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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Mar 21, 1908

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' \"
Ninth Vbar.
No. 18
Should Be Done Now While the
Different Lines Are Still Quite
Complete. &*****+#'*
E ARE SURE that you will be more than pleased
with the beautiful range w« are showing this
season in DRESS MATERIALS. Our Stock of
LINENS and PONGEE SILKS, suitable for warm weather
wear, is more comprehensive than ever before, while in our
DRESS GOODS DEPARTMENT you are offered a
leading shades of Browns, Blues, Greens and Reds.
OUR SHIRT WAISTS and White-wear were bought from
the beet Canadian Manufacturers, and tbe Styles are of thn
Newest in Beautiful Lace and Embroidered Effects     :     :    :
GINGHAMS, displayed for your seluu-
tiou, are the product
of the foremost Enio-
nean ana Home Factories, and the designers have t'xerted
their utmost effort, in
producintt a combination of delicate coloring and pattern which
has resulted in an
effect most > pleasing,
and sftldom found in
such inexpensive materials.
When  deplenishing YOUR MUSE FURNISHINGS, after the
Spring Cleaning, conic in and see what we have to offer
We have just opened out a Large Consignment of TAPESTRY
SQUARES, RUGS and DOOR MATS, imported by us'
direct from Thos. Tapling & Co, of London, England.
Huntei^liendrick Co.
£ IW. MM MM M. RAM HA IU» A* *W WlfslAA W* W» W» M »V» fc.1 »U» W» W» Wl fa
When Placing Your Order For
Next Month:
5 <
{  White Burbank Potatoes  $1.50 per cwt. j
t   Fancy Wrapped  Apples  2.25 per Box \
♦   Fancy Unwrapped Apples  2.00 per Box :
j  Swift's Ham      20 cts.   lb. i
t  Swift's Bacon  20 cts.   lb. j
j   14 lb. Box Creamery Butter. . 4-50 j
\  Ontario Eggs (guaranteed).... i.oofo^doz. \
Ontario Cheese  20 cts. lb. •
Five Roses Flour  .",-75 cwt- }
l   Raising and Currants  .1 2>z pkg. :
We have as complete and fancv a
stock of groceries as can be
found in Southern B. C, and will
do our best to please our customers in every particular.
Company owning this mine has recently disposed ol $50 000 in bonds, to sink the Son-fuot shaft to the looo-foot level.
At Immfoarg iHttt^,
Chas. D. Hunter, manager of the
Hunter-Kendrick Co., spent several
days at Halcyon Hot Springs this week.
Chas. E. Lane, head electrician for
the Granby Co., spent several days
here early this week from Grand Forks.
John H. Fox, of Nelson who rustles
freight for the C. P. R., made one of
bis periodical visits to Phoenix last
George C. Hodge, of Nelson, district superintendent for the B. C.
Telephone Co., was here on buisness
Mrs. Geo. L. Fraser, mother of Mrs.
G. D. Turner, returned to Coleman,
Alberta, ,lasjt Saturday, after spending
several wets&s in Phoenix.
A. C. Boulerious and wife expect to
leave next Monday for Oakland, California, where Mr. Bouterious will go
into business with his brother.
John Cosgrove, of Wiilis & Cosgrove
Calgary, was here two days this week,
arranging for the appearance of the
Beggar Prince Opera Co., on March 30.
- James Newby, of Grand Forks, one
of the old timers of the district, was a
visitor in camp early this week. He
expects tq move to Alberta this spring,
having a ranch there.
John W. Kirkup, of Rossland, the
big government agent and assessor,
was in camp on Thuasday on departmental business. He says there is
twice as much snow in Rossland as in
G. W. Rumberger went to Spokane
Saturday, to meet his brother, Howard
Rumberger. The latter was returning
Irom the east with his bride, he being
an engineer, operating in Alaska, and
living in Seattle.
A. D. Morrison, the Grand Forks
jeweller, was in camp again Wednes-
dsy. Walter Mills, who had charge of
his Phoenix store up to the time of
of closing it last week, will be with Mr.
Morrison in Grand Forks after the first
of next month.
Frank Smith, of Detroit, Mich., a
brother of O. B. Smith, Jr., superintendent at the Granby mines, spent
most of tbe week here, leaving Thursday for Spokane and the coast. Clarence Smith, a son of Frank Smith, and
who is in the livery business at Mol-
son, Wash., was here also to visit his
father and  uncle.
25,388 TONS IN
Breaking Records Continuous Performance
Granby Mines Sent Out 4,048
Tons in 24 Hours
And Curlers are  Making the
^Most of It.
Although there were many other
attractions in town this week, the interest in the contests of the curling
club continues, the best ice of the
winter now being on the rinks.
Early in the week the Toronto Silver Plate Co. and President's prizes
competition was closed, the Strachan
rink winning from George and in the
last game from Sherbino. This makes
two cups that the Strachan rinks have
won this winter, and Mr. Strachan, who
is a great enthusiastic, is getting quite
a collection of this kind of souvenirs.
A game was played this week by
the Social Mess Club against the
Lowei Town, the line up being as follows: Social Mess: McCracken, Perkins, Hyslop and Carter; Lower Town:
George, Morrin, Gardner and Reeves.
The Lower Town won by a score of
11 to 8, one of the onlookers stating
that the Social Mess boys put up a
good game, but of course did not
have a chance to win.
Just now the final competition is on
between rinks from the Upper Town
and Lower Town. The contest is for
the most points in ten games, results
thus far being as follows:
Morrin won from Strutzel—14 to 6
Campbell    "    Reeves—12 to 11
Gardner      "    Campbell-19 to 6
In   this   competition   the     Lower
Town is now (up   to  Thursday night)
30 points ahead.
When the Pioneer published last
week that the Granby Company had
shipped a total of 24,440 tons of ore
from the company's mines in Phoenix
for the preceeding seven days, this
paper did not anticipate that it would
be called upon to record any more
breaking of shipping records for a while
to come. While the Pioneer was being printed Friday evening, the mine
management was just completing the
largest day's shipment fiom the property being no less than.4,005 tons for
the 24 hours, arid this &eek, Wednesday, 4,048 tons was the output for
one day.
Not only that, but by reference to
our ore table on this page, it will be
noticed that the tonnage for this week
amounted to the splendid figures of 25-
388 tons, which was at the rate of 3,620
tons daily, or more than 100,000 tons
per month—something never heretofore done in Phoenix, from one property, in the Boundary, or in Canada,
for that matter. This tonnage was put
out in spite of the fact thai the big
Victoria hoist was out of commission a
day or two, awaiting some minor repairs to the 250 h. p. motor by which
it is operated.
To Store 15,000 Tons
Recently large additions have been
completed to the ore bunkers at the
Gtanby smelter, and gradually a re
serve of ore is being accumulated there
which will amount to about 15.000
tons. This, in some measure, accounts
for the unusually heavy shipments
from the company's mines the last two
weeks—though the eight blast furnaces
at the smelter itself are doing their best
to use up the full tonnage sent down
to the valley by the two railway lines,
and are quite successful in the effort.
The coke bins at the smelter have
been materially enlarged in the last
few months, together with the ore bins
and it is intended in the future to
carry a greater supply of this fuel, in
case of breakdowns on the railways, or
any other cause temporally stopping
the regular shipments of about 500
tons daily from the Crow's Nest Pass
Boundary Side Lights
Two Nights of Minstrel Maids.
Tuesday and Wednesday evenings
of this week the Minstrel Maids, under
the Juvenile Bostonian management,
gave entertainments at the opera house.
Notwithstanding the St. Patrick's day
dance on Tuesday evening, there was
an excellent house, and the second
evening a fair audience was present.
Taken all in all, the show was a
source of amusement and pleasure to a
large number, a change in programme
taking place the second evening. Little
Halcyon Martin, the six-year old midget, captured the audience as the interlocutor in the minstrel first part, while
Miss Fay Griffin, as Budweiser, of
Budweiser Peak, in the second part,
convulsed every one present with her
excellent male impersonation. Not a
man appeared on the stage at any time,
except to peek from behind the curtains before the entertainment began.
Greenwood public school is to have
fire escapes and fire drills for the
scholars. Two firemen are to be in
the Auditorium theatre during the
It will not cost you a cent to try
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets, and they are excellent for
stomach troub!'"- and constipation.
Get a free sample .it all drug stores.
Midway Knights of Pythias were
billed to give their annual ball last
Thomas J. Hardy, formerly of Phoenix, and now Midway's only general
merchant, has been gazetted as a justice
of the peace.
Tuesday's annual ball by Greenwood Miners' Union was a very successful event, music being by a ten
piece orchestra.
Wm. Rutherford, a Nelson druggist,
is preparing to open a branch in Grand
Forks, April ist, in the old stand of
W. A. Thrasher.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd., are installing
a refrigerating plant in Grand Forks,
similar to that placed in the Phoenix
branch a year ago.
Miss Helen Moffatt, of Greenwood,
and Carl Julihu, of Washington, were
married in Spokane last week, and
have gone east to reside in the American capital.
Ernest Bunting, for eight or ten
years with Rendell & Co., at Eholt and
Greenwood, is said to have gone,, to
the coast, bound for that mecca,
Prince Rupert.
Loftus Bros., who are operating a
sawmill on the No. 7 wagon road,
about three miles across country from
Phoenix, expect to manufacture fruit
boxes this summer.
Machinery for the manufacture of
fruit boxes, for which there is considerable demand in the Boundary, is being
installed by the Kettle River Lumber
Co., at Grand Forks.
Last Monday Thos. Fraser Sutherland, of Tiail, and Miss Florence Ethel
Younge, of Toronto, were married by
Rev. 'M. D. McKee in Greenwood at
the Presbyterian church.
Boundary moving picture show gave
an exhibition in Greenwood last week
Wednesday and on Saturday night in
Eholt. The headquarters of the show
are in Phoenix—the center of the
George R. Naden, M. L. A. for
Greenwood, who returned from his
duties, at Victoria this week, is understood to be planning to open a realty
and insurance office in Prince Rupert
when that town opens up.
Last Sunday the funeral of Mrs.
John H. Morrison, who died a few
days previously, took place in Greenwood. Deceased was born in Germany 43 years ago, and had been a
resident of Gieenwood for eleven
The Nelson News thinks that Duncan Ross, M. P. w.ll be nominated
again for Yale-Cariboo on the first
ballot at tbe convention to be held in
Vernon on April 14th. Mr. Ross wtll
be there himself to manage the nominating campaign.
There is talk among the Great Nor-
thean railway officials of cancelling the
Sunday taains running north of Spokane
to British Columbia points. The railway employees would doubtless welcome such an order, if the general
public did not, as the trainmen for the
most part are paid by the month.
Recently elected officials of Greenwood Miners'Union No. 22 were as
follows: President, Geo. Heatherton;
vice-president, Jos. J. Chambers;
financial secretary, R. A. Matheison;
recording secretary, Ed. Peiper; treasurer, W. T. Thompson; warden, James
Hampson: conductor, Jno. Ingles;
trustees, Chas. Bierce, J.J. Chambers,
J. T. Irwin, Luke Skelly and J. B.
I Manrose.
I The Haynes estate case was settled
out of court in Victoria recently. The
terms of settlement are that the defendants, the B. C. Land & Investment
Agency, J.ul., pay $7,500 and that all
charges of fraud be unreservedly withdrawn, each party paying its own costs.
The ranch was bought by the defen
danls from the administrator of ihe
estate of the late Judge Haynes for
$65,000, and is claimed to be worth
$1,000,000. The property is a cattle
ranch near Osoyoos.
More than 219,000 tons of ore have
been shipped this year from the Granby mines.
Preparations are being made for
the shipment of another carlotof Crescent high grade ore.
It is understood that work will be
resumed at the Sally mine, near
Ikaverdell, West Fork, about the first
of June.
More cars of machinery for the new
air compressor for the B. C. Copper
Co.'s Mother Lode mine, have arrived
in Greenwood.
The bunch of horses belonging at
the Mother Lode mine, that have out
to pasture for the winter, have been
sent back to the property.
The E. P. U. continues to be developed by a long and deep tunnel by
the Phoenix Greenwood syndicate that
took it under bond over a year ago.
Eastern financial papers are explaining why the Granby passed its last
quarterly dividend. The explanation
can be made in two words: Low
copper. ..  -■■
Report has it   that   the  Gloucester)
group in Franklin camp is to be bonded, to the parties who have  the   bond
on the Maple  Leaf group,  the  price
being $90,000.
The Nelson Iron Works has an order
from the B. C Copper Co. for eight
30-ton slag pots, each weighing eight
tons, for use at the company's smelter,
whenever it shall resume operations.
While the Snowshoe" mine is not
operating, the Consolidated Co., is
making regular shipments of lime rock
to the Trail srtfelter, from the company
quarries at Fife, overlooking Christina
Owing to the burning out of a
couple of coils in the 250 h.p. motor,
operating the Victoria hoist at the
Granby mines, that outlet was out of
commission last Monday. Static discharge was the cause.
The provincial government will not
allowrthe-.cityvjfuGreenvvpocV^to issue
$50,000 in bonds for thS"l|B|apse of
giving a bonus to the'/l'6n'jjr''tunnel to
be driven towards. iPh'oenix. The
matter, however wilj[ji>jtobably be handled in some other way.
Granby shares are holding up to 85
and 95, the same as  they have been
quoted since January. B. C. Copper
is 4}( and 4^ while Dominion Copper is 2j4 and 2j4. Consolidated
smelters fell to 63 when the usual dividend was passed, but has recovered
several points since.
This week each one of the eight
furnaces at the Granby smelter had
an average run of 438 tons daily, making 3,428 tons for each furnace for the
week, or a total of 23,999 (they could
not squeeze in another ton) tons for
the week—being still another new record for the Granby smelter.
Definite imformation has been received in the Boundary that $50,000
in 6 per cent gold bonds, the issue of
which was authorized by the Providence Mining Co. last fall, have been
sold in Chicago.the price not mentioned. This is understood to mean activity at the Providence mine again in
due course.
This week Ex-Alderman and Nelson
Carson, of Phoenix,   began  work  on
their group of five claims adjoining the
Ora Denoro group in  Summit  camp.
The claims are the Denora, Payne, C.
P.   R.,   Gold  Finch  and  Tread well.
The  C. P. R. runs through  the  property, and excellent copper showings
are  said  to  be  found   all over the
claims.    They think they have something particularly good, and propose to
open them up and demonstrate that.
fact, even if they have to interest outside capital to do it.
A well known  mining  man of the
Boundary says:    "Not much is  being
said about the Jewel mine,  in Long
Lake camp, but the property,seems to,
be turning out a  winner,  and will be
heard from favorably in the near future."'   At  the Jewel   mine about  a-,
dozen men are employed by Foreman
Chataguay Smith.    Manager Roberts,
the engineer in charge  for the Scotch
syndicate owning the property, as soon
as a decision comes from Colorado^ regarding the best method of treating
the gold  ores from this  property, ex- ■
pects   to   install   a: plant especially
suited to-the mine. \ Acarload of ore,,
was sent to Colorado for this purpose.
Latest Price* ia Meuui,
Nrw York—Copper, electrolytic, %12.
62® $12.67;   lake. $12.75 ® tlS.OO.
Bar Silver, 55?£
Lead,  $8 90 @ *4.00.
Spelter, $4.60 <$ $4.70.
Invitation To United States Fleet.
Hon. Richard McBride, on behalf
of the provincial government, has requested the Leiuteuant-Governorj' to
invite through the proper channels the
American fleet to visit Victoria and
Vancouver during its stay on ihe
Pacific. The provincial government
feels that the occasion is fraught with
considerable importance to the Pacific
coast generally and hence their action.
The government has been asked by
the Vancouver authorities to take such
action, and Dr. Elliott S. Rowe, the
secretary of the tourist association of
that city, waited upon the government
in that connection. The invitation
will probably be conveyed through the
secretary of state at Ottawa to the
navy department and to Admiral Evans
or his successor in command.
D. Mussatto expects his new building wiil be finished next week.
About the the first of May the big
sawmill at Cascade will resume operations.
Fruit lands in the Kettle River
Valley around Grand Forks are again
attracting the attention of the outside
Newly chosen officers of the cricket
club at Grand Forks are as follows:
President, M. Burrell; vice-president,
J. D. Campbell; secretary-treasurer W.
B. Bower; captain C. Mahon; executive
committee, Messrs. Mahan, Beckett,
Watts, Clark,  Lutley and Fripp.
The   dog   poisoner
is   abroad   in
You will be somewhat ashamed of
having once talKed about "bad luck"
after you have become an advertiser—
for a prosperous man rarely believes
in luck at all.
The following table gives the ore shipments of Boundary mluea lor 190a, for
, lyoj, for 1903, for 1904, for 1905, for 1906, ancf 1907. as reported to the Phoenix Piooeer-
March   21, '08   1
Grauby Mines....
Snowshoe ■..
♦-B.C. Copper Co.
Mother I^xle._
B. C. Mine	
Kiuuia ~
Oro Oenoro....
Bonnie Belle	
' ' Oom. Cop. Co....
Mountn Rose-
Morrison -
R. Bell	
;Brey Kogle 
No. 37 
_ Reliance-	
▼ Sulphur Klug_
A Winnipeg- .......
I Golden Crown...
v King Solomon-
Big Copper	
No. 7 Mine	
City of Paris	
Rambler -.
Butcher Boy	
Strathmoie .-...
Golden Eagle...
Prince Henry....
Last Chance	
K. P. O. Mine-
Don Pedro	
Republic -..
1900     1901       1902       1903
64.SM 231,762 309.8s" 393.7'"
297     1,731   30,800   71,212
5.340   99,034 141.326 138.079
19.494   47.40J   14.811 19.365
_          650     8,530 J2.937
802  7,455 15.731
1904 1005 1906
549.703 653.889 SoMOl
 » -... 8,426
174,298 147.576 105.900
 -  1.48S
37,960       9,485 MS04
16,400       3.007 3,177
1907        1008
613.537    2I».JO.«
I35.ool 367
550   5.646
         ISO 3.339
        S60    _..
32,350     55.731
1,076      1,040       785     2,435
2,250           625    —
66s      482
2,000  -..
350   2.060
'.'..'.'..'.'. ""890*
219 993
770       t,I40
ISO 40
20 140
3.J30   "3^6 "'"325 s'oo
Total,tons  96,600390,800508,876690.419829.808   933.548 1,161,537 1,148,237 219.975 »S 3"° (
8a«nbyrl?ol.-e_Uo2T387   230,828112,340401.921 596.2S*   687.938 828,879     637,626 25,992 U.9» ,
B.C. Copper Co. ....... 117.611 148.600 102,913 210.484 2^0,830 123.740     341.952  —
Dom.CopTco-  133.570   3Q-930   84.059 218,811      153.439 ^^ ^    '
Total reduced- 62^34(U39~ 460,940 697.404 837.666 982.877 !.I72.43°>.133.017 215,993 13.999 ]
Is vJ
* r i
♦ill $
{} \ xx
'  'Jstk.^
■ 1 V-
fill % ,
, i \\   ■iy
',a' 1,'*"'
h vip;.- ft  m.  ���  wX  m'i'y  A Rich Drawing' Tea  Every Infusion is  Delicious  and Invigorating*  IfAD Pte Oil "^Go^Sul^lr HI ALL GROCfK  The Phoenix Pioneer!  And Boundary Mining 'ournal.  IHUn CM1TD1D1VS BY TH��  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  AT FBOBIVIX. B.C.  wV. B. WILLCOX. Manaocn.  i>.i.nt./._M l Biulnct* ofBce No. 14.  Telephone* } n.,,.,^,., re^dence, No. 15.  ���uaaCBirrtont in aovarcm.  rtrTut ��a.oo  llxMonthi...          1.25  Tathe Doited State*, per year��� ���...���_. 2.50  If you m:c nol ��� aubscr ber to this paper, this  It an Imitation to you to become one.  AdrcrtLrtag rate* furnished on application.  r��ef*l notices 10 and 5 ceata per line.  Four weekly inaertlont constitute one month's  ������1����ri Hn��'  3label>  As far as we are aware, this is the  first time that the provincial government has gone into the matter of helping; struggling industries. In this case  its success certainly means much to  in the Slocan, and every one hopes  that it will come out as anticipated,  bur it is, so far, largely an experiment.  However, it may be well worth trying,  at least, and if the government ioses,  it will not be much, not nearly as much  as, doubtless, will be lost hy private  capital already put into the smelter.  Hon. Richard McBride, minister of  mines, who introduced the Canada  Zinc Co. loan measure, does not pre-  jtend to be an expert in mining and  smelting affairs, and believed he was  doing a worthy thing in putting through  this bill���and we trust that it will prove  that he was right; yet it certainly does  not have the appearance of being a  sufficient amount to accomplish much  towards the laudable object intended  by its sponsors.  I OUR COPPER  CORNER j  �� MATTKKS  OK   .ntrkjcst   TO   THOSK    INTERESTED    IN    THE- (?  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The actual   shrinkage   in   copper   profits,  whether   from  mining or trading,  amounts   to nearly  75 per cent as compared   to the maxi-  mun attained a year ago, and it affords  a striking  commentary on the  confident assurances given by insiders when  copper  was  selling  at   26   cents   per  pound.���Mining and Scientific Press.  Til" 13   PI.V15ST   (JO.VMTY   IN  MILK and CREAM  THB  OAlRi  PIIONK  STU1CTI.Y   FRBSII    KCC1H  JT.    W.    HA XNAM.   PHOl'ttlKTOK,  P. 0.  Box 58  Phoonlx Market.  iXS��������������  'Phone 2.   ��  P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.  Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants.  Choice Line of Fresh and Cured Meats  Poultry, Fish and Game in Season : :  Million  Ounces of  Silver.  The shipment to Hong Kong la^f  week of 140,000 ounces ol silver from  the Consolidated Mining & Smelting  Company's plant at Trail, btings the  .shipments of silver from this plant for  the past six months to over a million  ounces. Nearly half of this has gone  to the Canadian mint at Ottawa. All  the gold from this plant is now shipped  All    Orders   Receive   Prompt  Attention.  ���BBBBaBaaBBaaaajaaJaaiaaWBBBaViSBaBBBBaBBBl gj  Markets at Greenwood, Grand Forks, Midwav,   Eholt mid   all  tlie  other ��  principal Cities and TownB in B.C., Alberta and Yukon. ��  Headquarters: Headquarters) for Boundary: &  NELSON, B.C. GREENWOOD,  B.C. &  ��� ' *  THE OBSERVATORY  Thinos Talked ok at  howh a!��d kl8kwhbkr  ^^���lVIARGH,;^  I908  Sia. Mai. Tit*. Wta    Tau, Fr,.  Sat.  yWyyv*t^:.:'.:*:.-, 5 ;;'6;  8, , 9    io.r.'ir    12 ; 13,  15,  9'     17    18    19    20  2Xf:; 23 ,,24,,'.2$    J26      27  ; 7 '  21  *8  29 ,3031  Goverraoettr    Loaning   Money.  During ,the .recent. session,of, the  provincial legislative assembly,' an act  wes passed authorizing tbe loan of $10,-  000 for two years, at five per cent, to  the Canada Zinc Co., Ltd. As security the government 'takes a first mortgage on all; ,the property of the company, real and personal.  The_Cahada Zinc _ Co. is endeavoring to establish a zinc' smelter at or  near Nelson, .and its promoters believe  they have.solved an hitherto difficult  problern-pthat of separating - the zinc  from other metallic contents in ores  from,t,he; Kootenay mines. They were  "upfa.tree", financially,. and,, with influential friends, tasked tbe government  to assist them to this moderate extent.  Iff thcenterprise proves successful, the  government 'will 'get its ' money with  interest,' and the establishment of this  new. industry will, certainly be a great  thing, for,, metalliferous .mining in-British Columbia.) Otherwise, the money  will be sunk, as the plant will only sell  for old junkj.  And then, this precedent opens up  a wide vista. What is the matter with  the government loaning a few thousand  to some meritorious newspaper���like  mines and smelters that are not yet on  paying basis, they are always short of  cash. In fact, there are innumerable  objects whose promoters would be  glad to negotiate a loan from the government, and who could p*t up a nice  line of talk to back them up, too.  B. C MINING  But, to any  man familiar with   the  large amounts  of capitaj  needful   to  establish any  smelting industry  on a  firm and profitable  basis, the question  arises as to what can be done with  so  small a sum as $10,000?    One Boundary smelter has five  times  that sum  invested in coke alone.    It  is a mere  bagatelle, as needful  expenditures  in  such industrial establishments go.    Of  course, it is the last  straw that breaks  the camel's back, and the zinc smelter  may be able to tide over and be made  a  financial  success  with this  item of  $10,000, but men  of wide   experience  in the smelting industry will look with  some suprise at what is expected to be  accomplished   with this  comparitively  insignificant amount  of cash,   even in  addition  to the many  thousands already put into the plant.  Placer mining is active on Hall  creek in the Lardeau.  The Findlay river placers continue  to attract a good deal of attention.  Leasing of mines in the Rossland  district is becoming more and more  popular.  I The new company taking over the  Ymir mine, is said to have ample  funds, and will prosecute work vigorously.  It is reported that the coal mines at  Comox are under contract to furnish  the United States War vessels at Bremerton and San Francisco with 100,-  000 tons of coal.  In 1907 the Crow's Nest Pass Coal  Co. mined 981,938 tons, as against  213,295 tons in 1906. The company  paid its regular to per cent dividend  for 1907 amounting to $335,128.98  F. C. Weeks and B. S. Adams, of  Spokane, have . staked placer ground  near the historic town .of Granite, in  the Similkameen, arid "will put in a  dredge this summer costing $1,000.  It is said that on March 30th the  provinciah:government -cancels its reserve in East Kootenay. The land  thus thiown open, for location includes  the rich coal and oil lands of the Flathead Valley.  The Big Bend Mica   Mining  Con  i  &^ ���.���.���.������&  The sympathy of the people of British Columbia can now be extended to  residents of the Old Country. Joseph  Martin���the same old Fighting Joe���  announces that he will go to England  and make his fnture residence. If he  can stay there and keep out of politics,  il will be more than he has been able  to do in B. C. He's not built that  way.  ���������  "I have more confidence in Phoenix  than ever in the'past," said a well  known business man of this city, a few  days ago. "The future looks good to  me," he continued, "and the coming  summer will prove the truth of what I  say. We have not been having what  one would call boom times the last  few months, but, in my humble judgement, which I am backing with hard  cash, the year in the Boundary will  average up well." We would rather be  an optimist for five minutes than a  pessimist all our lives.  Kootenaian. With the general slump  in that district Dave slumped, too,  f varying fortune following him to  j Nome, GoJdfield and other mining  camps. Now he is said to have  settled down in Seattle as a writer of  juvenile books. King liked nothing  better than to be in the seething vortex  of a boom of any kind���but this is a  change to those who knew him some  15 years ago.  According to the latest prognostications, Prince Rupert town lot enthusiasts will probably have to wait till next  September to get in on the "ground  floor" there But with the beginning  of railway construction thereabouts in  May, a rush will take place, just the  same.  EASTERN TOWNSHIPS BANK  CAPITAL S3.000.000      RESERVE FUND $1 ,860.000  HEAD OFFICE - SHERBROOKE, QUE.  WITH OVER SIXTY" BRANCH OFFICES IN THE  PROVINCE OF QUEBEC  WK   OKFEK   KACILITIK8   POSMKHSKO   BY  NO OTHER BANK IN CANADA  FOK  I. H. HALLfiTT  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Pu..1A. ���  CafolrA'IdreBii:       HALtBTT.  ; Hell foul M'Neti.,  Moteiiif; �� Ncal'n  Leiber's.  Gbkknwooii, fe.t  TUCK   COLLIN '8  SHAVING PARLORS  and BATHROOM.  Hotel Balmoral D���   Cor. Klrnt & Knob Hill Ave.   rHOENIX, B. C.  PHOENIX NEST   >   ORDER OF OWLS.  Meets every Sunday Bvknino, at Miner,'  Union Hall.  Cord ill Welcome to Vlittlng Brethren.  DANNV DEANE, Pruldcn.  CHAS. E.   KING, Sccrury  1 V. .M   KHKKMNO,  1 Secietarv.  KingEdward Lodge, No.36  A. F. unil A. M.  Kei:ulHt'communication K p. in.     St.  0111I TliumclHy of cncli inonlli.  i' -,-rtf ������ill tneetiiiKf ����cnlletl;M����oim  1.��)���   Mcllalr Mock.  T. RODERICK.  WM.  Collections and Banning Business Generally  If you owe your subscription to this  paper, please pay up.  MOTHER  .Cures all 6tomach troubles  and makes you strong  and fit, because it strength-  - ens   stpmach, liver  and  bowels,  cleanses   your  system and  Mhitotwti'ryr bottle. _     .���.., -.���  A. J. Whit* tt Co., momkiI  Sold KrmvkO*  pany., Ltd. is being organized to develop 1400 acres of claims north of  Revelstoke. About 80 men are expected to be employed this summer,  and the output is hoped to be $800,-  000 worth of mica, for which there is a  good market.  A strike of good ore has been made  upon the Flint mine, in the Kaslo'  Slocan district, where work has been  proceeding all winter. An ore body J  has been uncovered at the breast of'  the tunnel carrying four feet of milling  ore and a foot of clean galena fit for  direct shipment.  The St. Eugene is shipping 325 tons  of Silver-lead ore to Trail each week,  besides that concentrated. There was  recently opened up a body of ore 40  ft. wide and 300 ft. long on the 2,000  level. This is an important strike, and  goes to prove the continuation of the  St. Eugene Lode.  The work recently done on the  Wheal Tamar, the discovery of a large  ore body on Jacko Creek adjacent to  the Cyclone group, and the results obtained on several other properties  further encourage the idea that the  future prospects of Kamloops camp  are of the brightest.  A mining expert states that the Jed-  way Camp, on Queen Charlotte Islands,  is a phenomenal one, such wealth of  mineral only being found once every  twenty years. When properly opened  the camp will be as extensive and  have as great a producing outfit as  either Cobalt or Goldfield,   Nevada  "Can I pass over your line?"    <\\0  replied   the   railroad   man,   "law's tool  strict.    We can't   pass anything   but a)  dividend now."  The Cranbrook Herald says that  "The Granby smelter at Greenwood  will be. enlarged." Now, is not that  the limit? The Old Man must have  been off shift when that item crept into  his usually well edited weekly. Of  course, the Granby smelter will be enlarged, but it is located some 25 miles  from Greenwood, and is in the Kettle  river valley near Grand Forks.  There is no shortage of coke   these  days at either  of the three   Boundary  smelters.    It is, and   it   is not, at one  and the same time, a burning question.  ***  The humorist of the Moyie Leader,  who is developing into a good imitation of a Scotchman, printed the following last week, under the heading  "Catching On:"  A recent arrival from the east came  into the Leader office yesterday and  spoke thus: "I am catching on to the  western language all right���a coyote is  a species of wolf, and a cayuse is a  species of horse," said he, "but what  in h���kind of a beast  is a chinook?"  Ten or a dozen years ago David W.  King, one of the brightest  newspaper j  men  that ever  went   the  editor   and   proprietor   of  ���The Blood is The USbP  Science has never gone beyond tba  stove simple statement of scripture. But  it has illuminated that statement and  given it a meaning ever broadening with  the increasing breadth of knowledge.  When the blood is "bad" or impure it  is not alone the body which suffers  through disease. The brain is also  clouded, Hho mind and judgement are  effected, andhaany' an evil deed or impure  thoWhtyy^b^Krectly traced to the  rmpw��yof the bfottjV Foul, impure blood  cap be marie nrirp. bv t.ll" "���"'" ?f Pi  Pierre';.; f!nlr|e" Medical Discovery. < ft  enriches ;incl nurifips trjff hloocTtherBbv  curing, pimples, blotches, eruptions and  other cutaneous affections, as eczema,  tetter, or salt-rheum, hives and other  manifestations of impure blood.  ��        ��        ��       ,��        ��       9  In the cure of scrofulous swellings, enlarged glands, open eating ulcers, or old  sores, the "Golden Medical Discovery "has  performed the most marvelous cores.   In  eases of old sores, or open eating ulcers,  ft is well to apply to the open sores Dr.  Pierce's All-Healing Salvo, which  possesses wonderful healing potency when  used as an application to the sores in eon-  junction with the use of "Golden Medical  Discovery " as a blood cleansing constitutional   treatment.    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Granby Consolidated���copper.  AVERAGE    PRICES    OF   COPPER.  $3,000,000  1,350,000  5,500.000  15,000,000  100.000  Providence���silver I 100.000 !      st.ooo| is I       t6.ooo f       38,M4|Sept. too6|     50    ���  Paper=Type=Ink  tete^D^paTm^t Tiie Phoeiilx" "PfoDeef  We can furnish any  combination   ol  Month.  January  February....  March   April.......  May   June   July     August   .September..  October  November..  December...  ���New York���  Electrolytic.  Lake.  1906  .  18.31  . 17.81  . 18 36  .  18.37  .  18.-J5  . 18.44  18.19  18 43  19.14  21.27  21 9!)  23.03  1907  24.66  24.93  25.07  24.27  24.15  22.82  22.12  18.35  15.56  13.12  13 .37  12.16  1906  18.41  18.11  18.64  18.63  18.72  18 71  18.58  18.61  19.29  21.71  22.34  23.38  1907  24.88  25.20  25.47  24.87  25 17  24.01  21.31  18.26  16.04  13 57  13.62  19.39  Year   1P.3P.   20 14    19 HO   20 69  Only Two Bits Per Month.  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Vice-presidents���G. E. Drummond,  1 Montreal; Dr. A.   E. Barlow,   Ottawa,  tvJ \V   Fleet Robertson, Victoria.  Secretary H.     Mortimer   Lamb,  Montreal.  Treasurer J.   Stevenson-Brown,  Montreal.  Council���Messrs. W. Brewer, Vic  toria; Arthur Cole, Cobalt; R. H.  Drury. Montreal; Gins. Ferjjie, G ace  Bay, N. S : J. Ii. . Hnrdtnan, Montreal;  R. T. Popper, Moiilreiil; A. J. Mc-  Nab, Trail; W. F C.-Londonderry, N.  S;R. W. Robb, Amherst. N. S., O.  ]{ Smith, l'ho'*niy: R. H. Stewart,  Rossland and J. II Tyiell, Toronto.  A total of 342 votes were cast, the  largest number in the history of the  institute, and the election caused great  excitement among the members. A  mail vole will he taken to finally decide Ihe question as to the removal of  headquarters from Montreal to Ottawa  or Toionto.  JWS  Mine Worth   a   Billion Dollars.  The great   gold   mine   of the world  has been discovered in Jackson county,  Oregon.    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Children like it and my customers who have used it will not take  any other."    For sale by all druggists.  O   ���--;    Kuiiildup-  levy lor 1 yoS  Several cases of spinal meningitis  have broken out in Vernon.  Kaslo will celebrate Empire Day, as  usual for many years past.  Nelson is trying to secure free mail  delivery, and should, have it.  Eastern capitalists will erect a monster sawmill near New .Westminster.  The city of Vancouver will in the  future, employ no Orientals for civic  work.  The Royal Vancouver Yacht club  will build a new club house this summer.  Last week 13 Hindoos were fined  $500 each at Vancouver, under the  Natal Act.  The 20,000 club at Nelson has  changed its name to the Nelson Publicity Bureau.  It is said that lhat th<: provincial  big game license will be raised from  $50 to $100.  The Great Northern has about completed its 28-rnilc extension from Fei-  ni'1 to Michel.  N. E. Broley, of Fernie, has been  awarded the contract for the new court  house at Kamloops.  The Conservatives of Vale-Carriboo  will nominate for Dominion elections  at Vernon on April 23rd.  The farmers of Armstrong have decided to, employ nothing but white  labor on their orchards and farms.  Vancouver's fire chief Ii is condem  med the city schools, as they are not  properly sup| lied with fin: scapes.  During ihe coming season the. C. P.  R. will expend $250,000 ori its navigation department in the Kio enays.  Enderby's new paper, Walker's  Weekly, made its uppea-ance last  week.    It is a creditable publication.  According to the Movie Leader,  there will be a large amount of building'going on in that town the coming  summer.  Docs  Food  Feed You?  Dr. H. 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OBJECTION, RAISED  TO "MINERS'INCH"  After being in operation lor several  months the Vancouver relief bureau,  maintained by the civic authorities,  was closed on March 5th.  R. C. Brock, a noted expert of the  Mood River valley, Oregon, has been  engaged by the Kootenay Fruitgrowers'  Association as secretary at a high  salary.  The Chinese merchants of Vancouver have forwarded claims for damages in the riots of last September  amounting to $159,000 to the Chinese  government for collection.  W. C. Bowles, who for several  months past been general freight agent  in the Kootenays for the C. P. R., has  been promoted to the position of  freight agent at Winnipeg.  inion [lections.  Tale-Cariboo Electoral District.  14  ALL OVF.R   THE BOUNDARY.  Greenwood's public school had an  actual attendance of 90 during February.  Last Tuesday So cars of ore were  shipped from the Granby mines���making 3,800 tons.  Cleat ing of right of way on tin' V.  V. & E., beyond Hedley, towards  Princeton, is to commence shortly.  Custom receipts for Grand Forks,  Phoenix, Carson and Cascade for the  month of February were $3,571.50.  Dr. George M. Foster, formerly a  resident of Greenwood, is now located  in Vancouver, practicing his profession.  Work has been started on P. D.  McDonald's $10,000 hotel in Grand  Forks, opposite the Great Northern  depot.  For the month of February Grand  Forks public school had an average attendance of 240 scholars in the seven  divisions.  The Yule-Columbia1 Lumber Co. ex  pects to bring down   3,000,000 (eet of  logs this   year   from   the   upper  Main  Kettle river, the logs being now cut.  This has been the most successful  season in the history of the Greenwood  Curling Club, and next year there are  expected to be 100 members to the  organization.  / A prominent timber cruiser is authority for the statement that there are  500,000,000 feet of good timber available for manufacture into lumber, between Grand Forks and Franklin  camp.  I  il!  m  THE  COPPER  HANDBOOK  (New Edition Issued Novembar IS, 1906.)  Is a dozen books in one, covering the  history, geography, geology, chemistry,  mineialogy, metallurgy, terminology,  uses, statistics and finances of copper.  It is a practical book, useful to all and  necessary to most men engaged in any  branch of the copper industry.  Its facts will pass muster with the  trained scientists, and its language is  easily understood by the everyday man.  It gives the plain facts in plain English  withcut fear or favor. It lists and describes 4626 copper mines and companies in all parts of the world, descriptions running from two lines to sixteen pages, according to importance of  the property. The Copper Handbook  is conceded to he the  World's Standard Reference  Book on Copper.  The mining man needs ihe hook for  the facts it gives him about mines, mins  ing and metal. The investor needs  the book for the facts it ^ives him about  mining, mining investments and copper statistics. Hundreds of swindling  companies are exposed in plain English.  Price is $5 in buckram with gilt top;  $7.50 in full library morocco. Will be  sent, fully prepaid, on appioval, to any  address ordered, and may be returned  within a week of receipt if not found  fully satisfactory.  Horace J. Stevens  Editor and Publisher  36     POSTOFFICE     H^OCK,     H'lUGHT '-'*  MICHIGAN.  A Convention of the Liberal-Conservatives of Yale-Cariboo will beheld at  EDISON HALL, VERNON  On Thursday. April 23rd. I  for the purpose of selecting a candidate  to contest ihe forthcoming Dominion  Elections in the interests ofthe Liberal-  Conservative Party. Local Associations  nre requested to meet and appoint delegates at once. Representation at the  Convention will be hy delegations from  the Provincial Electoral Districts of  Grand Forks, Greenwood, Similkameen,  Okanagan, Kamloops, Yale, Lillooet and  Cariboo: One delegate will be appointed  for each twenty or fraction of twenty  votes cast at each poll. Accredited delegates may vote either in person or by  proxy, but not more than five proxies  shall"be held by any one delegate.  Chair will be taken at 2 p. in. All  Conservatives are invited *to attend the  Convention, hut only accredited delegates will be allowed to vote.  PRICE ELLISON,  Pres. Yale-Cariboo Conservative Assn.  J. A.  McKELVIE,  Sec.   Yale-Cariboo   CooBorvativt;   Assn.  MINERAL ACT.  (Form F.)  Certificate of Improvements,  NOTICE.  "Australia," "Fiji," "Rat Fractional," "Raven  Fractional," and "Tarantula Fractional," Mineral Claims situate tn the Greenwood Mining  Division or Yale District. Where located���  between Greenwood and Wellington Camps.  TAKS NOTXCK that I, Isaac H. llallett. as  Ageut for Eric E. Jackson, Free Miner's Certifi  cate No. B 10056, intend, sixty days from date,  hereol, to apply to the Mining Recorder tor Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose ot  obtaining Crown Grants ofthe aboveclaims.  And iurther Take Notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificates ot Improvements.  Dated this 15th day of July, A.D., 1907.  44��� I. H. HA'-.OTT.  Would do away With Method  of Measurement.  A resident in Victoria recently ptni  to a friend in the intei.ior of the pro.  vince, who is deeply .interested in the  irrigation question, a copy of the report of the . irrigation'.; cointiiihsion issued a short time apo by the provincial government; ������In .'..acknowledging  receipt of the report the recipient  wrote: "Truly, this is a'Valuable docu-  mentj.and the government are deserving of much' commendation for having  secured the services of one eminently  capable of probing so deeply this very  important question, the irrigation of  the arid lands of the province. Not  all the intricate phases of this question  are placed before us in this report, but  enough are offered, to show how essential it is that/the near, future should  witness a measure of .legislation dealing with, this matter.',, It would be  well, however, to make haste slowly,  for no question ever presented to the  people of the province contains greater  potentialities.' By the way, there is  one recommendation in the said  report which should be acted upon at  once; that is that the designation in  cubic feet per second of a flow of  water contained in, or represented by,  a certain number of miner's inches.  In regard to this it is pointed out by  a local mining authority that the provincial mineralogist in the annual report of the minister of mines for 1905,  (p. 48) stated; "In British Columbia a  miner's inch of water is by statute not  a quantity of water, but a flow of water  equal to 1.68 cubic feet per hour."  There is, though, it is stated in an  other act, a definition which differs  from this. Both the provincial miner  alogist and (J. E. Mohun, C. E., have  before now urged the provincial government to do away entirely with  "miner's inch" in connection with legislative enactments. It is possible this  question will be dealt with when the  provincial legislature shall again be in  session.  "Westward Hoi" For April.  All lovers of the horse will find  much of interest in the March Westward Ho! which devotes considerable  space to Vancouver's FirstHorse Show  with many splendid pictures of the  entries. The three-color cover design  is particularly pleasing and attractive.  The literary contents show, that the  West has many clever writers and he-  sides the regular departments for the  home. Give Phillips-Wolley's powerful  serial "Shakmut" is paving the way for  larger things The editor this month  has one of his characteristic pen  sketches, the subject- being Hon. W.  S. Fielding.  CX-MAY0R-��f^JM3d'-;-:''-'--'.':;'^-;  RECOMMENDS .'.PfcJRU-NA; i  IW)ENIXOPERA HOUSE  -, '-..THE   -   -  mm PBiNCE  ; i'  WiUA CO.  - IN'  "FRA DIAVOLOJ"  ONE NIGHT ONLY.  MONBA:��^MARGH BO, 1908.  THE OPERA THAT MADE MILLIONS LAUGH-  '     Funny Comedians, Clever Soubrettes, Pretty Girls, Up-To-Date  '-Specialties,   Gorgeous   Costumes  and   Elegant  Stage Settings.  E"  NOTICE.  PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the  Canadian Pacific Railway Company (as Lessee  on the Columbia and Western Railway) h��s this  day deposited in the lMstrict Land ReRtstrv  Office at Kamloops in the Province of British  Columbia, a Plan Profile and Hook of Reference  showing a pioposed branch line to the Kettle  Valley Lumber Company's Mill situate near  Grat.d Forks in the Yale District of the Proviuce  ol Hrltisl" Columbia, and that the said Canadian  Pacific Railway Company will, as soon after the  expiration of 'our weeks from the first publication ol tlit-i notice as the application can be  heard, apply to the Boaid of Commissioners for  Canada at their ('ourl-room in the City of Ottawa  under Section i-a oftlie Railway Act, to authorize the construction of the said railway branch  line in accordance with the povisions of the  Railway Act.  Dated lit Vancouver this   21st day of February  190S  R. MAO|"Ot,K,  General lixccutive Assistant.  Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rbcum, itch. 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"It is hound to help anyone, if used  according to directions.  "I also know dozens of men who  speak In the highest terms of Periin*  and have yet to hoar of anyone being  disappointed in it."  Mr. Crambo, in a later letter, dated  A.ng.35,1904, says:  "My health is good, at present, but if  I should have to take any more medicine I will fall back on Peruna."  PRICES, $ 1.00  Reserved Without  Charge at Tom Brown's.  Extra  How To Hurt Your Town.  Mistrust public men.  Oppose improvements.  Go to some other town to trade.  Run the town down to strangers.  Refuse to advertise in your paper.  Do not invest a cent; lay out your  money somewhere else.  Be particular to discredit the motives  of public spirited men.  Refuse to see the merit in any  scheme that does not exactly benefit  you.���Ex.  1 [I�� S.]'���������.. jAMi:a DossfliioiR,,....,. _  '"-.'.' Lieutenant-Governor  CAN Al) \. PROVINCE OV BRITISH COLU'M BIA  ROWAKD Tint SEVKNTlf, by.tile' Grace orGod,  of the United Kingdom of Great Brltil n nml  Iteiand. niul ofthe  British   "ominioiisbe-  , ym.d the -ena, KIiir, Defender of :he faith,  ' KmpMor of India.  To  all to whom these presents shall come,���  ���,������ ��� Hrkkting. ���     '.%.':���     ',;��� v \  . r ' A. PROCLAMATION  vv. J. Bowser, I VYTRHREAS tiy Sectiou 6  Attorney-General ( . VV.. of the "Uarue . Protection Act 189S," as reeuacted bv Section 10 o'  ihe "Gamir Protection Act. Amendment Act,  1905," it is enacted that it shall be lawful for the  Lieutenant-Governor in Council, by Pioclama-  tion to li-.- published in two Micceusive is'ne* of  the British Coin ml) a Gazette, to declare a close  season for geese In any part of the Province for  anv period of time: and  Whervas Our stii'l LieleuantGovcnor, hy and  wilirtht ii'.Wice ol h'R Executive Council, has ���  been pleased to direct, by an Order in Council in  that behalf, a close season for geese within ;the  County of Kootenay, until and Including: the 31st  day of August, one thousand nine hundred and  "now Know Ye therefore, that in persuance  th- reof, we do hereby proclaim a clo e season for  geese within the County of Kootenay, until and  inclu-lne the 31st day of August, one thousand  nine hundr-d and eight. . ������'''���.-        ���   .''".'���  In Testimony Whereof, We have caused these  Oif Letters to be made Patent and the Great  Seal of the said Province to be hereunto  affixed: '  Witness, His Honour Tames Dunsmuib., Lleut-  ensnt-Goveruoi of Our said Province of  British ColumWa. in Our City of Victoria, in  Our said Province, this 19th day of February,  in the year of Our 1 ord oni thousand nine-  hundred and eight, and the eight yearof Our  Reign.  By Command,  Hknry Esson Young,  Provincial Secretary.  At The   Theater.  The announcement that the Beggar |   '���  Prince Opera Co.   will be seen   at the |   i  Miners' Union   opera. house...on,.nextJ..;  Monday,.  Mar... .30, .wilL.be..received-, *  with   pleasure  by  all  classes   of pur. ...  theater goers.    The label of approval  has been placed upon the.cornpany;,,]by - :-  critical audiences  everywhere .and the &,.;  company engiiged. in  the productions'",';  are  a capable ^ollectipnv; of" artists. Xs  It is indeed a pleasure' .to offer sincere ,.K,  commendation   to  an  organization ;so 5  delightfully   free   from   those   features'%,.  which too often mar farce comedy pro- ��s;:  ductions,   and  such an opportunity is /v  offered in   speaking of  Beggar Prince ^j-  Opera Co.    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Ore   shipments   from   the   various  mines of Boundary and Kootenay, and  the receipts of ore at   tho   smelters of [ lln"J)e,^'  Southeastern British Columbia for last j   _3<  week  and   for   1908  to date  are   as  follows:  WE15K.  To Olivk Stern, ol Farran's Point, Ontario, and  J.  S.  C.  Hraser, of Rossland, Biitish Columbia.  YOU AltK IIKKKBY  NOTIKIKO  that I have  expeiu ed  $100.00 in labor and improv  inents on  the "l.auia n" Mineral Clnim, situate in Greenwood i.'anip, in the Greenwood   Mining Division  ofthe District of Yale, as will appear by the Certificate <'r Work recorded October Sth, K07, in the  Office of the MiniiiK Recorder fur the said Green-  wood  Mining  Division, in  order  to hold such  Olalin for the year eudinir October  11111,1907,  aud that 1 have also paid $3 50 for recording such  I Certificate ol Work:  1 And if at the expiration of 90 days from the  first publication of this notice you tail or refuse  to contribute your proportions ofthe expenditures requited under Section ?.\ oftlie Mineral  Act, to hold said Claim for the year above mentioned, together with all cost- of ndvertisinu,  your interests in said vHaim will become vested  in the subscribor (a co-owner) under Section 4, of  tin- Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900:  The amount due from you, Olivk Sthrn.oii  account of such work, and recording the Certifi  cate thereof is $35.62, and  from   you, J. S. C  V-1.ASBK, is$S 54.  Dated at Phoenix, B. C, the 33rd day of Jsn-  ,���������������������������������������������-  HOME-MADE   MEDICINE  Said to Relieve  Kidney Trouble  and   Rheumatism  One ounce Fluid Extract Dandelion ;  One ounce Compound Salatone;  Four ounces Compound Syruii  Sarsaparilla;  Mixed and taken in teaspoonful  doses after meals and at bedtime, is  stated by a prominent physician to  give moBfc exoelleni results, in kidney  or urinary afflictions, and also in  rheumatism and sciatica. Tlie mixture openB the clogged pores of the  kidneys, thus assisting thfin in their  work of filtering all waste an.I poisonous matter from the blood, and expels  these in the urine. To allow this-  poisonous matter to remain means  that it will settle in the muBcular  tissues or jointa, and cause the untold  misery known as rheumatism.  The mixture is composed of harmless vegetable ingredientj which can  be purchased at any good drug storo,  and mixed at home. '  Anyone suffering from any of these  afflictions will no doubt be pleased tn  leant of so Bimple and highly roconi-   4  mended remedy. 1  PHOENIX  CANADIAN o'  f-PACIFIC TV,  ONEWAY COLONIST  m-  EASTERN  CANADA*  TO  Will relieve that tired feeling so quickly that it  will surprise you.  With what is acknowledged to be the best  equipped Brewing Plant in the Boundary by far,  we furnish a really delectable article.  AsK for otir  Bottled  Beer  Phoenix Brewing Company  BINER & SONS, Props.  Office and Brewery, Banner St. Phoenix, B.C.  We have the only ICE MAKING MACHINE in the Boundary.  ���~*  �������������������>������������������**����'  Old newspapers for sale at this office  at 25 cents per 100.  Hospital Donations.  Lint of Donations receivi'd   sun,  Lst, 1905,   to the Phot-nix   t4eiteml  pital:  Jan.  Mos-  Cnsh$io...   Cash $25   Cash $5   Book Case   Bed I.ineu,4dnx  Cash $50   Cash $10   Cash $2}   SpriilK Oot   Maple syrup   Gentleman's Dressing tiowii  Old r.lnen   ...J.  ... R. Hoirell  B. Mucaulaj-    A. F. Berry   A. K. II. Olark   Hor.pitnl Ladies  Aid   K. T. Hault   Jas. McCreatt-  Caiwidian Rand Drill Co   A. B. Hooc'   A friend  .Mra. J. H. lloyl.  ...Mrs. 1. Crnwford  D. L. MCINTOMINKY.  'I  SHIPMENTS.  Boundary    24.44��  Rossland      4.^74  Kast Columbia River    1,622  YEAR.  194,070  5��.��79  26,663  Total .        30.736 279,812  SMKI.TER    KI'XKIPTS���  Granby  24,440 194,509  Trail  4,7^5 55.483  Northport (LeRoi). . i,444 ' 7.04O  Marysville  5.73��  Total    3��.649 a74i662  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  N'OTI (.' K.  Monte Grand St California fraction mineral  claim, situate in oreenwood Mining Division of  Ynle District.  Where located���OreenwoodCnnip.  TAKK NOTIHK tlint I, Forbc�� M. Kerby ac  Audit for John Mulltt;nii, Kree M'ner's Certificate No Hioai. intend, sixty days from date  hereof, to apply to the MiniiiK Recorder for a  CertiBcutc of Improvements, for the purpose of  obtalniiiK a Crown Grant ot the above claim.  And further Take Notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate ol Improvements.  Dated UllK 27th day of June, A.B., 1907.  36- 1 ORBUS M. K8KBY. Agent.  r Box Books Mrs. B. A. W. Hodges  Cash $20 A Grand Korks Hriend  Dorr'..iion Copper Co Vull Set Boiler Tubes  p .-.! Wood v. P'!r-ltlr.<��  PllOltyriiISS:::  SANITARIUM, Arrow Lake, B.C.   The most perfectly appointed Health  and Pleasure Resort in the West, with a com  pletesystem of Uaths���including Turkish mid  Russian. Open the year round. The curativ;  properties of .'ts waters are iiiiequaled.  For Curing all Rheumatic. Nervous nnd Mus  tularTroubirs.  Kor Healu'K alt Kidney, Liver and Stomach  ailments.  Vor Humiliating all Met��ll)ePois0us from th  Sy��tem  The Kramleur ol die scenery Is unrivnllrO  Mountains, snow peaks, forents, lalces.waterlnlls.  no.-uliig, ynchtlnR, fishii":. shootlnu. excursii ns  tcutiK ItswiriU*' *'��� '������' �� :m-i,iT Mi-"'ed for  mildnetis ..- KK Y HelN I'OSH,  Proprietor.  P/UACIF LIVERY STABLES  itlURDOCK MclNTVRE, Prop.  35  Horses,   Full   Liveiy   Equipment,  Have taken   over   the   Lumber   Yard  and will carry   a   full   stock.  Knob  Hill Ave  DRY   WOOD   IN    ANY    QUANTITY  Prompt Attention to   orders  at any   hour  of day or night.  (PiioNEJUL)        Phoenix, B. C.  ALBERTAIand  BRITISH  COLUMBIA  TORONTO,  BRANTFORD,  GTJELPH,  LONDON,  GALT.  KINGSTON -  OTTAWA���  Via Port Arthur  orS. S. Marie  OTTAWA���  via Chicago  MONTREAL   -  QUEBEC  ST. JOHN, N.B.  MONCTON.N.B.  HALIFAX  Correspondingly low rates from all intermediate points.  Tickets on Sale, Feb. 29 to April29, '08  For further particulars, call on or write  C. E. MacPhkkson,   John Mok, D.P.A.  G.P.A. Winnipeg, Man.     Nelson, B.C.  $46.05  $50.10  \ $51.40  \ $52.45  . $52.70  $56.00  \ $60.95  .   $63.45  Phoenix  Pioneer  Is acknowledged by those who read it regularly to De the  leading journalistic exponent of the Boundary District of Southeastern British Columbia.  It is published in the centre of the great Copper Mining  Industry of British Columbia, and prints the news of the Districts while it'is news. Il plays no favorites, but aims to give  everyone a square deal.  The Pioneer costs $2 per annum; to American subscribers,  $������.^0, and more than one of its readers subsciibes for two,  three and even live  years.     Address, with remittance,  Pioneer Ptlfo.   Co.,   Phoenix, B.C.  -We hflveu lew Copies of the Ihi'P'.O.VKKH   AMS'UALleft. price    JS cents  Liu'h. or a copy will lie sent tree to a new subscriber.  NOT)'.  COLilBlAN COLLEGE.  Founded 181)2���Incorporated 1893.  NEW WESTMINSTER. B.C.  Provides a Christian home tor stud-  ants of both sexes at moderate rates.  Has ft preparatory class for junior students, doing grade public school work.  Does high school work, confers all high  school privileges, and prepares for teachers'examinations. Teaches all branches  of a. Practical Business Course and gives  Diplomas. Gives a liberal education in  its Collegiate Course and in the Ladies'  Course for M.E.L. and M.L.A. In University work, can take students through  the complete Arts Course, and the degree of B.A. can be obtained from Toronto University, which the college is in  hit nttiliation.  For fuller information and terms write  Kev. W. J. Sipperell, B.A.,B.D.,Principal: or Rev. J. P. Bow��!l. Bursar.  !=8*M  2Z~gL.GL.gL  ^r^r^r'c'^r^r^rt  Found.  On the Sth of February, Collie pup.  Owner can have same by paying expenses to T. 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Sewing Machines  Miss McDonald.  from $10 up, see  Waw and Op-to-dato  Cantnllr  flood Sample Boom*.  Proprietor.  X  i  m  - ^-5^��!<~j  Under New Management  Hotel Alexander  R. V. Chisholm, Prop.  Conducted in Pint-Class shape.    Choice stock of Irrigating  goods.  Special attention to dining room.    Large,   airy  and  well  furnished rooms. -  ���MfatoaAvtaw PbocaIx,B C.  Backyard assessments will soon be  coming due in and around Phoenix.  The Phoenix Brewing Co. cut  several hundred tons of ice this winter.  According to indications, wedding  bells will soon ring forsome Phoenicians.  Thrasher, the Druggist, carries a  fresh line of Lowney's chocolates of all  kinds.  Sunday evening's subject at the  Methodist church will be, "The Life  Foursquare."  It will pay you to See N. Binns if  you are wanting Furniture, as he has  now a full stock in most lines.  Corne and get first choice of Baby  Carriages and Go-Carts at Binns, the  Furniture Man.  April ist is the date of the grand inaugural ball of Phoenix Nest No. 168,  Order of Owls.  Closing out sale of new and second  hand goods. IL J. Clint, Copper  street, Greenwood.  There were many evidences of St.  Patrick's Day sympathizers seen round  camp last Tuesday, the anniversary of  tbe patron saint of Ireland.  Thursday evening a chimney fire in  a house back of the Brooklyn mine,  made the fire alarm whistle sound���  but no damage was done.  Services at St. John's mission of the  Church of England tomorrow, will be  at 10.30 in the morning Sunday, instead of 7.30 in the evening.  Uncle Jim Hill's passenger train was  several hours late in arriving Thursday  evening, owing to a detention down  the line, caused by a wreck near Che-  v/elah.  Claude McAstocker, one ofthe proprietors of the Royal Billiard Parlors,  was admitted to the Phoenix General  Hospital this week, suffering from la  grippe.  To advertise your business twice as  much as another man advertises his,  does not indicate that you are twice as  anxious to sell as he is���-but that you  know twice as much as he does about  how to sell.  wtk  it-53  8ABV CARRIAGES AND MKARTS  Just arived a fine line.    Come and get first choice.  BINNS THE FURNITURE MAN  ��PECLAi/TlES  ,    VXDEBTAKING  tatoit Miol��{ Slack Quotation:  [Corrected by Mighton & Cavanagb,  Nelson, B. C, to March 18, 1908.]  The stock market is a sure indicator  of the trend of boeineeo. A more buoyant feeling is pervading the different  markets, and all stocks are firm at the  following quotations:  9> 9  9 9) 9 9 9  PICTURE FRA.MO.-NG    a.  FULLER ORANGES   Arc the Best.        ���  SOLD AT-  I vS ���'  II .  IP '  'Phone No. 64  Alberta Coal and Coke  B.C. Copper... ..  Chas. Dickens   ConB. Smelters...'   Copper King   Dom in. Copper   Gertie............   Granby    Galbraith Coal   Hecla(C.D.A.)..'.....  International Coal....  Kendall...   Missoula Copper......  Nabob   ;  Oora Paul   Panhandle Smelter...  Rambler-Cariboo.   Rex   Snowshoe   Snowstorm-   Sullivan .      Sullivan Bonds.  .   Stewart    Tarnaraek & Chee   ASKED  .30  5.00  ���18K  75.00  3%.  2.60  -04^  90.00  .30  3.60  .80  .1.05  .09  ���04K  ���06K  .06%  .28  .19^  .11  1.70  ���01%  67.60  .1.00  .90  .15  4.62)4  .18  69.00  ���334  2.00  .04  80.00  .20  2.75  .74?^  .96  .07  ���04;'-,;  .06%  .06 %  .27  .10��*  1.68  ���01%  50.00    |  .50,  .60  j come quick, as they are going fast.  The vaudeville show from Spokane  and Colville, booked to appear here  last week and weekly for some time,  failed to put in its appearance.  The Phoenix-Greenwood stage has  been running half way to Greenwood  this week on runners, then changing to  wheels. It will be entirsly on wheels  shortly.  A Methodist parlor social was held j  last evening at the home of Mrs. A. F.  Geddes, in the Morrin Thompson block  and a pleasant time   was   had  by  the  large number present.  This evening the local Scandinavian  Aid and Fellowship Society will give a.  big dance at their hall, with refreshments, and music by James and Biner,  and promise a good time to all who  attend.  At the Phoenix opera house the  following shows are booked for the  immediate future: March 30th, Beggar  Prince Opera Co., in "Fra Diavolo;"  April 4th,"No Mother to Guide Her;"  April 9th, "What Woman Will Dc."  Fred King and Donald Langley,  who were, sentenced to three years last  wee< Friday at Greenwood by Judge  Brown in the connty court, for burglarizing the William Hunter Co. store  here, were taken on Saturday by Constable Ashton to the New Westminster  penitentiary.  On St. Patrick's Day Phoenix Lodge  No. 28, Knights of Pythias, gave its  seventh annual ball at Miners' Union  hall. The affair was well earned out,  and reflected credit on the committee  in charge���which was the universal  verdict of tbe large number that attended the event..  The same old broken seat is still  doing business on the Great Northern  passenger train to Phoenix, but the  windows of the coach seemed to have  gotten rid of at (east one coat of dust  and dirt since our last issue. Keeping  up the effort will get things in presentable shape after a while.  Another entertainment was billed  for last night at the opera house by  the Boundary moving picture show  Greenwood and Midway were visited  last week, and Eholt is to be favored  Monday New films arrive weekly for  the Edison optoscope' used. Percy  Pinker operates the machine, while  John Appleby arranges for the dates  and places.      . ���..���  About the second week in April  Miss Ida Murcutt, of England, lecturer  for the Women's Christian Temprance  Union of England and Canada, will be  in Phoenix to deliver an address. Miss  Murcutt is a splendid speaker, according to reports received here, and has  had crowded houses in the coast cities.  She will also lecture in Grand Forks  and Greenwood.  Two small fires occurred this week,  but did little damage. The first was  on Saturday in a small cottage owned  by Mrs. Tom Moore, back of the old  Brooklyn bunk house. It was caused  by a defective stove pipe, and was  quickly put out. Tuesday a fire occurred in the residence of Mrs. Moore,  also, on Golden Eagle addition���again  caused by a defective flue. The damage was largely to clothes, the flames  being put out before the department  reached the scene.  BEGGAR PRINCE  COMIC OPERA CO.  Will Appear at Opera House  Monday, March 30.  The Morning Journal (Edmonton)  February 25th, has the following notice  of the above company's recent appearance in that city: If the opening  performance of the Beggar Prince  Opera Company at the opera house  last night was not the biggest event  claiming the attention of the good  people of Edmonton, then the theatre  packed with an audience that was representative of every class of citizens  belied itself; and if there was anything  more entertaining or heartily appreciated than the offering, that ever  popular comic opera, Fra Diavolo, so  pleasingly rendered by Bob Martin's  company of singers and players, then  there is another guess coming for the  Journal.  Edmonton theatre goers and opeia  lovers have time and again heard Fra  Diavolo sung by other companies, but  the "Beggar Prince" company, suffered  nothing by comparison with any who  have appeared here in comic opera.  r  SOriE WATCH FACTS  u  WHEN thinking about buying a  Watch Time-Keeping Quality  should be your first consideration.  Therefore, buy of a House who  SELLS   GOOD   GOODS  ^              and stands back of them.    All our  WATCH MOVEMENTS ARE SUBJECT TO  -EXCHANGE--lf Unsatisfactory, ���=r  for any reason.     As  for appearance, we are showing DESIGNS  IN ALL SIZES, that will stand comparison anywhere.  E. A. BLACK,  =~-:THE JEWELER.  The BEST, Cheapest  and most satisfactory  Clothing in Phoenix.  Clothing I  maamtaaamaaammammmmmammmmmmawmammi  Hundreds of  don't  oelieve  satisfied  it come  WHO SAYS SO?  customers. If you  and examine goods.  A Fall Line of Underwear, Shirts, Shoes, Ties,etc,  iust arrived.    All new seasonable goods at old  and Cheapest prices.  THOMAS BROWN,  Men's Wear Exclusively.  Miss Ethel Balch  Miss Ethei Balch, the prima donna  of the company, carried off the chief  honors in the roll of Zerlina; pretty,  captivating was her acting, and charming her singing; altogether she created  a most favorable impression. Jay  Taylor, in the roll of Fra Diavolo the  brigand; shared the musical honors  with Miss Balch. A tenor singer of  sweetness and power is Mr. Taylor,  delighting by his artistic treatment of  the musical parrs assigned to him as  well as by his dramatic ability. Joe  Coombes, in the role of Lorenzo, the  captain of the guard, who sings as an  accomplished artist, will also prove a  favorite during the week's engagement,  his work at the initial performance being very taking.  Miss Vivian Forest has been heralded as the delightful comedienne of the  company. There was little occasion  for Miss Forest to appear at her best  in last night's performance, but the  touches she gave to the character of  Lady~AIIcash were sufficient1 to indicate how great is her success when the  opportunity offers. Fred Godding  gave a very good portrayal of the English lord, while George Murray and  Robert Taylor as Diavolo's banditti  were the gay mirth provoking comedians of the play. Miss Lelia Thome  as Mother Matteo, and all the other  members of the cast played their parts  with success. A well balanced company, one can say, capable of affording  much pleasurable entertainment during  the week."  WALL PAPER  oo*r��  Latest Designs from the  nakers   in   Canada.  lead-  in  Now   is   the  time lo   make   your  choice���we have just what you  want, from   the  cheapest  to   the   best.      Call  and   inspect.  4  4  i  4  4  McRAE BROS., Ltd. \  KNOB HILL AVE.  i  Card of Thanks.  To the Editor of the Pioneer:  I wish to express my heartfelt thanks,  to the friends "and neighbors, who so  kindly helped me at the time of the  fire at my house this week, Tuesday,  and since then.  Mrs. Thos. Moore.  Phoenix, B. C, March 20, 1907.  Mig'iitoii dl Cavaraaug'H  Church of England���St. Johns, Rev.  J. Leech-Porter, rector. Service every  Sunday evening at 7:30.  Methodist���Sunday School at 2:30  p. m. evening service 7:30 p. m.  Thursday evening, prayer meeting and  choir practice. A cordial invitation to  all these services. Rev. J. Wellesley  Whittaker.  St. Andrews' Presbyterian Church  Preaching Service tomorrow at  7:30 p. m. Sunday school and Bible  class at 10:00 a.m. A cordial welcome  to all.   Rev.  Samuel Lundie, Pastor.  Catholic���Church of Our  Lady of  Do Not Crowd tbe Season.  The first warm days of spring  bring  with them a desire to get out and enjoy the exhilarating air  and sunshine.  Children that have been housed up all  winter are brought out and you wonder  where they all came from.    The heavy  winter  clothing is thrown aside and  many  shed   their  flannels.     Then a  cold wave comes and people say that  the   Good   Counsel.���Divine  Servicer grip is epidemic.    Colds at, this season  every and and  4th  Sunday  of each I are even more dangerous than in mid  Qlgaatlc Concentrator.  The company owning the Monarch  mine at Field is offering 10,000 shares  of stock at $r,25 a share in order to  raise money to build a large concentrator. The sum of $12,500 should  build an immense concentrator.���  Greenwood Times.  'SE5S52Si25H5SSE��25a5aES2Sc!5HKJre5Z5Z^  month. Holy Mass, 10 a.m. Sunday  School, 2:30 p.m. Vespers and Benediction 7:30 p.m. Father J. A.  Bedard. O.M.I. Pastor  winter, as there is much more danger  of pneumonia. Take Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy, however, and you will  have nothing to fear. It always cures,  and we have never known a cold to result in pneumonia when  it was  used.  Child-1  are too many customers in your store? Irm Hire it.    For sale by all druggists,   j  fttfWt  BROKERS  Nelson, B. O.  Phone 110  For Inspection of Camps.  John Mclnnis, M.L.A. for Grand  Forks, during the sessiun just ended  introduced in the legislature an act to  amend the health act, which provides:  The health officers of any municipality,  health district or outlying district shall,  during the months of January, May  and September in each year, visit all  logging, lumber, railway, sawmill and  mining camps in their district and examine into the sanitary conditions  thereof, and shall also examine the  water supply of said camps and report  upon said sanitary conditions and water  supply to the provincial board of health.  This bill was defeated, being among  the "slaughter of the innocents."  Qreenwood   Liquor   Co.  We furnish the trade all over the   Boundary   with  the Choicest Imported and Domestic  Wines, Liquors and Cigars  As w.j ship direct in Carloads, we   can   make  prices right, and give prompt shipment.  Jas. McCtcath & Co.  GREENWOOD, B. C.  the  umi \*mm*itnm**m%9*m9***ai*i9mm0\ \9mufmnl  Phoenix Steam Laundry Cov  earn  LIMITED.  The small sum of two bits (25c) per  month takes the Phoenix Pioneer to  any postoffice on earth .  With the newest and most modern machinery, we are now in  a   position to handle the   largest or  smallest orders  with dispatch and at the lowest possible prices.  BEST OF WORK GUARANTEED.  Phone No. 25  Patronize Home Industry.  r  Prompt attention to all orders  A.   D.   McKENZiE,   Manager.  "I  Dominion Ave.,  Phocahc, B C  Do  Von Have Too Many.  How  often   do  you feel that there j ^ 'S pleasant and safe to take.  Wnuld you like to have your biggest J��  day of last month your average day of  this month? This is one of the biggest things advertising can bring about  for you���if you will make your biggest  ad of hut month your average ad of  "ittis 'nteotb*  A pencil mark here _  is a reminder that vour subscription to this paper is  now past due, and the publisher will appreciate your  prompt attention.      i&fiT*  m   jr^r, ��jii^W'law"��JiT"ar->r-aJ"-'ii"*ai "*���    1 ' I  Subject to Confirmation,  |                         WE WILL SELL.  500 .to 1000 Albeita Coal   .  .26  50 to    200 B. C. Copper   .        ,  5-����  10 to      30 Cons. Smelters  72.50  100 to    200 Dominion Copper    .  2.50  1000 to 3000 Diamond Vale  .19  .     500 to 2000 Galbraith Coal  .27  1000 to 2000 International Coal    .  ���77  200 to 5000 Missoula Copper  .09  2000 to 3000 Nabob  .04^  1000 to 2000 Panhandle Smelter   .  ���07^  500 to 3000 Rambler  .28^  2000 to 3000 Rex  <*7  100 to    300 Snowstorm  1.72  5000 to 10,000 Sullivan  <��*H  100 to    500 Hewitt Mining  5- 00  MIGHTON <��L CAVANAUGH,   �����,imnKi-u��   William Hunter Co., Limited.  Sflmintmt An��nur.  hfZS2SiSSS3SSS3SZSZS?SSS2SSSSSiSZS ESSSiSii i  M  1 s Suits  Men s  Hats  Men's  Shirts  Mens  Shoss  Ladtes    and  Iritis  Good;  If IOC Want a nice nobby and up-to-date suit you will  find a choice selection in our line of men's stylish clothing  for winter.    We sell the kind that wear well" and look well.  Men's Shifts You will find it hard to duplicate our handsome line of men's shirts, in golf and negligee with attached and detached cuffs plain and pleated bosoms.  MenrS Hats A large assortment, just in, of those new  stylish blocks, in Black and Brown,  Men's Shoes Our line of shoes is complete, you should  see them before purchasing. Our patent calf dress snats  and oxfords outshine them all.  Boy Salts A new iot of perfect fitting norfolks and "ft ee  piece suits, stylish.  See our line of Ladies' Waists, Ladies' Shirts, Ladies' C it ars,  Ladies' Shoes, Ladies' Linen Underwear, Children's  Wash Dresses.  Girls' and Boys' waists.  The  WILLIAM HUNTER CO., LTD.  :y  I


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