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The Phoenix Pioneer Mar 10, 1900

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 yCA^y**"/  OVER.  400 MEN  ,     Arc    working in -the  mines around Phoenix.  J"]IP J'.IS ifill of  PHOENIX  Is larger than that of  an) other Bonndaiy  (.'amp.  ; '  i   y   /   ��. J ., ."   <  Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining District.  VouI.:''f  v,  PHOENIX, BRITISH COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, MARCH 10, 1900.  No 17.   r_r_-  trc+nw  THE  'if-ir;;^ 14  iinbri' Moll  Is Alive to the Requirements  of its members.    _     ��� 4 _���         ' 1" ?       ,i' vi  1 hihmhlwa  Is Alive to the Requirements  of the public.   .,  v      t ;.ui, u.���  Groceries  ^�� Hardware  Crockery  Queensware  1  Tinware  it?*-  Full, ,ani Complete, Xia^Crr.., .j  Hercules  Powder.  .'Caps,j:'. ji .V  Fuse  Dry Goods  Furnishings  Hats, Caps,  Boot and Shoes,  Slippers. <  Mining  Supplies  , f   , ��  �� w ���  * 1   I   �� ��      ������ i �����  p  TT^TTT^Ir   a.(i.a.(*atj.4#44t*i    o>   *  * ���  Complete Line qf Carpenters' Topls.yi  _,   , ,      . NOW IN.   faiily Trade a Specialty.  The...  Prompt Deliver}.  Huto*ENDR,CK  Old Ironsides Addition,,��" *,  PHOENIX, B.C.  iGbVLtd.  1Wr^MftrWrWrWfW^  The World  *��* ����� ��    -. _ ���.  Is  Divided���on  some Questions.  But  the- people ^of   PHOENIX ^, ��~~^  '*> '-";' " Aeroe-  Unanimously���that"- We '        /,  give Best  Valtfes in all  lines of  General flerchkridise  -i ��� . ��-  til  SEE" Our New Stock of Laund-  ried and Neglige shirts.  BOND IS TAKEN UP  Gitey Eagle Co. Paid Ahead of  Time.  BLUE JAY BEING BONDED FOR $UM  Letter Includes the Clipper and Another Claim  in Skylark Camp-General Boundary Mining Nutes. ���       ��� f  Two cages ?re being made  Last Thursday, the* final pa)ment  was made on the hond on the Banner  claim owned by the Grey Eagle Gold  Mining Co;, the new corporation organized b/ihe Miner-Graves syndicate  to operate <*the Grey Eagle, Bannek  'lip 'I'op and Triangle fraction, all of  which properties' adjoin the Old Ironsides, Knob Hill and War Laglc. For  ob vious reasons the amount 'involvecl  is not given out /or publication, but it  is thought to be-in the ^ neighborhood  of $25,000 The owners were James  Marshall and Thomas, Roderick,  and  the  TJ>is last payment on Jthc bond on  thc'&inncr was not due till March  15th, lJut the cash was'read) and wait-  lng'in the bank a week or more ahead  ot time.  ' '^ Will BondDluc Jay Group.  tdt several days negotiations have  beeh pending for a bond on the Blue  Ja)\,jjroup ot claims, in Skylark canift  the<ajiapurit involved being $34,000,  Before Uns meets the eyes of the Pio-  neeW'readers the papers will doubtless ha*e been passed and the first  p-iyWent made. The group include^  thetBJue Jay, the Clipjver, and one ad-1  joining claim. Most ot-the work hap  beeo <lone on the Blue'jay, where art  incline* shaft has been sunk 120 feet'  ancf a~ |ine ore body uncoveied in a  sho^t"''drift.    Teere is  also   another  shajt 46 feet in depth. ,  i -__  'K   }       In Boundary M'nes.  Tha Kettle River Mines company  has beep incorporated with a capital  of $1,300,000. The head office is in  Rosslarid  The new 20 drill-compressor -plant  of the Sunset, in peaduood camp, has  been mnning, for Jevcral/d'ajus- and< is  giving excellent satisCactioh to Superintendent Johns.  The main shaft in the Golden  Crown is now down 322 >feetf ASupt  Porter states that he could 5hip~a -car  oforedail) now, if the track was up  to the dump, all \c-Tj,which/is, being  taken out in the dc\elopment work,  by the  Old Irons7dcs people, one for use in  each of the shifts. The. only other  cages in the" Bouritftir) wines are at  the Mother Lodj^and  Golden Crown  The annual meeting of the Mountain View Coppdf Co, Ltd., will be  held Monday evening at the office of  the B. C Mine, Summit camp, when  the'tenders fof drifting 100 feet will  be opened. ,  .Shipments totjje Trail'smelter continue steadily frbm the B.'C mine at  the rate of about fivp cars'every other  day. 'J he big i coin pressor, which  arrived recently, is now \teing placed  in position.   ,,,,,��'  ��JJglvid E^an^superintendent of the  Hertford g-ou^^rtt Hartford Junction,  inforfns the'Psoneer tha|| th,e sjhaft is  now dow n i00 feet on jtb�� properly,  and the same Tflle��quality apt, vre as  heretofore is- being encountered. A  double.shift is employed an'd "a whim  w'muisc.        -"*- , t       ������.'#'  SAW OUR BIG MINES  C.P.R. Officials From the East  Visit Phoenix.  THEY THINK IT HAS A GREAT FUTURE  Supt. Williams, of the Knob hill, Escorted the  Visitors Through that Wonderful Property  ������Much Pleased.  !w{  ftlOICl/LOUS RU! INh KEVERSED.  i  ^  chef payment was made* through  the  Curtis, the new minister of mjin/s,  is  BanTc of Commerce at-Grcenwood.   *"promulgated  in an extra of- the H. L  No More Trouble In Oettlnf Certificates of  m Improveraeat*.   l    ���*  The firstjOfficl^Uct of Hon. ^mitb  Curtis, the new minister of^ mines,   ���'  Gazette" as follbS?: ^  "Whereas, There is doubt as to the  intent of sectionf^niinefAf act amendment act, 1898, and bisection 36, as  amended, of the mineral act, regarding  the record'bf assessment work and the  payment of monejr,-together amounting  to the value of $500, Jand the time or  times when such^records may be made  before a certificate- 6f improvements  forra,mineral claim may be issued.  ''On the recommendation of the  minister ofjjmncs, the lieutenant-governor, by the advice of his executive  coupi il, auyt%rtdSMfc''t(ie provisions of  section 143 of the mineral act, has  been pleasM^lop^e^the said sections  5 and 36 to be interpreted so as to  permit a free miner^.whb has applied  by affidavit/ppgjjcertificate of improvements, to receive'SriS"' record a certificate or certificates of work for all or  any assessmenf"wvbrk done b) him or  his predecessor,,in title since the recording of the mineral claim in excess ot  the value for wfaicVhe r)as already obtained certificates bf work, prov  that at the "time 6f applying tor such  additional certificate, such claim is still  in good standing and has not lapsed  or    otherwise,   .become^, in valid,, and  Old  and  .' prov^iicTed/that in this, jxirticular "case  "*above 1'efcrred to, the affidavit required  shall state the total amount of work  done" in eSjch. year since the date of  reCotd^bf the mineral claim and the  value thereof, for each of such vears,  also the value ol the work as well as  the" years 16r*which he has alreadv  received and recorded a ceitificate of  work." '  00000000000000009000000000  few  TH AT WC v/j{,t .  !���Iqu.vlitY 'or���    '?"  �� H5IH  To be had in Phoenix.  F.vcrvthing for the vvardrobc_ of the  Miner or Business Man can be had  in our store.    Come and see it.  Foley Bros.;  Dominion Avenue.  oococoooocoooooocoooooooqo  RETURNED FROM THE LOCAL WAR SCENES  Bill For Incorporating Phoenix Was Read the  ' First Time.  Win Hunter, of Phoenix, v\ho went  to the coasf three weeks 'ago,- for the  purpose ot securing, if possible, the  passage ot an act by the legislature, per-  mfttirig tnp'incbrporattng bt this town,  returned J uesday, haur.g first visited  Silv erton, where he also has a store,-  Belore the, political upheaval Mr.  Hunter, vvitta-'theassistajiQe of James-  M Martin, our member, succeeded in  getting the act for the iacorporating^of  Phoenix, readme first tirnel In fact,  it was nsifapaiohg^ovvards^pasttige.ias  the private bills of manyT other persons  who had been at Victoria' for many  weeks. ,. l-; ������.:.-.-.  "Howeye},' the dissolution of "the  Semhn government has had the effect,  among other things, ol" putting a large  number ot persons; with^ private.*, bills  betoie the house, to.a h'ea'vy expense,  which is now; wasted. Nothing more  can be done till Premier Martin'fprms  Ins (ab'nfetf rjotcls'ah TriScjiofiVland   kii-  ^���r'^e'.sjibrr'o'r" the'" It-gisjative ;asseni-  bl) is held���probably some J.une,. in  June.   t      ,. f ,    ;   ,     ;-, .' ,,  As faf.as it; was possible, .Mr.'Hunter's mission was"a "successful one.     .  OO  it  Dom&ion Avenge.  iv _x :..: \ p-p.;. QN^TSE^JST?  %ji ^ai^'-lh'e'^UDSCTip^&n^; Sisfcof ^ tke.vBH^Ete  Pionfer.   If not, it, should, be., It's the only way  of keeping posted about the greatest mining camp  ih British :Goluiiibiav.:fat^^tewJo)ttly,>^2: per^ear,..   t.  Pioneer Publishing Co,, Plioeiux, B. C.  JRea  Wednesday a party of C. P. R  official**visited the Boundary, and' of  course could not leave without taking  a look at Phoenix and some of Us  wonderful mining properties. The  party was in charge of 1*". W. Peters,  assistant general freight agent at Nelson, and,.,consisted ot Thomas Tau,  ���manager of lines east pf'Ft. /.William;  Win Whytc, manager of lines west ot  Ft. William; George Cantlie, superintendent ot car service tor the ��� entire  s)stcin, Robert Marpole, general superintendent of Pacific division; H. J  Gambia, chief engineer Pacific division; F. P. Gutehus, res'dent engineer  of Trail J.' W. 'lroup, of Nelson,  su|)erintendent of all lines south oi  Kevelstoke, was also in the party, but  was detained in Greenwood.      1  Three vehicles brought,, the visitors  up from Greenwood, and on their  arrival here they were joined by a delegation from the Phoenix Board of  Trade. The party had but a brief  time to stay, and first of all visited the  site '" of the passenger station, which  will be near the junction of the Ironsides and Brooklyn spurs, according to  the statement of Mr. Peters to the  Pioneer representative.  Went Through the Knob Hill.  'Then the party vent to the  Ironsides and Knob Hill mines  accompanied by the affable superintendent of the propertied, Wm. Yolen  Williams, went into the bowels of the  earth and , topk in the immepse ore  reserves oi the now far-famed Knob  Hill. , Although the mine is lighted  bytdectricity, candles were ���" provided,  Kied >and^those whose work is usually connected J with preliminary surve>s,  freight and passenger tariffs, switches,  signals, etc., were soon being initiated  into,the mvstenes ol contact and' formation, drifts, crosscuts, upraises and  wm7es.  Mr. Williams explained in detail  and the v lsitors learned that the tunnels on the Knob Hill were now in to  a depth of 1025 teet, with an upraise  of 250 feet and a winze of 205 feet  Altogether the work in the mine aggregates ncarl) 3,000 feet  One interesting incident occurred,  when the Pioneer man asked Mr  Peters when the small interval of track  would be laid. "Just as soon as there  is ore iead\ to ship." he replied  Turning to Mr. W llliams, the Pioneer  man asked when he would be readv to  ship, "Y\erare ready now," said Mr.,  Williams, ' and can make steady shipments " It is needless to state that  the C. P. R's courteous freight agent  was nonplussed tor a moment It is  highly probably, however, that sompr,  thing' definite will be heard in this  matter of a satisfactory nature soon, as  j.ay; P., Graves is expected in camp iri  a few days-.-'      '���     ���   =���  -Mr..Williams-gave the visiting officials .some interesting data in regard  to the work, beirig done under his.  direction. He stated that the crosscut  from the. 306-fbbt Tevet of :the' Old  Ironsides is now in about 34b feet, .extending far into, the Victoria groundu  In this crosscut,'.-of which 1^0 feet is  in ore, some of the best rock, in the  camp has been taken out. Assays  have gone as high as $513, and $60 to  the ton. The crosscut be'ing driven is  still in the ore body, and is Expected  to continue for some distance'1 yet. It  is rapidly making the-property one of  the very best hi Southern British Co;  lumljia. .  . The private car Earhscliffe, used by  Mr. Tait, brought the visitors to Greenwood, and is the first car of its kind  seen in the Kootetiays or Boundary.  Several of the gentlemen of the. party  had never been in the Boundary before,  and all were hot a little pleased at ilts  ���progressiveness and evidences' bf prosperity.    :'     '������' ��� ������>!;.���  ALI?1MPPENED TO EYES.  will consult Dr. I^ane,'the lamous *San  Francisco specialist.-. It" will beVremembered that at the time of the ac-'  cident the miners and residents of the  camp generously made up a purse ot  $300 for the Stover famil).  Lew Pilkc), the B. C. mine blatk-  smith, one of whose eyes was hurt b)  a small splint of steel, went to Vancouver and bad the eye taken out. He  is now back at the mine at work, and  is the possessor ot a g'ass opttq.  The latest unfortunate accident happened to Miss Louise Walteri a week  ago, and she may lose the sight of one  eye. In play at their home her brother threw a,bottle which struck her pn  the forehead, broke and cut the white  of the right e)e. She has been treated locally for the injury, but last Thursday was sent to Spokane for treatment by the specialist. Miss Walters  is a popular young lady, only 17 years  of age. It is earnestl) hoped the eye  can be saved.  A number of other accidents to miners in this locality have occurred iiom  preni.iture blasts, etc , in nearly every  case'' some one losing the s'ght of one or  both eyes as a result.  PAY, PAY, CONCERT  Preparations Making: For a Big  Entertainment.  TO BE GIVEN THURSDAY JRAJCi XL  Cake Waft, In fb: OU Virginia Style/to Be a  Feature���Tbe Absent Minded Beggar Will  Be There.  TABLE OF NEW FREIGHT RATES.  Recently issned Tarilf Sheet* Show a Ocaeral  Rednctloni  Ever)' business man directly, and all  others indirectly, are interested in the  freight iates into the Boundary. While  the new railway was in the hands ol  the construction department, there was  much complaint at1" the excessive  charges' made On the 1st c-t March,  however, the operating department of  the C. P. R. took over the line, and a  reduction ensued both in passengei  and freight rates. The following comparative figures were furnished the  Pioneer by F. W. Peters,' assistant  general freight agent, of Nelson:  n  n  71 25 O  s ��"?  o   ��  n  5   re   J>  ./-  ^1 Ol  M      ^   Ol  ^    4-  o  00  ��� -i  O     -Ti  u  z  o  55  c\  CO >  �� a  rj   .C  CO   O  ro  {*>  ->    O  OS  to   00  cc -j  oo  00 o  3 g.  n *"  ft *~,  5 2  o  so  oj 01 \o  *.  !  <T\  -    o    -  ~j   -^   Oi   vo,  n  -��� so   *or  O  O   4>.  W   >  si  N   4.   ^  C?s Ol  h> oi oi       3  to  to    4k  Cv   00  Oo  OO  -J   4k  Oo  A reduction has also ^een made be  tween Rossland and Nelson, Nelson  and Slocan Citv, Nelson aijd Grand  l'orks and Nakusp and Sandon.  Agent fpr, the Td)%  ;���  'V\restern*'AsSu  lowing -Fire-insurance Gompaniest'rrPbbenix," of London.;  Jurknce and the-.British'America. Assurance, bf Toronto.  the  Selling Aggnt OLD IRONSIDES SUBDIVISION, Town  of Phoenix.  I,  P^IQEi^pB HILL AVENUE  .. :        Phoenix, B. C.  Chapter of Recent Accidents in this Immediate  Vicinity.  Within the last,three months there,  have been a'remarkable number of  accidents, in and 'near Phoenix, in  which ,most-of the victims lost tho  sight'or1 one or botlv eyes.-'Some time  aince.eight-year old Elmer Stover was  rendered sightless by the explosion,of a  dynamite 'cap,.with which he.-vvas paying.. A trip to. Spokane to consult the  'eye specialist was made.' JA few a.lys  since, on the recommendation of ���'trie.  local'physiciani' MvS/'Stover took hlhj  to Sj^okaiue-.again, .thiSitime. to have  one eye remqyed, to strengtbeji.the  the other. Dr. Thomson, the specialist, however, did hot think it best.  Mrs. Stover has now gone to her old  home in  California and  on   the  way  S|i Patrick's Eve Masquerade.  Phoenix Miners' Union No 8 is  preparing tp give a .-Masquerade ball  next Friday, St. Patrick^ eve, at the  new'hall. the'officers''of the union  are making every1 effort to make the  affair a success, and there will doubt-  lcss.be a large turnout from Phoenix  and. the surrounding towns. The best  gf music will be provided, and masques  must be lifted at the door^ Arrange.-;  m'ents.'liave been made for serving sup"  per in thejarge room below the hali.'t  Tickets are on sale with McRae Bros.  &.Smith, and the Phoenix. News Co.  and A. P. McKenzie &'Co..and.^;. B.  Bovle's, druc: stores.  The following prizes will be giv;6h:  one silk-.S^irt, valued-at-$15, for the  best'eostume for ladies,., donated^.by  the;j;Hunter-Kendrick Co..; one ])air  shoes,, value $5,..for the best represeiv-  tation'of'Ibpsy, donated by'the Wyii-  koop-Stephe'iis' Trailing ('o.; one rocking chair for the MmdsomesV' costume  for ladies, donated by Clark;&' Binns;  one lamp, for the best lady waltzer,  donated by Michael McBean; one $5  hat for the best gentleman's costume,  donated by-Foley Bros'.;- one $5 pair  shoes, for the most comical gentleman's costume, donated hy Mqrrin ^*i  Thompson: one.box of.cigars, for the1  best gentlemen waltzer, donated by  C. W. Abbott.    "; '   '���"' " ''  Small Pox Situation.  ' .RbsslaVvd^^rt-cJently' had a!,c6uple,  ���cases-'of smallpox->nnd- iMelsoni ditto.;  'I.ijie); aijfi/all; however, now said.to;lie;  ,aboiit,re.L-^ve.red.,i!   ,   ,,,..,,..       .   ..;. >.  A well developed, but mild case ol.  smallpox"'Mas been Ibiih'd At Naku'slp: ' j  Deputy Sheriff -GriswolcPtthd three  others are down with disease at Republic, all of wiliich are isolated.  . Grand .l:'(.)rks;and Columliia. are.all  worked up over two cases that were  brouglVt int'o'tbwn front Silripsoiv's'iiiill.  'Simpson''.s''Hotel, thro;"miles up-tbej  ;nortli ifork, is quarantined witb'iTtqij  men and .-i.6 horses.      ,.      ,      ,n.,'t>,'\  At the Presbyterian service Sunday  evening the subject will be, "The -way  to go,ahead-.    :��� ������ .������:;  .... i  Several members have Ixjcii, added  this week to' theprebrninary program  for the Pay, Pay, Pay, concert>on the  15th. on account ot the St Patrick's  eve masquerade coming the next night,  the concert has been posponed* fo^ a  week, and will probably be givefi on  the 2 2inst, A prominent vocalist  from Greenwood has been' engaged to  sing the "Absent Minded Beggar,"  and it is likely that the entertainment  will dose-wttrt a dance.- Mi*��-Elsie  Craw ford, sister of L C, Crawford,  wilf be here for 'a weelc."before ^the  event, and has consented to instruct  four couples in the. art and 'mysteries  ot an old fashioned Virginia cake  walk. i       1 *  ��� )   ���      -���  >-  LOCALAND QENERAL.I  No mail was received in town Monday���train several hours late.  1 he Phoeni x Masons no>V' hold regular meetings on Wednesdays. "  One ot the best little daily papers  in the province, for a town ot its si/e,.  is the Grand l<orks Gazette."  H. L. Saw)er js the lately recorded  locator of a new claim in Greenwood  camp, called the Valentine.  Victor Monnier, the dispenser of  liquid refreshments by wholesale, 'of  Cascade, was in towriiyesterday.>  A  sinall   saw-mill  frtant is-'to be  placed at Boundary Falls  , The boiler;;,  was lancbfd alojjgside the railway track. ,  last week.  �� # *  The liberals of Phoenix met last  Frida)jnight at the schoolhouse and  wiff hold another meeting tonight to  organize.      ' <<   - ��  The application tor a charter for a  local lodge ot the Knights of Pythias  has bc<;n'forwarded to the grand lodge  at Victoria  ^i . ~ _  _  'l\ Smith, representing W. J. j fiage  Co.t wholesale paper dealers of To-  lonto, was a caller at the Pioneer office  ���this -week.    '< ���  It is said that R M. Nesbit of the  late Columbia Review, will start a  weekly at ��>ummu; camp about the 1st  of Apr.il, or some other time.  'I he presb) ter) of Kootenay met  last week in Kaslo. Its next meeting  will be held the first Tuesday in September at Greenwood.  An addition has been made to the  camp, a child', ha* ing been born 'to  Mrs. Steve Swanson Mr Swanson  is a shut boss at the Old Ironsides.  The War Eagle, at Rossiand. laid  off its entire foice last Monday, to  make needed repairs. It is1-1 expected  to be started again in a levvuttays.     ���)  GhSftjavvVaefoss the line and but- so  miles from Midway, is looking for.'.a  real, livebppm this summer, when the  Cplville Indian reservation, is,, thrown  open to settlement.    '   .'���'.'  James Marshall; of Phoenix, is cori-  :������.,..,.���g-.,...:,..  .,.   ,.- ���-,',  terivphtirig a trip t'b. Hie old country  in the near future. -He will probably  visit- London, Edinburg ��� and other  points before his return.  ���Jess Tilley, one of the miners'employed, at the Hartford,, has been laid  up for some time with blood poisoning.'' "He'-'.sc'ratched his knee on the  ladder in the shaft after spitting a fuse,  but thought nothing of it lor a.time. :  In connection.with the proposed inclusion of Anaconda within the boundaries of the municipality of Greenwood  it is stated that the total of the assessment of Anaconda has been shown to  be $45,424, arid the petition in favor  of -annexation'' represents 'over  half 'or  $25S2S;S>;-    '   "'Ifl   .        ���;    ,i(.: . .   ;    ....  b Postmaster MathesoiV-. has .gotten  new. boxes fitted up in the;.Wynkopp-  Stephen block on J)omi.m'on avenue,  including ten large drawers. Itsa'neat  arra'ngement, the work being ' done by  ���Scott &'McLaren, the contractor. Mr.  Matheson is. iiot certairi) when the  office is to be. moved,, but hopes ������ in a  Jew days.  It isjepprted that .the .vVin... Hamilton Manufacturing Co. will "^establish  a"siip|jly de'pbt at Nblson,������with head-  (juai'ttirs lor the interior at that point.  Mr. H. Howsbn will be general agent  ibr.ithe interior,,.-p.n'd will. be located  there. A,sub-agent wjll probably be  apjx>inted later oil for ".tlie'Boundary  country'. '' "*���' '  Jb'hn Lvng'io'm, of Cascade, was "m  Phoenfi''yesterday, closing up a deal,  ���'bii:We'^).irt'-ir5f''R'avine' i\: (Jo., for a  ���tbaseiaf. Blhck's hotel, at -.Cascade, for  .six months wit.li a .privilege of twelve.  OlaC,Q)son, who lias the, contract for  doing the 10x12x400 foot flume  'through'solid-relet, for 'the Ccsrade  Water Power &��� Light Go. is'^-tinder-  stood tbiiiK an interested [jarty.  ��� lie  t  V  -V.  i'"lt  Am  H  pi  ?  'A  m  f  M4  r1  r  V;;  ��� ' s i  i t >;  * . *1-oJ  ?-;  . 1(. "  '. ���+  r r  '1  "i*  /I  ;'3."Sa  Ni-Jjll  :-.iJ-'l  ���m-  ��� 1 ���l^i-.a-P^,  i-yawirT'���f-rr  I    t*f. V     1  X  .1 ��� v  o  ��� -     v      I 1  *��� ,  A*  \^  ��r���i-t���  1  u V  I  I  I \  JV ^S^TSS^vsx^sssnssszss^ Pflfflssczsxz^&z  a'-^"V''':-,.;- ''���  . ���          -.,. ,!<J .,  8v:'s,'..''������;������ "  *"    .  ���Jtv-.'i-'--:; ���:..-  ^:.1-'  (J.U  m--  (/  i:fa  P'!'-'-'  i'-.;-;  r  IP"  10  ?  IN  I''  ��*���  ���v  i  <ii  )  \  IfiJ  "���iff  "Po',  i   r  %   -    ��  ,W     ���  'iV  A*  Si1*   \  .  I'V;  Hi  fel  '/,''  THE  PHOENiX PIONEER.  The Pay Boll Makes the City.  DEADWOOD  Deadwood, the latest town to seek public favor, is situated in the heart of  Deadwood Camp, about three miles from Greenwood, and an equal distance  from theB. C. Copper company's smelter!.   It is reached by a spur of the Columbia and Western railway.   It is surrounded by such famous mines as the  Mother Lode, Sunset, Buckhorn, and Morrison, which of themselves assure a  Large Payroll, but exclusive of these there are a hundred partially developed  properties surrounding the town, many of which will become paying mines, so  that it does not require very much foresight, to decide that the Town of Dead-  wood will have in the near future a sufficiently large payroll to support a city  of some importance.       For price of lots and other particulars, appty to -  JA&McNICOLi, Midway Agency,  '     Wallace-Miller Block, Greenwood, B, C^ Tff �� RickardS <& CO.  The Phoenix Pioneer.  ... IsajUCD ON SATURDAY Br THE  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  AT PHOENIX m. C.  W. B. WILLCOX. Man.  <- SIBM.BIPTIO.V KATtS.  ���2.00  -      1.20  iade known on application.  Ow Year  'Mi loath*  -  Adrertiainir rate*  FATRONUE HOME INDUSTRY.  J Within the last week there have been  several travelling solicitors in Phoenix,  trom Eastern Canada,  former "outs",and "ins" .'will bbth be  against ,hirn.s, Gradually,the situation  appears to be drifting' towards dominion party lines, and in the election  which cannot long be delayed," it will  be liberals against conseratives. Whichever party wins out it is to be hoped  it will be' by a decisive majority. Then  legislation can proceed and if it is of  the wrong kind and detrimental to our  best interests, it will be a-simple mat  ter to fix the blame.  other places registry blanks can  had at the Pioneer office.  WHO MADE THE RATES?  orders that rightfully belong to merchants right here. These solicitors  have a perfect right to do this, but the  " practice is one that should be discouraged by every man, woman and cbjU  in,the camp. Thousands of'dollars  are sent away monthly to concerns  from British Columbia that should, be  left"here and^ which;rightfully   belong'  .here.   ���" , "  In a recent issue the Nelson Miner  canvassing for stated ,hat the causeo|- the high rates>  Take Phoenix, for instance.  In this  town* there are several concerns where  one^Jcan get a good'sult of/ clothes-  two of them custom tailors ofacknow-  <   ledged ability.   In ot nervines'it is the  same.:. Large?and complete' stocks of,  goods are;carried���one is said to run  as high as ..,$80,000���and   our   home  merchants are in aH fairness entitled  to the home^ trade"    T^Jiey are Hung  here, spending large'sums"here, and  should be patronized to the exclusion  of outsiders,  w herever it is possible,  and in nine cases out of ten it is pos-  - sible."   7   ��. -     1  1    The Pioneer believes in building up  ^ the town in^ which uf is   located���not  in patronizing Timothy  Eaton or any  other f eastern   house.   '''J hey  spend  nothing here, and should not be patronized.   It every roan in .town would  send east for his goods as a lew do,'  it  would not be jmssible to do business  hi��re or elsewhere in this" province.  The cry of home industry is a viae one.  /l'he places that have, followed it out  have  jrospered   more   than   others.  Many thousands bf dollars are* thus  kept'in   circulation   monthly   incur  midst.   Let us give the travelling ie-  tail salesman the cold shoulder without  any, mistake.   Wc t win au\be dollars  in pocket by it in the long run.  REMARKABLE SCENES AT VICTORIA.  ^e^tnernory of man runneth, not  back Jo the contrary ,than when ^such  remarkable scenes were enacted at the  v legislative hall, as are now being dnil)  reported.   A new phase of the tangled  political situation is'presented almost  every da), affording an almost unlimited   opportunity for speculation irt the  meantime.    What   the  morrow  will  bring even the most experienced cannot loretell witn any degree of certainty.  '1 he dice box is shaken,  and lo, new  leatures are presented, totally unexpected.    It is like a plav, w itnessed for the  first time.    With a program   one can  ' get a faint, idea ot  what  to expect.  But at Victoria, the program has been  lost or^mislaid lrirthe shuffle.  When the Turner government was  dismissed, the then Vouts" thought it  all light, when they became "ins." Now  that the lieutenant-governor, exercises  the same prerogative and turns the  *'iV iplo "out,," fee is censured and  criticised mercilessly. 'I he "outs" also  icspl��te\aliantly, but all to no purpose.  Joe flrfartin was called to form a ministry, much to the stiprise ot all, himself  in< hided, and he finds it an uphill job,  and no wonder.  The endot it all no man can foresee,  except that whoever does succeed in  iorming it cabinet will have the biggest  firlir on his being endo-vd,   lor   tht  until recently 'in force on the Boundary railway, was that "Up to the present time the extension has been operated and controlled by the construction contractors, who also fixed the  freight rates, and the C. P. R. was not  to blame for, the high rate that previously existed," .With,more to,...the  same effect.  This was the excuse allowed to become current by the C. P. R. for  charging the exorbitant (so-<#lIed "con?  fraction" plasterer atfdTreTght rates  since last August''fo'March" "ist, over  the new railway, and the Miner takes  it as gospel truth. As tne contractors,  Mann, Foley Bros. & Larson, went  into this little $4,000,000 contract to  make money���and undoubtedly succeeded���they canjifibrd to let any old  kind of a story gain currency.  However, the facts are worth knowing, and as a member of the contracting firm repeatedly told the editor  of  the   Pioneer,   they   are   simply that  Mann, Foley Bros. & Larson did not  get a cent rake-off from the outrageously high   "construction"   charges.    Ill  the Miner man will interview'  J.   W. |  Stewart, now in Nelson,   he can  give  him some of these cold facts.   The C.  P.  R. had a chance to hold up the  Boundary business men and did so for  several months.  The Pioneer, unlike the Rossland  Miner and Grand Forks Miner, does  n,ot believe the C. P. R. is responsible  for all the sins in the catagory, nor all  those attributed to it. But, nevertheless, this was one of them, and the  railway comjiany itself alone is responsible. It is such acts' as this that  make communities and individuals  shout with one voice for competition,  and it is surprising that Mr. Sh'augh-  nessy and his shrewd lieutenants  would permit  it.    However, it  >In the assault on Gen. Cronje's  troops in South Africa, the Canadian  troops conducted themselves with  such .valor as to win ��� special praise  from Lord Roberts. Of course, here  in the west, we knew this would be  the case if the Canadians ever got a  good opportunity.  The  fever   is   spreading.    A new  town near Deadwood has been laid  out and called Ladysmith. There is  plenty of room yet in the Boundary to  plat townsites, and there are a few  towns left in South Africa after which  they might be named. After all, the  Bard of Avon inquired what there was  in a name.    Merit is what tells.  THROUGH THE WEEK.  Travellers generally assert that  throughout British Columbia, from the  eastern line to^Vancouyer, .Inls'wiQter  has been- an uirtsually dull one iii business circlesv 'l'he quietude was'universal, and not confined to any one  locality. < No town or city had a mon-  apoly of it.  ���o  One of the first mistaken ideas of  the ordinary merchant, when times  grow quiet, is to cut off his advertising  in his local paper. As a matter of fact,  there .never was a greater error in business judgment committed. The words  of Editor Turner, of the Cascade Record are worthy of special note in this  connection.    Herejs what he says:  "While you are hanging on by sheer  doggedne-ss and waiting lor your town  and business to improve, it is the gravest mistake to withdraw your support  from the local newspaper, in order- to  economize. That_paper is the window  throught which the passing throng sizes  up conditions. If the panes be small  and dirty, and an old hat has .taken  the place of gtasvjn.'the sash here and  there, no onewillbe tempted to look  in. Make your local paper robust and  healthy by giving'it liberaljsupport."  Tilt; MKST BKEIUN'.TOW.N li ilAUK BY THK  ELKHORN   BREWERY  ASK FOR  PORIMANli.  BROS. & CO.  Proprietors.  Patronize Home ladustry.  The Elkhorn Imager contains only pure Malt and Hops.    Try it!     It  kept on draught or in bottles by all the leading hotels.  The Phoenix Livery Barn and  *�� Feed Stables ^  '    HEDGE & CO., PrcMi mors.  > Good Saddle,  Pack and Driviiuj Horses.   HeavyJ^ying.  Charges Reasonable.  Standard, ave, phoenix, b.  c.  be  P. Burns & Co.   ****?;  HEAD OFFICE.FOR BOUNDARY CRF.KK, GKEFNWOOl), B. C.  '  ' HKADQUARTF.RS,-NELSON, I). C.  Wholesale Rand etai! Jeat Merchants.  Markets at Nelson, Kaslo, Three Forks, Sandon, Slocan City,  Silverton, New Denver,.Ymir, Sahuo, Rossland, Trail, Cascade,  Grand 1-orks, Greenwood, Midway, Niagara and Phoenix.  FISH, OYSTERS AND POULTRY IN SEASON.  All orders receive prompt attention.'  Maple Leaf Hotel    ^  TWIST efe SANDERS', Props.  FINE WINES, LIQUORS, AND CIGARS  ALWAYS KEF1' ON HAND.  Vauqhan <& MgInn^  OLD IRONSIDES AVENUE,  PHOENIX, B��.  ���'1,-  The  OF THE CAMP.  We handle all Kinds of Beef, Pork, Mntton and Veal.  Also Fish, Poultry and Oysters;in season..   ,  Your Trade Solicited,    bnr Prices Are Eight.  Old Ironsides Ave-        PHOENIX, B.C.  The British GoltLimhia Wholesale  - Liquor Company, Limited^  '������",'���'   R.GREIGER, Manager.  AGENTS FOR  ��� ��� ��� ��-���-  is  stated,'and has already done much to  re-kindle the opposition raibvay project for the Boundary.  J. T. Wilkinson^ of the Vancouver  Province, better known as "'Wings,"  flew into town early in the week on  one of his jieriodical visits. J: T. was  through the Boundary when the only  route was blazed through the forest,  as; and of course cannot fail to note vast  Choice Butter Always on hand  Warehouse: Corner Phoenix Street and Brooklyn Avenue.  9,0 m ��� 6 ��� ��t��-��-#H 1  -��r�� ��������������������������9-  *^COMPLETE LINE OF BAR SUPPLIES-*.*.* 1  ...GREENWOOD, B.C   Phoenix Stage Line.  Makes Two Round Trips" Daily ^Between Phoenix  and Greenwood.  Leaves Phoenix at,8.i5 a. m. and 1,45 p. m.   Phoenix Time.  Leaves  Greenwood at 20:00 a.m.'and 4:00 p.m.   Greenwood Time.  GOOD RIGS, GOOD STOCK AND FAST TIME.  MANDEL & MURPHY, Props.  ���gototheV���  Phoenix Feed arid Produce Co*  FOR YOUR  Hay, Grain, Flour and Feed  Just  R&eived  a Carload of Calgary Oats and Carload of Hay. .   J t&XXXBBSmSttttSi     Vtt&ZZXZSSXSBX  EDITORIAL COMMENTS.  In the Slocan conditions are fast  improving, thanks to the settlement of  the labor troubles, and most of the  mines are constantly taking on  meri.>  "Bobs" is doing all that was expected of England's field marshal-when he  went to South Africa. He has already  strtfek terror to the hearts of thousands  of Boers, and won many battles. Of  course that's what he went there for.  The Nelson Economist has but a  poor opinion of the Rossland Dandy  Coons, their ancient jokes, etc. In  the same issue it tells about the Pinafore  jierformance being gotten up by local  talent. It makes a difference whose  ox is being gored.  A provincial election is now not far  distant, and every voter should register. If a town casts-but 50 bailors it  wilt not get the same consideration as  it would if it had 200 or 300. Citizens of Phoenix should bear this in  j wind and   act   artordingh.    Among  changes.. Wherever he goes in this  section he is charmed with the pro-  gressiveness'manifested. He objects,  however, to some of the statements  credited to him recently in the Grand  Forks Gazette, which he asserts he did  not give voice to.' In the course of his  Iierigrinations, Mr. Wilkinson gathers  subscriptions for his paper, which is  owned by Hewitt Bostock, our member in the.dominion- parliament He  is popular wherever he goes, and finds  a host of friends everywhere.  One of the finest . pjeces of word  painting that has appeared in the press  of British Columbia, for many a moon  came out a few days since in the Vancouver Province, on ,the receipt of the  news of the fall of a number of gallant  sons of this province, white fighting for  the mother country in the Transvaal.  It was from the pen of Walter Nichol,  the editor, and was indeed a gem. At  this'kind of writing, Mr. Nichol is far  up in the front rank.  Columbia  Hotek^M*  Comer Dominion Aire,  and Phoenix Street.  Clark & Blnns,  DEALERS IN.  FURNITURE...  ��������.  \  V  3��"  The Largest and Best Appointed hotel  in the Camp. European, plan. Newly  furnished and finished throughout. '   : C. F. SEARS, Proprietoh  With Several Carloads m Stock and Several more en route we can  fill any order, from the Largest Hotel to ike Cozu���Nan7.  Let us figure on your order.  UNDERTAKING ANOrEMBALMING.  .Old Ironsides Avenue,  ssw^s^ias^^^^^a^a^;?*^^  (Opposite Miners' Union Hall)  Corner Dominion Avenue and Ba..i er   Street, Phoenix, B. C.  This Hotel is Hard Finished Bar Furnished With the Fin-  Conveniently Arranged. est of Goods.  ������'{Formerly of Sandon.)  Graham & Prendergast, Props.  erctmnt Tailor&  Are now open with a full and Complete \  Assortmentof the Latest Patterns in Suitings  Overcoatings, Etc.  Cor. Phoenfegt. and Brooklyn Ave., Phoenix, B. C  Cimeron Court L 0. F.  Cimeron Court, Independent Ordci  Fori esters, meets first and third Wednesdays of each month. Visitm"  brethren are cordially welcomed. ��  Alan Simpson,   J.E.W.Tuovpsgn  Rec.Sec.  C. R-  1 v-OR,  CH.1KJLLEN  PHOPRIETOR.  Work called for and Delivered.     Special  rates to families and  hotels.    First-class work guaranteed.  First St. and Knob Hill Ave, PHOENIX, B. C  JMN McRAE, Proprietor.  SHINGLES ON HAND.  We are prepared to furnish dimension timbers.  Mitt Located Two Mies Wesfc of Phoeniz, B, 0. THE PHOENIX PIONEER.  UJItoMM  DRUGGISTS.  DRUGS.  PERFUMES.  Druggists Sundries. ][  WE GIVE KVERY ATTENTION TO OUR  ���mam mmrn.1  REMEMBER THE LOCATION  Opposite The Wm. Hunter Co.''''  ooo i  I PMiiiMAve.       PU0EMX.1.C |  '���������4 44 I'fTfTTTfTTTTTTTTTTf'fc  ��� ���). '���   , >,         *>  r> f  i -*  IS YOUR NAME ON THE'LIST.  OsaUnatlas *f Ysters it tfca FerthcMilaf  EmcUm.  In view of the fact that the provincial. elections are now certain to take  place within the next few weeks the  electors of the district should take  pains to sec that their names are duly  ccorded in the official voters' list, says  ' c Rossland Miner.  As the recent re-distribution, bill re-  en tly. before the1 Provincial' Parliament did not |MS8, the Rossland  iding of West Kootenay will be the  nve as in the elections of ;r8o8, vie:  All that portion of the district of  Vest Kootenay which lies south of the  eyelstoke riding, and to the west of  Columbia' river and Lower Arrow  ke." This includes Rossland, Trail,  ascade, Midway, Greenwood,' Phoe-  and Grand Forks. In the elections  1898, 958 votes were counted in  e final revision ���by the returning offi-  r. fas. M. Martin obtained 569  nd his opponent, Mr. McKane, 389  otes. The official list has been con-  iderably changed and added to since  898. and the total number of persons  now entitled to vote should reach over  1,500  In order, to entitle a citizen to vote  he must be duly registered on the  official list, the qualifications for which  are; that he is of the full age of 21  years, .a .British' subject and a retident  of. the province for six months ��� and . of  the electoral district for one month  fuior to his application for enrolment  It-is' necessary that the applicant's  me should be posted in the col lee's office for 14t clear days previous  > being placed on the list.    * ' "��  Persons properly qualified who de;  ,.   e'to vote should at once make' ar>  implication and have their names duly  ntered on the   official - list    Up.- to  [within   14 clear days of' election day,  hat ever day  that  may  be,   names  ayr.be added and will be placed on a  upplemental list if too late for the first  liat   is  made   up   by   the   collecor  jVoteri-, however,  who are   not   now  Notice.  Notice is herby given that an application  will  be  made  to the Lcgishv  tive Assembly of the Province of Brit  ish Columbia at its next session, for an  Act to incorporate a Company wish  power to construct,  equip,   maintain,  and operate telephone and   telegraph  lines within and throughout  the Prov-  ince of British Columbia, and to construct, erect, and maintain such and so  many poles and other works and devices as the Company deem, necessary  for   making, completing, supporting,  using, working, operating and  maintaining the system of communication  by telephone and  telegraph,  and to  open or break up any part or parts of  the said highways of streets as often  as the said  Company,   its agents, officers or workmen think proper, and for  the purposes of the undertaking to purchase, acquire, or lease, and hold and  sell and dispose of lands, buildings or  tenements within the limits aforesaid,  and to purchase or lease, for any term  of years, any telephone  or  telegraph  line established, or to be established,  in British Columbia,   connected,  or  to be connected  with the  line which  (he ComjMny may construct, and  to  amalgamate with  or lease, its line or  lines, or any portion 'or portions thereof, to,any company possessing, as proprietor, any line of telephones or telegraph communication connecting, or  to lie connected,  with the said Company's line or lines,  and to borrow  money for the purposes of the Company, and to pledge,, or mortgage any  of the Coin|>any's assets for that pnr-  pose, and to receive bonuses or privil  eges from any person or body cor|x>r-  atc, and'with all other usual, necessary  or incidental  rights, ]x>wers or privileges airnay be necessary or incidental  to the attainment of the above objects,  or any of them.  Dated this 15th day of December,  1899.'    ��� ��� ' J. R. Brown,  Solicitor for,the Applicants.  E.C. KEITH & CO,   HANDLE   .. Real Estate and  Mining Properties.  Copper   properties   Wanted.  Some choice lots in Phoenix  on Reasonable terms.  PHOENIX, B. C.  THE BANK OF  Established in 1836.  Incorporated by Royal Charter.  PAID-UP CAPITAI ,$4,866,666  RESERVE FUND $1,460,000  LONDON OFFICE:  3 Clement's Lane,Lombard Street, E.C.  The Greenwood  Electric Company  Are now prepared to undertake the installing of lights on  the premises of intending consumers. Before any building  is connected to the Company's  mains, the wiring will have to  be inspected by an officer of  the Company. All work must  be done in accordance with the  rules of the National Board of  Underwriters, Prices and any  further particulars can be obtained at the office of the Company located on Deadwood  street.  Greenwood Electric Co.  Greenwood, B. C.  EASTERN  CALGARY FliUR  M/rVt^-.rSVV?ETEGT  b  BREAD  ALDHAH & BLUNT,  Mine Surveyors,  and Draughtsmen. '  Phoenix, B. C.  R. B. KERR,  Barrister and Solicitor,  notary puiilic.  PHOENIX, B. C  J. A. CORYELL & CO.,  Civil and MiningtEncineer.s'  ���-��� .......Provincial Land (Surveyor's.  cstasushco 1��m.  Grand:Forks and  Phoenix, B. C  II. S. CAYI.KY.  W.B. COCHRANE  CAYLEY & COCHRANE,  Solicitors, Etc.  *   . PHOENIX, B.  ?5  "registered should lose no time in mak-  ^ 1  lug application.  '"    '\'t The Miner doubtless underestimates  l4|e voting strength of the Boundary  �����*- rtart of Rossland riding. Those who  gfc: [Live looked  into the matter  believe  ���that this section alone will  poll  close  1000 votes.'  .Hun.  I have secured the agency for  sev-  jral Eastern  Pianos,   shipped  direct  ^om factory at factory prices.  L. C. Crawford,  Old Ironsides Towsite Office.  Chares Services.  Presbyterian.���Divine service ev-  ry Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:30 o'clock,  ronsides   time,  in  the  schoolhouse.  .wyfcrerbody cordially invited.  j/^  ,       D. A. Stewart, B. A.,  J; jjjs Presbyterian Missionary.  *r 4- Methodist.���-Preaching service will  ' "Jbe held every  Thursday evening,  at  ^Jjo o'clock, at the schoolhouse.    Ser-  >r jn by RevJ B'. H. Balderstbri.    C6r-  v dial invitation to all.  A. E. ASHCROFT,  MINING AND CIVIL ENGINEER  PROVINCIAI. LAND SURVEYOR.  Townships Bank,  ESTABLISHED 1859.  Capital $1,500,000  Reserve Fund    -   -   -   -    $835,000  BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  -   R. W. Hcneker, President.  Hon. M.H.Cochrane, Vice-Pres.  Israel Wood, J. S. Mitchell,  G. Stevens, J. N. Galer, N.W. Thomas, C.H.  Kathan. H. B. Brown, Q.'C.  '   Head Office, Sheriirooke, P.Q.  Wnv'Farwell, Gen'l Mgr., S. Edgell,  Local Mgr., S.F. Morey, Branch Inspector.  BRANCHES.  Waterloo, \V.I.Briggs,Mgr,Stanstead,  S. Stevens, Mgr; Ccwanville, J. Mac-  kinnon, Mgr.; Coaticook, B. Austin,  Mgr.; Richmond,' W.'L." Ball, Mgr.;  Granby, W. H. Robinson, Mgr.; Bedford, E. W. Morgan, Mgr.; Magog,  E. L\ Oliver, Mgr.; St Hyacinthe, J.  J. Laframboise, Mgr.; Huntingdon, E.  N. Robinson, Mgr.; Grand Forks, J.  W. Macloughlin, Mgr.  Agents in Montreal, Bank of Montreal; London, Eng. Nat. Bk. of Scotland; Boston, Nat. Exchange Bk.; New-  York, Nat Park Bank.  Collections made.at all accessible  points. Drafts issued for any required  amounts, good in all points, in/Canada,  y.^S.and Europe. "Exchange bought  arid sold.  Savings Branch Department at each  office.  Interest allowed from date of deposit and compounded annually with  out requiring attention of depositor.  Office hours: 10-3; Sat. from 10 to 12.  court of directors:  J.H.Brodie, John James Carter, Gas-  pard Farrer, Richard H. Glyn, Henry  I.R.Farrer, Ed. Arthur Hoare, HJ.B.  Kendall, J.J.Kingsford, Fred Lubbock,  George D. "[batman.  *     Secretary, A. G. Wallis.  Head office in Canada: St. James si.,  Montreal.  H. Stikeman, General Manager.  J. Elmsleyi Inspector.  BRANCHES IN CANADA,  London, Brantford, Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Quebec, St. John, N. B., Brandon, Winnipeg, Fredericton, N.B., Halifax, Victoria, Vancouver, Rossland, Kaslo,  Trail, Ashcroft, Dawson City, Klondike, N.W.T., Greenwood, Atlin and  Bennett, B.C., Sydney, C. B.  AGENTS IN THE UNITED STATES.  Spokane���Traders Nat. and Old Nat  Banks. N.Y.���(52 Wall st.) W.Lawson  and J.C.Welsh, agents. San Francisco  (124 Sansomc st.)H.J.McMichael and  J.R.Ambrose, agents.  , LONDON BANKERS.  The Bank of England and Glyn & Co.  1 FOREIGN AGENTS.  Liverpool���Bk. of Liverpool, Australia  -Union Bk. of Australia. New Zealand  Union Bk. of Aus., Bk. of N.Z, India,  China and Ja]>an-Chartercd Mer. Bk.  of India, London and China, Agra Bk.  W. Indies-Colonial Bk. Paris-Marcu-  ard. Krauss & Co., Lyons-Credit  Lyonnais.  '   JAMES ANDERSON, Mgr., QreeawsM, B.C.  ��-g-0- 9 9 ����������� ���-��HP-��-��-��-0-  -- --~-~-w-^w-~w-w-+-0-9-+-9-* 9 9 9-9-9-*-9~9-  o The Most Popular  �� o Hotel in Phoenix is  ...THE BUTTE*  C. W, ABBOTT, Manager.,  It is the FAVORITE RESORT for the  Weary and Thirsty    Traveller  Wayfarer,  becoming  Boundary.  or  and in consequence is  noted   throughout   the  Newly Furnished Throughout;.  Choicest Liquors and Cigars.  Dining Room First-Class in Every Way.  T  f ��� Dominion Avenue,  ?T   PHOENIX, B. C. i f  QOCOC)000000<��OCWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCK)OOOOOOOC��0000  The Lion Bottling Works  GREENWOOD  ���30I.E AGENTS FOR THfc-  AND  o  Lion Brewing Co.  Of Rossland, the  Largest Brewery in British Columbia.  PHOENIX, B. C.  GENERAL  EXPORT  AGENTS���  Blue Label  REICIIS-  QUEI.LEN  Sellers   Natural   Mineral Water  1   Wiesbaden, Germany.  JAS. McCREATH & CO.. Props.  oocooooooocwooooooobcK>CK)ooooooooocwc��ooooooooo<o^oooo  NOTICE.  The British 'Columbia Southern  Railway company will apply to the  Parliament of Canada at its next session for an act authorizing the company to complete at any time before  the end of the year 1904 its western  section as described in the act of the said  parliament (60-6r -Victoria, Chapter  36) and a branch line from a point  on its main line at or near the forks of  Michel Creek, thence by way of Michel  Creek to Martin Creek, and for other  purposes.  By order of the Board.  H, Campbell Oswald, Secretary.  Montreal, 17 th November, 1899.      17  MINERAL ACT, ISM.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  Willamena Mineral claim, situate in  the Kettle River Mining Division  of Yale District.  Where located���Greenwood .camp.  Take notice that we, George W.  Rumbcrger, Free iner's Certificate  No. B6450, and Alexander A. Mcintosh, Free Miner's Certificate No.  H6513, intend, sixty days from the  date hereof, to'apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining' a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action,  under section 37, must be commenced  before the issuance of such Certificate  of Improvements.  Dated this 22nd day of December,  1899.  ��� ���������������^������������������t* ��������� + ���������� + ��  FOR A GOOD  MEAL GO TO  The Mint  Restaurant  Harber & Thompson,  Proprietors.  J.EFORTIN,  Dominion Avenue  Phoenix, B. C.  Shoes  made in  any  style     Rubbers and Shoes repaired.  All kinds of leather Findings for sale. ,      Harness Repaired.  WE HAVEGOOD  |-^ XlL7^-xir^^4 IN SHORT LENGTHS.  LJry     W OOCl GENERAL TRANSFER  Delivered promptly by M. McINTYRE.  Leave orders at the B. C Telephone Exchange.  City Bakery  SLINN & McCAGUE,  PROPRIETORS.  ����������������������������������������������������������������������������  (0.  BAUER & ASHCROFT,  VANCOUVER, II. C.  GREENWOOD, B.  ANGUS K. STEWART  CUSTOMS BROKER,  WOOD BUILDING,  GREENWOOD, B.  Notice of Dissolution.  Notice  is hereby   given that  the  ^partnership  heretofore subsisting be;  Itvyecn  us,   the undersigned! as  proprietors of the Butte  Dining Rooms,  ihas been this day dissolved by mutual  Iconsent    All debts owing to the said  /partnership are to be paid to H. Havvv-  fthorne,  at   Phoenixj- B^C.,' and all  Iclaims against the said partnership a're  I to be presented to the said  H.   Havv-  [ thorne,   by whom the   same   will be  I settled.  Dated at Phoenix, this 24th day of  ^February, A. D.: 1909.  ...... h. Hawthorne,  William Brown.  'Witness:-;' ��� .^'/���;:������.  JWJA.'ABnoTT.  SCOn & rtcUREN.  Contractors and Builders.  Estimates Furnished.  PHOENIX, B. C.  D. J. MATHESON,  INSURANCE AGENT,  FIRE, LIFE, ACCIDENT.  Commlaxhim-r for taking AffliUvltit.  Phoenix, B..C;  Notice of Dissolution.  Notice- is hereby given that the  partnership heretofore subsisting be^  tween us, the undersigned, as general  merchants, has been this day dissolved  by mutual consent All debts owing  to the said partnership, are to be paid  to M.: Joseph Walker, at Phoenix,  It B. C;, and all claims against the said  P partnership are'tblbe presented, to!the  jji�� said M. Joseph Walker, by whom the  % same will be settled. .  'Dated at Phoenix,   this 21 st day of  February,;��V. D. 1900.,,- ".-������-  Witness: !      . ���*  W. B. Cochrane,   Justin H; Posty..  Solicitor,        '.'" M. J'. Walker, '  Phoenix, B. C  REMEMBER THE MAINE,  ;   Shaving Parlors  and Bath Rooms.  BASEMENT 1I0URK  BUILDING.  Phoenix, B. C  tem&er & Co<  , Jewellers  idaffls....  J. F. WALKER t CO.  Every thing in stock that  should be found in an Up-to-  date ' News and Stationery  establishment  Daily Papers,  ���' Magazines,  Books,  Stationery,   '  Pipes,  Tobaccos and  Cigars.  DOMINION AVENUE  Phoenix, B. C.  ���    Agts. for Spokesman-Review  ���f^H-*-M-H-<  Meals at All Hours  The Best the Market  V\~.-.. Affords-  1  ���r.  A.       J-  DOMINION AVENUE.  Phoenix, B. C.  ��������������������*�����������������������������������������������������������  .Bread, Cakes, Pies, Etc., Fresh Daily.  IRONSIDES ADDITION, PHOENIX, B. C.  Free Delivery.  The Win. Hamilton Manufacturing Company,  Limited.  Mining  Peterborough, Ont.,  ������������������������������ vmXxNAmL/jCv* ������������������������������  W*W-%A��*->  PHOENIX  IS WHERE THE MINES ARE.  -*o%*->  Spokane Palis &  Fine Watch .Rehiring of all;  Kinds.    Prices Reasonable.  MILLER BLOCK,  Phoenix,'B.C  ;'/.:' PhooputsK Shoe Shop.  All Work ^Guaranteed.    Import-  ;ed Goods.  FINE BOOTS AND SHOES MADE TO  . i ORDER.'  PRACTICAL   MINERS' AND   PROS-  PECrdRS' SHOES   A SPECIALTY.  Cofocr Pho<ol��St.and/Qrooklyo Ave.  Northern System.  NELSON AND F01T SHESTiAB RY CO.  , Red Mountain Railway.  The direct and only All-Rail   Route  between the Kootenay District  ' AND ALL     ;  British Colximbia Points,  Pacific Coast Points.  Puget Sound Points  Eastern Canada and.United-States.  ���CONNECTS AT SPOKANE WITH   GREAT NORTHERN RY.  O. R.&NAV. CO.  NORTHERN PACIFIC RY.  Maps furnished, tickets sold and in  formation given by local and connecting ticket agents.  Passengers for Kettle River and  Boundary creek connect at Bossburg  with stages daily.  H. A. JACKSON, G.P. & T.A.  Spokane, Wash.  fabulous mineral resources, its location, electric and waterworks sys-  terns, and the Nine Producing Mines  that are now ready to ship ore, make it  the Mining Oentre of the Boundary.  MINERAL ACT IS**.  CEMHCATE OF INPtOVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  The Joker Mineral claim, situate in  the Kettle River Minif" Division  of Yale District.  Where located:���Greenwood Camp.  ' Take notice that, we, Thomas B.  Garrison, Free Miners' Certificate No.  B13128, Michael Sullivan, Free Miners'  Certificate No. B13156, and George  W. Rumberger, Free Miners' "Certificate No. B6450, intend, sixty day's  from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of  Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown* Grant of the .above  claim.  And further take notice that action,  under section 37, must be commenced  before the issuance of such Certificate  of Improvements.  Dated this Sixteenth day of November, 1899.  CANADIAN        ^  PACIFIC RY.  AND SOO LINE.  Canada's National Highway.  Anerica's Great TraiscMtiratal Liae  . aid WorkTs Pictorial RMte.  The direct route from Kootenay, Kettle  River and Boundary Creek Districts  _to_ail points East and_West.   First-Class Sleepers on all trains from  Revelstoke and Kootenay Landing.  Tourist'Cars past Medicine Hat:  Daily for St Paul; Sundays and  Wednesdays for Toronto; Fridays  For Montreal and Boston. Same  Cars pass Revelstoke one day earlier.  Direct Connection via Robson to and  from all Points.  Except Sunday        Except Sunday  15:05 Leave Green wood Arrive 15.05  For   rates    and    full    information  address nearest local agent or,  E.R.REDPATH, Agent, Greeawwd, B. C.  W.F. Anderson,        E.J.Coyi.e,  Tra v. Pass. Agent, A.G.P.Agt.  '      Nelson","BrCn   Vancouver," BtC-"  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Established 1867.  -0  LET  G. W. RUMBERGER  ;.'.-.. TELL YOU THE REST.  1     ,'  Don't Leave the city until you see him.  PAID-UP-CAPITAL $6,000,000.  [Six Million Dollars.]       $r,000,000  rest.  ~Q*-  ��� .....^ ��� '��.i��..��^^^^  President Hon. Geo. A. Cox.  General Manager 15. E. Walker.  Ass't; Gen'l   Manager. j.H. Plummer.  This liank has the largest number of  branches of any bank in Canada, with  agencies at New York, Chicago, New  Orleans, Skagway and Dawson City.  Accounts of Colorations, Merchants  and Individuals received on favorable  terms.  Drafts, Commercial Credits, Travelers' Credits and Circular Notes issued  available in any part of the world.  Approved Notes Discounted; Collections made.  A general Banking business transacted.  Greenwood Branch,  D. A. CAMERON,  Manager  i*ooeeoe����o��e����oeeeooc3����  PHOENiX  BAKERY  C. W. Greer, Propr.  Special Attention Paid to  Hotel, Family and Mining Trade.  SHOP:  PHOENIX STREET,  REAR  MORRIN &  PHOENIX,  THOMPSON,  B. r.  PI  m  - *w  m  m  K '������< -  fit  \   - 1  j!' '���  >i"\  1  itseie(t>titait��>>o(oi�� <  1 1  1 mm>  ItaXSi  *       ��  f o����n��*-��L r  THH "^HUENIX PIONEER  m Dros  jusi ri-u ivi n a mocs.  OJ   l VJJ-M   niSICiNs IN  WAUL'PAPER  AKo a  complete line  of Stationery^  Blank Books, Cigars and Tobacco  *��� ' \  Dominion Ay*.     PHOENiX, B C  Commercial travelers have been visiting l'Ioen*\ tin* wjsk in increasing  munbcit'  A  ������I  i  Messrs Mornn, Gordon and Break-  cnridge wenf over the trail to Summit  camp Jnst Saturday, as a committce.lor  the board, oftrade, to sire up the road-  makuu problem They will ,re])ort  at   the   meeting   of    next    Monday  ; And SNQW SHOES f&cning J  ^ Clark & Bmns, the furniture dealers,  On Old Ironsides avenue, received a  carload ol carpets and furnishings, via  Hartlord Junction this v\eek The  carpets, like all other goods handled  by this firm, run fiom the lowest to  the highest grade,  ��' 'Ihe Phoenix Feed &* Produce' Co.  has just'received another car of timothy hay and a csrot oats-. Celebiated  C.ilgarv flout, ��thcbest m the market,",  and frtsh rinc!, -hutter -are 'their spei  ctalty A "'good stock of A No.  shingles also on hand *  Mftuques for tbc Masquerade.  McRac J^ros \- Smith have received  a l.nge assortment of masques for the  St. Patrick's eve Masquerade ball," to  be given nejvt week. ,Prices run Irom  23 to 50 ce-jiti,. Come rnd take your  pick before Ihd. best arcj.'gonc. .  - The Greenwood Miner is contemplating enlarging to eighet pages and  appearing as a semi-weekly. '  IN THE LOCAL FIELD.  I'v  V   1  ;\J    ,  Barnsteis Cochrane and Kerr have  been attending court at Grand 1'orks  this week ���       '  Phoeni\ B oard of Trade 'w ill hold  its regular monthly meeting i.cxt Monday evening '*  l'he. Columbia Telephone Co. litis  installed a switchboard in Phoenix for  a local exchange. t    ,  K. .fcichultr has arrived in town'and  accepted a position with M.J. Walker,  general merchant.  Pat Welch, the i.ulway contractor,  has closed his Greemtood office and  moved1 to Spokane.      ��� 1 j*  Graham & Prendergast,  proprietors  of the Union hotcl^havc built an addition to the building. .*���  George R  Wjnkoop, of the  Wyn-  ' koop-Stephens   Trading Co,   visited  Grand l'oiks this week.  Saturday and Sunday's .snow storm  brought an addition oi'nearly a fqot 01  the'beauii.ul in "srfd around L'hoenu  Today is the monthly pay day in  most of the mines ol the camp.* It is  estimated to be 'Aver1 $35,006 this}  month.0 J    '  The Old Ironsides ore bunkers 'are  uow practically completed and the  Knob Hill ore bins are also 1 well'ad-  %anced.    ' <   '  The ejectrip light people 'have , thus  jfar'connected'np nearly '200 lights in  Phoenix, and have many; more orders  ahead. ,        '        ' , ;  Patrick Riley, foreman of the Lexington, mine, died  Wednesday at the  -Stephens frading  COMPANYrLtd ;" .' J  ���*������;<'  J. B. BOYL& 1 Two Big Storeg  Mis-j Ahce Palmer,- daughter,of Mr1.,  and Mrs/V.'D. 'Palmer, 'of Greenwood,'- died in thhl placclast Wednesday, the resijk of^n fail^'on ihe ice-a  couple o'f weeks since. M*i4 'pnYilfcr  was employed by the B. C. 1'elephonc  exchange, and was popular with1 the  patrons of that line. '  Grand Forks has organi/ecl a liberal  association, witlUhe follow ing>of}icer$,:  K A. Dickson,'president; Frcd-MVol-  laston( and Dr/, Lamljert, * firsthand  second vice-presidents; L P. Eckstein,  secietar), Hugh Sweeney, treasurer;  P. P. McCallum, A. Waugh, G. T.1  Park, Joseph Hill and J. Hill," Executive committee  Tuesday night a dispute occurred  in the Phoenix hotel, in- whiclr-Matt  Denney struck David Smith with a  bottle and skipped. He was caueh,t  and brought back, and the case'eame  belore Justices Williams and Matriesori.  Denney was fined $15 and costs,  amounting ,n all, to $69,10. Smith  was not badly hurt.,  t  Has removed his Diug Store to'the  new Wynkcop-Stephens Block, Gof.  Dominion Avenue and Phoenix St?;  where he will be pleased! to" see all,his  did friend/ apd^cuijtorncrs., *.  ^    f -  Everything tbat should brln-a Drug Store.* J J  Full Line of Perfect Remedies.,  ' i { ���  PIIOENIX^B. C.        >'' r  IN EACH OP WHIGH IS OAERIEJL7  A COM-  .......FLETE STOCK OF......":  WHITE HdUSE ?  <^_CLOTHING STORE  CftrrlcHii.KjulHliK'of, .  Gents' Fiir��i^!��gs^d( j j  Custom Made Clothing.  As the M'��<��>:i 11 iicurJy ovor, will sell the  Celebrated Hudson Bay Blanket s  "      '   'ATVEKVLOVVFIUUKKSI.  ,/-M. W.( CRANE���,P,rp^ieior.  Dominion Avenue, Phoenix, D. C.  Y ��� ;a Sr!t '.io dfi;q R9C e ^ f or  5i*M��sm:  foW#&ftfc>: '���^���'.'  Groceries, Hardware,. .Tinware^   Clotliing, Boots  and .Shoes,  and General Supplies <    ."���:-'  Pioocct Stores of Phoenix Camp. ,-,.���������<  Old Ironsides Ave. and Dominion Ave.,   ;,   ,,     PHOENIX, B. C.  = :.-1"!iv-. -��� r^rr  ��-��-��4-�� ������ ��������������������������������������������������������������������� -M-f.>4-f�� ���,��� �������,����� t f��f-��-��-��^-��-t"M"f^ ���  *1  '  '  4f,t' T  A  KK",  1%  (iiand Forks hospital., Father Palmer 10000 cmlco for  officiated at the lunera! yesterdav.-' !*no oclivcbcd. '  x The,im|x>rts received at the Grand  Forks customs office, lor the nVontht of  February amounted to , $39,660 and  the duty collected thereon ��� amounted  to $11,410.        y        . f"  Frank Robbins'left on Tuesday with  PHOENIXmUNDRX.      ���*���*  -i_^LAWRENGE ct'-WAOTSON, Mops',   f  Best ol work guaranteed,' - Specialty, of White Shirts.  Basement Miller Blk., Dominion Av\  H. E. Mjt^hel?C I  '     Fine- CostoA' 'TiHtf'1 ;a'A t:   a ; : : ~r -���������  ������ Has operied up a Choice<Line of Imported and Domestic ���+ ���  Goods; which he will make up'in the Latest. >���  '   ' Style"'and warranted to fit. m ��*  Adjoining Black's Hotsl, Dominion Ave.  ==. Phoenix, B. C.  3T  ;   .. ;   X)OMI^I.ON AVE., PHOENIX, B. C.  The Pioneer Hotel  -!  1 I .   Finest Brands of Wines, Liqiiors a::d Cigars always in Stock |  :  Coinfortable.pjirLw��llFuniislied Rooms.  >frsv Robbins,tor Nejson.^ ^Mr.  . bins v'itilqij)4t*es4ne istarling ijp'i  '      I tAmiiMnn'Pmuvai>  f,*-k**t       fr^��r%��^J>*.t*  Rolj  oi Uie  exikcting-ptb^uildif an^ad&tion,   by  which   the���present .building will  be  madei'to^extend, from* Dominion ��"tq  Standard avenue.  vA Since the reduction ���m ^ate& on the  > Boundary"railwayt ft$4.sofis. the,passen-  ger rate"to Robsbn.'-^gaihst' the old  ^rate"oi$7. (From Greenwood to Grand  " Jl^Ls trie^are is $r.��5>t ^yt i_'j\  ee^eeeeceeecfcc^fe  tf'  V  Mlwi^e  ^/ALEADIN6MEBCBA8T.  Hotel and Theatre.  A. Bra,nson & Co. Wm. Kiniz,  " i'1 1 '  , Delphos Lawrence  successor; to  Posty. A "Walket  '*��'."j*^      ���   WelAre Now OpWWitlfetbef / j   .;,/.<    ,v  -~  Most Complete Stock of  Choice Groceries, Men's Clothing, Furnishing Goods  r,\* a 1  viht   1  "W v. ���>  V -  �����'   > .  fcv  11" <* it  H'si J* "!.'*���    l  VS:.   .v  I  if'"'     s  V   r  ,  t'  1  Postmaster Mafhesbn 'has been- kept  -'more1 than Usually busy this week"'issU-  '*sngs money ,'orders irom'the Phoenix  'oftice, authority'- ior doing wlilch only,  arrived lastTriday mgfit. ^ '"!' f )  y: A. S. Winiam^n;\olj;the^']rrunter-  Kendnck Co!, is'ihtereste^iMn a claim  (adjoining the|Stravvberry, on^tHe'north  fork of Kettle River,1 whence several  r   important strikes have been  repoi ted  of late. 1? ij /. <>      '      1     i '  '<.J.yJ. Banfield,..the widely' known  '*insura.nce man*of Vancouver, was lrj  PhoenixiWednesday,'on���� one rof'.'his  jieriodical trips to this isection., ����He  was shown around by his agent here,  }), J. Maihe'son. J> <, r-"   ' ^  (W. L. Russell is not a little'pleased  iit An assay ot $87.60 in gold, obtained  "here (from pome ore taken from a claim  in, vyjbitfh'lre i54i}terested/6n HUcklet  H l.prry.mountain back, of Cascade., The  ��joreVso rw^ h'gh in^opperl*  '' ' f> ,  rvij.?^^,!,1!^*0,    ^v j;,,( ,j'  Jay P. Graves, of the Miner-Graves  syndicate,* owning^ and operating the  ,6i'd Ironsides,' 'Knob Hill, Victoria',  ""etcTTrn^Phoenivcamp, arrived in-Spo-  Karie^irbnv* ^Montreal last"Thursday,  and is expected in Phoenix shortly    <  v tThe w ar pictures of battles in South  Africa displayed by The Wm. Hunter  Co?.1, Ltd., have been attracting a good  deal of'attention. The ladies are also  attracted Mjy^the display "Of< ,sewjn*  machines this concern now has. >  Goods  Short ,Notice to'all  - .^     ._,-.Jus''a-caIIapd- &  to all Orders...SatiS1^ "convince yourself  parts of the city. . .     (action   Guaranteed,      that-.We lead in  Phone Brown 527/    or money returned. .  / prices.  M. J. WALKER, Dominion Avenue.  iPropnetors.  Gen'l Manager. Amusement Mgr.  Open Day and Night,   j  Accommodations for AIL  The Yate-Coltimfeia Lumbet Co. I  �� ' \  '  '--   f~ '  <! 'Jl'];IMITEIV     -    ���'   -.'  x .!        Manufacturers of all kinds of  Rough and Dressed Lomber, Lath, Sbiag(es,  Mouldings and Turnings,  Our Present Mill and Yartjs.are Located as Follows:  mill and yard  (i     ��      it'  NEXT WEEK.  ��>HOENIX  MUELLER BROS., Proprietors.  Will be ready   in "a few  days to deliver a &  St  ���f^.'^  ity of Lager Beer*  i  A  '- The Great Irish Play  I^Kathiecn Mavoiirncen,  �����  , .-j, ��Witk aJ3ig tCast���10 New People.  Also, ^ifcGILLIGAN'S'BAD 'BOY," Farce" Cohiedy y  I   Rev Wardrobes.  Cmt Scenic [fflcefs: ^IfWf Jacc^rlP  Nakusp  Robson  Rossland :    .     �� ,  ��      ��  Ymir    .   .   , "     "       ����  Greenwood���(icn'l office���mill and  yards.  Phoenix  Ehblt No. i_  Eholt No. 2...  Deadwood  . ���'.  Rock Creek. *.,  Long Lake. .  mil! and yard.  U II  v     It If  ,<��   ���/ jl  "It ��*. tl  0t7^We are .also prepared to deliyer lumber to anymining camji.  Our Company isjehabled to Supply any order Vithout delay  Notdcti Hotel  J. E. AHLMSTROM,' Manager.  , ,., v. Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars. ���  DOMINTON1 AVENUE,''   ' -       -       ���".<'-.,   PHOENIX, B. C.  ��  j  Columbia Baths and Barber ,SJioix  Batis 50c, 3 for $t.00 >   '  Under Columbia Hotel,  Phoenix, & C-   R. L. MILES, Prop.  Cor. Standard Avenue and Banner, Street.  PHOENIX;B.X&.V   .,-.;    ,rJ-  ���rmiHiWiiywa  iff, Hose & Deacon  Are Now Ready tc��do All Kinds of ��� <  TINWARE, jROOFHSIG,.  "' REPAIRINGiJ'Bk 'MM  >r '-'J  ,. /.'i.  . Dominion ivenue,  Phoenix, B. C. \  The Town'of_  ��� -;  ^  yjiiAi .i  ^ ^rx Heart of Famous Greenwood Gamj.  ���f-f^-M-f-M-f-f-M-f  The Comjn^ Rossland of  the Boundary County fv  ���������^���������������������"���������������������f  i't i  <r:<>C><K^0<^bKXK>O<H><KK><K^^  J*  i8��  ji      " '^  \  f  HOUSE FURNISHINGS  MILLINERY  and   DRESSflAKING  SPLENDID STOCK ARRIVING,  o o �� o  thait'WiH remind 'yon   DO'NPT I. FORCET. ',TBB   ! <  i.'  >m> .'   * *  Opposite Butte Hotel  Dominion Ave.,  '   Phoenix, B. C.  Meals  Served at All  Hours  tt \ *  ���  H. HAWTHORNE, *  Proprietor.     ''  oosoaooooooooooooooooooooo  250 Feet-'from the Brooklyn Plant.- - < ^  '���" <'' '' L[  One-Half mile from the Ironsides and Knob Hill nines. '*  Railroad now being completed passes through the town.  ��� ������'-"(VXeuttte df aix.i.of..the most prominent mines in -the entire  Boundary, <ill of which are producers.  ��� Plenty of pure water  from lake on the property.  Ii W\  S 1  'm !e  i *       ' ���  I     i  J^ V   "   1 'For Prices and 'Terms, apply to  l  1. ii. Hii    mm 1 mm  r c  r��  A


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