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The Phoenix Pioneer Mar 30, 1901

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Array -    V
' l- I
* ,'-'/'  Devoted tp'the Interests of the Boundary Mining District.
v0  +e^si\'t<*^^j*fjk';3
Due to Arrive-*te*^
willing, to he'p others to build .it; or  t<-
build it . 111 selves. \
Fifteen Mi'l'on Sfory Is True.
"The pai value of llie
One   Car   Ogilvy's
garianFlpur    , .■-
One car Goodwin's candles
One car canned goods.
One car coal oil.
1        1
One car Mixed Groceries
__,      /„_ _ t_. amalgamated companies will
Mine Manager Spent Wmtcrjandiiiesiotk mil I* listed
1      "      in East.
■ 1.  t ^ 4   ..(*», 1
These arkjbougkt direct
from , the.,'manufacturers,,,
and our customers get the
_> '
![' /Call and get our prices,
before placing your orders.
General Merchants, Old Ironsides Atenuc, Phoenix.
• *
|       '   <   i   >    "
-,'       T   '
.            1
w. -,& _
WP count when you buy Grocer- J
ies ?* If so you will appreciate our
efforts -to supply the best of everything at reasonable prices.
,_ ., We^niaka. coffee a feature of
'ourbusines-:" Wlieu/you are sick
of the Coffee you  get somewhere
t x
else, try ours.    It will cure you.
-, , .LhoM,pod.,drink" fp^$q sick or
• ••••«_oooa
Sf '"**_.-
Many CaplUIUf* Pro? Montreal, Boxlon.New
VorV^ni Philadelphia, WHi'Visit Hai-d?
ary Tills Year. ,
Jay P. Craves, general manage! of
the Ali|jcr-CJiavcs syndicate, opeinling
eMcnsivcly in I .locnix ramp, ictnrned
to the Uoundary this week, afiei
spending the winter in the castpin
I .owncial renters of both Canada and
the United Slates, I lereached (iinnd
Foiks lnstt Wednesday, and will *pi»b<
ably lie in 1 .loenixrin a 'day or ,tw6.
Speaking to a icpoitei in Rossland
"Mi. Craves said:
, Investors Favor the Boundary.
"1 'left (band Foiks eatly in
Qctobci," said Mr. Craves, "and
'S|wiit the gieater poition of the time in
Montreal a_d New - York. 1 found
Montreal a little quiet in mining but
found a \eiy faiorable opinion entei-
taincd for the Boundaiy district. It
is a'fact \\\>\i prbpeifies in that sedtjpn
are regarded moie favoiably th.-yi those
of any other 'section of the piovmce. 1
feci confident, the inteiest there i.;
mining will inipiove vciv much will in
the ncM'twelvemonth. , It will take
iimc.0 rcsloic confidence'l'n mining
investments, but it is notcs\ortj<y that
some of the stiongest men theie, "who
arc mining for oie instead of 'mining
the public/ aie making further iin'cst-
ments and aie Milling to continncdo-
ing so. Our laigc .shareholders are
increasing theii holdings in our proper
lies whcne\cr,n/favpr.iblc oppoitunity
presents itself. '1 he seeming lack ol
interests in mining evinced-.by the
.public was not so much due lo 4« iid cat
ting' as to the gieat numlifci 0., inyest-
'iiicnls submitted lot their consideration.
Tlie eO'ect was. bCTildeiiug and confusing as investor! seemed tmrtlile' to
decide as to theii icspectivc merits,
and tlic'innjority ofl companies wire
mnsW tojierfeei ^_«5ii^{>ltoH«r,>a-)jhe^ium.
bei of fniluics.
/'Dining my si\ weeks stay in Monti eab I was bus£,\jith the details of our
piopused amalgamation now^aboui to
bo effected. '1 hen I pioccedcd to
Boston, which is the gieat ccntie of
the coppci market. Coppet is the
favorite investment there. Boston has
made more monej out of that metal
than any othci city on the continent
We have a laigc numbci of shaieholu-
eis theie and all wciesceemingly pleased' with their investments." These
people pioceed cautious])',, but it theii
iinestmcnts with us result piofitablj
they will invest more extensively.
Uiitish Columbia is a new field and
naturally they want to Icel their way.
I'h'ey aie becoming quite well acquaint
ed with our icsouices.
Contract for Three Years.
"New Yoik, where I spent thice
months, comes second to Boston in
copper iinestmcnts, and copper is
newer to them than Jo their "New ^England neighbois. "fie-ides, New York
is the home office of the Amalgamated
Coppci company, the largest coppet
compaii) in existence. Fiom al. appeal.woesJNeiv York uj going lo be a
lavoiue field for seeming nuney foi
mining piopeities.. The New Yoik
iirfcstofcis itipidly developing the 'cos-
moj)olitan charactcustics ol the London capitalist and is as icady and will-
ing'to consider a-Russian, Canadian
01 Mexican mining pioposition as he
would be to investigate the meats of a
domestic mining ventuic
,"1)11! ing my stay ilierelmad^a^olv
tract foi our* smelter output for the
nc.xt three yeais, less what had been
sold picviously in Liveipool undci a
con11 net which cxpiics shoitly.
"Philadelphia, where I s])ent two
weeks, in_\ests_ slowly. 'Ihe business
men theie aie somewhat coii'-civativc,
but'I behexV'williniimc invest .arge-
ly in coppci mining as thiy ha\c al-
leady done in iion, coal and oil.
Mining Is Receiving More Coasidcration.
-f "Jaking   mining   as a whole, that
class ot investment-, is icceivmg  moie
epnsidciaiion 111 those uties than e\cr
befoie.    In my opinion the Boandan
di'-tnct is going to emiiil, if   not   sui-
pass, and mining distnilof e»in il aiea
in   tlie  noithwcst.    'I his  m.i) not be
the case in the next twooi tlnee \eais,
but   it   will   befoie  ten xeais elapse
Withinanolhei twehemoiuh the Bonn
d.uj sinOUcis will ha\ir 0 tbmcltci   c.i
pacitv of -,ooo tons  pei   da\.    Qui
owitcfipacm will  e\cecd   i/joo  ions
pei d.i\     We ptupo'-e  Heating   cii*-
tom 01 es and will enlarge out plant .il
cojding .is out   icqunemeiits  demand
it.    Wcnatuulb  waul   to   senile   a
shaie of tlie ousol Rcmibhr.    1 h.i\e
nothing fui thm to add to a lccent  in 1
lei Mew    i'i   Spokane   on  ihei.ulw.nl
question, when 1 stated   that   should |
othcis kill to do so we aie  it_ad\   and1
haits of the
lip $10
<jn the
Mew Yoik and Boston ovhan£<;s fate
this pummel or fall. At the'r otitsct
their selling pi ice will piobably'be $5,
taking into cousidcra'ion the present
prices of. the vaiious share* {of^ the
sc\eial companies. J he- president
and ftccrctai) jh ofli<c wilj uc ii)r, M011-
jrcnl, but a'biaucli office, wh^rc ofli
(ials will look after matte shijimeiits,
will, be opened in Mew Yoiw Mr.
.Northiup l'owlei, \iho spent a^cnr at
l'lioenix, famili.vii/ing himself with oui
piopcrties, will be in <barge! The
statement thai ive had been'.'offered
<$i «„ooo,ooo foi out amalgfimated
propeities is tieifectl) tute," V
Big V.xcjtk'.oti to tli^ Bsuadary.
"We have taken up witlrMr. 1).
McNicoV vice picsident o_ the
C.I'.K/'siid Mi. <Jiavcs. "the question i;l 1 mining nn exclusion to Biitish
Columbia this summer, probabl) in
June. 'The idi'.i was vciy waimly ic-
tcived and tlie vice-pie'idcpt has
promised some special privileges which
0UP Mt%
J* j* AND Jt j*
The Athelst.in is shipping two cars
daily to thfe Standard smelter.
Contiactor Cillis liej.in woilc \\\-il
ncsdas orf a ssco.id s'nil on tho Uaw
h'oi the wee'; ending yesterday tlie
I). C. mine, in Summit'< amp, shipped
800 tons ot oie.
The Midwa) Advance states that
work lias been resumed on the Bruce,
n piomising propeily near that  town.
The shalt on the Margueiile, in
Dendiwi'jd camp, is down 153 feet,
and will be continued to the 300 foot
On the Ah Thcic, Deadwcod camp,
t< <■/     ' w
Winnipeg's Rich Showing at-
300 Level. '.::■   M-i'i.
have not jet been announced.^ At all' 23.1 tons of ote
the main  shaft   is   down
.Some drifting will  piobably
'1 he 0, 1., in Biown's camp, Ins
been bonded to Julius IChilich, ol
Giecnwood.    'I he mine has shipped
Sixty Men In (lie Orauby Ar; (favln_ a flood
The sixty or seu.)tv mineis who
I have been quarantined in the Cr.inbx
:i])nitineiit lions-; oil ni count ol |he
few mild rases 01 \ari. lo(d, aie enjov.,
ing themselves to the uttermost.
Those afflsoted hi'.c been isolated in,
the old log biinkh(,use, and the menj SECRETARY PiEWMAN I'lT^jIBffl...
in  the Giauht,  well  and .icalihy as| '   ''•"   <■ T  -,""  \\~
can be, luuc 'nothing, to Uo but cat,), 7 :rT"
sleep and kill time.    Among them afa{
stveial le'idcis  who  ate making the
most of their VnfoKcd eolation, name
ly, Messrs, Chandler, B.ikci, McDoii'
aid and others.
'I hrec times .1 day tlie men assem
ble l'» the- <.ill ol the bugle, with mill
taiy piciision, and m.ncli to the Old
lionsides hotel. aKoqti.iiantincd. Often they keep sicp id the intisic(>) ol'ouning that ptopeitv,"'i)ade a
an impiovised- band. It is needless] tlio mine. 'I he \isit was made
to lemaik that the music is feaifulj |im|Hise of holding ono -of ■ the finul :
and wondeiful. AI tei noon teas aie, meetings'of the Winnipeg Mining &'■'
held at 5 p. m.. and ihe evening con- j Smelting On., whit li was ic_wulytii'-
<eit occurs fiom * 8 to 9 p. in. Inst oigriiii/ed as the, Winnipeg Mine-., Ltd.
Suiii!.-!}, aftei   dining,  an  iinpiompu.     ' --.-..
Recent Develapment is, Conflrmlar FallB tl
Shareholder* lo The Proper'.)' *Tw0 Marc
Assessments Levied. *'  * '
Last .Sat11rd.1v Richard I .cm mat), ti
Kossland,' se'eietaiv and mapagiii^'
iJiiutoi ofthe Winnipeg Mines, I.ttl.,
trip to
for t!i_
events a spe<ia! i.ite will be quoted
1 he proposition is to place the tiain
at the disposal of the vi .toft, -enabling
them first lo stop off at'*l<Miiie,
there to inspect the coal fields; then
to \isit Nelson and the SI017111 district, Rossland aftci wards, ahu 1 final ly
the iSoimdary district.       ', ''£
"In this mannei these people will
have an opportunity ,rof bceing the
most icpic«cntatiie mines airfl'mining
distiiu-.. This itineiaiy, "of couise,
may be \aiied, but that hi-the main
will be the piogiammc. J Mi.> Mc-
Nichol has left the details ,to _Ii.
Ken, the general passengerago;it, with*
whom I have had -some-coiiespon
dein e since icaching Spokane*. 1 took
occasion to inform many ot our leading shnieholders of the excursion, and
many of them and othcis 110L. only in
Montieal. but Boston, New York, and
Philadelphia parties, will .avail tliem-
sehes ol the chance to co'me west tins ^    _
yinjuiie;., I, Icel conficlcni, tlla( tlic'/e-- so far in 75 leet, laigclv in 01
suit cinnot be othci wise than tad\ 111-
t.igcous, i,i so I.11 a.s it -will enable
these people' to IfccnmcVjufoic intimate!) a'qu tinted with the; mineial
wealth x>f thisjiroxinee.'L „ ,-,jt
Cf'u-cli Services Tomorrow.
The following has been handed to
the Pioneer foi publication: 1£x-fcry(*
bod) is glad that the vaiiolid fi'iny is
icceding into the dim past, and that
l'lioenix will now icsume the e\cn
tenor of its way. The bai against
public meetings has' been icmoved,
and we may all attend the church
seivices on .Sunday with the, full
knowledge and consent of the citj
fathcis. The pasloi, Rei. J. M.
Millar, M. A., will conduct both sei-
wces, and the subject ot the moining
scrmo'i will be "TheGood Time Coming," and ot the c\ciniig seimon,
"l'lic Soul's Awakening.' A coidial
welcome to all.
Delt$aticn  Starts April 4th;
;'l he monster ^delegation fiom Koote
nay and Yale that will go to Ottawa tt>
discuss a number of questions with
the officials of the Dominion go\cin-
ment,^ which affect this section, is
scheduled' to lease Nelson April 4th
and proceed ovci the Ciow's Nest
ioad. The C. V. R. has gianted a
lound trip i.uc of $50 to .icoeditcd
delegates, inc hiding privilege of rc-
tuining'\'a Montic.I and St  l'.ml.
'fhe. West and; Bast Kootenay
boards of tr.de will send delegates,
but the Greenwood, Boaid of'liade
declines to "-end delegates unless all
the questions lccommenlled by the
Associated Boards ol 1'i.ide are
biought up- 'lhc- l'lioenix board has.
not jet taken action 'icgaiding seniir
ing delegates.
Endorse V. V. & L. Bonus.
The pco.ile of ihe entue ilistnct to
be tiaveised by thc'\'. V. i1. E. i.ul-
way .tie enthusiastic ovti t'i. piospe'ct
ol a competing railway and those _of
the Similkamjen countiy a.e especially 'so, as there is oveij piobabihty ot)
the Coasi-kootiMins load b.ntiug the
gieat Canadian moiiopoh into that |
section, sajs the Giand I oik-. (Saiuue.
At I'imceton, Keiemos, Camp
Hedlev, Nicola and \ariousothei points
111 that p.ntol the countiy mass meet
nigs h.nc beci held and lesolutions
ana.nmously adopted icquesnng the
government to gne the S^ooo ]ier
mile ca>h bonus piomis-ed a ioad fiom
Kooleiuv lo the coast, to the
V. V. _: L.
Oie itinning as hij'h as $1,700 to
the ton is tepoited being sacked at the
Moining Gloiy, Republic, tor s'iiji-
mcnl to th. Gianb) smeltei.
The B C. Copper Co.s' smeltei, at
Giecnwood, is ciedited with turning
oi|l 13 cais, or about 360 tons, ot 50
pei cent matte during ihe fiisi month's
It is said that the management of
the Biukhoin mine, in Deadwood
camp, is preparing to icsume opa.i-
tions. About 1,000 leet of work have
been done thus tai.     '
At the 250-foot level of* the Biook-
ljn drilling on ihe oie is still being
continued south to conned with the
Idaho. At present the woikings aie
about undci the wagon load.
Thus lar 650 tons of ore hate been
shipped fiom the Kmma, in Summit
<amp, u> the Siandnid smeltei. A
tunnel is now being dihen,   whii'n  is
A leccnt shipmciil of 36 sarks of
01c fiom the Bl.:e Bell, Summit camp,
to the (banby sme'tci, gave net ic-
tuinsof $14.-5 per ton. The main
shaft is now do'\n about 100 feet.
>'•*'_ W_"htow ing ln--4*«tW-3S>u-«ns«<iM4^' "
pjritic smelter, at Boundaiy Tails, has
been postponed until some changes
and additions to the machinery can be
made and a laigei 01 csupply ojtainid
A well defined minor is .iiculating
that ihe I,a-,t Change muie in Sky-
l.uk camp, between l'lioenix and
Giecnwood, will icsume opeiations on
.1 permanent [basis in about two
I'oi the week ending List Wednesday 134 cars of oie weie shipped b\
the Minci Gi.ive> sjnduate fiom
l'lioenix. I his is ten cats shoit ol
the 1cg11l.11 weekly quota. In round
numbeis the tonnage was 4,000.
The new compicssoi at the Biook-
Ijn will piobabh be icadj to fumish
an to the Idaho in three 01 foui dais
Ihe pipe line has been connected up
and the smoke-static is in plate
About 80 men aie now on the pijioll
ofthe Dominion Coppci Co
dimni;,  an
Saltation Aimy senile u.is held,  the
collection not being oteilooked. ,
One etcning about 20 ol ihcm appealed in burnt coik and gave a min-
sliel jieitormance foi the benefit of
those assemble'd  outside the line ol
Mi. I.e. man'j-turned to Kossl.mil
last .Tuesday, and fxpiesscd himsell as
not a little pleased at the 1 exults ofthe
ifecMit development going on 'under
(■'oieiuan T1cge.11/
h'oi some time this development has
been pnrtit'tilnih the sinking of aw ln/e
quaianiine:    Tommy Hognn, on  one j at the 300 foot letei,   r'l his, witue ,U,
occision, was eliessed up to u'piescnl, no« down ot . 6o.cct,   and   has ai\"
Mis Cat lie Nation, an J canicvl the
cter piesent hatdiet, which has done
such execution ba< k in "blcedinj;
Next' Wednesday the iC days of
quaiaiitine will , be oses, when I'lp
men will be libe-iaied, 11 no fies. cases
or <in.
Preparing for Installation.
A Luge numbci ofthe tiansfei cards
ot lesidcnt Odd h'ellows, wiio will 01
gani/c a-ncw branch of the oidei in
Phoenix, have ainxcd, and this week
the chartei was sent for. Ihe nctes-
saiy icgaha was oiueied a-week 01 two
sinic, but it will probabh be a month
before tne installation takes place.
l'rem:er Dunsmuir Reports on Matters Dis-
curs.'d at Ottawa.
I.nxt Tuesday Premier D.insmuii
submitted a detailed icpoil ol the set
cial matlcis discussed by liitns.lt and
Prcmici l.auii.i at Ottawa, on the occasion ot Mi. Dunsniuu's rei ent visit
to the Domini.11 capital. 'Ihe visit
was made for the pin pose ol ariiving
at a beltei understanding by thc«/hto
goteinments in regaid lo public mat-
teis of mutual interest. ~'Jhe subjects
brotiit'it were as follows:
1.,   Chinese and fapincsc immigia-
cxcellent show ing-of o.e,, fhere being'
over eleven feet ot'jjdod chalcopyritc.
Ii is expected that the' No.' * 1 nort'i
vein wiil shoitly upite with the No. 2.
north tein, ttlicn'cven a better showing
will doubtless be found, and „ the
piesent theoty of development con-
fiim.d. "     ' '
A meeting of the new corpora':i<V«
was also held while Mi. Blew man; was 1
at the mine and assessments.No. 4-ajidt -
5 were levied, of one-hall cent, each,
pei shaic. No. 4 is p.ijable'at tmce'^
and is delinquent MaJ* ist, aud'No. _*'
is deliiKpient June 1st. .   "     *
. ,
eater  share  ol   the revenues arising  „,)cl ,,lant lor the watei svs~
Public  Meetings  Can  . »w  be HeM  Oace
More. .■>•<•     '
The I'itt count il met' in legular
Hceklt session last Wednesday evening,
.ill the nieinbeis and the major  bciii^, _
piesent.   ^       „   p t^    __ >._<t .
,    ('omniunications weie read' by 'the,',
r< itv rlefk  from'Jno. A. Corjeirand'1'
' engineerjKft,"
Out ot the Chinese Imnugiation act.
3     The fixhciies.
4. Ihe cncouiagemcnt of ship
building on the British Columbia
5. Readjustment ot the lumhci
tariff, in the in lei est of the local nidus!) t.
6. Financial le'ations of the province of Bnlish ('o'umbi.i and the Do
minion ot Canada.
7. Co opciaiiou ol the Dominion
'tith the province in the milter of i.tI
wat development in I'ntish Columbia
S      I he settl.m
Indian tescive m.Utci.
9. Re aajustment ol the boun
daries ot Indian icseives in Biitish
10. The tight ot the piovinrc to
administci the minerals undei Indian
resei v es.
11. '1 he njdit ol the  mountc  to
it ot the Songhees
plant lor tlie watei system, winch r
ncie 01 deicd filed.     . **
Ihe following accounts'were ap-'
piovcd bv the finam e'comihittee and '
oidered paid:
riligt-phiii:; -
I>oituiitoii Cujiptrr Co
1'ioiiicr riililislmiRCo
I)t» llnrkiicsi . .
.Nul SlewTt.sulitt-ilk,
II C   O ircllK
' 3>
It w
' SV
|1  03
S <))
Boundait Lodge I. O. O
piesent pi act it ing team woik
institution ot a lodge of Odd
at .hoenix, which is shortly
place.     'Ihe  new   lodge  will
V. is at
for the
to take-
be in
stunted by W. M Lnv, I) I) (i. M ,
assisted by thcmembcisol Greenwood,
Ciiand ) oiks and Caison lodges —
Greenwood Minci.
willing to build a taiivvay between Republic and Giand 1-oiks. We don't
want logo into the i.ulwaj business
unless it cannot be avoided, bin ue
anxious to see the lord built.    Wuuu
Oh ners of fie V., V. & E. Hailtv.ij.
A icCent dispatch leceived  at   \ 11
1 tpiia bj I1) V. Bod well, e\ulains  tlcfi
I mlclj who aie ihetiwnei. ol the stock
j ot the Vancouvei. Vn toiu >.   I'asti .11
i iailw.it, whuh is now  seeking  a  sub
1 sidv fiom the" "ovcinment tor the con
1 strut Hon ol die pioposed  Coast Koot-
en.i\ line.    The telegi.i'ii 'sas lollows*
I     "New   V01.,   Maieh   21—It   u>u
, thin1' 11 advisable »011  nuj   aiinoiiine
that the C1e.1t Noithan  i.tilw.iv   and
Ma kc'i/ie .x M:.un aie equally intei
estcd in iht V, V. _. 1   lail.tav com-
p.iin stock.    [Signed.]
" J. I. Mm.
U .1. M ti ki x'li
A. W. Ross, one ot the best kn.ttn
men 111 the west, died hist Satindaj at
Toionto, liom the effet ts ol paiahsis.
Mi. Ross wasslltccssitelt inteiesied in
ic.ijtt cnlei puses at Winnipeg, \'an
t-oiivu and Columbia, as well as othei
'Iucsd.it moining earlj the duel  ol
polite an estcd ana jailed a man named
Snjdei.    By ten o'clock the   ptisonei
had succeeded 111 bieakingj.nl  by cut
ting through the ceiling   ot   the  cc'l,
and maue good Ins escipe     Mi    Mi
'Millan is now piepaicd bt lor the next
tusiomei who  tiics to woik tnc  'nine
game     Simla   wa»   levajitmed   l.itei
hv the ehiel, b.ought befo..e the'pohte Cillli
magistiace on a   ihaige ol   vagrantv^i ^'j ^
and sciitenied to si\ months.        s""l"
(ireenwooii has elected new olueis
foi its football .lub as follows- IYcm
dent, I. I 1 iihupiic; vn e [iies'dcu^,
W Gil licit, 11. A. King, B. 1'
Sh.upt .in I I W II 'smjthi , seeic
tan ticisiiiLi, I. II Moitimei. ton)
miiUe*, C W Ch.sieiton, R J Conl
tei, (J. I'. Ci.ug I II C Ctistancc
<i..d L. 1' Dill It was dentied to
(onnnunitale with Phoenix .ind'Cii.i'id
I oiks with tne ubjee t ol loimtng .1
looth.nl lemic 01 ass.aalinn in the
IStrtindait lo ni "ge fo. t'|si>i.'i
Tutil . $ oS 55
Hospital Mj-I,aw No 13, was teat!
a second time and passed. 'I lie ln-
law'conteis potter on the major and
titvcleikto make a contribution 01
$500 to the l'lioenix General Hospital.
The council passed a icsolution allowing the holdhig of public and lodge
meetings, and adjoin tied to next Wednesday evening
On Trial at (ireeuwdoil.
As tlu Pioneer uas going to pies-*
1 testeidaj   a.tcinoon,   the  case   01 the
1 Crown   against   M.   II.   Roy, J.  1.. ^
1 Menghei and Frank Dtuell, was being
tried at (li ecu wood       Ihe  chaigc  is
said to be distuibing the peace, and it
is stated  otcuired  Saturday, Januar\
5th,   whuh   was  the   time   when  .1
Chinaman,  coming   up  fiom  (been
wood with   |. I,  I'.irkei, was  induced
to tctiacc  his  steps.      \   number of
witnesses  tteie   s'iSpociiaed   to   give
testimony at the hearing
Were Fined $50 and Costs.
1 ast Fnd.iv night Ham Nas'i,
lormeilv pioprtetot ofthe Hotel I'liw-
nix, got into a melee and was prettv
had!j used up. foe (Joinlav and D.n
limns weie nnested cs his assailant*.
The case was tned befoie Polite Mag-
istiate Williams l.istlSitiiieTay oveniris.',
and both men weie ftiietl $50 an.l
Tranfrenalion the Key.
'I hat tianspoit.t'ion  is the ket that
it ill unlock the lesouiccs 01  (he piot-
iihc of Biitish ( olumbi.i, is uillt iet-
ogni/ed bj the people, ,\n 1 m. a Oemt.
cram CDiintiv like 0111s the will of the
people  is  supieme.      Ihe  1 evolution
bean 1 ig upon the  Crow's  Nest  Tass-
l he purposed nulease  of the  poll   Hcimt]riiv ,nib..iv question, i»ssed bv
tax ot $5 is wrong      ! be mmuple -of  tllc  Associated   Boaids ot     Trade of
the poll tax is not a good one,  though | l)jat beaion OI t|,e ,,IOvint,c  was, cni-
pjople hate been   satisfied to accept it j nej |)} - ven \M&t, maj0ril\, alter full
at $3.     I o mam a man tiedm turn ol j nollLe -„d j,'salss,0i).     n,0 {)()l,cv is
$^ I 11 poll tax horn the lust monet hej clu:()l,ej |)v some ot the  most   represent itivc pi]>eis m Kooteaav and also
'a inve'tois m Bastern   Canada  who-
Agi'-nclilo Captured at Uit , mv<- laigc mvestmentt in the plot nice.
—Winnipeg bice ''as-,.
Mine UW-t the Patscc
foics'iores. and the minerals undei the
1  _imc.
12 1 he s.ilni ies of judges
13 Xmeiidmcnt of the natiuali/a
tion act, to pi event the fiaudulei .
naturalisation ot alien1-'.
14. '1 he claims ot Kobcit Angus
foi compensation lot tinibci seized
tvithin.tlic Dominion railroad belt.
15.- Claims loi cc.nipensation in'
connection with smallpox qiurantinal
along the international boundait   line
And seveial othei inattcis ot minor |
impoil. 1
Falls 03 lit.' Workinjmjn. |
This five dollai tax falls too hard
altogethei on the it01 king men to be
defensible It hits tho-��e who have
no direct inteiest in the schools too
severely to be just. Under the iniquitous sv stem .vhuh piev.nls in this
piovinte ot cul'e.ting through the
emp]over,sot Libo., the people who
will pay a Luge- piop'oitui'i tit the total
amount at tuallt toilet ted 0:1 this ta\
aie those who hate the least inteiest
in the object loi ninth it is toilet ted,
and who tan least aftoid to pay it —
Revelstoke Herald.
' -ft
lo main a man tiedm tion ol
I )i poll tax liom the hist moucv he-
e.niis will Ijc a  baids'np—Rete'sioKe
\ piess disp.itih tiom Manila, 1111
del due ol Maith .hilt, sits th it
\giimaldo has bjcn captuied lien
11.1l I iiston's d.umg pioject lot the
ejiituieol   \guiiMldo   111   his   hidim.
'M'r the
A dispatch to \1*k   ].\ehangc  Tele-
rapli .ompanv   trout  I'a.is St.. e», on
nghest author itv, that a nn/ie has
ov creel beneath the p.ii.lt e of
been dis.
pla e  in    ihe    l'tovince   ot   Isabella,
Island 01 I.u/011, h.aspiovedeomplete-lt ' j.-m[,e-to;  Nit'u lis at   I .larskot^Seli
hiiiiesstul.    Agiiinalclo   was ca[>luicd'
thcic Man h . v
Mil L"nil-d .States ait.tboit \ icks
bmg eommaiuled bv F. B. I!.in,
»nli lie aal 1 usjton and \jiin ah'oo-i
17 mdes ■ south of St. I't-t-isbuig.
-seveial not.ibiutie-.. the titip.ttc'.i
lii'll.n slates,, aieimp'leatevl in the plot
against    his   majesty
Ihe    Russia-i
be   t1, aiitvei! l.eie thii iitiiimiiL
]>rt s-, was no
0'. 1:.
IV   I'
l'J "1
\i 1 l' e ���������I. ��� ���11-  iy:*  m'0wmf^mM_\^mJn <v4*f~+*mm**  ',   triK ^KOI'KIX PIONKKR,  p��  jl? _^!0_p:^>..,^^ ..,,. -... .., ,,-.-,���.,,,,.��,���.. , ,,,-��� ...���....- - _-  ,m Wtm^-^'^ ��� ~ '$?<$$&*tf!zW$M"? ���'��� 'iSl ��� KHHAJ* OFFICE*TOWWTTO .^.^-.i^h? .*&?#.X  <__f_||_S|rfM  . _^.^_r^?^>:. ;:^_-^^^:?>lf-'vv--f'^_; _^>-:.   .-.;   ,.'^:_ . M.i_-\0 ^: . :'': .���'. ��� u'_ ,__,___ ^va_.^_-_ji'_r_:__i,���i!!^__:._^Z:-:_'_^���_-���-;-. ���,  This year promises t<ii be oijc of advancement and prosperity,riot only In  J .toenix but in |iiC;; entire :<Bbimdnry.  ���'Hie total of orcshiptrients ispnelriign,  and it ivjl 1 esceed\last year's' record: by  ��� mprclhah i co ;���;per"cei'itj-.'/'-^0,rt';';.;  $LJudging; from the'; rcsii1tsy \titeI'As-:  Soeiatcij: Boardsof Trade have::airea_y  'i'-: definite .fqlijgbts  f; wndingl;de!egatiqnsV to  ?Cpne'erteiji effort, /properly-  s'|��rier��llyweflwtive.:;:^  an agreement has been  .cached  be  If |w__fefevpM,'-m^^mt-iiM:;-m**??y*mr* e^wMMM:fP  Ef.   T_TtMwS*ft?:^y. Sa-ssW'4a.#->>ivfof-TiV: ���ti>-1^_*ii_^i;a��S^iili���35^feT;^  tween.'-the-Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co. p  and llie C H. R., whereby; -jite .Great  Nortiierii will get access toihe coaj  fields;.:In other; words: .tlie; Crow's  Nest d(k! will not be opj^sed >by ifte  great railway coijvoratioii iii its attempt,' g  t.sceureia charter frpinj the Dominion j :���  ''nnci^i.^pVincial': governii)erits for 'a line  fton^Ferhie solitb to itlic'; Boundary  ii_a_ittS^'C,'':;'',;' -:���-.;:{���_ :!v.of>-iv'3: '������':','���-.  THE DEUBER-HAMPDEN LEADS  ri "���-'.'   tl.JIURS-OM.OVV  &.���.&��$$:!,& ������i*;)',t'S��Sfe;;%' rii^  ippealMnotwUKsttnfr^  $1,730 short on what we arc supposed  to:;Iiaxcif��r5;_sdio.l:^  Ifwitti^ap1 f $_J^  >:|ri^u(:io_4 $^  .l^iisjitf;:;^  }Wij��ef^^  ,tirie)7,��js^  r^Sfp'^nii;  i.;''i^J'''r- //'<u'>A'-,  is tp l>c^ovidcd bymaking; municiiv  L.;._se  ;rt^^lf;#i^i_lfepllK^i}^  ,...; .,.. . ,,.,...... .., ,���.,,��� ,,-,w-,.,.,,  ''"'"'��� ���''"'',"'t;.;g:^'i:.^J#*>M��,^ ijil' wiltnroIjhhtv-BasSSlPir _is'l�� _s*^ivn.  ^���r.^_aV^^U-.V���^;^^lii��-'->V-^MJ^in':'./A.,-:^^^^^^^ .tCl. �� in,.|JMiW^lity; IMSi*,:.llj':;lli.J.liaS ,:..'.nOl  glllia^lrtlii^la tsdygptggiigj ling  B%sa.K!!<_ft_iiiS_tit,i'��>_��_s_K^ sonic;n'mcndmcTits to.mh.k'��e/i1icipi 11:go,���  ^��p^al^|o^:proViri^  j^i^^^isml^  &^^t|w^i||^(��|j^^i^  :?p;xactlyi^iije cases of varioloid have  developed iiiiwr I?boenk~ribt"20 iior  ���*v-v:"'vji-^i>;. ii;-- ^V'i.���--t-v'-'-'-'-:;'f*---��-. '-"���-,-��� ii'"v-  ;iob,as varrPusk;rejx)rfed;fen;the" otitr  ���j','.. ,.-, -. I.',  .-, V.,- ..,, ���'���',  -,-'',it*/!; "'.,.-'    -.(^- i-ii���..-. i_t'--j../.'..l"''-''.-' .'���?  side^^Oni^ tnree:pf;thcsc;|a  _ii��l;^)a;:alr;jr|f.rt)em  -__:'.!:���_ _.n..' _^-__.-:_i__s.-,..:_T:_:���!i*.j^j��jj.  tlie'  a Jf?S;;A WMAT:tHEEDITORS:SAY."J::: ]  ffWNpbody.oitbts::Crirry Nation's I111V  iaiiclwhen he .says tliat ?the-re])6rt tiiiit  -"liej.iirgie&l'icrto returiihoine is untrue.-r:  iVaricoUv.^4i\Vorld.;:^v;.':I-^';^K1l:V  }}pm:Ex$(i&fMon$'&^  m|K|.|p|i:Hi  :'">^'lie:etty'bf:(;raiVd:J^orks^most;earn^ rS.-'i;'^!K;.i"^fei;;;i*'ifr;V''ri'"^^;-'-,;.  NNIS,  The  ^0:.'-^  ^:-;}We:lmiiclletiil.Kinds of^^^^^^M^^aM^y^,  ...  ."/..'::i'^'^itifp'''.' :.''-.:.Vi''1^������,':' ^���,^--.',-- ���"'',-:--Vi' >:;-v,'-::-'.-."!'-'-"-;-'".''.- .'��� ���' . ���'''-i;:;,^"':'v.''..V'.'f-:- ���.://::''!- '������ '!.:.  ^^|��^nr:Tm(le:|(||ic ;���.  ;I^rjis:;Gazcttie;v;  one of the liveliest mineral .sections in  O-i.lot. _' ���������i.iil_i*.'.'wK*iv_'i'il_i-��w t.Ki'?Wt. k*t ._  /':irJ*61J_a��.iare"aoiie''avvay,witli^^  :m^vii��ofTai.sin|;jluiid^  inc^jnnd^states^Bu^  ::]uiniiia^in"si|B{W^^  ;,t ligp wseri rf3 ;| re v^^^  nwK saicjji^Arcwc^p  jifttieciegisfiitife^as^  rli_i_t_^��u___llrk!.������.._ ;.-^v-:.;-.kt_l./.;ii_._ .;>t-; ...  |Cii ptoin'.I,igh th'al 1 was rea^Ty fioiiiVcl  ^wdiiiij aAVashiiigtwJiibte)^  ^lioi-opb^cli^'ife^^  ��i��j}W��i��^..��.��..��.i.����t����.<lt��M**��"*t��*iti4,**.l  ,^|t|ng|SS��fiij0p^$in^  S^!^istKi||pf|Rpii^^^       :  representative on tt.is proving to be'a  valuable acquisition.   Some mterestinn  wiw^^^ii^editpd^^dg^  ^;.'I'lie allies in GliHia'arenbttVCT.iiar-;  njoniousi'Sfclftheyitire  ^ie^pncMt-pf^:Eiiro|)<��fw  ���tb/rah3.moriiurai4^oi_hist."'^  te.Kij'^A'VJ? r-::v''-5v: j;!"J'-^:_'���/;: .__t!.^ .o.;_-  ,^:J'i'Ii''fe^Y!?Ml��'-^  pleteje^clusioii: bf^ttSe teiiih^vfrom  Brllislfepliirnbi^  day-ipr: tliis cq^tr^j'whciittliaf shalj  hav.ii^beeii  decided; ;upon.~Nels6ii:  ^tj&uptintj'^ :ol:$5-.iw,S tor ;|bii*pig,;  !wdji?;giMraiiteed |iylthe|;I)biiiini()n  goyelrnii^piit. this sessionj>iJt;:;^i]!;^rmiy;  e^idblislr;3.ac] smeltin^andjrefiningfinvt  't&rcstsjio^ritisli,^  ^!S^lill)|G^iirtis'is;xbmingv^  ;jfijgii||apiiwt-'tlie?E^  .j^ra^i^jVrbniiKs^fp^  '/_��� .'1#___H_I*____1   '  ��l.l_A"_kl_.]i��t_rt__;l_ __*.'.J_!   .   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K^^___ijtv;;^ f>.*  ,���!������: f ,>W^yS-,-.��.;>,-lj,. y- ?.-;SR;,E.K<i~  Si'^WSSi.'lS  ^fS4f<^____A_^____^  s Worth Knowing'  "' I"..1'" li.V-BiCTAKTSO   AN'd   EMBA-tlil.VG  ������_'_*___i_'__*_ _;_ <i:_-��^\_��! .-���-.���-��*��� .VjmAV?��si. ��. :;fc'.^  *i1. iil  ��s.ifc  Spiill|Rl^REI<__^  AGENTS FOR   !"___i__ __:���__:������������   ��-  Makes Two^ Ilpiind Trips Dwly Between Phoenix  3 l^SMiiill^HliBif��: v  isasIIBIIiiliiil*  : ikStV:l_> '>i_I_^:i^^^^  ^ift^ipilsti^lcea^itli^  IK.-'  :j;UU|SJM^L|Ep^0p|^  ^i;.:::'-r.6:;:i:;/:;��!fi:.Si';v  i.'X;*--.--:*'-^'  w-i  giS0NN;&-.;McCAGUE,  V.v;';: .-^ iPROFRIETORS.  ^^^m^X^^^^^i^f^^f  BBa?_i_feBiB^e_gta_jaK8_t_^ THK J>HOI.:\tX PIONEER.  IT IS DOUBLING UP  Dontracts U|t For Ne$r Smelter  Machinery. *  -   t    ;|'-;i.:_  mm JMUSTO TfiEAT 12* TONS  APPLICATIONS FOR CHARTERS.  Sapf. flWjei Art Maufcr Oraves PJim.  Orders la Chicago ������< Plttibsry For Two  AtMltfeul Faruccsan* Two Matte Cm-  vertcre.  -   ~'A. B. W.  Hodge?, superintendent  of  the  Granby smeller rnt   Grind  Foiks, has returned after.'a business  trip extending from San' Francisco to  New York,'   Mr.' Hodges announces  that the contracts, for  the additional  plant to be installed this summer have  been awarded.,. Th'e'Gates Iron Works  of Chicago, whichyupplie'd theoriginal  plant, was the successful tenderer for  the two hew-furnaces and the converting plant, and the electrical machinery  tviil be furnished by the Westinghouse  Electric & Manufacturing company, of  Pittsburg.   '1'he delivery must be made  within ninety days, and before Sept, i  the smelter will be treating a minimum  of 1,200 tons and roo tons of matte  daily.'*   :   ���,....    , *  ".My trip," said Mr.'' Hodges,' 'involved a good deal of travel.   After  leaving Grand Forks last   month I  proceeded direct to Great Falls, Mont.,  for the purpose of inspecting the smelter  of the Boston & Montana company,  Supt? Goodale showed ' me .* over' the  ' works! which |md an added interest for  me, as they  are  ojicratcd   by water  iiower developed by damming the Missouri river.- The  capacity  is iiooo  tons daily. "''This plant:' impressed mc  very fav0rablyr '.lie ores treated, of  course,rAre'morercompIex {.than, those  of the Boundary, requiring to be roast*  'cd^r-The converter plant isupto date  in .every respect."l     *;'; '! - ��� '' / ���  "Then Jvisited Butte and looked over  tlie.HeinzCjSnielter.^hercgreatactivity  prevailed, asadditiorfalblast:furnaces  1 s- and" converters". are" being installed.  Mr,,Bellinger,^formerly of the North-  port' smelter, is in charge, 'From there  I went, to Saii Francisco'ito inspect the  big electrical power, |4ant of the street  railway owned" by  Claus   Spreckek  ,. ,'l'he, plant was supplied by,- the;, Westinghouse people." *>J* *' '���/     ''"' ,  "On the train betweenr,'Frisco - and  Ixw'Angeles . met Senator .Clark, of  Montana, who invited me to accompany him to the smelter of .his -United  t Verde nu'n<fafJerome, Aris>na.'[" Mr.  Cfarlc'treated me with great' courtesy,      Every day brings a new delegation  and for the run on the branch Jine to to'the members of the provincial gov-  V-w_'_r^ ?-"*_? c"r',7*? WZ^-lWmpnh ����&- eycry delegation holds  respect.    It treats 1,200 tons daily and which preceded it.   This doubtless ex-  dunng ;my staytaorfi converters, }were .plains'whyy�� the  government railw  AtjrfrlBf Ra||W4y Builders Ask Uive to Grid-  ta>BB.C.andTI>eYoS(on.  A recent number ofthe Canada Gazette contain* the follow inR applications  for railway charters in British Columbia and Yukon:  i.   From Cascade City, along the  valley of the Kettle  river to the nr-rth  fork, thence  up   the  north   fork lo  Franklin  camp,   thence   to Vernon,  thence to Vancouvei;   with branches  from franklin camp to Arrow I���tke;  rotn;Grand Forks to the international  boundary; and branches to the various  mining camps contiguous to the line.  2.    Fiom Cascade   westerly al.ng  the valley of the  Kettle river,   to a  point on the boundary line near Carson, with a bjanch from Grand Ftaks  to a point '50 miles up the north fork  of Kettle river, also from Grand Forks,  by way of Greenwood, to the international .boundary near Midway.  3. From Fort Selkirk to Dawson,  then-c westerly to the 141st meredian,  with branch lines not exceeding eo  Diiles hi1 length.  ", From the coal mines at Michel, East  Kootenay, to the international boundary, also from Michel Creek* along  the valley of the Elk river to the main  line of the C. I _ R., with a branch byway of the North East Kootenay Pass  to All>er!a, to connect with the Crow's  Nest Pass railway.  4- The Alaska and North Western  railway from at or near Pyramid Harbor, or from a point on or near ihe international boundary, in the vicinity of  Lynn canal, through Chilkat Pass,  thence over the Dalton. trail to Fort  Selkirk.  5. From a point on the international, boundary near Cascade, along the  west side of Kettle river to Carson.  6. From Kitcmat Harbor easterly  to Teslin lake, thence along the Hoot-  alinqua river to the Yukon river, thence  to,Dawson.  ''7; From a point at or nearPcntic-  ton, along Shingle creek to Fish Lake  Pass, thence to Fish lake, thence to  Keremeos, thence through the Similkameen valley to the international boundary; with brandies to Nickel Plate  camp and Twenty-Mile creek," and  Princeton.  -.��� Kootenay Central Railway.���  From Fort Steele to Elko, on the C. N.  P., thence to the international boundary. From FortStecie to Windermere  thence to Golden. 1  9. From some point on the White  Pass and Yukon railway to Lewis river,'  thence to the Hootalinqua river, thencl  to the B;g Salmon river; also branch  lines to any,points on the Hootalinqua  "and Hig Salmon rivers and their tribu  taries, also to extend the line north  ward to the Stewart river.  MINERAL ACT.  CcrtlUcale fo Improvements.  ... -   .      NOTICH. ��  _.���..._  .1. y.��".':" no<l "SmuMler"'in!<  Wliw located.. -   -  ____���  apex  chin  Free Miner', certificate No"fi^'s. fofw&V.  '.  Cfor��? *'���  RiimhcrKcr,    .....uvvttho, n __rc, for myself.  "���a �� ����">��   for TIiouim B/VtirrlMD.  Free  Mlne.li certificate  No.  Bjii-k and Patrick   1  intend, *l*ty d��v�� lr_ ,h�� _.��_>._._ r ._.*__>���  to the Minlii  !__"*; _"iyd��y��'��>��"the diteherctf to'aupiy ;  to the Mining fttconler for certificate*  of 7m.  Pbocelx Lodje No, 23,  Knljbts of PytMu.  Meets tvtry Tuesday iiljhl  at 7 jo p. 01., Miner).' Union  Unit.  Vlalttuic "jrelhro' welcome.  C A. McCi.f.N., K. K. B,  (lJ,A.CLAKK,C.C.  OrantHofthe aU��c clilmi  Aud furlher Ukc  notice dint iictlon, iimler  flection ��. rnunt be commenced before tie 1.  lloted tlii��24tli dayo/ Jnnuary, A. I), loot,  *> C��"���     - ���  ^RIKCK W,  KtlUBKKOKK.  Appiicatiw) lor Traosfcr of Lt(iror Llccose.  pJ-_*"?J!,t0 ,],e?��"r. ��r Llcenic Comiuiulonct.  orthe City of Phuenlx at IU ne*t meeting for a  __���"���!_*'_ ._f * _.?  ,1.uor  "��"�����  held by Hnrrv  N��jh ofthe Wioeiil. Hotel, vltualed on I.0U8  a_S_,I"9<*.,' tun'bereer'a Addition to the City  of Phoenix, to Victor Mounicr.  Dated thin 16U1 day of February. A. D., 1901.  K, B. KERR,  IJAKRISTKR ANT) SOMCITOR  NOVAKV PiriSMC,  , .PHOENIX,  1  B.C.  ALDHAH & BLUNT,  $������������������..���..������������������. .��������.. .������4Hr30. . . ++4.+4.++4.+m.+++++++4.<p  HASTEUN  1IAKKY NA.1I.  NOTICE.  Notice li hereby gtven that nt the next ilttln.  ortfte Licence Comnilaalonen for the City of  1'h_*_. w.e ">te"<l to��pjH|r,lor a transfer us  John Knowles ofthe licence which we hold to  Mil liqpr by retail In, the Mint Hotel,���Ituatcd on  Domln on Avenue, XM 6, Bloclt j, Kumbercer  Townaite, Phoenix, a. C.  Itated the tat day of February, toot,  -UOMMKIN& KHOWLRA,  per John Knowlen.  Mink Sukv^.vors,  AND DuAUGH'l'SJtr.N.  Phoi-.nix, B. C.  MINEIAL ACT.  Certiflatcs ���( ImpmtmtU.  NOTICH.  Atuia Fractional aud Falrplay Fraction Mineral  Claim*.   Situated iu Grand   Fork* Mining  Dlvlalou of Yale District.   Where located:���! 11  Oreenwood enmp, east ofthe City of Phoenix.  Take   notice  that I, John   Louis Grahame  Abbott acting a* agent for the British Columbia  (Kosslaud and Blocau) Syndicate, Limited, Free  Mluer'i certificate No, b 41161, Intend 60 days  from the date hereof 10 apply to the Mining  Recordci for certificates of Improvements for Ihe  purpose of obtaining a Crowji Grant of each of  (heaboieclalmt.  Aud further take notice that action under section ]7 must be commenced before the issuance  of auch certificate* of Improvements.  Dated this rfth day January, 1901.  �� -     -. L. C. Abbott.  scon & McLaren, , - ��� * >  Contractors and Builders.  Estimates Furnished.    '  . PHOENIX,' B. C.  THE BUTTE,  C. W. ABBOTT, Proprietor.  | Townships Bank,  #  THIS popular hotel t  has been refitted. I  '(furnished and tbor-  oughly overhaul rd  throughout, aud fur-  nlsheu villb all the  modern hotel conveniences. Lttal and Long  Distance Teleph one  connection with the i  oflic -aud is headquar- -  ters for Stage and kail-  way traffic: and exery  attentloi: it given to :  the enmfurt an! con-  vei.leuce <it natroiis.  The hotel has been en-  'i'he Best Ap|>ointed and Equi))|)ed  Hostlery in the Jtoundary.  WINES, LIQUORS, and CIGARS,  IMPORTED and DOMESTIC'    V  QmtorU&k Staple  j�� Rooks for j>  CefflttierdalTraTclers  J Urged by the addition  I of fifteen   nicely   "  The PiMle   Patnuie  Be��Hcltwlly,Sollci(K'  We aim to pkase our pre.  ;d  nlslied rooms,  fur-  iteut large trade an.  I deserve more,  UP-TO-DATE MUSIC HALL.  Dominion Ave.,  PHOENIX, B. C.  ���  x  X  x  ���  t  *  *  -isr.wii.isifrn 1859. ''/< *  t-API I'AI,   -    - : -    -    $j,ooo,oco  RESERVE FUND    -   -    $r}oo,ooo  liOAKDOFIUKKCrOKS:  W"-_^R_��? <h_i__wi^l^#Ife&v'v:5  Jas. Mackinnoii',  AsaUtefifiStS'  b. 1. Mokj;\, ni��])ectur,cf Branches  k.'f.4-f~f.^+4-.4'4^^^4f*4��f4'fOOC**4^-f-.4tff+*+*-f**.'f.V  [ooooooQOoooooooooooooooocoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  II, ��. CAY1.KY.  W. B. COCIIRANL.  CAYLEY & COCHRANE,  Solicitors, Etc.  ' PHOENIX, B. C.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate ft l_provcac-t*.  ' NOTICK.  Little Burne, Little Burnt Fraction, Brandon and  Braudon Practlon Mineral Claims, situate in  the Kettle Riter Mining Division of Vale District.        ,  Where located���In Greenwood camp, north of  the Sylvester K. mineral claim,  Take notice that I, Sydney M. Johnson, acting  as agent for James Marshall, Free Miners' Certificate No. 87*84, Thomas Roderick, Free Miners'  Certificate No. IS 7914 and James McNuity, Free  Miners'. Certificate No. B 396.1, intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,  for the purpose of oUaluing a Crown Grant of  the above claims.    "   - .r,  And further take notice thai action, under aec-  tlou.37, must be commeiKcd before the issuance  of such Certificate ofimprovementK.  Dated this 1st day of lauuary, A. D.t 1901. *  17  D. WHITESIDE;  r r  Barrister & Solicitor,  The Lion Bottling Works  GREENWOOD and PHOENIX, B. C.  ���SOLE AGENTS FOR THE���  Lion Brewing Co.  Of Rossland, the Largest Brewery in British Columbia.  ,    ���OKNERAI.  EXPORT AGENTS���  Blue Label RX;.���  Setters  Natural   Mineral Water  , Wigshadkn, Germany.  , juuxciiiw; *v ,,    -, . ,  InrroxiucecfQuebec-^      '.,-*,,  Waterloo; ttVI. Brlggr^ Manager.    -  Rock I��!a;id,'��. Sierei},, Manager.  Cowan*rlll*,'H._.WniUii_��, Mgr, -,  , Coaticook,Bt Austin, Manager.   t>  Rtebmoadrw. r��� Ital!,'   ��"',>'  Granby, W, If. Koliiuaoil,"  ': Pedfordj H. \y. Morgnn,-' ������,,'/   , ��� , -��� >   '  Magog,!{. V. OIMcr,     '    "  >Ht, llya.iuthe, J. r.iif.antl/oiitc.Mgr.*  Huntingdon, l{. S. Robinson, Mgr."'   ,  Onustown, W. II, llargrave, Acting; Mgr.  rnrrovlBM of British Columbia- '  Grand Forks, Win, Hpiei, Mgr  l'lioenix, Mgr.  Agents In Montreal, Ilank of Montreal: ton-'  gin. Kiig.. National lUnk of Scotland: Huston,  NattonarHxchfiiige Ilank; New Vork; Natlonul  I'ark Ilank. ,  ,.c _kf!,on" - ,"*de ���'   ��11  ��cces��Ible   points,  .!*'. iMiied for any required amounts, good at  all polu s In Canaifp,   .. 8, and Kuro|��e.    K*.  change bought and void. ., _ ���'  Havings llraiicli Iiepartuieut at each office.  Interest allowed from date ofdepoalt'and com-  poundetl annually without requiring attention or  depositor.  Office Hours: lo-j; Hatiirilay from 10 to 13,  P-Jl .  Graveif-Wllllnnis Block.  PHOENIX, B. C.  /.  l-ing iristalled.*��ri1ieWe treated there  is fabulously rich, ranging from 10' to  14 lucent in copper,values."  .'Then I went direct' to New York,  joining Mr.-Jay P. Grave's,' our president, and Mjr. A. J.. White, our eastern  relweseiititiv., at (he Waldorf-Astoria.  My stay in New York waspleasant and  agreeable.r We spent; a1, 'day at ^ the  work's of the NicKolls'Chemical' Com-  iMiiyj% Brooklyn, where most of our  matte is treated. The officials .enter-  lainedns very hospitably after the inspection hadf been concluded. Starting for Chicago three?' 'days later, I  . stopped ovei lor a day in Pittsburg in  connection with the-machinery, con  tracts..; In Chicago the plans for the  furnaces and converters ��� were subinit-  tcd,touiie various firms, and I also  made a side trip to Milwaukee to see  thetE.P. AHis people.  "iMter Mr. Graves joined me we  went over the various tenders and  awarded the contract for the two new  furnaces andtwo converters to the Gates  Iron Works, This firm built the first  , plant;'' The'contract' stipulates^ that  the furnaces shall jointly treat a  minimum of 600 tons daily, and the  conyerters-.oo.ons'of matte dally. ���' A'  portion of the plant must be delivered  within thirty days and the remainder  within ninety days from ,the signing of  the contract., The converter building  will be of steel, and the contract will  lie awarded in a few days. The  structural steel will fill five cars.  "J'Jie Westinghouse company will  supply the electrical machinery and  incidental equipment. It wHl include  another generator and a new water  wheel. The |K��wer house wi 11 be enlarged & as to develop an additional 300-  horse power without at all taxing our  reserve water'-power. .Grand Forks  Willie a busy centre" this summer, and  the enlargement of that plant will be  completed about Sept. 1. We will be  prepared to do custom work in our  conveners."���Rossland. Miner.  i^'         ���1 * -       Surplus ol 87.W9.Sai?.  Art Ottawa special says that the  statement of revenue and expenditure  for; the eight months ending February,.8 last, shows the revenue to be  -33_|,8i494. or AiHi��qreiiscof$i,34'.-  482 bver the same time last year. Tlie  expenditure for thesama time was $26,-  654;846, pr an increase of $2,600,000  ofSTisstfgit. The difference between  expenditure _ind revenue for the eight  months showyi surplus of nearly seven  million dollars..  t -^ss^tjwtf Wfljrd..,  ��� Mr. A'. C. \Fluni2rfelt, assistant  general manager of the Granby smelter,  has a good word to say for the C.P.R.  In-the course of a lengthy interview  with the.Victoria- Colonist he says:  "Our relations are most harmonious,  The company has done everything in  its power to co-operate with us and the  scrvkcit provides js all that vie can  desire."  policy-has more crimps in  hairpin.���Nelson Tribune.  it   .ha  D. J. MATHESON.  INSURANCE AGP.NT,  FIRE, LITE, ACCIDENT.  Commissioner forsaking Aflldnt IU.  Phoenix, 15. C.  I  JAS. McCREATH & CO.. Props.  ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  N  0  R  D  FIRST-CLASS CAFE  Well Furnished and Heated Koomi.   l'.very attention paid lo the Comfort cf Guests.  Panssti. aid liptrtaJ Lif ion ui Cigars always ii Stock.  N HOTEL, I ALMSTROM & BERG, Props.  Dominion Avenue,  PIJOKN. X,   -   .   It. C.  PRACTICAL HOUSF, and SIGN  PAINTliRS, DF.CORaTORS, KTC.  Pbociliaad  Grccawo*., B.l.  Phoxk: Columbia 35.  HENDERSON,  The Jeweler  and Watchmaker  again'   in; business  ,   . Next to P. Bums & Co.'�� Market,  Opposite Hotel Ilroolf1>n.  Prompt attention to all kinds  of Repairing. New stock  of those .beautiful  Souvenir  - - Spoons.-Call and -see them.  The.  Maple   Leaf  Choice, wines,. liquors, and cigars always - iu stock.  Board by day or week. One trial and you will remember  The Maple Leaf Forever. '" ���  GKT PKICIt. 1'OIP  Hatne Hottiings,  and all vour  Harness supplies from  if. fi. SMITI, tad forts.  EXAMINATION FOR ASSAYERS  FOK'LICEN'CI. TO PRACTICK  iN HRITISH COI.UMHIA    -'"    ;  Maude! & Mtifphy, Props.  OLD IRONSIDES AVE. > PHOENIX, B. C.  111 Accordarcc nttli section it of Ihe'.'Bureau  of .Mmea Vet," examination* furcffici-ncy in tb.<  pract cc of assaying will be held at Nelson, B. C,  on the 15th April, 1901, and followins days.  Kntrance for the (.raminatlou must be made in  willing to tlie Secretary ofthe Board of Kxamiii-  ejsat least ten days 1kfore thedate .act for beginning cf exam inatlou, and must be nccompain-  ed by the prescnlicd fee (f 10).   ',''.,v  Any additional infunniition dtsired may lie  obta-ned from II. Canmchael, Secretary, Board  of Kxaiiiiiieriw, Victoria.  1IICIIARD MCBRIDK.  _ Minister of Mines.  Department cf Mines, -   <  Victoria, 11 o., ulh March. 1901".       I mil 14  Wanted���A party^-ith $i,ooo to  $r,5oo'lo buy an interest in a- gents'  furnishing business. Good location.  Good interest on money invested.  * McArthur & Monk.  C A. McClung & Co.,  '^^rE have a large stock  The Yale-Coltimbia Lumber Co.  LIMITED.'  .: ,    ", Manufacturers of all kinds of- , n        , ...  Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles, -' ~  Mooldings and Toralngs.  Our Present Mill and Yards are Located as Follows:  J Plants  orders in  tion.  signs    anywhere.     Leave  post-office.    Prompt atten-  Waatei.  A partner in a good mercantile business. Apply Victoria House, Phoenix, B. C.  HAY, GRAIN,  FEED, ROLLED  OATS,      E  bought before the rise and  and    can    quote    close  prices.   Quotations given  on   straight  ���cars.  or    mixed  Nakusp mill and yard  Robson    "     "      ��  Rossland    "    "      "  Ymir "    "      "  Greenwood���Gen'l office���mill and  yards.  Phoenix mill and vard  Eholt No. 1 "     "    '"  Eholt No. 2   "     "      "  Deadwood "      "      "  Rock Creek    "     "      "  'Long I^ike     "     "      "  We are also prepared to deliver lumber to any mining camp.  Our Company is enabled to Supply any order without delay  Office  htaudard  Avenue.  Chas. A. McClung & Co  V. & N.  ��� Telephone 36.  -.COURT OF REVISION.  Notice is hereby given that the Court of Revision to hear complaints against the assessment  roll aatnade by the city assessor for the corporation ofthe city of Phoenix, for the yesr 1901, will  be he! J at the city office, on Friday, tlie afith day  of April, 1901, at 2 p. ni.    .  D. McMillan-,  City Clerk.  Cottage Hotel  . Morrand & McDonnel, Prop.  The Finest to be had in Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  >NORTH END OF FIRS'!  Summit House  T.H.RIckinh, Proprietor.      ���   ���    ���    ���    ���      Cor. .Mb Hill Ave. sat Flrit Street  Finest Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  Dining Room in Connection. '- - -  PHOENIX, B. C.  '/a'n^diaVo  v?a,cific'Ky.  Direct Route to All Points  EAST; and  WEST  v;   .   Yia SOO LINEA  St. Paul, Chicago'and   United, States V^  % Points. "        0  FIKST. CLASS SLEEPEBS  PINING CARS  TOURIST CARS  Through  Bookings   to   and  from England, the Continent,  Australia  and Japan.  For Time-tables, rates and   full iuformatlo��  call on or address nearest local agent, or  O. W.  I)EV, E.J.COYI.F,.  Agent, A.G.P.Agt.  Phoenix, 11. C.   Vancouver, B.C.  J. S. Carter, I). P."A.,  Nelson, Ii. C.  K  STREET BRIDGE.  PHOENIX. B. C.  ....HOTEL BROOKLYN....  (Formerly the Metropolitan.)  High class wines, liquors and cigars-always in stock.  venieut sample room  for Commercial Men.  class Cafe in connectiou.  Con-  First-  Now is the Time to Buy Town Lots in  HUGHiE McGUiRE. Prop  PALACE   LIVERY   STABLE  Stage and Transfer Line,  PHOENIX,  Stage leaves   Phoenix  wood   Leaves Greenwood...  B. O.  for Green-  ....8a. ni.  . .10 a.  in.  Leaves Phoenix    i p. m.  Leaves Greenwood 4 p. ni.  The MINING and COMMERCIAL CENTRE  FOR TOE WHOLE SIMILKAWtEEN * Situated in Camp Hedley. close to the  Nickel Plate Mines and Sterling Creek Copper Camp.  The Townsite Com-  ,  -~���_ pany will sell 40 of  the choice-inside business lots next to COST PRICE., Your choice for $25 cash and  $25 dn two months, $25 iu four months. Deeds can be given any time upon payment of $75. Corners #200;^ $50 in cash, $50 in two months, $50 in four months  aud $50 m six months.   Two lots go to the comer.  Best turnouts iu the Boundary.   Horses well suited for  long drives. COLLINS & GRAY, Proprietors.  11. d. mam.  Phoenix Shoe Shop.  All Work Guaranteed.   Imported Goods.  FINE 1100 IS ANJ) SHOES MADE 10  ORDER.   .  PRACTICAL   MIKIKS' AND   PROSPECT .Rs'SHOES  A  SPECIALIY.  Craer Ptwtalx St and BrMklya Ave.  Smoke  e  The  Only   Place  in  town where yon can get a AVelI Cooked  DOMINION AIE.,  PHOENIX, B. C.  ! KELO WNA!  and Well Served Meal.  JOSEPH COOK, Manager.  CIQARS.  o   o  UNION MADE  9  oeoo��e.9oeeo������aeeeeoooe9e  -DEALERS IN-  They Will Never be as Cheap Again. This is an Investment, and no Speculation.  This townsite is situated in Camp Hedley on the main wagon road and location  lines of three different railroads, half way between Keremos and Princeton, and  among the coming mines in British Columbia.  -' For further particulars apply to H. M. Keefer, room 4, Wallace-Miller block, Gieenwood, B. C; or  Ernest .Kennedy & Co., Rossland, B. C; Chas. I). J. Christie, Nelson, B. C. A. G. Hanauer, Spoka  Wash.; J. J. Banficld, Vancouver, B. C; R. ��. Kerr, J. a. Mills and C. A. Baldw.n, Phoenix. iRM  BAILEY, Manager, Head Office, Room 4, Wallace-Miller Block, Greenwood, Ii. C.  to  E___aaa__s____s  O-  -0  ��!.     <$  the  Choicest  of Qgats  WINTER SCHEDULE.  Spoto !A._. Hem  NELSON &   PORT   SHEPPARD  El) MOUNTAIN WY.  ].i  o  Agents for Calgary  ��� rBeer.       5==  NELSON,  ^LACK'S HOTEL CAFE, L^i5S.CT  '""^You can get meals here that will melt in your mouth.     Try them  ^M_>���noMiKiOK Ave.,       PHOENIX, B. C-  The only all rail route liotwcen all points east,  ueit, and south to Rosilaiul, Nelson and all intermediate points, connecting at Spokane with  the Great Northern, Northern Pacific and O, R &  X. Co.  Connects at Villon ��ith .teamer Tor Kaslo am!  all Kooteimj I.ake point.  Connects at Mejcr's r'jlb. with stage dail> for  Republic, ami connects sv,l Boi'iburg {uth state  daily for GraiidForkit and Oreenwood,  KFFKCTIVK SUNDAY, DKC. ��, 1900  L,cave. Dailj Train  830a m. Spokane    .   ...  n 50 a. m.        . ..Rowland  70aa.n1... . ..Nilaon..  Night Tram  9 .(j p.m.    . .        .Spokane..  1100 p. in Rossland    .   ...  First classsleepers on night tram  II. A. JACKSON,  General Passenger Agent  H. P. DROW N, Ageuf,  1   \  Arrne.  6 40 p   ni.  .. i 10 p ni  7 13 P   i��  00 a 111.  oo a ui.  M_��?31  3 -THK PIIOKXrX prOKKHR  ____* wTrfiirun��r_m-^"--j**-*-*^-*^** w_iC_T-r  H*Mtmat*wur+..K**mmr��xia  <> ;  1  Lv^-'^  ^GROCERIES, and MEN'S EURNISHINC3 S.     f  \<Vh^eanpwnM.i5to<! of Staple niid Irr..vtG!orciic^,t;iothini;,  Hoots,  Shoe and  Men's Kin- &  ...t_ -     iv.. :... _1 .i,��� ....i.ii_ .��� _ .,ii'___ tusrierr.   Will fi_ inntee to _uc vuisfuuioii, �� he-ilier j onr Older Ch  ���\   jl 1 i  ...  f? n dito ��.   We iii-ixuxlic |��uMio to nll'anVi m^wt.   Will Ouimuee to giic vuiifuuioii, �� hc-ilier j onr oidcr  <$ U hibC ���� ���^M"1'1    Spe<-..la,tc��iio.i .oHoid -.dl.mih tndc. '  Jlt-'l      I   IU   J   tJltHIt      .*   Ik-*-*  Old Ironsides Aicii'i* and Iirtt ����.ect���Gia>e��i Uilliams 111 .g  _  B_��_Sl_p_wmagMt-w����waiifaraMsw-.,qwyw*?��gTrr__y  �����-.rirr-l��ii  J ��>.  :^"4.'y;  *v*  F&  For a Fine'JlttjBg Suit .o:f /Clothes' or a Spring  Overcoat, m&cfc'uplin tl\e la^st; style and with the  .best trimmings/call on * s  " McAlX_IF^fi!:,.t^...tAII-PR  / .  '  ,   - / >     Opposite the Postv"Olf|cp. 1,1*      w/  *     ^   *  wV^MgalargG;stQcI_ofFineEnglish^Freiichand Scotch Tweeds and  Serges. , Only, union help employed *  ii- wt ?- * >\ ��� * T^ LocaI ^iist��;��  $ ____ ' " I Wiorrovu\\cok' is hnsiw.  ucck, it |w\s this K��H$it>jJI l*p1fl>\  week. It's tin liosi pl.in to athottse  euiv UCCK .n the _ .HiCiiix M'khux. 'J  ' |oe I m loi lins 5iiteietl into partner  4lii|> M'uh'Gt.rge W Rtnnlicigi r, and  'llic. wtHo*iHluu-fl^ guiei^il {iijluinBi  H.il estate and stork lnokein^e business,  1 o?i\i.llfa_t..'l��oiidais' .II'(". P.H  {���IjctiT'sVill sell rotv. 1 tiTplicVfts'.it "."{  lajC and one third, jttio^Roing, V|.nl_  ^th .tnd 5O1 and nittiriimg  \pnl  Stli  1 H.'W llHlItuk-Wch ,crs 'of'N.lsoi'l,  tJnet of prongaaUpoJ. ,�� fy^^ t)'c ^j11  tciioi mid* Win 0. McMuin, of Green  ,iodd. weie l.sitors in to��i> .ast^Wed'  tiiesJa). ^ ,,���../,^j1' ,,: ;tJ>  U  1 hoi bum, formerly of S'hei  THROUGH  unit      ji,  Gvcno llinl ^  Interests  ^  IE   Phsea'clam ^  !���  1{ Hsppintng* *  jl        nail       5S  | .THE WiC��, I  i_ /i uw'. >i      >- -   ". _  flif  ^rii. pro^pepJs toi' l'h6enis"'sct.uimtr  adc(|iiitc"<i1iool f-ic iluie. .)l "oiire in  i|��e wn> pfta new building, etr ,do not  seem fo be the brightest, I he situation  has taktu anew turn1 in that the provl  ni(ri,il govcinmciit declines- sto accept  ihe deed to'tli'e grolin'd'.oiirttcd b> tlie  Donlinioiv Coppei- Co,. bjcauu ~llsat  <locunieiit provides (or the land, tcVcrt.  nig to the orignial^ o<\ ncn* 11 irVci'  ccises to be u?cd for school purposes  And thcrc'wc aie _fter all the Ipng  delay to secure a sue aqiceable to the  '  " ���������    ���hci  fig'jiMh* Boers   ^}M/\<   ( ���, y  i,l\ A. ��I|_ki<h"w, lornicjl a, piitnci  shipVitVl'.^ V\allW,"Uie ^ncw'linrf  ��� ,���  opening u{{ m .he news and sutionei)  ��'lj��' biisness in   tlje-recently coiipletcd  iMUidd^un block   t?   *'ty r     "  % 'l)tumg thela?Cfi>��$3\ioiUli_the\iate|  and lijjjit s\stei)i, of Grand I oik- ha\e  clewedT$iooo oSef'ji'id above all  c\  DOUtglH.rUl  l>.   It-   <��.*/. ii.iiw   .i��u����"i  CCntimie "ytic 'ynnin^ ijjid plumbing  busin-ssat, (Iieold s\and,^mi,q{rompl  ritteril 'Bli W hl},ordt'r^ ^ ; -t > jA r  I f'J he Pioneei fra< iifttallol arotlier  j^fjiic".,, ajtd has alsV^slci/red* a  t^lnider pToss td1inndlt.l|ic1mcicas!n,g  circulation ol this journal, ivliidii will  be installed in tltie^litne ! t i^ ^  ' T h Cock,"who has been sjjending  acti'ple<of  weeks  at   Halaonf-Hot  _3_S  d_D IRONSIDES AVE., PHOENIX, B. C.   ���    .    ..  =- ��������������������<�������������������������������� ' ,��� ,,,  IJ- SPR1NO STOCK" is now arriving, ^.lanjow WM"J!di_��JSS?__^^  ^f^^mipVro,^,^^  "cT;n,.o rVk/PT FMTN'S and CHILDREN'S SHOES, iu Jjlackjind Jan-  ^.  /  Manager.  to  cntiiecojiii��unit>., and^tlieii   aijJJtr  dehi\,to^et a signal deed, wo seem  liavfe'fieliiallj made mile ornopbgicss  No wonder tlfiiti Secrcl uj   Matheson,  ol the board ot school trustees, is sick  and tucd of the .shole nnttei"'  1%    ,v !        m,*'  '  i��   '���>;--���*��� '���-���"vV-j'C, �� Alaska  Fight' or "teif iniJH&f Jof snow rdl ���    I '^J  n ��-  ��� *^'^^M_i{_a(Mii_ht'no eveno. b's 'surprise, \Wl^lH*_*bfi*/Trilrf5,8W[&.tS?  .T^'fS* ^iTv^ W'?ocltr)*es surprise, ^^l,.f^ rtcr..thwe^tWy*helahay  ��_*? .-. v. _-A tat is one. a_.imeo.ne fa^t. l^kroT^oin.iiionXvetiu.rlHrrol- Ti  trip to]SMk.ine -i^is>etK',f ^^Jt  rctfn&totjbmii'<. sttiJt >voi^jpivB^  ,fl building  !i0b  r The School Act sl'ltc'i ^],C11 a school  dislnc.is rcgulaiJ) oigani/ed, ;is" this  is, the government sh ill piovidcschool  Jacijities. I his tiie government 1 as  nC'ver 5 ct Jone. Kol a n.cnny has it  ^ cc sptjit, ih(!'|frQ\idiiJg4a i placa for  holding school, but the pcopleol 1'hoe  in\ iia.e paid, foi" Ihe 'prcselit (.log  ich5olhouse, that isjiqw^sOi totally m^  adeqlnte^ \Vbcn _> rejjupted,^the  ".epaittnei^t ot puJ>J,cf instrifction^lias  alsVyet lni-."to temporarily picude  an^ndditional schtojroonw 0! Imni>h  anoihef^itistr^ctor." ^Onc' teachet'.  salar^and a" jwllrj ��50^pcr v��ar for  lill'miidcntals .5 all tl at has-been al  lonedvjM>ifji,M^C'nn it he-possible that  'the deparunent sthoi oup,hl> uiidei5\iud��  the situation hcic?     v      *       v  \ l        t m  ' Phoetlis wtll soon eino) better^post-  oflicc facilities, owing to the enterprise  of our postmaster, 11^ 1 >tyatheson  Yesterday work was staited on aitci 1  11011$ that will make the office vni"Ui  iilore,(onsenicnr, not onl) for the  posttmstei, but (01 the general pub'ic  also" _'.h<! SWre.oom adjoining-the  present locationJias been^leased, and  jvili lic^liisedi c'^clusively^for postal  ijui noses heic.ilte.1 J his week 180  new lock bo\cs weie recie\'ed from the  ���Yaiei-Towi^Mttj Co" Sot Stain'ore',  Cotui, ihrouglj^tlie Montreal agents,  bcnig ot the latest and mest app.o\cd  cles��ip:n, antParc~jiow being put in place,  gtviug neatly 300 Slpck drawers and  boles ali told *> l'lle*- move from the  old quarter's to the new will probabl)  bpmade Sunday^ j< r t ,��,, *~f   * ^ t  '*   _.''^,   -"^S .V^'*���" "^      .��  ,%Qne feature of Jbc  new   postolticc  oiiangement,will "commend  itself to  the public     J he office will be so ar  lanced that it* caa   be   left   open  lor  atccss lo ^ those   having ">lo< k boxes  m store  We quote the following piiccs  1 tins week  1 1 >  Tomatoes', 7 cans - ;.rJ.oo  R. Oats, 8ll> sacks -     40  BuUei Bjichs- -  -  , 35  Cheese, cteamery 3   tn  pounds -   -   -  -     50  vSalt, Sacks  -   -  "-, 10  Wheat Maiin.i pkg 15  Sugar, _3 potmdsv ��� r.oo  Cream, S small cans" r.oo  , Crcanij '4 large cans i.oo  Eggs/per^dos!  -   - , 30  Potatoes' to' xegular  custoihers pei cwt  1.6*0  * 4^',     tl 1, (('!    , JJ  QiVpe;;gal.;t -f>-,^-^55i  Srt .    ���*'  T^ Peoples Cash Store  HAYING   JUST J  opened up for i  nu'self in the Cuc-  ^tom rajloriiigline, +  riu;fthc ��Morii&ou-,  And.1 son   ,Build-  �����ig,j First-gheet,  41 /\v o'uld bcspleased. ^  ^tto  see],iny manj"  friend. sat the new J;  location.*      <"��'  r* j�� "f  _t. PREVENTATIVES  carbolic Act.  t t ���  Chloride ol Lime  v., ,i  cream or Tartar  sulphur  Keep yourselves free from  danger. We have a. full line  of BLOOD PURIFIERS.  A.P.MCKENZIE&CO.,  DRUGGISTS.     '  ' as  Will in ftittite,  s   in' the   'past,  jguaiautee the best ���,  of satisfaction.  ______���  4)in erh^otight^o be succes-,lnl. ^  *"0.0 "��� Miehaewjtfi.Iwmght out the  unction in lor6lvpa^(5hgerra,es4'to*go|lxiic   _.���._���           _  mVorcft April 1 ,Ordmar\ rales will be most comcniently airajigedI postoffice  reclucSi'-O |<cr"reiit., and locat louhd n the Boundarj tountjrj/J-Vj'"^ . '  il trip Tare, will .<c ieduced to one fare ���"  ���-it 1 . .t__.i��� ,. *  and two thirds  s^Suiia^sfvaiiU'T^liaaK  11$ lh\& mil aiA^ujiti.gedr tifiL tlw  3.111$  I j l)u C   Jv Fagm^ of t Victoria, -sec-  . retarj of the pro% inciai boai d of health,  ���z _ _-     -���r t ,^t Sunday f.x tlio. city boking  Corpora!JOIl Of thC ClWimto the \anoloiel situation    He es  ^ *.     -._��� OHrtPniv-   -   t,       tirtsscd bis complete apptobation   of  LBWOejli.f,,     ^      ��i,at thloiminri-l   and * city health  NOnCELA^o ;^^Uic>i,^,add0,,ctQ bt���',1,^, ^V.V'0  tr_pt��oilrc*Wi_lt-n'ttHlil     .    ���* "'  r^th.rtn'e'HVu \.��rioioidj winch  r, )U��.t  outside' tlie  %reii[dityBcftht��_it*hri.or.--ii.in cnfce such city limits, were alto'ether t��o stun'  \dc-hmttotti.*i<.t oueesMil.irerj sic'i pcnon .<   VtiH'   .iniild   be remembered  ��liall lime the op��Vat^ti i"ei*cnt��l until t'leoptr gent, t   i,l!tlv SI10HIU   ue rcilie lliotrLU  ____*._S__!__!_3_Sr..fS^^SEfijfctCltat onI3   the .stiictest measures will  i^imfiToqt the tpntagion.anci that tlie  (Aljotjt U^r cf ti e sfwl on   tho, i)ev%  Iri>i}*tdes spin Jj.ts b&ep laid , A). i^r.  ^** tJgeoh.vkjsiitl  ties^-is dcl.ntng (.the  4- 'itci^'W^. .iojwrs i.|tt VW oinbte  n   _W Cli��ircli'nlIKh4?apd seivices  'JttftV'���,iU.i,. 1 .���J���f*.M,,if udl I.. h_r_  lironght vun'ii*t��tnnijB,n��r��i   ��r uk to.   -,..--_. ^_-- ,    -     ���-  t_. et,rx c ui.tioii t#o n<-'��t i>ractiho!itraii   w()n }3 .oM the trqQblc and annovance  j& 1    Hid In caSe such jijjo iimi o�� b Tiot Sue    hCTC, JT'IIO liew rasCS fll )se  !l  Jo* 1        tint in t,Afls   rnivii -��^��w   (.��*** **�����    ���*   ���"�����  ..����  c-i ful, evtr> inch peiso t slnll tfave Hie tpcra  tigi isptated until the saiiwijs supiti fitUy pr  fonn'ilorac rtGQcatelsOlifa'ntd that the child  ,i lOtsUKHptAfeto^accm tion  /���,       (,  ^ CORDON  Medur.llKnllli Officii f-r tnc rrcillli  '"l*^  <* "'>.���'-  PtiifipW.w" Kiilt;,"\\m Mclntyre  Iletfe. t    Huntei,'  Ale\ . McDonald^  ..   ... ^  dfjlUKhius��c��jasthif >or en C r   at rnoeiit��-  ...   ' Jtiush Coh ii]h-\,l����.i thitdj\ 111 > nit 111 ceil  ,w ',      ,        . v   ,i       n,,���i,     : -vj ut lM*��lted  ��n _ .itirtptrjhip    All uc ouots  ,, s -,    VST��i U. i > u ilraim', oi 1 he  U mile. "J $,e iSi m i f. o. ��i fi_ to tin. Int.- -ire )K1> i. <-c  *\    \~-     ( f e (['Lil, }>  .f\,.5   ',,,,1    ��'>    'rt    Smith 'lotneirtitto ��>   ^liclift^r-lmid nil billt due-!i>i  h*1.     .     >  ^iiaJiteriforW.a.Ora.ibjto.'li.ive fy wpf-.mi.h.-   -' ,(  f,   '/���'    Vl>Mli��WlWfc:oiiHotSy.iy% %^rf^/  v,,_-<  ^e. spajMi   adHiy6.ig  riil '���is-  ilmrth duel Mar I'  0 (.  -M ����� lit-.'  c    IJ   "-C1T1  Ifcnse fa- Re.t.'       v*      *  * _i\ loom house foi iCnt, oh   Iliook-  ,lj ,i\_im.     I nqoiic ct M. \unff-, llu  'i.m'oi  R. HORRELL . +  r     ."Bob the^Taijor."   ��     Al\M  P. Campbell McAithnr.   Cable-Address "McArtlmr."   13. Wentworth Monk  ( Cloiigh.1 -    Companicfc  Incorporated -  Codes    < liedfoid McNeill. , and Promoted.    ,   ,  f' Liuber.  McAtthut & Monk  STOCKS,   MINES,   REAL  ESTATE and INSURANCE  -BANKERS���Eastkrn    Townships   Bank.-  LIST YOUR STOCKS  WITH   US  Correspondents   in   Rossland,   Spokane,   Montreal  and Toronto.  I   111 r  HOUSES TO LET  OffIcf,- Graves-Wil ���  Mains Block.  i  P. O. Uo\ 33.  V. A; N. 'Phone 52.  Books kept and collections made. Special offerings in Old Ironsides anil  Rumbergcr Townsitcs.  PHOENIX,  B.O.  *s  iWcRAE BROS. & SMITH  Leading Stationers  and Newsdealers  V ot PHOENIX  i.=? _��� c_S"=���   '"r^c-*"  r- 7 .  afiMS. TOBACCOS. ETC..  " IN GREAT'VARIEIY.  GRAVES-  WILLIAMS  BLOCK.  CLCAN1KC,  KfPAtRlSG   VVDi-  '    RmovAifxG.    '     i  Ai.r, Work Goakasmxh..  Goods Cai.i.li> ior A^sd Dllivkreo.  Il"- ��� LlC...   ���/'  Call and   he, cominced-  ^\vc canIflcl do, sell' flicaper*fl  tTiaii*any olh'ef condernv 111 W  1 CHEAP SIDE STORE  B.'BANNETT/  1. ^Ipposllc I^isteru'Xs.Hiii^hips nanlc.  ft S   *r  x>-  .Knob Hill Cafe  ., in the Boundaiy.. He solicits j;our patronage.    .  Opp.   Eastern Townships"Bank,1 First 'Street.  *t��P ^S> Xc�� ^   IJ? ^BJ ^JP'T^P ^B* tJP t_P ^&�� *a> TCP My ^W  HinHfOTEET  ., union Tailoring $hop,.  '" "I'iioni-h-   "     '        j.'irsi SiBtLi', Nlm io Knod Him. HOiFr-  ColumMa-No. 45.   ru,^^^"���J    V    /.''^    ^     ' i       ^    '  "     ������l,r      . ' ' ������^"^" /  MRSfM. C. SCHALM, $    Banjo and  v"  "    '""*  "''"""     J! Mandolin Clubs  WES .  DOMINION*'AVEN UE.  Teacher of Banjo,-, Guitar '  >  and Mandolin.  LOG. CABIN HOI'IiL. ��� ;���  :THE TOWN Oft  ffsus *p i j-ii^v +\ SsflCj- *ft  ,/ A  is scarcely a year" old, and is the"   >~  most talked of Camp iu=========-       -._  Mm COLUMBIA.  s.  PHOENIK^feeONI^  ^.ft'"  ^.       New and Second Hand Furniture aud  ''V ^jSopds Bought: Sold taud^B��;cLhaiiged..'s!;y,  �� " . tCAfllNI-r, ^M)  U. HOL514UclKCf MWOK,K .PON?.,.- % ,  f Knot'Hill _km-:^' ��� * i^^-^?^f__:ttb.B&U;_iS.  1.'  -i  3"w.jv-#  ��� Av  A ^:^? tfexbtb Salte Stables^  �����r-:��-i#-*-��-6-��-��  9  0  0  ���^vj^j-'^trvA'jiK ��n> . *n- *��*"**-  few: *YoFk-���entraK,  FURNISHED*, ROOMS^ ^ANlS "^PRIVATE * iBOARf)  ��-0 -a-��-��-^-tf-<B-��-^-^-^-ffl^O��-^~��f��-Q"0-0-l-0-^��-<&-&-<_-  .     ^��ed��Ure ihipij  fx% m_ntsf tt^tlte^snieltfersl  ^   at Trail and   Grapbyf;  t average   660 toiis>/ otj  19,800 tons per month.*  . *#lkUlris rate the total!  shipments for the year*  t/will - reach, ithe ^grand?'  ^ aggregster of - * 26o,ooof  "'. to^<^htich places Phoe-'s  . {nix inutile .oremost list*  lof shipping camps'4 iu.  ~tlie^P_-dfi^North-\vest/  -.Phoani is destined tot  be the largest and^mosf  prosperous   camp - iu  British Columbia."  ^  .::;P^a'^Decofttofi M Paper Haiigef  IgEj^ Sign Pdinting on short notice.  Prompt attention to all orders,1  Office aud shop:1  Two, Doorii 1 rom Miners  Union Hail.  Job WorK, Promptly Attended fo.  II ui ix ftrtct (Lrc.v tf/iw. ifiiM )\   !v\   LIjohsNo 41  Plumbing  t3_B_3SB8t!ffl_afflSrB  ^s     & Tinning!  Phoeiiix; B; G.'  For a  -- ,v -: ' - .-  Business  Location?  *    -V"-*"   -V*      J-T  /  _ -* /  For Particular Regaiding Iuye&tmcnts, Address ^r~   ,  Phoenix, B. 0!


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