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The Phoenix Pioneer Jun 16, 1900

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Array ���v.*  j over..:.1 j  |      400 MEN      j  j   Are    working in   thcj  : mines around Phoenix,    j  Vou I.  7" //  ! The Pa\ roll ot :  j      PHOENIX      j  ' i    Is larger than that of :  ��� any   other   Boundary  j  ��� Camp. ;  Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining District.  PHOENIX,..BRITISH COLUMBIA, SATURDAY/JUNE 16, 1900.  No. 31.  THE   BIG   STORE  ������������*������*���������**������*  �����<���������������������������������������������������+���������*������������������������������������>��>������*��  ���������������������-���**���*���������������;  ***���*�����***�����**��*��*�����*���+*  [Largest and Best Selected  Stock in the City.  The latest thing in Shirt Waists.  <%  Just in, a large line of Summer Dress Muslins, Etc. %  �����>��  MR. CURTIS ELECTED  Beats Hon. C. H. Mackintosh  ���%��� 36 Votes.  JOE MARTf WAS  TURNED  DOWN  Premier Hat Cjnly Eight Supporters Through*  .. out The 'Province-Rumors That a New  Lieutenant-Governor Will Soon Be Appointed^  A special cut this month in the price of  GROCERIES to FAMILIES.  Full and complete lines of  and MINING SUPPLIES.  h��  Prompt Delivery.  Unequalled Pieces.  7*  IHOIMBIWCO:. liofl.-  p * "*, �� �� * **    r  OW Ironsides Ave., Phoenix, B. C./?:  , -Election $ay; passed 7off quietly in.  'l>Iiocnix"anVl throughout the riding, as  well as throughout the province. The  "polling JictcVwas done at the Miners'  Union hall, Win. Delahay being the  deputy returniijg officer.- ��������� The -.scroti-'  necrirfor Mr. Mackintosh were W. H.  Cochrane, A. G. Simpson, Wm. McDonald and John l'ierce. Those for  Mr. Curtis were N. Demers, C. H.  -Towns and-l).i). Munro.  The totalnumber of names  on  the  the list credited to the town of Phoenix   was* '164,   but   there   were 167'  polled,   of   which   three were spoiled  ballots., ;The  polls  were  opened  at  eight o'clock and closed at five,  and  in half an'lipur the result was  known,  it'ibein'g 7 3-for Mackintosh and 93 for  ,Gurt(sv thejlatter.vhaving a niajority bf-  20  votes. A Partisans   on  either  side  had counted on Mr.  Curtis receiving  a larger majority than this.- ���  '; Before the returns, for Phoenix were  known, those from Cascade, Gladstone,  and:Ehplt came in, followed by reports  'from Columbia, Midway   and   Trail.  As polls   at::'Rossland,   Grand   Forks,  'Columbia,  and  Greenwood  did   not  fclose till 7.30, the returns from, those  incor|)orated towns did not arrive  till  early in the evening. ���; '  ���. ;'..*f  % Rossland, ���'withaits   ' 1163Y? votes,'  turned the scale, as up to the time. its  ���majority   was known the result was in  doubt.    When it gave 69   for  Curtis,  ���the,suppor,ters of. the; minister^of mines  'throughout .the' riding were jubilant.  : In   Phoenix,  as  soon   as the  polls  were-closed the wires of the two  telephone companies  were -.-kept .hot   by  those anxious to secure'_ the, result from  other towns as.^spon as possible.    The  Curtis men in Phoenix  celebrated  by  building huge bonfires in the evening.  Result ia Rossland Riding.  ," Polling Station      Mackintosh   Curtis  Total  Cascade���,:;..-..  16  28  44  '89  48  128  Ehoit-..���.���;���'.-.'���;���;���;  " -?s '  5��  75  Gladstone. :.'.-.  12  27  39  Grand'i-'orks....  .-   - ^-^ -  ^148  '271  Greenwood r-Vv'.  ���; - 2"r-7  226  443  57  23  80  73  93  166  Rossland. .'. ...  '"     547;  616  1163  Trail .,.....,.  ��37.  64  201  &  Popularity is the Best Test of Quality.  Ask your neighbors what they  think of  our groceries.    We have no stale stock to  .,'-.:, '>. . v'-sluff off."   Just fresh sejaisouableigoods.  Of Course You Hear Lots  o  BIG   TALK  about prices.���Perhaps You get a Price List-  promising exceptional values.  Stick ai>iiiDHer���"  We guarantee equal.value for the money and 16 ounces^  for ever}' pound of goods ordered.. - ;   ^  A trial ord^r will cpnvince jou\  that these are not idle words. ^  Agent for  S  -AND���  Totals.  1323  2610  .'.36  .1287^  Curtis majority... r  In Other Parts.  The people generally were quite as  much interested in the result in other  parts of the province as in this riding,  as it meant either the -continuance.-.,, of  Mr. Martin's government in office, or  in nn entirely new regime, l-'rom the  returns it appears that Mr. Martin is  largely ..jatheimnority, but.at the same  time-no other }leader! has a straight  majority ofthe members on his, side.  Y-'rt."Turner has'been spoken of during the week as likely to be called on  to form a government, as he ;has the  largest following/"/" jjut the', politicians  think that the lieutenant-governor will  fust be dismissed or will resign, to be  succeeded by Hewitt Boslock, M.'*P.  All kinds of rumors have been in  the air for several days, and as it has  been the unexpected that has happened for the last two years, in the  government of the province, no one  can tell which way the political wheel  will turn next-���even before these lines  are read.  The following is a complete summary ...of the election throughout, the  province, with the majority, secured  by each candidate. Cassiar only is  left out, the returns not having yet  been received.  j MAJORITIES THROUGHOUT THE PROVINCE.  j Details of the Voting ol Last Saturday From  Different Hidings.  'cariboo.      ���  Kogera, Con ;      2B9  Hunter. Con      j86  Jones, r. I* .,,..,.,      201  Kiuchnnt, 1'. I' .'.;���; ...1     177  Majority for Rogers ..'���   88  Majority for Hunter. ...:......'.      85  ' ���      ���������'���: COWICHANJ ���'��� ;''���������'���������'���"���' ������"  Dickie, Turnerite .;.      198  Kbrd, Gov. ;...      106  Majority for Dickie       92  DELTA.' .  Oliver, Oov '...'. ;........   llerry, Con.... ',.^...���..   l'oster, V. P. ..���:.;...:,...���....;.....  Majority for Oliver   ''���'."    DKWDNKV.'  Mcllride, Con. ......;.,.......   Wlietliaiu. Oov. .,!,...   Majority for Mcllride "i.'...ii'.'.'...i...'....;..  KASTKOOTKNAY'tSOUTHi.  Smith, Oov.- .V. ....���........^......1................  l''er!iie, Ind   Costlgan, Con..:.......,...............   Majority lor Smith   HAST   KOOTKNAY NORTH.  \VeU��, Incl:(,'...;.. >......;...,...!>.:....!...."'.  Armstrong, Con. ......i   Ilnrnett, Oov   Majority for Wells   liSQUIMAI/r.  iinywood, Con. :,'.   I'ooley, 1". 1'   HiggiiiK, Ind.'.   Kroner, Oov.   lliznntou,   Majority for llayward ���.....'!'.....   - Majority for I'ooley .'.   I.II.I.OOETAVKST.  A. \V. Smith, I'. 1'   Skinner, Con ..<���.^��   I.acliore, Oov   .   Majority for Smith   '":���:'; ���::' '���/ -.:'; )������ '��� 'tII.LdOUt:;KA'8T.  I'rentice. Ind. .........;   Orahnin, Gov.:.. ....;,   ���;;.. Majority for. Prentice'.'.>.����.'.. '.   NAXAIMO. CITY.  R. Smith, Labor*.��..��.:....'".   Yates, Gov :   ,' Majority for Smith .."..(.   NK\V WKSTMISSTKR.  I Ilrown; Gov. l;-..i'.:...;'..;...i...: \.  Reid.Coii ......'...;..........'........   Majority for Ilrown ..,...,. ,  NORTH XA'XAIMO.  Mclnnes, Gov. ,.   IlrydeiiyP, P,..;..,.. '....-..'j...'...,   Dixon ,;i,at)or.��.'..'..-. ;,.,..;';....:... ,  Majority, fur Mcluncs   \ ���;������*"''���'���"'-       NORTH VICTORIA.  nooth.r.r   White.Gov .I.'...:.:..:.'.:...:..-; ......  koliertson, Iiid.;........ vr"v.-f ��-..  Majority foV Boptli.'..'..;.'.."..;:............'..  SOUTH VICTORIA.  Kberts, Turnerite .'....i   Sangster, Gov , ;'.....   ,",   Majority for Eberts ....:>.'..,.'.V. _...-...  ';'���'?'������     .    yicroRiA city.  ItehucVeii, Turnerite. ...... :..;i:   Hail, Turnerite ,   Turner, Turnerite .".   McPhilllps, Turnerite.   Martin, Gov. ;   Mr'owii, Gov. ..���.. ....;'���....  Yates, Gov ������   Ucckwith, Gov.'..'........"."... ..........  Kour Turiierites elected.  Majority for McThiliips   ���      VANCOUVKR CITY.  Garden. Con ;1....'...:..,_ ...._   Martin,'Gov. ....1........  Tatlow, Con   Gilmour, Gov '.   l.'irst four elected.  Wilson, Con.   Mcpherson, Gov   McQueen, Gov.    Wood, Con   Dixon, I.alior.   .'.   Cotton, P. P.   Williams, Labor   MncClaiu, Labor ':.   -Majority for Gilmour   WHST KOOTKNAY, ROSSLAND  Curtis, Gov   Mackintosh, Con. ���   Majority for Curtis   ... WKST KOOTKNAY,  NKLSON.  Houston, P. P ,   l'letclier.'Cbn: :-   ���  Hall, Gov. ........i���......... .....:,.,...,...  Majority for Houstoii. ..��..'.......'..*..'..  AV'KST  KOOTKNAY, SLOGAN.  Green. Ind. ::.;-....v...-.;....-.- ;..^ : ���.  Keen,Con   Kane, Gov.   Majority for Green ....  ' ' WEST KOOTKNAY,  RK\rKLSTOKK.  Taylor, Con   McRae, Lib   Majority for Taylor   KAST YALK, Incomplete.  KUisoti, Turnerite   Snodgra'ss, Gov   Raymer, Ind         27  Majority for HHi-sou .-:.....         76  NORTHKRN   YALK.  Vultoli, Ind  506  Deane, P. P  3S7  Palmer, Gov  104  Majority for Fulton   no  WKST YAI.K.  Murpby, Intl :  351  llci.be, (iov. ...:............ .- '.  152  Majority for Murphy :  199  306  ��� 226  j6o  So  34o  285  ' .55  423  380  i**9  43  74'  118  77  H.1  272  235  103  74  49  169  132  135  83  7  52  165  43  122  753  86  667  629  54'  88  238  195  73  43  1.23  1'7  41  6  E. T. BANK OPENED  Phoenix Now Has a Chartered  Institation.  BEGAN BUSINESS  HEBE YESTERDAY  Another Evidence Of Confidence In The Pay  Roll City-Eastern Townships Is Fourth  Oldest In The Dominion.  ; 259  208  "''-.- 5'  2.010.  1,927  1.S63  1,729  1,644  i.5>o  1,504  1,418  1.799  1.737  1,603  1,462  1.456  1,433  1,392  1,349  S56  S09  726  684  6  1,3=3  1,287  36  772   5"  -303  . 261  644  378  166  266  5��4  355  149  13S  62  Louis Ernst, of the California Wine  Co., Nelson, was in town yesterday.  I   C4  Real "Estate and Mines.  Agent for the Phoenix Assurance Co., of London, England;  ;-���'���       The Western Assurance Co., of Toronto;  . . . . The British America   Assurance  Co.,  of Toronto;  The Mutual Life Insurance Co., of New York;  '������'���-.  The Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation, of London.  ,:       ������;. ���   - ].loyd'�� Plate Glass Insurance Co. of .New York.  Selling Agent for the OLD IRONSIDES TOWNSITE.  'w  Residence Lots on 4th of July mineral claim now  on sale:   Price $250--easy terms.  Avenue and First Street.  Columbia Telephone, No. 3.  Phosnix, B. C.  .... Yesterday morning at ten o'clock a  branch was opened in Phoenix.of one  of the oldest financial institutions in the  Dominion of Canada���the Eastern  Townships Hank. The day before the  manager, William Spier, wife and child,  and his assistant, A. S. McCaw, arrived and registered ��� at the Victoria.  Mr. Spier comes from ' the branch at  Omistown, Quebec, of which he was | part  in charge, while Mr. McCaw has been  for some months in the Grand Forks  branch. ''  Only three banking institutions in  Canada antedate the Eastern Townships in securing charters, these being  the Montreal, Quebec and Bank of  B. N. A. The Eastern Townships is  therefore among the oldest, having  been established in 1859. Up to a  short time ago this' bank confined its  operations to that portion of the province of Quebec, known as the. Eastern  Townships,������ whence comes the name.  Altogether it now has 14 branches, 'as  follows: Head office Sherbrooke,  Waterloo, Stimstead, Cowanville, Coat-  icook, Richmond, Granby, Bedford,  Magog, St. Hyacinthe, and Huntingdon, all in Quebec, and at'Grand  Forks and Phoenix, B. C.  The Bank has a capital of $1,500,-  o'oo, which will*shortly be increased  to $2,000,000, has a reserve fund of  $900,000, and its total assets amount  to nearly $9,060,000. For forty years  it has enjoyed the confiaehce of business.men wherever it has done. busi-  .ness. At the annual'shareholders'  meeting held at ;Sherbrooke June 6,  1900, the following general statement  of assets and liabilities, up to May.'15,  was made:  ....  ���.'.,. IJABIUTIKS.  Capital-paid lip............". .....'........'$1,500,000 00  Reser\-e Kund... -.'.. ..'.. .'.: ^: 900,000 00  Halatice profits carried forward^.'-.  ��� 26,406 14  Oivideud No. 81 of 3j�� per cent,: paj*-  able 3rd July next... ;' 52,50000  lloiius to shareholders of 1 per cent... 15,000 00  Dividends unclaimed..  4,333 32  i ;.!;'m:v. ,:..'���.'���:'..:      .  ��4  Xotes of the batik in circulation   Deposits payable on demand   Deposits payable after notice.; ;....  Due banks in the United Kiugdoui...  Due banks in the foreign countries...        15,016 55  $2,498,239 46  i,i47,7��7 00  .859,227 50  4,322,223 93  57,59i;=4  > , $3,9^0,005 6S  t, .- '   ASSKTS.  Specie..  $  113,134 59  Dominion notes        167,0-34 oq  Kills and cheques on other banks         36.646 95  Due from other banks in Canada......      643,225 07  Due from other banks not in Cana"da v 134,136 57  Dominion Government debentures... 13,000 oj  Provincial   governmeiitVdebentures   ���  and other public securities;       319,923 oo  Call loans on bonds and stocks         26,75s 10  Total nsscts immediately available... $i,393,S2S 2.S  Dei>osits with Dominion Government for security of bank note  .circulation.....         S4.4S4 45  Current loans, discountsanclad\-auces  to the public    7,134,04554  Real estate,   other than  bank   premises         40,301 23  Debts secured by   mortgages         48,663 63  Loans overdue, all loss proviled for...       23.949 70  Other assets and  items in  transitu  between offices of the bank   Hank premises and bank furniture..  OLD MAIDS IN THEIR QLORV.  Concert and Fared at Miners' Union Hall a  -.Success;' .  Thursday evening nearly everybody  in Phoenix, with their sisters and their  cousins and their aunts, wereat Miners'  Union hall to witness and hear .the  concert'and farce, given by the Ladies  Aid.Societyof the Presbyterian church.  The hall was crowded, and for nearly  two.hours and a half they were entertained. The program, as published  in full in last week'ii Pioneer, \\\\as  carried outj to the amusement and  edification o( the audience. The "first  part of the program consisted of a concert and recitations, in. which Geo; S.  McKenzie, Mrs. J; E.Mills, 'Miss  Ashley, Miss Aldrich,; J. F. ^Hemen-  way, Tj L. Buckton, A. P. MeKehzie  and A. G. Simpson took part. Miss  Aldrich, Mr. McKenzie and Mr, Simp-j  son had special costumes for their  parts, and received great applause,  Part II consisted of the farce! entitled, "The Old Maids' Convention,"  in which 18 ladies and one man took  The convention was in reality a  matrimonial club, and each member  was anxious to.find a partner for life.  Prof. Pinkerton madesome wonderful  metamorphoses, on his electrical transformer, of the curiously gotten up old  maids, to make them' more marringe-  able. It was a comical affair and was  well carried out, but should have been  made shorter. .The accompanists were  Mrs. Crowell and Miss Aldrich; .  The ladies deserve Rmch credit for  the successful outcome of the first  efforts in this line," for which tliey were  working hard for. several weeks. Those  taking part in the convention were:  Mesdames Mills, Lee, Crane, Delahay,  Macy, Cox, Cramer, Crowell, McLaren  and Walters, and the Misses Ashley,  Punch, Tatham, Sexton, Barger, Wal-  ers, Crawford and; Aldrich, with Geo.  S.McKenzieas Prof. Pinkerton. "God  Save the Queen" was the concluding  number on the- program.' The net  proceeds will be given to the building  fund of the church. About $40 net  will be realized. ."������������."    ���   '  BIG GUNS WERE HERE  C. P. R. Officials Visit Boun-  dary Mines.   ,  INTERESTED IN RAILWAY AND SHELTER  Cblel Engineer of Construction Tye and Smelter Manager Aldridge Take a Look At  Some 01 Our Great Mines.  He is .No Longer Premier of  .  Britisn Columbia  Handed His Resignation; to Lie tt.-Gov. Mc-  lnnes, and Recommended James Cuns-  muir as Premier'  Just as the Pioneer is going to press  it leains that Hon. Joseph Martin has  handed in his resignation as premier  of the province to Lieutenant-Governor Mclnnes, which was accepted. In  doing this.,Mr.'Martin recommended  as his successor J as. Dunsmuir.M.P.P.,  for South Nanaimo. Mr. Dunsmuir  was sworn in and has accepted the  task of forming a ministry.  53,44s 56  151,244 92  $S,goo,oo5 &s  . Theboard. of directors of the bank  is as follows: R.'!W. Heneker,-- President, Hon. M'. H. Cochrane, Vice-  Pres., Israel Wcod.-J. :S: Mitchell;'- G.  Stevens, ]. N. Galer, N-.;\W. -.TJibmas,  C...H: Katham, II. 13. Brown, Q. C.  The general manager is Wm. l-'arwell.  Mr. Spier, the manager of the new  Phoenix branch, has been connected  with the'bank for 18 years, and is an  affable gentleman of pleasing address.  'The'.bank will conduct a general  banking business, having widespread  connections, and has a savings branch  department, where interest is allowed.  The head men in the bank are also  interested in many of the best mines  in Phoenix camp, including the Old  Ironsides, Knob Hill, Victoria, Grey  Eagle, War Kaglc, Hartford, etc., and  have the utmost confidence'in this  becoming one of the gieatest���if not  the greatest���mining camp in British  Columbia.  The bank infthoenix is located on  First street, near Old Ironsides avenue,  in a building erected  specially  for  it.  Study of Rossland Rldin; Returns.  A study of the election returns from  Rossland riding, reveals some interesting data. Of the ten polling stations,  but three gave Mackintosh a majority,  Midway, ! Columbia and Trail. Although about 4,000 voters were registered, the total number of ballots  counted was 2,610. Rossland was  expected to contribute about half of  these, but actually had only 1163.  Grand Forks, notwithstanding its ante-  election claims, was tar behind Greenwood, the former having 271 votes,  the latter 443. There were live towns  in the riding that had a smaller vote  than Phoenix, which had i6fi���not  so bad for a place not a year old.  Slow Mall Servici.  Since the Boundary trains began  coming into Greenwood at 10:30 p.m.  last Monday, we have been receiving  all mail matter nearly a day later than  heretofore. That is, instead of being  an improvement in the mail service, it  is decidedly worse than it was. The  Rossland and Nelson mail does not  reach Phoenix till the second day,  and the Spokane mail' till the third  day. Our business men do not appreciate this deterioration of the services  and are hoping that the C. P. R. will  shortly give us train service direct to  Phoenix.  War Eagle Has SOD Feet.  TCarly this week a Pioneer man  visited the War Eagle, and was shown  through the workings of the property  by the resident manager, Clifford G.  Buck. Drilling has been in progress  for some rime from the main shalt at  the 100-foot level. The east drift is  now in 125 feet and the west drilt 1S0  feet, with 50 leet in other small drifts.  This work, with that done on the  surface aggregates over 500 feet of  development done thus far on the  property. At present the compressoi  ���being half of a 10-diill Rand machine���is operating two drills, and ihe  average daily progress is nine feet.  Additional  Snowshoe Plant.  The British Columbia (Rossland and  Sloran) Syndicate, Ltd., owning the  Snowshoe, of which A. J. McMillan isi  the managing director, have let a con-|  tract to the jenckes Machine Co., of  Sherbrooke, Que., for additional machinery. It consists of a 70 li. p.  boiler, a % Little Giant drill, a duplex  No. 3-2-3-pump, 1500 feet of pipe,  new air receiver, etc. The order was  given this week to R. P. Williams, the  resident agent of the company at Greenwood .  The tunnel, on the Snowslv-.e running under the railway trac's ������: now  in 240 feet, and is still in o, j'oie-  inan Trevorrow intends to work itwitft  j air as soon  i arrives.  Every drice in a"while a ' party ;of  C.'P. R. officials make a tour 'of inspection to the Boundary;; The great  Canadian corporation requires so many  officials to care for its diverse interests  that a goodly number could; come in  every week for a year , or twoi each  being of a different personnel. They  all seem to like to visit the Boundary,  however, and they cannot be blamed  for that, for, whether major or minor  in point of importance, they wish to ,  take a squint at the rich country  oi>ened up by the new Boundary railway.       -  This week a party came into the  Boundary and took a little longer time  than usual to visit a,number of camps  .and inspect .the' mines. . It,, consisted  of both railway and smelter officials,,  the latter Irdm Trail, where the big  reduction works are located; The  party included Chief Engineer of Construction ..Ay";MY Tye, ,of Winnipeg;  John G. Sullivan, Trail, engineer of  construction for the Kobtenays; W. H;  .Aldridge, manager of the Trail smelter;  I). AAV".Moprej-Trail, ore buyer for the  smelter; Captain J; AV. Troup, Nelson,  superintendentof Kobtenay rail and  steamer lines; F. W. Peters, Nelson,  assistant general freight agent.  Monday afternoon the 'party;'left  Rossland on the regular passenger, and  stopped oyer night.'in Grand Forks,  an<T visited the Grar.by smelter, which  will be receiving ore in. a few days.  Tuesday morning they came iip to the  B.C. mine in Summit ''camp. In the  afternoon, the car was brought up the  Phoenix spur to the station in'Phoeni.x.  The \A*inni|)eg, Golden Crown, Snow-  shoe, Old Ironsides and 'Knob Hill  properties were visited, and the gentlemen drove down-��� to:'Greenwood > that  night, and later took in the 'Mother  Lode and other properties tributary to  that town.  as   the   new  machinery 1  Smelter Officials in Phoenix.  AArm. H. Aldridge, general manager  of the Trail smelter, and David AV.  Moore, ore buyer'lor the same concern,  who came into the Boundary with the  C. P. R. officials last Tuesday, were  visiting the shipping mines of this section. Thursday the two gentlemen  drove back to Phoenix, for the purpose  of inspecting and securing samples from  the Brooklyn, Stemwiuder, etc.,. and  also drove out as far as the Golden  Crown. AA'h'en asked by a Pioneer  representative if bis smelter was receiving much ore from the Boundary, Mr.  Aldridge said:  "Yes; we are beginning to get regular  shipments from this section now.  On an average we are receiving about  six cars daily from Boundary mines,  and we expect this to gradually increase. We shall have no trouble in  furnishing all the ore cars that may be  needed. We are looking over the  mines of the district for the purpose of  familiarizing ourselves with the  character of the ores in the different  properties, from which we expect to  receive large shipments in the near  luture."  Threatening Brush Fires.  Last AA'ednesday fire was started on  the west end of the Old Ironsides  townsite, and spread so rapidly in the  underbrush that a force of men was  called out from the mine to stop its  progress. The house of A. S. Will-  iansou and the Eastern Townships  Bank building had a narrow escape,  and were only saved by prompt action.  Thursday it was started again, and  once more Foreman Dermody with 25  or 30 men Ironi the Old Ironsides  came to the rescue. No damage was  done with the exception ol a small  shanty owned by L. C. Ciawlord. A  line of hose was run from J. F. Hem-  enway's residence and was of grea;  assistance in preventing the spread of  the flames. Wild reports of the fue  got down to Greenwood, where it was.I  throiight the town was burning down.  As a matter of fact, no material  damage was done, although it appeared  serious at times.  Shipping Two Cars Daily.  Manager S. F. Parrish, of tiie B. C.  mine, was in town Thursday, in company with the Trail smelter officials.  Mr. Parrish says that he is now sending out about two cars of ore daily to  the Trail smelter. This month there  are between 60 and 70 men on the  payroll, with an average of about 50  right along���alT'that can be worked  to advantage at present. The half of  a 20-drill Ingersoll-Scrgeaiit air com-  'pressor, recently installed at the mine,  ; is doing satis.actory work, and tho  new cage from Montreal is expected  every day.  pis  ���;-.$jJ'a   '  ������m  '. ��� i'Sv!$l  ��� ' "fiiWlS?  ������.'-���&  '���''���'Mwr  ���������MM��  ,r e.''Sss  , :./:f|||  ������ ��� ^-J;>'ir53  ���"-.mM  w  ^  ���Vl-  ''I  ^jmsmffl  mm immmmmmm��mmmg.��^i  ji H  [ft    '  ft:��  -&  i  f  F  I mm  V  ml 'i  4m  p<�� -  ft rC,  p   ,  Jl *?*-'     <  Pi  li l. K' i  1^  fitt?  -  i- ."��� -<?r  14-iPf '  . VIS* t  "ill  fell  "'Mi  �� ���  If  m*  THE PHOENIX1 PIONEER.  The Phoenix Pioneer.  ISSVKU ON SAVCI1PA V BV TI1K  ���riOXEEItrUBLISHING CO.  AT I'llOKNIJC. II. C.  Tlir place where the mines arc.  W. B. WILLCOX, Manager.  Columbia and ilounUary Creel:  Telephones.  KllltSCXIITIOXf).  il-er Year   Six Months ....,,.   To Foreign Countries   ....Jj.oo  .... 1.J5  .... a..v  Aili-ertUiiig rates furnished on application,  l.t-gal notices loand 5 cents per line.  Four weekly insertions constitute one month's  Advertising.  AA'hile Joe Martin, as well as his  jjolitical opponents, have had the  Chinese question as a burning issue  in the late campaign, the Chinese  themselves have been taking a hand  at stirring up things in their own Celestial home. Several missionaries have  been murdered, foieign war ships are  on hand, and some think the next important war will be between Japan and  Russia over the Chinese question.  1900  JUNE  Sun  Mon  Tues  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat  I  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  *5  16J  37  24  iS  25  *9  26  20  27  21  28  22  29  Although the Pioneer  has  received  many commendations for its unbiassed  and straightforward course during the  -^=^. | recent election contest, as well   as  for  1900 lts ,a,r reports of meetings held   here,  this paper takes no special credit  to  itself on that account.  No self-resiiect-  ing'. journal   would   take   any  other  course.     Possibly the  policy   of the  Pioneer   stands  out  in   bolder  relief  because of the apparent  bought-at-a-  price  policy pursued by some  other  prominent papers in the riding.  23  30  WHAT WILL THE HARVEST BE?  AFTER THE BATTLE.  A Card. 11  Notwithstanding "the report circulated here election day that all employees  of the Old Ironsides mine who did not  vote for Mackintosh would, be discharged, it is utterly false and without  foundation. AA'e, the undersigned,  have been in the employ of the company  for a'considerable time and have nothing but good to speak for the company.  Election day the foreman told all the  workmen to quit two hours earlier and  they would get pay for full time; nothing was said to intimidate any man or  his vote, directly or indirectly.  A. ].. Smith,  Edward Cole.  Phoenix, B.C., June u, 1900.  Last Words of Oom Paul.  A local poet claims to be the author  of the'following lines:���        :  I nin the old man from Pretoria  Who thought to defy Queen Victoria,  But Jlobs, Tommy and Jncic ,  Got ou my track  And from today it will he In Memoria.  So good-hye, your loving  . ,       ��� OOM.  ���Aslicroft Journal.  scon & McLaren.  Contractors and Buildkks.  Estimates Furnished.  PHOENIX  B.C.  H. S. CAYLEY. W.ll. COCHRANE  CAYLEY & COCHRANE.  Solicitors," Etc. "   ;       -������  PHOENIX, B.C.  will  As predicted, the result of the  elections of last Saturday has not  been   a  victory for any one  party  or  clique.  This is much to he regretted for obvious  leasons, but it is nevertheless a condition that confronts us,  rather   than  a  theory.    The premier has a  few   supporters, but not nearly enough to   enable him to have a working  majority  when the house meets.    Undoubtedly,  lie will endeavor to so arrange matters  by July 5th that lie can count a  suffi-  tient number of noses to the light ol  the speaker to carry on business.    No  one can give Mr. Martin   pointers  in  politics, and  he will  die hard, if he  dies at all.  On the other hand, it is claimed by  his friends that James Herbert Turner,  who also has a number of supporters,  can secure enough more to form a government, should lie be called  upon,  ivlr. Turner has had a wide experience  already as  premier of the province,  and should he be successful in getting  into power, would give the electois of  the province  better satisfaction  than  they have had since he was dismissed  two years ago by the present lieutenant-governor.    It does not seem likely  ���'  that Mr. Mclnnes, alter  turning  Mr.  Turner   out   once,   will call on him  again,  though 'queerer   things   have  happened.  -The fact is,  that no party has a  majority.    Each party is figuring  on  holding out sufficient inducements to  the   independent,   labor   and   other  ��� members chosen,-who are not allied to  ���Turner ism orMartinism,  to hold  the |  'key to the  situation.   Just  how  far  Vlhey wilf be successlul in this,  still re-  , mains to be seen, hut they will  leave  no stoqe unturned to secure that greatly  to be desired and  most  needful  t ,       ,  majority. ' It is indeed unfortunate  that this condition prevails, lor we  have had enough of the unstable sort  of government of late to last for several  decades.  been  A  number of   candidates  minus their deposits.  The    "I-told-you-so's"   have  much in evidence this last week.  The candidates ran so evenly that  there was not much betting done in  this locality.  Charles AVilson and Francis L. Carter-Cotton, two of the |x>litical leaders,  were turned down hard.  There were 91 candidates in the  field tluoughout the province, for the  38 seats in the legislatuie.  Just 164 voters were registered from  Phoenix, and i'66 were polled, of which  three were spoiled ballots.  It is noticeable that every candidate  endorsed by labor unions in the late  election contest, was elected.  It'is freely admitted that Mr. Mackintosh ran well in Phoenix, and received more votes than either side anticipated.  John Houston almost iiad a walkover in Nelson riding, while Bob  Green, in the Slocan also had it all his  own way.   ���  Phoenix polled the third largest  number of voters of .any town in the  Boundary ��� only' (Greenwood and  Grand Forks having a greater number.  The defeated candidates are now-  busy explaining how it happened. One  explanation will do for all���the other  man got more votes.���Rossland Record.  Candidate Yates, a member of the  Martin cabinet,- received but 86 votes  in Nanaimo City, out of over 800.  His successful opponent was Ralph  Smith, the well known labor leader.  It is estimated that Mr.-Turner will  have 14 sup]>orters, Mr. "Martin 8,  Provincial party 7 .(including tKalph  Smith and Murphy), and straight conservatives 6. This does not count in  Cassiar, from which the returns were  late in arriving.  ALDHAH & BLUNT,  Mink Surveyors,  and Draughtsmen.  Phoenix, B. C.  D. J. MATHESON,  insurance agent,  fire, like, accident.  CnramlKsluiiur fur taking Afflilarltx.  Phoenix, B.  R. B. KERR,  Barrister and Solicitor,  notary "public.  PHOENIX, B. C,  VaUQHAN ���& flclNNEs  The  ��������  A. E. A5HCR0FT,  MINING AND CIVIL ENGINEER  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR.  BAUER 8: ASHCROET,  VANCOUVER, II. C.  GREENWOOD, B. C  Of the Camp.  We handle all-Kinds of Beef, Pork, Mutton and Veal.  Also Fish, Poultry and Ctysters in season.  ,   -i  Columbia Baths and Barber Shop*  Baths 50c, 3 for $t.00  Under Columbia Hotel,  Phoenix, B. C_��� R. L. MILES, Prop.  <��  TWO TUNES.  You've doulitlcsH heard of  the old Tory who anld he only  knew two tunes; one wan  " Hod Save The Queen,'* and  the other wnmi't. So It is  with advertising���there are  only two kinds. One is good  advertising and the other  isn't Let us do some of the  good kind for yon in  The Phoenix Pioneer.  Published at Phoenix���where  the mines are, you know.  DOMINION AVE., PHOENIX, B. C.  The Pioneer Hotel  5  Finest Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars always in Stock  ��� Comfortable and.well Furnished'Rooms.'  Your Trade Solicited.  Old Ironsides Ave.  Our Prices Are Kij>ht.  phoenix, b; (g  The Phoenix Livery Barn  ^ Feed Stables *��  HEDGES & CO., Proprietors.       '  j* Good Saddle,   Pack and  Driving Horses.    Heavy Draying. J  Charges Reasonable. ......  STANDARD AVE, PHOENIX, li. C.  I P. Burns % Co.  HEAD OFFICE FOR ilOUNDARY CREEK, GREENWOOD, fi\ C.  HEADQUARTERS, NELSON, II. C.  First-Class Dining Room and Attentive Waiters.  .      HARRY NASH, Prop.  SOAPS  to  Carpets and Linoleums dt  We have a fine line in all qualities and styles.  It will pay you to examine and get prices.  In Furniture���  We are constantly receiving the latest, from!  the finest to the cheapest.  CLARK & BINNS,  Furniture, Carpets and Undertaking,  OLD IRONSIDES AVE. - - PHOENIX, li.  C.  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������������������������������������)'i  PHOENIX   Si  'MARKET.   |j  it  ��� j  ��� 6  ��!  : Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants. J  J Markets at Nelson, Kaslo, Three Forks, Sandon, Slocan City,        *f  Silverton, New Denver, Ymir, Salnio, Rossland, 'l'rail, Cascade,  (Jrand Eorks, Greenwood, Midway, Niagara and Phoenix.  FISH, OYSTERS AND POULTRY IN SEASON.  All orders receive prompt attention.  �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ���*���  The Victoria Hotel  I!. C. HOTEL ro., Lti>., Props^  J. UERK.MAN, Manaof.r.  First Class in every respect. Electric Bells;  Electric Lighted. Finest Liquors and Cigars.  Large and Commodious Sample Rooms. ....  Old Ironsides Avenue,  PHOENIX, B. C  ANNUAL  MINERAL REPORT.  EDITORIAL COMMENTS  We've had our election in this province, and now they are going through  a similar exjierieiice just across the  boundary line.'    '  Output of the Province Shows ��� Considerable  Increase.  The minister of mines has just issued his annual report for the year ending  December 31, 1899. It is a complete  resume of the mining industry ot the  piovince lor the preceding year, arid  goes into detail in regard to the output and general condition of the important properties in the province. In  dollars and cents, the output was as  follows:  Year ,899 $��2,393.i3i  "    1898      10,906,861  PHOENIX LAUNDRY.      <*<*  X  LAWRENCE & WATSON, Props.  .Best of work guaranteed.     Specialty of White Shirts.  Basement Miller Blk., Dominion Av.  GOOD CALLED FOR  AND DCLIVCNCD.  Genuine CaStiJe Soap in  bars and cakes ; and all kinds  of Toilet SOOpS from the  cheapest to the best. J  T. B. BOYLE, j  Druggist nnrt Stationer.  Prescriptions a specinlty.  Mrs* Wm, Delahay  Fashionable Dressmaking  Phoenix Feed and  Produce Co.  A majority of the jxiliticians are  now out of a job, but the jicople in  general are much relieved that election  is over.  Greenwood is preparing for a big  celebration of Dominion day this year,  jind as the people of that town never  do things by halves, all previous records  will doubtless be broken.  Theliossland Miner unconsciously  pays the Pioneer quite a compliment  when it appropriates without credit  original matter from these columns.  JJut it is the style of compliment not  nppieciated in most newsjiaper offices.  While the war and election have  been occupying our attention^ the terrible famine in India has continued doing business at the old stand. In this  country we are not apt to appreciate  what a terrible scourge this is in the  Jar east.  All kinds oi rumors now pervade  *he |x>litica! atmosphere. Chiel among  these is one that Lieutenant-Governor  JVIcInncs will resign and that Hewitt  Uostock will be apjxiinted in his place.  Another is thit .I. C. Urown will be  xalled on to form a government  The Pioneer acknowledges receipt of  the annual report of the minister o.  jfnine*, which has just been compiled  Jby the  provincial  mineralogist,  Wm.  .Fleet Robertson.    It pays considerable' iny to  lor it.  Increase $ 1,486,270  Increase, percent..   . i$^  It must be remembered that during  several months of 1S99 several of the  large producers were closed down, and  this showing is therefore all the more  satisfactory. Bi^ for this Jailing oflT in  the siver-lead producers, it is believed  the increase would have been over 25 '  ])er cent. The total production for,'  all metals for all years up to date is  placed at $135,773,881, and the placer  gold production lor the same time has  been $61,305,719.  During 1899 the placer and lode  s.oId promotion amounted to $4,202,  473, being the the first time in the  history of British Columbia that it has  run over the four million mark. The  placer gold yield was $1,344,900,  which is better than it has been for  12 years. Of this amount about $8co,-1  000 is credited to Atlin. j  Lode gold   mining  contributed $2,-1  857>S73�� an increase over last year of  $<��59.356-  During 1S99 the mines of the province produced 7,722,591 pounds of  copper, an increase of six percent over  1898. The increase in the price of  this metal, however, made an increase  in value of nearly 55 per cent.  The total production for all years  up to and including 1S99 was as lol-  lows.  Residence, opposite Mandel  & Murphy's livery stable.  Domialon Ave. Phoenix, B. C.  N. B.  Are now receiving large shipments  of fresh vegetables and fruit, three  times a week, from Okanagan  ranches, and are prepared to supply the Hotels and Mines at" lowest market prices. -  !  Greenwood  Music Store  000  Pianos, Organs,   Sheet Music,  Instruments, Strings, etc. j*  000  Prof. Kaufmann will receive pupils  for Piano, Violin, Mandolin.   Best  References.    Moderate Rates.  000  Government and Greenwood Sts.  We do not linnrtle any goods grotrn or put up hy Chinese labor.  Greenwood, B. C.f|  flie �� Columbian VboW liquor Company  R. GREIGER, Manager.  AGENTS FOR pafc)st  Complete line orilnr Supplies.  .   . .GREENWOOD, B. C.  BELLEVUE HOTEL  Knob Hill Ave.    Phoenix, B. C.  This hotel is centrally located, -newly built and  newly furnished throughout. Everything is first  class.    Bar stocked with the finest.        :        :        :  EDWARD SIMPSON, Prop.  Phoenix Stage Line.  Makes Two Round Trips Daily Between Phoenix  and Greenwood.  Leaves Phoenix at 7.45 a. 111. and 1,30 p. m.    Phoenix Time.  Leaves  Greenwood at 9:00 a. 111. and   4:00 p.m.   Greenwood Time.  MANDEL & MURPHY, Props.  VOK A SQUARE  MlvAI. CO TO....  Gold, placer _   Gold, lode   bilver ���   Lead   Copper _   Coal and coke   Ituilding stone, bricks, etc..  Other mttals    $ 6i.3��5,7'9        9.359.479      11,340,6*9        4,928,069  ��� -     3.747.294      44,J59.Sn  1,700,000    3��.9<��  To1" - Ji35.;;3.8Sl  pttentipn to the Jkiundaiy <.ountry and  pait'ciilarly   debcrihes the  Knob Hill, firco'tlyn, Stgsnwindcrand  (jold l>ri>j> vawcih  Plain, Horse Sense.  The man who advertises is the man  who wants your trade,  and  anything  not worth asking for is not worth  giv-  an/one  who does not ask  >ou  Tne  columns  of your home  ulursveryoi! may live, will  ..Hotel  Fine Wines, Liquors, <!���  and Cigars-  C. W. Thompson & Co.  l'KOPKIICTQKS.  Meals at All Hours.  The Best the Market   Affords   Phoenix Bottling Works,  J. HARPER, Proprietor.  Bottlers of all kinds of Carbonated waters.  Sole agents for Halcyon water.  Boundary agents for Nelson Brewery.  All orders promptly attended to.     .  The Wm. Hamilton Manufacturing Company,  Limited.  kkkkg  Peterborough, Ont.,  ��v  Standard Avenue, near Uanner Street,  '"?#^^^&4'��'^tf.i-��^^  T       .,     j 11aws1j.11 e -,  Ironside-. ,  " 1 ^ w iv.s le 1  you   who considers  your  j'jttonaKe   worth   asking   lor.���Cran-  biouk HeialJ,  w This Hotel is Hard Finished {Bar Furnished with the Fiu-  Zl   .; Conveniently Arranged. est of Goods,  Avenue, $1 ���, _���������_'���_   : '       .���-  I        Phoekix, B. C.        I %,�������. ..Graham & Prendergast, Props.  .(.  1 XCTri'-'V'T-iV.  (Opposite Miners' Union Hall)  Corner Dominion Avenue and Banner   Street, Phoenix, B. C. Disinfectants  Chloride of Lime  X' Camphor Balls  X Carbolic Acid  ��� ,1 Copperas  ��� We can supply you  �� with everything in  this  ��� line.  I P. Helta \ (o.  Druggists.  Opposite McBean's.  #NICHT BELLfg  t+ Dominion Ave.     PHOENIX, B. C.  [''���  u  ,��������������������*�������������������������������**������*-���*������*������������������  U LOCAL AND OTHERWISE  ,, ���      . .  A. T. Kendrick, of the Hunter-Ken-  fdrick Co., I .td., was visiting his Phoenix  [branch early in the week.  McBean is now showing a fine line  ' of Stetson hats, in ��� all  colors, shapes  and sizes. : -  I*    R. G..R. ' Mackenzie,  representing  the New "Denver Ledge, was a visitor  in Phoenix last Saturday.  A. S. Griswold, general superintend'  cur of  the   Columbia Telephone &  Telegraph Co.,'was in  town Sunday.  The railroad postal clerks of British  Columbia arc quite pleased that their  salaries arc to be raised $10 nex month.  J. \V. Stewart has about completed  his contract for grading the 14 miles of  he IJalfour extension of the C. P. R.  Now that the water is going  down,  'orter Brothers will complete the work  n the smelter dain near Grand Forks.  For   Sai.k���One of   the  choicest  business lots on Ironsides avenue, sur-  (iiiiided by  business buildings,  at  a  nap to close  up  another ..tra'de; act  juicklj".-'    ���        I.. C. Crawford.  The Canadian Patriotic Fund  now  [amounts to   over $300,000. .This  is  the fund  that   Phoenix raised a contribution for.  The   Greenwood'.Dominion     clay  celebration  committee   are preparing  for the biggest  event   that  ever took  place in the Boundary.  C. H: Mullen   has  taken over  the  Palace hotel from Flood & McDonald.  jfjAlex McI)onaId Jcft this  week  for' a  ^ptrip.,tQ;J>riiice:ton^.i,v  '       ........... -.  ����||��i Work-Was partially suspended on the  S^lJjig-flume of the Cascade Water, Power  ^|TO^.ight Co., ...a short time ago, but it  Sg^M;now been resumed in full force,  W$Mm\ orders to push to an early com-  ifl&ion.. /������:���.:������:���  "^S"According to the  last, issue  of the  (Cascade Record,   the Yale-Columbia  ijiumber Co. has purchased the Cascade  awmill. owned by  John  Earle, and  Kill'move it to a jioint just  above the  rater power dam and establish a large  ilawmiil industry. .   ,   ,  I'he Calico ball given   by   Phoenix  ^.'Miners' Union last Monday   night at  ''��� ,the hall, was niost successful in  everyway, and was throughly enjoyed.    The  flipper,  served   . at   midnight at the  "Union hotel, was all that could  be de-  LAROEST IN CANADA.  Le Rol WIU Sooa Have Compressor For Hundred and Twenty Drills.  A dispatch from Rossland says:  liefore its second 40-drill compressor  has all arrived from Sherbrooke, the  Le Roi Mining Co. is calling for tenders for a third compressor of the same  capacity, which will be needed as soon  as the contract can be let and the  machine built and installed. ;  There are now in use one 40-drill  and one 12-drill compressor, and the  second 40-drill machine is now on the  ground and being installed. ' Two  car loads have not arrived, but as they  include the part which we needed last,  they will not delay the work of installation. When the new compressor is  in operation the capacity will be for  92-drills, but it is proi>osed to then lay  off the 12-drilI machine, except -in'  emergencies, on account of the high  cost of operating it compared with the  larger machines. ������This, will leave 80-  drills which will about operate the Le  Roi mine to its full capacity when the  new hoist is in operation, and at the  same time to carry on the development  of the Josie, No. 1 and Nickel Plate.  It will not be very long before all three  mines are sufficiently developed to  warrant their beginning to produce  ore; in fact, they could produce now  if they had the proper railroad connections. Additional power for drills will  then be needed in the stojies of the  three mines. Forty more drills will  not do any too much, if the Le Roi is  to be kept up to its producing capacity,  and a safe reserve of power is to be  provided. The II. G. A. mines will  then have compressors for 120 drills,  leaving out of consideration the 12-  drill machine, which will be held in  reserve.  The new machine will give the B. A.  C. the largest air compressing plant in  Canada, and there will be fewlargerin  the United States.  Mines are Made.  Rich ore at the bottom of a shaft  does not constitute a large producing  mine, says an exchange. Only three.  or four men can work at the bottom of  a shaft. A mine must have drifts and  stopes, cross-cuts and levels, furnishing  openings to permit the employment of  a large body of men. These excavations cost money. It costs money to  erect a plant. Mines are made, not  found.  Ai  I.I, persons, old anil young, should linre  tlielr teeth examined once every six mouths  by a competent dentist. Uecoy will he  present, nud tartar funning, which nothing hut a through examinntiaii will reveal.  Professional service rendered in time means  high-chum work, less pain and great economy.  A tooth filled- when decay is in sight will not be  sensitive, the operation not long, and the filling  lasting, liecause the operation has more and  better structure to work ou. He is euabled to  make the walls of the cavity thicker and stronger,  and with slight danger of exposing the nerve,  the dread and fear of all when having teeth filled.  Have your teeth attended to in time. l)o not  procrastinate, dive the dentist good tooth-  structure to work upon, and he will render you  excellent service. Many persons put off their  visits to the dentist when sensitive teeth have  given frequent warning. With mind excited,  Body in high nervous tension, and with excruciating pain and suffering written ou every feature,  they couie for relief. How can the dentist be expected to perforin the best operation when the  patient is in the worst possible condition to receive It ? If your friend is sick do not wait until  he is almost dead before you do something for him  or send forthedoctoi. The doctor tuny save him  by coming at the Inst moment, and should the  patient recover he is liable to have bad health  the remainder of his life on account of not having  received proper attention at the right time.  Likewise, a tooth that is neglected maybe filled  i and saved at the last moment, but will probably  I have bad health the rest of its life. One person  1 in a hundred has good teeth, ninety nine persons  In a hundred could have good teeth with proper  attention.  Established in 1S36.  Incoqiorated by Royal Charter.  PAID-UP CAPITAL,..'. .$4,866,666  RESERVE FUND...... .$1,460,000  LONDON OFFICF.:  3 Clement's Lane,Lornbard Street, E.C.  WHAT THE EDITORS THINK NOW.  'I'he people of British Colnmbia are  to be heartily congratulated ujxjn their  work on Saturday.���Greenwood Times.  The Martin government is defeated  as everybody expected, but Mr. Martin  himself is a survivor. 'I'he greatest  surprise of the election is the defeat of  Mr. Mackintosh in Rossland.���Nelson  Miner.  "I'he six constituencies in East and  West Kootenay polled 7400 votes, or  more votes than were polled on Vancouver Island, that has fourteen members; or more than'Were polled in Vancouver, New Westminister, and   West  DR. R. MATHISON,  DKNTIST  Naden-FIood Rlk.  Greenwood, B.C.  jdE HEDGES  City Scavenger.  ���.-.���. ,ri/,��� .      . ;.  All orders promptly attended to.  Telephone 520 or P. O. Box 50.  Office, Standard Ave.,  PHOENIX, B.C.  >.uu��uj  a-��c��,    ����cauiiiiii.iu;!, uiiu     ifcai-    a..  minster district, with.nine members.��� ���  Nelson Tribune.       , ''/������"%  The elements exist for the composi- ���  tion of a good, sound business govern- [ ���  merit, and it is hoped .'that ;all political;^  differences and animosities may be] +  sunk iirthe endeavor to create" such' alT  government.���Rossland Miner.  Kettle River Mlnint Dlvlsioi Statistics.  'I'he  following  statistics   regarding  the work done in the recording  office  of the Kettle river mining division, are;  taken   from   the   recently   published j  annual report of the minister of mines:  1899  ip sired.  "&���    With the  nauguration of the "Im-  hicrial Limited" service the Canadian  ^Pacific Railway oj>crate a through  >leeper between Arrowhead and Vancouver for the accommodation of the  Kootenay business. This will be a  tVcry great convenience to the travelling  iniblic. :���..������.������  Last Sunday the. C. P. R. tracklay-  lingand ballasting outfit removed from  Hartford Junction to Grand Forks, to  complete the spur to the smelter, over  the dam. With side tracks there are  about   two  miles of rails to lay and  PI ballast, requiring a week or  ten   days.  f* After that the ballasting of the Phoenix  if* spur will be completed.  H The Le Roi mine is sending ore to  the Trail smelter, as well as to that at  Norlhport, the latter not being able to  handle all the ore offered. The Trail  smelter is also receiving heavy shipments of silver-lead ore from Slbcan  points, and there is talk of adding  another lead stack to the reduction  works.  Strike on the Sunset.  Superintendent Johns, of the Sunset,  [in Deadwood  camp is reported as follows in the Greenwood Times.  "We have struck it big on the Sunset. We are crosscutting a big ledge  at the 200-foot level and are in tonight  1898  No. of free miners'certificates. .700..  "    special free miners', certificates   ���*    location records ....' 581 ..  "    certificates of work.............. S4' ������  "    conveyances     and    agreements.. .403..,  '"    certificates of improvements   44..,  .. ���'    atuindomuent* '.'..'.:........   57...  "     water grouts..........      j...  "     permits to re-locate....      3   Revenue received for free miners-  certificates (1S99) $6,063 9S  Revenue from mining rcceipis (1S99) 7,276 45  X  .67   I  79' !���  497  57  >5  ���;���  To Run A Newspaper.  All a fellow has to do to run a newspaper is to be able to write a poem,  praise Jones' new house, umpire a  base ball game, report a wedding, beat  a lawyer, saw wood, describe a fire so  I>eople will shed their wi aps, make one  dollar do the work of ten, shine at a  circus, address country fairs, test  whisky, abuse the liquor habit, measure  calico, subscribe to charity, go without  meals, attract politicians, defend the  national platform's, sneer at snobbery,  wear diamonds, invent advertisements,  overlook scandal, praise babies, delight  the pumpkin raisers, heal the sick,  fight to a finish, publish resolutions  free of charge, speak at prayer meeting and stand in with everybody and  everything.���Rossland Miner.  Phoenix Hevs (0.  J. F.WALKER & CO.  Every thing in stock j that  should be found in an Up-to-date News and Stationery  establishment.  Daily Papers,  Magazines,  Books,  Stationery,  Pipes,  '*. Tobaccos and  Cigars.  DOMINION AVENUE  Phoenix, B. C.  Agts. for Spokesman-Review  J.-H. HXOI>IK, JOII.V J.\MKS CAXTKH, OAKI'AKD  l'AKUKK, KlCIIAKll II. Ol.V.N, llK.NKV I. R.  HAKKKK, K��>. AHTIIfK HUAHK, II. J. II. KKN-  J>AI.. J. J. KlXKKFOKD, I'HKl) J.UUHOCi:,   G'KO.  1). Whatman.  Skckktakv, A. G.WAM.IS.  Head Office in Canada, St. James Street,  MONTREAL.  II. Stikkman, General Manager.  J. Hlmsi.kv, Inspector,  IIRANCHKS IN CANADA.  London, Ilrantford, Hamilton. Toronto, Montreal,  Ottawa, Kingston, Quelwe, St. John, N. Jl���  Ilrandon, Winnipeg, Hredericton, N". II., Halifax, Victoria, Vancouver, Rossland, Kaslo,  Trail, Aslicroft, Dawson City, Klondike, X.  \V. T., Greenwood, Atlin and Ilenuett, 13. C.  Sidney, C. II.  AGENTS IN THK UNITED STATES...  SI'OKANK���Traders National and Old National  Hanks. Nkw Yokk���52 Wallst., W". I.awsou  and J. C. Welsli, agents. Sas I'bancikco,  124 Sausomestrect, 11. J. McMichacl and J. K.  Ambrose, agents.  .OKPON HANKERS.  The Bank of Knglnnd and (ilyn & Co.  FOREIGN AGENTS. '  Liverpool���Itank of Liverpool; Australia���Union  Hank of Australia. .New Zealand���Union  Ilauk of Australia and Blink of New Zealand.  India, China nud Jnpati~Chartered Merchants Ilank of India, London nud China,  Agra Bank West Indies: Colonial Bank.  I'aris���Marcuard and Krauss & Co., Lyons-  Credit I.yonnais.  JAMES ANDERSON,  Mf r.. Qrecawoo4, B. C.  EASTERN  Townships Bank,  RESERVE FUND  ESTABLISHED I 859.  CAPITAL    - ���  -    -���'  -    $i,soo,ooo  -   $835,000  BOARD OK DIRHCTORS:  R. W. J1i:.vkki;k, l-nsident, Ho.v. .M. II.  Coc/l  rank, Vice-I'res., Israel  Wood, J. S. Mitchell,  G. Stevens, J. N. Galer, N. W.Thomas, C. 11.  Kathan, II. II. Brewn, Q, C..  IIHAD OI'I'ICH SHHRBROOKK, P. Q.  Wm. I-'akwhiX, Geii'l Mgr., 8. Kihskll, Local  Mgr.; S, I'. Mohkv, Ilranch tnsi>ector.  BRANCHKS.  Waterloo, W. I. Ilriggs, Manager.  Stanstead, S.. Stevens, >v^ '���  Cowahi'ille, J. Mnckinnon, Manager.  ,      Coaticook, B. Austin, Manager.  Richmond, W. I.. Ball,      "  Granby, W. II. Robinson, "  Bedford, K. W. Morgan, "  Mugoff, K. I*. Oliver,      - ; "  St. Ilyacinthe, J. 1'.. La Framboise, Mgr.  Huntingdon, K. N. Robinson, Mgr.  Grand l'orks, J. W. Macloughin, Mgr.  Agents in Montreal, Bank of Montreal; Loudon, Hug., National Bank of Scotland; Boston,  National Kxchange Bank; New York, National  Park Ilauk.  Collections made at all accessible points.  Drafts issued for any required amounts, good in  all points in Canada,' U. S. and Europe. Kxchange bought and sold.  Savings Branch Department at each office.  Interest allowed front date of deposit and compounded annually without requiring attention of  depositor.  Office Hours: 10-3; Saturday from n to 12.  irewim*  Of Rossland, the Largest Brewery in British Columbia,  Setters  Natural   Mineral Water  WlESlIADEN, GeRMANV.  JAS. McCREATH & CO.. Props.  oooooooooooooeoooooooor^>oooooooooooooooooooooocx)oooo  Tlfpif��* den Hote  Wk$&^.\^yW:&A .VJ-II.'V'STROM, Manager. ������  ���J.  "No. 13,"  Mineral Claim,situate in the Kettle  River Mining Division of Yale District.  Where located:   Greenwood Camp.  Take notice that/, James Mbraii, I'ree Miner's  Certificate No. B6574, intend, sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder fur  a Certificatv' of Improvements for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown grnnt.of the alwve claim.  And   further  tnke  notice  that  action, under  Section 37, must be commenced !>efore the issuance ofsuch Certificate of Imuroveiueuts.  ��� Dated this 26th day ofMa'cn, 1900. -. ,��� ���    .   ;  Jamks Mokan.  PHOENIX  BAKERY.  C. W. Grker, Propr.,  Is making Xjght, Sweet and Wholesome  Itread, French, Rye or Graham. Leave  - vour orders at the  SHOP:  PHOENIX STREET,  REAR MORRIN & THOMPSON,  PHOENIX, 15. C.  .And don't forget to see our New Range of. . .  HATS,  [ remember, the best place to buy your SHOES is  FOLEY BROS.,  Dominion Avenue,  '..'.-������      -'..'- PHOENIX, B."C  TheYale-Coltimfeia Lumber Co.  LIMITED.  Manufacturers of all kinds of    /.  Rough and Dressed Lumber. Lath, Shingles,  liings and Turnings.  Our Pres1B*^BHHI Yards are Located as Follows:  ill and yard  Gen'l office���mill and  Phoenix.. . .  Eholt No. 1.  Eholt No. 2..  Deadwood...  Rock Creek.  Long Lake..  .mill and yard.  We are also prepared to deliver lumber to any mining camp.  Our Company is enabled to Supply any order without delay  ������+���4-f-��4-f-���� ������,��� �����������������������������������  n. [1 PALO  Phoenix Shoe Shop.  All Work Guaranteed.    Imported Goods.  FINE HOOTS AND SHOES 1IADK TO  ORDKR.  PRACTICAL    MINERS'  AND   PROSPECTORS' SHOES   A .SPECIALTY.  Corner Phoenix St. and Brooklny Ave.  It is not  Q~0-0-O<>0-0-<XM><XKK>-0<>-^^  {3HOBNIX  REWERY  ���'^sj'ito  ���:��,!.i*f;  orlemte, for any term of year*, any telephone or  telegraph line- entnhliiihed, ortobe extahlliihetl,  in Drltish Coltimliiu, connected, or to be connected  with the line which the Company may construct,  and to amalgamate with or leaner itM line orlinen,  or any portion or portiotiK thereof, to any company poruieKaiiig, a* proprietor, any line of telephones or telegraph communication connect���  iiir, or to be connected, with theKaid Com.  line or linen, RTid to tx)rrow money for the  pone* of the Company, and to pledge or morl  any of the Company's assets for that pur|  and toTeceive. IkOtiuHCH or privileKes from  perHou'or body corporate, and with all <  UHiial, necessary or incidental rights, powei  privileges as may lie necessary or incidi  to the attainment of the above objects, orafr.  them. ' ��� ���  Dated this 15th day of December, 1S99,  J. R. IIKOHS.  Solicitor for the Applicants.  "Notice.  Notick is hereby given that I will not be responsible for bills contracted' bv my wife, Mrs.  C. M.'Ball, front this date.i.   .     "   ..���;.,   .  Dated at Hartford Junction, 11. C, this 12th day  of May, 1900. ' ���   "..���'������  (Signed)  C. M. Bali..  CANADIAN  PACIFIC RY.  v'i;Siy5��l  '&&m  "Imperial  Limited^  ea  it is a well-known fact that  \nderson,  gent,  li. C.  PHOENDT  's where the mines are.  {.*:  over 30 feet and we are not through i  yet.    The  ore is  chiefly pyrrhotite,  1 heavy sulph.vS^-,  Values? Well, 7  don't care to make the values public  without instructions, but I may tell  you that they are entirely satisfactory."  Stay wTtlTthe Ore.  'We have noted the fact that in the  mineral industry individuals who have  been and arc pre-eminently successful  are those who have been able to grapple with conditions as they exist and  to rise to meet every emergency presented. We-have also noted a disposition among those engaged in the  mining industry to theorize and spec-  itlate a's to or,os and ore forwtloj'VSi  \i\)tin geo'lojgiea'l conditions, utc, 'hwt  Wg sfifcy to 1V.011 iin all e^i'ifestiiftss -tflwin  *i;!j;i>*'(ark' djitka #��*ilHii!'trt<'int ni' a \wow-  Ifctcit-ij; 4w* _ s>MVnr. %'B'ks rivrsj') tlv?^p  ��"t;i|ic?r:iK'"!'.  '3M$> >W&?5' "J%i* till�� -aviii l*wk C  JULIUS MUELLER, Proprietok.  by investing in Phoenix,  necessary  for the making of a  No one will  It has all  the elements  large and populous city.  The mines in Phoenix are those which were the  greatest inducement to the C. P. R. when it spent $4,000,-  000 in building its Boundary railway branch. These  mines are just starting upon the steady shipping era,  w;th thvt~iM- ->f t->us r-f or^o the dumps.  Ifci.i. regarding  Phoenix,  or  ��&  Fine  Patronize home Industry and  drink Phoenix Beer.  ���Standard Avenue and Banner Street  PHOENIX, B.C.  (TW.-iffiMBERGER,  Phoenix  Service for the year 1900  ��� will be commenced June 10th.  The "Imperial Limited" takes  you across the -'Continent in four  days without-change. It is a  solid vestibuled train, luxuriously  equipped-,- with    every    possible  , essential for the comfort and con-  : venience of passengers. Ask your  friends who have travelled on it,  or address,  E.J.Covi.e,  A.G.I'.Agt.  Vancouver, 15. C   U-���  Smoke  iKELOWNA!  CIGARS.  00  UNION MADE  e  a  E. C Keith & Co.  \ReaI Estate  and Stocks  choice lots 011 Domin-  ue, on easy terms,  nished office rooms  s block for rent, very  just Received!  A Case  Lot of  ALARPi CLOCKS  ER&CO.  ���r.Mx, 13. C.  <4 /���-.-���;���   v:r'^--v.'Jv..-.:^  ***���JSM -, ���",.-       ����^jpi  W,  tfi��***~r~.-��� ^.t.^,   ^  / ifc'f.'lR^j,.'  $���.?#*:#'':  ���THEPHOENIX PIONEER.  i'-'ite*..':. ry   '.  IwH-'���'���''  ��� 'j OUR- BUSINESS IS.  J -WallPaper  4  ���#���0^0���������&����������~��"^'  CI  ���I-  o  ��� Prof". P-aul Kaufniann, tlie Greenwood music teacher and dealer, was a  visitor in town Monday.    .  Mrs. K.'L. Clarke and daughter  arrived i'roni Spokane Tuesday to make  their home in. Phoenix.  _ Nick Tregear, formerly in charge of  fry* :.t  t  Stationer j' ��  Blank Books ..?  Office Supplies      J the.,Le Roi>--at Ross|aijd, will,take the  of the  Win'npeg    early  LATE STOCK,QUOTATIONS.  What Leading  Shares  Are SriSnj (or  Rassfand.  Tobacco, Cigars, Etc. 1  Wt've probat)lya  jMW:''~  111''  lift::':  ft f;V;  mm"  ��;���''���  fife ������'������'���'  wmt'--  III''  tfe'' '  ifcf:.'  PfS't ���,  ra'ifejL'  lii p'v':'  r'S,''":'  *���;���:.;  ff��||::;,;  Call and see our Roods.  WfiOt ju*t what you w��nl.  T  Mae Bros. I Smith  PHOENIX, B.C.  &-9~9>-<ay-9-9-*-*-9-9-9-0-90  IN THE LOCAL FIELD.  Read the Pioneer and be hapj)y.  ,    S|>ecinl reduction in spring goods at  lyic.Beaii's.'.' '',. ' . .���.,;.': ,  :  W. K  C. Manly, of Grand .Forks,  was in town last Thursday.,, ...  For rent, office roams, 2nd floor Post-  Office Blockl     ~.L. C. Cuawkokij. ,  Lessons   in   Music,   German   and  French.    Miss O.LukovYiC-recnwood  '��� ������' V    F      ������������������-:���.  ������������-.' -���'���' -���'   -    ' -    '������  >T��m Roderick  has  returned  from  his   prospecting trip   up   the North  ..'-'     I'Ork. '^.k;-;:    ���'-/' *'.*;'!''' ���������''   .  Manager Berkinan, of the Victoria  hotel, left Saturday for a trip to Cran-  ��� brook. 'V,.! '        "'V '*."' "''���:};'��� ���-.".���'  The Columbia 'iele^hpne, Co.  has  installed several new 'phones in town  ���" ''   this:-'-wjek.'."-'���'"-. '.'"���  One drill and the accompanying  force was. laid off at the .Gold Drop  Thursday night. .'';���'" !;  ,/'i.Rpbt2tt.:,Xv.,.Jiealey,:���.p(^,.the.,.Bealey  Investment Co., Rossland, wasa visitor  in town this week;   ���  ^; C., A. 'Baldwin, has l>ceii (putting on  "an addition to his building  and improving it inside.     ';      ���''���:-,���.  (i'hoinjis Parkinson, rnanager of the  '"Pathfinder^' mine,;; on,-the the North  '..-, Eorkj, was in 'Phoenix 'this >veek'. :fy'','.;!  ���'^'.''^."Nyante^^ any:  description jUto^yrehtj^aye';'tenants  ',.>:;���'Mivaltiri^^  '''. "f'^'Janies^/Harveyi^'representing^.'': the  : ;    ^  ^ ;'-v'!.-"/-key^^  ;: 'Jjeld^C  ^   /the^hrw^liibuse^  .;.::", ^P^l^ietor,^  ,'.���'���'.;;.'��� v>sey6rii ihiproyem  vy ;.���#/& 'irijsjj. w^n^'puitii^Sin:-*;private  ':-: :':�� j jo*es^etc:;v .'�� '^ ������ ^ '!;.v ��� ^'S^i��''feS: '  '^ "v. ? 'S.':"%l9vl--|5f^ .*?���'?* I?^?^^^''i'.-**'.?i-X-r. tfil^rV,; jhfe,w��:',"*S irao w^-  .'-.^���v.Tsii'b^'-'macn^h'ery.wiirbe instaiied::--with-;'  .���^'^h:':.?';-;-���k��iiJ'>.H'i^  management  next, week.  The Bolster Drill, a neat 4-column  paper, puhlised on the reservation, 20  miles from Midway, has made its appearance. '  Billy Crawford has returned from a  prospecting trip to Franklin canip, on  the East Fork of the  North  Fork , of  ���Kettle river. '  The finance committCfof the Greenwood Dominion day celebration, reports having over $2,000 already subscribed, with a number yet to hear  from;'- ���-. .':���'��� ������    ! ?'���������':: ������.;.���������  ;'.The J.ndics-Aid take tliis, ppj>er:  tunity of ,tJiahking*';-aii'"'"th'bse'!-wh6'.''so'  kindly assisted in-making the Concert  andjKnjfce ente^  day such'a decided .:8iiccessl..��'>r-4 4':.*  Pianos shipfied. direct: from factory  at factory i)rices;^-lU C. Crawkod,  ��� ;'.."      . '  Agent.  Last Wednesday 13 cars of ore went  out over the pi|oenjx spur to the'Prail  smelter.    One iraihJdf^eightCcars > coii-  sistcd of pre, from tlie Golden Crown,  Wiiinipeg' and' "Athelsta'n mines.''' ''  I h.rve'a'client who will erectvi two  story lodging or boarding house on  Victoria Aye.; make ine > a proposition  to :rent. ' ������������ ������"���"���' ''  '"' ': '.'  ������::''..:.':>>.\:.::"O.;::0;;^:I,^Ci>CRAWKORrj^'  Atluitinsca_ ���....��� ;.,.  II. C. Gold Fields.- ......;....;....  Hijf Three .'.........,  nraiidoii ��c Golden Crowii_...���  Canadian Gold Fields _._  Carilwd (Cmnp McKliuiey)   Crows Nest Toss Coal  liecr Traii No. 2_   Ucer 1-ark, new.'.  ;...._.  Dundee ...,.;,,.....v.......I ;'.....;,  Kveniiig Star-.'.';. ^.......V-..~  Giant .���   lloniestake.,.. ..........  Iron Coll  ._.,...,.......  Iron Mask  J .���._.,..  l.X.I... ...:���.;i...w.....  Jumbo _..��� .*......-.;.'ii   Kiug (Oro Denoro)   Knob HilU... ;.......���....  Lone Vine'. L..'.._....���.  MUinehalm.......   Monte Cri��to_ ..:.   Montreal Gold Flelda.:.���._;.;.������  Morrison ..: .'....:,..., ..;  Mountain Uon_,.. .v.....;...;....;  Noble Five���...:...,........-...-.i.V.,;  Novelty................ ���...'.'...���.  Olcoiiogan :'........'......  'pi^;Ir^ii��ide��';;;...i.7:.,.ii....,A,.,...  jfcoria,Mliici....;...ii..;v���lc.._....   Princess Mniid..   Kambler-Carilioo   Republic........'."... .......'.   St. Klnio CousoHdated.;..'.,.,.   Tamnrac CKenuetli).....   Van Alidai........;.:..!..;....,.......;...  Virginia.;..;.....;,.....:... ........;  wir Kagle Coiiiolidateil.'v;'...5,...  Waterloo .T.'.I'i....'...'...' ...".........  White Bear...   Winnipeg.,..;..!, ....���;.....    $42 oa  m  ss  f'jj" ,Via,,;SSy^-.'.:W?''.;V^'r-.'.'';'--  L '|P 1 '���iiiS^TS.'V-'H'.';''---!'"'  r?*"' S^l>sf8'p:3;:v;  jwSt' fejSK'?'s;*;,;:::?.-;:;'.rf-  .:i;v:;.V;-- eJn'Ja'i'inp'iitli':^:-:  '.:-''-''':''r.:^'M-^?frZi'r^5^  ���'���;)'������'.;';;.^fioenix���hotel;;has'jieeri vjwiriting.���'.'his  '���;��� g'^f^se this'we^^  :;;.:v7: >: 5;>'a>r<#yjing: i ts>'?i^>i��ea"rai iice.':;^ ��. v*'^^':-'>' ^'^ >:' '.^:  ::''E';?;^  ^^#::^<^^is!\^k^^  >.^;i^'.'.'<rf;-thii^it^  ;;;i;'��*^SiniiMp^^y^v:-'!p:h^  ^^'ji^DSG' Munro,; of * Plioeh i>c,''.'aniil his;  s%jjj Ihrpther;IX:lXMun_rpaiid Dr.Richardsi  W.:0 tjie;latteir:'twp.:bf ��� G^^dj^r^s/tsta^ted;  .^'.''^'fp^  iVjyi^'jh^'arejirVterest^  % ������''-!;' ^:rS;^4CJ i fte'pJm :&% ne;.:;S>aridbn;;.Mining;  r ;j;;lReyiew);whp waKburhed ; out iii  the  /;:;4;5llj^ntfbig^rejin;:lbiat'Sl&  .:.";_.;'; J^ =;:--��� -*S.R^^?'^^i*^/^-'.lr^"*^''> jJ^ei '��laiccr<l;''-\ K isv...i"ilai.rt t i  vrt;K:;;>ripjrt ;iEb^r'M;.Sm  7;'T ^;^>yR^Ht';Hu^  ;;w'{':;3trief;M^  i;':r:f>3^WP>i��^^^  ii;tf ii^aturday everting^sustoinirig-a'abuble  ;>;,v;.',;r;.:V^ractur��;.,'ip^  "' ^JM^^Sj-takeh^tK^j^riKri^  Hirry Nicholld J�� Worse.  Harry^Nichoiis, brie of the men w|io  was^jkiic^ltediptJt'liyjgas afiV^he'^'Cirild  Drop'fast'wieek^is ' far fforn;t''hiivi'rig  recovered. He was in the stoj)e the  longest of any of those overcome, by  the jiowderfunies/'iirobabjy^nn'-n^  and it; took-Drs. 'Gordon and Boucher  several hours.to,bringjiim...to,;���Ever  since; that night, I>6weyer, he:::can <^re-,  'memner'a^  to have completely lost his head.   He  (was taken to the, Greenwood ^.hospital;  ^Wednesday.; ./^Ir.^ichoils' :^ather is|a'  '.well.toirJp firSef,'fesidirig near^ f-xindorij,  Ontario, and has beeri notified of his  foil's misfprtune.i v '-'^i^y<>������*>'.'..v;\  i?' y'-. ':i':.f.\ New telephone Lines.  j,; Since buying put the gpcid^will j and,  plant of the Boundary Creek Telepiipiie.  and Tel^raph'Ga last .weeki the Go-  jluinbia Co.' has had|"'a"-force ���of;.'men  ���jousy at>:.Grc^hWpbd^^jnn|rj^l|e::|fpr-  snier's;wires into tlie^- Cdlurhui^^bffice!  iNe'xr^.w-eekv-ihe,force will be in  nix,f when a^Iine" will be; built  New Snowshoe Bunk House.  . Foreman Trevorrow, of the Snow-  shoe, went to Greenwood Tuesday to  meet:A. J. McMillan,- managing director of the company owning the mine.j  As u"result ^^[r.'.7'rcvorrow���;now^has,.'a  forcefip( men-at work. ..clearing S site  ipraJniKW^ounkhou^egto be biii.lt' at  once." 'I'he plans for the'biiilding are  now being drawn by a Rossland architect, and,a,cpntract,will he let shortly.  The building will he1 located between  the tunnel and shaft, just- east of' the  railway track. . It will have 12 rooms,  tdaccomodate?36 men; with reading  and bath rooms, and will be construct;-  '-^ih'a'S'uDst^ptia)'' nianhef;'and fitted  ���up in good shape!;      ^.  ,>:+'/3' ,:'-';.i;  ������4:"-���' ���;!,;   -:" '���*"-' .;if'P'':,   ��� n������,  i& - -. T.&4$Ur$i-Work'oii'l anl*:lt';" ������'���.^ ;  .(.Last Monday development work;6n  the J; and R.; claim adjoining the Golden ��rown.on the west, was startedjby  ^p'hri|Rc^ers.' The jiroperty is owned  by Messrs. Jones, Rogers and Ostroski.  and has an excellent1 surface shoeing.  ���T.h'ose who have seen the claim, this  !weet,aay that 'itjslimproving already.  [M^;A^..J^7rr-~^-. ���   .        ���.'��,���:  'yy. 'yy/":. ���';-;-..--;iplre Insurance... '�����������':  . To ; house: holders.���^Don't;    take  .chancespnjypur.liousehold :furniturei  Hello!  ; Yes, this is the Wj'iikoop-Stepliens Tradiiig Co.  Yes, we have some choice values in several lines of  Groceries.    Say, take a walk down and see us; the size and  completeness of our stock will surprise you.  Yes, we can supply 3-011 with Kitchen Utensils at the ;  right price and in fact everything you need in the Hardware  I Line.   Don't forget the place.  I The Wynkbop-Stcphcns Trading Co. |  ���.**.�����..��. .������^^.������.���������.������������.������...^���������������������.^.���������.���..���������^.������������.��������������������������^..��^��, ....... .���� .����^.��.����4����...^^����1l  First ClaSH in lfvery Kchih-cI  Auiarlcau and Kuroueun Plans  UglilcdwItliKleclrlcity  Heated with Hot Air.,  The I.X.  L'  Table Board, $7 per Week.  E. WEEKS, Prop. > PHOENIX, 11. C.  The.  Thoe-  toj the  ^Vari^glef'Kanbtl^^ ... ���,_    ,.....���.   ,..,.,  ih;dtAat-tp;the;New'Yo^^  [)iete^,vLater ailiiie will also be built  with 100  drops Ayill be installed .in  ft ill  *  '|-v *M4^-yyyy''  ^, iliiil  Hi mmm  tU-it .mmMyy':������::  ri"L9 *0fyyyy'yyyy  ri"L9 *'riyiyyyy  *& iiii  vui? mmm::  1 +i  r   w? 1 ������-.-.'���* ���;;;���.  it ��f  It M  gft.:;-;:.'.?!:w;:MaiideI{&\'M  yi:;'/W.-..-;'M^  /^^"j-'j'V;-* i;7J5\!^--'-c ^-^??-1^-'--*?i^^*^ V^S* ;"r-^V*^fl i?4psciffi.v.'.i"' ii igli'-t".":"  irJ>A;:3:^^^  ���$l y;>";! they '"will ddiil) tless'get^ ftheif".'.; sh are v of  v,;:jv;.:;i|rade.-;r,, y-..y ���i;:^.':-'f:;i'.:;;;:.;//;K':^i';-:'.'���������������;> ^^s  ^;^;^;'^nspectbr;:McIn  :'f^''$!^^  ;';>?;: Splays ;^gov;:'i'h  j;y; itlieSline into Phbehix/ the wires beirig  ;:V-;;'^truiig1ht6*ihls^  ;. j. i^^ui ,t|ja^vb^Jdirj|^sginKh^  ij::j',||)ieo^^fiper��ix,f ;;A?ill^aveS^ciitibnal:  ';%���:'���,;'::; Jel^ra^  Phbehix':' arid; ythej system; generally  brought:'up to thev;high^*stanclai^' for  ;iyhicli|hie^<tplumbia ^onipany ^isial-  ready tamoiisl ;y^yy:.;?-ifi^&y?>yT: :'fe6  ���^'Ke^^Bell claim in Sumrriif carnp^  bwried::bvy:;���Balnberger^;i^rbs;";is':���;being  'deyelpped;fpra the purpose^ of/'getting  tliey6r&(tip! tile Granby ?smelter;"'jay  PjfGnlvesj;is'"financing^;}'the ^property  to tfiis.l'exterit only, and'-has;'sent a  small uPr'e>'lt boiler, hoist"and"punip  to;thfe;cJaim^Y;'J'he work is ^n'Vcharge  "orjacj^i-lanley. :" '������'���''.l'M:\:"^\^y'-P ���  )':Jy-::^0[��� r: ��� ���A;Csrd.i. ''���[%:��� 2''l'ryyy:'::  ; Editor Pioneer:���From an article  in the Greenwood Miner of the 8th  inst., it would appear that I had said  that the management of the'VPhbenix  miriest had made -threats to employees  astb; their .voting.; I wish to state  here'that I know of no instance where  the;:TOanagetnent pfjthes^^nipes;.;^ried  tacbercetheir employees ��� into .voting  iprjeither party in the, recent'yelection.  y':% -'k my :y^\D- -G^Munro.'^.'  Phpenix, B. CJ, June-13, 1900. f   v  &���$ ''^'v :;:^Bul!i'ues*r Opportunities'.  1  ������, :{Epr :^n|^^go^}hojfei; [i(op^}t{onT  w'Partrijer wanted with from $2,ooo-to  $^oppriicapital in an established v busi-  :-ness^^'.!i��.v���;'i.'.:.;;;;.;.;-,'.,i-;.:;'^  ���:.;iFpr sale-rOne^hal^nnfefest'?ih'Un  estjiblished mercantile^^'.business; :'ad-  ^itipnal'.-y capital :'���'��� wanted:  to, v enlarge  'StPck^::'??-;"   '';-';'/'';'t' ������'���.������ ���["'���^���'���y.f'yy.'..;  , ;For. sale���^A first-class  hotel   in A1  locality;; ; L. C! Crawford,������.'���''.,  Phoenix, [:W-&  jewelry, siljver, and'plated ware, musical  instruments,Jbuife insure Sagaihst ; fire  with L.C.-'.Crawfqrd;.rates very low,  ranging frpni $1.00 to $1.75 per$xoo  of insurance.  V Choice wines, liquors, and cigars always in stock.  Board-by day or week. One trial and you will remember  "The Maple Leaf Forever.  ? IWandef & Mtf-rpfcy, Props.  OLD IRONSIDES AVE. : ,  ..PHOENIX, 13. C  Having purchased the general stock of Dry  Goods,  Men's Furnishings, Clothing, Boots and Shoes of tliijj  Wyukoop-Stephens Trading Company, at a,  Blti REDUCTION,  We are prepared, to give exceptional values on all goods  in stock. We would be pleased to welcome all the old  patrons, as well as new ones..  We promise you cpurteqns treatment  and  goods   atj  right prices! '"'"��� ���:'"'���"'"' ' -y'-^ ,:'������::;���"������"���,.���.������   .'���'.���    '  ,'{;;r;!ij'si'^K  ���it.' i*i.Sj*-.-nyxi-;i  Ckarcli Services.  ;,'.'; ;PRESBVTEKiAN.-^-piyirie service every Sunday .at-iiaim. and 8:00 o'clock,  Ironsides time^'viri the schoblhouse.  Everbody cordially'inyited.,;  '  j * If ypu ^waut-^the  ��� best  and  latest  iii^the iliue of : :  Subscribe For The Pioneer.  In ho other way can you keep posted on the Dinner Bucket  i town of the Boundary.    And just think ! $2  per year does  tt.  Remember that no office in the Ilonnd-  . dary can give yon.better satisfaction than  the JOB DKPARTMKNTofthe ......  B0i:piH()JEN.X!  ,      PIONEER.  {:)(;  3��0m&  NEAT ���.  cle An -������/7m.,m  AT'l-RACTMrn     ������ tlJ1  :--,. ���..-.-:'���' ������^ir^'-'%y '%W. &P  .. v.; KvCjiSr-:?; - Sk-.Sff.-^-'.'i^ ������ _��>  Thai'is the hind that pays.  That is the hind you want.  iTliatis the Mid WE DO.  0 + -��vv;i* ���'*>������!  f.i*:.y'jy\. p��'!  '.'-. C'i'.:  ��� -brop5 inland 'see  The-.:;*.        .'  ���  Metropolitan  "0\-\ f   .-'' - , ,    '.'*''>' (Formerly the Columbia Hotel)  RUSSELL BROS., Props.  0000  First-class 'fi~6ni"tbp to bpttbm.l   Finest  liquors   and  cigars.  Come in and try our new pool table and look over the  Mineral Exhibit.  - ..;',. o 0.0 o,.,v.,..,-..,..(  Corner Dominion Ave. and Pfioenix St.,    Phoenix, B. G.  CHAS. SEARS, Mgr.i  OLD  IRONSIDES A\^,  City Bakery  SUNN&McCAGL��,|  I'KOPRIKTOKS.  Bread, Cakes, Pies, Etc., Fresh Daily, j  IRONSIDES ADDITION, PHOENIX, B. C. Fkkk DKi.ivm  The Town of  ����������������������������������������������������������������������������^���������������������������������o���������������������������������������  We have just received our* first shipment over the Phoenix spur, and are  in a position to quote  Close Prices.  Standard  Avenue.  * 0 0 * $ Ch&s. A. McClting & Co.  !- ���*.���& '&' -V --V-  MM&  fr;��V   W--.J'  m  )"-'/:ft  -OF-  r.9,  -G-&-Q  In the Heart of Famous Greenwood Camp  4-M-f-f-M-f-f-f-f-f-f  The Coming Rossland of  the Boundary Country  +++���f'f-f-f-M-f-H:*'  When you want a meal  that will remind you  v of your old hoinej   i  away back east,  don't  FORGET THE  |pilli��fN>':  fclBlllS  Mssmyy  M^wymyyyy^  ��&��'^0;;::S.iv';;;->; "���  S5%i;if::?';;H''Aus':>:,'.;;: ���;  /' 51r ���;''.' .'::'':';V.li,'v:''.-."i..'';.v:.. ���'.���.���r .'  |��p r$%i!iii:!.";.tt:bi -. v -y:  lfmymmy:yyyy;^  imy-'^y'yyyyy.ih  WS^0SMM}: ��P�����g In Ge^s^i'ff'3Hffls^ngs,' ���'������������ Ready--t0-  U$^f!!$^^ for Ladies:  250 Feet from the Brooklyn Plant.  One-Half mile from the Ironsides and Knob Hill mines,  Railroad.now being coinpleted passes through the town  Centre of six of the most prominent mines in the entire-  Boundary, all of which are producers.    Plenty of pure water|  from lake on the property.  At,  1-&  ���vtjk '��������� .yyy  '&  ���y  s~ rrDominion "Avcfi,     -  Phoenix, B. C.  f:r   ���&������: .���������-���>���'-;������.������  Meals  Served at All   Hours  -, ��� DICK LORAH:     .;  ������'.'���'-���������(���������   Proprietor.  -�� @ @ �� �� & 0 0-�� O-^-��-0' |i^|  :     '  For Prices aivl Terms, apply to  illic  it'  ;h  ,y$  i\*   o>v'W iT'jT'1" "


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