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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Nov 5, 1910

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Array mt
Eleventh^Year,. , ''
PHOENIX, B.Q.„$ATU$D^£,  NOVEMBER 5 ' 1910   ,
' ' ** . r"   <    '.    »*.' ,y 5  , i
 , -, ,> k
*(■%     .*'*,      ^^IV   *»V
GranbyWill Inau^rateVigorous
Development Work
Granby officials and, crews leave
•O    ■ m '     - - i - i.     .-( <    *;
Vancouver tomorrow and.Thursday
' .'    -.      o"   (        !'•■•*;*»•    it  ||    •    .'(   ■   ii"y
for the Hidden . Ceeek mine on the
northern coast whAch the company
recently bonded. The crew will*
number fifty.- Thosjej'who!do .not
le,ave on,the regular, boat,tomorrow
vyiljrgOxOn a (speoially.'C(bar,teTed boat
Thursday. , <    . *      i ■»
O.    B.   Smith, 'superintendent  of
Granby mines, leift this  morning- for
'Spokane,* Where he will be joined by^
Wm. ' Yoleh   Williams,   consulting;
engineer, and will inaugurate   oper-'
ations at the Hidden Creek property.
Hi   McDonald, 'engineer, and   Page
Bqyles,   diamond   drill   expert,   are
also en"'route'.   """?   "y
J    Among others who have left here
for  the   mine   are:    Wm.   Brewer,
.Levyis glaisdell, "H.. L., Mayberry,, J.
"Hutchinson; Charles. Q.   Swaiison,
John   Swanson, Andrew  Anderson,
John BengtsbergY and   Thos. Qxley..
• Development work will be pushed
vigorously with three diamond drills
and two machines, and if satisfactory results  are  obtained  a smelter
*    ii *   - J
■will be built in the spring.
/ *■ * '
The installation of machinery in
Granby's new < machine shop has
been completed apd the big wheels
were set in motion on Tuesday last
and represents the £ne$t, ^njjne
machinery plant in the country.
The building is an imposing fire
proof structure, built of bricjc and
stone foundation , with cprrug-ated
iron covering. It is conveniently
located and has many features in its
interior design.
Only the finest and most up-to-
date machinery vhas Jbeen ;instaHed,':
the equipment including a five-focjtr
radial drill press, a huge planer, a
lathe, pipjs machines, large hydraulic
press, metal shears and punch, together with other •smaller- detail
machinery. Near, the machine.shops
is the new par .repair building and
another of Granby's specially designed steel sharpeners is being
made.   ■ ,;^ ■ •■
A new tunnel is being driven fry
the Granby company for, tlie purpose of supplying a new outlet to
the big proiducer, and whidh will replace as a shipper the No. 3 tunnel,
the shipping facilities of which were
recently destroyed by fire.
About seventy feet of open work
has already been done... p.n tlie new;
tunnel, but it ; will .be rus;he,d .with
the intention of haying it equipped
as a shipping outlet by Jan. 1 next.
f    . OifVl
Ample to Drive Tlunnel Av Mile
Operations at the big .Green wood-
Phoenix rtunnel, Which is being
driven under the Phoenix hill from
Greenwood ' will   resume   at   once,
* »r l fc -i.C^r'■■«''>->l■■/*■■,
according to Duncan Mcintosh, the
local manager, who' was in Phoenix
on Wednesday.
' . 1 ' '  •        - "1 .I'."'
The directors of the  tunnel company   on   Monday   wired   word ' to
proceed with^the, bore, ample funct/s
being now  in   the   treasury to  con-,
•tinue the'tuhher-fbr at least a  mile.
The GreehWood-Phoenix Tram-
way company,"composed largely;' b'f
Chicago capitalists, is financings this
gigantic undertaking which is in-
tended to tap at depth valuable
ledo-es of ore which have been de>
monstrated on . the surface. ' There
.are.'a numberof>thes,e ^ledgesln the
pathway of the bore and the striking
of any.,,.one, .of them would makje
the   scheme   successful   financially^
Should the tune! demonstrate ore at
depth it is proposed to run the  bore
Driven at Merritt: End of Une
. . i;r,-i   T--"";    . J'f. If!    ------- ■ -r       ▼
Last Week
11>*  \t
■ u y.
a distance of three miles * and . reach
a depth of 2,GOO feet at Phoenix.   "•
The  comoany was , incorporated,
early  last year, and in. May, 1909,
^-.r      -wn l/i Of .*!'' >"   '.'""fi '{**■■ '-•'?iy
the;city of Greenwood passed a by-
law bonusingJthe • company * to the
extent of $50^000. The money is to
be. paid in instalments, the first of
which will not fall due until the bore
reaches a point uXXXfeet. The tunnel
-v.* •-        .,   ' -f" -x % \ >. ^ ' v j-
,^v;a,s commenced.-in-July of \ast.year
anid had reached av point about 265
feet from the portal when work was
:shut   down   on   account; o.f'lack' of
money in the treasury.
Work;will",commence' next week
with   a -force  of 15   men   and, two
'v-""'    *"     ' y     '- > *
machines,   will   rush   ,the   drilling.
-TChe news of resumption is. particularly welcome,to residents of Green-
/wobd, and is also another indication
o't"* renewed activity in Boundary
mining. "The'success of the" bore'
wbiild-fbe'   of inestimable,/value to
,r*'«-»*. ' J-" - * tj-*    "     '»*-*   *-l *   '-
mining throvghout the district.
The new tunnel will have many ad^-
vantages over the No. 3 for getting
ore:;6ut of, the'mine, and although
^ke- p!.aPs f«r- $kiP8in*r are not yef
definitely settled, there will probably
be a crusher, conveyor belt and
tram line to connect with the Great
Northern. ''"'■■ ',    ,
Since the fire ore from, the 300-
fopt level has been dropped through
a pocket and hoisted through the)
Victoria shaft. The three present
outlets to the Granby have a capacity sufficient to meet the demands
of the smelter, but the new tunnel'
will give the company a decided ad-
vantage in  case   of  an   accident at
-.VYi.'v* ri',\\\"t        •■■>■:--     v*'
any one of the outlets.
. i   Boundary Mining; Notes
.-  Work has been suspended   at the
bally mine until the new rai
he new rail way ts
:j ;-, 'k*«?.   - :' ^" x - U.
the summer of 1912.
Granby Shares
,'■■•■'■" ^Ty'.7.*''.!;:*'.■'■■•''" -V*':-*''V'i^'-
We do not care to make any
definite prediction as to just when
Granby stock will again sell at par,
but we firmly believe the stock will
.sell as .high as $100 and possibly
niuch .higher. Iri tl\e m^ntime you
will probably get occasional dividends which will amount'to a fair
inter(e§.t,i;eturn op/the. p^ejjent;selling
price of the stock. We,^therefore,
advise you to hold your Granby,
and in,the event of any sharp de-
■■•■.'-■.«»/•'-,.      i.--^,     -.-,..'-        *   ' :>r>   "if   -.iTi".
cline buy   more.—rBoston ..Cbmmerr
cial.    -
Advertising j-s.somethingjik-e fish-
ing; a; person .always jrnagi;nes,.he
would   have   caught   more   on   the
.).l.er side of the 'stream;
jX.   Reinecke. has   returned after
completing a   geological   survey of
the'westfork.of the Kettle river.
.4»,y ?*■,*.-*'  ,r 'ij'j;-**   <ir..-  J'  --j''  t^p*
F. M- Sylvester, assistant manager of the Granby, went to Grand
Forks on Sunday en route to Spo-?
karie. ■:,
The Number Seven tram line was
out of commission for a couple of
days'this Week' but   is   again I oper-
.£$&£• '..'■■- .--■::' ■/';■■■:/•:■!■; .a-;.Y;YY..|^ranby-;
The Granby company has a force LMother Lode
■ - - j.-?■-?>- -■' — «  .--1*/   ---.-v!"• r-'.t   * :,»..<■■■* x >.--.$<>   ^r\\)  -:-■<     vY ;J'
of twelve men working  at  the Cliff  Rawhide .
mjne in .Rossland, which was'recehtly
The first spike* has been driven on
the Kettle Valley railway.   Without
ceremony and withbiit /public recogj-
nition, K. J. Mancantellt,, local sec-,
re^ry - for , the.  new   railroad,?' oh
Tuesday drove the spike that held
the first rail to the ties.    Workmen
are now engaged in laying track for
a siding .that will be utilized in stor-
ing the-construction   material   as it
arrives.     Tbe.work  of laying-^th'e
trails" on the main line will be under-
itaken   some >time; next month, .^the
steel now being* en route from Sault
;§te^ Marie. ". :'v;;
U >The standard 65 pound rail :will
be used and they will be shipped;in
33>footr> lengths. , Macdorinell &
Qzowski will;/bring,,in a big track
laying. machine capable, ofT layihg-
from two to three, miles of tracK"f>e>
day,- and the rails will; be laid, just
as quickly   as   they come fronrf^tHe
,t ** -
0 •'     .' i- . '    '      '   . *     1 > -.     .      1
Grading* operations are well under
-way on some parts of-the construe-
tion. An army of men- is nowferi-
gaged JFr6m'bne"'ena of the thirty
mile "section" tb -the other. TThe
crews,will work all winter long, v '
'i *' **: ' i', '■ -   *% ;•* .,
Advices from" the^Jidway end are
to7the'elfect tHat-wdl^ls B^ng
rushed, there and it is a fore^b'ne
conclusion ''that*' 'the' ■ ttettlef \^ijtey
railway will be  in  operation  be^Jre
Boundan'' Ore Tonnages
,. - -• - 1 ^   ?* % z^Sr •**■" ^
' Following ar'e the returns !bf the
output or the mines and smelters of
the Boundary" district for the week
ending Nov. 5 and for year to date:
• c/.w-*...,•-.-'   ■'■..:..-'       • '     .''..:       '   •'
Robert Walker pf Trail arrived in
town this week io take a position as'
accountant at the ^Nb.  7  mine • for
the Consolidated company.
The; new tram .line from the Lone'
Star "mine to Boundary Falls is
being rushed along* and the supports
are about ready for the"cable. Ab1
ore bin has been built at the latter
point and shipments over this line,
to the .British Columbia Copper. Co.
smelter should commence by the.
end of this month.
■-   f*-\   '*. 'j, ^**..»A
-. mo'
: " .32 ■■•
Sriowshbe . . . .
Oro Denoro ....
Jackpot ...'. ....      808
Number Seven...        '60
Golden Eagle';. . .     • f
Sally. .....:...
30;732    1,410,295
Granby ....... .17,830        871,463
B.C. Copper Co. 12,949        311,936
Assistant Gelieral Manager
The appointment of. FJ N. Syl-
vester, a.bydraulic and electrical engineer, as assistant general manager
qf the Granby company, which was
announced  in   last   week's Pioneer,
has been confirmed, by General Man-
ager;Jay P. Graves.
'^tlfc  —
Eric   Lunde'mo,   who    had    been
the Windsor   hotel  at ; Denoro  Has   sliiftboss at the Gold1'Drop,' left on
Loses License
As a result of the standard of ac-
commodation    for    the
public not satisfying the authorities
lost its license.
I *■
Tuesday for Spokane.
jr^'f-'v^mnvKjKfJfifvt '..'.�����'>'  :;-:|��:|f'^S.'Y'jY;  tfts ���>'���'���''":���*���".  -Y'*ii'*P?'YY-  ���>;&-  Y: Y ;.(YYS%-; >��  f-g-r^r^^^ &��'- ��f Y^YY YJ*KY], ;,m  ������^f-s^ii/i^;;^  .'i$';>$?^  |-����^-?-|jt0M'f'4:W^!^  yI| sj^f W$*'''' I^^S^S^!  HHRW WWies ��� :���  4i'iJ3^SSSi*ri-."W'*saii��nyv/'J����5��t:''-i-llu.w--:��v,te��*>s^**'��;;>:-V''���'���;��� ������ *������>>;..,.���. '>-<<'��vV '..'; v- *?. v-k ;-':*'.:*;  frfe��te4;'"M'^  ]|g^ll|A:|H|Oje^  H  ^-'   ^if''^��;^^:;;'  V'^^ **;���*��� 'V.v'-'V-'?-.: ������" -X- '���.;';.���'���;��� V ��� AJV ;.'; ./o'V-v  ������.'���:::'*-''fc/.hv;/;i  ���;^:-^/v-V'_----(.lv:--'iV.'V^v>-.-il'-r'''-i^ ������:-������.; -;;.^;wV-wS;*'V"-.'.C ..-,'���������>:'��� '->,'. ���:���    -������ ���-*    ?',;.��������� -_*.'������' _'.-..'*" ' V      - -.;-.s-t: *-���*- *-���     ���-���.,, -. -;.;>.*���:,'.. --.t^  Truant Officer Appointed  At a meeting of the Phoenix  School, Board last Wednesday H.  Hartley was appointed truant officer  and instructed to enforce the school  act in the matter of children attending school. The school act sets  forth,that every child.in cities from  ****** �� ��� ,  the age of seven \to fourteen years  inclusive^.shall;attend school every  school -clay, except in cases' of sick-  ness. Parents , neglecting to send  their children to school regularly  may be summoned before a magistrate and a fine, imposed. Parents  should profit by this suggestion.  ���. ���'- ��� ���  Turkey Shoot  ; , Thanksgiving;. Day in Phoenix  passed off quietly, the. only special  diversion being a shooting match  for tujkeys in the afternoon and the  X)dd Fellows dance at night. The  mines all; worked as usual.  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There shall be assigned! to  each of the other Provinces such a  number of members as will bear the  same proportion to the number of  its population (ascertained by census) as the number of sixty-five  bears to the number of the population of Quebec.  j 3.' The number of members in the  Ho%se of Commons may be increased by parliament, provided the  proportionate representation of the  provinces is not disurbed thereby.  The population of Quebec in 1910  was 1,625,000. Quebec then has  one'member for each^tweftty-five  thousand people. British Columbia  has' 300,000 people. Therefore  British Columbia has twelve members.-' '.' ' ������ ������������.'���':.'...  \ \  Complete line of PIPES, TOBACCOS, CIGARS  AND CIGARETTES Always in YStbck  Finest Secection of CONFECTIONERY, T^tne  FAMOUS - KOHINOOR ;.;;CHOG5L||eS  Con-  lectioti;*  AN     EASY    SHAVE,    STYLISH    HAIRCUT,     REFRESHING  MASSAGE . \       . \       .'. 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Birnie of Greenwood was i  the?city yesterday, v>/&* ~>-  f%iim��"i fw 4 ��*'-.v^^��^*ll'", ii. * .. .'*t J  ^;Mp*^ and;.(Mfs.*'',' W. Dawson re-  iurnied MopSay"after spending a few  days in carnpll-on the West Fork.  Thew brought; home two  fine deer.  For rent, nice suite of rooms for  housekeeping, ati the Biner block,  cd����^^pjSer<;town;'best".location,  gqod* water, u'lnqmre , on premises.  ,',-ij.  ,-"'-vi    t}. *{vj     '?!.''����.*��� ,- . '��  nearthe school.  !e v'eV1 goal-keeper  ofTtfte^Grand!';Forks hockey team,'  gave the  'Grand lEoV^s; Rifle association the  credit of being the most enthusiastic  and best organized association in  ;the|.province.<\ -;.*'���        '^ -:4'j  %JohntM^att";',who Kad#een em-  'plojfed'So'^ldpatG^P. R. section;work,  -arid^i h#��Ii*��v-i��d   *l*nf?i hf��     mpiritallv  t i ���>��'  town; small l capijtalgyRequired.   . Enquire P.O..Box 211.��.   .,._  The Greenwood Liquor v Co. re-  cetvedj* a carload ofuwhisky. (from!  Toronto*this weetf. *    K     * 3. F     .' T .  Just received a large shipment of  Parisian Sage, the popular hair  tonic; 50c. pefbottle at Love's;  ��� Mrs. Watford.. Reed of. Grand  Forks was the guest of Mrs3, J.\F.,  McDougall for a few days this week.  "���       r V*      ���*  Grand Forks has exempted from  payment of road tax all registered  members of the Volunteer Fire Brigade.      , " ,,*,-���  Guests of the. Brooklyn"hotel, have  been feasting on venison this week  as the result of the good fortune of  local hunters.     ,/   ; v-*       A '  :A number of'local youths' employed themselves in the old-fashioned way Hallowe'en, but, nothing  serious was done.  For sale, house and lot, on New  York townsite; well ad a p fed for  chicken ranch or cattle; clear title;  apply to T., H., Richards.   ' r  Harry Birnie, brother of JL. Y.  Birnie, has recently passed his final  examination as a land surveyor and  is locating at Vernon.  A slight skift of snow���the first  of the season���fell early Thursday  morning but rapidly disappeared  with the rising of the sun.    ~ y~  Morris Jewel, an old-timber of  Phoenix, came in from Vancouver  on Saturday, having spent the summer at the Britannia mine.  Rev. S. Lundie, A. B. Calhoun  and Wm. Lindsay left Monday on a  week's hunting expedition up the  west fork of the Kettle river.  All lovers of high-class comedy  will be delighted with the great  Hoyt theatre success **A Bachelor's  Honeymoon," which will be presented at the local opera house next  ^Tuesday.  \ /Bob AKorshaw and Will ^Baker  hav,e arranged for a ten-round ^bout  in the Phoenix opera house ofo'Nov.  12. - Bob Pritchard and Tom Park-  inspn will put on. a preliminary.. ..  'f, A^n * unimportant ���'meetingSof ,the  city council was held on Wednesday  evening. ^A number; of ^bills' were  passed and   H.   Hartley, city clerk;  was granted a two  weeks' leave of  .��,"���'��� ' 1  absence.  "  ���' - ���*  ��� -  ��� .        <'-.->.. ^  ;G. W. Rumberger returned Tues-  day after spending a couple of weeks  at Peachland. : He reports the Okanagan having had a good fruit  season and business generally looking good. " ,  The annual Odd Fellows'"dance  on Thanksgiving evening passed off  very successfully. There were about  .75 couples in attendance and all ap-  peared to enjoy themselves thoroughly. Werner's five-piece orchestra rendered splendid music and an  excellent Thanksgiving supper was  served by Danny DeaneV  CfflfcDREN'S COLDS  NOTICE  Liquor Act, 1910'      ' ;  Notice is hereby given that on the  first day of December next, application will be made to the superintendent of provincial pal ice for renewal  of the hotel license to sell liquor by  retail in the hotel known as the  Hartford Hotel, situate at Hartford  Junction, B.C.  Dated this 8th day of October,  1910.  Joseph J. Bastett.  First-Class Fir and Tarn  arac Wood, $5.00 per cord  Fine 'Wood;  $4.5t) per cord.  Pine Wood, double cut, per  cord, $6.00.  WOOD DSEUWE^g��  ��M  SHORT  WOTIOEu- ������ ��� *6*!��oOTe B32  ifflsoi  iiiersoffl  Now is, the time when youy  children are very apt to catch  cold. The sudden changes in  the ��� weather, the. difference  between school and house and  open1 air, getting uncovered at  nigh**:, all often lead to sore  throats, coughs and grippe.  MATHIEU'S syrup  pi Tar and Cod Liver Oil  should be taken at the first  symptoms. Children find its  taste pleasant, and it keeps  them well and strong.  No better combined cure and  tonic has ever been compounded.  Ask for Mathieu-'s Syrup of Tar  and Cod Liver Oil.  Where there is fever with the  cold take Mathieu's Nervine  Powders to reduce the fever and  relieve the pain. They are sold  in boxes of 18 powders for 25c.  . L. MATHIEU CO.. Prop's.   8HERSROOKE, QUE.  DISTRIBUTORS FOR WESTERN CANADA  Foley Bros. Larson & Company  . ���    . Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatoon  are the earmarks of these  famous clothes for old and  young men. Of course we  are enthusiastic over our  line and why shouldn't we  be? It's by far the most  complete we have ever  shown before. Come in  and make a good selection  o��R$18to $25  Overcoats  and Suits  offer you the very finest  qualities offered anywhere  at these prices.  CLOTHIER  a  ���4  ���urT.  1  V��W:W;<r^riiKi:s;.^S;;X,��.v.,, ������.  tmmsMiMmmmammmmmmBmaBGiamitilim *>���  Phoenix Opera, House  T&e Mirth-Provoking Comedy  Honeymoon           *sr .  ."       ,���,.   '1X����  ''-ft)1  *'-   <���>���  By an exceptionally strong-  Comedy Company, headed, by  the clever actress .......  Miss Rose Ainsworth  General Admission - - 75c  Reserved Seats - - - $1.00  Plan of Hall at T. Brown's  Lumber and Wood  When in need of LUMBER,  LATH, SHINGLES, CORD.  WOOD   or   SLABWOOD     I  can   fill   your   order   promptly.  C. A. ROSS  Phone A44-  DRAYING  a 1  I  Of all kinds promptly attended  to. Rapid Express and Baggage Transfer. Careful attention to all orders       Phone A65  James G. McKeown  A Bachelor's Honeymoon  An enjoyable evening* is assured  in the coming of "A Bachelor's  Honeymoon" to Phoenix ^ opera  Jipuselnext;Tuesday .evening,- Nov.  8. The Edmonton Bulletin has the  following to say of the show:  Another well-filled house greeted  "A Bachelor's Honeymoon" at the  EirfpnV Theatre last night. MisJ  Rose Ainsworth, the leading lady,  was back in. the. caste after being  out for nearly a week on account pf  illness. No one in front would ever  have known that she was ill in view  of tlie excellent way in which shfe  handled her lines. She has a vgry  long part and worked with snap a^d  vim at all times. She is one of the  cleverest actresses that has been  seen at the Empire for sometime.  While the leading characters of the  company are exceptionally strong,  the remainder of the caste is well  balanced, interest thus centreing on  every individual member. "A Bachelor's Honeymoon" is one of the  ,strongest attractions that has visited,  the. Empire, this season, particularly  from the standpoint of those who  like good clean comedy and lots of it.  Look at this Real Fire Box  It ii wide, long, and, deep. It has the coal capacity  that, makes coojking easy1 off over .the tdp---and* for  heating the oven so tnat a large joint roasts perfectly  a�� the same time. More, if saves fuel and reduces coal  bills.' You'll never have to sacrifice your baking for  your cooking oh top with this reliable fire box. The  best results are. always certain.  ��  ��  . i. r )>!l ..  IS ALWAYS GOOD when you  are in jgood health and spirits and  have energy to make   things  hum.  Phoenix BeeB  will make you healthier and happier,  give you more strength and vigor  to infuse activity into your business  PHOENIX BEER is not ocv.y a  tonic, it is a system cleanser, a  digestion assistant, a muscle builder  and a life brightener. It keepYs the  doctor away.    Try it.  Phone 23  1 PHOENIX BREWING CO.  Carney Copper  J. L. Martin, president and manager of the Carney copper property  near Mullan, Idaho, is back from his  first visit to the mine since the big  forest fire last August, which destroyed all of the mine buildings.  He has suspended work until next  spring, but states that an ore shoot  has been opened up for 200 feet in  the No. 1 tunnel, and that he hopes  to have the property on a shipping  basis in a year from now.���Spokane  Review.   *.   Wireless from McQueen  Word comes Ab. McQueen, who  is now skirmishing round with his  old pals at Harriston, Ont., that he  has signed a half dozen of Harris-  ton's greatest hockey athletes and  will have them in Phoenix for the  puck-chasing season. It is proposed to cinch . the' Boundary cup  first and then go'after1 the Stanley  mug.  .   , " -   ������ ���*+��� -T-.         .  TO CONTRACTORS  Sealed tenders addressed to the  undersigned and marked "Tender  for Phoenix School" will be received  until 12 o'clock noon on November  26, 1910, for the building of a four-  roomed school in the city of Phoenix, B.C.  Plans and specifications may, be  seen at the city hail,.Phoenix.^at the  office of the superintendent of Education, Victoria; or will be sent by  the undersigned on request.  Each tender must be accompanied  by an accepted check on a chartered  bank, payable to the order of the  Phoenix School Board, equal to ten  per cent of the amount of the tender,  which will be forfeited if the person  tendering decline to enter in a contract when called upon to do so, or  fail to complete the work contracted  for. . If the tender be not accepted  the check will be returned.  No tender necessarily accepted.  T. A. Love,  Secretary School Board,  Phoenix, B.C.  ��tef��\- R a ru>e  There are a great many more exclusive points of merit,  in a Kootenay that you must see to thoroughly understand. The nearest McClary agent will gladly go over  them with you, one by one. Before you decide pm any  range, write the nearest McClary branch for full particulars. It will cost only a cent for information that  means money in your pocket. so  ���  i. .'��y  '-{>  '     ���'��  \\"*  feodon,     Toronto,     Montr..!,     Winnipt*     V��nco��w.     St. John. I.B.,     Hamilton,    Calga*  For sale by the Morr.n-Thompson Company  Hotel Brooklyn  The Only First-Class and Up-To-Date  Hotel in Phoenix. New from cellar  to roof. Best Sample Rooms in the  Boundary, Opposite Great Northern  Depot. v v Modern Bathrooms.  STEAM HEATED.      ELECTRIC LIGHTED  James Marshall, Prop. PhOerjlX, B.C.  THE  *S H^OTEL  4 * The Pride of the Boundary "  PHOENIX, B.C.  ���*���  Newly renovated  and newly furnished, modern in appointments and  centrally located,,culinary department par excellence, and  Bar stocked, with choicest liquors and cigars, the  King's is, headquarters for  travellers.  ^Pus meets all trains.     Commodious sample rooms.  E. P. SHEA, Proprietor W. R. WILLI AWiS. Manager  UEEN'S  TP1  Bhw.Hbb  R.  V. CHISHOLM, Prop.  DANNY DEANE, Manager.  This is the Largest and Newest Hotel in the city,  heated by steam, and well furnished thoughout  for the accommodation of the public. Everything  Neat, Clean and Up-to-Date. Meals served at  all hours.  Bar Stocked .with Choicest Liquors and Cigars  -** ..'������������       ��� &'    .t  WamMmammKmmxwvmiMBMmuMmmm  mwmmmw'mmimimmmmmmmmSi aaaffm***" im*** i-iaw ��*���������*��� ���"w����iwiwwi ww  Church Dedication  ���The dedication of the .new Methodist church will take place on Sunday, Nov. 13th. Services will be  held inj the ���.���morning.-at 11 o'clock,  and in the evening' at 7.30, the former being the dedicatory service.  .Rev. James Calvert, B.O:, of Grand  ^rks,: ex-president of the Metho-  d'lSJt conference, will be the speaker  ;oii botji occasions, and special music  $$gll be^rendered'.By the choir. ^  iUOn 'Monday, evening,: Oct. 14th,'  ^e Ladies'-Aid-Will give a dinner in  ��Me* banquet room of, the Miners'  IlSnion hal^ ��� the -Ladie^' Aid. have;  ^reputation in this line and intend  Jserving:a 'first-class dinner. Keep  vt$ese dates open for these occasions.  Itftt ' ��� ��� ��� "   Timothy Head on Lung      7  Gordon, a son of Dan McLarety  at Deadwpod,,'while picking wit^  some otner boys four years ag;6j,  got a head of timothy three ��inch'es  long into one of his>(lungsJ TJus  boy, ndw nine; 'year's, cilf has been  sinking ever since,' and;'Dr. Oppen-  hei'men.was sure he'.had r!fco!nsum^-  fhe other day after a- violent  *(ii�� ���*���        '"    ;M  Bachelor in Trouble  Jh The man who married an  actress  Jlajnd introduces her to his spinster  '���sister Srthr^oVeFriess*, gets*into-ail  *&>rts <[fjtfoftljje esp'ecjaPy .when,;,hi$;  fwife fihaShe^is/th^ fond'?parent',oft  'twin Id&xkhiep? .$ge#. /seventeen;  '"'gears.? l^m^id .servant'>ith\ de-  -tectivqj ^ciivitiM^nd;a;cltie iri her  g'head, ^tGeVmk��frien''^ho nurses at,  ^secret   sorrow iand 'is   lqokmg- tor.  tion.  fit ,of coughing, Gordon succeeded  in 'expelling*the timothy, that ha$  caused him to. droop for.fojur long,  yeirs. The'l timothy isju^ as fresh  as it was upon the day that GordoW  breathed, iUinto his lung* While  still weak, iiwill not bVlong before!  he recovers his' health apd \ becomes  a joy to his parents. ���Ledge  Missing Man Returns  ^someone to put'sweet flowers on her  ''���grave, j an^ , many , other characters  Sake '��As Bachelor's Honeymoon"  ?<Xhe funniest play seen in years. , It  ". $ill be^pTresented here Nov. 8.��  < ���'  y,JZ ������   Parsons Sidetracked  ���/ '�����-**���  #4 John* Harninen  and   Miss   Lizzie  *��� V4  ^���i  John Leckiej, who had been acting as nightwatchman at the Granny  for ,a< couple.of. ,w.eeks.,^ai:o,used cgn-  siderable^aMietythi^r-sv^^ by-his  unceremonious;, .disappearance , on  Monday: /piligent seajchj of'&he  mine arid; ih^ci^w&f^f^i^}^^'  Seating-h'im;i;:^es&Vday| $' nog.n;  'now^r,'.lie.|>e^ppeaCedf;and gjaye  evidence of bemg-^ehtally cleranjged  He was }calihg^% hill towardst^he  lake about 1.30 "yesterday wjien  taken'in charge by the police.    ["~  ',',..'-  14; by the registrar, W. Q; Mc  Mynn. the government charges  �� double the fee the parsons do for  performing the marriage'" ceremony  and does not make the matrimonial  knot a whit tighter.���Greenwood  Ledge.    ,/     *  -,   <     ���     o    r  Delegates Elected  At a recentiitneeting  of  Phoenix;  Conservative association; the following   delegates}; were,; appointed,^ to  attend the cqnyention';at Nelson on  Nov.   16th:   A>;  Sv;:Hpod,r;W.;;R.  Williarns, { G. i T.  ���Mattoclcsj.'^.j T-  Hawthorn,  James Marshall, G. W.  Rumberger, J. A. Robinson and W.  '   X: McDonald.  The weekly newspaper has the  steady prefducin^* qualities. itj;��?ets  closer to the people than any other  kind of publicity.  Curlers Incorporate  -   * i-1, '**  The Grand Forks Curling Assbci-  ation has decided to, inc6rpora^|as  a joint stock company, with a c^pi-  "'tal-bf $5vp66^dYvided into 200 shares  of $25:each.- ' The^Association will,  affiliate.-with the? Kootenay '.Curling  Association and will endeavor tb  bring the annual bbnspiel -of- *he  latter to Grand Forks this winter.  ,  �� * - *    - ia C^/T J  Vancouver Apple Sfcow .  ���* 'At the* first Canadian'/.*, National  Apple show in Vancouver this week  a carload of Jonathan apples from  Kelowna won two prizes amounting  to $1500. Grand Forks took second  place,in the district display.  Moler System of Barber Colleges  will open one of their famous schools  in Calgary, Alberta, November 21st.  We teach ther barber trade,-, and  guarantee situations; wages $18 to  $30 per week. A redu'ction will  be given students joining on open  in^Y iday^ FuW particulars tree^  Write for special offer. Moler  Barber College, Spokane, Wash, y  ^S|^*"    ^mwr , tjmgar     ^f^^^j^mmr *i ^ .A  <"af*\ "''   J"'  ����� ^ ^"^ ��� ��� ���**'      *��� '^��^H-*rl^P^ ���;"  AT  THE   BIG  STORE  * i , >    * i     * .  "DdRING  THE'NEXT f^N'^DAYS^'-W*1 witl'1"  , give the Ladies of Phoenix an   opportunity  to   buy  ���  Dress Goods and Silks at almost the,,price, it costs -1  f  to manufacture them. >/'.v, W 4  i   .*���    You   cannot    help -itu^ng    soipe-rtpf,,thetjj J  when yOu read our prices, wHich ar,e\6nly1 a  few?' qf �����'  )r the, great values offered;  ���     Black Cashmeres. ..:>.. .-. . Regular 75c. . . mow 50c  : /     Black Cashmeres.. .'���.-. . . . j .%*  'J.^   #  90c....    ''/ 60c  Black and Colored Lustres. .     '"        75c     "    50c  <       Fancy Checks and Stripes . .Reg. 75 and  90   " 45c  1:  Scotch Plaids /Regular 75c. . .*. "li    50c  J ���' Shepherds'Plaids  .'. ���   Reg.   75  and   90   "    50c, .  - ' . Cbstume Lengths Reg: $8.00. .;.;.hpw $6.00    V/:l  Costum'e   Lengths    "   10.00....    44     8.00  Japanese  Silks'! Regular 65c. .:��� .now 45c  ���' Japanese^ Silks ;:.. I ..'.... :*>"! ��     35c../. I"    25c  Tameline Silks. J. . . .'         <4 '      75c...    -    60c  '  ' Black   Tdffeta  Silk. :       - . $1.00. .. .   ".   80c  ;      Black   Taffeta  Silk. J.: . .. .      "    $1.25....    '��    95c  'Black   Peairde   Soie. . ,. :^-   :*4    $1.50^...   ".'fhAS  We will give you   20 per cent DISCOUNT on  all   other   lines  of Dress  GoodsJatrid VSIIIcs-  The goods* are PeVK�� *he Prl*es ar�� rl.*h*"  Sale Starts Saturday Afternoon  ' r  -> *  Th^ HunteF-Kendrick Co.  -    '        ��� Y.1'^,. .. ',J? " '       '   '  EMPRl^SrisuffEi     "  mt^aasassaaasgssssssssssssssssssssaassas^ga^^  We are now stocking the Celebrated "Empress''  Brand   of   Creamery    Butter    frpm    Eastern  ;Y.Y:;Canaaa.Y;,:This' ButteF*SiffiB$!��y$M&%&the  . . "     finest onthe markeis Jf v3^ ?. S ��!,:-': ��% %$  Choice Ontario Fresh Egfs, $9.50 Smte  MeLaren's Ontario Cheese, 20c: pfip lb.  .���^���'v?..pB:Bu'rhs'-& Go. Ltd. Phoenix,B.C.  A ���  .  We have a Large Stock on  hand, and More to Arrive Soon.  ......... ..,.t���^-   .  These are First-Class in Every Respect  CALLS   OF  INSPECTION  INVITED  THE  WELER  It cbsts little to dress well. The  whole secret is in buying^'youjr  CL6THING& FURNISHINGS  from Thomas Brown.- Call and  see how good you would; look in^i  smart suit of clothes. We can fit  you from cellar to garret.  Geiits* Furnishings  m  emamnsssmamBSSSSi  wmmgmiMMm  ���nSfBS^TTTK  ^fl3A��ba-:��***��s��:


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