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The Phoenix Pioneer Jul 19, 1902

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 Boundary Mines Sent  Out 390,000 Tons of  Ore in 190J. _# ��**  cent*  Phoenix is the Centre  and Leading Mining  Camp of Boundary*.  Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining District.    ..**'. "���  Vol. III.  ���PHOENIX,   BRITISH COLUMBIA', SATURDAY, JULY 19' 1902.  No '36.  60 DRILLS TO  BE HOUSED  Dry Goods  (rand Clearance sale  01 Summer Goods  Ladies' Shirt Waists  3 dozen Colored Shirt Waists, sold from  $1.00  to $2.'ooJ Sale: Price   . 2 dozen White Shirt Waists, sold from  $1.50 to $3.00,.Sale Price  '  5 dozen Colored. Gingham Waists, sold  for #2.00,  Sale Price   50c  $1.00  $1.25  3 dozen  Children's and Men's Shoes-  Black,   25 per cent off.  -Tan, Red and  Ladies' White Duck Skirts at Cost.  A few Men's Straw Hats and Whtie Vests at  Cost.  5 Hiiiter-Idii Co.i  M0RRIN,Tfl0MPS0N SCO.  That'is the 'manner in 'which we do business.  The Quicker the Sales���the better the bargains are for our  customers. This is an acknowledged fact which needs no  'argument'' Quick .Sales and Close Buying is the Key Note  to Success in our line of business  today.  Following this  idea we have regular shipments of Fresh Groceries, Fruits  and ���Vegetables which will be sold CLOSE and must be  sold QUICKLY.  Strawberries;   Gooseberries,   Rhubarb,  T% �� /"v T and a CompUte Supply of  reaches^ Oranges,-.-Lemons an &��_�� in season  Fresh Lettuce,  Radishes, Onions, Potatoes and Etc.  and Last but not Lkast, we have an often renewed supply of Staple Groceries. Try some of our Select Coffee  and teas. And above all don't forget we carry the celebrated ; '  Tartan Brand _S_  Give us your GROCERY order for July and  be  convinced that the place for VALUE is the Corner Stork  POST OFFICE STORE  Clearing the New Compressor  Site.  BUILDING TO BE MXII2 FEET IN SIZr  Exln Heavy Tlnbers oa Acooulolthe Electric Traveling Crase���OrStr Ut keen  PUced for Lumber.  What will be die largest coui|)iessor  building yet erected in ihe Boundary  country will be required to house tin-  60 drill ele:tric com])tessor, in two  parts of 30 drills each, ordered two  months ago by ihe Granby Co. from  the Canadian Rand Drill Co.. of Shei-  brooke, Quebec.  Some two weeks ago the work ol  clearing the ground for the building  was started, about two acres, and it is  now nearly conpleted. The structure  will be locate 1 on the Knob Hill spur,  and will be th.* most eastern situated  building of th ������ company yet put up.  ��� Plans for the building have been  prepared, an J the order has been  placed for the lumber, most of which  will come from the sawmill at the  smelter. The building itself will be  about 60x112 feet in size, and on account ofthe hjavy pieces of machinery  that must be h indled hy the travelling  crane that has been ordered, the sti uc-  ture will be bull of more than ordinary  strength. Som; of the largest timbers  are so long that they cannot be loaded  on a railway car, and are now being  hewed out in the woods nearby. Many  of these are already on the spot. This  week an air drill has been working on  the rock foundations for the compressor, a pipe line having been run to thai  point, fiom .thcNo. 2_shafthous_; .This  air will also be utilized for hoisting the  heavy pieces of timber to their places.  Uy next week Foreman Wright will  probably be at work on the foundation  timbers.  Ore Cryjher oi ibe Way.  Although definite word   has not yet  been received by the Granby Co., it is  expected that the  heavy  oie  crusher  has now been shipped from the  shops  of the makers at Sherbrdoke,  as  Ju'y  15 th was the date set for its  completion.     This ore  crusher  will   weigh  nearly 100,000 pounds, and will   have  a capacity of crushing"15b"tons"'of ore  per hour, or  3,600  tons  per day." il  worked at full capacity.   It will be one  of the largest crushers of its kind  evei  turned out by  the Jenckes  Machine  Co., and will do away with   much , oi  the "bulldozing"   and' hammer  work  now necessary to reduce the ore to the  desired size for handling.  Preliminary work on the ore crusher  building is now completed, and no  more can be done till the big machine  itself arrives. It will be located jusi  above the Knob Hill ore bins, and h  built over the railway track. Theelec  trie motor of 100 horse-power capacity  to drive it is expected to arrive from  the shops of the Canadian Genera!  Electric Co., at Peterborough, Out.,  about the same time as the cruseer itself arrives.  for several days there was no outside  communication by, wire. For a day  or two trains were-run on their own  hook, as it were, Until the several  gangs,, of linemen restored telegraphic  connection. The wagon roads leading  from the city in all .directions were  rendered practicaliy impassable, there  being hundreds of trees lying across  the roads. , }  SAD CASE Of J.'McCL.SKY.  SNOWSHOE'S  MANAGER  INCREASE POSTAL RATES.  Oa  Blind M'ser. Victim ol Exaiotioa, Now Getting AroMtf.  J. MuClusky, the miner who completely lost his eyesight in an explosion  in the Knob Hill mine on June 6th,  and who has had the best of treatment  at the Phoenix General Hospital, is  now able to get aiound somewhat���  when he has a friundly guide. His  case is a |>eculiarly sad one, as he was  a studious young man and constantly  trying to improve- himself in spate  hours. He will always be totally  blind, and so cannot'.'possibly earn a  living. He is without, friends or relative1?, and has nothing saved lor a rainy  day when the accident hanpened.  A fellow worker,, Mr. Mair, has in-  terested-himselfin the -asej,and is raffling a fine photographic outfit owned  by McClusky, the drawing to take  place at the Granby Hotel. The local  lodge of Eagles is also taking up the  case, and probably a 'benefit will be  arranged for McClusky in the near  future. ,s )  It is no favorable commentary on  our government, that'no provision is  made for the'victims of accidents like  this. A  Returns From Spending  the  Winter in England.  HE IS NOW ALSO A LEROI DIRECTOR  Aalkoay J. McMlllaa Spent Several Dayi at  Ike Mine Tkla Week-la Pleated Willi  tke Devdopaent Qol-g oa.  SCALES AND  WIRE TRAM  How Porter Bros. Handle Their  Contract5  NO OIE WORK FOB THE PRESENT  Stripping Arraagrmealf Are Now Complete,  and Working Satisfactorily���Better Than  Horses aad Teams.  After a number of days spent in preparations, and in getting everything  adjusted just right, F. C. Baker, superintendent for Porter Bros., has got the  rope tramway in good running order,  and stripping the surface of the upper  part of the Old Ironsides, claim and  also of part of the Knob Hill, is now  ii active progress.  The debris is loaded on wooden receptacles, called "scales," by means  of shovels and scrapers, and is then  attached to the 1J^ inch-steel cable.:  Gravity carries the scales to the end  of the tram line, some.600 feet away���'���  below the railway tracks���and there  the scales are dumped, the return trip  being made through the agency of the  steam engine located- near the upper  tower.    These scales are about, 8x8  Anthony J. McMillan, managing director of the Snowshoe Gold and Copper lv|i'nes, Ltd., after spending, the  winter in London, England, arrived in  Phoenix Wednesday, and spent several  days at the Snowshoe mine. He left  here last December for London, and  since' then has been going into the  affaiis of the Snowshoe with the chief  shareholder in England thoroughly,  arranging for the further exploitation  of this great property.  When the Pioneer man saw Mr.  McMillan, at the mine office last  Thursday, he was accorded an intei-  view. . Mr. McMillan would have been  here before but that he was detained a  week in Winnipeg by the floods which  washed out miles of the main line of  the C. P. R. However, he got through  safely, and expects to spend the greater  part of summer at the Snowshoe mine.  Geo. S. Waterlow and' Dr. H. Lewis  Jones, two prominent shareholders, ol  London, are expected here the lattei  part of next month on a visit of inspection, it having been two years since  they were here last.  Mr. McMillan has recently been appointed a director of the LeRoi mine,  and also a member of a special investigating committee to report on the  general condition of that mine. Although... a.-busy man; Mr. McMillan  recognized that the LeRoi mine is the  one British Columbia property- that is  pethaps known all over the world, and  to restore it to the [wsition it once held  in the eyes of the investing public  would do the mining interests of this  province more good than any other  one thing that could happen. The  propeity he thinks is a good one, bui  Several llacsea of Mailer Postage it  Doubled,  On July 1, a revised scale of postal  rates went into effect on mail matter  other than letters or correspondence.  On legal and commercial papers and  all other matter either wholly or partly  in writing (except the matter mentioned  in the next section) two cents per ounce.  Present rate the same. ,  On manuscript of books and newspapers, two cents for the first four  ounces. Present rate one cent for  each two ounces.  On all matters other than newspap-  eis, wholly printed or lithographed  (including circulars, catalogues, pamphlets, books, etc.) one cent for each two  ounces. Present rate one cent for  four ounces or fraction.  On maps, ptints, drawings, engravings, photographs, plans (without specifications), sheet music, visiting cards  (not written), printed forms without  wiiting of any kind, botanical, entomological and mineralogical specimens,  two cents for the first four ounces.  Present rate one cent for each two  ounces.  Seeds, cuttings (but not cut flowers),  bulbs, roots, bedding plants, scions or  _iafts, and patterns and samples ol  merchandise, two cents for the first  four ounces. Present rate one cent  for four ounces.  Mei Jiandise or miscellaneous matter in general, including stationery  and blank books, dry goods, groceries,  hardware, etc., two cents for the first  two ounces. Present rate one cent  per ounce.  ANSWER TO  NELSON NEWS  Why Fernie Meeting Did Not  Occur.  NOT FAVORED BY PARTIES TO STRIKE  Secretary of Phoenix Board of Trade Sbows  Tkal II Was Pari of Wisdom Not to Send  Delegates lo Coal Town.  [ DID A LITTLE BUSINESS.  City   Council  Abo   Ordered   Several  Bills  Paid.  At Wednesday's meeting of the city  council ihe absentees were Aldermen  Marshall and Bradley, the latter being  at the coast. The following accounts  were ordered paid on the recommendation of the finance committee:  .r. Campbell     $7.50  J. B. Mc.Auliiy        300  NT. Lemieux       33.00  Phoenix Water Supply Co       45.00  It. A. Scott       22 60  Vale-Columbia Co        37.50  Pioneer Pub. Co        7.50  Total  $156.00  Mr. Kane, proprietor of the Cottage  has gotten into bad oder from various I Hotel, wishes the council to build a  causes, and if it can be placed jn its! sidewalk on grade  from   the-Summit  old position in the English investors'  estimation, it will be of great benefit to  the province at large. Accordingly,  to make an effort to do this, Mr. McMillan consented to act on the board  and on the special committee that was  appointed.  Elmore Oil Process.  In regard to the Elmore oil process  of concentration for low grade copper  ores, Mr. McMillan did not care to  say much, as a representative of the  newly organized Canadian company for  the building of plants for this purpose  would probably be in the Boundary  next week. This is Ernest E. Sawyer,  who is now at the coast.    The com-  WORST WIND IN VEARS.  Considerable Damage Wag Done Last Monday  Night.  The high wind that visited this  section last Monday night about 11  o'clock, was the severest that has been  noted here in the memory of the oldest  inhabitant���������and he's not so very old.  It also visited Grand Forks, Greenwood, Spokane and a few other places,  while it was about it, so as so show no  favoritism.  In Phoenix it blew with a velocity  of a large number of miles per hour,  and shook many of the buildings in  town. Large trees were uprooted and  blown down, and some buildings had  narrow escapes. In two or three cases,  where surrounded with trees, residents  forsook them for safer quarters. The  Elmgren residence, abovs the C. P. R.  depot, was surrounded with fallen  trees, and some damage was done. J.  13. Macaulay, the "Senator," reports  some damage at his ranch below the  city, while Thos. r>. Banbury, the Last  Chance milkman, had a $150 wagon  destroyed by a falling tree. There  were many narrow escapes in addition.  The telephone and telegraph companies  suffered the worst of all, and  for stripping is that so many ore trains  are constantly going to and fro that  much time would be lost. As it is  now done, the tram line, operating  ibove all the tracks, is not delayed by  th : railway trains, and can operate at  all- times.  While this system of removing the  surface ground is not new, it is somewhat novel as applied to mining. It  was originally the intention for Porter  Bros, to quarry the ore itself from the  surface of the Knob Hill, but for the  present they will confine themselves to  ihe stripping process, of which there is  a large quantity to be done, and the  Granby Co. will itself get out the ore  for the time being, as heretofore.  High School Examinations.  The following is the result of the  high school examinations, which were  held some weeks ago at different points,  called centers, throughout the province.  Examinations for this center were held  at Greenwood, and the two candidates  from Phoenix passed successfully:  GREENWOOD CENTER.  Greenwood : Candidates 7,  passed   6.  Kdward MoCutcheon  745  William Flood  733  Clarence D. Rees  724  Hilda M. Wick wire  602  John H. Day  654  Ralph W. Smaile3.  033  Midway: Candidates 2, passed 2.  Nicholas" D. Munro     764  Edwin A. Munro     619  Phcenix: Candidates 2, passed 2.  Jay Cramer    744  Charles H. Buckless    654  Rock Mountain: Candidate 1, passed 0.  feet in size.'  One great advantage  of !_��� _,_._,_  ,hat - ., . cost of say $|  this tram line over   horses  and   carts  1)ert0n, about 80. or 90 per cent of the  values can be saved by this process  Several tests were made on Snowshoe  ores last winter in London, in limited  quantities, but Mr. McMillan thought  that   the  process  should   be given a  thorough test on a commercial scale.  This, he understood, was the intention  of the  new company, who  exoeet ti  erect a plant somewhere in the province  this year  where  this could   be  done.    James D. Kendall, an eminent  London mining engineer, who is well  known in the Kootenays, but is now in  Sibei ia, has expressed a most favorable  opinion of the Elmore process, and it  only remains to prove its commercial  utility.  Mr. McMillan was pleased with the  development done at the Snowshoe  since he left here early last winter.  The new 15-drill air compressor is  being erected, and the main three compartment shaft has been sunk since  then. The working of the Snowshoe  will continue to be prosecuted, the men  formerly getting out ore from the surface workings now being added to the  development force.  Hotel to his property, and the council  decided that if Mr. Kane could get  the consent of J. A. Munson in writing, and deposit the same with the  city clerk, that they would be willing  to take it up. c  Pound By-Law No. 41 received its  first reading, and Trades License By-  Law No.-40, reducing the license for  farmers selling produce, received its  second reading.  Wm. Delahay registered a vigorous  objection to the city's having taken  earth from his lot, below Banner St.,  on'Dominion avenue, last year to grade  Dominion avenue, leaving his residence  away up in the air. The council appointed a committee to look into the  matter.  Payday at Ihe Snowshoe.  Last Tuesday was the monthly (jay-  day at the Snowshoe mitie, and it was  probably the largest yet experienced  in the history of that company, owing  to the increase in the force of workmen.  Some.hing over $7,000 was paid out  in wages alone, besides other current  accounts. The wage list of the Snow-  shoe at present has 74 names thereon.  Editor Phoenix Pioneer:  Dear Sir:���Reading the several ciit-  icisms published this week by the editor of the Nelson Daily News, with  reference to the Associated Boards of  Trade, and their failuie to take action  in regard to t,he Femie coal miners'  strike, it appeals to me that if.this  worthy editor had thoioughly investigated matters, he would not have been  so ready to criticise that "august  body," as he terms it.  Now, what are the facts? Mr. Buchanan, as president of the Associated  Boards, at the special request of the  Fernie board, wired the diffeient  boards, asking if they favored a meeting at Fernie to see what could be  done towards amicably settling the  strike. The answeis from the various  boards showed that the majority did  not favor the meeting unless both  parties to the" strike asked for it.  Nevertheless, Mr. Buchanan, hoping  'hat something could be accomplished  in so grave a ciisis, called the meeting  for last Wednesday at Fernie, and as  we know not enough turned up to hold  a session.  A Boundary board wired to both  parlies to the strike and asked if they  favored the meeting. One of these  sent an unsatisfactoiy answer, and the  other has not as yet replied. That  board decided, under the circumstances, not to send a delegate, and  the Phoenix board did likewise. This  seemingly was the sense of most of the  boards, viz., that as intervention was  not asked for, its attempt would be of  no effect.  Speaking of the Phoenix board, I  know that its members are as anxious  as any persons in the Kootenays or  Yale that"an ending should be put to  the Fernie strike, and'they would go  as far as any other board to accomplish  this'end���affecting as it" does this entire Boundary country, of which this  camp is the largest and most important. But we did not wish to place  ourselves in a.position to be snubbed���  which might have been the case had  we sent a delegate when the parties to  the strike had not asked or requested  intervention of any kind.  In conclusion, while not speaking  for the Associated Boards 'of Trade,  but merely for the Phoenix 'organization, I would suggest that the writer of  the uncalled for criticisms referred to,  should be better infoimed on future  before accusiui; our board of having  trifled with a mallei so scions, and  by practising what lie preaches, or  writing facts, he will do more to heal  the tiouble that lias iini't��iinnately  broken out. K. \V. Monk,  Secy. Phoenix Herd of Tiade.  Tracy Kcpor'cd Killed.  Harry Tracy, the-Oregon outlaw, is  reported as having been shot seven  time and killed by .Sheriff C.'tidihee's  possee Thursday niyiit in tlie Cascade  mountains.  Knights ol Pythias.  For the Knights of Pythias Convention, San Francisco, Aug. 1st to 5th,  the C. P. R. will issue tickets from  Kootenay common points, at $50 for  the return, good all rail, or via steamer,  including meals and berth from Portland, Victoria, or Seattle. For full  particulars apply to local agent.  Summit     19,494  BOUNDARY ORE SHIPMENTS.  Tim following table gives the ore shipments ofBoiimlniy mines tor 1900, To  for 1902, as reported to the Phoeuix Pioneer���  19C0  Granby Mii.es; Phoenix       04,533  Snowshoe, "                 _97  Brooklyn, "                 150  Mother' Lode, Deadwood       5,340  Sunset, ��� "   Morrison, "    B.C. Mine,  R. Belh  Emma,  Winnipeg,  Golden Crown,  Athelstan, '���  King Solomon, VV.Copper  No. 7 Mine, Central  City of Paris, "  Jowel, Long Lake.  Ciirmi, West Fork....           Ruby,      Boundary Falls.   M iscellaneous      3,230  Total, tons t     i)!),730  Granby Smelter treatment, tons .   .....    62.3S7  Wellington.  1,076  2.250  1,200  2,000  160  3!��0,0O0  230.828  <-���*.���*�����.  V-***r-T".*"***"'    ^"T ." jS.T^ry,!,.i'^.-? a.I:���?-.*- V j- il1-- ��-*'--��� - ������ --v.-..' '-a. M.* .-*���:{��� v-"-i ���=..���:.���.- > *;. >?��� ���;�� v ---.._ -.. >v ,-",���"*'-"���  . -'��"-<'s  m  ���"''/.Wf  \ va  '.' >>i THE PHOENIX PIONKKR  +*+++*-��*-*���*���'*** * ��� ���^���M-^f^++*-Hr-��+++v*+���*-*-*���+* ��� ��� f ������������������ 4 t-i  The Canadian Bank of Commerce \  4  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO. <  ���i  Capital, $8,coo,coo.      j*   ���  j*       Rest, $2,000,000. j  STRICTLY .BUSINESS  HON. CEO. A. COX. Pro-tat. B. E. WA-KER, Genual Manager.  J. H. PLUMMER. A-t Gcn'I Manager.  J ft, F. MYTTON,   Manager Greenwooa  Branch J  !������������������������������������������ t��4�� ������������ �� ���+���+ ������������������������������� ��� �� +������-��+������-�����++++ -f  ��131  si  The Phoenix Pioneer.  ISbl'ED ON SATURDAY BY THE  PIONBEJ. PUBLISHING a).  AT PHOKXIX. B. C.  W. 8. WILLCOX. Manaqcn.  -.1-..1,,.,.. -   i Business office No. 14.  Telephone.,   I Jfsn��_e��'�� residence, No. 15.  SUBSCRIPTIONS IK ADVANCE.  Fer Year    Six Month*   To Foreign Countries -..  appeared the local pa[>er was liberally  patronized, the company having full  house* as the uile. Is further comment needed as to whether the local  paper is a factor in publicity ?  If you arc not b subscriber to this paper, this  is nn Im 1 uuion to you to become one.  Advertising rates lurnlshed on application.  Legal notices 10 and 5 cents per line. '  Four weekly insertions constitute one month's  advertising.  Less ore was sent out from Boundary mines last week than for any  week in the last tuenty months. Ji  was no fault of ihe mines and mine  owners, however, being ineiely a matter of that useful commodity known to  commerce as coke. This week theoie  total is laiger.  vfSSSpll' A"y.  XABE_>  tour or five coal companies are pie-  paring to operate '��� the Similkameen  and on the Noith Kork of Kettle river.  If they prove up workable measures of  marketable black diamonds, the smelling industry of this section will not bej  at the mercy of one source of supply  for iheir coke.  ' A small ad ought to make up in  strength what it lacks in size.  Advertising is the most valuable assistant a business man can employ.  Usually the more advertising a person does the more he can afford to do.  That insatiable human craving for  news should be cateied to in every ad.  you wiite.  Energy, enthusiasm, enteipiise and  a firm beiief in advertising are the  chief characteristic's of most meichants  who'win success.  'I'he spice of advertising is variety,  and the variety cannot be done too  often. One would tire of a Muiillo  or Raphael, il he had to fix his eye  upon it every day. <  The best adveitising medium is the  local paper. The best advertisment is  the one ihat tells what you want to say  in the fewest and plainest words. So  word your adveitisemeni that it will be  undeistood. So display it that it will  catch the eye." Insert it in the best  paper and it will bring you business.  -pod Team ol Horses for Sale.  First class'team of work hoises for  sale. Good for driving. Kach will  weigh about 1,200 pounds. Are in  good condition. Owner wishes to.sell  as he has no further use for them. In-  <iuiie at Pioneer office. 33*34  D. J. MATHESON,  -    a*i  INSURANCE AGENT,  FIRE, LIKE, ACC DENT.  Commissioner for titUuf: \lfldavlu.  i -  PHOENIX, B.  Take  THE PIONEER  .Ji,!  You should if you don't. It gives the news  of the Boundary. It works for the Boundary. It is owned, by the[ editor and not by  any clique or faction. It is worth $ J 0.00.  Iticosts only $2.00.  R. A. SCOTT.  Contractor and Builder.  Estimates Furnished.  PHOENIX, B. C.  "Amiiek" I'1'.lj Smoking Tobacco is  winning on'its nieiiis. Have you tried  it?    S.ive th. t.i^s; they are v.tluable .  S. CAY-LKY. W. B. COCHRANE.  CAYLEY & COCHRANE.  Solicitors, Etc.  PHOENIX, B. C.  B. C MINING NOTES  W^���'''ry-y,'yy  "WmiA-AyyA-  I 1902  JULY  1902  Sun. M011.  Tubs. Wed.  Thu  ,Fri.  Sat.  ��    2   3  4  5  6    7  8    9 JO  11  12  J3 14  15   16 17  18  19  20 21  22  23 24  25  26  27 28  29 30 31  The recently published report of ihe  Treadwell mine, Alaska, having woiked  out a system of mining by which 34  cents per ton is knocked off the oiieiat-  ing expenses, is indeed impoitant to  miners cf low grade ore. It means  that even one dollar ore, in large quantities, can be handled at a profit.  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  ^_8-f&wW*-'-'���.-**-" "'���*''  Ayfy. There is but one paper in the Boun-  ;-;S3<3ary thas has not changed editors  tsiSsince it began publication. That paper  [Ai:y-is the Phoenix Pioneer.  1.1 a.'; - ��� v*,:'  Ay Politics in this province have taken  ;'Aa. rest at last, and it is no small relief  i'.io both politicians and people, but  ^mostly to the latter.  ti ti-"�� **v��T;;'w  PMtMiy0A  itlffi t&W? ���'���������?������?'::  A:y King Edward is progressing so well  < vthat his crowning is set for a few weeks  -hence.    But it will not be an event of  >su(_h magnificence as was set for June  ;>'-6th. ' ,'    '  AA, In many parts of the Boundary the  A clack of the air drill is not heard just  ixnow���Phoenix alone excepted. The  yCiou's Nest Pass Coal Co. is certainly  ,;';''h" foi the present.  If the Elmore oil process will do  anything like what is predicted for it,  the solution of the problem of low-  grade mining at a profit in this section  has been solved. Although a company  has been formed for exploiting the  system in Canada, its piacticability on  a large scale is yet to be elucidated.1 ���  There aie a few companies operating  in the Boundary that have gone on in  their business of mining without friction and without paying attention to  every little wind that blows iu ��� the  financial and" labor wpild. Two ol  these are the Granby and Snowshoe.  They are in the mining business .for  what there is in it, and not to work  the stock markets.  iSifc....  8M��_-'. A^A  , i >One of the best all-round mining  ��� weeklies published is the Western Mining World. It has improved greatly  since removing from Butte to Chicago,  .and covers the western mining fields  ���'���thoroughly.  ;iKjV:Mining districts in British Columbia  ;sj.are expeuencing a period of temporary  ii::'depiession, but brighter days are ahead:  A('.The ore is here in untold quantities,  'Sand time will work out the problem in  i^avsatisfactorv manner.  ttim  I* :A'  ml  ii Ssi x i-A' one time there were'eight dailies  ^SyipublisheG in the Kootenays and .Yale.  S1M^W l,lere -1"-*l-ft two in Rossland  'M[aSW&$ one '" Nelson. There was-so  ::;^:I^V|tnuch money in the newspaper business  AyAAypW ll)e publishers of the others re-'  c:iv'5';'riired.  "������/'';K:'';'''CJoseP" Mai tin last week took a trip  ���������'":"A(y::'[to .Rossland  and   tlie Slocan, but he  y'A'A^yas n''" teceived with  acclaim by the  ���-rhultiiudes.    Joseph's political aero-,  ���'���;.   banc (eats do not seem   to have made  ;, him many friends with  the  rank and  >;    file of the electorate.  ^t ]  './/..;���    ,/?;��� :At Jn_t the Spokesman-Review has  J   S',   virtually "taken  water"  in  regard to  :.;::;, Thunder Mountain being the prospec-  J^��aS?$i^!t-������-^^^^;f���M;''v>!M^;^Sr*? c-c-or ,do\   'l'odaytthere are 'prob-  ^^^^M0[i$0^A^y thousands of deluded gold seek-  |^fei^;^'^;.^;:S??;s'curs,n8 "*e great Sjwkane daily's  ��� ;-;^:; i\;hppm methods of last winter.  , On account of its economy���not to  say paisiniony���in mine practice, the  Crow's Nest Coal Co. is said to be responsible for the lives of some 140 ol  its employees. This same company  lays itself open to still fuither adverse  criticism, to put it mildly, when it  inaugurates measures that will take the  biead out of the mouths of thousands  in the mining districts.of southern  British Columbia.  Uay by day the wires have been  ticking out long stories of the hunt for  Harry Tracy, the escaped Oregon murderer. This bloodthirsty fiend has a  wondeiful knack of disappearing. Like  Paddy's flea, when you put your hand  on him he's not there. It's only, a  question of time, however,'till he will  receive some cold lead, and his pursuers will quarrel over the $6,000 reward.  Sandon mines shipped 868 tons of  ore during June.  From Slocan City 140 tons of ore  weie shipped last week.  W_:k on the Noble Five, Slocan, is  to be resumed with a small force.  Nearly 15,000 tons cf ore wereshi))-  ped from the Slouan the first half of  1902.  Last week's ore shipments from  Rossland amounted to neaily 7,000  tons. ; .. .  The Silver Hill mine,-,back ot'Craw-  ford Bay, is beginning to ship oie to  the Trail smelter.  Late developments in the Monitor,  Slocan, tend to prove that ore impioves  in depth in that camp.  The Ferguson Eagle sa}s the Ale  Crossan Vulcan smelter will commence  to smelt some lime this montn.  The Antweip, Belgium, works have  contracted for 2000 tons of zinc ore  from the Bosun mine, New Denver  The last car of oie shipped fiom the  Wonderful netted $2557. This is the  richest ore ever shipped from thf mine.  McNicholl and Ross, the British  Columbia team, won the drilling contest at Bizbee, Arizona, on the 4th of  July, drilling^ 25-32 inches.- - ;>-  ��� Spokane men have secured an option  upon the majority of the American Boy  stock ^Slocan) at twelve cents a share.  They expect to sell it in.New York.  R. B. KERR,  Rarrister and Solicitor,  notary puiiuc.  PHOENIX. B.C.  OnrNEW IviueofWiitches t  and Chains -j;  Must bt Seen \  to be Appreciated'  These goudsnie the. very latest in  design nud wnikmanship, and  will be sold at veiy low price.  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Chec-iug As-nys a Specialty.  : COMPANY  Meets Ttipsiiiiy  niglitB, 8;3o o'clock at  Miners' Union Hall.  WHAT EDITORS SAY  Cast a Slur���The Nelson Economist cast a haid slur at the counti)  editor,in its last issue. The Economist  must think that  Nelson  is a city.   Cranbiook Heiaid.  A JJoo.Mr.RANt; ��� The strike is a  boomerang tlvni misses the monopoly  aimed at but swais ihe laboier with  compound foice._ Take the case ol  the Kernie su ike, for instance.���Sandon I'avstieak.  ,rm..., if ���-���  AiW  il ^V,t1, tIie Great Northern's opening  ^pf;'!** hew line to Republic���the' great  reservation camp to the south, assisted  .by,'he Boundary smelters, should lake  ;-on new life. Patsy Clark's elevation  ,pnce;> rhoie to the presidency of the  /;Repuhlic mine will help some, too. ���  ��� Luck in thic Slocan*���Other parts  of the world can have tornadoes, earth  qiifak_s/*efupiive-volcanoes and such  things. In the Slocan all we can' get  is rain and a glimpse ,of ihe sheriff.  Such is luck���New Denver Ledge.  j' *B-_i_>**  **���*$����  arjb���jltoji  WS&* ii'uslralion of the gieat power of  ;||l^i'ite*;''' 'nk is at hand. Misses La-  I '/ ^' ant- F'anigan have been touring  i;��>:'[&? section, and although giving meri-  Iniol-kadle State ���That the  whole of, on important mining district  like the "Boundary'should he shutdown  for an indefinite period because of  trouble in the coal mines is an intolerable state of affairs. There is only one  way-out ofthe matter and that is com  pulsoiy aibitration.���Rossland World  EASTERN DEPARTMENTAL STORES,,  Good Remedy For Their Inroads on  Local  ��� -  Trade.  The New Westminster Columbian  in an editorial on this subject says:  "A memoiial from the Kamloops  Board of Trade, calling attention to  the inroads on local business made by  Eastern houses who solicit by means  of circulars sent through the mails, has  been referred by our Board of Trade  to the Merchants' Association, as the  body best qualified to speak on the  subject.   It is a remedy that is wanted.,  "Our first prescription for this would^  be intelligently directed advertising in  the local paper. .If home merchants  set out the attractions .of the goods  they offer as carefully as the mail order  houses puff their wares in the literature  they circulate, the far away stocks  would not appear 10 enticing. lint in  neaily eveiy small community the  merchants are shy about committing  themselves 10 details^ in their printed  advertisements, and the consequence  is that ordets which might well be fill  ed at home go to a far away firm wise  enough to make an easily understood  bid for the'm."    ������*.  Eastern departmental stores do a  large-business because they are not shv  of p inteis' ink. It is advertising that  does it and they are not afraid of it,  nor do they pick out the cheapest  papers and methods of a-lvei lining.  The best is none too good .and they  pay well for space. There is much 111  the Columbian's comment that shoulG  be made a note of by "ocal advertisers  ���Kamloops Sentinel.   >  R. T.ORAII,  President.  Miss Losche,  Secretary.  Those desiring hclpapply to secretary. "Phoney  GEORGE GIBSON)  SHAVING PARLORS  and BATHROOM.  Graves-Williams Block, cor.  First aud Old Ironsides Ave,  Phoenix, B. C.  Is Encouraging ��� There seems  every probability that the adaptation  ^pnpus entertainments, generally had ofthe oil process to the British Colum-  gwgall audiences. As for advertising, bia ores will �����������_ entirely successful,  :-^almost ignored the press���the re- [ and if this be so, the outlook for the  ^tteng as stated. Now take anoth-' Kootenay district as a great minin-  ipcase^that of the "Too Rich to!country will be almost indefinitely en-  ^arry Co.     In every town wficre it larged.-Vancouver Province.  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Jewelery  of every deacrlp  tion suitable forbirthay pmeiiia can be  obtained at  W. ZIMHERMAN'S  Shows That a Total of Over 250,000 Tons  Have Been Shipped to Our Smelters*  ������������������������������������������  a  *  t  p.-  r"_**i  >   ���  ��- *���_������  _.   i * ���_,  r*. _u  ���_Y  ��� ���-,?*  i  If t  FASHION  LIVERY..  STAKES  Knob Hill Avenue  FRASER'&LAND0N,  ..TKLEPHONE No. io. PROPRIETORS  Phoenix  Phoenix Street.    'Phone 53,  We make good bread,     Try, it.  ���. ��� .C W. GREER, Proprietok.  DETAILED RECORD OF EACH MINE FOR SIX MONTHS  Granby Mines Head the List; Followed by the Mother Lode,  Sunset, Snowshoe and Others ��� Shipping List Steadily  Growing.  lmm to H_J  PHPENIX ���  MARKET. ���    :  ��� HEAD OFFICE FOR BOUN-AKV CREEK, GREENWOOD, B. C. J  ��� . HEADQUAR1TRS, NELSON, B. C.    , ���  ��� UIIlI.-_I-   __ 1 !i\-��_..r *  i P. Burns & Co.  HEADQUAR1TRS, NELSON, B. C.  .... Vfiolesale and iBetaili %ati flerchants. |  J        Markets at Nelson, Kaslo, Three Forksj Sandon, Slocan City, ���  ��� Silverton, New Denver, Ymir. Salmo, Rossland, Trail, Cascade, ���  ��� Grand Forks, Greenwood, Midway, Niagara and I'hoenix. ���  ��� FISH, OYSTERS'AND POULTRY IN SEASON. ���  ��� ���  J All orders receive prompt attention. ���  MMt^HlllllWtbi"  �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  itn-T*-' A'  1 if -  CINE.  Between Phoenix and Greenwood.  Leave Phoenix 8.30 and 'J.   Leave Greenwood J0 and 4:  ��� ��� DAILY  a*-*,* A. S. 4 PAW, Proprietor.  Parlor- care  CARS.  Columbia; and; Kootenay,  Between NELSON and MIDWAY.  MI~MU3  Table d'Hote  Liquors and Cigars at  Standard Prices.  A compilation of the tonnage of ore  shipped from the leading mines of the  boundary that have been sending to  the three smelters of this section for  the first half of the year 1902, shows  that the amount is 256,371 tons���a  showing that is of itself most creditable  when compared will) what has been  done for a similar peiiod in the past.  Owing lo the shoitage of coke at the  smelters during the month of June,  requiring them to tun at lighter rate  when in blast at all, that month does  not make as good a record as there  was reason to expect. Still the showing is a good one.  As might be expected, the Granby  mines in Phoenix camp are far in the  lead with a total of neaily 175,000 for  ihe six  months.   The   Mother  Lode  by the Sunset, Snowshoe and several  others which have now come to be regarded as among the steady shippers  of this section.  Unless something unforeseen occur*  to prevent, the total for the balance of  1902 will exceed that for the first six  months, and the' total tonnage for the  entire year will considerably exceed  the 500,000 mark, wilh a good chance  of its being much higher. In other  words, (he tonnage for the year 1902  will be more than for 1900 and 1901  combined.  The following table will show-the  shipments of each mine on the shipping list, by months, for the last six  months, which are correct as fai as tie  figures could be ascertained by the  Pioneer, and are believed  to be accu-  comes next with 70,094 tons,followed [rate:  Complete  equipment,- unequalled in  the' West.  Mine  Granliy mines.  Mother i.ud��.  .Jewel   (inlilcn Crown  Win nil ec    Snoushoi!   No. 7   Sunset   Km ma   B.C. Mine   Jan.'  ...17.571  .. 11,988  '.!''" "180  ...     110  Feb.  March  April  May  June  20.206  30 58f)  41.331  42,176  22,8'K)  12,402  10,0!)6  11.584  11,072  12,357     1,140  ���������������.'  620  120  130  200  250  85  M0  180  480  180  ��� - ��� .  1,770  250  150  ....  60  172  3,340  110  ...  1,798  Total  174.772  70,004  1,700  630  805  2 430  4K2  3,490  110  3.798  Treadwell process can be applied in  California, and it probably can, it will  l-iing into the field of active operation  an indefinite volume of gold-bearing  quartz which now affords no profit under the methods employed here.  "There are innumerable quartz veins  of enormous bulk in this state  which  cany from $1 to $z per ton of gold,  but with   one or  two exceptions  the  cost of mining and  milling  has  been  higher than the value of the  mineral  contents of these big ore bodies. They  have been  condemned,  theiefore,  as  unavailable.   If a  66  cents per  ton  process can be applied to them, .these  big quartz deposits will possess a commercial value which cannot he sneezed  at, and the gold-quartz resources of the  state will be  tremendously  expanded.  If it can be applied 10 the mines operated on the mother lode, it will  prac-  itcally renew ihe lives of those properties, because it will make it  profitable  to extract eveiy  pound  of ore  lying  between the walls of that great  fissure  vein, and it will also pay to mine and  reduce much of the slate formation  in  its neighborhood, which is gold bearing.  The cost of mining  and milling  on  that   lode has  been   cut  down  from  about $9 per ton twenty-five years ago  io$2.2.-, at present, and now four-dollar ore is worked at a profit. Hut theie  is a vast leserve in the  vein,  cairying  fiom $2 to $3 per ton, which   nobody  can afford to touch with a $2.25  process, all of which will yield a bigpiofit  lor working if the new process of the  Treadwell mine can be applied  to- it.  Gold quaitz   mining   has   reached   a  wonderfully fine point when   ihe  cost  of winning the piecious metal from its  matrix is reduced to 66 cents per ton.'  "CTA-CTON   HOT  S-THIX'SK  -�����".   The     mo&t    complete  on the continent of North  "AXITAl'Il'M  The     ,no,t    ��,���jpje,e HEALTH  America. Shunted midst p C C ft D T  scenery unriviillc." 'or���rr,n- ��- <����� U n I  deur. Boating, Viihiug and KxcuiSions. Resident Physician and Nun��e, Tth-yiaphic communication with all parts of the world; Iwo  mails arrive and depart etery <ln/. Ill, baths  cure all nervous aw! uiusculai di-<tabes; il��� waters heal all Kidney, I.tveranil feu mach Ailments  Terms: Jis to f i�� per week, according to re��-  dence In hotel or Halcyon Hot Springs,  our Lake B. C.  Oregon R. R. & Nav. Co.  Oregon Short Line R. R.  Union Pacific R. R.  ONLY LINE EAST  VIA  Salt Lake and Denver.  Two Trains Daily.  Steamship tickets to Europe and other  foreign countries.  I<eavca  Dally  Spokane 'rime Scheiluie.   Hffe-cth'ejuiji' 32 1903  -Tii"  Arrive:  Daily  7.45 a.m. VAST MAIL���Th and from  Coeur d'AU lie districtfrarm-  itl_toli.C'Rrfield ' c.lfiix, I'lill-  man,   *Mo��<cott',   *I'onicroy,' '  Wnltshui |{, ��a> ton. Wall u  Walla, I>rii-!i��tuii, llaVer City  and nit points Kn*t 6.35 p. m.  3-45 p. m. KXPRl'SS���Kor I'liriuiiigton  Garfield, CoIf.i_, Pullman,  Moscow.T.cu-ibton, Portland  i"mi Krmici'icij. 'Jni-er City  andallpoiiils KAST.  EXPKKSs ��� 1'ioiM all pemt-  l'nst, Ilukcr City. Snu "rnn-  cisco, Portland, Colfax, (Jar-  field and HnrininKton..... 9.50a. m.  ���Except Sunday.  SHORT LINE TO CALIFORNIA.  San FrnncUco-PortlHiul Route.  Steamera sail from Aiuaworth dock. Portland,  at 8 p. m. and lrom Spear Street u liai f, SanKrau-  Cisco, at 10 a. 111. every five dnjH.  Tickets on sale at all S. 1'. ft X. Stations.  Kor further tu formation as 10 rales, time of  trains, equipment, etc., address  GEO. J. MOIIM'R, General Agent,  430 UivcrMde Ave., Spokane, Wash  WORTH KNOWING  rotate, tons    29,849       33,708   41,780     54,485      53,488   43,061        256,371  For Time-tables, rates/and  full iiirormatlon  can on or address nearest-local agent, or  O. XV. Dey, EJ.Covle,.  Agent, ' A.G.P.Agt.  Phoenix, B. C.   Vancouver, B.C  J. S. Carter, D. P. A.,  Nelson, B.C.  Figures  Talk  The fifth annual meeting of the  shareholders of the Clow's Nest Pass  Coal Company was held in Toronto  on March 7 th.  The net profit of the year afterj paying  all   opeiatimr   expense   and   all  charge of every kind amounted to $207,-  84839.    After paying a dividend at  the rate of ten per cent, per annum, a  balance  of $28,142.89   was    carried  forward to the credit of profit and loss.  This   company's   assets   are  their  coal mines and 'the. Townsite of Fernie.'.  Four years ago this Company had no  transportation facilities, and their stock  sold as low as eleven cents per share.  Today their stock is selling at $90.00.  The Similkameen Valley Coal Company, I/mited, assets are, coal mines,  timber, water power,  agricultural  and  hoiticuliuial land,   city   water  works,  electric light plain' and the townsite of  Ashnola, surrounded by the following  icsources: gold,'-.copper',, silver,  lead,  iron,-lime,- fire clay,  platinum and a  line stock raising country and it is the  smelling  centre  ol   the  Similkameen  Valley, .with a climate nil that could he  ������ asked.     Today you can secure an option, on this Company's stock by paying.ten cents per share down and ten  cents per month until fully paid,   with  nonforfeiture  clause.     This price  is  subject to a twenty-five per cent advance  without notice, or as soon as transportation it assured.     The present price  is $icib per share.     Do not wait until it is too late, but get in oh the ground  . floor and make a handsome profit.    A  purchaser   of   ioo   shares  now,   may  gain   a  profit of $8990.00.     Crow's  Nest  shares are  an example.      This  would be a fair  profit on   an  investment of $10.00 per-month   for eleven  months.    We invite the fullest inspection of the company's affairs by intending purchasers,  For further information apply to  Similkanieen Valley Coal Company, limited.  [Caws by an |  I    Old Jachdawj  Fond of the speculative height.  Thither I wine; ray airy flight,  Aud thence securely sees  The bustle and the raree show  Which agitate mankind below,  Secure and at his ease.  A business man of Phoenix had a  conveisation with the Old Jackdaw  the other day that is worth repeating,  as it shows how at least one man heie  ���and there are others-r-Iooks at 'this  question of patronizing home institutions.    Here is what he said :  MS  "I found a-man who is working for  me sending his money away to Eaton's  ���the big store wheie they do not even  pay fair wages���in Toronto for some  of the things he wanted, things that  could nearly all of them have been  purchased in Phoenix establishments.  I told him that I was paying him two  or three times what I could get a man  back in Toronto ��� for, but I did not  kick at that; and I thought he should  spend his money here, providing he  could get what he needed. He thought  it over, and I'm pleased to say that he  has gotton over the Eaton fever for  good."   Caw!.Cawl Caw!  mineral production^ from  mines' that  are revenue producing.  MS  Here is something from an exchange,  adapted to local conditions, that should  be read by every business man. There  is a lot of common sense in it:  "Advertising is a jvay of getting  business when'-business does not come  to'you. You'can't see every resident  of Phoenix and talk to them about  your goods. This is impossible. But  you can say what you want them to  know in the Pioneer columns, and they  will-read it, for there is hardly a man  or woman in Phoenix who does not  read the Pioneer. This a pointer  worth considering for the man who  does not advertise, and also for the  man who does not change his ad. Say  something direct to the point each  week.   You cannot help  but prosper | duction w  Nelson, B/C.  Here is a receipt forjhe making of  a good town,' which the Old Jackdaw  recently noticed. All who really have  the welfare of their town at! heart  should read, ponder and inwardly di  gest:       ���  Grit.  Vim,  :.-.   Push.  Snap.  Energy.  Mortality.  Cordiality.  Talk about it.  Write about it.  Help to improve it.  Subscribe for its papers.  Help all public enterprises.  Make the atmosphere healthy.  Faith  exhibited by good works. .  Fire all loafers, crokers and dead beats.  Let your object be the welfare, growth  and promotion of your  town  and   its  citizens.  Speak well of the right spirited men, and also be one yourself.  by it.    Just try it a few weeks and see  for yourself."  MS  Phoenix is not much of a place for  lovers of the piscatorial ��� art, and yet  there are not a few-'of the disciples ol  Isaac Walton'here who willingly'travel  many miles to indulge in it. The for-  lowir)g:illuki_t_d'story describes sortie  of them; accurately:  When a Phoenix man doth wish to angle  A hook like this-he loves to dangle:  J-'-:  He has a lineso good and strong,  And catches a fish-about so long;  Montana produced over $60,000,-  000 in metal in 1901.  Experts asseit that 22,000 pounds  of copper are consumed per month.  At the present time the great Treadwell, of Douglas island, Alaska, is estimated to have above the 400-foot level  4,1-31,640 tons of ore, carrying about  #2.12 per ton gold.  The great Kimberly mines have pro  duced during the past 30 years $350,-  000,000 worth of diamonds in the  rough. The value of them after cutting would be about doubled.  The annual report of the Hudson  Hay Co. shows a profit of $690,000 as  compared with $340,000 in 1901, due  to higher prices obtained for furs and  increased land sales. A dividend of  15 shillings was declared.  The gold production of the Rand  mines, of South Africa, for May was  about 140,000 ounces, worth $2,800,-  000. For March of this year the proas 140,000 ounces and April  Spota f* id tofa  NELSON  &   l'.RT   SHEPPARD  JtEI)_IOUi\TAL\K.T.  The only fill-lull route bttween all points east,  west, and south to Kos.sl.md, Xclsou aud all intermediate points; conm-cLlin: at .Spokane with  the Great Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R _  N. Co.  Couuccti ntNrl��ou Mith sleaiuu for Kaslo aud  all Kootenay Lake points.  Connect-! at Mever'sFalls ivith sl.ijje daily lor  Republic, and connects al Ilossburg with stage  ' ily for Grand Forks and Greeunood,  BulTet Sleeper run on p.isseuger trains between Spokane aud Northport.  EPFKCTIVK  SUNDAY, MAYS, 19��'���  Leave. Daily Train Arrive  g.2oa.m Spokane 7:15 p. in.  .2:25 a. m Rossland- 4:10 p. m  9:40 a. m Nelson 645 p. m.  H. A. JACKSON,  General Passenger Agent.  EASTERN  Townships Bank,.  ESTABLISHED 1859.  CAPITAL     -       -     -     -  CAPITAL, PAID UP  RESERVE FUND   -   -  $2,000,000  $f,9SS.22S  $1,200,000  116,000 ounces. From this date forward the increase in production will  be large.  "Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco is  winning in its merits. Have you tried  it?    Save the tags; they are   -.aliaLle.  Remember you can get anything in  the market at the Dominion.  Before he gets home the fisli doth gro��'[ ?]  And he tella his friends that it stretched  out so:  Some few people in the Kootenays  and Yale seem to think that the business of mining has gone to the bowwows, because none of the mining  towns are booming and forging ahead  at the old phenomenal gate, which  after all we all-knew could not last.  MI  But the Old Jackdaw wishes to beg  to differ with them. To be sure, the  wind and hot air'has been knocked  out of them, and it must be acknowledged that iii the long run this is a  good thing. We have had more hot  air than is really good for us in the  Boundary country, even if we have  not had as many wild cats to deal with  as they had in'the Kootenays. Legitimate propositions, that can show a fair  chance of paying dividends, are still in  demand. ' The Old: Jackdaw' ventures  the prediction that the Boundary country will yet gstonish (he 'vyorld  in its  But his friends who have a-fishin^ been,  Know that the mart has lied like Bin,  And they simply sit and suite and grin.  The Oi.u Jackdaw.  Engineers, Firemen, Machinists and  Electricians senu lor 40-page pamphlet containing Questions asked by  Examining Board of Engineers to  obtain Engineers license. Address  Geo. A. Zeller, Publisher, 18 S. 4th  Street, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.A.     29  BOARD OK niRHCTOKS:  Wm Farwlll, President.  Hon. M.  H. Cochrane, Vice-Prei.  Israel Wood, J. S. Mitchell, G. Stevens, J. N.  Galer,   N. W.  Thomas, C. II.   Kathan, H. B.  Brown, K. C.  HEAD OKK1CB, SHKRBROOKK, V. Q.  Jas. afackiuuon,   Gen'l Mgr.  S. Edukll.   Local Mgr.  S. K. Mokbv, Inspector of Branches.  BRANCHES.  Ill Province of Quebec-  Montreal. B Austin, M.ui.ii!cr.  Waterloo  W. L Ilrigfcs, Manager.  Rock Island, S. Stevens, Manager.  CownnsMlle. 11. V. WilIi.uuH, Ms��r.  Coaticook, li. N. Kobuisuu, Manager.  Richmond, W. L. lull, Mj;r.  Granby, W. H. Robinson, M^r.  Bedford   W. II. Il.irt:ia\L-, Mi;r.  Hum ngduii, A. W. Watson, Mgr.  Magu*>, W. I). Fraser, M>��r.  St. 1]>ncmtiie, J.   L.tfrainbuisc, M^r.  Ormstown. K W. Moiuan, M;:r  Windsor Mills, K. V Oliwer, Mm  Iu Province of British Cotuinljhi���  Gram! Forks,  AViu. ispier, Mgr  PhoeUx, N. U. Slack, AcliiiK Mgr.  Agents   iu    Canada,   Hank  of   Montreal   and  Branches.  "     Loudon, Eug., National 3auk of Scotlaud.  "     Boston, National Exchange Hank  "     New York, National Park Bank.   '  Collection,     made at   all   accessible    points.  Drafts issued lor any required amounts,'good at  all points in Caiiatln,   U.S. and Euiope.    Exchange bought and sold.  Savings   Bka.n-cu    Dkpaktmen't    at     Each  Okfick.  Interest allowed from dale of deposit and compounded annually without requiring attention ot  depositor.  Office Hours: 10-3: Saturday from 10 10 12.  PROFITS IN ONE DO-LAI- ORB.  Revolutionize  New  Treadwell Procesi May  Mining.  The improved method of mining  and milling adopted by the company  owning the Treadwell mine on Douglas Island, Alaska, which reduces the  cost from jjSi.io to' 66 cents"per ton,  means a great'annual saving in the  operation of the Soo stamps which the  company owns. As the ore averages  less than $2 per ton, the new process  means not only a" cut of nearly one-  half on the expense of mine and mill  operation, but it brings within the field  of profitable reduction a vast amount  of quartz which under former conditions would ' be classed as virtually  barren and woi thless.  The San Frahcisco Chronicle has  this to say on the matter: "The new  process will 'mate one-dollar ore profitable to work, and in the case of the  Treadwell" mine the dollar standard  will'add millions of tons of available  quartz 'in sight' to the corporation's  stock. No one- save a practical miner  can fully comprehend the significance  of a profit in dollar ore.   If the new  An Unprecedented  fef to our Subscribers.  BOTH NEW AND OLD.  Phoenix Pioneer and Toronto  Globe (daily) both for One  year   Phoenix Pioneer and Toronto  Globe, (weekly) both for One  year  .-.  Phoenix Pioneer and Montreal  Daily Herald, both for One  T7A5.T*   /Including Handsome Portrait\  jf Dul    ^0f King Edward, 17x22 inches./--- ���  Phoenix Pioneer and New York  World, Thrice-a week, both  for one year    Phoenix Pioneer and Montreal  Family Herald and Weekly Star,  both one year.   Subscriptions! received to all Magazines and l'eriodi-  cala at publishers lowest rates.  Send all subscriptions to this office.  PHOENIX  PIONEER,  PHOENIX, B. C.  ���*V"'"-y w&A  f.?*-H'��Ssil'wi AyA'  feiL-.;��sr>3[':.  1P��"'  *v��.\& **f*       !*��  iP'ipl  s>3  if*..'  B*��y ���������"���I' *  >.<s?4'-akl��H  ���       ���     ��fitt!r��Sf!-l��.|'S  'IWri!  i'JIsfilSjB?  l*i*fjf�����'"  PPiP  ISlWfi  Mm  S_i.rSSVl.��*''  PJ��'  i��* -in,  mm  ,-���.�� <W���ST'  ������S_j '  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  Good Bar In |  Connection.  Large Sample Rooms.  Electric-*^  | J*_* j* Bells I  and Lighted j  Tlie Dominion House  GELLIS & FORREST, Proprietors  Centrally Located  THE ONLY FIRST-CLASS  HOTEL IN PHOENIX  Old Ironsides Avwtee  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������a**������������*�����������������������������������������������������aaoaa������������������������������������������  ��� '  -���'  Marshall & Shea, Proi-s.  In Connection with Aetna Lodging House.  Knob Hill Avenue,  Phoeuix, B. C.  BUS MEETS JUL TRAINS. LIVERY STABLE IN CONNECTION  Best Ohtainalile  1'rands pf  Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  'Phone 29  Dining Room  First-class in  Everv Pauicular.  r,'''~-  e  f I BRIEF NEWS NOTES"  MATTERS OF GEN-  ERAL INTEREST  TO   PHOENICIANS.  der ed a verdict to  the  effect  that deceased came to his death through con-  Sunny South���Thursday evening,  Rev. Sapprill, of the Methodist college  at New Westminster, lectured at Hardy- j tact wiih a live wire  -McKenzie Hall on the "Sunny South"  being his experiences in California.  There was no admission" cUarged, a  collection being taken at tlie door.  Still Buying (jut Opposition���  Johanneshiirg, South Afriea, where he  has an engagement with a hig mining  concern.  Mrs. Coryell, of ("land Korks, who  has been visiting Mrs. Samuel Somer-  vilie, was called home Thursday by the  illness of her smi 1mauk.  Milton Trevorrow, the three )e:u  old son of the foreman of the Snow-  shoe mine, has been very low this weefc,  as a result of scarlet fever.  Several Phoenicians, aimed like an  I arsenal, suited out to find Tracy  this  Gone up West r*ORK.���Last Monday William J. Porier started on an ex  tended trip up the West Fork of Ket  tie river, to be gorre several weeks in  search of specimens of the feathered,  finny or four footed tribes. He took  Mrs. Porter along to take care of him.  1*. Burns & Co., the  cattle kings and j week, but  up to ihe hour of going to  meat purveyors of the   Kootenays and   press, no succesi is reported.  Yale, are still reaching out and absorb-'     h'or the yeai ending June 301I1,   the  oppo.ition   retail   shops,    The   latest customs levenue at Grand   Forks   was  Llased the Dominion ��� Papers  were signed Thuisday evening, by  which the Dominion House was leased  to David Oxley and C. A. McClung,  who will take possession August 1st  J. N. Gillis, the present manager, will  attand to some mining matters in  Idaho and elsewhere.  acquisition is that of the retail shops  in Frank and Jilairmore. two coal mining towns across the Uritish Columbia  line in Alberta. F'or a monopoly P.  Hums & Co. enjoy the distinction of  being one of the whitest concerns do  ing business in this piovince.  $67,447.58.    Inland revenue  foi   the  same term was-about $10,000.  M mager Keffer, of the Mother Lode  mine, Deadwood camp,was in  Pboe-jg,ore iu|    --,-  nix yesterday uith some  friends,  and)   " ,��� {       ~3~~5  Boundary Sneltla. Situation.  Ore shipments have been made this  last week from the Granhy mines in  Phoenix at "average rate of 1,00c tons  per day. The third furnace was started last Satuadayat the Granby smelter,  and the company's officials have strong  ho|>es of being able to blow in the  fourth furnace shortly.  The Moiiier Lode and Sunset smelters are still cold, but they hope to get  coke enough to start agahr before the  end of July. ��� The coke b^ing received  sull comesVicTnniie Michel ovens.  No change is reported in ihe situation of the Fernie coal mine strike.  The mines there have been closed and  apparently abandoned���not a bright  outlook for the town ol Ferine.  BUSINESS NOTICES.  A completely furnished cabin can be  rented at a reasonable figure by appl) -  ing to A. G. Simpson.  Cotton raj's wanted at the Pioneer  office. Highest pi ice paid. Hi ing  'em along and get youi money.  The finest job printing ever lurntd  out in any office,in British Columbia  is being defile every day in the Job  Depaitment of ihe Phoenix Pioneer.  I fall" interest in a'good lively business for saie, on account of |roor he.ilth.  Apply lo J. K. Fraser at Fashion  Stable, Knob Hill Ave., Phoenix, H. C.  Householders, you are sine to have  some goods that aie useless lo you,  but can be used by some one else.  Call at the Granby Exchange and exchange or get cash for them. ,.  If your eyes fail to do the work re-  cjuired of them with comfort, an appointment with Geo. L. Pedlar, Opt.  1). specialist, will insure the condition  you look   for.     At McKenzie.   Dni}-  THE PEOPLES  CASH STORE  DOMINION AVi'.N'Ul', 1'HOKMX. B.C..  Groceries  :i:mr/::'':  Produce  We want  YOU and ' every other man,  woman and child'to, remember  that better or purer Drugs  were never grown nor made  than we are selling every day.  That's the kind of goods you  want���and none other.  J*W^%***%VMkVH^,.  The Druggist.  Knob Hill Ave. Phoenix, B. C.  BUSINESS   KOK   A Clean. Fresh and Select  Stock of Eatables at Lowes!  Cost. Read your profits in  tlie Prices."  Ilarili'-McKcinie 'Hock.  'I'liuiic 61.  Quarantine Was Raised ��� Dr.  Schon, provincial health officer, was in  ���the city Monday and raised the scarlet  fever quarantine at the home of John  Swanson on Grey Eagle avenue. Mr.  Swanson's little son Edwin had a se-  . vere attack of the disease, but was  safely pulled through.  Base Ball Tomorrow���The base  ball nine from Greenwood- is scheduled to cross bats with Phoenix on the  Phoenix grounds tomorrow afternoon.  Last Sunday picked nines from the  upper and lower towns tried conclusions, and after a hot contest the former won by the close score of 9 to8.  MacAdams Arrested���Wm. Mac-  Adams, editor of the Sandon Pay-  steak was arrested by Sheriff Tuck on  Tuesday at Sandon, and taken to Vic-  toi ia to answer a charge of contempt  for something he had published about  the judiciary. He said he would have  gone before if transportation had been  '. sent to him. ,   '  Catholic Church Bids���Father  A. Bedaid in another column is  asking for tenders for the erection of a  Catholic mission church, the bids to  be in by the 25th inst. The plans  were drawn by George D. Curtis, of  Grand Forks, who had charge of the  other three church edifices in Phoenix.  The'building will adjoin the Anglican  church, and will be adorned with a  belfry. A 400 pound bell has been  ordered in the east, and when mounted  will be'the first church bell in the city  of Phoenix.  Fire at Anaconda���Monday evening the office and residence building of  Thomas A. Garland, the townsite man  ' of Anaconda, adjoining Greenwood,  was destroyed by fire. The loss is  estimated at gi.ooo. Mr. Garland is  one of ihe old time residents in the  Boundary Creek .valley, his townsite  having been platted long before Greenwood was thought uf.  About Dr. Jakes���Last Monday's  Vancouver Province contained a two  column sensational articlegiving the details of the arrest in San Francisco of  Dr. It. XV, Jakes, ex-ma)or of Greenwood, on a charge of adultery. It is  alleged that ihe doctor was living with  Miss Alice McGregor, at one time a  nurse in the doctor's hospital in  Greenwood, the anest being made at  her apartments. Action was taken at  the instigation of a brother of Mrs.  Jakes.who has been following the couple. The doctor, according to the  story, claims he is innocent.  Off on Vacations���Sid Coiilton,  of the Hunter-Keudrick Co.'s store,  and Eugene Shea, of Marshall & Shea,  pioprietors of the Bellevue Hotel, left  on Satui day's train for a month's vacation in the far east. Mr. Coulton  will visit his parents at Stratfoid, Ont.,  and Mr. Shea will visit" the old folks  at Saranac Lake, a famous watering  place in rhe state of New York, which  lie has not seen in fifteen years.  Renewed Licenses���Tuesday1'was  the date for renewal of retail liquor  licenses for the ensuing six months,  the fee being $150. The following  hotels renewed : Union, Miners' Exchange; ' Phoenix,- Norden, Black's,  Summit, Stemwinder, Knob Hill,  Bellevue, Dominion, Butte, Maple  Lelf, and Golden, with one other that  will probably lenew. This will make  14 licensed; houses in the city. Besides this, all other licenses are now  due again, such as tradeis, etc., and  City Clerk Matheson is busy these days  in adding to the city's tieasuiy and in  issuing receipts.  City and District Notes  Game Will Suffer���A, G. Simp-  son started out Wednesday on a hunting, fishing and prospecting trip up the  West Fork of Kettle river, which he  expects will take him as far as -the  townsite ofs Canyon City." "Simmy''  was armed cap-a-pie with all kinds of  bait, and if the fish and game do not  suffer it will not be his fault. He was  accompanied by W. H. Bambury and  a number of cayuses to bring back the  fruits of the chase.  Was Electrocuted���Thos. Oriel,  a young man of 28 years, was electrocuted Sunday evening at the Granby  smelter while in the performance of  his duties as assistant electrician. He  had gone to the loft to make some repairs, and when found was stretched  over several live wires, life being" extinct. His former home' was un Orange, New Jersey. Coroner West wood  empanelled a jury Monday, whfcl) jen-  David Wadds, of Nelson, who speni  several days in the city, returned home  Wednesday.  The new V., V. & li. bridge across  Kettle river, near Columbia, is neaily  completed.  Miss Kay Fleweliing left on Monday's train, to spend three weeks with  Nelson fiieuds.  On an enrollment of 176 pupils,  Grand Forks .public school had an  average1 attendance of 140.  Thos. Abriel, formerly located at  Nakusp for several years, spent two or  three days in the camp this week.  McArthur & Monk have appointed  R. A. Scott as valuatoi for the local  branch-of the Canadian Birkbeck Loan  Co.  Sunday night'the assry office of thc  Trail smelting woiks was completely  gutted by fire, the loss being almost  total.  The main shall of the Snowshoe is  now down 29 feet, and the work of  timbeiing it permanently is being carried on.  J. W. Cieighton, of Portland, representing the New York publishing house  of P. F. Collier, was a visitor in the  city this week.  Roadmaster Johnson, of the C.P.R.  came in Wednesday. He has had his  troubles this week with fallen trees  across the track.  R. H. Hutchens, formerly , foreman  of the Mother Lode mine, has gone to  went through the Knob Hill mine.  E. C. Keith returned Monday from  a trip up the West Fork of Kettle rivet  He thinks there  are  no:  more  than  thirty persons all told above Westbridge.  James McNulty has gone to do  some development on his promising  claims near Ollalla, in the Similkameen. He will be gone about six  weeks.  It. P. Williams, of the Canadian  Rand Drill Co., was a visitor Wednesday. His company have the various  large orders froin'the Granby Co. well  in hand.  Thursday afternoon Porter Bios.'  cable, being used on the stripping contract, pai ted, and fortunately no one  was hurt. It was_/ejwied._rsQ_,_that  work was resumed'the next morning  Johnny Walters, lohnny Graham  and Billy Hackett returned Saturday  from James creek lake, up the West  Fork, where they had been on a week's  fishing trip, having had the best of luck.  Wm. Tomlinson, chief clerk at the  Snowshoe mine, returned from- Rossland Wednesday, where he went to  meet the managing director, A. J. McMillan, who returned Sunday from  England.  Several cases of typhoid fever have  b en sent to the Gieenwood hospital  from Boundary Falls lately. The suffers include two adults and two chil-  ren. It is supposed that bad water is  the cause of their illness,  Four cars of Qiiilp ore have arrived  at the Granby smelter from Republic.  Besides being hauled on wagons, three  railways assisted in getting it to Grand  Forks, viz., the Hot Air, Great Northern, and C. P. R.  President.Miner, of the Granby Co.,  and party passed through Revelstoke  Sunday, on their way to the coast,  after being stalled at Medicine Hat for  several da>s, previous' to the annual  visit to the Boundary countiy.  This Week McArthur & Monk sold  a residence lot on the Old Ironsides  sub-division to S. H. Cosgrove, who  expects lo erect a residence. This  firm reports considerable inquiry for  lealiy, more than for some time  past.  Photographs���Cabineis, $3 and $4.  Stamp photo's. Children's pictures a  specialty; bring the babies. New views  of Phoenix, just the thing to send to  your friends in the east. All work  finished here." Hall's Photo Tent,  opposite Bank.  iAKERY  SALE  For paticulars inquire of  J. S. McCAGUE,  ��v_. Phoenix, B. C.  In tlie inciiiitlinr wc- will continue lo make the  b'.M Ilrcml. Oulte und Pica ever seen in the Itoull-  iliuy.   Have 3011 tried tliem ?  FOR RENT  Double Dwelling ITou'ei', each tm  per month. '"  Three roomed house, $J6.  Htii'ies id N. Y. Towne'ite  ' J!_dwer town to rent.  ; Lodging House.  and  FOR SALE  ���, -fe...V-vCv-rft sir_rt/_ii y.7 vSv  �����_'.,t_'.__,}3 ���  /is  CALL FOR TENDERS.  Scaled proposals will be rect'ived 111  Hie Cottage Hotel, according lo plans  and specifications, in poi-wi-fion uf Al  Kane, until Friday, July 25, 1002.- nt 8  p. 111., for tlie erection and completion of  n Catholic Mission (Jhnri-h in Phoenix,  B- 0. , ^, (Signed)  Father J. A. Bedaiid.  SPECIAL NOTICE.  For Rknt���3 Roomed house $10.  House in N. Y. Townsite and lower town.  Lodging house.  Rooms in all parts of town.  For Sale���Double dwelling house.  . Two detached houses on N. Y.  townsite. *w  ^ , , ,  We have good bargains in lots in all  parts of town.   -.=  Money to loan on improved realty.  McArthur & Monk,  Agents.  Photographs.  Don't pay high prices for portraits  when you can get cabinets for $3 and  $4, and just as good New views of  Phoenix and the mines for sale in a  few days. All work finished here' ���  nothing sent out of town. Hall's  Photo Tent, opposite the Bank.  REID&CO.  Painters ��"<> Decorators  Indoor and Outdoor Work  Promptly Done with pure lead  and oil. Papei Hanging and  Kalciinimng.  Leave   Your Orders it Bellevue   Hotel.   PHOENIX, n. c.  ��� t^y? "v* 'v* ���zjs-zj-r^r-^.r ty. tyr l-a 'ty a)  "Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco is  winning on its merits. Have you tried  it?    Save the tags- they ire valuable.  i  1 KODAKING DAYS  f  t  /is  t  /is  Double dwelling house.  Also soiii fine rent earning pro.,.  e"-1.''-     . ''''���������'*  We have pome good bargains in il  lote in all parts of town. I  _  FIRE, LIFE and      J  ACCIDENT ||  INSURANCE 1  ----------------���. ,1  MCART_IJR'_M(ir*k,  AGENTS '  P.O. Box.33. V.&N  'Phone.j,  ��� '%-*V^W%%%%'%W%.%'%  Are you Thinking about buying a Kodak ? If so you will  no doubt want to know just  where to buy them.  Well to make a long story  short, we keep them  in all sizes and cost.    From  one costing $1  to those for  the advanced student, costing  Ify from $8, $10 and upwards.  Wc keep the well-known Eautninn  KodnltSauci carry n complete line of  PIIOTOC.RAI'IIIC SUl'I'LIKS.    " "  and bee for your��elf.  Cull  tick Bros, i .rill  KITOI) HILL AVI?., PHOENIX, B. C.  Have You Used  McKenzie's  Compound  Extract of  Sarsaparilla  and Burdock  With Iodide  I of Potassium  1  A.P. McKENZIE  DRUGGIST  Hardy-McKenzie Ulock,     Phoenix, B. C  >��������������.��1.1>���...>���....*".������.�����������������  GRANBY EXCHANGE LHA��  fs ANVTIILNG, Sells EVERYTHING Sl'.'&K. .fiS  Buv  ��*-di  Application lor Transfer of Hotel License.  Notice Is hereby given that'we shall ftpply to  Ihe Hoard of r.iccusc Commissioners of iiic city  or Phoenix, at its nest Meeting, for the trauifer  ofthe hotel license held by in for the Kuob Hill  hotel, situated on lots 19 and 10, block n, Old  Ironsides sub hvision, city of Phoenix, to Edward  M"S0ii. ' w. J. Morrison.  _        ' ' "  James A-dsrsou.  Dated June 15,5902. Licensees  C__*urc__ Services  Tomorrow.  3  Church of;-England���St John's  Mission; services tomorrow, evening.  Rev. E.   P. Flewelling, vicar.  St. Andrews' Presbyterian Church,  Service tomorrow at ii a. m. and  7:30 p.m. Sunday school and Bible  class at 3 p. m.  Congregational���Preaching services  tomorrow at 11 a. m. and 7130 p. m.  Rev. Jasper Hard,    pastor.  Methodist���n a. m. Talks on the  Life of Christ. Regular evening ser-  viceat 8:00 o'clock at Hardy McKenzie  hail. Rev. Thos. Green, R A., pastor.  Sunday school at 3 p. m".  Dcdicnled to Harry Tracy.  News of battle I   News of Buttle 1  Hark! 'Tis ringing down the streets  And the pavements of Seattle.  Hear the i-Ian>* of hurrying feet!  8ee the hordes of gallant warriors,  Armed and eager for the fray,  Hunting for the outlaw Tracy  In the wilda 01 Yusler way!  See their cartridge bells anci pistols,  See their rifles, gleaming bright,  They wouldn't, do a thing lo Tracy,  That is, while he's out uf sight.  News of battle! have they caught him?  Has death vlosed his path of crime?  Not quite; but he's now surrounded  For the ninet>-second time.  Later bulletins nrrhing,  Hear the watching hundreds ���ioan,  "Tracy has again lt-vanted;  "Present whereabouts unknown.'.'  And they still are chasing Tracy,  He's the smoothest rogue unhung.  Pretty soon he'll hove them crazy.  Go it, Tracy, while you're young.  ���Press Dispatch,  JllAMLAY  CIT!.SCiVI:NG.EE  Leave. Orders at City  Clerk's Office  j*j*j*    ' PHOENIX, B. C.  There are just  Two Kinds of  One Good Investment  Wotfth a Life Time of work*  is  fr*  All Investment in Phoenix Realty at the present time is  bound to bring a liaudroiue dividend at no distant date. No one with "an understanding of  the possibilities of the Phoenix mines believes that present low real estate values will loiijj  prevail. With increased ore shipments pi ices are stiffening up. We still have some good  values in Dominion Copper Co.'s Addition and other parts of tie citv at most reasonable  figures.    Whether you desire it for ail investment or a home we can fill your wants.  Adte G. W. RUMBERGER,  Hot-sB fo* *"-���' Dominion Avenue, Phoenix, B. C.  Tlwy arc, the kind that is a  credit to you and your printer and���the other kind. . .  d&  Ours is Said to be the Best  Most Striking Specials in Splendid  &  When you want something  IN OFFICE STATIONERY   l  We have the art and the artists to give  you exactly what you wish.  Our mechanical  department equipped  with the latest and best.  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.,  PHOENIX, B. C.  yi& and  yo\ir  Boots and Shoes, Shirts, Ties, Hats  and   Caps,    Underwear,   Clothing,  Etc., at  ji  Dominion Avenue, Phoenix, B. C,  Ladies Fancy and Staple Dry Goods  Departments on the Second Floor.


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