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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Nov 6, 1915

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 ****���***' K ��^fM*mwt*. j>i��i��^*t**i��^T..iri  v*:  ��..-���  '��� ���-���"J..��������,'S  ic- *..��  i?��  1��*}  ft&r  if  ^lI^D;aYt%  '**"?���.  ^     /  r*>* ���V~  ^ju,  o  x.:  v\  -   <���������  >, f   *J 7  k<  .flM-M*'  �����  ,- '"l  V  *^J-.^w^rit..^.>*.^.1  The largest cop* or mines in  the' Dominion are situated  ttfc Phoenix. The Granby  Co. employs 5(i0 men, and  has a -monthly,, pay roll of  oyer $50,006: Two railroads  afford access to the city.  Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining District  The Phobnix Pioneer is,  published in the highest*  municipality in Canada���  altitude, 4,800 ft. The city  "has a population of 1,500,  and possesses firs tr-class  hotels, opera house, schools  SEVENTEENTH YEAR  Rock Creek's Share  Rock "Greek   locality   has   good  reason to.be proud of the part,taken  by many of its ranchers on'the various fronts of the empire's. "far-flung:  battle   line."     Yet,   mingled   with  pride for the  action1*   of those who  have  gone   forth, is   the  feeling of  sorrow for  the dependents of those  who have been bereft of loved ones.  As week follows weeky the   echoes  of this mighty.Ystruggle 'Write drawing  nearer, and the bonds uniting every  portion of the British realms* are being  tested,   and not found wanting,  in the   furnace of trial, human sorrow and national adversity.   Among  the homes visited with bereavement  are the Welstead's and Anderson'-*.  Not   long   ago  the   tidings   f��riivcd  from   the Dardanelles of tbe   death  of Major Welstead, and  now comes'  the news   from the   same  front th'<t  Major   Anderson   had   fallen  before  the Turkish   batteries.     Among  the  other residents along the Creek who  are "doing their bit" are Major Glos-  sop and Commander Glossop, brothers of another Glossop who,,as- captain of the   Australian  cruiser Sydney} put an end to  the career of the  German commerce raider Emden.  The   late   Major    Anderson    was  born in India.     His  father   was an  officer in the Royal   Engineers, and  served in the heroic defence of Luck-  now.    The major himself had seen  considerable foreign service, serving  at Malta, in India, and on  the general staff in  Crete .during  the days  that   antedated   the   cession   of the  island   to   Greece.      From   1899  to  1903   he was   British   military   vice-  consul in Asiatic Turkey, "and while  at that  post, took  a .prominent part  -ii��'thc,s**ry*y;'-of.-c��ntralvAis.ia,I^.ioqr..  He   was an   accomplished  linguist,  speaking  fluently French,   Turkish,  Persian   and   Hindustani.       During  the   closing-   months   of   his   distin-  g-uished career   he   was   attached to J  Provincial Police Constable How '���  ieson has received a copy of the regulations   governing   enlistment   in  the   overseas    expeditionary   force.  Recruits must agree to serve'fbr one  year,   or   during   the   war   between  Germany and the Empire, or for six  months after the termination of war,  or until legally discharged.     Applicants must be not younger than 18,  or over. 45 years  of age.     Eyesight  good;.heart  and lungs sound; hear-  unimpaired; speech without  impediment.     Men with defective or missing   teeth    will    not    be    rejected.  PHOENIX, B  ConditionsofErrtistment   Sj Worth Looking For  6, 19J5  Letter of Thanks  A story as strange as that of the  famous Lost Cabin mine  is told by  Colonel Robert Stevenson. '  Forty-  five years ago a Frenchman .named  Lacroux,! in the employ of the Hudson Bay company, was fur trading  with the Indians on the Skeenariver.  In his travels he found a small ledge  of blue-black mineral that  appeared  to be almost  pure   metal,     lie cut  away about half a   pound   of it and  turned it over to John McCulcheon,  a'telegraph operator who was working on the old government line then  being built to the north.     McCutch-  Minimum height,  5ft 2in;  minimum .eon sent   the  sample   to   Swansea,  chest measurement, 33in;  if over 30  Wales, to have it assayed, but   be-  years of age, 34in.   Men will be dis-   fore the returns came back Lacroux  qualilied for rupture,  severe varico-  died, and the knowledge of the  lo-  cele, hemorrhoids,   varix,   ill-formed  cality where the ore was found pass-  joints, limbs, toes etc.,  chronic and i ed with him.     In due time   McCut,  inveterate skin diseases, congenital Icheon Received    $3,500   from   the  malformation, or severe injury.  "The ��� Swansea'people for the   half pound  rate of pay is: Sergeants, $1.35 and ' o^nje^aL.and tht^TTuTZeToveT^  15c per day field allowance;  corpor-'Lacroux's Indian Wife.    Col.   Stev-  als,  $1.10; lance  corporals,   $1.05;  enson says Mr. McCutcheon  is still  and privates, $1.00;  the latter three 'living, and resides at Chilliwack.  ranks are  allowed a-ten cent's daily.     Now the story comes closer home,  field allowance.    The  wives  of the  Seven years later, or 38 years  ago,  rank and file are allowed $20.00 per, Col. Stevenson, with an Indian, was  month and sergeants wives are paid  prospecting on the headwaters of the  $25.00.    This latter  money is paid j Tulameen  river  when   he   found   a  direct to the wife. A widowed moth- four.inch ' lead   of this  same  blue-  er, where the son is the sole support, ; black   metal.     He   had   previously  is treated the same as a wife.  The Hon. Sec,  Women's Patriotic Society,  pear Madam���I am directed by  the association to thank you for a  splendid case of surgical dressings,  towels, socks, and garments receiv-  ���edva^day 0r. two ago. , The contribution is an excellent one, and we  are correspondingly grateful.  jThe hospital has now opened its  new wings, and is filled to overflowing. The Canadians have not been  engaged in this last desperate bat-  tle^-but the wounded British Tom-  m��f ,wI*0 ca,I1e '" are some of them  r^Ybad indeed. . . It is terrier how some of them are smashed  and^ broken. . . . What the  men are called upon to endure is beyond words, and makes one dumb  ��th admiration before the splendid  Number 17  1 H  Lillooet Gold Strike  Io the Lillooet country within the  last couple of weeks has been located a gold quartz prospect from which  the highest of five samples taken  from the ledge has assayed at over  $180 a ton. The find was made by  W. Guttridge and another prospector.'   Mr. Guttridge is an old timer  Quail In Grand Forks  L. Mator, game warden for Grand  Forks district, was in town for a  few hours on Saturday last, Mr.  Mator informs'us that from his own  observation, the deer have not yet  made their appearance: in the valleys. But'perhaps the best news  | he  gave 'us  from   the  stand  in the province, having packed mail   "r ff~ u'"'L '" "  Tu   ���" F^  & r of the hunter, was   the remarkable  talked with the widow of Lacroux  and knew from her description it was  the same kind of mineral he had  found. Stevenson with a sharp pick  ; broke off a chunk of the   ore, wrap-  fvhich counts a suffering body  .s|noBiing, so long as duty is done.  '#Ye   have  now nearly 70,000 at  th|  front,   and   if  I   may, I should  Hljje to say it would be a good thing  ���Pfe.panadian women  to concentrate  toja certain  extent  on comforts for  theifrpnt.     Doubtless  Mrs.   Plurrip-  treYhas. issued the information which  we cabled   to  her  some   time ago,  that mufflers should be from a yard-  at\d a quarter to a yard, and a.half  in 5   length,    and    mittens-wristlets  should be eight inches long reaching  tq-Zthe second joint   of the fingers,  with a short thumb and.no separate  With   these- kind   of wrist  for   the Hudson   Bay  Co.   on    the  Peace and Mackenzie rivers in 1893.  Since  that   time   he   has   mined  in  Alaska, and was  in the   Kootenays  in the early   times.    Last  summer  he  was   prospecting  in   the  Teslin  Lake country in   Southern   Alaska.  It   is   declared   the  ledge was previously discovered and partly worked  by a   party  of  Americans who,  however, disappeared in the vortex  of the Civil War to   which   they returned.      A    Hudson    Bay   trader  shared this knowledge with them of  the location, and recently Guttridge  and the   other  prospector   received  the benefit of it.    It is described as a  contact vein four feet wide, of talcon  schist and quartisite, with a  35  degree dip, striking northeast and well  in on the mountain summit.  Falls Twenty Feet  An accident, entailing serious injuries to Del Parker, a local rancher,  occurred a few days ago in the low-  er town.      Mr. Parker was proceed  increase in the flocks of quail in this  district.    Six  of these  birds   were  first   seen  in  the  neighborhood   of  Cascade during the spring of 1912,  having  evidently   made    their   way  from  Colville,   Wash., where some  had been turned loose.      The feathered visitors were carefully watched  and-even fed in the winter, with the  result that  their  numbers  have increased  to  about  fifteen   hundred.  Local hunters will no doubt make a  note of this, and   aid the authorities  in   every  possible   way   to protect :  these very desirable additions to the Y  local game list. Y  The pheasant in Grand Forks district is literally a  rara avis, but Mr.  Mator is making a personal effort to  propagate  them in   the   valley, and'..  for this purpose has in captivity five -  hens and one male.    He intends to"''  sit the eggs under bantams, and with  ordinary  luck hopes   to  turn a few  coveys loose next year.  dated,  "told   a'press   representative ��� t.      int|j..n  that the  shipments   of copper to the   :  refinery in New York by   rail would j-    Since that dme Colonel Stevenson  be discontinued as soon as the Pan.  has made five different trips back to  ama,-CanaLJs,re-oPened.���to traffic. I te^sp-otiajrisareh.of th_*.,lo_fr *o-.-.  He gave  it  as his opinion that the \   '^ b|U io each case hafi  fa.|ed fo  ^ ^   ^  price of copper would drop as soon I      . ___���_ .t,Q��� onn r���0, nc :��� ^���,.-������  e ,c> ^i. ��� ��� ���        e  r rr * get nearer than 200 feet of it owing j fulfil the requisitions from  as the war was brought to a close.      /,_ i,:���i, .���_,.__ ������j ��u^'^o.,;����. ~e �����,-/���  _    *c ���,    ^  & i to nigh water and the caving- or tnatiagr officers.     We have rn.  fingers.  flattens the. ends of  the fingers arellng home on  horseback about noon\     The, following iace   Uie  '"'*���' - - " 'on Friday, when   his horse   became\sh'\ppmg-     ~    ' **---"  you *, lists   of  the \ scare^ **y *ne  unwe^come attentions \ Gran'  Granby Will Use Canal  While   on  a   vis.it   to  Seattle, re  cently,   F.-    M.    Sylvester, general I       , -^ r ���'        ,      ^      ..   .' .t    .'.\~*W ^ ~   ~"  _,    .      *L ' *��        ..i pea it carefully and entrusted it with 1 uncovered and free,  manager   of   the   Granby Consoli-', ���  f-.    ,. ��,"--��    u       * u."vl^*i -'-" '��� ' -    .- i  ��� ** -r .      (his Indian to   take   it   to Hope, but I ��,js*;am   enclosing^ ,,..=.���   ��. ,lu=, ���     - , 7 , , .  ntative   ^ |ndjan on tbe wgly |,jst tlje prec-1 comforts forwarded  to   the front fcyl?* ** do.B'    'Taken by   surprise   and!smelter  ,ious sample. '��� |t^el'ass'ocVattonwduriog  August andV-nable" to'calm   th^'ammal.    v,ot%il l  lanu:  September, from which you will see  trjeYquantities of such things as  _��t��jfecti&T*eryfv -tobacco���and cake,-  etc., which we have sent in order to  command-  made  excel  Granby Shipments  to calm the r animal, both  horse and rider went over the bank,  and rolled to the bottom, a distance  pf at least twenty feet. Several  who witnessed the accident rushed  over to reader what assistance they J  could   and   a  short   time  after Dr.  February     63,091  March        69,948  Aoril ii- -j.   85,382  TStay~i~rrr7T7\rr:.. .\ /.Tuu,bvj  XII  -, d.     .       r    .     v   i    I canyon walls.     Only a Few days ago I lent wholesale contracts for the pur- \Ritchie reached   the  sceoe   and had i  Comm.ss.oner Black  of  t^ ^"k-   he returned from the last   trJp.     He/chase of such  thiols and  can make /"��   iaJurstl   maa    conveyed   to   tbe j  ���� _ .  i       _. , i-  j ��     /-��.. i"- �����.��."��"��-��* ��.w... t..��^ .cat   trip.     Helchase of such  thing's and  can make.  the - headquarters staff of  the ninth   on Territory, ha�� appl.ed to Ottawa   wm ^^^^ Wm     AlUso shllilnff   go   a   long   way.      I  am   bosPitftL   According to last accounts  which   landed   at Sulva   for leave of absence to permit of his 'o_,   ,,_   h^   _   mi%trl%   ffm<. ���fl>  /���._   .������...:.,   ..-*-*+���/+v.~+   ...Jthe     patient's    condition    was    stilJ  he   met   his   death   on  army corps,  bay,   where  October 19th:     The deceased officer  is survived   by Mrs. Anderson  and  two daughters.       .  undergoing a military training.   The  official will probably be appointed, to  a captaincy  of a company  of  rifles!  for overseas service..  land   they   had   a   rough   time of it.  you  will  June 103,004  July 101,058  August 103,062  September    93,245  October    96,430  Total    858.124  They were out five days, and on the \need a great deal of money to carry I caus,nfi"    h's     family    considerable  Big-  ore  GOOD EGGS  ARE SCARCE  But we have been fortunate in getting some���  MORNING GLORY BRAND  and they certainly are good  "For Boiling or Frying"  at 50c. Doz.  Fairfield Selects at 40c. Doz.  9HT Provision Department  Is Stocked with the Choicest Varieties  of Meats and Fish.  high elevations encounted snow,  sleet and rain. "I shall try again,"  says the Colonel, "and I will get it  next time."���Similkameen Star.  ' Tobacco Fund.     25c. will help.  _c  3C  Fancy Sastern Herring  Fancy       "    Mackerel  Norway Mackerel  Alaska Herring  Finnan Haddie  Salted Sardines  Canned Trout  Etc., Etc.  Ask to see our Eastern  Herring. They are very  large, without rust.  Premium and Shamrock  Hams and Bacon.  Pea Meal Bacon���ask us  about this.  Pickled Pigs Feet, etc.  We have just received  a shipment of���  Stanton's Pure Lard,  Freshly Rendered, in 2,  5, 101b. Pails.  7 his is an absolutely Pure  Leaf Lard, and is Highly  recommended for its conformity to our Pure Food  Laws.  El  To Improve ''Movies"  The near future is to see a vast  improvement in the motion pictures  I at the local opera house. The committee have ordered a new screen,  and in "addition have decided to improve the present lighting in the  machine by the installation of a  Powers' adjustable inductor. This  latter is an appliance that completely  eliminates the obnoxious darkening  of the picture at intervals. The  flickering which has caused a deal of  trouble and profanity of late has  been overcome by the introduction  of a new shutter.  'Phone 56  P. O. Box 309  on the work.    If you  could see the 1 u"eas,ness*     Strange   to  re/ate the/     Can you afford   to   help  swell the  wonderful-letters   of gratitude   we I h��rse escaped uninjured ~" -      -      -   receive from the officers, you would I =  agree that  the association  is doing  i-jeit  a great work. Ii   -~  I am enclosing some booklets  dealing with the work of the ladies'  committee/together with an interim  report, which may prove of interest  to you.  We shall be grateful if "you will  circulate the information in this letter among your friends.  E. M'Laren. Broom,  Hon. Sec, Ladies' Com.,  Canadian War Contingent Assoc.  Razors Arrive  flmn,  Tobacco Fund Mounting  The Pioneer's fund for the purchase of tobacco for the Canadian  troops received a very welcome  boost this week by the arrival of a  letter and money order from Palmer  J. Cook, formerly of this city, and  now foreman of the Granby company's Midas mine in Alaska. The  money on hand, exclusive of that  on the list at the local bank, now  amounts to $11.25. The letter follows:  "Enclosed please find P.O. order  for five dollars as a contribution to  the Tobacco Fund for the boys who  have offered their services for the  defence of justice and liberty, and  here's hoping they may live to see  the fruits of their loyal sacrifice.  $2.50 of this contribution is from  Robert G. Shaw, a Scotsman as the  name implies, but whose blood has  not changed although he has been  an American citizen for about t ven-  ty years. The rest -is from yours  truly."  The consignment of 56 razors  collected by the Pioneer and donated  by public-spirited residents of Phoenix and other parts of the Boundary,  were not long in arriving at their  destination, as the following letter  denotes:  Cutlers' Hall, Sheffield, Eng.,  Oct. 13th, 1915.  Dear sirs:���I am in receipt of  your letter of the 21st nil., and the  consignment of 56 razors which  came to hand this morning.  Will you please convey*my warm,  est thanks to the donors who have  so kindly contributed towards this  collection.  Although the response has been  very generous, there is still an urgent need for razors for the troops,  and I shall be pleased to receive any  further lots you may be able to  send.  I very much appreciate  the  interest you are taking in my appeal.  Yours faithfully,  W. H. Ellis.  Master Cutler  The  Store of Quality  Our New and Up-To-Date Premises Located  on First Street, Opposite the Queen's Hotel  When the  European   hemorr'iagei  has ceased. Bulgaria  will   look   like ' [  a dirty deuce in  a   wet   cuspidi r.-  V  .9     V-  ?n  V;  More men wanted for SSth Fusiliers I Greenwood Ledge.  -/������'���"'  FSeischmann's  Yeast  We are receiving- a Weekly  Supply of this Yeast. It is  both pure and complete,  not requiring-the addition  of either Potatoes or scalded Flour, and produces  the most wholesome as  well as the most economical Bread.  Bread in Three Hours  Place your Weekly standing order with us, which  will receive our prompt  delivery.  THREE CAKES FOR 10c.  !  fl ���w, >.*W7.'.*T.;*,..,*.MWv^,wv1.^;.\v.^t^  :*;i.^^;"VV;p,lY^';.,.V;Vw,**'^/;aH:vi  ffHE    PIONEEE,    PHOENIX,    BRITISH   COLUMBJA  ������'il;  I  ���il  ���'"��'���  <>^ -  .^"  NO JkLXJf*,  ��� P_A1N1-YV  water in the  forest Whis own, be-  might profit by  the foregoing story  cause of some alleged bargains-made  ��2f��W��ITE5T.  a  POWDER  by their ancestors'50Q years before?  "Do, they allow  a smartgahg of  mbnkey; lawyers   to   so   tangle   up  their conceptions  of ownership that  few    will    obtain    possession   of  evorything? ,;.    "  '  "Do they appoinfa few monkeys.  to  govern   them, -'and   allow   those  .appointed; monkeys to rob the tribe  and mismanage all its affairs?  "Do they build up a monkey colony, and then hand ovei* the land,  and the paths and the trees, and tbe  springs and the fruits, to a few  monkeys who sat on a big log and  chatted while the work was going  on."���-San Francisco Star,        ,  and just find but what that professor  means by his recent analysis of a  local,sulphur spring.: ,,  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  issued weekly  at Puoe.vix, British Columbia  Subscription, 2.00 per year      ���  2.50 to United States.  G. Kay, Publisher.  There are;   two -known'.'."English'  traitors  of the first class..   .One, is  Houston Chamberlain, the bitter foe  of democracy, and now the guest of  the kaiser in GermanyY;   The other  is   Frank  Harris,    an   absconding  bankrupt,  at  present   living in luxurious apartments in New York, the  rent of which- no  donbt is defrayed  for  a    consideration   by   his   newfound friend the kaiser.  AuVKimSIN'G SCAL-K  Application for Liquor Liconcc (IK) dayn) ..?5.00  Application for Transfer of Liccuco  $7.50  CertMcato of Impiovoinont (fiOdays)        $10.00  Application to PurchaHO Land notices (60 days)   $10.00  Doiiiunicnt Co-Ownorship notices DO days 825.00  Bjplicate Corliflcato of Title notices 88.00  ��nrds of Thanks, 50 cents.  Another legal advertisim*, 12 conts a line,  single column, for the first insertion; and 8  cents a lino for each subsequent insertion, nonpareil measurement.  Display ads $1.00 per inch, single  column, per month. Transient ads.  60c. per inch, per issue; subsequent insertions, 35c. per incb.  .According   to   the    statement   of  a prominent   official   of   the   Grain  Growers  Association,   the   price  of  wheat for   the   past   two  years has  been six cents per bushel cheaper in  the United   States  than  in Canada.  No one,   least  of  all   the  common  people, will object to this, providing  of course  that the Canadian farmer  has   received   a   profitable  price for  his product.   For  years he has commanded a price, and the people have  paid it, but now  comes the suggestion that   the government  let down  the   bars at   the   American   border,  not to let  the American  product in,  but to   allow   the Canadian product  to be  shipped   out   in  order  that it  may  be  sold   at  a   higher figure in  the market of the republic.     It will  be  seen   then   that   we  are' face to  face   with   a   deliberately    planned  scheme to  enrich   the  farmer at the  expense of the   common people, for  no wheat will   enter  this country if  the _^avernment    declares  for  The valuable statue of the ������Lyric  Muse" has been stolen from the art  collection at the Panama Exposition.  If it's,, anything, like that precious  ������"Mona Lisa," the thief ought to be  pensioned if he pitched it off the  Seal Rocks into the ocean.  The Cranbrook Herald suspended  payment last week. The ''boom  days" of "old man" Simpson's time  have passed into the mists of antiquity and those who have taken the  helm have been unable to keep the  old bark up to the wind.  free  The drainage will flow south.  No one appears to be safe these  days from Royal Commissions and  government inquiries. The Ontario  government has recently had a fit,  and ordered Mr. Justice Hodgins to  investigate the practice of the hum-  ble corn doctor.  Penticton wants an evaporating  plant. There used to be one in the  Parliament buildings at Ottawa,  three or four years ago. The directorate was finally bounced by the  shareholders.  SYNOPSIS OF COAL  MINING REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights of the Dominion,  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of the  Province of British Columbia, may be  leased for a term of twenty-one years  at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not  more than 2,660 acres will tie leased to  one applicant.  Application for a lease must be made  by the applicant in person to the  Agent or Sub-Agent of the distriet in  which the rights applied for are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must  be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections,, and in umrur-  veyed territory the tract applied for  shall be staked out by the applicant  himself.  Each application must bo accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A'royal-  ty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of-the mine at the rate of five  cents per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting fer the foil quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights are not being operated, snch returns should be famished at least once  a year.  The lease will include the coal mining I  rights only, but the lessee may be per-)  mitted to purchase whatever available  surface    rights   may   be   considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of 810.00 an a��re.  For full information application  should be mode to the Secretary of the  Department-of the Interior, Ottawa,  or to any Agent or Snb-AgerJt of Dominion Lands.  W. W. GORY,  Deputy Minister of thejnterior.  N.B.���Unauthorized   publication   of  this advertisement will not be paid for.  ���80890.  The Strathcoiia Hotel  NELSON, B.C.  Steam Heated Throughout  The Finest Accommodation for  the Travelling: Public.  DIN IN GROOM    SERVICE  UNEXCELLED.  Nine Well-Lighted  Samplerooms.  Phone 12  JAS.  MARSHALL, PROP.  Shoes that Fit!  We make a specialty of Miners'  Shoes; good fit, nice shape, and  nothing but the best of stock used  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  NICK PALORCIA,  Knob Hill Ave.        Phoenix, B.C.  ���"/  Our Own B.C. Bill Legree  A story highly reminiscent of the  days of "Uncle.Tom's Cabin," appeared   in   tbe.recent   issue of the  Grand Forks Sun,.and  certainly deserves  tbe  instant  attention of the  provincial    law   department.     The  story in question possesses the hallmark of  truth   and   unfolds  to   the  people of British Columbia the slavish attitude of the  Doukhobors towards their leader, or rather driver,  Peter Veregin, and the almost uncontrollable power he wields over their  individual destinies.    Veregin is alleged to haveordered about a dozen  girls into a barn, and there stripped  entirely mide, they were mercilessly  lashed with a  whip at  the hands of  this modern- British   Columbia Bill  Legree;    The  crime  for which   this  indignity was inflicted is said to  be  due to the reluctance of  the giris to  hand   into   the   common   fund   the  money they had earned by their own  labor.    For years now, this Veregin  has set   the laws of this country at  defiance and the time has arrived to  deal with   him   and   his   misguided  dupes.     Fines   are  of  no  use,' imprisonment for a month  or two is a  joke.    But once  let  the authorities  commence the  practice of deporting  the leaders  back   to Russia, and all  opposition   to   our   beneficent laws  will cease.  ���C."I was  an  hungered and   ye fed  me," said Sir William Mackenzie at  a   recent   banquet   in    Vancouver.  Quite true,   William.     Quite   true.  The  people   fed   you,   in  fact they  stuffed  you.    And   now  comes  the  reaction.    They  in  turn  are fed up  with you.    Six dollars per head was  a   heavy price   to   pay William  for  flooding clear  old   Canada with   the  offscourings of central Europe, and  mostly enemies at that.    We always  suspected  that  Canadian   Northern  steamship line of yours Bill, and but  for the fact   that valuable lives were  lost; each   of  whom  was  a   million  times more valuable to Canada than  ever you were   or   ever  will be, the  sinking of the Royal Edward   in the  Mediterranean  would  have  been   a  happy incident.  <#*    ��  _- - -  "Lt is time we forgot the local  names, and all responded to the one  great name of Britisher."���Major  Godson at Vancouver.  Hats off to Lethbridge, Alta.  Enrolled the men for a battery of  field artillery in one day.  ���An old country doctor once informed a court that the plaintiff was  treated for an ecchymosis around  the left eye and an abraision over  the abdomen. ,TSpeak plainly thundered the judge. You mean he got  a kick in the stomach and a punch  in the eye."    The   people  of Fernie  Her Sacrifice  .In Cornwall, England, there  an old widow lady who had six ^?ns  serving in the army, five of whom  she will never see again on this  earth. Recently she wrote to General Bethune, pleading "Do give  me back the sixth!" The officer in  reply wrote her, pointing out the  pressing need for the services of  every single man, and a short time  after he received a note from* her  which read: "Please keep him,  then." General Bethune related the  story at a recruiting rally at Reading.  i' " '  SUTTONQ  E EDO.  for garden erad farm ore best  for B.C.ooil Soo frtfclo&Wfor  :��� solid guarantor of purifar  ana gerxDJutientioii.  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(Section 24) '  In the matter of an application for duplicate Certificate of Title No. 13097a  issued to Ida B. Parry, covering North  West i of Section 6, and N.E. i of  Section 6, Township 66, Similkameen  Division, Yale District.  NOTICE is hereby given that it ia my  intention  at   the   expiration   of one  month from the date of first publication  hereof, to issue a duplicate Certificate  of Title covering the above lands to Ida  B. Parry, unless in the meantime I shall  r >ceive valid objection thereto in w it-  ii'g.  Da-ed at the Land Registry Offi ;e,  I ami oops, B.C., this 5th day of A' g-  U3t,. 1916.  C. H. DUNBAR, District Registrar.  When arriving in town ,v  subscribe for  it.    When  leaving  keep   your  subscription alive.   You may  want to come back again.  N  '���������  Advertisers should call  or write for our Advertising rate card. The local  paper is the local medium  for  local   business   men.  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The municipal owned bath houses  of Vancouver yielded a revenue this  year of $7262.      . V..-'  While hunting near Chilliwack,-  recently, J. T. Henley shot a pure  white squirrel.  The Imperial government pays  seven million dollars every week to  the dependents of soldiers and  sailors. ' ���  The Prince George Post has temporarily suspended'publication. The  editor is now learning how to riin  an airship.  The grand total of Canadian cas-  ulties up to September 30th, was  11,705. The Australian losses are  about 20,000.      '  Geo. E. Thompson of Kelowna.  has a Canadian Baldwin apple tree  that this year has produced sixty  boxes of fruit.  The Toronto Daily  News alleges  that Alvo von Alvansleben  is allowed    to   motor   to  and  fro   between  -Seattle and Vancouver.  Hop Chong, a Cranbrook Chinaman, has refused a refund of $57  war tax, wrongfully imposed on a  consignment of Chinese wine. He  requested that the money be devoted  for patriotic purposes.  After having received a sentence  of three years for embezzlement,  John McKinnon a former manager  of the Union branch bank in Hamilton, has been released on condition  that he enlist immediately for active  service.        - * ,  A little boy who was abandoned  by its^ parents or guardians, and  found on the steps of St. Patrick's  Cathedral, New York, has been  adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Shepard.  Mrs. Shepard was formerly Miss  Helen Gould'.  ���    Warburton   Pike,   the   celebrated 1|  big   game   hunter,   died  recently   in!  England.     He   did   much   in bring-ll    spent oh the construction of government roads  ing to   the   notice  6f European arid ��V    Y        ;���     ���      Y ��� ��� , ���-, %        , -r-�� j .*���   ^ ���   *_  American sportsmen the possibilities No locality is-better  served   with   railroads  than   the   Boundary district  of this country as'a field fo'r the big  game hunter.  *-'Just give   the  British' submarine  commanders   a target and . the  rest  is easy^      The  Liverpool Daily Post  has recently published a list of twen-ll  ty German   vessels sent   to   the bot-'*  torn of the   Baltic  between October  Cl'th and 23rd.  During the period from 1875 to  the year 1914; the Dominion government has   given   aid   to railways-  Probably no district in the Dominion of Canada possesses so great an array of  potentialities as the above. The mountains throughout its entire length and breadth,  are almost without exception mineraliferous, containing gold, silver, copper, iron and  other valuable ores,_ while in a few localities there are more than surface indications  of the presence of coal. _   ;:  FOREST AND  MINERAL WEALTH  ��� Its forest stretches are among the richest in the province, and what is of great  importance, easily accessable to river and railway. There is scarcely a square mile of  it that is not either equipped with high tension wires, or which could not be reached  by the expenditure of the smallest outlay. Not the least attraction from the point of  view of the investor, is the sites for water power, which abound in this district.  Just at present an immense amount of interest is  being  directed, to the recent  free gold discovery in Greenwood, while in the same district is to  be seen one of the  best equipped free gold properties in the west, a not inconsiderable asset in these days  of industrial depression and shrinkage of gold reserves.     It is in this district where is  situated the Bhoenix and Grand   Forks properties of the  Granby Consolidated, together with those of the British Columbia Copper company.    In the former camp, anil  surrounding it for miles on all  sides, are  acres  of crown-granted mineral claims, all ���  awaiting the advent of the investor.    The title deeds  to these properties, thanks to a  beneficent series of mining laws, are unimpeachable, and if proof is wanted  of the  statement, let us point to the.almost entire absence of mining litigation in the courts  of the province. . . ,  AGRICULTURE AND FRUIT-GROWING CENTRE  The possibilities of the Boundary  as an  agricultural and fruit-growing centre -  are also worthy of investigation, and  a visit   to  some .of  its   spendidly equipped orchards will pr6ve a revelation to the stranger.     The highways throughout the Boundary makes this section of the  province the motorists paradise, millions having,been  At  present this section  is served  by, two  of the  greatest systems on the continent, the  C. P. R. and Great Northern companies, while Within a few months the route tgthe   ^f  Pacific coast  will  be commercially curtailed  by the opening of the new  K. V. V.  branch of the former.  i  I. O. O. R,  Snowshoe Lod_re  No. 46  Meets   every   Monday   Evening-   at  i    ., . t *onn inn tio     ~, -   i Oddfellows'  Hall.     Visiting brethren  to the extent of $290,790,732.    Th.s cordittny *nvited. '  itogirfisGiJStoF'  (flfrt^^JSi-ffim-^Ift^  THE GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY  Bear the Great Northern in mind when contemplating a trip  to any point in United States or Eastern Canada.    We  represent all the Trans-Atlantic Steamship Lines  and are Booking British and Scandinavian dust  iness via Neutral Boat lines at attractive  prices. We sell Money Orders and  Transfer Money by Telegraph.  'Phone 43.  J.  V.   INGRAM, Agent.  PRINTING  is our business and we are  here to please you. The  next time that you   want  any Billheads, Letterheads, Envelopes, Statements, Circulars,  Cards, Dodgers���in fact, anything in PRINTING, phone 14  and we will  show you  samples : : :  THE PIONEER  The No  Is the only Typewriter tod y that .upplies real comfort automatically to the Operator���ada >ted for Doctors, Druggists, Merchants,  and in fact it is essential tc every business concern in B. C.  sum inclrides the capital of the two  g-overnment-owned lines amounting  to $111,956,203.  The king has placed the Upper  Lodge, a royal residence in Bushey  park, ten miles from London, at the  disposal of the Canadian medical  service. The house will be furnished and equipped by the Canadian  Red Cross society.  Arizona's alien labor law has been  knocked on the head by the United  States Supreme Court. The new  statute provided that employers  employing from five persons upward  must have eighty per cent of them  native-born Americans.  Mr. Richardson, a member of the  British House of Commons, who  has been, sent to Canada by the  government to recruit unemployed  coal miners to replace the English  and Scotch miners who have enlisted, reports that he has secured a  large number.  Von Bissing, the temporary governor of Belgium, is greatly troubled  because he cannot discover the  printing office of the newspaper,  "Belgian Liberty," the editor of  which sends him a free copy every  morning to read at breakfast time.  In spite of a reward of 75,000 marks  the whereabouts of the press have  never been betrayed.  The grand jury have thrown out  the charge of manslaughter against  Thomas Graham, Chief Mine Inspector, and J. H. TonRin, managing- director of the Pacific Coast  Coal company. The charge arose  out of an accident that brought  about the death of a number of  miners. In his customary charge to  the jury at the opening of the pssjz-  es, Mr. Justice Clement told hem  they were tlie "most irresponsible  body known in law,"  Victor Records  Our hall is for rent for dances, social  evenings, etc.  Adam Bloorufield, Noble Grand.  Thos. Lloyd, Fin. Secy.  Mark Rukin, Bee. Secy.  Daughters of Rebekah  Phoenix Lodge No. 17  Moots in the Oddfellows' Hall,  First and Third Wednesdays.  Mrs. Christine Elmgrcn, Noble Grand,  Mrs. Amy A..Cook, Secretary.  K. of P. Lodge  No. 28  Phoenix,  B. C.  Meets Tuesday Evening at 7.30.  Sojourning brothers cordially -welcomed.  Chas. Davidson, C. C.  C. H. Knight, K. of K. S.  PYTHIAN SISTERS  ���Mountain Temple Lodge No. 17  Moots in  Pythian Hall, Lower Town  Second and Fourth Thursdays.  Mrs. Win. Wills,  M.E.C.  Mrs. H. Tilton.  M.K.C.  FRATERNAL ORDER  OF EAGLES  Phoenix Aerie No. 158  Meets in the Oddfellows' Hall, Friday  Evenings, uLS p.m.  Visiting brothers arc always welcome.  RlCHAHI) .Butniihix, W. P.  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(IM��xt door to Pioneer Office)  High Class Portraiture, Amateur Finishing,  View Work, Portrait Framing, Enlarging,  Copying, etc. Ensign Cameras (British  Made) and Supplies. Remember, Only Three  Trips to 'Xmas.-Y  Will Be Here on Nov. 12th, 13th and 14th.  MINERS' UNION OPERA HOUSE  SATURDAY, NOV. 6, 1915  '.'The Sheriff's Story"���(B^^pf)  - .     ',,.:��� (The Hermit of Canyon Gulch  Arthur Geddes came in on Thurs  day's train from Spokane.  Charlie Allen, formerly of the staff  at the Big Store, left on Wednesday  for Wallace, Idaho.  Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Pierce, who  recently sold up their home, left on  Thursday for Rossland.  Born���At Phoenix, on Monday,  November 1st, to Mr. and Mrs. C.  M. Campbell, a daughter.  A warm wave about November  9th, and a cool 'tin on the 12th, is  the latest that Foster has to offer us.  Miss Huddard, of Grand Forks,  who was the guest of Miss Biner  for a few days, returned home on  Monday.  Miss Earl, sister of Mrs. Jas.  Kempston, paid a short visit to the  city this week, returning to Bridesville on Friday.  A. Patterson and P. Agostini,  who are in training with the troops  at the Forks, were up on a short  furlough over Sunday.  Miss Lily Oliver went over to the  Forks on Monday for a visit to Mr.  and Mrs. Mudge, before leaving for  her home at Crawford Bay.  The nomination of candidates for  officers in the Phoenix Miners'  Union, No. 8, will' take place on  Nov. 10th, 17th and 24th.  After a trip of three months, via  Cape Horn to Vancouver, a consignment of fine old Spanish sherry  and Portuguese port has arrived at  the Brooklyn hotel.  The friends of Adolph Sercu (the  redoubted Forepaw) "are filled with  pleasant anticipation awaiting his  return. Forepaw left on Friday for  a hunting trip up the main Kettle.  W. Walmsley, formerly in the  company's service at Trail, has now  tra rendered a fine program of music and all present have pronounced  the affair a thorough-going success.  Messrs. J. Leslie, T. Roberts, and  F. C. Riddle were the appointed  floor committee, and the refreshment arrangements were ably looked  after by R. Blundell, R. Fuller and  T.-.R. Clark.  W. Yolande Williams, formerly  consulting ���ngineer for the Granby  company, accompanied by E. Levy,  superintendent of the Josie mine at  Rossland, were in the camp for a  couple of days during the week.  While here the couple paid a visit  to the City of Paris mine, a property  situate on the Canadian side of the  Boundary line, and immediately adjoining the British Columbia Copper  company's Lone Star mine in Wash.  In the early days of Phoenix, some  very fine" ore was taken from the  "Paris," and the first ore smelted at  Grand Forks came-from it.  grafAnolas  $20 to $200  ��� AH the very Latest Song Hits always on Hand  QUANCE  PHOENIX, B;C.  The Right Method  The following directions for addressing mail to Canadian soldiers  on actual active service (not stationed in England) is issued by the P.O  department. The regimental number is as important as the name  and should be written in bold figures  at the left hand corner of the envelope:     ...  1 Regimental number   2 Rank and name............  3 Comp'ny, squadron or battery  4 Battalion or regiment .......  5 Canadian Contingent. . . . ....  6 Expeditionary Force .......  7 Army P.O., London   8 England.*   Mention    of   higher  formations,  such as brigades,  divisions, etc., is  strictly forbidden and causes delay.  Royal Billiard Parlors  BOBBIE TAYLOR, PROP.  Pipes, Cigars, Tobacco and Cigarettes  BEST BRAND ALWAYS ON HAND  Special Line of the Famous Lowney's Chocolates  Smokers'Supplies. Soft Drinks.  English Billiards.    Pool.    Bowling: Alleys  J^-l���J.J-JUJ. ���It.'.J \.j...  .-    "������'������ Y-_i'"jl__.-    ' ~k_,"_l" ���? A llassumed    charge    of    the   C.P.R.  Ham anOi  the Vlllian FaCXOry     llagency in Phoenix/   Mr. and  Mrs.  H    ^" . n 11 Walmsley" and   children' arrived re.  cently.    They were accompanied by  ,VJ_Christmas mail to the prisoners of  war, apd to the soldiers in the Dardanelles must be posted before the  13th of November. Christmas mail  to the expeditionary force in France  closes on November 27th, and the  mails to the United Kingdom close  on trie 12th of December. - "���  WINTER EXCURSIONS  TO  ���  Class by Rail; Saloon,  Second, 3rd Class on Ocean  Sales Dates Nov. 15 to Dec. 31���Limit 5 Months  Tickets via  "Cast Up By the Sea'-^o.^  "   ���    (A Thrilling Drama of the Sea���Kalem  y^Why Billings Was l__te"e~-��-  ^^ ��� '    . (I Must Catch That Train���Selig  Adults  15c.       Children 5c.  TUESAY, NOV. 9���"The Champion"  (Featuring CHARLIE CHAPLIN���In Two Acts  Recitation by Bobbie Owens���Selected  "Twice ReSCUed"���In Two Parts���Vitograph  THURSDAY, NOV. 11 ���'The Master Key1  Part 5 a'nd 6, Serial 3���With Another Feature and Comedy.  Adults    -      20c.       Children lOc.  PHOENIX BAKERY  W. WILLIAMS, PROP.  Doughnuts, Madeira Cake,  Lunch Cake for Sunday use  delivered on order every Saturday.   Give us a trial order.  CAKES MADE  TO  ORDER AT  MOST   REASONABLE   RATES  TELEPHONE 53  Extra Municipal Wholesale  Liquor Licence  NOTICE.  Church Services  St. Andrew's Church (Presbyterian)���Service,' Sunday,* Nov. 7th,  at 7.30 p.m.; Sunday school at 2.  All welcome.     Rev. J. R. Munro.  St. John's Church���-Tomorrow,  Sunday, Nov. 7th: Matins and Holy  Communion at 11 a.m. Sunday  school at 2.30 and 3 o'clock.���Rev.  R.  D.   Porter.  The stated services aj^the Church  of Our Lady of Good Counsel are as  follows���Second and. fourth Sundays  in the month: Mass at 10 a.m.;  SurTday school after mass; Evening  -ervice at 7.30. -Rev. Father Dom.  Dorval.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that  on the 25th day of November next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for the  grant of an Extra Muuicipal Wholesale Licence for the sale of liquor in  and upon the premises known as the  Phoenix Brewing Co., Ltd., Phoenix,  B.C.  Dated this 16th day of Oct., 1916.  DAN BINER,  Phoenix Brewing Co., Ltd.  HAVE YOU WEAK LUNGS?  Do colds settle on your chest or in your  bronchial tubes? Do coughs hang on, or  are you subject to throat troubles ?  . Such troubles should have immediate  treatment with the rare curative powers  of Scott's Emulsion to guard against  consumption which so easily follows.  Scott's Emulsion contains pure cod liver  oil which peculiarly strengthens the res-  i.'ratory tract and improves the quality of  -1 he blood; the glycerine in it soothes and  .'ltaJs the tender membranes of the,throat.  Scott's is prescribed by the best special-  ists.    You can get it at any drug store.  Scott & Bowne, Toronto, Ont.  RUSSEL'S CIGAR STORE  Up-To-Date Line of  CIGARS, PIPES AND  TOBACCOS  OF   THE  HIGHEST GRADES  First-Olass Billiard  Table  Your Patronage Solicited  THOS.  RUSSELL,  PROP.  NEXT DOOR TO DRUG STORE  SKATING RINK FOR RENT  Mrs.   Walmsley's parents, Mr. and  Mrs. Alty.  N. J. Carson was in   receipt of a  letter from  his   son   Harry,   who  is-  with the expeditionary army "somewhere in France." He states that  he applied for permission to spend a  few days in the advanced trenches.  The permit was granted and Harry  writes of his surprise at the comfortable places the fellows had dug" out  for themselves.  jiave you any corset troubles?  If so, let Spirella service cure them.  Comfort and perfection of style.  Boned with the indestructible Spirella stay, the mo*��t pliable and resi-  lent corset boning*: known. Guaranteed not to break or rust in one  year of wear. .Have your measurement taken now. See samples at  Mrs. F: E. Fraser's.  The local clerks are wearing  smiles that-would defy an emory  wheel to efface. They are informed  that the weekly half-holiday which  they have enjoyed during the summer, will be continued during the  winter season. The exceptions; will  be Christmas week, or when pay  day falls on a Wednesday, or in the  event of another holiday being declared.  During an intervalat a social held  in the Scandinavian. Hall, on Satur.  day last, Algo.t Larson, on behalf of  the members of the S.H. and E.F.  ;ind the ladies of Fjeltopen Lodge,  presented Mr. and Mrs. Antone  Sartome, with a couple of very  handsome wedding presents. That  from the first-named lodge, was a  fine cut glass water set with a silver  tray suitably engraved. The other  gift was, a .silver tureen with   tray.  J. E. Goddard, an expert plumbing and   heating   engineer   of many  Plumbing and Heating  Engineer.  J. E. GODDARD,  '.-���' '      (LATE OF VANCOUVER)   '  All kinds of New or Repair work  promptly done. No work too  large; none too small. If it is a  Stove, Drain'or Gasoline Engine  ���I can fix it. Your patronage  solicited.      ______  Orders can be left at J. Pickthall's  Residence,, below Stemwinder.  Montreal, Quebec,  Halifax,   St.   John,       Boston or New York  OR GOOD VIA ONE ROUTE RETURN  ANOTHER  Rates, SailingsrBorth Reservations, Tickets from any agent Canadian Pacific Railway or write:  J. S. CARTER, District Passenger Agent, Nelson, B.C.  r  NOTICE.  Householders and Trade License  Holders who wish their names placed  on the City Voters list should make  their declaration before undersigned at  City Hall, on or before Oct. 31, 1016.  W. X. PERKINS, City Clerk.  NOTICE.  Tax Payers who wish to take advantage of the rebate allowed should  pay. in their City or School Taxes on  or before Oct. 31st, 1915. After this  date the full amount will be charged  against propel ty.  W. X. PERKINS, Collector.  Miscellaneous  private  Apply  years   practical  experience,   arrived  Bids will be received 'for the rent-  in the ^ from the coast on Thurs"  day. Mr. Goddard comes highly recommended, and announces that he  is prepared to execute all kinds of  ���work incidental to his business. Oc-  ders may be left at the Pickthall  residence, below the Stemwinder  mine.  The members of Phoenix Aerie,  F-atenml Order of Eagles, were t'le  h.'Sts on Friday of last week tea  la *ge number of their friends. Tie  oi casion took the form of \ dac a  with supper.    The Ironsides orches-  ing of the Phoenix Skating Rink,  for the season of 1915-16, up to  November 1st. Those wishing to  rent same may apply for further  particulars to tbe undersigned,  GEO. W. ROGERS, Sec.  Box 264, Phoenix, B.C.  "Rough on Rats" clears out  Rats, Mice, etc.    Don't Die in the  House.     15c. and 25c  Country Stores.  at Drug and  Girl    wants   position    in  family   or   as chambermaid  Pioneer office.  Two houses oh New York Town.  sile for rent or sale; one six-roomed  house on Brooklyn avenue for sale.  Apply, G. W. McAuliffe.  Pre-emption for Sale.���160 acres  on Nicholson Creek; new cabin; several acres slashed"; $150, or nearest  offer.���Address letters care Pioneer.  :For. Sale���The well-known Cottage rooming house; the building is  well furnished, and will be sold very  cheap. See me as to terms.���M. H.  Kane, city.  For Sale���9 milk cows, 1 half-  blood Holstein bull, 4 years old, 10  calves, 10 2-year-old steers and  heifers.���Apply to Robert Brown,  Ferry, Wash., or Andrew Sater,  Greenwood, B. C.  Twenty years' experience in English, French, Swiss and American  watch repairing. Satisfaction guaranteed. Charges reasonable. Leave  orders at Union* Cigar store, j*r the  Phoenix stage  wood.  Victor Victrolas  See our Display this week. Victrolas at $21.00, $66.50 and  $102.00 are splendid values. The latest Dance Music and  the Newest Songs, etc., always at your command.  This  Machine  for  $21  This Machine  E. A. Black, jeweler  _H_H___H__KD__K_a_____________i_ra_m  Carl Adeneur, Green-  Get "More Money" for your Foxes  Muskrat, White Weasel, Beaver, Lynx, Wolves,  Marten and other Fur bearers collected in your section  STITP YOUR FURS DIRECT ��o "��!HUnERr ttie largest  house In the World dealing exclusively in NORTH AMfcltlCAN RAW FURS  :i reliable���responsible���safe Fur Hom;-" with an miWemisliecl reputation existingfor "more than ntn'r vif acem Jry." a Ion K successful record of sendlnK 1'ur Shippm * romtv ,S. ��T1 SPACTOKY  AND I,ROl''rT,j\'JLR returns. Wrie or 'i.Clic ; jlw )trt fi>f)lppcr,"  the only reliablo. accurate market re >��� t and pr -el st published  Write tne It���NOW -   t'�� *���"���� E  A. B. SHUBERT, Inc. [if ^C^SS&'SSWSS  II  nO-iTPu mtrmftmtvi,  M��rf-��l��ftS_^  ^;:*^p4*';^_rc;.at*>7:yA*<'^Wfi,''.���"'.���t?'������  ^^���^*��ifr^f)g^tfffity^��r;&?��*^ns;A


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