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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal May 14, 1904

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Boundary Mines Sent
Out 684,000 Tons of
Ore in \ 903*   ,*   *#
V;'0 TOR l A--0
MAY" 1/   1904    -■:? j
O- /
Phoenix is the Centre
and Leading; Mining
Camp of Boundary*
Devoted to the Interests of thcfBoundary Mining District.
Vol. V.
1 «k
No, 27.} 7
f    "i.^^\
'*  w{
" <x'vkrr'
v 'i
■ ' t
'niff'-l 1
Statement Made in Published
Meats & Lard
A Fiesh Shipment just arrived of their excellent
and appealing Hams and Bacon. Also several
barrels of their Famous Pig-pork—just the right
thing for pork and beans.        {     "——-—L.^. .
Silver Leaf Lard
 ;   • .yi.r	
Guaianteed fresh and pure, put up in air tight
pails to guard against it becoming rancid—like so
many brands of Canadian Lards do.
—   PRICE LIST.    —
Swift's Winchester Hams, zoc j>er pound.
'•  ■ "       Bacon, 20c   "       "
"       A 1 Premium "     25c  "       "
"       Pig Pork       -       17c  "       "
"       Lard, 3 pound, pails     -     50c.
5      "   '   "-      - l 8cc.
10      "       "     -   $1.60.
Canadian Meats
Gordon & Ironsides, and Fearman's
A l.B.
Prices consistent with quality.
Ihe IMndrkk (o., Ltd.
Cm Easily Ship MO Tons Per Diy-Mor
riaaa Mlac Hit Tweaty Per Ceil. Ii
Made Easy
By a visit to, our HARDWARE DEPARTMENT.
We have all the requisites for the Spring "Clean-up."
PAINTS of all colors in handy sized packages.
KALSOMINK in pretty shades—5c packages.
Call and get a color card for paints and kalsomine.
Another shipment of Fearman's Hams and Bacon.
Fresh Ontario Butter in 1 lb., 15 lb., 30 lb., and
56 lb. packages; and don't FORGMf
"Anchor Brand FLur"
In the circular which was< sent out
under date of April 21st last to shareholders of thc Montreal and Boston
Copper Co., Ltd., giving details of the
properties and companies which were
to be consolidated, {some interesting
information, not usually seen in print,
appears.        . ' ''
The entire sjx claims in the Brooklyn group are included in the deal, including the Brooklyn, Stemwinder,
Idaho. Standard, Rawhide and Montezuma. Of these claims the circular
says: ^
"This is very valuable property,' and
has been prospected and developed,
having in sight at the present time over
350,000 tons of ore, .which have an
average assay value of 2 per cent, copper .1 ounce of gold and .3 ouuee silver- It has sufficient equipment to
take care ol 500 .tons per day, and in
addition to this a claim owned by this
company, known as the Rawhide,
which is a quarrying proposition,
would be within thirty days in a posi
tion to produce 300 tons a day. This
property is without doubt the most val
uahle mining proposition in British
Columbia, and has some excellent
showings on its properties which have
not been prospected nor developed."
Referring to the Morrison group, in
Deadwood camp, the circular says:
"The property of this company consists of two claims, situated in Dead
wood camp, British Columbia. The
property has been thoroughly developed
and prospected, and has insight about
200,000 tons of ore, assay value,
ounce gold, .5 to one ounce silver, and
about .6 per cent, copper. They have
sufficient equipment to take care of
150 tons a day, and the ore contains
an average of 20 per cent, sulphur,
which is very desirable on account of
its fluxing properties.". ;
. Speaking of the Athelstan group, the
circular goes on:
"The properties of this company
coiirist of two claims, the Athelstan
and Jackpot fraction, situated in
Wellington camp, British Columbia
The report made on this property estimates the ore in sight'.at. 100,000
tons, having an assay value of .2 to .8
ounce gold and .5 to .jounce silver.
This is a quarrying proposition,-and
has sufficient equipment to mine r5o
tons per day. This ore, as you will
note, runs very high in values, and is
a very desirable property."
"The Emma mine is located in Summit camp, British Columbia, and like
the properties of the Montreal and Bos-
tohCopper Co., Ltd;, is an excess iron
proposition, and desirable 611 account
of its fluxing properties. It has mined
and shipped during the year an average of from 3,000 to 4,000 tons of ore
a month, which shipments it'can con
tinue to make without adding to its
present equipment.
At the present time the smelting
plant .of the Montreal and Boston Copper Co., Ltd., ;is capable of treating
about 650 tons of ore per day, but
has sufficient equipment on hand,
which could be installed within 30
days, to take care of r,ooo tons a day.
"It is the intention of the new company to add a converting plant and increase the smelting capacity to from
1,250 to 1,500 tons per day. The
Montreal and Boston company is
thoroughly familiar with the above
companies, the value and character of
their ore, and the amount of tonnage
in sight, having had smelter contracts
with most of them.
"In forming the above combination
the different characters of the ores
treated have been taken into consider
ation, and it is undoubtedly the best
smelting proposition possible to acquire in British Columbia.
"The consolidated company will be
in an independent position, having
complete control of all the ore neces
sary to keep its paint m full operation,
arid will thus distribute its fixed
charges over a large tonnage."     ,
Consenting  Mo£*eal and Boston
shareholders to tlie' above amalgamation, are given'till fhe first day of June,
1904, to deposit their shares  with.the
Knickerbocker   Trust   Co.,   of New
York, and receive therefor the temporary interim receipts or certificates.    ,'
Regarding the completion of the details of the merged itfelf nothing new
has transpired this** vfeek.    Horace T.
Pemberton, managen'tjf the  Montreal
and Boston CoppetfCo., arrived in the
Boundary early jn the Week, but he is
not yet in a commtirmtive mood.   It
is known that $i,oodw«ras paid  to the
Athelstan syndicate for , the extension
of the bond on that group, and it is
also asserted that James Breen, of thc
Dominion Copper Co., is in  the east
at St. John, N. B., and has received a
cash payment on his interest.     R. C.
Campbell-Johnston is understood to be
looking after the interests of McKenzie & Mann in the Boundary, and was
in this section this week.
From the above it seems that the
details of the merger are being worked
out, and that it williigot be long before
it is a reality.       '.
William Hall Buried For 21
Takea Oil Of Km* Hill Chile, Coawra*
.t lively Uakanaed—Had No Boaei Broke*
p Bai wai Badly Bralied.
Clerk Refuses  to
Check For Him.
Mayor Alw Aski It, E}at Mr. Mathesoa De-
cilaea to lime «ae 'alerettiaj Docameat
—Ii Reipoaiilble I* (be Coawll.
Before" IX J. MattiesorTstarted "last
Tuesday on a trip to , the Northwest
Territories, he issued-the paychecks
for various city officials—all with one
exception, and that was the one for C.
H, Flood, the chief of police. Mr.
Flood went to Mr. Matheson and
asked for his check.; Mr. Matheson
said he would give it to him less the
the time that he was understood to
have been suspended by the mayor,
while the nightwatchman was on. Mr.
Flood demurred at this and said he
wanted the whole thing, but this.the
city clerk flatly refused to issue. He
had only authority to pay employees
of the city regularly .employed, under
an old order, of the city council.
Mayor Rum berger's attention was
called to the matter by Mr5 Flood, and
his worship also interviewed the city
clerk, saying that he would take all
the responsibility in vthe matter. Mr.
Matheson, however, could not see it
in that way, and stated that he himself (the clerk) was not responsible to
the mayor or any one else for his* actions,-but to the city council. Therefore the check for $100 for the chiefs
April salary still remains unissued.
Of course, the city has ample funds
to meet all ordinary liabilities, with
some $2,000 or mote in the bank, and
it will be an easy matter for the chief
to attach it, if he cares, to do so. Then,'
however, the entire municipal squabble
will have a chance to be aired trior-*
oughly in the courts, and this is a
chance that some persons, at least, are
not looking forward to with any great
amount ot pleasure.
At least one man in Phoenix knows
what it feels like to be buried for near
ly an entire day, with hundreds of tons
of ore above him, and helpless to escape till the chunks of ore were taken
away, one by one,.by the slow hand
process, the only way available. This
was the experience of William Hall,
an employee of the Granby mines, who
went through it last Saturday, and although comparitvely unharmed, is
likely to remember it to the day of his
death. How he could possibly escape
instant death is what puzzles all those
familiar with such things, for in the
ordinary course of events, not one man
in a thousand would escape, under the
circumstances, being crushed into an
almost unrecognizable mass.
It appears that about eight o'clock
last Saturday morning Hall was proceeding across the top of the N0.6 raise
from the No. 1 level of the Knob Hill
mine, supposing that it was perfectly
safe, and not knowing that it was
likely to give at any moment and
precipitate him below in among countless tons of ore. But that is exactly
what did happen, and the unfortunate
man was soon lost in the falling mass
of ore which covered him for 25 or 30
feet or more.
The alarm was quickly given, how
ever, and while few believed he could
be alive, many willing hands set .to
work to dig him out—a task that was
slow and laborious in the extreme,
when it is remembered that the huge
pieces of ore had each one to be raised
and carried out of the way till Hall
was reached., The men worked steadily
in small gangs for ten minutes at a
time, Supt.'Williams'and Foreman
Dermody being constantly " on the
scene, as well., as Dr. K. B. Boucher,
the physician for the mine. Thus the
work was kept up all day and all night,
without interruption, and between five
and six the next morning Hall was
finally taken out and tenderly carried
-to the hospital.
For all these hours he had been
buried in the ore, and while he could
breathe, it was as cold as ice from the
draught that constantly blows through
the workings of the mines. It was found
that in falling he had been crowded
under a ledge of rock on' one side of
the shoot, and this' fortunately had
prevented the other pieees of ore falling oh him. But for this he must have
been killed almost outright.
At the hospital an examination
showed that not a bone had been
broken, but that there were some
severe bruises, especially to one of his
legs, which he is gradually rercovering
from, however, as well as from the
severe shock to his system.
Great \Northerh to Operate Trains to
Phoenix By Next Fall.
The Pioneer has been informed, and the information comes from an •
unquestioned source, that James J. Hill has finally made the .decision •
to build the Phoenix branch of his railway this year,.and to undertake •
the work without delay. s*
It is further said that work will be rushed as fast as possible and that; *
trains will be running inside of four months—a feat of construction that* *
is not thought possible by novices, at least, in railway matters.. .    ft' {£
For some months poet absolutely no information has been obtainable *
regarding when the railway would be built, or positively whether it. \
would be constructed at all this year. These uncertainties are now set' *
at rest completely, as the intense activity that will prevail very shortly *
all along the line of construction, will soon testify. ,- {
Boundary Mining Notes
John Matthews is said to have'found
some fine galena in the Putnam claim,
located not far fron the Greenwood
smelter. :
Tuesday was the monthly pay day
with the Granby Co. At mine and
smelter between $60,000 and $70,000
was distributed in wages alone.
Boyles Bros, of Spokane, who are
doing diamond drilling at the Volcanic mine, have also secured a contract at the Orient mine, near Orient,'
It is understood that G. A. McLeod
of Grand Forks, has secured a working
bond on the McKinley, a rich gold-
copper proposition located in Franklin camp.
It is expected that G. H. Collins
will have charge of the mining operations of the new Montreal and Boston
Co. when the amalgamation in hand is
Diamond drill operations are being
undertaken on the Rathmullcn-group,.
Summit camp.where John C. Scrafford
is in charge. A diamond drill was
taken over there from Phoenix this
week. »
and Milling Co.,  Ltd.,  including the
D. A. and others. ' The bond is taken
from the Bank of Montreal, the owner
1 - r
under foreclosure,   and Mr.  Haas is
starting work on the'propertiesalonce.
Mclnlyre & McDonald last' Wednesday began the work of transferring
the entire machinery plant of the Marguerite mine, Deadwood camp, to the
Defiance, having been bought by Wmi
Fowler for use on the latter. It consists of a 35 h. p. boiler, hoist, pump,
drills, etc.. and had to be moved
about seven miles over a poor
Church Contract Signed.
Yesterday the trustees of the Methodist church signed the contract for
the erection of the new edifice on
Knob Hill avenue, Just above the
Pioneer office. S. Bowel, of Grand
Forks, put in the lowest tender and
was awarded the contract. The building complete, with metallic plates for
inside finish, and with leaded glass,
will cost $1,500, and the contract calls
for its completion by July 15th. Its
size will be 26x40 feet. It is expected
that the debt on the building will not
be more than $400, which can be obtained at six per cent, interest.
A solicitor from the Victoria Colonist
has been taking in the Boundary towns
of late.
Latest Prices In.Metals.
New York—Copner, electrolytic, $13.-
12^ @ $13.25; hike, $13. 37>a@ $13 62^.
Bar Silver, 56%    .
Lead, $4.65.
Meeting ot Mining Executive.
A meeting of the Executive Coni-
mitte of the Provincial Mining Association of British Columbia will be
held at Nelson on Wednesday, 18th
inst., at 2 o'clock p. m. The special
business of the meeting will be (1) To
consider the question of endorsing tlie
resolution affecting the silver-lead industry of British Columbia, urging that
the surplus, if any, of the appropnat e 1
voted under the Lead Bounty- Act be
distributed till June 30, 1905, among
producers of lead ore who find it advantageous under present unusual conditions to export their ores for treatment and marketing; and (2) to con
sider the position in regard to the
location of the placer claims over lode
claims, as shown by the recent Supreme
Court decisions in the case of Tanghe
vs. Morgan et al., arising out of the
location of the Shamrock placer claim
over the Lucky Jack mineral claim at
Poplar Creek. Other business will be
the consideration of correspondence
since the convention last February,
reports of committees, and other
matters connected with resolutions
passed at the  convention.
According to the ciicular sent out,
the new Montreal and Boston Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. will
take in twelve mineral claims, having
650,000 tons of ore in sight, and now
prepared to put out 1,250 tons of. ore
per day. ' ' \"'[
Dougald' McInnis;~"ohe: -of the
owners of the Summit, in Summit
Camp, was in town Tuesday, and says
they are still extending the long tunnel on that property to strike the lead.
Mr. Mclnnis is recuperating a little at
Halcyon now. .
Jas. Marshall starts for the Lottie F.
group of copper claims, on the Main
Kettle river, next Monday, to be gone
a month or two. Four men are now-
cutting out seven miles of trail to the
rich properties,'after which development will, proceed.
Granby Consolidated stock has
shown great activity on the Boston
stock exchange during the past week
and ruling prices are higher. On
Wednesday and Thursday of last week
6,100 shares changed hands at a price
ranging from $3.75 to $4.10. One
block was sold for $4.05 seller ten.
J. C. Haas, M. E., on behalf of him.
self and associates, has taken a bond
the group of twelve high grade claims
near [Greenwood, that were formerly
owned by the Boundary Creek Mining
Delegate* to  Graad  Lodfe   Caaie Ua Frui
Qraad Forks. '
Wednesday afternoon the city was
invaded by a host of the Knights of
Pythias, the delegates being from the
annual session of the grand lodge of
that order, which was held this week
for the entire province in Grand Forks.
A few short of an even hundred jof
the .Pythians took advantage of the ex-
cursion.proyided by the Grand Forks
brethren, to see the mines of Phoenix,
of which they had heard so much. ' '
On their arrival here they were met
by a committee of the local lodge, and
escorted over the Granby mines and
through the city, being offered every
hospitality. The lodge headquarters
in the Hardy block were made the general rendevdus.   '•■".
In the evening a banquet was tendered the visitors, being provided by
W. S. Macy, of 'the Granby hotel.
Covers were laid for 160, and that
Mr. Macy did himself proud there is
no question whatever. Delegates from
Rossland, Nelson, Grand Forks, and
coast points stated that their local caterers were unable to put up such a satisfactory spread in every way. In fact they
united in saying that they' had been
splendidly looked after, socially as well
as gastronomically.
The banquet was presided over by
J.A. Morrin, chancellor commander of
Phoenix Lodge No. 28, and felicitous
addresses were made, after due attention had been paid to the delicious edibles, by the following brethern: Chas.
F. Nelson, New Denver, grand chan-,
cellorj A. H. Ferguson, New Westminster, grand chancellor-elect; Noble
Binns, Trail, supreme representative;
George Johnson, Nanaimo, grand vice
chancellor-elect; Wm. Irvine, Nelson,
grand prelate-elect; Mayor Jeoffrey
Hammar, of Grand Forks.
After a most merry time, the special
train bearing the delegates pulled put
for the Forks about 10 p. m.
The following table gives the ore shipments of Boundary miucs lor 1900, for 1901, for jl
64,533 231,762
297     1,731
5,340   99,034
1902, (or 1903, aud 1904, as reported to the Phoenix Pioneer-
1000       l9°_1__        *00!
Granby Mines, Phoenix
Snowshoe, "
Brooklyn, "
Mother Lode, Deadwood
Sunset, "
Morrison, "
B. C. Mint,        Summit
R. Bell,
Emma, "
Senator ■ "
Oro Denoro "
Winnipeg,   Wellington.
Golden Crown,       "
Athelstan-Jackpot "
King Solomon, W.Copper
No. 7 Mine, Central	
City of Paris,     "
Jewel, Long Lake
Ciirmi, West Fork
Providence,   Providence
E. P. U and Goldfinch
Ruby,   Boundary Falls
Miscellaneous      3,230
1 ..;
■   W
■■-■ 't
'7; 41
■ "'<4
I  .x1
it J
\V      I
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Last   year   eighty-  three newspapers were suspended for  periods amounting in all to thirty-one  Roasted���That part of the Russian  navy that-has not been drowned "is  now being roasted by the old folks at  home.���Great Falls Leader.  Must Hustle���Russia has -the  men, but it looks as if she would have  to hustle a little for the ships and the  money.���Spokesman-Review.  Judging A TowN-By   helping al  newspaper you   help   yourself.    The  best thing in a camp is a newspaper,  and critical strangers judge a towp: 'by  its bugle.���New Denver Ledge.  Sinking FuND~If the navy of  Russia.represents her floating debt,  then, of course,, those battleships that  have disappeared beneath the waves  represent her sinking fund.���Nelson  Economist.  -���      ...����� +j   wan*  years and ten days,   twenty*.* papers  were forbidden  to   accept   advertisements, and 259 editors were officially  threatened with Siberia if they did not  mend   their   ways.    The   censorship  even pursues the   unfortunate   editor  after it ejects him.    One eminent conductor of a scientific journal who  was  [ dismissed at the instance of the censor  is practically condemnjd to  starve  or  emigrate.    All papers and  publishers  ��n Russia   are   forbidden   to   accept'  copy from him. ���  claims in the group,1 all   a  short  di.v  lance from Sandon.  The Highlander Mining company  has .secured the lilack Diamond,  Mamie and o her contiguous claims at  A'n.woith, and this, increase "in their  property wjil enable them greatly to  eqtend their operations. The main  tunnel will be immediately extended.  B. C. Riblet has becuied the contact from the Metropolitan Gold and  THE  DAVENPOQT  Light Locomotives  For All Purposes.  Tm iniiuF, iiiMrii-oronit'iileM-m'M, fm  _____ J't'i'iiijr IWiN. t<u <-<iiiiiw-nre.   Om-  quick delheiv  fiillv ifii��.����i��.'i"i "     *      Venient loom-ratt-. miiok 1.11.I pnucrful.  _ _ _ ��m.or wi&t temS   l   ,lnI^;|^���n7,v!l,1,,l,<',1 ,*"-'- ����y "'���������iM.rB.M.Bo,  Silvw Mining'icompany, ��hich "owns DAVENPOKT LOCOrtOTIVE WORKS, Davenport, Iowa  ���he Inune   mine  near  Ferguson, fori "�������<">���������������� ��.av bo 8���on i,rB.rV|t._nt .,���, _���,,���., of ClM|l!>v Co.^l-Jideiiix  if C  Ihe erection of a'double  rope aerial1   tramway at a cost of $20,000. It  must be finished pder the terms of  'he contract by Aiigu'st' 4th, ioo'4.  GEOllGE GIBSON  ��� shaving PAlaJj;?t,JS  anp BATlJKOOiM.  Gimcii-U'ilMniiisHlock.eor  W'��tniul 01.1 Iroii��l<|etAt��; I'HOKNIX, |.| p  KinSEdwardLod_c,.\6.36  ,r A    _,     , ' A-K'��'i<l a. ji.  IrrL^   *.i*eoiii<',i��'iHiiirI,t,,.  '"������vornJ^:,^!'.,^..",,  Sccrelarv.     W,a-',,{AS��R  VV.m.  ''"OI..MX A,.klK  NO. ISg.  '"���t,l��l!* on |/r|,|,  ��� "i �� Hull. '.  C-I.lll.ll,   lMViU,i.rf"  !��� O. O. F.  snoumiou 1.0 mi�� no. ^  W����������i Muuda.   l-u,..i,K .,   ,������,    ������  l'l��lll"iB.l.rti����riicoidl��lly|in|t���|.  w. ��.romc, N.r;.  a��OK.MMli1K.c,H,c1r  Whooping Cough.  'In the sprihgof-1901 my children  had whooping cpugn," sa>s  Mrs.   I)  ��v. Caps.  or"Capps7~"Ala  SEErTHEM Shrivel���Of. 66 , ads  published in the New Denver ��� Ledgei  only six emanate from that-tbwn^-a  record that remains, unequalled 'anywhere, and one that'ought to make  the business element there feel ashamed  of themselves.���Slocan Drill.  When rapansenta party   of naval,,,. _-���   --r-_^ ���- ���  officers and sailors to his coui.tr t Th ,PS-, - C^pS' Ala- "J llS(id  take chanre of rh�� ��>�� try. to Chamberlain's Cough Remedy with  MtbvthVr ,CrU'Ser KaMg!' J? ^satisfactory result,. I.'thmk  t)uiit_t)y the Cramps, they  taught one ,c   "'   "   '    "  00<)K>O0K>0<K>CKH>OOi0.<HK>O<><><KK><?  You Should Read  < Already the monthly magazines are  beginning to fight the .Russo-Japanese  war all over again���and the,real fight  in the far east has but just started.      j  "* "s    '"''>'��� -   ;���: 77-.,    -,,i,   I    n hvo roomea  It seems that the boastful ,Musco-j erected at Michel  nrlere!!|lyrdidu.Situd0W"0n'th? t3ck      A.-nitarium for   consumptives is  prepared for h.m,,by the little Jap, af- talked of at Ashcroft.  ter all, and now appreciates the noint       ai .    ....    _  of the 'Japanese war songs to their  American acquaintances. Here is how  the Japanese version ran in part. Just  read it aloud: -   .  Tenshin joyaku hakai hashi  Toyo heiwa no giwo shiranu,  Momai ganko no chan-changa  Burei kiwamru furumaiiva,  Setshi yakuwan kogai hifun,  Nippon danshino. udemaide,*'  Yaban no gume oyaburanto. '  ^OREGON  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  ... " J   '-luiia.       IMIMJIK  this is the best icmedy I have ever  seen for whooping cough." 'J'his remedy keeps the-cough loose, lessens  the seventy ajid,. frequency of the  coughing spells and counteracts any  tendency towards,, pneumonia. 'For  sale by all druggists.  The Leading' Weekly  of the Boundary.  Published iu the Heart of the Greatest Gold  Copper belt of British Columbia.  ano union Pacific  ONLY ijNE EASr VJA  Salt Lake and Denver.  Two Trains Daii.v.  f'lici^n ('oni;tric.u.  l.tfai*c8  Dailv  ���������^".'f "'"i"" h��i^n*fc.'  PROVINCIAL.  A two roomed schoolhouse is to be  . A branch of the Royal Bank is be-  I IT   r\T\AnaA' nt-   <T*.. 1 1_        ��  A Noted Horseman'* Experience,  Mr.   Antoine Wendling,  owner of  Deveras 2:nX arld proprietor of ,h  Chfton House, 'Brockville, says nolini-  mail compares with Nerviline for gen-  eral use.around the stable. For strains  sprains, swellings,   internal  pains and  g^ly for affections-rf^the  whirl  bone Nerviline   is   unequalled.    Mr,  irig opened'at Cumberland.  f f  Cranbrook is still seriously consider-  Colorado is gaining more notoriety     ^    ,      ,  .     .  almostdaily as the home of mob "iaw ���" .Cr,fnbrook ,s st,n ��eriously c.  .or.martial^ rule. .-The poor.oJdCen- ���ng1the matter ofincorPO'ation.  .tennial state is indeed in a 'bad way  between GeneralBell and general lawlessness.  -UndouWlvtheC^'s^, P���s,   *,���.,������,   Heu .p^  ^  .British    capitalists    are   investing  heavily in coal lands in Alberta.  Sandon business men are contemplating forming a board of trade.  ,;The,Crow's   Nc.t   Pass  Coal Co.  Uron,H-      1   1" "c4uuiiea.    ivir.  lending believes Nerviline is indispensable as a horse liniment;   it has  thoroughly. Every horse and stock  owner should use Nerviline. Sold in  large 25c bottles.  World's Fair  f u  Excursion Rates  NELSON     ROSSLAND     TEAIi:  $60 C:  $65  St. Louis'   .     Chicago  AND   Rfe-fURN.  Arrive-  Ually  In I9Q3  LlC  Kr^  .     ,   ,         " x ""= '"on, me incorporation of Fernie.  firer-simply because the company did.   Thirtvhvn J   k      u  not keep the pressure up' in the water L^?        T,    * have inCOrPor-  maihs:   ThJ^^A, ?terated   te the Kelowna1 Farmers1, Ex-  maihs. .They will probably attend to  it in the future.  John Houston has finally tendered  his resignation as a member of the  Nelson Conservative Association, and  it certainly appears as though the  Tories of that town would quit quarreling for a time, at least. But John is  still in the country.  B- C MINING  90 Days' Limit.  DATES OF SALE.  'It is said that the people of Princeton have definitely given up ever'getting a railway through the Similka-  ���Been. We do not blame them much,  'but still their day trill come. After'J.  J. Hill reaches Phoenix with his hands,  of steel, he will press on to the Simil- ?  change  This week the' government   offices  were,moved from Fort Steele lo Cran  brook in East Kootenay.  . The general conference of the Methodist church ofothe province will be  held in New Westminister on the , ��h. ^"l'  Rev. Mr. Scott will attend. (Pershift.  A Seattle syndicate, known as the  Moore Investment Co., will immediately proceed with the establishment  of pulp works at Quatsino Sound, on  Vancouver Island. The mills are to  be completed and in operation by the  end of the year,  The Ivanhoe has contracted to ship  2ootonsof2inctoIola,Kan.  A force of ten men will   be   kept  atworkonlheRecoallsummei.   -  James Breen is to receive $336,000  cash for his interest in the Crofton  smelter..  The Ivanhoe mill is turning out  concentrates at thn rate of ten tons-  May ii,  July 1,  Sept.   5,  6.  '3,  3,  7,  June 16, 17| I8)  Aug. 8, 9) ro,  ��ct-     3,    4,    5-  This is the month your miners'  1'cense has to be renewed. Don't  overlook it.  Those leady bounty checks look  mighty good to the average Slocan  mine owner.  Return Tickets to  t 0  Eastern Canada  At corresponding 'rates on same  dates. For full particulars apply to  local agent or write..  J- G. C-A1K, E.J.COYI.E,  Afcfcut, A.G.P.Agt.  Pnoenij, B. c.   Vancouver. B. C  J. S. Caktek, D. P. A.  Nelson, B.C.  the entire Boundaiy shipped 680,00b tons' of ore,'  nearly every ton of which was leduced by  - bom; smelters  I'l'oenix camp alone shipped ^ooo tons of ore  last year.  IV Honce, I, |,uhJsl,cd cto, W.I.,, and  ~ ���  ,��� .7.." J  7'ii..i... 1'AhT MAH.-T0 and"^  Coeiird'Alf.ic,]|��tricl,l'ani  i.'litcJH Crfidtl . olf,lx. P ill.  ...an.  ���Mo��coW,  .pomt^  noil nil (Minn* Knai ' 3 c ,^  . 30 p. .... ��xp*i^Ki-rB&v,��fi;t,-���;;s ���� ���'���"'  <����'fi<:W. CoI-bx.   Pullf���n���,  .   1 ''r��''7.��co, linker Clly  '   .   ������t, Baker City, Sail Fran-  ���Incept s"^;.'"15'J''��"'*'����  - 40��.m.  flOKT LINK TO CAMTOItNLV.  ��nn Finm-im>.l>0,t|ai���| Koim..  ��tt���r^lt\*��"l A"����-l" lock. I-orUand,  c...i' ��i',��a:'^^^ ��aj. ,v"rfi ha,"",:  1 icket, on ��a|ea, ������ K. ,, & N_ h;at|oli>  OHO. J. MOIII KR,Oe..enil Agc.t.  Kl��eriil<le Ave..Spokane. w��ih  ^^.OO  J3eryea,--o, the,est 6f the.world for $3.oo per  year.    It gives the "*       '  Latest and'Host  Reliable A'ews'  kameen.  \ . Editor Johnson in his maidenly effort last week, stated that hereafter the  Grand Forks News-Gazette would be  j ,ndePendent in politics. That is a nice  f *fe attitude, but many older in the  business than the ex-police magistrate  , pf Grand Forks, have had occasion to  change their minds after making an  ,announcement of similar import.  I    Duncan Ross, of Greenwood, has a  - ��ood cause for a libel suit against the  " "gaujai   [tie TU 1  Kootenay Mail, of Revelstoke    The      lhe man who d��esn't advertise in  'fetter prints a photo-engraving of Mr prOSperous times- because he doesn't  . Ross^-a good one,  too,���and   calls' "^ t0' n��r in hard times' because he  ���WnfW. A. Galliher,  M.  P.,  with a "" "  ' niographica! slcetch.   As it does not  ��� speak of tie subject of the sketch be  JI STRICTLY BUSINESS  "^ "���" ���^- ��� Q  The man who can't use advertising  in his business has no business to be  m busines's���and generally isn't.  The time to advertise is when.you  want more business. There is nothing  new about this saying, but it will bear  repeating often.  If you want a goon crop cf potatoes _.  you must cultivate your field; likewise         Umber *��� brou2  you   must cultivate your advertising lhousands of dollars to the Payne for  field for good results,  J  THE MILWAUKEE  A familiar name for the CIijchko, Mil-  Sixty   men   are   employed at  ^0^^^^^^  Highland mine, Ainsworth.    J��� Aprilll^ryV^^T^1^11^" ^s  ���dipped 3,0 tons of concentrates'     fS'^&^'SlS^ &^  Address with check  of Boundaiy Mi���pS and Smclleis  and independent, and aims to be  DOWN TO DATE.  Your subsection can begin at any time  It is feailcs?  ^f!!Snd.m|neS ShiPP��d 5.33o tons S��i:    ConnacVionV���^  PIONEER PUBLJSHJiwrro~  PHOENiX, B,'C. "~   o  last week, making 130,180 tons for  the year-or less than half the Boundary tonnage.  Fourteen inches of clean galena has     .;��� ���.�� y�����r limm 1W18 m ..The  been struck on the Majestic group, on ,VI,Tran-?e? ��w,,e" 8��inS to any point In  Fame monntn-n  ������aJ. ,���..b .   P'���     It,le U,1,te.'! States oi'Cilnada. *Ji?IYZ.���  : ...owiHiiieunH i-inea, assur  ing to nasBtuiKeis the best service known  Laxni ions coaclies, electric lights, steam  hrot, of a vent, equaled, by no other  ���!5^il'"'.,y"r tick.et rear2s via "The  Grand Forks,  Phoenix  and Greenwood  All ticket  Payne mountain, under lease6 to  Big- UgeiSH ?&  ney& Wright. |    Ko^s p,n,pl)let, or otfier ^  ^f'"f.'    -.--'.  'ing from, Bru?e,-  that  is additional[ b.ecause he didn,t Iieedany roof. And,  \ cause for trouble. *      1 .course' he couldn't  work  in the  rain.  cant afford it, is like the Arkansas  man who explained that he didn't repair his leaking roof in fair weather  because he didn't need any roof. And  Thp  sliM��   *u���i. ���   1 illation, nddiees,  ine slide   that   carried away the  [Payne bridge  weighed  50,000   tons.   R" L* ����RD> H- s-  The timber it brought down  is  worth       T�����-*'������. Agi.. Ge.  thousands of dollars to the Payne for        '  SP0KAX��'WN-        ��  firewood. j ���     ���   STAGE  J. I'.ROYER,      :       :  LINE.  :      Proprietoi  Rowe,  Geueral Agen ,  'ORTLAND, OR  The Monitor people have been sur-      That l? ** **" ^     '  veying on Wilson creek for a flume to thaSe'S^^^^  their proposed zinc works at Rosebery.  of all womanly fanction^KSST  a dam will be installed uvr, m;i^ ...J regularities and is n<.���nUn��� ���j *  ni.d'phJ.'i'".-' ".",e ]stl ,eave Kreeuwood at 6 a ���  tSiPBi  H illner officeT     '   l'or ����'���� ��t��,  nqU|���  ARTH5T1  Ksqui  ^pm*%��nS�� "ffk�� ��i'd "��r��m3  Spokane Falls  &  Nojrthei��nRy#  I enM,e����!y Bl! 'Uil roufe between poliitH  8o^V-���n,nr'f"ih,10 ����Mli��n��l. X��l-  P���ff?",- I'orks nl"' HepubhV  KKKIJCTIVKjUNKM. .9^3  r.en\e. ��  fl-i5a in      Snok��..* /.rrltr  ��,.!J:: &^'"---"-^'--   "epiiWic      6 ij pin.  In Connpciio.v  With  ���Gm-ott  j$0m  TICKETS   to   AM   Points  SHORT LINE  ����� paul,.Duluth, Minneapolis,  Chicago,  AND ALL POINTS EAST.  Seattle, Victoriajacoma, Portland,  and all pacific coabt  points.  Tl"'?"if1inr'llaf ,?";' Tonri^ Sleepers.  "imng and Buffet Smoking Library.  2 Past Trains  Daily 2  ll<S>^���M-ai,d. f"l<,er8 nnd f1111 inf0ri1"1-  a,?" r2" c,1"e, t"l���� call on or ndclrces  MJ agent of tlle S. F. & N. Railway or  <�����*.& P. A., C. P.&T.A.,  Spokane.       701 \y. Riverside,  U.ash. Spokane. W11.  m  ���;;  A dam will be installed uvo miles up regulanties and is especially good for  "��� **"'��� .wo���efi,who a-e nervous and subject to  headache,  lame   back,   bearim-down  nunc       Hot��������,l  ,        . ��. ",*  the creek.  he Donnelly group has been leased P^ns, despondency-and tiredness  to Joe Young and Roy Watson. The .F��ro��>ne is a blood purifier and can't  lease runs for four years with an option eXCClI^d, for ,he complexion. For  to buy for $2o,ooo.   There are W��� 1����� g��n ���l00ks and health ase F^ro-  are seven j 20ne.    Price 5oc. per box at druggists  WANTED.  Special represeniative in this and  adjoining territories, to represent and  advertise an old established business  house of solid financial standing. Salary $2r weekly, with expenses advanced each Monday by check direct  from headquarters. Expenses ad van-1  ced; position permanent. We furnish I  everything. Address The Columbia,"  630 Monon Bldg., Chicago 111.    r8-6  riirw no I SANITARIUM, Irrow Like, B.C.  Leave Orders at Cliv  Clerk's Office.  ��Ur'-frS.lbfe,'II,,I,-,l,",',,e' N��'��'��"- ���"I ��u��-  am.ir���"eS"en" KW"e-v. W'-r n���d stomach  Syst0cr.n1Umi,mll''80,1M<:t''ll'��Poia���,�� from the  ��^��.W��wMer��?e7  ''"rivaled  tfnnl.5' ?U winter 'nrnf; rtl1��',"��*f. ��cur.ioni  raUdn-Vo. r cllmBle is uuauryasstd for  "if  *^  ���'-��� h  . ��� ���?  Mi  r \f}  '��� ' x  1   \  ���, *,n  '*.   s'-  *. rHB'P90BNIX>PI<3NEER/  *i  Fool" Shoes  Sometimes cx-  pert shoe men are  fooled by imita*  tdt:W^MMxM  Spm^jits they buy these  imitations to fool you*      I  Buy thereat  made by no other process but  rear Welt*  THE OBSERVATORY  TllIKGS TALKKD OF AT  HOWIC AND KLSBWBEXK  For Men  $4,<  $5j  00  00  For Women  $3.50  $5.00  * j  Numerous inquiries have been made  as to whether it is true that U��it��d  States silver dollars of 1894 are valu  able in the sense that they are good  for a trip to the St. Low's Exposition,  says an American exchange. There is  no premium on dollars of the vintage  of I89J, but they are very valuable  nevertheless. They are also very hard  to get. Ifa^ian has, enough of the  dollars of 1894 in his possession, ne  can visit the World's Fair in St: Louis,  and make good the popular impression  there that money grows on trees out in  this country, and an industrious man  can pluck enough, of the fruit in a  short time to put .him on -.the sunny  side of Easy street forever afterward.  We paid i. freight bill, this week on  a large invoice of stationery, and after  figuring it up came io the conclusion  that we were paying our share towards  recompensing the C. P. R. for loss by  floods this spring.���Cranbrook Herald.  That is nothing. The Pioneer has  paid freight���and paid (he draft too���  for goods that have, to;this day, never  been received.  HUNTER-KENDRICK CO., Ltd.  Phoenix, B. C. .,..,  ���-���-���- w-��-m-*>-w-+-w ������ ������ ��-o mii   I        Always Available I  , Qpeng a savjngS account at  this Bank, and that dollar  and every dollar you deposit afterwards will earn  3 per cent, interest.  !  T  1  I  ���  ���-���  CAPITAL AND  RESERVE PAID'UP:  $3,9I4,6lO.OO  Banking Bv Mail a Spiccialty.       Established nearly half a century.  Do You Want to Save $25 in Duty?  . .'I hen buy the. .  OLIVER  TYPEWRITER  Made in Canada..  A Standard Visible Writer.  wliirli givi-s Perfict Work in thesliortett  lime with thu greatest case of operation.  ���    WriteTor Catalogue.  THE LINOTYPE COMPANY,  MONTREAL,   QUE  "PALACE LIVERY STABLES  '1 he best established and regulated hostelry in the Boun-  .-���'���-..' dary.    \V'e are centrally located in our new* stables with  a complete outfit of Saddle and Driving Horses.   The  '    best of rigs.     Parties driven to any Boundary point.  The Best Lethbridge Coal promptly delivered.   Large  Stock of Dry Woodv .  :Mch^re & McDonald  .-���     Knob Hill Ave.,      0,<Kr       Phoenix, B.C.     ^  %WMf^^  The Grand .Forks Sun has a man on  its staff who somelimes dream' dreams  ���pretty bright dreams, too, sometimes���which he records in his "dream  book." The Sun last week expressed  the opinion that Grand Forks was  likely to be made a divisional point by  the C. P. R��� on account of some new  side tracks, etc., being laid there by  Mr. Shaughnessy's railway company.  'Phis idea must surely have emanated  from the dream book.  M.  It is quije right and proper that all  newspapers should receive the legitimate support of the political party  which those papers support, as well as  any advertising that may consistently be  thrown that way. That is politics-practical politics. So, one is not surprised  to see a column legal-notice from Ottawa in such staunch Grit papers as  the Kaslo Kootenaian, Nelson News,  Kamloops Sentinel, Revelstoke Mail,  Cranbrook Herald and even in the  newly Grit-made Rossland Miner. The  editors and publishers of those papers  deserve all they can get.  But here is a poser.    Duncan Ross,  of the Greenwood Times, was,   is and  probably always  will  be,  one  of the  strongest Liberals in British Columbia  ���the staunchest kind of a Grit, with  plenty of friends at court (Ottawa).  Bearing this in mind, it is indeed one  of  the   most   remarkable   things of  twentieth   century   journalism   in the  Kootenays that Mr. Ross .has not yet  secured that long, fat, juicy,  delicious  legal notice from-Ottawa.    It appears  as though Duncan had missed a bet..  MKUflANQ VAJjLWMIgeS^  TrauvuJ Qmsp StM (0 fee a Bonttua top  per Property.  James Denniston Sword, M. E., left  Rossland   on   Tuesday   evening   for  highland Valley, near Ashcroft, where  he has a bond on a group of. claims  containing a phenomenal showing of  cupper   ore.    The surface croppings  are said to be of enormous proportions  excelling in richness many of the best  showings   in   the ^Boundary.   Smith  Curtis, the well known   mining   man  and ex-M. P. P. for Rossland, is associated with Mr. Sword   in   the deal.  The property has been surveyed for a  crown   grant,   the work  being done  by Kenneth L. Burnet, P. L. S.,  who  has just returned from the ground. Mr.  Burnet   reports   Highland   Valley as  practically   free   from   snow.     The  graund is only twelve miles  from the  main  line .of  the   C. P.  R. and is  reached by ah easy grade and without  difficulty.   Mr. Sword will commence  extensive development work as soon  as he reaches the scene of operations.  From present indications it is reasonable to presume that the   Transvaal  group,-   which   is   the name of Mr.  Sword's bonanza, is  destined  to  become one of the really  big copper  mines on the American continent.  HOW TWO BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ESCAPED  SPRING CATARRH BY USE OF PERUNA.  Nothing Robs One of Strength Like Spring  Catarrh���Spring Fever is Spring Catarrh*  Kmxrxmxmmn  ��������������������������������������������������  Mr  Mrs. Leone Dolehan.  Found a Cure For ladlfeiiloa.  I use Chamberlain's Stomach  and  Liver Tablets for indigestion and find  that they suit my case better than any  dyspepsia remedy I have ever tried and  I have used many different remedies. I  am'nearly fifty-one years of age and  have suffered a great deal from indigestion. I can eat almost anything I  want to now.���Geo.W. Emory, Rock  Mills, Ala. For sale by all druggists.  JOB PRINTING  We do the kind you want,  but which you rarely see ���  the kind that is Neat, Clean,  Original and Effective.  This the only completely  equipped Printing establishment in the Boundary occupying its own building.  Can we print for you ?  Tixnxmi:x:xmiixxmitxxcD  M  ri :. \  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.,  j   Phoenix, B. C.  Direct Line  To Ciiu*a?oarid alt'points fust; UxiiF-  vjlle, Memphis, New Orleans', iniii'all  points south.  , See. that your ticket reads via the  Il.l.isow Ckxihm.- K. >R. Tliorotm'hly  modern trains connect withal! traiiscon-  linennd lines at H- Paul and Omulin.  , ,If your friends are coming west let us  know and we will quote them direct the  specially low rates now in effect from  all eastern points. .  Any information as to rates, routes,  etc., cheerfully given.on application.  B. H. TRUMBULL,  Commmercial Agent,  ,142 Third St.,Porti1ind, Ore.  J. C. Lindsey, T. F. and P. A.,  142 Third St., Portland. Ore.  P. B. Thoinppon, F. and P. A..  Room 1, Co'eman Bldg., Seal tie, Wash  Hlu ftclea Whitman, 808Jf Grand  Are., Milwaukee, Wis., -writes:  ���'There Is nothing Jlke Poruna for  that tired feeling, which gives you no  ambition for work otplay. ~A��tor a prolonged illness, about a year ago I felt  unable to regain my health, but four  bottlea of Peruna mode a -wonderful  change and restored mo< to perfect hoaKh.  As long as you koop your blood in a  good condition you are all right, and  Poruna eoems to flUtho veins witty puro,  healthful blood. I thoroughly endorso  it."���Mlfls Helen Whitman.  How'to Get Strong Nerves.  First, repair tho injury already dono  to your nerves. The way to do this isto  do exactly as did Mr. Hal. P. Denton,  Chief Department Publicity and Promotion of National Export Exposition.  He writes: "Toward the latter part  of August I found myself in a very  much run-down condition. My family  physician said I had nervous prostration and recommended a sea voyage. I  gradually grew worse. A kind friend  whom I had known in Ohio recommended Peruna. Though Bkeptical, I  finally yielded to his advice. After  using one bottle I was much improved  and with tho fifth bottle came complete  recovery. I am in perfect health today  and owe everything to Peruna."���Hal.  P.Denton. c  A Sprint Tonic.  Almost everybody needs a tonic in the  Mrs, Leono Dolehan, In a letter from tho Commercial Hotel,  Minneapolis, Minn., writes:  Tho Peruna Modiclno Co., Columbus, Ohio.  Gentlemen: 'Tor, two months my physician experimented'  with mo trying to care a hard cold which settled in my atemach,  causing inflammation mid* catarrh. I then mode tip my mind  ho was simply nnablo ' to holp me, and leading some of the  flattering testimonials as to,tho value of Peruna In such esses,  I thought I would try it. ' '  "It Was six weeks before I could eat a meal without unpleasant  effects, but I have now boon well for six months, and I give all  tho credit to Poruna."���Mrs. Leono Dolehan  Miss Helen "Whitman.  tIIlilITIirTTTTTrTTTTxr��txxt��ttllltt*TTTTT>tttttTTt'  I  spring. Something to brace the nerves,  invigorate the brainr and "cleanse the  blood. That Peruna will do this is Im>  yond all question. Everyone who has  tried it has had the same experience as  Mrs. i D. W. Tlmbcrlakc, of Lynchburg,  Va., who, in a recent letter, mode use of  the following words: " it always take a  dose of Peruna after business hours, as  it is a great' thing for the nerves. There  is no better spring tonic, and I have  used about all of them."���Mrs- D W.  Tlmberlake.  ���,'.''��� Catarrh In Sprint p^.^'V-  : The spring is the beet time to tree*  catarrh. Nature renewa herself every-  spring. -. The system l�� rejuvenated by-  spring weather. This renders medicines more effective. A short eoarse of  Peruna, assisted by the balmy air of  spring, will cure old, stubborn eases of  catarrh that have resisted treatment for  years. Everybody should have a copy"!.���  of Dr. Hartman's latest book on catarrh.  Address The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, Ohio.  AUNERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  K:i*e.*rside Mineral Claim.  Situate in the Gieemvood Milling Division  Vole District.  Where located���On Jlcrseshoe Mountain.  T.1KH NOTI' K, that I, AlDert E. Ashcroft.  free miner's oer.incate No. B55279, acting as  agent for Soinuel T.Ifrseu, free miner's ceitifi-  cate No. D4i88i,atid V. R. Swauson.free miner's  ctrtificateNo. H41673 inlend.sixty days from the  date hereof, to app.y to the Aliuiug Recordei for  a Certificate of improvements, for ths purpose cl  obtaining a Crotvu Giant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 3^, must be commenced before the issu  ance of such Ceitificale of Improvements.  Dated this 2d day of January, A. D. 1504.  .    ALBERT K. ASHCROFT  ��� ���.������������o������a ���.������������.������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������.���������������������������  '8,'  ���  e  e  ��-  School teachers in some parts of  Ontario are offered $8.00 a month and  board. If this is all thereis for such work  in the bustling east,- why not get a few  Chinese for it? This would serve a  double purpose, as the people in the  big red cent belt would have a chance  to study the ChinLat short instead of  long range. That should be an education itself.  --��  urns&  PHOENIX  MARKET.  HEAD OFFICE FOR BOUNDARY CREEK* GREENWOOD, B.  HEADQUARTERS, NELSON, B. C.  tok id toil !tal HerM I  . Markets at Nelson, Kaslo, Three Forks, Sandon, Slocah City,  Silverton, New Denver, Ymir, Salmo, Rossland, Trail, Cascade,  Grand Forks, Greenwood, Midway, Niagara and Phoenix.  FISH, OYSTERS AND POULTRY IN SEASON.  All orders receive promptattention.  �����������������������s����e��eo��oo��e����eee��������������������������������������������������*�����������������������  XCHAM  LINE.  m.  Between Phoenix and Greenwood.  Leave Phoenix at 10 a. m. Leave Greenwood at 3 p.  ���  "-' DAILY.. ���'-'  ,aM��#        JOHN WAETERS, Prop.  Bfn^u PHOENIX PI0HEER  read the  Audi Bot*ada*y Miatog Jotfmal,  You'll have ho trouble in keeping posted on B undary Mining Matters.  Simply send a $2 bill for year's trial  to Pioksw Pub. Co. Phobnix, B.  C.  OLLA PODRIDA.  ��� ._.. ��� ,        ���.,.'.������  Opportunity,   occasionally meets a  man half way but she seldom comes  after him in an automobile.1'  ���'#'    .'.  They -say that the new $100,00.0  edition of Dickens' works is limited in  number. We would advise you to  put your order in early.  ���* .  Last year a Trail girl made her affianced promise to buy her a carriage  after their marriage, says the Trail  Creek News. He kept his word, and  now she makes him take turn about  with her pushing it.  '���  Some people are struggling with this  problem: Are William Randolph  Hearst's newspapers advertising his  presidential boom, or is William Randolph Hearst's presidential boom advertising his newspapers?  Ad Open Letter.  From the Chaplain, S. C, News  Early in the spring my wife and I were  taken with diarrhoea and so severe  were the pains that we called a physician who prescribed for us, but his  medicines failed to give any relief. A  friend who had a bottle of Chamber-  Jain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea  Remedy on hand gave each of us, a  dose and we at once felt the effects. I  procured.a bottle and before using the  entire contents we were entirely cured.  It is a wonderful remedy and should  be found in every household. H. C.  Bailey, Editor. This remedy is for sale  by all druggists.  CoaiumptioD BciIm With A Coogb.  The cough racks and tears the tender tissues of the throat. Inflammation . supervenes and then serious  bronchial or lung trouble is established.  The important time is at the beginning.  Stay the progress of the cough by using fragrant ^healing 'Catarrhozone  which reaches ,all.,of. the bronchial  tubes, throat and lungs. Catarrhozone  destroys disease germs, stops the cough,  heals sore spots, clears the nose and  throat of discharge. Catarrhozone  sooths, never irritates. Guaranteed  for every form of catarrh. For lasting  cure use Catar> hozone. Two months'  treatment $1.00; trial size 25c.  A BUSINESS PROPOSITION.  If vou are going east, a caieful selection of your route is essential to the enjoyment of-your trip. If it is a business  trip time is the main consideration;  if a pleasure trip, scenery, and the  conveniences and comforts of a modern  railroad.  Why not combine all by using the'  Illinois Central, ihe uo-to-datfi road,  running two trains daily from St. Paul  and Minneapolis, and "from Omaha to  Chicago. Free Reclining Chair Cars,  the famous Buffett - Library - Smoking  Cars, all trains vestibnled. In short,  throroughlv rnordern throughout. All  tickets reading via the Illinois Central  will be honored on these trains and no  extra fare charged.  Our rates are the 6ame as those of inferior roads. AVhv not get vour money's  worth ?  Write for full particulars.  B.W. Trumbull,  Commercial Agent, Portland, Or.  J, C. Lindsey, T.F.& P.A.Portland, Or.  Paul B. Thompson, F. & P. A.  Seattle. Wash.  The Most   Delightful Way To Cross The  Continent  Through Salt Lake,City, Glenwood Springs, Leadville, Pueblo,  Colorado Springs and Denver.  A Daylight RWc Through Nature's Art Gallery  Passing Castle Gate, Canon of The Grand, Tennessee Pass,  Marshal Pass and the Royal Gorge. -  3 Fast Trains Daily Bet. Ogden and Denyer'lt  Equipment and Service Second to None     '��.''���  SEEK NO FURTHER, FOR BETTER CAN'T BE FOUND���  W  For Detailed Information, address  C.McBRIDE, General Agent, 124 Third Street, PORTLAND, OREGON.  Corittacio* \ Buitdet��  An Unprecedented  Offer to our Subscribers.  BOTH NEW AND OLD.  o 00 o  Jobbing Promptly Attended t6,  Full Line of Hard "Woods.  .Shop on Dominion Avenue.  Phoenix Home Brewed  LAGER  ��  Brewed by a home institution, has proven  the test and has made a  Host of Friends  who testify to its Good Qualities  PHOBNIX BREWERY,  JUXIUS MUEULER, Proprietor.  Comer Standard Ave. and Banner St. Phoenix  Phoenix Pioneer and Toronto  Globe (daily) both for One  year  ......A...   Phoenix Pioneer and Toronto  Globe, (weekly) both for One  year,   Phoenix Pioneer and Montreal  Daily Herald, both for One  xraaf   /Ii'cludiiiK Handsome Portrait^  VOai    ^ofKiug Edward, 17x22 inches./   ot  Phoenix Pioneer and New York  World, Thrice-a week, both  for one year ....._..... :...  Phoenix Pioneer and Montreal  Family Herald and Weekly Star,  both one year  '   2.50  .75  2.7  Subscriptions received to all Magazines and Periodicals at publishers lowest rates.  Send all subscriptions to this office.  PHOENIX  PIONEER,  PHOENIX, B. C.  Phoenix Bakery,  Phoenix Street.   'Phouess,  We make good bread,     Try it.  ,...C. W. GREER, Proprietor.  WEBB & MAYNARD  General-Painting and  . . Sign Writing.  Greenwood, B. C.  x^x'x^li'jm!  mm  :xW^  xxx::}:&0.  ���x-Xxx'xty^  ���'.':���.".!. ���.;������'/������'���fmu:  x-;:e..:..:.-x':i-.f:!^.t-  V,!:M'ttM  :x:'x'ix';M>H  Mi  W  ���,":*:i;  ������'A'U.'i  m  '1     ' �� v .'   J-.- .'^'.   "* ,-C . ^-i./ v.  >,-.,r-���  -j -r< '>    .,'4 ���   \   tf1-   ,'���-'. ,--J- ���   .'.-.  i\-f!,f   ���, viv -...���,'.-*.���. ,   ;.--..    ,-   '-���? \-*s    ,-"- ..-....'. ��������'���.��� ��� - ��� : r   j-���     ;lr , ::������,".  ';',.;��  -,���-'-  '-^tv   -'.v.t   v-. �� i  1    i  1:  II  |  ��/&������  3$::  *  rf��|f|.  ?!  r  Iff.:  ill:  if I  'Ira*  l>  at  7:, i||pp :  lif  [ill:  {   : If P  it ;i|te;;vi:'  ]W��jrtL  SM  V  > 1  M  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  In and Around Phoenix  BRIEF topics of local and general  INTEREST TO  PHOENICIANS.  Dr. Mathison, dentist.  For International Coal stock see J.  L. Martin.  ; Mayor Rumberger went to Spokane  last Wednesday.  Dr. Simmons, dentist, McMillan  blcck, May 13 to 16.  ' 3>i. Gordon returned Saturday from  a trip to Cranbrook.  Supreme Court sittings are down for  next Thursday at Greenwood.  The painters are in charge of the  new Boucher residence this week.  George E. Breakenridge continues  to improve from his recent severe illness. 4  Born, May 5th, at Grand Forks, to  the wife of Norman L. Jackson, a  daughter.  George.A.  Fraser,   M. P.  P., has  been spending a couple of weeks in  "    Victoria.  The Union Meat Co. is installing  an up-to-date cold storage in its' Phoenix shop.  The so-called independent meat  market at Grand Forks, has quit business and turned over its assets to P.  Burns & Co.  Wm. J. Porter has been attending  to some assessment work on Wellington camp claims.  . Those who know think it would not  be surprising if some resignations were  handed in by city officials before long.  , Painters have started on the deco-  ration of the exterior of the residence  of Mrs. Hackett on Brooklyn avenue.  ���   D. J. Matheson, postmaster and city  clerk, left Tuesday, for a visit to Calgary, to attend to some business  matters.  Mrs. Ed. H. Mortimer and baby  went to Northport last Saturday, where  she;will visit her father for a fe,w  months ''  ' Emest Spraggett,' 'foreman of, roads  for Grand Forks riding, has "Been repairing between Grand Forks and  Cascade.  " W.T.Smith.of the firm of McRae  Bros. & Smith, is spending a holiday  of a'few weeks visiting a'nrtmber of  American1 cities.     ,  Some -r 50  dogs licenses have been  collected in Grand Forks.   About 800  j Ed. Black has started a watchmakers and jewelers' shop on First  street.  Dr. Mathison, dentist, will be at his  office, Bank block, from, May 10th  to 14th.  J.M.Boyd, representing the Toronto  Globe, was doing business in this city  this week.  J. Anderson, of the Grand Forks  Sun, came up Wednesday with the K.  of P. delegates.  A stag dinner was given to Dr.  Boucher at Judge Williams'' residence  last Monday evening.  For large returns and good dividends  buy International Coal stock of J. L.  Martin, Phoenix, B. C. ,  Rev. T. Green leaves Monday for  the conference meeting at New- Westminster, via Great Northern.  Special instrumental music will be  rendered at St.John's Anglican church  at the evening service tomorrow. .  P. J. Dermody, foreman at the Granby mines, went down ' to Prosser,  Wash., Wednesday of this week.  George Cook is doing assessment  work on some high grade gold and silver claims adjoining the Gold Bug.  Monday evening Mrs. G. W. Mc-  Auliffe invited about 25 friends to a  social at'her'residence on the New  Vork townsite.  Miss Ferris, of Nelson, is taking the  place of Miss Johnston at the hospital  while the latter i.s away - on her vacation. >  A benefit ball' was given on the  nth inst., at the Mother Lode mine,  the funds to be used for the new  library and reading room.  In St. Andrews Presbyterian chuich  tomorrow the morning topic will be:  'The good Shepherd"; in the evening,  "Unspotted by the World."  Duncan' Hbss, of Greenwood, returned last Saturday from"' his trip to  Ottawa, and this week took a run over  to Hedley City, in'the Similkameen.  Contractor Smith, having finished  the carpenter work on the Dr.Boucher  residence, leaves * today, for Fernie,  where he has a number of .contracts  for buildings.  ' The Winnipeg hotel, Grand  Porks,  j^^pilGREENWOOD  St. John's Church of England, Rev.  W. J. Wood, Missionary. Sund.iy  School, 10 a. m.; Morning Prayer, > i  a. m.j livening Prayer, 7:30 p. m.:  Everyone cordially invited to attend  any and all services  E  LIQUOR  St. Andrews' Presbyterian Cliuicli,  Service tomorrow at 11 a. 111. and  7:30 p. m." Sunday school and Bible  class at 2:30 p. m. Rev. E. C. W.  MacColl, Ii. -A., pastor. A cordial  welcome to all.  Methodist���Services at 11 a.m. and  7.30 p. m. at Graves-Williams hall, tl e  pastor preaching at both services. Sunday-School at 2.30 p. m. A hearty in  vitation is extended to all. Thos.  Green, B. A., pastor.-  Notice.'  Notice is hereby given that at the  next .sitting of the License .Commissioners for the City of Phoenix we  intend to apply for a transfer to Eugene  P. Shea cf the licenses which we hold  to sell liquor by retail in the Brooklyn  hotel, Dominion avenue, and the Summit Plotel, Knob Hill Avenue, both in  Phoenix, B. C.  Dated the 26th day of April,   1904.  Marshall & Shea.  COMPANY..  UoUMlAUV  AcK.N'lS   10K  =Pabst's Celebrated Beer *  Fortify yourselves for the warm  weather by drinking ���  "Iron Brew"  Wholesale   WINES,   LIQUORS  and CIGARS.  Prompt attention to Telephone  Orders.  Greenwood, B. C.  JAMES McCREATH,  PROP.  Review  3rd, 4th and 5tli floors  Spokane Review  ' Hiiildinj;.  SPOKANE.  Tliii tint'Ht. family hotel in llm city.  With or without board. Priced moderate.  SUTHERLAND * DART,  I'iojh ietoi 9.  -9-w-9-W~f>- ���-���-���-���-<��-���-���-���  i K'""'al Pricw for a few ihyil Q-   J  K. ,,le following  I      Shares  Granby M.S:&P. Co.  Denoro Mines Ltd.  _  ' Morning Giurr  International Coal &;Coke Co  .   Notary J'ubflc  E. HI Mortimer.  ''��� O. Di>x ;j  Wioeuljc, B.C.  1  Latest Mining .Stock Quotations,  ASKKn  Ai  American Boy   Ucii llur   Black Tall    Canadian Gold fields   Ciirlboo, Crimp McK (ex-div.). .  Center Star   Denoro Mines   1'oirview   Ki��lter Maiden   Giant    Granby Consolidated   International Coal   Morning Glory   Mountain.Lion   North Slnr, (�� K.)   Payne ���  Quilp .".   Kambler-Cariuoo     Han foil   Sullivan ��   TomThumK        3  War Eagle Consolidated        ii  Waterloo (Jsq I'aid)...-.         lja  White Bear        4K  mi>  4��  3  ��5  12  3  3  .     **  to 00  11  5  10  15  .   ����  *      3}J  Hi  i'A  There ere 1 few subscribers to the Pfoneei  ���just t few���who are delinquent for the year  1903. if you are one of these, the editor will  appreciate prompt liquidation  A pencil mark hero ���^_.  is a reminder that voursubscription to this paper is  now past due, and the publisher will' appieciute your  piompt attention.  .printing..  "That's Our Business"  Thc Job Department of the Plioenix Pioneer  is fully equipped to turn out the Best Quality of  Stationery for any kind of business. Special  attention paid to work for Mines. Stock, the best;  quality, the highest-grade.  ADD.RESS.  The Phoenix Pioneer,  PHOENIX, B. 0.  1  1  1  ��� ���  4  :  G. W. Rumberger;;  Real Estate  and Mines  J     Houses to Rent. City Property for Sale. 1  1 Shares in all the lea ling mines bought and j  sold.    Informaliou about Plioenix and the!  . Houndary country given on application.       j  W  Dominion Ave  NV 28  #     Dominion .V  Tt'lepliuiio Jf  <��     Phoenix, B. C  ���p-9-fh-4>-^-w-4i-9^w-m-Sf-  \ ONE ON YOU  W  And a Good One, if it is one  of   our    NEW     SPRING vjj.  SUITS, J^ircit  styles, fines.   W  materials, best workmanship!  riOXEER H1.0CK,  'PHONE NO. 14.  could be collected in'Phoenix, if all     ���,agam .chan8ed hands,- the' lease  were required to Dav.> '    " -   having been disP����ed of to Riddell &  were required to pay.  '  Julius' Levy, cigar "traveller,, of Ross-  ,, land, who'has ^ been coming into the  ���Boundary regularly for some six years,  , was here a few dBys ago.  -.." JH. S. Turner has been gazing at the  .inonarchs of the forest on ��� his timber  land near Tillamook, Oregon. He  writes they are real monatcfis, all right.  -" His Lordship, the Bishop of New  Westminister, visited Grand Forks last  Sunday, and administered the sacrament of confirmation in the Catholic  church  SIT"*'- :h��h��� ~m��%*=fi  taken charge.  ���,Tomorrow evening in the  Meihod  ist church Rev. T. Green will give the  Has Cured His Mother of Kheurrullsm.  "My mother has been a sufferer for  many year's with rheumatism,"says  W. H. Howard, of Husband, Pa. "At  tim'es she was unable to move at all,  while at all times walking was painful.  I presented her with a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm and after a few  applications she  decided j't was  the  YVe have hough1-!   at a  ij\rg.\in  ,  stock of the Cei.kiirated  SHEFFIELD  (English) Table Knives. Also a gen  EKAL    ASSORTMENT      OF     '1'ABI.R  Cutlery, Scissors, Razors, '  Strops, Leather and  Hair   Brushes.  Granby Exchange  The complete llonsefiirnislii'is  eycr tried; in fact, she is never without it now and is at all times, able to  walk. An occasional application ol  Pain Balm keeps away the' pain  she  .- iMte Wallace Johnston,   matron o   ���        r     T"? ^ C��mmis-  the Phoenix General Hospitattftfor Z'\X  ? St'L��uis Wor,d's Fair,  Nelson and other points  Monday, t0 ��?�� h" ^ "J*"���** ��  enjoy a well earned vacarion  of fhree '-     ���me%   "d  leaveS  or four weeks.' - ���  Employees of the Granby smelter  recently subscribed the sum of $560  in-aid of W. C. Chalmers, who recently Jost an arm in the converter depart  ment of the smelter, through'an accident.  . u.i> xjdiui kcepa away tne  monthly song sermon.   Theme, "The was formerly troubled with."   For sale  Hope of Heaven."   This will be  Mr.  by all druggists.  Green's last song sermon in Phoenix.  It is anticipated that  the  McGill  university students, now in the Koot-  enays, Will reach the Boundary and  Phoenix some time early next week, in  charge of Prof: Porter.' They travel  in a private car.  H. B. Munroe,  Boundary commis-   r ����� r.     -  : \_/lty ��� '��� ��� ��� ��� ���  j Transfer, {  Li$bt and Heavy Drayinf.  Dry M for Hie,  : W. H. DOCKSTEADER,:  a ��� Residence and Stables at foot of I  .      ,      Dominion Ave, Phoenix, B.C. I  ,    I- O. Box 269. 'Phone No 40.   I  Prices $10.00 to $25.00.  NEW CROP of Spring Shirts, Underwear, Shoes, etc., just received.    Call in and examine them.  THOS. BROWN,  % Men's Wear Exclusively.  '*�������������������������������  HARDV-McKKNZIK Bl K.  DOMINION AVK.. PHOENIX.  I:  I  Black's Hotels   Dominion Avenue, PHOENIX, 11. C.  ��� ._��� next  week for the Missouri metrdpolis. He  was in Phoenix" yesterday. '     <'  Rumor has it that Grand Forks, or  at least a fm- of its people, wish a  24th of Maf celebration. There was  asuspicroh-'afloat'that Grand Forks  had'a'preemption on the ist  of July  ���ResirlPntinfP    10,       , I as.asuitable day for celebration pur-  .: Kesidents of Rock Creek and vicin-j poses. ,  Jty have formed what   they   call   the      n w.^ ���    .  �����--'"�����      - ' nel     D-vVadds representing YVadds Bros.  G. J. Hayward  CUSTOMS   BROKER,  NOTARY PUBLIC,  CONVEYANCER,  COLLECTION AGENT.  Dealer in Real Estate, Live Stock,  Grand Porks, B. O.  We want you to see onr large stock of  Wall Pape*  We liavd some of the most beautiful and  artistic designs yet'seen in this section.  It is well worth wli'le to take note of  the.rgiaceful patterns and durable body.  If you arc thinking of papering this season, be sure to see our selection.  The B*G Assay ��<��  Chemical Supply Co., Ltd.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Direct Importers of Assayers' Supplies.  Sole Azenta in B. C. for'the wcll-kimwn  liatierspft Crncililec. Scoritierp. MiiHIpp.  etc. Sellinjr naents for-the F. \V. Brami  C.��'8 Specialties Cmy Fiirnnces. Burnerp.  etc. Werrks' I-nre Chpmii-als, Ascny Ma-  bor Platinum, Quit keilver, C? I'. Ai'Mk,  lioiux  (jliiss arid all Heavy ClifiiiiniN.  Specialty���Silver Free Lead and litharge.  Complete Apsay Outfits   fnrnirlied   lit  short notice.  Satisfaction Guar.iiilcPil.  Commodious Sample Rooms ,  ,     First-Class Dining Room in connection  H.ir Well Stocked with Choicest Goods  Mom Conveniently Located  Telephone No. 26. w. S. DOYLE, Prop.  ���  Fish, *l  MEATS  Game QX  Powltry  McRAE BROS. &, SMITH  Stationers, etc.        If nob Hill Ave.  SHIPMENT OF  Cut Glass  The Union Meat Co.  Announces that nn np-to'date Butcher Shop linn ui-fi) opened  in Hie McMillan Jilock, Knob Hill Ave., Phoi-ni  a !-liiinv of tli�� nnl.ii- ������ ���   ...... >.iui.r., rvnou (I  a i-hiirc of the public jintitma);e.  u'x, and  sulu-iib  .AND..  Sho[)>at Moclcod, Alia.,  Orcenwocd iiianu Xorkssiid Plioenix, B. C  i  UNION MEAT CO.     f|  , Rock Creek Gun Club, with the object of seeing that the game laws of the  province are carried out in that section.  The Lloyd A. Manly Liquor Co.,  Ltd.,, of Grand Forks, proposes to  change its name to that of the Grand  Forks Liquor Co., Ltd., and has applied to the lieutenant-governor for the  necessary permission to do so.  Jay P. Graves,   manager,   H.   N.  Galer, assistant-manager, and G. W  Wooster, treasurer, of the Granby Co.,"  'were all in the city last Saturday.   Mr.  Graves immediately left for the   east'  -but is expected back here again shortly.    His health is not of the  best at  -present.  Mrs. J. P. Shannon and children  will spend the summer at Bridgeport,  Wash. Mr. Shannon and Mr. Boyce  started this week for the Ootsa lake  district, where Mr. Shannon proposes  to take up land and settle down as a  rancher. He has a brother in the  Chilcotin section now.  A superstitious subscriber who found  a spider in his paper, wants to know if  it is considered a bad omen.   Nothing  Oftheiind.    The spider was merely  looking over the columns of the paper  to see what merchant was not advertising so that it could spin its web across  his-store'and be free from disturbance.  0      ��� xuuii JJIKJS.  photographers of Vancouver and Nel  son, will be in Phoenix shortly with  equipment for the making of photographic work in all its branches. Parties requiring photographs will consult  their interest by bearing this in mind.  Date and location will be announced  later.  Phoenix Shoe Shop.  Lilies.  ���t  In myriad crowds they glorify the hills  These cheery heralds of a late-borri  spring���  And all the air their heavy fragrance fills,  Dear \ ellow lilies, message glad you  bring,  Of coming summei   with its crown  of  And sweet-voiced birds that all   us  praises sing,���  Of sun and shadow���sky that sometime?  lowers,  And glad awakening of everything  All Work Guaranteed.  Imported G*)ds.  KINE U001S AND SHOES  MADE TO  OKDER. .      ��� m-  PRACT1CAI.    MINERS' AND   PROS  PECT0KS' SHOES   A SPECIALTY.  Shop  on   Dominion Avenue.  J. G. LANG,  Provincial Assayer and  Analytical Chemist.  ��� Late Control .Assayer for the Len-  ora mine, Mt.-Sicker. "     '  ��� From March ist: Gold, $i.oo;  GoLDandSiLVER,'$i.5o; Gold, Silver and Copper, $3.00, Discounts  for several samples sent together,  greenwood;, b. c  Just Opened.;        = r_=- i_   Will  be pleased to show them  1  Geo. E Dey,  The Jeweler.  Knob Hill Ave.  When you are iii Republic look for our si-n  Kbpubuc Bker.  REPUBLIC BREWING CO.  Grand Porks,  Phoenix  and Greenwood  STAGE   LINE.  -Rronneioj.  -w-w-w-w-i  f Buy  i Bottle  Boyle's  Blood  Purifier  -���- 9-v-Q  J. F. ROYBR,  Oliliea! emblems of the welcome spring,  inPdefair;20y Md "eW lifo fre8^  Yonr bmyeatti're would fitlv robe a kine  wea'rl y a"y qUeen be ^"o  ��nJi��-! ?ret of 50w,,r8 to h!,e��k the tie  gold- "P,ift yC",r ��"  TeaChapd-bv,WOrk 8Dd W8it' t,iat b-v-  0aruSdTe'.wetoo,,ikeyoD-'na>-  I��bne'MacCou.  licgiuniiiK Fune 1st,leave (jrecmvoocl at 6a.m.  aud Plioenix at 7 3on,m ; nrrive at Grand Forkf  10.30 a. in., leave Grand Forks3-45 p. in..arming  ttt l'lioenix 7 p. in., and Greenwood at 8. p. in  4'oimects both ways with Great Northern traim  l'drc���Grand Forks to Plioenix, %2 60; Plioenix  to Greenwood, 50c; Greenwood to Fhoenix.Ji.oi  Greewood to Gi aud Forks, $3.   Office 111 Green  irood, Gt. Noii hern Telegraph office.   In I'hoe  nix. McRne Bros. & Smith.   In Grand Forts  Gt. Northtr offices.   For express rates, uqulrr  ��tcitner office.  YLE,  THE DRUGGIST.  T&omas Dtug&o.  Vhta You Need P&yslc  Get a box of the old reliable Dr.  Hamilton's Pills of Mandrake and  IMttemut, which loosens thc bowels  without causing griping piins. No  remedy is half so satisfactory as Dr.  Hamilton's Pills.    Pric,e 25.  Foiled a Cure Tut Indigestion  I use Chamberlain's Stomach  and  Liver Tablets for indigestion and find  that they suit my case better than any  .1  Boundary Agents for Columbia  Graphophones. _  A  full  line of  - musical goods ^always in   stock.  Try us by phone 'or mail.  GKEENWOOD, B.C.  Hospital Dnasfloas  1 nave used manv rliffi.rf.nt wm��ri;^ 1   ..,-.���i. OB   IBe?  I have used many different remedies. I  am nearly fifty-one years of age and  have suffered a great deal from indigestion. I can eat almost anything I  want to now.���Geo. VV. Emory, Rock  Mills, Ala. For sale by all druggists:  pital:  (Msh Jioo ...Clement S. Hoiiglitoii, Boston  Cosh $500 ..., A Friend  Cash fc.co .". A Friend  *.dse. |>3 00 , A Friend  Cash, I5.00 J. J. Strutzel  Frnciurc Bed and Fiiniiture.volue J60...A Friend  Cash I50... T; Eaton &C0., Toronto  Il.inen Mrs. I Crawfon  Chinaware ; '. Misses Crawford  C05& $i$ Canadian Kand T>rill Co |  Arriving Daily,  Prints, Ginghams, Muslins, Mattings I  and Damasks.- J  Pewny's Celebrated Ed  Gloves for ladies -  Every pair .guaranteed.  A full stock of Boots and Shoes, Rubbers, eta,  always on hand.  Tfoe  Dominion ��� Avenue,  Phoenix.  "t; "sr-rumv


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