact  business   by   mail   with   any of its  >    *>  0ETA1LED INFORMATION FURNISHED ON  REQUEST.  MiLtC and CREAM ,    '  '     1    M-%  PHONJB  BTHUCTPll-X'   PHKSH   BOQ9  \ 1 ^ V^ *j^**rf   ���*��� ^    j  :   ��7t? i nv *)  *���  ^-then don'ti w-^lt till you get to  ! ^the ^othet sidetof Jdrijan" before  getting a rest. The sweet fields  t of Eden are right here and Edwards" has the lurid of^goods you  need for a body and soul-satisfymg  rest. * He has the softest couches,  ^the easiest chairs and the most  ^comfoWile, beds��� beds w>th  Springs and mattresses that relieve  the pressure on every aching joint  when you are ,4all in." His house  furnishings are not -only comfort  able and easy but artistic���well  made and well finished���bought  from the best makers.  A New Shipment  Edwards has just received a new  shipment and his warerooms are  now stocked from cellar to garret  ���everything you need in furnishings. To enumerate the long list  of articles would tire you, ^a"  and examine. You are cordially  invited.   He wants your trade  C. F. Edwards '���'���(���-)���������  *;'i*Si  ..���,;������ v^^:^���:^::':;,:y;:^*ijt;!!^i;:;iE^ii^fc!  YYYYYY,mm:  "mvY  ����Sm��*&gSi!SSK_S__3_��  Ysi*Y:  yyi y^yy<y:-  ?M  B^#  ��� ;i:,.y;:V*#i^  :;:<y.'::  ������ -:f;V'  __;.ii i        m~~   ~   ~y    ~ .,   ,. i , ..,.1. .. ���   "     '   ~���*~"**  rJ.i;tK��o''/5nmnnnirtri'irthniinnR' ifi   fc'h A opnlnniml   m\>n'..'.'/\Fu'.-il*n'..'_ A��iliii!'jj'  .,    ism. :-;Obe^m|j^^^an^sap:  IftC'ftom accideMpenga^^  ���-<'Mce-nter$wl^^^  or beast^p|ISItptppS-#^f |$tf  (acts, and il&ily.&!j^��^^  _     storiei-wilfclfe^  I     in addltiq$#^te^  I"    good-storie^ni^^  |:vv:"And 'this^is^noj^^  I.'':    "   '.'.'     .   ��- L .:','' il ��� ,' -f^/i"!^ ma n it infV-t*_a H Are''. a it  ^\'v;r_very|riewyC^^  V:Y ��� find jt '���,9^i��?p^^^J^^| j|_34^:  |||Ajge^bgica^  .^ipir|g;carripi; to a scale:pf:yi|3ooyfeet  |%i|inch.;(N^  ptiiblishedy by y t heY geological ^uryeyi;  Oftta^  nspecji^  lenyjrrihiEi '(^p!;;;\r oo ir^4oo: feit-to/i^lnqh^  ���foK.it^  taking; in; 'Evening Star| mine, o*^* t^  northi tJ-Liiy-i May^ -on ythe\,sputh|}|f)G)S  K.' en the' west,^^ ahdi'Kooteriay'otfthe  'east^:.\:Th>eO':geol6gy:'';,<6f':':.:this.'^'tamous  _ ��� ���.���'���"-:j.-?��� -'"' "���'���/ 'i..''."r-    ���:     �����    . :"y'< - ,���!;��'...,>���'���  -.;'-������'������,��� ������-.���,',y,' *trv-  mining cani p is well :V brought ^out-sin.  :i:*ii;diflfcrent:iirits representing the main  rock formations. 'The'?principal dikes  are shown, also the main  exposures of  .yems/^;^^  :apjprpximafe|:ppsitipn^  separate colors, of veins not exposed  Jalike/j; :sin'ce:;itywill; ienable the fprmerst.fj  ;d<^ideyupqn ifavbrahle^ grbun^y tpipros^  pert,' and aid the'latter in planning tbe  development  ; THE ipiG C0PP|R^C0NSW.i^  Seio'pB ���' of; Plans���Wll^et^  ���:y;y;y Plants of; Amer|o��n��;$m^^  .::^y;yV\;-v .;;R8y  0y,The,plan:ibr)c6hsM  ^garhated,: Cole %j^i^^^?^P30i  perhaps oth^^  ^pre.'=;eomprehensiyey^^  jprogress.-^- ;It':is;yho#*^  ;tbe;?tmergedi. Whipa'nylwiil;'Salr^;|bver::  certain   plants   handling  copper,,con-  'trpMed;;,by;V;thte.-^m|rKa^  ^:Relinirig:Col'and,;.the^mjw  ���in^Securities;Gby|Th^  ;ti��e^absb'rpH.qn'^p^  j||eitingv;&|f:Refin^  ^United ^letaisiSeliinfc^  ^iltl^sitrue.-th^t^  la^oirtrplling' interest {;ijai^^n|ce^per  jpi^fpjBrties: iiaye|'nptijrj^|^p^  >^t&e'.:ma)ter^pf;cor^^  $pf��c^  : beltaken, to'ibnrig;th^imj^iw.'^TB^  J^-ipK.-r . ��� '-������4-y^irfy^;.'.5<y;y^i��lS%*;-;-^;yi,y  plan'in its present statesprovides.:for;4a  ���!^��oltdatipn?:;6ff;^  namely, Amalgamated, Cole-Ryan and  ���ifS^ugBenheim^  '^MerstMdingyjsji^ ^^^"rMv:  ^^'fye;o'fistbck;,ibV:'i^  ,.: ��� , ;,���:,���.��� .:A;? tyA WtfW&MXityA Y \}0<Yti^YiiW.  f;iyMemtt'isy  the^.we^^this. season,^ontams more  passages used as quotations than any  play ever.written.: ���-The/comedy none  long ripple' of delicious" merriment, and  ,��Kon ^vpof.nfoHihv a comoanv such as  prqvince.'-i;sp |��^;f  i:|^ca|^p;|b|e;sW|>^  fmmejalyRMsland^  BOUNDARY-KOOTENAyiW ORE RECORD  Sblp-eau acd S_eUer Re��l*i�� Per Yesr.to  !Ken^steKinm(Aht��'W*om^vthevivanou8  IgF.^^^ss^ece^yym^v^^  W'oljer^  dated company, offers to ; other com-  danies'',wll'likeiyybe-made^^  The consolidated company will control through actual production::' and  selling agents   close' to  800,000,060  ;i^i-j,:;.;:'���<'���������::������:���"��� >:t*i'x���?<F-'''-*:v.'-'- ���'-���-"'���<:io,*,fe'to,'aJ<y;M(,  ylijBritisliiC^umb^s^willg  iarly)interwi^||n;|^#ov^  of Westward Ho 1- as the leading story, 1  frney:Ra1l$y^  Arthur Hawkes, gives a concise history  of the Canadian Northern railway from  y.;��;-tw ������'.������,:.,���,. ;,-Jr**;x*ir<*S��'J>!' - -^Y*Jf-<A f''-;&i "***/>^A  teGbmp^i^l^ipS^  ..,     .  |M��$&:$^  I. .'���'-.. ���������>YY-~.\te'ift:;v.-%:^:ii&:^^    ^g^didipus^ad yefUsingiis :the pnly re^:  kY~�� ������''i*i'<''"i!tir i tKifi(T<s':'yti'irt'"v:y' :'':y'-'yy';������'"  W&&  operators the amount controlled will be  closer to 1,000,000,000 pounds jthan  ;8obio^b/bpo|p.cundsV^        i^iw��%lff  -fTKerelmayfbe^n^^  of $1,000,060,000 capitalstock; but all  ithis^stock'^iHSjnot^bt  chanee:ior.-bthW��i'pr6pertie^^^  ,, y*j^,v-P-' ,������--.��� .-,,-  i'Y-Y,;liYi-7.Y;y \-���Y'-Y^:-/. ~.-'-'-rYY: -Y'--'. \i tV^.-Ji*:";  amount will be reserved.in the treasury  ;forlfuture^c:qu  i'are^c^rriedVbutl^Arnai^^  J Wu|!goJinlpnf;a^b^ th an-_$ ri;|f  li^har&lfTtf  -ga^a^aytpro^rties,y  iM^cjai'iS'o^d^  ;^|3pr|n|i|ii^|yTh^  'regardjed^sfyaiiiabje  panyt^oppses; to ^iend^'igreatd^ljof  ;;rflohey^finy^iiertipn|!^^  ���:yeibprnent^:i^*^  " " W'^dmh-b|lw^o|^^||Q  'Ji-^r--iengoughT;ft  y yuy >��� ���; ^ y 'ty-^ro-iHe^teqtfo  Montetai; Oanadaj a woU-known bus-  , "Pt-un* cored -d .from what tha  1 doot��M wera'fttr*'4-rrould turtf.lnto  ! Brlgbt'g dUeM0,:_nd after yon baye  gone through ,the aufferlng that 1  1 hare withi catarrh of the bladderand  '��','*V'-^'iLry'''l^''i'l'!!*l'll:*i-�� _���;!"���i��.'_i' .-mm 'VW'^**VA*iiia*-_r1.  ��� v**erona ia a, oieBBtuK wmiti m��u.  iffiigbit bottles made me weU ��nd;were  yortb.more than a thqiuanddoUwa  to me.   I cannot.-.speak too,highly of  ^|Stia''nqwyi6ur;"-jw^  troubled, and Ihave enjoyed perfect  health since.   Every spring and fall  .1 take a bottle of it and it' keeps ine  '''''''���ii-,M*.''^-I^MtffiW4���"^'WOT*w  ; IHTMNAL'CATAMH \;  REMHmHEKIONIYt:  WM^S-^mS^^^^^^&^^^M"^^^^^^^^M  ^���'ia��iiH-.''JL'i#ibi^|a^**^|^^  WY,:-Y::r--kfe-WpiWiR-S :, ^����iSi'ft!feKI*-Wife^��^y-i^.;i^.^e^i4^  :,. R~oeni����i    ��vBEST BEERllN THE BOUNDARY/;  .���^,;^ ^,.f ��i.�� n��rf��.t Be��r from tbe best materials obtainable.  bold upon thei'kldneya that the patient  ' begins*to roaUae that there, la some ,de^  ���frft_geme_t'ot'i;*ib>*Je^rg  % :5TheTBiightjDto_abh>sV,*ae'^  lasaltnde,"and other warning symptoms  ^M-ridoie^dlieiMra^  f^yThey are not serious enough  f*^:pa_e^*iroM'hlS'reg_^  ySETeUwheilhe discovers that the kld-  ?':_���'-���.���,���������������     ������;;'''"'���'      \ neys are affected,    '"" ''thevdoesinbtJr'e'fe  ognlse ihe dlffl-  i|��wI^D7;oat^  ^0��t��Sh.ii.iiiqmis^  : In Its approach and IU earlier symptoms  Vcan-e such slight dUoomfort thai-it is.  ;^_bVitiotlcldlS!^::^  |^_tbwe*^|^henvit:ta;br^  In the kidneys' It becomes a dimoolt dls-  Iis��a*;t6:.e_termma^��?pvig;fe'^^  *yindeed^atKrl^qt*^:k^dI^  ���ertous than caUrrh affecting some of  :^t_a;qt_��|wiww^t?^a  ^B^g-t^tftt'eiM  v *hibh;:;��re^cdg^|eji?^:^e  ^iilmen^^faot:fatiiai'3|^  |^B T_e;thing;fc*lwi dbnej^hen^catarrhof \  ;:!ythetoi&ej5��i' ������������������--'-    S:_iteV_ai   Ithiilt   ���      ,���.J��  ?y;-^-vy,;'iy*fe5J;*  ��� '���;.',:���,;. ->,;.y-y%>^ayte  ,'.* ; j-i-  . :���,..������,..���.. ���:��:.. .-���.������-, ^.^-���.������v. .���;-.-x.-;'J   ���-.^���i<.v^ij'^e:-aa-fi*a^y^:f;;\v?v^^^^^^ ���  ^y^:S'��^^vfe;;y'^yy v^:K_-'��  ���&:;^:^ ^y;ov.y* Jfi-y ��.y:^'��-.;.y rsy^ato;;:sy^^^^  yy;r*':y',/vt,:  .'iMbre jn,iqvetlmin^e^mi^-|^|^  |tM3t!^a|i0s||i^fBe^  dwnpf:;!Sanidi^;:;!iart^  turp^}t>ojm|^  ' Aust ralia ;and' New^Z^^^riving^bn  :thV^Maku'rayJw;;;:^:y^  ���-y Mr."'f Behgbugh/s-gmiss  'und^^wasyH^  lecture , eng^ement yduring }^lucjh4 he  ^raveileiif.the>0  bbth; ebuntriesy: '2Y YiiYM^M^^ y$j  -yli^heyare^nSe^-rco^  ^possibilities; ianid^ the pTOpieyseem,to/ be  ���profoundly, sensible ofjt,^t|they|lack  t^e^apahdi yiin^ pf;;Can^ians;^ said  Mr^ Bengoligh -to thtir^b^nce. \ VSave  'i��,thes largercities I wailastbnished to  find? that   theyyifoUb^^  methods! I Tlie^atest.!D^.}|^p^  countries is :pqpulatiqi��; andy the labor  par^lSwhich^isyaypph^ic^'force   in  '^tr^iaiis;;s>r^iy^against ���; immigra  tion  !-.-- .1'.'  ��I out  F^ccs and Quality  ^f   n^^   BgWe   Bgyfag  <^^fft_^__-_liigs Elsewiieye  * *>  Our   stock   of   Suits, ��� Overcoats,  Underwear,   Shirts  Collars and Ties, Boots and'Shoes,   etc., etc   �� all  new'and up-to-date-no ancient, shopworn-or shoddy  goods which would be'expensive at any price.  By frequent buying and careful selection of Stock  our Furnishings are always new,'with the seasons  distinctive siyles, and bears the stamp of quality; our  prices are no higher than you will pay for inferior goods  elsewhere. ,  HONSST GOODS AT CONSISTENT PRICES  :^MwM;i^)ei^j^:r^eased ^n^ ^|Shly  InteSliMpii*11'?;!1 le^ '.- $e  |ecuire:.hall;of the Sty^drews' church  ^st^igh|;-;after.(;Artist^unipris't; Pen-  gbu^h had;v fprytwb; botirs-, inade them  laugh' ind���alsb|iiiade them think;stren-  ^uqusiV'idiibtfeybrv'his^^  :talks;Sit was; a reyiewjpfypublic������ rhen  and measures' encircling the;-world, con-;  eluding;"with'ya;,-rapid .yet. e^  sketch pf John Bull and Uncle Sam in  a'hand clasp.  Another feature ofthe entertainment  was Mr. Bengough's recital ef a poera  of his own upon the visit-of the American flea to Australian waters which he  had been privileged to witness.  Bengough will appear in Phoenix  opera house on Dec. 9th.    \  Carney Copper and Rio Tlnto Treadwell  J. L. Marfin, formerly of  Phoenix,  who is president of the Carney Copper  company  and  managing  director for  taq Rio Tinto-Treadwell  property,  regarding tnese properties, says:    I-have  received some samples of ore from the  <35-foqt ledge struck in  the Rio Tinto--  Treadwell  and  it  looks  fine.    Have  also received good samples from No. 2  tunnel, 520 feet deep, Carney Copper.  As soon as we have driven^ a few feet  in this ore I will direct the contractor  to  crosscut' for   both   walls.   .Carney  Copper should be selling at 25c:  ''* '��'I am gratified beyond expression  to know that my judgment upon the  Carney and the Rip Tintp Treadwell  is being  verified by development.    I  now believe that before the end of 1910  both properties will be on. the shipping  list." ������  ' '   ' '   ���  If you are requiring any rpugh  lumber give M. Mcliatyre a chance to  figure on it. He can furnish you with  better material at less money than any  outsideccmoetitor '  ^S'Y. fptoiis ;Goe^^'Aleiies,;:.f6^; mnesyso^ir;;yy  '^east:|ofy3^ullaii^f d^6^8 ���' claims,^; 3:;'fractions;:;:|y  Water power, woitH |25,000.': ��� ;    ������'���/"'���:',  work.     An  ore  cntite opened for  150 feet in''  iengli, and the end not reached, about 48 feet  wide, and the width not determined.    Vertical  deoth at face of tunnel 150 feet.  TunnelNoi 2 is in from the portal 1025  feet, crosscuts and side drifts 475 feet, good  ore now appearing in face of tunnel. Vertical  depth '530 feet. Stock at less than 25 cents per  share is a good buy.  it  Only a Few Thousand at  ONE-HALF CASH  ONE-HALF 30  DAYS  Leave your order with  A. S. HOOD, Bank Block, Phoenix, B. C.  Si-Tg^  y ���.^ y is' 'm:^a&Y samef ^eyJ:;^ey:.^ylLh^yG  14 :^mile^ydkec^,|;so^  ���'f��h^r^^0^$^^^'- ivom <^^ew, ;Wash.  ftli^grotrp is composed of 7 claims. $4j000 was-  ypeht oh the ground prior to incorporation.  Tunnel No. 1 is now in about 175 feet.  Ledge No. 1 was crosscut at a depth of 100 feet,  carrying lots of good ore. Ledge No. 2 will be  cut before April 1st, at a depth of 125 feet. A  Two shifts are crowding the work night "and day.  Tunnel Site No. 2 has been laid out, which  will give an additional depth pf 200 feet below  No. .1. It is less than one-and-one-half miles  from Great Northern and C. P. R. railways.  *r.p^f,Y>'Y t^'Yy-  -'���V'frYi  *yp  :���"'''������.���?���??  yft  y'ft:  ��-;  THE STOCK IS NOW  ONE-HALF CASH  ONE-HALF IN 30 DAYS  CENTS  PER SHARE  Leave your order with  A. S; HOOD, Bank Block, Phoenix, B.C.  ,j ^p^if^^��^^^^wi^.i  ���0m  >t\ ��;  1|?%.y I:���^REAT^ STEEL WORKS,  ��|W',r'   X  i    i   ��� ���   ���  a>s f *S  JOR  NEW WESTMINSTER  - In and Around phbenix "  TOPICS OF LOCAL AND GENERAL  INtBRStST TO PHOENICIANS. >      >  'V  St*  ,1  ���,    f   " f      pr*  '*\j  r     *  THE JAMJ5S A.;MpORE STEEL AND IRON * WORKS, f '  , ,*Vith a capitoljl'of^Twenty^Mtllion Dollars,'have just pur  ?%'> '~ i chased,* J_ miles of'water front at Westminster, at a cost! of��'  | $954,000.'v The"* Ourney^'Stove Works s of Torontp immediately  \ secured a'site ^Fori'stove works,'and afhost of industries made  t, ^possible by*the'manufacture of steel and iron are to follow 7at once.  '�� Real, estate, bet ween) West minster, and Vancouver is increasing in  "^valuej^ery rapidly. Every j one- of' pur /Phoenix^ purchasers" who  *( ^.bought last year fiave made fover ioo%,'but this is nothing'to what  L will5 be njade during thetaext few years, when-the Canadian Northern  ^'yjs freight terminals and car shops, the V.,V4_��E, Midway &, Vernon/  ti;* Grand Trunk Pacific and Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul'Railways  ./_ are bang <built, swhenr the tsteel works/and ,other industries; are  '^running ^and the full effecUoT this * wonderful' development^ iV/elt.>  ^l Now is the time to buy.y There isino^ another place in'Canada  Vtyr wbJBfpjeal estate is as low considering the > great* development now  ''i^uridtrtway.' - We are'just-putting on a newyaddttion. fine big^level'  W^lots within-ten to twenty, minutes walk of all the *big,, plants -and\ in < ,  if "between the city when the4; railways, electrici car- lines''and manu-^ f���  \z 'facturing plants will be"the thickest.r,. Never buy residence property) J  $.V_,_��<-i___- t :r 1��� __*���*___.* _.*.. _i   l_._r ����_.���.��!?.��>  Ask   for (oyster0 cocktails'- at   the  ^Brooklyn."       ,   ��.   '   i       '��**     ai  John   Love   went   to   Hedley'-"on  Tuesday. ,,     >\    >,   *"   ' * ', ���'���' t  Fine selection of new suitingS/at R.  ^orreSPsV" v' ��   * i    ,,' . "  . For sale, good coal 5 heater jjapply at  Pioneer office. ,      iV"J,  (   J,, Hossington  of Lethbridge is a  guest a't T.^Bmer's. "n'7V?- k< * *  Dry wood in car lots.,   Apply to J.  Trombley.vPhoenix, B.Q.\ /$*$ *  Subscribe for the i Pioneer .Jand get  Ihe-latest Boundary news.' ���/> ^r\  * "Read.P.'vBurns enlarged ad ''QffPro-  vision specialties in this lssue^v^.,  ,  Mrs.;Aw.l Hibbert wilJTf b'e.i "at  home^ af'teriWednesday, DecT.iat,)/  i   Before *! buying your furniture'', elsewhere, call on R. T..Gardnerh /'n f  its* Y ?\X*\ ,  <" For expert cleaning and pressing, by  special'process, try Wallace," ttfeltailor.  Forbes,iM^Kerby, land ;sui,Vqyv6^ of  Grand' Forks.'i was in town over Sunday.  i  Ladies dress goods, the finest 'selection in thfe city at R. Worrell's* ^'   ,  1 ^Housekeeping rooms andj furnished  rooms : apply at the Cottage, hotel.: .4  - W.i Haitian expert watch ������ repairer,  1 /��        '"* "s  yXargeburnished rooms in* the Marsh  bjock tofrejakV  rA  ^���������^���.���������������^���������������������>W��#**����**����*��*����������a)����������������*��V#a#  arrived this>Jweek to take; kv position  with^EX^Black.        '   C^ p ^  ^> W3YoIenV��'l��ams, of SpokaneV5for-'  merly; superintendent of Granby mines,  was ^Rossland last week. "< ^Jc?  ^-^The ��*honking" of geese" and4 other  birds;en route south for the winter has  frequently been heard of late.  , tY\Y *  %*>&/ ' .*���    , >        .;*7^  '.y'W,. S. Longhurst.recently local agent  for'the- Eastern" Townships *banlc{ has  been transferred to---. Vancouver^ X.'  ?  -!<*.  *���?.  iii  4'  i  45  Mayor^G. W. Rumberger, returned  Thursday1 from ''an "extended? visit to  Regina.       it,   *,/      ~   ^'*  -  ^ JLiiebuoy soapjs-aeiignxiuuy reircsa-  mg^for Bath or ^Tbilet^^For wa"*hinp  underclothing it is unequalled Cleaiibcb  and rifles. **/        ^x j i ^ >  Ijj; n "* r*      *  P. Pinkef/and J. iVanBuskirk returned to town Saturday after spending  several, months in the (Edmonton district prospecting for coal.  -y While working at Granby smelter a  few days ago Mike ^Lynden happened  with an accident as* a result of which  he" will probably Jose an eye. ' \*^  Thomas Oxley* left Wednesday, for  Spokane, where he joins Ralph Gilbert  and goes with him "to tbe "litter's old  home in, Kansas to spend a few months.  Judicious advertising is the only real  way to "s^tir, things ^up." ^  j Phoenix "Miners' Union, will hold its  annual danceon Friday evening, Dec.  2"4th. j      j,    i t  '' Dr. Simmons, dentist, will be at his  Phoeuix o(fice,\bank block, from Dec  iotoi-3.^^ . ^  G. P.^Rogers arrived from Vancouver  on Tuesday, to take charge, of 'Love's  drugstore} 'Mr. Rogers was gold me  dallist at the recent graduating r pharmaceutical examinations.  ; J. D. Royan^returned^ on Saturday  after a trip tHrough the Stmilkameen.  He states that' the Great Northern is  expected ,to v'put  on a regular��train  service to Princeton early in December  '     t *���     "���f "i't ���' ^  A good strike*has been made in the  United Mine afAinsworth at a depth  of "970 feet. 'rA"rush of water incident  with  the strike* has been 'overcome.  The indications'are a good zinc giving  place to lehdAA 3 ^ vv  David Oxley; returned Jo "Phoenix  Monday after an" extended vtsit^across  the1 pond' gaking upon scenes.' of his  youth.x Dave ^reports having attended  the races withyRme Eddy and gave  cohoots in a bet. - K   ^ />  " Keep both eyes on the Rio,. Tinto-  Treadwell mine,) near Curlew,, Wash.  Buy Rio Tinto-Treadwell stock at 5  cents per snare on the payment plan.  Only a few4housand shares, left at this  pnee.���J. LyMartin^ Phoenix, *B.C. s  Word was received from Vancouver  yesterday that'^Damel Draisey ofyPhoe-  nix, 'who underwent an operation in  Vancouver fot'the restoring, of his eyesight-is in'a critical��condition and  little 'hopev is' entertained   for   hi-.  AI3VICB  IS ailEi^JP  but it will pay you to  ��y_A^U  Do Vour  Buying  and set the advantage of a large assortment.    WatdioW store fo-  THE CHOICEST ASSORTMENT OF XMAS GOODS EVER'    \ 0  SHOWN IN TOWN.' , ( ;,'''*- |  NEW tK)ODS^  ARRIVINa DAILY  INCLUDE  Early  IN SOLID^OAk, filled with an assortment of the most useful pieces in  Jewelry.'     "     1   ^  '  *  We have a large line of      f  COLD AND GOLD-FILLED fiOODS  AT REASONABLE fPRICES  ''      CALLS OF INSPECTION  "INVITED,/  1    *  %  recovery.  I Thursday wasVUncle Sam's Thanks  giving and residents of Danville cele  brated the" occasion with' a big dance  in the evening. -Werner's orchestra of  Phoenix���F.~ Werner, Chas McKay,  A cAlmstrom ^and H. Richardson���  supplied music, f    " *  ��Was it insured? Everybody asks  this question after a fire If you have  no insurance on your house or furniture  or stock, 'don't put', off' taking' out a  policy ��� till* after afire has occurred.  D. J. Matheson represents the strongest  companies in the1 world. ' Rates moderate.    See him?   - ^ ,   ���'        4  Y *    C ^  "* L  , W J. Prendergast and C. A, -Rosa]  have been,bu5y.for the past few days  gettmglhe ice at the skating^ rink in  shape and-expect to open it next Wednesday1 evening, Dec. ist, if the weather  IN ENDLESS VARIETY  T  FINEST LINE ^WE-TIAV^ EVER  HAD, includes, odd pieces,, all kinds  ���* -'     j     ���i"*-i * ���*   .  and prices, also >,% t  Depos' Art  ���Ware  WHICH MUST BE ^SEEN'^O BE r  ���f    .    APPRECIATED  MADE FROM PHOENIX COPPER >'  *     f 1 *���  Th^ Jeweler  ��  ^-^ - vvp^esent,~a_'jLriamonasr*)v ,  #H^?l^1^^^4iotM_ig blithe pmrejBltie;  ^WJiite^esscdtioo'Tliaiaonds. ���SPt_r system jarvjrror  MiBfj*��S.'yll  woraesr>hiofUs^in-theconntrn~ft How canf we do^it?/  ^/���WeTbuy from"one of the-largest andymost reliable  ^^impotters.itt^tnetDom^on^.jpejiiay        capifalin- ��  *>yested 'our^workiirb- ei^peri&es^aie practically joext^,  tV to nothing,, and we pav spot c_sh for all' our goods,  ss teethediscomits_hdsatisfied%vith a small com-  �� Hussion on the.transactioni < ^_ou;t_Jce,no nsi^pay <  "���Tf you&re thmkmg^oXJ>uilduitg.jpr Jceeps " favorable, i They have>-pi"^  reqmre 'fifeirding'materiaryOf any * kind \chased ^ a -Targe^Q>lu��nKa-orchestra  ���lumber,'shingles,  lime,-bricks-call ^       '       **    *    ��������--���-�����  on, me for figures.    Phone A ^44. ^ C  A?jRoss ^ ^  '��� s  ^ra%^hecase"may beJchoose'the style, of incRanting  <V you prefer, and, in ten days the goods, ate^-'here for  ^fb^tt value ^jroti,hjave ever"jsee%gpay your, ^tfdney  ^'WA'thegn-l 'fej yonrs---we'T mean the/goods^ ���arer*  Incurs.,    "y    "   {       -..'-- ?/-    ^  "W;erhave a;splendiui line of LatSies*  ESgisi ^  yWaltham Watches^ in GofiS^HHed apd l  w/^  14-k. Qo!d Cases, from $10 upwards.  mpare our prices  ^^Mibtty/^yiiere you like,  .��Yl  The Dominion government has  made'ian appropnation of $10,000 for  a public building in Grand Forks/and  a similar amount, for a bmldtng^in  Greenwood. "* r-�� 3 .  Gus Bmer came la from the coast  on "Wednesday to vote. ^He says that  Billy ^bas gone^in training with the  gloves at L03 Angeles and is ^nsalung  goodprogress.   >   y*,^��  r We owe it to the, cotramunity in  which which ��e li~& to do everdung  we can in every way possible that will  be to its advantage. Oar neighbor's  prosperity means a great deal more k��  us than scWeone's who jives elsewhere.  We should bear this in mind in baying  our goods, .a We can a&nd to pay oar  home man a firm price, for bast wares  lathee than send our *_toney away,  knowing as we do" that every dolk��r oar  own citizen makes mil help in sne-  tasning our schools, churches andjrab-  lic institotions. It pays richly to buy  st home.  gramaphone from ��. A Black for use  at tKe^ rink this winter. -The grama-  phone has already-been tested in the  rink and promises to, be a splendid  substitute for a band. \       ,.--���,      ^  Mrs. D��� Biner and Miss M. Biner  were hostesses -of a delightful "at  home" on Thursday evening, given in  hbnor1ot,their guest, Mrs. Victor Bmer  of Lethbridge. Mrs. and Miss Biner  entertained, in 4he fenights of Pythias  hall, Vhichlooked" very" attractive with  drapery,^owefs and fejtoons of heart-  shaped decorations. About thirty  guests were present and 'enjoyed merry  dance until midnight, gee cream and  cake being served during the evening.  AMERICAN HAND-LAUNDRY^  j. 2- r-   <,i  "  WASHING and MENDING  COJUNS-TO, CI10ENIX  LI:  ~ r  > If you want your clothes washed,  mended and buttons replaced, with no  extra charge for mending; leave your  name at the American Hand Lanndry,  across the street from Scandinavian  hall, and washing" will be called kt  fttd^A��-��aL !,,,,!..,,,,,>.v.,.?, Jr ���  D. j./viilliili^liwi  cx>M'��������io*jm'ayj*fft>_^TAi_r��^s  -tot /ilrfea#i^i^i^  rf_Ml__  V    ;'  .4  ARTliEY  L_wt_t%_L'j1'  .���,;#r- Town,f P!ioenM:  in Value  ... ,-,j;;y,t,,.;!;.^  ACCIBBNT.  -:K,,-.,A,v.,;;!!c,||^  ���Sj(**S.  ^y&y'i.'.-g^s  4y;^,'��SS',t-S*:fd!o^^������.:;:;���y:y:|��^  :-'  jEttkruiBcr   j:  ��..HHBHH_i_HB_HH_ii'  t r�� �� >���>  i j 1  ON HIS  FAREWELL JpUR  I*' *    ?*    ��l*^  ^  T^T���7,  BOOKS AND  v-.^J*^  *ks- "-,  LiAi-  -TT-I  s  f    4  ��� ^ Days a growin' leaner; interest in readin' keener-  *   We say'buy a book���|hen hunt,a quiet nook-  *- ^     Lots ��^satisfaction.   /      '' ,     v -  *���    --<,����� j      ���*����� *  -<��  Newesr Copyrights and latest Magazines-always in stock  Also Daily papers,  McRAE BROS.  SCHOOL BOOKS      STATIONERY'     CONFECTIONERY  . *��� <i -      The New Edition of the  < COPPER HANDBOOK  '  * * * 1  The Copper Handbook contains. ���in  this new and greatly 'enlarged ^ edition,  m this new and greatly enlarged edition,  abooteo per cent, more matter" than the  Vol. VIII. IstnedVMy^!liwf:'��Bontai'_B-  1600 pages,?with nearly 50. per cent,  more matter than the preceding edition.  The chapters.withminedeBorlptibne and  on statisticH have been care/ally revined,  arid-the:bulfebf-themMte*;  V >' '  ���*- *  \&x%/xactikWkwetelL  ?���**���',<.���*     *  X    t-  f��C':.-\yitYeitu^:;yvyyptfi^.uiwTyf-i-}ae9iosff^  Geography. Chemistrv, Mineralogy,  Minin(r; ttHlinij- Leaching,. Smelting'  B��*fioir*gV Brando,'.brades. -IniparitieH,  Alloye.yUeeB, SubstitatesVTermihology;  tistics otHi?roflOCTton,^��)iisampi(;ionVilm#  ports,   Exports, .FiDaiicen,   Jbividende.  '"' ^5'SitifeS??-:??  '$|^ndarid|||[epnM|  Book70o Copper;  i;^ERM0;!ftr'e::;ih'etn^fl^^  no money,. bufcorder. the book sent to  yon, all carriAge charges prepaid on one  :��re"e'k?6^ app/byatlvitdlbei'iretu'rned^I^ttri'*:  Sfttiafti��toTyi oirwpw  y<W:aaord not:to;see: the'bdbk ahd'judge  ^pmfi-cia^is;^;  iyMMMy  .1:;...,-.,.; ;<0.��  ;(^ydur^elf��6f;Majy^t!r*6#oii0-YMM 1  Spl^^:i8^.M:buekram^  or $7.50 in genalue fall library morocco.'  :;lisher^yvy^yjy^  ttttll^Si.f^^^RKil;: b.c.  igita  iiimiiii-iiitt  1      -tJ a J 1 v-;'^��)rl,-j;W*W*^!,Lv,i*V"'^^^^ .''t, .���..',!<'(��� J-*i "''#'''4' ',^''^!^By^^inv,^J'1W���'i���. .V ��� '^   -  " ��� ���      ' -  ���������������������:'    ,A,' (>'��,'-!w,*/r;x3-;i',f-..-;���-' h-r.ci **i'.f j."t.-j._ ,",;*, i , ��� iiry-ri -.'( j-.'i'V" ;���.';--'.ii-c ->,y--'V ^ v> '.^-'-���.'.��� -?' Vi ���'.''��� 'r'.^; . '. .������ ���!'.".'..  :^lvV:?^ii^To-''-";-^"*'-::-'s-J*a^ ���'���  W^J^^ '���: .  /-.-'Toronto:;:$89.95 Montreal $94.95  ll-:-;:'<o"-<.::::i-;y:-;;fi'^  'ta';->V-'.  ���Mr:-;  .;'���''.��� .'.'y.V: ,i,-r* vv.yyy ''���������;


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