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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Jun 28, 1913

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 ���***��� '   'ii'm.jn  I  ^''fP'1^  Jf^jj  ^mmwu^  ^S  The largest coppor nimes in  the Dominion are situated  at Phoenix. The Granby  Co. employs 600 men, and  has a monthly pay roll of  over $50,000, while the Rawhide pay roll is $18,000.   r- i   : .iw. .ist* <���< sesgss  FOURTEENTH YEAR  f^!^^ Bwn^ *"���"���* ��**.  Sentenced to Eighteen Months]*"    School Children's^  Only  one  case   on the   criminal,     The    unkind   h��i,    ��� r  docket of the recent assizes held weather on W_d h*���1" ��f the  5" Greenwood, speaks eloquently for PMt�����eme���T_?Tu " ^^ *  -���aw-abiding character  of L|iK ���� S^,^  PHOENIX, B.C., SATURDAY, JUNE" 2.7^7  The Phoenix Pioneer is  published fh the highest  municipality in Canada���  altitude, 4,800 ft. The city  has a population of 1,500,.  and possesses first-class  hotels, opera house, schools  '���"rW'WVil  B.C.Mining-        A  !~K~>MHa_��d_a_HMHH-H_Dana_BaH��M_M_M  Fred    Ritchie,   P.L.S.,     of   the  Prince Rupert firm of Ritchie Agnew  BIG CELEBRATION AT  ANYOX ON JULY 1  $1,000 to be Distributed in Prizes  ���White Horse Baseball Team  - VS. Hidden Creek Nine. section   of the   province  contain a  the skies, forbade  the   carrying out  > aa   we"   a,s  ' ~~ strong  admixture  of people whose  of the program in the park.      How-  the claims owned  by   Fred   Rainey  Its a far cry from the Boundary know,ed���e of the EngHsb language ever, as the feast had been prepared on the maio Bear river  jistnctto, Hidden -creek. At teast .js: nec^Sari,y; limited/ -the'absence' and the guests were becoming a Charlie Day and E  hat  is the general impression held  of serious ;nfract;ons of the crimi���a|  trifle   anxious,    it  was   agreed   to   went  up   to   Whipsaw  code is,   to  say the least, remark-  hold   the  affair at  the  schooland  Saturday  to   the Knight    &    Day  able.    To the police,  both   munici-  pull the  various  athletic events off mineral properties.     Work  will   be  i   Provincial,   is also   due a  on thp.ma/4.�����. --�����-���  ���  Number 50  dary  towns   and   settlements.    Al-fever   wa��a���  :_, " " "    " "   I o  - '"' - "in-iiiengnewK ,'��� - ��� s��"C an   ac-    'ever, was an. improvement,  but the  * Co., accompanied by Mrs. RUchie   ��   !     ��f the Con^ress ��f ^e Presby-  p ~   ..._.   ���   IkIh ...... Itenan    Church    held    in    Toronto   Fr��gram   of  Sports  at  Ward  though   the   larger   towns   of   thisl presence   of  tl,/  ���" ~ '   uuuw,e|.   ."' -~--��'paniea oy Mrs. Ritchie  -_. _ _, provloce CODtain Jlu_fa:2_srr*__?:^"I_s^r_d*^w'^o,  Presbyterian Congress  At the evening service in St  Andrews' Church on Sunday .last,"  The Rev. j. R. Munro a(    &  SCANDINAVIANFESTIVAL  HELD AT GRAND FORKS  that  is the general impression held  locally.    But for all that our hearts  pulsate in unison  with   those of our  brothers and sisters now domiciled  at that coming northern copper met  ropolis, and who,   we' are not surprised to learn are introducing those  little gaieties  and  celebrations that  were at one time ol frequent occur  rence in Phoenix.     The latest from  our correspondent at the tail end of  the Aurora Borealis, is  to the effect  that. Anyox    is   to    celebrate   the  42nd   birthday of the   Dominion in  P.    Galliac  camp   last  Church held in Toronto  recently. '\ 5500 Members of the  Congress registered at the offices.  The meetings Were held in Massie  Hall, a building which seats 5000.  Many remarkable addresses/were  delivered and the interest of the vast  Lake���-Tug of War for B. C.  Championship, a Tie.  of  .���_...    ���    ^ay   audience was  unflagging.      Among   ���.,.~.-  pun iiib  various  athletic events off mineral properties.     Work  will   be  the outstanding speakers were:   Dr.  pal   and   Provincial,   is also   due a  on the roadway adjoining.      All the   resumed on the Lucky Pair on which   Herridge,    Ottawa;   Dr.    Hunson,  praise for  their  excellent afternoon, the  principal, who inter-  considerable   development  and  ex-  Montreal; G. B. Wilson, Winnipeg;  the apprehension  ests   himself    considerably   in-  the ploratory minim?- ha<=   ����<��"   -i���-->-- treal; John McNeil,  ���   ff1P   ct;ii    '- ._ _ ������..,c,-   loronto;   Dr.   MacKenzie,    Hon'an,  ....��� _._....��..   ...   me   worK    ot   adjudicating   the  lead proposition are very promising China; and  Ralph   Conner,   Winni-  The solitary case referred  to was  various events, which to the young-  and lias attracted   the  attention   of peg.  that   in   which   Steve   Buttrick,   an  sters'  credit   were  all   keenly  con-  experts.���Similkameen Star. The chief subjects discussed were  Austrian    resident    of Greenwood,   tested and elicited  the cheers of the       E.Williamson of Rock creek has  the living presence of Jesus   Christ  was charged with "causing grievous  ice  cream    eaters   that   lined    the just received returns from two  cars  in His Church, and the World,   the  bodily harm, with  wilful intent," to course.     Friday was the last day of of silver-lead  ore  shipped   to  Trail   Message, the Messenger, the Church,  , ... ,".'      "'"   fhe person of one, Eleanor Palmer,   the school term, and during the next  from his Sunnyside  claim,   the  ore J the    Connim..*    ~c   *<  royal style, towards which  the sum  _. . c     .   . .     A   e ,   ���       ,        .,       r .    . , ^   ,  ,.'..'   ,        . . The prisoner was defended by A. S.   six   weeks,  unless  thp  h��i-.>-.^~��-j  ot $1000 has   been   subscribed   for   ���,������.,,   -���_ .      -- - '  . ��� ^uuu^siut;  uiaim,   the   ore   the    Conquest    of   the  . - uy n.. o. six   weeks,  unless  the  delapidated  gave returns of near the  $50  mark  Christ, training in   the  Black, Greenwood, while J. S. Baird refrigerator   falls    to  pieces   under  and the  two   cars netted the owner  training in the Church. ,  prizes.    Among  the events  on   the .   .       ,   .   If    , ..     ~ .,      .    .     ., . ^ . ���..���. .        , ��� . , _,       .  r . ,i prosecuted on behalf of the Crown, the strain, the various improvements  a nice sum.     Williamson has shown       On motion   of Dr.   A.  program    is a baseball  match   be- ���,     , c ..        .   , . .,   . .        ,  .   ,      ...   . .   .       . , , . ,   .    ,_,      r T   . I  7 . ,     The defence attempted to prove that contemplated   will   be  carried   out.   ereat fai'h ���" *u~  r. ���-  Buttrick and   the  ncrvon i��^��  ~~~ "'"  Home,  and  _      * "'   "".'      ,. i .     -- " v.w.11-   wun   tne  exception  of Mrs.  J. T.   tion  having   worked   single-handed  Northern   Stars   of  White   Horse,      .      .  ., ^ ,   ���     ., u    . c ..     , . ,   t   , . c  _, ,       _ , mitted  the crime were  not one and   Hawthorn, who has so successfully  for some three years but  his   conn  Yukon Territory, for which  a purse  ., ,    .    ���, - .    .,      ,.     .   . ..      ,    .. .    ���   c ,u j  j . i  . <*n.n-~ , r the same,    but   the jury evidently  directed the destinies of the  second  dence and patience are now reward-  or $250.00 has been set aside.    The ..      ,  ...        . . _��� ���    .,     ,- - .       c ^ j     j      ���  ��� j ^     t. ���,,  considered  the evidence sufficiently division   for  over   two   years,   and  ed as it is reported that he can with  verdict   of whose   resignation  has   been    ton-  hU"      In   spite  of the threatening weather,   Phoenix   despatched   a  large  delegation to the Scandinavian midsummer festival,   which  took  place  this   year  at   Ward's   Lake, Grand  Forks.     It was anything   but  midsummer    weather,    however,    and  shower after  shower  drenched  the  merry-makers   to   the   skin.      The  carrying out of  the   large   program  of sports proved a  difficult   matter,  but somehow or other the committee  managed to  pull   off   the    various  events,  and   towards evening all of  them had been decided with the exception  of the tug  of war,   which  was declared a tie, and is  to be decided on Labor Day.  The  pavilion    was   of course  in  other events include aquatic sports,  rock-drilling and a series of Caledonian sports. The local representative in the Provincial Legislature,  Wm. Manson, has signified his intention   of being present.    A  ��..��- .o. on.and  Ha"th^ ZZ" Z"       ^ J" T'   '"' "'"^  ��*-  _^_^_ .'^ "����� r"��"i'"'i �� TMp.r. P~t d��n���i  and  throughout lho  -��- the evide���ce sufficU������y division for ���  r vo    eLfCrTrCe.and PMi"�� �� �����- ��-.�����  ���-.j ollulJg resolutions on Temper- SreaL aemind and throughout th  ance were carried unanimously, and dav the Ironsides Orchestra which  the Congress finallv rlr>��!Prl  ^��,^i���i    bv the wav-ram* ;r, f^.^���������:j_���_i_,  strong    to    warrant   a   verdict   of  "guilty."    His Lordship, Chief jus  tice   Hunter,   in   summing   up,   remarked   on   the narrow  margin by  which    the   prisoner   had   escaped       w.���   pnauuer   nao   escaped  , **   ' "     il        y  being tried on  a much more serious  cordial   invitation has  been extend-    . ,. ,.  ,   . charge.     It   was   a   most cowardly  ed the people of Phoenix to join the  merry throng, but we fear our nerves  have been somewhat unstrung of  late by the. number of t airship mishaps and the shabby conduct of the  Canadian Senate, for many of us to  undertake the trip.  was  a  attack on a defenceless girl.      "If I  thought   ipr    a   moment    that   the  crime was   premeditated,"  said the  court,   ��l Wo��!d commit you to the  penetentiary for a   lonK ��� term.     Do  you understand   what   1 say?"     But  Mr. Buttrick,, although absent from  it-   .���   ._ ��� I ms native Iandfor'IS years"nromrSf-  Up   to   the present time approxi-  , ,  . ,.    y*"*ri>* prompr-  mately $1,000,000 has been paid S'assumed the ^H-known wooden-  out under the provisions of the act no-sav^ee ��tare, generally sup-  of parliament giving a grant of $100 P��Tu f�� Ind!Cate a" entire ignorance  to veterans of the Fenian Raid ��a-_ii-ge of Albion. He was  There are still 15,000 more app,;.[sentencfd^fj^h^ard labor,  cations in, although only 10,000 There are 3424 , a and  troops were called out.                         J dialects.  whose resignation has been tendered, there will be no other change  in the personel of the teaching staff.  The prizes for the various events  were generously donated by Messrs.  N.J. Carson, E. A, Black, Albin  Almstrom and the Morrin, Thompson company. The prize offered by  the latter was for the tug-of-war,  but unfortunately that .important  contest had to be postponed. .. The  following^; were the races and the  winners:       \  75 yards fJbys* race (ten years and  over):,Fred Walters.-"' - ���  75  yards boys'   race   (under   ten  )'ears): George McGuigan.  75 yards girls' race (ten years and  over):  Kathleen Carson.  75   yards   girls'   race   (under  ten  years): Julia Biner.  Sack race; John Vezzetti.  Three-legged race: WinfieJd Almstrom and John Vezzetti.  Bean race: Enis Abransoo.  the present state of development  mine himself a ton a day.���Greenwood Ledge.  James Clarke, trie well-known  prospector of the Alberni district,  who recently returned from a trip  up the West Coast, reports that  operations have been-commenced  on a mine in the vicinity of Clayquot  the Congress finally closed, resolved,  depending on God's power, to advance in all departments of church  life and work.  Boundary Ore Tonnages  Following are the  returns  of the  output of the   Granby   mines    and  smelter for the week ending June 22,  and B. C. Copper smelter treatment', exist  tor the week ending June 22nd   and 1 r  - j ~i ~.<*yHuui.lyear to date: ' l^eo.   Vichary,    proprietors    of ���the  with the object of taking out a large   Granby. . .' 24 =5R1     ma  ��^\BuUe ho^?l��   ceased    to., emit,' the  x ,  shipmeat     of   ore   for smelter   trial "       - s__Ai__W' ton^ges       *'     - l1*^'?^-fatber-in-law, ^>.._u'cVam, ,^  purposes.      Mr. Clarke also   reports! Granby . . . .       24 SSI      -a. -Q^\taklne ��ver the hal��� mterest'otMr. ,-  thatthfeTyee   Copper   company    \s\ B. C. Coppe; C0.V. 11,547    323 617\MUSS^     Tbe   hotelf>a��   beea^elV-   -* Oil Kvll)  by the way, came in for considerable  praise, was busily engaged in providing the music for the dances.  The return trip for Phoenix commenced at 11-45 p.m. and 2-45 a.m.  saw the tired excursionists arriving  home.  Hotel Partnership Dissolved  Friday,   June 20,  the partnership  existing   between.   N.    Musso   and  ^Hm  sending' mining machinery into the  interior of Vancouver Tsfand by way  of Bear river, the destination apparently being- in the neighborhood of  the Big Interior gr^up.  Mr.  R. G. McCorinell,    a    veteran  member of the Dominion Geological  trxt  B. C* Copper. Treatment  The   B. C.   Columbia   company's  smelter   treated  11,547 tons' of ore  this week, as follows: Mother Lode,  ~'0{84A Rawh'*de,   5,182;   Napoleon,  ->S5; Queen Vict., 576; others, 220  managed'      aad1 ' is    .regarded-,' at��  one    of   the    most     lucrative" Investments " in     tne~"camp:   -The,  interior   is well ' furnished':'. arid'.'the'  very effective steam-heating system  , which was   installed   last fall keeps  all the apartments  at a comfortable  I temperature.       Patrons?.:of the;Butte ^  is  M Big Store  .      NEW ARRIVAL IN THE GENTS'  FURNISHING DEPT.  SLATER SHOES  BELLS' SHOES  These two makes are pre-eminently the best on the Canadian  market. We have them in Black and Tan���in all the latest  lasts���Look them over !  Fit-Reform Clothing for  See this wide range of new goods tailored  in the  largest and  best equipped Tailoring Establishment in Canada.  Stetson Hats Von Gol Hats  Fancy Shirts, Hosiery  and Neckwear.  When getting your Spring Toggery, visit the Store which has  the biggest range and newest goods. This brings you to us���  always.  Blasting- Accident  While engaged at his regular occupation  as  "blaster"   on Wednesday   morning,   Geo.   Mattocks,    an  employee   of the  Granby mine, had  the misfortune  to meet with   a very  serious  accident.      At  the time of  the mishap he was engaged in loading a round of holes and was starting  to place   the   powder   in   the  lower  oi\es.      Mattocks had placed a couple   of sticks   in   one   hole and was  pushing   them  down with the usual  powder stick when an explosion occurred, badly shattering  both of his  hands    and     driving   the    wooden  tamping  stick    through   the   fleshy  part   of his   leg,   inflicting   an   ugly  and   very   dangerous   wound.     His  condition was   discovered   by  some  muckers and surgical aid was quickly summoned.     At  the  time  of going  to   press,   Mr.   Mattocks   was  suffering severely,   but the doctors  express   the belief  that  some hope(  is   entertained    of   saving   his   left  hand.  Two fingers of his right hand  were amputated on Thursday.   ,���*   Local Road Construction  The heavy rains are seriously impeding the work on the construction  of the new government highways in  the Grand   Forks  district, but with  anything   like     reasonable   weather  the   two   gangs   now   working    towards  each   other  should  meet   in  about another five weeks.   A stretch  of one    mile   now   separates  Jos.  Darragh's     gang     from     that    of  McLaren's,   and    the   right-of-way  has also been  cleared  of the heaviest stumps.    Some dissatisfaction is  also expressed locally that the work  in connection   with   the road  where  it branches  at Denoro should have  had   a   prior   claim    to  We   are   informed,   however,    that  this latter   work, which   includes   a  considerable reduction in the grade,  is to be commenced shortly.    _.   I temperature.       Patrons-of'the\Buttk  Survey, is on his way no'rtH" to ex-/ Sea lions and seals are playing [cart confidently anticipate :^.continu--  amine the Rainy Hol/ow copper! havoc with Ihe^salmon in-the waters lance of that courtesy .which::cnar-'  district in the southwest   portion   of J of B.  C. .     . jacterized its former proprietorship  He   will    return / -  ���    ���  ' ____________  Yukon   district. He   will   return  later to   meet   a   delegation   of  the  International   Geological   Congress,  which will meet in Toronto in   August.       The   visitors   will    arrive   in  Vancouver   August   24.      Mr.   Mc-  Connell will accompany them   on   a  tour of this coast,   and a side trip to  Dawson, occupying five weeks.    He  is   an   authority   on   the   Klondike,  where he spent   several  years   preparing geological  reports.  Harry Carpenter,   of  Vancouver,  was in town last Saturday   morning  on   his   way   to   the    Hudson    Bay  Mountain    Mining   Co's.     property  where he will get the  work for   this  season underway.   Col. R. G. Steele  has just arrived here  from   Vancouver   after   spending     the   winter   in  England'where the majority   of   the  shareholders   live.      Mr.    Carpenter  stated that this season would be the  biggest ever put in on  the property.  The big tunnel started last   summer  will be completed and a big program  of new   development   will be undertaken.    The question of finances has  been settled and   lots   of  money   is  available.    By next fall they  expect  to have one of the biggest showings  in   the    whole    country.���Omenica  Herald.  r  QUALITY  Today the Curtain Goes Up on the Best Display of Clothes for Men this town has ever seen  COME, SEE FOB YOURSELF  For a Suit or Overcoat���that's "distinctive"���  that's "different"���that's "better"���come directly  here!  N. J. CARSON & CO., Lower Town  Authorized  t-v  Ag-ency  DUUMD!  Monday's Storm  The storm that swept  over Phoenix   on   Monday,   appears   to   have  been   very  general   throughout the  southern and eastern portions of the  province and  as   far   east  as Sask.,  where   it   assumed   for   a   time   the  nature   of a   cyclone.     One   of the  lightning   flashes  connected   with a  clothes   polo   in    the    upper    town,  while a second vented   its spile on a  Knob hill telephone   pole, setting it  afire and   temporarily   disarranging  attention. | the system in its locality.  Five thousand immigrants landi d  at Quebec within two hours on fui e  24.  We've the making- of much prosperity here in this Clothes  Shop.     Gladly will help you to your share.  Come in !  DIGGING BOOTS���A SPECIALTY THE   PIONEER,    PHOENIX,    BRITISH   COLOMBIA.  ^  .<,���'���>& !'-> " '  m  ,4 i  f  s'V  King Edward Lodge  Now 3ft* AJR. and A.M.  Kt^ttt&rvtamiuttLttiicatton at. S  ivu��.   Swoihi Thursday of  each month.  Emergent meetings as called; Masonic  Hall, McHale Block.  Pai_i_r J. Cook,  Jab. E. Carter, W.M.  Secy.  I. O. O. F.  Snowshoe Lodjge  No. 46  Meets every Monday Evening at  Miners' Hall. Visiting brethren cordially invited.  Walter Ross, Noble Grand.  Dan Pafcerson, Fin. Secy.  Sam McLeod, Rec. Secy.  Daughters of Rebekah  Phoenix Lodge No. 17  Moots in   tho   Miuora'   Union   Lodgo  Hall First and Third Wednesdays.  Mi's. Amy Cook, Noblo Grand.  Sirs. JJfllo Mnrshnll. Socrotary.  FRATERNAL ORDER  OF EAGLES  Phoonix Aerie No. 158  Meets in Union Hall, Friday Evenings.  Visiting brothers are always welcome.  Quitman Work, W. P,  James Weir, W. Secy.  K. of P. Lodge,  No. 28  Phoenix,  B.C.  Meets Tuesday Evening at 7.30.  Sojourning brothers cordially wel  coined.  J. E. Carter, K. of R. S  Gordon Thompson. O. C.  PYTHIAN SISTERS  Mountain Temple Lodge No. 17  Meets in Pythian Hall, Lowor Town  First and Third Thursdays.  Elizabeth Popo Mrs. Alary McKenzie  M.E.G.  M.R.C.  RECO STEAM LAUNDRY  The machinery in our Laundry has'  recently, been completely over-hauled,  and.we'a.re'nofr in..a position to give  our patrons the utmost satisfaction in  all kinds of laundry work at the most  liberal rates.    ' r      ���   -'  Extraordinary Surgery  Remarkable statements to the  effect that the organs of dead men  had been put into the bodies of live  men in surgical experiments on the  battlefields at Janina, are contained  in a letter George F. Viett of Norfolk, Va., has received from M.  Cremedas, a young Greek who  recently left the United States to  fight against the Turks. According to his letter there were only ten  fatalities outj of ninety cases. He  attributes the remarkable experiments to Dr. Valois Damien, a  Paris physican.  The physican stated in his   letter,  brought    ninety   wealthy    patients  from Paris  suffering  with   diseased  kidneys and other affected   organs,  and established an invalid's camp at  Pliilates, a small town, fifteen miles  from Janina.    He sought permission  of the King to remove organs from  the bodies of soldiers just killed, but  was unable to obtain an audience until one of the invalids had contributed  a battery to the King's arm}'.  Commanders   of the   divisions at  the front were  given orders lo send  Dr. Damien al! recently killed  soldiers that  he   needed.    The   experiments then commenced.      Upon the  receipt of. the dead body the   doctor  and   his   assistants    proceeded    to  transfer the healthy and   still   living  organs desired from   the  corpse   to  the  body   of   one  of  his   patients.  Old men on the verge of the  grave  from    Bright's    disease     had    the  source of their trouble removed and  the healthy organs  of some strong  man put in.their place.   These transfers are said to have included no less  than three of the vital bodily organs,  and numerous  small operations,   in  which forty were a complete success,  while there was only a   loss   of   ten  Concentrates  Canada ranks fourth in the world  among countries using the telephone.  The Inland Coal & Coke company  of Merritt, recently paid out the sum  of $50,000 in wages.  Monseigneur Stagnie, papal ablegate, has left Ottawa for a trip  through western Canada to the  Pacifie coast.  Spain has accepted in principle  Secretary Bryan's proposal for ensuring a world-wide peace. Eighteen  nations now have accepted Mr.  Bryan's invitation to consider his  scheme.  Andrew Carnegie had some more  difficulty last week in getting rid of  his surplus wealth. The Methodist  Episcopalian bishops decided to refuse a paltry million of Andy's  tainted "mon,"  The Italian troops were again  victorious last week when they attacked and put to rout a large  force of Tripolitan tribesmen. The  Italian troops lost twenty killed  and 217 wounded.  An epidemic of measles has broke  out among the Kootenay Indians.  D. Henderson and Provincial Constable Forrester have visited the  differeut camps to enforce the pro  visions of the Health Act.  out of the ninety.  Hereditary.  The real reason for the suffragette  outrages in England has at last been  discovered. Lecturing recently in  Vienna, Dr. Julius -Pokorny explained t why modern .'England afforded such "fertile ground for this  j "extraordinary physical epidemic."  We wash  Everything   but   the The fact that simi,ar PoliticaI and  r> k J economic conditions existed in other  A Trial Solicited.  Phone 50.   Dominion Ave.  Smiling  Faces  greet the'coming- of a case of  PHCENIX BEER  WHY?  Because the Beer is so good  and wholesome it brings the  smile.  ���PHONE  23  PHOENIX BREWING CO.,  LIMITED  countries led ' the professor to conclude "that the true orjgin of this  fanatical barbarism is to be found in  the ancient civilization of the British  Isles."  "Among the original inhabitants  of England,"  he said, "women occupied a domineering position.   She  spent her   life in  boundless   liberty.  Now   this   original    population,   in  contrast   with   that-of  the "rest  of  Western   Europe, "has  managed to  remain comparatively pure, whereas  there has been constant retrogression of the Anglo-Saxon stock.      In  London   only    one-seventh   of   the  people are blonde.  "It is therefore no wonder that  fourteen hundred years of Anglo-  Saxon rule has not sufficed to keep  back instincts which for more than  4000 years were permitted to develop unhindered among the original inhabitants."  Dr. Pokorny finished by warning  his hearers against "the terrible  consequence of woman's franchise,"  which he predicted would drive  every " state into socialism and  anarchy.  Two young women were drowned  near Banff last week, when the  raft on which they were riding was  carried over Spray falls, in the Bow  river. Four men who were on the  raft- succeeded in swimming to  shore.  The Australian premier, the Rt.  Hon. Andrew Fisher, and the cabinet have resigned as a result of the  recent elections, in which the  Liberals obtained a majority of one  over the Labor party in the federal  house of representatives.  Edward Maroney, for the past 38  years an inmate of the provincial  asylum, died at the age of 85 years.  He was never able to tell of his  birthplace or of his friends, and his  previous history is likely to remain  a mystery.  Officers    of    the    U.S.    cruiser,  road construction camp shot three.-  Wanted in Regina on a charge  of highway robbery, alleged to have  been committed in the latter part of  1911, James Field, alias David  Knott, was arrested last week at  Esquimault where he was in training  with .the Fifth Canadian Artillery  regiment. The accused was formerly in the Royal, North west  Mounted Police.  More than a ton of, bamboo poles  are being used in extensive tests for  concrete renforcement by a   Chinese  student  in   mechanical  engineering  and naval architecture at the Mass.  Institute of Technology.      In China  bahibob is plentiful and cheap, while  steel is expensive, and this   student  believes in at there will be   an   enormous development in the use of  re-  enforced   concrete     if   a    practical  method of   renforcing with bamboo  is. devised.  A   great  deal   of speculation has  arisen   concerning   the   visit  of    a  Canadian naval officer to Portsmouth  on   a    naval    recruiting      mission.  Lieutenant    White,    R.N.,   of  the  naval staff at   Halifax,   has   arrived  there to open a recruiting office   for  the Dominion navy.    The Canadian  cruiser  Niobe   is   also expected   to  arrive there during the first week in  December   to  assist  in' the    same  errand. Lieutenant    White   will  make the Royal Naval Barracks at  Portsmouth his headquarters while  in England.  6REHM  BAKING POWDER  You will find it a great satis faction to da  More Home Baking  You will make biscuit, cake and pastry  clean, fresh and tasty���better every way  than the ready made foods.  Dr. Price's Baking Powder is specially  devised for home use, and makes home  baking easy and a delight. 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Lawler, Secretary of the Association,  Maryland, have   notified   their gov-l Jusf before leaving for   the   city   of I  ernment that   the   test  of coal from   Winnipeg   to   make    final  arrange-j  and gained practical experience  down in the mines, that they will be  sorry to learn that the working of  the mines is to be discontinued after  800 years of continuous activity.'  The government of the Kingdom  of Saxony has not taken this decision without good reason. The  mines simply do not pay any more,  and operations have, in fact, for  nearly twenty years been carried on  at a loss for the purpose of prevent  district, where 3,000 men and" their  families depended, in 1884, upon the  mines for their bread. It is not  that the mines have actually given  out. But tha decrease in the price  of silver, and the increased difiicnlty  or mining in a greater depth, have  killed the profits. Considering that  the total silver which the mines have  yielded would alone represent a  value of some forty-five million  pounds at present prices,   the   Frei-   ,  ing a calamity in the poor   Freiberg  berg mines have not done badly  WOOD  First-class Fir and Tam-  arac Wood, $5.50 per cord  Pine Wood,  $5.00 per cord.  Fir and Tamarac, uouble cut,  per cord, $7.00.  W3QD  (DELIVERED  NOTICE.  ON   SHORT  'Phone B32  Fashionable ladies are now substituting the cigarette puff for the  old-fashioned powder puff.  the Behring coal fields has been  delayed until high water on the  Behring river, the barges and  special boats having been found to  draw too much water.  At Christchurch, New Zealand, a  sum of close upon $10,000 was  subscribed by the public for the  entertainment of the men and the  officers of H.M.S. New Zealand  during her visit to the port. Part of  the money was expended in gunnery  prizes for the ship.  The Alliance No. 1 the first vessel  of the Alliance Fishery company to  set out from Victoria, has returned  with a catch of halibut weighing  22,000 pounds. These were caught  off the banks off Ucluelet and all  within nine days, in spite of some  rather heavy weather.  A party of hunters who have  spent the last fortnight hunting  bear on Canyon creek, with Sam  Ryder as guide, returned to Hope  with four fine skins���one cinnamon  and three black. Bear are reported  as rather plentiful around Silver  Lake.    One of the men in  the  rail-  ments for the meeting, will attract  a large number of people in addition  to the many who have already  signified their attention of attending.  The movement for forest conservation is reported to be progressing rapidly in all parts of the West,  particularly in Manitoba and in  Alberta, where it is found that the  forest areas can be made productive  of a much greater amount of wood  than was heretofore 'thought possible. It is said that a distinct  advance in the forest policy of the  West is not an unlikely outcome of  the Winnipeg Convention.  DO   YOU  WANT TO  __B_H_H_i_a_H_���l_H_l_HII_a_ai_M_N__l_H_^__H__H__H__H__B  MAKE MORE MONEY  IN placing-'your Newspaper Advertising",  place the greatest value on the paper with the  greatest influence on its readers."  Shoes that Fit!  We make a specialty of Miners'  Shoes; good fit, nice shape, and  nothing but the best of stock used  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  NICK PALORCIA,  Knob Hill Ave.        Phoenix, B.C  Of all kinds promptly attended  to. Rapid Express and Baggage Transfer. Careful attention to all orders.      Phone A65  James G. McKeown  Worked for 800 Years  Mining enginners all over the  globe will hear with regret that the  famous old silver and lead mines at  Freiberg, in Saxony, are finally to  be closed this September, says London Engineering. Though the  Mining Academy of Frieberg only  dates from 1765, and though this  academy is not its self to be closed,  so many mining engineers have received   their  training   over    there,  The Direct  a to all B.C.  OU t�� Coast Points  via the  Great Northern Railway  Vancouver, $17.85; Victoriavias.attie$17;85  New Westminster, $17.85  DIRECT CONNECTION AT SPOKANE  For additional information communicate with  J. V. INGRAM, Local Agent.  Use the medium that is watched for every  week by the people of your community.  Spend the money with the paper that is  read with interest. It reaches the people and  you know that you're getting into the homes of  the people you want to reach.  Quality has not yet becorrie popular, but  the day is not far distant when this will be one  of the main features of Newspaper Advertising1..  In the meantime business men, who have faith  in quality, are reaping huge returns.  Ill :'-'V, :���;���;'���   '.  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One of the explanations put forward to account for  their extraordinary conduct is to the  effect that the prominent suffragette  leaders are in receipt of handsome  salaries, which of course will cease  if by any chance the agitation dies  down or the demand for the franchise  is granted.  MEN-YOU NEED NERVI  Satukday, Junk 28, 1913  L  Chisholm & Hartman,  Props.  FIRST STREET AND KNOB HILL AVENUE  ::&' a  Your Milk Supply  Should come from healthy and vigorous Stock,  handled in a CLEANLY AND SANITARY  Separated Cream insures purity and  manner  quality.  The Dairy produces both.  A Warning1 to Canadian Girls  .With.the  exception   of-the:early  settlers in Quebec, the  immigration  to this country from France has not  been  very large.     But   in view of a  recent warning- issued by the British  authorities,   it   might   serve   h  very  useful purpose if the, press throughout the Dominion, and  especially in  the   west,   were   to   emphasize   the  astonishing   fact that  the   marriage  of   a   Canadian   girl   to   a   French  subject or even a Frenchman naturalized   in   Canada   was   not  legal   in  France.     Of course   such   a   union  is valid   in Canada,   but if the husband  dies   and leaves   property   or  money   deposited in   a bank within  the   French   dominions,     his    Canadian wife has absolutely   no claim  whatever on the estate.     Under the  French   law,   except   under certain  conditions, she   is  not  his wife and  the children of such a marriage are  illegitimate.      The   warning  of the  British   government   was issued  on  account of the  many Frenchmen in  London   who   had   contracted  marriages -with  English girls and later  deserted   them   to   negotiate   other  alliances in France.   Two of the conditions   laid down   that  go towards  Results of 100 Years of Peace  ,    When we have distinguished visitors in the United States   we   make  them    work    for  their   hos'pitality.  The  Ghent   treaty   delegates   have  been   whirled    over  four   thousand  miles, of  railroad    in   fifteen   days,  have partaken of fifty-five "formal"  dinners,   etc.,   and   have   got   back  to   New   York   suitably  impressed  with   the   bigness   of   this  country.  When     they     reach     home      they  can     tell     Britons,    Belgians    and  Australians how  the United    States  has   grown   during the   "century of  peace."    The Canadians, our neighbors,     will     not   need   to   be   told.  They to, can point   to   a   wonderful  progress illustrative of the influence  of One hundred years of amity.     Ten"  years after the war  of  1812  ended  Canada was but sparsely populated;  to-day    the     Dominion     has    over  7,000,000   inhabitants.      There   are  surely 102,000,000 people   dwelling  in the two lands which had not   10,-  000,000 when  the   treaty   of  Ghent  was signed.���Boston Transcript.  EARLY    BNDISCRETION8    AND]  EXCESSES  HAVE UNDERMINED YOUR 8 Y8TEM  The nerves control all actions of the body so that wttf-  thing that debilitates them will weaken all organs ot  the system. Early Indiscretion* and Ekcum* hare  ruined thousands of promising young maa. Un���_anl  Drain* nap their vigor and vitality and thsy never develop  to a proper condition of manhood. They remain weak'  lings, mentally, physically and sexually. 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McKay & Sons  Proprietors  The Central Hotel  NEAREST HOTEL TO FAMOUS GRANBY MINES  FIRST-CLASS ACCOMMODATION  FOR   MINERS  Bar Stocked with the Finest Line of Wines, Liquors, Cigars  A. O.Johnson    -    -    -    Proprietor  The Cry of "No Emergency."  While    our    many   friends,    the  Liberals,   were   making- themselves  and   everybody else  sick with   their  lying-   vaporings   anent     the    nonexistence    of   an    emergency,    the  officers   and   crews   of the   various  ships   in   the.  Imperial   navy   were  passing  through   what is probably  the most trying experience   of their  existence.        For  nine   weeks   the  whole   of the personnel   of the fleet  were   denied anythiBg   more than a  few hours leave of absence.     Every  ship   was   fully   coaled   and    steam  was  constantly   kept   up night and  day.     The   laconic message,    "all's  well," was  telegraphed  twice every  twenty-four hours,   instead of  once  as formerly, to every commander of  a fleet or  isolated   unit stationed in  every   quarter   of the   globe.     And  while   all    this   was   going   on   the  members  of our own "Loyal Opposition"   were   working   themselves  into   a frenzy   over  the   proposal of  R. L.   Borden to  give some much-  needed   assistance    to    the   already  overburdened   British    taxpaper   in  his effort to provide a fleet of sufficient   strength   to   protect not only  his own shores, but those of Canada  as well.  at Frisco, . especially   in view of  the   value    of   the   opening   of   thi  Panama   canal   to  the  British   Columbia    seaboard    and    the  provinces.  prairie  Canada's Political Almshouse  So great an   authority as   the lat  W.   jE.    Gladstone    has    declaimed  from time to   time   against the -ex is  tence  of  second   chambers.     Gladstone   contended that  if  the   lower  and   upper  chambers   agreed   on   a  measure there was little use for   the  Iatter's  existence,   while  if the   upper     house     disagreed      with    the  people's   direct   representatives   the  second     House    had    no    right   to  exist.      Very  few Canadans are in  favor   of a   so-called   reform   of the  Senate.     At   the   best   it   is   but   a  political   almshouse    for   the country's "busted" politicians and should  be reformed out of existence.  ELECTRIC LIGHTED  Phoenix, B.C.  L. Mcelroy  SOLE AGENTS FOR PRINCETON COAL  Dealer in Lumber, Shingles, Lath  and Cedar Poles. Stull Lagg-an.  First-Class Fir & Tamarac Wood.  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Scores  of their friends among the members  of Parliament have been pestered  and their lives made miserable by  the unwelcome attentions ot their  shameless   British   sisters.       Mean-  That Oriental Wave  The question of Oriental immigration   into   Canada promises   to   become more and more acute.    Within a very short while, if   the present  rate of  entry   keeps  up, the matter  promises   to   eclipse   in   importance  every other issue of the day.     For a  time the   $500   head   tax proved an  admirable remedy, but now that the  moneyed Chinese  merchants on the  coast have surmouned that obstacle  by advancing   the   money  to the incoming    Mongolians,    some    other  and   more   effective   safeguard   will  have to be found.     It is not a party  matter.     The   danger   is a national  one.      It may possibly have escaped  the   layman's   notice,   but the enormously increased accommodation for  Orientals on the new C.P.R. steamship,    Empress    of   Russia,   is   not  without its significance.  BO OKS AND STATIONERY  __e__i-_B__M_a____M_HH-a-a_^  Fancy Goods, Dolls and Toys, Kodak Films and  Supplies, Musical Instruments and Supplies, Newspapers, Magazines and Periodicals���School Sundries.  Wallpaper and Decorative Pictures  Cigars, Tobacco and  Smokers' Sundries  Endless Variety of Goods Suitable for Presents.  All the Latest Newspapers, Magazines  FRESH CREAMERY BUTTER AND EGGS  Fresh Churned   Washington   Butter,   "Premo"  brand, at  40c. per lb.  Fresh Churned "Empress" Butter, 40c. lb.  Fresh Local Eggs, 40c. per doz.  Fresh Farm Eggs, 35c. per. doz.; 3 doz. tor $1.00.  Sugar Cured Hams, 27c. per lb.  Choice Breakfast Bacon, 28c. per lb.  Pure Leaf Lard, 51b. Pail, $1.00.  Mild Ontario Cheese, 25c. per lb.  Sardines, 15c. per tin  ���      __�� ^0 BUB VI *&     Vb     ���*>& ���*mtrn u     _m a   BmTb  Wholesale and Retail Butchers and Produce Merchants  PHOENIX, B. C.        PHONE 2  D. J. IVlATHESOftS   Insurance Ag:ent  FIDELITY BONDS, PLATE (JLASS,  COM M I X S 1 O N E R FOR TAKING  AFFIDAVITS  FIRE, LIFE AND  ACCIDENT  PHOENIX, B-C  ml  Wit I  vm  pf1  *r*Utp 1  'V  4*?-  %1  <S>BM.**H*^W3#W<M^ m  *���'- ^^���*^iKU��'W��^rr,i'i' ^.J,^.v>lv^V^^.'TP'-^'S;'V  ^];,ijjtA'rtS;iS?i^'i,^,'R>:iMter?;  i.''r/,T'!Wiioa\JU��Wiai����-/,1-teSA,u;,��,,  THE   PIGNEEH,    EMOlENlX    BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  ���: mi  If!:  lit  Ift  /:  rf \f<t-i.  J?"  %!  r  The Phoenix Club  N. J. Deichert, Prop.  PIPES, CIGARS, TOBACCOS, CIGARETTES  LARGE AND  VARIED ASSORTMENT OF CHOCOLATES, ETC  Fresh Hazelwood ice Cream  CAN BE PURCHASED BY THE GALLON OR OTHERWISE  All Kinds of Soft; Drinks Compounded on Shortest Notice.  School re-opens August 25th.  *'.''  A. O.   Johnson,   proprietor of the  Central hotel, is a visitor to'Rbssland  this week.  Walter Forshaw returned to "town  on Thursday from a visit of a few  weeks in Vancouver.  ranch. Mr. Taylor wishes the ranch  was about ton miles from Phoenix as  he anticipates, for some time at least,  a difficulty- in marketing his produce.  The fat man's race at the Scandinavian pic-nic was won by Chief of  Police Savage of ,Grand Forks. R. J.  Gardner, formerly of Phoenix, who  has held the championship for a number of years, came in second. There  was little money on Dick this year,  as only a few weeks ago he took an  ENGLISH BILLIARDS,   POOL,   BOWLING ALLEYS  E. E. Barnes, principal of the pub-1 -:"'-, "" "���"�� <*��" ��o.wu���m  lie school, leaves this morning with aerhU fl,*ht from an auto and dl8llv  his family for Vancouver. I ranged his air chambers.  Thai; Walsh, the well-known-hotel I F' B' We and family were passen-  proprietor of Bridesville, was a guest|��ers on Thursday's Great Northern  at the Brooklyn hotel this week. {*'*,n frt" HMfH'*   ���~"    ~*���-  Mineral Act.  Form F.  '   CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVES! KNTS.  NOTICE.  "Joo Jou'-'AIlnoitil Claim,ditunte in tho Grand  Forks Miniiiff Division of Yulo dUtriut.  ' Wlicro loontod:���Wolllnsrton Camp.  TAKE NOTICE, that I, 'Donald J. Miitlioson.  nfrort for Jos. J. IJantiutt, Free Miner's  Car-  .tiflo.lo No. (J1,7(J7B; intone! nlxty days front the  dutc  hoieof. to apply to tho Mining Roroitlor  for  a" Certificate  of  .Improvements  for  l.ho  purpose  of obtaining a Crown Grant of tho  ��� above claim.  Aud further take notice that action,  under  section ii7, mult bo conimoncod boforo tho is��uo  [ot ��uch CertiflcHto of Improvement*.  Dated this.UOth day of Juno, A.D. 1913.  D, J. MATHESON, Agent.  Mineral Act.  Form F.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  The Copper Market  The copper market is steadier   on  a basis of 15  cents   for  electrolytic  while lake is quoted  at 15yj   cents,  says the Boston Commerical.    There  is a   large movement in the jobbing  trade and the retail demand is good.  No  important   transactions   on   the  part of the producers have been   reported recently, but some speculative  lot* have sold below 15 cents.    The  quantity sold has been small and   in  no way reflects the actual   condition  of the market.  The labor strike at the Laurel Hill j ��� .-.-,.  refinery may prove lo be a  factor in   kytton, B.C.  the copper situation unless a settlement is reached within a reasonable  period.   This refinery has a capacity  for placing between 30,000,000 and  35,000,000 pounds of copper a month  on the market.     Itsprinciaal output  is   electronic   copper.       The   total  slocks of copper  on   hand   in    the  Albert Olsen, one of the employees  at the No. Seven mine, left on Tuesday to visit his home in Sweden.  John B. Robinson, electrician at the  local sub-station, paid a short business  trip to the Queen city this week.  Miss Kelling, of Walla Walla,  Wash., is spending part of her summer vacation with her friend,'> Mrs.  J. Mulligan. s  ���Mrs.'D.- J. Matheson and children,  who left on Wednesday for a vacation  on the coast, will be away for about  two mouths,  St. Andrew's (Presbyterian) Church  ���The service on Sunday, June 29th,  will be in the morning at 11 a.m. Rev.  J. R. Munro.  Jimmy Dermody, nephew of Mr.  and Mrs. Jos. Strutzel, left on Wednesday to spend the school holidays at  Lost���Gent's watch; nickel case and  Swiss movement; leather fob at-  attached, with metal pendant. Leave  at Pioneer office.  Page Boyles left on Tuesday, after  a short stay in town, for the Granby  train for Seattle, Wash., where Mr;  Brine intends to spend a portion of his  annual vacation. Mr. Brine has been  appointed to the charge of one of the  branches of tho Bank of Commerce in  Vancouver, his former position in tho  branch here having been filled by J.  Mullen, who with Mrs. Mullen arrived  in town last week from Vancouver.  Robt.  Pritchard,   who recently received authority to wear the badge of  a provincial constable, is now stationed  at  Princeton   in  the    Similkameen.  "Constable Pritchard," says the Similkameen Star,   "is giving- citizens very  general satisfaction   in   keeping   the  streets free from .incapables and dis-1  orderlies.   A town with u.reputation  for decency and orderliness is always  attractive to homeseekers and all respectable persons,  The following are the names of the  successful pupils attending the public  school who secured honors for the  past year���Division I: Attendance,  John Owens, Kaal Makilla. Profici  ency, Mary McKinnon. Deportment,  Annie Hendrickson, Mamie Silver,  thorn. Division II���Attendance, R;  Owen.    Proficiency,  Enis  Abranson  S' FACEGREAM  AND TOILET WATERS ARE IN A CLASS  BY THEMSELVES  The cream is greaseless, consisting of Peroxide and  other mild emollients-; it-smoothes out the drawn and  uncomfortable feeling from wind, sun or hard water,  having a sensation of soft and grateful comfort.  The Toilet Waters are put up in shaker top bottles,  with the five most popular odors of the day.  ENGLISH LAVENDER, RED R08E, NYLOTIS,  WHITE LILAC AND FRENCH VIOLET.  Large Bottle, $1.00; Large Jap Cream, 50c.  Phoenix Drug Company  'Phone 16. T. S. Ouance, Manager  and Records  ._��� ._  ,~  v_v,   _*-���U|y      .^wmuv,,   "uu   Aoranson  company's newly-bonded claims near  Deportment, Ethel Silverthorn.   Divi  Republic, Wash. s'on HI���Attendance,  Angelina Mus-  Mrs. Alexander McLeod arrived in  ^tto.   Proficiency, Henrie"tUThomp.  Phoenix from her home at Van Anda,   son'   Deportment, Harold Mellrud  NOTICE  'Florence No. 2" Fractional Mineral  Claim,  situate in Greonwood Minim? Division of Yale  district.  -Wherolocated:���Wellington Camp.      .   ........... -n---      ���    ���������    ��� �����"  TAKE NOTICE that I, Donald J. Muthohon, I United States on June first was 67,   .  aeentfor Jos.J. Bassott.FreoMlnor'i.CorUfl-l   7 , ,,,���.���   ..Jon Saturday.     Little Victoria Deane I    Fred. Graham, quartermaster of the  catcNo. 61,767 B., intend 60 days, from the date J* '<->,UUU   pounds. .Allowing    that J, ,   ,V ���      ��� . ^  hereof, to apply ��� the Mining Recorder for a   two-thirds of   that   was   electronic   accoraPamed hev' second hne.of defence in Phoenix, re  certified to of Improvements, for the purpose j y E. Spraggett, government road supt.   cently received a communication from  of obtaining: a Crown.Grant of the above chum. | copper, the effect of a shut down of fol.  tnis district,   came  up from   the   the military authorities, touching the  ���i"lf"^?.r^�� -��fcic�� "^���Uo'\Vmlcr|one   month   at   this   refinery  might  Forks on Thursday and inspected the  authorized dress of officers for cere-  We are agents for these goods, and can  supply you with them very -quickly, as  well as save you money on the transaction.  section 37, must be eommonccd before the is  btiancc of such Certificate of Improvements  Dated this 20th day of June, A.D. 1913.  D. J. MATHESON, Affcnt.  Mineral Act  . SYLVESTER IC FRACTIONAL  ,   r \MINERAL CLAIM.   <"-  ', Situate in the Greenwood'Mining Division of Yale District.   Where located:  Greenwood Camp.  Take  notice that I,  D.   J.   Matheson,  as agent for Adolphe S. Sercu, Certificate No. 6177SB, intend, sixty days from  date  hereof,   to apply to   the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of improve-1  ments for the purpose  of obtaining a/  Crown grant of the above claim. /of   pi  And further take notice that action j rj  ri-  under section 37must be commenced be-1  easily be imagined  The departure for Europe of John  D. Ryan, president of the Amalgamated Copper company and W. D.  Thornton, president of the Greene  Cananea, is expected to be followed  by a buying movement from abroad  as th"at is what happened when those  two made a similar trip last year.  The recent reaction in the price of  copper from 15J^ to IS cents cannot  be attributed to any unfavorable  change in the situation, if the month  roads in this locality. I monial occasions.    It seems that the  Mrs. Annie McDonald, who has been offlcers in the Phoenix garrison have  paying a few weeks' visit to her par-f be.en,fai/ fc?�� slack in tl��s repect and  ents, Mr. and. Mrs.   J.   Pierce, left on  Saturday last for Vancouver.  Members of Phoenix lodge, Knights  of Pythias, are requested to be present  at next Wednesday's session, when  the third rank will be conferred. '   . ,.  The brethren of King Edward lodge,  A.P. .and A.M., -rwill attend divine  service in the Methodist phurch, tp-  niprrow, Sunday, June' 29, at 7.30 p.ui.  Thos.  Roderick   left   the camp on  it is to be hoped that in future when  attending the civic receptions the officers will appear in the dress laid down  by the military regulations. The  ridiculous practice of wearing medals  won on the football field must cease.  The word "field" in the regulations applies solely to the field of battle.  E. A. Black, Jeweler  Improvements  Dated, May 30th, 1913,  D. J. Matheson, Agent.  Australia's Menace  Australia, and not-Western Ameri  I Tuesday to carry out the annual ass- J ca says the Lovat   Fraser   in   Daily  Iy   statistics   are to be   accepted   as'I essment on his mineral claims, situate! Mail, seems destined  to become the  showing accurately the general trend I ��'n the locality of Anarchist mountain.   sceng of the next phase of that   in  -f   production    and  ' consumption.      Mrs. Elmgreen and. daughter, who  terminable conflict between   Europe  the past   three   months   thel!lave   been visiting for some days m |      ...     . ^.^  Union Store  D. OXLEY,  Proprietor  Begs to announce that he has secured the sole agenoy in Phoenix  tor the'Frache Bros., well-known Nurserymen of Grand Forks,  and will hereafter carry an assortment of  Cut Flowers, Wreathes and a" ���_?d8 House Plants  FINEE8T LINE OF FRY8'OHOCOLATE8, OANDIE8, ETO.  EXCELLENT LINE OF CIGARS, PIPES, TOBACOOS      .���.�����.��.��;-, - . ���    ���   thelhave   teen visiting for some days in. .  fore the issuance of such Certificate of domestic visible supply has declined J SPokane�� returned  to town  with the! and As,a' between  the   white   races  Improvements. I���.���i��� ;;nnnnnn , ... (Phoenix   excursionists   on  Thursday! ��" the one hand and   the brown and  yellow races on the other,   which   is  the oldest and most persistent factor  SYNOPSIS OF COAL  MINING REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights of the Dominion,  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-  ,berta, the Yukon Territory, the Nor th-  west Territories and in a portion of the  Province of British Columbia,' may be  leased for a term of twenty-one years,  at an annual rental of $J an acre. Not  more than 2,56X1 acres will be leased to  one applicant.  Application for a lease must bo made  by the applicant in person to the  Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in  which the rights applied for are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must  be described by 'sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur-  'veyed territory the tract applied for  shall be stake��l out by the applicant  himself.  Each application must be accom  panied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable  ... output of the mine at the rate of five  cen ts per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  ace Minting for the full quantity of  me; chantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights are not being operated, such returns should be furniblied at least once  a year.  The lease will include the coal mining  rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available  surface rights may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of $1.0.00 an acre.  For full information application  should be made to the Secretary of tho  Department of the Interior, Ottawa,  or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Land;,.  VV. W. COBY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.���Unauthorized   publication   ot  this advertisement will not be paid for.  nearly 55,000,000 pounds.     A simi  far  decline;   during  the   next   three  months would practically  wipe  out  this surplus.  Undoubtedly mining interests will  take steps to increase their production and thus maintain a fairly comfortable supply on the market. The  present surplus would not fill two  weeks' requirements at the present  rate of consumption and reports.  Prevents Sleeplessness  '^���^*.^H��^w�� <^im  MATHIEU'S  NERVINE POWDERS.  f For UtedKhe.and Neuralgia.  If your dealer cannot supply you, the  J.  L.  Mathieu Co., Sherbrooke, P.Q.,  sends box postpaid on receipt of price  morning,  The contract for the plumbing alterations and1 installation of a heating  system in the public school, was  awarded to the Motrin, Thompson  Co. of this city.  Mr. and Mrs. Murdock Mclhtyre of  Merritt, arrived in town, on Thursday  by motor car, on a visit to the parents  of Mrs. Mclntyre,  Mi;,  and Mrs  Dock8teader.  Miss Catherine Mackenzie, who has  5>een visiting her parents for thepast  four weeks, leaves today to resume  hei duties at the ORoyal Inland hospital at Katnloops.  For a ten thousand dollar consideration the ranch and business of Gust  Johnson has been transferred to Robt.  Forshaw, for many years a former resident of Phoenix.  Mrs. W. A. Hufty, accompanied by  her two youngest children,   Howard'  and Florence,   left on  Tuesday for a  two month's visit to relatives in Sky-  komish and Seattle, Wash.  in human history.      The entire pre  sent   population   of the   Australian  Commonwealth could be comfortably  and prosperously established in   the  Northern   rivers  district    of   New  South   Wales,   which   is   only just  D. | being opened up-    .The richcbastal  belt of Northern Australia, with   its  ���deep rivers, fine   harbors, /and   unfailing rainfall, could maintain thirty  millions   of people. Its   present  inhabitants    number    less   than    a  thousand   white   folk.        We   have  painted it in red, and left it  vacant.  At its present   rate   of  progress,  Australia will not   a  century   hence  have population enough to stem the  flood  of a  yellow  invasion.      The  course   which    the   outward   movement    of    the  yellow    races   must  eventually follow   seems   automatic  Greenwood    StagC Line  T  ������..~   DL ���  _    .        - /-��    .~  Leave Phoenix, upper town, 8.45 a.m.. .  "'.. '"���       lower town,   9.00a.m. [.Standard Time  Leave Greenwood 3.00 p.m. j  PROMPT  ATTENTION TO  EXPRESS AND FREIGHT  J. FULLER, Proprietor.  I Church Services  St. John's Church���Sundays: Holy  Communion, 8a.m.; Matins, 10.30 a.m.;  Holy Communion and sermon, 11 a.m.;  Sunday school, 3 p.m,; Evening service, 7 30. Week days: Matins, 7.30;  Evensong, 0.30. Wednesday, Holy  Communion, 0 a.m.  The stated services in the Catholic  church are as follows: First and third  Sundays in the month. Mass at 10  a.m., Sunday School at 2.30 pm  Evening Service at   7.30  Tbadb Marks  _    Desiqns  Copyrights Ac  PHOENIX PUBLIC SCHOOL  TENDERS WANTED  Tenders for the construction of-a  concrete floor for the basement of the  Phoenix Public school will be received  up. to six o'clock p.m., on Wednesday,  July 2. Plans and specifications may be  obtained by application to the school  board secretary.  N. J. Carson, Secretary.  Phoenix, June 28, 1913.   w   ,.~w   p.m.     Kev.  Father Choinel, pastor.  Iv-vv.iiii.ia.jv  iuiiow   seems   automatic      ���., .,    ,. .  .-,,       ,      c     , ,     ,  J _ Methodist Church���Sunday school  and irresistible.    Fleets in the North  and Bible class, 2.30 p.m.; evening ser-  ��� rn" ""���" ���"���'"  _;.-..-     vice, 7.30 p.m. Prayer meeting, Thurs  -....., ����w uvuu...v c. dkvwu turn aasOTipuon HjS7  quickly aecertain oar opinion trta whoth��r ��n  invention Is probablypatentAtilo. CommunleB-  tlon��BtrtrtlyconQdentW. HANDBOOK on Patent*  tent free. Oldost tutencf for seonrlajrpiitenta.  nm.; Jfntente taken through Mann AXkhtwolva  Kev       IP****notice, withoutoiwrje, lathf  Ev@ry WoitBaiB  (s intarrstcd and sbonUI know  abuit the wondcrfiil  M/IRVEL Whirling Spray  ���Most convenient,   it cleans i  iri<i[utitty.       Able your  1/h'Cr.nnot supply th*  MA 1 Vlii- accept no other,  bafj en J tUrap.tor11lp��t rata J  boo�� ��� ����1��1. }f Bfivo* full part  alar, and rlirnctioiif Invaluable to ladles.  WINDSOR SUPPLY CO.,  fRn4a��r. Onl. Ccneni  to the noble army of Benedicts, re-1 <;  turned .to  town  on  Monday accom-'  panied by his bride, nee Miss Isaacson,  one of Rossland's fair residents  Jos. V. Ingram, Great Northern  agent at Grand Porks, accompanied  by his bride, nee Miss Rundberg, came  up from the Forks on'. Saturday and  were the guests of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Ingram.  Thos. Richards, who has been sojourning on the coast for some time  in an effort to recover his health, returned to the camp on Tuesday evening. Mr. Richards, although .somewhat weak, is looking considerably  better.  Mrs. D. W. Mackenzie went down  to the Forks on Friday to visit her  daughter, one of that city's public  school staff. Miss Mackenzie intends  to spend the summer vacation on the  coast.  T. Silas returned to town on Wed-  nesday from a round of sight seeing  at the Spokane pow-wow.    Tim  has'  cannot stop it. The only  chance for Australia's salvation will  be if the mastery of the Pacific passes into the hands of the United  States, and that is an issue which  may have to be found out first.  day evening, at 7.45 p.m.  Bell,  Rev. A. T.  Scientific American.  X hM>_ns>e!y Uia��tratod weekly. Largest otr-  oaiatiafsSt any solentioe Journal. Terms tot  OuvSak, W.75 a yew, poitttga prepaid. Sold by  Bll newsdealers.  Branch O���ce, et&WBU Waablngton. D. C.  -  Return Football Match  The return match between the Greenwood and Phoenix  football teams will  take place  today   in   Phoenix   at   the  C.P.R.  depot ground.    The following  is the local line-up:  Goal���W. Dixon.  Right Back���F. Kitchen.  Left Back���J. Porter (Capt.)  Right Half���W: Oxley.  Centre Half���W. Wallace.  Left Half-E. Blundell.  Outside Right���H. Manning.  Inside Right���W. Williams.  Centre Forward���G. Pritchard.  Inside Left���J. Pitpladdy.  Outside Left-W. S. Williams.  Simon Fraser's Diary  Judge  Howay has received word  from   Mr.   E.   O. S. Schofield, provincial archivist, Victoria,   that   the  long sought for diary of Simon Fra  ser, after whom the Fraser  ABOQNtoWOMANKIMD  Phoenix Drug* Co;  bocn v,ry busy  eW  rtB��; _,7���^  J^JlS^r^^15^''  hom<e,  developing   and   printing   his   pictures,  some of which would  cine- ~~**~  the i ore eyes of a bachelor. I     Cnptain   Aylmer,   of  the    King's  AV. O.  Taylor returned   to  toivn a' Afrit:an Rifles was recently killed by  few days ago from   Richfield,  Idaho., elephant poachers on the Abyssinian  | where he he has taken up an irrigated I frontier.  river is  named, has been found, and that  he has it in his possession. The  search for this important book has  baffled the historians and" antiquarians for the past fifteen years and it  is considered very valuable.  With historians it has long been a  debated   point   as to how  much   of  .Masson's edition of the famous diary  has   been   Fraser's  and  how much  Masson's.     In the opinion of many  competent judges it bears   evidence  of careful editing and   the   question  as   to   how   much   of   it  had  been  "bou'dierized" if any,   can   now   be  definitely settled,   as   Mr.   Schofield  is having copies of the original made  and it is possible the   diary   will   be  J printed in extenso.  CARDINAL VALC0MO j  Former   Apostolic  Doleg&te.  to Canada.  ApositoUc Delegate F��too_lo Shu 8Mb  mother to thank for tfhe gre*t boOOT  Pope Pius X recently bestowed ugtis  him. He was bora lo a Mtitl* pa&tittagl  village In the Abrussl, Italy, la 184ft  His father had mapped out tor _tn  a business life, but __�� did nort mm!  wiith the aprpovaJl of tbe mot_��r. After many f*m_y apgwavnto th�� relfj  ious mo-ier qulfftly otMit the boy, tijuj  nearing 18, to ith�� Fraoodoooa  1  . which   _e   entered   and   begun  Btudlos  for the  prletrt-ood.  In 1805 he finished _��� studies ���  came <to America ae a miaeloaatrT.  Ing  ord-lned   a   pTj����t  In   1-8B0  Biahop Timon of Buffalo. For eore  years he wan a profeafior of thea'x  In CathoHo cc-Ueg��a. He went to Itb  In 1883 and was ��Iwted provkiolsd  Francdscans In t_�� Abruzal. For  next 16 yearn he reuwilnod with  Franoieoaaa,   Tieing  to  the   rank  Archbishop.   C*t  In 1889 be ira- mat to Oanada of  the papal delegate, belag traineferros  to the Urultod tSi^ea Bvirt. 80, 1902.  An octopus fourteen feet long  was recently killed at Shoal harbor, B.C.  m


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