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The Phoenix Pioneer Mar 21, 1903

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 r;;L-^i��iS:filvo Library  ;i  Boundary Mines Sent  Out 500,000 Tons; of  Ore in J 902. ^ 8^  Vol.. IV.  Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining District.  PHOENIX,'   BRITISH COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 1903.  Phoenix is the Centre  and Leading Mining  Camp of Boundary.  No  19,  Tlie Big Store  SPECIAL WIRE  FROM FERNIE  Just Received;.  The Latest Novelties  in Spring Goods for  Ladies.  Ladies' Neckwear, Neck Ribbons, Sweater Jackets,  Laces, Belts, Veilings, Corsets' White Waists, Wrappers,  Kid Gloves guaranteed, Black and Cream Lustre ��� the  correct thing for making waists; Japan Taffeta vSilk���taking the "place of China at the same price; Summer Muslins  ���in waist and dress lengths.  Men's Department...  We are handling  UNION MADE  Ready-to-Wear   Clothing ���  guaranteed to fit. Ask to see these  goods,'  -"  In order to clear out the other suits  "tt .  quickly, we are offering them at COST  price.  We have also received our Summer  Hosiery and Shoes, Negligee Shirts  and a large shipment of Trunks and  Valises.     '  It is well worth your while to I00W  over the many new lines we have received lately.  12.  Th  f-Wridi 4-1  I'HOKNIX  GRICHNWOOD  GRAND VOKKS  ^  M0RWTH0MPS0N&C0.  STOVES AND RANGES  We have the largest and  most complete stock of ^toves  and Ranges in 'the city, and  we want to run stock down,  -For, the next two weeks all  of our stock of Stoves and  |izj^;M^ 9.614 AT CQST.  $ Oome; and let us convince  f^u ;;|;hafe we are giving bar-  We have a car of Gait coal  jor^ tj^track and:-can" fill our  ci^oirjer^ orders promptly,  vj-.-  Ss?����s  ppST-OFFICE STORE.  Conciliaticn Committee Working Hard  IN   SESSION   NEARLY   TWO  WEEKS  Cummitue Holding; Two or Three Sessions  Dally, nnd Still Hope lor a Succesttul  Outcome.  p|>'-clut lo llli I'lu'Uilx 1*1' nccr.  Hemic, H. C , Maich 20, 1903.  'I he ronril anon committee, acting  in 1 lit- mallei ol the Koinie siiike, has  now he.ii in <csiioii neatly two weeks,  .���Hid while no definite ariaiigcment hav  been icactied between ihe companj  and men, the memheis of the committee ai<: holding two or iluee sessions  daih, and Mil) hope foi a successful  ou'come. Much tesiimony has- been  H'vcn hy tlie men under oath, and  many concessions have been made by  11it-111 to biing about a settlement.  All details but wage scale have been  agieed to by manager Tonkin. President Doughtily, of Greenwood, ot District Association No, 6, is using all  effoits in conjuni lion villi the conciliation committee to anange permanent  settlement, and chaiiman Keen of the  lattei sajs that the committee will stay  heie six months if need be. The feeling is that the men are trying to mcei  the company, and a public meeting will  probably be held tomorrow night to  ciyslalize public sentiment iu the matter.  LOCAL JOTTINGS  ���������������������*������**�����������������*�����*���������**��**���*  *��**����������**���*��  RIOTING AT COAL CREEK.  Cianbiook, March 20, 1903. ��� A  mob of 50 men went to No. 1 Mine,  at Coal Cieek, near Fernie, last night  and diove away six men who had  charge of the mine. Aflci firing revolvers in the air the men were biought  back to I'einie by speci 1! train and ai-  Tests are being made today. The  Miners', Union officials disclaim all responsibility.     It  is  difficult  to  slate  of the conciliation committee.  Several commercial travellers;: from  the coast and 'Winnipeg were in town,  ihis ;.ast week.  Dr. Boucher and Thomas Hardy  have been laid up with a slight attack  o! giippe ibis week.        y'X-  G. I). Turner, principal of the  Phoenix public school, is listed among  the indisposed this week.    S  Kindley l-'raser, who has been sick  fir the past'.week' is now;,otit of the  hospital, feeling himself a^ainV  Hert l.ane has been smiling this  week, on account of an addition to his  f.inuly in the shape of-a big bouncing  boy. -  Thcie was no business transacted  by ihe city council Wednesday night,  owing to the non-attendance of a sufficient number of its members to con-  stituie a quotum.  Rev. J. D, lJ. Knox, of Greenwood,  preached morning and evening at  Giaud Forks, in connection wiih> mis-  sionaiy seivices of the:? Methodist  church. ���.''���'���'���::���:���.  Rev. J. R, Robertson and wife have  moved into the new manse ofthe iJres-  by.teiian church, in Grand Forks, and  celebiated the event. Thursday"evening  by a public reception'.entertainment  which was largely attended by .the  church goeis of that city.   "'  The .quarterly meeting of the city  Hoard, of License Commissioners was  held on thev;iith instant.:;'The only  business calling lor action Was an application for the transfer of Hhe liquor  license held by Ira .'.Black to'J.'B.  Macau'lay, which was granted.  Get, ready for Thursday^ May 14.  The Ladies' Hospital Aid has announced for a ball to take place on the  above date, at Miners' Union hall, proceeds ip aid.of the l'hpenix., General  Hospital. Remember this entertain-  nieni, foi th'e'hospital needityour help.  The ball "given in Miners'Union  hall on St. I'atrick's Day night, under  the auspices of Pnoenix���: Trades and  Labor Council, was a largely attended  and well ei joyed affair. Good music  was furnished by Biner's orchestra, and  an excellent supper was served at  black's cafe.  Rev. R. \V. Tro'.ter| who was elected as a member of the council of the  amalgamated cities of Grand Forks  and Columbia, has resigned his official  position, sold all his  belongings,  and  PHOENIX GENERAL  HOSPITAL REPORT  Boundary Mining Notes.  Financial Statement Covering  the Fiscal Year 1902.  URGE SUMS OF MONEY   HANDLED  Figures Qlvcn .Showing Disbursements, Rev  enucs, Liabilities and Assets���Donations  Received.  Tbe following statement ofthe financial condition of the Phoenix ' General  Hospital is furnished to this journal by  J,. L. Martin, secretary-treasurer of the  hospital board. (     ,  DrSBUIlSBMESTS.  .1902   -'..,-'X' ,'.:,:  December.31, To Fire Insurance       ,  ;  expired  ..*   72 50  To Interest, on loan ....':......     28 35  To Kxpunsc, general ........;..   279 30  To't'iiel Exui-Dse  ......;...���;...    197 50  TV Wages and Salaries........ -789 75  To Drugs '.:....:....',J.:X...    100 31  To Water ami Light .....,...'...    100 00  To Supplies   '."...'...    .     ,.   508 32  To Minstrel Troupe, loss . -.'..-...    . 50 00  Excess of Revenues over Disbursements   nn   depreciation  being written o(f............. 4352 24  $0544 33  Rkvbkues.  ���1902   ' .;-,; ;'                          ������'��� ���/'''���'���  December 31, By Donations, in- :.'.'.  eluding $2,000 from "Jl. C. Government \...'.';:....... .':��� ��4769 50  By Private Patients ...-.'......./..   471 00  By Guarantee, Drs. Foster and  Boucher '..'.'..X.X.,.....:..   034 CO  By Government Grant, quarterly .308 33  :    ' $054433  Liabilities.  1902 ,   - -   :  December 3,1, Phoenix General  Hospital, Real Estate *1,500,  111:paid subscriptions ^500 ... i^OOO 00  Mortgage to fl. N. Galer, Grand  Forks, In payable 7 per cent  on Demand..;.'   ........... 2000 00  Excess of Revenues over deben-  Only Vme lead stack is running at  ihe'Trail' smellerT The Granby has  kept two furnaces in opeiation.  F.lmei- ted'waids who has been work'  in i the Blue Jay has In id off for a week,  while Capt.Moiiison and his men arc  su'll woiking.  The winze and shaft designed to  connect the quany with the tunnel soo I  feet below through which the ore is  hauled to the furnace at the Mother  Lode mine in Gieenwood camp, are  Hearing completion, being within about  (>o feel of each other.  'The Mall Mines smelter, Nelson,  wlllraiso ftot.iis supply of lime for fluxing purposes, fiom the new Vifc quai-  lies, now being opened by the owners  of the Tiail siiii-lter. When the smel  ters can get all the coke needed, the  shipments will be at the rate of 100 to  150 tons daily,  Wm. Rutlidge of Grand Forks, is  pros,peeling a claim near Fife, which  he recently located and named "Black  Eagle." lie will shortly awaid a contract (or a 40-foot tunnel. The past  week or two he has been engaged in  tiaciiig the ledge, ihe suiface showings  causing "Bill" to weai a happy smile  by day and dream millionare visions  by night1.' ���'  ,  HE MAY BUILD  TWO SMELTERS  Paul Johnson Will Leave Next  Week  FOR   PRINCE   OF   WALES   ISLAND  Where n Smeller Is to Be Erected���Another  To Be Krecled At Sand Point, Idaho���  Offered Position ol Superintendent.  JUNIOR HOCKEV MATCH.  lures-.-.  4352 24  i|S352 24  what effect ihis .will have on the work  removed himself and family to Boston,  SOCIALISTS RBAUY TO DEBATE.  Greenwood''and PtioenU   Leagues  Cballange  All Comers. -  Editor Pioneer���I have been instructed   by   the    Phoenix . Socialist-  League, to inform, you   that   the  said  league, in connection with the  Green  wood Socialists, hereby issues a challenge  to all comers to hold'a  debate  on "Socialism," on the public platform  by two representatives   from   the  two  cities.  The subject to be debated to be on  the question, "Shall the Nation Own  the Trusts?"  ��� A Socialist from Phoenix will conduct the debate in Greenwood, and  vice versa. Opponents will receive  equal consideration in the arrangements with the Socialist speaker, and  all necessary expenses will be borne  by the challenging parties.  Yours respecth|lly,  W,   H. HAMflUKV,'  Secretary.,  thus that community loses one of its  most public spirited and ' brainiest  citizens.  A meeting of the Phoenix Curling  Glub was held in Dr. Boucher's office  Wednesday evening. The curlers decided to unile with the Hockey Club  and give a grand ball on Faster Monday", ���April ������ 13th.' Everything looks-  favorable for the curlers raising the  necessary amount to place the club free  of debt at the end of the season.  Assets. ; ,  1902  December 31, Buildings: $6202 12  Real Estate  15U0 00  Furniture and Fixtures  234 50  KtjtiipmencS .:  070 57  Fire Insurance, unexpired  115 00  ?umlry Debtors,  Cityof Phoenis  312.00  Dominion Copper Co, ,. 850 00  J. Doy|e '...: .... 12 50  M. E. Cos.en  ' 25 00  Cash in Eastern Townships bank 24 55  ' Diggings Well.  The Phoenix Water Supply Co. is  digging a ditch and laying a 4-inch  pipe from Marshall lake to a point 200  feet west of the lake. The purpose of  this pipe is to supply water- to the well  which the company is going to dig to  supply the city"'with water in the near  future. The pipe will disichjai'^e the  water in a bed of sand and gravel-about  350 feet from the well, from thence  the water will percolate through the  sand and gravel to the well. By this  process it is expected that the water  will be cleaned of the vegetable matter  and also remove the unpleasant odor  now in the water!  The premier of Quebec and a member ol the house had a set-to the other  day that reminded us of the scrimmages  that took place at Victorh not so very  along ago.  ��ent Delegate to Fernie,  Early this week a meeting ofthe  Phoenix Hoard of Trade was held for  the purpose of considering the sending of a delegate from heie to the an  nual meeting of the Associated Hoards  of Trade of British Columbia, in  session at Fernie this week. 'The  importance of being represented at  this meeting was explained bv the  president-of the loyal board, G. W.  Riiultiurger, and W. 11, Willcox was  unanimously elected a delegate. -Mr.  Willcox left by Wednesday's train foi  Feroie^'and will probably return tonight.--*  And- now its Joseph Martin and  RalplOSmtth who are to lock horn-  in contest for the Liberal leadership in  this province.  A strike of 300,000 irien in the iron  works"oT'tlie United States is. scheduled for May 1.  _;R. D: Young says that Paul Johnson will -take charge of the Ashnola  smelter as soon as it is completed.  Paul will soon have his hands full of  smelter propositions, at the rate the)  are being thrust upon him.  Boards of  Trade Session Ended Thursday.  The session of the Associated  Boards 'Trade at Fernie was adjourned  'Thursday night. Fourteen resolutions  were passed! and Rossland fixed upon  as the next place of meeting. 'The  delegates were banqueted by the citizens, of Fernie after adjournment.  ?S352 24  I have examined the books and  vouchers of the Phoenix General Hospital and I hereby certify that the above  is a true and correct statement of the  affairs of the hospital as at the 31st of  December, 1902. .;  Greenwood,   B. ��� C,  January   9th,  >9��3-  Alan G. Simpson,  '..-.���!..   Auditor.  List of Donations received ��� since Jan.  1st. 1903. ['  Books and Dates ....;'... .Mrs. Willcox.  One dozen sheets .Mrs. Giillin.  Cornet,   bed  and  blankets  for  private  wrrd, chickens ami  provisions ..Mrs.  Macy.  A (piantify uf jam; M  (.iri'i-nwopil.  Books and Preserves ......  A (liiimtiiy nf Preserves   ..  A case of. whiskey      Cash���$5        ..:  Cash���460 ,..-   'Walks; Away."With   Cramplonship   of  Ihe  Boundary.  Last Monday night the Phoenix  junior hockey team went down to  Greenwood to.try conclusions with the  local team, and after a spirited contest  found themselves woisted by a score  of 6 to 4. At the close of the last half,  ihe score stood 4 to 4, whereupon it  was decided to play fifteen r/iinutes  during which time theGreenwood boys  got in two more goals.  'The final match game of the season  was played between the Greenwood  and Phoenix teams here Wednesday  night, resulting iu a scoie of 5 to 2 in  favor of the home team. A. Binei  and L. McKelvie weie the heroes of  the team, being held in high esteem by  their comrades for shooting the goals,  the.former having thiee to his credit  and the latter two. 'This match was  the last of the thiee games with Greenwood, having worsted Grand Folks in  two previous games, thus entitling  them to the championship of the  Boundary.  'The Greenwood team was composed  of Hunter, Medill, Russell, Swayne,  McMillan, Clerf and Aichibald.  'The Phoenix team was composed of  G, Biner, Hudson, McAuliffe, Pierce,  I rainer, McKelvie and A. Biner.  Some time next week Paul Johnson,  manager of the   B.   C.   Copper Co's.  Mother Lode smeller for ihe last three  years, will start on a tiip to Prince of  Wales Island, on the west coast of the  province.    Mr. Johnson has been of-  feied the position of superintendent of  a new smelter soon   to be  erected at  that point by capitalists represented by  Sam I. Silveiman, of Spokane.    Woik  on the copper propeilies ofthe  company has been prosecuted steadily   for  many months.and a large  area of ore  has been blocked out, which will show  a good profit on every ton.  But this is not the only string that  Mr. Johnson has to his bow. A lead  and copper smelter is to be erected at  Sand Point, Idaho, and Mr. Johnson  has been offered ihe superintendency  ol that also. This company is known  as the Panhandle Mining & Smelting  Co., and is located in a rich copper  and silver-lead district, near or on  Pen d'Oreille lake. It is backed by  Indianapolis capital.  Mr. Johnson has not decided which  ol the two offers to accept, and may  superintend the building of both smelters.  SCHOOL INSPECTOR WILSON WAS   HERE .  Last week' Fiiday the Gieenwood  and Phoeiiix seniois played a game,  resulting in a defeat to Gieenwood, by  a score of 6 to 3.  Looks with  Favor on Trustees' Claim   fo r  Increase of Government Great.  Goveinmenr-School Inspector Wilson, with headquaiters at Nelson, visited Phoenix this week. The main  object oi his presence here at this time  was to examine the giounds upon  which is based the petition of the  local school boaid foi an increased  government grant lor educating children attending the city school from the  outside. At a meeting of the school  tiustees held 'Tuesday, which Mr. Wilson attended, the leasons for the application ou the part of the board for  an inciease in the grant were explained  by members Somerville, Crawford and  Claik, and the city was represented by  Mayor Rumberger. The Inspector  appeared to fav^r the granting of the  additional aid asked, and it is believed  he will recommend such action on the  pait of the government.  s. Matheson,  . Mrs. Heese  . .Mrs. Boyle  ...Mr. As'.'ley  .;'. . .A friend  .... A bieiicl  Low Water,  'The low-stage of water in Marshall  lake has caused the embankment  around the lake, about 30 feet back  fiom the water, to give way and the  opening is from 2 to 4 feet wide. 'The  pressure fiom this earth was so g'cat  as lo break the \ron intake pipe'in two,  which caused a suspension of pumping  for about seven hours.  Manager Elliott, of the brotheshood  of railway employes at the coast, says  of General Superintendent William  Whyte of the C. P. R-, who was expected to be at Vancouver,  'Thursday:  "All of us have great confidence in  Mr. Whyte's fairness, and if he comes  to Vancouver, I believe he will straighten matters out."  President Rossevelt is about to undertake an extensive tour in the west  and will arrive in Spokane May 36.  He will reach the. coast hy a southern  toute.  Now at Work.  'The'superintendents of tbe Methodist and Presbyteiian churches are at  present discussing in Toronto \\a>s and  means for co-upeiaiimi in missionan  work of New Ontaiio, Biitish Columbia and the Noithwest. Rev. J.  II. Wii'yte for the Methodists and Rev.  \h-. Herd man representing the Presbyteiian church, lelt a few days ago in  the interests of Biitish Columbia to  attend 'hese joint meetings.  Double spring and mattress lor sale.  Inquiie at the Pioneer Office. A bargain.  Smith Curtis Gone East.  Smith Cuitis, M. L.   A.   for    Rossland liding, and who   is  laigely interested in the O10   Denoro  in  Summit  cimp,   staited   for  eastern   Canadian  points this week  in   connection   with  business foi the mine.    He will return  by Apiil 3, the date of ihe opening of  ihe house.    He states that as soon   as  the snow is  gone, shipping   from  the  sinface of the  Oro Deuoio will begin,  a sidetrack being first   put  in.    Some  $10,000 or $12,000 is now understood  to be available tor  development   purposes.  Alinstroiii's chocolates don'i melt  ihi-s weather, but they will melt in  vour mouth.  BOUNDARY ORE SHIPMENTS.  The fallowing table gives lliroru shipments or Bouiulary mines lor  1900, for 1901 nnd  fur 1902, as reported to the Phoenix Pioneer-  LrM Granby Mines, Phoenix   [fill Snowshoe, "          WA ttrooldyn,       ���        "          |��8 Mother I.oile, Pen<lwnod ....  Sunset, " ....  Morrison, " ....  Ii. C. Mine,        Summit   h\ Bell,   , "       Jji Kmnia, "       Winnipeg,    Wellington^   liolilen Grown,        *'           Uhelstan,' "          ICing Solomon, \V.Copper ...'.  No. 7 Mine, Central   City of Paris, "     ....  Jewel, Long Lake   Carmi, West Fork....  Providence,   Providence            Ruby.     Boundary FalljB   Miscellaneous      3,2o0  sneer������  l>ast  1900  1901  10O2  1903              Week  ��4,53:-!  231.7(52  309.858  70,448        4,820  '&*[ ���  '.1,731  20,800  10,320         ....  150  5,340  90.034  141 326  10.6118           802  7,455  2,733          ...  150  ....         ....  19,404-  47.405  &IH1  14,811  0,810        ..  .  1550  8,530  0,330   ,      420  1,076  1,040  785  2.260  025  1,200  550  .....  875  ....            ....  6G5  4S2  2,000  * . ��� ���  \m  S50  S90  2,175               2141  S04  Total, tons   Granby Smelter treated, tons.  99,730  02.387  80  3,450  3��0,000  230.828  825  507.545 119,507  313,340    72,(531  5,240  5,047  &w|Vi  Iff5  j.]  ���A  1 -  - h  t 1  s 1  i!  mMBMBIB *" ""Tl ~"'   1  rT31*'Zr'<*2'7m  TT^TTreffip?!r?7TF*J''ili'  !\  , J-J' THE PHOENIX PIONEER  The Phoenix Pioneer,  IMBED ON BATUKPAV BV TUB  PJONEBKPUIiLISHINti CO.  AT PHOR,MX. B. C.  W.B. WILLCOX. Managm.  I Business office No. 14.  Telephone   j Mtn��Ker'ii residence. No. ��S.   ���  On the iSth of ApiH t.8 ciown  granted mineral claims in the boundary will be sold for taxes in Rossland  ���if thev aie not redeemed beiore that  date. Some of the most prominent  claims in this section aie included in  the list, yet the notice of sale was not  published by the government in any  paper within 100 miles ofthe claims  so adveitised.    The gov  B. C MINING  (SUBSCRIPTIONS I�� ADVANCE.  Per Year   Six Month*..  . .11 r��.  Uvoun.e not ft-number 10 thi* I ��l*r, H'l'  IS an Imitation to >on to Income one.  compelled to advertise these claims  here or anywhere else, but if it does do  so, why not do it where it will be seen  by those interested ? The cost would  hi no more, and ihe results could not  tail to be to the interest of the government as well as of the owne.s of the  i laims.many of whom are noniesidents.  t.��^���>���������������*���������*�����***���********** ******  Sandon complains of a unique shoit-  age���that of miners.  Woik is to be resumed on the Rambler, on West Fork of Kettle river.  About 3.500 tons of ore have been  Advertising rate* liiriiiilird oil application,  tegal notice* 10 and s cents 1'" H'"-  Four'weekly Insertion, commute otic moi.Ui>  advertising.  '9��3  MAR.  1903  .1-;  mm  mn  ;i��f  ^5'  At n  Sun. Mod. Tiaes. Wed.  Thu. frl.   Sit.  .X^2..3-'4  5    6    7  8   9 10 n  X2 13 14  J5   16  17 J8  19 20 2J  22  23 24 25  26 27 28  29 ,30 31  ,  year.  %  WHAT EDITORS SAY  "���nTrRh Ark OnirRS ��� The editoi  of the Camborne Minet says that it  limes do not change soon he will go  back east and woik on the faun. There  are othei editois who should make the  same resolution.���Ledge.  , Easv 10 Pkeach ��� It is easy to  pi each crono.uy bi'h're an election^  but appaicntly it.i����M-**��f,,u ���Uel  to piactice ecoiiMiiy aftei an election.  The liouble is "the men who preach  will n<4 piaeiice what they pi each. ���  Nelson I'nbune.  .- ^Theniost distinguished authorities  'on the copper market hold that the  present coroparUively high price of cop  ' per will obtain for a long time to come.  No one in Biitish Columbia will object  to this state"of affairs.  Following Sun���Vancouver could  not allow villages such as Nanaimo  and Fei nie to get ahead of It, cense-  quenily i'. has a stiike on its hands.  The C. 1'. R. people me not so blight  and clevei as they have the reputation  of bein^ or they might have ended the  tioublein short order.-Victoria Times.  In another week or two the legislative  assembly will meet, and Col. Prior  " will have'a chance to   demonstrate  whether he has a majority or not, to  \ carry on the business of the countiy.  If not, an appeal  to the country  will  come quickly.  Seattle must be a nice place to live  ��n. Recently, the mayor, chief of'police and ex-prosecuting attorney were  indicted by, the grand jury- for separating certain individuals from their coin  'v., unlawfully.' From the way things are  '/ now going there, the iiew ami gambling law recently passed in Washington will not be'needed in Seattle, for a  while at least.  The "Old Man" Knows���The  question as to which is preferable, mai-  lied or single life, was discussed by the  Moyie debating society last week.  Theie are a few chaps named among  the lis! of speakers who know as much  about married life as a yellow dog cast  upon the streets knows of the life led  by a happy thotoilghbicd with a well  appointed kennel and all the luxuiies  a canine soul is lieir to. ��� Cranbrook  Herald.  STRICTLY   BUSINESS  It is estimated that 14*^ cent copper means an added 50 cents per ton  for every one per cent copper contained in our ores, as compared with the  price of 12 cents that was paid but re  cently. With the Fernie strike settled  and plenty of coke coming soon, this  section of the province should be a  center' of' the' greatest1 activity "this  spring and summer.  \   X <     1   Editor Smyth of the Moyie,Leader,  v.   , says that the smiles of the people of his  "u    i town expand a little more with each  '-,    A   x    i*s   \ jump in the price of lead.    The same  \   . ;   ���   X[   ����� might be said of Slocan, and of the  ,\, .   ,;.' V; w'1'-' Boundary with the rapidly rising price  "'.. ^ X, ) of copper.'   These metals have been in  Z.ifii ''i   "    the dumps so long that it is about  ' ,;- X"X , timVfor them toact in a self-respecting  .'.'"' 1   ���.-,.manner, as they are now doing     ",    ���  1 ,Mi, ���'"���"������������������      - r ^  �����*.\ - James   Dunsmuii,   the  millionaire  ���^,;-,V coal mine owner and ex-premier, has  y- '�����,; i" 1 thrown down the gauntlet to the West-  %X" t.' em  Federation of .Miners,  andv',an-  $X       ' nounced to hts thousand employees'at  Lady smith that if they perbisted in  their evident intention to join tl is organization, he would close the m.nes  permanently. As a result the men  immediately quit work. Mr. Dunsmuir,  ��� seemingly, has undertaken a large contract, if lie is correctly quoted. .   ' ���  Business wisdom is what counts most  in advertising.  Adveitiseis find the best papers are  the cheapest.  An ad is like a poultice���must be  made of the right ingredients and put  in the right place to draw well.  The article advertised biings results  commensurate with its meiits. Whether good or bad it advertises itself  wlierevei it is taken by the buyer.  The average person of intelligence is  constantly absorbing infoi mation gained  from advertising, and in one way and  another it is having its influence upon  all, who read trade announcements.  It is comparatively easy to begin an  advertising campaign with a million  dollars and carry it to a successful  conclusion. The trick of,, tricks is to  begin with a dollar and conclude  with a million.  I'he Payne mine, Slocan, has per  fected plans for installing a zinc roasting plant.  A valuable body of ore has been  stiuck in the Ymir mine at the r,000-  foot level.  The Green Mountain mine, neai  Rossland, will spend $25,000 in development.  In the Slocan district the spring  snowslides are beginning to get in then  deadly work.  A large body of ore has been found  upon the 900 foot level ol the White  Dear, at Rossland.  The Uosun, near New Denver, has  recommenced sending its zinc to Belgium in preference to Kansas.  ���"Las't week's ore shipments from  Rossland mines amounted to 7,597  tons, or 76,036 tons for the year.  The Dundee, a Ymir mine, may be  sold in July to satisfy a claim of $24,-  000, due ihe Royal Hank ol" Canada.  A complete aerial tramway has been  ordered for the Oyster-Ciiterion group  in the Lardeau, to be installed in  April.  Operations at the Crofton snieltei  are expected to be resumed at once,  ihere being some 30,000 tons of ore  on hand.  The Princess Royal group on Princess Royal Island has been sold to an  eastern syndicate. The ore iuiis over  Jtoo per ton.  Foui miners���Frank Crilly, A.Caul-  der, E. Gagnon and Robert Savage-  were asphyxiated by gas at the Nettie  I,, mine, in the Lardeau, a few days  ago.  Twenty men are said to be employed on the coal measures recently taken  over from Robeit Wood and associates  by ihe Ashnola Smelter, Ltd , at Rock  Creek.  Once again it is given out that the  Noithport smelter will soon blow in,  run all the iumaces, and perhaps build  two more and put in a converter.  Eastern coke is to be used.  The Trail smelter is reported to be  handling 12,000 tons of ore monthly  from the Wai Eagle and Centre Star  mines. The lead refinery is to be en  larged at once.  On April 1st the Extension coal  mines, on Vancouver Island, will be  closed, and 1,000 miners will lose work.  James Dunsmuir claims he will let the  miners lie idle for two yeais, rather  than have his men affiliated with the  Western Federation of Miners.  D. J. MATHESON,  INSURANCE AGl'.NT,  FIRE, L1KF, ACC VlEN'l.  CominlKi.loiier (���>>' ��ukt��R AiUU.vit*.  PU0KN1X, Ii. C.  A. SCOTT,  Contractor and Builder.  Ksiimaies Furnished.  PHOENIX, B. C  B. KERR,   ���  HARRIblLR  AND   SOI.SCl'IOR,  NOfAiiv 1'unite.  PHOBN1X.B.C  tf  King Edward Lodge, U.D.  A. K. ui.d A.,M.  /{l I--   v<t i'i...>.*ycr't"'  ���\ / .      i.   ���!.���--     lllllOCllTIr-"-" '    '-���       ���.',-���    '  Nj/" \     llall.Moirisoii-Aiioc'-oii ^ >->*���  Do You  Take  THE PIONEER  an SCAVENGER  7  You.should if you don't. It gives the news  of the Boundary. It works for the Boundary. It is owned by the editor and not by  any clique or faction. It is worth $10.00.  It costs only $2.00.  W. I,  CKKMA'NK.  Stxntirv.  . I.. COCK.  V.\  Leave Orders at City  Clerk's Office    ���  Phoenix Federal Labor Union  Meets Thu<bda\s at 8 p. 111. at Min-   ers' Union Hall.   IIIOWN. 1'iei   AUGUST I'll.OUR, ^c'}  UD,  I10ENIX AfckH  NO. I5S.  \U -tin:  11 hi .1 11  Vi-^.tM^   I' ellirt  conlkilly nmtiA  0.1 l'rliliij  11 , Mfjt-r-i  X\l  HALL. Pre-.        W��- FLKMlSf,. Se��  Phoenix Shoe Shop.  All Work Guaranteed.   Imported Goods.  TO  KINK HOOI'S ANDS110KS MADK  OKDtK.  PRACTICAL   MINERS.'   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(Lioh Binding* a3*4'f��������  5000 IlluatraltoB*  PELLEW-HARVEY.  BRYANT &GILMAN  V��NCOUVCR,��   C.  iiA   PROVINCIAL  |/V\ ASSAYERS  Till'.  VANCOUVER AbSAY OFl'ICU  l'.slalilishcd 1S90.  Munrals I.lenlified and Tlielr Values V.x-  l"a":d-    FREE OF CHARGE.  Have You a I'ltct (>r Doiilitrul R��ck? J''sl \  Mail.tloiiB. MIU and smelter le.ls up to j  4000 lbi.   Checking Assays a bptciallj.  ���s.,u- \uiius fm KclcliMliKlleii StllrrK1 nine MiUl Uraml Hie most  liriiltlif'il and nfniilir.il! ol Mineral Wattm.  lMioneilrlT'S>ollilt*'l.  GREENWOOD and PHOENIX, B. C.  Mm Liveru Sidles  '    1 he IhM fhinblihhetl and le^ulfited hosieliy in the Hnun  dnix     We me ceulially loi-ated in 0111 new stables with  a iwmpleie outfit 01 Saddle and U.iving Horses.   The  btM ot'iigs.      Panics diiven  to  any Houndary   point,  Mclntyre fc.ncDonald, Props.  ftRob mil Avenue  Old Ironsides  Addition  Phoenix, B. c.  tiff" The Intiriiatienal was first issued  in j800, succeeding Hie " Unabridged.  The New Edition of the International  was issued in October,  igoo. ^Get the  latest and best.   Aneiit for   PABST AND  CALGARY   BKI'K.   You Should Read  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  Copper RIk Legitimate.  A representative of one of the larg  est copper interests in the world  says:  "The activity of copper is absolutely  legitimate, and is based entirely upon  the conditions of supply and demand.  During 1902, 25 Per ceiU more copper  was used than ever before. The supply  is exhausted. That it has advanced  fiom n to 13^ cents for lake copper  within a little more than a year is not  -extraordinary.' 'I'he marvelous development of electric woik the world over,  and particularly^ in-the United States,  is the cause. , Last yesr 170,000,000  pounds of copper weri? used for lyire in  electrical appliances in this country.''  . Marvelous Coal Measures  A subscriber to the Phoenix Pioneer  living in Alberta writes as  follows regarding the wonderful  coal   fields of  :tha  section: -  "Southern Albf rta is great in possibilities of the future, its vast coal deposits, now rapidly being ^opened up.  The measures being a portion of the  coal belt extending from Lethbridge to  Morrissey, B. C, which is about 100  miles in width, and contains the collieries of the Aibeita Coal & Navigation Co., !>e*h!brjdge; the International  Carrie Nation, she of the, h.��uhet| O.al Co, Frank; the Frank & Grassy  fame, is booked for lectures In Victcr'.a1 Mountain Coal Co.,   Frank,  and  the  At last the imperial government ha6  decided' to bring Whittaker Wright \\o  book, and a dozen of the best sleuths  of Scotland Yard are now after him  for queer practices in the London and  Globe ' Finance Corporate . promotions. Rossland mining companies,  among otberB, suffered from his scheme  ing methods. This mo ;< Mr. Wright  , is now somewhere in Efyj t, ind will  doubtless steer as clear ol ��r.e authorities as he can.  Orsney Shares in Boston.  0It is learned on good authority that  the stock of the Granby  Consolidated  Mining, Smeltjng and Powei Co.   will  shortly be listed on  the Boston stock  exchange.      Application   has already  been made and as soon as tne  details  are completed the stock  will be dealt  in at Boston.     The  company has recently issued a statement, covering the  latest'developments accomplished and  other facts pertinent to the  company.  The capital is $15,000,000, divided  into i,,-oo,o0Q shares of the par value  of $10 each.    The development of the  mines, at Phoenix, up  to January   1,  1903, shows more than 16,675 feet '"  tunnels, drifts, shaf's and upraises, exposing blocks of ore from 240 to  280  feet square.    The present output is 1,-  500 tons per day and is limited  only  by fhe capacity of the furnaces.     The  smelter at Grand Forks, B. C, consists  of four furnaces  and   two converters,  and is shipping about a carload  of  blister copper  daily to the eastern re  fineries.    Two more furnaces are to be  delivered and in operation by  August  and will increase the  capacity of the  smelter to more  than   2,000 tons per  day of 24 hours, ����� Hostpn   Mining  Bureau.  BpacFninTpag*?. elc, of both  booki ��ent on application,  G.6CMERRIAMCO  Publish era  Springfield. Man  R. GRE1GER,  Manager Q6*+  GREENWOOD  o-o-oooqoexxy  w  \0lm��  and Vanc<uver. Whether tl.?s'en is  were picked out because they are ihe  wickedest in the province, the advance agent has not announced. At  any fate the bottle and mirror smashing  artist will touch the coast points in  British Columbia. It is said that she  is tu ning her notoriety into dollars  hand over fist, and by simply smashing  a bottle or two through a mirror jn each  place she visits, she is arrested, pays  her fine, and then draws the largest  house of the season to hear her lecture.  Carrie understands how to advertise.  1 ,  Crow's Nest Past Coal Co., of Michel,  Hosmer, Fernie and Morrissey, and  the Mr.Guire Coal Co, of Cowley.  The demand for coal and coke is unlimited. Capitalists, looking for investment, cannot find a Jitter field for  the investment of jnoney; than jn (i}'}��  section. Unlimited coal fields yet remain untouched.  "The early spring will see the commencement of a large amount ut new  railway work, giving employment to a  large number of men, and the outlook  is most promising.  4N9  Having taken the Phoenix 1  )Skating Rink for the winter, I,  ihppe to do business with all my,  I old'friends and rnany new ones.  ' I am running it for the money '���  >there is In it, but expect to give*  ) value fur your money.  Watch for  ftuther announce-  kments.    They'll interest you.  r - rxz  j Season Tickets:  For Men $5 00 (  for f.adies 3.50 (  Foi Hoys   '.'.'....���. 2-9��;  )Skating Hours:  2:30 p. m. to 4:30 p. m., and,  8 p. m. to 10 p. m.  (Mine lime.)  W. W. ROGERS,  Proprietor.  Always::  Desirable  Odd pieces of furniture to  make your home more comfortable. A luxury ypu can  enjoy at all seasons.    -  CLARK & BINNS  FURNITURE DEALERS  have just what you want most.  The Leading Weekly  0/ the Boundary.  THE MILWAUKEE  A familiar name for the Chicaa", Mil-  wBiikt-e &St. Piml Knilwwy. known all  over the Union as the Great Railway  runniiiK the "I'ioneir Limitrd" tramp  uverv dav and night bi'tween St. Paul  and 'Clilrauo. and Omaha and. CIucbbo,  "The only perff'.t.trains in the worl I.  Undeii'tiinil: Ginn��-t!onn are marie  with All Transcontinental Lines, assuring tn pafleeiiRerB r||e hestgen-ice known,  hnxiiri -us roaches, j-letlric litfhtH, Hteam  heat, of a verity' equated hy  no other  ���ir"*' . ,      ,    mi,,  Sn> that vonr ticket reads via     II."'  Milwaukee" when going to any point in  the United Stulec or Canada. All ticket  iigt'iitp sell them. .  For rates, pamphlet!) or other iiilor-  niBtion, address, ,'    .  R. L. Ford, H. S, Rowe,  Trav. Paw. Agt., General Agt'tit,  SPOKANK.WN. l'ORTI.AM>.OR  Published iu the Heart of the Greatest Gold  Copper belt of British Columbia.  If you read the  PHOENIX PIONEER,  You'll keep posted on  the Boundary.  Of every description can be obtained at Eastern Prices at the  1    NELSON, B. C.  First class work and stock guaranteed.    J^stiinates funiisii��<|.  Eastern   Townships  Bank.  ESTABLISHED 1859.  CAPITAL $2,000,000.        " RESERVE FUND, $1,200,000.  HfAD Officc, SHERBROORE, QUEBEC  iijiiuuwjunMA  las. Hackinnon, Gen'l Mgr.  7U��    lint,,   ���������   S. V. Mobfv, Inspector.  miKRBltOOKE, Ql'njKC  BOCK ISLAND, "  BICHSIOSD, "  BUNTlNG"ON, "  O KM-TOWN, "  BT. JLHNB, "  MOSTREAt.. qpBBBO.  COWA.VBVJL1 K, "  OBAN-B7,  jiAaoa,  WINDSOR MII-tB,      "  OBAND FORKS, B. C.  II  (l  S'\TBR,.9<��t  COATJCOpK,  BEDpoan,  HT. HVACINTHE  SUTTON  PHORNIX, B. C.  QUKBEC.  COB ^tSPONDtNTB.  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A pielty good .evidence of genuine  rustling ability was latently demon-  Kttilled heie, wlk-n a dnmstl secured  uver 200 ���siib'sciipiii/ns to a weekly  itililished in 'Philadelphia, ihe S.itui-  day ICvening Post, h seems that the  young lady in'quesiioii.had'been visiting the different eauips of Hritish Co-  liiinljia .on tliis (jin.-^t, and il" she '..could  g-> t i.eco subsciip'tions .she was'to hi'  ��� tevented with a coutse- through a  1 (illege.. ���  *������'''  A|)paiently her success in other  p'li.xs was rrpial to that heie, for by  the-tune she left Phoenix' she bad secured the desiied nuinber, or nearly  that many. Of course, many'a miner  sulittiilicd.merely'for''the pu'ipose ol  helping her' along, but it is nn intciest-  ing fait that each one.of the motethan  .100 mineis that put tlieii names down  heie is actually now. receiving' what is  acknowledged to be one of the best  .weeklies published 'anywhere.'' No  charge is made fit this notice, it being  uieiely made because of the genuine  merits of the publication itself.  �����'  It is commonly- supposed that any  man who routes from Missouii must  be "showi," io be convinced. Evidently Kepieseniative de Artnond, who.in-  trodiiced the following resolution in the  United Sia'es (Congress recently, i:-  one of this class;  Resolved, That the president be and  is hereby requested to learn and advise  (long-ess. upon what terms, honorable  to both nations, and satisfactory to the  'inhabitants of the territories primatly'  affected, Client Htitain would"'consent  to cede to the United States all or, any  pa I of the ���eniiory lying noiih pf'aud  at joining the United Sta'es, to be formed in due time into one or more.states,  the inhabitants thereof in ihe meantime enjoying all the ptivileges and  immunities guaranteed by the Federal  Constitution."  ��M.  r'roin the comment's, which have  been made in the Canadian press' gen-  etally on this, it is evident ihat the'man  fiom Missouii did not strike a'respon-  siveehoid, at least from this side of the  international boundary line. . Most of  ilieni appear to'think that he. should,  a: the fust opportunity, laTce.'gi-eat pains  to go 'way back and sit down.  Theieare individuals, even in the  liotmdaiy counttay, who think that the  long-looked for days.of plenteous pros-  peiity aie uiueasonably postponed. All  such would do well lo remember the  philosophy of the man who wrote the  (ollowing:  ''Els ci long lane that ain't got no  tiiiniii' wliataiiiiiever, an' I've noticed  this all my life-~the longer she is before she does turn, ihe bigger turn she  makes when she finally gets to it."  Your gieat man shines befcre the  populace in vain���without the newspaper, says the New York Press. He  spreadeagles the constitution in vain���  without the newspaper. His most astounding financial enterprises serve him  in vain without the newspaper. His  scientific researches and achievements  are in vain���without the newspaper.  His wiieless telegraph would be an accomplishment of small merit���without  ihe newspaper. His successes in every  walk of life are in vain ��� without the  newspaper. The newspaper is the  fame-maker of (lie age.  Wants fiovernmcnl to Do Printing.  The Revelstoke school board has  taken the initative in the matter of the  government printing of school books.  With this object in view a.circular has  been addtessed to the different school  boards throughout the province asking  for their co-operation. The following  is the resolution adopted by the  local  bpard:  'That in view ofthe excessive outlay for books, being a heavy burden  upon parents, that this board correspond with the trustees of other towns  in British Columbia, asking them to  co-operate in petitioning the Hoard of  Education through their respective  representatives to have the government  at Victoria utilize the people's printing  and binding plant for the purpose ol  printing and publishing all the books  possible; the same to be furnished  pupils at normal cost ��� and also the  school act be amended by omitting  from claiise 3(3, lines 19 and. nt 1nd to  provide te*t books for indigent pupils  and to read, "to provide school books  at nominal cost to all pupils."  I World Wide Mining |  ��� ��� ������*��� ���+��� ��*�����*���������*��������������� 4  It is estimated that the precious  metal yield ofthe state :>f Nevada has  reachud a figuie exceeding $1,500,-  000,000.  The     Calumet    &   Hecla   Milling!  company declared a dividend of five  dollar, per  share  payable   Marcn. 10.  Total dividends  now  aggregate $80,-  350,000.  California alone since the days '49  has given to the world the enormous  total of $1,300,000,000 in gold. The  Comstock lodeot Virginia City.Nevada,  has yielded the sum of $320,000,000  in gold and silver.  Colorado lias produced to date over  $800,000,000 in gold, silver, : copper  and lead. In making up this total  silver leads, with gold second���and  rapidly outstripping the white metal  ���lead comes third and copper last.  In the nine years of its history as a  shipper the War Eagle mine, Rossland, has produced ore worth $4,  37'i43<>9i. ''The' average value of  the War Eagle ore dtping the past  year was $16.67 per lon and the  total ���������inel:ingcharges\veie$7.i2 a ton  leaving $0 67 for i!ie company.  Ira Periodicals.  To Subscribers to the Phoenix Pioneer,  By special aiiaugenient we aie able to offet some of the best values in  'periodical subscriptions yet loade,/ No one who reads should let this offer  pass witout oidediig oiu; ot more'of Hie' combinations. Send.'. theiri to your  friends as presents���a little money will 1! tis'gp.-a.loiig way. The combination  pi ice pays foi a full .yeiu'ly subsc-iipii-Vn m each periodical in the club. 'Subscriptions may be'hew or reiu'waU, and'���>,ill be sent to fine or to different addresses.    The Phoenix Pioneer must b(? included in every combination.        '���'��.'  Special list of Strong and Attractive Offers. ,  . CLASS'.A.-  ,-���  Phoenix Pioneer ...;........  Success ...   Co.-uiOKilitaii ..................  1'ruiik Leslie'* I'u'i-iiiiir. Monthly .  Kvery 1) iily'ri Mayai-ine..;  /  l.iduil IIouHi'ki'eniliK .....'...,:...  WoiiuiiPh Home Ciimpittiion......  liixld and Nature.   Spohane Talis and Northern  .VJ-JJ.SON  &.  FORT   SHEPPARJ)  RED JtOUNTAIN KY.  Washington and Great Nor. Ry,  V., "V. and E, Ry.  : Tlie only iitlrail route hctwi-cti alt ivoints chs!  wfcst, and south to llosstuiitt, Nclu-n and h1) in  irrnncdiaU- iif.iiits; couuccttitK at Spokane will.  Un: Great Northern,Northern Pacific, mid O. R ��S  N.Co.  Ot;iiij(xK ut Kossland and Nelson with Canadian faafic KitUway.  . 'Con'ntclfiHtNeWm with ftteamer for Kaslo aiu*  :*.!1 Kootenay Lake points.  Connect**  Hi. Cut lew 'with   stage   foi   Green ���  wtiod and MidvVay. It  C/  , BurT;;t cars run en passenger 'trains'bt tweeit  t.vten Spokane and Kepuhllc.  KHKHCTIVK NOV. 72   '90?,,*  Leave,  .'���'".���. Arrive  r.'v'i   in,.1   /.Spokane. 5**15 p. m  w.lja. 111   Rowland ,5:1c p.nu  7.1.0 a. tn.  ..; Nelson. .........R 00 p. m  :i:coa   111.   ..Grand Korks 4:00 j>. m.  IU.-.24 a. m   Curltw ....i....4:.ti p. :n.  9:��5 ��- m..   KepiibHc.. ...��� 5:40 p. 111.  H.A.JACKSON,  General PassetiRer Ajjen*  ^riokane, Wash,  Oregon R. R. & Nay. Co.  Oregon Short Line K. ft  Union Pacific R.R;  .    ONLY LINE EAST  VIA  Salt Lake and Denver.  Two Trains Daily.  Steamship licljets to Europe and other  lort'ijrti coiii:tti()s,  , CUSS H.  *2 00 j'.lii-viW of Kcvi.-KF....:....  1 ()!)! "'orlil's Woik....  ,;..:...  "I (ill j '��� ''niciit-i.iitir.nurn,   '���I .OdjCvitntry JJti- : ;...  : I 00! |,iji|.iiu'(.|i:M Himitziiie ;���.'.'.  1 HO   Ail.liiti-ivlniiiue. .........  1 (HI   t'jinioiiiiii 'MflymtiiiL'.......  1 511   'I'lii- lii'it it|i��.'ileiit   ..... $2 CO  ..... 300  ...... J3 00  .... 3 00  ���;.',;". 2'50  .... 4 (Ri  .... 2 50  .... .2 00  All Subscriptions May ' Be Either Newer Renewals.  l'lioetiix Piiirff-.i'..;..... .':...��� ^2 00  Frank l.i'hli':V  l'o|>iil,u- Aliinllily..  I 00  Or any iilliui' In Cliiss A'.  .Surii-rf.....,, '..'.. ....I.......   1 CK��  Our price for the three, $3.25  Phoenix Pioneer  Cngino'pnlititn..  42 001  1 00  Of any oUicr in Class A.  Kwccei''. ....  ��� .  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Take notice that I, Sydney M Johnson actine  as agent Tor .J P.. Shannon. I-'rec- .Miner's Cen'S-  cate No. K 54495. intend, ^ixly days from ihe datt  hereof, 10 apply 10 the Mining Kecurder fur a  certificate of iinjirovements. for the purpose ol  obtaining a crown 34rant of the above claim.  And further take notice that ac-ion, under sc-  tion 37, must he colii|lieiiced before'the issnanct  of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 12th day of July, A. D., 1002.  SVUNKV  M..JOHNI-ON  Leaves  Daily  Spokane Time Schedule.   v Arrive.  Effective Dec. 3j 1902       ' Daily  7.45 a. in. VAST MAIL���To and from  Coeurd'Alenedi.strict.Karin- ���  illgton Garfield < olfax. Pull-....  man, *Moscow, *Potneroy, '  Waitsbuig. Ilaj-ton, Walla-1  Wnlla, Pei dletou, Baker City  and all points East 6.25 p. m.  4:15 p. in. EXPRESS���For Farmiiigtou  Garfield, Colfax, Pullman,  Moscow,Lewiston, Portland  San Francisco. Baker City  and all points EAST.  EXPRESS ���From all points  East, Baker City, San Francisco, Portla.ud.j Colfax, Garfield and FaVmnigton,,.,, tf-joa. in.  ���Except Sunday, ���  SHORT UNE TO CALIFORNIA. >  '��Sari-Francisco-Portland Route.  Steamers sail from Aiusworth clock,  rbrtland,  ut 8 p. in. ami from Spear Street wharf, SanKran-  cisco, at 10 a. in. every five days.  Tickets ou salent nil S. F. & N. Stations.  l:or further information as to rates, time of  trains; equipment, etc.. address  GEO. J- MOHLUR. General Agent.  430 Riverside Ave.. Spokane.\VftSn  TICKETS  TO ALL POINTS  East and West  VIA  Double spring and mattress for sale.  Inquire at the Pioneer Office. A bargain.  Almstrom's chocolates don't me\t  this' weather,* but (hey 'will melt'in  your mou'tH.       ' '     "  SHORT LINE  St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis, Chicago,  AND ALL POINTS EAST.  Seattle, Victoria, Tacoma and Pp/i^qd,  1 AND ALL PACIFIC CQAHT'  lvlH)JNTS.  Through Palace an<l Tourist SU'fipers.  Dining und Buffet Smoking Library  2  Fast Trains at Convenient Hours  Bet. Spokane and Puget Sound  For rates and folders and, \a\i information regarding trips ca\r'6n or address  any agSiit'V.'V. & E.or S. ^, & N. Rys.  A.B.C.Dbsniston,  d. W. P. A'.,  Seattle, WaBh.  H. Brandt,  C P & T. A.,  Spokane.^Yn  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICK.  Dig Six Minernl CIhiiii, situate in the   Grand  Korks Mining Division of Osoyoos District.  Where located: In Wellington Camp, ndjoin-  ing th( Jim Mineral Claim.  Take notice that I, Sydney M. Johnson, acting  as agent for T. P. Mclntyrc, l*ree Miner's Certificate No. B 51619, and O. K. Robinson. Vree M iner's  Certificate No.   B 5S306, intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for a certificate ot improvements, for the purpose  of obtaining a crown grant ofthe above claim.  And further take notice that action, under sec  tion 37, must be commenced before the issuance  cfsuch certificate ofimproveineiits.  Dated this 30th day of July, A. D... IS02.  SavpNBY M. Johnson.  AN ALL.ABIDING FAITH.  The Illinois Central Railroad Company  hasanall'ahidingfuiih in thu future ol  the (j real Northwest. A shorl time ajio.  tliis was, maniff'sted hy the establii-h-  inent, in Seat Lie, of an agency lo lake  care of their interests there. The latest'  effort is to pu.t 0.11 ft splendidly equipped  new I ruin service between St. Paul and  Chicago. The ne��- trains will be run-  iiingSiinday, Noveniher 2nd. Thev Wili  use thfir own rails between Chicago an<l  Albeit. Lea, Minn., and the Minneiipolif-  & St.. Louts Ry. track from Albert Lea to  Minneapolis and St. Paul, running into  the Union Depot at St. Paul, which i>-  the same that is used by all lines in that  city.  The tram is to be known as "The Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis Limited,"  and will consist of sleepini: car, bulTei  library car and reclining chair car  through without charge between Chicago  and Minneapolis iiml St. Paul. Dining  car service will ajso \i.e maintained, sui ���  per being served out of Chicago and  tiicafefaat'intoChicago. Trains will leave  St. Paul at 1 10 p. in. and arrive in Chicago D.!I0 a. in. Leave Chicago at (1.10  p. 111. and arrives at St. Paul at 8.40 a  in making close connections at St. Paul  with all western lines. Tickets can be  purchased via Ibis line, in connection  with all western lilies, al all stations  ��� Kor further information regarding  rales, routes, time, etc., c;\l| ou ur address,  VI, II. Thumiiui.i.,  Commercial Agen III. <Vnt. R. R.  142 Third Kt.., Portland, Ore.  Paul B. Thomi-son,.  Freight'^ Passenger Agent,  111. Cent. R. R., Seattle, Wash.  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Notice is hereby ciy.en that, having  leased, the'CeutrallJotel, corner Second  ��t'reet'anduld Ironsides avenue, Phoe-  niK^ B. C, to Frank Anderson, I am not  responsible for any debts contracted hy  or against said Central Hotel from the  1st day of November, 1902.  Augi *t Jackson.  Skate Sh^ri  PRO.MPLY. DONE  Chas. Sandberg, PJ\o^n^ B.G.  Leave skater ^t MeRi^e'-s Sto/^.  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From his account of his experiences at the races with his best  girl, we quote a few characteristic extracts:  When we got to the track they were  bunching the bones for the first race,  so I told Clara Jane I thought I'd crawl  down to the ring and plaster two of  three thousand around among the  needy.  Two or three thousand, and me wltb  nothing but a flve-spot in my jeans,  and-the return ticket money in thatt  "Sure!" I said; "I've got a pipe!"  ���"Well,  I  hope you  won't  smoke tt  near me.   I hate pipes!" She said.  "All right;.I'll take my pipe dowa to  the betting ring and smoke it there!" Z  said, and we parted good friends.  (In front of the band stand he mat m  number of friends ready to give nim  tips on the winners:  Every Breezy Boy I met had a different hunch, and they called me into the  wharf and unloaded.  I figured it out that If I had bet flvo  dollars on each good thing they gave  me I would have lost four hundred  thousand dollars.  Then I ducked under, copped up ���>  stein of root beer, and climbed up again  to the hurricane deck.  "Did you 'bet?" enquired Clara Jane.  "Only seven hundred and thirty dol.  lars," I said; "a mere bag o' shells."  I leave a call tor 7.30 every morning,  and I suppose that's the reason I was  so swift with the figures.  "My! what a lot of money!" said the  Fair One: "do point out the horse you  bet on! I shall be awrully Interested  In thlsracel"  (John Henry picked out a horse at  random, declaring that the only way It  could lose "was for some eore-head to  get out and turn the track around.")  Sure enough, the favorite galloped  Into port and dropped anchor six hours  ahead of the other clams.  I win oyer two thousand two hundred  dollars���conversation money���and Bonnie Brighteyes was in a frenzy of delight;   .   .';.���''  .1 had a nervous chill for fear she'd  declare herself in on the rake-off.  But she didn't, so I excused myself  and backed down the ladder to cash in.  (Still the wary John Henry listened  to the tips and refrained from betting.)  When I got back to the stand I. had  a preoccupied air. The five-spot In my  jeans was crawling around and begging  for a change of scene.    ;J       ::;  When Clara, Jane asked: me how  much I had bet on the race just albout  to start, I could only think of nine hundred dollars.. ".;,,*;,;:"\ '������:������:.���'���>- ������  When she wanted to know which  horse. I pointed my'flnger at every  toad on the tr>ck,.and said: "That one.  ever'therel*'-  It. won.   '���  At the end of the third race I wa��  $19,218 to the good. ..;���  Clara Jane, had It down In black and  white on the back of an envelope. In  figures' that couldn't lie.' '  (John Henry remarked that when  Clara begged him to be content with  his winnings and.not bet any more, he  promised, "but she didn't notice that I  had my fingers crossed.")  I simply had to have a roll to flash on  the way home, so I" took my lonely V  and went out Into the Promised Land  after the. nuggets Maddy had put me  wise to.   . ',.   .'; - ���      ', '..  ! (Pretty Boy was his choice, despite  the fact that the bookmakers told him  he had made a mistake.)  When the horses got away with Pretty Boy In front I started in to stand on  my head, but changed my: mind and  swallowed half the programme.  Pretty Boy at the quarter! Me for  Rector's till they put the shutters up!  Pretty Boy at the half! Me down to  Tiffany's in the morning dragging  tiaras away in a dr y!  Pretty. Boy at the three-quarter pole!  Me doing the free-library gag all over  the place!  But Just as they ame In the stretch  Pretty Boy forgot something and went  back after it.  The roach quit mi cold at the very  door of the safety deposit vaults.  (Of course Clara Jane never guessed  his plight, for he "rushed down among  the ramblers and made a swift touch  for the price of a couple of rides home,"  and on the way back promised Clara  Jane that he would be awfully careful  of his $19,218���conversation money.)  School Humor.  AN English paper Uves some further  examples of children's unconscious  humor In answering examination  questions:  Alexander the Great was born in  absence of his parents.  The chief clause in Magna Oharta  was that no free man should be put to  death or imprisoned without ,hls own  consent.  Where were the Icings of England  crowned?   On their heads.  What were 'the three most Important  Feudal dues? Friendship, courtship,  marriage.  What'do you know of Dryden and  Buckingham? Dryden and Buckingham were at first friends, hut soon became contemporaries.  What is Milton's chief work? Milton  wrote a sensible poem called the "Can-,  terbury Tails."  Give the names of Ave Shakespearian  plays? Macbeth, Mikado, Quo Vadls^  San Toy, Sign of the Cross.  An optimist \s * man who looks after  your eyes, and a ���pessimist Is a man  Who looks after your feet.  A man who looks on the bright side  Of things is called an optlonlst, and the  one -who looks on the dull side Is called.  ��. pianist  Good Nevret  Stage Manager���M*. Heavy, you wltt  take the part at Alonzo. Mr. Heavy���I  bare never seen this play. Do you  tWak I can please the audience in that  part? "Immensely. Tou die In the  $r*t act.*"���"Tit-Bits."  Gazzam (after he has succeeded tn  waking his wife)���Open the- dorshl  Mrs. Gazzam (head out of the second-  itory window)���Are you sober? Ga��-  tam���Teah. Mra, Oattzam���Then safi  KBCiproclty,--Marlem "Life."  Advertising  is the lever tliai moves the bir.*-  iness world ��� so the men who.  really know, who nre conspicuous for their success, assert.  If yon wish to reach the people of IMicenix and the Boundary generally, you cannot do it  without using the columns of  the Phoenix Pioneer.  Rates on application to  Pioneer Pun. Co.,  \ Phoenix,,  /'  \  J  '.#*j-  r; 1  ������"���..I"  iv M  ���*ir��� 1 -r ��t--t--  #.r  1 T  -,��A"  j*,,~rVr-'t   1 r-i" w^rtr'"7r~ 1*f��� ���~"~izr���Trv  -���*����������., THE PHOENIX PIONEER  m  mm  if!  n me Bellevue Hotel,  MARSHALL & SHEA, Proprietors.  Fine Wines, Liquors, Cigars  PHOENIX, B. C.  I'  i  Bellevue  BRJEFNEWS NOTES  MATTERS OR. GENERA L> INTEREST  TO   PHorn '.<���  ^e  W. S. Macy went  to Spokane last  Saturday.  Born, to the wife of Richaid Lorah,  March 18th, a son.  Mrs. Albin Almstrom went to Grand  Forks Wednesday.  Robert F. Petrie, of Grand Forks,  spent last Sunday in the city.  H. C. Killecn, government road inspector, has been in the Boundarj ihis  week.  Wm. Spier, manager of the Eastern  Townships Bank, made his monthly  '  visit to Phoenix this week.  Mrs. W. L. Ross has returned from  Spokane where she has been  visiting  u her sister for the past two months.  H. N. Galer, assistant general manager for the Granby Co.,  was  in  the  city last Thursday and Friday.  Mrs. W. T. Choate,' wife of the C.  P. R. agent at Eholt, returned home  Saturday, after visiting the Dey family  for several days.  This week Boundary ore shipments  touched the lowest record for several  months, the only shipping mines being  the Granby and Emma.  C. A." DesBrisay, Great Northern  right of way agent, came" in on Wednesday's train," having been in Montana  since leaving here last week  Tuesday   evening'a  St.; Patrick  The quarterly official board of the  local Methodist church will be held  next Fiiday evening at 8 p. m , at the  home of Mr. MacDonald, Hiooklyu  avenue. __ ��� ��� "       ~  Work on the government courthouse  at Greenwood has been resumed, having been suspended last fall on accoun  It Was a Case oi "Had To."  Capt. Tioup, manager of the C. P.  R.\ coastwise navigation sjstein, went  out one day this week on the sieamei  Charmer plying between Victoiia and  \\incouvei, as a deck hand, the balance of the ciew being made up ol  masteis of vessels which happened to  be in pott. The s'eamship men's  uuion.c.tlling out its membeis was the  cause of, the ��� draft from the, official  ranks.  Nelson'* daily, the News, has all the  news lhat is news.    At your newsdeal-  Spring Stvles  are Here.  My Spring Styles of the latest patterns in English, Irish  and Scotch suitings have arrived, and they are indeed  beauties. Come in and pick  out that Spring Suit early,  and we'll make it up for you  when you want it.  The clothes should fit ihe mai.v���  not the man fit the clothes. On that  principle we work, "and. make to order  only, and fit the man. ^  Men are not all made to' the same  pattern, but all men look alike when  they wear clothes ''made .'for ' anybody,"--.  ���������-: Nothing but the best workmanship  and ihe best .trimmings'��� with Union  label���-used in-ihis shop.  Where We Shine.  We make a specialty of Watches  that will keep the very best of lime.  Being official time inspectors for  the C. P.'R- for tne entire Boun-  dn-y, it can 'readily be noted, that  we must have the correct time.  We keep the finest and most accurate movements made, and can  ���'���furnish them on shot I notice.  Prescriptions..  G. E.  R. HQRRELL,  XBob, the Tailor,"  KnohII11.1,���.A,yjiKUK1 PitOKNix, H. G  Tlie 'Jeweler, K nob H ill A ve.  Official  C.P.R. Time Inspector  We do not allow the variety and  completeness of our Druggists" Sundries department to interleie with our  p.esc.ipiion work, which we conduct  with painstaking care and as great accuracy as possible. We use only the  purest of Dings.1  You will find in our Drug store  everything needed in the Drug or  Toilet line.,  ��� ,,'���'������       v  M  PRICE;'���'.- $1^200  A Choice Corner Lot on Knob  Hill Avenue.  900 ACHES  or Tint FINEST  TIMBBILL AM)!  'The Druggist.  Tlioiic 16  CKurch Services  Tomorrow.  rices   j  11 )  One-Fifth Interest in Two  Mineral Claims^  Siltl.tU'on tlie iMiad to Greenwood.  AI.KO, m'm'k upon ^ :  Income Bearing Property  of frost, whit h prevented the com pie- jei's, or by m.iil tor 50 cents pei month,  tion of the foundation  masonry wnk.'  Greenwood is lepresented at the  Associated Boards of Trade meeting  at Fernie by delegates Duncan Ross,  J, R. Brown and C. S. Galloway.  A. C. Flumerfelt, who is a member of  the mining commission, repiesented  Giand Forks  C. P. R. authoiities have issued a  circular setting forth the necessity,  for the safeguarding of life, of introducing a uniform system for testing  color sense, sight and hearing of employes connected with the movement  and handling of engines and trains,  the standards to be strictly observed.  Thomas Brown, a Sandon merchant,  has been spending several days visiting  his old fiiend, Aldeiman James Mai-  shall, leturning to the Slocan last Wednesday. With Mr. Marshall he is the  owner of some excellent mining prop-  . erties in the Slocan. He thinks that  ) Phoenix has gieatiy improved since his  >'g last vi  visit.  ?*�����&:���  XV*.  X  masquerade ball was held at the Eholt  schoolhouse, with a large attendance.  A number from Phoenix were there.  ��� Several times a day this week the  Pioneer telephone has been singing,  there being many inquirers as to when  the Fernie coal miners' strike would  be declared off,    ,  Mrs. Vivian Holmes "left on last  Saturday's train for her old home in  England, intending to sail from St,  John, New Brunswick, by an Allen  line steamer.  F. E. Teboi C. P. R. agent al Cascade, accompanied by his wife, returned-last Wednesday from an extended visit to the "old folks at  home" in Ontario.  Chas.   D.   Hunter returned  from  Grand Forks late last week,  having  completed the details of taking  over  the big VV. R. Megaw general stock for  L\the Hunter-Kendrick Co.  ' Percy F. Godenrath,   who is  promoting some Similkameen coal  meas-  ,-ures, was a visitor in the city over Sun-  vd_ay. 'He will shortly go east in con-  '' nee tion with his companies.  Anthony J. McMillan, managing director of the Snowshoe and   Le  Roi  , mine, landed in New York from Lon-  ��� don last Monday,-and is expected to  arrive in the Boundary in the course of  two or three weeks.  Last week's issue of the British Columbia Gazette contains the notice of  the confirmation of the appointments of  L. Y. Birnie and W. R. W.llmrhs, 1  P., as members of the local - board of  license and police commissioners.  , Greenwood Miners' Union, No. 22,  has elected the'following officers and  trustees:- H. R. Paisons, president;  II. D. McMillen, vice-president; G.  E. Dougherty, secretary-treasuier (reelected); A. T. Graham, recording secretary; J. Koulds, conductoi; M. Kemp,  warden; and R. D. McKenzie, S. Mc-  Clyeland, H. R. Parsons,. H. D. Mc-  Mullen and A. Hanson, trustees.  E- C. Keith, formerly  a  well   and  favorably known  citizen  of Phoenix,  but who has been employed for   some  time past in the mines at  Fernie, has  sent    for   his    family,   which     had  remained here in the meantime, and  they will leave for that place on Mon- t> X  day next.   Mr. Keith  writes  that he  believes   the strike troubles will be  speedily settled, demonstrating his faith  in that respect by calling his family to  him.>  BUSINESS NOTICES.  Dr. Mathison, Dentist.  Albin's News Depot is the place for  peiiodicals ot all kinds.  Albin has a new line of cigais that  will suit you to a 'I'.  Do not ovei look the bis; 5u iday dinner at the Bellevue Cafe.  Old papers for sale at the Pioneer,  office, at 25 cents per 100.  For fine watch and jewelry repairing  see Zimmermann, on First street.  Choice tobaccos and cigais at Albin's  News depot.  Tbe N.lson Daily News is the best  daily in the interior. Get it fiom your  local newsdealer.  Fiuits and confectionery, fresh and  tempting, at popular pi ices. Albin's  News depot.  Those chocolates sold by Almstrom  are the kind that melt in youi mouth.  Have you tried them?  Albion's News Stand has received a  fine 'line of Holiday Confectionery.  Do not overlook it.  Can you make a better present to  )Our eastern fiiends than a subscription  to the Phoenix Pioneer for a yeai ?  All the news of the Kootenay and,  Yale in the Nelson Daily News. At  your newsdealer on day of publication.  If you are a stranger come in,  whether you want anything or not  you're    always   welcome   at   Albin's  Wanted ��� Situation as working  housekeeper or cook. Thoroughly experienced. Apply to N., Postoffice,  Phoenix, B. C.  Church of England���.St John's  Mission; sei vices each S.inday as follows:. .Holy .Communion 8 a. m.,  Morning Prayer 11 a. in., Evening  Prayer 7 30 p. in. Standard time. All  seats Iree   Rev. E. P. Flcwelling, vicar.  St. Andrews' Presbyleiian Church,  Set vice tomorrow at 11 a. in. and  7:30 p. m, Sunday school and Bible,  class at 2:30 p. 111. Midweek meeting  Wednesday at 7.30 p.m. Rev. V. M.  I'mdy, B. A., pastor.  Methodist������;i 1 a. 111. Talks on the  Life of Christ. 2 p.m., Sunday school  as usual. 7.30 p. m., evening service.   Rev. T. Green, B. A , pastor.  "Vour life depends on the proper  coiiipouudiugof your prescription.  We keep only pure drugs, and  we know how to prepare medicines properly.  Wall Pape*.  We have received Feveuil thousands  of rolls  of   the  latest  in  WALL'PA PER fiom ih.- factory  Jin Montreal, and we want you to  IF IT COMES FROM I see it.    Drop in' and take a look.  .��  Th������<���<> roonlcil liimee fnr>M<) >!tnl H5.  ;. S11 (jii> ..nil tin a fur ;,5 ami ti| ward*.'  Tlii'ie i;iniic.��' rit'iiii.K for sjlft, cjiiirul.  ;-:���'.' .^f.if��r��-r='.'fit>iti J;     to (CO   '���  MINI KG SI IA RES WANTED,  (���i'unliy Cniii>i'ili>li'tf)l, Will.ei loo."  I IV.^UHK y��nt': Ihhiii- hml bt'lonirl' uf  : ii<;iiiiHi Hi" in lip- IMiiii-tiix Fire  '   A��Hnfiiiu'e<"o. uf I,V)ih1uii, the old  . ��� ���.    iU:illb|t'Y ���'���.���'������;'.;.  A. P. tic  ���i  IT'S GOOD!  Phone 17.  mnyiiii  1 Knoh Hn.i, Avk., 1'uokxix, 15 0.  E. It MORTIMER  AGKN l\  CiKAVKS-Wll.UAMS PH01N1X.H.C.  Block, P.O.Iiox 33.  Private  Nursing,  By a Nuise of 20 years'  '.experience.  RE MARCUS OPPENHEIMER'S ESTATE.  All persons having claims against  the estate of the late Maicus Oppeu-  heimer, of Marcus, \Vash.,U. S. A.,  arc lequested to deliver the same to  ihe undersigned at Phoenix, H. C,  not latei than February 16, 1903.  R. B. Kerr,  Solicitor for the Executors.  RAIL SERVICE BETWEEN  Nelson and Proctor  DURING 1CE' B1 ,OCK AI>E  Union goods:���You will find the  best lines of union' made cigais and  tobaccos, at Albin's News Depot.  A new line of cigais at Albin's News  Depot.    Have you tiied them ?  Cotton lags wanted at the Pioneer  office. Highest price paid. liiing  em along and get your money.  Apply to Mrs. II. SMITH,  Care McKenzie's Drug Stoie,  Phoenix, B.C.  ��� Lately Milner, the photographer, of  late, has been making a number of excellent inleiior Mews, such as offices,  pailois, sitting moms, etc. Call un  him il you w sb anything of this kind.  ON.  K 00 TEN A V RIVER:  Leave nelson  7' 15   (OowsNesiConreeii  (    S. S. Mojie i: "  16.00   IKaslo-Kooienay Lakij  (S.S.Kokanee ex. Sun \  10.1  LOW  ��������� Settlerst Rates ���������  WESTBOUND.'  Complete   Mine Plants.  Many of the principal mines in the Dominion have.been  equipped by us, and we are always ready and willing to  figure on mining machinery. Requests ^ ��^���**J ��  catalogues may be addressed to our agencies or direct to  Head Office, and will receive prompt attention,  bossland, b. 0, -  ; The Jenckes Mate C��mW'  O EENWOOD, B. O. 35 Lansdowne St. bherfaOOKe, Vue'  Address Wanted.  The address ol R. E. Smith is wanted by W. H. S.  Gavin, of Rossland,  Fine cigars are the kind that you enjoy���don't forget that when you drop  in at Albin's News Depot,  Application   lor Transfer o( Liquor License.  A pencil mark hereto_  ip a reminder that vour subscription to this pap-r is  now past due, and the publisher will appreciate vour  piompt attention.       ��*����  Notice is hereby given that I will  make application to the Board of Licensing Commissioners of the City of Phoenix at its next meeting for a transfer of  the liquor license now held hy nip, to sell  liquor by retail in "Black's Hotel," situated on Dominion Avenue,on Jx>ts eleven (H.) and twelve (12); Block five (5)  Rumbergtr's addition to the City of  Phoenix, to James B, Moi'anlay.   ,  Dated thiB 3rd day of Februarv A'. D.  1903.  G. W. Riimbercer,  Assignee Ira W. Black Estate.  There are a few subscribers to th? Pioneer  ���Just a few-who are delinquent for In* year  1902. If you are one of these, the editor will  Appreciate prompt liquidation.  - &f For 'hue tables, rates and information apply to local amenta.  O. W. Dev, E.J, Covi.E,.  Agent, A.G.P.Agt.  Phoenix, B. C.   Vancouver, B.C  J. S. Carter, D. P. A.,  Nelson, B.C.  PHOTOGRAPHS OF  THE BIG MINES  OF BOUNDARY  W _W Have you noticed the price of ^  I   Copper Going Up ? |  ^ That means that real estate will also'.ise in value in Phoenix.    It is also &  absolutely assured that ihe  Y. Y, & E, Will Begin Construction Work  ,    If you  read   the  Phoenix   Pioneer  {regularly you will keep posted on ihe  mining news of the Boundary.  NEWS...  HENRI G. JOLV nc LOTBINIEUE.  CANAPA.  PROVINCE   OK  BRITISH   COLUMBIA. '  KDWAKD vii��� by the Grace of God, or tlie  United Kingdom of Gtent Britain nml Ire-  Iniid and oftlie Brttittli pomtmous beyond  the Seni, King, Defender of tiie faith, etc .  etc., etc..  To Our faithful the 'Members; elected to serve  in the Legislative Assembly of Our Province  of Hritisn Columbia, nnd summoned nud  called to a meeting of the Legislature of  Parliament ofOtir said Province, at Our-City  of Victoria, on Thursday, the twelfth day of  March,, :011c' thousand, nine .hundred and  tlirce. 10 have been ��� commenced and held,  and every one of you,���Greeting.  K��j nis soon as ihe weather net mils.  V/ 1 have a few houses to lent on reasonable terms.  f      G. W. RUMBERGER,      i  X?S&��~!: PHOENIX, B. C. T  '^^^^���^���^���^^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^^���^���^���^���^���^^^^���^^^Z-liS  -FROM THE.���������  PEOPLE'S STORE  �� -  FLOUR.  Flour has advanced 10c per sack.  Watch for next week.  Something Real Good.  'Phone 61.  mm*  A PROCLAMATION.  H. A.. Maclean, Deputy Attorney-General.  WHKRE1S the meeting or the Legislature ol  parliament of the Province of British Columbia  Stands called loi Thursday, the twelfth day of  March, one thousand nine hundred and. three,  attfblch til)ie, nf'jur Oily of Victoria, you were  held aba conscraiuei] to appear:  NOW KNOW YK, that for' divers causes mid  consldeiRtlons, mid   talcing into,  consideration  the case and convenience or Our loving subjects,  We have thousht fit,' by Kiid with the advice of  Our Hxecutlve Conncil ofthe Province of British  Columbia   to relieve you, and each of you, of  your attendance at the time aforesaid ; hereby  convoking, and b> these presents enjoining you,  and each of you, lhat on Thursdav, the second  day bf April, one thousand iilne 'hundred and  three, you meet Os in Our Legislature or Parliament ofthe said Province, at Victoria, POR THE  j DISPAl'CH OK I'USINIMS, to treat, do, act and  J conclude upon tho��e thiui$s which, in Our Legislature of the Province of Until!! Columbia,  by  the Coin ��1AU Council of Our said Province may  by Hie favourof <'>p4,|)e'(Jrdaiiiul.  In Tjjstimosv   Wiieclpp, We hyp' caused  Oleic Our Letters to be made patent and the  Great fteal of Our said Province to be hereun-  toadixed'  Witnesb. the Honourable Sir Henri GUs-  TAVE  JOI.Y   Oi:  LOTBINICBH,   K.   CM.   G.,  Lleuteunnt-Govciior of Our said Province of  British Columbia, at Our Government House,  in Our Citj of Victoria, in Our said Province,  this nineteenth day of February, ill the year  of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and  three, and iu the third year of Our Reign.  By Command,  A   CAMPBELL RHDDIB,    ������;  Deputy Provincial Secretary.  WE HAVE. A. FEW COPIES OK A  WELL- EXECUTED PHOrOURAPH  of the tix hie Koiuulaiy mint's lhat  -hipped 500,000 tons of ore in 1002.  .The mines arc the 'Granby, Pnowslue,  Mother Ixitle, Sunset, Emma and R.  C. Mine.  As a eaiiipaniim to {.fifa we |iav�� a  photogtaph of the thrcp Buiipdary  Smelters, viz.j Granby, Mother Lode,  ami Suncet, ahouir-K them in operation:  Size of each, 10x13 inches.  The two sent  postpaid   to  any address for $1.60.  Address  PIONEER PUB. CO.  PHOENIX,   B. C.  UNION    MADE  "KG HORN" BRAND,  Reduced Ra'es From tbe East.  Commencing Fehmarv 15th and con  tinning until April 801 h there will be low  rates in effect from the east via the XIIi  nois Central It   Ii. to all  Washington.  OreRon# and Idaho points..:   If any. of  your friends or relatives in the east arr  coming  west .-while these rates, are in  effect,,give us their name and addresp,  and we will make it our briBiriefS to see,  tliatthuy are given the. beat possible eer-  vice.    We operate' through pei-sonall.v  conduoied exeureion care, and in facl  give you the benefit ofthe latest conveniences known to modern railroading  We have 15 different routes between tlie  east and the weat, and are hi position to  give yon the heneiit of the best .combinations.   Write us and we will alve yon  full particulars. ���!$. H.Trumbull, Com'l  Agent, III. Cent. R. R., 142 Third St.,  Portland, Oregon.  Indorsed by order of Phoenix Trades and Labor Council on  January \2t 1903.  | Ask for this brand, and s@e that you gd jt,  ALL SIZES IN  Dominion Avenue, Phoenix, '\i. (j,  lla^^fe*v^^  rnrarASit'WfiaS  wV^^


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