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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Mar 4, 1916

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Array (Wprfrfi  autfvB*^-'  J *���''��.  J  Tko largest cnpnnr mines in  the Dominion ire situutrd  at Phoenix, rhe Grimly  Oo. employs 50J men, aud  has a monthly pay" roll of  over }Jf50,000: Two railroads  afford access to the city.  SEVENTEENTH YEAR  W^  Wo  te��"M  '&  teW  K^  g-ft-rV  'life  >:iK.  Sensational Hockey. Game! the determined efforts of both teams,  0   __   neither side scored,   and   the  game  On Tuesday evening at 8:10 p.m.   ended in a draw,  the C.   P.   R.   special   from' Trail/     The game was clean throughout  arrived   in    town    crowded    with   the   only    penalties     given    were  rooters" for  the   much talked   0f|awaided to  Treh-rne   and  Bassett  Devoted to the Interests ofthe Boundary Mining District  PHOENIX, B.C.', SATURDAY, MARCH 4,  4916  The Phoknix  Pioneer   f��  published,   in   the  higb.es.fc  municipality  in  Cana-d*���  ttltitude;4.����ffc.   The dbf  has a population of 1,800,  aud    possesses    &rst-cltie&  hotels, opera'house, oeheoht,  "      " s,<��"HtteV��H  '* ,  , :KV;#  P     ���M     *>Vn'  ,vw  hockey match for a side bet of  $1,000. When the hour advertised  for the game to commence arrived,  tl\e rink was crowded to overflow,  ing with spectators from far and  near. Never vas there such an  enthusiastic crowd gathered together in   expectation   of a -keenly  of two minutes each.  Great credit was expressed on all  sides for the satisfactory manner in  which the game vvr.s handled by .the  judgeofplay and referee respectively",  Bishop brothers of Nelson.  Following is'lineup :   '  Mining Notes of British Columbia l( Walker"s CoPP<*r Letter  f ""   '  27% to 29 cents and electrolytic' is  car of ore this week to the Trail  smelter from their claim on LeFleur  mpuntnin, near Danville.  Sixteen miles from  Usk, 'on  -������ ,     Phoenix Goal Trail  contested game, as each side cheered  Reid ' v  repeatedly for their respective t,?ams "." ' p'���';"!. va*>etta  ��. they entered the arena and :hased  Shore <    M n      '      , I mom.?aaic*t* of�����  the puck across th, !��.  '������'"������". McD�������^   recently got values 'to  F. S. Norcross is working a small  %��������*?**mta?- "dcCarihoo:McB""^  Mr n    .      e n *   ��� Rossland led the province in   the  Mr. Gemn, of Danville, and Alex,   production of gold  last year, W  eterson, of Grand Forks, shipped'a I du'eing fully 60 per cent of the total  Ceil       /**! t     /"*�� t*A 4 It . n j. .....   I j .   ��� ������ �� - * i -t        output of 258,000 ounces. The  Hedley Gold Mining Co. produced  between 38,000 and 40,000 ounces.  Of the   total   of 34,500  ounces  of  {    9��Pper is stron8r- b"t h trifle less  property is a iew miles south of thel^VT�� tban !t has  beeo-    Lake is  27% to 28% cents  a  nound.    The  An Appeal to Citizens  Murray  Cook..  the puck across the ice,  'At 9:10  o'clock   Referee   <*i��,hop  called the players "together on centre  ice for instructions.    The pu.k was  faced off at 9:ls and theexci ement  commenced.    On several occasions  the crowd rose io their feet is the  Rubber came in clo>e towards the  nets, just saved in the nick 6\ time.  After a few minutes of play Cook  scored for Phoenix, and it loo :ed as  though the Phoenix team waj- to be j     ^ur olu   CUP  aetender,   Bassett,   owned by W. E. Yonkin   and   him  the winners, McWha and  Tn-herne  pave a ��ood account of himself.        , self,  Cover Point I of $1600 per ton  McWha  Atkins      o  Rover ' .   Somc hand sorted lead ore is   be-  mg shipped from tbe Florence mine  Cenire  *' Cedar Creek' that'is   sported   to  '  ���    Haddnrfc   rU�� tW�� hundred   and   f'fty  pounds  Right wing'V 1��  U,e  Sack'    The ore  '�� ��"    the  Treberne     Fraser   Ams^or^ dock -awaiting shipment.  Left Wing I     c- E�� Hamilton, of Rock  Creek,  Bassett Saur.ders j report-<' a strike of three feet of high  ��        ,, r -8,rade ffold ore in a shaft on a claim  Uur old   cup  defender,   Bassett,   owned by W "    v*ta+t VII IrlJC    I -j���  ww V^MUwwO Ul  K. V. R. railway, is situate the free P,ac?r gold produced, the Cariboo  silver and gold'claims ofthe, Clare- ,edywith 18,500 ounces. The Simil.  mont syndicate of New York, which   karil?en >s credited with 400 ounces.  the" amount I Coniiderable platinum was recovered  with tbe gold from the Tulameen  river,  Electrolytic   lead   was   first  To Patriotic and  Red  Cross sub.  icribers, and others: ,     --.  ,,      n      .��B,     Wi!I those gentlemen  who have''  unusual spread in-quotations has to ofifered   to   help   Canada   in    this"  do with  date ,of delivery.    March critical period, by donating so much   '"  ana April copper could be sold now, | money a month towards the Patriotic^ r;  ���f any were available,   at  28  to' 30|and   Red   Cross   funds,   be    kind     '  cehts a pound... March, copper  has enou&h to see  that  tbeir. subscrip. ,  i,;"���S0Vf28^CentS��anda,S0''ir.tiOn8 ^C Paid  up   to  date  ��  the">.  Most  of Canadian Bank of Commerce..,  '- "Am  s 1*-  isrepor(;ed,(at  29  cents.  Pi  'i 'J  .>vt| '.J  the transact.ons   put   through   re-1     Tbe-committee in charge of affairs  cently have been for June, July   and  mad* a promise   to  the  Canadian  August delivery. . One company has  sold a small amount for delivery  every   month   this  year,    including  V *1   1  Patriotic society to allow $l*00la  month toward the upkeep of our  soldiers' wives and children on   the'  pro-  duced at the Trail smelter  and   thelnrn^;,^ ' "J"* "'   w,c  smai  refining plant is estimated   to   have\Z  u'Z &7 "nderSt����d to have a  ��� ���      ���        - ,tevv   hundred   thousand  pounds   of  S,     * at 26" ?nts a pound*         strer>Sth of those promises given by  While two or three of  the  small the Phn��niv * -���-' !L--"  on hand at all times not less than  $500,000 worth of refined metal.  Later the sheets are melted into pigs,  that for domestic  consumption   be.  "'ngcast in   96-lb.   bars  and   those  for tbe Chinese trade in 200-lb. bars,  as the oriental  copper which they  the Phoenix town subscribers.  It  would  be   an   insult   to   the  patriotism with"which we pride our-  .. . .   are  holding  forl^'ves ^ fail at this time when  our  Higher prices, the larger  producers cou"try �� in distress,  as a rule have sold every pound they      There are a few who  are several'  can spare and have been obliged   to Months behind with their payments  /���  fSi  U  m  ,       . ' : "�����   *��--"cmc  ��� o ���... �� ���������ui9EIi,        ,.^cm.     rrom a sample of ten    rehoc l,u��� ��� .    ��� ,. . ���  keeping the goal tender   bus3   lr0m       Treherne proved himself a   veri J of the ore he got an assav nf   '���"���e,matena'�� put into   the   largest  time to time, but failed to inser, tbe   <a"le cyclone. and from , s/mDl"   " "J nJt' L^ P��S.ib,e. ��f hand,i^   ^   *.  time to time, but failed to insert tbe Itab,e cyclone  elusive puck between the standards. I     Hats   off  to   McWha,   and    due  Thus the firstperiod ended with the  resPects to our goal tender,  score one to nil in favor of Phoenix.       "Happy" Murray was on the job  In the second period Trail opened If"   l"e jtime,   and   Cook   kept  the  -out  strong,   playing   several   good  combinations.  Haddock than. r,ibb.  td the puck and after an   exh :>ition"  of good stick  handling,- sror* i  for  Trail.    Phoenix  again   pressitl   the  Trail centenders, but seemed unable  to land the-rubber, r Trail sh.-t  the j  disc again from a  distance,- ,.nd  it  struck  against  McWha's  let:, and  -bounced into.the net;.'counting ~for  . Trail. ^ The Phoenix septette >jgain  P ��omb*oa{ion igot ^ e}o9e >>oP TraU'i*  - goal, and;Bassett, ever��bn the aiert'i  snatched the rubber and shot 't.into  tbe net 'from right wing; ^making th"��  score a tie, 2-2 just as tbe gong rang'  out time for the second 'period'  The third period was full of thrills,  as the various combination plays on  either side brought the puck in close  touch with the nets; but in "spite   of  Trail   boys  guessing,   as   also  did  Shore.  Geddes and' Quance; did 'good  5 -rvice as spares for a few minutes  i" the second pericd.  As-we go to press the contest for  $2,000 purse-,is being fought on  T'rail ice. ��� ,  and from a sample across  two   feejt coolies at th. A��v Wg  heeot  &?f)4.     Tk�� * cooues at the delivery ports, where  nego    $204      The   owners  expect  the handling charges are   based  on  to make a   shipment  shortly.    The|pieces and not on wei^hl      ? "  ' Correspondence  -      Montreal^Feb. 22, 1915.  Editor "The Phoenix .Pioneer:1  i��r,   In   behalf of the  Cans iinn  appropriate manner, beei  Coming Events  ' ���>'    ' rr -    ,  ~X-F.p. E. dance, March 17.  x.,  * ^^'n/hp Law.'' opera house,  -tonight.^' r,y* <<~J-;$\4 '���-''CV~ ^<"'^-\  Woman's Patriotic" society* 'nieet-  4��g".Tbursday^- . . , -' -.'p.-,,  v '"Afiners*"'union meeting-'Sunday  evening at 7:30  troops at the front, "Tdesire, to t\ k��,k  you most ^sincerely <,for ' your remittance amounting'to $54.~75 vihi.-h  has been passed to the credit ot tlie  Over-Seas club and will be usee for  the purpose' of the fund.-  ; Perhaps you Vvill;^ permit nn: to  'Eoj'ntijiit that !we,'.are* urgently io  M^>^fthpr help.     Tbe,.demand  forj tobacco .will;' continue "^eek'ilSjL    Week as long as the war* lasts; 'aiad ] concliided with the  unfortunately the present' supply   is/ "Bring Peace."~  totally inadequate.   ' The number off ^   ;'<-v' "���*    ���    ,--v  men at the front is increasing aiif  Patriotic Society ltoeets  St. David's Day Observed  The   Feast/* of   St.    David   was  observed at St. John's church in  an  ��� oning vith  celebration of .ho'ly >communio �� at  8 a. m. In the evening a 1 trge  congregation assembling. W elsh  hymns were sung and Mr. Hui iph.  reys read one lesson in' the tongue  of .the principality. The Rev. , A.  A|��-r Lloyd,' who graduated '* ar' > a  ?&%M ^��M'*ge (S|U Davidlse cbll^^fe'/  Lampeter);^ preached fr�� s  VCaHe'd to the Saints.^'  refuse urgent requests from their  best customers for small lots. It  seems that;, a number of the con.  sumers failed to cover their entire  nearby needs and as a result will be  obliged to curtail their activities to  some extent in the near future.  The metal market is entitled to a  short period of rest. It has been  extremely active since last October.  Consumers have now bought so far  ahead and.producers have sold such  a large percentage of their total output for five or six months in advance  that them remains littleif anything  in.which to. trade.. Some of the  consumers are>yjng to buy 4co;��per  for, delivery well iatq the'last ha{f of  the year andXeven 'into* W7, but  prodocers aVatirule ���are unwilUnt; ,to  make cnntriA��c'����"ff-   L " _ v _  -*   ���  and a few whom, I   regret  to  say,  have given nothing at all.  To the latter, 1 might point out  that there is a list of subscribers-  names in the bank, where any  further donations will be gratefully  received.-  Philip B. Freeland,  ( ,. Honary Secretary.  Here to See Hockey Game.  1 <*-  ',iW  ' -4  ' 'V  , * \\ "I  P4  ���' 1  - /.  ', 9^>f 1  1   *   el -i^i  fa  ���t;S.  '"    'I1;  Among the rooters at   the Trail-  Phoenix  hockey   match   were'   Mr.,  and MisrF. R, Russell.of, Chewel   _  lah, Wash.    They made the trij on "o'-'\.  purpose to s.je a game of Cana la's' ' ���  famous winter sport/ After witn w.*^'* t.V ' ,*\W^R>^  ing ttie.match; th?y Yreely\aami':Wd-^/'-' - ~'>V^f/  t^t/boci?ey,-v��� theffiitei^7iidv^uv^;^'  -'        ><P?��I  ; < ^',M'|  _       ,       - _        '     - . ��������������� ����.  mc   none   is   incressine-   all  .Service Sunday at,Presbyterian.   the time and very much larger  supl  and English churches.  Apron  .and   candy    sale    at "St.  John's vicarage March 14.  r   J  & 1  The Big Store  Our Store this morning is abundant with good  things to eat.   *  Call or 'Phone us your order,  assured of the same careful attention  complete service is our satisfaction.  Let us prove it.  plies than we are able to send are! The Woman's Patriotic society j0f'the production" which "Sbecome / Crn"?nda��' J��'nmuy lt  necessary for the comfort of the/ convened. Thursday afternoon for/available during the last/ffve months Ivear increase in Phoenix- tele  troops. * *     the purpose of sewing for the   boysfof this year has .been sold/ however, / users  is   19.2,   a   total   of S3  You will be  Your most  troops,  I trust you will see your "way  to  make further efforts in behalf of the  fund, and   thanking   you   in   anticipation of your help, I am.  Yours faithfully,  Francis R. Jones,  Organizing Secretary.  Fresh Rhubarb  Ripe Tomatoes  Green Peppers  Cauliflowers  Green Onions -  Hot House Radi:;h    -  Hot House Lettuce   -  California Sunkist Oranges   ���  '   NICE AND JUICY  Fresh Eggs -       -  Grape Fruit, Large Size, 20c;  20c. Ib  35c. Ib  40c. Ib  30c. each  3 lbs. for 25c  3 lbs. for 25c  40c. lb  -. 50c# doz.  60c. doz  3 for 50c  Leap Year Dance  The  leap   year   dance    Tuesday  evening  after   the    hockey    match  went   with    a    swing.     Some    60  couples were present and unlimbered  their pent- up   goods nature   to   the  hypnotic strains of Ironside's  four-  piece  orchestra.    Messrs.   Roberts  and Wills carried out floor management with a perfection born of long  acquaintance with the   tepischorean  art.    Another    feature    that    contributed   to   the   enjoyment  of   the  event was the   perfect   condition   of  the floor.    There might be as good  in other cities, but none better than  that of the Miners' union.  purpose of sewing for the boys  in the trenches. Friday morning  24 parcels were forwarded to -the  lads, consisting of socks, tobacco,  etc. The society acknowledges the  receipt of $5 from W. C. Clark, the  same proving a welcome addition to  a hungry treasury. Next Thursdays business meeting will be held,  when a large attendance is looked  for.  is extremely doubtful.  telephone-.  sub-  -j* ~-  ��� scribers.  GT-  3C  3C  [orrm  j^w^pson  Ph >ne 9 and 5  Canadian Surgery Success  Since   the     foundation     of    the  Canadian hospital at Dinard, France,  nearly   1200   wounded    have    been  treated, and it is a  great  credit  to  the entire staff that the   number  of  deaths   is   insignificant,    13,   or    a  percentage   of about   1   per    cent.  Some 500  serious   operations   have  been   performed.     More   than    250  cases of hernia have been   operated  on with full success; 200 abdominal  operations have been performed; 50  cases of trepanning, all very delicate,  have given the best results.    Owing  to   the   very  strict    hygienic    precautions, the hospital, has   escaped  from any infectious disease.  Geo. Cattanack Married  Last    Christmas,    George    Cattanack, formerly shift   boss   in   the  Granby mine, was married to   Miss  Edith Dunbar, a girl of 22 summers,  at Juneau, Alaska.     Several former  old-time residents of  Phoenix   were  at the weddiog.     Hugh  Hood, also  of Phoenix, is foreman of the mine.  The correspondent   states -that   the  celebration   ceased   not   for    thirty  days.     Geo.   Cattanack   wishes   to  be remembered to George Ellis, Jas.  Marshall and   all   his   old   tillicums  who might still live in Phoenix.  Store of  Quality  Meets With Accident  Ab. McQueen, manager  Phoenix hockey team, left  day for Trail.  In some   unaccountable   manner,  while   engaged   switching   cars    at  Grand Forks, preparatory to leaving  for  Phoenix   Wedoesday    evening,  Conductor Vrandenburg and Shore,  his brakeman, were injured.    Shore  sustained   a   broken   collar   bone.  Vrandenburg,   according   to   latest  reports, is  still   unconscious.    The  best wishes of a host   of friends   in |  Phoenix go out for the  recovery   of  one of the  Great   Northern's most  popular conductors.  SPECIAL  FORJTO-DAY:  Hot House Lettuce ��� 40c. lb.  Parsley, 10c. bunch  Cauliflower  Green Onions     ���  Fresh Tomatoes  California Celery  Oranges  Bananas  35c, each  3 for 25c.  -    35c. lb.  3 for 50c,  50c. per doz.  50c.   "     "  of   tlie  Tl urs-  Most of the young folks on the I  way to the devil could be ya>,ked  back if they weren't separated rom I  their parents by a wall of pruc ery. j  They're afraid to be frank, and you I  set the example. '  Just a few suggestions, visit our store  and see what we have to offer.  n.  nig"  arnes  ac  3C  3C  jmfeA-i'j A'.'������'-���'; r  "&*;  WX��G&E&iSiii3&, EJflJ:  m  *~ym!^fWl**&:'-  smn  vm Ziomsm,  PMmwx,  brinish ^Ltrraia.  A PROMINENT NURSE  SPEAKS.  Stony Nonas la Canada eoel BOte*  where Say ttte Sam*.  Chatham, Ont.���"Being a none ]  feere had occasion to um Dr. Pierce*!  *��rorite Prescript  tion quite a lot. J  flwaya recommend  ��� *o-nay patient!  and jt bat been a  wonderful help ��c  many of them. 1  .never knew- of>��  cam where It failed.  ,who TL aoaS��f!il|h�����>'_ "."'," ""*'"' ^'b���;^- ����� "  now' and   ��SS'SJbond and  ,ease  certainly, have  no  idoiofffiQealjioe'tBk'   r't��l^tt  ����������  ��������i��*��" ju~ir _r .uu    ^_i  take* ftlnyidtf and fiot&e L1^  of the company P officials*" As a  general rule 'a. prospect mining  company is no better nor no worse  than the officers* at the head of it.  Investors would do well' to place  their funds in honestly capitalized  companies officered by men of stand.,  ing and integrity. As a. general  rule promoters or operators are in  sincere if they take more than their  just portion of the company's capital  ���tock oipon incorporation.    The pro  .���;JL."J11L���'.  Bsaau&i  :':PC|:EANS:rblSi:N#E'GTS;;v^  patlenl j moters of n company organized in a  Chare to to-day for women who an mm  THAT WEAK BACK  Aaeompanled by pain bar* and  ���5aal?of1h&a^*^on^*S,,^���  a* growias fnn firlhood fata voMnboS  r-pHriag from womanhood to mother.  ^od~er lato? rafferisg during midcua  K^wMek^leaTw ao auny wreck. c#  ���tomb. At any or all of these Mrioda  of a woman** lif. aha ahould taka atonie  and -narruM nneeribed for Juat aueh mm  by a phyieian of vast experienoe in iba  iJBigialJmtriimcn women auffer:  J5j*"*V Favorite Prescription baa  "*"IUtttwated mora eaaea in the pant  Sfother known remedy.  - * Jf*t.w,f?a,^0��ted *"*"*'  l.ta the liquid.   Sold by  ^o?*trial Ibox by mail <m  Jf'.eenta.^m  stamps.   Dr.  JfJBotel, Buffalo, N. Y.  rVfWant Pallet* daw the  VVt�� 'rW.'  right  to  take'-half of the   capital  stock of the'company as  their con.  sideration  for the  {transfer of the  bond  and  Iea.se  to'the   cpmpany.  An action of this kind should brand  the company at once as an insincere  mining effort' and the prompters  a?  men who want tp make their money,  not through the development of the  property, but through the  sale  of  this so-called promotion stock.  ,  ^In' the older mining sections, get.  rich-quick  promotion   methods    in  mining are tobooed.    The promoter  who  sells  treasury  stock   to  gain  fundi to honestly develop a   mining  property is one of our best  citizens.  The get-rich-quick mail order  fakir  who sells alleged  mining  stock  to  ignorant investors is not wanted  in  the west and he has learned this  to  his sorrow.  Woman and of her exceedingly  comeliness. Like unto the roses of  Sharon is she and her gown played  up to beat the band. And the dressmaker getieth two .score and four  iron'men. And the editor getteth a  note of thank* from the S. G. G.  The daughter goeth a journey.  And the editor tbroweth himself on  the story of the farewell party. It  runneth a column solid. And the  fair one remembers him from afar  with a picture postcard that costeth  a sixth part of a jitney. '  'Behold she returneth and the  youth of the city fall down and  worship. She picketh one, and lo,  she picketh a lemon. But the editor  calleth him one of our most promis-  could be sold without misrepresentation. The original article is sure  to be better, or it wouldn't becopied.  There's no need to try anything  which can't be sold on its own  merits. The manufacturer has  already judged for you and found it  wanting. If he could make "as  good" he'd make a noise about it.  Substitutes never toot.  Hon. Lome A. Campbell, British  Columbia's new minister of mines,  was elected to the British Columbia  parliament in Rossland last Saturday by a majority of nine votes over  his Liberal opponent^ Mayor W. B.  Willson.* The figures are: Campbell 291, Willson 212, W. W. Le  feaux (socialist) 49.  NOTICE.  The Sailor Consolh5ated Mining &  Milling Company op Camp Mc-  Kinney Limited (Non personal  Liability), IN LIQUIDATION.  ;������ ���������  ��� j       ...    ,' TAKE NOTICE that tenders will bo  ing young  men   and getteth   away   r���>ceived by the undersigned up to and  'fC  MX-  IIphoenix Pioneer  ISSUBD WSBKXY  & '>  r. ' " ���    ' ' /  a* Phoknix, British Columbia  * Subscription, 2.00 per year  2.90 to United State*-.  G. Kay, Publisher.  with it.     And they sent unto him   n  bid to the   wedding feast,   and   behold,   the   bids   are   fashioned    by  Montgomery & Hawbuck, in   a   far  city.     Flowery   and    long    is    the  wedding   notice   which   the    editor  printeth'.    -The minister getteth   ten  bones.    The  groom   standeth    the  editor off for a   12-month   subscrip.  tion.  All flesh is grass and in time the  wife is gathered into the silo. The  minister getteth his bit. The editor  printeth a death* notice two columns  of obituary, three lodge  notices,   a  ABTtmnsrsa scam  'i*ft��  ^^"JtrT'""'#r0'1,ic#,,ee ��7rt then the law/raises tbe devil  With  C��������4toof Improvement Wd*ya)       fiolool ���,. Tf.     . -       '    ���  AwMioat'on to Purchw. Land notices (60 d��y��> l*���'     If he W * P��?r m*0> ht   lS   a   ������ |io.oo poor, manager" aneT has no sense  Delinquent Co-Ownership notices 90 days 825.00  BapUeato OerMfloate of Title notices |8.00  CaMls Of Thanks, SO cents/ '    "-  All other taaWWertlstaar, IS cents a Une?  Man comes into this world without his consent and leaves it against  his will. During his stay on earth  his'time is spent in one continuous  round of contraries and misunderstandings  by the  balance of   our  species; Jn. his infancy he is an|cubitof P0*try and a card of thanks  angel. In his boyhood he is a devil. IAnd he forgetteth to read proof on  Ini hi* manhood he is everything jtbc btad and the darn tniDg* cometh  from a Heard up. Jo his duties he|out "Gone *o Her Last Roasting  is a damned  fool.    If he  raises a|*,'*cr" ^  fami/yhe is a chump.    If he  raises j    And a" that are akm tQ  the  de  ith  AwlieaHon fer Liquor Licmee (tNdays) ..|a.oo| a small cheque'- he ~is  a  thief,   and|ceas"th jumpeth   the    editor- wi  ,t slmale eOTKnan, for tha first insertion; and I  I^VK'/X 9 VV-����tt*l^tere^M^MntlB��tH^^^^  " S\H ^KC'-^^^fyJ-^-^OO '-aerVi-fteh, ^single  BfiVi if;  �����������  but  -Jn  f eeliimin, per^month.. Tmnsient ads. j  We. p*��h\eh, per issue; sulMsquent in- \  dertioMn, 86c: per inoh.  If he is rich heP is dishoofst,  considered smart. If 'he is  politics, he is a grafter and a crook.  If he is out of politics," iyou can't  place nim as ��� ha' is !;1to'- undesirable  cit��en.p> If, he goestopeburch he" is  a hypocrite.'; t If herftays away from  church he is a  exceeding gre3t jumps. And they  pulleth out their ads and cancelleth  their subscriptions and swingeth  the-hammer unto the third and  fourth.  generations.-   Canst ���  thou  beat.it?     . .   ' "  -^ ^Ji   , .Nobody forges a pauper's name!  Worthless, things aren't counterfeited. ,  When _a    man ��� writes  including 1st of March,   1016,  for the  purchase of. the assets of the above  Company, consisting of the following  ctown grunted mineral claims  situate  in   group  ore   of   the   Similkameen  (formerly Osoyoos)   Division  of Yalo  district:   Lot 706 known as Bailor,  lob  1200 known as   Snow-shoe,   lot   1270  known as Toledo,-lot 1465 known as  Diamond, lot 0J0 known as Minnehaha,  lot   024   known   as   Goldea    Crown 1  Fractional, lot 925 known as Cariboo  Fractional, together with such   buildings, plant and machinery which may  be situate upon the said claims or any  of them, also the rights of the Venders,  if any, in Rover Fractional and Alice  Fractional Mineral Claims. The highest  orany tender not necessarily accepted.  Dated at Toronto, Ontariopthis 2lst.  day of January, 1018.  Chablm Evans-Lbwib^  808   Lumsden   Building,    Toronto,  Ontario, Liquidator.  The Beauty of "Sunlight"  is that it dispels the shadow that once hung  over wash day. Your work is done in half  the time wilh half tlie effort.  Your finest linens, your fleeciest blankets,  your daintiest whitewear���all call for Sunlight Soap. The purest of materials, the most ���  careful manufacture and a $5,000 guarantee  of purity make this the^soap tliat you should  always use.  Saturday, .March 4, 1916.  If he-stays away from  ��� V.    - -  . "   -:  -   "      -."^B    *  ^h��^iST,^W;^W    it's, because    he   sinner ud ,M<nMd.i-.��u-;;���r''?'i   *    ..       <  icui'j'   ]i.    .._ r '   .'<-.���,..*.;?:-  y��-  .   I can tvmake;good over his  own  sig-  If he donates to foreigq missions, he ���.������.     ��. * ..      . .... .   ��� '  IaL^-:.^     u       ��� .iJ��� *. -   j, I nature. _ But the .cheque is still bad,  /does it for show.   Jt be does,-not;lh.,���..M .JIT i     'f .?      ...     .. ,  'j��l *'!�����"        *i'   �����  t*       7    ����*.     Joecause-it lsrstill   his.    All   widely  fnejs stingy aad a tight-wad.    Wheal ay���MmtSm  .   >.    . ....     7 /  lu-.xL l        ' - ���'*'"���?!. s    ' ,.       ' '   I advertised goods1 are   widely   imi-  ZJ,1 TV T 1? "��idr ���^���/f'tAMl.    But substitutes  are  always'  bodywant.tok��s,h,��~.before he|Hke_tbeiVmakers_unabIe tQ ^��  PHOENIX BAKERY  W. WILLIAMS, PROP.  Doughnuts,  Madeira  Cake,  Lunch Cake for Sunday use  delivered on order every Sat. ,  urday.' Give us* a trial,order.  C>AKM MADtK vTbt��fibBtK ~AT  MOST   Ra/WONAIU RATIt  TELEPHONE 53  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  Sent  to any part of the  Do  mjnion for f2.00>a year.  P^n-'fr' 'fjjfy,:'-  ���^"l  *  "7i  1  ���A  I*/  ' &?��  ri  life  f  i>  ti>  i-ca  1^'  If/ ^  V      *���  (��� f"''  Before you , invest 'in  a- mining  enterprise,   make,'a, thorough    in-  vestigation,   and after    you    have  gained "all the facts possible,   make  up your mind as to whether  or not  you should place your money in the  enterprise.    Investigate before you  invest.'   To  investigate  after   you  invest is like locking the door after  the horse  is gone.    We must remember that every mine was once a  prospect, and without the necessary  development funds to place thepprosi  pecbin the producing class,   there  >would be no new mines.    No one  can see further into the ground than  you  can. -Mining   engineers    and  ^geologists  through  their    training  are able  to  state what might be  i  expected  from  a  mining  prospect  considering  certain  existing    geological conditions.  Thermain points that an investor  should know and which he should  insist upon knowing are data in  regards to title to the property;  whether or not the property is  located in a district of mining possibilities; a statement asi'iptb the  capitalization of the company; the  portioo of capital stock assigned to  the treasury and the standing of the  men at the head of the company.  The-greatest asset of any pr6��j?c=t  cortvpatoy so far as the iuvjstor in  its stock is concerned is the integrity and high sense of honor of the  company officials. Any investor  can make a prjtty fair estimate of a  company through  an  investigation  goes out they all want to kick him.  If he dies young, there.wa* a great  future before him. If he lives' to a  ripe old age, he is simply in the  wa^r and living ..to P save funeral  expenses.' Life is a funny road, but  we all like to travel it just the same."  Consider tbe editor.1  t .He weareth  purple and fine linen.P His abode is  amongst the mansions of- the  rich/  Lo! All the people breakethL their-  necks to hand him money. '/ A child  is born unto the wife of a merchant  in" the bazaar. The physician  getteth ten golden plunks. The  editor writeth a'stick and a half and  telleth the multitude that the child  tippeth the beam at nine pounds."  Yea, he lieth even as' a centurion.  And the proud father giveth him a  cigar.  Behold the young" one groweth'  up and gradnateth. And the editor  putteth into his paper a swell notice.  Yea, a pfeach" of a notice. He  telleth of tlie wisdom of the young  good on their own account.  ' \ If .they  represented  value,   they  SYNOPSIS OF COAL  MINING REGULATIONS  ���u   ���  ������ .    ���    ^"  Accuracy  and  Penetration  Ttinguish  \w\  our ���  u  "High Power" |  Repeating  RifieNo.425  ListPrice $20.00  ', .25    30-S0-.32 and .35  ���...������ calibers  Uso Kcmlinjton Auto-Loading I  . Cartriiji-ra.  fl Big Game Rifie that  Makes good.  -Slice Fire Ko Hulks No Jams  OrJtr (torn your BcjKt.  Send for Handsomely Illustrated  ���        '"-P-IUflcCatal6jrKa.fi  '. '     - t ��� '���  J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co.;  Chicopee Falls, Mass:  ,p-';E!?i--  fc��S  V  Coal mining rights qf the Dominion,  ifi^'Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al  berta, the Yukon Territory, the North  west Territories and in a portion of the  Province of British Columbia, may be  leased for a term of twenty-one years  renewal for a further term of 21 years  at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not  more than 2,660 acres will be leased to  one applicant.  Application for a lease must be made  by  the applicant  in  person to  the  I Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in  which the rights applied for are situ  ated.  In surveyed territory the land must  be described by sections, or legal sub  divisions of sections, and in unsur-  veyed territory the tract applied for  shall be staked out by the applicant  himself.  ' Each application   must bo  accom  panied by a fee of $5 which will be re  funded if the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise.  A royal  py shall be paid: on the merchantable  output of the mine at the rate of five  cents per ton.  j -The person operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable coal'mined and p"ay the  royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished at least once  a year.  The lease will include the coal mining  rights only, rescinded by  Chap. 27 of  iS George PV. assented to 12th June  1914.  For full information application  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa,  Or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Do-  i linion Lands.  W.W.CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Inter! or.  N.3.���-Unauthorized   publication  of  t ais r^vertisein en twill not be paid (or.  1-83575.  The  Phoenix  Pioneer  has for 16 Years been recognized as the itliaing  Medium of the Boundary  country.  In the matter of ad.  vertising, it reaches the  rjght kind of people, and  an advertisement in its  columns is certain of  quick and profitable results.         ���        ���   ��  In the matter of all  things pertaining to the  progress ��f iche district it  is a reliable and trustworthy authority. It's  American subscription list  is one of the largest. in  the Kootenay.  When arriving in town  subscribe for it. When  leaving keep your subscription alive. You may  want to'come back again.  Advertisers should call  or write for our Advertising rate card. The local  paper is the local medium  for  local  business   men.  Send in Your Stationery Orders and  Holiday Printing: to the  I  Phoenix  THE-,HOME- OF  :A BysjyVESS1 MAN IS KNOWN BY THE  QUALITY OF PRINTING HE USES  Our Stock ot Stationery is .the Best that can  be procured in  Canada, and our Workmanship will meet with your approval  Published Every  Saturday Morning:  ;     Why Not Have Your Stationery  Printed by AJs?  . We make  a specialty  of. Letter heads, Envelopes, .Billheads,  Note Weads-, Memos.; .Vwiting Cards, 'Menus, testers/?  Wedding Invitations, Check Books," By-Laws,  -and in-fact.anything'done.'with Printers';;       V- -; ���  ,   \   ��� :   INr>; AND PAPEk  i ��� ~- ' '���',*���;'..        ���-. "��� f .",' ; J':-. .-���' ���:'   ,f .'     ; ;���   .;���'  \i ���    ���    '- ������  Wo Job Too Large, None too Smal!  ���������'.i  .M  The ]  $2.00 per Year in Advance.  Vli  ?2.50prYeartoU.S, ~**��-,TiWJj^-|tfaOT^lw"^,ra'���"w^  ���P        ro*  A>h! r..  THE   MORE**,    PHOJBHXX,   BJUTISH   CDLTJRBM.  The IJnion Hotel  AT YOUR SERVTHR  f ���  1  Concentrates  DAVE OXLEY ..EHOLT, B.C.  's Wear  Real estate is brisk at Hdpe.  Merritt has imported a sky pilot.  At Oriville two town lots sold for  $7500 recently.  The prevailing: price   for ties de.  iivered at Princeton is 33c.  A paper manufacturing plant will  be built at Ocean Falls this year.  A bridge is being built by the  government three miles from Carmi.  The sheriff took possession of  1000 gallons of booze in Republic  last week. '     -.-���-';  .A portable sawmill is in operation  at Leslie Lake, Cratibrook^ cutting  tie timber.  -S"  Boundary District of British Columbia  RICH  IN   MINERAL,   AQRIOMLTURAl. AND   LUMflERINQ  POSSIBILBTBES���  A MOST PROMISING FIELD FOR THE INVESTOR.  Clothing*  ���' -. ' . n.  Underwear  Shirts  Shoes  Hats  C aps, etc.  Thos. Brown  "Everything a Man  , Wears"  '1 Ml\   ,i    ��� ������������  Your Milk Supply  Should -come, from healthy and vigorous Stock,  handled m a CLEANLY AND SANITARY*  manner\'Separate 1 sGream insures purity and  .   quality.      ..       -   ^   The Dairy produces both.  THE DAIRY        J. W. Hannam, Prop  We ajinbunce the completion  rearrangements of delivery of  The Phoenix Pioneer  to your^idoor.  {  75 % Increase in City Sales  in the past few weeks has exceeded our fondest hopes, and  although we endeavored to  guag$, requirements, we have  beenl r^luetantly compelled to  turn down orders for additional  copies, as we were sold out,  ms  H  I (A 30 Per Cent. Saving)  li  ^ ���,���.''*,'? !���''.'' >.     ���  |     J3riji$3 a Weekly Paper to your door .that  I /     does not carry its backbone where its  I ' ''��� Elbow should be.  The Russians have captured  Musch. Breakfast food prove ider  will now go up.   ���  Settlers are trecking into the  North.Thompson country in prairie  schooners.  Auto are chugging in Hedley and  the skunks have left for the wilder-  .n'ess in disgust. ' P      j  Archie Ferguson killed a cougar  that invaded his woodshed last week  at Salmon River.  Six acres were disposed of for a  consideration of $2500 a few days  ago at Armstrong.  Rent of a double cutter in Quesnel  costs $1.50 for the first hour; 75c  for the second hour.  You can get shaved in Vander-  hoof for 15c. This barber would  make a poor politician.  The historic 150-mile house,  Cariboo, was destroyed by fire on  Wednesday.     Loss $18,000.  Mrs. Nickles was knocked d mo  by a street car last Thursday in  Vancouver.' The conductor riu;t  have quit.  No more bounties will be paid  ijhis year on coyotes. The ap ��ro-  priatiqri of "$24,009 has been  expended. "-    ,  * Drury^Lane showbills of tbe  vintage of 4820-1, announcing tbe  plays ef' Shakespeare, are on display in Vancouver. ^Peck McSwains  were king pins "in those days.    t    '"  ������-The "wheeze!', best beloved of  the'khaki-clad men of, the land of  the Maple,Leaf appears,to be a puni  on the name of their country, which/  they wear on their shoulders. "Can /  Ada?" will roar out one party, and j  another wilI,shout back, with all the  power of lusty lungs, Ada Can I"  ."Old   Buster,"  the  dog   that   is  known from Crow's Nest, to   Cranbrook,in every   lumber camp,   was  killed last week at McCool's   siding  while endeavoring to board a   train.  Buster,   upon, being   driven    away  frort  a  camp,, would   straightway  hike for the: nearest railway  station  and take the   train ibrPsome   place  where he would be rnofe  welcome.  He usually laid under the seat in,the  coach in order to avoid being kicked  off>by the conductor.  Prince   Rupert  will   soon   be   in  wireless touch with  practica+ly   the  whole Alaska coast where the   halibut boats are, seen  and  heard   of,  and the fact will   mean   early   news  of the fishing fleet  in   emergencies.  One of the lafgest land station wireless "chains" for commercial   purposes ever  installed  on  the   north  Pacific coast is being started on the  Alaskan    coast     for     the    Alaska  Packers'    asrociation.    A ,. Seattle  firm has the  contract   to  erect  six  wireless land stations.    Two of th e  stations will be erected   on  Nusha-  gak bay, one being  at   Snag   point  and the other at   Clark   point;   two  will be erected oh Bristol  bay,   one  being at KTchak   and   the  other   at  Kaknekj'one  at   Larson   bay    on  Kodiak island, .and,the sixth station  being at (-"higmk.  Probably no district in the Dominion of Canada possesses so gmt an array ef  potentialities as the above.   The mountains throughout its entire length and br^th,  are almost without exception mineraliferous, containing gold, silver, copper, iron and  other valuable ores, while in a few localities there  are more than surface indications  of the presence of coal.  FOREST AND  MINERAL WEALTH  Its forest stretches are among the richest in. ^province, and what is of great  importance, easily accessable to river and railway. There is scarcely a square mile of  �� that ,s not either, equipped with high tension wires, or which could not be reached  by the expenditure.of the smallest outlay. Not the least attraction from the point of  V.eW|of the investor, is the sites for water power, which abound i���,this district'.'  Just at present an immense amount of interest is being directed to the recent  free gold d.scovery in Greenwood, while' in the same district is to be seen one of the  best equipped free gold properties in the west, a not inconsiderable asset in these days  of industrial depression and shrinkage of go\d reserves. It is in.this district where is  situated the Phoenix and Grand Forks properties of the Granby Consolidated," t-  g-ether with those of the British Columbia Copper company. In the former camp, and  surrounding it for miles on all sides, are acres of crown-granted mineral claims, all '  awaiting the advent of the investor. The title deeds to'these properties, thanks f a  beneficent series of mining laws, are unimpeachable, and if proof is wanted .f the  statement, let us point to the almost entire absence of mining litigation in the c.urts  of the province. ���  AGRICULTURE AND FRUIT-GROWING CENTRE  The possibilities ofthe Boundary as an agricultural and fruit-growing centre  are also worthy of inves igation, and a visit, to^some of its ��� spendidly equipped or-  chards will prove a reve! ation to the stranger. , The highways.throughout the Boundary makes.this section of the province the motorists paradise, millions having been  spent on the constructio.i of government roads.  No localityis betcer served with * railroads  than  the Boundary district.      At  present this section  is served ;by two of the greatest systems on the continent, the '  Q.,JP. R: and Great Northern jcpropanies, .while within-a^w months the route ,U> the  Pacific coast will be commercially curtailed bythe opening of th^f new- K/V. V.-  branch  of the former.' '       V"'-  L   - "',"��"'"' ���.'--���"���  I.Q.O.F.  Snowchoe Led**  .  No. *e    -     [  nJ&Tu eTe??���Mo^3r Evening *fc  Oddfellows' Hall. Visiting .brethren I  cordially invited. '  Our hall is for rent for dances, social I  evenings, etc.  William Oxley, Noble Grand.  Oscar Gustafson, Fin. Secy.  Mark Rukin, Rec. Secy.  Watch  Daughters of Robekah  Phoenix Lod^e No. 17    /  -       Meets in thd Oddfellows'Hall,  . First' and Third Wednesdays.  Mrs. N. McDonald, Noble Grand.  Mrs. Amy A. Cook, Secretary.  K. of P. Lodge,  No. 28  jfow that the Mida^ Sea,son  is over, we can attend  to your needs very  promptly.  Phoenix*  B.C.  Meets Tuesday Evening at 7.80.  Sojourning brothers cordially welcomed. .  E. E.Barnes,CC.  C. H. Kjwsmt, K. of R. 8.  '���HigwtraaaaaM���������g  XA Urge Stock of Parts for, all  Standard Watches.  PYTHIAN SISTERS  Mountain Temple Lodge No. 17  Moeta In Pythian Hall, hovrtr Tow*  Socond and Fourth Thurndaya.  Mm. J. A. Morrin.  M.E.C.  Mm. K. Tiltea,  m!r.��  FRATERNAL ORDER  OF EAGLES  !Mail Your !Subscription Today  NOT ENOUSH CHILDREN  ever receive the ,p5oper' balance of food  to sufficiently nourish both body and  brain during the growing period when  nature's demands are greater than in  mature life. This is shown in so many  pale faces,'lean-bodies, frequent colds,  and lack 6f;ambit{on.  v For all such children we say with  unmistakable earnestness: They need  Scott's Emulsion, and need it nov. It  possesses in concentrated form the vi:ry  food elements to enrich their blooc . It  changes weakness to strength; it makes  them sturdy and strong and active.  Scott & Bovrue. Toronto, Ont.  Phoenix Aerie No. 158  Meets in the Oddfellows' Hall, Friday  Evenings, at 8 p.m.  Visiting brothers are always welcome.  Richard Blundeli., W. P.  T. R. Clarke, W. Secy.  E. A. Black, Jeweler  5!LJIUB.!i!S  Of all kinds promptly attended  to. Rapid Express and Baggage Transfer. Careful acten-  tion to all orders.     Phone %56.  James G. McKeown  THE KNOB HILL HOTEL  A. O. Johnson, Prop. .  First-Class Accommodation for Miners  Finest of wines, liouors and cigafis in stock.  'PHONE 72. YOUR PATRONAGE  SOLICITED  *m  Q  -ft  '"ill  1.   fa  <���-  ���is--" .-  ^W   <>  y -1/ ^ -*\. f-/ ,���*.��������"  ..frf^S  /  flpP*W8^f*9^8^*,' W?'' ^J^lJ^fiSJWWV*^ *W'^i'cWWv' ' * ' "**$} V"i ��� 'i1-,I  '** ^���''**l*rf����*WW'Spr^i^^ *S**r  ���^���"���������������mm-bi- ��l*^>f "f  ' '  " "��� **wjC����4ftAii. i  (THE   PIONEEE,    PHOEHIX,    BBXTISH    CDEUITBTA.  .���nwmiimiAa.uaMiHBBam mrnmmm.��m^.j..��ii>.i.iJ^i*m*��mpr.  We Try to Make You Feel at Home  ^  Offers exceptional advantageaVto Miners; a..warm comfortable dry;   Clean and. Cosy.;Bedrooms;  Well-Cooked  and Well-Served Meals; also the Finest Bar and Highest '  Quality of Goods in the Boundary Country.  The  Queen's Hotel  Local and General  OXLEY & BOONE, PROPS.  At Your Service  ���A  Uniformity  jiis'an,essential point to consider .in   the  purchase'of Bacon.  m&i.  *&&  SFhtyis;  {Wfj^jhousewite    deserves  above 'everything���dependability   in  .taHty. \, Every piece of Bacon, every slice of Ham should be uni-  jgrmly good.    Only in one way can  this  be  assured���"Specify"  .ootsonce but always. "  W! t��� - 9-    '  Shamrock Hams and Bacon  (CURED  IN CALGARY) *  Made from selecte'd Hog^, in the most modern plant in the West  Government Inspected���approved by careful housewives everywhere. -Shamrock is the ���SeaI op Superiority, and this applies  equally to Lard, Butter and Eggs,'wherever it appears.  P. BURNS & CO., LIMITED j  }'-} ~ ,< I"v >'t .-  The Lake Studio  OF GRAND FORKS-PHOENIX BRANCH  Will Be Here Again  Ready-for business  Mar. 10-11  Ai -  BROOKLYN AVE     CNoxt��*oor to Pioneer Offlce)  J, ^,-BROOK-LYM P#VY-J& A^I*  t^~^>^^^f;^W*jie^>^^^'��**v^��^^\yv;'  Mrs. C. Pemberlon left on Friday for Spokane.  Mrs. J. J. Pinder and family left  on Thursday morning for Regina.  This year Lent, begins on March  8, and Easter Sunday arrives on  April 23.  - T. Hansen, Rock Creek's popular  Boniface, spent Tuesday evening in  Phoenix.  H. and L. Jackson, of Rossland,  registered afthe Queen's hotel on  Monday.  - ���  ���Wm. Alty journeyed to Trail on  Monday evening Ihat he ��� might  visit his son.  .Snowfall for month of February,  13.50; rain, .13. Snowfall for  March, 7% inches.  Julius Carson, who is confined to  his bed in the hospital, is doing as  well as can be expected.  English, Swiss and American  watch repairing. Work guaranteed.  C, A. Adeneur, Greenwood.  For Rent���Furnished four-roomed house on Brooklyn avenue.  Apply to Mrs. George Evans.  J. Moar moved into his new residence, recently acquired from Mrs.  J. J. Pinder, on   Wednesday   morn-  inff-  Joe Thornton left Tuesday morning for Ainsworth, in ' which place  he will resume-his trade of blacksmith, ^y  Two houses op. New York town-  site for sale; one' six-roomed house  on Brooklyn avenue for sale. Apply G. W. McAuliffe.  Customs collections for the month  ending February 29 amounted to  $1,215.57. Inland revenue for "the  same period totalled $281.35. ~ r  Miss L'Heureux, of Great Falls,  Mont., who "has been.- visiting) her  sister, Mrs. J. Clark, for^the pas.t  two months, returned home Thursday." .",- ' - *  '* Ah   apron   and > candy,;sale   will  take^place* on  Tuesday^ aftern'poni  .   . .   -v   .  ��� .... . .-> ���    .       .      "  Ambition and expectations. are  mounting up above par all over the  Boundary district, and with'* this  power in the ascendancy progress  and development will make a big  track before next fall rolls around.  That it is always the unexpected  that happens was proved Friday  noon when "Dad" Black, on his  way to the C. P. R. station to, take  train enroute to witness the return  hockey match between' Trail and  Phoenix, was precipitated from the  conveyance by a sudden movement  of the team, breaking his ley near  the ankle. The fracture was set at  the hospital.  As usual, March came in like a  lion, and the cherub .countenance of  Billy Louttit, wore a-pleased look of  expectancy. Still, the acqua pura  conveyors refuse to bulge from a  recent resolve to be good. However, Billy is most optimistic. and  refuses to have his ardor for doing  good dampened by anything else  than a busted main, notwithstanding reports of warm weather.  Last Saturday's movie show was  comfortably packed, the result of a  recent change in the film service.  One of the funniest Chaplin films  ever exhibited evoked roars of  laughter, even from the most staid,  while a decided improvement was  apparent in the "heavy" stuff. If  plans under way mature, in the near  future, patrons of this show may  expect three or four decidedly costly  improvements.  Tangible evidence of the   mother  and sister love work carried   on   by  the Woman's Patriotic society came  to light this week upon  the   receipt  of the sum of five dollars by Mrs. J.  A. Morrin from Mrs. E. P..Shea,   a  former   resident,     now    living    in  Seattle.    Mrs.   Shea-'donated  'this  amount,    asking   ibe   recipient   to  apply it to such purposes as she saw  fit. ' Of course,   there  is   but  one,  with the resultthat the above society,'  in whose behalf Mrs.  Morrin labors  heart  and  soul,   has  its'  treasury  enriched.       ^ - * -   "    '  A,popular.request   was ' acceeded  HOCKEY PENNANTS  PURPLE AND WHITE  Price, 50c. and 75c.  T. S. QUANCE   -   Phoenix, B.C.  by Princeton were made by Herb.  Neil, who proved a veritable cyclone  on the ice. Wass scored 4 of the 7  goals for Merritt, Randall scored 1,  McKibbon 1 and one was kicked in  by a Princeton player. Wass and  Darnell were the stars for the  visitors, and Neill, Waddell and  Murchie for the home team. The  best of feeling prevailed and there  was only one penalty. Herb Neil  will be remembered as the stone  wall defence of the Phoenix team  for several years, until he left for  Princeton where he has worked for  the past year. He is now located  at Greenwood.  A full line of writing tablets, envelopes and papetrie*, direct from  the mills of W. G. Gage & Co.  Now on sale at Almstrom's.  Church Services  The stated services at the Church  of Our Lady of Good Counsel arenas  follows���Second and fourth Sundays  in the month: Mass at 10 a.m.;  Sunday school after' mass;- Evening  service at 7.30. Rev. Father Dow.  Dorval.( -  "St. John's Church ��� Holy'communion at 8 and 11 a.m. Morning  prayer, 10.30. Sunday school at  2.30. Evensong, 7.30. Rev. A. M.  Lloyd, vicar.  St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church  ���Service March 5 at 11 a. m.  Sunday school at 2. p.m. All welcome.    Rev. J. R. Munro, pastor.  ,.tM  ^7<l../r   l'v*1n& *>  ���� ^ "*i   "   "^ 1  - ���- ���    -���-������ *fc"MM****^'*,^^^MIMI^**l,^*l*M**a**M^l*************,M**^*******���*-*'  ���! ��� , *h* i  p-f f     <���.  nP'"     '���  "T3 \ commenciog,'at.2  5$ft-  ?>**.  |7    "  MINERS'.UNION OPERA. HOUSE  TUESDAY,,JVIARCH 8th  ^ThcTFalse Friend  ��� , J-   ���In Two Parts  "On SllSpiCiOari"���TwoJleel Feature, .  "Masks and Faces  fThe Bugie^CaJI"���One Reel  ADMISSION, lOcand 15c.  f"  FRIDAY, WIAKOH  10, /I��  La Grippe  ���^ Pneumonia and Colds exhaust  in the short period of their course  more of the nerve tissues of the  po&y than weeks of hard work.  After them take -.->"'  Asaya- Neurall ��*  THE     NEW     REMEDY'   F O R  Nervous Exhaustion  which contains Lecithin (con-  centrated. from eggs), the"form  of phosphorus required for nerve  repair.      ^ ,  latf bottle*. 4�� d��r��' tmtmsnt. *1 CO.  Obtain from Urn Ideal xgrntv. v  Tv S:  QTJ.ANCB  1*   VM.archsi4','at   S��.? John's^vicarage,   to byWlayor Matheson whe'ti hePde  ���_... \ commencing at2:30 o.m'. v ,-Proceedsl flared'Fridav^^fternoonSfttlis^eek  '.,�� jC����>f�� i��*Pw/%t*oSrftl'  evidenced a keendesire- to   witness  postal from Wm. Sullivan. "Sully,"   the return match   between   Pb6enix  ,.-��� PHOENIX/JB^C  r 1tm*\*a>mt*xnMKG.KlaJL  ���^<ytj  ���'The Pioneer" is in receipt   of   a  IS*  "A Romance Of tlie :Wavyw���Tnree Reef Feature  "Breaking In**,  Wall Street^wiil not make Jone s a social Lion,   They try to make  a "Lamb" of him, but he maties "Goat.-," of tbem.���One Reel.  JOKER    "Curiosity"   -onereel  ADMISSION  15c. and 5c  Royal Billiard Parlors  TAYLOR & NELSON, PROPS.  Pipes, Cigars, Tobacco and Cigarettes  . BEST JBRA.ND ALWAYS ON 11AJSTD  Special Line of the Famous Lowney's Chocolates  Smokers' Supplies. Soft Drinks.  English Billiards.    Pool.    Bowling Alleys  F!is;-LJiL.jJ-iJ_uJ]jmli-Jii...LU���osee  (/'  .<'":  IVJLiVi'e.MoKey" iov your Foxes  uuscri.tPWJi'te Weasel,"Beaver. Lynx, Wolves,  7'Tar'ej.t r.ricS other Fur bearers collccicil in your section  :;;v[i>TOi'ri /<f'.Hf-Z DL'lECT <o "?5Jj'ttHEltT**fhe larflest  . ,..:.���,-., t .:. r   rj,; a,..a)u,0 <scli.-,fvctv in (<()KTn AMERICAN RAW FUHS  ;i r>'i;ii'jl.���-i- - ,T,oi:!.iW:e���t;uJ': i::'.r i i ���,:;;^ ivi;i4f��n i:.':b!c-iiiKli<--d rcp-  i;t;i"rii'i ���������-'i- it-: ���; ��� for." moire tf-.f-ii a tf-.'.rd of ft e'entury," aloriKKUC-  SS'fifJS' & '<->"i'-.fnl r-K-orii of Bf.mlinK Ti:r :-.:ii'ir/!rri pr'.tnoJ.HA'i'JSFACTORY  flS'-fci??- .6   /.Nl> !';l',)lUT/,.IiI.K return:;.    V/-;'v.r f---r   tCtjf fefmbttt Siftipptr,"  ���'^KWiS'Ar ������thoonl/ reliable, ri/.-curate ni��r!:et nrjiort I'.nd pri��;liHtpuljlL<;hed  rS"i     o    c-^JJ-f IV'-JPT   fnr-    25-27 WEST AUSTIN AVE.  .A A. i>. i-i iu:.).*i:\lj mc. Dcpt.css Chicago, u.s.a.  well known in this city,from "Some  where in France." He is in good  health and sends best regards to all.  "7The "tennis ~court"received the  attention of local enthusiasts last  Saturday. 'Trenches were dug with'  a view to draining off any slush  consequent upon the .setting' in of  mild weather.     "  In the Great ..Northern depot at  Grand Forks a placard reads: "See  America'First." Underneath some  wag has written: "Enlist in the  Canadian" cohtingenrr ~see- Europe  and America afterwards."  " T\ Whiticker (-'Arkansaw"), on  Saturdaylast suffered the misfortune  of a broken rib'while engaged in  his occupation of mine timbering.  i\rk says the plaster he applied to  the afflicted portion is working  wonders. . t  Page Boyle arrived in town Tuesday evening for the hockey match.  He was on his I way to Republic,  ,Wa��h., but couldn't avoid " seeing the game. "I enjoyed the match  immensely," he said. He returned  to Repuplic Wednesday.  J. O. Julsrud begs to state that  he has opened the blacksmith shop  close to Miners' ,Union building,  and is prepared to do all kinds of  blacksmith work, horseshoeing and,  general repair work. Terms reasonable.     Your patronage solicited  Corporal Nye was a visitor from  the Forks Tuesday. �� His former  occupation was that of driving  General Villa over Mexican landscape with the aid of an automobile.  Now he proposes driving the Huns  over the mesqua with abayonet.  Jim Murdock, the congenial  manager of the King's hotel, made  strenuous efforls to induce a local  log burler to compete in n log rolling contest Wednesday evening.  We bank on Jim's abilities to make  good.be it making hot cakes or  blending a float with all th�� colors  r .' Jiicob's'coat.  A feeling of spring pervades he  t'r. The populace seems irnbi ;d  \-ith   the   spirit   of   doing    things.  and Trail hockey teams in the  Smelter City. Notices requested  all citizens to observe same; and  although it was impossible to close  down the mine, due to the fact that  a large percentage of the positions  entailed constancy of'operation, the  Granby management permitted all  possible opportunity to'witness the  pulse quickening contest.  A\ O. Johnson, prop^etor of the  Knob Hill hotel, returned", this day  week1from a visit to his -sister in  JPhoenix, Ariz. Andy spent a most  enjoyable time duriDg his vacation,  and the many members of-'the  Scandanavian < Aid and Fellowship  society, of which he is a" most' progressive-member, look forward to  that part of the order of business  entitled '''Good of the Order," when  they expect to be convulsed with  many humorous incidents encountered duringhis holiday. Andy is a  most entertaining speaker, and  always looks on the bright side of  life.  Writing on the Merirtt-Princeton  hockey game at Princeton, the Star  states:    Ten of the 11 goals scored  Notice  Notice is hereby given to the public  ol' Eholt that a Shubert piano, now Id  niy possession will be sold to defray  .storage expenses if not claimed within  30days. Highest orany bid not necessarily accepted. t t, I  .    D. Oxley,  ���.    -  Chairman Trustees Cominittv*.  *   *-        i  Dated at Eholt, February 2, 1910.  f\  Do Not Hold  Your Hides, Salt Them and  Ship to     ' *  ;,  ROBERTA. BROWN  " MIDWAY, ���.��---  Top Prlc*�� for Dry  and  Green Hides.  ,^y^^~  ffi*S^3^*^?q*55S**j!^^jSr^?��w '"j r%"-1*&?  AL Almstrorri  Books, Stationery, Wall  Paper and Fancy Goods  Kodaks. Photo Supplies  Fountain Pens, etc.  ST. JOHN'S CHURCH  PHOENIX, B.C.  t  SUNDAY EVENING,  March 5, at 7.30 P.M.  tt  The Peace Offering  REV. A.  M.   LLOYD.  l>  MISSION BEGINS  MARCH 12th  EVERYBODY WELCOME  TO-NIGHT  By Special Arrangements with Seiwyn & Company,  New York,  the  United, Producing* Co.  will present  Greatest Dramatic Success in Years  Reserved Seat< $1.00;  General Admission, 7Hc.;   |  Children, 25C.  TICKETS ON SALE AT TOM BROWN'S I  k  Mi  1   ta   t'tCetJ  * "wSSf.  i       SB  u  *'"(  ^ ^  <t  i  IM  ^  J i>��


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