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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal May 7, 1910

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 & 1  ������^       MAY 10 1910  aa  ;\  \^^ctoria\J  W   As The Pioneer goes to Press (Friday 9 p.m.) a Special  pr/"   wire states that King Edward VII. is dead.  Eleventh Year.  PHOENIX, 'BRITISH COLUMBIA,   SATURDAY.; Al AV  7,1910  anaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaB^^  No. 24  Mon e y ? S a,y i n g  iVl)  The Portals of Opportunity to Advantageous  Merchandising in Phoenix are Opened*   READ THIS CAREFULLY   As announced in last week's issue of this paper, we will take  over the business of the Hunter-Kendrick Co. on May 15th.  We will also continue our business in the Lower Town, and we are sure  that Customers will find this arrangement convenient in making their purchases.  We want to give our reasons for enlarging our business.  Everyone knows that during the past two years the prices of provisions have  been on the upward trend, and it is'also a fact that the Grocer is making less profit  out of the high prices than he .was when lower prices prevailed. The only  solution that we could see was to buy nearer the point of production���to cut out  the middleman's profit���and the only way we can do this is to be able to buy in  large quantities, and be our own wholesalers.  By the acquisition of the Hunter-Kendrick business, we will have a large  volume of business, larger than any other firm in Southern British Columbia.  We will buy direct from the point of production or manufacture, and can sell our  goods for less than lias been possible by the two stores, and net more profit yearly  for ourselves. Not only in our buying- will we save money, but we can conduct the  two stores under one management with !a smaller proportion of expense, and still  give you as good service as either store has in the past. '���  Remember���you will be treated just as well as if a number of stores were in  opposition to us. We will'accommodate''our patrons to as great an extent as" either  of the two firms have. We kwill do everything to give you satisfaction, for we  realise that only by doing so, and selling you goods at lower prices, can we hold  your confidence, and it is only by doing the large volume of business that we -can  make the low prices.  We are pleased to announce that our great buying facilities, will  enable us  to make the following reductions effective on  May 15th.    The goods  are now in  transit.    Note carefully the two store prices, and our new price, and your percentage of 'saving..;-"��� ;Th'is is';only a partial list.'-    Other reductions will be made in the  .future.   ".���"'���:"  -'.'.-���. -; Old Price  v Our Price Saving  50 lb. Five Roses Flour  50 lb. Royal Household Flour   -  50 lb. Robin Hood Flour    -"-  50lb. Our Best Fiour:;.,^.,,,',^:.,-..;^..  20 lb. Sack Sugar        -      -  1001b. Sack Sugar   t y%    ���-",��� ���"���-������  101b. Rolled Oats     I ?- '    -      -  40 lb. Rolled Oats       V     -  5 lb. Pails Lard      -       -      -      -  JO lb. Pails Lard   -       -       -  Ganned Beans and Corn  1001b. Sacks Flour       .       -      -  Bacon     -       -       -       -  "..".'.-'.      :  Canned Tomatoes7     -  Hams      -       -      -       -      -      -  Lemons -      -      -       -i    ._-.    : -  Apples    -       -  Tartan Maple Syrup, per gallon  Potatoes -      -       -     < -      -  $2.15  $190  12 per ce  2.15  1.90  12  ��  2 15  1.90  12  u  2.15  1.75  20  ��  1.50  1.40  7  ��<  7.00  6.75  4  tt  :   .45  .40  12  *t  2.oo  1.75  12  it  1.25  1 .15  9  tt  2.50  2.25  10  if  .15  12  15  tt  4.25  3.75  12  tt  .28  .27  4  l*  ���20  3 for 50c  15  i*  .25  .24  4  it  .50  .40  20  tt  .8  .6  .25  tt  1.75  1.50  .15  . tt  1.50  1.25  .18  �����  We will announce new prices on Butter as soon as our arrangements are  completed with the Creameries. The above are the principal reductions, and you  will notice they affect articles of every day use. You will find that your grocery  bill will average an easy 8 per cent, less than heretofore.  Later on we will take over the Dry Goods and Furnishings Business of  Hunter-Kendrick Co., and this, with the addition of our large Hardware Stock,  will make the most complete stock under one roof in the country.  We trust to be favored with a continuation of business from patrons at both  stores.  AND COMPANY  Grocers and Hardware  WESTERN BRANCH  MINING .INSTITUTE  GRANBY SMELTER  IN FULL BLAST  Will Meet in Grand Forks on Entire Battery of Eight Fur-  Thursdayi May'^ 26  The eighth general meeting of members of the western branch of the  Canadian Mining Institute will, be opened  at Grand  Forks,  on   Thursday,, afternoon, May 26, when: routine  business  will be transacted and   several, papers  having    particular    reference ; to   the  Boundary , read  and  discussed.    The  director  of  the  geological  survey ��� of  Canada (R. VV. Brock) has courteously  given permission to   Messrs. C. E. Le-  Roy and L. Reinecke,   staff geologist!:,  to take part   in the proceedings,  and  the former will contribute some  notes  on the geology of Phoenix camp, while  the latter will take the West  Fork  of  Kettle River  as  his-subject.    Other  papers expected  are, respectively,  on  the   early   history  of  mining  in  the  Boundary,   the  electric   power  transmission   system   of  the  district,  and  probably some notes concernirg local  transportation   facilities.    The   chairman ot the branch,'.'W." Fleet   Robertson,  provincial  mineralogist,   will   endeavor to attend the meeting,: arrangements   for   holding   which  are .being  made- by   the   branch   secretary,   E-  Jacobs,  of Victoria."'.'Incidentally,  it  may here be mentioned  that as a result of action taken by the branch upon  a resolution submitted at the   meeting  held in Vancouver on':February. 25,'by  A. G. Langely,  haying  for its  object  the provision of facilities for telegraphic  communication   with ��� Stewart,:. at  the  head of Portland: Canal,   the  sum   of  $16,000 for this purpose has been ; included in the Dominion supplementary  estimates and it is stated that an effort  will be made; to establish telegraphic  communication with Stewart during the  current year.  naces Operating  The entire battery of eight furnaces  at the Granby smelter has been in  operation all this week, consuming  around. .4000 tons of ore per day.  During the week 27,675 tons ore were  smelted, which constitutes a new record  at the big reduction works. On only  one or two occasions before have all  the furnaces been in operation together, and then only for a day or two,  for experimental purposes.  On Tuesday about 4,200 tons were  smelted, an average of over 560 tons  per furnace in 24 hours. The furnaces,  however, are not being run at full capacity. It is understood that better  values can be obtained by operating  at normal.' ������'���������-  Based on these returns the Granby  company is making copper at the  rate of 30,000,000 pounds per annum.  Boundary Mining Notes  THE MUSICAL EVENT  OF THE SEASON  Drilling continues at the Argo tunnel  at Greenwood with prospects bright  ening.- .    ...  The big Greenwood-Phoenix tunnel  is progressing at the rate of about six  feet, per day.      , ,. ...  Good headway is being made on the  construction of the tramway at the No.  7;mine. A large force, is. now em  ployed at-the property.-   . ;.  R. H. Stewart, manager of the mines  of the.Consolidated Mining and Smelting company, was in town , from Ross  land this, week inspecting operations at  the Snowshoe and No. 7 mines.  Local promoters of the the Riverside mine on the West Fork visited the  property last week and took a number  of samples for assaying.; The results  have : been highly, satisfactory. The  property is in shape for  shipping   with  GREAT NORTHERN'S  COAST-KOOTENAY RY.  Construction Will Be Pressed  to the Limit  James J. Hill, Louis Hill, president  of the Great Northern,"Howard Elliott,  president of the Northern   Pacific and  a  party   of  eastern   capitalists  visited  Vancouver last Saturday to  look   over  the proposed   terminal   site   on   False  creek and the situation generally.  The  Great Northern railway magnates staled  that   work   on   construction ' on    the  Coast Kootenay line would be pressed  to the limit of the   labor   market.    It  would be only a few  years  before  his  company would have a direct Canadian  line between Winnipeg and Vancouver  tapping Calgary and other centres en  route.   He spoke most enthusiastically  concerning the prospects of the  province, saying his experience  had taught  him   to expect that in the next  few  years there would be an unprecedented  rush to this section on account of. its  many and   varied  resources; all now  only   waiting  development   and   easy  means of access.  As to Vancouver he said the future  of the city as one of the greatest ports  on the Pacific was beyond question.  Within the next fifteen years he expected it to have a population ol half  a million people. The party left that  afternoon to inspect the new property  in Oregon.  BRITISH COLUMBIA  REPRESENTATION  Controls  Directorate of New  Dominion Company"  The possibility of a contest for���.con-  trol of the New Dominion Copper at  the stockholders' meeting in June has  been eliminated through the resignation  of Directors Lewisohn and Julius Sus-  man representing the Lewisohn and  General Development interests.  Charles A. Starbuck, a director of  the British Columbia Copper has been  elected to All one of the vacancies,  while E. Summerfield will temporarily  fill the other.. Through the election  of these two men the British Columbia  Copper which has for some time owned  53% of the New Dominion, comes  into complete control of the directorate  of the New Dominion Co.  The directors of the New Dominion  Copper now are: Newman Erb, F. L.  Sommer, C. A. Starbuck, E. Summer-  field, N., Bruce M'Kelvie, Judge VV.  W. Foster and John A. Schleicher.  BalM New Warehouse  The    Morrin-Thompson    company  commenced on   Monday the  erection  of a warehouse on the corner of   First  and   Knob  hill   avenue.    The  PrecutattM tt Rafcert Prater  Robert S. Fiaser, who has been  connected with Granby mines for some  years as shiftboss, and latterly has  been in poor health, left on Monday  to spend the'summer on'his ranch  near Spokane. On Saturday afternoon  a number of the employees at the  Granby presented Mr. Fraser with a  purse of gold. ,-;.-,.  Oalag tt- Pen  - W. Anderson, civil and .mining engineer of Vancouver has gone to Peru  1 street   and   Knob  hill   avenue.    Thel to report upon , nydro^iectric  power  building will be a  single  storey .truc-l achemVfor ihe,Cerio de Pasco Mining  } mre 25 feet wide by   50 feet long, ��n��1 coinpany) o{ wHcVl A. B. w. Hodges.  will be used by the company for.storing^ iate o{ lhi Granby company, is general  manager.  their   heavy   hardware,   building   material, etc.   G. W. Rumberger is super  intending construction.  REBEKAHS INSTITUTE  AND ENTERTAIN  Jessie      Madachlaa     Company I 5���� Jons on the .dump, andthe owners/ Red  Here Next Wednesday  There is a treat in store for the  concert-going people of Phoenix next  Wednesday evening, when Miss Jessie  Maclachlan, one of the greatest ballad  singers of her sex, will appear with her  excellent company in the local opera  house. She has charmed thousands  with her brilliant rendering of Scottish  songs and she has well earned her  reputation as "Scotland's Queen of  Song." There is nothing finer- than  her interpretation of Scottish song, and  Phoenix should.respond readily* to the  opportunity now presented to them to  hear such songs as will long live in  theii memory.  Since her last visit to Canada Miss  Maclachlan has toured Australia, New  Zealand and Tasmania, and in every  place visited by her on that tour she  met with a perfect ovation. The press  representatives were of the unanimous  opinion that no artist in the last fifty  years, has created so profound an impression or met with so enthusiastic a  reception. Miss Maclachlan has been  singing in her native land lately, and  those who have heard her state that  she is in splendid voice. Miss Maclachlan is supported by an all-star company, consisting of Craighall Sherry,  one of the funniest of all Scottish entertainers, and he is as versatile as he  is funny; Barnaby Nelson is a young  tenor robusto with a magnificent voice,  coupled with artistic temperament.  His repertoire is extensive and varied,  and whether he sings from ihe classics,  a popular ballad or a Scotch folk song,  he is sure to delight his audience.  Last but by no means least, is the  pianist and accompanist, Robert Buchanan, and in no small measure is the  success of the concert due to his artistic and sympathetic accompaniments.  Reserved seats are now on sale at T.  Brown's.  All who are fond of really good  singing, and that should embrace  nearly everybody in the city, should  endeavor to be present, and not only  enjoy an artistic concert, but encourage  the really  good   events   at   the   local  playhouse.   Dancing School  W. Bradford Marks begs to announce that he is opening a school of  dancing in Miners' Union hall for one  term only, and those who are desirous  of taking advantage of this opportunity  are requested to see him at once. It  is intended to give a dance every even  ing.  are looking forward to the construction  of the Kettle Valley railway, which will  run close.to the property. ..  The returns of the British Columbia  Copper company for the month of  March are particularly gratifying.  During that month the production  amounted to 89 r,419 pounds of copper,  2623 ounces of gold, and 9191 ounces  of silver. This is an increase in the  red. metal of over 200,000 pounds in  excess of January and February. Silver  production also increased about 20 per  cent, and gold 5 per cent.  The strike situation affecting the  British Columbia Copper company remains unchanged. Only a limited  number of men returned to' work, so  that no shipments are being made from  Mother Lode mine and the smelter is  out of commission. At the smelter,  however, the company has a score or  more men at work, and is availing itself of the oppoitunity to make necessary repairs. A small force is working  at the Oro Denoro mine, but no shipping is being done. At the Jackpot  mine the regular force coihtinues on  development work.  The Granby and Snowshoe mines  were the only ore shippers in tne  Boundary this week, the Mother Lode  and Oro Denoro being off on account  of the labor troubles. Following are  the mine and smelter returns for tbe  week and year to date:  Week Year  Granby mines    24,478 450,528  Snowshoe 3.140 64,390  Mother Lode  140,905  Oro Denoro  4.59��  Sally  32  Golden Eagle  120  27,618    660,565  SMELTER TREATMENT  Granby    ...27,675    433.64'  B.C. Copper       139,060  Pbocalcl&n la Alberta  Hugh Reed, formerly ol Phoenix,  now of Lacombe, Alberta, writing to  the Pioneer to renew his subscription,  under date April 8th, says: "I am  still interested in the Boundary. This  is a great country, I assure you; the  farmers have been working in the fields  since March 14. Today is like summer,  and yet I often long to be back among  the mountains."  Letter Session  on  nesday Evening'  I he Phoenix Rebekah lodge had a  red-letter session in the Odd Fellow  hall Wednesday evening, when a score  of candidates were admitted, including  several from Grand Forks. There was  a good attendance and the local degree  team were highly complimented on the  splendid work put on. Miss Bacon,  president of the provincial assembly,  was present and gave an excellent address. At the conclusion of the  lodge proceedings, refreshments were  served after which those present enjoyed dancing for an hour.  Among those present were: Mr.  and Mrs. E. Spraggett, Miss Spraggett,  Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, Miss Miller, W.  Downey and J. Falconer, of Grand  Forks; Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Fleming  and Miss Murray, of Greenwood. ���.  Mrs. James Marshall was the hostess  of an enjoyable whist party at the  Hotel Brooklyn Thursday afternoon,  given in honor of Miss Bacon, president of the Rebekah assembly. The  invitation list was confined to sisters of  the order. At whist Mrs. Rl K.  Morrison, won the leading trophy,  while Mrs. J. F. McDougall captured  the consolation prize, both receiving  beautiful souvenirs of the occasion. A  dainty luncheon was also served.  This afternoon local Rebekahs will  entertain Miss Bacon in a drive to  Boundary Falls, the president remain  ing" at Greenwood to visit the lodge  there. It is expected a lodge ot Rebekahs will shortly be instituted at  Grand Forks.  In addition to their coal and metal  mines and smelter, the company owns  and operates  its   own railroad.    It is  with the view   of electrifying this railroad, and using   electric  power -wber-  TJPVA. I ever possible in the various industries,  that the installation of a hydro-electric  plant is contemplated.  Mr. Anderson is a member of the  firm of Anderson and Warden of Vancouver. Prior to going to that city  Mr. Anderson was chief engineer for  the West Kootenay Power and Light  Co., having entered the employment  of that concern when it absorbed the  Cascade Power and Light Co., in which  he held the position of manager and  chief engineer for about eight years.  Mr. Warden was also a mining engineer for the Canadian Pacific Railway  for three or four years after having  been engaged as engineer with the War  Eagle and Centre Star mines in Rossland for three years, and with the  Silver Cup mine at Ferguson, as superintendent. More recently he was superintendent engineer for the Nicola  Valley Coal and Coke Co. at their  Middelsboro collieries for two and a  half years resigning from that position  last fall to take up private practice in  Vancouver.   ���  Bays Land al Midway  G. W. Patterson of Vancouver   has  acquired 300 acres of ranch   land near  Midway.    He   intends   installing   an  ��� J irrigation system this summer.  Boundary Prlnlen' Meet  The Boundary union printers were  in solemn conclave at Grand Forks on  Sunday morning���Ed Rowland representing the Boundary Creek Times;  J. H. Willcox, the Greenwood Ledge;  J L. Meikle and C. D. Pearson, the  Grand Forks Gazette: and G Kay and  T. A. Love, the Phoenix Pioneer.  The ritualistic services were conducted  by the "358" typo officiary within the  precincts of the Gazette sanctum, after  which the tisiting knights of the stick  and rule were given the freedom of the  Gatewaycity and entertained by Messrs.  Meikle and Pearson. The big reduction works were inspected, Mr. Clark  piloting  the visitors  through  the   25 ,  000 horse power depot. A master  printers' dinner followed, everything  being served a la 72 point slugs,   with  j labor-saving rules and regulations. The  ���'post-moitem" will be held in Phoenix  1 early in June.  Presented With Locket  John C. Tait left on Tuesday for  Junea, Alaska, to accept a lucrative  position with a mining company. On  the evening prior to his departure  members of Snowshoe lodge, No. 46,  I.O.O.F., of which Mr. Tait was a  past noble grand and active officer, presented him with a beautiful gold watch  chain and a locket mounted with the  three-link emblem and suitably engraved.  WILL GO OVER WEST  FORK RAILWAY ROUTE  And Make a Report on General  Conditions  W. P. Tierney, head of the railway  contracting firm of that name, was in  the city yesterday from Nelson in connection with railway matters in the  Boundary. He inspected the Wellington branch which is now practically  completed. The steel is laid and the  ballasting crew will shortly reach the  Jackpot mine.  Mr. Tierney looks for the early commencement of construction work on  the west fork of the Kettle river. In  order to facilitate matters when work  begins G. O. Tierney and J. F. Lin-  berg will leave on Monday and make  a trip over the route to size up the  situation and make a general report on  conditions obtaining. It is expected  the dirt will be flying in the course of  a month.  i^-vl^&Sw&ifaS  a*wa��i!W^I^A)aisy>wrt. >*   i4,r>  ^^ViMSfflfeaisa  : ;*iVt��J"ii"ja��*5|iii'W*��i..1 SSfefflBSSSB  ��B=st  PHOCNIX PIONEER, PHOENIX, B.C.  ii         ���  SEALED LEAD PACKETS'ONLY  The native purity   and   garden  freshness of  is preserved by the use of sealed lead packets.   ��� Black, Mixed and Natural Green, 40c, Cue, 60e and 70c per lb. ������  PROVINCIAL.  i  The Phoenix Pioneer  And Boundary Mining Journal,  latOSD UK l��TO��D*Y�� BY TDK  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  at raoemx.��. c  _ .   > < Buatnew office No. 14.  Telephone* | Mon��ger'��re��ldence, No. is.  ���     ro���CI UTtOK    i��T ADVaKC*.  rer Tear.....'.....��� **���������  ���life Vontlii...wl -  '���**  Totke United Stated, per yft ��J��  - TVALFRED LOVE. Mahaock.  Saturday, May 7, 1910  -.< CttSat't PraaaaotUa Cenrncr-Cenertl  ,vAa interesting<sketch<of<'EarI Car-  '��� rington.wbo will likely" be1 the  next  -GovernorGerieral ofr Canada, appeals  in May Busy Man's.  Perhaps it .is his sincere kindliness  and spontaneous geniality that constitute lord Carrington's chief assets  " as a person in the public eye.    In the  ' House of Lords many, a tedious debate  ' \i'enlivened by his welcome merriment; I  "'6nlthe1 country platforms,' and- at Na-  THB COMING- OF  HALLEY'S COMEJT  Halley's comet���it's  tail, anyway���  will be in our midst on May 18th.  None of us, not even the astronomers, know just what it will be like  when we get our baptism of tail. But  we do know how the blamed old  thing is stef. ping off space in its 10,-  000 league boots, and therefore we can  tell pretty accurately when it will ar  rive, and the hours we can see it and  such like.  The comet rises in the east at 3 47  a.m. upon May 17. "the day before."  It will then be rushing at Us at a fearful rate of nearly r00,000 miles an  hour, while we are at the same time  speeding, at alrmst right angles to  cross its path, at a pace over half that  fast. The comet's head will then b"  about 12,000,000 miles from us, with  its great tail of gaseous light streaming  out across our orbit, or path, and  steadily coming nearer to our earth.  This tail will cause all the harm, if  there be any, for the chances % of the  comet's head hitting us are, scientists  tell us, lesi than 1 in 281,000,000.  With every tick of the clock the  fiery tail will be swept 26 miles nearer'  us. The comet,will be still facing the  sun, around which it circled April 19th  Work will be commenced this week  on ihe new post office at Vernon.  G. H. Casey has resigned the secretaryship of the Kossland Miners' union.  J. C. Dobson of Trail will assume  the management of the Grand Pacific  hotel at Kamloops.  The first agricultural fair in the  Boundary country will be held this  autumn ut Midway.  The congregation of Christ Church,  Anglican, will erect a handsome new  church at Fernie.  A $120,000 fish curing and refrigerating plant is to be established at Seal  Cove, Prince Rupert  An up-to-date cement block building  will be erected at Summerland on the  site of the Empire hall.  The office of the deputy mining re  corder for the Greenwood division has  been moved to Rock Creek.  Sterling and Pitcairn have leased the  Peachland fruit cannery for the season  and will operate it to the limit of its  capacity  The party locating the Great Northern survey between Or'oville, Wash.,  and Penticton expect to complete their  work shortly.  Hazelton is the centre of the larg  est packing camp in the world.' One  pack train operates out of that camp  with 135 animals.  .John Houston's Tribune is to have  competition "it-Fort George,-E.^ A.  Haggen, late'of Revelstoire having decided to also-enter-thcfield.  Neil Mackay, M.P.P. for Kaslo,  who is moving to' the coast was ��� presented with a gold watch and chain by  his constituents last Saturday.  Special telegrams from the < north  state that the steamer'Port'Simpson  was successfullylaunched'on'April si,  and the Hazelton��� on April 23.  Last season's work 'at the' Skeena  River   hatchery   was very successfu1  The Great Northern hotel at Kaslo  dropped four feet from its supports  People were sleeping in the building  at the time but no one was hurt.  The report that the Canadian Pacific railway will electrify" the Crows  Nest Pass line is revived by the incorporation of a company capitalized at a  million dollars to develop power from  the Pend d'Oreille river.  Fire destroyed the   Deschamps sawmill, planing mill and   yards  near the  city of  Rossland   recently.    The saw  mill and the  planer  were  under  one  roof, and the fire started on the mof of  the planer, the entire   plant   being de  stroyed, together with   1,000,000   feet  of dry lumber in  the   yards, ready  for  shipment.    The loss   is  $35,000, the  insurance carried amounting 10 $8,000  Lovers of good  shows should   not  fail to bear in mind the fact that Jessie  Maclachlan   and   her   grand   Scottish  concert company will  be in   Phoenix  on the evening  of  Friday,   May   n.  Miss    Maclachlan    is   recognized   as  "Scotland's Queen of Song," and is a  master  both   in   English   and   Gaelic  compositions.  TALES   FROM  THE   WONDERFUL  WEST  It isJSasy. Enough to Be Pleasant  When Monday Goes By. Like a Dream  When the Labor is Light,  The Linen is White,  And You're Not Chocked to Death ���  By The Steam.  It is Easy  to  Banish Your Troubles  With Royal Crown Soap for a Friend,  .'Tis The Best in the West:  And We  Beg to  Suggest ;  You Can Also, at All Times���Depend  Got$e.f^W6st" Washing Powder  It Cleanses���rPurifies���^Beautifies;  ii.,"v,x.��� ^CA.nd;'The Preniixims are Fine;   : -  DRAYING  Of all  kiiiiln  promptly  attendoi  to.    Rapid ExpruBH and Bandage  Tiansfer.   Careful attention lo 1!  orders. , x,     Phone AflP  JAHES CI. HcKEOWN  A. S^ HOOD,  Fire, Life and  General Agea. .  Acclden Insurance.  Bank Block, Phoenix, B.C.  Matthew's Barber siiop  POR   AN. UASY   SHAVE  \ND STYLISH  HAIRCUT  BATHS?  IN  CONNECTION  (Dealgu Protected by Copyright)  Upon  that date it was going at theLver four million sockeye'eRgs>Jhaving  �� rt      ~ *. ���... 1   . aa .)����__._    . J ,___!! _���  , iUnn     1 at  Tkr.  greatest speed, 1878 miles per minute,  and but 54,000,000 miles from the  sun.  tiona. Liberal Club banquets* his' jests  we inimitable.  Apart from the seiious  viewpoint of his mission���and   not for  * a moment is that serious purpose abandoned���perhaps his special function is  ' L that of softening the asperities ofpro-  - vincial Radicalism, and of convincing  ,11 disappointed aspirants after social'fame  that a peer  may  really   be a   good  fellow. '  " .,   /   \[  '' In bis young'days, when  he proved  ' himself to'be one of the  most. charm  '   ing and pleasant young  men' of * the  court, Lord'Carringtou was' chosen, to  ' accompany the'' King, then   Prince of  ''"Wales, onL'his "famous  tour  through  ,J  India:/And"there, on   all"sides,  he  1 made'hosts of friends.  r *   *"'ln'i88s; when the  Earl  was sent  ' ^out' to1 be Governor of New   South  "-Wales; lie'found the* prevailing .tone of  '' VAustratian  'statesmen    was'   one'  of  ' V'"mingV& <EsmVe and contempt  for all  ,'  ? thaVpeftained to Downing Street, and  ' ' "also that'they were apt "to' venf'their  disfike of the Colonial Office upoti the  'Governors^ ' Without any too apparent  "  eftort Lord Carririgton won all'hearts  ' in Sydney, the popularity thus'gained  * becoming a standard to which   recent  '' Governers' have been expected to conform." .He was long remembeied as  the most successful  representative of  the crown who had ever" been sent out  to Australia. , , ,  ' '"Learned men tell us "that in Latin  "the word "editor" means something "to  eat" In Canada its meaning is alto  "gether different. It means to scratch  around like blazes to get something to  'eat.  ''' An advertisement is to a merchant  ' very much what* sowing seed is to a  farmer. It may take a little time for  the results to become apparent, but  they are sure to come. The wise  farmer is not niggardly with his seed,  nor the wise merchant with his advertisement.  >V     ">  mmmmm  . :��% ���'&%;' ��� JaL '-'Cffl%;'''���  ������ ���������^fc'tt*:'* w 'Xfi> \\\*mw '������'  It ,w'll be quite dark when the comet  rizes at  332   a.m., May 17th, and it  will be a brilliant sight until the  rays  of the sun dims its own light.    AH the  morning   the^.comet >will  be jn   the  American sky, disappearing in the west  in the afternoon.    Whether   it will be  bright enough for  us >to see it,during  the daylight of May,17th is a question.  Then will come the wonderful "day  of the cornet^" for'in the early morning  hows of M..y 18th the earth and comet  will pass each other.    The' comet will  remain between the sun and the earth  for 14   minutes. u  This will   occur'(between 1.31 and 1.45 a.m. Washington  time, which will be 2.45  and  3.00 in  Phoenix,   hence     invisible   in    this  country, for the  western  hemisphere  will be turned away from the sun. .  In Europe, Asia and Africa,'it will  be one of the greatest astronomical  sights ever afforded the inhabitants of  the earth. In England it will occur  between 6.31 and 645 a.m.  But that-will be merely a heavenly  sight of rare wonder alike to scientist  and layman. The real cause for alarm  occurs when as the comet rushes be-  tween the earth and the sun the world  dives into the tail and is completely  enveloped by it. The constitution of  that sheath of light���the tail���is by no  means definitely known. Some of it  is metallic vapor. T..at it is composed  of gas of known, and perhaps of unknown properties is also  But do not be disappointed. The  next evening, May 19th, the^comit  will appear in the western sky for a  few minutes after sunset, and will be a  truly gcrgeous, awe-Inspiring spectacle.  The danger, if there was any at all, will  have passed and comet ,watch parties  will be in order. On May 20th you  will probably see the come; for an hour  or more, as u dues not set until 8.11  pm. Its size will still be enormous.  It will he the one big.wonder of the  evening skies during the rest of the  month, setting later and later each  evening until it finally gets without the  range of the naked eye.  been collected ten days'earlier' than in  any previous year.  H. P. Latham, for' seventeen years  past city treasurer of New Westminster,  has resigned that office to assume 'the  local management of the -National  Finance Co. succeeding N. H. Mc-  Quarrie.  A   Dominion   order-in-council   has  been passed setting aside certain lands  ���surrounding the Kootenay   lakesrasTa  forest, fish and   game reserve.    There  is also a provision that nointoxicating  liquor may be sold within the reserve  " When the case against the watchman  Robinson, who was charged   with 'setting'fire to the Erickson  sawmill,   was  taken   up   before   Magistrate   J.' K.  Johnson   at   Creston,   the  court 'dismissed'the information, while advising  Robinson to "get out  of town   forthwith "   The  evidence did not in >'any  way implicate Robinson.  A BASKET FULL  iOf clean, sweet-smelling  linen Is obtained with half:  the toll and half the time  ff Sunlight Soap is used.  Sunlight shortens the  day's work, but lengthens;_.  the life of your clothes.  Follow directions.  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Diy iollottid dny aii-i  - 'here wa3 no leliei for mo���pun, loss 01  ���.-trenfth, dulne'-B. misery, tins \ a> mj  exprnenceuntilZanj-Uuk was introduced.  E kuow n-w thai, theie is noilmig o.  Jiis earth like it 1 It cur. d me c��f pilea  and once cured, I have had no return of  the evil. I would like all women |.bo  suffer as I did to know that Zam-Buk  will cure them t    .  Betides leino a specific/or piles Zam-Buk cures  ccztim, bluod-piUonlng. cracked or chapixd hands,  ulcers, cuts, burns, bruises, scalp sores, Hngumm.  bad leg. frost bite, cold sores, and all ski I IniurUr  and diseases. All druggist* aud stores tell at 60 c.  box. or from Zam-Buk Co* Toronto tor price.   _'  am Buk  ^w^F��f!!Fmm^Fi!fmmwnFiifimmmmmmmmmmitf^  ^  3  3  3  DANNY DEANE, Proprietor.  This is the'"Largest arid Newest Hotel in the city, heated by  hot water and well furnished throughout for the accommodation  of the public. Everything Neat, Clean and Up-to-Date. Meals  served at all hours, special  attention being given the  Diningroom.  ,   Centrally Located on the Bridge,  Fifth Street, Phoenix.  HEATED. ELECTRIC   LIGHTING. TELEPHONE   48  ^  3  ^iUiUiUiUiUiUiUiUiUuiOiiUi*iiiiiiiiiiiiii^^iUiiiiiiiUiiit>  ^A:^^^^^^*:^^8^^^A:^5^^;^:^2  Hotel Brooklyn  KirfeESlward Lodge, No.3<>  ��� * ... ./  and A.M.      ':,���  MtfKllin>* coimiiuuicHtloii Sp.iti. :Y fcr  omlThurndfly of ench mouth. .';  Kmereeut mceUtiKH nsc*tlefl:Mn*oni'  . Hall, Mcltiilf Block. !  W.S  COOK  SccreUrv.  K. S. HKA8KK--  W;M,  I. O. O. F.  8NOW81IOK LODOK NO. ,r.  MecU every Monday Kvenuig   al Miner*': Hit'  t'laUliiif brethren cordially Invited. ;  T A.Lovk. Noblcdmud  W. A. I'icicakd, Kin  Secy.  W. A  Cook, Record,   Becy.  PIIOKNI.V.  AKRIR   NO,   I.1N  MeiialnUulonllall  Friday evenlnitu  Vlailing     brother*  alwnyawelfoinr  .(.Thonon, VV. IV  Orrlu D. Biiah,  W. Sec  The Only First-Class and Up-To-  Date Hotel in Phoenix. New  from cellar to roof. 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Probably no ballad singer on the  concert stage has ever been able to  touch the hearts of her hearers quite  so completely as Jessie Maclachlan,  and her voice has certainly lost 'none  of its charm. She was recalled again  and again, and the audience could  hardly be persuaded to let her leave  the stage.���Toronto Mail and Empire.  Pboettlx Railway Timetable.  -���;���"., ;"���������' :ii]'ici')?'i.ixir'';:'. ';:���,';-.";;  Leaves for Eholt and.Nelson, 2.00 p.m.  Arrives     ,.       "7.";      ..5^35 P-m'  ' \t -GREAT iNORTHERN..",  Leaves for Grand Forks and ,. v  Spokane "ii'':,ii,.. v.;^: . ,,....,;,9.roc*',ar.in'  Arrives-''.'..;'.'.: .���''_��� '������������;.    5.10p.m.  Can indigestion be cured? Hundreds of 'thousands of 'people Who  suffer'from belching of gas) biliousness,  sour'stomach, fullness, nausea, short  ness of breath, 'bad taste in mouth,  f-ml breath, nervousness and other'dis-  tressing symptoms, are asking themselves that question daily.'  'And'if these'same doubting dyspeptics cduld only read the thousands of  sincere letters from people who once  suffered as badly as they do now,' but  'who have "been quickly and perma  nently cured by the use of Mi-o na, the  mighty dyspepsia remedy that cures by  removing-the cause, they would go to  a druggist this very day and get a large  box of Mi 0 na tablets, and start themselves on the right road to health at once.  The price of Mi-o na tablets is only  50 cents, Nand lohn Love guarantees  them'to cure indigestion, or money  back.       - .  'Thin or lean or scrawney people will  find in Mi o-na a maker' of '��� flesh and  blood, becausei it causes the stomach  to extract more nutritious matter' from  the food, which quickly enriches the  blood.   NOTICE  Public notice is hereby given that the  Canadian Paci6c Railway company (as  lessee of and exercising the franchise  of the Columbia and Western Railway)  has this day deposited in the (land registry office in the city of Kamloops in  the province' Of' British Colnmbla, plan  and profi le and book of reference showing  proposed extension, of the Wellington  camp branch to! be constructed by the  said Canadian Pacific Railway company  from Station 164-30 to Station 170-00 of  the Wellington camp branch of the  Columbia and Western: Railway, in lot  2701 Yale district of British Columbia,  and that thirty'days' after this notice or  so soon thereafter as the application can  be heard, the said, Canadian Pacific  Railway company intends to apfly to  the board of railway commissioners ifor  Canada for. approval of the said exten  aion of the Wellington camp branch.  Dated this 7th day of'ApHl;W10.  ''V' 'f.     ��� :- R. Mabihjls,  '. . ������ General Executive Assistant,  Canadian Fncifie Bailwsy company.  SYNOPSIS   OF   CANADIAN   HOMESTEAD REGULATIONS        }  Any available Dominion Lands within  the Railway Belt in British Columbia  may be homeateaded by any person who  ia the sole head of a family, or any male  over 18 years of age, to the extent o'  one-quaiter sectic n of 160 acres, more  or lees.  Entry must be made personally at ihe  local land office for the diatrict in which  the land is situate. Entry by proxy  may, however, be made on certain con-  ditiuna by the father, mother, son,  daughter, brother or sister of an intending homesteader. '  The homesteader ia required to perform the conditions connected therewith  under one of tt'e following plans.  1. At least six months' residence  upon and cultivation of the land, in  each year for three years.  2. If the father (or mother, if the  father iB deceased;, of the homesteader,  resides npon a farm in the vii-inity of  the land entered for, the requirements  as to residence may be eatisfled by such  person residing with the father 01  mother. -  3. If the'settler has his ���permanent  residence upon farming land owned by  him in the vicinity of iiia homestead,  the requirements as to residence may. be  satiafled -by  residence   up6ni the,';said  land. .'��� ,';:,.. f ; '������'���������:y\ t!'.Y\i>! ���'.'  Six months' notice in wilting should  be giyen to_the_ Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of: intention to  apply for patent.  Coal.���Coal mining rights may-; be  leaped for a period of 21 years, at an  annual rental of $ 1 per acre. Not more  than 2,660 acres shall be leased to one  individual or company. A royalty at a  rate of five cents per ton shall be ''collected on the merchantable coal  mined.  ,      W. W..CORY,.-'   ::  Deputy of the Minister of the, Interior.  N.B.���-Unauthorized publication of  this advertisement will not be paid.;  . ���*'  Don't fail to hear Craighall Sherry  in mirth-provoking sketches and vim  personations-^-with the Jessie Maclachlan company, May i * tb.        j  I  tftfMMMMM  Ll  FWE Uffll STADLf  under new management  FIRST-CLASS EQUIPMENT FOR L0HG DRIVES, LIGHT  OR HEAVY TEAMING, DRAYING, Etc., at Reason-  ab'e Rates.  We a'm to Please and Solicit an Opportunity.  DRY W0O0 IN ANY QIANTITY.  McEIroy Bros.  (PHONE 34)  Fhoenix, B.C.  OVER 65 YEAR"*1  EXPEHIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights Ac  Anyone sending a nlcoLch und <1 ?scrlpttjn may  iialcklr uacortiiln our opinion froo wnother an  ��������� ��eeie��ieeee����et*��ee*��eeoetee��*eeeeeee*aeee*(8  THE KING'S HOTEL  "The Pride: of the Bouudary."  PHOENIX, B.C.  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Ornov, With McRab Baos., Kkob Hiix Ave.  ��   -V ?�������-.  >f    '-.   ���   ���.    >i    '',"���-   :���   V"  - ..>'.���':������.'������.  *c  !3 -st g:>��   J.j   ���:    ���>        .   .���:   ������'   ; x     ���       ���    ���...        :������    .;     ...     '.  H.  M.  MMjif%i��Mmm  Ihrentlnn l�� prolmbly rntentiiblo. Commnnlc/v.  lloiuitrlotlrronllilontrnl. HANDBOOK on I'atenU  sunt 1 roa. OlilCJt oponcy foraccurliiBpatonta.  Patonta taliun throncli Slunu 4s Co. racelT*  special notice, without chnrgo. In tho  Scientific Jimericam  A handsomely IHuntmUd weekly. larfrrrt clr-  ialatlon of uny ������Iciitllla Journal, 'lerrna for  Canada, Ss.��� �� y��'r, po^age prepaid. Sold by  aU newadealerm.  MUNN&Co.361B�����d��"''New York  Branch onlce. fBS V P���-., Wnshlii.:ion. D. 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McHaffie, for some years manager at  Hedley, is manager of the new branch;  J.1 Munro of Vancouver is teller. In  company with Inspector J. Anderson  they packed their outfit into Fort  George, having walked the greater part  of the way. They posed as a magazine  party en route and entered the northern  Court of Revlaloa  The court of revision, for the Grand  Forks, electoral district sat at the provincial court house, Monday morning, May  2nd, the Registrar, S. R. Almond, presiding.  Objections had been filed against  85 registered voters: 79 for non-residence, 4 on account of death, and a  forinsanity,  Ernest Miller, M.P^.V^was present,  A Turf Club has been  organized at  Penticton, to embrace both horse-racing  and trails which the provincial govern  and athletic   p >rts. I menl lias decided up. .  metropolis very quiety and selected a, and represented the   interests  of the  sile for the first bank'iu the new town, j Conservative   party,   and   Walter   E.  .   .,   .,  ���.       :      , r   ��� ���        -    I Hadden for the S< cialists.   Theliberals  J. M. McPhee  has  left   Prince Ru- , .  '���������*  " were without ^presentation.  Ten of the   names   that   were  ob-  pert for,Stewart  to  superintend   construction of- the - bridges, wagon roads:  A Poor Weak Woman  names that were  jecled to, were not sustained, and they  still have the privilege of voting within  the Grand Forks electoral district.  : Aa abe ia termed, will endure bravely and patiently  agonies which a strong man would give way under.  The (act is women are more patient than they ought  to be under such troubles.  Every woman ought to know that she may obtain  the most experienced   medical advice free of charge  ' and in absolute confidence and  privacy by writing to  the World's Dispensary Medical Association, R. V.  Pierce, M. D., President, Buffalo, N..Y.    Dr. Pierce  has been chief consulting physician of the Invalids'  Hotel and Surgical Institute, of Buffalo, N. Y;, (or ;-  many years and has had a wider practical experience .  in the treatment of women's diseases than any 'other physician in this country*  His medicines are world-famous tor their astonishing efficacy.  The most  perfect   remedy ever   devised  for weak and deli*  cate women is Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.  IT MAKES WEAK WOMEN STRONG.  SICK WOMEN WELL.  The many and varied symptoms of woman's peculiar ailments, are fully act  forth in Plain English in thc People's Medical Adviser (1008 pages), a newly  revised and up-to-date Edition of which, cloth-bound, will be mailed free, on  receipt of 50 one-cent stamps to pay cost of mailing only.    Address as above.  Pure and wholesome.     Cold and as bracing in its  coolness as a breeze from the North in Summer.  Is RecoKnireil  by  all   a* thr  "BEST BEER IN THE BOUNDARY."  WHY?    Bemuse its  manufacturers employ "alt of their energy to  the  lurniiii; out ol a  perfect  Beer from  the b��st materials obtainable.  ARTIFICIAL AND NATURAL ICE, ETC.  PHONE 23  J Phoenix    Brewing    Go.  land fo-Dou'khabers  Peter Verepin, head of the Doukho-  borSociety, has purchased the -Macy  ranch at Grand Forks, containing 480  acres This brings the Grand Forks  holding's'���'of the/society up to :;350o  acres. The last previous purchase was  the Vaughan estate, which has a water  system -and a fine orchard. Mr.  Valerian is removing to Chilliwack.  The Grand Forks colony has set out  about 11,000 fruit trees this year, making 20,000 in all, the latter number includes 4000 Italian prune trees. In  addition to the other enterprises car  ried on by the colony, a sawmill and  grist mill is operated, and also a brickyard. There are 200 people in the  Grand Forks colony, and it is said that I  several hundred more are shortly to be  brought out.  Rev. A: E. Smyth   has   resigned as  rector of Trail Anglican church.  b; a mining  The Columbia Coal Co. will use a  diamond upon their properties on the  north fork of Granite creek.  The Ashcroft Copper Co. will expend $40,000 this year developing  their properties in Highland valley.  The zinc property known as the Big  Ledge and situated in Arrow Lake  mining division has been having considerable development work done. ���;  Another seam of coal has been  opened.at the Extension colliery, on  Vancouver island. It is near No. 4  new shaft and contains about five feet  of clean coal bf good quality.  The Western Fuel Company is the  first to procure for use in its mines in  times of need the oxygen breathing  apparatus now generally recognized as  a necessary part'of the equipment of a  coal mine.  Additional plant and machinery has  been ordered for the mine and stamp  mill of the Hedley Gold Mines, Ltd ,  operating at Hedley camp, Similkameen. This company is one of the  most progressive engaged in mining in  the province, and its operations are so  profitable that it is on the dividend-  paying list. .'  The Aurora Mining &,Milling Company of Moyie has taken a lease on the  Alice concentrator, three miles west of  Creston for the balance of the year.  The ore from the Aurora mine.will be  shipped to this newly acquired mill,  and the silver-lead will be separated  from the zinc. Then the- silver-lead  will be shipped to the smelter 'at Trail  for final treatment, and the zinc concentrates will be sent to the Empire  Zinc Company at Denver.  The publication in the The Canada  Gazette of notice of incorporation of  the Canadian Collieries (Diinsmuir)  Limited, with an authorized ,capital of  $20,000,000, in shares of the par value  of $100 each, with head office in Victoria, B.C., is generally taken to confirm recent reports of the sale of the  coal mines and other property of the  Wellington Colliery Company, Limited.  The personnel of the provisional directorate seems to indicate that the new  organization is a Mackenzie & Mann  or a Canadian Northern Railway Com  pany enterprise.  Many vocalists -attempt Scottish  songs but Jessie Maclachlan lives them.'  She will be heard in Phoenix on May'  nth. ���    ��� ' ���.'���'.-������ ���-    .  MArs  FAMILY REMEDIES  ARK   GUARANTEED  This is the season of the year when your  system is run down and you blood requires a purifier. We recommend and  guarantee Nyal's Blood Purifier and  Sarsaparilla. "  LOVE'S DRUG STORE  v     =-  Bargain Sale  HAND-MADE   SIIOFS  Call in and Let Us show  You the Quality of Footwear   WE   CAN   OFFER   YoUp  Shoes that will both Fit  and Wear   :::::::::  2-118  Cure lhat Cough-  Prevent Anotiicr  There is a double benefit in using  Mathieu's Syrup of Tar and Cod  Liver Oil. It cures, it fortifies ; it  removes the immediate trouble, drives  away the cough, soothes the irritated  surface,heals the inflamed membranes  and at the same time, owing to its  tonic properties, builds up the system  as a whole.  Its results are marvellous.      A bottle  in   the   house  is   a   wise  precaution.  All dealers keep  MATHIEU'S SYRUP  Of Tar and Cod Liver Oil  J. L. MATHIEU CO., Props., SHERBROOKE. P.Q.  Distributors for V��t��rnC��n��aa, Foley Bros. Larson & Co.. Vincouver, Edmonton, Wlnnlper.  kUTUEO-S SYKDF  ���1 Tar A Csd Uvtr ��U  Lane Bottle JSc  ���UTMEU'SIIEIIIIgEKlKDERS  ������xsfllFswferoKc  inn all scalers  COAL MEASURES  The announcement that the Boun  dary Mining and Exploration Company  has encountered a five-foot seam of  coal in the lower tunnel it has been  driving. on ;its property, situated four  miles west of Midway, in the Boundary district, recalls the fact that it is  nearly seventeen years since a commencement was made to prospect the  coal measures occurring in that locality,  says E. Jacobs in the Province. For  about eight miles along Kettle river������  from four miles west,of Midway to the  mouth of Rock creek���the cretaceous  rocks show occasional croppings of  coal. At Rock Creek the seam: of  coal was found to be four feet in thickness, and the quality quite up to the  average cretaceous coal.  In 1893, or thereabouts, Mr. D. C.  Corbin   of Spokane, Washington; did  some prospecting' work  on  the coal  measures nearest to   M id way, but.'. results were not such  as  to encourage  him to  continue spending: money on  development work, so the undertaking  was abandoned.    Late  in .1908 two  enterprising residents of the district  applied   for  the  land, formed'a  local  syndicate and  did  some  exploration  work, while formalities in  connection  with obtaining a title for the  property  were being  attended   to.    When the  land had   been   secured   the property  was tranferred to an existing  organization,   viz., the   Boundary  Mining and  Exploration Company, which thereafter  sold some of its treasury stock to provide funds for the work of opening the  coal seam.    At the close of   1909-the  company  owned  about 500 acres of  land and had   secured   options of purchase  on  nearly   r.ooo acres  in  thej  vicinity of where the formation is favorable to  the  occurrence  of coal, and  surface   indications   suggest   that coal  will also be found there.    Prospecting  work was commenced early in September last and operations have been practically oontinuous from then  till   now.  A prospect shaft was sunk ten feet' to  the   sandstone  underlying   the   coal,  which was five feet in thickness.    The  working was  opened  in  the seam  of  coal for 65 feet, and it was   found that  the  coal  occurred   between   well   defined walls.    Then the  driving  of an  adit was commenced from a point 35  feet above the  flat   at   the foot of the  hill, with the expectation of intersecting the coal seam about r5o feet below  where it outcrops.    At 265 feet in. the  I coal was  met with;   it   is   five feet in  [ thickness,  and it is stated  to be;of  good, quality.    From  the  position of  this  seam, and   the nature  of the adjacent rocks, it is thought that it is hoi  the seam opened   from   the  prospect  shaft above, so the adit is being continued further into   the   hill   with  the  expectation  of finding another  seam  some forty feet ahead.  The surveyed line of the extension  westwards-from Midway of the Canadian Pacific railway passes within a  short distance of and below the tunnel  entrance, so shipment-of coal without  difficulty or much expense will be  practicaole if it shall be found that  there is any considerable quantity of  coal here and that it can be profitably  mined.  Disease of tlie Kidneys. ���  . ; rl^roygM ��si By Catarrh.'  Pe-ru-na  Made a Well  of Me,  Man  I  Cannot Speak too Highly  ������������������'������       of It,  Mr.George King,'458 St, Iiunla at-,,  Montreal, Canada, a well-known bus-]  lneoa man of that city, wrltoa:  ., "Parana cured mo from what tliei  doctors were afraid would turn lutu<  Brlght's disease, and atwr you have  gone through   the  HiuIorJiiK   that I  have with catarrh of tlie bladder and  kidney trouble, and have beou cured  you are pretty apt to remember the  jnodicihe that did the work.  /!. "Peruna Is a blessing to a siok man.  Eight bottles made me well und were,  worth more'than a Uioumind doll urn  to me.   I cannot apeak, too-highly ot]  Ut./It is now four years alnco I wan'  troubled, and I havo enjoyed p��rfe<:t,  health Hince.   Every spring and,fall'  I take a> bottle of.lt and it keeps me)  wort." "'���.;��� ������'������''���'"':'';"';.: ���  GATARUH ot the kidneys is a very  much'neglected disease.  It is not until the disease has a firm  hold upon the kidneys that tho patient  begins to realize that there ia somu derangement of these organs.  The Blight baekachus, the feelings ot  lassitude, and other warning symptoms  of kidney disease are overlooked. '  They are not serious enough to detain  the patient'from his regular work.  Even when he discovers that the kidneys are nffoctod,  INTERNAL CATARRH  REACHES THE KIDNEYS.  BOUNDARY & KOOTENAY 1909 ORB RECORD  Shipments and Smeller Receipts For Year to  Date.  Ore shipments from the various  mines of Boundary and JCootenay, and  the receipts of ore at the smelters of  Southeastern British Columbia for last  week and for 1910 to date are as  follows:  SHIPMENTS. WEEK. YEAR.  Boundary 35,941      644,366  Rossland ..    4,205        85,441  East Columbia River 5,660      111,431  UltET  PHOENIX SHOE SHOP  a.. TV TURANQ, Proprieto*  Cheap Round Trip First-Class Summer Tourist  Fares to points in Eastern Canada, New England  Central and Western States.  Winnipeg, $60; St. Johns, $120  St. Pauf- $60; Toronto, $91.50  St. Louis - $67.50  Montreal -$105 00  Tickets on sale only on following dates, May 2nd and 9th,  June 2nd, 17th "and 24th, July 5th and 22nd. Final return  limit, three months from date of sale.  Further particulars as regards fares to points not quoted,  stopover privileges, routes, etc., cheerfully furnished by calling  on or writing  W. . X.   PI5RKINS.   AGENT  Total 45,806  SMELTER    RECEIPTS   Granby   24,474  B.C. Copper Co. ..       975  841,238  427>i43  ��45,935  Trail.  8,497      169,622  Total  33,946    742,700  Expert watch   repairing   at   Black's  jewelry store;   satisfaction   guaranteed  COLUMBIAN COLLEGE.  Founded 1892���Incorporated 1893.  NEW WESTMINSTER. B.C.  Provides a Christian home tor stud  ��tite of both sexes at moderate rates  Has a preparatory class for junior stud-  tits, doing srade public school work  Does hiuh school work, confers all high  3chool privileges, and prepares for teachers' examinations. Teaches all branchee  of a Practical Business Course and gives  Diplomas. Gives a liberal education 111  its Collegiate Course and in the Ladies'  Course for M.E.L. and M.L.A. In University work, can take students through  the complete Arts Course, and tho degree of B.A. can be obtained from Tor-  oHto University, which the college is irj  lut Affiliation.  For fuller information and terms write  Rev. W   I. 81pperell,B.A.,B.D.,Prinoi.  lpal;or Rev. J. P. Bo well, 3nrB&r<  cmo��ed by catarrh.  Catarrh is sometimes so very gradual  , lnlta approach and Itseirller symptoms  muse auch alight discomfort that it is  ' not noticed.'  However, when It Is once firmly seated  in tho kidney* it becomes a difficult din-  Mac to exterminate.  Indeed, catarrh of the kidneys ie more  Mrioos than catarrh affecting soma of ���  ths other organs of the body.  In the kidneys it is liable to terminate j  In Bright's disease or diabetes, both of  which are recognized as very,serious  aliments, if not fatal. ���<  The thing to be done, when catarrh of  MR. GEORGE KING  tan-li and   removes  tho  cause of  th*  dinir-ulty. ���  Such a remedy has been fonnd in P��-  runn. It reaches catarrh, no matter  whero It may bo located In tbo body���  whether iu tho more exposed mem-  bmncH of the uoso and throat, or  whether in the remotest part of th*  ltlilnttya.  Thai Peruna is atonco the safest and  most  reHiblep��iMMMMa  remedy    for   ca-1 PE-RU-NA AM INTERNAL  j tarrh of the kid- B    CATARRH  REMEDY.  he does not rec-: nc>nl�� proven by ��"��^����������������������������������c  ognlze the dlill-   tliu ninny testimonials written by thoM  culty   as   being   who have experienced its benefits.  I    The testimonials given hero are only  specimens of tho many testimonial! on  our record*, pertaining to the 'relief  afforded by Peruna In sever* caiea oi  kidney trouble.  Kidney Disease of Long Standing.  Mr. Samuel A. Paxtoa, 1118 Troos*  Ave., KausaB City, Mo., member  T. O. O. F. und National Annuity Association, writes:  "I am a well man to-day, thanks to  your splendid medicine, Peruna. ;I was  troubled with catarrh and kidney disease ot, long standing when I first began using Pern'na. yl-.soon fonnd J waa  getting better and continued'taklng it  tho kidneys is discovered, is to take some j for four months, le cleaned ont th*  Internal, systemic catarrh remedy, one i system, leaving me well and strong  tbttt reaches' the very source of U��e ca- ���. and feeling better than I have in years '���  ECONOMY IS PROMOTED  By the systematic <uid judicious care 61 money  By making frequent depoaita in the Interest Department  By carrying an account in the Business Department  and paying for everything by check.  THIS PLAN  Curbs yvaatelul expenditure   ,  Keeps an accurate tab upon outlay  Eases' business transactions -  '���' '  Advances business prosperity  Always helps.business men  BEGIN TODAY. NOT TOMORROW OR LATER.  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In  Ten years you will have paid in  $735 60, for which you will receive  $1,000 in a heap,  Spokane   Real   Estate a specialty, on small cash payments and  Easy Terms.      Place your order with our Local Agents,  Cosgrove  <8L McAstocker  We cordially Invite YOU  to call  and bee us when visiting Sdukane  International Investment & Realty CO.  J. Le. MARTIN, President  403-4 Eagle Block Spokane, Wash.  ���s  Toilet Soap  A   splendid  assortment  of  the  finest   lines   of  ,Toilet  Soaps   just  received.      We recommend  Curative Skin Soap  as the best for healing, soothing- and cleansing-.'  It is fragrant and refreshing ; keeps the hands  soft and white.    Per cake 25c at ���..���>;  LOVE'* DRUG STORE  PRESCRIPTIONS   CAREFULLY ATTENDED TO.  UPPER TOWN ,      j�� PHOENIX, B. C.  F*K]R'-fe S H     M 1 L- K  \     That pronounced presence ol Rich Cream ia  found  onlv  -  ' r in1 Purest Milk.   That is the kind  we  sell.   We  invite  ''yon to become a judge bv giving ns a trial.   Phone Orders  to E. 32, and same will be promptly attended to and  de-  '        livered daily.  W. A. McKAY & SONS  Hams. Bacon, Lard  y\  Burns'Choice j Imperator Hams -  "*���      - Burns'Choice Imperator Bacon' :'--* -  Win. Davies ^Toronto} Hams  \ J ,', fWm. Davies ^ (^Toronto). Bacon  , .... . Shamrock  Pure. Leaf    Lard  The Quality is Excellent, and the Prices are Right.  P. BURNS & Co.," Phoenix, BC.  PHONE   NO.   S  D. J; iVtatheson  Snaurance Haent  F1RB,       UFB  f        ANK  ACCIDENT.  tIDBUTV    BONDS.  COMMISSIONER    FOR  PLATE  AFFIDAVITS  GLAS8  T A KINO  PHOENIX,   B.C.  STftlCTLY.  FRISSH    EGGS  .1.   W.   tlA.N'VA.vi.   PHOPaiKnm  ? In and Around Phoenix &  HR1KK   TOPICS Or   LOCAL  AND   GENERAL  INTKRUST   TO  PHOENICIANS.  is  Household Laundry Wok  A multitude of household worries are overcome by having your  Laundrying done at the Reco Laundry   ALL WORK -  GUARANTEED  Hello I  A 10  Reco Laundry  SPRING SUITS  It's going to be an easy mat  ter for you to satisfy yourself in  clothing this Spring if you, come  -��� - here to do it. If you have any -  pet ideas about what you want  you'll find us able to meet them.  Generous values���more than  your money's worth���that's the  idea were working on here. You'll  Jearn, if you haven't already, that  we make good along that line.  " Our clothes ��� whatever their  price���are a full fifth better than  the clothes that come nearest to  them in intrinsic value at other  stores.  THOMAS BROWN  Tlw2 Pionesr For Fins Comm^ciai Printihg  E  FlanniijHii left Thursday for Vancouver.  Thomas Roderick is on a short trip  to Spokane.  Mr. and Mrs. L. j. Stalls  left Monday for Spokane.  William Oxley left on   Wednesday  for Valparaiso, Chile.  Bock Beer will be on sale at all the  local hotels next week.  Miss Kate Smith of Greenwood  tlie guest of Mrs. S. Lundie.  Mrs. Hoops and family left this week  for Calgary to join Mr. Hoopes.  Mrs. James Dewur is on a visit to  Mrs. Rev. McKee of Grand Forks.  Mrs. William Madden left last week  for Mullan, Idaho, to join her husband.  Danny Deane has commenced the  renovation of the interior of his hotel.  P. J. Cooke left Wednesday for  Vancouver en route for the northern  coast.  C. A. 'Ross has moved into the  dwelling formerly occupied by M. Mc-  Intyre.  Grace Hay ward's "St Elmo" is  booked fur Phoenix opera house on  May 24.  The Phoenix Brewing company's  liock Beer is now on sate throughout  the city.  Trout fishing opened last Sunday  and quite a number of local Sir Isaacs  were on duty.  Mr. and Mrs. Danny Deane and  lamily spent Wednesday with friends  in Grand Forks.  ��  Murdock McLeod left for Alberta  on Thursday and will probably locate at Calgary.  Rev. Samuel Lundie, pastor of the  Presbyterian church, is on a two weeks'  vacation at the coast.  Prof. Marks has returned to town  and will again give lessons in dancing  at Miners' Union hall.  M. H. Kane has returned to his  summer stamping grounds, in the  Sturgeon Lake district, Ontario.  Rev. R. W.   Hibbert  attended  the  district   meeting    of   the   Methodist  I church in Grand Forks this week.  I     Chief Constable Darraugh   is  on a  trip   to  his   Rock  Creek   ranch.    N.  Lemieux is acting chief in his absence.  J.  O.  Ellis  has  leased   the  Stem  winder building from  A.   T.   Turano  and will shortly open a  grocery  store.  Mr. and Mrs.   F. Jones   arrived on  Tuesday from Coleman,   Alberta, and  have taken up residence on Old  Ironsides avenue.  Elmer D. Hall, proprietor of the  Boss burg Herald and formerly of the  Phoenix Pioneer, has purchased the  Marcus Messenger.  Lacrosse has become popular in the  city this season and a number of local  athletes are giving daily exhibitions on  the local training ground.  R. S. Fraser wishes the Pioneer to  convey his thanks to employees of the  Granby for their handsome gift which  was greatly appreciated by him.  Billy Biner,'welterweight champion  of B.*C., and Kid Lewis, champion of  Cape Colony, have signed articles for  a boxing contest here on May 23.  W. J. Rutherford, who spent the  past three months in Republic, Wash.,  was in town for a few days this week  en route to the Portland Canal district,  C. Taylor, who has been local Jpro-  vincial constable for the past year, left  Friday for Victoria, having been transferred by the department. He will be  succeeded by Thos. Bray of Greenwood.  R. J. Draisey went to Vancouver 01  Saturday to bring his father, Daniel  Draisey, home. Mr. Draisey, senior,  who has been in a hospital for some  months, is improving. They arrived  home Wednesday.  Harry Matthews has been spending  a few days in the Oltanagan looking  lor a business opening. He leavts  shortly for Revelstoke, where he has  s cured a position with the Lawrence  Hardware company.  R. H. McCracken will attend the  Grand Lodge, Knights of Pythias, in  Vancouver next week as representative  i.f 1 hoenix lodge, No. 28. Mrs. VV.  A. Pi kard will be the delegate frotr  the local Pythian Sisters lodge.  The Grand Forks Sun is quite wor  ned over the knowledge of the Phoenix  cot respondent to outride dailies concerning the location of Franklin camp  on the North Fork of the Kettle river  The correspondent in question ha>  been over the territory referred to, and  is probably more familiar with the distances than the Sun man.  Fresh seeds for sale at  Love's Drug  Store.  Firstclass dry wood, any   length, for  sale; phone E32.  Dry wood in car lots. Apply to J.  Trombley, Phoenix, B.C.  House and lot for sale on Spion  Kop; Apply to O. Hanson.  Ellis' ice cream parlor now open;  ice cream and sodas 15c. each.  Furnished rooms to rent, Aetna  rooming house; apply  to A.   Webster.  Fresh and toothsome chocolates���  the most delicious of confections���at  Love's.  For cleaning and pressing try Wallace, the tailor ; goods called for and  delivered.  For rent���nice suite of three rooms  for housekeeping at Biner block, centre  upper town.  Brighten your rooms with wall paper,  now selling at reduced prices at A.  Almstrom's.  Vegetable and flower seeds���seeds  that grow���5c. per package at Love's  Drug Store.  House, on Golden Eagle addition,  for sale, at a bargain; good spring  water.    Apply to R. Wilkinson.'  Large and attractive lines of wall  paper being cleared at bargain prices  at A. Almstrom's, McRae store.  If you are thinking of building  or  require building material of any   kind  ���lumber, shingles,   lime,   brick���call  on me  for  figures.    Phone A44.    C  A. Ross.  Lifebuoy Soap is delightfully refreshing for Bath or Toilet. For washing  underclothing it is unequalled. Cleanses  and rifles.  Jessie Maclachlan Concert  Craighal! Sherry, the famous Scottish  humorist, who is 11 member of the  Jessie Maclachlan Concert party that  i|ipctiii here on Wednesday, Apnl I 1,  n the opera house, ii hound to ap  pt'iil to all classes. This is Mr. Sheny's  fust appearance in Omnda, but his  name is a limiseho'd word in Scotland.  The sen el of his success lies in his  wonderful powers ol characterization  It matters not whether the subject be  one of Dicken's types, a village loor,  or some drawing room celebrity, he  depicts it with that fidelity and keen  insight into human nature that can  only be accomplished by one possessed  with the spark of genius. Mr. Sherry'p  humor is so refined, yet at the same  time so mirth provoking that it takes  him but a moment to establish himsell  a prime favorite with his audiences.  He is most veis.itile, and hi; entertain  ment will no douht afloid keen enjoy  ment not only to those horn in bonnie  Scotland, but to all Canadians as well  W O Miller, of Nclsoh, local super  mtendent of the C.P.R.; C. S. Moss,  master mechanic, and il. B. Walkem,  chief engineer, arrived in the city last  night to look over the Wellington  n.imp branch.  Mlllag Records  Following are the locations, csitifi-  cates of work, bills of sale, etc., recorded in the Government office, of the  Grand Forks mining division, from  April 20 to April 29, inclusive.  RECORDS  OF LOCATIONS  Neptune fraction, Hardy mountain,  relocation of Phoenix, R. W. Yuill;  Comet, Summit camp, relocation of  part of Rodono, R. D. McElmon.  CERTIFICATE OF WORK  Jackpot, Athelstan fraction, Ironclad fraction, 3 years, Prince Rupert,  4 years, Wellington camp, B.C. Cop  per Co.; - Mohawk, Christena lake,,  Elmer Ness; New York, Brown's  camp, W. A.' Pounder;*" Cinnabar,  Hardy mountain, R. A. Yuill; Champion, Summit camp, Joseph Buron;  Wave fraction, Wellington c'amp.Thos.  H. Richards.  CERTIFICATES OF IMPROVEMENT  Ax, Franklin camp, F. M. Kerhy  5-8, Chris Christensen, 3-8; Ajax,  Franklin camp, Sylvia Ruce Covert,  l/t, Bernard Lequime, yi, D. Whiteside, 1 1/, F. M. Kerby, 1-12; Connection, Crescent and Homestake,  Hardy mountain,.L. D. Wolfard, }��,  F. M. Kerby, %; Hennekinn and  Violet, Franklin camp, B. W. Garrison; Bay Horse, Burlington fraction,  Early Dawn fraction and Tiger fraction, all in Wellington camp, John  Mulligan, J^, Eric E. Jackson, #.  ^���Asaya-Neurall^  THE    NEVA/    REMEOY    FOR  Nervous Exhaustion  Nervous Exhaustion unchecked  opens the door toNeuralgia, Headache, Insomnia, Digestive Disturbances, Mental Depression,and  many serious organic diseases,  I Early treatment with "Asaya-  Neurall" averts these. It feeds  the nerves, induces sleep, improves the appetite and digestion,  and restores buoyancy of spirits.  A few doses convince. $ 1.50 per  bottle. Obtain from the following  JOHN LOVE.  DON'T PUY WITH FIRE!  A common caution to children, but  also good advice for grown men and  women. You are playing with fire  when you do not insure your property  in Conflagration Proof Companies re  presented by D  J. MATHESON.  NOTICE  Notice id hercbi ^tiven that thirty  days aflc na'e X intend to apply to the  Hoard of Lieeiifc ('unifiiiasinnera'for the  fty of Plioenix for a transfer of the  license now held hy me for ihe Dominion  hotel, in the city of Plioenix, B.C., to  Summers, Srliulli & Co.  .J. B. Boonk.  Phoenix. B.C.. April.15. 1010  HOTEL FOR SALE  *. 1. ���������  I offer for sale the choicest hotel  property in Phoenix. The building  contains fifty rooms, also three stores,  all in good condition, located in the  business centre, corner of Knob Hill  avenue and First street. Terms given  to the right parties. Apply to owner,  D. Oxley, Phoenix.  LOST  Lost���Between Phoenix and Danville on Monday, two small parcels,  embroidery work,.and silks. Reward  on leaving at this office.  gha^t  Fresh air is introduced into  the Kootenay oven through a  series of vents at the bottom  of the oven door, and th��  cooking* fumes carried out  through another series of  vents at the back of the oven.  {Arrows in  illustration  show method  ��~ of ventilation.)  T.The air in the  I oven is always  I kept pure. The  natural flavor  of   e v e r y  article 1 a  completely'  retained  Every thing  tastes most  delicious.  xt�� JQj Ma  Booklet  on request.  ll  All right and really looks exquisite. .There  are plenty more just as pretty and we have  plenty to "tie up" the whole town.   ;  New NecK W^ar  Shown at; Carson's is sufficient to suit the most  exacting tastes, wlvile prices are really under  tlie usual.  Glotliiiig  Everything new, stylish and up-to-date. A  storeful of just the Clothing you want,/and  everything worth your buying in Hats and  Furnishings. 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