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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Jul 8, 1911

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 ���pi ���  .��W'  I/-' ���''?'.  | if  ��>'  :;r\_'-'-.  ...���;<'���  *   S3f  Twelfth Year  ^^p!^^^^pS^|^^|i|^|^|  Y'Y'S.  WEST KOOTENAY Lll��  To Cut off Granby ConiJIhyl  Power July 18th���Manager  Sylvester Files Protest.  mM!M   _________ lliiilii   Makes $3,334,000 During the Expired Nine Months of the Com-1 Rawhide and Athelstan on Par-  pany's Fiscal Vwr <���/* a~..;i i���*  ��m, I   ��� *_*__.     -__. ^  Wiifl  .v.'E'iij;'!  _W^ observe with concern t���ac rr  West Kootenay Light and PowerCc  ^^^^���Z^ I Pr���e gross value of  to   the  goVror^te  SW** induded:  &S 5% electrical; power, being  from 40 to 75 per cent,  addition to  tne prices already prevailing.     Peremptory notice  has been served the  Granby Co. that  unless a new con-  tract be forthwith executed, agreeing to  pay per power  at the rates  above indicated,   the   power service  will   be  cut  off from   the  Granby  smelter on July 18th. ' -     .  So  serious  is  the,situation  that  Manager  Sylvester, of the Granby  Consolidated   has   filad  a   petition  with  the  provincial   secretary,   imploring      f-h��     _��*,_..._.__..._.____      Jl      .  ing: Biasis-Will Diamond Drill  Montezuma and Sunset  July..  August  September  October  November  December -  1911���  January  February  March  ���  _ Tons.  Received  35,641  \ 33,453  33,333  34,356  35,053  35,310  34,505  32,323  35,096  Tons.  Smelted  35,138  32,301  31,105  34,132  36,066  36,364  32,958  32,315  34,208  Approximate    Percentage  Gross Value.        ot GoldT  $384,000  420,000  288,000  430,000  421,000  351,000  349,000  328,000  365,000  62.7  49.5  57.5  47.2  56.5  53.4  57.7  57.8  54;8  309,070,    304,587 $3,334,000        55,2  .. ; Total  ,  ';..  PTn^' !!!f^'Vt. -. \               I ��w" ���^. a" u���deer7n,a,m^ 262'*iS *����� ��=an,e. from the company's  Centre Star-groupf Rossland. i         ..      ��� liqcko  Snowshoe, Phoenix    ..                          ^f'X?  Sullivan- ��ast Kootenay        .''           gf �����*  St. Eugene; Eait Kootenay (concentrate)   ! \         " I'?���  .Richmond-Eureka, Slocan    ..                 '               ** ?1S  ,1 Q^een Victwa>mi��b^ -" ���              " *          "         "' 2'476  < - vN&:>t* Phoenix  ' C���^t<^ ^^^*��5^ ^vr^^^^,^^9^  Phoenix^Amalgaitiated * -    "'"      "',        ^         ���* H*?  Molly Gibson, Nelson           .*"         v        "'         V H*3  TV                   ,                    .    * ��� ,       ��� ���          ��� ���         .-. 330  provincial executive.  As   the 'matter., stands, it ^extremely problematical   whether the  smelter can be  operated at a profit,  and,    failing   prompt and   drastic  .action on   the   part  of the govern-  years irfgo, the only cloud im the  boundary fining hbrizon was the  tear of unreasonable strikes on the  ��!? ��f ,aJ5��r emPl��y�� �� this  section,   a   fear which   has always,  so far, proved unfounded. This  year, the situation has been complicated  by  the refusal of the coal  j$,?***rl  Total output for nine months       .. 262,315  copper/namelter2^rm��f*!!,e  ��Ii from ,th.e company's  mines was gold-1Z���*    "llue>     enraumg   a    Joss   oi  and conceoTrafe        ' ��S; the remaini"g ^4,297 was lead-silver ore \?*5>546'   cov*/ed   by   insurance   to  concentrate. the amount  of $25,000, which  has  miners   in "the"b '~~T\T"   "rT  ���������[=== /since Hpph ���lf_w,_;i  renew their vn^Zt^\?!^^.��'*��� *~ P"*/       Boundary Ore Tonnages       Ipa^T^ SSSJ���*,^  * _.   ,    .," *-lt'i   v*��-c-presiaent,  stated that,during the fiscal  year  ended  March  31,   the activities of  the company were  directed principally  to, the   development    of the  Rawhide and Athelstan  in Phoenix.  Incidental  thereto,, there  was   extracted 90,000 tons of ore, of which  more  than  30,000 ��� tons  consisted  mostly of waste  left  in   the mines  during former operations, and about  an equal tonnage of very low grade  ores, all necessary to be removed as  . part of the development work. These  'mines  have,   with  the  end  of the  fiscal year, just  reached the stage  for normal operation, when   reasonably profitable results maybe hence-  forthf expected. ' "        ; -  The net expenditure during the  ?s.c*\ y��ar was; $106,472, whicK is  within the estimate originally submitted ^ the company'sL engineer  W^e  t"e; development work, was  otherexpense., ���:! 1��� >���> :V ^!^ ;,'-.   -  G& January last, a   fire destroyed  the   office,   machine  shops,   supply  building a[nd   contents  at the Raw-  _"ier mine,     entailing:   a    loss   of  $25,546,   covered   by   insurance   to  _-n__>    *����_��._.... ^_ '     ���4^     *t*s\ r*   .m^^m ...  VsJ  renew their agreement with their  employees to mine coal under the  onerous conditions formerly in force,  ihe refusal of the employing companies to allow the proceedings of  the investigating committee to be  made public makes it about certain  that the employers, and not the  men are to blame.  This difficulty, so far as this immediate district is concerned being  solved by the importation of cokf  from Pensylvama we are now facing  a situation even more threatening.  interest.    That   they   are   now   by       p "ounaary uf* * onnages par value   of its   bonds, which   are  their insane greed, opposing then��\nn^��Zl?u ***         ^i"���8 ��f the  now in itS treasuT.      While no in-  selves to the interests of every man  \?uP��      I     ��V.nes.and smelters of come was available for the payment  woman and child is certain, as havl      ^Bo��naary district for the week  of bond   interest  during  the  year,  ing themselves   set   the  price   now  end,n^ J"^ 8�� and year to date:         the directors believe that the opera-  obtaining for power, it is absurd to  Sranby 15,805    508,719  t,ons  for  the  coming year,   under  suppose they would do this without   rther Lode    5��182    166,215  noLm.aI  conditions,   will    result   in  providing for a substantial  rate of ��"*,??'       44��      16,46518"��� C!en4t   ,ncome to   provide for its  profit,   and  therefore, the  new ex-   Uo"tU"*" a nn~ ��__*r��,0����-  actions are wholly   without justice  to the people at   large.     We there-  ��une ocar   call upon  the LieutenanNGovernbr VaPoleon-  to issue an order in council instruct-  {"f11^6"^ ��������� "  in_r the attnrnpv.o:_>r_��..��of <-�� :���.^.^j:    Others . . .  j��w��v * vi.       ttu      10,^05    -^��u   .i^wiuc  Rawhide   4,980 109,285  Paymfnt.  Athelstan       125 2 711       *fc  *s  mtended  Lone Star  ' A'lu   "���*   ^   252  2,777  ApparendrtheriT'no'S'rn   ^^"^^-^neral to immedn  ���;*^b��^^ injunction   on   the  thegreed of some corporate bodies,  49?h ^ W% h,aVe ��n   'W? side-of the  49th   parallel,    no  supreme    court  capable   of reading words   into our  ���law not   contained   therein/and  wbict1 legislators   refused   to insert,  by    declaring   monopolies   to     be  West Kootenay Light' & 'Power  company, restraining them from  either raising their rates, or discontinuing to supply present customers  with either power or light, pending  the passing of a law regulating the  "reasonable'^or oihSwW ^th^Jr Pn"f.to be cha^ged for these 'corn-  own   sweet will    it   C . modities. ^  people of Britisb Columbi^ to��so\ve L^^^ ^ ??endinS"  parties sue- school' a  the problem for themselves bv  ind^      f     Pyie^al ^icanery, in embarras- a   sumpt  eating to   the executive  the ^ou^��^f,In7,n.the  mea��while, we fruit, vet  Pf procedure   necessary   ^ S ^l^^ ^at ^ ,e��Tislat��re  exer-'  relief  from   a -.situation   wh��h     s  and '** "?^ ^f ,fminent  domain,  rapidly becoming unbearable' tion ^mPfi^ delhn^Uent   corPora"  Coke and power are essential* Jn k , sell their plant at a valuation  odern mining practice'^d^^ '^;��"^ C��St of ^producing the  3w become evident th��> J<**t* I ^^ ln this connection.     now to  diamond-  drill   and   thoroughly    explore   the  4,182   Montezuma and Sunset mines in the  3021 exPectation that they will   develop  480  as substantial producing properties.  *<**  ��� . The past year has been extremely  unfavorable  to the   copper industry  17 9on    ma. ^a   the world   over*    These   conditions  13 376    ?90 iw   aPPear V> be approaching a marked  244  Total.." .27,028   811,136  SMELTER TONNAGES  change for the better, and, with the  expected improvement in the market  value of the metal, substantial gains  Granby  B. C. Copper Co... 13,376   320,457  .        ������ "^^  ���  Private School Exercises. Vrtluc yi ine metai> SUDStantial ins  Un Ihursday, at two o'clock, the in operating results will naturally  children of the private school, all follow. While conditions have been  prettily dressed, assembled at the discouraging, we are now justified  school, and partook very heartily of in considering them as much more  a   sumptuous   repast  of cake   and   hopeful.  ety   kindly provided by their       The executive  is indebted to the  teacher.      Afterwards an exhibition j general manager and the operating  f��~�����.   <U-   *.!--.___     _���_._.1l?_ . ^ S  m  now become evident that so jJngas  these two ^necessities remain iq  private hands industry is likely to  languish. So far as electric power  is concerned, it is a public franchise  similar to the railroads, which franchise can be terminated by the Government as soon as   the  holders of  It is of interest to observe that  Ontario has already seen the importance of Government ownership  ot electrical power, and   unless this  PK��r,rlCe. Speedi,y   takes   steps   to  aoolish the power monopoly, it will  soon find itself out   of the  race for,  empire.  Of their work was held in the schoolroom, and it was simply astonishing  to see the work which the little ones  have mastered during the past quarter.    Games   and   songs were then  in order, and Miss Nellie M'Dowall  and   Danny    Deane jun.   rendered  suitable recitations.  Mrs. M'DowalJ,  their teacher, afterwards  presented  prizes for  diligence,/good progress  and   general  neatness.    Afterwards  the     holiday     announcement   was  made,    all     the  force for their  intelligent  co-operation, zeal and fidelity.  "We're off to play." It is a great  pity that more children did not take  advantage of these thoroughly and  highly valuable classes, as Mrs.  McDowall is specially qualified, and  comes here recommended by the  highest educational authorities ia  Britain. We regret very much that  space will not permit a more detailed  children    singing | account of the closing exercises.  I  s��Tra��~_-:s����. **    *\_..��"V  jt '  t  ��i���,'      * t I   I*'Vl   "  I I fl  '/��� ..'   /J'  mi  '  �����*V'. i.      i   '  in. a " ���.       'i i  1'"' i* . K     .      i  rufr'i'-  A  ���  l&"fc *  i * *  _! A i  <-./  .' "if, i V'    '"'    r -  If.'   '  , *   ���    '   '  I/M    ���*'.���   .', ���; ���  .<;..' -t'  ���*(>  s>A  ir   -  I t ��� i. _���  lo.  j ;  i '  I    Local and General   |  If Yoh Could  ������������������������������������������������bb������_______���_____���___  Gfrasp gg Idea  the brewing* of-  ii.)  Geo. McNichol left for Vancouver on  Monday.  Paul McKay took in the celebration  at Republic, On July 4th.  Mrs. A. Geddes and son, Elmo, are  ! visiting in Spokane for a few days.  Mrs. A. D. Mackenzie left during the  week for a month's stay iii Vancouver.  Mayor Matheson and son are spending a few days in Spokane this week:  W. B. Williams arrived in Phoenix;  on Wednesday,  from Christina Lake.  G. S. Boyee, Started Wedneseay for  I Franklin Camp, to work on claims he  is interested in.  Thomas Oxley, Sen., arrived back in  J town' on Tuesday,  after a prolonged  visit to the coast.  of how careful  we  are  in '   ^ L-Goodwin spent Independence  Day��  at .Republic,   with his brother,  whom he has not seen for many years!  Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Smith , and Mrs:  A. Baugh, of Portland, Ore., are the  guests of Mr. and Mrs. JF. M. Harrison.  Mrs. Frame Elmgreen and 'family,  who,have been visiting the city, returned on Monday to their ranch at  Curlew.  Alex.    Martin,   a'  prospector   and  miner in the Boundary, left for ar visit'  to his old home in   Prince Edward  Island, on Wednesday.   - i  Ernest, Olson, motor, man on the  400 level, met with an accident on  Saturday, the trolley, pole falling on  his foot, breaking i^.  Walter Cook, who has been working  during the last six months at Athabasca Landing,  near Nelson,  was iir  town during the week, renewing old I  acquaintances. .   . ���    x  Mrs. John Swanson, who has been1  receiving surgical treatment for her  arm, which was hroken while playing  with the children, recently, returned  on Monday to Curlew, Wash.  One of our town girls rceently sent  yoxi   would   understand  ;,.     why  it is so, palatable,,  , f. wholesome asS refreshings  A CASE OF PHOENIX BEER  '/: i:   ., in' the house will do every-  , \    body g-ood.,      V  Shall We Send You One?  ;V,',,';'^J,*?PHONE��;23t.-':   -\ I   \ J  PHOENIX BREWING CO.,  "  -;   '���- f' '"'-LIMITED ���-'������* U"' .' '  Burglars broke into J. J. Walker's  ���'-,_.��� :_.- . /     w"^ ^A yjlur wwii gins rceentlv sent  jewelery store, at'Nelson, last week,   twenty-five cents for a receipt to pro-  and got away with ,$480 worth   of mote    and    preserve   beauty.     She  jewelery. "' "     "  I ceived the followina- rpnlv: "Min/i ,r������  It   is  reported  that   the    Grand  Trunk Pacific has forced the Canadian Northern to stop work on its  line through the' Rockies.'  The * Canadians won three of the  five events at the Festival of  Empire/ held at the Crystal Palace,  London. There were competitors  from Australia and the United  - States.  Messrs. Mackenzie and Mann, of  the Canadian Northern, left London,  England, last week, having raised  without public issue, A all the money  necessary to complete thieir line,  which will be finished to the Pacific.  ceived the following reply: "Mind your  mother and stay home nights."  A happy quartette of miners left on  the Great Morthern, on Wednesday,  for the Granby's newly bought Hidden  Creek property. The party consisted  of Charles Swanson, Gust Johnson,  John Floreri and Ole Norden.  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A wireless to the Pioneer from Bob  Pritchard, who is spending a few  months' holiday amidst the scenes of  his childhood, reports he is having the  time of his life. At present he is staying with friends at the beautiful town  of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyr-  ndrobwll-llandysiliogogogoch.  Sam Larson, proprietor of the Riverside    hotel,   at   Rock   Creek,   had  a  narrow   escape   from   drowning   lastj  week.   While stringing a cable across '  the river for ferry purposes, he fell into  the water, but fortunately grasped the  rope,  and   hauled himself out, after  being in the water fifteen minutes.  The water in Christina Lake rose  very suddenly a few days ago, and on  investigating the cause, it was discovered that Capt, Lachapelle had  fallen into the water. Interviewed  after, he stated that he was just finding out for Jack Beechey whether  there were really any fish in that part  of the lake.  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T The 'PJione is 81���the place, the Stemwinder.  -^Wilkie���  THEBUILER  SPECIAL PRICES,  -    We are pleased to announce that we are again  handling- this  Celebrated Creamery Butter.  Cascade Creamery Butter, 35c. per Ib.  Empress Creamery Butter, 141b. box, $4.25  Choice Breakfast Bacocp, 25c. per Ib.  Sugar Cured Hams, 23c Ib; Canned Salmon,20c.  Pure Leaf Lard/3 Ib. pail, 55c; 5Ib��� pail for 90c.  BCing- Oscar Sardines, 15c. per box.  Canned Lobsters, 25c. and forty-five cents.  >. BURRIS 8s. CO., LTD.  Wholesale and Retail Butchers and Produce Merchants  :, B. C       PHOftSE 2  THE PHOENIX PIONEER" for your  next job of Printing. A Trial order  will prove that we can please  you.  I  git.  m  m  ��  V.  _^ira^,,i^^fi-~-i-7^TT7^���*7{r-.=7-  ge��3��,ivii.!��, r -hi, "_ v'-  _."'1*Ki'"-,*,w  ��� ���2.'m4 t^t  "*1P"!_P!. "���_��� �����*! ='  Vi llm V* .111 r* ''X  w  i  >���/  " 'r> " ^������V_s��ii".'iv ���  Of   the pain which many women   experience with   everv  not gladly be free from this recurring period of pah  mILm, �� th���ia "'ee'tom* from paia.  Z^fj,? I"**, ��*��'���***> subdues intlam.  nation, heals, ulceration and cures���,  male weakness, ��-�����_ we*  only, and we will send you % /r'/ coDy of   Or   pt   ��   T"^ and mailing  illustrated Common Sense M<.h��_1 TJ ��� - P!eroe ��� ��'<*" thousand - page  hanctoome FreneTcloth blnto*        Adv.ser-rev.sed, up-to-date edition, in  Phoenix Defeats Mother Lode.  A number of football enthusiasts  accompanied the Phoenix team.. to  Greenwood on Dominion Day. The  bkseball fans having appropriated  most of the rig-s for the Rock Creek  celebration, it became necessary for  the leather kickers to pad the hoof  to the scene of action Phoenix  lost the toss, and Dick Parry, capt.  of the Phoenix champions; kicked  off before a strong" breeze.. Phoenix  assumed the aggressive right away,  Edwards, centre, grazed the enemy's  cross-bars with a swift shot. Give  and take followed, the game being  stubbornly contested by both sides.  " Y   * i'ii'ii ��� JiJyi<s_<i< , |   ,���,,,  MATHIBU'S  NERVINE ".POWDERS.  ' For Headache.and Neuralgia.    >  _     'Chi./. ������ Opium. UnytttH n Ckl.r*l    ' '  ��*" *�����   w . .  - U ������ �����. a l��rb_MH  ll jo. tra ftvmih.  If j��u d. art Ik". w_N,  If 70. m�� MrvMi, .  l()ro��luvt UCripj*,  II��o�� Mdhrfna aninlfift  ���n w��� nib  c.ll.ri. CUii_.  ����.���,��,...,. nn^itim^i,^!,!,,^ ,,���  Suffering Instantly Relieved  A SAFE AND SFEEDY CURE.  If your dealer does not keep them, we will  mail you a box (18 powders) on receipt of 25c  J- L- MATHIEU Co. Props., Sherbrooke.  Additional Local News  r>u '  I    W.Ward, auditor for P. Burns nnrt  Phoenix, again secured the pig skin   Co- was in town on Wednesday.  and   rushed  it   up   the   field in fine      Mrs. C. A. Ross with Miss Jeanette  style,   Williams clearing  in   daring S are visifcinSat Grand Forks.  fashion,      Phoenix here taking    the   i__*?efe���Peters��I? and Swan Anderson  u ii .-, U,S'   tne   left this morning- for   tht> rrw.<.f   Pn  ball went to   Forshaw, who   passed   ?>��<* for Hidden%reek. f '  to Parry, who, bucking the opposing    ' Mrs. F. M; Harrison returned to town  thhaen To"!? Tl ^ T*   R��bertS'   S"-"  Edwards   ^ J"*    ��n    to      The marriage of,Miss Lena Baptist  na wards.       The game became very   and Dominica Lenze, was solemnised  exciting here, Edwards  beating the   hereM��nday   &t   the Oatholic   church  opposing full backs, shot a splendid      mL --__���   ���'    ,    ��� .  ��� -- >pienaia|    Miss Tillie Gresl, sister of Mrs. Dan  1 M /IVi v-rr 1~_ _-* 1 i  m I   - - __  We offer you a big assortment of Refreshing-, healthful drinks for the warm weather, as follows:  Welch's Grape Juice, *��?** 90c  " Pints   5 QC  Morton's Rasp. Vinegar $1  PER QUART  ii  goal^amidst   ringing    cheers   from  the spectators.      Half time scorer-  Phoenix, 1; Greenwood, 0.   Phoenix  opened   the   second  half.      Mother  Lode  taking the   ball  up the  field,  shot for goal, but Barnes saved, the  ball coming out" to Lewis, who put  in   one   of    his    famous   corkscrew  shots   and    struck    tbe   goal   post,  Edwards      untortunately    shooting  over, and   ending the   game with a  score of 1  to 0 in favor of Phoenix.  The following were the line-up:   Parry, captain; Barnes, Willikms,  Lewis, Edwards, Owen, Forshaw,  Parry, Edwards, T. Roberts, J.  Roberts, and Charles Davidson,  manager.  ii  Biner, who has spent the last few  months visiting here, left for her home  in Olympia, Wash., on Wednesday.  G. Johnson returned Wednesday,  trom his claims, four miles from Rock  Ureek. He states that around Nicholson creek is a fine level country, verv  suitable for farming. It will be subdivided into ten acre lots.  at��u8., J' St*��tzel and Mrs. W. J.  Mithell were the promoters of an enjoyable little dance in honor of Independence day. ��� About sixty people'  were present, the music being provided  by Mr. and Mrs. Albert BinlrT  There are no flies on Aikansa. Just  when we were all thinking he would  be with us for the summer, he drops  in and announces' his��� departure on  another prospecting, trip. Hewlett on  inursday morning in company with  ��t. Yuill, for Pilot Bay, Kootenay  lake.  st  Pints   60C  " Lemon Squash at. 50c  Nabob Lime Juice, quarts 65c  Dalton's Lemonade 2 pints 20c  "quarts 65c  The Phoenix Brewing Company's products as follows :  Iron Brew, Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer and Cream Soda in  Quart bottles, at 25c.    The same assortment in pints at  two for 25c.  Let us suggest that for the warm weather you will find an  assortment of the above very beneficial.  Card of Thanks.  Boy Scouts.  To the Editor of Phoenix Pioneer.  Sir.���We would be much obliged  to you if you would inform your  readers that all information with regard to Boy Scouts can be obtained  from us, on application for same.  Sincerely   thanking you   in anticipation.  ���"   T. R.   HENEAGE. Hon. Sec.  Vernon Chambers,  Victoria, July 1.  We wish to express through your  paper  our   sincere   thanks   for   the  many   kindnesses   received    during  our late   trouble,   especially  to Mr.  and   Mrs.    O.   B.   Smith,   Dr.   and  Mrs. Dickson, Mr. and Mrs. Johns,  Wellington camp,   and the business  people general^.    Carrrigan  Bros.  Dr. de Van's Female Pills  A reliable French regulator; never fails. These  pills are exceedingly powerful in regulating the  generative portion of (he female systlm. Refuse  all cheap imitations.   I>r. de Van'o are sold at  ThLfchii1!11^ for i10'   ^aIled to any address.  T_�� SoobeU Drug Co., St. Catharines, Ont  6  9  .... insurance Agent  FIDELITY BONDS, PLATE GLASS,  COMMISSIONER FOR TAKING  AFFIDAVITS  FIRE, LIFE AND  ACCIDENT  PHOENIX,   B. C.  EASTERN TOWNSHIPS   BANK  Capital   and   Reserve,   $5,250,000  Head Office  -  Established 1859   -   SHERBROOKE, QUE.  ���Wm. Fabwbll, President.   S. H. C. Mine*, Vice President.   J. Mackinnon, Gen'eral Manager  82 BRANCHES IN   PROVINCE OF QUEBEC  AND AT  WINNIPEG, MAN. VANCOUVER, B. C.  COLEMAN, ALTA. GRAND FORKS, B. C  LETHBRIDGE, ALTA. PHOENIX   B   C  TABER, ALTA. PRINCETON, B. C.  VICTORIA, B.C.  Savings Department at all Offices.  CORRESPONDENTS   ALL    OVER    THE   WORLD  ppp In Canada, $2.00 per Yr  CCi,In U.S. $2.50 per Yr,  j��5  <��� * *  :\  i\  lx  S  *       *  ft  0  WSi**'r_"j~i��|  Wa3W..^E_V  ii��\B ���'U',JtU_ . IIIIJI H.MIIIJUIII  V  ?���" -  1  >,  -,   ;,--   f  J. *1_J'     *  _-uf*  ��� i'j -.   \'      ,  ''?."��     ." "  ���i   .'   ,.'   t  ,'  1/ - ���  'Ylt   (  v.  11 /  II ���>  m  __Mv  r *?',<. :  . Cf" ���> ' ft": ;  I ���_   ' r,   . '    f\  ��� ,' '1  I.te  .  pfti'  fe$  ., t  ,��� i  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  and  Boundaiy Milling Journal  issued weekly  at Phoenix, British Columbia  Subscription, 2.00 per year  2.50 to .United States.  z,      G. Kay, Publisher.  ADVERTISING SCALE,  , Application foij Liquor Licence (30 days) . .$4.00  Certificate of Improvement notice (60 days) $7.50  Application to Purchase Land notices (60 da^s)'   > ��� ��� ��� * :. $7.50'  Delinquent Co-owner notices (90 days)... .$10.00  ' Water notices (30 days) ..?....* ?1500  . All other legal advertising, 12 cents a'line,'  , single column, for .the first insertion? and 8  cents aline for eachsubsequent insertion, nonpareil measurement.  news of the opportnnities in potential   and   industrial   conditions prevailing- in this province.    How much  Mr.   Turner   has   accomplished   towards     securing-     such      valubal^  publicity for the province he so ably  represents, is indicated in the almost  constant appearance of late in leading-     British     journals     of   highly  laudatory   references   to   the.  fruit  growing and poultry raising opportunities  here,   the  development   of  agriculture generally,   the  fisheries  of   British   Columbia,    its    tourist  attractions,   its   wealth   of timber,  mining development, etc!      As indicating  the wide spread pijbminence  that \B. C. is obtaining at present in  the old land, a check of, the   articles  published   during   March     last   in  British  newspapers    is   interesting.  The list of papers included 133 leading-  publications, and   258 separate  articles     with     reference    to    this  province. '  '. ���  M-  <*  ,��  i Spring Clothes  Saturday,' July 8,'1911  As   illustrating the  changed attitude   of the   British people towards  Canada's, first   minister,, in- conse'-  quence of the impression   for which  he  himself is responsible, that fine  phrases rather  than honest < British  statesmanship   constitute his stock:  in-trade. ' The/Loaded   "Globe'^a  few   days   ago, printed i a   directly  challenging     article,     closely     approaching studied rudeness, when it  is remembered that Sir Wilfred Was  at the time,a guest   of the kingand  ."?t!cV1\i Thi*\ar!ifc!e. supports:1 the  ippinipnBlmostsir^ultaheou&iy&bled;  by   the   "Associated   Press"   correi  spondent, in- London,   "that   while  Sir Wilfred stands   as hiVh   as ever  WE are ready to take orders for Spring Suit or  .      ��      Overcoat,  made expressly for you from the  , '_    .  :    finest imported fabrics-cut to your measure  and TAILORED in the most approved style.    It  . represents a revolutionary achievement in the' art of  A  : If. there is  onevgreat .���disillusion-  :   ment , the. hew   arrival   in   Phoenix  ?P^rffJ???? ;it;is the. total ,absence;of  crime of ^se^i^us nfiSife wliich^on-  :    fronts him.-   Almost1 everyone, particularly   those .fmm   the/eastern  portions   of the Dominion   and the  -i j      . . auu ia&   ",1   "v mi-cu stands   as hisrh   as ever  particularly     a  necessarily a cehtre of lawlessness I which n "* Warm"^ard with  aod-riotous Kvinpr 7V^ W- .es5ness whlch hls every word used to be  ctuu riotous living. No one is more followed bv rhp Rrif^i. - ' , ���  -prised   a.the   tranquHityofouJ     �� W" k^w ^e duties oT hi  LI daerourItco"sins from ro?roshi��-andhow ^dtfoppo  source   nf        V'   * "^ faiHli��n have P-^-bim," comments  factmusfor llf,::!,3.'5!^  P���d him no harder  had he been  STYLE - C RA FT  CLOTHES  ^^^*^I>'B*'*'B**~~I','*I*~~BI____________________��  and we are pVepared to guarantee.the most positive  ^satisfaction, with., every >0rde'r. ". .Some wd look  1^.through the range'ofsamples and .get our ideas of  Style. Once you try our system Qf Custom Tailoring you will never be satisfied- with any other kind.  N.J. Carson & Co. i  fact must, or ought to excite in the  less ready to sink  the statesman, in  breast of end ^ ^ ~ ^J.^T   wfaTrnt  and pleasure. Comparisons are  odious, yet we can be forgiven a  httle conscious pride when we; reflect  we  own to  a prejudice in favor of  candor.   We are glad to be assured,  as   Sir Wilfred   assures us  two or  Almstrom  t,  t?  on"the tranauil ^^ _.f off ���     I  vviirrea   assures us  two or  aodth*^!^^ th�� anew star  and that which exists in the average'  mining camps in the U.S., with  their superfluity of gin palaces,  graming establishments, and other  ��ac:es of doubtful decency. Phoenix,  *��� ^-, with its schools, its well  attended churches, its excellent  police  establishment,    its   peaceful  has arisen in the west, but we  should be glad to know which way  that star is travelling. We do not  feel that % Wilfred Laurier is a  very .felicitous interpreter of Canadian feeling at the present moment;  We honor the distinguished man  who. has   led  the' Liberal   Goyern-  Kodaks and  New Wall  uppl  Books,  Stationery,   Leather Goods,  China,  Burnt Wood Work, Mouth Organs, Violins ���  Guitars, Mandolins, Small Wares.  population  anditrh^  model   ort'onj^  continent, but fo^^tf?^}^���**   that th^ imperialism   he  under the sway of the British fla  8-  One1 feature   of  the  constantly  growing work of British Columbia's '  Agent   General   in   London,   which  has apparently escaped the attention  it  deserves, is   that of securing- recognition   by   the British  presf ^f nf ^ ��DJ^tl0n to the substitution  British Columbia news, ^S^fc^ guidance of true  from what the world had supposed.  The mistake is the world's, no  doubt, but there is room for more  clear thinking and speaking on the  part of Sir  Wilfred   than    he  has  thought wise to indulge inland we  have an objection to the substitution  HOENIX DA IR Y  W. A. McKAY & SONS, Props.  Also milk that is above the standard in butter fat is what  you want. Our milk is aerated and has all the neutrition.  as well as health-giving qualifications.  <  c  c  1  f  f  f< W��Cb��fe_��'b.  i"5*s;'�����-v��***��*t  -��_bftji^w'i��n��irf. Ji .i  .^yB^llfMWWiWtlMIBmaWWWM^*!!  t_>iiy,.i, >r J^,tin  &',  t��  /"  land   Canal   mine,     is   largely   in  terested in the enterprise^ which has  The, Canadian   governmenThls' ampIC l*^   l�� '*"* ���� ***eloP'  minted $60;000 worth of gol? J ��I "^ ** ^S"*6' forme^ ^re-  from  the. gold.' out   of porcupine    ^^ hasbeen <"ade -^Perintendent.  : They were coined for the HolWer        The  discover^   o{   diamonds   in  from which mine came the metal     '   PeHdotite from Olivine Mountain, in  ;     Four   Porcupine  stocks  are now I'tc ^'T     nf'?'   ^^  v'-ted   on   the   London   exchange-   *      '      wher?     Charies    Camseli,  the . Hollinger    North/���   n+   ���      ^overnment geologist, has  been at  Ontario   Po^���?SS.S;^J^   ?*'^'^ti*  ii^rest,  North   Dome     Ltd      all    R     ��� tT" tha"   ��f commercial  impor-  Moreing issues. " Bewick-  tance,   it  will be   worth   the  pros-  '  A. McEachem   ���   ' ' '     Pectors wbi,e to ;be^n  the look out  *asbel^ diamonds   in   the   gravel,    of  a group r^r r r��.spect,ng streams drainin^ ***** <* ��*��  <*��  R^ ����~��    rocks.,     The  only  Reveistoke,   believes  that he  ' '  b?s at last struck it rich, and is  showing- samples of quartz that will  run thousands of dollars to the ton.  _*  UNDER  NEW MANAGEMENT  The undersigned begs to announce that he has purchased, the  - bonnes* and goodwill of the King's Hotel from Messrs.  Shea  and   Williams^ and  hopes by careful attention .,to  business and  courteous  consideration of patrons to. receive .a' cont&din*^  the generous patronage which thV'Kin^s has ^dyed 'iii ihe pak��:  igneou.  known original matrix of the diamond is a peridotite, or closely  related rock, so that while the  diamonds are hot confined perhaps  to such rocks, so far as. present  knowledge goes,   they are  the pro-  Harrison ... - Proprietor  Creek6 K��0tenay   BeI,e mine> Sheep  ��im nr^���9'   haS   Produced   over J ~"%',n',.w5c *?"����>   mey are  the pro-  *iw,uoo  in   gold   from   shipments \m{sin'g  ones, to  prospect for these  during   development.      Recently  a Sems-' The Tulameeh peridotite also  ^crosscut tunnel   has intersected one  carries gold and platinum,  of the veins at a considerable depth, <���?���   ��� ��� ,  a^,,t;,s reported that very high Oddfellows'"Excursion.   -  grade ore was encountered. Dominion Day>;tKe ^^  creek   J'l'ng'0n   Wld   Horwfof-   the    Canadian     ^federation,  creek, aajoining the Canadian Paci-  broke  cloudy and threatening over  strike oil e'tSh V?  mU- a  n"ch   Ph��eniX' ^^h^Bding^however,  strike of five feet of free milling ore,   �� goodly number of Oddfellows and  ^ part ot which runs as high as $40  their   friends   boarded    the   C.P.R  per   ton.      This  property   resumed  train bound for Christena, the pearl  Milk  Should come from healthy and vigorous Stock,  handled in a CLEANLY AND SANITARY  manner.    Separated Cream insures purity and  * quality.  This Dairy produces both.  operations  a few weeks'ago under  the supervision of Phil White.  The Rambler-Cariboo mine, near  Gmgan, is in better shape from a  development point, the ore bodies  are large and of a higher grade than  the managers reports indicated, says  Alfred Coolidge, director of the  company who has just returned  trom an inspection of the property  of Boundaryland, to join, with other  lodges in   the celebration scheduled  to take place.      The weather at the  lake proved beautiful and fine,   and  an enjoyable  day was  spent.    The  sports, which were well patronised,  especially those  events which   took  place on the water, attracted  a deal  of attention, and afforded  no small  amusement to the onlookers.      The  fine  dancing pavilion   also came in  a* ��� - t  THE  DAIRY     J. W. Hannain, Prop.  <ti.  QUARTERLY DIVIDEND NO. 11A  Another discovery h����� t,. ��� aancing pavihon   also came in  Soutb PorcuDine  Ont     T ���    u     Z orchestra, ably assisted by  opening^pofthe D���m   ^'.  " "*   Professor We���'. of Phoenix, dis-  vein  for 270 Wf? Extens.on  coursing   sweet   music  during the  east coLr "f fh    k     I ^  ^^ K'      The lake throughout th! day  X      It if I/e        t      7 Pf0-hff0rded a ?���y -W* dotted here  percy.      it is an  exceptionally rich    '  ore, and   panniug over 40 feet of it  showed  native  gold .  in   every  in-  stance.   The directors have also the  satisfaction   of seeing  the  railroad  approach their property.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Dividend a*  the rate of n.ne per cent (9%) per annum upon the paid-  up Capital Stock of this Bank for the current quarter  will  be payable at the Head Office and  Branches on  and after the third day of July next.  -��.   with   ro. boa-ts,  canoes ^IsOt^^^^ ^ ^ ** ^ �� ^  motor craft,   all loaded  to the limit' J    "illusive.   J       '"VOL       VI     tlJC       _II��t]  i ne biggest   strike of the season  engagements  elsewhere,  with happy pleasure seeking humanity.    The followers of Isaac Walton  were   also     on   hand,    but   unfor-l Sherbrooke, May 27th, 1911  tunately most of the fish had  other  was made this week on the Cascade  Falls   claim   twelve  miles'  up   the  Salmon   river.      Messrs.    Dilworth  and   Bunting,   locators of the   property, have crosscut through 15 feet  of solid galena which assays $35 on  *   an average sample.   As the hanging  wall has   not yet  been reached it is  impossible at  the   present   time to  ^en estimate the width  of the ore  body, which has been traced through  three claims.-Portland Canal Miner.  At the Portland-Bear River mine,  an   excellent   surface   showing   of'  quartz  carrying free gold was   uncovered last year, and the company  commenced the  driving   of a tunnel  about 100 feet below this   showing.  The workings   followed   the vein 50  feet,.Avhen development was stopped  fortlje winter.   Wellington Beaton,  formerly superintendent of the Port-  with   the  exception   of a few  large ones who  made their get-away.    The  return  to Phoenix was commenced at a late  hour, the celebrationists arriving in  Phoenix  in the wee  sma'hours  of  Sunday  morning.      The  following  are    the   winners    of   the   various  events:���  .Double sculls: H. Mann, 1st;  T. Thompson, 2nd. Double canoe:  H. Mann, 1st; R. Thompson, 2nd;  F.   Roney,    3rd.      Mixed   tandem:  ��r,SS & LZesley and F' Roney�� 1st;  MissM    Mann  and  A.   R   Mann,  2nd.   Jingle  sculls :   Hugh   Mills,  1st;   Mr.    Heaven,    2nd.      Tilting  canoe:   F. Roney and A. R. Mann. I  Greasy pole: R. Roney. I  By order of the Board,  ' i  J. MACKINNON,  General Manager.  If you are looking- for a present for that friend  of yours about to be married, you will find  nothing nicer or more appropriate than one of  our Mantel Clocks.  Prices, $0.50 to $1-3.50 eacti  Also a nice line of Gilt and Bronze Clocks, very  reasonable. Call and Look Them Over.  Scohell's Liquor, Tobacco  and   DrUfiT   GUl^   Permanently  dis-  E. A. BLACK  The Jeweled  "i���u,TT'' .��,,c flave yet to Hear of c  dress   PriR��K/in Ker aeRaJ_ate cover to any l_  makes a specialty of Printing Letterheads, Memos.,  Billheads, etc., etc.  * if,  .if*  ���   -   "      'S���  m  il  I  BfASB  ���JgS  _Jr   ��� .j ^i^j-ioi wes*-.v|t *.,**��� &S0W  mV&<V&M* '  pf. ...  B*_S*Ti  ~w~  '" - "^' w*W^#^��  fete <  F*V._^'v  aw?!1   ��  If <"#  J $0.3  ___K' * '  _H ''  __���  ���nf. -  _____T'V  __HV  H  ���  ��� ?'_ A-  �����/<,  __h ft'  I^A'' l  1.5  I*.-' '���'  ���'. ���<. *  ���v-'1    r  li^  L "([  I  N.'  r^  '���';,  1' '   "*  i               ���*  a M  ^   *>  X1 ���'    ��  l.*.' ��� ���  J a-   ,       <  ia >."  King Edward Lodge  No. $$, A.P. antf A. EM.  | POINTED PARAGRAPHS [  1.0.6. F.  Snowshoe Lodjre  No. 86  Meets every Monday Evening at  Miners' Hall. Visiting brethren cordially invited.  D. Paterson, Nobl�� Grand  T. A. Love, Pin. Secy.  W. J, Rutherford, Rec. Secy.  Daughters of Rebokafi  Phoenix Loclg* No. 17  Meets in  the'Miners'   Union  Lodge  Hall First and Third Wednesdays. .  ; Mrs. Pyper, N.G.;  , Miss M. Mackenzie, Seo'y  FRATERNAL ORDER  OF EAGLES  ReguJa, co���ica��on at 8 Jf^f "f ��*Urt ��f *he Ca"^ie  p.m. Second Thursday of ateeI  Co'   has  resumed operations  <�� * "4 ^?nth- ,, . ���       :    after being idle for a year and a half.  Emergent meetings as called; Masonic       v       '   . . -  Hall, McHale Block. J     In   1914    the   opening    of   the  X J. Strutzrl, J. S. Botce, j Panama canal will see three Cana-  ^eoy' ^M' dian  transcontinental   railways- in  operation,, but the, Canadian Northern will have less than $1,000 per  mile of charges.  . Twenty-eight thousand men will  be needed in Saskatchewan this  summer to harvest the wheat crop,  which is already beginning to head  out.. Manitoba and Alberta will  also, need 15,000 men.  Firing at a floating target, distant  some 1,800 yards, with the twelve-  pounder field guns last week, No.' 1,  company of the Fifth Regiment  (Canadian militia) in their, concluding practice for the summer, biade |"  some excellent shooting, hitting the I  mark 50 times in 60 rounds.  >   *  . Lignite coal has been found in  well digging and borings at several  points, in the Northwest, where  domestic fuel was badly needed.  A large sugar company in Cuba  is experimenting with a new process  in .which  the cane    is   dried   and  handled in a manner similar to that  adopted in making sugar from beets.  This  process promises to increase  the yield of sugar from cane.  . China is dividing her borrowings  of  ��50,000,000   between    Britain,  Germany,  France and  the   United  States./As Ithese   are   the   bailiff  nations of the world, payment by  the Chink is assured.  At .an informal meeting last week,  iw_K_f ___;_;���*_T^ ~^*' -~"^-���*���#-��,      .in  London,   of   representatives   of  Fttatand Third Thursdays.    ' ,  n/,rfL 4f.     *���_.��_. .  - - - - *- ' north Atlantic steamship companies,  A Distinctive  Feature on the  Oriental Limited  rw  Phoenix Aerie No. 168  Meets in Union Hall, Friday Evenings.  Visiting brothers, are always welcome.  John Lovb, \V. P.  ;v .  T. B. Cosgrovb, W. Secy.  >,...��;;��, r  Kv of P; Lodge,  \\% 28   **��&*  ���*^^__:_____J^_   ...      ^* ^ *���   *     t      *-*'   >���   1  ftteets ;rUESDAT Evening at 7.3D:  Sojourning brothers cordiaUy wel-  cdmed.  :. *;���   ;   "     '������'. \^>4*-'{\ -. L  /      Jt B.CABTBB,K:ofB.S;  G. Kay, C. C.  "A new broom "sweeps clean," but  a vacuum cleaner swallows the  dust and leaves everything it  touches ��� clothing, upholstery,  carpets ��� immaculate. Every  day is house cleaning day on the  Oriental Limited  the Great Northern Railway's  through train to St. Paul, Minneapolis and Chicago.  Every car is new, electric-lighted  and spotlessly clean.    Compartment - Observation   Car,  Standard and Tourist Sleeping Cars, "Dining Car and  Day Coaches���all built  large and strong.  Make reservations in advance.  Call or address.  W.X. Perkins  Agent. '  4  PYTHIAN SISTERS  Mountain Temple Locf*e No. 17  Msets in, Pythian HaU,, Lower Town*  Hotel Brooklyn  The Only First-Class and Up-To-Date  Hotel in Phoenix.     New from cellar  i "*' ��� -"**   ,~-"-".y -     s  to roof.    Best Sample Rooms in the  Boundary,   Opposite   Great  Northern  Depot.      v   v     Modern Bathrooms.  Mra. J. Bateman  M.E.C.  Mrs. A. D. McKenzie,  . -  K.R.S.      / the way was prepared for a decision  DRAYING  relative to renewal of agreement on  rates. The present agreement expires July 15.  Of all kinds promptly attended Lightning struck the church of  to. Rapid Express and Bag- St* Jean Baptiste, Rachael-street,  gage Transfer.    Careful atten-  Montre*l>  on Wednesday, June 28,  tion to all orders.     Phone A65  ^d befT the fireme�� COuW get the  ���.      , , blaze under control, the magnificent  James G. McKeown edifice was ^estr��yed-    The loss  * amounts to $200,000.  STEAM HEATED.      ELECTRIC LIGHTED  James Marshall, Prop. Phoenix, B.C.  WOOD  :    First-class Fir and Tam-  arac Wood, $5.00 per cord  Pine Wood, $4.50 per cord.  Pine Wood, double cut,  per  cord, $6.00.  SPRING MEDICINES  The wise always look after their health by providing a good Tonic at this season of the year.  Try a bottle of  Nadruco Blood Purifier or  Wyals'.,Qmin tne. Iron-- Tonic  TO MAKE YOU FEEL JUST RIGHT.  WOOD DELIVERED  OH  BHO&T  'Phone 832        IfflOl jwtores every nerve in the body  v*m_iad vitality* pJ��L2!.op5?* *��a��io5 ;jnailofw  wwKwSai Girted\if 2��2** dIS_?y *u�� a������a-al  mnfc�� ^S _����*"-*!-*' ��SC?��    VfeMilMnttl will  -^ yon a new man   32!l JE"?"-*-"*1 wIH  ft.��hB_safir*"-a��s  Three aeroplanes costing $13,000,  and representing the latest development in aeronautics, were delivered  to the U.S. Naval Academy, last  week. The machines are of the  Curtiss type, and will form the foundation of Uncle Sam's aerial navy.  Canada's trade for the first twoj  months of this fiscal year totalled  $112;i70,119, which is $7,000,000  better ��� than the same period last  year, and indicates that the year  will show a trade total of considerably more than three-quarters  of a billion dollars.  Sixty persons were killed, and 30  injured by the collapse of the pumping station,   at Buffalo, New York,  on June 30th. The accident occurred I AQBflTTS  POB  THE CELEBRATED  shortly  after  nine  oclock, and am-1 haZBLWOOP   BOE eftBAftB  balances were rushed from all parts  FINEST GRADE OF CIGARS  IN  THE BOUNDjUnT  of the city.    The financial  more than $1,000.000.  loss  as  oAsxockorj Props.  M&l&sssvvz ,��*.<.��� ��� .�������.*. ,,   -.   .vvirtM'r*u-_^vj';lOra^___^^  iii^ik^^.  ���       < r  > (  '%  McBride to Stump the Country.  Sir Wilfred Laurier  is to sail for  ���   home on the 2nd inst., and' Premier  McBride of British Columbia on the  10th  of August.     The general   impression prevails in the best informed  political circles that in   the event of  the United States' Senate'adopting-  the   reciprocity    agreement,    which  there is  small  doubt that body will  do,   Sir  Wilfred will   apply   for   an  immediate dissolution of the House, )  and    go   to    the   country    in    late  August or early September.   Should  the Senate  by any chance reject the  treaty, the Dominion  session would  proceed   to   an    early    termination,  possibly   in a  defeat of the Laurier  ministry  on the floor  of the House.  In the  event   of an  election   being  brought on   shortly,   it is   expected  that the,Hon. Richard McBride will  tour Canada to deliver a number of  speeches   in   the   conservative   interest, and against reciprocity.  mum  -Il  MOOSE JAW, SA4JC  ���ALBS.  ROBIN HOOD  }(ggggg8Sg||  ANS>      '   MAID M49MN  i~^T^i__________l  .1 i  MaKes lighter,  hetter flavored and  a more nutritious, bread,  and more loaves to the sacK  than any other flour. ROBIN HOOD  FLOUR is made from the choicest wheat  from the most select farms in Saskatchewan.  A money-back guarantee in every   Robin Hqop Flour���made ��. moose .ia^  en. mma^������������  4*+PT0:  The officers of the Canadian contingent had $500 of jewelry stolen  by non-commissioned officers of the  home regular detachment at the  coronation hi London. The theives  were sent to jail for two months.  SEA.LED TENDERS addressed   to  the undersigned, and endorsed   "Ten-  2??, f���' ?iU ulic Bni.Idkft  Chilliwack,  -B.O.,    will  be received at this office  , until 4.00 P.M. on Monday."!aEfrg����  i? .,' ,*or fche construction of a Public  Building, Chilliwack, B.C.  Plans, specifications, and form of  contract can be seen, and forms of  tender obtained at the office of Mr.  William Henderson, Resident Architect Victoria, B.C., at the Post Office,  Chillawack, B.C., and at this depart?  Persons tendering are notified that  tenders will not be considered unless  made on the printed forms supplied,  and signed with their actual   signa-  C. A.  ROSS  tures,  stating their occupations and -��w����  places of residence. In the case of  firms, the actual signatures, the nature  of the occupation, and place of residence of each member of the firm must  be given.  Each tender must be accompanied  by an accepted cheque on a chartered  bank, payable to the order of the  Honourable the Minister of Public  Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.)  of the amount of the tender, which  will be forfeited if the person tendering  decline to enter into a contract when  called upon to do so, or fail to complete  the work contracted for. If the tender  be not accepted the cheque will "be  returned.  The Department does not bind itself  to accept the lowest or any tender.  By order,  R. C. DESROCHERS,  Secretary.  Department of Public Works,  Ottawa, June 29, 1911.  Newspapers will, not be paid for this  advertisement if they insert it without  authority from the Department.  BUSINESS  IMPROVING  Those desiring Plumbing or  Tinsmith work done, will please  call up Phone A 10, where their  wants will receive prompt-attention. I will devote the whole  of my time to the business.  Ralph E. Pope  'PHONE A10.  'WqSy *aosaq^BH T 'd mi* antf  qsureSv paansui ^^adojd Am ptiq j  Lumber and Wood  When in need of LUMBER,  LATH, SHINGLES, CORD-  WOOD or SLABWOOD I  can   fill  your  order  promptly.  Phone A44  - -��'5"-TI '  I did NOT have my property Insured  against Fire with  D. J. Matheson, SSffiJtt  Best's  Ton so rial  Parlor  Lower  Town  Begs to announce that he is  now in a position to attend to  your wants, and is confident  that he   can   give  satisfaction.  A TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU  One Minute's Walk from Brooklyn.  PUBLIC NOTICE.  TAKE NOTICE that I intend to  apply to the Board of License Commissioners for the City of. Phoenix-at  their next sitting for a transfer of the  Liquor License held by me for the  Butte Hotel, Dominion Avenue, to  Messrs. George Vichary and Nick  Muso.  Dated at  Phoenix,   B.C.,   this 20th  day of June,���1911.  (Signed)   Angelo Luciani.  A, S. HOOD  Fire, Life and Accident Insurance.       General Agents.  Bank Block, Phoenix, B.C.  Go-Carts  Just received, a large shipment of the latest designed  collapsible   Go-Carts���  PRICE FROM "EIGHT-DOLLARS" UP.  4500 Feet of Mouldings  We are now ready to supply all demands in the line of PICTURE  FRAMING, having a fresh stock of 4500 feet of Artistic Mould-  ings to choose from, also  Room  Moulding, at the  right price.  S1        Furniture  9  is interested and should know  about the wonderful  MARVEL Whirling Spray  The new Vaginal Syringe.   Best  ���Most convenient,   it cleanse .  instantly.       Ask your  ) druggist forit,  If he cannot supply the  MARVEL accept no other,  but send stamp for illustrated  book���sealed.  11 give > full particulars and directions invaluable to ladies.  WINDSOR SUPPLY CO.',  Windsor. On.. . General Agents for <  Leave Phoenix, upper town, 9.30 a.m.  "��� "        lower town, 10.00a.m.  Leave Greenwood ,   3.00 p.m.  -Standard Time  PROMPT  ATTENTION  T��  EXPRESS AMU  FREIGHT  a  n  V.I  m  r  i p  I  .V,' '  J.if Jlllllf^ '""" ":'"'""  "'' ���������'���"���'���������"������'���'������������" ���" ���������"������������������������'���'������-���'������' ������<������������-��������������� ���������-������ ....................... ,....-, - - ......,.>..���-,<,. .-.. ..���������..,  !__5.1  *&..  j w  i <  f I.  _    V  Or  3.1. ,  ^   <,  "v '.  ^    'v  -  /  Always  alive to the possibilities  of British Columbia as an attractive  tourist resort, the Canadian Pacific  '  Railway  Co.   have    issued  a   new'  '��� pamphlet  descriptive  ot   the   Pro-  /- vince.      Here is '/what it says of the  Boundary^ district : -    "Lake Chris-  tina  now comes  into <>view.    This  lake is 15 miles/long;1 and its shoVes  are. dotted,with ,fhe'summer homes"  of people  living in'the surrounding  towns.   'Lake  Christina is a gem,  and'.the'bird's'-eye view of it is a  feature, of the trip.      , , ,.     , - r    . .  TheeKettle\ river now comes into  view, and after"the town of Cascade  /iss passed the lovely Keftle falls," a  [rush of boiling-foam "through a,deep  J fcocky, gorge  brings forth exciama-  tions of delight.      These are on the  . Tight hand, .while a' fine dam~ and1  SIR WILFRID���Confound it, that Reciprocity, gras, did tarnish my tongue for the Coronation;  4,V\J      -'  \ trip,   and the. :attention;'is ^rivetted^  >,  ~y ' > . ���<  i".  >' < fevery moment.  }v   )>>lf~ but' one  dayV v7trip^is under^  '"    'takenv..Grand ForkW-Vis - the turning  , point..   But to go means still  ' i__^_J_J______W-*>    '   ?  ��.v.��VT^��   i-/-   ^'��*        <  climb-  f  *��f*  ingf-towards the clouds many miles1,  then   a long  slide into Greenwood;'  The country iss surpassingly beauti-'  ful, and /the mountains will never be  ,j. ��> ^_ ,��� x, *. . < / / "  forgotten.     .V; y   r:  !.   ** '--;���-.  An>v excellent  plan   is  to- change"  cars  at Eholt .junction, and  go   to-  Phoenix, one ,of the- most  famous  .mining towns in   this   district.    At  phoenix   carriages   may be secured  and the drive down the mountain to  ~"  r. * * ���*    .       . ' *>  Greenwood'will give you  conversa-  -.,'''      ' s        . < ^  tion material for a  month to   come.  Tijis isr conceded by many to Be one  of the finest drives in the world.     It  is a journey through the clouds."  QUEEN'S HOTEL  ' '     R.  V. CHISHOLM, Prop.  DANNY DEANE,-Manager.  -* d��^_  ������'"s  ���V> ^-ir\t tis-^i^rVC- '  U i  I  C^MAPIAN  Eastern Excursions  < �����  Reduced rate tickets on sale at  C~ P: .R. Ticl^et'office June 5,  7, 9,'itS,- 1J2,' ft, 25C21,'_,-'28,  29, 30. Other. dates " in July,  August and 'September., Good  to return uritiLOctdber 31.        ���  1  Winnipeg  jToHtfitto  Montreal  j  s_   >.y ~  Ins; -     '      /  Tt  .  !'�� ). '  ^iV' '' '      '  ��^r ( J J*  .    * ���<   L  ..V   6��w   K1  .   $     SOaOO  r. . ���* ��� *  .     105.o��  120.OO  12T.50  $   60bOO|  72. 5��  ��� t��a05��j  i la     .   f08.5o  110.00!  Rates to other parts on application.   Stop overs allowed with-l  in limits.    Good  via  the  Great!  Lakes in one or both directions,  j Early sleeper reservations means]  best; choice.     For   further  particulars write or apply to  J. E. CARTER  I Dep'ci^Aket Agt.  Phoenix. W.J.WELLS  Dist. Pass. Agt.  Nelson  * t _.���. ��� ��?  * "-   Another False Prophet.'  The W.C.T.U. which   held  their  annual  convention  at Victoria,   re-  cently, exhibited a shocking lack of  good  sense . when  they  invited .to  address  them, a political   religious  fanatic, the Rev. Dr.   Matthews, of  Seattle.      Instead   of confining  his  remarks to the worthy  objects  the  W.C./T. U. has   in view, he brazenly  launched out on  the troubled sea of  controversial politics, and showed a  lamentable    disregard   for   all   the  laws  of decent  ethics "that  should  ^fuide the visitor when   in the territory  of another.    ."I believe," said  this miserable exponent of peace on  earth, etc., "that the time is not far  distant    when    the   imaginary   line  separating us from Canada will be a  thing  of the  past.     We' will soon  have one flag."   He was interrupted  by   a   voice.   "Then   it will  be   the  British flag."      *'I am sure you will  help   me  raise the American flag,"  replied the American  visitor.      For  good all round impudent immodesty  this would be  difficult to beat, and  we heartily join with our  coast contemporaries    in   deprecating    such  attempts   to stir   up  ill feeling  and  strife.     It might be  a  blessing to  the cult he  represents if this hymn-  singing  disciple of spread eagleism  forsook the pulpit, and substituted  the political soap box.  < ?  This is the Largest and Newest Hotel in the city,  heated by steam, and well furnished thoughout  for the accommodation of the public. ' Everything  Neat, Clean and Up-to-Date. * Meals served at  all hours.    * ' .  Bar" Stocked with Choicest .Liquors and Cigars  CENTRALLY  LOCATED ON  CORNER  BRIDGE   AND   KNOB   HILL   AVENUE  .'i  Steam Heated, Electric  Lighting.  Telephone 48 and 26  ORIGINAL,   '  JEFFERSON  SHOE  We have just received a shipment of the  high-grade "Original Jefferson Shoe,"  which cannot be excelled for workmanship and durability. Call early as these  shoes are selling rapidly.  Also a full line of  CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS  . In fact, Everything a Man Wears.  ier  ix Cartage Co  If you require any Heavy Teaming- or Hauling- done,  let us do it for you. That is our' business, and we  have the equipment to execute all orders satisfactory.  "We also have a supply of first-class Cord wood, short  or long", and can deliver it on short notice. 'Phone  your order to  PHONE   1  B  :m  YjW:;  >


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