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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Jul 22, 1911

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 Tim  ':���,:��� iv'SjBB*  m  VI  ";:  I  /  �����&  ��� "     ' ff. ;. ���  A Vancouver firm has recently |  placed a trial order for 500 sacks of  the raw material from R. Henderson's gypsum deposit near the town  of MerritL  The    Rambler   Cariboo   at    Mc-  Guigan   has recently   struck a very  high grade   galena  showing   at the  1,200   feet level, and   the" manager  expects to get it again   at the 1,450  within   the   next  two   weeks.     The  old mill destroyed   in the great fires  last  year   is to   be   replaced   by an  entirely modern plant.  PROMISING FUTURE PREDICTED FOR RED METAL  Daniel Guggenheim, the Smelting: Magnate, and President of the  American Smelting & Refining: Company Makes Startling  Prophecy Regarding Future Copper Price.  |     Local News  mmmSaWkWsaWmtsWmsWKsmWasWmsmWsWamWsWsM^^  The growth   of a more optimistic  ters,   but   beyond   this    and   being  feeling with respect  to the outlook   entertained by their charming hosts,  for the general   business and   finan-   nothing was accomplished.    No one  .rial situation continues to extend its  at all  conversant with  present con  influence of healf.hv ��������rii��nla*Jr����   ��-~   j������-.���-- ���������  Even as far south as Los Angeles  notice has been taken of mining  affairs in B.C. A recent writer in  the Mining review there states that  conditions in the silver-lead district  of Slocan have shown remarkable  improvement of late. The Standard  mine atSilverton is turning out to  be one of the really big mines of the  province.  A further  sign   of  the regard   in  \vhich   British   Columbia is  coming  to   be held, is   the   report   that  the  Guggenheims   will   have   a resident  agent in Vancouver, whose especial  duty it will be to keep in touch with  the    mining   situation,   and. secure  such properties   for development   as  are   submitted,   and   are    favorably  reported ..upon    by'  the,   ftrm'Js, engineers.  The extension of mining operations in Sheep creek still continues.  The latest to be taken in hand is the  Searchlight on the Sheep creek side  of Dominion mountain. At the present time two veins are known to  exist, and they are to be thoroughly  prospected this summer, under the  direction of W. / P. Poole, the  original promoter of the Nugget  company.  influence of healthy   stimulation   to jditions will  the copper market as well, with  the  result that the metal has been selling  around   the    12^-cent.     mark   for  electrolytic   to- the   accompaniment  of increasing sales.   Within the past  month    or   two   there   has   been   a  change   in    sentiment   towards   the  copper   market,    as   well    as     the  copper share market, which  is little  less than   remarkable,   and   experts  and   laymen,   big   men   and   small,  have been   rivalling ��ach   other   in  venturing    roseate     prophecies    of  coming  developments.     The   most  striking  of  these   rose tinted interviews      came   from    no    less      an  authority   than Daniel Guggenheim  ofthe   American "Smelting and Refining Company,, whose   dissatisfaction over the attitude   of the Washington authorities toward the Alaska  question is   seemingly- no less, keen  than ,his  belief  in   a much   higher  market'Tor the red   metal- at no far  distant   date.       Mr.   Guggenheim's  words are so   forceful, so   impelling  and   so   significant,   that   they   are  certainly   worthy   of being   quoted,  as there  have  John Love left on Friday for Hedley.  G. N. Elwin of Rossland is in charge  of the business during his absence.  The service at the Methodist church  tomorrow will beV-conducted by the  Rev. J. Calvert of Grand Forks. The  picnic in connection with the church is  to be held on Wednesday next.  Last Sunday the local lodge of the  Knights    of  Pythias     attended   the  Methodist Church in a body; the Rev.  venture   to   dispute the  G. H.   Hamilton preached the mem-  W. Y. Williams at Stewart  W. Y. Williams, consulting engineer for the Granby Consolidated  Mining, Smelting & Power Co., arrived in Stewart last Sunday for the  purpose of inspecting the principally  developed properties of the camp,  says the Portland Canal Miner.  On Tuesday in   company   with T.  J. Vaughan Rhys   he   went   up   the  valley, taking in the Portland Canal  mine and   mill, the   Ben   Bolt, Red  Cliff* and a number of other   properties.    It will be remembered that his  company acquired  a  controlling interest in the Hidden Creek of M. K.  Rogers at Goose   Bay, development  of which is   being   pushed   to place  the property in the shipping   stage.  While   on   the   coast  Mr. Williams  will examine a number   of  sites for  his  company   and   report  upon  the  most desirable for smelter purposes.  It is stated that the town of Stewart  will be considered, particularly with  a view to the remarkable mineralization at its back, as   within   a   brief  assertion that to keep up with the  greatly increased production, of the  past two or three years an enormous  consumption is needed, but fortunately for the welfare ofthe market,  and the peace of mind of investors  in copper shares, such a consumption is in sight. Wire requirements  must, of course, play a very important  part   in    the   market's   future  course,   and    the    outlook   in    this  direction is very encouraging to say  the  least.    President  Vail,   of the  American Telephone and Telegraph  company, presented   some   very interesting   figures   in  the report   for  the   last  fiscal   and   calendar  year,  figures   which   dovetail Very   nicely  with the   expectation   of a growing  demand from this   quarter  for wire  and other   manufactures  of copper.  The,Bell   Telephone   system *ih': the  ^:r~;;^'-->^;��r.^��.^;^ n<JW taken up their  mileage of wtrerin use for exchange ��     ,    .      ' - ��jf     . ��� \ ..���;"  ��� ~T\,    -'������������     -   . ^i        i r *.i! ' abode m VanCouvRt*.  and toll service ' at the   close  of the  year  to the  amount   of   11,642,212  miles, of which 1,162,186 miles were  .   added   during    the   year.       These  are   very   few people   who  figured, moreover, do   not take into - _..._____  allowed    their   growing   op-   account      the     mileage     of     wire  shall,   Past Grand Chief, was the in-  tiinism to   expand   so far   that they  operated   by connecting companies/ stelhti^<^cer��   and   performed   her  see    indications    of     a    run    away   which   would be   a   very  important I part with eminent satisfaction   to all  copper market.      "As   regards cop-   item of itself       The  past year's in- [coricernedi After the premier event  per,"   Mr. Guggenheim says,   "my   spallation of new wire service by the   of the evening had  been  disposed of,  uneasiness is because   of the fear of   Bell companies is estimated to have   an At-home was   held,  refreshments  a possibly runaway   market upward   consumed   in   the   neighborhood  of  being provided; dancing was also  in-  that is likely to   take place, for dur-   95,000,000 pounds  of copper, while j dulged in to a late hour.   The follow  ing   the   last   twelve   months   more  the total mileage now in use has required close to 1,000,000,000 pounds  of copper   to  meet   the   original requirements of such an extensive installation.  orial service, which was highly appreciated by all those present.  Morrin Thompson and Co. are building an addition to their already large  establishment. The addition is to have  a frontage of 25 feet, and a length of  52 feet. It is intended to be used exclusively for the hardware branch of the  business.  The wedding of Mrs. Alice Rabb and  Alex. McLeod took place at Deane's  Hotel-last week, ;the Rev. Petrie of  Greenwood officiated. An elaborate  supper was previously provided, and .  the happy couple fwere the recipients  o|gL number of handsome presents, the  guests and many .friends uniting and  presenting ��� them .with a beautiful silver tea set and a" case of knives and  forks; E. A. Black .also presented a  large cut glass purijph bowl. Mr. and  Mrs^^M.cLeodv.whD Jiave been long resi-  <ile^ts~--faefev;hav,e noS^*"1'^'^"^*4**"���  abode in Vancouver.  On Thursday evening, at the Pythian Hall, the installation of the  officers of Mountain Temple, Pythian  Sisters,  took place.    Mrs.  Effie Mar-  copper has   been   produced   than at  anytime   in   the history  of  copper  production, and with   all this, there  has been over  40,000 pounds  more  consumed   than   has  been produced  and   this   in   face   of  the fact   that  America has only  been   doing business   on the   basis, of 60 to 70 per  cent.     Furthermore,   the merchants  formerly carried an amount of stock  for use averaging from three to   six  weeks.     At   the   present   time they  are not carrying any stocks.      To a  very   great    extent   this   enormous  increase  in   copper   has  been taken  care of by Germany   and   England.  It is   a  fact   in   Germany, with   the  exception of   one   merchant, stocks  on hand are not carried beyond one  or two days' supply.      I repeat that  I do not fear a low price for copper,  but   rather   a   runaway   price,    and  nothing   can be   done   to prevent it  unless the   various   copper interests  get together, study  the   conditions,  discuss   their   affairs,   as   has   been  Boundary Ore Tonnages  Following are the returns of the  output of the mines and smelters of  the Boundary district for the week  ending July 22, and vear to date:  Granby 16,000    542,693  Mother Lode.    5,812    179,629  Jack Pot .'.      425       17,616  Rawhide 4,865     118,616  Athelstan       165        3,274  Lone Star  2,777  Napoleon       121 4,922  Insurgent  302  Others       353 905  Total 27,741    870,734  SMELTER TONNAGES  hig are the officers for the ensuing  term: P.O., Mary Bateman; M.E.C,,  Sarah Read; E.C., May Almstrom;  E. J., Elizabeth Pope; Manager, Jennie  G. Pickard; M. of F., Edith Elkins;  M.R.C., Mary McKenzie; Pro., Susan  Mattinson; O.G., Harriet Bellis and  Effie Marshall, D.D.G.C.  There have been many townsites laid  out in B. C. during the past few years,  some of a ridiculously illusionary character, but the townsite of Coalmont  on the Tullameen river certainly has  something tangible to offer to justify  its being placed on the  market.    The  V. V. and E.   railroad  is  laid  to the  town, and the  track  is  to  be finished  within 60 days.    The  presence  in   its  immediate neighbourhood  of at least  six seams of coal varying from fonr to  sixty feet in thickness, and claimed to  be the  largest on   the American  continent, is in itself an  excellent recom-  period there   will   be   a number   of i done   by   the    United   States    Steel  properties   capable   of  producing a   "  large tonnage for a reduction works,  and   being   on   tidewater  the   town  offers   exceptional    advantages   for  works.     Mr.   Williams   will   return  to Stewart in   a   few   weeks   to ex  Corporation,   and   prevent such  an  unfortunate condition   as an  abnormal high price for copper.     But this  is something that the copper people  are not willing to dot   because they  ._ _..    fear the  annoyance   of persecution,  amine properties situated at a higher   It is quite   true that   they have had  altitude than those inspected. several dinners   and discussed mat-  ��� L1UCUI/,    IC>     111   1V2  Granby .......   15,245    535,591 j niendatiori and is solid assurance that  B. C. Copper Co... 10,350   343,658 fa iarge population  will   make   their  homes there.    The  town  is  about 34  B. C. Copper Treatment  The British Columbia company's  smelter treated 10,350 tons of ore  this week, as follows: Mother Lode,  5,469; Rawhide, 3,912; Athelstan,  122; Napoleon, 387, Wellington,  320, others, 140.  Miss Jessie McKenzie arrived home , ,  on Thursday for the summer holidays. J years.  miles from Princeton, and can be com  fortably reached  by stage from  that  point.    The Columbia  Coal and Coke  Co.   have  been  actively engaged for  some  time  on   their  holdings   which  cover a space of ten square miles. Geo.  D. Turner and Arthur Williamson are  the sole selling agents,   both of them  are well and favorably  known  here,  having resided  in Phoenix for many  3  m *fu*ij \-n.jmui*.iiH.  mu ^���r^^-\^J^,��m'it\MM&>^Jrii^^fJiMibM  J?  m  1  U ffw  mm  II!  Hi  ra  13  ;&  I;  J!  2M  i-:,  v1*  MM  ISS  ft  P  ft  i  Local and General  .Miss  Carrie Nelson left for Spokane  *' V     "*    ' -     I 1" V''i- f'  on Thursday.  G. L. Gallowav, of Grand Forks.: was I hard at work for some time past under  helpfulness to the progress and comfort of hj4man society comes the washwoman; '.:..%.''/.��� ���<���;���/.-���:������;:,  ��.' Phoemx brass bam I is to give an  iopeh aii* corH-t-rt on the streets this  evening.     The    members, have   been  in town during the week.  Mrs. A. B. Calhoun  left on Tue  for her home in Minnesota.  Born, on Saturday, July J5th, to Mr.  and Mrs. P. J. Gook, a son. i  Alvin   Hendricksbn  came   home for  a short holiday on Saturday.  Mr.   and   Mrs. G. L.  McNichol  returned on Monday from the lake.  Miss Weii% of Walla Walla, sister of  Fred Weir, is visiting her brother.  Don't forget  to see  the census man;  Don't be numbered with the missing.  :   A. S. Hood, police magistrate, was a  to    Grand   Forks during the   virtues  in a much  clearer tenor if his\  visitor  week.  Page Boyles,  diamond  drill expert,  .spent a  few   days at   Christina this  week.  Thomas- Russell was a passenger on  Tuesday, via Great Northern, for  Spokane.  Mrs., Thos. Oxley and son left on  Tuesday for Spokane to consult an eye  specialist there.  Mrs. Geddes, and son, Elmo, arrived  home on Saturday. after a few days'  stay in Spokane.  A. B. Calhoun, formerly mining engineer at the Snowshoe mine, left on  Thursday for Republic. ,        .���-.-  Fred Fredericks left on Tuesday j|pr  Vancouver for the purpose of purcn^Sr  ing horses for the Granby company,-  Only by help fro in above can we per-  t    form our mission.here  below, said the  mucJcer to the shiftboss on the lowest  io\ ei. ���/,/.   /.v .   -j:  . v.v V'."- *        .-        -*    '-  Mrs. Duncan Mclnnei accompanied  bv Mrs. Frank. ? McDonald left on  Thursday to spend * a; few days in  Spokane.  Angelo Luciani and wife left for  their home in Italy on Monday. The  little daughter of George Vichary accompanied them.  Ah. Hilliard, who has been putting  the finishing touches to O. B. Smith's  house boat, at Christina lake, returned  home on Tuesday. .  Woman cook wants position in first  class hotel; Boundary country preferred; references given; state wages.  Box 895,- Cranbrook, B C. >  Mrs. M. i Smith, after visiting her  sister, Mrs. TL Mk Harrison, of the  King's Hotel, for' the past two weeks,  returned to her home ih Seattle on  Tues.iay. ������' ���..'":. ."-/'��� ���.���������������'" ���-'"'  Some people marry because it is contagious. Others because they can't  work in single harness; But the most  marry because they fall in love arid  can't fall out.  Mrs. Bullen and daughter, sister and  niece of Andy Johnson, who have been  visiting here, left for Phoenix, Ariz.,  on Monday. Miss Hagan accompanied  them as far as Spokane.'  Phoenix is apparently to have its  quota of fine horse flesh. Lawrence  McElroy. our- enterprising teaming  contractor, Js now the possessor of a  splendid pair of heavy bays, which arrived on Saturday from Wash.  A party of kodakers on Sunday  heard bullets whistling over their  heads, coming from the direction of  the swing. They appeared to be larger  than/a 22, but even a 22 is big enough  to kill any ordinary photographer.  The most helpful andL indispensableMember of any ^jommnnity is the  editor-,; even if we do say it ourselves.  Next to the editor 'in : importance and  the direction of band master Cain, and  some really pretty, ..selections will be  rendered, ft is to be hoped that as  many as can will be present.  Maybe the editor does not belong to  your church or i lodge orj agree with  you politically,   but he is  doing a lot  more than   you have .dreamed  of to  keep the name of; your town  on  the  map.     He  can't keep  it in   glowing:  colors and-buy   Venetian   red to  do it j  with for  ever, unless  he  is a  man of  independent fortune.    If he's the right  sort he won't ask you   to subscribe or  advertise unless you get 100 cent*; on  the dollar, but he can sing the town's  i . i  advertising  columns   are   well   filled. I  and the citizens occasionally help him j  by telling, him  the  news  iustead   of  criticising,   or* crying to  take business  away from him because he happens to  see things in a different light than you  do.   ���^   Spokane Interstate Fair.  Spokane is to hold its eigthteenth  annual   fair   from   October    2nd  to  8th-, and   in view of this we are requested to   call the   attention   of all  interested   in   the   mining   development of   the- Boundary   district   to  endeavor to   organise a mineral exhibit representative   of  this   part of  the Boundary*.       A  district which is  not represented   does   net show the    -  spirit   necessary   to   the   fullest exploitation of its   resources.      Monev  for mining   is easier  to secure than  for any other  purpose at this time,  and it is to_ the   interest   of all concerned    that   'the   country"   aroirnd-j  Phoenix    be    suitably    represented, :  x4ll exhibits   sent by ft eight  may be i  sent at the   expense   of the   Fair on j  all railroads entering Spokane.     All !  communications should be addressed j  to L. K. Armstrong, superintendent  mineral department.  NOTICE.  In  the   matter of an application for  duplicate Certificate of Title to Lot  Six (6) Block one  (1),   Map  sixty  *    (60), City of Phoenix.  NOTICE Is hereby given that it is  my intention at the expiration of one  month from date of publication hereof  to issue duplicate certificate of Title to  said lands issued to Angelo Sehulli,'  and numbered 18,680a, unless in the  meantime I receive valid objection in  writing.  W. H. EDMONDS,  District Registrar.  Land Registry Office,  Kamloops, B.C.,  July 14, 1911.  EXTENSION !  So that I can meet my trade with the best work Hi the  lowest price, I have added a LUMBER YARD if my  business.  I  m  I am buying in car lots DIRECT fVom MANUFACTURER���carrying a complete stock and retailing  at LOWER PRICES than have 'ever prevailed in  Phoenix.,  If you are going to build, Now is the time���SAVE  THE MIDDLEMAN'S PROFIT.  The class of CABINET WORK J turn out is as good  as can be done anywhere���because I am equipped to do  GOOD WORK and KNOW HOW.  The only satisfactory CHEAP WORK is the work  you do yourself���and if you buy from'me the quality of my  Material  will ADD  to  that.  REMEMBER-  I  conduct a CARPENTER SHOP,  LUMBER  YARD  and   REAL  ESTATE  business.  If you want to  build   I  will   prepare   Plans   for you���-  If you have some IDLE MONEY you wish to PUT  TO WORK���investigate the opportunities I have assembled in my Real Estate Department-*-it' will COST  you NOTHING to  investigate.  Just now there is'a" most inviting LOCAL BUSIN-  NESS OPPORTUNITY open to any one with a few  hundred dollars, which need not take over three hours  daily attention���and they in the evening.  Shrewd men act when the timid wait-  so much as later.  -it does not cost  The  'Phone  is  Stemwinder.  81���if closed   B 27���the   Place,   the  WILKIE  The Builder  In  NOTICE.  the  matter  of an  application   for  duplicate Certificate of Title to Lot  1475,   situate  in the  Similkameen  formerly    (Osoyoos)    Division   of  Yale district.  NOTICE  is hereby given   that it is  my intention .at the expiration of one  month fronfdate of publication hereof,  to  issue duplicate. Certificate of Title,  to said Lands issued to John F. Langah  and Theodore M. Knappen  and numbered 18474a, unless in the meantime I  receive valid objection in writing.  W. H. EDMONDS,  District Registrar.  Land Registry Office,  Kamloops, B. C,  July 14, 1911.  and Drug Cure J����ffi��  Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs,   ft counte  ScobelFs Liquor, Tobacco  Permanently  dis-  need for   o__        counteracts the  effect "almost' instantly���removes all cravings.  After taking the treatment there will never be any  need to drink intoxicants or use drugs again. Can  be given secretly. We have yet to hear of one  failure. Mailed under separate cover to any address. Price $5.00 box. or 3 boxes for $10.00. Ttoe  QoobeU Ujtuk Co,, St. Catharines, Ont.  SPECIAL PRICES.  We are pleased to announce that we are again   handling this  Celebrated Creamerv  Butter.  Cascade Creamery Butter, 35c. per lb.  Empress Creamery Butter, 141 b. box, $4.25  Choice Breakfast Bacon, 25c. per lb.  Sugar Cured Hams, 23c lb; Canned Sal mors, 20c.  Pure Leaf Lard, 3 lb. pail, 55c; 5fib. pail for 90c.  King- Oscar Sardines, 15c. per box.  Canned Lobsters, 25c. and forty-five cents.  iTa      lO IsJ la ill !ta^     C$0     vUiji     LTUi  Wholesale and Retail Butchers and Produce Merchants  SsHEnansa  -HUT-"-"'  In Canada, $2.00 per Yr  In U.S. $2.50 per Yr. aswm  11  /  - " y :r'.,*:^mfe  if  m  *5 '  >    ,   *,  V   Beautifully situatedon<-the Tulameen /River, 14 imiles west of Princeton, B.C.,  ;in the Similkameen district. T   ,     "%   , /;>VP^c-rV^  The mam line of the V^V.&E. railway runs through the town,   tf&ack laying  will be completed in, 60. days.; ,^: r "  At preseht a Daily Stage coftnects Coalmont with the town of Princeton  THE COLUMBIA COAlSSt COKE CO., LTD.,  now engaged in opening, up  their, property here have over, 10 square miles of coal lands.   The coal is of the  highest Bituminous type, and is the largest body of coal yet discovered in the Northern American Continent.  The workable seams are 6 in number,yarying from 4 to 60 feet each.  rf i  '.'</!  l'>  300.000,000 TONS OF: COAL CAN BE  EXTRACTED.  mkmmkmmWkWkWkmmmmmmmmmkmWkWkmkWammWkWkJa^^  /  \|  A plant ofthe latest type with a 2,000jton per day capacity is under construction.  LOTS ARE NOVT ON SALE 4T PRICES! VARYING FROM $175.00 TO $550,00.  Terms���One fourth Cash, and the Balance over 18 months.   .  Reservations will be made in the order in which deposits are received.  - ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO���  Messrs. Williamscin & Turner, st|S?s  via PRINCETON.  a .j'*-  COALMONT, B. C.  />��  Phoenix Cartage Co.  x If you require any -Heavy Teaming" or Hauling* done,,  let us do 'it for, you. That is our business, and we  have the equipment to execute alLWders satisfactory.  First-Class Wood  We also have a supply of first-class Cordwood, short  or long, and can deliver it on short notice. 'Phone  your order to  D. L. McElroy "ST Phoenix, B. C;  Baseball.  On'Sunday last the Grand Forks  baseball nine received an awful facer  on the local - diamond, - when they  butted into the Phoenix invincibles.  At   every   stage   of' the   game    the  UEEN'S HOTEL  R.  V. CHISHOLM, Prop.'  DANNY  DEANE, Manager.   ,  SEALED TENDERS addressed   to  the undersigned, and endorsed   "Tender for Public Building,   Chilliwack,  B.C.," will  be recoived at  this office,"  ... , ,      ...   . until 4.00 P.M. on Monday - July 24th,  visitors were   not only   out classed, J ignt for the construction *of a Public  but were   out   manoeuvred- by  the I Building, Chilliwack, B.C. .  ....      c ,       ,    u..ii\L    Plans,  specifications,  and form    of  skill    of     our    local- balr\      .**'���.- -   -  To   the    credit   of   the  This is the Largest and N.ewest Hotel in the city,  heated by steam, and well furnished thpughput  for the accommodation of the public. Everything  Neat, Clean and Up-to-Date. Meals served at  ;'': all hours.       -,-������������-���-���������-.-,^r?r  Bar Stocked with Choicest Lienors and Cs^ars  CENTRALLY  LOCATED 6N CORNER  BRIDGE   AND   KNOB   HILL   AVENUE  Steam  Heated, Electric  Lighting.   ��� "'::  Telephone 4-8 and) 26  'THE PHOENIX PIONEER" for your  next job of Printihg. A Trial order  will prove  that we  can please  you.  superior  swatters  visitors it must be admitted that  they showed a sporting spirit, of no  mean order, especially whe,n we consider the tiresome trip to Phoenix,  the extreme heat of the day, and  the miserable field that the game  was fought on. Hamilton was in  his usual fine form, and never  pitched'a better game, fanning his  opponents out in rapid succession.  He received the best of support, and  certainly made the most of it.  It is unfortunate that Phoenix cannot boast of a better ground, it being  little better than a side hill, place-  ing both opponents and the home  team in such a position that the  best ppints of true baseball cannot  be displayed.  On investigation it was found  that the census enumerators of  Calgary had missed the central fire  hall, where-21 men were living.  The mayor has intimated that he  will order a civic census taken in  order that justice may be .done the  city.  The man who asks  fewest favors  has, as a rule, the most friends.  contract can be seen, and forms of  tender obtained at the office of Mr.  William Henderson, Resident Architect, Victoria, B.C., at the Post Office,  Chillawack, B.C., and at this department. ?  Persons tendering are notified that  tenders will not be considered unless  made on the printed forms supplied,  and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and  places of residence. In ^ the case of  firms, the actual signatures, the nature  of the occupation, and place of residence of each member of the firm must  be given. "J  Each tender must be accompanied  by an accepted cheque on a chartered  bank, payable to the order of the  Honourable the Minister of Public  Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.)  of the amount of the tender, which  will be forfeited if the person tendering  decline to enter into a contract when  called upon to do so, or fail to complete  the* work contracted for. If the tender  be not accepted the cheque will be  returned.  The Department does not bind itself  to accept the lowest or any tender.  By order, a  B. C. DESROCHERS,  Secretary.  Department of Public Works,  Ottawa, June 29,. 1911.  Newspapers will not be' paid for this ,  advertisement if they insert it without  authority from the Department.  J.   L... Hen wood    has been    api^  pointed      superintendent of     the  Napoleon   mine,   one  of the   B.C.  Copper Co.'s properties. ��� . v  5 "i  > if  '���i.  ft  K._  n  ��� ;;vM'$t^^ ' )"NiViii'Sii^      :'"'���'���''-'"!���-"���---'���''--    ������������'���'''���"-'- ���-���'"��������� ������"���������������;���'!:;  .,':,'.-:".���  :.' ������; .'������  Wli$^ ~      - '���-. ���- ���nn^. Miin. '     j- illinium ii'""  -'.���'j-'MW.'  means cur^.1^ art piw��  iS^ws^afeiMiii^iS'  3ft1I3ufC  l$8  _ jjss.'nesis:.!  .J|tf|ref^  ^^g^|pie||um t*��j��^  ;Tn'a^fhel^d^u1|^  .i^^^^^^^j^^^^ liilsSiii  MONEERips^  ;i&uf#f$s*i.  *9^w<is!ya^igt^t!  m  ':''>'lif';4:feiWX|-..;>;:V/:-;f;.^ v^ft'1:, ';��-'-���; ���f"^C'^.f-^-^.-'i^A>ri'v; n -l.^.*';V��J.',>.. Ht.^IV.- '���> ." '".  V,.v,.'-Vvf.,3,i.ft-U!'V-ji-'.'v',V,.'-'.Ti;'s"'ft^ .55'>?v?.;^V*���i^''vv<��^^  :.VW".'..'r:!wo..'V'-:'--,i>^  ^^��%i,.,  ���'���.^������'i-i.'VT^fe?''''':^".''^  i. rr VBM ' IBJ    ' ��� ��� "���'-'.."   ' ' .'..'..'.'.-. _i-'^S ���'' '���'���'i..'.^': 'J^^ ,i;"l'. ;  I  life  ?<��  &IS ���;  pm  ma  m  !>3Aft"';J  !tad  i*':;  |wfe're�� pfficiajl^re^^  '_ ^an|^uaj||?p|s|in   Ijjnp^foil  8  'j^^:a��dis^rdftd ;��u 1? ^OTrSbirdj^'.  :pomt^gi^��r^Htic^i^^nidin^be^"  ��<>ard, ;$vjta ftad ^ith so^ liffiEuI^  ���^*?IP^u:^ed.;tQ'.;a<^OT  cabinet being r^cue^^  l^j?^*$M$";;^heri;;the ��Id training  |p^| ^��?^WsM- ^out^ Qi^ns, Violins,  , ^^ Sjnaij Wares.  ���i'-;.-vi.:  ^-J^___,;,_^r__,. .'i?0^^^^^!^^^!^!*   that the  ip&i&lgove^  assuredly be said that they werelP  ^W^I^ItfcK^ waaswamma  *     ,-  !  *Z <L  ���x%  of how careful we are in  "< the. brewing: of���  ,   /you- would   understand  ,,       why   it   is  so   palatable,  wholesome ��a<i4refreshing*  A CASE OF PHOENIX BEER  in the house wilido every-  body good.  Shall We Send You One?  : 'PHONE  23    ���  PHOENIX BREWING CO.  LIMITED  *  ���.*��  [CANADIAN PACIFIC  RAILWAY.  GOING  EAST?  If so Travel in Comfort and  Style. Costs no more for the  Best.  |Low Return Sates  NOW IN EFFECT.  Tickets  on   Sale July   19, 20,  26, 27', 28.     August and other  Dates  gladly furnished on application.  Tickets are good via Crow's  Nest or Revelstoke routes, and  good on Great Lakes Steamships. Stop-overs allowed wirh-  in Limits, and you can vary  your Route Returning.  LARGE CORPORATION  INTERESTED Iti B. C.  /\.W.   Oliphant   Bell,   in   the  Vancouver   World,    says:.  The   report  that the , United  States  Mining'and  Smelting. Corporation   are   turning  their attention/to this province cannot fail to arouse interest,  for apart  from, their   large capitalisation, estimated   at  $75ib0O,O00,   the company are, really  experts   on mining,  and anything ,that, They   take upfis  pretty   we'll, guaranteed   to   be "a  winner,     which    means   /increased  prestage for British Columbia,  just  where    they   will   first   commence  operations is not-apparent. '', It will  be  remembered   thaC about a year  ago, they had/a  bond, on the Nugget   property7 at   Sheep  creek,   for  $500,000, and- after "an   exhaustive  examination-failed   to  take  up the  Bond,   as   it. was   considered    that  not sufficient development work had  been   ^accomplished*  to/justify   the  price and  terms.   /Sirice  that" time  the   Nugget    company   have   been  doings extensive^development,   and  the amount  of "ore   now   exposed is  sufficient it';'"is'/Beclaped   to warrant  the   price , previously   asked,   even  from so   conservative a  corporation  as the above.     However, the establishment   of, a/branch, office   in the  province,   and the appointment of a  residentengineer is liable to produce  results   in    some   section    without  much, doubt,   especially when there  larex&so 'many- promising propertied  which, lack   only   the   capital   and  directing genius to  make them productive mines.  The   advent   of  this  corporation  will   also   exercise   a good  effect.in  the matter of establishing values for  undeveloped   properties.       Hitherto  the exaggerated ideas of prospectors  and   small   mining Try, who happen  to   possess    claims   situated, somewhere in  a mineral belt, concerning  the   values    of    their   undeveloped  holdings     has    been     one    of   the  greatesVdetriments to the advance-  ment'of the mining industry ofB. C.  Once a   strike   is made somewhere,  whether it is genuine   or not proven  makes no  difference,   all   the prospector;,   in   the   country   who   stake j  claims   in   the   vicinity   proceed   to I  There must be a reason Vh'y our trade keeps growing  ^ and* why young men  come   here past.all  the" other  '   stores.      We   have   reallyi handsome  clothing to begin with, and, surround the, selling with every possible  .courtesy. * When tfcjypis to down-rightrgood vaWs  f ?u !I ,.travel a Jong; way /before /you  find \ anything.;.,  ��� to e^ualthem.      ' - f'< ..'>/   v -,, - - '.  A Full Line of Summer Shirts,  Underwear and Hats.  M  B re w n  Gent's  Furnishings  W  UNDER   NEW  MANAGEMENT  &   \  t f * i r -  The  undersigned  begs, to  announce  that he  has purchased'the  business and goodwill of "the King's  Hotel from Messrs.   Shea"  and   Williams and   hopes by  careful  attention   to  business and  courteous   consideration of patrons/to  receive a continuance  of  the generous patronage which the King's-has enjoyed in the past.  F. M. Harrison - - - - Proprietor  < >        * r - I ' -  9.  ��� �������"  Milk  r<  -Should come from healthy and vigorous Stock,  handled in a CJLEANLY AND SANITARY  manner.     Separated  Cream insures purity and  <Iualit:y- The Dairy produces both.  THE  DAIRY      J. W. Hannam, Prop.  number  themselves with  millionaires     by   placin  valuations on their holdings.  TAKE    THE    DIRECT   WAY.  For further particulars aijily to!  J/E. CARTER  Depot Ticket Agt:  Phoenix.  W.J. WELLS  Dist. Pass. Agt.  Nelson  SSBEBSESEEfc  the future  fictitious  They  are mostly unable   to   find   financial  assistance, and  ultimately lose their  claims, but they hang on, nevertheless, for   so long   in the   vain   hope  that some tenderfoot will give them  what they ask   and do   not deserve,  that the bona   fide mining man who  is   looking   for  investments   passes  them    by    altogether.      The    large  mining corporations are not looking  for prospects   at high  figures, when  they can get developed mines at the  same price.       They vyill be ready to  ta ke a cha.'��ice," ho we ver,   if they are  met  half way, and   it is upon them  -the   miners   must   depend   for    the  future    exploitation    of    their    properties.: ��� . ������ ''.;."''.  HAVE YOU DECIDED ON A  RING, BROOCH, LOCKET, EARRINGS,  OR A DIAMOND STUDDED WATCH 7  Prices on Diamonds have been rising for over ten years and are  rising still. No man knows when they will stop rising. Yet Diamonds are sold by us at the same prices that were asked last season,  because we saw how things were going and bought accordingly.  We buy them direct from headquarters and save you the middleman's  profit. A Diamond is about the only form of investment certain not  to depreciate in vafue. Inspection Invited.  E. A..-BLACK  The Jeweler  makes a specialty of Printing Letter heads, Memos.,  Billheads, etc., etc.  /-  ,f\<i  -th|  :l  n  4  ii  I  w&mM: TO^S*fl
S«iMptesWM:*:i!KOT •',''>'..-&';'■'■•, •'■■■;i','',/'\';'-'; -■*"»».■•?:;: i/i:.^^^ -.,;..■■■;;■■. '.'; ■.:;,'■/::: ■:■:.■/. ■:.■'.•■ ■,:-■.'••
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that  the Great
S ■r^«|g;i?'rt-'jfc,^>rw..--...^iij*', •c'.i.-v v,:.. j. ,i j.i-.. .vAiWwwp ^.■|,m-JB ■js\"'-am- B - 'A ■' ■ ■;■ vft ?.-*■■■£-''. ■#?•&■?*< p.'-"-*:* ■ A^^i^y^:
«.--r?^^^',>-ivr*.-v>.,ii-''"...---:'..;:'-^''•.;■?'.■. 1Wr HIT   li, i<WF ^U. JBjF HHm.i<H^
^'^jA-Sfe^Sv."^-;;;?^ ^
SHr<-   f
W ii
: Btedti^ic Restorer for Men
®Sh <nanltaBl<sI restores every nerve in the body
'  B»m®&pnw**w* tA its proper tension; restores
9im,and'vitality. ^Premature decay and all sexual
«Kmhw averted at once. Phoepboaol will
make ycra a neVrjoaan. , Price 38 a box^r two>Jor
S.   Malledttt any address.  «B»o SoofeoH ©rwg
3a;r^^|fii^i^i8i^ckings -..before/
jshe/tf^iy^ r. " / * /
|jhei filmLof^moyiS^picture machine*
;m!|^ew|YoirJk|^ 13^    As A^
7^]|^-icfe^^^Wi*S:^^tiS^t^^-"Sii"^ 3*^ pec t: / swimmer,
'^n%^^e%Ma0^0^m a boat on a
■StiteWisiana^nS^tiie machine v^as;
set in motion, focused on the surface
of thepond where he had disappeared to picture his feats under water
as he came to the surface. The
diver's last feat had been caught on
the film. He did not appear, and is
supposed to have been held fast by
the soft mud at the bottom. His
body was recovered later.
Ji.^j:~,.',,-n.-.r;'.f rr-,...a):.-.:/.>*.Vy''.:._vl';;^^l^_^j^
AND SOFT' PRICKS mimmmm^^mimisimmwSiM  W&MSSMtssS^mmswmatm^  I  Large Areas for Pre-emptors.  With the despatch of three   complete and   well-equipped   parties   to  the   great   virgin ' lerritory    on   tlie  south fork of the   upper   Fraser between Tete Jeune   Cache   and   Fort  George, the survey work of the province for the present season may be  said to be   thoroughly Hinder   way.  ���Fliese various survey   parties   have  instructioiis to "lay   out   the   several  large reservesset aside  for  the exclusive   benefit   of the   pre-emptor.  At the same time they   will   supplement their orthodox professional reports   with   helpful   information   for  the records as to  temperature, rainfall, timber conditions,.soil character,  etc., all of which data will be of immense   benefit   to    the    prospective  pettier," to   whom   it   will   be  freely  .available at the nearest government  office, a<; well as at headquarters in  Victoria.  There'"are; also; in_���; preparation in  the   department   four   pre-emptors'  maps of sections contiguous  to   existent   .or; immediately   prospective  railway   facilities,   which   maps   are  ,bein<> rushed forward with   all   pos-  sible   celerity, and   will   be   quickly  followed   with   others   as    soon   as  Essential data is sufficient '.;��� for/ their  compilation.     The   policy   is   being  systematically; developed  of providing the fullest and   most   up-to-date  information   for   intending   settlers,  available where it .will be inost  convenient.  r/��� All .the; lands jio'w.-being surveyed  finder the direction of the  lands department   are   in   territory    on    the  lines of projected and   assured    railways, or   in   touch   with, navigable  arterial   waterways, which   will   assure their   expeditions   settling   up;  while surveys   are   to   be   hereafter  checked up systematically by an  independent and capable official  from  headquarters, W. S. Drewry having  recently    been   .appointed    in     this  capacity.     He is to leave almost at  once on his first inspection   tour,   in  the   course   of which he   will   check  and confirm various   recent   surveys  in the East Kootenay district, afterwards going into Cariboo from Ash-  croft northwards.  This will in all probability   be  the  last season which   government   surveys will be conducted in this prov- j  ince by assigned private members of  the profession, engaged by the Government, it    being   the   intention   to  inaugurate the   Bureau   of   Surveys  provided   for  in   legislation   of   last  session.      Up to date the department  has not found it necessary to o;o outside of the profession   in   this   province for men competent and ready to  direct its field enterprises, and   it  is  improbable that such   necessitv   will  arise   for   years   to   come, although  provision is made in   the   statute  bv  which such a condition may be   met  should   it    present    itself. ��� Vernon  News.  BUSS NESS  IP^ PROVING  Those desiring Plumbing or  Tinsmith work done, will please  caljfup^ Phohe;A10,;vyhere/their  wants will receive prompt atr  tention. I wil 1 devote the whole  of my time to the biismessV    %  Ralph E. Pope  'PHONE  A10.  Lumber and Wood  When in need of LUMBER,  LATH, SHINGLES, CORD-  WOOD    or    SLAB WOOD     I  can   fill   your   order   promptly.  C. A. ROSS Phone A4-4-  I  I did NOT have my property Insured  against Fire with ,  D.'.J. Matheson, So^^TS  9  s  \  Ton so rial  Parlor  Lower  Town  Beo\s to announce that he is  now in a position to attend to  vour wants, and is confident  that  he   can   give   satisfaction.  A TRSAL WILL CONVINCE YOU  One Minute's Walk from  Brooklyn.  A. S. HOOD  Fire, Life  and Accident   Insurance.       General Agents.  Bank Block, Phoenix, B.C.  Home-Loving People i  Sale of Rugs and Carpets���Why most helpful? Because  this great sale reveals our largest collection of Rugs and  Carpets ; and prices are the lowest we've ever quoted for a  spring sale. Home-loving people who have looked elsewhere came here to buy ! They're enthusiastic over the  thorough completeness, the reliable qualities and genuine  economies disclosed in this once-a-year affair ! Settle the  Rug and Carpet question here tomorrow���in a pleasing  economic way.  Furniture Dealer  and  Undertaker  is interested and should know  about the wonderful  MARVEL Whirling Spray  The new Vaginal Syringe.    Best  ���Most convenient.   It cleanse,  instantly.       Ask your  druggist fori]  Dr. de Van's Female Pills  A rel.able French regulator; never fails. These  pills are exceedingly powerful in regulating the  generative portion of the female system. Refuse  all cheap imitations.   IPr. de Tan's are sold at  ��5a box, or three for $10.    Mailed to any address. ! WINDSOR SUPPLY CO.,  Th�� Soobell Drug Co., Sto Catharines, Ont.    Windsor. O.i:. <;-���:.^ii Ajr��n:. r-  If he cannot supply tho  MAKVli  .accept no other,  but send stamp tor illus'rated  book---leatal-   It Rive. f"1' Particulars and directions Invaluable to ladies.  Leave Phoenix, upper town, 9.30 a.m.  lower town, 10.00a.m.  i i  ��i  Standard Time  iilF  Leave Greenwood 3.00 p.m.  PROSV3PT   ATTEWTIOW   TO   EXPRESS  AND   FREIGHT  i  IB -HtM^lui^M^  ���iwwwrfjwaiOrtVO*! IVMMMtfrt.VAUMWVWaVtttt INAWrVItrWlUiaUUf'vabnii..  llSpif  Jltpii  Hi  R  ptef  ||M'\':  Ip*Mt'-�� J  I ���&,'*" i-i  11% > tu' -  h on��.?  It* ^' 1  ,R<;-"''  I1'.''"'!    \S  1 >��� l*' K   I  US "it >- ! fl  I a r V* *  |sl!  l ^    ^    "���        L /-J  J'J1 Vl    fe  'i  ' 'ffl  I', 'i, ffl  <**;,���. ^  "���A'tfk  V,- an  il  NO MORE INSOMNIA  IMMEDIATE BELIEF CERTAIN  If yuur dealer does not keep them, wd- will  g mail you a box (18 powders) on receipt of 25c  .1. L. MATHIEU Co. Props., Sherbrooke.  1  \m��a%0ams^a^k1ftvam*t^m0^tma^il^,mt^l  ,      .MATHIKU S  NERVINE POWDERS.  ' For Headache,and Neuralgia  *? C**t*UB n*> Ofiimmm, Mtsfpitma tv ChUtat  Om pwwk* ��itl  rvlfev* ����4 * fc*  f��w4��n will  rart ytn  If yw Imv�� ��� b*4 b**4*tfc*  Iff yM trr tortnth,  tl jrM *> not ��*wj> *��ll.  "I ��W WtVWqi,  i h��vc Lb Gnpfx  i tntfit l��xo nrontfta,  ���iWNK'i'iHii  3  SEALED TENDERS addressed to  the undersigned, and endorsed Tender  for Public Building, Revelstoke, B.C.,  will be received until 4 p.m., on Monday, July 24,1911, for tbe construction  of a Public Building, at �� Revelstoke,  B. C  Spokane's  Strike   Resolution.  The   trustees    of    the    Spokane.  Chamber of Commerce, at a meeting  on July 18,   adopted   resolutions   to  request   the    commercial   organisations of eastern Washington, northern Idaho and the province of B. C.  to consider ways   and   means of cooperation   for the purpose of "assisting in settling   the strike  of miners  in   the  Crow's   Nest   coal., district.  The resolution   points   out   that the  supply of coal from the Crow's Nest  is practically the sole source of supply for Spokane, eastern Wash, and  Northern Idaho.    E. F. Waggoner,  said   in   an   interview:    The   steam  coal trade   of  Spokane   is   supplied  principally by British Columbia and  Alberta mines, and unless the strike  is settled very quickly, Spokane will"  , ,_    ,. , ,. . have to look elsewhere  for  its sup-  Plans, specification and form of con-     .. A.       -. .c   . ,      r  tract^can be seen and forms of tender|plies, as   the mines,  if they   do not  obtained on * application at the office j resume   operating soon, will not be  able to supply the home trade, and  as a consequence would be unable  to export very little, if any coal,  during the next four or five months.  of    Mr.    Wm.    -Henderson,   resident  architect, Victoria, B.C.,  at the post  office, Revelstoke, B.C.,  and at this  /Department.  Persons tendering are notified that  ^tenders will not be considered unless  made on the printed, forms supplied,  and signed with their actual signatures,, stating their occupations and  Slaces of residence. In the case of  rms, the actual, signature, the nature  of the occupation, and place of residence of each member of the -firm  must be given.  ; Each tender must be accompanied  by an accepted cheque on' a chaptered  bank, payable to the order of the Honourable the Minister of Public Works,  equal to ten per cent (lOip.c.) of the  ���amount of the tender, which Will be  forfeited if the person tendering decline to enter into a contract when  called upon to do so, or^ fail to complete the work contracted for. If the  tender.be not accepted the cheque will  ibe returned.  :.   The Department does not bind itself  "to accept the lowest or any tender.  J By order,  j ,    R. C. DESROCHERS,  - -;    . _.��� Secretary.  'Department of Public Works,  Ottawa, June 29, 1911.  -���-  Hints for Campers.  Try and   help the  government to  protect our   forests and prevent the  wilful waste   of  millions   of dollars  worth of the property of the citizens  of British Columbia.     You   can   do  it by remembering always to clear a  good  space around your  camp fire.  Make certain   that   your   fire is out  before you   go away.     Don't   leave  smouldering leaves or moss.    Don't  build your fire against a log.    Don't  be    careless     with     matches     and  tobacco.  We offer you a big assortment of Refreshing, health-  ful drinks for the warm weather, as follows:  Welch's Grape Juice,'    90c  " ������"���. "      pmts 50c  Morton's Rasp. Vinegar $1  PER QUART  " " '*      ��*^ 60c  " Lemon Squash > 50c  Nabob Lime Juice, quarts 65c  Dalton's Lemonade I pints 20c  a  n  quarts  A great weight is about to be  taken off the police force in Brooklyn. Patrolman Frank Link, of one  of the out lying precincts, has put  Newspapers will-not be paid for this! in an application for retirement. He  advertisement if they insert it without I weighs nearly 400 pounds, and is  authority from the Department. f the heaviest policeman in  the U.S.  The Phoenix Brewing Company's products as follows:  Iron Brew, Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer and Cream Soda in  Quart bottles, at 25c.    The same assortment in pints at  two for 25c.  Let us suggest that for the warm weather you will find an  assortment of the above very beneficial.  I'M  Morrin, Thompson & Co.  Aeroolane Races Everv Dav I    Head ��ffice " Established 1859 - sherbrooke, que  *-��%>* VJp&l����JL^s       &^.��AW^/��?      a^lV%sAJ        *%^%��J      ���      Wm# Parwjblu president.   S. H. C. Minek, Vice President.   J. Mackwnon. General Mhma  MAMMOTH    NIGHT   SPECTACLE  'Pioneer   Days   In   ttie   Palouse"  $126,000   Will   Be   Spent   on   This   Exhibition  REDUCED RAILWAY RATES  Greatly: Increased Prizes  Many New Classes, Open to All  Write  For  Premium   Lint  and  Daily   Proyram  217   Hutton   Block,  SPOKANE,  WASH.  EASTERN TOWNSHIPS  BANK  Capital   and   Reserve,   $5,250,000  Wm. Far well. President.   S. H. C. Miner, Vice President.   J. Mackinnon. General Manager  82 BRANCHES IN   PROVINCE OF QUEBEC  AND  AT  WINNIPEG, MAN. VANCOUVER, B. 0.  COLEMAN, ALTA. GRAND FORKS, B. C.  LETHBRIDGE, ALTA. PHOENIX,  B. C.  TABER, ALTA. , PRINCETON, B. 0.  VICTORIA, B. C.  Savings Department at all  Offices.  CORRESPONDENTS   ALL    OVER    THE   WORLD  jTTTnfT,Miiiity-ii��i|iiiiifflrri"'''"iMf"-|'''!t>miJU'"*-"**"  ATHESOi   Insurance Agent  FIDELITY BONDS, PLATE GLASS,  COMMISSIONER FOR TAKING  AFFIDAVITS  FIRE, LIFE AND  ACCIDENT  !.C.


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