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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Nov 14, 1914

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 w$w^$yM-  :-&A  �����'  *  ;;-'.:'.''"'":;"*rV'il"v,'J~l  ���--���-��:,���-.'���-''���i-,'f.'|>>. '";pv��irv ���'.  ,,-������'��� W.-.V.',!'!.:., WM^-;':'.* A&foIT>#;--,t ..;>  ,������..J,i--te:..i.v...-.���;.<..���.���',��� -v.,:'-,"j*.'t<ti:*.v ���-.���'���.-������.-.���.v-'':  K'-.Uv'V..:  tfc$: l*^g^i; ;^p|jmm:-' npin^; ia^. v  ��1tf$i;::|-|$<:bifbit*d;^^ tyj>ft':;'4i?  .;'i:";;1t: ^l^>'-''"^*'���' ~^'m!,'��� y'���.-*.< ��� '���-vy^..l-vy;; ������.'v^ry;, j  Isp^Ef^lfiS1  ��s  9,,,. IPHPEp&PlEilSATBRD^Sd ViS^Si*  '#''���'���':&���������''*'������:*���''^^ t?ii'*WW��S'V  |:^0y  $��&$^^  ;:  ������>.  assembly was to consider sugges:.  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'j,';.'^-' ���������;;.���r*u.r:r^' ���' ������  nje^Jfai-n ilies^tHat^cpuld)^^  :t|jjg^hb:Tefu'lse^  frpm'thfcNdrthvM  ;,"^S^|S^r|h^eaJt^  fr^3suaUiestp^  %^'.^:>?i?^'.^^  ;^Very,si)c^dier^^t^bpe|if  ^;!ft%'-^?^|^^ clos'e- bh the heels of thb rej  ^^-^Qer^nSif^h^ar^^  Ki:MSl��sr  ���  .ry-.f.    --I. ..���;-., ���������r>.-;1--.-.-.i:.i��..:.��n.j'v-.iri-.1'... .���-.%���.'../ .iV.S.r^.Mlfc".     .���.���������'   ������ ,.^-JV-',' ������': ,    >  .:��� ���    ::������������  .���������   *:'..: X ^..^'.i.-.i. ���::: r\': ���'  im&xmm9myBmmm:ymM.  ^. ��erj8;;dulK^  market:v:^ak^;lLa^  -i.^;cents:^d-;.ele^  ';^-;:*i1;^-9��nts;^  ,^bg;brprices;^ul^  ���^abg^bg^tii* desigriatiM^ copper  in cargoes: "destined to ' neutral and  belligerent nations from ''condition^  al cbntrabandr' to ; f ���cbntrabandiif  ;This.:��; having die effect temporarily of practically; stopping shipments  lof cpppertp Italy,yHbllapd, Norway  *^^d;' ty&ffy 'y fl-^wi H.:; be"necess;ary  '^���^ffe^'O'-r^  ..sbmers^y jbyf those-:-cbuntries^.:^is;: the'  Sharpshooters  ed from a  aio}ers^wh>:.;rece^tr^ JVs1^  |:yisigtal|el:piji^^ ' f 1 U\,  ;can$!wa$ng^  ce;;detwbraejofe| \  ���i'.i}.*  &tft*  \},y-f\i  *m:s?m&]..  ��m  Diamond Drill Operations Increases Company's Ore  i:ipjg^^Suc^.S5;<^  ::. .ir;.���!��ii;iii;^^vi%i^L':^;-^'Ji.y;��^,*'.i::--.!!:ii1^ -*i.'iiui'Vvi-'.'j;viV^iuU:J'-j^ull;-y'-'T>i.-J;y^'��iyK/y-i  Reseive^Ne^^cora for Mining, Smeiting and  bn'l^bncpuy^r;:; island;^ hafec^tifietf  ; H arry 5.Carso'ri':pf;a' vacancy  .nim^in^'the^   _ _ ^   ':yVhiqh^";'wiNya^^  'Mnt||^eni!:'tpv;;the^  ;has^';re^dily;'accepte^'.;and^^  da^,y^��atbrd'ays j tb^jbiny:ihe^cbrjpsl;;;  .Althpugh;.-bbrn ^; in j- the ���''prpv^ia&ie^pf ^  Maml^b^V;;a^gbpdiy;'pp^  years.-'-haye.*" been:)spent,';'ampbg^:ii8t  in:the;;^est,:;and^hi^  ;*Bpund^j.ynll^^       ...-_,-  ^��s,:nativeprbvince-^^^  ���^;b;ey;^cc�����pa^ed|b^  ' >/KTB  ���tn  *���   ,**?.ll  ^1  '.i.,fes.  ^'���^','-.'-  lM  '��-*���'  ^ ifV*      -  ^l^cmldjlft^  y^y;.^8^iir^en^  ;;.^|tip^-^il^bijrpu^  l^r^wt^  -,... i-#?ousnes^  they were working on some scheme,  ' - ^   , but from what be had, seen here, he  ''- '   thought that any  plan adopted on  the coast., would not- be" applicable  ^   ^-i  *^bas��^^.'|��l.'*-.Campbelj, ^assistant.  TOptV-of^the^G'r^^  had some time ago addressed a 'et-  ter.to the-general  manager of :he  ;them !tb::pay:iheir'dbb^s'::JThe  ybth*rs^'tb.b,;;whby:ppssess  *|fujples^affd'|-^  the  burden of  debt  weighed  verS  u^e^gp^ern^nK'&p^  i:^ft^fspirn^^r|ne^  wh^j^^  tiiBnfKof?^ri|%^  , ii4iii.*;.'A;;%-i'Mi-'A-'ii',v.:^  ;m^abdrEbj^|e^  tmiBn^ing^nMn^^  ;pn-thev:;^nbbaL/repWt'br^  company, says he knows of but four  btber^'mlnibg^comMniiBs  compace.favorably wfth the formers  ;figure^Tifb^>tjbj^;e^  ^Si^SPPP*^  y;y^bj^-:;smeltei*];;aty^  .h^aieothe^'d^s^bfsiit^  itar^.?Up(in^arcb;^  Statement ythat,., itv:wHl^nbt^be',''rer  shipped-:tpCany^  ^essels are^decO^  m^nts^piFy.cppper;Jnbt;-soyb  ^"^^^^���v^yDuringJtb^  days|or,:.two^ weeks, ther-eifb^e,; exl  .PPrts:bf;pbppbr:are?i^  I'iffht^ecreasey^Bu  't^-^r^fy^-f^P**-*^  febeiRt l^m^^ejgn^hsu^  P!*!^S?S ^"^y guaranteed the jexpbrt  mpyenibn^-should agbin increase.���^  Boston ,Cbmmerbial.'v��jy;^::\\^,yV';y"':y  ���* *"' Jl  the;latter,ibbwill.disco  that will 'ne^rlbbal;*;in;i:tbisr^r^^ 1. 'fI  pic^::?and|h^tred i^li^be; '^rif^tbu t;f ||^|i|; v ? ";1V  :in^^h^branch';bfj^ " ^  ^icb^iwiil-4#tbe^bppbrl(^n  :smc��bthing.;.;the /ruffles ,tbe ^^ soiabuhd-'^y^y J|'#'j?l  ant^asj.iampng.^tbe ;'meby"bri"whpse^  ���armsVare/einblazpned.^  p.f vlhe,;:Gebeya^bbnyentib^^  'Mr. Carson^ will'y'returnKsafelyyand':;?  honor; the. trust'IIthis ;patipn reposes^:  in. him:,wili; be Ithey heartf^it/andi'fer-J  :yepti: hppey bfeh��  Pbbentx'i '  :Sv.- f       *  :i;r>* ���'"���>",��� .���:-:-*:-^v^|-1r,  :vvyl      *��  iit'^teil  .... _ _ it*ur|��M;,i*-ecordV--��~:��i  oix.4,' The report further states Hhat  at^Hidden creek opNeratioos^with the  diamond drill-and bther deyelopmerit  'work havejncre'ased the company s  probable reserves, of ore averaging  2.2 per. .cent copper By   1,803,950  flwo new ore- bodies .have been-dis  Covered^* . . /��� r ^ v" ;;S|S#gyf  ' Tbe demoralization' of the "copper  market owing to tne war is  c��i��is-t:i ;au* rf>\ ���- ^ -"-r iv'^ - *y&i&m  irt^^el^^riAle^bliiclSi^l^^  Tjhe;^re^uiremente*i*egard  Light. flnfabtry.    The; latter  officer  rental payments and the work to be  ifbU^jPji^bl-fun^ ''Spnejarevvwaived/^  ^^jreSjLandjyar^thetin^ came down- frbrii .the; Yukon recent  ..,_.. ���.. ,.,^b��t*��*��t��rtbj������^S��Mce^deiS;  manded by. the eovernmentfor tim-'  ber stumpage,.'*tbe ^meeting adopted  Mr/MillenV adVice" andfappbiotedI'a  .���..���. ...�� SvU��.c..>..��.u��K..   ���, .,,��; committee consisting* of .the mayor,  -company- outlining    the   situation I Messrs.  Cbas. M. Campbell and J.  . "'"herei and suggesting, if siicha pro. 1 E�� Thompson.     ,  ��� '-*",?  -   ceeding was at all possible, that thel ���' ��� ���       ���' -���- - '*    * 1 �����������������, ������.��*.����� wStiuci ��iiu, mc iunuii smic h^j   wc uuamg  uowo-.or/j-en*  .company  proceed  with certain de-J"  Direct cable communication   has Ier reserves,  makes ^ utotarVoservel Grand Forks smelter, and ttieiicom?.;  :   vielopmcnt and -exploratory   work.,} been, restored between Australia and Iof *hat ��� grade of ore "amounting to / pany'would have avoided ~ tba��are^p^^^^^ ":-,..-y ;yyvv' ������ ^.v-v, ���,-.-;-���:-���:-:  ��<Unfbrtunately,^h6wever, he hadre-I this country. *    - - .9,-563,500 tons.    .In additipp there/eourae had it been possible.   ^aJ^^^!^^^  "'*.'' *"  I are reserves averaging 0.6 per cent j Granby is shipping its coppertothe  copper amounting to 8,859,500 tons, I refinery, very  little  is being sold at  but this grade  of. ore is too low in j the present time, and in this respect  '���''v^^V'Mifi-^-J  >u v.  tons, which together with,' the form* / sible'for   the   closing-   down  ae  3C  3B  copper to' be handled profitably,  though from it may be selected considerable tonnage, carrying from  one per cent to 1.25 per cent copper that in time may be economically handled. Along this line it is  suggested by Mr. Sylvester, the  general manager, that tbe addition  of reverberatory furnaces may be  desirable to deal with the fines from  the ore and fine dust, in which case  the concentration of the low grade,  high silica ores might furnish an  additional product for the company's  plant.  the company is in the same position  as most other copper operators who  have meantime reduced their production heavily and have to be content to stock their product pending  a return to normal market conditions. -The consumption again shows  a steady increase.  A feature worthy of note is that  the officials of the Granby company  have voluntarily offered to accept  a considerable reduction in salaries  so as to assist the company in maintaining operations under the present  trying conditions.  ���Phone 56  P. O. Box 309  Getting Into Shape  Reports from the Forks say that  the company of infantry in training  there is quickly assuming a military  appearance.    Forced marches over  the hills and mountain roads combined   with    a    rigorous  round   of  physical   drill, have effected a wonderful   transformation   in   the  men,  arid all ranks have readily fallen into, the regular routine prescribed by  the King's regulations.     Up  to the  present the soldiers have taken their  meals at   the  restaurants   in   town,  but in a few days it is expected to  have the   military mess  established  and in  running order. . The  splendid weather and  absence   of snow  has made  the  out-door work quite  pleasant,   and  a  continuance   of it  will-go   far  towards   bringing   the  Boundary  company ahead of those  training on Vancouver island, where  rain will  most likely interfere with  any  attempt  to  carry out  the important practice of the "attack."  ' ��. :   Canada is to send four regimen's  of mounted troops to the front. Ot e  regiment is to be raised in British  Columbia.  Ernest Miller Investigates  rErnest Miller,   the   representative  of'this   district   in.   the   Provincial  legislature,   was a  visitor  in town  for a few hours on Wednesday, and  again  on  Thursday.*'   During  the  course of a  conversation with  a representative of this paper, Mr. Mil-  ler��stated   he was   here   specifically  for the  purpose of looking into the  situation  and verifying by personal  investigation   the   reports   he   had  heard  of impending   distress   that  was   likely   to   afflict   many   in this  camp   this   winter.      He freely admitted, that few, if any to'wns in the  west were   more deserving   of governmental   assistance 'than was the  case   here,   and   while   in the camp  showed his active interest and  sympathy in the  matter  by personal inquiry among local business men and  others.     What  measures would   be  taken to relieve distress, he was unable to   say until   he   had   laid   the  matter before   the   authorities,   bi t  that something would  be done wiis  beyond doubt.  First Street. McKay & Knight, Props.  $5.00 Purchase  The following list of Goods can be Purchased at our  ��� Store for $5.00.  1 Sack of Flour  20 lbs. Sugar  1 Package Currants  1 " Raisins  1 " Matches  r��$?y  ���t'''.':'::r1h35^SmJ|  ':-���.- ������-:?'">* y~rjS.jf  ' ]&;L' '��� if*J  3K.-VJ3  %  1 lb. Tea;   I Sack Salt  All the rest of the Goods in our Store are  reduced in Price for Cash.  Refinement covers a multitude of sins  ��sm*if- *���*      f*���^ ���i  .//--' '���:���*.'���.  mmwmmmmmimmmBmwsff'*^' 'WW!!  ���^^BSSSsmmimmsimmmmm  ���im uii.l-Jimip^wn"  $jiaE^^  ;^The}Philb^  ;the.baiuse^<r^  ���:exp&n'jrimg;;;Ve^  ���.''��� i'--ij tt^f-'r-'y ���. ;���"'���.vi'.';'���'.���.���'i'"*.*;'���^y",-i?^;^/'y:v3;(iiV,ii-;,''':'t''Ui'  ��� plaPeti>,y'^y-.",-?y.y;j.; ^'.r^^^y^-y.'i-Kii'ji-.^'-'vi';  ''.''.:. M^fe',''"-''''.,'.'';    ".'I' *.'.'���'.'' .".,'',.'  ".'..|'','.   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'...���-   ...-,.-. .-..-.- tiL^^miS  -r^->:^:?'��-'  '*-rf-\i T,'^-/*v.y^:^SVV;i.^.,,i'T^K  ;Ky��4  'Jv'i'S^f'S^f^Si^'y^vW^S^ " ���  ^greet;ti^C(^  fM^i^0$^&^^0^^^^^^M^ir^: haste n ed ;|> p:  ||p||^||||||fe|:in^^  ^^M^rK"'*^^-^'-'^^!* ������rla'iri'c-'.' r��f ."W^DUA^i^  ��;thi|:^ee;rv:yis;5;sp  aftd||^]rtoljes^me^^  ?:y|^Ll MITEDly^iiiy ^C^  ������.^.*ii.'S.'-.-i-;r<'v.''53*i>-tt-..  fefe-ei'/iiVvS../!-'-.'  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P%i^ff��SiyS  ^||:||||^|||^|||irip  li^||i||ip|fii;ftc^ba^  *^^,-#.V':i-;*jiWi-i-;f-:;���."���..;,-:r-f*;tf;-,f...- v.:.f-^-.'.\ 'r~-y^y* '���>- ��-���>-..-  ^AX^MWp-<.&giy:;i::yas;sTheyKaiserhis ; repprl  tnr^js0^^i!i'!^y,s-:.'.ii>'::^:-,t::l^ >:::.:.������ .,.>���> ;;>������������ ���;.,;-,.. v:yc. '������?;; ���.'���5  >li ii>J  ISSivP^'sSbfiTurkeyi'^ most  Mm^^ have 'their  l^ls^ili^pferawipMJIlpi-8^  ^^^^-|^^&^g^i.^:3^5s(T^W^^'^V*'r^���^i*?^Gl?ie>:isp"��fpoli^h''as. to  ||^|Spi|J|i^i';;;;y>qS|^ ��� yy ''  ��� ���'��� ���y*5,i::>;:y;!-y'*is-;y:'y��>;.a., v .^^S'f^^'W1',^-.-''1--"-.^  Aa eminent edeutlat, the other day,  gave bis opinion. that the most -wonderful dlscoTery of recent 7eara -was  : Uie;;';;.dtecby^.^pf yy Zam^ufe;^ Just;  think!: As soon asa -single vthliiflayer'.  ;oI ZaacirBnk Is ^aCTnedyto^^  ���a soriei,;flu6li injury'is^insuredagainBt  blood -poison!-v' NotC:: one" species ypf  microbe ihasJbeen found <!hati Zam-Buk  .dobs"*not^lll!^^;;^y^;.?y ;^v-y,; ;��� ��� Y.y-';;  "l^hsa;.;a^ssia.:/y^Si:- soon,as Zam-Buk  ���ta*j^)ia&i&,!&:Mn;y6rJl& <mt,s*'6Mtd?  :-s'^;^dlBel^^it''-:Btb^'-:'aLe smarting^  That is why children are such frlenitlB  of Zam-Bi-li-:? 9 -the-jr ���; care -rjothing for  the science ��biythe-l-artngs'    All 5 they  kriow-i4a���*;*thal?''Zam-'3uk;-.' stops^.'.^eir.  pabi    Mothere  Should  never  fbriBeti-  thi&:">' 'y^yy^yiyi'ry^^ -yyy^M  ���' Again. ? As soon as':'Za^-Bibk::-l8"'i|>ii''  plied to ;.e ywound:.:; or to tfydfeeaisfld  part,'v'the^crtlB'.'*.eh'eata''.'ihe.-.fldii,B  face " are so stimulated thaty *ffey  healthy tissue>'ig <jui(Aly lonnad. "Itilji  fornrlng of fresh healthy tiaue from  oeloto is^ Zam-Biik's secret of healing.;  The tissue thus formed is -worked up  to the] surfacey arid Uterally: casts loSt  the diseased tissue rabot*e it. i "Kito Is  "why Zam-Buk r'cures are permanent.  }.���'.phly-Vtte.' other day fMr. Marsh, of  101 Deiorimier Ave., Montreal, eaSted  upon the Zam-Buk Company and told  them that; for" over twenty-flve years  he had been a martvar t��i twxemut T��n  hands -were at one time so covered  vtlth sores that he had to sleep In  gloves. Four years ago Zam-Buk *w*aa  introduced to him, and la a, ftw  months- it "cured blm. To-day���-owt  three years after his cure of a dtanw  he had for jtwenty^five yeant-^bo''Il  still cured, and has had no trsfl* ��t  any return of the eczema!  All druggists sell Zam-Buk at Ma.  ���box;'or we will send free trial box if  vou send this advertisement aad fi la  stamp (to pay return postag*); &&  dress Zam-Buk Co., Toroatft '  arac -Wood, $6:00, per cord  "^^""IIH'  <&:.-Wii  ,Knob Hill Ayc^ ^ y/PrM>��niXr B.O^  g^:g^^gfe^''te>'^--'-'-;'^#'y.;^'^.'?ir  Wi-^^iiUi-'^^  iy'S^^:^*:��^'*S��S::;^.';^w;:,y'';..-;5;a-;fi^T;y<^ -.yi-vi -.���r^.'. ::������.-���.  1*1 #-fi".  fir;  fortfardon���?-*v *���-u-i.  fb*rfi!C.��blljSc��Cbtc^b^Q��^  solid ^u-w*an*l^ of p-u^  (���.'i;fc^'^i^-.-_^Tyt^ii?3i^-:��*i^.-i-L.'.^:* ^- ��� ���'���-������- ������'������jf^Tr.-i  ^ii^lpllill  *��fc  &�����#  Sutton ft Sons.The Kin^s Soodmon  JL��  att a��k ntx ra�� eRiTiBM cM.uMr��iA  li#t^';  IT .1  fikfS$SS$y'  y��^?fi?l|;;  ;.-'���'���*  ���V;.'rB'.--vVB  ^vxy^y'i::^:.- ^'^. *>;  ^������Ha-BIHaBBaMHMBAy::.>yy:��B*nHIHMHHHHIHaHriia^ -i  ^y-;f��*s;  ;Y;Sfer*:  iSY^PS#|^l8oS;SSIll  jyCpal :n'ining^ght^  ln;;;Mai^i^baiy;Saska^  b'ertajy th'eTtukbn Terntory, the Notth-  wssfc Temdtories.and in a portion of *fche  Pi-ov&ee of jBjripsh fi&ttmVtm), may be  leased ft*.-.'a teraa ot fare-jAy-ft-are yeart  a"b an annual rerital.of $1 an acre. Not  more than 2,660 acres -Will be'lWrtsed tb  ,oneapplicant." ". "''-'���'";... .   ;  ��� - Application for a liease must be made  by the applicant, in person to the  Agent, or Sub-A*gent of the district in  which'the rights applied for aresitu-  iated.-, ^;-,'';..-,;-,   ���'., -.���/���;* ' ���''' ��� ���,.' ':-   . '������:?���������?.  Sin'surveyed territory the land must  be described by sections, or legal sub-  .diyisions of , sections; and in ' unsur-J  veyed territory the iaracfc applied for.  shall be -staked out by the atftolicarit  himself.; ; ".'���','���;:..'. y.y. ,:,->..', ,;:^-;;-y,;.  ������������" ISilbh. 'application mlist be a'cbiii-  panied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not  ayadable, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the mine iafc. the rate of five  centsperton.    ;, V   y' ;  ;Th.e1Perspn operating the mine shall  iumish the Agent with sworn returhs  accounting.for the full q-uantiiy of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  ���royalty, thereon. If the coal mining  rights are pot being operated, such returns should be furnished at least once  a-year.v.;.'"   y *���   .'.^yy, yy  ; The lease will include the coal mining  rights only, but the lessee may be pe��  mitted to purchase whatever available  surface rights may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of $10.00 an acre. . ��� ���  ^orfu'l information application  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa,  or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior, i.  N.B.���Unauthorized   publication  of;;  this tdverfciseiiient will not be paid for. ���'  ���30090. ,   |  *r<M  A.-':^S!~i^!.<^M'^.j^:^'^^it:^i::::��'::^>j,f.'  '0^0\iiM^��^0^yiJJ^mgy4  l^iMeawmM^th^Bbu  mm^Mmmm?;iMm:m?:fr^y  yytotit^fSg^^  Siyeftji-H^ fS$H  ll^r^i^m^f^|ieop^'i^^ |;;i:*'-&  f-lart^iadyi^tis^  iyy cpi um bs|^is?|; ireirtamv^bfy|i  f?guric^?anp^}fpf^ta  yii0\is^y0yy-y'yyyy:y'yyy''yt  ,v'y.-:'1,';:?7!;<';.':J:v*,.y':''V',;;'-!;r' ���*���";*"  ^Wngs'^jpert^nibg >:  ;-' i prbgressybf; the-district'.it '\i.  ;yidy&y.reliabl?'; apd J������ trust-^v  ^������y-wprtliy'^authon^  y Anierican subscription bst^.|  vyisybne^f^th^^lbrges^.:;.in y,  'i^the^Jr^ptenay^ -:y ">;��� --.0 ';y'  J:'y^yy;^heh arriyibg^in town]]p'  ^subscribe, '-for.- it*..y.y .When.,;. ������������'  ;:iv.ieaym^'y,;iteep,;;vypuf.-^  v*; scriptipn aliye^ You may.  i wantvto comeback again. v'  < Advertisers should call  ibr write for our Advertis-  ; ibg ratecardi   iThe local r  :? paperi is, the local medium  'ifpr;-local; business   men.  Published Every  Saturday Morning:  'l4$��i: st&^Sfe;  i.-ff  fyyyyy^yy-yyS''^-iy^:0^^ -^ "'���''- ^~��^yf^%.  :'y.!?y-y;:^-i*.'��*'.''  .^__-..  :������:���:���:��� is;y.*v*f:K -.ys-itufg^.������;��� ���  y0y&yiy&''&y  m,  :^:::^:AIATY bip PRItSfTING HE USES      J  ''���"���:.-:*���   '-���������������'���:>������".���������:���        -,.���,���.. " '������^������- .''y^-v^.'     .    i  Our Stock of Stationery,is the Best that can be .''procured in j  .... ��� . ,-;.;. ..��������t*/K..x':-~ -.+].: ���,-'-.���'���s ���".*:���'<%.'-��� ���^������>i^-;.V'.S.-->---������.,'���'���  Canada; aifid-our. Wbrkibariship will mifet^'witb^ybur approval  '-.���'.;.-,���-���--:;., .<.���:���-������-.   ���;?.�� /'��� ;.$, \-:i.:, .;. ,T   ���:���'���-,.-���-���.���.���-?rf-i.^;y''S��i?-*-.'������..'���     -������������'���"  5- ^h^Nbt.^Haye;,y  "-'. "'Priniieeif toy Us?  We make a specialty of Letterheads, Envelopes, Billheads,  :.   Note Heads, Memos., V Men Us, Pos'tersi'  .; Wedding Invitations, Check Books, By-Laws^  and in fact ariything done with Printers'  Wjy^'S/^-y y.     INK AND PAPER ' ':.-'->':--'v';:''/���  ;W�� Job-Too larg^e, Nous too SmaBJ.  $2.00 per Year in Advance.        $2.50; per Vear-fo. U. S.  ��'Vra���j''' -"i:'v'' ���"'" "���  ^'fe^wteg^-r****'''^'  ���*,rr. r#   ((t^jy    JrfCJ^TWMTTf  TVHn^  '"WVuiiH     *" *r     -*���  V*^***���^^!  tt! *Wi* 11 ���)> ifC*" cirf ** *** w****1 �������. -v ���"��� ���  ^3^  rwr-Vv *���   fljf*-*'>    V*-j THE   PIONEER.    PHOENIX,  This R is for  'K  If You Suffer From Ho* flashes-or dizziness, fainting  .      ., spells, hysteria, he#dache,l bear-  i :��� ir^'ingr.aown pains, nervousness���aU^are1 symptoms  ' * of irregularity and female disturbances and are   I  ��B.  ,   ,   , no^beyond relief.  Pierce's Favorite Prescription  -     i     f�� dIrectad *<�� the jeal cause and promptly amoves the disease" I*  "    >     ^��.-*re*M8Ahe ?*1"8 an<l^ervou3 symptoms and thereby brings    I  comfort, in the placcrof prolonged misery. I  It has teen sold by druggists for over 40 years, io,fluid form, at \  , $1.00 per bottle, giving general satisfaction. It cannow be had in  sugar coated tablet form, as modified by R. V. Pierce, M.D. Sold by  all medicine dealers or ti Ial box by mail on receipt of 50c in stamps.  Every sick woman may consult us by lottcr. aboolutely v/ithout charKO  ' n/1 R WvtoSSp��rp ��p w,*����nt teo, *? Faculty of tho Invalids' Hotel!  �������.^��..�� ���. I ��']?����?��� ��rco,don1-- <"�� Main Street. Buffalo. New York  ,fHUte��C*E*8   PfcEASANT   P*EaL*LETS   JZUSGVLATE   THE   1LIVER    I  ���rarsaronJI  The  tieente  ;J..TTf  COMPLETELY REFURNISHED AN D REFITTED  jl(  =fe  We beg to announce the reopening of the Queem's^Hotel.   This  . ��� popular hotel has been completely'' refitted throughout;  .*.,     everything new. and up-to-date.'  Large iofty rooms,  heated with hot water.   Perfect fire appliances.  Night and Day Service  Patrons of this? liotel.will find-in'if all the comforts'ot home.  Perfect satisfactiojri js-assured alt'our guests.    It is   '  the most^centrally located-hotel in town; -'  Stocked with Best Wirt����, Liquor*, Clffars  It is stated tha* the $15,000,000  loan underwritten in'London by  Lessard Bros., for the Canadian  Northern railway, just on the ev e  of the .outbreak of war, has been  subscribed and paid over.  i  Despatches inform us that a Canadian officer was married in England after having known his bride  only a 'week. The lady is a daughter of Prance, and her father is  serving with, the French-army.  The Kootenain (Kaslo) says: "A  letter has been' sent by the municipal authorities to the -Attorney-General, asking for advice as to what to  do in the case of registered Aus-  trians residing within the' city limits  who refuse to report monthly. Advice is also sought as to what is to  be done in the case of residents of  other nationalities who are siding  with the enemy and openly preaching sedition. "< U <- '/\     ,    -/  V^  WALSH & HART-MAN, Props  FIRST STREET AND KNOB HILL AVENUE  #  I. O. JO. F.  8nowshoe Locfjro  No. 46  Meets every Monday Evening at  Miners' Hall. Visiting? brethren cordially invited. " - \  Harry E srnore, Noble Grand.  A. L. McEiiuoq, Fin, Secy.  {.  - Jas. Pierce, Rt-j. Secy.  i����  The National  Apple Show  i,r  ���*-?���  **  Round Trip Fare from Phoenix..  Spokane,  Wash.  20  Tickets on Sale Nov. 15 to Nov. 21st,  Inclusive.  Return Limit. Nov. 23rd  ���*,  VIA THE  3.-v  NORTHERN RAILWAY  .-   *��i-fii*-,v*  J..V. INGRAM," Agent, Phoenix.  . At,r'  .VTf/  Vi'  ���-    �����,  ��� -*-*  1  Daughters of Rebekah  ���   . -i . �����  +>      Phoenix Lodgre No. 17  Meets in   the  Miners'   Union  Iiodge  Hall First and Third Wednesdays.  Mrs. W. Humphreys, Noble Grand  Mrs. O. D. Bush, Secretary.  FRATERNAL ORDER  OF EAGLES  Phoenix Aerie No. 168  Meets in Union Hall, Friday Bvenings.-  Visiting brothers are always welcome.  Dan Patterson, W.'P.' * i  T. R. Clarke, W. Secy.  K. of P.  No, 28  Lodge,  Phoenix,  B.O.  y  Meets Tobsdax "Eveneno at 7.30.  Sojourning ' brotben-T- "cordially -^wel-  co*me4>,>" c  *      "-���    *"   v ' -L'''  ^, v * -l    : (X* H^KnIGHT, ,C CS'JP-rx  f  -"- ' <-' ,-E.HE. Barnks, KT-of TL':8i  PYTHIAN SISTERS  Mountain Temple Lodge No. 17  Moete.Irj^PythIan'Kall,rliOwer Town i'  ,Sobdiid and Fourth Thursdays;1-   '  *V,  THE  HI LV HOTEL  _ ��   -> , * 4-      J    -> '    **-SvJ�� -  A/O. v^tihsork, Prop.  First-Class Accommodation for Miners  FINE8T OF WINES, LIQUORS AND OIQARS IN 8TOOK.  'PHONE ,72.        ~;        ���    YOUR'PATRONAGE SOLICITED.  Mrs. E. E. Barnes,  M.K.O.  Mrs. W. Wills,  M.R.C.  <  Your Milk Supply  Should come from healthy and vigorous Stock,  handled in a CLEANLY.AND SANITARY  manner S.eparateid Cream .insures purity .and  quality. The Dairy produces both.  DRAYING  Of all kinds promptly attended  to. Rapid Express and Baggage Transfer. Careful attention to all orders.    Phone A65.  James G. McKeown  -_*.  THE DAIRY      J. W. Hannam, Prop.  is our business and we are  y    here to please you.;   The  ..T '; ' I..M.."  ''        :" " '' i-"'    "   '        y   next time that you  want  any Billheads, letterheads, Envelopes, Statements, Circulars,  Mineral Act.  Form F.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  - "StorlinBharu Fractional" Mineral Claim, situate in tho Grrccnwood Mining Division of  Yalo dii&rict.  'Where located:���In Lottie F. Camp.  ; TAKE NOTICE, that I, Isaac H. Hallett as  agent for William Farney, Froe Miner's Cer-'  tiflcato No. 6807, intend sixty days from the^  date hereof, to apply to the Mining ReoordeT  for a Certificate of Improvements for the  purposo of obtaining a Crown Grant of the  above claim.  And furthor tako notico that aotion, under  section 37, must bo commenced before the issue  of such Certificate of Improvement*. *  Dated this 25th day of July, A.D. 1914.  I. H. HALLETT.  Extra Municipal Wholesale  Liquor Licence  NOTICE.  Gaijds, Dodgers���in fact, anything in PRINTING, phone 14  E PIONEER  and we will  yshoiw y o ii  samples: : :  Phoenix Pioneer ads. Always Get Results  Read in every home. If you h:-.ve a house or furniture to sell, its disposal is certain after an ad. in tie Pioneer. Give the experiment atrial  in the cheapest and most satisfactory advertising mart in the Boundary.  NOTICE IS HEREBY- GIVEN, that  on the 25th day of November next application will be niade to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for the  grant of an Extra Municipal Wholesale Licence for the sale of lit-juor in  and upon the premises known as the  Phoenix Brewing Co., Ltd., Phoenix,  B.C.  Dated this 24th day of Oct., 1914.  ALBERT BINER,  Phoenix Brewing Co., Ltd.  OR.DeVAN'S FEMALE PIUS K$  .medicine for all Female Complaint. $5 a box,  or three for JIO; nt drug stores. Mailed to any  address on receipt of price. The Scosbjci. Drtto  Co., St. Catharines, Ontario.        j  PH0SPH0N0L FOR MENnRnervrie^T^  for Nerve nnd Brain; increases "grey matter ';  a Tonic���will build you up. $3a box, or two!or  |5, ntdrugstores, or by mnllon receipt of price.  The Scobbu-. Drug Co.. St, Catharines. Ontario.  Father   John,     the   well-known  Roman Catholic -oriest ofCreston,  has three  brothers fighting in the  .French army.  The English church at Wiesbaden  has been seized by the German  authorities, .and the rector has been  ordered to furnish a list of the  church property.  Antonio Doranza, said to be the  leading spirit in the white slave  traffic, .was recently sentenced by a  New York court to-imprisonment  for nineteen years. ,  About 800 men are working on  the Kettle Valley line between Midway and Penticton. The steel just  laid covers a stretch of 175 miles,  and service will be inaugurated  early in the' spring/ '  K      r  War, sad as it is, has its humor.  A soldier writing to his people, says  he was engaged cutting a comrade's  hair with a horse clipper, when the  order to fall in was sounded and he  had to leave the job unfinished until  the fight was over.  The German spy found among  the Canadian first contingent was  shot jn the dockyard soon after  the troops had landed. He had en.  rolled in the Montreal Highland  regiment, and on him were found  incriminating papers concerning the  Canadians. A soldier found him  trying to deciper signals and suspicion was aroused. Wbile the  Canadians were at Plymouth another  spy was caught on the warship Ben-  bow on which he was working. He  top was promptly shot.  No nurses are wanted from Canada,' at least not at present, and none  will be sent, from .here to England  or the continent unless the department of militia decides to send ambulance units with the.second contingent, in1' which' case rthe usual  complement will go. Applications  from qualified nurses- many times  over the number required in. such  an event ar.e now on file at the militia department, so' that further,ap-,|  plicatibos.are only. a  waste^of, time  and erfeigyt' -'��vF I    C;jMr - "-&'.-''   V  t     " 'p7-< \i >"^ -'-    ��� '        ' ���  Some few'jdays, ago  a lady presented -'herself at 'a London" post-  'Vr        ���<���-"������* r - '  officey;and. demanded to know why  a certain parcel which-she had sent  to the   front  had   been   returned to  herJ>The  clerk  explained   to. her  that the   parcel had   no doubt been  returned by the military authorities.  i'WJ-iat was   the  nature  of its contents,"   he   asked.     , "It  contained  three dozen  pairs   of suspenders for  the London Scottish  battalion," she  replied.     And  then   noticing a puzzled expression  on  th�� clerk's  face  she realized   that her zeal   had outnumber   knowledge   of the    kilted  regiment's sartorial needs, and hastily left the building.  An official British report issued  in London pays a high tribute to  "the soldierly qualities "displayed by  the Saxon troops. British prisoners  who were recaptured speak in the  highest terms of their treatment  while in the Saxon camp. When  the British commenced to shell the  town the-. Saxon commander gave  strict orders to his subordinates to  look,to the safety of all their pris.-  oners, the latter of whom were all  placed in the'cellars to protect them  from shell-fire. The order was bitterly criticised by the German commanders. The report also refers to  the almost superhuman bravery of  the enemy who it appears are poorly led.  The London correspondent of the  Daily Dispatch .learns from a private  source that a commission of German  art valuers has arrived in Brussels  for the purpose of drawing up an  inventory and estimate of the numerous art galleries and other treasures of the Belgian capital. The  object of the commissioners has not  been disclosed, but the rumor is  current that an ultimatum will eventually be presented to the Belgium  government and the Brussells civic  authorities threatening the removal  to the fatherland of the various galleries unless the amounts fixed by  the valuation are paid in cash by  the city and province. This new  form of blackmail would be quite*, in  accordance with the kaiser's methods   and   what  is    known   of Ger-  cuts Monday's   labor clean  in half. -  The Sunlight way is so easy  ������just note. First you soap1  the garment; then roll it up  to soak. After a while you  rinse it thoroughly and .the  dirt drops out like magic.  r i  Why scrub, and, rub, and  wear and tear the clothes  v/hen the gentle strength of  Sunlight Soap will do the  work with never a hurt to  fabric or hands.  Try it once���  thit Sunlight  way.  At all grocers  Hotel Brooklyn  The Only First-Class and Up-To-Date*  Hotel in Phoenix.     New from cellar  to roof.    Best Sample Rooms), in the  Boundary,   Opposite   Great   Northern  Depot.      v   v      Modern Bathrooms.  STEAM HEATED.  D. Bush, Prop.  ELECTRIC LIGHTED  Phoenix, B.C.  NEW VICTOR RECORDS  A Nice Selection of the Latest  ���-------���----*���---���---������---������ ����� .m^mtmwmmm^^atmmmmammmtammiaammmmwmam^m  Victor Records, especially  the latest dance music "  ' New. Songs,'.etc.^T  -!%  ��<-��  -    S_  COME AND LOOK THEM OVER  f E. A. Black, Jeweler  Everything in Men's Wear  Clothing:  Underwear  Shirts  Shoes  Hats  Caps, etc.  Thos. Brown  "Everything-* a Man  Wears"  THE PHOENIX GARAGE  STRUTZEL &  HOWER,  PROPS.  KNOB   HILL   AVENUE  many's financial straits.  Goodyear Tires and Tubes  Accessories  Gasoline  Repairing  Vulcanizing:  Compressed Air on Draught  D. <JB MATHESON   Insurance Agent  FIDELITY BONDS, PLATE GLASS,  COMMISSIONER FOR TAKING  AFFIDAVITS  FIRE, LIFE AND  ACCIDENT  PHOENIX, B*e.  N#*l  ^t  y--'t  ��� -"<���-* j&&  7 ���������?���>  .._>*'' m  mm  flllll^^  .   -'<.-.'. <;'..'.     v ,������'������    .'���������'.-'���--���-..   ���   ������  ��� ������    '��� '' ���. ���*-~~���*���*������5ga*BS*gg~��M�������� i n    i i.mii m i iiiiJhiiiuimiIiI>.-<.- ,  Sf3:-t��  mm  mm  nm  '-i]<:-i^--u:i^M]  1-fiwijMHiwii-wiijimiiaiMii^.jj.i ������m^wwwaMjiij; �� #p��^$?^^ n^:-V  '    j. j      >_ . . ;l--;'--.:*i:-'--'J%-;-'-;--:W'.-^'  Stftlre  f -ft L\ **. -* 1* w���� m^tauatol    Tnte,ftfh-^aHihi^l!i^  ��ftfe* roofwatsR a goo^l  from  now curt any aaltw  'nowfatt nrtit   cotoat  4  *j  Y-f'iX  sl*>  r��*t��i4./' _- /n  T*'-nu,l  -ffea'  �����* j*..  r   ��    *l  V  I#!  Um body; fortifies tk  $&&&$** *������*���"**  '.**��r"  d?SIIavi4il*i  |��a  m  ^^M^Mm^M&S  t\  "i   j.     rp      s-  'f��~f��iciM.!  r YOVtL DRUGGIST?HAS IT.  l$4S    A SHUN'  V~*^    -U   \ ^  S^^&wf:  -^  Bs^A/*'** T it,    ^ �����*"  lft'*r4i,'"-i-'-*-fi   (^t  Ifef  'a^^"*^*"*   *    I      _B*��  PfS  r*  - <��  isiil  -'-\/?i  ��� ��������?���? .*-�����-  ^ISS^S^fysy  j ;-v^.rt0j:..>..,''|.  -r '-����S��  ~?%!?i:!��  t^y���"'?-*-^1:  f <���  n  1*>  it* 3^  a_A^>-^'  <<>:5SS!JUJ  i oii��<i  Call or write for particulars to  , f  *t <   V  P.O. Box 234,  G.: Kay,  PHOENIX, B.C.  y^^yyyyyys yy y-:y litwss^  :^iy;;:...Tlie; first; tMo|g^i^iiirai^^  dehghtfurtouchconirbfeittb^iedtothe^^ -Wne��rtl,at such a  The new tabulator is a marvel of efficiency.   The carriao-i. ��!.,�������� �� ���'  ,     .   i    .  appointed p*ace and stops without a Jar.an ^Z^^Zl^Z^Tof  the machine.   The left marginal release-key is now placed is just the rilhf       4-     .  nave any difficulty m changing from any other keyboard to this one.'  Ten-year-old Florence Fielid, daughter of Cyrus Field  Professor of Shorthand in. Detroit CommercWf College, wrote  59 words per minute on The Oliver after two [weeks' practice:  PRINTYPE IS OWNED AND CONTROLLED EXCLUSIVELY BY  THE "OLIVER TYPEWRITER COMPANY."  Can YouSPo���d iyCon4.a dayto better ^v&nt^6 tha��� |f|  the Purchase of this Wonderful Maohlna.  No child's education Is complete without a Knowledge of the  Oliver Typewriter. ' . * "  n<  ?&2!ZSjl��~S$����  ay   < ,\     f  I. *&  syw^-^-wJsa^syss  ^  4>W fr''^���*' uj^tWJ-i-j  J  -\V    ^(^> A��"lHJ0<��-��..���*.��.��  ��� �� 1. . .t-wr  I.'  ^��� ft-*:, j"- ��*���->  ...   +J.I* ���. vsl\,J, ('a


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