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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Jun 10, 1911

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 /  oenix  Twelfth Year  GRANBYiMTO WORK  HIDDEN CREEK MINES  Property Best Copper-Gold Pro-  position on the Coast  PHOENIX,)B.C., SATURDAY,, JUNE 10,  1911  GBANBY WILL OPEN UP ON MONDAY ^.^w * s the h^on  "    '*'-'        ^ ^  - ^viu/ni   toequip  it with  a matting, plant,  I     ". .  The return to Prince Rupert last  week of M. K. Rodgers, of the Hidden Creek Mines,, and the party   of  t Granby officials revives  interest  in  the deal pending- for~the purchase of  the controlling interest by the.Grani  by Company.    The bond  has   until  the middle of June to run so that no  immediate- action  is necessary;  although F/.M.   Sylvester, ;assistant  general manager, admittedetHat "the  decision to purchase  or  tb' release  the property will, in   all probability  be decided upon  the";report to. be  made b> the officials;',o& this'Visit.  It is generally underetobii  thatttie  . property will be taken dyer/*    ^  Mr. Rod|^^rthe\bi^naY/ow,nerr  said the work done shWedithe property'in a better, light than' he had  expected, both as to the quantity of  ore and.'also>; as to values. Mrj;  Sylvester and otner officials of the1  Granby Company, also were agreeably impressed,.with  it. and   stated  Eastern Coke to Be Used in the Operation of the  ;        Company's Smelter at 6rarid Forks.  .<,i       <   , - -'  After, a suspension of -three-weeks, the Granby mines  will resume operations on next Monday and six of the eig-ht  furnacestat Grand Forks will be blown in.   <  Itvwas;the.original mtention of the management of the,  company not Jtof reopen the mine ,until the 15th,   but owing-  which would produce a maite containing anywhere from 25 to 40 per  cent of copper and carrying* a high  excess of iron. This matte would  be shipped to the Granby company's  smelter at Grand Forks, where it  would be found very useful in fluxing thebres of the Phoenix mines.  L. P. Ekstein, Addresses Union  P*Ct��l ** ��� "   ^-.-���m��fnCe ^rations on the 12th. barrister of Fernie, delivered .'��&'  V ���jWi.fFtiFP** thf Granby "were .notified.it the time "**  interesting address., ,>i��� ihe  ot-the suspension:th&t,wbrlt would-not bV>< res'u'm'e'd until the coursepif his remarks hetouchedon  15th. anrl if iciriAt ��'��-i...��jr.u'.i J ic-.ti :*> "-.'���;.���-    '>���      ... .     the Compensation Act, and how it  ..... ,��;. ��� *" r>"?r" -  "s ���,v,��'��-iiui ue ��� resumea until tne  15th,,and it isiriot.expected-ithat .a &lf; force-of<'men will be  afiwnrlr /-����' MA��rl��..    Jii-J     _-~; ,     #    .��       ?. ��.  ,        .<   '  at^work on; Monday, ^hd  notices of. the ^earlier resumption  are.being-.sentout.  ,.- *t    ',,        - ',,',/       ,  J.; VFrom  this-, on^it  is; nbt expected   that cbke from   the  lr?ws ���?st m��n?s will be depended on by either the Granby  company, thef B. !c. : Goppei- company nor <the smelter at  r:>i   7Hhl^h. g?i"*e.?f the eastern coke,   together with  ^?Wf$on? npw, under/way,with, the railroads, for.a cheaper  freight rate froin the east,. wHl: in. all probability preclude the  TOfru^e^ home coke., iticthe, future,  and: it looks, as  *��,V^ tKe>^nJe ?PaJ companies;will be cornpelled-to seek  ,. The bond o^the-r^  uP, makesihe kiddencLk oneTf      anbym,he ,S ^'ed ^th{delight;in  Phoenix, and it is to in  eah^"mpfSf��n-:   ,D"c<'n-  -e-  ���*'   p���mising^^be,hopedth?,theri���e?ao,be  worked in the.'future ^^��^^^-��1^  P^P��!Lhons   OI?  the   ���������.   .It is | Pendent of the. coal strike.     ... to his hearers,; and that ttfey would  "The Granby mines   and  smelter I go on acquiring  properties  until it I study   the  different  clauses" of the  will resume work with   a ,full  force has  an   ample   supply   of   all- the  Act�� a"d govern themselves accord-  various sorts of ore  which   we re-1 wSty-  affected the working man. and his  family. For instance, if a man was  working in British Columbia and  met with an accident,. being disabled, and his wife and children  were living, in another Province,  they would receive no compensation. - He also "pointed out the advisability <;of those sending money  home;,even as a present,',to make  the letter read thatvit was sent for  the; PurRose^of^^^support}..4otherwisev>  in case ^of^accident��or death they  .coiri^9)k%pec^^ to  receive any-compensation..    Incon-  $400,000 for an 80 per cent, interest,  Mr. Rodgers retaining the minority  interest. A small payment was made  s last fall and development, work has  been in progress ever since. This  work comprises drifting and cross-  cutting in tunnels, as well as diamond tdrill work.  On the visit' to the property, the  officials were accompanied by an  eminent New York expert, and his  assistant, Mr. Julihn, a well-known  mining engineer.  During the visit to Prince Rupert  members of the board of trade took  occasion to urge upon them the advantage of locating the smelter,  which will follow the purchase, in  Prince Rupert. The advantages  were set forth and the members of  ���|he board of trade yet hope that the  Granby company  niay see  its   way  clear to locate ;;!tliigr^i'-:o;;-'.-*'-  Mr- Sylvester, ^heh interviewed  on the subject, said that in the event  of th^ mines-being taken over there  would likely follow in less than a  year's time the erection of a smelter.  With respect to the location of it  the natural place would be in close  proximity to the mines. A conversation with  him  revealed   the fact  next Monday," said Frank M. Sylvester, assistant general manager of  the Granby Consolidated fining,  Smelting and Power, company, at  his office in vthe Terminal, building  Tuesday. "So far as the mines are  concerned, the resumption of opera-  quire to run our smelter at its fullest  capacity on the most economical  basis."  WILL BUY HIDDEN CREEK MINE  The visit of Jay P.   Graves, vice-  president and  general   manager of  * tr-~~-���������������.   u.ju    f^udcai    manager   Ol  tions   on   that   date   is  absolutely the Granby company, to New York,  ffrfain Trio cmalfa^ ��,.'��Ui it-l__l        ... 7  certain. The smelter might possibly  be24 or 48 hours- later blowing in,  but I hardly think it will be.  "We now have on the road  from  Pennsylvania two special trains entirely loaded with coke, the first of  which   is due   to  arrive   Saturday.  Other trainloads will follow.at intervals of a  day;'pr���'���^twarTJvVe;shall  start with six furnaces, and if a test  with them proves  that  the  cost of  operating  with eastern coke is not  much greater,  owing to its higher  g?ade,   than   that   of   running   on  Crow> Nest coke, we will put the  other two furnaces also in operation.  PROSPEGTINQ CHESAW MINES.'  *^Our prpspecting work on the  claims we have under bond near  Chesaw has not progressed far  enough to enable us to determine  whether they are the  kind  of prop-  where he has been for the last, week,  already has borne fruit in the issuance of a circular letter  announc-  B. C. Copper Company  With the supply now on hand,  and the 8,000 tons that are in transit  from the east, the Greenwood Smelter will have enough of coke to run  all its furnaces until August. After  that, if necessary, the B. C. Copper  Co. will get more eastern coke, as  the   company   has   no   intention   of  ing a special meeting of the  stock-  closin��T down, even if its freight bill  holders in New York June 13,  "for  the purpose of considering the purchase of Hidden   Creek properties,  which are now held under an option,  expiring June 15."  The circular also states: "Your  directors expect to be prepared to  recommend the purchase. The  latest information bearing upon the  subject will be laid before the meeting, and the advice of stockholders  is desired, as   intimated  in  the cir-  ��ra"by T    .  , .       , ��� ^ Mother Lode,  cular under  date   of December 30,  jack Pot  .ha,theore,rh^o^^^  was.  neverfhft a����    ���,Uofr   .���...u   L .       .    . V"1 cu&meers are  was, nevertheless,  what  would   be  considered low ��rade.     It  was   ne-  c    sarv, therefore,   to have   the   re-  - tContinued on Page 5)  constantly in the field investigating  everything which appears to be all  likely to meet our demands. It is  the settled policy of the company to  1910  USE MATTE FOR GRANBY FLUX  The Hidden Creek property is a  lari?e group of claims situated at  Goose Bay, Observatory inlet, in the  Portland canal section of northern  British Columbia. It contains tremendous bodies of copper ore, carrying a high excess of iron. Should  the property be  taken   over by the  on coke is more than $2,000 a day.  The Trail smelter is bringing 7,000  tons of coke from the east, and, as  that smelter only uses 180 tons a  day, that amount will last 40 days.  Boundary Ore Tonnages  Following are the returns of the  output of the mines and smelters of  the Boundary district for the week  ending June 3, and year to date:  ....    455,241  5,670    150,355  Rawhide  Athelstan.  Lone Star.  Napoleon.  Insurgent.  Others .. .  Total  556  4,940  227  413  555  *   ���   ��� '  127  14,353  90,403  1,636  2,456  2,945  162  127   .12,488   717,678  SMELTER TONNAGES  Granby     453,779  B. C. CopperCo... 12,821    271,374  ,,i  '* 'I  ���J  i  'I  - i  I  5  'I .  '"I  t  4  , -   ���  '   * * RwJ ��� i - ��� , i' '  li (WW   "NW-jdOlliHiim. t    ...  itrt^��*v^Tt^ .   ��.��i^i .u h ,.  l*R.��r.?r,V.' r\   ,   l.   '*,..  pii^ii-v-f, -;"-J,  J fry*} >' ���' *��������� "<  fr��.vss  '     ' "  I'-rataft.Si      '        ���*  r ��*��rh       .* -    '  lilt fcf  . i.:s  ��  ^l  ���^3  I* '  ?K.���''y,  iWa*��.l.��llf-i"���;l. 'Bfcl ���'  i4.'}.J"rKVl,'.rf't//V4l.iluAlAl  ���*��'��� * ��**���<*���.. *<.W,��i /j4��.fc.Uk.*__  ��&&*ii.��i^:JNr  Eastern Excursions  " j r�� hi*1- -r  Reduced rate tickets on sale at  C. P: R.   ticket   office May   16,  |fi7, is\ is; 19,22; 23, 24, 25,27/  ''28,(29 and other, dates- in 'June,'.  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There is no better  beer made, because there can't  be.  ��� 'PHONE 23  PHOENIX BREWING CO.,  LIMITED  A. S. HOOD  Fire, Life and Accident Insurance.      General Agents.  Bank Block, Phoenix, B.C.  A. L. McKinnon went to Spokane  Tuesday.  Miss Emma Loskie went to Christena  lake Saturday.  Dan Buchannan of Westbridge,is in  town this week.  Wanted���At once, a waiter. ' Apply  at Pioneer office.* "    "  Wm. Jackson is spending a few days  at Christena lake.  Chas. Davidson left Tuesday; morning for Spokane.  "        *     '      ' '"  ,��  H. L. Goodwin returned from JSpo-  icane Monday evening. *  Bert Lang visited his parents in  Grand Forks Saturday. .    .",   -.  Dry wood, in car lots for sale. Apply  to J. Trombley, Phoenix.; '     "     "  Mr. and Mrs. J.^JF. McDougali are  visiting at Erie' this'week. ��� "  Wy R. vMcDonald is spending'- the  week-end at .Christena lake.'    -    '-  Tho&.. Oxley and son spent a few  days in Grand Forks this week. ���      :  -  ~ Dan   Patfersbnf; returned    Mondav  from a-week's "visit .to Spokane.   _. J '- .  'Wm.\Bell��s^left last week on a" .trip"  through the Coeur d'Alene country.  WantedT���Man to cut 15 or 20 cord of  wood.   Apply Phoenix Dairy, 'Phone  F32. -"      ' ,;*r  Walter , Williams who has/ been  'spending a few days in Spokane, "ire-  turned Tuesday.  ,/  Mrs. Wm. Murray came in over the"  , Great Northern Tuesday on a-visit to  her parents.  Z Mrs. GustJLarson and daughter left'  Wednesday morning for Butte, Mont.'  Miss Edna Holmes started for her  home at��Chesaw, Wash., Wednesday.  Harry Richardson, one of Granby's  I office staff, left Thursday for RosslaridV;  I-   G.   L.   Thompson,   who   has   been  I spending his vacation in Spokane, returned Mondav. "' t      ,   , -  ,Mrs. R. J. Gai*dner of Grand Forks  was" visiting at Mr. and Mrsi Alm-  sti-om's last week. " '   , <  Claude McAstocker k who has spent  the past week at Christena lake, returned Wednesday.    : ,   *,-   -_~" *  **��� ��� *      "*  When you discover that your window light is broken,,call up 'phone 10,  and have it replaced; ���: <    "  Mine Inspector McGregor was in the  city this week on_his monthly toi*u>of  the Boundary district.    , ���     '   .-/,*;  *Mi*. and Mrs. Jack Vivian left Mon7  day morning on a three months' trip  to Cornwall, England." - ������.     ���*       ~  . "Bob" Forshaw is having the time  of his life at Vancouver, and'is leaving  shortly for his home in England.  Al.   Hughes,    who   owns   valuable  realty in Vancouver, returned - Saturday last,   after   spending   a   week's"  vacation at coast cities, states   that I  Vancouver is rapidly developing into  a modern city.   A large number of  magnificent buildings are nearing completion, including the "World" building, 15 stories high, steel frame work,  and having an  imposing appearance,  also a 15-minute ferry to accommodate  the   ever-increasing  traffic   is  under  consideration.     The drilling  for the  construction of piers for the bridge  across the   Second   Narrows  having  been completed, and the time drawing  near for the payment of a Government  grant  towards   its   construction,   he  feels   confident    that  work   will   be  started in the near future, and that  Phoenicians who own property iri that  vicinity will have no cause to reget of  their investments- \  MAN  ���   1 ���      ���  We want to. talk'to you about Fit-Reform Clothing.  Fit-Reform Garments  are made in the large tailoring establishment of E. A.  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'     -    ,  The Greenwood baseball nine defeated Grand Forks last Sunday by a  score of 3 to 2.  Robert Floyd ran a dairy in Greenwood for eight years and never missed  a day, including Sundays and hoik  days.  Bd. Rowland is working at Pentic-  fcon. ��� / ���-  1 - " i ������ ���   ��� .  E. E. Campbell, raining engineer for  the  Granby   company,   returned   to  Phoenix.   Saturday ,  evening,    after  spending three week's at the Hidden  Creek properties. ���      ( 1  Don't keep putting off till tomorrow  what you,should do today. When  your window lights get broke call up  Ralph E. Pope, phone 10. He makes  a specialty of such work. -       , ���  i  rm. ' '  .,. -The man who expects' to get to  heaven,ought to pay his subscription  for the local paper and not tempt the  poor mortal of an editor to swear.1  Honesty counts with St. Peter.  Sheriff H. 'C.  Kerman  and   officer  were in town this week and subpoenaed  the following jurymen for the June  assizes: N. J. 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M First,    its  antiseptic properties  render the wound  free  from " all' danger '".from  blood  that these producers,will shortly be  making a flat rate of 12 cents unless  the demand from consumers shows  an early change  for the bettelr( , m  the course  of the  decline frofhi  26  cents, various levels  havebeieli get  as representing the  point/at which  .the   metal market was  supposed lo  be pegged, but on each occasion the  decline  hasL continued ^belbw   the  mark thus set, and it has, therefore^  been necessary for. the prophets to  name a new bottom   price.    vWhefq  the metal   was 'arqund^he^lS-ce'rit  mark,  with, the  prddtictiOn-df-cury  tailme'nt policyin* force,'' it t^as supposed that tne tide   hatf"Jbe'erl sten\-  ���n��'�� {fcVr!i*'\nUoi   lj��c .���o I med   a"d   th?it 'thfre( *?dulci be\ an  Lnen its, rich,  .herbal   balms pene-        ,  t " a     .' ~" *  *   .  t&t*  the   ti&ue    and   ,*t   m-T the  early recpv^ry.   .On the part of^proi  LlaLT:       LUC Ll^^Ilt:.       aNU   * ^tfL til 41       Lilt! * ^ > *    r  STYLE-GRAFT CLOTHES  poisoning*." Next, (is soothing properties  relieve ���<��� and/ ease   the  pain.  trate the tissue, and ��� set; up the  wonderful process of healing. Barbed   wire   scratches, "insect   stings,  ducers, orcourse;) thev wish    was  father'to  the_thought,   but the-reY-  skin diseases, such  as eczema, heat     ��.. /.    I   ��� "    . \,;��P   ;'^at^. ?saP"  <. ���*.*   V,.' ;i  -,r'i.' 4 '��'<    - pointing. , ,     .    <       ^   ���   /,,   , .*j;  rashes,,   nrigworm,   �� babies/- heat"    .^.^   ' .. ,,./,�� ^:*' .  .     ^..   *  soks, chafea  piaies^ore feet-^are  -;P^"�� *h��fcrt -that consumption  quickl>cured by Zam-Buk.'.   It also'��f C��Pper ^���"'/"''eign sources has  eases  and  cures  piles,    All  druggists   and   stores.*"   Use  Zam-Buk  Soap, 25c per tablet.  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  ?     t  and  Boundary Mining:\Journal^,;  been good the downward  course of  prices: hascpntinujedi with discoiir-s  ' i  ISSUED   WEEKLY^  -   -" .' i.'. ti \  f'  at Phoenix, British;Columbia ^  aging'regularity, and   we   now   see  the metal market at the lowest poihit  in years.    The  all-absorbing  quesf  tion, of course, is "has   the"bottoni  been reached?"       "     * -   i  Subscription, 2.00 per?yea,r'v"v;  2.50 to Unite^StatesV :     :  Kay & Conway," ^Publishers.  .He hath,gone south !    The moun-'  fain   scenery ~;was ' more   than ' h^.  could- endure;'- And <with  <1\  his  de-  jj-  advertising' scale  Application for Liquor Licence' (30 days)  Certificate of Improvement notice (60day^|7.50  . Application to Purchase Land notices (eodays)  .;      .'..::./...A..'.sV.ifTJB  Delinquent Co-owner notices <90 days) .." ..$10.00  >Vater notices (30 days)V. S /:...' v/...". ^$7.50  ,^A11 other legal .advertising, 12 cents a line,  single column, for the first insertion; and .8  cents a line for each, subsequent insertion, nonpareil measurement, ..   >"    *   -      , ,       /* ,  parture the  Ancient   Order of  Pes-  vsimists loses one of its most valued  members, for   lie^ certainly had* at-  ^\ J, "o . I tained^the^high and exhalted distinc-'  E    ^t��^, tionVof.^past' grand   of ther order|  dayS),:^.oof^ the'good Lord have   mercy o|  ;the':cdmmuhity;that is to be pestered  by his cumbersome presence.        ., n  \~  / ��.  V.  Saturday, June 10, 1911  /.   The Low Price of Copper  C What;s the matteV  with the copi-  per   market? '  Thisl question   has  been agitating the minds of'tfte producers   and    investors   in     copper  shares ever since the over-estimated  boom  in   metal  values reached  its  climax  in 1907   with, prices  quoted  above the 26-cent  mark and the reactionary movement'began, a moves  ment which has continued with dis-  quieting.regularity up to the present  time, interrupted only by occasional  flashes of strength.    The  query is'  more  pertinent  today than  it  has  been  at   any time   within   the   last  three years,   and   while  many observers are confident that relief is in  sight and that the   worst has   been  encountered, others fail to give evidence of a  like optimism and have  no good word to say for  the  prospects of the metal  situation or  for  the  outlook for the  shares of the  various producing companies.  ' Producers at the present time are  reported to be offering  the metal at  12^ cents, and   our  suurces of in-  One of. the'most daredevil bits of  ���riding ever; done in the^ history of  autombbilihg was : performed by  ���Ralph -De7Palma - im his 60-horse-  pcwer Fiat oni?the Clifton Stadiurij  track, whose'High banks'and sharp  turns he negotiated" iri the fast time  of 43 3-5 seconds for the half mile.  ���& ^ J       v^-" ^ r        t  Business  An noiL��rfi cement  gTEADILY.and   surely "Style-Craft" Clothes  are  forcing  ,    recognition of their superior merits.     We .offer a magnificent  -assortment for selection, ^with styles that, personify, the- pecfection,  ^of fine tailoring, and arefinement about the stock, that  appeals at  once to discriminating buyers.    The fabrics in   most instances are  asjexclusive.as those used  by the better, custom > tailors,  and the  models represent more distinction than, any other  ready-for-service  ..clothing made in Canada.     We want,a  chance  to show you the  fine points of Style-Craft tailoring.     Nothing like it  has  ever  before offered before at the prices. '  J.   CARSON   &   CO.  The "undersigned, begs ^to^ announce  that he will open a  Tinsmith   and PSumbing  in the shop formerly occupied by J.  H." Matthews, and is prepared to  execute all orders promptly.  Ralph E.Pope  '     'PHONE 10.  Almstrom  Kodaks and Supplies  Mew Wall Papers  Books, Stationery, Leather Goods, China,  Burnt Wood Work, Mouth Organs, Violins,  Guitars, Mandolins, Small Wares.  formation support   the   intimation | JES5Wm,T^a  Is interested and should know  about the wonderful  MmvjSL Whirling Spray  The mswYBginalSyringe., Best  ���Most convenient.   It cleanses  -instantly.  , Ask your  THE PHOENM D^IRY  W. A. McKAY & SONS, Props. \  If be cannot supply the  MARVEL accept no other,  but send stamp for illustrated  book���sealed. It (fives full panic  ulars and directions Invaluable t  Agents for'  Also milk that is above the standard in butter fat is what  you want. Our milk is aerated andihas'all the^heutrition  as well as health-giving qualifications.  msa&BSHmm  _   rZi^rZi^^SipSaf^^  "''    nuffw Cpahby Co. to Work  Hidden Creek Mines.  (Continued from Page 1)  duction works as close  as possible  to the point of production.       r  In locating in Prince Rupert there  was a disadvantage that at present  neither ore in quantity nor fuel were  in close proximity.    Both , essential  supplies would have  to  be. carried  to the works.    At Goose Bay there  was a good harbor and the ore was  there in large quantities.    The  fuel  represented about one-tenth the tonnage that, the  ore did so that it was  cheaper to carry the coke to the, ore  than the ore to the'coke.  The    company    would   probably  carry out experiments with Vancouver Island slack coal, looking to the  production of coke and see if a supply   could   not   be   obtained   there.  That would be the natural source of  supply unless the Queen   Charlotte  Island coal fields become producers.  By locating   at  Goose, Bay,   the  smelter  would  be in  a  position   to  handle ore not only from the Hidden  Creek and other mines in close proximity but would also be able to take  care   of   shipments  from   Stewart,  Alice Arm   and   all   mining  centres  anywhere on the Portland Canal and  in the north.     For economic reasons  therefore, he favors the   location   of  - the works on Goose Bayt  Pythians- Picnic"  ��- The  members; of- the   Boundary  K. of P. will hold  an  immense picnic at Christena lake on Coronation  Day, Thursday,   June 22.     A special train will   be run   from Phoenix,  starting at 7 a.m.;   Midway at  7 a.  m.; Greenwood at 7:35 a. m.; Eholt  at 8 a.m.; Grand   Forks at   9 a.m.;  ,<  K. V. at 9:30 a.m.; Billings at 9:35  a.m.;   Cascade "at 9:40  a.m.    The  rates are as   follows:    Phoenix and  return, $1.65,** children 85c; Midway  $2.10, children, $1.10; Gneenwood,  $1.80, children, $1.00; Eholt, $1.35,  children,   70c;   Grand   Forks,   75c,  children,   40c;   Kettle   Valley,  75c,  children, 40c; Billings, 45c, children  25c; Cascade, 40c, children, 20c.  The above rates should be within  the reach of all, and   no one should  miss this opportunity for a pleasant  'outing* and   a   good   time.    Special  preparations are being made by the  various committees  in   charge  for  refreshments on account of the large  crowd that   usually attends a Pyth-  ian picnic, so   that the wants of all  will be  attended to.    The   Pythian  Sisters will   have charge o�� the refreshments.     Prizes   will   be   given  the winners of the   various  events,  such as the 100-yard dash, obstacle,  sack, egg and spoon races, married  men's, boys' girls'   and   boat races,  jumping and tug-of-war, etc.  The dancing pavilion has been  put in first-class shape, and the  Phoenix orchestra will furnish the  music.  Ernest Miller, M.P. P., will deliver an address on King George's  Coronation. The return train will  leave Fife at 8 p. m.  City Parliament.  The city council met in regular  session Wedneseay evening with  Mayor Matheson, Couricilrnen Cos-  grove, Almstrom, Ross, McKenzie  and Rogers present.  ���  A communication w,as read from  Ernest Miller with regard to the  police magistrate's salary and the  improvement of roads near Phoenix.  Mr. Miller stated that he had com-  municated with.the attorney general's department in reference to the  salary ,disput and ���would inform the  council the disposition of the matter upon receipt of word from VicT  toria. ,,  The finance committee passed a  number of accounts and recommended the payment of same.  The   council   was   instructed   to  write Mr.  Miller  thanking   him for  the  interest he  had  taken   in   the  .salary  question, \and, also the   assistance he had given   towards bet^  ter roads leading out of Phoenix. '���;  The   Board  of   Health    was. instructed to wait op   Dr. Dickson to  arrange for the medical examination  of all school children.  The Poundkeeper, was instructed  to put a notice in The Pioneer warning owners that all stock found  running at large would be taken up.,  The Collector was instructed tc>  immediately commence the collection of the dog tax now due.  The City, Clerk, was instructed to  notify the Water company to place  a hydrant on the southwest cornen  of First street and   Knob Hill Ave.  Wedded at Grand Forks  Quietly,  and without any blare of  trumpets or   brass band accompaniment, Qeorge Mattocks stole over to  Grand Forks last Wedensday and was  married to Miss Nellie Berg, the Rev.  Henry  Steel of  the , English  church  performing the ceremony that made  Mr. and Mrs. Mattocks man and wife.  Miss Berg is quite well known in' this  city, and:George needs no introduction to a Phoenix audience.    Thus one  by one the roses,fall, and the Hotel  Brooklyn's bachelor club grows perceptibly less.  Warning to Campers. .  Word hae been received from the  Minister of Lands, Victoria, stating  that the government, is determined  to put an end to persons camping  or working near, standing timber.  The minimum penalty for any in-  fringment of the Bush  Fire Act is  $50.   -*�� .   Total area granted to Hudson's  Bay Company (unsurveyed area not  included), 6,565,000 acres.  ,    '     -, L       H|  ORIGINAL  JEFFERSON  SHOE  We have just received a shipment of the  high-grade "Original Jefferson Shoe,"  which cannot be excelled for workmanship and durability. Call early as these  shoes are selling rapidly.  Also a full line of  CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS  In fact, Everything a Man Wears..  THOMAS BROWN, Clothier  Mine Boss Victim of Thugs.  It is believed  that   Martin Lund-1  quist   of  Marcus,   foreman   of the!  Napolean  mine, has   met   his death  in the waters of the Columbia river.  On Friday evening he left Marcus  for his home,   leaving his   horse on1  the other side of the river, and it is  the supposition that   while crossing  the railroad   bridge he  fell into the  river or  met  foul play.    The   next  day his hat.was   found on the  river  bank   below   the   bridge   and   the  horse was. still tied   to a tree.     It is  said that   Mr.   Lundquist   had quite  a sum of money on his person when  he left Marcus.   He was well known  in and around Phoenix.  B U TT E R IS LOWER  j   - *  Hazelwood Creamery Butter, 35 cents per lb;   three  pounds for One Dollar.,  ���Strictly Fresh Ranch Eggs, 35 cents per dozen;  Three Dozen for One Dollar.  Choice Breakfast Bacon, 25 cents per lb.  Sug-ar Cured Hams, 23 cents per lb.  Pure Leaf Lard, 31b. pail, 55c.  "     "        "     51b.    "    90c.  P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.  Wholesale and Retail Butchers and Produce Merchants  PHOENIX, B. C.       PHONE 2  Go-Carts  Ryan-Mclsaac.  John   Ryan,   carpenter     at   the  Granby was married   to Miss Sarah  Mclsaac   of    Antigonish     county,  Nova  Scotia, on   Monday morning  at 8  o'clock, Father  Schewell  officiating.    The ceremony took  place  at  the   Catholic   church,  Mr.   and  Mrs. F. McDonald acting as bridesmaid   and   groomsman.    After  the  ceremony   the   party  partook of a  wedding breakfast  at the Brooklyn  hotel and left on  the C. P. R. train  for Vancouver where they will spend  their honeymoon.  Just received, a large shipment of the latest designed  collapsible   Go-Carts���  PRICE FROM "EIGHT-DOLLARS" UP.  4500 Feet of Mouldings  We are now ready to supply all demands in the line of PICTURE  FRAMING, having a fresh stock of 4500 feet of Artistic Mouldings to choose  from, also  Room  Moulding, at the  right price.  F. Edwards,  re  is our business and we are  here to please you. The  next time that you   want  ���^fya-  Born���On Sunday, May 27th, to Mr.  and Mrs. J. C. Kempston, a son.  Arthur Butterworth, electrician, is  now located at Cascade.  any Billheads, Letterheads, Bnvelopes, Statements, Circulars,  Cards, Dodgers���in fact, anything ir PRINTING, phone 14  and we will  show you  samples : : : Bamaamma  li     -  J*'  ���  <,  as/-  "i! V*  l?&.  sen  ^  ST *  ���**���.  ("���/J  ;*&*.  W1 '  -r.fc*  ^^Ti'  U'  StfJ  ",*#*,  iKsS  ��  8W,  ISJIfl  3ftf  fvasi  w  w  (St <;.W��  i  St   v  TO  �����53  ik i?  II  v >  nr  ss*  Rs  S&  ��i *i!  rt*   ?S  ���ii*- -�� .i'    <���< 5  �����  ( ,)  1  1  King Edward Lodge  No. 38, A.F. and A.M.  Regular communication at 8  p.m.   Second Thursday of  each'month.  Emergent meetings as called; Masonic  Hall, McHale Block.  J. J. Strutzel,  Secy.  J. S. Boyce,  W.M.  ���I. O. O. F.  Snowshoe Lodge  No. 36 i  1 Meets every Monday Evening at  Miners' Hall. Visiting brethren cordially invited. t     , ���       (  ' D. Paterson,' Noble Grand  T. A. Love, Fin. Secy.  W. J. Rutherford, Rec. Secy.  ��� [ , ;___  Daughters of Rebekah  -'   Phoenix Lodge No. 17  Meets in   the   Miners'   Union   Lodge  Hall First and Third Wednesdays.  Mrs. Pyper, N.G.  . , Miss M. Mackenzie, Sec'y  FRATERNAL ORDER  OF EAGLES  POINTED PARAGRAPHS  li         i���mum i    STOW   .' i  Creston has an, apple, packing  school. >       '  '   On an average 50 prospectors arrive at Hope every day.1  Colorado produces the highest  quality of domestic animals in the  world.  Melfort will give prizes ' to1 the  amount of $1000 on Dominion Day,  July 1st. . u       .,.  Canada has the largest and^best  National Park in the world, 5*732  square miles in extent.   < '  The largest battleship afloat, the  Wyoming, was launched at Philadelphia a few days since.  The Chesaw News says the county  -ja.il is empty, but not ,on account of  the scarcity of eligible,birds. ! v ,,> ���  Sixty Ymaa��m thm\ Stmntl&PvS  CREAM  Phoenix Aerie No. 158  r        1      t i      1  Meets in Union Hall, Friday Evenings.  Visiting brothers are always'welcome.  John Love, W. P.      - ,  ',��: T. B;( Cosgrove, Wi Secy.  ���-��� ' ,'       K. of P. Lodge,  No. 28    Ph��^  Meets ''Tuesday Evening , at; 7.30.  .Sojourning/ brothers   cordially   welcomed.     ��� ^   : m  ';"" ��. ,' - . Jr E. Carter, K. ofB. S..  >>*> -*'   *    ,    S; Lundie,^ C. G.      -    ',;"-  :;  .-. - /     ; -'  f     PYTHIAN SISTERS  Mountain Temple Lodf e No. 17  ' ?., Meets in Pythian Hall, Lower Town,  ] First and Third Thursdays.  Mrs. J. Bateman " Mrs. A; D. McKenzie  M:E.C.   .* , K.R.S.    .  -A'.  DRAYING  ': ���  / "Of all kinds promptly attended  to. " Rapid Express and Baggage Transfer. Careful attention to all orders.      Phone A6S  James G. McKeown  Corporation of the City of  Phoenix, B. C.  Court of Revision  The first sitting of the Annual Court  of Revision for the revising, correcting  and hearing complaints against the  Assessment Roll, as made by the assessor for the year 1911, will be held at  the City Hall, on June 12th, at 2 p.m.  All persons having complaints must  give notice in writing to the Assessor  at least ten days before the first sitting  of the Court.  Dated at Phoenix, B.C., the 20th  day of April, 1911.  H. HARTLEY, Assessor.  Electric Restorer for Mera  PilOSphOtlol restores every nerve in the body  " i~ ���..to its proper tension; restores  Tim and vitality. Premature decay and all sexual  weakness averted at once. Phosplioaol will  make you a new man. Price ��8 a box, or two for  85. Mailed to any address. 'She Scofeell Urns  Co., St. Catiaarlneo, Ozrt.  Fred S my the, formerly editor of  the Moyie Leader, is now_connected  with the Cranbroolc- Herald./ >    * ,  The body of a horse-trader'named  Sinclair was found in/the,'lake, west  of Kamloops. He has. been -missing since April 26.   ,     " ���*''-.  - -The sanitary inspector': at' Pentic-  ton has condemned the dairy of H.  M. McNeil as being unclean and in  an unsanitary condition.  From April 29 to May 24 Mission4  City and Hatzic, in the Fraser River  country, have shipped 6272'cases of  rhubarb to the markets.  , Ex-Mayor R.; R. Jamieson,' of  Cranbrook, died at Vancouver one  day last week. He was there seeking health when deaths, overtook  him.  Ireland possesses 24,000,000 hens  and 250,000 goats." It is exporting'  nearly $20,000,000 worth of poultry produce, while England impbrts^"  $35,000,000 worth of eggs: '  '' The Saturday Sunset unmercifully roasts Messrs. Pettipiece and  McVety in an editorial for the position they have taken.on the con-  templated strike at Vancouver.'"  The insurrectos in Mexico are  still active in some portions of the  republic. -Bands of outlaws are  terrorizing the people, burning property and looting  banks and  stores.  The baseball season .opened at  Chilliwack Thursday. Phoenix has  been playing ball for the past two  months. But then there's quite a  difference between a tropical climate  and the frigid north.  An Italian named T. Madura,  alias Gobbel, jumped from a passenger train at Goat River canyon and  escaped the officers who were taking him to Nelson to serve a-30-day  sentence for being drunk.  Marcus has a crack ball team.  One-day last -week the team shut  out Colville in a no-hit, game by a  score of 6 to 0, and the day before  played Kettle Falls a 2 to 1 game,  securing the two runs in the ninth  inning.  It makes home baking easy  and gives, nicer, better and  cleaner food than the "ready-  made." There is no baking  powder or preparation like it  or equal to it for quickly and  perfectly making the delicate  hot biscuit, hot bread, muffin,  cake and pastry*  No Alum���No Lime Phosphates  "Alum in baking powder is dangerous and should be prohibited."  \ t ���Pro/. Schweitzer, State Univ., Mo.  A New Publication.  Minnie :M.   Cunningham   representing  the .Commercial   Review of  Vancouver was in the   city the fore  '.it'      ,',-.' '  part of* the   week'!, interviewing the  merchants of Phoenix.  The Commercial Review is a new  publication that every business man  should be a subscriber to, as it  deals with subjects that are of much  importance'to him in the daily trans-  action of his * business. " Such a  publication as the- .Review has been  long needed in British Columbia, as'  it, will- occupy. k field heretofore  neglected, and its success should be  instantaneous.  60 million bushels of grain reached head of lakes in 1910.  QUEEN'S  HOTEL  ���,   '       R.  V. CHISHOLM, Prop.  , DANNY DEANE, Manager.  This is the Largest and Newest Hotel in the city,  heated by steam, and well furnished thoughout  for the accommodation of the public. Everything  Neat, Clean and Up-to-Date. Meals served at  ,  all hours.  Bar Stocked with Choicest Liquors and Cigars  CENTRALLY  LOCATED  ON  CORNER  BRIDGE   AND   KNOB   HILL   AVENUE  Steam Heated, Electric  Li&hting-.  Telephone 48 and 26  Phoenix Cartage Co.  If you require any Heavy Teaming- or Hauling done,  let us do it for you. That is our business, and we  have the equipment to. execute all orders satisfactory.  ass  W-e also have a supply of first-class Cordwood, short  or long-, and can deliver it on short notice. 'Phone  your order to ;  B  PHONE  34  :mMKwmr ������������'..��� -    '  '���W����:*0^:"--: :i/'���:���'��� '"-''������  MIT'S,?,,, "-/���    .-: ���.���,���,���������.������.���.'  l^'^-'iH:^: ������:���;.'; ���������?'������'.  m^mS^^^mm^mi^k&i^^^ The Kirigl-Hotel  UNDER  NEW  MANAGEMENT  The undersigned begs to announce that he has purchased the  business and goodwill of the King's Hotel from Messrs. Shea  and Williams and hopes by careful attention to business and  courteous consideration of patrons to receive a continuance of  the generous patronage which the King's has enjoyed in the past.  F. M. Harrison - - - - Proprietor  SEPARATED CREAM IS  A POSITIVE GUARANTEE  Pure Cream���All our cream is separated with the  DE LAVAL SEPARATOR while the milk is fresh from  the cows. ���   -  Separated   Cream���Keeps  longer,   and  all   the  * ���* �� **  impurities are removed by the operation.  THE DAIRY  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Dividend at  the rate of nine per cent (9%) per annum upon the paid-  up Capital Stock of this Bank for the current quarter  will be payable at the Head Office and Branches on  and after the third day of July next.  The Transfer Books will be closed from the 15th to the  30th June, both days inclusive.  By order of the Board,  J.  MACKINNON,  Sherbrooke, May 27th, 1911. General Manager.  SEALED TENDERS addressed to  the undersigned, and endorsed Tender  for Public Building, Cranbrook, "B.C.,  will be received until 4 p.m.; on 'Monday, June 12,19X1, for the construction  of a Public Building,,Cranbrook, B.C.  Plans, specification and form of contract can be seen' and forms of tender  obtained at4 the offices ,of Mr. Wm.  Henderson, resident architect, Victoria, B.C., at the post office, Cranbrook, and at this Department.  Persons tendering are notified that  tenders will not be considered unless  made on' the printed forms supplied,  and signed with their actual signatures, ��� stating, their occupations and  places of residence. In the case of  firms, the'actual signature, the nature  of the occupation, and place of residence of each .member' of the firm  must be given.  Each tender must be accompanied  by an accepted cheque on a chartered  bank, payable to the order of the Honourable the Minister of Public Works,  equal to ten per cent (10 p. c.) of the  amount of the tender, which will be  forfeited if the person tendering decline to enter into a contract when  called upon to do so, or fail to complete the work contracted for. If the  tender be not accepted the cheque will  be returned.  The Department does not bind itself  to accept the lowest or any tender.  By order,  R. C. DESROCHERS,  Secretary.  Department of Public Works,  Ottawa, May 13, 1911.  Newspapers will not be paid for this  advertisement if they insert it without  authority from the Department.  Attracted by Large Fees.  Would-be aviators are attracted  by the large fees received for flying.  Aviator Janus of Washington receives one dollar for every minute  he remains in the air. If some  people were paid at this rate for  every minute they were "up in the  air" they would be able to retire  early in life.   '  {n��rir i * r Ji~���" ' ��� -��������-�����������  MATHIEU S  NERVINE POWDERS.  For HMbcba.and Neurelga.  On p~tM ����� ���>��������� ���*���'*��� >�������"��� '�����  ***..�� tmri*.  Mr�� �����������*���, nil  FOR TEETHING CHILDREN.���Rub the  gums, the pain Is grone.  If your dealer does not keep them, we will  mail you a box (18 powders) on receipt of 25c  J. L. MATHIEU Co. Props., Sherbrooke.  A Tribute to the Prospector.  The prospector is  commonly pictured as  a  lowly person, but he  is  also proclaimed as a  hero, like all  other explorers..   When he is missed he is  most appreciated, for it is  a well  acknowledged fact that the  civilization of the mineral  regions  owes its  rise  to his hardy efforts.  The work which the prospector does  is hot a work in  which capitalists  directly   participate   or often indirectly   support.    Grub   stakes   are  usually provided by men of moderate incomes and  more or less intimate association with mining enterprises..   Mines must be  raised up  to  the point   where   large  capital  takes   hold   of  them.      The very  foundation of the mineral industry  is cut away when  the prospector,  disappears.  A  somewhat  unusual  tribute  is  paid to the prospector by a movement in Denver to establish a pub-  lie grub stake fund, to be raised in  recognition of the need of more of  this class of work in Colorado.    In  recent years   many of the old  time,  prospectors who have traversed the  hills of Colorado have gone to Nevada,    Idaho   and    other   western  states, and we hear of them following the lure of gold in the new fields  of   northean   Ontario.    The  hardy  gold hunter may take some pride in  the circumstance' that  the business  men  of  a state   give evidence of  wanting to keep him at home.    In  behalf of Colorado, which  for some  time has  been hoping for  the discovery of a new district in the class  with   Leadville,  (Cripple  Creek and  Aspen, the Denver  Republican has  started a   subscription list to  equip  a  number of experienced  prospectors- during   the   present    season.  Under the plan proposed a score or  more of individuals may be put into  the field  for the  next  few months.  The  experiment seems  well worth  trying.   .*>   Canadian Northern Railway  Grading on the line of the Canadian Northern from Port Mann to  Sturgis Landing, opposite Mission,  is practically completed, and all that  remains to be done in that work  now is to repair a few washouts  caused in some of the cuts by the  heavy rains.  With the exception of a few  bridges, two of which are near  Chilliwack, the road is practically  finished from here to Hope. All the  bridges will probably be built within a month, and in six weeks at the  outside, the road will be ready for  the laying of steel.  The Northern Construction company has a large force of men at  work laying out the terminal yards,  and from the way work is being  rushed it is likely that steel will be  laid to Port Mann as soon as the  main line to Hope is  ready  for the  rails.   .������.��� ^> ���  Out of every $100 of wealth  created by builders and other producers, $8 worth goes up in smoke. flllii'MM  |Jfe&;'i;giV^ '..   '.' ' ..J|1.11..'...:1 ...'..j. "i mi  8) �����!��>'  ly< ^:-i'Kv ':>"-'��;���������I���*!?'3  ;�������:���  ���^'.���.'!j"j'*.'.vy.,>  W-!4r.iit:<.:. ���:�����.���-���.'.  p|jtlg| filial  ��Ki ii IS  ;&tffe'!|K';;:^  iy;v)!":<yh:K.M'i '^V'':,A^l:'i   '���'���'O.'.-'y   ���' 'VV*- '.'(���'���ii''(V'''^.*1*'-''*''"^���''^''���'���''i^'^v'^  '^^MMmmi^j:  I ^���T-V ;V,j-"**'-} V^ty'rt^fWow*^'''w J'*.'".-> i"V'^J,'WS5��AtVi**WHj|iP'*"'.fi^i   ������:'*''��� < r'^''"*^*'^s^L^H'^l'^UBs^B b^B,^5,Vi'-''>^."S''-S. H-,/.;?'" '   v*JVv^'W''V''^'','"'"As^fcii��",��� -;"���' i  *'"^'.^"W"te" ^--^���^^������������"������'������''������i!,-: ; v ��� �����;��������� ��� *i;-.K 7. ?���'-  Mm^m&'^m^Mwi^wmmmfi  ^������fe-'^ ���'.'��� ���'-'  ���.   r*  <i]&*M\-8,w$:*h:%;- iim-^m. 10'^' W.- Iv$k?!:-w-'%>:&piv; \ \^!Tr^:^A %��� ������.��������������������� '���%  lt':;liitIi#|lS?llliP^  :.v^:;i#,i"'j!ia^/'J;- ���;--^^rfe:>.-j��y- >-^yy''^vv'.v-^^few^t.  "^:^'^''-^jS^'fy'fi*Bp'iAv*,H-::-  ���.��m^miP&!;.  ".  ' f  Is*" "s  Ltd., .with^E. ej.r Bliss, treasurer^, -       w  the American ;;corppratton^ias/tpjesK|,'��^i,I- <'   ��� 7"  dent, has also been ;formed.. .' ", ,^  .Mr., Bliss says: , "JVe have been  rapidly  developing, pur ,��adadian  business for several  reasons, and I  am satisfied that our, branch^factory  will enable us to make an* ,qven  more rapid expansion of the volume  of ^Cou'r'"Canadian'' sales. ^rA\ manufacturing plant in Canada, run under  our system and^ supervision, will  save o!ur Canadian customers'a dol-  Jar or more, per-pair.because-of the  custom', duties charged on shoes  made in the. United .States." .  SPRANG MEDICINES  ^:  -/���* \*4l * -*i\* j^%. *     -f    v*-'*'        x  ':%;^,5!#'lookafer.their health, by prp-  -. ,.v$',nS a 8����* .Tonic a^ this season of. the .year;.  / Try%bpttle^of      v       tC   "    . ?( . ~r  , ;Sa��Sf|if!?0,��� Byod Pwrsfier or  "'^a'i^'^QMlnifio Iron Tonic  TO MAKE YQU FEEL JUST RI&Ht:'  ISiK^S^S^Si'li^-  that,^hatotheirtauthbrity^coht^ihe^:^;^^^^^  .infs^ctioniaSl^^f^the^^nd^^  .fre^latiohgha^^  ^tjbeM"nimiinii;salelpric^  :;S^^ndJclalss1^n^ra't^  ;acr��5rtespectiy^  ilThis|r^^lati^fi��^  tt^pricira^n'xM^er^  all lands with respect to which the apjf  'plication to purchase' is given favbr-�� t  able consideration after this date, not-:  withstanding the date of such^applica-  tion or any delay that may have ocf  ���s==r|,curred in '���the  consideration  of  the?  same.;   >���   M   Or   ...   ^v    -;   -   ./ |s:';;'  Further notice is hereby given thai  all persons who have pending applica4  tions to purchase lands under the pro4    '  visions of section 34 or 36 of the 4*Land!  Act" and who are not willing to com-  Siete such purchases under the prices  xed by the aforesaid regulation shall  be at libertyto withdraw such appli-J  cations and receive refund of the  moneys deposited on account of such  applications.  WILLIAM R. ROSS,  Minister of Lands.  Department of Lands,  Yictoria, B. C. April 3rd, 1911.  ���1  ;u  I''  ! r Si  m\  \%n  m  if.��  I? ^  Mining'Men in   Grand   Forks  - >  E.   G.N Warren   of Greenwood/  general manager of, the B. C. Copper   company, G.   A.f McLeod; of  Spokane   and A. B.   Mackenzie  of  Rossland, president  and secretary,  respectively of the McKinley mines,  limited,   were  in  Grand , Forks.the  latter end   of the  week conferring  regarding matters pertaining to the  bond on the   McKinley mine  which  the B. C. company recently took on  the property.   '  WOOD  Phoenix��  Qreenwood s  Leave Phoenix, upper town, 9.30 a.m. )  " "        lower town, 10.00 a.m. [  Leave Greenwood  First-class Fir and Tarn-  arac Wood, $5.00 per cord  Pirie Wood,   $4.50, per cord.  Pine Wood,   double cut,   per  cord, $6.00.  0h  Scomll'd Lfqu&r, Tobacco  and Dm% Cur�� ^TtttMS  Alcohol, Tobacco and Drags. It counteracts the  A*?cts almost Instantly���removes all cravings.  After taking the treatment there will never be any  need to drink intoxicants or nee drugs again. Can  pe given secretly. W�� have'yet to hear of one  failure.   Mailed under separate cover to any ad*  Standard Time  3.00p.m. )  TO  EXPRESS AftSD  FREIGHT  WOOD  DELIVERED   ON   SHORT  ��  ASOTICE. 'Phone B 32  9 c  &  i1^)J'3.,,>-"'.':;:;/vs'-'.-:.������':���';��� '^���i��^f0^A:'iA^iVA'A  dress. ,Price $6.00 box, orIB boses for $10.00.  ��o��beU Druk Oo.,M�� CsiAluurSpea* OmU  '-<���>.',- ������  In Canada, $2,00 per Yr.  In E S. $2,50 pep Yp.  & Female Pills  A reliable French regulator; never fails. These  pills are exceedingly powerful in regulating the  generative portion of the female system. Refuse  all cheap imitations. Dr. de Tan's are sold at  ��6 a box, or three for $10. Mailed to any address.  vh�� Soobell Urns ��������� Si, Catbarlnea, Oafc.  MfflW.i> ^'j:a';���-::���������,,  ;-*,;:  *  I  1  f  If''  P  1  1  i  ���rmr^wvfYi^r  mmtiammasi>s&ia&��E-


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